Days Of Shame

When we posted Action Item 3 we stated it is also time to think a little long term.

We wrote:

Women’s Equality Day will be celebrated on August 26, the second day of the Democratic? National Convention. We need to organize demonstrations on Women’s Equality Day to highlight the misogyny in Big Media and the Democratic Party. We need to, like the civil rights movement, show the misogyny in American society for all to see. [snip]

In this election cycle there was not 1 debate to discuss issues of particular importance to women. Not 1 debate. Hillary was attacked in the most woman hating terms imaginable and the Democratic? leadership stood silent. Obama encouraged the woman-hating attacks. Hillary’s “claws”, Obama said, were out. Mainline women’s groups mostly stood silent. Women leaders such as Brazille and Pelosi and McCaskill, joined in the savaging of Hillary.

A little history which Ohio yesterday celebrated: On August 26, 1920, after a 72 year civil rights struggle, starting in Seneca Falls 1848, at the first National Women’s Rights Convention, the 19th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution – the Women’s Suffrage Amendment giving women the right to vote – was certified and became law.

In 1971, through the efforts of N. Y. Democratic Representative Bella Abzug, there was a joint resolution passed by Congress that each year August 26 should be nationally celebrated as Women’s Equality Day, and duly celebrated..

In 1850, Ohio held the second National Women’s Rights Convention in Salem. In 1912, over 5,000 women demonstrated at the Ohio Statehouse. On June 16, 1919, Ohio ratified the Women’s Suffrage Amendment.

This event was celebrated on June 17, 2008, in Columbus at the Statehouse with commemorative photos of several hundred women, a few children and men, mostly dressed in white who gathered to dedicate “The Ladies’ Gallery,” a project to recognize the first women to serve in the Ohio Statehouse.

Ohio’s Governor Strickland cared enough to celebrate women’s contribution to American society. The Democratic? Party prefers to remain silent on the misogyny which was so prevalent during this election cycle. In Ohio, plans are being made by Hillary supporters to celebrate Women’s Equality Day on August 26, 2008.

Last year, the National Organization for Women wrote a petition asking the prospective 2008 presidential candidates to make women’s equality a major component of their campaigns.

Until women earn the same wages as men . . . until reproductive justice is assured . . . until racism and sexism and violence are eradicated . . . until lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender people have equal rights . . . until women are included in the U.S. Constitution . . . women’s equality will not be realized.

As a strong supporter of women’s equal rights, I am urging you to make women’s equality a major component of your campaign and your platform, should you decide to run for president in 2008. I am counting on you to take a leadership role in restoring and strengthening the many protections and guarantees in law and regulation that have advanced women’s equality over the last 40 years.

Among others, these include passing strong pay equity legislation; repealing all laws and policies that have eroded women’s reproductive rights; halting attacks on Title IX, the equal education law, and improving its implementation; safeguarding Social Security and making it more fair for women; improving all health care programs including Medicaid and Medicare; expanding paid Family and Medical Leave; adopting humane welfare legislation with educational opportunities; fully funding child care assistance; guaranteeing employer overtime pay requirements; opposing all regressive judicial nominees; enforcing and fully funding the Violence Against Women Act; promoting equal marriage rights for all; and developing a fair and just immigration policy that does not scapegoat hard-working people.

Women’s equality is not yet a reality. I am counting on you as a candidate for U.S. president, to make closing the equality gap a centerpiece of your campaign in the 2008 elections.

We saw during this election cycle how NOT seriously the Democratic? establishment responds to women’s equality. The Democratic? establishment mouths the policy words but when push came to shove this year – women were sent to the back of the bus.

That’s not the way it used to be. Democrats used to care about how women were treated. It was not just about mouthing good policy positions.

Designating August 26th of each year as Women’s Equality Day

WHEREAS, the women of the United States have been treated as second-class citizens and have not been entitled the full rights and privileges, public or private, legal or institutional, which are available to male citizens of the United States; and

WHEREAS, the women of the United States have united to assure that these rights and privileges are available to all citizens equally regardless of sex; and

WHEREAS, the women of the United States have designated August 26th, the anniversary date of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, as symbol of the continued fight for equal rights: and

WHEREAS, the women of United States are to be commended and supported in their organizations and activities,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that August 26th of each year is designated as “Women’s Equality Day,” and the President is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation annually in commemoration of that day in 1920, on which the women of America were first given the right to vote, and that day in 1970, on which a nationwide demonstration for women’s rights took place.

Women’s Equality Day, which takes place on the second day of the Democratic? National Convention will be a living reminder, if more was needed of the misogyny Hillary Clinton and her supporters have been subjected to.

Women are disrespected daily. Hillary Clinton is still being disrespected. Yesterday, at a “unity” rally in Michigan Obama supporters booed the mere mention of Hillary Clinton’s name.

The seeds of disrespect sown by Obama towards Hillary Clinton and women is one reason why the typical red flag appeals regarding potential Supreme Court appointments and abortion rights will not persuade women to vote for Obama.

Women also demand respect.

Nonetheless, the divisions among their followers are not insignificant and easily bridged. In the history of modern primary campaigns, ideology is one, but far from the only, source of disunity between presidential candidates of the same party. Historically speaking, issues of class, gender, race and even personality have been nearly as poisonous in causing internecine strife as ideological infighting has been.

To Obama’s supporters, Sen. Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign provides a reminder of how the primary winner’s supporters need to tread softly. During the California primary, Goldwater’s supporters attacked Gov. Nelson Rockefeller for remarrying and fathering a child with his second wife.

The anger boiled over during the national convention at the San Francisco Cow Palace. Goldwaterites loudly booed Rockefeller from the galleries when he addressed the country on national television. Goldwater, for his part, offended Rockefeller’s backers by defiantly declaring that “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice” and belittling the virtues of the politics of moderation.

Obama is highly unlikely to repeat Goldwater’s fiery tirades and denunciations, of course. But his supporters must be genuinely committed to paying respect to Clinton; as Clinton herself put it, assuaging her backers after the hard-fought contest will be a sturdy challenge. The Rev. Michael Pfleger’s recent outburst is a reminder of just how difficult it will be for Obama’s team to keep his millions of enthusiastic backers on the same pro-Clinton message after such a bitter primary campaign.

Obama race-baited, gay-bashed, and women-hated his way throughout this campaign and the seeds Obama sowed have flowered in his supporters.

Big Media will continue to blame Hillary for what she and we saw all too clearly.

By the same token, Clinton’s campaign has deepened the doubts that some voting blocs have had about Obama. She successfully courted Latinos, Jews, blue-collar voters and white women partly by comparing Obama unfavorably to McCain, portraying Obama as too inexperienced to lead “on Day One” and as an elitist who is out of touch with kitchen-table concerns. In his address to the 1980 Democratic convention, Kennedy invoked his supporters and subtly suggested that he had fought for “young workers out of work, … students without the tuition for college and … families without the chance to own a home,” while Carter was aloof about their economic interests.

Clinton’s endorsement of Obama comes earlier in the process than Kennedy’s endorsement of Carter. Obama’s policy disputes with Clinton are minor by comparison. And yet Clinton’s attacks were targeted to key groups of voters that Obama will need to win in the fall, and the question of how much damage he suffered remains unanswered.

If Clinton’s and Obama’s supporters are unable to find common ground and dispense with this lengthy list of grievances, the Democrats could be facing a bumpier campaign than they thought possible in January. While Clinton’s eloquent concession and endorsement represented a good first step on the path to unity, their millions of supporters still have a long way to go before their party can truly be healed and united against McCain.

Big Media will continue to blame Hillary, but Hillary was our representative. Hillary saw what we saw and Hillary continues to speak for us on matters of respect and dignity. Obama lemmings will never understand that our respect for Hillary is great but no matter how gracious Hillary is we will never vote for Obama in NOvember.

Hillary speaks for us:

What strikes me as inarguable is that Hillary is today a more resonant, consequential, and potent figure than she has ever been before. No longer merely a political persona, she has been elevated to a rarefied plane in our cultural consciousness. With her back against the wall, she both found her groove and let loose her raging id, turning herself into a character at once awful and wonderful, confounding and inspiring—thus enlarging herself to the point where she became iconic. She is bigger now than any woman in the country. Certainly, she is bigger than her husband. And although in the end she may wind up being dwarfed by Obama, for the moment she is something he is not: fully, poignantly human.

Hillary speaks for us and Hillary understands why we will never vote for Obama in NOvember. We respect Hillary and take her words seriously, but we will never vote for Obama in NOvember. Hillary is our nominee.

…the one element almost all my correspondents express in common is a furious resentment at the press for what they see as blatant misogyny in the coverage of Clinton. When I mention this to Hillary, she laughs and exclaims, “I’d love to get a look at your e-mail!” And then, more soberly, she goes on, “There’s a reason for the resentment. The level of dismissive and condescending comments, not just about me—what do I care?—but about the people who support me and in particular the women who support me, has been shocking. Shocking to women and to fair-minded men. But what has really been more disappointing to me is how few voices that have a platform have spoken out against it. And that’s really why you seen this enormous grassroots outrage. There is no outlet. It is rare that you have anybody on these shows or in a position of responsibility at major publications who really says, ‘Wait a minute! What are we talking about here? I have a wife! I have a daughter! I want the best for them.’ ”

Hillary Supporters will not vote for Obama in NOvember:

Sen. Barack Obama has emerged from his bruising battle for the Democratic presidential nomination with only a six point lead over Sen. John McCain and claiming his Republican rival has been getting a “pass” from the media.

A ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Obama, D-Ill., leading McCain, R-Ariz., by a margin of 48 percent to 42 percent. It is a surprisingly small lead considering that the incumbent Republican president George Bush is at record lows and public opinion overwhelmingly feels the country is on the “wrong track”.

No Bounce, Resistance from Clinton Supporters

The poll indicates that Obama did not get the traditional “bounce” in the public’s opinion by finally defeating Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and getting her endorsement as the Democratic presidential candidate.

While leading among young voters and other key demographics, ABC News chief Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos saw what he called “danger signs” for Obama.

After trashing the FDR coalition in favor of His “new” Democratic? Party Obama is now trying to bamboozle voters he is finally realizing determine elections. But the “red” flag campaign will not work this time because we’ve been fooled once too often. Women’s rights and respect do not begin and end with the usual Democratic? red flags.

Obama also tried to head off any inroads McCain might make among women voters by arguing on GMA that “on almost every single issue that’s important to women, he [McCain] has been on the wrong side.”

“You know, he’s in favor of judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade. He has opposed equal pay,” Obama said, and charged that McCain also fought a program to insure children and to protect women from discrimination.

Women, particularly married white women, however, may be a problem for Obama, according to the Washington Post/ABC poll.

It showed that McCain has a 20 point advantage over Obama among married white women, a group that George Bush also won in the last two presidential elections.

Stephanopoulos told GMA that the figure was a “danger sign” for Obama. “This is a huge gap that Obama has to close if he’s going to do well.”

Obama is not qualified to be president. Obama is not to be trusted on any issue.

Obama faces an additional problem that only half of the voters saying he has the necessary experience to be president.

“If you look at the key question of experience, that may be what’s holding him back,” Stephanopoulos said. “Only 50 percent of voters say that Barack Obama has the experience to be president. A full 46 percent say, no, he doesn’t have the experience . . . That’s one of the reasons they are going on the foreign trips.” [snip]

The crucial political battle appears to be shaping up around independent voters between the age of 30 and 64.

“Those middle of the road independent voters, they are breaking right down the middle,” Stephanopoulos said. “This is going to be a key battleground for both campaigns going into November.”

While Obama runs well among younger voters, they are not always reliable when it comes to showing up at the polls. Meanwhile, he is 12 points behind McCain among the more reliable older voters.

In addition, nearly a quarter of Clinton’s voters are holding back on their support, according to the ABC News/Washington Post poll.

“If that number stays that high, it will be difficult for Barack Obama to win,” Stephanopoulos said.

Obama supporters will try to convince themselves that the polls are turning their way all through the summer. We will convince them on Women’s Equality Day – August 26, that Hillary supporters will NOt vote for Obama in NOvember. We will continue to fight. We will never give up. Hillary is our nominee.

While the Democratic? National Convention is in session, Hillary Clinton supporters will be marching for Women’s Equality and Hillary Clinton – and against Obama and misogyny.


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  1. Admin, Thanks for drawin’ attention to one of the huge challenges facing our country that surfaced during this election. As you point out, there was not a single forum on women in this campaign, despite the fact that women and men are not equal economically or socially, neither do we command the same respect. The most glaring examples were directed toward Senator Clinton. We must do everything we can to call attention to this and we must help our country move forward

  2. Great post admin. I was really steamed by the fact that Howard Dean and the rest of the DNC remained totally silent during the primary about the blatant sexism that poisoned the political discourse. It wasn’t until after Obama declared victory that Dean and the rest of his crew admitted that it had been a problem — and even then, Dean tried to pass the buck, claiming that he didn’t watch cable TV, so he was unaware of it. What a travesty.

  3. Great Article once again Admin……you never let us down!! 😀

    do you have any information to share on this march of hillary supporters in denver??

    is this connected with the “million woman march” ??

    h t t p : / /

  4. Thank God for sites like you…after going to Hillary’s Bloggers who by the way thought it was not a good idea to have a women’s forum or debate, because shhhhh we need to be quiet about the women thing..I am tired of sites that think they can go along to get along…it never worked and it won’t. They finally got a clue about Daily BO after trying to be “nice” which got them no where. Now they are trying to be “nice” again so Hillary will not look bad. They just aren’t getting it….even now. You guys never shy away from the real story, and that shows a powerful and fearless committment to our wonderful candidate – Hillary!!!!!! PUMA!!!

  5. Speaking on topic (admin’s topic, that is), does anyone have an update on the fallout with NARAL? I know state level orgs were not necessarily in synch with the national.

    It was disgraceful. If they would have handled it like Gore (wait until is was “over”, which we all know was prematurely declared), it would not have been seen as so poisonous. Even so, Gore did not show much character, letting the whole slime machine process spin out of control. Not just Gore, even worse were all those party heads who kept urging, “Let’s settle this fucking thing already”: Pelosi, Dean, Brazile.

    There are plenty of other ways to work for Reproductive Rights rather than through NARAL.

    All suckers-up-to-Obama, blatant opportunists, need the mirror to be held up to their faces: “This is what you look like when you are standing idly by when the coup d’party happened”.

    Lots of awards for Profiles in Cowardice are ready to be handed out.

  6. Obama Now Admits His Attacks On NAFTA Were “Overheated And Amplified”

    While Campaigning In Ohio, Obama Repeatedly Attacked NAFTA As Bad For America And Threatened To Unilaterally Withdraw From The Free Trade Agreement:

    In February, Obama Pledged To Renegotiate NAFTA With The Threat Of Withdrawing Unless It Was Renegotiated. “In their final head-to-head meeting before Tuesday’s Ohio and Texas primaries, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.) declared that they would opt out of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico unless those two countries renegotiated the pact’s labor and environmental provisions to the United States’ liking.” (Editorial, “At Best, A Pander,” The Washington Post, 3/1/08)

    Obama: “I Don’t Think NAFTA Has Been Good For America – And I Never Have.” Obama: “Ten years after NAFTA passed, Senator Clinton said it was good for America. … Well, I don’t think NAFTA has been good for America – and I never have.” (David Espo, “Obama Hits Clinton On NAFTA Support,” The Associated Press, 2/24/08)

    Now, In The General Election, Obama Backed Off His Pledge To Unilaterally Reopen NAFTA And Admitted His Rhetoric Had Been “Overheated And Amplified”:

    “In An Interview With Fortune To Be Featured In The Magazine’s Upcoming Issue, The Presumptive Democratic Nominee Backed Off His Harshest Attacks On The Free Trade Agreement And Indicated He Didn’t Want To Unilaterally Reopen Negotiations On NAFTA.” (Nina Easton, “Obama: NAFTA Not So Bad After All,” Fortune, 6/18/08)

    “Now, However, Obama Says He Doesn’t Believe In Unilaterally Reopening NAFTA. On The Afternoon That I Sat Down With Him To Discuss The Economy, Obama Said He Had Just Spoken With Harper, Who Had Called To Congratulate Him On Winning The Nomination.” (Nina Easton, “Obama: NAFTA Not So Bad After All,” Fortune, 6/18/08)

    Obama: “I’m not a big believer in doing things unilaterally. … I’m a big believer in opening up a dialogue and figuring out how we can make this work for all people.” (Nina Easton, “Obama: NAFTA Not So Bad After All,” Fortune, 6/18/08)
    Obama Admitted His Primary Rhetoric Was “Overheated And Amplified.” “‘Sometimes during campaigns the rhetoric gets overheated and amplified,’ he conceded, after I reminded him that he had called NAFTA ‘devastating’ and ‘a big mistake,’ despite nonpartisan studies concluding that the trade zone has had a mild, positive effect on the U.S. economy.” (Nina Easton, “Obama: NAFTA Not So Bad After All,” Fortune, 6/18/08)

    FLASHBACK: In February, A Canadian Consulate Memo Revealed Obama’s Top Economic Adviser Told Canada His NAFTA Rhetoric Was “More Reflective Of Political Maneuvering Than Policy”:

    A Canadian Consulate Memo Noted Obama’s Top Economic Adviser Austan Goolsbee Said Obama’s Rhetoric On NAFTA Was More About Politics Than Policy. “On Feb. 8, Goolsbee met with the Canadian consul general in Chicago and offered assurances that Obama’s rhetoric was ‘more reflective of political maneuvering than policy,’ according to a Canadian memo summarizing the meeting that was obtained by Fortune. ‘In fact,’ the Canadian memo said, Goolsbee ‘mentioned that going forward the Obama camp was going to be careful to send the appropriate message without coming off as too protectionist.'” (Nina Easton, “Obama: NAFTA Not So Bad After All,” Fortune, 6/18/08)

  7. Bambi is the biggest liar in American politics. People are being bamboozled and the media fails to inform .. yet again

  8. djia, good video, I can’t seem to find his blog! He looks like he cleaned up a little. I wonder about the distinquishing features? When will they tell us?

  9. I just started the Sinclair youtube, but the audio isn’t great.

    Here’s a liveblog from the Conference:

  10. EChoooooo !! EChooooooo!!! EChoooooo!!!

    I think I can actually hear myself think in here LOL!

    so where is everyone tonight???

  11. [b]Admin:[/b]

    Anyone hear the rumor that the DNC (read Dean) will not put Hillary’s name on the ballot for the Convention. The rumor is being kicked about at: (in the comment section)

    with Indy bloggers calling the DNC receiving conflicting answers.

    Would you know if there is a scheme afoot that needs addressing before it’s too late?


    Mrs. Smith

  12. Hardball Flirts With Understanding Women Voters
    Scott Swenson, RH Reality Check on June 17, 2008 – 11:35am

    Hardball’s Chris Matthews took heat from supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton during the primary and has spent significant time since Sen. Barack Obama secured the nomination discussing the pain her supporters feel. The critique was justified, and perhaps some of his coverage now is an attempt to understand the complexity of women voters, like so many things in mainstream media, too often over-simplified.

    Give Matthews credit for trying, and during this election, highly charged with gender, race and age issues, often being wiling to say “I’m uncomfortable discussing issues this way as a white guy.” His acknowledged challenge, and his personality, may allow other white guys to learn with him as the body politic wrestles with what equality means. Matthews has had some hits and misses, especially on the issue of abortion, as he uses his show to model discussions Americans are having about politics.

    Perhaps the most important thing to realize about women voters is that it isn’t just about abortion, no matter which side of the issue you’re on. In fact, abortion, as the mainstream media sees it, isn’t just about abortion either. For traditional politicos and mainstream media (as well as some leading voices in the progressive blogosphere, ahem), abortion has become shorthand for a range of reproductive health issues that women care deeply about.

    From pre- and post-natal care and maternal health to comprehensive sexuality education that gives girls the power to negotiate relationships and helps boys understand responsibility; from access to birth control and the far-right’s efforts to make contraception illegal, to preventing sexually transmitted infections, these nuances are lost in the much easier to cover red hot politics that have defined the generation since Roe.

    Women’s bodies, because of their amazing life-generating capability, should not be parsed politically as they have been for far too long. These issues are about women’s reproductive health care, insuring women are healthy, have the ability to determine whether, when and how many children to have, and that they have access to a full range of medically safe options to prevent unintended pregnancies.

    If Matthews and other mainstream media want to add something productive to the debate, they should move off the 1970’s polarization established by the far-right and look at these issues for what they are — women’s health care.
    Videos from MSNBC and Chris Matthew attach…going all out on the Fear Tactics about Abortion vs McCain and how half of McCain women are too stupid to know McCain’s position on this issue…and he is out of touch.



  13. Now the DNC and MSNBC are getting nervous but they still think WOMEN do not have anyplace else to go and will come on back to that MYSOGINISTIC Democratic Party for Obama.

    HELL NO!!!

    It’s Hillary Clinton or John McCain.

  14. Unbelievable that HRC continues to receive jeers from the “unity” BHO supporters.

    Unbelievable that “insiders” and “connections” arranged for Larry Sinclair arrest after National Press Club address today. We know Sinclair’s past. That still doesn’t explain why THE ESTABLISHMENT continues to issue death threats on a daily basis. If there’s nothing to his claims, why are Soros’ sheep following him off the cliff?

    Miss seeing HRC in spotlight. The light has fone out for me. I’m madder than hell and not taking it anymore. REVOLUTION.

    Karma, baby. Karma.

  15. Carbynew the line in the article you posted “give Matthews credit for trying” is rubbish. It’s as if after a rape the rapist wonders ‘Maybe she really didn’t like it. She was shouting NO during the rape and crying. Maybe she really meant “No” when she said it.’

    Matthews and his ilk cannot be forgiven.

  16. Matthews knew EXACTLY, what he and his minions were doing. At times, he was gleeful, if Hillary lost a primary, or when they were speculating on her withdrawal from the race. He and his ilk, cannot be forgiven. This was done on purpose.

    I totally agree with admin. Cannot and will not be forgiven. They did too much damage, not only to Hillary, but everyone of her supporters.

  17. Great article, Admin!

    Before this election, I think a lot of women felt that there was no need for a women’s movement in this day and age. But now the women’s movement has come alive again. I just wish the young women in their twenties would hop on board instead of drinking Kool-Aid with their male friends.

    And what is it exactly that’s making these young white Obamabot boys so mean and angry? With the AAs, I can see how Bambi’s race-baiting would stir up some powerful emotions, including anger. But the nastiest Bots seem to be white boys from upper-middle class families. What the hell is their problem, anyway? Do they have a legitimate reason to be so mean and so mad, or are they just spoiled brats throwing a temper tantrum?

  18. Larry Sinclair got arrested??? For what???

    Seriously, since WHEN is it illegal to be batshit crazy? 😉

  19. Another excerpt from what I am writing which is pertinent to todays discussion.

    It has been said of the French that during World War II there were many who collaborated with the Nazis or stood silent while atrocities were committed against their fellow citizens. However, by 1946 every Parisian remembered that during the war he had been a member of the Resistance. The question is not where do you stand today but where were you when it counted? I note that Howard Dean is now calling for a national discussion on the issue of sexism. How noble of him. I have three questions for Dr. Dean, Speaker Pelosi and Mr. Obama (used to be Barry): when Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman et. al. launched their sexist tirades against Hillary: i) why did you fail to object? ii) was it because it served your interests? and iii) did you or your campaign aid and abet these sexist tirades in any way—Mr. Obama? The bottom line is these three people have zero credibility on the issue. (Note: Dean claims he had no knowledge of this because he does not have cable television. Does anyone in the world believe that is true?)

  20. wouldn’t it be fun to check with the cable companies and inquire to whether or not Coward or the DNC has an account with any of them?

    and then when the proof is in the pudding expose him for the triple faced liar that he is!!

    Anyone know anyone at any of the cable/satelite companies 😉

  21. Wbboei, Howard Dean must also NOT have newspapers, internet access, watch the debates, have anyone near him who heard or saw the open and often proudly boastful misogyny. Dean’s ‘don’t have cable’ excuse is as bad as Obama’s ‘did not know Wright was saying such things’ excuse.

  22. wwboei: I don’t believe, one iota of it. Dean et al., are morally corrupt, and so is the democratic party. How can we vote for a party that is so corrupt, that they are trying to ruin a person like Hillary? I cannot, and will not. This is a sad episode in American political history. Dean et al., have lost all credibility.

  23. I agree. This is all bull crap, and coverage for the crime they committed. They knew full well what they were doing, and now they are shocked. They beat a women, and now they say, she deserved it, they did not realized how those words hurt, they really did not understand, so come home to Papa.

    No way, my bags are packed, and I will be retaliating every way I can. I beg women to not fall for this line.

  24. Dean may not have seen the sexism, but he sure saw racism, when Fox was talking about Wright. Remember, when he went on Fox, and said any discussion of Wright would be racist? Hmmm….. he saw and heard that, but he didn’t hear the misogyny towards Hillary? He is lying.

  25. yes, Dean is lying. He’s soooo sensitive to racism that he sees racism where it doesn’t even exist while being completely blind, deaf and dumb about sexism.

    I think it’s time for a modern-day Lysistrata – women should go on strike – not only by withholding sex from their (straight, chauvinistic) male partners – but on strike in general. If some of these unenlightened men don’t get it after they have to take on all that women do, then they’re lost. Good riddance.

  26. good evening all,
    you know whaqt make me so mad about mr obama, today he
    was talking about terriost’s and mr osama if captured should have
    a trial like the americans do. well i lost my brother in 911 wonder
    if mr osma cares anything about that!!! this obama guy it making
    alot of people mad, now he got the muslims all pissed at him too.

    he is the one creating all this anger and race, what can we do
    about this. this man can not be our commander in chief our
    protector> we all got to pray something big happens before august
    cause if not we are screwed! our world as we know it. wont be
    no more change yea right!

  27. Thank you admin. I agree with Hawk. I am very grateful for this site. It is an oasis, in a sea of corruption.
    Your postings are always excellent.

  28. Tina Fey Quote:

    “There is an 80% chance in the next election that I will tell all my friends I am voting for Barack Obama but will secretly vote for John McCain”…

    I love her 🙂

  29. Hawk, Tina Fey is not alone in saying that.

    TurndownObama referenced Heidi Li Feldman in the previous thread. We like the following that HLF wrote:

    I do not know Senator Clinton well enough personally to know the following, but I can speculate: Senator Clinton understands that we, her mature adult supporters, will make our choices and judgments according to our own best lights. We will listen to her respectfully, because we have been all along, so why would we stop now? And then we will each decide what is right for each of us.

    For myself, I do want to see a new and improved D.N.C. I don’t think that giving the D.N.C. money any time soon will serve that purpose. For myself, I am not prepared to back Senator Obama in his quest for the presidency (neither am I prepared to back Senator McCain). For myself, I would prefer that Senator Clinton need not rely on any requests from Senator Obama for donations to retire Senator Clinton’s debt.

  30. I haven’t read this yet but I like the title

    by Author and NPR Commentator Jim Hightower

    “Swim Against the Current: Even A Dead Fish Can Go With The Flow”

    a book on inspired activism

  31. Interesting

    Where has Barack Obama’s ‘Catholic’ adviser gone?

    What has happened to the “Catholic National Advisory Council” appointed by Barack Obama to help him win Catholic votes? It seems to have disappeared, following complaints that its ultra-liberal membership included pro-abortion campaigners.

    Obama is known to have a “Catholic problem” – Catholics just don’t want to vote for someone so passionately committed to the attack on unborn life. His attempt to solve it has failed, so far. Perhaps he should ask advice from our own dear Tablet, which is beside itself with the excitement at the prospect of President Obama.

    The National Review Online reports this mystery. Here’s the full quote from Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, who urged Obama to dissolve the council. Looks like he may have got his way:

    On May 2, I issued a news release calling on Sen. Obama to dissolve his Catholic National Advisory Council. My principal reason for doing so was his selection of dissident Catholics to advise him: for example, most of the public officials are so pro-abortion that they had a 100 percent NARAL record. On May 8, most members of the Advisory Council faxed me a letter defending themselves; I answered the same day taking them to task for their lame defense. But it now appears that my initial recommendation—to dissolve the group—may have been accepted.

    There is no mention anywhere on the Obama website of the Catholic National Advisory Council. On Friday, we placed three phone calls to his campaign: two to media relations and one to Mark Linton, Obama’s National Catholic Outreach Coordinator. We were told each time that someone would get back to us, but no one did. I then personally e-mailed Linton informing him of the three phone calls, requesting that he respond to my question: ‘I would like to know whether the Catholic National Advisory Council for Sen. Obama is still operative.’ He has not replied.

    It would appear, then, that the group no longer exists. It is not hard to understand why. After being criticized by the Catholic League, Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City rebuked one of Obama’s Catholic advisors, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius: she was instructed not to present herself for Holy Communion (she is a rabid defender of abortion). At about the same time, radical Chicago priest Rev. Michael Pfleger bailed on Obama by withdrawing his name from the Advisory Council. Now we find that there is no listing for the group on the Obama website.

    Looks like the Obama campaign’s decision to quietly drop its Advisory Council didn’t work. We found out, and we’ve never been accused of being quiet.

    Oh this is going to be fun.

  32. Moononpluto, I had no idea that sebelius was Catholic, OMG, how could she have gone for that idiot. Clearly Hillary has the Catholic vote, she is a turncoat. She was however accepted into the Bilderburg Group. Shame on Obama’s Catholics, he always attracts the cream of the crop from every part of society!

  33. wbboei wrote:

    (Note: Dean claims he had no knowledge of this because he does not have cable television. Does anyone in the world believe that is true?)

    Given that his wife did not campaign with him in 2004, there’s a chance that is true.

    But MY GOD, how hard did he have to hide (not talking to anyone), in order to avoid all examples of blatant mysoginy.

    And I suppose he missed every debate as well. As others said, Dean has no credibility left. He’s dead meat in November after Obama loses.

    And we’re here to make sure.

  34. Admin. I re-read your post and it is wonderful. The consistent quality of your work is remarkable. Over these many months you have provided your readers with an elegant and sustained argument as to why Hillary is the only candidate who is really qualified for the job of president–wonderfully qualified, and why obama is a dreadful mistake. Cassandra had the abilty to see the future but could not get people to believe her. Let us hope that is not the case here. Perhaps we will all have the opportunity to meet some day hopefully when Hillary becomes president.

  35. I did not read the New York Magazine article initially because the title turned me off. But in reading the text of the article I think the writer did do a fine job of pinpointing how Hillary’s personna changed along the campaign trail, how she emerged from her husbands shadow, how Reagan Democrats became Clinton democrats, and how she became an intelligent enlightened sophisticated and compationate populist which to me is the best kind of political leader a country can have.

  36. Good evening friends

    I can only stay for a second, then off to bed FINALLY!

    ADMIN! WOW WOW WOW!!! What a FANTASTIC post! I have just been two hours+ on the phone speaking of this same topic with one of the grass-roots groups organizers.

    I LOVE your post. You hit everything on the head. Well done!

  37. JentheMichagander, this is for you (and anyone else who hates the Michigan outcome whre the DNC STOLE Hillary’s delegates and gave them to Bambi…

    (Btw, does anyone know about the story that Bams TRIED to GET BACK ON the MICHIGAN BALLOT, PAID THE FEE, but was ONE DAY too late in the filing?)


  38. And lastly, for the dark part of this early morning, I submit:


    Our goals are Hillary
    Women’s rights, read the site Mission

    My latest, greatest involvement…..



    Women’s rights ARE human rights…..

    nite..the thunder s getting louder and I have a long day tomorrow

    I’ll be here for coffee!

  39. Hey-
    just saw this posted on A member fo the Iraqi insurgency has given Obama 2,300 dollars for his campaign! What in the hell is wrong with the media in this country? hillary was dumped for this sure loser?

    15/06/2008 15/06/2008

    The former Minister of Electricity Ayham al-Samurai, who holds American citizenship that operations targeting the multinational forces is the resistance of legitimacy, wishing them continued, pointing at the same time that he would return to Iraq to engage in political action.

    The Samurai, who escaped from Iraqi prison following a court order to detain him in administrative corruption cases:

    ‘The resistance in Iraq is legitimate resistance against occupation in the world and any resistance against occupation is legitimate, and we hope the resistance to continue and take the right of the Iraqi people and look forward to increased political wings’

    وف بقوله: In a separate context, Samarra’i said in a news conference he held in the Jordanian capital of Amman Sunday that a maximum contribution of $ 2300 U.S. dollars in support of the Democratic Party candidate, Senator Obama in the state of Chicago, explaining that by saying:

    ‘In the U.S. you have the right to donate cash, and I donated $ 2300 dollars for Obama.’

    In reply to a question by ‘Radio Sawa’ on a partisan allegiance alliances revealed its quest to join the new bloc, led by Dr. Iyad Allawi, saying:

    ‘We bloc announced by Iyad Allawi, but not the movement of reconciliation. I support Iyad Allawi, he is the symbol of Iraqi Arabs and agree together the many views.’

    Commenting on the question, ‘Radio Sawa’ about whether he has an alliance with Hazem Sha’lan or radioactive al-Juburi said:

    . ‘I’ll be that the movement does not talk about names.’
    The Samurai documents said she stresses to stop all legal proceedings against him and comprehensive resolution of amnesty.

    It should be noted that former Minister of Electricity Ayham al-Samurai, managed to escape from his prison in Baghdad after his arrest on charges of embezzling state funds and damage in the course of his briefcase and Ministry of Electricity in the interim government led by Iyad Allawi.

    Details of the correspondent of ‘Radio Sawa’ in Amman, Laos Tamimi:


  40. If my understanding is correct, Pericles was that kind of leader as well. He was the great leader of the city state of athens. I think it is the highest form of leadership you can have in a democracy.

    By contrast the bread and circuses we get from barack is more in keeping with the Roman demogogues.

  41. If it were possible to break msnbc financially through a 60 day boycott of that network and their sponsors that would be a good thing. It would send one important message. This is a network that tolerated this stuff for months over massive and continuing objections from their audiences. All the major networks engaged in some sexism but this one MADE A MARKET IN IT.

  42. hawk Says: Nice, I hope the dolts at the DNC read the news and these sites…..probably not….

    My concern is that they are and have been reading these sites and getting ideas from us as to how to fix his campaign.

  43. Mish. They want to reintroduce her. Or so says the NYT. No more first lady of hate. Won’t sell in Peoria. Gotta be nice according to cockroach claire (Where is the damned Raid can?). Say whats the new production gonna look like? Well as I understand it Mish will pretend she is Billie Burke with a Tiara, magic wand, all sweetness and light. And it will be fine until she slips up and says something like Not Gonna Kiss His Ass or whitey or whatever. Then its back to the drawing board and if we are lucky yet another coming out. There’s no business like showbusines like no business i know except maybe politics.

  44. Norma Desmond Says:

    June 19th, 2008 at 3:53 am
    JentheMichagander, this is for you (and anyone else who hates the Michigan outcome whre the DNC STOLE Hillary’s delegates and gave them to Bambi…

    (Btw, does anyone know about the story that Bams TRIED to GET BACK ON the MICHIGAN BALLOT, PAID THE FEE, but was ONE DAY too late in the filing?)

    Levin was up to his eyeballs in this one. I did not realize it in the monment but the word he kept repeating over and over was unity and I think tha was code that he had gotten some internal support in the michigan delegation which had been elusive before. I am not positive I am reading that right but it is sure how it looked/

  45. I suppose it isn’t really bragging to remind people of my failure months ago to get more attention to the whole misogyny problem. I wish I could have done better, but I lacked depth on the issue. That may be partly because I’m not a woman. I just know it was an issue very dear to my late wife. At least it is getting attention now.

    Another great story, Admin.

  46. A Republican friend of mine asked why the question of Obama’s eligibility is not getting more attention in the media. I offered him some reasonable suggestions, but the truth is I don’t know.

    Are the facts accurate as presented? Has this whole story been debunked? Anyone? Thanks

  47. Good morning. Popped in before renovators arrive.

    Remember how the media hyped the Iraq War, going along with lies about WMD, calling HUSSEIN an AL-Qaeda operative, etc?
    Only years later did they admit their rush to judgment (probably after Soros, Murdoch, Cheney and the other usual suspects said the coast was clear, truth could no longer get in the way, the plan had been implemented).
    I think the media, at the behest of the real masters of the universe, have done the same thing with HRC. We will all know WHY in the coming years but it will be too late (as it already is) to do a d@mn thing about it. Also, isn’t it interesting that MO apparently ADORES Laura
    Bush? 👿

  48. Sherm Kader wrote: A Republican friend of mine asked why the question of Obama’s eligibility is not getting more attention in the media. I offered him some reasonable suggestions, but the truth is I don’t know.

    This is good. People are starting to notice what BM is doing (or not doing) and since Fox is also complicit it’s an even bigger story, because up to this point Fox was reliably “fair and balanced” in their hatred for Democrats.

    I think that this is the story that we should be shouting from all rooftops. The utter silence on the part of the media about ANYTHING at all controversial regarding BHO is deafening. Even the Shrub did not enjoy this kind of protection from BM. The shrub had to defend himself on various fronts and the whole Dan Rather dustup is indicative that there were some reporters who were willing to challenge his past. We also heard about his alcohol and substance abuse back then.

    Remember, Paula Jones’ case was eventually dismissed, but that didn’t prevent BM (especially Fox) from presnenting wall to wall coverage of her allegations. Every press conference, every utterance was given air time back in the day. Larry Sinclair was arrested and we don’t even get “A gay delusional man was arrested after speaking with reporters about an alleged lurid interaction with Barack Obama.” Nothing. That’s seriously spooky.

    There are questions about Obama’s eligibility and a questionable document presented by the Obama campaign to refute the allegations of his eligibility and we don’t even get: “The Obama campaign has released a document that they believe should put to rest any and all questions that have sprung up on the internet with regards to him meeting eligibility requirements for running for POTUS.” Again, nothing.

    In the past, it didn’t matter if something had legs (Vince Foster rumors were reported…nothing on Donald Young rumors). Even after the multi-million dollar investigation exonerating the Clintons, people are still talking about it because of the talking heads on Fox brought it up in the first place. Now, nothing. No investigation needed.

    This is big time. We’ve never seen anything like it before and that has me worried in a big way because it’s obvious that some of the rumors and connections that are not being covered (Ayers, Rezko, and other ME Bama buddies) are bad news for the country, but if even Fox doesn’t hammer the ties 24/7…what does that say about what they’re trying to sell us this time?

  49. basil9: The same people who wanted the US in Iraq want Obammerrhoid in the Whitehouse.

    That sure is what it looks like at this point. It’s troublesome, because the people who didn’t want the US in Iraq also want Bambi in the Whitehouse. Up to this point, I have always assumed that the Right were itching to turn on Bambi once he’d clinced the nomination, but now I’m beginning to question that assumption.

    I don’t watch BM anymore because my stomach can’t take it, but I read yesterday that there was coverage of Cindy McCain using a Nestle Cookie recipe in a baking contest. WTF? They cover this and ignore the big MO? It looks like the only turn in coverage came from Fox in favor of Bambi.

  50. So as best I can tell, Sinclair revealed the limo driver’s name, the hotel/motel, and a series of phone #’s.
    He says he’s now done, that it is for others to track down & corroborate the info. He also refuted the polygraph results, except for saying on the issue of drug use between he & BO, the results came back 99% accurate.

    NoQuarter has the full transcript of his remarks.

    Nice touch by Axelrod & Co. having Sinclair locked up so that became the headline.

  51. Meant to add:
    I can just hear the conversation, January 2004. “Waffles, we’re already in Iraq so we need you to say, at the 2004 Dem Convention where we have conveniently arranged for you to deliver the keynote address, that you do not support the war. This way, in 2007, when we enter your name into contention for the Democratic nominee, you will have a
    defining issue to separate you from the War voters as we expect the Iraq invasion to have become unpopular by that time.”
    Other questions I ponder:
    WHY didn’t Gore contest the 2000 election and the 537 votes?
    WHY did Kerry PERMIT himself to be swiftboated?
    WHY did HRC SUSPEND her campaign and throw her support to Obbammerrhoid?

  52. NYCMax,
    And won’t it be ironic when it’s revealed that Obammerrhoid went on record as not supporting the war at the urging of supporters who actually planned and implemented it?

    I’m getting dizzy. 😳

    Axelgrease arranged for LS’s arrest and also orchestrated the Parisi NON-media event (just-in-case) and the reporters were PO’d that he provided NO information. 😈
    BTW – notice MO seems to have developed a sudden crush on Laura. :mrgreen:

  53. Last one before renovators arrive:

    HRC had it right in the 90’s about the “Conspiracy.” Turns out, though, that it’s not limited to the “Right Wing>’


  54. Thanks, NYCMax, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m still hoping for more info about where this one is going.

    I understand BHO’s birth certificate has been published, but that isn’t the problem, as I understand it. It’s a bit more complicated than that. My friend sent me this:

    “If only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.” Barack Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen and Obama’s mother was only 18 when Obama was born, which means though she had been a U.S. citizen for 10 years, (or citizen perhaps because of Hawaii being a territory) the mother fails the test for being so for at least 5 years **prior to** Barack Obama’s birth, but *after* age 16.”

    If that is true, and even if the matter was taken to court, I wonder if that court would rule against him. The American people may feel that’s too trivial, or that it tries to make it unnecessarily complicated. Even people like me who don’t want BHO at all may not respect a ruling against him on that basis alone. There are a lot of other good reasons why he should not be president. Therefore, I would not object if he was found ineligible based on that matter or anything else. I’m just not going to count on it too much.

  55. NYMAX

    Remember Richard Jewell? The poor guy that had his life torn apart by the BM after the bombng at th a Olympics in Atlanta.

    The media crucified this guy even though he was never arrested or charged.

    Everone in this country was lead down a path by BM leading to believe he was the bomber.

    I truly felt sorry for him.

  56. so my point being BM is WAY OUT OF CONTROL in their lack presenting “accurate and unbiased” information to us.

    “Accurate and Unbiased”, hmmm… wonder why FOX (or any of the others) wouldn’t want to tout that mantle?

  57. Sherm from what I understand, that reasoning only applies if you consider that Hawaii is an occupied sovereign nation and not a state (apparently, it’s arguably either despite what we’ve been taught all these years…who knew?).

    The birth certificate issue is mostly prickly because the document that Bambi provided does not answer key questions. The key questions are was he, in fact, born in Hawaii or did someone provide an affidavit of his right to citizenship. Apparently, the document that his campaign produced can result from information provided in a petition from the family, that’s why people want him to produce a real birth certificate signed by the attendent medical professional. If he was born elsewhere and someone petitioned for his certification of birth, then the whole “natural born” citizen issue becomes relevant.

    Assuming he really was born on American soil which would automatically make him a natural born citizen, then it makes no sense that he wouldn’t provide his actual birth certificate to prove it. It’s a pretty simple matter. Since he is withholding the document that would provide irrefutable proof and make this whole thing go away, we have to question, why? What is he hiding? There aren’t too many things that a birth certificate can contain that would be damaging, aside from place of birth, the only other thing could possibly be the identity or religion of his parents but that’s just speculation.


    Checklist for “Change”?
    by: masslib
    Thu Jun 19, 2008 at 08:34:13 AM EDT

    A group of women Senators, not including Hillary Clinton, will announce a checklist for change today. Details include the following:
    Today Senator Barbara Mikulski joined Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Patty Murray (D-Wash.), Mary Landrieu (D-La.), Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.), Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) to announce their “Checklist for Change,” a list of ten issues Congress can immediately address to improve the lives of the American people. They include:

    1) Providing equal pay for equal work
    2) Keeping jobs in America
    3) Making health care affordable
    4) Taking care of our military families and veterans
    5) Restoring America’s credibility in the world
    6) Protecting our environment
    7) Making America energy independent
    8) Preparing for future disasters
    9) Enforcing fiscal accountability
    10) Protecting the family checkbook.

    “Boy, that agenda sounds familiar. Indeed, I could swear there was one presidential candidate who ran on precisely such a “checklist”. Notice this isn’t a process agenda, it’s a program agenda. There’s no mention of “changing the system” or “the way business is done in Washington”. This isn’t a vague promise of hope. This is a list of action items. The first item being equal pay for equal work.
    This is Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential agenda. Clinton actually introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act, action item number one for this group of women Senators. It takes some mighty chutzpah for Claire McCaskill and Amy Klobuchar to announce these priorities after endorsing Senator Obama. Barbara Boxer only endorsed Clinton when pushed and jumped to Obama before the final votes were even tallied but here she is promoting Hillary’s agenda with this group of women, as though it were their own.

    I find it disingenuous, to say the least, that these Senators would present this agenda as women, when many didn’t endorse the woman who ran on it. Emily’s List, a group whose single purpose is electing women, raised $500,000 dollars for Claire McCaskill’s senatorial bid, and another $300,000 for Amy Klobuchar’s run, and yet these women didn’t endorse the highly qualified woman running on the agenda they profess to be their own.

    Not only did many of these women not support Senator Hillary Clinton’s historic run, but now they present her agenda as women, as though they had conceived of it themselves. While I appreciate that they apparently agree with Hillary Clinton, that these items are the most pressing priorities for our future, I think they should have at the least, given credit where credit is due, to the woman who campaigned on these issues, and fought the battle of ideas with the public to gain support for them. ”

  59. This makes me absolutely crazy. Off to the phones, calling Feinstein and Boxer today. These women are shameful. Why couldn’t or wouldn’t they support Hillary during the primary? Something is really fishy and smelly, and it isn’t in Denmark. It is in the U.S. Just gave me another reason to vote for McCain. These women have not shown any political courage, except for maybe, the Washington Senators and Feinstein. But, their silence was deafening during the primary.

  60. “Sexism’ and ‘misogyny’ were ignored while HRC was still running because to acknowledge it would have helped her. now that it’s likely she won’t be the nominee, it’s safe to bring the subject up as there’s no way she can benefit from the discussion.

    Selective coverage.

    I agree the women who stood by silently along with their male counterparts deserve to be tarred and feathered. It’s disgusting.

  61. These two are especially rich, when one considers that BO voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill:

    6) Protecting our environment
    7) Making America energy independent

    That bill was a big giveaway of taxpayers money, to the oil/energy companies.

    These women are hypocrites, I am sorry to say.

  62. And just wait for it…all of a sudden Bo will endorse what these senators are doing… after spending months trashing Hillary for coming up with the ideas in the first place.

  63. I called the DNC this morning asking them about the move to Chicago. The woman i spoke too said they are only moving a portion of the operation there. Then DNC will still be in Washington. I told her they can move all they want too it will not change my mind. I told her if Hillary is not the nominee. I will be voting for John McCain. 1-877-336-7200

  64. I took a Zogby online poll yesterday.

    I indicated that as a democrat i would vote for McCain.
    Also it asked for ratings of candidates Hillary, McCain, BHO…That was a no brainer!

    they might still have the poll going if you guys want to participate.

    Zogby International…you’ll have to register

  65. Obama has now officially rejected (flip flop) public financing for the GE

    McCain is said to be accepting Public financing for the GE and slamming obama for his flip flop

    are any of you surprised???? I know i am not!

  66. Good Morning!

    Can someone clarify an issue with me. Did I read some where that 3 gay men in Chicago were killed and they all were related to Obama’s church? and they were all killed in the same fashion??? I beleive Larry Sinclair has been speaking about this issue……. Thanks !

  67. I agree….while Hillary ‘s nomination was certainly stolen by dirty DNC tricks, many woman and woman groups( and of course men) let her down. They were jealous of her being so accomplished and could not stand to see her win(see Pelosi, Macaskil, etc).

  68. # basil9 Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 8:48 am

    Other questions I ponder:
    WHY didn’t Gore contest the 2000 election and the 537 votes?
    WHY did Kerry PERMIT himself to be swiftboated?
    WHY did HRC SUSPEND her campaign and throw her support to Obbammerrhoid?

    I believe Kerry also could have/should have challenged major problems with voting in OH, which could have tipped it in his favor.

    As for Hillary, maybe she knew the Dems were aligned against her. Witness the 5/31 RBC Mtg. In that meeting, they even had enough votes to split MI 64/64, but they didn’t want too much blood on their hands.

    As for Gore, hindsight shows he probably would be president if he asked for a full statewide recount, rather than in the four Gore-leaning counties. And he probably knew too that the Supremes were going to screw him over.

    In all cases, MSM was complicit in:
    a) making Al Gore into a pompous stiff, where the single most pressing problem in the country was that he sighed and rolled his eyes during Debate #1
    b) Kerry’s swift boating, and the wind-surf elitist portrayal
    c) Hillary’s “what-a-beeyotch” portrayal, and playing up the most minor issues (Bosnia) into “real questions about her credibility”.

  69. Anyone have an update on the fallout with NARAL? I know state level orgs were not necessarily in synch with the national.

  70. New Poll shows that Clinton’s supporters hesitate to back Obama…

  71. Another major swing state govornor rejected Obama’s V.P. possibility:

    Per foxnews:
    Governor Ed Rendell was just asked by John Scott if he would take the VP spot if offered.

    He said no he would not make a good choice.

    This is that old “Clinton loyaltly” that Strickland is also abiding by.

    The Democrat Party is NOT united. Rendell doesn’t want to be asked by Obama to be the VP.

    Rendell continued on that he doesn’t have foreign policy experience. And was about to say more on why he wasn’t qualified.

    But John Scott cut him off because of a commercial break.

  72. djia Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 11:10 am

    Obama has now officially rejected (flip flop) public financing for the GE

    McCain is said to be accepting Public financing for the GE and slamming obama for his flip flop

    Obama made a huge stink about how he was going to be a new kind of politician, and campaign financing was going to be an integral part of that.

    Now, McCain can wave this smelly skunk in front of Obama’s nose, and the public can see what a hypocrit Nobama is, that his words have no meaning. He says whatever is convenient, and changes his mind as the situation calls for.

    Wait, let me guess: This makes him a “gifted politician, a rare political animal”. (If Russert were here…I suppose Tweety and Ogremann will pick up the slack.)

    What’s funny is that for all Nobama’s dough, he still lost most contests after February, many of them in embarrassing fashion. That’s what happens when you have a well-funded, extremely flawed candidate.

    He only “won” by being bailed out by SDs, the very manner of “winning” that Brazile decried in January, yet who was quite satisfied in June (as if she’d eaten a three pound steak).

  73. Rasmussen Poll shows offshore oil drilling call helps McCain in Florida,
    Rasmussen Reports conducted a special Florida survey to measure the immediate impact of the offshore drilling issue on the Presidential race. As one part of the survey, respondents were told that McCain favored offshore drilling and said it would bring down the price of gas and oil. They were also told that Barack Obama opposed offshore drilling and said it would not bring down the price of gas and oil. After hearing the views of both McCain and Obama, most Florida voters agreed with McCain–61% said it was likely that offshore drilling would reduce gas prices. Only 34% disagreed and said that offshore drilling would not accomplish that goal.

    The Florida survey also found that McCain currently leads Obama in the state by a 47% to 39% margin. Six percent (6%) said they would vote for some other candidate while 8% are undecided.

    However, after voters were told that McCain favored offshore drilling and Obama opposed it, McCain’s lead increased to eleven points, 49% to 38%. While a three-point net gain is not stunning, it is significant that the issue didn’t push voters towards Obama. All of McCain’s gains on the offshore drilling issue came from male voters.
    Again, all these polls are meaningless, but the underlying message is clear. Yesterday, Q poll is showing Obama had a 4 points lead in FL, this Ras poll shows a 7 points lead by Mccain, and the lead widens to 11 points when voters are informed the different approaches to ‘offshore drilling’.

    This energy debate can be lethal for democrats in Nov. Pelosi’s do-nothing congress is being exposed on a daily basis.

  74. Q poll is flawed.

    Watch BO flip-flop on this drilling issue.

    Motto: A Flip-Flop That We Can Believe In. (flip-flop emblem).

  75. Another major potential V.P. candidate is bailing out.

    Kerry is on track to become Bambi’s vice president. Can’t wait.

  76. Anyone, I need your Iowa Caucus stories, anything fishy about Obama, bussing, etc….:


  77. # neetabug Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 10:52 am

    I called the DNC this morning asking them about the move to Chicago. The woman i spoke too said they are only moving a portion of the operation there. Then DNC will still be in Washington. I told her they can move all they want too it will not change my mind. I told her if Hillary is not the nominee. I will be voting for John McCain. 1-877-336-7200

    Schweet burn, neeta.

    Hey, when us folks contact Dems (phone, email, etc.) to say we’re not supporting “this guy” (vote for McCain, or third party, or Mickey Mouse, or just stay home and watch Wheel of Torture), don’t forget to remind them how long you’ve been a Democrat. And that you pretty much supported them for X number of years.

    Also don’t forget to remind them how much election-related work you’ve done for the party.

    I myself have voted straight party line every two years since 1982. And while my financial contributions have been modest, I did get out the vote every four years (crossing into PA from NJ a few times).

    So the Dems are going to lose my vote, and they’re going to have to endure my organizing efforts for McCain in NJ. And I KNOW I’m not the only one. Better half is incensed with Dems too, and for a Repub, McCain is certainly the most palatable choice since…since… Lincoln?

  78. Hawk

    Check w/ fdrjim, on this site and also email: fdrjim @ gmail. com.

    He has a whole file of those type stories.

    Also Norma Desmond was helping him.

  79. NYCMax, your post finally gave me hope that this thing has some legs. He obviously has something to hide.

    I wonder who is going to go after this. Does it wait for the Republicans? If they finally break this wide open and reveal that BHO is definitely not eligible to be POTUS, then it should tear the MSM wide open as well. Then the entire DNC has some explaining to do. We’ve asked all along why this guy was not being vetted. That could become even more meaningful.

    It would be so nice if it all happened prior to Denver because I strongly believe this country needs Hillary right now. If I can’t have her, my second choice is anybody buy Obama.

  80. Just got an email from Obama’s campaign asking for money and directing me to a video where Obama says he’s not going to be participating in the public financing of elections. Here’s his statement:

    I have a feeling Bambi is using this latest gimmick to boost his online donations as the main purpose. His online fundraising appeared to start tapering off. He’s using this gamble to ask his mass to pitch in more.

    Remember, Hillary’s online fundraising took off when she made a loan to herself.

  81. So, if a candidate has public financing, does that mean, that the candidate cannot accept online donations?

  82. Basil9, I have always and so did my Mom believe Hillary when she said there was a “vast right wing conspiracy”. There was one ,afterall why would they put someone on Hillary from day one in the WH. This person eventually came out and said that his job was to put out erroneous stories on Hillary everyday. This conspiracy is running our country and the Clintons and McCain’s don’t fit into their scheme.
    I just wish Hillary could tell us who they are, so we could have a revolution to take our country back.

  83. # birdgal Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    So, if a candidate has public financing, does that mean, that the candidate cannot accept online donations?

    I am no expect on campaign finance law, but I believe that if you agree to public financing, but then you have to agree to limits on how much you can raise (and there are separate pools for nominating and general election). However, I doubt that it places limits on how you can raise up to the max.

    But the main point is, Obama was caught in an outright, indisuptable lie.

  84. birdgal,

    Yes, the candidate still can accept online donation, it’s not exclusive.
    What I’m saying is that it’s close to the end of June. Assume he’s not doing as great as many might imagine in terms of online donation, what can bambi do to boost the morale of his mass and ask for more money?
    1) infer you are going to blow Mccain out of water in terms of money front by opting out of public financing;
    2) whining that this can only be achieved by asking his mass to pitch in more.

    That’s my guess.

  85. this PISSED me off. Emily’s list wants us to donate to them in order for them to stand up against sexism against Michelle Obama. C’mon…had the Obamas not encouraged and enabled the smears coming from the media and their own surrogates against Hillary Clinton, then Michelle wouldn’t be in a similar position.

    Michelle and BO can reap what they sow…


    Dear xxxxxxxxxxx,

    You must have been as stunned as I was to read in last Friday’s New York Times that many news execs denied the existence of sexism in the coverage of the presidential campaign, insisting that they covered the primary fairly and without bias.

    I felt like I must have spent the last year on a different planet — which cable news shows were these execs watching? Were they reading their own papers? This story ran just two days after Fox News ran a caption about Michelle Obama calling her the Senator’s “baby mama” and Keith Olbermann crowned Katie Couric the day’s “Worst Person in the World” after she, as noted in the Times story, echoed what so many of us felt: that much of the coverage of Hillary was “unfair,” “hostile,” and rooted in sexism.

    We applaud Katie Couric for her integrity, and wholeheartedly disagree with her colleagues’s assertion that sexism in the primary coverage was limited to “a few glaring examples.” Rather, it stared us in the face every day between Clinton’s entry into the race last year and her graceful, gracious concession speech — from Tucker Carlson’s quip about Clinton making him want to cross his legs and Mike Barnicle’s comparison of Clinton to a “first wife standing outside a probate court,” to frequent references in both print and television media to her “cackle” and her cleavage.

    Now, the punditocracy seems to have trained its fire on another powerful woman in the presidential race: Michelle Obama. Let the news execs be warned: we will not stand for blatant misogyny — or offensive stereotypes — aimed at Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Katie Couric, or any other woman.

    Click here to add your name to our letter to the heads of news organizations putting them on notice — and demanding a higher level of discourse in this campaign.

    It’s up to us to make sure that women, from our own candidates to Michelle Obama, receive fair and respectful coverage. Together, we can make our voices heard on behalf of women everywhere.

    Warmest regards,
    Ellen Malcolm

    Ellen R. Malcolm

  86. Congressman Altmire hearts McCain PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW By Salena Zito

    Rep. Jason Altmire, whose congressional district went overwhelmingly for Sen. Hillary Clinton in the six-week primary that was Pennsylvania, kind of likes Republican presumptive nominee Sen. John McCain’s proposal to invest in nuclear energy and clean coal.

    Here is the statement that he released today on McCain’s proposal to construct 45 nuclear reactors by 2030 and spend $2 billion a year in federal funding on clean coal.

    “I have always been a strong supporter of nuclear energy and clean coal technology, and I welcome Senator McCain’s announcement today that he is committed to investing in these industries. Western Pennsylvania’s vast coal resources and strong nuclear industry will be a tremendous source of economic growth for our region and make America more energy independent.”

    Altmire, a Democrat who was part of the 2006 midterm sweep of Pennsylvania that turned four red districts blue, represents a decidedly Reagan Democrat constituency. During the Pennsylvania primary, he did not come out and endorse either candidate, and stopped short of a full endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama when he secured the nomination in June.

    When the Democratic primary ended, Altmire chose his words carefully by saying he was going to be supportive of the nominee who was chosen by the voters and that a formal endorsement was no longer necessary.

  87. Count the votes: I unsubscribed to Emily’s list, because of their hypocrisy. MO can reap what she has sown. She is not even in the same class as Hillary. Hillary did not deserve, what she received. Mo has been a total b****. Where were they, when Hillary was getting battered everyday? They were asking for funds to support candidates that were supporting Flip-Flop. They don’t get anymore of my money. Same as Naral. MO deserves the negative coverage.

  88. kostner Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    Another major swing state govornor rejected Obama’s V.P. possibility:

    Per foxnews:
    Governor Ed Rendell was just asked by John Scott if he would take the VP spot if offered. He said no he would not make a good choice. This is that old “Clinton loyaltly” that Strickland is also abiding by. The Democrat Party is NOT united. Rendell doesn’t want to be asked by Obama to be the VP.

    Rendell continued on that he doesn’t have foreign policy experience. And was about to say more on why he wasn’t qualified.

    I think Rendell lived up to his promise to “support the eventual nominee”, even if he had to hold his nose. Otherwise, moving up to veep might be a good career move. On the other hand, what how good of a career move is it if the ticket loses (and this one might really stink up the joint)? Especially for anyone who might need to resign from their post to run as veep?

    I’m sure Hillary too must be cheerless on the inside, and must feel “mini-vomit”, every time she has to say, “I support Obama, and hope you will too”.

    Nope, we won’t.

    The Probama people at Hillary’s Voice (yahoo email group) constantly are saying, “Well Hillary said to support that guy…”, and we laugh at them. Maybe they aren’t outraged at how Obama was installed as the nominee, and maybe they don’t care how inept and corrupt the Dems are… But those who do are ready to clean some house.

    Burn down the crumbling structure, and rebuild from scratch.

  89. # birdgal Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    Count the votes: I unsubscribed to Emily’s list, because of their hypocrisy. MO can reap what she has sown. She is not even in the same class as Hillary. Hillary did not deserve, what she received. Mo has been a total b****. Where were they, when Hillary was getting battered everyday? They were asking for funds to support candidates that were supporting Flip-Flop. They don’t get anymore of my money. Same as Naral. MO deserves the negative coverage.

    I didn’t know Emily’s List started doing the Obama Shuffle. Since when did Obama become a “female candidate”?

    And what’s been happening on the NARAL front? I hope to hear
    that they are paying dearly for their terrible decision.

  90. The DNC is taking John McCain to court over his public financing. I think he had public financing and then stopped it. So Howie is going to sue him.

    Basil9, Big Media is run by the same people who got us into Iraq and also suggested to Bambi he should come out against the War. Farrakhan in one of his rants on youtube suggests that control of the media is very important to get your agenda thru. As far as Bambi’s birth certificate, someone upthread suggested the American people will think that that is trivial aspect of the an American born. I think the power people who want to get the north american union, would find it easier to achieve with someone with Obama’s background. He really resents the U.S. and could care less that it would shred the constitution. We all know how Hillary would feel about that!

  91. rgb44hrc Says:

    June 19th, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    During the primary season, they were asking for funds for female candidates running for office. Many of those candidates had come out in support of Flip-Flop, especially in North Carolina. I called the SF office to complain. Future letters were more general “female candidates.” Now, they are asking for support, to protest the negative coverage of MO. See counts the vote posting at 1:32 p.m. I find it hypocritical.

    I haven’t heard anymore about Naral.

  92. Sorry, nobody gets my money except Hillary. I could care less what they do to Michelle Obama just as she did not care what they said about Hillary. What goes around, comes around!

  93. confloyd,

    Not only did she not care about what they said about Hillary, she was the perpetrator/ instigator/gang leader for some of what went down. This might seem nasty, but I sure hope she reaps what she and her twit of a husband sowed.

  94. To those WEAK women politicans and the Women Organizations that kept silence on the year long Sexism and Mysoginy demostrated by those in the media and in the Democratic Party…tells me plenty on why Women issues are not addressed.

    “Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.”

    Where were those women voices when Sexism and Mysoginy was running rampant in the media and by the Democratic “TALIBAN” Party. This is not about Hillary Clinton, it’s about where this country place value on women in this country.

  95. Michelle Obama made her bed, now she has to lie in it. She does not get a pass because she is BLACK. No way…so STOP TREATING HER SPECIAL!!!

    You have to STAND UP to BULLIES and believe me these guys are bullies. They had no problem going after BLACK POLITICANS that supported Hillary Clinton and if you DON’T STAND UP AGAINST this to of threat, what will you stand up to?

    Michelle Obama is a trusted advisor to her husband Barack, in fact she comes from a political Chicago family, so don’t buy the “little misses” act she gave on the view.

    This is all remaking of Obama’s weakness with women.

  96. curiosityhasme Says:
    June 18th, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    Unbelievable that HRC continues to receive jeers from the “unity” BHO supporters.

    I was having some fun on TM turning their ‘unity’ arguments against them. Telling them that winning is the only important thing, ‘any Democrat’ will do, so they should come join us Hillary people.

    I told them Obama could acheive unity and be sure of winning in November with one simple headline:
    “It’s Clinton/Obama!”

    True, also.

  97. carby:

    “Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.”

    This is so true.

  98. As for Rendell and other HIllary people showing support for Hillary by turning down Obama’s VP — that looks good, but doesn’t it leave Hillary stuck with the job no one else wants?

    And she doesn’t want it either, but has too much darn party loyalty to turn it down.

    Pls sign the petitions AGAINST Hillary as VP and post the url around.

  99. Sherm Kader Says:

    June 19th, 2008 at 7:41 am
    A Republican friend of mine asked why the question of Obama’s eligibility is not getting more attention in the media. I offered him some reasonable suggestions, but the truth is I don’t know.

    Are the facts accurate as presented? Has this whole story been debunked? Anyone? Thanks
    Until someone challenge this…this will be an non-starter with the neo-lib media. They’re too lazy and afraid now. Someone else have to do the heavy lifting and before they jump on board.

  100. carbynew ,

    I love the phrase you just coined – Democratic “TALIBAN” Party INDEED.

    Those 10 women senators have NO shame. The only reason they’re coming out now is to shore up bambi’s support among women. This is a party which has used sexism/misogym to discredit the first viable woman presidential candidate in primary.It’s a slap in any self-respecting woman’s face.

    If a party consisting of 60% women can’t stand up for women, and can still expect massive votes from women votes in the end. Ladies, we have a problem.

  101. wbboei Says:
    I did not read the New York Magazine article initially because the title turned me off.

    “What Hillary Won by Losing” May be just what it took to get through to some lattes. THey love ‘beautiful losers,’ remember. 🙂

  102. Glad rendell has sense to refuse to be the VP!

    I just hope Hillary does the same if she is asked….

    At this stage I want to see an Obama/John GAFFEBOY Kerry ticket. I badly need to get some fun back in this awful political campaign!

  103. Toe-sucker Dick Morris’ latest analysis.

    John McCain has drawn first blood in the political debate following Barack Obama’s victory in the primaries. His call yesterday for offshore oil drilling — and Bush’s decision to press the issue in Congress – puts the Democrats in the position of advocating the wear-your-sweater policies that made Jimmy Carter unpopular.

    With gas prices nearing $5, all of the previous shibboleths need to be discarded. Where once voters in swing states like Florida opposed offshore drilling, the high gas prices are prompting them to reconsider. McCain’s argument that even hurricane Katrina did not cause any oil spills from the offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico certainly will go far to allay the fears of the average voter.

    For decades, Americans have dragged their feet when it comes to switching their cars, leaving their SUVs at home, and backing alternative energy development and new oil drilling. But the recent shock of a massive surge in oil and gasoline prices has awakened the nation from its complaisance. The soaring prices are the equivalent of Pearl Harbor in jolting us out of our trance when it comes to energy.

    Suddenly, everything is on the table. Offshore drilling, Alaska drilling, nuclear power, wind, solar, flex-fuel cars, plug-in cars are all increasingly attractive options and John McCain seems alive to the need to go there while Obama is strangely passive. During the Democratic primary, he opposed a gas tax holiday and continues to be against offshore and Alaska drilling and squishy on nuclear power. That leaves turning down your thermostat and walking to work as the Democratic policies.

    McCain has also been ratcheting up his attacks on oil speculators. With the total value of trades in oil futures soaring from $13 billion in 2003 to $260 billion today, it is increasingly clear that it is not the supply and demand for oil which is, alone, driving up the price, but it is the supply and demand for oil futures which is stoking the upward movement.

    The Saudis have made a fatal mistake in not forcing down the price of oil. We could have gone for decades as their hostage, letting their control over our oil supplies choke us while enriching them. But they got greedy and let the price skyrocket. The sudden shock which has sent America reeling is just the stimulus we need for a massive movement away from imported oil and toward new types of cars.

    The political will for major change in our energy policy is now here and those, like Obama, who don’t get it need to rethink their positions. To quote FDR, “this great nation calls for action and action now” on the energy issue. What has been a back-burner problem now has moved onto center stage and McCain has put himself in the forefront.

    The Democratic ambivalence stems from liberal concerns about climate change. The Party basically doesn’t believe in carbon based energy and, therefore, opposes oil exploration. That’s why Obama pushes the windfall profits tax on oil companies – a step that tells them “you drill, you find oil, and we’ll take away your profits.” But Americans have their priorities in order: more oil, more drilling AND alternative energy sources, flex-fuel cars, plug in vehicles and nuclear power.

    With his willingness to respond to the gas price crisis with bold measures, McCain shows himself to be a pragmatist while Obama comes off as an ideologue to puts climate change ahead of making it possible for the average American to get to work.

    Of course, the high price of gas makes it inevitable that the US will lead the world in fighting climate change. With $5 gas, Americans will switch en masse to cars that burn less gasoline. Already we have cut our oil consumption by 500,000 barrels a day in the past year (about a 3% cut). The move away from oil will be exponential from here on out, dooming radical Islam and reversing climate change at the same time. But while we are getting new cars, we need more oil and McCain has flanked Obama on this issue. Big time.

  104. Hey All – if you write to that coalition of Feinstein, Boxer, McCaskill, Cantwell and others who are working on the Checklist for Change project (thinly veiled targetting women voters for Obama)…

    Please say to them, if they really cared about women’s needs, then they need to launch an Congressional investigation into the media collusion to bring Clinton down:

    This letter (excerpts only, clink link for full letter by the editor of is a fantastic template.

    May 28, 2008

    Senator Boxer

    112 Hart Senate Office Building

    Washington, D.C. 20510

    202.224.0454 (fax)

    Dear Senator Boxer,

    Your appearance on the Senate Commerce Committee during the Dixie Chicks controversy in 2003 is fresh on my mind, and leads me to inquire why the committee isn’t investigating a similar campaign of sabotage by broadcast and other media corporations against Sen. Clinton. If you’ve watched or read any of the coverage, then you know a well-orchestrated, incendiary narrative towards her candidacy has been underfoot for some time. At the same time, virtually all of our mainstream press outlets have covered up the extent of Senator Obama’s links to organized crime and at least two foreign agents with whom he has ties, inclduing Iraq’s former minister of electricity – a fugitive wanted by Interpol! These represent legitimate homeland security concerns that for any other candidate would invite serious scrutiny and possible disqualification.

    Surely the violation of anti-trust laws and F.C.C. rules is far worse now than in the previous case you heard testimony on. And while John McCain and the Republicans controlled the committee back then, the Democrats control it now. Thus, you and your colleagues are in a position to preserve (or rather restore) the integrity of electoral process before irreparable harm is done.

    If the media companies are in fact collaborating in swaying the outcome of the Democratic primaries – and possibly the general election to come – Congress should immediately take to task all those involved, and if necessary call on the Department of Justice and F.C.C. to enact further deterrents.

    Yet, like the hearing we saw in Barbara Koppel’s documentary (which I wrote about in our newspaper),For example, an inquiry today might delve into some of the following areas:

    · Asking a representative from the Center for Media and Public Affairs to share the data they’ve compiled on the biased coverage.

    · Asking the presidents of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and FOX to respond to questions like these:

    1. Why did you black out the results of the January 29th Florida Democratic primary on January 30th? Since you were covering that election before the vote, did you enter into some sort of agreement with each other, and with news services like Yahoo, or with the Democratic National Committee not to report that nearly two million voters showed up to the polls? If Obama had not lost by such a large margin, would you have reported the results?

    2. Why have your newscasters misled viewers by repeatedly reporting that the Florida results were invalid because “the state party violated the rules by moving up the date of the primary?” You’ve been corrected many times by your sources, who have explained that the state legislature set the date over the objections of the party, and that the Democrats were not in control of that process, so why continue to report the erroneous information?

  105. CNN’s Roland Martin: ‘Weak’ Conservative Men ‘Don’t Like Strong Women’

    [Update, 10:30 am EDT Thursday: Martin’s title at CNN is now political analyst, not contributor, according to an e-mail we received earlier this morning. This must be a very recent development, as Mr. Martin was referred to as “contributor” as late as June 17.]

    Where the f**k was martin when HILLARY was being attacked from all directions and mostly from black leaders (men)===OH YEAH — He was in the TRINITY church humping with pastor wright –and pastor pfleger –ASS–H-O-L-E-

  106. Obama Advisor’s Dog-Ate-My-Transcript Dodge

    The dog ate my transcript.

    That’s roughly what Susan Rice’s response to a pointed question from Laura Ingraham amounted to. Give credit to Rice, Obama senior foreign policy advisor, for appearing on Ingraham’s “Just In” FNC show today and taking on the host in a freewheeling conversation. But she and her candidate are really going to have to learn to do better than the feeble dodge she offered.

  107. Morning Joe: Did Axelrod ‘Lie’ In Denying Michelle Makeover?

    It’s rare to hear an MSM figure flatly suggest that a presidential campaign lied, but Joe Scarborough broke out the the l-word today in wondering whether chief Obama strategist David Axelrod did just that when he emphatically denied, on yesterday’s show, that there is a concerted “makeover” of Michelle Obama in the works.

  108. These people are soooo transparent.


    June 19th, 2008 at 2:44 pm
    CNN’s Roland Martin: ‘Weak’ Conservative Men ‘Don’t Like Strong Women’

    He is protecting MO.

  109. sonia and birdgal – the BO campaign is now crying “sexism” when it comes to the media and MO.

    The rest of us are going to laugh that they not only pretend that it wasn’t there alll along when it came to Hillary but also enabled and encouraged it from the Obama supporting press and blogosphere.

  110. YUP —–EVERYTHING matters when it happens to obamas but its okay if media is trashing clintons ==obamas just added more fuel to it and no one spoke out about it –

  111. McCain team: Obama campaign lying about public financing talks
    Posted: 02:09 PM ET

    From CNN Correspondent Dana Bash, CNN’s Rebecca Sinderbrand

    Sens. Obama and McCain talked during a Capitol Hill press conference in this 2006 file photo.
    WASHINGTON (CNN) – John McCain’s campaign is denying an account by staffers on Barack Obama’s team that the rival campaigns had been involved in discussions over whether or not they would accept public funds.

    Obama counsel Bob Bauer said Thursday he had met with Trevor Potter, his counterpart on the McCain team, on June 6 to discuss a possible joint townhall appearance later in the month, and that the two discussed the public funding issue for 45 minutes.

    leave comments if you like to .

  112. Obama emphasizes patriotism in first general election ad
    Posted: 12:35 PM ET

    From CNN Associate Political Editor Rebecca Sinderbrand

    Sen. Obama released a new ad Thursday that emphasizes patriotism and values.
    (CNN) — Barack Obama’s campaign released its first ad of the general election campaign Thursday, a 60-second spot designed to highlight his patriotism and values.

    “Country I Love” will air in some perennial swing states including Florida, Michigan and Indiana – but also in some traditionally Republican areas that the Obama campaign is hoping to compete in this fall, such as Georgia, North Dakota and Virginia.


  113. Please check out my post re: Obama–It is called, “Will the Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up?

    Here is a quote:

    “I asked myself how someone could go to church every Sunday, and listen to a sermon which was not universal to all races and people. How could he be listening to sermons that were not unifying, and that did not embrace the values of all Americans?

    I thought for a while about my attitude. I had never thought myself racist in any way. However, there was just something hypocritical about a candidate who preached one thing, but belonged to a church with such a separatist doctrine. ”


  114. according to a FOX News poll released Thursday.

    About two-thirds would be at least somewhat proud to have Obama, who would be the first African-American president. A similar number would be proud to have McCain, who would be the first Vietnam vet president. In addition, a majority thinks McCain loves America “a great deal,” while less than half think Obama does.

    Overall, 65 percent of Americans say they would be extremely, very or somewhat proud to have Obama as president. For McCain, 66 percent say so.

  115. update from an earlier post:

    Update: I just called McCaskill’s office to see if Hillary would get any credit or be acknowledged by the group. I was told a group of women Senators got together and formed this checklist, and that Hillary is “not part of the Checklist for Change”. Unbelievable.

    Update II: What a class act this woman is. She literally requires no credit. Here’s a video link of Hillary promoting the Checklist for Change agenda: (hat tip to jimtacoma at the Confluence). Ok, so now we can see why the agenda mirrors Hillary’s. She probably was pushing this from behind the scenes.

    Update III: Ok, I just realized the video was from the 2006 “Checklist for Change”. She’s apparently been dropped from the group, while her agenda has been co-opted.

  116. SONIA4HILLARY Says:

    June 19th, 2008 at 2:44 pm
    CNN’s Roland Martin: ‘Weak’ Conservative Men ‘Don’t Like Strong Women’

    [Update, 10:30 am EDT Thursday: Martin’s title at CNN is now political analyst, not contributor, according to an e-mail we received earlier this morning. This must be a very recent development, as Mr. Martin was referred to as “contributor” as late as June 17.]

    Where the f**k was martin when HILLARY was being attacked from all directions and mostly from black leaders (men)===OH YEAH — He was in the TRINITY church humping with pastor wright –and pastor pfleger –ASS–H-O-L-E-
    Another Obama supporter in the media talking about bitter conservative men….ouch.

    Also Roland Martin didn’t contine…he should has said” ‘Weak’ Conservative Men in the DEMOCRATIC “Taliban” PARTY ‘Don’t Like Strong Women.”

    Now I can believe that statement.

  117. Roland Martin was the most biased, ill informed, token I have ever seen on a major network.

  118. # hawk Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    Anyone, I need your Iowa Caucus stories, anything fishy about Obama, bussing, etc….:


    I had never been to a caucus before so i didn’t really know what should or shouldn’t be at one…
    so i can’t say i noticed anything suspicious… other than we were not given the opportunity to
    talk about our candidate choice to everyone, i was a JRE supporter at that time ( oh the regret!)
    hillary had tons of signs and stickers….not much obama and hardly any JRE stuff about the room
    hillary seemed to control my caucus 😀 looking back that was a good thing ( i live in the NW corner of iowa)
    so the candidates didn’t really come in my area at all, atleast not with in 1 hour of me….

  119. oh i should also add, i am new to this area so i didn’t know those around me

    our caucus was like 8-10 districts in one building…….so it is possible that
    others moved from one group to another, how ever none came and went in my

  120. jbstonesfan Says:

    June 19th, 2008 at 3:28 pm
    Roland Martin was the most biased, ill informed, token I have ever seen on a major network.

    And, he is now, a political analyst. Hmm….What is his background? I guess, it doesn’t take very much to be a political analyst these days. He is awful.

  121. If a party consisting of 60% women can’t stand up for women, and can still expect massive votes from women votes in the end. Ladies, we have a problem.
    Look I know some might think I’m a Republican BUT I’m not. I’m a lifelong Democrat who has found the party moving away from my concerns.

    I’m still a Democrat but I’m an African American, I’m a Women, I’m a mother, a widow…so I’m complicated just like every other American. But once I saw the ol’ boys game and the DNC had the fix in on a WEAK ASS tactic of selecting our President…not best on what is best for the country but to deceive and take the easy road.

    What do I mean by the easy road…well this time, the best and the brightest rising to the top…no it was the same LOSERS time and time again setting the agenda and we in the middle class paying the price…again.

    This time the price was WOMEN…all women because when you do to one you do to all…that’s why Blacks STAND firm on racism…we have to, do you think we want to focus resouces so much attention on this crap, while other groups benefit from our sacrifice?

    But then to see the DEMOCRATIC “TALIBAN” PARTY use sexism and mysoginy to use as a political tactic to payback on old scores and opportunistic scraps from a male dominated party that has benefited from it’s strong support from women…seen throwing women rights off the train.

    It wasn’t the Republicans BUT the Democrats who shown their commitment to one of their tent pole issues in the party. But with Women Leaders and Women Organisations like the one representing us…It’s not hard to see the playmate-zation (i.e Barbie dolls) and marginalization of Women in the media, politics and other women, in why our issues get addressed LAST and the FIRST to be set aside.

  122. It’s not hard to see the playmate-zation (i.e Barbie dolls) and marginalization of Women in the media, politics and other women, in why our issues get addressed LAST and the FIRST to be set aside.

    Not only that, when push really comes to shove, too many women traditionally have backed down. Their willingness to compromise and get along is constantly exploited.

  123. CNN’s Roland Martin: ‘Weak’ Conservative Men ‘Don’t Like Strong Women’

    This is so laughable. It was actually the so-called ‘progressive male whitey’s such as olbertman, chris matthew etc were on a daily tirade by using sexism tactics against Clinton during primary. The conservative ‘men’ were actually pretty quiet, many of them actually showed admiration and sympathy towards Clinton during primary fight for whatever reason.

    This crap is just those ‘progressive white male’s tactics to shift blame on right wingers in order to coax democratic women voters back into their folder in GE.

    It’s just so blatant.

  124. Dailynuts Go Nuts over FISA ‘Capitulation’. So much fun today.
    Obama’s mailbox is now full. (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:dkmich, greenearth, Bartimaeus Blue
    It won’t forward to a live operator.

    I think that the Dems want to take this off the table in the most cowardly & easy way that they can.

    We must primary Pelosi.

    When I was calling for this very thing. Pelosi is a waste of humanity, and a dismal failure as Speaker.

    I yelled and screamed about her for months, and everybody looks at me like I have two heads.

    The worthless piece of crap got 89% of the vote in the primary, held EARLIER THIS MONTH.

    You are too damned late to “primary” Pelosi, Bonzo. Get a calendar.

    We have another chance to vote against her in November, when we have Cindy Shehann on the ballot as an independent, but good freaking luck. I cannot get Kos to even criticize her in the least. For all his bitching about blue dogs, he has NOTHING to say about Pelosi.

    Kos and the DKos front page gang need to be more than just supporters of “Dems”.

    It seems that Pelosi waited on FISA until she cleared her primary.

    I agree, let’s support Cindy.

    Again, this is gonna be a real acid test for Kos & DKos, a milestone in the evolution of DKos.

    This is point where markos becomes just another go-along-get-along compromising Hoyer POS, if Kos lets this slide.

    Kos’ entire integrity is now on the line.

    BTW, I have always supported Cindy in her opposition to Pelosi.


    We can all agree on Pelosi is a ‘waste of humanity’, haha…

  125. ostner Says:

    June 19th, 2008 at 4:04 pm
    Dailynuts Go Nuts over FISA ‘Capitulation’. So much fun today.

    Good one –keep it coming — i like to see them go nuts –i mean more than they are already —


    Blitzer: When will Bill Clinton back Obama?
    Posted: 02:51 PM ET

    From CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer

    Blitzer: How active will Bill Clinton be on the trail for Obama?
    WASHINGTON (CNN) – Bill and Hillary Clinton attended the memorial service for Tim Russert at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington on Thursday. That was the first time I have seen them since Senator Clinton dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Barack Obama. She was very enthusiastic that day. It dawned on me yesterday that we still haven’t heard the former President formally endorse Senator Obama. I am sure he will be on the Obama bandwagon openly and energetically fairly soon. But I wonder what’s taking so long. Then again, is it really all that long?

    PLS PLS blog there –bill does not need to support this liar -asshole–waffles who blamed him for race card right before south carolina primary just to get black votes —




    blog —

  127. bill does not need to support this liar -–waffles who blamed him for race card right before south carolina primary just to get black votes —

    get kerry to do it –MR SWIFTBOAT – I LEFT THIS MESSAGE

  128. Bill should NEVER campaign fo that Pig-ommerrhoid.

    BTW, the Morning Joe clip of the checklist for change judesses is up at NQ.

    I could only stomach 30 seconds or so before i reached for the barf bag. They make me ASHAMED of my gender.

    The smirks and giggling and cloying are disgusting. And not a word about HRC.

    As Margarite Thatcher said, There is a special place in he!! for women who don’t support other women.

  129. kostner Says:

    June 19th, 2008 at 4:01 pm
    CNN’s Roland Martin: ‘Weak’ Conservative Men ‘Don’t Like Strong Women’

    Martin should not even be allowed on television for all his stereotyping and generalizations. What if, it was reversed? He would be screaming racism, racism, etc. I am so glad that I don’t watch the Communist Network News (CNN) any longer.

  130. As Margarite Thatcher said, There is a special place in he!! for women who don’t support other women.

    I thought, Madeline Albright said that. Maybe, she borrowed it from Thatcher. Whatever, it is a good phrase.

    These women should remember that. Karma is a b****.

  131. Is there anything sacred to BHO?

    Needless to say hundreds of voter rights and campaign finance reform organizations throughout the country are hanging their heads down today.

    In a clear slap in the face of their efforts to make our voting and campaign system ethical and legitimate, BHO has thrown them under the bus too.

    This is not change we can believe in…it is change that is undeniably beyond belief. NOthing NObama says is believable.

    Frankly this is the most overt case of saying anything to get elected I’ve ever seen.

  132. I wondered how long it was going to take before the forced Bill on the Obama bandwagon. I can’t believe she was upbeat at the funeral, well maybe I could see it since one of her foes had just bitten the dust! Ha ha!!

  133. Doe anyone know Bill Clinton phone number or e-mail address? I wanted to ask him not to campaign or endorse Obama. What MO and O said about him i hope he never endorses him.

  134. RN — GOOD —
    MY sis is a RN —
    I got my lvn -worked for 3 yrs ,and started RN -but never finished b/c had kids right away -and now its impossible -motherhood has made me a weaker person b/c i feel things too much and in nursing profession -you need to be strong and empathetic and not emotional or sympathetic .So i quit -i just keep my license .

  135. basil9 Says:

    I could only stomach 30 seconds or so before i reached for the barf bag. They make me ASHAMED of my gender

    If every woman has a strong will as many on this board, there would be a woman president long long time ago as close to 55%(?) of the electorate is made up of women.

    I’m especially incensed by those 18/19 teen girls swooning over bambi simply for his face without knowing or caring about any real issue. It’s really a pity. It’s incredibly shallow.

  136. one of the most blatant lines of sexism that came out in this campaign was from the mouth of MO.
    “if you can’t run your own house, how are you going to run the white house”

    Has any man running for presient ever been asked this?

    MO is part of the problem and SHAME on Emily’s List for staying silent about the misogyny and sexism directed at Hillary and now standing up for MO.

  137. LOL love it!!

    Laura Ingrahm has a “Change” meter measuring how much change obama is on various subjects in the news LOL!!!

  138. I hope Bill Clinton does NOT get on the BO bandwagon because it helps to perpetuate the biggest FAIRY TALE and media COVER UP purported that Obama got the nomination, he’s still presumed nominee, and that he won fairly in any way which he did not.

    Neither Clinton nor Obama have enough pledged delegates to win, and the SDs support of BO is NON-BINDING until Aug. The media has run with this story to say it’s over. It’s not.

  139. birdgirl, I wrote them a scathing letter about McCaskill and declined to renew my membership. I’m no longer on their email list.

  140. Debbie, I called the SF office, during the primary to complain about them, supporting women in NC, who were endorsing Flip-Flop. The next letter that they sent, was more general, and didn’t mention names. I have since, unsubcribed from them.

  141. Is anyone elses head spinning at the speed of flip flopping going on from Obama today, he’s spitting them out faster than a splattergun.

    Its hard to say this but he’s worse than Kerry on the flip flop stakes and christ that took some beating.

  142. UH Oh!!! looks like obama is in the process of making a few enemies in the press …. 😀

    June 19, 2008
    Categories: Barack Obama
    News organizations complain about access to Obama

    The Times mentioned today a letter from Washington bureau chiefs of six leading news organizations to the Obama campaign, complaining about access and about being deceived by campaign aides.

    I’ve obtained a copy of the letter, whose signatories include AP’s Ron Fournier and the late Tim Russert of NBC. It was sent June 6, after Obama flew his press corps to Chicago and stayed behind to meet Clinton. The news organizations threaten in the letter to withhold payment for the flight.

    More broadly, the organizations complain that Obama offers less access to the press even than President Bush, keeping even a single pool reporter out of his security bubble. He also answers relatively few questions, and his agreement to admit reporters to fundraisers remains partial: Last night, the pool reporter, the Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut, reported that she was confined to a Kennedy poolhouse while Obama talked to donors.

    Here’s the letter:

    To: David Plouffe and Robert Gibbs

    There are many ways in a campaign to control your message and conduct private meetings that do not involve deceiving the press corps. Last night, the press corps traveling with Senator Obama was misled, and was also flown to Chicago without the Senator. The Washington bureau chiefs of ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, and the Associated Press strongly protest the events of last night.

    To review, the press corps was told the Senator would be in the motorcade from Bristol to the airport. He was not. Then, the press corps was told the Senator would actually join them at the airport. He did not. When pressed repeatedly, Robert Gibbs and other press aides insisted the Senator was on his way to the airport. He was not. When the campaign plane took off without the candidate, there were loud protests from the press corps because we were not given the option of staying in Washington. We do not commit to fly on charters to fly with press aides; we make that commitment to fly with the candidate. Each of our organizations is reviewing whether we will reimburse the campaign for last night’s flight.

    The decision to mislead reporters is a troubling one. We hope this does not presage a relationship with the Obama campaign that is not based on a mutual respect for the truth. Our joint mission is to cover the candidate on behalf of our millions of worldwide viewers and readers. Those individuals expect truthful and fair coverage from us. Your campaign expects nothing short of that from us as well. Surely we should expect the same from you. We sincerely hope we can expect a relationship based on mutual trust in the coming months of coverage.

    Going forward, we know from experience that covering a presidential campaign requires that some representatives of the press corps be with, or near, the Senator at all times as part of the “security package,” just as the White House press corps is with the president. There may be times when the Senator needs to address the press corps about unexpected and dramatic news events, and there may be times when history demands the press corps be in close proximity to the Senator. This is standard
    operating procedure for the President of the United States, a job to which he aspires, and for presumptive nominees.

    We hope to work closely with you on these and other coverage issues throughout the campaign.
    ABC News Robin Sproul
    AP Ron Fournier
    CBS News Chris Isham
    CNN David Bohrman
    Fox News Brian Wilson
    NBC News Tim Russert

  143. MOON

    I nearly fell over as the huge gust of Hot Air flew past me each time Obama Flip FLopped about
    it has been like 80mph straight line winds !

    it’s really hot and humid here in iowa today! 8)

  144. This is so funny!

    Kerry: McCain Is The Real Flip-Flopper

    June 19, 2008 5:07 PM

    ABC News’ Teddy Davis and John Santucci Report: Maligned as a “flip-flopper” during his 2004 presidential run, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, D, argued Thursday that Arizona Sen. John McCain, R, is the one who truly deserves the “flip-flop” label.

    “There was one issue on which the entire Republican campaign based itself last time about a flip flop which was that I voted for something before I voted against it in an amendment on the floor of the Senate. It was a vote of principle. It was not a change of position,” said Kerry. “Our fault was in not explaining it adequately.”

    Kerry went on to contrast himself with McCain, whom he approached in 2004 about crossing party lines to be his running mate. Kerry argued that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has flip-flopped on a series of substantive issues.

    “In the case of John McCain,” said Kerry, “he has changed now on torture, which is a fundamental value. He has changed on taxes which he once called dangerous, and now he is in favor of the permanent Bush tax cut which he once voted against. A complete change of position on the actual substance.”

    I really don’t understand why bambi is using Kerry as his surrogate. Kerry does not seem to get over ‘being labelled as ‘flip flopper’. He just keeps on babbling and babbling. At this rate, he is on track to become bambi’s V.P. What qualifies you to be V.P, senator Kerry? because you’re a whitey? haha.

    Keep it up, Kerry, the gifts just keep on going.

  145. filbertsf

    yes, but the big $$ question is…. for how long??? if he keeps dissing them and sending them on “FAKE” plane trips how long till they turn around and bite his A$$ ?? 😉

  146. He sent the press on a fake plane trip! My God, if Hillary had done that, there would have been hell to pay.

  147. Obama’s flip-flopping is alarming. I don’t think it’s amusing at all. The liberal wing of the Dem Party who want to see so many changes will realize that all the promises will not come to fruition under BO.

    Public financing – no, then yes
    NAFTA – no, then yes
    The Press – transparency, but let’s lie and keep them away
    Iran – let’s talk; I didn’t really mean that, AIPAC. Gotta appease these DailyKook folks

    Oh Gawd. This is Bush 2.0.

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    Five Dems pull out of state primary

    Clinton will stay on Jan. 15 ballot but not Obama, Edwards, Richardson, 2 others.

    Gordon Trowbridge / Detroit News Washington Bureau
    Five Democratic presidential contenders removed their names on Tuesday from Michigan’s Jan. 15 primary ballot, angering state Democratic leaders and feeding Republican hopes of capturing the state in a White House race for the first time since 1988.
    Barack Obama, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich — all trailing Hillary Clinton in Michigan polls — filed requests to remove their names from the ballot by Tuesday’s 4 p.m. deadline, eliminating two of the top three Democrats from the Michigan contest. They are not participating here because Michigan broke national party rules by moving its primary election date before others.
    Clinton will remain on the ballot, her campaign said.

    Detroiter Anthony Thornton thinks Obama is making a big mistake.
    “I think he would have gotten a lot of support because of Michigan’s large African-American vote,” said Thornton.
    But, said Thornton, Obama “can’t garner that support if he’s not here. He can’t win the Democratic nomination if he can’t win here.”

    Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick agrees that it’s a dangerous strategy, his spokesman said. He said Clinton’s decision to stay on the ballot recognizes Michigan’s importance in the national campaign.
    But he disagrees with the decision by the others to withdraw.
    “We aren’t just going to stand with Democrats just to be Democrats,” said Kilpatrick spokesman Matt Allen. “Given the position the state is in we definitely need to hear from both parities. If the Democratic candidates choose not to address the issues facing Michigan, it could be a big win for the Republicans.”

  149. someone said this on noquarterusa


    During the Ohio primary, Obama said he opposed NAFTA. He said he would renegotiate or pull out of the treaty. Now, in the general election, he has changed his mind. He calls his opposition to NAFTA “heated rhetoric”.

    Heated rhetoric is something said in the heat of the moment. His position on NAFTA in the Ohio primary was a calculated decision to get votes in Ohio. It wasn’t something said on the stump, but a policy he advertised in his mailers.

    In the debate, Senator Obama was was asked “Senator Obama, simple question: Will you, as president, say to Canada and Mexico, ‘This has not worked for us; we are out’?” Obama’s response was “I will make sure that we renegotiate, in the same way that Senator Clinton talked about….I think we should use the hammer of a potential opt-out as leverage.”

    We should have listened to the Canadians when they said a high level Obama adviser had called to warn them that Obama was going attack NAFTA, but that they should not worry because it was only campaign rhetoric. When this report came out, Obama’s campaign dismissed it and said, “Senator Obama does not make promises he doesn’t intend to keep,”

    Obama not only breaks promises, he has a pattern of making promises with the intent of breaking them.

    This is only one example of why Obama is unfit to be president.

  150. We should have listened to the Canadians when they said a high level Obama adviser had called to warn them that Obama was going attack NAFTA, but that they should not worry because it was only campaign rhetoric. When this report came out, Obama’s campaign dismissed it and said, “Senator Obama does not make promises he doesn’t intend to keep,”

  151. mj, yup! That means he’ll back down on selecting SupCt Justices like Ginsburg and opt for someone like Kennedy. Means that Universal Healthcare that Hillary has been fighting for ain’t gonna happen.

    So nice to see you back here, mj.

  152. He’s never going to try for universal health care. Krugman told us that shipped had sailed when he openly ran against it. I got a mailer from him where in 4 pages of bio there is one sentence that touches on “affordable” health care for every american…get this, “who want’s it”. Unbelievable. And, the Dem’s seem to be going along with him. Hill won the universal health care debate with the public(and it only took 16 years), but watch the dem’s. They are no longer saying “universal”. The new buzz word is “affordable”.

  153. Many of BO’s latte liberals probably already have health coverage… it’s Hillary’s blue-collar, single moms and such, who will be hurt. I don’t think they’ll have a voice under him.

    Sadly, I don’t think they’ll have a voice under McCain either.

  154. mj Says:

    June 19th, 2008 at 6:04 pm
    filbert, he lacks core principles.

    That is the problem, and what makes him a sociopath. He has no empathy for people.

  155. mp Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    Glad rendell has sense to refuse to be the VP!

    I just hope Hillary does the same if she is asked….


    Me too! VP would be the end of her independent career, making BO Pres and tying herself up for 8 years!

    Pls sign my petition:

    h t t p : / /

  156. from a poster on another board:

    “An Obama supporter told me that voting for McCain would be like cuttingoff your nose to spite your face.

    I told him I never liked my nose very much anyway”

  157. Dems pressure lawmakers for cash
    By JOHN BRESNAHAN | 6/19/08 4:16 AM EST Updated: 6/19/08 10:24 AM EST
    With Election Day less than five months away, House Democratic leaders are putting the squeeze on their rank-and-file members for more cash.

    Specifically, top House Democrats are grumbling that dozens of members have failed to pay their dues, in part or in full, to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — to the tune of millions of dollars. Party strategists say the failure to make these contributions threatens to spoil what could be a historic year for their party.

    There has also been talk of “sanctions” against Democrats who don’t cough up their DCCC dues. During a recent Democratic leadership meeting, Rep. Mike Thompson of California suggested that party leaders prevent lawmakers from taking congressional delegation trips, or codels, unless they have paid up. Members might also either be banned from using DCCC offices to do their own fundraising or face some kind of party-enforced restrictions.

    While none of these proposed sanctions have been approved by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and other top leaders, even private discussion of such moves has prompted anger and alarm among some majority lawmakers. “I don’t want them telling me that I have to give to the [DCCC] or else,” groused one veteran Democrat. “I have to worry about my own reelection in a difficult environment. That’s my No. 1 priority.”

    There is another factor underlying the urgency of the leadership message on DCCC dues: The 2008 elections may present an unparalleled opportunity for Democrats to pick up seats, an opportunity the party cannot afford to squander. And if Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) wins the presidency in November and Democrats hold onto or add to their majorities in the House and Senate, the party could face a more difficult political environment in future cycles.

    “It could be years before [Democrats] have so many factors in their favor,” said one party strategist, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “[President] Bush is unpopular, the [Iraq] war is unpopular, Obama is a phenomenon , the Republicans have no message — it may never line up like this for us again.”

    To Keep reading this 2 page article :

  158. filbertsf Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    Many of BO’s latte liberals probably already have health coverage… it’s Hillary’s blue-collar, single moms and such, who will be hurt. I don’t think they’ll have a voice under him.

    Sadly, I don’t think they’ll have a voice under McCain either.


    With McCain it’s possible: he’s trying to court us, and that’s a bargaining chip.

  159. turndownobama, if the rumour about her meeting with BO at Feinstein’s home is true, she’s not interested.

  160. turndownobama, let’s not kid ourselves, okay? It’s not going to happen under BO or McCain. With BO, he might be pressured by liberal groups, but like mj said, he doesn’t have the backbone to fight against GOP backlash.

    McCain doesn’t have that same pressure, in fact, the Wingnuts will counter-act any attempt at UHC.

  161. filbert

    it’s no rumor, its been reported on all MSM channels the night it happened. they indeed did meet at Feinsteins house
    and admitted to by DF herself.

  162. GOP must have the goods on Obama to accept public financing’s limitations 😀

    They know they won’t need all that money!! LOL!!!

  163. djia, that or they don’t think they’ll be able to raise as much money. Anyhoo…

    Do you guys of any site that tracks BO’s “inconsistencies” on issues? Like I said, it’s quite alarming, yet, unlike the flip-flopping charge that was leveled at Kerry, I don’t here any peep when BO does it… and he does it a lot.

  164. GO LOU DOBBS!!!

    he’s going after obama again tonight!!! 😀

    ” just another politician avoiding the presses questions by walking away”

  165. LOL…….. looks like the great UNITER can’t even Unite his down ticket dems 😀

    No Dems jumping on board PAC ban

    By Aaron Blake
    Posted: 06/10/08 06:40 PM [ET]
    Dozens of Democratic House and Senate candidates offered a resounding “No, thanks” when asked by The Hill if they would pledge not to take donations from lobbyists or political action committees (PACs).
    Not one major candidate has yet embraced the call to avoid such money, even though their party’s presidential nominee has led the movement and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has signed on.

    Many of them have very different opinions from Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on the subject, and almost all agree it would be too onerous to give up such a source of campaign cash.
    Obama’s pledge has put Democratic candidates in a tough political spot, choosing between their campaign coffers and their nominee’s principles.
    The candidates have shown no desire to proactively discuss the contradiction, and many did not respond to multiple requests for comment on this story.
    Following Obama’s and the DNC’s announcement of the new policy last week, the Democrats’ House and Senate campaign committees made clear they would not be abiding by it. Neither will the candidates.

  166. ooops…… the link to article

  167. that’s a good one, too, djia. these are wingnut sites, aren’t they? Oh well. For the moment we have the same goal.

    What questions did Obama walk away from? If it’s Lou Dobbs, it must be about NAFTA.

  168. Did you see our “friend” Brazilla on Wolf Blitzer today? During discussion about which candidate has more experience working across the aisle the comment was made about John McCain having a record of consistently working with Dems on legislation while BO has no such record.

    Dear Donna said something like “well, since John McCain has been in Washington SOOO LOOOONG, it’s no surprise that he’s worked with Democrats”….

    Sneaking in that AGEISM are we, Donna?????

  169. Don’t know if this was posted but is an interesting read:

    Hillary Clinton and the Mystery of Diane Fienstein’s House

    Here’s another something interesting we have been reading, in one form or another, on various blogs — and, oddly, none of them are Hillary-friendly.

    Remember that “secret” meeting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had a few weeks back, at Diane Fienstein’s house. Fienstein is a great Senator and, from what we hear, a truly wonderful person, but she’s a terrible actress — we’ve seen her lie before, and it’s not pretty. She doesn’t pull it off well.

    So, she was 100% telling the truth when she told reporters she was genuinely surprised anyone knew about the Clinton-Obama meeting, because she offered her home in Washington as neutral ground for the two to “talk”.

    The first question is, who leaked the meeting to the press?

    The second question is, what exactly happened at the meeting?

    The third question is, what IS the secret in the old attic?

    Or not.

    It appeared to be such a brief encounter that we’ve been wondering why all the trouble went into meeting at Fienstein’s home to begin with…unless someone in scheduling on either, or both, side(s) is just a big fan of Scarecrow & Mrs. King or something.

    Think about it: Clinton and Obama could have spoken on the phone, for as long as they were both at Fienstein’s. They could have also spent some quality time together before both spoke at AIPAC, or even arranged a truly “secret” meeting in the Senate itself, where both have offices (though, we imagine, Obama would be hard-pressed to find his, as he’s been there only a handful of times).

    Here’s what one blogger on wrote about the meeting at Feinstein’s house:

    I have it from a reliable source (retired California Democratic party worker who still has great connections within the party) of what happened at that private meeting held at Diane Feinstein’s house.

    Obama offered Hillary the VP slot.

    Hillary told him very brusquely “Thanks, but no thanks”.

    She also made it rather apparent that there was no way she was releasing her delegates and if Obama got the nomination he could expect no real help from either her or Bill.

    The impression my contact got from her discussions with her friends within the party is that Hillary is not out of it and she expects Obama to be so damaged by the time the convention rolls around that he will either drop out of the race or not get the nomination. The Dems know how the Clinton’s roll and they must not be sleeping very well because they do not know when the 16 ton anvil is going to be dropped on Obama. They also know that some of Obama’s dirty laundry would be enough to kill his campaign if it came out.

    Now, that item above sure would exlain why the Clinton-Obama secret meeting at Feinstein’s was so short. It also would explain how the press knew about it, because it would most certainly have put pressure on Clinton to accept Obama’s offer…we don’t see any reason for Clinton’s team to have leaked this themselves, as it doesn’t benefit her at all. But, Obama can’t win the White House without Clinton’s coalition, and despite all the bluster about winning Colorado and Virginia and Georgia, the Obama team knows it’s electoral toast in the fall without the Ohio River Valley, aka, Hillaryland.

    The above, if true, also explains the weird Patti Solis Doyle move on Obama’s part. That was such a strange, warrantless poke in the eye to Clinton, out of the blue, and for no good reason, that it had to stem from something that’s been stewing for a while. We can easily imagine Team Obama feeling magnaminous in offering her the consolation prize, fully expecting loyal party member Clinton to do what she has always done: stand aside for a showboat to win the prize so she can follow behind doing all the grunt work (in her autobiography, Clinton recounts how she ran for student body president in high school, losing to a popular boy who promptly appointed her to a committee that basically did all the work, while he got to take all the glory; Clinton said, ironically, that she learned she really does like working hard to help people and that the glory didn’t matter. Her detractors miss this about her, but it’s 100% true. We’ve spent the last year and a half studying her and her campaign and can tell you with authority that Hillary Clinton is the hardest working person we’ve ever met — and she’s smarter than you could ever in your lifetime imagine. Scary smart.).

    But, Clinton didn’t do that, according to the above. And 18 million loyal Democrats shout THANK YOU HILLARY, as we remember reports of Clinton leaving Fienstein’s house smiling and laughing about…something.

    It sure seems like Patti Solis Doyle was an F-you poke in the eye for SOMETHING, and it wasn’t for Clinton not conceding the race on June 3rd, especially not after Obama’s dirty tricks with the AP that morning (announcing, while South Dakota was still voting, that Clinton had already conceded, in an effort to keep Clinton from winning a state Obama had no excuse to lose). How was her campaign supposed to deny a report she was conceding in the morning on June 3rd, only to concede the race later that night, on June 3rd? Who knows what she would have done without the petty AP maneuver on Obama’s part.

    So, the Doyle hiring relates to something else, and it’s the kind of thing someone from Chicago would do, just like Karl Rove says, to give somebody an unnecessary poke in the eye.

    Why aren’t journalists looking into this, because there’s a very interesting story here, if anyone is awake to, we don’t know, be all journalist and look into it?

  170. It kinda makes you wonder if all those governors and senators might know what the 16 pound anvil about to drop on the black liberation theology candidate is? That’s why they are all saying thanks but no thanks!
    Its leaving Senator Kerry and and Senator Dodd, it couldn’t happen to nicer individuals than these two!

  171. The search engine msm, which I have to use at work, absolutely hides all things Hillary Clinton,Rezko and many others. That is how much in the pocket msm is in the pocket for Bambi!! When will the big shoe drop, I can’t wait.

  172. kostner Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 12:36 pm
    Another major potential V.P. candidate is bailing out.
    Kerry is on track to become Bambi’s vice president. Can’t wait.

    oh my achin’ ass..we can only dream of such pairings.

  173. I just watched the film clip of the three governors and their list of women’s issue’s. Of coarse, Joe S. brought up Hillary. Claire’s oldest daughter is the one that suggested she support Obama, she told her mom ” why don’t you support the one that isn’t politically safe”. Yes, McCatsass, we will definitely make you pay politically for not supporting Hillary!!

  174. We always knew that hired gun Robert Gibbs of the Obama campaign was a complete sleazeball (see, e.g., his commercial from the ’04 primary season, where Howard Dean morphed into Osama bin Laden), and his comments today about the Patti Solis Doyle hiring confirmed it:

    Communications director Robert Gibbs told reporters today that the Obama campaign was surprised at the reaction to hiring estranged Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle as top staffer for Obama’s yet-to-be-named running mate. The move was seen by some Clintonistas as a slap in the face to Hillary Clinton and a clear signal that Clinton was not in the running as Obama’s running mate.

    Gibbs said he was “a little surprised at some of the vitriol” and that Obama had “some background” with Solis Doyle’s family in Chicago.

    Plus, he said, “We don’t have enough time, energy and resources to map all the f* you’s of the world.”

  175. where’s has everyone been hanging out, the blog has been slow for 2 days. The political season is just not as fun without Hillary in there. We need her fighting spirit in here to inspire all of us into really looking at the candidates as they have done for me! Most people just listen to the Russert’s, Mathews and Oberman’s to tell them who to vote for, and well as what is right for America!

  176. confloyd Says:

    June 19th, 2008 at 9:25 pm
    Most people just listen to the Russert’s, Mathews and Oberman’s to tell them who to vote for, and well as what is right for America!

    Not me. I am boycotting all the cable channels. I don’t need a puppet to tell me how to vote. It is Hillary R Clinton or John McCain

  177. confloyd

    i agree. it’s difficult not seeing or hearing from our little champion. we must work in her defense and hold on until she returns. in the mean time, let the others tear themselves apart. hang in there.

  178. Neetabug, I was in the ER last night talking with a nurse about Tim Russert. I mentioned he was biased and had sole his collective soul to the highest bidder. He no longer reported real news, he reported what the money man wanted him to report. She got all defensive and said he was not just a reporter, but a political analyst. BS, a political analyst that sold his sole msn for money. That’s probably what killed him, heck, he knew he was lying everyday, and I am sure it ate on him. He was probably under stress, although he may have forgotten right from wrong long ago. People in this country are lazy, they don’t vote and the one that do let Chris Mathews and Tim RUssert tell them which one is the right one, without ever doubting either of the pundints! Because of this apathy we are close to losing our country.

  179. Russert was as biased as any of them…best friends with many of his “guests” sans the Clintons…sorry for his wife and kids, but no great journalistic loss.

  180. Where have I gone? Well, I have been scarce because I am depressed and demoralized. I know that Senator Clinton has to tow the party line to preserve her future prospects, but I can’t be part of it. I have joined Citizens for McCain. He will get my money and energy from now until November. I don’t agree with him on much, but he is certainly qualified to be President. He is honorable and will be a fine caretaker President for four years until Hillary runs again in 2012. I have never voted for a Republican before.

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