Hillary Clinton – Count Me In; Barack Obama – Count Me Out

Three important stories for Superdelegates this Sunday before Memorial Day. Obama is unelectable; Hillary will win.

The first is Republicans licking their chops:

It sounds crazy at first. Amid dire reports about the toxic political environment for Republican candidates and the challenges facing John McCain, many top GOP strategists believe he can defeat Barack Obama — and by a margin exceeding President Bush’s Electoral College victory in 2004. [snip]

But the contours of the electoral map, combined with McCain’s unique strengths and the nature of Obama’s possible vulnerabilities, have led to a cautious and muted optimism that McCain could actually surpass Bush’s 35-electoral-vote victory in 2004. Though they expect he would finish far closer to Obama in the popular vote, the thinking is that he could win by as many 50 electoral votes. [snip]

“A win by 40 or 50 electoral votes would be an astonishing upset, just a watershed event with all the issues that were stacked against him from the very beginning,” said David Woodard, a Republican pollster and Clemson University political science professor. “But it could happen. I know this seems like wishful thinking by Republicans. I’m thinking that Republicans could win by 40 electoral votes. But I dare not say it,” he added. “Certainly what is possible could come to pass.”

A top strategist with the Republican National Committee, who asked that his name be withheld to speak candidly, explained that by his own examination, “we’re actually sitting pretty well in most states.”

“There are a lot of scenarios that look good for McCain, and I almost would go so far to say that there are a lot more scenarios [than for Obama],” the strategist added. “I don’t think anybody over here wants to let themselves get too excited about it. It is an eternity between now and November. But McCain looks a lot stronger than our prospects as a party.” [snip]

“That would certainly run against the grain of history, if he pulled that off,” Ayers added. “But it’s also clearly plausible and a manageable outcome partly because of John McCain’s strength among independents and partly because of Obama’s weakness in culture, ideology and association.

Hillary supporters care about the issues. We are not smoking Hopium in internet dens. We know the Republicans must be routed this Fall and only Hillary can do the job. Anyone who cares about the issues must vote for Hillary. Obama is unelectable.

Why McCain Will Beat Obama:

The case they make for a comfortable McCain win is not beyond reason. Begin with the 2004 electoral map. Add Iowa and Colorado to Obama’s side, since both are considered states Obama could pick off. Then count McCain victories in New Hampshire and Michigan, two states where McCain is competitive. In this scenario, McCain wins the Electoral College 291-246, a larger margin than Bush four years ago.

If Obama managed only to win Iowa from Republicans and McCain managed only to win Pennsylvania, McCain would still win by a much greater margin than Bush — 300-237.

“McCain is in a remarkably strong position for how poor the political environment is right now,” said Brian Nienaber, a GOP pollster. “McCain could win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado and Nevada with a high Hispanic population. It really does scramble the map of where Obama does find those electoral votes.” [snip]

“We have to hold Michigan and Pennsylvania. McCain wins one of those states, we are in trouble. They have to hold Florida and Ohio or they are trouble,” Democratic pollster Paul Maslin said. “The truth about this race [is], this is the year that we shouldn’t lose, and we could lose.”

Hillary should go to Michigan and let the voters know she is fighting for them. Obama is fighting against Michigan.

Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Florida – Hillary wins – Obama loses.

Even the potentially dramatic rise in turnout of African-Americans may only gain Obama 1 percentage point in many swing states, according to Maslin. Yet Obama’s weaknesses may end up neutralizing some of those relatively modest gains.

Since 1968, Democrats have had a deficit with whites, particularly men. Some Republicans believe that Obama may exacerbate those Democratic challenges, especially in key rural regions like Appalachia, struggle to win back Hispanics or some women, and dash Democratic prospects during their most favorable landscape in at least three decades.

Readers of Big Pink will not be surprised by any of this. [Read Barack Obama’s Situation Comedy HERE and Barack Obama’s Situation Comedy Part II HERE Sean Wilentz makes our argument with fresh, vivid language and greater historical context:

Under those pressures, the Barack Obama campaign and its sympathizers have begun to articulate much more clearly what they mean by their vague slogan of “change” – nothing less than usurping the historic Democratic Party, dating back to the age of Andrew Jackson, by rejecting its historic electoral core: white workers and rural dwellers in the Middle Atlantic and border states.

Without a majority of those voters, the Democrats have, since the party’s inception in the 1820s, been incapable of winning the presidency. The Obama advocates declare, though, that we have entered an entirely new political era. It is not only possible but also desirable, they say, for Democrats to win by turning away from those whom “progressive” pundits and bloggers disdain variously as “Nascar man,” “uneducated,” “low information” whites, “rubes, fools, and hate-mongers” who live in the nation’s “shitholes.”

Having attempted, with the aid of a complicit news media, to brand Hillary Clinton as a racist — by flinging charges that, as the historian Michael Lind has shown, belong “in black helicopter/grassy knoll territory,” Obama’s supporters now fiercely claim that Clinton’s white working class following is also essentially racist. Favoring the buzzword language of the academic left, tinged by persistent, discredited New Left and black nationalist theories about working-class “white skin privilege,” a vote against Obama has become, according to his fervent followers, “a vote for whiteness.”

We have written how white working class voters can discern condescension with the same acuity as African-Americans can detect bigotry, no matter how well disguised. The eggheads of the Democratic? Party are in full insult mode. Professor Wilentz also quotes Donna Brazile and David Axelrod, with the same contempt we have for them.

In fact, all of the evidence demonstrates that white racism has not been a principal or even secondary motivation in any of this year’s Democratic primaries. Every poll shows that economics, health care, and national security are the leading issues for white working class voters – and for Latino working class voters as well. These constituencies have cast positive ballots for Hillary Clinton not because she is white, but because they regard her as better on these issues. Obama’s campaign and its passionate supporters refuse to acknowledge that these voters consider him weaker — and that Clinton’s positions, different from his, as well as her experience actually attract support. Instead they impute racism to working class Democrats who, the polls also show, happen to be liberal on every leading issue. The effort to taint anyone who does not support Obama as motivated by racism has now become a major factor in alienating core Democrats from Obama’s campaign. Out with the Democratic Party of Jefferson, Jackson, F.D.R., Truman, Kennedy and Johnson, and in with the bright, shiny party of Obama – or what the formally “undeclared” Donna Brazile, a member of the Democratic National Committee and of the party’s rules committee, has hailed as a “new Democratic coalition” swelled by affluent white leftists and liberals, college students, and African-Americans.

Professor Wilentz traces the arc of the Democratic Party. His conclusions lead to what we have been saying: Obama is unelectable.

Over the 180 years since then, only one Democrat has gained the presidency without winning either Ohio or Pennsylvania, with their large white working-class vote. [snip] Beginning in 1964, when the Democratic solid South dissolved, every successful Democratic presidential candidate has had to carry both Ohio and Pennsylvania, even when Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton picked up southern states. [snip]

As the caricature of “Reagan Democrats” as racist militarists hardened among “new politics” advocates, they strove to make up the difference by creating an expanded base among African-Americans, college-age, and college educated voters. The result was yet another humiliating defeat for the Democrats in 1988.

Professor Wilentz understands that white working class voters are an important part of the Democratic Big Tent and we lose them at our peril. Bill Clinton spoke and governed to issues that white working class voters AND African-Americans, Latinos and women knew respected them and their concerns. This is something the eggheads and Obama do not understand.

Bill Clinton’s shift to a centrist liberalism stressing lunch-pail issues–“Putting People First“–won back a large number of Reagan Democrats in 1992, enough so that, by the time Clinton won his second term in 1996, Democrats could claim parity with Republicans by winning a slim plurality among non-college educated working class white voters. But the perceived elitists Al Gore and John Kerry lost what Clinton had gained, as George W. Bush carried the white working-class vote by a margin of 17 percent in 2000 and a whopping 23 percent in 2004.

This year’s primary results show no sign that Obama will reverse this trend should he win the nomination. In West Virginia and Kentucky, as well as Ohio and Pennsylvania, blue collar white voters sent him down to defeat by overwhelming margins. A recent Gallup poll report has argued that claims about Obama’s weaknesses among white voters and blue collar voters have been exaggerated – yet its indisputable figures showed Obama running four percentage points below Kerry’s anemic support among whites four years ago.

Given that Obama’s vote in the primaries, apart from African-Americans, has generally come from affluent white suburbs and university towns, the Gallup figures presage a Democratic disaster among working-class white voters in November should Obama be the nominee.

The true and complete ugliness and bigotry of the Obama campaign:

Yet Obama’s handlers profess indifference – and, at times, even pride — about these trends. Asked about the white working-class vote following Obama’s ten-point loss in Pennsylvania, chief campaign strategist David Axelrod confidently told an National Public Radio interviewer that, after all, “the white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections going back even to the Clinton years” and that Obama’s winning strength lay in his ability to offset that trend and “attract independent voters… younger voters” and “expand the Democratic base.”

Apart from its basic inaccuracy about Clinton’s blue-collar support in 1992 and 1996, Axelrod’s statement was a virtual reprise of the Democratic doomed strategy from the 1972 McGovern campaign that the party revamped in 1988. The main difference between now and then is the openness of the condescension with which many of Obama’s supporters – and, apparently, the candidate himself – hold the crude “low information” types whom they believe dominate the white working class. The sympathetic media coverage of Obama’s efforts to explain away his remarks in San Francisco about “bitter,” economically-strapped voters who, clinging to their guns, religion, and racism, misdirect their rage and do not see the light, only reinforced his campaign’s dismissive attitude. Obama’s efforts at rectification were reluctant and half-hearted at best – and he undercut them completely a few days later when he referred derisively, on the stump in Indiana, to a sudden “political flare-up because I said something that everybody knows is true.”

The clouds of Hopium smoke waft from the destroyed Democratic Party:

Culturally as well as politically, Obama’s dismissal of white working people represents a sea-change in the Democrats’ basic identity as the workingman’s party – one that has been coming since the late 1960s, when large portions of the Left began regarding white workers as hopeless and hateful reactionaries. Faced with the revolt of the “Reagan Democrats” – whose politics they interpreted in the narrowest of racial terms – “new politics” Democrats dreamed of a coalition built around an alliance of right-thinking affluent liberals and downtrodden minorities, especially African-Americans. It all came to nothing. But after Bill Clinton failed to consolidate a new version of the old Democratic coalition in the 1990s, the dreaming began again – first, with disastrous results, in the schismatic Ralph Nader campaign of 2000 and now (with the support of vehement ex-Naderites including Barbara Ehrenreich and Cornel West) in the Obama campaign.

Obama must assume that the demographics of American politics have changed dramatically in recent years so that the electorate as a whole is little more than a larger version of the combined Democratic primary constituencies of Oregon and South Carolina. While recent studies purport to show that the white working class has, indeed, shrunk over the past fifty years, as a political matter its significance remains salient, especially in the battleground and swing states–states like Ohio and West Virginia where Obama currently trails Senator John McCain in the polls. One of the studies that affirms the diminishing proportion of blue collar whites in the electorate, written for the Brookings Institution by Ruy Teixeira and Alan Abamowitz, concludes [pdf], nevertheless, that “the voting proclivities of the white working class will make a huge difference and could well determine who the next president will be.”

Teixeira and Abramowitz estimate that the Democratic candidate will need to cut Kerry’s deficit of 23 percent in 2004 to around 10 percent if he or she is “to achieve a solid popular vote victory.” By those lights, Obama, if nominated, is almost certainly destined to lose unless he can suddenly reverse the trend that his own dismissive language and his supporters’ contemptuous tone has accelerated during the primaries.

In every presidential election they have won, the Democrats have solidified their historic link to white workers, not dismissed them. Obama and the champions of a new party coalition appear to think that everything has suddenly changed, simply because of the force of their own desires. In any event, Obama had shown no ability thus far to attract the one constituency that has always spelled the difference between victory and defeat for the Democratic Party. The party must now decide whether to go along with Obama and renounce its own heritage — and tempt the political fates.

We end with the courageous Bartcop which features a Gene Lyons article – Party may suffer from an Obama candidacy Lyons loathes Big Media:

If Hillary Clinton had no other reason to keep running for the nomination, it would be to demonstrate that Tim Russert, Keith Olbermann, Maureen Dowd, David Broder and the Beltway media gas bags don’t decide American elections. Last week, Obama, the supposedly inevitable Democratic nominee, lost the West Virginia primary by 41 points. Democrats haven’t taken the presidency without winning the Mountain State since 1916.

To use a geographically appropriate metaphor, if there has ever been a canary in-a-coal-mine primary, that was it. [snip]

If nominated, Obama can’t possibly defeat Sen. John McCain without bringing Clinton voters to him. Recently, however, I’ve been hearing from many passionate Democrats who say they can’t and won’t vote for him in November, so I asked a few to explain why.

Here is Lyons’ anecdotal survey. The answers sound much like what the comments at Big Pink say:

Most think Obama a sure loser in the McGovern, Dukakis tradition. They believe he’s totally unqualified.

“I’ve voted for every Democrat from president to dog-catcher since 1952. That will end with Obama,” insists H. in Maine. “He won’t get 150 electoral votes, more than he deserves. The Democratic Party’s been teetering on the edge of extinction. Obama’s arrogance will kill it….

“ Just four years out of the state Senate. If he were white or female, his candidacy would be a joke. Imagine if he’d opted to run for vice president with Hillary. Mc-Cain would lose, Democrats would come close to 60 Senate seats and pick up 35 in the House. The Democratic left’s need to swoon after eight years of a moron, coupled with unbridled Clinton hatred, will produce a disaster for the party and country.” It’s the Obama campaign’s cynical use of race beginning in South Carolina that’s the deal-breaker for others.

“He is making his way to Denver by dividing our party over race, which is maybe the most idiotic campaign tactic ever,” writes C. in Kansas. “This time the witch hunt is coming from our side. It’s heartbreaking. Obama supporters want you to think Bill and Hillary Clinton are lifelong members of the KKK. The audacity of hope campaign has had the audacity to go there…. This fall, they’ll try to make nice and talk unity, but the people they alienated in the most hateful way won’t be there. They deserve to lose for being so callous and childish.”

J. in Florida agrees: “Obama and his supporters’ use of the ‘race card’ against the Clintons (with the help of the in-the-tank media ) is sickening. Now we have vile, racist, crazed-for-power Hillary. Obama means to avoid the ‘divisiveness’ of the Clinton years by blaming it on them. That’s a despicable lie, and he knows it. The only way of avoiding divisiveness is to cave to the Republican agenda, which I believe he’s more than eager to do.” “He and his supporters, “ J. adds, “ have systematically sacrificed the central constituency of the Democratic Party —the poor and working class—on the altar of constituencies who look to politics for reaffirmation of their identity: college students and childish Sixties neo-libs. (The African American constituency makes sense, so no gripes there. )” By abandoning the principle of universality in health insurance, most think Obama has guaranteed that meaningful reform cannot be achieved. Z. in Georgia adds that Obama’s vagueness on economic issues foretells disaster. “He has no perceptible position on the economy other than ‘We can do better. Yes, we can. Say it with me.’

I foresee broken campaign promises followed by belt-tightening austerity measures in a one-term presidency. In short, Jimmy Carter in a better-tailored sweater.” “ I view the Obama candidacy as a narcissistic endeavor by a mediocre politician dividing Democrats along social vs. economic progressive lines, ” J. insists. “He’s forcing a choice between winning in 2008 and possibly saving Roe vs. Wade and promoting gay marriage vs. fighting for the poor and working class. “ I’ve decided I won’t help Obama and his personality cult transform the Democratic Party into an organization that represents only the interests of rich, social liberals.” What do I think? I suspect most will grudgingly return by November, but that non-African American working-class voters won’t.

Representative Corrine Brown (D-Florida) introducing Hillary in Boca Raton: “You are going to count us now, or don’t count on us later.”

“You are going to count us now, or don’t count on us later.”


160 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton – Count Me In; Barack Obama – Count Me Out

  1. Wbboei, I posted your comment from the last thread on ClintonDems.com as “Evil Has A Name”.

    Good stuff in that last thread…does anyone else get the feeling that Obama has overplayed his hand? He only has his two aces, “Hope” and “Change”…and now a whole lot of democrats are “hoping” to “change” the presumptive nominee.

    I noticed you mentioned Bartcop, admin. Did you hear the webcast rant about the delegate allocation. Made me laugh…and pissed me off at the same time.

    it’s here: http://www.bartcop.com/141-bombshell-sample.m3u

  2. It’s amazing how Admin keeps coming up with such powerful blogs. What an asset you have been to this campaign! Thank you.

  3. As The Powers that Be slowly come to the stark realization that BHO is unelectable, brace yourselves for the latest rounds of craziness and allegations from that looney bunch of (non)”Democrats.”

    Remember to continue the BOYCOTT OF CNN and MSNBC. If you still partake occasionally in a “fix,” go COLD TURKEY TODAY. We all have bad habits to break. Be part of the viewership that has NO links to their networks. Show the Powers that Be ZERO viewership from your household. ZIP. NADA. ZERO.

    This ALSO INCLUDES clicking on ANY CNN OR MSNBC STORY on their WEBSITES. Just like an alcoholic who can’t even take the first sip, DON’T JUST WATCH LOU, OR JOE OR PAT. People – it’s COLD TURKEY TIME. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. CRUCIAL. Lets let Puerto Rico be the PUNCTUATION MARK!

  4. Admin,
    Thanks for posting portion of the Wilentz article. He is brilliant. And the excerpts from Lyons survey are excellent. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that BIG PINK gets it!!!!!!! We see “behind the curtain” and we’re not imagining what’s happening. I’ll bet that many German citizens tried to convince themselves that Jews really were being relocated to a better place and not being sent to the gas chamber. We can’t doubt ourselves. This site helps remind us of that.

    Curiosity,I’ve gone almost cold turkey, too, with TV, newspapaers, most internet sites, and I agree it’s liberating. The problem is I’ve been deprived of some of some of my most cherished pleasures, likte buying the NYT’s and going to the local diner for breakfast, sitting at the counter and poring over the Op-ed articles; or the tradition of getting up on Sunday morning and cleaning house to the (formerly) perceptive comments on Talking Heads shows. I’m trying to retrain myself to go to BBC for international news but haven’t quite gotten into the new groove. I’m still slogging through 1984 again and the parallels with Orwell’s futuristic MEDIA CONTROL, Though-police, Ministry of truth, continual revision of history and what’s gone on in this nomination are uncanny. I was reading TM the other day and on one of the blogs posters were squabbling about the use of the word ‘boy,’ in the same way Big Pink had a heated discussion of the term ‘monkey bars.’ It is unbelievable that here in th US the citizens are being censored not even by the government, but by a prospsctive candidate. I hate to think about the repercussion should Waffles ever get in the WH.

  5. Thanks HillBillyLover. I appreciate it. I may send it to Lou, Greta and my newfound friend who jumps to outrageous conclusions and never answers my email Goodwin.

  6. A short, concise, clear synopsis of Pringle’s “Operation Board Games,” from TM.
    Operation Board games is getting some radio airtime in some big markets finally…..

    It is possible that Evelyn Pringle, author of the articles on “Operation Board Games” and “Curtain Time for Obama”, may also be part of the New York 77WABC-AM Talk Radio broadcast; if not, she will be included in the second broadcast, 7-10 PM Pacific Time (10 PM -1 AM Eastern) at KFI-AM 640 in Los Angeles (live streaming at KFI640.com)
    What is Operation Board Games? It is Pringle’s term for the huge dragnet cast by Patrick Fitzgerald, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.
    The dragnet operation, which spanned years, has snared scores of key businesspeople and politicians who use various Chicago government-related boards for their personal enrichment.
    There hasn’t been a law enforcement project like this in Illinois since the days of Eliot Ness and his Untouchables. The Department of Justice wants Fitzgerald to clean up Artful Dodger City — and Illinois residents who have suffered for generations under the rule of government-backed crooks are cheering him on.
    So the Tony Rezko trial is just the first of the planned trials related to Operation Board Games. Where does Barack Obama fit into the operation? He figures in several places, not all of which have been untangled yet, but Pringle observes that Obama was:
    “the inside guy in the Illinois senate as far as setting up the Health Facilities Planning Board to extort contributions from companies in exchange for the approval of applications to build medical facilities” …
    Here the more high strung among Pundita readers might yell, “So they were running him for president so they could pardon them?”
    That seems to have been the plan for their first choice for US President — Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, according to Pringle’s research. Eventually it dawned that he might have to spend his run for the White House sitting in a witness chair in a Chicago courtroom.

    SO stay tuned……


  7. Admin:

    Even by your own lofty standards, this was a towering post.

    Great work.

    Wilentz has, himself, done exceptional work throughout the campaign season. Many of his lesser Princeton colleagues could learn much from him. And Lyons‘ piece provides an excellent window into how more than half of our party — the > 50% of reg. Dems who have voted for Hillary — is preparing to abandon Obama in November.

    The Democratic Civil War which Obama’s relentlessly race-baiting and sexist candidacy has begun will not be ending any time soon, sadly. There are only so many Jackson, Jr. “Katrina Tears” moments and Michelle Bernard chants of ‘race riots’ people can listen to before they not only tune out but begin to fight back.

    We crossed that threshold long ago, and there will be no ‘walking back’ of the situation in states and voting blocs which the Bambians continue to hurl insult after insult towards.

    If Bambi is nominated, the Bambiphiles will have themselves to thank for bringing us 4 more years of a GOP White House immediately following Dubya. The calvacade of manufactured controversies — from ‘fairy tale’ to RFK, floated VP’s to MLK/LBJ has ensured there can be no detente in the party until Obama is defeated.

    But it was always destined to be thus, statistically.

    When 11% of the electorate (and around 25-30% of the party) — along with their Williams Ayers-type ‘righteous,’ white latte liberals co-conspirators — tries to blackmail and hold hostage 89% (- the complicit latte libs) of the electorate via race-baiting, the baiters immediately set the clock in motion of how long they will be able to perpetrate their shell game until the inevitable backlash occurs. As TX, OH, PA, IN, WV & KY definitively showed in both their primary votes and their exit polling, the ‘white guilt’ Golden Era is over for Bambs.

    Like all Civil Wars, the one which the Bambians have drug the reluctant Clinton supporters into is going to be a nasty, ‘bitter’ affair. I don’t think that Clinton will choose Bambi as her running mate, and it appears that Mish has put the kibosh on HRC as Bambi’s #2. So much for unity tickets.

    My only hope is that when November 5th rolls around, after a likely McCain win, the Bambians are ready to sit down at the campfire, toast some marshmallows and sing some “Kumbaya.” Unfortunately, I don’t think that will be the case. I think — if Bambi is nominated and he inevitably loses in the fall — the Bambinian dead-enders will throw one last race-baiting Malatov at their Democratic bro’s and ho’s (AKA brothers and sisters) and try to blame Hillary for their fatally-flawed candidate’s rousing defeat.

    And when they try that with me, I will simply grab a mirror and hold it up for them to look into for as long as they need until the hopium wears off


    Now, on a personal note.

    Someone wrote me last night and asked if I were a Ron Paul supporter.

    Not having any idea what this person was talking about — I’m a lifelong Dem who is only now considering leaving the party/suspending my membership for the election due to this nomination process — it took me some time to figure out that they had apparently come across some false write-up(s) about myself.

    So I did some looking, and came up with this:


    The person mentioned here is “John Paul Villarreal.”

    My name is Paul F. Villarreal; my brother’s name is John D. Villarreal. Neither of us has lived in San Antonio (where this JP Villarreal seems to be from) for years, though we were born there.

    Whoever ‘discovered’ this information about me is a bona fide hack, a child in the adult world of investigation. And I am certain there are any number of other false ‘findings’ concerning myself and other HRC supporters which such sleuths have either knowingly or unknowingly whiffed on while conducting their ‘research.’

    Take heed, media and other lurkers.

    If the literary Sherlock Holmes had ever lived, and had been buried, not only would he be turning over in his grave about this, he would be doing constant revolutions as if on a spit made for a pig.

    I don’t know who wrote this, don’t really care. As I mentioned the other day after having read some of the writing on Big Pink’s shadow site, this kind of elemental error is the reason why I don’t waste much of my own time perusing such sites. They are almost to a one incredibly poorly done and so lacking in having done their homework that you come upon them expecting to feel anger and leave with only pity.

    I have never been to Something Awful, nor Fark. Nor who knows how many other sites. People tell me about them and I see their referring links when going through my own site’s information, but they just don’t hold any interest for me.

    Unlike many of the dying-to-be-celeb writers and bloggers throughout the internet, I don’t have an insatiable desire to read everything which has been written about me. Seriously, who cares? The majority of the people doing the writing and the ‘investigating’ are not people whose work I would probably respect, so why go and rubberneck?

    Like the millions of white, blue-collar voters who have clearly told exit pollsters they will not vote for a nominee Obama, I — we — have things to do. While there is a quaint charm, I guess, in seeking out every last keystroke that has been typed about you, there are many other things to be spending your time on than seeing what the blog-down-the-street thinks of your work.

    Like most of the people here at Big Pink, and like most of those millions of average Americans who have supported popular vote winner-to-be Clinton, I am more focused on producing than consuming. Or to put it a different way, it is exceedingly difficult to simultaneously be both actor and audience.

    Someday, perhaps, after the Democratic Civil War is over and our ‘Northeners’ have defeated Bambi’s ‘Southerners,’ I will go and look at these pages others have told me about both here and in personal correspondence. We’ll see.

    But for now, there’s work to be done; a war to be won that we must not lose for either our party’s or our nation’s sake.

    To arms, then.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO!” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  8. Michael Goodwin-

    Here is an excerpt from the New York Times article documenting how the RFK story broke. Can you see now how you and others got taken in? You said some very poisonous things based on bad information. Please sir stop trying to lynch this woman.


    “In the morning the campaign, with its traveling press corps of about two-dozen reporters, photographers and camera operators, flew from Washington to Sioux Falls, S.D., to campaign in advance of the June 3 primary.

    Mrs. Clinton had three events. First was a meeting with the editorial board of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, which was live-streaming the interview, something a few newspapers just started doing in this election cycle.

    The press corps, meanwhile, was on a bus from the airport to Brandon, a few miles away, to set up for her second event at a supermarket. (The media are sometimes in a different place from the candidate, usually when the event is private or small.)

    Her interview began while we were on the bus, but Internet access was so poor, we could only pick up bits of her comments intermittently. We did hear her bat back reports that her campaign had made overtures to Senator Barack Obama’s campaign about some kind of deal for her to exit the race.

    At the supermarket, we were ensconced in a café off the deli counter, where many reporters were writing about her denying the overtures while also trying to follow the live stream. Here, too, Internet access was spotty and the stream came over in choppy bursts.

    Mrs. Clinton arrived from the newspaper in the midst of this, and began addressing a couple of hundred people who were seated adjacent to us, in the fresh produce section. Then our cell phones and Blackberries went off.

    On the other end were editors who had seen a Drudge Report link to a New York Post item online. The Post was not with the traveling press _ and apparently had a decent Internet connection.

    The initial N.Y. Post item read this way: “She is still in the presidential race, she said today, because historically, it makes no sense to quit, and added that, ‘Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June,’ making an odd comparison between the dead candidate and Barack Obama.”

    Mrs. Clinton did not make that comparison.” (emphasis added)

  9. From HillaryClintonForum:
    Prior to now we were a bit wary about spreading the forum link too far and wide for fear of attracting the wrong crowd – Obamabots – and because of the load limitations on the server. Well, no time for worrying about that now given the King of Division is closer to stealing the nomination and because our server hell is OVER!! Spread the link far and wide – blog it, paste it, email it, shout it, whatever, just get it out there. All comers welcome. And all haters will continue to be banned.

    Now that we have fast speed, we can now support the increase traffic!


  10. We must demonstrate that we will not vote for Obama, I suggest we send McCain 5.00 and the receipt to the DNC or Post it on the DNC blog! Feedback please!
    They seem to think we will forgive and forget and vote Obama!

  11. Hillary: Why I continue to run


    Sunday, May 25th 2008, 4:00 AM


    This past Friday, during a meeting with a newspaper editorial board, I was asked about whether I was going to continue in the presidential race.
    I made clear that I was – and that I thought the urgency to end the 2008 primary process was unprecedented. I pointed out, as I have before, that both my husband’s primary campaign, and Sen. Robert Kennedy’s, had continued into June.
    Almost immediately, some took my comments entirely out of context and interpreted them to mean something completely different – and completely unthinkable.
    I want to set the record straight: I was making the simple point that given our history, the length of this year’s primary contest is nothing unusual. Both the executive editor of the newspaper where I made the remarks, and Sen. Kennedy’s son, Bobby Kennedy Jr., put out statements confirming that this was the clear meaning of my remarks. Bobby stated, “I understand how highly charged the atmosphere is, but I think it is a mistake for people to take offense.”
    I realize that any reference to that traumatic moment for our nation can be deeply painful – particularly for members of the Kennedy family, who have been in my heart and prayers over this past week. And I expressed regret right away for any pain I caused.
    But I was deeply dismayed and disturbed that my comment would be construed in a way that flies in the face of everything I stand for – and everything I am fighting for in this election.
    And today, I would like to more fully answer the question I was asked: Why do I continue to run, even in the face of calls from pundits and politicians for me to leave this race?
    I am running because I still believe I can win on the merits. Because, with our economy in crisis, our nation at war, the stakes have never been higher – and the need for real leadership has never been greater – and I believe I can provide that leadership.
    I am not unaware of the challenges or the odds of my securing the nomination – but this race remains extraordinarily close, and hundreds of thousands of people in upcoming primaries are still waiting to vote. As I have said so many times over the course of this primary, if Sen. Obama wins the nomination, I will support him and work my heart out for him against John McCain. But that has not happened yet.
    I am running because I believe staying in this race will help unite the Democratic Party. I believe that if Sen. Obama and I both make our case – and all Democrats have the chance to make their voices heard – in the end, everyone will be more likely to rally around the nominee.
    I am running because my parents did not raise me to be a quitter – and too many people still come up to me at my events, grip my arm and urge me not to walk away before this contest is over. More than 17 million Americans have voted for me in this race – the most in presidential primary history.
    I am running for all those women in their 90s who’ve told me they were born before women could vote, and they want to live to see a woman in the White House. For all the women who are energized for the first time, and voting for the first time. For the little girls – and little boys – whose parents lift them onto their shoulders at our rallies, and whisper in their ears, “See, you can be anything you want to be.” As the first female candidate in this position, I believe I have a responsibility to finish this race.
    I am running for all the men and women I meet who wake up every day and work hard to make a difference for their families. People who deserve a shot at the American Dream – the chance to save for college, a home and retirement; to afford quality health care for their families; to fill the gas tank and buy the groceries with a little left over each month.
    I believe I won a 40-point victory two weeks ago in West Virginia and a 35-point victory in Kentucky this past week – despite voters being repeatedly told this race is over – because I’m standing up for them. I’m standing up for the deepest principles of our party and for an America that values the middle class and rewards hard work.
    Finally, I am running because I believe I’m the strongest candidate to stand toe-to-toe with Sen. McCain. Delegate math might be complicated – but electoral math is not. Our campaign is winning the popular vote – and we’ve been winning the swing states we need to get 270 electoral votes and take back the White House: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Michigan, Florida and West Virginia.
    But no matter what happens in this primary, I am committed to unifying this party. Ultimately, what Sen. Obama and I share is so much greater than our differences. And I know that if we come together, as a party and a people, there is no challenge we cannot meet, no barrier we cannot break and no dream we cannot realize.

  12. Sorry Hillary, Obama and his supporters have crossed the line and there is no coming back–I will not vote for Obama! I don’t care about roe vs. wade, supreme court, or the economy. What I care about is being forced to accept a person through intimidation, threat, violence, mysogynistic statements and actions on a daily basis , big media trying to tell me who the best person is, lying and twisting your statements, the gaming of the caucas, the manipulation of votes, and the apparent bias of the DNC. I will not negotiate with terrorist organizations on who will be the nominee.

  13. TL;

    To Barack Obama, the stripping of the Florida and Michigan delegations is just some contrived controversy driven by Hillary Clinton. 2.3 million voters? Counting the votes? They mean nothing. Obama last night said:

    Democrat Barack Obama accused rival Hillary Clinton on Saturday of “stirring up” a controversy over the disqualified Florida primary election because it was her last hope of winning their party’s presidential nomination.

    Wow! Talk about belittling the voters of Florida and Michigan. Obama continued:

    “The Clinton campaign has been stirring this up for fairly transparent reasons,” Obama told reporters on the plane from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Chicago, adding she had not done so earlier in the race when she did not need the delegates to win. “Let’s not … pretend that we don’t know what’s going on. I mean this is, from their perspective, their last slender hope to make arguments about how they can win, and I understand that,” Obama said.

    That’s all Florida and Michigan mean to Obama? I know that the Media has no qualms showing contempt for Florida and Michigan. It is shocking to me that Obama is willing to state publically he feels the same way.

  14. Wolfsen’s NOT pointing out the initial ‘report’ by the NY Post was bogus!

    Why the hell not?!

  15. You know I hope after all this is over HRC leaves DC for good. I read something from Matt Cooper that said its possible Hill wouldn’t run for reelection a few years from now. I think she can do a lot of good for people in this country and all over the world. You know I was really impressed when Obama defended Hillary yesterday. Then this morning I found out his campaign distributed the KO video to the press. That was the last straw for me. I know these guys are human and make mistakes. But politics is just too poisonous for me. There’s no humanity anymore. Maybe I’ll keep up with what’s happening in my state, TN. Other than that I’m finished with all of this. You guys have been great! I feel like I know you all personally. May God bless each of you and your families.

  16. why is it that some of us here are still surprised when they see a typical condescending, deceitful, disrespectful, dismissive reaction/response from obama, the media and the DNC to hillary? all these months of trash that they dish out at her every chance they get yet some of us here are surprised – yet again. we’ve forever discussed how “in the tank” msnbc and cnn are and yet it still gets a rise out of some posters here everytime some of those asswipes open their mouths.
    we know all this already. toughen up. look at her. the girl has balls of steel. i hope we follow her example, fight to win. stop the whining already.

  17. Good Morning!

    It all about the map (Electorial College votes) not about the math, yet the DNC will force Obama down our throats! I am wondoering, what will it take for SD to wake up and change their votes? By allowing FL & MI to be seated, will that buy Hillary time till the convention? (and with in that time, campaign hard about the map)or better yet a scandal about Obama hit the news? (God, wouldn’t that be wonderful). So, any thought on what’s it going to take for the SD to change their votes?

  18. If you haven’t seen this yet , go to


    and compare the simulations of 10,000 elections btwn. McCain and Obama (about 65% to 34%) and Clinton vs McCain (99.9% to 0.1%).

    The stupidity of this super-delegate timidity is astounding. It’s like they are so afraid NOT to give the nomination to BO for fear of being branded racists. Winning does not seem to be the issue.

  19. Georgie Stef..on This Week…another Brutus.

    Can’t watch those people trash Hillary either. It’s over they say, the RFK thing sealed it, blah,blah, blah. Disgusting! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were even ONE…just one… channel that was friendly to Hillary and a comfort to go to like Hillary is 44. Where is even ONE strong voice for Hillary. Why do her supporters always have to be so…not strong… while BO’s guys are tough and get the message out there without using all the fluff about what a good candidate the opposing person is, etc.

  20. There is a line of argument which needs to be developed and refined asap. It arises out of the brilliant commentary by paddy4hill about the rise of the neo-lib which is the opposite number of the neocon. As with the neocon the neolib is concerned about capitalism and world markets rather than the American people. Bambis trillion dollar gift to Africa billed as an effort to address world poverty, but specifically designed to develop yet another low cost labor market which will compete with the US worker is a case in point. It is especially telling that this would be proposed as a major piece of legislation at a time of declining wages and substantial debt. But that is what neolibs do. Viewed through that lense it becomes obvious that this election pits a neocon (McCain) against a neolib (Bambi) and an American populist (Clinton). As an average American with a family to raise, a house to pay for and an uncertain job situation, which one would you vote for. If we go the neolib route there is real trouble ahead. Traditional democrats need to understand this distinction so they do not make the mistake of voting straight party label without realizing what they are really getting.

  21. Are we wrong? Will the so called chickens come home to roost to BO in the GE as ALL the pundits are so adamantly saying. They keep hammering away that Hillary’s supporters are good Dems and will get over their “mad” and vote for BO in the end.

    Maybe I can only see this through my own eyes…I will NEVER vote for BO.

  22. I spoke to an attorney a couple days ago who is looking into the money laundering aspect of where bambis money is coming from. Apparently, a good chunk of it comes from offshore, despite all the malarky about small donors.

  23. Southern Born Says:

    May 25th, 2008 at 11:51 am
    Are we wrong? Will the so called chickens come home to roost to BO in the GE as ALL the pundits are so adamantly saying. They keep hammering away that Hillary’s supporters are good Dems and will get over their “mad” and vote for BO in the end.

    Maybe I can only see this through my own eyes…I will NEVER vote for BO.

    If BO is the nominee. We must vote McCain. Not a write in. We have to show them we mean business.

  24. nettabug, YES!

    Wbboei, you always have some good points. Does anyone really believe that BO is getting his tons of money from small donors who are just trying to dig enough money to keep the gas tank filled and pay for food with the rising prices for their families.

    His campaign keeps saying that as if we are all brainless. Do you think anyone believes that…even his supporters and cult=aid drinkers? Probably only Keithy and other pundits “sorta” believe the small donor ruse.

  25. JAS, what do you think it would take to make a dent…so far his teflon is too thick. Doesn’t seem like Rezko is mattering too much.

  26. You know that 10-minute KO video rant against HRC you all love to hate? Well, turns out, Senator Obama’s press staff sent out copies of that tape to the MSM. David Axelrod is on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous. They were discussing HRC’s RFK statement. DA claimed they were satisfied with her explanation. ‘Then why,’ George asked, ‘did you distribute KO’s tape to the press?’ DA said something about KO being entitled to his opinion. GS repeated, ‘But you distributed the tape.’ DA repeated, ‘We’re satisfied with HRC’s explanation and we’re past this.’ GS now asked, ‘So, does this mean you won’t send out any more tapes?’ DA repeated we’re past this. DA that preceded GS’s statement about the Obama campaign’s distribution of KO’s tape: “We’re not trying to stir the issue up.”
    DA=David Axelrod

  27. Now if you were worried about the very existance of the Party, why would you throw away a 99.9% chance of winning it.

    Make no sense.

  28. I am at the point of being beyond outrage these days. The Obama camp is fanning the flames to the max of accusing Hillary of being “racist”. Right now they are circulating to the mainstream news networks a viscious anti-Hillary rant from Friday night by MSNBC’s Keith Oberman. Could they be more obvious of their intent?

    And now we are into actual threats. Posters on TM are reporting that New York black radio is in a frenzy. There are calls to challenge Hillary’s senate seat. Obama is using racism to win an election and this is something I have never seen in my half century on the planet nor ever expected would happen in our country.

    This is getting out of control and it’s beyond shocking….the press completely backs Obama so there is no balanced view of anything anymore. Lately, the only commentators on CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream networks are pro-Obama. They don’t even attempt to have someone there to defend Hillary.

    This is wrong, it is unfair, and it is actually frightening. I am hoping that next week we will see more op-ed pieces like the ones by Sean Wilentz and Andrew Stephen so people will know the truth. I am sensing real backlash out there. I am hoping it all comes to a head on the 31st.

  29. I think it is very interesting that Axelrod is trying so hard to let the RFK matter drop, especially since BO’s campaign obviously tried to fan the flames with distribution of Olberman’s rant. I think George Stephanopolous did Hillary a favor by broadcasting the fact that BO’s campaign distributed that videotape. Also, the NYT published information on how Hillary’s statement was twisted by Drudge, leading to this uproar by the pundits; does the NYT usually do that?

    Perhaps Axelrod is dimly beginning to see that the backlash against BO is real and serious business. I wonder what BO’s campaign will look like when the reality of the “coming earthquake” hits them full force.

    Nikki22, the loyalty of Robert Kennedy, Jr. might be the inspiration to help you keep going. When good people cave in to bullies, bullies win.

  30. I cannot see how Obama wins FL in the fall. How do you reach out to voters (who are not Obamabots who think Obama winning is more important than Democracy) when you tried to silence them.

  31. from TM:

    For those you wanna donate to the PR HQ supplies,, they need good visibility,

    I am corrdinating with Heidi, last call if you want to donate…I’m sending out an email soon to all those you wanted to donate

    if you are maxed on your campaign contribution, you can order from hillaryclintonstore.com(read the discloser at the bottom)–it won’t be towards your campaign contributions amt.

    I will be calling the PR HQ this morning as what they need, then letting people who said they wanted to donate know whats needs, take their orders, pass them on to heidi who will order and overnight it , adn then you can pay her back via her paypal acctn

    anyone who wants to donate, shoot me an email:

    this way, each person does not have to pay the overnight charges, they will spread to all, and therefore be lower for all

    PLEASE GIVE IF YOU CAN, and send me an email soon…. thanks

  32. confloyd Says:
    May 25th, 2008 at 9:39 am
    We must demonstrate that we will not vote for Obama, I suggest we send McCain 5.00 and the receipt to the DNC or Post it on the DNC blog! Feedback please!

    When someone does this, please keep a copy to post at friendly locations also. The DNC would just delete or ignore it, and not enough people read their site.

    Maybe there should be a special place set up to post these receipts.

    I suppose the receipt comes in plain text?

    At this point many of us don’t want to spend even $5 other than direct to Hillary. I hope someone will set up a fund that goes to HIllary if she is the nominee, otherwise to McCain.

    Or we could think of it as latte money….

  33. confloyd,

    I don’t know that Obama would be any better than McCain on issues like economy, Roe, supreme court, etc. McCain is openly a Republican, but a moderate one. A win for him would bring the GOP closer to centrist, away from the Religious Right nuts.

    Imo Obama would be a hidden tool for the GOP moneyed interests. He tries to look liberal, but then he changes the fine print to favor the money. Even on Roe/SC he can’t be depended on; he refused to filibuster Bush’s appointees and had to be pressured even to vote against Alioto.

  34. Univeral wrote:
    As I mentioned the other day after having read some of the writing on Big Pink’s shadow site….

    what is our “shadow site”? Any low down on what their scene is, modus operandi, etc.?


  35. Michael Goodwin-

    More on the monster you helped create based on bad information and negative spin. Nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am at the point of being beyond outrage these days. The Obama camp is fanning the flames to the max of accusing Hillary of being “racist”. Right now they are circulating to the mainstream news networks a viscious anti-Hillary rant from Friday night by MSNBC’s Keith Oberman. Could they be more obvious of their intent?

    And now we are into actual threats. Posters on TM are reporting that New York black radio is in a frenzy. There are calls to challenge Hillary’s senate seat. Obama is using racism to win an election and this is something I have never seen in my half century on the planet nor ever expected would happen in our country.

    This is getting out of control and it’s beyond shocking….the press completely backs Obama so there is no balanced view of anything anymore. Lately, the only commentators on CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream networks are pro-Obama. They don’t even attempt to have someone there to defend Hillary.

    PS. Hi Lou! It was a pleasure meeting you in Seattle a few months back. Hope you enjoyed my book on The Dynamics of Leadership. Hope you did not let Zimmerman get his hands on it/ wbb

  36. JAS Says:
    May 25th, 2008 at 11:19 am
    It all about the map (Electorial College votes) not about the math, yet the DNC will force Obama down our throats! I am wondoering, what will it take for SD to wake up and change their votes?

    Last I heard, it wasn’t a matter of declared SDs changing, but of UNDECIDED SDs– those yet ot decide. I don’t do much number crunching, but last I heard the SDs were divided about equally between Hillary (those declared early), Obama (just caught up with her), and Undecided (keeping quiet till the last minute). So it is those yet Undecided who will tip the balance (especially if they all jump in the same direction).

    Those canny Undecideds are interested in choosing the most electable candidate, and want to wait till Denver in August to see who is performing best, looks best in the polls, etc. They seem less concerned about a longer primary, and more concerned about picking the BEST candidate. See quotes from them at
    h t t p : / / http://www.ironmyvote.com/superdelegates-follow.htm

    This whole impression of the SD’s going for Obama now, is false Obama merchandising. For one thing, when Obama gets one, the media play it up; when Hillary gets one, they ignore it. A realistic number cruncher is anglachelg, and she links to others.

  37. wbboei: This is what scares me about an waffles presidency. This race baiting is only going to get worse, and no criticism will be allowed, because it will be racist. If not Hillary, then John McCain. This craziness has to stop.

  38. 1950democrat, I in all sincerity just can’t give any money to Mccain until after the primary is over. Then unless someone can explain it, then I think I can give $5.00 to McCain and post it on the DNC blog. I also have had numerous calls from my friends at the DNC blog for help pushing the Obama supporters back. I have not been able to blog there since just after the primary began. THey are the nastiest folks, almost as bad as the Kooks. So maybe we could go over and post a little every now and again.
    I am really worried now that I hear about Hillary’s senate seat being in jeopardy. The press and the Obama people are to blame. I hope and pray she is careful.We must all light candles for her safety today!

  39. h t t p://thepage.time.com/

    (be sure to close the gap between the h t t p)

    Bill Clinton says in South Dakota Sunday: “I have never seen anything like it. I have never seen a candidate treated so disrespectfully just for running.”

  40. “nikki22 Says:

    May 25th, 2008 at 10:50 am …That was the last straw for me. I know these guys are human and make mistakes. But politics is just too poisonous for me. There’s no humanity anymore. Maybe I’ll keep up with what’s happening in my state, TN. Other than that I’m finished with all of this.”
    How do you feel about wearing burkas; being policed by Farrakan’s foot soldiers; having the NAACP front and center and the reverse discrimination that would entail? If you won’t consider the drawbacks to be “finished with all of this” please think about America’s daughters or my little 2 year old great-grandson – he might never know freedom as we have known it – our families were Norman Rockwell compared to today and to what tomorrow could bring with an Obama presidency.
    This is the MOST IMPORTANT Presidential election in the history of America. WE CAN NOT AND MUST NOT LET THE CHILDREN OF AMERICA DOWN!!!

  41. I am definite looking forward to seeing “Recount”.

    This election is different than any I have ever seen, its sinister and evil. It’s way past the “gotcha” of normal politics. That is what I find scarey. There are forces that are pushing this election that are dangerous for every single America.
    What is the scariest thing is that normal Americans are totally unaware of it. They are voting color, or party and are not paying attention, and most of all not investigating the candidates themselves.
    Short termer so eloquently nails the agenda that is coming to this country. We must all stay the course, because I bet you Hillary knows exactly what she is up against and that’s the real reason she is still in. She is definitely risking her own life to save ours. The very least we can do is to stay united for a few more months. Hang on because it will probably get worse!

  42. I am not surprised that Obama’s crooked campaign was behind the distribution of Video to media outlets. For those of you not familiar with Robert “hit job” Gibbs here is a sample of his work from last(2004) campaign. You have to remember this when ever BO’s campaign show’s their fake outrage.Robert Gibbs is the communication director for BO’s capmaign.


  43. Justme, Thanx for the link, she looking fabulous, resting and on target. We all should see this and continue just as she is!

    Hillary will be our 44th President!!!!

  44. Wow, Axelrod and Gibbs are up to their same ol’ dirty tricks, distributing tapes and taking Hillary’s comments wildly out of context, all in the name of race-baiting and stirring up fake outrage. I’m shocked, simply shocked.

  45. I had an epiphany!!!
    Should Hillary not get the nomination [I will be at the RBC rally in DC and their determination may go a long way in figuring the outcome] and God I hope she does. She is the Florence Nightingale or the Madam Curie to the American people; and her “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” speech in 1995 is as historical as anything any other politician has been recognized for. The idea:
    Be on a McCain/Clinton ticket; they work together beautifully, they would complement each other, with her on the ticket he would win in a landslide [would have to make some concessions toward Hillary’s supporters], with him on the ticket she would be working with a patriot and not a scoundrel, and in four years she could be President and President again in four more years after that. How do you like them apples?

  46. The details in the movie RECOUNT are a walk in the park compared to the dirty campaign that Axlerod Gibbs and BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA have carried out against Hillary.They are no doubt advising his cousin and the other mass murders in the various African countries under assault by these corrupt,vicious and murderous friends and relatives ,from which he emerged and has decided he is the answer to AA problems.This is ONE dangerous mad man.It is no wonder he put himself in Jeramiah’s hands.HEAR NO EVIL SPEAK NO EVIL SEE NO EVIL seems to be his style of denying all the negatives that are being brought to light. I wonder who in his campaign staff put together that link for rioting and all types of protest if OBAMA fails to be nominated.
    PEOPLE Log on to recreate68 and see the dangerous scheme of things that face this country if he is inserted into the Oval Office by threats,coercion,mayhem and mass rioting.

    By ABM90 The Housepainter used the same tactics. WAKE UP AMERICA

  47. HEY ADMIN,

    like what you’ve done with the place.
    i will pass it around…

    this is so obvious, but i fear, only political junkies can see the writing on the wall.
    that would be why obama has built an army that consists of ‘newbies, the fringe, and those with alterior motives…
    again great writing on your part…
    (we all know you are a warrior)

  48. Short Termer, I tell you that would be a winning ticket, all we have to do is convince John McCain!! I would love it though, because we know that Bambi, Axelrod, Brazile, Kennedy, and Dean would crap in their pampers at the thought!!

  49. Short termer, She was born and raised republican, it would be an easy transfer! SHe could also declare herself and independent and join his ticket!

  50. rgb44hrc:

    It’s a blogspot site with the same name.

    The M.O. is to try to get people who are trying to come to Big Pink to unknowingly go there by mistake. It is the same kind of thing we are seeing from the Bambians trying to copy the Clinton Supporters Count Too site. This is a very basic move made by those who cannot directly infiltrate such sites with astroturfers and so are seeking to employ a different tactic. It’s a misdirection ploy.

    Also, the shadow site — in true Bambian fascist fashion — seeks to ‘expose’ we here at Big Pink and basically anyone who has the guts to stand up to the ‘there will be race riots’ Bambians.

    As my example with my supposedly being a Ron Paul supporter showed, such ‘exposes’ are usually both false and revealing of the work product which goes into these things (don’t know if the shadow site, specifically, said I was a Ron Paul person).

    The best way to think about such endeavors is to imagine a child who is put to bed and proceeds to throw a tantrum.

    The astroturfers want to — and are paid to — infiltrate Clinton sites. When they can’t do so then they go Yosemite Sam and they create the shadow sites in the same way that BaJoke wants to create mimicking apparatuses of the Dem. Party. As I have said before, both efforts are the strategic work of high-level internationalist propagandists. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Trilateral Commission, etc.

    Despite their marked lack of competence, these people are very serious and are extremely dedicated to quieting dissent as good Secret Police should be.

    This can’t be overstated: We are dealing with fervent Stalinists/fascists (who utilize oppressive intimidation tactics), race-baiters extraordinaire (see the madness the RFK comments have been whipped-up to create) and the most vile aspects of dirty Chicago politics (think what was being attempted in Lake County, IN) combined with the internationalists aspects (Brzezinski and co’s longstanding work on propaganda for causes such as the Ukranian Orange Revolution) I mentioned.

    All of this is accurate. Whether a pliant MSM possesses the objectivity to present it or the skill set to uncover it doesn’t change these facts. A good example of all of this is Wilentz’ piece “Race Man,” which very thoroughly deconstructs what has actually gone on as regards race in this contest versus what the Bambians have tried to push and what the MSM has subjectively presented.


    And now we are back to two more examples of lies being exposed on the part of Bambi and his team once again.

    1. “We’re not insulting Clinton or her supporters”


    “I mean this is (FL & MI), from their perspective, their last slender hope to make arguments about how they can win, and I understand that.”

    And we understand, Bambi, when we, the Clintons, millions of voters and the memory of 2000 are being blatantly insulted.

    Again, scorched-earth Civil War moves by Bambi and his crew. Just another day for the Chicago Thug Posse.

    2. The pushing of the Olbermann RFK rant tape to the press.

    Stephanopoulos correctly questioned Axelrod on this issue. If the party is wanting to let things rest as far as the remarks go, then why is it foisting the copies of KO’s diatribe to the media?

    Answer: They don’t want the issue to die and they are very much looking for the reaction which someone reported is going on in NYC black radio.


    Those are but two of the current scams being run by the Bambians. These people are dead-set on fighting a Civil War with the majority of the party which has voted for Clinton. They aren’t interested in fairness, transparency, objectivity or ethics. They have correctly surmised — being that their support comes from a minority of the party — that they have to use guerilla tactics to try to con and scam their way to the nomination, and that is what they are doing. And the effete Dem Elites and the MSM are aiding and abetting in these efforts.


    There’s another element in play here which needs to be brought up again. I touched on it with the RFK/AA radio in NYC remark.

    Despite all ‘show’-parties in Iowa to the contrary, the Bambians are scared to death of this contest going to Denver. They realize HRC is finishing unbelievably strong while they have been fading since the Wright scandal broke in mid-March. They are desperately trying to hang on now like a fighter who has piled up what he feels is a comfortable lead but who is facing a withering barrage of blows in the 12th round and is trying to make it to the final bell. The Bambians are terrified of facing HRC — and her superior electoral vote arguments — in Colorado.

    And that is why you continue to hear things about Recreate ’68, and also why Michelle Bernard is talking about possible race riots on national television. The Bambians are doing everything they can to try to drum up (as they did with Clyburn, Wilder, Amaya Smith, …) the ‘angry black people’ specter to try to intimidate the DNC and have them save Bambi from Denver. They are playing race-baiting chicken, pure and simple. And it is incredibly obvious and degrading to all involved.

    As I have said previously, I am more than happy to head out to Denver and watch the state and national authorities execute their duties in containing this generations would-be Bill Ayers.’ There is no place for anarchy and roving thugs in our society or our party, and seeing these important principles reaffirmed in Colorado — particularly as the criminal actions would be those of fake or duped operatives — would send a strong message to the terrorists of the world that the USA has got things under control and is not subject to either domestic or foreign campaigns of violence.

    And if the Colorado National Guard and/or the Colorado Police forces need to fortify their supply of mace, rubber bullets, riot gear, etc. I’ll be glad to chip in.


    You never appease tyranny. That is a lesson which Bambi never has learned (The Bambi Doctrine) and which his puppeteers hope that the members of both the Democratic Party rank-and-file and the elites have never learned. And so we are now witnessing the further bastardizing of something which should have long ago been retired: the cynical political prostituting of African-Americans.

    And this is why Bambi is Geroge Wallace II. In his “Dreams” book, Bambi demonstrates his familiarity with the effectiveness of race-baiting. We are seeing that now with the RFK episode, as we have seen it throughout the campaign from the Bambians.

    What is most detestable about all of this race-baiting is that there are very real and deadly consequences when you manipulate people’s emotions for your own ends. Bambi and his AA supporters should know this better than anyone due to the troubled racial history of our nation.

    But they don’t care.

    And so, their power-mad quest for power leads to incidents like that which happened to Reginald Denny, Fidel Lopez or a man I included in one of my videos, Takao Hirata:

    (Go to 7:19 into the clip)

    People get hurt because of the tactics which the Bambians are using. People died because of Bambi’s pal Bill Ayers. This is not a joke. This is not the celebration of bad-boy latte liberalism. These are peoples lives we’re talking about here.

    And as I show in the video, there are heroes from these stories. One such man, as the video shows, is Greg Williams. He is an American hero who refused to be swept-up in the Bambian/OJ-type garbage and who saved Hirata’s life. He didn’t see race, he say right and wrong. Thank God for that.

    This is why I will never in my life vote for Obama, and you shouldn’t, either. The Bambians don’t care about the Takao Hiratas of the world, just as Bambi’s cousin Raila Odinga — the man who has been called an ethnic cleanser and genocidist by the Kenyan government — didn’t care about the hundreds who were killed by his supporters after Odinga lost the election. Bambi went and showed the world his lack of judgment by campaigning for this man, this accused ethnic cleanser.

    That’s all you need to know.

    I will not reward the dangerous, cynical tactics that the Bambians have used. Such methods have very real and lasting consequences for too many people. We must make sure that Bambi and his fascists are not given the levers of power, or else, I fear, Takao Hirata, Fidel Lopez and Reginald Denny will be all-too familiar names during a Bambian reign of power.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO!” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

    The Essential Obama videos:

  51. I would take issue with those that are encouraging Hillary to accept the VP post.It is not only an insult but a dangerous and scary path for all Democrats.BO is not a person one would want to be associated with.She can do more for our country as a senator .BO cnnot defeat McCain and he needs Hillaryto make any progress in his attempt to take control of our country.She does not need even a tiny bit of association to this faker.REZKO is still out there,MO tape is still out there and the RNC ,FOX and the court trial in Chicago is far from ending.THere are also a lot of SD’s and former Hillary supporters that are caught up s–t river without a paddle so his campaign goes. I am racing with the sands of time and I want to watch Hillary take the oath of office with Bill and Chelsea at her side. Any alternative is scary.

    By ABM90 I am so angry at what is being done to and said about our Hillary.Blogging realy helps let off some steam. Please lord give her all the strength to carry her through to the well earned title “MADAM PRESIDENT “

  52. I just realized why the effort is being made to drum-up ‘outrage’ on black NY radio over RFK.

    As most know, there are many Puerto Ricans who live in New York. Thus the term “New Yorican.”

    The Bambi campaign is trying to indirectly influence the Puerto Rican vote by having their NYC AA radio stooges pound the RFK story into the ground in the hopes that New Yoricans will hear it, be outraged and call up relatives down on the island and tell them to vote for Bambi and not vote for the supposedly ‘blasphemous’ Clinton.

    Thus it is critical to try to continue to push the story — by giving the media KO’s rant tape, etc. — while at the same time denying you are doing so so as to not inflame white blue collar voters which are leaving you by the second who are tired of your latest race-card ploy.

    This is the current Bambi strategy, one that is as transparent as they all are.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO!” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

    The Essential Obama videos:

  53. ABM90 Says:
    I would take issue with those that are encouraging Hillary to accept the VP post.It is not only an insult but a dangerous and scary path for all Democrats.BO is not a person one would want to be associated with.She can do more for our country as a senator .BO cnnot defeat McCain and he needs Hillaryto make any progress in his attempt to take control of our country.

    I totally agree! I hope Hillary would not sacrifice herself this way for ‘party unity’.

  54. We need some more talk on this blog about how she is winning the Popular vote.

    Sometimes I feel like th OB staffers are mentally beating us. If you put any of Hillary’s mis-steps beside Obamas, they pale in Comparison. I just read the ladies letter about her daughter who started out loving Hillary, and all the while the Mother was preparing her for failure, instead of fighting like hell along side Hillary to make it happen.

    We need to fight like HELL, and we need to plan for victory, and expect it.

    Otherwise, we end up with another Geroge Bssh.

  55. We also have a lot of important information on our side:






    HIS FOLLOWERS ARE THREATENING VIOLENCE, AND HE HAS NOT SAID ONE WORD TO COUNTER THOSE THREATS. BUT THEN, MAYBE THAT IS WHAT HE HEARD IN THAT CHURCH, AND HE FEELS JUSTIFIED IN USING VIOLENCE. (If this were Hillary, they would be screaming for an apology, so where is his instructions to his followers and apology). Better still, why is the Media not grilling him on it. Protests are one thing, riots are another.



  56. Saturday I got another survery from the DNC, WHICH I FILLED OUT IN BIG LETTERS.

    Today I got a Call from the DNC. I stopped him mid sentence and unloaded. At the end, I told him I hoped he was recording the conversation so that the DNC would know how I really feel.

    Is anyone else getting these calls?

  57. NewMexicoFan:

    I also got a survey from DNC Saturday- and boy did I go to town. Not much I didn’t expound on in an above-board and straight-to-the-point manner. Did yours state at the top that you had been chosen in…whatever town you reside…as if you were THE ONLY ONE? Really.

  58. “Did yours state at the top that you had been chosen in…whatever town you reside…as if you were THE ONLY ONE? Really.”

    Yep. What a joke.

  59. hi hillfans, off topic but the pheonix probe landed on mars ok. next waiting for the movie”recount”.

  60. Senator Clinton Still Calling for a Debate

    May 25, 2008 5:32 PM

    ABC News’ Eloise Harper reports: Since the Pennsylvania primary Sen. Hillary Clinton has been calling for a debate with her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama.

    She continued her plea in Penuelas, Puerto Rico, standing outside a restaurant while less than 100 people gathered on a dirt walkway. Obama has rebuffed these requests and has instead begun campaigning in states that would be important for him in the general election if he becomes the Democratic presidential nominee.

    “I was informed that Univision will sponsor a debate between Sen. Obama and myself about the issues affecting Puerto Rico,” Clinton said. “I accept that invitation. Anytime, anywhere. That is the best way for the people of Puerto Rico to have their questions asked and answered and for the rest of the United States to learn more about Puerto Rico.”

    Clinton reiterated her claim that she feels as though she has been a senator for Puerto Rico, because she represents so many of then in New York.

    “I feel as though I have been your senator and now I want to be your president,” she said.

  61. Here is another example of “When morons attack (or try to do research).”

    Now, I mentioned earlier that I was written by a friend last night who told me that they had heard that I was a Ron Paul supporter, which is false. The reason for this falsehood’s acceptance appears to be based on this webpage:


    …as well as the person having the same two names — Paul and John — as I and my brother have.

    A very basic mistake which should be easily disqualified by knowing my middle initial is “F,” and my first name isn’t John. However, these basic bits of logic seem to have escaped whomever made such claims about me and did such shoddy investigative work.

    Also, the Ron Paul supporter “John Paul Villarreal” seems to live in San Antonio, TX. I was born there but haven’t even been there in about 25 years or so. Another very basic disqualifier.


    Anyways, when I went to Big Pink’s shadow site the other day, one of the purported ‘gotchas’ regarding myself was based on this page:


    Unfortunately for Nancy Drew, that isn’t me either. I have never lived, worked in or even visited McAllen, TX.

    And you wonder if the same people who thought I was a Ron Paul supporter and who may have come upon the shadow site’s erroneous information even bothered to compare that one of the “me’s” lives in San Antonio and the other lives in McAllen, which is about 100+ miles south of San Antonio.

    I am also not this person:


    Paul Adrian Villarreal

    If I recall correctly, the shadow site’s authoress was congratulating herself while concomitantly excoriating me for using my real name on the internet. Something about how easy it is to track people, etc.

    Ha ha.

    The reason, my “sweetie”-sayer loving friend, while people can use their real names on the internet is because of incompetents such as yourself. That is, those who think 1+1 = 3 or who believe Harvard Law Review Presidents don’t know what their spiritual mentors of two decades preach.

    And thus concludes our episode of “Rudimentary Mistakes Astroturfers Make, Vol. 1,371, 033.”

    Thought you guys would get a kick out of that.


    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO!” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

    The Essential Obama videos:

  62. Yes, mine did say at the top I was chosen.

    I guess they must think I am a moran. The phone call was starting out like that also. However, I did not let them get far.

  63. birdgal: you are right on the money when you say that john mccain not bambi is the answer.

    1950dem: the only option she should accept in a democratic administration is president.

    Bambis actions in circulating the tape to the press while both sides are operating under a flag of truce and working for unity are unconscionable. If it were me I would feel no obligation to campaign for him thereafter.

  64. Count me in as another who will not donate $ to McCain, not as long as Hillary is still in the race and needs my support.

    The nomination will be decided by those SDs who are sitting on the fence right now. If these people were supporting The Opponent, they could have and would have ended this whole thing by now. They’re the only ones who could force Hillary out of the race. But they haven’t. Why not? I can think of two reasons:
    1. These SDs are truly undecided and are waiting for all the results to come in and for the MI/FL to get settled before they make up their minds. I take this as a good sign, as it indicates they are reasonable people who are thinking rationally. It also indicates that they have faith in the process and that they aren’t easily swayed by the Party or the media.
    2. These SDs are already for Hillary but again, they are waiting for the process to play itself out. Perhaps they will use the popular vote as their rationale for choosing Hillary over Obama?
    Either way, it looks like this race is going all the way to the convention.

    About the potential riots… I pray someone will be there to cool things down and stop the violence before it starts. Obama could use his speechmaking skills to quash the riots. If he did, I would think more highly of his character (although there’s still no way in hell I’m voting for him), but my practical, cynical side doesn’t see that happening. If anything, he will fuel the flames. In the end, a lot of people– most of them young, many of them AA– will end up in jail. And this isn’t 1968. It’s not as if the rioters will spend a few hours or maybe a few days in the pokey on charges of vandalism or disturbing the peace or whatnot. Not now, in post 9/11 America. Instead, their actions will be branded as terrorism and Bush will call in the Department of Homeland Security. These rioters will face some very serious consequences. And where will Obama be while these young people rot away in prison?

  65. wbboei: I don’t have to agree 100% with John McCain, but he is an American and a war hero. He will not sell the U.S., nor will he sell out Israel. He is not Bush, so this will not be the 3rd term of Bush. I trust him more, than waffles.

    waffles campaign circulating that tape is despicable and unconscionable. How can I vote for someone, who would do that? It was a nothing statement, that was taken out of context and blown up completely, out of proportion. This is Chicago-style politics, and illustrates the divisiveness and lack of moral authority that his campaign exhibits.

  66. wbboei, If you’re still here, I found your post upthread about Waffles’ money intriguing. Is there heavy suspicion a lot of it comes from offshore accounts?

    Also, I really liked Hillary’s op-ed today.

  67. hillfans, watching recount just brings back the pain of watching gore lose that year. very painful.

  68. Jen the Michigander Says:
    Count me in as another who will not donate $ to McCain, not as long as Hillary is still in the race and needs my support.

    Me too. But some people ALREADY are donating to McCain. If we had a way to send money that would go to HIllary IF she’s the nominee, or to McCain if Obama is the nominee, that would delay some money getting to her, at worst.

    Lots of people sell ‘gear’ on the internet. I doubt they all have signed up as some sort of campaign donation site. And a lot of commercial companies sell products saying that all or part of the proceeds goes to such and such a cause. So maybe we could have a site that sells logos for download that all promote “Hillary OR McCain” with various slogans, and just hold the money till the nomination is settled, then send it through an official site.

  69. jen said:
    The nomination will be decided by those SDs who are sitting on the fence right now. If these people were supporting The Opponent, they could have and would have ended this whole thing by now. They’re the only ones who could force Hillary out of the race. But they haven’t. Why not? I can think of two reasons:
    1. These SDs are truly undecided and are waiting for all the results to come in and for the MI/FL to get settled before they make up their minds. I take this as a good sign, as it indicates they are reasonable people who are thinking rationally. It also indicates that they have faith in the process and that they aren’t easily swayed by the Party or the media.

    jen, that’s just the sort of thing they’ve been saying! Some of them talk about waiting till August to see what develops. I’ve got their quotes at
    h t t p : / / http://www.ironmyvote.com/superdelegates-follow.htm

  70. Recount is painful to watch and the reason Brazile remains so hostile toward the Clintons. As if she and Gore are totally blameless. Since she was “cheated,” she wants the Clintons out of the winners column so wants to exact revenge with a fascist.

  71. Is anyone is watching Recount on HBO ? The similarities between then and the primary now are striking. Djia you are right…the Obama campaign is clearly following the script of the Bush 2000 campaign. I love that this film is being shown now. Hopefully the SD’s take notice…

  72. turndownobama-com:

    That was an excellent joke that took a while to sink in for me.

    Great stuff.


  73. so much for bambi’s “a new kind of politics” and “change” “hope” ……….same old same old CRAP!!

  74. Don’t you think the Old Dogs endorsing him are going to want to keep their areas safe and sound.

    He accepts the endorsements, but there are strings attached.

    It says, everyone else much change, but not me and my state.

    I am still whatching him grab money. Money is power, so I guess the DNC is going to relenquist all thier power to him. And they were afraid of the Clintons.

  75. seeing klein so dejected after gore told him he was conceding after the bush court stopped the recount had me balling. so interesting seeing the behind the scenes showdown that year. warren christopher and daley were really being wusses.

  76. Yep, for sure Bambi is using the techniques that Bush used against Al Gore in2000. How could Al Gore come out for Bambi now that everyone has a fresh memory? I will lose all respect for him if he comes out against Florida and Michigan votes!
    It’s disgusting how the republicans knocked those black votes out. This is now what Bambi and gang are doing to Puerto Rico.
    I hope the demonstrations at the DNC on May 31st are ever bit as strong as the ones that helped turn this election in 2000>

  77. Don’t pay attention to that radioisla ‘poll’. That don’t mean anything. It doesn’t reflect PR at all, since anyone can vote on it. That said, we can take NOTHING for granted here in Puerto Rico. Obama moved his hips to salsa for a few seconds yesterday in Old San Juan and the crowd went wild. (All politicking here has music. Even strikes have music.)
    Tomorrow Hillary, Bill and Chelsea will be here! That’s just what I was hoping for. I will be at the rally, and at campaign HQ afterwards.
    My mother is voting for Hillary, but my nephew and my cousin are for Obama. My 2 sons won’t vote at all, because they are pro-independence nationalists. But my daughter in Philly voted for Hillary.
    My yard signs are up, but I live on a small country road with little traffic. Will keep you all updated.

  78. Posted in comments at TM:

    The DNC is in big trouble financially, down to $3.5 million against $35 million for the Republicans.
    The main switchboard for the DNC is: 202-863-8000. The number that deals specifically with contributions or questions about contributions is: 877-336-7200

    I got through easily to a voicemail and left a message saying my donations were going to Hillary and if she were not selected they would go to McCAin.

  79. Obama and Axelrod learned very well from the election of 2000.
    NOW is the time to act, before it is set in stone.

    WE CANNOT LET THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE BE STOLEN AGAIN, we must all do everything possible to stop this now, Gore would have won had he asked for a state-wide recount. We are we not contesting the fraudulent caucas’s?????

  80. RECOUNT the movie (watched by millions) + Obambi camp admitting to GS they PUSHED the “kennedy Assasination-gate” TPM = The Titanic :D..

  81. Confloyd,
    I went to John McCain’s website and emailed [category of General Question] and asked that he wait to decide on a VP; and then suggested that us, the Hillary speaks for me, women who are battered by the DNC, MSM, pundits, and politicians do not want Obama and will not vote for him in the general election, and that we would vote McCain if there were a McCain/Clinton ticket which would win by a landslide.
    See, I know that they are friends, that he and Hillary have worked in a bipartisan fashion to accomplish a lot, and that she would encourage him to change his positions on some things, like maybe health care. It would be a WINNER, come to dinner kind of thing!

  82. Recount sucked, and we’ve got bigger things to worry about, like THIS election.
    A lousy fucking story which they cutely straddled both sides of with just enough bullshit not to piss anybody off. Fuck them.
    It was criminal what happened then, just as now.

    If anything it served to remind what we’re up against, as many of the same sad excuses for human beings are out there screwing over the decent people of this country for their own well-being.

    As you can see, I’m feeling chipper this evening…

  83. BD–what’s up with the NYT article msn is pimping, are the Democratic Senators, yet again, tjreatening to make her life hell if she returns to teh Senate?

  84. recount was fine to me but i can’t say i “enjoyed” it becuase of the bad memories it invoked. i still can’t believe how easy christopher and daly were so easy to “give up” without playing hardball. say what you will about the repukes, at least they will fight hard for what they believe. i hope hillary keeps on fighting hard.

  85. Confloyd or Texan4Hillary, do you know of a Texas delegate named Ed Hale? He is heading up that Hillary Clinton Voters Count Too that some people are saying is a fraud. I’ve been receiving some correspondence. The guy is supposedly a Texas rancher and delegate.

    Anyone recognize the name?

  86. hillfans, i finding myself more and more on john mccain’s blog. lordy i was even brousing his online store for buttons and stickers! lord am i slowing like a transforming monster turning into a mccainiac? i have to grab a beer. almost scary thinking and finding myself becoming resigned of voting gop. damn,please hillary pull this out.

  87. jimmy shame on u. i cannot believe he did this. he has revealed israel’s number of nukes to the world. this is a top secret classified bit of info that he has now given out. big firestorm-
    Carter tells London paper Israel possesses 150 nuclear weapons

    JPost.com Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST May. 26, 2008


    One month after his visit to the region spurred criticism from Israeli officials for his willingness to meet with Syria-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, former US President Jimmy Carter is again making waves, this time in telling the London Times that Israel possesses 150 nuclear weapons.

    In a report published on Monday, Carter was quoted as saying that the international community should conduct direct dialogue with Iran in order to persuade the country to drop its nuclear ambitions. The former president cited an Israeli nuclear arsenal as proof that it would be almost impossible for Teheran to develop such weapons in secret.

    Although it is widely speculated that Israel indeed has nuclear weapons, no Israeli government official has ever admitted to such.

    Meanwhile, in an interview with the British daily The Guardian, Carter called on members of the European Union to break the embargo of the Gaza Strip, which he called “one of the greatest human rights crimes on Earth.”

    “Most families in Gaza are eating only one meal per day. To see Europeans going along with this is embarrassing,” he said.

    Carter called the ban on talking to Hamas “unrealistic” and cited Israeli cease-fire negotiations with Hamas – via Egyptian mediator Omar Suleiman – as reason enough for the Europeans to reexamine their stance.



    This article can also be read at http://www.jpost.com /servlet/Satellite?cid=1211434107136&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

  88. Hehe, that’s my dear friend pastor Manning!!!

    You should see his tape called the trinnity of hell, now that is really good!

    He just knows a few things about Obama and wright that no one else knows of. He doesn’t want obama elected, he is in chicago too and knows all the dirty seecrets. He says obama is gay on the down low.
    So this pastor manning is one of my hopes for justice as it stands now, I think we need one of obamas many scandals ta apear for this to go our way. And I am counting on Manning!!!

  89. NMF, gorto,

    As a whitey who worked with 95% black and Hispanic kids for 20 years,
    I can unequivacably echo what Manning said. AA’s HATE white Americans. i’m not just saying this off the top of my head. I experienced it daily. of course no one was permitted to talk about AA hostility toward whites and hispanics. It was all about how AA’s had suffered, been victimized, had been discriminated against, etc. All the suits filed to get rid of teachers were, without exception, AA parents claiming their kids had been discriminated against and abused (none of these allegations were ever proven true but the stress of having to fight such slanderous vicious rumors caused many an excellent teacher to quit) despite the fact that many AA professionals who I considered friends and colleagues REFUSED to work in predominatly AA schools because it was tantamount to combat duty. On several occassions I heard AA’s meeting where there were continuous vociferous references to ‘whitey’ this and ‘whitey” that. If white teachers had used similarly derogatory terms about AA’s they would have been fired on the spot.

    My point is there are just as many racist AA’s as there are racist white people. Much of what Manning says is pure instigative nonsense but he hit the nail on the head with that sermon.

  90. Well, I might be a coward, but I’ll step away from saying that all AA’s hate white people. Although I have the impression that a lot of people, and this doesn’t just go for AA, but for many peopel of color, even white people, and dissabled people or gay people or….whatever… can sometimes have a tendency to play the victim, and not always be aware of this!! Stop seeing yourself as a victim and others will too!!

    That said, manning said he’d be willing to come out with information he has about obama being gay on the d/l…. that spikes my interest. And all the other lies, michelle’s ‘whitey’ tape, and etc… all of this NEEDS to come out NOW!! For the sake of country ahead of party!!

  91. Admin:

    So is the Axelrod strategy to still dole out a few SD a day until the 31st, so that when the DNC finishes “throwing the election” in committee that day, they have a “show of solidarity” later on that evening with Gore?

    Then, just a few away from THEIR delegate number, does Axelrod plan to coronate BHO with his minimal delegates out of Hillary’s blowout popular vote in Puerto Rico, to take the spotlight off the fact that once again, she is the stronger candidate? By “coronating” BHO on June 1st, he forces HRC out and she does not compete in MT and SD, so he once again stands to make headway into her popular vote lead?

    What protests are planned for the 31st – the day the DNC plans to not allow FL & MI results to stand? What about June 1st protests when they claim he wins, and June 3rd so that HRC still has competitive campaign in the last two states?

    After watching Recount, any SD that supports BHO needs to be actively campaigned AGAINST and helped to be defeated by the throngs of HRC supporters. Count me in.

  92. I personnelly think not allowing the MI and FL votes to stand will be the nail in the coffin for the Democratic Party.

    What hypocrites. They screamed all the way to the Supreme Court, and now they do this to their own party.

    I guess they must think we are Dumb.

  93. Sorry Gorto,

    I didn’t mean to imply all AA’s dislike all whites or vice-versa. My passion got the better of me. As you can probably tell, I still carry scars from what was, in the end, a very unpleasant couple of years.
    I blame WHITE administrators and other WHITE teachers as much as I do any AA parents and teachers because very few of the staff ever stood up for what was RIGHT. It was all NIMBY – not in my back-yard, in this case, not in my face. It was as horribly, incredibly political as as is this disgusting nominating process. People said one thing, for the sake of political correctness, and then did the opposite. My point was Manning is right about the remarks that SOME people, particularly those with an extremist outlook, would be delighted to suppress others, just as was once done to them.


    Universal, thanks for clarifying the shadow site, Meet the HillHags. I feel slightly honored that they brought up one of my recent posts regarding Reagain in 1976, and then came up with their own funny “math” to show that Obama is ALREADY THE WINNER:

    rgb44hrc Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 12:50 am

    However, Reagan upset Ford in North Carolina, and then proceeded to win a string of impressive victories, including Texas. From there the two men engaged in an increasingly bitter, nip-and-tuck battle for delegates. By the time the Republican Convention opened in August 1976, the race for the nomination was still too close to call.
    hillaryis44.blogspot.com’s response was to use funny numbers:

    Wonk’s 1st rule of Primary math:

    When the difference in delegates between 2 candidates becomes larger than the amount of pledged delegates remaining in the race (the superdelegates become moot because they will not jump to the candidate who no longer has any chance of winning), that race is no longer ”too close to call.”

    So their assertion is that Obama doesn’t need to reach the 2209, or even the 2,025 level. It’s good enough for him to get the “majority” of committed delegates. Ergo, if Obama has a lead of one delegate, HE HAS TO BE DECLARED THE WINNER.

    But the DNC rules allow for taking it to the convention if no candidate hits the threshold. And that shouldn’t count SDs, because they don’t vote officially until August, if they need to. And they can change their minds.

    The Obamabot running that site said SDs “become moot because they will not jump to the candidate who no longer has any chance of winning”. Funny, that’s why we think SDs might break Hillary’s way, given that since February, Obama has barely been hanging in there, that Hillary has the momentum. Oh yeah, and between now and August, do these people actually think that Obama has already withered every storm and scandal?

    Furthermore, on the shadow site, they show the low bar Obama has to meet, 2,025. They’d prefer not to think about the 5/31 meeting. That would put the finish line out of reach, and expose Obama’s failure, as “presumptive-leader” SINCE FEBRUARY (according to MSM who purposefully have used the MI/FL-less numbers to prop up his lead), to put away Clinton, a candidate who’s run has been deemed “doomed” time and again (Iowa, SC, SuperTuesday, the February winning streak, NC, Oregon).

    The reason for his failure, admitted even among MSM talking heads, is that Obama’s support comes from a “narrow constituency”. They keep talking up AA’s in conjunction with the New Guard, and pooh-poohing Yesterday’s Democratic base. Ignore us (older voters, middle-class, Latinos, unions, GLBT, etc.) at your own peril.

    And if Obama is “installed” by the DNC, just go ahead and try to win in November WITHOUT US. You Obamabots have already said that you are strong enough to beat McCain with your New Guard. But don’t try to beat us up one night, then send flowers the next day. “Please, I need you”. It’s not just us activists for HRC, look at the vast swaths of Dems who say they won’t vote for Obama.

    From one of yesterday’s talking heads shows, only 74% of Dems would support Obama (Kerry got 86% in 2004, and still lost). 19% say they will vote for McCain, 7% are undecided.

    So Obamabots can delude themselves into thinking, “It’s done”. So why don’t you Obamabots take the next three months off, and prepare for McCain?

    Meanwhile, back in Realityland, we’ve got work to do.


    Below, they’d LIKE to make the case that our web site, (started in 2007) only has a few hundred different posters, whereas dailykaos has like 30 times as many.

    1. dkaos has been around for a lot longer.
    2. dkaos has been a general purpose site, Big Pink is a single topic.
    3. many of the posters here had been dkos posters in the past, but when they “went off message” (weren’t PrObama), they got kicked off. But I bet they are in the dkos numbers. We regularly here that people have been booted from dkaos, myDD, etc., because they refuse to smoke hopium.

    Here’s the shadow site blurb I refer to:

    Some Big Pink stats

    The Kossack analyzed 100,000 posts from Kos and Big Pink to get some demographic numbers on the diversity of both groups.

    First, Daily Kos:

    The 100,000 posts were written my 8389 unique users, with the most prolific user posting 813 times. The top 20 posters have posted almost 8% of the total and the top 550 users posted half of all the posts. 1219 users are “regulars”, where regulars are defined as having posted 20+ times,the regulars have posted 68% of all posts..

    And now, Big Pink:

    The 100,000 posts were written by 310 users. That is NOT a typo. Three hundred and ten users wrote all 100,000 posts. The most prolific user posted 7170 times. The top 20 users have posted 45% off all posts and 24 users have posted half of all posts. 171 users are “regulars”, where regulars are defined as having posted 20+ times, the regulars have posted more than 99% of all posts.

  96. Hill supporters and anti-Obama people, our work has just begun.We can not let this mangy dog [unamerican hatred and misogyny] lie.We must be active participants from now until forevermore.We must campaign actively against those politicians and pundits who have suppressed and oppressed us.How can we best organize to continue the work to defeat down ticket people and people like Donna Brazile and Nancy Pelosi, and those who have made a corrupt nighmare of our election process – or not if you want 2000, 2004. and 2008 repeated again in 2012……
    Think about it.
    When Hillary is elected we need to ask her help in doing this important work.

  97. I am doing this locally. We have an election coming up, and I have already briefed my family on who voted for Obama. My State Senator did, and We as a family are voting against her.

    I will also actively help the person in the Dems that wants her job.

    She justified her endorsement by saying Caroline K, Oprah, and Swarzinager’s wife (can not even spell his name), endorsed her. I thought she was smart until she said that.

  98. ADMIN…will you please…or someone who is tech savvy…please post the clip of Lynn Sweet on MSNBC this morning between 9 – 9:15 am EST while speaking with Contessa whatever her name is…

    Lynn Sweet would not be stopped or diverted from stating that it was the OBAMA CAMP that pushed the story of Hillary and the RFK statement…they sent Keith O’s video to all the media and Lynn Sweet definitively states that it was the OBAMA CAMP that made this the huge story it became…

    Obama and his camp are so cynical…so vile…that they would exploit the memory of RFK to hurt Hillary and further hurt her chances…

    please someone post that clip if possible…thx


    From noquarter, someone points out Ogremann’s hypocrisy about death threats.

    Keith-O is saying that talking about assissination in general is verboten, given the charged / polaized “atmosphere” of this current race. And if you want to use Clinton’s words, mangled out of context, KO says she’s going to far in stirring up an assassination attempt.

    Then what are we to make of KO’s own recent diatribe against Clinton, where he clearly suggested it would be good that Clinton got offed???


    Or maybe not. After all, on MSNBC, referring to what Democrats needed to force Senator Clinton from the race, you said, “Somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out.” Did you really say THAT? Did you really think a not-so-subtle allusion to beating up a woman was an acceptable thing to say?

    “Beat up”? That’s the mild interpretation. After getting beaten up, you’d still eventually “come out of the room”. The only way one doesn’t come out is if they are killed.

    So it’s okay for you, KO, to advocate the killing of Senator Clinton? But that she can’t talk of RFK with respect to his presidential campaign in 1968??

    You, sir, are no longer relevant.

  100. basil9:

    This is the perfect day, Memorial Day, to address anti-American sentiment, not only in the Obama campaign, but throughout many of the predominately AA public school systems in our country.

    Actually, when I learned about the Black Values System incorporated by TUCC, not to mention their sleeping with the enemy – Hamas, Nation of Islam, anti-American anything, and anti-White philosophy – it put local school districts into perspective for me. Up until then, I couldn’t understand the lack of patriotism in the schools and the reluctance of the school administrators to emphasize citizenship. It is now unfortunately, crystal clear. Brazile, Dean, and Pelosi’s “New Democratic” party thrives in the schools.

    Many of these districts’ administrators are “pastors” themselves who completely accept Black Liberation Theology as witnessed by their personal websites, not district related. Some are even on record at school board meetings packed with teachers of all races blatantly stating that what is wrong with the dismal scores and failing accountability in schools across the board are the predominance of “white teachers.” The double-standard is alive and well in public scools across the land. Excuses for failure. Never any emphasis on the lack of discipline. That must be Wright’s right-brain vs. the left-brain. Remember?

    This is one of the reasons for the strength of teachers’ unions. Teachers join in droves to combat REVERSE discrimination rampant in the public school systems. That fact is largely overlooked. The focus in the media is how unions allow lousy teachers to remain in the system. What the bigger story is are the good teachers who can remain in teaching, even when extreme leftist agendas would like to see their “old school” morals eliminated from the landscape. These teachers are viewed with ambivalence, and would not be granted renewed contracts, except for the fact that a higher percentage of minority teachers are much more likely to not hold the “highly qualified” certified teacher status REQUIRED by the state. As a result, resentment is palpable and scores are settled through campus politics. Some teachers are allowed to do and say anything they wish, while others are held to a much different standard. Objectivity vs. subjectivity. Easy to spot, but difficult to prove as statistics can be manipulated to serve hidden agendas.

    It bothers me tremendously that students won’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance, place hand over heart, and may reluctantly stand up, even engage in conversation during recitation. On further examination, many districts purposely bring in cultural diversity speakers who subscribe to the Black Liberation Theology. Many of their area churches brainwash their congregations with this dogma, and the schools are dismal failures with some of the highest dropout rates in the nation. Standardized tests yield low-performing schools on the elementary, middle school and high school campuses. State takovers occur.

    These once proud and progressive communities now are a case study for total white flight, an insurgence of gangs, and an out-of-control murder rate. Law enforcement may have had their eyes opened this political season as to the effect this anti-American, anti-White “revolutionary” mindset has on communities.

    As it becomes more apparent that these extreme leftist philosophies have overtaken townships from the pulpit and in the public school classrooms, combating this growing sentiments is a demographic that has not been measured thus far. Indeed, law enforcement, who work together with churches and schools probably haven’t realized that these community institutions may be the source of the problem. Of course the ACLU would make sure that tackling this problem would be a violation of civil rights, so these communities continue to deteriorate. Only need to look to Chicago leaders to see the apathy. Hint, hint.

    The answer? Only the obvious. Anybody (HRC followed by McCAIN) but Obama is the antedote to our crumbling society. SD’S, BHO will propel our downward spiraling cities and nation into complete decay.

  101. rgb44hrc:

    What they choose not to acknowledge are the HUGE NUMBERS that we represent. For their purposes in this instance, they like actual numbers. When talking about electoral maps or the disenfranchisement of FL MI, then they play “fuzzy math” like the Republicans did with the “hanging chads.” Numbers of convenience. All designed to diminish morale, HRC support.

    All these skewed fact-finding missions the Obamabots do is INVIGORATE the hell out of us, bring us to our top form, and allow us to continue to do what they said couldn’t be done. WIN. and WIN we will. We WILL prevail. Truth and justice always prevail. For all the “wonk” anti-HRC’s. Here’s a number you can study. The numbers when Goldwater lost in the biggest landslide ever. Reverse parties, and you can see what you may be in for with the komikaze mission you are on. Following the Pied “BHO” Piper off the cliff.

  102. Sickened to see writers once admired like Krugman write things like, “BO will be the nominee”, when he can’t possibly KNOW this.


    And btw, let’s remember the entire premise about needing a nominee before August is a false one. The republican brand is at it’s lowest level in modern history, regardless of what any matchup polls say right now.
    There’s no good reason Dens couldn’t emerge and run a 2-monthsprint for the general. It’s all part of the hurry-up and coronate, so BO can steal power before he gets caught. DENVER DAMMIT.

    Rasmussen polling on Kentucky in the GE:

    Obama 32
    McCain 57

    Clinton 51
    McCain 42

  103. Some people don’t understand the attacks by BHO and the Obamabots upon Hillary over her RFK statement. It’s really very simple. This is the NEW POLITICS they’ve been preaching.

    People probably thought the only new features of the new politics was race-baiting, anti-Americanisms, and thuggery. It’s too complex for some to understand.

  104. Oh, somebody asked what I thought of the NYT article about her returning to the Senate. It’s a bunch of garbage.

    They want the leading headline out there; writing a story to go under it is the easy part.


  105. No Quarter;

    I know for a fact that Barack and Michelle Obama would like the tape of her blasting “whitey” during a rant at Jeremiah Wright’s church to never see the light of day. They are worried, appropriately so, about the damage this tape will inflict on the Obama campaign. They can be certain of one thing–the tape will hit the blogosphere and TV land come October if Obama is the nominee.

    How do I know? I have learned from someone in touch with a senior Republican over this holiday weekend that a major McCain backer has a copy of the tape in addition to the one controlled by the Karl Rove folks. McCain’s supporters are not about to cut Hillary a break. They believe that John McCain stands a better chance of beating Barack rather than Hillary. That’s why they are holding the video. They realize showing it now would likely boost support for Hillary and erode support for Obama among the Super Delegates. Simply put, McCain wants Obama.

    Then there is the angry woman problem. Here’s Michelle–living in a $1.6 million dollar home, graduate of America’s most prestigious universities, and pulling a six-figure salary–and she was not proud of the United States until Barack ran for President. Know what? The average angry, bitter white person. who is clinging to God and guns and not living in a mansion, not able to afford college, and making less than $50,000 a year, does not know what her damn problem is.


    i know hillary fans have written countless letters to everyone and their mother, but have we ever written an ‘open letter to hillary’, asking her to stay in the race for US?
    have we sent massive missives (lol) telling her how many of us plan to follow her anywhere, if she goes indy or whatever, just not if she joins obama?
    have we told her that would be the last straw, and we will follow mccain if she isnt our nominee?

    just wondering…

  107. It’s all the way to Denver and lets be clear about this. This is sexism 101 in that the Democratic party feel like they can pull this shit on one of their own, for that piece of TRASH called Bully Obambi and his team of Leaches and Roaches.

    DON’T be hustled by a smooth talking ANTI-AMERICAN BULLSH8TTER!!

    Don’t reward this male bastion of hate under HOWARD DEAN DNC with the top prize thinking that Bully Obambi will keep these high AA numbers for two years….hell, the minute they recognize that Bully Obambi is a FAKE they will abandon him in droves.

    Remember, the POTUS must have the mental strength of will and moral authority to STAND UP to temptations and be a leader for all Americans. I’ve never seen Bully Obambi stand up to anything but “line his pockets” while his own constituents freeze in the dead of winter in Chicago.

  108. Hey I second this – can we find this clip to post?

    will you please…or someone who is tech savvy…please post the clip of Lynn Sweet on MSNBC this morning between 9 – 9:15 am EST while speaking with Contessa whatever her name is…

    Lynn Sweet would not be stopped or diverted from stating that it was the OBAMA CAMP that pushed the story of Hillary and the RFK statement…they sent Keith O’s video to all the media and Lynn Sweet definitively states that it was the OBAMA CAMP that made this the huge story it became…

    Obama and his camp are so cynical…so vile…that they would exploit the memory of RFK to hurt Hillary and further hurt her chances…

    please someone post that clip if possible…thx
    S | 05.26.2008 – 11:33 am | #

  109. skm12, that is definately not a bad idea, we should put an AD in a large-circulated newspaper like USA Today pleading Hillary to stay in this race – not a bad idea!

  110. The thing is, I think the sd’s are so afraid now of being called racists that they are afraid to step away from BO. Barring massive scandal that they can just use to show him the door, I think it’s a given that the party wants BO.

    Is the ballot at the convention secret?

    I’m just not sure where this is going but I do not that I don’t recognize the party now and wont’ be voting dem if Hillary isn’t the nominee

  111. Not a bad idea, but the focus needs to be on the three states left to vote. We want to make sure that they know what a fraud he is, and how badly Hillary needs their support.

  112. djia Says:

    May 25th, 2008 at 11:41 pm
    RECOUNT the movie (watched by millions) + Obambi camp admitting to GS they PUSHED the “kennedy Assasination-gate” TPM = The Titanic :D..
    Obambi push this because he wanted to keep his AAs under his wing and hurt Hillary Clinton. Hillary should say eff you and that he isn’t they only one with backing from the Kennedys.

    Also, my sister was pushing that crap and I told her to stop with the lies and and Obambi haven’t won anything yet. They both need the SDs to win the nomination and if the SD and Democrats think scare tactics like Judges and Roe vs Wade will convince most of Hillary Clinton supporters they have another thing coming.

    Remember it’s not the party who will be in the White House but the person and his values and character is very, very important for this country.

    G.W.Bush didn’t listen to anybody once he made up his pea brain so why would I believe Obambi is going to be different? I have to base Obambi on how he has run his campaign….and his WEAK ASS resume.

    btw:President Carter has truely embarrassed himself and his fine work post his terrible term as president. He’s still floundering in the middle east.

  113. The states Hillary will win also includes:

    North Carolina
    West Virginia

    Hmm those purple states………..



  114. Let’s face it, they are beating her up so she does not maintain the popular vote lead.

    Hillary is focusing on the three remaing voting blocks. We need to follow her lead.

  115. Why is Keith Olberman on the air? Has he been promised the press secretary job in an Obambi admin?

  116. skmf12, I wrote an open letter to Hillary in Feb., It was asking her to stay in. That’s how long they have been after her. I will repost it here. It has many typos, I am not good at letters, but you can see that I wrote an open letter. BRB

  117. This was written on Feb. 27th

    Dear Senator Clinton,
    You were not my first choice for this election. I watched in 04′ at the democratic convention when all the pundits were wondering if you would run against George Bush. While watching the 04′ convention I watched Barack Obama (someone I had never heard of) give a speech that knocked my socks off. I went to work the next day and told all the other democrats about Mr. Obama and told them I thought he was fantastic and that he should run in 08′. Myself and few black people are the only democrats that work at the hospital that I work at in Texas. All of them assured me that America would never elect a black man for President of the United States. Oh no, this guy is special, I think he will make it. I asked them also what about Hillary Clinton. They said,everyone in America hates her, she will never get elected! We love her and husband because they were really good for black causes in America.
    I never considered you at that time because all of the negativity that I heard about you! I watched you proclaim your “I’m in and I’m in it to win” statement. I thought, well maybe she can get in, afterall New York loves her. I also have to admit that I really didn’t pay much attention to you when you were in the White House with Bill, although my heart went out to you during the impeachment hearing and all the publicity.
    I started to watch you everyday during the last year and became so convinced you are the woman who can lead this country back on track that I never gave Senator Obama a second look. I was given your book “A Living History” and that was it, I knew your are the one. Everything you accomplished at a very early age to the present time totally impressed me.
    I watched you at the begging of the real campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire while the pundits threw mud at you. I watch you during every debate. The first debates you were inspiring, you seem to be the only one on stage that knew anything about the country. The other candidates were given more time to answer questions and the questions they got were easier than your, still you endured. Your running mates at several of the debates joined Tim Russert in roasting you at every debate, they threw stones at every possible chance. They brought things up, like your electability, your alledged devisiveness. They brought up in failure at Healthcare in 1992. They brought up some of your husbands failed policies and blamed you for them. I watched at every debate and every one of there campaign stops maligned with such gusto that I was embarrassed for you. I was mad for you. I watched you take all the darts, underhanded statements, nasty statements like ” well Hillary, your likeable enough.”and endure them with a smile. I watch every 24 hour news station put up the worst looking pictures of you, as well as media outlets on the internet(drudge report).
    I started really getting interested in politics and I started coming here to get away from all the nasty statements about you. What I found on this blog was more of the same, but some with more hateful comments than was even on television. I also learned of more blogs and I started going to them and I found more hate filled comments about you, your family and anything you had accomplished to help the little guy like me, that just are trying to earn a living.

    As I have watched this election open with all its wonder I have decided you are the only person who can and will fight with every fiber of being for us the little guy.
    While watching all this malice toward you and your family, I became an avid supporter of yours and I found that I was extremely sensitive to womens issues and I hadn’t realized that before. Now as the race is getting tighter the pundits, repubicans, the democrats and even members of the DNC have come out with such malice against you, it is astounding.
    Senator Clinton, what has changed for me from the 04′ speech of Senator Obama gave, was that I have become to know you as such a fighter, a person who just keeps on going no matter how much crap they can throw at you.
    I know what the woman in New Hampshire meant when she asked you “how do you keep going?”, she wanted to know how you handle such outright malice and still keep going. I wanted to tell her that you do it because you are compelled to help us. You feel such a commitment to help the poor, disenfranchized, disabled, the sick, the aged that you put yourself out there everyday for us.
    I am now asking you not to drop out early, please do not allow the DNC, pundits, media to pressure you to the point you drop out for the good of the party. I want you to take it to the floor of convention, if you will do this for me, I will stand up for you as you have stood for me. It is us the little man or woman, that needs you to roll up your sleeves and get things done as no one else has the ability to do as you do. This political season has become personal to me as I have watched you suffer, I have suffered with you. I was proud of you when you finally got mad at the sheer lies from the Obama camp being circulated about the very issue most dear to my heart. I watched at the debate last evening make your points about healthcare with such conviction that I was so proud of you. I just hope all those people who need healthcare will vote for you next Tuesday because you are the only one that will fight for it for us. Senator Obama has already given up on it, otherwise, he would be taking your lead against the healthcare industry and he is not.
    If you take this to the convention, I will come to Denver to stand up for you! Please do this for us, the American People.
    I know what you meant when you said, you would be alright and Senator Obama would be alright no matter the outcome of the nomination. You and Senator Obama will still have a roof over your head, money in the bank, the best healthcare the United States can provide, but will we?

  118. Hey you guys made the Daily Kos, they are pooping in their pants over groups like us and others, check out the site, clintondems.com. Also there is going to be a rally in Hollywood Calif. at the Laugh Factory on May 30. Details are at clintondems.com, we must organize and hit the streets. Rise Hillary Rise!!!

    I copied and pasted the comment from the Daily Kos here from the Liberal Rapture site:

    Just got this email from a reader. It is a KOS-CO poster about Clinton supporters.

    “who the fuck are these people? i mean, seriously, WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE!?!? the hillaryis44, mydd, noquarter crowd, who the fuck still supports HRC? who supported her in the first place? i really don’t get it, how can people with whom i agree on a large percentage of issues – be so far gone on the hillary issue? goddamn. fucking woman needs to be launched into outer space (not to return)”


    Nice people.
    John: south of Melrose | 05.25.08 – 11:06 pm | #

  119. skmf12, that open letter was written on Feb27th and its seems filled with old information. Things have sure changed of the coarse of 3 months. What has changed is that its all way worse now!

  120. confloyd,

    thank you…
    could we write a new one as ‘justmeinmountdoraff’ suggests, and print it in a major paper, it would serve to purposes.
    one it would tell hillary in a way she couldnt miss,
    and two, it would tell s d’s in a way they couldnt miss…


    let me know where to contribute for the ad…


    let me know where to contribute for the ad…

    I will be happy to contribute also.

    I am here in Cali visiting my son and grandson., His wife aunt came over Sunday. First thing she started talking about was Hillary and the RK comment. She assumed i was for O, I let her have it. I told her if it is between O and McCain, I said i would vote McCain. I will just have to suffer the next four years before i vote for O. My daughter in law told her she was talking to a serious Hillary supporter, and for her not to mention anything negative around me about Hillary
    She became very quiet

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