Latinos and Women: Boycott NBC and MSNBC and Obama

Update: Obama was forced to campaign in Puerto Rico today – so much for “it’s over”. Meanwhile a new Quinnipiac Poll:

Plagued by a defection of Clinton supporters and white working class voters, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the leading Democratic presidential contender, trails Arizona Sen. John McCain, the likely Republican candidate, in Florida and Ohio, according to simultaneous Quinnipiac University Swing State polls released today. Sen. Obama is six points ahead in Pennsylvania. New York Sen. Clinton wins handily in all three states. No one has been elected President since 1960 without taking two of these three largest swing states in the Electoral College.


In the McCain-Obama matchups, 26 to 36 percent of Clinton supporters in each state say that if Obama is the nominee they would switch to the Republican in November. Only 10 to 18 percent of Obama supporters say they would defect to McCain if Clinton is the nominee.

The numbers for Florida and Ohio are good news for Sen. John McCain and should be worrisome for Sen. Barack Obama. That is especially true about Ohio, which decided the 2004 election. Ohio’s economy is worse than the rest of the country and the Republican brand there is in disrepute. McCain’s Buckeye lead may be a sign that nationally this may not be the easy Democratic walk to the White House that many expected,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.


The boys at NBC and MSNBC must be BOYcotted.

The misogyny at NBC and MSNBC is rampant. Now the added target is latinos – particularly those in Puerto Rico.

It’s won’t take much of a boycott effort. Already, without a boycott, not many people watch the 24 hour a day infomercials for Obama broadcast by NBC/MSNBC.

The Obama Party line repeated at NBC/MSNBC was starkly made by Donna Brazile: A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.

We should also consider a general boycott of General Electric’s appliance division which GE is trying to sell.

* * *

Hillary Supporters Count Too provides contact information for advertisers on NBC/MSNBC.

Obama, aided and abetted by the ill disguised infomercials on NBC/MSNBC is adding Puerto Rico to the 46 state strategy – joining Florida, Michigan, West Virginia and Kentucky – as voters that don’t count. Obama is busy insulting Puerto Rico by not campaigning there.

On NBC and MSNBC the Obama Party line is that Puerto Rico ‘does not count’. Obama hates the latino vote because latinos have consistently voted against him.

The fear from Obama and NBC/MSNBC is that millions of Puerto Ricans will come out to vote – For Hillary.

PUERTO RICO, an afterthought trophy for the United States 110 years ago at the end of the Spanish-American War and an island in limbo since, has become an improbable player in the contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Its primary on June 1 could bolster Mrs. Clinton’s claim to a majority of the popular vote — the combined tally for all the Democratic primaries and caucuses held across the country over the past six months.

Puerto Rico’s formal role in the process is indeed weighty. Its 63 voting delegates — 55 elected ones and eight superdelegates — at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer will outnumber delegations from more than half the states (including Kentucky and Oregon) and the District of Columbia. Yet Puerto Rico does not have a vote in the Electoral College, nor will its 2.5 million registered voters cast ballots for president in November.

Kevin Spacey, who stars in the movie Recount, about the 2000 battle for voting rights in Florida (Bush v. Gore) stated yesterday I do not see how you can pretend two million people did not vote.

Puerto Rico’s millions are destined by Obama and NBC/MSNBC to be removed from the history books.

* * *

Stalinism is alive.

Because Obama is running for president we are not to recognize historical facts. Millions voted in Florida and Michigan, but they are to be wiped off the pages of history. Robert Kennedy was slaughtered on a June day. That historical fact too will be wiped off the pages of history. The Bush v. Gore battles and the stolen election of 2000 – never accepted by Big Media, will be wiped off the pages of history too. The importance of West Virginia and Kentucy will be wiped off the historical record too. Puerto Rico is to be wiped off the historical record as well.

DailyKooks and Arriana Huff n’ Puff and Talking Pimps Memo will all assist in the Stalinist “cleansing” of history.

Hillary, like Robert Kennedy, is the senator from New York – a thought that occurs to no one in Big Media or Big Blogs.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is not a Stalinist:

“It is clear from the context that Hillary was invoking a familiar political circumstance in order to support her decision to stay in the race through June. I have heard her make this reference before, also citing her husband’s 1992 race, both of which were hard fought through June. I understand how highly charged the atmosphere is, but I think it is a mistake for people to take offense.”

The Argus Leader’s Executive Editor Randell Beck issued the following statement today:

“The context of the question and answer with Sen. Clinton was whether her continued candidacy jeopardized party unity this close to the Democratic convention. Her reference to Mr. Kennedy’s assassination appeared to focus on the timeline of his primary candidacy and not the assassination itself.”

Linfar is not a Stalinist.

* * *

This is another permutation of the race baiting that Obama has been engaged in this entire campaign season.

We know why the race baiting by Obama is occurring: Hillary beats McCain and Obama is unelectable.

Clinton’s white support [44%] is unusually high: at a comparable point in the 2004 election, Democratic nominee John Kerry received the support of 36 percent of white voters, compared to George W. Bush’s 48 percent, and in June of 2000, Bush led Al Gore 48 percent to 39 percent.

Hillary appeals to voters – the white working class – which eggheads in the Democratic? Party have disdained for years. Hillary can unite African-Americans and white working class voters in a powerful, true Democratic Party.

David Axelrod of the Obama campaign : The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes.

Axelrod is wrong. Winning Democrats, like Bill and Hillary Clinton, win the white working class vote.

Representative Corrine Brown (D-Florida) introducing Hillary in Boca Raton: “You are going to count us now, or don’t count on us later.”

Boycott NBC, MSNBC and Obama.

“You are going to count us now, or don’t count on us later.”


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  1. Let’s get the Obama iinsult to Latinos and Puerto Rico to latino/Puerto Rican news outlets.

    Let’s not whine about Big Media bias, let’s fight Big Media bias.

  2. We need to get this out as soon as possible. Not just to PR, but other areas in NM, even part of big cities.

  3. Yes, let’s fight big media bias. I reiterate from the prior thread;

    “The media misconstruing remarks – INTENTIONALLY – shows how they’ve taken sides in this campaign.
    I refer them to Robert Kennedy Jr, who has defended what I was trying to say, and continues to support me.

    I will not be deterred from fixing this country’s problems, and if I have to go to Denver to do it, then that’s exactly what I’m prepared to do.”


    She needs to pivot off this and make the media the issue in this campaign once and for all – which I’ve been saying for months.
    Just standing there and taking this is not the Clinton way.

    Use it as an opportunity to fight.

  4. From the previous thread, which no one will look at now…

    LEMONS INTO LEMONADE (Or, The Mother of All Outrages):

    # Berkeley Vox Says:
    May 24th, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Great point wbboei. Every time Clinton makes any comment that can be taken out of context, Obama intentionally takes it out of context. It’s one of his most divisive tendencies, and it’s repugnant.

    We need to take this baseless attack and turn it against them.

    I think we can all recall how outraged Obama’s supporters were that his cooments about “bitter” people “clinging” to their guns, religion etc., were taken out of context. They said it was a disservice to the campaign to go into gutter politics, and the politics of Gotcha, and that they wanted to talk about issues.

    Now, however, we hear of all the OUTRAGED Obama supports. “Beyond the pale”, said Clyburn. I can imagine Sharpton was “exercised” too. I would assume Ogremann would do a special double-length Special Comment, full of haughty indignation.

    It seems that this knee jerk outrage reaction is how they intend to continue running against Clinton. If Obama is the nominee, Clyburn, Brazile, etc. will be daily outraged.

    “I’m more outraged than I was yesterday,
    But not as much as to-morrrr-rrroow”.
    (Song by Spiral Staircase from the late 60s, lyrics slightly modified).

    Poor Mr. Clyburn. The doctor is going to have to warn him against reading any newspapers. “Your blood pressure is 900 / 300, at rest”.

    And for argument’s sake, if Obama is “installed” by the DNC, and runs against McCain, the whole premise of Obama’s candidacy is that McCain is a racist. “I have never been more incensed in my life by what McCain said yesterday about…” “It doesn’t get any lower than that”. “I think what he said was actually CRIMINAL”.

    And as a thought exercise, imagine four or eight years of OUTRAGE diplomacy. “The Prime Minister of Porkchopistan has made the most egregious comments in the history of the world”, said Rev/Minister ___, of the latest controversy about ___. It would all be about magnifying every perceived slight, and twisting quotes out of context.

    As for what Hillary said, Robert Kennedy Jr. himself said that Hillary has made this reference before, about why candidates are still running hard even into June.

    Here is what the OUTRAGED Obama people would like us believe she intended, if we can read between the lines to decipher her encoded racist messages:

    “I Hillary Clinton, am not a strong candidate, and have become irrelevant, like Bill Richardson in February. Knowing my candidacy is doomed, I will however “hang in there” until the convention in case Obama is assissinated. That’s my only chance. Hey, sometimes these things happen.”

    This reverse racism is itself the outrageous action. This is a manufactured a controversy, distorting and taking out of context a quote. Let me guess: is this the “new kind of politics”, “post-partisan politics”, or the “politics of hope”???

    This was stirred up by a New York Post writer (where their agenda is a) get Clinton out of the race, then b) turn on Obama to continue electing Republicans), then spread by Drudge, and then picked up and amplified by every Obamazoid, who are dousing the fire with gasoline. They would like to change the topic from Obama’s problems (can’t win solid core Democrats, older voters, middle/lower class, Latinos, GLBT, etc.), and hope this overshadows discussion of FL/MI being seated, and the upcoming three primaries.

    So let’s turn this on them. I’ll have more takes on this, I can tell. Let’s bounce ideas off each other.

  5. State Dispute Imperils Dem Endgame
    By Craig Crawford | May 22, 2008 6:00 AM | Permalink | Comments (454)

    Might Hillary Rodham Clinton carry her crusade for Florida and Michigan beyond her own presidential campaign?

    Interviewed in Florida on Wednesday, the struggling Democratic hopeful vowed to go all the way to the national convention if necessary to seat delegates from the renegade states. “I will consult with Floridians and the voters in Michigan because it’s really their voices that are being ignored and their votes that are being discounted, and I’ll support whatever the elected officials and the voters in those two states want to do.” (AP, 5/21)

    While many assume that Clinton’s vow includes a threat to take her own candidacy to the convention floor, that is not necessarily the case. Clinton could suspend her campaign in June, as some think she will do unless her fortunes rapidly change, and still seek leverage for deal-making at the convention by continuing to champion the cause for Florida and Michigan.

    Of course, at any moment Barack Obama could end the whole matter by signaling to the Democratic National Committee that he accepts seating the state delegations now barred for violating party rules on scheduling primaries.

    But Obama might not be comfortable with seating Florida and Michigan, even if he gathers enough superdelegate endorsements for a winning majority and Clinton suspends her campaign. She could always revive her candidacy if something suddenly reversed Obama’s chances, causing unbound delegates to waver. And in such circumstances, the two large-state delegations (which gave Clinton the lion’s share of their primary votes) could become a crucial factor if Obama had earlier agreed to seat them.

    Clinton is best served by a failure to resolve the dispute before the August convention, giving her a platform to make trouble all summer — even if her own campaign has gone into hibernation.


    I tried to click on Linfar’s link, but it has been removed apparently.

    404 Not Found
    The requested URL / does not exist.

    Could someone find out a) if it can be posted in full here, b) who the heck at mydd nuked it?

  7. Blue,

    BTW, Mark Shields, who for years I considered to be heads above the rest among democratic pundits, was apparently blaring how Hill ‘must be held accountable’ for what she said. Yeah, ok Mark.

    Wasn’t that absolutely SICKENING ?

    These Obamazoids must be smoking some new kind of crack for David Brooks to come off as the voice of reason. Not to mention the fact that Hillary has been referencing RFK campaigning as late as June until he was assassinated, for more than TWO AND A HALF MONTHS.

    They are DESPERATE to try and fine SOMETHING to knock her out of the race.


    Lost in the excitement of Barack Obama’s coronation this week was an inconvenient fact of Tuesday’s results: Hillary Clinton netted approximately 150,000 votes and is now poised to finish the primary season as the popular-vote leader. In some quaint circles, presumably, these things still matter.

    Real Clear Politics keeps track of six versions of the popular-vote total. They are, in ascending order of inclusivity: (1) the popular vote of sanctioned contests; (2) the total of sanctioned contests, plus estimated votes from the Iowa, Nevada, Maine and Washington caucuses; (3) the popular vote plus Florida; (4) popular vote plus Florida and the caucuses; (5) the popular vote plus Florida and Michigan; (6) popular vote plus Florida, Michigan, and the caucus estimates. After Tuesday, Clinton now leads in two of these six counts.

    If you believe that the most important precept in democratic politics is to “count every vote,” then the sixth category is the most inclusive, and here Clinton leads Obama by 71,301 votes. Of course, this includes the Michigan result, where Sen. Obama had removed his name from the ballot. So while it may be the most inclusive, it may not be the most fair.

    The third and fourth counts – the ones which include Florida – seem more fair. Here, Obama is clinging to a slight lead of 146,786 votes (257,008, with the caucus estimates). However, with Puerto Rico, Montana, and South Dakota remaining, he will almost certainly finish behind her in these counts, likely by a few hundred thousand votes.

    But could Clinton take over the lead in all of the popular-vote tabulations? Quite possibly. In Puerto Rico’s last major election, two million people voted. Let’s assume that turnout for this historic vote – Puerto Rico has never had a presidential primary before – will be equal to or greater than that turnout.

    If Clinton were to win Puerto Rico by 20 points she would pick up at least a 400,000-vote margin. This would allow her to swamp Obama in the popular-vote counts, which include Florida, making her the leader in four of the six permutations of the popular vote. At that point, Obama would be left clinging to the least-inclusive count, which he now leads by 441,558 votes (551,780, including caucuses).

    To understand how razor-thin this majority is, consider that if the Puerto Rico turnout is slightly larger than we have imagined – or Clinton’s margin is slightly greater – then Clinton would finish the primary process leading in every conceivable vote count. With two million voters, a 28 percent victory would put Clinton over the top even in the count, which excludes Florida and Michigan and includes estimates for Obama’s caucus victories.

    It is this looming prospect which explains the tremendous pressure Obama partisans and the media are putting on Clinton to drop out of the race. They want her gone now because they understand that she has an excellent chance of finishing as the undisputed people’s choice.

    Would it matter if Clinton were the undisputed (or even disputed) popular-vote winner? That’s hard to say. The question is, matter to whom? The superdelegates will determine the nominee and there’s no telling what will sway them. They have no objective criteria from which to make their decisions. But if they were to deny the popular-vote champ the nomination, there is a real question of whether Democratic voters would reconcile themselves to the decision. As it is, much of the talk about Democratic defections in November has been overstated.

    Partisan voters almost always come home after their candidate loses. The problem arises when a candidate’s supporters believe that their guy (or gal) didn’t lose. Expect the chorus calling for Clinton’s withdrawal to grow louder over the next week, with people insisting that she has no “path to victory.”

    Clinton’s path is both obvious and simple: Win the popular vote and force Barack Obama and his cheerleaders to explain why that doesn’t matter.

  9. Jas,
    You asked about what Claire Mc said in her email about her endorsement of BO. I’ll give you snippets…it’s too long to type the whole thing. It was written on May 20 and emailed May 22.

    Dear Friend,
    During the last few months, you contacted me at my Senate office to discues the Presidential race and my endorsement of Senator Barack Obama.
    …This was not an easy decision. The Democratic Party has fielded several strong candidates…this year…including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I have the utmost respect to Sen Clinton …and electing a strong capable woman to become President of the USA is a dream I hope to see come true in my lifetime.
    However at this moment in history. we need a special person, with intellect and vision, who cn stope the political games, unite our country, and bring fundamental change. I believe Barack Obama is that person. As a bonus, he has motivated a new generation to participate and has convinced many Americans that they need to be part of the changes…
    …Once in a generation, an opportunity comes along…not just for the Democratic party, but for the United States of America…to build a new majority for change. …For the sake of our party and our country. we cannot let this opportunity pass.
    …Now is the time for us tohave the courage to choose to change. Now is the time for Barack Obama.

    Well, Jas, that’s as much as I can stand to repeat from her long email and it goes on and on. Now doesn’t that make you just want to go right out and jump on Claire’s re=election band wagon.

    I, for one, can hardly wait until she may possibly seek re-election so that I can proudly VOTE AGAINST CLARIE MACASKILL.
    She probably thinks BO may pick her as VP and SHE will be the woman she is dreaming about to become president IN HER LIFETIME.

  10. As it is, much of the talk about Democratic defections in November has been overstated.
    Partisan voters almost always come home after their candidate loses.

    This is the assumption we need to combat. Thank God for groups such as “Clinton Supporters Count Too”, “Operation Turndown”, etc.

    I’m trying to keep track of them at h t t p : / /
    but can’t update it as often as I’d like. I’m putting some updates into its message board instead of the main page.

  11. Might anyone have an ear to the ground about the remaining three primaries? Poll-wise, that is.

  12. And, Jas, if you are not yucked out enough by our dear senator, she goes on to say…and this part…gee whiz…

    “Rumor and innuendo always play a role in politics, a trend that has been magnified by the Internet, but I urge you to look past the lies that have been created…to see Senator Obama for the GIFTED Leader that he truly is.” (GAG! Poor BO has been so mistreated. GAG!)

    When this primary election season is over…I have no doubt that Democrats will unite behind our nominee. It is my belief that we will be joined by independents and Rep. who are ready for a change, and I believe that Barack Obama will bring that change this country needs. (DOUBLE GAG)

    Of course I sent a reply explaining that my family, friends and I would NEVER vote for BO or her.

  13. NYTimes link. To see the whole thing:

    Overall, the article was fairly balanced. But again, I detect PrObama tendencies, merely in their headline:

    Clinton Remark on Kennedy’s Killing Stirs Uproar

    …. (some excerpts, and my $$$$ comments inserted)

    Privately, aides to Mr. Obama were furious about the remark.

    $$$$ No, they feigned outrage. They were probably dancing, singing “mabye this will be the Thing to kill her candidacy”. Oooh, did I use the word “kill”?

    Concerns about Mr. Obama’s safety led the Secret Service to give him protection last May, before it was afforded to any other presidential candidate, although Mrs. Clinton had protection, too, in her capacity as a former first lady. Mr. Obama’s wife, Michelle, voiced concerns about his safety before he was elected to the Senate, and some black voters have even said such fears weighed on their decision of whether to vote for him.

    $$$$ Ummm, aren’t there concerns about Ms. Clinton’s life too?

    It was against that backdrop that Mrs. Clinton’s mentioning the Kennedy assassination in the same breath as her own political fate struck some as going too far. Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, an uncommitted superdelegate, said through a spokeswoman that the comments were “beyond the pale.”

    $$$$ Mr. Clyburn was so outraged, that he could not even bare to take this newest highest level of personal offense public. So a spokeswoman had to convey his rage for him. We all hope he is recuperating from this latest bout of Outrage-itis. Oh, and it is contagious.

    So we catch MSM again promoting a false “gaffe”, then accusing the victim of being gaffe-prone, thereby a poor politician who can’t win.

    I can imagine some MSNBC talking head say, “Even if her words were taken out of context, if there’s no “there” there, that it’s a non-gaffe, that just goes to show you that she’s prone to these kind of attacks. This is what the Republicans would do to her, and why the Dems should run like hell to their savior, Obama”.

    This is just like the Republicans 8 years of CLINTON SCANDAL, a new “scandal” every week to try to keep them from accomplishing anything that would work against their “constituents” (Big Oil, Big Media, Financial sector) who did not like all those regulations and oversight.

  14. Admin — Fantastic post.

    Also, fantastic last comment.

    I think that there are two things to focus on right now for HRC supporters/anti-Barack coalition members:

    1. Turning out the Puerto Rico vote as high as humanly possible.

    As Admin says — and does the Philly Inquirer — we are incredibly close to having the outright popular vote lead, under any circumstances. This is gigantic and we have to go for that goal.

    The ONLY reason Bambi isn’t seating the FL/MI delegates is because he doesn’t want to be seen as ‘giving in’ to those states’ popular votes. This is why he started going ‘3/5th of a vote’ earlier this week, talking about votes counting half and other things which would make Voting Rights Act activists cringe. Abysmal. The reporter who wrote above surmising that there are other considerations is either a Bambiphile or doesn’t understand what’s going on at ground level.

    We have to push as hard as possible to win the popular vote by as many metrics as we can.

    And to that end…

    2. It’s time that we started letting the people in Montana and south Dakota know more about Bambi’s ties to One World Government poster child Zbigniew Brzezinski and his Trilateral Commission.

    As most know, people in that area of the country aren’t terribly fond of the U.N. and other such organizations. Helping these masses be informed of Brzezinski and his own blue-hatters would be a timely public service for us.


    As most here have noted, the manufactured outrage over the RFK comment shows that Bambi’s Brigades are:

    not feeling very good about having ‘won’
    doing all they can to derail the next two weeks

    Good. We are where we want to be. As was the case with the “HRC as VP” freak-outs by the Bambians, they are self-detonating and looking like the unhinged personages that they are.

    Love it. Let them keep right on going.

    With Bambi quitting on Puerto Rico, we need to drive that differential up as far as possible, which means getting as large of turnout as we can.

    Admin’s idea is fantastic: Let Latinos know that they are being MUCHO dissed by Bambi. Particular areas to spread this news are on NY newspapers sites and chat boards. Many Puerto Rican families live there. Same goes for hitting other sites with Puerto Rican readers.

    Let’s rock and roll.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO!” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  15. NYTimes blog-crap

    The Washington Post’s Libby Copeland tries to put the uproar into context:

    The fear of a president or a presidential candidate being shot or assassinated is horrifying precisely because recent history teaches us that it can happen. We don’t need anybody to remind us, and we certainly don’t need anybody to remind whatever suggestible wackos might be lurking in the shadows.

    $$$ Ah yes. Nobody though about Obama’s safety until Hillary sent out the encoded message to her ninjas.

    In the context of Obama, Clinton’s words broke a double taboo, because since the beginning of his candidacy, some of Obama’s supporters have feared that his race made him more of a target than other presidential hopefuls.

    $$$ Obama’s supporters say every criticism is taboo. “When Clinton mentioned that ‘her opponent was campaigning in Florida’, was she trying to provide coordinates to hit men?”

    Obama was placed under Secret Service protection early, a full year ago. To be unaware that one’s words tap into a monumental fear that exists in a portion of the electorate — a fear that Obama’s race could get him killed — is an unusual mistake for a serious and highly disciplined presidential candidate.

    $$$$ Hey lady, in case you haven’t noticed, MSM regularly trashes Clinton for some perceived gaffe-du-jour: Bosnia air strip. Gas-tax pandering.

    On MSNBC yesterday, David Axelrod, a top adviser to Senator Barack Obama, gave Mrs. Clinton the benefit of the doubt in terms of her meaning, and maintained the campaign’s line that “she has every right to stay in this race.”

    $$$ Awfully decent you, old chap.

    To think that Clinton would try to say that she’s hanging in there just in case “anything happens” would be undermining her case that she’s the stronger candidate.

  16. Sorry about any problems with the link that that is mentioned above.

    The link for today’s story at mydd is here. this is on Hillary Hate by a Bristish fellow who really and truly gets it. It is the best roundup I have seen

    sorry about any problem with it.

    If the link talked about earlier was the story about not swiftboarttng hillary, that diary is now off the rec list–but it stayed up until minutes ago 🙂

  17. John McLaughlin said on the latest ‘McLaughlin Group’ that “THE TIDE HAS TURNED” for Hillary. He said that if she wins Puerto Rico by 50% or more, Hillary will have “A COMMANDING POPULAR VOTE LEAD”.

    He showed a poll from Research and Research:


    50% – Hillary

    37% – Bambi

    13% – Unsure


    For your amusement…From noquarter, the “Map”, and some comments, including this Obamabot’s comments, and my frisky rejoinder:

    Comment by Ben | 2008-05-24 12:33:25

    I have a question for you Hillary Sociopaths; When Obama is finally crowned the nominee, in your rage will you try to gun him down like Hillary “mispoke” about? Will you kill him like a dog so that Hillary’s destiny can finally be full filled?

    I ask because I am trying to figure out exactly how crazy you people are.

    2008-05-24 12:42:46

    Ben is a f*ckhead. I don’t want Obama killed. I wish him no bodily harm. In fact, I hope for his sake that he is successful in quitting smoking. If he is installed as the nominee, I’d enjoy seeing him lose badly in November. There, was that SO INSANE?

    PS, Dummyhead Ben misspelled “mispoke”. His word implies that Hillary tried to poke someone, but missed.

  19. I do believe what the article suggests, is that the media will pay bigtime for this. There is going to huge racial unrest if they continue with this race-baiting. I keep saying this is exactly what Obama learned from Frank Davis when he was young. This is a communist tool! This is just my opinion. Civil unrest is what they want to achieve in order to take over and they are doing it by watching every word Hillary/Bill say and twisting into a race-baiting inuendo and the media follows thru for them. I believe this whole thing has been planned and is working except the good people of America is catching on to the scheme and voting against him, although late, hopefully with the help of the superdelegates we can stop this.

    I have also seen the video Farrakhan talking about Obama, he suggests that the media must be controlled and that’s exactly what they(Obama) is doing. I am sure they are doing it with money.

  20. # Joe Friday Says:
    May 24th, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    50% – Hillary
    37% – Bambi
    13% – Unsure

    Sure looks like Florida numbers, eh? (50/33 in FL). And sounds like Tweety wants to treat PR like FL too.

    Hardballs might as well just say: “Any state that doesn’t have the brains to vote for Obama is not qualified to be seated at the convention.”

  21. Universal Says:
    May 24th, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    This is why he started going ‘3/5th of a vote’ earlier this week, talking about votes counting half and other things which would make Voting Rights Act activists cringe. Abysmal.

    Remember the census used to count slaves as “3/5 of a person” back in the 1800’s? Is this where Obama is drawing his inspiration from?

    Very curious.

  22. rgb44hrc, Oh, the people on some of these blogs are really nuts. They are a danger to society. I am so tired of them, I don’t even go to other sites that have them and when I do I scroll past their insane comments.
    We will not be deterred in getting Hillary elected, she is the best candidate! Let them all sound so desperate! We will just stay focused on the last 3 primaries!

  23. rgb44hrc:

    Oh yeah, that’s why I used the 3/5ths number.

    Bambi didn’t use that fraction — but he may as well have with the respect he is showing the MI/FL voters, especially after 2000!


    If you haven’t seen it, check it out — Brand-new video:

    “The Obama Equation”

    Demonstrating the inherent danger of The Bambi Doctrine.
    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO!” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  24. Hi everyone,

    Taking a breather 🙂 The spin for her to get out when she is on the brink of moving into an undeniably winning position is incredible.

    The Obama campaign’spouncing in innocent remarks is old news. Why doesn’t rthe msms cartch on??

    I think the british guy in this article is right on the money. America has lost its mind–so to speak.

    IK am off to make my quota of phone calls. 🙂

    don’t forget, new diary here:

  25. This whole thing infuriates me. How could any rational person, when watching the video OF WHAT HILLARY ACTUALLY SAID and seeing the statements from RFK Jr. and the Argus-Leader guy, think she was referring to anything other than the race going into June.

    I’m sick and tired of this shit and am more determined than ever to not vote Obama in November.

    BTW, I like Blue Dem’s suggested response from Hillary from early in this thread.

  26. Paula, I think a lot of people are going to feel the same way.
    I forced myself to watch the Ogreman comment, it was so disgusting that I wished I could of slapped him. It makes me so mad and I feel helpless to figure out what to do to counteract this latest attack on Hillary by MSNBC.
    KO had better hope that Obama gets elected, because I can guarantee you if Hillary is in, he will have to eat crow everyday along with Tweety and Pumpkinhead!

  27. Souther Born:

    It will be a cold day in hell before I vote for McCaskill. I hope she enjoys her time in D.C., because if I have anything to do with that, she won’t be back in 2012!

  28. Interesting read in the NYTimes, about the Puerto Rico primary:

    May 25, 2008
    Obama and Clinton Are Spending the Holiday Campaigning in Puerto Rico

    SAN JUAN, P.R. — Puerto Rico traditionally complains of being ignored by the rest of the United States, but that has just changed, if only for the moment. With a Democratic presidential primary to be held here on June 1, both Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are spending the long Memorial Day holiday weekend campaigning in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

    Mrs. Clinton, now the clear underdog, has been especially active, combining American and Latin American campaign techniques in hopes of demonstrating her continued strength among yet another Hispanic constituency. She has not only employed television and radio advertisements in Spanish and English, but has also sent “batucada” percussion ensembles and mobile loudspeakers playing reggaeton chants into the streets to spread her message.

    Puerto Rico will send 63 delegates to the Democratic convention, nearly twice the combined total of Montana and South Dakota, the two states whose June 3 balloting will bring the primary season to an end. But given that Mr. Obama has already won a majority of the pledged delegates and also leads among superdelegates, Mrs. Clinton’s effort suggests she has an additional objective in mind here.

    “She’s trying to run up her margin of victory” in order to win more popular votes over all than Mr. Obama and bolster her contention that she would be a stronger candidate than him in November, said Angelo Falcón, president of the National Institute for Latino Policy. But that argument is not particularly persuasive, Mr. Falcón said, “due to this colonial relationship Puerto Rico has with the United States, which means that people on the island aren’t allowed to vote for president.”

    About four million people live in Puerto Rico, with a roughly equal number of Puerto Ricans residing on the American mainland, the largest single concentration being in the three-state New York City metropolitan area.


  29. I have been boycotting MSNBC, CNN and GE for months now. I hope this boycott really picks up steam because the only way these assholes are going to understand is through the pocket book.

  30. rbb44: that fucking ben needs to go back on prozac asap. Otherwise a labotomy may be necessary.

  31. Paula, I thought the politico article was very good. I’m very much looking forward to see McCain clobber both Obama and the MSM. Yes. MSM. They are indeed BO’s running mate.

    The RFK story and twisting Hillary’s words has gotten me so furious I just have tuned out to everything political… even Big Pink.

    Quite frankly, I’m to the point where I just can’t be a part of this Primary anymore. It’s sickening. It’s day after day of beating on one person who has done nothing but given her service for the public good for over 30 years. You have the GOP, Fox, Obama Campaign and the MSM all ganging up on one person. She has no one on her side that is equal to a Karl Rove who can hurl the trash thrown at her. No one who can scream “SHUT THE FUCK!”

    Are you guys about as drained as I am?

  32. filbertsf, I am and I can’t watch the lynching much longer, but I wonder how Hillary feels? I think you are on to something, we need a Karl Rove, where can we find him or her?

  33. I am going to woodstock type outdoor concert. A nurse friend of mine’s husband has a classic rock band. They are putting this on out in the middle of their cow pasture. It has always been loads of fun. Boy, do I need it after yesterday. Tomorrow, I will see what I can do to help! See you all later, lets keep our chins up and our eyes on the prize, bc you know that what Hillary and Bill and Chelsea are doing!!!

  34. filbertsf, yes you are right on that, right along side Axelrove, Bambi, Oberman, Mathews and Tweety. The all dwell in that special place where the embers are very hot!

  35. filbertsf
    Yes, I am tired and sometimes I have been actually sick over this horroble treatment of Hillary, the misogyny , the vrey fact that someone so unqualified as Barack could be running for the nomination, the racist bs, the fanaticism, etc etc, but I keep looking for every positive note I can find and I keep sending that data to
    all my friends and they forward them to all their friends and I get positive feedback from them and it helps us all to bear up under the pain and injustice till we get to the voting booth in November. Speak only positives of Hill’s campaign, point to the lies and distortions, hwlp others to understand what’s happening. That’s how I keep going, that ans listening to Hillary who is fascinating.

  36. Just a thought before I leave. IF anyone is looking to get anyone shot its the pundents on Msnbc. Both candidates are in great peril as this lynching of Hillary gets to an all-time creshendo!

  37. filbertsf: yes. but, as long as she hangs in there so will I. Our role is to fight these facists every step of the way. I am headed to the campaign office in Great Falls Montana in a few days. Care to join me?

  38. confloyd Says:

    May 24th, 2008 at 3:51 pm
    Paula, I think a lot of people are going to feel the same way.
    I forced myself to watch the Ogreman comment, it was so disgusting that I wished I could of slapped him. It makes me so mad and I feel helpless to figure out what to do to counteract this latest attack on Hillary by MSNBC.
    KO had better hope that Obama gets elected, because I can guarantee you if Hillary is in, he will have to eat crow everyday along with Tweety and Pumpkinhead!
    Easy, DON’T vote for Obama!!! Don’t reward bad behavior, period. Is this the kind of government you want? I sure in the HELL don’t. I can live with McCain but I can’t live with Obama and his race baiting tactics and storm trooper mentality in the Democratic party.

    Howard Dean and the rest of those sickos have lost their honor over their quest for power. Most of everything I’ve come to believe in the democrats have been torn assunder by those in quest for power.

    This Black WOMAN will NOT be voting for Obama if Hillary is not the nominee.

  39. Good — well, not good — I guess I’m not alone. Anyways, I gotta get out and do something to get away from all the trash that is MSM and Obama.

  40. DON”T GIVE UP, EVER!!!

    Senator Hillary Clinton IS a THREAT to Team Obama and they want her to quit and get out of the race….this is not new, it’s just disappointing but very telling that WEAK ASS OBAMBI can’t close the deal, with all the help he has been receiving.

    NEVER think your work is not being appreciated and uplifting to those who value this site.

    Remember, how you won your campaign is a indication on how you will be as president. So TAKE A DEEP BREATH and come out swinging…EFF the PARTY and VOTE for the BEST CANDIDATE TO BE POTUS.

    HIlliary Clinton IS #44

  41. He conquers who endures. ~Persius

    The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running. ~Author unknown, in reference to Ecclesiastes 9:11, “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.”

    If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking. ~Buddhist Saying


    Weekly, we are treated to the “What insane, racist remark has Hillary made?”

    So if these outraged individuals are going to publicly express their outrage, THEY NEED TO BE SPECIFIC. You can’t just say, “Hillary Clinton just says one outrageous thing after another”.

    It appears that these individuals took Hillary’s RFK remarks to be something along the lines of: “If Obama is assissinated, that would definitely help my chances of being the Democratic nominee”.

    Otherwise, why would they be saying (The Washington Post’s Libby Copeland wrote):

    In the context of Obama, Clinton’s words broke a double taboo, because since the beginning of his candidacy, some of Obama’s supporters have feared that his race made him more of a target than other presidential hopefuls.

    We too are concerned that any three of the Presidential hopefuls would be a target. We are happy they have Secret Service coverage, and we tolerate the extra waiting and searches for this reason.

    Two ways we can view this outrage:

    1. Genuine outrage that Hillary is talking of benefiting from an assassination, that it’s the only way she can win.

    If they truly feel Hillary is advocating the unspeakable, or would talk of benefitting from such a tragedy, THEY SHOULD SAY IT. It would take a lot of balls to come out and make such a claim, that McCain, Clinton, or any one, would want that.

    I know that many of these outraged people are saying amongst themselves, “We KNOW what she meant”. Well, if you truly feel that way, come out and say: “Hillary is a racist, who is hoping for Obama to get offed.”

    Of course, to say that would be off-the-charts nuts.

    2. Feigned outrage.

    If they don’t believe that, but want to milk this “opportunity” for all it is worth, they are practicing the lowest form of slime-ball politics.

    Obama may want to step up and be a man: “I find it completely preposterous that Hillary would advocate that harm would come to me for her own personal gain….yadda yadda”. I think he wants to steer clear of this, however, and let his henchman do the whisper campaign about what HILLARY REALLY MEANT.

  43. “Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown.”
    H. Ross Perot

    Remember Team Obama can say anything they want, but is what they say the TRUTH?

    HELL NO! It’s voter suppression tactic 101 and we must STAND in the face of this blatant bullshit intimidation and lies.

    Howard Dean need to go!

  44. When I get discouraged about the primary, what gives me hope is that we CAN get rid of Obama in November! And by demonstrating that we WILL vote against him then, maybe we can convince the DNC not to nominate him.

    This is something we can do as a break from regular campaign activity: promote “Clinton Supporters Count Too,” “Operation Turndown,” etc. (See my h t t p : / / )

    When the last voters have been heard from, then we can turn more attention to demonstrating to the DNC our NOVEMBER OPPOSITION for Obama.

  45. How Hillary’s done the last three months:

    Basically, “we won the second half.”

    Since March 4:

    Hillary votes: 6,519,685
    Obama votes: 6,007,744
    Margin: Hillary +511,941

    Hillary pledged delegates: 510
    Obama pledged delegates: 495
    Margin: Hillary +15 delegates

    Hillary contests: 7 (OH, RI, TX, PA, IN, WV, KY)
    Obama contests: 6 (VT, WY, MS, GU, NC, OR)

  46. I know Tweety Matthews and Barnicle make fun of Puerto Rican Vote. I saw Tweety claim that the vote in PR is not legitimate because they do not to vote in GE. M-ASS-NBC the National Barack corporation better be prepared for backlash from Puerto Ricans and other Latinos. I hope the boycott extends to General Electric too. I think we should organize petition campaign to let Jeffrey Immelt(CEO) know what his idiot anchors are up to. Their lies and twisting fact would come back and byte them in their butt.

    Here is matthews bashing Puerto Rico:

    I trie to embed but could not.

  47. clintondem: our people in Puerto Rico need to know how Obama surrogates feel about them and their vote. Obama is all about voter suppression.

  48. I am getting so much crap about trashing Obama online by my friends that have worked on the campaign. I can’t stand it. Everyone except my family has been telling me to vote for Obama if he is the nominee, and I feel I should, but I HATE him and his supporters.

  49. You can come over to my familly and vote. We are all going McCain, unless Senator Clinton is at the top of the ticket.

    You should never vote because people pressure you or you think you should. You should vote for someone because you want to.

    Dial your family and friends out. That is what is know as peer pressure, and you don’t have to take it.

  50. On Puerto Rico, we can do well there, HRC is there today, and I hope we send some more surrogates there tomorrow and on and on. Let’s crush him on the island 🙂

  51. Thanks NewMexicoFan, I am in a swing state, as you appear to be. Most of my family is going McCain if Obama is our nominee, but I am gonna write her in.

  52. Here is an idea: email NBC, MSNBC, and General Electric, especially General Electric. En masse. Demand that Keith Olberman repent, denounce, and repudiate his hate filled tantrum where he rakes Hillary over the coals for mentioning the word [ASSASSINATION]. Demand that he give a repudiation of his hatred speech reading Hillary’s 1995 “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” speech. As I was typing this speech into my website, I read it yet again – and it addresses the people like Olberman and the M-ASS-NBC [the National Barack Corporation] beautifully and perfectly. No greater punishment.

  53. WRITE-INS: please inquire of your state’s determination for write-in ballots. Here in Florida they do not count them, unless the candidate has completed requisite paperwork prior to the election.A vote thrown away will not help defeat Obama.

  54. Hawk- I hope you do not succumb to the pressure. In my view a vote for obama is a vote to ratify all the dirty tricks he has perpetrated during the course of his campaign. And the larger problem is what he would do to this country. The middle ground between supporting him vs. supporting McCain is to withold your vote. I know some people who were at sea on the issue as well, but decided not to support him because of his shameless exploitation of the rfk remark.

    By the way thanks for tanslating that letter for me into spanish. I gave it to our communications director in laredo and she used it with the local media.

  55. I’m not voting for Obama. I’ll vote for Hillary or McCain. Nothing will change that for me. I have decided. It’s locked in.

  56. I can’t vote for him, don’t worry. I think if he somehow miraculously beat McCain, not gonna happen, he would give us a republican legislature and presidency for decades….

  57. I am a Latino, and this PR denial his campaign is dealing out is not helping his case…….not that there ever was one lol 🙂

  58. wbboei Says:
    May 24th, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    You are exactly right. It was the media and the Obama camp (one and the same thing really) that shamelessly exploited the RFK statement. All the time they were the ones repeatedly reminding folks and the Kennedy family about this tragedy. There would have been no chance for the Kennedy family to face a painful memory while Ted is in recovery in this way without the exploitation by the media and Obama camp.

  59. “BTW, I like Blue Dem’s suggested response from Hillary from early in this thread.”

    Check the header over at HuffPost (“Hill’s KillerGate’) and the realization comes quickly that there’s nothing left to do but fight on this.

    Stake a claim right here against media manipulation and win Puerto Rico to show the people aren’t buying this shit, one more – and hopefully one last – time.

    Brought to you as a public service.

  60. Hii everybody I am the a new kid on theblock, I am from Pittsburgh
    Pa. I have been listening to all this talk about Hillary Clinton statement
    she made, yesterday, In my opinon she was just comparing a time
    line period! Let me tell you this I am getting very upset about this
    Mr obama stiring up all this racial stuff! Before He came along things
    were nice and peacefull, Now even at my work you can feel the tension.
    This man is something else, where did he come from? I have researched
    him and he is Trouble. I am glad Hillary is staying in this race, something
    going to happen big, that is why they are pushing her so much to
    get out, they know it is coming! I have donated alot to Hillary, She is
    our beacon of Hope for all women and all the american people. She is
    a strong women and there is rumbling going on the women are
    starting to come together, I think Mr obama and company will
    be suprised!

  61. Barbara Striesand said a long time ago that we were in trouble with the media. She said it was manipulative and biased. I think I knew that was true, but did not realized how it could so badly influence our Democracy.

    I owe a big appology to Barbara. I should have acted, and tried to do something about this.

    Just like I did nothing about how the vote was or was not counted in Florida in 2000.

  62. ABC World News just ran the story about Cynthia Ruccia of ‘Clinton Supporters Count Too’. They interviewed women after women who said if Bambi is the nominee they would either vote for McCain or not vote.

    WAKE UP YOU SDs !!!

    BTW, they had Kate Snow on, who is supposed to be covering the Clinton campaign, to say that Bambi will be able to bring the Hillary supporters over to him before the election.

    I laughed.

  63. I think Kate Snow is drinking something. I don’t think she knows how us vintage dolls think. I have made up my mind based on fact and issues. I have looked for fact and issues on Obama, AND FOUND LITTLE. Sweet talking me is of no good, and I don’t need money.



  64. hi hillfans, i am on vacation thru next friday. just got finished running errands. i cannot watch the cable networkes or radio becuase they are still talking about that rfk quote.

  65. I may be in trouble for saying this but many women below the age of 45 seem to have great attraction for Obama and it does not seem to have any thing to do with his merit as a presidential candidate. It was obvious in the reporters gone wild video. Can some one explain?

  66. I sent that reporters gone wild to my daughter who is 40. She was horrified at their behavior.

    She felt it was very unprofessional, and out of place.

    I don’t know what is wrong with the younger women either, but I don’t think it is all of them.

    Maybe it is because women are seen sometimes as sexual objects, they think treating men that way is OK also.

    However, I think covering a Presidential Race is pretty important, and I think that behavior inappropriate. I think they should have been fired for it.

  67. clintondem99,

    Good point about younger women. I’m 22 and in the beginning of the campaign I was leaning towards Obama after it became clear Gore wouldn’t run. I thought he was charming and very eloquent. He’s also not a bad looking guy. But for me there wasn’t enough substance to go along with all that. My friends who are around my age all still support him though. They think he’s cool & inspirational.

  68. Terrondt, for you, we posted an update on the new Quinnipiac polls. Check them out on the front page.

  69. I tell you who is so under the trance in Suzanne Malveaux from CNN. She cannot hardly talk she she reports, she just gives me the complete creeps, she is so in the tank and so absolutely over the top for him that she should be reprimanded and removed.

    But, then again. Cnn has become the most corrupt news network during this election. I never thought I’d see them stoop so low. They disgust me.

  70. Clintondem: I have canvassed door to door in several states and can report on what I observed. First, the breakoff age is more like 35. Second, if they have families they are more skeptical. Third, if they work in the health care professions they are skeptical. Fourth they are more likely to support him if they have a high enough income to not be affected by the economy.

  71. Obama’s trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico big on hype, low on substance — from WaPo:

    Nearing the end of the short route, Obama broke into a few dance steps, driving the crowd even crazier. “This was a great caminata,” he declared at the end. “We have great support here in Puerto Rico. The most important support is not the support from the elected officials or support from the powerful, it’s the support from the people, and that is what we have shown here today.”

    And then he was off in the black SUVs, leaving the dazed and sun-baked supporters and reporters in his wake. One resident, Julia Delgado, said she would definitely vote for Obama next week, because she thought he was most likely to bring about the stronger economy that would allow the island to develop more on its own and grow less dependent on the mainland, without necessarily declaring full independence.

    But the 54-year-old substance abuse counselor was not so impressed with the caminata, as high-spirited as it was. A real caminata, she noted, goes much longer than a few blocks. “A caminata in Puerto Rico goes everywhere,” she said. “There’s too much security here. What do they think we are, terrorists?”

  72. Nikki22, Thanks for your input. Is it possible, Younger women want to assert their independence by “showing off” they do not have to support a female candidate?

  73. Universal Says:
    May 21st, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    As the shadow site for Big Pink has shown, and as what happened to me reinforced, we are dealing with outright fascists, dirtbags and don’t-give-a-f*cks on the other side of the Democratic Maginot Line.

    Universal, thanks for your explanation, and opening up.

    You raised an interesting topic, of which I know nothing about: a shadow site for Big Pink? Could someone clue me in?

  74. Check the poll, and again I say, If Obama is not the nominee, who is going to get these defective young vote on a bus, or get them an absentee ballot. I really don’t view the Obama group hanging together to do that. If these new voters don’t have that support group to lead them through, I doubt many of them will vote.



    I think it is slim to none for Obama people, and very likly for the Clinton people.

    SDs are you listening. Most of you understand the voting public, so why do you think the Hillary crowd will come back in. There are no stats of a rift of this kind in the party to prove what they will do. WOMEN ARE MAD.

  75. Snow is a stupid person. Where is the evidence that Hillary supporters would realign with Bambi if he is the nominee? Polling data is all to the contrary. Today 40% of them say they will not support him and 27% will defect to mccain. That being the case, does she believe Bambi will be more appealing four months hence after the Republican attack machine has done its work than he is today? He is a depreciating asset. These media snarks rely on unverified assumption.

  76. clintondem99,
    Yes, that could play a role, but probably not at a conscious level though. I do think younger women have different ideas about women & our roles in society because we haven’t experienced a lot of overt sexism. I mean now we have women CEOs, female politicans, lawyers, and doctors.

  77. I got back from OR a few days ago and I am heading to Billings, MT tomorrow…..I have to see this thru to the last primaries.

    DNC in OR was staffed by Bambi people!!!!

    For the first time in a year, I did not read all the posts here in the last week….
    I have no interest in anny news..MSM or even internet blogs… I just skim headlines!

  78. Looks folks…if these BO folks come appealing to you, let them talk way….make them waste time and money… that means they reach fewer people…

    give the run!…any way you can…

  79. I sometimes think when you are younger, you have seen certain things happen, and no one got mad or stopped the action. So it became acceptable in your mind.

    As I have aged, I have started questioning some of these actions. For instance, being called darlin or sweety when I was younger, does not get the reaction it does now.

    Imagin, I caught my husband on the phone with a problem calling someone sweetheart. I might have let that slide when I was younger. He got a really tongue lashing about it. I told him that he was putting her down. She referred to him as Sir, and that was not appropriate language level. I know he was mad, as she could not solve his problem, but I am not going to tolerate women being treated like that anymore. I will watch my own language also.

    And Believe me, he is going to watch his.

    I have found that we must set our level of respect for ourselves, and other, if as women we are going to lick this thing.

    For instance, if someone calls me Sweety, I am immediatly going to tell them, it is Ms. So and So to you. We must stand up for ourselves and respect ourselves if anyone else is going to do that.

    As far as the younger women are concerned, they need to start qustioning what they see around them, and stand up.

  80. Virago47, your slogan sounds like Vietnam era anti-draft protests “Hell no, we won’t go” . Our slight change: Hell No, we won’t “O”

    Good slogan.

  81. Hey, all–I m hearing it may be a lot closer in Puerto Rico than we are thinking it will be.

    Does anyone know?

    I want her to have a blowout there. What can we do?

  82. Just popping in for a second.

    Here are two frightening videos from no Quarter.
    One shows Odinga and Pampers together and the other shows Dickhead Morris and Odinga at a joint press confernce.
    I’m sure the Repubs will be airing portions of these clips in upcoming ads.
    This man can’t be allowed anywhere near the WH.

  83. 1 more: About Waffles consolidation of democrat power.
    Obama: Don’t Fund independent Groups.

    ‘Donors and Democratic activists have been quietly debating Obama’s motives: Is he simply interested in keeping his Democratic efforts within his campaign, which is so well funded he doesn’t need outside help? Or is he, as some believe, cutting off funds to groups whose leaders — Brock and Podesta — some Obama aides view as too tightly linked to Clinton?

    In either case, Pritzker’s words are the latest in Obama’s remarkably swift and complete consolidation of Democratic Party power. It’s an unprecedented seizure of control that has built him, over the course of a year, the most powerful field organization and the largest financial network in American politics, leaving many existing structures — traditional party organizations in many states, the Clintons’ long-nurtured national network — in the dust.’

  84. Come into my office and shut the door. What I am about to tell you must never leave this room. You know me by one name but my real name is different. I am the lowest common denominator of the media establishment. They call me Big Media.

    I understand you want to run for president. Let me tell you up front I dont like it. You are a woman and we have never had a woman president. Your candidacy will make insecure men nervous and insecure women envious. And I have plenty of both in my stables at nbc, msnbc, cnn.

    Let me be perfectly blunt: I dont care if you are the most qualified candidate in the race. I dont even care if you could help the country and the people. The only thing I am interested in is the power. I am the one who picks the candidate. Not you, not the party and not the people. Just me and me alone.

    The bottomline is I do not want you to run. I have already selected who the nominee will be and he is a man. If you defy me and do run, here is what you have to look forward to:

    1. first, I will slander you and your family every chance I get. I will have Chris Matthews call you every sexist name in the book every night on his show. I will let him assemble panels of like minded people fromm politico, air america and other rabid haters to be his amen corner.

    2. second, I will place you and your family under relentless scrutiny, hound you and report every gaff and every mishap that occurs in the course of your campaign in excruciating detail. I will ignore similar gaffs by your opponent.

    3. third, I will twist your words every way I can, place the most negative interpretation on what you say and I will not hesitate to invent things you never said. I will put a positive spin on everything your opponent says and cover for him when he does bad or stupid things.

    4. fourth, I will cull through the photos taken of you at public events, find the least flattering ones publish them with negative taglines.

    5. fifth, I will make you the target in debates, encourage others to gang up on you, throw high inside fast balls at you, lob softballs to your opponent, cut you off as you give short crisp answers and give your opponent all the time he wants to give his meandering blather, and after you have won the debate I will assemble a panel to declare that you lost.

    6. sixth, when you lose a primary election I will demand that you leave the race. When you win elections I will call your supporters racists as Chuck Todd of Politico did in New Hampshire, as David Gergen did in Kentucky.

    7. seventh, I will actively conspire with your opponents campaign, present his talking points as fact, and maximize my coverage of him and minimize my coverag of you in rallies and events.

    Dont underestimate me. I mean everything I say. I am a pusspocket of evil. My alias is Tim Russert.

  85. admin Says:
    May 24th, 2008 at 8:21 pm
    Virago47, your slogan sounds like Vietnam era anti-draft protests “Hell no, we won’t go” . Our slight change: Hell No, we won’t “O”

    Sounds too much like “We WANT O”

  86. watchin the libertarian debate on cspan. slow political night so i thought i watch it for a bit.

  87. Wbboei,

    Here’s another great Wilentz article, in case you haven’t seen it.

    Obama and the unmaking of the Democratic Party.



  88. Everyone has GOT to see this pic.

    Admin…..might be fun to use in a post.

    from HRC blog

    Everyone including Hillary Clinton have not been able to answer why are so many people asking her to get out of the race since Iowa.

    I was getting my hair cut today and came across this article regarding the first woman to run the Boston marathon in 1967. There is a picture of the officials of the race actually trying to physically remove her.
    I was struck by the parallels of that incident and todays needless calling and wailing for Senator Clinton’s removal.

  89. I think you guys should see this. A poster at Hillary forum found this picture. You won’t believe it

    I was getting my hair cut today and came across this article regarding the first woman to run the Boston marathon in 1967. There is a picture of the officials of the race actually trying to physically remove her.
    I was struck by the parallels of that incident and todays needless calling and wailing for Senator Clinton’s removal.

    Picture is here:

  90. hillfans, i was digging through some old vhs tapes in the basement and came across of “the war room”. 2 hour movie of the clinton 1992 run. makes me smile seeing it after all these years. i was 22 at the time. NOW THAT WAS A GREAT CAMPAIGN.

  91. basil: how did you know Wilentz is my hero. He gets it. I have cited his earlier article 20 times or more proving that bambi not bill played the race card. He had an earlier article that was equally terrific. God bless an honest academic and god damn an intellectual whore like we see at polictico. I saw your article this morning and sent it out to our communications director in Montana.

    It is hard to miss what his happening in this country, going state by state, with this canvassing. Globalization is a monster, and I have told you what I have seen in previous threads. It is a race to the bottom if we do not get it under control. Hillary is a genius, she cares and she has figured it out a blueprint for our future before anyone else did. Bwack has no feel for it. He is more interested in sending a trillion dollars abroad to Africa et al to elilminate global poverty.

  92. Party may suffer from an Obama candidacy
    By Gene Lyons
    If Hillary Clinton had no other reason to keep running for the nomination, it would be to
    demonstrate that Tim Russert, Keith Olbermann, Maureen Dowd, David Broder and the
    Beltway media gas bags don’t decide American elections. Last week, Obama, the supposedly
    inevitable Democratic nominee, lost the West Virginia primary by 41 points. Democrats haven’t
    taken the presidency without winning the Mountain State since 1916.

    To use a geographically appropriate metaphor, if there has ever been a canaryin-a-coal-mine primary,
    that was it. Naturally, the media consensus saw a meaningless result in a race they’d already called for
    Obama. Evidently, bitter West Virginia rednecks don’t watch cable TV. In 2000, the same pundit chorus
    urged Al Gore to quit in Florida for the sake of the country (and the Republican Party ). Everybody knows
    how that worked out. Today, Gore’s a Nobel laureate. George W. Bush, like Obama a uniter, not a divider,
    became the most unpopular, ineffective president in U. S. history. Ever heard any media princelings explain
    how they went so comprehensively wrong ? Me neither.

    If nominated, Obama can’t possibly defeat Sen. John McCain without bringing Clinton voters to him.
    Recently, however, I’ve been hearing from many passionate Democrats who say they can’t and won’t
    vote for him in November, so I asked a few to explain why.

    Mine is no scientific survey. Ranging from 26 to 86, my correspondents live in seven states, North, South
    and Midwest. They don’t know each other personally. None participates in politics except on a local,
    volunteer basis. I chose them because they’re unusually articulate.

    Most think Obama a sure loser in the McGovern, Dukakis tradition. They believe he’s totally unqualified.

    “I’ve voted for every Democrat from president to dog-catcher since 1952. That will end with Obama,”
    insists H. in Maine. “He won’t get 150 electoral votes, more than he deserves. The Democratic Party’s
    been teetering on the edge of extinction. Obama’s arrogance will kill it….

    “ Just four years out of the state Senate. If he were white or female, his candidacy would be a joke.
    Imagine if he’d opted to run for vice president with Hillary. Mc-Cain would lose, Democrats would
    come close to 60 Senate seats and pick up 35 in the House. The Democratic left’s need to swoon
    after eight years of a moron, coupled with unbridled Clinton hatred, will produce a disaster for the
    party and country.” It’s the Obama campaign’s cynical use of race beginning in South Carolina that’s
    the deal-breaker for others.

    “He is making his way to Denver by dividing our party over race, which is maybe the most idiotic
    campaign tactic ever,” writes C. in Kansas. “This time the witch hunt is coming from our side.
    It’s heartbreaking. Obama supporters want you to think Bill and Hillary Clinton are lifelong members
    of the KKK. The audacity of hope campaign has had the audacity to go there…. This fall, they’ll try
    to make nice and talk unity, but the people they alienated in the most hateful way won’t be there.
    They deserve to lose for being so callous and childish.”

    J. in Florida agrees: “Obama and his supporters’ use of the ‘race card’ against the Clintons (with the
    help of the in-the-tank media ) is sickening. Now we have vile, racist, crazed-for-power Hillary.
    Obama means to avoid the ‘divisiveness’ of the Clinton years by blaming it on them. That’s a
    despicable lie, and he knows it. The only way of avoiding divisiveness is to cave to the Republican
    agenda, which I believe he’s more than eager to do.” “He and his supporters, “ J. adds, “ have
    systematically sacrificed the central constituency of the Democratic Party —the poor and working
    class—on the altar of constituencies who look to politics for reaffirmation of their identity: college
    students and childish Sixties neo-libs. (The African American constituency makes sense, so no
    gripes there. )” By abandoning the principle of universality in health insurance, most think Obama has
    guaranteed that meaningful reform cannot be achieved. Z. in Georgia adds that Obama’s vagueness on
    economic issues foretells disaster. “He has no perceptible position on the economy other than ‘We can
    do better. Yes, we can. Say it with me.’

    I foresee broken campaign promises followed by belt-tightening austerity measures in a one-term presidency.
    In short, Jimmy Carter in a better-tailored sweater.” “ I view the Obama candidacy as a narcissistic endeavor
    by a mediocre politician dividing Democrats along social vs. economic progressive lines, ” J. insists.
    “He’s forcing a choice between winning in 2008 and possibly saving Roe vs. Wade and promoting gay marriage
    vs. fighting for the poor and working class. “ I’ve decided I won’t help Obama and his personality cult transform
    the Democratic Party into an organization that represents only the interests of rich, social liberals.” What do I think?
    I suspect most will grudgingly return by November, but that non-African American working-class voters won’t.

    Free-lance columnist Gene Lyons is a Little Rock author and recipient of the National Magazine Award.

    Back to

  93. How can Obama talk about MCcains age duh
    Can this young guy ever remember anything without a teleprompter.

    It’s SUNRISE, not “Sunshine,” sweetie.

    At first, it seemed as if Barack Obama might just be speaking figuratively, as is his wont sometimes. “How’s it going, Sunshine? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you everybody. It’s good to be in Sunshine!” Obama declared on taking the stage this afternoon for a rally at the BankAtlantic Arena in Broward County, Fla., just west of Ft. Lauderdale. …

    But then he said it again, and again — “When we are unified sunshine, nobody can stop us!” — and it became clear: Obama thought he was in Sunshine, Fla. But he was not. He was in Sunrise, the name given to this particular swath of South Florida palm trees, bungalows and outlet stores. …

    Its Sunrise FL, stupid

    Hillary44 2008


  94. Update on Puerto Rico

    Both candidates arrived today- BO for one day, Hillary for three. Politicking here in PR is very different. There is no phone-banking nor house-to-house canvassing. There are meetings with individual groups and big rallies. There are ‘caminatas’ (walk-abouts) with salsa music. Hillary has been out on the island in different towns. I call her HQ every day to see how i can help, but there is not much i can do, so far. I’ll be going to the rally in San Juan on Monday. I will get involved with anything I can next week, and plan to be an official at the school where I would vote.
    I wish Bill would come down. I’m keeping my fingers crossed about turn-out. It’s huge for LOCAL politcs, but this is different.

  95. filbertsf :
    You mention above you are drained. I feel the same way. This has been emotionally exhausting. I admire Hillary so much for having the courage and determination to do what she’s doing. The constant bashing, bashing, bashing, is shameful. A serious book needs to be written about this.

  96. Emmy, nice job. I wanna help too but couldn’t afford the trip. I speak espanol, and I hope all is well for you personally there as well. Viva Hillary! 🙂

  97. Hats off (again) to Admin for reminding us of the goal here..we will be counted, millions of us..and we will hit the opposition where it always hurts the the pocketbook…sponsors..sponsors..sponsors

    Parallel observations:

    Most of us had already cut way back on viewing CNN and MSNBC (like cigarette smoking) because of the pain aspect (like black lungs)

    So, it is only fitting that all women and Latinos go COLD TURKEY and totally kick the (bad and detrimental to your mental health) habit.

    Already, my spirits are lifted and thoughts clearer. With the the possibility of a random (as in drug) check for cable, Dish or satellite viewership – I feel empowered that there is absolutely NOTHING to count or capture from my television’s account.

    It’s been liberating to remove the poison from my mind and life. Although I miss their top-rated Lou Dobbs, and Pat & Joe, I believe when the head honchos feel the wrath of Dobbs, alterations will occur or he may leave like he did once before.

    Now for the parallels in “letting go” –

    I feel loyalty not only to Hillary Rodham Clinton but to Admin of Hillaryis44.

    Other supposed loyalists have done a number on many of us and have been exposed on other sites. Interesting how evil people love to expose their own, isn’t it? And so gratifying for razor-sharp instincts.

    I like to think that Hillaryis44 is a microcosm of the world, a slice of reality. Evil will always try to permeate a trusting society. That is a fact of life. True democracies have always been and will continue to be put to the test. The fact that Hillaryis44 is singled out as the true banner for Hillary Rodham Clinton is a source of tremendous pride for her TRUE believers. Loyalty and honor matter. That’s the difference.

    The reality is, fortunately, that good always triumphs over evil, that justice will prevail and all the wonk-sites here or abroad will not deter those who will go tho the mat (and Denver) with Hillary.

    Like even Hannity says, “Let not your hearts be troubled” (for the truth shall set you free).

    So for all the REAL Hillary supporters -and we are vast and growing – speak and blog to a higher calling. We’re all adults here. It’s amazing how you can see the heart of a person through their writing. You can’t see a face nor voice, but gut instincts abound. To thine own self be true.

    So here’s to going cold turkey with blind trust. By setting our own individual bars high – and we know who we are – automatically “filters out” the maggots in our midst. Decency gravitates toward decency, and filthy sediment always sinks to the bottom.

    So a huge high-five to the Admin of Hillaryis44. Thank you for providing a forum where, beyond the fog and mist, armies of Hillary supporters are lining up shoulder-to-shoulder. And we are formidable.

  98. Latinos, women, white urban ethnics: this is the base Obama could not even win in Chicago.,CST-NWS-dems11.article

    “A lot of women wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton,” said mayoral brother John Daley, whose 11th Ward — the ancestral home of the publicly pro-Obama Daley clan — went for Clinton and Alvarez.

    Illinois Democratic Party leader Mike Madigan’s 13th Ward on the Southwest Side went the same way. Aldermen Ed Burke (14th) and Dick Mell (33rd) both backed Obama and Allen, but voters in their wards did not.

    “Clearly on the Southwest Side, the emerging force of the Latino vote — [Clinton and Alvarez] were just very popular with Latinos and women,” Burke said.

    Both Burke’s and Mell’s wards are heavily Hispanic, and Obama has lower support among Latinos than from African-American or white voters, exit polls have shown.

    But on Tuesday, most of those same white voters on the Northwest and Southwest Sides voted for Clinton over their own senator.

  99. Sunday’s NYT (this is just a chunk of it below) is running a recap of HOW the RFK story broke. You will find most noticeably the familiar suspects at the point of impact, meaning the initial impression reporters not on the scene received.

    Keeping in mind the horrific video of their pack mentality as it relates to BO’s boners, can it be any surprise it was misconstrued instantly a they fed it to their editors, (half of whom are on the payroll of BO or the RNC and the other half too intimidated to buck the trend of too stupid to care)?

    “In the morning the campaign, with its traveling press corps of about two-dozen reporters, photographers and camera operators, flew from Washington to Sioux Falls, S.D., to campaign in advance of the June 3 primary.

    Mrs. Clinton had three events. First was a meeting with the editorial board of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, which was live-streaming the interview, something a few newspapers just started doing in this election cycle.

    The press corps, meanwhile, was on a bus from the airport to Brandon, a few miles away, to set up for her second event at a supermarket. (The media are sometimes in a different place from the candidate, usually when the event is private or small.)

    Her interview began while we were on the bus, but Internet access was so poor, we could only pick up bits of her comments intermittently. We did hear her bat back reports that her campaign had made overtures to Senator Barack Obama’s campaign about some kind of deal for her to exit the race.

    At the supermarket, we were ensconced in a café off the deli counter, where many reporters were writing about her denying the overtures while also trying to follow the live stream. Here, too, Internet access was spotty and the stream came over in choppy bursts.

    Mrs. Clinton arrived from the newspaper in the midst of this, and began addressing a couple of hundred people who were seated adjacent to us, in the fresh produce section. Then our cell phones and Blackberries went off.

    On the other end were editors who had seen a Drudge Report link to a New York Post item online. The Post was not with the traveling press _ and apparently had a decent Internet connection.

    The initial N.Y. Post item read this way: “She is still in the presidential race, she said today, because historically, it makes no sense to quit, and added that, ‘Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June,’ making an odd comparison between the dead candidate and Barack Obama.”

    Mrs. Clinton did not make that comparison.”


  100. Hawk, how nice to have you back. I’d been missing you. People come and go here. I’ve been visiting here since Iowa. I really don’t post anywhere else much, because I wouldn’t have a life. Half of it is keeping up with the blogs, anyway. My husband thinks I’m nuts, being sucked in this way.

    Well, Hillfans, off to bed.

  101. If I’d spent last week on the moon and you aprised me of the events of Friday, I’d bet my life all the old hacks (and the new ones, of course) would come out with their knives sharpened and use it as an excuse to yet again call for Hill to drop out (and now not even be on the ticket, which is what this is really all about, aside from obviously trying to swipe the nomination).
    So oh how predictable that Maureen Dowd helps me win that bet.

    “Obama now has the perfect excuse not to pick Hillary as his running mate. She has been too unseemly in her desire to be on the scene if he trips, or gets hit with a devastating story. She may want to take a cue from the Miss America contest: make a graceful, magnanimous exit and wait in the wings.”

  102. Wow, Blue Democrat found the source! It’s so disgusting how the N.Y. Post twisted the interview so as to throw raw meat to the frenzied hyenas ready to tear into any little comment. (I saw hynenas tear into raw meat in Kenya, and it is a horrifying sight. Speaking of feeding frenzy…)

  103. Maureen needs therapy. Yeah, maureen, I don’t think a United States Senator wants to take any kind of cue from a beauty pageant contestant (if you ask the contestant, probably just the opposite), but thanks for having your priorities in order.

  104. Admin/All,

    One last time, then I’ll get off it.

    Undoubtedly one of the best things to happen down the stretch of this campaign was Hillary emerging (in the media, finally) as the fighter we’ve all always known her to be.

    This RFK thing – in light of this new NYT story showing how it was the same old crowd deliberately mangling her intent – is the perfect lead-in to not only turning a lemon into lemonade, but in Hill making her final approach to the super delegates – and doing it in the form of a fighter, for truth, justice, and the American way.

    I know the natural tendancy may be to hope it just goes away but it is a MASSIVE opportunity to turn the tables first on the media for their unprecedented abdication of their responsibilities in this entire campaign, and then to turn it on BO & his campaign for all the ‘cold-blooded’ (as President Clinton recently called their race card bullshit) tactical garbage they’ve used to try to steal this nomination.

    I know they may have preferred to lay low in this lull before 6/03, but unless her plan is to get the best deal she can from the 5.31 meet & just finish the primary sked, I don’t see how it’s an opportunity to let pass – if they plan on fighting all the way to Denver.

    and if they don’t, I will FOREVER wonder why.

  105. Wolfsen no Face the Nation.

    Guess I can talk to myself w/o having to type….. Night night.

  106. bluedem: after reading what basil posted at 8:59 I agree we need to form a third party for centrist democrats. The logic is irrefutable. This is Ted Kennedys doing.

  107. BlueDem: very interesting. This is why Goodwin made the quantum leap he did, and is now left to defend it as best he can. BTW no response to my email or cellphone from him. More important however the exposure of the scam clears the path to the vp job if she wants it. I would be surprised if she does in which case the fraud was pointless. With respect to 3/31 I would be surprised if the DNC counts all votes, in which case she has the issue she needs to go to the convention, subject to what Craiig Crawford said.

  108. When does Journalism cross the line to fraud and lying. We all have seen the Journalist who have been fired because they miss represented what they were reporting. We saw Dan Rather fired because he inferred thing that could not be proven.

    This narrative shows that this was just a discussion of a time line in her husband Presidential Campaign, showing that June was not a late date for things to solidify.

    So how did the mentioning of RFK lead to offending BO. There was absolutely nothing there except the leap of a reporter’s imagination.

    So, has the political leanings of this journalist resulted in false reporting? If Dan Rather had little or no proof of his accusations, what proof did this reporter have that such an inferance was being made.

    What protection does a political candidate have against false accusations? It looks like NOTHING protects them.

  109. I have just been reminded of a wise young lady that I met in Iowa. She was there for the first leg of this journey. She was watching the results from the IOWA Caucus. Many were silent, as they just could not believe it.

    She just said very quietly AND SAID round one in this political fight.

    She was right. We are getting close to the final round. Hillary has just kept working away, even though she took a punch in the first round. She looks strong, and has for many rounds now. He looks like he cannot believe that he did not finish her off in any of the successive rounds. He kepts punching, but she takes it and comes right back.

    In the end, it will be the strongest candidate standing. BO keeps putting his hand up like he is the victor, but keeps swinging as the referee has not declared him so. The crowd has gotten behind HRC. They are cheering for HRC. However, he feels he has the judges and Referee on his side.

    However, the victory is beginning to fade.



  110. Next time Chris Matthews complains that the Puerto Rico vote won’t count in the GE, someone should explain to him that all the red states Obama won won’t count in the GE either. They’ll be wiped out in the electoral system.

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