Latinos and Women: Boycott NBC and MSNBC and Obama

Update: Obama was forced to campaign in Puerto Rico today – so much for “it’s over”. Meanwhile a new Quinnipiac Poll:

Plagued by a defection of Clinton supporters and white working class voters, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the leading Democratic presidential contender, trails Arizona Sen. John McCain, the likely Republican candidate, in Florida and Ohio, according to simultaneous Quinnipiac University Swing State polls released today. Sen. Obama is six points ahead in Pennsylvania. New York Sen. Clinton wins handily in all three states. No one has been elected President since 1960 without taking two of these three largest swing states in the Electoral College.


In the McCain-Obama matchups, 26 to 36 percent of Clinton supporters in each state say that if Obama is the nominee they would switch to the Republican in November. Only 10 to 18 percent of Obama supporters say they would defect to McCain if Clinton is the nominee.

The numbers for Florida and Ohio are good news for Sen. John McCain and should be worrisome for Sen. Barack Obama. That is especially true about Ohio, which decided the 2004 election. Ohio’s economy is worse than the rest of the country and the Republican brand there is in disrepute. McCain’s Buckeye lead may be a sign that nationally this may not be the easy Democratic walk to the White House that many expected,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.


The boys at NBC and MSNBC must be BOYcotted.

The misogyny at NBC and MSNBC is rampant. Now the added target is latinos – particularly those in Puerto Rico.

It’s won’t take much of a boycott effort. Already, without a boycott, not many people watch the 24 hour a day infomercials for Obama broadcast by NBC/MSNBC.

The Obama Party line repeated at NBC/MSNBC was starkly made by Donna Brazile: A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.

We should also consider a general boycott of General Electric’s appliance division which GE is trying to sell.

* * *

Hillary Supporters Count Too provides contact information for advertisers on NBC/MSNBC.

Obama, aided and abetted by the ill disguised infomercials on NBC/MSNBC is adding Puerto Rico to the 46 state strategy – joining Florida, Michigan, West Virginia and Kentucky – as voters that don’t count. Obama is busy insulting Puerto Rico by not campaigning there.

On NBC and MSNBC the Obama Party line is that Puerto Rico ‘does not count’. Obama hates the latino vote because latinos have consistently voted against him.

The fear from Obama and NBC/MSNBC is that millions of Puerto Ricans will come out to vote – For Hillary.

PUERTO RICO, an afterthought trophy for the United States 110 years ago at the end of the Spanish-American War and an island in limbo since, has become an improbable player in the contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Its primary on June 1 could bolster Mrs. Clinton’s claim to a majority of the popular vote — the combined tally for all the Democratic primaries and caucuses held across the country over the past six months.

Puerto Rico’s formal role in the process is indeed weighty. Its 63 voting delegates — 55 elected ones and eight superdelegates — at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer will outnumber delegations from more than half the states (including Kentucky and Oregon) and the District of Columbia. Yet Puerto Rico does not have a vote in the Electoral College, nor will its 2.5 million registered voters cast ballots for president in November.

Kevin Spacey, who stars in the movie Recount, about the 2000 battle for voting rights in Florida (Bush v. Gore) stated yesterday I do not see how you can pretend two million people did not vote.

Puerto Rico’s millions are destined by Obama and NBC/MSNBC to be removed from the history books.

* * *

Stalinism is alive.

Because Obama is running for president we are not to recognize historical facts. Millions voted in Florida and Michigan, but they are to be wiped off the pages of history. Robert Kennedy was slaughtered on a June day. That historical fact too will be wiped off the pages of history. The Bush v. Gore battles and the stolen election of 2000 – never accepted by Big Media, will be wiped off the pages of history too. The importance of West Virginia and Kentucy will be wiped off the historical record too. Puerto Rico is to be wiped off the historical record as well.

DailyKooks and Arriana Huff n’ Puff and Talking Pimps Memo will all assist in the Stalinist “cleansing” of history.

Hillary, like Robert Kennedy, is the senator from New York – a thought that occurs to no one in Big Media or Big Blogs.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is not a Stalinist:

“It is clear from the context that Hillary was invoking a familiar political circumstance in order to support her decision to stay in the race through June. I have heard her make this reference before, also citing her husband’s 1992 race, both of which were hard fought through June. I understand how highly charged the atmosphere is, but I think it is a mistake for people to take offense.”

The Argus Leader’s Executive Editor Randell Beck issued the following statement today:

“The context of the question and answer with Sen. Clinton was whether her continued candidacy jeopardized party unity this close to the Democratic convention. Her reference to Mr. Kennedy’s assassination appeared to focus on the timeline of his primary candidacy and not the assassination itself.”

Linfar is not a Stalinist.

* * *

This is another permutation of the race baiting that Obama has been engaged in this entire campaign season.

We know why the race baiting by Obama is occurring: Hillary beats McCain and Obama is unelectable.

Clinton’s white support [44%] is unusually high: at a comparable point in the 2004 election, Democratic nominee John Kerry received the support of 36 percent of white voters, compared to George W. Bush’s 48 percent, and in June of 2000, Bush led Al Gore 48 percent to 39 percent.

Hillary appeals to voters – the white working class – which eggheads in the Democratic? Party have disdained for years. Hillary can unite African-Americans and white working class voters in a powerful, true Democratic Party.

David Axelrod of the Obama campaign : The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes.

Axelrod is wrong. Winning Democrats, like Bill and Hillary Clinton, win the white working class vote.

Representative Corrine Brown (D-Florida) introducing Hillary in Boca Raton: “You are going to count us now, or don’t count on us later.”

Boycott NBC, MSNBC and Obama.

“You are going to count us now, or don’t count on us later.”