Puerto Rico, Montana, South Dakota And Hillary Clinton

As we enter the Memorial Day weekend let’s celebrate with this wonderful video made by proud Puerto Rican, WILLIE COLÓN, as a tribute to Hillary Clinton.

The lyrics speak to Hillary’s long history (more than 34 years), not a recent politically convenient conversation, with latino voters. The chorus shouts “Hillary” as Willie asks question after question about “who” was there when needed. “Listen, my people, in whatever emergency, I go with Hillary for her conviction and eloquence. You hear this from Willie Colon. Listen my people, use your minds – vote for Hillary, Hillary.” The chorus cresendos “34 years of experience – Hillary, Hillary”. “Hillary for President, Hillary for President.”

Hillary has a lot of support in Puerto Rico. Obama is once again absent. The Puerto Rico primary is June 1.

Every time Hillary goes to Puerto Rico she should make a stop in Florida. Hillary should remind Florida voters she is fighting for their voting rights while Obama is suppressing their civil rights.

* * *

Montana is full steam ahead. Help Hillary – make calls to Montana.

South Dakota is full steam ahead. Make calls to South Dakota.

Hillary interview with South Dakota’s Argus Leader:

* * *

While the Obama campaign continues to lie about VP talks and such (deceive and distract are Obama’s favorite tactics) Hillary will take her case to the people. Hillary will be in Puerto Rico, not vacationing and enjoying the lovely island, but campaigning.

Yesterday, Hillary made clear her intentions:

In an interview with The Associated Press, Clinton said she is willing to take her fight to seat Florida and Michigan delegates to the convention if the two states want to go that far.

Asked whether she would support the states if they appeal an unfavorable rules committee decision to the convention floor, the former first lady replied:

Yes I will. I will, because I feel very strongly about this.”

“I will consult with Floridians and the voters in Michigan because it’s really their voices that are being ignored and their votes that are being discounted, and I’ll support whatever the elected officials and the voters in those two states want to do.”

Today, we have our answer:

Members of a Democratic rule-making committee appear unlikely to allow Michigan and Florida to fully participate in this summer’s national convention, raising the possibility of a divisive floor fight over the states’ disputed primaries at the start of the fall presidential campaign.

In Florida Wednesday, Sen. Hillary Clinton toughened her call for seating her delegates in Denver. She told supporters that discounting the votes “on technicalities” would violate the basic rules of democracy. And in an interview with The Associated Press, she threatened to take her fight all the way to the convention floor — a possibility from which her campaign had previously shied away.

U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, one of the architects of Michigan’s early primary, said he would support a convention-floor fight if Michigan’s full delegation isn’t seated — though Levin signaled he was less concerned about how many delegates are awarded to Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama. [snip]

Levin said he supports taking the issue to the floor if Michigan isn’t fully seated. “If we’re punished in any way by the rules committee, I would be in favor of going to the floor,” he said. Levin said he might accept a delegate mix other than what Michigan has proposed, but vowed to fight any attempt to cut the total delegate count or reduce their voting power. He said he would fight regardless of whether Clinton has conceded the nomination — meaning Michigan could sit at the center of a divisive battle over the party’s nominee.

On to Puerto Rico – and Denver!


180 thoughts on “Puerto Rico, Montana, South Dakota And Hillary Clinton

  1. She was absolutely brilliant in the Editorial Board interview

    It would be impossible for them not to endorse her

  2. Oh, I see now we’ll have to live thru yet another manufactured controversy.

    I came home and heard Hill’s remarks and never even thought that’s what she was insinuating!

    MSNBC makes sure they have homo-boy Chris Cillizza & their ‘independent’ nubian queen house pet on to both blasting her for what a horrific thing it was to say.
    Clyburn undoubtedly will be rearing his ugly head. Fuck’em all!

  3. The MI & FL delegates fight needs to go to the convention.

    Arbitrary punishments to selective states — especially after the 537 of 2000 — cannot be tolerated.

    You’re damn right it’s about Civil Rights. And this isn’t Zimbabwe.

    Sorry, Babmi, we’re not letting your and your peeps go ‘3/5ths’ — or 0/5ths on American citizens. F*ck that.

    Thank God for Hillary. The people need someone to fight for their votes, and that person is not Barack Obama.

    Just as in 1996, Bambi doesn’t want the voters to decide thinks. He wants himself and his election lawyers to, with a lot of help from Brzezinski’s One World Government Trilateral clowns and some of BO’s stinky, elitist, Skull & Bones-esque crew.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO!” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  4. I guess this from Hill’s interview today will be overlooked;

    During a meeting with the editorial board of the Argus Leader, Hillary appeared to accuse the Obama campaign of being behind the story CNN aired today reporting that there are “talks” between the two campaigns about her getting out of the race and possibly becoming veep.

    “That’s flatly untrue — flatly, completely untrue,” Hillary said when asked about “reports” of such talks. The edit board meeting is being aired live, and is still underway.

    “No discussions at all,” Hillary continued. “It is not anything I’m entertaining. It is nothing I’ve planned. It is nothing I’m prepared to engage in.”

    Both campaigns denied the story earlier today.

    A bit later, Hillary added: “This is part of an ongoing effort to end this before it’s over.”

    Later still, Hillary brought the hammer down: “I would look to the camp of my opponent for the source of those stories,” she said.

  5. Great article admin. Here’s an insightful op-ed piece from y’day’s NYTimes, detailing the new-found importance of Puerto Rico and its critical role in the primary process:


    May 22, 2008
    Op-Ed Contributor
    Puerto Rico’s Moment in the Sun

    PUERTO RICO, an afterthought trophy for the United States 110 years ago at the end of the Spanish-American War and an island in limbo since, has become an improbable player in the contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Its primary on June 1 could bolster Mrs. Clinton’s claim to a majority of the popular vote — the combined tally for all the Democratic primaries and caucuses held across the country over the past six months.

    Puerto Rico’s formal role in the process is indeed weighty. Its 63 voting delegates — 55 elected ones and eight superdelegates — at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer will outnumber delegations from more than half the states (including Kentucky and Oregon) and the District of Columbia. Yet Puerto Rico does not have a vote in the Electoral College, nor will its 2.5 million registered voters cast ballots for president in November.


  6. Where is the outrage in this

    Slate just launched the Hillary Deathwatch–a daily update on Hillary Clinton’s dwindling chances of winning the Democratic nomination:

    As of today, Slate says she has a 12% of winning. Check back daily to see how far her boat sinks…

    Jennifer Lee
    Slate Magazine | TheRoot.com
    Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive
    My Goodness, a Hillary Death Watch? This surely goes beyond offensive. Would they put up such a thing for an Obama Death Watch? No, they would be taken to task ASAP. But Hillary Bashing is acceptable especially at CNN and MSN. When will the Democratic Party say enough…never because she is a WOMAN! It is OK for misogyny to thrive in America and in the world.

  7. Maybe it is their death watch they signalling and they don’t even know it.

    If it was hers, she would not be winning the voters.

    I think that is it. We are counting down to the death of the SDs who endorsed Obama, and the the Democratic Party.

    Reversal is Obama’s forte, and we can use it also.

  8. If the Republicans think they have all the down and dirty political moves and know how… they’d better think again and get to know the real BO and Company. Nothing is too low to twist and twist and try to swift=boat.

  9. I forgot to add, that the barhfarms’ group posted a statement at TM, which I’ve reproduced at my new site:
    h t t p : / / pub4.bravenet.com/forum/260202078/fetch/1091298/

    I hope it’s okay to post this. I just looked into the thing about a ‘counterfeit’ site using the CSCT name.

    Apparently there are two separate groups using the name ‘Clinton Supporters Count Too.’ Both favor voting AGAINST Obama in November, supporting McCain if Hillary does not get the Dem nomination.

    #1 Cynthia Ruccia’s group has received a lot of Big Media publicity. They are based in Ohio, have scarcely any web presence yet; see h t t p : / / http://www.hillaryis44.org/?page_id=623

    #2 barhfarms@gmail.com has a pretty good website
    (currently named clintonsupporterscounttoo.org), with a Paypal donation button. To me they look young and sincere. They’re planning to change their name because Ruccia’s group objected to it.

    Since Ruccia’s group doesn’t seem set up yet for online donations, I’m leaning toward making a small donation to barhfarms’s group as a way to show I’m SERIOUS about supporting McCain over Obama in November.

  10. Big no no…can’t say assination or death watch if you are a BO opponent. As a matter of fact you probably could not even say you went to White Castle and ordered a belly bomber.

    Other than Hillary saying, “I quit because I just realized that Obama is the ONE…all power to Obama…praise Obama.” What else is left? Everything including the lovely Michelle is off limits or can be twisted.


  11. A bit later, Hillary added: “This is part of an ongoing effort to end this before it’s over.”

    This is what I post earlier. The campaign to get her to quit didn’t work, so VP rumor (most likely started by BO campaign) is another angle. It’s a softer tone and trying to reel-in Clinton supporters. This is what BO meant by “being nice to Clinton supporters.” It’s all a charade.

    Obama has a lot of money and this is what it’s being used for.

  12. I knew the media would manufacture a controversy after KY… afterall, it’s another 2 weeks before another Primary and they need to feed the 24-hour news cycle.

    2 weeks in-between Primaries are usually the most dangerous for any candidate. The MSM are ruthless and assholes like Obama can’t help but take advantage of the situation.

    Last week, Bush attacked BO, HRC defended him. This is how he repays her. Stupid bastard. I’m going to enjoy watching McCain clobber you. In fact, I might even volunteer over at the McCain camp. Nothing will make me happier than to see the misery of Donna Brazilla, DNC, and all of his stupid cult followers.

  13. It’s getting to the point I can’t even stand to keep up with what is going on anymore. THe sheer lynching of Hillary by the media is getting to the point that a person just gets so angry about they can’t even watch it. Everyday its slice and dice and lynch her by any means true or false they can come up with. The media I hope and believe is shooting it ownself in the foot with this kind of coverage. I can’t even watch it anymore!

  14. I am also at the point that I hate the Kennedy’s, you can’t even bring up the name without being harassed by the media!

  15. Harwood was on Gregory’s Road to the WH.
    As Rachel Maddow (‘Ghoulish’ she called it before sequeing into a bit about how this must disqualify all talk of a joint ticket) Eugene Robinson and that other hideous bitch had excrement spewing from their mouths Harwood just interrupted and said, “Guys, you’re totally wrong.
    She was emphasizing JUNE. To suggest otherwise is to assume something about Hillary Clinton I don’t believe.”
    Or words to that effect.

    Does it matter? No. These cable c*ntbags will play their little fucking games & run with it constantly anyway. So what, they’ve done much worse.
    To play devil’s advocate, sizing it up in terms that it may have been intentional (as she has made nearly identical remarks previously).
    Maybe that’s the way she signals she’s staying put for the long haul, and the Bobby Kennedy is analogous to BO’s impending implosion?
    I don’t know, just thinking out loud.
    Either way I say what I did at the start, which is fuck’em.

  16. confloyd, the media will get away with it. The stupid viewers will continue to watch them. Remember how they helped Bushco sell the war to the American people? Many of the media people are still on air and still propagandizing. They sold the war to us just like they’re selling Obama. It will never stop. No one in the media will face repercussions.

    Digressing… my sister who is an avid American Idol watcher told me that 95 million people voted for the winner the other night. 95 million. And how many people actually vote in Presidential elections?

  17. So what kind of goals do Obama’s investors have for their Money?

    1. Don’t win the Blue States that count (Check)
    2 Win the red states, as they will be irrelevent in November (Check)
    3. Don’t win the Big Primaries, manupulate the Caucuses, as those are truly representative of how that state will vote in Nov (Check)
    4. Be sure and spend 2 – 3 times more than she does, and still lose (Check)
    5. Lose the Popular Vote, but keep after the SDs showering them with promises and more money (Check)
    6. Declare victory, right after you have lost the popular vote lead again (Check)
    7. Proceed to select your VP, even though it does not look like you can regain the Popular lead (Check)
    8. Besure you avoid those states you cannot possible win in, and make sure those state know that you don’t think much of them by not spending any personnel time in them. Also calling the racists might help. (Check).
    9. Whine every chance you get, so that you will look like a strong leader (Check)
    10. Be sure and fight the seating of MI and FL, and make sure they know you don’t want them seated unless the numbers help you. (Check)

    Well looks like Obama is doing just great, and I think these investors are looking for a tax write off. Someone needs to tell them you cannot write off Political contribution, legally.


    There is only one thing you should really fear in a Democracy, and that is not representing the American Voters, whom you work for.

  18. linfar: excellent piece. extremely well written. Xnd you have said it so much better than I could. These excerpts in particular:

    STOP!! NOW!! Senator Obama. I have had it, and so have all good Democrats. You do not twist an innocent comment and step over the grave of a martyred American hero to give your opponent a black eye.

    And if anyone dares to suggest that this is what Hillary was doing, give it the hell up.

    What Hillary was doing was asking people to remember other times that the voting has gone on–for whatever reason. That is all. And she has the decency under the circumstances now facing the Kennedy family to apologize for being swiftboated so that no further pain or slight can reach them.

  19. filbert,
    You’re smashing the nail on the head.
    Add to that list of media malfeasance just the 2000 & 04 ‘elections’ alone, and you see how the damage to the country is almost incalculable.

    One other thing on Hill’s ‘remark’ today, which is that during this lull before the next primary, in a way I’m glad she came out and said something that (whether accurate or not) can be taken as being extremely nasty. It reinforces her toughness.
    I don’t know, but maybe it wasn’t such an accident after all….

  20. Right on, NMFan,

    There are no caucuses in the general election! What would BO do?!

    There’s another SD argument right there…

  21. 75pt of supers are men i read today. the male set of this party is lynching hillary. seems to me to its high time for real mass protests in dc. oh wait-hillary supporters are only half human and dont get any attn from their own party or msm. the party will know coem nov though

  22. hillbillylover: we need to get something started because pelosi is apparently targeting the uncommitted superdelegates. This is a battle for the party, the country and the future. Dean, Pelosi and Brazille are side elitists, who say in effect “the public be damned”.

  23. Blue Dem, she apologized for it. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional; the words she chose weren’t the best, but any accusation that she was referencing anything than the campaign going into June is “ghoulish.”

    It’s no coincidence that the Obama campaign criticized her for it and then the MSM began parroting their talking points, as always.

  24. Maybe Paula, maybe not.

    If it was intentional she’s have to apologize for it too.
    And while I know she’s tired overall from a 2-year campaign, she’s also been keeping a pretty light schedule these past few days.
    Just saying. I honestly don’t know.

    My initial reaction was I didn’t even think she said anything wrong, I totally missed the ‘inferred reference’ others are making to BO.

  25. I have many times when trying to tell my family about when something happened, I always say it was before or after the death of my mom. It’s a fact and one you will always remember when something happened, so I just don’t see the big deal about it.
    This is all about lynching Hillary, there is no other way to explain it!
    I guess Bambi is the only allowed to speak the Kennedy in front of a camera or in an interview. THey are really desperate to stop her and this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt! I just fell sorry for this truly great woman having to go thru this kind of crap.
    Bambi can call women sweetie, tell someone that is really just his cell phone in his pocket, yet the media never udders a word!
    I think this will be a one day headline,most everyone is thinking about the holiday! Most people aren’t glued to the tv like us!

  26. It’s been about lyniching Hillary and Bill Clinton from the get go. This is payback for being the best friggin President in history and for daring to have an intelligent wife who is a partner and who stands up for what she believes.

    The party has stomped both of them and I will NEVER forget it. Every friggin democrat is going to feel my backlash this November if she is not the nominee

  27. The Kennedy’s and the Obama’s are not Gods, they are just people. I appreciate the fact that she appologized just to be respectful.

    I have seen very few apologies for the Horrible Sexist Remarks made again Senator Clinton, and in fact all women. Every night many women are still beaten, sometimes to death because men feel that they have the right to do this to them. Words are no different than fists. It is their way of putting women in their place with out laying a hand on them. It is no different than striking them without leaving a bruise you can see.

    Both of them are seen as assassination risks. His life is no more threatened than hers, AND NO MORE VALUABLE THAN HERS.

    So that statement referred to herself as much as it did to him. HOW DARE HE INDICATE HE IS THE ONLY ONE AT RISK, LIKE WOMEN DON’T COUNT.


  28. Larry Johnson on the latest topic du jour. I love this guy. He also has the video linked. It’s perfectly clear when you watch it what she meant.


  29. Obama knows the RFK comment was entirely innocent. He knows the media is corrupt enough to take it entirely out of context. Thus, he had a wonderful opportunity to rise above the controversy and tell the critics they were wrong. Had he done that he would have scored points. But he is too inexperienced and too partian to take the high road, even when it would advance his interests. And even though she has defended him against attacks by McCain. This is the last guy in the world to be representing our country.

  30. I have also seen written that if he had taken the high road about setting MI and FL, and agreed to a revote early on, he would have won MI. However, he did not. So now he is stuck with the original results or a revote that will probably go against he.

    If he had taken the high road, today he might be the actually nominee, instead of the Pretend one.

  31. wbboei, when did Barack Obama EVER rise above any controversy if it benefits him…even if he knows it is a lie.

    This just once again screams, “It is not the color of Obama’s skin but the content of his character.”

  32. The one question I have here, is why is her security level lower than his. When he was here, women could not even take in their purses. When Hillary was here we could. I would think for both that was a place to have a concealed weapon.

    We know she has had many threats against her.

    So My question is why is her security level lower. It sounds like the Secret Service it taking better care of Senator Obama the man than they are Senator Clinton the women.

    I wonder if the Secret Service reads this blog and would care to respond.


  33. This would be an excellent time for Bwack to show some “unity” skills. Anyone who watches that video can see what Hillary was talking about. For him, once again, to allow his campaign manager to impune Hillary’s integrity with his “statement” …well, just reinforces my resolve to destroy EVERY democrat on my ticket this fall. I will get some satisfaction when I walk out of the booth.

  34. NMF

    very good question!!!

    I am sure she has had many threats as has BO……so why the different treatment??

  35. I remember her having to have double security when she was in Mississippi and she still went. BO is scared and would not go to WV. This is the biggest crock, I have witnessed in a long time. Bobby Kennedy, Jr., said she was just making an historically reference and he was still backing her. That should be the end of it.
    The media in this country is an embarrassment!!

  36. Bobby Kennedy Jr. backed her on this? Good!

    BTW, what happened to mj? Haven’t seen her on here in a while.

  37. Djia, the bots not to long ago, had a real threat on the internet, when NC was going on. George Stephanpoulas was threaten. Maybe the Obama campaign wants to incite some poor unbalanced sole into assasinating Hillary. I mean, the media keeps everyone all whipped up in a frenzy, maybe Keith would like to incite that? What do you say Keith? Is that what you want? Keith was the one that said someone ought to take her in a back room and only one person comes out. Maybe thats what the media moguls want and that’s why they keep trying to incite this hatred!
    I have been around for a long time and can remember back when everyone thought and it was well publicized that they thought Ronald Reagan would be assassinated, and low and behold some nutjob did exactly as the media instructed him to do!

  38. “Bobby Kennedy, Jr., said she was just making an historically reference and he was still backing her. That should be the end of it.”

    Somebody should tell Keith Olbermann, who’s foaming at the mouth at the moment. What a fraud.

  39. I think that the Obama Staff should have let that comment slide. I don’t think it is good to be having discussion on Assassination of Presidental Candidates in the Media and on the Blogs.

    There are people out there that just don’t need to hear that.

  40. Obama and the Zombie Media and Obamatrons need to know just two things:

    Mr. Obamalamadingdong: It Isn’t Always Just About You! Get Over Yourself!!!

    Media Vultures: Give It Up! Hillary could have said the moon was blue and you would find a way to rip her to pieces. Try showing the same amount of viciousness to Obama and his corrupt friends!

  41. southern born: he fails to realize that there are times when it is more advantageous to rise above a controversy rather than to pour gasoline on it. The more I think about it the more I believe it is a character flaw. As Lincoln said if you want to test a mans character give him power and see how he exercises it. If McCain knew that he could play him like a fiddle and so could foreign dictators.

  42. Obama and his camp are doing this for one reason only. They want that endorsement from the newspaper and are trying to smear her so much that South Dakota’s Argus Leader will be damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  43. Statement from the Argus Leader

    The Argus Leader’s Executive Editor Randell Beck issued the following statement today:

    “The context of the question and answer with Sen. Clinton was whether her continued candidacy jeopardized party unity this close to the Democratic convention. Her reference to Mr. Kennedy’s assassination appeared to focus on the timeline of his primary candidacy and not the assassination itself.”

    To Wolfe Blitzer, Rachel Maddog, Bambi et al.


  44. Good! I’m glad to see Hill’s remarks driving the Olbermann’s & the Matthews and all the blogging losers who consider themselves some kind of authorities out of their minds.

    This thing will be decided on the merits- or it won’t.

    Either way I hope they all have strokes. Now, is that in poor taste?
    Maybe, but I still hope so.

    BTW, Mark Shields, who for years I considered to be heads above the rest among democratic pundits, was apparently blaring how Hill ‘must be held accountable’ for what she said. Yeah, ok Mark.

    I simply refuse to believe someone with his insight and intellect can’t see what’s been going on in this campaign. He has sold out. Period.

  45. So she is not as susceptible to assassination as he is?

    We need to Challenge them, and not explain.

    There is no reason this could not refer to her also.

    Does he have a piece of paper from God that says this will happen to him, and not Senator Clinton.

    But then he is the Messiah.

  46. Just caught that Psycopath Doberman on MSNBC.He is truly MAD.He is well paid for his ranting and raving against Hillary.I ab certain this will have some applause from CNN as well.This is journalism as it has never been seen before in our history and directed at the best candidate to ever to run for the Presidency.Shame on MSNBC and CNN.A new low in reporting on candidates has been reached.Someone must put a stop to this for the sake of our country and its future office seekers.This is one dangerous piece of human garbage and should be investigated.There has to be a way to stop Doberman and his ilk.Let us now see if Obama will condemn this insidious attack on such a amazing woman and our best hope for the only candidate to get our country back from the good old boys and the spineless members of every type of media that is attempting to subvert the outcome of our most popular woman and a true NATIONAL TREASURE.

    By ABM90 Take me on Doberman.I am 90 and would love to level the playing field with your wretched body.

  47. The Obama people are pushing this into a pliant media because they want to find an excuse not to offer her the VP slot.

  48. LJ telling it like it is;

    “Wow. Why is it that women get the rap for being a bunch of hysterical whiners, when guys like Senator Obama and his staff are the ones going all wobbly? I’m referring to the latest effort of the Obama crowd to manufacture an incident out of Senator Clinton’s comment that she is staying in the race because we know from history that the reality in June is not the reality in August. Senator Clinton noted in passing the historic fact that Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed in California in June of 1968 and that changed what happened at the convention. She also commented that her husband had not wrapped up the nomination until June. So the Obama crowd is wetting itself and wailing that Clinton is implying Obama should be shot. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!

    So if Hillary makes reference to the bombing of Hiroshima in August of 1945 does that mean she wants to nuke the convention? The weaklings and cowards that surround Obama never cease to amaze me.”

  49. Lets look at history and the way the media handles events.

    Take for instance a woman known worldwide who spent more than 40 yrs. of her life helping others, founded one of the largest charitable organization in the world, who won a nobel peace prize and died 9/5/97 Her name is Mother Teresa.

    Now lets look at the death of a young beautiful woman, also known for her humanitarianism, but most notably her connection to the British Royal Family
    She died on 8/31/97 just 5 days before Mother Teresa. Her name is Princess Diana.

    Which funeral did you see?

  50. ABM,
    “This is journalism as it has never been seen before in our history”

    HEAR HEAR. $4 million a year Olbermann gets for that GARBAGE.

  51. Blue Democrat

    I wonder how much longer they can continue to pay him. I know a lot of people are no longer listening to him.

  52. I beg you all, RESIST the temptations of tuning into msnbc or cnn and fox too. Watch you local news then come to Hillary is 44 for whats happening in the campaign or any of the other great pro Hillary sites. Believe me if you wake up in the morning the world is still there!

    Each time you tune them in it is recorded and counts for viewership. Don’t give them the numbers. Advertizers pay BIG attention to the viewership.

  53. Does anyone here actually think this has legs? I can’t believe the sheer ability to lie to make this into some sort of statement! It is ridiculous, the only people I think will be upset are the ones not voting for Hillary anyway. THe rest will listen to the passage come away knowing the media is nuts!

  54. debbie, I think thats a real good idea! This is the biggest farce I have seen so far in this campaign!!

  55. Since when does BHO have a corner on the market for statements referring to a Kennedy? Just because he got Ted Kennedy’s endorsement does not give an infant Obama in Nov. 1963 and a kindergartner in June 1968 to PASS JUDGEMENT on a statement regarding a Kennedy. Lame.

    She clearly was talking about the fact that BC and RFK were campaigning in JUNE of ’92 and ’68. NOTHING MORE. NOTHING LESS. IT’S ABOUT JUNE AND THE ESTABLISHMENT TRYING TO PUSH HER OUT BEFORE JUNE. GEEZ. GIVE ME A BREAK.

  56. Robert Kennedy Jr. issued the following statement this evening:

    “It is clear from the context that Hillary was invoking a familiar political circumstance in order to support her decision to stay in the race through June. I have heard her make this reference before, also citing her husband’s 1992 race, both of which were hard fought through June. I understand how highly charged the atmosphere is, but I think it is a mistake for people to take offense.”

  57. has anyone heard if BR has been gaining any ground in PR? They all tried this is Texas and it did not work. The Puerto Ricans know a fraud when they see one!

  58. Why is it that Hillary has to be accountable for every remark no matter how innocent she, Bill, Chelsea, or anyone in her campaign or even anyone who supports her or voted for her makes and Barack Obama is not held accountable for anything no matter how stupid, vile, or immature he says? How can his campaign and his media thugs accuse Hillary with a straight face while pushing BO’s “plea” to leave poor Michelle alone?

    Too bad we can’t elect a new MEDIA every four years. Wouldn’t it do wonders for our country if we had a huge spring or fall housecleaning of them…starting with MSNBC?

    What happened to unbiased journalist who just report the news?

  59. NM Fan,

    “I wonder how much longer they can continue to pay him.”

    Forever. NBC is owned by General Electric.

  60. In the event that anybody noticed what I said this morning regarding the possibility of a new party – I briefly entertained a notion I called a centrist party – I’d like to say that I did not know there already is a Centrist Party. They have a web site which I just discovered and lo, they said exactly what I said about the far right, the far left and the middle, but it doesn’t look like much – airy words, that’s all … sort of like O. Anyway, I just want to state that I did not know about it and was not referring to it. All I saw there was Jon Stewart, Colin Powell and Bloomberg, so that’s nowhere. What a barren landscape it is without Hillary in the picture! She’s got to win! She’s all there is!

  61. All this brouhaha, is driving more people away from waffles. he is losing credibility. I think, the only ones taking it seriously, are the obambots. Way to go. What a uniter (not). Old style politics. This guy is a real fraud. They must be worried, if they are making such a big deal out of this. If Hillary was out of it, they would have let it go. This is reminiscent of the outrage over the fairy tale remark and the LBJ statement. Twisting the reality and playing the sound bytes to fit their agenda. I haven’t watch MSM in weeks. The filtered version is enough.

  62. Does anyone think Dean may be the veep for Bambi? Since we can trace Bambi coming in as Dean is going out, we are almost certain that Bambi was handpicked by Dean!

    The latest manufactured flap by the media is going to get more people to vote for Hillary. Normal people will see what race baiter’s they are and will be repelled. Are they just playing little snipets of it or they playing the whole sentence? I won’t watch it!
    The editor of the newspaper came out in Hillary’s defense, I think people in SD and Mt will see this as race baiting and dismiss it!

  63. Anyone know what the recent ratings for MSNBC are? What about viewship for individual shows?

  64. I am really tired of this race baiting, it is really dangerous for our country and the Obama campaign needs to be called out on it. This is outlined in the communist manifesto I read yesterday. They cause civil unrest and thats how they get in to power. If that is not what they are doing now, then I am a monkey’s uncle!

  65. birdgal

    Excellent point. If This was over and finished, if he had truly capture the nomination, if it was complete at this point, and he was truly looking for a VP, rather than cheaply getting media sound bits, we would not hear this story.

    What Senator Clinton said in SF should have been ignored. After all they ignored her victory.

    Remember, people of the media, you said this was beyond hope, so why do you care what she says. She can not possible beat him.


    Folks, we really have figured this out. Hillary won the other day. They just did not announce it. But they are sure acting like she has won. Otherwise, why would anything she has to say, mean anything.

  66. Confloyd
    Interesting Dean post. It is rumored Obama is trying to have someone take over Dean’s spot in the DNC and Dean is clearly biased towards Obama.

  67. new mexico fan, If Hillary really was losing we would not be hearing noda, nothing, about her or her campaign. THey are scared S*&^l&^%ss!

  68. OandrewD

    I wonder what happens when you bit the hand that feeds you (Dean).

    Wonderful examples of that in the Party (Richardson, etc).

    I wonder what the YeeHaw man will do. What you make you can also unmake.

    He should have waited until after the convention. I can’t think of why he would do this, other than Dean is getting ready to turn.

  69. Oandrew, I certainly don’t think Obama wants to take Dean out, so the only other reason is to make him VP. Do you know how old Dean is? He can make the Presidency in the normal way, so he will try riding on someone’s coattails. Could Dean pull any white voters in for Bambi? I am going to look at his bio, be right back!

  70. New Mexico Fan what do you mean “Dean is getting ready to turn?”

    BTW, Dean is Hillary’s age born in 1948, too old to be considered in 2016!

  71. Good Grief I just realized I will be 66 when we go thru this again, that’s if we have a 2 term president. I am getting freaking old!

  72. Why would he want to replace him other than the man has looked at the polling and decided that Senator Clinton is the one to win.

    He must have forgotten to take the Kool aid for a couple of days.

    It is amazing how you can use the polls to bolster your candidate, but ignore them when it does not.

    However, if their thinking is straight at all, they know they are going to HAVE to win in November, or it is curtains for them and the Party.


    I love Blogs.

  73. If you listen to the commentary between Hillary and the newspaper men you see they are asking why are so many people asking her to get out of the race. She clearly says that it is unsual and nothing like she has ever seen before.
    Maybe that what has really started all this, people might start to wonder why exactly are they trying to get her out since lots of candidates have gone thru June. Maybe that is why they want to change the subject from WHY are they asking her to get out to she is saying Bambi is going to get shot!

  74. New Mexico Fan, WOW, then all this crap to take the media off WHY everyone wants her out makes a whole lot of sense, if there is any sense in this debacle!!

  75. confloyd, we’ve already seen the subject changed by BO’s camp before in this campaign haven’t we?

  76. Remember, what the big Dawg said, “If they are talking about you dropping out, then it is because, they are afraid, you can win.” I’ll never forget hearing him say this, not too long ago.

    BTW, I was channel surfing, and caught a few moments of Washington Week. What a bunch of Obamabots. A woman from Time, was talking about how inappropriate it was for Hillary to be bringing up the assassination of RFK, and that Hillary had said the same thing in March. Then, the AA woman (her name escapes me, but she is regular on the show) nodded her head in agreement, and it was like, they thought, Hillary had some ulterior motive. behind her words. Then, they said, what does she hope to gain, she is behind in delegates, SDs are moving towards waffles, and she cannot catch up. Does she want the VP spot or a central speaking role at the convention or does she even want her name entered on the first ballot. It was bizarre. No mention, that the race is basically tied, and they were wondering, why is Hillary staying in. Is Hillary waiting for something else to happen? Which may not be too far from the truth, the way things are going with waffles. I don’t think, anyone, would be saying these things, if Hillary was a male. I quickly changed the station. Unbelievable. Everything is taken out of context. Hillary may be a long shot, but she does have a chance.

  77. wbboei or anyone,

    To collect money for something campaign-related, do you have to follow a special bunch of rules, fill out forms and get appproved etc etc?

    I want to see something out there where people can make donations to show they are SERIOUS about voting for McCain over Obama, but the money will NOT go to help McCain or the GOP if Hillary is the nominee. If she is the nominee, it will go to help her or her supporters in some way.

  78. Birdgal, the two women wre suggesting that Hillary is going through all this and staying in …just to have spot or a central speaking role at the convention???? My dog is smarter than that.

  79. Another thing, was this also, a deflection on some of the stupid things waffles said about Cuba today?

  80. Southern Born Says:

    May 23rd, 2008 at 11:47 pm
    Birdgal, the two women wre suggesting that Hillary is going through all this and staying in …just to have spot or a central speaking role at the convention???? My dog is smarter than that.

    I know. LOL. They cannot fathom that she is in it, to win. They think, waffles has it sewn up, because he is ahead in delegates, so why, is she staying in? What are her motives? That is why, I just kept on, changing the station. Some people act so inane.

  81. I was wondering, maybe Hill was even starting to believe some of what the press was saying, about how it was signed, sealed and about to be delivered to BO, and how she should just go home.
    In fact in that interview she pointedly said at one point in discussing FLA & MI that “I am a Democrat”.

    But if ever she needed a reminder of how grossly unfair she’s been treated in this campaign, this bogus ‘flap’, extrapolated from nothing but a simple fact to nothing at all, should serve as a vivid reminder.


  82. I thought it was kinda funny they were talking about people not having any water and Hillary kept drinking water, she stops several times for a swig. I thought it was ironic. I am surprised the media did not catch that she was drinking more than her share of SD water during that interview! LOL! Bambi said we would have to give up eating as much, wonder if he is going to limit our water consumption too. 🙂

  83. Heck yeah, I am ready for her to kick some butt in Denver. Wished I had some money donate in honor of this embleshed story we’ll all have to listen to all weekend and maybe all the way to Denver. Bambi keeps trying to get Bosnia in the news everyday!!

  84. Telling that in Saturday’s NYT piece, itnotonly says that BO’s advisors were ‘furious’ with her remark, but that they were also upset with her comparing Fl & MI to the elections in Zimbabwe.
    And that means that what was speculated here, about her thinly referencing Odinga, hit home.

    Message received!

    Candy Crowley, who I’ve got some issues with, made a salient point tonight when she said a reporter trying to sort out such remarks and controversies has to ask themselves about intent. What is there to gain for Politician X when certain comments were made.
    Using that as an operating platform, it was either a boneheaded mistake or perhaps what I suggested earlier, that it was some kind of sign about an impending ‘fight to the death’, and a warning in particular not to have any shenanighans at that 5.31 meeting.

    Otherwise, I honestly have no idea.

  85. I am finally proud that I am a night shift x-ray tech and cant watch all the idiots on tv. Before this campaign I was always bitter about it! 🙁

  86. Sometimes, in our society today, I think we analyze things to death.

    Think about it. The super bowl, before after and during. The polictics, before after and during. Could it be that many things just don’t need to be analyze.

    Sorry, I guess a lot of people would lose there jobs. I have become tired of all the analysis in politics and other places.

    I GUESS I CAN EITHER FIGURE IT OUT ON MY OWN, OR I WOULD RATHER NOT KNOW. I really don’t care what they think.

    I enjoy movies a lot more since I stopped analyzing them, and just enjoy them. To bad we cannot due this with Politics.

    In the end, a reference to an assassination of JFK for me does not relate to Obama. What does is the 20 years he sat in a pew and listen to God Dam America.

  87. Here is RFK JR.’s statement:

    Robert Kennedy Jr. issued the following statement this evening:

    “It is clear from the context that Hillary was invoking a familiar political circumstance in order to support her decision to stay in the race through June. I have heard her make this reference before, also citing her husband’s 1992 race, both of which were hard fought through June. I understand how highly charged the atmosphere is, but I think it is a mistake for people to take offense.”

    Is anyone talking about this?

  88. found this letter to the editor and posted on the kansas city star just an hour ago

    Keep fighting, Hillary

    If it ends up that Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for president, the party will call on all of Hillary Clinton’s supporters to do the “right thing” and put their support behind Obama.

    Why should we? Hillary has been ridiculed, smeared, treated like a dog and finally thrown to the wolves. If you are a woman, you should be outraged. If you are a Democrat you should be ashamed of your party. If you are someone who really loves this country, you should flood the offices of the media moguls and the political analysts with letters and e-mails telling them you oppose the way they have shown disrespect to an American hero.

    Hillary had the guts to stand up to Big Oil, the health-care industry and the good ol’ boys club. She took that stand, knowing full well that it could possibly cost her the nomination. She is our voice, and we have all but let our party silence that voice.

    I am calling on all Hillary supporters to let the Democratic Party know how we feel by voting for John McCain if Hillary is not the nominee.

    Marcia Leibold
    Kansas City

    Translate The Star’s Clinton-Obama delegate map (5/21, A-1) into state electoral votes and see who wins.

    If the Democrats won’t allow Michigan and Florida, Hillary could run as an independent, draw voters disaffected by McCain, those tired of both the Democrats and Republicans and her own loyal following, and she would win the electoral count. She’d be president.

    Bill Doty
    Overland Par

  89. Yes, when parsing what a candidate said, you need to look at whether they might think the effect would benefit them.

    Referring to Odinga would probably be deliberate, dropping his name in as a clue — as with mentioning Rezko during an early debate.

    Leaving out some words from “We know the 68 campaign was still going in June, because that was when RFK was asassinated” would not be deliberate, because the effects were bad all around.

    This was in a close interview with an editorial board; they all probably DID remember that RFK was asassinated during a campaign event and in June. Hillary made a slight goof forgetting that it would be quoted to people who had forgotten those details (or that the BO camp would twist and blow up anything she said).

  90. Jesus, she didn’t say anything wrong. My goodness, this is much ado about nothing her refernce was to protracted primaries as an historical norm, but one can not mention ’68 without referring to what ended such a protracted primary. She did nothing wrong. This is nothing more than more race card from Obama. Did you read that Scotsman piece today?

  91. mj: doesn’t it remind you of the LBJ statement and how that was twisted around and taken out of context? I loathe waffles and his campaign more, with each passing day.

  92. mj, what about Bambi’s campaign’s Recreate68, now that something to remind us all about!

  93. I just watched a video of Tweety talking to Hillary campaign manager and grilling him about the PR votes. He says PR should not count towards the nomination because they can’t vote in the General. WTF is this all about? Now we only want to count the one Bambi wins?

  94. I am not concerned with recreat68. Have you read the article I referred to? I am really disgusted by this campaign against Hillary.

  95. Has anyone looked at the comments on the Argus. THey are filled with Bots stoking the fire. Most people realize this is nothing more than a media driven story.
    I also read about Maxine Waters calling for nationalizing the oil industry, not thats a gaffe!

  96. MJ: do you have a link?

    confloyd Says:

    May 24th, 2008 at 1:32 am
    I just watched a video of Tweety talking to Hillary campaign manager and grilling him about the PR votes. He says PR should not count towards the nomination because they can’t vote in the General. WTF is this all about? Now we only want to count the one Bambi wins?

    Tweety Bird is full, of you know what. Of course, PR counts. The Virgin Islands and Guam count. The delegates count towards the nomination, as should the popular vote. Is waffles going to decline the delegates or number of voters from VI, Guam, or PR. I should think not. PR counts, both in delegates and popular vote. This is sickening. So, it is okay for waffles to accept delegates from PR, but not Hillary? This makes no sense, but MSM doesn’t make any sense.

    Tweety Bird needs to fly away.

  97. just another day in Bambi’s “SILLY fantasy SEASON”

    rest assured that everyone has turned off politics for now until its time to vote………most of this will go unnoticed
    by “regular people” especially since its a holiday weekend!!

    only the bots are writing and reading such “silly” shit…….it really doesn’t matter much

    we all know what the ratings are like on CNN, MESSNBC etc……. not too many watching them and their “FAIRYTALE” reporting

    besides those of us supporting hillary aren’t going to be persuaded by the MSM SPIN ……
    it’s nothing more than Bambi’s MSM FLATUATIONS 😀

  98. signing off………wanted to say……….. that i hope you all have a great holiday weekend!!

    here in the okoboji lakes area i will be junkin all day tomorrow 😀 …..(3 separate HUGE antique flea markets)

    and then the rest of my weekend will be spent packing

    (we’re moving in a month and it takes a shit load of work to move our farm full of stuff and animals….uggh)

    hope you all get out and enjoy your weekend and take a well deserved break 😀

  99. mj, I have to be honest, I really try not to read BS any more. It is making me sick. What I don’t read, doesn’t upset me! There’s a link on Taylor marsh about Tweety

  100. I like the way Hillary refers to Obama as her opponent instead of saying his name. 🙂

    I have absolutely no frickin’ idea what’s going on behind the scenes, but if you take an objective look at the way Hillary and her opponent have been behaving these past few days, which one is acting desperate? It ain’t the lady in the pantsuit!

  101. texas4hillary, I just read all that crap, its amazing! This has gotten so out of hand with that Roland guy on CNN and Brazile, they are stoking the fire of race baiting. I think this time its going to backfire. The white people that are for him in the rest of the states are going to realize that this is a set up, plain and simple!

  102. Oandrew, what Kennedy quote, are you talking the rfk quote by Hillary or the one that Bobby jr. said?

  103. hi hillfans. thanks admin for showing the ENTIRE interview with the argus leader. IF ROBERT KENNEDY, JR DID NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT WHY THE F*CK THE OBAMABOTS ARE UP IN ARMS?

  104. hillfans, i hope to dear lord hillary fights obama on the convention floor. screw this coming together garbage. lord, i read the nutkook blogs and these sickos are not about bringing the party together at all. they as nasty and vile as ever to hillary and her supporters. screw em. they want war so wel will give em war.

  105. BHO is anxious to meet with terrorists who assassinate people all the time. Has he ever thought about what their actions really do to people? Or is all that just one more gaming gambit?

    No wounder he wins at poker games; He always has a race card up his sleeve.

  106. Last nite I was propelled back to the future when iwent toMSNBC to get the tirade of anti Hillary venom spouting from Mad Dog Dobermann,ex Sports announcer..

    Suddenly i was again listening to Mad housepainter call Adolf .Words and emoyions similar but a different time and place.
    Then we had Dr. Josef Goebbles Propaganda Minister
    Gen Herrman Goehring War Minister
    Adolf Hitler the mad one that met the press
    Now we have Tweety the woman hater that sets the agenda
    Dobermann the hate generator
    Timmy the tv equivelant of Jeramiah
    A new Kid on the block has been injected into the equation.A young inexperienced,head in the sand,mind on the prize and sees himself as the answer to the worlds horrible problems.Scary isn’t it ? As to me, do I sound angry,biggoted,partisan,disgusted and ready to do battle again for our country?You bet I am and these despicable individuals and their handlers and bankrollers did all these things to me.My view and memories of the past are still fresh and beautiful but my look to the future,thanks to these ratty individuals casts a lot of doubts.I have no idea as to how much time I have but I will continue my fight for Hillary to become ou first woman Madam President and put us back to the present and clean out these media vermin… by ABM90
    Just a 90 yr old WWII vet,Bronze Star,4yrs service fron normandy to the ELBE River and met the Red Army there.It was worth the fight then and it is worth the fight now,except now the MSM is our worst ENEMY.Wake up Americans the fight to save our Democracy is well worth the small price we must pay to dtop these re-incarnated evil individuals. Enough said for now.Have a great Memorial Day Weekend but DO REMEMBER

  107. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0508/10585.html

    GOP strategists mull McCain ‘blowout’
    By DAVID PAUL KUHN | 5/23/08 5:29 PM EST Text Size:

    Though they expect he would finish far closer to Obama in the popular vote, the thinking is that McCain could win by as many 50 electoral votes.

    It sounds crazy at first. Amid dire reports about the toxic political environment for Republican candidates and the challenges facing John McCain, many top GOP strategists believe he can defeat Barack Obama — and by a margin exceeding President Bush’s Electoral College victory in 2004.

  108. And that is what this is all about. These polls are coming out, and they needed a distraction. Donna does not really want to talk about these polls. She would rather talk about a bogous slight.


  109. I think the Republican win over Obama is going to be much bigger than they are imagining.

    Mccain’s group are masters at attack and turning stuff around.

    If the Republican’s think they have a slight chance, beleive me it is more than slight. Otherwise they would be spining it neck and neck.

  110. You can now get all six parts of the Evelyn Pringle chronicles called ‘The curtain Falls on Barack Obama .Go to her site on opednews. just type her name in search evelyn pringle and you will be enlightened by these court records of the slimy characters in the TONY REZKO and his cohorts,including OBAMA,in this dangerous scenario.AND HE WANTS TO BE OUR PRESIDENT? In him we would CHANGE and HOPE but he did not mention CHAOS.Read it and hope that it never happens,for GOD’s Sakes

    By ABM90 Please stand by Hillary.SHE IS TRULY OUR HOPE

  111. I saw the story about the Kennedy remark late yesterday afternoon on Google News (I have not watched any cable new since earlier this year and gave up on NPR a couple months ago – I will only read “news” because I can’t stand listening to any of the so called commentators) This episode has sealed the deal for me. Bottom line I won’t vote for any Democrat this fall. I never thought I could say this. I never thought I could do it. I have no stomach, no tolerance, no connection any longer to what the Democratic Party has morphed into. I’ve have never in my political life (since 1972) witnessed such hate and venom coming from the political party that I believed was for inclusion, tolerance, and all the people. They sure don’t want me and I’m not going to be one of them any longer. I’ll support and donate to HRC but no other candidate in the so called Democratic Party.

  112. So this is the “Change We Can Believe In?” This may help explain some of the “Annointed One’s” campaign donations.

    Fleeced Brits help Obama


    Published: Today

    AMERICAN Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has had an unlikely campaign contribution – from thieves who fleeced the bank account of a British couple.

    Shocked Tania Parker discovered the account had been mysteriously emptied after she tried to withdraw money from a cash point.

    When she called Lloyds TSB stunned Tania was told fraudsters had illegally made two donations totalling £210 to fund Obama’s race for the White House.

    She told The Sun: “It’s crazy, I couldn’t believe it. I’m not even an Obama fan – I prefer Hillary Clinton!

    “When your card gets nicked you expect them to buy designer jeans or jewellery – not go topping up the coffers of some foreign politician.”

    Obama is set to beat Clinton to seal the Democratic party nomination for President and is famous for his catchphrase “Yes. We. Can.”

    The Republican party have already chosen their man – Vietnam war veteran John McCain.

    Mum-of-two Tania, who is expecting her third child with partner Mark Spice, 31, said their bank had no idea how fraudsters made the dodgy donations – as the debit card was stolen a year ago.

    The thieves made two separate donations of $200 the equivalent of two payments of £104 using the stolen debit card and the account was charged £2 for the overseas transaction, carried out on Tuesday, April 29.

    In total $400 was donated.

    When the couple’s bank statement came through it clearly showed the transaction, under the title ‘Obama For America’.

    Mark, a shop keeper from Gravesend, Kent, said: “The card got stolen from my partner’s purse last summer in a Chinese restaurant in Woolwich, South East London.

    “We immediately called the bank and they cancelled the card – we thought that was the last of it.


    “Then two weeks ago me and Tania tried to get some cash out and the bank said there was no money left.

    “It said over £200 had been ear-marked for a transfer but they didn’t know where to.

    “We had to wait till the following Tuesday when they called and said the fraudsters had used the card to fund Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign.

    “We couldn’t believe it. They gave us an emergency overdraft to help us until the money was put back into our account.

    “It’s funny now but at the time it was really stressful – we’re expecting a baby any minute – it was a real nuisance.

    “The bank have absolutely no idea how they transferred the money because the card which was stolen was already cancelled.

    “All they said was fraudsters are getting better at beating the system – especially when it comes to buying things online.

    “But we still can’t believe they went to all that trouble then didn’t spend the money on themselves.

    “You can buy anything on the internet so why they gave the money to Barack instead of splashing out on themselves I have no idea.

    “I’m not even that big a fan of him.

    “We must be one of the weirdest cases of bank card fraud in the country!”

    Mark and Tania’s bank provided an emergency overdraft for the couple and have now refunded the cash into their account.

    A spokesman for Lloyds TSB said: “We tale fraud very seriously and have stringent measures and controls in place to protect customers’ accounts.

    “We always advise our customers to be extremely vigilant when it comes to protecting their account details and personal data but where customers are innocent victims of fraud we always reimburse them.”


  113. I like the comment about that fact that the person who is the nominee at this point (the DNC say, but the people do not say) is acting desperate.

    And the one not crowned by SD and the leadership in the DNC is acting Presidential, and in control.

    You see, she know she is being crowned by the PEOPLE.

    The SDs are going to have to stand for re-election and older people have longer memories than you think, and strong voting habits.

  114. Statement from Robert Kennedy Jr.: Re: Bobby Kennedy Comments

    Statement from Robert Kennedy Jr.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. issued the following statement this evening:

    “It is clear from the context that Hillary was invoking a familiar political circumstance in order to support her decision to stay in the race through June. I have heard her make this reference before, also citing her husband’s 1992 race, both of which were hard fought through June. I understand how highly charged the atmosphere is, but I think it is a mistake for people to take offense.”

  115. Below are a few lines from Obama’s books. His own words:

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.’

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.’

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.’

    From Dreams of My Father: ; ‘It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.’

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa, that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, Dubois and Mandela.’

    From Audacity of Hope: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’


    America is a pro-choice nation that needs a pro-choice president! That’s why we are putting the power of our one million members, activists, and supporters behind Sen. Barack Obama.

    To put pro-choice values back in the White House, we must reach, persuade, and mobilize pro-choice voters across the country. Please take a moment to help grow that movement.

    Invite a few friends to join us by sending an eCard and we’ll send you a “Pro-Obama, Pro-Choice” decal to put on your car or home window.

    Sen. Obama has been a strong advocate for a woman’s right to choose throughout his career in public service. He supports legislation to provide teens with comprehensive sex education, prevent pharmacies from denying women access to their legal birth-control prescriptions, and increase access to family-planning services.

    Sen. Obama has also worked to find common ground ways to prevent unintended pregnancy. With broad appeal to young, independent voters, he has proven himself a leader who can unify Americans around the pro-choice values of freedom and privacy.

    Spread the word about the importance of electing Sen. Obama and receive a free “Pro-Obama, Pro-Choice” window decal.

    As a messenger of hope and a candidate for the future, Sen. Obama will move this country in a new direction. As president, he will defend our rights and pursue our shared goals. He’s the right choice to lead our pro-choice nation.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Nancy Keenan
    President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

    Paid for by NARAL Pro-Choice America, http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

  117. The best course of action now to expose BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is to boycott MSNBC,CNN and yes even FOX.If anyone thinks that the gang at Fox is pro Hillary ,Think again.Their strategy is to get Hillary to drop out and then really cream Obama. Fox and their fair and balanced slogan is just as temporary as their target OBAMA.Does anybody realize that we are being held captive by this well funded and organized MSM branch of the GOP.Boycott their sponsers and their TV channels.I would rather not be informed than misinformed.If we stand strong for Hillary and contribute to her she will give us the truth,plain and simple.The best offense is from angry constituents.WE SURE ARE THAT..

    By ABM90 The time is now for Madam President Hillary


    America is a pro-choice nation that needs a pro-choice president! That’s why we are putting the power of our one million members, activists, and supporters behind Sen. Barack Obama.

    To put pro-choice values back in the White House, we must reach, persuade, and mobilize pro-choice voters across the country. Please take a moment to help grow that movement.

    Invite a few friends to join us by sending an eCard and we’ll send you a “Pro-Obama, Pro-Choice” decal to put on your car or home window.

    Sen. Obama has been a strong advocate for a woman’s right to choose throughout his career in public service. He supports legislation to provide teens with comprehensive sex education, prevent pharmacies from denying women access to their legal birth-control prescriptions, and increase access to family-planning services.

    Sen. Obama has also worked to find common ground ways to prevent unintended pregnancy. With broad appeal to young, independent voters, he has proven himself a leader who can unify Americans around the pro-choice values of freedom and privacy.

    Spread the word about the importance of electing Sen. Obama and receive a free “Pro-Obama, Pro-Choice” window decal.

    As a messenger of hope and a candidate for the future, Sen. Obama will move this country in a new direction. As president, he will defend our rights and pursue our shared goals. He’s the right choice to lead our pro-choice nation.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Nancy Keenan
    President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

    Paid for by NARAL Pro-Choice America, http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

  119. I wanted to pop in here today to say I just sent a “rise hillary rise” email to hillary
    I wanted to let her know that we are here and supporting her

    and i would like to ask that you all send her some positive mail today, as i am sure the bots are
    flooding her with hate mail

  120. New Newsweek poll shows Hill beating McCain while BO only ties him.
    Of course you’d never know it as it’s a full-blown feedy frenzy, with every two-bit Clinton-hater in the world trying to use yesterday’s remarks as an excuse to dismiss & end her candidacy.

    She – or even better, President Clinton – should come out today and point to the media madness, say she’s winning the vote, say the only place she’s going is to Denver, where she’s going to win.


  121. Texan4

    This is a horrible display from someone trying to be President. It is disrepectful to women and those bimbos on board seemed to have enjoyed it. Barack is running for POTUS of America, not the “American Gigelow.” (though he wins the latter hands down) Some are actually voting for him for his looks alone which is crazy.

    In the words or Rev Manning, “Barack is a long legged Mack Daddy.”

    This video should definitely make the rounds and let the people decide if this is presidential.


  122. Good Morning!

    After looking at some of latest polls, I think there is a good story to tell the DNC next week. Maybe the DNC wants Obama, but the people of America want Hillary! I say… take it to the Denver!!

  123. NewMexicoFan Says:
    May 24th, 2008 at 10:37 am


    So what is their email address?

  124. djia

    I just sent my Rise Hillary Rise email. Below is the link, just to make it easier If someone has another one, please post it.


  125. Michael Goodwin-

    I have watched you on Lou Dobbs, read your column from time to time and found myself in general agreement with your views on a number of issues.

    However, I am deeply offended by your commentary about Senator Clinton. Surely you realize that RFK and the newspaper who conducted the interview did not read into the comment what you did.

    Your interpretation of Senator Clinton’s words is delusional and you know it. Your rhetoric is even worse. You have done grievous harm to the process and the country at a time of great national angst.

    The practical effect of your words is to legitimatize the worst elements in the obama camp , one of whom has apparently made a death threat against her.

    Her comment was an innocent one. It is only when provocateurs like you exploit it to sell newspapers or to hijack the political process that it escalates and becomes a problem. As Welch said to McCarthy: “Have you no shame?”

  126. During this campaign, there have been opportunities to gain insight into the character and leadership qualities of the candidates.

    For example when Hillary was discussing the time frame of campaigns with the South Dakota Ledger and made reference to the assassination of RFK in 1968 to illustrate the duration of past elections, the Obama campaign saw fit to comment.

    It was reasonable to assume that Obama would treat the comment in a benign manner. After all, the emphasis now is on party unity, and to that end Senator Clinton defended obama against attacks by John McCain days earlier.

    Instead, what he chose to do was to create a highly devisive issue, throw gasoline on it, turn loose his thugs in msm plus the blogging world, and thus unleash a torrent of abuse and death threat against clinton- for partisan gain.

    I read the mydd diary by an obama supporter who pretends to chastise his jacobin collegues for their unseemly behavior. He claims they have done a disservice to Obama. That is an absurd contention since obama is the one who lit the fuse.

    As the country moves to the final stages of this campaign, serious questions are being raised as to how Obama would handle power and govern the country if he were to become president. This episode provides an illuminating answer.

    Frankly, it reinforces the fears many of us have about him. And those concerns are further exacerbated by the realization that there will be no effective check and balance in congress or corrupt main stream media given what we have seen thus far.

    In east Texas they have a saying. A good rancher can survive a draught. He can survive low cattle prices. He can survive high feed prices. But it is hard to survive them all at the same time.

    In Hillary’s case she has had to confront the misogyny of main stream media, the racism of the opposing campaign,the machinations of dnc partisans, double standard of Tim Russert, the fatigue factor etc. all at the same time. She has done so and prevailed.

    I firmly believe Hillary will be our nominee. The popular vote, electoral map, contested district analysis, experience factors auger for that result. At the same time I do not underestimate the challenge. As Bill said, it all comes down to whether the party wants to win the white house.

    Like some of you perhaps I have been to Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia for her, made out of state calls, maxed contributions, written to supers. It comes easy because she is a great leader at a time when we desperately need one.

    I will stay with her as long as she is in the race, and continue to do everything I can to get her in the white house. Her moral courage and commitment to us is sublime.

    If she is not the nominee, then the only choice left is mccain. Obama is the destroyer of worlds. If obama beats mccain then the only thing I will give him is my name, rank and serial number.

    I realize there are those who give party unity priority over all other considerations. They are sometimes referred to as yellow dog democrats.

    Whenever I hear that I am reminded of something George Bernard Shaw said, namely that every profession is a conspiracy against the laity. Well the same goes for political parties–both of them.

    wbboei | 05.24.2008 – 09:06 am | #

  127. wbboei, great comment to Michael Goodwin. He was horrible on Lou Dobbs last night. Obviously he has no shame.

  128. wbboei: You are able to express so well, what many of us have been and are feeling about this disgraceful debacle. I am with you. If not Hillary, then McCain. I fear for the United States, if waffles should win the nomination and possibly, the White House. All the race baiting, anger, unrest, and misogyny is only to get worse.

    Naral should be ashamed of themselves. Hillary has done more for women and pro-choice than waffles could do in a lifetime.

    I wonder, if some of this uproar, is because the Rules Committee meets next week?

  129. Great point wbboei. Every time Clinton makes any comment that can be taken out of context, Obama intentionally takes it out of context. It’s one of his most divisive tendencies, and it’s repugnant.

  130. “The media INTENTIONALLY misconstruing remarks just shows how they’ve taken sides in this campaign. Even Robert Kennedy Jr has defended what I was trying to say, and he continues to support me.

    Let me say it loud & clear: I will not be deterred from fixing this country’s problems, and if I have to go to Denver to do it, then that’s exactly what I’m prepared to do.”


    She needs to pivot off this and make the media the issue in this campaign once and for all – which I’ve been saying for months.

    Just standing there and taking this is not the Clinton way.

  131. Remember, we expected it to get rough these next two weeks.

    Our job is to alert, respond, and remember HILLARY IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.


  132. BHO camp thinks he could win by paint McCain as Bush thirth term but GOP will paint him as Cater’s Second term.

  133. They’re Both Electable’

    A Demcratic superdelegate on why he came out for Clinton this week.

    http://www.newsweek.com/id/138454 (for continued reading)

    This might seem a strange time for a superdelegate to announce support for Hillary Clinton. With just two weeks left in the primary season, the New York senator is trailing behind Barack Obama in both the delegate and superdelegate count. But while a majority of superdelegates have thrown their weight behind Obama in recent days, and some have even announced they are switching loyalties to Obama from Clinton, there are still a few newly decided Hillary backers. W. Craig Bashein, a 47-year-old litigator and Democratic superdelegate from the Cleveland area, is one of them. Bashein announced Wednesday that he’ll be going to Denver in August to vote for Clinton.

    Bashein says he fretted over the decision but in the end decided to go with the former First Lady because he thinks she’s got better experience. And unlike Clinton’s top strategists, whose primary argument to win over superdelegates these days is that their candidate is more electable, Bashein has a problem with that argument. He spoke to NEWSWEEK’s Suzanne Smalley about his decision to go with Clinton. Excerpts:

    NEWSWEEK: What do you think about the uproar over Senator Clinton’s comments about Robert Kennedy?
    W. Craig Bashein: I do not in any way or fashion represent the Clinton campaign, (but) I think Senator Clinton was attempting to point out that at the time Senator Kennedy was in a nomination fight in June of that year, 1968. I don’t think she meant anything other than that….She certainly didn’t intend to offend anybody. I didn’t interpret it as anything but perhaps an awkward way to say Senator Kennedy was involved in a nomination fight in June of that year.

    After holding out for so long, what triggered your decision to come out for Clinton now?
    I was appointed on May 12th to the superdelegate position, and after a couple weeks of careful consideration, I thought it was important to weigh in and make my support known for a candidate—in this case Senator Clinton.

    Did you communicate with the campaign about the timing of your announcement?
    No. Both campaigns had contacted me after I was appointed, congratulating me, obviously indicating they’d love my support. In terms of the timing of the announcement, I did not talk to their campaign other than to let Senator Clinton’s campaign know that I would be supporting her.

    How do you justify this decision given that Obama’s ahead in the pledged delegate count? Is the popular vote something you considered?
    It isn’t because I think each superdelegate is going to announce their support at a different time and the popular vote at that time may change from candidate to candidate. One of the factors I certainly looked at was the fact that Senator Clinton did win [my state of] Ohio in the popular vote.

    * 1
    * 2
    * 3
    * Next Page »

  134. birdgal

    that is the DNC’s talking point and we all know how well we can believe the DNC now

    so no i don’t believe mcCain is the 3rd term of bush either.

  135. Morning, hope it is a good saturday.

    Thanks to all who stopped by mydd yestereday to correct record on hill’s JFK comments.

    Here is a new one and it is a stunning and scathing indictment of the Obama campaign and US media by a British writer in the New Statesment.

    It is the best thing I have read on this subject. Just amazing. You will enjoy reading it. this guy really gets it.


  136. I think it is a much harder task to paint McCain as Bush as BHO thinks. McCain is a war hero, extremely popular senator, anti-spending, and an enormous amount of experience.

  137. To naral at

    Have you no shame or decency? After you heard from naral members about the outrage of endorsing Obama, you’re still pushing him?

    Everything you do to anger us further, means more energy we’ll put into supporting McCain if Obama should succeed in stealing the nomination.

  138. Hi everyone! I don’t think Hillary had any malicious intent with her RFK comments. People who don’t already hate her with a passion and are willing to be fair should see that. She probably should have phrased it differently though. About McCain, he may be a war hero but he is still a conservative republican. Yeah he’s taken some positions that are out of step with the repub base but overall he’s right there with them on most issues. Also he will have to appease the far right of his party because they already distrust him. OK, so he’s more reasonable than Bush but that’s not saying much.

  139. LEMONS INTO LEMONADE (Or, The Mother of All Outrages):

    # Berkeley Vox Says:
    May 24th, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Great point wbboei. Every time Clinton makes any comment that can be taken out of context, Obama intentionally takes it out of context. It’s one of his most divisive tendencies, and it’s repugnant.

    We need to take this baseless attack and turn it against them.

    I think we can all recall how outraged Obama’s supporters were that his cooments about “bitter” people “clinging” to their guns, religion etc., were taken out of context. They said it was a disservice to the campaign to go into gutter politics, and the politics of Gotcha, and that they wanted to talk about issues.

    Now, however, we hear of all the OUTRAGED Obama supports. “Beyond the pale”, said Clyburn. I can imagine Sharpton was “exercised” too. I would assume Ogremann would do a special double-length Special Comment, full of haughty indignation.

    It seems that this knee jerk outrage reaction is how they intend to continue running against Clinton. If Obama is the nominee, Clyburn, Brazile, etc. will be daily outraged.

    “I’m more outraged than I was yesterday,
    But not as much as to-morrrr-rrroow”.
    (Song by Spiral Staircase from the late 60s, lyrics slightly modified).

    Poor Mr. Clyburn. The doctor is going to have to warn him against reading any newspapers. “Your blood pressure is 900 / 300, at rest”.

    And for argument’s sake, if Obama is “installed” by the DNC, and runs against McCain, the whole premise of Obama’s candidacy is that McCain is a racist. “I have never been more incensed in my life by what McCain said yesterday about…” “It doesn’t get any lower than that”. “I think what he said was actually CRIMINAL”.

    And as a thought exercise, imagine four or eight years of OUTRAGE diplomacy. “The Prime Minister of Porkchopistan has made the most egregious comments in the history of the world”, said Rev/Minister ___, of the latest controversy about ___. It would all be about magnifying every perceived slight, and twisting quotes out of context.

    As for what Hillary said, Robert Kennedy Jr. himself said that Hillary has made this reference before, about why candidates are still running hard even into June.

    Here is what the OUTRAGED Obama people would like us believe she intended, if we can read between the lines to decipher her encoded racist messages:

    “I Hillary Clinton, am not a strong candidate, and have become irrelevant, like Bill Richardson in February. Knowing my candidacy is doomed, I will however “hang in there” until the convention in case Obama is assissinated. That’s my only chance. Hey, sometimes these things happen.”

    This reverse racism is itself the outrageous action. This is a manufactured a controversy, distorting and taking out of context a quote. Let me guess: is this the “new kind of politics”, “post-partisan politics”, or the “politics of hope”???

    This was stirred up by a New York Post writer (where their agenda is a) get Clinton out of the race, then b) turn on Obama to continue electing Republicans), then spread by Drudge, and then picked up and amplified by every Obamazoid, who are dousing the fire with gasoline. They would like to change the topic from Obama’s problems (can’t win solid core Democrats, older voters, middle/lower class, Latinos, GLBT, etc.), and hope this overshadows discussion of FL/MI being seated, and the upcoming three primaries.

    So let’s turn this on them. I’ll have more takes on this, I can tell. Let’s bounce ideas off each other.

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