Voting For Barack Obama, Part III

An amazing thing happened last night.

No, it was not Hillary, once again, demonstrating that Barack Obama is unelectable.

It was not Hillary demonstrating that even though outspent in Kentucky by more than 2-1 she still beat Obama by more than a 35 percent margin (outspent in West Virginia as well, Hillary still beat unelectable Obama by more than 40 percent).

It was not Hillary announcing the second best fundraising month in April.

It was not the fact of Hillary adding to her popular vote total making her the people’s candidate with a majority of the popular vote. By contrast Barack Obama has to demand the subtraction of this state and that state and ignoring that commonwealth in order to arrive at the absurd conclusion that he wins the popular vote. It’s Barack Math – subtract states you lost in order to come up with a winning margin.

It was not that exit polls demonstrate that 62 percent of voters in Oregon, even Obama supporters, want the race to continue. These margins are similar to national polls and state polls which prove the people are rejecting Big Media schemes to protect unelectable Obama. The people, even Obama supporters, know something is wrong with Obama, they can’t quite put their finger on it but people know there’s something wrong with Obama.

It was not the fact that Hillary once again won the white working class vote in both Kentucky and Oregon.

(Obama supporter, Missouri Senator Clair McCaskill, continued the trashing of white working class voters begun by Obama shills Axelrod and Brazile when McCaskill said We don’t have to win Kentucky. McCaskill was speaking about Obama losing Kentucky in November. No Democrats has won the White House without winning Kentucky since 1964. McCaskill knows Obama is unelectable in Kentucky and Appalachia especially with Kentucky exit polls showing “only a third of Clinton voters would vote for Obama in the fall.” Missouri Senator Clair McCaskill should also note that today the latest Missouri poll shows Obama losing to McCain in her home state too while Hillary beats McCain.)

The big news from last night was a SurveyUSA poll which showed Hillary beating John McCain (49% – 43%) in North Carolina but Barack Obama losing to John McCain (43% to 51%)

With so many major events why do we consider the North Carolina poll results the big story from last night? The answer is that the North Carolina poll relates directly to why Obama is unelectable as explored in our Voting For Barack Obama series.

First, let’s recall the Obama campaign argument from January 2007. Obama argued that he would change the map – bringing in states that Democrats could not win without him. Obama promised he would win in states like North Carolina and Georgia thereby “expanding the map”. Obama also argued that he would not settle for a mere 51% victory.

Obama’s entire premise of being a “uniter” was that massive victories in both red and blue states (contradicting himself because Obama also argues that there are no “red states or blue states just the United States”), would lead to a new governing philosophy of cooperation.

Obama’s corollary premise was that he could “reach across the aisle” to bring everyone together because he would be so popular that all legislators would recognize his charms and thereby issues that appeared impossible to resolve would be resolved in messianic fervor.

Obviously all the Obama theories are gone now.

Obama will not be expanding the map. The most Obama can do is change the map. Obama will trade states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Kentucky and West Virginia for illusory victories in states with little electoral vote value.

What does this all mean?

The Obama campaign and Obama incense burners are making 2 arguments for voting for Obama this November:

  • The first argument is a call for party unity.
  • The second argument is that too many issues are at stake (Iraq, healthcare, the economy, the Supreme Court, etc.) for Democrats and Hillary supporters to abandon the Democratic Party in November.
  • The first argument is irrelevant. Demands for “Unity” are another way to say “Shut Up!”.

    We won’t shut up. Good Democrats will not shut up. We will continue to make our points and take our case to the American people. Hillary supporters will continue to fight for the voting rights, the civil rights of Florida and Michigan voters. We will keep working and keep fighting.

    The second point however is very serious. It is a point we will address – issue by issue – in this series Voting For Barack Obama.

    Healthcare, Iraq, the economy, gay rights, women’s rights, abortion rights, several Supreme Court appointments, tax policy all are important issues. That’s why we support Hillary Clinton. We know Hillary is the one we can trust to know not only what the right thing to do is but to have the ability to enact her policies.

    Hillary supporters care about the issues which is why we support Hillary Clinton. We also know that any objective analysis shows Obama is unelectable. Obama cannot win the big Democratic states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio – nor swing states such as Kentucky and West Virginia.

    If Obama supporters really cared about the issues, they would abandon their support of unelectable Obama and support Hillary.

    So in the weeks and months to come when Obama supporters approach Hillary supporters with pleas for party “unity” and with pleas regarding the issues, Hillary supporters need to respond: If you really care about the issues support the only candidate who can win: Hillary Clinton.

    [No Democrat should abandon the Democratic Party in November without giving serious thought to the consequences. Any Democrat that proposes DEMOCRATS GO ON STRIKE this November must explain why. The issues are important and serious. In subsequent days we will examine, issue by issue, why Hillary can be trusted on the issues and Obama cannot be trusted on the issues. We will examine the proposal that an Obama nomination will force good DEMOCRATS TO GO ON STRIKE. We will also excise most critical comments about Senator Ted Kennedy out of respect and due to his medical situation.]