Hillary Clinton – Kentucky Woman

Kentucky results HERE.

Oregon results HERE.

Politico’s Five things to watch in Kentucky:

If the state gives her a victory anywhere close to the 41-point landslide she got out of neighboring West Virginia last week, Team Clinton will have considerably more evidence to buttress its argument about her electability.

It would embolden her to assert she could win Kentucky in the general election against presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, and to claim that Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama is unable to expand the Democratic electoral map into states like Kentucky.

If Clinton wins by a larger margin than the one by which Obama is expected to beat her in Tuesday’s other primary in Oregon, it would also amplify her assertion that she’s ahead in total votes, if Florida and Michigan are counted.

A Kentucky landslide would serve another purpose: it would bolster her case that Obama can’t win over the blue collar and elderly white voters who fill the state’s voters rolls and who, the Clinton campaign argues, are necessary to beat McCain in November.

With that calculus in mind, here is what Kentucky political strategists and experts will watch for Tuesday:

How goes Montgomery County? In 1988 and 2000 – the last elections with no incumbent president on the ballot – this county of less than 25,000 residents in the Outer Bluegrass region of the state was within 5 percentage points of the actual statewide primary results. [snip]

The power of John Edwards. Kentucky could provide a good litmus test for whether the former North Carolina senator’s endorsement will help Obama make inroads with the blue collar and elderly white voters who have flocked to Clinton. [snip]

The role of race. Exit polls in neighboring West Virginia found one in five voters admitted race was a factor in their vote. Of those, more than four in five voted for Clinton. [snip]

The battle for Louisville. Both candidates have strongholds in the state’s biggest city, which is home to more than 700,000 of the state’s 4 million residents, so turnout will be key. [snip]

In order for Obama to hold down her winning margin, he needs to do well in Louisville and Lexington, home to the University of Kentucky, and in the relatively affluent northern Kentucky suburbs of Cincinnati. [snip]

Since the eastern part of the state is home to the areas in which Obama hopes to be competitive (Louisville, Lexington, the Cincinnati suburbs) and since cities tend to report more quickly than rural areas, early results may make it appear a closer race than it is.

Politico’s Five Things to watch in Oregon:

Oregon seems tailor-made for Barack Obama. [snip]

“Oregonians seem to like the cool, cerebral type,” Oregon pollster Tim Hibbitts said. “They liked Harding. They liked McCarthy. They liked McGovern. They seem to like that kind of Democrat. And, without putting an ideological implication on it, I think that Obama stylistically appeals to Oregonians.”

All of this portends a strong showing for Obama in Tuesday’s mail-in primary. A better-than-expected performance for Hillary Rodham Clinton would do wonders for her campaign, but few, if any, Oregon political experts predict such an outcome.

Here is what Oregon political strategists and experts will be watching Tuesday:

How quickly is the race called? Good news for the East Coast-based TV networks: Oregon, already three hours behind on Pacific Standard Time, isn’t expected to take long to count the mail-in ballots because of their electronic tabulating machines. [snip]

Be careful not to read too much into the early tabulations, which are likely to heavily favor Obama because they will come out of Portland and Multnomah County, said Paul Gronke, a Reed College political science professor.

The showing in the strongholds. Heavy voting in Portland and surrounding Multnomah County are a good sign for Obama. He is expected to beat Clinton by a 2-to-1 margin in this metropolitan area “full of young Democrats under the age of 35,” said William Lunch, a political analyst with Oregon State University.

Clinton needs to perform well in southern Oregon and east of the Cascade Mountains – areas that are considered more rural and conservative. Following the strategy followed in other states, that’s where Clinton sent her husband to campaign. Look to Bend’s Deschutes County, Medford’s Jackson County and Pendleton’s Umatilla County, experts said. [snip]

How goes Marion County? The county, which is home to more than 300,000 residents and the state capitol of Salem, has yielded votes within 5 percentage points of the actual statewide primary results in 1988 and 2000 – the last elections with no incumbent president on the ballot. There is a mix of income levels in the area, from upscale liberals to blue collar workers. [snip]

Follow the demography. Political observers expect women to comprise as much as 58 percent of the statewide vote. That would appear to be a promising sign for Clinton, but polls in Oregon have shown Obama leading among women voters.

West of Portland, Washington County will be a good gauge of suburban female voters. If Clinton has strength in the state other than in rural and small-town areas, she could find it in this county, said Wiener.

To test Obama’s support among blue-collar Democrats, look to heavily industrialized Albany in Linn County about 70 miles south of Portland, Hibbitts said. [snip]

For a glimpse at the Hispanic vote, look to Woodburn in Marion County, where half of the 20,000 residents are Latino. Good advance work led Obama to eat lunch at a local Mexican restaurant there earlier this month.

To measure college activity, keep an eye on Corvallis in Benton County. Home to Oregon State University and high-tech workers at the major employer, Hewlett Packard, Obama should win the area by a 2-1 margin, Lunch said.

What’s the turnout? With the presidential primary and closely contested Democratic primaries for U.S. Senate (the seat held by Republican Gordon Smith), attorney general and secretary of state, experts are predicting a “turnout” of 60 percent or more. In Oregon, which conducts elections by mail, the measure of turnout is actually the percentage of ballots returned.


555 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton – Kentucky Woman

  1. CBS called KY for Hillary.


    They said that Bambi “is expected to win Oregon”.

    They HOPE.

  2. kentucky results:

    h t t p : / / electionresults.ky.gov/KyElectWeb/kes?AC=3&RF=0&AR=0&R=A01000000&L=1999&N=U.S.+PRESIDENT&RV=1040438&DV=1629845&TP=3545&TC=120

  3. Hooray for HRC, our next prez!!!!!


    what the heck IS a mint julep?


    What a scholarly post. you rock! 😀

  4. Boycott MSNBC and NBC tonight.

    Fox News announced April was the second best month for fundraising for Hillary.

  5. This is a great day – we did a lot of work and it paid off in KY! I really don’t look forward to the spin the biased media will start throwing up if her win in Or isn’t big enough for them though.

    I really think that it’s time to get back on the phones to the supers. All of them. Some of them changed their minds in the past and they can do it again. All it takes is effort and if there’s one thing this this site is good at doing it’s generating love and EFFORT!

    It won’t take that much work to push BO down the stairs; he’s tottering as it is! Just a little more work, a few more calls, some persuasion and a good healthy helping of prayer and he is out of here!

    Universal; I did mean you. Sorry to call you Paul if that’s not how you want to be addressed. I would really love to hear your ideas about which sets of images you think would do the best job at this CRITICAL moment!


    80% of Democrats DISSATISFIED with Bambi.

    If he’s the nominee, 41% will vote for McCain, 23% won’t vote.


  7. Hillary Clinton D 111,414 57.1%
    Barack Obama D 77,106 39.5%
    “UNCOMMITTED” D 3,544 1.8%
    John Edwards D 3,044 1.6%

  8. why is the delegates still 22 for Hillary and 11 for Obama? Doesnt make sense it should be more further apart

  9. Question of timing.

    Sooooo Oregon polls are open until 8 pm PST which is 10 pm in Iowa and 11 pm on the east coast. I assume they wont start counting the ballots until the polls close or they would have counted them already (am I wrong?) so BO wont be making his great speech (which he is probably rewriting) until most everyone who cares has gone to sleep.

    Yawn 😳

  10. Big Tent Dem over at Talk Left (who is the latest honorable Obama supporter online) says Clinton will take Kentucky by something very close 40%. Obama’s got a tough battle ahead of him.

    Congrats to everyone who made the win in Kentucky happen.

  11. basil9
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    they are very yis one I have served in several restaurants around the state. It is traditionaly enjoyed when served in a silver julep cup. It’s also very good in a glass!
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  12. they still need help with calls for Oregon, Hillary said this is always critical, please come out and VOLUNTEER!

  13. Joe Friday, Those numbers are truly awful for Obama – even worse than how he did in WV. Whoa is right.

  14. Hillary Clinton D 122,269 58.1%
    Barack Obama D 81,028 38.5%

    ouch! take that girly man. and dont ask your wife to protect you.

  15. basil9
    if ya let everything sit over night it is even better, what pray tell do you consume when watching the kentucky derby, in my bitter gun clinging mixed racial xenophobic familky it was always a mint julip.

  16. What I live is how the voters of WV and KY ignored everyone telling them the race is over and came out in big numbers to kick Obama’s ass.

  17. “# Ronald Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    Hillary Clinton D 122,269 58.1%
    Barack Obama D 81,028 38.5%

    ouch! take that girly man. and dont ask your wife to protect you.”

    She’s OFF THE TABLE obviously! Hehehehe – watch him writhe around!

  18. Paula
    where in philly are you
    i went to temple and lived in center city for 7 years
    a great town

  19. paula
    oops but one must love this years pens
    and lets remember it was 92when they last won the cup. And even the most die hard philly fan has to give props to Fleury

  20. Basement Angel, one of the commentors here who kept reminding constantly that we should make those calls and stay focused is MonkeyBusiness. Thanks Monkeybusiness.

    Terry, on Fox News, just talked about how big a month for fundraising April was.

  21. I am really unclear how Oregon votes come in since they are all mail in. Will be hear tonight?

  22. Jefferson county was only 20% of voters tonight, split 50/50, Eastern Kentucky was 27% and Clinton took it by 75%

  23. basil9
    you very much enjoyed the first sip of the mint julep you so religiously waited to consume. Cheers to you.

  24. henry, The Pens deserved to win, although I have to say the Flyers didn’t put much pressure on Fleury because the Pens never allowed the Flyers’ offense to get in gear.

  25. No matter the results tonight, let us be prepared for the media response. They have been planning for today and tomorrow for some time. They began to set the stage after IN/NC by basically telling the public it was all over. This has been their theme now for two weeks. Tonight or tomorrow, enter stage right, their choice for the nomination, you-know-who.

    This is fraud and deception on a large scale. It has no direct bearing on the nomination, as this is governed by rules and not the media nor public opinion. But it will have an indirect impact, both good and bad. For example, it has actually worked in Hillary’s favor, as in WV and KY. Now more recently women have finally begun to voice their displeasure at the process. This is called a backlash. The Party bosses and Media are scared to death of any possible backlash that tarnishes their chosen little darling. Hence the pressure for Hillary to quit sooner rather than later to silence the public.

    The Party bosses are confident that the brainwashing that has been ongoing for months by the media will continue via manipulated polling and biased reporting, once any real outlet for the people’s voice like Hillary, has been silenced.

    If Hillary calls their bluff by not getting out, their fear of the growing backlash will only increase. Things can only get worse for the Party bosses. I said this already once before, but time is on our side and not theirs. If we have the popular vote including MI/FL, even if the DNC refuses to officially count the voters in those two states, Hillary’s claim to victory will be just as strong as Obama’s. As the public backlash continues to grow particularly among white working class and women voters, the pressure will increase on the SDs going into Denver to pick the candidate with the best chance of beating McCain. And we know who that is and the name does not begin with an O but with a C.

  26. If the SDs can’t now see that the wheels are coming off Bambi’s little wagon, I dunno.

    Or will they just be Lemmings and follow him over the cliff ?

  27. I’m stunned Jon King just said Obama has a huge small town America problem that is not going away.

  28. This meseage from Hillary just arrived in my mailbox:

    Once again tonight, you and I stood together and showed America what we’re made of.

    Every time we win another state, we prove something about ourselves and about our country. And did we ever prove something tonight in Kentucky.

    We showed America that the voters know what the “experts” will never understand — that in our great democracy, elections are about more than candidates running, pundits commenting, or ads blaring.

    They’re about every one of us having his or her say about the path we choose as a nation. The people of Kentucky have declared that this race isn’t over yet, and I’m listening to them — and to you.

    Your unshakeable commitment to that principle and your willingness to keep forging ahead inspire me every day. Let’s keep supporting one another in these crucial days ahead.

    All the best,

    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  29. There’s a post on TM about an article in The Hill saying many of Obama’s congressional supporters don’t want Hillary to be VP, some because they say she played the race card.

    Keep talking that way and you’ll just drive more and more of her supporters permanently away from Obama.

  30. “Let’s keep supporting one another in these crucial days ahead. ”

    You can count on us Hillary.

  31. Henry!!!!!!

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Can i have another one, pleeze?? (as long as YOU’re at home and don’t haveta drive, of course)


  32. ::::scratchy old Blondie album starting…::::
    Never give up
    Never give up

    The tide is changin’ but Im holding on
    She’s gonna be our number one
    She’s not the kind of girl
    Who gives up just like that
    Oh, no

    Go Hillary!!!!!

  33. Cool, now it’s 62-34!!! And Jefferson County’s almost done and Fayette County is done. Those are the only two counties he won.

  34. this is insane-john king is screwing up the delegate stuff-argh-clinton people please put on a great surrogate on cnn

  35. Paddy!!!!

    You and Universal should compare notes!!!! Even better you, Universal and Flineo! Absolutely brilliant! You sure you’re not a 5-star general or something>

    Shenanigans! I’m almost dancing to Blondie. 😀

    Jump LEMMINGS Jump. 😈

  36. I’m sorry but frontrunners don’t lose states by 30 and 40 points unless they have SERIOUS problems.

  37. toobin-the pop vote arguement is stupid. borger-well hill can be the nom-we ust need a metoer out fo the sky. this crap and not refuted hillary ill refute them in a minute…

  38. Wow. Go Hillary!

    That race baiting s*** is so bogus. Someone needs to send the supers “Race Man.” Isn’t that the Sean Wientz article?

  39. Paula, I agree with what youre saying, there should be no front runner on this evening!

  40. Paula
    made me smile
    fleury kicked ass. he is the stuff of legends. give the kid his due.
    and anywho as a hockey nut the year 92 still means something to me, a Clinton won then and it will happen again.

  41. The attitude of people like Toobin is symptomatic of why much of Hillary’s base won’t vote for Obama. That kind of elitism pisses them off.

  42. thanks basil. This is a wonderful group here to be sure. I enjoy reading the great insights shared by everyone, including yours.

    How is your cottage?

  43. Hillary is on fire tonight. No Surrender. Classy and determined and punching and making a strong case.

  44. “Hillary is on fire tonight. No Surrender. Classy and determined and punching and making a strong case.”

    We are ready for a good fight.

  45. If Fox News is getting nasty to Hillary now, I see that as good news, that means she is going to win the nomination!

  46. FIineo: Oh no, please call me Paul. I just must have missed where you asked me the question about imagery (can you ask me again?) so I wasn’t sure if you were addressing me. Sorry about my oversight.


    Birdgal — Yes, Wilentz’ “Race Man” is by far the best subject on the race card being played this primary contest. If you want to be pissed off all over again on what Bambi, Jax, Jr., Wilder, etc did to HRC and us throughout the primary season, please read here:


    Toobin – Utter shill who continues to caricature himself every time he opens his mouth about this contest. CNN should have kept him strictly in legal analysis. He is hurting himself and CNN’s brand (if that’s even possible) with his “root on the fellow Harvard Lawie” tendentiousness.

    Who would have thought that if you had to answer the question “Who is the more clownish of these two Harvard Lawies, Bob Arum (boxing promoter) or J-Toob?,” J-Toob would win by a mile.

    Damn, Cult’s Kool Aid must be strong.

    Ha ha.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  47. lol, fu**ing obama camp, cnn said they just released their campaign funds during hillarys speech, and they will bring us those numbers after commercial. Now come on!!!!!! After WV we get slapped in the face with en edwards endorsement, and now this, they claimed they have won already, and yet they feel the need to be this petty!!! BHO go fugg yourself!!!!

  48. BTW, kudos for KY for their expeditiousness in getting the vote totals in. Other states should take note.

  49. It is a crime against humanity the way the media is spinning a crushing defeat of BO in Kentucky.

  50. What campaign funds? It’s the middle of May, lol. Didn’t they release their April numbers yet?

  51. I don’t care what they say, Obama’s fundraising is dodgy, there is no way this money is legit.

  52. its just ridiculous that all his money is coming from small donations, unreportable, i’m guessing probably dodgy donations from sources abroad.

  53. Paddy: Great analysis by you above on the MSM/HRC/’drop out’ thing. SPOT on. Basil is right — you nailed it. 🙂

    Whomever said it:

    Edwards sure did help a lot, huh!

    Another great night for HRC and us. It is on to Puerto Rico, South Dakota and Montana.

    Lil Rus’ “The Nominee” is getting blown out of the water something fierce.

    WV & KY totally obliterate North Carolina in pop. vote counts.

    Like Admin said, we have our marching orders: 3 more contests and on to victory!

    Time to make sure the Montanans and South Dakotans are well-versed on Zbigniew “Mr. One World Government” Brzezinski.

    Hey, tell Bambi that as long as he has IA set up tonight and since he’s not going to want to party on the same day Teddy K announces his tumor, we’ll take over and invite the Kentuckians!


    Paul F. Villarreal

  54. 37 million did not help them win, they need to donate it to DNC, so Hillary can win the GE against McCain!

  55. 212,000 ahead now, with 10% still to come in, thats a huge popular vote lead. Will definitely offset any loss in oregon if it happens.

  56. We need a Hispanic to go to PR, because Judas is going there! He’ll probably pay them off, they say he is a dirty politician in New Mexico!!

  57. Fuc@the media, it is time for direct action. Wolf Blitzer talks about fund raising not about the crushing defeat of Obambi.

  58. As optimistic as I felt tonight I was not expecting a 200K+ obliteration in KY.

    Jerome Armstrong over at MyDD already has something up comparing KY & NC. Haven’t read it yet but I know Jerome will be sure to point out how KY takes out NC.

    Great stuff.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  59. nevermind hillfans. cnn updated hillary at 34 delegates won in kentucky. obama has 12. sounds about right.

  60. Terrondt, the media creation called Obama can not win his neighbouring state and complains Arkansas is closer to KY. What an idiot!

  61. So BO will release his fundraising in the middle of HRC’s victory speech? Like he trots out SDs the day after her big wins?

    And he calls us low-lives?

  62. Guys look at this poll for NC per SUSA

    Obama 43
    McCain 51

    Clinton 49
    McCain 43

    According to SUSA, Clinton wins in North Carolina. Obama loses.

  63. Hillary now got 34 delegates to 12 delegates of Obamas I wonder about the superdeleagetes

  64. I’m surprised Obama’s not making his speech for Teddy’s bedside or had him wheeled in from Massachussets being the opportunistic bastard Obama is.

  65. Gorto Says:

    May 20th, 2008 at 8:43 pm
    they raised 37 million in april

    It hasn’t helped them to win any states, despite all the inaccurate flyers, tv ads, paid bloggers, fancy jets, paying off the power brokers, and the list goes on.

  66. moonpluto: Amazing! The people love her. Not too shabby for someone, who is supposedly so polarizing and divisive. What a crock.

  67. Someone just mentioned the SUSA poll in NC. I hate to sound like a negative Nate, but NC… well, let’s just say don’t count on them even caring to go out and vote.

  68. obama can keep his money, they haven’t done him much good in these final states, that’s for sure.

    Once again we see the MSM run amok tho, how about Hillary raising 22 million in april??? don’t count??
    The fact that the candidate that they have tried to ‘put down’ since Iowa, who has had to lend her campaign millions of dollars, is suddenly raising more than 20 million dollars, she has once again risen from the dead, proving the fact that people want her in this race (and to win it) is this somehow not noteworthy??!!!

    go piss on a tree! I’m off to bed, the MSM can suck on this loss for them, victory for the rest of us, and cry themselves to sleep. I will dream sweet dreams of a beautiful woman who happens to be the next president of the united states of America!!!!

    ps. I thought Hill showed more humor in her speech tonight, I liked it, she’s good when she does that!

  69. She just fits the bill, she is strong, comes out fighting, and not afraid of anything. SHe is the true American story.

  70. MoonPluto:

    I am 100% with you on the shady nature of BHO’s warchest. I think it stinks as bad as BO does.

    Also, you are dead-on. The key for tonight was to build on the popular vote lead HRC has. It looks as though that will (hopefully) be accomplished.

    Then it’s on to the last 3 contests and to secure the popular vote victory. Once we do that, we will be able to start peeling away SD’s from Bambi.

    Oh, want to confirm something for people here: Hallow Jen from here is an Obama plant. Just confirmed by my brother and something I wrote her earlier today in a MySpace message.

    Basically I told Jenn I have issues with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I felt bad for her because she told me she was bipolar so I tried to open up to her and be a real person.

    These are your Obama peeps, in full effect!

    Ha ha ha.

    Love it.


    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  71. Arrogance is not pretty. If waffles had campaigned there, he may have been able to bring the margin down, but then, it would have looked, as if the campaign was not over. Hillary has momentum

    Let’s see, how OR does.

    BTW, waffles is catching on. I saw, a few posters using the term on TM. LOL!

    Hey Dot, tell us HOW YOU REALLY FEEL? ROFL.

  72. You got to admit that Susa poll is damn hilarious, he wins the state and she’s beating him in the polls, i reckon a large number of republicans are now prepared to vote for her.

  73. I sure hope someone writes a book about this election when all is said and done…and may it be a truthful, unbiased look at the corruption and hate-mongering that took place.

  74. Yess, she’s 233,000 ahead, thats even more of a popular vote win than she got in Pennsylvania for fucks sake, talk about a whalloping.

  75. Rumor began to spread at our STATE Democratic platform meeting DSM, IA this wkend, working on the state Dem platform, about BO’s victory appearance. With others,I plunked down several . several bucks to send the following to BO:

    to be delivered Tuesday night at his hotel

    “four fully and strongly rooted arugula plants, surrounded by four fully-rooted spinich plants.” Good Luck with the Arugula crowd in November…

    from your non-supportive registered Democrats,

    ‘412 Dems who grow Arugula’

    Msg just returned as “not accepted”

  76. 238,000 popular vote lead is looking good for our girl, whats the turnout supposed to be like in Oregon, will it top this.

  77. Jon Stewart has this new segment called “Dick of the Week.” BO has already won DOTW for giving out free tickets to Dave Matthews Band during a speech by Bill Clinton.

    He deserves another win for releaseing his fundraising total on the night of HRC’s big KY win.

  78. OH GOD! Did you see this?

    Sen. Barack Obama has won a majority of the pledged delegates in the Democratic race for president, according to CNN estimates.


  79. HRC RULES waffles! I got my fingers crossed that she’ll h0ld her own in oregon. When do the first results come out?

    I dunno – something doesn’t add up – maybe ted knowing about his tumor is what pushed him to endorse . . . he wanted to leave a legacy while he was still capable . . . 🙄 (sorry about the caps)

  80. i think hillary will have popular vote lead by the end of this without including Michigan…

  81. justmeinmountdorafl, a majority of the pledged delegates means nothing. You have to pass the magic number to win the nomination. Rules are rules and they don’t make them. The media has begun their counter-attack. The results from OR will give them even more ammunition, no matter how close unless we win. Let’s stay on target. We know what really counts for us. Votes! And Time!

    Thanks Universal. You are our bedrock.

  82. That is a headline on CNN, I don’t know they think that, he has only won14 in Kentucky.
    This is just another way to steal her thunder, I think most people realize that now!
    He is such a pri%k!

  83. Basil, I don’t know, but it could account for, all those reports of him appearing to be drunk. Brain tumors can affect balance and gait, which might make someone, appear to be intoxicated. This is not a good diagnosis. He may have a rough road ahead of him.

  84. Its 2209, they have to count the votes in Florida and Michigan because they are certified and the DNC rules only talks about delegates not votes. If he claims victory now, he will look awfully stupid when the rest of the states come in for her!

  85. pledged delegates are all that count here, SD’s don’t until they vote officially in August as they can change their mind, so he does not have the required number of pledged delegates.

  86. i am hoping for 45% for hillary in oregon. she will lose some of the 240,000 popular vote margin she made up in kentucky.

  87. Henry…

    Never, never heat branch water to make a julep!

    Bruise or grind the mint leaves…leave sit…add sugar and grind (mortle/pestle) again.

    Love the silver, love the sugar. love the mint, embrace the aged bourbon…

    Love your companions.

  88. HE IS DEAD now

    Kentucky (& NC) for Clinton

    by Jerome Armstrong, Tue May 20, 2008 at 08:50:45 PM EST

    With 69% of the vote now in, Clinton takes a greater than 2:1 margin lead, 65-31. It’s a question whether Obama will be able avoid slipping into the 20’s for a second week in a row. In fact, CNN is reporting that, from Kentucky alone, Obama is not yet going to be able to declare enough delegates to put him over the top in pledged-delegates, before the Oregon polls close, according to their projections…

    Update [2008-5-20 20:44:4 by Jerome Armstrong]: 65-30 now with 90% reporting. While Clinton was speaking, the Obama campaign dropped their fundraising numbers for April: 93% gave $100 or less while raising $31 million in total. Clinton officials say they raised $22M for the month. McCain raised $18M.

    Update [2008-5-20 20:50:45 by Jerome Armstrong]: SUSA does poll both Obama and Clinton in North Carolina today. Obama loses by double-digits, while Clinton defeats McCain:

    North Carolina

    Clinton 49
    McCain 43

    McCain 51
    Obama 43

    Has Markos seen these numbers?

    Going strictly by the latest poll shows Clinton leading by a 310-228 EV count over McCain, while the presumptive nominee, Obama, trails McCain by a 285-253 EV margin.

  89. emjay
    oops my bad
    anywho it has taken me a long time to type this response so I did something right
    ps i think the key is leaving it over night

    can i say that i loathe colmes

  90. No doubt Obama had his ass handed to him tonight in KY and the thing is he made the loss worse by flipping the people of KY the bird and making their state feel unimportant thats why they came out in huge numbers.

  91. Here is a funny from TM:

    oh someone posted about why the “trolls” werent out…well they had an emergency meeting and needed all hands on deck even the 400 new bloggers to make up the crowd for his “victory” speech and to refill there glasses cause the kool aid got kinda low and was wearing off after being here on TM. something about some of them were starting to question the talking points memo and were actually seeing through there kool aid induced haze.

    some of the newbies were actually reporting in corrections to there scripts

  92. Since no one has enough delegates, the rest is perception about who “really” won. It does not matter if the DNC includes MI/FL votes or not. They will be added in people’s minds (including the SDs) to the total. Hillary will be able to rightly claim she won the popular vote.

    Denver will come down to deciding what constitutes a win in people’s minds there; votes or delegates. Since so many of his delegates are from caucuses and Red States even his delegate argument is weak. He may have the largest “quantity” of delegates, but she will have the best “quality” of delegates, from large Blue and swing States. Add to this her popular vote, it is convincing.

  93. h t t p ://guerillawomentn.blogspot.com/2008/05/pocket-guide-to-obamaniac-behavior.html

    Attack/Gloat mode
    Threat mode
    Over confidence mode
    Stark reality mode
    Tantrum mode

    These are the Obama rules

  94. lol, she got more of vote difference than she did in Pensylvania. Obama should be ashamed off himself, front runner my ass losing like this, this far into the game.

  95. Per Hillary:

    “I’m going to keep making our case until we have a nominee, whoever she may be.”

    Love it, Love it. What a wonderful speech.

  96. ok, its 254,000 to 207,000 now, she’s hit a 247,000 lead, come on 3000 more and we get a quarter mil.

  97. so does OR close at 11 EST. I have had lots of mint julips and doubt i can wait for pacific time. My intoxication is basi9 fault. I will take no personal responsibility,

  98. wow got home form work Hillary kicking his a@@
    kentucky found out he is liar n crook they surly didnt believe this BambiObummer…people are waking up and his wife is angry at america.
    GO Hillary GO!!!

  99. she not only kicked his ass, she kicked his ass from one of the state to the other and back again.

  100. hillfans, for what it is worth but american research group got kentucky on the mark. their last poll before kentucky was 65% for hillary to 29% for obama. they were pretty damn close to the wv numbers too.

  101. which if they got it right in KY and WV, ARG said it would be 50 to 45 in Oregon, oh god let it be that close.

  102. Henry,
    Completely alone, but hey, whatever floats your boat!

    Wolfsen, asked point blank if we’re Denver bound;

    “We don’t have a nominee until we HAVE a nominee.”

  103. She likes older men, henry. 😉

    Past my bedtime. Congrats again to Madam President and all her loyal wonderful 44 supporters. On to the convention, guys!

    Hope i wake up to hear oregon was a single digit affair.

    nite all.

  104. There is only one county not reporting anything, but both counties on either side of it, went for clinton 6000, to 1000, so i suspect folks we are going to have our 250K win.

  105. yes, henry, i’m there in spirit and you must serve me when you serve yourself and since i haven’t perfected the art of astral imbibing i’m afraid it;a all up to you.

    I’m sure you’re carrying on a scintillating conversation with me. 😀

    nite for real.

  106. moon, check out both kentucky and oregon on arg. very dead on. i guess they were blasted earlier in the primary season so much they finally go their act together.

  107. Fuck it, I’m gonna gloat, 250K win over Obama in Kentucky, roll that one up Obama and shove it where the sun dont shine.

  108. whoo hoo, its 249,000 now, yessssssssssssss, but it says 99% reporting but i cant find the missing 1%.

  109. Earth to Roland Martin – WE WILL NEVER BE SWAYED TO VOTE FOR OBAMA. What part of NEVER don’t you understand?

  110. Interesting how Obama come on now:

    its 10:11 EST – whos going to watch it

    what will people remember most, the Kentucky win, by big

    I hope ARG is right 50-45 – itd be nice if theyd pull a surprise

  111. CJ because hes there to state thats where it all started with his win (33 percent) in

  112. OB is proclaiming his win in Iowa because he knew he would lose badly in Kentucky, so he;s trying to counter that, and the media has gone right along with him on it. Everything I;ve heared on the radio or seen in print has proclaimed that he will have the majority of delegates tonight, in other words, that he has closed the deal.

  113. How can you ignore the numbers in KT and WV
    This race is supposed to be over right?
    And here she is winning by 40 and 35 points.
    C’mon that is absolutely incredible

  114. He is self-proclaiming he has won. Unless the DNC also says so, it is fiction. Fiction peddled as fact by the media.

  115. On TM they are predicting bad stuff for us in Oregon! Have you guys heard this and what time would the votes be counted in cst?

  116. votes should be in quick at 11, but the early votes will come from Obama strongholds like Portland.

  117. I think Obama will try to end this nomination process with SDs before May 31 rolls around and FL and MI are counted.

  118. Every single time a state holds its convention/assembly we have another chance to pull people away from his lies and into our camp. We should be calling delegates in EVERY SINGLE STATE that is about to to finish its caucus process with an assembly (or convention – I can never keep the definition straight).

    If anyone can help me find the schedule for conventions PLEASE help me with it. We SHOULD be able to pull lists and make calls and he is only ahead by a VERY SMALL NUMBER AND THAT NUMBER CAN CHANGE. Let’s keep pushing and his ass WILL go down those stairs!

  119. # justmeinmountdorafl Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    OH GOD! Did you see this?

    Sen. Barack Obama has won a majority of the pledged delegates in the Democratic race for president, according to CNN estimates.

    CNN hype. MSM would like you to believe in these HARD AND FAST metrics. They are not. These are funny numbers, moving over a shifting fuzzy line.

    Does Obama’s “math” include giving Hillary her MI delegates? Does such math give her the FL delegates? Hmmm…I don’t think so.

    Does this “magic line” end the nomination? So according to CNN’s spin, Obama crossing this lower threshold (not including two states we feel are valid) means that if he is ahead by say, one delegate, that all SDs need to fall in line and award him the nomination.

    So many problems with this scenario that it is laughable.

    All attempts to portray:

    hillary clinton………loser.



  120. You know, I’m sitting here listening to Obama’s speech. He’s not so bad, I can vote for him!!! Yes, I can.
    NOT! Stick your kool-aid up your ass, Obama. GO HILLARY!

  121. Does Axelrod, BO, Donna B. and Howard Dean really believe that if BO is the nominee, we Hillary supporters will actually fall in line and vote for him?

    They are out of touch.

    Do they really believe their spin?

  122. Now we know why Kennedy has been acting erratic and saying things, Brain tumours make you act out of character, and say weird stuff and i’m wondering if he’s actually been in his own mind the last few months, would certainly explain a lot.

  123. omg i had turn the tv…looks like some chicago people there ..turn off are tvs only when your on there he aint gonna tell me what to do..

  124. Paula –

    Roland Martin was going on and on about how this has to come together SOON – eight weeks won’t be enough time to go up against McCain. He REALLY thinks that we will “fall into line”, when BHO gives us enough “sweetie speeches”, I guess. Well, guess again. ‘Aint a gonna happen.

    Hey Roland – who are you trying to convince? Me are you? Because I’m not buyng it.

    Watching BHO makes me nauseaus. Yeah, he won the crooked caucus in Iowa. Less than two weeks after Donald Young’s untimely murder – a murder that was in a media blackout for over two days.

    Change? Hope? Vomit.

  125. southern born, those 3 are so out of touch with the party, is it any wonder why they have never won! American loves Hillary, even the republicans are coming on board!

  126. So his side, the DNC, and media, all want her to drop out before the meeting that decides MI/FL. If she does not (and it certainly looks this way), then she is forcing them to come up with a formula suitable to all with regards to MI/FL. This would result in raising the number of delegates needed to win, thereby voiding tonight’s self-coronation. For the DNC to do otherwise, not to fix the problem in order to allow the self-coronation to stand, is to toss these two states to the wind. Bye-bye election. Hence the bluff tonight. If she calls it, we are going to Denver.

  127. it will be interesting because Obama will be going to Florida tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, of all states?!?!?!? It’ll be a backlash against him! Hillary will be so welcomed in the state of Florida!

  128. I love the way he keeps saying i won Iowa decisively, er no you didnt, you got 37%, 63% voted for 2 other candidates.

  129. His vote needs to be looked at very carefully, he sure hasn’t been working with a full deck! Kennedy is a very sick man!

  130. To add…CNN “estimates” are …. their fucking guesses, then topped with delicious tasting Obama spin. Ummmm, who could possibly resist??

    And for any physicists or wannabes (I’ll take credit for the latter) here, this fuzzy math is like quantum physics. It’s not all Newtonian set-in-stone; ya do yer probability charts and say, “Shoot, a few things could happen”.

    Also, please take heed that numbers used in the “math” are constantly being tinkered with. I feel that the Clinton team is trying to “get it right”, to correct the bogus “new math” that Obama Inc. and MSM accomplices try to put over on the unsuspecting public, night after night,.

    Time for people to self-edumacate.

  131. BO says that Iowa started it all for him…let’s remember…wasn’t that one of those caucus “things” with questionable support from even Republicans and people who might not have even been from Iowa….REASON ENOUGH TO ROTATE WHICH STATES VOTE FIRST!

    BO just mentioned how he gets lots of money from the small donors.

  132. I wouldnt be surprised in a mail in ballot vote in Oregon that a lot of Hillary votes suddenly disappeared like they did in Guam.

  133. RickRoberts, you bet…I hate that preacher voice of his…I don’t see it as a wonderful rhetoric skill…it makes my skin crawl. How in the world could anyone listen to that for four years?

  134. He has some nerve campaigning in Fl, the sorry sack of $#!+. Won’t allow the delegate votes count, and ran “national tv ads” in FL. But, he has the gaul to go to FL like he is soooo innocent.

    My God, is it just me – or does he sound like he’s on a Hitler-tear? He’s not inspirational in his speech. He’s by God telling what they are going to do.

    Donna’s moved……………..PATHETHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. rickroberts, they have really taken her spot in the sun away from her again. It was all planned, with Timmy annoucing that he has won the nomination. Well, I don’t think Timmy has the authority to say it. The votes are the ones and the SD’s and many have not yet spoken!

  136. Guys, let’s put some donations in tonight. I’m going to send one of soon.

    We are down to one contest, essetially: Puerto Rico. All we need to do now is give HRC the $$$ to roll up the number in PR and we are basically assured of winning the popular vote.

    This is the last real fundraising push we need to make. Once we do this, we are home free.

    Donate, baby!

    Paul F. Villarreal

  137. the delegates do not vote until the convention…….

    ANYTHING could happen between now and then

    don’t let the parade get to you….


    and I believe if she is absolutely sure she can win over the delegates it will go til August… I’M READY!

  138. Vote for Hill to go to the convention!!

    (http) marcambinder.theatlantic.com/archives/2008/05/night_poll.php

  139. Remember, Hillary said she was going to lose OR. But the percentage margin of her loss will be less than half of what Waffles’ was in KY.

  140. Well I been out all day, but coming in to read the blog.

    I noticed that Judas is going to PR. Don’t worry, he did not even declare until after his state had given it to Hillary. Now he is plotting how he can steal non-committed delegates who are really Obama delegates.

    Can you imagine, letting people put your name in nomination for a non-committed delegate, when all the while you are Obama. Yes, Richardson is corrupt. He did not even declare before TX. Why, because he would have failed. He will fail in PR, and he will not have a job in the Administration of PRESIDENT HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON. GO HILLARY. WE LOVE KENTUCKY.

  141. birdgal
    – I am at that point as well and it saddens me that if he is the nominee I just cannot vote for him. And its not just because of HIM the person, Barack Obama (thats a big part of it), but its also because how I feel like the Democratic big Wigs (Reid, Dean, Pelosi) have been wanting to crown him victorious for months now to point where they suppressed voters in FL and MI and now have the audacity to change the MI and FL votes at the convention. This race has personally damaged my standing in the Democratic party under Pelosi, Reid, and Dean.

  142. poll on foxnews.com

    When should Barack Obama be declared the presumptive Democratic nominee?

    He will not be the nominee (48%)
    At the Democratic convention in August (19%)
    When he has the majority of pledged delegates (12%)
    When he has the majority of pledged delegates and superdelegates (12%)
    When he has the majority of pledged delegates, superdelegates and popular votes (9%)

  143. C H A N G E !!!!!! Meat on the bones……That preacher voice – has to lapse into the “Can I get a witness $#!+”…..such a TURN-OFF.

    Party unity??? FORGETABOUTIT. Don’t even try to start with the praise for HrC and her impact on your daughters lives………………STFU.

    Paul Begala……….puleeze…best speech in a long time from him…………there’s Martin………still see him in his frock from the NAACP Wright speech………..like it was Halloween or something. CLOWN.

    I’m bracing mysepf for Oregon now.

    And I’m taking Admin advice — I’m boycotting CNN as wll as MSNBC after listening to this continued crap.

    BTW, how do they count viewers…I have Dish Network…do they satellite, cable, or what?

  144. Paul Begala on CNN had to play nice, saying that all the Dems will have a group hug…that we’ll all unite after the convention.

    I would like to give voice to not just us Clinton cadre here and elsewhere, but to the wider Dem public, and convey how we feel:

    If the Democratic party won’t listen to its long time, diehard supporters, and flippantly tosses a frikkin bone to Mr. Newbie to placate AA’s and the extreme liberal faction, we will create a serious REALIGNMENT.

    Scene from the “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. At some point, the destructive thing, to blow up the bridge, became a CONSTRUCTIVE DESTRUCTION. Lives were saved when the bridge both sides supposedly cared about was blown up.

    To borrow a phrase from a cheap politician we all know, “We are the change we seek”.

  145. look out in PR , SEIU is having their convention there the weekend of the primary. They no doubt will be out in force to swing the election or at least minimize the defeat.

  146. Why would a winner like Hillary Rodham Clinton get in the yoke with a loser like Barack Obama as a VP?

    She does not need him or his vile wife, Michelle…oops…forgot…can’t mention her…BO says she’s off the table.

    Now what is it we can mention about BO without being racist, bitter, typical voters? Surely can’t disagree with him.

  147. Richardson is probably going to PR to enjoy some margaritas. He’ll come back and tell Obama, “I tried, I reeeeally tried, but they just don’t think you are as good as Hillary”.

  148. Are ya’ll swayed that BO shares your values when you see him wearing his flag pin…all the time suddenly these days?

  149. goodnight my friends, I dont think I can stomach Oregon. Its great with Kentucky but I dont know if I cant stomach waiting for Oregon.

    Goodnight my friends.

  150. Maybe it’s just my personal view point, but…..

    1. Can we drop the OhDearLord-is-it-over stuff? Hillary will go to Denver armed to teeth with votes, delegates, momentum.

    Think of how many states have voted since February? 3/5: TX, OH, RI for Hillary (VT for dickhead). PA for Hill. 5/6 IN win for H, NC was Obama’s second win since Feb. 5/13 WV…worst route in modern political history. Tonight, we already know about KY (WV-redux), look forward to keeping it close in OR.

    2. VP talk: It is like, so OVER. Neither of these people would be on the other’s ticket. END of discussion. There won’t be a Kennedy/Johnson healing. Or Reagan/ Bush.

    Why do i KNOW this? I paid $500 to a psychic. (okay, I didn’t, I’d rather buy lottery tix, but ferchristsakes…).

    If she ain’t the Dem nominee this time (and the Dems will have HELL to pay), I’d want her to be in 4 years. That would be undermined by being Obama’s second in a losing effort.

  151. Paddy – You rock! Thanks. 🙂

    As far as dropping out, that ain’t happening. It’s no occurring. We are one contest win — Puerto Rico — away from the Armageddon that the DNC has been fearing this whole time.

    I just sent $25.44 to HRC. Time to fill up the coffers and help her secure the pop. vote win via Puerto Rico.

    This is almost over, and when it’s over — if we just finish the last contest properly — there isn’t going to be any rationale for HRC to NOT go to the convention.

    Please, if you can, donate tonight. We are in the last turn of the last lap. If we only run this part strong, we are going to win the popular vote and then it is on to Denver and the SD (and PD) defection from Bambi can begin in earnest.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  152. I’m really sad to hear about Kennedy. Although I don’t agree with his judgement on BHO, he has been a tremendous fighter for the American people. I wish him and his family all the best.

  153. here’s mine for PR!
    Contribution Details
    Date: May 20, 2008 11:03 PM EDT
    Contact: connie
    Amount: $25.44

  154. Oh, and when we need some comedy relief in the next few days I’ll post some of what Hallow wrote to me via MySpace. In essence, she was telling me “Please don’t write so well,” saying that it must be hard for me to write that way. Something like it must take so much effort and don’t put so much time into it.

    Ba ha ha ha!

    I told her not to worry herself, that’s just how I write. That I couldn’t really change my ‘voice’ if I wanted to.

    Sorry, ‘turfers. You all are like Casey at Mudville and you just swung and missed at that last pitch.

    Gotta love the Obamabots — pure astroturfing, fascistic, Bros Here’s where we are after tonight:

    We have 13 days, one instance of the DNC preparing to light itself on fire on May 31 and one popular vote we’re going to be winning on June 3rd. Two more weeks to really work it hard and fundraise like crazy. 3 more primaries. More rallies to hold fro Mi & FL and a lot more organizing to be done on the Clinton Supporters Count Too, etc. fronts. More media appearances to court and press releases to bang out. Much more to get done.

    But, after these next two weeks of our 1,000-mile journey are up, we are going to be in fantastic shape.

    So lock and load, friends! We about to bag us a big ol’ (well, actually a skinny ol’) ‘Bami.


    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  155. Guys,

    Most people in Puerto Rico have NO idea who Richardson is. Most people here are not thinking of the primary, nor who they would vote for if they think of it. The politicians are thinking about it, for sure. As a matter of fact, most of the mayors are for Obama, unfortunately. Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea should all come. They are well-known. That would get people out to vote, for sure.

    Tomorrow I;m picking up my campaign material.

  156. Great job, Confloyd!

    What a night, eh? Not even the most optimistic HRC supporter saw that NC-negating win coming in KY.

    I love this country, and the Dems in it. They are going to carry HRC home!

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  157. RE OandrewD Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    have any polls been done of PR

    A poll was done in PR a while ago, which said that Hillary had a 13% lead among Democrats, but people here are neither Democrats nor Republicans (except for the politicians, who get to go to the conventions), because it doesn;t mean anything, since we don;t vote for POTUS. It’s all local politics.
    This week-and-a-half will be the telling one. I don’t think anyone can yet predict how many people will vote in a non-local election. Luckily, neither of the major parties are totally pro anyone. There are leaders in each party that are for Hillary, and for Obama.

  158. Emmy:

    Just want to thank you in advance for all the work you’re going to be doing in PR. Anything we can do to help please pass along. 🙂


    Here’s where we are after tonight:

    We have 13 days, one instance of the DNC preparing to light itself on fire on May 31 and one popular vote we’re going to be winning on June 3rd. Two more weeks to really work it hard and fundraise like crazy. 3 more primaries. More rallies to hold fro Mi & FL and a lot more organizing to be done on the Clinton Supporters Count Too, etc. fronts. More media appearances to court and press releases to bang out. Much more to get done.

    But, after these next two weeks of our 1,000-mile journey are up, we are going to be in fantastic shape.

    So lock and load, friends! We about to bag us a big ol’ (well, actually a skinny ol’) ‘Bami.


    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  159. I really don’t understand who was polled that time in PR, in terms of the 13%.

  160. fox said hillary just staying in the race and that kirsten said yes some waiting maybe for type of elliot spitzer scandel…lol..you ought to seen some of them pundits faces hwen she said that..they know about it ls..

  161. Your welcome in advance, Paul! I’ll keep you all posted. It’ll be interesting. Local PR politics is so different. There is a lot of speech-making and rallies. There is no phone-banking, nor door-to-door canvassing. (But now there will be, since we have to get people to pay attention to this.!)

  162. Ok, coming into tonight HRC was up around 27K or so in the overall popular vote.

    With KY, that balloons to around 277K.

    So we monitor OR to see where we will be after the night is over.

    With 35% of precincts in, BHO up around 40K. If this trend continues, then HRC will be up around 150K votes, total, in the popular vote as we head towards Puerto Rico.

    Damn, love you Bluegrass State. Tonight, you put rival North Carolina down for the 10-count and have gone a long way to ensuring HRC not only wins the popular vote among registered Dems, but among ALL voters.

    Friends, Hillary is on her way to being 44.

    *thumbs up*

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  163. I suddenly got in a bad mood when I saw the yahoo headlines. they’re all Obama, Obama wins OR, planning GE! NOTHING about Hill’s win!

  164. 40% in, BHO up around 60K votes (HRC up around 217K total)

    Actually, I was just looking here:


    …and I might be giving HRC short-shrift on the pop vote lead she had coming into tonight.

    I thought it was 27K, but it looks more like 110K.
    Perhaps the 27K # is taking into account ALL cauci.

    Either way, she is up and will be up around 150K heading into the last 3 contests.

    All hands on deck to win that popular vote. We win that, all bets are off.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  165. I find the head to head poll numbers with McCain very intresting. The SD need to watch those polls and listen to what the people are saying

  166. Confloyd — That’s right! 13 days to glory! 🙂

    Emmy — Don’t worry about the headlines. These are people trying to make news, not report it. They want you to be demoralized, that’s the point. Don’t pay them any mind.

    HRC is ahead where it counts:


    I remember so many BHO peeps saying that there would be riots if the SD’s took it away from the people.

    The people have spoken, and they are clearly saying:


    What are the Bambians going to say now?

    Ha ha ha.

    What a great night.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  167. linn county looks like its going for her, but not by much with only 55% reporting. Come on Hillary!

  168. josephine and wasco she is tied in those counties..very close come on hillary get them rural counties

  169. JAS:

    Those NC numbers, especially showing BHO losing and HRC winning, totally destroy BHO’s NC win. They drive a dagger through the heart of his campaign. The electability argument is shot, as is the ‘he’ll open up the south’ gambit.

    Someone is poised to win a southern Red State, John Edwards’ state:


    The SD’s are seeing all of this. They know, believe it.

    They know.


    I want to start a drive to have Rol Martin give a call every night from now until November for “Democratic unity.”

    Because if Bami is given the nomination over the will of reg’d Dems and all voters by the elites, nobody could do more (sorry, Jamaal — Rol’s better) to help get ‘Bama defeated than Rol.

    Just like the chick Gail ___ who was on Olbermann talking about race riots if the elites don’t coronate Bambi over the will of the voters.

    As WV and now KY have definitively showed, we are in the full-blown stages of backlash against the race-pushing, elitist chumps helping BHO. The more these people talk and bitch, the worse it’s going to be for BHO.

    And they can’t stop talking.

    As I said recently: Hell has been unleashed, and Hades never looked so good.

    Talk on, Rol.

    Talk on.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  170. What I don’t get is why people vote for him. Do they think everything that has been uncovered about him is untrue?

  171. HRC is closing. With 48% in she is now only down 58K votes.

    It’s over. The story of the night is the quarter-mill blowout in KY. I thought OR might take away from that, but it looks to be just the opposite. In fact, BHO’s peeps (like in IN) may have reported the precincts most favorable to him at first on purpose.

    It’s Hill’s night, by a landslide.


    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  172. the same here confloyd …why on earth these people still vote for him with all his bad lying and crook
    rev wrong and ayers cant they see it he will destroy us…

    GO hillary GO

  173. your right Unirversal…I thought OR might take away from that, but it looks to be just the opposite. In fact, BHO’s peeps (like in IN) may have reported the precincts most favorable to him at first on purpose.
    yep i think she will come in real close 50 percent to go do him like they did her in indiana

  174. cj, yeah all that and his middle east connections! That is the one that scares the hell out of me!

  175. Fundraising pace represents campaign’s 2nd best month of the campaign

    The Clinton campaign tonight announced that it raised approximately $22 million in the month of April.

    “Senator Clinton’s game-changing victories last month turned the tide for this campaign and resulted in an outpouring of grassroots support,” said Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe. “Just like Hillary, our supporters continue to fight. The support for Hillary continues to grow with each month and we are so thankful to the army of supporters who have assured that we’ll have the resources needed to win the upcoming contests.”

    Included in the $22 million total, representing the campaign’s second best fundraising month to date, is $10 million raised by the campaign in the 48 hours after Hillary’s significant Pennsylvania victory. This total is in addition to a loan to the campaign of $5 million.

    Additional details will be available in the campaign’s FEC report, to be released later this evening.


  176. CJ, I don’t understand those numbers. And what do you mean, she has a chance?

  177. Universal, if you read some of the comments on TM, the brave ones who are watching CNN are saying that HRC won the racist KY votes. One commentator said that David Gergen said that Hillary should denounce those votes and help BO with the Wright thing.

    I guess what I’m saying is that the media will minimize her KY win while bloviating on his OR win. Never underestimate the MSM’s agenda. They want BO and nothing will stop them.

  178. same here confloyd it does it scares me so bad i might move to greece lol..if he gets in there..and all this money it needs to be investigated..them people
    have to be maxed out so this money is a big question..

  179. she is not going to denounce any votes and risk alienating voters, what in the hell are they thinking!

  180. filbert –

    here is some of Hillary’s victory speech in KY:

  181. we have have priced gasoline grocies hard times and he is getting this money still..uuhhh and paying superdelegates off…crook and lies he cant ever close the deal Hillary has bluegrass in her blood,she will oust him..

    ACTually if she closes this gap in oregon..he looses completely he is out of touch and he will never get her voters ..he is bringing up her name and being nice now no way jose you being an ass from day one you lie an dit bothers me…..you will never get my vote
    or her 17.5 million…they soke for her and they will stand by her and the rest of the states will count

  182. Thanks, monkey. I know where to look for them online. I just never get to see them live. For one reason or another.

  183. I am with Geraldine, I will not vote for the race baiter! That is probably his whole strategy for the general! YUK!!!

  184. yeah, filbert…. I know what you mean. I always seem to miss the speeches too. Thank goodness for youtube and cspan!

  185. POPULar vote is the will of the people not no delegates..there not the people who voted in all these states for her..
    she wins the POPULAR VOTE with mi and fl and there going there tommorrow they might run him out of the state..i hope they do..he lied to them he ran tv ads there he lied ..

  186. Why is it taking so long for the last 6 counties to report. They seem to be the largest ones on the map in square miles anyway.

  187. Emmy: I’ll take you through to the end of OR. 🙂


    It’s a cult.

    One of the hallmarks of cults is that people begin to filter out information which is out-of-line with their view of the Leader.

    For the afflicted, Bambi is the Messiah, much like L Ron Hubbard is God or whatever for Scientologists. Anything which provides cognitive dissonance with that view is simply discarded.

    There’s another important point to mention here as regards the propaganda regarding Bambi:

    What we are seeing now is far beyond even Axelrod’s level. This is the work of elite, internationalist outfits. This is far beyond anything Obama and Axe could do themselves. This is Bryzenski “Orange Revolution” stuff all over again. Pay attention to this because you are not likely to see propaganda on this level again in the United States for a candidate. This is at an entirely different level.

    Which is why it is going to be doubly energizing to see the Pravdans fail. Even with an internationalist -level operation, they are going to fail. The USA isn’t the plaything of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew, and you will understand that better once your guy falls.

    There is SO much going on here that volumes should be written about it after the fact. If people worry about things like Sovereign Wealth Funds taking over America, they would be shocked at what is now going on in an effort to co-opt the USA for the interests of other nations and internationalists. This is a straight out coup attempt, and it extends far beyond the Dem Party.

    In time, the truth will come out.

    For now, let’s focus on Puerto Rico.

    Aside: When the infiltrator wrote me today, she basically told me to not write so well here at H44. Something like I must be putting so much effort into it, … I’ll post the correspondence in the days to come and you can see what I mean.

    What these people fear more than anything else is informed, good-communicating people like us. We are the garlic to their vampires. And they are terrified and have resorted to the tactics you are seeing now in a desperate, death-throe effort to silence us.


    One way or another, BHO is (legally and ethically) going down. The chassis of the Bamamobile is never going to maintain its structural integrity to November. It is flying apart now and it’s going to get a lot, lot worse.

    Our enemies know that people like myself and you have plenty more ammunition in the cabinet waiting to be loaded up for BHO. And that is why they are terrified. There are hints of things I’ve seen and cant say yet that will make Wright look like nothing.

    Are they true? I don’t know. But if even like 10% of them is true Obama, if he’s nominated, will make McGovern look like George Washington in terms of November performance.


    KY delegate take: HRC: 37, BHO 14 [51 avail.]


    OR update:

    BHO by 68K with 51% in.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  188. Ferraro is a race species in politics, isn’t she? Loyal from beginning to end, unlike Doyle.

  189. NYT (lots of bullshit in the air tonight; parts of this are no different)

    Clinton Sees Many Reasons to Stay In

    Rebuffing associates who have suggested that she end her candidacy, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has made it clear to her camp in recent days that she will stay in the race until June because she believes she can still be the nominee — and, barring that, so she can depart with some final goals accomplished.

    Mrs. Clinton has disagreed with suggestions, made directly to her by a few friends recently, that her continued candidacy was deepening splits within the Democratic Party and damaging Senator Barack Obama’s chances of emerging as a formidable nominee. She has also disputed the notion that, by staying in, she was unintentionally fostering a racial divide with white voters in some states overwhelmingly supporting her.

    Rather, in private conversations and in interviews, Mrs. Clinton has begun asserting that she believes sexism, rather than racism, has cast a shadow over the primary fight, a point some of her supporters have made for months. Advisers say that continuing her candidacy is partly a means to show her supporters — especially young women — that she is not a quitter and will not be pushed around.

    Campaigning in New Hampshire and Indiana this year, Mrs. Clinton endured taunts from passers-by who questioned her abilities because she is a woman and mocked her husband’s affair with a White House intern. Yet Mrs. Clinton has also benefited from the strong support of white voters in many states, including some who have said that race was a factor in their support.

    Campaigning with his wife in Kentucky on Tuesday, former President Bill Clinton also weighed in, saying he believed there had been “moments of gender bias” in the campaign, though he added that he thought people had become more comfortable with the idea of a woman in the White House.

    And in her victory speech in Louisville, Ky., on Tuesday night, Mrs. Clinton made a pointed appeal, telling her supporters she would keep campaigning until there was a Democratic nominee — “whoever she may be.”

    Mrs. Clinton is also focused on some tangible goals by staying in the race: she believes that racking up more victories, delegates and votes will give her and her supporters more leverage this month at a Democratic National Committee rules meeting to advocate for seating the delegates from the unofficial primaries in Florida and Michigan.

    “There is not yet a Democratic nominee, and she will continue until every voter has a say in the process, including Florida and Michigan,” said Guy Cecil, the campaign’s political director.

    Referring to the three remaining primaries, Mr. Cecil said: “We have thousands of volunteers in South Dakota, Montana and Puerto Rico who are making calls and knocking on doors to get the vote out. The people they are talking to want to participate and be heard.”

    Mrs. Clinton’s advisers also say that her popularity could lead Mr. Obama to fold some of her policy positions — like universal health insurance — into his platform, though they discounted the notion that her staying in the race was part of a larger bargaining strategy.

    While Mrs. Clinton believes that winning the nomination is a long shot at this point, she is also staying in the race because, in her experience, electoral politics can be a chaotic and unpredictable enterprise, scandals can emerge from nowhere, and Mr. Obama’s candidacy could still suffer a self-inflicted or unexpected wound. Picking up more primary votes and superdelegates could only strengthen her position if the party wants or needs to find an alternative to Mr. Obama.

    As for concerns that her continued campaign might exacerbate party divisions, Mrs. Clinton is convinced that if and when she quits, her camp would quickly coalesce around Mr. Obama, advisers say — so much so that any Democratic ill will would fade within days.

    “I think in the end, when South Dakota and Montana go last and have their final result, she will sit back and see whether a win can be achieved or not — and if not, she is a class act and will do the class thing and get on board with the Democratic ticket,” said Jay Jacobs, a Democratic leader on Long Island and a superdelegate and top fund-raiser for Mrs. Clinton.

    Mr. Jacobs said he believed that Mrs. Clinton could still win the nomination, and that she should fight on to June if she believed she could win.

    Other associates disagreed. One longtime friend and adviser, Roger Altman, an official in the Clinton Treasury Department, recently urged Mrs. Clinton to consider leaving the race, people familiar with their conversation said. He said that racial divisions were worsening and that her huge white vote in West Virginia last week could make it harder to view Mr. Obama as a unifying figure.

    Mrs. Clinton does not believe that a racial split will be a legacy of the Democratic nomination fight, her aides say — especially if Mr. Obama wins, as he could point to victories in states with largely white populations, like Colorado, Iowa and Washington.

    Some Clinton aides say she is expecting a particularly big vote on June 1 in Puerto Rico, given her strong support among Hispanics. Howard Wolfson, her communications director, said campaign aides were “optimistic” about Puerto Rico.

    Mrs. Clinton also wants to increase her popular vote total in the final three primaries in hopes that if a small margin separates her and Mr. Obama, it may be enough to sway some uncommitted superdelegates to support her at the last minute.

    “Superdelegates who are committed to her are telling her to stay the course,” said Harold Ickes, a senior adviser to Mrs. Clinton. “And there are some uncommitted superdelegates who are for her but not ready to come out — and they want her to stay the course and see this through.”

    Mr. Ickes added, “And there are other uncommitted superdelegates who want to wait until June to judge the strongest candidate.”

    Clinton aides insisted that Mrs. Clinton was not thinking too seriously about positioning herself as Mr. Obama’s running mate. They say she knows, from her husband’s experience, that a decision about a running mate involves many factors.

    But amassing a strong popular vote, and going out on some high notes, would help Mrs. Clinton emerge from the long nomination battle on better footing, aides say. And making herself an appealing vice-presidential prospect — or setting herself up to run again in 2012, if Mr. Obama should lose, or perhaps 2016 — is not altogether out of the question.

    Mr. Jacobs, the Clinton fund-raiser and superdelegate, said he believed that Mrs. Clinton was not staying in the race as a way to put pressure on Mr. Obama to help pay off her campaign debt should she drop out. Her debt exceeds $20 million. Mr. Jacobs said she was now spending so much money that she would lower her final debt by ending her campaign immediately.

    And he predicted that the Clintons would have no problem raising money to erase the debt — including the $11 million Mrs. Clinton has lent her campaign.

    “There will be plenty of people anxious to help them pay everything off,” Mr. Jacobs said.

  190. Paul, I was scared before now I am petrified. Thanx for sharing though. I thought maybe it was just me that thought something wasn’t right about this whole thing. It is the one world government thing, isn’t it!

  191. okay I will stop after this as i had 164 mint julips
    but i have to say once again tnat i think geraldine ferraro is stunning!! those blue eyes, cheek bones and she wears every line on her face with dignity. I think she is beyond attractive. IMHO

  192. Henry, I don’t know how old you are, but you should have seen her when she was the vp nominee, she was beautiful then too! I had the priviledge of voting for her the first vice presidential nominee!! We were all so proud of her! The nasty republicans made mincemeat out of her husband. At least, it was the republicans, not like now, e tu brutus!

  193. Crowley saying she doesn’t think we’re going to Denver; that Hill wants a place in the party and doesn’t want to rip it apart….

  194. Paul please help me put together a video to help Hill move forward. I’m not such an egotist that I think MY personal effort will change things but I do thing that OUR effort will.

    What’s next?

  195. confloyd
    i am 41
    but when i look at ferrarro I see the incarnation of tenacity, strengh and yes physical beauty. Her lines, and she has many, are testements to her being. a woman of her means could have easily puffed them away. she is real and when i look at her i see integrity. And that is sexy.

  196. Crowley better be careful with wanting Obama to win, he says we are not going to be able to eat as much as we used to! LOL!!! He’ll put her butt on a diet ASAP!!!

  197. Monkey: Just wanted to thank you earlier as the Admin was saying how much good you have been doing.

    THANKS! 🙂



    We WANT them to say this. What I’m saying is that the more that these people say these things — racist voters, … — the more damage they are doing to BHO. That is what TX, OH, PA, IN, WV, KY and now NC are showing.

    The BHO Brigade is caught in a trap:

    If they sit back and report what is happening, they admit that their ‘nominee’ is going to get fucking annihilated in November. You don’t lose states by 40 and 35 points in your primary when you are the presumptive winner and compete in November. Everyone knows this, it’s the elephant (pardon the pun) in the room.

    So the race-baiters and elites have to try to ‘temper’ the maulings Babmi is taking. And because they are so used to being complete pr*cks, they can’t help but try to bully voters and viewers into doing their bidding going forward. Hence, saying people are racists, etc.

    And the more they say this, the deeper BHO’s grave is going to be, both short- and long-term.

    They are in a death spiral, and they can’t stop because their egos and the amount they are out on a limb won’t let them. All they have done the whole primary contest is bully, so that’s what they’re trying to do now. And it is destroying Bambi, along with Babmi’s own arrogance destroying him.

    The nomination is disintegrating before their very eyes and they know it. They are losing it, and they are taking all manner of wild shots at voters, viewers, and Americans as Bambi is falling.

    Outstanding. This is what we want.

    They know that we are one primary away — PR — from Armageddon. When she wins the overall popular vote, everything is going to be up for grabs.

    Including the pundits’ jobs.

    They know it, and you are seeing live and televised meltdowns nightly.

    F*cking love it.

    Unleash Hell, Maximus:


    Nothing can save Adolphus Koreshius Obamus now.

    And everyone knows it, especially the MSM, who has its collective necks out on the line for Bambi.

    Seriously, we are about 2 good organizational weeks away from Obama being 100% unelectable in November. One the Clinton supporters are fully tied-in
    via Clinton Supporters Count Too and we tap into spots like KY and WV for $$$, it’s over.

    This is why you are seeing the FREAK THE F*CK OUT from astroturfers both old and new. They know. The template is almost hardened and once it is, Obama will be taken apart atom by atom like he got shot with a disintegration ray.

    All we have to do is keep going. There is nothing anyone can do to stop things.

    One foot in front of the other and before you know it, Bambi will be going David Copperfield and disappearing in front of everyone’s eyes.

    F*CK, this is going to be fun.

    It’s always a bonus when you get to mix business (seeking justice for the Bambian race-baiters) with pleasure (watching them, the MSM and the Dem elite get humiliated).

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  198. OR update:

    55% in, BHO up 71K

    HRC’s current pop. vote lead (based on her being up about 30K coming into the night):


  199. The guy on the show is saying Obama should drop out bc of our SUV’s and temp’s in our house

    yeah greta Hillary won the popular vote his damn delgetes and math is a lie..he did not reach 2209

  200. Why is it that Montana and South Dakota don’t seem to matter? (It is South Dakota, isn’t it?) I’m sure those states think they matter.

  201. I think I’m going to get ready for bed, then come and check again, so I can hit the hay as soon as things have crystallized in OR.

  202. cj theres still 4 counties that have not coughed up one vote. looks very suspicious to me!! the freaking cheater is probably at it again. There are many youngsters there and they love to cheat!

  203. Confloyd: You should be scared. This is far beyond mere domestic politics now from all indications.

    Emmy: Thanks. It’s not really about how I write, though. It’s about the Bambians being scared to death of all of us, myself included. And what tricks they will try to use (oh, don’t exert so much effort) to stop us.

    As I said recently: This is TOTAL WAR

    I got carless and forgot this yesterday, and I paid for it.

    Don’t let up for a step and question everything. We have the enemy on the run and they are going full-out guerrilla on us. We have to reduce them to dust or else we will be reduced to dust.

    They are coming for our metaphorical throats, in case anyone didn’t know that. We have to do the same.

    FIineo: Yes, by all means. I have to get a few things in order and I was going to start on the next video. Come make an account at my site. That’s the easiest way for me to know your real email and we can talk there.

    None of this is about ego, it’s about justice and doing what’s right for our party and for our country. I know for myself, personally, that if this was about ego or self-aggrandizement I would be going about it in a totally different way. And when the FEC came to my site they may have had a case.

    When we win — and we are going to win — there will be plenty of spoils for everyone. Don’t worry about that now. Just keep plugging away.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  204. Hmmm? I wonder ho many people living in assisted living situations had thier votes cast for them?

  205. Change Election?

    I think people think they want change, but in the end — not so much.

    They love the idea of change, and there are certainly things that need to be
    changed and people want that. But they don’t want wholesale change. They don’t want “turn your world upside-down” change. I think about Obama’s recent statement that you can’t eat whatever you want and keep driving your SUV. That is going to freak certain people out and the Republicans will use it to a fare-thee-welll. Literally.

    I also think that as far as Iraq is concerned Obama comes off weak. Hillary takes his lunch money here and again, the “latte liberals” will eat it up but “average Joes” will think Obama is a puss. Especially because of his statement about Kennedy and Kruschev…bad analogy.

    In fact, Obama seems oblivious not only to history, but geography, and current events. 57 states? Last time we checked there were 50. Kentucky is closer to Arkansas than Illinois? Are you kidding? It isn’t lost on “average Joe” that he learned in high school that Kentucky and Illinois are border states. Hanford Nuclear Site? Hmmm, sorry, not familiar with that.

    These may seem like trivial things. They may seem to be playing to the lowest common denominator to some. The fact is that hard-working Americans were hard at work trying to feed their families while many of the “elite” were in still in school. That doesn’t make them less intelligent, just less prestigious.

    Hillary Clinton absolutely gets this. In this country the gap between haves and have-nots has widened considerably in the last few years. There are more people struggling than have been in a very long time…and they are beginning to realize that Hillary gets them. Obama has not demonstrated in any real credible way that he does.

    I do understand that the surrogates can make a big impact. Terry M did great tonight. Lanny…not so much. She needs a couple of strong voices out there for her…not wimpy “party line” voices looking for their next gig, but REAL voices that believe in what Hillary brings to the table. Ed Rendell was
    great tonight, but frankly he has had his “party line” moments that didn’t impress.

    Who can help her get over the top? Whoever it is, we need to trot them out NOW!

  206. If the USA ever elected Obama President, I will stay living abroad as an exile. An embarrassed one at that too. Whenever I do decide to return and have the opportunity can pick where to live (may have to wait until I retire), I certainly will not choose any of those states that went for Obambi. I want to live where the real America still exist, and not a version neo-libs/latte libs want to create.
    These are difficult times. The country first swerved to the right under the Republicans and now the Democratic leadership wants to jerk us all to the far left. If the moderates under Hillary end up failing, let us hope the Republicans are smart enough to move to the center to make some political space for us. Otherwise we will all be orphans.

  207. Lifted from TM:

    Oregon: 26.81% Democratic Turnout
    Kentucky: 43% Democratic Turnout

    If that’s true, Obama’s victory in Oregon is insignificant and that’s what we need to get out to the pundits tomorrow!

    Obama can’t win in states with large turnout… check it out…


    I’ve seen that elsewhere, in some serious analysis. He only wins in low turnout. Like caucuses in little red states…. But it’s the same pattern everywhere! Big turnout in big states — Hillary! Big turnout in medium states — Hillary!

  208. If Hillary is the nominee, come November, big turnout=Dems win
    If Obambi is the nominee, come November, low turnout=GOP win

  209. Hillary seems to be doing significantly better in Oregon than Obama did in KY, she’s holding her own, its 50/50 everywhere practically except Portland.

  210. paul, I don’t know if your still up, but I showed your video to this bot that I work with, he was spellbound. I think it pretty much shocked him. It is truly a great video!

  211. Lifted from TM:

    Even with those percentages, he is only ahead of Senator Clinton by 74,293 votes in OR. Remember, she defeated him by a QUARTER OF A MILLION VOTES in KY tonight.

  212. I wonder what with the last four counties. Nothing from them for either Republican or Democrat. I hope they are not messing with the votes!

  213. i think there should be a person from the candiates side in each state and voting places for counting votes .and watch every move

  214. does that woman who is getting all the buzz for her Hillary Supporters Count group have a website?

  215. Yikes, I left and came back, and still no final count. This reminds me of Indiana. I’m afraid I’m going to have to go to bed and find out in the morning! I wanted to stay up, but…

  216. that alan combs man he is so weak he shouldnt even be on tv

    stuck on 68 for some reason Oregon what are they doing

  217. Obama aint beating her in Oregon by anything near 250K, more like 120K probably, if that.

  218. Looking into the table and not just at the map, Clinton holding her own if not winning in a lot of districts in Oregon.

  219. Confloyd – Thanks. Glad the ‘bot saw it 🙂

    Yeah, I’m up, just had to take care of a few other things.


    Thanks very much for posting that video (listening to it now) and for ALL you do. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. *thumbs up*


    OR update:

    68% in, 77K BHO lead

    [Overall HRC with total pop vote lead of 200K]


    One more thing about ego and our efforts.

    The reason why Big Pink is what it is is because of the lack of ego of the person who runs the site.

    Unlike other sites, this site isn’t a vehicle for someone’s ambitions. It’s designed to help get someone else elected.

    If it were about someone’s ambitions, then it would be a lot different. We all know sites like I am describing, and none of them provides what Big Pink does.

    And for that, I say:


    When we win, much will be owed to Big Pink. A ton, actually. As much or more than any other site or most media outlets.

    Two cheers for Big Pink:

    *Hip hip, hooray!*
    *Hip hip, hooray!*

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  220. Hillarys just hit 209 thousand, which is what he got in total in KY and Obama only at 288 thousand where she was at 459K at this point in KY, so this is very good news, i think.

  221. Thanks, Admin for the video of Hillary’s speech — I missed it earlier. She said the party has to think about who is ready to lead at the top of the ticket. Made me wonder what may be happening behind the scenes. I can only accept her as the nominee at the top of the ticket and hope she will have the chance to pick her own VP.

  222. youd think by all of the pundits andbo side he won every district in oregon..
    no he did not he is actually really losing there too..

    this is great news hillary closes in his a@@ for a front runner ..

    this guy cannot close the deal he is useless he is failing… he is to much of liar and crook and i want to see his birth certificate..i dont think he was born in hawaii..i think africa..he has wrong ideas for Our Country he is just using this speech over and voer again its tiresome and i dont want to hear him its getting old

    for all you people giving bHuseein obama money to him he is wasting it left and right…he cannot beat Senator Hillary Clinton.

  223. its quite annoying that yahoo has the story of obamas win in oregon, and a line that says ‘hillary vows to stay in race’.

    she kicks his butt by a quarter mil, and he gets the headline…

  224. The hilarious thing is, with 76% in, he’s only winning by 83,000 in a state taylor made for him, latte liberals by the bucketload.

  225. moonon…that is crazy huh..the state made for him he cant even win there by the bucketload of votes that means latte liberals dont like him either,and his rev wrong and rezko and ayers.ls.there doubting him in Oregon too..some thought this out before they voted and casted there mail in or hand in..

  226. yep, he did not got a landslide of votes. Lots of people must have lost their ballots? LOL!! He rigged it, just like the others. Norman people aren’t voting for him!

  227. I just looked at the vote totals in Portland and I remembered that 75,000 that showed up for the concert. For that to happen it would have taken almost every woman, man and child to be at that concert. They had those folks shipped from somewhere!

  228. I know from previous experience that mail in votes leads to many problems, people lose them, cant be bothered or put it down and forget it.

  229. Yeah Confloyd, i bet it was a Californian day trip out. As usual, it justs smoke and mirrors.

  230. confloyd lol…maybe those latte liberals better jump ship of they want there suvs and not to cut down on there eating and turn there heat on a certain degress..that man is nuts bo..

    yes shipped in just like Iowa they are farm people there not gonna come out at 9pm..he took them from the interstate lol..just like all the people busse din from illinois to iowa

  231. cj and moon, the man is just crazy, what’s with the food comment. Why is he hitting on our food consumption? It’s just crazy! I can’t believe people actually vote for the idiot. I did not think we had a food crisis. gas yes, but food???

  232. those last few counties that are taking forever, what are they riding the results in on horseback or something? for heavens sake, its taking a long time!

  233. his winning margin in Oregon is not going to be anywhere near what Hillary racked up in Kentucky.

  234. I mean it took Wheeler county 4 hours to count 223 ballots, what did they do, send the results in on a donkey.

  235. At the beginning of the Bush Administration, I knew he was ignorant and had a lot of bad ideas but I was stunned at the incompetence of it all.

    Ditto for Obama.

    The drivel I heard tonight that Obama lost PA, OH, WV, KY, IN because of racism is really stupid because it doesn’t go with their other theme that those voters will come around. Which is it?? Racists will get over it by Nov?!?!?

    Also, calling us racists is unlikely to bring us around.

    And thirdly the “majority of pledged delegates” which is the new mantra doesn’t work unless you plan on never seating any FL or MI delegates. Now THERE’S a winning strategy!

    But I’m not running this “brilliant campaign”.

  236. exactly Freckles, Clinton made it very clear last night, we will not accept a winner until they have reached 2209, the “real” number. You can’t just declare yourself the winner and say fuck you to the last 3 states voting and Florida and Michigan.

  237. I so hope Puerto Rico hands his ass to him. The puerto ricans in NY and Florida are Hillary voters and will no doubt be influencing the folks back home.

  238. Well, if they can claim that the contests he lost were due to racism, they Hillary can claim that all the ones she lost were due to sexism.

    Such preposterous claims have no factual basis and are just put out there for the weak of mind to fall for.

    Tell it to the family who just lost their house. It will be bought on the cheap by the new left rich who just voted for Obama.

  239. moon,

    At worst, some mail ballots might need to be counted by hand because people would fold them or they might get rumpled.

    But the problems with poll balloting are much worse! People forget to go to the poll, or their car breaks down, or they go to the wrong location, or they get there and find they aren’t on the list or don’t have the right id or the poll has run out of ballots … and nothing can be done about it because it’s today and there’s a big crowd.

    And that’s just people who are able to get to the poll at all — not shut-ins or people who would need childcare or work long hours or don’t HAVE a car….

  240. BO re HRC

    “she has shattered myths and broken barriers” how gracious of him to acknowledge the battles she has fought her entire lifetime.

    condescending prick.

  241. “The drivel I heard tonight that Obama lost PA, OH, WV, KY, IN because of racism is really stupid because it doesn’t go with their other theme that those voters will come around. Which is it?? Racists will get over it by Nov?!?!?”

    It reminds me of the buildup to teh Iraq war, when, one the one hand, saddam hussein has a nuclear bomb and enough biological and chemical weapons to destroy the world, but on the other, no worries, we’ll defeat him soundly in 4 hours. well, which is it? He’s losing every Democratic primary because of racism, but even if that’s true he’ll be able to win the general–because Republicans are less racist than Democrats and planning to vote for him? Because all these racists won’t vote in Nov, we”ll go to a coin toss instead? what is it, exactly? even their own arguments make no sense.

  242. Puerto Rico, baby.

    SD better not even THINK OF trying to throw this thing right at the end if they know anything about women’s revenge.

    And FL & MI?

    And, don’t even think about further dissing these states/people on May 31st by not seating delgates-
    or millions of women and millions of FL & mI residents will do the voodoo…..BHO is TOAST right off the bat

  243. Tell it to the family who just lost their house. It will be bought on the cheap by the new left rich who just voted for Obama
    Paddy: great commentary. The media elite has the same let them eat cake outlook on working class people as marie antioinette. To dismiss the honest and sincere political choices of people who are struggling to survive raise families and abide by the law as racism is beyond arrogant. It is morally depraved and reprehensible.

  244. At one point the pundits were claiming that the problem was with the electorate of KY and WV and not with BO. What a disastrous conclusion??

  245. WA and NB had both caucus and primary. The results were very similar: near tie in the primary, about 70-30 in the caucus.

    People talk about estimating some ‘popular vote’ count for caucus states. In that case, about 16% would have to be moved from Obama’s column to Hillary’s, to adjust for the caucus/primary discrepancy.

    A perfect example of the system’s glitch can be seen by reviewing what happened in the State of Nebraska. On May 13, Barack Obama won the nonbinding primary in that state by just 49 percent to 47 percent with a popular vote margin over Obama’s rival, Hillary Clinton, by a mere 2,665. Compare this to the striking contrast with his 68 percent to 32 percent, 13,681-vote margin in the February 9 Nebraska caucus. While 38,571 Nebraskans voted in the caucus, fully 93,757 voted in the primary.

  246. curiosityhasme. I think what you are saying to the dnc is this:

    When the early Jesuit fathers preached to Hurons and Chocktaws-

    They prayed to be delivered from the vengeance of the squaws

    Twas the women not the warriors turned those stark enthusiasts pale-

    For the female of the specie is more deadly than the male.

  247. wbboei,

    Welcome back!

    As for the female of the species, a law enforcement person was quoted as saying that when a man threatens a man in the street, he gets punched in the nose, end of incident. When he threatens a woman, she retreats to her home, then locks herself in the bathroom, and when he breaks down the bathroom door she shoots him full of holes.

  248. “To dismiss the honest and sincere political choices of people who are struggling to survive raise families and abide by the law as racism is beyond arrogant. It is morally depraved and reprehensible.”

    wbboei, we are certainly at a low point. I am no doomsayer, but I hope this is not the beginning of an era of political depravity like that which has taken down a great many mighty civilizations throughout history. I don’t think that somehow just because I am American, that this could never happen to “my country.”

  249. When you listen to these pundits dismiss the importance of votes cast by the American people as racist and meaningless as they have been doing since New Hampshire and as recently as last night, you wonder whether they are ignorant, arrogant or blind. The truth is they can do no better than reflect the interests of their class which is to say wealthy white liberals and that is a very limited perspective which is out of touch with the majority of Americans. However, the one thing this sordid epsiode does do is give the rest of us deeper insight than before on why their opinions on other matters wholly unrelated to this should be greeted with skepticism bordering perhaps on even hostility if you get any whiff that they are lying about that issue too. And they do it without thinking. A friend who is the head of the labor law section of one of the large washington dc law firms called to congratulate me on the West Virginia blow out since he knew I was back there volunteering and the one of the first things he said was that the state had the second lowest percentage of people with a college education. For once in my life I was ready with the right retort in the moment. I told him that he was right and it reminded me of what an old cattlewoman from east Texas told me at a legislative forum I helped arrange for a member of congress twenty years ago: “our sons and daughters did just fine until we sent them away to them colleges and they educated the common sense out of them”.

  250. wbboei,

    I’m working on a project that needs your help! Too tired to summarize it, would you pls look at the discussion here:

    h t t p : / / clintondems.com/2008/05/pay-to-hillary-or-to-mccain/

  251. gerond Says:
    May 21st, 2008 at 6:22 am

    “The drivel I heard tonight that Obama lost PA, OH, WV, KY, IN because of racism is really stupid because it doesn’t go with their other theme that those voters will come around. Which is it?? Racists will get over it by Nov?!?!?”

    Very sensible!!!

  252. I hate to say this but the democrats fear being called or perceived of as racists! They won’t say if you were white man Barack, you would have been laughed of the stage with your lack of experience.

    We are probably going to have to rely on republicans to do what needs to be done. To call him, his wife, and surrogates out for their race baiting tactics. I can’t believe this! If that whitey tape does exist, Rove will do his job!

  253. hi paddy: hope you are right. my fear is that when truth becomes the captive of ideology and power is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands that is the direction in which we are heading and the will of the people is dismissed in this manner then we are headed in the wrong direction. Also, there is much about this whole Obama craze that is comparable to what we have seen with other mass movements and the obamaniacs I have seen at the caucuses remind one of the rabble of Paris which Edmond Burke spoke about in Reflections On The French Revolution and before parliament. Granted these are loose histrorical comparisons, but in a macro sense I find them hard to get out of my mind.

    I think your earlier comment was especially insightful and captured the fundamental inequity of what we are dealing with. And the transgression is such that I think it is sinful in the secular sense of the word. And because the media elites I know (with notable exceptions) are forever preening about their moral superiority over the rest of us, I chose carefully the words I used.

    I always appreciate your insights. Thanks.

  254. I lost the little respect that I had left for David Gergen last night when I heard him on CNN say in a very worried voice that he suspects that racism is raring it’s head and that the race card is being played now even more than at the beginning of the campaign.

    He then went on to say that Clinton should tell her voters that if they are voting based on race that she doesn’t want their votes and that she should reject them. He also said that she should help him on Rev. Wright!

    WTF! I don’t hear him telling his 90% of AA voters that he doesn’t want their votes as they are clearly voting for him based on race.

    They are worried as it is clear that Obama has a problem.

    Stupid Carl Berstein said one thing that I thought was correct last night, he said that in the beginning it was Obama who had a movement now it is Clinton. She has a movement and they are motivated.

    Duh! Women are finally waking up, I wonder what took them so long.

  255. NPR:

    ‘Since March 1st Obama has lost to Clinton by 500,000 votes in states he has to win to win the general election’.

  256. Eastwood Defends Clinton
    Written by: E. Van Dril

    The Republican says people should lay off the New York Senator.

    Clint Eastwood feels bad for Senator Hillary Clinton and believes she deserves more respect than she is currently receiving. He also thinks that the demands for her to pull out of the running need to stop immediately.

    “Everybody’s trying to talk her into folding, but it doesn’t seem like the spirit of Americana,” Eastwood (a McCain supporter) told Politico before heading into the premiere of his drama, Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie, at Cannes Film Festival. “Put yourself in the place of (Clinton). You’ve gone out there and made a thousand speeches, and you’ve shaken a million hands and you’ve been out there working your ass off, and then somebody comes up and says, ‘Why don’t you just drop out of it?’”

    The legendary actor/director, who also had a brief stint as Mayor of Carmel, California, said that Clinton could make up what many have called an insurmountable deficit, if Senator Barack Obama trips over himself again.

    “I watch Clinton and feel kind of sorry for her and wonder,” ‘What are all these people telling her to run away for?’” Eastwood said in his interview. “She’s showing her strength by hanging in there.”


  257. re: Gergen

    I am amazed – why does supporting Obama make one an expert on racism (especially these white men who have rarely if NEVER experienced racism first hand). I’ve been a victim of racism, sexism, homophobia, dedicated my life and my work to fighting against intolerance – I wonder what kind of racist they think I am since I do not support Obama. Sometimes I have these laughable visions of these white Obama supporters calling me a racist. OH REALLY – do tell since you’re an expert.

  258. has anyone seen this????


    Top Obama Organizer Paul Tewes in Discussions to Run Democratic Party
    by Associated Press
    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

  259. sorry i couldn’t be with you all early in the eve last night…….but i have company 🙁
    but i am working my mom over……..she will eventually come around…….I told her how disapointed i was in her
    for not knowing anything about obama and that she was just going with the flow, and that was disgusting after
    8 years of complaining about bush…… guilting her into learning more about him 😀

    I am just fuming here at all that went on last night and todays reaction to it.

    and why the He!! isn’t oregon fully counted yet??? and why are counties still at the same number as they were
    at 3am???? I just don’t get this at all

    NO OBAMA!!!

  260. He then went on to say that Clinton should tell her voters that if they are voting based on race that she doesn’t want their votes and that she should reject them. He also said that she should help him on Rev. Wright!
    What an ignorant comment and the more I hear of these types of comments the more this falls into sexism box. It’s like women are only good to clean up after men and HELP them with THEIR goals.

    BO can’t seem to close the deal without plenty of help but in the G.E. primary rules doesn’t apply and BO will have to stand on HIS resume and if he and the DNC thinks playing the race card through out the G.E. is the way to get elected POTUS, they’ll be disappointed.

  261. The Democratic party really takes Clinton’s supporters for granted. They don’t even respect the SD’s to change their minds and give due respect at the convention.

    Never in my life have I seen such blatant arrogance.

  262. HENRY!

    you’re an absolute riot! I can’t WAIT until I CAN have a mint julep and I hope you will be around to mix them up! Philly isn’t too far from me and once i can travel again. . . . 😉


    So good to see you here again. Hugs to you.

    To the convention, baby!

  263. Something is terrible wrong with American when the popular vote does not count.

    Something is terrible wrong with American when you can vote 92% for your culture and it is OK, and the other cultures vote for a white candidate in not near the % and you are called a racists.

    I think the TV commentators should back off. They who sigh and swoon, have no right to criticize voters whom they know nothing about.

    Generalizations are the statements of fools.

  264. I think I am going to search for an email address for Gergen and write to him, respectfully, about his “race” opinion. I used to really admire him but this is over the top.

  265. djia-
    Oregon votes will be counted by state officials and right now its 6:30 am there so I doubt anyone is counting anything. I think they will start again today so be prepared for some changes in the overall tally as the rural votes are counted.

  266. They are cheapening the accusations of “racism” to the point where it becomes meaningless. This is really stupid.

  267. basi9
    i so look forward to a collective hangover come november 5th. have you ever had a capahrinah? It’s a brizilian drink on the sweet side but yummy.

  268. What these media and party elites do not like about letting the American People have their say in the remaining elections is the concern over too much democracy. Too much democracy constrains and inhibits elites in their exercise of their imperial prergoatives. It increased the challenge of forging a consensus. And in the end, it threatens their priviledged status. Thus, they tolerate only as much democracy as they need to claim a mandate for leadership and not a whit more.

  269. 1950 democrat: hi, I went to the link and it did not work. Call me if you like and we can discuss.

  270. I can tell you this .. if they continue to call WV and KY racists .. they will not EVER get votes out of there again and it is going to affect the whole country. Only Hill supporters are called racists.

    The huge AA population who is voting in 90% blocks for him dare never called racists..

    The Dem party is being taken over by people I want nothing to do with.

    I’m so over them and I won’t be coming back.

  271. The media last night almost wanted Hillary to APOLOGIZE her victories in WV and KT because race played a factor.
    That really boils me up.
    How about Barack actually spends some TIME campaigning in these states instead of ignoring them.
    Maybe then they would have voted for him. He treats them like shit and then the media expects Hillary to say “If race is a factor I don’t want your vote”
    Give me a Break.

  272. they’re gonna try to get me to align behind BHO, they’re gonna try. They’ll use the supreme court, and Iraq, they’ll use workers rights, and the constitution, they’ll use health care and and equal pay gay rights and a host of other issues that the republicans will jeapordize.

    But I say this to them…I’ve waited all my life to be treated with respect as a woman, and I can wait 4 more years if need be.
    Frankly the democratic party can go to hell as far as I’m concerned for their apathy on this issue and it showed so overwhelming in this election.

    Nobody asked that you like Hillary but at the very least treat her with some “GOD DAMN RESPECT”

  273. They will use the issue of the Supreme Court to place fear in people. McCain, if elected, will in all likelyhood appoint someone to the Court. I have already had people trying to scare me with this.

    However, I feel like lot of women, who’s right might be affected by this have not stood up, to include NARAL. Some of the new women are more concerned with fitting in with the local in group (does that sound like sit down and shut up), than they are in protecting the women’s rights people worked for in the past.

    I really don’t fear a McCain appointee, as much as I fear a Obama appointee.

    Hillary stood up in China, and NARAL can not even stand up for her, or keep their mouths shut in a Primary. Give me a break. I am voting for McCain.

  274. Okay, I went onto his site and emailed him. It’s not very good but I tried…lol…


    Last night on CNN, you commented that you wanted Senator Clinton to repudiate so-called “racist” votes going to her. Your assumption that the majority of her voters are anti-African American is a slap in the face to those of us who genuinely believe that she is the right choice for the democratic nominee. Is it not possible that the voters are smarter than you think and realize that this man is not capable/experienced enough to become the president of the United States? Is it not possible that many Americans are disgusted by his connections to Jeremiah Wright as well as his many other terrorist links? That we are tired of him stealing Hillary Clinton’s policies and presenting them as his own? That we are tired of the sexist attacks coming not only from him but his campaign and the media at large?

    Will you play fair and open up a discussion about the “racist” leanings of Obama’s voters? Over 90% voting for him are African American. Does that mean they are racist against Hillary Clinton because she is white? Most of us do not buy the theory that they are just being “racial” and not “racist.”

    Your double standards and those of your fellow CNN pundits is why the ratings are falling so low. It is also a major reason why many of Hillary’s supporters will not vote for Obama no matter what.


  275. Wbboei, I appreciate your comments too. So thanks back to you!

    One thing I learned some time ago after moving abroad was that the media all over the world has an agenda they are peddling. The big difference is that in America the people are told that ours is somehow above being biased, the free media line and such. The brainwashing begins early at school about this freedom of press business. And the sad part is that it is truly believed by the majority of the citizenry. At least here in China the people are aware of the brainwashing and factor it in, being the great pragmatists they are.

    In the early days of our republic, in fact up to maybe just 50 or so years ago, every town of some size had two newspapers, one Democrat and one Republican. So you knew up front you were getting a snow job and in fact you liked it. With media consolidation, it has become just one big propaganda machine for vested interests. It was hoped by many including myself that the internet would break this monopoly of ideas. But it has now been taken over by the allies of some of these very same vested interests. So that loophole has been effectively closed. Gagged again we are.

    Now as America faces the stark challenges of globalization, it is being deprived of the very tools needed by society to respond in a way that spreads equitably the pain and the gains. This nomination contest was a reminder of who is in charge and that the public can only affirm the choices elites inside the beltway make on behalf of the people. As you mentioned, there is a concentration of power and this power does not want to share. I am going to re-read Lenin’s “Imperialism, the Final Stage of Capitalism.” It has been a long time but I do remember him addressing these kinds of issues. Lenin was a crummy leader and his economic model was unrealistic, but he was a brilliant theoretician.

    There are big changes happening in Asia with the rise of China and India. The world we once knew is fast fading into the sunset. The new left rich are getting wealthier while the American workers groan under the lashes of their new masters economic whips. Hillary was the last chance for emancipation. If Obama and his elite allies ever gain power, the suffering will only get worse.

    I am off to bedlam. Has been a long day. You are all such wonderful people on this bog. I am so proud to have had this chance to share this experience with you all.

  276. Go to the new blog and vote! You will need to place the http:// before the name.


  277. Good Morning! Some great comments on here this morning. Wbboe, NewMexicoFan, Ininla — please come over and post some of those comments at clintondems.com. 1950 Dem and LindaOKC thanks for your great stats this morning. That is the kind of info that will sway people.

    I got a heads up that some people that count are watching the new site…I could really use some help over their making our rational case for our gal.

  278. debbie
    in 1987 in the midst of an epidemic in the gay community I carried a coffin down broad street in Philly. Over the years I have spoken aloud but I will never be held hostage by the threat of a supreme court appointee. I am not an attorney but to my knowledge Rv W and the texas sodomy case are both about the right to privacy. And judges base decisions on precedent and common law so I think it is very unlikely that either could be reversed even by the most conservastive of judges

  279. Sorry, ‘turfers. You all are like Casey at Mudville and you just swung and missed at that last pitch.

    Gotta love the Obamabots — pure astroturfing, fascistic, Bros Here’s where we are after tonight

    What does “astroturfer” mean / imply, and if anyone knows how the term evolved. I guess I’m a hobby-level etymologist.

  280. Universal Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 11:17 pm

    Judisimo is going to have the same effect in PR as JRE did in KY: Nada.

    Sen. Byrd and Edwards’ endorsements both were very effective in KY, don’t you think? Otherwise, Hillary might have hit 70%.

  281. carbynew Says:
    May 21st, 2008 at 8:52 am

    Eastwood Defends Clinton
    Written by: E. Van Dril

    I must have had amazing good judgment since childhood. So many people I admire have stuck up for Hillary. Magic Johnson. Jack Nicholson. And now, Clint saying people should “let the lady say her piece” (made up quote, loosely paraphrasing him in many films).

  282. everyone we need to help Hillary with money, it’s not fair that she has to work this hard with so little financial resources.

    she’s in debt financially and that is a pure shame especially when more people have given her their vote.

    if each of those voters would give just $5 to her campaing this would not be an issue.

    I think each of us has the power to be good fundraisers for her. lets help Hillary finish these primaries debt free. call your friends and family that supported her and ask them to send in $5 or more.

  283. Rather, in private conversations and in interviews, Mrs. Clinton has begun asserting that she believes sexism, rather than racism, has cast a shadow over the primary fight, a point some of her supporters have made for months. Advisers say that continuing her candidacy is partly a means to show her supporters — especially young women — that she is not a quitter and will not be pushed around.
    Last night camp follower Gloria Borger tried to suggest that it is unseemly for the iron lady to claim to be a victim. Since Borger has little or no integrity that is about what you would expect. This has nothing whatsoever to do with claiming to be a victim. It has everything to do with recognizing a disease in this society which prevents our country from getting the most qualified candidate for the most important job in the world which affects the future of billions of people. These media elites cannot see past their own selfish interests. Hillary on the other hand sees the whole picture and she is someone who is fighting for us-all of us.

    The sexism here is institutionalized. If Matthews is the postchild for sexist diatribes then Russert is the posterchild for the double standard, and it is revealing that Capus is such a mushball that he fails to respond to thousands of letters decrying their obscene practices.

    In this life the admirable people are those who stand up and speak the truth to power. Hillary is the quintessential example of this. I am encouraged to see women superdelegates come forward to support her. They understand what is ultimately at stake here even if others do not. I guess part of the reason I feel as strongly as I do about this is because I have seen the counterveilling principle applied in the corporate world and it is the game that ruins nations–and lives.


    Memo to Hillary Clinton: Please don’t quit

    The Kansas City Star

    A Hillary Clinton supporter held up a sign during a campaign rally in Kentucky on Sunday.
    Last summer, I shook Sen. Hillary Clinton’s hand and gave her my business card when she met with the Trotter Group of black columnists. I wished her well in her presidential bid.

    Ever since then I’ve received e-mails from her, Bill Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea Clinton, with video links promoting Hillary Clinton’s historic run for the Oval Office. A half-dozen arrived last week.

    I hadn’t replied until now.

    Dear Sen. Hillary Clinton:

    I have greatly appreciated all of the e-mails from you and your family. I have only two words to share with you about your valiant quest to become the 44th president of the United States and the first woman to hold the highest office in the land:

    Don’t quit.

    A ton of pundits and political operatives have asked you to give up. Ignore them.

    They have asked you to step aside for the good of the Democratic Party and let Sen. Barack Obama stand as the presumptive nominee. His rise to that post would be historic, too, making him the first African American to go that far.

    The pundits and political operatives repeatedly have professed that you would be doing more harm than good to the party if you don’t surrender now. But for all of your supporters, the country and our way of life, I say don’t quit.

    It doesn’t matter whether women in the United States have seen you in person, heard you in the debates or voted for you in the primaries or not. What matters is every woman who believes in America needs you to stay in the race all the way to the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 25-28 in Denver.

    Every girl needs you to go the distance. You have come too far to fold now. For every woman’s and girl’s sake, don’t quit.

    Men and boys need to witness your perseverance, too, and know that the force of your will is in the hearts and minds of every female. Such drive, determination, duty and character have helped to make this country a superpower.

    Even though no woman has been president up to now, every woman has given endless amounts of sweat, blood and true grit to make this nation what it is today. There would be no America if women had folded under the strain of childbirth or if women hadn’t endured the misery of scratching out a living from the land, traveling across the vastness of our countryside. Women have been treated like chattel and second-class citizens, working in sweat shops, remaining in the shadows endlessly serving others and maintaining the home front while their sons come home from the wars. Still, women make only 77 cents for every dollar that men earn. Don’t quit. Our men and boys need to see you go the distance.

    Many other countries have had women leaders — Germany, Israel, Argentina, India, the Philippines, Great Britain and Pakistan. For the sake of women and men all over the world, don’t quit.

    After eight, long, horribly regressive years of George W. Bush as president, the world needs to see a better image of America. They need to see how progressive the people of this country truly are. For their sake and ours, don’t quit.

    People need to see a real convention with all of the political wrangling and elbowing. So many conventions in the last 30 years have been neatly staged.

    The power elite control the outcome. Give the convention back to the people. They need to see politics being made like sausage from the squeal to the plate. For America’s sake and our way of life, don’t quit.

    Yours truly,


    Lewis W. Diuguid is a member of The Star’s Editorial Board. To reach him, call 816-234-4723 or send e-mail to Ldiuguid@kcstar.com.


  285. Paddy-brilliant-and I mean it. You have put your finger on the mega tragedy I see unfolding before our eyes and the global elites you speak of so eloqently have found in Obamathe perfect Manchurian candidate, who can seduce the masses while doing their bidding. Goolsby, Ecelon, Rezko/Chicago combine etc. how many clues do we need before we know where this train is heading. Venture capitalists tell me the vultures are waiting off shore to swoop and devour our assets and it will be a very different country ten years from now. And then there is Soros. Hillary is our champion, McCain is a holding action and Obama is MC. I hope to God she can pull this one out. My sd letters went out over the weekend. Rules Committee letters today or tomorrow. Hillary is 44. The greatest leader of our time.

  286. Paddy- I am impressed that you read that pamplet by Lenin on monopoly being the highest stage of capitalism. I read it myself 40 years ago, and it is remarkable how prescient he has proven to be.

  287. Well Hillary did much better than anticipated in Oregon, she won 15 out of 36 counties in Oregon last night by the look of it and Obama with 88% of the vote in, has still not broken his vote lead over 94,000. That compared with Clintons huge popular vote haul in Kentucky is small change and looks like she is walking away from Oregon and Kentucky with a haul of +130,000 to +150,000 for the popular vote.

  288. May 21st, 2008 at 11:40 am
    wbboei Says:

    “…seduce the masses while doing their bidding…”
    Right! Sadly, this is what our taxes pay for in Illinois – a sham of a debate on human rights issues or losing arguments about schools or health care (Oh, it just can’t be done!), all the while the Combine is robbing the taxpayers blind through wasteful patronage and corrupt cronyism in a clever sleight of hand. This is why they are so afraid of Hillary – she cannot be controlled and will not allow this kind of waste and corruption.

    Don’t be bullied or blackmailed by threats about the Supreme Court and choice, or arguments about human rights abuses in Guantanamo. It’s all about the money.

  289. Dear Mr. Gergen-

    David, David, David you have sold your soul to the devil and that is the highest price anyone can pay for fame and notoriety. Before this I thought better of you.

    When millions of people cast their vote for Senator Clinton because she addresses their ecomomic plight, it is slanderous for you to characterize them as racists. The truth is that your candidate has done much to destroy his own credibility with voters, and if race was a factor in this election, then as between her supporters and his the honors are about equal. In other words they cancel eachother out.

    Also, you appear to play to play fast and loose with delegate counts including supers in the mix when it suits your purposes and your invention of a new category of majority of pledged delegates. Surely you realize that supers are not eligible to vote until the Convention. The question is whether you are attempting to exert undue influence over their choice and the answer is obvious.

    In sum, there is a level of nuance and evasion in your reporting which I find deeply troubling. It is an end run aroulnd the American people, and I hate to see someone like you who I once admired be a party to it.

  290. moononpluto: I made lots of calls into Oregon with no illusions on what the vote would be. I love the state but their politics have always been far left. Case in point: they voted for McCarthy over Bobby Kennedy. Oregon is not and never has been a bellweather for anything. The white vote is predominatly latte liberal so it does not reflect reality and provides no assurances that he can penetrate the major white voting block in the general election, in the event that he is the candidate.

  291. Absolutely amazing that Hillary has earned more votes than any other presidential primary candidate in American history. She’s literally the most popular candidate for president the country has ever had. And this is all while being outspent 3-to-1 by Obama’s moneybags campaign.

  292. CNN = Commentary, Not News

    Dressing up their spin as “news” is so …. cute. Look how hard they try.
    Look how many gallons of Obama’s water they carry.

    If only it had an effect on voters…
    Here’s the link to their “news story”


    Analysis: Clinton scores a win, Obama nears finish line

    By Alan Silverleib and Mark Preston
    CNN Washington Bureau

    NEW YORK (CNN) — Hillary Clinton won a landslide victory in Kentucky Tuesday, but momentum — and a growing sense of inevitability — is now firmly on Barack Obama’s side.

    You can read on, but really, since February, Obama has won VT, NC, and OR. Hillary has won: OH, TX, RI, PA, IN, WV, KY, and some of them by nice fat margins, and the last two complete blowouts.

    So the momementum, and inevitability, is “firmly” on his side?

    Nice try. Not even close.

  293. In case you missed it here is an event better rebuttal to Gergen by the wonderful TM: The caption could read When Rock Concerts Dont Cut It or How About The Morning After or . . . . . . .

    Math v. Map. Ain’t life a bitch.

    The superdelegates are taking anti-acid today. Obama’s delegate lead isn’t cutting it. Just look at Clinton’s map. Unfortunately, the SuperDs don’t seem to have the guts to do what they’re in existence to do in the first place, what they need to do to ensure Democrats will win in November: honor Clinton’s popular vote lead and the strengths of her map to put her over the top, the magic number being 2209, counting Michigan and Florida. Speaking of Florida:

    The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Florida shows McCain attracting 50% of the vote while Obama earns 40%.

    Florida: McCain 50% Obama 40%

    It only gets worse. Check out SUSA’s latest on the general election and North Carolina, which Jerome posted on last night (while I was being interviewed by the Washington Post, who sent a reporter out to spend a couple of days with me for a profile):

    McCain 51% – Obama 43%
    Clinton 49% – McCain 43%

    Another pill popping moment for the SuperDs.

    But the real trouble with Obama is that he’s never run a tough race and it’s showing. Not one in Illinois. His first real test has been against Clinton. And in case you haven’t noticed, Obama hasn’t put many states in the win column since back in February. So the pattern now is if Obama doesn’t think he can win he doesn’t show up. He doesn’t stand up. He doesn’t even fight for the votes.

    West Virginia. Candidate Obama phoned it in with cash, but the voters didn’t care.

    Kentucky. Lots of money, but not the heart to walk in and talk to voters, because he’s already been crowned. Never mind that his math is enough to make any Democrat wanting to win in November indigestion.

    Consider these findings from the exit polling:

    * Among Kentucky voters living in rural areas or small cities — nearly six in 10 voters — Clinton took 75 percent to 19 percent.

    * Among non-college educated whites in Kentucky (66 percent of the electorate), Clinton won by 44 points — 69 percent to 25 percent.

    * Among whites with a family income less than $50,000, Clinton received 75 percent of the vote while Obama took just 22 percent.

    The thing is that when you don’t respect people enough to walk in to where they live, talk to them about their troubles and assure them you get it, they won’t give you their vote. It’s not a black – white thing, it’s a ego thing; as in you think you’re too good for them. People can sense political arrogance a mile away and Obama’s got it in abundance. That’s
    why if he thinks he’s going to get beat he doesn’t even bother.
    This isn’t about race. It’s about ego. Obama’s, that is.



  294. The best thing about that Florida Poll is its

    McCain/Obama 50 to 40 but its McCain/Clinton 40 to 47.

  295. OK, how does Montana and North or South Dakota (which is it?)look? Do we have some leeway to work with there?
    Have we got people to go to PR, they do have to speak spanish? I really wish I remembered how to speak it. I was fluent as a child, but move out of South Texas (Hidalgo) county when I was 14, I had no one to speak spanish with so I forgot it! We need a Hispanic that the PR would like to meet!

  296. have we posted the newspapers and blogs for Montana and South Dakota? We really need to start, we only have 7 days!

  297. moononpluto, Hillary’s going to come away with a net popular vote gain of 140,000 or so after last night. Pretty good showing for someone who’s “finished” as a candidate, huh?

    BTW, a post on No Quarter notes that she’s won the popular vote in March, April and May.

    Also, whatever happened with the Guam recount?

  298. Well, I stand corrected we don’t have anything until June 1st and that’s PR! June 3rd is MT and SD. I got it now!

  299. Counting both Oregon and Kentucky
    Obama won 465,980 votes yesterday.
    Hillary, by contrast, won 459,145 in Kentucky alone.

    When you total all of the votes for Hillary, she won 58% of the votes while Obama snared 42% of the ballots.

  300. In Puerto Rico, you REALLY need to speak Spanish. You could get away with English in the metropolitan area of San Juan, but out on the island it takes Spanish to convince anyone.

    You know how the Obama campaign boasts about its ability to attract new voters? Well, I have news for them. You can say exactly the same thing about Hillary. There are millions of us, like me, who have never paid attention to a primary, and who have never donated. And we are now completely involved and committed.It’s not only college kids who count as new voters.

  301. Wbboei, good to see you back. Insightful comments as always. Love you letter to Gergen. You are right, what price his “soul”.?!?!

    Universal, I do not always get the chance to read your blog, so I am grateful when you post them here. Always to the point. Keep up the good work.

    Carbynew, good to see you back. My sympathies to you.

    Admin, Thanks for the great posts as usual.

    Sometimes, I would love to comment more, but I have so much to say that my post take too long and takes time away from my work.

    Thanks to everyone for all the articles, comments and blogs that you post. Keep up the good work. Do not let the MSM get to you. Remember that these are the same people who rolled over and played dead for Bush2 for six years or more.

    I was really happy to hear Hillary say last night that she will not quit. Neither should we.

    HILLARY IS 44!!!!

  302. Larry Johnson’s newest post on No Quarter is a must read. He has more on the “whitey” video, including a little info on who his four sources are: One is a prominent Dem and Obama supporter. Also, he said there are damaging overseas audios/videos of Obama he’s just learned about.

    LJ is one of my heroes. I love his blog, and he cracks me up with his bluntness.


  303. Regarding the SUSA Missouri poll, Hillary vs. McCain winning over Obama vs. McCain that is HUGE! Missouri will be a swing state and a state that is a must win.

    Also, was it rasist when Obama won Missouri in only 5 counties, counties that are heavely AA.

  304. hillbilly,

    Thanks. I added more info and re-titled my diary to
    “Same primary/caucus discrepancy seen in WA, NB, TX”

    It’s at
    h t t p : / / clintondems.com/2008/05/bo-got-68-30-in-nb-caucus-near-tie-in-nb-primary/

  305. NewMexico wrote: I really don’t fear a McCain appointee, as much as I fear a Obama appointee. …. I am voting for McCain.
    I agree! I made a diary at clintondems.com about that, titled “BO appointees would probably vote ‘Present’.” McCain voted for Ginsberg, Obama had to be pressured to vote against Alito.

    Obama would probably vote to keep abortion insecure, so he could keep leading women around by their fallopian tubes in 2012.

  306. wbboei,

    h t t p : / / clintondems.com/2008/05/pay-to-hillary-or-to-mccain/

    works for me if the spaces are taken out of the h t t p : / /

    I’m terrible on the phone!

  307. Linfar: LOL! Does anyone have time to find the film clip of Marlon Brando as Napoleon, crowning himself emperor? 🙂

  308. 5/21/2008
    Ohio Automatic Delegate Craig Bashein Endorses Hillary
    Ohio automatic delegate Craig Bashein of Hunting Valley announced his support for Hillary Clinton today. The Ohio Democratic Committee elected him one of its automatic delegates to the Democratic National Convention on May 10.

    “Hillary brings a wealth of proven experience in both domestic and foreign policy that provides a great sense of confidence and security in our future,” Bashein said. “She has the strength and determination to beat John McCain this Fall.”

  309. texas4hillary, that’s good news, some are coming over, well looks like crowning himself did not convince all the SD’s!

  310. Its looking good, 94% in and bambi’s only racked up a 102,000 vote lead in Oregon, guess dissing Kentucky made them come out all the more for her in KY, the turnout was huge.

  311. i know, some counties only had like 300 votes to count and took like 6 hours. Ridiculous. Maybe they are trying to rewrite Hillary’s ballots into his.

  312. At least it’s better than NV… remember how long it took for the results to come out? By the time it came out, it wasn’t even in the news anymore. I doubt many even know that HRC won that state.

  313. filbertsf, I think that was New MExico! Why are people saying she is staying in until June 3rd? The race is over and what about suspending her campaign and let Bambi hang himself with the republicans and set up for a convention fight?

  314. How exactly is calling Kentuckians and West Virginians hillbillies not considered a racist statement! Here’s that old double standard that the Obamatrons seem to live by!

  315. Don’t know why I thought it was NV. I was in NV at the time and remember celebrating the victory.

  316. confloyd, she has to continue to increase her popular vote and demonstrate to the SDs that she can take MT, PR, and SD…

  317. Someone might have mentioned this earlier and I missed it, but I was wondering if y’all have received a survey in the snail mail from the DNC? I got one yesterday. It had a note from Hillary inside, but nothing from Obama– I guess the folks at the DNC somehow knew which candidate I support before they sent me this thing.

    Anyhow, I filled out the survey, making comments and adjusting certain questions. For example, when they asked if I am worried about the Republicans trying to disenfranchise voters in the general election, I wrote that I am from Michigan and I have ALREADY been disenfranchised by the Democrats. When they asked if I thought the media was biased toward one party or the other, I checked the box that said the media is biased toward the Democrats, but I crossed out the word “Democrats” and wrote in “Obama.”

    If anyone else gets this survey, have fun filling it in! I sure did.

  318. Jen, man o man, the DNC is really out of touch! I haven’t gotten one, but I am certainly looking forward to it.

    Is there anything new happening in Florida? I thought both candidates were there today!


    (from WaPo:)

    By Perry Bacon Jr.

    BOCA RATON, Fla. — Invoking the controversial dispute over electoral results in Florida in 2000, Hillary Clinton is campaigning in areas where Democrats felt their votes were not counted fairly then and demanding that this year’s results of primaries both in the Sunshine State and Michigan be counted, even though they violated Democratic party rules.

    “We believe the popular vote is the truest expression of your will. We believe it today just as we believed it back in 2000 when, right here in Florida, you learned the hard way what happens when your votes aren’t counted and a candidate with fewer votes is declared the winner,” Clinton told a crowd at retirement home in Boca Raton. “The lesson of 2000 here in Florida is crystal clear: if any votes aren’t counted, the will of the people isn’t realized and our democracy is diminished.”

    While counting the votes in Florida and Michigan, both states where Clinton won the popular vote, would help her candidacy, Clinton cast her cause in historical and moral terms in a speech that quoted the Declaration of Independence, described the struggle of blacks and women to earn voting rights and invoked the legacies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. And her staging was even more clear, starting off talking to a group of seniors in Palm Beach County, the place known for the so-called dimpled chads and a confusing ballot that resulted in some Democrats voting for Pat Buchanan rather than Al Gore.

    “I believe the Democratic Party must count these votes…. count them exactly as they were cast,” she said. “I am here today because I believe the decision our party faces is not just about the fate of these votes and outcome of these primaries, it’s about about whether we will uphold our most fundamental values as Democrats and Americans…. I believe that both Senator Obama and myself have an obligation as potential Democratic nominees, in fact we all have an obligation as Democrats to carry on this legacy to ensure in our nominating process every voice is heard and every vote is counted. This is a core mission of the modern Democratic Party.”

    Her tone was a departure from the fiery populist rhetoric of recent days, in which she has cast herself as an underdog. Instead, in a soft, almost pleading voice, she said she believed that “whether you voted for me or Senator Obama or Senator Edwards, each vote is a prayer for our nation.”

    The crowd of several hundred loudly applauded, as her supporters do all over the country when she takes up the issue of counting the Michigan and Florida delegations, which has become a central plank in her longshot campaign to overtake Barack Obama. Clinton wants to count votes in Michigan and Florida, which could allow here to overtake Obama in the popular. If she won the popular vote, her aides said, along with maintaining her strong poll numbers in states like Florida against Sen. John McCain, it would strengthen her argument to Democratic superdelegates to chose her over Obama, who has won the battle over delegates selected through Democratic primaries and caucuses.

  320. Obama Spends Big in April, but Doesn’t Score a Knock Out
    By Emily Cadei, CQ Staff
    The Democratic presidential primary is starting to take a financial toll on Barack Obama, the latest fundraising numbers show. The Obama campaign spent more than it raised in April, a first in 2008, as it sought to knock off New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton by pouring money into the Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina primaries.

    Presumed Republican presidential nominee John McCain, meanwhile, had his best fundraising month yet, and dumped the majority of his receipts into his fattening bank account.

    Obama continued to demonstrate his fundraising prowess, leading the way among the three candidates with $32 million in receipts last month, according to the campaign’s latest report with the Federal Election Commission. The Illinois senator continued to use his successful funding formula, raising the overwhelming majority of his contributions from small donors who gave $200 or less.

    His campaign also reported 200,000 new donors in April.
    But Obama spent $36.4 million over the course of the month — about $4 million more than he raised during the same time — as he tried to sew up the nomination. Despite outspending Clinton in Pennsylvania and Indiana, he lost both contests.

    As Obama and Clinton continue their primary fight, McCain is starting to accelerate his own fundraising, although he remains at a huge financial disadvantage compared to the Democratic candidates. The Arizona senator raised $18.5 million in April, up from $15.4 million in March. And since wrapping up his nomination, McCain has been able to minimize his expenses — disbursing only $8.4 million last month — as he consolidates party support for the fall campaign.

    Thanks to the headway made with Republican donors, McCain was able to up his cash on hand to $21.8 million, from $11.6 million at the end of March. McCain, however, still trails well behind the Obama, who had $37.3 million on hand at the end of April.

    Clinton continued to raise money in April as well, even as her prospects of winning the nomination receded. She reported $21.9 million in contributions. In addition, Clinton loaned herself $5 million from her personal funds, doubling to $10 million the amount she has now invested in her campaign. The campaign is now carrying an overall debt of $19.5 million. Clinton reported having $6 million in cash to spend on the remaining primaries.

    Copyright © 2008 Congressional Quarterly Inc.

  321. texan: His money is probably, going to support the power brokers, for the brokered nomination. Excuse my sarcasm.

  322. Taylor Marsh thinks that if BO is the nominee, women will eventually support him, but if HRC is nominee, AA will not.

    It may be true.

  323. If Obama campaign strategist becomes the leader of the DNC, I’m getting out of this party. I’ve been contemplating doing so for awhile now and this will certainly convince me to do so.

    I want nothing to do with those thugs.

  324. Hillmeister: Thanks for you kind words. I’ll do my best to post my thoughts here. I’ve been spending much more time here than my own site recently, which is just fine for now. 🙂

    Speaking of my site, I have updated and added information to the Kentucky postmortem:


    Yesterday was a devastating day to Obama and his hopes of both becoming the nominee and becoming President. Coupled with the quarter-million votes loss in Kentucky was dramatic polling data from North Carolina that legitimately calls into question his entire candidacy. I’ve got the numbers and the link in the post.

    The North Carolina data, taken in context with what was supposed to be a ‘finishing blow’ to HRC’s campaign, is at least as relevant as the overwhelming Kentucky win.

    Taken together, the Bluegrass State Blowout and the Tarheel State data shows a candidate in Barack Obama who is both unelectable in November and who is very seriously in danger of losing the Democratic nomination.

    End the ‘racist’ drama — say “HELL NO” to Obama

    Paul F. Villarreal

  325. Bambi will not get the women vote .. not enough to win. Too many will remember, just as I have, how they’ve knocked and banged around on Hillary .. I won’t forget and I’ll work harder than ever against him.

    It’s MY vote and I own it and I do with it what I want. Same to everybody else. Taylor should be reading her own blog .. I’ve seen 0 support for him .. from both men and women there. She’s wrong.

  326. Can someone clear up once and for all (or post a link with a thorough analysis) why Nevada and S. Carolina were not “punished” for moving up their primaries? Shouldn’t they also lose delegates?

  327. Points of emphasis:

    1) Not only does Hillary lead in the popular vote, but more people have voted for Hillary Clinton than any other presidential primary candidate, in American history, EVER

    2) Florida and Michigan had their delegations unfairly stripped by the DNC, even though other states moved their primaries and received no such punishment (New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina). Why did those states get preferential treatment? Because they were states that Dean-Brazille-Obama thought Obama could win. And they KNEW Obama would do poorly in Michigan (white, working-class voters) and Florida (lots of seniors).

  328. I do not believe the average AA will not support her. I have many AA friends and they will support either one. It really depends on the Media and how they and the bots irritate the multitudes as they have us against BO.
    AA’s want to win as much as we do! I do think the Hillbillies and the Rednecks will support McCain if Hillary is not on the top of the ticket!

  329. Filbert – you and TM may be right about AA – but Bambi robbed American women this year, just as he robbed Alice Palmer to get his first office. I would understand if his followers would feel the same way if the SD’s move toward Hillary. Women will NOT “get over it” or step aside. And, there are more women than AA’s in this country – where will BO get new votes to make up those he loses from Democratic and independent women? And, Hillary has worked hard in the AA community her whole career – BO has done NOTHING to demonstrate any respect for women or earn our votes.

    Anyway, BO is going downhill fast – and he wants to take the Democratic party with him. He’ll be going there without me.

  330. they say AA will stay home if Hillary is the nominee but women will vote Mccain if BHO is the nominee.

  331. confloyd, you live in TX and I’m surprised you think AA will support her.

    I’ve been to TX, PA, NC in parts will large AA pop, and I can tell you from my own experience that TM is not wholly incorrect when it comes to AA. Just by talking to them (the older ones who remember the ’90s), they act as though the Clintons have done nothing for the AA. They blocked it all out.

  332. Clinton may take delegate fight to convention By BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press Writer
    27 minutes ago

    BOCA RATON, Fla. – Hillary Rodham Clinton says she is willing to take her fight to seat Florida and Michigan delegates to the convention if the two states want to go that far. In an interview with The Associated Press, Clinton was asked whether she would support the states if they continue the fight.


    The presidential candidate said Wednesday, “Yes I will. I will, because I feel very strongly about this.”

    Clinton is calling for delegates from both states to be seated at the convention based on the primaries. Both states were stripped of their delegates because they voted early, violating national party rules. Clinton won both states; Barack Obama’s name wasn’t on the Michigan ballot.

    The DNC’s rules committee will hear an appeal on May 31.

  333. “Taylor Marsh thinks that if BO is the nominee, women will eventually support him, but if HRC is nominee, AA will not.”

    Really? That’s the DNC party line. I’m surprised if she’s saying that.

  334. I think it is just the opposite. Women will NOT support BO. AA’s will support Hillary in the end.

  335. Why haven’t Hillary or Howard brought forth the argument about double standards? The DNC didn’t punish every state that moved their primary forward…they just picked on Michigan and Florida!

  336. And, Hillary has worked hard in the AA community her whole career – BO has done NOTHING to demonstrate any respect for women or earn our votes.

    I told the very same thing to an older NC AA lady and she dismissed me b/c of my age. She said I didn’t know what I was talking about and that she’s been around longer and that the Clintons have done nothing for them. The AA women around her were in agreement.

    I left that state very much disillusioned.

  337. plural, it actually speaks well of women. It says that Democratic women are able to see the bigger picture and able to put their disappointment behind them, whereas AA, well, it’s all about race.

  338. Filbert, SUSA has a new poll out for MO. so far Hill/Obama have the same number who would support McCain, but Hill has 12 % undecided. So, yes, some point not so many.

  339. Those bitter gun clinging typical white good ol boys will be out at the duck blinds with their pistols next November and somehow “forget” that BO suddenly would love to have their support…again. So if I were him, I wouldn’t put too much stock in them coming over into his camp and voting for him no matter what.

  340. mj, I don’t no pollster, it’s just my sense as I’m going from state to state with big AA electorate. Many of them just don’t have a sense of loyalty to the Clintons as I’ve heard and read about. I just sense that it’s all about race to them. They want to see the first black President and if BO were accused of murder, they’d pull an OJ and support him.

  341. To me, it sounds like the Roe v. Wade — Pavlov’s dog — threat.

    Whatever, the exit polls seem to show the opposite — more defection to McCain by Hillary supporters, whatever the race or gender.

  342. filbertsf, I said the average Christian AA will , the Muslim AA, they never will. I work with a lot of them and they still love the Clinton’s and most know that this racist thing is not real. I am speaking about AA’s from the countryside. The ones that live in large towns are more militant.
    The AA’s that I know want peace, they are not militant at all!

  343. So fibertsf, you think that if there is NO black guy to vote for the AA community wilil go for McCain?

  344. filbertsf Says:
    May 21st, 2008 at 4:29 pm
    plural, it actually speaks well of women. It says that Democratic women are able to see the bigger picture and able to put their disappointment behind them


    The bigger picture is that 4 years of McCain would be MUCH better than an Obama victory in November and Brazile taking over the DNC.

    “Disappointment” is not what this is about! It’s about applying our own judgement about the good of the country (and of the Dem Party in the ‘big picture’).

    Please don’t post Obama talking points in condescending manipulating language here!!!!

  345. Liberman and Fox news busting Obama’s chops for implying that Iran is developing nukes because we did not talk with them.

  346. confloyd, I have yet to meet or talk to any Muslim AA. I am talking about the average “Christian AA” in rural/smal towns. You can’t get any more “average Christian AA” than the ones I spoke to in NC.

    No one can predict the actions of others. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong.

  347. turndownobama.com is up.

    Turndown Obama

    Democratic Party, stop or we’ll defect!

    Hillary supporters all over the US are pledging
    never to vote for Obama. 
    If the Democrats want our vote in November,
    they can nominate Hillary — there is still time.

    This site supports "Clinton Supporters Count Too", "Operation
    Turndown", and similar projects.

    Pls send more links to 1950democrat/at/gmail/com
    or post at http://1950democrat.livejournal.com/56720.html or
    at the message board


    For supporters of those who will NOT vote Obama in November.
    Stay home, write in Hillary — or vote McCain. It’s all good!

  348. AA’s are no different than anyone else the Media is controlling them. Bo could do a lot to mend the fence between AA’s and Hillary! Of coarse he will not! The latte liberals have managed to steal the support Bill and Hillary had with the AA’s and use it against them. I can tell you, as soon as this is over the AA’s will treat them like a red-headed step child. They have done this to Bill and Hillary even after all they have done for them!
    Filbertsf, as a matter of fact I rode to the pre convention with an AA and had to remind her what Bill and Hillary had done for them. I reminded her of the Arkansas 9, she remembered then! It is the Media!!

  349. filbertsf, I just know the ones that I know here in East Texas. I have always thought the only way to solve this problem is to run them together. I just hope its Hillary on the top of the ticket! I don’t know if they will vote for him if he is on the bottom of the ticket either?

  350. About the AA question, can we hold Obama to his word that both he and Hillary are determined to see a democrat in the white house this coming November?

    If that is the case, if Hillary becomes the nominee, will he not be just as obliged as she would be otherwise to mend fences, encourage his AA following to vote for her, and work hard on her behalf?

  351. JanH, highly doubt it. The prick actually thinks she’ll get none of his supporters, wheareas he’ll get most of hers.

  352. The comment section to this CNN blog story are filled with interesting comments on Obama and his money-raking expedition to Florida. He’s not so keen to count Florida voter’s votes, but he’s very interested in counting their Benjamins.


    Currently, there are 367 comments!!!

    May 21, 2008
    Obama searching for cash in Florida
    Posted: 10:00 AM ET

    (CNN) — Barack Obama is on the hunt for cash. The likely Democratic presidential nominee is slated to hold three high-dollar fundraising events in Florida later Wednesday and Thursday.

    CNN’s Jessica Yellin has the details of the fundraisers after the jump.

    1. Wednesday night — Maitland, Florida (Orlando).
    7 p.m. host reception, 7:30 p.m. larger reception.
    Hosts reception: raise $10,000
    Friend: $2,300 per person (includes photo)
    Guest: $1,000 per person (includes private reception)
    Supporter: $250 per person

    2. Thursday night — The Bath Club in Miami Beach
    6:30 p.m. host reception, 7 p.m. general reception
    Hosts reception: raise $46,000
    Suggested $2300/person for general reception
    Minimum ticket price is $1000/person.

    3. Thursday Night — Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida.
    8:45 host Reception, 9:15 p.m. general reception
    Host Reception: Raise $10,000


    A small sample of comments:

    JIm May 21st, 2008 11:12 am ET

    Amazing. He wants Floridian who supported HRC to now give him money after he supported the disenfranchisement of their votes.

    Image and appearance are everything. Had the votes in FL counted from the beginning, HRC would have never appeared to be the loser of the race. That action thrwarted momentum in his favor, and now he has the nerve to go to FL seeking funds.

    Sorry BO, this stinks.
    Susie May 21st, 2008 11:12 am ET

    The man does have gall!
    Mike, Syracuse NY May 21st, 2008 11:13 am ET

    That’s nerve. After blocking FL votes from counting he now wants their money? Hopefully FL voters will tell him where to stick it.

  353. filbertsf,

    Well, even if he hangs her out to dry, even if the DNC hangs her out to dry, as long as she is our nominee, she will draw the people back to her. 🙂

  354. well 96% is in and theres very little left to count in Oregon, he’s only 102,000 ahead, looks like Hill will walk away with a 145,000 or so profit on the popular vote from last nights primaries.

  355. Where does Taylor say women will come around to Obama? This is what she said yesterday:

    “There are many in the pundit class pontificating that all this rancor from Clinton supporters will go away (if Obama is the nominee) … They couldn’t be more wrong. I should know, because few people have easier access to what Clinton’s voters are feeling and saying than me. ”

    “Oh, he’s now asking his supporters to play nice with Clinton’s 17 million plus base, because he’s going to need them (if he’s the nominee). I’m afraid it may be too little, too late.”

    “Barack Obama stands for everything they’ve come to loathe this primary season, the sexism, his silence about it, his own complicity in it, the disrespect of Senator Clinton, the list is indelibly marked in each Clinton supporter’s brain.”

    “Everything they’ve come to loathe.” “Indelibly marked in each Clinton supporter’s brain.” That doesn’t sound like ‘coming around’ to me.

  356. 1950Dem, I do get what you’re saying. I wasn’t trying to diss female Hill supporters. I actually don’t know what the women will do.

    I’m more inclined to agree with TM on the AA vote which is what I’ve been going on about.

  357. Yes, unfortunatley, it was New Mexico who took so long to count (I was one of them), and she won. It would be nice if the Gov and State chair supported the voters who stood in line here for hours.

    I really think women are divided:
    1) those who drink the Kool Aid
    2) those who think they must vote the Party Line
    3)those who have determined during this race that the sexism needs to be stopped, and that the Dems share a great responsibility in what has happened this year. These will either not vote, or vote for McCain.

    However, I don’t know how anyone at this point can predict the numbers of this group. There are also the regular Independence, and Reps that can not vote for McCain.

    How you can predict what will happen at this point I think is difficult. However, the rumblings are there, and I think the Dems are shooting themselves in the foot.

  358. here is my email to a camp follower at WashPo:

    I have read your article and am disappointed in your shallow anaysis and failure to stand up for another woman who is trying to blaze a path and serve the interests of the country she loves.

    From my perspective this race is far from over and I find your statement to that effect manipulative and insulting. The equities favor the nomination of Hillary and the issue has not been determined.

    To many of us outside the beltway Hillary represents the voice of the American people. You and your fellow elites are blind to the challenges they face–and you know it.

    You call yourself a feminist but you have little in common with working women in this country. Your concept is honorific, decorative and out of touch with their lives.

    Like so many of your peers you are quick to condone the misogyny we have seen in this election, blind to the harm it has done to the process. The cause and effect is there if you would only open your eyes.

    If you think I am wrong then as Casey Stengel used to say look it up. Go watch Chris Matthews tapes form last year when he uttered vile sexist words on a nightly basis. Watch the tapes of Russert and see the double standard as he interview Hillary and Obama. In essence wake up and smell the coffee.


  359. Canaan, on her radio show today. I didn’t listen, but you can read the comments section in which many women disagree with TM.

  360. Hmm.. sounds like McCain may name Romney as his VP choice, which would put added emphasis on MI.

    Which would help us quite a bit, I’d think, with SD’s.

    We won there, working class voters.
    Fuckin’ asshole BO out there again pimping how he’s within reach.

    That’s all he does is talk politics – as it relates to HIM.

  361. # plural Says:
    May 21st, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    “Taylor Marsh thinks that if BO is the nominee, women will eventually support him, but if HRC is nominee, AA will not.”

    Really? That’s the DNC party line. I’m surprised if she’s saying that.

    If a) women are supporting Hillary in droves
    b) Hillary supporters in general have been saying that many will not support Obama (it was 28% a couple of months ago, and has been around 50% in WV and KY)
    c) women HRC supporters have already stated they are not satisfied with Obama as the nominee (sit out, vote McCain, write in Hillary or “mickey mouse”).

    QED. Ipso facto.

    So, sure, there are some HRC supporters, women included, that would vote for whomever the Dem nominee will be.

    But the larger point is that HRC supporters know there has been a whole cabal plotting against her, that it isn’t fair, and that the Dems are asking for half the party to revolt. These factors include but are not limited to:

    1. Obama’s nasty, duplicitous campaign (Billary are racists? Oh really??)
    2. DNC can’t referee their own party and enforce their own rules
    3. DNC elders have in large part been working against HRC behind the scenes, while proclaiming “neutrality” publicly
    4. MSM does all they can in their power to promote a candidate, to an unprecedented level. But will they kill the monster they created??

    So stop telling us to “get over it”, and “for the good of the party…”. Two words: MAJOR REALIGNMENT.

  362. Well, I am Annie Oakley in a duck blind, with my six shooter, and I am shooting my vote to McCain, if waffles gets the nomination.

    Canaan: TM talked about it, in her radio broadcast for today.

  363. I didn’t read the TM thing yet, so if I unfairly mischaracterized her, I apologize. I’ll take a wait and see. So far, she’s been pretty great.

  364. Southern Born Says:

    May 21st, 2008 at 4:40 pm
    So fibertsf, you think that if there is NO black guy to vote for the AA community wilil go for McCain?

    I don’t know. I’m just an average Joe with no scientific instrument to gauge who will and will not support the eventual nominee.

    You can go to the pollsters for that. They’re the ones calling thousands of random AA and perhaps they have the pulse on what AA will do.

    It’s just my sense as I’m talking to AA in rural and urban parts of the country with significant AA electorate. What do I know?

    Many of the AA have just blocked out the Clintons’ history with the community, just like the latte liberals seem to have forgotten that Hillary, like them, is a highly educated woman who pulled herself up by her own bootstrap to get to where she is today. She could be chugging coffee at Starbucks, but instead decided to dedicate her life to helping the underprivileged.

  365. Universal Says:
    May 21st, 2008 at 12:49 am

    Emmy: Thanks. It’s not really about how I write, though. It’s about the Bambians being scared to death of all of us, myself included. And what tricks they will try to use (oh, don’t exert so much effort) to stop us.

    As I said recently: This is TOTAL WAR
    I got carless and forgot this yesterday, and I paid for it.

    If it is not too bad to divulge, how did you get careless and who exploited it and how?

    Just curious, and hoping there might be lessons in there for us.

  366. So to provide balance here are some interviews from West Virginia:

    h t t p : / / therealnews.com/web/videoframeworksjsauto.php?currentid=1507&t hisautoplay=true

    Also, Obama monkey T-Shirts being sold publicly


    I would caution people in saying that racism is not a factor and sexism is. That is not true at all. Especially since exit polls in KY showed that 21% of the people said that race was important in their decision and 90% of them voted against Obama.

    Obama has his challenges as well.

  367. “the latte liberals seem to have forgotten that Hillary, like them, is a highly educated woman who pulled herself up by her own bootstrap to get to where she is today. She could be chugging coffee at Starbucks, but instead decided to dedicate her life to helping the underprivileged.”

    This is a very good point that isn’t stated often enough, IMO.

  368. rgb44hrc, here’s some comments from posters who actually listened to TM’s radio show today:

    TM’s muses about AA and women voters

    Did Taylor just say she thinks women will go back to Obama but she is not sure if AA will go over to her? Or did I not hear correctly?
    Nebraskablues | 05.21.2008 – 3:42 pm | #

    TM thinks both Hillary and BO are good candidates

    I disagree with Taylor

    We only have 1 remarkable candidate.

    The other is a fraudulent image painted by the DNC elite and the media.
    sam | 05.21.2008 – 3:30 pm | #

    Did Taylor say we have 2 remarkable candidate? If so I’m shocked.. Truley
    subpar | 05.21.2008 – 3:32 pm | #

    Yes she did, to her credit though, she is more loyal to the democratic party than any one candidate, so I respect her but I disagree with her.
    sam | 05.21.2008 – 3:34 pm | #

    I don’t think I’ve heard her say something like that before. I’m a newbie, but I’ve been listening to the podcasts for about 1-2 months consistantly.

    I respect that she said it too. Everyone makes mistakes I guess 🙂
    subpar | 05.21.2008 – 3:36 pm |

  369. Karl Rove Amazed: Obama Can’t Put Hillary Away

    Wednesday, May 21, 2008 2:16 PM

    By: Rick Pedraza Article Font Size

    Karl Rove, now a political analyst and contributor for Fox News, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal, believes the Democratic nomination will go to Sen. Barack Obama, but Rove is amazed that Obama can’t put Hillary Clinton away.

    “It’s awfully close,” he told the cast of “Fox & Friends” this morning on the Fox News Channel, “and yet, he can’t put it away,” Rove says.

    “I think what [Obama] saw in Oregon was the rumor that the polls were closing, and that‘s why he spent most of last weekend in Oregon rather than going on the offensive and trying to take away something in Kentucky,” Rove says.

    “It’s like, he only gets 30 percent of the vote in Kentucky, but feels compelled to go to Oregon. And even then, in that state, which is full of granola eaters and Birkenstock wearers, he gets 58 percent of the vote, and she gets 42 percent.”

    Rove added, “The problems that Barack Obama has with working class voters are real, and they’re not going away. It’s cultural. They view him as an elitist — as somebody who’s condescending and doesn’t share their values.”

    Also, in Rove’s opinion, “Obama should not have gone to Iowa last night and said, ‘I’ve got a majority of the elected delegates.’ Let somebody else do that. He should have focused on substance, not try to say, ‘[look at me], I’m ahead.’”

    In analyzing the Democratic Party’s chances to reclaim the White House in November, Rove has been doing a lot of math these past couple of months. One tough question, he says, remains in settling the debate on whether or not to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations.

    The issue will ultimately be settled by the Democratic National Committee, when its Credentials Committee meets next Saturday to making a final ruling on the heated dispute.

    Does Clinton have a chance at seating some of those delegates?

    “She might have a chance with the committee,” Rove says, “because it’s set up in a certain way where she has a lot of friends on the committee.”

    The Credentials Committee is composed of almost 190 members, 25 of them appointed by DNC Chairman Howard Dean; the rest are split between the two candidates based on the percent of delegates each has won.

    “So, in all likelihood, what will happen is, the Obama delegates and the 25 Dean delegates will decide whether or not they are going to seat any or all of the Florida and Michigan delegates,” Rove says.

    “To me, this is one of the most amazing things. Obama is up by about 170 delegates over Clinton, but that gap would close by about 55 delegates if they seat Florida and Michigan. Why doesn’t Obama just simply step forward and say, ‘Look, I know they violated the rules, but we also made a mistake by having the death penalty. The Republicans allow that if you violate the rules, you get half your delegates. So, why don’t we just go ahead and seat the delegations? I’m comfortable.’”

    That scenario, however, would mean that Obama could lose the popular vote, which would support Clinton’s long-standing argument that she should be the nominee.


    Get ready for May 31st by sending your old tired shoes to Howard (Dean, that is). Tell him and his friends at the DNC:


    Tell the Democratic National Committee: Don’t Walk Away From Our Winning Base! Walk A Mile In Our Shoes.

    Send a pair of shoes to the DNC TODAY deadline May 26th 2008 (but keep sending after that if you miss it.)

    DETAILS AT: http://www.walkamileinourshoes.org/

    Let your shoes do the walking today to the DNC. Then, we’ll do the walking at the Rules Committee Mtg. on May 31.


  371. When will people stop thinking Karl Rove is a genius?

    He got Bush elected — everything since has been a disaster.

  372. And, the reason Hillary keeps winning is that the more people see of her, the better they like her, and they more they see through the media lies about her.

  373. Oh Holy Hell Hillary is on fire in FL. Go to TM and watch that video clip. Her fiery and determined rhetoric is what I love so much about her and what has kept me sustained.

  374. I can’t believe that ANY self-respecting woman is thinking about sticking with a political party (actually, it’s no party) that takes their participation, support and votes for granted. We deserve what we get. DON’T let them take you for granted!

    PS – And, the idea that “Scotch-Irish” Mountaineers are going to flock over to the elite, latte-sipping, bribe-taking, America-hating, terrorist-befriending, uber-liberal Senator O’Stinky is laughable! Can you say, “President McCain?”

    PPS – I bet he thinks putting Sen. Webb on the ticket is a way to win Appalachia. That won’t work any better than Lieberman in Florida or Edwards in Kentucky. And, Hillary is ahead of McCain in Edwards’ home state.


  375. Did Taylor say we have 2 remarkable candidate? If so I’m shocked.. Truley
    subpar | 05.21.2008 – 3:32 pm | #

    Well, we kinda have two “remarkable” candidates. Hillary is eminently remarkable. And it’s remarkable that somehow Obama is being considered for the office of presidency.

  376. filbert, I’m sorry that I was over-emphatic.

    I agree it’s very important to figure out how many Dems will defect from each side and try to figure what the net loss would be in November, and that estimating the likely AA defection and its consequences is the thing needing examination at the moment.

    Many people seem to be jumping to the conclusion that disappointing the 90% of AAs who are supporting Obama is somehow unthinkable. I’d like to see some support for the various speculations about what the AAs would actually do. The only thing that comes to my mind is a recent poll of AAs about an Obama/Hillary ticket, which iirc AAs favored.

    What’s easier to predict is what impact an AA strike would actually have this November. They tend to be concentrated in limited areas, therefore states such as NC don’t in fact elect AAs to statewide offices, and do not elect Democrats in November. (See recent poll showing NC going for McCain over Obama.)

  377. Need to smile?

    Check this Willie Colon music video for HRC! It was posted by Nellie at TM.

    Fellow Hillary Supporters, NOW WE WILL SEE what my people,LATINOS are gonna show loser obama how it’s done. she is in Florida my town and next primary is in PUERTO RICO, my home. here is alittle salsa for all you HILLARY SUPPORTERS. Agreat shout out from our man willie colon to the next president of the UNITED STATES, Senator Clinton. this is from me to you ALL strong supporters of Hillary. NOW watch enjoy and let’s kick some ass and take some names. Taylor i hope you watch this too, because in Puerto Rico my people will SHOUT HILLARY FOREVER!!!!!

    enjoy and pass it on.
    nely | 05.21.2008 – 6:15 pm | #

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