Obama Lemonade

Update II: Video at end.

Update: Cynthia Ruccia of Hillary Clinton Supporters Count Too will appear on ABC’s Nightline tonight.

Hillary Clinton is a peach.

Obama is an unelectable lemon – let’s make lemonade!

First, and foremost – keep making those calls to Oregon and Kentucky.

Hillary is doing great in the polls in Kentucky and the polls in Oregon show the race very close.

But let’s ignore the polls and Big Media and make those calls [LINK] to Oregon and Kentucky today, before tomorrow’s elections. Let’s have a great laugh on Obama this Tuesday, the day he declares himself emperor.

Hillary is already winning the popular vote, let’s make those margins even greater. Power To The People!

* * *

Some of you may have noticed the addition of a new page listing on the left hand side column.

We are assisting the wonderful women at Hillary Clinton Supporters Count Too while they coordinate all their great activities. Today we listed some of the public appearances by their founders (Cynthia will be appear today, sometime between 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. (ET) in an interview with Shepard Smith).

It increasingly looks like Democrats will go ON STRIKE if Obama is foisted on the Democratic Party by the Dean/Brazile/Pelosi Axis. Clinton Supporters Count Too is a harbringer of things to come.

A lot of women and a lot of Democrats will WRITE-IN HILLARY if the Axis Powers have their way. Let’s prevent the strike – let’s get Hillary the nomination — once again — make those calls.

There might already be one prominent Democrat preparing to GO ON STRIKE.

Geraldine Ferraro, the outspoken former Democratic vice presidential candidate and a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s White House bid, told the New York Times she may not vote for Barack Obama should he be the party’s nominee.

God Bless America and Geraldine Ferraro!

* * *

One of the lemons handed to Hillary supporters this campaign season has been seeing for the first time the true nature of those we thought were friends. That is a blessing. Knowing the true nature of people we thought were made of sterner stuff is a blessing – an unwanted blessing – a blessing nevertheless. Let’s turn that lemon into lemonade with a celebration of knowing who our friends are.

One friend we have admired for a long time has issued a stern warning to Superdelegates and the Axis Powers:

Those who are responsible for putting Democrats in the broken place we are in right now with regard to Barack Obama had better own it to the end. Leave those bumper stickers on and wear those campaign pins until the bitter end folks because YOU OWN IT. And people are going to want to know whose to blame.

And as for the superdelegates, just an FYI, we have the list with your names, you will be held accountable on Election Day and beyond, too. This time around, everybody’s going to be looking for accountability.

Hear that Wexler, Napolitano, McCaskill, person in the hospital, Kerry, Dean, Brazile, Pelosi?

Flash forward to Election Day 08. Can you imagine the backpedaling going on when it comes to explaining how Barack Obama — the Democratic nominee by math not by sensibility — loses key states? What will those pundits say? Can they turn to history and defend themselves by saying that Obama won Ohio in the primary? Pennsylvania? Florida? And what about West Virginia? No Democrat has won the WH since 1916 without winning West Virginia and we all know what happened yesterday. What will they use as their rationale as to why they reasonably expected Obama to win those states in the general? Will they be driven mad with their math and just keep repeating that it wasn’t their fault — it was math’s fault? (Or will they fall back on the usual suspect and blame it on Hillary?)

As we wrote yesterday, Obama is now down to a country with only 46 states. Recall early this year the Obama incense burners were saying Obama would not settle for a paltry 51% of the vote – now Obama would be lucky to get as many states as McGovern. Obama can’t win the white working class or latinos or women, so he’ll just ignore them. As Bugs Bunny says “What a maroon!”

Maybe they’ll use the argument that Obama was supposed to re-draw the political map. That Obama promised that “all states were in play.” And, what if he turns out to be wrong? What if Obama loses those red states (and even some of those key blue states)? Is it possible that after e-i-g-h-t years of George Bush, we will have another Republican in the WH? Is it fathomable that a Republican like McCain could win by a landslide? Right now Jerome Armstrong at myDD has an electoral college estimate with McCain winning 290 to 248.

In August when the Republican attack ads unroll with a screaming, ranting, raving, railing, and dancing like a chicken lunatic Reverend Wright juxtaposed with an angry Obama with an outstretched pointing finger overlayed by Obama’s voice saying that he can’t disown Wright anymore than he can disown his grandmother, will the superdelegates feel good and justified about their decision to try and kick Hillary out of the race before she won a state like West Virginia or Kentucky? Will those same superdelegates apologize for their bad judgment in thinking a candidate who lost 40% of the Democratic vote in a state primary — a mere 5 months before Election Day — should even still qualify to be the best candidate in a general election?

As we also wrote yesterday, Obama blames his loses on Americans not knowing him and because of all those naughty emails being sent around calling him a Muslim. Obama is now promising things will change – that now he is going to introduce himself to the American people and that way he won’t lose essential Democratic states by 40%. But Obama has been running for president officially for about a year and a half. Obama does not want to face the fact that we don’t want him – we don’t like him – we don’t trust him – the American people will not elect him. What a maroon!

Will those superdelegates admit bad judgment in voting for the candidate that “said” he had good judgment but turned out to have bad judgment once he was aptly defined by the likes of Karl Rove? Because as of May 14, 2008, Barack Obama has yet to successfully define himself to the American people — he is too busy defining John McCain. (Scary thought: maybe Obama hasn’t defined himself yet because he can’t. Look at his record. Look at what his colleagues say about him. He rides the middle. He goes this way and that. On the one hand. On the other hand. He himself in his autobiographies even admits to having trouble pinning down his identities — whether that be individual, political, racial or whatever else.)

Has anyone truly and fairly presented the problem Obama faces by continuously saying “a vote for John McCain is a vote for another 4 more years of George Bush” particularly when most of us don’t even know what a vote for Barack Obama would mean? Not to mention the fairly obvious fact that the whole reason McCain is able to run so strongly in 08 is specifically because everybody knows he is NOT George Bush.

After tomorrow’s elections we will continue our epic series Voting For Barack Obama. We’ll discuss the tired reasoning and fear mongering on which Obama audaciously hopes to “unite” (he really means silence into submission) Democrats.

A suggestion to Obama: when you are an unknown like yourself with no record to back up your flowery words, you might better your chances of people getting to know you by telling them WHY THEY SHOULD VOTE FOR YOU—not why they shouldn’t vote for the other guy. Especially when that other guy John McCain has been in the public eye for years and enjoys a very well-cemented identity.

Just exactly what is David Axelrod’s reasoning as to how Obama — the candidate who “says” he represents change and “outsider politics”– will fare against the well-documented record of a maverick like McCain who has actually spent his entire career bucking the political system and truly enacted change? Will Obama change his campaign theme? Yikes. Is the Obama campaign strategy being unveiled when Obama states that “a vote for McCain is a vote for Bush”? Because if that is the Obama campaign’s idea of a “winning” strategy against John McCain, we are in serious trouble.

Obama will not bully Democrats into submission by playing the fear card. On what record would an Obama run?

Will it be the economy? Given Obama’s lackluster appeal to the lower-income and working class, I sure hope not. I can see the commercials now–it will not take a lot of effort to get the disenfranchised lunch-pail liberals to identify with a hard-worker like John McCain as compared to the elitist, Starbuck-drinking, RedBull swilling, arugula-eating, Blackberry-carrying Obama.

Of course, another choice would be for Obama to run on age. But that is dangerous for many obvious reasons. What? You don’t think being coined as the “youth’ candidate is a bad thing? Think again because the winning brand is not “youth” when we are in the midst of a recession and two wars. When the chips hit the floor on Election Day and gas is $10/barrel it will be realism not idealism that delivers the WH. And given the fact that Obama’s base is already widely known to be made up of predominantly young voters, half of the Republicans work is already done for them. Yup, they would have an easy walk defining Obama as the choice for the young and naïve.

That leaves Iraq, right? A slam-dunk for Obama, right? Not so fast. After witnessing the defying of logic and the suspension of belief in what happened to John Kerry in 04, anyone who thinks Obama’s “speech” about the Iraq war from the cozy confines of a Chicago suburb will assuredly prove that Obama is a better Commander in Chief than John McCain, needs to think again. And yes, I know that the vast majority of Americans are against the Iraq war. And yes, I know the Iraq war has cost us billions and contributed to our recession. And yes, I know that John McCain’s words about spending another 100 years in Iraq are repeatedly used against him. But, remember what happened in 04. Logic can be defied. Belief (yes, even hope) can and has been suspended on Election Day.

Obama is a lemon. Republicans are lemon peelers.

Remember: John McCain is a veteran. John McCain is a former POW. John McCain is a war hero. Moreover, one of John McCain’s sons is currently serving in Iraq. So, if anyone thinks McCain is going to mistreat or misuse our troops — which include his son, they need to think again. Frankly, Obama will look like a fool against McCain because once again, McCain has his real record, history, and even his family to prove his sound leadership and true patriotism. And Obama merely has his words, hope and the video of his wife sounding unpatriotic which will be used over and over and over again.

Democrats will go on strike.

And that’s why so many Clinton supporters are reluctant to vote for Obama if he becomes the nominee. It’s not because they are bitter. It is because they chose Hillary over Obama for two real reasons: experience and definition.

Obama can’t gain experience in the next 5 months.

Obama is cotton candy; Hillary Clinton is nutrition.

To me, it’s the difference between buying cereal for the picture on the box rather than the ingredients on the nutritional label. Clinton supporters want to know what they are eating for breakfast–they don’t get swayed by the fancy packaging that often hides the sugar and artificial additives hiding inside. They check the label. They read the ingredients.

We know what we are getting with Hillary Clinton. We’ve read the label that has been on the box for years. And, yes, we may not like everything about her, but at least we know what we are getting when we support her. There are no surprises, no baggage left unexamined. Hillary has been in the public eye for years. She has a record that can be followed and seen in plain view. We know who she is. We know that she is a hard worker and a smart fighter who will never give up. And we have a pretty good idea of what she would do as president. Perhaps most importantly though, we know that she wins vital states that have proven to be essential to winning the WH.

Hillary Clinton is a sweet peach. Barack Obama is a bitter lemon.


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  1. Polls: Clinton leads big in Kentucky, Obama leads modestly in Oregon:


  2. terrondt,

    Actually I think it’s just a CNN poll… lol…I know the enemy, but I still thought it was worth posting. 😉

  3. If it is a cnn poll then it is a set up with respect to Oregon. We need to work hard making those phone calls.

  4. Sigh…I love Howard Wolfson!!!
    MEMO: Mission Accomplished? Not so fast.

    To: Interested Parties

    From: Howard Wolfson, Communications Director

    Date: Monday, May 19, 2008

    Re: Mission Accomplished?

    Not so fast. Senator Obama’s plan to declare himself the Democratic nominee tomorrow night in Iowa (http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0508/10184.html) is a slap in the face to the millions of voters in the remaining primary states and to Senator Clinton’s 17 million supporters.

    There is no scenario under the rules of the Democratic National Committee by which Senator Obama will be able to claim the nomination tomorrow night. He will not have 2210 delegates, the number needed with Florida and Michigan included in the process, nor will he have 2025 delegates, the number needed to secure the nomination without Florida and Michigan.
    Premature victory laps and false declarations of victory are unwarranted. Declaring mission accomplished does not make it so.

    While Senator Obama inaccurately declares himself the nominee, Senator Clinton will continue to work hard, campaigning for every vote in the upcoming states and making the case that she will be the best nominee to take on John McCain and be our next President.


  5. Hillary Clinton and women, Latinos, the working class white voters, and the undereducated whites have been SHORT SHEETED during this whole campaign – and unwilling victims of the Dean/Pelosi/Brazile/etal disaster of the Democratic Party and the DNC. Let’s make LEMONADE on May 21st!! And give the Democratic Party until June 3 to change the tsunami of defection that is to happen come the general election – an excellent start would be for each of them to REPUDIATE the self annointment of Obama as the winner and cancel his party on May 20th, to seat the FL and MI delegates as per the vote result, and to count ALL the votes from the FL primary – NOW!
    Taylor, I love your commentary. Unite and conquer! SOLDIER ON!

  6. Now I read that Obama has told the republicans that Michelle is off limits. Wow, he is an idiot, they will be going after her harder now. He simply doesnt understand politics. He only wants to protect some women from the big, bad media and the republicans, yet he will offer Chelsea and Hillary and US easily.

  7. Please can someone explain what I heard on Sunday from the talking heads. The lady said Kerry won 86% of the Reagan democrats and lost the election. What’s up with that?

  8. Ooops! The last line should read:

    Hillaryis44, I love your commentary. Some very good exposition goes on here…………down-to-earth and to the point. AND I LOVE LEMONADE!!!
    I love Taylor too, just disagree with her on being for the party if Hillary does not win. I beg to ask the question, “Why would anybody be for a party that threw them under the bus [remember Brazile and you are not a part of the NEW coalition?”

    OBAMA- simply unelectable! The tune to “Simply Irrestible” plays in my head as I blog and I change the words to “Simply Unelectable!!!!”

  9. # birdgal Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    dija: don’t forget about the voting irregularities in NC.

    What were some of the problems w/ NC?

  10. We updated with the news that Cynthia Ruccia of Hillary Clinton Supporters Count Too will be on Nightline tonight.

  11. confloyd Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    Now I read that Obama has told the republicans that Michelle is off limits.

    Well I’m glad that’s settled. (heh-heh)

    But I suppose Cindy McCain is fair game?

  12. Hi everyone! I’ve been crazy busy on my new site so I haven’t had a lot of time to drop in. Did I miss anything?

    Carbynew, I am very sorry for your loss. You are a very strong person, I can tell, and you will get through this.

    **** ALERT ****

    Some idiot Obama people are posting warnings all over that my site is an Obama front or that it is run by Something Awful! Give me a break, I am so so sick of Axelrod’s brownshirts i could scream! All you have to do is look at the site and see it’s existence IS NOT to Obama’s advantage!

    And so the attacks…

    Please do not believe the garbage. If anyone wants to talk to me personally about it, email me at icount at clintondems.com and I’ll send you my personal info.

    What is this world coming to?

  13. I never thought I would be cheering the republicans on. It a shame that the Dems put up such a crook to be our nominee. We have had a crook for 8 years, we want change, we want hope, we want a new style of politics!

  14. Admin: GREAT article.

    I like: “Obama is a lemon. Republicans are lemon peelers.” ROFL

    “Obama is cotton candy; Hillary Clinton is nutrition.”

    “Hillary Clinton is a sweet peach. Barack Obama is a bitter lemon.”

    Hillary Clinton supporters are pragmatic, just like she is.

    Waffles is a bitter lemon, with the substance of cotton candy, that is going to get peeled by the GOP. ROFL.

  15. rgb44hrc Says:

    May 19th, 2008 at 2:12 pm
    # birdgal Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    dija: don’t forget about the voting irregularities in NC.

    What were some of the problems w/ NC?

    I don’t know the details, but apparently some absentee ballots were mistakenly counted twice in Merklenburg, and in another county. I believe the total number of votes was around 15,000. I’m not sure. Maybe, someone else can remember more of the details.

  16. Yes that video is one of my favorites too. The top story on Yahoo show Bambi threatening the Republicans not to mess with my wife. I wonder what he will do if they keep on. He said “they better be careful”. So that sounds like a threat. Maybe he’ll get the Chicago Mob to knock a few off! LOL!!!

  17. Could not resist. It fits perfectly. We updated the front page and added the video. Thanks Laney and Shorttermer.

  18. The accidently sent out 32,000 duplicate ballots in Oregon to last minute party changers. They think they will all only be able to vote once with the signature verification they do, but how that works out remains to be seen. They must have pretty darned good signature recognition software!

  19. Yes, admin, we know who Hillary is, and fortunately more and more voters are learning the truth, too 🙂

  20. Operation Turn Off Obama coming up at 3pm.

    Here’s the link.


    (add h*t*t*p*)

  21. Operation Turn Off Obama coming up at 3pm.

    Here’s the link.


    (add h*t*t*p*)

  22. I couldn’t get on again, looks like the bots were watching us again! LOL! They are really desparate!

  23. Did you guys hear about Patti Solis Doyle possibly going to work for the Obama campaign? I know its not uncommon for rival campaign staffers to switch once the nominee is known. But if I were BO I wouldn’t want Patti any where near my campaign! The way she wasted millions of $ that HRC raised is beyond embarrassing.

  24. Obama says his wife is off limits, his pastor, his associates, etc, and if you raise these issues, your a racist…problem is he has no record to otherwise talk about.

  25. I think that’s the point, jb.

    No record, no criticism.

    Funny, though, that Hillary’s family and associates have not been off limits for his campaign.

  26. i cannot believe sen byrd endorsed obama. i thought at elast he would eb behind hillary. tm says its bc fo the war and hill would be the nom by now if she voted against it. o has used the war on hill and it worked w/byrd. god the days get so damned depressing.

  27. birdgal,

    That’s just politics. There is no real loyalty in that business. It’s just like Hollywood or Wall Street. Very much a “What have you done for me lately?” kind of thing. Right now a lot of political operatives and staffers are looking for jobs and want to be on the winning team. Now to be fair to Ms. Solis Doyle we have no idea if she & Hillary have had private conversations and HRC gave her her blessing. Or they could have fallen out & Patti doesn’t feel like she owes her anything.

  28. The people of WV were able to look at other issues than a vote in 2002 — that was meant to get the UN inspectors back into Iraq.

    I know Byrd said that; but I don’t believe it’s true. If it were, why not endorse long ago? Why now?

  29. It’s kind of incredible that after she wins WV by 41% he endorses Obama…Hillary spoke so nicely of him in her victory speech and this is the thanks she gets…I simply can’t understand this.

  30. once upon a time, people were talking about honoring the will of the people, and if this election was decided by SDs, he/she would leave the democratic party and/or riot. Interestingly, how the dialogue shifts to reflect the interests of oneself or your candidate. What a bunch of hypocrites and cowards. This is pushing me, more everyday to McCain. I love Hillary, but if they push her out, and do not honor the popular vote and the electibility factor, I am so out of the party.

  31. I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t know how in the hell she would want to go back to the senate with these back stabbing sons of a ——-How could she ever trust them on anything or get their support on a bill?

  32. jbstonesfan,

    Taylor Marsh thinks its because Byrd was so outspoken against the invasion of Iraq & the fact that Hill voted for it was the deal breaker for him. As far as when he decided to endorse I don’t know. But as I said last night BO will probably continue to pick up SDs. He got 3 today I think. I don’t mean to be negative but there is the sense that BO is the likely nominee. So people will continue to jump on the bandwagon unless something happens to convince them otherwise.

  33. Well, considering Hillary represents the people of NYC, who were hit the hardest on 9/11, i would tend to think she was well justified to vote for the resolution ….unlike Bambi, she was make real life decisions that were done for the protection of our country.

  34. nikki, I have another theory. As a younger man, Byrd was a member of the KKK. I think he was Grand Wizard, or whatever the hell title it was. Since then, he’s undergone a redemption… wrote a book and has been very pro-AA in terms of legislation. The NCAAP awarded him for his work benefitting AA.

    Perhaps, as he nears his twilight, this is his opportunity for him to not only redeem himself, but a personal triumph: former Klansman, raised and bred in the deep South during the Jim Crow era endorsing the first black nominee and possibly President.

  35. Sounds to me like Bo took this opportunity to declare MO off-limits because he knows – as No Quarter reported from 4 different sources – that repubs are in possession of footage of her trashing ‘whitey’ at TBC.

    and that one will be game, set, match.

  36. Why couldn’t Hillary’s team get that footage? Why must we play by the “Obama” rules???

  37. As for Patti Solis Doyle possibly crossing over to the dark side, I’m speechless. There truly is no loyalty in politics.

    nikki, perhaps Doyle discussed it with HRC, but even so, can’t she show some respect and actually wait until after Denver? Doyle and HRC have a long history together.

    I’ve got nothing negative to say about Doyle. I just hope it isn’t true. This would really deepen my cynicism of not only political operatives, but humanity.

  38. Not so fast, Clinton says to Obama — there’s no Democratic nominee yet

    By SARA KUGLER , Associated Press
    May 19, 2008

    MAYSVILLE, Ky. – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday said her opponent Barack Obama may be getting a little ahead of himself in acting like the party’s nominee before the final contests of the primary season are over.

    Clinton and Obama are still set to face off in several more primaries, including two in Kentucky and Oregon on Tuesday, but Obama has been increasingly portraying himself as the nominee already facing Republican John McCain. Obama has scheduled appearances later this week in Iowa and Florida as he looks ahead to the swing states in the general election.

    “You can declare yourself anything, but if you don’t have the votes, it doesn’t matter,” Clinton said Monday in a satellite interview with an Oregon television station before a campaign appearance in Kentucky.

    The former first lady trails Obama in the delegate count by such a margin that it is mathematically unlikely for her to overtake him in the remaining primaries, which end June 3 with Montana and South Dakota.

    But both candidates have been angling to win over the party leaders and elected officials known as superdelegates, whose support will likely determine the nominee.

    Clinton has also tried to make the case that if the results of disputed primaries in Michigan and Florida are included, she would be narrowly ahead of Obama in the overall popular vote. Clinton won both contests, but the results of the two primaries were voided because they took place in January in violation of Democratic Party rules.

    Since then, Clinton has argued strenuously that both states’ delegations be seated at the Democratic convention in August. The DNC rules committee has scheduled a May 31 meeting to consider options.

    To bolster her popular vote argument, Clinton’s campaign has concentrated most of its efforts in Kentucky this week in order to run up her numbers there. The New York senator left Oregon on Friday to campaign exclusively in Kentucky.

    Clinton has also been making her case to the superdelegates by casting herself as the more tested and experienced Democrat with a better chance of beating McCain in November.

    She said Monday that she is the “more progressive candidate” and dismissed the hype surrounding Obama that results in the large crowds like the record rally of an estimated 65,000 he drew in Portland on Sunday afternoon.

    Clinton said Obama, who has refused to debate her since they last faced off just before the Pennsylvania primary last month, would “rather just talk to giant crowds than have questions asked.”

    Later, while speaking to several hundred people in a high school gymnasium, Clinton picked up her campaign’s argument that Obama’s victories in states that had caucuses instead of primaries are somehow less significant because turnout was lower.

    Clinton also revived her pitch that many of the states where he has beaten her, like Alaska, Idaho and Utah, matter less because they would not be competitive for Democrats in November. Anybody “who’s really analyzing this” should come to the same conclusions, she said.

    “So I’m going to make my case and I’m going to make it until we have a nominee, but we’re not going to have one today and we’re not going to have one tomorrow and we’re not going to have one the next day,” Clinton said. “And if Kentucky turns out tomorrow, I will be closer to that nomination because of you.”

  39. filbertsf,

    Yeah. Hadn’t thought about it that way. But it would definitely mean a lot to him personally given his history with the KKK.

  40. Who was it that said “if you want a friend in Washington get a dog”. That a great analogy, but Hillary has shown time and again how loyal she is, but doesnt get it back!

  41. After this betrayal by Byrd, I am changing to an Independent asap…I am sick to my stomach with the DNC, the good ole boys club, and the biggest fraud I have ever seen in politics-BO!!

  42. I don’t care if every single super delegate comes out and swears on a stack of bibles that they’re supporting BO.

    Unless I’m wrong, as I understand it NOTHING is official & binding until votes are cast in Denver. And there’s just no way on God’s green earth Hill can stop anywhere short of taking this to the convention,
    by which time a very different picture of this race will have emerged.
    Her first obligation is to her country, which needs her desperately. Her second is to her family & their lifelong work, and her third is to her supporters.

    And spare me the party talk; there is no democratic party after what I’ve seen, at least not one that I’ll ever be a part of again.

  43. Hey everyone keeps saying write to the SD I have written to them. You know i am sick and tired of writing to these people. It seems they all have their minds made up. Screw them all. I will remember every last one in the GE election. It is apparently money talks. A lot have been paid off. I will never vote for O and will change my party. I am done with these hypocrites

  44. bird .. but joint appearances with him to party build? I hope it’s a way to force him to debate but I don’t know…

  45. ““You can declare yourself anything, but if you don’t have the votes, it doesn’t matter,” Clinton said Monday”

    I love Hillary.

  46. Sen. Byrd is no doubt thinking of running again and wants Obama to love and help him.His problem is the KKK in his past Like Strom Thurmond.Strom never repented. What sad people we have allowed to run our country.
    As far as BHO and his warning for the Repubs not to attack his wife MO.My hope is that Fox has a copy of the Tape that is being planned for release that shows her ranting about WHITEYS at Jeramiah’s Temple of DOOM and GLOOM.Sad state of affairs for this great Country. FIGHT FOR HILLARY or WE WILL BE IN VERY SERIOUS TROUBLE IF THIS PHONY is NOMINATED

  47. neeta .. me too. I’ve wrote and called till I’m sick of it. I do know this, no way in hell would I vote for that prick and the down ticket party gonna suffer as well.

    I’ve heard some say they will leave off the top and vote down ticket .. fuck them all that haven’t stood for her and let their voice be heard.

    Robert Byrd is another prick in my book .. he didn’t have to do this now .. its perception and I don’t like it.

  48. Senator Byrd can change his vote in Denver, as can anyone. I understand that even pledged delegates can change their vote after the first round of voting! It not over yet.
    If Gore endorses, hopefully he should listening to Operation Turn Down, he needs to realized the ladies are pist and we are a large part of electorate. Gore has an agenda that he wants pushed thru. There are alot of people that do not believe in Global warming!

  49. Robert Byrd would never, never, never lose in WV. I hate to say this but most everyone in WV feels really bad that Mr. Byrd seems to have gone senile on this issue. They love him but they thinks hes gone way off course.

  50. They notonly want her to lose, they are sick and want to humiliate her and Bill…see that prick Ted Kennedy’s comments. I really have never been so angry about politics in my life…not even when Bush stole the election from Gore because Gore was such a weak candidate and distanced himself from Clinton…I am going to need to see a therapist soon to get out of this depression/anger as it is effecting my professional and family life…

  51. Sean Hannity says he does not speak for the GOP, and that he is only a conservative, but he had some good comments about BHO’s demand that people not talk about what his wife has said.

    “Senator Obama does not have the right to decide what topics can be used in this campaign.” (approximately what he said).

    I feel certain that will be the position of the GOP politicos. BHO could make those kinds of demands in the primary and the MSM fell into line with him. They may do that again in the GE, if he is the nominee, but the GOP folks will tell them where to go. They enjoy reasons to attack what they call the “liberal media”.

    OTOH, while these are political attacks, probably everyone would agree that personal attacks are out of line. For example, if you think Michelle is ugly, you should keep that to yourself. I won’t support that kind of talk.

  52. jstone, I was just going to post the same thing.

    After witnessing how the Dem Party is capable of eating its own, I’m not sure how I can possibly stay a Democrat.

    It’s not the long-drawn out Primary that has me bitter… maybe not even Obama. It’s seeing the Judases, backstabbers, disloyal friends, slick lawyers with an eye in the new Admin, personal grudges, and the ganging up on a woman who has spent 3 decades in public service. A woman who helped build careers, but when she needed the most help, they turned their backs on her.

    I think I need a very long break from politics.

  53. dot: I re-read the letter, and I think I agree with you. Hmm…..

    Neetabug: I think, Gore will endorse waffles.

    Dot: I can’t even vote down ticket. George Miller is running unapposed in my area, so I guess, I’ll leave it blank.

    I will vote for McCain, waffles is more dangerous. Every passing day, shows as much.

  54. Byrd is old and fragile. He’s not in very good health. I don’t think he’s endorsing BO for professional gain. It has to be something else.

    TM thinks it’s about the war; I think it’s a personal redemption.

  55. I made a bunch of calls to Oregon. I find many households split. Men for BO and women for Hillary.

  56. Patti Solis Doyle already did her damage. I’m glad she’s thinking about joining Obama.

    Just thinking out loud: Maybe she felt unjustly saddled with the brunt of blame for earlier missteps of the Clinton campaign.

    And if Obama steals the nomination, how long will it be before his campaign starts experiencing convulsions? And how long before she jumps to McCain?

    I guess to her, “It’s just a job”.

  57. JB,
    You’re not alone, and you’re certainly not wrong.

    The only thing left to do is fight to the bitter end – though the end may well prove glorious.

    Go down swinging is my point, if it comes to it.

  58. Leahy recently threatened Byrd’s chairmanship of the Appropriations Committee.

    There could be a power play involved here.

  59. Has the Doyle story been confirmed? She’s an original member of Hillaryland. I find it very difficult to believe she would jump ship.

  60. linfar, you really don’t need to repost the same link every 4-5 posts.

    I respect your continuing fight at mydd, but I will never visit that Obama-rat infested place. It’s futile. You’re not going to change any of their minds. You are amongst BO’s core supporters.

    It’s like Obama rats coming here and trying to convert us. It ain’t gonna happen.

    I hate to tell you that.

  61. Like I sed, all these Dems piling on Obama’s bandwagon are useless. Old dead wood. They are losing my respect. As more of them go toward the dark side, there’s little of the “Democratic Party” that I recognize, or care about.

  62. clintondem, thanks. I guess it is true.

    linfar, I apologize if I sound rude. That’s just how I talk. The internet makes me even more blunt than I am in real life.

  63. filbert,
    Yeah, there’s a direct quote from her in the Politico piece.
    It only concerns me if there wasn’t a clean break when she was fired.
    There was no reporting on the matter of whether her & Hill ‘parted’ ways amicably or not.
    She may have taken the reduced role just to maintain a job, and that’s what she’s trying to do latching onto the BO campaign.
    Otherwise it would lend credence to the WaPo report about the sides coming together, which I cannot & will not even think about right now (or ever for that matter. I’ll simply never get over it if we don’t go to Denver – and I’d VEHEMENTLY disagree with any rationale for doing so).


    “may be she intentionally sabotaged the campaign.”

    You know, I can make a pretty convincing argument….

  65. This is what most Americans call a bold-faced lie:

    “Right now, it is all about unifying the party,” said Peter Fenn, a Democratic strategist
    unaffiliated with either campaign. “This election should be won by the Democrats if the Democrats
    unite behind a candidate. The one hope that McCain has is if the party splits. For Obama, who has
    so far been very concerned about antagonizing Clinton’s supporters
    , you are walking a fine line.”

    Sorry, Peter Fenn. Dog. Won’t. Hunt.

    Bambi, you and your New Jacks don’t get it, so let’s try it again:

    If you win, you lose. If you are coronated by our effete elites, we regular-American Dems are going to take you down. We are not going to join you and you fascistic, race-baiting, America-hating horde. We don’t want to be members of the Bama Borg.

    The party is split and that is your fault. Imagine that — people offended at being called racists and getting upset when their candidate is attacked with sexist dogwhistling like “the claws come out.”

    If the Senate gig doesn’t work out, I think Mish’s bro Craig Robinson could use an assistant coach up at Brown. I heard your game’s weak though, at least that’s what John Edwards said after he took your bony butt to the hole like he was Barkley.

    ‘Bams, it’s like this:

    You could come, personally, and kiss my behind every day between now and November and not only will I not vote for you, I’m going to help make sure you’re not elected. I know you’re going into a “full court rump-smooching press” now, but it’s much too late.

    You should have rebuked “Katrina Tears” Jax, Jr.; should have told Michelle to STFU with her Hillary rants; should have said no to the riot-baiting by D-Wild Dougie Wilder, JC Clyburn and the rest; should have told your Brownshirts to stop calling everyone ‘racists’ and posting people’s pics on the ‘net.

    And you, above all, should have stopped being such a total and complete arrogant pr*ck.

    Oregon parties. MSM lapdogs talking about HRC leaving the race. Dissing WV and KY. BitterGate. Trying to get the American people to believe that you — brilliant Messiah — didn’t know about J Wright’s poverty pimping crapola for 20 years.

    You’re a ‘buster,’ ‘Bama. You’re a joke. You’re fugazy.

    And you, fraud, are going down. Hard.

    Ain’t going to be no makeup sex here, kid. Colin’s pottery barn rule is in full effect: You broke it, you own it and we’re going to make sure you pay for it.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  66. She worked for Hillary in the White House for eight years; I doubt she was a spy or sabotaged the campaign.

    And the story is one of those insider speculation pieces — about the general election, long before it begins.

    I like the quote from Wolfson, though.

  67. linfar: its a great post, brings me back to the fact that we must fight for Hillary nomination because of our foremothers. They fought back against sexism and we must too!!

  68. In this situation you really find out who your true friends I see it here locally, it is like in High School, people want to be with the in group.

    Obviously, that has never mattered to me, and when Senator Clinton is sworn in, I hope her true friends are beside her. (Everyone from Hillaryis44 blog).

  69. plural, If that is the case why could she not wait for the campaign to end? Don’t they have any thing in their contracts that prevent this sor of thing?

  70. Doyle wasn’t a spy for BO when she worked for Hillary.

    Who knows her reasons. Maybe she wants to be part of campaigning again. Maybe she wants to feel relevant. Maybe she wants to be redeemed after her miserable failure in IA.

    You guys know how addicting campaigning can be: the rush and euphoria.

    There I go again psychoanalysizing. However, I don’t think Doyle sabotaged HRC’s campaign. She was just too inexperienced and not too knowledgeable about caucuses or IA political culture.

  71. If Hillary supporters feel betrayed and disillusioned by what is going on, can you just imagine how Hillary Clinton feels?

    My heart goes out to this amazing woman. I am so glad that she isn’t giving up!

  72. As I read the article, it talks about her possibly working for Obama in the general election campaign, not now.

    And by all accounts, she did very good work for Hillary in NY.

  73. Patti didn’t do a great job as campaign manager but we really don’t know if she’s already spoken to Hill or what their relationship is right now. Plus I can’t be too hard if she goes to work for him. HRC has said she’ll campaign for BO if he’s the nominee & has told her supporters to vote for the democratic nominee. So I guess maybe people are taking their cues from her..?

  74. I not only am planning on voting for MCCain, I am going to punish every down ticket democrat. I will for the first time in my entire life I will pull the lever for a straight republican ticket!! If these SD’s don’t have any guts to do the right thing, then I do have the guts. I would rather put in more republicans than to have a bunch of yellow-bellied turncoats (Judas) in office!

  75. nikki, perhaps you’re right. I guess I don’t understand b/c I’m fiercely loyal. If I have a long history with someone and I respect them deeply, I will stick by the person from womb to tomb. Their enemy becomes mine.

    There’s something about politics that turns people into Judases and Doyles.

  76. cd99, no problem

    Yes, I’m a Clinton person. They’re family to me.

    I can’t forgive all these backstabbers.

    But Hillary is a better person than I am 🙂

  77. I wish Hillary would come into the discussion about Social Security that Obama is threatening us with. He tried with Roe vs. Wade, now its Social Security. He is low!

  78. filbertsf,
    I’m exactly the same way. You know I thought about entering politics but changed my mind. The whole thing is just too dirty and back slappy.

  79. Watching the local politics, they jump ship at a moments notice. The core of the group here, they just want to win, and they don’t care about the crook they follow.

    Becoming involved in Politics has been a real eye opener.

  80. I should say there is still a core of Hillary Supporters, and they are standing tall. The LTG who has earned my undying appreciation is standing tall. The Mayor of Albuquerque is also.

  81. I not only am planning on voting for MCCain, I am going to punish every down ticket democrat. I will for the first time in my entire life I will pull the lever for a straight republican ticket!! If these SD’s don’t have any guts to do the right thing, then I do have the guts. I would rather put in more republicans than to have a bunch of yellow-bellied turncoats (Judas) in office!

    I agree. The goal of the DNC elites is not to elect Obama but to kick the Clintons out and perpetuate their power. They are counting on the fact that most of the democrats who will vote for McCain will vote downticket democtats to counterbalance a McCain Presidency. I say let’s hit them where it hurts, not only should we vote for McCain in the General but also vote for downticket democrats who have aligned with Obama. If the consequence of this is we lose both houses of congress, then so be it. There should be a price that the Obama campaign and the DNC elites have to pay for the misogyny and the race-baiting and the bias in this Democratic nomination. Without any consequences to their action, they will only learn that they can do this again and again. I strongly urge Clinton Democrats to vote McCain in the general and to vote against all downticket democrats who have aligned with Obama.

  82. nikki,

    what is this supposed to mean?????

    ‘HRC has said she’ll campaign for BO if he’s the nominee & has told her supporters to vote for the democratic nominee. So I guess maybe people are taking their cues from her..?’

    You SURE you’re not an Obamanite?

  83. # filbertsf Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Byrd is old and fragile. He’s not in very good health. I don’t think he’s endorsing BO for professional gain. It has to be something else. TM thinks it’s about the war; I think it’s a personal redemption.

    Here’s a valid thought: Maybe *some* these Dem party elders, these “wise men”, are not all thinking along “what’s in it for me?”. Maybe some of them genuinely are thinking about party unity.

    In that case, the most charitable thing I could say is that they are “misguided”. If they are not doing this for calculating manipulative reasons, that if we don’t want to say they are morally deficient, I think it is at least fair to say that they are acting ineptly, and leading the Dems down the road to defeat this year, and leading to a long term schism.

    And if I hear any one of them lay the blame at Hillary, we’ll come after them.

    It’s kind of like Bush and his many scandals. Either they knew what was going on, and did the wrong thing, or they didn’t know what’s going on, so they are inept. Stupid or evil, pick your poison.

  84. # nikki22 Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    Patti didn’t do a great job as campaign manager but we really don’t know if she’s already spoken to Hill or what their relationship is right now. Plus I can’t be too hard if she goes to work for him. HRC has said she’ll campaign for BO if he’s the nominee & has told her supporters to vote for the democratic nominee. So I guess maybe people are taking their cues from her..?

    If it needs to be explained, Hillary stating “I’ll campaign for whoever is the Dem nominee”, even if she explicitly states Obama by name, is just her having to “play nice”. She has to say those things in public. Do you want to know what she’s saying in private???

    Surely you don’t think Hill’s cool with traitorous turncoats?

    We certainly aren’t cool with them.

  85. I just logged on to the NYS voter registration site to find out how to switch party affiliation from Democrat to Independent.

    The manual is 700+ pages long! 🙁

    Guess I’ll try to call tomorrow. I will NEVER again consider myself a democrat. If HRC is the nominee, I will vote for her but the days of voting an all-dem ticket are long gone.

  86. NewMexicoFan, “Becoming involved in Politics has been a real eye opener.”

    Indeed it has; but I’m not sure I wanted to be enlightened. I was much happier in ignorant bliss. Having followed this Primary so closely and for so long, and seeing so many Judases, it has deepen my cynicism of human nature.

    I think that part will stay with me longer than the outcome of this race.

  87. 2 other quick things:

    HillBillyLover —

    The astroturfers are saying your site is an Obama operation because they don’t have access to it and so this is their only desperate way to blunt its impact. This means three things:

    – They’re scared to death of the anti-BO movement which your site is helping to build
    – They read His44 constantly (just like the MSM does)
    – You — and we — are winning. The fitting line is “they don’t boo nobodies.”

    The more you see such attempts by the ‘turfers, the more you can rest assured you are succeeding.


    Barack trying to make Mish off limits.

    Ha ha ha.

    In a word, “no.”

    It’s like climbing into a boxing ring and letting your opponent makes his own adjustments to the Marquess of Queensberry guidelines.

    The GOP is going to be all over Mish, and they should be. She is what military strategists would call a ‘target rich environment.’

    Let’s hope the GOP has the ‘whitey’ tape. That would be tremendous.

    Anyways, back to your opponent trying to make up the rules as he goes along.

    In professional wrestling — which is fake, of course — one of the things which you learn in your training is how to handle yourself for real in case your opponent decides to ‘go off script.’ Such instances happen a lot more than many fans think they do. So the better prepared you are to actually execute legitimate holds the better off you will be if a co-worker starts to freelance on you.

    People that possess these real-wrestling abilities are referred to within the game as “hookers.” The term comes from the word “hooks,” which was used to describe match-ending (submission) holds.

    Right now, Obama is going ‘off the script,’ so to speak. He is trying to make up rules wherever he thinks he can and he knows that the tanked MSM will do everything it can to help him out. In the vernacular, what Obama is doing (and this is not a direct reference to Mish) is known as a ‘bitch move’ (no offense meant to the female readers; just trying to relay how these things get talked about in various venues): He is trying to whine and puff-up and hope to hell that the MSM can protect him and Mish even as there have been shots coming Cindy McCain’s way for some time now.

    Sorry, ‘rak: No dice.

    What the GOP, or anti-BoDrama, forces need is a ‘hooker’ through which to bring the ‘off-script’ Bambi back in line. Now it’s tough, because you have the whole race issue (and the hysteria surrounding it fostered by Babmi’s Crew). Thus, people like Michael Steele, Thomas Sowell, Keyes, Shelby Steele, Walter Williams are good picks for the job here.

    Some or all of these people need to metaphorically put Obama on his ass, rough him up. This is also something which McCain — who knows all about rough tactics both personally and professionally — is going to have to adopt if Bambi is nominated.

    In any kind of contest — military, athletic, political, etc — if you allow your opponent to ‘punk’ you, you are in a weaker position.

    Bambi is trying — through a played-out MSM — to ‘punk’ the people who are going to bring up Mish. Trying to pre-empt. It’s a weak attempt by a weak man.

    Still, the sooner it is rebuffed the better.

    Time for the ‘hookers’ to bring Bambi back in line.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  88. If PSD (Ms. Solis Doyle) waits until the nominee is decided, and it happens to Obama, I won’t begrudge her that…

    As for her tenure being the campaign manager, I think she tried doing a job that she was not well suited for, or could have benefited from being deputy.

    So for now, I’ll hold my tongue on the “turncoat” theory.

  89. rgb,

    And I have yet to hear similar sentiments from Waffles. The closest he’s come to saying he would support HRC if she were the nominee is that snarky comment the other day telling his supporters they’d ‘have to start being nice to Clinton’s people.’ But add that left-handed admission to MO’s remarks that she’d have to think long and hard about supporting HRC, and HRC couldn’t run the WH; she couldn’t even run her own house . . . well, I know you’re familiar with the entire repertoire of nasty snarky arrogantly ignorant remarks.
    How anyone on this forum can suggest HRC has already given a green light to her loyalists to jump ship is beyond me.
    And I don’t think this is the place to post such comments.

  90. From a comment string on an article about Obama vs GOP:

    I don’t care much for Clinton, but she has a hell of a lot more backbone, gumption, and chutzpuh than these 2 do, it terrifies me that these Obama marshmallows have such a shot at ruining this country.

    This long fight may be helping Hillary win in Nov!

  91. basil9,

    No I’m not an Obamite. I was simply commenting that Hillary herself has said, at least publicly I have no idea what she has said privately, that she would support BO if her were the nominee & she has encouraged her supporters to do the same. She also recently agreed to do this joint fundraising thing with BO and the DNC. So I can see how Patti or any former staffer could get the idea that its all about winning in November or “party unity”. I don’t agree with that and plan on voting for HRC or nobody this fall.

  92. I’m with Blue Dem. I think Obama made his comment about laying off MO because he knows the GOP has that video and wants to makes her off limits as a preemptive strike.

  93. Universal Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    – They read His44 constantly (just like the MSM does)

    They do? I feel so…relevant.

    Hey Tweety, when’s David Gregory date to replace your Hardballs?

    Hey KeithO, Special Comment: Liberals like me have stopped watching you because you haven’t the slightest shred of credibility left anymore (and this is coming from a die-hard fan).

    Hey Russet Potato Head: You think you are master of the Universe, able to use brilliant analysis and confrontational interviewing techniques to unearth the Truth. But the real truth is, you are just a Washington insider with your own skewed view of the world, and increasingly distorted view.

    All three of you NBC/MSNBC mysoginists are getting out-reported, out-FairAndBalanced, by the likes of BillO. So you did what O’Reilly on his own couldn’t do: make Bill O. sound …..sane.

  94. I’m not doing the friggin party any favors this fall if they continue to shaft Hillary. I’ll vote everyone Republican on the ballot and they won’t ever earn my vote or my work back again. The disloyalty within the party towards the Clintons has been astounding. I cannot figure out really why and trying to explain to family is even harder. It’s a coup of the party to turn it into something I don’t agree with but its’ hard to explain to those who only see the people continuing to run to him.

  95. I hate this new term that is being thrown around: Party Unity.

    BO campaign and supporters, the DNC, and Party Elders trashed HRC and disenfranchised Dem voters and they have gall to talk about unity?

    I feel like part of a mobster family.

  96. Hillbill, are you still here? What’s this I’m reading about your new website? Isn’t your other website keeping you busy enough?

  97. filbertsf .. me too. F party unity. There is none in what I thought was my party. I want no part of it any longer

  98. Nikki,
    That’s ridiculous.
    Doyle is a turncoat. If she needed a gig, she should have waited until the convention. She’s a Judess and so is anyone else who would deliberately, publicly, intentionally stab HRC in the back.
    Now if you can cite any instances where Waffles has similarly urged his backers to support HRC if she’s the nominee, perhaps I wouldn’t feel so strongly about it. Instead, he has stood silently by and not said a word as his people boo the former president, boo HRC and the media trashes her at every opportunity. He’s ignored the discrimination against her as it’s convenient for him to do so all the while screaming bloody murder that remarks not sufficiently obeiscent toward him be banned as racist and discriminatory. It’s disgusting.

  99. basil9
    i looked into switching parties on line as well but I have decided that i will wait and do it in person should the need arise. I think we should do it all together.

    Again does anyone know how to check what one has donated. A friend who happens to be a bambi supportor intimated to me that they used fake petitions to get peoples info and then made donations using prepaid credit cards in thier names. I have no idea if there is any truth to it but i would like to check. Obviously if they are using dead actors anything is possible. Once again if anyone can tell me how to check it would be appreciated.

  100. I also don’t give a rat’s ass about PSD and if she works for Obama. He’s probably hiring her to improve his Latino outreach. Wasn’t she fired by Hillary? I don’t consider this a betrayal.

  101. dot48, the problem that I see with many of us who will not vote for BO in the GE and will either write-in Hillary or vote McCain are people like Taylor Marsh. TM is our ally right now in getting Hillary nominated, but if BO gets the nomination, TM has repeatedly stated she will support BO. We will not get much help from pro-Hillary bloggers.

    TM also brow-beats commentators who have said they will vote McCain.

    We’re on our own in that endeavor.

  102. I not only am planning on voting for MCCain, I am going to punish every down ticket democrat.

    Yes. This option has to be considered. I hope we don’t have to use it, but it has to be on the table.

    Bambi is a deal-breaker. He cannot win. If that means that others who have propped him up are forced to be collateral damage, then as much as I hate to do it, it’s going to have to be done.

    Bambi might not have The Mark of the Beast, but he is The Destroyer of All Democratic Parties. So vanquishing him is task #1. All other concerns — including the fate of downticket Dems — must be secondary.

    It’s good to see that the Clinton Supporters Count Too ladies are going to be on Nightline tonight. Their efforts — and their linking with Big Pink — are going to help the dismissing of Bambi considerably.

    Also, it’s good to see Ferarro ready to stand tall, again. I think a big piece of how to play the anti-Barack coalition, from a PR standpoint (and because it is a realistic presentation) is to focus on the heavy female backlash towards Obama after his sexist campaign.

    Unfortunately due to Obama’s race-baiting campaign, what you are seeing now in the party is the squaring off of the AA faction (around 25% or so of the party and disproportionally vocal relative to their numbers) with the only majority of the party — women (around 52% or so of the party, – AA women who may be supporting BHO).

    The BHO peeps have been banking on the purported forgiving nature of women combined with Bama’s “sweetie” charisma to reel-in women who are livid over the disgraceful campaign run by Obama.

    Yeah — that’s not going to work.

    In fact, as we are seeing, women are becoming more and more pissed-off that they are being taken for granted in this manner by the Elitist Triad of the MSM/Dem Leadership/Wannabe GQ guy.

    And this brings into focus another noble aspect of the Anti-Barack Coalition, Dem chapter:

    Defeating Barack means both that women get to flex political muscles for a good cause AND it means that they will never have to suffer through another blatantly-sexist campaign like Bambi has run.

    If Barack is routed by us, no pol will ever dare to pull the kind of crap that Bambi has pulled on Clinton during this contest. No more “you’re likable enoughs;” no more “the claws come out.” No more “sweeties.”

    But this result ONLY happens if Bambi is defeated. If he wins, then all the political strategists will say to themselves: “Women. All you have to do is get a tall skinny guy in a suit and they will vote however you tell them to.”

    If the majority of the Dem Party wants to encourage the continuation of this Neanderthal thinking, then they should vote for Obama.

    If, however, they are SICK TO DEATH of aspiring pretty boys like Bambi who come into their places of work and get treated like gods while the women at the office have to pick up the Babmis’ slack, then there is only one way to permanently end this unfair, unjust set of practices:

    Defeat Obama.


    The only reason Bambi apologized for “sweetie” is because he thinks he can snow over women. A mere 10 hours or so before Bambi threw J. Wright under the bus, he was blowing off the whole thing.

    Then the poll numbers came in, and the man he couldn’t disown was disowned rapidly.

    Not sure that women want to be the next J Wright for Bambi.

    Defeat Obama ’08 — because you’ve come a long way, “sweetie”

    Paul F. Villarreal

  103. I remember very well the homes I went to while canvassing for Hillary and I will do the same for McCain. Never ever bambi.

  104. You can tell from my TM comment how cynical I’ve become. People who are your allies today may not walk the distance with you tomorrow.

  105. Paula,

    DON’t you think PSD had access to a LOT of info about HRC, personal and professional, especially after the number of years she worked for her, that Waffles and crew will be eager to mine?

    I say it’s treasonous. I mean, PSD oversaw and wasted millions of dollars. I wonder if she did so on purpose.

  106. White House and Republicans are starting RIGHT NOW to call out NBC/MSNBC .. they know what the media has been able to do to Hillary …


  107. Waffles comment about GOP and mish.
    ‘But I do want to say this to the GOP. If they think that they’re going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign, they should be careful.”
    Careful of what?
    So the presumptuous nominee defends his spousy but sat back for 4 months and permitted his surrogates to trash HRC’s spouse, encouraged BM to do the same, probably had conversations with Clyburne, Sharpie, Jackie-O and Wildman about when to drop strategically-timed race-bombs (like before SC) never once came to HRC’s defense as the media threw her under the bus and instead offered up smug dismissive comments like “You’re likeable enough” and the GOP is supposed to be careful not to offend his publicly prominent wifey? I don’t think so.

    Universal, do you have comment threads on your site? And what is it again?

  108. Yes, Patty should have made herself off limits .. however, respect is evidently not a known quality in the backstabbers.

  109. One more time does anyone know if it is possible to check if online donations have been made in your name?

  110. Clinton to share stage in Florida with Waffles on Wednesday. If she goes touting this Unity shit I think I’ll puke. Hillary, they didn’t get your back ..

  111. Again i wanted to ask something i saw on British news television that i caught today.

    A journalist stated that “when the american media gets round to Obama and Edwards “vacations” in 1999 and 2000, there will be fallout. They are trying to plug it but its leaking out slowly and the american media will have to confront it soon”

    Does anyone have any idea what the hell this is about? It was deemed to be implying something “major” waiting to come out. Its funny that they stated both Obama and Edwards.

  112. A few months ago when Doyle started chiming in about the Unity ticket, I didn’t think much of it. Now it all make sense.

  113. Henry, there used to be a link off the chicago tribune..you could type your name in and go from there…

  114. Dot,

    Ya gotta admit the repubs know how to fight and McCain is a master of combat.

    If the party manages to succeed in this coup, I can’t help thinking Clinton/McCain or even viceversa doesn’t sound bad.


  115. Dot,

    I hope that’s just a rumor. I can’t stand the thought of her helping him in any way.


    i don’t know what you’re referring to but I did see the same thing mentioned at TM, although i think the poster was paraphrasing you. *LOL*

  116. dot48
    thankyou i will give it a shot. however anyone who signed an online petition about not voting for obama should do the same especially if the petition required a home address. I never signed any of those but I frequently read the posts, but at least one petiton site (care2) is now gone and again I recieved this info from a bambidiot who was really drunk and he told me we had no idea what they were doing online. He may have been full of shite but I wanted to put it out there.

  117. henry,

    DO you mean you think someone has your credit card?

    Abou donations eing made in your name, I suppose the campaign has records of everyone’s contributions. Maybe contact them?

  118. i wouldnt be surprised Basil, because those brits have a habit of rooting out stuff before anyone else notices, i mean they were 6 years ahead on the Auchi scoop, i tend to think they know something.

  119. Help Needed:

    Please MAKE CALLS to OR and KY tonight!

    email from HRC campaign manager, Maggie Williams:

    Let’s get on the phones for Hillary! We’ve got two big races tomorrow in Kentucky and Oregon, and every last vote counts.

    Right now, voters in these two critical states are making their final decisions about whom they should vote for. They’re paying attention to the news. They’re seeing our ads and our opponent’s on TV. They’re talking to friends and neighbors about the election.

    But they need to hear from you.

    You’re our best surrogate. When a supporter like you talks to a voter about why Hillary should be the next president, it is incredibly powerful. It’s the best way for us to get the most people to the polls.

    You know how effective your calls are. You’ve already made 41 calls on Hillary’s behalf. Now we need you to make 100 calls by tomorrow.

    Click here to get started making calls.

    After tomorrow, voters in Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and Montana will be the only ones left to choose. That means that every vote in tomorrow’s races counts — and every call you make can mean another vote for Hillary.

    It’s so important, and it couldn’t be easier.

    Help Hillary in Kentucky and Oregon — make calls today.

    It’s simple — more calls mean more votes, and every vote counts. Thank you so much for helping Hillary in these critical final contests.


    Maggie Williams


  120. henry, that’s why the only petition I’d put my name on are the ones that has hillaryclinton.com seal of approval. I only disclose my name and address on that site and that site alone.

    Your friend may be a drunken idiot, but you know what happens when you’re inebriated.

  121. Help Needed!

    Please MAKE CALLS to KY and OR tonight!

    email below from HRC campaign manager, Maggie Williams:

    Let’s get on the phones for Hillary! We’ve got two big races tomorrow in Kentucky and Oregon, and every last vote counts.

    Right now, voters in these two critical states are making their final decisions about whom they should vote for. They’re paying attention to the news. They’re seeing our ads and our opponent’s on TV. They’re talking to friends and neighbors about the election.

    But they need to hear from you.

    You’re our best surrogate. When a supporter like you talks to a voter about why Hillary should be the next president, it is incredibly powerful. It’s the best way for us to get the most people to the polls.

    You know how effective your calls are. You’ve already made 41 calls on Hillary’s behalf. Now we need you to make 100 calls by tomorrow.

    Click here to get started making calls.

    After tomorrow, voters in Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and Montana will be the only ones left to choose. That means that every vote in tomorrow’s races counts — and every call you make can mean another vote for Hillary.

    It’s so important, and it couldn’t be easier.

    Help Hillary in Kentucky and Oregon — make calls today.

    It’s simple — more calls mean more votes, and every vote counts. Thank you so much for helping Hillary in these critical final contests.


    Maggie Williams

  122. basil9
    no — what my very drunk friend basicly said to me was that they set up online petitions and recieved all of the info needed to make donations to bambi then bought prepaid credit cards and made multiple small donations in other peoples names. You don’t need a SSN to make a donation or to use one of those cards.

  123. I can’t, I just can’t. I really try not to turn on the TV, but…

    2 seconds! That’s all it took! 2 seconds!

    I turn on MSNBC and they have that greasy looking nubian queen on and the first words out of her fucking mouth are,
    “If it’s taken away from Bo they’ll be race riots in the street.”

    Something must be done about this!

    Whipping these hideous people in Denver is the only remedy!

  124. dot,

    It doesn’t say they will share the stage, only that both will BE in Florida campaigning. Doesn’t say it will be TOGETHER!!!!!

    Since he’d already announced this (bizarro) stunt, maybe she thinks it’s important for her to have visibility there, too? A diversionary move?

  125. Blue,

    that’s why I don’t switch the tube on anymore except for the weather channel, the history channel, the discovery channel.

    Who’s the queen?

  126. Is there any point in calling Oregon now, if it is totally mail in ballots voting, as they have to be in by tomorrow morning, i dont think you can hand deliver can you.

    Oh and Oregon, mail in ballots, i bet a few of Hillary’s will go missing, dont trust that at all.

  127. No-one has called them on this shit, advocating race riots because poor bambi had his toys taken away, who the fuck do they think they are?

    If Hillary threatened a riot, with Latino’s and seniors and blue collar workers, there would be all over her.

    Let the fuckers riot, if they want to play that shit, we can play that game too.

    Is it possible the powers that be decided they want to give bambi the nomination to lose the GE, so that they can say we tried to elect an AA president but America is not ready so try again in 50 years. I would not be surprised at all.

  128. Prior to this election cycle I was proud of the American process. Wow do I feel like an idiot. How dare we criticize when anyone half awake can see how undemocratic the entire caucas system is. I am leaving the dem party but it is not without an overwheming sadness.

  129. I mean what is it that they cannot have one system throughout the country.

    I mean this election season has had caucuses, primaries and a full mail in ballot.

    Caucuses – basically legalised election theft
    Mail in Ballot – Oh yeah like thats secure.
    Primaries – the only thing i trust

    I mean can’t they just do a “go to the fucking voting booth and vote” none of this gather in front of people and bully them shit.

  130. rgb44hrc

    Oh yeah, the MSM is well-aware of His44. So is Bambi, so are all the main political outlets (e.g., Politico) on the ‘net.

    There are only a couple of spots on the web to go if you want a real look at what the majority of the Dem Party — AKA Clinton supporters — are thinking:

    No Quarter (noquarterusa.net/)
    MyDD.com (only for some of the Clinton diarists like linfar, Alegre and TexasDarlin, plus Jerome Armstrong — owner of the site)

    That’s about it, not including other sites that some of us here have (not trying to diss anyone here or myself and my own site).

    Of those 4 sites, Hillaryis44 is the most blunt and behind-the-scenes about what Clinton supporters are actually — with little censorship, and I mean that in a good way — thinking and feeling. And that is because Admin has on-purpose kept him-/herself on the down low and thus has less to lose, hypothetically, from allowing Clinton supporters to speak their minds and tell the truth about Bambi.

    I am not taking anything away from Taylor, Larry C Johnston, SusanHu or Jerome Armstrong. All 4 of these people — and many others who have done extremely valuable work on their and other sites — have been bedrocks of support for Hillary. I would jump into a foxhole with any of those people in a second.

    So, say you’re a hack journalist — someone like Tweety, say, or Lil Rus (more on him in a sec) — and you need some grist for the mill from the Clintonintes.
    Where are you going to go?

    Big Pink.

    I worked in media, on various levels. I know how these people think, from the on-air talent to the producers.

    They’re all looking for ready-made stories, quotes, angles, etc.

    I’ll give you a good example: O’Reilly and Kos. O’Reilly has his people constantly combing Markos’ site for the tiniest, smallest faux pas with which to use against Obama’s Daily Joke. And when O’Reilly gets it *BAM* he uses it immediately to knock Markos down several levels.

    That’s how many ‘Bama-tanked journos see Hillarryis44. Maybe Jamaal Simmons had a tough day — like last Tuesday, say — and he needs to reaffirm for himself that all Clinton supporters are racist, blah blah blah.

    Time to go to Big Pink.

    Most media is like a glory-hungry college professor: They don’t give credit to others who worked on their papers unless they are FORCED to do so.

    In that vein, you are not going to hear many of the MSM hacks mentioning Big Pink directly, for several reasons. Chief among them is that they don’t want to promote the site and help Bambi.

    But they’re here. They’re lurking, reading, discussing amongst themselves with or without becoming verklempt.

    Bank on that.



    Russert has one skill as a ‘journalist:’ researching.

    That’s it; that’s the list. And I don’t even know if he does his own work anymore. Simply don’t know, not even making an accusation.

    Besides this, Lil Rus is nothing. Now, I’m not saying research isn’t important. It’s very important. Just ask the viewers of a show like Campbell Brown’s what a lack of research does for a production.

    However, there are an infinite number of people who are better researchers than Russy and they don’t have shows. Why is that? Why does this man get to run an institution like “Meet the Press?”


    Lil Rus has been around the game. I guess that, combined with his research, is what ‘qualifies’ him to NBC’s brass.

    It’s not brains, that’s for sure. People like Buchanan and Olbermann are far brighter than Lil Rus. I mean, come on, Kwame Kilpatrick is a lawyer for goodness sakes.

    It ain’t looks or posture.

    I’d have to look at the ratings. Not sure where they’re at.

    Maybe Lil Rus has some photos of someone that we don’t know about?

    Then again, MSNBC isn’t exactly dripping with talent. Gregory has a show, and they kept Tucker on forever.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  131. I just want to repeat another’s very perceptive pos
    not voting= a vote for bammb
    a write in = a vote for bambi
    a vote for an independent = a vote for bambi
    he has galvanized enough of the youth vote that it will negate any non vote
    Sitting at home will not prevent bambi from being president only your vote will. Vote Hillary and if need be vote McCain

  132. moonpluto,
    I have thought the same exact thing.
    Then again, according to Pringle, the Illinois Combine initially designated Blagojevich as the Repub nominee, not Waffles. I still haven’t gotten to the part about why it changed.
    OTOH, the goal could be to set up another Proxy Presidency. Problem is unless his handlers have hard-wired his brain to respond to commands there’s always the chance of the puppet pulling his own strings.
    There are so many conflicting schemes and interlocking story lines in this campaign it’s going to take a magician to sort them all out.

    I agree that BBC and Europe report things much earlier but then there are still a few REAL journalists there.


  133. Now i know SUSA’s oregon poll is bull.

    Clinton loses Whites, Latino’s and Asians, i dont think so.

    Also theres a little tell tale here in the back of the SUSA Oregon poll today that may tell people may be lying.

    Of Voters who could change minds, this is very interesting Only 20%of Clinton supporters could change mind, what was the figure for Obama supporters………………62% may change their minds.

  134. moononpluto, The ballots should be in by 8 PM Oregon time that is 11PM EST.so we still have time to call. Most of the people I called mailed in their ballots.

  135. Halperin changed the headline .. it did say “share” a stage. Don’t know what he was trying to stir up now.

    So doesn’t Hill need to go into other places other than Florida to campaign. Unless this has something to do with the disenfranchised voters I am clueless

  136. FYI –

    People are still voting in OREGON. They can either mail in or drop off their ballots.

    According to legal volunteer, HLF, on taylormarsh:
    In Oregon, there is a huge spike in voting starting on the Saturday before election day and going to its highest on election day itself. Even though many Oregonians mail in their ballots long before election day, the real action is starting now and running through Tuesday as people drop off their ballots.

    So it is definitely still worth it to call OR!

    Please MAKE CALLS to Kentucky and Oregon! thanks!

  137. henry,

    to get around the legal donation limit?

    I have to admit I’ve signed some of those online petitions and it recently occurred to me that they might be trolling for tidbits to offer their master.

  138. Dot, maybe she is going to Florida to directly challenge Obama as to why he will not agree to seat the delegates right there and then in front of theFloridians, she could force him on the spot.

    I hope she does, it would be a killer moment, directly confront him and ask him to agree to seat them immediately or explain to these people, why?

  139. On election day in Oregon, they have big election locked boxes all over town where people can drop off their ballots. So it’s not too late to call Oregon.

  140. basil

    Yes, my site has comment threads. Just let me know when you want to sign up and I’ll get you through the filters. I haven’t had the chance to do much on the site in the last week or so as I’ve been tied-up with other obligations and working on videos, but you can post there anytime you want.



    The section you might be most interested in:

    (Politics forum)

    There is still a good deal of infrastructure work which myself and my brother want to do but have simply not had the opportunity to do yet. But the site is a fully-functioning phpBB forum.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  141. Oh I’d love it, if she just turned up and challenged him directly on the spot, he would shit himself.


    “Sen Obama, you are in Florida right now but still you refuse to recognize these peoples legitimate vote, seat them now or explain why?

    He would die on the spot.

  142. I’m not sure if anyone has put forth this theory, as I haven’t had time to read through all the threads, but that story of some millionaire who hates John McCain and wants to pay a million dollars to get that video — I bet that ‘millionaire’ is the Obama camp who wants to get their hands on it so it won’t be shown.

  143. “Bambi might not have The Mark of the Beast, but he is The Destroyer of All Democratic Parties. So vanquishing him is task #1. All other concerns — including the fate of downticket Dems — must be secondary.”

    So true Universal. I love your posts by the way.

    Some of us aren’t so sure that that first point isn’t true though, the second one DEFINITLY is. Back to the phones ladies; this time to the supers. MAKE them understand that they HAVE to change their votes. The time is now and it’s our fight to lose!

  144. texan,
    i think Waffles already had a visit planned and I would imagine HRC doesn’t want to be perceived as having conceded a d@mn thing and is going to the party, too.
    All I saw about it was the link Dot provided and that just said they will both be in Florida, campaigning. Didn’t say they were campaigning together and I can’t imagine that happening.
    This is supposed to happen on Wednesday.
    here’s the link. And here’s the ONLY text.
    Obama and Clinton both plan to campaign in Florida on Wednesday.

  145. Universal,

    i’d like to sign up. i find myself self-censoring here and would like a place to voice my more impassioned positions.

    Can you email me the info?

  146. I wish someone with the time and the know how could trace the Iowa student records as I am sure many of them voted twice as they were told to do. Sadly no one will explore that aspect. I reregisterd in Pa after living and voting in nyc for years and it took less than a minute with proof that I had been a PA resident for the last month. I am positive some of these kids registered in Iowa and then re-registered.
    I am angry. Sorry I realize how obvious this is.

  147. Emmy,

    That was the weekend news at TM and Noquarter! i could kick myself for not buying those Best of jeremiah Wright DVD’s back in February. The entire 13 volume set was a hundred bucks. They’re no longer listed on the TUCC site and I’ll bet, if you could even find them now, they’re selling for a heck of a lot more.

    I digress – I doubt the mich comments would be on the Jerry show. But someone has the tapes. probably Rove. 👿

  148. Emmy: that is a great point! Pretend that you’re a Republican, or someone who hates McCain. It would fit with Chicago-style politics.

  149. I can’t say it enough –

    PLEASE, PLEASE make calls to OR and KY tonight. This is crunch time. Every call makes a difference. Please spend at least 1 hour making calls tonight. thanks!

  150. basil9

    I just want to make sure no monies were donated in my name. Is there any way to trace online donations? My friend was babbling and drunk but he said it was done all the time and it was untracable. If there is a way to see if you have contributed to bambi it would be in your name and all that is required is ones address and name, what a great way to hide– collect a bunch of info about people and make a donation to bambi. (you can buy a visa/amex/mc)
    Again I don’t know if it is happening I just met a drunk man and when I said I was for Hillary he saID THIS WAS ONE OF THE WAYS THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE FUN OF US ALL.

    I do want to know if anyone has ever made a donation online to bambi

  151. This video is not part of the Wright tapes. This video most likely has been purchased for a huge sum of money .. after Bambi threw the Rev and the church under the bus… I say there is many video that they are not even aware of, you know Michelle is not a happy person .. just a matter of time.

  152. Hopefully Hillary’s gonna ambush Obama in Florida about seating Delegations, i hope he has a welcoming committee from angry voters.

  153. Oh yes Dot 48, the repugs have been silent for oh so long, they will have the goods on bambi, they are playing dumb, after all, why shoot your wad until you really need too, its called holding the ace.

  154. Fineo – Thanks very much, and well said.

    He and his red-nosed Keystone Kops Krew is destroying the party.



  155. JanH Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    Obama says his wife is off limits???

    NO WAY, if she is going to run her mouth off and give opinions and live in the WH, advising and counselling her husband, then she is totally within limits. What gives him the right to say that, take the heat or fuck of out of it. Hillary took the heat, Laura Bush took the heat and so has every other First lady contender.

    Her record is as much under scrutiny as his is.

  156. Great news you posted Texan4Hillary. Hillary in Florida must let Floridians know she is fighting for their voting rights and Obama is fighting against them. Hillary should go to Michigan too.


    “The Clinton campaign has just announced Clinton will visit South Florida Wednesday—the same day Obama will be starting a three-day tour of the state with what may be a massive rally in Tampa.

    McCain, meanwhile, will be speaking on Cuba policy to a group of Miami Cubans Tuesday.”

  157. Is there anyway to arrange a huge rallye this late in the game for Hillary in Tampa???

    Such short notice and you know bambi has aleady arranged to bus in a lot of people

    I hope Hill’s big $ people in Florida arrange a huge rally for her and shove it in his face and I hope she shoves the fact that he has a lot of nerve to come there when he refused a revote.

    The show down in South Florida maybe? Go Hill

  158. plural
    the 200 bit pretty much occludes any chance of catching anyone. If the max is 2800 all i have to do is buy 14 200 cards and spend ten minutes.
    I once felt my country represented democracy, how ironic that it was the democratic party “that for the first time in my life made me ashamed of my country”

  159. dot48, it is really insulting that Obama would dare to do that, come to a state where he refuses to count our votes

  160. henry, if it is done in small amounts, it probably is untraceable.

    That makes me wonder about all Obama’s small donations. Could people who have given over the max give more than that by giving in many small amounts?

  161. Thats why i think, Hillary should publically challenge him face to face in Florida and demand the votes be counted or explain to Floridians why?

  162. plural
    that is exactly what I meant which is why I suggested to anyone who had ever given thier physical address to look it up. 50 bucks from 1000 hillary supporters will no be looked at. All you have to do is buy a card from you local store and then contribute. I am only saying this as i heard it has been done.

  163. I hope Hillary tells the people in FL, that she wants their votes to count, but waffles and the DNC has been preventing it. McCain is there too? Maybe, all three of them could speak at the same venue. Wouldn’t that be funny?

  164. It will be some little fiesty old lady that will do it.

    “Oi you sonny, what do you mean my vote doesnt count” and then hopefully whallops him with her handbag.

  165. We need to mobilize in FL. Bambi’s Crew is scared to death of what is going to happen there in anticipation of May 31. We need to head his propaganda efforts off and respond with as many truth-telling sessions from HRC, … as possible.

    Bambi is doing his best to suppress the FL voters. No way, not after 2000.

    Time to help this thing get up to critical mass. This is absolutely vital.

    If Bambi wants to run a “Hey, let’s all forget I bent over the entire Sunshine State” tour, that needs to be countered.

    We are witnessing attempted Grand Felony on a national scale, all over again.

    Just 8 years after FL 2000.

    What a joke. A sick effing joke.

    Time to let the DNC know we’re not laughing.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  166. Hi Filbert,

    I’m putting Politwix on ice until after the election, I think the ClintonDems.com project is of more urgent importance. The idea is to allow the DNC and SDs to see what is going through the minds of those that say they will defect in November so that the SDs have all the information before going off the cliff with Obama.

    The ClintonDems.com site is really taking off and I have had attention from both campaigns over it. People are realizing that the backlash is real and are very concerned. I just got a plug in for it on the “Operation Turndown” program today.

    They have to wake up and hear the alarm of the american people.

  167. I think Hillary is biding her time, if they hand it to Bambi, she has every right to say, hey you know what, you showed me no loyalty only betrayal this year, i owe you no loyalty now, I am now the independent Senator from NY and i think i’ll run independent for the Presidency.

  168. Can someone contact FDRjim aboout Florida events? He was in charge of the Washington DC protest. I’m sure they must have something in the works as I heard last week that Waffles was going to Florida. I don’t see how this helps him as he’s the one responsible for their votes not counting.


    I registered at your site (just waiting for email confirmation). I probably won’t post much until next week when house emergency is settled (electrical stuff – very disruptive).

  169. rgb44hrc Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 4:55 pm
    “Stupid or evil – pick your poison.”
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    “Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.”
    Unknown, Hanlon’s Razor
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Paul/Universal – you’re HOT today!
    Linfar, thanks for a terrific diary – you expressed exactly what I’m feeling.

  170. neeta and others,

    SOME supers have made up their minds (or want some PC points) but the smart ones who care about winning in November are still watching to see how the candidates perform — maybe through the convention.
    I’ve got a lot of quotes from them at
    h t t p : / / http://www.ironmyvote.com/superdelegates-follow.htm

    Different ones care about different things. Sometimes I give some information they may not have seen. I don’t try to argue or persuade.

  171. moononpluto,

    I’m also saying that if Michelle is off limits, then Obama should have given the same courtesy to Bill Clinton instead of attacking him left and right.

  172. Scott Zumwalt sent a message to the members of Oregon Stands With Hillary.

    Subject: Now or Never.


    With just over 24 hours to go, now is the time to get involved.

    All eyes are on us — let’s shock the world.

    Come into your local Oregon for Hillary office to volunteer tonight or tomorrow. Hillary told us a few days ago that tonight and tomorrow are the MOST IMPORTANT hours of our campaign in Oregon.

    She also asked for all of our supporters to get on the phones and hit the streets tonight and tomorrow.

    Visit http://www.hillaryclinton.com/oregon to find an office near you.

    Thank you and let’s go make history together!

    Scott (field director from Oregon)

  173. yes it does basil9 look at the uncle sam part
    its more of a rally – to count our votes – puts pressure

  174. Wrong. 😳

    The waffles rallies are listed on the site but nothing about FDR’s response to them. I’m hoping there will be protests as Waffles and Cruella deliberately provoked the problem and are the reason FL was stripped of delegates.
    Wednesday May 21, 2008
    Senator Barack Obama will hold a Campaign Rally
    at the
    Saint Pete Times Forum
    401 Channelside Drive
    Tampa, Florida 33602
    Scheduled Mid-Day
    (Times to be confirmed soon)
    Download Flier Here

    Wednesday May 21, 2008
    Senator Barack Obama will appear for a fundraiser
    reception at the
    Sheraton Orlando North
    600 North Lake Destiny Road,
    Maitland, Florida
    Scheduled 6:30-9:30
    Download Flier Here

    Thursday May 22nd, 2008
    Senator Barack Obama will appear for a fundraiser
    reception at the
    Hollywood Diplomat
    3555 South Ocean Drive · Hollywood, Florida
    Scheduled 8PM – 10PM
    Download Flier Here

  175. Hey I ve been very busy tonight at work, I past a tv and it was talking about Teddy. Did he get to go home or did they find something or what?

  176. justme,

    Yes. Sorry. Things are a mess in the cottage and it’s even harder than usual to concentrate. 🙁

    Yup. It says they’re all “Count our Votes” Rallies!” 😀

    Seeya tomorrow, justme.

  177. Hi Informed, and everyone else who stopped by mdd for the Bread & Roses diary.

    Here’s to a blowout tomorrow.


  178. Clinton: ‘This is nowhere near over’

    MAYSVILLE, Kentucky (CNN) — Hillary Clinton took a hard line on the state of the Democratic race Monday morning, telling supporters that it is “nowhere near over.”

    “I’m going to make [my case] until we have a nominee,” she told a crowd at a high school gym, “but we’re not going to have one today and we’re not going to have one tomorrow and we’re not going to have one the next day.

    “This is nowhere near over, none of us is going to have the number of delegates we’re going to need to get to the nomination,” she argued.

    A campaign spokesman clarified, explaining that short of a deluge of superdelegates, Clinton believes neither candidate will have the necessary 2,210 delegates by the last primary on June 3, the number she says is needed because she argues Michigan’s and Florida’s delegates must be counted.

    The Democratic National Committee has set the number of delegates needed at 2,026 after stripping those states of their delegates for moving up their primaries.

    The Obama campaign has said that after Oregon and Kentucky’s primaries on Tuesday, they will have the majority of the pledged delegates.

    But Clinton told supporters that she has the lead in the popular vote.

    “Right now, more people have voted for me than have voted for my opponent,” she said. “More people have voted for me than for anybody ever running for president before,” she added, referring to previous Democratic primaries.

    Clinton also made the same argument to the crowd on Monday that she has been making to superdelegates and to supporters for the past few weeks – it’s about the map.

    “The states I’ve won total 300 electoral votes,” she said, explaining that 270 electoral votes are needed to win in November and that many of the states Obama has won will go for John McCain then .

    “I still have a cushion if you look at all the states that I have won and take out those that may not be in our column come the fall. My opponent has 217 electoral votes from places like Alaska and Idaho and Utah and Kansas and Nebraska and many of his votes and his delegates come from caucus states, which have a relatively low turnout,” Clinton said.

    Angling for a big win in Kentucky similar to West Virginia’s, Clinton tried out a line that she used there last week.

    “You know, Kentucky has a history of picking presidents,” she said. “People don’t get elected president without winning Kentucky.”

  179. Rove’s Latest Electoral Maps Have Clinton Stronger Than Obama Against McCain

    May 19, 2008 1:48 PM

    Electoral maps put together by the consulting firm helmed by Karl Rove, and obtained by ABC News, show Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, to be a stronger general election candidate in a hypothetical general election match-up against Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., than Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois.

    Click HERE to see the maps and charts from Karl Rove & Co., obtained by ABC News.

    States are allocated in Rove’s exercise based on an average of public polls, which many pollsters would tell you is a rather unscientific way to look at the data.

    Still, for political junkies the information is interesting.

    In the first map from Karl Rove & Co., McCain leads Obama in a hypothetical match-up, winning states totaling 238 electoral votes to Obama’s 221 electoral votes.

    There are 538 total electoral votes. At least 270 are needed to win the presidency.

    The trend is positive for Obama — he is up 14 electoral votes from May 11, and McCain is down 13 electoral votes.

    The map shows McCain winning Florida, New Hampshire, West Virginia and Wisconsin. States with 79 electoral votes — Connecticut, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, and Virginia — are toss-ups, within a margin of error of +/- 3 points.

    In the hypothetical Clinton-McCain match-up, Clinton leads with 259 electoral votes to McCain’s 206 electoral votes.

    States totaling 73 electoral votes — Connecticut, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and New Mexico — too close to call.

    Clinton, too, is trending upwards, with a gain of 11 electoral votes since May 11.

    The big differences between Clinton and Obama, beyond the her larger number:

    Clinton would make competitive some states that Obama would lose — such as Missouri and New Hampshire — and she would win others outright, such as Arkansas, Florida, Ohio and West Virginia.

    On the other hand, McCain would handily win beat Clinton in some states that Obama made competitive, such as Colorado, North Dakota, and Virginia. Some states that Obama would win, such as Minnesota and Nebraska — Clinton would lose to McCain.

    Occasionally this election cycle the electoral maps of Karl Rove & Co. have reared their heads. In March, McCain adviser Mark McKinnon was spotted holding some of these maps, as reported by Texas Monthly.

  180. justme and everyone who is calling,
    More reasons to support HRC. Check this post from a TM thread, the Waffles cult rules. :shudder:

    THE MESSAGE – staying focused, vigilant, ready
    THE PLAN – getting to the People’s White House
    THE TASK – working diligently and sacrificing everything
    THE PROCESS – getting through the primaries/general elections
    THE PURPOSE – getting to the presidency
    OUR TIME – is now; we are the change we have been waiting for!
    THE ACTION – don’t worry about the competition, just execute the plan!
    Nebraskablues | 05.19.2008 – 8:18

  181. Are we all SURE that it is too late for a revote in Michigan and Florida?

    I don’t buy the BM excuse that BO was in Michigan because he is campaigning now for the GE. Even BO isn’t so stupid as to believe that voters in Michigan and Florida will forget that he deprived them of their delegates (he can’t deprive them of their votes of January 15 and January 29–those votes are a physical thing, they are a FACT).

    To win those states in the GE, BO can’t be seen as the party denying Michigan and Florida their right to representation. Also, I really believe Hillary’s popular vote lead is a problem for him. How can he beat her in the popular vote once the primaries are over? The only way would be to propose a revote in Michigan and Florida. If his solution is a revote, then his travels to Michigan and Florida make sense–he pre-emptively starts campaigning there before The-Next-President-of-the-United-States in hopes of either winning their primaries or reducing Hillary’s popular vote lead. It would also explain Hillary going to Florida when there is still Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota left to vote.

    Actually, I don’t think there is any other solution that all parties–and the voters–would buy into. This is only speculation on my part…I am not in the loop on any of this. And I know that it takes a monumental effort to have such a revote. Just a thought.

  182. The Michigan and Florida visits are really interesting. There must be something cooking, as it is way too early for GE.

    However, what I don’t know.

  183. Illinois – Thanks 🙂

    Basil – They are a full-blown cult. Scary and dangerous. The sooner the threat of these people and their Leader reaching power is removed, the better.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  184. Basil and Paul, I have read that the bots are stealing the vote cards in Oregon and either throwing them away or filling them out for Obama. People are coming in to vote and are being told that they had already voted!
    This man and his supporters are the biggest frauds I have ever witnessed.

  185. So now BO isn’t declaring victory tomorrow, which tells us it was another ploy all along, to get that mentioned in stories in the run-up to tomorrow. Slick move, but he’s got a much bigger problem that no amount of spin is going to help.

    And that’s the 800-lb gorilla he’s running against who gave her clearest indication yet of where things stand when she said it’s
    nowhere near over. The way she’s talking sure doesn’t sound like someone playing out the string.

    Can’t wait to hear her after we win Kentucky huge!

  186. confloyd Says:

    May 19th, 2008 at 9:52 pm
    Basil and Paul, I have read that the bots are stealing the vote cards in Oregon and either throwing them away or filling them out for Obama. People are coming in to vote and are being told that they had already voted!
    This man and his supporters are the biggest frauds I have ever witnessed

    Report it.

  187. BTW, there was a Pew poll last week that said 72 percent of voters across the board said the media shouldn’t be annointing Obama the nominee. Just read about it on No Quarter.

  188. Does Clinton Supporters Count Too have a website up yet? I’m sure a lot of people will want to join them (or at least read more about their organization) once they appear on Nightline. I tried to contact them via one of their email addys when I first heard about them, but my email bounced back. I later found out that this was because their boxes were swamped. Hopefully, they have everything ready now.

    Switching gears now over to Obama’s demands that we all refrain from attacking his wife… Sorry, Barry, but the missus is fair game. She isn’t standing behind the podium smiling and waving with the wee ones. Rather, she is playing an active role in this campaign, giving speeches and doing the TV circuit and making public appearances in her own right. Anything she says can and will be used against her in a court of public opinion.

  189. Blue Democrat,

    I don’t think it was a ploy…lol…I think it was a shining “put your foot in your mouth” moment for Obama…one of many in which his campaign handlers have to come to his rescue and do damage control. His ego is out of control.

  190. Re: The Michigan and Florida visits. My instincts tell me the DNC is going to count these states’ votes and seat the delegates (maybe not all of them, but at least some) and that Hillary and Waffles are already aware of this. Therefore, they are visiting these states in order to meet with and win over the supers. The fact that the Dems will be trotting out Al Gore on the same day that they decide about MI and FL also makes it look like these states will be counted and seated.

  191. Thanks, Blue Dem. I agree with JanH on this. I think his campaign realized there would be a backlash.

  192. Hillary Clinton Supporters count, too temporary websites:


    Insert the h t t p and slashes and w w w

  193. HillBill, I just perused through your new site and I like it. I read the Geraldine Ferrero piece and am proud she’s on our side. That’s one tough, loyal woman. Rare in politics these days.

  194. justmeinmountdorafl Says:

    May 19th, 2008 at 10:18 pm
    Obama’s crowds is b eginning to look more and more like high school crowds

    It’s b/c many just left middle school.

  195. Here is a good one:

    “How can Obama deliver change if he doesn’t even understand what needs to be changed?” asked RNC spokesman Paul Lindsay.

  196. Have you seen this–BO stumped on the trail:


    We all know HRC would never be unprepared!

  197. You guys catch this, that BO blamed his impending ass-whooping in Kentucky on FOX News?

    Told a Louisville paper; O’Reilly’s show just had the audio.

  198. Thanks Filbert,

    Here is a press release I just sent out to over 200 news organizations:

    From: Editor

    A new website was launched last week in response to a growing dissatisfaction among core Democrats regarding the DNC’s handling of the Michigan and Florida primaries and the perceived unfair treatment of Senator Hillary Clinton by the media and many of the party establishment.

    This site has no affiliation with the Clinton campaign or any other political entity. It is not owned by any corporate interest that is invested in any party candidate. The purpose of the web site is to give a voice to those concerned about the direction of the Democratic party and to help ensure it remains democratic.

    The goal is to organize the voices of disinfranchised voters in a way that can not be ignored by party officials. Thousands of long-time democratic voters are seriously considering leaving the democratic party. The new website was launched to bring those voters together to raise awareness of a genuine dissatisfaction with party actions – and inactions. The site strives to facilitate self-examinaton by party officials and delegates and encourage an honest dialog with certain constituencies about their future value in the party.

    For More Information:

  199. Confloyd:

    These people are the dirtiest, most corrupt POS you will ever come across. They are scum. Chicago Politics at its worst.

    They don’t want to beat you fair and square. They want to come in, club you over the head and burn your house down…and then they want you to forget about that and vote for them.

    The torn down HRC signs early in the contest were not an accident. These people are thugs and wannabe gangsters, nothing more.

    The entire campaign has been an extended “wilding” tour by Obama’s Cult. It is unseemly, it is based in ugly racial rhetoric (remember when MoDo wrote about Mish and soon thereafter a ‘rebuttal’ made the rounds on the ‘net titled, I believe, “The White Lady Doesn’t Get It”) and it is 100% fascistic (in this case referring to the physical intimidation associated with it and the racial component).

    These people are the enemy. They are destroying the party, destroying racial relations in America and looking to not only keep the “glass ceiling” suppressing women intact, they are trying to lower its height.

    This disturbing Obama disease, this Obama Cult Infection, needs to be squelched as hard as is legally and ethically allowable. If you allow the anti-social, near-anarchic behavior being exhibited by Bambi’s Peeps to go unchecked, not only will you have the chaos D-Wild Dougie Wilder talked about in Denver this August, you will have a rapid disintegration in the social fabric of your civilization.

    In other words, if Bambi were to win then someone better get Nero his fiddle.

    Confloyd, stories like what you are talking about are legion this primary season. People — good people, reliable people — talking about seeing the worst, most law-flaunting actions in their decades of political activism in Texas cauci; Clinton supporters receiving death threats; “Bros before Ho’s.”

    ALL have gone from the BO side. And they all stink.

    Some people think I’ve given up on the nomination. Hell no.

    I’m just looking down the line and making contingencies for stopping this Jr. Stalin if he is nominated. This man, what he represents, and his totally-unhinged supporters are dangerous. Dangerous to the country, dangerous to their opponents and dangerous to themselves. They are so far out of control that it’s stunning upon reflection.

    If I recall correctly, the study of social psychology either got its start or else got a huge boost in interest in the wake of WWII. Academics and many world citizens could not understand how the German people went along with Hitler. So they studied it intensively.

    At some point in the future, when the Obama Menace has passed, there is likely to be a similar study done on how good, decent people could become so totally emotionally enslaved to such a divisive, resume-thin figure as Obama. And make no mistake, Bryzenski and his Triad corps are extremely well-versed in high-level propaganda efforts the likes of which are being used in this campaign (see ZB’s “The Grand Chessboard” for more on his use and familiarity with propaganda). The Obama as Messiah-type posters with the Japanese sun in the background, etc. are not the works of novices.

    Be we don’t have time to wait for the hopium-ravaged to come to their senses or to be studied; they and their leader have to be electorally subdued now, before the massive damage which Bambi has done to the party looks like nothing compared to what a Prez Bambi might do.

    Thugs are thugs. They can only hide their true colors for so long before they reveal their true natures.

    The Bambi Crew are sleazeballs. What is happening, as you report, with the Oregon ballots is merely the most recent manifestation of their sleaziness.

    Stop Obama ’08

    Paul F. Villarreal

  200. HillBilly, I hope you guys do a piece on Hillary supporters who have left the comfort of home to travel around the country to volunteer.. I’ve met some of the most dedicated and loyal supporters around.

  201. More chicanary;

    “Huffington Post Political Director and Editor-at-Large Hilary Rosen”

    Ha! The most lopsided & deceitful ‘coverage’ anyone could ever imagine for a big time web site for the entire campaign. Utterly disgraceful.
    Now they think it’s over so it’s okay to put in a (psuedo) Hill supporter, cause, ya know, no one will notice.

    I’d like to pluck that witch Arianna’s pubic hairs one by one, but then I’d have to go near her c*ck.

  202. BTW, Sen. Byrd’s biggest contributor is MoveOn, which may help explain his endorsement.

  203. Paul, As you probably know I live in Texas in a very small town. I live in the country off a small dirt road, not much traffic.
    I was sitting at my computer last week when I heard a loud noice followed by what sounded like two gun shots. I hollared for my dogs who were out side at the time.I was scared someone had shot. I have to say the first thing that came to my mind, since I accidently posted by name and address on this blog is that the Obamatron’s had found me! I think I am getting a little paranoid! LOL! I don’t trust a single one of these crazed idiots!

  204. DOT48 and CURIOSITYHASME, you’re about to be famous!

    This was posted at noquarterusa.net,
    h t t p : / / noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/05/19/obama-is-too-old-and-confused-to-be-president/#comment-259004

    Comment by Doreena | 2008-05-19 22:29:46

    Hey, I’m doing some research into an article and was hoping some of you could help me. This is about the group Clinton Supporters Count Too, out of Columbus, OH. The one led by Cynthia Ruccia and Jamie Dixey. I need to verify some things they’ve said online. Here are my questions:

    – Is Cynthia dot48?

    – Is Jamie curiosityhasme?

    Oh, and is Cynthia still a ward leader in Bexley?

    I’m going to be quoting them based on postings here and at taylormarsh and, of course, hillaryis44, and I just want to make sure I have my facts triple verified before we go to press.

    Thanks in advance!

    I posted in reply that if it were any of us, we’d have set up a website and been talking about it here long ago!

  205. Confloyd

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Texas. Born in San Antonio. Loved it.

    Trust is an earned quality. The Obamatrons haven’t given anyone any reason to trust them. They are distrusted, and that distrust has been hard-earned.

    Mish was talking sh*t about HRC and HRC’s not having her home under control a LONG time ago. These “Who, me?” losers who think that people are going over to them if the elites nominate them are clinically deluded.

    As the saying goes, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the Obama Drones aren’t out to get you. Today maybe you get kicked off a ‘progressive’ blog whose cultist proprietor has taken to saying that your candidate isn’t a Dem. Maybe tomorrow you’re called a ‘racist’ and they post your picture and encourage people to try to get you fired.

    These people don’t have limits, that’s pretty obvious by now. That’s why Admin and others have been telling people to be careful posting their personal data here. Ask Donald Young if they have limits.

    This kind of ‘frontier thuggishness’ seems pretty much Standard Operating Procedure in the Midwest land of race-baiting pastors, Lou X and Billy Ayers.

    Just ask the Manoogian Mansion strippers about that.

    Oh wait, they’re not available for comment. Right.

    Have you ever seen Kwame’s mom campaigning for him? Here, watch this:


    This is what passes for “politics” in the Midwest: Disgusting, blatant race-baiting idiocy.

    Obama is a product of, and avid student of, this school of politics. He wrote about it in his race-obsessed tome, “Dreams from My Father”

    By the way, Kwame’s mommy is the head of the Congressional Black Caucus. If that doesn’t let you know where things are at re: Clyburn, Wilder, etc., nothing will.

    This guy, and everyone around him, are very real threats. If they were neutered from power, then we would all laugh at them. But until that time, they have to be treated very seriously and the damage they are doing has to be contained as best as possible.

    Reclaim America: Stop Obama ’08

    Paul F. Villarreal

  206. Better be careful with that No Quarter comment. That sounds awfully like an Obama Drone fishing for info with which to tarnish the efforts of Clinton Supporters Count Too and the people behind it.

    If the person wanted the info, then why not contact the organization themselves?

    Very skeptical on that post. I hope I’m wrong.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  207. Feelin’ very good about the popular vote after hearing it from the Big Guy.

    LEXINGTON, Ky. – Bill Clinton was only supposed to introduce his wife Monday night at Transylvania University here, but, you know, he can’t help himself.
    In the space of 12 minutes he blasted the media (“by their own admission this has been the most slanted press coverage in American history”), mocked Senator Barack Obama for vastly outspending Mrs. Clinton in several states he lost (“in Pennsylvania she was outspent 3-1, by $8 million and she won anyway”) and hammered home the Clinton message of the day (“In every single electoral math I have seen she is beating Senator McCain handily and she is the only Democrat who is doing that”).

    He described his wife as a “change maker” with a long record of public service, drawing an implied contrast with Senator Obama. He said that the media commentators who are “dissing” Mrs. Clinton all have college degrees, good jobs and don’t have to worry about the cost of filling up their gas tanks.

    And he pressed the argument Mrs. Clinton made earlier in the day, that she had now and would have at the end of the primary process on June 3 more popular votes than Mr. Obama.

    “I believe it is far more likely than not when this is over she will have won a majority of all the votes cast in all the states,” the former president said.

    Nearing the end of his introduction, he mentioned a conversation he had with his daughter, Chelsea, who said that she believed her mother would be a better president than her father had been.
    He said that he expected her to tell him that she only said that because her mother was running for office now and that she needed her support.
    “But that wasn’t the conversation we had,” Mr. Clinton said. “She told me, ‘Dad they asked me a direct question. I had to give an honest answer.’ ”
    Mrs. Clinton then spoke for 32 minutes.

  208. universal,

    Good point. All I told ‘doreena’ was what she could learn by a little Googling: that both dot and curiosity are regular posters but have not posted about CSCT as they would if they were organizers of it.

    ‘doreena’s post did seem odd, as she did not give a way to contact her directly. And it seemed like a very unprofessional way to prepare an article — but with today’s media, who knows? 🙂

  209. In an interview after church services in Bowling Green on Sunday, Clinton for the first time addressed what women have been talking about for months, what she refers to as the “sexist” treatment she has endured at the hands of the pundits, media and others. The lewd T-shirts. The man who shouted “Iron my shirt” at a campaign event. The references to her cleavage and her cackle.

    “It’s been deeply offensive to millions of women,” Clinton said. “I believe this campaign has been a groundbreaker in a lot of ways. But it certainly has been challenging given some of the attitudes in the press, and I regret that, because I think it’s been really not worthy of the seriousness of the campaign and the historical nature of the two candidacies we have here.”

    Later, when asked if she thinks this campaign has been racist, she says she does not. And she circles back to the sexism. “The manifestation of some of the sexism that has gone on in this campaign is somehow more respectable, or at least more accepted, and . . . there should be equal rejection of the sexism and the racism when it raises its ugly head,” she said. “It does seem as though the press at least is not as bothered by the incredible vitriol that has been engendered by the comments by people who are nothing but misogynists.”

  210. Read Bob Novak’s most recent column, he hints that there is a shoe or two to drop before this thing is wrapped up. I hate Novak but he’s plugged in like few in that swamp known as Washington D.C. are.

    It gives me hope, that and I feel a surprise coming in Oregon. The elderly are not disenfranchised with a mail-in primary and not likely to participate in polls. Fingers crossed and off to Disneyland!

  211. I keep thinking about Chris Dodd, I remember him saying at one of the first debates that Hillary was unelectable, her negatives were too high. I wonder what he thinks now, well Hillary has had more people vote for her than any other democrat ever, even if he chooses not to accept the votes in Florida or Michigan she still got those votes.
    Well Chris you were wrong about Hillary, one thing is for certain she certainly beat his butt to the ground!LOL!!
    I never liked that man from the first time he brought that up at one of the first debates. Afterall those debates Bill R. defected, what a bunch of weak men! They were all weak, and so is Baraak, he simply has bucks behind him. He’s sinking fast though. Red State.com has some interesting videos. I got to give it to the republicans they know how to trash a person. Barack, its only just begun! LOL!!

  212. “This guy, and everyone around him, are very real threats. If they were neutered from power, then we would all laugh at them. But until that time, they have to be treated very seriously and the damage they are doing has to be contained as best as possible.”

    That is EXACTLY the way we have to think about it. We’re protecting the party and the country because this SOB will do ANYTHING to get power. We have to stand by Hill and defend her until they are THROUGH trying to take it.

    You keep it up Universal, you keep saying what I try to say. I think that the problem is KNOWING that we’re right and not always being able to find the correct words for whatever situation we find ourselves in. Thanks!

  213. It is high time for the women of this country to get behind Hillary and have her take this misogyny grievance all the way to the convention. If the party hacs diss her we should abandon this party en masse. Let them beat McCain with that fragile coalition thay are now touting ie blacks, latte liberals and young people and see how far that gets them, those delusional bastards.

  214. here’s a good that the republicans are hitting him with toda
    w w w.y ou tu be .com/ watch ?v=I90 jo4gz 9E0& fea ture= email

  215. I just watched that video over at NO Quarter where Bambi is screaming at a little old white lady. How in the world did this guy get in? What in the hell are we going to do if he wins? I can’t believe that I will hoping for the republicans to stomp his butt. I tell you the people I know that are for him, don’t see him they way we see him. It is freaking scarey! I am overweight, so I guess I’ll be on Bambi’s hit list first!!

  216. When I look at Barack Obama and listen to the cheap shots he throws at Hillary now that he thinks he has the upper hand, I am reminded of something historian Henry Adams the son of one president and grandson of another said about power in his biography:

    “The effect of power and publicity on certain men is the aggravation of self, a sort of tumor which ends up killing the victim’s sympathies, a diseased appetite, like a passion for drink or perverse tastes, one can scarcely use expressions too strong to describe the violence of egotism it stimulates.”

  217. I spent the day at a hall making phone calls for our girl into Oregon. Long day but worthwhile.

  218. In Cal there is a deadline for switching parties. I think it’s better for people to switch early rather than risk getting timed out as I nearly did.

    Thank you for the good work you are doing on Hilaryis44. I spent hours reading eloquent and moving posts on the Naral blog, about the betrayal of Sen. Clinton which was linked from an article posted here. I would never have known that their Board of Director’s authorized such an ignoble action without your work.

    Contrary to what the media says Clinton supporters do not seem to be lacking in education and class. Isn’t it interesting how many of the Obama supporters that are braying about their college educations sound barely literate and incapable of analytical thinking? -It makes you wonder about grade inflation if that’s the case. -Not to speak of sexism, reverse discrimination, agism and plain old fashioned elitism.

    I am prepared to fight back. -One more bittersweet, typical white female the DNC can’t manipulate.

  219. From my great aunt who is in her ninties
    “fu*k Kennedy– I am sure that this little hospital visit was a mere distraction. And who the hell is paying for him to be airlifted if it was a siezure and not a stroke no need for tens of thousands of dollars to be thrown away”
    she is fiesty but I also think she is right.

  220. who knew Niel Diamond was once young?
    to this day the sound of his voice reminds me of my grandmother driving along in her yellow duster my feet not yet touching the floor the am radio cranking out neil diamond. alcina thanks for the memory

  221. gotta get to work. good positive thoughts today for our girl. isn’t it great knowing we support the best? love ya, hill!

  222. Mika has no problem bashing Hillary all the time. Her father compared Hillary’s foreign policy experience to that of Mamie Eisenhower and his travel agent. The bastards cry foul when they are criticized for their anti-Semitic views. Go figure.

  223. Seems Pollsters are somewhat reluctant to poll NJ on the presidential ticket, they asked about the senate race today but tucked away in the neat little caveat at the end of it

    Only Sixty-five percent (65%) of Democratic Primary voters in New Jersey say they are at least somewhat likely to vote for Barack Obama against John McCain in November. Well thats NJ screwed for the dems.

  224. read this about why BHO should never be handed the presidency, it’s a little scary to think about


  225. Good Morning and Happy Kentucky Primary Day. 😀

    More reasons to prevent Waffles from getting anywhere near the WH and fighting for HRC all the way to the convention, if necessary.

    Excerpts from Waffles campaign; Party Unification.
    See the whole thing at TM
    Hillary R. Clinton has YET to concede the race and Nomination to Senator OBAMA.
    We must begin to lose the “Hillary is our enemy” speech and change our message to “More of the same is our enemy” message!
    To keep from alienating former HRC supporters is to change our old message. YOU AND I MUST EVOLVE!
    Keep our allies, friends we have made during this sites existence and use them to PERSONALLY email to gripe or complain about a HRC or McCain topics, while KEEPING THE GROUP BOARDS FREE OF ALL HRC or anti-McCain TOPICS.
    COPY OBAMA’s message, to repeat what he is saying on the group boards while utilizing private emails to blow off steam to those you know are true OBAMA supporters.
    There is a LONG ROAD ahead to November’s election. We must assist our leader (OBAMA) in his endeavors to bring our nation together.
    Let us UNIFY now to make this transition as smooth for our leader as possible
    Chris Gardner

  226. Good Morning!

    I have a very simple question, that is, what do the SD see in Obama that the American voters don’t see.

    Now I know I am a little dumb at times, but I just don’t get it. Hillary is winning the map, regarding the Electorial College, and still they go Obama. Is it, because the Democratic establishment wants the Clintons out and they are willing to lose this election to do so? or is it because the Obama Campagine is giving donations to some SD for their re-election bids?? If any one can help me see the light, please explain. Thanks


  227. they wanna stir up trouble with Dot .. bring it on. That turd and his cult crew are despicable.

    He and his pricks can kiss my hips and my ass

  228. JAS, It is simple, Money! He is bribing his way. They think he could raise a lot of money for them.

  229. JAS .. $ and sexism. They DO NOT want a woman in the white house.

    I am already seeing the Republican narrative and while they are worried because of Bush’s failures .. they have plenty of ammunition.

    “Lay off Michelle” means they know that she is going to do major damage to his campaign and they are right now trying to lay the frame work that he can’t be held responsible for what she says. Won’t work.

    If they do manage to steal this .. I will salivate at every shoe that drops to destroy him, his minions and the party as a whole.


  230. dot48, I agree, I too am so disappointed with the Democratic Party. What will come of the party after the GE?

    I hope no one interprets my comments as negative, only thinking out loud and getting ready for a blood bath this summer and fall with McCain and Obama.

    Obamas comments of, lay off my wife, will go over like a lead ballon!

  231. I got another request from the Dems in the mail yesterday. I finally, instead of writting across their form, have constructed a letter. I can not generate that letter at will, like they do to me.

    I get some small comfort using there postage paid envelope.


  232. Really, people!!!

    Have you forgotten that Obama has promised to bring us together?

    First he will unite AAs — some of whom are angry at his dissing Rev. Wright and some angry at his not
    doing it earlier or leaving that church.
    Then he will unite AAs with whites and Latinos who have been accused of racism and told they are unnecessary to his victory.
    Then he will unite us with Jews and gays who are worried about anti-semitism and homophobia.
    Then he will unite all the Democrats plus some Independents who now find him unacceptable.

    I don’t see why you are skeptical unless you remember that a year ago, we WERE all united!

    God knows what a few more months will bring.

  233. By the way, I titled my letter FORMER DEMOCRAT

    I am thinking of writing all of th SDs (Obama Pledged and unpledged), and telling them that I see no rational about what has gone on, and I plan to encourage an investigation of where their money comes from, and what favors they receive. I am only one voice, but we need to make people accountable.

    There has been so many betrayals in this due to money and power greed, I can no longer look the other way.

    I wonder if you can hire Fitzpatrick? If I had the money I would.

    By the way, the polls on line when they attacked Chelsea (the comment about the use of her) were like 80% that she should not be treated that way. The polls about whether MO could be used in ads, and that it was fair treatment were almost identical in that it WAS fair treatment.

    If you are making policy statement, and speaking for your husband, then you will get criticized. Some still think this was an off the cuff statement, but it was in a prepared speech, which she gave twice. If you don’t want to be criticized, then you need to follow the play book of McCain’s wife (Meet and Greet as I call it).

    No one layed off of Kerry’s wife.

  234. Harold Ford now in the MSNBC Cesspool.What has he been promised by BO.He is still smarting for having lost his Senate try to a White opponent.This Black Supremacy Campaign is turning into ugly chapter in the democratic process of voting.Some real evil forces at work.All parties and all people should be worried about where this going to end up. Hillary we need you to get our country back to Civility and Stability.

    By ABM90

  235. dot48

    Seems like I don’t have a party anymore, but thats ok. I’m an American first, who believes in the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    I’ve been a loyalist to the democratic party simply because their platform has been more inclusive. Unfortunately they have shown they do not practice what they preach.

    Public servants no longer serve the public. Most get in office to begin campaigning for the next election. They vote with special interests in mind because that is where the money is. Campaign finance and election reform is a must if we are ever to get our government back in the hands of the people.

    It really is up to the people to make a drastic change in the way DC works, but we are lazy and don’t stand up when its time to do so. We allow 2 parties to monopolize the election process.

    This election the clear choice is Hillary, however I have no clue if a third party candidate would be as good because we never hear about them.

  236. On the morn of such an occasion as we are about to share in today, elections in both KY and OR, I offer for your review a very well-written article in the National Review about our good old buddy what’s-his-name. The National Review is the intellectual mouthpiece of the conservative wing of the Republican Party and has no peer in its circle. It was founded by the late William F. Buckley. This article is no slouch and tells it like it is. You can get a sense of the artillery the GOP is preparing if Obama ends up the nominee.

    Just give this some thought. They can not write any similar piece about Hilary if she is our nominee. The DNC is on a death march, the retards they are. They are insisting on committing political suicide. In their arrogance or stupidity, or both, they think that nothing can bring them down this year.

    And to think how low the bar has been set for American politics. If this kind of candidate, with his kind of baggage, was running at any other time in American history, not only would that person be finished politically, but in all other aspects too. It reminds me of “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Gibbon. If you are familiar with this masterpiece of world history, you may discover some interesting similarities. As an American, I am saddened by it all as I am sure many here are also.

    Well, enough of a plug. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It is rather long but I feel worth every bit of the time invested.


  237. Maybe we have grown to the point that a third party is viable? We just need the right candidate.

  238. Try going to the Home Page at:


    you can not miss the article by STANLEY KURTZ

    It’s Front and Center

  239. I don’t think we can count on Hillary running as a third party candidate. I believe we can take her at her word that she will support the nominee of the Democratic Party, even if that person is not her. I cannot believe she is saying it only to sound nice.

    Obviously we all hope she will run as the nominee of the Dem Party. If all we have been reading and hearing about things to come is true, then we probably will be voting for her in November.

  240. LINFAR! Thank you so much for your Bread and Roses!

    It’s a beautiful letter and the video reached my soul, reminding me of all the years of struggle in my own life, of the women’s unity in the 60’s, of my mother’s pride and my grandmother’s strength. I heard in those voices and in yours the beauty, grace, and noble courage that live in every real woman.

    It also reminded me of the pride my whole family felt in being Democrats from the time I was a child when FDR and Eleanor were our trusted leaders and on through the years of the proud hard fight for civil rights and President Johnson’s signature at its climax and through the founding of NOW, the Clinton years of prosperity – Democrats have always advanced the hopes and cared for the needs of the people. The party has always ultimately risen above political pettiness. Can it do so again?

    I never could have imagined the Democratic Party could descend to what it is today – the Autocratic Party discounting the votes of its own people, failing to defend the dignity of women, foisting on us an unqualified, unelectable nominee of questionable patriotism and name-calling divisiveness, while discriminating against the best qualified candidate for national leadership we have had in many years.

    Hillary Clinton stands like Liberty herself among these political wimps and weasels. She alone is capable of restoring the Democratic Party and this sullied nation to its former greatness.

    We, the women of this country and the men who respect us, now face the challenge of bringing the long heroic march for women’s equal place in the world to its ultimate triumph in this 21st century. In this crucial time we just cannot fail. We must unite and demand what we know is right for ourselves, for our children and for our country. We must strike out against all forms of misogyny, all forms of bigotry, and strike against the autocratic undemocratic party.

  241. Go KY and OREGON. Today is your day to shine for Sentor Clinton. Sorry, just had to do that.

  242. For some Clinton Supporters, Sexism is the only Explanation:


    Go Hillary!!! 🙂

  243. Hey guys,

    today, go ahead and make calls for for Hillary in Oregon and Kentucky

    tomorrow, start focusing on P. Rico, Montana, and South Dakota

  244. Hopefully a huge blow out in KY and close in OR. It’s disgraceful that OB is coming here tomorrow when he has disenfranchised over 1.7 million votes b/c he lost WITH his name on the ballot. They now want to “seat” the delegates when it is meaningless to Hillary’s campaign. He buses in thousands to attend these rallies and they are like zoombies following his same old , played out speeches. The “I love you Michelle” thing sickens me. Nothing will be worse, however, than watching this fraud pulling and Edwards and telling how much he respects Senator Clinton and what she and Bill have meant ti the party…well, a big FU to him and the DNC who have savaged the Clinton’s worse than any repug could ever do. Obamam compliments Kennedy, Carter, Bush 1, even Regan, but not a single compliment for the best 8 nyrs we had during Bill’s term.
    Believe me, like us, Bill and Hillary must be beyond livid, but they have built this party back up, and I guess they just don’t want to be percived as destroying it…they are much nobler than I would ever be…She better be given the chance to have any position she wants, including VP, which we know she would turn doiwn..Regardless, I am doine with this party….to tell you thre truth, I see myself as a conservative democrat now or even a liberal republican, but will simply become an Independent and vote for a candidatee, no longer simply punch the dem button as I have done my whole life.

  245. Pop Quiz

    Case Situation:

    Two weeks ago, (seems like two years already) there is a nomination contest in two states: in State A, candidate O wins by 12 pts or so over H, in State B, H edges out a very slim victory over O. The national media declares that night’s results a super big win for O and a crushing defeat for H.

    Let us postulate for this quiz that tonight the result will be that in State A, H will defeat O by a very large margin (maybe much more than O’s victory over H two weeks ago). In State B, O edges out a very slim victory over H.

    Q: Based on the above situations, the national media will declare tonight’s result a super win for O or H, and a crushing defeat for H or O?

  246. The super delegate system was invented to prevent the party from nominating a weaker canidate. yet the SDs in this election cycle rush to nominatw a loser. what a joke.

  247. “P. Rico, Montana, and South Dakota”

    I’m trying to get a video out onto YT regarding these states and I hope I finish on time. It galls me to think that these voters are going to be lied to by BO with nowhere to turn for true information.

    I’ve also asked Paul to help me with a great idea I had and I hope it comes out like I think it will!

    Back to the phones and the editing room!

  248. Those who will not vote for Obama.

    Angel, plus mom, and two sisters (one that lives in FL)
    DOT 48
    DOT’s husband
    OhVoter’s husband
    Wonk the Vote
    Wonk the Vote’s family and friends
    Adamonis’s husband
    ssmith’s family
    ssmith’s 11 friends
    ainnj’s husband
    West Virginia
    Tim’s mom
    Tim’s 2 friends
    pdgrey’s father
    pdgreys 2 sisters
    pdgreys 2 brother in law’s
    pdgreys husband
    Angel, plus mom, and two sisters (one that lives in FL)
    margarita and margarita’s son
    Please add Nebraskablues
    Nebraskablues mom
    Nebraskablues brother
    Tony Stark,
    Tony Stark’s wife
    Tony Stark’s mother and father in-law
    MD4Hill and wife
    3 sisters of MD4Hill
    5 nieces of MD4Hill
    1 brother-in-law of MD4Hill
    1 brother of MD4Hill
    2 sisters-in-law of MD4Hill
    mookiedog’s sister, husband, 5 children and mother
    Puget Sound Island Girl
    Puget Sound’s husband
    Puget Sound’s lurking mom!
    margarita’s son
    chris vee
    rosietheriveter, her mom and 3 sons
    maidyalook 2
    pmck60 and husband
    ginaswo hubby
    ginaswo daughter
    5 ginaswo neighbors
    ginaswo mail-lady
    ginaswo dr x2
    ginaswo contractors x 3
    dhelz and family
    votehillary08, her sister, brother-in-law and mother and 6 colleagues
    Father of Three and his mother and sisters living in Virginia, along with thousands of their friends and extended family.
    rosie in Florida
    -Sarah, rosie’s daughter in Miami
    -Lucia, rosie’s sister in NC
    -Connie, rosie’s friend in FL
    Dawn28’s daughter
    Ga6thDem’s husband
    countmyvote’s husband
    countmyvote’s son
    countmyvote’s daughter
    neilario and partner
    stefystef and stefystef’s mom and other family members
    marie3548’s 2 nephews
    marie3548’s son
    marie3548’s 2 daughters
    marie’s relatives in michigan
    Kal’s daughter

    Message to base stay home
    Donna Brazile

  249. message to Donna .. forget it — we’ll be selecting the next POTUS. If not Hillary the only one left on the ballot I can trust with my life .. John McCain. Keeping us safe and our country safe is first priority .. McCain is like Hillary, with a backbone of steel. Waffles has no spine and he wants to sit down with terrorists and give them legitimacy with no preconditions.

    Waffles is another Jimmy Carter .. the country would be doomed. They’ll not put him in with my help.

    Message to Donna .. the base will help keep the country out of dangerous hands, thank you very much

  250. include Floridian JBstonesfan, his wife, his inlaws, his brother in law and sister in law, ……………………My mom is a die hard dem but I am working on her.

  251. Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, in association with the Republican media firm Greener and Hook, recently completed a survey of rural voters in 13 battleground states, on behalf of the Center for Rural Strategies. The results:

    * Hillary – McCain: tied (46% each)
    * McCain – Obama: McCain by 9 (50 – 41%)

    The message the Republican pollsters have for Republicans:

    The competitiveness reflects the on-going national problems facing the Republican brand, as well as the deep economic anxiety that is particularly acute among rural families on one hand, balanced against doubts about Obama’s values.

    Among the key findings:

    A fair number of voters believe McCain, while sharing their values, is not sufficiently sensitive to their economic problems; significant numbers of rural voters indicate Obama understands their economic problems, but does not share their values.

    Poll details:

    It surveyed 682 respondents between May 13th and 15th, 2008 from rural parts of the battleground states of New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Florida, Virginia, Colorado and Nevada. The survey carries a margin of error of +/- 3.75 at a 95 percent confidence level.

    All of those polled are registered voters. 93% of them voted in 2004 and 93% say they are certain to vote in November. The remaining 7% say they will probably vote.

    58% of the voters had attended some college or post-graduate school. 35% were Republican, 35% Democrat and 29% are Independent. 37% attend church every week. 89% are White, 4% Latino/Hispanic and 2% African-American. 52% are women and 48% male.

  252. Please include me, my partner, our adopted daughter and our writing group (6 tried and true Hillary supporters). Thanks so much for compiling this list – it needs to be sent to the “party elders’ to show them just how large a mistake they’re making!

  253. call me crazy but doesn’t BHO have a head like a turtle?

    ok I am crazy..maybe I need more coffee

  254. meiyingsu,

    I was just thinking the same thing: The SD’s SOLE purpose is to pick the stronger candidate and they are hell-bent on selecting the weaker one, Bambi.

    It’s a double-dip: AA appeasement (can’t have those riots and chaos Dougie Wilder’s been talking about in Denver) and backstabbing the Clintons. Total bullspit.


    FIineo – I don’t know if I’m the Paul being referenced (have to check my emails, …), but if I am and I can help, I’d be happy to.


    Last night I went over to our shadow site, the blogspot thing.

    I wrote something up to “Wonk.” Maybe I’ll post it later, not sure.

    Now I know why I stay off of Big Pink stalker/stalker-enabling sites like Something Awful, Fark, etc.

    I actually found the site funny, as I do most Cult manifestations. However what was disappointing was that it was hack. Several points and conjectures about myself were not only wrong, they were very wrong. I’m not sure if this applies to others here who have been mentioned there.

    Many here are probably familiar with a concept called the “infinite monkey theorem:”


    Basically, the theorem says that if you sit a monkey down at a typewriter/keyboard for an infinite amount of time, eventually the monkey will reproduce a great work(s) of writing. The writer usually mentioned in this discussion is Shakespeare.

    I kind of see sites such as the blogspot shadow site along these same lines: If you gather enough figurative “monkeys” together and allow them to hit keystrokes in ways that often appear arbitrary, you should end up with something compelling (not factoring in that the shadow sites’ “monkeys” are not being given an infinite amount of time here).

    The operative word being “should.”

    As of yet, I haven’t seen evidence of such simian accomplishment. But we’ll keep our eyes open.

    It was a fun diversion, though, although one I’m not sure I will be experiencing again on any of the shadow sites. Personally, I just don’t have that much desire to see what is being said in such areas because, as was the case last night, much of it is wildly off the mark.

    “Wonk” puts a lot of effort into her (I got the impression the author was a ‘she’ but that may be wrong) work. That is laudable. And, it is always good to know what your neighborhood cultists are thinking. So, all in all, perusing the site was not a total loss.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  255. sis summed it up this morning. It’s all about him being African American to the sd’s. The party will welcome defeat in November because they can say in the future that they brought forth an AA. It’s not about winning this time .. it’s about perception.

  256. Dot:

    Exactly correct. HRC supporters will be choosing the next Prez, which is why Bambi’s “I’m the Nominee!” OR party was pre-empted for the “BHO and his New Jacks’ Ass-Kissing Fiesta” that we are currently suffering through.

    Kiss away, peeps.

    Because all that disingenuous rear-end smooching is going to get you one thing:

    More votes for McCain in November if Bambi is nominated.

    Not only do you go all “you’re racists and we’re rioting in August!” on us, now you’re insulting our intelligence by thinking we are stupid enough to fall for this con game.

    Ha ha ha!!

    Sad stuff.

    When Adolphus Koreshius Obamus is doing his best basset hound impersonation come November — if he’s still around — all of us will be laughing our asses off and we will want to hold an immediate summit (think Bambi/Ahmadinejad here — no preconditions) to declare 100% party unity. Once Obama falls then I say we round up McClurkin, Manning and J-Wright and hold the biggest damn tent revival that the country has seen in ages to proclaim how unbelievably unified we are as Dems.

    You guys have no idea how fun this is going to be. It’s like sitting at a poker table staring at a royal flush and the snot-nosed punk who thinks he has it all figured out has no idea what’s in your hand.

    This is going to be a blast, all the way to November.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  257. RALLY ALERT! TONIGHT – Unite to Stop Gender Bias in the Media

    Women Across America
    Unite to Stop Gender Bias in the Media

    Join Professionals for Hillary, NWPC-CA,NOW, and Hillary Supporters together

    Professionals for Hillary are organizing a rally to “End Gender Bias in the Media.” If you want to have your voice heard saying, “enough is enough!” then please join us in support of all American women who refuse to be diminished in the American Press.

    We need your support at these rallies to show America that women are not putting up with this anymore! Please send this information to all your Hillary friends and family. Bring your Hillary signs. We need to send a strong message to the media and the Democratic party that says, “not so fast!”

    Burbank, CA
    Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 3:00 PM
    NBC Burbank
    3000 W. Alameda Ave
    Burbank, CA 91523
    General Area: Alameda and Riverside

    WBBH 3719 Central Ave. Fort Myers, FL 33901 http://www.nbc-2.com
    WTLV 1070 E. Adams St. Jacksonville, FL 32202 http://www.firstcoastnews.com
    WTVJ Peacock Plaza Miramar, FL 33027 http://www.nbc6.net
    WTWC 8440 Deer Lake Road Tallahassee, FL 32312 http://www.wtwc40.com
    WFLA 905 Jackson St. Tampa, FL 33606 http://www.wfla.com
    WPTV 1100 Banyan Blvd. West Palm Beach, FL 33401 http://www.wptv.com
    WESH 1021 N. Wymore Rd. Winter Park, FL 32789
    WLWT 1700 Young St. Cincinnati, OH 45210 http://www.wlwt.com

    WCAU City Ave. & Monument Rd. Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 http://www.nbc10.com
    WICU 3514 State St. Erie, PA 16508 http://www.wicu12.com
    WJAC 49 Old Hickory Ln. Johnstown, PA 15905 http://www.wjactv.com
    WBRE 62 South Franklin St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701 http://www.wbre.com

    WKYC 1333 Lakeside Ave. Cleveland, OH 44114 http://www.wkyc.com
    WCMH 3165 Olentangy River Rd. Columbus, OH 43202 http://www.nbc4columbus.com
    WDTN 4595 S. Dixie Drive, Dayton, OH 45439 http://www.wdtn.com
    WLIO 1424 Rice Ave. Lima, OH 45805 http://www.wlio.com
    WNWO 300 S. Byrne Rd. Toledo, OH 43615 http://www.nbc24.com
    WHIZ 629 Downward Road Zanesville, OH 43701 http://www.whizamfmtv.com

    WEYI 2225 W. Willard Rd. Clio, MI 48420 http://www.nbc25.tv
    WDIV 550 W. Lafayette Blvd. Detroit, MI 48231 http://www.clickondetroit.com
    WOOD P.O. Box B Grand Rapids, MI 49503www.woodtv.com
    WILX P.O. Box 30380 Lansing, MI 48911 http://www.wilx.com
    WLUC 177 US 41 E. Negaunee, MI 49866 http://www.wluctv6.com

    For more information visit: http://www.ProfessionalsforHillary.com

  258. Hey, someone correct me if i am wrong. Did Donna B. not say it is the popular votes that would count. She would leave the party if the SD jumped in to claim the nominee.

    This is why they want Hillary out. They know at the end of this campaign she will have the popular vote. These delegates that go against the people of their state is wrong.

    I can’t stand this party. I am so done after this election. Lou Dobbs here i come

  259. # basil9 Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 8:48 am

    Good Morning and Happy Kentucky Primary Day.

    More reasons to prevent Waffles from getting anywhere near the WH and fighting for HRC all the way to the convention, if necessary.

    Excerpts from Waffles campaign; Party Unification.
    See the whole thing at TM

    There is a LONG ROAD ahead to November’s election. We must assist our leader (OBAMA) in his endeavors to bring our nation together.

    Chris Gardner

    I find this look into the Obama camp’s culture interesting. “…our leader (Obama)…”. It comes off as so cult-y.

    We call Hillary “our candidate”, etc. We admire her fight, and her intellect. But we’re not a cult. There are too many grounded people, centrists, for that crap. Don’t tell me what to think.

    However, there are many signs that Obama is a cult leader in search of a wider flock. Maybe someone already knows of research about this. Maybe a search on “Obama cult” might yield good info. On the other hand, it might come back saying “There are 22,000,000 hits on this search”.

  260. neetabug Says:

    May 20th, 2008 at 12:00 pm
    Hey, someone correct me if i am wrong. Did Donna B. not say it is the popular votes that would count. She would leave the party if the SD jumped in to claim the nominee.

    Exactly. That was message at the beginning, when Hillary had so many more SDs. The message has changed, since waffles has more delegates. Amazing, how everything changes to accomodate waffles. People were saying, if this election was decided on SDs and, not popular vote, there would riots. What a bunch of hypocrites. The powers to be are hell bent on nominating an empty suit, who is the most anti-American candidate, the U.S. has seen. It boggles the mind. I will be voting for McCain.

    write-in Hillary is a vote for waffles

    no vote is a vote for waffles

    vote for McCain is anti-waffles

    I will vote for McCain. He loves America and is a hero.

  261. need your help. I am on the steering committee for the May 31st Rally in DC.

    If you have a blog, we’re asking all pro-hillary sites and bloggers to please advertise, send out email blasts, etc….

    Count Every Vote Rally
    Sat. May 31st 8a
    Washington DC
    At the DNC rules Committee meeting
    register at

    I will have ads/logos to send to you as well…email me if you’d like them ksmitty23 at aol.com

    Here is a video as well (yes, thats me)


  262. Plus, the rhetoric of his supporters sounds like the communist manifesto. “Our leader.”

    He is tearing this country apart.

  263. This November:
    1. A write-in vote for Clinton, IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA
    2. A vote for nobody, IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA
    3. A vote for McCain, IS A VOTE FOR CLINTON
    1. If Obama wins in the fall, Hillary will never be President and her and Bill are sent out to pasture as the Democratic party becomes the party of the Obamas
    2. If Obama loses in the fall, Hillary becomes the de facto leader of the Democratic party and presumptive nominee in 2012
    Will you allow the DNC and MSNBC to take away vote, or will you take material steps to re-take control of your party and your country?
    It’s up to you!

  264. Dot: You are absolutely correct. The SD’s only care about perception here.

    And stabbing the Clintons in the back.

    This is all a dog and pony show. Nothing more.

    They know Obama can’t win. They know it well.

    No matter — gotta appease and backstab.

    When these people get their Big Pink slips shortly after November if Bambi is the nominee, they can remember all of that. There will be plenty of time.


    Neetabug – GodBrazila did say something along the lines of what you’re saying. Can’t remember if it was about the pop. vote or PD’s.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it were about pop vote. The goalposts have been moved so many times it’s easy to lose track.


    Paul F. Villarreal

  265. Why did Obama have that big crowd in Oregon? My girlfriend sent me this:

    Go Hillary! Keep Fighting!!

    posted by: larse12

    NOBAMA 08

  266. Marie, Please include myself and my dad on your list. My dad was a yellow dog, but he ain’t voting for the like of BO!

  267. Marie:

    Done. I’ll put something up about the rally over at my site later today.

    You guys should make a video or two to promote the rally. Something simple you can put up on YouTube. That could be useful.

    Somebody was asking about info. on “The Obama Cult.”

    There is a lot of stuff available. Just do a quick Google search.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  268. Looks like the Democratic party has had it if they try to nominate BO. It no longer would be the party of the people. I wrote the superdelegates about FL and MI this morning again. This whole thing is such a sham to try and fix the race for BO. I am ashamed of the democratic party right now.

  269. Great post, Marie! Hope you’re posting it at clintondems.com and elsewhere. See my page of links to other sites:


    marie3548 Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    This November:
    1. A write-in vote for Clinton, IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA
    2. A vote for nobody, IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA
    3. A vote for McCain, IS A VOTE FOR CLINTON
    1. If Obama wins in the fall, Hillary will never be President and her and Bill are sent out to pasture as the Democratic party becomes the party of the Obamas
    2. If Obama loses in the fall, Hillary becomes the de facto leader of the Democratic party and presumptive nominee in 2012
    Will you allow the DNC and MSNBC to take away vote, or will you take material steps to re-take control of your party and your country?
    It’s up to you!

  270. You all getting ready to celebrate again? Got my champagne bottle ready to get corked .. . whoops, I meant uncorked.

  271. marie3548 Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 12:23 pm
    Why did Obama have that big crowd in Oregon?


    Someone from Oregon said it was a public beach on a hot day and lots of people were there anyway. There were other things going on and some sort of concert or food event.

  272. I had a 30 minute call from an elderly friend. She wanted me to explain what was happening in th Democratic Party, and I told her I could not. I told her I was voting for McCain. I also told her that the State Chair here said that the older people would come around Her response was this older person will not.

    I told her to make her own decision, but I had a gut feeling the Democratic Party is leaving the Older People behind.

  273. birdgal, We should stop calling then Super delegates. Actually they are power brokers. Obama is a highly compromised brokered candidate. DNC did not want to have the stigma of a brokered convention that is the why they gave a more respectable name super delegates. Don’t any one fool you Obama is a brokered candidate. He gets brokers from states that he has not won from districts he has not won.

  274. dot48 Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 11:53 am
    It’s all about him being African American to the sd’s. The party will welcome defeat in November because they can say in the future that they brought forth an AA.

    Ouch. And it will also keep other AAs from getting anywhere near the nomination in future….

  275. Those who will not vote for Obama.

    Angel, plus mom, and two sisters (one that lives in FL)
    DOT 48
    DOT’s husband
    OhVoter’s husband
    Wonk the Vote
    Wonk the Vote’s family and friends
    Adamonis’s husband
    ssmith’s family
    ssmith’s 11 friends
    ainnj’s husband
    West Virginia
    Tim’s mom
    Tim’s 2 friends
    pdgrey’s father
    pdgreys 2 sisters
    pdgreys 2 brother in law’s
    pdgreys husband
    Angel, plus mom, and two sisters (one that lives in FL)
    margarita and margarita’s son
    Please add Nebraskablues
    Nebraskablues mom
    Nebraskablues brother
    Tony Stark,
    Tony Stark’s wife
    Tony Stark’s mother and father in-law
    MD4Hill and wife
    3 sisters of MD4Hill
    5 nieces of MD4Hill
    1 brother-in-law of MD4Hill
    1 brother of MD4Hill
    2 sisters-in-law of MD4Hill
    mookiedog’s sister, husband, 5 children and mother
    Puget Sound Island Girl
    Puget Sound’s husband
    Puget Sound’s lurking mom!
    margarita’s son
    chris vee
    rosietheriveter, her mom and 3 sons
    maidyalook 2
    pmck60 and husband
    ginaswo hubby
    ginaswo daughter
    5 ginaswo neighbors
    ginaswo mail-lady
    ginaswo dr x2
    ginaswo contractors x 3
    dhelz and family
    votehillary08, her sister, brother-in-law and mother and 6 colleagues
    Father of Three and his mother and sisters living in Virginia, along with thousands of their friends and extended family.
    rosie in Florida
    -Sarah, rosie’s daughter in Miami
    -Lucia, rosie’s sister in NC
    -Connie, rosie’s friend in FL
    Dawn28’s daughter
    Ga6thDem’s husband
    countmyvote’s husband
    countmyvote’s son
    countmyvote’s daughter
    neilario and partner
    stefystef and stefystef’s mom and other family members
    marie3548’s 2 nephews
    marie3548’s son
    marie3548’s 2 daughters
    marie’s relatives in michigan
    Kal’s daughter

    Message to base stay home

    Donna Brazile

  276. clintondem99 Says:

    May 20th, 2008 at 12:38 pm
    birdgal, We should stop calling then Super delegates. Actually they are power brokers. Obama is a highly compromised brokered candidate. DNC did not want to have the stigma of a brokered convention that is the why they gave a more respectable name super delegates. Don’t any one fool you Obama is a brokered candidate. He gets brokers from states that he has not won from districts he has not won.

    Yes, this is brokered nomination process, and Obama is a brokered candidate.

    Here is an interesting article by Cokie Roberts:


    Racial guilt.

  277. I did call Ferraro office and let her know that I am proud of her for standing up to BO. She was our first female vice presidential candidate and I voted for her. BO and his supporters just wiped their feet all over her. Yet we are supposed to be noble and vote for him, NOOOO not in a million years after what they have done!

  278. an excerpt, from the end:

    “So why don’t Democratic leaders and superdelegates face these facts and shift to Clinton? One reason is race. It’s true, as Obama says, that being black in America has hardly been a political asset, given the fact that he’s the only African-American in the U.S. Senate.

    But at this time, in this party, being black is an enormous asset. Given America’s long, torturous path toward racial justice, many Democrats simply cannot imagine denying the nomination to the first serious African-American candidate for president.

    From a moral perspective, that’s a noble judgment. From a political perspective, it could cost Democrats the White House.”

  279. I can’t get on NO Quarter. They must have knocked the site down. I know Larry was trying real hard to get that video of Michelle up, maybe he did and the bots took the site down!

  280. 1950democrat Says:

    May 20th, 2008 at 12:50 pm
    Please! Not ALL superdelegates are going to Obama. He and the media is just giving that illusion.

    About one-third of the c. 800 supers declared for Hillary long ago. Now Obama has got about another third.

    The remaining third are still UNDECIDED — the serious ones are waiting to select the BEST candidate!

    Okay. The way the propaganda machine is going, one would think, it was the opposite.

  281. I was finally able to get on NoQuarter, but it was extremely difficult to get on and very hard to post a comment!

  282. Then some of these undecided SD’s are cowards with no spine as they would rather let the DNC shut this down than come out and support Hillary….

  283. JAS,

    I think a lot of this is illusion, fakery by the media, trying to create a stampede.

    For one thing, HIllary is picking up SDs too but the media ignores that.
    For another, they make their stoiries misleading. A headline “Obama gains SDs” can cover a story that is really about maybe two SDs plus a bunch of little warm bodies declaring for him, and the story muddles the difference.
    For another, sometimes they recycle the same SD: someone who declared for Obama months ago says something nice, and they report it as though he had onlly just decided now. Or they are referring to some long-term gain.

    Anyway it is probably mostly smoke and mirrors. See my page

  284. Can someone please explain to this Canadian why Edwards is still on the ballot in Kentucky?

    Thanks. 🙂

  285. JanH Says:

    May 20th, 2008 at 1:24 pm
    Can someone please explain to this Canadian why Edwards is still on the ballot in Kentucky?


    Too late, to take him off? He was the West Virginia ballot too.

  286. Please everyone!

    Make Calls TODAY!!

    Please read this important CAMPAIGN UPDATE:
    Our best Activate callers have done an AMAZING job of connecting with voters in Oregon and Kentucky this week. Yesterday alone you connected with more than 55,000 voters! You’ve made one-to-one connections with tens of thousands of supporters and let them know that whatever the pundits were telling them, their voice matters. The calls you have made this past week have been some of the most important that we have ever asked you to make, and as always, our best callers have risen to the occasion.

    But Election Day calls are always incredibly important. Connections you make on Election Day itself are the ones most likely to generate votes for Hillary, so it is the day when your help will go the furthest towards helping Hillary secure the nomination. That’s why it’s absolutely imperative that all of our best callers pitch in. We are asking that you connect with voters to get them out and vote for at least three full hours today or for longer if you can. I know that’s a big commitment, but today is a pivotal day for the campaign.

    A big victory in Kentucky and a strong showing in Oregon (a state our opponent has been predicting to win big for months) will build Hillary’s lead in the popular vote and send a very strong message to undecideds that ours is the campaign with momentum as we head for the Convention. I know we can make this a great day for Hillary, but if we are to be successful today, we will need to make sure that all of our supporters get out and cast their ballots.

    We’ve seen it in many contests before: NOTHING generates votes for Hillary like the one-to-one connections that our best Activate callers make with voters. If there was EVER a time to spend a full day talking to voters, it’s now. Your help is needed more today than it has been at any point in the campaign.

  287. Kennedy has a brain tumor. Saw this on TM.


    As a RN, I was concerned, what the underlying cause for the seizure might be. Well, this would explain it.

  288. APNewsBreak: Sen. Kennedy has brain tumor

    Doctors for the Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday that preliminary biopsy results showed a malignant glioma in the left parietal-lobe. It was detected after Kennedy, 76, was airlifted to Boston on Saturday after having a seizure at his Cape Cod home.

    I don’t want to wish anything terrible on anybody including this jackass… Hopefully this new development will persuade him to retire completely.

  289. A brain tumor in never a good thing. I wish him minimal complications, but he needs to retire.

  290. Average survival can range from less than a year for very advanced and aggressive types – such as glioblastomas – or to about five years for different types that are slower growing.

  291. I would say his retirement is imminent. Odd that they decide to break this today of all days .. if I was cynical I’d say it was to stifle news of Hill’s momentum .. Surely one day to tell the world wouldn’t make any difference in his recovery. Just saying.

  292. dot48,

    maybe so…

    I don’t want to wish terrible things on anybody, but I’m not going to pretend to feel sorry for some jackass either.

    So hopefully, this piece of shit will just retire to his mansion and enjoy his remaining time.

  293. Good point dot48…..always a distraction when our Lady is about to win big. I wish him well, but funny how this happened shortly after he insulted her in comments about the VP spot…………………

  294. dot: Amazing isn’t it? What timing. They probably knew over the weekend or yesterday. MRI’s and CAT scans can pick tumors up very quickly. I hope, I am mistaken.

  295. I wonder if Ted Kennedy’s medical problem might have been causing some oddities in his thinking and speaking for a while before it was detected.

  296. kostner, don’t feel bad, I am having trouble feeling anything for this man. I think of Mary Jo Kopeche’s family who were cheated out of their daughter and possibly grandchildren because of his recklessness. He was very reckless as a young man and here at the end of his life he was also. I will try to forgive him though!

  297. 1950democrat Says:

    May 20th, 2008 at 1:38 pm
    I wonder if Ted Kennedy’s medical problem might have been causing some oddities in his thinking and speaking for a while before it was detected

    Could be, or aging?

  298. I would like to think that Senator Kennedy’s timing in getting ill and announcing it has nothing scheming about it.

    I’m not willing to assume that any of it was manipulative as far as the election goes. Thinking that way just makes me think that the Obama supporters will just use this thought trend to attack Hillary supporters.

  299. birdgal, I do catscans they knew in 15minutes after the scan was over, they held the news til Tuesday as his request. I would bet money on that. Why did they not announce it on Monday?

  300. Jan, the illness, of course not, but the timing of the announcement, is questionable. But, I would not wish this illness on my worse enemy. It is devastating, in any person, at any age or time. It is horrible. Hopefully, the course of his illness will be mild.

  301. However, they might of wanted to wait for the biopsy results and release it all at the same time. It does take extra time for the biopsy results to come in!

  302. I must say, given such a tragic diagnosis, it’s very reasonable for Ted Kennedy to want his family and supporters to learn about it from him, rather than from the news media. And to want to come to terms with it himself before talking to his family and supporters. Delaying public release of the news seems very reasonable.

  303. confloyd Says:

    May 20th, 2008 at 1:41 pm
    birdgal, I do catscans they knew in 15minutes after the scan was over, they held the news til Tuesday as his request. I would bet money on that. Why did they not announce it on Monday?

    Confloyd, I am a RN, so I know, the first thing that was ordered was either a CAT Scan or MRI. The cause of the seizure has to be ruled out, and the first diagnostic tool is imaging. It wouldn’t surprise me, if the news was withheld until today, but that is the skeptic in me. My first thought, was a brain tumor had to be ruled out.

  304. I am glad Senator Kennedy has the best insurance in the whole country and he will get top notch care. I wonder how many poor people with the same condition would not recieve the same kind of care with Senator Obama’s healthcare plan? Senator Kennedy backed Obama’s plan!

  305. Confloyd: yes, biopsy results do take time.

    Plus, 1950 Democrat is right. Family had to be notified, so delay in the announcement does make sense. I think, I am jaded from this election, so I apologize.

  306. confloyd,

    I agree. Ted Kennedy and his family is a symbol of the ugliness of those ultra liberal elites. He is a huge hypocrite. He set up all sorts of entities to avoid property taxes, dumped oil into the sea near his mansion… Don’t forget this guy also has a drug addicted son who has achieved nothing in his life is actually representing RI as a congressman, unbelievable, this is affirmative action at its worst.

    This piece of shit needs to vanish from us ASAP.

  307. Im sorry folks if I am not sympathetic, but Healthcare is why I am for Hillary! I know the Senate has the best. I can’t afford to get the follow-up MRI’s for my husband as I should because of the hight cost of the Co-Pays. So I am just mad about the lopsided healthcare in this country! Every night I go to work and see poor people relying on the ER for their Healthcare. Sometimes its so depressing!

  308. filbertsf,

    sorry, I didn’t curse him in the past, but I just can’t bring myself to wish him well either. I’m glad he’ll soon be history…

  309. yes i heard the nes on kennedy an dwas heartbroken. id ont agree with his obama move-but that does not mean i still do not admire him. he has done many great things in the senate. he has endured much. he fillibustered alito while reid and co did ntohing. he fought for emdicare price controls. he fought reagan. he fought nixon. i pray for his recovery.

  310. hi hillfans. i just found out about kennedy. i disagree with his obamabot thinking ways but wish him well on his brain tumor.

  311. Tonight we will have to hear Hillary wish him well and then BO kiss his ass …..a total hypocrite whom I am ashamed I looked up to….growing up in WPB, we would go to Palm Beach when the Kennedy’s were in town like searching out royalty….in the end, he lead the way for the good ole boys club to attack Hillary. Yes, I am sorry for his nieces and nephews who are the children of JFK and RFK, and of course, I do hope he gets the best medical care and can live many years, but my anger cannot be withheld on account of this tragedy…

  312. Several people close to me have died or are cancer survivors. I assure you that Teddy’s mind is no longer about politics. He’s got a tough road ahead and it’s quite possible, his journey is near the end.

  313. Ted Kennedy had a strong stance on health care and is an advocate to provide it to everyone. From his website:

    Early in 2006, Republicans and Democrats in Massachusetts came together with business leaders, health care professionals, community leaders, and citizens from all walks of life to craft a proposal to extend the benefits of health care coverage throughout the Commonwealth. The landmark legislation makes Massachusetts a pioneer in the effort to provide health care for all.

    On a national level, America faces a health care crisis. According to Census Bureau statistics, over forty-six million people in the United States are currently living without health insurance – that’s more than six million more than in the year President Bush took office. Even for those who have coverage, the cost of insurance is becoming more and more expensive, and the cost of prescription drugs continues to spiral out of control. It is a national disgrace that America is the only industrial nation in the world that refuses to guarantee health care for all its citizens.

    We need serious proposals to help solve the major health care challenges facing the nation. We need proposals that hold the promise of providing every American with quality health coverage – making sure that it is a right and not a privilege. In the wealthiest and most prosperous nation in the world, no citizen should have to choose between a visit to the doctor and paying the rent or putting food on the table.

    We can achieve this promise by extending Medicare to all Americans. Under the proposal, all citizens would have the option of remaining in their employer-based plans, or joining Medicare – a program which has earned the trust of the American people.

    Massachusetts has taken a giant step forward to extend the miracle of modern medicine to all its citizens. Now every state, every leader, and every American must follow our lead, and ensure every citizen has access to the affordable and effective health care they deserve.
    Key Facts

  314. Universal’s comment last night about how pro-Obama people who need ammunition against HRC or her supporters could come here and read some of the posts and paint us all with a broad brush. The majority of us are level-headed. We’re just passionate supporters who love Hillary.

    Then there are comments that even make me go, WTF?!

    If they came to the site today and read Kostner’s posts, I think it’s a very poor reflection on all of us.

  315. I wish Senator Kennedy a mild course. This is a devastating illness, and even though, I don’t agree with him, I would not wish, it on my worst enemy. He has a tough road ahead of him.

  316. filbetsf, you are right! Sen. Kennedy has done great things, we should compliment him on those things. He does have real universal healthcare in his state, which I had forgotten. I am truly sorry for being mean. He is an icon and we should all be grateful for his work!

  317. Ted Kennedy has done a lot of admirable things, and that makes it doubly hard to watch him go out on the double ‘down’ notes of backing a loser and scheming and becoming falsely outraged over MLK/LBJ (that is, no JFK) in order to achieve his true aim: Stopping the Clintons from overshadowing the Clintons.

    It is very hard to watch him go out this way. Someone mentioned that the tumor may have affected his judgment.

    I have no idea if that is true, but if it were true it might help to explain some of his more recent, irrational decisions and statements.

    Who knew that when BaJoke tried to take shots at McCain for ‘losing his bearings,’ the reality could well have been much ‘closer to home’ for Obama and his inner circle of surrogates?

    Good luck to the Kennedys and Ted.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  318. “A Surprise About Obama, Clinton, and Turnout

    Conventional wisdom has it that Barack Obama’s primary victories are based on his ability to increase turnout.

    A look at what happens when voter turnout increases in the primaries proves that this notion is wrong. In fact, Obama has had his greatest primary (and caucus) victories when turnouts have been low.

    Obama received 66% of the primary vote in Georgia when 22.7% of all registered voters in the state voted in the Democratic primary. In Virginia, Obama received 64% of the primary vote when 21.1% of all registered voters in the state voted in the Democratic primary. In Mississippi, Obama received 61% of the primary vote when 24.4% of all registered voters in the state voted in the Democratic primary.

    Hillary Clinton received 67% of the primary vote in West Virginia when 30.1% of all registered voters in the state voted in the Democratic primary. In Pennsylvania, Clinton received 55% of the vote when 27.7% of all registered voters in the state voted in the Democratic primary. In Ohio, Clinton received 54% of the primary vote when 30.5% of all registered voters in the state voted in the primary.

    There are exceptions (such as Arkansas, Tennessee, and Rhode Island), but Clinton, and not Obama, tends to win in the states where turnouts are higher. The relationship is strong enough that Democratic primary turnout can be predicted using Clinton’s share of the vote.”

    This really should put the DNC on its heels! Forget those pictures of the huge ralleys, they don’t translate into votes. Lets hope we see a huge turnout in Oregon and KY and PR. This was a really huge eye opener!


  319. # 1950democrat Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    See my page with quotes from Brazile, Dean, Pelosi and SDs about what criterion the remaining SDs should use. This takes quotes from different periods in the race.


    1950, extremely useful. Nice work.

    I like this little Pelosi-ism (kind of like a Yogi Berra-ism, in that it tinkers with logic, but unlike yogi-isms in that Nancy’s don’t make you smile, and they are not illuminating):

    “Pelosi has said superdelegates should take into account whatever is important but not give the nomination to the candidate who lags in delegates.”
    In other words, whatever else you SDs would want to take into account, there is only ONE overriding criteria: delegates.

    And on that count, Pelosi is vague. “Committed” delegates are the results of primaries and caucuses. “Pledged” delegates adds SD pledges into the mix. On top of that, SDs can change to whom they are pledged. So Ms. Pelosi, perhaps you’d like to clarify what the heck you mean.

    Earlier, when Obama was behind on SDs, They (Obama & Cabal, MSM, and the DNC) were adamant that SDs keep their nose out of the mix. “We don’t think it’s right that SDs should override the will of the people”.

    I am curious to go back to Jan, Feb, etc, to CNN and NYTimes coverage of what made up the “delegate race”, to see if/when they started mixing in the SDs into the mix as part of the “pledged” dels. I recall that in Feb., when Obama was racking up wins after SuperTuesday, they would very carefully contrast his 150-ish delegate lead, against Hillary’s Establishment SD lead, as if commingling the two would give her some unfair advantage.

    But now, with him coming up short, suddenly, it’s “pledged delegates”, and blurring the distinction that SDs (who don’t even have a real say until the convention, because supposedly they are only needed if no nominee wins the nomination with COMMITTED delegates) are part of the mix now, now that it helps Obama.

  320. FIineo Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 11:01 am

    “P. Rico, Montana, and South Dakota”

    Wow! that is really you. I am a big fan and you are a genius with your videos. Thank you. Thank you.

  321. birdgal Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    Those who will not vote for Obama.

    please add

    djia, her husband, son and her best friend and her husband(from S.D.) and i am working on my mom (From MN ):D

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