There was a time when 537 meant a great deal. Democrats cried. Democrats fought. Democrats denounced. Democrats litigated. Democrats cared. Democrats fumed. Democrats remembered.


Once upon a time Democrats cared.

Democrats used to care about the will of the people. Democrats used to care about the popular vote.

Once upon a time Democrats cared about 537 votes in Florida.

In 2000, and for 4 years after that, the bloody flag of of counting all the votes in Florida was waved by Democrats.

In 2008 Democrats don’t care about 2.3 million votes cast in Florida and Michigan.

Democrats used to care about 537 votes. Democrats used to say “count every vote they way they were voted”.

Next time Republicans refuse to count votes the Democrats will have no defense. In the words of Thomas Cardinal Wolsey, Democrats will be “naked to mine enemies”. Without refuge. Without an argument. Without principles to stand on.

The Barack Obama/Howard Dean 48 State Losing Strategy

We know, and increasingly the American people know, why Florida and Michigan are not being counted. Because Obama could not win those states – so disturbed DNC shills for Obama, like Donna Brazile, did whatever they had to do to shut out Florida and Michigan. Other states broke “the rules”. But only the states Obama could not win were punished. And punished 100%, contrary to their self-violated rules.

We also know why West Virginia and Kentucky (along with white working class voters, not to mention Latinos) have now joined Florida and Michigan in the “ignore” column – the 46 state strategy – and dropping.

Florida, Michigan, West Virginia and Kentucky are wiped off the Democratic map because Obama cannot win them. Obama is unelectable.

But Obama keeps on blaming Americans for not voting for him. Americans without Rezko to help finance their homes, let alone mansions, apparently are “bitter”.

Obama’s latest series of excuses for being a loser:

Obama conceded that he has a steep challenge to get his message and background to voters in states such as Kentucky — where he trails Sen. Hillary Clinton by 27 points, according to a poll published earlier this week — and West Virginia, where voters chose Clinton over Obama by 40 points on Tuesday. [snip]

Obama has been trying to introduce himself to Kentuckians using a series of biographical TV ads, as well as fliers, including one that shows him at a pulpit in front of a church’s cross and pipe organ.

He acknowledged that he’s trying to “reverse a lot of misconceptions” about his background. He is a Christian, although some e-mail chains have said he is a Muslim.

“Part of it is because there have been these e-mails that have been sent out very systematically, presumably by various political opponents, although I don’t know who,” he said. “And there are a lot of voters who get their news from Fox News. Fox has been pumping up rumors about my religious beliefs or my patriotism or what have you since the beginning of the campaign.”

Does Obama really think that emails will cease being sent, that Fox News will cease being Fox News? Obama has been campaigning for all of this year, all of last year and preparing to run for several months in 2006. The problem is not that people have not heard Obama’s excuses or biography. The problem is Obama. Americans, bitter creatures that we are, don’t want Obama. Americans will cling to the truth, not Obama’s fictions.

Does Obama have a case to make? Should anyone believe Obama’s excuses for losing so overwhelmingly in West Virginia and in all likelihood Kentucky?

Jake Tapper of ABC News examined the question – Why Shouldn’t Obama Win West Virginia?

1.8 million Americans live in West Virginia, 665,234 of them are registered Democrats. It’s bordered by two states Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois won — Virginia and Maryland, and two states Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, won — Pennsylvania and Ohio. (Its fifth border state, Kentucky, holds its primary on May 20.)

The Mountain State ranks 50th in median household income, $31,008; 50th in persons in the state 25 years or older with a bachelor’s degree or more, 15.3%; and 48th in per capita income, $23,995.

The state is 96% white and 3.5% African-American.

The idea of Democrats winning in West Virginia is perfectly sane. Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans two to one — approximately 60% to 30%.

The state has two Democratic senators — Bob Byrd and Jay Rockefeller — and a Democratic governor, Joe Manchin. Two out of its three members of Congress are Democrats. The state went for Michael Dukakis in 1988, Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996, and George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004.

Sure, with few African-Americans or college-educated Democrats, this does not seem like an “Obama” state the way these primaries have been playing out.

But Obama needs to be able to convince voters like these that he cares about them, shares their values, and will change their lives.

John F. Kennedy shocked the political world in 1960 by winning here, proving that a Catholic could win in a Protestant, heavily evangelical state. Why is it so crazy that Obama could win in West Virginia? Or at least not lose it 2-to-1?

If these Democrats vote for Clinton, the presumptive loser, overwhelmingly — as is predicted — that indicates a real problem for Obama. I know the delegate math is close to dispositive for Clinton, but tomorrow’s butt-stomping seems to me like it should merit some serious hand-wringing among Democrats.

Obama is unelectable. Obama spent extravagantly in West Virginia and lost just as extravagantly. Obama is spending extravagantly in Kentucky. Obama will lose extravagantly in Kentucky.

Obama will continue to spend extravagantly. Obama will continue to lost extravagantly. Obama is a loser.

Obama is a loser – which is why only 46 states and dropping are important to him and Dean/Brazile/Pelosi.

Democrats are losers too – they have lost their principles.

Once Democrats cared about 537 votes.

Now Democrats don’t care about millions of votes.

537 – Democrats used to have principles.


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  1. From the other post…
    gb44hrc Says:
    May 18th, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    # justmeinmountdorafl Says:
    May 17th, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    whats with all this statements about Florida and Michigan cannot save Hillary wtf? True?

    That is the LIE they (Obama/MSM) are trying to foist on the unsuspecting public, to create the illusion of “victory” based on whatever convenient “math” they want to use.

    They keep talking about “pledge” delegates at this point, mixing in SDs. SDs won’t officially be able to vote until August. “committed” delegates, on the other hand, is where he falls short. I don’t even think it’s possible for him to hit the low bar (2,025), let alone what it should be put back to (2,209), in just committed delegates.

    So NOW they want SDs to matter.

    And not even wait for the 5/31 Rules Committee decisions.

  2. We have 50 states on this country and the Democrats in FL and MI should count Howard Dean should be fired. He should have known better than to appy the rules even harsher than they were written. We should have know from the YeHaa, that there was a problem.

  3. universal – thanks

    i will enjoy watching the water-boarding of BO and his followers on a national stage this summer and into the fall. you are absolutly right. we do hold the cards and panic is setting in, big time.

  4. I *heart* you, admin. 🙂 Fantastic post.

    Alcina — Exactly.

    Not only do we get to sit back and watch Bambi implode, we’re the ones who will be creating the pressurization.

    Karma is a bitch, sometimes.

    Lesson: Wanton race-baiting and jealousy towards those who have helped you become Dem elites are not good things.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  5. I made a bunch of calls to Oregon. Of the calls I made the support seems to be 50/50. I feel the race could be much close than what the media is wishing for.

  6. hallow……your post showed up i don’t think your blocked…….and so i don’t think this has anything to do with ADmin

  7. Hi hallow

    I’m a reader, not much of a poster and there must have been a mistake

    You are a great Hillary supporter

    I enjoy Sonja too, so what do I know, except Hillary must be

  8. Admin,

    It always makes my day to read your articles! Thank you for being the voice of reason and thank you for endorsing Hillary all the way!!! 🙂

  9. Cancel my last post

    Just learned some are part of that insidious group Anonymous.

    A true bunch of Nogoodniks

  10. I can’t believe, that I am agreeing with Pat Buchanan. He was the only sane one, in that group. Clarence Page and Eleanor Clift are obvious obamabots. At least, McLaughlin brought up the disappropriate allocation of caucus delegates vs primary delegates. I hope, this system gets revamped. It is so, very undemocratic.

  11. May 18th, 2008 12:53 PM Eastern
    Obama Orders Faithful to “Be Nice to Clinton Supporters”
    by Bonney Kapp

    At a fundraiser last night in Portland that raked in an estimated $350,000 to his campaign coffers, Barack Obama predicted a victory in Oregon, and said he believed the resulting delegate haul would “put us over the top.”

    “We will be able to say we have won a majority,” he said. “But we have a lot of work to do ahead of us.”

    For Dems to win in November, he said, it will require a unified Party, adding: “That means all of you have to be nice to Clinton supporters.”

    After Tuesday there are three more contests.

    Never get my vote regardless.

    hillary44 2008

  12. Found this at TM ..

    Seems Waffles will try to declare “Premature Election” on 5/20 … LOL

  13. Thanks for the video Admin. Pat Buchanan totally “gets it” and has since the beginning. LOTS of Republicans “get it.” There are even many Republicans that would rather gamble opposite HRC than BHO because at least she is a patriotic American, does not pose a danger to our national security, could pass a random drug test, and knows and could name the fifty states, including capitals. That’s one fourth grade test that BHO could not pass. I also wonder about BHO’s ability to pass a random drug test.

    Maybe he’s afraid at the next debate he would be given a Playskool USA puzzle to solve or be asked if he would be willing to submit to drug screening with a handy sterile specimen cup nearby.

    Let BHO try to storm Iowa Tuesday night claiming victory and he just thinks he has alienated the other 50%. He ‘aint seen nothing yet……

    The more they cram him down our throats, the more determined are we that he WILL NOT prevail.

  14. If the Obamabots are going to be nice to me, then I’ll go all Veruca Salt on them. This is what I want from them NOW:

    1. A big bag of candy. I like chocolate truffles best.
    2. Tickets to see Coldplay at the Palace of Auburn Hills. One for me and one for my best friend. Oh, and I think my 9-year-old niece should come along, too. It would be her first rock concert. Of course, we’ll need T-shirts, drinks, and snacks. Plus an ice cream for the kid. And with the price of gas being so high, I want the Bots to hire a limo to take us to and from the Palace.
    3. Some new shoes.
    4. Some new jeans. I’m sick of wearing cheap stuff, so y’all can buy me some designer duds. Hey, if you want me to vote Obama, I have to look the part. You can expect me to show up at your rallies in my white trash clothes.
    5. Since we all care about the environment, I want a new bike.
    6. It’s not fair for me to take my 9-year-old niece to see Coldplay without getting something for her 6-year-old sister, so y’all can buy her an American Girl doll.
    7. I have an old boom box from 1985 that’s on its last legs. Y’all can pay somebody to fix it.
    8. My car could use new tires also.
    9. My parents are old and spend much of their fixed incomes on prescription drugs. Y’all can pay for that.
    10. While I am in an unselfish mode, y’all can cough up some money for my favorite charities.
    11. Give me a copy of the Michelle Obama “whitey” tape. Don’t worry, I will take REAL good care of it!
    12. Let’s see, what else… Oh yeah, count the votes in Florida and Michigan and seat the delegates according to the way the people voted.

    I guess the Bots can’t convert me after all.

  15. Let’s do the math like they say. Only this time, let’s compare caucus vs. primary results and delegate allocation. Where’s your drawing board Rove?

  16. Obama Warns Seniors On Social Security Threats

    (AP) – Democrat Barack Obama told seniors Sunday that Republican John McCain would threaten the Social Security that they and millions like them depend on because he supports privatizing the program.

    But Bambi has used the VERY SAME Republican talking points about Social Security, without directly calling for privatization, just as McCain does.

  17. Who: Anyone who believes in Democracy

    What: Rally at the DNC Rules Committee meeting to discuss the fate of MI and FL

    Where: Washington DC

    When: Saturday May 31st 8am: Bus leaves Manhattan at 2am (all states are invited)

    Why: Because its our right that OUR voices are heard

    To register visit

  18. basil9..ha!

    should BO be the nominee, he will certainly experience “electoral dysfunction” november 4, 2008!

  19. this may not mean much to those who reside outside NH, but for me, this is the last straw –

    MANCHESTER – Howard Dean urged delegates at yesterday’s New Hampshire Democratic Party state convention to unify behind the party’s Presidential nominee — but it was Kathy Sullivan who made them promise.
    Sullivan, the former state party chair and co-chair of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign here, took the stage with Jim Demers, co-chair of Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign. Beneath a blue and white banner reading, “Hope. Leadership. Results,” she called on the more than 500 delegates in the gym at McLaughlin Middle School to stand and raise their right hands.
    “And I want you to promise, no matter who your candidate was, in November your candidate, the person you will be voting for, will be the Democratic nominee.

  20. Admin-
    I dont know where I read it but I think Dean is going to have a “fundraiser” in honor of Al Gore in New York on 5/31. I think he wants it to be a distraction from the Rules comittee meeting.

    Maybe those who can’t make it to DC should stage a protest in NY too.

    … and funny that Dean wont be in DC during the committe meeting?

  21. Ronald we agree. Clearly what Dean wants is to pretend to have Gore endorse the decision earlier that day by the Rules Committee. Hopefully Gore has sufficient integrity to demand all the votes be counted the way they were voted.

  22. Also, Ronald, we’ll post what we think should be done regarding the Rules Committee and the Gore dinner – but only after Tuesday’s elections.

  23. Jen the Michigander – like the Culinary Workers Union in Nevada. The union endorsed B.O. but rank and file went with Hillary. Massachusetts politicians too – they endorsed B.O. but voters went to Hillary.

  24. Since one of the states in question is Florida and we all know what happened to Gore in Florida, perhaps Dean and friends ARE planning to seat the delegates? Then at the fundraiser, Gore can get up and give a “you did the right thing” speech. If the DNC were planning not to count Florida and Michigan, I don’t think they’d want Gore out in the spotlight like that.

  25. Admin-

    That’s great! Im sure we can rally some people in NYC too. I wont hold my breath with Gore doing the right thing and not endorsing the vote but my guess is he will just smile and say thank you.

    Im psyched for Tuesday. I have good feeling about this one.

  26. BTW Ronald, we have communicated our concerns about the Gore dinner privately to some other blogs and organizations. We have to be ready for anything.

    We will write about all this after Tuesday and we suspect other blogs will follow with comments too. Gore would really tarnish himself and lose all right to complain about 2000 if he does not stand up for all the votes to be counted the way they were voted.

  27. ronald, we can only hope gore does not turn out to be another judas. i too, feel tuesday to be a real breaking point. one the BM cannot ignore. HRC will sweep the lunch-bucket dems in both KY and OR. those results cannot be brushed aside.

  28. I keep reading this board, and I keep hearing a little of this is over.

    However, the primary voters have not spoken.

    And since when did we give the authority to the SDs to make that decision. In addition, at the front of this series they said that they should follow the voters, and now they say not.

    So does that sound like a set up to you? We need to not quit, but get really mad an protest this.

    We did not protest about Florida in 2000, and we should have. In France they would call a halt to the Public Transportaiton and everything else, untile the people got their way.

    In France the Leaders are afraid of the people, and in American the people act like they are afraid of the Leaders. So when do we get mad about something. Is there nothing more precious to us than who should lead this country. How Dare the Democratic Party ignore the Electorate.

  29. We’ve already had a president that didn’t know geography or sociology,
    we’ve already had a president that couldn’t give a speech without a telepromter, we’ve already had a president that used drugs,
    we’ve already had a president that didn’t want votes counted,
    we’ve already had a president that has “shady” characters in his midst,
    we’ve already had a president that lacked substantive political experience
    we’ve already had a president that filled the American people with false hopes
    we’ve already had a president claim “mission accomplished” before their was an end,
    AND we’ve already had a man for a president………

    So how is BHO change? I am not a racist, I have spent nearly 20 years of my life fighting for civil, equal and human rights and hopefully I will spend another 20, but call me racist if you must because the only difference I see here is the color of his skin.

    Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.”—George Santayana …

  30. For anyone who needs more reasons to fight for HRC, check the National Geographic special, “Inside 911.” It details the1992 bombing of the WC, how Ramzi Youssef swore to complete the job next time, how the FBI knew about the Jihad cells in Brooklyn just down the street, ironically from where I lived when I first moved to NYC, and the other 130 cells across the country and shows footage of Jihadist sermons across America which sound eerily similar to Jeremiah Wirght’s rantings. The following segments will chronicle how all this led to the WTC tragedy, 10 years later.
    I feel like Americans are being targeted from within, from without, and everyone is just sticking their heads in the sand and pretending none of this is happening.

  31. The Evelyn Pringle ‘The curtain is falling for Obama Part VI is now posted.Part VII willbe on next week. How can the MSN ignore this information.It is based on the REZKO trial testimony and records.It shows the input that BHO on this corruption and the amount of funds that he accepted for his influence in the fraudulent schemes by the Chicago Political Mafia.When do his supporters was his feet on the MSM?

    What a horrible scenario for a takeover of our government by this band of Barack Huusein Obama cheerleaders.Put a stop to it now before it is too late. We need Hillary NOW.

    By ABM90 It is happening right before our eyes.

  32. Sorry about the disconnect – but part of the reason I’m posting about this is because the program includes interviews with Patrick Fitzgerald, the US AG in the Rezko case. If he knew about the WTC plots stemming back to 1991, I’m sure he’s thoroughly investigating the Illinois Combine-Middle East connection and sooner or later Waffles is going to be indicted. That’s my take.

  33. ABM,

    The hijacked planes plot and the plan to fly them into the Pentagon, the WH, the Sears Tower, the WTC, etc., were in planning from 1991. i remeber after the WTC I went to the local PO in NJ, which was, ironically, just down the street from the travel agency where Mohammed Atta got his passport, and the clerk told me the emplyess had been given flyers of planes flying into the WTC years befpre. then, realizing she’d said too much, she tried to cover her remarks but i told her i wouldn’ say anything.

    My convuluted point is, PATRICK FITZGERALD is speaking at length about the WTC plot and he’s prosecuting REZKO!!!!!!!!

  34. I think, Gore is going to do the same thing that everyone else has done. Afterall, the fundraiser is with Dean. How can NH bind their members to vote for nominee? What happened to free choice?

  35. I’m hearing or seeing that some of you are confident about tuesdays’ primaries but I wonder have you done anything to ensure your confidence? Have you made calls? Have you spoken with on the grounds people? Have you written on blogs for Oregon? Have you discussed with these critical people the importance of coming out to vote on both days?

    537 votes hurt us before
    7 votes in Guam hurt us
    What more can we take?

    This I wonder.

    There is time to call Oregon!

    There is time to call Kentucky!

    Go Hill Team!

  36. I’m still brainstorming on my idea about PROVING we’re serious about defecting, by making ‘conditional’ donations. I hope lots of these projects will be set up in different ways by different people.

    For really simple — how about writing SMALL personal checks:

    “Pay to Hillary Clinton Campaign OR John McCain Campaign.”

    Mail them snail mail to some trusted person. After the nomination, that person mails them all to Hillary’s campaign if she won the nomination and to McCain’s campaign if Hillary lost it.

    Then let that campaign cash the checks itself.

    This way no special bank account or fund is needed. Just someone to keep a bunch of paper checks in a box and in September mail the box to a campaign.

    The only thing that person has to do with the checks is scan them (blanking out personal information) to prove how MANY there were, and announce the count as it climbs every day.

    Is there some journalist who might do this? What about Greta?

  37. ABM,

    After seeing the first segment, i realize my other point is that a cult is a cult, whether it’s a cult of jihadist martyrs, a cult of Scientologists, or the cult of a candidate for the democratic nominee to be president of the US.

    That’s what freaked me out. Of course I’ve known about all these threads for years but the documentary, “Inside 911”, ties everything together. It’s terrifying.

  38. May 18th, 2008 12:53 PM Eastern
    Obama Orders Faithful to “Be Nice to Clinton Supporters”

    This, as the saying goes, is when the fun begins. Nothing like the rat that realizes it is caught in the trap, eh?

    Personally, I may try to extract as much ass-kissing from the Obamaphants as possible before voting for McCain (if Ofraudma in nominated). Kind of like a two-fer, you know. 🙂

    birdgal — The best way to make sure that the caucuses, etc. are reformed is to defeat Obama in November if he is nominated.

    If we do not defeat him then the elites will say ‘everything worked out perfectly,’ etc.

    We all know that’s garbage. But to make sure that this issue is dealt with, Bambi has to be brought down. That way, the broken system which ‘elected’ him, if he is nominated, comes into sharper focus.

    Ronald — The Dean dinner is the latest in a primary full of attempted misdirection.

    This is what happens when a cabal decides to ram a guy through against the will of it’s party’s registered voters and against the will of all popular voters: You are left with parlor games such as throwing parties on days when Kentuckians humiliate you and trying to court favorable press when you are effing over millions of Floridians and Michiganders.

    Up is down, black is white, Obama in the nominee.

    And we’re all going to unify behind him.

    Ha ha ha.

    If this all weren’t so unbelievably destructive it would be funny: the MSM is Pravda, the DNC is the Politburo and the cult rank-and-file are the secret police candidates.

    Here is the first paragraph of Wikipedia’s entry on “Stalinism:”


    Stalinism is the political regime named after Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union from 1922-1953. It includes an extensive use of propaganda to establish a personality cult around an absolute dictator, as well as extensive use of the secret police to maintain social submission and silence political dissent.

    Sound familiar?

    Replace “Stalin” with “Bambi” and “secret police” with “MSM”/”‘Racist’ Police” and you are all set.

    This is funny, but it’s also scary. And dangerous.

    And now we hear that Obama wants to run a stealth party apparatus, to boot.

    This is where Bambi’s “internationalist” background, figures like Trilateral Commission founder Zbigniew Brzezinski and the William Ayers of the world come into much clearer focus.

    When I made my “The Bambi Cult” video, there were a few people whom I respect who said, essentially, “This could be a bit much, even though we know Obama is a Jim Jones-type figure.”

    Anybody still think The Obama Cult shouldn’t be taken very, very seriously? These people are saying they are going to enact purges; they are utilizing classic “Big Lie” techniques; their titular head has: an anti-American wife; a 20-year spiritual mentor who rubbed America’s face in 9/11 but five days after the event; legitimate“One World Government” advisers, domestic terrorist subsidizers and a cousin — whom Obama personally went to try to help get elected an whom he lent his personal visage for Odinga’s campaign materials — whom the Kenyan government has accused of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

    This is scary, ugly, but very real stuff. One of the main reasons why Tricky Dick Morris is working like hell against Hillary (well, you know, aside from the whole ‘caught sucking a whore’s toes’ thing) is because Morris was dispatched to go and try to help get Odinga elected. So when Obama goes down, guess who gets to have the focus placed on his having abetted this “ethnic cleanser” and “genocidist?”


    There are many philosophical justifications for why we are going to defeat Obama if he is nominated by the Democratic Judas Elite.

    But chief among them is that if you have the opportunity to prevent disastrous, destructive history from repeating itself, you have to act to do so.

    Obama is not Stalin. Yet. But all of the trend lines for him and his followers are there, and we are seeing them more every day:

    – Talk of impending purges

    – Increasingly bold action by the Leader’s Brownshirt
    Brigades (see the comments in this section for more evidence of these phenomenona) against “dissenters”

    – Reliance on greater manufactured instances of propaganda (such as the Dean/Gore dinner) as ‘unpleasant’ events such as the disenfranchisement of millions of people and two states comes back to the fore

    – Increasing reliance on the ‘Pravda‘ MSM to both deceive and outright lie to the electorate as your grip on power becomes ever more tenuous and threatened


    Look, I joke a lot about what is going on with Bambi and the Bambi Thugs. After all, it is hilarious to see things such as T-Mac correctly calling out Tweety for being an Obama apparatchik. We all laugh at these instances, partly to keep sane in a world of madness swirling around us led by figures such as Kos, Tweety, Lil Timmy Russert, etc.

    But make no mistake: This is extremely serious and dangerous stuff which we and Hillary are facing via the Obambians.

    Hundreds of people died after Obama’s cousin Odinga lost his election 5 months ago. People — maybe yourself included — are being threatened all over the ‘net by Obama’s Fascists. These Americans’ pictures, places of employment, etc. are being put up specifically with the intent to target them for reprisals, and all because they did not support Dear Leader. People like John Lewis are being screwed over and threatened. Purges are being openly talked about.

    The insanity is very real. The Obama Fascists are 100% committed to seeing their cult leader elected, no matter what. By any means necessary.

    To end this madness which has infected our party, the MSM and our party’s leadership is why we will unite to bring Obama down in November if he is nominated. We have to strike back now before our party and our nation is over-run with this disease.

    Imagine a country where you could be bullied with impunity by people like the denizens of Daily Joke? Think if they had real-life “troll rating privileges.”

    Imagine yourself being called in to speak with your boss because someone has put out an internet hit piece that you are a ‘racist,’ and this person and their co-cultists have decided to get you fired simply because you do not support Dear Leader.

    Imagine, that is, an Obama Presidency.

    If Obama — and the troubled, failed people who have propped him up during this nomination contest — is given the key to the Oval Office, there is a decided chance that these kinds of things are going to come to pass. Again, Obama’s people are already talking about purges and we have seen what the Obama Fascists will do and they’re not even in power yet. Imagine the terror which could be wrought if these people actually were institutionalized and not merely deluding themselves that they already possess such sway?

    When we put an end to Bambi’s electoral chances, it will not be because we are seeking revenge. Nor will it be because we are racists.

    It will be because we don’t want some twisted version of ‘vengance’ visited upon us by a megalomaniacal would-be Stalin and his of-questionable-stability supporters.

    It will be because we believe in the vision of MLK and do not want those who follow in our footsteps to be hysterically labeled as ‘racists’ if they don’t choose to imbibe of the Kool Aid.

    It will be because we, as Americans — above our being Democrats — do not want our leaders backing destructive figures like Odinga. I never supported our country’s backing of tyrants like Pinochet, and I’m not going to start now.

    And it will be because we, as Americans, do not want our nation’s security left in the hands of a man who is prepared to immediately meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad & Hugo Chavez, and whose foreign policy advisers are holding clandestine meetings with Hamas.


    As we go forward to ensure Obama’s defeat, remember these things.

    Our commitment to end this man’s designs on the White House must be resolute, focused and organized. We already know that the Obama Fascists will be coming full-force against us.

    And please remember, finally, that none of this is personal to us or against Babmi’s numerous bamboozled, hopium-addled acolytes. They are the ones who approach their opponents with this mindset, not us.

    This is not about each of us, individually. It is about what is good for our party, our nation and, truly, our world.

    There are those who see in Obama an “Anti-Christ” figure. I am not among their number. Though I do see the man whom I have labeled Adolphus Koreshius Obamus (in reference to noted cult leaders Adolph H. and David Koresh) as a tyrant-in-training, I do not see him as the bearer of the mark of the beast.

    However, I am among the millions who fear the damage this man could do as the leader of the free world. The fissures in our party, of themselves, will take years to fix — if they are even repairable at all.

    So let us heed the axiom that prevention is the best cure as regards The Obama Cult. We need to stop it now — and we will — so that innumerable years aren’t later spent undoing the devastation which an Obama Presidency would likely inflict upon the world.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  39. Carbynew — I’m so sorry. All thoughts and prayers with you. :*(


    Sorry for the massive bolding there at the end of my last post. Just made an error, and the bolding should have stopped after the word “Cult.”


  40. God Bless you Carby. Here for you. Have always enjoyed your posts and insight. Praying for you and your family.

  41. carbynew


    How Horrible!!!! I am just dumbstruck and in tears for you and your family right now

    please feel my cyber{{{{{ hugs}}}}}} all around you!!!

    I feel so bad for you right now i can’t even imagine what your going through ….. i will say prayers for you and your family


  42. Know what I mean, dot?

    Time to put The Obama Cult and Adolphus Koreshius Obamus on permanent lockdown.

    Since Obamus seems to want to be Stalin, I suggest a non-terminating “Siberian Exile” to the Senate where Obamus can spend the rest of his political career days cavorting with Sir Swiftboat — AKA Teresa’s Husband — in political impotency.

    Prez also-rans never die, they merely go to the Senate so as to continue their delusions concerning their relevance.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  43. Universal.

    “Imagine yourself being called in to speak with your boss …’

    I work in a very large organization that has come out publically for and helped finance BHO.

    I stand alone as a major contributor (if not the only one) to Hillary in the my organization.

    It’s a downright scary place to be. I’m just waiting for the ax to come down.

  44. Paul, great post. I wanted to tell you about my sister’s experience in Houston during a caucas in Spring, texas. She totally believes Bambi is the antichrist. She told me that she could feel evil when she walked thru the door at the elementary school she was voting in. She said it was feeling she could actually smell. I thought she was a little off, so we have never spoke about it again. My sister is very religious and practices the Jewish religion. She tells me she will not vote for Hillary unless O is not anywhere on the ticket because of what she felt at that caucas! There are alot of people that say he fits the mole exactly. I not one of those, I just believe he is somehow connected to the jihadists and will try to take this country over from the inside.

  45. alcina, this is exactly what they are making us do at our Texas convention! I actually had to sign something and it said I would be held to it! Scary really.

  46. carbynew,

    Please accept my thoughts and prayers for your family. I am very sorry for your loss.

  47. confloyd, I really don’t think they can legally make you sign such a thing

    you are held to your pledge until the first vote at the convention at which time you can switch your pledge…….per the rules

    i would send this information to the campaign and let them know what is going on

  48. Shut The Freud Up Productions has produced a new video. Check out our new blog ( http://shutthefreudup.blogspot.com )

    “DNC: Fractured Fairly Tales” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvuMDmqwwbI ) is our (IndyRobin and GeekLove) latest video from “Shut the Freud Up” Productions.

    Our last video “Mad as Hell” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcdnlNZg2iM ) was seen by over 165,000 people. It was written about in Salon (twice), Newsday, was mentioned by the New York Times, and was prominently featured on the front page of most blogs supportive of Hillary Clinton.

    We need your help to bring the same attention to this video. It is different from the first, but nonetheless, equally important. “Mad As Hell” exposed the sexism in the MSM. “DNC: Fractured Fairly Tales” exposes the DNC for who they really are.

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  49. well so i thought……till i really started digging and so i am not sure now what i think of it

  50. For some reason, I can’t post links here, but here is what I sent earlier with modified links:

    Shut The Freud Up Productions has produced a new video. Check out our new blog ( shutthefreudup DOT blogspot DOT com )

    “DNC: Fractured Fairly Tales” ( at youtube : watch?v=FvuMDmqwwbI ) is our (IndyRobin and GeekLove) latest video from “Shut the Freud Up” Productions.

    Our last video “Mad as Hell” was seen by over 165,000 people. It was written about in Salon (twice), Newsday, was mentioned by the New York Times, and was prominently featured on the front page of most blogs supportive of Hillary Clinton.

    We need your help to bring the same attention to this video. It is different from the first, but nonetheless, equally important. “Mad As Hell” exposed the sexism in the MSM. “DNC: Fractured Fairly Tales” exposes the DNC for who they really are.

    Please pass this along to everyone you know. When you do, please ask everyone to go directly to YouTube and recommend it, rate it as their favorite video, and leave a comment. We are counting on you to help us with the same dedication, commitment and attention you gave to our last video.

    Thanks so much for your support. Our goal is the same as yours: to help elect Hillary Rodham-Clinton as President of the United States. She has never stopped working for us, so let’s not stop working for her.

    With much appreciation,

    IndyRobin and GeekLove

  51. Of Course Gore and Carter are going to do something, and it is planned for right after KY and OR.

    I have to tell you, they are almost beginning to look silly. What other white has been Democrat do we have out there. Everyone but two lost their bids for President, one got one term, and they threw him out. The only successful one is Bill Clinton, and he endorses the next successful one Hillary Clinton.


    Be ready for the guys to come out of the closet on Tuesday. They are already practicing their lines.

    Really Pathetic.

  52. confloyd Says:

    May 18th, 2008 at 9:34 pm
    alcina, this is exactly what they are making us do at our Texas convention! I actually had to sign something and it said I would be held to it! Scary really.

    Isn’t the purpose of voting, to choose the nominee? If you’re a Hillary delegate, and waffles is the “presumed nominee” do you have to vote for him???

  53. One thing I have learned about fear is you address straight on. If that is the best they have, the American voter is much better.

  54. birdgal………NO!!!!!!!!

    as long as hillary or anyone else like gravel is still in the race and has not dropped out
    you can vote for them at convention

  55. We were told if we were selected to be a national delegate we had to vote for the person we put down on the paper. Some campaigner said they would vote for Hillary the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and until the lady in the pants suit told us to was over!
    The district chairs were trying to get us to say that we need a democrat whichever one it winds up being.

  56. from TM…

    Good evening all!

    I’m on the steering committee for the Count Our Votes rally in DC on May 31st. This rally is imperative and we’re trying to get the word out, far and wide.

    To all the pro-hillary bloggers, and anyone else who is willing to send emails to your contact lists:

    We need the entire pro-Hillary community to promote this. Would you be willing to give us space? If so, how much, and what are your design and code requirements? Any kind of promotion of this is much appreciated, email blasts, event postings, whatever you can do. More info about the rally is below. Thank you!

    Who: Anyone who believes in Democracy
    What: Rally at the DNC Rules Committee meeting to discuss the fate of MI and FL
    Where: Washington DC
    When: Saturday May 31st 8am: Bus leaves Manhattan at 2am (all states are participating)
    Why: Because its our right that OUR voices are heard
    To register visit


  57. Dear Supporters of WomenCount PAC,

    We have so much exciting news to share! WomenCount PAC’s first ad appeared Friday on p. 5 of USA Today.

    The response has been fabulous and the press is really paying attention. We had an interview with Fox News Friday and we’ve already been in The Page at thepage.time.com/womencount-letter-to-clinton-supporters and The Note at blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/05/women-for-hilla.html.

    The big story is the overwhelming and enormous response to the PAC’s effort. Once we opened the PAC and started to spread the word, we had hundreds of contributions within three days totaling nearly $200,000 as of Friday — and it’s still coming in. As a result, in addition to USA Today, we have already purchased ads in local papers throughout Oregon that will run on Monday and we are working on our Internet advertising strategy.

    Our next immediate goal is to raise enough money to run the ad in Tuesday’s New York Times. This IS CRITICAL. Please send contributions today — of any amount up to $5,000. Fax your donation by credit card using the attached form or send checks BY OVERNIGHT MAIL to:

    WomenCount PAC
    c/o Megan Asmus
    The Sutton Law Firm, PC
    150 Post Street, Suite 405
    San Francisco, CA 94108

    Another quick note: the PAC released a statement denouncing NARAL’s endorsement of Barack Obama.

    Thank you for your continuing support. We will keep in touch with regular updates.

    WomenCount was created to ensure that the 51 percent of American citizens who are women have their values and votes counted in the political process.

    With unending gratitude,

    Check out the new website: http://www.womencountpac.com

  58. birdgal, I will vote for Hillary front of God and everybody! No one, and I repeat no one will change my mind. I hate cheating, lying and that kind of thing. I will not vote for Bambi, no matter what all good democrats at the convention try to get me to do. I just hope that the biggest, scariest man tries to scare me into to voting for Obama, cause I will take great pride in seeing him put in jail!

  59. Confloyd, if you are a delegate at the national convention, you are assigned. You are a Hillary delegate. IOW, if she won 10 delegates in your state, you are one of her delegates. That’s what you had to sign. That’s who you vote for.

  60. shenanigans, thats right. I knew I had to say who it was I was for and put my signature and my name in a book. I have always been a delegate for Hillary and will always be one.

  61. The following is posted on TM. I notice that George McGovern is the only nominee who didn’t win the popular votes and we know what was result in GE.

    “Has the Democratic Party’s nomination ever NOT gone to the person who leads in the popular vote? UPDATE: We decided to check on that, so here are the popular vote results for the Democratic primaries going back to 1968:

    2008 (in progress): Hillary Clinton – 16,710,298, Barack Obama – 16,680,827

    2004: John Kerry – 9,930,497, John Edwards – 3,162,337, Howard Dean – 903,460

    2000: Al Gore – 10,626,568, Bill Bradley – 2,798,281, Lyndon LaRouche – 323,014

    1996: Bill Clinton – 9,706,802, Lyndon LaRouche – 596,422

    1992: Bill Clinton – 10,482,410, Jerry Brown – 4,071,232, Paul Tsongas – 3,656,010

    1988: Michael Dukakis – 9,898,750, Jesse Jackson – 6,788,991, Al Gore – 3,185,806

    1984: Walter Mondale – 6,952,912, Gary Hart – 6,504,842, Jesse Jackson – 3,282,431

    1980: Jimmy Carter – 10,043,016, Ted Kennedy – 7,381,693, Jerry Brown – 575,296

    1976: Jimmy Carter – 6,235,609, Jerry Brown – 2,449,374, George Wallace – 1,955,388

    1972: Hubert Humphrey – 4,121,372, George McGovern – 4,053,451, George Wallace – 3,755,424, Edmund Muskie – 1,840,217, Eugene McCarthy – 553,990, Henry M. Jackson – 505,198, Shirley Chisholm – 430,703

    1968: Eugene McCarthy – 2,914,933, Robert Kennedy – 2,305,148, Stephen M. Young – 549,140, Hubert Humphrey – 166,463

    HillBuzz notes the winner of the popular vote in the Democratic Party primaries has won the nomination every year since George McGovern’s 1972 electoral disaster ”

    So, we are going to the convention and we are going to see a real convention. Not a coronation.

  62. Debbie — You are not alone, I can tell you that. Expect more such stories to emerge.

    The Babmbi Brigades are, in total, amoral. They don’t care about justness or freedom of speech. The blogs during this contest are a perfect reflection of that reality.

    Good luck to you. If you are politically persecuted at your job, there are legal avenues to pursue in most instances. As we are all saying: No more of this bullspit bullying crap. Time to draw the line.

    confloyd — There are a growing number of people who feel as your sister does about Bambi.

    For those partial to stories of Armageddon or the prophecies of Nostradamus, much about Bambi is alarming. I understand that, even if I don’t view the world through the exact same lens as do those who are interpreting current events using these things as reference points.

    For Bambi, however, this change in fortune is nothing short of disastrous.

    You’ll recall that much of the “The One” nonsense and the entire Messianic Cult of Obama was created, principally, in order to woo evangelical voters. And, to some extent, the plan worked – Bambi was able to bank far more white votes based on this ploy than either he is currently or than he will ever be able to again post-Wright, post-Bitter.

    The problem with such cynical pandering is that if you mess it up, the damage can become catastrophic. And as Bambi’s numbers show, he has reached this non-reversible zone.

    The chief issue as regards the white evangelical vote vis-a-vis Bambi is that he has gone, in a very short period of time and with a group of people who didn’t know who he was and thus don’t know what to believe about him, from The Second Coming to The First Antichrist. Or at least there are genuine concerns about him being such among those who hold these beliefs.

    Again, this is where Trilateral Commission/One World Government Zbigniew Brzezinski, America-hating Michelle and Wright, and Obama’s apparent eagerness to meet with terrorist-sponsoring regimes cripples him. All of these things, of themselves, are debilitating. But when they are taken together and filtered through a Left Behind viewpoint, they often become prima facie evidence of Obama’s “Anti-Christness” to those who hold these beliefs.

    I have received repeated comments on my videos and emails basically saying precisely this. It serves as an excellent marker of just how far Bambi’s stock has fallen. And, as West Virginia and other states have shown, there is no possible recovery for Bambi or his enablers to look forward to over the next 6 months.


    Just one further, unrelated point: I mentioned in one of my posts the other day how many Boston/Chicago power players/firms/… have been circling my and my brother’s site for fear of what is happening as Bambi’s free fall continues unabated (and I’m quite sure His44 and other sites experience the same vulturing as our site has been subject to).

    Just to follow that up, I came across some evidence that the Bambi Brahmans are seeking to silence voices of common Americans such as myself.

    Our site got at least one hit from the FEC (Federal Elections Commission — the agency which is concerned with campaign finance legislation in the United States). Based on some other hits at around the same time this occurred and who and were they came from, it would appear that the Bambians went and bitched about my writing to the FEC, likely in hopes of ‘exposing’ me as an on-the-books HRC operative and thus trying to manufacture a way to shut me up, one way or another.


    Bambians, you don’t get it:

    YOU ALL are the egghead, on-the-payroll shills; you are the camp with the paid astroturfers. You are the neo-fascists. Our side of the party is not. It would appear that you all have guilty consciences and are concerned that someone else is engaging in activities which, possibly, you are engaging in — in violation of the law.

    Not I.

    I haven’t seen one cent from HRC’s coffers, nor will I ever. Nor have I seen any money from anyone connected to HRC in any way.

    I am doing this — as are virtually all of us common-American HRC-supporting folks — on my own dime and of my own volition. Nobody asked me to do this, or is paying me to do it. I — we — are doing what we are doing because we believe in it and we see that with a derelict MSM it has to be done. This is what America is about — initiative and necessity as the mother of invention.

    To the Bambians who were looking to kneecap myself via this method: Swing and a miss.

    As your philosophical ilk at Daily Joke and My Delusional Diatribe have already learned, you cannot keep either myself or our anti-Barack movement down. All of you tried, all of you failed, and as you continue to try you will continue to fail.

    There are 6 months left until Obama’s presidential aspirations are laid to rest. One of your co-cultists, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, just scribbled something in the past few days about stages of grief and acceptance. I would suggest you spend your time going over same and working the steps as well as stocking-up on the tissues rather than looking to overturn stones which are dead-ends. But, how you spend your final 6 months of relevance is up to you, so if you wish to go Sisyphus, then who am I to stop you?

    The stench of fear coming from your adversary is never an unwelcome odor.

    And these, my friends, these are the confident Obama Bullies.

    Ha ha ha.

    The next time you think we are ‘losing’ or feel powerless against the MSM’s Pravda, remember this anecdote.

    Because it is not, my friends, what one says but instead what one does that tells the true tale.

    For Lil Rus’ “nominee” and his Geppetto handlers, their apparent attempt to silence me — a common citizen who is not on anyone’s payroll — via the FEC tells you that the Bambians went to DEFCON 1 long ago.

    They are terrified.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  63. I think we should start guessing when Carter and Gore will endorse Bambi. We could give a symbolic prize. It probably will not happen all at once, because they will need further defection (one for KY and other for PR).

    So I guess that Carter will go first and endore Wednesday Morning, and Gore will wait until PR votes, as the final has been to vote.

    For a man built on hope and change he has a lot of has been baggage.

    What does the winner get?


    I loved the video(s)!!!!

    keep up the great work!! loved the site too and have book marked it


    so the FEC was taking a stroll were they?…..very interesting indeed!!
    Keep given them he!!

  65. NewMexicoFan,

    I don’t necessarily think Gore or Carter will endorse him this soon. But he’ll probably get more supers coming to him this week. It seems like the consensus, even among HRC supporters, is he’s the likely nominee. But I still think HRC should go to the convention. As has been said people have gone to the convention with a lot fewer delegates and voters than Hill has.

  66. Universal,

    You have to understand, for many of the elites who survive on government work, they need a Dem — any Dem — to get elected to have their next job lined up.

    Then why haven’t they been trying to nominate the more electable candidate, ie Hillary?

    I like your confidence — but shouldn’t Obama be coming down BEFORE he’s nominated?

  67. Djia — Yep, the FEC came on by VS. What a coincidence! Not.

    Buddy, we’ve got 6 more months to go. After that, we can sing rounds of “Kumbaya” with the Bambians as we discuss our unified party heading into 2012.


  68. 1950’s:

    The career political operatives don’t care much about who gets elected from their party as long as someone does from their party. It’s just about having work to them.

    As I said previously, I’m not conceding the nomination — or anything else — to Bambi. I’m just looking at things from a parallel-track perspective. That is, how will we proceed with things if the Dem Elites do decide to overturn both the popular vote and the majority of the registered voters in their party to prop-up Senor Unelectable.

    If the Judas faction of the party leadership is hell-bent on AA appeasement and attempting to insert daggers into the Clintons, then so be it. They can be washed out with Adlai, Jr. in November, as the case may be.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  69. universal……how do we stop them from vote rigging in the fall?? seems to me this is a likely probability since they seem
    hell bent on nominating another McGovern??

    and if we truly want to cover all our basis to bring 👿 down…then this needs to be addressed as at this point i would not put anything past this bunch of morally unacceptable Dem Party leaders and SD.

  70. Universal,

    You mentioned “Clinton Supporters Count Too” and “Down with Obama.” I can’t find “Down with Obama” at Google. Has it been Axelturfed, or do you mean “Operaton Turndown”?

    WILK-FM – Why I’m Turning Down Obama“Operation Turndown” has deep roots in my own personal radical politics. If Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for president, I will not vote for him. …
    wilknetwork.com/Why-I-m-Turning-Down-Obama/2202399 – 111k – Cached – Similar pages

    operation turn downwww.talkleft.com/comments/2008/5/16/95332/8910/12 – Similar pages

  71. Quickie recap of the days events as I’ve been kept away.

    The Hill news blackout continues, no surprise there.
    We’re also supposed to believe 75K showed up to hear Mr. New Politics in Oregon, though the arial shots of the grounds don’t seem to support it. We rather clearly, I’d say, have something going on 5-31, as I saw speculated upon here earlier.

    Oh, and we have McGovern comparing BO to Abraham Lincoln. Ok…

    All in all, your typical nightmarish day following this campaign.
    Except it’s all bullshit, these hideous MFers were up against pulling out ALL the stops for appearances sake.

    A small blurb, I haven’t tracked it down yet, supposedly from Jake Tapper @ ABC saying the campaign will contest BO declaring a win of a majority of delegates Tuesday, as is certainly expected.

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they’ve cut a deal w/Gore, who should know better than nearly anyone what’s going on here.
    Maybe he wants his old job back and total control of environmental policy, who knows. If so – and I’m purely speculating off the top of my head – it’s only more P.R.

    So all that seemingly against us, except the bottom line remains unchanged, the problem they have is the VOTES, and that one’s not going away.

  72. 1972: Hubert Humphrey – 4,121,372, George McGovern – 4,053,451, George Wallace – 3,755,424, Edmund Muskie – 1,840,217, Eugene McCarthy – 553,990, Henry M. Jackson – 505,198, Shirley Chisholm – 430,703


    details on how McGovern got the nomination if he was not leading in the popular vote?

    1972, Humphrey once again ran for the Democratic nomination for president. He drew upon continuing support from organized labor and the African-American and Jewish communities, but remained unpopular with college students because of his association with the Vietnam War, even though he had altered his position in the years since his 1968 defeat. Humphrey initially planned to skip the primaries, as he had in 1968. Even after he revised this strategy he still stayed out of New Hampshire, a decision that allowed George McGovern to emerge as the leading challenger to Muskie in that state. Humphrey did win some primaries, including those in Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania, but was defeated by Senator McGovern in several others, including the crucial California primary. Humphrey also was out-organized by McGovern in caucus states and was trailing in delegates at the 1972 Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida. His hopes rested on challenges to the credentials of some of the McGovern delegates. For example, the Humphrey forces argued that the winner-take-all rule for the California primary violated procedural reforms intended to produce a better reflection of the popular vote, the reason that the Illinois delegation was bounced. The effort failed, as several votes on delegate credentials went McGovern’s way, guaranteeing his victory

  73. Kennedy took it to the convention.

    Kennedy’s official announcement was scheduled for early November. There was a prime time interview with CBS’s Roger Mudd and it was a minor disaster. Kennedy flubbed a number of the questions and couldn’t exactly explain why he was running, and the polls, which showed him leading the President by 58-25 in August now had him ahead 49-39.[5] Then the hostages were taken in Tehran, Iran and the bottom fell out of the Kennedy campaign.

    Carter’s approval ratings jumped in the 60-percent range in some polls, due to a “rally ‘round the flag” effect[6] and an appreciation of Carter’s calm handling of the crisis. Kennedy was suddenly left far behind. Carter beat Kennedy decisively in Iowa and New Hampshire. Carter decisively defeated Kennedy everywhere except Massachusetts, until impatience began to build with the President’s strategy on Iran. When the later primaries in New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut came around, it was Kennedy who won largely due to such impatience.

    Carter was still able to maintain a substantial lead even after Kennedy swept the last batch of primaries in June. Despite this, Kennedy refused to drop out, and the 1980 Democratic National Convention was one of the nastiest on record. On the penultimate day, Kennedy conceded the nomination and called for a more liberal party platform in what many saw as the best speech of his career. On the platform on the final day, Kennedy for the most part ignored Carter

    The delegate tally at the convention was in part:

    Jimmy Carter – 2,129.02
    Ted Kennedy – 1,150.48
    14 others – 66.5
    In the vice presidential roll call, Mondale was re-nominated with 2,428.7 votes to 723.3 not voting and 179 scattering.

    The popular votes in the primaries were:[7]

    Jimmy Carter (inc.) – 10,043,016 (51.13%)
    Ted Kennedy – 7,381,693 (37.58%)
    Unpledged – 1,288,423 (6.56%)
    Jerry Brown – 575,296 (2.93%)
    Lyndon LaRouche – 177,784 (0.91%)
    Cliff Finch – 48,032 (0.25%)

    And he(Kennedy) had an attitude in the end.

    Hillary to the convention
    Hillary44 2008

  74. **********ATTENTION THIS IS A MUST READ FOR ALL!!!*********************

    Clinton Argues That Obama Can’t Beat McCain

    May 18, 2008 10:38 PM

    ABC News’ Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton held a fundraiser in Ft. Mitchell, Ky., tonight and went a bit further than she’s gone before in explaining why she believes Sen. Barack Obama cannot win in the fall.

    “We did not go through such a long and rigourous campaign to see four more years of Republican leadership in the White House,” she said. “Senator [John] McCain will be a formidable candidate in states like Ohio and Kentucky and Pennsylvania — states we’ve got to win. And so therefore I’m grateful for your help tonight, but let’s stay with it, let’s keep going, I believe we are going to prevail.”

    Clinton thanked the group for their fundraising efforts and then said, “It’s embarassing how much money the two of us have raised. But it’s so expensive to run such a vigorous contested election for as long as we have.”

    Clinton thanked them for continuing to take her message “on to Puerto Rico, Montana, South Dakota. Also making sure we seat Michigan and Florida.”

    Clinton said to the crowd, which included Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, that she “will continue to make the case to the superdelegates. … My case can really be can boiled down to two simple propositions. I believe I will be the best president, and I believe I will be the stronger candidate to take on John McCain.”

    Clinton made the point, as she has frequently, that this contest is not over.

    “This race is still too close to call,” she said. “They’re still coming around the home stretch. We do not have a nominee. What we have is a very close contest where I’m leading in the popular vote. Where my opponent has an advantage in the delegates. But where ultimately the decision must rest on who can win.”

    The fundraiser was held at the home of Nathan and Mary Lee Smith in their backyard in Ft Mitchell, Ky. Mary Lee Smith introduced Clinton and explained how her husband is a superdelegate and she has been fielding calls from Obama. She said she had been telling him her husband was with Bill and Chelsea Clinton when he called, but that he should call back.

    Tonight when Obama called she said she told him, “he’s in the back yard with Hillary, don’t bother calling back.”

    Clinton pulled in $150,000 at the small 130-person fundraiser.

  75. if he really had 75,000 at his speech, then we’ll know it was true on tues. The pic is doctored

  76. BlueDem, well said..

    I think we need to keep these things in mind…

    I think todays Pew Poll is significant. Why are 72% of a mixed group of voters saying the media shouldn’t annoint Obama the winner? Backlash anyone??


    And this backlash is only going to get worse after Obama does his “Mission Accomplished” stunt on Tuesday. I think that things will reach a breaking point–I don’t think anything is going to be smooth between now and August. I think many will fight any Obama nomination…

    Crowds are nothing–Obama is in a friendly state surrounded by places heavy with his supporters. Many colleges are now on break. More propaganda. This would only have been significant if it had happened in West Virginia…

    Great to hear about Hillary’s campaign challenging Obama. In fact, we all need to contact them and tell them to do more of that. This needs to go to the convention…..absolutely….

    People, don’t be swayed or depressed by what is going on–it may be an uphill fight but it’s not a done deal yet. There is still lots to unfold including over summer months. I really don’t believe the August convention will be a coronation.

  77. i am so sick of these cheaters, if Gore endorses before the convention, he will loose a lot of support for his enviromental campaign. We can just as easy campaign against him too!

  78. So why should he probably be the nominee, when he is not capturing the popular vote?

    In fact he is getting worse at it. He is very one dementional. In fact he has gotten worse at capturing the votes in a number of areas. So because the SDs are drinking the Kool aid (or rather racking in the promises, and dough), it is inevitable.

    The brain washing continues.

  79. Oh Carby,

    I am so sorry.

    Have been working at State level to help write the Dem platform and have been offline for anything except brief forays to this site and cspan.

    I had no idea, and regret not keeping up with you. Let your friends and loved ones hold you close if you can…you will appreciate it so much in the future.

    Much love, and shared pain,


  80. I love it and “Don’t bother to call back”! Now that’s a lady that knows how to tell somebody NO!

  81. So, I guess he is going to claim victory on the 22nd before the rules committee meeting. How convenient, he knows the rules will allow them to be seated and then he will have to get his butt out on the campaign trail again to beat her. I also heard someone say on TV today that he did not even campaign in Wv, so how could he have won. Do they think americans are that stupid?

  82. birdgal Says:
    May 18th, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    I can’t believe, that I am agreeing with Pat Buchanan. He was the only sane one, in that group.

    I was agreeing with Monica Crowley too (one of the other conservatives). Page and Clift’s “arguments” were so tepid and dismissive:

    * Page saying that essentially that Obama’s loss didn’t count, because he didn’t try very hard in WV. McLaughlin countered with “He outspent Hillary 2 or 3 to her 1.” (by extension, we can say that if Obama didn’t try very hard in WV, that he deserves what he “earned” in Michigan when he took his name off the ballot)

    * Clift has gone from someone who had something meaningful to say to a dreadful Obamadrone. Lame apologies, overstating his positives, understating his negatives, and pretending that Hillary does not exist.

  83. If McGovern compared Waffles to Abraham Lincoln then there are only three possible expanations are possilbe. Either i) he was talking about a different Abraha Lincoln, or ii) Waffles and Honest Abe are alike in the sense that neither one of them is named John, or iii) McGovern is losing his grip on hyperbole-yes it happens,

  84. NewMexicoFan,

    It’s not a matter of brainwashing for me. But when I see people like James Carville and Ted Strickland saying HRC probably won’t be the nominee I can’t dismiss what their saying just because I don’t like it.

  85. Carby, my deepest and sincerest sympathies. I cannot pretend to know what you are enduring, I can only tell you that you and your family are in my thoughts.



    Lessons for Clinton and Obama from the 1976 GOP convention in KC

    Submitted by Keith Chrostowski on April 29, 2008 – 10:39pm.

    Read on, Hillary and Barack: As you slog toward what could be a brokered convention in Denver, consider the nine lessons of Kansas City.

    The 1976 Republican National Convention here was the last big political powwow to open without a presidential candidate having locked up a clear majority of delegates.

    President Gerald R. Ford deftly managed to seal the nomination on the first ballot over the late-surging Ronald Reagan. So the show at Kemper Arena avoided the technical definition of “brokered,” even if headlines called the early maneuvering “Showdown at K.C. Corral.”

    In a 2001 interview with The Kansas City Star, Ford said: “It was a real challenge. …We wanted to do everything we could to heal the wounds at the Kansas City contest.”

    Therein lies Lesson No. 1: How Ford did it.

    But we must begin with Lesson No. 2: End-arounds often lose yards.

    “I was all the way for Reagan,” recalled the chairman of the Mississippi delegation, Clarke Reed. “Then I just said, screw you.”

    In one of the more puzzling moves of his career, Reagan arrived in Kansas City with a surprise strategy that backfired. Sens. Clinton and Obama may wish to jot down notes — under the headings “Richard Schweiker” and “Rule 16c.”

    A week before the convention, Reagan announced that Schweiker, a left-leaning Republican senator from Pennsylvania, would be his running mate.

    The attempt to balance the ticket, split the Pennsylvania delegation and draw moderates away from Ford flopped even in Pennsylvania, where six previously uncommitted delegates immediately declared for Ford.

    “The rule of thumb in any vice presidential pick is to do no harm,” said Brookings Institution presidential scholar Stephen Hess, who edited the party platform in Kansas City. “So why pull Richard Schweiker out of the hat? It’s Reagan’s way of trying to break up the game.”

    It didn’t help that Reagan had previously stated his contempt for picking running mates who act as philosophical counterweights. Reed wondered, “What’s he going to do next?’”

    What he did next is Lesson No. 3: Avoid following one mistake with another.

    Instead of going quietly, Reagan pushed for a rule change at the convention to force Ford to name his running mate before the nomination. Rule 16c.

    Ford had already nudged Nelson Rockefeller off the ticket to select a more conservative running mate. And he wanted to keep his options open.

    Many saw Reagan’s ploy as rule-bending to fit the occasion, something Republicans say liberals do.

    “If you don’t have enough votes, a campaign has to look around,” said Ford convention manager Bill Timmons. He predicted a similar “Hail Mary” may be thrown in Denver if the Democrats don’t make peace by August.

    So back to Lesson No. 1 How he did it. In 1976, the game was Ford’s to lose. He was the president, albeit unelected. He’d crisscrossed the country on Air Force One and dangled patronage jobs. He’d stumped for state candidates and let delegates board the plane.

    By mid-August, when the convention opened, he was thought to be within 30 delegates of the 1,130 needed. About 90 delegates remained undecided.

    Ford courted many of them, personally, in a Crown Center Hotel suite made to resemble the Oval Office. As an aide noted, Ford often looked down from his 17th-floor room “longingly at the pool” but was too busy to go swimming.

    Reagan, the former California governor, arrived with 1,063 delegates.

    He’d find only seven more in Kansas City, even after dispatching singer Pat Boone to serenade delegations (could Bruce Springsteen do this for Obama?).

    If he does, he might sing something about Lesson No. 4: Seizing the moment.

    Reagan’s momentum never recovered from the Schweiker gambit and Rule 16c, which lost by 117 votes.

    In Ford’s circle, organized by a not-yet-balding Dick Cheney, the vote signaled momentum, and momentum meant everything.

    To avoid a risky floor fight over foreign policy — a potential momentum shifter — Cheney allowed Reagan’s anti-Soviet language into the platform. Adviser Henry Kissinger insisted that principles of detente be upheld.

    “Principle doesn’t do any good if you lose the nomination,” Cheney replied, according to Douglas Brinkley’s 2007 biography of Ford.

    So, Lesson No. 5: It helps if your friends control the gavel.

    Ford’s friends did. Reagan’s didn’t.

    John J. Rhodes, a congressman from Arizona and the convention chairman, recalled in his memoirs closing a session at 2 a.m., just as a Reagan amendment to the platform was gaining steam. (The chairman for Denver has yet to be chosen.)

    “The chairman of the North Carolina delegation, I am told, was standing, yelling and waving his banner,” wrote Rhodes in 1995. “I will maintain to this day that I did not see him. So I immediately gaveled the platform through. …

    “In certain parts of North Carolina I am still known as ‘Blind John.’.”

    An hour after Ford won the nomination, post-midnight, came Lesson No. 6: Don’t leave important stuff to your staff.

    Ford traveled to Reagan’s suite at the Alameda Plaza Hotel, fulfilling a pledge the candidates had made to meet privately.

    Ford shared his list of potential running mates — including U.S. Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas, but not Reagan himself. “Dole’s a good man,” Reagan allowed.

    “I thought it was wise politics” to get Reagan’s input, Ford told The Star 25 years later.

    “The Reagan staff told my staff, who told me, that I should not under any circumstance ask him to be the (vice presidential) candidate.”

    True? Reagan later said he never joined the ticket because Ford never asked. Timmons, the convention manager, backed up Ford’s account.

    But it leads into Lesson No. 7: At contested conventions, things get ugly and chaos rules.

    Reed of Mississippi “lost control” of his delegation. It arrived bound by its rules to cast all 30 votes for one candidate. During the roll call they defiantly cast 14 votes for Reagan and 16 for Ford.

    “Even today, some people consider me a bad guy” for aiding in Reagan’s defeat, he said.

    Finally, Lesson No. 8: Divided conventions foretell trouble on Election Day.

    Reagan endorsed Ford but offered only lukewarm support on the campaign trail.

    “His lack of campaigning was one of three or four reasons that resulted in my loss to (Democratic challenger Jimmy) Carter,” Ford confided to journalist Thomas DeFrank in 1991.

    Others would disagree, citing Ford’s own baggage — pardoning Richard Nixon, for starters. And Timmons said the White House “dropped the ball” by not scheduling Reagan appearances early enough. Which brings up a final lesson, Lesson No. 9: Don’t forget about the losers.

    Between the convention and November, Ford and running mate Dole did manage to narrow a 30-point deficit to Carter. Dole was, as always, contentious, enhancing his attack-dog reputation. But nobody could really heal the wounds. And Ford went on to lose a tight race.

    That will again be vital in this race. The Democrats will defeat either the first serious woman or African-American candidate for a major party. The campaign, to date, has been ugly. There will, very likely, be raw nerves. As there were in 1976.

    “Politics used to be fun,” Reed told campaign chronicler Jules Witcover in the Hotel Muehlebach’s lobby. “Not now.”

    Lessons courtesy of Rick Montgomery, national correspondent for The Kansas City Star
    Submitted by Keith Chrostowski on April 29, 2008 – 10:39pm.

  87. A friend just sent me the latest Connie Schultz article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, but I am first going to share the one from early April that made us all fall in love with her (and don’t forget, she is Sherrod Brown’s partner.)

    Men shouldn’t be telling Hilary Clinton to quit the race
    Sunday, April 06, 2008
    Connie Schultz
    Plain Dealer Columnist

    Someone tell me, please, how grown men in 2008 can believe it’s their right – their duty, even – to tell a woman when she should rein in her ambition and go home.

    Male columnists, male politicians, male talking heads, male “surrogates” – all of them harrumphing that it’s time for Hillary Clinton to stop it, just stop it, with all this talk of being president.

    Who cares if the race is close? So what if millions of Americans believe their yet-to-be-cast votes matter? Voters, schmoters. When was this ever about them?

    Hillary Clinton, they insist, must quit.

    Well, boys, you’d better sit down for this one: This is no longer the playground of your youth. The girls aren’t sitting in the stands keeping score and cheering whenever you’re at bat. In fact, the girls aren’t girls at all anymore. We’re all grown up, and we are so done with this notion that the trajectory of our lives must end at the border of your comfort zone.

    Hillary Clinton marched across that border miles ago, and she is not about to surrender. Not now, anyway, and not ever because you said so. And if you’ve got anything besides hubris knocking around in those heads of yours, you will take note of the potential backfire in your volley.

    “OK, now I’m mad,” a friend, Karen, told me last week. “Who do they think they are?”

    She supports Barack Obama, but the thought of finger-wagging men telling a woman what to do really set her off. She might change her vote, and anyone reading some of the comments on newspapers’ Web sites and blogs knows she’s not alone.

    I’m thinkin’ that’s not where you fellas were going with this one. But I also think I can help.

    The problem here is that you don’t understand the tenacity of American women.
    It’s not all your fault. Your history books were full of tales of manly men beating each other up and then taking the livestock and womenfolk as prizes. Frankly, you were misled.

    You didn’t learn about how women risked their lives birthing babies in open fields and harboring escaped slaves on their flight to freedom. You probably didn’t spend much time on how Alice Paul and her fellow suffragettes were tortured in prison because they dared to picket for the right to vote.

    And chances are you’ve never cracked the spine of the book “Women’s Letters: America From the Revolutionary War to the Present” by Lisa Grunwald and Stephen J. Adler. If you had, you would have seen the letter Abigail Grant wrote to her husband, Aszariah, in 1776 after she found out he had been less than heroic in the battle at Bunker Hill.

    “Loving Husband,” her note began. “I hear by Capt Wm Riley news that makes me very Sorry for he Says you proved a Grand Coward when the fight was at Bunkers hill & in your Surprise he reports that you threw away your Cartridges So as to escape going into the Battle. . . . [I]f you are afraid pray own the truth & come home & take care of our Children & I will be Glad to Come & take your place, & never will be Called a Coward, neither will I throw away one Cartridge but exert myself bravely in so good a Cause.”

    See, that’s the thing. You’ve got to remember that there’s a bit of Abigail Grant in a whole lot of us women. Granted, we hide it well. Most women are all fervor and no fanfare, running everything from companies and campaigns to families and food drives without so much as a plaque with their names on it at the end of it all.

    We’re full of fight, too, which is the only way we got the vote, the pill and the right to own property, as opposed to being property. We don’t beat our breasts and brag about this, though, which appears to be part of the problem. Some men apparently still confuse humility with acquiescence, and then they think we need their permission to make a difference.

    One mile at a time, Hillary Clinton is clearing a new road, taking hits for the rest of us along the way.

    “It feels so personal,” another friend, Mary, told me. “Whenever I hear men bash Hillary, it feels like they’re attacking me.”

    See, guys, that’s not good.

    Remember: Abigail Grant lives.

    To reach Connie Schultz:

    cschultz@plaind.com, 216-999-5087

    Previous columns online:


  88. DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN…excerpt from:


    Defying expectations, however, Ford narrowly defeated Reagan in the New Hampshire primary, and then proceeded to beat Reagan in the Florida and Illinois primaries by comfortable margins.

    At this point Reagan’s campaign ran low on money, and many pundits believed that another loss would force him to quit the race.

    However, Reagan upset Ford in North Carolina, and then proceeded to win a string of impressive victories, including Texas. From there the two men engaged in an increasingly bitter, nip-and-tuck battle for delegates. By the time the Republican Convention opened in August 1976, the race for the nomination was still too close to call.

    So is this where Russert and Matthews jumped up and said, “Reagan shoudl drop out…for the good of the party”?

    Nah. They probably said something like: “Reagan, what fighter. You know, either he wins it this year (1976), or he becomes the front runner next time around.”

    with Hillary: “When is this bitch finally going to get the hint: Drop dead, nobody likes you”.

  89. 1950’s:

    “Operation Turndown” is what I should have called it. That is correct, the name you used.


  90. OK, here;s the latest, from one of our girl’s campaign staff:

    This latest article of hers made me cry:

    Clinton won’t be sexists’ last target

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008
    Connie Schultz
    Plain Dealer Columnist

    It seems a growing number of Americans are hoping the yearlong vitriol aimed at strong women will evaporate right along with the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

    “Whew,” the collective sigh will sound. “Glad that’s over.”

    Don’t pop the corks just yet.

    Last week, I was invited to celebrate the opening of the new Women’s Center at Ohio University. About a hundred people, mostly female students, gathered for me to say a few words and then for them to share what’s on their minds.

    The young women didn’t waste any time on happy-face pretenses as one after another stood and asked questions.

    “How can you be a strong woman and not have others call you a bitch?”

    “How do you keep going when others ridicule you?”

    “Can you really be a strong woman and still have men like you?”

    One woman stood up and, in a halted voice, managed one sentence before the tears started to fall: “Someone gave me a Hillary nutcracker as a gift.”

    The room fell silent. A friend grabbed her hand, and several older women in the audience started wiping their eyes.

    “I can see that felt personal, and that it hurt you,” I said slowly. She nodded, her eyes never leaving mine.

    I looked out at that room full of young women and felt the stomach-clenching certainty that these were no ordinary storm clouds swirling overhead. We have only begun to feel the damage of the punch-and-pummel pundits who couldn’t wrap their limited minds around the first woman to win a presidential primary, again and again.

    The questions didn’t surprise the Center’s director, Susanne Dietzel.

    “I was just glad that they felt they could speak honestly,” she said. “We need a space to do this because it has become mainstream to be sexist. The message has become, ‘You don’t want to be seen as Hillary.’ ”

    For several weeks now, I’ve been getting e-mails that link to a YouTube video titled “Hillary Clinton: Mad as Hell.” It’s about nine minutes long, and it should be required viewing for anyone who claims that gender has not played a role in the attacks against Clinton.

    Consider these snippets from male pundits:

    CNN’s Glenn Beck declares, “Big news from New Hampshire: It cries! After spending decades stripping away all trace of emotion, femininity and humanity, Hillary Clinton actually broke down and cried.”

    MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle says that Clinton looks “like everyone’s first wife standing outside probate court.” One Fox News commentator insists that men won’t vote for Hillary Clinton “because she reminds them of their nagging wives.” Another pundit jabs the air as he says, “When Hillary Clinton speaks, men hear, ‘Take out the garbage!’ ”

    I mentioned the YouTube video at the Women’s Center event, mostly to acknowledge that they did, indeed, have good reasons to feel under siege, but also to inspire them. The last half of the video celebrates the courage – and the compassion – that Clinton has exhibited throughout her life.

    We talked about how “bitch” is really just coward’s code for a woman with an opinion, and that any guy who called them that should lose the privilege of their company.

    “Standing up to guys who are supposed to be your friends is easier said than done,” one of the young women said softly. Others nodded.

    I told them what I always tell my children: Act brave, and the courage will come.

    Afterward, many of the young women came up to me to chat. They were smart and funny as they shared plans for the big lives they had planned. Such a natural resilience, instead of the bluster that my generation of women had to work hard to conjure.

    Dietzel vowed that the conversation will continue.

    “We talk about the coverage of Hillary Clinton a lot around here,” she said. “Even women who support Barack Obama have said it feels like a slap in the face. It becomes almost physical, the reaction to it. Makes you sick in the stomach.”

    Doesn’t do much for our hearts, either.


    To reach Connie Schultz:

    cschultz@plaind.com, 216-999-5087

    © 2008 The Plain Dealer

  91. wbboei Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 12:36 am

    If McGovern compared Waffles to Abraham Lincoln

    Both were from Illinois…

    Both were extremely “underqualified” as far as number of years experience in the “big leagues”. The only difference? 140 years. It’s a completely different planet, politically speaking.

    But on the larger point, “I knew Abraham Lincoln, and you sir, are no Abraham Lincoln”.

  92. AmericanGirl,

    “I think todays Pew Poll is significant.”

    It is, as a marker for the public’s assessment of their journalistic integrity, which the networks could (obviously) care less about, because there’s a far bigger prize for them in getting the candidate they want.

    That’s why they do the unspeakable things they do.

  93. I can’t find it again at the moment, but corrente had a great long post by Lusiak(sp?) showing that Obama was hopeless in November (even before Hillary people started talking about defecting) and saying the more clueful superdelegates (and even Dean) were beginnign to realize it. They mentioned a Salon article apparently on similar lines.

  94. # confloyd Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 12:16 am

    If Gore endorses before the convention, he will lose a lot of support for his enviromental campaign.

    I think it gotten to a very strange point, where Obama’s endorsements are losing their oomph, because by now, it’s just political opportunists, the Sunshire Soldiers the Summer Patriots, who are trying to help put Obama over the top.

    But any endorsement for Hillary is an act of bravery, and something worth noting.

    So the context of yet more egghead liberals siding with Obama reinforces that he is too liberal. And endorsements from SDs like Waxman come across as unfair piling on by party heads. His state California voted for HRC, and his district (he’s from LA) I believe also voted for HRC. These assholes are afraid of alienating AA voters.

    But they don’t think that they risk alienating vast swaths of the Democratic party: older voters, middle and lower class voters, Latinos, Asian Americans, GLBT community, and…ahem, WOMEN. These are the people who have carried you fucking DNC party people’s baggage, doing GOTV, making phone calls.

    If you dismiss Hillary, you are dismissing us too.

    So if you don’t conduct this shit fairly over the next three months, we’ll turn our sharp teeth on you. Your attack dogs will attack you. And guess where our hard working energy will be directed in November…

  95. Hey they found the other 7 states……


    #1. STATE OF CONFUSION — It’s the state where Obama leaves most conservative voters; (and Hillary’s too)

    #2. STATE OF DENIAL — (deleted comment)

    #3. STATE OF OF DISBELIEF — It’s the state in which many Americans find themselves after learning that a U.S. senator and Harvard Law School graduate doesn’t know how many states there are in the United States;

    #4. STATE OF DISCONTENT — It’s home to bitter churchgoers who do little beyond sitting at home and clinging to their guns and religion;

    #5. STATE OF EUPHORIA — It’s home to people who find Obama’s promises of “hope” and “change” so appealing;

    #6. STATE OF ISRAEL — Though Obama’s not welcome in this state, he may have sneaked across its border with help from Hamas; and

    #7. STATE OF THE UNION — Obama has visited annually since being elected to the U.S. Senate, but hopes to command more attention from the state’s “residents” next time he visits. (when Hillary gives her first state of the union)

    () added by me

  96. Emjay, I created the Mad As Hell Video with IndyRobin! Did you see our new video DNC: Fractured Fairy Tales?

  97. Texan,
    I read that one a few days ago, or portions of it somewhere.

    It’s important to note that the author only surmises Hill goes to the floor (based on reasoned logic). He reports nothing new, nothing at all in fact.
    He simply analyzes facts and prior statements and draws his conclusions (again, which may well prove true – God willing), which is fine.

    I’m waiting for Wolfsen to come out, tell BO & Axelrod and all the rest to go f*ck themselves, and defiantly point towards Denver.

    That’s the one we’re waiting on….

  98. if hillary doesnt take this thriugh it will be devastating for most fo us. just crushing.

  99. carby,

    i wish you strength thru the coming months and years…
    understand the toll on your own self, and take it slowly.
    many have suffered, and are suffering.

  100. I’m so sorry, Carby. I’ve been through it and I know that even though it was not totally unforeseen, it is still a shock. I hope you have strong supporters to help you.

    On the “Hillary cannot win” nonsense espoused by almost every pundit — Yes she can! Some SDs may reconsider and note the sexist fascist nature of his campaign and wonder if they should not go with a winner, our HRC!!

  101. Don’t sweat Carville for a minute! Anything he does is for a strategy–wise or unwise. He will be there even after the last dog dies.

    Why would Strickland still be there with Hillary, if he thought she would lose? Why would Hillary have him there?

  102. I posted this at TM and I’ll repost this here:

    I think everyone should think of one word: CONSEQUENCES. If you allow Obama and the DNC elites to win in November, you have just given them the license to race-bait and insult women as they please – for so long as it forwards their agenda. There has to be consequences to what they have perpetrated in this election. Double-standard against the first viable female candidate, race-baiting, a biased media, a biased DNC leadership – it couldn’t have been done to any other candidate except a woman.

    Had it been a man who was treated that way, the backlash in the media, among the DNC leadership would have been enormous. They allowed this to happen because they bet that everyone will play nice for party unity, that no one will risk losing the Presidency. I am inviting everyone to call their bluff. I am inviting everyone to serve them the just consequences of their action. I am inviting everyone to at the very least withold their vote from Obama if he is the nominee or vote for McCain it that is necessary. This is not pettiness – it’s the simple delivery of the CONSEQUENCES of their actions.

  103. The illusion that is Barack Obama
    Fred Siegel | May 05, 2008

    POLITICAL campaigning necessarily produces a wide gap between words and deeds. This is the price of bringing together a broad coalition with disparate interests. All effective politicians are at times authentically insincere or sincerely inauthentic. Exaggeration, embellishment, overstatement, doubletalk, deception and lies presented as metaphorical truths are the order of the day.

    So, of course, Barack Obama is no different. He exaggerates the credit he deserves for a limited piece of ethics-reform legislation. He embellishes when he presents himself as having had a consistent record on the Iraq war when in fact he’s done a fair amount of zigzagging.

    He engages in doubletalk when, on free trade and Iraq, he tells the yokels one thing and the policy people another. He overstates when he presents his minimal accomplishments in the Illinois Senate as proof of his stature. He engages in systematic deception when he says he doesn’t take money from lobbyists.

    He presents a lie as metaphorical truth when he says it was the 1965 bloody Sunday attacks on peaceful civil rights protesters in Selma, Alabama, that inspired his parents to marry. (They had been married for years already.)

    All of this is unappealing, but also unexceptional. What makes it different is that there’s not just a gap but a chasm between his actions and his professed principles, which would normally kill a candidacy. And because his deeds are so few, the disparity is all the more salient.

    Obama, far more than the others, is the “judge me by what I say and not what I do” candidate. He wants to be the conscience of the country without necessarily having one himself.

    The disparity between Obama’s rhetoric of transcendence and his conventional Chicago racial and patronage politics is a leitmotiv of his political career. In New York, politicians (Al Sharpton excepted) are usually forced to pay at least passing tribute to universal principles and the ideal of clean government.

    But Chicago, until recently a city of Lithuanians, blacks and Poles governed by Irishmen on the patronage model of the Italian Christian Democrats, is the city of political and cultural tribalism.

    Blacks adapted to the tribalism and the corrupt patronage politics that accompanied it. Historically, one of the ironies of Chicago politics is that the clean-government candidates have been the most racist, while those most open to black aspirations have been the most corrupt. When the young Jesse Jackson received his first audience with then mayor Richard Daley Sr – impervious to the universalism of the civil rights movement in its glory – offered him a job as a toll-taker. Jackson thought the offer demeaning but in time adapted.

    In Chicago, racial reform has meant that the incumbent mayor, Richard M. Daley, has been cutting blacks in on the loot. Louis Farrakhan, Jackson, Jeremiah Wright and Obama are all, in part, the expression of that politics. It hasn’t always worked for Chicago, which, under the pressure of increasing taxes to pay for bloated government, is losing its middle class. But it has served the city’s political class admirably.

    For all his Camelot-like rhetoric, Obama is a product, in significant measure, of the political culture that Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass described: “We’ve had our chief of detectives sent to prison for running the Outfit’s (the mob’s) jewellery-heist ring. And we’ve had white guys with Outfit connections get $100 million in affirmative action contracts from their drinking buddy, Mayor Richard Daley … That’s the Chicago way.”

    At no point did Obama, the would-be saviour of US politics, challenge this corruption, except for face-saving gestures as a legislator. He was, in his own Harvard law way, a product of it.

    Why, you may ask, did the operators of Chicago’s political machine support Obama? Part of the answer was given long ago by the then boss of Chicago, Jake Arvey.

    When asked why he made Adlai Stevenson – a man, as with Obama, more famous for speeches than for accomplishments – his party’s gubernatorial candidate in 1948, Arvey is said to have replied that he needed to “perfume the ticket”.

    Obama first played a perfuming role as a state senator. His mentor, Emil Jones, the machine-made president of the Senate, allowed him to sponsor a minor ethics bill. In return, Obama made sure to send plenty of pork to Jones’s district. When asked about pork-barrel spending, Jones famously replied: “Some call it pork; I call it steak.”

    Obama repaid the generosity. When he had a chance to back clean Democratic candidates for president of the Cook County board of supervisors and Illinois governor, he stayed with the allies of the Outfit. The gubernatorial candidate he backed, Rod Blagojevich, is under federal investigation, in part because of his relationship with Tony Rezko, the man who helped Obama buy his house.

    The Chicago way has delivered politically for Obama even this year. Ninety per cent of his popular-vote lead over Hillary Clinton comes from Illinois, and two-thirds of that 90 per cent comes just from Cook County.

    Some of this advantage came from the efforts of Obama’s political ally, the flame-throwing reverend James Meeks, a political force in his own right. Meeks, who mocks black moderates as “niggers”, is an Illinois state senator, the pastor of a mega-church and a strong supporter of Jackson’s powerful political operation, which has put its vote-pulling muscle squarely behind the Obama campaign. It was only with Obama’s remark about bitter, white, working-class, small-town voters that we saw his difficulties appealing beyond the machine’s reach. He won his US Senate race in 2004 not only because his opponents self-destructed but also because of the machine’s ability to deliver votes.

    In Pennsylvania, he has lacked such assistance and the campaigning has not gone nearly so well. First, Obama pretended to be a tenpin bowler and scored a 37. Then, appearing before a supposedly closed San Francisco audience, he complained that small-town Pennsylvanians “cling to guns or religion or antipathy towards people who aren’t like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment, as a way to explain their frustrations”. This is the man who belongs to a church built on bitterness, rancour and conspiratorial fear. During the Wright affair, Obama not only repeatedly lied about what he knew and when but violated the spirit of the civil rights movement in its mid-1960s glory.

    When, as a young man, I was on the periphery of the movement, there was an unwritten rule that if people told racist jokes or speakers engaged in defamatory rhetoric, you needed to register your immediate disapproval by confronting the speaker or ostentatiously walking out.

    Wright’s “black theology” is essentially a Christianised version of Malcolm X’s ideology of hate.

    But for 20 years, Obama, who had planned to run for mayor of Chicago, kept silent about the close, if at times competitive, relationship between Wright, whose 8000-member mega-church gave him his political base, and Farrakhan. His ambition overrode his moral integrity.

    As part of his “black value system”, Wright attacked whites for their “middle classism”, materialism, and “greed in a world of need”. Obama sounded similar notes in his recent address at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York, in which he laid the blame for the sub-prime mortgage crisis on those who had “embraced an ethic of greed, corner cutting and inside dealing”.

    But that’s exactly what Obama did in buying his luxurious house. Given the choice of purchasing a less expensive home or getting into bed with his fundraiser-cum-slumlord-cum-fixer Rezko, Obama chose the latter. Then again, the oppressed of Trinity United Church of Christ are building Wright a $US1.6 million ($1.7million), 960sqm home complete with four-car garage, whirlpool and butler’s pantry. This house, which backs on to a golf course, is to sit in Tinley Park, a gated community in southwest Chicago that is 93 per cent white.

    The Obamas’ charitable giving is consistent with Wright’s talking Left while living Right. Obama and his wife are quite well off. They had an estimated income of $US1.2 million from 2000 to 2004. But the man who preaches compassion and mutuality gave all of 1 per cent of that income to charity during those years. Most of that went to Wright’s church.

    There is a similar chasm when it comes to Obama’s claim to post-partisanship. His achievements in reaching out to moderate voters are largely proleptic. But words are not deeds and, although Obama has few concrete achievements to his name, his voting record hardly suggests an ability to rise above Left v Right.

    In the Illinois Senate, he made a specialty of voting present, but after his first two years in the US Senate, National Journal’s analysis of rollcall votes found that he was more liberal than 86 per cent of his colleagues. His voting record has only moved further Left since then. The liberal Americans for Democratic Action gives him a 97.5 per cent rating, while National Journal ranks him the most liberal member of the Senate. By comparison, Clinton, who occasionally votes with the Republicans, ranks 16th.

    Obama is such a down-the-line partisan that, according to Congressional Quarterly, in the past two years he has voted with the Democrats more often than did the party’s majority leader, Harry Reid.

    Likewise, for all his talk of post-racialism, Obama has played, with the contrivance of the press, traditional South Side Chicago racial politics. The day after his surprise loss in New Hampshire, and in anticipation of the South Carolina primary, with its heavily black electorate, South Side congressman Jesse Jackson Jr – Obama’s national co-chairman – appeared on MSNBC to argue, in a prepared statement, that Clinton’s teary moment on the campaign trail reflected her deep-seated racism.

    “Those tears,” said Jackson, “have to be analysed … They have to be looked at very, very carefully in light of Katrina, in light of other things that Mrs Clinton did not cry for, particularly as we head to South Carolina, where 45 per cent of African-Americans will participate in the Democratic contest … We saw tears in response to her appearance, so that her appearance brought her to tears, but not hurricane Katrina, not other issues.”

    In other words, whites who are at odds with, or who haven’t delivered for, Chicago politicians can be obliquely accused of racism on the flimsiest basis, but pillars of local black politics such as Wright, with his exclusivist racial theology, are beyond criticism.

    Liberals love Obama’s talk of taking on powerful financial interests. But here , too, he is rather slippery. In his Cooper Union speech, he denounced in no uncertain terms the “special interests” of people on Wall Street (who are well represented among his campaign donors).

    He, of course, had an opportunity to push for repealing the privileged tax treatment of private equity firms when that question was before Charles Grassley’s Senate subcommittee – but he simply made a pro-forma statement in favour of doing so and disappeared.

    Nationally, as in Chicago, Obama the self-styled reformer never crosses swords with any of his putative foes. To pick another example, he has attacked “predatory” sub-prime lenders while taking roughly $US1.3 million in contributions from companies in that line of business.

    Obama is the internationalist opposed to free trade. He is the friend of race-baiters who thinks Don Imus deserved to be fired. He is the proponent of courage in the face of powerful interests who lacked the courage to break with Wright (until Wednesday). He is the man who would lead our efforts against terrorism yet was friendly with Bill Ayers, the unrepentant 1960s terrorist. He is the post-racialist supporter of affirmative action. He is the enemy of Big Oil who takes money from executives at Exxon-Mobil, Shell and British Petroleum.

    Obama has, in a sense, represented a new version of the invisible man, a candidate whose colour obscures his failings.

    But so far, the wild discrepancy between Obama’s words and his deeds, and between his enormous ambitions and his minimal accomplishments, doesn’t seem to have fazed his core supporters, who apparently suffer from a severe case of cognitive dissonance. Like cultists who rededicate themselves when the cult’s prophecies have been falsified, his fans redouble their delusions in the face of his obvious hypocrisy.

    That is because Obama, in the imagination of many of his fans in the public and the press, is both a deduction from what was – the failures of the Bush administration and the scandals of the Clintons – and an expression of what should be.

    The ideal, the aspiration, is so rhetorically appealing that it has been assumed to be true. They remind one of Woodrow Wilson’s answer when asked if his plan for a League of Nations was practicable: “If it won’t work, it must be made to work.”

  104. Does anyone know of this or what it pertains too.

    I’ve been reading a few “hints” coming from sources within the UK media, that there is certain information leaking out about certain trips Mr Obama and Mr Edwards took in 1999 and 2000. Apparently there is furious attempts to plug the information, but the republicans know all about it.

    This was mentioned on a news program.

    “Wait until the American media get hold of Obama’s and Edwards’ “vacations” in 1999 and 2000. It’s leaking slowly, but the American media are trying to plug the information” and thats all the journalist said.

  105. Everyone, please read this and cheer up. It’s a page at my site where I’ve quoted excerpts from news stories that actually talked to some of the undecided Supers and found a very large portion of them are concerned about electability and are waiting till the last minute to see which candidate is performing best. One of them talked about waiting till August.

    h t t p : / / http://www.ironmyvote.com/superdelegates-follow.htm

  106. Carbynew,
    I just got online.

    I am so very sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.

    I do hope you will keep us informed as to how you are coping with your tragedy and will feel up to sharing with us your wonderful insights into . life and politics. Be well, Carby. I am lighting a candle for you and your husband. My thoughts are with you.

  107. Hillary needs to make Obama speak first on Tuesday after she takes him apart in Kentucky. She needs to wait to see what he spews before she says what she needs to.

  108. Newmexicofan,
    Good morning,

    As I was scrolling through posts I saw yours about Gore and I hate to say this but I think the Friday Deaniac dinner for him has been scheduled to reinforce the inevitable RBC ruling that Florida and Michigan will not count and that Gore is slated to put the final nail in HRC’s coffin.
    Only that’s not going to happen.
    She will NOT give up and neither will we. 😈

  109. Cynthia Ruccia, 55, a sales director for Mary Kay cosmetics in Columbus, Ohio, is organizing a group, Clinton Supporters Count Too, of mostly women in swing states who plan to campaign against Mr. Obama in November. “We, the most loyal constituency, are being told to sit down, shut up and get to the back of the bus,” she said.

    Mary Kay multi-level marketing for Hillary — I love it! Now where are the Tuppeware parties?

    No wonder they’ve not bothered getting internet presence. Their networks rule the US already. 🙂

  110. We want the votes from MI/FL and not the delegates. A big win in KY and a come closer in OR (of course a win is best) will put a little fear in the heart of the DNC. They will need to tread closely. I can tell from the news that Hillary is losing her patience. She needs to hang tough on this issue. They will cave in if she persists. Gore is not the King of the Party, to ascend from on high to decide the fate of the nomination. The voters rule.

  111. Why would Gore support Obama? He doesn’t need a bribe of US office or money. He’s not a 60s dreamer, he knows the real world.

    I’m sure Dean has some sort of tricky scheme about the scheduling of the dinner — but do we know Gore will even attend it?

    More likely Dean is trying to distract Gore from going to the Rules Committee meeting and telling them what HE thinks of disenfranchising Florida!

    Or what he thinks of Brazile giving him bad advice in his 2000 campaign.

    He’d probably melt down the building!

  112. good morning hillfans. 1 more day for kentucky and oregon. let’s do it like the nike commercial.lol.

  113. Great post:Kristen Breitweiser asks most relevent questions:


  114. terrondt, Yesterday when I made the calls to oregon the call went 50/50. I think the Oregon race is going to be much closer.

  115. The best thing tomorrow i hope is they call Kentucky straight away and say Oregon is too close to call.

  116. Well if Rezko gets nailed today, then we will have a squealing pig on our hands by tomorrow.

  117. Rassmussens new poll


    McCain/Obama 45 to 44
    McCain/Clinton 43 to 50

    Again Clinton wins the swing states need decisively.

  118. 1950’s dem,
    I like your analysis MUCH better than mine!
    If Rezko squaels it’s all over for Waffles. I say this after reading the Pringles pieces and watching “Inside 911,” a connect-the-dots to the WTC. Hearing Patrick Fitzgerald discuss it has renewed my hope. He indicted Libby against all odds. The fact that Libby walked has nothig to do with Fitzgerald. The truth will get out. It’s what we do with it that matters.
    What terrible tragedies in China. Any news on the volunters buried in the mud slide?

  119. “Why would Gore support Obama?”

    My guess is it would have to do with that thing called “gender.”

    But we can hope Gore will keep his word and stay out of it.

  120. basil9

    Good Morning.

    Again, all of the “has beens” just don’t mean a hill of Beans. Don’t get me wrong, I think Gore has done well at the environment, and maybe that was his calling. However, I think the Dems blew it for him in 2000 (and let’s face it good old Donna was in on those meetings), and he caved. Senator Clinton will not cave.

    We just have to understand what we are up against, and not let it hurt us that they will not stand up for Senator Clinton, and that they are strategically planning this. We have seen a few of them bravely do this. I met Wesley Clark in Iowa, and he is a great person. As I stated on the Blog before, the military men have shown the courage in this situation. But the Establishment men, whom BO says he will change, have not.

    So how can you change the establishment, when they have endorsed you, and you owe them heaven knows what. But if we put logic into this, all of the major channels and cable feeds would have to change their tones. It is really hard for people to admit that they are wrong. So the American public are going to have to continue to vote, and to boycott those channels.

    I know we will not be watching the results on those channels.

  121. Caroline, I just went in and read those stats. 4% is within stricking distance. However, these polls have varied a lot in the past, and it is really hard to understand what they mean.

    Remember we got reading like this out of TX, and she pulled that miracle off, even though they stacked the cacuses. She has time and time again pulled it off. He, on the other hand, has not been able to close the deal. She won TX and IN. HAY SDS AND FINANCIAL BACKERS OUT THERE, HE HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO CLOSE THE DEAL. YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT THAT.

  122. newmexico,

    I am in complete BM blackout now, except for Lou Dobbs and occasional Fox and I feel SO much better.

  123. Does anyone know what the voter turnout was like in the 2004 Democratic Primary in Kentucky was?

    NewMexicoFan, I am not going to focus on these polls showing that Hillary is close in Oregon. I will never be fooled again like I was with the NC polls. I just want her to keep it really close. I just hope for the best and expect the worst.

  124. We are having a Hillary meeting on Tuesday, and we are going to invite the local NARAL representative to come explain to us what happen with National. I plan on putting them on the line. If National has declared, they can also, and Hillary’s record is much stronger than his. We need to start looking these people in the eye.

  125. Caroline, I agree, as we got burned with IN and NC. It was almost like it was stacked to do that. We need to keep our head down, and keep working.

  126. basil, thanks for your concern. The Chinese people (and government) are doing all that is humanely possible in that part of mountainous rural Sichuan. There are many stories on the nightly news of the heroic and often tragic efforts to save lives. That phase is now about over. Not many can survive after one week if they have not been found yet. So the nation observed three minutes of silence today for those who did not and for those who gave their lives in the rescue effort.
    This is the first time I have seen the Chinese come together as a nation in such a fashion. And it is the first time that they have had the resources to answer a natural disaster of this magnitude the way they did, certainly since 1949. I could almost say it was a ‘birth of a nation” kind of thing.
    Now comes the harder part. How to put the lives of those who survived back to together again.
    Not so sure which mudslide victims you are refereeing to as there were more than one group of volunteers such affected.

  127. Would’ve been nice to see surrogates out yesterday pre-empting this nonsense, though there’s a great chance they weren’t invited on any of the Sunday shows. Those lineups are selected to achieve a desired result, which is why yesterday on MTP there was no one remotely considered a Hill supporter to be found (there hardly ever is).
    It was all about pushing the ‘BO as a done deal’ storyline, thus Jim Webb, ‘Call me’ Harold Ford, Shrummy, and repub operatives.

    Anyway, good to catch Wolfsen on record not changing the tune at all;


    By CHARLES HURT, DC Bureau Chief
    NY Post

    May 19, 2008 — Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign yesterday rejected the notion that Barack Obama will be entitled to claim the Democratic nomination after tomorrow night’s primaries in Kentucky and Oregon.

    “There is no standard under which Senator Obama will have secured the nomination Tuesday night,” Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson fumed in a statement.

    “Declaring mission accomplished doesn’t make it so,” he added. “And taking victory laps before the nomination is actually secured is a slap in the face to the voters of Florida and Michigan and the states that have not yet voted.”
    According to the Obama campaign, he will have secured an unsurpassable majority of pledged delegates in the primary contests after his expected big win in Oregon, leaving Sen. Clinton with no hope of winning the nomination short of convincing the free-agent superdelegates to throw the race in her favor.
    Obama plans to celebrate the milestone in Iowa after the polls close.

  128. paddy,
    Since I’ve been on such a strict news blackout I haven’t seen all the stories but the one i was referring to (which i now can’t find) is the recent incident where 150+ volunters were lost in a mudslide.
    I’m sorry I can’t be more specific. I simply don’t trust any news organizations at the moment and until i find a reliable source I refuse to tune into most channels or read most national press. Can you suggest a good international source?

    My thoughts are with the victims, the survivors and the rescuers in this terrible tragedy.

  129. bluedem,

    Yes, i liked this Wolfson comment, too.

    ‘Declaring mission accomplished doesn’t make it so,” he added. “And taking victory laps before the nomination is actually secured is a slap in the face to the voters of Florida and Michigan and the states that have not yet voted.’

  130. Bunker mentality sets in at Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters

    Monday, May 19th 2008, 4:00 AM

    BALLSTON, Va. – Devoted Hillary Clinton campaign staffers used to sit at their desks thinking out loud about landing plum White House jobs. Now they curse out loud at TV pundits declaring her candidacy’s imminent end.
    None of the staffers are hanging white flags from the nondescript concrete building in a commercial enclave of suburban Washington. Each day they show up, take their places and soldier on. But they know the score.

    “I’d be lying if I said morale was good … Indiana and North Carolina were very deflating,” said a veteran aide, referring to the May 6 primaries that made Barack Obama look unstoppable.

    Clinton’s 41-point win in West Virginia last week was a thrill. Then John Edwards’ endorsement of Obama the next day was a gut punch.

    More than 300 work at the headquarters, and many have been putting in long hours there for more than a year.

    Last year, that looked like a good investment.Clinton was the front-runner, and her campaign was expected to blow away the opposition by Super Tuesday, Feb. 5.

    “People used to talk about jobs all the time. There were stories written about people dreaming of the same job,” said a young Clinton aide who works in targeted voter outreach.

    Those dreams have faded now, replaced by occasional bursts of anger. Staffers sometimes scream at the TV when pundits write off their chances – and sometimes they yell at each other.

    “Oh, [expletive] [Keith] Olbermann and Chris Matthews,” shouted a high-strung aide in the spacious Clinton war room, where the cable news channels are monitored nonstop.

    But Clinton has vowed she won’t be pushed out of the race before the last primary June 3, and her troops echo her never-say-die tone. Tomorrow will be another Primary Night, and staffers will break out the beers and look for a flicker of hope.

    “Every time someone tells her to quit, it just motivates us to work harder,” said communications director Howard Wolfson.

  131. And I’ve learned that true courage is especially hard to find – especially in a politician. – Lynette Long, Baltimore Sun

    So true, as I said before, this nation would not have existed without our forfathers. They are probably looking down on us know wondering what kind of cowards we have elected to office.

  132. We have the comfort at this stage of ignoring the media now and on Tuesday evening. Those nights of finger biting while anxiously waiting for the returns are over. And good riddance too! All we need are votes at this point. Of course, we will take any wins and BIG WINS if they are given to us for our own propaganda purposes. But wins and no wins, we need votes and lots of them. The popular vote is our path to the nomination.

    So if we get 45% of the votes in OR, fine, Hilary will take them to the bank, so to speak. No matter if we win KY by 10, 20, or 30, it’s the votes that matter most.

    We must end the primary season with enough votes, that if you add MI/FL, she wins the popular vote. I think you can see the pressure this scenario puts on the DNC. If she has enough with those two states to win the popular vote and they refuse to give her MI/FL, no matter how they award the delegates (and that will be the trick they will certainly try to pull, to only focus on the delegates and the not the votes), they are telling the voters in these states that there votes don’t count, since Hillary won both. This should be clear to us all.

    Hence the pressure they are putting on Hillary to drop out “for the good of the Party.” But we can guess her attitude about this. No need to mention more here for obvious reasons. This is a public site. I will just add that actions speak louder than words. Hint, hint.

    She will wait to see if the numbers add up at the close of the season. If she has enough, then Wahoo, we are off to a wonderful knock-down-drag-out fight in Denver.

  133. Plural so true. People write books, and others think it must be fact, when it is only their opinion. Sometimes they reference stuff, but they forget to reference anything that disagrees with that.


  134. A fantastic article by Evelyn Pringle onthe Chicago path of Obama to the Whitehouse.Great Site lots of opinions choose what you believe in and be informed.

    #1— countercurrents.org

    #2 — Barack Obama-Operation Board Games For Slumlords

    Gives one a lot to think about and decide who would be best for this country’s urgent need RIGHT NOW !! TODAY !!

  135. Basil, I am currently like most here, on a fast from digesting US news sources. I have found the best (not perfect) newspaper from a native English speaking country to be the Time of India. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/ . Its international section is not too shabby. They are not pro-Obama. That is a plus.

    I like to peruse the Arab World on-line newspapers if time allows.
    arab2.com/newspapers.htm . Free from US media bias. But be prepared. Very male. I was recently trying to do some research on Obama in the Arab world from these sources. Work has been crazy so I have had not the time to complete it. I read Chinese newspapers to keep up on local news, but you can imagine the journalistic quality. It is a race to the bottom between the US and China in this department. More friction than facts. Many in the USA are just discovering this about the US media. I did some time ago. One of the benefits of living abroad. Clearer vision.

  136. Hi Paddy, hope you will give me your 2 cents on this. It is about Cook County, IL numbers — Obama’s lead from IL is in the 600K and more than 400K of that comes from the Cook county which also includes Chicago. The registered voters are about 1.3 million including both R and D and even with a generous 25/75 split between them and a 42% turnout, the numbers don’t add up. Why isn’t anybody talking about it? Byron York mentioned it in last week or so in NR but that’s about it. What do you think is going on? Do you think SDs are aware of this and would Clinton’s campaign be using this info? I mean take away the Cook county numbers, his popular vote count looks worse.

  137. Blue Dem – Either Bazenet is trying to spin a demoralizing report on the HRC campaign or those campaign staffers need to be shaken up and set on a positive course! Why aren’t they taking their cues and their inspiration from Hillary? That dear brave and brilliant woman is soldiering on and people who hear her, say over and over:
    “You go, girl!”
    “She is so real, such a good and kind person – the way she has been maligned by jealous and misogynistic people is a crime.”
    “She is brilliant, she has real solutions, we need her, only HRC can put this country back on the right track.”
    And these people are fighting for her — on the blogs, in the streets, everywhere they go, they are saying to hell with the media — we know what’s going on. They are cheering her on with tears in their eyes and love in their hearts. And the people are bigger than the party.
    So what the hell is wrong with those campaign staffers? They need a damned good talking to.

  138. I know Ill sound like a debra downer but…

    have you noticed Hillary’s daily, “Hubdate” has become shorter and shorter as the day goes by…. this botheres me as it usually contains a lot of good news….

  139. I said:
    “Either Bazenet is trying to spin a demoralizing report on the HRC campaign …”

    I just didn’t like reading that report and I wish it hadn’t appeared here.

  140. Why would Gore endorse Obama?

    I hate to say this, but I can’t help wondering what Obama has promised him?

  141. Obama: No victory declaration Tuesday

    MILWAUKIE, Ore. – Concerned about appearing presumptuous or antagonistic towards Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama will not declare victory in the Democratic nomination fight Tuesday in the event he wins enough pledged delegates to claim a majority.

    Rather, he’ll tiptoe right up to the line, without explicitly asserting the race is over.

    While it may sound like an exercise in hair-splitting, the conscious decision not to declare victory is a revealing measure of the sensitivity surrounding overtures that appear to disrespect Clinton and her supporters.

  142. I don’t know why people seek out and post negative media stories. We know that what the media says about Hillary isn’t true.

  143. Lets see if Rezko gets any media footage today. I am sure fox will cover it maybe ABC but if CNN or MSNBO does not they are in my eyes in deep shit!

  144. Hillary is still standing! No matter what they throw at her she is still standing!

    Thank God for Hillary Clinton!!! 🙂

  145. pm, cook county should change its name to crook county. Maybe it’s just a way to provide immortality to the citizens. You never die once a voter, always a voter, with a big emphasis on ‘always’.

  146. It is disgraceful and unforgivable how (DNC) have treated Hillary . We have the best candidate in decades to lead this country out of the disaster of 8 Bush years, and some messiah like guy comes along and the masses fall in line like lemmings jumping off a cliff. As a male, I am ashamed that we still live in a society where sexism reared it’s ugly head both in the media, and quite frankly, the vote. In addition, as a white male, I am appalled at the cries of racism we heard from SC onward , when in fact, the only racism was AA’s in mass abandoning the Clinton’s who stood by them for decades(see John Lewis). Yet, white voters supported BO enough to possibly get him the nomination.
    Now, after running such a nasty campaign, they want to make nice which I find not only condescending, but totally hypocritical. BO called Hillary untruthful, claimed she would say anything to win, and attacked the great President Clinton as a racist.
    The ultimate insulkt was to claim to be a unifer, but this campaign was as divided as anyone has ever seen, and disenfranchis=ed millions of voters in FL. and Michigan. I hope none of us will vote for Obama and that Hillary will have another shot in 2012. God bless her.

  147. Can we sue the media for sexism? Im not trying to go extreme but could you do damage to someone like Chris Mathews or the others that have made sexist remarks. I hope at least get them fired.

  148. I don’t get BBC here. It’s blocked. Chinese government thinks they are anti-China. I think they are anti-red and not anti-Chinese. Try explaining that to the government!!! Used to listen a lot to it when I was young on the short wave though.

  149. Been writing so many emails and letters to SDs as well as to friends, I’m gluey-eyed and so hyped for Hill I have zip tolerance for any hint of negative vibes around this campaign.
    Took one too many “racist” stings from O junkies yesterday and I shot back, “That word is meaningless — over used, misused and useless! At this point it’s just silly name-calling!” I surprised myself.

  150. Mathews5 million dollar contract ends this yr and rumors are rampant5 that he intends to challenge the frail Arlene Spector for Senator in Penn. If /whenthat happens, the best payback would be to run his sexist comments and ensure he get defeated…what really stuns me is that Olberman, whom I liked, really became a Clinton hater, despite Bil and Hillary giving him very early interviews to help his show…in the race, however, loyalty is not considered much of a virtue.

  151. The articles be Pringle are based on court records and the Chicago Tribune compilation of the REZKO trial.There is much more testimony coming about these seemy characters,their countries of origin and their relationship with BHO and MO The RNC,The MSM and a large number of Delegates and Super Delegates are somewhere in the background of this dangerous attempt to seat OBama as our president.There is too much cash in their campaign and attributed to online ordinary young people.This has to be a massive case of Bundling and Laundering also Fear by intimidated or stupid followers.Most of these despicable politicians on his wanabe list,were there or are there becaiuse Bill and Hillary worked hard campaigning for them. Folks it is payback time for these strap hangers.Let us fight for our best Candidate ever to ron for The Presidency..Hillary Rodham Clinton.Fox and the RNC are ready to set the trap and the Fan for BHO.Mark my word,Justice and honesty cannot be ignored at a time so crucial for our great people.Write,Give,Call and VOTE. Your country needs her.

    By ABM90 When I see and hear Hillary I feel blessed to have been involved in this effort to leave America ,a better place than when I was born. THANK YOU ALL

  152. meiyingsu …thanks for the RNC attack ads — they’re doing a good job for us!

    Any further news about the million dollar offer for the MO “whitey” hate speech?

  153. My Congressman, Robert Wexler, is suppose to be BO’s liaison to the Jewish community down here. I hope other Jews in my Palm Beach County district (who voted overwhelmingly for Hillary) join me in denouncing him and do not support Obama. The condos down here are very political and many seniors, lifelong dems, are facing a real dilemma.

  154. “While it may sound like an exercise in hair-splitting, the conscious decision not to declare victory is a revealing measure of the sensitivity surrounding overtures that appear to disrespect Clinton and her supporters.”

    Last week Rove said Obama would be making a big mistake if he declared victory.

    Obama’s campaign is no doubt listening.

  155. The whole concept of him declaring victory is a repulsing thought and one that I will never accept.

  156. The good news everyone is that picture with all the supposedly 70,000 people listening to Obama will probably think to themselves that this guy has no idea what the hell he is talking about! The more people get to know him the worst of he is!

  157. The fact he can fill up a stadium is another example of never underestimating the stupidity of the American people…down right scary.

  158. jbstonesfan,

    I agree about the audacity of him trying to declare victory on Tuesday. It doesn’t matter that he is backing down now. The damage is done. He came across as a crass egomaniac when he announced that he was going to do it. That label will remain.

  159. morning Hillfans-

    When I saw the pic of BOs rally, the first thing I thought of was similar pics of W’s rallies in 2004.

    and in the end that election was almost tied too. There are many people supporting Hillary Clinton in Oregon who would not be caught dead at a rally like that. In fact, images of the rally naturally turn off people like me with an aversion to mob mentality and group think.

    If BO was so great, and if these ridiculous excericises in mob-mentality are so important, why hasn’t he won this thing? Why is it tied? Why are 15 million people still voting for Hillary Clinton? Did they get directions to the hippodrome?

  160. Morning, Hillfriends: Sorry, I’ve been in the politics-free zone for my sanity. Thank you for carrying on 24/7.

    Carby, I was so sorry to hear about your husband. Please accept condolences from a fellow Hillfan.

    pm – you’re onto something about Cook Cty – I think that the same may apply to Lake Cty, IN – improbable turnouts and numbers that don’t add up. Unfairly padding BO’s popular vote totals.

  161. politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/05/19/ferraro-suggests-she-may-not-vote-for-obama/
    Ferraro suggests she may not vote for Obama

    May 19, 2008
    Posted: 11:00 AM ET

    (CNN) — Geraldine Ferraro, the outspoken former Democratic vice presidential candidate and a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s White House bid, told the New York Times she may not vote for Barack Obama should he be the party’s nominee.

    Ferraro, a former member of Clinton’s finance committee who resigned that post earlier this year after making comments many viewed as racially offensive, also said she thinks the Illinois senator has been “terribly sexist” over the course of the presidential campaign.

    The comments appear to underscore the potential difficulty Obama may have courting some women voters in the fall — many of whom have said they feel a solidarity with the New York senator over the barriers Clinton faces in her bid to become the first female president.

    Ferraro has not shied away from discussing the impact of race and gender throughout the Democratic presidential campaign. In March, the former congresswoman told a California newspaper the chief reason Obama’s candidacy was successful was because he was black.

    “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position,” she told The Daily Breeze. “And if he was a woman, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

    Ferraro also said Clinton had been the victim of a “sexist media.”

    Obama later called those comments “ridiculous,” and Clinton said she disagreed with them. Ferraro maintained her comments were not racist, but ultimately resigned from the Clinton campaign after they caused an uproar.

    “The Obama campaign is attacking me to hurt you. I won’t let that happen,” she wrote in her resignation letter to Clinton, adding, “I am who I am and I will continue to speak up.”

  162. The election is so close and Hillary leads in all votes cast, yet, the media portrays it as “over”. People like Russert, Mathews, Fineman. Alter, Olberman, Shuster, Mitchell, and others have shown their hatred for the Clintons in ways never possible on real news shows in the past. The only one who has been somewhat fair is Blitzer and while I despise Fox, at least they have outed BO as much as possible.

  163. Declaring victory, could it be, trying to declare he’s won when he gets his ass handed to him in KY and possibly losing oregon might seem a tad stupid.

  164. Losing Oregon would turn this around big time…I pray that the unheard majority comes out strong for Hillary-the true champion of the people.

  165. The election is so close and Hillary leads in all votes cast, yet, the media portrays it as “over”. People like Russert, Mathews, Fineman. Alter, Olberman, Shuster, Mitchell
    I can tell you one thing for sure. The ones these pundits really hate and I do mean hate is the American people–the peasant class in their eyes. And that my friends is the gods truth. No they dont come out and say it quite that way. But it is perfectly clear from the snide comments they make about voters in certain states, the way they denigrate their opinions and election results. Hillary is their champion so it is only natural that they would hate her. But we have the electoral map on our side and we should have the popular vote and we have experience and a great decade where all boats rose with the tide and a flawed opponent with a mr hyde side to him and a republican attack machine and a corrupt overreaching media and Hillary says in effect I will not give up I have not yet begun to fight.

  166. So whats our ideal scenario tomorrow night.

    KY will close first and they will call that immediately with a blowout and then Oregon will be too close to call and then she just eeks out a win.

  167. wbboei, I think you are right about that.

    They hate the people, and that is why they hate the Clintons. They can’t get over the way both Hillary and Bill can appeal to the people and be understood by them.

    They believe public opinion — like votes — is something to be manipulated and manufactured, and not the real interests of real human beings.

  168. wbboei: It does seem that way, doesn’t it? They have to minimize the supporters of Hillary, so they can prop up waffles. They don’t get it. Hillary and Bill can relate to people in a way, that waffles cannot. Waffles cannot relate to people, because of his arrogance and snobbiness. People can pick up on that. In addition, it is another way to degrade and minimize Hillary, and her accomplishments. This is why, I do not watch MSM.

  169. The media pundits have grown too big for their shoes. They believe that they can manipulate the vote by subliminal advertising at it’s worst. They think that if they drum their opinions into us over and over again that we will succumb to their brainwashing techniques.

    I used to think that CNN was an amazing vehicle for news. I now think that they are as corrupt as can be (with the exception of Lou Dobbs). The other media outlets are no better. Fox, while going after Obama with all that they have in their arsenal are really no better. If/When Hillary wins the nomination, they will savage her as well.

  170. checking in….. 😀

    so did obama camp now say they will not call them the nominee on tuesday???

    if true…..anyone got a link to the story???

    if true…..this can only mean that their internals for oregon are not that great!! 😀

  171. I don’t think they HATE the people, they just don’t respect us … TV learned that long ago from the advertizing world which is based on the notion that the people can be manipulated…and, really, most of the time they CAN be if you know what buttons to hit…BUt the thing we might, I hope be seeing, is that the people are finally becoming immune to their ways. You think? In some ways this whole primary feels like a boil coming to a head — all the bad is coming out. Well, that’s the up side of it.

  172. who ever it was that brought up cook county and Indianna

    you are both correct , i am sure of it!

    and i am sure there are plenty of other states that IF SOMEONE took the time to check
    would show more vote padding

    I know here in iowa he bussed college kids in from all over…….and all the stories of voter intimidation

    he is clearly stealing this election and everyone who can do anything about it is BLIND,DEF & MUTE!!!
    like the three monkeys….hear no 👿 see no 👿 speak no 👿

  173. As far as that 75,000, alot of his supporters from California could be in that crowd. That crowd makes it look like the whole Oregon was at his speech. Smoke and mirrors is all this guy has, nothing substantial!

  174. His speeches aren’t even that great anymore..you heard one, you’ve heard them all. Very boringzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  175. Over on Clinton Dems, I found this in “Fizz” diary Posted on May 18th, 2008 by imaclintonista

    “I am an Oregonian. I voted for Hillary Clinton.

    I read in the Oregonian newspaper that Obama drew a big crowd today. There’s a heat wave going through Oregon, Tom McCall Waterfront Park is a beautiful place. There was a free concert, beachballs, something to do on a hot Sunday afternoon. Oh yeah, and Obama .”

    SO, was the crowd there for O or was he there to pretend the crowd number?

  176. all cable news is broadcasting his “live” stubby stump

    is hillary speaking any where today? i am sure she is in kentucky at several stops

    but……will we see any of it on the news??????????

    probably not! reason 1002 why i won’t vote for obama

  177. BHO tells GOP Michelle is off limits. However, Hillary is fair game.


  178. Off limits!!! She has personally refused to endorse Hillary should she be the nominee, has never until “now” been proud of her country, she has not denounced the Rev. Wright, and she has played the race card like a poker champ. I hope they go after her the way they went after Bill/Hillary….Politics is a contact sport….Obama is truly a wimp…

  179. from the politico article on OBama not claiming victory now

    these quotes are so telling!!! he’s a snob, arrogant, and he knows the gig is up and he is SCARED!!!!

    , Obama aides have spent the last week trying to reverse the perception that he will declare victory May 20 — saying instead that he will simply recognize a milestone — in an attempt at message-shifting that underscores the sensitive nature of this phase of the campaign.

    When asked again Wednesday whether he still planned to declare victory following the results from Oregon and Kentucky, Obama dispatched the suggestion with a cool stare.

    “We will declare that we have the majority of pledged delegates,” Obama said, giving the question only three seconds of his time before pivoting towards the front cabin of his campaign plane.

    Obama said Sunday that he has not sent mixed messages.

    “What we have consistently said is that we will have the majority of pledged delegates at that point and obviously ware going to make the argument to any superdelegates remaining that we should be the nominee,” Obama said. “But until those pledged delegates actually commit to us, we won’t have achieved that number yet.”


    Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the senator will campaign in the two remaining primary states and perhaps Puerto Rico — a move that contradicts suggestions that he views the race as over.

    At the heart of the bid to steer reporters from the he-will-declare-victory narrative is a recognition that Clinton, who trails by a historically small margin, claims millions of supporters who don’t want her unceremoniously pushed out of the race. And the Democratic party views its chances in November as dependent upon its ability to reunite these opposing camps.

    “Right now, it is all about unifying the party,” said Peter Fenn, a Democratic strategist unaffiliated with either campaign. “This election should be won by the Democrats if the Democrats unite behind a candidate. The one hope that McCain has is if the party splits. For Obama, who has so far been very concerned about antagonizing Clinton’s supporters, you are walking a fine line.”

    Not to mention the fact that the Clinton campaign refuses to recognize the Obama math, stoking an intra-campaign conflict at a time when both candidates are avoiding personal attacks.

    SNIP…….and all this is why he’s afraid 😀

    Clinton subscribes to a different nomination metric — 2,210 delegates, not 2,025 — a figure that includes Florida and Michigan, which were stripped of their convention delegates by the party as punishment for moving up their primary election dates.

    “Declaring mission accomplished doesn’t make it so and taking victory laps before the nomination is actually secured is a slap in the face to the voters of Florida and Michigan, and the states that have not yet voted,” Clinton strategist Howard Wolfson said in a statement Sunday. “There is no standard under which Sen. Obama will have secured the nomination on Tuesday night.”

  180. LOL…….BO is so scared! He knows GOP going after michelle is a very effective weapon agains him 😀

    ain’t nothing going to stop that train now that it’s on the tracks 😀

  181. Polls: Clinton leads big in Kentucky, Obama leads modestly in Oregon:


  182. I saw the endorsement by byrd. He has gone against the people of his state. This may have more to do with his age and his guilt over having once been a member of the Klu Klux Klan. I am just guessing. But this is not meaningful in terms of the campaign however because it will be drowned out by what happens in Kentucky tomorrow and superdelegates will make up their own minds about what is right for the future.

  183. # birdgal Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    dija: don’t forget about the voting irregularities in NC.

    What were some of the problems w/ NC?

  184. Why are the SDs such wimps. They insist a women quit before the race is over and they are afraid of other retaliations. Women are over 50% of the vote. I guess we should sit down and shut up.

    Again, by another SD a slight. We need to vote these people out of office in every state.

  185. Byrd should be reprimanded by his states voters, i mean she won 70% for gods sake. I hope they turn on him.

  186. newmexico,

    Good for y’all with naral! Here’s some ammunition:

    h t t p : / /makethemaccountable.com/index.php/2008/05/19/media-080519/
    Democrats could have stopped both Roberts and Alito, but they didn’t. They could have used the filibuster. And just so you’ll know, we constituents had to push Obama into opposing them.

    And if anyone wants to talk about defecting to McCain:

    h t t p : / / http://www.newswithviews.com/Kincaid/cliff224.htm
    In his recent speech on the need for conservative judges, [McCain] defended his vote for Clinton’s nomination of ACLU general counsel Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court.

  187. “What we have consistently said is that we will have the majority of pledged delegates at that point and obviously ware going to make the argument to any superdelegates remaining that we should be the nominee,” Obama said. “But until those pledged delegates actually commit to us, we won’t have achieved that number yet.”

    What bullshit double-talk! He’s conflating ‘pledged delegates’ meaning delegates elected in caucuses and primaries on his slate — with some superdelegates who have promised to support him!

    Originally he said only the caucus/primary elected delegates mattered and the superdelegates should just rubberstamp them. Now he’s trying to count some superdelegates into ‘his’ total for some number he wants to declare as important.

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