Forward With Hillary Clinton

[In deference to Senator Kennedy’s medical emergency we will postpone publication of Part III of Voting for Barack Obama until the appropriate time. There is a frank assessment of Senator Kennedy’s recent political judgment in the article which would not be respectful or decent at this immediate moment. We hope to continue the series as soon as Monday or until the Senator’s medical situation is clarified.]

* * *

Kentucky and Oregon are the priority at the moment. Let’s not get distracted. Help Hillary by making calls to those states.

The polls in Kentucky (Clinton 65%, Obama 29%) look good as do the polls in Oregon (Clinton 45%, Obama 50%).

Let’s make a great effort in the next few days in both states and have a great closer on Election Day this Tuesday.

Hillary is working hard, as always:

* * *

Hillary is also asking for our help regarding her fight for the voting rights of millions of Florida and Michigan voters:

Millions of voters in Florida and Michigan are depending on you to help make sure they have a voice in this race. Will you stand up for them today?

Thanks to your efforts, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who have already spoken out, the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee is meeting May 31 to make a decision about whether or not the votes in Michigan and Florida will count.

Now I need you to urge the DNC to make the right decision on May 31. I need you to remind them that in the Democratic Party, we count every vote.

Tell the Democratic National Committee to count the votes of Florida and Michigan.

On May 31, the DNC has a chance to make it clear that the people of Florida and Michigan have a voice in our party. The decision is especially critical given the important role these states will play in November.

And your voice could make the difference for the millions of people who went to the polls in those two states to make their choice for president.

Stand with me today and tell the DNC to count the votes in Florida and Michigan.

I have consistently said that every vote must count. It is such an important principle in our party. I really appreciate you standing up for the values we share.

* * *

Finally, let’s not forget to get friends and family and ourselves to donate to Hillary so she can continue fighting for us and all Americans (don’t forget to add 44 cents to your contribution):

There are some people out there who want to declare this race over now, before all the ballots have been counted or even cast. There are some who say they don’t know why I’m in this race. So let me tell you why I’m still running.

I’m in this race for everyone who needs a champion. For the hardworking families who are losing sleep over gas prices and grocery costs and mortgage payments and medical bills — but who never lose that American can-do spirit and optimism.

I’m in this race for the more than 16 million people like you who have supported me — for the people who have put their hearts into winning this race. You never gave up on me, and I’ll never give up on you. [snip]

Contribute now to keep our campaign going strong.

I’m also in this race because I have the best chance of beating John McCain in November and putting America on the right track.

Forward with Hillary Clinton.


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  1. bringing this over from the last article, since i had just posted it there b4 knowing there was a new article 😀

    This is a great article for Hillary from oregon!
    journalists email below…..feel free to send him some love!
    and leave your comment on this article too!!

    Obama moves to Oregon stage as Clinton exits
    Posted by The Oregonian May 17, 2008 06:40AM
    Categories: Elections, Politics
    Barack Obama arrives for his own Oregon tour on the eve of Tuesday’s primary.

    The Illinois senator visits Roseburg today before public stops in Portland and Pendleton on Sunday, including a Sunday rally on Portland’s riverfront. Doors open at 12:30 p.m.

    Hillary Clinton traveled from a Willamette Valley family’s dining room table to a television studio in Portland Friday as she made what was likely her last direct appeal to Oregon voters before ballots are counted in Tuesday’s primary.

    The New York senator took some big pokes at oil companies and Republican Sen. John McCain — and a few smaller ones at her Democratic opponent, as she declared that predictions of her candidacy’s demise have “always been premature, and I hope it stays premature.”

    One of Obama’s events is a rally on Portland’s waterfront, but Clinton gave up the crowds for the day as she focused on a pair of made-for-media forums that gave her a chance to speak at length on issues such as the war, health care and energy.

    She began the day in Junction City speaking around the dining table to a family worried about the shaky economy and rising gas prices. In the evening, she had a free hour of TV time when KGW (8) hosted a town hall with some 100 undecided Democratic voters. She then left to campaign today in Kentucky, which — unlike Oregon — polls show she is likely to win.

    Answering viewer questions, Clinton scored McCain, of Arizona, for suggesting that American troops would be largely home from Iraq by 2013 if he became president. She complained that his statement was not based on “any realistic assessment, nor was it based on any policy. It was an assertion. … It’s just more of the same.”

    She insisted her health care plan is better than Obama’s because it would cover everyone, but she didn’t dwell on the difference as she has at times earlier in the campaign. Some of her toughest language was reserved for oil companies, which she said have to be “reined in” because they are “all powerful” and “have too much control over our economy.”

    Unusual campaign stop
    Earlier in the day, Clinton visited a home construction site in Junction City, then took a seat at the dining table at the house next door.

    If she were president, she would freeze adjustable mortgage rates to prevent foreclosures, she said. She would set up a $30 billion federal fund to aid homeowners about to lose their homes, and she would get federal home loan programs to loosen credit to help goose the market. President Bush, she said, has turned his back on troubled homeowners.

    It was an unusual event by modern campaign standards. The motorcade, complete with motorcycle cops and national press bus, rolled into an all but silent neighborhood of green lawns, new streets and a mix of finished and partially complete homes. A few curious onlookers watched as Clinton, wearing an orange-and-rust pantsuit, got out of a gray Suburban and had a brief conversation with Eugene homebuilder Mike Gansen.

    Clinton heard economic concerns from Sandy and Marvin Mehlbrech, whose dining room served as the backdrop for Friday’s event. It was a cozy, relaxed setting, if you could ignore the press of cameras and reporters that jammed the Mehlbrechs’ living room.

    The Mehlbrechs, who recently moved from Tualatin, told Clinton they’re retired and living on a fixed income. They said they bought the house as an investment that might later help pay for assisted living.

    But with home prices on the decline, they’re worried. They also had hoped to travel more but have been stymied by the cost.

    “We can’t pay $4 a gallon for gas, so we just kind of hang around here,” Marvin Mehlbrech said.

    “Shady” oil practices
    Clinton blamed Bush’s inaction. She said higher gas prices are the result of market manipulation by oil traders and speculators, who could be brought to heel by the White House, working with Congress. She said “shady” trading practices have added $20 to $50 to the cost of a barrel of oil.

    Bush’s response, she said, has been “to sip tea” with Saudi officials and implore them to produce more oil.

    She said if she were president, she would launch an investigation into oil prices, much like the one that exposed fraudulent practices by Enron. She also said she would pursue a windfall profit tax on oil companies and use the money to pay for a temporary suspension of the 18.4-cent-a-gallon federal gas tax.

    She said the “gas tax holiday” would save the average family about $70 over the course of the summer, a number some analysts have questioned. She also said truckers would save much more.

    Clinton told the TV audience that her long-term goal was to develop alternative sources of energy and to invest more in high-speed rail and urban mass transit.

    “You’ve got a great system here, but so many places in the country don’t,” said Clinton, arguing that Americans can’t continue to rely so heavily on automobile travel.

    KGW had invited Obama to appear as well, but he declined. Clinton said she had hoped to have a series of debates with him in the remaining primary states but “that wasn’t to be.”

    Undecided voters
    Obama campaign manager David Plouffe told reporters in a conference call earlier in the day that Obama is “in a strong position in Oregon,” but he declined to predict victory. Clinton is competing “fiercely,” he said, noting that she has begun airing a new television ad here and that former President Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, will campaign today and Sunday in several Oregon cities.

    An Obama win in Oregon would be a “giant leap toward the nomination,” said Plouffe. The Obama campaign expects to have a majority of the pledged delegates after Tuesday, which Plouffe argues is the best measure of voter sentiment. But Obama would still have to pick up support from unpledged superdelegates to win a majority and secure the nomination.

    For her part, Clinton argued Friday that she has won a majority of the popular vote over the primary season. Obama officials say it is not fair to count Florida and Michigan, which were stripped of their delegates for holding early primaries and where the candidates didn’t campaign. Obama also removed his name from the Michigan ballot.

    Clinton’s hourlong town hall did net her some undecided voters in Portland.

    Jennifer Hildrich, 50, of Portland said she was torn between “the outsider talking about change and a new day” and “the savvy political insight of someone who will get something done.”

    Hildrich said Clinton impressed her with her detailed plans for addressing major issues. Then Clinton closed the deal for Hildrich when she implored voters to consider who would be the most effective president on day one.

    Judee Jacoby, 64, of Damascus said she too showed up at the town hall meeting on the fence over whether to back Obama or Clinton.

    By meeting’s end, she was firmly in Clinton’s camp.

    “I like her views on health care and on education,” she said. “I just feel she is very personable and warm, someone an average American like me can relate to.”

    – Harry Esteve and Bill Graves of The Oregonian;

  2. Obama blames Fox News, e-mail for likely loss in Kentucky
    By Ryan Alessi | Lexington Herald-Leader

    LEXINGTON, Ky. — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, facing a likely defeat in next Tuesday’s primary election, won’t travel to Kentucky before the voting, but said he hopes to have much more time to win over Kentucky voters before the November general election.

    He also blamed Fox News for disseminating “rumors” about him and said that that and e-mails filled with misinformation that have been “systematically” dispersed have hurt him in Kentucky.

    “When we’re able to campaign in a place like Iowa for several months and I can visit and talk to people individually, I do very well. That’s harder to do at this stage in the campaign,” Obama said in a brief telephone interview Friday. “And once we get past the primary, we’ll ble to focus more on those states where we need to make sure people know my track record.”

    In contrast, Obama’s rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, will make five stops in Kentucky over the weekend, including appearances at two university campuses.

    Obama spoke to more than 8,000 supporters in Louisville Monday night — his first time in the state since August. He said he had hoped to spend more time in Kentucky earlier this week but was called back to Washington, D.C. for votes on Tuesday.

    Since then, he’s stumped in Oregon, which will hold its primary by mail on Tuesday, and South Dakota, where Democrats vote June 3, as well as in states that have already held their primary elections, such as Michigan and Missouri.

    “We’re having to campaign in a lot of different places,” Obama said. “Obviously we think Kentucky is important. People in Kentucky are concerned about the same things people are concerned about all across the country — declining wages and incomes combined with the rising costs of everything from gas to health care.”

    Obama’s wife, Michelle, is slated to campaign in Kentucky on Monday.

    Obama conceded that he has a steep challenge to get his message and background to voters in states such as Kentucky — where he trails Sen. Hillary Clinton by 27 points, according to a poll published earlier this week — and West Virginia, where voters chose Clinton over Obama by 40 points on Tuesday.

    “What it says is that I’m not very well known in that part of the country,” Obama said. “Sen. Clinton, I think, is much better known, coming from a nearby state of Arkansas. So it’s not surprising that she would have an advantage in some of those states in the middle.”

    Obama has been trying to introduce himself to Kentuckians using a series of biographical TV ads, as well as fliers, including one that shows him at a pulpit in front of a church’s cross and pipe organ.

    He acknowledged that he’s trying to “reverse a lot of misconceptions” about his background. He is a Christian, although some e-mail chains have said he is a Muslim.

    “Part of it is because there have been these e-mails that have been sent out very systematically, presumably by various political opponents, although I don’t know who,” he said. “And there are a lot of voters who get their news from Fox News. Fox has been pumping up rumors about my religious beliefs or my patriotism or what have you since the beginning of the campaign.”

    As Clinton continues to argue that she is better suited to win in key, large swing states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio, Obama countered that he has performed better among independents.

    And he said he and Clinton match up similarly against Republican nominee John McCain. Both trail McCain, the U.S. Senator from Arizona, by double digits in a Herald-Leader/WKYT poll of 600 likely general election voters. McCain leads Clinton by 12 points and Obama by 25 points.

    “I think whoever the Democratic is we’re going to have some work to do in a state like Kentucky,” Obama said.

    Republican National Committee Spokeswoman Katie Wright dismissed Obama’s contention that he’ll be competitive in Kentucky this fall.

    “The more voters in Kentucky get to know Senator Obama, the more they will realize that he doesn’t understand the economy or their values,” Wright said in a statement. “Higher taxes, threatening Second Amendment rights, taxing ‘dirty energy’ and taking choice out of healthcare won’t benefit our country much less the hard working families of Kentucky.”

    Maybe he’s losing there because he doesn’t represent their values like Hillary does. This man has got to be the biggest whiner ever.

  3. I think Hillary should stay in Oregon longer .. Ky is good shape and it looks like she is making headway in Oregon….

  4. Has anyone found photos of the “Clinton Supporters Count Too” rally in Ohio before they appeared on O’Reilly?

    I checked first, but I couldn’t find a post with the photos in it.

    I love photos from grassroots pro-Hillary rallies.

  5. Thanks for the consideration of Kennedy, even though I might not think he deserve it. It is a classy thing to do.

    That is what you want in a President, is a class act. Senator Clinton supporters are a class act, by postponing that article. However, Obama is not a class act by declaring victory, when all of the People of American have not voted. No one did that to Kennedy when he was running against Carter. But then there were two males involved.

  6. AMIN……loved the video!! thank you!!!!

    after watching that , and couldn’t help but notice the big cheery flower on the wall behind her got me to thinking
    about what she said…”it’s exhausting”

    I would like to purpose an idea to you all…something that can be spread around other blogs as well

    but i just think it would be really wonderful if we could all chip in $1 towards “flowers for hillary”

    we could gather the $ and FTP bouquets to her campaign offices…’s like getting two for one with this
    we would send a strong message to hillary and also give all those volunteers something beautiful to help remind them that we arer here too and we thank them for all their hard work……what do you think??

  7. geez, when will the excuses end for BO? chicken-shit to campaign in WV, chicken-shit to campaign in KY, chicken-shit to debate HRC anywhere…what makes this candy-ass think it will get any easier as we progress to the GE?

  8. Hi Everyone.

    Light a Candle for Hillary

    Sunday, May 18, 2008 at 6:00 PM

    Your Heart
    Anywhere USA
    El Cerrito, CA 94530
    General Area: At the corner of your heart and intentions.

    Light a candle for Hillary. Say a prayer or meditate for Hillary.

    Public Event. This event is listed on and the event address will be visible to all users. Any user will be able to RSVP.

  9. @birdgal

    I was thinking so

    wouldn’t it be nice if they could be in those offices in oregon and KY by tuesday night!

  10. just a thought, but i do have a business paypal account
    it costs me a small amount but that’s ok, i don’t mind 😀

    I would be happy to collect and order the flowers

    I just not sure where all the campaign offices are at

    how can one find out?

  11. Can you imagine how this will play out when Senator Clinton wins. It will be like the American/Russian Olympic Hockey Game. No way were we suppose to win, but they just had heart and kept playing. No one said they should quit at the half or last quarter. They had heard. I also wonder what happen to all of those people who bet on the Russians.

    The SDs are betting on O, and there is a price to pay for that. If the American People’s will and heart is stronger than theirs, and they bet on the wrong person, it is like the In crowd becomes the out crowd. They are fighting hard, and making deals like crazy, because their egos and careers are more important than the American Democracy.

    If the Politicians were this selfish when the Revolutionary Government was born, what we have today would not be here. George Washington could have become King, but he turned it down, and did what was best for a Democracy he helped create.

    Do we have any True Patriots like we did when Washington fought for and lead this country?

    I have learned the harsh realities, that we don’t have many. I am rooting for the Americans to win (Senator Clintons Group). The rest of them can write a book, after they have lost there next re elections.

  12. oops, i’ll try again – hillary at the distillery!

  13. found this blogger who has a post at RCP ………she could use some votes by the way!!

    she must be a feminist who is backing hillary 200%

    i love how she writes….a must read

  14. birdgal

    I’ve been surfing her site under states and didn’t find anything

    perhaps i didn’t look in the right place??

  15. another from RCP that needs votes 😀

    Saturday, May 17, 2008
    Minus One
    Dear Dr. Dean:

    We are not coming home to the Democratic Party because you’ve burned down the house.

    I’ve returned your emails requesting money and have asked you to remove me from your mailing list.

    I live in Florida. Remember Florida? In 2000 we were all shouting to count every vote. How ironic (it really is Ms. Morissette) it is that in 2008 you and most Obama supporters don’t want our votes to count. You may have taken away our delegates but you cannot take away our votes. They must be included in the popular vote total because they have been certified by my state.

    It’s time a for a real third party. We could be the moderates or the reasonables. The people in the middle who don’t want a theocracy or socialism. We want to be responsible for each other and expect people to be responsible for themselves. We’re not victims, we’re not whiners, we’re not autocrats. We’re just trying to make it and help others make it, too.

    So, Dr. Dean, mark me as minus one Democrat. There are more people like me than you realize.

    We’re going to build our own home.

  16. and another 😀

    this one has a video of obama makign this mistake…..ADMIN can we get it??

    Saturday, May 17, 2008
    Barack Obama Needs Some Rest -Wrong City, Wrong State

    The presidential candidates have been campaigning for too long it seems, especially Barack Obama, since it was just last week where he informed a crowd that he had been to 57 states, still have one to go and didn’t visit Alaska and Hawaii.

    One week later in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Obama received a very warm welcome for another speech, jumps on the stage, grabs his microphone and says……”Thank you, Sioux City!”


    Sioux City is in Iowa, not South Dakota.

    He recovered by saying, “I’m sorry. Sioux Falls. I’ve been in Iowa too long.”

    He then went on to give his typical stump speech.

    These are mistakes that exhaustion can cause, but they are also mistakes that if any other candidate would have made, they would see people screeching about incompetence, memory lapses, age or any other number of insults.

    You can see the video for yourself, it is about a minute or two in, at the beginning of his speech.

    These mistakes are beginning to add up and happening more frequently as the pressure builds and Obama is labeled as the favored nominee, since Hillary Clinton won’t bow out giving him the official title of the Democratic nominee.

    Obama needs to get some rest because if he doesn’t step back and regroup, these mistakes, which are caught on video are going to be played, looped and never disappear.

    They will go away for a little while and right before the November elections, they will all be brought out, dusted off, spliced together and offer undeniable proof that Barack Obama just isn’t ready for prime time, no matter how badly his supporters want him to be.

    Hat Tip for the video embed to Michelle Malkin and Right Wing News.

  17. oops here’s the link

    h t t p : / /

  18. The mouth makes so many gaffs.He must have gotten his degree in a third world country.
    He told newshounds when they asked about Teddy quote” He WAS agood friend”

    He said he did not have anytime available to debate Hillary in OR.Yesterday he said he would debate McCain any time any place and that he would win.What a sad excuse for a presidential candidate.Hillary wone all the debates and she cleaned his clock in each and every one of them in spite of having MSM rigging the process against her.The stuff is piling up behind the fan Barack and it will fly when Fox and the RNC decide the right time has come to turn it on.Wear some washer safe outfits.By the way truth is the best thing for clock cleaning.Go Hillary scare the living H out of him.

    By ABM90 This old Dog still bites.

  19. An Iowa rally? That is so incredibly laughable (as he’s getting mauled in Kentucky), Hill should show there in person and loudly say ‘not so fast.”

    They’re unbelievably ballsy, but this won’t stand.

    No way they’re getting away with this. No way.

    Hello Denver!

  20. Whoops, our girl’s drinkin’ again!

    LORETTO, Kentucky (CNN) — Wrapping up a rally at the Maker’s Mark bourbon distillery on Saturday, Hillary Clinton again argued that she leads Barack Obama in the popular vote and attacked the television “punditry” that has suggested the race is over.

    “All those people on TV who are telling you and everybody else that this race is over and I should just be graceful and say, ‘Oh it’s over’ even though I’ve won more votes – those are all people who have a job,” Clinton told supporters picnicking in the gardens of the distillery.

    “Those are all people who have health care. Those are all people who can afford to send their kids to college. Those are all people who can pay whatever is charged at the gas pump. They’re not the people I’m running to be a champion for.”

    “They keep telling me to quit,” said Clinton. “I don’t know, maybe I was just raised with the kind of values you were raised [with]. You don’t quit on people and you don’t quit until you finish what you started and you don’t quit on America.”

    Clinton has recently been claiming a lead over Obama in the popular vote, a debatable claim, especially because the Democratic National Committee doesn’t count the votes of Florida and Michigan, which Clinton does.

    Both states were disqualified by the DNC for bringing forward their primaries.

    CNN’s official count — including all primaries and caucuses but neither Florida nor Michigan — has Obama ahead by close to 700,000 votes.

    Clinton also argues that looking at the electoral map for the general election, she has won states with more electoral votes than Obama has.

    “If you look at the states [Democrats] have to win, if you look at the big states, and you look at the swing states, I am the stronger candidate,” she said.

    Before her rally, Clinton toured the distillery and tried her hand at sealing a bottle of Maker’s Mark, donning protective gear and dipping the bottle into a vat of the famous red wax. She remarked that she didn’t realize every bottle is sealed by hand.

    This wasn’t Clinton’s first brush with whiskey on the campaign trail.

    She famously took a shot of Crown Royal during a bar stop in Indiana but despite her surroundings on Saturday, she didn’t indulge.

  21. did anyone post this yet??

    its a 3 page article!!!!!!!!!!!!! here is just the first page of it

    In a speech to the Urban League last July, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., boasted of his efforts in 2001 to help a handful of African American-owned investment firms in Chicago get a larger share of business with Illinois state pension funds. “And in six months, they got about a half-billion dollars’ worth of business simply on their excellence,” Obama said.

    What he did not say in his speech was that the owner of one of the investment firms, John Rogers of Ariel Capital, is a principal campaign fundraiser. Nor did he reveal that employees of the firms he helped have since contributed to or helped to raise more than $765,000 for his campaigns, according to campaign documents. Nor did he mention that two of the firms have allowed him to use their private jets. Nor did he mention that two of the firms have since been dismissed by the state pension fund for “underperformance.”
    Obama Helped Supporters Get Millions in Illinois State Business
    John Rogers, Whose Business Obama Helped as a State Senator, Is Now One of Obama’s Chief Fundraisers
    May 15, 2008

    In a speech to the Urban League last July, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., boasted of his efforts in 2001 to help a handful of African American-owned investment firms in Chicago get a larger share of business with Illinois state pension funds. “And in six months, they got about a half-billion dollars’ worth of business simply on their excellence,” Obama said.

    What he did not say in his speech was that the owner of one of the investment firms, John Rogers of Ariel Capital, is a principal campaign fundraiser. Nor did he reveal that employees of the firms he helped have since contributed to or helped to raise more than $765,000 for his campaigns, according to campaign documents. Nor did he mention that two of the firms have allowed him to use their private jets. Nor did he mention that two of the firms have since been dismissed by the state pension fund for “underperformance.”

  22. thanks birdgal 😀

    now to just get the ball rolling and collect $$ for “Flowers for Hillary”

  23. want to make a million and end obama’s chances?

    spread this far and wide-i mean FAR and wide right now-the michele whitey tape exists and 1 million i snow being offered for it by a millionaire lawyer who hates mccainand wants it out right now. u cant make this up! more below

    Who Wants to Be the Next Millionaire?
    By Larry JohnsoncloseAuthor: Larry Johnson Name: Larry Johnson

    About: Larry C. Johnson is CEO and co-founder of BERG Associates, LLC, an international business-consulting firm with expertise combating terrorism and investigating money laundering. Mr. Johnson works with US military commands in scripting terrorism exercises, briefs on terrorist trends, and conducts undercover investigations on counterfeiting, smuggling and money laundering. Mr. Johnson, who worked previously with the Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism, is a recognized expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, crisis and risk management. Mr. Johnson has analyzed terrorist incidents for a variety of media including the Jim Lehrer News Hour, National Public Radio, ABC’s Nightline, NBC’s Today Show, the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, and the BBC. Mr. Johnson has authored several articles for publications, including Security Management Magazine, the New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times. He has lectured on terrorism and aviation security around the world, including the Center for Research and Strategic Studies at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France. He represented the U.S. Government at the July 1996 OSCE Terrorism Conference in Vienna, Austria. From 1989 until October 1993, Larry Johnson served as a Deputy Director in the U.S. State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism. He managed crisis response operations for terrorist incidents throughout the world and he helped organize and direct the US Government’s debriefing of US citizens held in Kuwait and Iraq, which provided vital intelligence on Iraqi operations following the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Mr. Johnson also participated in the investigation of the terrorist bombing of Pan Am 103. Under Mr. Johnson’s leadership the U.S. airlines and pilots agreed to match the US Government’s two million-dollar reward. From 1985 through September 1989 Mr. Johnson worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. During his distinguished career, he received training in paramilitary operations, worked in the Directorate of Operations, served in the CIA’s Operation’s Center, and established himself as a prolific analyst in the Directorate of Intelligence. In his final year with the CIA he received two Exceptional Performance Awards. Mr. Johnson is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security. He taught at The American University’s School of International Service (1979-1983) while working on a Ph.D. in political science. He has a M.S. degree in Community Development from the University of Missouri (1978), where he also received his B.S. degree in Sociology, graduating Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa in 1976.See Authors Posts (602) on May 17, 2008 at 5:07 PM in Barack Obama, Current Affairs, Michelle Obama, Stokely Carmichael

    Here’s the news short and sweet–if you have a copy of the Michelle Obama video, in which she is lambasting white people (four different sources say she uses “whitey” as an epithet) at Jeremiah Wright’s church, then there is an ultra conservative Republican billionaire who wants to pay your $1 million dollars for the tape. Why? He hates John McCain. Conservative Republicans refer to John McCain as a Marxist and a sell out (and those are the nice comments). The billionaire in question believes Barack is a very weak candidate and, if he gets the Democratic nod, then McCain will surely be President. Especially after the October “surprise” of Michelle Obama railing against whitey. The billionaire wants to preempt McCain and Rove and has put the word out thru conservative networks that there is a $1 million dollar bounty for the person or persons who produce the tape.

    I got this info courtesy of a major Republican operative. I am told that Karl Rove and his political allies control the tape where Michelle Obama has a Stokely Carmichael moment of sorts. Rove and company reportedly are showing the tape to big money Republicans to loosen up their wallets and get new money to fund independent expenditure groups. That’s why news of this is starting to leak out. The money is being raised for 527 groups that will target the Democrats in the fall.

    A retired CIA buddy is friends with a lawyer who saw the tape. This lawyer, who has a stellar reputation for being very low-key, described the video clip of Michelle’s anti-white rant as, “stunning.” My guess is that the billionaire who detests John McCain is probably going to find someone who will comes up with the tape. So there you have it, someone is looking for “Whitey.” If they find it they get a pay day. If not, you will have to wait till October to watch it.

  24. I thought, he was going to give his “victory” speech in Oregon? Now, it is Iowa. I wonder, what changed?

  25. Texan: So, does this billionaire want waffles to win over McCain? Is this why, he wants the tape. If he thinks, McCain is Marxist, what does he think about the Obamas? Weird.

  26. I do not have time to comment during the week, although I read every thread. Saturdays are when I get to post just before I leave work for the day.

    Just a little background: I am an immigrant to this country, but became a citizen as soon as the opportunity arose. When I signed up to register I had a choice to choose one party or another and even though my views are closest to the democratic party’s views, I chose to be registered as an Independent.

    My reasons: ( I apologise in advance to anyone who feels hurt, but events are now proving me right.)
    1. The democratic elite do not really want the Presidency. They want to control Congress. Look at the difficulty President Clinton had with a Congress controlled by the democrats. He had to get the Republicans to help him pass a lot of his initiatives. That is one of the reasons they lost the majority in 1995.

    2. When bush was selected President, they rolled over and played dead for him. Even though his approval rating dropped to below 40%, they, Pelosi et al. gave him whatever he wanted.

    But basically, I just wanted to say that I am not really suprised at what is happening right now. They want the Congress back but not the WH.

    I may be wrong, but why else would all these people be backing someone who IF he should by some means win the nomination, WILL LOSE BIG TIME in November.


    Hillary should take this all the way to the Convention Floor.

    Admin, thank you for the great articles that you post. Also Universal, always insightful. ABM90, you remind me of my Dad. To all others who share informatiion here, THANK YOU! You have lowered my blood pressure on many days. To the trolls I can see right through you. They are not always the ones I see being accused.


  27. My thoughts and prayers go out to Senator Kennedy and his family. While I am not a fan of his political actions, I would never wish him ill. I hope his recovery is a speedy one.

  28. while i concur in not wishing him any harm, the fact is, he drank heavily for many years, ate unhealthily and never relaxed. You reap what you sow.

  29. You know, I bet it is the Obama camp that wants that tape. Losing that tape, would only benefit him.

  30. i’ll tell you why some dems dont want the white house back……..because they would have to take on owner ship of bush’s mess
    they want a rep prez to own it….and a dem congress to control the pres. IMHO

    they know hillary clinton can take this mess and clean it up and that includes cleaning out the obama backers who are set on destroying the party in the name of “change”

  31. moon you’re exactly right!

    that church has been selling tapes for years….i would be every member of that church owns a full set 😀

    and Wright has it!! wonder how far he is willing to go to take bambi down????

  32. birdgal

    I am sure his “victory” speech being switched to iowa has something to do with the latest polls and internal polls in oregon 😀

  33. I’m just wondering that, why bambi is not having it in Oregon, could it be that he is losing there.

    I mean you always hold the victory speech in the place you win.

  34. re: the whitey tape

    we all know the Clinton’s well enough to know she had that tape long ago
    i am sure they did a full expose’ on Obama and all the rest of her opponents
    long before this primary started. but the fact that her campaign
    hasn’t used it speaks volumes that she is a democrat to the core.

    I would bet that this is what NOVAK wants his hands on 😀

  35. Hi everyone,

    Minor home repair emergencies will occupy me the next few days but i wanted to check in and let you know I went to the TUCC website and the jeremiah Wright DVD’s are no longer for sale. WHY DIDN’T I BUY THEM in FEB!!!!!!!!

    The new pastor’s intro is complete with African drumming . . . .

    Did anyone on this forum buy the DVD’S?

  36. Posted March 25, 2008 12:43 PM
    The Swamp

    by Mike Dorning

    It had to happen in this age of iPods and ubiquitous audio downloads.

    The sermons of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the spiritual mentor to Barack Obama whose incendiary comments about white America stirred controversy on the campaign trail, are now available as podcasts.

    When a Tribune reporter wandered into the shop at Trinity United Church of Christ last Monday to purchase DVDs that the church had made of select Wright sermons, all of the DVDs had been pulled from the shelves, possibly to reduce their further circulation.

    But this morning, an e-mail criculated promoting podcasts of Wright sermons available at I AM Music and iTunes.

    I AM Music, which a 2006 article in Mississippi Link described as the nation’s only African-American owned wholesaler of downloadable digital music, offers Wright’s controversial “Chickens Coming Home to Roost” sermon, in which he argues that is just what happened to the United States with the Sept. 11 attacks.

    The iTunes site lists 29 matches for podcasts by Wright, though the titles do not match any of the sermons that have been the focus of attention.

  37. hey guys how are you all doing? Will Hillary campaign more in Oregon or is she a done deal there? I want to see Hillary win Oregon! That’d be a slap in the face for Obama

  38. have any of you made calls to Oregon? If so how does it look? What does HillBillyLover say?

  39. Did you guys hear that Obama says Kentucky is, “that part of America,” to me that’s an insult.

    Seriously! Why are people still so ALL OVER HIM?!?!?!? Pure disgust!

  40. (Repost from last thread)

    Djia – I’m not certain if the words from “Dreams” are supposed to be those of Bambi himself or that of “Frank.” To me, they sound like the words of the guy who clinically described ‘bitter’ small-town Americans and discussed how the reaction of his ‘typical white person’ grandma has been bred (yes, BRED) into her. Let’s take a look at the passage:

    (from the “updated” paperback version, p. 203):

    “Black politicians less gifted than Harold discovered what white politicians had known for a very long time: that race-baiting could make up for a host of limitations. Younger leaders, eager to make a name for themselves, upped the ante, peddling conspiracy theories all over town – the Koreans were funding the Klan, Jewish doctors were injecting black babies with the AIDS virus. It was a shortcut to fame, if not always fortune; like sex or violence on TV, black rage always found a ready market.”

    Ok, so in this passage their is the assessment of the Chicago racial/political landscape.

    Now, on the one hand, it is irrelevant if Obama or “Frank” said these words. The bottom line is that Bambi — ready to run for election — is giving them voice in his book. However, when you realize that so much of “Dreams” is filled with lies (people whom Barry is known to have been referring to with certain characters have come out and flatly denied that they made the comments on race Barry says they did), mistruths and provocative race-baiting aimed squarely at winning over the voters in Bambi’s senatorial district, all of the racial hyperbole in the tome makes far, far more sense. If I recall correctly, Bambi’s district was the locale of Farrakhan’s mansion. That gives you a sense at who is being pandered to in “Dreams.”

    And as the author writes in that same quoted paragraph, black rage always found a ready market.

    Enter Doug Wilder and James Clyburn, etc.

    Without having looked at the book, I would be very surprised if the sentiments expressed in the quoted passage were not those of Bambi. As mentioned, Barry has no problem assigning people words who never uttered them, so he could as easily do the reverse and say that something he feels is really only the opinion of someone else.

    In total, “Dreams” is an out and out pander to the NOI set. It is a joke, like Bambi himself. Coulter compared it to Mein Kampf and she is not far off because both tracts are completely consumed with race.


    Now, back to “Frank,” the man who may have made the above statement (or may have been pinned with saying it by Bambi even if Frank never said anything like it). In looking this person up, we come upon ANOTHER of Bambi’s un-American influences.

    However, through Frank Marshall Davis, Obama had an admitted relationship with someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The record shows that Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at some point in time, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his “poetry” and getting advice on his career path. But Obama, in his book, Dreams From My Father, refers to him repeatedly as just “Frank.”

    Frank is also said to have made statements such as feeling that his feet problems were the result of something along the lines of African feet being dragged onto an American shore, or some such drivel.

    It is hard for me to believe that such an extreme figure would be detachedly discussing how “black rage always found a ready market.” Again, those sound more like the words of a student of ‘bitter’-ness, etc.

    To me, personally, this is pretty simple. Chicago (as well as other Midwestern cities like Detroit {see the farcical Kilpatricks as evidence} is a breeding ground for race-peddlers such as Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan, Wright, etc. Bambi (and Axelrod) learned his lessons well, and when it was time to smear the Clintons as being ‘racists’ and to whip up black rage, these Zippys knew what to do. Have a Black Belt state primary coming up? Time to wheel out idiots like Wilder, Clyburn, Amaya Smith, etc. It’s a very basic formula.


    Lin — I have to think/look up more about the banees from MyDD/Kos/etc. Off the top of my head I can recall Bud White and Seymour Glass both being banned from MyDD. Seymour went on to use other names and was, I think, banned again and for no reason. As we both know, there are many, many more casualties from both sites. I have written down more names but would have to look them up to say more. Yourself and TexasDarlin both were banned during the Singerian Purge, I recall that. Thankfully Jerome Armstrong stepped in and rectified those travesties.

    Someone else mentioned MyDD (and D Kos) as well, so let me just say one thing about those sites:

    Both sites have people HIGHLY vested in the outcome of this election. Kos, J. Singer, etc. are both so far out on a limb with Bambi that if and when he loses, they are both in line to take major hits to their reps. And on the converse, if Ofraudma were to win, it could be parlayed (or so the thinking goes) into real career advancement for such persons.

    This is why I — and many others — were banned at both sites, because Kos, Singer and others knew we wasn’t going to fall in line with the “Dem (i.e., the admins’ personal career) Agenda(s).” It’s one thing to allow intimidated, easily-browbeaten opponents in your midst, it’s totally different to allow people such as Bud, linfar, TexasDarlin, myself, Seymour and other similar figures to stay around and regularly humiliate yourself, your bogus positions and expose your candidate for the joke he is.

    So you do what Singer and the others did: You come up with aluminum tubes-type pretexts and you start your Night of the Long Knives purges. Then you go out and try to pretend like nothing happened and hope like crazy that your flock isn’t looking too hard at your lack of clothing.

    It’s all very Pravda-ian. And not surprising. As I and others have said for months, this is how leftist Stalinist movements get started. Just like this.

    One final thing on MyDD. Jerome Armsrtong is a good, talented guy. The problem for him and the site is that there is a Grand Canyon-like dropoff from Jerome’s work to those of his fellow admins and front pagers. It’s kind of like if when Bill Gates was running Microsoft every now and then he decided to turn the reins over to some cadre of local garbagemen he just rounded-up on a whim. So when Jerome’s away, the site goes from a must-read to something you would be ashamed to say your 5 year old edited. The largest of the Clinton Supporters Purges took place when Jerome was traveling in Israel. That is not a coincidence.


    All kidding aside, my thoughts are with Ted Kennedy and his family. Yes, many of the Kennedy Clan have been a bunch of whiny, “Camelot is being replaced by the Arkansians – no!!” children this season, but you still have to have class when a person is ill, even if he is your opponent. Remember, we are not Obama supporters.

    1950’s Dem: I don’t know of any such link lists for anti-Obama/pro-Mac sites and organizations. This is exactly the kind of thing which we need to get taken care of so that all of we non-Obama supporters can have something like a one-stop shopping center for such a list. Sounds like you’ve managed to find yourself a good project. 😉

    Admin’s linking to Women Count Too is probably one of, if not the, first such links and attempts to unify our number. As usual, Big Pink leads the pack.


    Couple of other topics:

    – Russert:

    Tim Russert — the stooping sack of crap from Buffalo many know as “Lil (Bitch) Rus,” and his wife Maureen Orth, hate the Clintons, and have for a long time. If you want a quick snapshot of that hatred, see this piece:

    Maureen Orth doesn’t give a sh*t about the cake-eating peasants who make up the electorate. She cares about far more important things, such as the glam quotient of DC. For those who don’t know, you cannot imagine the level of animosity that the elitist Georgetown set has for the Clintons. The Clintons are seen as some kind of bumpkin-esque anomaly that must never again stain DC and the DC snobs’ sense of self-worth. This psychotic list of priorities (making the DC snobs feel good about themselves > working for the American people) is at the core of much of the MSM’s hatred of the Clintons. It’s converse, having a GQ-wannabe affirmative action candidate whose wife went and bought some white mink when the couple made some coin, is also why so much of the media is in the tank for Bambi. Yes, we are still in high school; it really is this trite and pathetic.

    I would imagine Lil Bitch Rus was someone who had to listen to his glam-focused wife rant about the Clintonian Bumpkins ad nauseum, and whose being p-whipped by same at some point just kind of natually started to manifest in stoop-boy’s own rants against the Clintons. And here we are.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski and Obama: As tempting as it is to say that the worst thing Zbigniew ever did was to foist his hack daughter Mika on all of us, the truth is far worse than that.

    ZB is directly responsible for the rise of Osama bin Laden. And I’m not making that up, just go do a little research on ZB’s history, specifically as regards the Carter Administration.

    However, the most nefarious of ZB’s associations is his being a founding member of the Trilateral Commission:

    The Trilateral Commission is the very real entity that is the source of angst for the “One World Government” crowd. Except that in this instance, they are justified in their fears. All of the stories about The Illuminati, all the Da Vinci Code conspiracies, all of the stuff which surrounds Skull and Bones is embodied in the Trilateral Commission. And it is a real entity.

    I haven’t had the time to dig into it this primary season, but it is important for people to understand that Bambi is little more than a properly-melanined, pliable frontman for some enormously powerful, multi-national interests. GE, as you’ve heard, is in on this. So are very formidable British interests. Go and look up some of the boards which Mish sits on and you’ll see the dots being connected.

    The amount of money which Bambi has been raised is not an accident, and it isn’t about donors in West Virginia helping the cause, either.

    I don’t want to sound too ominous here, but there is a lot more going on than people know with Bambi and the forces that are propping him up. In conducting the research which I have for months, you get hints of it but the inescapable conclusion is that there is much, much more going on then will see the light of day. There is a reason why Judicial Watch — which hates the Clintons — has said that Obama has gone out of his way while in the US Senate no to leave a paper trail. He is dirty, and he is a ’stooge’ with a capital “S.”

    All pols save for the most wealthy (Corzine, Bloomberg, …) have these kinds of ties. It’s part of the thing that drives pols into political life. But there are differences among them and varying levels being bought and paid for. Obama is in a class by himself here, particularly as regards presidential aspirants who have come this close to the White House in recent memory.

    The Bambi power players in Boston and Chicago know that word is getting out about Sinclair’s boy-toy and his almost-incomprehensible failings. These elites are concerned, deeply. I see it constantly in the hits on my own site and the IP’s attached to them. These elites can see their quest for power going down the drain right before their eyes.

    Our goal is to help expedite that process, to cause the next Sam “Obsessed, Monster” Powers implosion. When you see something like this — or the meltdown the Obama cabal had over Bush’s remarks concerning Carter the other day — you know you’ve found the mark.

    ‘Revenge Bitches’:

    I am a revenge bitch.

    What that means is this: If you unjustly smear my candidate, seek to destroy my party and do so while concomitantly calling anyone within eyesight racists and gleefully kick me and others off of tanked-out blogs and media outlets, you better make sure you are well-stocked on shields, because there isn’t anywhere your Josef Mengele ass can go to escape my quest for justice. And this is how most of us feel.

    You clowns — and I know you’re reading this — actually believed that we were just going to roll over for you, do the whole “Please sir, may I have another?” routine. Go all Vichy France.


    Speaking for myself and my family here, we don’t operate like that. When we’re wronged, we are fully capable of going into the “Captain Ahab chasing the white whale” mode, as necessary. As I said to someone recently, we follow the hydra model — if you cut off one head then you will soon be faced with two.

    How that works in a practical sense is if you kick me off of one blog, then I will seek your demise on both another blog as well as with a series of YouTube videos, etc. Like you guys’ attempt to sway working-class white voters by telling them they’re racists, the harder you work to try to intimidate people such as myself the more punishment you are going to receive on the back end.

    You ObamaThugs have made your bed, and we Clinton backers are going to make sure you lie in it, so to speak. And there isn’t anything you can do about it except start making plans to not cross that line the next time you run a candidate.

    The timing of the Women Count Too and the Down With Obama movements and organizations being started now is not an accident. We are massing for the general election campaign, AKA “the extended primary.” Yes, all those tanks you see on the Kuwaiti border are real.

    Enjoy. You earned it.

    And when you fall, as you will fall, do not look to us for solace. You took the fight to the gutter and now you’re going to be lain to rest in that same gutter. Nothing personal, just business and payback.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  41. Univrsal,

    Thought you might find this interesting:

    David Paterson, new NYS governor after Spitzer scandal, has just signed a law making the displaying of a noose a felony punishbale by 4 years jail time. No such law was enacted for other terroristic methods, from guns to knives, from bombs to AK-7’s.
    Only for nooses.
    This despite the Columbia University flare-up where the professor claimed a noose was hung on her door turns out to have been a plant.

    What do you think of Paterson’s new law?

  42. justme,

    How are you?

    Personally I’m not in the most positive of moods and rather than spread negativity I’m mostly lurking at the moment.

  43. moonpluto,


    But I think they use lassoo’s. 😉

    Funny you mentioned rodeos; when the MSM obama-dali-lama meltdown started the only things I found I could stomach were ‘The Dog Whisperer’ and the ‘PBS Bull-riding championships.’


  44. Basil –

    I think what I’m sure you think:

    It’s a straight-up pander by Patterson and it looks like someone is turning some “John Lewis” screws on him.

    The funny thing is, I’m not sure what else anybody could say about Patterson then what he’s said about himself in the last few months. In terms of having past peccadilloes, the guy doesn’t just have a few bones in the closet he is Skeletor himself.

    Nobody should be surprised AA’s are closing ranks with other AA’s. 92% didn’t just come out of thin air.

    It’s sad what the would-be balkanists are doing to the party. It is wrong and flies in the face of what those of us who have worked to improve race relations and figures such as MLK believe in.

    And it’s probably the most important reason why Obama must be defeated.

    End this destructive, wanton tribalism before it gets worse.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  45. Hi everyone, JUst got back from the pre-convention meeting for the Texas convention on JUne6-7th. It was very interesting. Lots of Obama supporter wearing questionalble T-shirts and a few less Clinton supporters.
    I am running for a position on the credential committee that is supposed to look thru the 126 complaints in the Caucas. A temporary group has already looked at the complaints and this committee will say yay or nay.
    If there is anyone out there (Hill Supporters) that want to serve on a committee, I would suggest they get on the committee that decides about the 67 delegates of the caucas’s. I learned about this position after I had signed up for the other so I couldn’t do both! Ok, Texans, this is a really important position!
    I am also running to be a national delegate for Hillary too, I don’t think I have a chance all Obama supporters are lining up think for those slots!! If there is any gaming it will be for the 67 delegates!! I can tell the Obamatrons know all about it.
    On a high note, I met a 92 yearold Hillary supporter that is running for a presidential delegate. She has gone to the state convention every years since she was 18 years old. SHe was the presidential delegate in 1992 for Bill Clinton and she really wants to do it for Hillary, is was so damn cute, she was amazing!!

  46. I watched this film today and it just reminded me of Obama.

    Anyone seen the Omega code. At the point where Michael Yorks Antichrist character said “We must promote change as a mean to getting what we want and setting things in motion” I just went cold.

  47. Hey, 1950–I saw your post about being banned from mydd and read your comment.

    Yes, anything that shows any support for mccain will get you banned.

  48. Hey, universal, also read what you posted earlier 🙂

    I think Obama is going to usher in tyranny from the left and it will equal the tyranny from the right which we have already witnessed.

    May even go further. Hard to say. I do think Obama’s tactics now are a harbinger of things to come.

    And I think he is a genuince megalomaniac personality. everything is about him, all the time, everywhwere.

  49. 1950, you were a great asset to mydd.

    Ihope you are ok.

    I didn’t like getting banned and I just went into a tailspin over it.

    So let us know how you are, OK?

  50. Take a look at the newest article up on TM.

    an excerpt:

    “I think whoever the Democratic [nominee] is we’re going to have some work to do in a state like Kentucky,” Obama said.

    Well, you will have a lot of work to do in Kentucky, Barack. And if you’re writing it off to Hillary now, why should anyone believe you will actually contest it against McCain later?

    But even all this doesn’t compare to this doozy:

    “What it says is that I’m not very well known in that part of the country,” Obama said. “Sen. Clinton, I think, is much better known, coming from a nearby state of Arkansas. So it’s not surprising that she would have an advantage in some of those states in the middle.”

    No, this is not a made-up quote from The Onion. He actually believes this, apparently. Problem is, a quick glance at a U.S. map reveals that Illinois actually borders Kentucky and is clearly closer than Arkansas. Illinois is also closer to West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Obama has been scaring me with these frankly Bushian statements for months, and this one is a whooper.

    You would have to live in a deep, dark cave somewhere in Siberia to not know plenty about Barack Obama. I really don’t know what he’s talking about here. It’s actually rather condescending, no?

    Could it be that the voters of Kentucky will choose Hillary because they believe she will be the better president? Or maybe because she actually campaigns there and gets their concerns?

    Nah. Couldn’t be that.

  51. linfar, did they actually ban you from myDD? I know they were trolling your diaries, but I didn’t know you were banned.

  52. moonpluto,
    lassoo just sounds more politically correct, doesn’t it? 😈
    I’m sure if PBS started calling them nooses they’d be accused of racism. 👿
    I live in upstate NY now and I know the people here are burned by this. One of the talk show hosts in the area, Al Roney, did 3 hours on the topic Friday and will continue Monday. It’s a freedom of speech issue. How long before pictures of nooses or drawings of nooses get you 4 years in prison?

    For those who haven’t read my posts over the months, the problem for me is exactly that, freedom of speech. No matter how much I personally abhor certain perspectives and viewpoints, it’s not up to me to legislate what can or can’t be said. If Paterson is going to ban nooses, what about swastikas? What about pornography? What about alcohol, cigarettes, . . . yadayadayada.result i

  53. Guys

    Please take 5 minutes of your time breaking away from blogging and make calls for Hillary!

    This can be critical!

    Remember Guam – Obama won by 7 votes – we can do this with Oregon, let’s do it for real!

  54. Confloyd – Awesome! Anything we can do to help out your bid please pass along.

    MoonPluto – There are more than a few who see ‘666’ when they look at Obama. As I said, his association with Brzezinski and ZB’s Trilateral Commission isn’t exactly helping quell these people’s concerns, even if they are, IMO, baseless.

    Lin – Yeah, I’ll send it to you. I have to go dig it up and it might take some time because I’m having some Word issues, but I’ll be glad to. 🙂

    I agree with you, and there is a basis for this fear of Obaman Tyranny: His campaign, and his supporters, have both exhibited strong fascist tendencies. Also, the talk which is out there now about Obama running shadow organizations to the Dem Party’s is very Brzezinski-sounding and the word is out that these chumps intend to purge the party.

    I hesitate to say this, but there is little which has come down so far to counter this assessment and more, in fact, every day to confirm it:

    Obama, his puppeteers and his minions are not just dirty, they’re evil. They style themselves as some kind of Messianic, avenging cult and they’re very serious. Just look at the very real purges being engaged in by their sycophants on the blogs as well as the talk of purging the Party and it’s pretty easy to see we are walking a very fine line between devotion and derangement here. These people need to be kept away from the levers of power or else things could get pretty bad pretty quick.

  55. whats with all this statements about Florida and Michigan cannot save Hillary wtf? True?

  56. universal

    I wasn’t saying “frank” said them……but that it was “franks” influence on Obama
    I haven’t read the book , but i have read pieces that i have seen on blogs
    and i am trying to remember exactly what it was…but … ok i am over 40 and my mind
    doesn’t work like it used too LOL

    anyways….. I believe it was his mentor that influenced and taught him to think this way
    but i believe those words……were exactly as he was told by “frank” or another of his associations (mentors/friends etc)

  57. Guys, we need to pull a real upset with Oregon! Its imperative that we counter with Portland area which is likely to go for Obama with the rest of the state if we can come out strong in numbers we can really do it! But its up to you! Obama wants to claim a win on Tuesday and he is really close in the numbers of delegates 1904 (need to have 2025) and Hillary only has 1717 (again need to have 2025) if we can pull a surprise with Oregon and WIN HUGE in Kentucky (which should be no problem given the gaffes Obama made with about Kentucky) but its up to you people to make calls!

  58. i dunno, justme.

    HRC is gonna have to go to the convention, IMHO.
    Ironic that months ago DNC, BM et al were saying the popular vote was what was important and now they’re saying the delegates are most important.
    Point is, neither HRC or Waffles will have enough delegates before the convention unless one of them concedes to the other and I don’t think HRC is going to throw in the towel.

    So turn off the TV, read HC friendly blogs and light some candles. 😀

    In the meantime, turn off the TV, read only friendly sites and articlkes and

  59. basil9, I agree, but it will help to try to pull a close so to show Hillarys viability you know

  60. Confloyd – Awesome! Anything we can do to help out your bid please pass along.

    MoonPluto – There are more than a few who see ‘666’ when they look at Obama. As I said, his association with Brzezinski and ZB’s Trilateral Commission isn’t exactly helping quell these people’s concerns, even if they are, IMO, baseless.

    Lin – Yeah, I’ll send it to you. I have to go dig it up and it might take some time because I’m having some Word issues, but I’ll be glad to. 🙂

    I agree with you, and there is a basis for this fear of Obaman Tyranny: His campaign, and his supporters, have both exhibited strong fascist tendencies. Also, the talk which is out there now about Obama running shadow organizations to the Dem Party’s is very Brzezinski-sounding and the word is out that these chumps intend to purge the party.

    I hesitate to say this, but there is little which has come down so far to counter this assessment and more, in fact, every day to confirm it:

    Obama, his puppeteers and his minions are not just dirty, they’re evil. They style themselves as some kind of Messianic, avenging cult and they’re very serious. Just look at the very real purges being engaged in by their sycophants on the blogs as well as the talk of purging the Party and it’s pretty easy to see we are walking a very fine line between devotion and derangement here. These people need to be kept away from the levers of power or else things could get pretty bad pretty quick.

    Birdgal– I saw those remarks by Bambi re: KY yesterday. They are a ‘greatest hits list’ of excuses for why JokeBoy is going to get his ass kicked in KY.

    Again, Bambi and the MSM are in a death roll to try to inoculate him from WV, KY and soon, PR. The drumroll about how PR shouldn’t count is in full flight.

    Bambi’s remarks are utter fantasy. The February, pre-Wright, pre-bitter Bambi is gone. There is no going back. PA showed this, as dude did his bus tour, outspent HRC 3 to 1 or whatever and still got smacked down hard by white working class voters. There is no way out for Bambi now, and he and his peeps know it. His graveyard whistling only highlights his inability to face the reality of his straights.

    There is a mass illusion going on in the MSM: That Bambi can be the supposedly (though falsely portrayed as such; the numbers show the higher the turnout the worse he has done in primaries) amazing campaigner they deemed him and that Wright and Bitter will go away and that he will open up states which are currently trending away from him, like KS.

    You are witnessing the 2008 version of The Big Lie.

    But it doesn’t matter, and that’s what’s so great. As I and others have been pointing out, every single objective metric is going against Bambi, and more so every day. His remarks are nothing but a concession speech, which translated, says: “I can’t move white working class voters; what do you want me to do?”

    The charade is almost over. 6 months from now, we won’t ever have to listen to this BS from Bambi again. It is going to be unbelievably rewarding to take him and his race-baiters down and watch them totally flip out about it with their friends in the MSM. Watching arrogance morph into desperation and then resignation is never an unpleasant experience.

    Mr. “Bro before Ho” is falling like the Balrog of Moria in The Two Towers during his scrap with Gandalf:
    (see around 1:32+ of the video)

    He’s in a bottomless pit, and nothing can save him. Again, the fix may be in for the nomination, but that is like the Balrog hitting a wall during his descent: A mere decrease in the speed of the fall, and little else.

    Nothing, and nobody, can save Bambi now. It is our job to make sure this is the case and to not leave any possibility for any other outcome. We have the numbers to make this happen, and the will to carry-out the task.

    This primary contest has been a lot like Moria: Dank, littered with various miscreants and cold.

    Once we sent BoBama Balrog on his journey to the bottomless pit, we’re off to the far greener, friendlier confines of Lothlórien.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  61. linfar,

    *hugs* Thanks. I’m fine. I wasn’t all that committed to mydd. It was a great interface but a big time sink.

    What’s frustrating is that now we have something worth talking about — ie showing how many of us will NOT support Obama in November — suddenly we’re having to make up a whole new communications net from scratch to even talk about it!

    Well, there’s at least talk scattered throughout the blogs. I’ve found quite a few and added them to and my livejournal can do comments to a limited extent.

    Are you at clintondems yet?
    More later….

  62. Djia – My bad on the “Frank” thing. 🙂

    Basil – I lived and went to school in Upstate NY. I could see a lot of people there being unhappy with a stunt like the one Patterson is pulling to try to aid Bambi.

    Paul 🙂

  63. justme,

    I hate to say this but i think no matter how well HRC does it’s going to be dismissed until the other shoes drop on Waffles. And they will. In the meantime, she’s working her heart out and so are many of her supporters. I haven’t been able to call today partly coz of house repair emergencies and partly coz i just can’t drum up the motivation.

    The BM blackout on all HRC coverage is deliberate, an attempt to paint her as irrelevant, non-existent. We know we can’t influence them. HRC finally came out and said the same thing. It’s up to the voters but if Waffles and crew have their way they’ll try to figure out a way around that, too. HRC won’t let them. Neither will BC. Neither will we.

  64. Universal,
    Which school?
    Funny thing about Patterson: Until this issue cropped up the coverage has been quite positive, patient, giving him a chance to get his feet wet in his new position.
    But this idiotic out-of-left-field ploy has the callers at WGY hopping mad. Even though he’s an HRC SD, someone’s is getting to him. Maybe it’s Ralph Dawson of RBC fame, the one who introduced the motion to strip Florida of all it’s delegates on August 25, 2007. He and Cruella clearly had an agenda. I can’t see Dawson trying this on Spitzer. 👿

  65. The repubs know that they can’t beat Hillary. They would much rather run against Waffles.

    Rumors of MO dissing whites are out there but whether they will release the tape nowor later remains to be seen.

    Unless she plans to take this to the convention I don’t see how she is going to have the delegates after June 3. It’s always been about the delegates but the math goes to 2209 without cutting away Florida and Michigan.

    I just wonder if there is a way for her as a candidate to sue for those votes to be counted? She pledged not to campaign only .. not to expect those votes to not be tallied.

    I’m getting a sense that something big has to happen .. he’s too close to the pledged delegates and I just heard she lost another pledged to him today.

    I just wish they’d say they plan to go all the way to the convention … I really need personally to get a sense of where this is going to stand after June 3.

  66. universal,

    I’ve got some links at
    h t t p : / /

    Odd that “Clinton Supporters Count Too” got so much publicity and is a rallying key-word, when they don’t even have their internet presence up!

    I feel like Luke Skywalker in the first movie: “You know of the Rebellion??!!???!!?”

    Really, it is a new hope: that we are done trying to reason or negotiate with the bots/DNC. What’s needed now is action: to stand up and be counted for what we will do in Nov if necessary. While there’s still time for the DNC to nominate HIllary instead. (OF course actually they’ve got through August to do that.)

    “Stop or We’ll Defect!”

  67. Universal……I have done a bit of research on trilateral,bilderberg,NWO,Skull & Bones etc

    it’s extremely scary stuff……i am not a conspiracy theorist by nature……just stumbled into it with this election season

    how could one not? prior to this election i might not of fell so easily with it, but I must say i believe what i have discovered
    to be true and is the single biggest reason we MUST TAKE OBAMA OUT!!!

    many if not all of obamas main characters are DEEPLY involved in one way or another with these “secret” society groups.

  68. Dot…….. rest assured She will take it to convention don’t ever forget how badly she wants this for us and herself
    and she is a fighter not a whimp like OBAMBI

  69. Dot,

    I don’t think she can say anything until after the May 31 RBC meeting :barf: and the final primary. I’m sure she’s got Plan A,b and C lined up.


    hehehehehe! yup. The rebellion is on.

    Nite all.

  70. ************************DELUSIONS ARE RAPID over at daily kooks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stage Four: Depression
    by jhwvertigo
    Sat May 17, 2008 at 06:01:21 PM PDT

    Two days ago, on Thursday, Kos pointed out that Hillary and her supporters were experiencing the five stage of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance). Kos argued that Hillary and her supporters were just finishing stage three–bargaining. You can read Kos’ post here.

    Today, I have seen ample signs that Hillary and her supporters are in the midst of stage four: depression. My guess is that this stage will go on till Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Perhaps, Hillary and her supporters can accept Obama’s victory shortly after Oregon delivers a big win for Obama and he claims victory in Iowa with a great speech.

    * jhwvertigo’s diary :: ::

    Signs of Stage Four (Depression) Among Hillary and Her Supporters

    I saw several signs of depression today among Hillary and her supporters.

    First, there was an article about the downbeat tone of Hillary’s campaign in the New York Times today, entitled A Subdued Clinton and A Subdued Audience The NYT remarked on the change in tone in the Clinton campaign:


    Stage Five (Accepetance of Obama’s victory) is around the corner

    I suspect that in the next few days, more superdelegates and more Democratic interest groups will get on the Obama bandwagon. I suspect that Hillary and her supporters will be entering the last stage of grief, acceptance, soon after the Oregon primary results are know. Accordingly, I think that there will be little protest when Obama launches his general election campaign that night in Iowa.

  71. djia — your letter to Dean is fabulous. Where exactly did you send it as I would like to add my thoughts to yours — basically an echo.

    Great first sentence.

    I cannot believe that after decades of work and support and votes for Democrats, I would think ‘Independent”. But of course, Democrats will come to their senses and Hillary will win.

  72. dija, I don’t understand why you had to post that. It’s totally unecessary. If I wanted to read crap like that, I would have gone to Kos to read it.

  73. the funny thing is, they really think he can win POTUS with his younguns, AA and newly registed . This group has the least faithful record in the GE. Hill’s coalition is stronger. I think the dems think that this is such a bad year for the repubs that they could put a puppet in .. and that is what they’ll get with him.

    Have heart though .. Hannity is still pushing the StopHillaryExpress .. he knows something or he wouldn’t still be trying to stop our girl. Hannity hasn’t forgot about her and he has his ears to the ground on all things getting ready to hit the fan.

  74. Universal: I watched that clip, and I love your metaphors. Your postings are very positive, informative, and uplifting. Thank you. Hillary is fortunate to have you in her corner. I wouldn’t want to be fighting you. :).

    Dot: I hope you’re right.

  75. sorry guys…. I guess i found the kooks posting was humerous and delusional to the max…..and certainly didn’t see it as something that should be “kept” away from our eyes.

    I figured with all the strategy talk around here to take obama out, we were definately not what they think we are and you would
    find it as funny as i did….. my apologies for reading you all wrong

    who asked about the letter to dean?

    it was not my letter but one that had been posted on real clear politics by a blogger

  76. djia,

    Apart from the fact that whoever wrote that is dilusional, women’s groups are coming out and fighting at last, a radio personality has started operation turn down and the Republicans are going after Obamalamadingdong with everything they have.

  77. pray if you pray or do whatever you do to channel for her. It seems superdelegates are even issuing challenges now to other superdelegates to change. There is a conspiracy going on far worse than anything the right ever did to the Clintons.

  78. Jan

    precisely my point…..i am well aware of those groups which is why i found that kook diary so fun!

  79. trolls, trolls, trolls…just like OkkyAtty said…negative, negative, negative…all you have to do is spend a day off the blog just perusing and reading and you can pick them out because of the pattern…two steps forward (positive HRC comment)…one step backward (negative quote re HRC)…and the pattern repeats…coupled by subtle glossovers of BHO…then some crap about supporting a third party candidate…pretty bad when other sites identify them on this site…comments that come off as soooo syrupy sweet toward Chelsea, etc…really don’t know what trolls hope to accomplish here, because we will not be swayed, nor deflated, nor infiltrated…we have decency on our side…we have a proven record on our side…trolls…get a life. Some trolls, after typing enough positive HRC comments, may start to realize the strength and the beauty in her – the vision she has for our children, the elderly, the down-trodden.

    Let’s rejoice in the strength of women, coming out of the woodwork. Democratic women in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the other forty-six states. Rise, Hillary, rise and let them see your goodness, just like Margaret Carlson has.

  80. freckles…..

    I doubt there is a proper address to write dean and if there is……..i am positive he wouldn’t read it anyways

    he has shut his eyes and ears to us.


    who gives a shit about trolls really? I certainly don’t….but then i am pretty thick skinned 😀

  81. djia. with all due respect, keep that garbage off this blog. if we want to read that stuff we would go to huffington post or daily kos. it is unproductive and made to supress moral. no place for that here.

  82. terrondt……… i have already said i am sorry and gave an explanation and i think your commenting after that fact is
    very rude.

  83. sorry djia, i missed your explanation. there are just some new people coming on here to suppress moral. sorry for being harsh.

  84. Basil — Ithaca High School and Cornell. Olbmerann, fellow Cornell grad, has really pissed-off a lot of Cornell people with his jackassery this primary season

    1950’s — Awesome you’re compiling the links. Great work.

    We are the Rebellion, truly. Which means the Bambians are The Evil Empire. 🙂

    Djia – The New World Order/Trilateral/Skull & Bones stuff is very disturbing. And Obambi is chest-deep in these maniacs.

    I’m actually glad that you posted Markos’ warbling. He is in worse shape than I thought, and that is funny.

    As we’ve been talking about here, the Evil Empirians are now coming to the realization that we can — and are going to — take out Bambi. Kos’ swing and miss on the 5 stages stuff just shows he knows this. He is hoping for some miracle ‘acceptance,’ Kumbaya stage which will lead to Dem unity with Obama.

    Nope. That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you, Singer, Marshall and the MSM Markos.

    You are all about to be put on your own Nuremberg Trial and Bambi is the one who has to do the time for your, and his, sins.

    Here’s a hint: You’re all going to be found guilty.

    Ha ha ha.

    What Kos’ post says loudly and clearly is this:

    The Clinton supporters hold all the cards, and as much as I want to go on one of my “You don’t like my site? Then get the f*ck off” rants, I have to try to kiss their ass (even if I am being a condescending pr*ck with my ‘stages’ nonsense) like GodBrazila.

    Sorry, Kos: You’re way, way too late. Should have thought about this when you were going Stalin and saying Hillary wasn’t a Dem.

    You, your latest (see: Dean, Lamont) failed project, Bambi, Marshall, Singer, etc. are all going down, bro.

    And there isn’t sh*t you can do about it, as we both know.

    Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to try, half-assedly, to be nice to the people who are leading you and Bambi to the guillotine.

    But it won’t last long. Everybody knows how bad your Napoleon Complex temper is.

    Once you realize — and it won’t be long — that the Clinton supporters are taking Bambi down, period, you will lose your sh*t once again and we, the avenged, will be laughing at you. All of you.

    I cannot wait to see the end of the Bambi Excuses Posse. The WV & KY don’t matter, and neither does PA or OH or IN or TX because we’re going to ‘open up ‘ Romulus and some as-yet-unnamed region on the other side of a Star Trek wormhole which will save Bambi.

    Bambi is going down hard, Markos.

    Fortunately for you both, you are both most familiar with losing. Barry has Bobby Rush, you have Ned and Howard. So you both know the drill. Stiff upper lips while the Titanic heads underwater.

    Ha ha ha. This is going to be more fun than many here can even imagine. February is long over, friends, and it is all rosy skies for us save when the elites rob the registered Dem voters of their nominee and, oh yeah, that great OR ‘party’ Bobambi is looking to throw.

    So sit back, keep working and get ready to laugh your asses off while hotheads like Tweety and Kos go bezerk when they realize that their guy is not only heading for defeat, he is heading for a humiliating, sinus-clearing, McGovern-type obliteration. We are going to savor this, my friends.

    Birdgal – Thanks so much. Your kind words make me feel appreciated and want to work even harder for Hillary and against Bambi.

    Look, we can’t prevent the theft of the nomination from Hillary if that is really what the Elites want to do. Nor can we prevent Obambi from holding self-debasing parties in OR if he so chooses.

    Besides these few things, we can control everything. We Clinton supporters, by ourselves and with a powerless Bambi Corps/Effete Dem Leadership/tanked-out MSM totally rendered impotent, can and will take out Obama in the general, if he is the nominee. Nothing can or will prevent this.

    I think it’s good that Bambi will party in OR, and that Kos and the MSM will party with him.

    Everyone should get a ‘last meal,’ right?

    Ha ha ha. Let me tell you guys, the anger and outrage we have felt for months is going to be so far gone by November, you have no idea.

    Mr. Messiah is going to become Mr. MaJoke. Dems will be scurrying away from him and wasting valuable campaign cash to do so, as was the case for Travis “I don’t even know this guy; did you see the commercial saying so?!?” Childers.

    The same people who are anointing Bambi now will be conducting the most sternly-delivered yet completely farcical “why didn’t we see this coming?” postmortems you can imagine. Get your DVR’s ready, because between the outrage at West Virginians, Kentuckians, white voters and women coupled with the shell shock you are going to see, this fall’s news television lineup is going to truly be must-see TV. It is going to be so beautiful as the drive-bys bitterly rail against we Clintonians who took down Obumbla.

    As football player Terrell Owens might say: “Get your popcorn ready.”

    It’s going to be a heck of a show, and we’re going to be the belles of the ball, the people who had the guts and the skill to save their party from the impending destruction of same from this generation’s version of the Dirty Chicago Politics “SuperHero.”

    Paul F. Villarreal

  85. Clinton to Oregonians: Don’t Count Me Out!

    Go Hillary! 🙂

  86. Thanks Universal (paul) atleast someone here shares my sense of humor 😀

    yea i know at times its a sic sense of humor……but i enjoy it LOL!!

    i felt it was a great conversation piece for us actually and opportunity to combat it…..guess not?……and i have always believed it’s best to be prepared than be smacked in the face blindly.

    just so everyone knows…..i am here but am also working on images so i am popping in and out tonight

  87. What are the old sayings that are pertinent to Obama?
    -friends of a feather flock together
    -you reap what you sow
    -fool America once, shame on you…..
    -a woman [women and others] scorned…

    And what do Hillary supporters need to remember?
    -stay positive
    -soldier on
    -any comment that is less than positive or revolutionary feeds the egos
    of the trolls
    -we are strong, we are many, we are brave, we are confident
    -post, but also call, blog other sites, rally, mail, email, etc.
    -be like a Sherman tank….crush the enemy and take no prisoners!

  88. If you stick the letter m into “Hillary”. You get a Hillarmy.

    And that is what we must become.

  89. All right troops. I just saw this posting on TM, that someone found on another blog, and it made me livid/

    I apologize ahead of time, but this is the crass, arrogant, and f*ck attitude of the waffles supporters, and exhibits, why we will NEVER, EVER vote for this empty suit. Helmet and flak jacket on:

    Posted by: Sham Wow
    Comment: #117
    May 17, 09:47 PM

    To All Hillary Supporter and her so called “Old Dem’s”

    If your this shallow just leave. Obama has totally secured the under 40 year old, African American and educated crowd and we dont need you. If we lose this time, guess what, we’ll win again next time with somebody else like Obama because your dying off and outdated. This party doesn’t need people that refuse to move with the times. That’s why we have Republicans. If your an old angry women think about what you felt in 68 and 72 about the “Old Dem’s” then. You thought they were old and outdated and, guess what, we think the same of you. So go on and moan all day about your immoral, dishonest Hillary but this party is moving forward with you or without you.

    A lot of Obama supporters are shams. I will never vote for their candidate.

  90. Anybody here from Florida?

    Protest Obama in Florida
    Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

    The Westin Diplomat
    3555 South Ocean Drive
    Hollywood, FL 33019
    General Area: The Beach Side (east)

    Protest Obama coming to Florida when he does not even recognize our right to vote! We will picket in front of the Diplomat Hotel. Bring Signs!

  91. Universal: Haven’t you heard, waffles is giving his “victory” speech in Iowa on Tuesday. Hmmm….

  92. unfortunately kind of fat right now. I spoil my pets too much, and I am afraid to let them go outside to get exercise since I have lost pets that way before.

  93. Do you guys think the prius crowd and AA’s will come around to Hillary in 4 years if we don’t make it this time? Or will there just be another Messiah? Hopefully people will learn.

  94. tabbylady – Don’t think that way! Hillary will win! Just hug your kitties, and keep calling OR! It’s only 8:30 PM there right now.

  95. Whenever I watch “The Karate Kid”, I think of Hillary. Does anybody else feel this way?

    Not that Hillary is a kid, or kidlike! She isn’t! She just is destined to come back from behind…with the most wise people behind her.

    Plus, “She’s the Best…arooound…nothing’s ever gonna keep you down.”

  96. We knew a lad from Tulane and another from Johns Hopkins who thought they were karate experts after watching the Karate Kid. Sad really. They got in all sorts of troubles with schools and employers.

  97. HillARMY I like that a lot. I live in FL. Are there to be any Obama the Presumptious protests in Tampa or Orlando?

  98. Djia – You’re welcome 🙂

    Birdgal – Don’t worry about the Sham Wows. Their whining and $0.25 will get them a morning paper.

    Obama will be out of the mix in 2012. This run will finish him for good as a presidential contender. Just that fact is a very affirming thought.

    There will be far less of a chance for an Obama-type candidate in 2012 because by then work will have been done to redo the flawed primary/caucus system. There will be much less opportunity to steal states in the manner which Bambi did this go-round.

    Additionally, the race-baiters will have been successfully and emphatically repelled. Same for the Messiah-peddlers. This will give pause for the next round of losers who want to traffic in this stuff.

    Finally, all the jealous also-rans, after having been soundly turned back this election, will have to recede to the nether regions from whence they came. Judas, Biden, Haughty John Kerry, Dean, Pejoki, etc. will all be effed after Bambi takes the 10-count.

    I think most understand how 2012 is going to shape up.

    As with Kos’ bearings-have-been-lost rant Djia posted above, I very much welcome the utterances of the Sham Wows. Because each one reinforces that we are winning and they know they are going down.

    What the aptly-named “Sham” is saying is that he knows we are going to Stop Obama from becoming President. Good. This is a good thing.

    Just look at these things for what they really are — concession speeches wrapped in bravado — and not what they first come off as: delusional rants of would-be bullies and Stalinists.

    I didn’t realize that Bambi would be ‘celebrating’ in Iowa on Tuesday. Cool. He’ll only have his home state of IL, then, between him and the ass-beating he’s going to be taking in KY, then.

    Guess you have to take your ‘victory’ speeches where you can get them, huh? Even if they come between clock-cleaning, whites-won’t-vote-for-me showings in WV & KY.

    My friends, desperation is in the air. Ain’t it grand? Bambians are panicking, and it is delicious.

    Tabby – It doesn’t matter if they don’t. HRC won more Dems this season and will do so again in 2012. The only difference is that there won’t be as many caucuses around to save whomever ends up playing Deval Patrick III and FL & MI won’t be getting screwed over.

    HRC is going to cruise. And when she does, somewhere, Bambi will be wondering how it all went wrong for him.

    Ha ha ha.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  99. Dot,
    “I’m getting a sense that something big has to happen .. he’s too close to the pledged delegates and I just heard she lost another pledged to him today.
    I just wish they’d say they plan to go all the way to the convention … I really need personally to get a sense of where this is going to stand after June 3.”

    My secret hope (as we haven’t heard any convention talk from the candidate or campaign recently) has been that a determination was made that there was little to be gained by defiantly announcing ‘taking it all the way’ until the time came, as the media would’ve had a field day and possibly depressed the vote further in these remaining primaries where a good turnout remains important.

    So hopefully when we split this week, and trounce BO in Kentucky as he’s declaring victory in Oregon, the word will come loud & clear, that this cannot stand.

  100. To further the above possibility some, here’s a headline tonight
    (Clinton Moving To General Election Strategy?) pointing to Hill’s shifting rhetoric, which as many have noted doesn’t directly attack Obama but does get after McCain.

    Can be taken two ways, at least.
    One that she’s assuming the Dem party line against repubs in aiding BO, and the second, which I prefer to think is the case;
    She too is shifting to GE mode, because she’s going to win the nomination.

  101. Not Good. Don’t trust it & take some solace from part about Clintons want nothing to do with anyone who defects from the ranks,
    but I don’t know folks. Could be the insiders trying to pressure, could be a million things.

    From WaPo;

    Rival Camps Plan Inevitable Merger
    Clinton, Obama Supporters Discuss Combined Effort to Win in November

    By Matthew Mosk and Chris Cillizza
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Sunday, May 18, 2008; A01

    Top fundraisers for Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have begun private talks aimed at merging the two candidates’ teams, not waiting for the Democratic nominating process to end before they start preparations for a hard-fought fall campaign.

    Despite Obama’s apparently insurmountable lead in delegates needed to claim the nomination, aides to both candidates are resigned to the idea that the Democratic contest will continue at least through June 3, when Montana and South Dakota will cast the final votes of the primary season.

    But in small gatherings around Washington and in planning sessions for party unity events in New York and Boston in coming weeks, fundraisers and surrogates from both camps are discussing how they can put aside the vitriol of the past 18 months and move forward to ensure that the eventual nominee has the resources to defeat Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in November.

    Mark Aronchick, a Philadelphia lawyer who has raised more than $1 million for Clinton’s bid, said that while her supporters have not given up on their candidate, they recognize the need to start preparing for the general election.

    “Only if we do this right, and see this through in the right way, will there be a chance for a full, rapid and largely complete unification of the party,” Aronchick said.

    Aronchick was one of about 35 Clinton and Obama insiders who attended a dinner last week in Washington aimed at what he characterized as helping the two sides “grope towards unity.”

    The gathering, held at the Ritz-Carlton residence of Jim Johnson and Maxine Isaacs, was a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee at which former Treasury secretary Robert Rubin was honored. But the guests were well aware of the symbolism as they sipped cocktails and admired the views of the Potomac River and the Washington Monument. The event honoring a prominent Clinton supporter was held at the home of an Obama backer and co-hosted by another, former senator Thomas A. Daschle (S.D.).

    “The people there had all picked sides,” one attendee said. “There was a sense that there is an obligation to lead by example.”

    While there was little outright talk of how the primary campaign would end, guests confirmed that DNC Chairman Howard Dean set the tone with a speech in which he emphasized that despite the protracted nomination fight, he is already instituting a plan to combat McCain.

    The message was clear, according to one attendee, who said, “You don’t go anywhere anymore where there isn’t a sense that this is over and this is about how people behave over the next month.”

    Even with the work in top levels of the party to broker a detente between Obama and Clinton donors, both sides acknowledge there is much still to be done.

    Top fundraisers have invested not only their time and money but also their emotions in the primary battle. Major financial backers say the tensions have been particularly acute in recent weeks as frustrations have mounted in both camps.

    Aronchick said that in his own discussions, he emphasized the need for the senator from Illinois to stop describing Clinton and her backers as representing the politics of the past.

    “They need to understand how corrosive that has been among her supporters,” Aronchick said. “For this to work, they need to correct any impression that he thinks we represent the old ways of doing things or Washington Beltway ways of doing things.”

    One top fundraiser for Obama, a veteran of several presidential campaigns who spoke about the private discussions on the condition of anonymity, said there are sensitivities among many of Obama’s supporters, as well. The fundraiser said there is a high level of resentment that Clinton has continued to campaign, even though her chances of securing the nomination are remote. Many are unhappy about the idea of having to make room for members of Clinton’s finance team, who had “picked the wrong candidate.”

    “There are people who are thinking, ‘Hey, my guy won. Now I have to share the trophy?’ ” the Obama fundraiser said. “That’s something we have to overcome.”

    Kirk Dornbush, a member of the Obama national finance team in Georgia, said that while there is no formal effort by the Obama campaign to recruit Clinton counterparts, “many of us have friendships with Clinton donors that predate the 2008 campaign and will last long after this race is over. Given this reality, it should not be surprising that we have received phone calls in the last few weeks” from individuals interested in crossing over.

    Another major Obama fundraiser, granted anonymity to speak candidly, said that while no organized recruitment campaign was underway, “we have picked off some local people and are reaching out to the Clinton people we know individually.”

    That outreach has been complicated by leading voices in the Clinton campaign having made clear that any defection at this point would be regarded as a betrayal of the former first couple. “Some [Clinton] people have said, ‘If you publicly defect, that’s the end of our relationship,’ ” said the Obama fundraiser. “Like, if we live to be 170, we’re never going to speak to each other again.”

    Clinton supporters interviewed for this article all said they think that the senator from New York remains a viable candidate. But several also said they see the wisdom of beginning the conversation about fundraising for the general election.

    “We’re all thinking about November,” said Robert Zimmerman, a New York public relations expert who is a top Clinton fundraiser. “We are starting a dialogue together. I’ve made it clear [Obama backers] will be welcome to come on board. They’ve said the same to me.”

    Zimmerman, who is also a Democratic National Committeeman, said Dean has been a central figure in starting to bring the two camps together. Dean is organizing a May 31 fundraiser in Manhattan honoring Al Gore. The event is being chaired by Orin Kramer, one of Obama’s top fundraisers, and by Maureen White, a longtime party fundraiser who has been assisting Clinton.

    Last week, the Democratic National Committee announced that both campaigns had signed a “joint fundraising agreement” creating a fund in which donations to each candidate could be pooled with contributions to the party and then used during the general election.

    Clinton’s New England finance chairman, Steve Grossman, is also co-chairing an event with two top New England fundraisers for Obama, Alan Solomont and Barry White. The June 12 event in Boston is in honor of Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry’s brother, Cameron Kerry, and will raise money for the National Jewish Democratic Council, but the invitation list includes top bundlers for both Clinton and Obama.

    In addition to the fledgling attempts to merge the fundraising operations of Obama and Clinton, there is growing talk that the best — and perhaps only — way to truly mend the rift is for Obama to pick a top Clinton surrogate as his vice presidential nominee.

    “There’s gale-force pressure for Obama to choose a Clinton loyalist as a running mate to heal the party but avoid putting her and her formidable baggage on the ticket,” said one Obama ally in Washington. “You hear the names [Ohio Gov. Ted] Strickland, [Indiana Sen. Evan] Bayh, and [retired general] Wes Clark almost constantly, and it’s no secret that Jim Johnson and Tom Daschle are purveyors of that wisdom.”

  102. This is another reminder of the following important facts:

    By the end of the primary season neither candidate will have sufficient pledged delegates to claim the nomination.

    This means unless one of the candidates drops out, it must be decided in Denver.

    No matter if either or both candidates declares” victory” before Denver, it is meaningless.

    Hillary is on target to win the popular vote, if the DNC awards her the vote from FL/MI. If they refuse to do so, they know they stand a good chance of losing those states in November. They are aware of this and hence the pressure they are putting on Hillary to drop out. Then FL/MI becomes moot. If she calls their bluff and refuses, they will award her the FL/MI vote in the end. The delegates will be divided along some mutually agreed formula becasue it will give neither enough to claim the nomination. It will still have to go to Denver.

    Unless one of them drops out, no matter what the SDs say now, it will go to Denver. They can only vote there. Their stated preferences for a certain candidate prior to Denver are just that, preferences.

    We are now in an acute stage of psychological warfare. They are trying to force Hillary out. As long as her voters and supporters stay firm, she will win the nomination. Time is not on their side but ours. Give this some thought as to why.

  103. Paddy,

    You hit that one way out of the park! That’s why I mentioned the bit about ‘Could be the insiders trying to pressure (the Clintons) by attending said party in WaPo article, while the same article outlines
    a very hard line stance from up high in the campaign.

    This has been the full court press, no doubt.
    More to come after BO declares and likely a shitload of supers follow suit with their ‘preferences’ as you point out. But, as money will no longer be a factor – and unless there’s something I don’t know – that’s the worst part, and then repubs unload on BO and we make the case then sit back ,& looking better & better until Denver.

    Sound about right?

  104. Bluedem, it should be very obvious that the article you posted is a hit job for Obama. It mentions no verifiable facts and refers to private insider elite meetings, and such. It should be clear to all who have half a brain and one eye that its main intent is to persuade Hillary supporters and voters that the race is over. I don’t find it very useful. Do you think Hillary is reading articles like this now?

    Elites are not deciding this race but the voters and the people are not finished speaking. To the elites and media they may still say “Don’t tread on me.”

  105. Clinton Cocktail Party: Free Milk and a Cow

    Hey there all you newly “unaffiliated” voters out there and you Dems on the fence. Remember how it felt the other night when Senator Bob Casey said he’d heard that we were PO’d about Obama’s full on assault on the loyal Democratic base but that we’d all come around in November and vote for the Unity Pony? Well, Senator, lemme tell you a little story about free milk and a cow. We’re not stupid you know. We have something the Obama boyz want reaaaal bad. And it’s going to take more than sweet talk to get it. Oh, yeah, baby, baby, baby, we can keep this going for a long time but you’re not getting our votes until we get a weddin’ ring. You have to marry the old, uneducated, working class, sino-peruvian lesbians or you can just go home with Rosie. And here’s what we want in a pre-nuptual agreement (courtesy of FrenchDoc):
    Sit Mi/FL
    Now, on to the policy questions, because, as racist, bitter, old, low-info, etc… as we are, we actually care about substance:
    – take privatization of SS off the table
    – prosecution of the Bush crime clan
    – promotion of women’s and LGBT’s rights
    – progressive economic policies
    – Universal health care
    – repeal of no child left behind, no merit pay plan
    – out of Iraq / no bombing of Pakistan
    – reinstate habeas corpus
    – commitment to appointing progressive judges on SCOTUS, no waffling
    – commitment to repeal the partial birth abortion law, no waffling
    – no telco immunity
    Have I forgotten anything?
    Oh yeah, stop abusing / insulting us… incredibly, it does not endear BO to us.
    You can stop sending your friends over here with the “He really likes you, why don’t you give him a chance” stuff too. We’re not cheap or easy.
    Anyways, we’ve found our sweetheart. She’s bona fide. She’s a keeper.
    Welcome to the Clinton Cocktail Party. This is the time of the day when we relax, kick our shoes off and revel in our newfound freedom from the party. To the left of the bar is Rico, our bartender with flair. Incredibly, he’s not worn out from all these parties. Nope, he’s still going strong and really looking forward to Hillary kinking McCain’s ass in November. Tonight’s special is Sex with the Bartender. I know some of you ladies and gentlemen have been dreaming of just that for months now (but please don’t hit on him while he’s working). But you can order anything you like.
    Tonight, we’re featuring a sing-a-long from the Georgia Satellites. All you gotta do is imagine the Democratic Party trying to reach into your pants to get your, um, vote. Just push them away and say, “Don’t hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself”

    Ladies and gents, we are a friendly crowd and everyone, no matter your persuasion, is welcome. And to keep the party fine and mellow, we have Florence, our lovely check room attendant who will be happy to keep your trigger words safe while you’re here. The waiters will be circulating shortly with oysters, mini truffle sandwiches and chocolate. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

  106. Bluedem, yes I think you hit it right on the head. We just neeed to sit tight and let things play out. If they don’t get her to budge in the next couple of weeks, they know this thing is going to Denver.

  107. i couldn’t resist sharing that post at river daughter…….sure put a smile on me tonight 😀

  108. Bluedem, when I said the article was not useful, the meaning was it is not useful as a piece of journalism, not adding any value to the public discussion about the nomination contest, and not that you should not have posted it. We are all grown up people on this forum and can take some negative stuff when it serves an educational purpose.

  109. Paddy,
    I’d never trust WaPo in a zillion years. Make that two zillion.

    Of course it’s all part of a coordinated effort, and precisely what you said it is.
    What bugged me a bit in that piece is Zimmerman being involved, though his quote smartly said the BOers could come aboard OUR train, not the other way around.
    But on top of that, there’s been way too much ‘insider’ chatter on the negative side of the equation for me, as if at least some members of the campaign, perhaps mid-level or lower are playing footsie with the enemy.
    That may make sense for them as they’ll have no where to go if Hill were to drop out, but I’d continue to maintain Bill & Hill know exactly what’s at stake and there’s no way in the world they buckle.

    Wolfsen’s strong comments on 2209 – or is it 2210? – being the real finish line were perhaps the clearest sign of that.

    So we’re in complete agreement on what must be done. No question whatsoever.
    I just don’t discount funny business or treachery, and certainly anyone contemplating it now would certainly use the press however they could.

  110. “Of course it’s all part of a coordinated effort.”

    This is exactly what it is. Just a little too slick though. Too obvious.

  111. Paddy @ 1:47.

    Yup. I’ve urged all along – back to my battles with the since-departed SpaceGirl – there is tremendous value in analyzing the trash, the hit pieces, the coordinated bits & pieces of the psychological warfare inundating us.
    Because it reveals the enemies true intentions in a way speeches or conference calls or even a surrogate’s actions cannot.
    Which is to say this is what they DO, or at least what they’re trying to do.

    Ok, now that we’ve got figured out all the way to Denver, hittin’ the hay. Adios amigos.

  112. I am having a lot of problems posting.

    If you can see this…I may not be able to post for a while. My computer seems broken.

    But, I love you all.

  113. I love you all.

    You all do great things.

    If you don’t hear from me again…I love you all.

  114. Obama supporters are mad at US because Hillary hasn’t dropped out???!?!?!? How arrogant and presumptuous can you get!!!

    Ah well. Super delegates think we will “come around”. They think that ‘change’ is good. Unfortunately, this is a Democratic year — good old traditional Democratic values. We don’t want to change from them to elitist, racist, prevaricating ones. We already have the Republicans. So I’m going with them — they’ve been at the BS longer.

    Of course that choice won’t occur when Hillary wins the popular vote (the way regular people count it)and the nomination.

  115. If the remaining primary results turn out the way we all think they will, it won’t be over until the convention. And a lot can happen over the summer. The Republicans, not knowing who the nominee will be, are likely to attack both Hillary and Waffles. We’ve already had a taste of how Waffles will hold up against the Republicans, and it’s not pretty. Witness how he reacted to George W. Bush’s comments about Nazi appeasers. We’re talking about a lame duck president with an approval rating in the 20 percent range, yet he still managed to bring out the worst in Obama. If Bush can do that, so can McCain. I think after a half-dozen such incidents, a lot of SDs will wake up and realize what will happen in November if they nominate Bambi. Meanwhile, Hillary will handle Republican attacks the way she always does and she’ll launch her own attacks against them. She knows how to handle those guys; Obama doesn’t.

  116. A quick note to the laddies who have been setting up sites (some pretending to be pro-Hillary sites), gathering personal and contact information from non-aware Hillary supporters and engaging in harrassment and publishing personal information about posters on this website.

    Working in the computer field is next to impossible with this type of history. Staying in school is next to impossible with this type of history. Do you understand? Some of what you have engaged in is in all likelihood illegal. If we knew for sure those activities are illegal we would be compelled to report lawbreakers to law enforcement officials. Do you understand? Are we making ourselves clear?

    We expect certain websites to rethink their existence. Do you understand?

    We do not whine. We do not believe in unilateral disarmament. Do you understand?

    The clock is ticking.

  117. A quick note to our wonderful readers and commentors:

    Do not give out personal information to people you do not know. Do not give your emails to people you do not know. Do not respond to people you do not know. Be careful with sites you do not know. Do not give sites information unless you are sure these are real Hillary supporters. Some Obama idiots want to “put one over on teacher” and pretend to be Hillary supporters. They run websites pretending to be Hillary supporters. These people are stunted in their growth.

    Be careful.

  118. This is BS:

    “There’s gale-force pressure for Obama to choose a Clinton loyalist as a running mate to heal the party but avoid putting her and her formidable baggage on the ticket,” said one Obama ally in Washington. “You hear the names [Ohio Gov. Ted] Strickland, [Indiana Sen. Evan] Bayh, and [retired general] Wes Clark almost constantly, and it’s no secret that Jim Johnson and Tom Daschle are purveyors of that wisdom.”

  119. great interview admin. 2 MORE DAYS FOR OREGON AND KENTUCKY! i hope hillary can make it much closer in oregon.

  120. Terrondt, there is a lot of work for all of us to do the next few days to help Hillary in Oregon and Kentucky. Obama is whining about losing Kentucky already.

    After Tuesday comes May 31 and the Rules committee meeting. June 1 is the election in Puerto Rico.

    Lot of work to do. Let’s not get distracted.

  121. Well the thing is, we know from experience that in that area, Hillary does very well in an actual Primary. If it was a caucus, we know Obama would steal it by 75% but its not and I’m betting its like a 50/50 split.

  122. BE CAREFUL OF MYDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been getting “troll rated” by Obama supporters for posting even the least offensive comments I can imagine. Here is one that got troll rated:

    Yes I listened to the conference call over at TM—-she was great! And so were you! I can imagine how exciting it must to actually get to share your thoughts with her. I am very happy for you! Also she did make a very strong case for her continuing her candidacy, so I am convinced that we can still pull it off.


  123. For someone who claims not to care and that says he’s got the nomination, he seems a little scared of Hillarys win in KY and tetchy about the Oregon primary.

    So Fuck him.

  124. #1 company on Fortune 500: (

    People from PA, WV, KY, and Arkansas (AK) are some of the SMARTEST PEOPLE in the U.S., and they have HUGE reserves of COMMON SENSE.

    The #1 Co. IN THE WORLD is Wal-Mart. It is a business located in Arkansas. Not NY, London, LA, Tokyo, Milan, or Chicago. Arkansas. People from Arkansas, PA, WV, and KY are not stupid. U Ark, Penn State, WVU, and UK are among the finest academic insitutions in the U.S., having produced numerous Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, Academy Award winners, and others from its graduates.

    Citizens of AK, PA, WV, and soon KY know how to pick a president!

  125. Universal, I love all of this stuff you have been posting. I also believe it to be true, especially the part stating we can stop Obama. I admit I’m a little bit fuzzy about the endgame you’ve described and just how it will happen. Maybe I shouldn’t expect to be fully informed about that at this point. I will just continue to follow this story and the events to come. Please keep it coming.

  126. Hi Hillfans, if the DNC dare to nominate BHO before June 3, there should be a mass walk out of the party.

  127. They keep saying that they need to prepare to GE. But if they nominate a loser, they will loose no matter how well they prepare. BHO is a fundamental fraud candiate, he will loose at least 30% of Hillary’s votes in GE no matter what.

  128. The article posted above says the DNC will honor Al Gore at that 5/31 function. Strange timing don’t you think?

  129. dot,
    I have been feeling demoralized. I try to fight it but it’s hard to overcome.

    After the joint fundraising announcement between HRC and DNC and now between HRC and Waffles, I feel I simply can’t donate any more money as I refuse to let it fall into anyone’s hands other than HRC’s.

    I am holding out hope that she will fight on after May 20, after May 31, after June 3, after July 1, all the way to Denver.
    BTW – did you notice Big Brown might be a Triple Crown winner?

  130. basil read the exchanges between paddy and blue dem above and it will make you undepressed. Hillary needs our support now more than ever. So much of what msn is saying on now is Tokyo Rose. Hillary needs to know we want her to fight on and time is on our side.

  131. I don’t think that any amount of joint meetings and talks of “unity” will overcome the genuine problems associciated with an Obama candidacy nor the real, and genuine unfairness that has been aimed at Hillary. There is already evidence of backlash, such as the “Operation Turndown” campaign and the numerous postings by Hillary supporters that they will not vote for Obama if he is the nominee. Some may think that magically all this will disappear soon but I really do not think that will happen. These are just not minor things. They are not just politics.

    If Obama is the nominee I think the entire general election campaign will be about Obama. He hasn’t enunciated many issues–the Republicans will go after his character and associations in a nuclear fashion starting this summer. While it may be easy to be demoralized by all that has gone on in the past few months I think we need to do what Hillary has been saying. We need to leave it all play out and watch what happens. It will be a long time between June and August. Who knows how the political winds will be blowing when we get to the convention.

  132. I know this much .. No Hillary, No Vote for the party. They want to chant “change” .. I’ve talked to SO many people who tell me that yes we will change .. we will change from toeing the party line to voting our conscience. This isn’t a primary where one candidate has literally smoked the other. The % is just too close and they can’t dismiss voters

  133. wbboei,

    Thanks wbboei.

    I’m gonna stay off 44 today and focus on home repair projects. I know the objective IS to demoralize us and I could kick myself for allowing it to happen. Time to clear the cobwebs out, get into a different environment, get a better perspective.

    Have a good day, everyone.

  134. Basil9, There are many things that are happening behind the scenes I think that will help us down the road. I met some many Clinton supporters that are strong. I even me a little black girl who was the only black on the Clinton side. She was sitting by herself all alone. I smiled at her and then went over to talk to her. She told me that she felt that she left her own race sticking with Clinton. All her other relatives were with the Obama side. She seemed a little down, so I just kept visiting with her. I found out that she thought the rest of her relatives were voting their race instead of the issues. She also said Bambi is unelectable. She has worked to get Hillary elected! She was very nice. I can tell you the Obama supporters I saw looked defeated. The did not look elated! Clinton supporters seemed more robust!

  135. I can tell you every speech I heard was a speech of party unity and lets elect a democrat in the fall! They are pushing this hard!!

  136. Good Morning Hill Fans!

    Admin…….thank you for taking time to warn us…but could you elaborate a bit more? I have not really seen any personal information posted here other than “toss away” email addy’s.

    and if there are sites that are “fake” hillary sites….. I would appreciate knowing which ones they are so i can avoid..

    thanks 😀

  137. confloyd, they are pushing unity which is impossible if BHO is nominee. We should pushing electibility wide and loud from now on.

  138. AmericanGal Says:
    May 18th, 2008 at 8:53 am
    There is already evidence of backlash, such as the “Operation Turndown” campaign and the numerous postings by Hillary supporters that they will not vote for Obama if he is the nominee.

    I think we need to really quantify this. It’s easy for the other side and the media to dismiss such statements from individuals. We need to make this visible and solid, so they know how many votes they will be losing if they nominate Obama, and how many of those votes McCain will be gaining.

    I’m trying to collect some links at and publish them at
    or email me at 1950democrat/at/gmail/com
    (Admin, my contact info here is all ‘blinded’ already,does not lead back to my real name.)

    What petitions do y’all know about?

  139. GeorgeC had Brazile on this am. She did not sound so nasty to Clinton as she usually does!

  140. Some Obama supporters are just ridiculous. Two wore black T shirts with Obama on the front and on the back it said “stop the drama, vote Obama”. That t-shirt was born after New Hampshire! They really have poor taste, I noticed one Hillary supporter had changed her shirt and put on her Hillary t-shirt. Lots and lots of women were very adament about supporting Hillary to the end. One of the men that was running for a spot in Denver said, “he would vote for Hillary on the 1st,2nd and3rd,4th vote at the convention. He would NOT stop voting for her until the “lady in the pantsuit told him to quit”. I will be voting for him at the convention!

  141. Thats coz Brazile finally worked out after all her bitterness and nastiness that either Hillary has to have the nomination or ‘Bama needs her badly if he steals the nomination.

    However she can forget it, I am not in a forgiving mood where she is concerned.

  142. moononpluto, I am not forgiving any of the jackals. I will vote for John McCain, if Bambi is the nominee

  143. Confloyd: she may be trying to be nice, because thousands of people have been complaining about her. In addition, maybe she received the memo to be “nice” so that people will get in line. Who knows? She already did so much damage, there is no going back.

  144. birdgal, millions are not going to vote BHO simply because he is inexperience and not ready to lead. I don’t know why is so difficult for DNC to understand.

  145. I was out all day yesterday so I missed the news about Teddy the alcoolic. There is such a thing as Alcoholic seizure, is that what he had? Where did he have it at home or somewhere else?

  146. confloyd: There are many reason for seizures, including strokes. A seizure from alcohol, usually occurs 48-72 hours after cessation of drinking alcohol, which can be prevented by taking valium. Who knows, what really happened? There may be an underlying disease process, which caused the seizure or it could be from medication, or even idiopathic (unknown). Apparently, he was airlifted by helicopter from his home, and taken to Mass. General. I haven’t read any of the news reports, because I am on a media blackout.

  147. Lambert on the Hillary we know in a Friday telecon. BTW I saw her in West Virginia flower market and later at the victory speech. She was radiant.

    Basil- you will like this one . . . . .

    Our telcon with Hillary

    Submitted by lambert on Sat, 2008-05-17 09:34.
    Nah, let me restart.* Yesterday — and I know that makes this old news — I was on the Fung Wa bus from Boston to New York on my way to a family memorial service. (One of the many wonderful things about Chinese buses — besides the $15 one-way fare that puts me well into Hillary’s demo — is that everybody, but everybody uses cell phones, and it’s so noisy, it’s quiet. Plus, most of the shouting is in Chinese, so I hear it as interesting music, rather than noise.)

    So, I joined Hillary’s conference call, as arranged by good guy Peter Daou, with some of the bloggers who support her, as my Chinese bus made its way through the decaying infrastructure of Queens. Since I’ve got just a few minutes before I have to leave, all I can do is give are some quick personal impressions and a few high points from the notes I scribbled, hunched over against the window so I could hear, on covers and pages ripped from Richard Martin’s Broken Angels:

    First and foremost, she made the call and had the conversation. The contrast between Hillary, who took the time to talk to a small group of bloggers with readership from C list upwards, and Obama, who doesn’t read blogs, is instructive.

    Second, I’m didn’t pick up a graceful withdrawal subtext**. At all. She “won’t walk off the court” before the final buzzer sounds.

    Third, Hillary talked several times about the “arguments” that we bloggers make, and how useful they are — which is what I, as an old-school blogger, like to think the blogosphere is all about; the clash of ideas in the agora or public square. Of course, that could be flattery, but isn’t it nice to be flattered for making an appeal to reason?

    Finally, this is a very, very smart woman indeed. Totally focused, and, without seeming driven, very, very hard working. Believe nothing that our famously free press writes of Hillary, neither the narratives, or the personal characteristics, without quadruple-checking it against primary sources. I mean, if you were a guy that Jack Welch gave a lot of money to fluff him, wouldn’t you, deep down, know just how you got your job, the exact services you perform to keep it, and wouldn’t you hate anyone who could see through it all? And who just might have something to say about the networking that produced that outcome? Asked how she copes with the engineered hatred, the misogyny, and the abuse, Hillary answers: “I’m impervious.” Admirable. Would we could all be.

    As to the points that the campaign would no doubt like me to convey, let me paraphrase (only the quoted material is Hillary):

    1. “It’s the map, not the math”. Meaning that the only metric that the SDs should consider — and I know this will seem almost childishly simple-minded — is the metric that will lead to victory in the fall. The popular vote conveys a degree of legitimacy, and here she has pulled into a slight lead (50K), but only the electoral college really matters: Here, Hillary has 300 EVs, Obama only 217. “I have a cushion.” “I will, he could.” And I’m seduced not just by the logic — I suspect that Hillary’s demographic, like me, does not have an appetite for risk, these days — but by the framing. Whoever framed “It’s the map, not the math” has a job waiting for them in the blogosphere when the campaign is over!

    2. The Hillary campaign is totally committed to seating FL and MI. It’s “inexplicable” [Oh, really?] that the party has not figured out a way to enfranchise these voters. (Check other links below for more detail on this important, tricky issue.)

    3. The more the media tries to dictate the anti-Hillary narrative, and tries to make the Presidential pick for itself, “the more resistant” people become. “It’s a very sore spot.” See the ad in USA Today: “Not so fast!”

    4. OR TV station sets up a Town Hall, offers Hillary half an hour, Obama half an hour. Obama declines. So she’ll take the whole hour! [lambert: Is this really what we’re looking for in a President? The ability to duck?]

    OK, gotta run and iron a shirt. More later, I hope.
    More exhaustive coverage is here. A podcast is here.

    NOTE * Discarded lead: “Taking a few moments out from my busy day running a racist hate-fest…” Just sayin.

    NOTE ** The argument could be made that I wouldn’t; but the TV viewers among us have yet to provide concrete data to back up their thesis that this is what’s going on.

    UPDATE I did get to speak, and it was funny how she pronounced my name: Lambert! with exclamation point, for pleasure, definitely included. It reminded me so much of how I was greeted at Eschacon; exactly the same intonation. And the pleasurable recognition as unexpected here, as there. Alas, we were cut off from the call before my question was answered — I guess I won’t need to apply for the ambassadorship, then — but if I can get the answers, I’ll post them here.

    UPDATE Various stylistic fixes. Out to greet the family….

    UPDATE Anglachel, as usual, sees more deeply:
    I was impressed that the entire conversation was on the record and that no one was pre-screened for questions. She was ready to handle anything we could (quickly) throw at her.

    Exactly. She can think on her feet and take a punch. Any wonder Barack “No Mas” Obama is trying to impress us all with his extremely Presidential abilities to back-pedal all over the ring by ducking debates and Town Halls?


    She is not going to let the screamers on the TV or in the blogosphere make her quit. She flatly said she was not leaving the contest, no matter how much bloviators like Timmeh, Tweety, the New York Times and WKJM rant and rave. She will not be swiftboated, intimidated, or backed down. She is not ready to make nice so that an unvetted opponent can waltz off with the nomination, and she would never allow herself to be bullied into conceding an election before every last vote had been counted. Considering that Gore and Kerry both conceded rather than be termed sore losers, I’m behind the candidate who will take it to the mat.

  148. meiyingsu Says:

    May 18th, 2008 at 10:35 am
    birdgal, millions are not going to vote BHO simply because he is inexperience and not ready to lead. I don’t know why is so difficult for DNC to understand

    Maybe, they are more scared of the racial unrest, and believe that hillary supporters will get in line, or they are so hell bent on getting rid of the Clintons, they are going with waffles. I am not going back.

  149. some one in TM web site say if BHO is the official nominee, McMcain will be the President. The question is how many senate seats and house seats the GOP are going to pick up along with the president.

  150. You can’t say this too often:

    Believe nothing that our famously free press writes of Hillary, neither the narratives, or the personal characteristics, without quadruple-checking it against primary sources.

  151. Yesterday Hillary said she had gotten acceptance that she was 50,000 votes ahead of Obama, then Chris Wallace(Obamatron) gets on the tube and says she is 480,000 votes behind BO.
    Personally I believe Hillary. Chris Wallace is on the Kool-aid!

  152. what the news will be on next Wednesday if Hillary gets 600k more votes than BHO in KY alone.

  153. Hillary got 850,000 votes in FL. Obama is ahead only if FL and MI are excluded.

    Since the voters there voted in good faith, and Hillary’s supporters tried to get a re-vote that Obama blocked, I’ll take her numbers.

    Especially over any media tool.

  154. Whats the expected turnout in Kentucky?

    Kentucky is almost double the size of WV delegate wise, so we could be looking at a margin of over 300K+ for HRC there. Which effectively puts the end of the popular vote for Bambi. Thats why he is scared of KY because if she wins huge there and holds it close in Oregon then, the popular vote in PR and the count of Florida and Michigan gives her the popular by a mile. South Dakota and the other one will bring him nothing in major votes wise.

    He may lose the popular vote thing on Tuesday.

  155. Oy! Catching up on this board and all I am going to say is that the best way to shut up the Obama media props is to kill their ratings. So blackout here I come and to hell with their continued brainwashing, hate-mongering, deceitful garbage!

    It is so amazing to be on the right side, to be on the side of truth and dignity.

    Hillary is 44!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  156. He’s also panicking about Puerto Rico because if the expected 2 million come out to vote and she wins it 60/40, thats another 400,000 for her on the popular vote.

  157. I am pist now!! Apparently we have a mole in SD5 in Texas. I just got an email from a Obama supporter and I did not give my email out to anyone except Hillary supporters. So they are sure trying to appear like Hillary supporter and then will vote for Obama. This is so disgusting!

  158. confloyd

    I was on the dickenson county,iowa democrats during our county convention and i know for a fact that both the obama and clinton campaigns called for a list of delegates and who they were supporting, in that excel report sent to them
    were email addresses,phone numbers, and addresses for ALL delegates.

  159. I have been trying to warn everyone that this was happening in NM. In fact we are going to court about it. The chair, tried a fast one at the State Convention, and tried to appoint 2 noncommitted, both known to be Obama. We did our thing at the Convention to try to stop it, and got one Hillary noncommitted elected, but they are contesting it.

    The chair came out the next week for Obamam, and the noncommitted he got elected came out shortly there after.

    This is what is driving me from the Party. Do you really think i am going to come back after such crappy tricks. Hillary won this state, and they are trying to steal it.

  160. This is so bad, you don’t know who to trust! I don’t know who it was that gave my Email to them. I gave it to 3 people. 2 of them I know are Hillary supporter and sat no where near the Obama supporter. I think it must have come from the district chair!

  161. Jeremiah Wright to speak again NOW. Go to NoquarterUSA for details and if you can record (in case anything controversial comes up), please do!

  162. Obama, Iowa and Immigration
    By Jeralyn, Section Elections 2008

    Immigration policy has not been front and center in the campaign so far. Except for the issue of drivers’ licenses, the candidates are getting a free pass. They use the mantra “we need immigration reform” and everyone moves on to the next topic.

    The Washington Post reports on an Iowa town that is very upset about immigration raids in the workplace.

    Monday’s raid on the Agriprocessors plant, in which 389 immigrants were arrested and many held at a cattle exhibit hall, was the Bush administration’s largest crackdown on illegal workers at a single site. It has upended this tree-lined community, which calls itself “Hometown to the World.” Half of the school system’s 600 students were absent Tuesday, including 90 percent of Hispanic children, because their parents were arrested or in hiding.

    Current and former officials of the Department of Homeland Security say its raid on the largest employer in northeast Iowa reflects the administration’s decision to put pressure on companies with large numbers of illegal immigrant workers, particularly in the meat industry. But its disruptive impact on the nation’s largest supplier of kosher beef and on the surrounding community has provoked renewed criticism that the administration is disproportionately targeting workers instead of employers, and that the resulting turmoil is worse than the underlying crimes.

    Since Barack Obama will be in Iowa Tuesday night touting his inevitablility as the nominee, how about pinning him down so voters can draw some real distinctions, if there are any, between him, Hillary and John McCain?

  163. Obama refers Kentucky as to “that part of America,” guess it means in other words irrelevant to him. If he has time to swing by Missouri and Michigan, he should be able to squeeze in Kentucky. He also was able to visit South Dakota as well. Hmm priorities? But blames it on FOX News and the emails?!?!?!?

    Please, if you can, CALL Kentucky and share about Obama’s views on Kentucky and how he blames everyone else but him.

    Call OREGON too – we need a close one there!

    I would call but I can’t hear on the phone so I DEPEND ON YOU! Actually should I say, HILLARY DEPENDS ON YOU!

  164. went to the link for the TUCC live blogcast of wright and get nothing but a black screen

    is it over?

  165. ok i had to open up a explorer browser instead of firefox
    and don’t use the link on noquarter

    go directly to the church website and click on the link at the bottom of the home page
    for live webcast instead

  166. The cynic in me says that Wright has probably been bought off big time by Obamalamadingdong and his gang, hence his silence for so long. I hope I’m wrong though and he does say something incriminating.

  167. Blue Dem

    That article you posted is gold. It shows that the MSM and Bambi’s Loser Brigade understands exactly what is about to happen to him.

    The article, unsurprisingly, is trying to play up the conciliatory/BHO’s so sorry he’s described Clinton and her backers as politics of the past/racists, etc.


    The ship has sailed. Obama is going down.

    There is no strategy to avoid that, there is no pathway over the next month or 6 months that is going to alter that.

    The Elitist Triad of the MSM/Obamans/Effete Dem elites are about to get a wake-up call that even they aren’t ready for. What happened this election cycle will not happen again, and we’re going to make sure that is the case.

    Fundraisers and the like mean nothing. Ask West Virginians, Pennsylvanians, Indianans, and soon Kentuckians.

    MSM & Elites:

    This is out of your control, and the more you try to take it away from the registered Democratic voters you are about to screw over in nominating Bambi, the worse the fallout is going to be for all of you who created this situation going forward.

    You all chose this and you are not going to escape the consequences.

    While the pusillanimous elites are planning strategies and fundraisers for the fall, organizations such as Clinton Supporters Count Too and Down with Obama are going to be swelling in membership and activism. The GOP and its media will help ensure Obama’s destruction, and we will utilize them in the same manner that Israel uses fundamentalist Christians for its own ends.

    There are going to be increasing signs of desperation, such as those expressed by the sources and writers of this article. You have to understand, for many of the elites who survive on government work, they need a Dem — any Dem — to get elected to have their next job lined up. That’s their angle.

    For those of us who are ground-level and not looking to be employed by either HRC or Bambi, it’s a different story. We’re not here to subsidize the elites and their 3rd homes. We’re actually really, seriously pissed that the wife of the only Dem president of the last 28 years has been smeared with a ‘racist’ brush, as have we been. This is our focus, not media-political circle jerks like the events being featured in the piece.

    Another example of the desperation to come by the Obama New Jacks will be increasingly fascistic threats against those non-Kool-Aid drinkers as the Obamaphiles realize they are doomed. I received one such missive tonight via my MySpace which has already been documented and reported. As you might expect, it came from a typical Obama stormtrooper: Someone with virtually no political experience who has fallen prey to The Obama Cult’s self-consciously constructed Triumph of the Will claptrap.

    It’s going to get hairy, folks. So strap in. If you don’t have the stomach for this sort of thing then you’re better off not allowing yourself to be lined-up in the crosshairs. Virtually all of us here have been threatened or attacked by the ObamaThugs, and as the water begins to recede in earnest from their Messiah’s oasis, there is going to be one hell of a death throe going on. Just be ready for that. As I did tonight, take whatever steps you need to in order to make sure your well-being is secure. We are dealing with some decidedly unfastened screws here, ones which have been whipped into a frenzy by the Doug Wilders and James Clyburns of Team Obama. Some of these people, when their hopium fever breaks, are going to have major reconciliation issues to attend to with the better parts of their natures. Obama and his Punk Posse have let things get so far out of control, and they seem to have absolutely no regard for the damage they are doing.

    And this is one of the chief reasons why Obama has to be politically taken down. This cultish stuff is harmful and dangerous. It plays to the worst aspects of anti-intellectualism and lowest common denominators.

    Many of us, including myself, have been stunned to finally see the “liberal media” which conservatives have railed about for years be so completely laid bare.

    The mindless, incapable-of-finding-fault-with-their-Messiah MSM has been beyond embarrassing. In truth, the 4th Estate has become a 5th Column undermining the interests of its reader- and viewership and the interests of the nation.

    If David Koresh had had his own PR outfit, the effect would likely have been similar to that which Obama is currently enjoying from the CNNs and MSNBCs of the media.

    Although the coverage is so stilted as to be comical and worthy of Saturday Night Live derision, the more damaging reality is that we are seeing not just individual broadcasters but entire network news divisions who have forsaken any journalistic integrity or professionalism and are, in truth, mere arms of the Obama campaign. This is so far out of the realm of the acceptable as to make it nearly impossible to overstate.

    By far the worst of these perpetrators is MSNBC. It stands alone. Next on the list is CNN, which is ‘saved’ somewhat because of some of the great work people such as Lou Dobbs have done for months in telling the truth about Bambi.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  168. Pringle has up Pt V (below). Pt VI to come this week.

    “Minority owned business racket headed for Washington”

    The “Combine” already has a plan in place to set up the minority-owned business racket in cities all across the country to be run through a new “White House Office of Urban Policy,” detailed in, “Barack Obama’s Plan to Fight Poverty in America.”

  169. You hit a nerve when you said government jobs. In NM the Dems are full of them. They have all sorts of State, County and Precinct Dem party jobs, and I wonder how much work they get done in their state jobs, as they are always doing Dem stuff.

    Judas has his group just saying yes sir, and I am amazinged at how many there are infiltrating the ranks.

    If you work for the Feds you have limited participation. However, the State party you can participate as much as you want. Talk about a mess.

  170. From Denver Post (there’s more but can’t post it all here)

    Poll: Rural voters swing toward McCain, Clinton

    These key players in past elections are worried about the economy and Iraq but aren’t sold on Obama.
    By Karen E. Crummy
    The Denver Post

    Presidential candidate Barack Obama appears set to clinch the Democratic nomination, but it’s his rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican John McCain who have the support of rural America, according to a new poll.

    Those voters, who cast 23 percent of ballots in recent presidential elections and tend to lean Republican, have played a critical role in past elections: George W. Bush was able to win over the majority of them, and Democrat Bill Clinton managed to neutralize them.

    Their penchant, especially in recent elections, to align more with a candidate than a party may be borne out again this election year.

    Obama is trailing McCain by 9 percentage points in battleground states with significant rural populations, according
    Click on image to enlarge
    to a bipartisan poll commissioned by the Center for Rural Strategies, a nonpartisan Kentucky-based group.

    Clinton, a long shot to derail Obama, is running even with McCain in a head-to-head matchup.

    “What has made this group swing voters is that they are so cross-pressured: Economically they want the Democratic Party, but when it comes to values, they like Republicans,” said Seth McKee, a University of South Florida professor who analyzed rural voters in presidential elections from 1992 to 2004.

    The poll also indicates rural voters are conflicted — no surprise to McKee.

    After watching jobs, especially in manufacturing, disappear from their communities, rural voters consistently name the economy as their chief concern. High energy and gas prices were listed by an overwhelming number as the No. 1 economic problem.

    Although those surveyed favored Obama over McCain in handling economic issues, McCain still leads the Illinois senator 50 percent to 41 percent in overall support. And a majority of 682 respondents said McCain, not Obama, shared their values — even though Obama was favored as the best candidate to bring about change. The poll has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

    Additionally, those polled said the second-biggest economic hurdle is Iraq war spending. Yet they consider McCain, who believes troops will remain in Iraq for at least five more years, more adept at handling the war.

    Though Clinton has perhaps dominated the rural electorate more than either Obama or McCain, and her campaign said Friday that the poll results were “just the latest evidence” that Clinton is the strongest candidate, the pollsters did not include her in many questions because it appears she will not win the nomination.

    Rural voters’ values

    For Colorado San Luis Valley resident Marce Murino, it’s Clinton’s experience that is appealing.

    “She’s already been through the nightmare of Washington politics,” the 47-year-old disabled veteran said. “I love Barack, but the crude reality is he is too green.”

  171. Sherm Kader – Thanks, really appreciate it. 🙂

    The endgame scenario I’ve been talking about is not clandestine or anything. It basically comes down to two things:

    – More reg. Dems have voted for HRC than Bambi
    – More GOP voters will vote for McCain than Bambi

    What these two things taken together means is that we, the more Dems who have voted for HRC, control whether or not Bambi is competitive in November if he is nominated.

    If, as is going to be the case, HRC Dems decide to vote for McCain, mathemtically-speaking Obama cannot win.

    Just for the sake of argument, let’s say that the country is split 55% Dem and 45% GOP.

    Thus, if all 55% of Dems turned out (which is never going to be the case because of poor youth turnout, …) and all 45% GOP turned out, then Bambi — once he is hand-picked by the Dem elites over the will of Dem voters –would win by 10 points.

    However, let’s split that 55% into 28% and 27%, respectively, to represent those who voted for HRC and those who voted for BHO. Assume that the justifiably angry 28% who was told to go eff themselves by the Dem elites is now — just as we are discussing — going to vote for McCain.

    And let’s give, say, an 8% attrition rate on the GOP 45% number to represent disaffected GOP voters who aren’t thrilled with McCain or who have been caught in The Obama Cult vortex. We can even give BHO that 8% figure.

    Where does that put things?

    McCain 65%, BHO 35%.

    And that’s just the popular vote. The electoral college vote is going to be worse.

    What all of this means and boils down to, SK, is that the Clinton voters — if we are over-ridden by our party’s elites — control EVERYTHING in November. BHO’s Egghead/AA cult-alition can’t change that, nor can the MSM. The GOP becomes irrelevant. There isn’t any need for an “Operation Chaos” because a Democratic “Operation Stop Bambi and his Race-Baiting Fascists” has not only enough numbers, it has the majority of the Dem Party.

    What you are seeing by the Cultists and their MSM arms is the realization and attempt to hide this fact from those who now hold the cards. It’s like trying to keep someone with a winning lottery ticket in the dark about their good fortune.

    But it doesn’t matter, and that is the good news. No matter how hold the MSM tries to keep those who hold the power — us — unaware of their position or how much the Obama Brownshirts try to bully us into their Obama holding pen, the fact still remains:

    We have the numbers, and Obama is going down.

    All the rest is so much wasted breath and teapot tempest white noise. Don’t pay attention to it.

    When you have 11% of the electorate (+ latte liberals) trying to blackmail 89% of the electorate (- latte libs), you can only go so far until all sides realize who is truly holding the cards.

    Because of a series of undemocratic cauci, the ravenously self-destructive nature of the party’s also-ran, Clinton-hating elites and the carrying of the water by a tanked-out MSM, these realities have been obscured.

    Well, the facts on the ground are about to get a whole lot clearer, to everyone.

    Especially to us, we who hold the cards and who are going to give Bambi, the MSM and the effete Dem Judas Elite the comeuppance they deserve.

    Bye-bye Bambi.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  172. Hillary Rocks Fox!

    “You’ve seen all those folks on TV. They keep telling me to quit. Maybe I was just raised with the kind of values you were raised. You don’t quit on people, and you don’t quit until you finish what you started, and you don’t quit on America.”

    “I’m running for president because I believe I would be the best president and I’m the stronger candidate to defeat John McCain in the Fall. Right now, I am leading in the popular vote. More Americans have voted for me. Right now, if you add up the states that I have won, it totals 300 electoral votes. You have to have 270 electoral votes to win.”

    “My opponent has won states totaling 217 electoral votes, and lots of states like Alaska and Idaho and Utah that haven’t voted for a Democrat in a long time. So if you look at the states we have to win, if you look at the big states and you look at the swing states, I am the stronger candidate.”

    “All those people on TV who are telling you and everybody else that this race is over and I should just be graceful and say oh, it’s over even though I’ve won more votes, those are all people who have a job. Those are all people who have health care. Those are all people who can afford to send their kids to college. Those are all people who can pay whatever is charged at the gas pump.”

    “They’re not the people I’m running to be a champion for. I’m running to be a champion for you and your children and your grandchildren.”

    “I am hoping that Kentucky will send a big message to the Democratic party and to the country, that we know what kind of president we need and we know who will defeat John McCain in the fall.”


  173. Paul,

    I agree that we’ve got those numbers. But the DNC types think we Hillaristas will cool off before Nov and vote for ‘the Democrat’.

    How can we convince the SDs now — while there’s still time to nominate Hillary — that ENOUGH of us are SERIOUS enough?

    What would do that, besides a ‘conditional’ donation fund — to be paid to Hillary if she gets the nomination, or to MCCAIN if she does not? Who knows enough to set up such a fund?

    Any other ideas how we can prove our numbers and our resolve NOW rather than later?

  174. 1950dem

    yes, how do we keep holding the cards and the numbers come november? i know i’ll never give in, but i’m sure there is a percentage that will be swept into the “The Obama Cult Vortex” to quote Universal.

    i for one will never cool off. if anything, i become more pissed (if that is possible) as this travesty unfolds.

  175. texan4hillary — That is why we love her. People don’t get it.


    We let them know what is coming if they choose Bambi. No deals, no forgiveness, no nothing.

    Total war.

    If they want to go against the majority of their constituents, I’m not going to sit here and beg them not to. But they are going to pay the price. And it is our job to let them know there will be no going back or treaties to be made. Obama is going to get crushed by us, period.

    Look, you have to be willing to think strategically.

    I wrote something to that effect in a recent post. Too many Americans are immediate-gratification oriented.

    If we need to wait four years for our time, then I am prepared to wait. And to demolish Obama and his Cult in the meantime.

    If we execute as we
    need to do in the next 6 months, 4 years from now Hillary will be preparing to succeed McCain — her friend — in the White House. Bambi will be out to pasture in the Senate with fellow losers Swiftboat and McCaskill.

    I’m done giving these losers any heat they don’t deserve. If they want to coronate Bambi, let them. We’ll take things from there.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  176. Alcina –

    Don’t worry, no one is going to forget anything.

    The template to be mindful of is that of TX, OH, PA, IN, WV and KY.

    Despite Jesus’ otherworldly campaign skills, his massive outspending of Clinton and the good citizens of these states being called every name in the book but Jim Crow, Obama got his ass kicked.

    Again, this is why Sam “Monster” Powers flipped out after Ohio. And why Bambi quit on WV and is spinning like a top in anticipation of the drubbing he will get in KY.

    He cannot move these voters, and the opposition to him is hardening, not softening. That is what happens when Wright, BitterGate, calling states racist, etc. occurs.

    That WaPo article lays it all out very clearly, you just have to read between the lines:

    These people know what is coming, and their SOS flares over the plains which they decided to set ablaze aren’t going to be heeded.

    Things are almost irrevocably locked-in now. As those who support HRC, our tasks are to finish out the primaries strong, keep fighting the nomination battle and concurrently begin massing the troops for November.

    Don’t worry. We are in control here, and everyone knows it. There is no way we can, or are going to, lose this thing.

    Just keep moving and don’t pay too much attention to the circus of the MSM. They have nothing to say and can’t change anything, as the states mentioned above have born out.

    WV was Bambi’s WORST showing of the entire season. He got 25.7% AFTER he was called ‘the nominee’ by Lil Bitch Rus. AFTER everyone declared the race over.

    That’s like Ron Paul defeating John McCain in a primary 60-40 or something.

    We are 6 months out, and the large lady is warming up her vocal chords to serenade the fallen Bambi.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that we have the control here. Don’t let the sexist twits tell you anything different. They know they’re lying. They just hope we don’t know.

    Hey ‘sweeties:’

    We know. Yes, we see you have no clothes on.

    Ha ha ha. Just relax, Hill fans. Stay calm and keep working. Our time is now, and is coming.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  177. Let me just say this, republicans and democrats don’t want Obama period! If obama is nominated, republican will come out like never before, we have not seen republican out at full force yet but they will be and If Hillary is they all will come out for her SUPPORT because they don’t like Mccain and they already have been supporting her. This is great republicans actually like Hillary Clinton the democrat, this my friends is a site that has never been seen before. Republican voting for a woman democrat! Lol, the shit is about to hit the white house!

  178. I liked that part about the No Clothes, as I have been thinking that all along. There is a large contingency of voters, who do not see any clothes, and they are smart enough to say so.

  179. In case anyone needs any bucking up, here are the two videos which I made about Bambi that are helping to get the message out not only to our fellow countrymen but to the world about what Bambi is really all about:

    Barack Obama, Islam, Terrorists & Terrorism

    The Obama Cult (Ruby Ridge Remix)

    The first video has done 15,636 views in 2 weeks. It has been watched in over 100 countries on 6 continents.

    The second video (I just reposted it) has done about 1,800 views in 4 days or so.

    Believe me, people are starting to wake up to what Bambi and his cult are all about. The masses are being educated, and the effect is pronounced. See West Virginia.

    So don’t worry, don’t get down, don’t feel defeated. We are winning, even if the victory is going to come several months or years later than we had initially had hoped.

    So what?

    We are going to win.

    Just keep working in your neck of the woods to lay your piece of the brick wall and let the rest slide off of you. Let Tweey and Markos fly off the handle; no need for us to follow suit.

    Holding the cards has its privileges.


    Paul F. Villarreal

  180. # justmeinmountdorafl Says:
    May 17th, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    whats with all this statements about Florida and Michigan cannot save Hillary wtf? True?

    That is the LIE they (Obama/MSM) are trying to foist on the unsuspecting public, to create the illusion of “victory” based on whatever convenient “math” they want to use.

    They keep talking about “pledge” delegates at this point, mixing in SDs. SDs won’t officially be able to vote until August. “committed” delegates, on the other hand, is where he falls short. I don’t even think it’s possible for him to hit the low bar (2,025), let alone what it should be put back to (2,209), in just committed delegates.

    So NOW they want SDs to matter.

    And not even wait for the 5/31 Rules Committee decisions.

  181. Made some calls to KY, VERY Pro-Hillary. The people of KY (like TX) are so polite. I forsee a landslide on Tuesday.

    As for the Obamabot trash, I will let the Dixie Chicks speak for me:

    I’m not ready to make nice
    I’m not ready to back down
    I’m still mad as hell and
    I don’t have time to go round and round and round
    It’s too late to make it right
    *I probably wouldn’t if I could*
    ‘Cause I’m mad as hell
    Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

  182. How is Obama beating mccain over hillary with these polls look at them please and help me with this!

    average Obama +3.8 Clinton +1.8 average
    Pen Obama +5.0 Clinton +10.0
    Ohio McCain +3.4 Clinton +5.4
    Florida McCain +9.0 Clinton +1.7
    Wisconsin Obama +1.6 McCain +3.4

  183. I know Ill sound like a debra downer but…

    have you noticed Hillary’s daily, “Hubdate” has become shorter and shorter as the day goes by…. this botheres me as it usually contains a lot of good news….

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