694 thoughts on “West Virginia: Make Hillary 44

  1. Congrats Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will be exciting now to watch the nr of votes. watch those percentages! 🙂

  2. admin, post this comic:

    it shows Chris Crocker w/ Barack 🙂

  3. Interesting… nothing in and already a projection… are they afraid to show us the MARGIN hoping we’d go to bed before then?

  4. ADMIN!!!!!!!!

    KUDOS for a perfect landing!

    7:30 on the dot!!!

    CONGRATS everyone!!!!!!
    (Please, those of you who are still watching tv keep us cowards informed.)

  5. Judas says…..well sen clinton deserves alot of credit for her victory tonight…but you know obama won yadda yadda yadda…..

  6. You’re not going to effing believe this: Timmeh just said that “this huge win should give SDs pause.”

  7. judas was nasty

    hesitates to give credit

    even when he praises hillary ,,he is biting his lips i think

  8. Bill R. was being nasty? Judas is a jerk. He will cry harder one day and thats the day I’m looking forward to!

  9. The win that Obama’s campaign was so desperate not to happen has happened and will be compounded next week in Kentucky. They wanted her out before this happened, she wouldnt go.


    EVERYONE can afford $10.44. Do it for Hillary. Do it for your mother. Do it for every experienced, qualified woman in the workplace who has been told to “step aside” so that the younger, less experienced, woman-hating MAN can take the job.

    Mostly, for Hillary.


    May 13th, 2008 at 7:37 pm
    judas was nasty

    hesitates to give credit

    even when he praises hillary ,,he is biting his lips i think

    That’s why they are down big time

  12. Judas, of course belongs to us, and I am beginning to think he looks like a idiot. Had he shaved that beard yet?

    The voters in this state have been betrayed by Judas, our state chair, and one of our Senators Bingaman.

  13. 1950

    where r u ???

    r u working on a duary
    u better be . its good time for it ,,,,happy times are here again

  14. Forgot, Go Hillary. Thank you West Virginia. You are showing guts and courage tonight.

  15. ok wth is taking them so long to post election results??? is something going on with Bambi-corps?

  16. Hillary always wins with hard working americans, doesn’t she? Barack’s coalition is much smaller.

  17. thank you :0) I didnt know that’s his nickname, lol!

    Also, we should work twice as hard with the coming states, she did it because of people like us!

    Obama has had plenty of opportunities to close the gap in West Virginia, he CHOOSE not to! This is miserably not reported in the media. He choose to focus on himself and being the so-called nominee! He gave squat about West Virginia despite having offices there, having ads, and high profile endorsers, had sufficent time to campaign, but no….. not important.

  18. hey brazilla is talking now

    she won,t say -its problem for obama but oh yeah win for hillary

    AND LOU DOBBS as honest as ever , i tell u he likes hillary now too like joe on msnbc who loves hillary now
    even calls her girlfriend

  19. them ladies on cnn braisee malvoie and the other they look at each other they hate to giv ehillary praise they act like there gonna cry lmao!!!

  20. Now Obama’s camp saying Hillary needs to win over 80% of the vote. I just have one thing to say to them, Hillary will win over 80% of the delegates tonight. My guess is 23 to 5.

  21. lou saying

    obama outspent hill 2 to 1 and lost 2 to 1

    oh man
    i am laughing so hard

    and yeah
    miss proud is going to puerto rico for campaign now ,,,,,,panic,,,

  22. MJS,
    The polls only closed like 15 minutes ago. It takes awhile to count all them votes!

    I just read on another forum that voter turnout was huge.

    I don’t know how to post YouTube videos here, but maybe someone else could find and post some version of “We Won’t Be Fooled Again” by the Who? Seems like the right song for this occasion, don’t you think?

  23. hehehehehehe!@

    I worked up the courage to switch on cable and soledad “dashiki” O’Brian
    looks like she’s going to puke!

    And Cruella’s new do is divine. really! You see, we HELPED her rediscover her inner beauty queen. 👿

    MAN!!!!!! CNN and MSNBC are really low-key and subdued! Mo’s going to PR tomorrow. Even Cadaverdy talking about how Waffles spent twice or three times the money as HRC and he still lost baaaaaaqaaaddddd!!!!!!

    Cadaverdy pointing out Waffles has lost his FORMER strongholds!!!!!! Roland Martin saying Waffles didn’t campaign!!!! WTF!!!!!! Whaddaya call all that moolah!

  24. Waffle’s arrogance is becoming more unattractive with each passing day. If he had spent some time in WV, instead of pissing it off, the margin could have been closer. I hope the SDs really look at this. It is very telling.

  25. lou says –who was the last president who became pres without winning wv

    and ofcourse mr martin says –you don,t have to —

    can you believe these obama supporters

    they clearly do not care for voters

    its all about delegates and its all about getting in the oval office with pretty speeches and no solutions

  26. Obama had the opportunity, he choose not to! He want to focus on national campaigning, he gave squat about W. Virginia although the state can be critical to helping him should be be the nominee (forbid me for saying that) he still outspent her in advertising, had offices and high profile endorsers and only campaigned in W. Virginia get this ONCE ONCE ONCE and beleive me HE WAS KNOWN THERE!!!!!! HE S BEEN KISSED ON EVERY TV STATION THERE IS!

  27. Roland Martin says Waffles can afford to concede WVa in the GE!!!! Lou Dobbs say when’s the last time anyone won without WVa. Roland says he doesn’t know he;s only 39. :barf:

    Lou pressing on that historically it’s not been done and that other twerp
    saying well this is a new era, blahblahblah . . . .

    ok – time to tune out.

  28. Here we go! Let’s all give what we can! Even 5.44 would help our Lady out.

    Contribution Details
    Date: May 13, 2008 7:41 PM EDT

    AMOUNT: $100.44

  29. basil9 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 7:48 pm

    who is cruella

    and do u see jamal today on cnn –he is so quiet like he is constipated , i am enjoying the look at martin,and brazile ,s faces

  30. fox talking about how BO out spent her, had more offices, volunteers on the ground, rockefeller and others etc

    and we can’t just say he didn’t try to win WV 😀

    also…..that we can’t just say “oh well its just WV” ” that there are alot of states like WV like PA , OH etc ” 😀

  31. I hope hillary waits till like 11pm to give her speech…….make those pundits stay up late and have to talk talk talk about her win tonight 😀

  32. djia Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    yuppppppppppppppppp…….happy times are here again and are here to stay

  33. I would wait until 10:45 EST to make her speech and they will have to spend the entire night talking about ehr kicking obama’s ass.

  34. FROM ABC
    May 13, 2008 —

    A confluence of groups inclined toward Hillary Clinton gave her an easy victory in the West Virginia primary, with less-educated, lower-income whites predominating in this Southern state.

    In a trouble sign for delegate-leader Barack Obama, barely half said they’d vote for him in November if he’s the party’s nominee.

  35. rjk1957, fatty Roland Martin has “hope” that Gutter Ball can win without PA, OH, FL, and WV.

    Whereas Hillary has actual victories in the CRUCIAL SWING STATES, with long-standing support amongst their voters.

    I love how Gutter Ball shills on CNN say “a new voter coalition” will help him win the GE. Are there new states we don’t know about?? Oh wait, there are 57 of them now.

  36. on cnn they saying -young people supported hillary in wv

    i gues they are like us here – they know ,who is talk the talk and who is walk the walk

  37. djia Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 8:00 pm
    does MO despise Hillary clinton? on Bill o tonight

    Jeez, does anyone, even have to ask that question? The answer is YES!

    Wolfie saying the voters IGNORED the pundits!!!!!!
    Howard Wolfson’s on CNN!!!!! Hoorayyyy!!!!!!!
    ‘We’re in to the end. no one has walked away after a 30 point win. Butcher pressing him on the numbers. man these DUMDITS remind me of kids in a car whing “but WHEn are we gonna get there? Aren’t we there yet? WHEN ?????”
    Wolfson says the campaign is in the 4th quarter of the game and it’s not time to walk off the field. Says Waffles outspent HRC but she’s proven she can beat him even without the big money.

  39. djia

    yes she does
    have u seen her video ..where she says

    ;;if u can,t handle ur home ,how u handle the whitehouse:::

    and in more video ,she says
    :::: well if hill is nominee,i will think about supporting her , i have to watch her tone ::::

  40. I friggin LOVE West Virginia. More people said Hillary is more trustworthy in WV than is Gutter Ball! Per CNN exit polls.

  41. numbers still not yet in

    Wolfson, still sticking with, Florida and Michigan still should be seated, King you dont count these states

  42. You have to ove rove, he tells it like it is, “West Virginians can smell an elitist, that is why Gore had problems in WV and that is why Obama lost big tonight”

  43. Hey Barry,

    Let me read your future…

    All signs point to unelectable, you elitist Jacka$$.

    HRC is comin’ back with POWER!

  44. I don’t count your math (to King) that does not count in Florida and Michigan

  45. Rove on Bill O says……

    that BO has a honesty issue with voters because of wright and bitter-gate
    in WV sen clinton wins against mc cain, but bo will not
    bill asks is this reverse racism?…..rove: very small racial component, (1-6 voters)
    clinton won tonight because its a state that likes regular people
    they see that bo looks down his nose at them.

  46. Jen,

    The DUMBDITS are all saying 2 to 1.

    BTW – What’s going on with rockefeller’s race? I hope to he!! he loses that spineless twat. 😈

  47. sonia

    yes i have, in fact Bill o played it in the intro for tonights discussion on MO

    i would be they play it again too 😀

  48. Bill-o also said Waffles is gonna win the nomination. grrrrrrrr.

    Another on the blackout list.

  49. rjk1957 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    West Virginians can smell an elitist, that is why Gore had problems in WV and that is why Obama lost big tonight”

    wv people are smart and have a lot of common sense

  50. Ha ha!! 63% of WV voters thought that the gas tax holiday was a good idea! Take that, Obama! YOU GOT SERVED.

  51. Tweety asked Mike Huckabee, “What’s it like to be Hillary Clinton?”

    OH NO YOU DIDN’T. Hillary is 44…Huckabee’s just an out-of-work preacher who got secret gastric bypass surgery.

  52. Has a so-called “presumptive” (bwahaha!) nominee like Obama EVER suffered an ass-whuppin’ as bad as Hillary laid down today, in a critical swing state?

    I didn’t think so.

    And leave it to Big Media to completely miss the storyline of the last 10 weeks: Obama is proving more and more every day that he is completely unelectable.

    Way to go Hill! 😀

  53. (re-posted from last thread)

    Now this is the way to start one’s day. Victory in WV.

    That other guy, you know who I am referring to, since March 4 has only won one and a half states. One, a gimee in the southern black belt and the other a small island close to where I live. Hillary has triumphed in every other one, including some mega contests. What does this say about the media’s presumptive nominee? It says he is the nominee for the Mediacratic Party and not much else.

    Last Tuesday, that guy and the media unleashed their pre-planned night assault on Hillary. The bombardment has lasted now for a week. Their goal, to get the SDs to decide the fate of the contest before it was truly over. Hillary and those of us who remained faithful to the cause, tied ourselves to the mast and withstood the gale force of lies and propaganda thrown at us.

    The victory in WV should now convince the Supers and the American public that Hillary is the best candidate for the November election and that this contest is far from over. Onward to the next states comrades!

  54. I would wait until 10:45 EST to make her speech and they will have to spend the entire night talking about ehr kicking obama’s ass.


  55. I wish someone will come out with a tape of the real Michelle using some very salty language concerning Hillary. Tweety would have a stroke since he thinks she is as classy as Jackie Kennedy

  56. hillguy,
    You’re right but couldn’t he put a lid on it tonight fer godess sake!
    Even Blitzer sounded genuinely excited.
    Cadaverdy looks and sounds like he’s really got one foot in the grave. Probably he’s thinking that all the nasty sexist sh1t he’s spewed about HRC combined with the Chinese government suing CNN for a billion dollars coz of his racist remarks might affect that new contract he recently signed with CNN.

  57. Obama would lose worse than Dukakis if he’s the nominee. He’s a feel-good candidate, and makes eggheads and AA voters happy, but the guy can’t win swing-voters or swing-states to save his life.

  58. Did you see Brazile nodding her head in disagreement with Wolfson? Wolfson apparently said the delegates should be seated the ways the voters vote

  59. brazile said in march,if the delegates get seated , i will quit from dnc:::

    i heard that and said ,AMEN PLS,

  60. Brazille cooke up this little stripping of Florida and Michigan with Obama, no way in hell is she going to back down.

  61. now that is what howard needs to do is come on tv everytime and tell it like it is…2209!!!he needs to blog it and everything…

  62. Never before in American political history has a so-called “front-runner,” this late in the primary season, suffered such a CRUSHING defeat (in a swing-state, no less!) as Obama did today. Wow, wow, wow.


    May 13th, 2008 at 8:17 pm
    brazile said in march,if the delegates get seated , i will quit from dnc:::

    i heard that and said ,AMEN PLS,

    Please, Please resign.

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  65. I turned back to cnn to see Wolfson say O took his name off the Michigan because he new he would not win

  66. Donna B needs ousted doing that on National TV!!
    All democrats need to see that i hope a tape comes out of it..and send it everywhere!!!





  68. She probably wants the numbers to start coming in before she gives a speech. Why is it taking them soo long. In her speech, I hope she mentions the congressman who compared her to Glen Close in Fatal Attraction and put pressue on him and apply it to how she will never give up on this country.


    Obama called Hillary Clinton to congratulate her on the WV victory, and she didn’t even pick up!


  70. Will someone answer me what the hell is nebraska about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Gloria Borger on CNN is a fool…these pundits are stupid and have never run a campaign so they are telling us what Hillary Clinton is going to say…she is going to say I want to be your President and if you continue to support me I will fight for you!!!

    How hard is that to report on. It is not going to be a concession speech…puhlease.

  72. basil9 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 8:23 pm
    Stephanie tubb jones on tweetie. love that woman.

    She is my congresswoman

  73. After tonight’s tremendous victory here in West Virginia, it’s clear that the pundits declaring this race over have it all wrong. The voters in West Virginia spoke loud and clear — they want this contest to go on.

    I’m listening to the voters — and to you.

    With your help, I’m going to carry the energy of tonight’s victory into the next contests in Kentucky and Oregon. And just as always, I’ll be depending on you to share every step of this journey with me. You have worked your heart out, put yourself on the line for what you believe in, and given generously. And I’m not about to turn my back on you.

    We’ve proved conventional wisdom wrong time and again in this race. We did it again tonight in West Virginia. Let’s keep going.

  74. tabby,

    andrea bytchell awaiting the HRC speech is even smarmier. Soledead the dashiki looks like she’s gonna pass out. Ms. Bradzilla is chewing gum surreptitiously and trying to shut her yap when the cameras focus on her. Campbell brown and norah trying to downplay . . .

    what c***s.

  75. STJ: she was only repeating what every pundit has said in commentating on this primary!

    bless you Stephanie!!! tell it like it is!!!

    tweety didn’t like that at all i might add…….bummer! 😀

  76. Gloria Borger may as well wear a lapel pin that says “I want to sleep with Obama” every night she’s on CNN. Her constant fawning over him is embarrassing, lol.

  77. Obama called Hillary Clinton to congratulate her on the WV victory, and she didn’t even pick up!

    Sounds like a smear from the Obama people.

  78. Gorto – I heard it on MSNBC

    Keith Olbermann said that the Obama campaign and BHO himself called Hillary Clinton because she was the winner and he “wanted to congratulate her”, and then she didn’t pick up the phone. He apparently left a message on her answering machine.

    Obama is such a loser. Like the dork who wants to go out with you and somehow got your number but won’t get the hint when you won’t pick up once you see his number on the Caller ID.

  79. THE VOTERS will not and will not listen to the pundits anymore they will not pick our nominee we will not have rove as a democrat adviser.. they have tried all of it they are running out of things to spin..and i just dont think they can spin anymore bad crap.
    this win IN west VA is telling the mdeia off!!
    I hope the rest of the states do it also.kentucky will PR will..from now on .anything they say,Hillary wins!!!

  80. on msnbc clyburn: alot of members of the house floor re-thinking their decisions…………what does that mean?

    in bo’s favor? or against him??

  81. hehe J Clyburn saying he’s neutral – my c*ck.

    think we’ve got a bit of a test of wills here.
    Hill waiting for the votes, networks taking their sweet time.

    that above was Hill’s letter to supporters, btw.

  82. Is there a way to do a lawsuit against cnn for its racial and sexist ways on air? Im thinking there has to be a way to get back at these people swading people to feel one way or the other!

  83. Paula – I don’t think so. I think it is awesome. He deserved it. It’s not negative at all…she was too busy being a winner to pick up his sorry phone call. She had a speech to prepare to deliver.

  84. basil, Please don’t use that word when referring to women. We don’t like it when people call Hillary that.

  85. that sounds like nonsense, Axelrod generated bullshit, that Hill didn’t pick up the phone. She’s way too professional.

    Then again, if she wanted to stick it to him, fine w/me!

  86. Why does Bob Casey talk drunk?? He needs to shave his unibrow; he looks like a psycho especially when his eyes get big.

  87. Someone needs to stick a sock in Casey’s mouth. Talking about when you hear O story how you can’t help but vote for him

  88. Its nice that Hillary wrote to us first before coming out and do a speech pretty cool!

  89. winhillary Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 8:29 pm
    Is there a way to do a lawsuit against cnn for its racial and sexist ways on air? Im thinking there has to be a way to get back at these people swading people to feel one way or the other!
    i dont know but china is suing cnn because of jack cafferty

  90. I’m stuck with cnn, do tell what is going on elsewhere, did he not clarify what he meant when saying delegates will need to think hard about their choice now?? in favor of hillary no doubt, obama did himself no favor here.

  91. Exactly.. the “didn’t pick up the phone” story is obviously a typical, lame attempt by Axelrod and the rest of that sleazy cabal of Obama advisors to paint Hillary as a bit**.

    There is no way Hillary didn’t answer the phone on purpose, if that’s what happened. Give me a break. If this is how low the Obama campaign has to stoop, well, then we all know how desperate they are! 😀

  92. I hope Hillary wait until the last minute to give her Victory Speech…because at least she will get an honest hearing of her win for this one night…then tomorrow it’s back to Obama’s voter suppression tactics that he has been doing since day one.

    Remember Michelle Obama is going to PR…she has an history to the island through her work with the TreeHouse Foods, Inc. so don’t take anything for granted. Michelle is the street fighter in the family…this girl plays low and dirty.

  93. The MSM Snub:

    Gee, guess what? Yahoo likes to quote really probama spin, and the AP is usually the source. Scum bags.


    Analysis: W.Va. win won’t help Clinton much

    By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer 58 minutes ago

    NEW YORK – Hillary Rodham Clinton’s shellacking of Barack Obama in the West Virginia primary Tuesday may burnish her image as a champion of the economically disadvantaged and bolster her determination to campaign through the final contests. But it does little to alter the unforgiving political landscape she faces.

    What idiots.

  94. WV people aren’t so “un-educated” that they’ve drunk the Obama kool-aid. They’re smart in a different way. That has shown itself tonight.

  95. potato head is talking about whether hillary camp can make payroll……LOL!!!

    someone needs to give that potato a peeling!!

  96. the frontrunner cannot win a lichpin dem state? hillary on bunch of tv shos tommorrow

  97. tabbylady – Oh yeah! Anybody else want to share in the pastries and cake?!

    We earned it. Hillary earned it.

  98. I’m also suspicious because that Hillary didn’t pick up the phone story was on Olbermann, the ultimate Waffles ass-kisser.

  99. Paula – Oh, okay. Let me see if I can find an independent news source then. I still think that the idea of Hillary Clinton looking down on Obama so much that she wouldn’t pick up his phone call is HILARIOUS.

  100. Pumpkin head is on MSNBC and said Hillary is going to D.C. to talk to fundraisers and advisers and he is quoting Huckabee saying her closest advisers need to talk to her to withdrawal.


    Hillary is #44 and need to go all the way to the convention…she will not QUIT!

  101. message from hillary just now

    Dear Deborah,

    After tonight’s tremendous victory here in West Virginia, it’s clear that the pundits declaring this race over have it all wrong. The voters in West Virginia spoke loud and clear — they want this contest to go on.

    I’m listening to the voters — and to you.

    With your help, I’m going to carry the energy of tonight’s victory into the next contests in Kentucky and Oregon. And just as always, I’ll be depending on you to share every step of this journey with me. You have worked your heart out, put yourself on the line for what you believe in, and given generously. And I’m not about to turn my back on you.

    We’ve proved conventional wisdom wrong time and again in this race. We did it again tonight in West Virginia. Let’s keep going.

    Thank you,

    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  102. Pasula,
    what word?????? You don’t know what the missing letters stand for. Having said that, there is a time and a place for every word to be used. I say that as a feminist and a woman.
    Steph is a real class act. She reminds me of my principal at the last school I taught music in. Impeccable, dignified, elegant and fearless.

    Waffles is really scraping the bottom of the barrel to put PA Casey out to defend him. What a friggin wimp.

  103. seen brazzille left..i hope a vid comes out of her doing that to wolfson…and every democrat sees it in Hillarys base..

    Hillary rosen good going…she is not giving up never ever ever…

    hallow Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 8:35 pm
    WV people aren’t so “un-educated” that they’ve drunk the Obama kool-aid.
    yes they are smart and electing there right choice

  104. Is MyDD not loading for anybody else? That site has a lot of Hillary supporters. Maybe they overloaded the servers?

  105. jamal says oh we are letting hillary go thru june 3rd-rosen-um dont be patronizing please.

  106. CNN is the funniest because they are so in the tank for Obama but tries hard to appear fair….they’re not but they try to look like it.

    N o b o d y is smiling expect the 2 Clinton guests. They know Obama has a problem and that when it comes right to it the Dems want to win back the White House and if Obama is losing his core base to Hillary and then to McCain he’s in big trouble.

  107. i was reading some blogs and there is lotts who seen this..when Howard comes on Hillary watchers everywhere.they seen shake her head roll thee eyes
    she should have never ever done that..it might just out her off the cnn anf off the dnc

    I was just watchin “Ms. Thing” Donna Brazile…on CNN…she was rolling her eyes when they were talking about seating florida nad michigan….Ms. GIRL said…”The rules are the rules….” Can’t wait to call her office tomorrow…EVERYONE CALL PLEASE….202.628.8081 DONNA BRAZILE…..202.628.8081

  108. hallow,

    LMAO!! i just stuffed my face with a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream topped with raisin-nut granola.


  109. Hillary Rosen has always been a great advocate for Hillary. What time is Senator Clinton expected to speak?

  110. Supers that support him should not be in office period! If they can’t put the math together for the electoral math then we should make damn sure that the supers that don’t should be put out office!

  111. basil9 – I’d love me some of that! Ice cream cake is yummy nummy!

    And extra tuna for the cats, too!

  112. basil, I’m sorry if I assumed wrong. I just hate the c word that refers to a part of a woman’s anatomy.

  113. alright all – so we had a shitty week and weekend, but we WON and the exit polls are fantastic for Clinton and daunting for Obama – let’s get our groove back and win Kentucky and Oregon and Puerto Rico.

    If anyone’s willing to volunteer in Oregon, let me know. Many of you have my email.

  114. OMG, jr’s comment above about Casey’s unibrow made me LOL. I always scream about his unibrow to the TV.

  115. They are talking about the free ride John McCain is getting. O is getting a free ride also

  116. LMAO.

    I was on this forum and me and a fellow Hillary supporter just TOOK OUT this Obama supporter by questioning Obama’s achievements, his 90% AA support, etc and it was amazing 😀

  117. Carby,

    You got that right about MO the street fighter. I used to work with girls like that. Funny thing is they were be sweet as could be when singing, learning recorders, listening to Mozart, but the minute they got outside to the playground, whether before during or after school it was war!!!!!!

    the boys were terrified of them. hehehehe.

  118. Is anyone else sick of the DNC speaking of “the rules” as if they were the 10 Commandments??! If I hear “they broke the rules” one more time, especially since it was the Republican-controlled legislature that forced the date change on the primary, I will seriously spit in someone’s drink.

  119. hallow,

    That’s a great idea! Everyone in my house is excited tonight, including the pets(4 cats and one bird)! It’s great to celebrate one good day after so many days of bad news. See, I told you guys things would get better. We may still not pull it out in the end, but you really have to enjoy a good day when you have one. We’ll do well in KY and PR also and then we’ll see what happens.

  120. sending Obama to the general election is like putting Bambi (the deer) into a small white room filled with machine guns and members of the National Gun Association. He will get pulverized and taken out in a month.

  121. Actually if they are worried about John McCain’s free ride then they should drop out. If you give Hillary he due, she should get the votes and delegates she won. We also need to subtract the states he cheated at. When all that is added and subtracted she wins, and he should do us all a favor and get the hell out!!

  122. Hillary’s on any moment! They’d better not cut off the beginning of her speech with their jibber jabber.

  123. HillGuy Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 8:52 pm
    Is anyone else sick of the DNC speaking of “the rules” as if they were the 10 Commandments??! If I hear “they broke the rules” one more time, especially since it was the Republican-controlled legislature that forced the date change on the primary, I will seriously spit in someone’s drink.

    Cruella Brazile as Dominitrix, whips and chains at Florida and Michigan!

  124. tm-hillary on all networks tommorrow for interviews. wolfson-we arent bargaining for vp-we are in it to win it-hah

  125. TMac calling Matthews BO’s campaign manager from this AM.
    Again, you owe it to yourself;


  126. If they keep talking about the rules – then it should be across the board – Obama broke the rules when he campaigned in Floria – advertisements, shout out to FL after SC win, and a FL fundraiser. When they seat the FL delegates, BO should get ZERO. Rules are the rules.

  127. That person speaking for HRC on CNN – Hilary “someone” is very good. Did you hear the line….”oh stop being patronizing…this isn’t about letting the nice lady stay in if she wants to….” in response to BO supporter Jamal.

  128. did you see the guy with the boxing gloves? He was in Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and now Charleston! What a guy!

  129. Donna Brazile

    The day after Super Tuesday, on the February 6, 2008, edition of CNN’s Situation Room, Democratic political consultant, Super-delegate-at-Large and DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee member Donna Brazile said:

    “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party. I feel very strongly about this. … There’s no reason why we should decide this election. I feel very strongly.”

    Well what is she waiting for. DUH QUIT ALREADY.

  130. justmeinmtdora, that is dee4hill from the Taylor Marsh blog with the boxing gloves! He rocks!

  131. I really sense a change tonight. Hillary’s surrogates on CNN are pushing back and not taking shit from Martin and Jamal (I bet HRC’s camp is pissed at the treatment of Lanny Davis last week); Wolfson being tough as usual, but more precise; and Terry being his usual optimistic self – but fitting into the larger picture that WE ARE NOT DONE HERE. And we won’t be until Hillary is 44.

  132. Hillary’s WV county map is identical to mcCain’s. Hmm. They will BOTH be the nominees of their respective parties.

  133. I can’t believe I used to like Olbermann. I must be a terrible judge of character. His bloviating tonight is making me throw up a little in my mouth.

  134. Hillary Rosen is awesome. Apparently all women with that first name are extraordinary. 😉

  135. trickie dickie spewing barf all over hannity

    Dick Morriss IS barf reanimated in some weird science fiction experiment. Like the liquid silver Terminator, but with barf.

  136. Keith Olberman is a liberal latte-sipping, prius driving, al gore worshipping, Pelosi hugging, Obama-crazed pundit.

  137. Paula Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 8:39 pm
    I’m also suspicious because that Hillary didn’t pick up the phone story was on Olbermann, the ultimate Waffles ass-kisser.

    Aw, maybe she just wanted to finish her waffle first.

    Hi, Paula!

  138. Yo!!! Ben and Jerry’s is on the boycott list. They endorsed Bambi and had a B&J van traveling VT blaring thru loud speakers vote for Bambi.

  139. yes, Hilary Rosen was on CNN as Clinton advocate – was powerful chief of Recording Industry Association in DC.

  140. tricky dick these states (OH,KY,WV et all) obama is losing are the ones he needs to win in the GE…..so he has a problem

  141. good news, Hillary’s numbers are moving up with more percentage while BHO’s are moving down 😀 they are barely above 30% right now.

  142. please donate please donate and please donate

    lets not only say W. Virginia was a big night for Hillary but

    a lot of new donations

    a lot of new donators!

  143. from numbers so far, I’m guessing around 300-350,000 West Virginians voted in the democratic primary today.

  144. What I really can’t believe their is anyone that would vote for the idiot. I mean with all we are finding out about him. I think people that vote for now need a brain scan!

  145. The problem I have with the democratic leadership is their disrespect and disloyalty…they want the Clintons to be loyal to their “annotied one” but they themselves are a bunch of backstabbers…yeah this is politics but NEVER have I seen blatant gaming of an election.

    When it comes to presidential politics having your candidate call Hillary Clinton supporters sellouts, racists and dumbass…isn’t going win back those voters to vote for you.

  146. tonight i need your help to carry on this journey…..crowd goes wild……..mentions the website…..crowd goes wild again

  147. under the rules of the DNC party when you add in all 50 states the total delegates needed is 2,209

  148. When Hillary gives her victory speech there are men and women of all ages behind her, wearing Hillary shirts. When Obama gives his speeches, it’s a bunch of douches wearing Abercrombie & Fitch’s doucheware collection.

  149. i want to send a message to everyone still making up their mind, i am in the race because i believe i am the strongest candidate

  150. I can win this nomination if you decide i should, i can lead this to victory in the GE if you nominate me

  151. There’s an AA to the left of Hillary, wooping for her. In WV, they know better than NC…they just do.

  152. I love it when she said 2,209 and I am winning the swing states

    so far its 62-31! Hopefully Obama gets under 30!

  153. you will never be counted out , and i won’t either, you will never quit and i won’t either

  154. I am soooooo tired of pundits refusing to believe state after state’s voters saying they will NOT vote for Obama.

    But have you seen the flip-flop on who’s honest? majority for Hillary (67 or something) minority believe in Obama (40’s).

    73% of WV would be satisfied with Hill — about 40 for BO

    The trend is ghastly for Obama and we may finally get a reassessment of the SDs if this keeps up.
    Or we will leave the Dems — with or without Hill as VP.

  155. 64 percent of Americans said I should continue in the race!

    Finally throws in facts!

  156. pundits and nay sayers know what is at stake…….(.lists them ) they know they need a champion, they need someone who will not quit , who will keep going and stands up for a good economy, education, health care etc

  157. you should have a president that is on your side again, and i believe that this campaign has been good for our party, our country

    there is an excitement about politics that is the blood of our democracy

  158. it is so close and it really does depend on those who will still vote……….this is not an abstract exercise this is crucial
    to decide who can win the GE

    Democrats…..if you vote for me and nominate me I will come back to WV in the fall and WIN THE WHITE HOUSE!

  159. Obama:

    MI does not count; I took my name off the ballot
    FL does not count; I did not (almost) campaign there
    WV does not count, I outspent her 2-1 but only went there once

    The only that places that count are caucus and southern black belt states.

  160. You got the touch
    You got the power

    After all is said and done
    You’ve never walked, you’ve never run,
    You’re a winner

    You got the moves, you know the streets
    Break the rules, take the heat
    You’re nobody’s fool

    You’re at your best when when the goin’ gets rough
    You’ve been put to the test, but it’s never enough

    You got the touch
    You got the power

    When all hell’s breakin’ loose
    You’ll be riding the eye of the storm

    You got the heart
    You got the motion

    You know that when things get too tough
    You got the touch

    You never bend, you never break
    You seem to know just what it takes
    You’re a fighter

    It’s in the blood, it’s in the will
    It’s in the mighty hands of steel
    When you’re standin’ your ground

    And you never get hit when your back’s to the wall
    Gonna fight to the end and you’re takin’ it all

    You got the touch
    You got the power

    When all hell’s breakin’ loose
    You’ll be riding the eye of the storm

    You got the heart
    You got the motion

    You know that when things get too tough
    You got the touch

    You’re fightin’ fire with fire
    You know you got the touch

    You’re at your best when when the road gets rough
    You’ve been put to the test, but it’s never enough

    You got the touch
    You got the power

    You got the touch
    You got the power

  161. Contribution Details
    Date: May 13, 2008 9:26 PM EDT
    Contact: XXXX
    Medford, OR 97501
    Amount: $20.44

    It’s the best I can do tonight, who will join me???

  162. SONIA4HILLARY Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 7:41 pm
    where r u ???
    r u working on a duary
    u better be . its good time for it ,,,,happy times are here again

    Okay, maybe my diary needs some group input though.

    Like trying to explain to the bots that there are two kinds of competitions.

    1. One kind is like professional sports where you’re really playing against some whole nother team. And that’s what the Democrat vs GOP elections are. You’re playing for money, for blood, for keeps.

    2. The other kind of competition is within a group, to choose the best representative to go out and play against the other group. Like tryouts, auditions, etc. Obama is like Tonya Harding; she wanted to be the Olympics competitor so bad that she attacked Nancy Kerrigan(sp?) and tried to ‘kneecap’ her. Another unfair way to act in a tryout is to try to ‘win’ it by gaming the technicalities — while violating the spirit of the audition.

    The Democratic primary contest (Jan-August) is like an audition: to pick the best person to take the role of nominee. An audition is decided by the employers, the judges; they want the best player for November, not the one who got the most runs batted in during tryout.

    Any sports fans out there?

  163. WHOA. Keith Olbermann just called the people in the crowd “Hillary’s DELIRIOUS supporters.”

    Not cool, dude. I know you’re in the bag for BO, but remember, you’re a NEWS channel. Or, you were.

  164. It looks like she got Senator Byrd’s endorsement from what she’s saying? It will be great if she picks up a lot of supers after tonight. I would love to see the look on the MSM’s faces tomorrow if the tide turned in her favor. That will be comedy gold.

    Get excited people! There’s no way they can continue to shill for Obama after this 2:1 victory! The tide is turning! She’s even getting money from kids who sell their bikes because they believe in her! Yes she will!

    And rjk, there’s no WAY I’m giving up my Ben and Jerry’s. 😉

  165. Is there a pundit/newsman anywhere who believes that SDs can switch from Obama to Hill as easily as the other way around?

  166. cruella……arguing about the math…..saying the Credentials committee will only recognize 2025

  167. the West Virginia Map tonight is beautiful 😀 it’s covered in hillary’s baby blue color 😀 Not a single spot of that ugly navy icky blue 😀

  168. ok
    i cried
    someone tell me

    its ok to cry after listening hillary now

    it should be ok
    i am happy and she told a story of a old woman who voted for her

  169. MJS Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 9:04 pm
    Keith Olberman is a liberal latte-sipping, prius driving, al gore worshipping, Pelosi hugging, Obama-crazed pundit.

    Us latte drinking al gore fans resent this!

  170. why is olberman so dirty ,disgusting,mean,bitchy,arrogant,snob,elitist,and the world,s worst person

  171. Is Cruella TRYING to lose the GE??? Seriously, can’t you just see the RNC adds in FL and MI if Gutter Ball wins the nom by refusing to seat FL and MI:

    “The Democratic Party didn’t even think your vote mattered in the primary season. Why should it matter now?”

    DNC=Fuckin Idiots

  172. Brazile is still arguing a 48 state plan…the math will hurt the DEMS in the G.E. Obama will not win back those swing voters in Florida, even IF Hillary Clinton and her people help Obama in the G.E.

    Knowing TEAM OBAMA and the Howard Dean wing…they will mess this up like they did Gore 2000 too arrogant in their belief that whoever win the democratic nomination with automaticly be President….NOT with Obambi we won’t.

  173. djia, Malveaux is a Gutter Ball sycophant. In actuality, for the Clinton campaign, it’s: America first, party second.

  174. hillguy

    yes i know that, but i thought it was good info that hillary is not thinking about the party first…..none the less how they put it
    the info is the same

  175. Malveaux really said that?? What an ass. It never occurs to these MSM dorks that Hillary might be trying to save the party from nominating a sure loser in November.

  176. Can we please call msnbc tomorrow and demand Olbermanns early retirement! That man needs to be fired now!

  177. That was an awesome speech. The math is 2209 votes! She’s won all the swing states! No president has been elected since 1916 without winning West Virginia! Florida and Michigan delegates must be seated. The race isn’t over and she’s in to the end!

    She was sending a public warning to the Democratic party, the DNC, the SD’s, Deaniac, Cruella and crew not to mess with the American voters!!!!!!!!!!

    She means business. Our warrior queen!

  178. alright, it was a good night for Hillary, and a good speech, now I’m off to sleep! night all.

  179. SONIA4HILLARY Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 7:37 pm
    judas was nasty
    hesitates to give credit
    even when he praises hillary ,,he is biting his lips i think

    He’s probably trying not to cry.

  180. hallow Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    kietho was at least listenable till feb

    but now he is just like hitler —who is sarcastic,and with sugar in mouth bought from obama,s camp

  181. The democrats problem is that they aren’t willing to fight; period. If they can’t stand up and fight for the issues that are important to Americans, how do they convince people that they will stand up for them. You see this today with pushover Pelosi and Iraq War funding as well as other things.

  182. i don’t understand how come Clinton supporters don’t counter the whole “math” argument with something like this:

    Ok, if Senator Obama wants to talk about math, let’s talk about Math. How about we talk about the fact that he outspent her 2-to-1 in West Virginia and she trounces him 2-to-1. How about he out spends her 4-to-1 in Ohio and Pennsylvania and she trounces him by double digits. How about how in a general election matchup going solely by electoral votes, Hillary would lead McCain by 290 to 247 while Obama would lose handily by 291 to 248, worse than either Kerry or Gore lost in 2000 and 2004? If you want math, how about the fact that Obama has probably 4-6 times as much cash on hand as Hillary at any given moment from march to may and she has still been winning 75-80% of the last few contests?
    That is TRUE math.

  183. MJS Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 9:33 pm
    the West Virginia Map tonight is beautiful it’s covered in hillary’s baby blue color Not a single spot of that ugly navy icky blue

    And that’s just how red the November map would look if it were Obama vs McCain!

  184. i have my fingers crossed for 150,000lead

    that be a slap in face
    i mean in north carolina a big state he won by 200,000with all that 90% of aa vote

    and hillary will pull 150,000from a very small state

    i don,t know what the hell is wrong with sd,s

    may be there mouths r full of sugar from obama camp and they r high on it singing ,,obama,messiaha

  185. What’s with the Edwards voters? If they had just voted for Hillary instead, she’d be well over 40% over Obama. Maybe she still will be.

  186. djia Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 9:31 pm
    cruella……arguing about the math…..saying the Credentials committee will only recognize 2025

    Cred Committe meets in August, don’t they? Let’s just take it to the convention to find out.

    Rules Committe meets May 31 to reinstate FL and MI (and hopefully strip Obama of ALL his FL delegates for advertising there).

  187. rjk!

    Nooooooooooo! Why’d you haveta say that?????????

    Cherry garcia is my all-time fav!!!!!!!!!! I don’t thnk there’s anything political about ice cream.

  188. moononpluto – Under 30% when you’re the “presumptive nominee” is PATHETIC. He is presumptive no more! Go Hillary!

  189. You know what though, I think edwards being in the vote is pulling Obama’s delegate count down.

  190. hill is gonna be in sit room

    everyone send at least 10 e-mails filled with love and positive things

    we got to outnumber those obamabots hate e-mails to wolf

    so comeon everyone
    get to work

    e-mails to cnn

    and phones to kentucky and oregon

  191. I hope Hillary will have her lawyers there when the rules committee meets. His cheating has to be addressed or I will never vote for another dem the rest of my life!!!

  192. The democrats elites think it’s easy to get Hillary Supports and Independents to vote for Obama because he has more delegates and democrats want to win are making a mistake.

    When it comes to the President after surviving GWB for 8 years…the character and the values of the person his resume and judgement means more then just blindly voting party affiliation….sorry Hillary.

    After seeing all the snakes come out and rejoice on your suppose grave and use demeaning tactics and all this misogynistic bullshit I can’t look at my party in the same way.

    “Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.”
    John Adams

  193. hallow Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 9:48 pm
    moononpluto – Under 30% when you’re the “presumptive nominee” is PATHETIC. He is presumptive no more! Go Hillary!

    lets all say together ( I WILL USE CAPS)









  194. Everybody the reason why so many supers came out for Obama lately is because they wanted the public to think she could not win so that THIS PRIMARY would be better for him! This is tactics, that is the only reason why you saw so many lately! Everytime he loses the supers that would already support him anyways come out and cry for him! Remember that not all supers will go one way, but have you seen them all come out nope! They all are watching and I really believe that most of her support wants to come out near the end!

  195. are u sure huckabee is insulting hillary???

    he was nice before
    may be during break ,kietho shared some of the paycheck he gets from obama

  196. basil9
    A boycott is a boycott.

    I have been thinking, all these emails and telephone calls to the DNC about seating FL and MI apparently are having no effect. A stack of telegrams on Dean’s desk will look different than emails and a telephone log.

  197. What will be hilarious is if Edwards beat Obama. It will not happen but it is funny to think about.

  198. 88% of WV voters say the recession has had an effect on their families. That’s really sad. And a lot of them still gave money to Hillary.

    Let’s salute them. I will light a candle for WV tonight.

  199. hallow Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 9:50 pm
    SONIA4HILLARY – It’s spelled “loser”.

    upps ( thats pretty bad or pathetic of me) i hope u were not laughing and saying loser after reading my e-malil

    let me try again


  200. hallow Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 9:48 pm
    moononpluto – Under 30% when you’re the “presumptive nominee” is PATHETIC. He is presumptive no more! Go Hillary!

    My thoughts exactly, hallow.

  201. 1950democrat Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 9:54 pm
    It’s spelled




    Nya nya!


  202. I’m not watching but someone on TM said McAuliffe asked Tweety if Hillary’s speech sent a tingle up his leg, lol.

  203. yeah hillary says 2208 its is bothering the crap out of db…lets see her untangle this one again she thought it would slide by the look on her face towards aderson c. this 2025 now every voter knows its 2209

  204. Tweety tried to pretend that he(the media) were not asking for Hillary to quit and that Hillary was using the media as a scapegoat. Mculiffe replied to the effect “then Chris, stop telling everyone this race is over and let the people vote”….it was much more animated than my description and it was painful to have to turn on MSNBC(Olberman may be worse that Mathews now!!!) but well worth watching that exchange.

  205. i hate it when the phone rings every 5 mins and the kids have endless questions when its primary night LOL

  206. MJS, Fox is not putting edwards votes in and they make it 70 to 30, CNN is trying to dumb down the numbers.

  207. and the funny thing is WV was weaker for Hillary in the polls, KY was the bigger lead, KY may just be a whopper next week.

  208. It’s important not only that Hillary won by a huge percentage, but also that a HUGE number of people voted there…totally canceling out the popular vote lead of BO from NC.

    Can Edwards still “give” his delegates to someone? Or else just encourage them very heavily to go to a candidate?

    So, it might be like Hillary gets those delegates as long as we put pressure on Edwards.

    Do you think some people there voted for Edwards because they hated BO (for good reasons) but they were also sexist?

  209. djia

    i hate it when its primary night and my 6 yr old has spelling test in am ,,and 4 yr old forgot -how to write -q-

  210. Donna Brazile keeps talking that bullshit about how those two states broke the rules and that the rules committee didn’t disenfranchise their votes…they are going to lose a lot of votes and do irreparable harm in November.

    The Republicans are going to come out vigorous and knock out all of the DNC quackery on it’s self….the republicans will say, the dem disenfranchise you even over their own rules unlike the republicans we only fine you 50% of your delegates.

    It’s going to be ugly, ugly, ugly because the party think using race tactics are going to get them in the White House…it has never worked before and will not this November.

    Obama lost his own core base with that crap in W.VA we know it and they know it…that’s why he has to close the gap in PR and make it all about race in those states he lost.

    The question is….why did he lose California? I know my state and it will be very, very interesting to see the fight and how close I come to my perdiction.

  211. Some SDs on both sides are scared to come out either way, so they’re keeping quiet.

    The smart SDs who want a winner, are waiting till the last minute to see who performs best all summer (and who’s not in jail by August). They don’t seem worried about a ‘drawn-out’ campaign. But if they’re forced to come out in June, they’ll look for the BEST candidate, not the most popular one.

  212. MJS Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 9:59 pm
    LMAO. Hillary has crossed the 100,000 vote margin while Obama is still at 43,000

    i wish i was skinny , i feel like sliding in my stairs like my boys do , i wish my in laws were not home ,so i could scream my lungs offfffffff

  213. has cnn.com just collapsed or are they just refusing to display the numbers as they are so bad.

  214. guys, do you think its time we start calling for BamBam to drop out? 😀

    let’s start emailing cafferty, and blogging, and harrassing the MSM like the BambiBots do 😀

  215. Edwards can release his delegates, he can not give them to anyone. He can ask that they support someone, but can not make them. Actually no delegate is really pedged, every delegate can vote for who they want to at the convention.

  216. Coombs on Fox is making a dumb argument. He is trying to say that the polls for months have shown Obama doing poorly in W. Virginia. Thus, he is attempting to spin Obama low numbers as something that has always been there and not important. He doesn’t get it! That’s the point with Obama. He has NEVER connected with those voters. It should have been a warning sign a long, long time ago…

  217. moononpluto, I’m on the official CNN election center primary results page and its showing up fine fore me. currently at 44% (coincidence? I think not :D) and Hillary is trouncing the twerp by 65% to 28%

  218. “rickroberts: I can’t believe I used to like Olbermann. I must be a terrible judge of character.”

    No, you rightfully take people at their word until they’ve proven otherwise. Olbermann is NOT SUPPOSED to deceive his audience, as he now so plainly does.

    Long story short tonight, Hillary said EXACTLY what I was hoping to here.

    Can their be any other conclusion than that we’re very much alive?!

    Hope Axelrod is popping Tylenol’s like Pezz right now

  219. Why did Obama go to Missouri and give his speech? I don’t think the “show me state” is very happy with Obama and I don’t see it being in the Obama win box in November if Obambi is the nominee.

    I just don’t see it and people like McCain better then BO and MO especially after what the Republican attack ads do this summer and fall.

    I saw McCain and his Mother that ad was funny and I thought that ad will do very, very will in those southern and swing states.

  220. I will go to sleep when the % of precincts in reaches 95+%. I want to know if Hillary gets that 40% more than Obama. And how many 100,000s of votes extra she gets.

  221. If Edwards gets a few more delegates out of this, that’s more for him to bargain with in August (or earlier if he decides to). He’s waiting for the best offer at the best time.

    Probably that will be Hillary; their issues really are closer, and what good would it do him to have an offer from Obama if Obama loses? (Well, money, maybe.)

    But the fact is that if Edwards really is populist, Obama’s backers wouldn’t want EDwards in a good position.

  222. Karl Rove just mentioned my county in Iowa, Johnson, it is soooo liberal, Obama oasis here in Iowa.

  223. odinga is waffles cousin, odinga who slaughtered hundreds even thousands of christians, odinga who was advised, at Waffles invitation, by tick-dickie morris and who was responsible for inciting the riots that led to the thousand of murders.

  224. 1950democrat – If Edwards wanted to support Obama, he sure as hell would have already done it. Maybe he wanted this big win for Hillary to go out and boost her even further with his endorsement. It is already well known that his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, supports Hillary for her health care plan.

  225. Hmm, funny. Hill’s massive win doesn’t even merit a headline on HuffPost, though they’ve blared campaign headlines every day for 18 months.
    If Obama helped an old lady across the street today they’d have the oversized font going. F you Arianna, you ugly b*tch!

    Wolfsen coming up on CNN.

  226. basil9 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 10:12 pm
    odinga is waffles cousin, odinga who slaughtered hundreds even thousands of christians, odinga who was advised, at Waffles invitation, by tick-dickie morris and who was responsible for inciting the riots that led to the thousand of murders.

    why does not media cover it ???

    i mean only good thing obama has is his beautiful dtrs,granny and his mom,dad,,

    other than that all his friends r bad ,his political career is like empty bag full of air and no policies

    and bad associations like wright
    what do people see in him

  227. on mSNBC homepage, they have a huge page of China earthquake and one thumbnail of Hillary’s win. loserrrrrrrrrrs

  228. Whew! Accidently got a look at MSNBC on the way past it…never watch it anymore…saw Timmie Russert. Hadn’t seen him in a long time. Mercy! That ol’ boy needs to switch to the radio.

  229. Okay stupid sports superstition has got the best of me– I am a huge hockey fan– a penguins fan and the last time they one the cup was in 92. they are now up 3 games on philly. 92 was a very good year in politics as well as i recall

  230. Estrich,
    BO made a big mistake tonight not being out there being gracious to Hill.

    Paraphrased, she said it makes him look like he’s avoiding tonight (as he is!) and makes him look soft, weak (which he is!)

  231. SONIA4HILLARY Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 10:01 pm
    i wish i was skinny , i feel like sliding in my stairs like my boys do , i wish my in laws were not home ,so i could scream my lungs offfffffff

    I can just imagine you sliding down the bannister in your sari!

    To really mix cultures here, this redneck latte Southerner says YEEEEHAAAAWW!

  232. i think

    tim is swollen

    he looks like a ballon filled with water and i would love to peak it to bring it to normal size

  233. carby,

    According to el rushbo, Waffles toured his home state. hehehehe.
    There was a great parody of Waffles drivin the tour bus past Rush’s house . . hehehehe.

    It was a closed event, not open to the press or the public.

    But still weird. 👿

  234. AmericanGal

    That is that old argument they always use. He cannot be expected to win the rurual places as they are depressed, cling to their guns and church stuff. Senator Obama always has a reason for how he did not fail, and how he should not be expected to perform.

    This is a deep seated flaw in him that only means problems as a leader.

  235. LOVe this evening!!!!!!!! the DNC needs to pay attention. The people of VW are not just a bunch of hicks like the Obamabots keep touting on the ccn ticker (ooh, that pisses me off!) These people matter; for the party, the country and the ELECTION!!!


  236. Okay, I have to admit…all the Edwards votes are kind of weird.

    Was there some kind of inside thing where 10% of WV decided with each other, “Let’s vote Edwards! That’ll show the DNC they can’t pick our candidates for us!”

    Cute, people, but eye on the prize. Vote Hillary.

  237. did anyone else notice that not one of obama campaign surrogates were on any of the news tonight…….yep they are all poppin antacids ,tylenol…and slamming jack daniels tonight LOL!!!

    bruuuu haaa haaa!!!!

  238. 1950democrat Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    i wear american clothes
    i married a american guy

    but hey

    i love ur style YEEEEHAAAAWW!

  239. Wow. They just said on TV that 50% of WV voters believe that Obama completely shares the same views as Rev. Wright!!


  240. hallow Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 10:22 pm
    Wow. They just said on TV that 50% of WV voters believe that Obama completely shares the same views as Rev. Wright!!


    hey all of us 100% know that he shares those values

    i am surprised why 50%
    i guess they did not watch all the videos

  241. HALLOW- I can’t believe so many people thought ‘Rev. Wright will not matter’. PUHlease! It does matter, we just haven’t haven’t had a state primary where it a REALLY mattered yet.

  242. This is for every jackass, female canine POS who’s lurking on these boards while simultaneously fellating Barock like you’re each Larry Sinclair:

    In your EFFING face.

    I told you hell was about to be unleashed on your guy, and WV has just fired the first salvo.

    Your fraudulent, spouse-of-an-America-hater is going down, and he’s going down hard.

    Donna Brazile is smart, but it’s FAR, FAR too late. You losers, and your boy, are going down.

    The SD’s now are faced with a very real possibility of not only hand-picking the loser among registered Democratic voters, but the loser among ALL popular voters as their McGovern, Jr.

    Ha ha ha. Hey SD’s, your job security is going to be around “0” after you back Ofraudma. Only goofballs like Chappaquiddick Ted — whose family is scared to death of losing their legacy to the Clintons — can do this and think they can get away with it.

    Tonight West Virginia “Bobby Rush”ed BaJoke Obama.

    Or as we like to call it around Big Pink: “Coming Attractions” for “The Fraudulent One.”

    “Unleash Hell”

    Ba ha ha ha.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  243. Am I the only hockey fan here? Well i don’t know what i may win but if the pens pull off one more I will give every penny to HRC(made a 100 bet last year in Vegas have no idea about odds)

  244. They said that of the 25% or so of white WV voters who said that race was important, 89% of them voted for Hillary Clinton.

    BEWARE. The MSM is going to spin the hell out of this in the next few days.

    Just remember. Race was an important factor in a lot of NC voters of a particular ethnicity. And remember who they voted for.

    Quid pro quo.

  245. Hey Brazile: FORNICATE yourself, you joke.

    This woman, after 2000 and Florida, has the FREAKING balls to try to play games with FL and MI.

    WOOOH, Barack is going to get OWNED in November if he is nominated.

    Thanks, Donna.

    Ha ha ha.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  246. Everyone, please donate!! If everyone on here tonight donated $10.44 that would be great!

    Do it for Hillary!

  247. WV may turn out to be Obama’s Waterloo. He made a strategic mistake in deciding to play the “I’ve already won the nomination” game and not really campaign there. It will cost him dearly. He did not count on Hillary outmaneuvering him and her supporters staying so loyal. It’s Mt. Helena for you, Obama.

  248. neetabug, lil o grape
    please tell me you appreciate hockey, and if not hockey at least mario lemieux

  249. Universal,

    and if those supers think they can weeble-wobble back to Hill once Barack goes down, they’ve got another thing coming. The Clintons will REMEMBER who was a Judas this time, and it won’t be pretty when they do.

  250. Oh, happy dayyy …hic … I jus’ love you all…hic … K’tucky, here we come!
    another $100.44, sure, why not … oh, happy day…g’night all! hic

  251. Malveaux was saying on CNN that Obama’s peeps are hoping to have enough SD’s to declare victory before June.

    Is that like pretending you’re not getting your ass kicked in a state by campaigning in another state that has already voted.

    Damn, the wheels they are a’coming off.

    Ha ha ha.

    Tonight, we celebrate!!

    Paul F. Villarreal

  252. Rove is a very very very smart and clever man. It’s a shame he’s a republican though. He sure trounced as in 2000 and 2004.

  253. Thanks hillguy. Same to you and all the crew here who have kept the faith all these long months.

  254. How many millions of dollars did donors give to Hillary after Pennsylvania? $10,000,000 in a couple days, right?

    Ha! We’ll do it again!

  255. texan4hillary, I can’t understand at all why SDs woulk likr to choose a definitely loser in GE.

  256. The question is, will the DNC and SD listen and take note, that BO can not win the white middle class vote, is’nt that what we call core democrats??

  257. Jammal Simmons is such an arrogant snot, just like Obama! He thinks it does not matter than Obama did not campaign more in WV. What until the General…..Hillary will be like the soothsayer if he is the nominee. ‘Why didn’t we pay attention to her?? She was right,’the insiders will say. On the outside, they will blame her for him losing the election.



    It’s like the ENTIRE state of WEST VIRGINIA just FLIPPED the MEDIA the BIRD.


  259. Perhaps someone has already posted this. Karl Rove said tonight that Obama not giving a speech tonight and not congratulating Hillary he looks like a sore winner AND also a sore loser. Karl said Obama looked like he lacks confidence.

    BO spoke today in a COLLEGE town in Missouri with some pretty bored looking young people behind him. Missouri is the “dear” Claire McCaskill’s state.

    If Missouri’s primary were today rather than on February 5th…BEFORE Rev Wright, Ayres, bitter typical white voters, etc. perhaps he would not have won. In reality he won VERY FEW Missouri counties back then.

    Bet there are a bunch of voters who wish they could re-vote NOW that they know more about BO.

  260. Tabby – You got it.

    One of THE most important reasons why this thing has to go to Denver is because every last Judas has to be ferreted out like so many Billy Richardsons. Every single one of these people is going to get the “John Lewis” treatment and will be targeted for removal from office in upcoming elections.

    It’s pretty simple: If the Chicagoans want to play with “Untouchables” rules, the Clintons have their Sean Connerys right here.

    What you are seeing tonight — both in Hillary unbelievable victory and the latest elitist gaffe made by the Obamans (bah, who needs white working class voters anyways — Ptooi!) — is the beginning of the end of The Obama Love Train.

    Sh*t is over. Been over, actually. Tonight reality has struck hard and swiftly, and that Magic Bus that’s in Limbaugh territory these days and not on the campaign trail is WAY off the road.

    Paul F. Villarreal.

  261. neetabug
    if you get a chance look up mario lemieux- a tremendous athlete and an inspiration to anyone who has ever struggled. and in 92 he won the cup and he may do it again in 08. good years.

  262. And I might add…there are a bunch of Missouri Democratic voters who wish we could re-vote on Claire McCaskill…now that we know her better!

  263. Whoever said it, they are dead on:

    Time to pluck down some more $$$ for HRC.

    I’ll be right back after I make my donation.


  264. I can’t believe some of these pundit on MSNBC saying that the Latinos are going to say with the democrats if Obama is the nominee. They won’t vote the republicans if Hillary doesn’t get it.

    I just can’t believe that they would go to McCain.

    Never take the voter for granted.

  265. Gr8t point on fox news by Juan Williams

    Brit Hume asked what is it going to be like in the fall running against Obama
    Juan Williams replies
    If you stick with the obama framework
    You cant call him any names
    You cant challenge him on policy positions
    You cant bring up Jeremiah Wright
    You cant bring up Tony Rezko
    You cant bring up Michelle Obama
    You shouldnt really mention that when it comes to battling terrorism the american people see him as weaker than John McCain
    Because all of those things would indicate that you are a racist pig.

    And all of that coming from a black man
    Hip Hip Hurray

  266. “are u sure huckabee is insulting hillary???”

    Forget Huckabee, either he hates Bill Clinton or he has to rpetend he does because he’s an arkansas republican. Arkansas Republicans have a pathological obsession with the Clintons. Huckabee granted clemency to a rapist because his victim was a distant cousin of clinton’s, the guy committed murder after huckabee let him out.

  267. Let’s keep saying it — in a year designed for Dems, it is unlikely that Obama can win. Kerry couldn’t do it in 2004 which was pretty fertile ground against an incompetent Bush. Obama’s numbers look much worse than Kerry’s were.

    Hillary can win — probably handily. And Hillary can heal most of the Dem split. Obama can’t. They won’t believe it but he can’t. They keep misinterpreting it as pique because Hill didn’t win or racism……….minor factors. What counts is that he is not to be trusted and not experienced enough.

    One more miscalculation: “Obama has a wonderful personal story and when the voters learn it, they will support him.” That’s exactly backwards. The more we learn, the less we like him or trust him or believe he’s honest.

  268. If you go to cnn live you can watch the anderson live web and no one is talking right now! Where is tweety and everyone else talking about how Obama got f ing smoked tonight! I think we all should do something to the media like send them a list of all the Hillary supporters that will never watch there site after the election. We will go to abc or fox!

  269. Jas, Obama carried St Louis and county, the University of Missouri in Columbia county, Kansas City, and a northwest Missouri county…most likely the northwest university one.

  270. Jas, I’m with you…NEVER ever McCaskill again and I worked for her election. I’m so sorry I did that, now…makes me feel dirty now. She has turned out to be a real toad.

  271. What is it about Obama that people like? Is it because he makes them feel smart because he is such a dumb ass! 57 states come on!!!! Why does the media hate her and most people!

  272. They are talking about chambers in MS winning the republican seat…I knew the Republicans are going to have a hard time in MS, LA and those Katrina hard hit states.

    GWB really hurt the republican brand with his incompetence and cronyism he been a disgrace as a president but I’m not surprised…he has run every business he had with his management style.

    Pathetic how he has run our country, just pathetic.

  273. cruella just said the may 31st meeting is “open” AC said oh good there will be cameras there then 😀

  274. henry Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 10:41 pm
    if you get a chance look up mario lemieux- a tremendous athlete and an inspiration to anyone who has ever struggled. and in 92 he won the cup and he may do it again in 08. good years.

    I will look him up.

  275. I think so because if you look at the counties on the bottom of the state its like 70-30, 80-10, etc

  276. JAS Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 10:54 pm
    What’s going to happen in November when Obama can not carry the core democrats

    Lose BIG TIME

  277. What! No one running for the exits this week? There are still many rough patches ahead. The media is not going to just roll over and play dead because of WV. Neither is Dean & Co., neither will Obama. They have more cards up their sleeves. Plus we still have OR. Everything will be thrown at Hillary. We are down to the last moments of this drama. Better get mentally prepared now.

    The lesson from tonight is if we don’t give up on Hillary, she won’t give up on us. We are now hardened veterans. No excuses going forward. For good or for bad, we will march on to Denver and to victory.

  278. Universal Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 10:32 pm
    Malveaux was saying on CNN that Obama’s peeps are hoping to have enough SD’s to declare victory before June.

    Is that like pretending you’re not getting your ass kicked in a state by campaigning in another state that has already voted.

    –Universal, I was LOL so hard at this, I almost spit my drink on my monitor! LMAO

  279. Hillary will need about 71 or 72% per CNN for the rest of the contest to stop Obama. But I think a lot is going to happen before the convention and the superdelegate count being confirmed in August.

    BO is making a mistake to attack McCain this early but let him do it. I don’t think Team Obama and there media surrogates can help themselves with “foot and mouth” disease.

  280. Sweet. Just made my 12th donation of the primary season and I can’t wait until the 13th.

    I wrote the campaign last night, and told them that if I had to be one of the Japanese soldiers on the islands who didn’t know that the war was over, I would happily do so. I’ll stay on the island until November, as necessary.

    For the good of the party, Obama MUST go down to defeat. Because if he and the race-baiting Neo-Jacobins are rewarded for their antics, the party will be shattered for at least a generation.

    There is no way in hell I’m sitting by and letting that happen. Anything which can be done to prevent that Doomsday scenario from taking place must be done. There is no place in today’s world — particularly in our party — for latter-day George Wallaces like Wilder and Clyburn. We have to stand up to this insane balkanization before it rips the entire Democratic institution asunder.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  281. paddy4hill
    like hockey? Lemieux is my god talk about not giving up and the last time he won the stanley cup he was a player in 92 and 16 years later he owns the team and he is poised to do it again after beating cancer and returning to the ice. I know my enthusiasm for the two things(clintons/penguins –92/08) is off but they won tonight and so did she by big margins and I probably had too much but I love the coincidence.

  282. HillGuy, BHO may already have enough SDs to declare victory before June. The question is that can tonight’s victory stop SDs flock to BHO.

  283. Almost up by 100K now in WV. If any of you recall the article by Jay Cost from Real Clear that Admin used a few threads ago, he said that if Hillary has a popular vote lead of 290,000 between WV and KY, and then goes to PR and gets 250K more votes than Gutter Ball there, she will win the popular vote in the end, even if Gutter Ball wins OR, MT, and SD.

  284. meiyingsu, that projection is based on the exclusion of FL and MI, which we don’t subscribe to.

    The number to achieve is 2209 NOT 2025.

  285.                -HEY HILLFANS-

                 I made a voicemail service for Hillaryis44 supporters!!

    I wanted to record my own voice for support of Hillary. You can add to it by going to the link, clicking “COMMENT” then clicking “ADD YOUR VOICE” and calling the number with the code. If you don’t have free long distance, or don’t like leaving your voice, you can also just type a message. It does not copy any of your information (like your phone number).

    If we can get a few recordings on there, I’ll make an mp3 of all the support and send it to the Clinton campaign. 😀

    The site is here:


    PLEASE DO NOT leave your real name (your hillaryis44 name is fine). Mention Hillaryis44 if you can.

    Isn’t technology awesome?


  286. Hillary need to keep on campaigning she can not quit….those SDs count become official at the convention so it’s not over until then. Obama has a big problem and it looks like W.VA will go to the republican is Obama is the nominee…that will be a huge problem to see W.VA not connect with the head of the democratic ticket all through out summer it will affect the neighboring states and the republican will exploit this with McCain visits.

    Voters know McCain is NOT GWB.

  287. Henry, I used to be into hockey some years ago. I took off for other parts of the world and it just sort of faded away. I am glad you enjoy it. Like politics, it is a contact sport, and goals can be scored very quickly. Tonight, Hillary played a hat trick, Obama got injured and we are on the way to winning the Stanley Cup of politics!

  288. =============================================================

    DATE: May 13, 2008 10:56 PM EDT
    San Antonio, TX 78249
    AMOUNT: $150.00

    Cough it up if you possibly can, guys! That was me and hubby both maxing out. there.

  289. founf this on a blog lol db gonna release her emails haaa

    Me to Donna responding back
    Thank you for responding! I admire that and I will stayed tuned and pray that you see this as we see it! If I am wrong about you, I will be the first to apologize, but I need to see some positive words from you regarding Hillary! Obama has not won this yet and the media is treating her horribly! Please use your position to show the world that we don’t count her out and we want her to FIGHT for this!! Thank you and I am sorry if I was mean!!


    Donna texted me back this:

    You should go back to the day before NH, the night after Obama won WI, etc. What sickens me is if I say good things about him, the other side rebels.

    What does it say about the process? Just tired and when it is over, I am going to release the emails. They have been vile, racist and nasty.
    Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.

  290. I want to mix the voicemail messages together with a good song in the background. Maybe even make it into a Youtube mashup. It’ll be really cool if it works, although I have not done anything this big before. 😀

  291. jr

    I was thinking the same thing……..her pop vote tally is going up his is not….but not the percentages have not changed

  292. HillGuy – Thanks! I know it takes a lot more guts to call than to type though. That’s why there are a whole lot more online Hillary supporters than people willing to go and call voters in Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia. But it can do a lot of good, you know? The benefits outweigh the costs.

  293. HillGuy — Glad you liked it 🙂

    We are approaching an Arkansas-level blowout. This is setting up to be HRC’s largest PRIMARY (not a caucus, not a caucus) win of the season in any state outside of her ‘home’ state.

    There is no way around this. This is an ass-kicking that is going to be felt for weeks.

    Utter humiliation for Obama, and a very clear, stark announcement that the man who supposedly can ‘close the gap’ anytime he has the time to do so CANNOT BUDGE ONE INCH these white working class voters.

    Tonight the SD’s and party elites are getting a good look down the barrel of a November election with O’Humpty as the nominee.

    It is what it is. This is what November is going to look like with BaJoke at the helm: A humiliating, pathetic obliteration.

    Perhaps Obama can schedule some campaign stops in England on election night in November?

    BA HA HA!!!

    Sam Powers, ‘obsess’ over this, loser!

    Paul F. Villarreal

  294. The % is not changing, as you don’t have the total count. We are missing the Edward number.

    If you take her total votes and divide them by the total percentage X/.66, you get the approximate number of total votes. Adding hers to Obamas is not the right total.

  295. hallow, that sounds like a great idea! I know a lot of Hill supporters make youtube videos for Hill, but that’s kinda intimidating for me. This seems much easier since it’s just voice, not video.

  296. No, I mean the margin between Hillary and Obama has consistently been increasing from like 50,000 to over 100,000, but the percentage between the two is basically the same (66%-28%)


    I was talking to a co-worker of mine a few months back about the Dem. primary because we have a television in our breakroom constantly tuned to CNN. He is a Haitian-American and I am a European-American. He insinuated he was hoping for a Obama victory and I was hoping for Clinton victory but neither of us openly voiced our opinions because we were at work and didn’t want to talk about politics too much. After some light conversation, he hinted that he would vote for Obama but not soley because he is African-American. I smiled and leaned into speak with him closer and said, “that’s okay with me, I’m voting for Hillary largely because she is a woman.”

    We both smiled and went back to work.

  298. Hillary is close to 200,000 now and Obama has barely even been able to get the 100,000 votes…. ek!

  299. Cspan is reporting that she has won 72% of the vote. I hope that’s right because Kentucky will be even better for us!

  300. I believe we are on pace tonight for the second-most lopsided primary contest of the nomination process, behind only Clinton’s annihilation of Obama in Arkansas. I have to check the data but for a ‘presumptive’ nominee to take his WORST defeat of the entire contest outside of his opponent’s home state is NOT a good harbinger of what lay ahead for Bukakis.

    This man — the “27% Man” — is the guy who’s going to turn red states blue, save the Dems, etc.

    Hey, let me know when he gets to 30%, ok?

    BA HA HA HA!!!

    West Virginny is “Bobby Rush”ing Obama’s ass, and good. This is going to leave a stench which will last BEYOND November: The guy CANNOT win white voters, period. Eggheads be damned, this guy is an albatross the likes of which we have never seen on such a grand stage. He is going to get DESTROYED in November if we nominate him. Oh my God, this is worse than even I thought it would be.


    Paul F. Villarreal

  301. The supers really need to get a reality check here. The majority of states are NOT high percentage AA’s. They are also not super liberal or highly educated. They are made up of cynical, working class American’s who have been promised a lot, pandered to, and received a lot of lip service over the years when the effect has been a net negative for them and their prospects in life.

    They aren’t buying his crap and no matter what the media and the DNC with their suppression tactics are trying to cram down our throats, the people will make their preferences known.


  302. Confloyd, depends on how those counties go. If they are rural, that seems to be where she shines. I am also not sure how large those counties are.

    You could ask no more of her than to do what she has done. I think we have 77% reporting at this time. I get tired and down, and she does this. I really admire her.

  303. 2 counties to go mineral and mercer county been stuck at 32%..the map is almost all blue except one county mineral county

  304. 83% now and she has 125,262. Some of those counties are low yet, like 17%.

    She might make it to 150,000. That would be great.

  305. Interesting people in West Virginia – on ABC News Nightline a lot of people are saying they had a hard time relating to Obama and how Obama neglected to get to know the voters there whereas Hillary spent a lot of time there and was more personable on the stops

  306. Damn ABC News trying to protect Bambi. On Nightline, they showed the box with Hillary as the projected winner, but NO PERCENTAGES. Then they switched to showing Bambi still ahead in the delegates.


  307. They better not talk about race because he has won most states because of the african american votes and im sorry but this is the facts!

  308. Mineral County, the last missing county is now starting to come in. She is winning, but they have only reported 16%. She is ahead of O by 125,995

  309. How can the Obama supporters ignore this annihilation???????? How can the DNC ignore this annihilattion??? Hopefully they’ve got some sense!

  310. No Kentucky with Oregon. She will do well in KY, but he is projecting well in Oregon. However, I heard Bill was out there and she was moving up.

  311. How about this
    Here is how it went for Teddy

    So why should Hillary quit

    Boy Kennedy is one to talk:
    Check this out

    Kennedy’s official announcement was scheduled for early November. There was a prime time interview with CBS’s Roger Mudd and it was a minor disaster. Kennedy flubbed a number of the questions and couldn’t exactly explain why he was running, and the polls, which showed him leading the President by 58-25 in August now had him ahead 49-39.[5] Then the hostages were taken in Tehran, Iran and the bottom fell out of the Kennedy campaign.

    Carter’s approval ratings jumped in the 60-percent range in some polls, due to a “rally ‘round the flag” effect[6] and an appreciation of Carter’s calm handling of the crisis. Kennedy was suddenly left far behind. Carter beat Kennedy decisively in Iowa and New Hampshire. Carter decisively defeated Kennedy everywhere except Massachusetts, until impatience began to build with the President’s strategy on Iran. When the later primaries in New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut came around, it was Kennedy who won largely due to such impatience.

    Carter was still able to maintain a substantial lead even after Kennedy swept the last batch of primaries in June. Despite this, Kennedy refused to drop out, and the 1980 Democratic National Convention was one of the nastiest on record. On the penultimate day, Kennedy conceded the nomination and called for a more liberal party platform in what many saw as the best speech of his career. On the platform on the final day, Kennedy for the most part ignored Carter

    The delegate tally at the convention was in part:

    Jimmy Carter – 2,129.02
    Ted Kennedy – 1,150.48
    14 others – 66.5
    In the vice presidential roll call, Mondale was re-nominated with 2,428.7 votes to 723.3 not voting and 179 scattering.

    The popular votes in the primaries were:[7]

    Jimmy Carter (inc.) – 10,043,016 (51.13%)
    Ted Kennedy – 7,381,693 (37.58%)
    Unpledged – 1,288,423 (6.56%)
    Jerry Brown – 575,296 (2.93%)
    Lyndon LaRouche – 177,784 (0.91%)
    Cliff Finch – 48,032 (0.25%)

    And he had an attitude in the end.

    She is doing better than Ted Kennedy and he went all the way

  312. mineral county now coming in for hillary

    what i want to know is…….they have reported only 3% in that county so far………WTH have they been doing all night
    sitting on their Asses???????

    was it electronic voting tonight? or was it paper ballots?

  313. Michelle’s response when asked about working class white voters “Let them eat cake.”

    The Citizens response to Michelle: “Off with you and your husband’s political heads.”

  314. Ok so how many votes is she ahead with obama, is it over 200,000 or do you subtract the 80,000 with her 200,000?

  315. She has 132,141 at 90%. I had the Mineral County wrong, it is only 3%. It was New Hampshire County at 17%.

  316. They ignore the annihilation because they are Obamabots.
    They are empty suits cause it takes one to notice one.

    how do you spellllllllll blowouttttttttt

    Hillary44 2008

  317. Has cnn went home already? This is such shit! I am sooo pissed that I will make a strong point to call CNN tomorrow and I hope to give them hell!

  318. Tabby — My brother and I will be making a YouTube video about this, probably tonight.

    This is a clear, utter repudiation of both the elites in the media and the Dem elites. This is a coup within a coup.

    This is the shot heard ’round the world, the first time that it is 100% clear that the white working class voters WILL NOT back Obama, and they WILL NOT move because the media and Dem elites tell them to.

    This is the backlash against the 92% AA vote and the race-baiting of the Clintons which many of us have been warning the MSM and Bambi’s Brigade about. And this is only the beginning.

    If we choose this joke as our nominee, we are CHOOSING November to be our Waterloo. There is no way around it and no escaping it now. It doesn’t mean jack spit if 100% of AA’s back him — they only make up 11% — ELEVEN — of the presidential electorate. Whites are clearly saying “We will not vote for this man.” If the SD’s fail in their duty and deliver this reject to the party there is going to be Armageddon for Dems in November, a Ragnarök which the elites WILL HAVE CHOSEN and will have to answer for.

    As Ohio, PA and now WV have shown, these working class white voters (WCWV) will NOT turn to Obama, no matter how much $$$ is spent in his favor or how much people like the MSM or Sam Powers freak out on them. In fact, the more that these corners tell these people that they are ‘racists,’ etc., the more that they will seek to make BHO pay for the elites’ arrogance.

    You saw this coming in PA, and it has now fully metastasized. It is OVER for BHO now, and there is no coming back. Tonight has definitively closed the book on his ability to pitch to WCWV. He failed in OH, TX and PA, and tonight WV said “No FREAKING way” to O’Humpty. It is all denouement from here. The book has been written, it’s over.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  319. This article is on msnbc!

    Talking about the racism with whites on blacks! Ok well tell me more about how he got most of the states he has won! Ohhhh im soo tired of this!

    Racism alarms Obama’s backers
    Candidate’s foot soldiers encounter name-calling, vandalism, bomb threats

  320. Universal, The bots will say what happened in Indiana? He got white there! Did he not game the primary there bigtime!

  321. 134,667. I am listening to Schultz in the background. He wants to declare O a winner without all 50 states being counted. How can a Democrate do that, when we so objected to it in 2000. It makes us look stupid.

  322. It seem some Obama surrogates are pushing this Obama/Hillary ticket to appease Clinton voters or get them to come support Obama but I don’t trust Obama and those around them.

    This was a very nasty campaign raged on the Clintons, I won’t forget it…and now it seem some people are waking up to Obama’s limitations and that he has been losing his core demographic for awhile.

    People like to blame the Clintons for this but it’s been Sen. Obambi and his supporters who has done the most damage.

  323. There is no way I could ever vote for Bambi! When Hill wins, I hope she doesn’t have to make him Veep!

  324. MSNBC toolbar news has Hillary’s win in WV as its #10 story. At #5 is Racism Alarms Obama Backers, at #11 is Clinton Status puts Focus on 20 million dollar debt. Do you think this fight is fair? Media plans to ignore the WV victory like they did Huckabee winning some states after they declared McCain the winner on the GOP side.

    Let’s hope tonight is a big money night for Hillary and we can win OR from the momentum gained from WV.

  325. http://www.cnn.com

    Quick Vote
    Which Democratic candidate would fare better against Sen. John McCain in November?
    Sen. Hillary Clinton 42% 12846
    Sen. Barack Obama 58% 17655
    Total Votes: 30501

  326. WV is negating North Carolina and rendering NC irrelevant.

    That such a small state could do this defies all logic and totally turns the ‘push’ by the elitist Dem leadership and MSM on it’s ear. This is not only a repudiation of the cynical race-baiting of the Obamans coming back to sink it’s canines in their posterior, it is a full-chested “Eff You” to the white elites.

    I did not expect this level of destruction for Obama. This is a total obliteration. Forget about ‘scorched earth,’ this is scorched universe.

    She will win EVERY SINGLE COUNTY, and hand him the MOST lopsided loss of the campaign besides Arkansas and all AFTER the media and the Dem Effetes said THE CONTEST WAS OVER AND HRC SHOULD QUIT.

    In a nutshell, this is what Democracy looks like. The snobs talk, and the people vote.

    They have voted, and they have told the elitist triad of the MSM/Dem Effetes/Obamans, in no uncertain terms:

    “You are NOT our candidate, and we will NOT back you. PERIOD.”

    Damn, what a night. Anyone got a cigarette?


    Paul F. Villarreal

    “Remember West Virginia”

  327. “Candidate’s foot soldiers encounter name-calling, vandalism, bomb threats”

    *rolls eyes* Knowing how Obama supporters operate, i’m betting that means they’re engaging in vandalism and bomb threats. accuse everyone else of doing what you’re actually doing.

  328. Hillary Clinton has ran a G.E. campaign, while Obama ran a primary campaign…now he’s going around trying to mend fences and promises to beat the John McCain and the republicans.

    I think he has been very arrogant thinking he has locked up the race and will beat John McCain in November. Never underestimate your competitor…the G.E. is very different.

  329. Confloyd — You got it. They will try, but it doesn’t matter. The numbers are in and DAMN they’re ugly.

    WinHillary — I hope they write 100 articles about the supposed ‘racism.’ In case they hadn’t noticed, the illusory ‘white guilt’ ship has sailed.

    Here is THE STORY of the night: The more the Elitist Triad of the MSM/Obamas/Dem Effete Leadership tries to play the faux ‘racist’ card with whites, the more it is going to backfire on Bambi.

    It’s over; it’s all over. The fake ‘racist’ terrorism has finally come to an end thanks to TX, OH, PA, IN & WV. All of those states have said: If you try to play that game with us, we will make Bambi suffer at the polls.

    In a word: BACKLASH.

    F*CK YEAH!

    This is what Sam “Monster” Powers knew, and what the Elitist Triad is now waking up to tonight. The BS racial blackmailing is O-V-E-R.

    In your face:

    Doug Wilder
    James Clyburn
    Michelle ‘wake up’ Obama
    Jesse Jackson, Jr.
    Amaya Smith
    Roland Williams
    Jamaal Simmons
    Donna Brazile
    Rachael Maddow
    Tweety Matthews
    Lil Timmy Russert
    Campbell Brown
    Andy Vanderbilt
    Keith “I embarrass Cornell University” Olbermann
    Josh Marshall
    Jonathan Singer
    Kos (I like you Markos, but you’ve hitched yourself to the bummest of steers with Bambi)


    We, the people, won HUGE tonight.

    I can’t wait to hear Jerome Armstrong on tonight’s results. I might even sully myself with MyDD’s URL just to see what he says.


    Paul F. Villarreal

  330. ed……just looked really green in the gills as lanny said ed was wrong and proceeded to
    tell the REAL scoop……ed didn’t interrupt till lanny was done and his only argument was
    the RNC ran those ads against childers using wright/bo against him…..LOL

    but said nothing really about any of the other things lanny had to say about how
    she has a great argument with the SD, and that SD can switch from BO at anytime to Hillary

    that the “math” is not set in stone …and she clearly has a path to the nomination
    especially after tonights landslide win in a swing state

    also….John king said this was an embarrasing loss for BO given he is the presumptive nom. LOL 😀

  331. CNN’s John King (any relation to Larry?) says about Obama’s BIG loss in WV: “If you’re about to be the Dem nominee, that’s pretty embarassing.”

    Just checking in to say, happy night, all! Thanks for all you do, Hillfriends. Rise, Hillary, rise!


  332. PS – so, they have three Obama supporters debating EACH OTHER about who loves Obama the most?

  333. Djia, thank you so much! I agree with John King, it is embarassing, esp when he tried to say he’ll be the nominee on May 20th! Please! Esp after this embarassing slap in the face lose in West Virginia. He only came close in ONE, get this, ONE county, that’s it! The rest has a large margin in between!

  334. The one thing I love about this blog is there’s no Obamabots in sight. Taylor Marsh — God Bless her — allows Obamabots to posts. There are days when I feel like arguing with them, but sometimes, I just like commiserating with Hillary folks.

    Tonight is a good night for us… but it won’t last long. MSM won’t allow that to happen. They have an agenda and they’re sticking with it.

  335. lanny said howard dean and everyone was ready to go ahead with a revote in fl and mi but it was BO that said NO!!

  336. Hilarious!

    Noted Clinton hater Patrick Healy’s “Understatement of the Millennium” NYT headline:

    “Clinton beats Obama handily in WV”

    Uh, Pat…

    NO SH*T.

    And Healy’s working the race angle in the sub-header. Yes, yes! I want to see more of this before KY. If the MSM keeps this up, BHO is going to suffer “WVII” in KY a week from today.

    But hey — Party’s in Oregon for the nominee!

    BA HA HA HA!!!!

    The wheels on the bus…are falling off and quick, off and quick…

    Paul F. Villarreal

  337. djia – that Tanya tried to argue with Lanny, but she was cut off – what possible argument could she offer?

  338. Lanny Davis is the MoFo MAN!

    I know this will get back to Lanny:

    Sir, you are an American Hero; thank you, from all of us.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  339. hillarys WV speech transcript


  340. My hats off to West Virginia tonight! Thank you! You and New Hampshire will always have a special place in my black heart.

  341. Universal – I agree –
    Lanny, you are a “great American” – you even take on Hannity regularly! I’m so glad you’re on team Hillary!

  342. lanny………BO has the same problem dukakas and mondale had he can’t connect with reagan dems LOL

  343. Tanya insists on making this about race. Tell me that the 90% of blacks in North Carolina who vote for him aren’t voting for race.

  344. BTW, I hate the state of North Carolina. I hate its inhabitants. Hillbillylover can tell you all about it. Bunch of idiots who wave the flag but don’t know the meaning of the word “voting.” Hypocrites.

  345. almost at 140k seperating the two and it looks more and more like Obama will never reach the 100k

  346. djia – Oh, I get it about Tanya – these shows have the BO supporters tripping all over each other! We usually have 2:1 or 3:1 BO to HRC surrogates!

  347. I3:

    If we want to talk about race, just remember the magic number:


    Paul F. Villarreal
    Where were you in 2008, the year our first female President made the greatest political comeback in modern history?

  348. At least the Nebraska primary today will show SD’s that they need to be very skeptical of the results from caucus states.
    Hillary’s camp needs to stress the fact the primaries in WA and NE had vastly different results from the caucuses that delegates are based on and are more representative of how voters really feel. Obama still won both , but if the primaries were used to determine deleagte allocation it would be close to a 50/50 split.

  349. North Carolina, save for it’s Western Corridor, is the demographically ‘perfect’ BaJoke state: Egghead, affluent whites and AA’s.

    …and OJokeMa won it by HALF the margin which he won neighboring South Carolina by (27% to 14%, I believe).

    That’s all anyone needs to know. February, yeah, she’s gone. Something about “Siberia” and “exile.”

    Paul F. Villarreal
    Where were you in 2008, the year our first female President made the greatest political comeback in modern history?

  350. HillBill, I didn’t mean you hate NC. I hate NC and I told you why in the email. Did you check the email yet?

  351. The media was saying that James Carville was saying that Obama “would probably win.” I wonder if he still feels the same way after tonight? I don’t understand this from James. Could the man who called Richardson Judas be another Judas?

  352. # meiyingsu Says:
    May 14th, 2008 at 12:46 am

    djia, Dean and Co. believe that they don’t need Reagan Dems to win GE.

    yep, i knew that

    but……i just thought it was great that lanny got it out there that EVERYONE except BO was for a revote.

  353. Universal, North Carolina just has really lazy ass electorates. Forget the demographics… these people can’t get their asses up to register, let alone vote.

    HillBill, I’m sorry if I’m insulting some of your NC kin-folks, but I’ve never encountered such apathy and static dwellers in my life.

  354. Latest numbers I’m seeing are approximately a +140K votes for HRC with 93% reporting. Anyone got any later data?

    Based on the data and current trends, HRC is looking to finish the night with around a 148,500 vote margin over BHO. An absolutely staggering figure made even MORE stark when it is considered that EDWARDS was also on the ballot! Imagine the numbers if he hadn’t been a choice there!

    Bye-bye, NC. Hello, HRC pop. vote lead.

    For good.

    Paul F. Villarreal
    Where were you in 2008, the year our first female President made the greatest political comeback in modern history?

  355. 95% in: HRC up by 141,500 votes.

    Party — Oregon — One week.


    Hey, you know, she really should exit the race after WV. We’re working on a face-saving exit.

    A face-saving exit? For who, Mr. West Virginia?


    What a night.

  356. I’m leaving for OR in a couple of days. I can’t believe how many states I’ve been to for Hillary. I’ve never traveled so much before. It’s fun and rewarding, but financially draining.

    It’ll be all worth it when Madame President is sworn in.

  357. Mineral county is the “Lake County” of WV. Watch out they may come in with results showing Obama wins the county by 144,000.

  358. Think we’re about 7K shy of 150,000 with 3% outstanding.

    Have absentees been counted?

    “I believe we are on pace tonight for the second-most lopsided primary contest of the nomination process”

    I think you’re right & that’s a nice talking point. Good get.

    BO camp saying KY not going to be much better for them.
    So next week, in the last 3 contests, assuming OR is close, we’ll have beat his ass in the last 3 primaries by something like 250K-300K votes.
    That sound about right?

  359. Glad to see everybody back here, btw.

    There was tumbleweed blowing through the past couple of days 🙂

  360. rjk1957 Says:

    May 14th, 2008 at 1:08 am
    Mineral county is the “Lake County” of WV. Watch out they may come in with results showing Obama wins the county by 144,000
    im watching real close so is dija..jackinaounrd

  361. me too RFK. Chuck Todd was making big deal before, saying they were hoping for 150K and how it was going to fall way short.

    He needs new batteries for his calculator, that loser.


  362. no but that number of percentges was 31 hill and 7029 ob..somebody jackinaroun with it..either cnn or the machine

  363. well………As of 2000, the population was 27,078 in mineral county

    so……let’s just see what the vote count comes out with

  364. I just realized something:

    If Edwards weren’t on the ballot, this could be Hillary’s largest victory of the entire contest, INCLUDING Arkansas.

    BHO also ran BETTER in Arakansas (26.25%) than he is running tonight (25.7%).

    All of this AFTER being named to presumptive nominee AND after scheduling the party for Oregon.

    This is a non-recoverable disaster for the Obama camp. This is beyond mere annihilation now. This is in the “Game-changing” category.

    With the size of the victory, the apparently worst-of-the-contest showing by Obama AND, extremely importantly, the arrogance of the Obama Camp towards West Virginians (and by extension both all working-class white voters and all the rest of the voters in the 5 remaining contests) and Americans everywhere in making known their Oregon Victory Party, this could be the death knell for the Obamanation which the party was set to undertake by naming The One the nominee.

    All of these factors, taken together, are going to hit like an earthquake in the MSM and beyond the next week. There is no escaping it and nowhere to hide.

    Hell has been unleashed, in earnest. Deep from within the West Virginia coal mines she has seized upon Arrogant Barack as he tried to ride his chariot bestride the sun.


    With 97% in, HRC by 143K+ votes.

    Complete carnage.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  365. Actually, filbert, we lost the WA primary by only 4 points. It was the caucus we were crushed in. Oregon looks worse, but then Bobby Kennedy also lost Oregon.

  366. BIRDGAL,
    Umm.. nice place to visit………..

    Everything I’ve seen & been told suggests the latte liberal-college combo is going to be too much to overcome.
    But he’s going to be losing KY that night by 100,000 plus and this jerkweed is going to stand and declare victory?! On the heels of tonight?!

    That is NOT going to look good.

  367. here is wikipedia’s Mineral county demographics


    As of the census[2] of 2000, there were 27,078 people, 10,784 households, and 7,710 families residing in the county. The population density was 83 people per square mile (32/km²). There were 12,094 housing units at an average density of 37 per square mile (14/km²). The racial makeup of the county was 96.16% White, 2.55% Black or African American, 0.11% Native American, 0.20% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 0.21% from other races, and 0.76% from two or more races. 0.58% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

    There were 10,784 households out of which 30.40% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 57.90% were married couples living together, 9.70% had a female householder with no husband present, and 28.50% were non-families. 25.00% of all households were made up of individuals and 11.50% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.46 and the average family size was 2.93.

    In the county, the population was spread out with 23.40% under the age of 18, 8.60% from 18 to 24, 27.10% from 25 to 44, 25.90% from 45 to 64, and 15.10% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 39 years. For every 100 females there were 95.80 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 93.00 males.

    The median income for a household in the county was $31,149, and the median income for a family was $37,866. Males had a median income of $32,337 versus $20,090 for females. The per capita income for the county was $15,384. About 11.50% of families and 14.70% of the population were below the poverty line, including 21.10% of those under age 18 and 11.60% of those age 65 or over.

  368. MJ, thanks. If BO is expected to OR and Hillary keeps it close, then a lost is really a win.

  369. dija, dumbass was in Missouri. Didn’t even have the courtesy to thank his supporters in WV or congratulates Hillary.

    Sore loser. He did it before — in NV, I think.

  370. BD – Thanks.

    PHUCK CHUCK “Chaz” Todd.

    The little wannabe-number-crunching dungheap better get back to “Larry Sinclairing” Obama, because his predicting sucks nuts.

    I got your 150K right here, asshat.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  371. filbert

    yes i know he was in MO for a speech……but i talking his surrogates…..none were on the news shows spinning tonights loss into a win for him……..they were all MIA

  372. I hope we can close the gap in Oregon like we did in Indiana! So everyone is expecting Kentucky to be like tonight more or less?

  373. confloyd

    Kentucky is going to be another route. Probably 30 – 35 points! Oregon being on the same night is problematic. Is there anyway we can win? Even a squeaker victory would mean 2 wins going in to Puerto Rico!

  374. Hasn’t anyone noticed?? As people “get to know” BO, his ‘honesty’ ratings are dropping massively.
    Now at 47% or so in WV, it is unlikely that as we learn more, they will rise.

    BTW, has anyone (other than Bill O’Reilly) gone into the ‘community organizer’ part of his resume?

  375. Has anyone looked at the counties in WV and compare Hillary’s vote totals as compared to McCain’s. She stomps McCain’s but too. Hillary owns WV! 🙂

  376. who says a woman can’t do more with less…

    Hillary has earned 182 superdelegates alone in just the 17 states she won

    her opponent had to win 28 states just to get 169

    (this does not include “crossover” superdelegates from the lost states of either candidate or territories that have voted or the not yet voted primaries
    who have superdelegates committed so far. thats why the #’s don’t total actual tallies)

  377. Did you see the segment on Bret Hume tonight where they said that Hillary has discovered a new way to woo superdelegates and then showed a photoshopped photo of her with huge breasts on display. Even my husband said that it was disgusting. The humor seems more course after we raised our complaints–I am even more committed to making our voices count.

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