Barack Obama’s Situation Comedy, Part II

[Barack Obama’s Situation Comedy, Part I HERE]

The 1964 Civil Rights Act outlawed racial segregation and the 1965 Voting Rights Act outlawed discrimination in voting. As President Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act he told Press Secretary Bill Moyers We have lost the South until 1976.

Lyndon Johnson did not give up on the South however. Under threat by “menacing” crowds and bomb plots by the Ku Klux Klan, Johnson’s wife – Lady Bird Johnson, toured the South. As Blumenthal writes Johnson was determined not to concede the South, but to fight for it.

Johnson proved correct in his assessment. Democrats lost the South for a generation.

In 1968 Richard Nixon cemented the Republican grip on the South with his “Southern Strategy”

James Boyd of the New York Times chronicled the Southern Strategy as expounded by 25 year old Kevin Phillips. (PDF link to “It’s All In The Charts” HERE)

Kevin Phillips and his decades old analysis of American politics has salience today.

On liberals:

Liberalism has turned away from the common people and become institutionalized into an establishment. Its spokesmen are driven around in limousines and supported by rich foundations, the television networks and publishing houses, the knowledge industry, the billion-dollar universities and the urban consulting firms which profiteer from poverty. Liberalism is dominant only in the Northeast, which is always the last bastion of a dying order of priviledge.

On “Negroes and the G.O.P.”:

From now on, the Republicans are never going to get more than 10 to 20 percent of the Negro vote and they don’t need any more than that . . . but Republicans would be shortshighted if they weakened enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans. That’s where the votes are. Without that prodding from the blacks, the whites will backslide into their old comfortable arrangements with the local Democrats.

On the “Outer South Strategy”:

Your outer Southerners who live in the Ozark and Appalacian mountain ranges and in the Piedmont upcountry – and now in urban-suburban Florida and Texas – have always had different interests than the Negrophobe plantation owners of the Black Belt. This is a less extreme conservative group. It adheres with other Republican constituencies across the country and can be appealed to without fragmenting the coalition. When you are after political converts, start with the less extreme and wait for the extremists to come into line when their alternatives collapse.

The salience of what Phillips wrote decades ago is mostly in the failure of both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans failed to heed the warning by Phillips against authoritarianism and racism and the Democrats failed to court Southerners in the Ozark and Appalacian mountain ranges and instead hunkered down into an increasing elitism away from the common man and woman. The Democrats became not so much “liberals” but “eggheads”.

The Democratic glory was in promoting a liberal policy of inclusion for African-Americans and later to add Women and Gay-Americans to the civil rights agenda. The Democratic failure was the contempt for non-elite whites who could have been wooed but instead were treated with veiled contempt.

Many elite Democrats, instead of seeking to understand why poor white working class voters voted for boobs such as George W. Bush preferred instead to believe that those votes were based on “ignorance” or “stupidity”. Democratic elites failed to understand that white working class voters could detect condescension with the same acuity as African-American voters could detect bigotry.

Before the 1964 Civil Rights Act the great families of the North and Northeast could field presidential candidates such as Roosevelt and Kennedy. No longer. After the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Democratic nominees would either come from the South or they would lose in the general election.

In 1960 John Kennedy could contest for the nomination and win in anti-Catholic West Virgina. Kennedy understood the “oral political culture” of West Virginia.

After Lyndon Johnson, in the wake of the John Kennedy assasination became president in a landslide vote, Democrats lost the “silent majority” in 1968 to Richard Nixon. Georgia born Jimmy Carter became President in 1976 after the increasingly dictatorial Nixon was forced to resign and the successor Gerald Ford pardoned him for his crimes. By 1980 Northeasterner Ted Kennedy tried to unseat President Jimmy Carter only to lose.

Enter Bill Clinton.

In 1992, straight from the Ozarks, Bill Clinton ran for President. Bill Clinton was a Democratic winner from Arkansas. White working class voters as well as African-Americans voted for him. The Washington, D.C. establishment rejected Bill Clinton.

After 40 years of Democratic control of the congress the congressional Democrats were open to charges of corruption. Republicans led by a new rabid breed organized by Newt Gingrich stoked and inflated the corruption charges.

The Democratic congressional barons were not happy to be no longer in charge of the Democratic agenda. Democratic Senators like Sam Nunn (now an Obama supporters) allied themselves with Republicans to thwart the new President’s promise of inclusion for Gay-Americans in the nation’s armed forces.

The Democratic Senatorial barons were even angrier when Bill Clinton appointed his wife to lead on health care legislation. The majority Congressional Democratic leadership, instead of helping pass health care – helped torpedo it. Increasingly, Hillary and Bill Clinton were referred to as HillBillies. The Democratic contempt for white working class voters, especially those from the South, were personified in Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In 1994, with a concerted Republican effort to paint the Democratic Party in Congress as corrupt, Democrats lost the congress. Instead of blaming themselves, Democratic barons sought to blame Bill Clinton for their losses. Indictments of Democratic congressional leaders and corruption charges against the House majority were ignored as reasons for losing the Democratic majority by the now minority Democrats.

Hillary Clinton became an object of much of the blame for the 1994 losses. Hillary pushed hard for health care reform. When health care reform did not pass the same Democratic barons who could not stomach gays in the military could not stomach strong leadership by a woman.

All the Democratic Party talk about inclusion and respect for the rights of women crumbled when the prospect of a woman in charge became a possibility.

All the Democratic Party talk about a “big tent” stops when the targets of inclusion are white working class voters.

Donna Brazile: A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.

David Axelrod: The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes.

The Democratic Party establishment loathes Hillary Clinton. They loathe the idea of having to listen to a woman. They loathe the idea of a “hillbilly” who went to Yale but still commands the ability to attract working class white voters while still appealing to the rest of the Democratic base.

Hillary’s difficulties with African-American voters is transitory. Hillary’s newly discovered ability to elicit support from white working class voters is not transitory.

The “hillbilly” voters of West Virginia and Appalachia can support a woman for commander-in-chief. The elite egghead Democrats cannot yield to a woman’s voice.

* * *

Hillary in Kentucky:

“The only way we can have a Democrat in that White House come next January is to win in November, and we cannot win unless we can win 270 electoral votes,” she said. “Look at the map, figure out where we’re going to get those votes, and which candidate is more likely to be able to win those votes in November against John McCain. I have taken on the Republicans before and I have won.”

Many speakers tonight noted the absence of Barack Obama. Terry McBrayer, a former state party chair and superdelegate, drew some boos from Obama supporters on hand when he said he contacted a local milk company to put Obama’s picture on a milk carton.

Clinton herself noted she was the only candidate to come, saying it was important “because Kentucky always picks the president.” She later said, as she did in West Virginia earlier this week, that Democrats “for too long” have let states like this one “slip out of the Democratic column.

“Too many people felt our party didn’t speak to their values and concerns,” she said. “Well I believe if you don’t stand for hard-working middle-class Americans you don’t stand for much. And it’s now up to the Democratic Party and our eventual nominee to make that case.”


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  1. Great Blog. It is amazing to me how AA vote 90% for Senator Obama and that is A OK, but if the whites don’t vote for Obama by a much loser % that is racists.

    The 90% is racist in anyones book. Amazing how they twist that around.

  2. I have to tell you a funny thing that happened to me tonight. I went to my little corner market where the older gal that runs it is a Hillary supporter. We always chat a bit when I go in, and I was asking her if she knew that there were “57 states in union…maybe that is what Obama means by change”.

    She hadn’t heard about that, but about that time a couple came in and jumped into the conversation.

    They said, matter-of-factly, “There are 57 Muslim states”.

    I said what? Are you sure? They said “look it up”.

    So of course, I did. There are 57 states in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the OIC.

    The primary goals of the OIC are, according to its Status, “to promote solidarity among all Islamic member states.”

    Now, they are a group recognized by our government. President George W. Bush announced on June 27 2007 that the United States will establish an envoy to the OIC.

    Bush said of the envoy “Our special envoy will listen to and learn from representatives from Muslim states, and will share with them America’s views and values.”[2] Sada Cumber became the US representative on March 3, 2008.

    Still, it is one of those things that make you go “hmmmmmm….”

  3. I just read thru the last thread. Consider this my last post. If you guys can’t see the trolls within your midst then this isn’t worth it. Sing “Kumbayah” if you like, but being a fighter doesn’t mean buying their bullshit. I have better places to spend my time. It’s been a great year, but fuck it all. I can still make a difference elsewhere, and obviously either trolls or retards (i.e Sonia) are allowed. I will not be associated with that.

    Toodles. Those who know how to reach me may do so whenever they need me. i have my network built, and my research at hand.

    Hillary will be 44 in spite of them.

  4. These blurbs, in the NYT and now WaPo, are killing me.
    BTW, that BO bit about 57 muslim states is stunning.

    Clinton is expected to win West Virginia by a wide margin Tuesday, the sixth-to-last primary state.
    But she will still likely trail in pledged delegates and superdelegates, reducing her odds of winning the nomination, in the words of one of her own senior officials, to about 2 percent.

  5. okie,

    sad day…
    maybe i’ll leave too…

    i like you admin, i do, but people have been disappointed that you have not policed this place…
    i get emails, they love you, but its not the same…

    there is good work going on here.
    but lets face it, there are alot of fakes here.

  6. mj Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 12:54 am
    WTH? Can her people can it?

    I agree, why can’t they keep their mouths shut

  7. I mean, seriously. Why do they say that stuff? It’s basically a dead heat and I really could care less about pledged delegates. Neither of them will come close in pledged delegates.

  8. today rush was making fun of obama,s 57states comment too —

    he did mention that there r 57 mslim countries

    so anyway new name for obama

    Barack W.57 Obama (w-waffles)

  9. Voter Turnout Tommorow in WV

    In 2004: 1.2 million votes.
    In 2008: 2.3 million votes.

    So..about double.

    In West Virginia:

    In 2004: 252,000 voted. Also, in 2004, the primary was held in May, and Kerry had ALREADY won the delegate number.
    Sounds good popular vote wise.

    If we can get a 500,000 turnout and a 65-35 split, she nets 150,000 votes.

    70-30 – she nets 200,000 votes – will get even with his gains from NC.

  10. May 12) BO cancells Lexington (Lex18 News)

    Obama was due to hold a meeting with nurses at the University of Kentucky, but event was canceled by campaign late today because obama had to return to Washington after the Louisville rally for an undisclosed matter.

    He’s going to Washington for an Undisclosed Matter???wonder what he’s going to Washington for? I heard to vote on an important matter But do you think he’s going to vote on something??? His record on actually voting is pretty slim to none.

  11. I still believe he is a muslin. Does anyone know about the muslim religon? I thought once you are a muslim
    you are still considered a muslim in their religion. This man is nothing but a Big Fake

  12. Nurses know better, especially in KY, they’ve endorsed her anyways.

    Don’t you know he is planning his celebration party where they will play “Got 99 Problems but a bitch ain’t one”!?!?! Duh!? 😉

    If we get a huge margin tomorrow, say 70-30, and then follow up with a 60-40 or better in KY, lose Oregon by like 3 points (Maybe), and then win Puerto Rico on June 1st, and get the MI and FL situation dealt with on the 31st or around then, we have the popular vote lead, especially if PR turns out. Let’s get 1 million in PR out for Hillary, 2 million voted for the last election for governor, and there are around 6 million islanders, let’s whoop his snobby ass back to the southside of Chicago where he can sulk in his mansion and plot which votes he is going to skip for the next congressional term.

  13. neetabug Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 1:22 am

    neeta –its worst than that –

    my nieghbor is a muslim . very sweet guy ,very gentle man ,
    but muslims don,t even like to eat from same plate as christians,,,because they say -they eat pork and they r dirty

    plus muslims have this thing that they r the superior than anybody ,they are arrogant thinking that only muslims will go to heaven and non muslims go to hell .

    they prefer not to eat from any american place
    my nieghbor will never eat from my home
    they allowed 4 wives ,and a wife is like servant ,

  14. What’s with BHO and flag pin. Puleeze. So patronizing. And the nerve to head to FL and MI. His entire campaign is insulting to the intelligence of the people.

  15. hawk Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 1:24 am


    he played that song in iowa too -and young boys were singing along

    he recently did the flip too -and take dirt off the shoulders action

    why -why-msm does not look at that

    in pa -he was campaigning around women
    so he goes ;how i can get u to vote for me , how about a kiss;;;
    i mean is that what a candidate supposed to say

  16. and he says he is not elistist

    i mean he was shopping for grocery in pa ,,

    he$100 per pound ham —

    so yeah we cling to religion

  17. he bought it

    don,t know if he was just doing it to show off that he eats pork

    but hill website had a very good pic of him playing in club,drinking and buying that expensive ham —

  18. That’s a horrible article. I hope many don’t read it. She’s running for VP? She is trying to create conflict? he’s nearly clinched the nom? Like hell he has. Neither will come close in pledged delegates.

  19. Someone stated here they wanted her to sign stating she would not run in 2012? If this is the reason i hope i am wrong. She better not take the VP spot. I will never vote for that ticket.

  20. Neeta, no matter the outcome, when this is all over, I am going to write a book about it, and I am going to need to keep in contact with you.

    Ok who are “they” that wanted her to sign something saying she wouldn’t run in 2012?

  21. I’m basically flattened by some of these quotes in WaPo & NYT,
    which are hard to take as anything other than waving the white flag.

    WTF happened to the strategy of going to the convention, of fighting on the merits of (possibly) winning the popular vote, of winning the big states, of winning the electoral count, of waiting to see what happens to BO when republicans sink their teeth into him?

    All that adds up to a 2% chance? Can it be?

    I’m reminded of that Larouche article which cited a menacing threat
    (which hasn’t been picked up by anyone anywhere) but then the Clintons have lived under such conditions for years.

    It’s not an overstatement to say I’ve pinned my hopes on the one tidbit I heard before on CNN, which reported that Chelsea has been dispatched to Puerto Rico.

  22. Not registered for the Financial Times, but this preview blurb is enough to show what democrats will face with BO as their candidate;

    Core Democrats question Obama’s love of country

    By Andrew Ward in Williamson, West Virginia

    Published: May 12 2008 03:00 | Last updated: May 12 2008 03:00

    Like most people in Mingo County, West Virginia, Leonard Simpson is a lifelong Democrat. But given a choice between Barack Obama and John McCain in November, the 67-year-old retired coalminer would vote Republican.

    “I heard that Obama is a Muslim and his wife’s an atheist,” said Mr Simpson, drawing on a cigarette outside the fire station in Williamson, a coalmining town of 3,400 people surrounded by lush wooded hillsides.

  23. MJ,
    Weigh in on me @ 2:14, would ya?
    And keep in touch w/me if you’re writing a book.

  24. Bill Clinton calls mail election a challenge
    Ballots – Oregon’s 19 days of voting make it harder to campaign, the former president says
    Tuesday, May 13, 2008
    The Oregonian

    TILLAMOOK — In his second of three straight days of crisscrossing Oregon campaigning for his wife, former President Clinton said the state’s innovative vote-by-mail system is challenging for candidates who are trying to run campaigns in several states at once.

    Clinton is working to drum up more votes for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, who is competing with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. The two campaigns are competing in the Kentucky, Oregon and West Virginia primaries.

    Speaking to about 700 people outside the Tillamook Cheese Factory on Monday, Clinton made it sound like the joke was on the candidates when it comes to mail balloting.

    “It’s hilarious,” he said, explaining that the state figured out a way to hold elections and make it difficult for campaigns to know who has voted.

    The close race between Sens. Clinton and Obama has led to unprecedented campaign visits this spring in Oregon, which usually doesn’t get much attention because the May primary normally is too late to make any difference. Clinton and Obama were here last weekend and are scheduled to return at the end of this week for more campaigning.

    State elections officials reported about 13 percent of Oregon’s 2 million voters cast ballots by the end of Sunday. Oregon is the only state in the nation that gives voters 19 days to vote.

    After five campaign appearances from Baker City to Portland on Sunday, Clinton made another five appearances Monday in Astoria, Newport, Corvallis, Eugene and Tillamook.

    Today, he is scheduled to speak in Roseburg, Grants Pass and Klamath Falls.

    Oregonians welcome the attention, saying it gives them historic opportunities to see the candidates as well as the former president.

    “It’s very rare that someone like this comes to Tillamook,” said Steven Wagner of Tillamook. Wagner, 59, noted that, as a kid, he also had seen John F. Kennedy campaign in Tillamook in 1960, before he was elected president.

    After speaking for close to an hour in Tillamook, Clinton appeared before about 800 people in Newport.

  25. hi hillfans. i have to work tuesday eve. i wish i can be here on primary night with you all. anyway hoping for a 150,000 to 200,000 vote margin. YAY!

  26. the one big advantage of having a all mail-in vote is NO DAMN EXIT POLLS! just count the vote please. just gives talking heads to chew on for hours if you ask me.

  27. Of course, Blue, we’ll keep in touch on my project. I’m not giving up yet. I can only imagine those quotes have little to do with elections and a lot more to do with the Dem Supers telling Hill they are going to back BO. Sorry pack of losers. But this is the Dems we are talking about. If they continue to depress her support like this, by clamoring around BO, she won’t be able to do what everyone expects she will do, which is win the pop vote. So, that is my take, what do you think?

  28. MJ,
    I ain’t NEVER giving up, and I just cannot believe as a (rather intense:) longtime Clinton watcher they have either. Not with so much ammunition on their side and so much on the line (not for them personally but for the country). Of course (potentially) giving up on the nomination and ruling out an independent run aren’t the same thing, but…..

    Obvious vote-suppression tactics everywhere, DEFCON 5 in that regard.
    Is it enough? Guess we have to see the numbers tomorrow. But if the campaign, acting off internals is making statements like this, what could it mean?
    And none of this takes into account what I considered the real game, which isn’t votes or SD’s, but waiting to see when BO gets the full-on treatment and his one-time media whores shift to their real job of lifting McCain, and what that all looks like by August. So I just don’t know…

  29. One last thing I just thought of MJ; we never saw anything resembling the morbid comments of tonight in the papers since the SD lead changed hands, I believe it was yesterday. Are the two related?

    I don’t know why they would be except as an outlier, but then everyone expects them to go with the flow when the real issues are decided.
    But as I understood it NOTHING is legally official until votes are cast in Denver. So why would be seeing this?

  30. Whoops, should say “expects them to go with the flow UNTIL the real issues are decided.”

  31. RezkoWatch FactChecker:

    NYT reports Obama is a Muslim by birth

    Edward N. Luttwak, a senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, wrote in the May 12, 2008, New York Times article, “President Apostate”:
    But it is a mistake to conflate his African identity with his Muslim heritage. Senator Obama is half African by birth and Africans can understandably identify with him. In Islam, however, there is no such thing as a half-Muslim. Like all monotheistic religions, Islam is an exclusive faith.

    As the son of the Muslim father, Senator Obama was born a Muslim under Muslim law as it is universally understood. It makes no difference that, as Senator Obama has written, his father said he renounced his religion. Likewise, under Muslim law based on the Koran his mother’s Christian background is irrelevant.

    Of course, as most Americans understand it, Senator Obama is not a Muslim. He chose to become a Christian, and indeed has written convincingly to explain how he arrived at his choice and how important his Christian faith is to him.

    His conversion, however, was a crime in Muslim eyes; it is “irtidad” or “ridda,” usually translated from the Arabic as “apostasy,” but with connotations of rebellion and treason. Indeed, it is the worst of all crimes that a Muslim can commit, worse than murder (which the victim’s family may choose to forgive).

    The conservative controversial blog Little Green Footballs, which had “raised the issue” on February 11, 2007, commented:

    After relentlessly labeling anyone who brings up the issue of Barack Obama’s Muslim origins as a bigot, a racist, or a lunatic, suddenly this morning the New York Times publishes an op-ed that actually admits Obama was born a Muslim—and that it might cause serious problems in an Obama presidency.

    Luttwak foresees possible problems with Muslim countries:

    At the very least, that would complicate the security planning of state visits by President Obama to Muslim countries, because the very act of protecting him would be sinful for Islamic security guards. More broadly, most citizens of the Islamic world would be horrified by the fact of Senator Obama’s conversion to Christianity once it became widely known — as it would, no doubt, should he win the White House. This would compromise the ability of governments in Muslim nations to cooperate with the United States in the fight against terrorism, as well as American efforts to export democracy and human rights abroad.

    That an Obama presidency would cause such complications in our dealings with the Islamic world is not likely to be a major factor with American voters, and the implication is not that it should be. But of all the well-meaning desires projected on Senator Obama, the hope that he would decisively improve relations with the world’s Muslims is the least realistic.

  32. yall do know larouche is a criminal. an anti-semite and noted racist right? his group is a cult. nop im not joking. ive had experience with these people.

  33. Antisemitism & Fascism
    While LaRouche’s antisemitism is often veiled, he has written that Judaism is a kind of parasitic appendage to Christianity, that “a selfsustaining Judaism never existed and never could exist,” and that Jewish culture “is merely the residue left to the Jewish home after everything saleable has been marketed” to non-Jews.15 In the mid-1970s, LaRouche began incorporating claims of a vast Jewish conspiracy into his writing and the LaRouchites began to forge ties with persons from right-wing racist and antisemitic groups.16

    Antisemitic conspiracy theories were a core element of Hitler’s Nazi movement, and later, the Nazis encouraged homophobia-themes picked up by LaRouche and some of his followers. A top spokesperson of the Anti-Defamation League has said of LaRouche: “He is a small-time Hitler, if I can put it that way, in that he regurgitates many little things that Hitler did but he does it in a somewhat ambivalent way, in a somewhat camouflaged way.” 17

    Dennis King, author of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism, argues that often reporters avoid “the terms `fascist,’ and `neo-Nazi’ which alone could adequately express [LaRouche’s] aims and methods.”18 Former U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, however, used the terms “fascist” and “neo-Nazi” to warn of the danger posed by the LaRouche group. 19
    Sexism and Misogyny
    LaRouche has written about “Mothers’ Fears,” the many psychological problems of activists allegedly caused by their moms. An early LaRouchite editorial declared that “all across the U.S.A., there are workers who are prepared to fight. They are held back, most immediately, by pressure from their wives.” 2 Women in the LaRouche organization at the time report they were verbally attacked in long criticism sessions as “witches,” and “sadistic bitches” and were accused of “mother-dominating” the male members. 3

    One former member said she left the LaRouche group in disgust when told that women’s feelings of degradation were because female sexual organs are near the anus, thus causing women to confuse sex with excretion. 4

    LaRouche and some of his followers spread racist ideas that range from the absurd-such as the claim that Black musicians did not invent Jazz5-to the crude, as in the question posed by LaRouche in one essay: “Can we imagine anything much more viciously sadistic than the Black Ghetto mother?” 6 It’s not just Blacks LaRouche has a problem with. He has dismissed rural Chinese culture as “hideous muck” with its people “paralleling the behavioral stagnation of lower animal life.” 7 Elsewhere he dissed a group of Puerto Rican organizers as incompetent, which LaRouche asserted was tied to their being “almost totally sexually impotent.”8

    While the cultural accomplishments of people of color have been routinely dismissed by LaRouche, he regularly celebrates Eurocentric icons. We all become civilized, according to the LaRouchites, by learning to sing along with Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven; 9 reading the work of 17th century European scholars such as Leibniz; 10 and, surprise, studying the words of LaRouche.
    LaRouche was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison for federal conspiracy, mail fraud and tax law violations.28 Six of LaRouche’s aides and fundraisers also were convicted. Prosecutors argued that LaRouche “oversaw a fund-raising effort in which loans were solicited with false assurances to lenders,” according to the Washington Post.29

    The jury also found that the defendants showed “reckless disregard” because they failed “to mention the organization’s already severe financial difficulties and that top LaRouche officials never intended to repay the loans.”30 The Post added that nine of the lenders who testified, (“most of them elderly women,”) loaned a total of $661,300 to LaRouche’s organizations, with only $10,000 being repaid “at a time when LaRouche’s group spent $4.2 million on real estate in Virginia,” including improvements to LaRouche’s “200-acre Leesburg estate.”31 The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the conviction of LaRouche and his six associates, and LaRouche served 5 years in prison before being paroled in 1994.32

    Scores of victims of LaRouchite financial misdeeds, however, told a different story to reporters across the country, revealing a pattern in which some fundraisers for the LaRouche group victimized the elderly (among others) through aggressive fundraising and dubious investment schemes, and failed to repay tens of millions of dollars in loans. Several told of buying LaRouchite publications with their credit card and then seeing huge unexpected charges on their monthly statement-charges that were difficult if not impossible to have removed. Some told of purchasing printed matter from LaRouchite literature tables and then finding themselves listed as making a campaign donation to LaRouche’s Presidential committee. LaRouche campaign “donations” were submitted by the LaRouche group for federal Presidential campaign matching funds paid for with tax dollars.33

  34. There are potentially two campaigns to consider here.

    As if no one knew, the first is to get Hillary elected President. I have no intention of giving up on that, but my optimism will be drastically weakened if Blue Democrat and B. Merryfield throw in the towel. Until then, I still have hope.

    If worse comes to worst, then the second campaign would be to keep that dangerous man from becoming President. To me, he is not just the lesser candidate, but someone I would dread having as President. The amount of damage he could do is unmeasurable.

    Let’s win the first campaign before we worry about the second one.

  35. okieatty

    you are absolutely right. this place is completely contaminated. it has been a great year and hope to see you guys elsewhere where we can have civil, constructive discussions.

    take care, all.

  36. alcina, there are a lot of people here whjo are not trolls, certainly not the last few commentors.

    Taylor Marsh is very low on the troll quotent if you are unsure around here.

  37. Sherm,
    Said it once, say it again; I ain’t never giving up.
    Can’t say it’s easy right now, but there’s a lot apparently I don’t understand, as discussed previously.

    From the NY Daily News;

    Clinton is expected to make up some ground in West Virginia, where she is heavily favored to win the primary Tuesday. Both candidates campaigned hard there Monday, with Clinton and aides saying they hoped a big turnout would help her narrow Obama’s popular vote lead.

    “Let’s get a big vote here,” Clinton urged customers at Tudor’s Biscuit World in Charleston.

    At the same time, senior Democratic Party officials and some Clinton staffers were mulling the possible terms of Clinton’s surrender, possibly within the next 10 days.

    “We’re trying to work out a classy exit strategy that helps the party and helps Barack, but mostly helps her and protects Bill’s legacy,” said one Democratic elder involved in the talks.

    Some Clinton aides, according to this source, want her to bow out tomorrow after obliterating Obama in West Virginia. That would be better than waiting until next Tuesday, they point out, when she’s expected to win Kentucky but lose to Obama in Oregon.

    But anyone who thinks Clinton will drop out soon heard another message from her finance chairman, Terry McAuliffe.
    “I can unequivocally tell you we are in till June 3,” McAuliffe told MSNBC. “She is going to be the nominee, she is going to win the general election.”

  38. ADMIN!

    CONGRATS for a terrific, thorough and important article!

    I’m cutting and pasting this one! 😀

  39. OKIE, SKMF, ALCINA, MJ and others.

    I’m listed at Hillbilly’s site under members. PLEASE contact me there. I would hate to lose touch with any of you. If you can’t get into the members page, contact administration and they will forward me your messages.



  40. MJ,

    It is precisely that defensive posture that got us into this fix.

    Fucktards is, I believe, the phrase you’re looking for…..

  41. Curiosity,

    You too! Please stay in touch! I love your writing.

    BTW- what did you mean about my comments appearing at another site? Can you link them, or email me at hillbilly’s? I don’t know what you’ve seen.


  42. you’re leaving Basil?

    It’s been a pleasure. All the best.

    Christ, what a miserable start to this fucking day.

  43. Well, Blue, I am not going anywhere. jesus, people see it through. The way I see it the SDs have two choices; win or give BO the nom and lose. I think in the end they will want to win.

  44. Well MJ, I’m going to work, but that’s about it.

    I cannot understand what happened to so suddenly force this ‘surrender’. Why not go to the convention? For the party’s sake?

    That’s a joke.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if every single person around them, even McAuliffe, were leaking this stuff and saying it through the papers as a way to let them hear it without hearing it directly.
    But I could very very easily see Bill & Hill refusing to discuss it.

    Why send Chelsea to PR? As a vacation, a break from campaigning?
    Something’s not adding up here.

  45. Ha! McAulliffe just called Matthews “BO’s campaign manager” to his face on Morning Joe.

  46. basil9:

    I’m not leaving this site and going anywhere. I want be intimidated or shoved out by hate-mongerers who are ruthless, coniving and out for blood. Hell no. I won’t be bullied into obscurity. Trolls whatever can be in front, behind, – whatever. Last I checked – there is freedom of the press and I won’t be intimidated by thugs on Hillary hate sites. This site is too important for trolls or anyone else to bully me. What’s the saying – “truth shall set you free?”

    Scary how deranged individuals can take statements and construe however they wish, and then critique – as if they know what in the hell they’re talking about. Anyone affiliated with pushing BHO with a website that states “Hillary Death Watch” and shows her slowly drowning is one sicko. THAT is what’s telling.

  47. That’s funny Blue Democrat. I would have loved to see that but I just can’t stand the sight of Tweety.

  48. basil9-

    I’ll explain at HillBilly’s because you need to know so you can act on as well. Have to leave for now, Later.

  49. Well, TMac again saying all the way to PR. Says he’ll also ‘throw Montana in the mix’ as an upset along with wins in KY & WV.

  50. I don’t know where all this troll talk is coming from. Absurd. I’ve seen no evidence of that here. But as Hill says, “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”

    I’ve seen nothing here but hard working supporteres who have worked, donated, blogged and supported each other.

  51. Aha, yes, I think she will win Montana, maybe even SD. You know what, Hill will remain in ntil the end. She has and will have won most of the remaining contests since February when Obama peaked. Take it to the convention. Why give up when you are almost there?

  52. blue, mj,

    NO!!!!! I’m not going anywhere! But a few of 44’s most revered posters have said they may stop participating here and since they’re not listed at hillbillt’s I want to be sure to give them my info so we can stay in touch! i have learned so much from people here and I would hate to lose contact with them, that’s all.

    BTW – Blue, mj, I’m still working my way through the Pringle condensing. What a plot!
    !HRC is going to have an AMAZING day!!!!!! 😀

  53. OkieAtty and others,

    I really hope you change your mind and stay. I haven’t been posting much lately but I do lurk and read all of your posts. I don’t know much about trolls, if there are any, I plan to just ignore them, but please stay and keep fighting for Hillary. 🙂

  54. MJ,
    “Why give up when you are almost there?”
    Fucking A! To hear these unnamed grand poo-baahs, it’s about leverage w/BO and dictating what Hill might want. F that noise.

    Something I forgot to mention that was spot on. Krauthammer on FOX last night talked the amazing turnaround when it came to SD’s.

    When BO was wracking up bogus caucus wins without the help of working people, it was said these SD ‘hacks’ would upset the applecart and ‘give it to Hillary.’
    But when Hill started winning they suddenly became ‘party elders’.
    Truth is, he said, they were hacks then and now, looking to go with the winner. All the more reason to stay in, IMO.

    What kind of ‘winner’ is BO going to look like in 3 months, especially now that the NYT signified the start of open season on him with first a 7-page expose & then an editorial on his technically being born muslim?

    BTW, check RezkoWatch today for Pt II of that article, hopefully something earth-shattering is there. Gotta go!

  55. admin, you are so right about the Congressional Dems and Bill Clinton.

    Thank you for saying that!

  56. Just heard Terry call Tweety BHO’s campaign manager on m.Joe.Mika is having hormonal spasms over BO and Terry.Joe better get rid of this love struck sicko.
    Get ready for the second shoe to drop today when Evelyn Pringle’s part two findings are released to yhe public. The October Surprise is coming early in May Barack.Read it and weep.BO take MO and Go.The lady in the Pantsuit made it happen right on schedule.Our beautiful Lady will win,The old Dog can still Hunt and we will get our country back on track.

    Oh what a beautiful morning!!!! ABM90

  57. Morning Hill fans…….

    it was great to have a great relaxing weekend no tv!! no news!! …yet i still missed this blog and all of you 😀

    but how disappointing it is to come back to all the In-fighting and calling each other trolls and talk about leaving.

    I think this site needs to “CHILL-OUT” everyone needs to get over it and get on with supporting Hillary!

    I must say, I have not really seen a troll here, I haven’t always liked some things posted, but i wouldn’t go so far
    as to say they are trolls……….but let’s face it, the trolls troll here everyday……we’ve known it, it’s nothing new!!!
    Hi BEN Smith!!!

  58. ABM,

    You know something?! Do tell.

    Hehe, if Pringle does have something explosive, I’d luv to see Hill read it during her victory speech tonight!

    Coast-to-Coast Baby!

  59. Another nomination contest is upon us. For those familiar with Florida politics, you might remember the now deceased former Democratic Senator and Governor Lawton Chiles. He is most famous in the Sunshine State for his come-from-behind re-election victory over Jeb Bush. He was written off by the media who had decided on behalf of the citizens that it was time for Chiles to retire from politics. Well, as does happen from time to time, the people had other ideas. It was a squeaker, but nonetheless, he won. Out of that contest came a saying now famous in Florida that’s worth repeating with a gender modification on behalf of Hillary’s contest today in WV. It was a Chiles self-description that somehow captured his tenacity of not giving in when the odds were against him. The saying is credited with giving him the win. It somehow fits the today’s State (WV) and situation:

    “the old she-coon (that) walks just before the light of day,”

    Good luck Hillary. We still believe.

  60. One final thought and then I must get to work because getting unnecessarily canned in Bush’s economy isn’t smart.

    Trying to make sense of this surrender talk, and the only thing I can come up with aside from the ‘leverage’ argument is a scenario where it pleases the total scumbags in the media & in the party that have worked so hard steal this away from Hill – and some of the SD’s, who’ve sided with BO.
    In such a scenario, going out ‘classy’, with some type of newfound admiration, as was mentioned in today’s NY Daily News piece would lead to some positive coverage, and perhaps someone would even say a kind word or two about the Clinton years in the coming months.

    And that’d make it that much easier for SD’s to come over after BO gets carpet bombed, and Hill has to ride in on the white horse.

    Welcome to the inside of my head. I know… it ain’t pretty.

  61. I think what confuses me is that one the one hand Obama is stating he is having a party on the 20th to announce he has won and on the other hand Brazille is saying Hillary should stay in until after June 3rd?

  62. Has it occurred to any one other than me on this site that Hillary is taking a longer view of her candidacy than people may give her credit for? Why not fight it down to the last possible minute, not giving an inch to the other camp, but at the same time, not destroying your links with your friends and supporters in the Party (who make their living in that crazy profession). If you get it this time, fine. Let’s go for it. If you don’t, well you know the other guy is not going to win in November (you’ve made sure of that while smiling at the same time smart girl). Four years will fly by like the wind. In two years, your new exploratory committee will be established, you will still have all of our email lists for fundraising, and off we go. Four short years of John McCain (he will need to retire by 2012 anyway) and then we finally get our first woman President. Hence nothing we are doing here and now will go to waste. Not a bit of it. Isn’t life wonderful!

  63. Good morning everyone! Are we ready for a huge victory today or what! If hillary can get a huge turnout today that will look great and question Obama on is popular votes or electoral map! We really need to get that map and give it to all supers!

  64. The physology they are using on the country is interesting. After Iowa he has won. What % of the Democrats in the country was that, and it is a red state After NH and NV he will win, but that did not work out. After Super Tueday he will win. Well that did not quit work out. After OH TX he will win, again no. After PA, of course that he did not win. Who ever wins IN will be the candidate. That did not work out. He said she did not win by enough. In the Democratic office here the Obama people said it would be over after IN, but it was not. Now they are going to have a party on the 30th, as it will be over before PR. The victories, regardless of the number, in WV and KY somehow will be spun as not important. The MI and FL people cannot be seated until they support Obama.

    The media acts like it attends his briefings.

    I thought the American Press was suppose to protect us from this. We saw a Russian jornalists killed because he told the truth. So What has happened to American Journalism that they don’t want to fight this, don’t want to expose things in Obama background. Of course we know that the SDs are being promised and given campaign contributions.

    What happened to the poll yesterday. I saw 80% of the people wanted the candidate selected by the popular vote. So we have the Obama camp which seems to include the media, and then you have the American Public which say it should be popular vote and every vote counted.

    So how do they get away with this?

  65. ABM,
    Did you read Part 1, yesterday? I’m still trying to summarize it in a page or 2 for everyone here but it is so intricate and convoluted! I can’t wait to see part 2.

    One of the main points I came away with is that the Democrats and the Repubs KNOW that Waffles is unelectable. Pringle’s thesis (so far) is that the bi-partisan “Illinois Combine,” headed by Rezko and Blagojevich, which is presently being investigated by the US Justice Dept,. is desperate to stop Operation Board Games because the trail leads directly to Iraq.

    The Rezko Trial gained prominence because of the timing. His is the first in what is to be a string of trials and his indictment happened to coincide with Obama’s WH bid. His name appeared on the 230-person witness list for the Rezko trial.

    The connections between Rezko and Alsammarae, appointed the Iraq Minister of Energy by Paul Bremmer, go back to the 1970’s when he and Rezko were in school together in Chicago.

    Alsammarae and Rezko struck a deal to build Iraqi power plants. Alsammarae was charged with corruption and fraud after millions of US taxpayer dollars disappeared in the Iraq reconstruction, was imprisoned, escaped with the help of an American protection agency called Dyncorp, and returned to the US. He and the Iraqi-born billionaire, Auchi, have been involved with Rezko for decades through Rezko’s company Rezmar, which is a real estate company connected with the billion-dollar Riverside Park project, now owned by Auchi, who is banned from entering the US..

    Henry Waxman, held hearings about the Iraqi corruption but Condoleeza Rice refused to answer questions about the fraud and Prime Minster Maliki’s decree that no Iraqi officials could be indicted without his approval, suggests the US is involved in the cover-up. Waxman asked if Maliki’s corruption was worth protecting at the expense of 4000 American casualties and 28,000 wounded.

    Karl Rove is said to be one of the masterminds behind the scenes, and Rezko and Rove are trying to get US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, of Scooter Libby fame, removed from the Rezko trial and replace him with a more cooperative AJ appointed by Dennis Hastert.

    I know this is convoluted, which is why I’m having a hard time summarizing the 31 page Pringle report, but I will end this segment with the fact the Illinois Combine planned to have Iraqi police trained for power plant security at the Savanna Army Depot in western Illinois.

    Obama and Blagojevich were tied to Rezko’s bid-rigging Iraqi power plant scandal with Alsammarae and Auchi when the Rezko company COMPANION tried to carry out the original Rezmar contract a year after Alsammarae was imprisoned and fled the country.

    I will continue later.

  66. basil9,

    Who in the media can we give that info to or on the radio? We must get this televised and the only ones would be abc or FOX so what can we do. Should we send this to the supers!

  67. winhillary,

    I have no idea but Evelyn Pringle is the jounalist who has been working on this. She’s a contributor on and B. Merryfield at Rezkowatch has been posting her reports.

    I’m simply trying to understand the scam as well as provide a service for those at Big Pink who don’t have time to wade through the 31 page doc. Parts 2 and 3 are supposed to be out soon.

    I recommend you read the entire report. it is eye-opening.

  68. Has anyone heared what the voter atmosphere is in WV in terms of ligh, medium, heavy voting?

  69. I am assuming that most of you read today that it is rumored (it is likely just a trial balloon to see what the public reaction is or I am hoping it is at least ) that McCain’s top choice for VP is Mike Huckabee. Maybe those who prematurely defected to the GOP might want to get on his blog and express your displeasure. McCain is no spring chicken and although I am certain he is in good health, he does run a higher statistical risk of dying in office than either Hillary or Obambi. If McCain gets into the White House, do we really want to have someone who does not believe in evolution occupying the most powerful office in the world, in case the worse scenario happens? Or it could get even worse; McCain could lose against an Obama ticket.

    With the Democratic leadership hell bent on putting forth their worse candidate and the GOP potentially fielding a McCain-Huckabee ticket, maybe it finally spells the end of America’s long tradition of being a multi-party republic. We may just evolve into a non-party state, since both parties may no longer have the capacity of fulfilling their responsibility of fielding qualified persons for the electorate to choose from. Next time we can save ourselves lots of time and trouble by choosing the next president by lottery. The odds are better getting someone good.

    Come on Hillary. Save America from itself!

  70. If you get phone numbers for people in Puerto Rico to call through the Hillary Clinton website, will those phone numbers all be for people who speak in English? I don’t know any Spanish, other than the English/Spanish notices on the bus.

    How many of you speak fluent Spanish?

  71. basil9: I really admire you ability to convey clarity and substance in your take of the Pringle documentary. Bein 90 and with only a High school education,it is very challenging for me to keep up with all that is said about the current events. Everything we discuss today in this new century,was never imagined or even predicted in my early years.There was always hope and growing without money was just the way things were always going to be unless we got to work and make things happen.There was no welfare ,just immense posibilities and the dream of marrying,buying a home and having children was not an impossible dream.Times have changed,and I believe the enemies within are far more dangerous than those without. basil9 we are going to win this fight with Hillary out in front and leading us back to sanity

    Thank you for you contribution to our cause ABM90

  72. I tried to get on mancow and they are such assholes on that radio. We don’t take seminars, whatever! They asked what campaign I was on and I just said I wanted to talk about Rezko, I guess that does not fly with mancow, I can’ stand that guy anyways!

  73. Does anyone out there know what the Nicragua (sp.) Obama, oil connection is. Why is he involved with negotiations with the leader?

  74. If we get Obama are economy will fall! Obama once said that he would have his advisors do is work because he never knows where is paper work is! Im going to move quick!

  75. Okie, please don’t run out on us! When the going gets disgusting, Hill doesn’t run away, saying oh phew you all stink – she rises above it! I know sonia is a screaming thread hog with no respect for others, but I just skip her crap and read on because there’s a lot of good stuff here. Please, people you have done so much good here. This is no time to quit.
    Hey, what about those union guys fighting for Hill and ready to take the fight to Denver!
    Good go at summarizing, B9 – what fascinating stuff! Going now to see if Part II is there.

  76. Irish,

    I don’t know much about the Obama-Nicaragua connection but i do know Nicaragua, the Sandanistas and Daniel Ortega were supported by leftist American groups including I believe, the Ayers, the BPP, etc.

    What ariticle are you referring to? Do you have a link?

  77. Ok guys we can send all the tony rezko to they have a email site and maggy hillarys sup does read them, just do it in bold, I know you hate it but if it stands out lets do it! She needs to have an add about his dealings with this guy, because the media will only report if it is something they can’t ignore!

  78. winhillary,

    Or just refer her to rezkowatch and Evelyn Pringle at
    they are the ones really digging into this scandal.

  79. Okie
    Please do not go. I often peruse the whole day in one sitting and your voice is always refreshing after a long day. And if you leave are you not giving the bots what they want?
    Paddy4hill where did you read Huckabee was being seriously considered?

  80. We need to be as tough as Senator Clinton.

    I am told in the 1950s the Southern Delegates walked out on the Democratic Convention in protest. We also know that Kennedy took it to the Convention.

    It did not obviously kill the Democratic Party.

    Scare tactics are always used when you are afraid that something might not happen. You have to ask why. If they have the confidence they can win this, why have they all along used scare tactics.

  81. I’m on the BM, CNN, MSNBC and TV news 12-step program and I have watched NO TV news for the past few days.
    but I did see this at TM and found it interestng.

    “…. on Morning Joe this morning, just before the show cut away and when Tweety and Axelrod thought they were off, Tweety said to Axelrod “You know WV is going to be a problem?” and Axelrod said “I know it is.”

    They’re looking for a youtube clip, now.

  82. Henry, on some press report on-line. I have deleted it from my mail, but I am sure a Google search will turn it up. I do remember the reporter saying it was not the first time he had heard it. Let’s hope it is just that, a rumor. Morphing into a Democrat for McCain was to be my golden parachute if we got licked, and this could alter that course of action (maybe).

  83. Re: Nicaragua oil story

    I will try to find the link. I sent a copy of the article to FOX, Hillary’s campaign, Lou Dobbs. I think it might have been from Marsh’s website.

    I saw that writer for the NYT, Herbert, on TV this morning. He accuses the Clintons of bringing race into this campaign since the beginning. His attitude stunk and I didn’t agree with one thing he said. However, he left the impression with me that Hillary should get out now and give it to Obama because he is the first black to be in contention and she can’t win anyway. Why would AAs want to win a presidency for that reason. Wouldn’t they want a candidate to walk away with the presidency because he is the best qualified candidate and would be forever known as a great president. Obama is trouble with a capital T.

    Growing up I remember people saying AAs always want a hand out. I never believed it because even as a little girl I believed they were exactly like whites other than their color. We didn’t think like that in my family so I naively thought they felt the same way we did.

    This campaign however has taught me several different things that I never knew.
    1. AA hate white people
    (at least 90% of them)
    2. Obama’s wife is pissed because she had to pay her college fees back
    3. AAs want the presidency handed to Obama because he is black
    4. AAs have no idea how white people really feel about civil rights (90% of them anyway)
    5. AAs don’t care that white college kids protested and died trying to change this country
    6. AAs want reparations from people who had nothing to do with slavery

    I never thought I was a racist before this campaign. Now I don’t know because I am a lot wiser now and not so naive.

    Just some rambling thoughts for you guys. Am I alone thinking like this?.

  84. paddy4hill
    i was distressed when i read the huckabee theory especially being a gay man. but i still believe i would vote for mccain as overturning a supreme court decision is not an easy thing and i believe the democratic party is attempting to hold those of us who value the right to privacy captive. less than a month ago Dean went on and on about how it was madness for a gay man to be a republican. At the time I thought it odd that the chairman of the dnc would make such a contraversial statement as gay marriage was such an important issue in the last election. we are not going to go back on the gay front as advertisers know what they can get. I do however fear that they will attempt to paint a republican elected will result in r v w being overturned. don’t know alot about the law but i was under the impression that the supreme court based its decisions on not only the constitution but also precedent and as thus I think it would be very difficult to overturn even by the appointment of two judges. Correct me if I am wrong.

  85. Irish, in America people have the right to vote for whomever they wish within certain perimeters. If Santa Claus was running against Hillary and all the little elves were voting for Saint Nic, would I be mad at those nice elves that make the toys for good girls and boys?

    Come on. This is an old story. Just about every ethnic group has already done this before. I am happy that the AAs get their turn at the plate. They deserve it. They have paid their dues. What I am not happy about are all the other bums who are taking advantage of the AA’s natural pride in their favorite son, such as cynical political bosses, neo-libs, etc. They are such a vile, low caste bunch of scum bags that have no scruples.

    We should place the blame at the right door.

  86. This is a Jake Tapper piece from 5/8, perhaps you’ve already seen it…But it is worth putting forth because if you’ve seen any of the Talking Head shows, most of the commentariat we’re saying the “game is over”. They don’t like reality because it is messy and inconvenient.

    Obama May Declare Victory Before Winning
    May 08, 2008 5:17 PM

    In an interview with Brian Williams on NBC, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, said that he may declare victory on May 20 after winning the Oregon primary (assuming he does) — even though he will not have reached the magic number of 2,205 delegates.

    “That will be an important day,” Obama said. “If at that point we have the majority of pledged delegates, which is possible, then I think we can make a pretty strong claim that we’ve got the most runs and it’s the ninth inning and we’ve won.”

    Except of course that this isn’t a fight for a majority of pledged delegates. It’s a fight for the majority of total delegates — which includes superdelegates. And the number is 2,025. Not the majority of pledged delegates — the majority of total delegates.

    So to use a football analogy: Up by 14, Obama has the ball at Clinton’s 10 yard line with 30 seconds left. Clinton has been arguing with the ref to include touchdowns and field goals that they ruled illegitimate. Clinton has been trying to convince the refs to go into overtime, and she wants to move the goal posts into the stands.

    Now Obama wants the game to end early, and he wants the goal posts moved to the 10-yard line. This strikes me as possibly a huge miscalculation.

    – jpt

    UPDATE: The Obama campaign says that despite Obama saying on May 20 he may make the claim that his team has the most runs and “we’ve won,” he was not talking about winning the nomination, but rather winning an “important metric” — pledged delegates.

  87. paddy4hill,

    Hi pad. 😀

    The blame belongs squarely on Waffles doorstep. He is aware of the race-baiting, sexist tactics being used again HRC the same way he knew about Wright’s extremist views.

  88. rgb44hrc,

    Obama’s campaign are sure coming to his rescue a lot lately. He keeps putting his foot in his mouth. Axelrod also had to come to his rescue about his statement regarding paying off Hillary’s debts. That was a false one too.

  89. Henry, Huckabee is the standard bearer for the evangelical conservatives. They are currently the ones leading the anti-gay initiatives in the government at all levels, particularly state and local.

    The President is limited in his actions by the other branches and the constitution (somebody should tell Bush), and power is shared between the federal and state governments. So while a President Huckabee would have his hands tied to a certain extent, he could certainly make life more difficult for gays in order to satisfy his base.

  90. rjb,

    “The Obama campaign says that despite Obama saying on May 20 he may make the claim that his team has the most runs and “we’ve won,” he was not talking about winning the nomination, but rather winning an “important metric” — pledged delegate”

    Right. Like anyone would believe that. They thought they could get the cookie out of the jar before anyone noticed and the lid slammed down on their hand.

  91. Agreed Basil. And not those poor AAs he is taking advantage of. “There is a sucker born every minute.”

  92. paddy4hill
    if i am correct you are in china or somewhere in the south seas, so you are perhaps getting an entirely different perspective but i must tell you I have been called a racist for supporting Hillary. To those that i felt I could actually engage I asked why they felt that way. Response you are not voting for him because he is black. To which I inquired as to why they were going to vote for Obama? The answer because he’s a brother. When I informed that I had voted for Wilson goode and David Dinkens I was abruptly told well I was going to see come november cause then the Black man will be in control. Now I realise that the individuals who attacked me were coming from their own life experiences, but they did it on a downtown street in front of a lot of white people who were commuters and as such will generate a lot of silly hatred that should be a part of the past.

  93. Ok, off to bedlam. When I wake up I expect a better bit of news than I received last Wednesday morning.

    See ya all soon.

  94. Paddy4Hill
    I will still vote McCain if Hill is not nominee. Four years of backtracking beats what I fear Obama would cause.

  95. My responses to Irish1139:
    # Irish1139 Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 10:29 am

    This campaign however has taught me several different things that I never knew.
    1. AA hate white people (at least 90% of them)

    I don’t think this is fair to assert. Completely baseless. And inflammatory.

    3. AAs want the presidency handed to Obama because he is black

    Extremely valid point.

    4. AAs have no idea how white people really feel about civil rights (90% of them anyway)

    I can’t speak for AA’s.

    I never thought I was a racist before this campaign. Now I don’t know because I am a lot wiser now and not so naive. Just some rambling thoughts for you guys. Am I alone thinking like this?.

    If we could separate the wheat from the chaff, then we don’t risk losing our credibility. I think it is extremely important for Hillary’s supporters on this web site, other web sites, when making phone calls or canvassing, to represent her in a positive light.

    I think race and racial issues are fair game for discussion as it pertains to this nomination and the GE. But racist remarks and careless statements risk alienating AAs who could support Clinton, and alienating other Dems and Independents who don’t think racism is just “the way things are”.

  96. Henry,

    Let’s hope not. If they want war, then they will get it. Men just love to fight, don’t they? Read the history books. It is really HIS STORY. Wars, aggression, rape, plunder etc. Most of the examples you cite concern male stuff. I get sick of it sometimes. I am certain you are too.

    Let’s hope things cool down. And let’s hope even more Obama loses. If he gets into power, I agree with you that race relations may go through some tough times.

    Ok, good night.

  97. paddy4hill,
    goodnight and i huge thankyou as i always read your posts and have been the recipient of an education as a result.
    hill is 44
    and sweet dreams.

  98. Glad to see the site come back to normal. I was beginning to worry. Thanks, Admin. Okie, and other old timers, pl. come back.

  99. Irish1139 – your thoughts about AAs .. I have talked many people who are expressing these same points – you are far from alone in this. The Obamas have made much of the dregs of old AA hatred for whitey still lying around in various gutters. MLK tried so hard to help AAs to keep from thinking in that “you owe me” way because it’s a kind of negativity that cripples the soul and diminishes respect for AAs. ….. But I believe that all this will fade when we get past the election and Hillary is in the hot seat in the Oval Office. She really is a unifying negotiator. We who discussed this situation here where I live, found comfort in talking about it and resolved to trust that, in the words of Julian of Norwich, all shall be well.

    Some of our group are AAs who definitely do not share MO’s hatred. They said, “Not surprised she felt she wasn’t liked at Princeton – it wasn’t her skin, it was her bad attitude. She’s just not a nice person.”

    So, we want to be very wary of the labels, I think. Not many AA’s hate whites – did you hear AA Rev Manning who said Obama is the devil? He meant that Obama is harming the souls of AAs and of whites, alike – stirring up racial garbage and sowing mistrust among us. We need to be vigilant, wear our values like a shield against what we know is not the best of us, any of us.

  100. Irish1139,

    Not wanting to gang up on you, but throwing in generalizations like that are not helpful.

  101. It’s heart warming to see the unions standing tall behind Hill until the end. God bless them.
    Link at top of the page on TM.

  102. I was looking at those Electoral Vote graphics at the top of mydd this morning…

    In Obama v. McCain: 248 to 290. McCain wins by a landslide.
    In Hillary v. McCain: 291 to 247. Hillary beats McCain by MORE than McCain beats Obama.

    You’d think this would be transitive? If Hillary can kick McCain’s ass, and McCain can kick Obama’s ass, then it is obvious that Hillary will kick Obama’s ass.

    So, that is what I was thinking.

    McCain can go on to the American people cheerleading the war and hugging Bush and claiming he’s going to fix the economy with lowtax.

    But it isn’t going to work if Hillary is in there to kick McCain’s ass. And it WILL work if Obama’s in there.

    Why don’t these Obama cultists see the big picture?! The GE!!

  103. To:

    Dear Editor:

    It is inappropriate to ask Senator Clinton to get out of the race, and only serves to insult her supporters and underscore the double standards and fundamental lack of fairness that has characterized the entire Democratic primary process.

    A point or two will separate the two Democratic candidates by most measures going into the convention. And, now that Democratic voters have at last learned more about Barack Obama’s background, record and affiliations, he is losing significant support among key constituents. Fortunately, it is not too late to make a better choice.

    However, if the star-struck and misogynistic media, DNC and party “elders” insist on coronating Obama without counting Michigan and Florida votes, finishing the election, or holding a fair debate at the convention, then they will have to plan on winning the General Election without Florida or Michigan Democrats, women, or working class swing voters. And, on November 5th, you’ll have only yourselves to blame, fellas.


  104. lil o grape
    you are one of my favorites
    to add to that i grew up with parents who were married at 15 and 19 they busted thier asses so i could go to college but when i got there i learned that intelligence meant much less than articulation. I thought you could end a sentance with at. that the plural of you was yinz. i would omit my infinitives. I said i saw not I have seen. It hurt like hell but I learned, because I had to. MO”S response to her being has little to with white America but with elite America. she is not the only person who has had to compramize thier own history in order to excell.

  105. Irish1139 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 10:29 am
    Re: Nicaragua oil story

    irish sorry to interfere -u r an adult and this site is for everyone and we all havs free speech -and i never boss anybody around

    but pls let me tell u not to think like that , that be racist of urs . i know its easy to wanna think like that to feel even in what u feel is injustice to hillary or hillary supporters -but we start talking like that and start spreading these things then whats the difference between us and some of obama,s supporters –

    don,t take me wrong ,i did the same thing yesterday , after watching michelle,e youtube videos and pastor wright,s videos about bill and hillary –i ended up using very offensive word ,,but believe me a lot of people here corrected me and made me more better than i already thought i was

    so pls ,,,just point out the facts without using too much black,white ,and any insulting comments

    take care

  106. Anyone who can…

    Please MAKE CALLS



    More people voting = a bigger landslide victory!


    We can do it!!

  107. hallow Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 11:31 am

    hi how r u ?

    i am happy today

    we r going to win

    and i am sad
    cyclone in myamar
    earthquake in china
    5 bomb blasts in india (jaipur -my family is in delhi)….

    but still sad and ofcourse all those fires in florida and tornados in misouri (my parents r there)

  108. Hillary is on Senate Floor


    there are 4 bills up for vote and Hillary is there but Obama is late They said he is expected to show up but is not there yet MR WAFFLES — just eating waffles somewhere

  109. Do you think I could date somebody who would vote for McCain over Hillary? He asked me out. He would never vote for BHO at least…too proud for that.

  110. The Obama campaign is terrified.

    Why are the now pimping out George Mcgovern to write fake hair-brained schemes that are just are creative way to say “Hillary must quit now.” His New York Times comedy piece today is perfect for that shoddy rag. His plan for neither candidate to address each-other is blatantly authoritarian and anti-democratic, but in their quest for power the Obama campaign will do anything to win – including police state tactics of silencing your critics and only counting some of the votes.

    And now they have Mcgovern writing fake plans in the New York Times. Everyone know he has no intention of implementing anything he is speaking of, and is only trying to confuse the issue that obama is an unelectable bigot. Poor Mcgovern, caught up in the Wiles of the RICH WHITE PEOPLE running the Democratic Party.

  111. hallow

    look around you in this country

    how many different colors,cultures and religions –we have

    there is nothing wrong in it to date a rep –

    but do find out if his decision is based on hillay is a woman or he belives in mccain

    and u know what if u r political junkie and he is too –its gonna be fights

  112. hallow Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 11:53 am
    SONIA4HILLARY – He’s scrawny. I

    whats scrawny

  113. Thanks, Henry, I like you, too.
    The struggle to grow makes us strong. Most trust fund babies never quite grow up. Feel good about your life – you’ve earned your way.


    check out the snaps of hill rally yesterday

  115. Irish1139 –

    Are you still here? I do not agree with what you said, but I would defend to the death your right to say it. I grew up in the south. I’ve seen a lot of racism, and sometimes parts of it stick inside of me, even when I don’t want them to at all. I do not ever believe that 90% of AAs are against white people. Almost that many voted for Bill Clinton in the 90s, and they all supported Hillary Clinton until >:( came along. Who knows why. I don’t think it is a retaliation kind of thing. My mother, g-d bless her, can’t understand why the AAs would give two turds for him, as he is an “African Negro”, not an American one, who worked the the bone for this land and gave their sweat, blood, and tears for it. Obama is not one of them…the AAs I mean. I doubt he knows what real racism is like…when he moved to the continental U.S., he was already very privileged, going to college…eventually going to Columbia, right? Many of the AAs voting for him in the inner city don’t even have the opportunity to graduate from high school. They live in cold buildings in Chicago managed by Obama’s thug friends.

    One day, I know that many people out there will wake up. He isn’t their figurehead…he’s another false messiah.

  116. LesleyESF Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 11:58 am

    thank you so much

    we have problem with muslims there

    since india opened its buses from pskistan to india

    we have pakistani muslims eneter and they blasts —-

  117. SONIA4HILLARY – “Scrawny” means skinny, with no muscle. Obama didn’t have to work a hard job a single day in his life.

  118. I understand exactly how Irish feels as Chris Mathews started it with the Bradley effect bs after NH, and Obama mastered it in SC…..

  119. I read the same thing at TM. the significance is that voters were told to go to the internet to find their polling places. but I’m sure there are other ways to get that info with a phone call or two.

  120. oh

    skinny bones with no muscles

    kinda like a lot of speeches with no solutions


  121. Hollow, you are right. I apologize. I am just upset watching the idiots on TV this morning. Hillary deserves to win the presidency. She has done more for this country than Obama has ever done.

    I am mad because no matter what you say about Obama you get called a racist. It has been like that since SC and I am sick to death of it. I get so mad that I am now wearing the racist mantle like a badge of honor.

    You are absolutely correct Hollow regarding American AA which are the only ones I know. I have had great relationships over my lifetime and a lot of love for my AA friends. And I do apologize for offending anyone.

  122. YOU guys wanna hear something cute

    my 4 yr old -name david(dev)

    i just sent him to school (grandpa went to drop him off)
    so before he was leaving i told him to give me a big kiss

    he telles me quote:::i am not ur husband ,i am not ur honey ,take it from papa, i can just hug you ::

    i was left with my mouth open

  123. Irish1139 —

    I’ll say it as kindly as I can:

    EFF Bob Herbert. He is another wannabe Obama racial brownshirt, nothing more. Don’t pay him the slightest bit of attention — you’ll be in good company that way. He is a joke.

    The only ‘racism’ that has emerged from this campaign is that propogated by: Jackson, Jr., Clyburn; Amaya Smith; Michelle “black America will wake up” Obama; Doug “the convention will be chaos” Wilder; and numerous other Obama surrogates. ALL of these people, and many more from Obama’s side, have relentlessly pushed the racial angle this entire primary season. And they did so for good reason: Obama can’t compete unless he has 100% (or 92%, if you prefer) AA lockstep support. That was understood early by Obama’s peeps, and that is why when a Black Belt state was coming up for a primary, Wilder and Clyburn went and got their ‘outrage’ on in order to make sure AA voters were good and (faux) pissed at Senator Clinton and her Honorary Member of the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame husband Bill.

    What has been done to both the Clintons and race relations in this country by Team Obama is never going to be forgotten by those of us who have fought our ASSES off to try to improve racial relations in America. Herbert, Roland Williams, Eugene Robinson, Donna Brazile, Clyburn, Wilder, Jackson, Jr., etc. don’t give two spits about any of that; they only want what they want — by any means necessary — right now. Period. Whoever has to get slimed and smeared in the process (read: you, me & the Clintons) is an afterthought.

    There is a very real, tangible reason why AA’s are going ballistic during this contest, and it is this: The Latino ‘demographic bomb.’

    Simply put, African-Americans are being outpaced, significantly, in terms of growth rates and total population projections by Latinos. Hence, if the grab for power is not made now, it may never have the chance to be made again.

    What people like Herbert, Robinson, Brazile, etc. are assuming is that people such as us don’t know or understand these realities. They’re bait and switching with horse-bleep about non-existent ‘racism’ in order to try to keep their readers on the defensive while the nominee pilfering takes place. It’s a scam, and a destructive one.

    And if you are privy to the machinations taking place, they will seek to silence you immediately because they perceive you as dangerous to their ambitions. Case in point: Some clown of a ‘scribe’ over at the New York Daily News named, I believe, Errol Louis got me banned from the site’s commenting sections after I went through and methodically, accurately named the various race pimps on Obama’s squad. Seems Louis didn’t like being outgunned when he wanted to try to fool his readers on points of fact.

    Imagine that.

    This is all one giant con game. There are various constituencies here vying for power. The three most important ones helping Obama are these: a pseudo-intellectual mainstream media (MSM) that holds levers of power but which is THE prime target for the repugnant-to-MLK ‘white guilt’ argument which
    has been well laid-out and discussed by Shelby Steele; African-Americans who have been falsely ‘whipped-up’ by figures such as Wilder and Clyburn to either despise or turn their backs on (see: John Lewis) two people in the Clintons who have worked their butts off for the AA community for decades; and latte liberals who have no cares in the world financially but with their backing of Obama wish to both recapture some of their ‘radical’ youth (think Ayers here) and be able to say that they participated in something ‘meaningful,’ even if they are being scammed by the Axelrods of the world.

    There is a bit more to it than that, but this is the basic outline of what is going on and who is falling for what as concerns the backing of Obama. The other main factors/players are: hatred for the Clintons which the GOP has helped ferment for 20 years; multinational corporate interests who see in Obama a pliant, manipulable stooge; Dem Party elites who are jealous as hell of the Clintons and finally have some rallying point in Obama to try to take down the Clintons via proxy.

    If you want an actual point by point of how ‘the race card’ has been employed in this contest, and by whom and when, then I would point you to Princeton professor Sean Wilentz’ work. His is some of the most comprehensive and astute I have seen the entire election cycle and to put it bluntly, he makes the Herberts and Robinsons of the world vanish into the bilious, full-of-crap air from whence they came. Soundly.

    There are villains in the events currently going on, and none of them is named “Clinton.” That doesn’t mean that the Clintons are perfect, because they aren’t. However, the Clintons are being smeared — deliberately, systematically, willfully smeared. If anyone tries to tell you different, they are either ignorant (true cult acolytes) or else aren’t prepared to take on someone like you who knows too much for their con games (as was the case with the NYDN’s Louis and myself). That’s it. Do not be fooled, do not be intimidated. These people know that there isn’t jack crap up their collective sleeve, and that is why they are talking junk in the press about ‘negotiating good exits from the contest’ for Hillary because they are scared to death that they have written checks their sorry butts can’t cash which are ripe to come due when Hillary when WV, KY and PR and takes the popular vote lead. These people are terrified because they thought that they had the Clintons dead to rights and now they are on the verge of not only losing, but having their Iscariot-ness exposed to the world.

    To all those people — and their numbers are legion among the lurkers of this board — you have fooled precisely no one who wasn’t prepared to be fooled. Your time is coming. Many of us have been studiously collecting all the information throughout the campaign and none of you perps is going to get a free ride, particularly when O’Dumpty falls hard in November, if he is in fact nominated.

    Just to summarize, Irish:

    Don’t fall for the feints of a rube like Herbert. Herbert is Blair minus the plagiarism: A fortunate clod who was in the right place at the right time for the Times’ hiring department. Someone, like Michelle Obama, who is both a beneficiary and a malcontent of the current system.

    Just see him — and Tweety, and Chaz Todd, and Maddow, and Roland Martin, and Donna Brazile, and… — for what they are: a collection of would-be emperors, all sans clothes. Obama is their current deity and the Clintons their current Satan. And when “God” proves most electorally mortal, the herd of self-styled monarchs will discard him and find a new “Lord.”

    Paul F. Villarreal

  124. Informed in Illinois:

    Great LTE!

    They want us to give in.



    Paul F. Villarreal

  125. WV Prediction thread
    by Jerome Armstrong, Tue May 13, 2008 at 11:55:30 AM EST

    I thought that Obama would be able to close the margin in West Virginia, but none of the polls think he will. Obama went along with the outlandish prediction that he’d lose 80-20– that’s one way to tell West Virginians they don’t matter. Anyway, I’d better revise my thinking last month that Obama would close the gap.

    I’m predicting:

    Obama loses West Virginia to Clinton by a 62- 35 margin.
    Obama doesn’t win a single West Virginia county.
    Obama doesn’t visit West Virginia again before the GE.
    Obama loses West Virginia to McCain 66 – 33.

    I PREDICT — hillary will win WV and willl be our 44th president

    you go mama–

  126. what r the recent oregon polls
    mr waffles wants to predict victory there

    so may be we should not let him have it

    lets find out

  127. ppd has obama53
    hillary 39

    so averahe 10 to 12 points

    is that too much guys


    we can do it

    we can do it

    we will do it

  128. Anyone who can…

    Please MAKE CALLS



    More people voting = a bigger landslide victory!


    We can do it!!


    Can Barack Obama win West Virginia?

    Hillary Clinton will likely win big here Tuesday. But could the primary vote in this former Democratic bastion be a clue to Obama’s performance in November?

    By Mike Madden

    &&&&&&&& excerpts below, go to the link above for the whole deal:

    As it is, Tuesday’s election might prove to be more important as a bellwether for November than as a prize in the fight for the Democratic nomination. If Obama wins less than 40 percent of the vote in the primary, does he have a chance at beating John McCain here in the fall? By voter registration statistics, the state is one of the most reliably Democratic places in the nation. But West Virginia gave its five electoral votes to George Bush in both 2000 and 2004, and strategists are already wondering if it’s heading back to the GOP this year.

    Not that the GOP would be able to take much of the credit if it does. “Democrats who lose West Virginia don’t do so due to Republican voters,” said Curtis Wilkerson, a Democratic strategist based in Charleston. “They do so due to their own Democratic voters.” Once upon a time, Michael Dukakis could carry West Virginia by five points, one of only 10 states he won in 1988. And Bill Clinton won the state twice.

    Now Democratic Party chairman Nick Casey isn’t even sure the state is up for grabs in the fall. “We were a swing state, and we swung the wrong way the last two elections,” Casey, who hasn’t endorsed either candidate, said in an interview. “We got bamboozled, fooled, lied to — whatever the word is — by the inside-the-Beltway Republican Karl Rove machine. … I don’t know if people are considering us a swing state or not anymore.”

    For now, at least, Obama is doing all the right things to keep Democratic powerbrokers satisfied that he’ll be fighting for the state in a few months. “The Obama folks have a definite interest in doing as well as they can,” said Casey, who added that Obama has a “very good, very attractive” operation here.

    That legacy is, sadly, yet another part of what Obama will be fighting against in the fall, even if he can overcome the broader cultural issues that tripped up Gore and Kerry. In places like West Virginia, race may complicate matters even more. “This will be the first election that many West Virginians will ever have the opportunity to vote for an African American,” Wilkerson said. In fact, many of them had the chance to vote for Jesse Jackson in May 1988, but with Dukakis already the Democratic candidate in all but name, only 14 percent took it. Polls show more of them will take the opportunity this time, but still only one in three, even though this time it’s the black candidate who’s the presumptive nominee.

    The odds are, overwhelmingly, that West Virginians will have another chance in November. Since Woodrow Wilson, every Democratic president has won West Virginia on his way to the White House. But Obama may need to find his electoral votes somewhere else if he’s going to wind up there, too.

  130. caroline

    after i asked

    i went to real clearpolitics and saw it and thought of posting it rightaway ,

  131. I saw a story linked from that said a recent poll of AA’s said a great many of them wanted an Obama/Clinton ticket. (Booo! Never! I say)

    But isn’t that a sign that they aren’t mad at her? I didn’t read the story to find out if they had asked whethether those respondents would vote for Clinton/Obama or Clinton/whoever.

  132. 1950

    the average aa was never mad
    it was obamas and aa leaders pushing the race on tv so obama can win and they can make new young generation to be mad at hillary and go to obama

    and they were successful but it backfired because everytime they have exit polls results on tv saying 92% aa went for obama some white people don,t like that so they don,t wanna go to obama either

  133. lil o grape
    i do not know about most trust babies i do know that i met many people when i was a child at seventeen and a freshmen at college who taught me a lot about the english language and they were foreign. i learned what the subjective case was from my roommate who hailed from peurto rico. i have been very fortunate to have lived in philly new york and london

  134. “I saw a story linked from that said a recent poll of AA’s said a great many of them wanted an Obama/Clinton ticket. (Booo! Never! I say)

    But isn’t that a sign that they aren’t mad at her? I didn’t read the story to find out if they had asked whethether those respondents would vote for Clinton/Obama or Clinton/whoever.”

    They were never mad at her. It is just the latte liberals that are saying this. BTW, from the preliminary dialing that we did for a survey outfit, it seems that a lot of people especially women are not going to vote for Obama. Anger is the pervasive theme. A lot of the contacts were angry at Obama for some reason.

  135. Bob Herbert: Another Rich, out of touch ELITIST.

    Anyone catch Bob Herbert’s Column in the New York Times. He says something that only a person who is completely out of touch with the every day struggles that normal Americans have to go through could think:
    “However the election ultimately turns out, the Obama campaign has tapped into a constituency that holds powerful implications for the future of American politics.”

    Amazing, isn’t it, but according to Bob Herbert a loss is NOT REALLY a loss. He is saying that even if Obama loses he would have tapped into a powerful constituency – Powerful enough to make him the loser!

    Only someone who really doesn’t care could say this.

    Yes, maybe he thinks he cares, and occasionally writes eloquently making it look like he cares, but when it comes down to it, only people that really don’t care, could, months before the voting takes place, begin to amke excuses and find a silver lining in 4 more years of Republican destruction of the country.

    But I guess whoever wins in November he will still have great health care, expense account great restaurants, and still be employed because the least accountability in modern America resides in the media. These big scribes dissemble and lie and get it wrong time after time and and no ones ever calls them on it!

    Let’s kick these FAKE liberals out of the party, they are destroying it with their play to lose strategy.

  136. “There are 57 states in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the OIC.”

    Aw, don’t be too hard on the poor … young Senator. It’s past his bedtime. Maybe he just wanted 57 varities of ice cream on his waffle.

  137. Good Morning everyone

    I notice Yahoo home page has nothing about the election. Are they ignoring this Primary also?

  138. 1950democrat Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    het dem
    write a diary about that —

    don,t worry about flames
    just let us know

    we will be there for counterfire

  139. neeta

    r u surprised??
    tell me u r not

    i know u r disgusted ,u wish otherwise ,
    but i think by now we all got used to it

    so wait till tonight
    we be back on stAGE —-40 POINT WIN

  140. Informed — As McClurkin might say, “Amen!”

    Sonia —

    What PPD says doesn’t matter.

    What does matter is that among those Dems who have cast ballots, and who will have cast ballots, Clinton is the leader by a majority. Polls good. Obama has only AA’s and egghead whites with the unreliable youth vote mixed in. That’s it, and it’s not nearly enough for November. There is no way that such a coalition can win a presidential election, despite the “There’s no place like home”s going on among the jealous, Clinton-hating Dem elites. Anyone with even a modicum of intellectual honesty knows this.

    There is a rumor which is going around about all this, and in light of the realities facing the Dem Party with an Obama as its nominee, it makes sense. It goes like this:

    The Dem elites know that Obama will lose, but they feel they have to appease AA voters and nominate Obama. Also, it allows them to get rid of Hillary, even if she will be resurfacing in 2012. These mostly Congressional Dems feel confident that they will have majorities in both Chambers, and will have a willing partner in President McCain in order to enact legislation that both helps McCain, and themselves, look good and keep their jobs.

    All of this makes perfect sense. It covers both all angles of self-interest and takes into account the bleak Obama demographics for November. Whoever is saying this — and I have seen it in a few places, making me think it is more credible — knows what they’re talking about as concerns what is happening now and what is likely to happen in the near future.

    The final, however flawed, portion of this Dem elites’ strategy is to try like hell to blame the Clintons when Obama transforms in to McGovern in the general. This would be a further attempt to smear the Clinton name and also make the elites’ choice of Obama seem sound and shift the fault of the fall defeat onto the Clintons instead of where it will actually lie, at the feet of the elites who perfectly understood the demographic/electoral realities when they — and NOT registered Dem voters — chose to make Obama the nominee.


    This is the path we are headed for. So when Chappaquiddick Ted starts trying to blame the Clintons for O’Dumpty’s loss to McCain, you’ll know where it’s coming from.

    The most insulting part of all of this is that these elites actually think they’re slick, and that their ploys aren’t as transparent as the water in Lake Tahoe. It’s so pathetic and obvious, it is almost beyond belief.

    Paul F. Villarreal


    i agree with u
    i was just looking at it ,but u r right

    is that urwebsite address,do u good posts there , is it ok i check it out

  142. Mr. Obama is the one that said that Florida and Michigan were just beauty contests…..the vote didn’t count.

    so why he is going to FLORIDA AND MICHIGAN — after all these r just Beauty Contest states .so mr waffles is going there for what ??

  143. Hello everyone, I have been away for a few days and back in time for Hillary’s big victory tonight. Be prepared though, no matter how big the margin of victory MSM will ignore tonight’s results. Some people I spoke with in WV a few days ago were pretty ticked off with the media and Obama’s camp saying that their votes do not matter just like FL and MI. I expect a huge turnout. The bigger the turnout the more fear we will put into the SD’s that a fall victory with the messiah is not going to happen.

  144. henry Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 12:55 pm
    neetabug just wanna say very glad to have made your aquaintence.

    Like wise. You are not going anywhere are you. We still have the GE to win With Hillary the nominee

  145. neeta bug
    here until the bitter end
    although i wish if persons who have been accused of being trolls would tone it down a bit. troll away i will never vote for obama and i believe that many of many different colors of the spectrum feel the same as I.

  146. Not sure if this has been posted yet… Los Angeles Times Article:,0,2991837.story

  147. New Deal – Well said!


    There is no way in Hades that Clinton will be O’Dumpty’s VP choice. She’s far too smart for that.

    It would be like taking a lifeboat TO the Titanic after it has struck the iceberg.

    No chance.

    There is nothing — not a thing, and that includes naming another white woman (e.g., McCaskill ) as a VP choice — which is going to bring Clinton voters back to Obama. Nothing.

    But the realization that they are in the midst of The Mother of All Pyrrhic Victories is why you are seeing these faux ‘olive branches’ from Brazile, etc. towards the same people whom they just got done tossing under the bus for the 10th time: Not only are they going to lose in November — and I say ‘they,’ because this is NOT my Dem Party and I don’t want to be associated with the fugue it is currently in — they are going to be humiliated, and Obama will be finished as a Presidential candidate for good, as it should be.

    Brazile and the rest of the ‘Clinton supporters are racists, we don’t need working-class Dems and Latinos’ crew thinks that as they try to pivot to cheap parlor tricks like floating the idea of white women as VP choices, the Clinton Dems will fall in line like the 92% of Clyburn/Wilder AA’s.

    Nope. Not occurring.

    If you listen to Limbaugh, he is working the heck out of the “screwed-over women” angle. He understands exactly what is necessary to defeat O’Dumpty in November.

    If Dem Elites go against their registered constituency and common sense, they are going to have a much longer primary contest than they bargained for. One that extends into early November.

    Not only will I not vote for Obama, I will be actively working to make sure he is defeated in the fall.

    If you truly care about our party, and want to put race-baiters such as Wright, Jackson, Jr., Wilder and Clyburn out of business, there is no other choice. We must salvage our party before all is lost and we become slaves to this recidivist nonsense.

    To borrow a phrase: You are either with the race-baiters or you are against them.

    Count me out of being on their side. Obama — and his dirty Chicago Politics ilk — have to be not just defeated, but routed. This is the only way to slay the dragon of destructive, out-of-control identity politics which threatens our party’s viability for years to come.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  148. henry Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 1:11 pm
    neeta bug
    here until the bitter end
    although i wish if persons who have been accused of being trolls would tone it down a bit. troll away i will never vote for obama and i believe that many of many different colors of the spectrum feel the same as I.

    I will never vote for O i don’t care if Hillary is the VP My sister said the same. She can’t stand him

  149. henry Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    well thats not fair henry ,,
    can u pls ,pls tell me how am i troll ??
    or why i am having to explain to 2 or 3 of u of samething again and again ??
    if i was a troll??/ i would have a left ,its not hard to register with different name but i will not because i know who i am , i dont need to hide ,

    if i was a troll ,,i should be leaving bad comments

    but i am always leaving polls and petitions for hill fans
    if i was a troll i dont have to even blog here but i blog all day
    this is the site where i vent my anger about injustice to hillary

    i wish u read all my posts before saying what u said???

  150. Sonia –

    Yes, that is the address. The relevant section is:

    The site is still in development, and I have been spending a lot of my extra time recently working on multimedia presentation re: Obama and Clinton, but yes that is where I am at when not here at H44 or other sites.


    Paul F. Villarreal

  151. Let’s go, troops!!

    Keep calling West Virginia

    to GOTV!!!

    Hill is fighting hard for us, now let’s fight for her! Get Out The Vote!!

  152. neetabug
    wow you rock
    gotta hit the hay as i worked all night, but once again a huge thankyou, i think often about my great grandmother who was treated like a piece of shit because she married a white man, I loved that woman and wonder what she could have been if she was born in another time– oh and she was a cherokee.

  153. got this from NOQUARTERUSA —

    To: Interested Parties
    From: Clinton Campaign
    Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2008
    Re: Why West Virginia Matters

    With a record turnout expected in today’s primary, West Virginia Democrats will make clear who they believe is the strongest candidate to take on Sen. McCain in the Fall.

    The Mountain State is used to picking winners. Every nominee has carried the state’s primary since 1976, and no Democrat has won the White House without winning West Virginia since 1916.

    Democrats carried West Virginia in 1992 and 1996, but lost the state—and the White House–in 2000 and 2004. Hillary has predicted victory against Sen. McCain in West Virginia based on the strength of her economic message.

    Given the attempts by our opponent and some in the media to declare this race over, any significant increase in voter turnout, coupled with a decisive Clinton victory, would send a strong message that Democrats remain excited and energized by Hillary’s candidacy.

    In the face of grim poll numbers, the Obama campaign has attempted to dismiss today’s outcome despite the fact that Sen. Obama has outspent us on advertising, has more staff in the state, and more than double the number of offices.

    He has also benefited from the support of the most high-profile endorsers in West Virginia—Sen. Jay Rockefeller and Congressman Nick Rahall. By every measure, the Obama campaign has waged an aggressive campaign in the Mountain State.

    Despite being the so-called “presumptive nominee” and benefiting from these advantages, Sen. Obama has been unable to close a significant gap in the polls.

    Sen. Clinton has already won Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan. With a win in West Virginia, Sen. Clinton will have once again proven her greater ability to win in the key swing states.

  154. wow
    just take a look at the posts tonight- vaguely disguised leading statements you are so much better than this,. and it is sad that idiots may drive away individuals who have truly worked for hill.

  155. Good luck to HRC today. On the vp talk: I’ve never thought Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama would work well at all. They don’t seem to like each other all that much. I’m not saying they hate each other but they certainly don’t seem to be cozy either. While the two of them on the ticket would probably get most dems to the polls I don’t see how that helps with swing voters or putting other states in play. Lastly how would Hill join his ticket when she’s spent the entire campaign saying he’s inexperienced & not ready to be president?

  156. OkieAtty Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 12:35 am
    I just read thru the last thread. Consider this my last post. If you guys can’t see the trolls within your midst then this isn’t worth it. Sing “Kumbayah” if you like, but being a fighter doesn’t mean buying their bullshit. I have better places to spend my time. It’s been a great year, but fuck it all. I can still make a difference elsewhere, and obviously either trolls or retards (i.e Sonia) are allowed. I will not be associated with that.

    Toodles. Those who know how to reach me may do so whenever they need me. i have my network built, and my research at hand.

    Hillary will be 44 in spite of them.

    OKieatty: I read that interchange yesterday and I’m with you. Even though we don’t like Brazile or Obambi, we are better than delivery innuendo that skews close to race baiting and being racist statements.

    sonia’s way of writing is very hard to follow less the grammar but I know over at TM, many Obamabots are showing up , some are trouble makers and some have missions to convert us.

    Sonia’s juvenile posting are very hard and I would hate to see you leave. I got what you were saying yesterday and I agree with you.

    Stay and enjoy our victory tonight, would you please? I know, that I enjoy reading your posts and I really don’t enjoy all of the cussing and vitriol going on here that occurred yesterday evening.

  157. neetabug
    my great grandmother that I knew was subjected to an offensive oppressive world by the world around her as well as by my great grandfather. I was 9 when she died well into her eighties/ninties– there were no recoerds of her birth. All I remember is that woman through everything was capable of a tremendous spirit and left a legacy of compassion. Michelle Obama’s ancestry includes both slaves and slave owners but I heaR NOTHING FROM HER THAT IS EVEN CLOSE TO AN ATTEMPT TO COMPREHEND.

  158. Good Afternoon All
    here is a gr8t post by
    Uppity Woman

    Let Me Explain to Obamazoids Why We Don’t Care To Hear From You
    Recently, No Quarter has had a rash of Obama supporters attempting to Make Nicey Nicey. To add insult to injury, they are really bad at it. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    I was reading an article this morning about how one of Obama’s advisors had to resign because of his connections to Hamas. Pretty serious stuff, wouldn’t you think? I mean, considering his other Middle Eastern affiliations of dubious intent and criminal status, you would think that an Obama supporter would at least be somewhat alarmed. Nope. Here was an Obama supporter’s comment:

    All I have to say is keep crying like broads on a rag. You all lost face it…Cowards…..

    Posted by: The Oracle in MD May 10, 2008 10:24 AM

    This is just one of scores of messages I have read and captured from Obama pigs–with links captured for posterity, deleted or not. I shall be using them well throughout the election season.

    On behalf of millions of Clinton supporters who have made it very clear that we will vote for a cockroach before we vote for Barack Obama, I would like you pieces of Obama crap to know that you can kiss our asses. We will collectively do everything in our power to see to it that you and that mysogynist, bigoted, race-baiting pig you worship, the fraud who has already set gender and racial relations back thirty years, goes down in flames in a big way. And there are millions of us. Millions. The kind of millions that brought his type down before from the voting booth.

    Our goal is to make Barack Obama lose by an even bigger margin than George McGovern, and he got 38% thanks to his ill-behaved savage followers. And you guys are worse! And George was actually a gentleman with some brains, unlike Barky Obama. He didn’t even do the rap on camera and give people the finger. His nutcase followers didn’t even have the internet where they could make comments about slitting Hillary Clinton’s throat and tossing her into a river like you guys do at my.barackobama. But, there is one huge simlilarity. Like his crackpot followers, you folks are the reason that the Democratic Party has only elected 2 Presidents in thirty years. And only one of them served two terms. Guess why? Because he was a moderate instead of a crackpot Marxist hanging off some radical cliff.

    So who are all these people who will bring Barack Obama and you down?

    They are The Women who fought for rights and recognize sexism and misogyny when they see it; women who will fight you with every fiber of their beings.

    They are the Italians who would like you to know that their Garlic Noses are going to shove it up your asses in November.

    They are the gays and lesbians who understand why Barry Obama refused to have his photo taken with San Francisco’s Mayor. The people who remember that a blank white page occurred in a magazine in the area that was supposed to contain Obama’s interview.

    They are the Irish who watched that raving, crazed maniacal America-despising, white-hating “reverend” insult them on national television .

    They are the Catholics who love Hillary Clinton and have a huge allergy to people who go to churches that consider Catholics the devil.

    They are the Latinos who have received the same kind of unfair treatment from African Americans that African Americans have long resented themselves.

    They are in Michigan. They are in Florida. No sense of hiding it. They know.

    They are the Seniors, who recognize an empty suit peddling bullcrap when they see it.

    They are the “Hicks” with guns and blue collar and service workers in those badly needed Swing States. They provide your smug arrogant asses with silly things like food and services you would be screaming about if they weren’t there. Now, Barry might pick himself a Vice Presidential candidate from one of these states, God knows he has plenty of swing states to choose from where he needs help badly. As a matter of fact, he needs to pick about four VPs to run with him. I’m sure if it can be done, they will allow Barry special dispensation to do it, right?

    They are all the marvelous feminist men, the real progressives among you imposters, who are horrified at your behavior toward women.

    They are the disabled who couldn’t caucus. They are the nurses and police officers and firefighters on shift who couldn’t caucus.

    They are the Baby Boomers who aren’t still on the bong, who recognize exactly what Recreate68 means. They won’t let you force us back to that vile time. They remember Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn too. Get it?

    They are the Jews who recently had to hear Hamas say on the Day of Mourning for those killed in the Holocaust –that the Holoucaust was created by Jews to get rid of their own weak people. That was right after they had to hear Hamas endorse Barack Obama with a wink-wink.

    And most of all, they are people who recognize ability, experience and knowledge as easily as they recognize an empty-suited media creation with a resume the size of a postage stamp, who is handing out Needful Things ala Leland Gaunt..

    That’s who they are folks. Good luck with that.

    So kindly don’t bother trying the Nicey Nicey. We are not your wives you can beat the crap out of and later come back and get back together with. You are so vile you give yourselves away by the third comment, so really it’s a waste of time. You don’t even know you are offensive because it’s in your DNA. So really, there’s no sense of stressing yourselves trying to hide your disdain for us. It’s not necessary. We hate you even more than you hate us. And when Barry Obama goes down in November, kindly remember why. Or don’t remember why. Nobody cares.

    Posted by Uppity Woman at 1:00 PM

  159. On an Obama/Clinton ticket:

    I don’t think that Clinton should accept this. She is way more qualified and a lot of her supporters would abandon her if she does accept this. The reason is that the Obama campaign has engaged in the most racist and misogynistic campaign in history. Having said this, Clinton would be a huge asset to Obama.

    On a Clinton/Obama ticket:

    I don’t think that Clinton would need Obama to win. She can win without him. In fact, Obama would be a damper to her success.

  160. nikki22 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 1:38 pm
    Despite everything that you said which I think is true, I still would support and want Hill on the ticket. I would prefer clinton/Obama but the forces are working very hard against that. I would support Obama/Clinton even though she is clearly the more qualified one. However, I want her on the ticket for historical reasons and I think that she would overshadow him.

    Tomorrow is never promised and who knows what the political climate will be in 2016

  161. I would much rather see Obama burn out his welcome with all the mistakes he has made and all the questionable associations he has already made.

    I want to see Hillary as the nominee so badly. Nothing else makes sense to me. I want the media to wake up and reinvent themselves into something honorable.

    Go Hillary!!!

  162. nikki22 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 1:38 pm
    Despite everything that you said which I think is true, I still would support and want Hill on the ticket. I would prefer clinton/Obama but the forces are working very hard against that. I would support Obama/Clinton even though she is clearly the more qualified one. However, I want her on the ticket for historical reasons and I think that she would overshadow him.

    Tomorrow is never promised and who knows what the political climate will be in 2016

    I don’t think that we have to even consider this thought as I am confident that she will win this. However, in the unlikely event that Obama gets the nomination, I would rather that she sits it out and wait for Obama to lose and run in 2012.

  163. I think there was some misunderstanding of a post I made. I’m worried that Hillary HERSELF might get a noble self-sacrificing idea to pledge not to run in 2012, especially if a lot of us threaten to defect now.

    I want to tell her that if she does anything noble and self-sacrificing to help Obama, we will not just sit out, we’ll help McCain.

  164. Basil9, What’s happened, I had to rush my husband to hospital again, he’s is OK though, just a false alarm! Thank God! I love this site, I hope everyone is not leaving! I hope I can keep in touch with all of you, you’ve all been so wonderful to me. You all are the kindest people I have ever met on a blog anywhere. I think it has a lot to do with our candidate, she bet she is just like you all!
    I googled this site this A M and there is all kind of crap listed, the obamabot are out in full force. I will NEVER vote for Bambi!

  165. Just because someone uses an unusual style of posting doesn’t mean they are a troll! I think maybe Sonia has English as her second language and is maybe young. It looks like she might be text messaging. And she may have used some word that we avoid, but since she was told about it, she will stop using that word.

    None of this makes her a troll! The content of her posts is always supportive of Hillary and often informative, so far as I have seen. I think she is a sincere, enthusiastic young supporter.

    This campaign is trying to connect with young people. Let’s try to connect with THIS young person, or at least not chase her away!

  166. HillBillyLover — Thanks 🙂

    Sonia – I am doing my best to share my work here on the site. Due to some circumstances beyond my control, I have not been able to do more here on H44. And that has nothing to do with Admin or anyone else here. I love this site, and it is the first place I come when I want information and straight talk about what other Clinton backers are thinking and strategizing. Thank goodness for H44 and Admin, we would be lost without Big Pink.

    This site is for and about Hillary. No one here is trying to accomplish anything else besides helping her. That is what makes H44 unique. All you need to know is that we only know Admin as “Admin” to really drive that point home.


    Paul F. Villarreal


    i am 28 very mature but short tempered ,i got mad about michelle obama ans used a wrong word

    i apologized for it like at least 10 times by now




    U KNOW WHat

    i tried to have con with u guys
    but i can not continue to cry and cry
    i already did 3 times yesterday

    i do not need to take anybody,s ,,,,,,u know what ,,

    u guys have fun and take care

    and instead of helping someone in becoming better person or teaching someone whats wrong and right

    u guys r succeding in abusing someone verbally and giving them menal stress and driving them away from u guys

    i can always help hillary in other ways
    this is not the only website out there
    but i will not give up


  168. Rush ties BHO with Jimme Cater. Since BHO trash Clintons from the beginning. He cannot run on Clinton’s economic record. GOP will run ads that tie Cater’s economic record to BHO. so he may not get votes simply because of economics.

  169. My take on all the talk of ‘trolls,’ interlopers, etc.:

    – Who cares?

    – Don’t get distracted

    I’m going to imagine we’re all aware of the concept “divide and conquer.” If you don’t want to be divided, or distracted, don’t be. It’s pretty simple.

    If any of us are worried about who is or is not a ‘troll’ on the site — or any site — we are losing time that could, in my opinion, be better spent. That is, by acknowledging and debating who we may think are saboteurs, we are making them ‘successful’ even if they are not agents provocateurs in the first instance.

    Reason > emotion. Always was, always will be.

    This post isn’t directed at anyone in particular. I just wanted to say something on the subject.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  170. Bumper sticker: A vote for Obama is a vote for McCain.

    Also, what difference does it make whether we vote against O or just not vote? The only point is that we will not ever vote for O. As for HRC being his veep – ouch! – that’s an insult to her! She’s a great senator – trade that to be veep? – no way! Align her great self with his flimflam campaign? Yuk.

    I don’t think the majority of Dems will ever forgive the party for foisting this empty suit on us. He is a nothing but glib politics, while she is one of the most able statespersons in a century! We will vote downticket against every candidate who sided with him. Furthermore, how can women not be energized to swell the ranks of NOW like never before? 4,000 years of derision from men – how much longer are we going to take this? This campaign has drawn some deep lines in the sand, and they have very little if anything at all to do with race. Race is the smoke and mirrors jazz here. The real issues are slick politics vs statesmanship and the dignity of women vs the bully boys.

  171. Oy! I have only been back on this site for two days now and I don’t understand where all this anger is coming from. Isn’t the point of posting to support Hillary and each other through a very tough and uneven race?

    I have no idea if there are trolls on this site or not. I would not even begin to be judgemental of anyone else. I’m into forgive and forget because life is too short. I agree that there were racist no-no’s posted yesterday. Hopefully the lesson has been learned. But it is wearing to read post after post condemning this person and that.

    Trolls are everywhere, online and in real life. Prejudice is as well. I know because I have experienced it first hand.

    I’m sorry to be venting, but isn’t this what the Obamabots want to do? Divide and Concur us?

    Meanwhile Hillary is working harder than ever. I’m just saying that this site is better than that.

    I apologize if I have offended anyone.

  172. Don’t feel bad Sonia, I too have been called a troll by a couple….remember, we are here for Hillary, no one else.

  173. hi hillfans., off to work. my prayers are with you all and hillary tonite in west virginia. later!

  174. I have trouble to get onto Does anybody else have the same problem? Could it be possible her website was hacked? Anybody happens to know her compaign headquater’s phone number?

  175. Have we gotten our latest edition of the Pringle investigative reports? I can’t wait til someone brings this crook down! When it happens there will be many falling from both sides. I can’t wait!

  176. Here’s an idea for us bitter old women who are considering defecting to McCain IF Obama gets the nomination. We need to show the DNC and the Obama camp that we are serious — while there’s still time for them to support Hillary intstead.

    How about someone setting up a donation fund that we can donate to now and the money will be held till after the convention. Then IF Hillary is the nominee the money goes to her. If Obama is the nominee the money goes to McCain.

    Can you suggest other sites where we could talk about things like this? A pro-McCain site maybe?

    We need to keep our focus on Hillary winning the nomination, but imo we also need to get some message out to the DNC etc before it’s too late for them to support Hillary.

    Pls email me as I don’t see all the posts here.


  177. Caroline Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 12:31 pm
    WOW Sonia, you ask questions and then your next post, you answer your questions.

    I do that a lot too! I ask something, and if I don’t get an answer immediately, I go and look it up for myself. Then I post the answer. 🙂

    Sonia has a lot of energy and is doing good stuff. 🙂

  178. Mmnn, I think we should send all the money we can to HRC’s campaign. Let’s get her to Denver! Some of us are maxed out, I know. What I don’t know is does the max apply only to the primary? Do we start a new account in the ge?

  179. lil o grape
    if i am not mistaken it is 2400 2x
    but it hink you may contribute seperately to the dnc without a limit or like a 28k limit. which bambi has already promised he would do with his major donors

  180. Hi guys as I stated previously I’m dealing with a family medical emergency right now but my prays and best wishes are for you guys to stay STRONG and IGNORE the petty distractions.

    Keep it simple and lower the expectation game…because all things are blessing from above and humility is needed.

    Regarding Obambi/Hillary ticket…HELL NO! Can’t stand Oblameless and the rest of those mysoginistic backstabbers in the democratic party…the Democratic party is a bunch of HYPRCRITS and I have NEVER in my 51 years seen a party treat one of their leaders like they’ve done with Hillary.


    I’m the third generation in my family that was not a slave and all the pride we place in the democratic party regarding human rights and women rights told me talk is cheap, it’s actions you must believe in and my party sold it’s principles down the river with it’s ideals.

  181. Sonia .. I see nothing wrong with your blogging here. We are not, or I didn’t think, a clik so to say .. Hillary includes all in her vision and she’ worked hard to bridge gaps.

  182. grape,

    I know a contingency donation fund is a wierd idea and Hillary needs our money now especially till June 3 (last primary vote).

    But what if some defectors at least signed up now, that should send the DNC some message. We need a way to show HOW MANY defectors there are. Then after June 3 we could all send some token amount. That would show them that we are serious.

  183. 1950Dem — well, it would have to be a truckload of money to make any impression, meanwhile Hill needs that money to get to Denver. I read all over the web that people are getting the message that we will not vote for him and will not support the party if he is the nominee, but the thing is that the DNC does not believe us and even if they do they don’t care. I mean they have to know he is not going to win in the ge — whatever their dumb agenda is, it has nothing to do with what we want.

  184. Has anyone heard why BO cancelled his visit to Kentucky yesterday and made a fast trip to Washington?

  185. They’re only going to get the message when we sit out the election and later vote downticket against those who supported him.

  186. BUT all that is just jabber, as Ronald says, oh, sing it Ronald, HIllary Clinton is our next president!

  187. confloyd,

    Not positive, but he probably heard that Hillary would be there to vote on some issues and didn’t want to be shown up by her.

  188. Oh for the obama watchers:

    Pastor Hagee Apologizes for Anti-Catholic Remarks
    When you sell your soul to the devil and play the race baiting tactics it will come back to bite you in the ass. Hillary Clinton is a leader and so is McCain I might disagree with him politically on some issues but I’ve never doubted his love for this country and for the people in it. I don’t expect a perfect president because there is no perfect person but I’ve never been ashamed of my own party either and some of the leaders in it.

    Sen Ted Kennedy’s excesses have been overlooked too many times by women in this party and we backed this terrible excuse for a human being because we felt sorry for him…..not any more.

  189. Basil
    Said I was glad you were recapping Rezko article instead of me;
    now I’m really glad, cause I can understand it! Awesome job!

    Nice catch, saw that too. That McGovern article is something I wouldn’t let my cat piss on (if I had a cat). What a DISGRACE!

    Umm, think it was Universal who posted on scheming behind the scenes with regard to the GE and 2012.
    I too have heard several times now this notion of BO forces blaming Hill (!!!) should he lose (after he swipes the nomination!).
    I don’t know if it’s trail balloons or people just throwing things out there or some of it’s true.
    Hard for me to believe the Clintons have been considering 2012 at all (though they may be now). Too much can happen, and I also think you may only get one kick at the can nowadays with the saturation of coverage – McCain would disprove that theory, but it took a screwed up republican process, a completely lame field & help from Huckabee for him to get there.

    Long story short, for the life of me I can’t understand what’s going on, particularly this talk of surrender.

    Another school of thought might say even if Hill did what she positively should, fight to & at the convention with every last fiber and came up short, well if Obama can’t beat pathetic John McCain – even in the equivalent of a strike-shortened season, then he doesn’t deserve the presidency.

  190. dot48 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 2:58 pm
    Sonia .. I see nothing wrong with your blogging here. We are not, or I didn’t think, a clik so to say .. Hillary includes all in her vision and she’ worked hard to bridge gaps.
    Please…if it smell like a duck and walk like a duck it IS a duck.

  191. BTW, almost forgot.

    If ANYONE here hasn’t seen this Pastor Manning video, you really owe it to yourself. You’ll love it – guaranteed.


  192. This is from the founder and proprietor of Daily Kos.
    He should be behind bars (and not just for banning me w/o cause).

    West Virginia prediction thread
    by kos
    Tue May 13, 2008 at 10:39:44 AM PDT
    Not much drama tonight, as no one expects Obama to be competitive in the state that includes the most hostile anti-Obama combination of demographics in the entire United States.

    Yeah, Kos, those pesky,(racist) white americans.

  193. Pastor Manning is over the top hysterical, but somewhat true. I listened to him on a local show out of Tampa and he is not a wild as the video as he claims he was trying to make a point…funny stuff indeed.

  194. Ugh. My voice is hoarse today and my throat hurts. Can’t call today…I sound like a frog.

    Any other way to get the message out to WV people?

  195. just to remind everyone, we will win West Virginia and Kentucky. Then the media will change its tune again.

    Hillary Clinton is going to be our next President.

    So lets all hit the phones today and everyday until she is the nominee.

  196. Pringle says; “Please note: Part 2 will be available sometime today. We are just waiting for the link.”

  197. Hey, I read a blog somewhere a few days ago that maybe these little kids that are pushing Obama and are so disrespectful of Hillary and us should have to live without Roe vs. Wade.
    Now we hear about all this Huckabee for Veep talk. We also hear about the COMBINE in Illinois and the nasty republicans are just as guilty as the Governor and Obama. I am just wondering if the republicans are putting together a coalition with McCain sure to make us stay with Bambi. I think the Clintons are fighting with all they have for us, but this coalition of mobsters is very big and they don’t want Hillary. If Bambi wins they can take him down or he is in their pocket and will not let the whistle blowers talk! Take your pick its getting nasty out there!

  198. loos like jews also are being thrwn under the bus by obama-apparently israel is a sore!

    JG: Do you think that Israel is a drag on America’s reputation overseas?
    BO: No, no, no. But what I think is that this constant wound, that this constant sore, does infect all of our foreign policy. The lack of a resolution to this problem provides an excuse for anti-American militant jihadists to engage in inexcusable actions, and so we have a national-security interest in solving this, and I also believe that Israel has a security interest in solving this because I believe that the status quo is unsustainable. I am absolutely convinced of that, and some of the tensions that might arise between me and some of the more hawkish elements in the Jewish community in the United States might stem from the fact that I’m not going to blindly adhere to whatever the most hawkish position is just because that’s the safest ground politically.

  199. sonia and everone,

    sonia, thanks for the email. *hugs* That’s what I thought your situation might be.


    h t t p : / /
    It is totally easy.

    Let’s leave all this other stuff till later, just DO something now: CALL!

    For shy people — I’m mostly getting answering machines now and leaving my message there.

  200. Good afternoon everyone! I’m not making calls today coz I just can’t.
    But I CAN post an inspiring pro-HRC comment by a fellow HIll-fan at TM.
    Get ready for the celebration! !!!!!

    ‘Today begins the greatest comeback in the history of American politics. Landslides in WV and KY are just the beginning.

    Keep in mind that even if Obama were to net every delegate out of Oregon (which he obviously won’t) it will not equal what Hillary stands to gain out of WV and Kentucky. Puerto Rico belongs to Hillary, the single largest prize left. MT and SD, two states where Hillary is getting a lot more support from elected officials, have modest delegate numbers at stake. His delegate lead, if he still has one, will be marginal. Percentage wise, a gnat won’t be able to spit in the gap. Hillary will no doubt have the popular vote lead (she’s going to have it in the morning, and will not be giving it up).

    By the time this is all over we won’t be asking why Hillary wasn’t picked for VP. We’ll be asking how it is that anyone doubted she would be the nominee.

    I see on Yahoo that there is more talk of a unity ticket. That would be Obama shitting his pants. And he should be. I pray that Hillary has the wisdom to keep Obama and his toxic terrorist/preacher parade away from her.

    And let’s put Chris Matthews to bed. I’ve got news for you Chris. I’ve talked to a lot more people in West Virginia than you have in the past month. The majority are saying the same thing: Hillary cares about us. Obama doesn’t. You don’t have to be racist to know that. You just have to look in the local paper or watch the news and see who’s been travelling the state listening to your voice, and who has been strutting like an ass that he’s already won, barely taking the time to say hello. West Virginians aren’t stupid, shallow, and sexist (though there will be some, as in every state, that will vote based on race and gender bias) Chris. That would be you and the candidate you are so in love with. That feeling going up your leg is West Virginians pissing on you. Shut the hell up.

  201. I have really been containing my anger and not wanting to hurt Hillary, but I really, really want to post some negative stuff on the Kooks channel as well as the DNC blog. Oh, the DNC blog, what a bunch of arshholes there. Of coarse, I have found a few friends of Hill there though. Most are bots! THey ran me off the main blog long time ago, they would not let anyone post anything positive about Hillary!

  202. Carby,

    My thoughts are with you and your husband.

    I’m here ’til the last obamanot sinks under the bus.

    Blue Dem,
    I’m still recapping! *LOL* Now that I’m starting to grasp all the characters roles and know who they are and what their function is I’m getting more of a handle on it. Ken Follet couldn’t write a plot like this!!!!!!
    KUDOS to Evelyn Pringle and B. Merryfield

  203. Basil 9, I just love your posts, they always make me feel good and helps me stand tough with Hillary!” Let’s git ur done”, as us blue collar, uneducated and bitter folks say!!!:)

  204. lil ole grape,

    I FORGOT to include the poster’s name.

    It’s Shtuey and he/she is a world-class HRC cheerleader. 😀

  205. Basil,
    Good one. Here’s one last brainstorm (it’s a good one!) in regards to the quotes we’ve seen the last 72 hours predicting a folding of the campaign.

    What if this is the way of dampening expectations?

    I’ve said 100 times already it makes no sense, and it is certainly out of step, these ‘impending doom’ comments (Carville got into the act today too) from the most die-hard of Clinton supporters and supposed higher-ups in the campaign that spoke off the record.

    Anyway, with Chelsea in PR I’d prefer to think that’s the case!

  206. Looking forward to a Hillary landslide tonight!!!

    You know, I must admit this pastor Manning is growing on me, and is turning in to my new best friend! 😀
    hehe, I like someone who speaks truth to power.
    Now if he could only hurry up and head to DC like he said he would and hold a press conference and reveal his proof that obama is gay on the down low, I would dry hump him myself (ugh…I would tho…)

    He has too many skeletons in his closet, he can never win!
    And if, God forbid, Hillary is O’s vp, when he looses they will only blame her, and make sure she can’t run in 2012, the DNC is shooting themselves in the foot! Hillary needs to stay far away from O, and win this thing on her own!!

  207. basil,
    You might never know it from my zig-zagging posts, but I worked in the line for a long time. And that one is a NIGHTMARE job.

    Let’s hope Pt II lays some really clean licks on BO, something the public gets – like a raving bigot for a preacher 🙂

  208. Well, why are we worrying Chelsea is in PR. Hillary is no quitter, she may be politicing a few people as well as Carville, but she’s no quitter!

  209. Blue Democrat,
    1.) I don’t know about the expectations angle, but Hillary strikes me as a realist. If she has no legitimate shot at the nomination then I don’t think she would have continued after Indiana/NC. She wouldn’t have her supporters in these upcoming states thinking their votes make a difference if in reality its very unlikely she’ll be the nominee.
    2.) What’s the big deal about party unity? As if that’s the magic cure to winning in November. That is such BS! I remember in 2004 when every dem and his grandmother rallied behind Kerry. Yet we still got 4 more years of GW Bush.

  210. Blue,

    I’ve also heard exactly the opposite of what I think it was you were implying; (*LOL*) that HRC blow-outs in WVa, Ky and PR are Waffles ‘graceful exit’ strategy.

    BTW – “what is working in the line?”
    Back to rereading Pringle so I can narrow this plot down some.
    I’m sure HRC knows about this and maybe that’s another reason she’s so committed to fighting on. Besides, at this point I would imagaine that nothing anyone says has the slightest impact on her. She’s operating
    in moral imperative mode and nothing can stop her.

  211. [QUOTE]I’ve also heard exactly the opposite of what I think it was you were implying; (*LOL*) that HRC blow-outs in WVa, Ky and PR are Waffles ‘graceful exit’ strategy. [/QUOTE]

    I don’t think so. She is in it to win it.

  212. Heard Florida delegates to be seated but they will divide them half and half. How the hell is that fair? Fuck the DNC and Fuck this party. This has been the most rigged election from the get go, with the media bias and piling on of Hillary. Even today they continue with her poised to win a landslide and they are not even covering the WV primary at all. Believe me .. the people of WV will not forget this and the down ticket democrats in WV better be very afraid. I am officially out of this party and I’ll be taking husband, son and dil with me. 4 votes to another party ..

  213. Nikki,
    “Hillary strikes me as a realist. If she has no legitimate shot at the nomination then I don’t think she would have continued”

    Right! I can’t make heads or tails of it.

    As I said yesterday, I thought the arguments she would make in and on the way to Denver, the popular vote argument, the winning of all big Dem states, the electoral tally, etc, all sounded strong to me.
    I was stunned with what these recent reports said, calling it a 2% chance. I still do not get it.

    It’s gotta be a deke or there’s something we don’t know.

  214. here’s a funny quote:

    I think the only thing sweeter today would besides Hillary catching up in the popular vote in WV would be for Obama to come in third behind Edwards
    Nebraskablues | 05.13.2008 – 2:47 pm | #

  215. What is this I hear about Wolff Blitzer saying that Bawack is diminishing Hillary’s lead at the polls?

  216. perrphaps it’s a money thing. she knows that her base is not rich and if you notice she is not actively asking for money now .. she loves her base and can’t ask them to keep giving up funds, cause she knows hat most of us are on limited means and up against it.

    If it’s true she could use her GE money to put into her Senate reelection campaign and start to pay off her debt that way it would be great. I don’t want to see her and Bill bankrupted for this flawed country. They are worth far more tthan how they’ve been treated and I hope that they will in the end come out swimmingly in money. For what she’s took.

    Suddenly though the news articles start to turn to her reelection campaign for the Senate or even Governor of New York.

  217. Nikki,
    “What’s the big deal about party unity?”

    It ain’t a big deal to me. I don’t consider these treacherous lying bastards Democrats, and if they succeed in wrestling this thing away,
    I’ll never have anything to do with democrats again (until Chelsea runs:) except voting against them!

    I’m the one that’s been saying party loyalty is a two-way street, and Hill’s the only one on it. I’ve been screaming fuck’em, run as an Indy!

    Not sure why you’re telling me this…

  218. blister is trotting out the lies to try to keep her voters home. Of course the bar has been set so high in WV that if she doesn’t win 100% of the vote they’ll bash her for that too.

  219. Dot,
    They’ll be fine w/money. There’ll be more book, more speeches, they’ll be fine. Unlike when they left the White House.

  220. Gorto,
    “Now if he could only hurry up and head to DC like he said he would and hold a press conference and reveal his proof that obama is gay on the down low”

    Pastor Manning had something to do with that?
    The Donald Young story?

  221. Randi Roades back on local radio down here spreading her Hillary hate…claims now only reason she is in is to pay off 20 million campaign debt….she use to be a huge Clinton defender in the impeachment yrs, but man has she swallowed the kool aide….I can’t even listen b/c it hurts too much and all of the callers agree with her….sickening

  222. Pt II is Up!

    “Pringle writes that Part 2 of “Curtain Time for Obama” will “show that Obama was the inside guy in the Illinois senate as far as setting up the Health Facilities Planning Board to extort contributions from companies in exchange for the approval of applications to build medial facilities.”

  223. WV Prediction Thread
    By Big Tent Democrat, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Tue May 13, 2008 at 02:12:45 PM EST
    Tags: (all tags) Share This:
    Demography is political destiny. In West Virginia too. There are turnout issues in that the Media has portrayed the race as over. Obama has spent plenty of money in WV and I am sure the Obama camp will be working overtime to get their voters out.

    My speculation, 6% of the vote will be A-A and Obama wins 90% of that vote. The remaining 94% goes 67-33 Clinton. Thus, the final score will be 64-36 Clinton. A 28 point win. The Obama memo predicted a 12 point Clinton win. What is your guess?

    By Big Tent Democrat

  224. basil9 – She said to turn the TV off? Even if you’re watching like soap operas or something? LOL

    I am not going to watch TV though until the WV polls close. Remember all those times the dumb@ss networks called a state for Obama the seconds the polls closed, but then said “Too soon to call” or “Too close to call” when Hillary was the winner of a state? Even when she won by 10%?

    They WILL call it for her immediately this time. How can you say it is “too soon to call” when she is up by 35-40%?!?


    Completed Calls 21
    At Home 7
    Voicemail 14
    Live Message 0
    Incomplete Calls 20
    No Answer 5
    Problem # 15

    This took about half an hour. Good time for shy people to call, as I got a lot of answering machines. 🙂 The 7 who did answer were either for Hillary or too busy to say, but they all sounded friendly.

  226. Well, I won’t assume Blitzer is lying. Are you saying he is saying Hill isn’t doing well in WV?

  227. jbstonesfan Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 3:20 pm
    Pastor Manning is over the top hysterical, but somewhat true. I listened to him on a local show out of Tampa and he is not a wild as the video as he claims he was trying to make a point…funny stuff indeed.

    Did you hear his interview on The Schnitt show? I heard Todd interview him there and he sounded so much different. He sounds crazy when preaching but so much calmer and reasonable when he is being interviewed. Au Contraire!

  228. sonia,

    I apologize if I said anything that offended you. I was just trying to get the others to be less suspicious of anyone who posts in a different style than theirs.

    Lots of good hard workers here sometimes get mad and leave. (One even said she was mad enough to support Obama. 🙂 But then they come back later, no problem.

    If you find other places that understand your style better. fine.

    Anyway, now is a time to phone bank! The polls close in WV at 7.30 eastern time! !!!!!!!

  229. What do you mean by Problem # 15?

    WV is full of hard-working blue-collar folks. I’m sure they’re all at work. Or, hopefully, many of them are at the polls, or with their friends/children/grandmothers at the polls.

    I think that WV has a lot of early voting and a lot of late voting because people can only vote before and after work.

    But I hear that the turnout is great so far. 😀

  230. Blue Democrat,
    Sorry. Should have made that second part clear. I know you aren’t big on the unity thing. I was just talking in general about how party unity is overrated. The repubs haven’t been dominant the last 30 years because they’re unified. They’ve stomped the dems because they’ve run better campaigns, articulated a clear vision for the country, and aggressively attacked their opposition while the democrats cried for mommy.

  231. # Blue Democrat Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    “Now if he could only hurry up and head to DC like he said he would and hold a press conference and reveal his proof that obama is gay on the down low”

    Pastor Manning had something to do with that?
    The Donald Young story?
    I meant when Manning gave his interview to and said he had bullet proof evidence, regardless of larry sinclair as well, that obama was a homosexual, on the down low, he said he would go to DC and hold a press conferrence, I hope he does!

  232. Wouldn’t it be cool if when they give out the MI/FL delegates (I think Dean promised they would), and almost all of those go to Hillary, they gave her the delegates “with interest”? You know, like if someone owed you money, you’d charge interest, right? Seems fair.

  233. Lackluster Support For Obama In Appalachia

    May 13, 2008
    (The Politico) This story was written by David Mark.
    The current high spirits in the Barack Obama campaign could be tempered in coming weeks when West Virginia and Kentucky voters render their verdict on the Democratic race.

    And it’s not just that Hillary Rodham Clinton is heavily favored to win both states – but more than that they could further underline Obama’s lackluster support in Appalachia, a region that is ground zero for the sort of populist Reagan Democrats both parties will covet in the fall.

    As Clinton noted this week, Obama’s lagging vote totals among white, working class voters in broad swaths of culturally conservative territory continue to feed doubts about his ability to expand his electoral base in Appalachia – a region which, according to one’s definition, can stretch from the cornfields of western New York all the way through the deltas of northern Mississippi.

    That’s territory that includes states – Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia – that will be key to a Democratic victory in November. And some Democrats are already worried that John McCain is poised to scoop up crucial votes in the region if Obama is the Democratic nominee.

    “McCain’s going to camp on the Pennsylvania-Ohio border” in Appalachian regions, said Democratic strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders, of Roanoke, Va. “He knows if he wins those states he can’t lose.”

    Obama has consistently come up short in Appalachia, even when he was romping to victory nearby. Consider Obama’s 14-point victory in North Carolina on Tuesday, when he still soundly lost a series of counties near the Tennessee border, including Cherokee, Clay and Graham.

    Clinton’s strong performance in the Appalachian region’s 11th Congressional District caused Rep. Heath Shuler, a North Carolina superdelegate, to throw his support behind the New York senator’s flagging campaign.

    Virginia, another strong Obama primary state, also delivered the majority of its rural Appalachian votes to Clinton. In the Feb. 5 contest, Clinton overwhelmingly won a series of counties nestled in the state’s southwest corner between West Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina.

    The numbers were similar in Ohio on March 4. Except for Cincinnati-based Hamilton County, every county along the Ohio River went for Clinton, often by over 70 percent. The Appalachian portion of Pennsylvania was equally strong for Clinton when she won statewide on April 22. Washington, Greene and Fayette counties, each along the Ohio or West Virginia state lines, each gave at least 71 percent of its vote to Clinton.

    Democratic strategists chalk up Obama’s problems in the region to several factors. His race, many say privately, is clearly an obstacle in the predominately white region, as is an elitist image both the Clinton and McCain camps have worked hard to stamp him with.

    But Obama’s Appalachian struggles do not faze supporters such as Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.), even though Clinton won his district by an almost 2-to-1 margin.

    Boucher suggested voters in his largely rural southwest Virginia district would ultimately gravitate to Obama’s message of economic development, telemedicine to expand health care, federal support for water infrastructure projects, and broadband development to provide expanded Internet service and attract high tech jobs.

    “It’s a challenging region for Democratic presidential candidates under all circumstances,” Boucher said. “But I am absolutely confident that he will be even stronger than Sen. Clinton was in contending for the votes of rural voters.”

    In the general election, “I do not anticipate a defection of Democratic voters away from Sen. Obama and to the Republicans,” Boucher sid. “Sen. Obama has special qualities that will enable him to be more competitive” than previous Democratic nominees Al Gore and John F. Kerry, both of whom came up short in Boucher’s 9th District and statewide.

    Democratic strategist Saunders, who worked for former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards’ presidential campaigns and helped propel Democrat Mark Warner into the Virginia governor’s mansion, said emphasis on issues over rhetorical style would be key for Obama.

    “What people don’t understand about Appalachia is that we’ve heard all this ‘hope’ and ‘change’ stuff since the English kicked the Scotch-Irish out in the 1700s. We’re ‘hoped’ out. Nothing ever changes out here. He’s got to come with some solid policies.”

    Rep. Nick J. Rahall, the longtime Democratic congressman from southern West Virginia, said Obama was a lot closer to Appalachia voters than might be apparent on the surface. After all, sections of central and southern Illinois bear a striking resemblance to much of Appalachia.

    “Sen. Obama is from a coal state. Sen. Obama is for using coal in an environmentally sound manner. Sen. Obama’s familiar with these technologies,” Rahall said.

    Moreover, the prolonged Democratic primary fight with Clinton has made rural voters more comfortable with Obama, Rahall said. That was on display in the Indiana primary this week, which Obama lost by a narrower margin than many had expected, and in which he kept down Clinton’s vote totals in some Ohio River counties.

    “With each succeeding primary election, as Sen. Obama becomes more toughened, he will continue to improve,” Rahall said. Locals will “recognize that he is more attached to their issues than John McBush – I mean McCain.”

    Questions over what factor Obama’s race will play in Appalachian voters’ decisions were brought into stark relief this week with Clinton’s comments about “white Americans” backing her over Obama. It’s a highly sensitive issue that is difficult to measure in polls and surveys, but also a reality Obama clearly must address.

    “The South has changed a lot, but not that much,” Gary Pearce, a Democratic consultant in Raleigh, N.C., said of his state and surrounding areas.

    But racial questions can be mitigated.

    “The way he can change things is to increase the electorate – attract young people and independents,” Pearce said.

    North Carolina, considered a safe Republican state in November, will be a good test of Obama’s message.

  234. Republicans “Sore” At Obama’s Metahpor
    12 May 2008 08:24 pm

    Obama almost had them. All the way the end of his interview with the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, the probable Democratic nominee-in-waiting chose a metaphor to describe the effect of the perception of the longstanding conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. He said:

    JG: Do you think that Israel is a drag on America’s reputation overseas?

    BO: No, no, no. But what I think is that this constant wound, that this constant sore, does infect all of our foreign policy. The lack of a resolution to this problem provides an excuse for anti-American militant jihadists to engage in inexcusable actions, and so we have a national-security interest in solving this, and I also believe that Israel has a security interest in solving this because I believe that the status quo is unsustainable.

    First came the Republican Jewish Coalition:

    “Once again, Senator Obama demonstrates his questionable grasp of America’s foreign policy. Senator Obama manages to excuse the inexcusable actions of anti-American militant jihadists by putting the blame for their actions on America’s foreign policy. America stands with Israel because it is one of our strongest allies and the only democracy in the Middle East. Senator Obama naively believes that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will solve the global scourge of radical Islamic extremism. Yet Senator Obama never says how he will reign in Hamas’ daily onslaught on Israel or Iran’s scurrilous condemnations of Israel. Is it any wonder Hamas has endorsed him for president?” Then the organized Republican response began in the form of statements from minority leader Boehner and from Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA):

    “It is truly disappointing that Senator Obama called Israel a ‘constant wound,’ ‘constant sore,’ and that it ‘infect[s] all of our foreign policy.’ These sorts of words and characterizations are the words of a politician with a deep misunderstanding of the Middle East and an innate distrust of Israel” Notice how the metaphor, which, in context, referred to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is now a metaphor about Israel. So — the GOP responses loses a few intellectual honesty points. But you can bet that Obama will be asked to elaborate, in much the way that a writer for the Weekly Standard, more honestly, lays out:

    Call me naïve, but while solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is unquestionably an admirable and important goal, I’m not sure it “infects” all, or even most, of the challenges we face in the world. The Burmese junta isn’t repressing its people because of Israel. The Sudanese government isn’t massacring the poor inhabitants of Darfur because of Israel. Iran isn’t murdering American troops in Iraq because of Israel. The Russians aren’t saber rattling in Georgia because of Israel. And the Chinese aren’t threatening Taiwan because of Israel.
    No, Senator Obama is not a closet anti-Semite. Yes, he genuinely considers himself to be a friend of Israel. But he suffers from the left-wing misconception–heard on university campuses and European foreign ministries–of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the Holy Grail of international relations.

    Late in the day, Rep. Rahm Emanuel defended Obama in a statement:

    “On the eve of Israel’s 60th anniversary, Congressman Boehner should remember that Israel enjoys bipartisan support and commitment to its security. Nothing could be worse for Israel at this time than for it to become a proxy for Congressman Boehner’s political games. Senator Obama’s record is clear when it comes to Israel’s security and friendship with the United States.”
    Foreign Policy experience my ass. It’s going to be a very, ugly, ugly race.

    Sen. Leiberman(McCain) vs Sen. Obama…who would you support?

  235. good article about obama’s “pot holes” 😀

    The pot holes on the high road

    By Wesley Pruden
    May 13, 2008

  236. Hello Hillary friends…so happy to be with you on this great victory night…

    Can someone please list the link to Pringle’s stories…I did a search and they bring up many sights…is there one place where all her stories are, particulary the one you are speaking of re: Part 2 Curtain time for obama


  237. this republican strategist is the kind that Hillary needed!!! She has told Donna Brazill head OFF! Love it.

    Wouldn’t you know that fucktard is going to speak BEFORE the polls close. What an arrogant SOB.

    Never in this lifetime would I cast a vote for that arsehat.

    DonnaB now to soften her stance on Hillary, she is strong.

    Hey Donna don’t you remember you said – Base, stay home. Gotcha…will up you one, take a quess

  238. May 13, 2008
    The Obama Rules


    Democrats always want cultural issues not to matter because they are on the least-popular side of many of them, and want patriotic symbols like the Pledge of Allegiance and flag pins to be irrelevant when they can’t manage to nominate presidential candidates who wholeheartedly embrace them (which shouldn’t be that difficult). As for “fear” and “division,” they are vaporous pejoratives that can be applied to any warning of negative consequences of a given policy or any political position that doesn’t command 100 percent assent. In his North Carolina speech, Obama said the Iraq War “has not made us safer,” and that McCain’s ideas are “out of touch” with “American values.” How fearfully divisive.

    We could take Obama’s rules in good faith if he never calls John McCain a “conservative” or labels him in any other way. If he never criticizes him for his association with George Bush. If he doesn’t jump on his gaffes (like McCain’s 100-years-in-Iraq comment that Obama distorted and harped on for weeks). And if he never says anything that would tend to make Americans fearful about the future or divide them (i.e., say things that some people agree with and others don’t).

    This is, of course, an impossible standard. Obama doesn’t expect anyone to live up to it except John McCain.

  239. who the hell are they polling saying that 75% of Hillary supporters want her as vp….not any of us here.

    F them

  240. Jake Tapper of ABC News has more on Obama’s staffer problems:


    she also has the same ones at two others, she works fast…

    anybody who can make me feel better

    reply to this comment
    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 13:29:06

    no i am very sad
    i used to blog all day at hillis44

    yesterday i was mad at michelle so i used a very bad word

    so all of sudeen
    i was accused of trolling
    i got called dumb,
    retard,,stupid .. idiot ,,

    i apologized too ,,

    but i was verbally abused
    i am kinda young
    so i could not take it anymore
    so i am here


  242. Hagee apology good enough for Catholics, not DNC
    By Klaus Marre
    Posted: 05/13/08 04:39 PM [ET]
    Pastor John Hagee, a supporter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), apologized Tuesday for comments he made about the Roman Catholic Church — remarks that may be harmful to the presumptive presidential nominee.

    “Out of a desire to advance a greater unity among Catholics and evangelicals in promoting the common good, I want to express my deep regret for any comments that Catholics have found hurtful,” Hagee said in a letter to William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights.

    “After engaging in constructive dialogue with Catholic friends and leaders, I now have an improved understanding of the Catholic Church, its relation to the Jewish faith, and the history of anti-Catholicism,” Hagee added.

    The pastor is head of a Texas mega-church and is also known as a televangelist.

    Hagee was cast in the middle of presidential politics after McCain had to disavow his comments about Catholics. Hagee’s comments threatened to become an issue in the general election, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) sought Tuesday to keep the controversy alive — perhaps to balance out the GOP’s likely use of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s controversial statements against Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

    “Now that Rev. Hagee is apologizing for his anti-Catholic comments, does John McCain think that Hagee should also apologize for his other comments?” said DNC communications director Karen Finney. “If so, will he have the courage to say so publicly? Unless John McCain’s idea of being a new kind of Republican includes cozying up to radicals who compare women to dogs, hold racially insensitive fundraisers and call one of the worst natural disasters in our country’s history God’s punishment, he should renounce John Hagee’s endorsement immediately.”

    However, Donohue, one of Hagee’s fiercest critics, said the letter is “sincere,” adding that he considers the case closed and that the pastor has achieved reconciliation.

    “What Hagee has done takes courage and quite frankly I never expected him to demonstrate such sensitivity to our concerns,” Donohue stated. “But he has done just that.”
    I knew those tools at the DNC and our democratic leaders are seeing their great “race baiting” plan coming apart. They do not have any ammo to throw at Hagee vs Rev. Wright.

    Obameless has NEVER took responsibility or accountability on his actions and words…in fact he has run the most divisive, negative campaign in my lifetime. Where NO substance has been offered only the “Cult of Personality” and his one anti war speech that he dumped when it became inconvenient for him.

  243. dot48 – They said that on CNN?

    I don’t know where they got that from. It is like a slap in the face, you know?

  244. jack cafferty ass is going to turn the race card on John McCain .. all of CNN and other networks as well.

    All the emails trying to act like people who won’t vote for him is because he is black.

    I wouldn’t care if he was white, purple, red, green or yellow .. I do not trust him.

  245. I am listening to Hannity and he is letting BO have it about these cries of racism. Juan Williams will be on next to discuss it.


  246. Onwards to victory tonight in West Virginia! We’re going to get a BIG win there, a BIG win in Kentucky, take the lead in the popular vote (and never give it back! 😀 ) and run up the score with a big win in Puerto Rico to nail this down. Make no mistake: the CNN, tabloid-style coverage claiming that the campaign is over is COMPLETELY wrong and we are in a very, very strong position at the moment. It’s the equivalent of being down 2 points in a basketball game, with 5 minutes left to play. This is wide, wide open.


  247. May 13, 2008
    Obamacans Pile on Clinton at Own Peril
    By Froma Harrop

    Many in the Obama camp, having outfoxed the apparently not-so-formidable Clinton machine, can’t seem to get the hang of winning gracefully. They feel a need to drive a stake in Hillary Clinton’s reputation, then dance. If they were smart, they’d heap praise on Clinton and let her finish out the race, however she chooses to do so.

    That’s sage advice, even though offered by Republican mastermind-turned-pundit Karl Rove. Treat Clinton shabbily, he says, and many of her supporters “will remember it by November.”

    Nonetheless, Obamacans are throwing victory parties over the impending defeat of a fellow Democrat who has thus far pulled in over 47 percent of their party’s primary and caucus participants. Some take a more direct approach. In anticipation of the West Virginia primary, college students for Obama were hurling insults at farmers and truck drivers holding signs for Clinton.

    Meanwhile, Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, unable to contain himself, administered one last kick to Clinton’s dignity by opining that the New York senator lacks the “real leadership” needed for the job of vice president. He said that Obama should pick someone who is “in tune with his appeal for the nobler aspirations of the American people.”

    So much for the nobility of aspirations held by his own state’s Democratic primary voters, who preferred Clinton over Obama by 15 percentage points. Next door in Rhode Island, Rep. Patrick Kennedy dittoes Dad as an unwavering super-delegate for Obama — this despite Clinton’s 18-point win in that state’s primary. It’s as if the voters are invisible.

    Disrespecting the nearly 17 million who have supported Clinton is politically unwise, but turning them into “the enemy” is insane. Last week’s enemy was working-class white people. The Democrats can win without a majority of white voters — as Obama strategists undiplomatically note — but they can’t win without a strong showing among them.

    So Obama partisans do not help their cause by willfully misrepresenting Clinton’s reference to “hard-working Americans, white Americans” as racist rather than as a poorly worded observation made in a state of utter exhaustion. The fervor of their outrage suggests that some regard the mere consideration of white people, particularly white men, as a demographic needing a special message is an act of bigotry. (That’s as opposed to a thousand other racial and socio-economic groups that politicos routinely slice and dice.)

    We now hear pained remarks from the Obama camp that many white men won’t vote for any black. Oh really? No one was complaining during the early races in Iowa, Maryland, Virginia and Wisconsin, when most of the white male participants backed Obama. That was before the Rev. Jeremiah Wright ugliness became public.

    Weirdly, Obamacan triumphalism seems to be merging with the festivities on the Republican side. You can understand why the right would welcome what it prays is “the end of the Clinton era.” Bill Clinton presided over the longest peacetime expansion since World War II. His budget surpluses put his so-called conservative predecessors and successor to shame. Wouldn’t a vow to build on the Clinton legacy, rather than dismantle it, be a better tack for the Obama campaign?

    By the way, Clinton’s continued sparring with Obama does not hurt the Illinois senator’s chances in November. It only crowds out Republican efforts along that line. Believe me, you’d rather have the Clinton version.

    Obama can’t beat John McCain without large chunks of Clinton’s core constituency: women, Hispanics and the white working class. Dumping on their candidate is one step removed from dumping on them — and some of the Obama people don’t even bother with that step. Rove must be enjoying the show.

  248. I heard on Hannity earlier that 66% of Dems want Hill to stay in til the end. They see it as lack of confidence in BO. I think they are right.

  249. Chris Matthews: West Virginians Decided Decades Ago to Oppose Obama

    video attached

    Somebody from the DNC and Team Obama (Donna) should tell Chris Matthews not to help him anymore become if Oblameless is the nominee it looks like another rout for the Republicans this November.

    Geez calling whole states racists…a loyal democrat state being written off by Obambi’s New Democratic Coalition….Rep. Rahm Emanuel 50 state plan is looking less 50 and more Mondale.

  250. I can’t believe that this is the democratic party. Able to write off anyone in their way. Well, I know one tough little lady that isn’t about to let herself be written off.

    My gurl Hill!

  251. I think Sonia is a real Hill fan and she has a lot of time to be online. She stated there that she was put off here for saying a bad thing about MO .. that should make you happy.

    I think she’s young, inexperienced and I don’t think now is the time to tear people down.

    I think everyone here needs a big hug and some encouragement, I think each of has to deal in our own way …

  252. I agree with Dot. I see sonia on Hill’s blog all the time posting very helpful information. We need to chill with the claiming everyone is a troll bit.

  253. Catholic Newspaper Says Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Position Problematic

    by Steven Ertelt Editor
    May 13, 2008

    Washington, DC ( — One of the top Catholic publications in the United States carried an editorial in its latest issue saying Barack Obama’s positions in favor of abortion and euthanasia are problematic for Catholic voters. Obama appears more and more likely to be the Democratic nominee and his views will cost him Catholic votes.

    “It’s important for Americans to know exactly where Barack Obama stands on abortion, because abortion is one of the fundamental issues Americans should be most concerned about,” say the editors of the National Catholic Register.

    “For the abortion industry and Obama, opposing the right to life has meant uncompromising dedication to a counter-principle,” they write. “For Obama, protecting the unstated principle ‘unwanted children do not have the right to life’ is the only way abortion can remain legal.”

    “Obama not only opposes the right to life, his opposition is his highest priority,” they write.

    Catholic voters can rule out Obama because “Obama’s votes and official positions deny the right to life to three categories of human beings: the unborn, the ‘accidentally’ born and, at least in one case, the adult ‘unfit.'”

    NCR says Obama “rejects” the view of Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., who says that the right to life is the fundamental human right.

    The newspaper also tags Obama for opposing a ban on partial-birth abortions or any legal rights for unborn children.

    “How could Obama be so opposed to the right to life? He may have let slip one reason at a March Town Hall meeting in Pennsylvania,” they wrote.

    The editorial talks about Obama’s comment at a Pennsylvania rally during which he said he wouldn’t want his young daughters “punished” with a baby should they become pregnant.

    “He thinks ‘unwanted’ children, by their very existence, are an unacceptable imposition,” the editors write.

    NCR also concentrates on Obama’s actions as a member of the Illinois state legislature, when he successfully prevented a bill to provide appropriate medical care for newborns who survive failed abortions from moving forward.

    The editors call the pro-infanticide position “a necessary consequence of Obama’s embrace of abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy” and say the babies are “the next category of human being Obama says has no right to live.”

    The NCR editors also bash Obama for promoting euthanasia.

    “In a recent debate, Obama said the vote he most regrets was his vote to save Terri Schiavo’s life,” they wrote. “Congress and President Bush attempted to intervene to save her life, and not just to save her life, but to stop the dangerous precedent. They failed. Now Obama says they shouldn’t have tried.”

    Ultimately, NCR points out that Obama would make promoting abortion his top priority and first act as president.

    “The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act,” he told Planned Parenthood last July about the bill that would overturn pro-life laws nationwide and legally enshrine abortion.

    “That would make America more friendly to the abortion industry than any other country in the world,” NCR says.
    I wonder if Team Oblameless is going to call the Catholics racist? Obigmouth love to talk, and talk and talk on tv and all those videos will start coming out.

  254. Wow. This is a really depressing article, but a great historical perspective, and, as a fighter for all women, I am not going to let 2008 be “the year American women lost the right to vote”.

    2008: The Year American Women Lost the Right to Vote

    by Sandra Marcella

    In August of this year, American women will have had the right to vote for exactly 88 years. It was during August of 1920 that the 19th Amendment was finally ratified, after a 72 year battle waged by suffragettes. It is with this in mind that I write today about the events of the Democratic Presidential Primary campaign and their impact on women’s rights.

    The campaign for the Democratic Presidential nominee began last year with a large field including an African American man and a female candidate, something that we haven’t had in this country since 1872, when Victoria Woodhull, a suffragette, ran as the nominee of the Equal Rights Party. Hillary Clinton was the clear frontrunner. A lot of people, myself included, thought she would cruise to the nomination, considering her qualifications. By April of this year, though, something was very wrong.

    Throughout the campaign, some members of the media managed to dredge up a brand of sexism that women my age thought had finally become politically incorrect. We watched in horror as Hillary was reviled in the press. When it seemed they couldn’t question her experience, they questioned what she wore. When it seemed they couldn’t question her proposed policies, they brought up that her husband had an affair. When it seemed they couldn’t figure out why she was ahead, they tore her down with some of the most vile hate speech that this country has been exposed to in years, including comments such as taking her behind the barn, stereotypical “bitch” and more that I cannot even put into print. They repeatedly called for her to drop out. No one asked any of her male opponents to drop out.

    By April, the contest was down to two candidates, Clinton and Obama, and Pennsylvania was about to vote in this historic race. Barack Obama had stumbled in the beginning, as he had only spent one year in Congress prior to running, without producing any earth shaking legislation. His time in the Illinois State Senate wasn’t incredibly groundbreaking, either. Still, though, here he was, and it seemed that the press loved him. If he goofed, he gave a little speech, and the press all but crowned him as the next Martin Luther King, never mind that actions speak louder than words. It was almost as if they were afraid to say anything bad about him. Was it for fear of being branded a racist? Look what happened to Geraldine Ferraro for simply speaking the truth. Whatever it was, he got a huge pass. Meanwhile, his opponent was being attacked almost daily in the press. Apparently, its ok to revile a woman, but not a black man, and seemingly worse, it was ok for women to pile on as well. The Maureen Dowds and the Arianna Huffingtons of the media world were having a ball, and not one of them seemed to care what they were doing to members of their own sex.

    Now, let’s step back to the year 1913. Its March 3rd, and suffragette Alice Paul is leading over 8,000 women down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, on the eve of the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson, in an effort to call national attention to the fight for women’s suffrage. The scene turns ugly when scores of male onlookers attack the women, first with insults and obscenities, and then with physical violence. All the while, the police stand by and watch, but do nothing to protect the women from the assaults. (Are you seeing any similarities here?) The very next day, Alice Paul and her suffragists made headlines across the nation and women’s suffrage is finally a popular topic of discussion.

    Now we’re back in 2008, and Hillary Clinton has won PA. The very next day, the press began dabbling in a tactic called race baiting. The gist of it was this: Hillary only won PA because the white voters would not vote for a black man and were therefore racists. The facts were clear, though, for anyone who chose to avail themselves of the truth. Women and Catholics voted overwhelmingly for Hillary in PA. Yet, some members of the media, and the DNC began to throw out a subtle threat. The threat was this: If Hillary wins the nomination, the African American base in the Democratic Party will revolt. Although they are not the largest voting bloc in the Democratic Party, they wanted us to believe that if they were not happy, they would hand John McCain a win in the general election by staying home. Others took the threat a step further, hinting at riots like we saw in the 1960s.
    Next came Indiana & North Carolina. In NC, Obama won by 14 points. Hillary overcame a deficit to take IN. Calls for Hillary Clinton to drop out started again, never mind that her opponent also lacked the required number of delegates to get the nod. She (the woman) should just step aside and let him have it, even though she is heavily favored in the upcoming states of West Virginia and Kentucky, and even though she has a huge base of women voters across the country. In fact, most media outlets have declared that it is over for her. But, again, no one mentions us women voters.

    In all the press that has surrounded this campaign, one very large and important voting bloc in the Democratic Party has been ignored. Women. Women have come out in huge numbers to support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Many of us who have voted for her will choose to either vote for McCain in the general election or just stay home if she is not the nominee. Why is this not being discussed? Why are women being pushed to the back of the bus? Along with the women, they have reserved seats on the back of the bus for Latinos. Their votes are no longer important, either. To the Catholics, Jews, white men and the rest of the Democratic Party: the bus will leave without you. It appears the African American vote is the only one that carries any weight with the Democratic Party.

    As I write this, West Virginia will vote today. Hints of the spin we can expect in this upcoming loss for Obama have already started to emerge. Again, it will be race. Personally, I’m done being disgusted by what this campaign has done to race relations in this country. I’ve moved on because what I find more upsetting is that NO ONE has brought up what I just did, that women have been shoved to the back of the bus and told that our votes are not important. Ignoring the power of the women’s vote in this country is a form of voter suppression. I write this as just another woman voter. I write it because if Hillary said it, they would trash her into next week. I write it for Alice Paul and all the other suffragettes who paved the way for women like me. I write it because all the women in the upcoming primaries in WV, KY, OR, PR, SD and MT need to come out in force and exercise their right to vote in a way that stands up for all women and our right to vote and be heard in this country, because WE ARE A VOTING BLOC THAT CAN TURN AN ELECTION, and as such we deserve to be treated with respect. If we don’t, 2008 will go down in history as “The Year American Women Lost the Right to Vote” in this country, and we will only have ourselves to blame.


    “Just a Woman Voter”

  255. skmf12 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    u r such a snitch

    so may be u r a troll accusing others of trolling

    u posted only one of my comments from there

    and here is others –so tell me which part is trolling

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:58:52

    Quiet Riot”

    pls check it out and sign it if u like it

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:40:16

    u go girl
    we’re FIGHTERS

    i am proud of all of us

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:32:15


    and if any exit polls available

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:37:24

    thats great
    i really -really wold like to see a 35+ point lead
    would not that be fun

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:36:06

    i love blogging here and all pro-hill websites

    today i feel little empty
    i had to boycott hillis44

    buut iguess its ok
    i still have a lot of good blogger friends here

    who follow hill,s policy of forget and forgive and move on with eyees on the prize

    Vote in AOL poll
    Hillary is ahead. Let’s keep her there.…
    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:46:20



    VOTE SMART – VOTE HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:47:49

    Hillary is my hero!
    My warrior!
    My light!
    My president!

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:50:55

    i saw someone write this on hillary blog site —–

    143 days…
    Obama had served just 143 days in the senate from the time he was sworn in to the time that he announced an exploratory committee for the presidency….as Hillary says it is a “Hiring Decision” – so would you hire someone for the most important job in the world with 143 days experience?

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:56:52

    If you are not from OR, use these Zips to find newspapers.
    97103, 97005, 97330, 97701, 97030, 97128, 97501, 97501, 97201, 97477.

    If any bloggers here live in OR or nearby states, please consider going to an OR campaign office to work for the primary there.

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:52:34

    \saw it on Taylormarsh.

    Whoopi has someadvice for all of us—today, tomorrow and for the rest of this process.

    so u stop snitching
    i am an adult with free speech
    and i have right to support hillary all the way

    u r the one troll now

    because u r the one going around and divinding people with ur hate skmf12


    try not to say anything to about me again

    enough is enough

  256. I have seen Sonia’s posts on Hillary’s site. She is enthusiastic, but is a supporter of Hillary’s. At least, she hasn’t done any bashing, which she would have done, if she was a troll. She wouldn’t have been able to contain herself.

  257. carbynew – I hope that Hillary doesn’t let up on her pro-choice stance so that she won’t be targeted by the Catholic voting bloc too. Hillary Clinton’s pro-choice history is very important to me. Her history supporting women’s rights goes back to when Obama was in diapers!

  258. Running Interference for Obama, Part 3

    Word that Hamas has endorsed Barack Obama has finally leaked into the mainstream press, mostly in the form of reporters and pundits denouncing John McCain for suggesting that the endorsement might be something voters should keep in mind. Obama himself was sufficiently concerned to give an interview on the subject to Atlantic magazine. Predictably, his supporters (e.g., the New York Times) portrayed the interview as disposing of the issue, much as Obama’s speech on race supposedly disposed of the embarrassment posed by his anti-American minister.

    Generally unremarked, however, was what Obama actually said about Hamas. Here is the key exchange:

    JG: Why do you think Ahmed Yousef of Hamas said what he said about you?
    BO: My position on Hamas is indistinguishable from the position of Hillary Clinton or John McCain. I said they are a terrorist organization and I’ve repeatedly condemned them. I’ve repeatedly said, and I mean what I say: since they are a terrorist organization, we should not be dealing with them until they recognize Israel, renounce terrorism, and abide by previous agreements.

    JG: Were you flummoxed by it?

    BO: I wasn’t flummoxed. I think what is going on there is the same reason why there are some suspicions of me in the Jewish community. Look, we don’t do nuance well in politics and especially don’t do it well on Middle East policy. We look at things as black and white, and not gray. It’s conceivable that there are those in the Arab world who say to themselves, “This is a guy who spent some time in the Muslim world, has a middle name of Hussein, and appears more worldly and has called for talks with people, and so he’s not going to be engaging in the same sort of cowboy diplomacy as George Bush,” and that’s something they’re hopeful about.

    Note how senseless Obama’s response is. He is asked specifically about Hamas’s endorsement of him. He responds that he “wasn’t flummoxed” because he can understand that “there are those in the Arab world” who may like him because of his experiences in Indonesia, his Muslim middle name, the fact that he is “worldly” and “has called for talks” and won’t engage in “cowboy diplomacy” like George Bush.

    But Obama wasn’t asked about some hypothetical Arab-in-the-street. He was asked specifically about Hamas. Does Obama seriously believe that Hamas endorses his candidacy because he is “worldly,” has a Muslim middle name and won’t be a “cowboy?” If so, he is even more out of touch with reality than we thought. If not, he completely ducked the interviewer’s question (not that the interviewer, another Obama fan, noticed) and has yet to explain why he thinks Islamic terrorists want him to win.

  259. skmf12 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    i believe u r asnitch

    and a closet obama supporter

    who is trying to make h

    ate here

    here is more of my posts from noquarter that u forgot to menton–

    pls u better stop ,,,,enough is enough ,,,,,,,,i am an adult ok not anybody,s 13 yr old gorl ,,,if u r not happy in ur life ,,don,t try making mine hell ,,,,,,

    so watch out –okkkkkkk’

    here is my more posts from noquarter

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:50:55

    i saw someone write this on hillary blog site —–

    143 days…
    Obama had served just 143 days in the senate from the time he was sworn in to the time that he announced an exploratory committee for the presidency….as Hillary says it is a “Hiring Decision” – so would you hire someone for the most important job in the world with 143 days experience
    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:47:49

    Hillary is my hero!
    My warrior!
    My light!
    My president!

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:46:20



    VOTE SMART – VOTE HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:45:38

    Vote in AOL poll
    Hillary is ahead. Let’s keep her there

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:42:22

    Will the media’s love affair with Barack Obama continue as he faces off against McCain?

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:36:06

    i love blogging here and all pro-hill websites

    today i feel little empty
    i had to boycott hillis44

    buut iguess its ok
    i still have a lot of good blogger friends here

    who follow hill,s policy of forget and forgive and move on with eyees on the prize
    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:32:15


    and if any exit polls available

    Reply to this comment
    Comment by Uppity | 2008-05-13 15:35:59

    Fox was told turn out is heavy.

    Reply to this comment
    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:37:24

    thats great
    i really -really wold like to see a 35+ point lead
    would not that be fun

    Comment by sonia | 2008-05-13 15:40:16

    u go girl
    we’re FIGHTERS

    i am proud of all of us

    if u r a true honest person

    then come to noquarter usa and show ur real name like i do and have talk with me ,,,,,,

  260. EARLY EXIT POLLS courtesy of ginowo at TM.

    faux exits

    61% think HRC more likely to beat MCCANT
    51% O shares wrights views
    64% econ top priotity
    88% afected badly by economy
    70% clinton share values
    45% oabama does
    63% hrc honest
    47% obama ahonest
    68% hrc more qual for cic
    29% obama more qualified, HA HA LOL

  261. skmf12 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    so which part is troll




  262. BTW the fox exit polls are totally awesome. Like 70% say Hillary shares their values and 45% say Obama does.

  263. All caps and bold faced is a troll alert
    what happens is someone accepted on the board says something which is veiled racism and gets a response then others copy the responses to said statements and paste them elsewhere
    i do not know if anyone is a troll but I know where Okie was coming from and I salute her for saying her beef.

  264. It’s more like, we’re in a stock car race and the other car is a little ahead but his tires have blown out and he’s run out of gas — and were just getting revved up! So he’s crying to the referees to halt the race and carry him across the finish line!

  265. sonia: excuse me for asking, but do you have bipolar disorder? I am a nurse, just wondering.

  266. Those exit polls are great though, dude! It is a slap in the face to BO and it shows what Hillary has been saying all along BO is non-electable.

  267. 1950
    very astute and i might add that trolls are going to be in high gear this evening (is that what you meant, i can be dense as you pointed out about jumping the shark)

  268. henry Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 5:30 pm


    U SEE MY NAME REGISTERED — its in capa,,

    when i blog at hillsite

    i use caps

    uppity at noquarter stopped me from caps too ,,,

    and i stopped
    i just like writing bold

    and by the way —

    if someone was troll why they wanna use same everywhere –why they telling them about thier kids and family background
    and why would they use caps so every one can see them

    i was using some of the caps ,,sp that nobody misses my the important petitions,,,,articles,,diaries,,websites,,and polls

    pls,,,,,at least give someone benefit of doubt before calling them —IDIOT –LIKE U DID IN UR LAST POST

  269. birdgal Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 5:33 pm
    sonia: excuse me for asking, but do you have bipolar disorder? I am a nurse, just wondering.

    NO I DON,T

  270. henry Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 5:32 pm
    that equals 115% ?????

    They don’t have to choose either/or.

  271. SONIA,



    i’ve seen your posts where you convieniently forget to write in anything but perfet english, i’ve seen your sly comments, that drop devisive lines in them, i’ve seen you backstab us on other sites…

    YOU PLAY THESE PEOPLE LIKE CRAZY, not everyone here is taken in…

    but i dont care, not my business anymore…
    you on the other hand, i am sure i will run into again…
    later…. 🙂

  272. vets4hilldawg Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Come back to me


    I know you hear me singing.

    THX — how do u know what AJA means , thats indian word

  273. I am watching Fox and I do not believe that the Election HQ Team is planning to help McCain. They seem more interested in cheerleading bambi. A blond lady just laid out the thing for Hill .. she is less an 200 delegates behind and she is winning .. she has no reason to quit. BlondyMegan muttered something under her breath. They continue to run late night hits on her as well. I think I’m going to stop watching the 5pm hour .. I noticed over the last few days that Shep Smith and Skinner has been trying to do hits oin Hillary as well. I would think they would promote John

  274. sonia
    i immediately after my last post said i meant no offense
    but please tell me where in this post i used the word idiot or in anyway disparaged someones intelligence—-
    “All caps and bold faced is a troll alert
    what happens is someone accepted on the board says something which is veiled racism and gets a response then others copy the responses to said statements and paste them elsewhere
    i do not know if anyone is a troll but I know where Okie was coming from and I salute her for saying her beef.”

    Please explain how you got idiot out of that

  275. All caps and short paragraphs and text message abbrevitions are an alert for — YOUNG PEOPLE.

    It is possible to be young AND support Hillary.

    We need to be reaching out to people outside our demographic. Look at their content, not their style.

  276. skmf12 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 5:39 pm



    lady u can say thAT AGAIN ,,U R NOT A NICE PERSON


    yeah —do run into me i will see
    and no one has to be scared of me , but i am for sure scared of u snitch
    now i am gonna have to change my name
    i am scared u r following me everyhere

    r u obsessed with me

    english is my 2nd language
    and i am proud of it –thank s

  277. Agreed, dot48. Petty bickering is boring, people: chill out and focus on helping Hillary — it’s the 4th quarter of the closest Democratic primary in history! Keep your eyes on the prize.

    Good news from the NYT — high turnout in WVa:

    May 13, 2008
    West Virginia Primary Attracts Many Voters

    Heavy early voting could result in a larger than normal turnout in the West Virginia Democratic presidential primary on Tuesday, although state elections officials said poll workers reported an average turnout at most voting spots by the afternoon.

    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is favored to win this race by a large margin over Senator Barack Obama, who has not campaigned heavily in the state.

    Tom Vogel, the executive director of the West Virginia Democratic Party, said Tuesday that early voting was twice as heavy as in previous elections. More than 45,000 people cast their ballots early.

    “So that’s a very positive sign,” Mr. Vogel said, adding that good weather across the state should also help generate a high turnout. “It’s a little cool, but we’ve got sunshine and no bad weather. We expect a very good turnout.”

    Polls opened at 6:30 a.m. at the state’s 1,965 precincts, and are to remain open until 7:30 p.m.

    Jason Williams, the manager of the elections division at the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office, said the turnout in the 2004 primary election was 39 percent of registered voters.

    State election officials said most polling places were reporting an average turnout by late afternoon. Sarah Bailey, a spokeswoman for the Secretary of State, said poll workers in two counties — Harrison and Kanawha, which holds the state capital, Charleston — reported heavier than normal turnout, while Raleigh County reported lower than normal numbers of voters.

  278. I’ve tried to stay out of this because I think SONIA has a lot to contribute, but SONIA, could you please leave for a little while, go get a glass of cool water, and maybe come back when you’re ready to talk about Hillary Clinton, not yourself?

  279. henry Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 1:33 pm
    just take a look at the posts tonight- vaguely disguised leading statements you are so much better than this,. and it is sad that idiots may drive away individuals who have truly worked for hill.
    i did say last post -friend

    i am sorry
    – i should not have said anything to u
    if anything , i think u understood me and tried to defend me now

  280. kanawha county heavy turnout might not be good for Hill. Kanawha county is heavily fronted by rockefeller and political favors.

  281. WTH!!! CNN is going to be covering live a BO speech he’s giving shortly????!!!!!

    this is insane that they would cover him live during WV primary voting hours!!!!!!

    YEP……..I will NEVER EVER not if my life depended on it would i ever vote for that
    scumbag obama……MO will never get my support as our first lady

    seeing as she’s no lady

  282. okay sorry

    back to hillary

    exit polls look good and very promising
    anyone with new numbers


    Everyone quarrelling pls go phone bank for 2 hours.

    Let’s have some peace and support here for a while.

    *hugs sonia*

  284. dot48
    I agree. Not the place to bicker, however, I have read and enjoyed Okieatty’s posts for many months and was simply attempting to clarify how the folks at SA and other sites misrepresent what happens on this board. Rather than read through an entire days exchanges they have a troll get in who says something vaguely racist in bold and caps so they can skim by everything but thier statement and then repost the responses without regard to the context.
    sonia again i meant no offense I have no clue as to who may want the best candidate to be prez

  285. honest to god .. the Fox show with Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelley has turned into the evening version of Mika and Chris Matthews. I hope they get fired .. this hasn’t been anything but the Obama cheerleading hour. I can’t see Fox allowing this to continue unless they are trying to build him up for the big fall.

    John Kasich was even rude to Hillary this evening. I can’t get why people wanna kick when they think someone is down.

    Bytch saying obama’s “new politics” wouldn’t need any “old baggage” from left over years….I swear the democratic party really believes this shit. He can’t change anything and all I keep hearing is “new” “change” .. bring in new voters.

  286. My first and last comment on the subject. I belonged to a medical forum for 18 months during treatment. trolls came and went. Once they were tagged as trolls they usually logged in to the site with an alias but after the first couple of weeks of everyone welcoming the newbie it would be clear pretty quickly they were X AKA Y.
    Many of the trolls used strange unconventional phrasology, like text speak, all caps, weird grammar useage . . . and all of them, without exception, posted incessently.
    that’s all i got to say.

    HRC’s gonna blast Waffles outta the water tonight! 😀

  287. I love that CNN is trying so hard to play down HRC’s win tonight.

    My dirty pleasure is watching Tweety on election night. His face angry and taut. His teeth are gritting and he looks so constapated. There is nothing better.

    Right after they announce that Hill is the winner he is absent from the screen for like 10-15 minutes. I like to think that he goes in the back and cries.

  288. Bill Hemmer is in bambi’s camp????? YUCK
    My parents will be so happy I just turned in my gay card!!

  289. Well Fox did say that bambi had 2 hours yet in WV .. most likely stealing votes in Kanawha County.

  290. I just saw that Ray Nagin endorsed Barack Obama. I wonder how Obama feels about being associated with him now?

  291. basil9
    How bout wow never seen ya here before but very forward with your ,well can i call them thoughts if it come from elswhere, spiel

  292. henry .. Bill Hemmer, Megyn Kelley, Shep Smith, Jane Skinner ..

    I thought they were republican station too but you could fool me here lately. Prime Time is good but daytime is kissing up the koolaid

  293. henry-

    My parents will be so happy I just turned in my gay card!!

    Aww. I would have thought that Obama alone would have turned you straight.

  294. well msm already setting this up as “some white people just won’t vote for a black man” words been out all day.

    W.Va will remember them again in the fall and so will Ky…

  295. From my main man! Mr. Pat! (from TM coz i can’t risk a recurrence of BSM addiction so no cable for me).

    I just zoomed by MSNBC and seeing eugene Robinson looking like he wants to cray, made MY heart sing.
    Pat B said Obama blew it and even IF he was going to get crushed he should of gone to talk to the WV voters and said I care about you instead of blowing them off.
    lyn | 05.13.2008 – 5:53 pm)

  296. dot48-

    Some white people just won’t vote for a RACIST black man, that’s for sure.

    I mean, can you see a black community voting for a member of the KKK?

  297. bambi has had a MASSIVE ground operation in WV too so don’t buy into “he never worked the state” .. Rockefeller has been actively solicticing for him .. state employees courted very, very heavily

  298. hallow
    no bambi would have made me a lesbian. bill hemmer and lets admit it ladies is a very very good looking man. but if he likes waffles i am finished with men- okay well at least the ones i can never have. and i mean that.
    again nada about bambi and i have sufferred from latin/jungle/asian fever.

  299. Whew. Now it’s 5 o’clock in WV and I’m getting people who sound hurried and say they’ve already voted. (all for her I think!) Maybe this is getting counter productive? Only 1/2 hours yet to go there.

    Anyone getting productive results from WV at this late time?

  300. henry – I think most people have had latin/jungle/asian fever at some point in their lives. It is okay. Nobody wants Bambi except MO, the female Bambi with no brain of her own other than for hating America.

  301. vets4hilldawg Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 6:05 pm
    Exit Poll


    HRC 93 BO the rest



    thats a slap on face

  302. well you don’t want to watch msnbc now they have ugly ass olgerman and hatchet face Russert potoate head.

    The mean side of me wants to tell Hillary that the way the party has treated her and they so obviously hate her and bill and want to destory them…MAKE them take her as veep if they insist on stealing it and giving it to bambi .. make them be confronted with the Clintons in the white house. She can still yield great power for her causes .. it’s obvious that bambi can’t govern and somebody needs to pick up our causes…

  303. bo big speech, he’s got all white people behind him ( all 6 people) LOL

    crowd clapping sounds like 20 people tops………LOL!!!!

    by the way he’s in Missouri………with a HUGE ass flag pin on bruuuuuhahahahah!!!

  304. is it true that chris mathews was calling wv voters racist and stuff because they r choosing to vote for hillary and not obama

  305. 78% of WV voters say Hillary should stay in the race 😀

    by these exit polls……i will bet he gets less than 29% of the votes today 😀

  306. 1950
    polls close at 630? Hardly seems fair, many people commute an hour or more and after a long day I doubt racing to a poll site is very attractive especially when the big media keeps telling you the race is over. God I pray that wvirginians didn’t buy into the spin. If nothing else the whole process needs to be over hauled bye bye to Iowa and its grip on the country bye bye to caucuses

  307. moononpluto Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 6:13 pm
    r u kidding me –for sure

    lmao—now thats fun ,,lets have party

  308. some nutcase on Fox said that waffles MUST get Michelle O out of the closet and out on the trail .. that she can get the women voters that supported Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where the hell have these people been? Haven’t they heard her angry tirades on the campaign trail? Don’t they know that she runs off more women with her vicousness.

    Now they are turning on Cindy McCain .. Bill and Megyn had to cite some poll about her that wasn’t flattering … see where the 5pm Fox hour is going?

  309. look at this phony, wearing his lapel pin, and wanting to have a moment of silence for the tornado victims, what, did he last 5 seconds? lol, what an ass, hey bo, if your gonna pull a stunt, you at least have to pretend you care….sheesh

  310. dot………YES>……get MO on the Trail …….she will sink him faster than the titanic!!! 😀

  311. yup sonia, only 3% for Obama on experience, the other 4 couldnt bring themselves to vote for him, lol.

  312. Obama’s big uniting theme is GIVE A SPEECH. That is all he knows how to do. Every time he gets in trouble he thinks he can give a speech and make it better. Of course msm will swoon .. is Tweety still sitting in his seat or Olgerman or Russert or has someone had to get them water.

  313. Hey guys, I was just reading on Rezkowatch, the curtain Part2, the site went down, I could not access the last page. Looks like Axelarsh is taking it down! What’s on the last page that I did not get to read?

  314. Reading thru these posts, it seems I missed a lot the past few days. All this talk of trolls has me is giving me school flash backs.

    Divide et impera

  315. Bambi’s speaking now so he can disappear and no one can ask any questions as to why he lost WV big.

  316. while I despise the obamas I truely believe it is the machine behind him that orchastrated the whole thing and they are nothing but a bunch of almosts. and i think an almost is worse than a has been.

  317. LOL…….CNN had to do a side by side of the live speech with only a handfull of people with photo’s of his “huge crowds” pre super tuesday

    bruuuuuhaaa haaa!!!!

  318. Now why doesnt someone ask his sorry ass, that if it wasnt good enough to wear a flag pin months ago, why change now when he said he didnt believe in them?

  319. BTW, I don’t know why the general consensus is that Gutter Ball will win South Dakota…I know he has Tom Daschle’s endorsement there (and now L-O-S-E-R McGovern), but South Dakota is favorable to Hillary for a few BIG reasons:

    1) It’s a closed Dem-only primary. She always does better among Dems than Gutter Ball.
    2) Less than 1% of SD is AA.
    3) There is no huge, liberal city in SD like there is in Oregon (Portland).
    4) Not many colleges/universities with idiotic Kool-Aid drinking young voters.

    Am I crazy?? I foresee a Hillary win in SD based on the above information.

  320. LOL!!! vet4hilldawg, too funny, she’s the best part of this think, I can mute him, and watch her

  321. He’ll do anything for a vote. Read Morning Joe script this am..Mika says “well, he got THAT behind him, he did it” .. the mentality that cause he simply shows up with a pin and give a speech will erase all doubt about anything about him.

    Action not Words .. Just.Words

  322. Why does that lady keep taking pictures of the back of his head?

    Is the Virgin Mary in there?

  323. dot, why are you saying Michelle Obama is angry and vicious? I know she made those comments about not being really proud of America, but I’m unaware of anything else. I’m not saying I disagree with you, but I’m just curious about what else she has done that I haven’t seen. She has been out of the news recently.

  324. You know, if they put the putz up for the WH, i can think of no smaller reason to vote McCain than having to listen to Obama’s smarmy speechs for 4 years. I think i’d have to throw up.

  325. well i converted my friends in SD over the weekend from bo to hillary 😀

    they obviously hadn’t seen all the crap on BO……..but i sure enlightened them 😀

  326. vets4hilldawg Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 6:21 pm
    Can’t I just chew my gum?

    can,t i just finish my waffle??/ha ha –elitist

  327. blah…….blah………blah…..blah…….blah………blah…..blah…….blah………blah…..blah…….blah………blah…..

  328. Oh Cnn know how to fudge.

    Their headline is 36% of Clinton supporters in WV will vote for Obama if he were nominee, however they fail to mention that 64% would not, lol.

  329. tabbylady, while speaking to a room full of AA women in South Carolina, MO said of Hillary “If you can’t take care of your own house, how you gonna take care of the White House.”

    I will NEVER forgive that bitch for blaming Bill’s infidelity on Hillary. Her comments are the antithesis of feminism.

  330. a “volunteer” for bambi that i met in pittsburgh told me she was getting 9 an hour to walk through the same streets I was on election day knocking door to door– the only reason she shared the info was because I gave her a cigarette

  331. saw this on hillaryclintonforum —pasting it here


    important issue?

    Economy: 64%
    Iraq: 19%
    Health care: 14%

    How has the recession affected you?

    A great deal: 45%
    Somewhat: 43%
    Not much: 8%
    Not at all: 3%

    Gas tax suspension

    Clinton supporters
    Good idea: 72%
    Bad idea: 24%
    Others: 4%

    Obama supporters
    Bad idea: 54%
    Good idea: 43%
    Others: 3%

  332. You know that they chose chewing gum as a cute girl to sit behind him and she totally doesn’t care.

    This is the best speech ever.

  333. 71% will be statisfied if Hillary win
    29% will be staisfied if Obama win

    Very bad for Obama.

    Should Hill continue race

    78% yes
    17% NO

  334. 63%Clinton is honest
    47% Obama is honest

    68% Clinton qualified to be CIC
    29% Obama qualified to be CIC

    51% Obama shares Rev. Wrights views
    47% he doesnt

    61% Clinton more likely to beat McCain
    37% Obama more likely to beat McCain

  335. Obama To Speak In MO, BEFORE The Polls Close
    By Big Tent Democrat, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Tue May 13, 2008 at 05:03:54 PM EST
    Tags: (all tags) Share This:
    I wonder about this. CNN is reporting Obama will speak from Missouri within the hour BEFORE`the West Virginia polls close. I believe that is a mistake. Does Obama really need to spin now? He needs to fight for these voters. This is not the way to do it. (6:15)Obama speaking now. Talking about Dems not being divided and clear choice in November. Sounds like the standard stump speech.

    Imo, this is bad from the Obama camp.

    Exit poll – Clinton wins 69% of the white vote, 71% of women. This is a biiiiig won.

    Exit poll. Experience voters – Clinton 93-3. Changers voters – Obama 53-45.

    Jerome Armstrong makes a great point:

  336. come on the democrats saw what the republicans got away with by supporting a puppet and they are following the same script.
    Hillary will write history not a staff of thousands. Didn’t bambi meet with Bush a week after he became a senator. Perhaps we are all being set up for anyone but Senator HRC

  337. WV 51% of obama supporters would vote for hillary if she was the nominee

    so that would be like 10 people right? LOL

  338. Hillary is amazing. With her as our nominee, just think, states like AR, MO, KY, and WV will be in play in the GE. These have been reliable red states the past 8 years.

  339. “McGovern urges Obama, Clinton to unite” (…n4093543.shtml

    Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton should stop beating up on each other in the remaining Democratic contests and focus their ire on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, George McGovern said Tuesday.

    In a letter published in the New York Times and at a news conference in Sioux Falls, the former Democratic senator from South Dakota and 1972 presidential nominee outlined what he called a formula to unify the party and defeat Sen. John McCain.

    i hae a lot respect for older people but i am loosing for this guy
    first he made a scene in changing his support and now

    i think all these pople really don,t care for us or this country ,,its all about thier 15 min of fame and coverage on CNN

  340. that why i wonder why is he in missouri hillary took all the counties rural areas…just about beat him there…

  341. HillGuy Says:

    and add ohio,pa,florida ,michigan

    specially florida and michigan were called beauty contest by obama, so he will never win there

  342. I am so sorry to read what has been going on here.

    Have been busy w/ a commubity fundraiser for Master Gardners in my little store.

    Also, once a State contest is over, or at least the CD part, doesn’t mean it’s over. Was elected to the state platform Committee and, believe me, that is a time taker and hard work. Sit on the HHS subcommittee.

    Please take better care of each other…the eating of one’s own social group has always been called cannibalism.

    No one can save you except yourselves. It is not Admin’s fault, nor his/her responsibility. S/he is a very good writer and an outstanding analyist. That is all s/he should be expected to do, since s/he is not your mother.

    Take care all.

  343. This is going to be how GOP run against BHO in GE if he is nominee.

    Obama Offers Carter’s 2nd Term; Conservatives Look to the Future

  344. bill ought to come out and set mcgovern right in his place never ask bill clinton for a favor when i gave my time and effort with your library..

    Bill needs to call him on it…

  345. Wow, those are huge, unavoidable numbers djia.

    Taylor Marsh keeps reminding us of what the idiot Gutter Ball arrogantly states months ago, that he was “certain (he) would get Hillary’s supporters, but he doesn’t think she would be able to get his.”

    What a load of sh*t! 59% of AAs want Hillary to be on the same ticket as Obama, and they are his most reliable voting bloc. However, almost 60% of Hillary’s supporters in a SWING STATE like WV will NOT vote for Gutter Ball.

  346. Cafferty trying to spin the figures and failing miserably.

    Obama has a huge working class voter problem.

  347. I am just waiting for CNN to refuse to call WV for her right when the polls close, and instead claim that the race in WV is “competitive” (see: PA).


  348. Hillguy

    it should send “sticker shock” to the SD

    i would bet the BO SD and the Dem Party leaders are all out refilling their prescriptions for percocet LOL!!!!! 😀

    and teddy……he’s at the country club with kerry and they are already in the bag!

  349. meiyingsu
    Hillary winning 69% of the white vote really is not bad for Obama (although he tends to poll up in exit polls). From polls I have seen of WV the past few weeks I was hoping Hillary would win over 75% of them. Then again I want Hillary to win the state 90% to 10% that way MSM can not ignore it.

  350. Hillary Clinton is going to win in West Virginia.

    Hillary Clinton is going to be our next President

  351. Harold Ford Jr. on MSNBC

    Don’t pander to me about a flag pin! BO looks down on people like me. He doesn’t vote to protect us from Iranian made IEDS, but you know who does?

    Do you?

    My gurl, Hill!

    HRC is coming back with power, power!

  352. The McGovern link didn’t come up for me, but he ought to have better sense. His campaign in 1972 was similar to Obama’s and he lost all but two states and the Dems were damaged for years.

    What they all should do is tell Obama to accept Hill’s offer of VP on her ticket.

  353. the only reason that they are all of a sudden coming out with that TIRED conversation of a “unity ticket” is because they
    are so very very afraid now that hillary didn’t drop out and BO is now being proven to be a huge flop (Dukakis) !

  354. alex castellanos………says……bo would have to hire a food tester if hillary was the VP

    someone in the studio is heard laughing after he said it!!

    that is disgusting!!!!!!

  355. rjk1957, BHO camp think bad economic will automatic hand him a president in the fall but GOP will tie him with Cater which had a bad economic record since he trash Bill Clinton all the time.

  356. Bastard cafferty just said Obama doesn’t need Hillary, she has the highest numbers of negatives in the democratic scenery, what would he want with her”

    You F***ing asshole cafferty!!! yeah, if your so lucky you get your toyboy the nom, we will show you why you DO need us you piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!

  357. Cafferty really needs a great big kick up the ass, he is so direct with his hatred of Hillary, whats his problem.

  358. Britt Hume saying that BO has lied about a lot of things he has said.

    Juan W talking about Obama’s rules on the election…you know you can’t criticize or its racism

  359. If the economy goes to shit, they are not going to hand it to someone with no experience whatsoever. Got that Obama.

  360. The Media Ignores West Virginia , Focuses on Obama and McCain
    By Jeralyn, Section Elections 2006
    Posted on Tue May 13, 2008 at 05:51:52 PM EST
    Tags: West Virginia ’08 (all tags) Share This:
    The media is focused on Barack Obama. Even his flag pin is more important than the West Virginia primary. MSNBC is running Obama’s delegate numbers at the bottom of the screen. Fox News is reporting on various state elections. My local news is talking about Roy Romer’s endorsement of Obama today.

    CNN analysts discuss Obama’s speech. MSNBC is discussing McCain and Obama. Olbermann says to the Governor of West Virginia, “lets look past W. Va.” The Governor, who is an uncommitted superdelegate, wants to talk about how high the voter turnout is. Olbermann responds by asking what West Virginia has to change to be able to have a November win for Obama.

  361. Here’s a great picture of HIllary lookng like a 14 year old anime rock star!

    h t t p : / /

    It’s for an ad that some people want to run as full page in big newspapers.

    Not So Fast…
    Hillary’s Voice is OUR Voice,
    And She’s Speaking for All of Us

    We are the women of this nation. We are rich and poor, young and old, married with kids, married without kids, single moms, gay, straight, and widowed. We are every color. We are of every religion. We are from all political parties.

    We love our country. Now more than ever, so much of what we cherish is at risk – our homes and our health, our safety and our planet, our children and our values. We raise our voices, in one glorious, defiant chorus, to tell the world that these times demand strength, courage and vision.

    And that is why we stand united in our unwavering support for Hillary Clinton.

    As Senator Clinton campaigns, she speaks with our voice. She carries our hopes, dreams and aspirations with her and transforms them into policies that can make our nation great again.

    We know that Hillary will not rest until every American has health insurance, every child can start school ready to learn, every young person has a chance to attend college, every worker will have a safe job at decent wages. She will not rest until our men and women in the military receive the care they deserve and America foreign policy is grounded in human rights and military strength.

    We know this because we have seen her do this — at home and around the world.

    We cannot stand by as a cacophony of voices demand that she step aside to smooth the road for another.

    Women risked all they held dear to make this country great. They put their lives on the line in all our quests for justice – from Abigail Adams to Sojourner Truth to Susan B. Anthony to Eleanor Roosevelt to Fannie Lou Hamer to Barbara Jordan to Dolores Huerta to Hillary herself.

    We know that when women vote, Democrats win. Now it is the responsibility of our party to hear our voices and count all our votes.

    We want Hillary to stay in this race until every vote is cast, every vote is counted, and we are convinced our voices are heard.


  362. The postings are very entertaining, especially since I am at work. Why is anyone watching CNN or MSNBC? Fox might be better.

    I think the unity ticket is garbage. Hillary is too good for that.

  363. Sorry, I am angry about the Quds force vote. Harold Ford was talking about wearing the flag pin to show solidarity with vets

    Well, this vet is fer Hilldawg.

    BO you can take you vote and shove it up your well laid a$$. Maybe you should drive a hummvee around Baghdad for a while and see if you want to stop Iran from giving IEDs to people who want to kill you.

    BO, you elitist fuck.

  364. Hey yall, who called the hogsgs and I don’t mean razorbacks. Oink oink for Cafferty. I’m here yall. And I am prouder of our girl than I have ever been in my life. We’re gonna get through this together. It’s time we started callin’ out these simple minded chauvanistic assholes.

    Admin of all the great words of wisdom you’ve passed along in this long journey, today’s might just be an award winnin’ entry.

    mollyj is here and I am takin’ names hey mj, terrondt, gorto, I been missin yall and okie and wb, pop in and say hey. we gotta a race to win tonite

  365. I just want the turnout to be over 300,000. Hitting 500,000 would be unbelievable, but Obama should not have been spending the past week telling people not to vote since their votes would not count. Ticked quite a few people off with those phone calls.

  366. Jack Cafferty is a woman hater. With a face like that, he probably hasn’t had much… attention from the ladies. Perhaps he suffers from an incurable form of ED.

  367. I wish Hillary would come out and state the facts like it was in the press release she sent out earlier today

    Memo: Why West Virginia Matters
    To: Interested Parties
    From: Clinton Campaign
    Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2008
    Re: Why West Virginia Matters

    With a record turnout expected in today’s primary, West Virginia Democrats will make clear who they believe is the strongest candidate to take on Sen. McCain in the Fall.

    The Mountain State is used to picking winners. Every nominee has carried the state’s primary since 1976, and no Democrat has won the White House without winning West Virginia since 1916.

    Democrats carried West Virginia in 1992 and 1996, but lost the state – and the White House – in 2000 and 2004. Hillary has predicted victory against Sen. McCain in West Virginia based on the strength of her economic message.

    Given the attempts by our opponent and some in the media to declare this race over, any significant increase in voter turnout, coupled with a decisive Clinton victory, would send a strong message that Democrats remain excited and energized by Hillary’s candidacy.

    In the face of grim poll numbers, the Obama campaign has attempted to dismiss today’s outcome despite the fact that Sen. Obama has outspent us on advertising, has more staff in the state, and more than double the number of offices.

    He has also benefited from the support of the most high-profile endorsers in West Virginia – Sen. Jay Rockefeller and Congressman Nick Rahall. By every measure, the Obama campaign has waged an aggressive campaign in the Mountain State.

    Despite being the so-called “presumptive nominee” and benefiting from these advantages, Sen. Obama has been unable to close a significant gap in the polls.

    Sen. Clinton has already won Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan. With a win in West Virginia, Sen. Clinton will have once again proven her greater ability to win in the key swing states.

  368. Hey Cafferty, what, pray tell, do you think Gutter Ball’s negatives are going to be like come November (if he makes it that far) after Karl Rove is through with him?? F*ckin asshole.

  369. 1950dem thanks for postin that from Taylor Marsh. I want to suggest addin’ Alice Paul’s name. If yall haven’t seen Iron Jawed Angels you need to. Our grandma’s suffered mightily so that we could get to this day.

  370. It amazes me, when a large percentage of whites vote for Hillary the news media shout they are racists. When blacks vote for O in a large numbers we are not racists. Give me a break. I am AA i voted for the most experienced, qualified candidate. I voted for Hillary. What am i? I am sick of the media with this racists crap.

  371. LOL moononpluto. They are so desperate “If he gets 30% its a win” LOL fuckwits is right.

  372. I love the mask of sadness that Chris Matthews wears tonight.

    You wouldn’t think a human face could scowl like that.

  373. moononpluto

    I am looking for him to get around 24%. That would send a very strong message to the SD’s that is is time to wake up and smell the coffee, this man is unelectable period!!!

  374. Governor Manchin tells Andrea Mitchell on the NBC Nightly News, that Bambi would “have to WORK HARD to beat McCain in West Virginia“.

    Andrea was not smiling.


  375. When AAs vote overwhelmingly for Gutter Ball, it’s called Pride. When whites vote overwhelmingly for Hillary, it’s called racism.

  376. Remember Hamas’ statement on Obama?

    Note the last line: why isn’t this part mentioned by pundits??

    “”We like Mr. Obama, and we hope that he will win the elections,” Ahmed Yousuf, Hamas’ top political adviser in the Gaza Strip, said in an exclusive interview with WND and with the John Batchelor Show on WABC Radio in New York……..

    As to Obama kissing up to Jews, Yousuf said that’s only playing American politics.

    “I understand American politics and this is the season for elections and everybody tries to sound like he’s a friend of the Israelis’ but Obama really is for Hamas.” “

  377. Thank you neetabug for callin’ that out. Damn straight about racism. When you vote for somebody just cause that’s a pretty good sign.

  378. It is ok to vote for an AA for president, not THIS ONE. too much baggage. no experience, he is not qualified. He will owe big time to all that financed him.

  379. Neetabug

    Thanks for those comments. It seems sometimes we have been reduced to %s and poll numbers. 10% of the AAs are not voting for O.

    You are what we wish for all voters of all races and cultures. We want everyone just to not listen to sound bits but just do a little research, like you have.

    That is why 80% of the people said they wanted the candidate to be chosen by majority vote, and not Delegates.

  380. Yes, basil, Jack Cafferty suffers from an incurable form of erectile dysfunction, hence his hatred of women.

  381. neetabug, I agree. I don’t care about skin color regardless, but I would love to vote for an AA for President. JUST NOT GUTTER BALL.

  382. I know someone on here mentioned that Harold Ford has not endorsed, but he is SO obviously in the tank for Gutter Ball. Every word out of his mouth is pro-Gutter Ball.

  383. # basil9 Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 7:20 pm


    Murph over at Tm has coined a new politically correct name for bradzilla.

    Cruella Brazille!!!!!!

    LMFAO!!!!! I’m still on cable blackout so could someone please give a description of Cruella’s new do?r

  384. Hillary will be OUR President

    and if he thinks he can win west va in a GE they will kick him out he wasnt there at all, and he stuck his nose up at them so that tells us ya right there he will loose west Va in a GE>..and McCain will win it..

    8 mintues to go
    Hilalry 08

  385. My friend just told me that CNN radio (on XM) has been talking about Gutter Ball’s problems with white working class voters all day, and how much of a liability this would be for him in the GE.

  386. well I now regret working my ass off here for Harold.

    Harold, I never knew you and I will remember you if you ever are on a ballet in my state again.

  387. mollyjrichards, heeey good to ‘see’ you again, how are you?

    I hope Hillary gives an electrifying speech tonight, and leaves absolutely NO doubt that she will go the distance!!!

  388. Im not maxed out so if you want to donate through my fundraising number you can just let me know. I can give you the link.

  389. neetabug is right. We need to show momentum for our girl after her HUGE win tonight. Donate, please.

    EVERYONE can afford $10.44. Do it for Hillary.

  390. EVERYONE please pull those credit cards you haven’t used for a while out of your drawers and donate $10.44 at least.

    We can do this. As Ronald says constantly (and I love it): Hillary Will Be Our Next President.

  391. Take this obambots…your puppybot cannot seal the deal…again….hope all those High donors realize they are wasting there money on a flawed canidiate!!!!
    3 min to go

  392. did you guys see KIETHO ( the worst person in the world)
    he had huckabbe try to comment on hillary

    but huckabbe gave a very smart,and good answere ,,,

    i like huckabee,,
    he always speaks his mind and he defended hillary

    thats the sad part of the whole election that even REPS r defending hillary while dean has lost balls ,,,,so he is looking for then while hillary is getting trashed

  393. marie3548 Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 7:16 pm
    go vote


  394. ADMIN: use this photo in the next post 😀

    soo funny 🙂

  395. Post your contribution receipts here tonight.

    Even CNN says on its main page “A big win for Clinton tonight in WV could raise questions about Obama’s electability.”

    Onward, troops!


    Hillary 08 OUR GIRL will be President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  397. pat bucha on msnbc –is really a good guy
    he said ;;the exit polls r telling obama, that don,t come to our state ::::



  399. SONIA4HILLARY Says:

    May 13th, 2008 at 7:30 pm
    and the winner is –



    Let me know when Hillary Speaks

  400. Judas says…..well sen clinton deserves alot of credit for her victory tonight…but you know obama won yadda yadda yadda…..

  401. Obama is F’ked he now making excuses on CNN why he LOST his core base to Clinton. They didn’t compete in W.VA…blah, blah, blah. So Suzanne Malvaux is saying she talked to Michelle Obama who is going to PR to compete and make a go at it.

    TEAM OBAMA new democratic coalition wrote off Latinos, Working Class, Seniors your typical loyal democrat who might vote on the issue and swing to republicans.

    I think Obama’s arrogant self calling himself the nominee before the race was over…did him in.

    Can’t stand the man…he will be a terrible president with his no experican, no resume self….the DEMS WILL LOSE IN NOVEMBER if Hillary is not the nominee.

  402. from ABC

    May 13, 2008 —
    A confluence of groups inclined toward Hillary Clinton gave her an easy victory in the West Virginia primary, with less-educated, lower-income whites predominating in this Southern state.

    In a trouble sign for delegate-leader Barack Obama, barely half said they’d vote for him in November if he’s the party’s nominee.

    The Race Factor

    Racially motivated voting ran somewhat higher than elsewhere: In preliminary exit poll results two in 10 whites said the race of the candidate was a factor in their vote, second only to Mississippi. Only a third of those voters said they’d support Obama against John McCain, fewer than in other primaries where the question’s been asked.

    Indeed, as noted, among all West Virginia primary voters, only about half said they’d support Obama vs. McCain, far fewer than elsewhere and one of many signs of antipathy toward Obama in the state.

    Among Clinton’s supporters, just 36 percent said they’d vote for him against McCain; about as many said they’d back McCain, the rest, sit it out.

  403. Eugene Robinson is a fool and a tool!!! Hillary Clinton want to be the nominee that is why she is campaining for the office because she think she can beat John McCain in November.

    After seeing how Oblameless campaigned…I agree with Hillary.

  404. I love Howard Wolfson on CNN…Hillary has shown that we can beat Obama being outspent 2 to 1.

  405. Now this is the way to start one’s day. Victory in WV.

    That other guy, you know who I am referring to, since March 4 has only won one and a half states. One, a gimee in the southern black belt and the other a small island close to where I live. Hillary has triumphed in every other one, including some mega contests. What does this say about the media’s presumptive nominee? It says he is the nominee for the Mediacratic Party and not much else.

    Last Tuesday, that guy and the media unleashed their pre-planned night assault on Hillary. The bombardment has lasted now for a week. Their goal, to get the SDs to decide the fate of the contest before it was truly over. Hillary and those of us who remained faithful to the cause, tied ourselves to the mast and withstood the gale force of lies and propaganda thrown at us.

    The victory in WV should now convince the Supers and the American public that Hillary is the best candidate for the November election and that this contest is far from over. Onward to the next states comrades!

  406. I have two words for anyone who says Hillary Clinton should quit the race for the nomination: West Virginia

    No wait, I have two more words…

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