Chelsea Morning, Part II

We’ll commemorate Mother’s Day today and publish Part II of Barack Obama’s Situation Comedy tomorrow.

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Make a Mother’s Day contribution to Hillary Clinton:

An 11-year-old eastern Kentucky boy presented a $440 check to former President Bill Clinton during a recent West Virginia campaign stop for his wife, Hillary.

Dalton Hatfield handed Clinton the check after Friday’s rally in Williamson.

The boy says he not only sold his bicycle, but video games and anything else he could find to donate to the former first lady’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The donation left the former president almost speechless.

Clinton autographed a photo of himself and his wife and told the boy he was going to call her right away and tell her about the generosity.

* * *

* * *

Last year on Mother’s Day we published Part I of Chelsea Morning:

Hillary endured many insults whether intentional or the paternalistic stupid kind. She was not alone in suffering insults and as the Imus insults towards a team of young, predominantly African-American, women basketball players shows us, she is not the last.

But the world is a bit better thanks to Hillary. Ronald Reagan ran by holding out the hope that America would have a new morning. Hillary holds a great hope and promise for America too. We call it a Chelsea Morning.

In a video tribute to her mother this year, Chelsea speaks for us:


555 thoughts on “Chelsea Morning, Part II

  1. Rahm Emmanuel pissed at Kennedy for his trashing of Hillary:

    The Chicago Rep. calls up the NY Times to complain about his fellow Democrat’s remark Friday:

    “I have a lot of respect for Ted Kennedy, but I don’t know how the hell he comes off saying that… The gratuitous attack on her is uncalled for and wrong.”

  2. GO RAHM !!!

    great video!
    for those in califorinia, did you see fabio nunez at 119 in the video?
    she has some hot men on her side, gavin and fabio to name a few…
    and latino’s love fabio, what a vp he’d make. he has done so much in california it is not funny…

    i know, not been around long enough, but he has certainly done more than obama…

  3. You know what? I am a student, and I have a nice bike, but I do generally just take the bus everywhere. Perhaps I will either sell my bike or else not buy monthly bus passes anymore. I always thought I was poor, but I can do that one thing and help Hillary out just that little bit. I feel much better now!

  4. It would be good for me to bike more places instead of being able to cop out and use the bus.

    It would get some of the chunk off my trunk, if you know what I mean.

  5. Fer the record,

    I am not voting for a woman, a black dude, or a white guy.

    I am voting for someone to take the hardest and most important job in the world and Barack Uhhbama has been found wanting in the areas of experience, character, judgement, and ideology.

    And let us not forget about his honesty. Bittergate, NAFTAgate, ayersgate, grannygate, pastorgate and the rest.

    Hillary is a strong, decisive leader for a world in need. BHO is a hollow human being with a bitter, angry wife.

  6. He said Hillary wouldn’t be VP because she didn’t possess the leadership qualities and “noble aspirations” Obama does. I’m not kidding.

  7. That fat pig Ted “Should have been in prison” Kennedy has a lot of nerve. Rahm Emmanuel is trying to keep the party together because I didn’t hear of see him speak up earlier when all this mysoginistic crap was going on.

    Yeah, Hillary and her supporters can take it but I will not vote for this crap I’ve seen displayed by Obama’s surrogates and supporters in November.

    When I see Howard Dean endorse using the RACE CARD as a tactic to gain power then I know this party doesn’t deserve to when. The Clintons are not racists and to see them deframed and demean by the democratic party is heartbreaking to me.

    So F U democrats if Hillary is not the nominee she running an inspiring campaign, not perfect or mistake free but with the heart of a lioness.

    This is the type of leader I want in the White House….a fighter.

  8. Please don’t single out a phrase and decide I’m a racist. That’s what’s wrong with everything. If you say anything – someone wants to pick out a segment, and run with it.


    i went back over my comment to see if i said racist in my comment, fortunately i am relieved to see i didnt…
    i dont think like that….

    no i was talking about being poor, no father, doing drugs, you know the typical disfunctional thing. thats my life, my youth…

    i was trying to say, being from this background, does is not make obama the bastard that he is, many of us that have fought thru these same set backs in life, have turned out just fine…

    please dont be offended, it was not about you, it was about obama…

  9. Clinton: ‘It’s Not Over Until the Lady in the Pantsuit Says It Is’
    Share May 11, 2008 4:11 PM

    ABC News’ Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke in Grafton, W.Va., on Mother’s Day with her daughter by her side. Clinton read a few messages from supporters who urged her to continue her bid for the presidency.

    “‘Keep strong,’ she said. ‘It’s not over until the lady in the pantsuit says it is,'” Clinton said, reading what she said was her favorite message.

    Another one she read said: “Keep fighting. No matter what the outcome may be, the fact that you stood throughout the constant ups and downs of this race -– one things is sure –- you never wavered and you never gave up.”

    “‘Don’t give up. I’m supporting you looking at my girls and knowing that when the going gets tough, you keep forging ahead,'” Clinton said, as she continued to read the messages she’d received. “A Californian wrote, ‘For the sake of our future and mothers everywhere, keep your head up, keep going in this race, keep fighting. I’m with you all the way.'”

    Clinton thanked women who came before her and spoke about being a young trial lawyer. She later appealed to the audience, saying, “I am asking for your support so I can continue to fight for you.”

    Earlier today Clinton went to church and prayed with her daughter. She did not speak at the church, as she has in the past. Clinton has one more event in Charleston, W.Va. this evening.

  10. Hillary is making history. She will be the first woman in U.S. history to finish a presidential primary season with the most popular vote. Win or lose, she has made history, which should inspire many women, who will follow in her trailblazing footsteps. She is my hero and inspiration.


    HUNTINGTON, W.V. — Hillary Clinton, traveling press corps in tow, started her Mother’s Day trip through West Virginia with a stop at church, where the pastor’s sermon urged the faithful to think of themselves as more than a “comma.”

    “Maybe you’ve been a comma at some time in your life,” Pastor Paul Russell said. “People don’t really listen to you. People don’t really value you. Listen — there is one who listens to you. There is one who values you. What a great thing to know that you and I are not commas to God.”

    The message seemed appropriate as the New York senator seeks to remain part of the storyline, as Obama begins to look ahead to the general-election match up with McCain.

    Clinton arrived at the First United Methodist Church late, but was greeted with a gift of cookies as she and daughter Chelsea sat in the second pew. They listened as Russell read the Pentecost story from Acts Chapter 2, and also noted the secular holiday.

    “Sometimes being a mom is a thankless job,” Russell said. “That’s why we honor them in a special way today. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to say a much-deserved, ‘Thank you.’”

    Clinton did not speak at the service, but stood with Russell after it ended, greeting the worshippers. She will also mark this day with a visit to the home of Anna Marie Jarvis, who founded Mother’s Day, and with a “Mother’s Day Celebration” in Grafton.

  12. Obama’s camp is already trying to define any debates with McCain ..

    Quote from Bambi:

    “I think that’s a great idea,” Obama told Fox News. “Should I be the nominee if I have the opportunity to debate substantive issues before the voters with John McCain, that’s something I’m going to welcome.”

    In other words .. don’t ask me anything hard, I won’t consider it substantive. Let’s hope that if Hillary is not successful that the republicans tear his ass apart so bad he’ll need hemorroid surgery.

    And sorry Bill Clinton .. all of your and Hillary supporters will not gather to get a democrat in the white house .. don’t ever ask again either

  13. Small Rant- I’ve said this before but I think it bears repeating. It seems that Hill’s team didn’t manage expectations well before the Indiana/NC primaries. Polls have been wrong throughout this primary season but that’s mostly what the MSM uses to drive their horserace coverage. According to Garin, Wolfson etc., they knew she was actually behind in Indiana but gaining and there was no way she could close it to single digits in NC because of early voting. Yet someone allowed the perception to build that HRC had all the momentum going into these critical primaries. Not trying to bash our girl or her team because they’ve done a lot of things really well in a tough environment and should be applauded for all their success. But at this stage in the game they can’t afford to make these kind of mistakes.

  14. Paula:

    Now there’s a man that’s “losing his bearings.” Someone needs to knock the absolute $#!+ out of that drunken SOB. The nerve. He wants to talk about nobility? As in leaving a woman to slowly drown in a submerged vehicle at Chappaquiddick? I can’t wait to aid in the DEFEAT of these horrific public officials. He doesn’t merit a response.

    Between he, Caroline and Maria Shriver – they finished off Camelot for me several months back. How Caroline could not support HRC, a former First Lady LIKE HER MOTHER – was a huge slap in the face to the American public. To speak of JFK and compare him to BHO was absolutely nauseating.

    And Maria – (Oprah’s other BFF) with her “surprise” appearance in CA – really. I guess we’ve all been so insulted and patronized for months on end that you would think by now it wouldn’t have the resonance it did. It doesn’t. IT’S MUCH WORSE NOW AND WE’RE ALL MADDER THAN HELL.

    If the women aren’t able to even the score in 2008, God help them all in 2012. And, oh, by the way Claire, Nancy, Kathleen, and countless others…… Madeleine Albright said, “Hell has a special place for women who don’t support women.” Your careers are OVER. So don’t even think about the vice-presidency. NO, no, no, no, no. ‘Ain’t gonna happen.

  15. What is not being lost on people is that Hillary is out there promoting the VOTING of everyone in the country .. she is asking for them ALL to be part of the process. She is ASKING for Florida and Michigan to matter. This matters. This is what will surprise people over the next few weeks. She may not be the frontrunner now but she will continue to bring the voters out .. even being outspent 4 and 5 to 1 she has been able to get out the voters. This matters.

  16. Michelle Whitedove has covered all the bases it seems. Not much that I couldn’t do really.

    Hillary will be the nominee .. then she sees and Obama presidency .. then she sees 100% that Hillary will be President this time and if not at some time…I could predict this LOL

    All respect to her though

  17. Chelsea Clinton to stop in Ashland

    The Associated Press
    Chelsea Clinton will be back in the state on Monday, making several stops in support of her mother’s presidential campaign.

    Chelsea Clinton will be at Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Ashland on Monday morning for an open house. She’ll then visit Dixie Heights High School in Edgewood before traveling to Lexington for a campaign.

    It’s the latest in a number of appearances by Chelsea Clinton ahead of Kentucky’s primary on May 20.

    Though Hillary Clinton’s campaign has struggled in recent weeks, she has vowed to fight on. Chelsea Clinton said during an event in Frankfort last week that her family will continue to work hard in an effort to mount a comeback against Democratic rival Barack Obama.

  18. Former President Bill Clinton campaigns in Pendleton

    Former President Bill Clinton will campaign Sunday in Pendleton for his wife Hillary Clinton, senator from New York, who’s in a tight race to earn the Democratic presidential nomination against Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

    Both campaigns have made several stops in Oregon. The state’s May 20 primary could play a pivotal role in determining the next Democratic presidential nominee.

    Local police agencies are gearing up for the former president’s Sunday visit, although Julie Edwards, communications director for Clinton’s Oregon campaign, did not specify times and locations in a phone interview Friday about 5 p.m.

  19. Bill Clinton stumps for wife in Baker City
    05:20 PM MDT on Sunday, May 11, 2008

    More than 100 people gathered to hear President Bill Clinton speak Sunday.

    BAKER CITY – The town of Baker City, Oregon welcomed its first US President Sunday – as Bill Clinton criss-crossed the state stumping for votes for his wife Hillary.

    The former president held a campaign rally ahead of Oregon’s primary deadline on May 20th. The state votes largely by mail-in ballot – and all voting sheets must be turned in by the 20th .

    Clinton spoke before more than 100 people at the Baker County Courthouse just two hours up the road from Boise.

    “I think it’s best for you, because I think she’s the best candidate I’ve ever supported, and I hope you will agree,” Clinton said.

    Aside from the Secret Service presence, the gathering was very informal – with people standing on the lawn of the Courthouse while Clinton delivered his speech.

    Bill Clinton speaks to a crowd in Baker City, OR Sunday about his wife Hillary’s candidacy for president.

    “It’s a big deal to stand next to a past president,” Boise resident Chad Scalise said.

    Some who showed up for the event even got to shake hands with the former president.

    “I just worked my way up there because I had an envelope I wanted to give to Hillary,” Phyllis Badgley of Baker City said. “So we handed that to him and he shook my hand.”

    During his hour long speech, Clinton called wife, Hillary a change maker. He told the crowd she had a plan to carry the country into the future. Bill Clinton highlighted her plans for health care, education and the economy.

    A crowd of all ages listened intently to what Clinton’s speech. For many, the event was a family affair.

    “I brought my grandsons and called all my nephews and told them to get out here,” Clinton supporter Hillary Free said.

    “We asked (my wife) what she wanted to do for Mother’s Day and she said ‘I want to go see Bill,’” Scalise said.

    Chad and Jaimie drove over from Boise to see the former president.

    They weren’t alone. Another couple from Boise just happened to be on vacation in Baker City and stopped by to see what he had to say.

    “We came back to have a cup of coffee, (and) ended up seeing Bill Clinton so we followed him down here by chance,” Sara Cohn of Boise said.

    Cohn said Clinton had a lot of good things to say about health care but her vote has already been cast in Idaho’s caucus.

    “I have been a Barack Obama supporter but I am interested to see what happens in Oregon,” she said

    Free predicts a victory for Hillary in Oregon.

    “I am not giving up,” Free said. “I am hanging in there for her.”

    State officials are urging voters to get their ballots in the mail by Friday – making these final days of campaigning even more important.

    Bill Clinton made five stops across Oregon Sunday – including in Pendleton, Redmond, Portland and Gresham.

    His wife Hillary spent Mother’s Day in West Virginia with her mother and daughter.

    Obama and Republican John McCain stayed off the campaign trail for the holiday

  20. skmf12:

    Oh, I see what you mean now.

    You’re very resilient.

    I know my life has had more peaks and valleys that the Rockies. Life isn’t fair, tha’s for sure. But you and I – and all of us – have to adjust – and like you said, no excuses.

    It’s puzzling to me, how he NEVER takes responsibility for anything. Just like a little kid. If this were just election politics, that would be bad enoough. But, I’m afraid this is just the way he is. And if you dare question him – you’re a racist. That gets so old. Now he’s doing it to McCain, and it’s going to be this way with everything he does. TIRESOME isn’t the word.

    BHO’s resilience is just for show, but I believe his inner demons are just below the surface.

    He probably can’t help how he internalizes everything he’s been put through in his life. His life’s story is one for the history books, no doubt.

    It’s ashame that he has all these dangerous associations, really. That’s what his supporters don’t understand. It’s not that we don’t want to like him – but we see him for the politician that he is and he scares the hell out of us. It’s about national security, the economy, education, health care. And he’s just not the best candidate to get the job done. I’m sick to the pit of my stomach.

    Hillary is exactly what this country needs.

    And the talking heads all need to STFU.

  21. Nikki,
    I wouldn’t be complimenting Rahm Emanuel on anything.
    he cutely let fly the comment about BO as the ‘presumptive nominee’ when he knew DAMN WELL that is would taken as a sign of a former Clintonite betraying Bill & Hill at a crucial point in time and receive oodles of media attention – which it did.

    Sorry, but I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the Clintons, and Emanuel missed by a mile.
    And I frankly don’t give a fuck for his position or his future considerations. A simple no comment would’ve sufficed.

    That he came out and tried to condemn Ted Kennedy’s disgusting fucking remarks about Hillary is transparent as can be.
    Just ranting a bit, no reflection on you.

    But add Ole Rahm to the list of those who need a good swift kick!

  22. From Talk Left, and it’s good;

    The Associated Press reports on the state of the electoral map and says right now it favors Democrats. It includes 14 states as battleground states that could go either way.

    William Arnone, long-time Democratic party activist and the author of the key state series I’ve quoted many times, has just finished his preliminary electoral vote preview and again graciously agreed to let me publish it.

    Arnone says there are 17 battle ground states among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, which also has electoral votes.

    As to Hillary or Obama, who’s more likely to get the Dems over the 270 mark? Arnone says it’s Hillary.

    Here’s his breakdown of the 538 electoral votes:

    * 15 states are likely will go Democratic (196 EV)
    * 19 states are likely to go Republican (152 EV)
    * 17 are toss-ups or battleground states (190 EV)

    The 17 battleground states are broken down as follows: [More…]

    * 11 that have tended to go Republican in recent elections. (Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia). Together they have 114 electoral votes.

    * 6 that have been more likely to go Democratic in recent elections. (Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.) Together they have 76 electoral votes.

    Arnone says for Dems to win in November they will have to win, in addition to the 15 Democratic states, enough of the 17 states and their
    of 190 electoral votes to put them over 270.

    He notes that both candidates are likely to carry the 15 solidly Democratic states. In deciding which is more apt to win the 17 battleground states, he begins with an examination of both Hillary and Obama’s wins to date:

    Hillary has won 17 state primary/caucuses. Of them,

    * 3 are Republican
    * 5 are Democratic
    * 9 up for grabs

    Obama has won 21 states. Of them,

    * 12 are Republican
    * 9 are Democratic
    * 6 are up for grabs

    The 9 battleground states Hillary has won have 116 EV. The 6 battleground states Obama has won have 54 EV.

    If Hillary wins the 15 Dem states and her 9 battleground states, she’s at 312 EV.

    If Obama wins the 15 Dem states and his 6 battleground states, he’s at 250 EV.

    (If Florida and Michigan EV’s are removed from Hillary’s count, she’s at 268.)

  23. Blue Dem .. I don’t think the party really cares if they win. I think they are banking on a big ole loss and then they won’t be responsible for all the promises of change being spewed. That’s my opinion .. If they worried about winning they would have stepped in and called the networks on the rape of Hillary.

    I’m so done with this party unless Hill is the nominee.

  24. hi guys,

    the other day I was unable to donate — my card simply did not go through. I thought the website was hacked. today, thank goodness, I was able to. Nothing on Hillary’s website yet about campaign events in Puerto Rico. We’ve got to get on the stick.

  25. I think that BO is going to lose WV by 40 points.

    It’s going to scare the superdelegates really, reeeeally bad. The “drip” of SDs to Obama will halt, and then there will be massive switching to Hillary Clinton. Losing by 40 points is completely unacceptable. Not only could he not seal the deal, the deal just kicked his ass.

    So, QUESTION: If Hillary does win the nomination, but for “party unity” sake she chooses Obama as the vice presidential nominee, will you vote for that ticket?

    I’m conflicted, but I think I would?

  26. dot48,
    I don’t think we can generalize about the party, as obviously it’s fractured.
    certainly, the Obamabots have been willing to go all in, they’ll have no place in a Clinton-lead party in the future if their attempted robbery doesn’t work out.
    I think we’ve seen a good chunk of the SD’s are firmly in Hill’s corner – or they would’ve declared already – and will basically have to swallow very hard and go along if it becomes inevitable.
    And then we have those in the wishy-washy middle, who needed to step up, take a stand, and restore sanity while there was still a chance.
    And whether it was due to legit political considerations of having spines of jello, they didn’t do it.
    Anyhow, I think those latter two groupings care very much that Dems win.
    So basically, Hill has half a party behind her, the traditional half, and whether she continues to consider that the democratic party or a new Independent one, it is what it is….

  27. So, QUESTION: If Hillary does win the nomination, but for “party unity” sake she chooses Obama as the vice presidential nominee, will you vote for that ticket?
    My daughter asked me the same thing, I’d said hell no but I will think on it…my thinking hasn’t changed.

  28. If i could vote for prez I would vote for a Clinton-Obama ticket. Somebody said somewhere that, admit it or not, there is a civil war going on in the Democratic Party. The only way to fix it is a unity ticket. Now, Obama-Clinton…, well…

  29. It is disgusting to watch and hear all of the MSM female political Advisers they have stuffed into their broadcasts,to vilify Hillary and gush over Herr OBama. These disgusting hires are AllBoobs,All Legs and no brains.Bait and switch Groupies.
    Hillary makes them all look what they are,High priced CHIPPIES.

    By ABM90 Hillary will Prevail.Mark my word

  30. Reading a few blogs speculating on Independent runs;
    If one poster can believed, only Texas has closed it’s registration for this cycle. Next up are New Mexico and Arizona in June.
    Others have said ballots are now closed in several states.

    A major hurdle is getting enough signatures in time to get on the ballot,
    I think requirements vary from state to state.
    Another option is cutting a deal of some kind with another party already on the ballot, like a Nadar (not sure if he’s on in every state).
    Many cited money as the major hurdle, saying Hill’s Democratic donors would be maxed out for this cycle regardless of the party. Not sure I trust that. There’s also a write-in option, but of course the candidate has to authorize any such run.

    Good news (in brief) is if we did go Indy, the No. 1 issue now, the economy, will be even more front & center by November, where she’s rated No. among the 3 in this week’s LATimes poll;
    Hill will knock the living shit out of both McCain & BO in debates, she would be freed from the dogma of the democratic part rhetorically, and she can give the media, the Clinton years – and her opponents either the full-throated support ot thrashing they deserve.

  31. I just signed up to comment on the McCain blog. The Obamabots have even infiltrated that, too, lol.

  32. I just realized what the heck the Obamanation is doing! All this victory talk is to suppress the vote in WV and Ken. Its to keep the pop. vote down so as to make sure to keep hillary from the nomination! What a bunch of _____!
    This man will NEVER get my vote, he is the ultimate Obamanation!
    THe media whores are running with it and the people of West Virginia and Kentucky are clueless as to what is going on. OMG, we have to stop this man!

  33. Blue, I would be so nice to be able to let Hillary thrash Obama as he soooo needs it! It would make my day. She could also take out Kennedy and Kerry and the rest of the neanderthals’s! LOL! 🙂

  34. Yes, confloyd. they want people in WV and KY to think, oh, well, why bother. He already won. Boy, what a nerve.

  35. Casting the vote of a lifetime

    By Kevin Woster, Journal staff

    In the waning days of Florence Steen’s life, her family isn’t hoping for a miracle.

    They figure the next best thing came April 29 for the 88-year-old Rapid City woman, when she rallied long enough in her bed at Rapid City Regional Auxiliary Hospice House to cast her vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    To a woman born seven months before her gender won the right to vote in August 1920, seeing Clinton’s name on a presidential ballot and marking her vote nearby was a dream realized, Steen’s daughter, Kathy Krause, said.

    “She was just very happy that day,” Krause said. “She really rallied and was sitting up in bed talking to people. That was the best day we’ve had.”

    There haven’t been many good days lately for Steen, who is suffering from congestive heart failure a year after a stroke began her downhill slide toward hospice. But even sliding hour by hour toward the inevitable, Steen found the strength to study and mark the absentee ballot that her daughter brought to her room.

    “I had asked her if she wanted to vote, and she said, ‘Yes, I really would like to vote for Hillary,'” Krause said. “So I filled out the papers. She signed them, and I went to the courthouse and got the ballot.”

    To add an air of patriotic celebration to the occasion, family friend Louise Engelstad brought a United States flag from her garden, and she and Kruase draped it behind Steen’s bed.

    “Then I got mother her glasses, and she sat up. She was very alert, very serious in studying the ballot,” Krause said. “And when she marked it, she just kept circling and circling that mark with her pencil. I thought she was going to mark a hole in it.”

    Krause, who had already voted for Clinton by absentee ballot, said her mother’s health has deteriorated sharply since the day she voted.

    But the vote set in motion a warm response from both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    When informed of Steen’s condition and vote by the Journal, Clinton’s campaign staff provided a comment from the New York senator, who appeared in Sioux Falls Thursday.

    “I’m so flattered to have the support of Florence and so many like her,” Clinton said. “I have met so many women from my mother’s generation who come up to me and say they were born before women could vote and now want to see a woman in the White House.”

    Then, family friends and campaign staffers informed Bill Clinton of Steen’s vote, and on Saturday, he sent word that he wanted to meet Krause and her husband, who were at Stevens High School for his speech.

    “They called my husband and said the president wanted to meet us,” Krause said.

    When they went to meet him, “He expressed his sympathy for my mother’s failing health,” she said. “He said he was really sorry and he understood our loss. He really appreciated that my mom had made an effort to get out and vote for Hillary by absentee ballot. He has great respect for women of my mother’s generation.”

    Krause said Clinton had tears in his eyes when he spoke to her and told her to go and give her mother a kiss for him.

    She did just that, though she isn’t sure if her mother understands that she met Clinton.

    Sitting by her bed every day, Krause remembers a mother who was both comforting and inspirational.

    “I suppose everyone who is losing their mother thinks the same thing: She was always there,” Krause said. “She taught me to excel in everything I did. She always wanted my daughter and me to be able to take care of ourselves and have an assertive role in our own lives.”

    Krause said her mother was a survivor, a quality that Clinton has shown in her life and in the presidential campaign.

    “I think there are a lot of similarities between them,” Krause said. “My mother certainly doesn’t have the wealth or notoriety or reputation. But she’s been a survivor, just like Hillary. And whether you like her (Clinton) or not, she’s a survivor. You have to respect her for that.”

    Contact Kevin Woster at 394-8413 or

  36. Paula: so have I. I saw Terrondt’s name over there too. There are several Hillary supporters testing the waters over there. I can’t believe the obamabots are on a McCain site. LOL! At least some of the people have a sense of humor about them and try to engage them, in intelligent conversations, but it doesn’t go very far. Hmm…. between the obama supporters and hillary people, who would you like to have dinner with? lol

  37. So, QUESTION: If Hillary does win the nomination, but for “party unity” sake she chooses Obama as the vice presidential nominee, will you vote for that ticket?

    Hallow absolutely NOT

  38. I hope she doesn’t give in for party solidarity! To hell with the Dem party, they have sat on their butts,while Obama and his supporters have called us and her everything from educated, low class, poor, angry, bitter and you name they’ve called us. As far as I am concerned if Hillary doesnt get the nomination, (she has won it, rightfully) I will never vote for another dem from the top to the dog catcher!

  39. He doesn’t deserve to be on the ticket, after what he has done to the base of the dem party. Obama and Axelrod need to be tarred and feather and run out of town on a rail!
    He has cheated beyond anything I have ever seen in my entire life. He has made GW’s antics with the ballot box look like High School Presidential politics!

  40. Okay, neetabug, carbynew, I thought on this site we were for HILLARY as 44th president. Before VP Cheney was a dark dictator from behind the curtain, and VP Gore was very active in the political process, VPs didn’t do shit! I mean, can you think of a single thing that Dan Quayle did other than spell “potato” wrong?!

    This is why I would be fine with voting for a Hillary/Obama ticket.

  41. Ofcourse all Hill supporters would vote for that ticket.

    The president and can completely castrate the VP – and is there any doubt………

  42. confloyd Says:

    May 11th, 2008 at 10:18 pm
    I hope she doesn’t give in for party solidarity! To hell with the Dem party, they have sat on their butts,while Obama and his supporters have called us and her everything from educated, low class, poor, angry, bitter and you name they’ve called us. As far as I am concerned if Hillary doesnt get the nomination, (she has won it, rightfully) I will never vote for another dem from the top to the dog catcher


  43. OH MY GOD! On CNN, they are interviewing the West Virginia governor, and they are being ASSHOLES towards him.

    The Governor is uncommitted. The CNN guy pretty much just said to him, “How come your state, which is full of WHITE people, RACISTS, uneducated people, poorer people…how come they aren’t willing to vote for Obama?”


  44. texan4hillary, when we read such an inspirational story such as the one you just posted, how can we not be mad when we hear what Senator Kennedy and so many others have said about Hillary’s followers? It just makes me madder when I read that story and how we all have been devalued by the Obama crowd.
    There is nothing they can do now to bring us back, not after so many things that has been said.

  45. make BO attend funerals and sit in the Naval Observatory (VP’s home) wondering for 8 years where he went wrong,
    then back a different candidate in 2016.

    Now that’d be sweet!

  46. Hello All– I know it is getting late, but last night I solicited help for my new video. I got a lot of suggestions from people here. I just finished my video and it is uploading to youtube as we speak. I will post again the link when the video is ready (about 30 minutes). Thanks for your support.

  47. hallow Says:

    May 11th, 2008 at 10:23 pm
    Okay, neetabug, carbynew, I thought on this site we were for HILLARY as 44th president. Before VP Cheney was a dark dictator from behind the curtain, and VP Gore was very active in the political process, VPs didn’t do shit! I mean, can you think of a single thing that Dan Quayle did other than spell “potato” wrong?!

    This is why I would be fine with voting for a Hillary/Obama ticket.

    Sorry i can never forgive Obama. The way Hillary has been treated. No way. I don’t forgive that easy. I can’t see how she could the way she has been treated.

  48. West Virginia, I hope all of you get out your response that CNN and vote, every last one of you. You are American citizens and have every right to vote for whomever you choose. THe media whores are running this election! I hope that Governor lets them have it!!

  49. Was that host Rick Sanchez that said that?
    Cause he’s a word I promised I wouldn’t use here – in spades.

    Amatuerish asshole has no business on national television, but then that goes for 95% of the political media were have in this country!

  50. What the hell again? CNN is bringing on Al Sharpton to talk about his support of Obama in a few minutes. Just after they already interviewed like three people or groups of people in a row, either pro-Obama people or else people who they would just ASSAULT with anti-Hillary Clinton trash, like the WV Governor.

    And now they’re going to head it off with Al Sharpton, with his loonyspeak. What is this, the Crazy N***** Network?

    OH, that was a joke by the way. I’m not racist. It was a joke! I’m just mad.

  51. Rick Sanches and that idiot msn Shuster, boy they need to be collecting unemployment insurance for a while. That would teach them a lesson or two! 🙂

  52. neetabug – He sounded very surprised. I think he does support HRC though. Maybe he’ll come out the day before or something.

    I have to admit, I didn’t even know the gov. of WV was a Democrat.

  53. Blue Democrat Says:

    May 11th, 2008 at 10:32 pm
    Neetabug ,

    see me @ 10:28 & 10:24!

    question? Don’t understand

  54. Rev. Sharpton’s on CNN. Okay, maybe they aren’t actually talking to him about Obama. I bet they’ll sneak in a question about Obama though. They just won’t quit tonight. I’ll see.

    I saw a funny cartoon once about how Obama is trying very, very hard to not get Rev. Sharpton to say anything at all about him. Because everyone knows how crazy Sharpton is. I bet that the BO campaign and Sharpton have an agreement…perhaps with money switching hands…

  55. neeta,
    You said, “I can’t see how she could (have BO as VP) the way she has been treated.

    My posts at 10:28 &24 showed how she could. Revenge is sweet!

  56. Nice!

  57. hallow Says:

    May 11th, 2008 at 10:48 pm
    Ambassador to the Endangered Polar Bears.

    You got that right

  58. This is going to sound really weird, so ignore me if it is just too too strange.

    I’m fairly young in comparison to most of you (I think). I’m 25. My mother is younger than Hillary Clinton.

    I think Hillary Clinton would be a better mom than my actual mom. I wish my mother had been Hillary Clinton. My mother let people step on her, she didn’t care about her community at all. She kind of neglected me and my sister. She thought that only men should be in power.

    This Mother’s Day, I thought of Hillary Clinton.

    Chelsea is very, very lucky.

  59. I seem to remember Hillary asked O if he’d consider being veep — it was maybe a month ago? — he said no way and I thought Great! we got that out of the way!

    G’night all.
    Confloyd I lit 2 candles for your grand daughter — group is conf. Have to do same for neetabug
    and now to bed to dream of places to send the empty O

  60. Hallow, i am so sorry to hear this. Maybe it was the way she was brought up. I am so glad to see a young lady such as you support Hillary. She is the mom of all moms. Hillary has shown that yes a women can break the glass ceiling and run to become president of the United States. She is a fighter.

  61. Hallow: I have had the same thoughts about Hillary, and I am old enough to be your mother. Hillary is an inspiration for all women, that we can be stronger, more powerful, compassionate, brilliant, personable people, and the list goes on. She is my hero. Chelsea is a very fortunate young woman to have Hillary as a mother. Chelsea wears her pride and admiration that she has in her mother, in her eyes and total being.

  62. poltico-
    McAuliffe: Need ‘something big’
    By DANIEL W. REILLY | 5/11/08 1:54 PM EST Text Size:

    Terry McAuliffe, campaign chairman for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), admitted Sunday that “something big would have to happen” for his candidate to overtake Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    However, McAuliffe vowed that the campaign would press on, despite increasing calls for Clinton to step aside.

    Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” McAuliffe acknowledged that it was “highly unlikely” that Clinton could catch Obama in elected delegates but reminded viewers that neither candidate has reached the “magic number” of delegates necessary to lock up the nomination.

    Just what constitutes that “magic number” was a topic of debate Sunday, as McAuliffe pressed for delegates from Michigan and Florida to count.

    Meanwhile, Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod sought to portray the race as all but over on “Fox News Sunday.”

    “We are coming to the end of the process,” Axelrod said. “I think you’re going to see [uncommitted superdelegates] making decisions at a rapid pace from this point on.”

    When asked if Obama would unveil a “flood” of superdelegate endorsements in the coming days, Axelrod said that a flood was probably overstating the case but that the campaign would continue to “unfurl these endorsements on a regular basis.”

    Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards agreed with Axelrod’s analysis of the race, saying during an appearance on “Face the Nation” that it would be “very hard” at this point for Clinton to secure the nomination.

    “You can no longer make a compelling case for the math,” said Edwards, a former senator from North Carolina. “The math is very, very hard for her.”

    Edwards continued to tease supporters with talk of an endorsement, telling host Bob Schieffer that he “might” still endorse, though he held back from making his preference known.

    Back on “Meet the Press,” Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) sought to tamp down any talk of a joint Obama-Clinton ticket.

    “These are two great candidates who fought very hard, but my sense is today that that probably won’t be the ticket,” he said.

    The Sunday talk shows were also abuzz with comments Clinton made on Thursday, when she told USAToday that Obama’s “support among working — hardworking Americans, white Americans, is weakening.”

    Edwards said Clinton probably did not choose her words carefully enough and urged her to be careful. McAuliffe defended the remarks, insisting she was only paraphrasing an earlier story by the Associated Press.

    “What Hillary was talking about is the coalitions that she has put together, that [have] allowed her to win Texas and Ohio, [where] a lot of working-class folks have come out,” he said.

    While some Democratic Party elders have been concerned by the length and tone of the campaign, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” urged Democrats to “relax,” saying the nomination will be decided soon and the party will coalesce around the winner.

    Instead, Reid focused on the temperament of the presumptive Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

    “I have said that John McCain is a flawed candidate,” Reid said.

    “Everybody knows that he has a real unusual temper,” he added, although Reid declined to discuss any specific “flare ups” he has had with McCain.

    Reid also criticized recent comments by McCain highlighting the fact that a spokesman for Hamas had expressed support for Obama, saying comments like those were “more Karl Rove than the real John McCain.”

    However, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) defended McCain, whom Lieberman has endorsed.

    “When it comes to dealing with enemies … Sen. McCain has more experience, more balance, and he knows when to be tough, knows when to be soft,” Lieberman said on CNN’s “Late Edition.”

  63. WTF does McAullife say this? Neither will ever earn enough pledged delegates. They are about tied in pop vote. And, Hill has the better case, swing coalitions, swing states, big electoral states.

  64. Thankyou Lil ole grape, my grand daughter was born on may 9th by c-section, both are doing fine. I want to thank everyone here on the big pink for your thoughtfullness and prayers. It meant alot.
    It really has been an honor to be on this blog with so many Hillary supporters. We all have been labeled with so many adjectives, but I think everyone on here has a heart of gold and we know when we see one and thats why we are all for Hillary!

  65. Geeklove, great video, i really enjoyed it and also enjoyed putting the bots down that had already left comments!

  66. confloyd– thanks for doing that! 🙂
    I am going to other blogs now to try to promote the video.

  67. i saw this on

    all the famous radio talk shows numbers ,,

    so we can talk about unfair treatment of hillary

    and obama,s rezko,,larry ..problems

    Rush Limbaugh 14mm
    Noon – 3 PM ET at: 1-800-282-2882

    Sean Hannity 13mm
    3-6PM ET 800.941.7326

    Michael Savage 8.25 mm 6-9 PM ET 800-449-TALK (8255)

    Laura Schlesinger 8.25 mm 2:30-6 PM ET 800-375-2872

    Glenn Beck 6.50 mm
    9 am – Noon ET 888-727-BECK

    Laura Ingraham 5.25
    9 am – Noon ET 800.876.4123

    Mark Levin 5.25 mm
    6-8 PM ET 1-877-381-3811

    Neil Boortz 4.25 mm
    8:30 am – 1 PM ET 877.310.2100

    Dave Ramsey 4.25 mm
    Noon-3pm ET 888-825-5225

    Michael Gallagher 4 mm
    Noon-3 PM ET 800-655-MIKE

    Michael Medved 4 mm
    3-6pm ET 800-955-1776

    Jim Bohannon 3.25
    10pm – 1 am ET 866-505-4626

    Clark Howard 3.25
    1-4pm ET: (877) 87-CLARK

    Bill O’Reilley 3.25
    Noon – 2pm ET 1-877-9-NO SPIN

    Doug Stephan 3.25
    6:00-10:00 AM ET 1-800-510-8255

    Bill Bennett 3 mm
    8-9 AM ET 866-680-6464

    Jerry Doyle 3 mm NOON – 3 PM Pacific Time 800.876.4123

    George Noory 3 mm

    Ed Schultz 3 mm
    Noon-3 PM ET 877-934-6833

    Rusty Humphries 2.25 mm
    9 AM – NOON ET 800-449-TALK

    Kim Komando 2.25 mm SATURDAYS 10 am – 1 pm ET 888-825-5254

    Lars Larson 2.25 mm
    3-6 PM Pacific Time (866) HEY-LARS

    Jim Rome 2.25 mm
    Noon-3 PM ET 800.636.8686

    Bob Brinker 1.75 mm Money Talk with Bob Brinker Sat & Sunday 4-7 PM ET 800-934-2221

    Tom Leykis 1.75 mm

    Mancow 1.75 mm
    6:30-9 AM ET 1-888-2-MANCOW

    Joy Browne 1.5 mm
    Noon – 3pm ET 800-544-7070

    Thom Hartmann 1.5 mm
    Noon-3pm ET 866-303-2270

    Hugh Hewitt 1.5 mm
    3- 6 PM Pacific Time 800-520-1234

    Gordon Liddy 1.5 mm
    10 am – 1 pm ET 800-445-4339

    Dennis Miller 1.5 mm
    2-4 PM ET 866.509.7268

    Stephanie Miller 1.5 mm
    9 AM – Noon ET 1-800-STEPH-1-2

    Alan Colmes 1.5 mm 10 PM – 1 AM ET (begins show with open phones) 877-FOR-ALAN

    Michael Reagan 1 mm
    6-9 PM ET 800-468-6453

  68. may be each one of here and at taylormarsh,noquarter,

    that be atleast 300 people calling each talk show ,,,,,

    may be we can get some attention

  69. i think —–the ad that obama people created ,,u know that doctored one ,,

    becuase it already went on air and radio shows,,,

    it had some impact on votes

    may be even 2%

    because not everyone is listening tv or radio all the times


    Another way of spelling Liar…soon to make it into Websters…. = O B A M A

    May 12, 2008 “Stop Believing Obama” The American Spectator


    Campaign Crawlers
    Stop Believing Obama
    By Philip Klein
    Published 5/12/2008 12:08:39 AM

    David Axelrod laughed.

    We were in the spin room following last month’s debate in Philadelphia, and I had just asked Barack Obama’s chief strategist to respond to a statement made by a top Hamas adviser endorsing Obama’s candidacy, and favorably comparing the young Illinois Senator to John F. Kennedy.

    “I like John Kennedy too,” Axelrod responded. “That’s about the only thing we have in common with this gentleman from Hamas. We all agree that John Kennedy was a great president, and it’s flattering when anybody says that Barack Obama would follow in his footsteps.”

  71. On Kennedy – with the history his family has with treating women, I don’t even have to go into details – I have to say the wrong person drowned at Chappaquidick.

  72. Blue Democrat Says:
    May 11th, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    make BO attend funerals and sit in the Naval Observatory (VP’s home) wondering for 8 years where he went wrong,
    then back a different candidate in 2016.

    Now that’d be sweet!

    And no earth tones, either!

  73. If HIllary was still willing to have him on the ticket, I’d vote for it. His supporters would be useful, and if he lands in jail with Rezko later, he could resign then.

    Or maybe when he gets bored as VP, he could be ambassador to Kenya.

  74. U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton enters the final week before Kentucky’s May 20 Democratic presidential primary with a commanding 27 percentage point lead over U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, a new poll shows.

    She leads the Illinois senator 58 percent to 31 percent, with 11 percent uncommitted, according to a Herald-Leader/WKYT Kentucky Poll of 500 probable Democratic voters.

  75. From RezkoWatch;

    Important Notice
    The latest installment in Evelyn Pringle’s expose on Sen. Barack Obama will publish later today.

    As one commenter wrote RW, “This will be the bombshell which sinks Obama. It has names, dates, places, amounts, schemes. When you finish reading it you will know it’s over for Obama. … He’s through–having, of course, raised $200 million from his idiot supporters.”

  76. umm…. hello?!

    I had a duty to write the series on Obama

    I rarely, if ever, post comments on blogs for my articles. In fact, I usually do not read blogs, but after reading some of the comments on various blogs on the internet, I felt the need to explain how it came to be that I wrote the series of articles on Obama.

    Although I used to write many political articles, I seldom get a chance to anymore and I confess that I have fallen far behind as far as following political news.

    When I realized that I personally knew nothing about Obama and it looked like he might become the nominee, I set out to research his legislative history in Illinois to learn what accomplishments led to his rise to political prominence without me even noticing him.

    I ended up spending the last month and a half researching his background, putting in 12 to 18 hours every day, but I did not set out to find the information I found.

    If you go back and read the first article I wrote about Hillary and Obama and my belief that Obama was not being qualified for the job you will see that it was written before I began my research and I did not have a clue about anything.

    In fact, at that point when a friend asked me who I was going to vote for I said I preferred Hillary but I would definitely vote for Obama if he was the nominee.

    I knew absolutely nothing about Illinois politics or the corruption scandals in that state over the past 8 years. The name Rezko did not even register with me other than seeing it mentioned in the headlines for articles about Obama.

    The history of the Obama story was terribly complex and I quickly realized why no major news organization had funded the type of investigation I was conducting. Number one, like me they had no idea what would be found at the end, and two, they never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined that the leaders of the Democratic party would not have vetted their own candidate and fit all the pieces together.

    Although the research took a lot of time because there were so many trails and so many different people and schemes involved, it did not involve rocket science.

    I will admit that it did cross my mind to keep my mouth shut, knowing that no one would have to know that I had discovered the truth before it was exposed by the Republicans. But my conscience quickly reminded me that I would know, and what it would be like if I remained silent.

    The Republican have invested a lot more time than I have. They have also put it all together better than I have and are just waiting for the day Obama is nominated to unleash a non-stop expose. They no doubt have their talking points ready for cable news shows and video clips in the can.

    That is why I am furious at the Democratic party for allowing this situation to progress to the point we are at now. This is not about whether Hillary beats Obama for me – its about the integrity of the Democratic party and its choice for a candidate who Americans who do not keep up with politics will trust for no other reason than he is vouched for by the leaders they trust.

    This is not about mud-slinging – its about telling the truth even when its about my own party. Its about refusing to not expose a Democratic candidate who I know is planning to replace one administration with one that is equally corrupt.

    As a journalist I have been having to answer emails from my readers in other countries for 8 years, trying to explain why Americans would allow a war profiteering murderer to stay in power and I am not about to have my name associated with another corrupt administration – this time from the party that I have defended for 8 years.

    When I openly supported John Kerry for president, and wrote articles exposing the war profiteering in Iraq, I told my critics to bring me leads if they knew of war profits being funneled to the bank accounts of Kerry or his family members and I would follow up and write the story. No one offered leads and I found none.

    I would be a hypocrite of the worst kind if I remained silent during this election simply because Obama was a Democrat.

    With an Obama-McCain ticket, voters are in a no win situation. They can elect McCain and allow the slaughtering of our troops to continue in a war profiteeing scheme in Iraq or they can elect Obama and allow the Chicago style of profiteering right here at home to spread to cities all across America.

    As I said in my second article, I will not have any part of this. If the Democrats put Obama’s name on the ballot, for the first time in my 58 years as an Amercian, I will take a stand and not vote in the presidential election.

    But there is no way Obama will beat McCain with or without my vote. If the Democrats keep up this charade through the summer, the election belongs to the Republicans.

    I have done the work in untangling the whole mess and tried to write articles so that the average American can “get it.” If people do not see what is going on here after reading my first 3 articles, in the famous words of Jack Nicholson, “they can’t handle the truth.”

    If any factual information in the articles is found to be incorrect, please send me an email through the link at the bottom of the article showing me where the information is false and I will make a correction.

    Evelyn Pringle

  77. Hi guys…
    Anybody know about WV Clinton supporters being told NOT to vote by Obama supporters???
    “It’s already over””

    Anybody hearing–this??? If so–please send me an email ASAP

    Thanks, all.


  78. Had email from Spega, lists of local papers that take online comments are now up for WV, OR, SD, Montana, Kentucky at
    h t t p : / /

    This is very important project and needs any time you can give it. Local papers/online sites often give more fair coverage to the campaign than Big Media, and their comment strings are good places for us to add information.

  79. Rep. Emanuel at least calls out Kennedy on his remarks about Hillary…

  80. Hello All. Spouse and I been reading you assiduously and keeping our sanity by doing so. Yesterday we got a call about 2:30 PM from an Obama representative. It was an AA male and he told me, “Senator Obama did pretty well in North Carolina and we are counting on your support in November”. Don’t know whether it was going to be an appeal for money, but I cut him off and told him we were Hillary supporters and that he was wasting his time here. We are in Maine (and he asked for me by name) and registered Democrats so he evidently got our name and number from the local Dem party folks. The presumption in all this reminds me strongly of the Rovian method of mau-mauing everybody until there is no alternative but his.
    We are adamant about not supporting Obama. Either in opposition research or in the media he has not received even the most superficial vetting about his achievements, his record, his associates, or his specific plans for the country. What little we DO know is enough NOT to vote for him. Hillary is going to make it!! it!!andand=
    We are




    A wonderful investigative reporters gathering of facts about the system that has allowed OBAMA to steal the Presidency and more. Her name is EVELYN PRINGLE and she has pursued this scary tale of men,money and corruption.

    LOG ON

    There is more tocome.Hope it is not too late.The stakes have never been higher in our political system.Pass it on to local media of all shades.It is vital that the voters be informed and realize that the MSM and the RNC are withholding the spread of this damning information. Hillary supporters,this may be our last chance to let the real OBAMA be EXPOSED.

    BY ABM90 Join me and spread the word.

  82. Completely agree with everything you said Blue. I’m just praying they’ll call me here in WPB, I have a few choice words for them!

  83. DemHawk Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 7:31 am
    Rep. Emanuel at least calls out Kennedy on his remarks about Hillary…

    Yeah, so what? He is doing that to help his pal oBama with the womens vote. It’s a bit late to be calling Ted out.

  84. Good Morning!!

    Yesterday Aaron Klein, the reporter form World Net Daily (Rezko Watches quotes his aritial alot) was on FOX, American Election HQ, did anyone see this???

  85. in response to Anna Quindlen’s opinion piece re: the supreme court in this week’s Newsweek.

    So it has begun, the usual fear mongering about the Supreme Court that the democrats have used for decades to keep its womenfolk in line. Only this time, I don’t think it is going to work.

    Too many of us have been deeply wounded as we watched many members of the democratic establishment work actively – some overtly, some covertly – to undermine the first viable female candidate for President of the United States. We have been watching closely. We have seen how she has been treated. We identified her struggles as our own. Every blow they landed on her, has blackened our eye. Every snide comment she has endured has drawn our blood.

    These wounds will not heal quickly or in knee-jerk response to the tired old rhetoric about the Supreme Court.

    Many in the democratic party have been cowed by threasts of African Americans rioting in the streets of Denver. Well, democratic women may just have their own riots if Clinton is not the nominee. Only our riot will be quieter. And more lethal. Our riot will be at the polls in November when we pull that lever for John McCain. The party hasn’t stood with us, why should we stand with the party?

  86. We must never forget that women are 52% of the population and together with our men, anything can happen.

  87. Rahm Emanuel is the only member of Congress from IL who has not endorsed Obama.

    “Mr. Emanuel, who has ties to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama and has not endorsed in the race.”

  88. I don’t trust Rahm Emmanuel. He is the same one that was quoted in Time earlier this year saying that Kennedy was livid abotu Bill and about Hill’s remarks re JFK and LBJ.

    I believe that he also suggested that he spoke to Bill. He allowed this to get out to the media and provided quotes that had the cable heads talking for weeks about the MLK comments and pissing off Kennedy.

    I don’t trust him and he’s from Chicago.

  89. Be sure to call FatArse Ted Kennedy today:


    I don’t know if they are in a diff time zone from Tn but no answer so far. I’m gonna unload both barrels on that murderer

  90. After 1000 rings I got through. I told him he should be ashamed of himself and that to talk about nobler aspirations after leaving a woman to die .. enough said. I also told him I’d not vote for the prick Obama under any circumstance but if he thinks dangling a woman with lesser qualifications than Hillary Clinton or who’s fought the fought would appease any one WRONG.

    It’s obvious Claire McCaskill has been so dying to be a pick in the event Obama were to win .. I swear I will ACTIVELY campaign for anyone but either of them if they were on the ticket.

  91. I’m working for a call center and we will be conducting a poll pitting McCain vs. Clinton and McCain vs. Obama. Will post preliminary results soon.


    Are we just gonna sit here and blog about it or are we gonna DO something?! Hillary is fighting hard for us, now let’s fight for her!!

    EVERYONE: PLEASE DEVOTE AT LEAST 1 HOUR TO MAKING CALLS TO West Virginia TODAY!!! Come back here later today and report your success. Inspire others to do the same!

    the narrative: Hill is in it to win it. She CAN still win this if she takes over the popular vote! Tell them that every SINGLE vote matters!!! THEY can make history!

    Hill needs us more than ever. Now let’s channel some positive energy and make a difference! The absolute sweetest revenge is a HUGE WIN!!


    Let’s win by a LANDSLIDE in West Virginia and Kentucky!!

  93. Suffolk University has Hillary Clinton winning West Virginia by 36. Many Obama supporters and media pundits will scream nasty things about West Virginia if that is the result. The reason is they have no understanding that demography has been political destiny in this campaign. West Virginia is 97% white. Barack Obama has not gotten more than 40% of the white vote since Wisconsin, where he won the white vote. So a huge defeat in west Virginia was to be expected. Let me share with you some exit polling regarding white voters in other states. First, from Obama’s crushing win in NC – Clinton won whites 61-37.

    In PA, Clinton won whites 63-37. In Ohio, Clinton won whites 64-34. In MA, Clinton won whites 58-40. In Maryland, Clinton won whites 52-42. Missouri, Clinton won whites 57-39. And the same type of results were found in TN, AR, NJ, GA, MS, AL, FL and so on.

    Whatever people want to say about the results in West Virginia tomorrow, it is unfair and a mistake to pretend West Virginia is an anamoly. Outside of the West (Obama won whites in CA, WA, ID, UT, CO, KS, etc) Obama has not fared well with white voters. (Out West, Obama has fared poorly with Latinos.) This is not an Appalachia issue, as some have suggested.

  94. hallow Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 10:01 am

    I don’t think I got your e-mail if you did end up sending one to me? I’d still like to talk to you.

    E-mail is . Thanks.

    i just got on line
    was i supposed to e-mail u ??
    did i miss something

    i don,t mind e-mailing u ,

    i will do it right now
    let me know what we doing today


  95. birdgal Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 10:11 am
    sonia: good post

    i saw it at TALKLEFT

    so i thought i paste it here

    good way to start the morning ,,,

  96. Another Hot Item to read and Pass on so that we can set the records straight and Get Hillary NOMINATED.

    GO TO:

    The article is titled :


    By ABM90 just an old and angry NEWS bounty hunter

  97. Unlike the Obama ostriches — in hiding from the West Virginia vote — Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and her volunteers are flooding West Virginia in anticipation of its Tuesday primary.

    Barack chooses to IGNORE an estimated 1,816,856 residents, perhaps because only 3.49% of the population is black. And perhaps he thinks these kinds of voters are hopelessly ignorant and incapable of voting for him.

    The Obamedia joins in — and ALWAYS (isn’t it amazing?) highlights some white voter who expresses views that the punditry and latte elite class can point at and mock. Here’s the latest from the Financial Times — these are paragraphs one and two of the FT’s top story today, “W Virginia keeps distance from Obama”:

    Like most people in Mingo County, West Virginia, Leonard Simpson is a lifelong Democrat. But given a choice between Barack Obama and John McCain in November, the 67-year-old retired coalminer would vote Republican.

    “I heard that Obama is a Muslim and his wife’s an atheist,” said Mr Simpson, drawing on a cigarette outside the fire station in Williamson, a coalmining town of 3,400 people surrounded by lush wooded hillsides.


    The reporters no doubt chuckle about the millions of e-mails being circulated among white Christians throughout this nation — and I do mean MILLIONS of e-mails — that raise numerous questions about Obama’s true allegiances. Some of the e-mails contain factual errors but there are also many truthful statements in each of them, sufficient to warrant concern by any patriotic American who worries about handing the code for the “football” to this man.

  98. VOTE IN THIS POLL!!! Does Hillary deserve to win the nomination if she wins the popular vote?


    pls vote

  99. Anti-Clinton Media Bias At Every Turn:

    Even good news for HRC has to be pissed on. For example:

    has this lead in:

    An expected victory for New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Tuesday’s primary in West Virginia might have the anticlimactic feel of a badly defeated football team scoring a meaningless late game touchdown that the winning team didn’t try very hard to contest.

    First of all, “badly defeated team”???? They make it sound like Huckabee’s situation, continuing to run when there literally was ….no….hope. “It’s 49-3, but with a minute to go, they’re trying for a TD”.

    Excuse me, Mr Greg Giroux, but when I last looked at the scoreboard, it is a damn close “game”, in the many ways that they’re keeping score (committed delegates, popular vote). And that doensn’t take into account the “asterisk” situations with two major states.

    Which leads me to think, why the rush for Obama to claim “victory” on 5/20?? Are they scared that if they don’t achieve the perception that “It just ended…”, that Clinton’s continued strenght and closing the gap will cause this to go to the convention? And once there, three more months of Rezko/Wright and other electability issues will drive SDs to side with Rodham? And isn’t MSM being his accomplice in this coupe de’ parte?

    Another hypocritical thing: Is Barry going to declare that he “won” by hitting the lower threshold (2,025, which doesn’t include FL/MI, rather than the full 2,209)? Hmmmm, let me gues…

    And, would this be including SDs???? Or only regular dels? Because as I recall a lot of Obama supporters (Brazile, Clyburn, Obama) saying, “If SDs decide this, there are going to be a LOT of angry people, who may not show up in November”. Ummm, yep.

    As Carville says, “If you’re going to win, just do it, don’t talk about it”.

    So, STFU, media scum.

  100. New DNC call number for Hillary


    is 1-877-336-7200. DNC hired this contract call agency due to overload of calls re: Hillary supporters’ concerns. LET’S CALL EM’ AROUND THE CLOCK!! The main DNC number might still be viable, too. Anyone know it?

    1. Electability–have electoral college maps showing Hillary winning the GE, list of red caucus state delegate numbers BO has and no Democrat will win in GE, list of skewed representation of caucus numbers vs. popular vote. EX: Hillary won TX by 100,000 popular votes and LOST the delegate vote by 5 or 6 due to caucuses which favor young activists vs. working folks, moms, seniors, etc. Caucuses are undemocratic–a few choose delegates for the many–Hillary can win the votes that matter in November.

    2. HIllary’s Experience, Record, Judgment, Coalition Building Foreign and Domestic all part of electability.

    3. Democratic/American values of one person/one vote, fair elections. GOP
    moved up primary date in FL as political maneuvering–if we don’t seat and FULLY count those votes with Hillary won fairly while BO unfairly ran ads, Dems will lose FL big time in November. MI either gives Hillary her votes and delegates as counted and the rest go to the convention uncommitted as BO, Ewards et al CHOSE as strategy, or MI re-votes. Of course Karl Rove machine is behind all this, and Dean, Pelosi, Reid et al must show some guts and count all votes fully even if they clearly favor BO. I will vote Hillary or McCain, as 20-40% of my current fellow Democrats will in the GE. We’re adults here–we won’t be swayed.

    4. We are just now vetting BO, which media and DNC should have done 15 months ago. His associations alone are enough to make him a national security risk. Campaign corruption from day one, his inexperience and appalling lack of domestic and foreign policy knowlege and overwhelming incompetence in debating, which a President must engage in daily, make him unelectable. His rudderless ethics, lack of stamina and political opportunism will drag our party and our country down even more.

    Notice I mention Hillary’s positives first. We must face the fact that the GOP machine has just started its BO vetting/attacks after HOPEFULLY using BO to push Hillary out by now, which WE SHALL OVERCOME. We have to face the character issue. The GOP already is. This is a contact sport as Bill Clinton says–we have to play hard.

    If we push hard for Hillary these next three weeks, demand MI and FL votes be counted as cast–and NO VOTES FOR BO HE DID NOT EARN (MI), debunk the ridiculous caucus system, and yes, report the BO fraud, scandals and lies popping up more and more to the DNC, we can win.

  101. I imagine Michelle H. Obama thinks it is appropriate for her children to watch Reverend Wright hump the altar in the God Damn America Church on Mothers’ Day. After all, those are the values of the H. Obama household.

  102. (Sunday, May 11th 2008) RCP Obama Has Growing Problem w/White Voters – Juan Williams


    Quote-“Obama has run a brilliant campaign. He has won over many white voters by making them proud to vote for a supremely educated and capable man who, at his best, makes race a secondary concern. It is not inconsistent, unfair or unsavory to point out, at the same time, that Obama has been growing weaker over the months in his ability to win all but black voters. Nor am I necessarily suggesting that white voters are drifting from him because of his race – as opposed to judgments about the content of his character or candidacy.”…int=1&page=all

  103. hoover or bissell

    i am on

    bissell —$89

    my carpet is very dirty

    boys –pepsi-choclates

  104. SONIA4HILLARY – Sometimes just watered down vinegar is a good, and really cheap, bet. It’s also good for the environment.

    Otherwise, I don’t know.

  105. SONIA4HILLARY – Oh, I thought you meant like liquid/foam treatments, not vacuum cleaners. You have kids?

  106. Of all the enemies Hillary has, Michele Obama stands out most. Just read she personally vetoed any idea of a joint ticket. Very scary woman imo.

  107. I’ve seen polling for WV and KY looking quite favorable for Hillary…but do we have a high – low expected range of Democratic turnout?

    That is, how much can she gain in the popular vote between those two states?

    BTW, Real Clear politics shows some GE numbers:

    General Election McCain-Obama McCain-Clinton
    ———— ———— ———–
    National Obama +4.0 Clinton +5.0
    Pennsylvania Obama +1.2 Clinton +6.8
    Ohio McCain +3.4 Clinton +5.4
    Florida McCain +9.0 Clinton +1.7
    Wisconsin Obama +1.6 McCain +3.4

    So at this point, Barry would lose OH and FL, and PA is within the margin for McCain. I bet Barry is sooooo proud of Wisconsin (sorry Cheeseheads, I know so of you up there are Hill fans.).

  108. Sorry, I should just change the subject. I’m mad. I’m going to get in a lot of trouble. Sorry.

    So, what else is new, people?

  109. i agree

    its bad word

    i am gonna stop using it

    after all she is a mom too

    we should not be too negative to michelle

  110. What the hell are you talking about? Jesus, I realy do not aexpect to see one more racial slur hear. I guess you are trying to drive off Hill’s AA supporters here and those of us who are offended. Admin, please delete the slurs.

  111. mj – OH yeah, delete them. I really forgot myself. Yikes. Reading what I said, I can’t even believe I said that. Please, that isn’t me. Delete them.

  112. From

    …are a couple of items worth noting:

    1. “Obama’s campaign kicked off a 50-state voter registration drive Saturday.”

    Oh really? All 48 of the 50 states???

    2. “He made a rare attempt to connect with reporters, playing a late-night game of “Taboo” on his campaign plane”.

    This is another Bush-ist tendency that we see in Barry. Few press conferences. Limited candor. Cutesy press relations, but don’t ask any real questions. If you saw the transcript of the Taboo press conference, it was just galling (to my ears). Subtext: “I’ve won, and I won’t be taking any real questions”.

  113. Jon Conyers and Brazile both belittling Hillary…It’s a shame she can’t fight back as she needs to keep the SD’s on board.

  114. I’m really sorry again. I feel awful. I think I must still be half asleep. That was in no way okay for me to say, and I will never, ever do it again.

  115. jbstonesfan – Have you ever seen the e-mails that Donna Brazile sends to people who e-mail her asking her to support Hillary Clinton? The e-mails are pretty mean and really uncalled for. She’s got an attitude problem.

  116. hallow

    thx for the info and encouragement

    and i don,t care

    if donna shows at my door

    i will say it to her face
    freedom of speech does not only apply to —african americans and liberals who support obama

    but to the whole america

    we all have seen injustice happen to HILLARY right in front of our eyes ,,and we did not speak up on time or before time

    so ,,,,,,

    anyway —

    i will e-mAIL U MORE ON HOW I FEEL


    i will e-mail u

  117. # mj Says:
    May 12th, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    What the hell are you talking about? Jesus, I realy do not aexpect to see one more racial slur hear. I guess you are trying to drive off Hill’s AA supporters here and those of us who are offended. Admin, please delete the slurs.


    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE. The AA Hillary supporters should not be subject to this kind of treatment here. And Hillary would hate to have her name associated with a site where slurs are used.

    We have enough of a problem fighting BOGUS charges of racism from the Clinton campaign. Let’s not prove that those accusations are true.

    We can find creative ways to discredit / mock idiot BO supporters, without having to get all horrible.


    its just frustartion

    but u are all right
    we r different —we r hill supporters and we must act accordingly


  119. Christ, yeah. BO is a phoney who associates himself with criminals and losers. It has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin. I am glad that in spite of his race he could be elected as a senator, I just don’t want that man to be president! But that has nothing to do with race.

    I have never heard anyone use “gorilla faces” to describe people of any race. It makes my soul sad. We are all equal.

  120. SONIA4HILLARY – Is it true that you are an Indian-American (from the country India, not Native American). Have you ever had to face racism yourself?

  121. If the people of W VA are being told it is all over and not to vote by the Obamalots. We need someone to ride up and down the streets with a bull horn telling people to get out and vote. Let them know it is not over.

  122. neetabug – Is a group of Obamabots called an Obamalot?

    I know that WV is going to have a big voter turnout. I bet a lot of those people will have to travel 10-20 miles to reach a voting place too. There is a lot of distance between properties there, I remember.

  123. u know what hallow

    it all depends on individual,s personal attitude

    if i was to have a complex about it —i will complain about everyone at the mall staring at me —

    but i stay positive —

    who said –white is better than black

    whites did not say it

    who says americans are better tham indians or any other humen

    americans did not say it

    its all people,s own complexes,,,,,

    i don,t carry that

    god made me what he thought was best for me

    and i am happy with it

    sometimes i wish –i was black –that tall body with thick lips and eyes–

    but godid not want that

    so i am what i am

    and yes —

    i will say

    america is the best country and americans are somehow more generous than some other countries citizens

  124. Yes Hallow….very mean spirited and sometimes quite disconcerting considering the influence she has. I just read John Conyers lecturing Obama supporters that the way to get Hillary out and her voters in is by “killing them with kindness” “which is hard to do after you beat the crap out of them” …I have to laugh b/c every debate she has beat the crap outof him, we won all the impt states, and his is being nominated simply based on a strong racial divide with 90% plus AA votes.

  125. awww wtf Obama is campaigning in W. Virginia – he’s on CNN too – I thought he thought WV was irrelevant?!?!?!?

  126. I’m so very pleased about the work Blue Democrat and B. Merryfield are doing regarding the left wing extremist candidate. I can’t guess how soon all of that will will reach critical mass, but it makes it clear Hillary needs to stay in the race all the way to the convention. She is our only hope to guarantee the White House is not taken over by corrupt scum. I thinking of that entire group that make up Chicago politics and their supporters.

  127. people who do racism —-

    i believe they don,t know what they r doing

    if they knew the difference between right and wrong why would they do wrong doing like racism
    ur question if i faced racism -yes
    what i did–ignore –because if the person knew what he or she was doing it why would they

    so that makes me better person that the other

    and i always stay proud of that

    i am a proud american ,,,and always will be a hillary supporter

  128. SONIA4HILLARY – I am glad that in the face of everything, you still seem to support Hillary with all your heart. 😀

  129. Thanks shenangans,
    if i didn’t have to go to California this weekend i would be right there. Get out the votes for US

    hallow Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 12:52 pm
    neetabug – Is a group of Obamabots called an Obamalot?

    Sorry typing to fast

  130. justmeinmountdorafl Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 12:55 pm
    awww wtf Obama is campaigning in W. Virginia – he’s on CNN too – I thought he thought WV was irrelevant?!?!?!?

    He had said he would be there on Monday

  131. meiyingsu Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 12:51 pm
    Hillary speaks live in WV stream

    What is the link?

  132. Is that his only stop?

    Im surprised no ones accused Obama of propandga his website is full of it it probably will be copyright’d soon (the Obama symbol) he even claimed he won Texas but he lost it through popular vote! Geez!

  133. BO is the most arrogant man ever with respect to his not even thinking that WV was worth any real effort in campaigning.

    Does BO not remember that WV voted for Dukakis? It was one of the ONLY states who voted for Dukakis? I know Hillary could win that state, but BO doesn’t give two shits about the people there (and I know they won’t about him either).

  134. You know what would be so great tomorrow?

    The election results from WV:
    Hillary Clinton 75%
    Barack Obama 12%
    Other 13%


  135. stonesfan,

    its true, i was up till 4 this morning, and everywhere, on pro hillary blogs, they are out trying to be kind, thoughtful, and caring…

    BARF !!!!!

    they need us to win the general election, they want us to abandon hillary. i guess we know how easy these super d’s were taken in….

  136. “John Conyers lecturing Obama supporters that the way to get Hillary out and her voters in is by “killing them with kindness” ”

    On the blogs I have seen them trying to make nice, but they can’t help themselves and throw in an insult every time.

  137. Obama heading to Michigan and Florida By CHARLES BABINGTON and MATT APUZZO, Associated Press Writers
    47 minutes ago

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Barack Obama’s surging presidential campaign announced Monday that he will visit politically neglected Florida and Michigan, as he focuses on a general election strategy with his primary race winding down.

    It will be Obama’s first time in either state since signing a pledge nine months ago not to campaign in the two states that violated national party rules with early primaries. Obama will have to build relationships in the two critical general election battlegrounds if he wins the Democratic nomination.

    The Obama campaign announced a five-state tour over the next two weeks that includes stops in remaining primary states South Dakota and Oregon but is dominated by swing states where he hopes to run strong against Republican John McCain once the marathon Democratic race ends.

    Obama leads in delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination, even though he’s expected to lose badly on Tuesday to rival Hillary Rodham Clinton in West Virginia. He’ll try to move on from the loss by campaigning in Missouri, a state that President Bush won in 2000 and 2004.

    On Wednesday, he plans to make two stops in Michigan — the swing Macomb County and the GOP stronghold of Grand Rapids. He plans to spend three days starting May 21 in Florida, with stops in Tampa, Orlando, Palm Beach County and Miami. The area is a popular stop for political fundraising, but the Obama campaign says the candidate will mostly be appealing for votes.

    “Our schedule reflects the fact that we are still fighting for votes and delegates in the remaining contests but also that we are going to places that are going to be competitive in the fall,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton. “John McCain has gone unchallenged for far too long, and we’re going to make sure that voters in competitive states know the choice in this election between changing Washington and the third term of George Bush’s failed policies that McCain is offering.”

    All the Democratic presidential candidates agreed on boycotting Michigan and Florida. Clinton won both states, but no delegates were awarded. Restoring the delegates is a major part of Clinton’s longshot strategy for the nomination.

    As she campaigned in West Virginia on Mother’s Day, Clinton rejected any suggestion that she’s dropping out of the race. She used campaign stops to remind voters of women who didn’t give up in difficult situations, who fought for equal rights, broke into male-dominated professions and succeeded when others told them to quit.

    She quoted Eleanor Roosevelt, telling supporters: “A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she is in hot water.”

    Earlier in the day, she read letters from supporters urging her not to give up, despite campaign math that’s nearly impossible to work out in her favor.

    Looking only at West Virginia, this should be a confident time for the New York senator. She remains strong among working-class white voters, women and older Americans. Those demographics are expected to carry her to a triumph Tuesday and another in Kentucky next week.

    But Obama has a commanding lead in pledged delegates and has erased her lead among superdelegates, the party leaders who can side with any candidate.

    Clinton’s last best hope is to use strong showings in West Virginia and Kentucky to make the case that Obama is weak among key Democratic constituents.

    “Why can’t Senator Obama beat Senator Clinton in West Virginia? Voters there have heard that he’s the presumptive nominee,” Clinton campaign strategist Howard Wolfson said on “Fox News Sunday.” “They’ve seen the great press he’s gotten in the past couple of days. Let’s let them decide. They have an opportunity. They want to end this on Tuesday, they’re perfectly capable of it.”

    David Gergen, former White House adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton, said in an AP Broadcast interview in San Francisco, “She says ‘full steam ahead,’ (but) her problem is that she’s running out of track.”

    “She was the inevitable nominee and I think they misjudged what they were up against,” Gergen added. “Along comes this phenomenon named Barack Obama and upsets everybody’s calculations. The real problem in the (Clinton) campaign was that they weren’t adaptable, they were not able to change game plan right in the middle once it looked like they had a real fight on their hands.”

    Time to PROTEST Obama’s visits these states

  138. “She was the inevitable nominee and I think they misjudged what they were up against,” Gergen added. “Along comes this phenomenon named Barack Obama and upsets everybody’s calculations. The real problem in the (Clinton) campaign was that they weren’t adaptable, they were not able to change game plan right in the middle once it looked like they had a real fight on their hands.”

    David Gergen is an idiot!!! The real fight was between Hillary Clinton and the media. It is not as if BHO ran a good campaign. What was working for him was that the MSM was in the tank for him.

  139. hallow,

    alot of obama people are undercover on all the pro hillary sites…

    we’ve been getting quoted alot lately saying racial slurs, that we didnt say. questionable people here are the ones saying it…

  140. phenom my ass .. he’s nothing but a bamboozler and hoodwinker. Can’t wait till he’s took down if he is the nominee…his arrogance and the media’s arrogance coupled with MO’s arrogance is good enough reason for me to hope that he has to take what has been thrown at Hillary full force from every friggin realm.

    He’s a kindergardener trying to deal with a college grads job .. he will fail miserably and if the dems are stupid enough once again to put forth a losing candidate then I say frig the party as well. They don’t want to win

  141. skmf12 – I said I was sorry, and I agreed that the Admin should delete it. I wasn’t the one who called anyone “gorilla faces”.

  142. Look, if anyone else has any problems with what I said, after I said sorry and I honestly truly will not do anything like it again (I should never post on early mornings), you can talk to me PERSONALLY at the e-mail address I have that I gave to SONIA4HILLARY earlier in the thread. This should be about Hillary Clinton, not about shitty moves by me.

  143. OK everyone we have to light a candle for Hillary today and tomorrow

  144. hallow i understand, its okay, but here is why we have to be careful:
    from no quarter
    **********SusanUnPCcloseAuthor: SusanUnPC Name:

    From a diary at the orange place titled, “Cheers to Hillary is 44, Taylor Marsh and MyDD“:

    […] [S]ome of Clintons “supporters” managed to do what the Clinton campaign could not, assure us a true candidate for change in the general.

    Thank you for turning off numerous Super-Delegates with your threats to vote McCain. Thank you for revealing the depth of your disdain for our electoral process by feeding the likes of Hannity and Fox News.

    Thank you for revealing your racial bias by referring to commentators as “brillo head”, Obama as “Osama” and for attempting to marginalize the votes of hardworking African American citizens. [WHAT? NEVER THAT I’VE SEEN ANYWHERE! HAVE YOU? ANY OF YOU? IF ANYONE SAID THAT HERE, THEY’d BE BANNED IN A HEARTBEAT.]

    I don’t include good and reasonable Clinton supporters such as Trix and others in this thank you. But for Jerome Armstrong and others who insisted on making statements such as “He is unelectable”, thank you. You managed to create an atmosphere of hate so great that many good Clinton supporters, Super Delegates and voters could take no more.

    Now watch “Hope” win the nomination, win the general, and bring this nation together, without absorbing or condoning such destructive behavior.

    As I watch the Supers roll in for Obama I wish I could buy you all a round of Kool-Aid.

  145. no quarter has the article up of this persons post, ofcourse onquarter rightly calls it bullshit, still, we dont need it…

  146. ok
    gotta go
    dentist appt





  147. skmf12 – I am quite sure we can find the same said from Obama’s blogs we will see a lot of hatred toward to Hillary and comments attacking women – I have personally seen this on Facebook – so let’s work hard toward to electing Hillary

  148. Don’t worry Hallow, I have been called a troll a number of times here…but like Hillary, I don’t quit. I will never vote for Obama and the day if/when he becomes nominee, I change to Independent. By the way, that tribute by Chelsea to Hillary was beautiful..made me tear up a little.

  149. Lets all vent our anger by donating and lighting a candle , phone banking, etc for Hillary.
    We can WIN THIS

  150. I’ve never seen anyone try to marginalize the votes of AAs. I have seen Donna Brazile called “Brillo Head” but that was a long time ago before some people pointed that out as racist. Calling Obama as Osama or Osama bin Lyin isn’t racist.

    I will be more responsible in the future.

    MyDD is nothing like Taylor Marsh. They have tons of Obama people on MyDD (sometimes even on the rec list) and I don’t read anything there any more. The only Obamabots on Taylor Marsh are called out as trolls immediately.


    Have you had any good results calling WV? There is no way that Obama is even going to make 35% in WV. If HRC makes it to 70-75%, I am going to go buy a cake (which I shouldn’t because I am on a diet) and champagne. THIS NOMINATION RACE IS NOT OVER.

  152. HIllary has a good chance to win the nomination (with SDs who care about winning in November). But just as a preventive….

    I worry that HIllary, seeing talk about defecting to McCain, might respond now with some noble and self-sacrificing unity gesture like pledging to entangle her future with Obama’s (whether as his VP or some other post), or pledging to retire rather than run in 2012.

    I wonder if it would be helpful to tell her something like this (more gently phrased):

    “If the DNC chooses Obama, we will never vote for him, no matter how much you support him. Please do not, in some noble unity gesture, limit your future options by taking a VP slot (ridiculous anyway!) or pledging not to run again in 2012.

    We understand that as a courtesy you would have to campaign for Obama; in that case we’ll politely stay home

    But we want to discourage you from limiting your options, by telling you that if you do, we will not just stay home, we will actively support McCain in some way — probably at least by voting for McCain in November.”

  153. 1950democrat – Hillary is a senator no matter what. And probably the best known and most powerful senator there is right now.

    If she endorses Obama, I know that she will have her fingers crossed behind her back.

  154. ““She was the inevitable nominee and I think they misjudged what they were up against,” Gergen added. “Along comes this phenomenon named Barack Obama and upsets everybody’s calculations. The real problem in the (Clinton) campaign was that they weren’t adaptable, they were not able to change game plan right in the middle once it looked like they had a real fight on their hands.””

    They’ve been extremely adaptable. That’s why they won NH, and have won all the big states.

    Gergen is a Republican, trying to run down Hillary.

  155. It ain’t over: Time to Fight On
    Submitted by Jay Cost on Fri, 2008-05-09 06:09.

    Appalachia hillary clinton Kentucky Puerto Rico West Virginia

    There’s a good reason for the recent Obamabot psyops, pundit declarations, general wailing and at times cajoling Clinton supporters have been subjected to since her recent Indiana victory was spun into a loss: Clinton still has a very good chance of securing the nomination.

    What’s more, the next few days are absolutely critical for her and her supporters. The end is only here if we allow the latest round to depress morale and turnout for the upcoming WV and KY primaries.

    Jay Cost at RCP lays out why Clinton’s down but not out. First some numbers and demographics:

    Two things are holding me back: West Virginia and Kentucky.

    However, it is possible that she could counter Tuesday’s blowout with two big blowouts of her own in the next two weeks. This could undo most of the damage done by her big loss in North Carolina, and put her back on track.

    West Virginia is 95% white, and one of the poorest states in the nation. Demographically, Pennsylvania’s twelfth congressional district is a decent proxy of it. Clinton won Pennsylvania’s twelfth by 46 points. A recent Rasmussen survey put her up 29 points in the Mountaineer State, with 17% undecided. Another poll had her up 40 points, with Obama under 25%.

    Kentucky is not as poor or as white as West Virginia, but it is nearly so. Demographically, Kentucky falls somewhere between Ohio’s sixth congressional district, which went for Clinton by 45 points, and the seventeenth, which went for her by 28 points. A recent Survey USA poll of the Bluegrass State had her up 34 points – with a staggering 72 point lead in the east, where Obama was winning less than 20% of the vote. Rasmussen recently had her up 25 points with 13% undecided.

    And if the demographics hold as they have in every contest?

    What happens to “It’s Over” if Clinton pulls a 40-point victory in West Virginia on Tuesday, then follows it up a week later with a 30-point victory in Kentucky? If these states turn out in the same margins that states since March 4th have averaged, that would imply a net of about 290,000 votes for Clinton. That puts her within striking distance of a reasonable popular vote victory. “Over” will be over as we turn our attention to Puerto Rico.

    Once again all the stepped-up moaning, trolling, and general media drivel we’re hearing is an attempt to lower our morale and prevent these blowouts from happening. However, the path to the nomination is clear and goes through Hillary-friendly territory.

    There are good reasons not to take Puerto Rico lightly, even though the press has continued to do exactly that. I would note: (a) Puerto Ricans vote in large numbers (2 million in the last gubernatorial election); (b) Puerto Ricans have never had this important a role in United States presidential politics; (c) Puerto Rico’s politics is focused at least partially on how (if at all) to adjust its relationship with the United States; (d) Puerto Rico’s is an open primary, and the residents of the Commonwealth, who are United States citizens, do not see themselves as Republicans or Democrats.

    The inference I draw is that Puerto Ricans could turn out in huge numbers. If they do, and they swing for Clinton in a sizeable way, the popular vote lead could swing, too. Add 290,000 votes from West Virginia and Kentucky to 250,000 votes from Puerto Rico, account for expected losses in Oregon, Montana, and South Dakota, and you get Clinton leading in many popular vote counts, some of which are really quite valid. If she has one of those leads when the final votes are counted on June 3rd, the race will go on to the convention.

    So Hillary supporters we’re days away from doing the impossible once again. It’s time to dig-down deep, donate your money, time, phone banking skills, shoe-leather or whatever you can to secure victory. It is well within our grasp and ability to do this.

    Need more incentive? How about the hostile takeover of our party lambert and others have so eloquently described? If you need still need more, go read about the prophesied Obamanation.

    Saw this on Hillary’s site!

    When you make calls be sure to COME AND LARGE voting for Hillary

  156. If she’s not adaptable, how did she become the heroine of the working class and average Americans?

    These DC insider types are idiots.

  157. I’ve been out a few days, so I don’t know what the ‘threat’ to SDs really said. I suspect that condemnations of the ‘threat’ are just spin and smoke — like when they condemn a remark by Bill or Hillary as ‘racist’.

    Of course SDs will be more impressed by some styles of writing than others. But a lost vote is a lost vote, whatever the style. And if some people are really serious about defecting to McCain, that is information the Supers and the Bots all need to know — BEFORE it’s too late for them to support Hillary (the only one who really CAN unite the party).

    Voting patterns so far have shown them blue-collar defections — Axelrod is writing off those ‘Reagan Democrats’ already. What will show them some no-collar latte classical music old ladies getting ready to defect — except letters or other gestures FROM us?

  158. jb and hallow,

    I know that if the DNC chooses Obama, Hillary would endorse him — words. I just don’t want her to go so far as to LIMIT HER OPTIONS in future — action.

    There’s talk about wanting to see Obama crushed in November, hopefully destroyed like McGovern and Kerry (and other losers not worth mentioning) — so Hillary would be free to run against McCain in 2012.

    HIlllary is just noble enough to respond by pledging NOT to run in 2012.

    The same applies to an Obama/Clinton ticket. If by any chance that won, then she’d be really tied up in 2012.

  159. 1950democrat – You think she’d get a lot of flak if she caved in to the DNC and pledged not to run in 2012, and then did it anyway? It’s like extortion what they’re doing to her, so I don’t think she should be held to it.

    OH, this makes me too mad thinking about it! There is no reason this should be happening! Hillary is the best candidate, and I will do everything I can to see her win and fly out to D.C. for her glorious inauguration day.

  160. To all who are dreaming about greater margins in WV and KY than the polls are actually predicting….

    It’s nice to encourage ourselves, but isn’t this the kind of raised expectations that made it easy for the Corp Media to spin Hillary’s Indiana WIN as some kind of loss?

  161. hallow Says:
    May 12th, 2008 at 2:08 pm
    1950democrat – You think she’d get a lot of flak if she caved in to the DNC and pledged not to run in 2012, and then did it anyway? It’s like extortion what they’re doing to her, so I don’t think she should be held to it.

    Huh? The DNC would like her to quit now. But are they asking her to pledge not to run in 2012 either???????

  162. 1950democrat – I think I misunderstood what you said earlier. No, I don’t think the DNC is saying that.

  163. Sonia said:
    if they knew the difference between right and wrong why would they do wrong doing like racism
    ur question if i faced racism -yes
    what i did–ignore –because if the person knew what he or she was doing it why would they

    What a lovely attitude! *hugs* That is great wisdom! May I ask how old you are?

  164. 1950democrat – Every single poll is saying that Hillary Clinton will get a 36% to 40%+ victory in WV.

  165. So what, hallow? Polls will not matter at all if we don’t get those voters out. We need to get every registered Dem to the polls. BO will get every single WV voter who supports him out, we need to do the same.

  166. Hallow, seems funny, but clearly we did not get out every voter in NC or IN and he got out all of his, so it’s really not funny. Getting out all our voters is absolutely critical.

  167. mj – I totally agree. If I lived near WV, I’d go out there and rally people myself. For now, all I can do is call and call and call (and donate a little bit at a time).

  168. There are people who still b elieve the race is over in West Virginia that’s why it is critical you call and tell them to come out and vote huge for Hillary it will make the world of a difference esp. with the popular vote and delegates if we calla nd report that the vote is LONG from done and the nomination race is still on

  169. OK, from RezkoWatch;

    Evelyn Pringle’s long-awaited expose on Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), and a sequel to “Barack Obama: Operation Board Games for Slumlords”, is available at OpEdNews. In her introduction, Pringle writes:

    Republicans have enough damaging information against Barack Obama to knock him off the ballot before the November election. Those at the top of the Democratic Party know this by now and voters need to recognize that if they nominate him they are throwing the election. Nothing else can explain why they would allow this disaster to happen.

    Pringle then sets the stage for what will follow:

    More than two solid months of investigation leads to the conclusion that following the names linked to Riverside Park is the key to understanding Operation Board Games.


    Most important for connecting the dots in the Board Games investigation, is the clarification that it is not the Rezko case. The only reason it’s always referred to as the “Rezko” case is because he happens to be the first defendant to be brought to trial.

    Also, the first trial is focused on the corruption of two Illinois boards, the panel that approves investments from the $40 billion pension fund of the Teachers Retirement System, and the Health Facilities Planning Board, which approves all medical facility construction projects in Illinois.

    But the Operation Board Games cases involve corruption with officials and employees in many other state agencies and real estate deals are at the heart of most with Riverside Park front and center.

  170. I really hope there is not a polling scheme going on and they are overpolling her to make her look defeated tomorrow. What do you guys think?

  171. This is from Hillary’s Site

    In Portland and Eugene, over 400 women and families gathered to hear from a panel of fantastic speakers including Ellen Malcolm, Ann Lewis and many more. Grammy nominated singer Sophie B. Hawkins pumped up the crowd.

    Immediately following the event, mother’s marched in unison with their families and children to the ballot box to cast their vote for the most qualified candidate in the race – Hillary Clinton.

    As I have worked on this race, I have heard many stories from women all over the state about the significance of this opportunity and what watching Hillary’s struggle and triumph has meant in their lives. Emotions ran high yesterday as women cheered, rallied, chanted, and cried while watching their young daughters and sons take turns running to the mailbox to drop their mother’s ballots.

  172. hallow Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 12:38 pm
    SONIA4HILLARY – Yes, I e-mailed you this morning.

    You two sound like a bunch of trolls…Are you ringers for Obama and come to this site to start trouble…

    Last tme….Quit the OFFENSIVE racial slurs…one more time and I will call you obambi spies.

  173. carbynew – I can forward you all the e-mails as attachments if you want. I have nothing to hide.

  174. WV is to Hillary what NC was to Obama , yet, big media and the DNC concluded NC “wrapped” it up for him, despite the fact we all knew she would lose NC. Tomorrow, whether she wins by 10% or 30%, it will be a “loss” to the media spinners who will make all kinds of excuses…yet, they are all afraid to point out why Obama has won -thr 90% black vote he gets everywhere, which over inflate the significance of his wins….this is the elephant in the room no one want to look at!!! Hillary gets the true democratic , woirking class vote, and all of a sudden, the DNC, Brazile, Pelosi, Dean, discount it.
    Finally, I am embarrassed to admit that I use to love Ted Kennedy, liked Kerry, Leahy, Dodd and truthfully most of the top dems…I would never have imagined how they turned on the Clintons in the most loathsome way, particular Kennedy…..what a fool I was.

  175. winhillary Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 2:33 pm
    I really hope there is not a polling scheme going on and they are overpolling her to make her look defeated tomorrow. What do you guys think?
    *****************************************************Yes! I don’t trust the polls. Let keep low expectations and reasonable expectation. Anything else is a blessing from above.

    Don’t go by poll numbers go by the voters votes.

  176. NOTHING is over till the official vote is taken in August.

    Does anyone think Edwards is going to give up his 30 delegates before then? He’ll continue ‘suspended’ in hopes Hillary and Obama both get hit by a meteor Aug 1.

    Even if hundreds of SDs came out for Obama now, Hillary could do the same thing Edwards did. ‘Suspend’ her campaign, take a vacation till August, watch the GOP tear Obama apart all summer … then let the delegates all turn to her in August.

  177. 1950democrat – the one with Hillary jumping out of the grave really disturbs me. What are they trying to imply with that?

  178. Please leave racial slurs to the bots. The tone of this place is getting very negative. I know we all want Hillary to get the nomination but can we please talk about why she should get it and not posting negatives of her opponent. I don’t feel it is constructive.

  179. Hallow and Sonia4Hillary stop the racial CRAP!!!

    Hillary Clinton has many, many African American supporters and her Campaign Manager is Black….SO STOP IT!!!!

  180. 1950democrat – Yeah, what is the deal with Edwards keeping those delegates? Can he tell those delegates to go to Hillary, or do they have to choose for themselves?

  181. carbynew – I already said you can e-mail me personally if you want to talk to me PERSONALLY about it. I made a mistake, and this isn’t the right place to keep going on about it when we need to be pushing the WV voters and GOTV efforts.

  182. OK everyone chill, take a deep breath. We can’t have any negativity on this board. We need positive vibes on here. Love you ALL

  183. I don’t like that Hillary has been treated so badly by the demoocratic party. I don’t like that party officials have stood by and allowed Barack Obama to trash the Clinton years. I don’t like that Donna Brazile has turned her back on the issue that made me active for the democrats: counting all votes.

    Why don’t we lay the ground work to draft Hillary for an Independent run for the White House. We all know Obama can not stand up to the pressure or the vetting that will take place in a general election. If the Howard Deans and Donna Braziles of the world want to turn their back on rank and file democrats we should return the favor.

    Hillary should, can, and will be the next president of the United States…with or with out the democratic party!

  184. hallow,

    I’m not sure of the details of what Edwards can do with his delegates. It may be different with delegates from different states.

    He does have some hold on them in theory till he ‘releases’ them. This usually happens at the convention.

    I do think that by the convention rules, if no one gets the magic number (2209) on the ‘first ballot’, then everyone’s pledged delegates are all released to vote as they like on further ballots.

    Some of the pledges may not be binding even on the first ballot.

    Personally I think Edwards will offer his delegates (whatever power he actually has over them) when he can get the best deal in exchange: PV or cabinet or whatever.

  185. Guys, continue to call WV. I’m sending nothing but positive thoughts to Hill, Bill and Chelsea.

    it will be interesting to see how the MSM spins her massive win tomorrow.

  186. Ok, 19 pgs, and at the end there’s this;

    (Curtain Time For Barack Obama – Part II will be published on May 13, 2008)

  187. 1950democrat –

    Personally I think Edwards will offer his delegates (whatever power he actually has over them) when he can get the best deal in exchange: PV or cabinet or whatever.

    That is a rotten thing to do. I hope he wouldn’t stoop to that level.

  188. tiburones – How can you spin away a win like that?

    Say, “Oh, Obama didn’t care anyway because that kind of American won’t vote for Obama?”

    Yuck! I don’t think there is any way that anybody can shoo away a win like that. Not even biased buttholes for Obama at MSNBC and such.

  189. Clinton-Obama ticket could work: Schumer
    Posted May 12, 2008 2:41 PM
    By John Riley

    Chuck Schumer, at a Crain’s Breakfast in New York City, sounds a note of optimism about the viability of an Obama/Clinton ticket:

    “At first I thought it wasn’t but I do think it could be.”

    About voters: “They’re worried, and they want somebody to come in and say I can help a little bit you with healthcare, and paying for college, and all these things, and a Democratic candidate is more likely to do it. Hillary and Barack have both run very strong and great races, and I think they’d be a strong ticket together.”

    It’s possible that’s what he really thinks. But a lot of things — the difficulty of selling the first black and the first woman in the same year; the lack of national security credentials; the idea that Hillary would spend eight years with less power than she had as First Lady or Senator; the fundamental disagreement on health care; the risks of Bill floating on the outskirts of a ticket and an administration — counsel against the idea.

    So what else could Schumer be up to?

    Maybe the idea that a little flattery, and the ability to turn down the v-p slot, is part of what it’ll take to ease Clinton out of the race….
    Schumer need to GET AWAY FROM THE MICROPHONE. Why should Hillary be taken down with that unprinciple bully?

  190. Anybody know how many voters are expected to turn out in WVirginia tomorrow? I know the early voting has been good.

  191. Bill Clinton to Campaign in Kalispell Tuesday

    By Matthew Frank, 5-12-08

    Bill Clinton will return to Montana Tuesday to stump for his wife and Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Hillary Clinton in Kalispell, the Clinton campaign announced today. Clinton will speak at Flathead Community College‘s Blake Hall Arboretum at 7:30 p.m. Additional details to be announced.

    The former president was in Billings Saturday night for the Truman Day Dinner, a Yellowstone County Democratic fundraiser. He was also in Montana in early April visiting Havre, Great Falls, Helena and Butte.

    Montana’s primary is June 3, the last in this extended primary season. Clinton trails Sen. Barack Obama in delegates, the popular vote and, as of this weekend, superdelegates.

  192. I know that internet polls aren’t really that important, but if you have an extra minute, vote here:

    The question is “Does Hillary Clinton deserve to be the Democratic nominee if she wins the popular vote?”

    It’s only at 53% yes! We need to bring that up in case CNN reports it. Of COURSE Hillary should be the nominee if she wins the popular vote, and that popular vote should include FL and MI!

  193. Obama defends his patriotism

    Associated Press – May 12, 2008 2:43 PM ET

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – Barack Obama is striking back today at the critics who claim he’s not particularly patriotic or ready to be commander-in-chief.

    Obama told a crowd of several thousand in Charleston, West Virginia, that patriotism means more than just saluting flags and holding parades.

    He criticized Republican John McCain for opposing a Democratic bill to expand education benefits for veterans.

    Obama says the veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan make up “the largest homecoming since the Second World War.” And he said the “true test” of patriotism is whether Americans will serve “our returning heroes as well as they’ve served us.”

    McCain’s campaign says the Republican backs an alternative that is better because it provides improved benefits for those who stay in the military longer.

    Obama is expecting Hillary Rodham Clinton to win tomorrow’s West Virginia primary. The state has large numbers of working-class whites, who usually back Clinton.
    Just like we thought Obama did a rookie mistake and tried to slam McCain on policy issues when this faker hasn’t even worked or studied the issues as a 1st term Senator.

  194. 1950 dem,

    sorry, been out, and i just read back up the thread…
    can you explain to me about ‘suspending’ a campaign?
    could hillary do it? and would she do you think?

    Election Edge
    Obama Embraces New ‘Caustic’ Pastor
    Ronald Kessler May 12th 2008

    Can you imagine the president of the United States attending a church where the pastor says everyone has a bit of “thug” in him and praises a rapper with a criminal record as a prophet? How about a pastor who calls the biblical patriarch Abraham a “pimp” and says Noah and Moses were thugs, Jesus has a “soft spot for thugs,” and everyone has some “thug proclivities.”

    If Barack Obama is elected president, that is exactly what will happen. Now that the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. is retiring from Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama has said he will continue to attend the church. Explaining his decision, Sen. Obama said that the “new pastor, the young pastor, Reverend Otis Moss, is a wonderful young pastor.” He said he also still values the Trinity community.

    Known as the “hip-hop pastor,” Otis Moss III has served as assistant pastor of the church for two years. Moss officially takes over in June. While Moss has not expressed hatred of America and of whites, as Wright did, in a sermon on YouTube, Moss derides middle-class America for not accepting the “prophetic brilliance” of thugs.

    Referring to these thugs, Moss says sardonically, “There are times when our prejudice keeps us from hearing ghetto prophets, who preach a brand of thug theology which keeps us from hearing the truth from their lips because of their course language and ragged subject-verb agreement.”

    To applause, Moss approvingly cites Tupac Shakur, a “gangsta” rap star with a long arrest record. Before being fatally shot in a drive-by attack in Las Vegas in 1996, Shakur faced a 120-day sentence for probation violations stemming from offenses including assault and battery and a 1994 sexual abuse conviction in New York.

    Shakur served 11 months in prison for his involvement in the sexual attack on a 21-year-old woman in a New York hotel room. Judge Daniel P. Fitzgerald of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan described it as “an act of brutal violence against a helpless woman.” Shakur had also been convicted in Los Angeles of assault and battery on a music video producer, and for carrying a loaded, concealed weapon.

    Most Americans look to places of worship for inspiration and moral and spiritual guidance. Moss’ message is the opposite. Claiming Shakur’s message speaks to our “current condition,” Moss blurs the distinction between right and wrong: He says those who don’t get that a rapper like Shakur is a prophet and biblical figures are thugs are confined by “bourgeois paradigms.” Instead of condemning those who break the law, Moss says to exuberant applause, “Our society creates thugs. Children are not born thugs. Thugs are made and not born.” He adds, “This is good news for somebody who has a proclivity for ‘ghettoistic’ conduct.”

    Indeed, it is good news for those who do not want to be held accountable for their own conduct. In making that statement, Moss endorses the message of many black leaders who encourage blacks to see themselves as helpless victims of a bigoted society. As outlined in a Newsmax article “Rev. Wright Furthers Black Victimhood,” the victim mentality limits blacks’ aspirations and torpedoes their chances at success. What may be most disturbing about Obama’s continuing attendance at Trinity is the fact that he is exposing his children to its negative message. Instead of uplifting members of his congregation and calling on them to adhere to the best values, Moss denigrates American society and looks to guidance from thugs.

    A president is commander in chief and chief executive officer of the government. But he is also a moral leader. When President Clinton was caught having sex with Monica Lewinsky, parents all over the country were embarrassed and disgusted that they had to explain to their pre-teens the meaning of the sexual terms their kids read in newspaper articles describing Clinton’s activities with the 22–year-old White House intern.

    Some will ask what kind of moral leadership can be exercised by a man who sends his kids to listen to sermons denouncing America and whites and now calling Moses a thug and praising a convicted rapper as a prophet? Some will ask what kind of example is set by a man who does not denounce the destructive message sent by this church to blacks and whites alike?

    Tragically for segments of black society, in belonging to Trinity and contributing $26,270 to it last year, Obama is helping to spread the crippling message among blacks that they are victims. Apologists for Obama will say where he attends church and what he exposes his children to have nothing to do with being president.

    They are mistaken. It has everything to do with being president.

  196. Sonia and Hallow (and I know you’re tired of it Hallow, but this must be said), screw you both. I know a bit about goofing around here. Done it for months, but I’ve also had serious, germane conversations with many people from many walks of life, ethnicities and beliefs.

    We have always managed to get along. We have managed to police ourselves just fine. I recall one instance (MJ, United you two might recall this- I think Pulch will too) about a poster who put up their video links late one night for us to review. Guess what, those videos contained racially offensive materials and we as a group ousted that person. Why? Because the Hillary campaign is more important than one individual on this board- me included before you get snarky.

    I have already had to deal with one asshole today getting all egotistical on a group of us off site, don’t make me bust heads here either.

    Personally, I think Sonia that you are the worst of it. If you cannot, for crissakes, understand what is wrong with “gorilla faces” then IMHO worthy of supporting Hillary on this site. This site is too visible, too under constant attack and dissection for you to “accidentally” pull that stunt.

    Unfortunately, it’s not the first time either. I’m calling for your ouster. Plain and simple. I will not abide by such conduct. I cannot condone it nor do I wish to be associated with racist speech. Hell, I was the one that called out the Brillo-head stuff a couple of weeks back.

    I’ll add this, I find it strange you use all caps. It’s almost if you want your posts to stand out. Most of the rest of us learned Internet protocols years ago. I suggest you do the same. Somewhere else.

    Making fun of candidates is par for the course on these types of sites, but that crossed over every appreciable line of appropriate behavior that has ever existed. Also, given the lack of grammatical correctness, it also makes the rest of us look dumb which if I recall is a current meme in the 👿 campaign about KY and WV voters and Hillary supporters overall.

    Troll somewhere else please- especially if you care about Hillary. You’re doing her no favors here.


    PLS FED ME whats new ,,,,
    1950democrat Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 2:19 pm
    Sonia said:
    if they knew the difference between right and wrong why would they do wrong doing like racism
    ur question if i faced racism -yes
    what i did–ignore –because if the person knew what he or she was doing it why would they

    What a lovely attitude! *hugs* That is great wisdom! May I ask how old you are?

    i am 28 yr old female

  198. Okieatty – I deserved that.

    Anyway, I need to go off and do some chores. Be back tonight, maybe.

  199. Hallow, I hope you understand the last half is particularly for Sonia. And Sonia, I don’t care what your defense is. So save it.

  200. Clinton Banking on WV Win
    May 12, 2008 – Sen. Hillary Clinton is banking on a big win over Sen. Barack Obama in West Virginia’s Democratic primary on Tuesday.

    But even if Clinton does win in the few remaining states, she won’t be able to pass Obama in the delegate count. The math is now nearly impossible to work out in her favor.

    That’s why many political analysts are saying Obama has essentially sealed up the Democratic nomination.

    But the Clinton camp is still showing no signs of backing down, arguing that she’s the best candidate to face Republican John McCain this fall.

    “Hillary Clinton in the general election can beat John McCain,” said Clinton Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe. “She beats him in Florida. She beats him in Ohio. She beats him in Missouri.”

    “She says ‘full steam ahead,’ but her problem is that she’s running out of track,” said David Gergen, former White House adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton.

    While campaigning in West Virginia on Mother’s Day, Clinton quoted Eleanor Roosevelt, telling a crowd of supporters: “A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she is in hot water.”

    Obama to Florida, Michigan

    Meanwhile, Obama’s campaign on Monday announced he will visit Florida and Michigan. The Illinois senator is beginning to focus on a general election strategy.

    It will be his first time in either state. He pledged last year not to campaign in the two states that violated national party rules with early primaries.

    It will also give Obama a chance to build relationships in the two critical general election battlegrounds, if he wins the Democratic nomination.

    The Obama campaign announced a five-state tour over the next two weeks that includes stops in remaining primary states South Dakota and Oregon

  201. OkieAtty Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 3:12 pm
    Sonia and Hallow (and I know you’re tired of it Hallow, but this must be said), screw you both. I know a bit about goofing around here. Done it for months, but I’ve also had serious, germane conversations with many people from many walks of life, ethnicities and beliefs.


    nobody ever made me feel so bad and turned off as u did

    if u had read all my pasts ever —u would know ,,,,who i am
    and and that its easy to get frustrated in this election season ,,,

    and when i used the wrong word –i apologized for ir right away

    but i guess —-u do not beleve that not everybody is born with all the understandings in the life

    we learn from our mistakes and wrongdoings and good doings
    i made a mistake —realized it and apologized for it right away

    but u seem stubborn and rigid when it comes to forgiving

    if u were a true hill supporter –u woulld have posted so much anger in ur post to make me cry

    i have maxed 4600 to hill

    i am using my hubby,card now
    i always blog and share good posts on all pro-hill blogs —-but i guess—according to u ,,,there is no room for mistakes

    well thats fine then
    good luck to u

  202. CARBY,

    sorry to say this, but if hillary decides to vp for obama,
    i will lose all respect for her…
    i find it hard to think she doesnt realize that her supporters hate him…

    i could’nt and woudnt vote for that ticket.

  203. JB:Finally, I am embarrassed to admit that I use to love Ted Kennedy, liked Kerry, Leahy, Dodd and truthfully most of the top dems…I would never have imagined how they turned on the Clintons in the most loathsome way, particular Kennedy…..what a fool I was.

    Me too, it’s so sad. Remember when the enemy used to be Bush/Cheney? Mmm, the good old days.

  204. and yes

    i never used pc before
    i just started like 2 yrs ago

    and i am dumb in pc stuff
    i just barely know enough to write and communicate

    thanks for making me feel lesser than u ——
    but thats ok

    i always believe–what goes around –comes around

    so good luck with that negative attitude and putting people down

  205. OkieAtty Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 3:18 pm
    Hallow, I hope you understand the last half is particularly for Sonia. And Sonia, I don’t care what your defense is. So save it.

    wow –now u really made my day

    i love you
    you are so nice

    i have never met a wonderful,positive thinking,constructive,intelligent person like u in my whole life

    you are so good that –only one of u is enough to handle in my whole life
    i pray to god
    i never meet another one like u

    u r so nice
    stay like that

  206. Please lets call these people all day long and tell them what is up with tony rezko and such if we cant talk on cnn then we will talk on the air!

    i saw this on

    all the famous radio talk shows numbers ,,

    so we can talk about unfair treatment of hillary

    and obama,s rezko,,larry ..problems

    Rush Limbaugh 14mm
    Noon – 3 PM ET at: 1-800-282-2882

    Sean Hannity 13mm
    3-6PM ET 800.941.7326

    Michael Savage 8.25 mm 6-9 PM ET 800-449-TALK (8255)

    Laura Schlesinger 8.25 mm 2:30-6 PM ET 800-375-2872

    Glenn Beck 6.50 mm
    9 am – Noon ET 888-727-BECK

    Laura Ingraham 5.25
    9 am – Noon ET 800.876.4123

    Mark Levin 5.25 mm
    6-8 PM ET 1-877-381-3811

    Neil Boortz 4.25 mm
    8:30 am – 1 PM ET 877.310.2100

    Dave Ramsey 4.25 mm
    Noon-3pm ET 888-825-5225

    Michael Gallagher 4 mm
    Noon-3 PM ET 800-655-MIKE

    Michael Medved 4 mm
    3-6pm ET 800-955-1776

    Jim Bohannon 3.25
    10pm – 1 am ET 866-505-4626

    Clark Howard 3.25
    1-4pm ET: (877) 87-CLARK

    Bill O’Reilley 3.25
    Noon – 2pm ET 1-877-9-NO SPIN

    Doug Stephan 3.25
    6:00-10:00 AM ET 1-800-510-8255

    Bill Bennett 3 mm
    8-9 AM ET 866-680-6464

    Jerry Doyle 3 mm NOON – 3 PM Pacific Time 800.876.4123

    George Noory 3 mm

    Ed Schultz 3 mm
    Noon-3 PM ET 877-934-6833

    Rusty Humphries 2.25 mm
    9 AM – NOON ET 800-449-TALK

    Kim Komando 2.25 mm SATURDAYS 10 am – 1 pm ET 888-825-5254

    Lars Larson 2.25 mm
    3-6 PM Pacific Time (866) HEY-LARS

    Jim Rome 2.25 mm
    Noon-3 PM ET 800.636.8686

    Bob Brinker 1.75 mm Money Talk with Bob Brinker Sat & Sunday 4-7 PM ET 800-934-2221

    Tom Leykis 1.75 mm

    Mancow 1.75 mm
    6:30-9 AM ET 1-888-2-MANCOW

    Joy Browne 1.5 mm
    Noon – 3pm ET 800-544-7070

    Thom Hartmann 1.5 mm
    Noon-3pm ET 866-303-2270

    Hugh Hewitt 1.5 mm
    3- 6 PM Pacific Time 800-520-1234

    Gordon Liddy 1.5 mm
    10 am – 1 pm ET 800-445-4339

    Dennis Miller 1.5 mm
    2-4 PM ET 866.509.7268

    Stephanie Miller 1.5 mm
    9 AM – Noon ET 1-800-STEPH-1-2

    Alan Colmes 1.5 mm 10 PM – 1 AM ET (begins show with open phones) 877-FOR-ALAN

    Michael Reagan 1 mm
    6-9 PM ET 800-468-6453

  207. Please make calls to West Virgina and remind them the race is far from over and its up to the state to convince whether or not if Hillary should continue. Hillary can and will close the popular votes, she will continue to be slightly behind in delegates but be able to catch up surely to Obama. Tell them its CRITICAL that Hillary wins BIG in West Virginia. Obama’s scheme is to try to minimize the damage but lets definately come out and DAMAGE him big time.

  208. That’s not a negative attitude, that’s called being an adult.

    As for the CC stuff, sorry to inform you of this but you’ve been admitting to election fraud on here. Fix it, please. $4,600 is the limit. You can not shill it through others, but with all sincerity, I doubt you have done that. You are just making Hillary supporters look bad by admitting to a criminal offense.

    And I did not say you were lesser than me. I just said obviously you crossed a line that should never be crossed and I think did it with an agenda that is not pro-Hillary.

    (WTH am I doing arguing with an obvious troll?!?)

    Good luck now and have a good laugh with your friends. *snark*

  209. OKIE,

    THANK YOU !!!!

    remember how i always got in trouble for telling people where to go?
    i am trying to be a kinder gentler me, but the very two people you mentioned are bad.. ESPECIALLY SONIA…
    if you go back and read everything said by this person, you realize the insidious nature of their posts…



  210. OkieAtty Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    did u say troll ???

    u really don,t know the diffrence between emotional passionate hillary and a troll

  211. OkieAtty ,

    with all due respect!
    I am just a bad speller so if that was an attack on me or the others that have bad grammer, please be kind to us because we are here to support are candidate and I WILL USE BOLD WHEN I WANT TO!

  212. Hey everyone!

    Please enough, let’s channel our energy to helping win Hillary with West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, P.R., Montana, and South Dakota!

    Please work together as a team and moving forward for Hillary Clinton!


  214. justmeinmountdorafl Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    no but thats not fair
    why OkieAtty ,

    is being so mean
    if i was mean before too

    should have told me then too,

    why throw a valcano of anger in one post

  215. winhillary Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    don,t write in caps

    it makes OkieAtty , mad ,,,,,,

    ask permission before making ur comments standout

  216. Win, it’s not about spelling. Nor about grammar. Look at the whole of “Sonia’s” stuff. It makes no sense whatsoever save for using various racial epithets and admitting to a federal offense.

    Sonia, the federal offense I cite is that of making contributions through 3rd parties after you have maxed out as a contributor. Using your friend’s CC as you’ve claimed before is such an offense. So is contributing in your “hubby’s” name. Only he is allowed to do so. Not you.

    Justme, sorry but it has to be said to save this board. Many valued contributors and researchers have left. You may not know that, but I’ve been here for nearly a year and know who is missing. In their places we end up with trolls. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the 👿 bots screwing up this place, tarnishing Hillary and the rest of us true supporters for sport.

  217. Admin please we need help here. Enough is enough. This is the reason I don’t frequent this board as much as I use to.

  218. OKIE,


  219. Hillbilly, why extinguish it? I didn’t see you speak up about the racial slurs. What’s up with that?

  220. OkieAtty, I understand the frustrations, and what not. We’re down to 1 day for West Virginia and we need to work toward to electing Hillary with HUGE and I mean HUGE wins with West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, P. Rico, Montana, and South Dakota.

  221. oh my god

    u did not read

    i am married
    i live with my hubby
    he gave me his card

    and using friend,s card

    i did mention ,,,

    i give them my 100 dollars and in return –they swipe thier card

    i got this idea from someone at noquarterusa

  222. ORDER!



  223. Justme, that’s not frustration. That is anger. Righteous indignation that someone would use a pro-Hillary site to use that kind of language and spread that kind of hate on behalf of Hillary.

    Hillary would stand up if she were here. I’m just following in her footsteps on that issue.

  224. Sonia, using someone else to make a donation regardless of paying them back is a federal offense. And you said you took hubby’s card.

  225. BTW- what’s up with the “dentist appointments?” Several of you do that. You say you have a “dentist appointment” after dropping a big turd here and then come back later.

    I’m not the one who saw it first. It was pointed out to me via e-mail after my post.

  226. for those of you who are looking for intervention, forget it…
    its not about you. if you’ve been on this site half a minute, you know
    we take care of our own…
    if your distracted. go have a beer and come back later…

  227. winhillary .. using all caps is called shouting in blog etiquette. Do you need to shout? If so, do it. Do you need to shout all the time? Of course not. Quit it!

  228. Blue Democrat ,

    Please tell me that the investigation will be aired please RESPOND BLUE DEMOCRAT 🙂

  229. i just though of keep on helping hillary
    if i was wrong
    u should have corrected me right then

    and i would have listened too

    why are u just attacking now

    if i ever was wrong —u should have nade corrections right there

    if i refused to follow or argue ===then u have the right to be mad —but not like this

    it just seems little overboard

  230. Win, no the all caps thing makes the post easy to spot for others coming to this site to screen capture bad postings like the one’s “Sonia” makes.

    See, Sonia comes here, dumps a turd (i.e. something racist, etc and leave). Another troll comes in, screen caps it and post it elsewhere as “evidence” of how evil Hillary supporters are and by extension Hillary.

    The caps just make it more visible more quickly.

  231. LOL – Okie .. I’ve noticed that too. Why do I need to know if someone here is just getting back from a dentist appt?

  232. because i was talking with hallow

    and then i did not want anyone keep on sending messages attion to me

    so i said i am going to dentist ,,
    i be back

    this is one forum

    where i say whats in my mind —-

    so i just wrote

    i was going to d

  233. Does anyone know what the official popular vote tally was for NC? It should also include the county they counted twice for BO.

  234. Caps are code? I know it’s rude to use caps on the internet, but from my experience people using caps are just less familiar with the rules (and a lot of Hillary’s people are less internet savvy than Obama’s people). I think this place is starting to get a little paranoid. That’s understandable because we had (what the media is pushing as) a rough week, but it’ll get better once West Virginia rolls around.

  235. I voluntarily banished myself from posting on this site a while ago. I upset Basil by a few comments and thought I was no longer welcome.

    That being said, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who are fighting the good fight, calling until you lose your voices, donating as much as you can, and hearting Hillary as much as you do!

    You are my heroes!

  236. OkieAtty Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    i give up
    i am not gonna keep arguing
    i apologize for anything i said which could be hurtful to hillary or hill supporters in anyway

    that was not my intention
    but i learned
    and i will not do that again

    thank you
    and sorry

  237. I dont give a crap about etiquette, if you don’t like it TOUGH SHIT! I am here because I want Hillary to win and when I want to make a headline I WILL DO SOOOO!!! Drop the negative crap people! I will ignore you and read the blogs that matter! GOT IT, GOOD! B Merryfield I am an adult and I don’t appreciate being told to do anything! PERIOD!

  238. Tabbylady, no it’s not code to use all caps, but if you are in a rush looking for something specific, it’s easier to spot as you scroll down.

    Btw- if you guys don’t believe me, look at who’s got the most screen caps of stupid stuff being said over at . I think you will find the majority go to Sonia.

    Hmm. I wonder why. It’s certainly not “her” dental hygiene.

  239. Win, I don’t have any quarrel with me. Go look for yourself. See if I’m not wrong about the all caps standing out for screen caps.

  240. okie,

    i didnt know that about the caps !!!!

    but there has been shit going on here…
    and no amount of denying is going to make me believe we havent been punked by these bots…


  241. I only make caps when it matters I never post name calling I make caps when there is major news or there is something that matters that everyone should here!

  242. OkieAtty Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 3:53 pm
    Tabbylady, no it’s not code to use all caps, but if you are in a rush looking for something specific, it’s easier to spot as you scroll down.

    Btw- if you guys don’t believe me, look at who’s got the most screen caps of stupid stuff being said over at . I think you will find the majority go to Sonia.

    Hmm. I wonder why. It’s certainly not “her” dental hygiene.

    oh come on
    let it go
    i said
    i was sorry
    how do i make u believe
    i mean
    i don,t even need to
    my passion for hillary is mine

    but i do want this site to be positive
    and i said

    i am sorry

    i am sorry
    i am sorry

    i am sorry

    i am sorry

    i am sorry

    i am sorry

    i am sorry
    i am sorry

    i am sorry

  243. skmf, I think I may be one of four people who remember your real name on this board anymore. I miss the old crowd.

  244. CARBY,

    sorry to say this, but if hillary decides to vp for obama,
    i will lose all respect for her…
    i find it hard to think she doesnt realize that her supporters hate him…

    i could’nt and woudnt vote for that ticket.
    I’m not feeling Obama at all and it has to do with him and what he is bring to the plate. We are voting for the POTUS and I’ve seen better candidate resumes for President of Blue Cross, then Obama WEAK ASS resume.

    WHAT has this guy done for anybody else without lining his own pockets?

    This candidate surround himself with people who hate America and then run a Race Baiting/mysoginistic campagin against the Clintons where his surrogates in the media THREATENS VIOLENCE and THREATENS THE LEGACIES OF BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON for the democratic party and for our country.

    Then that old drunken killer Ted “should have been in prison” Kennedy had the nerve to give an interview and talk about trust and “real leadership” when that man never shown it in his life.

  245. Wait? So are all the people on trolls? That’s a lot of people.

  246. I’m going out today but can make gotv calls from my cell phone if someone will email me a list of voters.


    Or I could try to find the safe area at Hillbilly’s. She said she’d registered me there already but I haven’t visited it yet.

  247. Save it, “Sonia.” This isn’t code. But I do actually have a docket being called at 3pm, and I’m about to be late.

  248. Blue Democrat,

    Lets get to work, do you think the Obama invest is going to be aired if not how serious is this?

  249. okie,

    Have you looked for the old crowd elsewhere, maybe at Hillbilly’s ( ?? ). They were sharing so much confidential information that they may have moved all their posts over to the safe area.


    no one was even talking about you, why are you getting into it?
    we said two names, neither was yours…

  251. I’d be very surprised if Hillary was offered VP. I read an article saying that MO had it in for Hillary for some reason. McCain is going to win, and I expect Hillary to run again in 2012, and VP would interfere with that.

  252. Okie, I didn’t say anything because I am not the Admin on this site. I do not like the slurs and frankly I believe we should extinguish those people that are constant trouble makers. You are right when you say that it reflects poorly on Hillary.

    That said, I just wish ADMIN would cut them out of here if they don’t heed a warning instead of letting this crap go on.

  253. Party killed itself by backing Obama
    May. 11, 2008 12:00 AM

    Regarding “The bell tolls for Clinton” (Editorial, Thursday):

    Actually, the bells toll for the Democratic Party.

    The party leaders have done what the Republicans have been trying to do for the last 50 years. They have killed it.

    This was not done by Hillary Clinton, but by the liberal leaders – John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and the rest. They wanted the most liberal candidate they could find. So who was the most liberal senator in office? Barack Obama. They supported him and did everything they could to stop Hillary.

    Bill Clinton, as a president, was not the liberal they wanted. He did more for the country than had been done since Harry Truman.

    So with a Black candidate, they knew that the Blacks would vote for him just because he was Black, not that he could do the country any good.

    Now it looks like they have what they wanted, a very liberal candidate who has no program except change, and even these men should know that you don’t get anything done in Washington unless you know how to play the game. Clinton did, and all of the good Democrats have done so, but now we want change.

    Two years ago, everyone was talking about Hillary as the next president; that would have worked.

    I guess we will have just the one party to vote for from now on, because the leaders of the Democratic Party don’t know how to win. They have all lost many times before and will bring on another loser.

    Obama should do better than Parker did in 1904, but he will still lose. – Jack McGaw,Sun City West

  254. I called DNC to make complaints about the treatment Hillary’s been receiving from official DNC people and the person I spoke with was basically in agreement that the party cannot win presidency this fall if they exclude the critical bases of the party as well as that they have been receiving a lot of complaints about Brazile the other day on CNN when Indiana and North Carolina was voting

  255. First of all there is no way she would accept VP, Secondly, per report on Drudge, the very angry Michele Obama vetoed any notion of that . MO has refused once to say she would endorse Hillary if she was the nominee, despite both Bill and Hillary pledging to support BO. My bet is Judas Richardson or some other lackey …Hillary already has been “vice prez” imo, and is way too much of a threat to BO to be chosen…

  256. winhill,
    still reading it very carefully, it’s looooong!
    will try and post synopsis later, very complicated.
    Who knows what BM will do?

    Little mention of BO in first installment. Dam sure better be more in Pt 2 tomorrow. Confident there will be something, this is very thorough. check it out, it’s linked at Rezkowatch.

  257. OKIE,

    yes i miss them too…

    but i am reluctant to leave admin.
    this used to be a truly important site, and admin deserves alot of credit.

    i read a post on another good and responsible site, talking about 44, and what a change its gone thru. saying its sweet and sugary instead of hard hitting…
    true its not the same people…

    dont leave okie…

  258. oh and FORGIVE ME PLEASE…

    there are many many hard working people here, many, and your work can not be undervalued…
    thank you…

  259. BLUE DEM,

    I just joined Opnews so i could get a printable version of the new Pringle piece. i am half way through it (31 pages on my printer) and it is jaw-dropping stuff. i will try to condense and post snippets for those who, like me, are often too busy or otherwise occupied to read the whole thing. For those of you with the time and the interest, i recommend it. It’s at opnews under Evelyn Pringle.

    I made another dozen calls today and of the 4 people (the rest were voicemails, 1 hang-up, 1 wrong number) 3 said they’d gotten a half dozen calls in the past few days. So Hill’s volunteers are on the case. :roll:t

  260. JanH,

    I am so sorry that you imposed self-banishment as a result of an exchange with me!

    Please come back. i apologize for any misundestanding. My only excuse is that, as i recall, it happened toward the end of my treatment and I was very stressed, probably way too sensitive and unreasonable.

    I hope you accept my apologies and join in the discussion again.

    :oops. n

  261. bluedem

    Back to the reading i go. I’m up to pg. 18 on my version.
    can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment. Pringle has done great work with this.

  262. We need supers right now more than anything! It seems like any endorements for her are never aired!

  263. dem 1950

    whe r u posting ur new diary on mydd

    i always enjoy it

    and paste it on hill site,,and moquarterusa.

  264. winhillary Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 4:23 pm
    We need supers right now more than anything! It seems like any endorements for her are never aired

    its called discoraging voters —

    media is trying thier best to turn us off

    we can stop supporting hill

    but it won,t hAPPEN

  265. did u all read the story of a little boy selling his stuff to give $440 to hill camp


  266. We have sooo much information that we should be giving to the undeclared supers, how and when is the question. So lets get the emails out and start calling and emailing the supers! We don’t have much time, this is very imperative that we do it NOW!

  267. should we WRITE to SNL, Complain about the treatment of Hillary!!!!!

    they are from new york
    hill represents them

    at least they gotta be fair

  268. Basil,

    Thank you for your kind words. I am so sorry that you haven’t been feeling well. I have had some ongoing health issues of my own so I quite understand the stress involved.

    I am so amazed and grateful for Hillary’s resilience, steadfastness in staying the course, and above all her grace and honesty. You Americans are so lucky to have her in your corner and I truly believe that she will be the next president of the United States of America.

  269. Donna Brazile on CNN


    She is on situation room and said tomorrow Hillary will do what she always does get votes get delegates and that is why she should not quit till after June 3rd if she must

  270. Tuesday WILL be a great day Hillary Supporters!

    Just hang on! Don’t dispair! Look tohillary for strength whenever needed

  271. sonia .. for the record, I don’t think you are a troll.

    I can look at how you registered your name and realize that you use caps ..

    It amazes me that some just come on here to call people out and get all righteous.


    and that will never happen
    we will win –we have to -for our better future

  273. yes, bambi ignoring voters in WV and KY while heading out to FL and MI just smacks doesn’t it.

    He absolutely does not care about the people . I hope that Fl and Mi kick his ass out and do it swiftly

  274. OkieAtty,

    I recall the video, and I know I rarely post, as a few of my comments have been reproduced at other blogs. I hope you are doing well, Okie, and I hope hawk and others still read the website. What happened to everyone?

  275. dot48 Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 4:58 pm
    believe me
    i already cried

    i been called names here
    never in my life i been insulted so much

    i am a housewife
    i don,t know much
    but i love hillary to death

    if i used bad words for anyone–i apologized and i did at least 10 times

    and u have seen me posting
    i ts always about hillary and against obama

    and then they say they i doubt i even donated
    i mean whats that about

    and i had said that i mexed out so i was usng my hubby,s card now

    and sometimes i use cash –i give it to my friend and she swipes it on her card ,,

    and sharing all these things were not meant to do fraud (like i as told)
    but to encoourage peopl eto keep on donating if they can

  276. i always been blogging in caps

    even at noquarterusa –susan got mad at me –so i stopped

    and here too ,

    i am always blogging in caps ,,

    i thought we were supposed to be friends and supporters of hill and each other

    i would wlcome any criticism but in an respectful way

    but i am not gonna give up
    i felt like giving up

    but why should i

    i love hill just as much as anybody else

  277. Did everyone else get the “personal note from Hillary email (the video message after Indiana)?” I’m sure most here did. It was nice. 🙂

    I have redone the video I finished last night in order to take out two factual errors and tighten-up the overall editing.

    For anyone who favorited, commented, embedded or bookmarked this video earlier, I promise you that this is THE final cut. My sincere apologies for any broken links, etc.

    Without further ado:

    “The Obama Cult (Remix)”

    It is controversial, but there is nothing in it which I cannot intellectually defend and there is much in it which has needed to be said for a long, long time.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  278. “Donna Brazile on CNN


    She is on situation room and said tomorrow Hillary will do what she always does get votes get delegates and that is why she should not quit till after June 3rd if she must”

    Why the change in tone? Is Donna Brazile starting to realize that they need Hillary’s coalition to win? Just wait till the convention and Hillary will win this.

  279. why is john edwards speaking up now
    he should have endorsed hillary

    i e-mailed at least 10 times in 2 mos

    just like other so many supporters

    but i guess

    he is looking for whats best for him and not for hill ,,,,

  280. rickya Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 5:08 pm
    “Donna Brazile on CNN

    i just posted that too with surprise

    i guess our disappointment and reactions are working
    lets hope she means it and not just saying it for the hell of it

  281. i saw this at hillaryclintonforum

    so pasting it here
    More Appalling Sexism from an Obama “Surrogate” – The Pattern of Hate Continues


    Read the article below – you should, like me, be appalled at the statements of this man, Congressman Steve Cohen from TN. Remember Glen Close from Fatal Attraction – her character had borderline personality, was deeply disturbed, and ended up being murdered. Well, according to the delightful Steve Cohen he thinks it’s more than ok than compare Hillary Clinton to that character. Do you think that’s ok? He has issued a pathetic apology but don’t fall for that nonsense – he said it, he meant it, and just add him to the list of sexist haters who support Barack Obama and act on his behalf. Barack Obama – campaign of hope & unity? More like a campaign of hate & hell. So where’s Obama’s public apology for yet another one of his “surrogates” expresisng vile sentiments? As always, the king of weakness says nothing.



  282. dot48 Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 5:12 pm
    I am glad to see that John McCain is starting to answer every friggin slam by Obama.

    obama can,t handle staright forward hillary

    how will he handle mccain,rnc,rush,and fox in nov

  283. SONIA4HILLARY Says:
    May 12th, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    dem 1950

    whe r u posting ur new diary on mydd

    i always enjoy it

    and paste it on hill site,,and moquarterusa.

    thanks, Sonia! The last one I posted got a lot of flames. It was an open letter to Hillary asking her to not tie up with Obama in any way that would limit her options to run in 2012, and saying I and others would vote for McCain if she did.

  284. 1950

    i hope u forgave me

    i used a offensive word for michelle ( i was angry at her after those utube videos where she attacks hii)

    but pls don,t give up

    who cares u get some flames and some good comments

    if we stop then my dd will become like dailykos too …

    so keep it up pls

  285. 1950
    thank you

    u seen me
    i don,t know why i am having to explain myself

    but anyway

    i knew that u knew i am not troll

  286. I would think that Brazille is doing this in order to woo Hillary supporters back to the fold. I’m sure she is still 100% in Obama’s camp and playing nice would be a manipulative move that his people would sanction right now.jmo

  287. Michelle Obama’s disrespect for Hillary just gives me even more ammunition to talk with people about.

    Michelle Obama is an angry black woman who doesn’t have one iota of class in her. She is beneath Hillary Clinton on EVERY level.

    She disgusts me with her contempt for this country.

    She’s a loose cannon and one speech away from total implosion.

    When people start getting the big head and getting arrogant .. look for the swift downfall.

  288. Hillary Clinton’s JFK Reminder: West Virginia Gave Him the Nomination…he-nomination/

    “It was West Virginia that made it possible for John Kennedy to become president,” she said. “John Kennedy didn’t have the number of delegates he needed when he went to the convention in 1960, but he had something equally as important – he had West Virginia behind him.”

    “It’s a fact that Democrats don’t get elected president unless West Virginia votes for you. Everyone knows West Virginia has picked presidents pretty accurately over the last years, right?”

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  289. dot48 Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 5:28 pm


    i am hoping at least 30% or more win tomorrow ,,

    that be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt

  290. Someone posted this on Hill’s blog:

    (Including Fl/MI) Excluding Fl/MI
    Clinton 16,452,341 15,253,046
    Obama 16,556,313 15,980,099
    (-103,972) (-727,053)

    Is this true?

  291. rush was making fun of OBAMA,S 57 STATES

    he was saying yes there are 57 islamic countries ,,,,,,,

  292. mj Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 5:31 pm
    i believe its true

    becuase of 200,000 vote lead in north carolina —-obama has popular vote lead now

    but don,t worry

    WV,,KY will take care of it

    she be in lead again

  293. Sounds like Hillary is taking this to the convention. I so hope so. She has worked too hard and bambi can say he is the nomineee .. but no one is till the convention.,

    Burns my ass that cnn will call John McCain the “presumptive nominee” and all the while tout bambi as “the nominee” ..

    The convention is a long way off .. anything can happen.

    If Hillary says she will go to the convention I am sure that her supporters will find a lot of creative ways to help her with financial support. I will find some way to donate even more.

  294. JanH Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 5:26 pm
    I would think that Brazille is doing this in order to woo Hillary supporters back to the fold. I’m sure she is still 100% in Obama’s camp and playing nice would be a manipulative move that his people would sanction right now.jmo

    Exactly. First she says the new democratic party has new demographics, and now, she is trying to make nice. I don’t buy it for one second. After all her hateful e-mails to Hillary supporters and denigrating comments towards Bill and Hillary, she can…. well, you know.

    sonia, I don’t think you are a troll, but not using caps is greatly appreciated. your enthusiasm for Hillary is appreciated. She needs a big turn out in WV and Kentucky, to make up the popular vote.

  295. dot48 Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 5:38 pm
    Sounds like Hillary is taking

    i don,t know about that

    she should take it to convention

    but she is a loyal democrat –who knows she might face a lot of pressure —

    lets ee

    we be behind her in every decision she makes

  296. mj Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 5:40 pm
    So, she’s only down about 100k?

    last i heard

    i am afraid to look athese numbers —

    so i never cheked

    but i know she will get her nomination based on

    win in swing states
    popular vote
    broader support base
    and experience
    and match up against mccain ( in which she is stronger )

  297. I was just on the air with Michael Medved 4 mm and he spoke about Obama and the 57 state comment and how Hillary is getting unfair treatment and this is from a conservative radio show. He was very nice and agreed that it would be better to have hillary than Obama!

  298. winhillary Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    even repubs will be happy if it was hillary who won over mccain than obama,,

  299. SONIA,

    why dont you stop your effing whining…
    i dont give a f*ck what anyone thinks, i know your a troll, and anytime you come out with your racist crap, i’m going to ream you about it…

  300. i saw someone mention at taylor marsh that —
    Terry McAuliffe will be on Lou Dobbs show on CNN tonight.

  301. I know this is a little late, but I wanted to comment on the ridiculous post from that Obama supporter someone posted.

    Since when does calling Obama unelectable create an atmosphere of hate?? These Obamabots are so thin-skinned. Wait till the GOP starts going after him. Geez.

  302. What is wrong here I keep seeing Sonia4Hillary helping everyone here. Sonia you appologized don’t say any racial things and lets all become a team! No more troll talk please! Lets get on the radio and make are case! Lou dobbs that will be a great interview!

  303. winhillary Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    thank you win4hillary
    i will not use any offensive words

  304. u guys

    check it out at mydd

    with electrol votes

    MCCAIN 290 OBAMA 240

    CLINTON 291 MCCAIN 247


    now thats what we use for superdelegates and our case to nomination

    Rise Hillary Rise

  305. Please everyone:




    Reminder to be polite and remind them that every SINGLE vote matters!!! Call until 9pm EST tonight. That’s only 3 more hours!!!

    WE CAN DO IT!!!

  306. there is a hot topic diary on taylor marsh

    it says ,,NYT reports that obama is a muslim by birth ,,

    why r they starting it all over again

  307. Phones everyone phones lets get on it! Lets have a phone contest and who ever gets the most hillary supports wins a gift lets do it who is on we have 10 minutes to see who is in and we must be honest WHO IS IN ON IT!

  308. From a diary at the orange place titled, “Cheers to Hillary is 44, Taylor Marsh and MyDD“:

    Thank you for turning off numerous Super-Delegates with your threats to vote McCain. Thank you for revealing the depth of your disdain for our electoral process by feeding the likes of Hannity and Fox News.

    This quote from TM is probably from an Obama supporter, but the point should be countered:

    If SDs are going to be outraged that some/many Clinton supporters would vote for McCain over Obama, why aren’t they expressing similar dismay at the threatening language being used by Obama’s supporters (some of whom are officially “undecided”, ha ha). We’ve been hearing for months that if the “heart of the Democratic party” is ignored, “they (Clinton and Co.) better watch it”.

    We’re also hearing from idiot DNC heads plenty of threatening code language about “watch what you say”, etc. Only Obama can speak freely. According to them, Clinton has one option: bow out gracefully, now.

    They’re obviously biased, and we laugh at their suggestions to cave in.

  309. Well the dnc should not be mad at the dems they should be kissing our asses! If they want a democrat they should listen to the voters. We don’t want another dumb president period white black blue or green. If you can’t even talk without a teleprompters or how many states are in the country we should want Mccain it is better off than what we will have!

  310. MSNBC the home of hillary haters along with CNN loopy commentaters are refering to her as mrs clinton,while calling obama senator. this is becoming more obvious in their drive to manage the election.Hillary is going to prevail.from now on obama is going be exposed as the the worst that could happen to this country and needs to be hung out to dry on the line of public opinion. it all starts tomorrow.

  311. Finally — Jake is waking up!

    Obama’s Inability to Hire Good Help Rears Its Head … Again
    May 12, 2008 12:28 PM

    We started covering Sen. Barack Obama’s inability to hire good staffers in June 2007, when he blamed staffers for some opposition research trying to link Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, to outsourcing in India; for injecting some venom in the David Geffen/Hillary Clinton fight; and for missing an event with firefighters in New Hampshire.

    In December, we noted again that Obama was blaming the answers on a 1996 questionnaire on a staffer; and was blaming his touring with “cured” ex-gay gospel singer Donnie McClurkin (which antagonized gays and lesbians) on bad vetting by his staff.

    Those five buck-passing incidents were apparently not enough.

    Yesterday, in an interesting New York Times look at Obama’s rise in Chicago politics, we learned that in 2004 some Jewish supporters became alarmed to learn that in a questionnaire Obama refrained from denouncing Yasir Arafat, or from expressing strong support for Israel’s security fence.

    Reports the Times: “In an e-mail message, Mr. Obama blamed a staff member for the oversight, and expressed the hope that ‘none of this has raised any questions on your part regarding my fundamental commitment to Israel’s security.'”

    In January, during MSNBC’s presidential debate in Las Vegas, Obama was asked about a document put together by one of his South Carolina staffers that listed comments made by the Clinton campaign that some perceived to be attempting to stoke racial fires. “In hindsight, do you regret pushing this story?” asked Tim Russert.

    “Our supporters, our staff get overzealous,” Obama said. “They start saying things that I would not say, and it is my responsibility to make sure that we’re setting a clear tone in our campaign.”

    In February in a meeting with the Chicago Tribune, Obama was asked about an earmark that went to the University of Chicago while his wife Michelle Obama worked there.

    “I don’t think that I was obligated to recuse myself from anything related to the university,” Obama said, adding, “when it comes to earmarks because of those concerns, it’s probably something that should have been passed on to [U.S. Sen.] Dick Durbin, and I think probably something that slipped through the cracks. It did not come through us, through me or Michelle, and Michelle has been very careful about staying separate and apart from any government work. But you could make a good argument that this is something that slipped through our cracks, through our screening system.”

    In a March 2008 interview with the Chicago Sun-Times to answer questions about Tony Rezko, Obama was asked about the fact that Obama had told the newspaper in November 2006 that he had never been asked to do anything to advance Rezko’s business interests. But the Sun-Times had subsequently learned about a October 28, 1998 letter Obama wrote to city and state housing officials on behalf of a housing project for seniors that Rezko was working on.

    The letter, Obama said, “was essentially a form letter of the sort that I did all time. And that I wasn’t, by the way, aware of.”

    A reporter asked: You weren’t aware that he was associated with the project?

    Responded Obama: “I wasn’t even aware that we wrote the letter. The answer that I gave at the time was accurate as far as I knew…This was one of many form letters, or letters of recommendation we would send out constantly for all sorts of projects. And my understanding is that our letter was just one of many. And I wasn’t a decision maker in any of this process.”

    The Sun-Times also pointed out that in November 2006 Obama estimated that Rezko had raised somewhere between $50,000 and $60,000 for him during his political career.

    But since that answer, Obama has given back almost $160,000 in Rezko-related contributions.

    “The original estimate was based on, I asked my staff to find what monies they attributed to Rezko, and this was the figure given to me,” Obama said.

    So, for those keeping track at home, that’s ten instances of Obama publicly blaming his staff for various screw-ups.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

    (You of course could also add Austan Goolsbee, Samantha Power, Gordon Fischer, and retired Gen. Tony McPeak.)

    That would be 14. We will continue to keep track.

    And for the record, yet again, let me state that I find Sen. Obama’s staff unfailingly competent and polite, courteous and efficient, and I once again express my regret that Sen. Obama does apparently not feel the same way.

    – jpt

  312. HillBillyLover Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 6:49 pm
    Finally — Jake is waking up
    who is jake

  313. jake trapper —oh

    was he more positive to obama before??/

    i hope now obama supporters won,t say that jake is influenced by george and charlie so abc in tank of hillary

    u know how that goes ,,,,,,

    denial denial denial

  314. HillBillyLover Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 6:56 pm
    Don’t forget he blamed bowling a 37 on the 10 year old that rolled two of his frames…

    what —
    what bowling 37 ,,,,

  315. You can get everthing you want to know about Evelyn Pringle and her investigative work about political corruption.Obama is in her sights and he has to be worried because most information is based on documented and REZKO trial information.I am going to camp on her site and drink up sweet words of redemption for our party and Hillary.

    Here it is folks ENJOY

    By ABM90

  316. Just a few lines to make everyone feel better, hang on its a long story!
    I work with a mid aged republican woman who has had much anamosity against Bill and somehow that included Hillary.
    She just told me how that Hillary doesn’t deserve what she is getting from the press, and that she’s a fighter. She now admits that she really didn’t have bad feelings about Hillary, although she still doesn’t like Bill because of his womanizing. That’s is a valid reason, not everyone can forgive that.
    The main thing is Hillary has won over a republican female that was totally against the Clinton’s two months ago because of the press! I think thats great news for the general!!!

  317. Agreed, Confloyd. I think there are quite a few Republicans out there with a new-found respect for our Hillary.

    Let’s just hope they get a chance to vote for her in the fall.

  318. when they make fun of HillaryCare, we say yes that is exactly what we want. because it’ll be 1000x better than this broken system we have now.

    when they make fun of her pant suits, we say she looks more presidential in them than anything else.

    when they make fun of her cackle, we cackle with her and love her for it

    when they call her racist, we say its because she sees that blacks aren’t the only race that matters in this election. latinos, asians and yes, white people all matter to the democrats. everyone matters.

    whe they call her a panderer, we say she’s listening to us and providing solutions. she’s the only one that get’s it.

    those bullies will not win. they have no clue. their hubris is making me mad as hell.

  319. lh4hillary Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 7:30 pm
    welcome to my category

    a passionate and mad as hell supporter

    but ur energy in a positive way

    make calls

  320. I have a confession: I have visited john McCain’s site, and some of the postings are quite funny, but they are respectful of Hillary, and think she has been abused by the media. They also, believe she is the more formidable candidate, and they can’t wait for the GOP to start on BO. There are also obamabots on his site, but it great to see, how the posters respond to them.

    Here is one:

    “Obama advocates “faith-based” politics because his campaign is based on the voters “believing” and having “hope”, rather than on any real political experience. He was a junior senator for one year before he approached Senator Tom Daschle of South Dakota to ask how to run for president. Senator Daschle told him never to vote on anything, because then there would be no track record, no voting record, and he would make no enemies. Therefore, we have no political or legislative experience to judge the man. Therefore, without any empirical data, his supporters base their love and adoration for the man on faith—faith that he will have the judgment to do the most difficult job anyone can imagine. Thus, he advocates “faith-based” politics. Is that clear, DD? ”

    No kidding!

  321. wow

    lou dobbs really going for hillary

    and thats the way boy

    he is a true hero

    may be hillary should pick him for VP


    NOW WHAT HE WILL SAY TO VOTERS of michigan and florida

    after time has gone for re-vote

  323. ld cnn telling it like it is,hillary is in this race..and terry says were going all the way..he said to i think zimmerman it was lou says does dean have any friends lol

  324. lou just told his viewers that the party is allowing this to be a “brokered” nominee without it even going to the convention. He is still aghast at how the party leadership has treated Michigan and Florida and says he cannot see how MI and FL would ever vote for any democrat!!!

    Tells all 3 panelists that neither one has the delegates and until they do ..

    Since when did it come to whoever has the “most” delegates at the end of the primary. There has always been a number to win with.

  325. curiosity,

    I’m TRYING to condense this absolutely AMAZING 31-page Evelyn Pringle piece about Obama’s inevitable denouement through his involvement in the US Justice Department’s Investigation Operation Board Games, via his association with Tony Rezko, for the benefit of all Big Pink posters and I’m having a helluva time!

    SO I’m here . . . at least partially . . .

    What’s up?

  326. It is important that you come out and tell people in West Virginia it is still important that they come out and vote for Hillary the more the better as this will help close the gap. Obama is already mailing out mail to DNC’s members and he’s scheduled to appear in Tampa sometime after May 20th. The DNC won’t seat the delegates until a nominee has been chosen at the convention. We need to ensure that both Florida and Michigan’s delegates are SEATED prior to this.

  327. Strong Majority Of African Americans Want Unity Ticket

    This is a wonderful finding from an ABC/WaPo poll:

    Clinton continues as the preferred choice as Obama’s running mate, with 39 percent of Democrats saying they’d like him to pick her if he’s the nominee. That peaks at 59 percent of African-Americans, 47 percent of Clinton supporters and 42 percent of women (vs. 34 percent of men).

    There’s also an indication that Clinton on the ticket would be a slight net plus in the general election: Among all Americans, more say having her run with Obama would make them more likely to vote Democratic (25 percent) than to vote Republican (18 percent). The rest (54 percent) say it wouldn’t make a difference in their choice.

  328. Hillary should NOT be anywhere near this loser .. he has never stepped up to the media in their lies and misogyny and allowed her to be gangraped and then he’d have the nerve to try to ride to victory on her coat tails. He cannot win without her and I hope she makes it abundantly clear to the party that it’s either her or they lose and lose big

    NEVER … Hillary just say NO.

  329. Yay, the offending posts are gone. Thanks about that, admin. I’m bipolar…I was having a baaaad morning. I cried a lot afterwards.

  330. dot48 Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 8:13 pm
    Hillary should NOT be anywhere near this loser .. he has never stepped up to the media in their lies and misogyny and allowed her to be gangraped and then he’d have the nerve to try to ride to victory on her coat tails. He cannot win without her and I hope she makes it abundantly clear to the party that it’s either her or they lose and lose big

    NEVER … Hillary just say NO.

    I totally agree. It would be too degrading, after all the misogyny and verbal abuse by him and the media. NEVER.

  331. If, and I pray to God this happens, Senator Clinton ends up with the majority of popular votes, how will Dean, Brazille, et al respond? Will they destroy the party by denying the voters their preferred choice? Will they indeed slap voters and broker the nominee in their back rooms?


    Obama’s May 20 Bash: A Cynical Replay of Election Night 2000

    got this from taylor marsh

  333. I think the calls to DNC is really helping because when I called earlier today the person I spoke with said they’ve been receiving a lot of complaints about Brazile and the higher-ups at DNC.

  334. SONIA,

    MCCAIN 290 OBAMA 240

    CLINTON 291 MCCAIN 247

    Steph was on ABC World News touting a new ABC/WASH POST poll he says is the first showing Bambi beating McCain which is outside the margin of error. Somebody needs to remind him that a presidential election is NOT a national election, but FIFTY SEPARATE STATE ELECTIONS, and when examined that correct way, you get the electoral numbers you posted.

  335. Joe Friday Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    may be steph was trying to get some bo customers back

    he should look at the electrol math

    hey —


  336. When I was calling WV people today, I mostly got answering machines and I left messages, but there was one phone I ended up calling to where the answering machine message was:

    “Hi, this is Bill ___. If you are calling about Tuesday’s election, YES we are voting for Hillary Clinton, YES we are going to the polls on Tuesday, and NO you are not going to convince us to vote for unAmerican HUSSEIN Obama. If this is about anything else, please leave a message after the beep.”


    No joke!


  337. I am from Oregon, and we are not giving up on Hillary-she hasn’t given up on the american people and we are not giving up on her-keep fighting in Oregon to give Hillary a win

    from an abc blog

  338. Dot,
    I agree. It would be an insult both to her and her supporters.
    Plus I can just imagine the humiliating and demeaning tasks she’d be forced to take on, many of which would no doubt be suggested by the original angry militant herself, MO. I can just see her now, at the dinner table, saying, “Darling, why don’t you send Mrs. Clinton to Lithuania to represent the US at that wonderful Marriage of the Birds Ceremony? It would promote such good will between the people of the US and Lithuania.”
    (No insult intended to the good people of Lithuania and I’m all for married birds.”
    Marie, I voted in the Dobbs poll. Very interesting results.

  339. hallow Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 8:29 pm
    When I was calling WV

    r u sure

    tthats mean but funny

    hey we don,t mind


    u guys pls ,,pls ,,pls,,

    go to this link and check out the pic

    so funny

    the joke is on obama—-it will make u happy

  341. The theme of the Obama campaign, the seeming magic of “change,” is out of its owner’s playbook, and that would not be Obama. That would be David Axelrod, who also ran the campaign of Deval Patrick (current Governor of Massachusetts).

  342. the governor of WV will give Hillary his superdelegate vote. He has promised. Rockefeller is catching hell in the state and Manchin is not being looked on very fondly.

    My sister went to the Logan Wv rally. HUGE crowd, people lined up for hours and she says they are on fire for Hillary. She’s voting in the am, and her hubby to. Says my brother (who is not speaking with me now) says he will vote for Hillary as well. Makes my whole family and extended family there for Hillary,

    My sister has not received a live phonebanker but me LOL

  343. Dot48 do the people in West Virgina know that the race is far from over? That it is IMPERATIVE that they come out and vote BIG as this will help with the popular vote argument and to show that this race is far from over! I just watched the Logan rally on TV just now on C-Span.

  344. Wow, Fox is actually touching on Obama coming out of the Chicago Combine and Daley machine and mentions that both Republicans and Democrats are propping this guy up!


  345. dot

    thats great

    ur family is one smart family ,,,,,so is mine ,,,

    my nieghbor is a muslim ,very nice and friendly guy

    so he was like ,,uh,,,ummm,,,,,may be he will vote for obama,,,

    so i said —ok,,,,,if u vote for obama then i can see why he should not have any granddtrs–

    so he really felt it

    so on feb5th in ca
    my father in law and neighbor went and voted for hillary

  346. Does anybody else here love ?

    I buy lots of handmade things there. I did a search for “Hillary” and some really neat one-of-a-kind things popped up. (Look out though…a few of them are just jerks who make an anti-Obama version AND an anti-Hillary version just to make money.)

    Aren’t these ones awesome?:

    And one REALLY GREAT painting of Bill Clinton:

    I wish I was that creative. I think I might buy one of the pillow ones.

  347. Before I sign off for the night, here’s an amusing response one champion phone banker got from a WVa. woman. 😀

    I’m done calling for the day my voice is hoarse made 181 calls to WV . . I had an interesting wrong number that was BIG TIME FOR HILL she cracked me up. She said, “Don’t worry your pretty little head Hillary has WV” she then also told me how ticked everyone was that Obama came in today and was charging $50+ for tickets to see him at the civic center when she got to meet Hillary for free at the Fire Station.
    Deni | 05.12.2008 – 8:16 pm | #

    Is this legal? I thought he was Mr. Money Machine. Why would he be charging to see him? Hmmmmmmmm.

    Dr TS | 05.12.2008 – 8:23 pm | #

  348. hallow,

    i’m sorry to have hurt you, we love hillary, and we try and protect her, but i care about you as well.

    i will understand that you may not have understood the issue…
    i dont dislike you…
    i will be more understanding from now on…

  349. Isn’t it amazing that now we know that republicans and democrats are propping Obama up. If Obama became president he can just get rid of Fitzgerald and no body would have been suspicious.
    Obama has gotten so much money, it had to be coming for the mob, republicans and democrats that are in the Daley machine. This will end up in Bush’s lap as well. The combine takes in some of the higher ups in the democratic party as well. I wonder how Nasty Pelosi is involved because she was the one that said impeachment is off the table. I can’t wait for the sequel, this is going make Monica look snow white compared to this. This money is our money, the working blue collar men and women, the bible reading, gun toting, bitter people who has seen their jobs shipped overseas to fatten the pockets of the Bushes, Blogjevich’s, Daley’s, Obama, Rezko’s! The Obama people fell for him hook, line and sinker and they are still defending the mobster!

  350. basil9:

    Evelyn Pringle is one sharp lady. Talk about investigative reporting.

    Seems that several of us have been cut & pasted on an anti-Hillary / pro-BHO website. Someone blogged hallow a troll, tried to take comments from 11th totally and completely out of context. Sad, that rather than come up with their own ideas advancing their case for BHO, they are so lacking in creativity that they have to “critique” what others do.

    I have nosy neighbors too that are so busy playing “Rear Window” looking for bugaboos that don’t exist…..God help us if we ever get to that point. But then, that’s how BHO conducts himself as well. Nothing to offer on his own, only tears Hillary down. Intimidating tactics just like I experienced at the Texas caucus and the county delegate convention. Birds of a feather…

    Hey Wonk Hussein – – Get a life.

  351. basil9 Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 8:58 pm
    Before I sign off for the night, here’s an amusing response one champion phone banker got from a WVa. woman.

    r u sure ,,he was charging money ???

    wow ,,

    u know what anything is possible with this guy —

    and don,t expect media to talk about it

    but hey its funny to read this kind of stories
    it makes ur day

  352. thats the thing that bothered me about obama from the begining
    Because obama did that and wrote it in the book
    and all these young people following OBAMA– it really got me concerned –and i thought if these kids start believing in him ,start reading his book and see him like a star —-what if more young kids into drugs—

  353. i wonder how many young kids who read obama,s books–think of like a rock star —–how many r doing more drugs now

    with these days env ,,should we have a president like that who is proud of the use ,,,,of drugs

  354. Sonia,
    AA’s want her as the running mate b/c they know that they have brought her down after she has spent a lifetime working for them. They are feeling guilty.

  355. Ann I dont think that’s the case I think the AA knows Obama is not experienced as Hillary is and feel that the two comibed would be wonderful for America (although I am not in favor of this) AA has a long relationship with the AA community.

  356. Ann Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    i agree with you ,,,they know they need her ,

    they blamed(well no ground voters did,,only media and black leaders) hillary for race card
    but whenever anyone says that to me–

    i say ,,,,ok,,,then what did edwards do wrong that he got 2% of the black vote in south carolina while obama got 92% of the black vote

    and edwards had won the state in 2004 so

    then obama supp go quiet

  357. Rove – Obama is neither – he has not been able to be a uniter in the US Senate – he has not yet proven this and now he wants to do this as President. He has no grounds to base this on and that Obama has not taken positions on tough issues – take that Obama!

  358. skmf12 – If you forgive me, I forgive you. It’s better now. Happy thoughts. Now, back to helping Hillary get elected. That’s what we’re here for, right?

  359. (May-12) PLEASE VOTE! Do you think Obama could garner enough support in Appalachia to win in November(


    Please vote no on this. I think it’s important! It’s down on the far right of the screen. Thanks

    Do you think Obama could garner enough support in Appalachia to win in November

  360. I think the AA community is waking up to being bamboozled and hoodwinked into believing that Bill or Hillary Clinton never loved them and worked their asses off for them. EFF yes they are feeling guilty.

    HELL NO HILL .. don’t take their blame on your shoulders .. you never did anything wrong.

    This has been the most f’d up election in my history but my brother in Hammond says it’s always been like this. He also says that Hill was robbed in Indiana.

  361. Want to bet how many counties Hillary will win tomorrow in West Virginia?

    Altogether there is 55 counties in West Virginia.

  362. More Media Bias (whoda thunkit?)

    As usual, Yahoo is happy to tout AP “news stories” (propaganda) with the anti-Clinton spin. I excerpt the parts I want to comment on ($$$ are my comments), but the whole deal is here:


    WASHINGTON – Barack Obama’s wave of superdelegate endorsements puts him within reach of the Democratic presidential nomination by the end of the primary season on June 3 — even if he loses half of the remaining six contests.

    $$$ “wave” = unstoppable force of nature… nice touch.

    The Illinois senator has picked up 26 superdelegates in the past week. At that pace, he will reach the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination — 2,025 — in the next three weeks, when delegates from the remaining primaries are included.

    $$$ Again, a “real reporter” would report both sides’ perspectives. We say that 2,025 was the DNC and Obama MOVING THE GOALPOSTS, that the original “goalpost” was 2,209. But those are facts, quite unpleasant for Obama’s media shills.

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s best chance to slow Obama is to move the goal posts.

    $$$ Aha, blame all the nastiness on the woman in the race. Obama is so “innocent”.

    She will get that chance May 31 when the Democratic National Committee’s rules panel considers proposals to seat the delegates that had been stripped from Florida and Michigan. Those two states violated national party rules by holding their primaries in January and lost their delegates.

    $$$ Again, one-sided reporting. This is the AP!!! No mention that NH and SC moved their dates up too, but weren’t punished. Nor is it mentioned that the official rules proscribe 50% delegate punishment, not 100% to some states and 0% to others.

    “I believe the process of reconciliation, the process of unifying this party, should begin sooner rather than later,” Allen said. “It should begin in May and not in June.”

    $$$ Let’s pretend that this idiot SD’s opnion is valid. He’s saying, “Hillary should quit”. And then, all us nice little Democratic soldiers will learn to love Obama. Vomit.

    There are 217 delegates at stake in the six remaining primaries, in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota. Even if Clinton wins most of those delegates, Obama could reach the magic number by the time South Dakota and Montana vote on June 3.

    $$$ Again, which magic number?? And, weren’t the Obamoids OUTRAGED that SDs would “decide this whole thing”. SO NOW SDs WILL BE THE ONES TO PUT HIM OVER??? Maybe if dickhead did his homework, he’d report that SDs can change their votes all the way until the convention. So SDs really can’t “put him over the top” at this phase of the nomination.

    Obama has been careful not to declare himself the nominee prematurely….

    $$$ Ummm, he’s planning on announcing his “victory” in late May, because he’s scared that SDs will defect back to Clinton between now and August, due to a VARIETY of “concerns” (scandals, etc.).

    The Democratic National Committee’s rules and bylaws committee voted to strip all the delegates from Florida and Michigan because they violated party rules by holding primaries before Feb. 5. The same panel will consider reinstating them.

    Under the votes cast in January, Clinton would have won most of the delegates in both states. However, neither candidate campaigned in either state and Obama had his name removed from the ballot in Michigan.

    $$$ Hey, I’ll give this reporter credit for beng like the one person who stated that Obama took his name off the ballot, not that “his name was not on the ballot”. Hey, I’m a fair guy.

    Reinstating all the delegates and superdelegates would increase the number needed to claim the nomination to 2,209, perhaps extending the campaign. But even under the best scenario for Clinton, Obama would still be left with a lead of about 100 delegates, with fewer than 300 superdelegates left to be claimed.

    $$$ But well within the margin of taking it to the convention. If Obama was 100 – 200 votes behind at this phase, THERE WOULD BE NO TALK BY THE MEDIA OR DNC THAT HE SHOULD STEP ASIDE.


  363. justmeinmountdorafl – I think I would be being conservative if I said 54/55. I would believe anywhere between 53-55 out of 55. Otherwise she would have been cheated.

  364. dot48 Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    This has been the most f’d up election in my history but my brother in Hammond says it’s always been like this. He also says that Hill was robbed in Indiana.


  365. The Brazile/DNC/Obama strategy is to treat us like children and allow us to have what they consider meaningless victories in WV and KY(iromic b/c over 50% of his victories were in either meaningless red states or undemocratic caucus’) and that should make us feel good and go back in the big tent. What they don’t realize is the depth of anger we feel about how patently biased this process has been, how disloyal the partyhas been to the Clintons, the way they are handling Fl and Michigan now so it didn’t hurt OB’s momentum earlier, and the most important fact-OB is a fraud,unelectable and quite frankly a scary though of him and his people taking over the White House. Hillary was and still is destined to be our President, and if not now, when OB loses, perhaps then, the party will consider what a horrible mistake it made-but I doubt it.

  366. when will we get the curtain of the rezko/auchi investigation by Pringle? This is big if she can link him specifically to the schemes.

  367. please vote homepage
    should nominee be selected by delegates or popular vote

    plzzzzzzz vote

    popular vote is winning.

  368. dot48 Says:
    May 12th, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    … my brother in Hammond says … that Hill was robbed in Indiana.

    I have been suspicious of every state, every district, whether Obama made it closer than expected (Indiana, for example), or where he won (caucuses, etc.), even where he lost big (only 10 point in NJ, CA, PA? ).

    What are our suspicions, or better yet, proofs, that they’ve been stealing votes? (I already know about the hundreds of thousands in MI and FL.)

    It would be really essential in making our case in August to provide a substantial record of fraud, manipulation, and intimidation.

    The widespread notion that “Hillary is doing whatever it takes” (kitchen sink) and that Obama levitates piously needs to be turned on its head.

  369. The thoughtof him coming here (Fl) now like a coronation is sickening to me….why wouldn’t he let the votes count when it meant something…total hypocrite.

  370. Yes, Hussein does want legalized marijuana. For the life of me, I don’t know why this wasn’t hammered in the debates or front-page news. “Presidential candidate wants your kids to have pot”.

  371. The only reason I watch Fox ,is to see the hannity effort to get Obama out of the race by showing his inexperience and his complete lack of good judgement.He is very seldom saying anything about Hillary.Don’t be fooled by these tactics. MSNBC and CNN are doing a hatchet job on Hillary.these evil people are working with the RNC and in a conspiracy of enormous magnitude with the hope that the slate will be cleared for the election of McCain.If they are succesful.and he is the last one standing,a strong and younger VP will run the Whitehouse.McCain will be too old and will be marginalized to nothing more than President in name only.Mark my word,they have had this in planning since W was elected in his first term.

    It is imperative we get behind Hillary and give her all the support she needs to win the primary and then the Oval Office.We are being raped from within by the most devious group of people ever assembled by the RNC.

    Go to Evelyn Pringle’s web site and get the record of the phoney Barack Hussein Obama and be aware of what he can do to destroy our democracy.He is all about race and the desire to be the renowned leader of all AA inthis country.

    Let’s go ALL Americans and save our nation.

    By ABM90

  372. Yes, Paula, but the rest of the poll left me cold. BO leads by 11. The widening lead comes from women. She lead women by 7 a few weeks ago, now he leads women by 7. Amazing.

  373. Is anyone else being harrassed by “Wonk Hussein” with Has copied and pasted many of us to other site, critiqueing comments in the most vulgar sense, calling out trolls, etc.

    What is the law about obtaining unpublished email addresses illegally? I’m receiving harrassing comments about by blogs and it had better end.

    This is WAY over the line.

  374. Well, I have to say, this quote has me despondent, broken-hearted;

    “And now it’s on to West Virginia and Kentucky and Oregon and we’ll stay in touch,” she said.

    Christ, SUSA has a 1-pt difference in Oregon voting thus far?
    I don’t know. Hard to believe Hill is saying anything at this point – particularly on homemade video – that’s an accident.

    I just can’t believe it.

  375. Before we get carried away, on the flip side that quote acts as a perfect setup. i.e. “We we’re considering stepping off until the WV and KY votes told the world this race is NOT over.”

    I don’t know.

  376. From NYT. Not Good;

    Clinton Running Hard in Campaign’s Last Laps

    Forget the calls for her to quit the presidential race: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is determined to rack up two big primary victories in the next eight days — in West Virginia and Kentucky — as she seeks to prove her continued political viability and claim bargaining chips that might help her exit the race on her terms, her advisers say.

    It is a risky proposition. Mrs. Clinton is behind Senator Barack Obama in both the national popular vote and the delegate count, and she could appear to be a spoiler if she damages his candidacy in those two closely fought states, her advisers acknowledge.

    But she and her chief political counselor, her husband, see the two coming primaries as crucial to strengthening her standing and, if it comes to it, to allowing her to leave the race on a high note, the advisers say.

    Sizable victories — the Clinton camp believes it could win West Virginia by 25 points or more — might put pressure on Mr. Obama to agree to her demands to seat the disputed delegates from Michigan and Florida, some of her advisers say, which would let her claim a victory on a battle she has fought for months. Accumulating victories this late in the primary season — as Mr. Obama looks so strong — might also bolster a bid for the vice presidency, should she decide to seek it. (Whether Mr. Obama would ask her, however, is very much in doubt.)

    The two candidates campaigned across West Virginia on Monday, with Mrs. Clinton’s motorcade driving more than two hours through the winding hills of Appalachia, where she courted a relatively small number of voters in hopes of driving up her expected margin of victory. She is counting on a big victory to impress undecided superdelegates, the party leaders who will most likely decide the nomination.

    Mrs. Clinton also wants to show strength in Kentucky and West Virginia — states Democrats have struggled to carry in presidential elections — not to mention, advisers say, pointing up what the Clinton campaign sees as the weakness of the Obama coalition. But advisers acknowledged that even if she won those states by wide margins, it was probably too late to change the dynamic of the nominating contest in her favor.

    “Obama is so far ahead at this point, it is hard to see anything we do, even big wins, being a game-changer at this point,” said one senior adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to assess Mrs. Clinton’s political fortunes.

    Mrs. Clinton plans to spend the day after the West Virginia primary meeting with advisers and top fund-raisers to discuss the future of the campaign. Aides said they believed she was likely to remain in the race until the Kentucky primary next Tuesday.

  377. Obama is NOT the nominee. Do the math.

    Go to convention Hillary…you have a tremendous amount of supporters.

  378. Oregon is going to be tough from the calls I’ve made. Not a blow out or anything, but I got a lot of hangups and nasty women. Of course there were a lot of nice ones, too.

    I’ve sent my ballot in…Bill is in Grants Pass so they have really been hitting the rural areas hard, Bill was in Medford last month and Hill was in Medford last week so they are definately working the more rural areas.

    The Repub talk radio is really strong here and the Clinton’s got no quarter from those people, so there are predjudices; there are an awful lot of universities in Oregon, too. A large % of the population here relocated from from California.

    I am just hoping the college kids are so busy with the end of school that they space out and forget to mail their ballots!

  379. Don’t forget curiosity, this is what obama stands for….and really be fooled into thinking it will ever stop…it will be worse than ever becomes the nominee.

  380. Blue Democrat, don’t let the content of that NYT article upset you. The NYT is totally in the tank for Gutter Ball. I don’t care who they endorsed.

    Also, the NYT, if I remember correctly, had top aides “speaking on condition of anonymity” stating there was no way for her to win NH months ago.


  381. She needs money folks lets give it to her. We have to help her. If you remember Kerry mortgage his house to stay in the campaign She is not going to drop out

    Light a candle, donate, phone bank and PRAY

  382. dem1950

    still no diary
    what happened
    i wait for ur diary
    it adds to my hopes and dreams


    whever u write one —leave a message

  383. Its kinda off topic, but has anyone seen this woman that is helping John McCain? She was CEO of some huge corporation and she was fired. I think some kind of mortgage company. I personally think she is the one he is going to chose. She knows alot about the economy and women really like her!

  384. Obama & The 48 Laws of Power

    Law 1 Never Outshine the Master
    Always claiming to be the underdog!

    Law 2 Never put too Much Trust in Friends, Learn how to use Enemies
    Obama in his own books always claimed himself to be a loner!

    Law 3 Conceal your Intentions
    Never talking on specifics, just things like “Hope, Change and Dreams”

    Law 4 Always Say Less than Necessary
    As exibited in every debate when confronted from Rezko to Wright to Ayers!

    Law 5 So Much Depends on Reputation – Guard it with your Life
    Invoking passing legislation that never even made it to the Senate floor!

    Law 6 Court Attention at all Cost
    Advertise en-mass, stack audiences!

    and on and on ,,,,,,,read it if u like to

  385. confloyd Says:

    May 12th, 2008 at 11:46 pm
    i think so too

    but no woman stands a chance next to hillary

    i am already happy thinking about tomorrow

  386. have u guys read the notes on hillary site left by some WV supporters

    here is one of them

    gave me goosebumps with ahhhh,,,made me feel like i had not done enough —here it goes


    …just wanted to drop a line to tell you about one of your amazing supporters in WV. This would be my cousin Kathy. In the last past year she has been through open heart surgery and leukemia. She got out of the hospital about a month and half ago in remission. Tonight I was getting on the interstate to go to Clarksburg, and who do I see – my cousin Kathy standing on the side of the road waving a Hillary sign. That is true heart. Like me, she was raised by a mother who taught her to be independent and never set limitations. I won’t vote for you for president because you are a woman. I will vote for you because of your experience, intelligence and because I feel you truly want to help this country. The fact that you are a woman…is a bonus. Oh, and I’m fairly certain my husband, son , and nephew will be voting for you, also. Good Luck! *****

  387. here is one more passionate hill supporter ********

    I am the Assessor of Marshall County, WV and I want to give my endorsement to Hillary as the next President of the United States. Senator Clinton is the only candidate that is proposing solutions to problems that affect working-class West Virginians and Americans. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a candidate display such tenacity and a fighting spirit — and Hillary does it every day on the campaign trail. These qualities are what I want in my president, and I am fully confident that Hilary will carry those qualities to the White House. I’ve always stated in my election campaigns that I got into politics to try to help people. There is no doubt in my mind that Hilary has done the same.

    -Christopher K. from McMechen

  388. Sonia 4 Hillary, there is no replacement for Hillary, but if she doesn’t get the nomination and they put some idiot like Sebelius or McCaskill in.
    I think McCain will pull a lot of our votes and I for one thinks if the DNC and the SD’s gives this nomination to BO, then I am alot more interested in McCain because of this woman. I don’t like Condi Rice, she is a do nothing puppet for Bushit!
    Remember we know they can’t win the general without us, so just remember John McCain will court us. I think a McCain/Clinton would be good to wake up those idiots at the DNC, can you imaging how many would be messing in their pants with a McCain/Clinton ticket! LOL!! I would love to see the look on Obama/Axelass’s face when they saw that!! LOL!!

  389. saw this at hillaryforum —–

    (May 12) BO cancells Lexington (Lex18 News)


    Obama was then due to hold a community meeting with nurses at the University of Kentucky, but that event was canceled by Obama’s campaign late Monday because the senator had to return to Washington after the Louisville rally to attend to an undisclosed matter.

    He’s going to Washington for an Undisclosed Matter??????? Hmmm wonder what he’s going to Washington for? I heard to vote on an important matter from another KY news station. But do you think he’s going to vote on something??? His record on actually voting is pretty slim to none.

    I think he can sense where the people of KY stand and it’s a far distance from him.

  390. sonia, Its probably him needing to explain the Pringle investigations to the SD’s. Maybe some will get buyer’s remorse and start backing the real nominee, the one that has worked her arsh off!

  391. con

    i agree
    some people tell me i am stupid why i will vote rep

    i tell them —-the kind of bias,media trashing ,unfair treatment ,and insult of a intelligent former first lady,of a mother, of a wife, of a sister and dtr ,of a future president ,,,,all that i have seen in front of my eyes happen ,,,,by her own dem party ,,,by obama,,by mrs obama,,by pastor wright ,,by al sharpton,by randy rhodes ,by samantha powers,by clyburn,by kerry,kennedy,richardson ,,,,,

    and no one,no one,,came to her defense ,,,and whoever came got removed from cnn or had to be fired because of media

    how can i or any hill supporter forget that

    how can we forget what we been called –the kind names a father will not use for his dtr ,,

    after all we are the mothers and sisters of this nation

    not only that ,,even men who supported were called and lowered into same category called ;;;dumb;;by dailykos,,

    and no one said a word

    no way

    not in my living life

    i will not vote for anyone but hillary

    and thats it

  392. confloyd, the woman you are referring to is Carly Fiorina. She was the first (and only) female to be CEO of a Fortune 20 company, Hewlett-Packard. She is currently the Victory ’08 Chairman of the RNC. She is not going to run as VP.

  393. did u all also know

    when obama ran for senate —-hillary helped raise money

    and when he swore as senator he went to hillary for advice

    according to him –she was the one who could guide him

    kerry and al -gore ,,all these men used clintons for raisning money and campaigning –and now they all back stabbed ,,,,,,i will never forget ,,




  394. wow
    u write nice

    simple but to the message without being sarcastic

    nice —- something to learn for me

  395. from tm’s site-this sounds great. i just emailed ms blck on this and will post more asap-
    Hillary Ad:
    I just got this email from the Colorado chapter for Hillary. They did a fundraiser for Hillary just last week. Anyway, apparently, there is an ad that Allida Black
    Director and Editor, The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers want to put in the NYT and USA Today that basically says “We (women) stand by Hillary” and let the process play to its end.

    Here’s a bit of the email and feel free to contact and/or donate to the cause:
    A press release, blog and viral email blitz will accompany the timing of the USA Today and NYT placements and we hope to begin a wave of “patience” and desire to see this entire process through to the end.

    To do this, federal election requires that we establish a PAC, so this afternoon, five of us did just that– and WomenCount was born. The FEC ID will be issued in the next day or two at most. In order to place this “open letter” ad, the WomenCount PAC will need to raise $80,000 by close of day Tuesday, May 13 and a total of $250,000 by Saturday, May 17.

    We hope you will reach into your heart and into your wallet and give any amount between $20 and $5000 dollars to put this important letter up. As you can see, we must receive at least $80,000 by the end of the day on Wednesday. Checks should be made out to WomenCount PAC.

    It is imperative that you Federal Express your checks to:
    C/O Gabe Camarillo
    The Sutton Law Firm, PC
    150 Post St.
    Suite 405
    San Francisco, CA 94108
    415 732-7700

  396. Anyone who can…

    Please MAKE CALLS



    More people voting = a bigger landslide victory!


    We can do it!!

  397. URGENT!!!!!!!!

    Murph over at Tm has coined a new politically correct name for bradzilla.

    Cruella Brazille!!!!!!

    LMFAO!!!!! I’m still on cable blackout so could someone please give a description of Cruella’s new do?r

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