Barack Obama’s Situation Comedy

Paid Obama shill David Axelrod and unpaid Obama shill Donna Brazile have a vision of the Democratic Party.

The Obama/Axelrod/Brazile vision for the Democratic Party mimics the desired demographics for a television sitcom.

As the long suffering Donna declared A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.

Axelrod has declared The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes.

This cheap vision of the Democratic Party is applauded and defended by many of the well-off, highly educated, white, eggheads inside the Democratic Party. Why is this?

The very simple answer is because since the middle of the last century the “eggheads” (as Paul Begala so aptly categorizes them) have failed repeatedly to win. The failures can usually be attributed to those pesky white voters that reject Democrats. Instead of trying to win them over, Obama/Eggheads want to roll over them.

The list of egghead failures is long – Adlai Stevenson through John Kerry. Democrats have failed to win. The eggheads have failed to win.

The solution from Obama/Axelrod/Brazile is to create the fiction that ‘if you can’t beat them, write them off and you will still be successful‘.

Since the middle of the last century Democrats at the presidential level have lost. Some non-egghead Democrats have won. John Kennedy of Massachusetts won. Post 1964 Civil Rights Act – Texan Lyndon Johnson won. Georgian Jimmy Carter won. Arkansan Bill Clinton won.

John Kennedy won the presidency before passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. Kennedy was young but had a great deal of experience in political life. Kennedy toured Europe, the Soviet Union and the Middle East in the fateful year 1939. On the day before Germany invaded, John Kennedy was in Poland. Kennedy’s Harvard senior thesis completed in 1940 was “Appeasement in Munich”. Kennedy by the end of the war was a war hero. Kennedy served with regular Joes in the U.S. Navy. Kennedy saved the lives of his crew. John Kennedy from the elite schools and elite background was loved by working class whites and blacks. John Kennedy was no egghead.

John F. Kennedy:

As he flew into West Virginia that spring of 1960, Kennedy was desperately in need of victory. His most visible opponent was Senator Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota but, as usual, most of the action was happening behind the scenes. Kennedy would eventually win the West Virginia primary not just on personal charm – although this, too, was important – but on his campaign team’s understanding of old-time mountain politics. West Virginia’s politics were — and are — strongly based on what one historian has called its “oral political culture,” established by local candidates and their supporters working on a “face-to-face, friends-and-neighbors basis.”

John Kennedy was no egghead:

In West Virginia, Kennedy visited a coal mine and talked to mine workers to win their support; most people in that conservative, mostly Protestant state were deeply suspicious of Kennedy’s Catholicism. His victory in West Virginia cemented his credentials as a candidate with broad popular appeal.

John Kennedy won those suspicious voters in West Virginia. Barack Obama, who presumes himself to be the Democratic Party nominee won’t win those voters.

The Los Angeles Times writes today on West Virgina.

In Hardy County, Democrats outnumber Republicans more than 2 to 1. But there is little enthusiasm for Barack Obama in this mountainside enclave, a portent of trouble for the Illinois senator in next week’s West Virginia primary and the general election beyond. [snip]

“I’m not yet convinced that Barack Obama is more substance than fluff,” said Clyde M. See Jr., a former Democratic speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates and two-time gubernatorial candidate who heads a small law practice in Moorefield, the county seat. “He’s a fine speaker, mind you, but I’m still not sure he’s got the right stuff to win the general election.”

Obama is rejected by white working class voters. While eggheads love to blame this rejection to racism, the rejection remains. Of course the eggheads do not attribute Hillary’s losses to misogyny. John Kennedy overcame the prejudice against him in West Virginia many years ago – a prejudice against Catholics by the vast white protestant majority. Hillary Clinton is winning over West Virginia voters like John Kennedy did. Obama pretends they don’t matter.

Obama is questioned about being an out of touch elitist egghead. There are doubts about Obama’s patriotism too.

Obama wants to write off white voters instead of asking person-to-person for their votes – like John Kennedy did.

Neil Gillies, an Obama supporter who runs a local environmental nonprofit group, glumly recounted the gibes that his wife, a schoolteacher, hears regularly from her students. “They’re convinced [Obama] is a Muslim, a terrorist, a guy who’s coming to take away their guns,” Gillies said. “It’s just sad.”

Slung along the bottom of West Virginia’s eastern panhandle, Hardy County was once rock-solid Democratic. Senior citizens fondly recall the day Eleanor Roosevelt arrived to dedicate the opening of Moorefield High School in 1941.

But socially conservative church groups and gun-rights supporters here have helped tilt the vote Republican in recent presidential elections. In 2004, Hardy County lined up for George W. Bush by a 3-1 ratio.

It’s just not going to be easy for Obama to woo crossover Democrats back into the fold,” said P. Merle Black, a professor of politics and government at Emory University and a longtime analyst of Southern voting patterns. “In addition to the race factor, you’ve got huge cultural differences between them and Obama on guns and religion and many of the issues that would make those voters think he doesn’t represent their interests.”

Obama thinks these white voters are “bitter” and that is why they “cling” to guns and God. Any wonder that white working class voters reject Obama?

Obama has made an effort to highlight his religious beliefs and his support for hunters’ rights. But his former pastor’s racially charged sermons — and the candidate’s own comments about small-town Americans who have lost their jobs and “cling to guns or religion” — have not helped his cause.

“I’ve got 50-some guns, and I wasn’t crazy about Obama’s talk about small towns,” said Sam Vetter, 64, a farmer and lifelong Democrat who regrets voting for Bush in 2000. “Besides,” he added, “Obama just doesn’t sound right for an American president.”

Despite a well-financed television campaign and endorsements from Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV and Rep. Nick J. Rahall II, Obama is expected to finish well behind Clinton in West Virginia’s primary, which will award 28 pledged delegates.

Little wonder that Obama/Axelrod/Brazile want to forget about these pesky white voters:

Obama’s support among white male voters, the most tightly contested bloc over the primary season, has slipped. He did well early on in states such as Virginia, where he took 52% of the white male vote to Clinton’s 47%. But this week, Obama lost, 58% to 42%, among white men in Indiana and 55% to 42% in North Carolina. He has won majorities of white male voters in 10 states since January, but Clinton bested him in 13 others, including the critical northern battlegrounds of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“This is the single biggest problem he faces,” said William A. Galston, a former senior Clinton administration domestic policy advisor who considers Obama the apparent nominee after this week’s results. “This is a party problem, not just his alone. But [Obama] has to be particularly sensitive to addressing these voters.”

The Audacity of Hope is that white voters don’t matter. The Audacity of Hope is that Democrats can win with situation comedy demographics. Clue for eggheads:

For many of Hardy County’s Democrats, though, there seems to be no appeal that will overcome who Obama is and what he represents.

“When we lost all those Democrats who voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004, I felt we just had to have a better bundle of goods to sell,” See said.

“Problem is, I’m not sure we have those goods this time around.”

We’ll discuss why the eggheads Hate Hillary tomorrow.


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  1. Okay, troops…. Let’s win by a LANDSLIDE in West Virginia and Kentucky!!






  2. The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes.

    Is he nuts? Is ‘the Clinton years’ the furthest he can remember? Since the Clinton years, there have only BEEN two presidential elections: 2000 and 2004.

    Going back futher, the last half century, the only winners we’ve had are those who appealed to the white working class: Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. (And Gore if you like, borderline appeal and borderline win.)

    Well, I’ll go back and read the rest of Admin’s article. 🙂

  3. ClintonDem99,

    Aye! Go read the last 6 threads for my reasoning as to why.
    The only thing I can definitively say is ‘party loyalty’ should in NO WAY factor into her decision-making, if it is indeed a viable proposition.

    You hit that one on the nose.

    They say your first instinct is usually the best, and the second I saw lopsided NC results coming in I thought of those precincts with all of BO’s AA friends and thought for sure they’d decided NC was their grassy knoll.
    The margin in IND, with the ludicrous exchange on CNN between King, Blitzer, and the Mayor Clay did nothing at all to allay it in my mind.

    But the only thing worse that that thievery, if it in fact occurred, is the theft of the storyline, where every single self-important douchebag pundit predicted a split and ‘the race stays status quo’, only to see every single one do an about face and join in unison for the “She must drop out’ chorus.
    That slinky (that’s BO, who walks like a freak, if you haven’t noticed) then had a pre-planned victory tour of Capitol Hill hailed by said mentioned is about all the proof anyone should need.

  4. Repost:
    May 10th, 2008 at 7:50 pm
    Obama Says He Will Figure Out a Way to Seat Florida and Michigan Delegates
    Posted by Michelle Levi

    BEND, ORE. – Showing that the delegates in Florida and Michigan are on the mind of voters as well as Democratic presidential candidates, a woman at Barack Obama’s town hall meeting here asked Obama about ceding a state to Hillary Clinton. “Recognizing that it probably will not change the outcome of the race,” she asked, “have you considered giving her Florida?”

    A surprised Obama laughed a little at the question. “Let me say this,” he said. “I love Florida, I love Michigan the people of Michigan and Florida, they will be represented at the convention, their delegates will be seated, and we will figure out a way where they are fully participating in the process.”

    Obama defended his opposition to some plans that wanted to offer re-voting to voters in those states. “At the beginning of this race, we were not supposed to campaign in Florida and Michigan, so we didn’t campaign in Florida and Michigan,” he said. “We played by the rules that everybody agreed to. We took our name off the ballot in Michigan because we weren’t supposed to be campaigning there. So obviously we don’t think that that was a fair contest and that it should count in the same way the other contests have counted.”

    He reassured the town hall attendees that the contentious delegate situation will be resolved, and that he planned on campaigning there during the general election. “I am confident that we will get this resolved and I have every interest because I intend to be the Democratic nominee, I have every interest in making sure that Florida and Michigan are happy,” he said. “This is something that will get done.”
    Very Arrogant isn’t he? Hypocrisy thy name is Obama.

  5. Two things on MO. Over at TM, someone referenced a quote of hers saying she wanted to scratch Pres. Clinton’s eyes out.
    I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

    If anyone can, or knows more, please post it up.

    Secondly, I see as part of their post NC-IND (LOSS!)
    “We’re above it all now’ stance intended to portray the primaries as an afterthought, I see where Michele Obama has seen fit to enlighten us as to what she’d do as first lady.

    Question is, wouldn’t she have to become a lady first?


    If you can’t phone DONATE, DONATE, DONATE!!!!

    LET’S NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN OBAMBI”S FANTASY. REMEMBER Team Obama really BELIEVE The TACTICS done to Hillary Clinton will succeed against the Republicans in the G.E.

  7. This makes me feel a bit better.
    From TPM (ignore their ‘leading’ headline);

    Hillary Holds Private Conference Call With Her Super-Dels:
    “I Know This Is Not Easy”

    By Greg Sargent – May 10, 2008, 2:55PM

    Hillary held a private rally-the-troops conference call with her super-delegate supporters this afternoon, urging them to believe that “this race is not over,” vowing to them she’d promote Dem unity after the primary, and conceding that she knows what they and the party are going through “is not easy.”

    Somewhat tantalizingly, Hillary also claimed that there were back-channel talks of some kind going on between the two campaigns, possibly about how to maintain Democratic unity after the primary. Asked by a super-delegate whether there were discussions going on between the two camps about what would happen after the voting concluded, she said:

    “There’s a lot of communication between both of the campaigns all the time. I don’t know how specific it is, but we have very open lines of communication…I know that both Senator Obama and I are committed, and the campaigns are as well, to making sure that when this is resolved” we will do everything we can to “unify the party.” She didn’t elaborate further.

    The call — convened for super-dels committed to supporting her — provided a glimpse into the campaign’s behind-the-scenes efforts to prevent supporters from bolting even as her prospects grow bleaker by the day.

    I was able to listen to the call in its entirety.

    Hillary projected a surprisingly cheerful tone despite recent events, and if she is having doubts about what’s going to happen, she didn’t show it on the call. “Despite what some in the media are saying, this race is not over,” she said.

    Hillary top adviser Harold Ickes was on the call, too. Some noteworthy tidbits from the call:

    * Ickes claimed that there was no discussion internally on the campaign of the possibility that she would angle for a veep slot. “There’s no talk within the Hillary campaign about that,” Ickes said in response to a questioner.

    * Ickes came under questioning from a super-delegate who said he would have “a problem” if she didn’t win the pledged del count or the popular vote, and declined to say what she would do. Indeed, he repeatedly maintained that she would still be ahead in the popular vote at the end of the contest, Florida and Michigan included, and predicted flatly that she would be behind by less than 100 delegates at the end of the voting.

    * Hillary sought to persuade supporters to hold the line by vowing to them that she would do everything she could to make sure the party unified behind the eventual nominee. “I know this is not easy,” Hillary said. She added: “We will close ranks and I know we will be totally unified going forward.”

    “I just want to underscore my gratitude,” she concluded. “This is bigger than me…it’s about standing firm [behind] the values we share.”

  8. When we find a flaw in NC, like 15k extra votes for BO, should not we demand a full accounting of all the votes in the state?

  9. Excellent post, ADMIN!!! 😉
    Everyone – here’s some good WVa news.
    CHARLESTON — A record number of West Virginians have cast early ballots for a primary in advance of Tuesday’s election.

    While a likely result of the Democratic presidential campaigns’ increasing focus on the state, officials in some counties said they had expected even higher turnouts.

    With early voting ending Saturday, Secretary of State Betty Ireland reported 49,982 ballots cast in 52 of West Virginia’s 55 counties between April 23 and Friday. Ireland’s office said another 4,916 absentee ballots have been returned.

    About 71 percent of these voters have been Democrats, who outnumber Republicans in the state by nearly 2-to-1. The majority party invited unaffiliated voters into its primary for the first time this year, though just 6.2 percent of the early voters were independents or nonpartisans.

    The Democrats’ primary ballot also features contested races for governor, state Supreme Court and secretary of state. The 2nd Congressional District and numerous legislative races also give voters in that primary a choice.

    (from TM). This is great, great news. The only voters BO will suppress are his own, because Hillary voters and FDR Democrats will want to vote because so much is at stake. You never fill out a ballot and ignore the presidential nomination just because someone said it doesn’t matter. These people view voting as a sacred responsibility.

  10. Geat post admin. Can’t wait for tomorrow: why eggheads hate hillary. Is it because she can outhink them?

  11. Hillary says: “I just want to underscore my gratitude,” she concluded. “This is bigger than me…it’s about standing firm [behind] the values we share.”

    That says it all. She is fighting for the democratic party.

  12. Just wanted to say thank you to all who came over to mydd.

    The mothers day post and Chelsea’s video is now on the recommended list.

    That’s where we want our girl.

    I am calling W.VA. If she can blow it out there. We are gonna see the fur fly.

    Phone calls. Phone calls. Phone calls.

    Anyone on the ground thre who can give us a report?

  13. ADMIN,
    reread carefully and I LOVED these comments!

    ‘The Obama/Axelrod/Brazile vision for the Democratic Party mimics the desired demographics for a television sitcom.

    As the long suffering Donna declared A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.’

    And This!

    ‘The Audacity of Hope is that white voters don’t matter. The Audacity of Hope is that Democrats can win with situation comedy demographics.’

  14. Latino groups file suit over Texas primaries
    5/10/2008 12:21 PM
    By: News 8 Austin Staff

    Several Latino groups filed suit against the Texas Democratic Party because they believe the complicated primary-caucus system is unfair to Latino voters.

    The League of United Latin American Citizens and the Mexican American Bar Association of Houston filed the suit, arguing that delegates were unfairly apportioned.

    Hillary Clinton won more delegates in the primary, but Barack Obama is expected to end up with more delegates.

    LULAC wants the delegates reallocated to give the Latino-majority areas a stronger voice.

  15. no quarter post says it all

  16. I’ve missed the last few days. I’m sputtering mad. I’m not sure what they’re trying to pull, but at the moment I’m in a mood to meet simplicity with simplicity.

    Open letter to Hillary, draft follows, comments welcome.

    Dear Hillary,

    I’ll support you through Denver and through however many legal challenges you might think of after Denver if Denver is idiotic enough to nominate Obama.

    Pls do go ‘nuclear’ May 31, including enforcing the rule that says Obama gets NONE of his Florida delegates, because he violated the no-campaigning pledge.

    Where I wll NOT follow you is into the Obama camp.
    If you must take him as your VP I’ll accept your choice and vote your ticket. But no further.

    If Obama is the Pres nominee and you campaign for him I’ll stay home or vote against him. If you entangle your future with him in any way, such as being VP on his ticket or accepting a post, I WILL VOTE FOR MCCAIN. I will vote for McCain if you make any self-sacrificing moves — such as pledging not to run yourself later.

    The only way Obama might get any support from me for a POTUS run would be in 2016 after he concedes now and you have completed your two terms.

    Note this is not a personal attachment to you; you aren’t perfect and you have no responsibility to serve again as President if you’d rather do something else.
    It is, with what I’ve seen of Obama’s conduct in this campaign, a somewhat personal hatred of Obama and a rejection of his faction (Brazile, Kennedy, etc) and an opposition to what an Obama presidency might mean for this country.


  17. Obama’s Backers Make Their Threat
    by Debra Hanania-Freeman

    As it stands at this moment, unless Sen. Hillary Clinton continues her campaign for the Democratic nomination until the Party’s convention, there is no presently visible chance that the U.S. will come out of the presently skyrocketting hyperinflationary crisis in any form easily recognized as being, still, our Constitutional republic. The attempt by the powerful, and also predatory financier groups which have sought to crush Senator Clinton, as they had attempted to destroy the nomination of President Franklin Roosevelt in Hoover’s favor in 1932, has the smell of a serious attempt at fascist dictatorship all over it.

    What is most alarming about this today, is the mafia-style pressure which Howard Dean’s office, and the super-rich Obama campaign have put on Senator Clinton to resign here and now, at a time when the tallies on primaries to date, including that in Florida, show her to be still very much a leading contender. There is the smell of something very evil in the role which Obama and others are playing on this account.

  18. Blue Dem,

    MO said that in a TV interview a couple of months ago. Can’t remember which one but I saw it. I think it’s also on youtube, maybe under MO wanted to scratch his eyes out.


  19. BTW,

    Lurking at TM and there were a number of links to Harlem Reverend Manning’s videos on youtube.

    The one I just saw was The Trinity of He!!. (Obama, Oprah and Wright) .

    I’m not quite sure what to make of this guy. Is he for real? Anyone know?

  20. ALCINA!

    Amazing article.

    MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Let me Explain to Obamzoids Why We don’t Care to hear from you”

    (from NoQuarter. Too long to post)

  21. basil9..i’ll try and post the link here. it’s really worth the read.


    I am posting excerpts from that link coz it is stunning.
    EVERYONE should read the entire article.

    To disenfranchise some 2 million Florida Democratic voters who came out to participate in the electoral process in good faith, is not only unfair, it is illegal.

    Despite the fact that Clinton held a solid lead of 7-9% all night long, the TV networks inexplicably refused to declare her the winner, arguing that they would not do so until the votes came in from several counties in the northwest corner of the state An attempt to deprive Clinton of a win would have been too reckless, but her lead somehow diminished to just two percentage points. Again, election analysts were stumped. Clinton took 84 of the state’s 92 counties. Although Obama won the urban areas, those areas only comprise about 30% of the vote. In the suburban and rural counties, which comprise 70% of the vote, Clinton’s lead ranged from 8% to 32%. The next morning, when Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh (who is, admittedly, a Clinton supporter) was asked on CNN how he could account for such a close race between Clinton and Obama, Bayh said that he couldn’t account for it at all, and asserted that a recount would likely show that Clinton had indeed taken the state by a far larger margin.

    The other issue, of course, is the question of how the approximately 850 superdelegates vote. At first, the Obama camp attempted to discount their role, since they seemed to heavily favor Clinton. Then, the argument was put forward that the superdelegates must follow the lead of the pledged delegates in their respective districts. That argument was joined by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. But, it seems that they only apply that argument to states in which Obama won the majority of the elected delegates.

    Unimpeachable sources very close to the Clintons have reported that the morning after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, calls were made by individuals, recognized as high-ranking members of the U.S. political elite, informing the Clintons that, “while this was not necessarily [their] position,” they wanted it passed along that under no circumstances would Hillary Clinton be permitted to take the Democratic nomination, and that, if by some miscalculation, she did take the nomination, she would never be permitted to take the Presidency. Apparently, the messages concluded that, if, by some unanticipated occurrence, she were to actually go ahead and win the Presidency, it would be the shortest-lived Presidency in the history of the United States.

    The point seemed to be underlined in a none-too-subtle cartoon in the May 9 online edition of the London Times. It shows Hillary Clinton laying face down, arms spread, eyes bulging. The American flag is the backdrop, but one of the stars has fallen, its point lodged deep in her back.
    Note also, the widespread, and undisputed, reports that top officials of the Obama campaign have offered to pay off the financially strapped Clinton campaign’s $15 million campaign debt as well as the $11.43 million that Clinton has loaned her campaign organization, in return for her shutting down her campaign. The offer comes at the same time that Clinton’s finance committee has insisted on a meeting with the candidate next week, in what some believe will be an attempt to force her to withdraw.
    The fact is that Obama, although his campaign has raised sizeable funds, does not have the capability to make good on an offer of that magnitude. A payoff of that size could only be made by the powerful financial forces tied to the City of London that have backed the Obama candidacy. It is a blatant and illegal attempt to shut down Clinton’s candidacy and to proceed with a completely orchestrated U.S. election.

  23. Birdgal,

    I should have separated the excerpts with ********* 😳

    Please click the link and read the entire article. it’s eye-opening.

    Signing off for the night.

  24. I was leaving for California next Saturday for my son and daughter in law birth of their first baby. She was due May 20th. She went in the hospital today. Thank God for the web camera i was able to view the whole birth with my web cam. I can’t wait to go out to Ca to hold my grandson. Technology is great

  25. This is brilliant:

    http : / /

  26. From The Times
    May 10, 2008

    Barack Obama sacks adviser over talks with Hamas

    One of Barack Obama’s Middle East policy advisers disclosed yesterday that he had held meetings with the militant Palestinian group Hamas – prompting the likely Democratic nominee to sever all links with him.

    Robert Malley told The Times that he had been in regular contact with Hamas, which controls Gaza and is listed by the US State Department as a terrorist organisation. Such talks, he stressed, were related to his work for a conflict resolution think-tank and had no connection with his position on Mr Obama’s Middle East advisory council.

    “I’ve never hidden the fact that in my job with the International Crisis Group I meet all kinds of people,” he added.

    Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for Mr Obama, responded swiftly: “Rob Malley has, like hundreds of other experts, provided informal advice to the campaign in the past. He has no formal role in the campaign and he will not play any role in the future.” The rapid departure of Mr Malley followed 48 hours of heated clashes between John McCain, the Republican nominee-elect, and Mr Obama over Middle East policy.

    Mr Obama, who has been trying to assuage suspicion towards him among the influential Jewish and pro-Israel lobby, spoke at a Washington reception marking the 60th anniversary of Israeli independence on Thursday when he promised that his commitment to the country’s security would be “unshakeable”. However, Mr McCain has high-lighted the Democrat’s pledge to negotiate directly with nations such as Iran – whose leaders talk of wiping Israel off the map – and a statement from Hamas saying that it hoped that Mr Obama would win the presidency.

    This was denounced as an offensive smear by Mr Obama, who repeated earlier statements saying that Hamas was “a terrorist organisation [and] we should not negotiate with them unless they recognise Israel, renounce violence”.

    He went on to suggest that Mr McCain’s attack showed that he was “losing his bearings”. This remark triggered a furious reaction from Mark Salter, the Republican’s senior adviser, who said that Mr Obama was “intentionally raising John McCain’s age as an issue” – a claim the Democrat vehemently denied. The intensity of this dispute reflects both Mr Obama’s desire to move beyond his battle with Hillary Clinton and how Republicans are already beginning to train their sights on him.

    The Republican National Committee has amassed a 1,000-page dossier on Mr Obama, with researchers spending weeks in Chicago seeking fresh material. He is already being criticised for his links with Rashid Khalidi, a Columbia University professor who has branded Israel an “apartheid system in creation”.

    Mr Malley, a respected commentator on Middle Eastern issues and part of President Clinton’s negotiating team at the Camp David talks, has come under attack in recent months from right-wing bloggers. Yesterday, asked if Obama campaign was aware of his contact with Hamas, he said: “They know who I am but I don’t think they vet everyone in a group of informal advisers.”

    Randy Scheunemann, Mr McCain’s foreign policy chief, suggested that Mr Malley was part of an emerging pattern in which other advisers had been repudiated after throwing confusion over policies on trade and Iraq. “Perhaps because of his inexperience Senator Obama surrounds himself with advisers that contradict his stated policies,” he said.

  27. Thanks guys.

    After the baby was born my daughter in law, could not stop crying. She kept saying my baby, my baby, thank you, thank you. The baby came out crying and still crying.

  28. Clinton To Obama: KY Counts
    By Big Tent Democrat, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Sat May 10, 2008 at 09:04:19 PM EST
    Tags: (all tags) Share This:
    After all the 50 state strategy talk from Obama supporters, Hillary Clinton is calling out Obama for slighting Kentucky:

    Many speakers [at a KY event] noted the absence of Barack Obama. Terry McBrayer, a former state party chair and superdelegate, drew some boos from Obama supporters on hand when he said he contacted a local milk company to put Obama’s picture on a milk carton.

    Clinton herself noted she was the only candidate to come, saying it was important “because Kentucky always picks the president.” She later said, as she did in West Virginia earlier this week, that Democrats “for too long” have let states like this one “slip out of the Democratic column.”

    “Too many people felt our party didn’t speak to their values and concerns,” she said. “Well I believe if you don’t stand for hard-working middle-class Americans you don’t stand for much. And it’s now up to the Democratic Party and our eventual nominee to make that case.”

    I am sure Robinson, Herbert and Company are outraged.

    By Big Tent Democrat

  29. Warning:

    Obama now overtakes Hillary in number of superdelegates supporting him over her.

    Tomorrow is the new Time magazine with Obama on it’s cover and its’ statement: “And the Winner is….”

    Don’t let West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, PR, Montana, or South Dakota be fooled by this.


    PLEASE we need everyone on the phones Sun, Mon and Tues.
    Please commit to a 2 hr slot every day
    You can do it from home in your jammies!

    email: to sign-up
    Tel: 703-875-1203

    Tell him I sent ya. xoxo

  31. Everyone the reason why these supers came out is the fact that they already were going for Obama, the stradegy is that they want voters to assume that he will be the nominee, I just thought about that. They know that she will have a huge lead in these upcoming primarys so that is my thought on the whole supers thing but if you really think about it if they wanted her out they all could have came out!

    Bad speller sorry!

  32. Christ, have you guys seen this Larouche stuff?!


    Ultimately, contrary to press reports that secret Republicans in both Indiana and North Carolina were casting ballots for Hillary Clinton, when the votes were tallied in North Carolina, Republicans who voted in the Democratic primary supported Obama by a startling 13-to-1.*****

    For those monitoring the vote count after the polls closed, things grew more and more confusing. From very early in the evening, as expected, Obama had, and held, a solid lead in the Raleigh-Durham area, which is dominated by colleges and universities. But Raleigh-Durham only accounts for 29% of the voters eligible to vote in the Democratic primary. For most of the night, both candidates were within a point of each other in both eastern North Carolina, which accounts for 23% of the vote, and in Charlotte (22%). In Greensboro (17%), although Obama took an early lead in the city itself, Clinton was winning in the surrounding area. In the less densely populated western part of the state (10%), Clinton held a double-digit lead. In fact, in the rural areas (western North Carolina is included in this group), that comprise some 47% of the vote in the state, Clinton was either leading Obama or within one point of him. Then, suddenly, within approximately 17 minutes, all the numbers, save those in the West, inexplicably changed and Obama gave one of the earliest victory speeches in North Carolina history, claiming 56% of the vote. Election analysts are still trying to figure out how the sudden shift occurred, and some are still arguing that the numbers just don’t add up. But, the nation’s attention has already shifted to Indiana.

  33. 1950 dem,

    you are so right on the money with that letter, how do i send one too?
    could i copy yours?

    i was just thinking the same thing about this matter all day, i believe in hillary, but if she even remotely gives up, or goes for vp, i will join republicans. I CANNOT SUPPORT OBAMA FOR ANY REASON.

    also i have already decided i am going to campaign for all candidates in my area who are not part of obamas crew. i live in san francisco, so you can believe i will be busy. my main goal is to support pelosi’s opposition.

    if hillary asks me to support obama at some point, that is where her and i will part ways…

  34. This is how that article ends;

    “Hillary Clinton is tough and she is certainly no quitter.
    But the issues at stake here are far bigger than any individual’s candidacy or even the election itself. Those who are attempting to shut down the Clinton campaign and control this Presidential election have no allegiance to Democratic Party, or to the United States.

    They are acting as agents of a dangerous foreign influence.
    If they were to succeed, the U.S.A. will have lost its sovereignty, and there would be very little hope for the continuation of civilized life on this planet.”

  35. Holy Similarity, Batman!
    Riddle me this. What’s the difference between Bush supporters and most Obama supporters today (at least the ones who comment on blogs)?

    Me: I don’t support going into Iraq
    Neocon: You aren’t patriotic

    Me: I don’t support Senator Obama
    Obama Supporter (OS) You aren’t a democrat

    Me: I support Al Gore because he is smart, capable and experienced
    Neo: I want to have a beer with George Bush

    Me: I support Hillary Clinton because she is smart, capable and experienced
    OS: Obama gives me hope!

    Me: I want to know about Bush and his national guard service
    Neo: Liberal Media Liberal Media Liberal Media Dan Rather is a jerk

    Me: I want to know more about Obama’s connections with Ayers, Rezko and Wright
    OS: No more debates. He’s answered the question! Charlie Gibson is a jerk

    Me: The press is in the tank for Bush and won’t vet him
    Neo: Al Gore created the interets

    Me: The press is in the tank for Obama and won’t vet him
    OS: White Water, Monica, Travelgate

    Me: I think it’s disgusting that Bush called a reporter an asshole
    Neo: He is!

    Me: I think it’s disgusting that Randi Rhodes called Senator Clinton a “fucking whore”
    OS: She is!

    Me: I want all the votes in Florida counted
    Neo: Bush won!

    Me: I want all the votes in Florida counted
    OS: They broke the rules!

    Add any answers that you wish.

  36. My Hero, Terry McAuliffe On Meet The Press Tomorrow!!!


    Terry McAuliffe always does a great job of telling the stupid MSM what the real numbers are and how Hillary is still in the running. He is great at shutting down any slams of Hillary. I think he will own that show tomorrow!!!

  37. everyone write that kristen powers spewing this shit about hillary call her on it write and tell her what ya think..saying she shouldnt attack him anymore bull shit..he attacks her shell attack back..staying in the race Until she wins




    My Hero, Terry McAuliffe On Meet The Press Tomorrow!!!


    Terry McAuliffe always does a great job of telling the stupid MSM what the real numbers are and how Hillary is still in the running. He is great at shutting down any slams of Hillary. I think he will own that show tomorrow!!!


  39. Spread the Forum Link Far & Wide – Battle Time!


    Prior to now we were a bit wary about spreading the forum link too far and wide for fear of attracting the wrong crowd – Obamabots – and because of the load limitations on the server. Well, no time for worrying about that now given the King of Division is closer to stealing the nomination and because our server hell is OVER!! Spread the link far and wide – blog it, paste it, email it, shout it, whatever, just get it out there. All comers welcome. And all haters will continue to be banned.

    Now that we have fast speed, we can now support the increase traffic!


    Bamboozling the American electorate again
    Strategy involves G.O.P. crossover voting to take out Clinton, marketing newcomer Obama, stripping battleground delegates, inciting a convention riot and (if necessary) declaring martial law before November’s general election. Meanwhile, revelations about the Illinois senator’s ties to Chicago political fixer Tony Rezko and his Iraqi billionaire buddies are downplayed by the press. For their part, Democratic Party leaders persist in efforts to circumvent the nominating process, even as Karl Rove emerges as a player at Rezko’s trial

  41. This from a previous Larouche article
    (written by by Debra Hanania-Freeman)

    Clinton, herself, has dismissed those who are calling on her to withdraw, as having no understanding of history. In fact, Lyndon LaRouche has recommended that the wary citizen would do well to look back to the 1932 Democratic National Convention. The major nations of Europe had already fallen into fascism, and the United States appeared to be close behind. The only hope for a forgotten U.S. electorate, largely beaten down by the Great Depression, was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    The Democratic Party leadership, fully infiltrated by agents of the very same Anglo-Dutch financial establishment that is today trying to drive Clinton from the race, demanded the withdrawal of Roosevelt, so “the party could be unified.” Roosevelt stayed in the race. At the convention, the delegates fought the pressure from that crowd to dump Roosevelt through no fewer than four ballots. Roosevelt took the nomination, and the Presidency, becoming the longest serving President in U.S. history. (See EIR, April 4, 2008 for the full story of that 1932 battle.)
    With Momentum on Her Side

    Some may argue that Hillary Clinton is no FDR, and that the delegate math is against her. It is true that at this time, she hasn’t shown the extraordinary qualities of an FDR, but then, few in history have. As for the delegate math, when the last primary vote is cast on June 3, neither Clinton nor Obama will have the delegates necessary to take the nomination. Right now, Clinton leads in the popular vote, has shown that she can win in November, and has momentum on her side. In fact, were it not for the arcane and complex manner in which Democratic convention delegates are selected, she would also lead in pledged delegates.

    And, although few things are certain, one thing that absolutely is certain, is that the continuing acceleration of this global financial and economic collapse will increase the importance of the economy as the determining issue in this election campaign. Regardless of whom the super-delegates have declared for today, this issue will undoubtedly be the one that determines whom they cast their vote for in Denver. Hillary Clinton has defined her candidacy on the issue of the economy and providing representation for the lower 80% of the population. She would be insane to withdraw now.

    The most important issue, however, is addressed in the statement issued by Lyndon LaRouche, accompanying this article: “… the rank and file of the supporters of Obama’s and Senator Hillary Clinton’s candidacies, have inherent rights which must be protected by the institution of the Presidency. It is those rights, especially those of the lower eighty percentile of our family income-brackets, which must be served as a commitment to be expected of all of us who care.” And, that mandates that the intricate and unique electoral process devised by our Founding Fathers continue unimpeded, especially by foreign interference.

    Those calling on Clinton to withdraw have a whole other agenda. Although they are nominally Democrats, they care little for the fact that it is their actions, if not brought to a screeching halt, that will be responsible for the destruction of the Democratic Party as a force in the elections. For the more small-minded players, like Felix Rohatyn-stooge Nancy Pelosi and Howard “the Scream” Dean, the motivation is personal. If Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, they will most certainly join the growing ranks of the unemployed.

    For the likes of George Soros and Felix Rohatyn, the motivation is different. They are working on behalf of a British attempt to control the U.S. election. Remember, according to their game plan, the Clinton candidacy should have already ended, Obama’s candidacy should be imploding, and some “other candidate” like Al Gore or Michael Bloomberg should be stepping up to the plate.

  42. Sonia,
    Thanks. That story’s been updated quite a bit.


    “Although it’s rarely mentioned in the press, legally no determination of a nominee can carry any legitimacy until the first ballot is taken in August. After all, that’s what conventions are for.”

  43. Good evening everyone–

    I am at it again and am working on a new video– I need some specific examples, preferably with links, to quotes from Obama’s surrogates, supporters, or even Obama himself making sexist comments ref. to Hillary Clinton.

    I know about:
    1. Obama’s- “claws come out”
    2. Obama’s- “periodically when she’s down”
    3. Retired Gen. McPeak’s “Obama does not have crying fits and isn’t discovering his voice at 60”
    4. Rep. Steve Cohen “Glenn Close should have stayed in that tub”

    If you know of others, please let me know. I could use the extra help. Thanks.

  44. hey all!! 😀

    I am out of town for the weekend visiting my highschool best friend and her family… but i still miss being online LOL……it’s killing me to not be blogging my heart out with all of you!!

    I will be back home tomorrow night (early) and i can see i have ALOT of reading to do to catch up LOL……..YIKES!!!!!

    I am sure your all holding the fort..:D

    say i was reading the “argus leader” the main news paper here in south dakota…..and in todays paper hillary had front page news AND a 2 page spread on the inside of the first section……AND…….a full page on the opinion section!!! it was a great set of articles and comments

    of course the journalists had to make some mention of how the media has said she is at the end of her campaing yadda yadda yadda…..but it was like 2 lines barely worth mentioning in comparison to having 3 full pages of possitive…..they outlined fully the policies that she spoke about here in sioux falls,Sd on thursday along with MANY of the peoples comments and what they thought about her the race etc.

    they did a little article on a woman from mnpls that drove to sioux falls just for hillary’s event and stood in line for 2 hours to get in and then sat for an additional hour waiting for hillary’s plane to land….and she had 2 kids in tow with her…..but she talked about how it was so worth it!! that mrs clinton had spend time taking pictures with her and her kids and that then hillary asked her if she had anything for her to sign and that blew this lady away that hillary would even care enough to ask as busy as she is and that so many other people wanted to see and touch her and get a picture/autograph etc…….it really was somethign huge for this woman after driving all the way from mnpls
    to see her, i think hillary knew that she had come that far and spent a bit of extra time with her because of it…………hill is so cool!!!

    unlike obama ” come on guys i already answered like 8 questions!”
    and “can i just eat my waffle?”

    well…….see you all tomorrow night and then i will cronicle the best parts of the articles in the argus leader for you all then 😀

    till than have a great night and day tomorrow !


  45. skmf12 Says:
    May 10th, 2008 at 10:37 pm
    1950 dem,
    you are so right on the money with that letter, how do i send one too?
    could i copy yours?

    I’m going to polish it some more myself, but you’re welcome to use anything you want if you make it yours instead of mine.

    I don’t think Hillary would see it unless it gets posted at several big blogs etc.

  46. yeah

    i saw all this info over at hillforum

    i am sorry ,,u all knew it already


    i read ur post at mydd

    i love you friend ,,,well put ( a supporter,s open letter to hillary )

    keep it up

    and shut the hell up off of obamabots

    when u get people leaving negs,there

    u should tell us

    we should all get there and attack them

  47. Chicago style politics in Lake County/ VOTER FRAUD:,0,6823125.story,0,5215475.story

    Can somebody post the link to the Lyndon Larouche thing?? (ok. I realize I’ve prob. lost my mind. First: Rove. Now: Larouche LOL)

    Did everybody see the URGENT ACTION ITEMS–listed above???

    Did everybody see the UrDgent Action Items

  48. GeekLove08 Says:
    May 10th, 2008 at 11:31 pm
    I am at it again and am working on a new video– I need some specific examples, preferably with links, to quotes from Obama’s surrogates, supporters, or even Obama himself making sexist comments ref. to Hillary Clinton.

    Referring to her diplomatic travels as ‘drinking tea’. Use some of the photos/videos of her in Bosnia at a muddy post with the armoured soldiers standing around, and the bulldozer…. There were good photos/videos at and, iirc, at democraticunderground

    “Pimping out Chelsea”

    In NH, referring to her emotion in the diner as ‘campaign stress’ — suggesting that she couldn’t take the stress, denying that the fate of the country was anything to get emotional about.


    very nice diary

    , a Democrat compared Hillary Clinton to a psycho bunny boiler because she won’t stop campaigning and just let Barack Obama be crowned. And who do you think came to the defense of Hillary Clinton and commented on the blatant misogyny happily expressed by a Barack Obama supporter? Was it Barack Obama? Nancy Pelosi? Howard Dean? Ted Kennedy or Rahm Emmanuel who were fretting about the things Bill was accused of saying in South Carolina?


    The McCain campaign commented on it. Yes, that old guy’s campaign whose supporters brought us “How do we beat the bitch?!” apparently took offense where no DEMOCRAT did.

    “Fatal Attraction” comparisons are kind of TABOO but that isn’t stopping the Obama campaign. Check out the story here. ABC’s Jake Tapper’s analysis is right on here: “I’d posit at the very least that it’s not keeping with Obama’s lofty campaign rhetoric to compare Clinton’s tenacity to psychosis.” The Obama campaign already had to repudiate one surrogate yesterday. Will they denounce this one as well?

  50. When Their Superdelegates Do It, It’s Okay?
    By Jeralyn, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Sat May 10, 2008 at 09:50:40 PM EST
    Tags: West Virginia ’08 (all tags) Share This:
    I recall supporters of Barack Obama claiming profusely at one time that the pledged delegate vote is the will of the people and the superdelegates should accede to it. Will they complain about this?

    Sen. Jay Rockefeller and Rep. Nick Rahall, two of West Virginia’s superdelegates backing Barack Obama, say they’re sticking with him despite polls showing Hillary Clinton a heavy favorite in the state.

    “I view my role as a superdelegate as one that takes the long-range view of what is in the best interest of our party and our country,” Rahall said Thursday.

    Rockefeller said he’s sticking with his conscience.

    No, I didn’t think so. Any more than they complained that Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry were going against the will of the voters in their state.

  51. 1950democrat

    — great suggestions. I especially like the diplomatic travels as drinking tea– do you happen to have a link?

  52. If heaven forbid Obama steals the nomination, Hillary, for show, has to campaign for and endorse Obama. It would be strategy for 2012 nothing more! She knows he’s unelectable!

    But if he pulls this off, his VP choice may try to claim frontrunner status for 2012! We have to be ready.

  53. Geek: there is the finger episode, dusting off his shoulders, “likeable enough,” Senator Clinton can stay in the race, as long as she likes.

    MO: I would have to really think about voting for her (Clinton). I believe she said it on GMA.

  54. jen the michigander, i agree. wv and kentucky is coming at the right becuase hillary needs some big wins badly now. nice blowouts. i had this obamabot lowball obama’s chances at being lucky to get 30%! wtf you can’t spin 65% to 70% loss!

  55. Somebody asked before about incidents where BO & surrogates said nasty things about Hill.

    Don’t forget him giving her the finger.

  56. In W.Va., Clinton’s Disciples Persevere

    By Eli Saslow
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Sunday, May 11, 2008; A01

    SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. — They traveled here from New York, Pennsylvania and Indiana last week to stand in the rain on a rural street corner, at a four-way intersection of winding mountain roads. One woman, a doctor, took vacation time from her job to make the trip. Another, a mother of three, hired a babysitter for the first time in months.

    The 10 volunteers, linked by a resolve to keep Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign alive by helping her win Tuesday’s West Virginia primary, met to wave campaign signs patched together with duct tape. They cheered as the first car, a beat-up white Volvo, rolled toward the intersection, and a young man in aviator sunglasses leaned out his driver’s-side window.

    “Hey,” he said. “Don’t you think you’re wasting your time?”

    Clinton’s most loyal supporters — the ones still standing on street corners — have adopted their candidate’s motto, even as she trails Sen. Barack Obama by an insurmountable margin in pledged delegates: to fight like hell, despite dim odds and denigration, until someone officially wins the Democratic nomination.

    But on this day, the intersection of Highway 480 and German Street, where they stood, divided Shepherdstown into two factions. College kids from Shepherd University approached from the north, angry that Clinton has remained in a race she appears destined to lose. Truck drivers and farmers approached from the south, their support for Clinton fortified by her perseverance.

    The two groups met at the intersection in a cacophony of honking horns and shouting that echoed across this town of about 1,000 near the Maryland border. After two hours, Luanne Smith had heard enough.

    “It’s become so personal, just one insult after another,” Smith said. “These sides are starting to feel some hate for each other. Everybody is angry, but I’m going to keep at this as long as I can. I never want to look myself in the mirror and say, ‘You quit. You didn’t do your part.’ ”

    Even if Smith and the other volunteers help Clinton win by a large margin in West Virginia, it’s unlikely to help her overcome the momentum and lead in delegates that now give Obama’s campaign a sense of inevitability. West Virginia awards only 38 delegates, and its population — mostly white, rural and working class — consists of the exact demographic that has supported Clinton in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Obama campaign aides subtly shifted their focus to the general election after the results in the North Carolina and Indiana primaries last week, apparently content to concede Clinton a victory here.

    Smith traveled from her home in Burke, Va., and checked into the Super 8 Motel because she’d grown tired of hearing her friends insist it was time to give up. “She’s going to win so big,” Smith said, “that it will force people to see all of the possibilities.”

    Smith, who also volunteered for Clinton in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, read about plans for Thursday’s honk-and-wave event on a campaign Web site. She arrived at the corner wearing a black fanny pack and red blouse decorated with Clinton stickers. Other volunteers parked nearby saw Smith’s outfit and greeted her with handshakes and half hugs.

    “I don’t even know these other women, but I feel like I do,” said Zenia Kuzma, from Shepherdstown. “We’ve been going through this same ordeal together.”

    All 10 women watched on television Tuesday night as Clinton lost badly to Obama in North Carolina and won narrowly in Indiana. All 10 listened to pundits and politicians implore Clinton to quit the race, and heard friends and family members insist that voting for Clinton had become utterly pointless.

    The women stood on the street, outlining a scenario in which Clinton could still win the nomination: big victories in several of the six remaining primaries, including West Virginia’s. Public endorsements from John Edwards and Al Gore. Counting primary results from Michigan and Florida. A sudden and overwhelming tide of support from undecided superdelegates to establish her as the clear-cut nominee.

    “It’s doable, really,” said Mary Bell, a 56-year-old retired lawyer from Shepherdstown. “We’ll take it one week at a time, just like she’s doing. Obama might not be tough enough for this job, and she’s proving she’s a fighter. It’s the little things, like getting out on the street and showing support, that can help you win this campaign one day at a time.”

    They arranged themselves at the intersection in a way that no passerby could possibly ignore them. Lisa Florek, a 39-year-old from Charles Town, W.Va., held up two cardboard signs and chanted Clinton’s name. Gerrie Nussdorf, a volunteer from New York, offered each driver a sticker.

    Smith and Kuzma stood behind a 10-foot-long sign and listened to a developing pattern. Trucks headed out of town honked in support and encouragement. Compacts destined for the college or the nearby coffee shop slowed down and offered very different suggestions.

    “Give up already,” shouted a woman in a red jeep.

    “Boo. Clinton’s a loser,” said a man in a blue sedan.

    “What are you doing?” asked a passenger in a weathered Pontiac. “Didn’t you hear Clinton already lost?”

    After each insult, Smith and Kuzma glared straight ahead, venting to each other only after the drivers had pulled away.

    “This just isn’t very nice,” Kuzma said. “These are some mean people.”

    “Every one of them is the same — skinny kids who’ve never experienced anything but college,” Smith said. “The more I’m involved, the angrier I get. Every call for her to get out of the race just incenses me. It makes me crazy. Who are you? Who in the world are you to tell this woman who’s done so much that it’s time for her to be quiet and sit down?”

    In Shepherdstown, Obama and Clinton supporters have withdrawn into such tight cliques that reconciliation seems unlikely, some of the women said. Obama supporters damage yard signs; Clinton supporters take their complaints about unruliness to the local press. When Clinton visited Shepherd University for a rally Wednesday, a dozen students showed up with Obama signs and chanted before Clinton took the lectern.

    “I don’t recall any other primary where the other side has been a little bit abrasive like this,” said Bell, the retired lawyer from Shepherdstown. “That’s just their style, and it can sometimes come off as harsh.”

    As Bell stood on the corner, a young man leaving the university in a black pickup slowed down as he approached the intersection. Bell guessed that he was an Obama supporter, and she held up her sign and prepared for another insult or a pithy remark or some dismissive gesture.

    The man rolled down his window and stopped in front of Bell.

    “Hey,” he said. “Keep fighting.”

    “Oh,” Bell said. “Thanks. You can bet we will.”

  57. Haven’t seen it yet but according to some tonight’s SNL skit was a disgrace. Not surprised in the least if so. Here’s one account via TL;

    “It was a hatchet job. It was inexcusible in my opinion. In it, she basically said that she would do anything to win–but by saying that she played the gender card and Obama’s supporters are sexist, and that all of her supporters being portrayed as racists were basically part of the plan. I cringed when I saw it. Even my conservative Mother, who I’m spending Mama’s Day with, said that she felt that it was over the line.

  58. Buried in the LATimes/Bloomberg poll;

    The economy continues to be the issue that most concerns voters;

    Regardless of their choice for president, voters judged Hillary Clinton the most capable of the three candidates in handling economic policies.
    She garnered 32%, compared with 26% for Obama and 23% for McCain.

  59. Ok, last one since everyone’s apparently sleeping (or has a life!)

    Clinton’s Mother’s Day Fund-Raiser

    By Katharine Q. Seelye
    The New York Times

    Senator Hillary Clinton shared some advice Saturday that she says she gives her mother these days: “Just turn off the television.”

    This bit of wisdom brought huge cheers and a standing ovation from 1,100 people, most of them women, at a Mother’s Day fund-raiser in New York City this afternoon.

    Many here, in the ballroom at a mid-town hotel, have been among Mrs. Clinton’s most ardent supporters and they said in interviews that they expected her to continue her fight for the nomination despite her diminishing prospects. The ballroom displayed a few balloons, but it was generally shorn of the frills that accompany a big political rally, reflecting a tightened budget.

    The crowd included Heloisa Ce, 54, a waitress at a catering firm, who brought a pair of pink boxing gloves and repeatedly jabbed the air with them. “I don’t want her to give up, I want her to keep fighting,” Ms. Ce said.

    Ms. Ce was part of a team of women from New York who have been roving from state to state to canvass for Mrs. Clinton since the New Hampshire primary. In fact, many in the audience were volunteers for the campaign.

    Mrs. Clinton told them that they had sustained her throughout the campaign, which she described as “a joy.”

    “I know that may be hard to believe,” she said, “but if you could just take the advice that I give to my own mother – and that is to just turn off the television.”

    But as the cheering ebbed, she painted a picture of party unity, saying she would finish the nominating contest, “then we will have a nominee, then we will have a unified Democratic Party and we will stand together and we will defeat John McCain in November.” That too brought cheers.

    The afternoon was a chance for Mrs. Clinton to raise a bit of money _ tickets started at $100 _ and showcase her platform for women and families. “It would be exciting to have the first mother in the White House,” she declared at one point, but most of her 40-minute talk was devoted to her plans for universal health care, making college affordable and investigating the oil companies.

    It was not clear if she was trying to telegraph something to Senator Barack Obama, the frontrunner for the nomination, but she made two particularly interesting comments. She seemed to relax her much-criticized call for a vacation from the gas tax, saying she was open to other ways of providing relief for people from high gas prices. And she reaffirmed her view that a health-care plan needs to be universal, describing that as a core Democratic value.

    “Our Democratic nominee should stand for universal health care,” she said, raising one of the most salient policy differences between her and Mr. Obama.

    The fighting words were left to two members of New York’s congressional delegation — Nita Lowey and Charles Rangel — who introduced her and her daughter, Chelsea.

    Referring to superdelegates, Ms. Lowey said: “We must persuade them that Hillary Clinton is the right choice, the rational choice, the smart choice, the choice of the heart and the head.”

    Mr. Rangel declared, “We were with Hillary Clinton before, we are with Hillary Clinton now and we will stay with Hillary Clinton until we win.”

    He said reporters were asking him when she would quit. “I ask the questioners, when in the history of this country and the world do winners quit?” he said.

    Mr. Rangel was the only one to make a dig at Mr. Obama, although not by name. He said it was easy to oppose the war in Iraq from the outside. “What really counts is, were you in the Congress when you had to make the decision?” he asked, to big applause. (Mr. Obama was in the Illinois legislature when he voiced his opposition.)

    But Mr. Rangel quickly got with the program, wished everyone a happy Mother’s Day and then introduced Chelsea, calling her “the heart of the Clinton family.”

    Chelsea said her mother would be the best president, both for her and “the family I will likely have.” She also paid homage to her mother with a Mother’s Day video on

    At times, today’s event took on the feel of the Chelsea-and-Hillary show. Mrs. Clinton said at one point that children should remember to follow their mother’s advice when Chelsea, standing slightly behind her, mugged a bit to the audience. Mrs. Clinton turned around to regard her daughter. “Well, that’s a topic for another day,” she said.

    The audience had submitted questions in writing, and Chelsea drew some out of a big bowl to ask her mother. One asked Mrs. Clinton how Chelsea had changed her life. “Being Chelsea’s mom has been the greatest experience of my life,” she said, adding that her daughter had put her life on hold to campaign for her.

    The maternal theme was evident in the audience as well.

    One trio included Heather Capell, 37, who has taken a leave of absence from her job as a lawyer in Washington, D.C., to work in Mrs. Clinton’s headquarters in Virginia; her mother, Rita Capell, 61, a retired teacher, from Long Island; and her grandmother, Beulah Kaplan, 91, who is visiting from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and was tapping her toes to music provided by a swing band. Mrs. Kaplan is one of those women whom Mrs. Clinton refers to from time to time who was born before women won the right to vote, in 1920, and now is eager to see a woman become president.

    Rita Capell said she had been a fan of Mrs. Clinton since she was first lady. “I grew up at the same time she did,” Mrs. Capell said. “We went through the same stages of life at the same time.”

    There were a few men in the audience too. Sean Morrison, 42, who works in corporate management training in New York, said this was the first political event he had attended in his entire life. “I find her very interesting and I wanted to see her in person,” he said.

    Paul Casali, 33, a consultant, brought his mother, Melinda, 68, a retired customer service representative, as a Mother’s Day present. He said he felt loyal to Mrs. Clinton because she had helped get unemployment insurance for people, like him, who were dislocated by the 9/11 attack at the World Trade Center.

    Mrs. Casali was also a devoted fan. “I don’t want to think it’s the end,” she said. “I want her to keep fighting. It’s never hopeless.”

    Mrs. Clinton spoke to that feeling in the crowd as she finished her speech.

    “Let’s keep going, stay with me,” she said. “This is a great adventure and we’re going to make history.”

  60. Ok, very last one. File it under, “What They’re Saying.”
    From a TM poster…

    Look enough of this whimpering about not voting for Obama, not voting for McCain, or even writing Hillary’s name on the ballot (which you can’t even do in most states)…here are the simple facts:

    1. The Democratic Party despises the Clintons (for whatever reason, I don’t know! Perhaps they’re just not good puppets–they tend to do what’s right for the people instead of the party). It’s become abundantly clear that the party has had it in for Hillary since day one!

    2. Hillary will undoubtedly become the SCAPEGOAT in November! Let’s face it, Obama’s gonna lose the GE and the party will lynch the Clintons, claiming they sabotaged him so she can come back in 2012 after 4 years of McCain.

    3. Of the three candidates that remain presidential hopefuls, only one truly has the strength and the courage to go after those that fleeced and pillaged the country, and that’s Hillary Rodham Clinton. She’s also the only candidate that has genuinely credible plans to rescue the nation from the 8 years of devastating Bush policy…let’s face it, she GETS IT!

    4. There are many, many Americans that will have a hard time voting for McCain (the warmonger), and an even harder time voting for Obama (the inexperienced elitist with really bad judgment), and those folks would vote for Hillary Clinton by default.

    5. If Hillary Clinton is denied the nomination as a direct result of manipulating the primary (ie: caucus fraud and disenfranchisement), with a party that remains totally biased and conspired to defeat her honest and fair campaign, then she has every right to consider running in November on an Independent ticket!

    6. Call it whatever you want (I’m partial to the “Patriot Party” because Hillary is an American Patriot in my view), but having her name on the November ballot along with McCain and Obama can only benefit the American people. What we really need is more choices and then America will decide!

    7. Many will agree that neither party has done well to serve the needs of the American people…the Republicans were hijacked in 2000 by the neocons who got us into the Iraq quagmire; and now the Democrats are being hijacked by the left-wing ultralibs who will put up an empty suit puppet as a nominee, despite the will of the voters!

    8. 2008 is the year of the Independent Party!!! If America really wants ‘hope’ and ‘change’ then we need a new party to lead the way!

  61. Washington Post says Kathleen Sebelius proported to be on top of Obama’s VP list if he gets the nomination–isn’t she the one that gave that god awful state of the union response earlier this year? I love how the press is discussing VP’s when the primaries aren’t even over yet and Obama is not the nominee. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. If people aren’t worried by this complete lack of media objectivity they should be…it does not bode well for our country.

    Also, according to the Democratic Underground, Hillary supporters are now commonly referred to as “bigots”. That site has been bad in the past but I have never seen anything like the utter and relentless hate going on there now. It’s on par with Daily Kos. The divide between Democrats is real…

  62. Blue,

    I would LOVE it if as a UK paper put it, “Mrs. Clinton flounces out and runs as Independent.” But it’s impossible. Lieberman did it because he had only one state to run in. But to get on the ballot in all states would be too much work, too many chances for lawsuits, etc.

    Also HIllary is just too ethical and loyal. And has many friends in the party she wouldn’t want to desert.

  63. Waffles and Ms. Boring, Yeah, that would really be good for our country (not). Just more inexperienced people. This country may be doomed.

  64. so, by having a woman on the ticket, they are trying to bribe women. It won’t work with this one. Waffles will never get my vote.

  65. why are Hillary supporters bigots? That is calling the millions of people, who voted for Hillary, bigots. How can they do that? And now, they are starting the attack on McCain. Some new style of politics.

  66. Birdgal, if you can stomach it go over to the Democratic Underground and see the hatred that is blazing there. It’s literally nothing but a gang there. If this kind of viscious and race baiting behavior is going to go on should Obama get to the general election it is going to be one ugly and divisive election year.

    Sebelius appears to be a popular governor who accomplished some thlngs for her state unlike Obama who hasn’t accomplished a single thing in any part of his political life. Obama probably wants her as she is from a red state, had a republican running mate and fought the insurance companies. She is also a Catholic and since they really don’t care for Obama he’s probably figures he can win them over with her as a running mate. She a woman so I’m sure Obama thinks all us Hillary supporters will suddenly come over and support him (boy is he wrong there). Sebelius also has a Kerry connection so I’m sure he recommended her.` Ironically, she has 6 years as Governor, 8 years as Kansas insurance commissioner, and 8 years in the Kansas House of Representatives. Thats way more years of governmental experience than the person who would be at the top of the ticket.

  67. 1950Dem,
    I’ll defer to you (somewhat) as I wasn’t even in existence in 1950 🙂
    of the reason you listed for avoiding an Indy run, the too much hard work to get on the ballot shouldn’t be enough to scare off anyone who realizes how important this is.
    The lawsuits, another matter, though unless there’s something disqualifying, she’d have the right to run as a 3rd party, one I’d think any court would uphold.
    And as for Hill being ethical and loyal, well, she’d still be ethical, and loyalty should be a two way street, except she’s the only one on it.

    I also think if we asked Hillary she’d say her allegiance was to her country first, her party second.

    By all means, tell me where I’m being stupid 🙂

  68. hillfans, i have been going back and forth with a obamabot all year at work but i have taken crow from him recently. “why don’t hillary just give up” crap like that. well , i tell him i am loyal to the damn end. if she takes it to the convention i will still give money and support her. i really think they don’t realize the loyalty we have to her. big media, obama and his obamabots. they just don’t have a clue.

  69. american gal: I’ll pass on democratic underground. I don’t need to have nightmares. I just don’t understand how a campaign that promotes change, hope, unity, can be so hateful. Boggles the mind.

  70. stay away from daily kooks, huff in puff, and the rest of the nutkooks blogs also. i have accounts to all of them. i posted once last week on huff in puff but that was the first in months. your blood pressure would hit the roof at the amount of hate thrown at hillary and her supporters.

  71. terrondt: lol! I have been on blog a few times, during the past couple of days. They are very respectful, and there have been more Hillary supporters arriving. The obamabots have even infiltrated his site. It must be part of some masterplan to brainwash everyone.

  72. Just had an email from Spega:
    As some of you know, I am helping coordinate a grassroots outreach to superdelegates—with luck our new website ( will be fully operational tomorrow.
    Lastly, the campaign needs helping calling West Virginia– Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
    Please give them whatever time you can—but make the phone calls & get out the vote….remember: you can do it from home in your jammies!!

    If you need more help than is at, email me and I’ll pass it on to a contact person.

  73. Good Morning!
    ADMIN!!!!!! Can you post this FANTASTIC clip of terry McCauliffe defending HRC?

    “It’s the Electability stupid.”


    (3rd thread down on TM homepage)
    He also made a believer out of Mika Pompadour.

    EVERYONE!!!! Watch this clip!!!!!! You will be reinvigorated and inspired to keep the faith!

  74. GEEKLOVE!!!

    Some of MO’s greatest (HRC) hits. (sanctioned of course by waffles)

    From NoQuarter re-2464

  75. “Also, according to the Democratic Underground, Hillary supporters are now commonly referred to as “bigots”. That site has been bad in the past but I have never seen anything like the utter and relentless hate going on there now. It’s on par with Daily Kos. The divide between Democrats is real…”

    No one in the media or Democratic Party has been brave (or smart) enough to admit it, but it is an obvious fact to those astute enough to be able to read, that we are in open civil war in the Democratic Party. The Party big wigs are so completely focused on gaining complete control of the government that they have either not noticed or give a darn that this has very good potential of spilling over into the larger American society. If it does, it will not only exaggerate even further the recent polarization of America, but also reignite racial divisions that had been slowly getting better.

    Funny, or should we say sad, how humans are always much more capable (and willing) to cause harm and suffering than good.

  76. “Why are they so hateful? Do they receive training in name calling and vitrolic hatred?”

    Utilizing modern technology, they are imitating the tactics of the German brownshirts (SA) during the National Socialist’s rise to power. The main slogan of the SA was “All opposition must be stamped into the ground”

  77. Aaron Klein, World Net Daily’s Jerusalem bureau chief, will be featured today, Sunday, May 11, 2008, on Fox’s “America’s Election HQ” at 12:45 p.m. EST, to discuss the Hamas terror group’s endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

  78. If the party thinks that sticking a woman on the ticket would shore up the gap .. they are nuttyieir than I had any idea.

    One thing, a woman on the ticket .. would have to be Hillary. She is far more qualified than any other woman in America. To ignore her and “plant” another woman would be an insult to the women for one thing .. I’m not saying Hillary would accept a vp slot if she isn’t the nominee.

    First Kennedy gets on tv and insults Hillary and now we see that he wants to “find” a woman to fill the slot ….mere pandering. Won’t work for me.

    That being said .. I think that if she is not she should insist on the vp slot because she would insure that the party takeover fails.

    Took yesterday away from all of this, got plans for today .. Happy Mothers Day all and to Hillary too.

    She added more stops in WV today too .. things are looking better there. Bill C is doing a fabulous job and so is Hillary.

  79. The other side is so ridiculous, they are thinking we would be satisfied with any woman, WRONG! We want Hillary bc there is no one else that can fill her shoes. I guess we could put an AA with Hillary and expect that would satisfy his supporters, I don’t think that would work for them either! That’s is how stupid Kennedy is! We all know how stupid Kennedy and Kerry really are! LOSERS,the lot of them!

  80. the thing is .. if the party gets it way in that they want the Clintons gone .. her taking the vp slot would grind that to a dead halt….to me it’s more now about stopping the Kennedy/Kerry/Obama/Pelosi/Reid disaster.

    Another woman on the ticket would make me run even farther from the party in the GE .. talk about insult

    I’m looking at all scenarios here .. I’m for Hillary, but I have to be realistic as well.

  81. dot48, I talked to one of my friend last night. to my surprise, she will vote for BHO in GE simply because of economics. she buies the notion that both Hillary and BHO have similar policy. I am not sure how many voters like that out there.

  82. meiyingsu

    My sister said she will not vote for O..She said she will not vote or vote for McCain

  83. neetabug, I don’t trust him at all. not a single thing. he doesn’t have a record to prove who he is except a skin color.

  84. Harry Reid was just on with George S., Harry said we need to wait and relax, that BIll C. did not get the nomination until june 2, so what’s wrong with waiting until June 3rd.
    Maybe its more of the media pushing the story than Harry Reid pushing it. I do think Pelosi and Dean are pushing the story,but Harry did not seem to be doing it.

  85. I am going to call my congressperson and let her know to tell Hillary to not quit. That i will be supporting McCain in the fall if BO is the nominee. I will be talking to her personally. She is very close to Hillary

  86. Good morning everyone.

    I check in on this blog from time to time and try to keep up everyone’s spirits with some positive comments. A few days ago, someone said they were having trouble drafting a letter to superdelegates and for fundraising. I posted a couple letters I wrote to help raise money for the campaign and I left the link for my Hillraiser code FBX5 in the letter I posted.

    I checked today and two new people have donated to the through my HillRaiser link. I dont know either person so I assume they did so through this web page.

    I want to send a big heartfelt THANK YOU to both JC and LF for their donations to Hillary Clinton.

    Seeing their postings brought a little tear to my eye.

    Thank YOU

  87. My Mother’s day wish to Hillary Clinton:

    You are an inspiration to American women and men everywhere. Thank you for being brave enough to stand for up for our principles and for challenging us all to do the same.

  88. I am so sick of reading Obama supporters posts that say the only reason she is going to win WV and KY is because Hillary supporters are racists. Infact , it enrages me! Talk about divisive. The voters in these states have always been a tough group to win over, a challenging group because they are tight knit and listen to their local leaders. They also have strong morals and are very patriotic.

    I would be naive to think that there aren’t some voters in the US that wouldn’t vote for Obama because he is half Black, I am sure that is the case. However, their intentions to make the point a sweeping stereotype really only represents a small percentage and is not limited to any certain regions. Unfortunatley, there are people in the country that still feel that way but I think they make up a much smaller margin than is being suggested by Obama’s way-left cohorts.

    What the DNC, delegates and Supers need to do is figure out the real reason why Obama apparently cannot capture that vote. Calling it racism is a copout.

  89. Oh, one more thing if I may:) I am also pissed off when I read stories calling female supporters of Hillary Clinton ‘feminists’ one article on CNN ticker suggests ‘feminists’ are infighting over supporting Clinton or Obama. I am an female independent voter who voted for Clinton. I voted for her because she is the best candidate to lead the country. Isn’t that what this is all about?

  90. deidre77, EXACTLY, I won’t vote for him because of his ties to questionable people, statements he has made in his books and his incompetence at the debates. The guy doesn’t seem to know what is going on in the world, economy and certainly what is going on with middle america!

  91. meiyingsu, I wouldn’t bother!

    What I would do is:

    Donate! In honor of Mother’s day and the work Hillary has done for children and mothers across America and beyond.

    Call! Help WIN West Virginia, Oregon, Kentucky, P. R., Montana, and South Dakota.

    Write POSITIVE blogs about Hillary!

    HELP! There’s only TWO DAYS LEFT!

  92. Hi again,

    I just went to the SNL link. Well, jeeeeze. What a heavy handed and ugly piece. I have never been called a racists so many times in my life. It just makes me sick. And it just makes me dikkd in harder. Obama is a muthafucka–how’s that? No racism there. Just exactlywhat he is–when he threw his grandmotgher under the bus.

  93. Okay, troops…. Let’s win by a LANDSLIDE in West Virginia and Kentucky!!






    the narrative: Hill is in it to win it. She CAN still win this if she takes over the popular vote! Tell them that every SINGLE vote matters!!! THEY can make history!

    Hill needs us more than ever. Now let’s channel some positive energy and make a difference! The absolute sweetest revenge is a HUGE WIN!!


  94. birdgal Says:

    May 11th, 2008 at 2:00 am
    why are Hillary supporters bigots? That is calling the millions of people, who voted for Hillary, bigots. How can they do that? And now, they are starting the attack on McCain. Some new style of politics.
    They’re doing it because the DNC leadership condoned it. Howard Dean and the rest of those creeps are using racial politics and will use that brush to wipe any criticism on Oblameless. Those Blacks who support Hillary are SELLOUTS and a traitor to their race.

    Interesting the more they continue down this road, the more convince the Democrats will lose the G.E. also if Obambi had the nomination wrapped up why does he care if he loses W.VA and KY and the rest to Hillary.

    ANSWER: HILLARY IS STILL A THREAT AND HAS A CHANCE TO WIN THE NOMINATION. REMEMBER Hillary Clinton is running a G.E. campaign she will not have to pull back to the center after the convention to win the in November.

    It’s becoming more and more like Florida, Texas, and California is off the table for Obama and the more Team Obama think that calling people racist will help him win them over the more I doubt his judgement for the highest office in the land.

    Obama won’t have all all the high handicap the DNC gave him with giving loyal democrats (blacks) more delegates then other democrats if he’s the nominee. It will be one vote = one vote + the electorial numbers.

    In the G.E. every state counts because it all about the Electorial College. So keep calling whites rednecks or hillbillies all the other offensive names coming from other white elites in the media who supports Obama…I’m call out Howard Dean for this mess!!!

  95. wow, you should see the newest post on Taylor Marsh about Obama’s transformation from who he was and who he is now.

    This part is strinking:

    As Mr. Abunimah said, “People think he’s a saint. He’s not. He’s a politician.” And there is nothing wrong with that, but for a man who travels the country extolling the virtues of transformative politics, there is a very little about his story that isn’t touched by hypocrisy, cynicism and opportunism.

  96. My take on the Saturday Night Live skit. I wonder if that was supposed to be a satire of how Obama supporters and the media are characterizing Hillary–how over the top the vitriol being aimed at Hillary is getting. I don’t think it was well written or clear in it’s intent. To me, the audience wasn’t wild about it—perhaps they were trying to figure out exactly what the skit was getting at as well.


    On Fox News this morning it said Obama’s pulling out of campaigning in West Virginia and Kentucky!

    Yet he’s pulling together a 50-state strategy (sounds fimiliar) to increase registration for the Democratic Party and will make stops throughout the states to increase such, and guess where one of those stops is? FLORIDA!

  98. # AmericanGal Says:
    May 11th, 2008 at 11:11 am

    My take on the Saturday Night Live skit. I wonder if that was supposed to be a satire of how Obama supporters and the media are characterizing Hillary–how over the top the vitriol being aimed at Hillary is getting. I don’t think it was well written or clear in it’s intent. To me, the audience wasn’t wild about it—perhaps they were trying to figure out exactly what the skit was getting at as well.

    my thoughts exactly. it is mocking the world view of Obama supporters. But was not done well.

  99. Did You Know . . .
    By Big Tent Democrat, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Sun May 11, 2008 at 10:28:11 AM EST

    that Democratic Presidential candidates carried West Virginia in every recent election except the last 2?

    I found this relevant question:

    Why could Jimmy Carter carry West Virginia TWICE, even in the 1980 Reagan landslide, Michael Dukakis could even carry West Virginia, Bill Clinton carried it twice by huge margins both times, yet Al Gore and John Kerry lost there? . . . [W]hat can Dems do to win it again?

  100. Why Hillary’s Supporters Won’t Give Up
    By Jeralyn, Section Elections 2008

    Thanks to a TL reader who left this in the comments on the Mother’s Day Thread: Ellen Malcolm, founder of Emily’s List, has an op-ed in Saturday’s Washington Post, Quitters Never Win. A snippet:

    It’s not surprising that low-income working women are the cornerstone of Hillary’s success. Many of these women live on the edge of disaster. A pink slip, a family member’s illness, a parent who can no longer live alone, a car that won’t start or a mortgage rate that goes up — all are threats that could devastate the family. And yet these women do what women have done for ages. They put on a confident face, feed their children breakfast and get them off to school. They don’t quit. They suck it up and fight back against whatever life throws their way….

    ….Hillary Clinton certainly has the right to compete till the end. But I believe Hillary also has a responsibility to play the game to its conclusion. For the women of my generation who learned to find and channel their competitiveness, for the working women who never falter in the face of pressure, for the younger women who still believe women can do anything, Hillary is a champion. She’s shown us over and over that winners never quit and that quitters never win.


  101. From larouchepub; Can anybody track down that cartoon?

    Unimpeachable sources very close to the Clintons have reported that the morning after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, calls were made by individuals, recognized as high-ranking members of the U.S. political elite, informing the Clintons that, “while this was not necessarily [their] position,” they wanted it passed along that under no circumstances would Hillary Clinton be permitted to take the Democratic nomination, and that, if by some miscalculation, she did take the nomination, she would never be permitted to take the Presidency. Apparently, the messages concluded that, if, by some unanticipated occurrence, she were to actually go ahead and win the Presidency, it would be the shortest-lived Presidency in the history of the United States. The message was explicit: The combination of Hillary and Bill Clinton in the White House meant a Presidency that would simply wield more independence and more power than they were willing to tolerate. Undoubtedly, Clinton’s continual pledge to represent the lower 80% of the U.S. population, and the unspoken fear that some of her policies seem to lean too far in the direction of the proposals put forward by Lyndon LaRouche, have lowered their toleration level.

    The point seemed to be underlined in a none-too-subtle cartoon in the May 9 online edition of the London Times. It shows Hillary Clinton laying face down, arms spread, eyes bulging. The American flag is the backdrop, but one of the stars has fallen, its point lodged deep in her back.

  102. just: he is trying to suppress voter turnout. I hope the people in FL throw rotten oranges at him. What audacity. New registrations, but he won’t count the primary votes. I will never vote for this weasel.

  103. “In a sign of what could be an extremely unusual fall campaign, the two sides said Saturday that they would be open to holding joint forums or unmoderated debates across the country in front of voters through the summer. Mr. Obama, campaigning in Oregon, said that the proposal, floated by Mr. McCain’s advisers, was “a great idea.”

    Love it–McCain going with Hillary’s idea of Lincoln-Douglas type debates. The more the better considering how inept Obama is at debating. If Obama is the nominee I hope this actually takes place.

  104. Well, I completely disagree, WGirl. he is stealing the election. Now they are stealing Hill’s debate idea? I have no Party.

  105. American gal,

    I had that thought too about the SNL skit–it was so heavy handed, but it didn’t come across at all.

  106. Where in the fuck are the real democrats to remind this guy he hasn’t won anything yet? Why are he and McCain already setting a debate schedule? This is sick.

  107. Yeah MJ. And Mr. New Politics is already out there talking about the Keating 5, saying he, “couldn’t quarrel with the American people wanting to know more.”

    It’s bizzarro world out there, no doubt…

  108. Sometimes, you just gotta laugh;

    In perhaps one of the more uncomfortable moments in recent Meet the Press history, Clinton campaign co-chair Terry McAuliffe insinuated on Sunday that host Tim Russert’s father was dead. He isn’t.

    Expounding — for the tenth time during the interview — the virtues of Hillary Clinton’s political tenacity, McAuliffe suggested that both his and Russert’s dad would be watching her admirably from heaven… perhaps drunk.

    “But it’s not impossible for Hillary Clinton to win,” said McAuliffe. “A lot of people have said that. Big Russ, if he were sitting here today — nothing’s impossible. Jack McAuliffe, if they were with us today, they’re probably both in heaven right now Tim, probably having a scotch, looking down saying, you know what: this fight goes on. It’s good for the Democratic Party. Millions of people coming out to vote, it’s exciting.”

    Not missing a beat, Russert quickly corrected his always genial guest.

    “Big Russ is in the Barcalounger still watching this,” he said. “God bless him.”

    And god bless McAuliffe as well.

  109. Read this on TM:

    Here’s an Obama quote from AP — it’s what he’s telling OR voters:

    “I hope everyone’s voted,” he told supporters. “And if you haven’t — vote right now, and vote for me because I’m looking forward to being president of the United States of America.”

    He sounds like a 7 year old.

  110. I am a bigot now because I’m white and want experience! Well the media is really pissing white working voters then! White because of what, they work and they have families and i find it funny that the media keeps on degrading the clintons on the “fairtytale” comment, but just maybe he insulted the americans for clinging to their F ING GUNS AND RELIGION! I can not believe this is happening! They never will talk about the 90% african americans that voted for him! Clintons have had a pass of helping minorities more than any other president! I hope the supers are watching and really focusing on what the sexist men are doing they want the supers to feel pressured to vote for this dumb ass guy so they don’t look racist! Sick sick sick sick!!

  111. birdgal Says:

    May 11th, 2008 at 11:34 am
    do people really take Larouche seriously?
    Do people take Rev. Wright seriously? Or Black Liberation Movement or the Weathermen seriously? Or Marxism, New Black Panther Party or NOI or other extreme groups on both sides?

    It seem in this election cycle…….

  112. birdgal Says:

    May 11th, 2008 at 11:25 am
    carby, I live in CA, as you do (I think), but I think waffles would win here.
    NO HE WON’T.

    Oblameless won only 8 counties in 58 and none from Central thru SoCal. Obama is wining delegates not votes and the delegates system is tilted to loyal democrats (blacks) to get more of them.

    The Democrats delegate system will NOT be in play in the G.E. it will be the Electorial College, and in the states one vote = one vote.

    The new Democratic Coalition that Donna Brazile split on CNN write off swing votes…California is made up of SWING VOTERS especially 3/4 of the state…you know Clinton supporters.

    btw: In LA Locke High School had a race riot between Blacks and Latinos…600 hundred students involved…the school was put in lock down. Team Obama using the race card tactic have sunk his campaign here in CA.

    The Republicans ads will be brutal if Obama is the nominee.

  113. I live in the most liberal county in California Los Osos it is in San Luis county, Lot of Obama supporters but I don’t think he won my count. How would I find that out?

    obama’s Plan to Overtake the Democratic Party…
    it is all laid out here, at Digby’s blog, in “The Obama Party.” This is not written by Digby who, I sense, would have a different take on this, but by a contributor named dday.

    Qualifier: I could give a rat’s ass about the Democratic party per se, but I am horrified that this party could allow itself to be taken over by what is essentially a CULT of “The One.” And to the exclusion of the MILLIONS of us who have no desire to be part of a cult. Especially having witnessed and been subjected to the brute force of his followers — who represent the coarsening of American society — I want no part of it.

    Please read through the entire article … try to ignore dday’s obvious excitement about this, and look at the complete restructuring involved, which includes the banishment of people like Lanny Davis (who has become my hero for his passionate, brainy support for Hillary) and everyone who has anything to do with the Clintons — including you and me.

    … He’s building a new Democratic infrastructure, regimenting it under his brand, and enlisting new technologies and more sophisticated voter contacting techniques to turn it from a normal GOTV effort into a lasting movement. The short-term goal is to increase voter turnout by such a degree that Republicans will wither in November, not just from a swamp of cash but a flood of numbers. The long-term goal is to subvert the traditional structures of the Democratic Party since the early 1990s, subvert the nascent structures that the progressive movement has been building since the late 1990s, and build a parallel structure, under his brand, that will become the new power center in American politics. This is tremendous news. [ARE YOU F–KING NUTS?!?]

    However, despite his calls that change always occurs from the bottom up, these structures are very much being created and controlled from the top down. …

    Here is what some longtime Dems have to say about this:

    Mr. O wants to do away with ALL independent progressive groups that can not march in lockstep with his “movement”. This means that groups ranging from Media Matters to Women’s Voices Women’s Votes to EMILY’s List to the Sierra Club to Democratic Party orgs themselves are threatened by Mr. O telling his donors NOT to donate to anything other than “official Barack Obama” outfits.

    Mr. O is setting up parallel party infrastructure to not only compete with the current Democratic Party, but ultimately OVERTAKE IT. He’s not just looking for control, but he wants to weed out EVERYONE who still has ties to Bill & Hillary Clinton. So say bye-bye to everyone
    currently working in some capacity on Hillary’s campaign… We’re not welcome any more! …

    I can’t believe this comes to mind, but this is what this takeover reminds me of: In 1969, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) had a big convention in Chicago (ahem) in which those who advocated the violent overthrow of the U.S. government took over — and threw out — those who persisted in believing in the Martin Luther King legacy of non-violent protest. The non-violent groups were no longer welcome. They were cast-offs. It was made VERY clear that they were not to be trusted by the new violent leaders in charge.

    Another person writes in an e-mail:

    People, we should get this out. The Kos Boyz may be celebrating the “death of the Clintons” now, but they don’t know that they could very well be next on the chopping block themselves if they won’t fully assimilate into “The Obama Party”. This is what I feared would happen all along… If we don’t stop this madness ASAP, we can say goodbye to the Democratic Party we know and love.

    From now on, we’d have to choose between the GOP and “The Obama Party”. Scary, isn’t it?

    Then a person, whose opinion I particularly pay attention to, writes:

    Darn right it’s scary and it’s among the reasons why, after voting a straight democratic ticket since 1972, I won’t vote for Obama. It basically means re-aligning the entire party away from the people and values that I’ve supported for decades.

    Susan HERE: I’ve never been burdened by having voted straight Democrat because I’ve never seen the point in supporting a single party all the time, and prefer — ideally — voting for the best candidate. But, overall, my choices have usually been for the Democratic candidate. But NOW? With this CULT apparatus taking over the party? No, thank you.

    More reactions:

    This is sick. This is just like facism, which was one thing when it was just his cultist, but now he’s intent on shutting the rest of us down. Yikes.

    And one more:

    Against my own financial interest and in the interest of what I believed was the greater good, I’ve supported the Democratic Party (since 1960) and given it my all even when it gave me lousy candidates. But I’m done. I will not be Obotomized.

    IF I HAVE TO VOTE FOR JOHN McCAIN TO STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING, I WILL DO IT. Frankly, I think he is not only more sane — his anger management issues aside — but I also think he is more qualified to be president.

    MY THOUGHTS about all of this are embryonic. I’m still in such shock after reading this piece, that I need time to think it through.

    And I need YOUR feedback on what this portends.


    . But how can we get more folks to see this danger fast approaching? I mean, Mr. O wants to obliterate the whole Democratic Party, kill off all of us “Clintonites”, and centralize all power to himself. This should be frightening to more self-proclaimed “progressives”… So why are they now so docile? Why are they ready to sell their souls to this guy?

    Or shall we all just buy Mr. O’s version of Mao’s Little Red Book and march in lockstep?

    Trackback URL

    16 Comments » Comment by Uppity | 2008-05-11 11:36:26

    Recreate68 is modeled after all those radicals who descended upon the convention way back when. It was wonderful. Why, everybody got to see it on TV and couldn’t WAIT to get to the polls and vote Republican out of sheer fear of what kind of scum wants to lord over America. That year gave us Richard Nixon. I can’t wait till they do it again. If these radicals learn one thing from history, it’s how to repeat their mistakes exactly. I would be disappointed if they didn’t do it all again. Marvelous. Love it.

  115. To the person who was claiming to be SONIA4HILLARY when they e-mailed me yesterday.

    You are a pervert! I forwarded the e-mail (with the attachment) to your ISP, and I hope they report you to the authorities.


  116. Told you we’d see more of this, though it’s from the same source. They’re trying to discredit Hill’s wins and minimize BO’s losses w/whites by claiming it’s just some kind of senior citizen thing; Unreal;.

    From Talk Left:

    Pundits ignore facts when they do not fit their narrative. First it was Frank Rich. Now it is Jonathan Alter (via Yglesias selling the nonsense):

    It was the “Grandma Primary.” Barack Obama lost Pennsylvania mostly because white working-class women over 60 dominated the contest to an astonishing degree, and they backed Hillary Clinton by more than 2-1. The big question is what that means for November. Obama carried men and younger and middle-aged voters, but that wasn’t nearly enough.

    This is false in every particular. The PA exit polls prove this. Clinton won ALL voters 40-49 by 54-46. She won ALL voters 50-64 by 57-43. these two age groups comprised 56% of the vote in Pennsylvania. Of course Clinton also won all whites 60 and older by 68-32. But she also won all whites 18-29 by 52-48. She also won all whites 30-44 by 58-42.

    Jonathan Alter write an entire column that is premised on a gross falsehood. He approvingly quotes Obama saying “”If you look at the numbers, our problem has less to do with white working-class voters [than] with older voters.” that is just false. Alter reports it as fact. This is now common from him. It is a shame. He was once a good journalist.

  117. When was the last time we had an election that wasn’t rigged. Even Kennedy’s election was rigged by the Daleys in Illinois.

  118. Irish1139 Says:
    May 11th, 2008 at 1:30 pm
    When was the last time we had an election that wasn’t rigged. Even Kennedy’s election was rigged by the Daleys in Illinois.

    Hm. And now Ted Kennedy has endorsed Obama, seemed to be trying to adopt him at least at first. Lots of Irish Catholics in Chicago. Are the Kennedys allied with the Daleys?

  119. Ted Kennedy is a backstabber. I always thought the Irish Americans had strong ties but Ted Kennedy shown me differently if he can go against his family Irish American ties in Massachusetts more power to be.

    I guess the Irish American clout in the democratic party has diminished on the east coast.

  120. Kennedy’s father used to sell bootleg whiskey during prohibition. There is an Irish Mafia ya know (at least there was in the old days). Kennedy needed Illinois to win. I just remember everyone talking about the Daleys, that even dead people voted in Illinois to elect John Kennedy. I was young and listening to grown ups talk. You know how that goes.

    Who knows. Nothing was ever done about it. Nixon lost and Kennedy won and then JFK was assassinated three years later by
    _____________ (fill in the blank). I don’t know that anyone is absolutely sure who killed Kennedy. This is a scary country if you let yourself think about it.

  121. Where are all the patriots? Are there any out there? It just makes you wonder if politics has always been crooked. Obama has been shoved down out throats and we just are not dumb enough to accept it.

    You must know that the elites think of the middle class as “those people.” They think we are dumb and dirty and not worth much because we aren’t making $300,000 a year. We are being steamrolled in this election. We have to decide if we are going to take it or fight.

  122. Face it, Democrats: Barack Obama’s got a growing problem with whites

    Sunday, May 11th 2008, 4:00 AM

    Hillary Clinton, down to her last straw, is making the case that she is the better candidate to run against the Republicans because, unlike Barack Obama, she can win white Democrats.

    She is right. But because she is daring to touch the hot button of racial politics, she is being told to shut up or risk being charged with exploiting racial tensions for political advantage.

    The facts are stubborn, however. Since his phenomenal win with 33% of the white vote in nearly all-white Iowa, Obama has been unable to get a firm grip on white Democrats. He has won a majority of these voters in only six states, the biggest of which is his home state of Illinois. Clinton has defeated Obama among white voters in key states such as California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Exit polls show Clinton winning an overwhelming average of 57% of white Democrats since the February Super Tuesday elections.

    If you think none of this is a real issue for Democrats as they try to win the White House, then listen to Republican guru Karl Rove. Citing Obama’s inability to get more than 30% of Catholics or working-class white voters in a big state such as Pennsylvania, Rove recently wrote: “Defections like this elect Republicans.”

  123. What a PATHETIC Leader in Howard Dean. Excerpt form

    Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is living in similar denial. If the GOP brings up Wright during the fall campaign, Dean said recently, it will amount to “race-baiting…just like Willie Horton was race-baiting so many years ago.”
    Ok wave the red flag in front of the bull, why do you. Do you think Dean proclaiming Rev. Wright is like Willie Horton will keep the republicans from running ads on Obama associates?

  124. Look, BO hasn’t won anything yet. He is declaring himself the winner because Hill will win the pop vote and we have NEVER not nominated the person who won the pop vote. Don’t fsall for it. This is just what he wants so that voters in the upcoming states sit home.

  125. mj right I’ve been focusing on IF Oblameless is the nominee.

    Obambi is trying to SUPPRESS Hillary’s voters NOT to go to the POLLS and VOTE by saying it’s over and your vote doesn’t count but when has somebody saying in the middle of the race because you behind….it’s over when you cross the finish line.

    I do believe Team Obama protest too loudly and too hard….then the quiestion you have to ask yourself WHY?

    ANSWER: HILLARY CAN WIN THIS TOO, NO SDs want to see another Mondale debacle come November and with Hillary you want have that.

    Florida will be in play, California will be in play, Texas will be in play, Ohio will be in play and Pennsylvania will be in play, W. Virgina will be in play.

  126. One thing that worries me a little, is that Hillary is so loyal and committed to unity,that she might not just campaign for Obama if he is nominated, but she might make some self-sacrificing committment like accepting his VP spot or a cabinet post with him. I’d like to head that off.

  127. McAuliffe: don’t “alienate” Clinton voters

  128. I for one hope the Clintons start to spill the beans on these assholes – Dean, Kennedy, etc.

  129. 1950dem

    hillary must know the majority of us (no, i’m not speaking for all of us) vote for President of the United States. not VP, not sec of state, not speaker, not nothin’. i know i cannot, will not support BO regardless of who he places on the ticket, should he be the nominee.

  130. Obamazoid Michele Norris on Meet the Republicans, talking about Bambi’s camp: They strongly believe they can turn predictably Republican states, or purplish states, and REALLY make them competitive.

    Russert chimes in: Virginia, Colorado…

    Norris continues: Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, that had drifted into the Republican category, that they can bring those states back.


    These people aren’t just drinking the Kool-Aid, they have IVs directly in their arms.

    Bambi is losing to McCain in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Kentucky, and more and he thinks he can win in Virginia, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin ?


  131. hillary rodham clinton is the only person who can bring me back to the democratic party. i have witnessed too much this past year to ever be a part of the democratic party as it exists today. without HRC, i am lost forever.

  132. alcina Says:

    May 11th, 2008 at 2:43 pm
    hillary rodham clinton is the only person who can bring me back to the democratic party. i have witnessed too much this past year to ever be a part of the democratic party as it exists today. without HRC, i am lost forever.

    I agree. After this election i am done

    Happy Mother’s day to you too terrondt

  133. Even on Mother’s Day, Hillary campaigns for us. I am in awe of her constant fighting spirit.

    Check out this packed schedule

    Sunday, May 11


    * 2:30 pm
    * Hillary Clinton tours Anna Marie Jarvis’s home in Webster, West Virginia


    * 3:00 pm
    * Bill Clinton hosts a “Bring Your Ballot” event in Baker City, Oregon


    * 3:15 pm
    * Hillary Clinton attends a Mother’s Day celebration with Chelsea Clinton in Grafton, West Virginia


    * 6:15 pm
    * Bill Clinton hosts a “Bring Your Ballot” event in Redmond, Oregon


    * 8:00 pm
    * Hillary Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” town hall in Eleanor, West Virginia


    * 9:15 pm
    * Bill Clinton hosts a “Bring Your Ballot” event with labor unions in Portland, Oregon


    * 10:30 pm
    * Bill Clinton hosts a “Bring Your Ballot” event in Gresham, Oregon

  134. Now I was just watching Fox and they were saying how Obama’ new strategy is to not even acknowledge Clinton anymore. He will stop campaigning in the states that are left and will start campaigning against McCain.

  135. birdgal, let him do it. i want hillary to cream him so badly in kentucky and wv. hold down his margin in oregon and the rest of the states.

  136. birdgal Says:

    May 11th, 2008 at 2:53 pm
    Now I was just watching Fox and they were saying how Obama’ new strategy is to not even acknowledge Clinton anymore. He will stop campaigning in the states that are left and will start campaigning against McCain.
    Did Obama announce this and telegraph the upcoming states that they are expendable to winning the G.E.?

  137. I can’t wait to see the how the convention plays out!

    This is going to be a very ugly summer and fall.

  138., seems like this is starting to get airtime

    Presidential hopeful Barack [Hussein] Obama has become tangled in a gay-murder probe rocking his controversial Chicago church as insiders ask: How much does he really know about the choir director’s savage slaying? So far, Chicago cops’ investigation into the murder of the Trinity United Christian Church’s gay choir director has come up empty. But a top Chicago private detective tells GLOBE he believes the shooting death of 47-year-old Donald Young may be connected to Obama, who belongs to the church once headed by scandal-scarred preacher the [“]Rev.[“] Jeremiah Wright.

    “Donald Youmg was silenced because of something he knew about Obama,” says a private investigator, who has connections to the police department’s homicide unit. “Donald was in a position where he heard a lot of things and saw a lot of things concerning Barack, the mose well-known member of the church.”

    Now, Larry Sinclair, the Minnesota man who has been dogging Obama with claims he engaged in gay sex and drugs with the presidential candidate in 1999, says he has given cops shocking new evidence linking the Deomcratic White House hopeful to the baffling murder. Sinclair failed a disputed lie detector test over his initial “gay” claims about Obama.

    But now he insists he had “contact” with Young shortly befo

    re the choir director was brutally killed. He says that each time, Young “instigated” phone calls, which were made “not long” before the murder.

    Young’s bullet-riddled body was found when his rommate returned to their apartment on Christmas Eve. Some presents and jewelry were missing and the apartment door was closed but unlocked.

  139. birdgal

    that should be the headline – BO disses remaining states, their votes and people do not matter, while MO measures drapes for the oval office.

  140. Wow, this post was like being hit with a sledge hammer, and I don’t consider myself to be sexist at all.

    As a male, we’re not all like the sexist pigs in the media. Actually, I am embarrassed by what I see playing out in the media. If Hillary was their mother, I wonder how they would feel? Their lack of civility is appalling, and they should be ashamed. I would venture to say that many of their female relatives are shell shocked.

    I respect women, in many cases more so than men. I believe in true equality. Men are no more special than women. I admire intelligent people, and gender is of little consequence to me when it comes to intelligence.

    I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I have always wished the best for all of them.

    My mom passed away at a young 61 about 5 years ago. Although I miss her very much, I am glad that she is not witnessing this orgy of female bashing. It’s disgusting, and it makes me very uncomfortable.

    One final thought. I just said a prayer for everyone who like myself, was unable to celebrate Mother’s Day with our mothers due to their passing. My mom is a part of me, and even though she is not here with me any longer, I owe her so much. I will never dishonor my mother by behaving in such a crass way.

    God bless all of our mom’s who although no longer with us today, have left such an unforgettable impression in our lives. You are forever missed and loved.

    Nomobama | 05.11.2008 – 3:13 pm | #

  141. BO and his followers seem to have a soft spot in their hearts for Iowa but they really shouldn’t. Although BO won the Iowa caucuses, he did it with just 30+% of the vote. In other words, the majority of Iowa caucus-goers voted for SOMEONE ELSE. Iowa is mostly white so his problems with the white working class apply there as well.

    Same with Missouri. But for Republican cross-over votes, BO would not have won Missouri. Hillary, The Next President of the United States, won 110 of 115 counties. The Republican votes for BO were anti-Clinton votes, not pro-BO votes. In a general election, BO would not get those Republican votes, nor would he get many Clinton votes. So the idea of Missouri being “purple” if BO is the nominee is laughable IMO.

  142. Liveblogging phone banking to WV, via their phone link, dunno who they’re connecting me to.

    I’m not doing a script, just “Hello, I’m a volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign and we’re just calling to remind everyone to vote on Tuesday.”

    1. low male voice sounds like he was waked up: “We … got … ya’.” I think that was supportive.

    2. different low male voice, different, grumpy negative: I hung up fast.

    3. My usual speech. Pause. Me: “Hello?” Woman: “Oh, you’re a real person.” Much laughter on both sides.

    4. “Thanks, you’ve got our vote, my husband and I are both going!” Me: “Do you need a ride or anything?” Her: “No, we go right by there every day.”

    Very refreshing after the media! These sound like happy people, confident of outcome.

  143. Saw the new time magazine it has both on the cover with something like ther can no longer be two

  144. Don’t have the link, but Novak’s latest column says MO doesn’t want Hillary as VP.

    BTW, I was talking to my dad today, who’s a Dem and doesn’t care who wins the nomination (though he did vote for HRC in the primary). We were discussing MO, and he doesn’t like her either. I wonder if that’s a common sentiment.

  145. Michelle Obama is very jealous of Hillary .. not a doubt in my mind.

    I don’t understand the people who say they’ll vote for “whoever” .. I tend to vote the person not the party line. This sentiment is taken for granted by the party and that is where Dean and Co get off saying it won’t matter if they throw Hillary overboard, her support will just jump in line behind the chosen one.

    NEVER in this lifetime. It’s not about the party or a “winner” .. it’s about the fact that I don’t trust him, my gut tells me he is dangerous and he’ll tell the party to eff off when he gets the power. I don’t want to be party to that and that is why I’ll never give him a vote. NEVER.



    DUDE THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. they are trying to show their softer side, now that they think obama has clinched the nomination….


    so HILLARIOUS…!!!!

    odramazombies are all over our blogs, pandering like crazy…
    they want us, they need us. they have to have us…
    too funny………

  147. Guys, stop feeding into BO’s mind games. He and his media pals are claiming victory. However, all indications suggest Hill will win the pop vote. Guess what? Y’know how they like to say the leader of the pledged delegates has always been the nominee? Well, the leader in the pop vote has always been the nominee. They are trying to depress and suppress us. Don’t buy into. When you do, you are handing Obama a nomination he didn’t earn.


    DUDE THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. they are trying to show their softer side, now that they think obama has clinched the nomination….


    so HILLARIOUS…!!!!

    odramazombies are all over our blogs, pandering like crazy…
    they want us, they need us. they have to have us…
    too funny………

  149. the democratic platform; a bunch of BS that i have followed, voted for and believed all my life, till now.

  150. ^Of course I can’t stand her, but my Independent best friend can’t stand her either – although he does like Hussein (just not more than Hillary).

    MO is a loose cannon, which means she must be trailed everywhere with a camera. There is a “mucacah moment” possible each time she opens her big mouth.

  151. Hillary is everything that Michelle Obama will never be. Patriotic, willing to sacrifice for America and full of love for the people. Michelle Obama is ZERO on these. She makes me wanna puke.

  152. well her “I’ve never been proud to be American” is enough for me.

    I just don’t understand some people. Her attitude, his ties with terrorists and the antiwhite, anitAmerican church with their racist theology would have been enough for me to turn from him..add bittergate and the fact that he knows jack shit about what office he’s running for.

    Shakes head. Like my sister said, some people just don’t get this stuff before it’s too late .. i.e. Bush.

  153. My comment isn’t posting. Guys, this is a trick. As long as her support stays energetic, she wins the pop vote. The nomination has NEVER been denied to the pop vote leader. Don’t let him steal this. It’s in our hands.

  154. i have republican friends who think HRC is the greatest thing since sliced bread compared to BO and would even consider voting for her vs john mcccain. BO doesn’t stand a chance in the GE and if dean and company want to go down that river, let ’em drown.

    the jealousy is – kennedy, dean and kerry couldn’t get there, so they’ll be damned if they’ll let some woman occupy the highest office. especially a woman named clinton.

  155. Stop this conspiracy to steal our Election Process by the RNC,theDNC,and Media Cartel.Barack Hussein Obama is a FRAUD and adanger to our country.Hillary is ready and able to lead this Nation back away from this dangerous path that our Good old boys have led us to.

    By ABM90

  156. Look at this effing jerk:

    Mr. Obama’s aides said they would highlight Mr. McCain’s opposition to abortion rights to try to stem the flow of disaffected women who backed Mrs. Clinton in the primaries and whom Mr. McCain’s aides said they would aggressively court.

    http://www.nytimes. com/2008/ 05/11/us/ politics/ 11strategy. html

  157. 11-year-old gives $440 to Clinton campaign
    May 11, 2008 4:10 PM

    The boy says he not only sold his bicycle, but video games and anything else he could find to donate to the former first lady’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    The donation left the former president almost speechless.

  158. The joke is on him, most of us are probably past child bearing age or close to it!

    Kidding — It is an important issue…if a bit less so though now with birth control and the morning after pill more available.

    I just don’t see voting for Obama because of it. One issue does not a president make.

  159. 11-year-old gives $440 to Clinton campaign
    May 11, 2008 4:10 PM

    The boy says he not only sold his bicycle, but video games and anything else he could find to donate to the former first lady’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    The donation left the former president almost speechless.

  160. HillBilly, you are not totally joking, I don’t think. I’m in my mid 30’s. married. i won’t vote on that issue, not when we have the option of a woman candidate with a long pro-choice record.

  161. Well there first narrative is that we are “grannie Hillary supporters” .. Roe vs Wade won’t affect us and there are alternatives now.

    Roe vs Wade is no longer that hot button issue.

    If they think this is their “secret” weapon .. WRONG.

    It’s not about the party .. it’s about the PERSON. That is what BHO surrogates argue so now WE must argue right back to them .. either Hillary or NO VOTE from the groups that are necessary to WIN in November.

    The party can take a pick .. Hillary or LOSE big.

  162. Williamson Daily News (WV)

    ‘Once in a lifetime’

    11-year-old gives $440 for campaign
    BRAD DAVIS Managing Editor

    Published: May 10, 2008

    WILLIAMSON – Everyone who knows 11-year-old Dalton Hatfield sees it. There’s something special about the young man. His mother Vickie says all who come in contact with the Runyon Elementary student look at him and say “He’s going to be something” when he grows up. Apparently that goes for former presidents too.

    When Hatfield presented former President Bill Clinton with a check for $440 after Friday’s rally at the Williamson Fire Station, the man who was once the leader of the free world seemed to nearly come to tears.

    “You sold your bike to get this?” Clinton asked the McAndrews, Ky. native.

    The reply was “yes” and a whole lot more.

    Hatfield feels so strongly that Hillary Clinton should be the next president he not only sold his bicycle, but video games and anything else he could find that “I could make money with” to donate to the former first lady’s bid for the Democratic nomination.

    “I was thinking one day how could I make money for the campaign,” he says. “And I just went through my closet and found things I didn’t need.”

    “I though he was raising vacation money,” says Vickie Hatfield, who along with Dalton’s father Bruce Hatfield accompanied him to the event. “When I found out it was for Hillary, I told him to go for it.”

    The result was a donation that for the most part left the former president, who is known as a great communicator, speechless.

    He did, however, autograph a photo of himself and Hillary for the young man, and told him he was “going to call Hillary” right away and tell her about his generosity.

    “She’s going to be talking about you all over the nation,” Clinton said.

    If she does, it may not be the last time Hatfield’s name is known on a national level. While most 11-year-olds are busy with the standard daydreams of being policemen or firemen, or maybe even a professional wrestler, Hatfield’s future vision involves aspirations of one day living in a big white residence due east of Appalachia. He wants to follow the career path of the man he came to hear Friday.

    “Well I hope that I can first be a lawyer,” he says rather matter-of-factly. “Then I want to be governor or a senator, then president. The more I study politics, I just get more interested in it.”

    And the reason he’s such a staunch Hillary supporter?

    “I think she can do just like Bill Clinton did in the ’90s and we can have a good economy,” he says. “I think the majority of people around here are struggling due to the economy. And she can get us out of the war.”

    All in all, Friday was, on a scale of 1 to 10 in Hatfield’s young life, a “12” he says, and one he will “never forget” for obvious reasons. Judging from Clinton’s reaction to Hatfield’s generosity, it may be one the former president never forgets as well.

    The inscription on Hatfield’s autographed photo reads

    “”Thanks for being such a fan of Hillary.” Hatfield may have won over a couple high-profile fans himself on this day.

    “He said he was really impressed,” says Hatfield. “I couldn’t believe it.”

  163. Well MJ, I am 45 so I guess I WASN’T totally kidding! But I’m not selfish enough to realize that overturning Roe v. Wade wouldn’t effect a lot of other women. However…


    Kerry says it is a NON-STARTER and Obama is paying the issue lip service. If I’m not going to get it from the dems, I might as well vote for the guy with experience and some tangible evidence of patriotism and bi-partisanship. They are probably both corrupt, so what the hell.

    After the way the DNC, Obama and his people have treated the only successful democratic first family in my lifetime and the democratic process in general, he can jump off a cliff.

    I’m not following…screw ’em.

  164. birdgal, that is so heart warming. very few kids let would even think of scrapping up money for a campaign. they would rather buy x-boxes or computer games.

  165. JUst got a call from Texas and apparently we are having a pre-convention meeting to discuss the state convention. The lady I spoke to seem to know that Obama gamed the caucas system is Texas, so I will let you all know next Saturday what’s happening in Texas with our delegates!! She also agreed that Obama has no place in this race, and agreed she also would not be voting if he was the nominee. She is pretty high up in the texas organization so I think there is a lot of buyers remorse out there. So what in the H happened in Indiana, 3 guesses and the first two don’t count. Obama and his thugs gamed it and the republicans are pushing for him so they can stomp his butt!

  166. i was around 13 to 14 when i became deeply knowlegable about politics. no surprize here. the difference is i never wanted to be a elected official myself.

  167. Can anyone Picture Barack and his Battle-axe in the Whitehouse.
    NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!!!!!.


  168. mj Says:
    May 11th, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    Look at this effing jerk:

    Mr. Obama’s aides said they would highlight Mr. McCain’s opposition to abortion rights to try to stem the flow of disaffected women who backed Mrs. Clinton in the primaries and whom Mr. McCain’s aides said they would aggressively court.

    http://www.nytimes. com/2008/ 05/11/us/ politics/ 11strategy. html

    Tell him our flow was stemmed long ago.


  169. just their choice of words is OFFENSIVE .. “stem the flow” ..

    F THEM

    Just talked to my republican neighbor..I tell you, the party has NO idea of how many Republican women would vote for Hillary. These women will NOT vote for Obama under any circumstance. Republican women everywhere are cheering for her in the silence of their own heart.

  170. mj Says:

    May 11th, 2008 at 5:02 pm
    Guys, important. read this diary:
    All this tells me is these women can be bought. I don’t see any one of them being able to bring their state to Obama in the G.E. and if they think women are only voting for Hillary because she is a women….that is really insulting.

    Women are the backbone of the democratic party…we keep alot of wheels running…all Obama does is pander and insult people intelliegence…straight Chicago politics.

  171. HillBillyLover:

    I’m with you. What gets me are the HOURLY double standards we have to listen to. It’s okay for BHO, Brazile or any BO surrogate to spout off demographic data about young voters, African Americans, etc., but let HRC or her supporters say ANYTHING about HER demographics and she has her OWN political supporters chastising her. Incredible.

    And speaking of double standards, all this about how Hillary “better not say anything negative henceforth about BHO”, but they can continue to trash her over her citing statistics, etc. What they had BETTER worry about is how much more incensed WE are becoming with EACH passing diss to Hillary AND us. How dare they worry about their precious BHO and his clueless flock(s) – while AGAIN – they insult and slam her and us on an HOURLY basis.

    Read a letter this morning on RCP about how the ‘Democrats would come together and support BHO’ to which I left a scathing comment about how no matter what writing, spinning, stating, BRAINWASHING, they level at us, that WE would NOT crossover nor line-up behind BHO. That even though they plan to “psychologically” program us to become like his robotic followers, it ‘aint gonna happen.

    Furthermore, after we accomplish his defeat, it is our mission to make sure that ALL OF HIS SUPPORTERS are defeated as well. After supporting and defending through thick and thin, the likes of Kennedy (Chappaquiddick, drunk) Kerry (Swiftboat and Heinz-wife) McCaskill (calls to MoveOn for her election-NEVER MOVEON ANYTHING AGAIN), that we will actively and with great delight and pleasure work toward their defeats as well.

    Of course right now, Republicans are losing seats held for 2-3 decades, and normally we would all be jubilant, if we had not been so BETRAYED by our OWN PARTY. Nevertheless, we must find a way to have Dean, Pelosi, Brazile and all the crooked cast of characters be cast out totally, then resolve to NEVER PURCHASE any book ANY OF THEM ever pen.

    Such betrayal to fully HALF of the Democratic Party. This is unbelievable. We had this twice before with the Republicans, but tho have to endure your own party treat your candidate and her supporters this way is something they must live to regret. ALL of them.

  172. hieveryone


    i amhavingagoodday

    myboys4and5 yr olds got me roses and choclates

  173. According to some news snips from the anti Hillary Press and TV ,Hound dogs. Barack Hussein Obama is promising quite a large number of Delegates that they are on his short list for VP.He no doubt has promised most of them a Cabinet seat.People,you are allowing this CRIME to take place.I just pray that thr RNC has finished its facts gathering on Obama.It is that they have 1000 pages in his Dossier of his fraudulent rise to steal a Nation.

    Fight for justice and Hillary By ABM90

  174. hillary has support of the following

    1.latino70% or more voters 70% or more
    3.jewish voters 70% or more
    4.white women 55% or more
    5,white men 55% or more
    6,all seniors 70% or more
    7,working classvoters 55% or more






  176. BHO and MO in the Whitehouse ???? HELL NO !!!!!

    Hang in there Hillary. Only you can save us NOW

    BY ABM90

  177. hillbill, mj, dot and 1950

    the thought that obamabots will hold HRC supporters hostage to roevwade is over-the-top-hysterical. the baby-bots know nothing of history. we have endured 35 years of attacks on roevwade including mr. anti-choice himself (“W”) in the white house.

    what a joke.

  178. We are witnessing a gigantic coup from within, playing out in slow motion, and are collectively shell-shocked.

    Still waiting to hear how NC managed to steal it, know Lake Co., IL led the BAMBOOZLE there. Watched the YouTube when the neighboring mayor was calling out Gary mayor on CNN. He kept saying (to Gary mayor’s insistence that they were hand counting votes) “there are no hand written ballots, the absentee votes were on machine and you push a button, you push a button, you just push a button.” Then, within moments – voila – there were the numbers they had sat on for hours. Criminal charges should be leveled for LYING and OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE – and caught by CNN, of all networks. Pretty bad when THEY even call out a crook. I really feel like we’re in Haiti or some other third-world country. Seriously.

  179. Re abortion, seriously I hope someone does a good diary on some facts.

    How old are the current pro-Roe Supreme Court justices? Can they hang in another 4 years?
    If one of them dies, can we delay a McCain replacement till 2012?

    No need to worry about anti-Roe justices, if they wanted to retire they would do it now while Bush is still in.

    How many votes would it actually take to overturn Roe? Didnt Bush’s recent appointment SUPPORT Roe on the grounds of precedent?

    If Roe really were overturned, what would happen and when? Doesn’t the question just go back to each state?

    Some of us are too old to get knee-jerked around by our ovaries any more.

  180. curiosityhasme,

    I’d told my daughter that I will be a proud DEMOCRAT for McCain in CA….she was pissed and she said what about ROE vs WADE. I said well since I’ve been written off by the dems (51) I can vote NoOBAMA and be at peace.

    I’ve gotten pissed at being held hostage on this issue by my own misogynistic Democratic party. At no time have I ever seen a party treat one of it’s leaders the way they treated Sen. Clinton.

    This tells me, lip service is given to women rights and true equality between the genders are not as close as we thought.

    It’s going to be very, very interesting at the convention.

  181. Why would anyone worry right now over Roe vs. Wade when more specifically we should worry about Barack HUSSEIN Obama getting in and making us all women wear burkas. Roe vs. Wade is small in comparison.

  182. 1950democrat:

    Know what you mean. I could be 1952democrat.

    Don’t know about you all, but to paraphrase my heroine, Ann Richards, “that ole’ dog don’t hunt.” I’ll be DAMNED if they think we’ll fall for that line of horse$#!+. At this stage of the “game”, I’m willing to bet the back forty, the whole shooting match – on their fear tactics about reversing Roe vs. Wade.

    The mood I’m in these days, is just go for broke – and if it’s overturned – well, I guess it was just meant to be.


  183. carbynew

    2008 will be seen as womens second awakening. we’ve been had by the DNC. wake-up, girls!

  184. Latest OBAMA list of women for VP


    Desperation breeds some very bad bed fellows.

    Commanders in Chief. ???????????????

    Over our Cold Dead Bodies may have some merit.

    It is all your hands now People. What are you going to do NOW

    by ABM90

  185. the threat about Roe vs Wade, is fear mongering, at its worse. The hypocrisy of the Obama campaign is astounding. I never thought, that I would say this, but I don’t care anymore. If the young people cannot see through the smoke and mirrors, then they can fight the next fight, if it becomes necessary. This is old politics, Chicago-style. New politics, hope, change, unity, my ass. What a pile of crap.

  186. I think everyone is forgetting that Obama actually campaigned in 2006 for his cousin knowing full well that he would inact Sharia Law which makes all women wear Burkas in public. So Obama doesn’t care about women at all. Why can’t the obama women see that. They are not reading, they are drunk with the kool-aid. I am very opposed to wearing a burka and being driven in a back of a pickup truck to a soccer field and shot in the head for doing nothing! Obama women need to start reading and quiet listening to the rhetoric!

  187. confloyd:

    Excellent point. Maybe we can make a deal with Mexico to go through their tunnels iin the desert if Roe v Wade is reversed.

    I feel like the majority of women. Oh, so NOW you want to act like you CARE about women?

    F U and the horse you rode up on.

  188. abm: they have been on the list since at least January. McCaskill is a dipshit. What an insult to women, if they choose her, which I doubt. She is a first term senator. My god, 2 first term senators running the country. Let me escape.

  189. on second thought, let ’em reverse roevwade. let the “young women followers of the new messiah” deal with the outcome. it’s not my battle anymore. i could give a rats ass.

  190. Wallace on FOX trashing Hillary as usual.Who said she had a friend on FOX. The conspiracy is on and going full blast to derail Hillary.This is not a campaign,it is a war to steal our Democracy.

    By ABM90

  191. roe vs. wade to sway hillary supporters? hahahahahaha….well, I thought we were the granny vote?

  192. Honestly, it is true for me that I would never vote for McCain based on what kind of people he would put on the Supreme Court, esp. because of the abortion issue. I don’t trust McCain one bit.

  193. Claire McCaskill is right up there with Kay Bailey Hutchison in my book. Disgusting with their syrupy-sweet crapola.

    ANOTHER junior senator? Oh no, no, no, no, no. BULL$#!+.

    By dissing the most qualified woman to run any country in all hemispheres, and throw some “typical” white token at us, to “appease” us?

    The insults just become more and more rancid by the minute. BHO is sealing his fate.

    If I had the means, I would go to Chicago do my own sleuth, investigative reporting about TUCC, and the gay Black men that have all mysteriously been murdered since BHO came into the national spotlight, and go over Mayor Daley’s authority (who is also rumored to be in this category).

    THAT’S WHY NOTHING IS HAPPENING. CHICAGO COMBINE. For all we know Fitzgerald is on the take and even Cheney can’t intervene.

    Personally, I think Pastor Manning’s tape on YouTube has come about because he has lots of information on the Wright/Obama/Sinclair/Young situation. He is in a unique situation, where he could have VERY CREDIBLE sources outing ALL of them. Hannity probably wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole, even though he had Manning on few weeks back over other controversial comments about BHO.

    Oprah did quite a lengthy series a few years back on the AA men and the prevalence of the “down low.” In fact, that’s about the time she left TUCC. Hmmm………………………..

    Certainly lends credibility to Sinclair’s claim IMO.


  194. Wallace is such an asshole. I despise him and his twit look. I’ve noticed the last couple of weeks that Oreilly is softballing Obama as well. It’s obvious who they really would rather run against. They are so afraid now of Hillary since they say the coalition she has built and the fact that they are faithful.

    The repubs now are salivating at the take down of Barry Hussein…Rove is downright gleeful.

  195. shenanigans

    not only do these bot-heads need a history lesson, but a class in basic human reproductive processes. the joke is most of us are way beyond the point of caring. this is a “non-issue”.

  196. hallow .. the main thing is .. NEVER allow Hussiein and his dipshit wife to occupy the whitehouse. They are much more dangerous than McCain .. MUCH MORE

  197. If a gun were put to my head, and I was forced to vote or die, there are many third party candidates I’d vote for before McCain.

  198. dot48, I agree. I thought that on Tuesday the pundits and anchors on Fox were gleeful. Some may say it was because Hillary didn’t win both states but I think it’s because they are thrilled to death that they may be going up against Obama.

    Wallace is a known Obamabot–I think O’Reilly is as well. I’m not surprised they would go easy one him. Hannity has been remarkably quiet lately towards Hillary. He is relishing the chance to bring down Obama I think. I would think Fox needs to be careful about really being nasty to Hillary as there is going to be a big Republican push to get women and Regan Democrats into their party. Over the top Clinton bashing won’t help with that attempt..

  199. Sebilius is a vile, boring, piece of arse. Anyone with her on the ticket is either going to repel voters through boredom or through her disgusting self-satisfied manner of doing things.

    McCaskill, plain and simple, is a toad. No toad with the brain of a bug deserves to be in the white house.

    And to be honest, I never want to see Obama in the white house for national security reasons as well. It is very scary to me that Hamas openly endorsed him. I think that if there is ever another terrorist attack, I would trust McCain over Obama to take on the bad guys ANY day.

  200. and frankly, I have no problem with an agressive president. I’m not all “peace dovey” shit like a lot of antsy pantsy Democrats. I want a president who will both fight and be reasonable. I want a president that will have terrorists quaking in their boots and who will make it clear that one wrong move will mean obliteration of the enemy.

  201. Alcina:

    I am in agreement 100%.

    If the young women in this country are so gullible, naive and trusting of this FRAUD and want this “Utopia” he has promised – then I guess they’ll just have to learn the hard way.

    We’ve (women) certainly had to learn life the hard way competing in a society where women are treated like dirt, and men AND women laugh about it. Like Madeleine Allbright said “There’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t support women.”

    While BHO is working toward one-size-fits-all Burkas, he can let rap music that denegrates women be the anthem, since he has no patriotism anyway.

    I’m totally disgusted with the young people of this country, and especially the young women of this country. I’m not cutting any of them ONE BIT OF SLACK.

    These young women would be much better served to go read a slew of Harlequin romance novels and get this fantasy about BHO out of their system. I’m serious. You don’t need a PHD in psychology to see what’s going on here with the youth.

    I realize my objectivity is currently on hiatus and out the window. That’s the only self-defense mechanism I can come up with to deal with the atrocities that lie ahead.

  202. Nader would be a waste of a vote.

    I’m voting McCain and campaigning McCain if Hillary doesn’t knock bam bam out.

  203. None of the women he put up has one one thousandth the experience or leadership quality of Hillary

    It’s not about female, it’s not about the party .. it’s the PERSON

    The party if simply out of touch with the major coaltion that defines themselves democrats. This will come back to bite them on the ass if he is the nominee. The gulf is wide.

  204. It’s not about female, it’s not about the party .. it’s the PERSON

    The person, and the issues. I agree 100%

  205. I think what most democratic leaders forget is that we don’t want just :”any” woman in the white house. We want Hillary. And we also want Hillary on the top of the ticket.

    I’m sorry to African Americans who are deeply rooted in Bambi, but when it comes to the welfare of this country, I say SCREW Obama and the pandering to AA voters, and put someone whose truly experienced, ready, and the best for the job.

  206. Yes, MJS, but how will we ever break out of a two party system if we never support the third party candidates? It’s a vicious cycle. In this particular election where the if Obama got the nod and he was running against McCain both are equally unpalatable depending on your personal criteria for president. It may be the perfect time to vote third party because the other two are…flip a coin.

  207. dodt48:

    And widening by the minute.

    While they trounce her – they push more and more women and working-class voters toward the Republicans.

    I could stomach Cindy picking out curtains. Michelle would be too busy complaining about how dirty the place is, and the choice of menuselections . She is the biggest female sour-puss I’ve ever seen.

  208. i guess so.

    But I thought this country was about representing the interests of ALL Americans?

    Clearly MOST of the American demographics are picking Senator Clinton:
    women, whites, latinos, seniors, asians, working class, less educated, economy-minded…

    So why pander for the the interests of AA’s who just want a brotha in the white house? I’m sure some ACTUALLY DO believe in his message, but I get the feeling that for the most part, they don’t care what party or ideas he has so long as he is AA and winning.

  209. curiosityhasme, I agree, wish I could do some investigative work in Illinois myself. They think this Roe vs. Wade is going to sway us. Hell, we were born in the time when they did not have it and managed to stay alive. As someone upthread said, maybe the youngsters that seem to know everything learn what is was like back then and realize why we know instead of them what is best for this country. If they vote the Obamanation in let them have to deal with the repercussions of McCain. Obama will never win, and they should know that!
    It irritates me that the lefties are so stupid and want revenge against the Clintons to the point they are not seeing the forest for the trees! They are stupid and that’s why the dems have only been in for 3 terms =1000 days in my lifetime. I wish they would wake up!

  210. I actually really hate Cindy McCain!

    Not that I should really judge the presidential candidate by the spouse so much. Hillary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt were the only first ladies who had any type of REAL influence and REAL power.

    Laura Bush is a shell of a human being, but luckily nobody gives a crap about what she does or has to say. She has no power.

  211. Yes, I can see McCain and Cindy there before Hussein and Michelle. Why? McCain fought and was tortured for this country and Cindy looks and acts the part! Michelle is a black racist and her husband is a terrorist loving marxist! There is no other choice if its not Hillary!

  212. The possibility that Obama’s people really believe that propping some airhead woman up as VP would attract us to the ticket is absolutely, unbelievable shallow. I guess they think we will vote like AA’s did for Obama, but for us it isn’t about “The Woman” so much as what that woman is made of. For example, I would never vote for Pelosi. NO NO NO!

  213. Did you know that Laura Bush, Barbara Bush (G.W.Bush’s mother), and Condi Rice are all pro choice? But they’re too fucking subservient to express those opinions! They have no power, and even when they could have a voice, they have no voice. HILLARY HAS POWER. HILLARY HAS A VOICE.

  214. confloyd, and everyone who is angry at the Roe vs Wade thing, don’t you see that this is part of a larger Obama cycle of pandering to voters?

    In his mind, and the mind of this campaigners, they see voters as people who vote on IDEOLOGY and vote on laws and such and that the job of the president is to represent certain ideologies.

    That COULDN”T BE farther from the truth. The job of a president is to progress the nation and show action and judgment in times of crises. No one is talking about Roe vs Wade. They’re talking about the economy, the foreclosures, the inflation, the staggering gas prices. To think that voters are voting based on Roe v Wade is to undermine and underrate the typical voter.

    What is sickening is that the Obama flim flam campaign has been able to turn an election that is traditionally about who has done the most for the country and who will do the best to progress it, into an election about ideology and political ideology and theory.

    Elections ARE NOT about ideology. Electiosn are aobut who the hell will lead our nation to furhter greatness.

  215. meiyingsu, the Democratic party OWES SO MUCH to the work of both Hillary and Bill.

    If anyone should be running independent, it should be Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, howard Dean, and Claire McCaskill who are part of the disgusting radical left.

  216. Everyone, if the dem party screws Hillary,an Independent run would put the screws back to the elitests and the f-ing republicans. I say that kills two vulchers with one stone. Let it be Hillary and if necessary Lieberman. I rather have someone else, but he at least is an independant that the Dem party has screwed! I think a lot of Reagan Democrats like Liberman!

  217. at the end of the day, I’m sure many people worry MORE about the economy than if Roe vs Wade were *gasp* overturned.

  218. What I find astonishing about the AA perception is that BHO is “one of them.”

    Hardly! His father lived in Africa, did not experience civil rights in the USA, and his white mother and grandparents certainly didn’t experience Jim Crow laws or Brown v Board of Education. He grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, for crying out loud. Hillary and Bill experienced the agony of the fifties and sixties, and are much more deeply affected by the AA plight in this country tha BHO ever could be.

    BHO has not had the “Black American” experience.

    Reasonable AA, like Juan Williams, see BHO for what he is – an opportunistic politician who happens to be Black (and plays the race card while projecting it onto the other candidate Hillary, now McCain).

    I am so upset with the 90% of AA who have allowed this FRAUD to BAMBOOZLE and HOODWINK them. What he is doing, in essence, is making it much, much harder for a credible AA candidate like Harold Ford or Michael Steele – worthy candidates to become President.

    Maddening. Simply maddening.

  219. anyways, in my opinion neo-libs are WORSE than neo-cons.

    I at least know that neo-cons are patriotic and will defend the nation. On the other hand, from the neo-libs, we get people like William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

  220. Actually, let me correct that. I would have voted for Gore/Lieberman in a second. But, I was too young to vote in 2000.

    I really, really wish Gore had come out in support of Hillary though. He is being too much of a chicken shit.

  221. Well, your right about lieberman and war, but we need someone that would appeal to the reagan dems. I imagine some of Hillary’s short list of names would not leave the party for reasons of their own.

  222. MJS – But neocons love, say, Jerry Falwell. That guy was no dream either.

    There’s a lot of problems with both sides.

  223. HillBillyLover – Unfortunate, but true. A lot of people out there who think their dicks are being cut off just because their executive is a strong female. What do they want, a female president who makes happy-face pancakes and kisses their boo-boos?

  224. I don’t care if a candidate is pro-war. i don’t understand why some people make such a fuss about it. Was it wrong to go to war in Iraq? Yes. But was it wrong to war on terrorists in Al Qaeda who helped kill thousands of Americans? No. And I hope the next president exerts full force in Afghanistan to kill the bloody murderers who instigated 9/11.

  225. A woman in the vp slot on an Obama ticket would be an insult to every woman who voted for Hillary.

    They are floating the idea of a woman in hopes that Hillary will drop out and join up with him.


  226. Hallow, the neo-libs also have scum like Ted Kennedy, Dean, Pelosi, and Obama.

    but then again, I see your point. The neo-cons balance it out with Ann Coulter, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld.

  227. MJS – The “fuck no.” comment was to the 7:09 remark. I would rather have Satan’s unwashed asshole as president and his testicles as vice president than another 4 years of Bush/Cheney.

  228. MJS, I am with you on that. I would take 4 more years of BUsh/Cheney anyday and twice on Sunday before I would vote for Hussein Obama! His cousin in Africa scares the hell out of me!

  229. eh, perhaps I’m just angry right now, but honestly, Noobama. period. there is no way in hell I am ever going to let this guy get into the white house.

  230. confloyd, the thing that reassures me about McCain is that he has a substantial record of working across party lines so that he will be much more center than Cheney/Bush.

    +, frankly, I would sleep better at night not being suspicious of the intentions and motives of my president, which means I would much rather have a guy like McCain who is personally ambitious, versus a guy like obama who takes ambiition to a whole new level (a new promotion every three years) with no clear motives, though he has some very scary associations.

  231. I’m just glad that this whole Bush/Cheney for four more years is a joke hypothetical. He hasn’t declared martial law yet (or, at least, not in that way) so somebody will have to replace him.

  232. Speaking of psychology:

    BHO is such a mixed-up person. Think about it.


    Even “bi-continent.”

    Abandoned by father. Who was Muslim.

    Mother bipolar. And atheist.

    Father deceased.

    Muslim teachings.

    Step-sister of different ethnicity.

    Substance abuser. All kinds of substances. Still smokes, so he still smokes……………

    “Introduced” to “Christianity” (?). Yeah, whatever. Try Black Liberation Theology.

    MO is his barometer. O M G.

    Probably dyslexic – hit the wrong button SEVERAL times, casting the opposite vote.

    Wants to be the “proverbial popular kid – President of Law Review”, so votes PRESENT 130+ times so he doesn’t “lose votes” for Most Popular. Can’t dare piss anybody off.

    Probably bisexual, which is much more confusing than homosexuality or heterosexuality.

    And, if, and I say IF Wright sexually exploited him, AND he had other similar relationships within TUCC, this is hardly normal behavior.

    So…………..he’s majorly SCREWED UP, although intelligent.

    It’s sad, ashame, etc., but we shouldn’t have to deal with his animosity toward LIFE!!!!!

    H E L P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D. PHIL, DR. LAURA, JUDGE JUDY, SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  233. hallow: Cindy McCain is very, very wealthy, which gives her tremendous power. Her power is quiet. She has done alot of charitable work, and the McCain’s have two adopted children. I forget from which country. THere are many things, that I do not care for about McCain, but he does care about the country and is better known than Obama. In addition, the congress will help to moderate any of his SC justices. Obama is more of a risk.

  234. mjs,

    you speak for most hillary supporters these days, NO OBAMA FOR ANYREASON !!!


  235. No Obama for me, and I am pist enough at the dem party, to screw them the only way I can, and that to vote, donate and campaign for McCain! I hate those damn republicans, but I am mad enough at the Democratic party that I am willing to venture to the dark side just for revenge! McCain is so old, he will only have one term!

  236. birdgal – One big reason that we NEED Hillary on the ticket is because people who come in to vote for Hillary will vote all the way down the ticket for Democrats. If Hillary was in office, but the Republicans controlled the Senate/House, then she wouldn’t get done nearly as many of the great things she wants to do…those idiots will block her. I am worried that if people voted down the ticket for McCain, we may end up with many more Republicans in Congress, and then nobody will moderate who gets to be in the Supreme Court.

    BTW, McCain only has one foreign adopted child. I guess he technically adopted one of his wifes’ kids (Not Cindy’s).

  237. hallow:
    LOL – no, but he’ll probably accuse McCain of that too, before it’s over.

    Biracial and bi-continent causes many identity issues, understandably. But it seems like his mother was a complete flake. Smart, but flaky. Her vicarious lifestyle led BHO to be very confused about himself and her motives. I get all that.


    Know what I mean?

  238. curiosityhasme – Yeah, I get what you mean. BHO’s mom had some real problems. His grandparents too.

  239. I found the investigative article by Evelyn Pringle about the real Barack Hussein Obama.It is long and revealing the path of his plan to steal the Presidency.Most of the article deals with court records and what little records were left when he moved on to the U S Senate.Wow real trouble for him.It is no wonder that Hillary supporters want her to hang in there.This information is no doubt the RNC Dossier that they will use after they think She is out of the race. Log ond SPREAD THE NEWS.

    Here it is.

  240. Hallow, I think many people would vote for McCain and vote democratic down the ticket.

    I knew, they had one foreign born adopted child. THat shows compassion and tolerance for diversity.

    If, by some chance Roe vs Wade was overturned, it would become an issue for the states.


    you know, we are not all from the ‘proverbial’ white nuclear family, that doesnt equal- fucked up…

    alot of the working class people belong to the very catagory you just mentioned, and they vote hillary. hard times is hard times.
    we dont use that as an excuse, and its not one for obama.

    he’s had a taste of the good life and has sold his soul for the whole bite.

  242. thanks for the clue-in to cspan. i am smiling for the first time today. go hillary!!!

    night, all.


    she is so versed on what America worries about.

    No smarter woman in America.

    Notice she talks about Democrats .. will ask Congress to send her the bills Bush vetoed .. she’ll ask for Stem Cell Bill as one of her first tasks

    Also, Childrens Hea

  244. Their adopted daughter is from Bangladesh, I believe. She brought her home on one of her trips, if I recall. Just sort of like, “Oh, by the way…I’m bringing home an orphan…” So, she is a good (and very rich) person. She took painkillers illegally (stole them from supplies) years ago – went through rehab. So, at least she doesn’t try to claim to be goody-two-shoes.

    Hell, Laura Bush deliberately rammed into her boyfriend’s car at an intersection because he dumped her for a friend of hers, killing him, and the boy’s Dad trying in vain to prevent the inevitable) and she got out of that as a 16 or 17-year-old. She smokes like a chimney, unless the growth that was excised from her leg a couple of years ago scared the $#!+ out of her and she quit. I doubt it, though. Jenna and Barbara get it from Daddy and Mama. Wild as hell. Heard all kinds of things about her while on a trip from other travellers from DC. Quite interesting.

  245. I am glad that I live in a state where they would not overturn Roe v. Wade if it was overturned by the Supreme Court, but I feel awful about friends of mine from my home state, where that would be very possible. I do not want any of them put into a position where they may get pregnant and then can’t afford to go to some other state or Canada to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

    Even in my state, the gay marriage ban was put in the state Constitution in 2006.

    Perhaps I’m going off on a tangent. These things aren’t as big as the economy, but they make me very sad for my country sometimes.

  246. curiosityhasme – Wow. I had heard that Laura Bush killed a person driving once, but I didn’t know the rest of that. Wow.

  247. I think Rahm Emanuel deserves to be commended for calling out Teddy, via The Caucus: “I have a lot of respect for Ted Kennedy, but I don’t know how the hell he comes off saying that,” said Mr. Emanuel, who has ties to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama and has not endorsed in the race. “The gratuitous attack on her is uncalled for and wrong. He is a better senator than that comment reveals.” BRAVO CONGRESSMAN!

  248. skmf12:

    Not sure which post you’re responding to.

    I didn’t imply ANY demographic “F up”

    But IMHO BHO is F up for lots of reasons.

    He also does not represent the American Black experience IMO.

    I just think it’s sad that the majority of AA (90+%) think he is THE ANSWER to their problems. He is exploiting the very people who support him the most, and laughing all the way to the bank.

    Please don’t single out a phrase and decide I’m a racist. That’s what’s wrong with everything. If you say anything – someone wants to pick out a segment, and run with it.

    I can understand BHO supporters trying to inject the race card – that’s what they do best. But hopefully, we understand how he’s playing us all for fools. Playing US ALL for fools.

    He’s still got much ambiguity and animosity toward life because of his circumstances, which I understand. His life is not typical of ANY demographic, except privilege. Didnd’t keep him from being depressed and confused, however.

    I might like him fine, if I didn’t think he was a very dangerous person to have as the POTUS. It’s not his color – it’s his entire circumstances that have molded him into the pathological liar he is today IMHO.

    No used to get mad and take this personal. Geez.

  249. Hillary is a National Treasure and we are allowing Wall Street,The MSM and and the RNC to shove a halfassed Chicago Political Wardheeler into the toughest job on the planet. That is what they want to have on their plates when they carve him up like a Thanksgiving Turkey.McCain is their choice for the role of a yes man that has any real knowledge of the crucial problems that face us.He has military experience but very little expertise in anything else that is needed to put us on a course of stability for our great but impoverished country.Oil,Oil,Oil.McCain said it all last week.As to Barack Hussein Obama.Take Mo and Go .Your Brother and your Cousin need you in Nigeria and Kenya.Get some on the job training in whatever suits you.Try again in 12 years.
    Don’t give up Hillary we need you now more than ever.


    By ABM90

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