Hillary Clinton’s People Politics vs. Barack Obama’s Thug Politics

Barack Obama’s “New Politics” are really quite extraordinary. Obama’s “new politics” can be summarized as ‘get votes for free which you did not earn’.

The latest Chicago thuggery is a plan for Obama to get delegates in Michigan – a state in which Obama removed his name from the ballot!

Imagine that. A candidate does not run for election but gets votes. This surely is new – and dangerous, and undemocratic, and unwanted.

No doubt Obama violated the “no campaign” pledge in Michigan when he aired advertisments via surrogates asking voters to vote “uncommitted”. Obama also violated the “no campaign” pledge in Florida when he aired advertisments in Florida. But to get delegates from an election in which you did not run is well… thuggery. We are tempted to describe such odd election counting as Bush-like. But we can’t – Bush actually ran for office. Bush was actually on the ballot.

So now, by the art of thuggery, Obama is demanding delegates from an election in which he received ZERO votes. John Edwards, still an official candidate, gets no delegates.

In this new age of electronic voting machines (horrid things) voters have a clear way to express their preferences. If the candidate of their choice is not on the ballot – voters can easily WRITE-IN the name of the candidate they prefer.

Electronic voting machines make it very easy to WRITE-IN a candidate name. Even old non-electronic voting machines make it easy to WRITE-IN a candidate name. Yet few in Michigan wrote-in Obama’s name.

To repeat, Obama wants votes added to his tally, which he did not earn. The voters of Michigan did not WRITE-IN Obama’s name. So why then is Obama asking for delegates from Michigan?

In the age of electronic voting machines and communications tools such as the internet and email a WRITE-IN campaign is simple and affordable and can be very effective. It would be very new but certainly doable. Why didn’t Obama partisans run a write-in campaign in Michigan? Absent actual votes Obama should get zero delegates from Michigan.

Hillary will earn her nomination the old fashioned way – by getting votes.

Meet the Clinton clan — once more today across West Virginia — and be prepared for some return visits before next Tuesday’s primary.

Although she holds a commanding lead in the polls over fellow Democrat Barack Obama in West Virginia, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Co. are leaving nothing to chance by blanketing the state.

Clinton the candidate is staging a Capitol lawn rally in Charleston, Clinton the ex-president is barnstorming in a five-town blitz and Clinton the onetime first daughter is campaigning in Shepherdstown.

By the time polls open across the state Tuesday, you might see more of the Clintons, campaign leader Jessica Santillo suggested.

In Washington, Hillary spoke to “Generations of Women for Hillary”:

A crowd of 1,500 gathered at the “Generations of Women for Hillary” fundraiser at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, paying at least $250 a plate and helping to raise about $1 million for the campaign. Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe, addressing attendees, offered no indication that Clinton would be slowing down in her bid for the White House. “She is going to Denver as the nominee of the Democratic Party of the United States of America. And then she’s going to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the president of the United States of America,” he told the cheering audience.

Clinton worked her way through the crowd as speakers blared Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston versions of “I’m Every Woman.” People stood on chairs waving napkins. When the music was abruptly cut off, the clapping audience chanted: “Hill-ar-y, Hill-ar-y!”

“I’ve been counted out more than once. But thanks to all of you I’ve come back,” Clinton said, earning a thunderous, extended ovation. She later added, “When I was counted out in New Hampshire, it was the women of New Hampshire who came back and said, ‘No, she’s not finished yet.’ When I was counted out before Super Tuesday it was women from California to Massachusetts who came and said ‘No, we’re not finished yet.’ When I was counted out before Ohio, before Indiana, we have always come back.”