904 thoughts on “Onward To West Virginia

  1. do we have to refresh those map sites, or does it go automatic?

    I know I’ll find out soon, but I’m impatient.

  2. texan4hillary, from the previous thread, where did you hear the clinton camp were worried about nc?

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  4. EXIT POLL: 64% of Clinton voters would be dissatisfied with Bambi if he is the nominee !!!

  5. All these exit poll questions spell DOOM for Obama, there is no other way to spin it! Wow, wow, wow. If she wins IN and can hang close in NC, this is a huge night for her!

  6. In a big AA district Hillary holding her own

    Allen county 32% in 13K for Obama to Clinton 10K (56 to 44)

  7. berkeley and joe fri

    did i see an exit poll that said 59% of BO voters would support HRC should she win the nomination? sounds amazing, if true.

  8. yeah Berkeley, but at least on cnn they have already started spinning it as a win for obama if hillary is not able to get an upset in NC, which is stunning that anyone actually can think, looking at the history in this race with obama and the aa, that hillary would win NC; her getting close, and she has closed the margin big time, that’s the story! or it should be.

    But then we have people like brazille, saying the math don’t change blah blah blah,,,,

  9. Give me momentum and energy and big victories over “math” and a candidate who’s hemmorraghing support by the hour, any day of the week!

  10. Hillary will be in Indiana tonight for the election results. Bill Clinton will be in North Carolina for the election results. Both have speeches prepared.

  11. Both have speeches prepared?? cool, even funnier if Chelsea was a third place giving a speech, lol.

    Candy said that about NC? and no one corrected her?? could she have been serious? hmm

  12. Go, Hillary! BIG NIGHT. Gotta drive home from work shortly – y’all hold down the fort, OK?

  13. WOW: Candy Crowley: “the Clinton team expects to win in NC” holy jesus

    Did she hear this tonight?!

  14. Amazing how Senator Clinton’s goal post keep moving back. I guess they think that is the way to win. Anything close in NC is a victory, and IN what ever number is a win. Too bad Senator Obama does not have goals.

    But then if he expect to be the President fo the US, he does not need goals? Amazing.

  15. Is it true??? The Clinton campaign expects to win in NC????? Not a mistake?

  16. The big urban areas of IN, have not reported yet. So, there will be some tightening of the race.

  17. But looks at admin’s comment… Bill has a speech prepared to deliver in NC on behalf of the love of his life.

  18. from mydd.com

    Polling places in Delaware County, Indiana have been ordered to be kept open until 8:40pm due to a problem with the programming of the voting machines and the polling places’ running out of back-up paper ballots.

  19. Bill deserves a medal for all the hard work, he has put in for Hillary. WOW! What a guy!

  20. Based on comments at Taylor Marsh’s site, I believe it became clear later that Candy mixed up Indiana and North Carolina.

  21. I think it’s fucking bullshit that they call NC this soon, and its SO OBVIOUS Hillary has won IN and they aren’t calling it. Bullshit.

  22. JAS, Exit polls tend to inflate Obama’s numbers. I think Hillary still may keep his margin in NC to single digits.

  23. Steph now saying that a split win is not good enough for Hillary, that it’s not a game-changer.

    Guess he forgot about Bambi HIMSELF claiming that Indiana was the TIE-BREAKER.

  24. They think its about 60/40

    well lookey here

    Clinton won white voters (58%) again 2 to 1 and the independents and republicans. However they said 8% of white voters voted no preference.

  25. Paula I agree! but no matter what, MSM is going to say she has to leave and leave now.. 🙁

  26. Bcalling it without numbers in is BS!!! big time!!!……..but won’t they be sitting with egg on their faces when Hillary WINS NC 😀

  27. How can they change that when a week ago, they said that IN was a tie breaker, and is she did well in NC it would be significant.

    How corrupt is our system and it moving goal post.

  28. All along Hillary was suppose to win PA, Obama NC and Obama himself said IN would be the tie breaker. Funny how the pundits all forget his tie breaker remark…

  29. Howard County in Indiana is the “bellwether” county. Howard County was somewhat 50-50 but now Hillary is ahead there about 6. No votes yet in Obama stronghold of Lake County.

  30. Charlie Gibson said that even though Hillary has a large lead in Indiana, they cannot call it because the areas of the state near Chicago have not come in yet. As if there’s gonna be some kind of landslide for Bambi there.

    I told you they are desperate for him to win.

  31. Look guys, a lot of people voted no preference here, thats what happened, many white voters, voted no preference 8%

  32. If Obama won the AA vote 30-3, that gives him a 27-point edge. If she wins white voters by 20-some points, his margin of victory is single digits.

  33. I told you that my friends at the precincts in Indiana said she was going to win by 15%

    I called it! She really is!

    This is great!

  34. They called it based on exit polls. No real numbers yet. I figured he’d win, but we will have to wait to see what the count is. Don’t be down, guys – there was no way she was winning a state with 33% AA’s voting.

    If Obama did not pull a lot of the white vote in NC, he still looks bad.

  35. glad Fox is at least saying he won NC because of the AA.

    If the whites had bloc voted for Hill .. we could have pulled it out.

  36. pulling that crap in portage ind and gary where the judge said the ballots needed printing…bullshit..thats where opfrah lives in gary
    keeping them polls open for another hour

  37. dot48 – Whaaat?!? How?

    Can you think of anyone I can call to complain to? The DNC probably doesn’t care, but the MSM should know about this, and know that Hillary is going to win by even more than the polls show…because of cheating!

  38. in IN obama not that far ahead in his districts……hill could take them over….only a few votes behind right now

  39. Those nancy boys at MSNBC are creaming all over themselves over NC and totally ignoring IN. I don’t care how impassioned a plea Hillary might put out to unite behind Bambi, I will never do it in a million years. Never.

  40. Check out FOX front page:

    Obama won for NC with 48.6% of the current result; HRC 51.4%….

  41. Imagine if white voters voted for Hillary at 91%. And yet BO’s campaign still calls Hillary supporters racist. What a crock of shit.

  42. They keep saying that in the end Hillary voters will come home and vote for BO in the GE. Do you believe that? Is that wishful thinking? Where are they getting the stats for the BO support? Many, many of the Democrats we know are adamant. They will NEVER vote for BO.

    Go Hillary in IN. Hope it is close in NC. They say that the black vote did it for BO in NC.

  43. Well, now that the AA community has helped Obama, what will they expect Obama to do for them, like Rev Wright said, he will be knocking on Obamas door on Nov 5th.??????

  44. Exactly — as Obama had stated, IN was going to be the tie-breaker! And we’ve got WV (a crucial swing-state) coming up!

  45. Lets see if they got it right tonight, be so funny if NC was closer than they think.

  46. These CNN exit polls are total crap! They’re trying to spin it like the conservatives are voting for Hillary because they’re all mindless minions of Rush Limbaugh. How come it’s a positive thing for Barack Obama to talk about “Obamablicans” or whatever he calls the Republicans voting for him, but when it’s Hillary and conservatives it is some kind of conspiracy by tools of the Republican party?

    It’s a double standard, and it’s wrong. Hillary Clinton appeals to people of all ideologies…she transgresses all of that! People are too ignorant to give her the credit, just like they’re too ignorant to see she is the only one of the candidates who will WIN the GE.

  47. Dot

    my family will not vote obama either !!

    but let’s all relax…fl and mi will be solved one way or another even if its the convention
    she WILL and DOES have the popular vote already!

    she has a 10pt win so far in IN
    and she will not loose by much in NC if she looses at all..yet to be known…..of course i would love to see another Gaum in NC 😀
    and it would be oh so lovely if she won it even by 7 votes 😀

  48. I will NEVER vote for him. NEVER. I hate him, but I hate his supporters even more, and I would NEVER give them the satisfaction of receiving my vote.

  49. Well I feel a bit cheated about North Carolina. I got the feel from the phone that we’d be quite close there…the AA came out for him though and if nothing else they stick for their own.

    If whites had done that for Hillary .. she’d been able to cream him

  50. Our friend Craig Crawford, is the co-host on c-span tonight…a breath of fresh air. Lynn Sweet (Chi Sun Times reported live from IN…very positive abt our girl’s campaign and the results so far…lead now is 16 points.

  51. MJ, I am just assuming FOX news is reporting it. The exit poll of IN is 52% 48% for Hillary, but none of the media will call the winner….

    For NC, they are willing to call based on the exit poll.

  52. come on North Carolina … bring it closer for our girl. She worked her heart out there and she’d do you right

  53. if you look at the county map on cnn website, they are mainly counting the AA areas so far

    they have yet to count hillary’s areas…so hang tight!!

  54. Hillary Clinton is going to be our next President

    regardless of the early results in NC. Remember when IN was the tie breaker? PA? TX? OH?

  55. When BO was winning Republicans it was because they loved his ideas, now they say Hillary is winning them because of Rush, BUL&*S(&T! The republicans voting over on this side are a lot to do with Hillary being the better candidate. The audacity of spin!!

  56. Out of NC…remember BO does better w/ early voters, Hill with later voters. Whoever called NC for him may have to eat crow.

  57. What county is Indianapolis in? And what are the Chicago bordering counties we’re supposed to look for?

  58. “regardless of the early results in NC. Remember when IN was the tie breaker? PA? TX? OH?”

    Exactly Ronald…..we need to speak out more about this. That she has won the tie breaker 4 times now!

  59. dot48 – Please calm down. The great thing about America is that we can choose whom we vote for. I am glad all white people don’t vote together (if they did, it would probably be all for McCain!).

  60. NC at this time, AA Areas only






    No Preference




  61. Marion is where Indianapolis is. And they are talking about those counties in the NorthWest corner of the state around the Lake.

  62. Ronald – Really? That’s funny. Is he married? I can’t imagine anybody marrying that guy, ever.

  63. “They keep saying that in the end Hillary voters will come home and vote for BO in the GE.”

    If that were true, Democrats would win every election. There are more Democrats than Republicans! Democrats always lose because they DON’T just vote for whoever is nominated.

  64. rush goes thru wives like popcorn in a movie theater. he is 3 times divorced i believe.

  65. And they say race doesn’t matter. I almost want Obama to be the nominee so he can get creamed by John McCain, but he will still have have his 90-95% of African-American voters.

  66. It’s really funny that the super Obama-crazy Bloomington (in Monroe County) with the college there is going to go to Hillary Clinton. That’s going to really hit the BO camp hard.

  67. hillfans, nc, south carolin, alabama, ect… you get the idea. aa votes almost entirely won him these states.

  68. The reason Obama’s states get called so quickly: Exit polls tend to inflate his support, and vice versa. For example, Fox’s exit polls had Hillary up 4 in PA; she won by 10 percent.

  69. practically none of Hillary’s counties in NC have come in yet and she is holding her own in Raleigh.

  70. Ugggh.. Killing HRC on CNN –call for her to stop unless she wins North Carolina!!!

    Which network is better????

  71. its lake county paula where gary and portage ind..are and opfrah lives in gary keeping thsoe polls open bullcrap..

  72. NC is mostly his strong areas right now. Rural counties where Hill is strong are not in yet.

  73. Guys, so not freak out over the media. They yell for her to get out whether she wins or loses – just ignore them.

  74. @jen,
    No none of Clinton’s precincts have been counted while a lot of BO’s (raleigh) included are in. I think they are really being premature. This is going to tighten substantially.

  75. moon: if she is holding her own in Raleigh, that is good. That is the area of the research triangle and universities.

  76. spega, watch Fox if you have to watch anything. NEVER go to CNN unless you want to have a stroke.

  77. Actually I stopped watching cnn….let them talk …..that’s all it is….talk.

    Time to call for Obama to drop out for losing Indiana!

  78. Paula, that’s exactly what Brim Hume was saying before…the exit poll for IN was something like 52 to 48; but tend to inflate Obama’s support by few points….

  79. Way to go Barack! Your winning general election coalition of African Americans and yuppies pulls through yet again!

    Too bad the nation doesn’t mirror the demographics of Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina, too bad Republicans get to vote in November too, and too bad November isn’t a caucus or else you’d be a shoo in!

  80. Spega, watch Fox, they are not as biased. Only watch CNN when Lou Dobbs is on. He’s the only one that makes sense on CNN.

  81. LOL Huckabee is still getting 10% of the vote (in IN). That is a higher percentage than AAs who vote for our girl. And they call US racists???

  82. Guys remember did not BO say Indiana was the tie-breaker….well Hillary won the tie-breaker!

  83. Fantastic showing for Hillary tonight….she is gaining momemtum as Indiana has shown us.

  84. We should be excited when you think about it … I mean even bo thought he had a chance last week with Indiana….hello!!!

    Obama is losing steam folks!

  85. with this kind of results, Obama is simply a black candidate who plays old politics but disguised with the fake image…

    I simply hope people will see through his old politics and fake image….

  86. way to early to call NC. It may be a long night. whatever the result, will have to look at the breakdowns. If any victory of his is too lopsided in the white/AA ratio, not good for him no matter what the total vote is.

    If he loses IN by more than 10 he is in big trouble.

  87. reading on TM – that people in line in NC can vote if they’re in line at 7:30…so, the media trying to call it early was way for them to suppress voters, trying to get people to leave the polls if they were standing in line, trying to dishearten people, especially those coming late – probably working class people. This is ridiculous – it’s tampering with the electorate – it’s psychological warfare as jeff Gold on stop-obama noted.

  88. cnn called it early for Obama so they could trash hillary for the next hour or two. disgusting

  89. exactly – i have friends in NC – working very hard for this, the calling has gone well, lots of Clinton supporters, Bill clinton campaigning in the rural regions should also do well – the numbers should be close – this is such a ploy, and I am so tired of the media plotting with Obama at every turn to try and stuff his candidacy down our throats.

  90. innila-u think she will pull closer in nc-i mean my god the clintons worked it so very hard?

  91. i mean i called and called there-i mtellin yah a great many ncers are comming out big for clinton. big. i have no doubt.

  92. sometime I can help to wonder: look at the old politics supporting obama, Dean, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry….you believe these folks are capable of the new politics…….what a joke….

    I forgot to mention that obama is a closet racist….even he denounced his pastor which I thought was an act….how do you denounce the 20 years of wright’s teaching (words, books, tapes etc.)….

  93. Hillguy, I agree with you. I know many African Americans that buck the trend and vote for Hillary (some very taleted African American female friends of mine) and they have been steadfast in their support for Hillary.

    BUT, African Americans who are voting SOLELY on race are doing themselves a great disservice. For one, they are eroding moral highground they’ve had on racial identity politics issues, and two, because Obama will lose due to his crazy assness – UnAmerican associations, racialist associations, terrorist and criminal associations – he will mar and stereotype the future chances of any LEGITIMATE and QUALIFIED African American candidate for many elections.

    I really do think with each election result that shows African Americans voting 91% for the sorta-kinda black guy, it disillusions more and more whites, who aren’t keen on getting Okie-Doked by the post-racial phony man from Hawaii/Kansas/Illinois/Indonesia.

    Because most of us here are smart enough to know Obama doesn’t “got it” enough to take the general election against McCain. Against Huckabee, maybe, but the Republicans did themselves a favor by electing a guy that conservative democrats and moderates are comfortable with as an “Un-Obama.”

    Obama will lose in November if the Dems are stupid enough to try to run him. The question is not IF, it’s HOW MUCH.

  94. this whole election season has be such rubbish!! I would hate to have the repugs in office for another 4 years
    but i am soooooooooooo serious about voting mc cain if hill is not the nominee

    just so i dont have to listen to for 4 years or see BO and that nasty biotch wife of his in the whitehouse

  95. So he loses OH, PA, IN. Not very good. Of course he does well in the black belt. He should. Favorite son. Not a winnable election strategy for November. Anybody with a brain and one eye (this excludes CNN, Dean, etc.) can figure this one out.

  96. In every state BO get a court order to leave polls in a heavily AA district open longer. EVERY STATE he does this. Can you imagine what would be said about Hillary if she did that? He is such a fucking baby and will NEVER be president.

  97. djia – doubt it – I mean campaign offices are calling people all the way to the last minute, but if they’re in line, you can’t get to them. But word of mouth that CNN called it, or those on text message will see it and that will affect the psychology of voters.

    I will tell you that the same things happened at conventions – for example, Colorado delegate selection happening at the same time as Wyoming caucus – ppl were NOT allowed to use cellphones or get outside news, but no one was patrolled and delegates would flip to BO because they’re seeing on their CNN text updates that he’s winning a caucus.

    This collusion with the media is just getting to me. I should take up kick-boxing or something.

  98. “cnn called it early for Obama so they could trash hillary for the next hour or two.”

    Exactly. They’re in the tank for him, and they do what they want.

  99. MSNBC just came back from the commercial break saying IN is too early to call. What the hell? It’s not even close, and CBS has already called it! Are they slow in the head?

    Also, calling NC the second polls “closed” was a dick move.

  100. 54-46 in Indiana – Hillary leading – what happened to the 15 plus margin??!?!?!?!

    now its at 8 percent seperating the two!

    63-35 in North Carolina _ Obama leading – WILL HILLARY CATCH UP???? IM SO FRUSTRATED

  101. I would not vote for McCain (am I in the minority here?). I would consider a 3rd party candidate under the SLIM chance that the DNC sticks its head in its butt and cheats her of the nomination. But, if Obama was elected president, I think I will move to Europe.

  102. I am moving to SD…..can i vote if i voted in IA already ? 😉

    say………who here is going to help the campaign in SD???

    I live in nwIA now about 1.3 hrs from sioux falls (large city) and can put a couple people up here at my house

  103. justmeinmountdorafl – Don’t be frustrated. I have some information from some people that Hillary Clinton will win in IN by 12-15%.

    In NC, Obama will be up by single digits, maybe. That will be very difficult to call a victory.

  104. dot , i have said that too
    that i would vote for nadar…….but that wouldn’t guarantee that obama would loose
    as it will be mainly mc cain and the dem nom that will take the majority of votes.


  105. djia – I hope you are kidding (you are, right?). I am sure that is illegal, but you definitely can GOTV quite a bit if you are going to be in SD, and then it’ll make more of a difference than just your own single vote.

  106. I am a proud Democrat, but I would have NO problem voting for McCain the Moderate against BO the FRAUD.

    Look at Massachusetts! They fell for Axelrod’s creation (Deval Patrick) there, and they regret it. BO is barely tied with McCain there, in the bluest of all blue states.

  107. they still have them polls opened there in indiana they arent saying it something fishy going on..they didnt say they closed them either..stuffing the vote down there w eneed a surgate who can come out and say something.about these states for leaving the polls opened

  108. slow burn here .. Fox news is starting to salivate at the thoughts of running against Waffles.

  109. the good news.
    Raleigh and Durham are almost done counting so this should be the biggest lead Obama has during the night in NC. We should see things tighten quickly in NC shortly.

  110. you’re right , as most of the other counties for NC in OB lead are barely counted yet and could change significantly

  111. It’ll be hilarious to watch the BHO people cry when Hillary Clinton wins by like 70-30 in both West Virginia and Kentucky ON THE SAME DAY. People in those parts don’t take too kindly to big, whiney elitists.

  112. you know if Obama gets the nomination he will lose the GE what becomes of his political future??? governer??

  113. This is RIDICULOUS.

    The Media Whores are delaying this so they can spin it as Bambi won NC, and IN is SO CLOSE that we can’t call it, therefore Bambi wins.

  114. JAS – Maybe Hillary Clinton will hire him as like a doorman or something. 😉

    But, that isn’t political. He won’t have a political future.

  115. jr – WHY ARE YOU SO NEGATIVE? We need to keep our spirits up, people! Hillary needs us!

  116. all the pundits said he needed to show he could win the white voters in indianna……if he didnt he was in HUGE trouble

    so let’s all see what they say this week……since he clearly is not winning the white votes in either state

  117. I just have to say that the double standard that says it is ok for AA to vote based on race but not whites just makes me sick.

  118. dot48 – Oops. My mistake. But she’ll still win by 30+ points in both places, which NOBODY can spin away.

  119. dedfg – You mean on the internet, or on TV? What channel are you watching, I’m curious?

  120. JAS – i think BO has a future as a spiritual leader..maybe a pastor in a church somewhere.

  121. don’t worry guys. west NC is briefly coming in piece by piece. Hillary will have everything down to around single digits for NC.

  122. payback will be hell next week in WV .. heads up though bambi will have his head stuck up Rockefellers ass all this week .. kennedy and kerry in tow.

    someone needs to remind voters how waffles really feels about them .. guns, bible, clinging … memory is short it seems …

  123. jr, Obama’s indiana counties are all but finished.
    Hillary is winning the NWestern parts of Indiana which were Obama’s only shot at coming to a close finish in Indiana.

  124. Hopefully Hillary can hold on to the NW corner of Indiana and I can’t wait until Indianapolis finishes reporting.

  125. djia – That’s awesome. That’s where my friends are. They claim that it’s because the Chicago area plays Wright clips nonstop. No wonder they hate BHO.

  126. by all counts, I doubt Obama will lose NC, but I don’t see him pulling off a significant margin.

    the question, however, is why the DNC seems so intent on award delegates to heavily-AA influenced areas moreso than others.

    Just as they have heavily given more delegates per person to caucus states.

  127. brace yourself .. I am afraid tomorrow that the pressure is gonna be on her tomorrow to drop out. The whole polling was skewed in NC so that it would look like he overperformed.

  128. ok….she is doing extremely well in the western part of the state and those numbers are just coming in. They are much smaller counties but they will add up. It will tighteng. NC Sec of State has them w/in 18 now.

  129. I agree single digits in NC – the media will take the next five hours to talk about his giant victory in NC, and tomorrow, they’ll be trying to spin single digit win. They need to look at the breakdown of voter demographics – I am sure he’s proved himself unelectable for the GE all over again.

  130. the sad thing is the media whores have already made this into a big win for Obama. HOW the fuck they did it I don’t know. The demographics were always in his favor … who ever said it should be a 2-0 for Hillary is nuts.

    We in this country have been taken over by msm

  131. it is a special sports event called “Trashing Hillary”, the competitors are “the media”

    may be they have a private, secretive ceremony to award the winner…..

  132. “the media will take the next five hours to talk about his giant victory in NC”

    That’s what they want, and tomorrow they’ll move on to something else, like the storm in Myanmar.

  133. fuck them .. why are they putting so much into Lake County and Gary .. did they stuff the ballot box for him up there.

  134. it needs to be less then 10 in NC and more then 10 in IN to ‘offset’ one another 😉

  135. I hate to break it to any Obama supporters reading this board, but after tonight, it is only clearer that Senator Barack Hussein Obama will NEVER be the president of the United States. Neither in this lifetime, the next one, or in hell.

    I can guarantee ANY Obama supporter this simple fact and will take any one of them on in predictions and arguments.

    The primaries are unfolding as I had originally thought. Hillary will certainly be the nominee when everything is said and done. Tonight should only raise more questions about the electability of Barack Obama.

    If Barack wins by less than 30% in NC (which is the percent of AA’s in that state), it will raise very very serious questions.

  136. but the media has already spun it as a wipe out in NC .. Hillary surrogates need to pounce on all the shows tomorrow .. OR BETTER .. Hillary herself.. she’s her best surrogate. Book all the morning shows .. go after His Highness …

    I swear if he gets the nomination I will be gleeful to watch the republicans destroy him.

  137. Big problem in NC is raleigh. 50 K vote difference in that county. that is the majority of the difference.

  138. watching dancing with the stars now, let me know when Obama’s over speaking 😉

  139. Brand-new article detailing how Barack Obama’s North Carolina win, depsite first appearances, actually
    damages his chances to be the Democratic nominee:


    The mainstream media’s over-reaction to Obama’s win, predictably, is dead-wrong in its assessment.
    This win actually seriously damages Obama’s chances to become the candidate for Democrats who wish
    to have a fighting chance against John McCain.

  140. MJS: If Barack wins by less than 30% in NC (which is the percent of AA’s in that state), it will raise very very serious questions.

    I agree! There are serious questions about BO’s electability.

  141. me and you too .. just me .. I despise him. I know I’m not supposed to hate but I feel nothing but pure hatred for him and this whole naked process of theft by deception. That is what he is doing to the AA and they don’t realize it. I do not believe that he would care for the AA like the Clintons have. That is the worst part of this whole thing. Bill and Hillary have done so much for them .. just like the other Judas’s ,, Bill and Hillary showed real class and gave these people a hand up and this is the thanks they get.

  142. I am also watching DWTS….the guy singing was just on AI too (in the audience) I love his singing though.

  143. dot48 its just upsetting – I looked at the guy’s website and its just pure sickening – almost propanganda (sp?) and its almost like they’re trying to lure you in you know. scary. Im tired.

  144. I’m tired too .. can’t imagine how Hillary does this. I really thought our calls into NC would bring the totals within a few points…

  145. JAS Says:
    May 6th, 2008 at 8:48 pm
    you know if Obama gets the nomination he will lose the GE what becomes of his political future??? governer??

    He has yet to win anything against a viable Republican, I think. I hope to see the GOP take him on seriously, whatever he runs for next.

  146. Lake county in Indiana is worrisome. It’s got a population of 494,000 and a black population of 26% according to the US census website. None of that vote has come in yet according to CNN. Assuming 25% of the population casts a vote in the dem primary, that’s an additional 124,000 or so votes that haven’t been counted yet. Hopefully Hillary will keep it close there.

  147. BHO trying to convince himself and idiots at his rally that white America, blue-collar will rally to him. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Note to David Axelrod and BO campaign: Lower BO’s teleprompters so he has to actually look at the people rather than have his nose stuck up in the air. He looks so arrogant and elitest!

    When you watch BO give one of his speeches with the sound turned off, it is amazing how his body language shows the REAL Obama.

  149. Southern Born: That’s so TRUE! Everytime I see a picture of waffles, he’s got his nose pointing skywards. I guess he’s trying to get his nose as far away from his body odor as possible 🙂

  150. moononpluto – You’ll see. SUSA was not wrong. There are plenty of votes left, and the margin will get much bigger. 🙂

  151. Dot, Now he wants our votes. He made fun of us all these days. f**k him I will never vote for him.

  152. His brain-washing tactics may work on latte-drinking cappucino’s, but people who work for a living won’t be BAMBOOZLED OR HOODWINKED. ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS SEE AYERS STANDING ON OLD GLORY. I SAY LET’S MAKE POSTERS TO SEND TO EVERY HIILARY SUPPORTER TO PUT ON THEIR REFRIGERATOR TO REMIND THEM TO NOT SUPPORT BHO – E V E R !!!!!!!!

  153. the only way Obama will ever be Commander In Chief is if he runs in Hell with Rezko and Ayers as his running mates.

  154. Levon Says:

    May 6th, 2008 at 9:18 pm
    Lake county in Indiana is worrisome. It’s got a population of 494,000 and a black population of 26% according to the US census website
    yeah and they kept the polls open for a hour and a half more..he uses there media market and opfrahs too..it pisses me off..

  155. Don’t trust the polls…the only polls that count are the VOTERS.

    The polls this season has been so manipulated that I have very high trust issues with them.




  157. And another note to the BO Campaign…get him some botax. BO’s developed big frown lines right between his eyes in the past month or so. Tell him to quit looking so angry and bitter…his eyes are hard…maybe you should keep him from hanging out with Michelle so much. How come BO does not smile when he is giving one of “those” speeches?

    Turn off the sound and just watch him…!!!

  158. Paula i mean there are 2 big counties bordering illinois and Hillary’s lead is dropping.

  159. if both In and Nc are lost .. I think she will reassess. Just being realistic. Even though they were both his territory, the things that have come to light on him would have taken down and wiped out anyone else. The party is covering for him, the media is tanking for him ..

  160. I’m honestly not surprised by any of these results. NC was going to be a loss, and IN was always close. This doesn’t change delegate distribution much. It’s still going to be decided by supers on the basis of electability.

  161. First they said she had to take OH and TX or drop out
    Next they said she has to take PA or drop out
    After that they said she had to take IN or drop out
    Next they will say she must walk on water or drop out

    Guess what? Dropping out is voluntary. No one can force her to drop out. There are no provisions in the DNC rule book for it. The longer they play this drop out game, the more stubborn Hillary becomes. The more stubborn she becomes, the more contests she wins, the more she is respected by her fellow citizens. And rightly so!
    If need be, this will go to the convention floor in Denver. SHE IS NOT DROPPING OUT.

  162. well with Indiana coming in so slow it does make one wonder … even fox put waayyy too much into Lake county .. makes one wonder wtf is going on.

  163. True tabby, I mean we wanted to be positive but even cnn stated that they had expected bo to win NC.

  164. dot48, it depends on which way Lake County goes. large population over there.

    the surrounding counties are all Hillary by a mile, so we’ll see.

  165. Glen Beck has Michelle Obama’s number. If you get to watch his show .. he has her number. She is one angy woman with real issues.

  166. How dare that SOB about the american flag draped over his fathers coffin when his friend Ayres stomps on it.

  167. Hillary’s been able to keep down a lot of Obama’s margins in East NC. That’s very good.

  168. Even if she didn’t end up winning it, I would LOVE to see Hillary pull ahead of Bambi in North Carolina, only temporarily, just so all the Media Whores would crap their pants live on the air.

  169. birdgal Says:

    May 6th, 2008 at 9:31 pm
    lake and la porte
    i wanna no what is going on there…fishy its real fishy
    and porter county inbetween is finally moving to count votes

  170. Hey what did Michelle say to BO when she came out on the stage after his speech…he looked at her and sort smercked??

  171. well, I have to say the media outdid themselves in showing their extreme bias for BO tonight.

  172. but if you look at the map of NC – Hillary’s only doing well in western part of NC which is small towns but Obama doing well in central or eastern NC which is heavily populated

  173. What country do we live in anyway? I don’t really know this place anymore. How could ANYONE with his TERRORIST TIES be winning the office for the Presidency?!? Watching this coup de tete in slow motion right before our eyes.

    Oh no, Bob Beckel.

  174. how can American’s still vote for him after they hear this wife. I just don’t get it. The AA bloc voting is going to change the landscape of America and the whites just don’t get it.. WAKE UP

  175. justme, Obama was supposed to BLOWOUT Eastern NC, which is full of latte liberals. He’s winning some areas there by only 5% or less.

    that’s pretty good for us.

  176. Some said earlier that they kept polls in Lake County open until 8:40 eastern time. That was an hour ago. Where the hell are the numbers??




  178. they are deliberately doing this so that her victory speech will be late .. those bastards. why hold up the vote count


  180. ok…some quick math. Marion county (indianapolis) 91% reporting. about 160 K votes total 66% for BO. w/9% left, that is about 15 K votes left or so. If same percentages hold, he will get another 9 K votes from that county.

  181. I’m not watching much….just flick over for a minute to check the results….but even in that minute it is always the same conversation.

  182. curiosity .. I’ve been saying the same thing. The AA have made a political statement .. they are going to vote for him no matter WHAT. The exit polls have been WRONG on every count. The whites need to step up or be shit outta luck with this dude and his creepy anti American background and his hateful wife.

    I think it’s time we started an organized effort against him if Hill isnt the nominee. We need to figure out how to effectively work to keep him OUT of the white house. He is dangerous.

  183. How can 66% of the voters think that BO is HONEST as reported on FOX. Do those people live in caves or at the bottom of Lake Superior?? Do some of the people we meet on the streets and highways actually have brains? That’s scary.

  184. If this ends it for Hillary, I’m checking out of politics for the rest of the year. I’m sick and tired. I will not lift a finger for Barack, and I will almost certainly go to McCain.

  185. If The-Next-President-of-the-United-States (Hillary) doesn’t win Indiana tonight, I believe it will be due to cheating and fraud. With her lead in the polls plus the demographics of Indiana, this win should have been much easier than it is looking right now. Leaving some polling places open–when everyone else has to play by the rules–is one example of what I am talkiing about. That two of BO’s strongest counties are the last to report is also suspicious.

    Survey USA has the best track record among the pollsters this season. I think they were right in IN and NC, thus there is something else going on.

    I also get the feeling that BM wanted to “engineer” the reporting this night to benefit BO.

  186. sad to say, but I have to admit:

    I’m contemplating ordering “McCain 2008” signs for my lawn depending on how stupid the democratic party is.

    Now, that can all change if the democrats make the smart and only choice and go with Hillary.

    If they don’t, I will campaign my heart out for McCain.

  187. HillGuy Says:

    May 6th, 2008 at 9:39 pm
    Some said earlier that they kept polls in Lake County open until 8:40 eastern time. That was an hour ago. Where the hell are the numbers??
    yep that what i am saying they closed where are the numbers ..i would never trust that part in indiana..never its opfrah land

  188. I think hill fans need to not watch fox for a week or two …..lower their ratings and send a strong message!!

  189. Lake county might have 1/3 AA but that does not mean the rest could not go to Hillary

  190. I read today that some Washington insiders say that Dean believes that any Democrat can win this year against the Republicans so he’s not as worried about Obma’s negatives.

    My take: Dean is vastly underestimating the problems that Obama would have in the general election and the fierceness of the upcoming GOP attacks. He is also vastly underestimating the amount of dissatisfaction with working class Dems towards Obama. He is underestimating the appeal of McCain who will be looked on as “safe” and as experienced. It’s obvious Dean vastly underestimated the popularity of Hillary. It shows he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. All he has done is rip the Democratic party apart and change a sure victory in Novemeber to a question mark.

  191. I hate to say this guys but i think we are going to get screwed here.

    WTF has happened.

  192. why are AA’s “clinging” to Obama? that’s a much better question than why the working class “cling to guns and religion”

  193. im not going watch any fox anymore only greta she is fair..and i will watch nacy grace..quit giving them there ratings now,at fox..because there gonna trash her more they want him so mccain will beat him..

  194. brit hume, ooing over bo speech, saying their was some oooooing in the studio

    yep , i am striking on fox!!

  195. Guys, what the heck is happening? Gary isn’t in. That’s going to go BO. I think we have troubles.

  196. I also had read on TM that rural voters didn’t come out heavily in IN. That could be a major problem.

  197. Dot, My only consolation is that “The AA bloc voting is going to change the landscape of America and the whites just don’t get it.. WAKE UP:

    that it will never happen. They will implode. the backlash will be swift. the stampeded to mcCain will be deafening. And the AA voting block can say by by to affirmative action, to quota systems, and all the other leveling strategies implemented because white democrats believed it was the fair thing to do.

    For 91% of the AA voting block to go for Waffles is the most racist thing I have heard. Why doesn’t Deaniac point THAT out?
    Bedtime for me…..hope the news improves over night.

  198. Guys stay strong ok she is still winning and is sneaking up on him in NC everyone lets breath!

  199. If this is the end of the line for Hillary, I swear to work against Obama. He has lied too much, he has been propped up too much, he has attacked most viciously with the aid of the media, that I absolutely feel angry. I feel abused, for Hillary. I feel wronged. With the help of the Republicans, I want his supporters to feel that way too.

  200. Now guys, I am Hillary die hard to the end but the onslaught tomorrow is going to be enormous.

    There is no way in hell i am voting for Barack Obama, full stop. period.

  201. guys, even if Hillary loses NC and IN today, so what? (she won’t, I’m guessing) Hillary will trample Obama in WV and KY. FL and MI will have to count, and then PR is ours.

  202. Obama wins North Carolina, CBS says Clinton takes Indiana

    From Yahoo

  203. fox said they were bringing pizza for the polls in those counties…….so it’s dinner break

    that’s BS!!

  204. What I don’t understand is anybody expecting the media to be any different than they are. They are in the tank for BO, and nothing is going to change that.

    But Hillary is fighting and we have to support her.

  205. OK, I’ve done some math on the Lake county vote based on Marion county. They both have a 26.1% black population. Assuming Lake county votes in the same percentages as Marion, then the following numbers should be close to what we see there:

    Total votes: 104,475
    33% of that vote total would be 34477 for Hillary.
    67% of that vote total would be 69998 for waffles.
    net gain for waffles would be 35521.

    Let’s hope that those percentages don’t hold in Lake, and that LaPorte comes in for Hillary!

  206. Oh, great. I only turn up the sound for a bit and what do I hear…the symbolism of the date of the acceptance speech at the Dem. Convention…I assume is the very same date of the MLK “I Have a Dream” speech.

    Okay…no more sound…no more FOX.

  207. we’re in trouble in IN…

    Among U.S. cities with a population of 100,000 or more, Gary has the highest percentage of African-American residents (as of the 2000 U.S. census). Gary had one of the nation’s first African-American mayors, Richard G. Hatcher, and hosted the ground-breaking 1972 National Black Political Convention. At the same time, Gary suffered from many affluent and middle-class residents leaving Gary and relocating to the surrounding towns and cities.

  208. Ann, we’ll see. Hasn’t Hillary been polling well in NW indiana?

    + the Rev Wright coverage…..

  209. The other problem is take a look at some of the other big counties still reporting per that link admin posted. They are going to BO.

  210. From CBS news:

    Obama’s win mirrored earlier triumphs in Southern states with large black populations: Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina among them. With 53 percent of the votes in North Carolina being reported, Obama was leading Clinton 56 percent to 42 percent.

    That says it all.

  211. A win’s a win in IN. And it will push her momentum.

    Once we figure how how BO’s dirty tricks messed all this up, she is going to be looking a whole lot better.

  212. yes, cool it everyone. you are driving me nuts with your pessimism. We will take IN. NC, well let’s just wait and see.

  213. HillGuy – I agree. No matter what happens, it’s the superdelegates who matter at this point, and the huge victories in WY and Kentucky. There’s more crap to pop up about Obama between now and August, I’m sure of it.

  214. Why would she drop out before the convention with so much still to be known about Barack? Let’s say she drops out and he has a complete meltdown over the long hot summer before our very late convention. Then where do we turn? Does she come back in? How does that work?

  215. we’re now down to three counties – two in the nw part of Indiana and 1 on the Ohio state borderline

  216. This is from the Clinton campaign:

    Clinton’s Mo Elleithee: “We’re pumped. Senator Obama called this the tie-breaker, and it’s looking very strong for us. We started way behind in both states and made up significant ground tonight. Momentum is clearly on our side, and we’re going to take that momentum to West Virginia, Kentucky, and the remaining states.”

    Clinton’s Jay Carson: “We have won the state that Sen. Obama said was a tie-breaker and we’ve won the swing voters Democrats need to win in a general and it’s on to the May contests and beyond.”

  217. Percent Votes
    Hillary Clinton (DEM) 42.85% 540,775

    Mike Gravel (DEM) 0.80% 10,036

    Barack Obama (DEM) 54.89% 692,822

    No Preference (DEM) 1.47% 18,512

  218. What’s Lanny said? Not in the mood to watch the TV news, I had enough earlier today..

  219. Clinton’s Jay Carson: “We have won the state that Sen. Obama said was a tie-breaker and we’ve won the swing voters Democrats need to win in a general and it’s on to the May contests and beyond.”


  220. Hillary got Laporte, In county! with 51 percent reporting

    still waiting on Lake county but if you look at all the surronding counties its all going Hillary

  221. If LaPorte can go even more strongly for Hill and Union County comes out in full force, we might be able to offset Lake County if necessary.

  222. I think Hillary’s campaign will come out aggressively tomorrow to highlight the true facts of the voting tonight. I don’t think she will give an inch—she will go onward to Kentucky and West Virginia and keep up the campaign.

    Although our battle may seem uphill, at some point we will reach the other side of the goal line. We need to hang in there…

  223. talked about MI and FL and how BO is trying to change the rules….I did not hear the first part as I am not watching cnn much. I got the feeling they were trashing hillary for tryin to change the rules and Lanny told them NO it is Obama that is changing the rules.

    Anyone else see it. I changed the channel after he stopped as I cannot watch cnn at all.

  224. she is gonna beat him hopefully in his backyard and opfrahs..thats should be the talk right there..not no north carolina

  225. They made up the “rules” about FL and MI last winter, ad hoc. And now they’re acting as if they were the Ten Commandments.

  226. Someone needs to pass out the DNC Rules and Regulations. The Rules Committee f*cked up by stripping FL and MI of all delegates. The rules allow for 1/2. They went beyond, what the rules called for.

  227. I have invested my time, money, and energy in Hillary Clinton. I expect her to see this thing through to the end. I will be very angry if she does not.

  228. racial makeup of Lake County, Indiana:

    the racial makeup of the county was 80.11% White, 6.94% Black or African American, 0.28% Native American, 3.90% Asian, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 6.72% from other races, and 2.01% from two or more races.

  229. ABC News also noting that the AA vote is responsible for the NC win. His win of NC ain’t all that grand once the demos get broken down.

  230. ^^ o nvm, that’s an old census.

    the newer 2005 census shows that the pop there is 68.8% white, about 18.2% latino and only 7% AA.

  231. ^^ sorry, wrong lake county guys, here is the actual info:

    According to 2005 Census estimates 58.6% of Lake County’s population was non-Hispanic whites, 26.2% African-American, 13.7% Latino and 1.0% Asian.[5] In 2000 there were 181,633 households out of which 32.80% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 48.70% were married couples living together, 16.60% had a female householder with no husband present, and 30.10% were non-families. 25.80% of all households were made up of individuals and 9.60% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.64 and the average family size was 3.19.

  232. even brett hume is wondering about that gary in it looks suspicious..lake county last always..why

  233. Lake county will not report any totals until they finish counting the 11, 000 absentee ballots and say it may be midnight before they release numbers.

  234. the rurals must not have come out as big for her as we thoguht they would. every poll had her up big here. 60 of nc’s counties not counted according to the state site.

  235. rick, she’s not going to drop out. She knows that BO can’t win and she’s our only hope. She’s going to try and save these isidots from their own stupidity whether they like it or not.

  236. That’s weird. Everywhere else she had great rural turnout. What happened?

    Seems to me BO’s supporters are trying to put off reporting lake county as late as possible. Hill will be speaking soon, they just said.

  237. If Hillary’s campaign released a statement that they won IN, then obviously they did. Obama’s trying to drag this out to prevent her from claiming a win before everyone goes to bed.

  238. according to Fox its 56-42 with 79 reporting but on NC state primary returns its 55-43

  239. Clintondem99

    Agreed, as I said before, this is very suspicious. Hillary has won IN (or her campaign staff wouldn’t have said what they said) but the tactics of Lake County delays the networks from calling IN for her and makes it seem like she just ekes out the win. How dare BO say that he is running a positive campaign yet his supporters pull this nonsense. I will never vote for BO–and I have never voted for any other candidate but a Democrat my entire life–and this is an example of why. His supporters are bad news!

    That, and he is grossly inexperienced and not up to the job.

  240. i think terry m should be calling lake county or someone or all of us democrats and get those votes reported now..took the prime time spot from her is what he did the jerk creep..

  241. hillary will win IN.

    don’t worry guys. even Bob Beckel said it and Lake County is probably going to be going to Hillary, that’s why the BamBam campaign is using what influence they have to delay it.

  242. This is not a difficult situation tonight…..hillary won Indiana where bo was supposed to…See how the media is spinning this loss of bo?

  243. I’d like to give Donna more than a slap, my Hummer was made to roll over large objects.

  244. It seems like some here are buying into the media/Obama camp spin. If she takes IN by whatever percentage, it is big trouble for Obambi. This is a big night for Hillary. It proves once and for all that his Achilles heel is middle-class white voters. What real victory can he claim in taking NC?
    Hillary will win KY and WVA, and is picking up speed in OR.

    With IN, she is in the driver’s seat. Hence the spin. It’s just damage control from the other side. Please, Hillary deserves better than having her own people lose heart. Ignore the media; let’s move on to the next states. No one said it was going to be easy.

  245. agreed Paddy.

    + NC is looking amazing. Obama had a 30% advantage before polls were even closed simply because 90% of AA’s were voting for him. Hillary obviously got a larger white vote to whittle that down to 14%, and the margin will only shrink with the night.

  246. I hate those Biotches on CNN. Somebody please let us know when Hill is on. I’d rather watch water drop from a faucet than to watch these freaks.

  247. wagner, please none of that. While I think Brazille is a silly woman, that is not nice to say of anyone.

  248. Exactly and by constantly stating that this is a HUGE loss for obama has impact. We need to constantly be supporting Hillary.

  249. Yes, that’s a really obnoxious set on CNN. I’m glad I don’t watch 🙂

    “Too early to call” IN. That’s a new spin.

  250. yes – Hill and isnt it unusual that both Clinton and Chelsea is on stage with Hillary

  251. Look to the right of Hillary. There is that aa male, with the boxing gloves. Remember Philly?

  252. something is NOT right – look at Chelsea and Bill!

    and did she ask for money?

  253. Just wanted to let people here know that there were two factual errors in the post which I linked to shortly ago. One was a minor point, the other a more important point. Both have been corrected.

    I should also say that I just emailed Adam Nagourney from the NYT about his incorrect analysis on what the results show from tonight. I do hope he takes a look at what I wrote and revises his faulty conclusion. He is a good writer but he has taken one too many sips of the Kool Aid, it seems.

    Can we PLEASE count Gary, IN now?


  254. look at Chelsea and Bill they look like they are going to cry I dont know remmy me deaf so I dont hear but am more into body language

  255. JustMein, I just think they had hoped they could win NC. I don’t think they look significantly bummed..

  256. I really wish she would stand up to has fraud, why doesnt’ she call him out on it. I do think Chelsea is looking like she is on the verge of crying.

  257. SactoDem, I agree. Inspite of all his claims Bo never ran a positive campaign. I am in the same quandary as you are I have always voted for a Democrat.

  258. Obama is a bum and this should inspire us to work harder for Hill. I have noticed that Admin and the posters on this board have done a great job supporting our girl. It ain’t over yet. We must continue to work hard and fight for Hill as she will work hard and fight for us. That women is phenominal.

  259. I have noticed that Admin and the posters on this board have done a great job supporting our girl.

    You are so right!

  260. (Cheer up, guys!! Hillary won IN. The tie breaker. We still got this.)


    I’d love to help campaign in SD. I live in Sioux City, so I’m assuming you live around there.

    Hopefully you see this post! 🙂

  261. never give up guys. Hillary is going to be the nominee. Envision her debating mcCain! Now THAT will be fun!

  262. adkriech599 Says:
    May 6th, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    (Cheer up, guys!! Hillary won IN. The tie breaker. We still got this.)


    I’d love to help campaign in SD. I live in Sioux City, so I’m assuming you live around there.

    Hopefully you see this post! 🙂
    I am here! we will be living close soon! I am moving near vermillion,Sd so somewhere with in 30 miles of it

  263. wasnt her speech shorter then normal? Im sorry if I sound like a downer I just feel kinda let down

  264. From the Associated Press:

    “Hillary Rodham Clinton lost her last best chance to score an upset on Barack Obama’s turf Tuesday, putting the Illinois senator a step closer to becoming the country’s first black presidential nominee. (Snip) Obama’s victory there was tempered by the fact that Clinton beat him handily among white voters, extending her argument to superdelegates who will decide the nomination that she will be the stronger general-election candidate.”

    There’s tomorrow’s talking point. At least the print media isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

    BTW, there’s a big difference between wanting something and doing something. I want to walk on the moon some day, but I never will. Damn.

  265. adkriech, forgot to add that i live up by lake okoboji right now, but hubby took a job as a GM in vermillion and so he is out there now

  266. You know journalists, the media could be reading this board and getting ideas …. I am happy she won Indiana…it was supposed to be the big tie-breaker!

  267. and bo face count those votes these supporters knows what going on for sure..yep hillary said 48 states that isnt right we need all 50..
    Obama cant close the deal or seal it
    she is so strong and happy

  268. Moving away from the media spin, what can tonight’s results tell us about the current state of this contest? In NC, he wins a higher percentage of AA and she gets more of the white vote than in previous southern black belt states. He lost the white vote in IN. So more polarization between whites and blacks and his declining credibility among white voters. The SDs are going to give this some serious consideration. Since they will decide the nomination, it is their perceptions that matter the most.

    I think everyone agrees, either openly or secretly, with her win in IN, cemented by further gains in the next couple of weeks, she will have the best suit of cards to play with regards to the Supers. Don’t think for a minute the Supers pay that much attention to the media. They are in the politics business and they know how the media works. And they know by now that the media is biased towards Obama. So they will discount most of what it says.

    We are providing Hillary with the critical wins she needs to win.

  269. hi hillfans, i have to admit a tough ass night. i wish lake county can get off their assses and report the damn numbers. hell, the polls closed there before nc and they surpassed the votes counted.

  270. Brazille got called out on CNN tonight by of all people Campbell Brown:

    BROWN: Hold on. I want to ask Donna something. Hold on. I want to ask Donna something because you have been on these panels time and time again with us as an undecided voter, and you sound very much –

    BRAZILE: I’m not undecided.

    BROWN: Uncommitted?

    BRAZILE: I’m undeclared.

    BROWN: Undeclared. There you go. Well it sounds very much — Hey, no —

    BRAZILE: Words matter.

    BROWN: Words matter. It sounds very much to me tonight like you have made up your mind.

    BRAZILE: No. It sounds like I am ready to unify my party. I’m ready to bring the party back together and I’m sick and tired of hearing people say my party, my party. This is the Democratic Party. We have stood through thick and thin and I’m sick of the divisions. That’s all I’m saying.

    I’m not saying that this is about — I think Hillary is a fabulous candidate and she is doing a remarkable job in the closing days of this Campaign. But Barack Obama’s also a great candidate and I respect John McCain’s service. Now what does that make me?

  271. 1950democrat – I agree it does – I just have a negative feeling – maybe its just me being disappointed – I know we will do well in West Virginia but I just hope she comes out strong – tonight was really a nail biter but I’m not sure you know

  272. terrondt : This is supposed to be Hillary’s night because she won Indiana…bo was expected all along to win NC…..the problem is the media spun an obvious and expected win as if it was a great victory.

    The bottom line is that she beat Obama in a state that could have gone either way. She was down and she rose above and won it.

  273. brazilla, can kiss my arse!

    she is not undeclared……words do matter and we all could throw her words back at her

  274. The funny thing is that Obama has won by exactly the same amount in NC that Hillary did in PA, 215,000. They cancelled each other out.

    So hopefully the gains in Indiana and WV and Kentucky will lift that vote up.

  275. That’s the problem with polls. The only real poll is the votes, and sometimes I worry that all the discussion of polls ends up depressing turnout.

    And turnout is what it’s all about.

  276. djia: moon…..fraud happened

    I am with you….how come the numbers on cnn for IN have not changed hardly in the last hour?

  277. justme,

    Tears can come from love and pride — and relief and joy. The tie-breaker state is won. The hardest contests are over. Maybe they’re glad it will be easier from now on.

  278. Ok guys its very encouraging that Hillary has won all the counties in that top NW corner bordering illinois.

  279. Well, being as that Campbell Brown is the most impartial, hard-knuckled, professional journalist ever, this is not surprising. She’s just doing her JOB!

  280. The Test is Indiana, who ever wins Indiana will Clinch the Nomination (so says the messiah Obama, and I think his wife said it too).

    Even with suspected Faud, Senator Clinton wins IN.
    Even not campaigning in Guam, Senator Clinton loses by only 7 votes.
    She closed his 30% win in NC to 12% and still going down.

    Although he takes a large % of the AA, he cannot close the Deal with the other Demographics.

    There are no Caucuses in the GE, and the whole country votes on one day.

    The Democratic Party IQ has gone down if they do not see who can win in Nov 2008.

  281. so basically e are back to square one-e lost 200,000 votes in nc so now must gain them plus way more to get the pop vote?

  282. “Even with suspected Faud, Senator Clinton wins IN”

    Not only that, but with what BO spending 3 times as much as her? still can’t close the deal…

  283. If Brazille truly wanted to have a united democratic party, she would not have used draconian measures, when she and other committee members decided to strip FL of ALL their delegates. The rules allow for 50%, not 100%. She is lying through her teeth. It was a set-up for waffles.

    Since when, are absentee ballots counted before results are released? This smells very, very fishy and dirty; especially, since this county is next door to the infamous Chicago, which is known for voter fraud.

  284. Guys we need to start having a HEAD start with WEST VIRGINIA – its only 7 days from today that they vote so let’s start working hard to ensure WEST VIRGINIA GOES BIG FOR HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  286. Comment from NoQuarter that caught my eye:

    Donna Brazile said on CNN tonight that the Democratic Party is changing and “we” don’t need the votes of working class people anymore. She stated the Party is younger and more educated and that is the New Democratic Party.

    It will be on You Tube soon I’m sure. It was a radical statement.”

    Also this news tidbit:

    Fox said today that Hillary is forcing a Rules Challenge this month.

  287. speaking of fraud, you know, you have to wonder why BO was so confident to say this would be a tie breaker……

  288. Yeah Brazille put her foot in it tonight. Sorry but it was telling, the elitists and black factions have taken over the Democratic party, they think they dont need the hispanics and white blue collars.

    What a bitch i thought when she said that.

  289. The results seem to be very consistent as NC was always going to go his way and Indiana was going to be close. The reason for some disappointment, imo, is that we all probably unrealistically thought she would pull within single digits in NC and secondly, it is taking forever to declare her the victor in Indiana which is exhausting to all of us. As many previously posted, the early victor sort of carries the news cycle , particularly here, where we won’t have a definitive answer to after midnight.
    In the end, Hillary did what she needed to do by winning Indiana. I also think she is being very classy about unifying the party, but many like me, I suspect, will simply never be able to support a nominee so unqualaified as Mr. Obama.

  290. As for the challenge in the Rules Committee (meets May 31), apparently we have 50+% there so all it needs is guts, er, cajones.

    See riverdaughter.confluence; there was a piece on HufPo by Edsall but riverdaughter takes the parts worh reading and has better comments.

    Also see Craig Crawford: h t t p : / / blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2008/04/where-the-dem-rules-really-lea.html

    By the DNC rules, in Florida Hillary should get half her delegates and Obama NONE, because he broke the no-campaigning pledge.



  292. If we win HUGE in WV, it will look great. Let’s win WV by 20+ % people. It looks good. Lower AA vote, more lowerclass/working class white votes, union voters, women voters, conservative dems, we can do this. WV needs to be huge, and if it is, it will carry us into KY in a bigger way than is expected. Let’s wipe the mat with him in West Virginia.

  293. hawk, I agree with you, let’s start working hard for West Virginia, lets bring in a lot of money for Hillary so she can campaign hard in WV, KY, OR and the rest. I think if she pulls a big win there she should be able to do well in the coming states. Don’t wait until the last minute but START NOW!

  294. So, what does Donna Brazille think the other 50% of the democratic party is? I guess, older adults, white voters, latinos, working class people, and seniors are chopped liver? What an arrogant statement on her part. She just threw all of Hillary supporters (the other 50% of the democratic party) under the bus. I’ll take my vote, hold my nose, and vote for McCain in the Fall.

  295. “Donna Brazile said on CNN tonight that the Democratic Party is changing and “we” don’t need the votes of working class people anymore. She stated the Party is younger and more educated and that is the New Democratic Party.”

    The rise of the neo-libs: made wealthy from globalization, highly educated, white, elitist, a left-wing version of the neo-cons.
    She is publicly admitting their existence for the first time. This is a war for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

  296. From April:

    “You know, Sen. Clinton is more favored in Pennsylvania and I’m right now a little more favored in North Carolina, so Indiana right now may end up being the tiebreaker. So we want to work very hard in Indiana.”

  297. Never thought I would be a McCain swing voter- gay, Latino, college student, poor, university democrats executive board member- but I may have to. 4 years of McCain for 8 years of Hillary.

  298. hawk 🙂 I can relate to you! its so frustrating! but we want to work hard for HILLARY! SHE WILL DO WELL IN WEST VIRGINIA – we just have to work hard

  299. Hawk me neither, pure democrat, gay, half irish, middle aged voter voting for McCain if that SOB gets it.

  300. No idea, does she magically think 50% of democratic voters in 50 states will suddenly turn into AA’s before november.

  301. I won’t vote for Obama. I know AA feel a connection to Obama but he’s unelectable.

  302. nc says that the economy is the most important issue! Really? Well those must of have been Hillary supporters!

  303. Well, if after the credentials fight he ends up as the nominee we just have to make sure he loses like the dems did in ’72 and ’84 so his national political career will be over for good.

  304. we need a video ad for us clinton supporters who will not vote obama,
    and that we are “mad as hell” at the party throwing us under the bus!

    those of you that make videos on you tube………get to work!

  305. latino’s will go republican very easily , they have done before. Thats why California is a problem and the Dems seem to be taking it for granted.

  306. Its getting closer and closer that I will become a republican. I will never throw this country away on the black liberation movement. I used to work in the prisons of Texas and the Moslems have been working those prisons for a long time converting Christian black men. I personally believe this is an assault on America by Islamic fundamentalist and helped by the idiots like Ayers!

  307. And McCain has unusually high cross-over appeal — he was always a very dangerous opponent for Dems.

  308. So I guess the so-called New Democratic Party (NDP) as envisioned by Dean & CO, will bring together the neo-libs, AAs, radical upper middle class youth, and some old school (big government) liberals.

    If the NDP becomes a reality, the Republicans will have in their tent, the white working class, religious conservatives, old school (small government) conservatives, pro-family Latinos and Catholics.

  309. Forgot to say, if someone finds a lively thread in a local paper/online comment site, pls post the url here so others can join in. Also email it to me at 1950democrat /at/ gmail.com

    Some of us have a hard time monitoring those sites but can come in easier if someone sends a link direct to the comment string, like hillaryresponders.com does for national papers/sites

  310. confloyd, i have seen it up close, i am working and living in Turkey, the islamists have been trying to subvert here for years, it is happening big time in the uk, where i lived before and now they are at it in the US, thats why i dont trust Obama and people can’t see whats going on through the pie in the sky.

  311. Call the DNC tomorrow and demand that Ms. Brazille resign from her position with the DNC. Now I see how she managed to screw up Gore’s 2000 campaign. What an ignorant, angry bitch. Wake up America, we’re being taken hostage by the PC police. Don’t they realize this will cause blowback? You can’t always get your way by holding your breath and stomping your feet and having Al Sharpton threaten the public. They will silently shut you out. Again. Back to the Nixon era.

  312. NDP, almosts sounds like the NBPP, this is getting real scarey. Financially I am fine but what about the rest of the poor people? Hillary will not let us down, she will fight behind the scenes so as not to break the party up totally!

  313. WTF?!?!?!?!? its not 51-49 H barely squeaking by with Lake now reporting in (28 percent reporting)

  314. Sorry I couldn’t be here earlier for a little bucking up guys.

    Nothing to feel bad about IN THE LEAST should she hold on in Bucks Co.

    Fucking insanity on the airwaves, talk that BO closed the deal?!?!


    I DID NOT hear that in Hill’s speech AT ALL.

  315. Moonpluto, how can any normal American vote for this man? He is a danger to national security. I expect sometime Hillary should blow this man’s cover even if it costs her her career. We must stop him from taking over, legally of coarse, no tactics like his. We are above that kind of corruption!

  316. So then, where are the women voters? Is it back to the old divide and rule game that we have now? I feel this is the last chance for the Democrats. There is no meaningful place in the NDP for women, just as passive supporters.
    We should give this some serious thought. Which party, if either, will best represent our interests? Should there be a Third Party for women?

  317. wagner1, that’s a good point about the 2000 election.

    If she is this messed up about what a winning coalition looks like, no wonder Gore didn’t win enough to make FL irrelevant.

  318. paddyforhill, yes it is time for a party of the people, these two have shown their arsh’s tonight. He is such a cheater. OMG, is he ahead now!!

  319. Those communist mf’s have thrown this election just like Guam. Bully terrorists. This is corruption at it’s worst. Even Bob Beckel said they were crooked and Chicago-style politics going on. “How much do you need (votes)?” is how it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GOD AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  320. Awkward……this is not right. It is sooo cose to Chicago….dirty shady politics, I wonder if anyone dead voted for Obama?

  321. did you see CNN – the Mayor of Hammond – a supporter of Hillary said he and other mayors of towns in that county of Lake already turned the votes in at 730 and the absentees were already voted but its being held back by the lake county government

  322. It would be absolutely great if there was voter fraud. That would spell the end of Obama. We should have been volunteering for his campaign in NE IN. I would have particularly liked doing the GOTV at the graveyards.

  323. http://www.talkleft.com/story/2008/5/6/235033/7074

    “In March, Clay predicted the race would come down to Gary, telling the Northwest Indiana and Illinois Times that tonight on CNN, “They are going to point at Indiana and say Hillary Clinton is leading by one point but Gary ain’t come in yet.”

    What is going on here?? Check out this story on TalkLeft

  324. URGENT. There is reportedly a video somewhere, referred to on TM of OBAMA POLItICKING at polling stations in Lake County. We MUST get this. FDRJim has already contacted the county. PLEASE HELP. It appears they might be pulling a Florida 2000. We need to FIND THAT VIDEO NOW or other proof this is being done.

  325. Norma is correct. We need that footage if it exists.

    “Remember Lake County,” AKA “Cook County,” IL.

    This smells very bad.

  326. MSNBC Russert said Hillary cancelled all of her morning appearances tomorrow, true or not? is this troubling?

  327. M. Barone on FOX suggesting if rest of outstanding county is similar to earlier IND results BO won’t have enough.

  328. Hey, did the website go down for a few minutes for anyone else? I think the site traffic went way up tonight!


    He will pursue this. Be assured. This stinks. Obamas new politics? And NO paper trail?

  330. and the wolves are out as never before.

    Rove saying it effectively is over.

    Bill & Hill know better.


  331. hallow, it’s been AGES since I could sign on and I keep getting kicked off from busy server

  332. I have already emailed Limbaugh about Lake County. I’m sure he’s already revising his Cook County, IL speech as we speak.

    Chicago Politics, folks. These guys are pros at fraud.

    Oh, and I should let you guys know that a Chicago law firm who has or had two of its members tied up with Rezko and contributions to Obama was spending an awful lot of time looking at my site yesterday. That’s all I’m going to say for now.

    Looks like some people are getting nervous.

    Maybe nervous enough to ‘make things happen’ in Lake County, Chicago-style.

    We’ll see.

  333. I’ve decided today that no matter what, I’m switching my party affiliation to Republican from Democratic. The reasons are simple. Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and all of the other power-hungry democratic latte liberals in the DNC hate the Clintons. They hate the Clinton years and they hate the scandals and are willing to give anything and do anything to take the nomination away from Hillary. Hence, the refusal to count Michigan or Florida or have revotes, and the support of a 1-year- freshman senator with no notable accomplishments, record of bi-partisan work, or serious leadership history by party hacks like fat Ted Kennedy and horse-faced John Kerry.

    It’s these same hacks who voted against Universal Healthcare in the first place to destroy the dream of Harry Truman and a possible additional accomplishment of Hillary, and who are constantly calling for her to drop out, even since New Hampshire. I will support Hillary Clinton to the death, but I will never let my finger support that greasy, dirty, lying, foolish, incompetent, and corrupt Senator Obama who unfortunately represents my current state of Illinois. He has told to many lies, had too many contradictions, and played too many instances of TRUE dirty Chicago-style politics for me to even consider voting for him over Senator John McCain who I find at most half-as-horrible as the vile empty-suit that is currently the democratic frontrunner.

    If Barack Obama is to win the democratic nomination, I, and many of my family and friends and people that I have called, will deliver Senator McCain a thing only of dreams: a unanimous sweeping Republican victory in November.

    I can stand 4 more years of Bush-like politics, though I admit I don’t want to. What I won’t be able to stand, however, is a politician as corrupt, self-serving, conniving, lying, and america-hating as Senator Barack Hussein Obama sitting in the Oval Office and I will use 150% of my heart to make sure this dangerous man does not EVER be put into the position to lead our Great Nation.

    Please join me today and sending a message to the corrupt and self-serving officials, including Senator Obama, at the Democratic Nation Comittee. A message that we will not take their lies and their backroom corruption anymore and should they nominate Senator Barack Hussein Obama, we would vote for the terrible Bush-policies over the frightening prospects of this man in the White House any day, any time, any year.

    Democracy at its finest is when it is played fairly with no personal vendettas, and when the TRULY qualified individuals ascend to prominence. Sadly, none of these qualities can be said of Senator Barack Obama or the democratic party as a whole.

  334. MJS, you are not alone. I am considering the same thing, and there are a large number of others who feel the same way.

    Let’s get this straight:

    Obama won another Black Belt state in North Carolina which will be going GOP in November. That joins the list with AL, MS, LA, GA…

    He got 90+% of the AA vote. AA’s make up but 11% of the general electorate. That’s it. So wins in places like NC, when properly put into context and with the backing of 90+% mean very little in November.

    BHO may pull out IN, a state which neighbors IL and which has a significant amount of its populace receiving Obamavision from IL. And this is an ‘upset?’

    Rove understands the score. He knows that this is Obama’s last big moment before WV, KY and PR, and he knows how damn easy it will be to beat him in the general. It’s time to pump up the patsy, and Rove knows it .

  335. I am having trouble on the site too. I think the brown shirts are trying to take down our site tonight. Long live the New Democratic Party!

  336. ok that’s like 6 times now in the last hour or so that i have been locked out of this site!

  337. He might win by voter fraud! WV, KY, PR will help weaken him enough for McCain to win. I know I sound like a disloyal democrat but I think he has to be defeated.

  338. Yay Hillary wins Indiana over the fraud of Lake County. What was wrong with the mayor of Gary?? You obviously don’t have the best people working if it takes 4 hours after the polls have closed to get results.

  339. justme,

    MSNBC Russert said Hillary cancelled all of her morning appearances tomorrow, true or not?


    She had previously scheduled no campaign events for Wednesday, as she is traveling to D.C. to meet with uncommitted Super Delegates.

    She is back on the campaign trail on Thursday.

  340. Funny how the Mayor of Hammond calls out the mayor of Gary and magically the votes all come in. It takes them 5 hours to get tallys from computers???? They were trying to rig it…

  341. rjk1957, I agree! I think the mayor of Gary knew he got ‘caught with his pants down’ and suddently all the numbers comes through!

  342. Jesus Christ, what a nail-biter.

    Time for me to pony up again – last time I gave $200.44. If anyone wants to match me, I will do it again.

    And fuck Donna Fucking Brazille.

  343. As for the projected delegate counts Hillary 85, Obama 100 with 2 left to be decided. They can change a few either way when votes per congressional districts are finalized

  344. Here we go again. On to WV! Want to bet the goalposts will be re-set to OR?
    It will be the REAL tiebreaker they will say now.

  345. we need to work TWICE as hard to get West Virginia to GO BIG for Hillary! Not these tweakers or close calls but HUGE wins!

    Goodnight my dear Hill-family!

  346. terron, she didn’t lose. They have all called IN for her now. But I tell you, there were some votes stolen tonight.

  347. Hillary’s lead should increase but psychologically the media will spin her win as a close loss! I hope she doesn’t even comtemplate taking the VP!

  348. She won’t. Obama has too much of a baggage. I dont think that’d be a good idea.



    GO DONATE TO HILLARY TONIGHT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  350. It’s time for us to dig in, donate, and demand Fl and Mich be counted now!! The three(3) “D;s” as I like to call them!!! God bless you Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea.

  351. So she did win? I will join you MJS in sending a message to Hussein, Dean, Pelosi,Kennedy and Kerry that they single handed lost millions of voters of the democratic party and sent them mad as hell into the hands of the republicans. I will vow to send McCain and the RNC every bit as much money as I sent Hillary and I will campaign just as hard for him to assure victory over lying, race baiting, misogynic Hussein!

  352. How is it possible that the so called post racial candidate could divide the races? If he loses I fear that AA will be blamed by the democratic party.

  353. WV is the next step, and then we must do everything to win KY (not too hard), Puerto Rico (should be easy), and Oregon (tough, but let’s at least try, lots o’ liberal environmentalists). Montana? maybe….South Dakota? probably not, but who knows? And then let’s get a strategy to argue why we need this nomination for our party’s sake. WE won the swing states, WE won the democratic states, WE won the popular vote with the 2 disenfranchised swing states incuded, WE have the winning voter coalition, WE have the candidate with National security creds to go against John McCain, WE have a candidate that is making history, WE have the candidate that has not and will not give up. Not the others.


  355. Is it really true that Hillary canceled all her Wednesday appearances?

    I am trying to be optimistic.

    I am really trying.


  356. No, she didn’t have any campaign appearances planned for Wednesday (according to a TM poster).

  357. terrondt, these are Hoosiers we are dealing with. A lot like Hobbits. Takes them so long to do anything. I am glad we are folding up our tents and getting out of there. Any state with two times zones (for half of the year) can’t be all that normal.

  358. birdgal
    fdrjim is on it already. He may be on his way to Lake County as we speak.

    Bottom line. The DNC doesnt want Florida and Michigan to count. It will upset the applecart. It breaks my heart. We need a new party. One that will care about the voters.

  359. hawk – Really? I keep hearing that she canceled morning shows at least, but I don’t have any sources. Hope it isn’t just Obamabots just trying to spread lies to make things better for their sh*tty candidate.

  360. Oh my God, what a relief. I needed to go to bed, but i just couldn;t. I hope that video of that mayor is posted. i;d love to see that sneaky bastard. Of course, the goal posts will change again. Indiana was the tie-breaker, but since Hillary won, no longer. Hill, Bill and Chelsea must be totally exhausted. As jbstonesfan said above, God bless them.

  361. hallow, i am one of the hardest of hardcore hillfans here. it is only human to feel a little down. but we have to keep chargin ahead. until hillary says otherwise we should keep supporting her run to the end. that is the only way i will give up.

  362. paddy4Hill
    I went to college in IN and it took me forever to get use to the time zones and still had problems with them when making reservations to fly home.. The time zones zigzag north to south and parts of the state follow daylight savings time and other parts do not.

  363. I ma going to bed, we won, that’s what counts. He can spin and spin, we won by more than 1 vote, so we won. Cheating occurred tonight (see video on TM hot topics). And we have some brightspots coming up soon in the forms of a beautiful, bluegrass southern state and a beautiful tropical island, and coming up next, a state nestled in the mountains that has the most union members per capita than anyother state. Let’s go y’all. We will do this.

  364. Interesting, isn’t it, that it took one mayor to call out the other and get the votes in.

    Mr. New Politics looks like the Dirtiest Old Politics.

  365. watch fox with schoen and hannity. they say no need to drop out. schoen says she has wv and ky etc..

  366. HRC has a Women’s forum in DC tomorrow I think. A fundraiser. Women plan to protest at the DNC before the event.

  367. Tonight, BO suffered a humiliating loss in a neighboring state, over 20% of which receives only favorable news about BO from the Chicago media market.

  368. There was fraud tonight in IN but if Hillary calls them on it, she’ll be accused of playing the race card!

  369. hannity tonight is being fair and honest……….so i won’t boycott him or greta

    but down with the rest of them!!

  370. OB is already advertising on TV here in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico cannot be taken for granted. As soon as classes are over (next week), i’m going to do everything I can here. A lot of bigwigs from both of the big parties are in the Obama camp. So far, there is really not much interest, but as the date approaches it;s likely change.

  371. you warehouse……I sick to death of being afraid of that stupid race card…..even when they don’t use the race card they get blamed for it anyways…..

    I say go for it!! call it like it is!!

  372. terrondt, one of teh mayors from that country said they had their votes counted ages ago, but they coulnty officials were sitting on the results.

  373. Why should she? Kennedy in 1980 was over 500 votes behind Carter and took it to the convention floor. If we can get Florida and Michigan seated we will be pretty much even.

  374. well good night hill fans…….I headed off to bed ……it was frustrating tonight but it was a big win! no matter what the chatter is until wv and ky vote 😀

  375. rjk1957, Kennedy was OVER 700 delegates behind AND Carter had already achieved the magic number required to secure the nomination, and he STILL took it to the convention floor. I DARE him to say shit to Hillary.

  376. I was very pist that I could not stay tuned for the live blogging during the counting because the hospital was sooo busy. Now I am glad that I did not get to look much. The site did have some trouble as soon as you all started saying they were going to cheat her out of the win! I could not get on, scared the hell out of me!

  377. This campaign has been so dirty. The “new politics” is really the old politics; the new politician is just a typical dirty Chicago politician; the followers are abusive thugs; the caucuses have been rigged; and the “unity” candidate has proved to be the most divisive politician in recent history. Last, but not least, the DNC has been in cahoots with this, and has rigged the primaries. By excluding, FL and MI, they are throwing away the GE, but they don’t care. This is one typical white female who will not vote for the crook, if he should become the nominee. I plan to register as an Independent tomorrow.

  378. AND Carter was an incumbent president. Which should have stopped Teddy from pulling his shenanigans.

  379. birdgal, fortunately for us, the Clintons know how to play dirty political hardball too. And they will at the convention if need be. I actually pity the BO campaign.

  380. # HillGuy Says:
    May 7th, 2008 at 1:40 am

    Emmy, there are a lot of bigwigs from PR in the HRC camp as well.

    yes, but the ones who will be running for governor are for BO. Actually, I guess that;s good, because then it doesn;t turn into plain old local politics, one party pitted against another, rather than a turn out for a presidential primary.

  381. Clinton Memo on Indiana PrimaryInterested Parties
    From: The Clinton Campaign
    Date: May 6, 2008
    RE: Tie-Breaker

    In April, Barack Obama called Indiana a ‘tie-breaker’ for the Democratic nominating process: “You know, Sen. Clinton is more favored in Pennsylvania and I’m right now a little more favored in North Carolina, so Indiana right now may end up being the tiebreaker. So we want to work very hard in Indiana.”

    At the time, Senator Obama’s comments seemed to be part of an elaborate plan to lower expectations for the Indiana contest. After all, roughly 20% of Indiana Democratic primary voters have been exposed to Senator Obama for years because they live within the Chicago media market. He’s never lost a state that borders his home-state of Illinois.

    The fact that Indiana was an open primary – Republicans and independents can vote in the Democratic contest – also augured well for Senator Obama. He has regularly argued that he should be nominated because he “appeal[s] to Republicans and Independents in a way that none of the other nominees can.”

    Throw in the fact that Senator Obama outspent the Clinton campaign by a 2 to 1 margin on Indiana television and Indiana seems to be more of a lean-Obama state than a toss-up.

    So Hillary’s victory in Indiana – fought out against the backdrop of an ailing economy – is all the more incredible. We started out behind in both the public and internal polls.

    For example, our March 13 poll showed Hillary trailing by 8 points, while our latest poll gave Hillary a 5 point lead.

    We saw Hillary Clinton’s margin flip from -19 points among men in Indiana back in March to +1 among men in our final poll. Among women, Hillary’s margin increased from +1 in March to +8 now.

    Similarly, in mid-February, the Howey-Gauge poll had Barack Obama 15 points ahead of Hillary Clinton (Feb 16-17: Obama 40 / HRC 25). By April 23-24, Hillary had narrowed the gap to only 2 points in the same poll (Obama 47 / HRC 45). The late momentum was critical – according to the exit poll, Hillary won by 18 points among those who made their decision in the last three days.

    Hillary won by appealing to voters in almost every key demographic group. According to the exit poll, Hillary won among men and among women, in northern, central and southern parts of the state, among those who earn more than $50,000 per year and those who earn less, union voters and non-union voters, suburban and rural voters, churchgoers, gun-owners, and those who have not graduated from college.

    Hillary also won among those who say the economy is the most important issue, those who are affected by the recession, those who say health care is most important, electability and experience voters. Hillary also led Obama on commander-in-chief.

    What drove Hillary’s strong support – especially among downscale voters, suburban and rural voters, churchgoers, gun-owners and those who are affected by the recession?

    – Gas tax summer holiday – making oil companies pay the gas tax instead of American families through a tax on oil company windfall profits

    – Tough stance on NAFTA and other trade issues

    – The only candidate – Democrat or Republican – with a health care plan that covers every American

    – Support for cutting middle-class taxes

  382. dija,

    From the very beginning, Obama has been untouched by Hillary, and the MSM because of the fear of being perceived as racist. Gerry Ferrarro was right! Hillary should have destroyed him as soon as he announced his candidacy.

    Dean was on Fox Sunday claiming that even speaking the name Wright was racism. The republicans don’t need the black vote to win. Anyway, AA are only about 13% of the population. How can so many AA do this to Hillary! She is NOT a racist!

  383. plural, SO TRUE. AND Carter was a fucking incumbent president. Pickled-brained Kennedy had better not say ANYTHING. I dare him.

  384. There was fraud tonight in IN but if Hillary calls them on it, she’ll be accused of playing the race card!

    Might as well play the race card. It’s hard to get less than zero percent of the black vote, ya know what I’m sayin’? It doesn’t matter what Clinton or any white candidate does. OJ Simpson would get 92% of the black vote in the Democratic primaries.

    I still can’t believe that AA have abandoned the Clintons.

    I’m not sure that everyone fully understands the demographics of the current Democratic Party. Under the current nominating system, it is now the African American Party. There is no way that a white candiate can compete for the nomination as long as there is a black candidate in the race. The 100% racial block voting and the bonus delegates to African American districts makes it inevitable.

    I’m not sure any serious white candidates will even bother to run for the Democratic nomination four years from now.

  385. # rjk1957 Says:
    May 7th, 2008 at 1:41 am

    How much pull does the governor acutally have with the voters. Hasn’t he been indicted?

    Yes, he was, but party politics being what they are, he gave a wonderful speech to the party, and they are totally supporting his run for governor.

  386. warehouse553, good point. Republicans have never had the black vote and they do a pretty good job of winning in the GE. The difference this year: Latinos (the largest minority in the nation) will NOT vote for BO. They will gladly vote for McCain against that empty-suited P.O.S.

  387. Did I understand Hannity to say many more smoking guns……….and that tomorrow going to D.C. to meet with uncommitted SD? She’s probably going to give them a hint about shoes that will be dropping. Hope so. Wish they would have the good sense to LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  388. HWC, I have come to that same conclusion. Those extra delegates don’t make any sense. They rig it for any viable AA candidate.

  389. What’s next? I want Hillary to stay in until Denver but if she can’t pull this off, she can’t be seen as being responsible for him losing if she wants the nomination in 2012.

    But he needs to be weakened enough for McCain to beat him.

  390. hwc,

    If the Clintons have anything damaging they need to find some subtle way of releasing it. McCain is fighting against the tide this year and the money disadvantage is too great!

    He’ll need help! The congress is democratic so no right judges will be appointed if the democrats stand up to McCain.

  391. What’s next? I want Hillary to stay in until Denver but if she can’t pull this off, she can’t be seen as being responsible for him losing if she wants the nomination in 2012.

    Again, with the racial bloc voting and the current Democratic Party rules, it is no longer possible for a white candidate to win the nomination as long as there is a black candidate, any black candidate, in the race. Al Sharpton could get the nomination in 2012.

    It is what it is.

  392. I can’t believe Brazilla said that the “new” Democratic Party is comprised of AAs, young voters, and educated whites. Let’s unpack these groups:

    -AAs, the majority of which reside in reliably RED, southern states that NEVER vote for the Democrat.
    -Young voters, the MOST unreliable voting block in a GE (young voters were supposed to carry Gore and Kerry to victory, remember? Yea, they didn’t show up).
    -Educated whites, who currently aren’t educated ENOUGH to recognize that BO is a total FRAUD.

    Good luck with that “new” Democratic Party, Donna.

  393. warehouse553, we’ve seen how Pelosi and Reid have really “stood up” to Bush, haven’t we? About ending that war…

  394. Republican (female) strategist also said something to Hannity about Ickes’ “October surprise.” Hmmmm…..
    Who needs soap operas? This ongoing saga has everything and then some. Including sleep deprivation. G’night all. God Bless. Tomorrow in D.C. – Hillary knock their socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  395. I saw on Taylor Marsh that Obama is also going to be DC tomorrow! I wonder what this is all about? They had better not put them together and run them. I hate this man and would hate to vote against Hillary, but Obama the thug, I just can’t picture them together anymore! Good with Evil is beyond comprehension!

  396. How can somebody who claims that 4 years of his childhood is foreign policy experience be taken seriously?

  397. warehouse: I was wondering the same thing. I spent 2 years in the Peace Corps, many years ago, but I don’t think, it qualifies as foreign policy experience.

  398. He’ll need help! The congress is democratic so no right judges will be appointed if the democrats stand up to McCain.

    Congress won’t be Democratic for long. Donna Brazille’s “New Democratic Party” has no national appeal. A coalition of African Americans and Teddy Kennedy loon liberals? Not to mention the bang up job Pelosi and Reid have been doing.

    I actually think Clinton should switch parties and lead a resurgence of moderate Republicans: fiscal responsibility, solid on national defense, moderate on social issues. Somebody’s going to grab the middle of the political spectrum. It’s clearly not goign to be the Democrats.

  399. warehouse553

    Hillary and Bill could work 24/7 campaigning for that ass and they will still be blamed if he loses anyway, so screw him.

  400. rick: there has been a fundraiser planned in DC for Hillary. Someone was giving away a spot at a table for one of the members, and Taylor Marsh was planning on attending.

  401. No VP for Hillary! Guys, she would be too old before her first term as President! She would be doing all the work! We live in a sexist culture, I don’t believe this country would elect a 68 year old woman!

  402. Hannity is calling it as it is, saying Hill telegraphed the argument tonight.

    WE lead in the popular vote. There are many more shoes to drop on BO.

    Tonight was just the latest and most repulsive example of media bias in world history. Everyone and their mother predicted a split, we get a split, and of ofcourse Hill should drop out.

    Once again, they can suck our collective asses.

    Again, from all I know, even all the remaining delegates announcing for BO doesn’t mean anything until it is ratified at the convention.
    To my very limited knowledge tonight, BO didn’t do much to break into Hill’s demographics.
    These are two states that haven’t voted for a democrat for president in eons.

    Bill & Hill will make it known behind the scenes they will scorch the earth with the full oppo research file on BO, and he will NEVER win a GE after that if FLA & MI aren’t dealt with properly.

    Gee, maybe the morning appearances were cancelled because it took Buck county until one in the fucking morning to report the vote?!
    Maybe they want to do some strategizing before they come out with their post NC/IN case for SD’s?

    Maybe their behind-the-scenes meet with SD’s is more important than talking to Diane Sawyer?

    Russert had the balls to go on and say ‘Now we know who the nominee will be?’

    Had fun dragging your fat around to keep up with the day-to-day Timmeh, cause ain’t nothing over.

    So fuck you and fuck Big Russ too!

  403. Hey! Get your ‘bad feelings’ and VP talk the fuck out of Hillary’s house!


  404. I have a good feeling about tomorrow. Like perhaps, Hillary is going to attend a fundraiser (which she is) and convince undecided SDs that BO would lose 40+ states against McCain. That’s the feeling I have.

  405. rjk1957,

    but I still want her as president in 2012. AA have to believe that she did everything possible to help him! They no longer trust her. Clyburn said that a majority believe that the only reason for the continuation of the Hillary’s candidacy was to destroy Barack! How does she fight something like that?

  406. Oh, for god’s sake. She WON INDIANA! Even with the ballot box stuffing. She is not going to drop out. If she does, the Demcrats lose in Nov, and she knows it. Sje’s also not going to run for VP on a sure loser ticket.

  407. I personally hopes she drops the bomb on the SD’s and tells them what the hell he is doing and reads the riot act to the idiots!

  408. Hmm I wonder if Obamabots went to their sites and cried about Obama dropping out after PA. STOP WITH THE NEGATIVITY.

    Hillary is a fighter. Let’s fight all the way to Denver.

  409. It could be worse that a 40 state blowout. I think McCain would have a shot against Obama in Massachusetts.

    The Republicans don’t care if you call them racists. They will dump on Obama like a ton of bricks.

  410. Chelsea looked upset because the Mayor of Gary was holding all the county ballots hostage trying to figure out how many to fabricate. Unfortunately for him, he miscalculated.

  411. Thanks Gerond for the shot of sanity.

    I’ve considered all along we cold be heading into something unprecedented, unchartered waters.

    What no one is talking about is what we talked about monthsago.
    If Hill goes all the way to Denver, republicans cannot wait to unload on BO. He will be horribly hobbled by then, it will be obvious to a 4-year old he cannot win. SD’s will see the light.

    Umm Shepard Smith, 20,000 votes is NOT the thinnest of thin margins.

  412. Clyburn is a DC insider, writing propaganda in the New York Times. His words don’t make facts.

    How people vote is a separate thing.

  413. Obama is not winning CA either. I have lived here all my life. We have a moderate Republican governor (just like McCain), and our HUGE Latino population would rather eat shit than vote for BO against McCain. So there you have it.

  414. The mayor of Gary knew that the minute he released vote totals from Lake County, the networks would all call the race for Clinton. So he sat on the votes.

    Was he trying to see how many dead people he needed to steal the election? Probably.

  415. Another point: Waffles campaign had predicted a 7 point win in IN, so at least, he did not get that. If the pundits are talking about fraud, I’m sure the SDs are thinking about it.

  416. Well, according to RCP, her 200,000+ vote deficit in NC cancelled out her 200,000+ lead in PA. Probably why Bill and Chelsea looked so defeated. Shpws him ahead now by 199,000 after counting fL & MI and his damn caucus adjustments. So, her argument for the popular vote …..However, if she could win big numbers next Tues. in WV and KY, Puerto Rico, hold her own in OR and not have BHO’s MT, SD and OR wipe it out, she might still have a slight Popular vote lead. It’s just with FL & MI, she had sizeable lead until tonight. Losing so big in NC eliminated that.

    But, I’m telling you. There will be many more shoes to drop, and probably all kinds of October surprises. So she waits in the wings with all her delegates, and if the SD flock to him, she doesn’t attack him this summer, she just keeps talking about the will of the working class in America that keep this whole shooting match going. Patience, I guess we’re ALL being tested.

  417. I think you “bad feeling” people here need to go to bed. It has been a long day. I know we had our hopes set on something bigger but we got what needed to be got. Your negativity is exactly the response the media wants to you have. It’s called psychological warfare for your information. Every pessimistic word you utter on this site (and even in your minds) sticks a needle in Hillary’s heart. So do it on your own time if you insist, but keep it off these pages please. Thanks.

  418. talkkleft shows her schedule just released-she has a funraiser at night in dc bc yep she is very exhuasted. then she is off to ore etc.. i think she should now run against mccain-show the supers how much better she would be than bo. the hill camp can stop pos press wth the gary issue/hammond.

  419. curiosity,

    Is that the RCP where they DON’T give BO the uncommitted vote?
    Because that’s the one that must be used.

    Barack Obama didn’t get ANY votes in MI, therefore he deserves none, IMO.

    My gorilla math came out that tonight only cost about 10K votes in the difference between PA & NC.

  420. I’m with you, paddy. I don’t understand why anyone takes anything the media says seriously.

    A win is a win. Just last Saturday, seven votes in Guam were spun as a landslide.

  421. “If Hill goes all the way to Denver, republicans cannot wait to unload on BO. He will be horribly hobbled by then, it will be obvious to a 4-year old he cannot win. SD’s will see the light.”

    That’s what makes me laugh with all these Obama people who say, the continuing nomination race is helping McCain!! Um, actually, the continuing nomination race is the only thing keeping Obama afloat. If Obama and Mccain were going head to head, he’d be getting the Hillary treatment from the media, everyone would know all about Ayers and Wright etc. in detail, and his candidacy would be be finished in about a day and a half.

    i said a couple of days ago how fox reported that they had early voting in the college, and on off sites, for early voting in indiana. they talked about how they had rent buses and were filling them all day long with students. they also talked about the heavy work they did signing up the independants and others to vote…
    they had their secret strategy, no one in hills campaign payed attention to that.
    the press is the enemy, it is them that will try and knock her out with all they’ve got now. obama wouldnt have a chance without the press. unfortunately, he’s got the press, or should i say, they’ve got him.


  423. plural Says:
    May 7th, 2008 at 2:01 am
    hwc, were those rules in place in the 1980s?
    DNC rules have had major tinkering at various times. Ferraro wrote an article about the establishment of the SDs (after which Obama pulled out a 2 week old quote out of context to accuse her of ‘racism’). McGovern wrote something more recent.

    Iirc the SDs were established after Ted Kennedy went to the convention against President Carter (1980?)

  424. If the campaign did only one thing tomorrow, I’d like it to be a Big Dawg press conference where he embarrasses this ugly lying Obama bitch Clyburn out of politics.

    It’s time for him to command the stage while Hill re-charges.

    She IS in a groove, nothing happened today to change that.
    She HAS solidified her position as the fighter in this race,
    THE representative of working people in this country.

    And tonight, she did what she had to do. She WON.

  425. curiosity,

    Barone wrote last week or so that HIllary HAD the popular vote (by any count, I suppose) after PA. (I suppose he was using Real Clear’s figures.) Nobody paid attention to it.

    Might check that.

    As for a caucus adjustment, estimating some popular vote from caucus states is reasonable, but there needs to be an adjustment for the fact that primaries turn out more votes for HIllary than caucuses do. In WA there was both a caucus and a primary, and Obama did 16% better in the caucus. So in estimating a primary version of a caucus state, wouldn’t we need to move 16% from Obama’s column to Hillary’s?

  426. that’s right, alot of people said this race in Indiana was close and we came out on top, so let’s go to West Virginia! If 7 votes is a win, then 20,000 is a landslide!

  427. Rasmussen on FOX saying demographics did NOT change tonight.

    And THAT may be the biggest news of all for SD’s.

  428. Blue: So, that means waffles did not break into Hillary’s demographics and vice-versa?

  429. I have no idea why anyone would feel ‘defeated’ tonight. But then again I don’t pay much attention to the media.

    Hillary won the ‘tiebreaker,’ even with fraud being attempted. Barack has lost ground in the southern Black Belt states, as a quick glance at his South Carolina vs North Carolina results can easily see.

    Basically, his margin of victory, percentage-wise, was halved in a state whose white population is FAR more favorable to him demographically than is South Carolina.

    Barack is a damaged, fading candidate. Nothing that happened tonight countered that notion, it only confirmed it. He is wobbling toward the finish line and will not enjoy another victory like North Carolina from this point forward until he loses his bid for the nomination. Tonight was his ‘zenith,’ and it came complete with a loss in his backyard in Indiana.

    This isn’t spin, this is the truth. Barack has been on a downhill trajectory ever since February and once Wright hit. North Carolina should NEVER have been in doubt yet it was. He got 90+% of the black vote in a state which will be going GOP in November. 90% is a large number, until you consider that 90% of 11% of the national electorate isn’t going to win you jack. Especially when the other 89% has been called racists and is mad as hell about it.

    Barack Obama has NO chance in November. None. He will suffer a huge — gigantic — electoral loss if he is nominated. Any objective analysis can see the trends heading that way. Unfortunately, the media and the “afraid to incur the wrath of the ‘attempt to intimidate people by calling them racists’ crew” Dem “leadership” isn’t living in reality. They are deluded, and if they choose Barack, they will be looking for work in early November. This is the reality of the situation, and the ‘comeback’ story in NC won’t change that.

    The only thing that matters right now is helping Hillary raise money. Her victory tonight in IN means, in my opinion, that we’re heading for Denver. Now it’s time to help her have the $$$ she needs to make OR competitive and run up big wins in WV, KY and PR. Everything else will work itself out.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  430. Blue Democrat, meaning BO is still embarrassingly unable to attract white blue-collar voters?

  431. Hey Universal: THANK YOU, for putting this into perspective. I will make another donation to Hillary in the a.m. I’m off to bed.

  432. A message from Hillary just came into my email box:

    Tonight’s victory in Indiana was close, and a margin that narrow means just one thing: every single thing you did to help us win in Indiana helped make the difference.

    Every call you made, every friend you spoke to about our campaign, every dollar you contributed made tonight’s victory possible. And I couldn’t be more thankful for your hard work.

    Every time we’ve celebrated a victory, we’ve celebrated it together. And tonight is no exception. This victory is your victory, this campaign is your campaign, and your support has been the difference between winning and losing.

    Thank you so much for making this campaign possible. Let’s keep making history together.

  433. Boy, was I the only one watching CNN with the Bucks county mayor on the phone thinking he had Axelrod or Daley on the other line, just waiting to make the call whether or not to go for the full-fraud?

    Seemed like as soon as King & Blitzer (who actually kept pressing on a critical issue, a skill that has been lost to them on the war, stolen elections in the past, etc) demanded an answer and kept questioning him live, that suddenly those numbers popped up after 5 hours.

  434. Oh, and Donna Brazile is an elitist fraudulent hack. She is somewhere around Roland Martin/Rachael Maddow level now — an embarrassment who makes you feel bad about being a Dem.

    Her saying she’s undeclared is like The Third Reich saying it’s not sure if it’s going to invade Poland. It is a full-frontal insult to American’s intelligence.

    She needs to step down from whatever posts she holds in the DNC and for the Convention. She is not an honest broker and she just threw a good chunk of the Democratic base under the bus like it was Jeremiah Wright and she was BaCrock.

    Donna, you’re right, words do matter. Here are two which should resonate in your ears:

    “You suck”

    Paul F. Villarreal

  435. “Blue Democrat, meaning BO is still embarrassingly unable to attract white blue-collar voters?”

    That’s what Rasmussen said, no change in demos.
    Earlier I saw Norah O’Donnell try to make a big deal about a less than 10% shift in Catholic voters, but it wasn’t convincing.

    I saw the non-college numbers for Hill in IN and it was a pretty massive win, 60-something, 30-something.

  436. Fucking NBC still calling Hill ‘apparent’ winner.

    Special place in hell for them….

  437. birdgal — My pleasure.

    We got one more ‘race’ to go: Getting HRC the $$$ she needs to finish strongly. Everything else is in excellent shape.


  438. Universal: Also, thank you for all your great diaries and articles, and everything else that you do for Hillary. 🙂

  439. just caught replay and gotta say, I dislike those Hilllines, “Can-Do country’ and ‘we have to start acting like americans again.”

    she should ditch’em.

  440. Gergen quoting hideous HuffPost ‘Presumtive” headline.

    Get the fuck outta here!

    Comb-over Republican scumbag.

  441. “Presumptive”… what a joke! Has he reached the crucial number yet to secure the nomination? NO!

  442. LOL over at TM, they refer to him as “Gutter Ball.” LMAO

    “I will never vote for Gutter Ball.”

    I love it.

  443. Bad job there by John King, who’s had along and quite good night otherwise.

    says she didn’t get any new ammo for SD’s tonight.

    Well, if BO didn’t break the trends, that was the BEST news she could have gotten tonight.

    Think about it; are we really suppose to think Hillary Clinton lost her viability tonight because she lost a red state like NC by 50K votes more than was ‘predicted’. Or because red state IND was closer than ‘predicted’ (but which she won).

    It’s utter maddness. I must sleep.

  444. The NYT has another one of those junkie articles by Adam Nagourney, just like after PA. Do you think the paper is running low on funds so they just recycle the same stuff over and over? Sort of like TV re-runs.

  445. birdgal — Thank you for all that you do for Hillary as well.

    You don’t abandon the only family who has led Dems to the White House in 3 decades because all the sudden you have the ebony Elmer Gantry come calling and you feel like you just might find a cure for those Boomer White Guilt Blues. You have to have principles.

    There are many reasons why we all admire the Clintons, but the chief one for me is that they are fighters who aren’t afraid to take on the tough tasks and go to the mat to defend who and what they believe in. They aren’t frontrunners, and they are everything that this country is about when it’s at it’s best: grit, hard work, positive attitude and relentless pursuit of one’s aspirations.

    All 3 of them are indefatigable workhorses who are not afraid of taking on any and all challenges. The way that the Dem elites have jealously turned on them like a collective Judas is one of the most repugnant, ungrateful things I have ever witnessed. That they did it for a slightly-upgraded Deval Patrick makes it even more outrageous.

    James Taranto in his WSJ blurb on me the other day quoted part of the email I wrote to him. In that excerpt I said that if Obama is nominated, I will actively seek to help take him down along with the GOP. And I’m very serious, as anyone who has watched my latest YouTube video could tell you. This is very personal to me and to millions of other Dems who feel betrayed. It’s not about race and it’s not about class; it’s about respect. The level of disrespect being shown the Clintons and their supporters by the media, the Dem leadership and the New Jack Punks backing Obama is not acceptable. If Obama has to be made an example of in order to take back the party from these latter-day Jacobins, then so be it. I am in for that 1,000,000%.

    We — all of us Clinton supporters who compromise the majority of the party — are being challenged. Don’t forget that. They think that women such as yourself will just fall in line when they snap their fingers. They are, in fact, counting on this.

    Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, etc. can’t say this. They have to be good soldiers. They know it, however. And they’re pissed, just like Wright was pissed with Obama for kicking him to the curb after 20 years. Everyone knows the score, but only few can announce it.

    The reason I was kicked off Daily Kos and MyDD is because I started loudly proclaiming the score, and that began to upset vested parties at those sites. Parties, for example, who might stand to benefit from being seen as having helped Obama get to the Oval Office.

    There’s nothing in this for me. I’m not lining up meetings with the Clintons or auditioning for a date with Chelsea. I’m doing this because I believe in it strongly and because I believe in loyalty. The Clintons have helped Dems, and it is time to return the favor.

    Everything else is expedient, new-age, feel-good crap as concerns this contest. Never in my life have I been more embarrassed to be a Dem nor have I had more insight into how leftist movements become Stalinist when they are given too much rein. The actions of Team Obama, many of it’s surrogates and many of Obama’s supporters during this process have been so far beyond the pale that they lie somewhere between something from “Grand Theft Auto IV,” The Sopranos and Mussolini’s brownshirts. We got another glimpse of that tonight courtesy of the Gary, IN mayor.

    That is why I and many others are prepared to vote against Barack and leave the party. If Brazzzile wants a “new” party, she can have it and it’s 25% national electorate. I don’t want in with the Bill Ayers and Michelle “bitchy ingrate” Obama anyways. These people are infants in grown-up bodies.

    Sleep well, birdgal. Thanks for your great work.

  446. Universal, very well said, as usual. This primary season has increased my awareness of what it means to feel disenfranchised and invisible. That is how I feel. I admire the Clintons very much, and how they have shown their strength and love for the American people during this primary season. Maybe, you should audition for a date with Chelsea; you could probably keep up with her. 🙂

  447. The NYT’s Nagourney piece isn’t a total hitjob;

    With few states left, she and her aides said they would step up their efforts to count the disputed results in Florida and Michigan, where the states held contests in defiance of Democratic Party rules. If Mrs. Clinton can win the battle to have the delegations from those two states seated at the conventions on the basis of the vote there, she could greatly reduce Mr. Obama’s lead in pledged delegates.

    But neither candidate actively campaigned in Florida or Michigan, and Mr. Obama did not appear on the Michigan ballot.

    Still, in a sign of where the Clinton campaign is going, her aides are asserting that the winner will need 2,209 delegates, not 2,025. That higher number reflects the full inclusion of Florida and Michigan, which held their primaries before the date permitted by the Democratic Party.

    The goal of the Clinton campaign here is not just to get the delegate votes counted but also to get superdelegates to consider the popular vote Mrs. Clinton won in those two states; in some calculations that would put her over the top. The party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee is meeting in Washington at the end of the month to vote on an effort by the Clinton campaign to permit the seating of the delegations.

    “We’re going to argue that it’s going to take 2,209 to get to the magic number,” said Howard Wolfson, one of Mrs. Clinton’s chief strategists. “We’re going to argue that Florida and Michigan need to be seated full-strength.”

    The other big hope for the Clinton campaign is making the argument that Mr. Obama would suffer against Senator John McCain, the likely Republican presidential nominee. The exit polls gave Mrs. Clinton ammunition in that regard: half the Democrats who voted in Indiana and North Carolina said Mr. Obama’s association with Mr. Wright was very or somewhat important.

    And in Indiana, for example, less than half of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters said they would support Mr. Obama in a general election, while one-third said they would vote for Mr. McCain. About one-fifth of Mr. Obama’s supporters in Indiana said they would vote for Mr. McCain in a general election should Mrs. Clinton get the nomination. Many of those Democrats can probably be expected to stay with their party in the end, but the figures suggest the intensity of the passion dividing Clinton and Obama supporters at the moment and the challenge facing the eventual nominee in uniting the party.

  448. it seems to me the so-called dem leadership want to get rid of the clintons so bad. why do they hate then so much?

  449. Birdgal –

    She works very hard, which I observed while doing some non-school-related research at Stanford.

    Thanks for the compliments.


  450. As long as 95% of AA vote for him, there is an intimidation factor to challenge anything he says or does! Primary world is different from general election world! I think this white guilt is stronger than I thought. Electing him will not make racism dispapear! Why can’t people see that.

    Enough venting on that subject. Our margins WV, KY, and PR will make up for NC! Hopefully the PR will be a blowout!

  451. terrondt

    Because they are moderates. Bill is a moderate. Hillary is a liberal but knows to get things done, she will have to govern in a moderate fashion!

    The party wants a pure liberal party! Look at what they did Lieberman. I know he was Bush friendly but he was loyal and voted with democrats about 90% of the time and they kicked him out!

    We shouldn’t be surprised! Which means Mark Warner, Evan Bayh, etc could be next!

  452. Democrats are out and about to make the worst mistake they ever made – that is, unless they quickly think.

  453. She needs us!

    Heed the call!


    DATE: May 7, 2008 4:50 AM EDT
    NAME: Vets 4. Hilldawg
    AMOUNT: $100.00


    DATE: May 7, 2008 4:34 AM EDT
    NAME: HillGuy
    AMOUNT: $50.44

    ~ I’m in it to win it.

  455. Well that was better news when i got up, I’m amazed she did that brilliant right on Obama’s back doorstep, thats the huge news here.

  456. moononpluto, I was worried about you tonight. You are usually the one with the positive news! We are going to win this.

  457. oh and by the way, i am still pissed at what that cow Brazille said last night along the lines of we don’t need white middle class working voters anymore.

  458. Hillguy, i just despaired that the fact they sat on those figures for so long, i think they tried to stuff the boxes in that district.
    I can’t for the life of me see how SUSA got it wrong by 10 points.
    The fact of the matter was, I am dissapointed that we have been taken over by elements in the Dem party and the voters are walking into the abatoir to be culled.

    The elitists and the AA factions have slowly taken control of the dem party, i don’t care anymore about them, its just blatant pandering by some people to them.The demographics have not changed, its how it is being portrayed. White voters and senior voters are being marginalised and told by the democratic party that their vote is worthless and not as good as young unreliable voters and AA’s and the msm is backing them up on it.

    I want Hillary now to do what Obama is doing, just go for the jugular, if you have shit on bambi, dump it now, destroy him, don’t hold back, he deserves it. You’ve already been screwed over, take him down. For the good of this country make sure this cheap, nasty, terrorist sympathising, marxist supporting, communist supporting piece of work does not have the chance to win the whitehouse.

    This is it for me, I do not want him to even have a shot at this, i just want to make sure everyone knows what a creep he is.

    This may sound strong but i’ve had it. If they won’t give her the nomination after all of the disturbing stuff thats happened, screw the lot of them.

  459. I have to thank the Mayor of Hammond and even CNN for bringing this voter fraud into the light in Gary. Only God knows what will have happened if the Mayor of Hammond didn’t say anything. This just stinks of Chicago dirty politics and this should NOT be put under the carpet. Hillary campaign better say something about this. Enough with trying to play nice. This is the country’s future we are talking about here.

  460. moononpluto, I couldn’t agree more. We are in too perilous a state to have an inexperienced, opportunistic, empty-suited coward earning our party’s nomination, let alone the White House. This is serious, and I have had it too.

    Hillary needs to go for the jugular. She needs to take him out. Now. I couldn’t care less about MSM saying she’s going too negative.

    As someone posted earlier, the longer Hillary stays in the race, the more the pressure will mount for the Republican Attack Machine to begin launching missiles at BO sooner rather than later. This is why they keep calling for her to exit, so that we are stuck with him. We won’t be stuck with him like we were with Kerry. Therein lies our built-in advantage. We are in it to win it.

  461. Caroline, I was just thinking that. Thank God for Mayor Hammond to call that lying sack-of-shit Kool-Aid drinking mayor out on national television. Had he not, Gutter Ball might have gotten away with his coup.

  462. Unfortunately, Hillary is too loyal to the Democrat Party even after they betrayed her to destroy Obama! There was a post earlier about her becoming a moderate republican and I thought it was out of the question. But now, maybe she would get the respect she deserves.

  463. Hey guys, want to see something interesting and Admin you really need this on the front page.

    Remember Obama’s big speech last night which looked like he had millions in the arena, well here’s the picture taken of it in reality.


    They roped off one corner of the arena to make it look full.

  464. townhall.com/blog/g/082ab837-a4f6-4a7d-bec3-2fff2d27a681

    says it all really

    smoke and mirrors, what its been all along.

  465. “Interesting, isn’t it, that it took one mayor to call out the other and get the votes in.”

    We cannot let this go….We need to blog about this everywhere so people won’t ignore what happened last night.

    I forgot to say Good Morning Everybody!!!! Victory for Hillary last night!

  466. Have you been up all night HillGuy? You must be tired.

    Some of us are now waking up and blog about the fraud that took place last night …so go get some sleep! 🙂

  467. Hillary won the tie-breaker last night, we need to make sure she gets credit for that. bo won the state expected for the past year that he would lol

  468. dedfg, thanks! I am in CA so its not quite 4am here yet.

    Yes please spread the fraud memo around. That and moononpluto’s post above about Obama’s smoke and mirrors.

    I am going to bed.

  469. OK, I am just starting to read everybody’s posts from last night. I see from my last two posts just now, I need a coffee! hope everyone understood what I was trying to say.

    go get coffee…….

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