A Time To Work – For Hillary Clinton

[All polls close at 7:00 p.m. (ET) in Indiana (a great many polls close at 6:00 p.m. (ET) in Indiana due to much of the state being in the eastern time zone). All polls close at 7:30 (ET) in North Carolina. Join us when the poll close.]

As demonstrated by the comments from the earlier post, today is a day to work for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary is working.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton had been campaigning for more than 16 hours when she strode onto the stage at Evansville Central High School just before 11 p.m. Monday.

She had started her day at a community college in eastern North Carolina. There were rallies at a train depot, a firehouse in northwest Indiana and another across the state on the Ohio River.

But Clinton betrayed barely a hint of fatigue as she beamed at a crowd of screaming supporters at the high school. “This campaign has been a joy,” she said before launching into a full-throated attack on the Bush administration.

Hillary Clinton is working to great effect.

Many voters at these events marvel at Mrs. Clinton’s understanding. After 16 months of hearing hard-luck stories, she has developed a special radar. Delivering her speech on Sunday in Fort Wayne, Mrs. Clinton’s gaze fell upon a man in fatigues. “I see someone in uniform that I’m especially concerned about,” she said. “While our troops are serving, their homes are being foreclosed on.”

Sure enough, the man, Lance Recht, a National Guard member who served in the first Iraq war, is struggling to save his home. He works at a muffler shop and may join the border patrol in Arizona, leaving his wife and children so he can pay a mortgage whose interest rates have shot up.

“We are that close to foreclosure,” Mr. Recht said in an interview, joining his thumb and forefinger.

When Mrs. Clinton singled him out, his wife, Marissa Recht, said, Mrs. Clinton had no way of knowing their story.

Hillary Clinton is working. The voters are voting. Let’s help get the vote out for Hillary.