The Checkered Flag

[Tonight – Hillary Clinton on David Letterman to do the Top Ten list (prepare for Obama whining – the topic is “top ten reasons for loving the USA.”]

* * *

As we all make our last phones calls for Hillary Clinton this day before voting starts in Indiana and North Carolina let’s remember what Barack Obama said a very short while ago.

Just before Barack Obama suffered his humiliating loss in Pennsylvania, Obama said Indiana would be the “tiebreaker”.

“I think Indiana is very important,” Obama said. “We’ve got three contests coming up in pretty big states — Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Indiana. They all have significant numbers of delegates, and they are states where Sen. Clinton and I are actively campaigning.”

“You know, Sen. Clinton is more favored in Pennsylvania,” he added, “and I’m right now a little more favored in North Carolina, so Indiana right now may end up being the tiebreaker. So we want to work very hard in Indiana. While Sen. Clinton has some advantages here, I benefit coming from an adjoining state.”

Of course Obama also thought he would win Guam by 11%.

* * *

One of the big reasons why Obama will lose a general election is that Obama has focused his pillow talk appeal to editorial board economic elites. Obama believes that “bitter” Americans cling to their gasoline, god and guns.

Hillary has focused her policies on the needs of working class Americans.

* * *

Economic elites disdain gasoline consuming NASCAR voters – which is why Democrats lose so many elections. Today Hillary Clinton made headlines in the Auto Racing Daily when Sarah Fisher endorsed Hillary Clinton.

We need a president who will stand up for us and be a fighter for Hoosiers and all Americans,” said Fisher, who will attempt to qualify for her seventh Indianapolis 500 this May 2008. “Senator Clinton will be a president who steers our country in the right direction and puts our economy back on track. Something Senator Clinton and I have in common is our commitment to achieving our goals, leaving roadblocks behind, refusing to be knocked down. Senator Clinton is a doer and a fighter who keeps getting out there, going for the checkered flag.”