Pillows For Barack Obama; People For Hillary Clinton

This morning, Hillary Clinton will appear on the ABC network’s This Week program. Barack Obama will appear on the NBC network’s Meet The Press program.

Hillary Clinton will answer questions from George Stephanopoulous and from voters in North Carolina and Indiana. Barack Obama declined to appear on the program.

If Obama persists in not debating and answering the many questions there are about his almost unknown history (his books are barely disguised fiction) news outlets should take a cue from ABC – hold a forum, invite both candidates. If one of the candidates refuses to answer questions then persist with the forum and have the fearless candidate appear.

Besides Hillary Clinton on ABC, this morning we will witness Tim Russert once again fluff pillows to make Obama comfortable. Will Russert interview Obama with the same ferocity Russert interviews Hillary? Will Russert show past Obama videotapes to force Obama to finally provide honest answers? Will Russert follow-up his questions with further inquiries or will Russert once again allow Obama to say what he wishes without fear of contradiction by the historical record? Will Russert ask Obama why he mouthed a speech on race instead of answering question about Obama’s judgement these past 20 years?

We will all have the answers to the above questions later today. We are not expecting much from the Russert interview of Obama. We will, as usual, have our already high expectations exceeded by Hillary Clinton’s answers in the townhall forum on ABC.


883 thoughts on “Pillows For Barack Obama; People For Hillary Clinton

  1. I don’t know how she does it. She has really worked hard. Our standard for Senator Clinton is perfect. So what is Tim Russert’s standard for Senator Obama, to just show up.

    If we are not challenging these candidates, the Republican Party, and the world will.

    We cannot afford another empty suit with a staff. We already have that.

    The Guam election results are very telling.

  2. George is really hitting her hard and she is absolutely taking him on front and center. George is afraid that O’Reilly beat him on hard hitting interviews.

  3. TR brought up Nuk energy , BO said he thinks we need more N Energy as long as we can contain it efficiently etc.. but TR failed to asked then about the N Energy leeks in Ill that BO accepts…..

    BO would you like another pillow??

  4. this iran question .. she answered perfectly. we can’t assume anything about Iran and we don’t need to be making contingency plans on something that isn’t even near happening.

    She is showing supreme knowledge with the situtation on Iran.

  5. is anyone watching Obama? We should write blogs on the differences in the interviews between the two.

  6. if you flip channels back and forth, it’s just like having a major debate 😀

    he sucks, she wins! AGAIN!!!!

    I think its really cool how they have a live audience in NC via satelite, and audience questions from both states at the same time

    what a woman!!

  7. when i flip to MTP i hear uhmm a a a um….well…first i’d like to say……..ah umm

    then back to GS…..and its facts and straight talk express!

  8. tr: asked him about bo indianna statement that indianna would be the tie breaker

    bo…… renig’s on that now saying she was fav in PA and he had a “slight” lead in NC…

    saying “look we have lots of other states yet to go”

  9. Obama = the ordinary candidate


    Please spread, and link, far and wide. This is BIG news, Hillfans.

  10. BO laughs at the question, what if the uncommitted SD say to him they are going to go with hillary because she is a much stronger candidate for the fall

    well…….i can’t wait to see him cry!!! 😀

  11. Brian Colon (whom we knew all along would endorse Obama) has done so.

    Can any of you computer Geeks out there resurrect the video of when he announced the results of the NM Primary race in his Sunglasses? I am hoping there was a utube of this. It would look really good to adjust that video with a this is a super delegate that votes for Obama, against his states majority.

    I cannot do this, but I am hoping some of you people can.

    I would make a good non endorement?

    Just a thought.

  12. where can we see the ratings for today?

    just wondering who had better ratings between these two shows

    I would be it was GS 😀

  13. She hit it outta the park, AGAIN!

    Georgie Porgie looked like a little boy stamping his foot in frustration as he tries to decide between an overwhelming urge to pee and grabbing another piece of chocolate cake and is FURIOUS at being put in the postion to have to make that decision.


  14. www2.indystar.com/autofocus/galleries/slides/1850/1

    Hillary in Indianapolis, IN with Bill Clinton, Ted D. and his wife, Mary S, and John Mellencamp!

    great pictures!

  15. Who would have thought she would be only 7 votes down in Guam. It was suppose to be a blow out for him. I wonder if anything will change because of the high number of Telefofo spoiled ballots. That is something to watch.

    They said they would know by Monday or Tuesday.

  16. On the gas tax issue we like Hillary’s very first sentence. Stephanoupoulos wanted Hillary to name an economist who backs her proposal. Hillary responded that increasingly “elite opinion” is disconnected from ordinary Americans. Hillary repeated the “elite opinion” phase at the end of her answer.

  17. Justmeinmountdorafl

    By the way I use to Live in Orlando, and Mount Dora is a beautiful place.

    Thanks for the photos. It looks like a great crowd, even though it was cold.

  18. NewMexicoFan, so you are now in New Mexico I presume?

    Mount Dora is a lovely town but a lot of business are closing in downtown – so much for the economy mess we are in

  19. justme, as someone who lived in FL 1987-2000, it’s sad to hear that downtown Mount Dora is in eco trouble but isn’t that because it’s all boutique-like shops or has that changed? What about Renninger’s?

  20. renningers still here – some of the antique stores are still there – but not the same flair as it was when I first moved here in 02

  21. justmeinmountdorafl

    I used to attend the arts and crafts shows there. I found some great buys. I also loved how it was by that beautiful lake.

    Yes, I pulled everything I own back to New Mexico. I love the sun here.

  22. mj – mount dora – not fora – its between Altamonte Springs and Leesburg – the highest elevation in Florida hence the name Mount and the Dora is named after the lake who was also founded by a lady named Dora

  23. Those stats from NW Indiana are puzzling. Why so many undecided? I am beginning to think they are not talking to Poll takers.

    I think she has a hard race both places. But she is tough. I hope we get IN. If she gets close in NC it will be icing on the cake.

  24. We bent over backward in New Mexico to accept ballots. If the intent of the voter was there, we accepted it. I wonder what Guam will do.

    I assume they will have the lawyers in watching like we did. We had to call a Lawyer over everytime two of us disagreed about a ballot (one Obama, one Clinton person). In the end, we had a couple of hours to still certifiy ballots. Most of it had to do with people who were not as the same address as the voter data base. If they had the same name and it was relatively unique, and they were the same age, the Judge allowed the ballot.

    Since younger voters were more likely to more and not change their address, we really bent over backward to make sure they got a fair shake.

    Then the sun glasses meandering speaking State Chair says he knows better than the elecotrate, and he Backs Obama.

    Anyone want to run for State Chair for the Democrats in New Mexico?

  25. Admin: Are we ever going to know the funds total for April? Is there a drop dead date?

    There are a lot of us that would really like to know what was collect.

  26. djia, richardson is such a fool, look he won Guam! (yeah by 7 votes!), won 30 states (yeah the red ones and caucuses which is known to be unfair), please knock it off

  27. Without GOP backers, Obama would lag


    Sunday, May 4th 2008, 4:00 AM
    Barack Obama greets families Saturday during a picnic at a park in Noblesville, Indiana. Dunand/Getty

    Barack Obama greets families Saturday during a picnic at a park in Noblesville, Indiana.

    Hillary Clinton would be beating Barack Obama in the popular vote if Democrats alone were choosing their presidential nominee, a Daily News analysis of primary voting has revealed.

    Obama owes his first-place standing to the millions of independents and Republicans who voted for him in states that allowed them to participate in the Democratic nominating contest, the News found.

    Clinton would top Obama by more than 360,000 votes if only Democrats were counted, and the delegate race – which Obama leads by 135 – would likely be tighter.

    (The analysis excludes the disputed primaries in Florida and Michigan. If they are included, Clinton’s advantage grows to more than 900,000 votes.)

    The findings give both camps a talking point with superdelegates. Clinton can argue true-blue Democrats prefer her; Obama can contend his crossover appeal makes him a stronger candidate in November.

    Harold Ickes, a top Clinton strategist, said, “For those superdelegates who are increasingly questioning [Obama’s] pulling power in a general election, I think what this will do is reinforce the argument that she has a stronger base among broad Democratic constituencies that we need absolutely to win.”

    Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for Obama, said the News’ analysis showed Obama did better with a more diverse electorate.

    “He’s won in small states, large states, caucus states, primary states, red states, blue states, purple states, but also he’s shown an ability – far better than his opponent – to cross partisan divides.”

    “In a general election,” Psaki said, “you need to appeal to those people in order to not only be competitive but to beat John McCain.”

    Dante Scala, associate professor of political science at the University of New Hampshire and an expert on presidential politics, said Obama’s appeal across party lines makes him unique.

    But Scala said that crossover appeal may be fading in the wake of the controversies surrounding Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and his widely panned comments about working-class people clinging to guns and religion.

    “If that [cross-over appeal] starts to go away, I think a key rationale for his candidacy starts to disappear as well,” Scala said.

    The News’ estimate of the Democrats-only vote is based on exit polls, where available, in states that allowed voters who are not registered Democrats to vote in the party’s primaries.

    Besides asking which candidate they chose, the exit polls asked voters whether they consider themselves Democrats, Republicans, independents or something else. Using the exit poll results, the News recalculated the popular vote to weed out non-Democrats.

  28. Great Oregon newspeaper Endorsements. Someone that looks at things as they are good and bad about both Delegates.

  29. It doesn’t matter how mant states someone won. Where in the heck does that foolishness come from? Honestly, what tripe.

  30. justmeinmontdorafl

    I would give you the link but for some reason when I have tried to post links, my message does not get posted.

    I just got a Hillary campaign email on it. It says Statesmansjournal.com at the top.

  31. In fact, if the states that have had a primary or caucus are ranked according to population size, one sees that of the 10 most populous states, Sen. Clinton has won eight and Sen. Obama only two. Considering the 10 least populous states that have voted, one sees a flip in the results — Sen. Obama has prevailed in eight and Sen. Clinton in only two.
    Another way of looking at the status of the candidates is to use 2004 election results to ask how many 2004 Electoral College votes in states that John Kerry won does each candidate have to date.
    In fact, if one sums the Electoral College vote of the states that went Democrat in 2004 according to whether Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama prevailed, one finds that Sen. Clinton again leads, with 159 of the 2004 Democratic Electoral College votes in her column vs. 85 in Sen. Obama’s column.

    *There’s a lot of positive info coming out with regard to SD’s (MoonPluto, yours on the previous thread was huge; 75% of SD’s are susceptible!) and the different ways of looking at the race.

    And Hill was razor sharp this morning, while BO on MTP was an entirely predictable snoozefest.

  32. I just went to the statesmanjournal.com and posted a comment. They just presented it very directly. We need to congratulate them on their endorsement. She is going to have a tought fight in Oregon.

  33. Right, BD. No one has ever talked about “most states”. That’s meaningless. It literally doesn’t mean anything.

  34. justmeinmountdorafl

    Thanks for the link. You must have special permission.

    This blog really keeps me directed. You know where to get election results, and you key in on the important information. You have taken over my information source. Other than Fox news (never thought I would say this), the rest are filtering my news. That is something we should not tolerate.

  35. Hi everyone Hillary is coming to South Bend today. She is coming to our head quarters. I am so excited

  36. Clinton zooms from grim to a grin


    Sunday, May 4th 2008, 4:00 AM
    Hillary Clinton walks on stage Saturday as she is introduced during a taping of the MomLogic.com show at Cary High School in Raleigh, North Carolina.
    Barack Obama is leading among pledged delegates. He’s won twice as many states as rival Hillary Clinton. His campaign is leagues ahead in fund-raising.

    So why is Clinton smiling so much these days?

    Because behind that smile, insiders say, there is rising hope that all is not lost, and that the former First Lady’s new strategy of being her own attack dog – striking at Obama whenever he lets his guard down – is proving effective.

    She won big in Pennsylvania and, said one insider, “Her poll numbers are skyrocketing, she’s broken her superdelegate drought.

    “She’s a human being. Who wouldn’t be smiling?”

    Yes, Clinton is still a longshot for the nomination, conceded the insider, but that’s better than having no shot, which is where she seemed to be a few weeks ago.

    With critical primaries in North Carolina and Indiana set for Tuesday, there’s no question that Clinton – while still facing steep, maybe insurmountable hurdles in the all-important delegate race – has finally found her game.

    It turns out to be a full-contact sport in which Clinton – rather than some surrogate – is increasingly the one to throw an uppercut the moment the Illinois senator leaves himself open.

    Clinton reveled in that role Saturday – pausing amid a series of shots at Obama and President Bush to say so.

    “Oh, I love campaigning,” a smiling Clinton told a crowd in Gastonia, N.C., that cheered many of her zingers.

    It’s a shift that advisers trace back to January when, during a fierce debate in South Carolina, Clinton tagged Obama for representing developer Tony Rezko “in his slum landlord business.”

    For weeks before that, Clinton’s campaign had tried to quietly steer reporters toward Rezko, an Obama contributor who was on trial for fraud. “It was all business page stuff,” one Clinton insider said of the muted response.

    But once Clinton picked up the baton, stories about Rezko vaulted into the front of the paper.

    The lesson inside Hillaryland? The hits only stick when Clinton throws them, even though aides insist she remains a reluctant grenade-thrower and is happier to let her husband fill that role.

    The strategy was employed again in late March, when Obama tried to distance himself from his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, with a nuanced speech on race. “He would not have been my pastor,” Clinton dug.

    When the Illinois senator committed his inartful guns-and-God gaffe in Pennsylvania, she pounced again, calling the comments “elitist and divisive.” And when Obama this week declared he had broken all ties with Wright, she dug still deeper.

    “Finally,” she said.

    Her fortunes seemed to rise with each hit, as Obama struggled to regain his stride.

    What’s still not clear is whether this is a winning strategy for Clinton, or simply a way for her to run out the clock in the hopes that support for Obama craters.

    Obama still has more delegates. And the math suggests that unless Clinton wins 70% of the vote in all nine remaining contests – a nearly impossible margin – and roughly half of the remaining undecided superdelegates, she can’t catch him.

    “Her chance of winning the nomination may still be slim,” one Clintonista conceded, “but it’s a lot better than it used to be.

  37. # NewMexicoFan Says:
    May 4th, 2008 at 11:26 am


    I would give you the link but for some reason when I have tried to post links, my message does not get posted.

    I just got a Hillary campaign email on it. It says Statesmansjournal.com at the top.

    When you want to post links, just drop the http bit. if the posted link has www we can directly click on it from here, if it does not, we have to cut and paste.

  38. From Talk Left;

    The newly all important Obama surrogate Joe Andrew was on Fox today and he flatly predicted Barack Obama will win both Indiana and North Carolina. Apparently he believes Zogby. In any event, here is another example of bad expectations management by the Obama camp.
    They are predicting victory in both Indiana and North Carolina.

    If it does not happen, then what?

  39. Politico:

    Playbook: Guam win and the age issue
    By MIKE ALLEN | 5/4/08 8:26 AM
    Obama wins Guam by seven points, and does being a septuagenarian disqualify McCain as president?

    I’m sure that “7 pts” is just boo-boo…

  40. justmeinmountdorafl

    The video of Gary NC was great. She really selects her words carefully. This is a difference between her and Senator Obama, and other in his campaign. They do not select their words carefully. Internationally, this can be a disaster.

  41. latest CNN polls:

    Obama 50
    Hillary 42
    Undecided 8


    Obama 47
    Hillary 47
    Undecided 6


  42. alcina Says:

    May 4th, 2008 at 11:56 am

    you lucky devil. please tell HRC hello from her volunteers in NH!!

    Will do . I will take a picture with her

  43. Some early Sunday pleasantries;

    Fuck CNN and their bullshit ‘Poll of Polls’ because the ones they include are known to be inaccurate, while the MOST accurate, SUSA, somehow isn’t included.

    Is it too much for arguably the biggest news organization in the country to do their own polling in two critical states?
    They’ve been doing CNN/USA Today/Gallup polls for years, but I believe what we’re seeing – regardless of who wins – is a wicked combination of deceit and laziness/cost-cutting. And it sucks.

    Happy Sunday.

  44. Instead, this is what CNN is concerned about;

    Bush loyalist Fran Townsend joining CNN.

    Last month, President Bush appointed his former Homeland Security Adviser Fran Townsend to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. Now, Townsend is picking up another job. Politico’s Mike Allen reports today that Townsend will be joining for Bush Press Secretary Tony Snow as a CNN contributor.

  45. I don’t trust any polls right now….and I especially don’t trust any polls from CNN and MSNBC/NBC affiliated polls.

    Too many polls have been wrong this season from overpolling one group and other biases…so I don’t feel very comfortable with the polls. It can be a good indication where people are shifting or leaning but I can’t put my faith in polls.

  46. justmeinmountdorafl

    Are we seeing cracks in the msnbc and cnn veil of wonderment for Senator Obama, or is it just my imagination.

    I still don’t see how you can call an election when there is only a seven vote lead outof over 5,000 people. Especially when there are so many spoiled ballots.

    She did not congratulate him on his win, again choosing her words carefully, she congratulated him on his hard work in Guam.

    Yes, he went after it 3 to 1 outspent her, paid staff, and he only won by 7 votes (if that holds). That is .0014%. As I remember he was leading by 14% a few days ago. This is next to the place where he was raised (Hawaii). How could that win be so small.

    You notice that they are spinning only that he won, and they are not talking about how much, and how the delegates will go. it is a stalemate again.

    No wonder they are trying to steal more Delegates in New Mexico.

  47. Are we seeing cracks in the msnbc and cnn veil of wonderment for Senator Obama, or is it just my imagination.

    No. Timmy Russert spent most of Meet the Press this morning fluffing Barry’s pillows. He did a little mild jabbing on Rev Racist Wright and the rest of the hour consisted of showing Obama video of Hillary and asking hard hitting questions like:

    “So, would you like to tell us how she is wrong?”

  48. BTW, WaPo saw fit to run a story – which I can no longer find –
    on Chelsea called something like “Too Goody Two Shoes?”

    Because why cover her impressive substantive stump performances and expert handling of college crowds (often slanted with hostile BO supporters) when you can slap her for NOT being an ignorant slut.

    I feel the need to pray right now…..

  49. hwc
    agreed. the nbc/msnbc pukes are just as bad today as they’ve been all year. chris matthews on his weekend program asked his round table what they thought of the mc cain vs BO match-up in the fall, as if it were a done deal, totally dissing any discussion it may be mc cain vs clinton.

    i can’t wait for HRC to stick it up their collective asses.

  50. justmeinmountdorafl Says:

    May 4th, 2008 at 12:22 pm
    neetabug hows Indiana looking for Hillary?

    I am getting a lot of postive feed back for Hillary. This one AA man said he would never vote for O said he Was going McCain

  51. If you look carefully at the cnn polls they left themselves wiggle room with the undecided in both states. NC they can pull it out as correct if it ties. IND the can save themselves if Hillary bests him 6-10points. They are manipulating the polls in favor of Obama and leaving themselves an open with the undecided I am getting sick of the pundits and their politics of running the election for the American people instead of letting the people decide. Funny how Dean was going to Michigan when he was running to 04′, now we can’t count them. I hope they try to force the American people to believe that Guam is a better judge of who should be POTUS than FL or MI. Hopefully then people will see how far fetched this Dean strategy reallly is!

  52. Regarding the Guam vote, I thought they hadn’t certify the election yet because of irregularities and because the vote count was so close a revote is automaticly done?

  53. guys please focus on helping Hillary win NC and IN – make calls or volunteer in either states – the time is now – I read somewhere that some aids are saying that if Hillary loses IN that she may seriosuly consider suspending her campaign – so please please work hard to help Hillary

  54. carbynew

    You are right, they have not certified the election in Guam, and it will not happen until Monday or Tuesday. Yes there has been a lot of spoiled ballots in a town that favors Senator Clinton, and there were double the number of ballots reproducted that were used. It is my understanding they must determined what happened to all the unused ballots.

    Stay tuned, as they say.

  55. Gallup Daily: Obama 49%, Clinton 45%
    McCain leads Obama in general election; Clinton-McCain essentially even

    PRINCETON, NJ — Gallup Poll Daily tracking shows Barack Obama is the current choice of 49% of Democratic voters nationwide for the party’s presidential nomination, while 45% back Hillary Clinton.

    The four percentage point advantage for Obama is not statistically significant, and marks the 11th consecutive day that neither Clinton nor Obama has held a significant lead. Obama held leads throughout much of April, while Clinton has not held a significant lead in Gallup’s national tracking polling since mid-March, and at that time for just one day. She has not consistently led since before the Super Tuesday primaries in early February. (To view the complete trend since Jan. 3, 2008, click here.)

    Obama edged out Clinton in Saturday’s Guam caucuses, winning by a mere seven votes of more than 4,500 ballots cast. The much more significant Indiana and North Carolina primaries will take place on Tuesday.

    Clinton has been running better versus John McCain than Obama in the Gallup tracking general election trial heats for the last four days, though McCain has the edge over each Democrat. Registered voters currently prefer McCain to Clinton by 46%-45% and McCain to Obama by 47%-42%.

  56. I am worried about Indiana. Joe Andrew flat out predicted BO would win. That’s not usually how the expectations game is played. And, now he’s rising in Gallup. I’m worried. I thought we had Indiana in the bag.

  57. from a post in TM:

    “I was at Hillary’s campaign event in Raleigh on Friday. I was a bit disappointed by the numbers at the rally, and I don’t know that it bodes real well for the primary. The black population in this area, at least, is energized. My feel is that she will have a hard time keeping the loss less than ten percent. “

  58. Well, I just saw the utube video by PaulVillarreal, if Hillary suspends her campaign, then immediately I will join and work for the RNC and McCain. I can’t vote for this man, from that time on I will be a republican. Sorry Hillary, I just not in to wearing a burka, I will literally die first. That video needs to have every single amercian watch it before tuesday. Above all, I think Hillary needs to watch it before she suspends her campaign I will be highly upset with her if she leaves the American people with Obama without taking it to the convention.

  59. Sorry, but I can’t watch PumpkinHead and Bambi at the same time and still be expected to keep my breakfast down, so somebody let me know if anything earth-shattering occurs, like he actually gets asked a challenging question.

  60. Everyone, please stop obsessing about the polls. As we have seen throughout this race they are up and down and all over the place. Fluctuation is normal day to day on the tracking polls and a point or two is to be expected with the normal margin of error. The state head to heads vary by the organization doing them. There has not been any change in momentum to Obama from any reported source.

  61. Obama has the political skills of a gnat!

    Obama is trying to win the swing voters that are going to Hillary coner and instead of talking to this very large demographic, who has very real short and long term concerns he quotes economists.

    Now, some of these same economists push the Reagan doctrine of “trinkle down” economics that the Republicans have been pushing for the last 30 years and Obama love to emulate.

    Also I feel Obama just like Carter will be hoisted on his petard regarding Gas and Oil prices in the short term. We’re in an economic slow down and you can hasten it by being dogmatic on gas prices or you can be flexible and give emergency relief while putting in place safeguards that will soften the sting or place special arrangement for farmers and truckers.

    Either way it another way to let the electorate know you care about them too and not only the rich and well connected. This country seem to be losing their “big tent” society. More and more it seem to be a class line that is widing more and more between those who jobs are not outsourced to those who are.

  62. From hillaryresponders.com mailing.

    h t t p : / / http://www.topix.net/forum/source/newsday/TVVDEBU6IFAP0BC23/p6#lastPost

    I just posted this.

    Hillary lives in the real world, not the world of hype and snark. She’s in the world where blue-collar votes matter, and big swing states matter, and Florida and Michigan matter.

    Hillary is winning. She now has the popular vote by anyone’s count. She already had the vote of Democrats and even including Obama’s “Dems for a Day” in a 50-state count.

    Polls are showing her the best able to beat McCain. Obama’s approval is dropping. His judgement is proving faulty, not ready for prime time.

    Obama’s campaign has been all bluff and mirrors and snarky personal attacks. People are seeing through him now. He’s not ‘winning’ by anything except rules that he’s trying to make up in the middle of the game.

  63. Hillary Clinton is the people campaign and we need to do everything we can to GOTV to continue her fight.

    Remember, The establishment candidate is Barack Obama, that is the candidate Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and the D.C. establishment and media wants to be president.

    Donna Brazile came out of her cave and was on CNN this morning.

  64. WASHINGTON: Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who faces critical primaries in Indiana and North Carolina on Tuesday, hammered her way on the issues of job losses in the manufacturing sector and stressed on changes in tax laws to prevent job losses, as she wooed the middle-class voters.

    The New York senator said she planned to change the tax laws to get the profits back home, change the trade agreements so that they “recognize the 21st century economy is not the 20th or the 19th century”, and lastly put restrictions on defence manufacturing moving out of the country.

    Clinton, who has two critical primaries on Tuesday where a loss would derail her candidacy, was speaking on the ABC Programme “This Week” with town hall-type audiences live from Indiana and North Carolina.

    “I just believe that our declining manufacturing base is a threat to the overall economy…So what I have said is that we may not be able to bring back a lot of the jobs we’ve lost, but number one, we’ve got to stop losing jobs. And Indiana has lost 45,000 jobs under President Bush in manufacturing alone”, she said in response to a querry from one of her supporters.

    “We need to change the tax code to take out any single benefit from your tax dollars that goes to any business that exports a job out of Indiana to any foreign country”, Clinton said.

    “If people want to start jobs somewhere else, we’re not going to stop them. But why should we help them? Why should we tell them, if you move those jobs and you make profits over there, you don’t have to pay taxes on them, unless you bring the money back home? Well, hey, why would you ever bring the money back home?” she added.


  65. Carville Says Obama Short on ‘Cojones’
    May 04, 2008 11:57 AM

    Of the comparable toughness between Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and Barack Obama, D-Ill., Clinton adviser James Carville tells Newsweek: “If she gave him one of her cojones, they’d both have two.”


    (Carville also says Clinton needs to win both Indiana and North Carolina on Tuesday. “The onus is on her. She’s got to do better than tie. If she wins Indiana and North Carolina, she’s the nominee. She’s got to shock the system, and she may be shocking it.”)

    There sure are a lot of men around Clinton who keep throwing out gonad and gender references to imply Clinton is stronger than Obama, as if strength is an exclusively male characteristic.

    A few days ago, as ABC News’ Eloise Harper reported, Paul Gibson, the president of a local steelworkers Union Chapter 6787 in Indiana, announced support for Clinton, saying it’s “going to take an individual with testicular fortitude” to deal with the nation’s problems.

    In February, Jack Nicholson announced that “Hillary is the best man for the job.”

    In relaying this to crowds, Clinton changed this to “real men vote for Hillary.”

    Linguists are going to look back at this election as a treasure trove.


  66. mj Says:

    May 4th, 2008 at 1:30 pm
    I am worried about Indiana. Joe Andrew flat out predicted BO would win. That’s not usually how the expectations game is played. And, now he’s rising in Gallup. I’m worried. I thought we had Indiana in the bag.

    We are going to win IND. don’t fret

  67. Hillary rallies as Obama’s N.C. lead shrinks
    May 4, 2008

    RALEIGH, N.C.– With the polls moving in Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s direction in the Tar Heel State, following a string of problems for Sen. Barack Obama, Clinton’s campaign is making a last-minute push here.

    A good showing here — and a win or close call in Indiana on Tuesday — will make it harder for uncommitted superdelegates to come out for Obama. “If he can’t win by more than 10, he’ll face serious questions,” said Clinton spokesman Doug Hattaway, setting the bar during a stop in Wake Forest where Clinton appeared at an outdoor rally with North Carolina Gov. Michael Easley.

    “I know the difference between making speeches and implementing solutions,” said Clinton, taking a shot at Obama.

    She went on to talk about her plan for a gas tax holiday, an issue that has emerged — as gas prices soar — as a significant dispute between Obama and Clinton. Obama says dropping the tax will result in saving only coffee money and sees it as a gimmick.

    Even so, the Obama campaign must be worried about her gas tax message: Obama on Saturday was running an ad in North Carolina and Indiana attacking Clinton’s gas tax plan because it only saves an individual 30 cents a day.

    A memo distributed by the Clinton team Saturday crowed about how Obama’s lead in North Carolina has shrunk to the single digits. Obama once “enjoyed a lead of over 20 points in public polls throughout this year,” the memo said, noting that Obama was outspending Clinton in North Carolina on television, with Obama at $4.9 million to $3.5 million for Clinton — an investment Clinton’s team may not have made weeks ago.

    But that was before Obama was defeated by Clinton in Pennsylvania on April 22. He also is still suffering from two self-inflicted wounds: his remarks about “bitter” Pennsylvania blue-collar workers and his relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whom he broke with last Tuesday.

    Clinton has been adding North Carolina stops, and Bill Clinton has worked about 50 events here, with another 15 today and Monday. Michelle Obama stumps here Monday. Obama and Clinton will return before Election Day.

    Still, the shifting demographics — and North Carolina’s voting system — favor Obama. The new residents flowing into this fast-growing state are younger, coming for jobs in high-tech industries, the profiles of people who have been voting for Obama in this extended primary season. The African-American Democratic primary vote could be close to 40 percent, according to estimates from North Carolina Democratic Party officials.

    But no one is really sure what the turnout will be because North Carolina has never been in play like this for a presidential primary. North Carolina also has a generous early-voting system. Until 1 p.m. Saturday, people could not only vote — if they were not registered, they could sign up, declare a party and vote on the spot. Interest is high. Some voting spots in the Raleigh area had long lines Saturday.

    Clinton started the day outside of Raleigh working her female base at a forum sponsored by MomLogic, a Web site, where the topics were personal and she seemed to revel in the girlfriend chat about her career, her mother and daughter Chelsea.


  68. Hillary Hits Back Over Pandering Charge
    by Aaron Bruns

    GASTONIA, NC – Barack Obama’s campaign and supporters have accused Hillary Clinton of pandering to voters by advocating a temporary suspension of the federal gas tax that they say would do very little to ease people’s pain at the pump. But two actual voters confronted Clinton with the charge at an outdoor rally today — getting the NY Senator all fired up in the process.

    “I’ve been all over North Carolina, and people are really upset about these gas prices,” she told the crowd from her perch in the bed of a cherry red 1956 Chevy pickup truck. Spotting a handmade neon green sign in the crowd, she paused. “I see that sign over there,” she said. “Guy’s got a sign saying a gas tax holiday is blatant pandering. Well I’ll tell you what, I’d rather the oil companies pay the gas taxes than you pay the gas taxes this summer.”

    “I’ll tell you something else. When the Federal Reserve and the Federal Treasury bailed out Bear Stearns to the tune of $30 billion, I didn’t hear people talking about it being pandering,” said Clinton, voice rising. “I think it’s time we didn’t just bail out Wall Street. What about bailing out Main Street? What about recognizing that for many people, they count those pennies every single week?”

    Clinton implied that those who accuse her of playing politics with the issue are out of touch with the struggles working families are facing in the current economy. “It’s easy if you don’t have to worry about what gas costs,” she said. “It’s kind of simple if you can go to the grocery store and buy whatever you want and you don’t have to worry about what’s rung up at the cash register. But that’s not the way most Americans are living right now. And it’s time we had a president who recognized it and said we were going to do something about it.”


  69. Obama’s appeal to working-class whites faltering, polls show
    By ALAN FRAM – 16 hours ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama’s problem winning votes from working-class whites is showing no sign of going away, and their impression of him is getting worse.


  70. WHICH ‘average person’ will save only 30-cents a day on gas tax? A trucker who has to buy the gas himself?

    Even 30-cents a day is $9 a month. To some people that does matter.

    It sounds like Obama is digging himself deeper into elitism — ‘coffee money’?

  71. You go Hillary, glad she took them on, it shows she’s not ignoring anyone, they accused her of pandering, she answered it, she didnt run away.

  72. I think he has dug himself a hole also. I am retired and I shop at Costco several times a week. $9 a month can purchase a couple of things at the grocery store. Or it might be a generic medicine that you have to take.

    I am beginning to believe the Elitism. He does not shop and budget the way the rest of us do. Kind of reminds me of Oprah who had never heard of Costco until her friend Gail told her about it. I guess they run in the same circles.

  73. Certain DNC people are starting distance themselves from Obama.

    Wallace asked Dean if he thought Jeremiah Wright was “radioactive” to Dems down-ticket. Dean countered that “this is about the war, the economy, and healthcare.” He snapped that Republicans “race-bait, use hate and divisiveness.” He compared Reverend Wright to rapist-murder Willie Horton by proclaiming that Republicans mentioning Wright was race-baiting, “just like Willie Horton.” Wallace countered that Obama had said that Wright was a legitimate issue, and Dean distanced himself from his future-nominee: “He can say what he wants; I’m going to say what I want.”

    Next on FTN, Doug Wilder said that he had not predicted a riot in Denver if the nomination were stolen from Obama; rather, he said he had predicted a “riotous convention.”

  74. The whole Willie Horton issue was first brought up by Gary Hart in the primaries against Dukakis and later used against Dukakis by the republicans.

  75. saw on fox this am roundtable ith williams,kristol etc.. talked about IN etc.. all thought she would win by10. on NC kristol claims he has spoke to NC pols who say she is in striking distance and early vote was heavy with working class white distrits. he thought she could win it. they talked about supers and why so many are backing a loser. they said it was fear about losing aa votes in key races, but thought in the end supers may line up with hillary as she is the only viable candidate.

  76. carby posted:

    Carville also says Clinton needs to win both Indiana and North Carolina on Tuesday.

    Interestingly, Bob Schieffer (host of Face the Nation) was on Friday’s CBS Evening News, after having just returned from North Carolina, and said to Katie Couric:

    “I think if she comes close in North Carolina and wins in Indiana, it is REALLY gonna help her argument to these Super Delegates that she is the strongest candidate in the Fall.”

  77. Fret not, friends, I think despite our tough spot overall we’re very well positioned at crunch time, a classic Clinton trait.

    To my mind there’s no way in the world a spokesperson goes on record setting the NC under/over at -10 (“If he can’t win by more than 10, he’ll face serious questions,” said Clinton spokesman Doug Hattaway)
    if they don’t know on paper & in their bones it’s less than half that.

    That BO is running ads about the gas tax shows they’re losing the argument, which puts us in striking distance in NC.

    The Big Dawg is doing 15 more events today & tomorrow, winning votes everywhere he goes. Hill’s been getting last-minute deciders throughout, so making it very close – inside 5 pts – is a very real possibility.
    And that’s all we need, close enough to buttress the argument.

    And Hillary Clinton is winning Indiana.

  78. I find it interesting that Zogby has been polling everyday! I find that just a bit wrong, they are trying to bring down her average and quick! Has Zogby always been right!

  79. Interesting, from TalkLeft;

    Back in February, Bloomberg and Politico published an internal spreadsheet from the Obama campaign with calculations on the pledged delegate and superdelegate split.

    *The Clinton Campaign brought up the spreadsheet today, asking if Obama still thought he was going to win Indiana by 7 points.*

    Check all the states, the campaign was off on several. It predicted only a 5 point loss in PA, a 7 point loss in Ohio and an 11 point win in Guam. For NC, it predicts an 8 point win and for Indiana, a 7 point win.
    Also, for Montana, an 11 point win. For South Dakota, a 15 point win. For Puerto Rico, an 8 point loss.
    It also predicts double digit losses in KY and W.Va.

    What do I take from this? Obama knew back in Feb. he needed to work to convince the rural and blue collar voters of Ohio and PA and was unable to do so. Those states are critical in November.
    Why should the superdelegates believe he can take them in November?

  80. Obama has the political skills of a gnat!

    Didn’t we have a revolution over taxes and now Obama is fighting for the TAX MAN and he didn’t fight for the TAXPAYER this hard when Bear Stearns received that $30 billion in a bailout.

    I didn’t hear Obama called it pandering to Wall Street and I didn’t hear Obama talk about those million dollars packages that Sr. Leadership got from the bailout while the “rank and file” workers got the shaft.

  81. Clinton has no regrets about threat to ‘obliterate’ Iran

    Hillary Clinton said Sunday she had no regrets about vowing to obliterate Iran if it used a nuclear bomb on Israel, but Barack Obama accused her of George W. Bush-style “bluster.”

    The Democratic White House rivals locked horns over the Islamic republic on separate television shows, two days before their next nominating showdowns in Indiana and North Carolina.

    Clinton was asked on ABC News whether she had any regrets about threatening to “totally obliterate” Iran if it used nuclear weapons against Israel, which prompted Tehran to complain to the United Nations.

    “Why would I have any regrets? I am asked a question about what I would do if Iran attacked our ally, a country that many of us have a great deal of, you know, connection with and feeling for,” Clinton said.

    “I think we have to be very clear about what we would do,” Clinton said. “I don’t think it is time to equivocate about what we would do.

    “I sure want to make it abundantly clear to them that they would face a tremendous cost if they did such a thing.”

    Clinton however said her priority as president would be to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, though even if it did so, the former first lady said she did not expect Tehran would use such a bomb against Israel.

    Moments earlier, on NBC, Obama rebuked Clinton’s comments on Iran.

    “It’s not the language that we need right now, and I think it’s language that’s reflective of (President) George Bush,” he said.

    “We have had a foreign policy of bluster and saber-rattling and tough talk, and in the meantime we make a series of strategic decisions that actually strengthen Iran,” Obama said.

    “Israel is an ally of ours, it is the most important ally we have in the region. And there is no doubt that we would act forcefully and appropriately on any attack against (Israel), nuclear or otherwise.

    “But it is important that we use language that sends a signal to the world community that we’re shifting from the sort of cowboy diplomacy, lack of diplomacy, that we’ve seen out of George Bush.”

    Obama also said he was not yet ready to go as far as Clinton in promising to extend the US nuclear umbrella to US allies like Jordan and Saudi Arabia, if Iran were to go nuclear.

    Iran’s UN mission last week complained to the UN Security Council over Clinton’s earlier threat, accusing her of making “provocative, unwarranted and irresponsible statements.”

    Obama said that Iran’s complaint had elicited sympathy from other UN members, underlining in his view the misguided nature of Clinton’s remark.

    In an April 22 interview with ABC, Clinton was asked what she would do as president if Iran were to launch a nuclear strike on Israel.

    “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president, we will attack Iran,” she replied.

    “In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them,” she added.


  82. Obama has the political skills of a gnat!!!!

    First he calls Sen. Clinton’s tough talk on Iran if they nuked an ally and what would she do as commander n chief and a returned to Bush Cowboy diplomacy.

    Then he uses the UN as a example as why it was bad:

    “Obama said that Iran’s complaint had elicited sympathy from other UN members, underlining in his view the misguided nature of Clinton’s remark.”

    What a WEAK ASS PUSSY!!!!

    We care the Iran elicited sympathy for other UN members???

    We care that Straight talk to Iran is BAD but Iran can go around killing our soldiers and we are suppose to talk in elited soft tones of now, now be nice???

  83. sooooo…. we will nuke Pakistan for no good reason but negotiate with Iran if they attach Israel with nuclear weapons?

    Oh ya, he really knows his stuff.

  84. Whatever you may think of the various polls, remember this: we can CHANGE those polls, for the better, by making calls right up until the polls open! Please help and make calls! 😀

  85. Hey guys we should remind people that it is obvious why Obama is against the holiday tax for gas – he’s taken a lot of money from the oil companies – he supported cheneys energy plan they’re the people whose funded Obamas camapign – surprise surprise but some may have long forgotten this.

  86. Sounds like Obama wants to have Iran over for a tea party if they ever nuked anyone, just to tell them how disappointed he is in their behavior.

  87. Pander to me, pander to me, save me a few bucks over the summer. I can buy more lattes. ROFL!

  88. He is really showing just how out of touch it is with the voters he is trying to reach by being against the gas holiday tax freeze. He is right when he says that it will only save people $4 or $5 a week, but for a family struggling to put food on the table, that $5 can be a gallon of milk for their kids.

  89. rjk: I was kidding in my first post, but seriously, 20-30 dollars/month, can buy more milk for their babies, more orange juice, summer vegetables and fruit, cheese, and other necessities. Let the oil companies pay the gas tax for a few months; they can afford it. Elites can buy more arugula and waffles.

    If this is pandering, then pander to me.

  90. It will save truckers and farmers, for which there are countless in all the remainin states, a lot more than that.

  91. Really, Journo’s hate a pander. I think voters should be pandered to. Hey, they want our votes. Pander away. Remember how Tsongas called Bill “panderbear”? Remember how well that worked out?

  92. Hey everyone Hillary is here in the office. She is now outside speaking to the crowd here in South Bend
    She is soo nice took a picture with her, and senator Bayh. He is a great guy also., She came into the campaign office took time with everyone. Took pictures shook hands great lady. See if it is on live stream

  93. neetabug-

    That’s GREAT! I got to meet here in person in Boston at the MA office. She is so awesome in person. I really felt like I was speaking to someone who respected me and my intelligence.

    Hillary Clinton is going to be our next President

  94. neetabug

    i envy your time with HRC. you deserve every minute. thank you for your hard work. i know how insane things become during the final hours. hang in there and thanks again. we’ll all celebrate your big victory in indiana!!!

  95. We need a tony rezko story on Monday like we had for Texas and Ohio! It is starting to look like something is going to come out soon and it will not be pretty for Obama and no liberal coverage can beat it!

  96. So since now we know that he’ll nuke Pakistan, negotiate with Iran, that tells exactly the kind of muslim radical he like! I guess he like the Muta Elsadr kind, the Shia instead ofthe soonie, both are radicals. He is in favor of Hamas, what about Hezbollah? Does he pander to Hezbollah, they are the Iranians! He is a very dangerous man, not a man I want as my President!

  97. rjk1957,

    That is right! I have a friend that just got layed of as a teacher and he can live on 5 dollers a day and he is single but you can make it work if you do it right! This is just sick! There are people out there that can’t even afford bread or goods, that is why some have to get support else were, good will and such! I really dont care if this is a political move it is helping more than not helping. Period

  98. alcina Says:

    May 4th, 2008 at 4:42 pm
    ok, neetabug, now for the important stuff…what was she wearing??

    She has on a black pants suit with a yellow scarf

    I don’t know how she can look so refresh

  99. So Guam can vote…..
    Now, if only we can have the good citizens of Florida and Michigan be so lucky…..

  100. They have pics of Hill in NC yesterday on her blog. She looks like lady liberty in that great blue suit standing on that red truck. Love it. Thanks so much for your hard work neeta. You are the best!!!!!

  101. neetabug..i know. the woman always looks like she just stepped out of the spa. always fresh as a daisy. go figure.. 🙂

  102. we’ll all have to watch entertainment tonight for the interview. neeta..can you get within camera range?

  103. CNN- ballot box. the programming shifts between the three candidates. she will be back on, but mccain is on now.

  104. Has anyone seen the ad of obamas that attacks hillarys holiday tax thing? Does it help or hurt Obama/Hillary?

  105. I have to give McCain a little credit. He still is boring as hell, but he is getting better at not sounding like he is reading his speech.

  106. Oh This is priceless, Rev Wright stole another mans wife after he counseled them, thats some Preacher. So Baracks been sitting in the pews of a minister that damns America, preachs hate and then screws your wife when you come for counselling. Hey there Barack!

    NY Post all over it


    The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s loose cannon of a spiritual adviser, stole the wife of a parishioner – after the man sought Wright’s help in saving his troubled marriage, the former husband told friends.

    Delmer Reed, 59, confided to pals that he believed the minister moved in on his wife while Wright was counseling the couple at his Chicago church in the early 1980s, The Post has learned.

    “That’s exactly how he said it,” Reed’s divorce lawyer, Roosevelt Thomas, told The Post.

  107. Barack needs his pillows — he is such a wus it’s pathetic.

    I just wanted to come by and thank everyone here at Hillaryis44 for helping to make my latest YouTube video on Barack Obama so successful. It has already entered into 3 “daily awards” categories on YouTube,
    including being the #60 top-rated video of the day and the #12 top-rated “News & Politics” video of
    the day.

    Thanks to everyone here who helped out. As we prepare for the votes in Indiana and North Carolina,
    I wanted to get out a message to those states’ electorates about the truth regarding Barack Obama,
    his associations with various terrorists including his cousin Raila Odinga in Kenya, and the
    liability he is as regards national security. I think that this video conveys that message successfully.

    If you haven’t had a chance to check it out and you would like to, here is the link:


    The information about the music used in the video is to be found in the ‘description’ section of the
    video page at YouTube, as well as a thread which someone started over at my website. That thread is
    the following:


    I hope all are having a great day. With the latest Gallup and Rasmussen national polls, there is
    still a tremendous amount of work ahead of us Clinton supporters in the next two and a half days.
    Let’s go help our girl!

    Paul F. Villarreal AKA “Universal”

  108. Did Bambi tell Indiana people that they’ve lost their dignity? WTF? The guys loopy and I hope his remarks make headlines tomorrow…seriously, he doesn’t have ANY clue as to how real people live. First we cling to bibles, guns and we have antipathy towards others .. now we have lost our dignity?

  109. Now, he is talking about the gas tax. He also, said Hillary took more money from oil interests. What a liar.

  110. So as to the above, Barack, think long and hard about those counselling sessions, did you leave Michelle alone with the swinging Rev.

  111. Doug Wilder was repeating the same lie on Face the Nation that Bambi has been spewing at all his campaign stops. They claim that Hillary’s proposed federal fuel tax holiday would cost jobs.

    McCain’s plan would cause an $11 Billion loss to the Highway Trust Fund, revenues which are fully dedicated to maintaining our crumbling highway infrastructure. According to the U.S. Transportation Department, every $1 billion of federal highway investment supports 34,779 jobs, ergo it would also cost 382,569 jobs.

    Of course, Hillary’s plan would replace the lost $11 billion to the Highway Trust Fund with part of the funds raised by a Windfall Profits Tax on the egregious profits that Big Oil has raked in from gouging American consumers, while plowing the rest into alternative energy projects. Not to mention that it would save American truckers $2 Billion that they are currently adding as fuel surcharges to every load they haul, which is just about everything we buy.

    It’s Bambi’s opposition to lowering the price of fuel that is costing jobs. Small businesses are going under every day under the crushing weight of the expense.

  112. Thats some judgement there Barack, not only is your preacher a race hating, baiting, terrorist sympathiser but he’ll screw your wife when your marriage is in trouble.

    This gets more hilarious by the minute.

  113. Good news the Charlotte Observer endorsed Obama and if newspaper endorsements continue their track record Hillary will win NC.

  114. North Carolina voters appear — in droves


    Statewide, in an early voting program that ended Saturday, more than 337,000 voters have cast ballots in the hard-fought Democratic presidential primary between Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois.
    “It’s really bringing people out,” Erin Burridge, deputy director of the Wayne County Board of Elections, said enthusiastically as she surveyed a line of voters that doubled back behind the local library.

    “We’re getting a lot of individuals who have never voted before.”

    It is unclear whether Obama will enjoy the sweeping victory that he has been hoping for after the rest of the state’s voters go to the polls on Tuesday. His long-commanding lead in opinion polls has shrunk significantly as he has struggled to distance himself from his controversial former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

    One sign of the damage: News of Obama’s sweaty morning workout last Tuesday with the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, a basketball team with near-divine status here, wasn’t on front pages.

    Wright is a problem for Obama in the state, said Andrew Taylor, chairman of political science at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

    “Where it’s hurting him most is [among] white middle-class Democrats in suburban areas who have supported him elsewhere,” Taylor said.

    “They’re having second thoughts because of this.”

    The Wright controversy was topicNo. 1 for many Democrats who cast ballots Friday in Goldsboro.

    “If he was going to denounce his pastor, he should have done it long ago,” Dorothy Summerlin, 61, a construction company office worker, said after she had voted for Clinton. “I don’t believe him now.”


    state officials and political experts see cracks in Obama’s once-solid firewall.

    As elsewhere, white voters have become the key battleground group — and Clinton appears to have made gains within this bloc.

    “The race is tightening, no question about it,” said Hunter Bacot, a poll director at Elon University, near Greensboro. “Considering what’s happening with Rev. Wright, her recent victory in Pennsylvania and her courting of the white, blue-collar vote, [she’s] really picking up steam.”

    Thad Beyle, a political science professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, agreed.

    “Things are moving in her direction. And she’s campaigning in places Democrats don’t usually go. I got a call the other day from Haywood County in the mountains out west. It’s real Republican country.” The reporter couldn’t figure out why Clinton was there, Beyle said.

    Jim Hunt, a Democrat who served four nonconsecutive terms as governor and who has not endorsed anyone, said he didn’t expect an upset. But he said he was surprised to see “limited-income whites” flood his polling place Friday in Wilson, in the eastern part of the state.

    “A whole lot more white voters are coming out, at least in my district,” he said. Clinton “has energized a lot of people to vote who would not otherwise vote.”

    Many here attribute that to her husband, former President Clinton, who has campaigned vigorously among rural and working families, especially in old mill towns yet to benefit from the new economy. He barnstormed nearly 50 towns and hamlets during the last month, and was scheduled to return for more today.

    “Here he is, going from Apex to Fuquay-Varina to Dunn, spending hours at time, day after day, drumming up votes for his wife,” marveled Ferrell Guillory, director of a public policy institute at UNC-Chapel Hill. “It’s not just one speech a day. It’s five or six. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan stumping for votes like that?”

  115. trying to catch up here today, been planting my flower beds. 😀

    so…………when and where did obama say the dignity remark??????????

  116. Yup as usual mention to the Obamabots, yeah Wright nicked someones wife during marriage counselling and they go apeshit, this has nothing to do with Obama, move, on, so what?.

    So what? So what?

    This goes once again to Obama’s shitty lack of judgement.

  117. Bill is out getting the votes for Hillary now in droves .. look at the campaign stops he is making, day after day. Small towns in NC are turning out in literal “droves” for her. That is why Bambi is worried…he can’t compete with Bill Clinton, never. Bill is just getting his grooove back and we still got WV and KY to go. Put Bill there in the small towns .. one week for WV and one week for Ky ..

  118. Tar Heel

    In its early years as a colony, North Carolina settlements became an important source of the naval stores tar, pitch, and turpentine especially for the English navy. At one time, an estimated 100,000 barrels of tar and pitch were shipped annually to England.[1] Historians Hugh Lefler and Albert Newsome claim in North Carolina: the History of a Southern State (3rd edition, 1973) that North Carolina led the world in production of naval stores, from about 1720 to 1870.[2] Tar and pitch were largely used to paint the bottom of wooden British ships in order to both seal the ship and to prevent shipworm from damaging the hull.[3]

    At the time, tar was created by piling up pine logs and burning them until hot oil seeped out from a canal. The vast production of tar from North Carolina led many, including Walt Whitman, to give the derisive nickname of “Tarboilers” to the residents of North Carolina.[1] North Carolina was nicknamed the “Tar and Turpentine State” because of this industry.[1]

    Somehow, these terms evolved until the nickname Tar Heel was used to refer to residents of North Carolina and gained prominence during the American Civil War. During this time, the nickname Tar Heel was a pejorative, similar to how the nickname white trash is used today, but starting around 1865, the term began to be used as a source of pride.[1]

    In 1893, the students of the University of North Carolina founded a newspaper and christened it The Tar Heel, which was later renamed The Daily Tar Heel.[1] By the early 1900s the term was embraced by many as a non-derisive term for North Carolinians by those from and outside the state of North Carolina.[1]


  119. dot: Bill has been bringing out the rural votes everywhere. Since PA (maybe before), he has stepped up his events from 4-5/day to around 7-8/day. Having Bill, in the rural areas has helped to keep Hillary in the race.

  120. I feel excitement folks. Results from phonebanking into NC and IN are promising. Keep up the good work and lets get ready for a party on Tuesday. My gut usually is right. There is an air of excitement building.

  121. I’ve seen the “lose their dignity” remark on other blogs…if someone finds the YouTube or media video please post the link. This is awfully close to his “bitter” remarks.

  122. dot

    I read somewhere today that bambi isn’t scheduling those 15,000 rallies and is keeping things to “smaller more intimate”
    round table like events in both NC and IN

    so , is it because he doesn’t think he can fill those events?? perhaps he isn’t doing BIG events so he doesn’t “appear” to be
    losing support!!!!

    well that’s what i think anyways, it makes sense to me, he knows he’s tanking, and if it appeared as such by scheduling a large event and not be able to fill the stadium….well……….. he would only confirm that the SS Obama is taking water 😀

  123. rjk: Wow. Thank you for the history lesson. Very interesting, to this born and raised gal from CA.

  124. from Hillary Rapid Responders:


    Hillary supporters are meeting with voters and holding campaign events in Indiana , North Carolina, West Virginia , and Oregon today.


    Hillary supporters are criss-crossing the Hoosier State . Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Rep. Dianne Watson, Rep. Eliot Engel, former Secretary of the Navy John Dalton, actor and director Rob Reiner, actor Sean Astin, Massachusetts State Senator Marc Pacheco, and longtime friend Beth Brooke are campaigning throughout Indiana today.


    President Bill Clinton campaigns throughout the Tar Heel State today, attending “Solutions for America ” events in Marion , Morganton, Lenoir, Newton , Kenersville, and Reidsville.

    Chelsea Clinton returns to North Carolina today, attending the Lumbee Powwow in Lumberton, a “Solutions for America ” event in Clinton , and a meet and greet with voters in Raleigh .

    North Carolina First Lady Mary Easley attends “Hillary I Know” parties in Raleigh today.

    Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel attends “Hillary I Know” events in Asheville and Charlotte .

    Former Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater and former President of Rock the Vote Jehmu Greene kickoff a canvass in Greenville .

    “Women for Hillary” Reta Lewis, Susan Liss, Fran Visco, Judith McHale, Lissa Muscatine, Ann Lewis, and Leecia Eve and longtime friend Jeff Volk host “Hillary I Know” parties across the Tar Heel State from Asheville to Greensboro , Charlotte to Raleigh .


    Former Rhode Island Governor Bruce Sundlun attends an “Eastern Panhandle for Hillary” office opening in Charles Town.


    Rep. Laura Richardson meets with voters in Portland today.

  125. djia, ronald, I would love the transcript of that speech so I could send it to Bill-o! LOL!!

  126. Well let me state this now, If Hillary wins NC and Indiana on Tuesday, its game over.

    I think the concession speech from Obama will have to come because the absolute big blowouts from WV and KY will be the last battle.

    if she wins Indiana and just loses NC, then Obama is in big trouble, the sd’s will bolt faster than shit down a drainpipe. This seems to be gaining to be an all out for Tuesday.

    We don’t know but i personally think a big upset is entirely possible.

  127. neetbug ..im jealous..your right it was on cbs hillary and evan..man they looked very positive and both just shinning..hillary and her scarf yellow with her black jacket ..she gave him a great big hug!! after he introduced her to the supporters..in kokomo ind..

  128. oh neeta did ya tell her were here at is44 ..and hope she is enjoying her late night reading..lol

  129. I’m with moon .. I can feel something in the air. I really do think IN and NC are the big battlefield. It’s all out down to the mat and ANYTHING you can do now matters. I look at it as good vs evil .. Hillary being the good and I sure don’t want evil representing me .. do all you can to stop him and the evil wing of the party from a hostile takeover. That is what someone told me today on the phone .. it feels like evil is trying to take over the party and it started with the screaming Dean. Hadn’t heard it put quite like that before.

  130. There are a significant number of undecided voters out there, or they are not telling people, what their choice is.

  131. One thing for sure, watch tomorrow because we all know that shifty bastard Axelrod is going to try and pull some shit on the last day before the vote.

    The campaign i am sure is waiting for it and i sincerely hope they have one last big rabbit to pull out tomorrow on Bambi.

  132. i know it’s corny, but are we doing a candle light @ 9:00EST for hill? we’ve done it every sunday before the big tuesday, and, guess what? 🙂

  133. I posted earlier this morning that Obama’s camp will be airing 2 minute ads in NC and IN. My only guess is that it is a desperate attempt to shore up his crumbling firewall. You would think they would have learned that money on TV ads will not win this.

  134. Alcina,
    I’m in for the candlelightng.
    The video is powerful. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen shots from all the different perspectives, from the brookly Bridge to mid-town Manhattan, the west side and NJ, and it was very effective.
    I watched the towers burn from my town in NJ – school was let out early that day – and I went to Ground Zero 2 days later. I will never forget it.
    I have to say I wasn’t convinced by all the associations chronicled in the video, especially the Waffles – Muslim connection, but it was the first time I’ve seen effective use of the Odinga info. Good work.

  135. I’m hedging a bet here but look at the guam sample ballot and tell me what you think why there was so many spoiled.


    Its the 8 extra delegates sections. It looks like you can choose up to 4 in each section, whereas you can only pick 4 men and 4 women in total and can only pick in 1 column, its so badly set up to confuse.

    During an appearance on Fox News Sunday this morning, Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean said that Fox’s news coverage has at times been “shockingly biased, and I think that’s wrong and I just say so right up front.” Dean also said he agreed with the netroots campaign to boycott the Democratic debates on the network.

    DEAN: We stayed off Fox for a long time because your news department is, in fact, biased. But, Chris, you haven’t been. You’ve always been tough, but I always thought fair and I still think that’s true. And we need to communicate with people who are going to vote in the Democratic Party. Hundreds of thousands of Republicans have turned their back on their own party to vote in the Democratic primaries in the last six months. We owe it to our — to all the American people to reach out to those folks. This is not about Fox News. That’s not why I’m here today. I’m out because I want to talk to your viewers directly about why this election is important and what we can offer the American people.

  137. Ya know, if i didn’t think Deaniac was such a huge bradzilla enabler I’d almost feel sorry for him.

    He had the GALL to say FOX is biased and never says a word about MSNBC, CNN, etc.

    then he says THIS in response to Wallace’s question about whether he thinks it was a istake to boycott Fox.
    “We shouldn’t punish the viewers of Fox by staying away.”

    What about PUNISHING the voters of FL and MI! :twisted;

  138. Who is the young African American man who keeps going to Hill’s events…

    He was in PA with the boxing gloves .. now I see him in the crowd in Indiana!!!!

  139. yeah birdgal she hit him on the gas thing and health care…she is so strong people are crazy if they vote otherwise

  140. gotta go. have a good evening and don’t forget our candles and thoughts for HRC tonight @ 9:00EST.

  141. Bush should come out and take the air out of Obama’s stump speech. On the stump he says congress won’t pass the gas tax holiday and even if they did Bush would not sign it. Bush should come out and say he will sign it and put the pressure back on Obama’s SD’s in congress to pass it.

  142. her and mellencamp had a long talk didn’t they………..they looked “cozy” in fact 😀

  143. justmeinmohntdorafl

    I’ve been wondering about the “dignity” comment as well

    wish someone would please explain! 😀

  144. djia Says:

    May 4th, 2008 at 7:22 pm
    her and mellencamp had a long talk didn’t they………..they looked “cozy” in fact
    lmao..yeppers..quite a cozy converse

  145. yep, I’ve never seen her smile nor act the least bit happy. What is she so angry about all the time?

  146. He got to his seat on the shoulders of the people…yeah right.
    Let me tell you what Barack was doing in the shadows…What a stupid stupid line politically since he was a Chicago Pol. UNREAL!

  147. who the hell does she thinnk she is fooling?

    Done in the shadows? More experience? She is losing it.

  148. bird .. you and me both.

    I’d never, in any way vote for either of them to represent me. NO WAY. So Hill, don’t ask him to be part of the ticket. NO FRICKIN WAY. They are both questionable.

  149. The last few times I’ve seen her she has been sniffing a lot and her energy is kind of “sketchy”. Just watch her a few minutes and see if you thinks so.

  150. justme,

    This was reported on TM and from an HRC poster.

    ” Obama speaking in Fort Wayn, Indiana now on CNN. And he said about the people in Indiana going thru hard times that, “You lose your sense of dignity.”

    And the response from the crowd?

    s i l e n c e

  151. dot: I will never vote for Waffles and his angry bytch of a wife.

    She isn’t very positive.

  152. hillbill, dot,

    I’ve thought the same thing about Waffles…..especially when he rambles on and on an on and gets that guilty expression like a person stoned on weed trying to act straight (sober).

  153. is it on video? wow that’ll be a field day! we got to go full blown with that! it goes to show HOW OUT OF TOUCH OBAMA is!

  154. justme,

    So far I’ve only seen reports of the comment on TM and HRC. hope it is on video. Bittergate 1V.


  155. Hi, Hillfriends:

    Just finished catching up reading the thread – woo-hoo! Whatta campaign! Very exciting in Indiana. Neetabug, what an thrill it must have been to meet our girl in your South Bend office…. I join those on the board here who are very happy for you, if a bit envious!

    I was in Munster, IN yesterday canvassing. In my precinct in Munster (it’s in the Chicago media market, south of Gary) the results were pretty encouraging: Of 60 homes/26 reached. 10 firm for HRC; 7 firm for BHO; 3 refused to say; the rest undecided. Mostly, it was just straight canvassing (no persuasion, no discussion). But, I have to share this one story.

    I rang the bell at the home that was very similar to all the others in this modest subdivision. A twenty-something young man answered the door but said, “oh, you want my dad. His father, in his late sixties or early seventies came to the door and I introduced myself. When I told him I was a volunteer for Hillary in Indiana, he began to tell me about how he had lost his wife three years ago to ovarian cancer. He told me his entire story: how it took months to diagnose her illness, and their struggle with referrals to different specialists within the health care system, none of whom could find what was wrong with his wife. Then finally after finding cancer in a CAT scan, how they found that the cancer had spread throughout her body, and while treatable, was inoperable. He told me of how one day, a few short months later, his wife called to him, “would you please bring me some tissue!” And how he returned a few minutes later with the tissue, he found that she simply had died. He told me how difficult it had been to cope with his loss. I was saddened, but becoming aware not only of the crumpled tissue in his hand, but also of how much time I was spending there.

    Then, the man’s story suddently took a turn. He told me that his wife, some years before she became ill, during the first Bush term, told him that she thought that it was “way past time that a woman had a crack at the job of president.” She had told him what a good president Hillary could be and that she hoped she would have a chance to vote for one day. He told me that he was planning to go cast his vote for Hillary.

    Of course, by this time I was all choked up so that I could barely reply, “well then, this one is for your wife.”

  156. hillbillylover – exhausted – isnt he entitled – he apparently isnt up for it – Hillary despite her whirlwind schedule, behind with money, and what not still smiles, still has sparkles in her eyes, remember it was Obama who seems bored with campaigning – he just wants to fast-forward it to the ceremony of the swearing in – only in his dream!

  157. I mentioned the other day that michelle obama was a member ot the landmark education fund and no one took notice

  158. just: Waffles isn’t used to campaigning so hard. Hillary and Bill are warriors.

    MO is one angry person.

  159. birdgal I think he’s just not as exciting as he was once and people are just bored with him – he just wants it his way

  160. TM= taylor marsh. supportive Hillary site.

    Informed: send that story to the campaign.

    Thank you for sharing it.

  161. of course, i’m dumb, doh, thats too much booze for me tonight, 3 gin and tonic, 2 ports and a bottle of red, so forgive me if i forget things.

  162. I was wondering about the 2-minute ads of Obamas will it hurt Hillary? Hillary tends to be good at closing arguments – Obama’s ad about the gas-break said even Hillary’s aides said it wont do much for you

  163. Oh, yeah, hillfriends – I went back to my car after that and wept! Then, I finished my precinct and went back to the office in Hammond and heard talley after talley: 1.5-1 and some 2-1 for HRC. The mood was buoyant – and many were departing for the ralley in Indianapolis with Mellencamp.

    So, I drove home, just catching the running of the Derby as I was entering my state. When “Big Brown” won and “the filly” placed, the metaphorical irony of was not lost and I felt a little unsettled, wondering what a field day the ‘bots would have with it. However, that was nothing. A few minutes later when they announced Eight Bells’ tragic fate, I simply cried and cried. I almost had to pull over.

    What a roller coaster we’re on. Hillary just HAS to win! I think I’ll donate again and make some more calls this evening. What time is candle-lighting? Are we talking real candles or virtual?

    Thanks to all of you for all your hard work and good will. Cheers!

  164. The fact is Obama is opposing lifting a tax for a period of time when people are hurting at the pumps.

    He’s basically saying, I’m alright, i got loads of money, let them eat cake.

  165. Informed, that story truly touched my heart.
    I, along with the numerous Hillary supporters out there, will make sure that Hillary wins. If we put our hearts into it, we can win this thing and stop the liar.

  166. Informed In Illinois – I’m with you! Hang in there! Let’s pull a big one for Hillary in Indiana!

    Candles – doesnt hurt to do either or both – Im doing mine at 9 pm EST

  167. you know what, obama really has some nerve. He is senator for all of one year, and he thinks he has the right to spit in the faces of not only the two most promising public servants since FDR and Eleanor, but he lies and spits in the faces of millions of Americans and the World with his out-of-touch views, and blatant political pandering and non-leadership.

    He is despicable and the terrible human being. I hope he never sees success ever again. This types of people are the ones that DO deserve to be foreclosed on, fired, bankrupted, and spat at by the government, NOT the numerous hard working, caring families that are facing the hardships everyday that Barack Obama so desperately deserves.

  168. Bush’s trip to Kansas reminds me:

    Today is the close to the anniversary of Obama’s 10000 people dead moment:

    Video: Obama: 10,000 dead from tornado in Kansas, give or take 9,988posted at 11:04 am on May 9, 2007 by Ian


  169. Bayh, Senator from Indiana, is now speaking at the Indiana Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Indianapolis, IN, its on FOX now check it out

  170. informed,
    I would have lost it. That poor soul…. 😥


    Hey! Take it EASY on the juice!!!!!!! Be as good to yourself as you are to HRC, pleeeeeze. We need ya here.

  171. Yes, I know that together, we will do it. You guys are the best. And, Hill’s supporters in the office where I was – ALL volunteers – were also just terrific! It also was good to see many from around here, down for the day just like me.

    I think I will send that story about Hillary’s supporter to the campaign as you suggest. Onward – make some dinner, then donate and blog. I’ll try to get home from work tomorrow early to do GOTV calls. Who is it here that says, “lather, rinse, repeat.” LOL

    More later – hugs to you all.

  172. informed in illinois – think Indiana will go Hillary’s way – someone said on TM that they need more Hillary signs in Mac Farland Farms area of Indiana

  173. I tend to understand things very clearly the drunker i am and yes it would not surprise me if MO and BO are taking frequent trips to the “powder-room”.

  174. justmeinmountdorafl

    In the PA Obama ran back to back ads almost nonstop and that did not help him at all. Personally I can tolerate listening to him for maybe 10 seconds before having to change the channel and can not imagine watching a 2 minute ad. Most people do not have a 2 minute attention span while watching commercials, that is why advertisers make them short and to the point.

  175. Senator Hillary Clinton will be in Ashland and Portland!

    Join us for two exciting fundraising events.

    The Senator needs your help!

    Thursday, May 8, 2008

    Afternoon Conversation with Senator Hillary Clinton in Ashland:
    At 4:30 p.m., join Senator Hillary Clinton for a late afternoon conversation at the Ashland Springs Hotel in Ashland. The cost of the event is $250 per person. To attend the 4:00 p.m. VIP Reception the cost will be $2,300 and will include a photograph with the Senator. For more information or to RSVP, contact Stefanie Roumeliotes at 415-402-0303 or go to http://www.hillaryclinton.com/southernoregon

    Friday, May 16, 2008

    Lunch & Conversation with Senator Hillary Clinton:
    At 11:30 a.m. join Senator Hillary Clinton for lunch and conversation at The Benson Hotel in Portland. This is only 4 days before the end of the Oregon Primary. The cost of the event is $250 per person. To attend the 11:00 a.m. VIP reception the cost will be $2,300 per person and will include a photograph with the Senator. For more information or to RSVP, contact Stefanie Roumeliotes at 415-402-0303 or go to http://www.hillaryclinton.com/oregonfinance

    If you are interested in joining the Host Committee for either event, please contact Stefanie Roumeliotes at sroumeliotes@hillaryclinton.com or 415-402-0303.

    Thank you for your support and hard work! We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events in Oregon!

  176. personally 2 minute ads are when people go to the toilet or make coffee.

    Thats why they are bloody useless, they are toilet breaks.

  177. why is Obama always last in speaking – Hillary spoke first in NC – then Obama – now in Indiana – Hillary will speak first – and then Obama

  178. Justme and all: Yes, that’s taking “ladies first” a bit too far. When you go first, you can “poison the well” (my opponent may tell you that _______ – but DON’T YOU BELIEVE HIM!) But it’s better to have the last word so you can de-bunk whatever he has just said and have the last word. CHRONICALLY UNFAIR!

  179. By the way, after Hillary is sworn in, we can start working to make sure that BHO is a one-termer in the Senate. Could easily happen if Rezko plays out. But, first things first.

  180. Media bias continues with the new CBS/NYT poll. You have to look at the internals to get the real truth. This is a poll for the democratic nomination and 60% of those interviewed were republican and Indies. Plus it does not have the demographic breakdowns for all we know it was 75% men and 50% AA not a true snap shot of the electorate.

  181. nah birdgal, it was a friends birthday tonight here, so i got slightly merry.

    The reason is, That if Obama goes first, Hillary can easily take everything he said and rip it to shreds but if Hillary goes first, he can barely remember what she says to repeat but can’t think on his feet to attack it.

    It is so she does not have an opportunity to take him to pieces

  182. Just: Thanks for the note – I did see that – sorry I didn’t say so. There were only a few yard signs in the office where I was. I have emailed the coordinator from my office re McFarland – I’m hoping that he can forward the request. Do you have any other suggestions?

  183. There was one dinner a while back where he had a prepared speech thinking Hillary was going to attack him about his church right after it all hit the fan. Hillary went first and did not mention it at all and Obama looked like a fool for bringing it up himself and keeping it in the news cycle. He was not quick enough on his feet to break into his stump speech instead of giving the speech he had with him.

  184. moon: good reason to get merry. 🙂

    I wonder, if she chooses to go first. At least, everyone is still awake.

  185. Thats the difference between Hillary and Obama.

    Hillary thinks on her own two feet.

    Obama asks someone else what he should do and can’t think on his feet.

  186. hillary is about to come out and speak – on FOX now – be so cool if FOX cuts off Obama when he speaks

  187. http://www.newsweek.com/id/135392

    “Early on, [Obama]he was in search of his identity as an African-American and, more importantly, as an African-American man. Reverend Wright and other male members of the church were instrumental in helping him understand the black experience in America. Winfrey wasn’t going for that. She’s secure in her blackness, so that didn’t have a hold on her.”

  188. justmeinmountdorafl Says:

    May 4th, 2008 at 8:44 pm
    Geraldo called Hillary Miss America

    Well, that’s sweet. Can someone keep me posted? I can’t watch tv right now.

  189. she’s doing great, mj, a lot of applauses (wearing my hearing aids), someone said she sounds hoarse, but she thanked Dean (little applause) and her long term friend, Bayh, loud applause.

  190. Informed in Illinois, as I am an Illinoiser myself, I would be HAPPY to see BHO out of the office. and hopefully shipped to Guam or Guantanamo Bay or something…lol

  191. no no – she thanked Dean for the work he has done as a chairman of the DNC

  192. jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs she said is needed and loud applauses goes on

    when I say solution, this means jobs right here at home

  193. mj but when she thanked him by name, not much applause went on but when she thanked Bayh, LOUD applauses

  194. she keeps on repeating the word, solution, by this I mean. solution, by this i mean, very well spoken

    she also said, the gas holiday is for now but I also have a long term plan

  195. wow hillary hillary hillary chanting going on

    you know when I say solutions, I mean…

    a semi-ovation happened

  196. She is right student loan rates are outrageous today. When I went to college I received direct student loans and the interest rates were around 2.5%

  197. The audience CONNECTS with her because they BELIEVE her – not because they’re infatuated or bamboozled or star-struck! They BELIEVE her.

    Her bit about CHINA drew loud cheers. I dunno how Waffles can follow this but I ain’t gonna stick around to listen so y’all will have to update me.

    SHe says, sotto-voce – do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of the moving van pulling up to the back of the WH. hehehehe
    BTW- LOVED this morning when Georgie mentioned Rush and she told him Rush must have a crush on her. hehehehehe

  198. basil9, did u ever get my email? I never heard back from you.

    I agree, the button will be touched once Obama comes on!

    I feel there will be a standing ovation for Hillary one she’s done speaking

  199. wow she did great incoperating Milan as that’s from Indiana

    standing ovation 🙂

  200. Let’s hold the mortgage companies responsible.

    Let’s hold the insurance companies responsible.

    Let’s hold the oil companies responsible.

    I am no shrinking violet – (big laugh) – I will get up even if i stumble –
    Americans LOVE a good comeback and we’re gonna have a big comeback when i am your president. :crowd jumping to their feet, cheering Hil-La-ry: She’s till going – we are a nation of laws, not of men – neither Waffles or I were included in the vision of the original founders – suffragettes and abolitionists – linking them – YES!!!!!!! She talks about taking it for granted women could vote. Take it for granted that a WOMAn or an AA can become prez. Crowd cheers and chants. We need a president who will seoze this moment and lead this world, roll up HER sleeves and get to work. hehehehehe, TOUCHDOWN!

  201. ok, its 4.20, i’m about to pass out, good night folks, i will see those in the morning for the early shift, sifting through all the shit in the newspapers and then whack the obamabots over the head with them until they repent.

  202. BO will come tell a bedtime story and put everyone to sleep…. Zzzzzzzzz…….

  203. From tabletalk? Maybe I deleted it by mistake? That sometimes happens when the junkmail piles up . . . I’ll check again tomorrow. Bed time for me.

    Keep us posted about waffles, if you can stand it. *LOL*

  204. I have twice heard Obama talk about the Wright affair by saying that it was just one thing but he had a long track record.

    What is that record? Where is the track?

  205. Its now time for a party elder to take Senator Obama in the back room and only the party elder comes out. It is also time for someone to take Axelrod out behind the barn and give him a good takin’ to! Obama its time to save whats left of your career and drop out, you are about to be stomped by a woman no less!!

  206. I wonder if anyone else has had trouble sleeping just before an election. I know I do, I have found myself worrying about Hillary quiet regularly! LOL!

  207. That idiot Bob Beckel on Fox–I love how pundits talk about the super delegates and always assume they are for Obama. With roughly 270 left uncommittted it seems obvious that these people are still making up their minds or have some reason to be reluctant to endorse. It wouldn’t make sense for them to hang back if they were in Obama’s camp. Do they really think that Hillary is making no progress at all with the super delegates?? That makes no sense…

  208. he’s talking about how important it is for everyone to get out and get involved… he started naming off states again…. and some people in the crowd yelled Florida and Michigan too… and then, he finally acknowledged Florida and Michigan. He has NO credibility or leadership, yet he’s yammering up there like he’s really making CHANGE. bull-$hit!

  209. Why does Fox have these idiot on that ran Huckabee’s campaign? saying Hillary knows it is over. Huckabee stayed in until McCain hit his magic number and until someone gets 2024.5 it is not over and even then it isn’t over as delegates are not bound to vote for who they are pledged to.

  210. Huckabee didn’t win all the big electoral states. If you seat FL and MI they are tied and she leads in the pop vote. This is all such a farce.

  211. if i was a betting woman………i would say BO knows the game is over, he just doesn’t sound like a candidate that is
    “all fired up” and “full of hope” he sounds like he is giving his concession speech 😀

  212. one of the worst reason I hear from Obamabots is “He is such a great speaker.”
    Give me a break
    Anyone who doesn’t have stage fright can read off a TelePrompTer
    off the cuff he stumbles just as much as Bush.

  213. talking slow…..and low toned, nothing PEPPY or Loud about him tonight……he lags between words
    taking alot of time thinking about what should come out of his mouth next…

    so for just telling story after story of “poor americans’ he’s talked to over the “last 15 months” while on the trail
    how babies were born and are now walking etc etc….just going on and on about how long this campaign has been

    he started out tonight with a paragraph on how we should not focus on the “games’ and “divisiveness” etc

    he just doesn’t seem like he’s trying to fire the people up…..no one clapping

  214. “politics didn’t lead me to working people, working people led me to politics”

    yadda yadda yadda…………….. What ever!!!

  215. he’s reading Q cards…..as if he never read them before……stumbling……..doesn’t KNOW what he’s saying
    just reading…ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  216. sounds like maybe 50 people clap for him….not very loud at all and certainly not the entire room by a long shot!

  217. rjk

    doesn’t it seem like he is missing something when he speaks……Like “emphasis” he’s just blankly reading

  218. She just sounded better, looked better, spoke better, and got a better response, she is the true rockstar in this race.

  219. people do need help…….but it was said as if he didn’t know it or believe it……it didn’t come from with in like when hill talks

  220. http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0805/04/bb.01.html

    So people are seeing less income, fewer wages, and jobs being shipped overseas. And when people lose their jobs, when the plant closes, you don’t just lose your job, you lose your health care and you lose your pension. And more than that, you lose your sense of who you are and your place in your community. Your sense of dignity. Your ability to support a family. And at the same time, the cost of everything has been going up, the cost of gas, the cost of food, the cost of health care.

    A little tone deaf IMHO

  221. comments keep disappearing. I am sorry if a triple post shows up!!!

    And when people lose their jobs, when the plant closes, you don’t just lose your job, you lose your health care and you lose your pension. And more than that, you lose your sense of who you are and your place in your community. Your sense of dignity. Your ability to support a family. And at the same time, the cost of everything has been going up, the cost of gas, the cost of food, the cost of health care.

  222. oh now he’s giving hills stump on no tax breaks for corporations who go over sea’s

    has he ever said this before???? or is he xeroxing tonight?

  223. Thanks Hawk.. I needed to hear that, I was about to jump out of the window!!!. Where have you been?

  224. jas: look at the source. cbs and nytimes have not been Hillary’s best friends. plus, the poll has a large amount of undecided voters. gallup as 49-35. this may be another attempt to influence the election.

  225. wtf-how can cbs show him up so much? every poll shows there is damage. i need to look at the internals on this one.

  226. I had my computer repaired and just got it back, had a trojan. Also, I have been working for a Hillary supporter running for the Iowa House and he is my age, in college, and he is running against a rightwing evangelical, his race is probably one of the most important in Iowa. His name is Matt Pfaltzgraf, but anyways, I am glad to be back. I have been doing calls too. Sounds good in Indiana especially. My friend Alexis was there campaigning this weekend. I was soo jealous 🙂

  227. OMG the Daily Kooks think this is his best speech! LOL!!!!

    they think he is on his game tonight ………ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

    they also think hillary tanked LOL!!!!!!
    saying she didn’t get much applause………what planet are they living on???

    also saying that fox is the only station airing this in entirety

  228. The pundits just repeat the same garbage. Check out his thug supporters:


  229. Ugh, that sign is effe disgusting…”If she can’t keep Bill happy, she can’t keep me happy”……effen pigs, they are not democrats.

  230. We have all ready been through this 8 million times with the polls. The pro-Obama polling organizations are even more desperate because after Tuesday he most likely will be in some pretty hot water. In any case they are working off an old play book. It used to go like this: Polls tell voters that candidate X is behind, hence those voters who support X either stay home on voting day since they think their vote is a waste or because they want to go with a winner vote instead for candidate Y who is ahead. Problem is things have changed. First of all the polls have lost much of their credibility. More and more people know they are biased. The second and more important factor is that in this year’s Democratic nomination contest, the skewed polling against Hillary tends to fire up her base and supporters vote for her in even bigger numbers. I think they sort of already know this and tried a reverse strategy in PA to see if they could keep Hillary voters home by saying she was ahead. Since that didn’t work either, they have gone back to their original strategy and even more so. It seems that this time they are trying to really big time skew the polls to see what happens. The Nazis in Germany used to say that the big lie is easier to believe than the small one.

    Remember the polling organizations are run by the elites who always look down on the average citizen, feeling they are a bunch of dumb cows that can he herded this way and that. This is why so many voters are in rebellion mode right now. Keep you nerve. Hillary is. Have faith in the American voter. Hillary does. Just a few days to go to victory!

  231. It was good according to Fox bc they will cut him to shreds in the AM on Fox and Friends! Their fattening the calf before the slaughter! LOL!!

  232. Clintons, Obama Head Back to North Carolina Monday
    By Jeralyn, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Sun May 04, 2008 at 09:15:00 PM EST
    Tags: North Carolina ’08 (all tags) Share This:
    A tv reporter tonight said Hillary Clinton is heading back to North Carolina tonight. Bill Clinton will make 11 stops there tomorrow and Hillary will make 2. (Here’s how hard Bill’s been working –3,500 came out to see him in Morganton today.)

    The Obamas will also be in North Carolina, campaigning in Durham and Fayetteville.

    What does it mean that both candidates are spending the day before the NC and IN primaries in NC?

    There are 72 pledged delegates at stake in Indiana and 115 in North Carolina. Indiana hasn’t voted for a Democratic president since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. North Carolina voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004 (by 13% and 12%). Even native son John Edwards on the ticket didn’t matter. Since 1964, the Democratic Presidential ticket has carried N.C. only for Carter-Mondale in 1976..

    Here are the latest voter stats, as of May 3, for North Carolina

  233. Fox and friends comes on very early, like 8 am here in texas! R they coming on at the same time or at different times? Does anyone know?

  234. Oh G………C span is replaying his JJ speech again Zzzzzzzzz

    good thing most people are in bed now 😀

  235. texan: yes, and Bill is going for 9 events!!!!! Total of 11 events in NC. Numbers must not be too bad, if they are putting those type of resources into the state.

  236. i cannot believe that sign. this should be a firestorm and be pushed by the campaign asap

  237. Yeah, the sign is an outrage. I am disgusted, yet again, by the nasty, un-progressive ways of the Obamabots, go figure, they don’t understand politics or know about them, so they are not true dems.

  238. You know, it is very sad and disgusting, when a territory like Guam gets to have its votes counted, but what about the 2.3 million voters of MI and FL??????

  239. oh bambi –
    Repost from last thread in case anyone missed it 😀


    Found a link to the CNN video of Obama telling the people in Indiana about people going theu hard times lose the sense of who they are and their dignity.

    video.aol.com/video-detail/obama-we-have-differences/125947254 1

    The video should pop up. It’s about 5 minutes long, but his insults start soon into the video.

    It’s the video with the title “Obama: We Have Differences”

    Have a look and listen and report back your thoughts.

    Here’s the text as I heard it:

    “People are struggling just to get by…people are seeing less income, fewer wages, jobs being shipped overseas.”

    “And when people lose their jobs, when the plant closes, you don’t just lose your job, you lose your healthcare. And you lose your pension. AND MORE THAN THAT YOU LOSE YOUR SENSE OF WHO YOU ARE AND YOUR PLACE IN YOUR COMMUNITY. YOUR SENSE OF DIGNITY.”

    Dead silence in the crowd.

  240. moononpluto
    “watch tomorrow because we all know that shifty bastard Axelrod is going to try and pull some shit on the last day before the vote.”

    I’m always on the lookout but I think they shot their load with that bullshit Mickey Kantor vid, trying to get it viral, was released Friday morning so bitches like Ed Schultz could scream on radio all day about it – except Pennebaker said it was bull, as did Kantor, and YouTube pulled it. I think almost no matter what happens Monday the races are essentially frozen at this point, and any campaigning is about turnout.

  241. mo my gosh sniffles in front of people…hillbilly i lmao..
    i was out to dinner but i seen that part before i switch chanell..get out of the race..bo i cannot understand this man when he talks never could i

  242. that axerod needs investigating too all the way thru and that whole campaign and all those dollars where is it coming from you cant tell me people put money in there if he cant close the deal..there gonna want a return for there money that was wasted….

  243. From HuffPost;

    Clinton Camp Considering Nuclear Options to Overtake Delegate Lead

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a secret weapon to build its delegate count, but her top strategists say privately that any attempt to deploy it would require a sharp (and by no means inevitable) shift in the political climate within Democratic circles by the end of this month.
    With at least 50 percent of the Democratic Party’s 30-member Rules and Bylaws Committee committed to Clinton, her backers could — when the committee meets at the end of this month — try to ram through a decision to seat the disputed 210-member Florida and 156-member Michigan delegations. Such a decision would give Clinton an estimated 55 or more delegates than Obama, according to Clinton campaign operatives. The Obama campaign has declined to give an estimate.

    Using the Rules and Bylaws Committee to force the seating of two pro-Hillary delegations would provoke a massive outcry from Obama forces. Such a strategy would, additionally, face at least two other major hurdles, and could only be attempted, according to sources in the Clinton camp, under specific circumstances:

    First, this coming Tuesday, Clinton would have to win Indiana and lose North Carolina by a very small margin – or better yet, win the Tar Heel state. She would also have to demonstrate continued strength in the contests before May 31.

    Second, and equally important, her argument that she is a better general election candidate than Obama — that he has major weaknesses which have only been recently revealed — would have to rapidly gain traction, not only within the media, where she has experienced some success, but within the broad activist ranks of the Democratic Party.

    Under that optimistic scenario, some Clinton operatives believe she could overcome several massive stumbling blocks:

    — Clinton loyalists on the Rules Committee would have to be persuaded to put their political futures on the line by defying major party constituencies, especially black leaders backing Barack Obama. Committee members are unlikely to take such a step unless they are convinced that Clinton has a strong chance of winning the nomination.

    Former DNC and South Carolina Democratic Party chair Donald Fowler — a Hillary loyalist — would, for example, face an outpouring of anger from South Carolina Democrats if he were to go along with such a strategy.

    — A controversial decision to seat the two delegations, as currently constituted, would be appealed by the Obama campaign to the Democratic National Convention’s Credentials Committee.

    The full make-up of the Credentials Committee will not be determined until all the primaries are completed, but the pattern of Clinton and Obama victories so far clearly suggests that Obama delegates on that committee will outnumber Clinton delegates. Obama will not, however, have a majority, according to most estimates, and the balance of power will be held by delegates appointed by DNC chair Howard Dean.

    For the scenario to work, then, Dean would have to be convinced of Clinton’s superior viability in the general election, and that she has a strong chance of defeating McCain next November.

    One of the arguments the Clinton campaign is privately making to autonomous “super” or “automatic” delegates, as well as to delegates technically “pledged” to Obama as a result of primary and caucus results, is that the campaign shifted dramatically in roughly mid-February. At that point, Clinton supporters contend, the economy replaced Iraq as the dominant issue among primary voters, and that transition led to Clinton’s successes in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania.

    Clinton people also make the case that the past six weeks have seen examples of Obama’s political vulnerabilities: his wife’s “proud to be an American” remarks, the emergence of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy, wider coverage of Obama’s ties to 1960s radicals Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, “bittergate,” the flag pin imbroglio, and “hand on the heart” accusations — all impugning Obama’s patriotism.
    * * *

    The controversy over Michigan and Florida grows out of the decision of both states to flout national party rules prohibiting all but a few states — Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina — from holding primaries or caucuses before February 5, 2008. Michigan held its primary on January 15 and Florida on January 29.

    On December 1, 2007, well before the contests were held, the Rules and Bylaws Committee voted to refuse to seat either state’s delegation at the August 2008 convention in Denver.

    When the contests were actually held, none of the candidates actively campaigned in either state. In Michigan, Obama had his name taken off the ballot. Clinton “won” both contests.

    The Obama campaign contends that the primaries in the two states were not legitimate, especially in Michigan where voters could not cast a ballot for Obama. Clinton “won” the Michigan contest with 55 percent, while 40 percent voted “uncommitted” and the remainder went to minor candidates.

    Obama manager David Plouffe has argued that the only way to seat the Michigan delegation would be to divide the delegates evenly between Clinton and Obama: “A 50-50 split would be fair.”

    Many Democrats, including DNC chair Howard Dean, believe it is critically important to reach some kind of compromise to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations in order not to alienate voters in the two battleground states, each of which could be pivotal in the November general election.

    In the case of Florida, there are a number of proposals under consideration. One would be to seat the delegation as is, but give each delegate only one half a vote. Another would be to cut the number of Florida delegates in half.

    Spokesmen for the Obama campaign declined to discuss their strategies for dealing with the May 31 Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting, or to speculate on what they think the Clinton forces with try to do.

  244. look who’s loosing his cool now! seems testy! LOL

    I think this primary heat is getting to him !!!

    from huffpo: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lee-stranahan/obama-publicly-disassocia_b_100078.html

    In a hastily called press conference, Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama tonight disassociated in the strongest terms yet from his controversial colleague Hillary Clinton.

    “The events of the past several days have made it clear that Senator Clinton is not helping my campaign one bit,” Obama said, “This is a woman who I have previously said was a good candidate who I respected but apparently I didn’t know her as well as I thought I did and from the way she misstates my positions, she doesn’t know me that well, either. She does not speak for me or anyone in my campaign and from this point forward, any statements she makes should probably not be associated with the Democratic Party either.”

  245. Larry Johnson has been sleuthing the fake Kantor/War Room video.


  246. Above was posted an informative article on FL/MI options in DNC committees, but note the slanted presentation, and the author’s background: he’s an editor of HufPO.

    “Clinton Camp Considering Nuclear Option To Overtake Delegate Lead”

    Thomas B. Edsall is the political editor of the Huffington Post. He is also Joseph Pulitzer II and Edith Pulitzer Moore Professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. From 1981 to 2006, he was a political reporter at the Washington Post. He is the author of Chain Reaction and Building Red America. Tom can be reached at edsall@huffingtonpost.com.

  247. That HuffPo article sounds more like imaginative fiction by the writer than an actual plan. I’m sure Hillary’s camp has something up their sleeve for June but they sure wouldn’t be talking about it to any reporters, let alone one from that web site.

  248. Mj, I’m sure that parts of it are true–it just struck me that some seemed more speculative by the author. Perhaps I’m just picking up on his bias against Hillary…

    I”d be willing to bet that Hillary has other plans in the works as well….

  249. I heard from someone on Hill’s blog that CNN cut off Hill’s speech tonight for a Larry King rerun, and then played the entirety of BO’s speech. WTH?

  250. mj: cnn is the obama network. remember, this is the network that ran wright non-stop for at least 3 hours last sunday. i would have been more surprised, if they had played it, in its entirety. at least fox, played both obama and hillary speeches, in their entirety. c-span played both speeches. cnn is scum.

  251. Sounds to me like Edsall is saying what Hillary could do in attempts to get people fired up to stop it just in case it happens. I don’t think he has any real idea what she is going to.

  252. Well, she has to have plans to seat those delegates. She won two huge states. She earned those delegates.

  253. Well, this was bostonboomers take over at riverdaughters blog:

    While the warlike imagery is a little offputting, it sounds to me as if Edsall is acting as a stalking horse for the Clinton Campaign.

  254. It’s brilliant really. Once seated, BO would have to make the argument to deseat and that’s not going to happen. I hope this happens.

  255. Mj, I get what you are saying now. In other words, this would be a brilliant political move by Hillary. It would make Obama the bad guy.

  256. hi hillfans. at work so i missed most of the sunday hillary rallies. im watching cspan a rerun of the jackson dinner in indiana. the punk is on now. waiting for hillary. lord, i want badly for hillary to pull this nomination out.

  257. great article berkeley vox. i think hillary will do well in rural white working class in indiana and nc. YAY!

  258. Here’s a sample of the kookaid, from a conversation at TM:

    I’ve signed on with the Obama Phenomena. I’m more a fan of the Phenomena than the man. (tm Jim Hightower)

    Obama has created an extensive grassroots network to help him win, AND to help him govern differently.

    I will be pushing Obama to expand the boundaries of the possible, to include single-payer helath care.

    LOL, DemsWin not with Obama you won’t. He won’t even commit to covering everyone.
    masslib | 05.04.2008 – 11:35 pm | #

    If an activated citizenry pushes Congress to pass single-payer health care, I believe that Obama will sign the bill.

  259. Re the Rules Committee seating FL/MI in their May 31 meeting — yes, great idea! (Maybe this is what McAulife was hinting about?)

    Someone (at Craig Crawford?) said by the actual DNC rules, in FL Hillary should get half her delegates (because of FL’s early date) and Obama should get NONE (because he campaigned there).

  260. OMG! They will do anything!
    Adding to the controversy, Obama campaign manager David Axelrod pointed out that dozens and dozens of nude pictures of Senator Hillary Clinton have appeared on the photo site Flickr for anyone typing the name “Hillary Clinton” in the search box and manually looking at galleries for a bit until you find some. Experts at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology’s Computer Graphics Group called the photos ‘wicked bad Photoshop stuff’

    Axelrod agreed the photos were probably fake but said he just wanted to ‘mention them’.

  261. HRC leads nationally BY 7! USA/Gallup
    By Susan Page, USA TODAY – May 5, 2008
    Barack Obama’s national standing has been significantly damaged by the controversy over his former pastor, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, raising questions for some voters about the Illinois senator’s values, credibility and electability.

    The erosion of support among Democrats and independents raises the stakes in Tuesday’s Indiana and North Carolina primaries, which represent a chance for Obama to reassert his claim to a Democratic nomination that seems nearly in his grasp. A defeat in Indiana and a close finish in North Carolina, where he’s favored, could fuel unease about his ability to win in November. Such results also could help propel Hillary Rodham Clinton’s uphill campaign all the way to the Democratic convention in August.

    In the USA TODAY survey, taken Thursday through Saturday, Clinton leads Obama among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents by 7 percentage points, the first time in three months she has been ahead. Two weeks ago, before the controversy over comments by Jeremiah Wright reignited, Obama led by 10 points.

    In February, Democrats and Democratic leaners by 33 points said Obama had a better shot at beating Republican John McCain in November. Clinton is now seen as the stronger candidate by 5 points.

    “That’s a huge issue; I mean, John McCain is not going to be a pushover,” says Ed Cote, an uncommitted superdelegate from Washington state. The Wright firestorm is “worrisome because it’s created a lot of footage for people to make hit ads — ammunition for the Republicans.”

  262. WaPo article on how Bill Clinton is hitting his stride on the trail:


    The Washington Post can kiss my pasty white ass. That’s just a backhanded hit piece on Bill Clinton, who “hit his stride on the campaign trail” before the snot-nosed little shits that write for that paper were out of diapers.

  263. I loved the WaPo article:

    How could one of the most famous men in the world be used effectively without becoming the premier attraction and overshadowing his spouse?

  264. oklahomahills:

    He never overshadowed Hillary. I went to the kickoff rally with Bill and Hillary in New Hampshire back in September. 5000 people. He didn’t overshadow her.

    That’s just complete bullshit from the media. Typical. Set up a false premise and then claim that Bill Clinton “finally learned” how to campaign. These writers are just two-bit little snot-nosed shits.

  265. I wonder what kind of damage will result in Obama saying hillary is like Bush! Oh man, I really abore this man!

  266. h t t p : / / blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2008/04/where-the-dem-rules-really-lea.html
    Where the Dem Rules Really Lead
    By Craig Crawford | April 29, 2008 6:00 AM | Permalink | Comments (457)
    The mandatory penalties set forth by the Democratic National Committee’s delegate selection rules call for outlaw states like Florida and Michigan to only lose half of their delegates to the national convention. And yet the DNC went beyond its own rules to add further penalties, stripping those states of all delegates.

    The DNC rules also prohibited public appearances and electronic advertising before the polls closed by candidates in states that had jumped the approved primary calendar. Barack Obama made a public appearance in Florida in September 2007, talking to reporters after a fundraiser. His campaign also bought television ads on cable news outlets that ran throughout Florida before its renegade primary.

    Strictly speaking, if the DNC rules were tightly construed in this case, Hillary Rodham Clinton would receive half of the Florida delegates she won and Obama would receive none — the penalty for violating the campaign ban.

  267. mj Says:
    May 5th, 2008 at 1:07 am
    It’s brilliant really. Once seated, BO would have to make the argument to deseat and that’s not going to happen.

    You think BO won’t appeal to Cred Comm to unseat them? I hope you’re right.

    Anyway, yes, it’s brilliant. Edsall is giving it bad names: ‘nuclear option’, ‘ram through.’ I think we all need to think of better names for it, before Edsall’s names stick.

    ‘Hillary’s apply-the-rules strategy?’ ‘Follow-the-rules’?

  268. basil9

    You should send that info to the HRC campaign ASAP. That kind of BS is just the kind of thing Maggie Williams will call them out on.

  269. “Axelrod agreed the photos were probably fake but said he just wanted to ‘mention them’.”


  270. Bill can still FAINT ’em! *LOL*

    LENOIR, N.C. (AP) – Former President Bill Clinton is cracking wise about his ability to make people faint, telling voters in North Carolina he didn’t think he still had it in him.

    Clinton was campaigning Sunday for his wife’s presidential bid on a hot and sunny day in western North Carolina. The state’s primary is Tuesday.

    After one person fell during an event in Lenoir, Clinton joked: “Somebody faints at nearly every one of these things now. At my age, I didn’t think I could make anybody faint anymore.”

  271. That’s a low blow!!! Axelrod can kiss my behind!! what a prick. This is such an insulting kindergarten kind of smear. Can you say baby?!!

    That he can even bring himself to go there shows what kind of people are running obos campaign, :shakes head in disgust:

  272. oh well, I wrote something which didn’t show up.

    It was essentially a retraction of my post attacking axelrod over that article, dedfg you made me lose my head for a minute till I relaized I was punked!!!

    grrrrr….. oh well, kinda funny! 🙂

  273. The hrc pics one? WHT would post something like that? How doya know it’s a spoof?


  274. Morning Joe saying after the break the big moment – His girlfriend is gonna be there. (HRC)


  275. Onwards!….

    Now, like many people I loved the documentary ‘The War Room’.
    And I really wish, although I doubt it, that Hillarys campaign does a thing similor this time! Does anyone know??
    I don’t think Hillary likes cameras as much and wouldn’t want them around all the time.

    But I know that Axelrod has had cameras following obamas every move for a few years now, just thinking about that and obama losing this contest makes me smile! (whaahahahaa)

    Will they release it if he looses??? hehehehe, doubious.

  276. basil: they are making fun of wright’s association to BO by using talking about clinton instead

  277. basil9-

    I emailed the campaign when I read your post cause it made me so angry. Then I drank some more coffee (black and bitter but not a latte) and then I read the HuffPost article again and realized its a joke.

    and a dumb one at that.


  278. Awwww!! I love Joe and Hill!! lol

    She is on there constantly now, and not so much obama, I guess Joe’s “endorsement” matters more then Mika’s fawning !!!!

    Please let me know what happens, as I’m at work and can’t watch!

  279. haha, one step farther than me Ronald, bless you! hehe, it just showes how passionately we support our candidate and care for her! See the positives in it.

  280. you know what that says though….is that the BO camp is so dirty and underhanded that it could have been true…

  281. That’s also true dedfg! Wouldn’t pass it by them, hell I believed it off the bat!!

    Or maybe that says something about me?? 😮 hehe

  282. well I wouldn’t be surprised if it was written by an Obamabot to piss us off….

    time for another cup. oy.

  283. Morning joe and Teekie Barbera eating outta HRC’s hand. She looks stunning in a gold suit, amberish choker, hair and make-up perfect, smiling away, pale red lipstick – smiling even whne mika pompadour jumps in coz she thinks joe is fawning too loudly and asks about the gas tax – saying 100 economists say it’s a bad plan and HRC just ‘brushes” mika off her shoulder like the gnat she is and goes into detail and shuts mika up good.
    She is one sour bytch . . . how can joe stand having her on? But it was even worse last week when Bytchel was filling in for mika.

    Bottom line – HRC was ‘polished like gold’ like that wonderful texan lady says. in that commercial.

  284. wow, even ford turned on his buddy obama on the gas tax cut. good fodder for hillary”EVEN OBAMA FAN HAROLD FORD SUPPORTS ME ON THIS.”

  285. Ooh, Gold suit!!! Must be a new one! I like her style!

    And Harold Ford! my my, he might not be so bad, at least he isn’t falling at the feet of O, which is always a plus in my book! AND he after PA said Obama HAD to win NC big and not loose badly in in Indiana in order to be able to stay in the race, so Ford is coming along!

  286. terrondt,

    I turned it off as soon as mika started yapping again but switched back on just in time to hear joe saying she has a problem with elected (or formerly elected) officials: him, Harold, HRC –

    God she is such a friggin anchorette wannabe real journalist. Didya see her scowling when the camera panned to her during the HRC interview. She’s one classless plastic collagen-pumped silicone-injected fake-blonde BYTCH!

  287. Playmate Mika is pathetic…she can’t even relate with the “little people” with her comments.

    The democrats keep letting Obama talk are going to find themselves congratulating Pres. McCain.

    Obama don’t get it, the government always bail out the fat princes with Taxpayers money but yet when they need a little relief the sky is falling.

  288. Did anyone see an insider advantage with Hill 3 down in NC?

    USA/Gallup has Hill 51 BO 44 nationally.

  289. Meredith on the Today show interviewed Hillary. Does she fancy herself another BillO? Why is it okay to interrupt Hillary and hit her very hard while throwing puff balls at a man, BO?

    BO was interviewed by Matt. BO called Matt…Tim. BO looks tired and out of it and waffles as usual. Wonder what would happen if BO were treated the same way as Hillary with really hard hitting questions?

  290. David Axelrod knows Obama is not connecting with the voters…only the elites because if Kiki has to ask why isn’t Obama not “playing the game” he knows Obama is in trouble.

    Obama has the political skills of a GNAT!

  291. Harold Ford says he thinks someone is gonna win both primaries tomorrow. Won’t say who . . . .

  292. Oh man you all have got to read this article, it’s pretty much a review of her performance on This Week, and some of BOs appearance on Russert.

    It’s good!!

    she dismissed the notion while staring down the ABC anchor like a school principal quelling an impertinent eighth grader.

    Mrs. Clinton ignored the sarcasm and rose eagerly to her feet to reply, a power move that put the ABC control room in a quandary: by standing, Mrs. Clinton cut the seated Mr. Stephanopoulos out of the shot. One camera pulled back to try to get the anchor back in the frame, but it was so far away that viewers could barely make out the figures on stage. The camera pulled in on Mrs. Clinton, then moved around to an angle that showed the twosome together, though from behind. Eventually, Mr. Stephanopoulos gave up and stood up next to her, his head several inches below Mrs. Clinton’s.

    Mr. Obama revealed that he was not impervious to pressure, while Mrs. Clinton once again proved that it takes more than a village to make her sweat.


  293. ops, i should have put a ” quote mark arround those excerpts, those are paragraps, not the whole article in itself….. sorry

  294. Good Morning from New Mexico.

    I love getting up and reading what you have posted since I went to bed. I am new at this, so don’t always understand everything. I do understand the the Rules and the Credentials committes are mega important in all of this.

    Remember we had the argument about the Delegates our Chair (pro Obama) trying to ram through 2 non committed Delegates, and we have input that they were both Obama people. We were told we could not nominate ours from the floor. We wrote ours in, and they got the second highest number of votes. The Chair, who has declared now for Obama (he came out this weekend), indicates the election held at State does not supersede his authority.

    So the seating of our Delegate elected by the majority will probably go to these committees also, as we are in dispute.

  295. Sorry, I just have to say again how Amazing it is that Senator Clinton’s performance in Guam that well. I also don’t understand how you can say on the news channels that he won, when the election has not been certified. In New Mexico, we called it too close to call.

    I would think an edge of 7 votes is too close to call. Especially when you have not accounted for all the ballots, and the spoils need to be reviewed. I have noticed that some are calling it close, but some are saying he won with no explaination.

    I really did not think Guam would be that close. The appropriate Headline would have been 50/50 split as Obama’s leads by only 7 votes. Certified results after recount.

    But I guess that is too much to ask for.

  296. Well, as Obamas campaign predicted a 11% win, just winning with 7 votes is nearly pathetic!

    Wouldn’t it be fun if on tuesday, we see Hillary winning both NC and IN and Guam because of the recount??!! lol, or at least IN and Guam!

  297. I agree, NM. Only for BO would they annouce a Guam win when we are talking about 7 votes. My money says Hill won Guam, and it’s in those uncounted ballots.

  298. By the way (and sorry for all the posts by me, it’s quiet at work now-passing time- bare with me!)

    I’m confused by these national polls, look at this:

    From USA Today/Gallup:
    Clinton 51, Obama 44.
    Two weeks ago, Obama led by 10.

    Dates conducted: May 1-3. Error margin: 5 points.

    From CBS/NY Times:
    Obama 50, Clinton 38

    Obama’s margin has grown four points since last week.

    This is like the blind leading the deaf, oh well…. We’ll have a good indication in a day!! I can’t bare this!!! I’m scared! in a good way 🙂

  299. When I was involved with the Primary/Caucus here, if you could determine the intent of the voter, and if you could prove he/she was registered, it counted. Since the majority of those spoiled ballots were in a city that favored her, we have a chance. I think I figured that win at .014% vs .11% which they had been projecting. Has anyone heard if they did any exit polling there to determine what happened?

  300. Gorto,
    Great article. here are a couple more of my personal favs.

    Mrs. Clinton was forceful, confident and at times even frisky

    When Mr. Stephanopoulos tried to challenge her on trade policy, she challenged him. “Now, you remember this, because George did work in that ’92 campaign, and George and I actually were against Nafta,” she said sweetly, addressing the audience. “I’m talking about him in his previous life, before he was an objective journalist and didn’t have opinions about such matters.”

  301. Those who have been paying attention to Harold Ford, how much in the tank for Obama is he?? Do you think he wouldn’t mind it if Hill won?
    Concidering his latest comments, maybe he has felt pressured to support obama cause of the whole history making AA thing….. Or is he a strong supporter?

  302. ok, insider advantage has Hill at 45%, BO 48% in NC, however they say she is losing steam in IN. They will release the poll later today. She holds a lead but they have her losing steam.

  303. I understand being scared. Nothing is determined until the Voters, vote. It does not matter what they say on TV, or how they analyze it, it is how the Voter analyzes it. Remember the glowing reports after the last debate. The focus groups and the voters said he lost.

    I wonder if the TV people who analyze so wrong still get paid when they screw up like that. I guess so, as people keep tuning in.

  304. I watched television this morning and had the strangest premonition. I think the fix is in and they are going to give both Indiana and NC to Obama. I am going to puke. I don’t know what I will do. I hope something comes out about Rezko before tomorrow morning.

  305. newmexico,
    The polls are FOS!!!!! Especially CNN and MSNBC polls.
    I posted this last night during insomnia; 2:51.

    HRC leads nationally BY 7!
    By Susan Page, USA TODAY – May 5, 2008

  306. basil9

    I read that. But I just don’t know what to make of polls anymore. There does not seem to be a standard. Even those some of these polls are way off the mark, they still seem to be polling and people seem to be buying the results.

    You talk about internals? I assume this is the polling that the Candidates have done. I know that President Clinton did not trust the polls, so had his own polling done.

    I love the number, I just want to keep working hard though all the remaing primaries.

  307. Irish, newmexico,

    MSNBC just announced their latest Indiana poll has HRC ahead by 6.

    You know they wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true!!!!!!

    She’s gonna take Indiana and maybe if we all light lots of candles tonight she’ll take NC, too. She will be close there, one way or the other. (IMHO)

    Stay positive!!!!!! 😀

  308. Good morning, Hill’s fans…. I rarely comment here anymore but I do have to speak up about the defeatist talk this morning (mentioning no names).

    I just wonder how far Hillary would have gotten in this race if she had surrounded herself with a bunch of defeatists who keep wringing their hands every time a new poll rolled out or Axelrod or other BO surrogates said something idiotic or BO himself got cheers and she got jeers.

    Word to the wise. QUIT IT !! As President Hillary Rodham Clinton says, if you can’t take the heat, get outta the kitchen. Politics ain’t for sissies.

  309. Irish,
    I’ve been away from home, TV, and internet for several days and I’m just catching up this morning. I had that same nausea too. I hope we both are wrong and just need to eat some breakfast.

  310. mj: Let’s stay positve today, who would have ever thought we would be talking about such a tight race in NC??? I think Hillary has had a great news cycle! I say the bottom line on IN- Hillary by 8pts and in NC- Obama by 3 pts (which is actully a win for Hillary!). I beleive the only poll that matters today is SUSA (if an updated poll comes out)

    Go Hillary !!

  311. B Merry,

    I think people are just nervous, not defeatist, and scared . . . and I haveta confess when i first started posting here the polls had me tied in knots but that’s coz I’m a real political newbie.

    But you’re absolutely RIGHT about not being defeatist!

    HRC on CNN NOW! Being introduced by Easley at Pitt Community College. Didya get my email? CNN: HRC 48% -44% in Indiana, Waffles ahead by a couple of points in NC.

  312. I shold say the only numbers that matter is the final vote on Wednesday morning!!!

    Hillary has MOJO going for her, we have been waiting for this, let’s enjoy it. 🙂

  313. JAS,

    She’s speaking in NC – carried live by CNN – says she’s crisscrossed NC, has had a wonderful time, has eaten enough barbecue to fill the auditorium where she’ speaking – the crowd is positive and enthusiastic.

    Go HILL!!!!!!!!!

    Cheering . . . .

  314. basil9 I liked that part too!

    Yeah Irish lay off it!!! 🙂 we need to stay focused, I simply refuse to believe a ‘fix’ can happen, I must remind myself to refuse to believe it, but still, I refuse!!

    Stay positive, light a candle or something! 😉

    I have feared lately tho that Hills campaign have been a bit too excited about the possibility of taking NC so they might have taken their eye off the ball in IN, I hope she isn’t down too much in IN!

    Maybe they trust their internal polling, keeping it tight in IN and maybe sneak out a win in NC. Maybe they are going for a close win in both states, rather then a comfortable win in just IN. Do or Die! She needs to go for it tho!!

  315. irish, i really don’t know what info you are getting but hillary is ahead in indiana and closing in nc. STAY POSITIVE. please no naysaying here. not now.

  316. MSNBC poll is interesting. They don’t usually announce polls that don’t favor Obama.

    I also found her town hall tactics intersting. There has been a lot lately showing her strength, and he seems to be coming off reserved even depressed. He shows the best in large crowds, and now we are not seeing as much of those, and the message is beginning to sound the same. His interviewing (as well as Debates), really don’t show this strong leader image. Senator Clinton really shines at the Debates, and town halls. Her speeches are good also, just not so sermon like, more down to earth like.

    I think Presdient Clinton has found his element in Rural America.

  317. EVERYONE!!!!

    If ya need some encouragement tune in NOW to CNN – she is passionate, soaring, machine-gun delivery, powerful, crowd loves her!


  318. gorto, team hillary keeps going back to nc wich bodes well for tuesday. i thought a few weeks ago nc was really tough. but they are running bill all over small town nc. they would not be keep coming back to nc if they thought they have a fighting chance..

  319. Hillary and Bill are workong hard for every vote, I beleive that the voters see that and are listening to the message. The gas tax issue is now starting to sound resonable to the voters!

    No matter what happens tomorrow Hillary will not give up, she is still working hard for MI and FL, THEY MATTER!

    Let’s stay postive !! 🙂

  320. Worrywarts, quit freaking over Indiana. It’s a win – for us.
    The tide does finally appear to be turning.
    Enjoy, it’s been such an awful ride till now.

    Wonder how long Newsweek’s been sitting on this;

    Wright wrong for Oprah, says mag

    By Michael Saul

    Monday, May 5th 2008, 4:00 AM

    Daytime TV queen Oprah Winfrey stopped attending Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ in the 1990s in large part because of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Newsweek magazine reports.

    Oprah, a major supporter of Barack Obama, was uncomfortable with the tone of Wright’s more incendiary sermons, which she believed could damage her reputation as a talk-show host, two unidentified sources told the magazine.

    Winfrey was a member of the church from 1984 to 1986. She continued to attend off and on into the mid-1990s.

    “Oprah is a businesswoman, first and foremost,” a friend told Newsweek. “She’s always been aware that her audience is very mainstream, and doing anything to offend them just wouldn’t be smart.”

    According to the magazine, Winfrey was surprised by Wright’s recent decision to speak out publicly in a way that was damaging to Obama.

  321. I don’t mean to bring anyone down. I am so paranoid about this election. Obama scares me to death. I am still amazed that the big boys in my party would put this idiot up for the presidency. What is wrong with my country that they can’t see we have the perfect candidate in Hillary?

    I remember when Bush was elected for his second term, I cried. I couldn’t believe the people in this country were so stupid. This country deserved everything it got for the last four years for voting for that man. We have a chance to make that right by electing Hillary. I don’t know what I will do if she is not the nominee. I just don’t understand what people are thinking.

  322. Will somebody explain to college students what ‘elitist’ means? They asked a group this morning which of the 3 candidates was elitist and they said, “Gee I guess it’s Hillary because she has $109 million in the bank.” And one young woman said, “And she was first lady too”. To these students, elitist means rich.

    Someone should have asked them if they thought JFK or FDR or Eleanor Roosevelt were ‘elitists’. If there is one candidate who isn’t elitist, it is Hillary.

  323. Irish,
    Yes, the fix is in. Hillary WILL win both IN and NC, the SD’s will snap out of this trance they have been in and we can can on with FIXING this country by putting Hillary in the White House.

  324. ok Blue Dem, I trust you, if you say we will win IN, we will!!

    I’m going home from work soon, it’s been good to finally talk to some of you again, been a long while, busy with work.

    But I have a strong feeling come tuesday!! as she said,


  325. basil9, no didn’t receive an email. Send it again, please.

    For the rest of you, it’s a total waste of time to light candles for Hillary on the one hand and then become doubting Thomases on the other. My faith is in Hillary and yours should be, too.

    Just go read this post from yesterday. It makes the case perfectly clear that Hillary has the upper hand (regardless of what the cajones-less Obamabots who lurk here may think ..)

    PS – embed that picture in your mind whenever you have even so much as a twinge of doubt.


  326. BOTH CNN AND MSNBC have HRC ahead in INDIANA and within striking distance in NC and they NEVER announce positive HRC info! She’s doing great!

    And now fainters at Bill’s rallies the topic next on MSNBC. hehehehe

    Buchanon and that other guy say HRC is delivering the right message – for Waffles to denigrate a $30 saving in the gas tax holiday is INSULTING to those people for whom $30 is a big deal!

    But WTH DO they lit Mika Pompadour comment on anything political!!!! Now HRC going into oil rip-offs, Enron, energy traders ripping off the country. Crowd cheering when she says the country needs a prez tough enough to take on oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies.
    Gotta say that ever since HRC FINALLY discovered the INTERNET she’s so darn CUTE the way she announces; “And be sure to go to MY website, http://www.HRC.com . . .

  327. terrondt: I beleive that the numbers are very tight, and Hillary going to NC should speak volumes (she was not scheduled to go there today). Her campaging chaiman (I beleive is ACE Smith ) has done a damn good job!!

  328. CNN is trying to help!!?? I just heard one anchor tell BHO they are declaring a “Reverend Wright Free Zone” for today. Yep. They are still doing all they can to help him. I’m sorry I let someone encourage me to turn to that channel.

  329. She is wonderful. I just saw her on CNN. Saw Obama also. He is always blasting her and putting her down. She always sticks to issues when she talks about him. I have never heard her belittle him.

    Go Hillary!. I hope I make it through to tomorrow. My husband is going to take me to the movies this afternoon to get me away from the election. He is sick of me and sick of listening to me.

  330. I am (sort-of) sticking to my numbers for Tuesday

    She will win IN (now I am adding at least) by 6
    She will win NC by less than 1 (be prepared for a long night)

    Anyone else?

  331. Paddy,
    Welp, I’ve said all along the cream would eventually rise to the top.

    I think this past few weeks, with both under the gun in differing ways, we’ve finally seen it, and the voters have finally seen it.

    Is it enough? I think SD’s won’t be able to ignore the significance of a close NC result. Anything more than that is gravy.

  332. sherm,

    I don’t watch CNN either but they were covering her ENTIRE speech at Pitts College so that’s why i tuned in. As soon as she was finished I switched the TV off.


    Paddy – 6 in Indian sounds right, not sure about NC but I looooove your prediction. 😀

  333. FDR Action item for today. (a bit long)

    1. Make a call – tell them they should wait until all voters nationwide have the chance to vote and voice their opinions before making their decision regarding the presidential nominee.

    2. Send an email – text below:
    I am first a US Citizen and second a voter. I have heard many comments made by elected officials and party leaders asking that super delegates make their decision quickly. I am appalled. Shouldn’t all voters have their voices heard? If the nominee is decided before all voters participate, isn’t that the same type of disenfranchisement that Florida voters have experience. The DNC set the calendar in 2005, why stop the primary process. I urge you to wait to see the full results of all primaries, to understand the will of all voters before making you presidential nominee preference. PLEASE ACT AS A LEADER AND STATESPERSON – WAIT UNITL ALL VOTERS HAVE THE CHANCE TO VOICE THEIR PREFERENCE!

    Jon Ausman (850) 386-1387 ausman@embarqmail.com
    Allen Boyd (202) 225-5235 aleita4dnc@aol.cm
    Terrie Brady (904) 396-4063 dtutbrady@aol.com
    Mitchell Ceasar (954) 475-2500 goodhumor5@aol.com
    Joyce Cusack (850) 488-0580 –
    Diane Glasser – glasserdn@comcast.net
    Ron Klein (202) 225-3026 bob@cadem.org
    Tim Mahoney (202) 225-5792
    Karen Thurman (850) 222-3411 –
    Andrew Tobias (202) 863-8029 –

  334. Blue & Basil

    If she wins NC, it will be with the help of white GOP voters who can’t stand the thought of a President Obama. This will give Obama an out as he will cry fowl that it was not a bona fide Democrat win. Of course he will conveniently ignore all the GOP voters in other states (who the media refers to as independents to mask the reality of the situation) who helped him earlier.

    I still think most NC polls did not include GOP voters in their polling of the Democratic primary. Hence it is difficult to get a clear picture of voter intent. This is the basis of my prediction.

  335. Paddy,

    I’m in complete agreement.

    RJK – where’d ya get the sticker?

    Off to the Dr. but will check back later and email the FDR SD’S. They’re all from Florida.

  336. Well the GOP voters are in a quandry, they have a bumper choice

    1 : Do they vote Obama thinking he’s weakened beyond redemption and take a chance that he fails miserably.

    2 : Vote Hillary because even though they don’t particularly like her, at least she’s a patriot and not a scumbag and would rather give her a fair shot than him.

    If I was in the GOP, my thought would be to personally vote for Hillary basically because i think Obama’s anti-american.

  337. These Open elections are always interesting. How can you factor in the Independance and Republican cross over. Another one of the mysteries of the Primaries/Caucuses. There is such a lack of consistence, at least with the Democratic Side. I really don’t know about the Republican side.

  338. moononpluto

    I would hope they would fear the Teflon Don more. It seems every time something pops up he just brushes it off his shoulder. They should want to get rid of him now instead of risking his wave restarting in the fall

  339. Anyone know why both camps are not publishing there fund raising numbers, and when they have to?

    I am just curious!

  340. Personally, if I’m honest, i see bucketloads of republicans voting in the NC and Indiana race tomorrow for Hillary for the simple fact, they hate Obama’s guts right about now and for the simple fact, that if McCain fucks it up, they couldnt stomach Obama but Hillary they could.

    I have heard many don’t want to take the chance.

  341. Another one not buying the speech shit.


    Guess it’s time to disown Granny, if Obama’s famous Philadelphia “race” speech is to be believed. Of course, the speech was not just believed. It was hailed, celebrated, canonized as the greatest pronouncement on race in America since Lincoln at Cooper Union. A New York Times columnist said it “should be required reading in classrooms across the country.” College seniors and first-graders, suggested the excitable Chris Matthews.

    Apparently there’s been a curriculum change. On Tuesday, the good senator begged to extend and revise his previous remarks on race. Moral equivalence between Grandma and Wright is now, as the Nixon administration used to say, inoperative. Poor Geraldine Ferraro, thrice lashed by Obama in Philadelphia as the white equivalent of Wright’s raving racism, is now off the hook.

    These equivalences having been revealed as the cheap rhetorical tricks they always were, Obama has now decided that the man he simply could not banish because he had become part of Obama himself is, mirabile dictu, surgically excised.

    At a news conference in North Carolina, Obama explained why he finally decided to do the deed. Apparently, Wright’s latest comments — Obama cited three in particular — were so shockingly “divisive and destructive” that he had to renounce the man, not just the words.

    What were Obama’s three citations? Wright’s claim that AIDS was invented by the U.S. government to commit genocide. His praise of Louis Farrakhan as a great man. And his blaming 9/11 on American “terrorism.”

  342. Maybe Bill can go visit Granny and get her to endorse Hillary. Do it on the 12th because I am sure Obama will forget to call her on the 11th.

  343. Oh look at this guys as to the way Indiana is going, this is from the republican site, Republicans in Indiana out in droves for Hillary to stop Obama. Looks like my theory is right, this may be a huge win in Indiana.

    To: wsjreader

    I voted early here in Indiana on Saturday, our county is only one of three that lets people do this all during the week before an election, you can go to any place int he county and they will look you up and you can vote.

    I asked for a Democratic ticket but it seems that if your mom is the local Republican judge and is overseeing the polling place she can laugh in your face and refuse. Kind of hard to argue with your mom over whether your a D or and R, especially since she is on the ballot running as precinct committeeman and loudly told everyone there she had to pull the knife out of her back from her own son.

    Anyway, our country is about as blue as you can get in rural Indiana, and she was telling me that they have never, ever had as many people voting democrat before. A majority of ballots were listed as Democrat, so everyone knew people were switching for this primary and people were very outspoken as to who they were voting for – Hillary. I predict she will win Indiana hands down except for the Gary area and possibly the seventh district, no way is Barack pulling Indiana off.

    I don’t know if it was Operation Chaos or not, but people are willing to forgo local elections and candidates to keep Obama from getting to the general election. I hope that our local and county seats don’t suffer because people are doing this though, I would hate to get a bunch of idiots on my zoning board because no one voted to keep them out.

  344. Wow, great news Moon! I had a feeling that might be going on. The thing I wonder is if when faced between the choice of Hillary and McCain if some of those Repubs might actually stick.

  345. Good news from SUSA regarding IN….. Can’t wait to see what NC. numbers are today…… i have to beleive that intermal poll numbers are good for Hillary, the campagine seems to have a little peep to their step!!

  346. I keep hearing that their are Republican women who might poll one way, but pull the lever the other.

  347. If Republicans are crossing over in droves in Indiana, its not inconceivable thats its also happening big time in NC.

  348. Losing is so hard on Senator Obama. I think at this point he is running out of excuses about how he really did not lose, and how he really won.

  349. In Northern Indiana, she leads by 11. In Central and Southern Indiana, she leads by 27.

    Heres the important thing guys from SUSA. Looks like its PA all over again, she is going to wipe the floor by a wide margin in everywhere except the city.

  350. Ah, MJ, you are correct. Posting without coffee again…not smart!

    Birdgal, I was tuning in MSNBC because everyone was saying Hillary was on. I was trying to see if she still was and got sucked in.

  351. The American people know that Hillary or McCain both love this country. I, too am hoping some of those R voters stick with Hillary, but the point is that even the McCain fans KNOW that Obama should be let NO WHERE NEAR the Whitehouse.

    They want a fair fight between two patriots – Hillary and Grandpa McCranky. NOBAMA! He has bi-partisan opposition, so I guess he is a uniter after all!

  352. Obama = Pinocchio. Another chapter in his Auchi-Rezko fairy tale.


  353. mj, its the ones he’s had stacked up for ages, he’s obviously down to the bottom of the barrel, come tomorrow night he may be subtracting them after HRC wins Indiana by a mile and either comes close in NC or actually stuns everyone by winning it.

    Carville has been hinting today. He said that Hillary is close in NC, she could upset and she’s in a mood to shock.

  354. That gutsy female Indy car driver Sarah Fisher just endorsed Hillary!


  355. It would be great to get revised news from Gram. I know that is asking a lot, but she is so on the edge there.

  356. Here’s the SUSA spiel on Indiana:

    Clinton Has The Hoosiers Right Where She Wants Them, 24 Hours Till Votes Are Counted: 24 hours till votes are counted in the Indiana Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton defeats Barack Obama in the symbolically important popular vote, and possibly by enough to pick up more than a trivial number of net Convention delegates, according to SurveyUSA’s final pre-primary tracking poll conducted for WCPO-TV Cincinnati and WHAS-TV Louisville. In 4 tracking polls over the past 5 weeks, Clinton has never polled lower than 52%, Obama has never polled higher than 43%. At the wire, they finish: Clinton 54%, Obama 42%.

    Among males, the two have been tied in 3 of the 4 tracking polls. Among females, Clinton has always led by at least 14, and finishes ahead by 22. Among Republicans and Independents, the two are effectively tied. Among Democrats, Clinton finishes ahead by 19.

    Clinton leads among Conservatives, Moderates and Liberals. She leads among Pro Life and Pro Choice voters, among regular and not-so-regular church goers. In Northern Indiana, she leads by 11. In Central and Southern Indiana, she leads by 27.

    In greater Indianapolis, Obama leads. Among voters under 35, Obama leads. Among voters over 35, Clinton leads.

    And this, from a candidate who “no one likes”, has “very high negatives”, and “who has virtually no chance of winning”.

  357. whaddya mean? I like her just fine


    actually I love her to pieces. What a brave woman for taking on this fight and WINNING!

  358. I am beyond ecstatic, however, I too noticed that she is getting a higher % of the AA votes than previously (21%).

    Look at the gap that she has over him on matters of terrorism 67-23%(44%). That’s even higher than her signature issue of health care 63-32%(29). She’s beating him with the Repubs but he is ahead with the indies. i’m sure that Rush will be speaking on this today. She also has the early votes.

    I wonder how this poll was taken as IN law forbids automated calls which SUSA does.


    I wouldn’t pay much attention to Insider Advantage’s polls. Their previous 2 polls before todays showed that the had the AA % of voters at 25% which is very low (I think that they rejiggered the % to make that ‘shocking’ announcement of Hillary ahead of Obama on Hannity’s show) when their first poll had the # at around 36%.

    Today’s # is at 33% so perhaps it’s better than the previous 2 polls but once you have shown me that you may be gerrymandering the poll, I can’t trust it.

    It is strange indeed how Obama has run backt o NC. What I find more interesting is the work ethic of the 2 canidates. He has spent less than 1/2 the time that Clinton has spent in both NC and IN. I don’t know what that says about him but it is disturbing.

    I am hoping that she can keep it under 10. Be mindful that over 400k early votes have been cast in NC and it is estimated that ~40% are by AA. I don’t think that we can extrapolate that to say that his % of AA voters tomorrow will be that figure but it is a figure still worth noting.

    Hopefully, he will stay under 35% in the White vote and have a lower turnout with the AA vote and that at least 15% vote for her. I’m hoping that Maya Angelou, OBama dissing his pastor, Jewel’s ad and the remembrance of the Clinton’s as friends have a favorable impact on the AA voting tomorrow.

  359. I want susa on real clear politics now! That will help her average today! Not that I care that much about polls, I just like a nice pillow fluff before we smoke his ass! When did the susa poll come out? They need one for NC.

  360. Good morning everyone. I am phone banking here now at headquarters. I have talked to a lot of AA on the phone, They are voting for Hillary. One lady thanked me for calling her and thank me for phone banking.


    Flood the precincts in In and VOTE for Mrs. Clinton.

    lol! I’m serious. He is giving his army his orders and going off on how the Dems and media helped to picked the Repubs. nominee.

    Come on Repubs, vote for Hill because you know that she is better than MCain.

  362. neeta, are you calling NC or IN or both?

    I’m calling NC this morning. Go hit those phones, guys!

  363. This is why Teamsters endorsed Obama, my husband works for UPS and they are corrupt!

    Barack Obama on Monday disputed a Wall Street Journal story that claims the Democratic presidential candidate won the endorsement of the Teamsters Union by agreeing to push for dismantling of the oversight board that reviews allegations of union ties to organized crime.

    The newspaper reported in Monday editions that Teamsters Central Region Vice President John Coli said that on more than one occasion, Obama was “pretty definitive that the time had come to start the beginning of the end” of the panel that investigates suspicious activity. Coli brokered the endorsement, which came in February after John Edwards dropped out of the contest.

    Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor confirmed to the paper that the candidate thinks the board “has run its course” because “organized crime influence in the union has drastically declined.”

    But Obama told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday that he only said that he would look more closely at the issue.

    “I wouldn’t make any blanket commitments,” he said. “What I have said is I would examine what is going on in terms of the federal oversight that is taking place but it has been in place for many years. The union has done a terrific job cleaning house and the question is whether they are going to be able to treated like every other union, whether that time has come and that is something I will absolutely examine when I am president of the United States.”

    The campaign of Obama rival Hillary Clinton immediately sent out a press release noting the discrepancy between Obama’s statements on the morning news and comments by his spokesman quoted in the article.

    However, the Teamsters said the endorsement was not a direct outcome of Obama’s position, and both the campaign and the union acknowledge differences on other issues.

    The three-member independent review board was set up in 1992 after the union agreed to federal oversight following a 1989 settlement with the Justice Department on racketeering charges. At the start of the board’s work, it had 70 cases. In 2007, it had eight. The Teamsters spends $6 million a year in compliance, according to the newspaper.

    Supporters of the board note that the union still does not do enough self-policing to warrant the end of the board altogether. William Webster, the former CIA and FBI director and a member of the panel, added that it would be highly unusual for a president to try to change the arrangement.

    “Presidents very rarely try to tell the Justice Department what is the right thing to do in matters of judicial administration,” Webster told the newspaper.


    May 5, 2008 – North Carolina Democratic Primary Preference

    North Carolina
    Democrats Mar
    29-30 Apr
    14-15 Apr
    26-27 Apr 30-
    May 1 May

    Clinton 38% 41% 42% 41% 42%
    Obama 51% 52% 52% 52% 50%
    Someone else 4% 2% 2% 2% 4%
    Undecided 7% 5% 4% 5% 4%

    Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton 54% to 39% among men (45% of likely Democratic primary voters). Among women, Obama leads 47% to 44%.

    Clinton leads 62% to 27% among white voters (60% of likely Democratic primary voters). Obama leads 88% to 9% among African American voters (36% of likely Democratic primary voters).

    Obama leads 55% to 37% among voters age 18 to 49 (51% of likely Democratic primary voters) and Clinton leads 48% to 45% among voters age 50 and older.

    25% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary and 26% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Barack Obama in the primary.

    For details, click on the R or D for each state in the column on the left under 2008 Presidential Polls.


    May 5, 2008 – Indiana Democratic Primary Preference

    Democrats Apr
    2-3 Apr
    23-24 Apr 30-
    May 1 May

    Clinton 53% 50% 53% 53%
    Obama 44% 45% 44% 45%
    Undecided 3% 5% 3% 2%

    Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton 51% to 47% among men (44% of likely Democratic primary voters). Among women, Clinton leads 58% to 40%.

    Clinton leads 60% to 38% among white voters (84% of likely Democratic primary voters). Obama leads 90% to 8% among African American voters (12% of likely Democratic primary voters).

    Obama leads 51% to 47% among voters age 18 to 49 (51% of likely Democratic primary voters) and Clinton leads 59% to 39% among voters age 50 and older.

    19% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary and 30% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Barack Obama in the primary.

  365. Hi, friends: Happy day! The sun is shining and tomorrow promises to be glorious here in the heartland of America… on Saturday, I spoke with several Indiana Republicans in my precinct who were a firm “yes” for Hillary. They all expressed respect for Hillary, and one even stated that she simply didn’t want any chance of a “BO” presidency. No telling what they’ll do in the general – but now is now. BO does not have the franchise on cross-over voting – it’s a myth – he just can’t win the Democrats.

  366. 19% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary and 30% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Barack Obama in the primary.

    As i said this is always a telling question, Hillary wins Indiana hands down.

    Please send the following uncommitted super some Hillary love
    (He hates negativity so please keep it sweet 🙂
    Mr. Gregory Pecoraro
    email: LGPecoraro@gmail.com
    603 Thornbury Court Westminister, MD 21158

    Everybody: PLEASE do this NOW.


  368. The telling thing about NC is this

    25% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary and 26% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Barack Obama in the primary.

    I’d say that 26% that would never vote Obama, at least 25% of that is probably all white voters.

    It looks like they both have an equal starting block of about 25% each, whoever gets the other 26% out of the remaining 50% will have the state.

    So lets look at this

    If Obama has 33% AA turnout and takes it 90/10, thats 30% for him and 3 for Hillary.

    If White voters split as they have done 70/30 and they are lets say 67%

    then that is 47/20 to Clinton.

    So 47 + 3 = 50 and 30 +20 = 50

    The key thing tomorrow is split in the white vote, if Hillary can keep him to 30%, its a draw.

    You also have to factor in the independents and repugs and if they turn out in higher numbers tomorrow say 15% in NC and push down the % of AA voters in relative terms then, Obama has a problem.

  369. Gallup is out for today’s tracking

    Hillary 45

    Obama 50

    This is not a statistically significant lead, but a continuation of the close race seen for nearly two weeks.

  370. Rush is a damn liar. He just said that someone whom he trusts yesterday said that at the JJ dinner, Clinton people told her that her internals show her losing IN so that is why he is telling people to vote for Clinton in Operation Chaos.lol

    Hillary will win IN. I’m thinking by 8pts or more. Rush must have been talking to Zogby, lol!

  371. Yep, Rush just confirmed that ‘you might want to smirk at Zogby but he got it exactly right in PA’. Zogby jiggers the polls, we know that.

  372. Susa has not been more than 4 wrong the entire cycle, so they would have to be wrong by 12. He may just be saying that to get repubs out there.

  373. Hi all,

    Happy Monday,–the day before Tuesday.

    I have a caluiflowoer ear from calling. Hope you do toooo

    I have a new article up. It was refused at mydd. So you know it is a good one.:)

    Please go to http://www.savagepolitics.com and check it out.

    I ‘d love to see your comments and get your feedback..

    the article is titled: an “Unholy Trinity of Hate By Black Preachers”

    Lots more than Wright in terms of haters who have endorsed BO.

    Oky Atty–please go and check out the article. You will probably find some stuff you didn’t know–about Sharpton

  374. What we need is a Super Delegate to change. Ours was already pre programmed. I think on both sides they are probably in one camp or the other. I think in states where they have gone against the electorate, there just might be a consequence for that (NM & OK). What I don’t know is who is leaning, and who still might be truly uncommitted.

  375. mj Says:

    May 5th, 2008 at 1:19 pm
    Susa has not been more than 4 wrong the entire cycle, so they would have to be wrong by 12. He may just be saying that to get repubs out there.

    This is what I believe.

  376. Hillary Now Pandering To United States Territories
    by Charles Signorile
    May 05, 2008 12:21 PM EDT views: 14 | rating: 7/10 (3 votes) | comments: 4

    This weekend Hillary Clinton took political pandering to new heights of absurdity, as she promised to do everything possible to obtain voting rights for the people of Guam.

    “It seems to me that it is long past time that we remedy this inequity,” Clinton said. “It doesn’t reflect American values; it is out of step with the move toward equality and full citizenship rights, and I will do everything I can to make sure the people of Guam’s votes are counted. It seems to me that it is long past time that we remedy this inequity. It doesn’t reflect American values; it is out of step with the move towards equality and full citizenship rights, and I will do everything I can to make sure the people of Guam’s vote are counted.”

    Although citizens of Guam are not entitled to vote in the general election, nor do they have voting representation in Congress, they do have 4 delegates and 5 super delegates in the Democratic primary, which explains Hillary’s ridiculous statement. The idea on the surface is ridiculous if for no other reason than the fact that citizens of Guam do not pay federal income tax. This would almost assure extra votes for Democrats who wish to raise taxes, as the people represented by these new voting members would not be affected by the increased federal tax.

    Looking at the idea more closely we see another obstacle in the way, namely the United States Constitution. The 14th Amendment states “Representatives shall be apportioned among the several states according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each state, excluding Indians not taxed”. It clearly says that only States shall have Representatives, therefore in order for Hillary to follow through on her promise she would either need 3/4 of the States to ratify a Constitutional Amendment, or convince Guam to become a State themselves. Neither is likely to happen.

    Clinton went on to declare that she vows as President to provide reparations for World War II to Guam:

    “All these years later we still haven’t provided the reparations that the people of Guam were promised. As your president, I will work very hard to remedy this injustice. I am committed to doing so.”

    Just as a reminder, I had written about war reparations for Guam last year, and these reparations are not for acts we committed, but for acts the Japanese had committed. The bill stated:

    (a) Recognition of the Suffering of the Residents of Guam- The United States recognizes that, as described by the Guam War Claims Review Commission, the residents of Guam, on account of their United States nationality, suffered unspeakable harm as a result of the occupation of Guam by Imperial Japanese military forces during World War II, by being subjected to death, rape, severe personal injury, personal injury, forced labor, forced march, or internment.

    (b) Recognition of the Loyalty of the Residents of Guam- The United States forever will be grateful to the residents of Guam for their steadfast loyalty to the United States of America, as demonstrated by the countless acts of courage they performed despite the threat of death or great bodily harm they faced at the hands of the Imperial Japanese military forces that occupied Guam during World War II.

    As Democrats claim we are in the midst of a recession (although we are not), this bill asked for $126 million to be paid to citizens of Guam as reparations for acts we did not even commit. Keep in mind, these are reparations to a territory which does not currently have voting rights, could you imagine how much the Democrats would have offered if Guam could vote for President?

    It seem like everytime Hillary talk about helping the average person…it’s called pandering by the elites.

  377. I wouldnt be surprised if Hillary’s camp fed Rush bullshit so as he would call for repugs to come out for her. Its called telling the person the opposite of what you actually want to get exactly what you want from them.

  378. RezkoWatchers: Prosecution rested case; no Rezko defense witnesses; next will be closing arguments, then jury deliberation. Rumors of a Rezko deal but don’t expect one. He’s a soldier. Two more trials to go, though.

  379. Ok, there’s good news and bad news.

    Bad news first:

    The word is that Hillary’s internals show her losing Indiana. We still have a lot of work to do.

    Here’s some funny news, before the good news:

    I was just banned from posting comments at the New York Daily News’ website. My crime?

    Challenging The One.

    The apparent offended party.

    In-the-tank-for-Obama Errol Louis.

    Poor baby.

    Ask the MyDD front pager who now forms the background pic on my YouTube site how pissing matches with me tend to work out. Especially when you try to shut down legitimate free speech you just don’t want to hear but which is perfectly acceptable.

    Ok, moving on…

    Good news.

    The video I posted on Ofraudma at YouTube is approaching 5,000 views…

    …in one day.


    Needless to say, the Axelrod Astroturfers are melting down and sending me emails and trying to post comments which would make your not-yet-conceived children and grandchildren blush.

    At some later date, I’ll publish an article or post somewhere featuring these ‘outtakes.’

    Ha ha ha.

    The video has been viewed in 50 countries, and many of the comments are coming from out of the country.

    The video is in the top ‘most viewed’ News & Politics categories of Canada, New Zealand and Mexico (don’t ask me about the reasoning here).

    Bottom line is, many people are learning about the fraudulence of Obama. One way or another.

    I have said it elsewhere and it bears repeating: If Obama is made the nominee, I will not vote for him. If he were to become President — as doubtful as that is — the repercussions for our party and country will last for at least a decade. And I’m talking very bad, very destructive consequences. More race-baiting politics. More nominations where Dems don’t choose their nominee. More circular firing squads where the only family in the party that knows anything about winning is jealously taken down in a coup.

    We cannot let that happen.

    It has nothing to do with race, except as far as Obama and his team have cynically used race to bludgeon their foes, incite African-Americans in a despicable and callous manner and dupe latte liberals into believing what they want to hear.

    Much to think about. One day until NC and IN.


    Paul F. Villarreal

  380. JAS, it’s the same old story, and the answer to your question is the same as every other time you’ve asked it:

    None of these supers “suddenly saw the light” and decided on Obama. He’s had them in his pocket for months, waiting for the time when he needs to trot them out. Some he donated to, some I’m sure he’s promised this or that. Some are afraid of Hillary, because they like their cushy jobs and know she will change the way the Party does business. There are a lot of reasons. But none of them decided this week that Obama is the best shot in the general. They are just following the script he handed them MONTHS ago, trying desperately to change the momentum in his favor.

  381. Universal, i would not bank on it, if they are saying Hillary’s internals are bad, you can guarantee they are not, there is no way they would let that info out. No way in hell, that info is guarded by the few.

    More likely someone saying it, to boost even more white voters out, the bigger the win here, the more Hillary devestation she can wreak on Obama.

    Susa has her up 12, she’s never polled below 52% in Indiana, she is not going to lose it.

  382. Paul, if Hill’s internals have her losing IN then Susa would be wrong by more than 4 points the entire cycle. Indeed they would have to be wrong by 13 points. If she were losing IN then why is she in NC?

  383. Urgent from Spega:

    Please contact uncommitted super to show him some HRC love
    (hates negativity so please keep it sweet):
    Mr. Gregory Pecoraro (DNC member)
    email: LGPecoraro@gmail.com
    603 Thornbury Court Westminister, MD 21158

    Doesn’t matter where you’re from…

  384. because she knows Indiana is in the bag, if she’s in NC, then she knows she has a shot there. If Obama is there in Indiana, he is losing there.

    Obama thinks he is safe in NC, however he knows Ind is a problem, if he loses that one Hillary can royally damage him.

  385. Does anyone have video from yesterday’s Stephanopolous show? I forgot to DVR it! 🙁

  386. West Virginia

    The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the race shows that Clinton attracts 56% of the Likely Democratic Primary Voters while Obama is supported by 27%. Seventeen percent (17%) are not sure.

    Clinton is viewed favorably by 72% of West Virginia’s Primary Voters, Obama by 48%. Clinton’s numbers are unchanged while Obama’s ratings have dropped five percentage points.

    Yup, WV is so not going to Obama if his numbers are that shit with Rassmussen.


  388. Neat, neeta. Wow, I hope they post the interview somewhere. What did they ask? What did you say?

  389. one week till WV .. Bill and Hillary will head there tomorrow night. She can take 90% in WV with a fast paced movement across the state and a lot of Gotv ..

    Some counties are not having county wide elections so these are the areas we will need to phone bank and gotv in .. lots of times people won’t come out without local races to be decided.

    With a broad based local effort for Hillary .. the spineless Gov won’t endorse .. bami is gonna have Rockefeller but Hill will have lots of local people like mayors, who will help her. Rockefeller is really not respected in WV like one would think. He has become so entangled in the elite club, he hasn’t done jack shit for the mountaineers in WV for years. He really ought to be unseated.

  390. God, these obama supporters really are the bottom of the barrel.

    She’s winning Indiana because its just full of racists.

    She’s winning WV because its the most racist state in the union.

    If she wins NC, it will be because it is full of racists.

    What a bunch of fuckwits.

  391. Now they are trying to say hundreds of thousands of Obama supporters purged of Indiana voter rolls.

    Well guys, we knew they’d pull something, now we know what the angle is going to be when he loses.

  392. I just can’t watch Mika and Andrea on morning Joe,but I have to suffer their struggle to overcome their biases and ignorance in order to see the transformation of Joe to a Hillary fan.Andrea is a downright case of advanced mental confusion and deserves to be put out to the OLD JOURNALIST PASTURE.Mika on the other hand is just approaching comentator PUBERTY.This morning when Joe announced that BHO was guesting,she went into a state of ORGASTIC EUPHORIA.I don’t think that Joe can stand much more of her self pleasuring and emotional outbursts.He is the only bright part of the program.I think Matthews is going to run for the PA Senate after Hillary wins and his bias has reduced MSNBC ratings to a WASTE MANAGEMENT Collection item.
    Our Girl was a standout yesterday,on all of her appearances.She is a human Dynamo and the most intelligent person in the political Arena,that I have ever seen and heard.At age 90,I have seen THE GOOD,THE BAD,THE UGLY and THE STUPID but she is A NATIONAL TREASURE and will be the 44th Woman PRESIDENT of this great country of ours.


  393. Now we know what the Obama angle is going to be.

    5-4-08: One million purged – The Incredible Disappearing Indiana Voter Rolls
    In April 2008 when Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announced the release of “record high” voter registration rolls, with 4.3 million voters set to vote in the Tuesday May 6 primary, he didn’t mention that a whopping 1,134,427 voter registrations have been cancelled.

    One quarter-million of them come from just two northwestern Indiana counties: Lake and Porter. Lake County reports purging 137,164 voters and neighboring Porter County cancelled out 124,958 voters.

    Lake County has one of the heaviest concentrations of African-American voters that you’ll find anywhere in the USA. (snip) Nearby Porter County, the home of Valparaiso, is 95% white and went solidly for Bush in the 2004 election. It also has a lot of college kids.

  394. Re; Universal:

    Ok, there’s good news and bad news. Bad news first:

    The word is that Hillary’s internals show her losing Indiana. We still have a lot of work to do.

    Here’s some funny news, before the good news:

    I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance!

    If this is really Paul Villareal aka Universal, I’ll eat my hat.

  395. “Susan Rice of “Monstergate” fame is on MSNBC…guess she is still with the Obama’s campaign.”

    Monstergate was Samantha Power, who also said Obama’s promises on Iraq withdrawal in 16 months were just campaign bullshit.

    Susan Rice said Obama is not ready to answer the 3 AM phone call. She’ll take the call herself, and brief Obama on the crisis over his brunch croissant.

  396. djia, more than likely, duplicates, bogus, dead, fake, illegal or actually live in cook county illionois.

  397. HELP!! One of Spega’s bloggers is in the hospital. Can others pls pitch in on these papers for a few hours?

    Working links to these are up at
    h t t p : / /ironmyvote.com/comment-local-papers.htm

    > Concord Independent Tribune Denver News@Norman Dunn The Daily Record Durham The Herald-Sun *Duke Univ The Chronicle
    > Here are 5 IN papers we need you to cover:
    > Anderson Anderson Herald Bulletin Auburn The Evening Star Batesville The Herald Tribune Indianapolis Indianapolis Star Indiana Univ Bloomington Digital Student

  398. Good grief. I have no idea why those paper names all ran togerher. Anyway there are workign clickable links at
    h t t p : / / ironmyvote.com/comment-local-papers.htm

  399. we need to have a superdelegate that switches from Obama to Hillary as this will show the other superdelegates that one’s not afraid to switch allies.

  400. Well it took the repugs long enough but they finally woke up. I’m still laughing reading it. Seems the repugs are out to stop Bambi.

    Crap site REDSTATE has put out a call to action statement. READ IT BELOW.

    I think, given the choice between Barack and Hillary, we should throw our support behind Hillary.
    when judging between the evils of two lessers, we must sometimes make tough choices.
    I write from the premise that, regardless of what McCain does this Presidential season, the odds are still in favor of a Democrat in the White House. And from that vantage point, I think Obama has the potential to do more long term damage to this nation than Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary has an iron fist that will first pound on the Democrats and media that opposed her. It’ll be close to three years in the White House before she focuses on the rest of us. Obama, on the other hand, is both a piss poor manager and is a terrible judge of character.

    While Hillary values loyalty, Obama is ready and willing to throw every one of his staffers under the bus so long as he does not have to throw one of his marxist friends under the bus. Obama really seems to buy into this “change” notion and the best I can tell, his version of “change” is to effect the proletariat revolution against evil capitalists. Imagine this dude’s cabinet picks — the friends he won’t throw under the bus. He’d put people comparable to Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright and his wife into positions of power. He’d have no control over these people or would choose not to control these people. While the policy positions between Hillary and Obama are not far apart, the people Obama has chosen to surround himself with in public are far to the left of Hillary. How much further left are those he surrounds himself with in private — the ones we don’t know about yet?

    Put simply, Hillary Clinton knows she needs the right as a foil. Obama thinks, after the revolution is complete, the right will be irrelevant. He’s Jimmy Carter and Woodrow Wilson wrapped up into one incompetent package with a ready willingness to let his friends on the far left run the ship of state.

    Given the choice between Hillary and Obama, I’ll take the one who, at the end of the day, is in it mostly for herself over the guy who is in it to see Marx’s dream made real.

  401. just me, the only one i can think of is the one that went from Obama to uncommitted. Damn if i can remember who though?

  402. Did anyone listen to the Tom Joyner radio show this morning, O was on. He said Hillary is putting salt into the election. Why don’t she just drop out. As you know this is a AA radio station. He says he has this in the bag. What he is saying is he is losing and don’t want to admit it.
    I was walking in the park across from campaign headquarters. I had my Hillary gear on, Some AA ask me where did i get my hat and pins from. I told them to go over to headquarters to get some pins. I gave up one of my pins. Talked a couple of AA into voting for Hillary

  403. One of the staffers here said his friend was an O supporter. After he heard Hillary speak, he said dam your girl is good. He is now campaigning for Hillary

  404. For the whole thing, go to:


    Poll Says Obama Falls Behind Because of Wright
    May 5, 2008 12:54 PM

    Hillary Clinton is leading Barack Obama 51 percent to 44 percent in a USA Today/Gallup poll conducted May 1-3. The margin of error is 5 percent. USA Today’s take on its results is that Obama has been significantly damaged by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy raising questions among some voters about his “values, credibility and electability.” Obama had led by 10 points in this poll before the re-emergence of the Wright issue.
    The conclusion drawn by the USA Today/Gallup poll on the impact of Wright is different than the view taken yesterday by the New York Times/CBS News poll which said that most Americans said the furor has not affected their view of Obama and approved of the way he has handled the matter, although the Times did put a number of caveats on that finding. It did agree with a Rasmussen Reports finding from last week that many Americans believe that Obama’s latest denunciation of Wright was for political reasons rather than sincere disagreement.

    &&&&&& more

  405. Colleague posted two crappy articles on our private OK lawyer site. First was the Charley Reese article saying voters mad about Wright just hate “uppity” negros, the second was Frank Rich’s POS comparing Hagee and Wright.

    My response:

    Jim, you’ve now pissed me off a bit. First and foremost, the things you posted start with the false premise that anyone who has a problem with Obama’s association with Wright and a black liberation theological viewpoint is a racist.

    Sorry, to be offended, but I am. So are a lot of other people.

    Do you know why almost 40% of Hillary supporters won’t vote for Obama? Because we’re being called racists. That sorely pisses us off.

    Obama’s poll numbers are tanking bc it pisses people off. This man stands there and tells us he is about the future, but in reality everyone and everything about him for 20 yrs+ is about the past. A deeply ugly past. One of violence, and shame and those people with whom he associates aren’t about the future or change as much as they are about retribution.

    Wright’s comments in March are no different than his comments last weekend or for the past 30+ years. I respect the fact he stood up for himself when he was called the creepy uncle by Obama, but I wholeheartedly disagree with his views that black and white people have different brains and that white people have no rhythm and that we speak funny. If anyone was racist- it was him and what he said for 20yrs in front of Obama. This week’s Newsweek has an article on Oprah leaving that church bc of the racism. If she’s smart enough to do that, why wasn’t he? Maybe we should vote for her for POTUS. Seems she has much better judgment than he does.

    That’s why we won’t vote for him. That and he’s a chickenshit. He lies repeatedly and gets a free pass. He’s asked once about Ayers and the world is coming to an end- someone’s being mean to The Precious. He adds on details about his hinkey house deal. Doesn’t recall associations and events. Can’t find his IL senate records. Forgets he was Ayers’ paid employee for 8 years. Doesn’t know who paid his property taxes in 2005 and 2006. Claims credit for a speech he recreated, pulled off his website and then put back up when Murtha turned the tide against the war.

    He’s an opportunistic, greedy chickenshit. He has accomplished nothing or next to nothing. Eight questions are too many and he wants to eat his waffle.

    Sorry, but if you’re POTUS, you better expect to get your ass hauled before the press regularly. If he’s this thin-skinned now, hell, he’ll be hemorrhaging by end of week 1 in the WH.

    Second, Frank Rich is a tool of mythic proportions. His column is full of BS and it wouldn’t even qualify as TP for my butt. His attack on McCain is a red herring. McCain was endorsed by someone he doesn’t know. Hagee wasn’t the guy who brought him to Jesus, married him, gave him his political start, baptized his kids and blessed his run for the presidency in a cold basement somewhere out of view of the press and voters. To even compare the two is ridiculous and moreover, a friggin’ lie.

    Obama finally disassociated himself from Wright this week bc Wright told him he was a liar in front of the world. Said he’d say anything to get elected.

    That historic “race” speech was nothing but CYA. Same as his hastily called press conference last Tuesday.

    Hope and change, my ass.

    BTW- I do like McCain. I respect him. I don’t agree with him on many issues, but I respect him and think he will do what is right for our country. At least with him, I’d know he wasn’t running for higher office every 3 years like Obama has for the last 14 years.

  406. HillaryforTexas and mj:

    I beleive this is the first time I have asked about SD, help me understand why this question caused such a problem?

    I now understand why Idunn left this site.

    Please give me further feedback!

  407. I thought IDunn left because she got nailed on another site acting all double-agenty?

  408. Oh, sorry JAS. I must have you confused with someone else. No insult intended. It’s just it seems absurd to all of us that these SDs keep coming out for BO so we really can not say except for the usual, that BO contributed to their campaigns, their kids like him, they are jealous of BC, etc. We just don’t know.

  409. moononpluto Says:

    May 5th, 2008 at 2:29 pm
    djia, more than likely, duplicates, bogus, dead, fake, illegal or actually live in cook county illionois.

    * * * * * * * *
    Yes, and much of BO’s lead in the popular vote includes Cook Cty, IL’s “duplicates, bogus, dead, fake, illegal” and nonresidents – maybe they live in Gary!

    Now the picture comes into focus: IMO, BO must have endorsed Todd Stroger (for Cook County President) and the corrupt political machine over his reformer friend, Forrest Claypool SO THAT THEY WOULD STUFF THE PRIMARY BALLOT BOX FOR HIM TO PUMP UP THE POPULAR VOTE.

  410. Thanks you guys… 🙂

    I just think somthing does not smell right when it comes to the SD, that is all I was getting at….. okay back to work being positive, and looking foward to a great day tomorrow!!!!

  411. Hey, 👿 pulled Kaylyn Free in OK. She’s damn near a communist. Oh, well. I never liked that bitch anyhow. Now I have a reason to oppose her when she runs for office again….not that she ever wins…..

  412. bambi totrs out three supers today. we need a corrdinated way to sway these guys. the obama campaign has one and it shows. hillary needs one too.

  413. Everyone: did the piece on BO paying for SD’s go anywhere? BO’s donations to SD members of congress have been pretty substantial compared to HRC. Maybe we could push that story with blogs or Hannity.

  414. Texan, I think Hill has that it just isn’t working. What she is going to have to do is keep winning and challenge them to defy the popular vote.

  415. Updated Bill Ayers article with large full-color pic of Ayers stomping on American flag.


  416. hey all…hey okieatty…i read your post about kalyn…i am upset that she endorsed obama…but she is a good person…in fact, she’s one of my best friends…she’s not a communist nor is she a bitch…she has her reasons for endorsing and i have had to make my peace with her decision…i disagree with her support of obama but it doesn’t devalue her as a person.

  417. ann shut up nora-said enither has the dels to win! nora siad well the party rules dont allow for mi or fla to be seated. lewis said-no not true. the rules are we go to cmte on this. we are committed to not disenfranchising millions.

  418. In the exsit polls from PA, didn’t we find out that most voters made their discussion 3 days before going to the polls, or am I wrong?

  419. I made a mistake, I shoud have said that from the exist polls in PA didn’t we find out that most undecided voters made their mind up 3 days before the primary\?? (My brian is not working today)

  420. Oh, ok, JAS. They say most who are “undecided” were likely leaning well before election day, but just don’t confirm until they are in the booth.

  421. moononpluto

    As a poll worker, I can say that the biggest reason for purging voter registrations is because the voter has not voted in the last 4 years. In order to keep registration active a voter most vote in at least one election every 4 years. The reasons can be anything from the voter moved or died. Some not many registered to vote for a friend in a local election and never voted again.

  422. Ok, the last NC SUSA is out. There is a link in the comments on riverdaughters blog. 45% Hill, 50% BO.

  423. MJ

    that’s great news considering they always over poll BO!

    that means we have a huge shot at winning NC!!!

  424. Question, Real clear politics average for hillary is 5.3 Indiana. I just saw the survery usa poll of 12 points for her in Indiana, why has the average not raised? I can’t help it Im a poll freak, but really they have all been proven wrong, but I just need to know if that poll as been added to the average yet. http://www.realclearpolitics.com


  425. wow if Hillary has kept it that close in North Carolina, its great news.

    He was on course for a 25 point win 2 weeks ago.

  426. susa-
    RALEIGH (WTVD) — On the eve of the North Carolina Democratic Primary, with 25% of votes already cast, Barack Obama has no breathing room in his hope to defeat Hillary Clinton in popular votes.
    According to SurveyUSA’s 8th and final tracking poll, conducted exclusively for ABC11 Eyewitness News, on the final day of the fiercely fought campaign, Senator Barack Obama holds on with 50% of the vote to Senator Hillary Clinton’s 45% of those polled.
    There is no foreseeable outcome in North Carolina, regardless of which candidate wins the popular vote, where one candidate collects significantly more convention delegates than the other.
    Therefore, the exact final vote totals have much more symbolic importance than real importance.
    Story continues belowAdvertisement
    The popular vote is remarkably stable: In 6 SurveyUSA polls released since Super Tuesday, Obama has polled at 50%, 49%, 49%, 50%, 49%, 50%. The contest is stable among men, where Obama leads by 11. The contest is stable among women, where the two remain tied.
    In Charlotte and Western NC, there is the slightest momentum for Clinton. In the Research Triangle, in Southern NC and in Coastal NC, there is slight offsetting momentum to Obama. The net is a wash. If Obama wins, it will be entirely from the 19% of voters who describe themselves as liberal.
    Clinton leads by 9 among conservatives and leads by 8 among moderates.
    If Obama wins the popular vote, it will be because of his 16-point advantage among liberals. Clinton has increasing momentum among voters age 50 to 64, where she has gone from 30% in January to 51% today, her highest showing.
    Among those age 65+, Clinton leads by 20 points; the more seniors who vote, the better Clinton does. But there is offsetting momentum among younger voters, some of whom may be first-time voters, and not all of whom may show-up at the precinct. 1 in 4 of SurveyUSA’s likely voters say they have already voted. Among those who say they have already voted, Obama leads by 16 points. Among those who say they will vote on Primary Day, Obama and Clinton are effectively tied.

  427. I’m telling you now, Hillary is going to end up with the popular vote.

    If she wins in Indiana, keeps it close or wins in NC, then has huge blowouts in KY and WV and PR, then the popular vote goes to her.

    That will be huge news.

  428. Why is her indiana poll sinking! Please someone explain this! Every poll has her at 6 7 12 it was 5.3 now it is 5.0 WTF!!!!!!!!!

  429. winhillary

    What does it matter? No poll has been 100% accurate this election cycle. The only poll that is acurate and matters will be the voting booth polls tomorrow.

  430. You know i was thinking earlier with glee that if the bastards do manage to somehow force our girl out, that Hillary can just suspend her campaign and watch the republicans tear Obama right down before the August convention and watch Hillary pick up the pieces when they come begging.

    However i know she is going to win but in the off chance that the bastards knife her in the back, i think the above is not unfeasible to look forward to.

  431. Ok well someone do the math because it should be around 7! I can’t contact real clear and I know she will win hands down but when they mess with these polls it really ticks me off! So im chilled, but I will not let numbers play with voters heads when they are not even correct! We all look at the polls so just because I ask a question that is not positive does not make it less important!

  432. winhillary RCP is a big problem, they have consistently lowered her averages to make it look like she’s not ahead and its so blatantly deliberate now, i take no notice.

  433. WinHillary


    Survery USA has her up 12 in the last poll before tomorrow.
    Hillary Clinton: 54%
    Barack Obama: 42%
    Undecided: 1%

    Polls are nothing
    Only votes count

  434. The Eta Aquarids meteor shower peaks tonight and tomorrow night, a good sign for Hillary? Where is Idunn when we need her?

  435. I still can’t understand what happened to Idunn. I wondered if she went over to Taylors site but if she is, I can’t tell from postings.. I really did like her and I miss her as well.

  436. I miss Idunn too….

    Last posting I saw from her, she was feeling ill. Well I hope she’s OK and if she is ill, I hope she recovers for the inaugural ball.

  437. Fox slams Obama and praises Hillary’s IN ad. Hillary’s shows she gets it and understands families are struggling. Obama’s just negative on Hillary and offers no solutions.

  438. rjk, they are crossing over in droves because they dont want Bambi anywhere near the white house nomination, in case mccain fucks it up, as one repug put it today to me

  439. I think i am totally switching off tomorrow until polls close.

    Do they both close at the same time or not?

  440. Fox anchor mention the NYT poll and the analyst she was talking to laughed it off saying “if you want to know what people think, read the NYT and go the opposite way”

  441. fox is running with the WSJ report of secret deal between Obama and teamsters in exchange for their endorsement.

    Well that makes sense.

  442. I knew there was something up with that Teamsters endorsement, its a real back room deal i’d expect from Obama, i wonder if he’s screwed them over by reneging and thats why its coming out.

  443. Obama denies there was a deal. His denying it just gives the story more press. Who advises this idiot? Voters most likely wouldn’t hear about it before voting and he gives the story more play by denying it the night before 2 important elections.

  444. Jack Cafferty is a tool…the new word of today is PANDERING. Every single one of Obama’s supporters are using this word.

  445. Obama must be losing because his pr channels CNN & MSNBC are just insane today with this Hillary is BAD vs Obama is GOOD bullshit.

  446. Ask Tsongas how that worked out for him.

    I read that BO didn’t do any events today in NC. Just a closed door fundraiser, so I would say he is pretty confident there. I do not know why he would do a closed door fundraiser anywhere the day before two primaries. Weird.

  447. Pot meet Kettle

    Was Obama pandering when he rolled out ex gay McKlurkin to homophobic AA churchs.

    Was Obama pandering when talks all southern when he goes south.

    Was Obama pandering when he went to San Francisco and called small town america “clingers”

  448. bo is defeated .. he has the body language and tone. He’s given up on both states perhaps. He keeps saying he is tired .. what the hell does the think he’d feel like having the weight of the world on him .. he definitely is NOT prepared for the hard tasks. He needs a bottle and blanket and a crib. He makes me wanna puke and there is no way in hedoublell I’d ever cast a vote in a box for him.

  449. BO probably wants to do the fundraiser today because after tomorrow it might be a whole lot harder to get those dollars flowing in 🙂

  450. He’s creating a psychological problem by looking tired and saying he’s tired because its like being at work, people think you are lazy or just not up to the job.

  451. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20197952,00.html

    John & Elizabeth Edwards: What We Like (and Dislike) About Clinton & Obama

    By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

    Originally posted Monday May 05, 2008 05:10 PM EDT
    John and Elizabeth Edwards Photo by: Sonia Moskowitz / GlobeJohn & Elizabeth Edwards: What We Like (and Dislike) About Clinton & Obama
    Elizabeth Edwards likes Hillary Clinton’s plan for universal health insurance. Husband John Edwards doesn’t much care for Clinton’s “old politics.”

    So goes the his-and-her debate in the Edwards household (their kitchen, to be specific), as they spoke exclusively to PEOPLE Monday on the eve of primary voting in their homestate of North Carolina – the latest must-win state in this year’s protracted Democratic presidental nomination fight between Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.

    In their first joint interview since John, the Democratic former senator and 2004 vice presidential nominee, dropped out of the race in January, the couple named what they liked and disliked about each of the remaining Democrats – and Mrs. Edwards didn’t hesitate: “I like Hillary’s health care plan.”

    What doesn’t she like about the senator from New York and former first lady? “The lobbyist money,” she adds.

    On Obama, she says: “The fact that he has motivated so many young people to be involved, I think is fantastic.”

    But, she adds: “I don’t like his health care plan or his advertising on health care, which I think is misleading.”

    John Edwards Speaks Out
    Her husband, who said he got yet another phone call from Obama as recently as last week (both Clinton and Obama have heavily courted the Edwardses’ endorsement, and Mrs. Edwards said she had an email from one of the campaigns that very morning), also weighed in on the pros and cons.

    On Clinton: “I like something different about Hillary. I think her tenacity shows a real strength that’s inside her.”

    What doesn’t he like about Clinton? “Um, still a lot of the old politics,” John Edwards said.

    As for Obama, he says: “Sometimes I want to see more substance under the rhetoric.”

    But he cited two things he likes about the charismatic young senator from Illinois: “One is, I think he really does want to bring about serious change and a different way of doing things. And secondly, I think it’s a great symbolic thing to have an African-American who could be president.”

    Differing Opinions?
    At that, Mrs. Edwards rolled her eyes and, gripping the arms of her kitchen chair with some exaggeration, seemed about to lunge from her seat. “What about the great symbolic thing about a woman …”

    “It’s important. It’s important,” her husband said. “I know it.”

    Bottom line: the couple said they will not endorse either remaining candidate, saving their political capital for their own causes – his, fighting poverty; hers, fighting for universal health care.

  452. My take on polls….. I look at each poll (and consider the source) then I look at the trends to determine what is going on. The trends for NC and IN are good and look promising,My thought is, IN by +10 and NC by -3. (I have changed my numbers since this morining.)

  453. He is still listening to Axelrod, just playing out the clock. The only problem with that strategy is that it opens the door for “Overtime” and the SD’s in OT will go with a winner and not a whinner

  454. I just read 6 SDs endorsed BO today. Question, if they were going to endorse him why wait until he is losing ground and Hill is gaining ground?

    I am really pissed Edwards said that “old politics” thing. How are Hill’s politics any older than BO’s?

  455. moonpluto, dot, all,

    I agree that HRC just may pull it off tomorrow because a lot of Repubs are terrified of a Waffles presidency, especially in NC and IN.
    I think the repubs think HRC is better than waffles just like we think mcCain ist better than waffles. 👿

    Dot, your ‘horse’ sense seems right on, to me. Waffles is a ‘show’ horse, not a ‘work’ horse, and he wouldn’t last one month in the WH. Ever notice that purplish tinge to his lips? There is something wrong with him. he is not well, physically, i mean.

  456. Don’t worry about the old politics….Brit Hume just showed the transcript what Obama said to the union from March 2007….

    “You have a friend in whitehouse, someone you can trust and you will see things are done….”

    All the guests agreed that it is the old politics which he is running against….and turn out he is one of the old politics….

  457. Maybe, they are running out the clock, because he has the pledged delegates, and she cannot catch that.

  458. Scarborough’s a dreamer. I want nothing more than for Hill to win NC. Unfortunately, we have not seen more thabn one poll with her in the lead and that was a week ago. It may happen. But I’d say odds are at about 10%.

  459. Mark Haprein is showing 3 SD for Obama and 1/2 for Hillary. I would LOVE to know what Hillary’s internal numbers look like. 🙂

  460. I know, waffles received 3 add on SDs from Illinois, 2 from MD. Was there another one from OK?

  461. B Merryfield:

    You are so right. You can see where the negativity is (trolls in sheeps clothing) on this sight.

  462. Jas,

    We’re almost indistinguishable. My guess is Ind by 4-7, NC -3 / -1.

    Anything more is some very tasty gravy, and fuck any pathetic pundit suggesting otherwise (bearing in mind my guesstimate and $2 gets you on the bus).

    Should she ever pull off a sweep, they will never acknowledge the absurd mountains she has had to climb just to get where she is –
    which is within striking distance of putting Obama down for the count.

    Tomorrow will be a very good day.

  463. the tactics of Obama I have learned are –

    SD endorsement prior to election –> to show that he is the one and make the gap of delegate count bigger for HRD

    false report of SD endorsement after a situation (such as the bad debate prior to PA) and quoting that HRC was too negative, turned off SDs….in the end, he only got a couple out of 6, 7 they quoted….

    his campaign has only one element “Obama”; once this element is damaged….he is done….

    Now, let’s hope Joe and Fox will play the teamster’s script non-stop to show he is truly a product of “old politics”…..

  464. Just a few weeks ago pundits were saying that a Hillary win in NC would be earth shattering. You don’t hear that anymore, amazing how they keep moving the bar for Hillary.

  465. Gee, no MSM mention on Newsweek piece saying why Oprah left the Trinity church?

    Seem to remember there was some coverage when she endorsed and campaigned with Wonder Boy. Cocksuckers…

  466. Guys!

    Let’s do the candle/prayer event tonight at 9 pm est!

    Also, put a winning picture of Hillary on your desktop background so whenever you think of her, send positive vibes!

    Let’s go HILL-TEAM!

  467. What amazes me, is how anyone can believe that a politician coming out of Chicago, could somehow, be representative of a “new type of politics.” He came up through the dirty Chicago machine.

  468. curiosityhasme, .. yuppers. Lots of whiners and handwringers spreading as much doubt, doom and gloom as possible, all in the guise of showing concern (glass half empty, I think someone likes to say). Well, take that doggone concern over to the Daily Obama. They’re gonna need all the help they can get after tomorrow!

  469. meiyingsu,

    Yes, I know it’s a Dem primary but a lot of repubs are either responding to Rush’s ‘operation chaos’ and switching party affiliation just for the primary or becoming ‘democrats for a day” just to keep Waffles out of the WH.

    IMHO, that is.

  470. I am independent and I follow policies….I have a simple rationale which I firmly believe “the more money a politician raised, the more ties to lobbyists”. Obama got too much money in primary, if he gets the nomination, he will get more money……the predictable outcomes are ??????

  471. As much as I complain about MSM the WaPo, have to give them their due today for a fine & enjoyable piece about our 42nd President working the back hills of NC.

  472. I caught the tail end of Bill Clinton speaking in a rural area in NC. It was so touching at the end. He wound his way (slowly) through the crowd, shaking hands, posing for pictures, holding babies, and best of all, it was obvious, how well loved he is, by so many people. I had tears in my eyes. He is getting many votes for Hillary.

  473. B Merryfield:

    …All in the guise of showing concern…when not playing “blog police”, another ploy to appear sanctimonious…would be interesting to see how many email addresses/monikers these “Hill” (BHO) supporters have. Hmmm…..nope, not fooled for a minute. Only trying to get ANY tidbit to carry back to some private BHO site. Disgusting.

  474. B Merryfield, I saw somewhere (I think this site) that Rezko could take a deal with Fitzgerald, if so, what would this do to Obama (if anything)?

  475. even though this article i think was meant as possitive for BO i couldn’t help think it wasn’t that good for him really……
    but i found it interesting that his campaign isn’t taking calls or calling back………sure sign of his “elitism”!!

    h t t p : / / blog.washingtonpost.com/sleuth/2008/05/a_frustrated_rep_abercrombie_h.html

    here is the first half of it…..second half is better for him but not by much.

    A Frustrated Rep. Abercrombie Has Advice for Obama

    Hey, Obama Campaign, Look, Over Here!

    Would the Obama campaign please hush and listen to Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) for crying out loud? He’s desperately trying to tell you something – but you won’t listen. In fact, you won’t event take his phone calls.

    “I call all the time but I never get through,” a wildly frustrated Abercrombie tells the Sleuth.

    Abercrombie, an old friend of Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) parents — they went to graduate school together at the University of Hawaii — proudly claims to be the first member of Congress who endorsed Obama for president. But he says he and other Obama surrogates in the House are fed up with the campaign constantly ignoring them.

    “We’re seen as people who don’t know much about politics. We only manage to get elected every other year,” he griped. “It’s not like I’m Mr. Know It All, but…”

    Pick up the phone, Chicago! Here’s a dose of what you’ll hear:

    On Obama’s opposition to a gas tax holiday, Abercrombie says “Don’t belittle people who are looking to save twenty-five, fifty or a hundred bucks. Don’t give them the impression you’re belittling them.”

    “People want to hear what you’re going to do for them. Senator Clinton is doing that,” he says.

    His biggest beef about Obama’s campaign style: “He’s got to get away from lectures and essays and start hammering home his message to voters. This is not Denzel Washington in the ‘Great Debaters.'”

    And another thing: “Stop this business of trying to get hold of the Indiana superdelegates. You’ve got to win these states! You’ve got to put a message out there!”

  476. The one take away tomorrow is look at the exist polls, and see what demographics Obama did/did’nt do good with, the key will be white working class and white males (IMHO).

  477. Yes, those articles about BC are great. I heard on riverdaughter’s blog that BC is getting excellent coverage in NC. The notion(to use BO’s favorite word) that some how Bill is a hinderance is laughable.

  478. JAS … there won’t be any Rezko deal. The Chicago papers have floated that idea but it will never happen. No defense, Rezko’s not going to testify. He’s a soldier. End of story.

  479. I just saw that both sides have rested and closings will be next week…. Thanks for all your hard work!!! I can only hope that some of the Rezko “stink” will get on Obama!

  480. He’s probably counting on a pardon if a certain someone gets elected. He’ll regret that.

  481. MJ: Bill is only a hinderance to Waffles, because Bill pulls in so many votes for Hillary. How many do you think MO brings in?

  482. he will only go on the factor i am sure because he’s going to get trounced tomorrow! 😀

  483. Here is my hope in NC…Guam. I think Hill won Guam, so how did it change overnight. BO predicted he would win by 11. I think he lost. I don’t buy the seven votes thing. So, is there something missing in the polls? A collapse? And, what about those poor whites we have read about coming out and early voting in droves for Hill? Are these people getting polled? It looks like a loss of 3 points but if there is something happening that the polls are not registering, then all bets are off. Anyone know why SUSA would have it 52% women, 48% men? That has not been true in any state I can recall.

  484. What options does Rezko have? If he cops a plea and testifies against the machine, they’ll find his body wearing cement boots in Lake Michigan.

    All he can really do is shut his mouth and take his prison term…unless Auchi can get him out of the country (which was probably the plan when Fitzgerald threw his ass in jail for bail violations.)

  485. birdgal Says:

    May 5th, 2008 at 8:01 pm
    MJ: Bill is only a hinderance to Waffles, because Bill pulls in so many votes for Hillary. How many do you think MO brings in?

    No kidding. that started with the media in SC(well, also Iowa, but big time in SC). Yet, Hill won 22% of the black vote in SC where BC campaigned for that vote. He hasn’t campaigned for that vote since, and she hasn’t won that vote in those numbers since. He’s going to Raliegh tonight. I’ll be interested to learn what the crowd is like.

  486. Hi again, Hillfriends: Justme, Birdgal, Basil: I’m in – candle lighting at 9pmEST/8pmCST – I did one last night.

  487. just…..

    don’t pay attention to his ads……..no one watches the ads anyways…most people are on Tv ad over load and go to the biffy instead of watching

    and if they do watch…… i think that most just think negatively on him since he is nothing but negative these days

  488. oh one more thing on the tv ads…..

    I always think when i see a ton of negative ads by a candidate that they are “desperate” I am sure i am not alone

  489. HILLARY 45
    OBAMA 48





    I mean four negative ads in six days!

  491. Informed,

    What’s the sense you’re getting about Indiana? (You are in the neighboring state, right?)

    Are you seeing and hearing ads? Are they mostly Waffles? What about newspaper coverage?

    My candle’s lit. I did one last night, as well. 😀

  492. Informed: I did one last night, and I will light one at 6 p.m. PST; 9 p.m.EST.

    Just: thank you for linking those lovely photos from IN. Was Neeta in any of those photos?

  493. HI, Basil: I told you my polling in NW Indiana was very encouraging – and I heard canvass results from others there on Saturday that were even better: Hillary, 2-1. I don’t have any other first-hand info – Neetabug is in South Bend and maybe can update us. I haven’t seen ads in our Chicago market – just posted on blogs. Of course, I don’t watch local networks much.

  494. Newt Gingrich says Hillary will win Barbara Walters asked him on the view today and he just repeated it on FixNews as Dumbazz Olberban says.


    Go VOTE! His interview was fair (I think)


  496. Talking about Wright stole someones wife whom he is married to as we speak. Juan Williams think Wright will be a bigger issue in the fall
    OOOOOO Kinky Friedman think that the 3 rev’s Rev Sharpton, Rev Jackson, Rev Wright want Obama to fail. I watched Kinky on Imus last week tell him (Imus) off about Hillary stating that she was the better candidate between her and Nobama stating that we need someone who is strong.

    Hillary44 2008

  497. Hillary Clinton to Return to Evansville Tonight
    Dated: 05/05/2008 14:42:32

    EVANSVILLE – New York Senator Hillary Clinton will be in Evansville tonight, holding a last-minute rally at Central High School.

    The event is scheduled to begin around 9:30pm, but NEWS 25 is told the doors will open two hours before. Hillary’s campaign also told us that you will not need a ticket to attend.

    NEWS 25 will have special coverage of the event throughout the evening, and will stream her visit live right here on news25.us.

    Bookmark this page now, and come back around 9:30pm to watch from your desktop!


  498. bills poll results

    Q: Has the Factor’s coverage of Barack Obama been too easy, fair, or too hard?

    Answer Percent
    Too easy
    Too hard

    Total Votes: 61032

  499. DOT,
    I caught a glimpse of an 8bellspic and i just wanna throw up. I can’t see certain images without them playing over and over in my head . . . . i changed channels fast so I hope it fades . . .

    Anyway, all, Juan Williams, insightful as always, said he thinks Dean brought up the race and repub link on Chris MAthews coz Dean is determined to make Waffles the nomineen and is putting the repubs on notice that they WILL be targeted as racist – no matter what they say.

    What do y’all think about that? Rasmussen and Gallup polls both give Indian edge to HRC, NC edge to Waffles. Maybe I’ll light another candle.

  500. Q: Is the Obama/Wright story important to you?

    Answer Percent

    Total Votes: 75236

  501. MY new Men Juan Williams, Pat Buchanan, Joe Scarbourgh, Carl Jeffers. Carl Jeffers has done some great interviews on Don Imus and has stated since Jan Or Feb that Hillary is the better candidate.

  502. 😳
    Informed, thanks for the update. i’m rather distracted and didn’t catch the previous post.

    Hey, Moon! Bet you have a wicked hangiver, 😉

  503. Dean and co is so stupid going to try to make him the nominee even if it means disaster which it will ahhhhhhhhhhh but it wont bcause

    Hillary44 2008

  504. Bill O is really pandering to get Waffless on his show. Trying to act like he is ready to give up Wright issue, ready to move on. He also argues with Newt about Florida and Michigan.

    Are there any legistlators working in FLA and MI now to try to get their voters rights?

    I swear if they refuse to count the votes but allow the delegation to be seated after they give him the nomination .. those people in Florida and Mi will make the party pay in November.

    Howard Dean is stupidier than rocks. Why does he feel that Rev. Wright has nothing to do with Obama..he was part of his campaign, he is anti American and its just like Juan said .. they want to scare the repubs into thinking that anything repubs talk aout regarding Wright will be called racists…

  505. had to change from OR .. those pics of Eight belles .. gutwrenching. I’ll have to find another Xanax now ..

  506. marie,
    Yeah, they got into the 3 revs, Sharpton, Wright and Jackson and how they DON’T want Waffles to win coz it will make them irrelevant and theyll be thrown under the bus, It’s getting awfully crowded under there.
    And they’re talking about how they can’t deny the AA candidate even if he diesn’t have a chance in hell of winning.

    What a friggin disaster. 😥

  507. dot,

    i just took ambien. don’t watch anymore. Such a spectacular, hearted graceful flawless creature . . . why weren’t they more careful?
    It’s a tragedy.
    Eye problems tonight so must get off. hold down the fort. Big day is almost here,

    hugs all,

  508. basil .. I take ambien too .. usually about 10 at night. They aren’t as effective as at first but I do not sleep any if I don’t take sleeping aid. I have terrible insomnia.

  509. mj .. he’s fundraising in a “closed” forum. He’s just too tired to work anymore.

    I thought it was so funny .. he had all that stuff memorized from MTP…he had all of Timmey’s questions and the answers down pat and when Matt interviewed him he kept calling Matt Timmey…

  510. dot: I read “10 ambien” and just about fell off my couch. I’m a nurse, so that amount, might just be an overdose.

  511. birdgal, soon as I looked at what I typed it hit me too .. I suppose 10 would put me in a coma maybe

  512. I’ve been calling NC all day
    It is certainly winnable
    Pick up the phone!!!
    Yes We Can

  513. justmein, Chelsea was at the Derby on Saturday and in NC yesterday. Not sure about today.

  514. Dean is determined to make Waffles the nomineen and is putting the repubs on notice that they WILL be targeted as racist – no matter what they say.

    As if Republican strategists care if you call them racists. Dean is such a tool.

  515. dean is just plain ignorant! BO will never win! There are just too many of us willing to work hard to make sure McCain wins if Bambi get the nod!

  516. I’m getting the CR next time.

    Rove says the credentials committee is picked by Dean and that Hillary will have little chance with them regarding Florida and Michigan.

    God, help us ..

  517. That was a very interesting article about Mr. Damn Better Than everybody Else/Mr Im black only when its conveinent/or When he wants to be bi-racial when pandering to white voters the “dont be scared of the black man I’m white toooo. He used the AA community and His crazy uncle/Angry black ex-marine/RAcist Mentor pastor so I am not suprised about the artile in the Washington Post tell Rep Albercrombie the chickens are coming home to roose once he has your endorsement or vote.

    The Sleuth
    Washington Post Blog
    A frustrated Rep Albercrombie

  518. Hi everyone–taking a break from calling. Whew! I truly have a cauliflower ear.

    If you haven’t done so yet, please drop by http://www.savagepolitics.com and read my story: unholy trinity of hate. Senor Obama has a bit part, but it’s juicy 🙂

    I am in nervous mode about tomorrow. So I call and call and when I’m tired I answer comments on the article 🙂

    Please do stop by and say what you think. mydd refused to publish this one. They will pubish hate Israel articles over there–but not one article about anti-Semitism in Obama campaign and AA community in general.

  519. hwc: Dean is a tool. Wright is relevant, and speaks volumes about waffles character and judgement (lack of). How could he sit and listen to this nut for 20 years? If anyone is racist, it might just be waffles. “Typical white person.”

  520. Your right Birdgal Obama and Michelle are closeted racist radicals. I have been telling my son that since they cried about the race card being played in SC against Bill Clinton. I am a 53 yr black female and I would never vote for this lying phony nor his ugly wife. Sorry she is not 1st lady material. I am a angry black female sometimes so beleive you me I know one when I see one.

  521. wright is a big organized event…..if it doesn’t bring Obama down now, wright issue becomes a smaller issue going forward….

    obama has to address it sometime, now is better than later….and they can’t afford to go lightly…so, they organized this way as if wright is going against obama….