Pillows For Barack Obama; People For Hillary Clinton

This morning, Hillary Clinton will appear on the ABC network’s This Week program. Barack Obama will appear on the NBC network’s Meet The Press program.

Hillary Clinton will answer questions from George Stephanopoulous and from voters in North Carolina and Indiana. Barack Obama declined to appear on the program.

If Obama persists in not debating and answering the many questions there are about his almost unknown history (his books are barely disguised fiction) news outlets should take a cue from ABC – hold a forum, invite both candidates. If one of the candidates refuses to answer questions then persist with the forum and have the fearless candidate appear.

Besides Hillary Clinton on ABC, this morning we will witness Tim Russert once again fluff pillows to make Obama comfortable. Will Russert interview Obama with the same ferocity Russert interviews Hillary? Will Russert show past Obama videotapes to force Obama to finally provide honest answers? Will Russert follow-up his questions with further inquiries or will Russert once again allow Obama to say what he wishes without fear of contradiction by the historical record? Will Russert ask Obama why he mouthed a speech on race instead of answering question about Obama’s judgement these past 20 years?

We will all have the answers to the above questions later today. We are not expecting much from the Russert interview of Obama. We will, as usual, have our already high expectations exceeded by Hillary Clinton’s answers in the townhall forum on ABC.