Hillary Clinton Works

The polls look good. Hillary looks better (she’ll be on O’Reilly again tonight). Obama is increasingly vetted by the people who know him best – like his “Pastor”. Big Media outlet Meet The Press will try to salvage Obama this Sunday but fail. The dead bodies under the Obama bus increase. Every day it becomes more apparent that Hillary “Annie Oakley” Clinton has the ovaries to be President and Obama lacks the um… er… attributes necessary for the job.

But now is not the time to celebrate or cheer. Now is the time to work. Hillary works.

Make calls for Hillary Clinton to upcoming states (HERE).

DONATE. Convince friends and families to donate if you don’t have the funds. Don’t forget to add the 44 cents!

Hillary Works. Let’s all work.

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The economy and contrast with Obama:

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  1. Ok, here are the NC polls via RCP:

    Poll Date Sample Obama Clinton Spread

    RCP Average 04/26 -04/29 — 48.4 41.2 Obama+7.2

    Mason-Dixon 04/28 – 04/29 49 42 Obama +7.0

    Insider Adv 04/29 -04/29 42 44 Clinton +2.0

    I wish we had just a little more time. I think we could pull off a win.

  2. Berk, I really think we can. We afre so close now. I wish these stupid Dem’s would stop knocking the gas tax holiday. They do not understand political framing at all.

  3. Sent this to the latest Judas. FDRjim would appreciate it if we could all let him know how we feel, with protests:

    JoeAndrew2008@gmail.com or jandrew@sonnenschein.com
    Please check your calander Joe.

    Did Howard know you were going to make this big splash about ending the primary before schedule ?

    If so, please forward this to him and to Leahy…

    The last primary is the first week in June…the convention is late August. Many state conventions are in June and July.

    Stop messing with this party’s and the country’s democratic process.

    All you are doing is making 57% of the registered Democrats madder than we already were. (And that percentage grows every time one of you so-called power persons pulls a grandstanding stunt like this.

    Raised in South Bend, educated at DePauw, so not a stranger to Indiana,

    xxxxx xxxxxxxx

    This is from FDRjim:

    Make sure everyone points out to Andrew that the primary process has not been completed – that our own party set the calendar to extend into June – to call for the primaries to end is akin to disenfranchising the “would be voters” to those of us in Florida – To put candidate preference above the voting rights of US Citizens is not only disgusting but an outright assault on core tenets of our democracy – anyone, including Leahy who made similar calls, should never, NEVER be in a leadership position. I AM SO PISSED!!!!

  4. judging by todays polls and what i am reading, they are not buying Bambi’s explanation, especially the independents.

    Rassmussen looks unbelievably bad for him today and if it is bad, it means its much worse than that.

    I mean New Hampshires voter are saying this, its bad because they are a good sounding board.

    Fifty-three percent (53%) of New Hampshire voters have followed news stories about Obama’s former Pastor Very Closely. Another 32% have followed the story Somewhat Closely. Most (53%) say that Obama was not surprised by Wright’s views expressed to the media on Monday. Only 32% believe the Democratic frontrunner was surprised. A plurality of Democrats (47%) were willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt on this point, but most unaffiliated voters and an overwhelming percentage of Republicans were not.

    Fifty-four percent (54%) of New Hampshire voters say it’s at least Somewhat Likely that Obama shares some of Pastor Wright’s controversial views about the United States. That figure includes 73% of Republicans, 55% of unaffiliated voters, and 36% of Democrats.

    Most voters (56%) say Obama denounced Wright because it was politically convenient. Only 33% believe he was truly outraged.

  5. http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/rubin/4141

    Obama’s Bad Numbers

    New NBC/Wall Street Journal and NY Times/CBS polls have plenty of data to worry Obamaphiles. In the head-to-head national RealClearPolitics.com averages Barack Obama’s lead over Hillary Clinton is shrinking fast. (And many of these polls surveyed voters in significant part before the latest Wright eruption.)

    A few tidbits from the NBC/WSJ poll: Obama has dropped 5 points in the “has background/set of values I identify with” and 48% find Obama’s associations with Wright and Bill Ayers a major or moderate concern.

    From the NY Times/CBS poll: Obama now is tied with John McCain while Clinton beats him in the head-to-head match ups. And things are heading in the wrong direction on other counts as the Times explains:

    The real news is now Clinton has more than Harold Ickes’ hunches to discuss with the superdelegates. The Times lets on that “some party leaders and superdelegates said the Wright controversy has given them pause, raising questions about Mr. Obama’s electability in the general election next fall.” Imagine that. Superdelegates are precisely the type of people (elected official, professional poll watchers, scared of their constituents) who are the most likely to “pause” ( which may be Times-speak for “break out in a cold sweat”) when they see a political firestorm and don’t know if all the shoes have dropped.

  6. I don’t know about this one……….what do you think? is it for real???????????????????


    MADDOCKS: Democrats demand that Wright get out of the presidential race
    By Philip Maddocks
    Thu May 01, 2008, 12:51 PM EDT

    Framingham – Several prominent Democrats are calling on the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. to get out of the presidential race for the good of the party.

    Senator Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont said Wright should quit the race because he is hurting Mr. Obama “more than anything John McCain has said — and who knows what he could do to Hillary Clinton if he really put his mind to it.”

    “There is no way that the Rev. Wright is going to win enough delegates to get the nomination,” Mr. Leahy told Vermont Public Radio. “He ought to withdraw, and he ought to be backing Senator Obama.

    “Now, obviously that’s a decision that only we can make. Frankly, I feel that he would have a tremendous career in the Senate.”

    Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said that either Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama or Jeremiah Wright needs to drop out of the presidential race in June in order for Democrats to win the White House in November.

    “We really can’t have a divided convention. If we do it’s going to be very hard for me to heal afterwards,” Mr. Dean said during an interview with Barbara Walters Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

    Dean didn’t say whether it should be the two presumptive nominees — Clinton or Obama — or the upstart candidate, Wright, who should drop out, only that it should happen after the voters had their say in the primaries and on YouTube.

    “This is not about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright,” Mr. Dean said. “This is about me and our party.”

    The other three candidates all sought to distance themselves from Wright’s campaign.

    McCain, the Republican Party nominee, challenged Obama and Clinton to repudiate Wright’s candidacy as he has, adding that he suspected that Wright had been trained in Iran.

    David Axelrod, the Obama campaign’s chief strategist, questioned closely this morning on MSNBC, said the senator from Illinois found the Rev. Wright’s campaign powerful, uplifting, and inspiring, but he disagreed with much of it.

    Asked if she would pledge to run as his vice president should Wright win the nomination, Clinton said, “Absolutely not — at least not before I talk to some Super Delegates.”

    In an appearance this morning at the White House Rose Garden, the Rev. Wright admitted that until this week he hadn’t realized he had been in the race, but now that he was in it, he would stay there for the long haul.

    “The chicken is coming home to roost,” he said.
    Wright mixed biblical passages and scholarly works with sarcasm and humor in his efforts to address the reasons why he is now in the race for president.

    “This race isn’t about Barack Obama. This race isn’t about Hillary Clinton. This race isn’t about John McCain. This race is about Jeremiah Wright. Just listen to the candidates. I’m all they are talking about. And I am all they will be talking about. I tried to stay silent. I tried to stay on the sidelines. But the candidates have spoken, and I have answered.”

    During his remarks today, Mr. Wright chided the media for distorting his sermons and for its ignorance of biblical history and black worship traditions. He said a presidential campaign was the only way to set the record straight and have his remarks distorted in a more public forum “where we can all come to a common misunderstanding.”

    He said calls for him to withdraw from the race were premature since his media blitz — speeches before the NAACP in Detroit and the National Press Club in Washington and a televised interview with Bill Moyers — had only just begun.

    What is clear, said the reverend, is that “when Jeremiah Wright speaks, all of America listens — whether they agree with him or not, they listen.”

    As a result of the unfamiliarity of many white people with black candidates, he said, some will probably find his upcoming campaign speeches unsettling, but he warned that any attacks on his campaign speeches are really attacks on the black church.

    He said he was unconcerned about what the Democratic Party, the Republican party, “or any party” thought of his candidacy.

    “This country’s leaders have refused to apologize to me,” Wright said. “So until that apology comes, I’m not going to keep stepping on your foot and asking you, does this hurt do you forgive me for stepping on your foot, if I’m still stepping on your foot. Understand that?”

    (Philip Maddocks can be reached at pmaddock@cnc.com)

  7. Northwestern University has decided withdraw an offer to Reverend Jeremiah Wright for an honorary degree.

    Wright’s comments on race have become a major issue in the Democratic race for president. He was to receive an honorary doctorate in sacred theology at Northwestern’s commencement in June.

    The university says the controversy around Wright might detract from the celebratory nature of the graduation ceremony.

  8. # texan4hillary Says:
    May 1st, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    just read hillary is getting 4 add on superds tommorrow from ny on demcon

    Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo!!! 😀

  9. ooops-thepage says she picked up 5 superds today!
    Clinton nabs four New York supers — Attorney General Cuomo, Comptroller DiNapoli, former Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields and Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo — after state elects its add-ons.
    She is also expected to get Connecticut AFL-CIO President John Olsen.

  10. t4h, great news!

    BTW, dija, I’m sure that’s a joke, lol. Sounds like something from the Onion.

  11. From the last posted article, I was asked for Brian Colon’s email. He has not declared yet, remember, but his actions speak Obama. So you might want to give his some strong reasons to change his mind:


    Below is our other undeclared person, Rep Udall. He is running for Domenici’s seat, and probable will not declare until this is decided. He wants to be a Senator.

    So you might just give some Hillary Achievements so that if he declares for Hillary, he has some points in mind.


  12. texan4hillary Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 1:41 pm
    just read hillary is getting 4 add on superds tommorrow from ny on demcon



  13. Just on a rant rampage today, Hillfans.


  14. paula

    I kinda thought it was a “spoof” of sorts……..but i found it fun none the less 😀

  15. yup, they all fled to the rabbit hole for cover, not one of them has said a peep since then.

    I suspect a lot of them are hedging bets so they don’t caught out.

  16. My personal opinion, the Andrews Judas act is merely the flicker just before the lights go out permanently! 🙂

  17. hillfans, rasmussen has hillary up by 5 in indiana. indiana is looking more solid everyday. nc is inching closer. we have 5 days to pull it out! gallup and rasmussen national numbers are also looking sweet for hillary! YAY! the momentum is on hillary’s side!

  18. seems he picks up 5 sd’s today to hill’s one so far. Have those 4 for tomorrow been verified?

  19. confloyd 😀

    it’s like the last few seconds before the sled on ice hit’s a BIG TREE at the bottom …you can clearly see it coming, you wish it wasn’t going to happen…..you panic! try to steer the sled out of the way…..but its just too late to change the trajectory of the fact your going to hit the bottom and that tree……..game over! 😀

  20. Well, I have been thinking about Guam, we all must understand that NOI and NBPP have had their plane tickets to Guam for months, I am concerned though. I wish I was rich enough to fly around for Hillary. There is no goon large enough or mean enough to get me to compromise belief that Hillary is the best and only candiate in this race on both sides that should have the honor of being our next POTUS!

  21. fox-hillary camp feels having a white man telling voters to shut it down will give ehr another boost ans she plans to use it in her stump in the close. also hillary has caches of supers like today and releases them.

  22. the superds are front in center on thepage.com. fox just reported it as well. 4 are add ons from ny, 1 is from ct.

  23. I have to confess, that I am scared to make calls, I have such a bad temper, that I am afraid someone will piss me off. Hillary doesnt need that. I have bloged on a few newspapers though! I wish I could do more. I am a delegate in Texas and nothing short of them kidnapping one of my kids or grandkids could get me to change me mind!

  24. Guam could be a surprise for us. We will see but as its a caucus and we know how Obama’s lot manipulate those.

  25. WOW



    THE FAT RAT ….




  27. wonder about the caches Hillary has stored up. Everyone seems lately to think her campaign has renewed energy .. maybe they know they have enough.

  28. He must really have something on the SDs for them to be still be declaring for him. In addition, I don’t see how SDs change the picture. He has had plenty of them come out, and the polls keep sliding.

    What seems to impact the polls are things that happen in the campaign (Wright, words, interceded messages to Canada, performance in debates). Well we know they will try to shut up Wright, I assume they have become careful about putting anything in words on paper or email, I assume he is keeping his mouth shut when he is having private conversations, and we know there are no more Debates.

    So that just leaves us with the Sermons. Did you see where someone said that the Sermon he gave on race, following the initial Wright blowup was political. In fact it was Wright himself, and he said that Obama’s infamous speech, which was compared to Lincoln, was PURE POLITICAL.

    Well so much for Sermons.

  29. confloyd Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 2:14 pm
    I have to confess, that I am scared to make calls, I have such a bad temper, that I am afraid someone will piss me off.

    LOL! I know the feeling. That’s why I can never keep a customer service job.

  30. Contribution Details
    Date: May 01, 2008 2:06 PM EDT
    Contact:****** CA 9**70
    714 ***-****
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    DIGG DEEPER ,,,DEEPER …$5 $10 $20 $100 OR ANY AMOUNT


  31. Please pass this on:

    The primary election in Indiana is in a ‘dead heat’ and Hillary is
    going to need all the delegates she can get from North Carolina to win
    this election. There are a LOT of delegates at stake in these two
    primaries. It has been proven that telephone callers have had a major
    positive impact on Hillary’s outcome. PLEASE consider becoming one

    What we do, as Hillary Clinton volunteers, over the next week, can
    make a huge difference in her ability to win this primary election. We
    need telephone canvassers to help contact the undecided voters. This
    can be done with no expense to you, regardless of your residence.

    Please view this web page for more information:


    To fill out our telephone volunteer form, click here:


    Please pass this message on to others who support Hillary Clinton.
    She needs our help!

    Take Care, Sharon


  32. Sonia, you are so great. What are you cutting out today so the family won’t notice the benjamin? I know yesterday is was your maid. 🙂

  33. nikki22 Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 2:19 pm
    confloyd Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 2:14 pm
    I have to confess, that I am scared to make calls, I have such a bad temper, that I am afraid someone will piss me off.

    LOL! I know the feeling. That’s why I can never keep a customer service job.


    then just for fun make calls on behalf of obama camp ,,and piss people off ,,so they can vote for hillaryyyyyyy

  34. today ,,,,

    i just told my hubby

    everything is mine half too

    so just shut his mouth
    and go to work

    and by the way ,,,leave ur credit card home ,,,,,

  35. since i am always nice,,

    take care of his mom,,dad,,home,,his family ,,,kids,,cooking ,,

    he was stunned ,,,..he left his card ,and said ,,,sorry…

    he ws saying ,,(,i hope hillary wins ,,or i am afriad u will eat me alive)

  36. I read that article about the AA’s from Bambi’s church are throwing him under the bus! 🙂
    That is what they are scared as hell about now! We sure need to make sure everyone reads that and see’s the video of the NC’s voter for Hillary! I bet this whole Andrews thing is a reaction to the polls about the AA’s.
    Eeew! Nasty John Kerry yesterday whining a saying “Leeeaaaavvve Baaarrrrryyy Alonnnnne, Pleeese! LOL! The loser is mad at the tiny little bad coverage that Barry has had in the last few weeks, and Hillary has had to put up with it for over 16 years and a lot worse! They are all whiners, whiners, the lot of them!!!

  37. Like I said yesterday, I still dont understand why is Obama still getting superdelegates

  38. confloyd Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    i hope,,,,AA in NC throw him under the bus


    May 1st, 2008 at 2:29 pm
    confloyd Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    i hope,,,,AA in NC throw him under the bus

    Me too.

  40. Well Sonia, I got several AA’s last night to sign fdrjim’s petition to count the votes in Florida and I am hoping for more today! 🙂

  41. I love calling, but sometimes I feel weird because I don’t have that great southern accent.

  42. justmeinmountdorafl,
    The same reason he will continue to get votes. The same reason many repubs still love GW Bush. Once you’ve put your trust in a candidate its very difficult to then admit to yourself you’ve been bamboozled.

  43. C’Mon Barack: Be Serious

    According to Jodi Kantor and Michael Powell, “A Strained Wright-Obama Bond Finally Snaps,” in this morning’s Times, this is the explanation of the final break between the candidate and the clergyman:

    “As Mr. Obama told close friends after watching the replay, he felt dumbfounded, even betrayed, particularly by Mr. Wright’s implication that Mr. Obama was being hypocritical. He could not tolerate that.”

    C’mon Barack: your preacher said many truly awful things about America, certainly more awful than that one suggestion that you might be a phony.

    Do not go vain on us.

  44. confloyd Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 2:31 pm
    Well Sonia, I got several AA’s last night to sign fdrjim’s petition to count the votes in Florida and I am hoping for more today!


    good job ,,,,

  45. Admin

    You have a way…

    admin Says:
    May 1st, 2008 at 1:14 pm (the first video comment today)

    You definately have a way, of adding an antidote, an insight, a fable, of turning our temporary poison into an energizing potion.


  46. One superdelegate commits to Clinton
    By Steve Limtiaco • Pacific Daily News • April 29, 2008

    At least one of Guam’s five unpledged “superdelegates” to the Democratic National Convention in August has decided to use her vote to nominate presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton.
    Yes, I support Clinton,” said Guam Democratic Party committee woman Taling Taitano, whose position within the party structure gives her a full vote for president at the convention in Denver.

    But candidate Sen. Barack Obama could be getting one of the island’s other superdelegate votes, even though the national media has reported that vote also going to Clinton.

    Guam Democratic Party Chairman Tony Charfauros yesterday said he is about to appoint either Sen. Benjamin Cruz or attorney Mike Phillips to a vacant superdelegate position — the party’s “committee man” position. Cruz and Philips are both Obama supporters.

    Charfauros said his appointment of Cruz or Philips — which must happen “soon” — would also have to be approved by Guam’s central executive committee and then by the Democratic National Committee.

    Although Sen. David Shimizu — a Clinton supporter — is running unopposed for the Guam committee man position during the party’s ongoing village elections, Charfauros said Shimizu’s term as committee man would not begin until after the national convention. Former Guam Del. Robert Underwood, who now is University of Guam president, resigned the committee man position, creating the vacancy.

    The island’s other three superdelegate votes belong to Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo and to the chairman and vice chairman of Guam’s Democratic Party.

    Bordallo has not yet said which candidate she supports with her superdelegate vote.

    Charfauros said the team that wins the village elections for chairman and vice chairman will attend the convention as superdelegates. Three teams are running.

    Delegate votes
    The remaining four Guam delegate votes to the Democratic National Convention will be decided by island Democrats at the polls this weekend. Eight delegates will be elected, each with a half vote at the convention.

    Inarajan Democrats cast 278 ballots in the party-run caucus in that village last Saturday, and about 100 residents registered as Democrats at the polling site, said Herbie Perez, nominating chairwoman for the ongoing elections.

    Democrats in the remaining villages are scheduled to hold their elections this Saturday, but Inarajan voted a week early because its village fiesta takes place this weekend. The Inarajan results will not be counted until the Guam Democratic Party begins to count all ballots after the polls close at 8 p.m. this Saturday, Perez said.

    Ballots will be tallied at the Legislature’s public hearing room Saturday evening, she said, and results should be available that evening.

    Democrats who head to the polls are asked to select either Clinton or Obama as the party nominee for president. They also can vote for local delegates who are running as supporters of Obama, Clinton, or uncommitted. There is no crossing over, so voters who select Obama or Clinton must vote for as many as four male and four female delegates who represent their candidate.


  47. justmeinmountdorafl Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 2:28 pm
    Like I said yesterday, I still dont understand why is Obama still getting superdelegates

    They probably owe O. Or he has something on them.

    I will be leaving for South Bend In tomorrow,. I can’t wait

  48. Controversy causes Obama to lose ground

    Barack Obama was showing signs of campaign fatigue. Sitting on a picnic bench in a park on Pagoda Street, Indianapolis, in discussion with a group of 30 supporters, he told a story about the “modest” background of himself and his wife, Michelle.

    And 10 minutes later, seemingly having forgotten, he told them it all again


  49. carbynew Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 2:48 pm
    Controversy causes Obama to lose ground

    Maybe he had a senior moment. The job is too tough for him


    Don’t be jealous i am doing this for all of us. You will be there in spirit


    SOUTH BEND, Ind.–Hillary Clinton, a former first lady who hasn’t driven a car or pumped gas in many years because of U.S. Secret Service restrictions, joined a blue-collar worker at a filling station yesterday to illustrate how the high price of gasoline is squeezing consumers.

    The Democratic presidential candidate and sheet metal worker Jason Wilfing, 33, pulled into the station in a large Ford 250 pickup truck, Clinton riding shotgun.

    Never mind that it wasn’t even Wilfing’s truck – he had borrowed his boss’s larger vehicle to accommodate Clinton’s security agent and personal assistant, who rode in the back.

    Trailing Wilfing and Clinton was a Secret Service motorcade consisting of six gas-guzzling Suburbans, two squad cars and a green SUV bearing photographers and TV cameras. Several other reporters and camera operators stood shivering in unseasonably cold temperatures, ready to capture the multi-vehicle arrival.

    Clinton and Wilfing stepped out of the car and approached the pump. Wilfing chose regular unleaded gasoline and began filling the tank. The two engaged in chit chat, with the New York senator mentioning her proposal for a temporary gas tax holiday to ease the price pinch on consumers.

    The tank filled, Clinton looked at the price recorded at the pump and shook her head.

    “Sixty-three dollars,” she said. “For just about half a tank.”

    Shutters clicked, cameras whirred. Point made.


  51. LOL @ Obama repeating his canned speech, 10 minutes after giving it… perhaps he really is part robot.

  52. Wanted to keep my comment with this post. Admin, please … the perfect title…

    Obama claims he was bamboozled!!


  53. LOL @ Obama repeating his canned speech, 10 minutes after giving it… this guy is the most superficial candidate I’ve ever seen.

  54. listen people .. don’t be afraid of people on the phone. The most they can do is hang up on you or say NO.

    You can be the best advocate for Hillary and BELIEVE ME .. they like to hear a REAL voice not a robocall.

    BAMBI is recruiting tons of volunteers to call for him. Indiana and NC are being inundated with Obama volunteers to ground troop and phone bank.

    You can make a difference. YOUR voice to another person is powerful. Talk her up and believe me they will not eat you alive. I have phone banked into every state and I am still alive.

    Help make Hillary 44. She wouldn’t be putting out that message if she didn’t really need our help in Indiana. It is very close there

  55. hill up 10 in IN-new poll
    Indiana Poll Shows Clinton With Big Lead Over Obama

    INDIANAPOLIS — The results of a statewide survey indicate a dramatic shift of support from Sen. Barack Obama in favor of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Indiana Democratic presidential primary.

    The survey, conducted by Indianapolis-based TeleResearch Corp. and released exclusively to RTV6, showed Clinton with a 10-point lead over Obama — 48 percent to 38 percent — with 14 percent of respondents undecided. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percent.
    tiburones | 05.01.2008 – 2:56 pm

  56. Email from Ace Smith regarding North Carolina .. Hill needs volunteers —

    Dear Emma,

    Hillary’s victory in Pennsylvania provided big momentum for our campaign, and we’re seeing the results on the ground here in North Carolina. There is a lot of excitement, a lot of support, and a lot of people working hard for Hillary.

    But with just a few days left before North Carolina voters go to the polls on May 6, we need your help getting every last vote out for Hillary. Would you consider traveling to North Carolina sometime in the next few days to help our campaign?

    Hillary needs your help, and there’s no better way to do it than to come and help us make sure we get the vote out! If you’d like to help here in North Carolina, please contact our travel coordinator Naz Durakoglu at (919) 758-4368 or ndurakoglu@hillaryclinton.com.

    Thank you so much for everything you are doing for Hillary. I hope to see you on the campaign trail!


    Ace Smith
    State Director
    Hillary Clinton for President

    If you can go please do so.

  57. Carbynew, well you know it’s real hard to get a telepromter by a picnic bench! LOL!
    Dot48, ok you talked me into it, is there some sort of canned message or talking points to help us with the calls that I can find? Also, I work evenings, so I can call on the weekends, what is the best time to start?

  58. dot48, What 5 SDs did Obama get today? I only know about Andrew.

    BTW, the bit about Obama repeating himself had me LMAO. He’s supposed to be this young, energetic candidate and Hillary’s stamina is running circles around him.

  59. Clinton has seized on the gas tax issue in the final week before crucial primaries next Tuesday in Indiana and North Carolina as a way to separate herself from Obama and as a jumping off point “to go right at the oil companies.”

    But Federico Peña, a former energy secretary under Bill Clinton and now an Obama supporter, called the gas tax holiday “another example of Washington politics at its worst.”

    “The Clinton gas tax gimmick does little to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and will actually increase oil prices,” he said in a statement issued yesterday by the Obama campaign. “It is the kind of pandering that insults people’s intelligence.”

    Obama’s campaign yesterday also launched a TV ad in Indiana and North Carolina to answer Clinton’s ad accusing him of ignoring families getting gouged at the pump.

    Obama’s ad features his longer term proposals for increased fuel efficiency, clean energy, and middle-class tax cuts, and shows him calling the gas tax holiday a “quick fix” that makes no sense.

    Also, most congressional leaders say the proposal is unlikely to pass.

    Wilfing, 33, a father of three from Plymouth, is a member of the Sheet Metal Workers union, whose international came out early for Clinton. Wilfing’s wife, Bobbie, met with Clinton and attended the news conference. The couple live on 10 acres and raise nine pigs and about 60 chickens.

    Bobbie Wilfing, 34, said she and her husband were never interested in politics until they followed the 2000 Florida recount controversy that resulted in the election of George W. Bush. They registered to vote after that.

    Of suddenly playing a bit part with her husband in a hotly contested fight for the Democratic nomination, Bobbie Wilfing said, “I’m a little nervous, but it’s very exciting and it’s an opportunity I would never have had otherwise.”
    This is why Oblameless will NEVER be POTUS he and his supporters are CLUELESS and OUT OF TOUCH to most Americans.

    I use to call GWB names, like the Idiot savant but it looks like more and more the problems for dems are they WEAK ASS ELITIST LEADERS…Geesh show some compassion idiots…the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS treat their leaders very, very well, including Obama with his taxpayer paid secret service protection.

  60. Interesting, too, that her campaign sees Andrew’s “shut it down” statement as an asset. I agree. Notice they didn’t attack him as he claimed they would. What a dweeb.

  61. LOL @ Obama repeating his canned speech, 10 minutes after giving it… perhaps he really is part robot.

    I wonder if he’s back on the dope.

  62. carbynew,

    They’re still on that whole “Washington politics” schtick huh? If DC is so bad why was BO so anxious to get there? Hmmm…

  63. I think them rolling out andrews and the others today may be a response to several things including the polls, I think Hillary being able to hold up against Oreilly scares the hell out of all of them. I bet none of the elite’s in the DNC have or could have done with O’Reilly! Did you see that Obama surrogate on Shepherd Smith look like she has a stomach virus!!

  64. Exactly, confloyd. Anytime the Obama camp rolls out a supposedly “big” endorsement or SD announcement, they do it when Obama’s in trouble. I suppose it makes sense from their perspective, but the schtick has worn so thin, that now every time he does it, it’s a sure-fire sign that he knows he’s in trouble.

  65. This is the contact information for Joe Andrew. The new Judus who just switched his support from Hillary to Obama and put out a letter stating we need stop the primaries and rally around Obama. We are flooding his email with angry letters. Please write. Thanks.


    Phone: 202-408-5210



  66. Carby .. there is a script for calling but after a few calls you learn to just wing it and talk about the issues. Since most of us have knowledge of just about every issue that she has spoken about it’s rather easy to talk with people about her positions. Since I worry about UHC that is always my starting point .. and then the conversation picks up from there.

    If you haven’t signed up on the tools from her website you can do that .. or if you want to email me I will send you the scripts .. dial numbers at top of page .. enter codes .. hang phone up and it’ll ring u back in 30 seconds with your calls. After your call it will prompt you to enter the results.

    email me

    w v g a l 5 7 1 @ y a h o o . c o m

  67. watching Shep on Fox talking to this CULT MEMBER .. he should contact some of the Obamabots for their story as well.

    Shep is outraged. Strong City Group Cult vs ObamaBot Cult .. may they all drop off the face of the map

  68. Lets look at the two candidate’s stamina:

    O repeating himself on the park bench
    H taking on OReilly and nightlineon the same day and campaigning all day

    O takes vacation
    H takes no vacation

    Please people, do we really want another GWB in office!

  69. You have to admire the macho instincts of Hillary Clinton. Asked on the day of the Pennsylvania primary what she would do if Iran made a nuclear attack on Israel, she replied: “If I’m the president, we will attack Iran… we would be able to totally obliterate them.” And it’s perfectly true. The United States has enough nuclear weapons to blast, irradiate, incinerate and obliterate all 75 million people in Iran many times over. All she has to do is press the button.

    First she has to win the presidential election, of course, but American voters can rest easy in the knowledge that Mrs. Clinton would not hesitate to kill tens of millions of people on behalf of their friends in Israel. What a contrast with wimpy Barack Obama, who said: “Using words like ‘obliterate’ — it doesn’t actually produce good results.” What does he use for a backbone?


  70. A minnesota SD thinking of dropping Obama…anyone heard this and who?

    Anyone get the name please post it. If you go to that Andrew guy website you will see a long list of talking poits that the obama camp has put together for their people to push onto the sd’s…it includes his registration efforts in different states, his fundraising efforts, etc, his gotv in the states already done and coming up.

  71. So Carter is out there saying Obama will be the nominee, just on Fox. Boy, Obama seems to be able to get all the cement blocks to rally around his ankles! LOL!

  72. yes, now they have moved the goal post to June 3 and have no intention to talk about Mi or Fl.

    He does not have the popular vote if you count those states.

    She must take this to the floor regardless…. there are more gutter balls to hit on him and that is why they want her to just drop out. NO WAY

  73. Carter went to all these 3rd world countries to insure all their citizens votes counted and there were no funnystuff in the elections. Is it me or does any here think he should be saying something about the votes in Florida and Michigan? What’s with you Jimmy Carter?Fair elections are not something your in favor of now, since you have already picked your candidate!

  74. oh no….

    she never comes out looking good in their venues, she just doesnt.
    and they always say she’s desperate when she goes on their shows.
    we just shouldnt.

  75. Oh boy, he is really showing how strong he is to meet with pumkinhead who has been up his butt since day one! He is totally spineless!!

  76. good point confloyd

    maybe we should have a call for jimmy to get involved in the disenfrachised florida and michigan vote. not that he is anygood to us, but at least it would f*ck him up, and maybe bring the irony of his endorsement to the public eye…

  77. http://www.nypost.com/seven/05012008/news/nationalnews/dispute_divides_churchs_congregants_108943.htm

    CHICAGO – Some parishioners at the United Church of Christ are so steamed by Barack Obama’s condemnation of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright that they say the presidential hopeful might want to find another place to worship.

    “I don’t think Obama will still be welcomed here,” said Odean Lathan, 80, who was attending a bible study session.


    “I don’t think Rev. Wright did the right thing. I think he should have waited until the election is over,” Lathan said. “I hope Obama stays strong. He’s looking weak.”


    The 58-year-old nurse, who lives next to Wright’s historic South Side home, said his outburst on Monday didn’t change her vote because she was already for Obama’s rival.

    “I’m for Hillary,” she said. “I think you need experience to handle the country.”

  78. skmf12 Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 4:03 pm
    oh no….

    she never comes out looking good in their venues, she just doesnt.
    and they always say she’s desperate when she goes on their shows.
    we just shouldnt.

    What on earth are you talking about? She always comes out looking good in those venues. She is doing a townhall on This Week, q’s from Inidana and NC.

  79. skmf12, sorry I read that on Taylor marsh, i must have misread, it is BO that is doing it!
    I wish we could get Carter’s hypocrasy on Fox News! How can we get that done? How about a youtube video or something! I wish we could get this out!

  80. Breaking: Clinton to hold town hall on ABC’s ‘This Week’


    Hillary Clinton will hold a live town hall meeting Sunday on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” according to a source.

    Just two days before the primaries, Clinton’s town hall will be broadcast live from Indiana, and include viewer questions from North Carolina.

    Can’t wait to watch it.

  81. dot48

    I’m disable and the primary caretaker for my husband who is very sick so right now all I have is a house phone to make local calls and a prepaid phone for emergency and to contact relatives out of state.

    My budget is tight and I’ve been sending what I have to Hillary. I would love to do phone calls for Hillary.

  82. Breaking: Clinton to hold town hall on ABC’s ‘This Week’


    Hillary Clinton will hold a live town hall meeting Sunday on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” according to a source.

    Just two days before the primaries, Clinton’s town hall will be broadcast live from Indiana, and include viewer questions from North Carolina.


    Can’t wait to watch it.

  83. confloyd,

    youre right a video with news clips of his ‘watch the vote stuff’, and pictures of disenfranchised florida a michigan voters, and some story line about, why not support his own countries vote?

    unfortunatly, i dont have a clue how to do a video… 🙁

  84. I bet Stephanopolus just did not take kindly to that email or video! I thought the bots were really hard on him after the last debate! Maybe GS doesnt like getting death threats for holding a perfectly legal debate! I expect the bots will be all over him again! These little militants need to got to jail for those threats!

  85. carbynew:

    I think Hillary meant to use massive retaliation to Iran as deterrence, not the twisted meaning of the article you quoted.

    ‘Massive Retaliation’
    On Tuesday night the Iranian government responded to Clinton’s assertion that the United States would “totally obliterate” the country if Iran used nuclear weapons to attack Israel. The Iranians called the remarks “provocative, unwarranted and irresponsible.”

    “Well, that’s kind of strange coming from a provocative, irresponsible regime, as we have currently in Iran,” Clinton said. “I’ve been very clear. I would engage in broad-based diplomacy with Iran. I would have done that years ago. I disagree with the Bush administration’s policy of isolating Iran, and I would try to get to the negotiating table in as quick a manner as I could.

    “But I also believe we have to do everything possible to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. … I want to make it very clear to the leadership and to the people of Iran that acquiring nuclear weapons is not in their interest, and were they ever to be so reckless as to launch an attack against Israel or a nuclear attack against any of our friends and allies, they would face massive retaliation.”

  86. caglepost.com seems like a good site for commenting. no reg, comments go right up, no reg. Sensible articles.

    h t t p : / / http://www.caglepost.com/column/Michael+Barone/6225/Popular+Vote+Gives+Clinton+An+Edge.html
    Popular Vote Gives Clinton An Edge
    Michael Barone 4/28/2008 Comment
    One thing many people haven’t noticed about Hillary Clinton’s 55 percent to 45 percent victory over Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary is that it put her ahead of Obama in the popular vote. Her 214,000-vote margin in the Keystone State means that she has won the votes, in primaries and caucuses, of 15,112,000 Americans, compared to 14,993,000 for Obama.

  87. confloyd,

    LOL, jeez….. its true…..
    parents are getting to be lightyears dummer then the kids.
    i always have to ask mine what the hell i’m doing to my poor computer…

  88. Basil9, I saw that video of Hillary on Redstate.com last night. It is funny and she is adorable! I bet Hillary would just laugh it off. She doesnt mind at all to laugh at herself, she is very comfortable in her own skin, which makes these kinds of incidents harder to make something out of!!

  89. “Is it me or does any here think he should be saying something about the votes in Florida and Michigan?”

    Oh, it’s not just you. I can’t figure out if these people are just idiots or if they really want to destroy this party. Hey, a failed one term President from 30 years ago who makes his living as an election monitor doesn’t care about the DNC’s undemocratic shenanigans–he’s for Obama because his grandkids like Obama better than spongebob. We have no credibility left here.

  90. I just contacted Andrews office expressing my feelings that the this election is being bought and paid for by big money interests, and that it makes no sense to try to push Hillary out of the race before the voters have had their say. That I am extremely disturbed that this elections seems to be rigged, and that it seems like the democratic leadership is doing everything possible to lose the election.

    The staffer that answered was very nice and patient with me, said she was writing down my concerns and will pass the info along.

  91. You know what is funny about that cappucino machine? One of my friends and I both have experienced the exact same thing with that machine! It actually made us feel more like she is one of us!!!

    Another humanizing moment for Hillary.

  92. Top story on Google news from the AP wire:

    A NC voter sizes up Obama, Clinton, and finally decides
    By ANN SANNER – 1 hour ago

    As a clinical research consultant working in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Meribeth Howlett knows how to get to the bottom of things.

    Her latest project was deciding whether to vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primary Tuesday. Now she’s made her choice and voted by absentee ballot.

    The Associated Press has been keeping up with Howlett, 43, since late last year as part of an AP-Yahoo series of polls going back to the same group of people to see how their thinking about the campaign evolves.

    For those living in Indiana and North Carolina, both holding their primaries Tuesday, it’s decision time.

    In the last few days, Howlett decided “I’ve heard enough from the pundits” and began reviewing campaign literature with the practiced eye of one who reads medical charts and oversees clinical trials.

    How voters make their choices can be a mystery, even to themselves. AP asked some of the poll respondents from Indiana and North Carolina to describe how they are making their decision.

    Howlett’s account:

    “OK — I made a decision, but I should say up front that I’d be happy to vote for either Hillary or Barack. However, I voted for Hillary Clinton. Yes, I’ve been on Web sites and found the two to have plans that are remarkably similar and so it came down to a more philosophical decision, who do I BELIEVE will do a better job. Because Barack Obama identifies himself as the best candidate to be an agent of ‘real change in Washington,’ I was expecting to see some details outlining innovative plans to achieve change, but I did not see anything that stood out as greatly different from what Hillary proposes.

    “Hillary has deep roots in D.C. and that has pros-cons. I am viewing it as a positive in that I believe she understands how to navigate the system to make changes (as well as knowing what won’t work). Another plus for me is that she has spent more time than any of the candidates researching the health care issue and can build on what she learned back when her husband was president.

    “My husband believes Barack is less beholden to corporate ties and therefore will be less influenced by the lobbyist-corporations that heavily influence policy makers. This is the first time that we will not be voting the same way.

    “I will confess that I’m saddened that I’ll be lumped in the polls as just another middle-aged white female voting for Hillary since it has absolutely nothing to do with gender or ethnicity.”

    Her husband, Mark Mintz, 53, is a cartographer for the state.

  93. Confloyd and others:

    In regard to phone banking. It’s not as difficult as you think. People are pretty straight forward and tell you right away if they are Republican, Obama or just hang up on you. Then you have the ones that are just so excited, remember a lot of people don’t do the internet and such like we do. They’re excited and they want to talk about the race, And it feels good to share your time with those people. They are excited as we are!!! Then, you have the ones that might be irritated because they are receiving 100 phone calls, especially the closer that it gets to election time. Remember, we aren’t the only ones making calls, there are Obama people and there are all of their local and statewide races, too. If they yell, I listen and then apologize for the intrusion and as long as you are sympathetic, they don’t yell as loud. LOL

    It’s very rewarding to phone bankl F

  94. Go to hillaryclinton.com and look for the state you want to call. I focused on N. Carolina today. I don’t use the internet phone number, I call a local office and get the number and the prompts for how you record the call. They’ll tell you the script, too. If you haven’t phone banked, please try it!! Remember, they don’t know who you are and that should help with the nervousness. 🙂

  95. Just got off of the conference call today. They want us to emphasize three things with the SD

    1. Do not endorse until the election cycle is complete, don’t short circuit the election system.

    2. The ability of the candidate to stand up to the Republican machine is very important. We want no October Surprises. There is still concern that we do not know everything about Obama.

    3. We want to bring in the Blue states for sure, and we know who won those Primaries. However, the secret to getting the Electoral votes we need will lie in the Purple states. Those are OH, FL, and a combination of smaller states such as NM, TN, AK, NV, KY. Hillary’s core group of Women, Hispanics, White who earn over $75K, older American (who vote more consistently than the young), and Catholics in which she is out performing O will be the key. There are no caucuses in November. She also leads with Independents who could swing either way in November.

    They said they wanted these three areas emphasized in any contact with undecided SD.

  96. Howard Dean will be on Fox News with Chris Wallace this Sunday. The DailyKooks will be off the charts insane (again) today.

  97. Oh, I get it. Because he is going on Fox. But Wallace is in the tank for BO so why would they care?

  98. If Obama can’t even make peace with his own church, how are we supposed to believe he’ll bring peace to the Middle East?

  99. hillbill, confloyd,

    I think it’s hysterical! I’d lived in NJ for quite a number of years before moving back to NYS and I’d completely forgotten how to pump my own gas! I had a number of ‘locals’ watch with great amusement as i tried to remember gas-pumping 101 and several even took pity on me and helped me out. Of course there was an equal number laughing their butts off at this flatlanders ignorance! *LOL*

  100. laney Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    You are a hoot and make me smile.


  101. admin
    what about “obama campaign jumps the shark” as a headline

    for those that are not familiar with the phrase its something used when a once popular show begins to fade and the producers make an attempt to resuscitate by doing something drastic. way back when fonzie on happy days actually jumped over a shark.

  102. luntz .. advising Hillary to get to North Carolina and campaign. Advising her to tell voters .. you know all about me and you can trust me. No surprises with me.

  103. Am I missing something? Why do the DailyKoolaidKids go batshite crazy whenever one of their precioussssses goes on Fox News?

    If I understand Obama’s schtick correctly, he’s all about putting aside partisanship, reaching across the aisle, the new politics of hope and rainbows where everyone comes together and “dialogues” all day about their problems…. where he’s going to meet with our enemies.

    So… um… if Fox News is the enemy of the Democrats… shouldn’t they be ENCOURAGING Obama to speak on Fox? And if Obama can’t do it, and if no Democrat can do it without being a “traitor”… then what does that say about how much they REALLY buy into Obama’s “message?” If Obama can’t do it, what does it say about how much he believes HIS OWN message?

    We need to dump the Obama wing of the party pronto.

  104. bird
    bambi is jumping the shark
    bye bye centrists who pay taxes and have for years and who have been loyal even when the party nominated lurch and had to stomach the thought of theresa gabor in the white house

  105. Nancy Pelosi is useless.

    Whoops: Congress lets Higher Education Act expire

    As of today, there is apparently no Higher Education Act. On Tuesday, the Senate passed by unanimous consent a one-month “extension of higher education programs.” But the House hasn’t taken action on the extension, which means that the original expiration date — April 30, 2008 — has come and gone.

    HEA is a huge barrel of rules and authorizations of appropriations that form the basis of federal higher education policy. A House Democratic aide said that the short-term extension will be passed next week and that the Congressional Budget Office has said that “no programs will be affected.” But as of today, it’s gone.

  106. henry: doesn’t seem right. I didn’t like lurch and his gabor sister, but I held my nose and voted for him. bad move, but chimp is worse.

  107. Pelosi has been doing her best to make sure it looks like a do nothing congress that waffles will heal. she is a hole.

  108. Hi, Hillfriends: I’ve been SUPER busy today and only have a quick minute to check in – I apologize if this has already been sent to you – but I just received this via email.
    * * * * * * * * *
    Is Barack Obama buying Indiana Super delegates?
    Posted by A Silenced Voter at 4/11/2008 1:41 AM and is filed under Super Delegates
    Barack Obama has received a bit of a boost lately from super delegates and one has to wonder why? Well it could be that one would only have to look at donations to get an idea of what might be going on behind closed doors.

    Example #1 is Rep. Brad Ellsworth is a super delegate Unpledged; however he has received a donation from Barack Obama or his campaign in the eye and wallet popping amount of 10,000.00! Will this have any influence on his Super Delegate vote? Was it right for him to accept this sizable “donation” considering the import of his vote in this primary?

    Example #2 is Rep. Joe Donnelly is a super delegate Unpledged; however he has received a donation from Barack Obama or his campaign in the not inconsiderable amount of $7,500.00! Will this have any influence on his Super Delegate vote? Was it right for him to accept this sizable “donation” considering the import of his vote in this primary?

    Example #3 is Rep Baron Hill is a super delegate Unpledged; however he has received a donation from Barack Obama or his campaign in the substantial amount of 12,500.00! He also accepted a donation for Hillary Clinton or the Hillary Clinton campaign in the generally acceptable amount of $2500.00. Will this have any influence on his Super Delegate vote? Was it right for him to accept this sizable “donation” considering the import of his vote in this primary?

    Indiana super delegates have received a whopping $32,500.00 from both the Obama and Clinton campaigns combined. The Clinton campaign has donated a paltry $2500.00 compared to the massive Obama sum of $30,000.00.

    From the point of view of an everyday voter this certainly does look like back room deals are being struck or is there an attempt to “buy” super delegate votes from the voters of Indiana? Are Indiana lawmakers able to be bought? Though Indiana voters should not feel alone, this pattern of donations to super delegates is repeated across the country and we will be taking a look at each and every one of them. The voters of this nation have a RIGHT to the TRUTH which the mass media is working hard to enable the Obama campaign to hide from voters.

    also tracker:

  109. oh, they are trying to provoke a fight for sure. The Alexander guy says that Obama is the Bill clinton of this campaign.

    Stay cool big dawg. There will never be another Bill Clinton.

    Also, he say bambi is inspiring. What the hell has he done that is so inspiring? Hillary is the one who has been inspiring in this whole thing. She’s the one who is running circles around someone 20 years her junior and is not looking like a bunch of wiped out potatoes.

  110. Say it loud: Hillary Clinton INSPIRES ME!
    Also, friends, I’M GOING TO INDIANA Saturday and Sunday. Woo-hoo!

  111. At least the indiana vote wont have dead people voting from Illinois now the SC has seen to the id law there.

  112. again where is the money coming from? How many hundred of millions has he raised. Considering his suspect alliances aren’t the recipients the least bit curious. Anyone have a figure on what he has actually raised? I know the dead in Hollywood are major contibutors but is there a site we can actually check donations?

  113. the day of toeing the party line are so gone. Nobody I’ve talked too plans to vote “just for the party”.

    Vote the person .. not the party. That’s why bambi will loose in a landslide in the GE and if the dems are stupid enough to let this happen, I’ll help defeat him and his militant wife

  114. OMG, look at the Yahoo deadline. They are trying to make this really big deal about that stupid Andrew guy. News flash. No one cares. I fricken hate Yahoo news.

  115. ronald
    in the future please suggest that i refrain from patently offensive language but please don’t tell me to “watch my mouth”

  116. Hillary’s new SD’s today

    Andrew Cuomo (NY), Tom DiNapoli (NY), Virginia Fields (NY) and Carmen Arroyo (NY),
    DNC John Olsen (CT)

  117. get this .. now Andrew is saying Hill is pandering to voters over the Gas Tax holiday.

    boy they are really trying to “start a fight with Hill’s campaign” for sure. I advise her campaign to ignore him and his bs.

  118. Plus, the gas tax holiday doesn’t in any way, shape or form detract from her very sound long-term energy policy proposals.

  119. HRS SD’s.

    For those who were asking, here’s the 5 new SD’s.
    BREAKING/ JUST IN: FIFTH superdelegate in Connecticut endorses Hillary.

    Four New York Automatic Delegates Back Hillary: Cuomo, Fields, DiNapoli, Arroyo named NY Automatic Delegates Today


    Connecticut automatic delegate John Olsen announced his support for Hillary Clinton today.

  120. but Andrew is using this as “another” of his several excuses now for leaving from Hill

    They are so transparent.

    Hill leading 4 points in Gallup

    Everyone be sure to tune every tv in your house to Hill on George’s show on Sunday. Let’s wipe punkinheads rear end.

  121. well I think the gas tax holiday ought to be permanent. the oil companies are raking in insane amounts of money and they are doing nothing in return. They are not producing new energy sources and continue to short us every which way they can.

    The oil companies can give back for a while and I think every penney in peoples pockets matter now. 18 cents per gallon is a LOT of dough.

  122. ““My husband believes Barack is less beholden to corporate ties and therefore will be less influenced by the lobbyist-corporations that heavily influence policy makers.”

    That’s interesting. Obama is beholden to the ultra-left MoveOn and Daily Kult. I don’t think people realize that. They’re still thinking about the old skool money pot. In the 21st century, these internet kults bundle more money than corporations and buy ultra-left wing influence. People who sympathize with the Weather Underground are buying the Democratic nomination.

  123. Gas Holiday.

    I keep posting this but everyone ignores me! 🙁

    The gas tax holiday is going to be the policy in NYS this summer, where HRC is Senator. So if she’s pandering, so is the entire NYS legislature. And there are several other states that have done or are doing the same thing. (can’t recall off the top of my head).

    BTW – IF ONLY Maggie Williams had been running HRC’s campaign from the beginning! I’m sure HRC’s more relaxed, accessible style is the result of Maggie’s down-to-earth influence instead of Doyle’s arrogant flamenco dancer attitude.
    Plus Hrc’s hair and clothing are ALWAYS impeccable, now. And the blue collar guys LOVE that feminine touch. (not that she’s pandering – hehehe).

  124. Look at fricken Yahoo. Who gives a crap about this sd? This is nutz. They are acting like this is huge news. Sham!

  125. RONALD,

    REALLY !!!

    that is an offensive term for women, again thank you..
    as for henry, i know it was just a moment of frustration, been there myself.
    this is getting to all of us, but thank goodness we have this site and a few others, where we can share our hopes and frustration. no one else at work or home can really understand the passion we have about this election, so in a way, we are all friends in this primary…

  126. Watching Big Media I only hear that the average driver will save 50 during the gas tax holiday. Has anyone done the math on what it will save an independent truck driver? When thier costs go up so does the arugala and the cheeseburger and everything in the grocery store. So if you save 50 at the pump and another hundred shopping and independent truckers can maintain thier businesses it works.

  127. basil9

    While it is true that Maggie is doing a much better job than Patty appeared to have done. Most of the blame has to fall on Penn’s shoulders effectively writing off the caucuses because he thought Hillary would have it wrapped up after Super Tuesday.
    Once Obama won Iowa, the entire campaign should have regrouped and realized how important those delegates from the caucus states were going to be. Penn once again failed to see that and continued to focus just on the primaries. Much of Obama’s lead is from those caucus states that Penn deemed unimportant.

  128. Independent truckers save enough to not loose thier homes, or trucks and thus do not end up as recipients of entitlements. HMMMM?

  129. Canaan Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 5:41 pm
    “My husband believes Barack is less beholden to corporate ties and therefore will be less influenced by the lobbyist-corporations that heavily influence policy makers.”

    * * * * * *
    BHO has the largest number of contributions DIRECTLY from employees of BIG ENERGY, BIG MEDIA – others, anyone? Along with the Daleys, the Kennedys, and everyone else in establishment politics, BHO will OWE EVERYONE BIG.

    Hillary doesn’t owe anyone, so they can’t control her – that is why they don’t like her, IMHO.

  130. dedfg … NO, CNN has no shame. I don’t watch anything on the network except Lou Dobbs. Don’t give em ratings cause you know what you are gonna see and hear.

  131. I don’t usually watch. Every once in awhile I turn to it for about 5 minutes…that all I can handle.

    But this has been real eye opener for me. If someone described how biased the media was I would never have believed them. You really have to see it for yourself so to speak.

    I also understand historical tragedies much better now.

  132. The fact that the Obama campaign refers to helping working Americans cover their skyrocketing gas costs as “pandering” is completely insulting to the people who need the help. This is an emergency situation, and demands real leadership. Honestly, the more Obama raises the issue and therefore reminds people that he is NOT in favor of reducing gas costs, fine by me!

  133. I am now so mad I can hardly type this. What you are saying the Obama campaign is buying the votes and way over the normal amount, so I guess to OK for that camp to buy votes, but not OK to count the votes of the hardworking people of FL and MI. The audacity of hope is really the Audacity of greed, correct me if I am wrong. I am so f-ing pist about this I want to start a one woman sit-in at the DNC headquarters!!!!!

  134. Obama says stopping the federal tax on gasoline for the summer would not help. Let he tell that to families struggling to put food on the table and buy gas. Even if it only saves a family the cost of a gallon of milk it helps a little.

  135. Can someone please get the information to Lou about this buying of the sd’s when we are not even counting the votes of hardworking men and women. WTF is up with the DNC party. THey must have really went to the socialists that the RNC has always accused them of being.

  136. Ok, I just took a breath, I knew when he thru his pastor under the bus early in the week he was planning an all out assault on Hillary by the weekend. Oh! how I wished I had money to go to NC or Indiana this weekend. I would walk every street my body would let me to tell them about Hillary! I will make call this weekend though!

  137. Hillary should hit him the gas tax issue by simply saying her energy policy provides relief and reform. People want to know what you are going to do about gas prices and so as president,she said that she would open up the strategic oil reserves and provide for a gas tax holday, which will be paid for with a windfall profits tax on oil companies. Her plan delivers RELIEF.

    All Obama can talk about is his energy policy. Well Hillary has an energy policy, a better one I might add. That’s not the problem. It’s that energy policy has to be debated and go through congress and it will take 20+ years to really start seeing the affects of an energy policy. Who knows what gas prices will be by then and increasing fuel efficiency in cars in SUV’s and cars does nothing to provide relief for middle class and poor citizens.

  138. The gas tax break does not have to be temporary. Get it through, and then late it can be extended and enlarged.

    It’s a foot in the door, a wedge into the power of the big oil companies. It taxes the obscene profits they’ve been making off the gas price crisis. It can become a powerful weapon against them.

    No wonder Obama is against it.

  139. No, it’s just temporary. We clearly need a gas tax longterm. This is more about giving people some economic breaks this year than energy policiy.

  140. Obama’s energy policy is letting nuclear waste leak into the drinking water in Illinois! He has no plans except the ones he has stolen from Hillary.

  141. Well, just did some NC calls. I had one hang up and one not voting for Hillary but didn’t want to tell me who. I had one definately for Hillary and one disabled vet that I spoke with for a long time that told me he was leaning Barack. I told him about the flag officers and all the work Hillary has done for vets. He was very interested in hearing more about her.

    He is white and his community is now about 80% AA. The interesting thing he told me is that since he is disabled he has three or four AA neighbors that help him out and take him places. He says most are not voting for Obama.

  142. Email from Chelsea, to supporters:


    Dear Democrats,

    One of the most fun things about meeting people who support my mom’s campaign is seeing all the creative ways they show their support. I’ve seen a lot of homemade signs, buttons, and shirts on the campaign trail, and I think we need to harness that great creative energy for our campaign.

    So today, I’d like to announce the launch of Project T-Shirt, a contest to design the next great t-shirt for my mom’s campaign.

    I know you agree with me that my mom is the strongest, most progressive, and most prepared candidate, and that she would be the best president! This is a great way for you to show exactly what her historic campaign means to you.

    Maybe you’ve got a slogan that you’ve been dying to share. Or maybe you want to share your design talents. Whatever your ideas are, I can’t wait to see them — and we’ll offer the best shirt for sale in the official campaign store, raising money to help my mom win! I’ll also make sure to get a picture of me AND my mom wearing the shirt, which we will post on the website.

    So please put on your thinking caps, get those creative juices flowing, and visit our Project T-Shirt website to learn more and submit your design.

    Please click here to get started: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/action/tshirt/

    I’m so excited to see all the great ideas you have. Thank you so much for all you’re doing to help my mom win!

    Go Hillary!


  143. Agreed, 1950Dem. And this is the perfect opportunity to remind people that Obama voted in favor of Cheney’s energy bill, too. No wonder he’s in favor of protecting the gasoline companies.

  144. carbynew,

    Isn’t there some sort of deal at hillaryclinton.com where you can phone bank using an 800 number? You phone in to their 800 and their computer connects you with a voter?

  145. I asked him why, if it was the reverend Wright deal, but he didn’t know. He said he thinks it is experience. He said alot are either voting for Hillary or McCain.

  146. I am so pissed with Yahoo News. WTF cares about this Andrew guy? I never even heard of him. Why is this their big story?

  147. henry Says:
    May 1st, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    what about “obama campaign jumps the shark” as a headline

    for those that are not familiar with the phrase its something used when a once popular show begins to fade and the producers make an attempt to resuscitate by doing something drastic. way back when fonzie on happy days actually jumped over a shark.

    And here I thought it was the same thing he did to a pooch.

  148. Glen Beck is showing more pulpit sermons that have NEVER been seen…full sermons .. he is asking HOW IN THE HELL could obama not know….hows this getting by CNN?

  149. 1950: I received this today:


  150. What now, dot? I keep waiting for someone at the church to drop the security footage with BO at that post-9/11 sermon, which I am sure is out there somewhere.

  151. 1950
    did not understand the pooch reference?
    I only explained the reference to clarify, I have worked in media and didn’t know if everyone else would see it as a reference to waffles desperation.

  152. 1950Democrat:

    Yes, there is an 866 toll free number. Go to hillaryclinton.com and find a local office in Indiana or NC and call the office, they will give you all the information. Or email me! shenangn@aol.com

  153. mj: WOW!

    5p: 6p: 7p: 8p: 9p: 10p: 11p:

    FNC ElectionHQ: Hume: Shep: O’Reilly: H&C: Greta: O’Reilly:
    231 394 504 939 502 393 515

    CNN Blitzer: Blitzer: Dobbs: Brown: King: Cooper: Cooper:
    144 146 249 235 385 350 266

    MSNBC Hardball: Gregory: Hardball: Countdown: Abrams: Countdown: Investig.:
    107 96 217 271 192 211 146

    HLN Prime: Prime: Beck: Grace: Beck: Grace: Showbiz:
    108 107 142 262 206 226 196

    FOX is beating the pants off, everyone.

  154. Birdgal if you look specifically at O’Reilly last night and the night before, you will see his ratings nearly doubled with Hill on.

  155. Reckon that is O’Reilly’s highest rating ever?

    I still think it’s funny that Nancy Grace show is close to beating Olgermann!!! I watch Nancy usually.

  156. Mj: I notice that. WOW! Hill brought in the people. This is good for him and for Hillary.

    932 at 5 p.m.

    515 at 11 p.m.

  157. Headline news .. 7:30 next .. It only gets worse according to Glen Beck. How in the heck is he getting this show by the brownnosers at CNN.

  158. rjk,

    I don’t know enough about the functions of different people in political campaigns to respond but I do know i couldn’t STAND PENN! And, as a rookie, even I KNEW that the caucus meltdown was pure insanity! Just imagine if she’d nabbed even 1 or 2!!!!!!!

    Guess what I was trying to say is that HRC seems so much more at home in her own skin these days; she’s lost that stilted stiff disconnected aura and is just herself, relaxed, down to earth, elegant, brilliant, and from what I’ve read about Maggie it seems like she has done a lot to introduce HRC to her REAL public personna!

  159. I think Fox has found some new audience this election cycle. The blatant bias of CNN and the noisy boyz at MSNBC and NBC has cost them viewers.

    CNN and MSNBC is in the mindset of the DNC .. bring in the “new” .. hell with the old. History shows that “old, reliable” usually beats out “new, flash in the pan”.

  160. From one of FDR’s 1000+ in-state volunteers:

    Mr. Andrews:

    I fail to understand how you could endorse Mr. Obama. First of all, he has no experience, he surrounds himself with friends that are American haters, his wife hates America, and he thinks we cling to our religion and our guns because we are angry. This man is no more ELECTABLE than I am. He can not win with the middle class, he has lost the Reagan Democrats, and he is losing his only base of Black people, because they feel he through them under the bus.

    Have you looked at the polls recently? I thought you wanted someone who was ELECTABLE!!!. You said on Fox News you don’t know much about Obama, but he inspires you. You know it takes more than an inspirational speech to become President, and your reasoning was very weak. I am sure you are being pressured by the DNC “elitists”, and Howard Dean, and Obama, but I thought you were a man of integrity and could think for yourself. I am asking you to please reconsider. Let the voices of the American people be heard. Count Florida and Michigan.

    I guarantee that if you do not let this race continue and let all 50 states voices be heard I will have to cross party lines and vote for John McCain. You can take it to the Bank that McCain will be our choice if Obama is the nominee. The names listed below are just my family members who asked me to include their names with this letter. They live in many different states across this great United States. They tell me that it isn’t just Florida that feels this way, but the feeling is deeply felt in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New York, Michigan, Texas, California, etc.

    So, I think this shows you that the DNC is making a big mistake, because if people already are saying they wish they could take their votes back and the upcoming states are saying they would only vote for Hillary is very telling. They are saying across the United States that if Obama is the nominee, and you can take it to the bank, they will vote for John McCain. They do not trust Obama in any way shape or form. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. What he told us on Tuesday was so telling that it was only for political gain. He has known all along what Pastor Wright was preaching, and you can’t tell me that he doesn’t have the same beliefs. He brings his children to this church? He doesn’t have the character or the judgment that the President of the United States needs.

    Furthermore, he is going to be on CBS, and Hillary on ABC this weekend for an hour, but yet he wouldn’t debate Hillary. He said he couldn’t fit it into his schedule, but yet he can go on and talk with CBS. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that he can’t go head to head with Hillary Clinton. He doesn’t have the policies or the solutions that she has. If he is so afraid to debate Hillary Clinton how is he going to run this country?

    It is a very scary thought to think you might allow this man to become the nominee.


    Les Wilson
    Nancy Wilson
    James Kearns
    Jaclyn Schlee
    Jeremy Schlee
    Toni Helmer
    Michael Helmer
    Craig Batt
    Amanda Helmer
    Nicole Helmer
    Mary Caruso
    Joseph Caruso
    Linda Caruso
    Colin Wilson
    Patricia Wilson
    Ellie Raymo
    Mary Kay Spagnola
    Phoebe Savoca
    Liz Novack
    Mitchell Schlee
    Katelynn Schlee
    Stephanie Grone

  161. Basil, Maggie’s advice is “let Hillary be Hillary” so I think you hit the nail on the head.

    Dot, I really don’t know what you are saying. Is headline news going to talk about the new sermons?

  162. Anyone know what the demogaphics were? Adverizers are concerned with 18 to 49 year olds especially women. they buy. I personnally believe they are wrong, but unfortunately that it has how ad time is sold.

  163. when does O’reilly start tonight, looking forward to you guys live blogging!!!
    BTW, did anyone hear Shepherd Smith today he loves Hillary’s laugh! I must say Fox is being so nice right now. I haven’t watched fox for 8 years until now!!

  164. beck will be playing Wright on his radio show tomorrow and all night tomorrow…..boy oh boy

  165. mj,

    Maggie has been fantastic at smoothing out HRC’s fashionista disasters! (and ya know HRC admits she’s among the fashion impaired).

    I’ll bet it was Maggie advising her to do shots of crown royal. hehehehe.

    My buddies and i used to opt for Friday Night Margaritas.


  166. Lou talking about Andrews and saying his explanation about why he switched was one of the most unintelligible comments he’s ever heard.
    Saying Joe provided another Judas moment. The Clintons made him and he was totally disloyal
    When friigin’ Julie Rodinsky tries to defend Andrews and says it was such a difficult decision Lou quips, “Another agonozing moment of personal sacrifice (like Waffles throwing Jerry overboard).
    Now he’s talking about the MO photo (guess it was on the front page of one of the NYC papers) and Errol saying oh MO’S so poised, so fashionable, that’s why she’s been on lots of mag covers but Lou says she looks mad as he!! and as a husband he wouldn’t have wanted to be sitting on the top of the picnic table. (MO was in pink, holding a mike in her hand, sitting on the bench, with a nasty scowl and furrowed brow). 👿 I’ll see if I can find the pic.

  167. Hillary “Standing Up For Jobs” Rally

    8:00 PM EDT

    South Vigo High School in Terre Haute



  168. OK – I gotta share this! (It’s raunchy but it’s not my fault)
    Searching for the photo Lou showed of waffles and Mo sitting at a picnic table where she’s looking bat-sh!t cross-eyed furious and he’s trying to pat her shoulder and it looks like she’s shrugging him off so i googled those words and up pops an article about a man being arrested for humping his picnic table.

    i kid you not!

    (sorry but that distracted me from searching for the Waffles photo)


  169. MY GOD .. HOW COULD HE HAVE BEEN A MEMBER OF THAT CHURCH .. it’s not a sound byte issue. Believe me .. this stuff will come back to haunt the democrats regardless of how many broken bones he got from being thrown under the bus.

  170. mj .. I think this is what the republicans will be airing. Full sermons. I’ve never heard anything like it in my life. Worse, worse, worse than the snippets.

    No wonder the republicans are gleeful at the thought of Bambi getting the nomination. Disastrous.

  171. “Undeclared” “Neutral” SD Clyburn says Wright knee-capped Obama


  172. it’s on my Headline News Channel right now .. rerun again at 9pm .. Beck will run on his radio show tomorrow more full parts .. and again on his show tomorrow night.

  173. When Obama Supporters Attack-New plan


    Went over to CNN and there is an organized effort to distort the Clinton vs. Paul case. Its my understanding this was a frivolous lawsuit that has been thrown out of court several times and the Clintons are not involved.

    The Obama supporters are going crazy on CNN posting this over and over. They tell you to go check it out and of course it takes you to the Paul side.

    This is a nasty attack and it almost seems coordinated. I have blogged several times that this is stupid, but its now showing up in all post.

    These are the same people who cry about negative attacks. Hypocrites..all of them.

  174. Well, we need more than Beck reporting on it to have an impact, frankly.

    Can they for God’s sake stop calling Clyburn “neutral”?

  175. I found chelsea’s email to everyone interesting………remember I was collecting T Shirt ideas last week?

    well i sent all those ideas to the campaign that day and now chelsea is asking for T shirt ideas!!!

    I think that is way cool!! but why do they need more ideas????? i sent like 50!! LOL

  176. dayum she is good! Can you picture obama or bush undergoing a grilling like this. Even though Oreilly is a bit pompous.

  177. B Merryfield Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 7:56 pm
    “Undeclared” “Neutral” SD Clyburn says Wright knee-capped Obama

    Yes, he did.

  178. Winning among white working class voters, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton holds strong leads over Arizona Sen. John McCain – and runs much better than Illinois Sen. Barack Obama – in three critical swing states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to three simultaneous Quinnipiac University Swing State polls released today. If Sen. Obama is the Democratic nominee, he’s in a tight race with McCain in Florida and Ohio, but takes Pennsylvania.

    This is Sen. Clinton’s strongest overall performance since the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University began special surveys two years ago in the three largest and most important swing states in the Electoral College. This latest survey finds:

    * Florida: Clinton tops McCain 49 – 41 percent; McCain gets 44 percent to Obama’s 43 percent;
    * Ohio: Clinton beats McCain 48 – 38 percent; McCain gets 43 percent to Obama’s 42 percent;
    * Pennsylvania: Clinton tops McCain 51 – 37 percent; Obama leads McCain 47 – 38 percent.

    Among white working-class voters, Clinton ties McCain 45 – 45 percent in Florida, leads 46 – 40 percent in Ohio and 48 – 40 percent in Pennsylvania. These same voters back McCain over Obama 51 – 34 percent in Florida, 49 – 34 percent in Ohio and 45 – 38 percent in Pennsylvania.

    “If the super delegates are looking at electability, these results could be a shot in the arm for Sen. Clinton. No one has won the White House since 1960 without carrying two of these three swing states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. And she clearly is running much better against Sen. McCain than is Sen. Obama, at least for now,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

    “There is no indication that Obama’s problems with white working class Democrats in the Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries have gone away,” Brown added.

    “Many voters cite trustworthiness as the most important quality they want in a candidate. Clinton is found wanting in that department, but still does best in the matchups. She wins because she is seen as a strong leader who cares about people and can improve the economy.”

  179. I’d like to see Wright come out and kneecap Clyburn, that devious fucking lying scumbag.

    He’s a holy man, I probably shouldn’t have said that 🙂

  180. Hillary Clinton has beaten O’reilly at his own game. Now that O’reilly hit Hillary with the hard questions I wonder if he’ll have different questions for Obama if he ever goes on or will he let bambi study the questions first.

    She hit a home run..as usual

  181. Obama still has another knee cap, where is Wright?? Hit him again and do it tomorrow so it dominates the weekend news cycle.

  182. OMG,




  183. strong leader who care about people .. that is how Hillary will become 44.

    O’reilly tried to sandbag her on a couple questions but boy is she so smart. I bet McCain is really worried about debating her.

  184. hillbill,

    She has great chemistry with everyone. 😀

    I loved the interview. She shines at the REAL blood and guts no-holds-barred one-on-one debates, the kind Waffles can’t handle.
    And Bill-o might have disagreed with HRC but he sure respected her.

    Ingraham says it’s gonna be a Clinton/Bill-O ticket.

    HE WANTS HER………………

  186. Just saw the Clyburn article.

    SOOOO – first he attacks Bill for trying to destroy poor waffles and now he’s turned on Wright and blames him for all of Waffles problems”
    So waffles doesn’t cause any of his own problems; it’s the Clinton’s fault, his pastors fault, george Stephanapolous’s fault, the gun-toting bible-clinging racists fault, his grandma’s fault, hi mama’s fault.

    Grow the F*** up godd@mn it and get outta the race until your testicular fortitude matches HRC’s. 👿

  187. Clinton: I feel like the Goldilocks of this campaign
    Posted: 03:04 PM ET

    BROWNSBURG, Indiana (CNN) — As Hillary Clinton and John McCain’s separate proposals for a summertime elimination of the gas tax continue to be a focus for all three candidates, Clinton said Thursday insisted her plan isn’t a cure-all, but a temporary break for those feeling the pinch of high gas prices.

    “Invariably someone will say something along the lines of, “Well, you know, we shouldn’t be doing these short-term fixes, we shouldn’t try to relieve people’s pain at the pump. We should only have long-term plans.’” Clinton told a small gathering outside Indianapolis. “We need both! It is not either/or.”

    “Sen. Obama says we shouldn’t do it and it’s a gimmick, and Sen. McCain says we should do it but we shouldn’t pay for it.” She added. “I sometimes feel like the Goldilocks of this campaign. You know, not too much, not too little. Just right.”

    “This isn’t a real solution. This is a gimmick,” Obama countered. “This is what Washington does whenever there’s a big problem. They pretend that they’re solving it to try to get though political season but they don’t really solve it.

    Meanwhile, Clinton strategist Geoff Garin said their polling has shown “working people appreciate the fact that Senator Clinton understands the incredible economic strain they are facing.”

    From: CNN Political Producer Alexander Marquardt
    Filed under: Barack Obama • Hillary Clinton

  188. Via drudge:

    FLASH: FOXNEWS O’REILLY averaged nearly 3.7 million viewers last night w/ Clinton; highest rated of year… Developing…

  189. Why does everyone feel they have to come to poor Bambi’s defense. He truly is a Bambi. He should be off in a forest somewhere sniffing flowers instead of running for president!

  190. yup, our girl has brass eggs, for sure. and as admin says, bambi ain’t got the attributes to face the big guns. let BO stay safe and cozy with timmy russert and the rest of nbc/msnbc while our girl takes on the world.

  191. This debate with O’Reilly is getting more attention in the United States than any old andrews endorsement! Wonder what the bots are saying?

  192. Ha! djia Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 8:30 pm
    Clinton: I feel like the Goldilocks of this campaign


  193. Yes that would make a great T-shirt. Pic of Hillary with Testicular Fortitude on the bottom of the pic. Send that in dedfg!

  194. well how does Obama square that with voting for a Gas Tax Holiday when he was in Chicago?

    Again, it shows he cannot relate to hardworking, cash strapped Americans. I don’t care if its a dab of money .. right now every penny counts in this economy.

    He DOESN’T get it .. he can’t get down on our level.


    Love that idea! Testicular Fortitude!


    Women have testicular fortitude, too.


  196. sonia,

    Do you have a link? I couldn’t find that on drudge.

    Also, Drudge headline is there’s an HRC mayday response to the Andrews defection but i gotta say I don’t think anyone gives a d@mn about that, not even the SD’s. It’s so friggin pathetically obvious. Plus, when ya see the guy he looks an awful lot like Porky Pig.

    Hey, porky. HRC’s gonna fry your chops. hehehehe.

  197. djia

    i work in a male dominated field ( construction management ) and when the guys give me a hard time, i always tell them to “quit breaking my eggs”..

  198. Dear Mr. XXXXXXXX:

    Thank you for your message requesting my endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination for president of the United States. I have great respect and admiration for Senator Clinton and wish her the best in her race. At this time, I am not endorsing any particular candidate for president.

    Your views are important to me, and I am grateful for your willingness to be involved in the future of Kentucky and our nation. I encourage you to continue to be involved in politics and to express your opinions to elected officeholders. Please feel free to contact me whenever an issue is important to you.


    Steven L. Beshear

  199. You say I have ‘testicular fortitude’, I say (‘brass eggs’, ‘brass bells’, ‘ovaries of steel’)??? 😉

  200. yesterday ,,hillary was telling that god bless us rich people ,,so let,s help poor and middle class,,,

    she was making a point that ,,,,,,that u say u r rich and i am rich ,,,so ok lets pay taxes and lets do universal health care

  201. What’s wrong with this picture? And intentional or not?

    Jackson calls for an Obama-Wright ‘cease-fire’

    The Rev. Jesse Jackson just now expressed his hope for a “cease-fire” between Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    “It was a painful break he had to make — a break between pastor and politician, parishioner, who have different agendas,” he said after a press conference in New York.

    “There’s so much pain in this whole process,” he said. “It may be premature to get a reconciliation — at least we can have a cease-fire and get back on the agenda items that matter to the American people.”

    Jackson was in New York’s City Hall to call for increased U.S. aid for Haiti to meet the mounting food crisis there.

  202. # alcina Says:
    May 1st, 2008 at 8:51 pm


    i work in a male dominated field ( construction management ) and when the guys give me a hard time, i always tell them to “quit breaking my eggs”..

    😀 My hubby is construction management too !

  203. ANYWAY




  204. I read somewhere today that the DNC is swamped with calls to close the primary down. I guess they are getting threats. Maybe we should swamp them with e-mails to keep it open. I know the Obama camp is run by maniacs. They are also dishonest. How do you fight rottenness.

  205. Hi guys.

    Crazy Kossacks are at it again….

    1) Please contact CT super delegate CT Dem Cttee Chairperson Nancy DiNardo & encourage her to wait to endorse
    (email is good, CT residents-snail mail is better)
    Daily Kos is targeting her….

    email: NDiNardo@ctdems.org
    179 Allyn St. Suite 301
    Hartford, CT 06103
    Tel: 860-560-1775

    2) Please show CT super delegate John Olson some love. He came out for our girl today but Obamatrons have been beating him up:

  206. Hey guys, in a heated war of words about the SD’s. My opponent is arguing that Dean has consistently said the MI and FL delegates should be counted. I’m in a time crunch. Anyone have any quotes for me to kick his ass with handy?

    Much thanks.

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