Hillary Clinton Works

The polls look good. Hillary looks better (she’ll be on O’Reilly again tonight). Obama is increasingly vetted by the people who know him best – like his “Pastor”. Big Media outlet Meet The Press will try to salvage Obama this Sunday but fail. The dead bodies under the Obama bus increase. Every day it becomes more apparent that Hillary “Annie Oakley” Clinton has the ovaries to be President and Obama lacks the um… er… attributes necessary for the job.

But now is not the time to celebrate or cheer. Now is the time to work. Hillary works.

Make calls for Hillary Clinton to upcoming states (HERE).

DONATE. Convince friends and families to donate if you don’t have the funds. Don’t forget to add the 44 cents!

Hillary Works. Let’s all work.

Governor Mike Easley:

The economy and contrast with Obama:

Dreams – Never stop believing:

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: