Barack Obama Is Wright

Barack Obama just lost another father figure. Prepare for more Obama Drama.

In a stammering, weak, press conference Obama tried to flim flam American voters into believing that he is an innocent duped by mean ol’ “Pastor” Wright.

Big Media again swooned and wept at Barack’s humility and pain. Big Media will try, once again, to force feed the notion that the Wright story is over, and Boy, wasn’t that Obama just great and oh so eloquent and pained. As if.

Big Media put all efforts into trying to figure out why mean ol’ “Pastor” Wright was saying mean things about their Precious. Big Media did not care a whit about investigating Obama and why Obama sat in the pew for 20 years.

Obama’s stammering, weak, comments on his 20 year long “Pastor” were tepid, at best. “Whatever relationship I had with Reverend Wright has changed as a consequence of this.” Obama mumbled.

Obama is STILL a member of the church that applauded and triumphed – 5 days after the World Trade Center attacks – when “Pastor” Wright yelled “God Damn America.” Recall where you were 5 days after the World Trade Center attacks. “Pastor” Wright’s “God Damn America” was indecent and ill-timed at the very least.

Obama’s weak performance gave credence to Wright’s assertion that Obama is bamboozling the public with politician talk. Today’s speech was inspired not by unity or principle but rather by this afternoon’s SurveyUSA poll out of North Carolina showing Hillary within 5 points in Obama must win state North Carolina (and the big Hillary endorsement by North Carolina Governor Mike Easley and Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton).

In essence, Obama’s comic excuse is – he didn’t know. This defense is as weak today as it was in the original German.

Obama is running on a single word – “Judgment”. Answer: 20 years – Rezko, Wright.

Obama’s months long defense of his judgment on Wright (as with slumlord friend Rezko) is he did not know and anyway let’s talk about race. Obama wants Americans to ignore his 20 year relationships with Chicago hustlers and instead the great Messiah Barack Obama will lead us all in a discussion of race. NO.

The current Obama meltdown has NOTHING to do with Wright or race. The Question at issue is Obama’s judgment. Obama took his daughters for their entire life to listen to “Pastor” Wright because the big Wright church with thousands of voting members helped him politically.

RACE has NOTHING to do with it. “Pastor” Wright in a sexually suggestive way “humped” the podium at the church. It wasn’t about race – he “humped” the podium. “Pastor” Wright used the “N” word, in front of all the children and members of the church. Even rappers have tried to leech the “N” word from their vocabulary. But Obama’s “Pastor” used that word and Obama said nothing.

RACE has NOTHING to do with it. “Pastor” Wright made all sorts of nasty vulgar attacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton. Silence for 20 years from Precious Obama.

RACE has NOTHING to do with it. Vulgarity and scatology were not unknown at “Pastor” Wright “sermons“. Silence for 20 years from Precious Obama.

Obama’s “I didn’t know” defense is not credible. “Pastor” Wright not only had controversial things to say on race but the vulgarity and tone of his language alone should have informed Obama to remove his daughters from such an influence. That is, if Obama truly disagreed with Wright.

Many African-Americans in North Carolina will be just as repulsed as normal Americans – because they ARE normal Americans. African-Americans in North Carolina will reject Obama and his Wright antics.

Obama’s “I didn’t know, hey, I also barely knew Wright” defense is not credible. Here is a major American magazine on Obama and Wright and Wright’s language in church:

“We are deeply involved in the importing of drugs, the exporting of guns and the training of professional KILLERS. . . . We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God. . . . We conducted radiation experiments on our own people. . . . We care nothing about human life if the ends justify the means!” The crowd whoops and amens as Wright builds to his climax: “And. And. And! GAWD! Has GOT! To be SICK! OF THIS SHIT!”

Obama sat silently in the pews with his daughters as they learned colorful language.

Obama Is Wright. Obama believes what Wright believes. Obama can’t politically afford to be exposed for what he is. But, Obama Is Wright.

Here is Obama speaking in “African-American tonalities”, as “Pastor” Wright would misguidingly describe it:

More on Obama/Wright:

This is as openly radical a background as any significant American political figure has ever emerged from, as much Malcolm X as Martin Luther King Jr. Wright is not an incidental figure in Obama’s life, or his politics. The senator “affirmed” his Christian faith in this church; he uses Wright as a “sounding board” to “make sure I’m not losing myself in the hype and hoopla.” Both the title of Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope, and the theme for his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 come from Wright’s sermons. “If you want to understand where Barack gets his feeling and rhetoric from,” says the Rev. Jim Wallis, a leader of the religious left, “just look at Jeremiah Wright.”

Barack Obama Is Wright.

It’s time for Obama to follow “Pastor” Wright’s lead and retire to a big house.


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  1. Brilliant post. The key point is that Obama is STILL a member of the church. Once again, he can give flowery speeches, but he’s all talk and no action.

    The Audacity of Hate rolls on……

  2. Do you think Obama is overpolling in Indiana, like other states. When would we expect to see whatever fallout is coming to show up in polls.

    Also, anyone in our AA community here at Big Pink .. do you think Obama throwing Wright overboard with an anvil will effect his AA support?

  3. Wright.


    ‘It’s time for Obama to follow “Pastor” Wright’s lead and retire to a big house’

    How about to The BIG House? hehehehe.

  4. Dot: I posted on the FSU Hillary thread about the matching donation for today, and some people made donations!

  5. saw that video of obama preaching a while back, it’s truly disgusting to watch(listen to)!

    The way he changes his way of speaking depending on the crowd, seriously, why is he speaking on different occasions as if he is speaking to two different species? Is this what he believes?

    And to think they blasted Hill when she read a poem in it’s original ‘tung’, even as she spoke like her old self during the rest of the speech in the church!

    Can you spell d-o-u-b-l-e s-t-a-n-d-a-r-d???

  6. Hannity calling Waffles appearance today a “bizarre press conference.”


    Isn’t it ineteresting that the press hasn’t been able to get a peep out of Waffles for weeks and all of a sudden he magnanimously availed himself of their questions?

  7. oh shucks you can’t get anything but the media lurve fest for the Obama distancing.

    Even Fox is sucking up. God, give me patience.

    don’t you know that they are lying about when obama watched that press coverage?

    Come on Rev .. bring it back to us.

  8. My latest response to Howard the Duck asking me for money again:

    “No contributions, no pledges, no donations until leaders of the DNC start showing leadership instead of particular candidate endorsement behavior and speech.

    I keep trying to tell you, you have angered millions by dragging your feet on seating FL and MI delegates now, not later…and by being so obviously supportive of one candidate over another. I am one of thousands who has actually watched the C-Span tape from last August, and more are watching it everyday.

    Time to get your house in order, Howard. You too, Donna. You are supposed to be working for all of us, not just for half of us.”


  9. BO did not have problems with his pastor’s comments for 20 years. Now that his poll numbers started tanking he did exactly what his pastor predicted. Act like a typical politician that he is.

  10. The Anatomy of Wright’s Disinvitation
    Posted by TOM BEVAN | E-Mail This | Permalink | Email Author
    Asked yesterday how he felt about being “uninvited” to give the public invocation at Barack Obama’s announcement for president back on February 10 of 2007, Reverend Wright responded:

    Oh, I was not invited because that was a political event. Let me say again: I’m his pastor. As a political event, who started it off? Senator Dick Durbin. I started it off downstairs with him, his wife, and children in prayer. That’s what pastors do.
    So I started it off in prayer. When he went out into the public, that wasn’t about prayer. That wasn’t about pastor-member. Pastor- member took place downstairs. What took place upstairs was political.

    To the contrary, we know, thanks to an interview Wright gave to Jodi Kantor of the New York Times in March 2007, that Wright fully planned on giving the invocation in Springfield before Obama rescinded the offer just hours before the event:

    After all, back in January, Mr. Obama had asked Mr. Wright if he would begin the event by delivering a public invocation.
    But Mr. Wright said Mr. Obama called him the night before the Feb. 10 announcement and rescinded the invitation to give the invocation.

    “Fifteen minutes before Shabbos I get a call from Barack,” Mr. Wright said in an interview on Monday, recalling that he was at an interfaith conference at the time. “One of his members had talked him into uninviting me,” Mr. Wright said, referring to Mr. Obama’s campaign advisers.

    There is a contemporaneous report from Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times that Wright was in Springfield that morning and led the family and Senator Dick Durbin in a private prayer just before the event started. But Wright’s explanation yesterday about some private/political dichotomy of the event is evasive and disingenuous.

    In the Times interview, Wright was even more specific about why he was disinvited:

    Mr. Wright said that in the phone conversation in which Mr. Obama disinvited him from a role in the announcement, Mr. Obama cited an article in Rolling Stone, “The Radical Roots of Barack Obama.”
    According to the pastor, Mr. Obama then told him, “You can get kind of rough in the sermons, so what we’ve decided is that it’s best for you not to be out there in public.”

    That Rolling Stone article, authored by Benjamin Wallace-Wells, appeared in the February 22, 2007 issue (incidentally, at some point the title of the article online was changed from “The Radical Roots of Barack Obama” to “Destiny’s Child”). It’s not clear whether the magazine had just hit news stands or whether Obama had gotten a sneak peek at the piece, but it doesn’t take long to find the part that gave Obama heartburn:

    And there is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a sprawling, profane bear of a preacher, a kind of black ministerial institution, with his own radio shows and guest preaching gigs across the country. Wright takes the pulpit here one Sunday and solemnly, sonorously declares that he will recite ten essential facts about the United States. “Fact number one: We’ve got more black men in prison than there are in college,” he intones. “Fact number two: Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run!” There is thumping applause; Wright has a cadence and power that make Obama sound like John Kerry. Now the reverend begins to preach. “We are deeply involved in the importing of drugs, the exporting of guns and the training of professional KILLERS. . . . We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God. . . . We conducted radiation experiments on our own people. . . . We care nothing about human life if the ends justify the means!” The crowd whoops and amens as Wright builds to his climax: “And. And. And! GAWD! Has GOT! To be SICK! OF THIS SH*T!”
    With a bit of digging you can find a fuller version of the Wright sermon Wallace-Wells references which includes the full list of 10 Essential Facts about America. Missing from the Rolling Stone article is Fact #3 (America is still the number one killer in the world), Fact #5 (we supported Zionism shamelessly while ignoring the Palestinians, and branding anybody who spoke out against it as being anti-Semitic), Fact #8 (we started the AIDS virus), Fact #9 (we are only able to maintain our level of living by making sure the Third World people live in grinding poverty), and Fact #10 (we are selfish, self-centered ego egotists, who are arrogant and ignorant).

    At the last debate, Barack Obama was asked specifically about disinviting Rev. Wright to his presidential announcement. Here is the exchange:

    MR. GIBSON: Senator Obama, since you last debated, you made a significant speech in this building on the subject of race and your former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. And you said subsequent to giving that speech that you never heard him say from the pulpit the kinds of things that so have offended people.
    But more than a year ago, you rescinded the invitation to him to attend the event when you announced your candidacy. He was to give the invocation. And according to the reverend, I’m quoting him, you said to him, “You can get kind of rough in sermons. So what we’ve decided is that it’s best for you not to be out there in public.” I’m quoting the reverend. But what did you know about his statements that caused you to rescind that invitation?


    MR. GIBSON: And if you knew he got rough in sermons, why did it take you more than a year to publicly disassociate yourself from his remarks?

    SENATOR OBAMA: Well, understand that I hadn’t seen the remarks that ended up playing on youTube repeatedly. This was a set of remarks that had been quoted in Rolling Stone Magazine and we looked at them and I thought that they would be a distraction since he had just put them forward.

    But, Charlie, I’ve discussed this extensively. Reverend Wright is somebody who made controversial statements but they were not of the sort that we saw that offended so many Americans. And that’s why I specifically said that these comments were objectionable; they’re not comments that I believe in. (emphasis added)

    Obama initially declared he didn’t think “my church is actually particularly controversial” and said that he was never in the pews when Wright made any of the comments captured on video. Then, in his big speech on race in Philadelphia in March, Obama offered the following vague admission:

    Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes.
    We now know from Obama’s answer at the last debate that he had seen Rev. Wright’s remarks in Rolling Stone in Feburary of 2007 and deemed them to be enough of a problem to deep six the Reverend from speaking at his announcement. At the same time, Obama is now characterizing those remarks as “not of the sort that we saw that offended so many Americans.” Go read the quote from the Rolling Stone article again. I doubt most Americans would agree, which only lends itself to the notion that Obama hasn’t been fully forthcoming about what he knew about his pastor’s incendiary language and when he knew it.

  11. Rudy .. saying, hello, Obama knew all these statements prior to today and WHY didn’t he separate himself from him a LONG time ago.

    Reminding people about the title of the book too.

    Snotty nose McCaskill getting ready to come dirty her shoes on Fox and kiss ass for Obama. You all better vote that twerp out first chance you get. She’s angling for some vp job or something ..

  12. dot48, I noted at the end of the previous thread that the IN poll showing the race tied includes 22 percent AA voters (according to someone on TM).

    Considering the demographics in IN, isn’t that awfully high?

  13. Brother told me that many, many AA in Indiana. He lives in Hammond. Don’t know how the running over of beloved Wright will effect the AA in Indiana ..

    would love to hear thoughts from those here on Big Pink ..

  14. Lanny on Fox now. Why do they want to put Hillary supporters on the spot and ask stupid questions. Lanny says he is changing the issues once again .. WHY did he stay silent for so many years. Why did he just come out today.

    He did invite him to his Religious Advisory Committee in his campaign…

    I’m glad to see Lanny out there.

    True issue .. why was he silent.

    Of course, tanker Megan, has to try to cover his ass

  15. Lanny .. when you hear bigotry you gotta get up and say something …. not be silent.

    His speech in Philadelphia didn’t give any answers either.

    Go Lanny.

  16. How does Obama expect the world to believe that he can make peace with Republicans and nations around the world, when he can’t even make peace with his own church?

  17. Barack Obama’s problem in a nutshell:

    He put forth his 20 year relationship with Rev Wright as evidence, or a witness to his Christian faith and as his connection with the African American community- to make him “Black enough” if you will.

    Now that it is clear that Rev. Wright is a bit crazy and only interested in preserving the racial divide that him and his church a voice, Obama wants to disown him. Too late. Could have done that instead of lecturing us on the history of race. Could have done that during the debate.

    A different kind of politician he is not.

  18. Why is Obama playing a victim to wrights speech as if Wright did it on purpose? Where does he think that he is soo grand that all of wrights speeches are directed to Obama! Obama will do anything to win and to slam his pastor this uncle of his shows you how creepy this fart is! Considering this punk has been going to this church for twenty years! Know he doesn’t want a relationship with him because he made obama look like a two faced racist politician the truth! F obama! Piece of crap, now he wants the white votes and he will step on anyone!

  19. In response to Tom McMahon’s request for contributions to the DNC:

    “No. But I’ll wave to you tomorrow as we stand outside your office protesting the disenfranchisement of FL and MI voters. Be sure and look out your window.”


  20. Hard to imagine anything sleazier than Rev. Wright giving that “back-room” invocation, in private, to kick-start Obama’s campaign.

  21. Based on what I just heard on NPR, the Pastor is under the bus and disinvited to the faux Georgian mansion forever.

    Wonder what Me-me-me-Michelle is saying, publically and privately.

    Guess who’s going to get blamed for the Indiana loss, and poor showing in NC.

  22. mccaskill .. just a distraction .. megan from fox news tanks again for bambi too. of course plastic face mccaskill trying to act like Hillary and “other’ political figures are just using this against them.

    I can’t wait till Wright’s own people come out with video and photos of him sitting in the pews.

  23. all we need now is for the Rezko trial to release some dirt and we can set the house of Obama on fire!

  24. I’m not watching anymore tv. I’m going back to my blackout. Not one mention of 2 big endorsements for Hillary today. Eff ’em.

  25. I wish one of the 527’s would do an ad featuring Oprah. She gave him such a boost and a lot of people who buy her spiel ate it up.

  26. Grinchrich on Hannity:

    Waffles said he could no more disown Wright than the black community.
    Well, Wright’s gone so when’s the press conference to disown the black community?
    Maybe he’ll schedule one for next week.
    And then he can do one to disown William Ayers.
    He violated his standards.


  27. Ronald .. I think the trial is on hiatus for a few days????

    Also, are we sure Rezco is still alive.

    Wonder what Wright knows about all of the Rezco, Ayers, and the few other things.

    I don’t think Jeremiah Wright will go away quietely. The brush up today is gonna make him very mad.

  28. Dot,

    i really don’t think it matters whether or not BM covers HRC. The people aren’t paying attention to them. They’re following their local news, their local media, talking to their friends and neighbors.
    It’s a state by state operation, not a national one, and she’s doing great.

  29. Okay, Brad Henry is getting his ass handed to him for endorsing 👿 last week. We have some uncommitted SD’s here in OK still and I need a helping hand. Be gentle. I actually know some of these folks. They’re not bad people. We need to impress upon them how bad 👿 is down ticket for Oklahoma Dems and that 👿 ‘s baggage will haunt him in the GE. Also, talk to them about Midwestern values. That’s where their bread is buttered. But also talk to them about Hillary’s progressive stances like on UHC. Oklahomans need it. We also have a large military presence and national security issues loom large for many families in central OK.

    Anyhow, thanks. Let me know if you sent something.

    DNC Member Edwards Backer Jim Frasier

    Former OK Dem Party Chairman Jay Parmley,

    Lost to Dan Boren Kalyn Free

    Democratic Party Chairman Former Edwards Backer Ivan Holmes,

  30. Linfar: Thanks for the kind words. I miss raising hell there, but I don’t miss Jon Singer:)

    Basil and Dot: The point of the video is that Childers is slowly but surely backing away from Barack’s endorsement of him, and vice versa. It’s not so much what he does say, but what he doesn’t.

    Here’s an excellent article on the subject:

    Childers is absolutely backing away from Obama. The “Obama Flight” has begun in earnest.

  31. Linfar: Thanks for the kind words. I miss raising hell there, but I don’t miss Jon Singer:)

    Basil and Dot: The point of the video is that Childers is slowly but surely backing away from Barack’s endorsement of him, and vice versa. It’s not so much what he does say, but what he doesn’t.

    Here’s an excellent article on the subject:

    Childers is absolutely backing away from Obama. The “Obama Flight” has begun in earnest.

  32. It’s up to the voters now folks. They can either chose to close their eyes and ears and vote for this unqualified person and put him up to run against McCain or they can choose to vote for the most qualified person whose baggage is known.

    The big elephant in the room is still “WHO IS BARACK OBAMA” the shit keeps coming and not one outlet will ask the question.

    Fox was doing some investigative work but now they are just waiting till the primaries are over till they lay down the hammer. They would rather run against Obama now and they are keeping lid on new stuff till its over.

  33. Berkeley,

    Somehow, i think that’s sad, and much as I don’t like Wright, it was a real kick in the teeth to him. Afterall, Wright was supposed to officiate, wasn’t he?

    ‘Hard to imagine anything sleazier than Rev. Wright giving that “back-room” invocation, in private, to kick-start Obama’s campaign.’

  34. Gary,

    Me too! Good luck tomorrow! Say hi to Jim and Norma for me!


    Ok. I get it. That’s what I thought your point was; Childers is backing away from Waffles contamination.

    The news clip PROVES that!

  35. winhillary,

    He has no range. He’s a 1-trick pony. Victim status is the only role he’s mastered.

    Sorry, but that ain’t enough. Versatility and the ability to think on one’s feet is a requirement for the job.


  36. I’d like to go on record publicly and announce that IF Obama is SOMEHOW able to survive this ever-growing Wright scandal (is a ‘fiasco’ bigger than a scandal?), and is eventually elected President, then I will take back everything I ever said, will attend his inauguration personally, and for the rest of my life will refer to him as the greatest comeback politician the country has ever known.

    THAT is how sure I am that this has doomed him.

  37. Have you heard?

    It may be that the contamination of the killer heparin was PURPOSEFUL, a deliberate act according to SPL, the wholesale distributor, and Baxter, the drug company.


  38. Does anyone here think that this whole thing was staged to allow BO to denouce, reject, etc.?

    And as for Stinky’s rhetoric, I’m really sick of the “It’s not ME, it’s YOU” that we heard in his so-called great Philly speech. At least we now know where he gets it.

  39. Here is an e-mail request I just received. If you are near Winston-Salem, NC and can help the HRC volunteers out, please e-mail me at reddbook at yahoo dot com for the details and location.

    Another vital need at the Hillary Headquarters is HEALTHY FOOD! No snacks such as chips or cookies, but REAL MEALS! They’d like nothing better than a pot of pinto beans, onions, and cornbread; homemade soup, casseroles, a bucket of chicken, good home cookin’ plus vegetable trays, subs, fresh fruit, (Costco to the rescue!), etc. If you are kind enough to prepare a meal, enough to serve 10 or 12 would be much appreciated. Please don’t worry about desserts.

    I might add that there is no kitchen sink, so there can be no dish washing. Disposable containers are crucial. Also needed are disposable plates, bowls, napkins and silverware. Bottled water and caffeinated drinks, both diet and regular would be terrific. There is a dorm-size refrigerator at HQ.

  40. Dear Mr. Frasier,

    I am certain you have been inundated with a flood of e-mails and calls and letters. Some nice, some probably not so nice. I’m sorry for that, but forgive me for stealing another minute or two of your time.

    I am an attorney. I practice here in Norman. I am also a Hillary supporter. There are lots of reasons for my supporting her. There’s Universal Health care, a strong military, guaranteed benefits for our military families and the men and women they share with us in service of our nation, but mostly, I, like most Oklahomans, come from a blue-collar background.

    My parents did not believe in hand-outs. They taught me hard work, discipline and to help others where I could. For me, that’s the American way, and since I moved to Oklahoma in high school (Go Roughers!), I know it is also the Oklahoma way. It is part of what made me the first person in my family to go to college. It is now what makes me write you this e-mail.

    For the last several years, I have been appalled at how the State GOP under Lance Cargill and his cronies have decimated our legal system. The omnibus tort reform measures certainly come to mind…I am utterly sick of that happening.

    So in an effort to stem the tide of red blood in our state, I feel we have to draw a line in the sand and stick with Oklahoma values. We have to stand up against the radical elements that our party (for good or bad) has become synonymous with the Democratic Party in the last two decades. We have to ensure that our down ticket candidates have a fighting chance. We can do that if Hillary Clinton is the nominee.

    The Rezko, Ayers, Dohrn and Wright controversies are just the tip of the iceberg with Senator Obama. I feel that his candidacy in a general election will harm our party further and I, for one cannot, abide by that…..especially when there is so much important work to be done.

    I know you have much on your plate, I do, too, but my trial on Thursday will have to wait until I finish this e-mail as this primary is of a pretty historic nature.

    You have the chance now to stick by our party’s values and help ensure that our state candidates have a fighting chance at the polls. We can already see what the GOP is doing in North Carolina and Louisiana. Please don’t let that happen here.

    Thank you for your time and my best wishes in making your decision.

    Very truly yours,

    Clinton Supporter

  41. I don’t know now, maybe it was staged. Gives the media and the asskissers more time to lap the praise on the 👿

    Hillary decides to go in the Spin Zone and all blong ditz Megan can say is “why” .. I’m ready to ditch Fox 5pm show cause Megan Kelley is absolutely stupid ..

  42. Informed,

    That’s what I’ve been saying the past 2 days.

    The good news is I don’t think it’s gonna work.

  43. The Obama-bots are desperately trying to spin today’s Obama speech as a “purging” of Wright, and saying that Wright’s antics yesterday were helpful, because it gave Obama an “opportunity” to criticize Wright.

    To that I say: BWAHAHAHA! Yesterday, Wright was merely asked whether his EARLIER comments (which Obama already knew about, and to which Obama replied “I can no sooner disown Wright than disown the black community”) were still valid. Basically, Wright said, yep, I stand by what I say.

    And now — only NOW — does Obama finally pretend to be SHOCKED by Wright’s statements. Typical politician, indeed!

  44. Anyone else disturbed by all the talk of religion in Waffles campaign?

    Doya ever hear HRC talking about religion?

    What happened to the separation of church and state? Why do we have to spend hours listening to explanations and descriptions of religions we don’t follow? Isn’t that anti-democratic? Anti-American?

  45. A dash of Wright a pinch of Rezko wallllla! Put it in the oven tell Denver and see what happens!

  46. Well if Obama was willing to say, he made a mistake in following Wright for 20 years and in promoting him as evidence of his Christianity and his Black roots, then fine. OK. But that’s not what Obama said. IN his typical “it not me, its you” he blames Wright for deceiving him all these years.

    Say what they might about Hillary, she admits a mistake, corrects the problem and moves on.

    Obama needs to look in the mirror and not the one-way glass.

  47. If this were staged I would think they would have timed it towards the end of the week so it would be in the news cycle for the final weekend leading up to Obama’s last primaries. Yes, I said last, if he loses both NC and IN he is finished!

  48. Basil, I agree – I don’t see how it would work. There are too many lies and inconsistencies.

    “I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find GAMBLING going on in this establishment!”

    Seriously, he stated among other things that he is angry because Wright took everyone’s focus off the campaign – it’s not what he’s about, etc. So what? I saw no anger about the substance of Wright’s beliefs – and still no acceptance of responsibility for sitting in the pews for 20 years and subjecting his daughters to that hate-mongering.

    And, MSNBC didn’t post the Q&A – I’ll have to look for it later.

  49. birdgal-

    what rallies? He stopped having them during the PA campaign. He says he wants to connect with voters but I think the big rallies stopped when they realized they wouldn’t be able to get all the people to come anymore.

  50. To piss off Wright could be a plus for us, who knows what Wright might have on Saint Obama, we will see!

  51. We’re now left with only one of two conclusions about Obama’s conduct:

    (A) Either Barack Obama knew about Rev. Wright’s positions, did nothing, and is now lying to cover it up; or

    (B) Barack Obama never really attended Trinity enough to pick up on Wright’s views, in which case Obama was using the church just for show and has been lying about his faith the whole time.

  52. Did y’all hear what Cadaverdy said?????? Are he and Ogremann collaborating?
    “He (Waffles) might prefer to run over her at this point with a flatbed truck.” This was yesterday! Got it from a TM poster.

    JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: Wolf, Lincoln and Douglas made it famous, a debate with no moderator. But it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen between Obama and Clinton.

    Over a week — just a little over a week to go now before the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, the two candidates running virtually neck and neck in Indiana, Clinton wants to debate Obama in both states as a means of picking up votes in a race that he currently leads overall when you combine Indiana and North Carolina. She says she’ll debate him any time, any place, adding that it could even be done on the back of a flatbed truck.

    I was thinking earlier he might prefer to run over her at this point with a flatbed truck.

  53. Obama is going to lose most of his AA base because Rev. Wright and his supporters legitimized Obama with the working class AA’s because of Wright’s decades long works in the community.

    Who records and accomplishments is Obama standing on?

    All I’ve seen is Obama copying other people’s ideas and words and achievement but where is Obama’s own records and accomplishments for him to stand on?

    I find it interesting that Donna Brazile is no where to be found on cable tv today regarding Rev. Wright.

  54. Well you see there is problems with what Obama did today

    The Real Rev. Wright
    By Rich Lowry

    The Rev. Jeremiah Wright has taken Barack Obama’s critically acclaimed race speech in Philadelphia, ripped it into bits, and tossed it in the air to serve as confetti for his parade through the media.

    In that speech, Obama said Wright had been taken out of context, a defense the pastor has made himself. If only we knew the true Wright, Obama complained, instead of just “the snippets of those sermons that have run on an endless loop on the television and YouTube.” In his interview with Bill Moyers on PBS, Wright said the playing of his sound bites was “unfair,” “unjust” and “untrue.”

    Then cometh the good reverend to step all over the out-of-context defense in a speech at the National Press Club. He defended his “chickens come home to roost” statement about 9/11 in exactly the same terms as in his original sermon: “You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you.” He stood by his damnation of America and his contention that the U.S. government had created AIDS: “I believe our government is capable of doing anything.”

    read on ……………………………

  55. Ronald says:

    what rallies? He stopped having them during the PA campaign. He says he wants to connect with voters but I think the big rallies stopped when they realized they wouldn’t be able to get all the people to come anymore

    How is he meeting with voters? I thought, he had 35,000 show up in PA.

  56. Cadaverdy said this yesterday, about HRC and Waffles!
    “He (Waffles) might prefer to run over her at this point with a flatbed truck.”
    Are he and ogreman collaborating??????
    Here’s the link.

    JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: Wolf, Lincoln and Douglas made it famous, a debate with no moderator. But it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen between Obama and Clinton.

    Over a week — just a little over a week to go now before the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, the two candidates running virtually neck and neck in Indiana, Clinton wants to debate Obama in both states as a means of picking up votes in a race that he currently leads overall when you combine Indiana and North Carolina. She says she’ll debate him any time, any place, adding that it could even be done on the back of a flatbed truck.

    I was thinking earlier he might prefer to run over her at this point with a flatbed truck.

    Got it from a TM poster.


    ……………….Obama initially declared he didn’t think “my church is actually particularly controversial” and said that he was never in the pews when Wright made any of the comments captured on video. Then, in his big speech on race in Philadelphia in March, Obama offered the following vague admission:

    Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes.

    We now know from Obama’s answer at the last debate that he had seen Rev. Wright’s remarks in Rolling Stone in Feburary of 2007 and deemed them to be enough of a problem to deep six the Reverend from speaking at his announcement. At the same time, Obama is now characterizing those remarks as “not of the sort that we saw that offended so many Americans.” Go read the quote from the Rolling Stone article again. I doubt most Americans would agree, which only lends itself to the notion that Obama hasn’t been fully forthcoming about what he knew about his pastor’s incendiary language and when he knew it.

  58. Listen to what Cadaverdy said yesterday! (from a TM poster)

    “I was thinking earlier he (waffles) might prefer to run over her at this point with a flatbed truck.”

    JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: Wolf, Lincoln and Douglas made it famous, a debate with no moderator. But it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen between Obama and Clinton.

    Over a week — just a little over a week to go now before the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, the two candidates running virtually neck and neck in Indiana, Clinton wants to debate Obama in both states as a means of picking up votes in a race that he currently leads overall when you combine Indiana and North Carolina. She says she’ll debate him any time, any place, adding that it could even be done on the back of a flatbed truck.

    I was thinking earlier he might prefer to run over her at this point with a flatbed truck.

  59. birdgal
    he had a very large turnout at Penn state university and at least one other near philly both of which he was accused of bussing people in.

  60. 35,000 bussed in from around the country to go to the PA big “for tv” rally.

    What crowds I’ve saw for him looked bored as hell.

    If the Dems want the White House they better get behind Hillary. Bambi’s not tough enough for the hard work.

    He can’t take the heat. He needs to get out of the kitchen and go home to play with Rezco and Ayers.

  61. Carby,
    In his press conference today, Waffles said this:
    “In some ways what Wright said yesterday directly contradicts everything I’ve done in my life;
    How I was raised
    My Decision to go into public service
    What I’ve said in my books
    My announcement
    My 2004 convention speech”

    Where are the Accomplishments? He got born, grew up, got a job, announced he was running for prez and made a 2004 speech? That’s IT!!!!! In his own words, no less.

  62. Hi everyone – haven’t been on much – busy with FDR – if anyone is in the DC area come join us at a protest rally tomorrow (4/30) 10 – 2 at the DNC headquarters – we’ve bussed about 500 people from Florida – if you have not signed our petition please do so

  63. fdrjim,

    Lots and lots of luck tomorrow at the protest!

    (don’t) break a leg! We’ll be looking for your interview. 😀

  64. basil9
    Now you have to give Obama credit where credit is due..

    He did win his Senate seat by making his opponents divorce records an issue in both the primary and the general election (although he will say others made issue of it and he did not).

    His book did make the NYT best seller list

  65. wow, the msnbc crew (other than Joe Scarborugh) looks like u’are ready to kick the bucket. His campaign must be in literal shambles. Poor little Rachel looks shell shocked. You’d think they be getting used to Baracks big mistakes by now….

  66. seems poor little Bambi can’t connect to “regular” working Americans. We have been saying now for months here at BigPink that he was nothing but an empty suit.

    It’s going to take the voters to shove it down BM throat and let them choke before they’ll fess up that Hillary is the one we need right now.

    IF Hillary could have had one iota of the lurvefest that big media is pumping onto Waffles .. well she’d have it made.

  67. On the ABC World News, Steph said that Hillary is “coming on strong” in both Indiana and North Carolina.

  68. admin,

    there’s a new news clip on MS-1 special election on youtube, which is hilarious. The D candidate is ducking any Obama connection like crazy. The R candidate lamely printed out Obama website’s call for activists to phone bank for that D candidate as proof there’s Obama-Travis Childers(D candidate) connection. Childers then madly denied any endorsement from Obama. It must be disheartening for those Obamabots and dailykooks. LOL.

  69. I wonder how many reporters will be staked out at Obama’s church on Sunday looking for disgruntled parishioners who will say Obama did hear those sermons?

  70. I also think Oblameless, SD’s and the democratic elites fail to understand is Obama has been riding on the backs of other peoples accomplishments in the Black Community.

    Obama does not have a LOCK on the black vote…most do like Hillary a lot and will vote for her if she win the nomination. It will be very interesting if Obama can keep the Black religious and working class votes.

  71. admin,

    I just posted that video link, it will wait a while for it to come up, you should put it on frontpage.

  72. scarborough and crew says that Hillary’s campaign hinting that something is happening in June and this won’t be going to the convention…..of course Maddow has to chime in the ole “I hear Obama has bunchs of sd’s going to join him” .. they’ve been saying that forever. What’s holding them back if they are so converted to him????

    anyone heard this?

  73. Home » Blogs » From The Road


    April 29, 2008, 4:41 PM
    Obama: “I Did Not Vet My Pastor Before I Decided To Run For The Presidency”
    Posted by Maria Gavrilovic| 7

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Barack Obama today said he was both angered and saddened by Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s appearance at the National Press Club on Monday and that his comments do not represent him or his campaign.

    “I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened over the spectacle that we saw yesterday,” Obama said. “I have been a member of Trinity United Church of Christ since 1992. I’ve known Rev. Wright for almost 20 years. The person I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago.”

    At a press conference specifically organized to address Wright’s recent appearances, Obama repeatedly described Wright’s comments as a “performance” and a “bunch of rants.” He accused Wright of selfishly causing a distraction from issues related to voters and the campaign; “what mattered was him commanding center stage.”

    Obama said Wright’s comments were disrespectful to him and that they should not be attributed to him. “I want to make absolutely clear that I do not subscribe to the views that he expressed. I believe they are wrong,” Obama said. “I think they are destructive and to the extent that he continues to speak out, I do not expect those views to be attributed to me.”
    He said his speech on race in Philadelphia was to give context to the issue, but that he never excused Rev. Wright’s comments, which he still says he never heard while attending the Trinity United Church.

    “During the course of me attending that church, I had not heard those kinds of statements being made, or those kinds of views being prompted, and I did not vet my pastor before I decided to run for the presidency, I was a member of the church,” Obama said. “So I think what it says, is that I had not, I did not run my pastor through the paces, or review every one of the sermons he had made over the last 30 years, but I don’t think that anybody could attribute those ideas to me.”

    Obama admitted that the controversy surrounding Wright has caused “great damage” to their relationship and that their friendship will not be the same. He made a strong effort through out the press conference to distance himself from Wright and minimize their relationship.

    “He was never my ‘spiritual advisor,’” Obama said. “He was never my spiritual mentor; he was my pastor.” But he was on Obama’s spiritual advisory committee as recently as March. Wright has since left that position.
    Obambi is such a LIAR.

  74. What a liar, hypocrit and narcissist. Wright can be disrespectful to anyone he wants and it’s OK with Bambi – unless, of course, Wright is disrespectful to THE ONE.

  75. On Fox, they said the reason the Pastor Blaster was upset with Wright was what he said about BHO speaking like a politician. After you consider that all the other things Wright said in that speech were mere rehashing of things he had already said, that’s about the only conclusion you can reach.

  76. Kostner, good to hear from you. We’ll have that video as a visual treat in tomorrow’s post.

    All: Contest time: When will Wright respond? Thursday? Monday? Sunday? later?

  77. I wonder if they made some kind of compromise that that if Obama could not win indiana that they would seat FL and MI to Hillary’s advantage? Who knows what they have up their sleeves…

  78. fdrjim, Got your e-mail asking for a call, but I lost your number! Pls. email it to me again! I sorry, I have been very busy, my daughter is pregnant and is having major trouble with her pregnancy, I been at the Er/Labor unit more times than I can count. Pls. get back to asap with whatever you wanted. The pregnancy should be over within two weeks and will have more time then! Good Luck tomorrow, wish I was there!

  79. The best thing about the Press Club breakfast is that the audience was not composed of reporters but was composed of Rev Wright supporters. (reporters were sitting in the balcony above). So, every time he made these outrageous comments, the audience cheers. You can hear every time they replay the clip. Now, when Obama is disowning him it also sounds like he is going against the cheers in the audience.


  80. Joe says someone high up told him and I don’t believe he would lie. Joe has been fair to Hillary so far. Hmmm.. combine this with Hill going on O’Reilly tomorrow night. Saw a crawl run across that Obama NOW wants Michigan 50/50 .. eff him. He wouldn’t agree to a revote. Wish we knew what was going on.

  81. Ronald ..wonder when those people will start coming forward to defend Rev. Wright?

    Oh the drama of Obama. The party doesn’t need this .. drop out now.

  82. Anyone know Tamron Hall, the pretty anchorette on morning MSNBC?

    She’s on Tweetie. Turns out she’s from Chicago and attended TUCC a half dozen times and is basically a Wright (Waffles) supporter. Says she never heard the kind of inflamatory remarks Wright made yesterday.

    Another piece of the MSNBC -in-the-tank-for Waffles puzzle.

    Plus, who knows what kind of behind-the-scenes-influence Oprah is wielding. She’s headquartered in Chicago and she’s starting her own network, right?


  83. dot,

    scarborough and crew says that Hillary’s campaign hinting that something is happening in June and this won’t be going to the convention

    Could be about Florida and Michigan going in front of the rules committee starting May 31st.

  84. dot48:
    Can ask you this, then off to meeting. Will check back for answer later on. Here goes:

    Heard Newt say at end of Hannity’s radio program that MI & FL were having some sort of elections in AUGUST, and the voters could vote then. What’s this all about?!?! WOULD BE WONDERFUL AND A REASON NOT TO ALLOW BRAZILE PELOSI AND DEAN TO STOP IN JUNE!!!!!!!!!!! Check with you later. BYE.

  85. confloyd – email on the way – best of luck to your daughter – I’ll keep you both in my prayers!!! And, thanks for the good wishes!!!

  86. [quote]The best thing about the Press Club breakfast is that the audience was not composed of reporters but was composed of Rev Wright supporters. [/quote]

    Those weren’t just Rev. Wright supports. Those were the creme de la creme, the royalty of black “intelligentia”.

    Professor Cornell West of Princeton. And, the Grand Wazoo (or whatever they call him) of the Nation of Islam. A vertible who’s who of Obama supporters.

  87. Dot,

    I read somewhere, probably from a link posted here, that Terry McCauliffe made those remarks Sunday at some event. The reporter pressed him but all Terry would say is that it will probably be decided by June 15.

    Whoever posted that link (forgot who) could you please repost?

    Admin, Hate to be a Waffler but I think Wright has been read the riot act and given a huge incentive to keep a low profile until after NC and Ind.

    popcorn’s on me if I’m wrong. 👿

  88. McAuliffe’s Promise: It’s Over By June 15

    By David Corn | April 28, 2008 11:46 AM

    This past weekend, at a pre-party before the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner, I spotted Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. As always–at least as always in public–he was in an upbeat mood and greeted me heartily. So, I asked, when does this end?

    “June 15,” he said without a nanosecond of hesitation.

    Why then? I asked. The primaries finish on June 3, he noted, and after that there will be pressure on the uncommitted superdelegates (who now number about 300) to commit to one candidate or another. It should not take too long for these undecided insiders to make up their minds and declare their intentions–even if there are some who would rather not choose between the two.

    So all done by June 15? You won’t contend the nomination contest beyond then? I asked.

    “Oh, I’m confident we’ll be the nominee,” he said, smiling.

    But, I added, on the night of the Pennsylvania election, you said, “We’re going all the way to Denver.” That suggested, I noted, that Clinton would not yield any time before then. Remarks like that, I continued, raise the prospect of a Clinton backroom operation aimed at winning over both superdelegates and pledged delegates in the weeks and months after the primaries.

    “What do you expect me to say?” McAuliffe retorted. “I’m chairman of the campaign.” Well, I suggested, you could have said, “We’re going on to the next primaries and we’re going to keep on winning.” He didn’t have to use the D-word. He shrugged.

    So, I asked, I have a promise? June 15? “June 15,” he said. You keep it alive beyond that, I noted, and it could be a nuclear war within the party. (In fact, even if McAuliffe and Clinton succeed by winning enough superdelegates in the 12 days after the primaries to trump Barack Obama’s lead in pledged delegates, there still could be an intra-party apocalypse.) He didn’t take the bait. “June 15,” he repeated.

    “Talk to you on the 16th,” I said.

  89. hwc-

    That’s even better! NPR keeps playing the clip of the audience hooting and hollering in support of Wright. A few hours later, Obama throws the lot of them under the bus with his Reverend and Grandma.

  90. hwc,

    the Grand Wazoo (or whatever they call him) of the Nation of Islam.

    Now, that had me howling.

  91. Wright has $10 million line of credit. I don’t think it’s the money. I think this has gotten personal. He knows Obama sat in the church all those years and he knows Obama thinks the same way he does and he most likely is feeling a whole lot USED wright now. Obama used him as a stepping stone and hoped to coast over him on the way to the white house. Obama threw him under the bus by disinviting him to the opening of the campaign and hoped to keep his existence nice and quiet.

    I personally don’t blame Wright. Obama used him, he never challenged him on his sermons and I betcha that within the next few days we will find a nice video to prove that.

    The Christmas sermon that Wright preached all the Hillary hate .. I bet he was there then.

  92. OBAMA = User

    Poll posted by Sonia4Hill – Please vote if you haven’t already!

    Results (so far)
    – The damage is done. Obama waited too long to distance himself from Wright. 42%
    – It doesn’t matter. Americans understand they don’t necessarily share the same opinions or values. 23%
    – It may help. Voters worried about their relationship can rest easy now that he has publicly moved on. 35%

  93. It better be Hillary because I can’t vote for Obama under any circumstances. Not even if Hillary asked me personally. I don’t want him near the White House.

  94. Just saw this on one of my favorite website. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

    Tim Russert Blackballing Arianna At NBC?

    A source close to Arianna Huffington just phoned with an interesting claim. Arianna Huffington is currently on book tour for her new political tome Right Is Wrong: How The Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded The Constitution, And Made Us All Less Safe, in which she goes after Tim Russert (and justifiably so). My source tells me that as a result Tim Russert, well known to be ridiculously thin-skinned, is blackballing her internally at NBC and not permitting her on any of the NBC network or cable outlets. It’s certainly possible, considering how much clout the Washington bureau chief wields at the company (not to mention how much profit his Meet The Press yields for the company). UPDATE: NBC just confirmed to me that Arianna Huffington won’t be booked on any of the NBC political shows past or present or future for her book, which is unusual for a big book tour by a big name. “We get pitched countless books, and most of them don’t make it on the air. And this one didn’t.” Plus, the network news spokesperson points out that Huffington has had nasty things to say about Russert “for years”.

    So what does Huffington say about Russert in her tome?

    — Russert’s July 1, 2007, Meet The Press interview with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff “was about as priapic a display as you’re ever likely to see outside of a porno film or the monkey cage at the zoo, with Russert desperately trying tio get Chertoff to pump up the panic meter…”

    — Russert’s Meet The Press has been the Bush-Cheney “administration’s top choice for push-back as its lies about Iraq were unraveling, because the White House could ‘control’ the message more easily there.”

    — Russert is “one of the temple guards of conventional wisdom” and “a conventional wisdom zombie”.

    — A 7-page scathing analysis of Russert and Meet The Press, based on this premise: “The reason the conventional wisdom survives no matter how many times its lies are exposed is that shows like Meet The Press allow their guests to go unchallenged.”

  95. prayed with wright in the basement so no one would see them?
    I am so glad lou is still doing a great job.

  96. Oh, Tamryn Hall was a minor chicago celebrity – anchored the morning show on Fox local affiliate for probably about ten years. We wondered what happened to her when she left suddenly. It was months after she left Chicago before she was seen on-air on MSNBC. She has always been gaga over Stinky.

  97. DOt,

    I’m not sure what he means, either.

    BTW, did you know Zimmerman, the new reg on Dobbs, is a member of the DNC committee?

  98. The last time a candidate looked as un-presidential as Obama did today, Mike Dukakis was riding around in a tank and wearing an oversized helmet, lol

  99. ohh, wonder how the other African American’s will feel now that they know that Obama kept the Rev Wright hid in the basement.

  100. Thought you might be interested in this – from one of our out-of-state petition signers (if you have not signed the national petition, go to our web site and download it –

    From a voter in Nevada:

    After I move to a different neighborhood next month I’ll be registering, after 34 years as a Democrat, as an Independent. And I would NEVER EVER vote for a 48-state candidate! Disgusting!

  101. Here my donation for this week, it is supposed to doubled.
    Contribution Details
    Date: April 29, 2008 7:46 PM EDT
    Contact: connie

    Amount: $50.00

  102. Did anyone else catch that in his NPC speech (I think it was that one) Wright said he was still a pastor and that he hasn’t “retired”. I don’t have time to look for the transcript, but maybe that has something to do with why the Ol Rev is pissed. Maybe that beautiful home he is building was purchased for him by the church, but is it possible the cost of it will be covered by a major donor to the “church of oblameless”?

    Ahhh, Chicago. Where the American Dream is alive and well…if you know the right people!

  103. The opportunity before us is breathtaking, guys. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and keep working hard — there will be lots of time to celebrate soon enough! 😀

  104. Jim,
    First I’ve seen that article. Fantastic!
    Everyone, check the link. Here are some excepts;

    Buoyed by the results in Pennsylvania, bus loads of Floridians — mostly backers of Sen. Hillary Clinton — will head to Washington for an April 30th rally before the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters. The group is looking to confront party leaders and argue that the Sunshine State’s disqualified January primary results should be counted. They are asking that all 2ll Florida delegates be seated at the August convention in Denver, a decision that would help in the delegate-numbers-game for the New York senator.

    The Florida bus convoy is the latest in a series of activities which has evolved from wrath at the DNC’s action in punishing Florida because it held its primary voting a week ahead of Super Tuesday — even though the date was really set by the Republican-dominated legislature.

    FDR called a meeting of some
    dozen citizens six weeks ago and launched a webpage for the fledging organization behind the Washington caravan. FDR is dedicated “to protect the voting rights of Florida citizens.”

    The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), headquartered in Washington, a widely respected Hispanic civil rights organization, has announced that it was so impressed with the effort by FDR to recognize Florida’s vote, it volunteered to fund the buses, food and hotels for the protest in D.C.

    In addition to this weekend’s protest rallies in several Florida counties and the bus caravan to Washington, FDR is also organizing five State-wide rallies for May 31, just in case the Florida delegate situation is still unresolved.

  105. fox just showed pictures of students at the indiana unitversity, where they have a special poling place on campus, and the obama people were bringing students in record numbers to vote. and they also had so many people they have a special spill over site, and they have a 24hr obama shuttle that picks them up and drops them up for free…


  106. This woman on Lou Dobbs just raised my blood pressure 10 points! I am so sick of Hillary being called a liar and me being called a racist!!!! I AM FUCKING PISSED!!!

  107. fdrjim, this is great news about LULAC helping. LULAC is huge. The democrats don’t want to irritate LULAC! I believe this protest will turn some heads. GOOD LUCK!!

  108. dedfg, dot,

    That really does sound evil, doesn’t it? hehehehe.

    Obama and Wright prayed together in the basement.

    Keep him outta sight.

    How insulting! Wonder why Wright agreed to that in the first place?

  109. basil: that was awhile ago…maybe hillbillylover heard when they did that..or someone watching lou dobbs

  110. HBL – ahhhh, the good Rev was bribed to “retire” (read: get out of the way) with a million-dollar house. My husband said as much when the small notice of Wright’s “retirement” appeared in a tiny little article on an inside page of the Trib’s “metro” section.
    Well, like pastor, like spiritual son. They should take note: “a big house” may lead to “the big house” in Illinois.

  111. hillbillylover,

    I know what you mean. i had to switch the tube off once Mildred started BSing.

    BTW- The plum-head finally seems to have grown bored with nests and eggs. *LOL*,

  112. please email lou dobbs and let him know by the hundreds or thousands .. that Hillary has been campaigning on the issues .. THAT IS WHY SHE WON PA by 10 points and that she has been doing campaign rallye’s talking about the issues now for months and CNN refuses to cover her.

    Malveaus right at her event today standing out front and not even give a shot of her rally .. all she did was talk about Obama . Tell Lou about it.

  113. Rob Christensen, of the Raleigh News & Observer newspaper, on the Lehrer News Hour:

    “If you go into the rural areas of North Carolina, and the small towns, and you talk to White Democratic voters, you hear them talking about Reverend Wright. They bring it up on their own, you don’t even have to mention it to them. So, just anecdotally we know that it’s hurting some.

    And of course, today, the state Republican party ran an ad … which ties Senator Obama in with Reverend Wright and in with two Democratic candidates for Governor, both of who had endorsed Obama.”

  114. Basil9 wrote,

    That really does sound evil, doesn’t it? hehehehe.

    Obama and Wright prayed together in the basement.

    Keep him outta sight.

    This little incident — where Obama and Wright prayed together, secretly, off-camera and in the basement, before Obama announced his campaign — is a perfect metaphor for the entire Obama campaign itself. The flowery speeches in front of the camera sound good, but if you dig deeper, the real truth emerges, and it ain’t pretty.

  115. skmf12 Says:

    April 29th, 2008 at 7:57 pm
    fox just showed pictures of students at the indiana unitversity, where they have a special poling place on campus, and the obama people were bringing students in record numbers to vote. and they also had so many people they have a special spill over site, and they have a 24hr obama shuttle that picks them up and drops them up for free…


    So, why are they bringing them to the polling places today or is this the plan. Voting doesn’t last 24 hr. Do they all have IDs?

  116. confloyd – Thanks to you too – it is amazing that FDR has the backing of LULAC – they are funding the entire trip – 10 bus loads of people, hotel and meal – KUDOS to LULAC!!!

  117. dedfg,

    I know that incident happened when Waffles announced his run for the presidency, last year. Just hadn’t heard to it referred to as Jerry
    and Waffles praying in the basement.

  118. does anyone think that this is going to hurt Obama with the AA community. It sound like Obama is throwing aside the AA for the independent vote .. that is listening to Oreilly

  119. so I take it this has been another frickin day that Hillary has not gotten any coverage of her rallyes? Just this am the endorsement by the Gov of North Carolina.

    I’m sick of Obamanmania ..

  120. rjk,


    The ‘I ‘never liked him’ (Waffles) option has 60% of the votes.

    Go vote everyone.

  121. birdgal
    Rove was saying that he is stumped as to why Hillary has not been touting that she has worked across the aisle instead of Obama just saying I will work with the other side.

  122. anyone, do you have a pulse on the AA community pulse right now on the Obama and the Rev Drama?

    Some black radio host on Oreilly says his listeners say they will “rain McCain” if Hill is the nominee ..

    Well we can “rain McCain” as well.

  123. Just wanted to share with you guys what I wrote to the editor of The Tennesean in response to

    A fighter, Hillary also needs to know when to quit

    Your imagery of Hillary being a tick needing to be pulled off is totally gratuitous. It’s interesting that these kinds of comments come from Obama supporters, who would love for Hillary to throw in the towel. But why should she, when she has thousands and thousands of supporters who don’t want her to do that? Senator Clinton has shown such remarkable grit and courage in the face of constant criticism from those who wish her to go away. There is this meme going around of her negativity. If something is repeated enough, people believe it, in spite of no real evidence. What, specifically has the negativity been? Is it negativity to say that she believes she is better prepared? Is it negativity to say, when asked about Wright, that he would never have been her pastor? Is it negativity to point out that Obama’s health care plan would not cover everyone? It has rightly been pointed out that she never attacks her opponent’s character, only his message, but she is constantly being attacked at a personal level.
    With the choice of competence versus charisma, I choose competence.

  124. rjk1957, I’ve actually been wondering that myself, unless that’s the kind of thing she’ll talk about in the GE to broaden her support.

  125. HBL,

    Oh sh!t! Water spewing. There goes the monitor again! Well, this is the only time it gets cleaned. (I’m domestically impaired.) hahaha

    But that injury was inflicted by the Quaker.

  126. There is a big difference between Hillary’s supporters and Obama’s IMO. Hillary’s supporters will vote for McCain not just threaten to and many of Obama supporters (college students in particular) just will not vote at all come November.

  127. Well, young women will vote for Hill in the GE, and you know she has won the youth vote in some of these states.

  128. big media tries to portray that every democrat will just fall “in step” behind Obama if he is crowned king. I don’t get that sense at all. The people I talk to lead me to believe that the hype is more than the substance and obama will go down in big time flames against McCain. Thats the feeling I get. He’s shown he is not equipped for the hardest job in the country.

    So is O’reilly really live or will Hill be taped earlier in the day?

  129. I don’t get this. I have been out all day, but BO seems nothing but a fraud to me. He goes out and bashes his pastor? Oh, he never heard such things? The press applauds him? What is going on here?

  130. Emmy,

    Good letter!

    now maybe you can write one to Cadaverdy over his remark that Waffles should run a flat-bed over HRC. 😈

  131. would anyone like to join me tomorrow in a BigPink phone banking party. We could set aside a certain time and everyone make at least one hour of calls .. more if possible. I’m free tomorrow till noon and I plan to phone bank. I’d love to share notes with other big pinkers.

  132. MJ, it’s been a crazy day. The press applauded when Obama gave his “speech on race” a month ago, when he stood up for Wright, too. Now he’s done a 180 and is trying to pretend he had no idea Wright was so controversial, and the press is still clapping. The media — to quote Carville — may be a nice bunch of people, but they don’t know anything about politics.

    This stuff about Wright has doomed Obama’s campaign. He is now toxic and completely unelectable in a general election. Republicans are already tying every Dem they can to him.

  133. does anyone have that CNN comment phone number.

    After the mess that Cafferty got in over China you would think the duffuous would stfu. He makes me sick

  134. mj,

    I’m just waiting for someone from his church being ticked off enough with Obama’s comments about Wright to come out and say Obama was in church during some of those sermons. Proving what we all know, that he has been lying all along saying he never heard the rants.

  135. I apologize again dot48 for the post earlier….I am posting on the FSU AI thread, watching tv and reading here … so am only skimming the posts.

  136. Berkeley,

    ‘This stuff about Wright has doomed Obama’s campaign. He is now toxic and completely unelectable in a general election. Republicans are already tying every Dem they can to him.’

    Good point about repubs tying all dems to waffles.

  137. so this law in Indiana requiring photo id .. is this being required now in the early voting? Reckon this is why old chicago sytle politic Obama is bussing in tons of kids to early vote

  138. Interesting article about Jerry and Waffles.

    ‘Political analysts said the timing and content of Wright’s remarks complicates Obama’s efforts to broaden his base of support among white voters and may hurt him if he emerges as the Democratic nominee.

    Obama’s “crucial goal” is trying to connect with working- class voters and the Wright controversy is making that harder, said Glenn Totten, a Democratic political consultant who isn’t affiliated with either presidential campaign.

    “Every day he has to confront the issue of Wright’s rhetoric, he inflames exactly that portion of the electorate he needs to draw to him,” Totten said.“It’s a fiasco,’


  139. I wrote a while back that Obmaa always said:

    “I will be right/WRIGHT on day one”

    when compring to hillary’s “ready on day one”



  140. Under the bus and backed it up.
    A panel on MSNBC said that BO is NOT a fighter.

    The MSNBC panel, (on David Gregory) said that Hillary IS a fighter.

    20 YEARS BO’s listened to JW’s ideas. NOW what ??

    HRC is comitted and loyal and keeps her vows.

  141. Political analysts said the timing and content of Wright’s remarks complicates Obama’s efforts to broaden his base of support among white voters and may hurt him if he emerges as the Democratic nominee.

    Obama’s “crucial goal” is trying to connect with working- class voters and the Wright controversy is making that harder, said Glenn Totten, a Democratic political consultant who isn’t affiliated with either presidential campaign.
    “Every day he has to confront the issue of Wright’s rhetoric, he inflames exactly that portion of the electorate he needs to draw to him,” Totten said.
    “It’s a fiasco,’

  142. It’s a fiasco .. I hope so. I just can’t stand the thought of him or his militant wife being anywhere near the white house. They scare me.

  143. If Obama wins the Presidential election, and I did say IF….. He will probably put Wright, Sharpton, and Jackson on his cabinet. Why do you ask, than he can have three spirtual leaders giving him advice on how to run the country. God save us all…..
    thats frightening ,,,,lol ,no seriouslyyyyyyyy

  144. Can you believe this .. Politico floating Bob Casey jr as a veep for Obama .. how many votes did he help him get in PA .. all of Casey and his wife???


  145. I want to know more of what is going down mid June. Too many peeps mentioning it now .. something is up

  146. WTF.

    LA Times has an article: “was rev wright set up by clinton supporter”

    and its on the top headlines.


  147. Obama seems really irked that he showed “disrespect” only. Why didn’t Obama mention the nutty aides remarks before now? Why wait … just like he waited in the seat in church

  148. MJS
    Screw them, he was invited to speak he could have declined or could have been more respectfull in his speech and during the Q&A period.

  149. Larry King continues to give Obama a platform.

    Senator Clinton “gets it” .. yes, you go girlfriend. She is talking issues and reaching voters in Indiana and North Carolina.

    Larry King is so rude to anyone who supports Hillary.

  150. another poll,,

    pls vote

    Do you think the controversial statements made by Barack Obama’s former pastor will hurt him in the polls next Tuesday?

  151. i agree RJK. He was asked a question and he could’ve chosen any which way to respond.


    anyways, my friends are in a panic about this. I had a wager with one of them in February during Obama’s winning streak about who would win the nomination, and now he is trying to back out of the wager. lol.

    😀 his dad is a superdelegate (major DNC activist) for Hillary btw 😀

  152. Barack Obama made a call for nonviolence in the aftermath of the Sean Bell verdict – infuriating the Rev. Al Sharpton, who accused the presidential candidate of trying to “grandstand in front of white people,” sources told The Post.
    During what a source described as a “heated” phone call yesterday, Sharpton told Obama he was disappointed with the Illinois senator’s words on Friday, when Obama said “resorting to violence to express displeasure” was “completely unacceptable and counterproductive.”
    “[Obama] issues this statement and not a single rock had been thrown,” said a source. “How does the candidate of change ask people to accept a verdict that is unjust?”
    The source said Sharpton had hoped Obama would “side with the Bell family” and not use it as an “opportunity to grandstand in front of white people.”

  153. (28 April, 2008) Schism Grows Between Obama and Liberal Bloggers By Sarah Lai Stirland (Wired Blog Network)


    This is an interesting one. This is a good read, if a little strange…

    Liberal bloggers are expressing outrage over Barack Obama’s appearance this weekend on Fox News, accusing the Democratic presidential front-runner of kowtowing to the network’s conservative viewers, and throwing his online supporters to the wolves.

    “To be clear, Obama wasn’t obliged to go after Fox,” wrote TPM’s Greg Sargent. “But a senior adviser said Obama would, as a way of quieting criticism of him. And he didn’t.

    “This will likely further dismay liberal bloggers who had worked very hard to get Dems to boycott Fox as a way of delegitimizing the network and who already criticized Obama for agreeing to appear in the first place,” Sargent continued.

    “By going on Fox News, Obama made the right-wing press legitimate,” wrote Daily Kos diarist “Bonddad” Sunday morning. “Simply put, I cannot vote or support anyone who participates in this medium.”

  154. The €more the media tries to blame this on Hillary IMO the better.

    People are listening and they have figured out that Obama got hisself in this by sitting in the pews listening to Rev Wright for 20 years. He did this all on his own and it’s comical to watch the spinning pundits in damage control trying to wright the sinking ship.

  155. The only acceptable way for Florida and Michigan now is to seat the delegates and count the votes.

    Hillary tried every way possible to get a revote and try to work this out with Obama. Obama refused.

    Now the party must seat the delegates and count the votes or suffer the consequences in the fall. Simple

  156. donation drive going on right now

    lets all donate to give good numbers to hillary,s camp for april

  157. If you donate now before midnight and do it from the front page .. some other contributor has pledged to match our donations. Come on lets give Hill a blowout tonight.

  158. Yes, it is slowly seeping out in the media love fest tonight that the only reason bambi is outraged NOW is because the good reverend “disrespected” him in the speechs .. it’s not really about the things he said before or repeated during the speechs .. he is pissed because he feels disrespected. He ought to have to wear Hill’s size 7 heels for about a month. Little twerp

  159. That L.A. Times thing is a blog entry, BTW, that rehashes what that columnist said about who organized Wright’s appearance. It’s nothing new. I didn’t realize HRC supporters could put words in Wright’s mouth. They really must be all powerful.

  160. Hey, is the speech from Obama today hurting or helping, since I can’t really hear and all I can see what is being said via captions but Im hearing some people saying it was well said and others said much too late.

  161. Why is Larry stacking the panels against Hillary? He continues to do this.

    Just me .. it is according to who you listen to. I think he only said it because it was “again necessary” .. Obama has a track record that he will only respond when it is for “convenient or good for him”

  162. justmeinmountdorafl

    His tone today came across as angry, but the problem I have with it is that he is not angry about Wright’s remarks in general. He appeared to be more angry that Wright was throwing him under the bus and not the outrageous remarks.

  163. “Sharpton up next and I bet he down plays the supposed rift between him and Obama.”

    This whole thing has to be killing Sharpton. On the one hand, he wants to be front and center supporting the first viable AA candidate. On the other, he wants to be front and center, period, and Wright is standing in limelight that Sharpton would rather shine on his own lovely locks.

    What to do, what to do?!

  164. well the bambi crew has been out in full force tonight. can’t you just imagine what a white house under this man would be like? he would have to have a full time babysitter it seems.

  165. He gave another speech? Oh my. Do people still by this stuff? It’s like the wizard of OZ, with Axelrod cranking him up from behind the curtain.

  166. Hey guys, would be a dream come true to see a superdelegate switch from Obama to Hillary

  167. justme, I think many of the more quiet Obama superdelegates are currently back in the undecided zone 😀

  168. mj, yes it is.

    MJS, would be nice to see one or so come out and endorse Hillary as this will show things are definately falling apart for Obama

  169. Penguins just took another step towards the cup last time they won was 1992. It was a very good year.

  170. I hate when people say “Hillary will do anything to win”
    If that were true there would be ads of Wright and Obama all over the TV stations

  171. OandrewD
    If anything means holding 8 solutions for America tours in one day and 30 plus in a week, then yes she will.

  172. My secret gorilla math had the NC race within 5-7, so today’s SUSA validation (I got lucky) has me very excited.
    Still, SUSA had to have missed much of the fallout from the Good Rev’s Nat’l Press Club 48-hour feeding frenzy, as well as today’s retarded BO backtrack (which, with the incessant post-speech spin included, I’d figure as a net plus/minus for BO @ 0 for the day).
    It also excludes the NC Governor’s endorsement
    (umm… Mr Edwards, Let’s Go!!!).

    Then I find this on Politico, and when I see Ace getting fired up, well, it’s time to crack open a cold one!

    New Clinton supporter is a potent symbol
    By: Ben Smith and David Paul Kuhn
    April 29, 2008 09:20 PM EST

    North Carolina Governor Mike Easley’s scheduled endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton today offers her a potent symbolic and electoral boost in the biggest state left to vote.

    Easley is a meaningful ally in the culture war she’s waging against Senator Barack Obama, as she seeks to cast him as a hopelessly unelectable liberal elitist and to persuade the Democratic Party leaders who will decide the nomination – the “superdelegates” – to choose her instead.

    “It’s an incredibly strong endorsement because Easley is popular among the blue collar ‘Bubba’ voters who are Democrats,” said David “Mudcat” Saunders, a Democratic consultant who advised former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards and former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner on winning rural voters.

    Easley had endorsed Edwards for president, but again became a heavily sought superdelegate once Edwards bowed out of the race.

    “He’s clean in the culture. Easley’s wrecked the Charlotte Motor Speedway doing 150 miles per hour, and Bubba likes that,” said Saunders, referring to NASCAR fan Easley’s 2003 race car crash. “He’s a hunter. He’s a strong Second Amendment guy. He gives her great cultural validation in the state of North Carolina.”

    Clinton aides were jubilant.

    “Huge deal,” Clinton’s North Carolina director, Ace Smith, told Politico.
    See Also

    * GOP plans half-million hit on Obama, Dems
    * McCain moves to middle on health care
    * GOP fears Pelosi power grab on Iraq

    Smith, sticking with the campaign’s official line, said that if Clinton could keep the margin within 15 percentage points — she currently trails Obama by 12 percent in an average of polls – she’d have won a victory.
    But other Clinton backers were more optimistic, saying Clinton had a shot at the definition of victory she set for Obama in Pennsylvania: Victory.
    “The governor clearly feels she can now pull this out,” said a prominent Clinton supporter. “He’s not doing it to be embarrassed in his own state. Governors don’t endorse for number two.”

  173. Errol WhatHisName @ The Daily News is a freakin’ Obamabot!

    Press Club president responds:

    Reynolds pitched Rev. Wright two years ago

    National Press Club president Sylvia Smith responded today to a Daily News article reporting that club member Barbara Reynolds, a Hillary Clinton supporter, organized yesterday’s breakfast talk with Dr. Jeremiah Wright Jr.
    Smith said by phone this morning that she still doesn’t know if Reynolds supports Clinton, and doesn’t care either way.

    “Reverend Wright is newsworthy, period,” Smith said.

    But Wright wasn’t as newsworthy two years ago when Reynolds first pitched Barack Obama’s controversial pastor as a potential speaker for the press club, according to Smith.

    At that time, the speaker’s committee—of which Reynolds is now a part of, but wasn’t at the time—didn’t move forward with selecting Wright.

    “He wasn’t newsworthy then in the broader context,” Smith said.

    An ordained minister, Reynolds, teaches at Howard University School of Divinity, and knows Wright personally. So she was the ideal contact person for Wright when the controversy broke in mid-March.

    Smith said that Reynolds pitched Wright again as a speaker, and the speakers committee wanted him because he was far more newsworthy than two years earlier. Reynolds became the point person.

    For each speaking event, one member of the organizing committee is assigned as the main contact. That person performs various tasks, from choosing who sits at the head table to drafting the NPC president’s introduction, according to Smith. And Reynolds was the point person for

    Ben first spotted the Reynolds connection, and noted last night what she said about Obama last month, which is supportive of Wright.

    “[I]t is a sad testimony that to protect his credentials as a unifier above the fray the Senator is fueling the media characterization that Rev. Dr. Wright is some retiring old uncle in the church basement instead of respecting Wright for the towering astute father of progressive social and global causes that he is.”
    UPDATE: I’ve discovered that Wright spoke at the press club in 2007, and Reynolds was the contact person.
    UPDATE 2: In response to Jonathan Salant’s criticism in the comments section. Bloomberg’s Angela Greiling Kean–who is chair of the Speakers Committee, and was vice-chair in 2006–just confirmed to me by e-mail that Reynolds personally made a pitch to her two years ago to have Wright speak at the club. The idea was rejected before it reached higher levels in the NPC, she said. For that reason, Salant may never have had to even weigh in on it.

  174. of course Anderson Cooper is giving Barack an oral blow job of support.

    Why is so hard for the media to understand that people want to know WHY Obama just sat in the church for so long and only when it is politically correct does he come out and sever the relationship.

    Cnn is nothing but a platform for Obama .. every word they report is scripted to give aide and comfort to the Obama camp.

  175. dot48 – Thats horrible. You know after one of Obama’s many slip ups the media is so excited to release a poll 1 day after it saying How the majority of Americans did not feel offended. Or they praise him for stumbling through a press conference. I know I should be used to it by now I’ve been supporting Hillary and coming to this site for a while now, but every time a “reporter” praises him and I read it about here it still get me mad that they are trying to force Obama down our throats.

  176. no problem neetabug, I love seeing her, and she’s always going at it you can see the sparkle in her eyes, she clearly is glad to see she’s not giving up and that there’s no reason for her to give up.

  177. OandrewD,
    “media is so excited to release a poll 1 day after it saying How the majority of Americans did not feel offended.”

    They’re always looking to the next narrative, trying to stay ahead a step of the game. By giving incomplete polling in BO’s favor, they can go on another day or two saying essentially, “the public isn’t offended”, and – inside the make believe bubble of their broadcast – make believe none of it ever happened.

  178. Governor Brian D. Schweitzer
    Office of the Governor
    Montana State Capitol Bldg.
    P.O. Box 200801
    Helena MT 59620-0801
    (406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529

    Governor of Montana – Brian D. Schweitzer (D) (his brother is helping Hillary in Montana)

    Governor of West Virginia – Joe Manchin (D) (Remember West Virginia is heavily favored to go to Hillary) – Steve Beshear (D) (Remember Kentucky is heavily favored to go to Hillary)

    If these three can help Hillary before the states votes and and annouce their support of Hillary soon this will clearly help Hillary with these states


  179. Wow, CNN has 4 talking heads on and not a single ONE of them is saying the obvious: that Obama is dead in the water and should be ashamed for having attended a racist church for 20 years, and then lying about what he knew and didn’t know about Wright’s’ beliefs. Simply unreal.

  180. Martin practically threatening Wright not to respond to today,
    saying he might “jeopardize this opportunity” and he’ll want to hold his fire because Wright won’t have a lot of support in theological community.

    Not sure that’s enough to stop the Ole Rev, but whatever…

  181. Hey, you left off before you told us what Al Sharpton had to say!! I am at work, no tv.
    I’m with Neetabug, we can all change on the same day, but you know, we won’t have to bc she’s going to win this thing!!

  182. Berkeley,
    To me, Hannity nailed it on radio right away today, which is that Wright’s appearance at the Nat’l Press Club offered nothing new, just an affirmation of what he’d said previously.

    So why the sudden outrage on BO’s part?

    Political expediency, of course….

  183. This is true. I can’t tell you what went on with AL Sharpton i am not watching any cable or news channel. I am getting my news from the net

  184. Hello Governor Manchin

    First I want to share how beautiful West Virginia is. I stayed at a cabin in a state park in West Virginia and it continues to hold a special place in my heart. It was serene and beautiful. Almost as if it’s untouched. I am quite sure this is how you feel about your state and you should be quite proud of being the Governor of such a fine state.

    Your voice comes at a critical time with the primary season. I feel your voice would help sway and convince the voices of West Virginians. They clearly show their strong voice of Hillary. I feel with you and Hillary side-by-side will help West Virginia be able to move forward with Hillary as the next President of the United States and you being the Governor of West Virginia. Hillary is clearly a strong advocate for the middle class and the lower-income class and I know you are an advocate for the same crowd. Woulnd’t it be amazing for West Virginia if the two of you could work together instead of another eight years of the, “same old same,” which is clearly possible should Hillary not be our next candidate?

    Again, West Virginia plays a critical part in this primary season and you can help play a vital role.

    Continue to keep West Virginia – the Mountaineers Always Free – the fine state it is.

    Thank you for your time to reading this – stay well.

  185. I e-mailed Roland Martin again today. I told him i am so sick of him coming on TV ONE saying if Hillary gets the nomination unfairly, the AA will not come out to vote. I told him to speak for himself. AA will come out and vote for Hillary. They are saying they will vote for either one. I told him he needs to shut up. You have had your one minute of fame.

  186. quiet night, alright goodnight my friends, stay well! pray for another better day tomorrow!

  187. i called In today. very postive-esp women. many talked to me about hw they feel about obama etc-and they dont like him. they say he hasnt orked for their votes like hillary. i feel confident about IN. nc would be a gamechanger-ibetter call there this week. it will be hard to pull that one off period. really. but so much volitility exists ith obama right now and right. what si the impact fo this? we will find out soon enough

  188. neetabug, I was only agreeing with you about changing affilliations on the same day. I was referring to whoever it was that was live-blogging LarryKing.

  189. He, he… Roland Martin on CNN looks like someone stole his puppy!

    But, was he still wearing his Jerimiah Wright signature-line official African dress, like he was the other night?

  190. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said today that it would be “the height of political foolishness” for Democrats to back a Republican, or not vote at all, if they’re disappointed by the outcome of the long-running nomination battle between her and Barack Obama.

    “Anyone, anyone, who voted for either of us should be absolutely committed to voting for the other” in the general election, Clinton said during an hourlong meeting with The Indianapolis Star Editorial Board. “I’m going to shout that from the mountaintops and the valleys and everywhere I can, no matter what the outcome of the nominating process is.”

    …“no matter what the differences are between Senator Obama and myself, they pale in comparison to the differences we have with Senator McCain and the Republicans.”

  191. Ok, take the Indiana SUSA with a grain of salt because it has her getting 16% of the AA vote. She has not done that well since SC. NC has her getting 11% which is more reasonable.

  192. “I noted at the end of the previous thread that the IN poll showing the race tied includes 22 percent AA voters (according to someone on TM).

    Considering the demographics in IN, isn’t that awfully high?”

    According to the 2005 Census, AA’s make up only 9.4% of Indiana’s population.

  193. It is amazing how expert some of you have become on polls. I is amazing how expert we have all become about caucuses, open closed primaries, primaries called caucuses, states that have primaries and caucuses, exit polls, the actually election of the delegates and the problems with all of this.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, I was very innocent in many areas.

  194. texan,

    Nice one.

    ““I definitely don’t like Obama because of the mess with him and his pastor. I don’t think he’s been honest about it,” said Candace Demmin, 37, as she had lunch with her mom.
    ”How can you go to a church for 20 years and not heard your minister say something off-color? Either he’s heard it and is lying about it, or he’s lying about going to church as much as he does,” said Demmin. “In which case he’s not the Christian he says he is.”

    Nice to see people sifting through all the bullshit and coming to the right conclusion, as Americans almost always do when they have enough info and time to make a decision.
    Remarkable how much the ‘muslim’ stuff has penetrated, even into smalltown Indiana. Can’t say I care for it, but then there’s a lot I don’t agree with….

  195. New Mexico: I am amazed how much I have learned, during the past few months. I understand, more fully, messed up our system is. The caucuses have to go, at least, in the larger states.

  196. This whole denouncing Wright again episode is custom made to take the momentum/cameras off Hillary back to Obama the Savior. He can ditch his pastor to save the American people!

  197. Well, Waffles is proving that, HE’LL do anything to win. Talk about being hypocritical.

    HaHaHa; Howard is a LOSER.

  198. IMO, caucuses should go period. Antiquated concept. The biggest crock are the caucuses that don’t take an actual count?!

  199. Hi Canaan, welcome! I think we should all keep that little phrase in our back pockets…”Howard Dean will do anything to lose”.

    I was just talking to a repub that doesn’t trust any of the candidates. He parroted “hillary is a pathalogical liar”. I said “name something besides the Bosnia deal that she lied about”. He couldn’t name anything. I told him if someone says a lie enough it becomes the truth…looks like it worked on you!”

  200. birdgal

    Yes, the caucuses have to go. They made sense sometime in the past, but now they just disenfranchise voters, handicapped, and working shift people. I also don’t like how they stand in a room, and people can argue with you. It does not happen in every state, but in Iowa you can spend time negotiating deals.

    Some people were talking about regional primaries. Not sure if that will work either. We might as well have a national primary and get it over with. Otherwise regions will be fighting to be first.

  201. We had a discussion in our Hillary group today about how to handle those people who throw those spear at you, like she is a liar. I think you had to stand up to those people, and one way to do this is to as for data or proof. A lot of Obama people still cannot name one thing that he did. Yet they think he is a great leader. I was telling the group that we needed to stand our ground and look them in the eyes. For istance, if they say Hillary People are racists, I think our response should be, no we are White Trash (OK, so I had to put a little humor in this).

  202. I think the caucas’s that were held during this primary should be discredited by the SD’s when deciding who should be the nominee. The NOI and NBPP helped Obama and his thugs manipulate the outcomes and the funny thing is they are still out there trying very hard to rig the delegates right now. So I say count the popular votes of all 50 states and consider the electibility and decide, it is the only fair thing to do.

  203. The blessing of Africa will do anything to win including throughing his mentor and advisor about all things african under the bus!!

  204. NYT;
    Eileen Macoll, a Democratic county chairman from Washington State who has not chosen a candidate, said she was stunned at the extent of national attention the episode has drawn, and she said she believed it would give superdelegates pause.

    “I’m a little surprised at how much traction it is getting, and I do believe it is beginning to reflect negatively on Senator Obama’s campaign,” Ms. Macoll said. “I think he’s handling it very well, but I think it’s almost impossible to make people feel comfortable about this.”

  205. For those who were asking what the reaction was in the African-American community, on Nightline, David Wright said:

    “Many black leaders had no comment on today’s developments. Obama could yet pay a price in the black community.”

    Then they aired a video piece of Al Sharpton:

    “Some are gonna agree. I think some are gonna disagree VEHEMENTLY.”

    Ruh Roh.

  206. rjk1957 Says:
    April 29th, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    Now you have to give Obama credit where credit is due..

    He did win his Senate seat by making his opponents divorce records an issue in both the primary and the general election (although he will say others made issue of it and he did not).

    He also got ALL his opponents thrown off the ballot in his state senate race, so he didn’t have to campaign at all! (Including a beloved elder stateswoman who had given him his start — Alice Palmer.)

  207. “The fact that Rev. Wright would think that somehow it was appropriate to command the stage for three or four consecutive days in the midst of this major debate is something that not only makes me angry but also saddens me.”
    How dare he use the word debate!!!!

  208. Henry: just proves, what an ego maniac wright is. I have a difficult time, even using the word, “Rev.”

  209. I don’t think McAuliffe should be saying it’s over in June. Even if they have commitments from SDs, how many times have they been stabbed in the back already? The SDs havven’t sown themselves to be geinuses, the campaign needs to back off these statements and commit to going the distance.

  210. “In the midst of this major debate…” WHOA! Debate?????………Scaredy cat!!!!!!!!!

    Hillary surrogates need to pounce on that with ALL FOURS!

  211. Rev Wright is not going away soon, I am going to say this, and it will not be delicate, but, after listening to the Rev for the last 4 days, I beleive White America is very uncomfortable with Obama, even thought he distanced himself today. So there I said it.

  212. Blue Democrat Says:

    April 29th, 2008 at 11:19 pm
    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said today that it would be “the height of political foolishness” for Democrats to back a Republican, or not vote at all, if they’re disappointed by the outcome of the long-running nomination battle between her and Barack Obama.

    “Anyone, anyone, who voted for either of us should be absolutely committed to voting for the other” in the general election, Clinton said during an hourlong meeting with The Indianapolis Star Editorial Board. “I’m going to shout that from the mountaintops and the valleys and everywhere I can, no matter what the outcome of the nominating process is.”

    …“no matter what the differences are between Senator Obama and myself, they pale in comparison to the differences we have with Senator McCain and the Republicans.”
    Can’t do that Hillary, Love you and support you BUT will not vote for Obama….don’t trust him…sorry the POTUS is TOO important to play these kind of games.

    Obama is NOT being honest and I do have serious questions on his fitness and patriotism. Team Obama is willing to talk Black folks over a cliff with all the half lies and playing the race card on everyone who questioned Obama…no can do…don’t reward bad behavior.

    I have impressionable children and one of them bought into that hate crap and that Marxist radicalism, like it was okay.

  213. gerond:

    At the end of Hannity’s radio program today, Newt Gingrich made comment that both FL & ME have some sort of elections coming up in August, at which time the re-vote could be placed on ballots at no expense to states. I realize this is right before convention, but hey…what’s the problem? Why isn’t this HUGE news? And if this is true, why would Terry McAuliff go along with the mid-June timetable. Don’t get it, do you?

  214. Speaking of a debate, if this Wright thing worked it at least got the press from calling bambi a coward for not debating Hillary! Maybe this was the intent! It really will not affect the AA’s vote, they will anyway. Certainly they needed Hillary to quit asking for a debate on the back of a flatbed truck in Indianna!!!

  215. JAS:

    And Auchi, and Alsamarrae, and Kindhearts (terrorist organization that began donating to BHO’s campaign today – shut down by FBI two years ago).

  216. Could be, it stopped the digging into Ayers, Blackwell, Auchi, Rezko and my personal favorite Odingo!LOL! I think the republicans are saving Odingo for themselves bc they know that it is absolutely the scariest part of Obama!! It is to me and I don’t think I am much different than the avg. citizen!

  217. I think the FL. voting is the caucas that electes the delegates to be seated at the convention. They are proceding with this according to what I read somewhere today!!

  218. “Politico floating Bob Casey jr as a veep for Obama”

    Oh my god. The tall, skinny, gaping idiot ticket. They’re like twins.

  219. gerond and others,

    McCaulife said Hillary would BE THE NOMINEE in June. He wouldn’t be giving a date, June 15, if he didn’t have good reason to think she can tie it up by then — presumably with enough SDs coming out for her then. (Or maybe a good ruling on FL/MI or both).

    This is a good sign, a sign of confidence, of some good news behind the scenes. Let’s not let anyone spin it as a sign of weakness.

  220. Wow, Henry it’s late for you! I don’t know what it is about this election, but I sure haven’t been getting as much sleep as usual.

    You must have been so proud of PA!

  221. I know 1950s Dem, but I’m saying that if something falls through (like Clinton gets stabbed in the back yet again), now he’s on record. Look at what’s happened so far, like idiot former supporters endorsing BO becauuse of their kids. Anything can happen with this bunch, it makes me nervous to draw a line in the sand that Obama can use to bludgeon him with if it doesn’t work out. With Dean and everybody else pushing for June, I don’t think it’s wise.

  222. I’m with you Gerond. I heard McAuliffe and he’d better fucking know something we don’t. Cause I was perfectly happy w/

    “we’re going all the way to the convention if necessary!”

  223. Sounds good Obama/kerry and the Deaniac as Secretary of State, sounds like a winning ticket to me!LOL!!!

  224. Seriously, I have this nagging little thought that they are trying to get Wright off Obama’s back and clean up his militancy, so he can be on a ticket with Hillary. Confidence in Hillary has gone way up recently and now he steps to completely clean Wright out of the campaign. Just something I been thinking about!

  225. So, I can’t help but wonder, after seeing Obama today obviously in pain at what Wright did to him, does the rest of America see him as being “duped” by this man, or as being “betrayed”? There is a seminal difference, in that being “duped” reflects to his judgement, and being betrayed has to do with him getting screwed over — but he knew who he was dealing with.

    My woman’s intuition says he was screwed over.

  226. hilly
    its almost 2 here and i’m heading off to bed now.
    yes pa was great. A great thing to be a part of even in my small way.
    Yuck and no to bambi on the ticket.

  227. hi hillfans. i missed a awful lot of the wrightgate/obama drama unfolding all fternoon into the evening at work. will this give hillary a opening?

  228. Confloyd,
    That’s a nice bit of wishful thinking, bit I don’t know.
    BO & Co. have been so underhanded and win-at-all costs it’s hard to see them realizing they must take 2nd place.

    That said, something that’s stuck with me for weeks has been the last debate, pre-PA, where Hill was magnificent (she’s won nearly every debate but I thought one was by far the best) and BO was so bad trying to fend off only really 3-4 legit questions.
    If SD”S saw that contrast, it should have been ALL they needed to know. So with that in mind, your idea is plausible, IMO.

  229. its interesting that today sharpton is saying how impressed he is with obama, and how much stregth it takes to stand up and denounce his pastor, he is also saying that he thinks barack will be the dem candidate cause people can see what a strong man of character he is…

    lots of people blogging have said this whole wright thing was a ploy by barack and the reverand wright and the AA community, to give barack a platform to denounce wright and turn this to baracks advantage…

    i believe this idea, and i think WE’VE BEEN PLAYED, i think they all played this drama out.


  230. He’s too damaged. Putting him on the ticket would drag her down too. She’d look like someone whose judgment is as poor as every other Democrat. They need to throw him over teh side and let her build up teh brand again before its too late. Would you trust the party that’s happily, knowingly walked right into this train wreck?

  231. skmf,
    “lots of people blogging have said this whole wright thing was a ploy by barack and the reverand wright and the AA community, to give barack a platform to denounce wright and turn this to baracks advantage…”
    Discussed this yesterday. Thought it as a possibility, and still can’t discount it. There hasn’t been anything truly nasty said on either side (BO vs. The Rev.), and if so they’ve played it well.

    But are you saying we (Hill supporters) have been played because we’ll lose the nomination, then the whole thing will backfire on them in the general?

  232. go to taylor marsh. there is a wonderful clip of Gov. Easely endorsing Hillary. It is about the 3rd article down, entitled, “What a Day For Hillary.” Gov. Easely was animated, humorous, and gave a very heartfelt endorsement for Hillary. He spoke about her strength, brilliance, ability to get things done, and that she would be a great president. It was one of the best endorsements, that I have had the pleasure to watch. It is a classic.

  233. hillfans, i read on that hillary will be on bill o’rielly wednesday and thursday night on the factor tv show. i got my dvr ready!

  234. I just can’t believe Obama’s camp would have wanted Wright coming out. I have overheard some “joe average” voters on this topic and it isn’t positive in the least for Obama. All they hear is black people trying to blame white people for their lot in life. Not good.

  235. All those Kool-ade drinkers are in a state of shock, trying to understand and come to terms with what is happening to Obama. Shock is a funny thing and can make people grasp at anything to try and explain what or why something is happening. Obama and Axelrod may be calculating, but no one would be stupid enough to put the presidency at risk when it is so close.

  236. gerond,

    If something goes wrong, McAulife can recant. His statement doesn’t commit Hillary to anything. I read it as “By June 15 we will have won, so then it can be settled.” Not, “We will settle June 15 whether we have won or not.”

    It’s really a more optomistic statement than ‘We’re going all the way to the convention.’

  237. HillBilly,

    I guess we’ll know for sure if & when the Rev steps to the mic again.

    Tomorrow could be interesting in that regard.

  238. Is it that close for BO, RFK?

    Among his biggest problems were appearing weak, not drawing whites, and the knowledge Republicans were going to try to slay him with Rev. Wright in the fall if he got that far.
    You can make an argument this helps him all the way around,
    though it may be a convoluted and not-so-convincing argument.

  239. Okay, HBL, go to bed, I’m here and can take your shift now. 🙂
    Except I”m going to bed too pretty quick.

    I thought you had it Wright yesterday. He’s got a book coming out. He’s got 15 minutes in the spotlight. He’s milking it. He doesn’t care about Obama any more. Or he thinks this will bring out more AA vote in NC.

    I expect Wright will reply to Obama tomorrow; get in as many exchanges as he can before NC votes, while the spotlight shines.

  240. Well, he can recant, but with this constant drumbeat of “This ABSOLUTELY MUST be settled by June,” they would absolutely jump all over him. “It’s June! You said this would be over! You people are pathological liars! Out NOW!” I know they spin anything into anything, but he would be guilty of giving them an opening there, and I’m sure Dean would absolutely be all over it. He could have just not said anything, or said the voters of the country, including MI and FL must have their say first, or whatever.

  241. rfk,
    Makes no sense, unless they think they have enough SD’s or damn close to it, and they need the Wright monkey off their back.

    If they have even close to enough SD’s – which is believable from everything I’ve read – it may be worth the short-term media hit and even losing Indiana in order to look tough and go into a general being able to say they’ve cut all ties.
    I don’t know, just trying to look at it from all sides.
    One of the things that spooked me was the Moyers interview being so soft, as if it were pre-arranged.
    Then again, I’m paranoid, so Ill shut up now. Night!

  242. carter-the hamas meetin embarassment-says hillary supporters must accept the delegate count by june and move on. carter hates the clintons as we well know. thanks jimmy-

    Hillary Clinton supporters must accept outcome of popular vote, Jimmy Carter says
    By Toby Harnden in Washington
    Last Updated: 10:58PM BST 29/04/2008
    Former President Jimmy Carter has given Barack Obama a major boost by calling for the bitter Democratic nomination battle to end on June 3rd and speaking glowingly of his ability to “transform the image” of America.

    Jimmy Carter’s comments are a blow to Hillary Clinton
    Mr Carter did not formally endorse Mr Obama but in an interview with The Daily Telegraph made crystal clear where his sympathies lie. He even sketched out the kind of inaugural address the first black United States president could deliver.

    Coming from the most distinguished of some 300 uncommitted “super-delegates” – the Democratic party leaders who will crown their party’s nominee – Mr Carter’s new public stance is a blow to Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the White House.

    “I don’t see any reason at all to continue after June 3rd when we know who got the most [pledged] delegates, who got the most popular votes, who won the most states and so forth,” said Mr Carter, 83.

    Article continuesadvertisement
    June 3rd is when the final primaries will be held, in South Dakota and Montana Mrs Clinton, who has a virtually insurmountable deficit among the “pledged” delegates allocated according to votes and is highly unlikely to overcome Mr Obama’s popular vote lead, intends to fight for the Democratic nomination all the way to the party’s convention in August.

    Her advisers believe her only hope of defeating Mr Obama would be to persuade the super-delegates that his “electability” against John McCain, the Republican nominee, is so questionable that they should put aside the results of the voting and anoint her instead.

    Mr Carter emphasised that he and many other super-delegates would not countenance this. “It would be undemocratic if the super-delegates blatantly went against the decision of Democratic voters across the nation.

    “And I think that many super-delegates who have not yet declared their preference have the same feeling that I do, including the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She’s said over and over that whoever gets the most [pledged] delegates by June 3rd ought to be the nominee.”

  243. Well, I think the campaign was in full crisis mode. I think they got some pretty scarey internals and they had to do something fast. We don’t get the polls they get and he lost so big in Pa., I think they are afraid they are losing NC and need a few more white folks vote, so they invented the whole thing so he could come out this time and totally throw Wright under the bus. What I still am wondering is what are they going to do about the rest of the skeletons! Maybe its really is who wins NC and Ind.

  244. HillBillyLover Says:

    April 30th, 2008 at 1:38 am
    Where is Carbynew? He/She is usually hanging about around this time.
    Here I’ am and for your late night listening pleasure:

  245. Well, when Hillary wins the nomination and cleans house at the DNC she should also strip certain idiots of the SD status and votes. That way Jimmy and Rosalynn can go back to building houses and installing toilets, maybe they can start at Fort Bragg.

  246. I can never get their site to work, but this uk telegraph article is nonsense. For one thing, it doesn’t distinguish between delegate lead and popular vote. Very likely HIllary will HAVE the popular vote by June 3, especially if the SDs consider FL and MI.

    It contradicts what CArter said recently to ABC news: that he would not endorse till the convention.

    It distorts what he said, which was that if a candidate had ALL THREE (popular vote, delegate lead, and states won) then overturning him would take ‘some explaining.’

    Lately Pelosi has backed off from her earlier statemeents too.

  247. I think someone should ask jimmy carter to name one thing obama has done which makes him wothy of the Presidency.

  248. How pathetic is our party when “our most distingusished SD” is a one term President? “Hey, he actually won–once!” And if it weren’t for Ford pardoning Nixon he probably wouldn’t have managed even that. God! Do we have anyone with basic political sense who is not a member of teh Clinton family?

  249. Who in the hell Jimmy Carter think he is?

    Jimmy Carter represent ONE VOTE and so be it…I can vote for anybody I choose to vote and NO ONE is going to DICTATE to me who I going to vote for.

    OBAMA IS WEAK and I’AM NOT going to lower my standards so the PARTY LOSERS and FAILURES can tell me who will be the better candidate!!!

    Because if that is the case then by their standard McCain should be the President!!!

    I like to remind EX-President Carter and others this quote:

    However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.


  250. gerond,

    Great quote. Was thinking of the whole Washington-Adams aversion to parties today, keeping with my rep as Mr Excitement .

    Ok, now goodnight HillLovers.

  251. Hi guys: Just a quick note:
    If they’re polling Indiana at 22% AA –they’re oversampling.
    Should be 8.9%
    Also: someone asked how we’re doing–curiously (seems) better in NC than IN–so guys keep up the pressure calling, blogging locally whatever you can do….it’s like the people in IN haven’t been paying any attention (or maybe it’s just a lot of Hillary hating Republicans)
    I hear the campaign is DESPERATE for CALLERS….
    So everyone let’s keep it up….

  252. Let me get this straight, he man makes his living as an election monitor, and teh problem he sees with this process is the SDs? Not one damn word about the disenfranchisement of MI and FL? The fact taht he clearly doesn’t understand the concept of democracy gives me loads of confidence in what he’s doing overseas. No, Mr. carter, we DO have to count votes we don’t like…no, caucuses don’t count.

  253. Here’s a quote from another founding father regarding

    “I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent. If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all.” –Thomas Jefferson to Francis Hopkinson, 1789.

  254. One more post and then I am off to bed!
    No one or anything will ever convince me that Obama is just as militant as his friends, mentors and followers!
    I, being a boomer and growing up in the 60’s, there was alot of militancy during that time with the youth. We all grew up and went to work and most of us figured out there was a better way to get things done without trying to force it to be done.
    As I watch Obama and all of his associations I realized he has never got past that militant youth the rest of us have outgrown. He still seems to be very much attracted to those who advocate the militant approach.

  255. Confloyd,

    Obama was born into that…his mother never grew up so why would you think he knew any different.

    Obama has no problem using radical left tactics on LOYAL Democrats to get his and the elites in the party to power.

  256. Meh. Carter is one voice. The Obama campaign always does this, whenever they’re in crisis mode: they trot out a new endorsement, in an attempt to change the subject. Nice try, Bambi.

  257. Why did Barack Obama wait 24 hours to denounce Reverend Wright’s statements?

    Because he had to poll test the issue first. (Note: Obama denies he actually took the poll. Of course, he’s pretty consistently been lying about this whole thing so I don’t think we can believe him)

    We don’t know anything about Barack Obama’s experience. We must judge him by his judgment.

    This is a man who did not distance himself from Tony Rezko until the Rezko scandal blew up. He did not distance himself from Bill Ayers until Americans were reminded of who Ayers is. And he threw his grandmother under the bus while refusing to distance himself from Wright *until* it was poll tested and, no doubt, wife approved.

    Do we really want a guy like that as President? With Obama, you can believe he’d poll test his response to a terrorist attack — he’s just that lacking. And consequently, he’s that dangerous.

    One thing of note that should be said is that during Wright’s speech, he said, Obama is distancing himself because he is a politician and thats what politicians do and what did Obama do, he did just that. So in effect he qualified Wrights statement in saying he is just another politician.

  258. Here are some cites for rebuttal of the article about Carter, which among other things seems to confuse popular vote with delegate count — and not to know that Hillary HAS the popular vote already (of Democrats, or if we count FL/MI), and will almost certainly have it by any count after June 3.

    The Telegraph’s version of Carter’s statement contradicts what Carter said to ABC News recently:
    “I think it would be a very serious mistake for the Democratic Party…if a candidate had the majority of popular votes, the majority of delegates and a majority of states — ALL THREE — were the superdelegates to vote contrary to that, I think it would be very difficult to explain,” the former president told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.”

    “If it’s very very close, they [the superdelegates] will do what they want anyway,” said Mr Dean.
    “I think the race is going to come down to the perception in the last six or eight races of who the best opponent for McCain will be. I do not think in the long run it will come down to the popular vote or
    anything else.
    Politically there will be some feeling at the end of this process that somebody is better than the other person in terms of taking on John McCain.”


    From Donna Brazile, a DNC official who till now has been promoting Obama.
    [Undecided Superdelegates] want to win. They want a candidate who can beat John McCain. At the end of the day they’re going to look at the (electoral college) math…and say..”okay, who is the best candidate to take on John McCain?” They’ll look at the weaknesses of both candidates and… we will determine who will be the best President.


  259. gerond,

    I agree that McAulife’s statement carries some risk of some (imo small) damage if in fact we don’t have it sewn up by June 15. But it also carries benefit: confidence that we CAN wrap it and win without going to Denver. He must have thought the confidence message was worth the risk.

  260. obama and wright and obama’s campaign are in cahoots… after obama’s 10 point loss in PA they conCOCKted this reverened wright media blitz so obama could deliver another one of his speeches; like the RACE speech…. and to finally disown this guy BUT it is all a ploy to get obama back in the game
    .Im sure wright will have the last word…but these 2 have been friends,for years ya cant believe it..
    i read this on a blog lol
    HE is lying bo catching up on all the reading..i dont trust either of there words..hypocrites!!

  261. blue dem,

    sorry out visiting…
    what i am saying is the ‘GENERAL PUBLIC’, got played by the whole scenario…

    but i think obama and his team are getting played by their own stupidity, cause, this denounciation by obama, wont change a thing…
    it is really on a loop in americas mind. we cant forget it, and obama cant get washed clean from it. its just icky…
    it doesnt feel right. or should i say, it feels too ‘wright’.
    obama has a permanent tatoo of wright on his image…

  262. basically, this is what we’ve all been waiting for.
    kind of anticlimactic, but OBAMA IS ‘HOPELESS’ NOW…

  263. It was not a ploy, and I think BO looks like an idiot. I have no idea why so many here think he would want this a week before another set of primaries. Frankly, I think Wright was supposed to rehabilitate himself. I think Axelrod had him doing a rehabilitational road show, but Wright is who he is.

  264. i think the media wants people to think o h he denouce him..’wrong..’oh poor gaffees,will let him get by this time,give him his pacifer,the guy is a crook and liar and lied and lied so many times he believes he his own lies..he wont do crap for the american people,in that speech his was clearly out of it..look at his eyes with lies.cant close the deal,if the media thinks he is so special,along with his supporters,be afraid,will be in the streets with this guy..
    Hillary 08 sensible with the issues,and talking about them for months over end non stop.


    have you ever seen happier, pissed off people?
    just a few days ago, every AA commentator in america, was fighting to defend wright and obama, pulling every racist trick out of the bag.

    all of a sudden, they are all coming out of the wood work to applaud obama for turning his back on their precious ‘black liberation theology’ reverend…
    every liberal and their mother was out saying how hard this is for obama, but it was the right thing to do, while they were looking pretty smug doin it. dont tell me they didnt all have the cat with the bird look in their eyes.

    and dont forget reverand wrights secret code to all the AA’s during his appearances. HE SAID OBAMA IS A POLITICIAN, AND SAYS WHAT HE HAS TO SAY AS A POLITICIAN…


    AA’s are apparently alright with a little lie, if it get their man in the catbird seat…

  266. yep mj…Axelrod had him doing a rehabilitational road it the what the poster said above the ‘HOPELESS’ road
    basically that is what it is..
    2 birds who flock together!!uhh uhh!!

  267. “AA’s are apparently alright with a little lie, if it get their man in the catbird seat…”

    Please don’t generalize. You are talking about pundits. Well, white pundits also almost never have a good grasp on the public. I think it’s a bit paranoid to think this is what anyone would want to spend a week before the primaries talking about.

  268. hell have jackson sharpton wright wrong in the cabinet,ya never know axelrod will be press sec…so they can run the country for hopenosis,while he smokes…lol

  269. well if i’m paranoid, then its me and a good number of other bloggers i’ve been reading the past 24 hours…
    that shouldnt be so hard to believe, when it worked for him the first time he did the reverend wright is wrong but he’s still my friend roadshow…

    and you may be right, it may only be the pundits, who will take obama even if they know he’s playing the white man with this new obama-drama…
    but i really dont think so. i suspect they want their candidate in their real bad, as bad as the white latte drinking liberals want him there.
    just my opinion, no big deal…

  270. Well, there are not many white latte drinking liberals in Indiana. Further, the pundits called Wright a “net positive” in PA and then he lost by double digits. I guess I fail to see how anyone could believe this is a positive event.

  271. one mintute he says i can t disown him then the next i will denouce him..this bambi cannot be president with lies and thoughts of his like that ..
    he is messed up and nutty.need to have plants at his speechesand call this guy out.for his tricks,and dirty politics.

  272. got that right.

    America is being led to the abbatoir and not one of the media is standing up strongly against it.

  273. yeah you got that right, his rehabilitation road show is only going to help him in n.c, he probably thinks it will do more in other states, but i dont think its going to work for him this time…

  274. Obama, Wright, and Honesty [Rich Lowry]

    What’s been most disturbing about this entire episode is how dishonest Obama has been, from his pretense that he didn’t know about Wright’s radicalism to his excuse now that Wright has somehow become a different person. How insulting that he thinks we’d buy any of this. I was struck in the FNS interview how, when asked what controversial statements he had heard from Wright, he said Wright would talk “about some of the problems in the black community in very controversial ways.” He probably did—but these were the most controversial things Obama heard? He was obviously trimming, trying to make Wright sound like an equal-opportunity hater. The simple thing for Obama to have done would have been to tell the truth from the beginning and say that he had made a mistake in staying at the church for so long, but he did so for complicated reasons that he could have spelled out in eloquent terms that would have made the press swoon. Instead, he did his dance in Philadelphia and uttered that line that will now haunt him. So now is Obama disowning the black community?

    04/29 02:41 PM

  275. If Obama get any credit for denouncing Wright, American is as dumb as I thought! My question is this, they say that most voters for Obama are educated; do you believe that to be true? I’m not sure that holds up. College students that are getting an education doesn’t mean they are educated, it just means they are on the path to an education and you can take a math class but that does not mean you have the right sense at 18 to know what is best for our country. When you have a family or you are struggling to work towards a long term goal and do not have everything given to you like most of the rich kids voting for him, then you realize that there is a lot at risk and you open your eyes. I believe that there comes a point where you should not judge a person on what they look like or how many jokes or cool macho speeches they give, but details details details! Tomorrow I am going to get a camp corder and go to Cal Poly Tech University and ask students why they are voting for Obama and see over all what I get. I will ask them a series of questions, how old, do you get support from family and to name five things that make Obama the best for the nation, and why not Hillary Clinton and vise versa to Clinton supporters.

  276. This is the crux of the problem

    In taking such an aggressive stand Obama may succeed in publicly distancing himself from the spectacle that the Rev. Wright has become, but his newfound outrage raises some further questions. In his Philadelphia address, Obama stood by his friend. “As imperfect as he may be,” he said of Wright a month ago, “he has been like family to me. He strengthened my faith, officiated my wedding, and baptized my children. … I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.”

    I mean wtf, talk about a 180 degree turn.

  277. They suited him up give these flowery speeches,it wont be him running the country,because he never has his own thoughts.Its someone behind him who is giving him those speeches and hope crap and change crap worth 2 cents were gonna change washington uhh like to what..he wont say…Hes the picture show not the much obambi drama.. we want this in the white house with so much wrong for OUR COUNTRY as it stands now.People should have figured this out by now..Its the longest job interview as hillary says !!! his resume no nodda empty suit , only flower speeches,sprinkled with no truth .

  278. Now this is a hilarious comment

    Obama Press Release

    “Sorry, we are sad to announce that today Rev. Wright slipped an fell under the campaign bus. It was an accident, Obama was not in the vicinity.”

  279. I am absolutely not worried about Obama succeeding in distancing himself here. This close to an election isn’t about the converted. It’s about the uncommitted, and I fail to see how this is the event that sways anyone to him.

  280. Don’t you find it hilarious that until yesterday, all the Obamabots on blogs and msm and BM were all gushing asto how fantastic Wright was and he was taken out of context and he was being courageous in what he said and look at today.

    He is persona non grata amongst them. If they can turn on one of their own like that, i’d hate to see what they would do running a country. Its like Obama says one word and they all follow. They would put a contract out on Hillary if Obama ordered it.

    This lot are scary.

  281. Yeah, moon, I thought about that. It’s hysterical. But remember, only a small slice of americans watch cable news, where most of wright’s fans until yesterday, are.

  282. Well lookey here, Apparently, it is revenge, Wright is pissed according to sources, Wrights feels betrayed by Obama.

    April 30, 2008 —

    ALBANY – The Rev. Jeremiah Wright would be happy to see Barack Obama’s presidential campaign derailed because the pastor is fuming that his former congregant has “betrayed” their 20-year relationship,

    The Post has learned. “After 20 years of loving Barack like he was a member of his own family, for Jeremiah to see Barack saying over and over that he didn’t know about Jeremiah’s views during those years, that he wasn’t familiar with what Jeremiah had said, that he may have missed church on this day or that and didn’t hear what Jeremiah said, this is seen by Jeremiah as nonsense and betrayal,” said the source, who has deep roots in Wright’s Chicago community and is familiar with his thinking on the matter.

    “Jeremiah is trying to defend his congregation and the work of his ministry by saying what he is saying now,” the source added.

    “Jeremiah doesn’t care if he derails Obama’s candidacy or not . . . He knows what he’s doing. Obviously, he’s not a dumb man. He knows he’s not helping.”

  283. Well the NY post has outdone itself on the front page


    Thats pretty strong stuff, love the Traitor part.

  284. All of this is really bad for him, because it now looks like Obama will sell anyone out to get what he wants and the public has noticed.

    We’ve known it for months, now so does everyone else.

  285. well I used to think he was fake.

    then I thought he was a snob.

    now I realize he is a hypocrite.

    but in the end, maybe he is just a politician, after all.

    soon, he will be a loser as well.

  286. POP QUIZ

    “Anyone, anyone, who voted for either of us should be absolutely committed to voting for the other” in the general election, Clinton said during an hourlong meeting with The Indianapolis Star Editorial Board.

    After carefully reading this statement, which of the following best fits its true meaning:

    a) Clinton knows she will not beat Obama. She wants her supporters to support him in the General Election.
    b) Clinton knows she will beat Obama. She wants his supporters to support her in the General Election.
    c) Clinton knows she will beat Obama. She wants the Super Delegates to know she is a team player for the Party so they will support her for the nomination.
    d) Both a and b
    e) Both b and c
    f) None of the above
    g) All the above

  287. “I can no more disown him than I can disown the Black community.”

    Oh, I guess you got a two for one deal, huh?

  288. The big problem here for Obama is this, a big public spat between him and his pastor is going to make a lot of people wonder just what really is their relationship and just exactly what is this about, first he defends him and then dumps him.

    Also a lot of people think dumping on your pastor is a very bad thing, after all you chose to sit with him, get married by him, get advice from him for 20 years and suddenly he’s not worth shit.

    Something rotten in the state of Denmark.

  289. Joe now parroting the msnbc chant line “we are gonna see the superdelegates break away soon since obama took the bull by the horn”

    Do they honestly think that this issue is dead and that Obama can just say “oh, it’s over” and it will be done.

    Hillary’s missteps have dogged her for years and they want to think he can just “brush it off his shoulders”

    Its now about his JUDGEMENT .. he sat for 20 years and couldn’t make a judgement call on a white hating church leader. This speaks volumes.

    I hope somebody brings out some video and some pictures soon of him clapping right along in the pews…

    Please everybody get on the phones with me today to Indiana. This is our last stand, if she wins Indiana she will show the sd’s she is the better candidate and they’ll join her.

  290. “The big problem here for Obama is this, a big public spat between him and his pastor is”

    This is fun. Just like watching Divorce Court on TV. Everybody loves to see folks airing their dirty laundry on TV.

  291. How about logging our Tuesday predictions for the record.

    I say Hillary takes IN by 6 and NC by less than 1.

    What are your predictions?

  292. Dot, I think Joe is being a good Republican. Repugs want to run against BO and they really do not want him to lose the nomination. They do not want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

  293. well I hope the good reverend decides to tell the truth about Obama. The fact is Obama has used the Rev and the whole UCCC church it seems and imo they ought to all step up

    Talk about betrayed .. Obama betrayed that whole church

  294. how come NOW they come out and say that Jeremiah Wright doesn’t reflect the AA church and they wouldn’t say that BEFORE .. when the tapes came out. Talk about a big turn. Such a set up

  295. Good morning,

    He says he didn’t hear Wright previously and hearing those somments om Monday validated that Wright did say those things.
    BINGO!!!!!Think about it!
    1 -The set-up: Bill Moyers softball interview: Moyers, a supporter of Wright and waffles.
    2 – Wall-to-wall media coverage of the entire speech, on Monday, and endless discussion of it on all news shows.
    3 – Wall -to-wall media coverage of Waffles denouncing Wright yesterday.
    4 – Continuatuon of the Waffles Vidtory lap on BM today.

    Don’t tell me this was not a HUGE set-up to resurrect Waffles!
    👿 Subject changed – Mika says are we all gonna play basketball now with Waffles?are

  296. Morning Moon,

    Rove made that point yesterday.
    He quotes Waffles as saying. “I could no longer disown my pastor than I could the Black Community.”

    Well, Carl continues, he disowned Wright yesterday,so we should look for the disowning of black community anyday, now, followed shortly after byt the denouncement of Ayers.


  297. Moon,

    Just read the post article but the problem is, that scenarip fits in precisely with the storyline that Waffles sudden;y discovered Wright really is the crazy old uncle in the closet ie Psycho.

    Looks like that article could be another plant in the revive Waffles strategy.

  298. Will Obama now do the same denouncement of Father Pfleger and Rev. Meeks? Pfleger is on Obama’s website as a faith endorser and has been holding prayer sessions on the campaign trail for Obama supporters He is an avowed Farrakhan supporter who has had him speak at his church. Meeks is anti-homosexual. This would be prime time for the Republicans to highlight these two spiritual guides of Obama as well.

    Also, Obama may think he can remain on the positive from now on but I’d be willing to bet the farm that in addition to the pastors listed above the Republicans will now focus on Jodie Evers, Rashid Khaladi, and Tony Rezko (plus all the shocking assorted people and connections there). If the MSM thinks they can go back to their blissful, fawing Obama worship they may be in for a surprise.

    Also, IMO, I don’t think the Wright issue is going away. Wright may or may not have a response to Obama’s denouncement but we all know he will still remain an issue for the fall if Obama is the nominee due to the many lies and contradictions he has put forth during the campaign in regards to his church..

  299. TrM.
    LMAO! Great line. ‘I did not have spiritual relations with that man!’ hehehehe.

    Paddy, I think it’s C, only.

    Prediction: Indiana by +5 and NC -5.


    OK. I’m gonna reread everything. i admit i occasionally get carried away with conspiracy theories but the timing is awfully suspect. (see 8:14 comments).

  300. Senator: Most superdelegates in Congress privately back Obama

  301. according to “insiders” these sd’s have been ready swarm thm since 2/5 .. where they been. This is just bs from the obama camp to try to scare the Clinton supporters.

    You don’t see Hillary quitting do you?

  302. Universal, all,
    OK. Just read the entire Post article. If it’s true, and Wright deliberately attacked Waffles in retaliation for having been kicked to the curb, then we better be on the lookout for some freak accident or sudden health emergency.
    Just like moonpluto posted up thread;
    “Sorry, we are sad to announce that today Rev. Wright slipped an fell under the campaign bus. It was an accident, Obama was not in the vicinity.’
    Americangal; According to Rove he’s scheduled to denounce the black community, Ayers, . . . so adding Meeks, Evers, michelle, rezko, to the shoulder-brush-off raised finger category wouldn’t surprise me. 👿 raised Oprah, the

  303. Everybody if you want to keep Hill in after tuesday we need to crank up the gotv for Hillary in Indiana and North Carolina. The media is once again trying to stick a fork in her she’s done. This stunt yesterday by Obama was his last attempt at cpr of his own fledging campaign and now that the media is back in lovefest for him .. we got to work even harder or our dreams are going to be vanquished.

  304. No, I don’t see Hillary quitting, and I see people like Ike Skelton endorsing her, which puts the lie to those stories about SDs in Congress.

  305. What a pathetic figure Obama has become.He is like a person caught lying and making up an alibi while he goes along.Typical of immature and spoiled children.If americans buy this dishonest performance,by a AA’s lust for power,they will suffer the frightening and dangerous consequences,that will follow.This nation will be known as a “AN EMERGING NATION “by our former admiring friends around the world.I fear for your grandchildren and mine.All of the lives lost by us in the wars to preserve our Democracy and those of our Allies,will be in vain.You cult members, College grads,Spoiled rich kids and misled,misguided strap hangers and just plain political wardheelers will have their blood on you hands. Yesterdays,Lies are tomorrow’s Realities


    By a REALLY P O ‘d American ABM90

  306. meiyingsu Says:

    April 30th, 2008 at 8:41 am
    Senator: Most superdelegates in Congress privately back Obama

    It’s rawstory. Ever think BO is spreading this?

  307. Isn’t it funny how all these pundits when the Wright issue first came to light were all saying that WE do not understand Black churches. Now Wright is just an old nut case and WE should ignore him.

  308. DOt,

    Well, I’ve gone through the list of Indiana and NC papers, donated $75 (with matching contributions) yesterday, sent SD’s the FDR stuff, and tried phone calling but I’m not too good at that.

    🙁 Any suggestions?

    BTW – WONDER if the FDR rally will be covered at all. Amy ideas about how to check? It’s in DC.

  309. Matching fund drive extended till the end of the day Wednesday!

  310. basil, you done good! The papers in Ky and W.Va could use some good words for Hillary. Charleston Gazette in Wv since its the home paper of the capital.

    I don’t know what else we can do now folks. I guess it’s time to accept we need to just let it play itself out and come to terms with what the people and the sd’s do. That won’t change how I feel about Obama .. his drama and his inexperience would never allow me to vote for him period.

    I just can’t get over how the media has driven this whole election cycle. We are supposed to think now that Obama is just great because he now disses the preacher who he all of a sudden decides he doesn’t agree with. *shakes head*

  311. THe matching funds is a great idea. I wonder if they got it from a lot of the commentors on her blog who do that anyway. One will say I donated $25, match me…and so forth.

  312. wow, 2 AA on Mika and she’s so crying that they won’t agree with her. They both say too little to late and he continues to show that he is a lightweight in what is a heavyweight contest as POTUS.

    Another sd for Obama .. Braley I suppose from NC.

    Come on Hill sd’s come out NOW

  313. This Wright fiasco is not going away whether he likes it or not because frankly yesterday opened up a whole can of worms, a whole load of new questions and damn it, I want them answered.

  314. I just found this on a blog comment area.

    “Obama’s criticism of Wright that we heard moments ago was more or less what I wanted to hear in the Philadelphia speech.”

    I thought we were told that the Philadelphia speech was bested only by Lincoln, and some other great President. We saw the media swoon, and state that it could not be any better. Well it seems now a major thing was missing from that “Great” Speech. So I guess it will not go down in history.

    This Democracy needs to fire the media. They were swooning last night again. I wonder what the voters think. They are the ones that finally determine a great speech. Perhaps on Tuesday, from the fine people of IN and NC we might find out.

  315. The Chicago Sun times is not being nice to poor bambi, they say Obama canot go back to his church. This woman is mad, She basically said Obama has thrown the black church in the toilet. This is sooo bad for him

    THE BLACK CHURCH | On the verge of making history, Obama opens a can of worms,CST-NWS-mitch30.article

    Well, it is likely that Sen. Barack Obama won’t be going back to Trinity United Church of Christ.

    Not after this.

    On Tuesday, Obama responded to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s ill-timed defense by condemning his former pastor’s fresh comments as “ridiculous,” “outrageous” and “appalling.”

    “When he states and then amplifies such ridiculous proposition as the U.S. government somehow being involved in AIDS, when he suggests that Minister Farrakhan somehow represents one of the greatest voices in the 20th and 21st century, when he equates the United States wartime effort with terrorism, then there are no excuses,” Obama said during a press conference.

    “They offend me. They rightfully offend all Americans and they should be denounced,” Obama said.

    This is a sad day for Black America.

    At a time when African Americans are on the cusp of watching a barrier come crashing down, up jumps a divisive issue that is being driven by those outside of the black community.

    Obviously, Wright’s timing for a press conference about his sermons couldn’t have been worse.

    Still, when Obama says he is “offended” by Wright’s latest comments — given in defense against an orchestrated assault on his character and on his ministry — he’s opening up a can of worms.

    There is no institution in the black community more respected than the black church. And the notion that white pundits can dictate what constitutes unacceptable speech in the black church is repulsive to most black people.

    Even so, after Wright’s fiery speeches surfaced on the Internet, most African Americans understood why Obama had to distance himself from Wright.

    Obama’s cross-cultural appeal, which, by the way, made some blacks suspicious of him early in his campaign, is largely because of his ability to make white people feel comfortable with his blackness.

    But Wright speaks to a different audience, and that audience has been supportive throughout his ordeal.

    On Monday, for instance, when Wright spoke at the National Press Club, the predominantly black crowd cheered, clapped and punctuated Wright’s speech with shouts of “amen.”

    So, when Obama says America was “offended” by Wright’s harsh language, he isn’t speaking for or to Black America. He is speaking to White America.

    As much as I want to see Obama make history by becoming the first black man to be elected president, I don’t want to see a warrior like Wright denigrated to prove to white voters that Obama is not a radical.

    When Obama denounced Wright’s angry words but refused to disown him, it signaled that he understood the sensitive tightrope he is being forced to walk.

    His “outrage” over Wright’s latest remarks signals something quite different. With the gap narrowing, Obama advisers are obviously scrambling for every white vote.
    But really, what more should blacks have to sacrifice? Their dignity?
    Frankly, Obama and Wright risk becoming metaphors for the ongoing struggle of blacks to unite politically.
    Obama shouldn’t have held a press conference to deal with Wright.
    He should have been able to pick up the phone.

  316. I don’t think most voters givew a crap what Obama said about his whacky pastor. I bet whomever made that comment already supported BO. This is just political manuevering. Most people are worried more about paying the bills than Obama’s latest rhetoric on his own personal issues.

  317. “Jeremiah doesn’t care if he derails Obama’s candidacy or not . . . ”

    Ok, then tell us something Rev.

  318. Rasmussen trying to cover their own ass now. They must have realized they can no longer prop up Obama’s numbers and are gradually bringing their national numbers back to earth. Funny how an 8 and 9 point lead the past few days drops to 4 today and I bet tomorrow it will be 2 to bring them more in line with Gallup.

  319. I don’t think this Wright fiasco was entirely pre-planned as some sort of media circus to distract attention away from a campaign that was going sour. My guess is that the Obama camp received a heads up that Wright was going to go public and then came up with a damage control plan. Of course they know how to manipulate their allies in the media so this was a cake walk for him.

    But they are too much in their heads and out of touch with reality. The Volk in IN and NC are not all that interested in a political soap opera. They have real needs and concerns and will base their decisions largely on how they feel about the candidates. Just give this some thought. How do you think small town Main Street feels about Obama after all this? And IN and NC are mostly composed of small (or maybe slightly larger) Main Streets. So no matter how the American propaganda machine (sometimes referred erroneously to as the mass media) attempts to paint this as a coup de grace for Obama, this has sunk his ship. This will be verified by the voters in those two states and the following ones. The Super Delegates are already manning the lifeboats. The King is dead. Long live the Queen!

  320. Blue Democrat Says:

    April 30th, 2008 at 9:58 am
    “Jeremiah doesn’t care if he derails Obama’s candidacy or not . . . ”

    You know, I do not think that is true. This is just wright being wright. He’s saying and talking in the same way he always does.

  321. Anyone else noticed a lot of msm is trotting the line of too little, too late Obama. Not the glorification we saw before.

  322. HRC PICKS UP ANOTHER SD!!!!!!!!

    Bill George, head of PA AFL-CIO!!!!!!!!!

    Take that teamsters and SEIU!!!!!!!

    😀 😀 😀

  323. Thank You Bill George. You have shown more guts and courage than my Governor, and Senator could manage. HRC won this State, and they have sold their souls for something.

    It is obvious this is going to go one on one with the SDs until something breaks. Obama’s group has promised massive SDs declaring a number of times. Our Governor was suppose to cause this, and then the PA vote. Nothing has happened except the one on one. I have noticed a slight difference in some of the major hitter talk. Howard Dean says that the SDs should vote for who is more electable. Some of the others have just shut up.

    I don’t what will happen with the Wright Issue. I still suspect there will be large core black support for Obama. However, it is what will happen with the undecides, and those that lean that will probably decide this at this point.

    It will come down to whom they feel most comfortable with, who is the strongest.

    I do think the anger shown by Obama and the stumbling speech (like the debate) will have an impact on some people. He did not look Presidential.

  324. moonpluto,
    Now that WAFFLES has denounced Wright, shouldn’t the BM shills who were parroting Waffles position now be forced to come out and do the same? I mean, they should also say THEY were wrong about Wright! hehehehe.

    And what’s even worse for them (in the minds of conspiracy theorists like me) is that they don’t have Waffles excuse that they never heard Wright say such things as BM has been playing sound bites and video clips of Wrights greatest Hits from TUCC for months! Doesn’t Waflles flip-flop expose BM even more for the BS artists they are??????


  325. Moon …. in the 9am Mika hour on msnbc, she seems subdued now .. this over the course of the morning. Something must be telling them that it was indeed too late. They were seemingly a bit gleeful during morning Joe.

    Also, not a peep about Hills superdelegate pick up but of course the announced the bo got one.

    Perhaps Mika is not hearing what she wanted to hear .. she is definitey in the tank for bo and you can read her face and body language and get an idea of the ear to the ground. She left set not in the best mood.

  326. By the way, the Republicans should start using that speech in their ads shortly. If Tuesday goes well for HRC, then maybe the one on one SDs race will change.

    I am amazed at how people are blaming this on HRC. This information has been covered up out there for a long time. It is the way they have handled it that has failed. I heard such bragging by the media about Obama’s organization. Then this happens. It reminds me of Swift boat when Kerry did not act quick enough If you have to take a drastic action, it is best to do it quickly and as soon as possible. I think this two step dance by Obama will continue to show as weakness, and not leader like.

  327. rjk1957 Says:

    April 30th, 2008 at 10:07 am
    Obama loses NC he is finished…

    Clearly. But given the AA pop, that’s nearly impossible. Did you notice in the SUSA they had AA as only 33% of the vote? They should at least be 35%.

  328. I mean seriously, the last month has been nothing but serious huge Obama fuck ups and the SD’s are hiding in caves, they just don’t want to appear racist that is what this is.

  329. I keep waiting for the William Aryers story to really break, but, is there anything there to break (is there no story?)

  330. I still think she will win NC by less than 1%. Its one of those feelings. Get the Champaign ready. If I am wrong, you can save it for June 6th.

  331. # skmf12 Says:
    April 30th, 2008 at 5:35 am

    basically, this is what we’ve all been waiting for.
    kind of anticlimactic, but OBAMA IS ‘HOPELESS’ NOW…

    Ha, Ha, I like that.

  332. Geoff Garin says on MSNBC that the Clinton Campaign will be announcing “multiple” endorsements today

  333. Pastor vs The Pol: Did Wright Mean To Hurt Obama?

    Chicagoans Who Know Both Men Tell The Story Of Betrayal; Controversy Continues On Despite Obama’s Best Attempt To Cut It Off
    Jay Levine
    CHICAGO (CBS) ― Chicago friends of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Sen. Barack Obama say both men are simply sad following a controversy and eventual falling out that came to a head Tuesday.

    Just how did the battle of wills play out behind the scenes?

    CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports Obama felt betrayed and Wright felt sand-bagged. Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church said he has been speaking to both men as the events of the past 24 hours unfolded.

    He counseled Obama Tuesday morning, and while CBS 2 talked to him Tuesday evening, Rev. Wright called his cell phone.

    “I don’t think he had any intention to hurt Barack. He loves Barack,” Pfleger said. “I think the pain and the moment took over.”

    That moment was in a place Pfleger called “a lion’s den” – The National Press Club.

    “The people who were close to him pleaded with him not to do it,” said WVON radio host Roland Martin. “We knew what the questions were gonna be, but it really was the antics, the looks the dismissive tone, the strut. It was being flippant, some say being pompous and arrogant.”

    That appearance Monday was far from a pastor’s comfort zone, like St. Sabina on the South Side, the site of Wright’s first appearance after his words drove a wedge between him and Obama.

    Fr. Pfleger says Wright’s first instinct Monday was to defend his reputation.

    “Sometimes you get caught up in the emotional response because you’re hurt, because you’re injured,” Pfleger said.

    Mayor Richard M. Daley called the current flap a dangerous distraction.

    “You better believe it; you cannot have distractions in any campaign,” Daley said.

    Meanwhile Sen. Hillary Clinton’s supporters said the relationship between Obama and Wright raised new doubts about who’d be the better candidate to take on presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain.

    “The Republicans are salivating over this issue,” said Clinton supporter Delmarie Cobb.

    “People are still saying how could you, as the pastor, knowing full well this is your member has a chance to do something no other African American has had a chance to do in the history of this nation, and you still move forward as if its no big deal,” Martin said.

    It’s clearly a big deal now. The polls already show that. Though a whole lot can happen between now and November. Obama, if he survives and wins the nomination, can only hope other issues will make voters forget about Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    (© MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

  334. If this is true superdelegates in Congress privately back Obama would that automaticly make him the winner?

  335. winhillary, if those SD’s were backing him, trust me, they would have ended it by now. He does not have them.

  336. win, an endorsement doesn’t even mean much before convention. No one is held to it. They can vote however they want. I think BO’s people out that out there.

  337. mj

    True, but Govenor Easley’s endorsement and his campaigning will shore up if not increase her support within the white community and Obama throwing Wright under the bus will cost him some of his support from the AA community. Lets not forget that there is a large military community in NC and they are not behind Obama at all (at least they are not here in NJ at Fort Dix and McCguire AFB)

  338. Just sent this message to Joe S….

    Joe, Joe, Joe…you we’re doing so well; being fair and balanced in your coverage of Hillary and reasonable and rationale in your coverage of Obama. Saying the things that the rest of MSM have been avoiding for fear it would undermine the already paper thin candidacy of their anointed candidate, Obama. But this morning you’ve taken a 180 degree turn. Why?

    Obama’s speech yesterday didn’t answer the fundamental concerns about the Wright situation and Obama’s long term association. The fact is nothing has changed and nothing new was said. Wright’s statements on Monday were merely an explanation for the vitriol and venom that he’d spewed years earlier and which Obama originally dismissed since he didn’t actually hear it with his own ears (and why that is somehow an excuse for lack of action is truly a mystery.) Oh, but then Senator Obama has had so many competing and conflicting reasons for why he’s ignored Jeremiah Wright’s more “eccentric” behavior — ranging from he didn’t know about it to comparing Wright to someone’s crazy Uncle.

    The fact is Obama has done nothing to answer the concerns about why he would choose to associate with this man for 20 years – and not just as a peripheral figure in his life but has a “friend; marrying him and his wife, mentoring his children, etc. And by the way, it is now evident that the sermons that were part of TUCC’s greatest hits DVD compiled to commemorate Wright’s retirement were not an anomaly or sound bite taken out of context, as Obama originally would have us believe. Clearly these statements are fundamental to Wright’s belief system. Notwithstanding, I wouldn’t be surprised that in the next iteration that Obama offers of why he chose to stick with Wright he tells us that Wright is suffering some sort of multiple-personality disorder.

    What was striking in Obama’s remarks yesterday was that rather than express outrage at the disrespect Jeremiah Wright has shown for the United States for the past 20 years in both his words and the deeds of his church (honoring Farrakhan’s birthday, printing a Hamas treatise, etc.), instead Obama expressed outrage at the disrespect that Wright is showing to Obama and his candidacy. Rather self serving wouldn’t you say and classic narcissism, which increasingly seems to be the hallmark of Senator Obama.

    The questions of this association which speaks to Obama’s judgment will persist and are still fair game. Speaking up when your campaign is in trouble is not a profile in courage or demonstration of leadership.

  339. Well Obambi is going on meet the press next Sunday! I want to find a way to get on fox or CNN OR MSNBC and ask them why they never discuss Tony Rezko or the lost files or his tax returns or his wifes money issues at her work in a hospital, why as a voter that lives in f ing american cannot get the news out to people that have no idea about any issues that should be addressed to america! Please I know there are people on this blog that have connections how do we as little people to them, stand up and be heard. Can we ask to be on their shows, or do we need to make a point that we have news, please inform me!

  340. Obama campaign is controlling the media, why I am not sure, but even on the YouTube video of Farrakhn speaking recently, he says he has to be very careful of what he says, he doesn’t want to hurt Obama and then goes on to say its all about controlling the media. Which I think Obama has pretty much done.

  341. Confloyd, you need to realize, the msm is BO’s base.

    So Joe Scarborough has completely dumped Hill? Is that right? Jerk.

  342. Last night, I was browsing through the posts on TM, and someone said, that the early voting in NC had the vote at 65% O and 33%- C. I might have the % off, but it was pretty close. Apparently, it was noted in the Rasmussen poll. This is a huge difference. I don’t know, how many early voters there are, but this is a huge gap to make up. Any thoughts?

  343. Little snipit from

    TOP STORY: On Sunday, Senator Obama goes on NBC’s “Meet the Press” FOR THE FULL HOUR, Philippe. It’s a potentially decisive broadcast. On the defensive and shifting strategy today, can he be cool and confident on Sunday? His momentum stalled, can he look like the winner that he appeared to be – and probably still is, according to most Dems we checked?

    ***A prominent Democrat e-mails: “The key point in my mind is have we reached a place where the ‘supers’ are in a position to take the nomination away from the guy who has a clear lead in pledged delegates and the popular vote? Not yet. But a lot closer.”

    Obama’s message going forward – Andrea Mitchell on NBC’s “Today”: “Barack Obama in effect divorced himself from his former pastor as he tries to get his campaign back on message. Only hours after denouncing his former pastor, Obama again suggested the controversy was part of an orchestrated attack against him by his political opponents.”

    What opponents? No one made him attend that church for 20 years, well maybe Michelle did (she might be thrown under the bus next, watch out Michelle). Hillary and McCain didn’t put words in Wright’s mouth!!!

  344. birdgal, I think SUSA has it 57%, 43% or something. Indiana is the opposite with Hill leading in ealry votes, according to SUSA.

  345. After reading moononputo’s referenced article, it is hard to understand why veteran politicans, and others close to this arena who are SDs could possible endorse at this point.

    Do they really think they can erase this? They are SDs because they should understand this better than I can. If you can take a purple heart recipient and marginalize his act of heroism, just think what they can do with this. I just don’t see why SDs continue to sign on at this point.

  346. I did not get to see the whole Joe S. show, only the last part where Mika said” the rev. story is behind him now, right joe”, Joe said “yes, poof, its gone” He did not look very convinced.
    Rush said yesterday that operation chaos is on hold, he said it was too late to do anything about NC or Ind., but lets see if Obama’s gets past this, and if he does we should all vote for Obama. Clearly the republicans are trying to game the system. That’s why Joe is saying this, but I still think he likes Hillary at least a little.

  347. rjk: THis is not Hillary’s fault. Where do they get off, blaming his opponent? What a jerk. Some of supporters are blaming HIllary. Boy, they sure give her alot of power.

    MJ: Thank you.

    MTP, Russert will probably give him soft balls, like everyone else.

  348. In New Mexico you cannot count the absentee ballots or the early voting until the actual vote occurs. It is interesting that they have done that, and published the results.

  349. Obama supporters seem to think when things are going bad that Hillary can control the weather, well boys and girls get ready for the brewing storm, ya ain’t seen nothing yet!!

  350. NewMexicoFan, Lets just face it the SD’s that would vote for Obama are the leftwingnuts and they keep putting the same kind of person out there only to get whopped by the republicans everytime, so lets not count on their ability to make the right choice! We need those votes in Fl. and Mi. to count and count now. Has anybody heard about the protest?

  351. Russert will ask “What is was your relationship with Wright?”
    Obama – “He was not my spiritual mentor, he was not my friend, he was only the pastor.”
    Russert – “How unfair is it that Superdelegates get to vote?”
    Obama – “Same old politics in Washington that gets nothing done.”

    What Russert SHOULD do:
    Russert – “Here is a clip of you calling Wright, your mentor, friend, and spiritual advisor.”
    Russert – “Here is a quote”

  352. confloyd

    You are probably right. As I have blogged before, the NM State organization is filled with these Obama people. It will be interesting to see what happens here. As I have blogged before, they keep trying to take over, even thought she won. i wonder what is happening in the other Blue States she has won.


  353. If Obama had dozens of SDs lined up they would endorse now. Thats a joke. I am sick of hearing Obama has a secret coalition of super Delegates. Give me a break. If he had 24 lined up I am sure 10 would announce today and spare him the humiliation of Wright. Remember when Brokaw said Obama had like 50 Super Delegates ready to announce after Texas. Give me a break. Propaganda, MSM will eat this up.

  354. BTW, I LMAO when I saw the “senator” who said Obama had a majority of the SDs in Congress privately supporting him was Claire McCaskill, lol. Yeah, like I’m going to believe a word out of that Obama ass-kisser’s mouth.

    Also, mj, don’t worry about Joe Scarborough. He’s largely fair to HRC, and he’s one of the few.

    And I don’t buy for a minute that this Wright thing was a ploy by the Obama campaign. I think we need to remember the principle of Occam’s razor: The simplest explanation (Wright is pissed at Obama for distancing himself from him) is usually the right one.

  355. MSNBC and CNN are tv campaign Hqu’s for Barack Hussein Obama.Mika has orgasms when BO speaks.Her brother works for BO campaign,her father is out of date,out of favor,has been that lacks any respect as a former diplomat.Mika makes a mess of things with her moaning and groaning about things that are said about him by his critics.She has been around the horn too long and eager to get Joe’s job.Grow up old girl and stop your moaning.

    These biased weirdo’s are disgusting.

    Go Hillary my donation is on the way.


  356. OkieAtty Says:
    April 30th, 2008 at 4:50 pm
    Buchanan is wrong. Wilder said, “If the superdelegates intervene and get in the way of it, and say, `Oh, no, we’re going to determine what’s best,’ there will be chaos at the convention…. And if you think 1968 was bad, you watch: 2008 will be worse.”
    At no point did he say it was by AA’s or threaten it as an AA. He said it as an supporter. Not necessarily the same thing.

    Dunno about Wilder, but for evidence in support of latte liberals planning a riot, search for “The Field” and “Project Jericho”. These sound like middle aged professionals, yuppies, with plenty of time and money wanting a lark and to re-enact the 60s.

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