Barack Obama Destroys The Democratic Party, Part III

Superdelegates Beware.

The Obama campaign is once again flim flamming and flailing. The Obama campaign is pushing the narrative that Obama’s “Pastor” Wright is acting on his own – that Obama has no control over the “Pastor” of 20 years, that they are innocent victims of the verbose “Pastor”. Big Media weeps.

For Senator Obama, the re-emergence of Rev. Wright has been devastating. The senator has been trying desperately to bolster his standing with skeptical and even hostile white working-class voters. When the story line of the campaign shifts almost entirely to the race-in-your-face antics of someone like Mr. Wright, Mr. Obama’s chances can only suffer.

Beyond that, the apparent helplessness of the Obama campaign in the face of the Wright onslaught contributes to the growing perception of the candidate as weak, as someone who is unwilling or unable to fight aggressively on his own behalf.

The vetting of weak Obama, that has just begun, should have occurred at least a year ago. Now Big Media is weeping and Obama is scrambling. The Obama campaign is still pretending they are innocents.

When the Wright controversy finally erupted on national television and front pages it was the Obama campaign that came to Wright’s rescue.

When the uproar over Wright started, Obama chief strategist David Axelrod asked his friends at Jasculca Terman — a public affairs firm — to advise Trinity on how to handle the crush of media coverage, and they did, pro bono.

David Axelrod, mastermind of the flim flam campaign now moans:

While MSNBC was waiting to go live to the event, an anchor asked Mr. Obama’s chief strategist, David Axelrod, why the campaign had allowed Mr. Wright to refocus attention upon himself. “He is doing his own thing,” Mr. Axelrod said wearily by telephone. “There’s not a thing we can do about it.”

Yesterday’s helpless Axelrod forgot his earlier salvage Wright intervention.

Axelrod is not a solo performer in the Chicago circus. Who could possibly forget Obama’s recent lack of judgment covered with more excuses:

And this helps explain, perhaps, my relationship with Reverend Wright. As imperfect as he may be, he has been like family to me. He strengthened my faith, officiated my wedding, and baptized my children. Not once in my conversations with him have I heard him talk about any ethnic group in derogatory terms, or treat whites with whom he interacted with anything but courtesy and respect. He contains within him the contradictions – the good and the bad – of the community that he has served diligently for so many years.

I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother….


Grandma is about to be run over… again.

For 20 years Obama sat in “Pastor” Wright’s pews. “Pastor” Wright humped the podium, used the “N” word, damned America. Obama, with daughters in tow sat in the pews, for 20 years. Instead of explaining his lack of judgment, Obama gave a flowery speech on race.

Obama will soon dump Wright and his church. Here is why Obama will soon dump Wright and his church:

I suppose the politically safe thing would be to move on from this episode and just hope that it fades into the woodwork.

Finally, all the Obama fancy words will melt into “the pollitically safe thing”. Additionally, in a bitter twist to scriptual demands, Obama will… well, we’ll let Obama say it:

In the end, then, what is called for is nothing more, and nothing less, than what all the world’s great religions demand – that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

“Pastor” Wright will soon be “done unto”.

Superdelegates Beware. Democrats too, will be “done unto” if they follow Obama into the abyss:

For months, GOP operatives spoke with dread of the prospects of running against Barack Obama in the fall. But after weeks of controversies over his former pastor, his views of blue-collar voters and even the sincerity of his patriotism, Republicans now are ready to place a $500,000 bet that Obama will be a heavy burden on down-ballot Democrats.

That’s the approximate amount of advertising purchased so far by the National Republican Congressional Committee and GOP allies to link Democratic congressional hopefuls in Mississippi and Louisiana to their party’s potential presidential nominee.

Superdelegates Beware, disaster looms:

Whereas Obama once seemed an almost cultlike figure who transcended race and class, the narrative that has emerged from his campaign’s recent trials has given Republicans hope that the Illinois senator can be tagged as an elitist with the same effectiveness with which Michael Dukakis and John F. Kerry were so labeled.

The elitist story line has provided Republicans with press release fodder against freshman Democratic House members and statewide elected officials in roughly two dozen states.

Republican-leaning districts could be particularly fertile ground for Obama-focused attacks, GOP officials say. “I think he’s the weaker candidate, and I’ve thought that for over a year now,” NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) said at a briefing on Monday. “He’s very inexperienced. He is by any definition liberal and to the left of Hillary Clinton, and he will give us plenty of ideological divisions to work with.”

Besides the two special congressional elections in Mississippi and Louisiana next month, Republicans believe they can also exploit Obama’s vulnerabilities in House battlegrounds where he has struggled to win over key demographic groups. Those areas include three culturally conservative seats in Pennsylvania, where Obama lost badly in last week’s primary, and three Cuban-American districts in Florida that Democrats are seriously contesting for the first time.

In the Deep South, Republicans think making an explicit connection to Obama will allow them to hold on to districts where Democrats have gained traction by recruiting culturally conservative candidates who have distanced themselves from the national party.

Superdelegates Beware. Disaster upon disaster looms:

Still, Obama’s weakness among blue-collar, working-class voters has not gone unnoticed by members of Congress who may have to share a ballot with him.

Many freshman Democrats who represent culturally conservative districts, including Reps. Christopher P. Carney (D-Pa.), Jason Altmire (D-Pa.), Brad Ellsworth (D-Ind.) and Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), have stayed on the sidelines so far in the primary season.

Carney and Altmire are facing highly competitive reelection bids themselves — and last week’s presidential primary results could give them new cause for concern. Obama lost every county in Carney’s northeastern Pennsylvania district by double-digit margins — including the district’s Scranton-area base, by nearly 50 points.

Obama also performed particularly poorly in Altmire’s district, losing two key exurban Pittsburgh counties within his district — Beaver and Lawrence — with 30 percent of the vote or less.

Four days before the primary, House GOP leader John A. Boehner appeared at a press conference with Altmire’s Republican opponent and called on the Democratic freshman to apologize for Obama’s remarks about small towns in Pennsylvania. “It’s time for Barack Obama to apologize to voters here in Pennsylvania and across the Midwest,” said Boehner. “And it’s time for his supporters in Congress to defend their constituents and denounce Obama’s patronizing rhetoric.”

Superdelegates, follow the lead of North Carolina Governor Mike Easley:

Hillary Rodham Clinton has won the endorsement of North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley, a surprise boost to her candidacy in a state where Barack Obama is heavily favored to win the Democratic primary.

Easley was expected to announce the endorsement Tuesday morning in Raleigh, the state capital, one week before North Carolina’s primary on May 6, according to people close to the governor and to Clinton. [snip]

Besides being a respected figure among Democrats in the state, Easley is one of the all-important superdelegates likely to choose the party’s presidential nominee.

Governor Easley is a winner standing with a winner.

Superdelegates – go with a winner – Hillary Clinton.


445 thoughts on “Barack Obama Destroys The Democratic Party, Part III

  1. This is a great post. Obama should drop out. The DNC should invite Obama to step out of the race because he is damaged goods. He can do no good for this party. He shouldn’t even be VP if Hillary gets the nomination. Wright has permanently damaged Obama’s reputation. His campaign is coming undone. His star will only fall from here. THIS IS THE END FOR OBAMA. Even if the Democrats are stupid enough to hand him the nomination, he will just lose the general. Obama will NEVER be president of the United States. He should’ve thought all of this through before deciding to run. He should’ve waited eight more years long after Wright was retired or dead and Rezko in jail before deciding to run. Obama has ruined this election for the Democrats. He should apologize for his selfishness.

    Anglachel’s Journal has a post that pretty must brings together all the pieces of the puzzle from the beginning of the campaign when Obama decided to use race baiting to get Hillary out of the race all the way to the beginning of his downfall right now. Check it out:

  2. Blue Democrat Says:

    April 29th, 2008 at 5:26 am
    NY Post;
    April 29, 2008 — Barack Obama made a call for nonviolence in the aftermath of the Sean Bell verdict – infuriating the Rev. Al Sharpton, who accused the presidential candidate of trying to “grandstand in front of white people,” sources told The Post.

    During what a source described as a “heated” phone call yesterday, Sharpton told Obama he was disappointed with the Illinois senator’s words on Friday, when Obama said “resorting to violence to express displeasure” was “completely unacceptable and counterproductive.”

    “[Obama] issues this statement and not a single rock had been thrown,” said a source. “How does the candidate of change ask people to accept a verdict that is unjust?”

    The source said Sharpton had hoped Obama would “side with the Bell family” and not use it as an “opportunity to grandstand in front of white people.”
    *****************************************************When has Obama stood up for anybody but himself and the well connected?

  3. Yeah, well, the last thing Obama wants right now is a high profile fight w/Rev. Al. He’s got enough trouble with Reverends right now.

    See the Post’s “Pastor Disaster” Header, which isn’t exactly original
    but I’m sure none of us mind 🙂

    Conversely, it’s telling that while Sharpton obvious wants national attention for the Bell case, that he’s willing to confront the previous un-confrontable Obama on it.

  4. Perhaps the black leaders have finally realised Obama is not really one of them and quite frankly is getting ready to dump them to bring in white voters. They have realised he is a chameleon and is only pandering to them when he wants to.

  5. Obama is not siding with the black family in NY. That to Sharpton and his many followers is traitorous behaviour. Sounds like a civil war is about to erupt amongst elements of the AA community.

  6. Moononpluto, maybe Obama wants to Sista Soulja Al Sharpton!. Wouldn’t that be something? By attacking Reverend Al, he could try to solve his Pastor Wright problem.

  7. More info on the Sean Bell verdict:

    And Gov. Patterson response:

    The governor, who admits to being “surprised” that, given the number of shots fired, the three officers charged in the Bell shooting were cleared, insists things are different in this case.

    “I understand the historical significance of civil disobedience, and too many times that was the only way to effect change,” he said. “However, in this case, there is a continuing federal investigation and interdepartmental investigation. … We know a judge determined there was no crime. We accept that.”

    Reminded that in a previous political life, he likely would have been front and center in the actions Sharpton is planning, Paterson was unmoved. His role now is to “hear what the demonstration is about and recognize the symbolism of it,” he said. To participate as governor would be “a little pretentious,” Paterson said.

    Sharpton indicated he was a bit surprised by Paterson’s change – but said he still respects the governor.
    I’m glad Al Sharpton called Obama out. Obama was grandstanding and his words were an insult to the victim family. No where was violence mentioned by any party only non violence protest on the verdict. Why Obama said those words to a grieving family…is just insensitive and hurtful.

    Gov. Patterson disagree with Al Sharpton about the protest march but handle the matter with sensitivity toward the family and the community.

  8. admin Says:
    April 29th, 2008 at 6:23 am
    Moononpluto, maybe Obama wants to Sista Soulja Al Sharpton!. Wouldn’t that be something? By attacking Reverend Al, he could try to solve his Pastor Wright problem.

    That was the very first thing that came to mind, admin….

  9. Admin, i dont know, Obama is stupid enough to start something he can’t finish.

    He’s in catch 22, ha can’t come out and attack police officers, then the white community gets pissed. If he doesnt back the AA family, the AA community gets pissed. Its a mess of his own doing.

  10. Yes guys 2 things came to mind.

    1 : This is a ruse

    2 : There genuinely is a bit of “fuck you” going on amongst them.

    I dont think all this Wright/Sharpton is a ruse. Yesterday when this happened, the shaken ash faced gobsmacked faces on Axelrod and Rice on TV and others left me to believe that Obama has no control over these mavericks within his community. They will say and do whatever they want and no one but no one is going to stop them.

    If they now think Obama is really just like the rest of the politicians, using them to get what they want and dump them, the retribution could be swift and brutal.

  11. Good morning hill fans. It seems this am that morning show is trying to make this a “rev wright” problem now rather than an obama problem. I’m not sure where they are going with this.

    Now it seems that they are trying to paint Wright as trying to derail Obama .. lets hope it doesn’t turn into another chance for the media to turn into another lurvefest for obama.

    We need all hands on deck in North Carolina.

    There is a fine line here that this could turn into a a protect Obama now that the media is trying to say that Wright is simply trying to take Obama down…..

    Please everyone today, donate, call, blog and contact superdelegates.

    The DNC is still set on giving this to Obama. We gotta help Hillary win.

    Also, donate today for this week as it counts for the April money.

    I challenge everybody here to at least $5.44 .. I’m broke right now .. end of month.

  12. PS .. there are a bunch of superdelegates on the previous page and they are leaning Hillary.

    Today is a good day to contact them if you haven’t.

  13. morning all…

    since we are now in race baiting mode – which makes me sad but sorry, Obama is the ONLY one to blame for it, I think we should beat the republicans to the question they are waiting to pop if BO is the nominee:

    ‘Sen Obama, as president, would you be in favor of reparations paid to African Americans for slavery?’

    I’d love to see him answer that one. Anyone in IN or NC who wants to go to a BO rally and ask him??? in front of the media of course. 😛

  14. Dot48,

    Obama sits in his church for 20 years listening to his sermons and its a Rev Wright problem, no way, the 2 are now associated hand in hand no matter how the msm tries to frame it. No matter how much he frames it, Wright is Obama’s problem. He was like an uncle and spiritual mentor.

    If that was your spiritual mentor, you would be pretty fucked up. The damage was done yesterday Dot.

  15. PS .. there are a bunch of superdelegates on the previous page and they are leaning Hillary.


  16. moon, I’d have jumped up first word out of his silly lips.

    Read this on another board:

    Or maybe Rev. Wright delivered several thousand votes for Obama in his early years as a Chicago / IL politician. And so Obama poops on Rev Wright, and Rev. Wright fights (talks) back. That’s how it works in Chicago / IL politics. Sadly, things are starting to seem more “normal” to me now as it pertains to the Jr. IL Senator.


    Anyone see Carville defending Obama/Wright????????

    I didn’t watch any political stuff last night but surely this isn’t true.

    I challenge everybody here today that can .. make 30 calls at least to North Carolina and Indiana. I will.

  17. King .. posted on Hill’s blog several days ago. Even if they aren’t leaning, they are undecided and if we can get a word with them for Hillary it is definitely worth it. Every sd counts now. Thanks

  18. Ronald Says:
    April 29th, 2008 at 6:44 am
    morning all…

    since we are now in race baiting mode – which makes me sad but sorry, Obama is the ONLY one to blame for it, I think we should beat the republicans to the question they are waiting to pop if BO is the nominee:

    ‘Sen Obama, as president, would you be in favor of reparations paid to African Americans for slavery?’

    No. That would be dumb, actually. Don’t even go there.

  19. king-

    I agree, but its all over the right wing nut web pages…. They are just waiting to drop this on him and force the issue if he is POTUS. They want to use it the way they used the gays in the military issue with BC ending up with dont ask dont tell. If you recall, when Bill was elected, the republicans made this an issue that he had to confront, even though he didn’t want to. The same will happen to BO.

    but I think you are right. We shouldn’t go there… though its going to happen eventually.

  20. Some of the comments on Fox

    Comment by Jackson
    April 28th, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    Obama rejects Rev Wright’s statements so much he gave his church $28,000 in 2007 and $27,000 in 2006 … tell me who donates this kind of money to a church led by a minister that they reject?

    Comment by Marilee Segal
    April 28th, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    I’m sorry, but anybody who actually believes Obama’s latest denial is so far out to the left that they can’t see what’s right in front of their eyes. Clinton has taken so much abuse because of “sniper fire” comment. She is called a liar…..but this guy can stand there and lie time and time again and nobody is “allowed” to say a negative word about him, no matter how true it is. The press glorifies his every move and way too many people are blinded by his lies. He is nothing but a glorified “preacher” who knows how to make MLK-like speeches. He is not some phenomenom and no, he will not be able to single-handedly step in and miraculously “change” the system. He is arrogant and racist, as is his wife. I am in such disbelief that people aren’t seeing this and actually want him in charge of this country. Face the facts folks. He can deny whatever he wants, but his “Reverend” even said that Obama will say what he has to say to win the election. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Let him say what he wants, but think of it this way…..what if someone were running for president who attended Klan rallies for 20 years, then denied sharing the same beliefs or said….”well, I wasn’t there for the actual cross burnings”.

    Love the last 3 lines.

  21. Its a new day and the obamabots are still in explosion denial mode over on DU, its quite satisfying watching them get a taste of what they dished out for months.

  22. yes… lady on MSNBC hit the nail on the head.

    Says that yesterday shows just exactly what Wright was about and now the people realize that the actually WAS all about what he said in those sound bites and that Obama sat in the church for 20 years and it gives pause as to what Obama is all about.

    She says people are asking “who is Barack obama” .. we been asking that for months

    I’m glad that the word is getting out that Obama said that 20 cents a gallon won’t matter to people … elitest remarks again and shows he can’t relate to poor or working class people .. those remarks will be well remembered by the truckers and working class.

    Hope that someone makes an ad about that … 20 cents matters to me .. every penny matters….

  23. Good morning, Hillfans. Obama spews forth headlines just like his spiritual mentor. Now he dumps campaign cash contributed by Interpol fugitive and Rezko pal Alsammarae.

  24. donations were made “online” is strange, i wonder how many dodgy “online” donations he’s had, that would explain a lot.

  25. Obama’s site is now selling car magnets with his annoying O logo. The mind reels. Like the yellow ribbon car magnets aren’t bad enough? Perhaps people will place the big O over their yellow ribbon magnets? I dont think so.

    Maybe he would do better to start marketing little flag pins for people to wear in their lapels instead of American flags. That might work.


  26. well at least with a magnet its easy to remove when you realize the error of your ways.

    My Hillary bumper sticker is on for good.

  27. Governor Easley office is open in the East coast now .. 1-919-733-5811 .. PLEASE CALL AND THANK HIM FOR HIS SUPPORT

    Whoa, Morning Joe Scarbourgh is hinting that perhaps Mr. Jeremiah Wright may knows more skeletons in the closet on Obama !!!! Maybe speculation..who knows.

  28. Dot am i surprised, no, it was obvious last week something was brewing, i think the msm is onto to something we do not know about!

  29. Morning!! 😀

    Just turned on morning joe and they showed a short clip of BO yesterday on the stump trying to brush wright off his shoulder

    did anyone notice the sweat on obama yesterday??? I sure did!!!

    he can’t brush this one away or give it the finger-gate LOL……Teflon Man turned to RUST!!!!! LOL

  30. Peggy Noonan trying to give him advice on going after Hillary with WIT. Needs a new message blah, blah, blah.

  31. I wish I had a crystal ball to see how this will all work out. Instead I have to keep plugging away. Indiana and North Caroline are next. We will know how the voters accept all of this when this group of people votes. It should be a good test, especially in NC.

    Part of me sits here and wants this to be mega. The other part of me still thinks this is being orchastrated. The Obama camp has been extremely organized and ready with a plan. I find it hard to believe that the Minister has gone off like this without a plan.

    Having watched this unfolded in NM, they have been organized here for months (way before the Richardson pull out). They went into action mode when he pulled, and they are extremely active now, like the 1,000 votes that won the state for Senator Clinton does not matter. The State convention this weekend, they were organized to steal the state.

    So why would they not be ready for the Wright stuff, or somehow convincing him not to harm them. They have obviously controlled and manipulated a lot of SDs (Our Governor and now a Senator case in point).

    If this is really uncontrolled, then we need to worry about his ability to handle the international arena. In that arena, there will be no influence of the hesteria that is going on here. I guess he will go to a study group each time on how to handle the situation. So if you have to react quickly, you have to wonder what will happen.

    In my estimation, the sign of a good organization is one that is flexible, and acts quickly. I just read an article on how stable Obama’s organziation as compared to Senator Clintons. It was written like it was a plus. Can you imagine where we would be now if Senator Clinton had not shaken up her organizatio at least twice. Her organization might not have the stability of Obama’s but she really has made some moves that are working.

  32. now Obama can’t run away from the Reverend Wright. He held him too close for too long.

    Wright brings radicalism and extremism…and of course Obama sat in the church for 20 years how can he not be effected

  33. so they are going to steal the delegates in NM?

    Peggy Noonan is just soooo in love with Obama. She is about to have a heart attack.

  34. Every time something happened that did not look good for Hillary there were many encouraging posts here about working harder and contributing more, following the lead of our strong candidate. It was very admirable.

    Now it’s nice to read on the BHO websites all of the whining and groaning about the misfortunes of their wimpy candidate. You can read things like “It’s over.”

    Now that there has been a sea change, it’s nice to be able to read on here things like “He’s done!” It’s just the reverse of the BHO sites.

    Meanwhile the Democratic Party is in the hands of the darkside. They hold all the cards and are willing and able to deal from the bottom of the deck. They are still determined to keep the nomination for BHO. Maybe pressure from the SD’s can persuade them to loosen the reins enough for Hillary to slide into the winner’s spot. Until that happens, I don’t count on it. While I would like to think this fight is virtually over, I’m afraid it may be far from it.

    I proudly ask all of you, my heroes, to hang in there for a while. Keep the pressure on. We will win this thing yet. We’re getting close!

  35. I have a sneaking suspicion, the Obama campaign orchestrated his speech but i dont think they were ready for him to go do a Q and A session with the media, thats where it went all pear shaped and the “real” Jeremiah went off the rails into what he really thinks about Obama and other stuff.

  36. @ Moon 😀

    well, i wish i could stay and play all day today with all of you……..but i have to go on a short trip out of town today
    my daughter has honor choir concert tonight over in the next state (SD) and my husband is about to accept a new job
    near there so we are going out to drive around the area and check it out…so i will be gone all day today

    but i will check in around 10:30 pm tonight and catch up!!

    you all have a great media day! I am sure hillary camp is on cloud nine today 😀

    Hillary IS 44!!!! YEAH!!!

  37. Morning.

    Here comes the “Blame HRC for the Wright Mess” assault.
    Erroll Louis, naturally.

    ‘”he Rev. Jeremiah Wright couldn’t have done more damage to Barack Obama’s campaign if he had tried. And you have to wonder if that’s just what one friend of Wright wanted.

    Shortly before he rose to deliver his rambling, angry, sarcastic remarks at the National Press Club Monday, Wright sat next to, and chatted with, Barbara Reynolds.

    A former editorial board member at USA Today, she runs something called Reynolds News Services and teaches ministry at the Howard University School of Divinity. (She is an ordained minister).

    It also turns out that Reynolds – introduced Monday as a member of the National Press Club “who organized” the event – is an enthusiastic Hillary Clinton supporter

    I don’t know if Reynolds’ eagerness to help Wright stage a disastrous news conference with the national media was a way of trying to help Clinton – my queries to Reynolds by phone and e-mail weren’t returned yesterday – but it’s safe to say she didn’t see any conflict between promoting Wright and supporting Clinton.

    It’s hard to exaggerate how bad the actual news conference was. Wright, steeped in an honorable, fiery tradition of Bible-based social criticism, cheapened his arguments and his movement by mugging for the cameras, rolling his eyes, heaping scorn on his critics and acting as if nobody in the room was learned enough to ask him a question.

  38. So Hillary now does Ventriloquism and that just does not fly really, did she tell Wright what to say, no, it was all Wright’s doing.

  39. My good feelings about where this campaing(s) are headed is only getting stronger and stronger!!

    Hillary was right, the tide is turning!!!

    You can see it on the campaing trail, and the media has noticed as well.
    How energized Hillary appears, while Obama is, well just Obama, somber and down!!

    We saw the same spirit in our girl pre NH and pre OH & TX and pre PA!!! You can tell it all, just by looking at her!! 😀

  40. That hypothesis by Errol Louis may be fun to read for someone, but it isn’t going to fly. It’s so easy to forget it.

  41. Errol .. eat doo-doo you dodo bird. How like them to try to “blame Hillary”.

    If they want to push that Rev Wright is Hillary’s fault .. go ahead. It makes them look even more desperate.

    Obama is the one who took him family there for 20 years and listened to anti white, anti American speech.

    Piss Off The Media .. Vote Hillary

    Oh God, MSNBC is actually giving Hillary’s endorsement by the Governor of NC some airtime…

  42. Of course, Todd runs with Obama crap first thing.

    Obama says the gas tax would “only” save l/2 tank of gas .. well you know what, every penny counts now.

  43. telling people who dont earn a lot of money, that a few cents don’t count is dangerous territory for any political campaign.

  44. Good Morning! This is for everyone in Indian or going to Indian or know someone in Indiana. Please pass on this info from NOW! Thanks.

    Make History with Hillary!

    Our time – and HER time is NOW

    You’re invited to an “I’m Ready for Hillary” Party

    Women’s rights activists know how important victory in Indiana is to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency and to our lives and future. Kim Gandy, President of National NOW PAC, Olga Vives, NOWExecutive Vice President, and other national and state NOW leaders are coming to Indiana to meet with NOW members and feminist voters to tell personal and moving stories about working with Hillary Clinton on women’s rights issues and underscore our first-hand knowledge of her commitment to women and families and a better – more equal – world.

    The National NOW PAC has endorsed Hillary Clinton because she can deliver on DAY ONE and she is the strongest candidate to: win in November; fix our shattered economy; resolve the housing and mortgage crisis; develop a health care program that covers ALL Americans; stand firm as a strong civil rights and women’s rights leader; promote policies that help us juggle work and family; and work to bring our troops home from Iraq from day one.

    Join us for the discussion & the party- Invite friends who love Hillary AND who are undecided!

    Thursday, May 1

    South Bend

    6:30 – 8:00 pm

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    6:30 – 8:30 pm

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    Hosted by State Senator Sue Errington or 765-282-3581

    Saturday, May 3


    2:00 – 4:00 pm

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    Hosted by Rebecca Crum

    For more information – Marion Wagner; 317 435-5388

    Sunday, May 4


    2:00 – 4:00 PM

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    Hosted by Melissa Fadeley, Indiana NOW President

    NOW PAC Women for Hillary in Indiana

    Kim Gandy, President, National NOW

    Olga Vives, Executive Vice President, National NOW, DC

    Marion Wagner, NOW Great Lakes Regional Director, National Board and National PAC Member

    Stephanie Ortoleva, President, 51st State NOW, National Board Member, former Indiana NOW President

    Melissa Fadeley, Indiana NOW President

    Bonnie Grabenhofer, Illinois NOW President

    Gay Bruhn, former Illinois NOW President

    Paid for by National NOW PAC

  45. well I thought MSNBC was gonna cover her .. but of course they arent

    Hill has picked up more than 2 superdelegates since PA hasn’t she? She picked up 2 in one day and then I think there has been 2 more and now Easley? Hope Wolfson corrects media on that. I’m sure I’m right on this.

  46. Obama is just following up on this ‘elitist’ remarks about him with those kinds of statements.
    This is enough to piss people off!
    Hillary should point this out in her stump speeches. It’s not an attack, it’s just pointing out Obama possition!


    Where the Dem Rules Really Lead

    By Craig Crawford | April 29, 2008 6:00 AM | Permalink | Comments (26)

    The mandatory penalties set forth by the Democratic National Committee’s delegate selection rules call for outlaw states like Florida and Michigan to only lose half of their delegates to the national convention. And yet the DNC went beyond its own rules to add further penalties, stripping those states of all delegates.

    The DNC rules also prohibited public appearances and electronic advertising before the polls closed by candidates in states that had jumped the approved primary calendar. Barack Obama made a public appearance in Florida in September 2007, talking to reporters after a fundraiser. His campaign also bought television ads on cable news outlets that ran throughout Florida before its renegade primary.

    Strictly speaking, if the DNC rules were tightly construed in this case, Hillary Rodham Clinton would receive half of the Florida delegates she won and Obama would receive none — the penalty for violating the campaign ban.

  48. Great talking points for today phone banking:

    I am supporting Senator Hillary Clinton because she can deliver on DAY ONE and she is the strongest candidate to: win in November; fix our shattered economy; resolve the housing and mortgage crisis; develop a health care program that covers ALL Americans; stand firm as a strong civil rights and women’s rights leader; promote policies that help us juggle work and family; and work to bring our troops home from Iraq from day one.

  49. It should be obvious to the DNC leadership that Obama has proven to be a flawed candidate, as we’ve known here for a long time. Why would they continue to promote him for the nomination? I believe it’s a power move.

    Unless things have changed a lot since I was a party activist, they stand to gain if he is the nominee even if he does not win the GE. They maintain control of the Party if their guy is nominated. If Hillary is chosen, then they are losers of that power. They would prefer to gain the big prize by winning the GE, but they are determined to at least hang onto what they have now.

  50. We think we held our own in NM. We had our Clinton Lawyers making the right moves, and the LTG (whom we hope to make Gov SOOON), were fighting hard. I am told that some of this will go to the credentials committee for the state. Our people on this committee will have to make this happen through that committee.

    We need to be watching every state she has won or lose to make sure that when these delegates are really selected they are people that will go to the wall for her, and people that are in power positions. I know we are watching it here, and I know we are watching all the states.

    Senator Clinton made sure that she participated in MI and in FL. That was an important move. With this so close, we need to make sure we are making all the right moves.

    A year ago, I had no idea the complexties of this. I still don’t understand a lot of it. But it is a lot more complex than I imagined.

    Yes, I agree. We need to keep our heads down, focus on the next task (IN and NC), make sure we protect the Delegates she had won, and MAKE THIS HAPPEN ONE STEP AT A TIME.

  51. Here comes the “Blame HRC for the Wright Mess” assault.
    Erroll Louis, naturally

    So, it’s that bad, huh? I love it.

  52. Info for traveling to Oregon:

    I was contacted today by the Oregon Out-of-Town Volunteer Coordinator, Emma Margraf, regarding a conference call tomorrow regarding travel to Oregon .
    Please patch in if interested in volunteering. I am still planning to travel to Medford the weekend of May 9, with the goal of canvassing, visibility, rally support, as well as local phone banking/field office support.
    According to Emma, most pledged support is focused on Portland and northern Oregon towns along I-5 ( Salem , Eugene ).

    Oregon Hillstar/Travel Conference Call:
    Tues, April 29 at 7 PM (Pacific).

    (877) 232-0400, code 715189.

    Emma’s number as 503.345.4866 and I have copied her to this announcement. Her email is

    Please kindly forward to your network of contacts who may likely travel to Oregon .

    Thank you, Simone, for sending earlier account of President Clinton’s recent tour through Oregon – he highlighted Oregon on today’s conference call.
    You clearly have the most extensive network of contacts in NorCal so kindly forward (and thank you for your daily great work as a super volunteer coordinator).

    OKAY, EVERYONE!! Let’s keep making history for our great presidential candidate!!
    Saw a wonderful speech last evening on C-SPAN at 10:30 that she gave at an early morning (and enthusiastic) rally in Fort Wayne , Indiana .
    Looking forward to capturing that enthusiasm next weekend in IN – glad many of you will be travelling there!

    Thank you!

  53. Just got an email from someone in Calif. They heard we have cut Obama’s lead in NC to single digits and they are worried. They (Obama) are asking all supporters to come to NC by plane, train or automobile but just get there. Let’s fight back! You can send Staples cards directly to the offices in North Carolina. And/or they will accept Volunteer gifts of food (they do not count as a donation). So you could call one of the offices and offer to buy them pizza or something like that. Also, consider traveling to North Carolina too. Use miles and it’s cheap!

    Let’s step up our game between now and May 6th. All hands on deck. Let’s work our tails off!

  54. Phone Banking Party in Oakland California. If you are a Bay Arean please join if you can! Thanks.

    Saturday – May 3rd – Next Saturday and Sunday is GOTV weekend in North Carolina and Indiana . Saturday – Phone banking here at my house from 11:00 – 4:00 – I think Zachery’s Pizza is on the menu. RSVP – I will need a headcount. Also – if you don’t want to phone bank – come over and write letters – our Warrior friend Daria just donated 200 STAMPS!!

    Please RSVP – — let me know if you have a favorite pie you’d like me to order.

  55. I just saw the completion of Hillary’s speech at the endorsement. How does she do it! She was pulling in stuff that had just happened, and really hitting at the importance NC in our future. She does it so easily. Some of that could have been written in advanced, but a lot of it was extemporanious.

    I was part of a her motorcade when she came to IOWA before the caucus (they needed another van, and I had one). I was priviledge to have Senator Clinton’s Mother in my Van. I asked Senator Clinton’s Mother how Senator Clinton was able to speak like that. She answered quickly. Oh, she gets that from her Dad.

  56. tcb-

    I dont think you should post conference call numbers on this site! Especially NOT with the codes. These are private communications and the last thing we need is the trolls on this site listening in on the conference calls.

    Admin- Can you delete the numbers above???

    You may want to email the campaign and get a new code.

  57. Louis is an A$$wipe. What a friggin stretch – No wonder he and his buddies don’t like the word ‘fariy tale.’ the term is an apt description of his reporting. 👿

    MSNBC carried part of Gov. Easley’s endorsement and HRC was fab, as always. She looks fantastic and is so calm – when Mike cut to Todd I checked out the rest on CNN livestream.

    You know, someone posted that Waffles knows Wright has a sh!tload of dynamite to drop on his campaign and maybe BM already has wind of it? I still say there’s something awfully suspicious about the timing of the Wright Retribution and Rehabilitation Tour.

    Gearing up now for another dozen newspaper letters. Another great HRC day! 😀

  58. You know there is another angle we have not thought about.

    What if, its actually Wright that is trying to get away from Obama and not the other way around, maybe Wright knows the dirt is about to hit and wants as far away as possible from Bambi.

  59. For those who wanna see the entire Louis article, put www. before the link and html after.

    Kingsgrove, yeah. What a friggin’ FAIRY TALE!

    great link.


    i love Juan Williams. He’d be great in an HRC administration.

  60. Can you believe that that USA Today is still pushing this dream ticket BS? There is no way in living hell Hillary can and would run with BO either as #1 OR #2. She is too smart for that.

    Political Theories Abound in North Carolina, but Don’t Ask John Edwards for His

    Published: April 29, 2008

    WILMINGTON, N.C. — What will the Edwardses do?
    Skip to next paragraph
    Yana Paskova for The New York Times

    John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, as he campaigned for the Democratic nomination last December in Des Moines.
    Milestones: John EdwardsInteractive Graphic
    Milestones: John Edwards
    Times Topics: John Edwards
    Times Topics: Elizabeth Edwards
    The Caucus

    The CaucusThe latest political news from around the nation. Join the discussion.

    * Candidate Topic Pages

    * More Politics News

    As the Democratic presidential candidates and their surrogates traipse through North Carolina in the final days before the state’s primary, some people here are wondering, why so quiet in Chapel Hill?

    That is where John and Elizabeth Edwards retreated after he dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination on Jan. 30. Neither Mr. Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, nor Mrs. Edwards, a political activist herself, has endorsed a candidate, despite the growing intensity of the race between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama and the fact that the contest has now landed in the Edwardses’ backyard.

    “I don’t get it,” said Kathi Lewis, of Wilmington, as she and two friends waited for Mrs. Clinton to arrive at a campaign event Sunday evening. “We were just talking about it on the way over here. It’s too bad he’s not the candidate, but if he endorsed, it would sway people in one direction or the other.”

    Mrs. Clinton’s supporters, in particular, are anxious for the Edwardses to speak up about whom they support. Mr. Obama has held a significant lead in the polls here for months, and Clinton supporters are hoping that an Edwards endorsement will bolster Mrs. Clinton’s chances at a crucial moment.

    Theories abound: They will endorse before the primary. Or after there is a nominee. Or Mr. Edwards will endorse Mr. Obama and Mrs. Edwards will endorse Mrs. Clinton. Or none of the above.

    “People talk about it all the time,” said Alina Szmant, a professor at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. “The rumor on the street is that he’s holding out for a V.P. position.”

    Mary Smith of Carolina Beach predicted that the Edwardses would make a joint endorsement. “I wish they would hurry up and pick Hillary,” Ms. Smith said.

    The silence, particularly from Mr. Edwards, is strange. Joni Barnes of Wilmington said she believed that he was waiting for a nominee to be chosen. “I think he doesn’t want to create any more division within the party,” Ms. Barnes said.

    Mrs. Edwards has been more visible. An opinion article she wrote appeared in The New York Times on Sunday, criticizing the news media’s coverage of the primary campaigns. And Mrs. Edwards, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a liberal policy group in Washington, has spoken out in support of universal health care, holding a conference call with reporters Monday to raise questions about Senator John McCain’s health care plan, which he is discussing this week.

    Otherwise, the Edwardses have been staying out of the race. In fact, they planned to go to Walt Disney World this week, away from the campaign events grabbing headlines here.

    Mr. Edwards has hinted to friends that he will not offer an endorsement before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries on May 6. One former aide, who was granted anonymity to speak candidly, said Mr. Edwards was angling for a role in a Democratic administration, and with the contest still undecided, was hesitant to commit to a candidate.

    “He doesn’t want to pick the loser,” the aide said.

    John C. Moylan, a longtime friend and adviser who directed Mr. Edwards’s South Carolina campaign, was more diplomatic.

    “He thinks very highly of both Senators Clinton and Obama,” Mr. Moylan said, “and I do not think he is inclined to spend the next three months engaged in the small politics of who’s the better bowler or beer drinker.”

    Many of Mr. Edwards’s supporters in North Carolina have been quietly pressing him to endorse Mr. Obama, and a large group of them, led by Ed Turlington, his campaign chairman during the last presidential race, came forward publicly last week to support Mr. Obama.

    On the other hand, Mrs. Edwards, her husband’s closest and most trusted adviser, has made it clear that she favors Mrs. Clinton; aides said she had recently tried to persuade Mr. Edwards to do the same.

    Even if he remains neutral, Mrs. Edwards’s endorsement would carry weight, some voters suggested.

    “I read in the Raleigh paper that Elizabeth likes Hillary’s health care plan, so we know who she’s for,” said Judy Campbell of Wilmington.

    Elizabeth Highfill of Wilmington said: “People are waiting to see what she says. In North Carolina, Elizabeth is more important. I’m not going to be surprised if she endorses Hillary and he endorses Obama.”

    Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Clinton hardly appear to be natural allies. They clashed throughout the campaign, particularly in televised debates. But more recently, their relationship has warmed, and they speak on the phone regularly. (Mr. Obama is also in touch with Mr. Edwards, and spoke with him as recently as last week.)

    Paz Bartolome, an emeritus professor at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, said that even though she supported Mrs. Clinton, she would prefer that Mr. Edwards remain neutral. “I hope he doesn’t endorse anybody,” Professor Bartolome said. “He should let people make up their minds.”

    Others think it is time for a sign from Chapel Hill.

    “One way or the other, he needs to endorse,” said Mott Blair, a family physician from Wallace. “It’s time for him to make the statement. Sometimes you just need to come forward and do the right thing.”
    More Articles in US »
    Need to know more? 50% off home delivery of The Times.

  62. Yes, yes, yes … we will win North Carolina. We will by working hard. Come on Big Pink, do what you can.

  63. I’m sure it just a rah rah conference call and they won’t be talking campaign secrets but whatever.

  64. He should’ve thought all of this through before deciding to run. He should’ve waited eight more years long after Wright was retired or dead and Rezko in jail before deciding to run. Obama has ruined this election for the Democrats. He should apologize for his selfishness.

    Exactly. That’s the key. Obama originally HAD a plan to run for POTUS maybe in 2012 or 2016, after winning some other election in 2010, such as a governorship. He claimed (to the Chicgo TRibune) that he moved it up because of good publicity for his speeches and book (great reason to run, NOT).

    But I wonder if he was really looking at the chance to do just what he did: run against an older woman whose supporters could not deal wlith caucuses: old, sick, working long hours, etc.

  65. Also, I would warm people about taking too much glee in the wright controversy. Instead we should focus on doing positive things for Hillary, i.e. making callings, writing letters, donating. We want to create as much positive karma for Hillary as we can.

  66. Conversely, it’s telling that while Sharpton obvious wants national attention for the Bell case, that he’s willing to confront the previous un-confrontable Obama on it.

    Heh. Maybe Sharpton has a book coming out too.

  67. This Wright mess is just so sinfully delicious. The press has been shown to be fools! They have been suckin’ hard on Barack’s cock all these many months, and it is now so painfully, crystal clear that they never intended to do their jobs. What an utter disgrace. We all could have been spared this pain.

  68. I agree. Don’t overthink Wright. Focus on Hill. I think it took a lot of political courage for Easley to endorse.

  69. moononpluto Says:
    April 29th, 2008 at 6:16 am
    Perhaps the black leaders have finally realised Obama is not really one of them and quite frankly is getting ready to dump them to bring in white voters.

    Or that the Democratic party is about to dump Obama, so the Sharpton and Wright types had better grab what publicity they can now.

  70. ronald, you guys were talking about O and reparations. We were just talking about that. We were saying if O gets the nomination, You can bet reparations come up. I am AA and people are talking

  71. Moononpluto, maybe Obama wants to Sista Soulja Al Sharpton!. Wouldn’t that be something? By attacking Reverend Al, he could try to solve his Pastor Wright problem.

    It might also help with Obama’s Sharpton problem: Sharpton was threatening to march in Denver in support of Obama. If after NC votes, Sharpton and Wright and the New Black Panthers etc withdraw their ‘support’, Obama would look better to whites.

  72. Well, I actually believe in reparations. But BO is an extremely safe politician and he would never push for that. Not ever.

  73. KY Rep.Ben Chandler endorses Obama today, is this guy an idiot or what.

    He’s so gonna be in trouble when Kentucky goes for Clinton in a landslide.

  74. About phoning, I saw a great idea. Someone said she was scared to phone, but she went to a friend’s house to watch the friend’s kids while the friend phoned. They put it on loudspeaker. After listening a while, the scared person got her nerve up to take a turn phoning too.

  75. moononpluto Says:
    April 29th, 2008 at 7:56 am
    donations were made “online” is strange, i wonder how many dodgy “online” donations he’s had, that would explain a lot.

    It could also explain the small ‘average size of donations.’ I bet there’s software that can take someone’s $2,500 donation and send it through as multiple very small donations to bring the average down.

  76. Some interesting remarks from a Bob Herbert NYT piece.
    ‘the apparent helplessness of the Obama campaign in the face of the Wright onslaught contributes to the growing perception of the candidate as weak, as someone who is unwilling or unable to fight aggressively on his own behalf.

    Hillary Clinton is taunting Mr. Obama about his unwillingness to participate in another debate. Rev. Wright is roaming the country with the press corps in tow, happily promoting the one issue Mr. Obama had tried to avoid: race.

    Mr. Obama seems more and more like someone buffeted by events, rather than in charge of them. Very little has changed in the superdelegate count, but a number of those delegates have expressed concern in private over Mr. Obama’s inability to do better among white working-class voters and Catholics.

    Rev. Wright is absolutely the wrong medicine for those concerns.

  77. Tell Ben he is out of touch with small town, bible toting, gunclinging bitter Americans.

    1504 Longworth HOB
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Phone: (202)-225-4706
    Fax: (202)-225-2122

    He’s from the Lexington area and Mr. Chandler must be one of the elitiest.

  78. Let’s be realistic here. Hillary is not going to win NC with the percentage of AA voters nearly at 40%. We already know that 90% of them will vote for Barack. It will be nice if she keeps it below below 10%.

  79. With both Al Sharpton calling Obama out and divisions occurring because of Wright, Obama is poised to begin bleeding African-American support.

    The Sharpton angle is disastrous for Obama. Especially since Sharpton is receiving support all over the USA for his handling of the aftermath of the Bell case.

    I cannot recall a political implosion of this magnitude, at least not in the modern political era. Entire blocs of support for Obama are being decimated seemingly daily.

  80. Even a loss in NC under 20% is good for Hillary, depending on the demographic breakdown. A loss held to single digits in NC is HUGE HUGE HUGE for Hillary.

  81. With Easley and Liz Edwards hoping on board, Ace Smith in the region, and fault lines ready to form in the AA community over Wright and now Al Sharpton taking shots at Obama, NC may very well be in play.

    If HRC wins IN and NC, Obama will start hearing from people that it is time to drop out before he ruins his career.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  82. And that is the conundrum for Barrry Obama. He used Jeremiah Wright’s brand of black racism to fan the flames in the African American community, turn this into a referendum against “whitey”, and rack up those 90% to 10% vote margins, cynically destroying the Party’s only recent President with false accusations of racisim.

    Now, how does he distance himself from Wright’s racism?

    It’s all caught up with him. He’s played “both sides of the aisle” for too long…giving his racist “bamboozled” speech to black audience and his “can’t we all just get along, ride unicorns, pet puppies, and walk along the rainbow” speech to white audiences.

  83. dot48 says I agree with Bush on one thing today — THIS IS A DO NOTHING CONGRESS. Time to boot them out!

    Dot, if we can get Hillary in the WH, that do nothing congress will become a very productive one. The leadership in both houses may need to change though.

  84. Hearing on Fox that Easley endorsed Edwards, originally.

    The commentator (pete Snyder) saying he was WRONG and that HRC does have a shot in NC!

  85. I just dropped in another contribution to Hillary. Time to rustle up as much $$$ as we can before the April filing comes in for $$$ raised.

    Dot –

    This is what Sharpton is doing:

    I’m sorry, I should have put a link in before.

    The bottom is dropping out of Obama’s campaign. We are much further along than some might think. That doesn’t mean a lot of work doesn’t yet remain, because it does. But things are rapidly disintegrating for The One. He is facing a meltdown on at least 3 sides as we speak: Wright, Sharpton, and the media.

  86. Rasmussen

    O 51
    C 37

    In North Carolina. BOO!

    Clinton will close though some thinks and Obama’s Rev Wright hasn’t sunk in yet to the voters.

    Come on Elizabeth .. come over to the real candidate now that your hubby is out.

  87. Dot48 I expected nothing less. Only thing is that means 12% are undecided. And if they havnt already jumped on the Obama bandwagon I don’t think this week will help that.

  88. FDR action item for today. Remember, tomorrow is the protest in DC across from the DNC office to count Florida votes!
    This person is an unpledged super delegate from Florida and a member
    of the DNC – three things you can do: (NOTE – PLEASE FORWARD ALL

    Our contact for today is:
    Janee Murphy (813) 503-7391

    1. Make call – use your own words to voice frustration and what you
    might do if Florida votes are not counted.

    Janee Murphy – 813/503-7391

    2. Send an email to and use any of the following

    Email Text 2

    As a voter and a proud DEMOCRAT it is beyond belief that my own party
    can nullify the votes of millions. What is going on with our
    democracy? Why should voters be punished for something they had no
    involvement in? If their vote does not count you can certainly COUNT
    on me to no longer support the Democratic Party. PLEASE HELP MAKE

    3. Send a letter – print out our position document and the letter
    and mail to:

    Janee Murphy

    5223 S Crescent Dr Tampa FL 33611

  89. That Rasmussen poll must be closer than expected because the anchors on CNN this morning seemed to think it was a bummer. Maybe the # of undecideds because they typically go to Hillary and that Bambi tends to overpoll.

  90. Just donated

    Contribution Details
    Date: April 29, 2008 11:57 AM EDT

    Amount: $25.00

    Can anyone match me

  91. FILL IN THE ____’S

    I could use a little assistance in explaining a couple of things:

    1. moononpluto Says:
    April 29th, 2008 at 7:36 am
    Its a new day and the obamabots are still in explosion denial mode over on DU,

    What is “DU”?

    2. What has Sharpton said recently that is critical of Obama?

    Clueless in NJ

  92. From typical to average. Obama has this strange thing about lumping large groups of people together. It didn’t work too well in Pennsylvania.

    In an interview with WTVD-TV in North Carolina, Monday, Obama said, “I think the average North Carolinian’s gonna say that doesn’t make much sense. And, you know, I think it’s the old kind of politics.”

    Is anything really new in politics?

  93. rgb, DU is Democratic underground but they may as well rename it Obama underground.

    Sharpton told Obama, stop grandstanding to white folks when Obama wouldnt back the Bell family in NY.

  94. today on “the view”, newt told barbara and the girls that he thinks hillary will be the nominee because she has more of the popular vote (audience applauds) but dean is shamelessly in the tank for obama.

  95. Neetabug – I’ll double ya! And raise ya .44!

    Contribution Details
    Date: April 29, 2008 12:09 PM EDT
    Contact: Gary XXXXXX
    Washington, DC 20002
    Amount: $50.44

  96. Since when did we give our Democracy over to Howard Dean, who exploded in his own Presidential Campagin. He is an expert on who should be the Democratic Presidential Nominee, when he did such a poor job of it?

    We need to start emailing and phoning the DNC. In fact, i think he works for us. The Democratic Party fund raising should be giving them a clue ($5M vs $15M for the Republicans last month). I continue to ask them to take me off their list, but they have disabled the link. So I reply every time, telling them that unless Senator Clinton is the top fo the Ticket, they do not get a red cent.

    The only ones Destroying the Democratic Party is the Leadership (Dean, Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi). I really don’t want their opinions any more than I want the commentors opinions. The current American people are wise enough to decide for themselves. Remember how we felt when the Electorial College stole the election. We still have that around our necks. It is time that we let people know that we decide.

  97. Howard Dean is in the tank for Howard Dean.

    I think he will come around once he gets a grip and realizes Hillary Clinton is our next president.

  98. I see Obama pulled another SD out of his sleeve. Funny how when Hillary gets one within an hour he pulls one out. He must really have some dirt on this congressman from KY to get him to endorse. The way KY looks now Obama will not win a district and this fool is endorsing him, I don’t care who his grandfather and father were, he should know the people of KY a little better if he is representing them.

  99. I received another freaking email asking for $ from Howard Dean.

    Here is what you can do.

    Go to the website and go to Contact us .. type in a NEW fake email and tell them your current email .. ask for a change. I also called and gave them hell again. I told them they could forget my vote in they don’t count FL and Mi votes and count em now. Forget the $, no vote and I’ll leave the party forever.

  100. Please sign this petition to sear the MI and FL delegates (from Piper at TM):

    Also, remember folks when people are posting information for others on the various sites it’s always best to thank them first before commenting on the info. It doesn’t bother me but there are lurkers and occasional posters who we will be turned off. We should be encouraging each other not discouraging each other. Be postive and polite (Hillary wouldn’t expect anything less). Thanks.

  101. Hill’s campaign that is. I called to try to give a bit more today on cc card. Broke till first of month. Wish I could do more $ wise.

  102. Washington, D.C. 20515
    Phone: (202)-225-4706
    Fax: (202)-225-2122

    Call Ben in Ky and let him know that small town Ky or America doesn’t agree with him and that Obama is out of touch with “real” people. Lexington isn’t that small town but Ben should know better.

  103. Info about the DNC protest tomorrow.

    There is a rally/protest planned tomorrow at the DNC headquarters to demand that the delegates from FL be seated.
    The Event has been coordinated by the FL Voters League, University of Central FL, Florida Demands Representation and other FL civil rights groups.
    Please post this wherever you travel on-line and encourage anyone in the DC metro area to participate. I’m looking forward to it!

    WHEN: Wednesday, April 30th 10 a.m-12:00

    Democratic National Committee Headquarters
    430 S. Capitol Street, SE WDC 20003

  104. mj, I agree with you about Easley. It did take lots of courage for him to endorse Hillary. It’s been a while since a governor or senator endorsed her, and Easley could definitely help her narrow the margin in NC.

  105. Ben Smith at Politico has a posting about Gov. Easley linking to a posting by John Aravosis expressing outrage over Gov. Easley using the word “pansy” and then concluding that Hillary is attacking gays, which is completely preposterous. This is sort of ironic, too, coming from someone who used the sexist “pimping” in a prior post to demean a woman. See here:

    Relevant part: Seriously, who is this woman and why is she pimping so hard for the Bush administration?

    This is another example of Obama and his supporters showing their hypocrisy.

  106. Its so funny, The Obama hopium addicts are trying to blame Hillary for the Wright event, lol.

    Damn that womans good, she’s a ventriloquist now and can make people say things.

  107. moon: Amazing, how people always blame Hillary for Obama’s woes. Isn’t he an adult and has responsibility for his own actions? On what planet, is the Wright debacle, Hillary’s fault?? If the Waffles campaign cannot contain him, how in the heck is Hillary going to?

  108. Will O’Reilly be live or will it be a taped interview?

    Gotta give Hillary kudos for taking on the “beasts” .. Olberman and O’Reilly.

    Yes, she’s tuff enough!

  109. Pardon my French but Obama is one of the biggest pu**ies to enter the fray of presidential politics in our lifetime. On EVERY single controversial issue — just like with Wright — he hems and haws, wrings his hands, and then waits until the writing is on the wall, in 900-point boldface font and all caps, before he lifts a damn finger to do anything about it.

    Can you imagine how deer-in-the-headlights he’d be in the face of an actual crisis? What a joke!

  110. Morning, Hillfriends:
    Piggy Noonan was saying on Joe today that Oblameless should come out and make a “series of speeches” – OMG, we don’t need another “It’s not me, it’s YOU” speech.

    By the way, Anderson Cooper referred to “Hurricane Jeremiah” last evening – as coined on this board yesterday. Do you think he reads Big Pink?

    And, Neeta, Gary: there’s a matching challenge on right now – your contribution will count for double!

    Contribution Details
    Date: April 29, 2008 12:45 PM EDT
    Contact: xxxx
    Amount: $25.44

  111. Boy you can tell the DNC is getting exasperated at having people call about taking their names off the mailing lists .. please continue to call them OFTEN.

  112. WHoah…those NC polls are incredible. If we win just IN, that is HUGE (Obama is on record as saying “Indiana will be the tie-breaker”) but if we can pull of both IN and NC, it’s Katie-bar-the-door.

    Just asked 5 more friends to donate, and to add 44 cents to their donation.

  113. Hey folks, got this and it ties in to rjk’s post on the previous thread about harm to downticket candidates. Here in OK, our Democratic party has been in serious shambles for a while. Lisa Pryor did a good job of retiring a lot of their debt that Jay Parmley left them in, but by then we had lost control of the state legislature due to rampant cronyism and abuse coupled with the rise of Newt’s conservatives. 👿 is not helping folks here. Remember, he lost this state by HUGE margins in every demographic save AA.

    Brad Henry: political genius…or goofball?
    Tulsa Today
    By Mike McCarville

    Monday, 28 April 2008

    Analysis: With an approval rating that has hovered at about 75 percent for most of his tenure as governor, and the widespread perception he’s a smart politician, Brad Henry is not known as a man who makes mistakes.
    But now, two recent actions by the governor have friend and foe alike questioning his political judgment:

    ~ His veto of an anti-abortion bill he almost certainly knew would be overridden by the Legislature, and
    ~ His endorsement of Barack Obama, who managed just 31 percent of the Democratic presidential primary vote here.

    One Republican political observer believes the two actions show Democratic National Convention superdelegate Henry has concluded his future lies on the national stage rather than the Oklahoma stage because both actions link Henry to the most liberal side of his party while the perception has been that he’s a common-sense, moderate-conservative and it’s that perception, primarily, that has fueled his popularity.

    A Democrat legislator, guaranteed he wouldn’t be quoted by name, said the Obama endorsement shows Henry “really is just a goofball politically. If Obama is our nominee, our candidates for the House and Senate start off with one foot in a hole and the other in quicksand…Clinton is bad enough, Obama is worse. Certainly, he must have thought of this and just disregarded it.”

    Henry’s endorsement of Obama stunned many and caught them off guard, particularly Democrats on the inside. A Capitol Democrat in a position to know says the initial reaction was disbelief, then concern. He said some were concerned after OU President David Boren endorsed Obama, but “he’s not the sitting governor and the titular head of his party” while Henry is.

    This Democrat took note of a segment on KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City about the endorsement and noted the “vast majority” of those who sent in email comments were critical of it. He said some of those commenting “probably were Republicans, but this matches what I’m hearing overall.”

    He said he believes Henry’s endorsement of Obama makes it more difficult for Democrats who are seeking legislative seats. “Most of them can tolerate Clinton…,” he said, without ending the sentence. Asked if Obama’s race is a factor, he acknowledged it may be in some areas. “But it’s the issues mostly. Clinton’s liberal, but he’s just off the scale and the Republicans will beat us to death. Clinton’s bad, Obama is much worse for us politically.”

    House Democrats plan a fundraiser Tuesday night in Oklahoma City and Henry is scheduled to attend, thus providing the first opportunity many will have to express their sentiments to Henry about his endorsment. Whether they’ll do so remains to be seen.

    Most Republican operatives are salivating at the thought of Obama at the top of the ticket and they’re delighted Henry endorsed him. “It’s Henry showing his true colors,” said one. Some of them believe the Obama endorsement diminishes Henry as an advocate for legislative candidates; he had been expected to be a potent force for those Democrats he supports. “How would you like to be a Democrat in Little Dixie, or down south or out east somewhere, trying to get help from your governor and he’s endorsed this way out liberal guy?” one Republican asked.

    “Let’s see,” said another. “We’ve got Obama at the top and then (Andrew) Rice (candidate for the U. S. Senate) and boy, I wouldn’t want to be a Democrat running for the Legislature in that mix.”

    Oklahoma City radio station KTOK’s Capitol reporter, Peter J. Reudy, reports there’s nervousness among Democrat legislators over the endorsement and notes that Republican State Chairman Gary Jones, seeeing an opening to score points, has called on Democrats in the Legislature who are seeking reelection to declare who they support for president.

    Posters at for the most part, derided Henry for his endorsement, with “Bill” beginning the discussion by writing, “I always thought he (Henry) was a liberal. This proves it.” Others defended Henry, but one poster suggested Henry’s endorsement of Obama indicates he’s lost touch with Democrats across the state.

    Henry’s endorsement, to some, seems to echo the dilemma facing other Democratic superdelegates across the country: Express your personal preference, or declare for the candidate who carried your state? In Henry’s case, he chose the first course and if all the undeclared superdelegates who remain chose the personal preference course and give the nomination to Clinton despite the national numbers that show Obama the leader, there could be chaos. As it stands now, Henry is in step with Obama’s numbers nationally but not in Oklahoma.

    Whatever the case, Henry’s veto of the anti-abortion bill and his endorsement of Obama show he clearly is marching to the beat of a drum many of his fellow Oklahoma Democrats don’t hear.

  114. oh gosh you all, lets keep rolling in North Carolina. I don’t care how much head start he has with AA base .. we can do this.


  115. The Obamaphiles still find their comfort in The Math. If SUSA is right, The Math ain’t lookin’ none too good for O.

  116. BTW- if any of you saw The View today, maybe you noted how Newt Gingrich stated several important things:

    1. The DNC leaders are obviously against Hillary & in the bag for 👿 .
    2. Wright threw 👿 under the bus on purpose. He said there is no mistake about it- calling him a politician and saying he says what he has to say to get elected, and makes a point of saying he was downstairs praying with him and MO before the official announcement.
    3. Much of Wright’s actions were predicated on his dislike of upwardly mobile AA’s because his own cosmology is absolutely afro-centric.
    4. Hillary is the candidate.

    As I’ve gotten older and a bit better of a historian, I have learned to respect Newt. I may not like his politics or his methods in the 90’s, but he is a formidable opponent with a gifted political instinct and a great grasp of history. 👿 ought to listen to him occasionally.

  117. Bird and Moon, I bet Hillary charms the pants off of Bill-O. By the end of the interview, he’ll be ready to donate the max to her and wear a button.

  118. Obambi is outspending Hillary 3:1 in NC, according to Politico. He’s still the favorite, but Hillary is gaining ground:

    Obama was scheduled to tour the state Monday and Tuesday, holding massive rallies in its college towns.

    “The total focus is on turning out as big an Obama vote as we can and hoping it’s enough to win,” said Ed Turlington, 2004 chairman of John Edwards’ campaign, who backs Obama.

    Obama has also been outspending Clinton in North Carolina, as elsewhere. Smith estimated that the Illinois senator has a three-to-one edge in television advertising in the state. And so the campaigns are engaged in the ritual sparring over the meaning of victory.

  119. Okie: LOL! Hillary has the guts to interview with her toughest critics: Pumpkinhead, KO a.k.a . as Blowheard, Scaife, and O’Reilly. There are others, but she does not back down. She is just what this country needs: strength, cuts, determination, tenacity, courage, and diplomatic skills. I saw her one night on Fox, and she was even charming to Karl Rove. She will charm O’reilly. When is this interview? Tomorrow?

  120. Help this college student from HRC website


    Hi All,
    This student sent out a request for Hillary supporters to fill out her survey for her masters thesis. She sent another e-mail today asking for help. I think there’s not that many people left on the HRC website, so I’m posting it here.

    From: AnnaKo
    To: We Love Hillary Clinton Club
    Hey everybody!
    I need your help! Please help me with my Master’s Thesis and answer my survey online! I am writing about the internet campaign of Hillary Clinton and grassroot movements. And need Hillary-fans!!!!
    So please: Take a few minutes and answer my survey online! There are just a few questions, it takes you only 2 minutes!
    Please send this link to all students you know!
    Thank you so much!!!!

  121. We are living in the age of jackass
    But what has Barack Obama accomplished that entitles him to look down on his fellow Americans? – William Kristol
    Snob: from the Latin sine nobilitas, without nobility. Yep, Obama is every inch a snob!
    But Obama is aligning himself with the Democratic losers. And that will make him a loser as well. -Larry Kudlow

  122. Report: Sharpton Peeved at Obama Over Response to Cops’ Acquittal
    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    Facebook Stumble Upon Digg Email
    Rev. Al Sharpton accused Barack Obama of trying to “grandstand in front of white people” by suggesting that New Yorkers should not get violent over the acquittal of three police officers who shot an unarmed man last year, sources told The New York Post.

    Sean Bell was shot by the officers outside a Queens strip club in November. The three officers were found not guilty of criminal charges by Queens Supreme Court Justice Arthur Cooperman, who reached a verdict without a jury.

    The verdict was widely decried by Sharpton and others, and House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers called for a federal probe. The six officers involved in the shooting are also facing a possible federal civil rights investigation and departmental charges.

    But Obama responded by saying that “the judge has made his ruling and we are a nation of laws and so we respect the verdict that came down. I think that the most important thing for people who are concerned about the shooting is to figure out how do we come together and assure that those kinds of tragedies don’t happen again.”

    That response was apparently not good enough for Sharpton, who has threatened to shut down the city. According to sources who spoke to The New York Post, Sharpton called Obama and berated him for saying that it’s “completely unacceptable and counterproductive” to resort to violence.

  123. Hillary Clinton will make her first visit to “the no-spin zone,” sitting down with FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly for a two-part interview to air Wednesday and Thursday.

    The Democratic presidential hopeful will meet O’Reilly on Wednesday in South Bend, Ind., where the two are expected to discuss a wide range of topics, both foreign and domestic.

    The appearance will be Clinton’s first on “The O’Reilly Factor,” which airs on the FOX News Channel at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET.



  124. Have you all see the Match Your Contribution on the front page of Hillary’s website!

    Wow, hubby decided to donate $25.44 and am hoping that someone will match.

  125. Time for a Pundita Faerie Tale.



    Boycott CNN Sponsors


    I just emailed the following to I will be sending email to Bayer, Direct Buy, and others shortly.

    Dear Sir/Madame:

    As an American consumer who values integrity in media coverage, I regret to inform you that I will not be staying at a Marriott hotel in future because they are advertised on CNN. This network’s bias toward a single Presidential candidate is obvious and prevalent. Those in charge have failed to listen to countless complaints by concerned consumers. I would reconsider my position once the following criteria are consistently met by CNN:

    All three of the candidates are featured on election issue related stories.

    Snide comments about candidates’ trustworthiness and personality cease.

    All three candidates are given equal coverage in terms of air time and neutrality.

    Glowing opinions of candidates’ personal attributes by journalists and commentators cease.

    All analysts, strategists, pundits are required to declare their bias before they speak.

    All candidates are represented in panel discussions.

    Enough of biased opinion based “journalism.” Americans can make up their own minds without having the news analyzed to death by people who are only interested in pushing their own agenda. Just the facts, please!

  127. Everybody ..

    Vicky Harwell just responded to my email about supporting Hillary with her superdelegate support.

    PLEASE write to Vicky .. she is listening. Hillary won Tn but that is not the reason I supported Hillary.

    Be heartfelt and polite.

    Send mail to:

    Let’s do it ..

  128. Please write to Martha on Fox News

    Pummel them with protest emails. Re: trying to diagnose on national tv whether Bill Clinton has something wrong with him by the way he has campaigned for Hillary.

    Tell Martha that results show Bill has helped Hillary .. look at all the small towns he went to in PA and other states…

    Tell them to report REAL news rather than idle chit chat

  129. My e-mail to Congressman Tierney:

    Congressman Tierney:

    I first voted for a Democrat in Massachusetts when I turned 18 and cast a vote for George McGovern. Since then, I have voted for every Democratic candidate for Senate and Congress, including you.

    That is about to change. I am furious with Howard Dean, Donna Brazille, and the rest of the DNC for disenfranchising the voters of Florida and Michigan, turning the Democratic nominating process into one more befitting a rigged election in a third-world banana republic. I am even more furious that our elected officials, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and Deval Patrick have thumbed their noses at the overwhelming vote of Democrats in Massachusetts. I intend to thumb my nose at all three, voting against them as many times as it takes to reward them for ignoring the voters by throwing them out of office, starting in November when I will vote for the Republican against Senator Kerry.

    I urge you to follow the overwhelming preference of the voters of your state and endorse Senator Clinton.

  130. If ever there was an opportunity in the form of a test for Obama, his Rev Wright dilemma is IT. Unfortunately for Obama, he’s actively failing to see the opportunity, by wimping out; too bad.

    Platitude-laden race uplifting speeches are fine. But when the cameras turn off and the mic is unplugged, then the rubber meets the road. Wright just threw a set of tires. Obama can either walk the talk, or he can fold.

    While I personally wouldn’t put up with a pastor with Wright’s overly stereotyped view of the American racial situation, he does have something very powerful which Obama is clueless about. Wright states his vision in no uncertain terms as his personal conviction, and his personal action plan, then successfully executes the action plan, and consistently stands up for it.

    Rag on at will about his speeches. He came into a church of 80, who had their hope defeated and an anemic sense of motivation, got numerous productive programs going, and made it work. That was Wright’s call to ministry, and he answered. He did it. Now in the sunset of his career, he finds that the kinds of speech that inspired a willing congregation, don’t seem to play so well at the National Press Club. Bummer! But rather than wimp out and go quietly into the night, he comes back with determination and stands up for his reputation.

    I’m not talking about whether or not his speech or vision are correct, I’m talking about the integrity of his personal conviction. Quite honestly, that is something I respect him for.

    Whether Obama was inspired by this, or just saw an opportunity he could use for his career, is something he’ll just have to answer for himself. Meanwhile, whatever stature he used to have is hemorrhaging faster than you can say, ‘down for the count’. If Obama won’t stand up for either himself or his supporters like Wright, where’s the loyalty? What should we expect when the time comes for Obama to stand up for us?

  131. You have to call Tierney’s campaign office: 978-531-2533.

    They won’t (can’t) answer political campaign questions in the Congressional office.

  132. Simply unbelievable that Wright-gate II is becoming so much bigger than Wright-gate I!

    This snippet from WaPo today is a gem:

    “He does not speak for me,” the Democratic presidential candidate said as he campaigned across North Carolina. “He does not speak for the campaign.”

    Obama aides said Wright had rebuffed their recent offers of public relations assistance.

    So let me get this straight, Obama: you made Wright your spiritual advisor, you donated thousands of dollars to Wright’s racist church, you had Wright perform your wedding, and you tried to muzzle him by forcing him to use Axelrod’s PR firm, so he wouldn’t tell the truth about your crazy views. And you want us to elect you PRESIDENT?!?

  133. Here’s a question for Obama: will you quit the Trinity church? Or are these just more flowery speeches?

  134. By igniting a huge argument with his own pastor of 20 years, Obama has only succeeded in calling his own moral judgment into question. Thank you, Obama campaign.

  135. Someone ask him why he is offended and APPALLED by Wright’s remarks NOW, when he was not offended and appalled for 20 YEARS???

  136. oh God they are now gonna give him a big platform to whine and cry about the Rev.

    Calling Reverend Wright a spectacle will get him NOWHERE.

    Oh BOY .. Rev Wright and the AA will come after him now for sure. HAHA

  137. oh God they are now gonna give him a big platform to whine and cry about the Rev.

    Calling Reverend Wright a spectacle will get him NOWHERE.

    Oh BOY .. Rev Wright and the AA will come after him now for sure. HAHA

  138. Now he says he never heard those kind of “outrageous” statements from Wright before, in the 20 years he attended there???

    PUHLEEEEZE……………Wright has been preaching that crap for years. What he said yesterday is nothing new.

  139. Waffles has just demonstrated how the usual politican behaves. He will say and do anything to get elected. He has just demonstrated what a farce, his campaign has been.

  140. yep, he sees his poll numbers tanking and he is going to throw everyone overboard.

    Rev Wright is not going to be a happy camper.

  141. obama,,,,—oblonder

    obama====another drama

    what takes him 2 days to come out his closet ,,,,oh yeah ,,he need help in figuering out what to say

  142. how do you think the members of the Trinity Church will feel? We will see that the people from the church most likely have some very interesting stories. Just watch.

  143. he should have denounced michelle too ,,

    she is an arrogant ,,racist,,comlex,,,,hillary-hater b*i*a*t*c*h*

  144. oh, he hadn’t heard the AIDES sermon before? This press conference is SO set up, the questions he is taking are set up from the get go.

    He is calling Jeremiah Wright CRAZY and this ain’t gonna go over well

  145. damn, now he is trying to give medical expert opinion. he’s calling him “outrageous”

    OMG .. please get Jeremiah Wright back to respond LOL

  146. Yeah, we have to do better than what we are doing right NOW but NOT WITH YOU.

    You are a fraud and you are the one playing games.

  147. calling Rev Wright “A PERFORMANCE”

    Someone from the AA community .. tell me, how is this gonna go over.

  148. Barack Obama is on CNN now giving a live press conference on Rev. Wright. I’ll live blog.

    He’s throwing Wright under the bus. When he hears conspiracy theories about AIDS or that Farrakhan is a great person, it goes directly contrary to what he believes.

    The person he saw yesterday was not the person he has come to know over 20 years. He understands Wright felt villified and attacked and wanted to defend himself. But the insensitivity and outrageousness of his statements and performance during q and a period shocked and suprised him.

  149. We have had a fair comparison of news conferences within a couple of hours…

    Who speaks better, George or Barack?

    Submit your answers and show all your work.

  150. Oh, puhleeeeze, Bambi – it is NOT that black preachers holler and whoop that made us whiteys uncomfortable

    Guess what, you moron – lots of white southern preachers holler and whoop as well. Ever been to a damn Pentecostal church in the south??? Ever been to a tent revival???

  151. “a bunch of rants not grounded in truth” .. boy, is Wright gonna dish dirt on him now. I feel it coming.

  152. Some gems:

    Pastor Wright is destructive and to the extent that he continues to speak out i do not expect those views to be attributed to me.

    I did not vet my pastor before I decided to run.

    Stuttering . . stammering . . eh-eh-eh-eh-it – i go to church NOT to hear things that violate my core beliefs. . .
    But i don’t want to offend trinity parishioners.
    L-l-l-lllloook . . .
    I-i- i-i-

    Ye-ye-know –uh uh uh
    My reaction has more to do with who I am . . . eh-eh-eh –in some ways what Wright said yesterday directly contradicts everything I’ve done in my life
    How I was raised
    My Decision to go into public service
    What I’ve said in my books
    My announcement
    My 2004 convention speech
    What I tried to do in Philly was provide a context and lift up contradictions and complexities of race in America and make something constructive out of it but there wasn’t anything constructive yesterday
    All it was was a bunch of rants that aren’t grounded in truth and I can’t construct something positive out of that . . .
    I believe RW has been a leader in the south side the church is outstanding he’s preached wonderful sermons made valuable contributions but a certain point if someone says something that contradict your beliefs so fundamentally in from of the national press folks then that’s enough it’s a show of disrespect to me and an insult to what we’ve tried to do in this campaign

    Black Liberation theology – why’d you choose to attend a church that preached that?

    I’m not a theologian.
    I wen t to church and listened to sermons and the ones I heard the emphasis is on social struggle, striving for equality justice fairness a social gospel . . .
    T – t – t – there’s nothing odd about that
    MLK was the most famous example of that kind of preaching
    I saw yesterday that when you focus so much on the plight of the historically oppressed you lose sight of what we have in common and you’re not concerned about the struggles of others and doesn’t describe properly what I believe about the power of faith and the ability to bring people together

    Ohhhhhh this is painful . . . he is stuttering…

    I didn’t view the controversy as attack on the black church but a caricature of what Wright is.
    Black preachers holler and whoop and that shows a cultural abyss in America – sound bites created a caricature of him .
    Yesterday he caricatured himself – it made me angry and sad . . .

    There has been great damage – it may have been unintentional on his part but i don’t see our relationship being the same after this.

  153. He felt there was a complete disregard for what the American people are going through.

    He keeps repeating Wright’s statements were a “performance.” What mattered to Wright was “commanding center stage.”

    He wants to use this conference to say that whatever relationship he had with Wright has changed. He didn’t show regard for Obama or American people.

    He hasn’t spoken to Wright about this.

    Obama says he reaction today has more to do with who he is and what this campaign is about rather than the political aspects. What Rev. Wright said yesterday directly contradicts what he’s done over his life. From how he was raised, to his decision to go into public service, what he said in his books and in his 2004 speech and in his presidential announcement.

    There was nothing constructive out of yesterday. It was a bunch of rants that aren’t grounded in truth. He can’t construct something positive out of that.






  154. wimp, noodler and a little late.

    Who thinks he’s trying too hard LOL

    I don’t think this will convince many people

  155. won’t go there on Liberation Theology .. no backbone again.

    Boy, the people are so gonna bust him with photos and videos now. He is also dissing the whole church right now. The people there are gonna be very upset IMHO

  156. FOX is NOT buying it! What’s different between what Waffles saw yesterday in Wright’s speech and what he’s seen the past 20 years?

    Major Garrett ripping Waffles a new a$$hole.

  157. he stammers and stutters worse than George Bush ever did. Why would he think the first sound bytes were an attack on the BLACK church .. he dissed white people and Americans.

  158. He hasn’t spoken to Wright about this.

    Obama says he reaction today has more to do with who he is and what this campaign is about rather than the political aspects. What Rev. Wright said yesterday directly contradicts what he’s done over his life and what he believes. From how he was raised, to his decision to go into public service, what he said in his books and in his 2004 speech and in his presidential announcement.

    There was nothing constructive out of yesterday. It was a bunch of rants that aren’t grounded in truth. He can’t construct something positive out of that.

    Wright disrespected him and insulted what his campaign has been trying to do. Michelle was similarly angered.

    On Black Liberation Theology: Says he’s not a theologian. He went to church and listened to sermons. In those that he heard, and it’s true in many black churches, there’s an emphasis on the importance of social struggle, a social gospel.

    What we saw yesterday was that when you overly focus on the plight of the oppressed, it doesn’t bring people together.

    He didn’t view the initial round of soundbites as an attack on the black church but a caricature of who Wright was. The Moyers interview at least gave some sense of rounding out the edges. Yesterday he caricatured himself. That made Obama angry and also sad.

    He tried unsuccessfully to reach Wright before PA speech. Did speak to him after, and told him he found what was in the snippets being aired offensive and inexcusable.

    There’s been great damage. It may have been unintentional on his part, but he does not see the relationship being the same after this.

    Says Wright said one thing that was true: He was never Obama’s mentor or spiritual advisor. “He was my pastor, married Michelle and I, baptized my children, prayed with us when we announced this race, so I’m disappointed.”

  159. OMG – I cant believe Obama has savaged Wright like this.

    Goodbye, Obama’s AA support. He is nothing but a sellout, pandering clown now who will push mentors of 20 years off the ledge anytime he wants.

    Judas, thy name is Barack (sorry, Bill R).

  160. He won’t cut the ties completely .. cause there is more to come out from that church. I still think.

  161. Wright’s comments are on sale in the church bookstore . .
    ED Hill going at it.

    (Of course WE ALL KNEW ALL THIS!)


    Major Garrett say Waffles STILL didn’t DENOUNCE the church, the history and the pastor and the story isn’t over!

  162. the public is so silly though and the pundits will do massive “cpr” ..

    reckon pumpkin head and tweety have blown any gaskets yet

  163. Berkley thats the word, that was humiliating, he may as well have just given his concession right there and then.

  164. So, last night 👿 mass e-mails his supporters saying get to NC. Stat. Then today his poll numbers in NC are in the shitter and now he goes on national TV and does exactly what Wright says he has done- says whatever he has to to get elected.

    Sorry, but the jig is up. You’ve demonstrated your speech on race was false. You have demonstrated you lied repeatedly about what you knew and when you knew it. You equivocate when asked why you stayed there for 20 yrs. And now, you throw him under the bus like dear old grandma.

    That’s fucking priceless.

    Oh, yeah. Watch the rats start to leave the sinking ship.

  165. Maybe it’s just me (but I know it isn’t), but I love when Barack gets upset and frustrated and he can’t get out a sentence without at least 10 ummmm ahhhhhs…I love it when he stammers.

  166. Moon, I want to see him humiliated. I have no sympathy for him. He attacked two good Democrats. Called them (and us) racists. Twisted arms, allowed his supporters to threaten and harass Clinton supporters and delegates…

    You reap what you sow MF’er.

  167. yep bambi in crisis so trot out rep chnadler in hillcountry to back bambi-a candidate who is sinking fast. samdeful and im sick of it

  168. I am kinda stunned about Obama, to be honest.

    I think this was a Huge mistake on his part.

    This thing will not go away now. Not Ever.!!

    I think he is finished. Kenendy, Kerry, nobody can save him now.

    And the black church will split in its support.

    Amazing. Just amazing.

  169. Quotes from THE ONE .

    At a certain point if someone says something that contradict your beliefs so fundamentally in front of the national press folks then that’s enough. It’s a show of disrespect to me and an insult to what we’ve tried to do in this campaign.

    All it was was a bunch of rants that aren’t grounded in truth and I can’t construct something positive out of that.. .

    I saw yesterday that when you focus so much on the plight of the historically oppressed you lose sight of what we have in common and you’re not concerned about the struggles of others and doesn’t describe properly what I believe about the power of faith and the ability to bring people together.

    I didn’t view the controversy as attack on the black church but a caricature (the sound bites) of what Wright is.
    Black preachers holler and whoop and that shows a cultural abyss in America – sound bites created a caricature of him .
    Yesterday he caricatured himself – it made me angry and sad . . .

    There has been great damage – it may have been unintentional on his part but i don’t see our relationship being the same after this.

    In some ways what Wright said yesterday directly contradicts everything I’ve done in my life;
    How I was raised
    My Decision to go into public service
    What I’ve said in my books
    My announcement
    My 2004 convention speech

    What I tried to do in Philly was provide a context and lift up contradictions and complexities of race in America and make something constructive out of it but there wasn’t anything constructive yesterday.

  170. gotta wonder how many 28,000 dollar donors he was going to deliver to the dnc are having second thoughts
    also see baby mama tina fey is hillarious.

  171. Okie,

    ‘Then today his poll numbers in NC are in the shitter and now he goes on national TV and does exactly what Wright says he has done- says whatever he has to to get elected.’

    That’s EXACTLY what E.D. hill and crew are saying! 😀

  172. megan,

    That’s why I was able to get almost VERBATUM quotes blogging live!!! He speaks SOOOOO slowly and hesitantly I was able to catch almost every word. just wish I’d tuned into the conference from the beginning.


  173. No TV here at the office. Thank, you guys for transcribing it and keeping us office slobs in the loop.

  174. come on folks, we got an opening in North Carolina. Man the phone, volunteer if you can. Bambi is calling in all favors right now and we can win this thing next week.

    Hillary is offering matching contributions on her main website. Whatever you donate will be matched and you get the opportunity to post a message to the person who will be matching your donation as to why you support Hillary.

    Lets get more money, more phone banks, more HillaryTroopers on the ground.

  175. “I did not vet my Pastor” You sat there for 20 years, if you could not tell what he is all about over the course of 20 years how the hell can you have meetings with world leaders and not be able to get a correct feel for where they are coming from?

  176. Todd Beeton at MyDD quotes Obama from his press conference, “”The person that I saw yesterday was not the person that I had come to know over 20 years.” Beeton then observes, “That’s a big problem for someone running on judgment.”

  177. Off subject a bit here, but this is why we Dems lose national elections. Check out some of the ridiculous thinking.

    If they still insist on seeing Obama as more electable AFTER the latest Wright mess, they have no one to blame but themsemes when McCain is sworn in next January.

  178. Obama is lying through his teeth. He knew DAMN well that Wright was controversial and deranged. He even told him months ago that he might need to “distance” himself from Wright. Obama has been caught by his own indecision and lack of moral fibre.

  179. the thing is wouldn’t you think that Jeremiah Wright KNOWS Obama much better than anyone in his campaign? When he says that Obama is Just A Politician .. he is speaking the truth and that is why Bambi is shitting bricks.

  180. He claims he sat there for 20 years, but had NO IDEA what this man was all about?

    Damn, do NOT put Obama in charge of diplomacy – any fool could snow him blind!!!!

    Dot48, yup. The one flash of anger I saw was when he said that Wright had “disrespected ME!”. Bambi was PISSY, but he hid it quick. Watch the replay.

  181. It’s all very interesting, but have you people considered you may all be suffering from “middleclassness”, or maybe you’re just all racists. LOL

    Chris Wallace said there seems to be one positive for BHO out of this. No one is calling him a Muslim now. I’m not sure what he meant, but maybe he thinks it would be insulting to any self-respecting Muslim.

    I think today may be a good day for me to watch Wolf Hussein Oblitzer again. I would feel very good seeing his reaction as his guy falls apart. I suppose he could try to make excuses for BHO again.

    Way to go, everybody!!!

  182. Hey everyone: dot, carbynew, 1950, –you are great. Thanks Mucho!!

    Obama just wiped out–surfing term for sunk by a wave you cannot ride.

  183. dot: being just a politician, goes against everything that Waffles has been campaigning about. So much, for a new style of politics.

    Basil: Thank you for the pbp.

  184. Thank.God.We.Still.Have.Hillary

    Superdelegates .. you better run for Hillary and I mean now. He’s ruining the party. The controversy, the stigma.

    It’s personal now between him and the good Rev….who knows what little news will come out now.

  185. Why didn’t BHO, after twenty years, realize what a nutcase Uncle Jerry was? Do you suppose he’s a slow learner?

  186. Agreed, DCDemocrat. After the Wright fiasco, there’s no way that Obama can pretend he has good judgment anymore.

    What’s even more incredible is that Obama waited until the scandal erupted to today’s level before deciding to criticize Wright. Remember Obambi’s “speech on race” a couple weeks back, when he defended Wright, and Big Media was fawning all over him, comparing him to MLK and all sorts of nonsense? So much for that!

  187. Honestly, for the good of the party and down-ticket Democrats, Obama needs to get out of the race. The longer he stays in, the worse it is.

  188. Second story down at

    Clinton Closing The Gap In NC

    Post-Pennsylvania, it looks like it’s Hillary Clinton’s turn to be the one to close the gap, this time in North Carolina. Both PPP’s poll yesterday and the new Rasmussen out today show Hillary Clinton significantly tightening the race with Barack Obama although he’s still ahead by double digits.

  189. Basil,

    Reynolds story is dying on the vine!!

    She tried to get Wright for that engaqgement 2 years ago. hahahha.

    Can’t blame Clinton after all 🙂 🙂

  190. Did you guys hear about a plane flying over Coachella this weekend (a CA music festival) and tossing out “Vote for Obama” confetti?

    It’s a violation of the law. The FAA does not permit throwing anything out of a plane including confetti and human ashes.

  191. You know, maybe 👿 isn’t lying about not hearing that for 20 yrs. If that’s true there is only one reason why not- he wasn’t listening but was just playing the game as a politician.

    Maybe he shouldn’t use that excuse anymore. It might revive the Muslim rumors.


  192. Okie, hubby heard it on radio this morning and he said that people were pissed to the gills. Didn’t know about the FAA … haha, hope they get fined.

  193. The words were coming out of both sides of his mouth so fast, I was waiting for his head to start spinning around like Linda Blair in the ‘Exorcist‘.

    Bambi looking more and more like a boat anchor for the party.

  194. Nobody I’m talking to believes Obama is telling the truth. It’s called Cover Your Ass.

    NorahDoDinkellOdonell trying to say it was a “remarkable” moment. I told you they’d do CPR in massive ER mode.

  195. # Berkeley Vox Says:
    April 29th, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    Honestly, for the good of the party and down-ticket Democrats, Obama needs to get out of the race. The longer he stays in, the worse it is.

    I’m not so sure about that. On a visceral level, I agree.

    But since we expected time for our candidate to “weather the storms”, and fought against a rush to judgment to have Hillary quit for the “good of the party”, I think we ought to extend the same Queen of Marksbury Rules of Engagement for our esteemed opponent.

    Besides, there are those of the opinion that the infighting is rather mild compared to (fill in your example here), and that it helps to make a stronger GE candidate.

    Okay, now that I’ve played nice…


    “I’ve decided to spend some time with my family”.

  196. This is going to be good, let’s see if Obama is smarter than Richardson was about Judas. Wright will respond and let’s hope Obama keeps it going……

  197. Why do I get the feeling that Wright has some 411 on Barack? When you do something wrong, you go to your spiritual advisor for guidance right? Barack better pray that Wright doesn’t unleash any stories about him.

  198. Elizabeth Edwards is on MSNBC live from Orlando.

    Something about McCain offering a new health care plan.

    Of course Odonell has to harpoon her with the first question about Obama and the Rev Wright.

    Trying to put Elizabeth on the spot.

    Bitch Nora.

  199. Totally non sequitar, but a funny joke I just got:

    The Transformative Effects of Marriage on the Y-chromosome.

    Three women: one engaged, one married, and one a mistress, are
    chatting about their relationships and decide to amaze their men. That
    night all three will wear a leather bodice S&M style, stilettos and mask
    over their eyes.

    After a few days they meet again…..

    The engaged girlfriend said: “The other night, when my boyfriend
    came back home, he found me in the leather bodice, 4” stilettos and
    mask. He said, “You are the woman of my life, I love you…then we made
    love all night long.”

    The mistress stated: “Oh Yes! The other night we met in his
    office. I was wearing the leather bodice, mega stilettos, mask over my
    eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat, he didn’t say a word.
    We just had wild sex all night.”

    The married one then said: “The other night I sent the kids to
    stay at my mother’s for the night, I got myself ready, leather bodice,
    super stilettos and mask over my eyes. My husband came in from work,
    grabbed the TV controller and a beer, and said, “Hey Batman, what’s for

  200. I personsonally, believe these SD’s have been “in waiting”, so they can be pulled out when politically necessary for BO! I also think he is trying to distance himself from the militant side of the AA’s. That’s why ole’Rev. went on his “lets make everyone believe I am the old crazy uncle that BO says he is tour”. I think it will backfire, I think Al Sharpton is the first that will condemn him for playing to the “white folk” 🙂

  201. according to two different friends of mine who are of african american descent the sharpton diss will resonate much more than wright. they claim that AA populace while not necessarily agreeing with wright could overlook. but they thought Obama would have thier back with the Bell case and with percieved injustice towards them. and he has disappointed.

  202. Maybe Elizabeth Edwards is gonna endorse Hillary….she’s on all the way from Orlando.

    Elizabeth Edwards is again saying that she is endorsing Hillary’s Health Care Plan. I think this is the best she can do right now. This is an all and allout endorsement in my opinion.

    Bitch Nora is trying to pin her down and make her uncomfortable.

    Never say never about an endorsement of what she has already said.


  203. Elizabeth Edwards says no harmful bloodletting is going on in the race and that they or the Gores feel it is bad.

    Elizabeth going to bat for Hillary again .. saying she HAS health care and gets treatements and she worries for all those who don’t have any.


  204. This is the same guy who was touting his great judgement. Now he claims he did not know his own pastor after 20 years.WTF

  205. OandrewD, This wasn’t a set up. Wright reappearing on the scene was the last thing the Obama camp wanted. Wright’s on a book tour now, right? We haven’t heard the last from him, either.

  206. Sweet! Dot, that’s awesome.

    Henry, AA’s should have seen the writing on the wall way before the Bell case. Last Summer, 👿 would say squat about Jena 6.

    BTW- I sorta like Sharpton. I don’t agree with what he’s saying and doing at the moment, but he is right to be outraged and for many folks, he;s the closest they get to an advocate. He does try to stand up for what is right and I think, he really is very much a pragmatist. He’s using extreme language to keep the story in the spotlight to spur change- he understands the 24 hr news cycle better than most. I think so bc he’s a bit too damn old to be throwing rocks and Molotov Cocktails.

    IOW, I think he’s posturing. In a bad way certainly, but nevertheless, posturing.

  207. Paula, wouldn’t it be funny as hell if during his book tour, Wright stopped in Denver. If there’s a floor fight, maybe we can get him to lead the invocation. :mrgreen:

  208. okie
    what sharpton attempts to convey I agree with you, he can be a tremendous advocate but after tawanna brawley I think he shoul have stepped aside not down but let someone else articulate the very justified frustrations.

  209. why do the pundits keep saying the “race” speech was so groundbreaking.

    he only did it to provide cover for fallout.

    today he is doing another cover your ass.

    Is Shephard Smith in the tank for Obama?

  210. dot, they are all going to say it’s FABULOUS!! He settled the Wright issue!!!

    Look to the voters, not the media. The media has no clue.

  211. OandrewD Says:

    April 29th, 2008 at 3:08 pm
    Whoever called the Wright set up to make Obama look good and denounce him was right.

    What you don’t understand is that Wright is the powerful one in the relationship….not Obama. Wright represent Oblamless one base, it was through Dr. Wright and others that gave legitimacy to Obama…Trinty and Wright are the same…it’s his Church.

    Also at the PressClub Dr. Wright didn’t come empty handed, he was surrounded by life long friends who are also Oblameless base and foot soldiers. He had the NBPP, NOI, and other like minded Black Liberation Theologist in his corner, the same group that has been working on ground for Oblameless in the Black Communities.

    Oblameless is TOAST!!!

  212. Henry, I think Sharpton is a better advocate bc of what he learned from Brawley. She was the one who lied BTW. He just advocated on her behalf. Sure, he went overboard with the race rhetoric, but I think his intentions were well-meaning.

    I saw him on The View a few months back. I have to admit to being impressed. He moves very easily in many situations and he clearly has matured with age and experience. That ability to learn from past mistakes while still having a passion about human/civil rights is impressive to me. Thus, I understand his tactics a bit better than I once did. He fully understands the caricature of himself and unlike Wright, he’s okay with it and adapts to use it for his cause.

  213. dot 48
    well i think the pundits wanted to tell us what to think of what we had heard with our own ears. they seem to think it is thier job to instruct and not report.

  214. Linfar,
    yeah – saw that – was gonna post it but pc has been blinking on and off all afternoon.
    Still intend to register at MYDD so I can rec your great diaries. 😀
    Hannity playing tapes of Waffles saying polar opposite things about Wright.
    One interesting Waffles quote, when he lists his accomplishments:In some ways what Wright said yesterday directly contradicts everything I’ve done in my life;
    How I was raised
    My Decision to go into public service
    What I’ve said in my books
    My announcement
    My 2004 convention speech
    Where are the Accomplishments? He got born, grew up, got a job, announced he was running for prez and made a 2004 speech? That’s IT!!!!! In his own words, no less.
    Okie, I know you got a soft spot in your heart for Sharpie but anyone who lived through the tawana brawley brou-ha-ha will NEVER believe a single thing coming outta that greaseball’s big mouth. He’s a professional opportunistic race-baiting alarmist.


  215. Carby, good point. Do you think AA polling numbers will decline as a result of this song and dance 👿 did today? Do you think he loses whatever little legitimacy he had with a certain segment of AA’s?

  216. OkieAtty Says: Henry, AA’s should have seen the writing on the wall way before the Bell case. Last Summer, would say squat about Jena 6.

    Don’t forget he also didn’t attend the King memorial in Memphis or the Tavis Smiley forum. And there’s always this flimflam excuse like he was campaigning!

  217. 3 or 4 dozen volunteers in Kokomo, Indiana have come into the office there today. Per Msnbc active office. Hoosiers for Hillary .. love those signs

  218. Sharpton play for effect, and plays to the cameras, but he KNOWS THAT’S WHO HE IS, and makes no claim to be otherwise.

    That is the difference. Sharpton has his agenda and makes no bones about it. I might disagree, but I can respect that.

    Obama is jsut a liar trying to play one side of the fence against the other.

  219. Basil, I was old enough to remember it on the CBS News every night. Dan Rather covered it enough. It’s not my job nor yours to forgive him, but I think the experience made him a better civil rights advocate and that he understands the power he has and its inherent limitations better now.

  220. Didn’t the Media Whores all claim that Bambi was “courageous” when he DIDN’T denounce Wright and stood by him ? Now he’s courageous for throwing him out a window ?

  221. Sharpton hates jews!!

    He promoted the worst case of anti jewish sentiment in America, according to the NYT, in Criown Heights Brooklyn 10 years ago. It was appalling. Sharpton may have sharpened up his image a bit, but nothing much has changed since he said, “tell those jews to push their yarmulkes back if they wanna mess with me.”

    Sharpton inflames situations such the Bell case. He lives for them.

    He is the worst kind of parasite. I have never heard him promote anything excet hatge, anger and his own interests.

  222. I don’t think Obama is gonna ever look the same to people .. he’s been defined now as “just another politican” .. anything to get a vote

  223. boy is Fox really pushing to get Obama in the Pres spot or what? Shep Smith even has a guy on there giving him freaking advice on how to get back on track.

    Boy are they afraid of Hillary!!!!

  224. Hey, thanks Basil. I really appreciate it.

    Universal, I miss you so much over at mydd. Really do. Nobody raising hell like you used to 🙂

    About Wright and Obama–Wright will fire back. It isn’t settled no matter what the media says.

    And I think that ta;pe yesterdaty of Ovbama screaming about debates could now have a new punchline: Obama hates Wright. Whaaaaaaaaa!!!

  225. Yeah, I have to agree. I like Al Sharpton, as well. I mean, yes, sometimes he sounds a bit crazy, but the man speaks the truth.

    And I tell ya what… if my husband or son was ever gunned down by the NYPD for NO REASON (GOD FORBID!), I would sure as hell call Al!!!!!

    (I can’t even discuss the Sean Bell case, I’m just speechless with hate and fury and a sick feeling of helplessness. UGH!!!!)

  226. Okie,

    Well, he destroyed the lives of several innocent police officers. So now he gets to learn on the backs of those he lampoons? Unjustly? For his own media-mugging benefit? And what happened with that stupid Jen-
    -6 case? It got dropped like a hot potato when the real past of the kids involved got splashed across the news. Sharpie is a nasty self-serving instigator and he’ll never be anything else.

    Unlike HRC, when commenting to Ogremann that she believes in deathbed conversions, I DON’T! *LOL*

    No no no no no! (As Jerry would say). Sorry. Sharpie’s a piece of sh!t. I lived in Manhattan and in the surrounding areas long enough to have seen Sharpie do exactly the same thing on dozens of occasions. But I get you think he’s hot. :mrgreen:

  227. okie
    i just did 3 searches trying to locate info on the lycurgus foundation which was formed in the late eighties and came together to pull thier rescources to effect public policy. came up with nothing. but they had formed to influence public opinion as the common man did not have the intellect to decide on thier own. I read several pieces on them in either the welcomat or city paper in the late 80’s. but there is nothing about them i can find. my reason for evoking them is thats how i have seen the press this election they are not reporting but creating news.

  228. rjk,


    ‘It would be great is SNL airs the Obama files again this weekend with Sharpton telling Jesse “we’ve been bamboozled”’

    Hey, maybe Wright can do a cameo or, better yet, host the show! hahahaha

  229. Cameron .. Obama has been off message for a while now. Obama “deigns” to have a press conference and he has to discuss this. Oh, how sad.

  230. I hate to say it but the dems, and of course the media, keep giving people like Sharpton and Jackson legitimacy. It burns me up that they have been appointed spokesmen for AAs. Even Hillary showed up at Sharpton’s National Action Network meeting a few times. I hate that just as much as I hate the repubs indulging Fallwell, Dobson, and Robertson. My mouth dropped open during the Imus controversy when I would turn on the news and see a variety of black viewpoints represented and not just the same clip of either one of those two.

  231. How can rev wright’s comments not reflect what Obama is about….obama went to that church for years.

  232. Hey, anyone remember this in the Big Sppech on Race:

    ” I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother – a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”

    Oooh, Barack you just disowned him!!! 🙂

  233. Yeah, I’ll agree to disagree as well. I’m not Sharpton’s publicist; I don’t know everything he’s ever said. And I’m not running for office, so it doesn’t matter. 😀

  234. will someone from our Big Pink AA community tell me how this is going to effect the AA community in say his Trinity Church?

  235. TCBequality,

    Just donated 24.44. Clicked your link but it brought me directly to the official contribution site.
    Contribution Details
    Date: April 29, 2008 3:44 PM EDT

    Amount: $24.44

  236. everyone if you contribute today directly from Hills website front page someone will MATCH your contribution dollar for dollar.

  237. Yeah, Basil. You got my number. I think he’s sooooo hot. Oooo la la.

    This is more my style:

  238. well like or dislike al sharpton he clings strongly to his beliefs and did not hesitate to call obama out. having also lived in manhattan i know what a pia he can be but he is consistent.

  239. I wish the stupid pundits would stop saying that he has the nomination. He DOES NOT. This makes me sick.

  240. nikki,

    you got that right!

    ‘It burns me up that they have been appointed spokesmen for AAs. ‘ . . . I hate that just as much as I hate the repubs indulging Fallwell, Dobson, and Robertson.’

  241. Wright and Sharpton telling O in their on way. Don’t mess with me. You are getting too big for your britches. I will take you down

  242. Okie!

    I KNOW you well enough NOT to drink water when I click on any of your links!

    Tears dripping down my cheeks and ROTFLMFAO!

    That pic looks like it might be useful in a scientific discussion of how to over ride gravitational forces. hehehehe!

  243. basil9
    i do not share okie’s appreciation for sharpton but i do believe he often does provide some attention to injustices which would otherwise be ignored. a judge found the cops in the bell case innocent. alot more needs to be examined there and without sharpton it would probably get no press.

  244. basil9
    i do not share okie’s appreciation for sharpton but i do believe he often does provide some attention to injustices which would otherwise be ignored. a judge found the cops in the bell case innocent. alot more needs to be examined there and without sharpton it would probably get no press.

  245. Am listening to his speech now- he talks about “securing a better life, future for themselves and their kids.”

    I bet. I can see how that’s working out for you so far:

  246. D@MN DOT!

    I forgot about that. 🙁

    So i contributed again. 😀

    Date: April 29, 2008 3:57 PM EDT

    Amount: $24.44

  247. I agree with Okie, I don’t think Sharpton is not that bad, but alot of AA’s I know roll their eyes when I mention him. I personally liked his 04′ speech at the convention. I’ll ride this donkey to the end! I loved that!! Well, now that was before the Deaniacs took over, now I might just start riding the elephant!!!

  248. Henry, that is not the hubby. Think more Sweeney Todd. Seriously.

    I think evil is HOT! 🙂

    Neeta, I bet Wright has something on 👿 . I bet it’s something juicy. Maybe a bribery scandal, money laundering, a quid pro quo. I wonder what MO think of all this and how this affects her bona fides back in Chicago. She’s the one with the street cred. 👿 married into her family’s connections and organizing history.

  249. henry,

    Yeah I agree the Bell case needs more investigation but I have no faith in anything Sharpie does. He’s cried wolf a few too many times for my taste. Now maybe if he’d fight gender bais as well as racial bias . . .

    And that will be my last comment about Sharpie.

  250. Okie,

    I LOOOOOOVE Sweeny Todd! (couldn’t sit through the Depp version, though).

    Always wished I’d had a chance to see Angela.

  251. Basil, we watched it last week. It was uncanny how much hubby looked like him. Especially when he had on the angry face in the meadow scene.

  252. Henry I think you may be on to something. The media is on to something also. I think they want O to win the nomination so McCain can win the GE. If he get the nomination they are going to turn on him big time

  253. okie
    i found the guy funny
    also i tried with about twenty different searches to find anything on lycurgus foundation and came up with zip. i remember one of the founders was also the founder of dominos pizza but i can find nothing that was twenty years ago so maybe not available. however they stated that god made them wealthy and as such they should guide those of lesser abilities. just reminds of big media right now. if we all knew about wright/ayers/auchi in january why was it never reported.

  254. skelton is huge news poeple. big. this is a veteran of the house-chairs i think mil affairs etc. a hard hitter. tough guy. my family is in mo-this is big for us.

  255. Okie,

    i didn’t get that far. But if hubby looks like depp —-you guys must have a LOT of fun. 😉

  256. I love Skelton and NC Gov endorsements, but we can’t just keep matching SD for SD we need to get ahead. How many SDs are left?

  257. A little more abourt Sharpton:

    1991: A Hasidic Jewish driver in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section accidentally kills Gavin Cato, a 7-year-old black child, and antisemitic riots erupt. Sharpton races to pour gasoline on the fire. At Gavin’s funeral he rails against the “diamond merchants” — code for Jews — with “the blood of innocent babies” on their hands. He mobilizes hundreds of demonstrators to march through the Jewish neighborhood, chanting, “No justice, no peace.” A rabbinical student, Yankel Rosenbaum, is surrounded by a mob shouting “Kill the Jews!” and stabbed to death.

    1995: When the United House of Prayer, a large black landlord in Harlem, raises the rent on Freddy’s Fashion Mart, Freddy’s white Jewish owner is forced to raise the rent on his subtenant, a black-owned music store. A landlord-tenant dispute ensues; Sharpton uses it to incite racial hatred. “We will not stand by,” he warns malignantly, “and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.” Sharpton’s National Action Network sets up picket lines; customers going into Freddy’s are spat on and cursed as “traitors” and “Uncle Toms.” Some protesters shout, “Burn down the Jew store!” and simulate striking a match. “We’re going to see that this cracker suffers,” says Sharpton’s colleague Morris Powell. On Dec. 8, one of the protesters bursts into Freddy’s, shoots four employees point-blank, then sets the store on fire. Seven employees die in the inferno.


    (202) 225-4151


  259. Henry,

    Well, it won’t be Patterson. He approved the judge’s decision.

    but, OTOH, an awful lot of cops are killed, too. before i moved outta Jersey there was a terrible tragedy with a rookie AA officer, whose father was a longtime member of the FDNY, gunned down by gang members while picking up dinner art a fast food joint. it was tragic. Cops from all over the country lines the streets of towns all around Paterson for the funeral.

    Violence is out of control and everyone’s scared for their lives, cops and civilians alike.

  260. The big question is how many members of that church are pissed off enough at Obama to come out and say he was in attendance during some of those sermons.

  261. Rep. Ike Skelton (D-MO) Endorses Clinton
    By Eric Kleefeld – April 29, 2008, 3:50PM
    Hillary Clinton has picked up a big super-delegate endorsement, with the campaign announcing the support of Rep. Ike Skelton (D-MO), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and a key rural Democrat.

    Skelton cited Hillary’s strengths in rural areas as major reason for his support, plus her positions on national security. This further ties in with the efforts Hillary has made to overpower Obama among white rural voters in places like Pennsylvania and now North Carolina, and complements her endorsement this morning from North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley.


  262. oh gawd .. now MSNBC trying to act like he was having a “hillary” moment today in his press conference…showing a “fragile” side.

    gag me with a spoon. I saw no vulernability at all, I just saw a big sucking motion with his lips.

  263. Linfar,

    I remebered the Yankel Rosenbaum case but I’d forgotten about Freddy’s.

    Thanks for the grim reminder.


  264. rjk .. that is what I’ve been trying to ask all day long.

    who will step forward with video, photos and fact that Obama has lied and lied.

    Still no mention of Hill’s big get with Skelton.

    2 OR 3 SDS TODAY??

  265. OandrewD, Look at it this way: For weeks and weeks, Hillary was getting zilch SDs while Obama was picking them up steadily. This is a big improvement, lol.

  266. basil 9
    i took the subway everday home between 2 and 4 am to washinton heights and i must say that waiting for a bus in downtown pgh is more frightenning. I am also not saying the judges decision was wrong I simply believe that a non-jury trial should be examined. there is so much we do not know.
    Many times in my life I have been the victim of racial profiling as i lived in the cheapest neighborhoods it was nothing for a cop to jump out of a car at 2 am and force me to empty out my pockets and then go through my pockets and subsequently force me to sit in the back of a squad car while they ran my id. I was white in a hispanic neighborhood and they assumed I was buying drugs. Intellectually I understand the actions but when you are made to feel that way when you have done nothing wrong it festers anger.

  267. dot48
    Time to take MSNBC off the viewing list again saying we should have sympathy for Obama. Give me a break!!

    This man’s entire campaign was based on “The Audacity of Hope” which was based on a Wright Sermon

  268. Henry, a non-jury trial (NJT) is preferable in these cases because a jury will be hard to seat due to taint of publicity and also, the heated rhetoric. The defendants are the only ones who can waive JT. The DA has no authority in it.

  269. What time is the O’Reilly Show? I don’t watch Fox and will avoid it when I can, but I want to see HRC interview.

  270. Charlie Crist is making a lot of tv time all of a sudden .. reckon he is going to be the Veep for McCain?

    Also been seeing Huckabee a lot on Fox.

  271. Henry,

    what’s pgh?

    yeah, I understand about festering anger but I still don’t like the one I said before. He’s too friggin exploitative for me.

    Funny, I always felt pretty safe on the NYC subways, too.

  272. More on sharpton and Bell case. the stuff you rarely see in print:

    Two of the five officers involved were black, one was white, one was Middle-Eastern, and one was of biracial black and Hispanic origin (Haitian/Mexican). The first officer to fire was black.[21]

    Oh, wait, there’s more:

    Bell had been arrested three times, twice for drug dealing and once for a firearms possession.[7]

    The New York Daily News reported that, according to unnamed law enforcement sources, Bell sold crack cocaine twice to a confidential police informant in August of 2006.[9]
    Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield, who were also shot in the incident, had been arrested nine and three times, respectively, each having been arrested at least once for illegal firearm possession.[7]

    Benefield was subsequently arrested during a gambling raid in Harlem after attending the funeral of James Brown, and again on September 25, 2007 for hitting his child’s mother.

  273. dot28, Crist is a moderate. If I’m reduced to voting for McCain, at least I know he’ll have someone who is not a RW wacko.

  274. Ky won’t go for Obama. There a some ding a lings there but not everybody.

    Did just hear one of the old political hacks in Wv went for Bambi ..Ken Heckler .. local guy but he’s older than dirt and most everyone thinks he’s senile.

    The Governor in Wv is who we need to get ..

  275. basil9
    pittsburgh and when i wait for a bus there i encounter more strung out people than i ever do in manhattan

  276. is Heckler a SD? I’m glad that HRC is getting Skelton and Easely, but time is running out and we have to outpace BO’s SD endorsement.

  277. okie
    then would it follow that the judge examined all evidence and delivered the appropriate verdict.

  278. Filbert, KY is in the bag for Hillary. I have that on good authority. 👿 is barely polling above 10% in some parts of Eastern KY. Those folks are being hit badly by the economy and need health care. They know they won’t get it from 👿 .

  279. What did BO do at this latest speech, trying to diss the militants? Did he cry or what?Can’t watch TV, grandkids are watching cartoons all day!

  280. Universal,

    Well, Childers didn’t denounce Waffles. He just said Obama hadn’t endorsed him and he was looking for the supporter of working people.

    I’m not sure what that means.

  281. filbert, supers can change their vote AT ANY TIME. They are not set in stone. In past elections, some of them have switched several times.

  282. Please everyone, contact Joe Manchin, WV Governor and lobby support for Hillary.

    Here is his contact info:

    Web Site:

    1900 Kanawha Blvd., E.
    Charleston, WV 25305
    Phone: (304) 558-2000

    This is my home state and I want Governor Manchin to endorse Hillary. Please call and email.
    Fax: (304) 342-7025

  283. OkieAtty, your confidence and assertiveness is what I love most about reading your posts.

    I do wish KY was on Tuesday.

  284. Henry, the problem sometimes with juries is that they don’t follow the evidence and the law. Sometimes they go with emotion. Use of deadly force has very specific rules. Officers do make mistakes but they do not always rise to malicious acts.

    I think given the circumstances it may have been an appropriate ruling, but I do think the AA population in NYC does have a legitimate beef in that many things get covered up.

    Things are getting better, but we still need folks like Al to shine a spotlight on the bad stuff so we know to keep working.

  285. Well his office is saying he will support whoever wins W.Va. Would rather he came flat out and supported Hillary from the get go however..


  286. Bayh would be fine for VP, but I doubt the Senate Dems would want to lose him as they have a pretty good chance at a filibuster proof majority next year, and the Republican governor would appoint a Republican in his place.

  287. filbertsf
    well with okie i love the frequent references to ass cancer, probably as it is so disturbing and unique. (i have to confess i have since used it)

  288. Linfar,

    I knew about the 2 AA and 1 mixed race officer but you’re absolutely right that info isn’t exactly stressed, is it?

    Where’s the racism there? Answer – it’s non-existent. Like I said before, people are terrified for their lives.

  289. Thanks, filbert. I just know folks there and they are dead serious about 👿 ‘s inability to compete there. Wright did nothing to improve that.

    BTW- did you know that most folks there have never been to college and that it has been hit with lots of job losses? There is also, admittedly, a great deal of racism in certain parts. Wright does nothing to improve that situation at all. Neither does all the Hollywood hoopla. Folks there are pretty down to earth. There is also a large military presence. Hillary can make that state go Blue. 👿 can’t.

  290. Henry, I like the ass cancer bit, too. I’d use it right now, but am feeling charitable since 👿 is getting his limp dick kicked in the dirt so much these days.

  291. Heckler is not a SD I believe. He is a former Secy of State and Congressman (while ago) and he is in tune with Rockefeller. Still want Manchin to come out for Hillary.

    Did hear that Wayne County Wv is gearing up big for Hillary and that they are running out of yard signs and needing more.

    I’d love to see my state go 90/10…LOL

    Can’t wait to get to phonebanking into the state. Would love to travel home but can’t.

    Rockefeller is your classic liberal .. I can’t think of one thing he’s done for WVa but people keep voting him back in. Do nothing official

  292. Okie
    once again I must lament the abscence of the Okie/Idunn exchanges which made even the darkest hours here palatable if not flat out fun.

  293. Okie, no I didn’t that. I’ll be first to admit I know nothing about KY other than the fact that it’s Ashley Judd’s homestate.

    The demographics appears favorable to Hillary then.

  294. From the Howey-Gauge Poll:
    Obama 47, Clinton 45

  295. Hi everyone,

    Looks like the wrights and Obama are not getting along. My questions to everyone is this, how could a person that has served with someone right or wrong ok for twenty years (Obama) turn there back on this man (wright) now! This proves a strong point that Obama is a closet racist and will jump on any wagon to win the white house! Now I stand to point out that Wrights perspective comes with good points and many bad ones, but for obama to say that Wright is hurting his campaign is out right cruel and two faced. Im not african american but man I would tell him he is no brother, Just a politician! Wright knows the real Obama and that is a fact, we don’t really know the real Obama, so Wright is probably just done with this guy because he is contradicting everyone himself and this church that has supported him for twenty years! CROOK CROOK CROOK!

  296. would you think Obama is still overpolling? I would think Hillary should be doing much better in Indiana.

  297. That new IN poll includes 22 percent AA voters, someone said on TM. Isn’t that awfully high for IN?

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