Debating Hillary Clinton Debating Barack Obama

Barack Obama is a weak, limp, noodle of a man.

Today has been a particularly bad day for weak, limp, noodle of a man Barack Obama

This weekend has been a particularly bad weekend for weak, limp, noodle of a man Barack Obama.

This past weekend and today Obama insulted and spit upon the DailyKooks in a Fox News interview. The DailyKooks are so Kool-ade drunk they did not even realize those were insults hurled their way. This past weekend, Obama’s judgment once again became an issue.

On Friday, Sunday, and today, Obama’s “Pastor” of 20 years displayed himself in speech after speech. “Pastor” Wright took swipes at President Kennedy and President Lyndon Baines Johnson. “Pastor” Wright presented some “right brain” vs. “left brain” arguments to show how black and white people are different. Right wing “bell curve” theorists rejoiced along with Nazi eugenics cheerleaders.

So varied and destructive are “Pastor” Wright’s many comments that Obama supporters are in an internet-wide “do not discuss” mode. Unfortunately for the Hopium dens, the Big Media cable news outlets are featuring “Pastor” Wright in wall-to-wall coverage today.

Should it become necessary in the months from now to identify the moment that doomed Obama’s presidential aspirations, attention is likely to focus on the hour between nine and ten this morning at the National Press Club. It was then that Wright, Obama’s longtime pastor, reignited a controversy about race from which Obama had only recently recovered – and added lighter fuel.

Speaking before an audience that included Marion Barry, Cornel West, Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam official Jamil Muhammad, Wright praised Louis Farrakhan, defended the view that Zionism is racism, accused the United States of terrorism, repeated his view that the government created the AIDS virus to cause the genocide of racial minorities, stood by other past remarks (“God damn America”) and held himself out as a spokesman for the black church in America.

In front of 30 television cameras, Wright’s audience cheered him on as the minister mocked the media and, at one point, did a little victory dance on the podium. It seemed as if Wright, jokingly offering himself as Obama’s vice president, was actually trying to doom Obama; a member of the head table, American Urban Radio’s April Ryan, confirmed that Wright’s security was provided by bodyguards from Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

While Obama self-destructs Hillary Clinton is leading in polls against John McCain and in Indiana.

Obama must answer to American voters. Why did Obama sit for 20 years listening to “Pastor” Wright? Obama could answer that question as well as try to explain his “bitter” and “cling” remarks to American voters in a debate face-to-face with Hillary Clinton. But Obama won’t debate.

Obama is a weak, limp, noodle of a man.

Obama won’t debate Hillary Clinton. We know why Obama won’t debate Hillary. Obama is a weak, limp, noodle of a man.

Barack Obama says he is not “ducking” debating Hillary Clinton by refusing to take her on in an unmoderated “Lincoln-Douglas” style debate.

Hillary Clinton has the strength to lead the United States. Hillary Clinton is not afraid of Republicans nor Obama.

Clinton took the debate dispute to a new level, challenging Obama to face off with her in a debate without a moderator, Lincoln-Douglas style.

“Just the two of us, going for 90 minutes, asking and answering questions, we’ll set whatever rules seem fair,” Clinton said while campaigning in South Bend.

Obama is afraid to face the voters – and Hillary. Obama is afraid to take Hillary on – one-on-one.

Obama did not have the judgement to walk out of “Pastor” Wright’s church. Barack Obama does not have the courage to debate Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama is a weak, limp, noodle of a man.


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  1. Here’s the kicker:

    If Hillary is able to steal her nomination back from the Democratic Party, she’s going to end up right where she wanted to be all along: the tough, common-sense, experience, centrist in the November election.

    Go figure, huh?

  2. Hey, we should get all the Hillary supporters at Denver a supply “Obama Pacifiers.” We can stick them on pink ribbons and hand them out to Obama delegates.

  3. hwc, that’s a great point and one I hadn’t thought about in those terms. I have noticed from early on, even in the first forums and debates last May and June that she was playing for the General Election and not pandering to extreme left Democrats like most primary opponents do. She has done that all along, even at AnnualKos. She’s stuck to her guns and said, “We have to approach these issues like grown-ups.”

    It’s finally paying off.

  4. Rev. Wright better watch out. As I told my kids, you can go to hell for lying just as quickly as for stealing. Look out below!

  5. Berkely, Okie, all: Wright’s speech this morning was mind-numbing in its absurdity, wasn’t it? I listened to the entire speech on the way into work this morning and kept “waffling” between feelings of pure glee for our girl – and sickness for the members of Wright’s community. The mockery, I’m sure, was particularly offensive to just about everyone. As we all have said many times here on this board, OBAMA OWNS WRIGHT. No apology, rejection, denouncing, distancing, disavowing, or even decrying will make any difference.

    PS – hilarious video of Waffles refusing to debate, above. LOLOLOL! 🙂

  6. Conspiracy theory time:
    What if the REPUBS propped Waffles up all this time in order to damage Conspiracy theory time:
    What if the REPUBS propped Waffles up all this time in order to damage HRC, either in alliance with the DNC and the dems or solely as a Repub strategy and they’re the ‘Deep Throat Deep Pockets’ behind the campaign’s fundraising?

    Or it could have been the DNC/Dems . . . and this entire fiasco was planned, including Wright’s speech which, by going to the lengths it did, now gives Waffles an opportunity to distance himself . . .

    I dunno – I’m confused, but there is something about this sequence of events that seems awfully peculiar. Naturally I’m thrilled to think the mask has been peeled off and I hope HRC is the beneficiary of this ……

    I’m not explaining this well but I have a weird feeling about it . . . . anyone else?

  7. My jaw is still on my chest as I sit here, reading the transcripts of Wright’s speech this morning. Unbe-fricking-lievable. Wow, wow, wow. It’s hard to remember, from recent history, any single event that so radically transformed an election that is comparable to this.

    Now, Obama will face an absolute SLEW of difficult questions:

    1) Do you agree with Rev. Wright’s statements that you did not distance yourself from him? Do you back him, or don’t you?
    2) Do you agree with Rev. Wright’s statements that black children and white children learn with different sides of their brain?
    3) Why did you donate $26,000 to Wright’s church last year, and make him your spiritual advisor, given that he has such outlandish views on race, US policy, and the AIDS crisis?
    4) Senator, you said earlier that you cannot disown Wright insomuch as you can’t disown your own grandmother — is that a tacit endorsement of his views?
    5) The Republicans are rolling out new TV ads, criticizing certain members of Congress who have endorsed you for president, for not speaking out against Wright’s comments. What do you think of these ads?

  8. basil: the whole thing is surreal. why now? why is wright trying to bring waffle’s down?


  9. jithendra …It’s true…It’s true

    The NC governor has endorsed Hillary as per CNN aka Wolfie

    WooHoo. This is great news and this will be an awesome week for Hillary

  10. Birdgal,

    I agree . . . like it’s a perfectly rehearsed well-choreographed performance piece, or ballet . . . . . timed to the minute, to the second. . . .

    There’s just too many friggin’ coincidences for my taste.

    what’s your theory?

  11. MJ, I am pro-death penalty but I do believe it is poorly administered and that justice is not always equal.

    I studied under one of the preeminent capital punishment scholars in the US. It is a difficult subject, but one I have made my peace with to this extent:

    If justice could be administered within a bubble, without the hostile forces of racism or classism or poverty intruding, then I am all for it. But society isn’t perfect. So, it is up to the Court to make it a level playing field. Appoint the best capital trial attorneys. Find the money for forensic testing when needed. Don’t certify cases just because it’s an election year.

    I’m also okay with extending the death penalty to certain crimes like pedophilia under certain circumstances. Or maybe like that Austrian father who held his daughter captive for 24 yrs and raped her and gave her 7 babies.

  12. Maybe it’s to gin up the race card??? But really, remember Wright does not like to be slighted or silenced. Remember what he has said and done to those who have slighted him. Condaleeze and Colin Powell.

  13. Obama campaign is in full-blown crisis mode right now, if not panic mode. The Wright speeches were NOT wanted by the BHO campaign, but they are trying to act cool, at least publicly. The only plausible reason for Wright’s decision to give these speeches are out of his own self-interest — he wants to defend his own integrity, which he has every right to do — can’t blame him for that. The problem is that, quite simply, the man is a nut. He doesn’t know a damn thing about politics and obviously has no idea that he has single-handedly torpedoed whatever was left of the Obama campaign.

    The Republicans have no master plan, basil. Rather, they want to attack and define Obama to the point where he is SO toxic, that he can’t be placed anywhere on the ticket (Pres or VP) without dragging down the party. If they accomplish that, they at least guarantee chaos in Denver.

  14. Woo-hoo! Thank you, Gov! North Carolina here we come – does anyone think that Edwards will endorse Waffles now?

  15. Informed, I think Edwards is just waiting to see who is left standing. Honestly, I can’t blame him.

    There’s taint everywhere.

    Hillary can’t go after this. She has to let the BM and the GOP do it. Otherwise, she risks further baseless claims of racism.

  16. Politico weighs in on Obama’s spiritual advisor’s latest rants:

    Wright finds way back to spotlight
    By: Michael Calderone
    April 28, 2008 03:03 PM EST

    After nearly six weeks of replaying video clips of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., the networks had probably exhausted any remaining news value — that is, until Sen. Barack Obama’s controversial former pastor provided lots more material.

    Now Wright’s pulpit has grown from a Chicago church to millions of living rooms tuned into the cable networks, with Obama’s campaign left watching along with everyone else.

    “We don’t have any control over Reverend Wright,” David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist, said Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

    Clearly, Axelrod is trying to distance the Obama campaign from Wright’s media tour of three major cities in the past 24 hours. The most recent was in Washington D.C. where Wright delivered a breakfast talk Monday at the National Press Club, broadcast on C-SPAN.

    On Sunday, Wright gave two morning sermons to 4,000 attendees at a Dallas mega-church before speaking at the NAACP’s Freedom Fund dinner that night in Detroit. Already, clips of Wright’s first lengthy interview with PBS’s Bill Moyers — which aired Friday — have been making the rounds on all the cable networks.

    Indeed, Axelrod doesn’t have much control. Especially since Wright’s church didn’t speak in advance to public affairs firm Jasculca/Terman and Associates, Inc., which Axelrod reportedly helped coordinate when controversial clips of truncated Wright sermons started making the rounds in March, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    These days, although Wright is operating independently and is not a campaign surrogate, the media are covering him with full force — much to the chagrin of top Obama staffers.

    “There’s not a thing we can do about it,” Axelrod said earlier on MSNBC. “This is, it’s a free country and he’s exercising his right to speak. And frankly, you’re exercising your right to give him a huge platform. So, there’s nothing we can do about that either.”

    Clips from the National Press Club’s Monday breakfast have been played repeatedly on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, with most analysts, journalists and strategists agreeing that the attention on Wright is not good news for Obama.

    On CNN, political analyst David Gergen said that rerunning clips of Wright will keep him in the spotlight “I think it’s time for him to get off the stage,” Gergen said, adding that the media should also “move on.”

    Reuters correspondent Jon Decker, speaking on MSNBC, called Wright the “gift that keeps on giving” for the McCain and Clinton campaigns.

    And former Romney communications director Kevin Madden told Fox’s Bill Hemmer that Wright’s “getting coverage like a presidential candidate.”

    However at the NPC breakfast, Wright maintained that he is not a surrogate for the candidate or a politician. Nevertheless, his remarks the past few days will be tied to the Democratic frontrunner.

    In his hour-long appearance, which also included a Q&A moderated by USA Today’s Donna Leinwand, the club’s vice-president, Wright said that the attacks in the media were not against him but the black church, and spoke about theological issues.

    During the Q&A, Wright showed his disdain for the recent media coverage.

    For instance, when Leinwand asked about comments made after 9/11 – whether “America’s chickens are coming home to roost” – Wright immediately asked if she’d “heard the whole sermon.”

    Since she hadn’t heard the sermon, in which Wright is actually paraphrasing Edward Peck, the former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Wright said, “That nullifies that question.”

    When Leinwand asked about Obama’s church attendance, Wright shot back: “What did your pastor preach on last week?”

    And asked about whether he gave “unpatriotic sermons,” practically following up on George Stephanopoulos’s questioning during the ABC debate, Wright provided a great sound bite for the cable networks to use over and over.

    “I served six years in the military,” Wright said. “Does that make me patriotic? How many has Cheney served?”

    Leinwand had to bang the gavel several times to stop the applause from attendees — which she mentioned on at least one occasion were not members of the working press.

    Because NPC president Sylvia Smith, who is a reporter at Indiana’s Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, is currently covering the state’s upcoming primary, Leinwand moderated the event.

    Smith explained by phone Monday that the NPC had invited Wright about a month ago to speak in the organization’s luncheon series, but he was unavailable. When he agreed to a breakfast talk, under the same guidelines as the luncheon series, Smith said that she did not know the pastor was doing any other public events, never mind a media tour.

    The NPC’s logo could be seen on all the networks today, in back of Wright making his statements, but Smith said that bringing in Wright had nothing to do with boosting the organization’s image.

    These programs are arranged, she said, because “we think it’s really important to bring news-making individuals before the press.”

    Since becoming a household name, Wright has been reluctant to answer questions from the press.

    On April 13, Mix Magazine reported that Wright gave a sermon in Norfolk, Virginia and declined to answer any questions from the press. He instead shared a statement, asking the handful of reporters there, including Barbara Ciara, the president of the National Association of Black Journalists, “to stand yet a second time to identify ourselves as an usher walked around.”

    Now, less than two weeks later, Wright is both answering questions from the press and speaking to thousands at large-scale events likely to garner media coverage.

    On Sunday evening, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien reported from the NAACP dinner in Detroit. Prior to Wright being named as a speaker, O’Brien was already slated to attend, to show a clip of her documentary “Black in America,” which focuses on the African-American community 40 years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Monday morning, O’Brien said on CNN’s “American Morning” that much of Wright’s talk was “very, very funny” and “quite amusing.”

    “[A]s far as Reverend Wright is concerned, it was a great speech from his perspective,” O’Brien continued. “It was a home-run, not just to the 10,000 people attending. But I think it really got across the Reverend Wright who he thinks he is and how he wants to be defined.”

    The problem for Obama, however, is that with more clips of Wright being played all day on the cable networks, and likely on the evening news, the candidate is being defined, too.

  17. Fox report on the Obama-DNC fund raising deal and the strategists saying it’s a big deal and indicates the Dems think he will be he nominee . . . .
    A similar deal offered to HRC but negotiations are ongoing . . . .

    I read about this over the weekend . . . another bizarre plot point?

  18. easley is very popular in nc. i wonder what kind of campaigning he will do. what is the impact in NC? it wil give her mo. and she has a 30,000 person rally tonight!

  19. OkieAtty wrote:

    Hillary can’t go after this. She has to let the BM and the GOP do it. Otherwise, she risks further baseless claims of racism.

    Totally agree. I’m sure her campaign knows that the best approach is to keep their heads down, roll up their sleeves, and keep working like dogs to win IN and NC. Obama can deal with his own self-created messes.

  20. Okie, I understand. Howard Wolfson neatly responded on “Joe” this am, “We’re unlikely to have anything to say about this.”

    Re the race card: to paraphrase the old saying, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” I hope that voters recognize this movie – they’ve seen a couple of times already this season.

  21. mj, how’s the prison system working now that MA has no DP? Do you guys have a lot of problems with overcrowding?

    In CA – even though we do have DP – overcrowding is a crisis.

  22. thats wonderful news about the governor of NC another superdelegate for Hillary! Tomorrow is important because Hillary is having a huge rally there at the Bobcat Arena – Club 44 18,500 seats – awesome (this is just seats, not the mainfloor which Im sure can seat even more!

    also, please go to this website to sign the petition to have Obama debate Hillary in NC!

    ADMIN please post this!

  23. hwc, there is no way Hillary “steals” the nomination. The nomination belongs to no one until the delegates cast their final ballot. Please, let’s not use the incendiary language of the Obama surrogates…is eveyone down with that?

  24. California doesn’t exercise DP very often. They house DP prisoners for a long, long time. I don’t think overcrowding has much at all to do with prison crowding. Yeah, we’ve got some overcrowding, and a spike in violent crime in the cities but we are still a relatively low crime state.

  25. Berkeley,
    Maybe no Master Plan but look at what they did to horseface Kerry . . . . there’s something that smells weird about this . . . . . like someone bought someone else off, again, and the bottom line is we have absolutely no say in what’s going on . . . oh, yeah, we’re lulled into a false sense of participation in the process but just like WWW, it’s all decided in advance . . .

    Anyway . . . just my intuition whacking out again. . .

    GREAT NEWS about NC, though. 😀

  26. I said, “steal the nomination BACK”. We all know how this went down. If Florida and Michigan had been treated as the crushing victories they were, this nomination would have been over on Super Tuesday.

    The Democratic Party is NOT going to allow Hillary Clinton to win the nomination. The only way she is the nominee is if she steals it BACK.

  27. Just joined the site… I don’t have much to comment on, I’m in Tennessee and we’ve already picked Hillary. Anyway, I wanted everyone to know I just made my first donation. $10.44 to HRC. I’m a restaurant worker so that’s all I had to give for now, but soon our Economic stimulus checks will come. I’d trade that money for a shot at healthcare any day. Who’s with me?

  28. Please contact Governor Easley of North Carolina and thank him for his support.

    Contact info: 1-919-733-5811

    You can go to his North Carolina governor web site and email him as well.

    Be sure to let these supporters know that we thank them.

    If you can, call the other superdelegates that are leaning and keep the pressure on them as well. Give them concrete ideas on why Hillary should be 44.

  29. I’ll problem in CA is the 3-strikes law. I have no compassion for murderers and rapists, but if the law sends someone to prison for life for third strike on theft, that bothers me.

  30. man, I think I just mangled the English language. I’m sure you guys get the gist of what I said.

  31. Basil, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I think Wright just does what he wants. He’s what we refer to as a “loose cannon.” *chuckle*

    NC is definitely in play now. It’ll either be a low single digit loss or a a low single digit win. We’re at a 10 pt spread now. We can close the gap. Get donating and calling….but do not mention the Wright stuff. Let the GOP do it. This thing has nothing to do with Hillary. Don’t sully her with it.

  32. basil: no conspiracy. I agree with Berkeley; especially since the waffles campaign is in crisis mode.

  33. Did you guys see Hillary Fact Hub? Obama homepage features an old article from February to tout that he’s beating McCain in a matchup, while Hillary trails. That’s pathetic.

  34. MJ, it’s not a deal. It’s normal business, just this time Hillary isn’t signing on as she was given the option bc they want a slice of donations and the ability to use her for fundraising. She says, ‘No. Screw you.” So long as she can keep their donations down, they have little leverage on her. The poorer they get, the better the chance of MI and FL counting.

  35. mj, really? then why would the governor wait until tomorrow? He should be on the stage endorsing Hillary?

    Also where did u see that it’ll be tonight? Won’t it be televised or is it a private event (fundraising)?

  36. Yeah filbert, that is terrible. I have no problem with life in prison for violent offenders. And, the David Westerley crime, which I watched intently, did not leave me at all bothered that he got the death penalty, but I’m still kind of glad we don’t have it in MA because I don’t know if I agree with government sanctioned killing even if it is deserved. The thing with the gangs is we know it’s often juvinelles so it’s a very tough one.

  37. Obama’s statements on Wright, from this afternoon (below). If you’re an Obama supporter, you KNOW it’s bad when the best Obama can do is basically say, “well, at least Wright’s comments show that we aren’t coordinating with him.” LOL! Dude, NO ONE CARES about those “inside baseball”-style musings of yours. Voters are turned off by your campaign because you gave $26K of your salary last year to fund this nutjob’s church. You went to his church on Christmas. He presided over your wedding. As you said, he was your spiritual advisor. THOSE are the issues. No one gives a rat’s ass about whether or not you “coordinated” with him.

    April 28, 2008, 5:29 pm
    Obama Addresses Ex-Pastor’s Media Blitz

    By Jeff Zeleny
    the New York Times

    WILMINGTON, N.C. – If it was not clear before today, Senator Barack Obama said, it should be clear now: his presidential campaign has no control over what the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., his former pastor, says or does.

    “I think certainly what the last three days indicate is that we’re not coordinating with him, right?” Mr. Obama said. “He’s obviously free to speak his mind, but I just want to emphasize that this is my former pastor. Many of the statements that he has made both to trigger this initial controversy and that he’s made over the last several days are not statements that I’ve heard him make previously. They don’t represent my views and they don’t represent what this campaign is about.”

    At a hastily called news conference on the tarmac of the airport here, with the engines of his campaign plane buzzing in the background, Mr. Obama briefly responded to questions for the first time about Mr. Wright’s speech today to the National Press Club.

    Mr. Obama declined to say whether he felt betrayed over the comments from his longtime former pastor. He also declined to assess the political fallout from the remarks, which comes as he is working to win the primaries next week in North Carolina and Indiana and to convince Democrats that he would be the party’s strongest candidate in the fall.

    “People will understand that I am not perfect and there are going to be folks in my past – like Reverend Wright – that may cause them concern,” Mr. Obama said. “But, ultimately, my 20 years of service and the values that I’ve written about, spoken about and promoted are their values and what they are concerned about. That’s what this campaign has been about. And will continue to be about.”

    As images and words from Mr. Wright filled cable television airwaves today, Mr. Obama was making three campaign stops in North Carolina. The controversy was not mentioned, by Mr. Obama or by voters, during a town meeting this afternoon. Initially, the campaign did not plan to have Mr. Obama speak to reporters here, but aides changed their mind as they neared the airport.

    “Some of the comments that Reverend Wright has made offended me and I understand why they offend the American people,” Mr. Obama said. “He does not speak for me. He does not speak for the campaign.”

  38. just, I was talking to a friend about it yesterday and I could swear he said it was tonight. I could be wrong.

  39. I’ve been asked about Rev Wright on various occasions in phone banking. I try to steer away and say that each person has to look at the tapes and draw their own conclusion.

    And WOOT, WOOT … those 9 new endorsements for Hillary in Indiana.

    Let’s go Big Pink, bring home North Carolina and Indiana for Hillary.

    Sonia, you around?

  40. For those wondering about the DNC-Obama money agreement and why Clinton doesn’t have one yet, here was my take from

    Mark Halperin of Time Magazines “The Page” had a story covering a new joint fundraising project that would allow people to give money to Obama and the DNC simultaneously. The agreement hasn’t been filed yet, but will be shortly. According to the New York times, the deal apparently was extended to the Clinton camp as well and they have not reached agreement yet.

    Mark had the wrong angle on this story. The reason this agreement happened prior to the selection of a candidate is because Hillary Clinton supporters are demanding that Howard Dean use his limited “leadership” abilities to fix this Michigan and Florida debacle before sending money to the DNC for the General. The DNC is having trouble filling it’s war chest for the general election and sees this as necessary to get the cash flowing in.

    I’m one that is of the opinion that the democratic party has been co-opted. It has become the Soros party with far-left ideology that centrist democrats find a bit much at times. The new ”management” has indicated an apparent disdain for the center of the democratic party, practically verbalizing a desire that we just go away.

    It has become obvious that this struggle is about what Democrats really stand for. In my eyes, Hillary Clinton and her supporters are fighting for nothing less than the heart and soul of the democratic party.

    Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have chose their candidate long ago. They have been stacking the deck for him all the way with the extremely punitive handling of Michigan and Florida and favoritism shown by party “elders” in the effort to keep those votes from being counted. The DNC has had in its power the ability to resolve this issue and yet they fail to do so because it will mean momentum for Clinton and will allow voters in the rest of the country to see how close this race really is.

    Howard Dean has been pushing the superdelegates to declare before the race is over. With each Clinton victory there is a veiled attempt to shame her into dropping out by “party elders”. Let me just say this…I did not vote these people in, and right now it doesn’t look anything like my party.

    Party elders not stood up to the sexism displayed by so many in the race. They have not stood up against the race baiting. They have not stood up for voters that want to be counted. They have only stood up for Barack Obama.

    Hillary supporters are protesting this lack of neutrality by withholding funds until the democratic party leaders start acting democratic again. I assume that is why Hillary has not signed on to a joint agreement.

    Barack Obama was not properly vetted, he is a severely flawed candidate that cannot win a general election. Barack Obama has very little experience and has not shown anywhere near the depth that Clinton has on the issues. Many of us that found him an interesting candidate, but have been turned off by the race baiting, the low blows to Clinton’s character, and the attempts to tarnish the only successful democratic president and presidency that many of us have seen in our lifetimes.

    There is a fundamental lack of respect emanating from that campaign and the decision by Obama’s people not to count or revote Michigan and Florida says it all.

    Howard Dean is enabling this mess because he wants to make sure Obama wins. I saw this info this morning on Taylor Marsh’s website:

    “At a strategy session yesterday, Terry McAuliffe alerted those present that the superdelegates from Florida had filed a formal complaint with Party’s rules committee board, because regardless of the status of the seating of the Florida delegation, it is a violation of DNC rules to refuse to seat the Florida’s superdelegates (superdelegates are not chosen by primary). Guess what Howard Dean is doing? Refusing to refer the complaint to the rules committee. Terry urged everybody in the room and everybody we know to contact the DNC and specifically ask that the RCB address the complaint filed by the two Florida delegates.”

    Hillary Clinton’s supporters for the most part have been kicked around like she has. We work hard and are under-appreciated by corporations and our government. We are saying Dean, Pelosi and the DNC – DON’T TREAD ON ME!

  41. “People will understand that I am not perfect and there are going to be folks in my past – like Reverend Wright – that may cause them concern,” Mr. Obama said. “But, ultimately, my 20 years of service and the values that I’ve written about, spoken about and promoted are their values and what they are concerned about. That’s what this campaign has been about. And will continue to be about.” (Didn’t OBama call him his spiritual advisor and a personal friend? He said Wright instilled a lot of values in him, ENOUGH OBAMA with your lies, my former pastor? He was YOUR SPRITUAL ADVISOR AND FRIEND OF 20 YEARS!)

  42. Hi guys,

    Just want you to know that I;m still around and reading your posts, but I REALLY have to limit my time on-line. I;m not getting enough work done! I;m writing letters as a Hillary Responder, too.

  43. oohh, Obama will draw more ire from the good reverend .. he does not speak for me.

    Hmmm, you liked his message well enough to remain a member of the church for 20 years and name him your spiritual advisor.

    Also, please remember that ONLY WHEN FOX NEWS forced him to fess up about Wright did he even do so. He never intended to say a word and then his famous “race” speech got forced on us.

    Seems like Rev Wright wasn’t so impressed with his great speech

  44. I got this from someone who is from Indiana, good suggestions for those who wants to make calls to Indiana:

    Indiana has 5 main culture/regions: All of which the word “Liberal” is a curse word. Try “progressive” instead. Contrast Obama’s “ultra-liberal” views with Hillary’s “progressive” views.

    Hillary’s strengths in each of the areas are:
    – Her unapologetic assertion that her faith is the driving factor on reaching out help others.
    – Her commitment to children. Indiana prides itself as a great place to raise a family.
    – Her to-the-point and mainstream non-radical views. Indiana, as a whole, is a moderate state and prides itself on honest, pragmatic and sometimes very blunt answers to complex issues.
    – A return back to the prosperous times of the 1990s. Indiana is in a HUGE recession right now.
    – Smart health care reform that protects everyone equally.
    – Independence from foreign oil. Hillary’s commitment to home-grown energy fuels for home-grown needs.
    – Hillary’s pledge to crack down on China’s imports of dangerous goods plays well here.
    – The fact that Hillary worked in her father’s small business assembly line during school breaks will play well here.

    WARNING: Along with automobile manufacturing, Indiana’s biggest industries are: Insurance and Pharmaceuticals/Medical Devices. We need to stress reform that is friendly to Insurance and Pharma. DO NOT BAD-MOUTH Insurance or drug companies – you may be talking to a worker of one of those companies afraid he/she will lose their job because of Hillary’s proposed changes.

    1. Indianapolis Greater Metro Area. about 30% of the state population. It has an urban liberal core central city where the blacks and the gays live. Then it is surrounded by a donut of white Conservative suburbs. What passes for “liberal” in Indy would be called “moderate” where I now live in the Silicon valley. Healht care reform, Father as small business owners is a plus here. Be careful, Insurance-related industries are big business here.

    2. Lake Region: Chicago suburbs. Desperately poor and excessively rich. VERY democrat and the state’s largest black population. The second-most populated part of the state and consistently tries to prove it is more a part of Chicago than it is a part of Indiana. Obama will win here.

    3. Michiana (South Bend-Elkhart) – Blue collar factory democrat and VERY Catholic. Should go Hillary in a big way. Health care reform, commitment to kids, blue collar heritage plays well here.

    4. Greater Fort Wayne – North East Indiana. Very republican part of the state. But the Democrats are a scrappy bunch who vote electability over idealism every time. his is the area that first elected Dan Quayle to Congress. A mix of blue collar dems and urban liberals. Hillary will win 54-46ish. Stress that Obama’s style over substance and ties to extremist folks will hurt other Democrats. Father as small business owners is a plus here. Be careful, Insurance-related industries are big business here. Fort Wayne proper is concerned with gun violence – record number of homicides this year. Hillary’s commitment to more cops on the street is a plus in the city. Outlying areas are “god and guns” voters. Obama’s remarks will hurt him there.

    5. Southern Indiana: Conserv. Dems. Think TN: Hill Wins BIG. Stress Hillary’s commitment to public service is inspired by her faith. These are bibles and guns folk. Obama’s remarks in San Francisco will hurt him here.

    OTHER: Misc rural vote. Very similar to Southern Indiana, but mostly republican, but there are some conservative democrats – usually socially conservative union democrats. If Hillary’s gender doesn’t hurt her here, then she should win by a pretty big margin. Stress Hillary’s commitment to public service is inspired by her faith. These are bibles and guns folk. Obama’s remarks in San Francisco will hurt him here.

    [Lafayette is a semi-conservative college town in the “rural” part of the state, which is highly republican – and it is sandwiched between the Chicago suburbs and Indianapolis suburbs.

    It is a special case.

    By the way, Lafayette is pronounced Lah-FEE-et – not Lah-FAY-et]. Mispronouncing the name of the city is a dead giveaway that you are “not from around here, are ya?”

    Additionally, in Lafayette, you will be in Purdue country. College sports (basketball and football are VERY big here) use of the the word “Hoosier” is OK as describing someone from Indiana — but the word “Hoosiers” is not OK – it is the name of the arch rival team from Indiana University.]

    By the way, Hoosier is pronounced WHO-zher, not “hoo-ZEE-ur” as many say on TV. The last syllable in Hoosier is the same as the syllables in the words “measure,” “pleasure,” and “treasure”

  45. get the context of Obama’s last message “THERE ARE GOING TO BE FOLKS IN MY PAST WHO GIVE PEOPLE REASON FOR CONCERN …

    well how many more we gonna find out about

  46. Brit Hume just said Wright wasn’t telling the truth when he claimed Amb. Peck said America’s chickens are coming home to roost, etc.

    He’s sooooo toasted!

  47. People will understand that I am not perfect and there are going to be folks in my past – like Reverend Wright – that may cause them concern,” Mr. Obama said.

    I think this is funny. His homepage had a picture of him looking up in the sky amongst clouds like he’s Jesus F*ing Christ. He and his surrogates trying to pass him off as the second coming of Christ and now with all these new revelations (no pun intended) coming out, he admits to not being perfect and to accept him warts and all? Pfffftt.

  48. Just worked off nervous energy by emailing letters to a dozen and a half more Indiana newspapers.

    That makes 30 for today. 😀

  49. Filbert, LOL…”I think this is funny. His homepage had a picture of him looking up in the sky amongst clouds like he’s Jesus F*ing Christ.” That was my thought.

  50. well I turned over to msnbc and they are crucifiying Bill Clinton, I guess the rats got the memo to cut the feed on Wright and start back on Clinton hating.

    Screw MSNBC.

  51. it said on FOX that Obama now has more endorsements from senators then Hillary for the first time

  52. justmeinmountdorafl Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 6:37 pm
    it said on FOX that Obama now has more endorsements from senators then Hillary for the first time


  53. Blackwell is the entrepeneur/donor to Obama that put him on an 8,000/month “retainer” during some lean times for Obama. Work he did for Blackwell for the money has not really been able to be quantified. However, right after Obama got his last check from the guy, he sent a letter on Senate letterhead advocating for Blackwell’s company “Killerspin” to get a $50,000 grant from Illinois for a ping pong tournament. $20,000 of that was actually granted. The day after Obama wrote the letter, he received a $1000 donation from Blackwell. The next year Killerspin got a 200,000 grant. The following year they got $100,000. So for Blackwell’s $80,000 investment in Mr. Obama he received $320,000 in return.

    Of course Obama claims it was all on the up and up, but boy it sure smells bad.

  54. I called Indiana and spoke with a volunteer. They are accepting sponsors for meals for the volunteers, and for the staff volunteer party on 5/7/08. It is considered a “gift” not a donation. They are not asking for it; I offered to give the volunteers a gift.

  55. Obama has legitimized Fox by appearing on it and pandering to the audience. So now he nor his supporters can say that Fox is just RW propaganda.

  56. Well, it would be nice if Jack Reed would come out for her already. She won his state by 18 points. They really like eachother, Obama’s toast in a GE. you know, the usual.

  57. okie,

    I just can’t remember ever getting a gift that didn’t have strings attached but anything that REALLY helps HRC is fine with me.


  58. birdgal, when I was in Austin, we had piles of food cooked for us everyday. People came into the office with water bottles in bulk, pastries, fruits and everything. Austinites are unbelievably generous. There was a Pizza Hut on the same block as the HQ and the owner is a supporter. Everyday for lunch, he sent out boxes of pizzas. I think the folks at Bill Miller sent out food too.

  59. justme,

    Awwwwww! That will be the best present for the whole country!


    Tomorrow I’m gonna finish the Indiana papers at Rapid Responders and get to the new NC ones posted.

  60. OMG…….I can’t keep up with you guys LOL

    I just finished the other thread and realized when no one was posting that there was YET ANOTHER thread LOL!!

    I think i will skip over this thread and just jump in 😀

  61. justmeinmountdorafl Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 6:27 pm
    “People will understand that I am not perfect and there are going to be folks in my past – like Reverend Wright – that may cause them concern,” Mr. Obama said. “But, ultimately, my 20 years of service and the values that I’ve written about, spoken about and promoted are their values and what they are concerned about. That’s what this campaign has been about. And will continue to be about.” (Didn’t OBama call him his spiritual advisor and a personal friend? He said Wright instilled a lot of values in him, ENOUGH OBAMA with your lies, my former pastor? He was YOUR SPRITUAL ADVISOR AND FRIEND OF 20 YEARS!)
    *****************************************************Obama is a LIAR and he STILL trying to have it both way…Obambi can’t stay out of a camera lens but on this very important issue for his campaign…Obambi whimps out and give this weak ass audio clip.

    The man has no backbone.

  62. Justme: Excellent Indy primer! Thanks! Will come in handy, since I’ve just signed up to go there on Saturday. Woo-hoo!

  63. I wish I could be there in person campaigning you know? I cant hear but to see all of this with my own eyes would be so awesome

  64. HI,





  65. 1. Lieberman endorsed McCain

    2. or — (I forgot which) is a fabulous idea. Since few of us here made the initial mistake, let’s spread the word wherever possible for regretful BO voters.

    3. Wright is in it for the money and fame. Remember his line “Read my book” which he promised in a couple of months. When else would he get 3 well-covered appearances on TV? And he will make more money if he can say that Obama lost because America is racist. Of course, if Obama wins, he can work that too — like Billy beer he can have Jeremiah jerky.

  66. Your Obama quote of the day:

    “I am less familiar with some of these blue-collar voters than [Clinton],” he said on Fox News Sunday.

  67. Dear Rev Wright, please, please continue your tour

    Everytime you open your mouth Obama sinks another point in the polls.

    You are the gift that keeps on giving.

    And I am grateful…

  68. “I am less familiar with these blue collar voters…their grazing patterns are unfamiliar to me and their social structure is not something I have seen before. Their mating rituals are somewhat familiar, but I think more study is needed.”

  69. We were talking earlier about the rampant misogyny in Obamaland. Here’s a good article (it’s long) linked from the Women for Hillary news:

    Rise, Hillary, rise!

  70. HillBillyLover: LOL! 🙂
    “I am less familiar with some of these blue-collar voters than [Clinton],” he said on Fox News Sunday.

    Don’t worry, Bambi. They’re probably just typical white people.

  71. helo me with information on what Hillary is saying/how is she sounding/whats the crowd doing/saying

  72. Oh man.

    Wright saying that Bambi distancing himself from him is just an act AND he defended and praised Farrakhan.

  73. Well its official, the Obamabots have exploded under their own shit and are crying like i’ve never seen before, the threads over on DU consist of “Obama’s Presidency has just been derailed” “The media is killing him with this”

    God i’m loving today.

  74. basil9, how do u become a rapid responder?

    anyone willing to sponsor me to go to either state? 😉

  75. check it out…. a pro-Hillary 527 group is lauching $700,000 worth of ads in IN.

  76. Just me: Hillary is talking about leveling the playing field with foreign companies who subsidies companies. Getting tough with China, others. Nice big, filled auditorium. Recounting her experience in China where she told women, “Women’s rights are human rights.” She’s talking tough on jobs.

  77. HBL and Birdgal, well you all earned it right? RIGHT!!

    I am still laughing at the kid drying. where on mydd, did it come from. I hav en’t seen it over there?

  78. Just me: now she’s talking about the specifics of how she will provide the leadership to create “green” jobs. And, save the planet while she’s at it!

  79. Is it just me or did someone leave the lock off the cage BM has been in for the last few months. It kind of reminds me of that film A.I. where the robots decide they have had enough being the puppets and decide to rum amok.

    I think the msm must have decided “whoa this guy is getting a bit freaky now, time to get rid of him”

  80. by the way, did you guys know that security for Jeremiah Wright is being provided by none other than the nation of islam goons.

    Coincidence, i think not.

  81. Yup i wonder why no ones mentioned who Wrights audience was during his tour de force.

    It’s been confirmed: Jeremiah Wright’s bodyguards are Nation of Islam goons. Several Farrakhan acolytes were also in the audience for Wright’s vaudeville performance at the National Press Club, including one of our favorite race clowns, Malik Zulu Shabazz, and America’s favorite race clown politician, Marion Barry. Also in attendance: Wacknut Obama supporter Rev. Michael Pfleger:

    Speaking before an audience that included Marion Barry, Cornel West, Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam official Jamil Muhammad, Wright praised Louis Farrakhan, defended the view that Zionism is racism, accused the United States of terrorism, repeated his view that the government created the AIDS virus to cause the genocide of racial minorities, stood by other past remarks (”God damn America”) and held himself out as a spokesman for the black church in America.

    Yup bigots of a feather flock together.

  82. It looks like Dr. Wright is waking up the BLACK CHURCHES…other ministers are going on cable shows and denouncing Dr. Wright statement that he representing BLACK CHURCHES.

    Oh well, Obama campaign must really be in trouble if other Black Ministers who support him are speaking out. But the problem is this:

    1. Obama ministers should have come out in the begining and denounced Rev. Wright views were not indicative of BLACK CHURCHES.

    2. Team Obama use the BLACK CHURCH as a cover to protect Obambi from the fallout of Dr. Wright

    3. Obambi knew the character and beliefs of his Pastor and should have started minimizing Dr. Wright role in his life. Obambi didn’t, he used Pastor Wright message proudly and talked openly about his mentor and church home and how proud he was of Wright’s influence in his family.

    4. What did Obambi think running for the POTUS was going to be….another Alan Keys replay?

  83. justme,

    Here’s the link. You don’t have to register unless you want to get email alerts. Go to the Letters to the Editor Tab at the top and click on GOALS for the week and links to Indiana and NC newspapers will pop up.


  84. There’s something that no one has pointed out. Obama’s campaign and supporters believe that if he is a elected, Dems and GOP will hold hands and sing in harmony. There will be no more partisan bickering and everyone will work together for a common cause.

    As we have see from the last few weeks, the Republicans didn’t get that memo. They’re attacking Obama as ruthlessly as they have attacked Hillary. If coverage Rev. Wright is any indication, Obamabots should any Pollyannic notion that Obama will be able to change the system as we know.

  85. Carbynew, this is a disaster for Obama because if those same ministers start saying Obama’s church is not like other black churches, then what exactly is it like.

    Its exactly Rev Wright thats what it is and makes it even worse for Obama.

  86. carby says: “. What did Obambi think running for the POTUS was going to be….another Alan Keys replay?”

    With the dnc behind him, the answer was probably “yes.”

  87. seriously, compare Obama’s crowd and Hillary’s crowd tonight (go to cnn live) and see the HUGE difference!

  88. hillary now has the biggest keys to in and nc-bayh and easley. i dont now if easley can put hillary over the top in nc bc of demographics. anyone from nc here?

  89. I like Cornell West. Race Matters was one of the first books I read in college, and he used to hang out at the bookstore I managed. i like him.

  90. Wright it all entirely in context, all those idiots that went on live tv and said his sermons were taken out of context got smashed in the face today when Jeremiah showed that they were not out of context whatsoever and that Obama knew exactly what he was doing.

    All those people that gave Obama the benefit of the doubt after his speech last month probably realised what a lying sack of shit Obama is.

    Now that, Obama is putting it in context of “you are fucked, sunshine”

  91. Wright puts O on defense … again

  92. texan4hillary, i’ve spoken to several people in the know, repug and dem and they have all said Easley endorsing HRC is a huge huge deal. It might just force the Edwards out now for HRC.

  93. Matthews: “God Damn America?”

    That’s one of the great quotes in history! (Mathews, who’d I;d never defend, clearly meant great as most noticeable)



  94. i bet. easley gives cover for others to endorse i think. he is very popular. i hope he and hill will be arm in arm till may 6! cant wait to ehar what the guv has to say when he endorses hill in the a.m.

  95. The volunteer, that I spoke with in IN, is from there and knows the demographics. He said the race is tight.

  96. Texan, I don’t think HRC will win NC. The goal is to stay within slim margins.

    I’m not being a negative Nate. I’m realistic. If 30% of Dem electorate are AA and AA have been voting for BO 90%, consistently, what are the odds that HRC can get that many non-AA out to vote for her.

    In addition, NC has a lot of college towns. The demographics are too similar to SC.

  97. filbertsf, after today’s little explosion with a state like NC, Hillary could take NC. The white voters may just be pissed enough.

  98. Actually, as someone stated before, if BO does win NC but loses the white/blue collar voters by significant margins, then his “win” is actually a loss. Hillary’s people can say that he can’t seem to go outside of the young/AA voters.

  99. “In addition, NC has a lot of college towns. The demographics are too similar to SC.” If only. BO only got 22% of the white vote in SC. 21% in Mississippi. But NC is more affluent, less deep-south.

  100. filbertsf, look at the rally, there’s 18,000+ people there and she’s firing up the crowd so anthing can happen and with the gov’s endorsement and Bill’s popularity there it’ll help

  101. Yup, if he wins in NC with black voters and 15% white voters, then its a big loss.

    If Clinton again takes 70% of white voters and blue collar workers and seniors, then the SD’s will be shitting themselves that golden boy cannot cut it.

  102. MJ – western NC will go for Hillary – Charlotte, Raliegh-Durham, Winston-Salem – will go to Obama eastern NC maybe Obama because rich-towners

  103. Has MSNBC been given a labotomy, they have gone so pro clinton in many ways, i’m astounded at the turnaround so quick.

  104. can someone capture the link for the video of Obama not wanting to debate. I want to send it around, but all I can seem to capture is the embed 🙁 I need the linky

    Appreciate the help

  105. MJ yes but you forget, In SC, half of the democratic vote was AA, 50% of it, its only 30 in NC.

  106. Yes, but he didn’t win by a majority in SC and Hill won 22 percent of the black vote there. Those days are over. Unless you meant Mississippi.

  107. Since the Pennsylvania primary, there has been an almighty shift. Its almost as if the MSM gave Obama until the PA primary and if he couldnt close the deal, they said fuck him.

  108. Why do some people say AA is 30% of the electorate and others say 40%? Remember, if they are 30% of the pop, they are likely more of the registered Dems, since few are repubs.

  109. wow what a nice mixture of crowd in NC at the rally for Hillary this evening, very diverse

  110. Rev. Wright is seriously a gift. At the same time, I feel bad for the African Americans who do not agree with his ideology, but are now being represented by this blubbering idiot.

    North Carolina will be challenging but I feel that if the GOP does air those attack ads in North Carolina and possibly mobilize enough cross-overs/white voters to vote Hillary, she can, at the very least, keep it close. + with the governor’s help, she should be able to close some margins in heavily Obama favored towns just as rendell helped Hillary win Pittsburgh’s county and 2 out of the 4 Philly suburb counties.

    Bayh should be very helpful in Indiana as one of the most respectable Dems ever elected there. He will be able to help hillary shore up more votes and keep Obama down where she can. bIndiana will be close as there are massive numbers of troops pouring out from Illinois to support the BamBam campaign, but Hillary troops must keep trucking on. This new Wright stuf fis a serious blow to their morale and is likely to linger in the minds of many fence-sitters come poll time or voting time.

  111. don’t count on NC looking too pretty though guys. Where Obama is lacking in African Americans in this state, he has made up with it with a large large large horde of college students and upper class voters.

    South Carolina’s non AA voters were more poor/working class aka tailored to hillary and edwards.

    In North Carolina, non-AA dems are ultra-liberal/wealthy or college kids.

  112. “South Carolina’s non AA voters were more poor/working class aka tailored to hillary and edwards.

    In North Carolina, non-AA dems are ultra-liberal/wealthy or college kids.”


  113. MJS, remember Hillary gained grounds with the college graduates and upperclass in PA. There are poor NC’linas in all parts of NC esp the western part.

  114. Don’t you just love articles like this

    Jeremiah Wright May Have Just Sunk Obama’s Campaign

    The Obama campaign is off the rails.

  115. justme, I know what the stats are saying, but each state is very different.

    In a state like Penn where a majority of the adults/parents are probably pretty favorable of Hillary, it’s undeniable some college students would be more open to her message.

    however, in a state like NC where college students and ultra-libs are pretty much in a world of their own, they are less open to Hillary’s ideas.

    Our best bet would be to counter than youth vote by driving out the Older voters for Hillary in force. ake sure senior citizens get to voting and the above 50+ group that has been so favorable to HIllary outrumps the youth+45 and under group numbers.

  116. yes, no, I know, but he starts out with at least what 32 percent of the vote. If she were still getting 22% of the AA vote, I think she’d take it away.

  117. MJS I was in college for 4 years in Hickory, NC, and I can tell you that the western part of NC will likely to go to Clinton, it will definately be a close call, winnable, yes. NC has a democrat governor. He endorsed Hillary. This will help. The Wright matter wont help. Obama’s uninspiring speeches/rallies won’t help Obama.

  118. I’m seeeing some serious movement away from Obama judging by the comments on blogs and newspapers, Obamabots sure this is the end and people who voted for him, saying no way they will now and people still to vote, saying absolutely no way. If the Obamabots are this crushed, this is very very bad indeed for bambi.

  119. Posting all of the article detailed in moononpluto’s post, since it’s so good:

    Jeremiah Wright May Have Just Sunk Obama’s Campaign

    The Obama campaign is off the rails.

    The entire tone of the race changed the moment we saw the first fiery Wright sermon. The sight of those sermons triggered a question in a lot of voters’ minds: How do you get the moderate-sounding, pleasant, agreeable student Barack Obama from an angry, divisive, radical, way-out-of-the-mainstream teacher like Jeremiah Wright? The sermons weren’t quite a deal-breaker, but many Obama supporters, leaners, and undecideds were asking… how did Obama choose this man as a mentor? How could he possibly not know that his mentor had these attitudes? And does Obama agree with any of Wright’s inflammatory statements?

    In response, Obama gave a very eloquent speech about race relations in America. But it never quite answered the question, and in fact tried to blur the distinction between family we are born into and those we choose to turn to for guidance. Hillary jabbed at this in the debate, and Obama never quite had an appropriate response. He even said he disowned Wright, then backtracked and said he disowned his controversial statements.

    And since then, it’s gotten worse, even with a Bill Moyers interview that wasn’t softball so much as it was Nerf Tee-Ball. We’ve heard Wright compare the Roman Legions who punished Jesus to the U.S. Marines, we’ve heard him argue that the U.S. and al-Qaeda are doing the same acts under different flags, etc.

    Now we hear Wright analyzing the differences between white and black brains (!) and that the criticism of him for his comments was “an attack on the black church.” He didn’t retract his assertion that the U.S. government created the AIDS virus. He didn’t retract his accusation that the United States had committed terrorism. He raved about Louis Farrakhan.

    And again, we’re left with that question… presuming Obama strongly disagrees with all of Wright’s statements in these areas… how did he end up selecting this pastor? This church? (I know we get the story in Obama’s autobiography. But did Obama once agree with all of the crazy conspiracy theories? Does he still agree, late at night, when the microphones and television cameras are far away?)

    Obama is saying he should be president, instead of two much more experienced rivals, because of his superior judgment. But what kind of judgment is needed to select Wright as a surrogate father figure?

    More reaction:

    Jake Tapper: “He clearly was not doing Obama any favors, not only by reappearing before a ravenous media thus distracting from Obama’s attempt to relate better to white working class voters in Indiana and North Carolina, but by implying Obama’s condemnation of some of his sermons was not sincere.”

    David Brody: “Jeremiah Wright did Barack Obama no favors. Pastor Wright’s appearance at the National Press Club today started out as a great opportunity to explain the importance of the black Church experience. Instead it turned into a circus atmosphere and ensured that the Wright controversy is not going away and has the potential to single-handily take down Obama’s campaign.”

  120. justme, as a young person, knowing what people are saying in facebook and being in the networks with many North Carolina college students who are politically active, I can say that at least 60-70% of the college vote will go to Bambi in NC.

    While i understand Hillary is strong in the Western part of NC, the majority (i’m pretty sure) of the NC Dem voters are in the East (no?) and in towns like Charolotte, Salem, etc that are all Obama strongholds.

    What we can hope for, though, is a sweep of the rural/more working class counties in the state as well as chipping away at AA support, gaining more youth voters and breaking even along parts of Eastern NC. That should ensure a pretty close margin.

  121. MJS probably central NC is strong for Obama, Charlotte, Raliegh-Durham, Winston-Salem. I agree MJS it will be an interesting outcome. I hope people educate themselves. Yet we SHALL see 😉

  122. The one comment i am seeing over and over again today in blogs and newspapers is

    “Thank God, Hillary never gave up fighting for the nomination”

  123. What is it it these young voters see in this guy in some of these states? She won the white youth vote(18-29) in PA.

  124. that’s good to hear moononpluto 🙂

    I’m going to wade into the Obama cesspool at the evil website itself to see what they are saying or not saying 😀

  125. Does anybody else think it is ironic that Rev. Wright made fun of the KENNEDYS, those great supporters of OBAMA?!

    I mean i wonder what “the pope of Martha’s vineyard” has to say about that.

  126. From Hillary’s website

    As an Iowan I knew those caucas results couldn’t be quite right. There are lots of elderly in Iowa and late night crowded caucases are not very democratic to them as well as shift workers and people who are working two jobs to survive.

    Hillary please reform caucas system when you are POTUS!

    From Real Clear Politics 4/26
    Iowa: McCain vs. Obama Research 2000 McCain 49, Obama 41, Und 10 McCain +8
    Iowa: McCain vs. Clinton Research 2000 McCain 42, Clinton 43, Und 15 Clinton +1

    Hillary I will work my heart out to help you win Iowa in November!!!!

  127. I do have a nagging feeling that AA voters in NC will cling more tightly to BO because of Wright. They may feel that by going after Wright, it’s going after BO/AA in a round-about way.

    If Wright is a repellant for white voters, he’s also reinforcing to many AA that white America is still divisive with a sprinkle of racist attitude toward black churches and culture.

  128. one useful Obama website comment:

    “i *think* they were purging some comments. i posted one about my worry re wright and then a couple of replies and can’t find them anymore. then after reading some positive links and news, i became positive again and managed to put my distraught about wright behind and am now back to promote barack (not that i ever ditched him – i was only worried!) and i can’t find my positive post either.”

    so they are “purgin” comments now, eh? lol! the campaign is in full-blown crisis mode 🙂 and I’m laughing my ass off at their expense 😀

  129. LMAO.

    The bambi-bots are talking about making DONNA BRAZILLE an AMBASSADOR! LMAOOOOOO 😀

    WHAT A JOKE. That woman can barely look sane being a “pundit” on CNN and no one will forget her abysmal handling of the Gore campaign!

  130. filberts, i would not be so sure, if Wright is damning Obama, there may be a sort of confidence failure amongst AA’s, we are already starting to see some sort of fallout today with black ministers tearing into Wright.

  131. Well, we will see. I think we are going to see a number of AA churches distance themselves from Wright, but it is hard to see how the AA voters could cling anymore tightly to Obama. But, look, we have no idea if this is sinking in in IN/NC. For example, SUSA has Hill up 9 in IN but this volunteer says it is tight, so if it is tight…NC, may not make a difference given the size of the AA vote, and I agree with Filbert, don’t think there will be movement away.

  132. The one comment i am seeing over and over again today in blogs and newspapers is

    “Thank God, Hillary never gave up fighting for the nomination”

  133. a great comment from a bambibot that speaks a little bit of truth…lol:

    “I am sick of Rev Wright I can’t beleive he threw Obama under the bus!”

    YES bambibot! Wright threw BamBam under the bus just like Obama threw his grandma under!

  134. Sorry i got to laugh, someone just said on a comment, I shouldnt but it was kind of funny.

    “Today was the first televised public mugging of a Senator and the first live authorised televised black on black crime filmed by CNN”.

  135. mj, for the same reasons we cling more tightly to Hillary when she’s being assaulted by BO and the media. She’s our gal and we see things from her perspective.

    I swear to God I’ve become a Hillary-version of Obamabots. I think I saw her walking on water!

    Anyways… same with AA BO supporters. It is a historic race and if he’s going to be the first black president, many AA will cling more tightly if they feel he’s being attacked b/c of his culture or race. I do believe that many AA do see an attack on Wright as being an attack on black churches and race.

    But that’s just me.

  136. denied the nyt rumors that people inside the campaign are worried about Obama or that Obama was bored with the primary race – saying that he’s very engaging and excited (explain the recent rally where audience members loos uh so bored)


    “If Obama and his people think to be silent about Rev. Wr , then they are wrong…….

    Rev. Wr is not doing well is letting Obama to the ocean

    Please Obama and Obama Camp/…. please speak Out and denounce this guy….. You are losing ground…….

    Obama Camp made little mistale before TX/OH and the he lost….

    Obama made mistake before PA and the lost

    Now Rer. Wr… all over the media … Obama Camp wishes to be silent…. You will see they will lose IN and NC…

    Look at HRC , she is getting more tougher and touigher than Obama.. Obama doesn’t defend and respond soon m How he could be stronger at GE……… Most people think that … he is not tough and will lose the election b/s he can’t defened now

    I am sorry Obama … Please look around …things are not good around you… I am still a supporter of you but sometimes you camp makes me sick”

  138. justme, sounds like Obama maybe thinks he’s in over his head and his confidence is shaken badly, if they have to deny that, Obama must be having panic attacks.

  139. mj Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 8:36 pm
    Talk Left says BO threw rev wrong under the bus…again.
    It was a weak throw, Obambi pretty much walked him off the bus and got him a cab.

  140. Personally, I am in to conspiracy theories, I think Wright is doing what the campaign wants and just before the nc/ind election, bambi will make another speech that blow the rev.,nbpp, noi out of the water and comes out (they think) smelling like a rose! I don’t trust axelrod with anything. I also think dean is in on it!

  141. confloyd, this is so damaging, he made one speech and now people will not give him the benefit of the doubt, Wright blew that doubt away, if it was a pre planned thing, it was pisspoor and a gamble that just brought the house down.

  142. The most damaging thing that Wright inflicted on Obama is not all those comments about America and 9-11 or making from Irish accents or whatever.

    Wright cut into the heart of Obama’s theme by saying that Obama is just a politician who has to do what he has to do.

    You can’t convince people you’re Jesus Christ when your pastor of 20 years just called you a typical politician.

  143. I love the comments that Juan Williams made on Rev Wright and Obambi….they were right on point.

    Grievance Politics…Thanks Juan

  144. What we’re forgetting is that both NC and IN are OPEN primaries….meaning repubs and indies can vote. This is how she can offset AA numbers in NC!

  145. well, thats true, but why is ole’ rev. doing this unless his ego was bruised and he wants to get back at bambi!
    Well, all I can say is I hope Dean and bradzilla are not going to make sure that bambi gets the nomination bc I will lose faith in the party if that happens.

  146. Somehow I think the ol’ Rev is just trying to get publicity for his new book. He sees how much Barry made with his…what a great chance to get a shitload of free air time.

    Besides, if Barack becomes president and can’t fix everything wrong with this country then the ‘ol Rev won’t have anyone to blame.

  147. Music to my ears.
    The sound of a disgruntled waffleoid.
    ‘I’m starting to have MAJOR doubts about Obama….RANT

    I’m sorry but Wright is killing Obama’s candidacy.

    The NAACP speech was okay, but he probably regressed, when it came to portraying himself as someone who isn’t a “whackadoodle.” Most people aren’t very bright and aren’t going to appreciate his points or they will misread them and take them out of context. So he will just come off as angry ranting preacher making some quasi-racist points.

    However, today, I was literally sick to my stomach watching the National Press Club event. Let me make something clear: I think Wright is a brilliant man. And I like him. But this appearance and his performance was all about him and his ginormous ego, with no regard for the political impact he would have on his parishioner. It was very un-Christian and selfish of him. He threw Obama under the bus in so many ways. I’m still stunned.

    So now, the election is a complete circus. And it doesn’t look like it’s going away. He’s trying to generate press and publicity to promote his book that’s coming out, to make himself richer at the expense of Obama’s viability as a candidate. The media and Wright’s claque of supporters are, of course, egging him on to play the fool.

    You can’t blame Hillary for this, or McCain, or the media. The blame is squarely on Wright. And on Obama for not making clear to Wright how damaging this will be and getting him to shut up. If he cares about Obama why would he go on a speaking tour now? Why would he do this to Obama, whom he supposedly cares about?

    This won’t play well (hell it doesn’t play well with ME, and I’ve donated time and $$) and for the first time I think Clinton has a legitimate argument for the nomination, if she doesn’t overplay her hand. I’m not sure Obama is electable anymore. I’m pissed off about this. I’m pissed of at Wright, because he’s smarter than this, and he’s let his vanity get the best of him. I’m pissed off at Obama for failing as a politician on this issue.

  148. Its so funny watching the obamabots explode, its like a rerun of Ohio/Texas night ans PA night all in one combined with Bittergate.

  149. Well, John McCain has wasted no time pouncing on Obama’s rhetorical gaffes:

    Citing Obama, McCain shifts on use of Wright

    Pointing to Barack Obama’s remark today on “Fox News Sunday” that his former pastor was “a legitimate political issue,” John McCain this afternoon brought up two new controversial statements by Jeremiah Wright that have recently surfaced.

    “I saw yesterday some additional comments that have been revealed by Pastor Wright, one of them comparing the United States Marine Corps with Roman legionnaires who were responsible for the death of our Savior,” said McCain, responding to a question only about the North Carolina GOP ad, at a news conference in Coral Gables, Fla, He also cited comments Wright made that seemed to compare the United States and Al Qaeda.

    But even while raising the Wright comments unprompted, McCain continued to say that he didn’t think Obama held similar views.

    When it was noted that he had previously said Wright was not fair game, McCain again alluded to Obama’s statement this morning.

    “But Senator Obama himself says it’s a legitimate political issue, so I would imagine that many other people will share that view, and it will be in the arena,” McCain said.

    Pointing to past comments by McCain and his advisers that they would stay away from Wright, Obama’s campaign quickly pounced.

    “By sinking to a level that he specifically said he’d avoid, John McCain has broken his word to the American people and rendered hollow his promise of a respectful campaign,” said spokesman Hari Sevugan. “With each passing day, John McCain acts more and more like someone who’s spent twenty-six years learning the divisive, distracting tactics of Washington. That’s not the change that the American people are looking for.”

    On Wright, McCain appears to be torn. He wants to avoid even the hint of exploiting the race issue, but he and his advisers (not to mention the North Carolina GOP) plainly recognize the political opportunity Obama’s former pastor provides.

    Further, McCain’s camp is not deaf when it comes to the anger expressed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives who have grumbled about their nominee’s criticism of the North Carolina GOP.

    To many on the right, Wright is a gift from above, and for McCain to excoriate those who use it reminds them why they’ve always been wary of their new standard-earer.

    Which may explain why, in addition to the cover of Obama’s political permission slip, McCain eased off his criticism today and even brought up other Wright comments.

    “I can understand why the American people are upset about this,” he said of Wright. “I can understand that Americans viewing these kinds of comments are angry and upset, just like they viewed Senator Obama’s statements about why people turn to their faith and their values. He believes that it’s out of economic concerns, when we all know that it’s out of fundamental belief, fundamental faith in this country and its values and its principles. Again, Senator Obama is out of touch. I can’t control and will not in the future control. I will voice my opinion and I will continue to think and to say that I think that ad should not be run. But I won’t continue to try to be the referee here.”

  150. lets do articles and post it on blogs titled:

    “Drop out Obama, really!”

    “Throwing out anymore people under the bus?”

    and my favorite…..

    “My former pastor, or did I mean, my spiritual advisor and close friend, hmm, I can’t seem to recall”

  151. The good thing is, while McCain tears Obama apart, HRC is free to continue building her armoury and campaign. McCain is doing her dirty work for her.

    The SD’s can see exactly whats going to come at them early from the repugs and it doesnt look pretty, does it?

  152. Lots of good news today. Let’s not forget A.B. Stoddard calling Hillary “skanky”. A.B. Stoddard has been attacking Hillary under the guise of a neutral Big Media “journalist” for a long time now:

    Off camera today on MSNBC, A.B. Stoddard of “The Hill” newspaper followed up a clip of Hillary Clinton with the word “skanky.”

    In the clip, Clinton tells supporters that she’d debate Obama anywhere: “We could even do it on the back of a flatbed truck, doesn’t even have to be in some fancy studio somewhere.”

  153. Here’s a good one from a politico poster….

    BO’s Pastor Disaster….it’s not guilt by association, it’s guilt by participation.

  154. birdgal,
    they are already “turning out.” What this will do is help energize core HRC supporters and indies and repubs to support her.

  155. Ann: I hope so. How high has been the AA turnout? I know, they have been voting as a block, but what is the turnout? If it hasn’t been as high as it could be, would this stimulate greater voter turnout?

  156. Okay, this is really disgusting, but everytime I see Morris on Fox, I hit the mute button. He doesn’t believe Hillary will get the nomination. The day that she wins it, I want to see him eat his d***. I apologize ahead of time, but that guy is disgusting.

  157. Wright story is absolutely EVERYWHERE today. It’s mind-boggling that Obama could (a) be so dumb as to associate so closely with Wright in the first place, and (b) that they would allow this scandal to grow and grow.

    McCain is slamming Obama today. From NYT:

    NYT: McCain criticizes Obama’s former pastor
    Up to now, presumed GOP nominee mostly avoided talking about Mr. Wright
    By Michael Cooper
    The New York Times
    updated 12:36 a.m. PT, Mon., April. 28, 2008

    CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Senator John McCain delved on Sunday into remarks made by Senator Barack Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., saying it was “beyond belief” that Mr. Wright had likened the Romans at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion to the Marines and had suggested that the United States was acting like Al Qaeda under a different color flag.

    Up to now, Mr. McCain had largely avoided talking about the incendiary views of Mr. Wright, saying he wanted to run a “respectful” campaign. He has even called on the North Carolina Republican Party to pull an advertisement that focuses on Mr. Wright.

    But Mr. McCain took a different approach at a news conference here when he criticized Mr. Wright for, as the senator paraphrased him, “comparing the United States Marine Corps with Roman legionnaires who were responsible for the death of our Savior, I mean being involved in that” and for “saying that Al Qaeda and the American flag were the same flags.”

    “So I can understand, I can understand why people are upset about this,” said Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for president. “I can understand why Americans, when viewing these kinds of comments, are angry and upset.”

    Still against N.C. ad
    Mr. McCain said that he did not believe that Mr. Obama, Democrat of Illinois, shared those views and that he was still against the advertisement in North Carolina. But he suggested that Mr. Obama had made the subject fair play by declaring in an interview shown over the weekend on “Fox News Sunday” that questions about Mr. Wright were “a legitimate political issue.”

    “If he believes that,” Mr. McCain said, “then it will probably be a political issue.”

    The Obama campaign accused Mr. McCain of breaking his promise to run a respectful campaign.

    “By sinking to a level that he specifically said he’d avoid,” said an Obama campaign spokesman, Hari Sevugan, “John McCain has broken his word to the American people and rendered hollow his promise of a respectful campaign.”

    Mr. McCain’s remarks were a shift in tone. Just last week, he wrote a letter to Linda Daves, the chairwoman of the North Carolina Republican Party, in which he said that “in the strongest terms I implore you not to run this advertisement.”

    “The television advertisement you are planning to air,” he added in the letter, “degrades our civics and distracts us from the very real differences we have with the Democrats.”

    The party ignored his entreaty, prompting Democrats to question how hard Mr. McCain had tried to get the spot pulled. At the news conference on Sunday, he said that while he still did not believe the advertisement should run, he would not continue to try to be “the referee.”

    Some Republicans have worried that by not using the Wright issue, Mr. McCain was denying himself a potentially potent weapon.

    But in recent days, Mr. McCain has stepped up his attacks on Mr. Obama on other fronts. He questioned Mr. Obama’s association with William Ayers, a former member of the radical group Weather Underground. And he also said of a supportive statement that a member of Hamas had made about Mr. Obama: “It’s clear who Hamas wants to be the next president of the United States.”

    This article, McCain Criticizes Remarks by Obama’s Former Pastor, originally appeared in The New York Times.

    Copyright © 2008 The New York Times

  158. birdgal,
    Not sure about turnout for AA’s specifically but overall turnout in PA this year was 2x what it was in 2004

  159. HillBillyLover Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 8:55 pm
    Oh yeah, and I forgot, there goes his gig blaming “europeans”.
    Europeans is also code for white americans.

  160. admin: I heard the “skanky” the second time I played the clip. A.B. needs to look in the looking glass at herself.

    Heck, Bill gives stump speeches from a flat bed truck, why not, Hillary and Waffles?

  161. What exactly is he trying to accomplish by calling white people “europeans.” Must be some code phrase that is lost on a typical white person.

  162. # birdgal Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    Okay, this is really disgusting, but everytime I see Morris on Fox, I hit the mute button. He doesn’t believe Hillary will get the nomination. The day that she wins it, I want to see him eat his d***. I apologize ahead of time, but that guy is disgusting.

    I am so with you!! I hate hate hate that itty bitty penis man!!! I mute or change channels on him every time!

    I can’t wait for him to eat his words and get shipped to the north pole when hill is POTUS! 😀

  163. ok I swore off Cable News in December
    Can someone clue me in… Is this Wright stuff running constantly? Like the first time?

  164. I finally figured out why they have Morris on…he will say all the nasty things about Hillary that some of Fox viewers want to hear, but the hosts can stay above it and not have to lower themselves to it.

  165. What I find ridiculous is how many white folks are at the ole’ rev’s speeches. There were several behind him and some out in the audience, maybe they were reporters?
    I will be glad when June gets here! Has anyone heard anything about Guam or Puerto Rico?

  166. This would be the perfect background music played over Bambi’s response to Wright’s latest comments:

    You Dropped a Bomb on Me (The Gap Band lyrics)

    But you turned me out

    You dropped a bomb on me, baby
    You dropped a bomb on me

  167. Ann Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 9:48 pm
    What exactly is he trying to accomplish by calling white people “europeans.” Must be some code phrase that is lost on a typical white person.
    The ills of the worlds is caused by the caucasions = europeans:
    Italian-American, Irish-American, British-American, Greek-American, German-American, French-American, Spainish-American….

    Per Dr. Wright: Rome lynch Jesus, therefore Romans are Europeans = caucasions.

    Also another theory floated by Farrakhan and it seems Dr. Wright is into it is that…American is the land of the Europeans and the lost trible of Isreal are the African brought over here to be Slaves by Europeans….

    That’s why I’m so pissed at Obama and Wright hiding behind all BLACK CHURCHES to legitimize their nutcase beliefs. This is not the WORD, this is Dr. Wright interpretation with his social/political interests being wrapped in the body of the church.

  168. You know, though, I am a little worried about Indiana. It has him polling better in certain places and winning among liberals. She’s gained among indies, but they are not particularly reliable. Also, this id law*which is crap) could make it harder for elderly to vote.

  169. mj Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 10:17 pm
    You know, though, I am a little worried about Indiana

    Don’t worry we will take Indiana don’t be surprised if we take NC also

  170. What I find ridiculous is how many white folks are at the ole’ rev’s speeches.

    Those are DNC members. Self-loathing Democrats.

  171. neeta, what do you expect to be the reaction from the aa community with all this new attention on wright? I know wright is not at all representative of black pastures, but will this charge the base?

  172. No I just thought from the way you said you were worried that maybe you had been running into problems. Neetabug, are you in Indiana or NC or are you done now with travel?

  173. Not sure, Most still believe O was at some of Wrights sermons. Most AA ‘s are saying if it is Hillary they will vote for her. You will be surprised at how many AA are for Hillary. Most don’t want to admit it in public

  174. I will be going to Gary Indiana or South Bend. I am waiting for my girl friend to make up her mind. The campaign has housing for us. We will be leaving Friday and staying until Wednesday

  175. I can see a lot more GOP congressional candidates targeting opponents who have endorsed Obama with new ads.

    Clips of Wright’s rants followed by clip of Obama saying “I can no more disown him than I can disown my white grandmother”

    This is going to get extremely ugly unless the SD’s step up and end his candidacy.

  176. Wow, neeta, you are awesome. Thanks for going so many places for our girl.

    Hillbilly, I was referring to the internals of the SUSA.

  177. there’s an interesting discussion going on at taylor marsh thread. They’re questioning this whole Rev. Wright thing and whether it’s just a set-up so Bambi can officially denounce and reject Wright and try and put this thing to rest.

    check out

    IMO, it’s definitely something to consider whether we’re all being bamboozled and hoodwinked…

  178. OR perhaps Wright didn’t follow the script very well and went wild. Obviously, the interview with Moyers was staged nicely.

  179. No way. No one wants this distraction. Finally reject him? It doesn’t mean much at this point. Thisi s just who Wright is. You can not control him.

  180. monkeybusiness, Thats exactly what I thought was going to happen. It changes the negatives to what the speech maker’s says. That’s all the pundits care about. Personally, I think the damage is already done and its not going to change the landscape!

  181. monkeybusiness Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 10:58 pm
    OR perhaps Wright didn’t follow the script very well and went wild. Obviously, the interview with Moyers was staged nicely.

    That I agree with. I think Axelrod thought he could rehabilitate him. Imagine what Wright probably thought of this white guy trying to tell him how to act.

  182. monkey……..I say Fooey on that idea , i highly doubt that theory is true

    it makes no sense, this is doing big damage to BO and will continue to do so

    it’s going to send SD running to hillary after indianna and NC……just wouldn’t be a smart plan in my mind to “stage” this
    with wright.

  183. OkieAtty Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 5:47 pm
    I have noticed from early on, even in the first forums and debates last May and June that she was playing for the General Election and not pandering to extreme left Democrats like most primary opponents do. She has done that all along, even at AnnualKos.

    I realized that at the CA debate. When someone brought up her AUMF vote, instead of trying to gloss or pander for the Hollywood audience, she got quiet and serious and started talking to — McCain supporters.

    She did the same thing in the PA debate. What Obama called ‘twisting the knife.’ She made this positive, sweet, cheerful statement about patriotism and religion, which was ‘twisting’ only if you’d heard Obama’s ‘bitter’ statement, because she was saying the mirror opposite. But for those who hadn’t heard Obama’s, it would not sound like any sort of attack.

    She is so great at talking to all factions at once over the heads of the others. It’s what Obama and Wright may be trying to do, but they’re getting it all wrong….

  184. The timing does seem peculiar to me, ‘seen through the prism of the primary’ as someone said about something else. 😉 But…

    Facts: Wright has a book coming out in three months. The NC election is coming up next. The book release could explain a lot. Right now he’s getting his 15 minutes of fame, so he’s using it to promote his book. After the NC primary the media may not be so interested in him.

    Also right now Obama hasn’t done anything decisive about Wright one way or another. After Obama clearly denounces or clearly supports him, the media may lose some interest.

  185. neeta, as you well know, Gary, IN has a large pop of AA voters. They are sending you into the heart of what is potentially BO’s territory.

  186. Perhaps Axel-grease and company were willing to taking a risky run at trying to put the Wright problems to rest, given the GOP ads are already coming out against BO and Wright. Like I say, it’s just something to thing about…

  187. neetabug, thank you for all you do!! …. as well as everyone else here!!!

    We’re in it to WIN it!!!

  188. It could be a set up for Hillary. Thank God she did and said the right thing. That he had addressed the issue and let’s move on. She also came out against the GOP ads I believe.

  189. Who is Gov of IL? Have they endorsed? Did you see sound bite from NPC where Wright wouldn’t answer when asked, “Rev Wright – The Lord said ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Rev Wright do you agree? What about role of Islam?” Instead of this “Christian” saying “yes”, he made some off-color comment about Jesus also said something about the sheep of the whore? He’s beyond wacked out. He’s off-the-chain. He’s nothing more than another face of the Church of Islam IMHO.

    Any more storyline about Ayers appointing BHO to head of foundation in paid position for 8 years? Any news from the Rezko trial? Auchi? Almassarae? I guress we need to get as much mileage as possible with Wright before launching into his Middle-Eastern ties/terrorism/ and dirty money.

  190. Of ocurse the Governor of Il is for Obama. It’s total machine politics there. He’s near indictment for this Rezco mess though, I believe.

  191. 1950, mj is right. YearlyKos. It didn’t seem right when I wrote it.

    Curiosity, the IL gov is a Republican and he’s the asshole who is one of two politicians who got kickbacks from Rezko. The other was 👿 . So forget about that.

    Personally, I apply Occam’s Razor to this. This is not a planned event by 👿 ‘s camp. You guys are overthinking it. Dude wants his piece of the pie and he’s got a book coming out. 👿 didn’t stand up for him, he didn’t stand up for the church well enough and paybacks are a bitch.

    Even if ;evil: completely disavowed him, the damage is done. Everyone now knows he sat in those pews for 20 yrs listening to an out and out racist. The Daily Show covered some highlights today. The most racist thing he said was the whole “clapping” shtick. I may be a honky, but damn it, I can clap correctly.

    Sign me a Typical WHite Person.

    (Hmmm, I wonder where 👿 ripped that line off from? 😆

  192. Really? I stand corrected. I can’t remember how to spell his name. I thought he was caught up in the Rezco mess, or is that bipartisan?

  193. mj, the pay to play scandal involving Rezko is bipartisan. All “politics” are bipartisan in IL. They are dirty, dirty.

  194. Oh yeah. Dirtiest politics in the country. I still can not believe how a cook county pol is running as the “ethics” candidate. It’s unreal.

  195. ROTFLMHAO!!! Went to HuffPo to see their treatment. Nada. There are 3 bullshit blog posts, but no coverage, no video…

    You know he’s fucked if Arianna isn’t felating him with negative mdeia coverage.

  196. “You know he’s fucked if Arianna isn’t felating him with negative mdeia coverage.”

    What do you mean?

  197. It’s official. A hat trick. Complete blackout at AmericaBlog. I bet Joe Sudbay and John Aravosis are drowning themselves in Cosmos right now.


  198. mj, with negative spin about the story to make it look like Hillary did it.

    There’s just no way for them to spin it or to make it someone else’s fault.

  199. I got a email from Hillary supporters and it stated “Obama has just sent out a blast email to everyone on his list telling them to get on a plane, get on a bus, get in the car and GET to NC pronto!”

    It’s urging HRC supporters to go to NC. Man, I wish I was Waren Buffett at this moment.

  200. Americablog is now in the tank for BO? The last time I checked out that site, it was reaming BO for the Donnie McClurkin fiasco.

    I didn’t know John Aravosis had gone over to the dark side.

  201. Filbert, McClurkin was last Summer. Joe Sudbay has been hammering Hillary for months. I sent JA an email about the other anti-gay minister, Meeks I think, and his online response was “so what?”

  202. Speaking of Responders, I want to again plug Spega’s wonderful project of writing comment sin local papers.

    This is a very important project. Surveys show that many voters, especially women, get primary contest news from local papers and local news internet sites because they trust them more than the national news media. So this is a way to get the facts out that MSM suppresses: by responding to relevant stories or just working them in to any comment string, or starting threads on them in general forums on those local sites.

    You can just jump in, or you can contact the organizer, spabeles /at/ patriot /dot/ net , for support and more info.

    Here are the lists, h t t p : / /

  203. MJ, it means he’s seen the internals in IN and NC and he’s lost IN with no hope to repair it and he’;s making a stand in NC where his internals look bad but he has a better chance bc of AA demographics.

    He’s dead and he knows it. He has to win NC by 25 now and do it in “typical white households” or the SD’s go to Hillary.

  204. I meant who is the Gov of IN endorsing (didn’t mean to type IL-oops.Thats the Gov that’s going down with Rezko)?

  205. I see. Ever since IA, I only visit three blogs and they’re all pro-Hillary. Let’s see: TM, No Quarter, and this place.

    Sometimes Talk Left, but I find Armando to be over-the-top with his comments, so I can only handle him in small doses. I think he predicted the end to BO’s campaign on Super Tuesday… that didn’t happen.

  206. Bird, not really. When the “cool factor” wears off, the youth vote moves along like you never happened. Sorta like dumping Ugg boots after they became passe.

  207. Time to focus on Hillary taking oath of office. Remember – for every positive action (mental energy willing Hillaryis44) there is a positive reaction (believe, envision it to be so – and it will). Great work today, all. Lighting good luck Lemon Chiffon Yankee Candle for Hillaryis44.

  208. Okie: loved the video clip. I saw him in concert several years ago, and he was amazing, although, he sat in a chair most of the time.

    Okie: I pray that this true; the bloom has come off the poisonous rose, and all that is left, is the poison.

    Curiosity: I have a candle lit, as I type.

  209. justmeinmountdorafl Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 6:54 pm
    how can I sign up to be a rapid responder?

    h t t p : / /

    Everyone please sign up. Most of the activity is through emails they will send you with exceprts from news stories and links to the comment forms.

  210. Birdgal, it will only get worse from here out. Check out CNN’s political page. Everything on Obama (most of it) is negative. Same at ABC. BM is full of sharks. Once they smell blood in the water, you have to get out or they will continue to savage you.

    As I see it, he either wins NC HUGE or he’s done. No ifs, ands or buts. That’s why he’s all hands on decking it there. IN is a lost cause for him. Before this weekend, he could pretend we all misunderstood Wright. Now, there’s no way to play that angle. His spiritual adviser, and close friend is an unabashed racist. He might as well have chosen Charlie Manson as his best friend. I hear he sings, too.

  211. Okie: We’ll see, what happens with IN and NC. I bet, the SDs are watching this carefully, if they have any sense left, and haven’t been totally bought off by Waffles. Old man Kennedy bought alot of votes for JFK and his pals rigged the polls in Cook County. Hmmm….Chicago again.

    For the past few months, I have stayed away from ABC,CNN, and MSN. I might venture over in a few days, to see, if this story sticks.

    HRC has been savaged and she is still standing.

    The canary is singing, in the form of Wright.

  212. OkieAtty Says:

    April 29th, 2008 at 12:14 am
    Any other songs to dedicate to night?
    This is to CNN and MSNBC:

  213. Ann

    You asked on convention day in Iowa that we respond to Dickie Morris: I was busy at the time, but did send this today:

    To Dick Morris:

    I am so very sorry that your public life has devolved to this state.

    I hope someone, or some group, rallies to your aid, with an intervention.

    Your pundit gigs are more and more foolish bits and I am embarrassed for you.

    With concern,
    xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

  214. Gonna just jump in with a thought here before I head off to work.

    What if John Edwards is just waiting to endorse Hillary till after NC, as it is conventional wisdom that Hillary will most likely not win, even with his endorsement. And if he endorsed her before the NC election, it could only cause embarrassment to him(and Hill).

    So why not then just wait?!!!
    So as to have a greater impact after. Getting the media to say that John basically flipped Obama the finger!! 😉 Storyline: Even after Obama took his home state Edwards wants nothing to do with him!!
    haha, well I can hope, and actually I don’t think it’s that far off, as Elizabeth seems now to be pushing Hillary to John!! Gooo Elizabeth!!!

  215. So, basically what we have here is a really simple equation.

    Barack Obama will lose in November, probably badly. It’s just a question of whether the DNC and the latte liberals want to take the Democratic Party down with him.

    That’s the way I see it.

  216. hwc, yes, that’s about how I see it. My guess is the DNC was floored by the cash and fanaticism that followed Obama. They want some of that–especially the money. Getting college-age kids involved would provide a good foundation for the future of the party. But mostly, it’s the money.

    Now they’ve got to decide if they want the money more than they want the WH. How often do politicians have to decide between power and money?! The two usually go together.

    Unless the people ignore the dollars and use their sense. /pun intended

  217. A funny to pass on from NQ ripped from TM but too good not to share:

    Kinky Friedman: “Obama’s best shot is to get William Ayers to bomb Jeremiah Wright.”

  218. rjk1957 Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 10:36 pm
    I can see a lot more GOP congressional candidates targeting opponents who have endorsed Obama with new ads.

    I think such ads are totally legitimate! Endorsing Obama either means you agree with his policies or you have bad judgement. I think it’s very reasonable to challenge the endorsers about it.

    This isn’t some old personal issue, this is a recent decision that they made with plenty of information available. They aren’t stuck with it, they could change or back off from the endorsement. It’s not something complicated like years ago voting for a bill that had some good things and some bad things in it, or that turned out to have unexpected bad results.

    Endorsing someone seems like a very pure test of current judgement. Go for it!

  219. When I said that video was for west coasters it was just because I figured you were the only people still awake. Here’s the lyrics to the second song on the video.

    oh yeah, oh yeah
    Everything, everthing, everything gone be alright, oh yeah

    When I was a little girl Only twelve years old
    Couldn’t do nothing
    To save my dog gone soul
    My mama told me.
    The day I was grown
    She says “Sing the blues child, Sing it from now on”.

    I’m a woman,
    Oh yeah
    I’m a woman, I’m a ball of fire
    I’m a woman, I make love to a crocodile
    I’m a woman, I can sing the blues
    I’m a woman, I can change old to new
    Spell w o man,
    Oh yeah
    That means I’m grown

    I’m a woman, I’m a rushing wind
    I’m a woman, I can cut stone with a pin
    I’m a woman, I’m a love maker
    I’m a woman, you know I’m an earth shaker


    I’m a woman, I’m a rushing wind
    I’m a woman, I can cut stone with a pin
    I’m a woman, I know my stuff
    I’m a woman, I ain’t never had enough

    I’m going down yonder, behind the sun
    I’m gonna do something for you, that ain’t never been done
    I’m gonna hold back the lightning, with the palm of my hand
    Shake hands with the devil, make him crawl in the sand

    I’m a woman, oh yeah
    I’m a woman,
    I’m a ball of fire
    I’m a woman,
    I can make love to a crcodile
    I’m a woman,
    I’m a love maker
    I’m a woman,
    You know I’m an earth shaker
    OH oh oh oh
    I’m a woman

  220. “They’re questioning this whole Rev. Wright thing and whether it’s just a set-up so Bambi can officially denounce and reject Wright and try and put this thing to rest.”

    I’ve been very wary of this Wright press tour from the beginning, and have been listening very carefully too catch him making another extremely inflammatory remark (though what could match “God Damn America?”). Haven’t really heard it.

    If you look at it through the prism of Obama’s problems heading into IND & NC – primarily that he’s weak and they need to ensure high AA turnout in NC because they simply won’t get the blue-collar vote they need – then a Wright media blowup that ends with some manufactured condemnation of Wright by Obama could’ve been the play to make him look strong and get the issue off the table for him for the general election. I don’t know…

    A.B. Stoddard is another androgenous freakazoid like Richard Wolfe whose sole purpose is to cutely bash Hill on-air at every turn.
    Funny how these ‘slips’ and double entendres always happen on the same channel.

  221. Obama dread turns to glee for the GOP
    By JOSH KRAUSHAAR | 4/28/08 8:17 PM EST

    For months, GOP operatives spoke with dread of the prospects of running against Barack Obama in the fall. But after weeks of controversies over his former pastor, his views of blue-collar voters and even the sincerity of his patriotism, Republicans now are ready to place a $500,000 bet that Obama will be a heavy burden on down-ballot Democrats.

    That’s the approximate amount of advertising purchased so far by the National Republican Congressional Committee and GOP allies to link Democratic congressional hopefuls in Mississippi and Louisiana to their party’s potential presidential nominee.

    Whereas Obama once seemed an almost cultlike figure who transcended race and class, the narrative that has emerged from his campaign’s recent trials has given Republicans hope that the Illinois senator can be tagged as an elitist with the same effectiveness with which Michael Dukakis and John F. Kerry were so labeled.

    The elitist story line has provided Republicans with press release fodder against freshman Democratic House members and statewide elected officials in roughly two dozen states.

    Republican-leaning districts could be particularly fertile ground for Obama-focused attacks, GOP officials say. “I think he’s the weaker candidate, and I’ve thought that for over a year now,” NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) said at a briefing on Monday. “He’s very inexperienced. He is by any definition liberal and to the left of Hillary Clinton, and he will give us plenty of ideological divisions to work with.”

    Besides the two special congressional elections in Mississippi and Louisiana next month, Republicans believe they can also exploit Obama’s vulnerabilities in House battlegrounds where he has struggled to win over key demographic groups. Those areas include three culturally conservative seats in Pennsylvania, where Obama lost badly in last week’s primary, and three Cuban-American districts in Florida that Democrats are seriously contesting for the first time.

    In the Deep South, Republicans think making an explicit connection to Obama will allow them to hold on to districts where Democrats have gained traction by recruiting culturally conservative candidates who have distanced themselves from the national party.

    “If they voted up here the way they were running, believe me, they could come here and join the [conservative] Republican Study Committee in good standing,” Cole said.

    In Mississippi and Louisiana, where Democratic challengers Travis Childers and Don Cazayoux are seen as having real chances to win historically scarlet-red congressional seats, Democratic officials say the GOP is grasping at straws.

    “The NRCC and its GOP allies are desperate to distract voters from their extremely flawed candidates,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Communications Director Jennifer Crider.

    But those concerns aren’t deterring a collection of groups from testing the waters with anti-Obama ads in Mississippi and Louisiana. The NRCC, the conservative advocacy group Freedom’s Watch and the campaign of Mississippi candidate Greg Davis combined have put up about $500,000 in advertising explicitly connecting Cazayoux and Childers to Obama.

    The NRCC is up with a new spot in Mississippi’s 1st District in which Childers is flanked by Kerry and Obama. The ad refers to Obama’s ranking by National Journal as having “the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate.”

    Davis’ newly released ad invokes Obama’s controversial former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, arguing that Childers should have spoken out against Wright’s divisive rhetoric but instead “said nothing.”

    “Travis Childers. He took Obama’s endorsement over our conservative values,” a narrator in the ad goes on to say.

    Both Democrats have distanced themselves from Obama, arguing that the races hinge more on local issues than on the national landscape.

    But Cole argued that if Republicans can pull off twin victories in the special elections, the advertising connecting the candidates to Obama will have played a key role in closing what were once Democratic leads.

    Both polling and actual election results have shown the Democratic candidates ahead in the two races. In Mississippi, Childers nearly picked up Sen. Roger Wicker’s former House seat in the first round of special election balloting but missed an outright victory by several hundred votes. He faces Davis in a runoff next month.

    In Louisiana, Cazayoux’s campaign has released two internal polls showing him with a lead over his Republican opponent, former state Rep. Woody Jenkins. The NRCC’s internal polling has shown similar numbers, and the committee just commissioned a new poll to see if the Obama connection has made an impact.

    At the briefing, Cole cited internal committee polling from earlier this month that showed Arizona Sen. John McCain leading Obama 65 percent to 30 percent in a head-to-head matchup in Mississippi’s 1st District. In Louisiana, the committee has polling that shows only 37 percent of districtwide voters view Obama favorably, while 50 percent view him unfavorably.

    Republicans also run a risk in playing the Obama card so early. If Democrats are able to pick up one of the special election seats in these highly conservative districts, it may indicate that a cookie-cutter approach connecting Obama to congressional candidates might not work as well as advertised.

    “When they do the guilt by association, it’s particularly egregious. It’s kind of goofy,” said Democratic pollster John Anzalone, who is handling polling for both Childers and Cazayoux.

    The overt use of Obama as a bogeyman also runs the risk, particularly in the South, of creating racial connotations that could backfire. McCain and the Republican National Committee last week denounced an ad from the state GOP attacking Democratic gubernatorial candidates Beverly Perdue and Richard Moore for their ties to Obama.

    “No one underestimates the power of race in the Deep South, but at the same time, I think they’re barking up the wrong tree,” said Anzalone. “They think they have a great opportunity by pulling the race card here, but I think they’ve really gotten off message.” Anzalone said his numbers show Cazayoux holding his support among white voters despite the Obama ads.

    Democrats point to the Obama ads as a potentially risky move in these Southern districts that have a significant share of African-American voters.

    “That’s a pretty daring move when the district is 30 percent African-American,” said one Democratic operative. “What they’re clearly trying to do is depress the white turnout.”

    Still, Obama’s weakness among blue-collar, working-class voters has not gone unnoticed by members of Congress who may have to share a ballot with him.

    Many freshman Democrats who represent culturally conservative districts, including Reps. Christopher P. Carney (D-Pa.), Jason Altmire (D-Pa.), Brad Ellsworth (D-Ind.) and Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), have stayed on the sidelines so far in the primary season.

    Carney and Altmire are facing highly competitive reelection bids themselves — and last week’s presidential primary results could give them new cause for concern. Obama lost every county in Carney’s northeastern Pennsylvania district by double-digit margins — including the district’s Scranton-area base, by nearly 50 points.

    Obama also performed particularly poorly in Altmire’s district, losing two key exurban Pittsburgh counties within his district — Beaver and Lawrence — with 30 percent of the vote or less.

    Four days before the primary, House GOP leader John A. Boehner appeared at a press conference with Altmire’s Republican opponent and called on the Democratic freshman to apologize for Obama’s remarks about small towns in Pennsylvania. “It’s time for Barack Obama to apologize to voters here in Pennsylvania and across the Midwest,” said Boehner. “And it’s time for his supporters in Congress to defend their constituents and denounce Obama’s patronizing rhetoric.”

    “If I’m John McCain, I think I can win in Pennsylvania,” said Cole. “[Democratic freshmen] are worried they’ll finally have to run with someone whose positions are at odds with what they believe.”

    In Florida, Republicans believe that Obama’s comments that seem to advocate a more normalized relationship with Cuba will benefit Republicans in three heavily Cuban-American districts in South Florida who are facing contested reelection bids.

    DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen (Md.) has been campaigning in South Florida this week with three Democratic recruits running against Reps. Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.), Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.).

  222. APRIL 28: A new ruling in favor of voter ID laws by the Supreme Court could have very real implications by next week’s election:

    Liberal justices Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and David Souter dissented. “Indiana’s ‘Voter ID Law’ threatens to impose nontrivial burdens on the voting right of tens of thousands of the State’s citizens,” wrote Souter, who predicted that “a significant percentage of those individuals are likely to be deterred from voting.”
    Those most likely to be affected include important Democratic constituencies: minority, student and poor voters. African-Americans and students are expected to provide crucial support to Obama’s campaign next week, and Monday’s ruling could cost him thousands of votes.

  223. Speaking before an audience that included Marion Barry, Cornel West, Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam official Jamil Muhammad, Wright praised Louis Farrakhan…
    American Urban Radio’s April Ryan, confirmed that Wright’s security was provided by bodyguards from Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

  224. hi hillfans. i think that voter id opinion is a silver lining for hillary. no so called out of state students will be able to illegally vote like they did in iowa.

  225. “Barack Obama will lose in November, probably badly. It’s just a question of whether the DNC and the latte liberals want to take the Democratic Party down with him.”

    “Now they’ve got to decide if they want the money more than they want the WH.”

    The Party is going through a very tough fight between the what is left of the Clinton camp and other moderates vs. the coalition between the neo-liberals/latte liberals (or whatever label you wish to use) led by Obama and Dean and the Kennedy/Kerry/ and Friends DBA the old liberal wing.
    Right now Dean, Obama, Kennedy, & Kerry (sounds like a law firm) are focused on taking control of the Party and finally putting to an end the Clinton era. They will worry about the next problems (the keys to the WH) when they cross that bridge. For now they will settle for half a loaf (the Party) and will stop at nothing to get there (hence the money deal between the DNC and Obama, throwing FL and MI to the dogs, etc).

    By contrast, Hillary realizes this is not about fun and games inside the beltway. The country (and the world for all that matter) really is in dire straights. Somebody has to be focused on doing the hard work as leader and not with the silly behind the public eye antics of the political elite in Washington.

  226. Blitzer: the background, the enormity of what the Supreme Court has decided today.
    Kelli: Now that the Supreme Court has upheld Indiana’s law it basically gives a green light to other states to pass similar legislation which of course would be just in time for the November election.
    CNN covers the newest abominable decision by the Roberts Court. There are 20 other states that were waiting for this ruling so they can pounce and purge the voting rolls. Remember, there was no evidence of any voter fraud—Voting is a “right,” not a privilege and I don’t mean as in Scalia’s Right Wing perceptions. I knew the shift to the right with Roberts and Alito would produce this kind of decision.

  227. I like how Obama says in his speech “I’m going to spend all my time talking about you!”

    and Hillary says “I’m going to spend all my time working for you!”

  228. Small but not-so-small. Just look this sickening, full-throated promotion of right-wing hag Peggy Noonan by NBC’s Brian Williams;

    “On the other hand, one sparkling piece of journalism (which touched on a lot of themes frequent readers of this space will recognize) was by Peggy Noonan in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal. Curl up with this one and give it the quality time it deserves. I’ll say it again: Peggy is doing the work of her career and must be considered an early favorite for next cycle’s Pulitzer for commentary.”

    Williams should have to resign. Is it any wonder we have such fucked up coverage of this campaign? Not when these people have the microphones….

  229. Obama Campaign Secured PR Firm To Represent Wright & TUCC

    David Axelrod from the Obama Campaign announced they had asked a PR firm to advise Trinity United Church of Christ and Jeremiah Wright.
    The Chicago Sun-Times reported:

    The backfire potential of Wright having any sort of a public profile at this point seems obvious.

    I asked the church about the prospects of Wright further wounding Obama’s candidacy, and I was e-mailed material about the divinity conference.

    When the uproar over Wright started, Obama chief strategist David Axelrod asked his friends at Jasculca Terman — a public affairs firm — to advise Trinity on how to handle the crush of media coverage, and they did, pro bono. Jim Terman, the president of the firm, said, “We were not asked to provide our advice about the reported speech of Rev. Wright in Washington” and did not know about it until it was scheduled.
    UCCTruths and Talking Points Memo wrote more about the Obama Campaign coming to the rescue of the TUCC:

    Axelrod confirms that he called Jim Terman, the president of Jasculca-Terman and Associates, a major Chicago P.R. outfit that specializes in doing crisis P.R. management for corporations and large institutions.

    “I called Jim Terman and asked if they were interested in helping out and they followed up with the church,” Axelrod emails, adding that his involvement ended there.

    Terman himself confirmed that Axelrod had asked him to help Trinity — and confirmed that his firm was currently doing pro bono work on the beleagured church’s behalf.

    “Trinity is a well respected institution in this town, though you wouldn’t believe it from the national press,” Terman said, adding that he has known Axelrod for 25 years. “David was interested in helping the church — the guy he’s working for happens to be a member of the church.”

    Too bad Obama didn’t get his money’s worth on this…we did however!”

  230. Post-Wright diatribe yesterday, New Black Panther Party leader hearts Rev. Wright’s racist, hateful, filth-spewing talk … and basically says Obama does, too, but he has to play along to get elected.

  231. Sure, one of Chicago’s best PR firms is doing pro bono work for a church that is building a 1.5 million dollar has for Wright. Who the hell are they kidding? Obama’s campaign or one of his high roller supporters is paying for it.

  232. RJK1957: “Sure, one of Chicago’s best PR firms is doing pro bono work for a church that is building a 1.5 million dollar has for Wright. Who the hell are they kidding? Obama’s campaign or one of his high roller supporters is paying for it.”


    Well, if that’s the case, they didn’t get their money’s worth either. In fact, everyone that donated to Obama won’t be getting their money’s worth! 😉

  233. Yet another rookie mistake by Obambi:

    April 29, 2008
    As Clinton Seeks Gas Tax Break for Summer, Obama Says No

    WASHINGTON — As angry truckers encircled the Capitol in a horn-blaring caravan and consumers across the country agonized over $60 fill-ups, the issue of high fuel prices flared on the campaign trail on Monday, sharply dividing the two Democratic candidates.

    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton lined up with Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, in endorsing a plan to suspend the federal excise tax on gasoline, 18.4 cents a gallon, for the summer travel season. But Senator Barack Obama, Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic rival, spoke out firmly against the proposal, saying it would save consumers little and do nothing to curtail oil consumption and imports.

    While Mr. Obama’s view is shared by environmentalists and many independent energy analysts, his position allowed Mrs. Clinton to draw a contrast with her opponent in appealing to the hard-hit middle-class families and older Americans who have proven to be the bedrock of her support. She has accused Mr. Obama of being out of touch with ordinary Americans who are struggling to meet their mortgages and gas up their cars and trucks.

    Mrs. Clinton said at a rally on Monday morning in Graham, N.C., that she would introduce legislation to impose a windfall-profits tax on oil companies and use the revenue to suspend the gasoline tax temporarily.

    “At the heart of my approach is a simple belief,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Middle-class families are paying too much and oil companies aren’t paying their fair share to help us solve the problems at the pump.”

    The split occurred as Senators Clinton and Obama were competing intensely in primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, where voters go to the polls next Tuesday. Opinion surveys have shown that the faltering economy and high gas prices are the top concerns of voters across the country, edging out the war in Iraq.

    The Clinton campaign is running television advertising in Indiana contrasting her approach on gas prices with Mr. Obama’s.

    Mrs. Clinton said the tax on the oil companies, which have been reporting record profits as oil prices soar, would cover all of the lost revenue from the federal tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. She also said no highway projects would suffer.

    Mr. Obama derided the McCain-Clinton idea of a federal tax holiday as a “short-term, quick-fix” proposal that would do more harm than good, and said the money, which is earmarked for the federal highway trust fund, is badly needed to maintain the nation’s roads and bridges.

    In 2000, Mr. Obama supported a bill in the Illinois legislature to suspend most of the state’s 6.25 percent gasoline sales tax. But he later opposed making the reduction permanent, arguing that the state needed the revenue and that the measure had saved consumers little.

    Mrs. Clinton, of New York, has also taken varying stands on the issue of gas taxes. In her 2000 Senate campaign, she spoke against repealing the federal gasoline tax, calling it “one of those few taxes that New York actually gets more money from Washington than we send.”

    At a meeting with voters in North Carolina on Monday, Mr. Obama said lifting the gas tax for three months would save the average consumer no more than $30, a figure confirmed by Congressional analysts. Mr. Obama has previously dismissed Mr. McCain’s proposal as a “scheme.”

  234. hillfans, as soon as i get my tax rebate i am going to give much more to hillary. i am going to use bush’s rebate by helping hillary. i get a direct deposit next week.

  235. NY Post;
    April 29, 2008 — Barack Obama made a call for nonviolence in the aftermath of the Sean Bell verdict – infuriating the Rev. Al Sharpton, who accused the presidential candidate of trying to “grandstand in front of white people,” sources told The Post.

    During what a source described as a “heated” phone call yesterday, Sharpton told Obama he was disappointed with the Illinois senator’s words on Friday, when Obama said “resorting to violence to express displeasure” was “completely unacceptable and counterproductive.”

    “[Obama] issues this statement and not a single rock had been thrown,” said a source. “How does the candidate of change ask people to accept a verdict that is unjust?”

    The source said Sharpton had hoped Obama would “side with the Bell family” and not use it as an “opportunity to grandstand in front of white people.”

  236. New article is up.

    Blue Democrat, the Sharpton news is more bad news for B.O.

    wbboei, let us know how things go in Kokomo.

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