Barack Obama Destroys The Democratic Party, Part II

Update: Obama will Destroy Democrats. Republicans are already airing ads linking a Democratic congressional candidate to Obama.

A television ad from Southaven Mayor Greg Davis tells viewers that his Democratic rival, Travis Childers, a realtor and Prentiss County official, has accepted the endorsement of “liberal Barack Obama.” Then, with Childers’ face beside footage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, it says, “When Obama’s pastor cursed America, blaming us for 9/11, Childers said nothing.” Then: “When Obama ridiculed rural folks for clinging to guns and religion, Childers said nothing.”


Superdelegates beware. In Part I of Barack Obama Destroys The Democratic Party we noted how Obama will hurt downballot Democrats running for office. We noted how Republicans are starting the direct attacks on Obama. We noted how Obama is ever so slightly beginning to be vetted – and it is ugly.

Obama boasts of not taking federal lobbyist money. But Obama luxuriates in state and local lobbyist money.

After an unsuccessful campaign for Congress in 2000, Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama faced serious financial pressure: numerous debts, limited cash and a law practice he had neglected for a year. Help arrived in early 2001 from a significant new legal client — a longtime political supporter.

Chicago entrepreneur Robert Blackwell Jr. paid Obama an $8,000-a-month retainer to give legal advice to his growing technology firm, Electronic Knowledge Interchange. It allowed Obama to supplement his $58,000 part-time state Senate salary for over a year with regular payments from Blackwell’s firm that eventually totaled $112,000.

A few months after receiving his final payment from EKI, Obama sent a request on state Senate letterhead urging Illinois officials to provide a $50,000 tourism promotion grant to another Blackwell company, Killerspin.

Killerspin specializes in table tennis, running tournaments nationwide and selling its own line of equipment and apparel and DVD recordings of the competitions. With support from Obama, other state officials and an Obama aide who went to work part time for Killerspin, the company eventually obtained $320,000 in state grants between 2002 and 2004 to subsidize its tournaments.

Obama’s staff said the senator advocated only for the first year’s grant — which ended up being $20,000, not $50,000. The day after Obama wrote his letter urging the awarding of the state funds, Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign received a $1,000 donation from Blackwell.

And then there is Ayers:

Barack Obama is not telling the truth about his relationship with Bill Ayers. There is more to this story than is already known, but Obama and his campaign are working hard to obfuscate and cover up the matter. Why? Because Barack Obama has had a close personal and business relationship with Bill Ayers that predates his run for the Illinois State Senate, and it is incumbent on the Senator from Illinois to come clean.

In fact, Barack worked for Bill Ayers for at least eight years and the press, so far, has not investigated this matter. [snip]

Can you explain that relationship for the voters and explain to Democrats why it won’t be a problem?

OBAMA: George, but this is an example of what I’m talking about. This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who’s a professor of English in Chicago who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis. [snip]

Nice try, Barack. He conveniently forgot to mention what was already on the blogs — that Ayers held the first fundraiser at his home to help launch Obama’s state senate campaign in 1995; and that the two men have sat on the board of a private foundation in Chicago, the Woods Fund, for years, giving grants to, among others, a radical Palestinian activist named Rashid Khalidi.

But William Ayers was not just some guy who “lives in Barack’s neighborhood.” He is a well-known and controversial Professor of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. And Obama wants you to believe that he knew nothing of Ayers views or politics even though Barack participated in public forums with him there? I don’t think so.

But that is not all. Barack also was essentially an employee of Bill Ayers for eight years.

Superdelegates beware. Obama will be vetted before November and he will be destroyed along with the Democratic Party and down ballot candidates. Obama will turn sweet victory into bitter defeat:

Senator Barack Obama is starring in a growing number of campaign commercials, but the latest batch is being underwritten by Republicans.

In a sign that the racial, class and values issues simmering in the presidential campaign could spread into the larger political arena, Republican groups are turning recent bumps in Mr. Obama’s road — notably his comment that small-town Americans “cling” to guns and religion out of bitterness and a fiery speech by his former minister in which he condemned the United States — into attacks against Democrats down the ticket. [snip]

“There were times when Republicans reacted with just horror that he would lead the ticket,” said Stuart Rothenberg, a nonpartisan political analyst. “Now there is not the sense of him being invulnerable, the magic bullet. I think there has been a major change.” [snip]

The Republican House and Senate campaign organizations have seized on the remark on bitter voters in particular, encouraging their candidates to make the most of it. Advertisements have been placed on the Internet, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee assembled videos for targeted states that replay Mr. Obama’s comments as somber music builds. “Mary Landrieu. A Democratic superdelegate,” says the video, referring to the Louisiana senator, who is seeking re-election this year. “Will she cast her vote for Obama?”

Republicans will destroy the Democratic Party by linking it to Obama. Obama must be rejected if the Party is to be saved:

But they say the drawn-out campaign has altered Mr. Obama’s image. In recent days, Republicans have sought to make him a lightning rod in the hotly contested special House race in Louisiana and in a statewide race in North Carolina, whose presidential primary is May 6.

A state party advertisement in North Carolina has come under fire even from leading Republicans. It shows a grainy clip of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., Mr. Obama’s former pastor, cursing the United States, and it notes the endorsement of Mr. Obama by two Democratic candidates for North Carolina governor. “He’s just too extreme for North Carolina,” the commercial concludes of Mr. Obama. [snip]

In Louisiana, Freedom’s Watch’s six-figure ad purchase seeks to tie the Democratic contender, Don Cazayoux, to Mr. Obama’s “big-government scheme” for health care. Another commercial in that race, by the National Republican Congressional Committee, claims that Mr. Cazayoux shares Mr. Obama’s “radical health care agenda.” The House campaign group has also been pressing Democratic contenders to disavow Mr. Obama’s remark on rural Americans.

“He is being defined more and more as a conventional liberal politician,” said Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The Republican strategy is clear – tie Obama to Democrats in districts which are conservative or moderate – in order to take over the national government:

The emerging advertising effort against Mr. Obama raises the possibility that, if he is elected, similar commercials could be broadcast in conservative districts around the country this fall, as Republicans try to undermine Democrats who have endorsed him. “Conventional wisdom has been that we want to run against Hillary,” said Representative Jack Kingston, Republican of Georgia, who said Mr. Obama had provided evidence to the contrary. “I don’t think he has connected with the average Joe. I do think he feels like people are bitter.”

Superdelegates Beware.


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  1. His “mistakes” certainly have struck a nerve. The press is starting to be all over him. SD’s should take heed.

  2. Here is a list of contact information for the as yet uncommitted super delegates in Pennsylvania. Please contact them and respectfully ask them to support Senator Clinton. Phone calls are always better and may have more impact than emails.

    Congressman Bob Brady – – Phone: 202-225-4731 ~ Fax: 202-225-0088

    Congressman Jason Altmire – – Phone: (202)-225-2565 FAX: (202)226-2274

    Representative Chris Carney – – Phone:(202)225-3731 Fax: (202)225-9594

    Representative Tim Holden – – Phone: 202-225-5546 – Fax: (202)226-0996

    Representative Mike Doyle – – Tel: (202)225-2135 ~ Fax: (202)225-3084

  3. not sure if this is significant, but even PEREZ HILTON, the site where more than 10 million people visit per day, is pushing a re-vote/at least COUNTING Florida and Michigan.

    I think this is very good 😀

  4. It wasn’t too long ago that Cole was under fire for his leadership of the NRCC. He was having trouble raising money and getting good candidates. Not so much anymore. If 👿 is the nominee, Cole will be sitting pretty and look like the savior of the GOP after what Bush, Delay and their cronies have done.

  5. this is one of many posts Perez has made on the subject:

    “Being in D.C. and at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner has got us thinking….

    Florida and Michigan NEED to be counted in the Democratic presidential nominee selection process!

    There HAS to be a revote in each state!

    So, the question is: who will fund it?????


    What if Bill Gates fronted the money, which would cost way less than $50 million for both states????

    And, if not Bill Gates, then Ron Burkle or some other billionaire???

    Somebody needs to STEP UP TO THE PLATE for democracy and make sure that the voters in Florida and Michigan are heard!!!

    The voters should not have to pay the price for the mistakes their state party leaders made!!!!!!!! “

  6. well Hillary supporters months ago promised to fund a revote and BodyOdorStinkingBreathASSHOLE shot it down. In Florida and Michigan .. because he is a coward in like of Kerry and Kennedy. He knew his ass was beat, just like the debates .. he is a COWARD in the nth degree.

  7. Dot48, lets not resort to that, lets not be like the Obama supporters that attacks us and Hillary with vile remarks 😉

  8. he deserves it. and his wife said he has body odor, stinky breath and it’s not even a question that he is an asswipe.

  9. yeah Dot, there are plenty of names to call Bambi based on what he is 😀 like:

    empty suit
    etc 😀

  10. Why does someone like Wright get so much air time on CNN, and Hillary isn’t getting any coverage. What a messed up system. Promoting Wright over Hillary. Shame on CNN.

  11. I saw a brilliant comment earlier on another site

    “Hey all this, AA’s will riot if BO is cheated out of the nomination, well that works both ways, what about all the women that will feel cheated out of the nomination because of extreme sexism, just because he’s black why should he be entitled to bend the rules his way and no one says nothing”

  12. birdgal, someone over at TM said Wright is only making more of a fool out of himself, because he’s full of contradictions

  13. is it a question as to CNN’s motives? But how about Fox? Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

    Wright connects with BitterMan so they HAVE to cover it. Got it.

  14. moononpluto, not sure if you are a minority or not, but as I am a minority, I can tell you that most minorities naturally self-pity themselves and tend to think anything that doesn’t go our way is “the white guy’s” fault. eh. its pretty true.

  15. Have to admit it, Wright is angry and he can’t sing worth a darn .. he sounds a little batship crazy

  16. dot48, help me, how does he sound angry? u know me my typical white ears no work no more

  17. i agree mjs, as a aa i feel i needed to stop blaming everything on anybody. i moved on. i had it in on another blog and told this person i get sick and tired of hear how pissed off obama supporters would if they lose. im like wtf about hillary’s supporters of she loses. obamabots act like we hillary supporters will jump for joy with the idiot and make nice. she won almost 50% of the vote too.

  18. Rev Wright is about himself and is trying to rehabilitate himself because he STILL haven’t address his hateful bigotry remarks in his online magazine the Trumpet and his hurtful comments after 911.

  19. terrondt, ur right. I admit that I am young, but at the same time, i’m really pissed off at the idiotic people who supposedly represent my generation and bowing down to Barack en masse. if we’re this STUPID already, I fear for our country in the future decades as my generation gains power (shudders). It’s sad, but I hope when barack loses, it will teach all the young people a lesson about “fads” and whatnot.

  20. just: when I had it on mute, his gestures, wide opened mouth, and arm movements gave away his anger.

  21. Birdgal, let CNN and FOX carry Wright. The more that asshole is on TV, the better for us. He seems disingenuous. He’s like 👿 , they both make it up as they go along.

    Those soundbytes are out there. He can explain them away as much as he wants, but folks have made a decision about him, that church and it’s carrying over to 👿 as it should.

    His sitting there in an hour long interview blaming it on everyone else is, to quote 👿 – silly season.

  22. just me .. as soon as he started his singing in “cantata style” or whatever the freakin it was I zapped him. He had that “mocking” tone like he did in his sermons. Like he is mocking white folks.

    Terrondt .. that burns my butt too. She has won more votes and they think we should just shrug off and say ..well I’ll just give in and vote for Bambi .. NEVER in my lifetime .. unless Hill is top side .. then I’d have to think about it really, really hard.

    Mental picture of BambiBitterMan and the good Rev. Wright jerkoffs…

  23. i only cold stand watching 10 seconds of wright on cnn. then i found out hillary was on live streaming on

  24. I just watched Hill in Wilmington N.C, she was wonderful, had the crowd in her hand. It was a good speech! Reminds me why I am voting for her!! She wants to help save the homes of military people that are serving now that have gotten a bad loan on their houses! She is asking Bush to help with this! She is one smart cookie!

  25. if he did omg. this guy is supposed to be obama’s friend? damn he is doing everything he can to bring obama down. some friend.

  26. conflyod, I just hope people don’t get obama-fooled tomorrow as Obama will be giving a speech there in Wilmington, NC

  27. MJS, the other day, I told my hubby that I finally am starting to understand old people, and why they don’t care about being “cool.”

    See once you hit a certain age, you have enough life experience to start seeing patterns in social behavior (if you are paying attention). FI, this whole green thing is sorta like the 70’s and teh whole nature movement. In the late 70’s and early 80’s solar energy was supposed to save the planet…In the early 70’s we saw “black is beautiful” and again in the early 90’s we saw the “get back to mother Africa” trend.

    There are a million things we can look at after we have enough age on us, and say we’ve seen it before. 👿 is that. And truth be told, the whole eyouth movement today is a cheap knockoff off of the 60’s radicalism and they got to choose a candidate, two if you count 1972, and they both lost.

    Why? Because folks who had seen it and done it before knew better than to buy into the latest fad. What is tried and true is what gets results. Change for change sake sounds tempting but getting ensnared in that pipe dream fantasy is dangerous. More so, when our country is neck deep in two wars, a recession and a million other huge problems which affect real people- young, old, rich, poor.

    This is exactly why 👿 doesn’t win the 45+, and the 60+ voters. They’ve seen this sideshow before and they know the ending even when the kiddos don’t.

  28. Obama refers Wright as a, “former pastor of mine.” not the usual, “spiritual advisor and a personal friend of mine.”

  29. We briefly discussed Obama and the Ping Pong company Killerspin in our article today. The company that owns Killerspin is EKI. Take a look at EKI’s client list in government and non-profits. Once again, as we have written about extensively, it is Chicago hospitals and Chicago government:

    City of Chicago – Alderman Carothers
    City of Chicago – Board of Ethics
    City of Chicago – Department of Children and Youth Services
    City of Chicago – Department of Environment
    City of Chicago – Department of Innovation and Technology
    City of Chicago – Department of Public Health
    City of Chicago – Office of Emergency Management and Communications
    Chicago Transit Authority
    Cook County
    Illinois Regional Transportation Authority
    Museum of Science & Industry
    National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
    Southern Illinois University
    State of Illinois – Bureau of Tourism
    State of Illinois – Department of Central Management Services
    State of Illinois – Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
    State of Illinois – Department of Human Services
    State of Illinois – Department of Public Health
    State of Illinois – Department of Revenue
    State of Illinois – Department of Transportation
    YMCA of Chicago
    Youth Guidance

  30. Okie .. you hit the nail on the head. I’ve been there .. done that and just like Hillary and Evan said ” you just don’t show up in Washington and say we’re gonna change” …

    He is so underqualified .. that is what is so scary. And the party bigwhigs want it that way, they want a puppet and he won’t be one once he gets his way.

  31. I’m glad they are putting a spotlight on this fanatic and you better believe that the more they let Jerimiah talks the more he is putting his foot in his mouth.

    Even CNN said Rev. Wright was not separating himself from Barack Obama…The democrats are TOAST. The Detroit NAACP is NOT the National and they have been awfully quiet in this issue.

    CNN keeps treating Rev Wright as the leader of the Black Community….no he’s only another black minister who has a large church in Chicago.

    Can you see Rev. Wright in the White House reliving the the pain in the past? Rev. Wright was very egotistical up there…not living up to the WORD…no humility at all.

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright does not represent ALL Blacks and for TEAM OBAMA to keep claiming that crown is very offensive to many Black people.

    Rev. Wright is going to be a TOUGH sell in California, New York, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and other…Rev Wright is hurting Obama. The divide is getting larger, Thanks CNN for helping to sink the Democrat Party this November if Obama is the nominee.

    The Republicans played the Democrats why CNN thought this would help Obama I don’t know…Obama is TOAST!!!

  32. well as long as he sinks the messiahone in North Carolina and Indiana ..and the few upcoming states, I’m happy. I know for a fact that Ky and Wv won’t buy into the Bambi hopium.

    I think Obama’s bitter comments about bible thumping, gun packing bitter people need to be revived again.

  33. Did anyone here do phonebanking today? I did not because my real estate deal took much longer than I ever in the world thought and by the time it was over and by the time I waited half the day on them, I was worn out. I know, excuses, excuses.

    Sonia .. are you here? You were going to call some. How did it go?

  34. CNN reporters are gushing about Wrights speech calling it humorous. Either these people are clueless or old age has affected my mind because I clearly heard Wright say that the Nation of Islam was part of his movement for change, that blacks and whites have different brains, suggested something was wrong with the Irish, and made fun of people. I don’t get why they thought it was charming or mild….

  35. cnn tries to warp people into believing what their own ears tells them….they have done it repeatedly with bambi.

  36. Hey guys some more funny anti obama videos must see! SHARKS DO BITE GOT TEA DEEP THOUGHTS

  37. Here is a clue to the clueless…CNN that mean you too.

    Rev. Wright has hurt Obama badly and although you might not see it now, it has been another self inflicted hit on TEAM OBAMA by him and his supporters.

    Black people speak in code there is one speach for Black and another for Mix Audience, Rev Wright gave you the Mix speach. But that only works when your intended audience haven’t seen your true face.

    Rev. Wright true face has been revealed so now his egotistical self is doing damage control to save the master and not the student.

    Here’s the code: Africans/African American vs Europeans mean

    Black vs White.

    Rev. Wright is a Black Liberation Theologist which comes out of the teaching of the Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army…his primary focus is the Liberation of Black American or Africans….PERIOD!!!

  38. Wow, an ap headline with Hill re:afghanistan needs more US attention. Great pic. No mention of BO…finally.

  39. MJ, I have a youtube for you. It’s an 👿 bot’s song choice these past few days after Moyer’s interview. 🙂

  40. Clinton Backs Guam Buildup
    Monday: April 28, 2008

    Democrat contender Hillary Clinton has backed the military buildup on Guam, as the May 3 caucus meeting on Guam nears.

    Clinton has told KUAM News that she would continue with the initiative.

    “I think it makes a lot of sense…Obviously I will review it, but I feel strongly that moving more of our assets to Guam is in the best interests of the people of Guam and of the United States.”

    And she has reiterated her support for compensation for wartime suffering for Chamorros. “I think sometimes it takes unfortunately longer than it should to educate people about the justice of a cause like war reparations, or for the people of Guam that suffered under the Japanese occupation during World War II. Just yesterday I rushed to the Senate to vote on behalf of giving the benefits that were promised during World War II to the Filipino veterans who served with American forces. All these years later, we still haven’t done it – all these years later we still haven’t provided the reparations that the people of Guam were promised.

    “As your president I will work very hard to remedy this injustice. I am committed to doing so.”

    She has told KUAM News she supports Guamanians being permitted to directly vote for a U.S. president. “It seems to me that it is long past time that we remedy this inequity,” she explained. “It doesn’t reflect American values; it is out of step with the move towards equality and full citizenship rights, and I will do everything I can to make sure the people of Guam’s vote are counted

  41. CNN is running Wright again. I tried c-span and MO was there, so I went back to FOX (I started screaming at the TV). Wright is a first class egomaniac.

  42. Curiosityhasme @ 3:33 pm
    “realizing that they pounce every time she responds to one of BHO’s statements, she should make it short and sweet, without any emotion attached. Facts, just the facts, ma’am. In any event, they will turn anything she says into some huge story. Maybe she should say “I don’t happen to agree.” Period. End of story.

    The irony is, on Rev Wright, she has barely said more than a simple,
    ” I wouldn’t have stayed in that church”.
    Yet she’s a monster ripping apart the Democratic party and taking the low road to victory in the bizarro world of the NY Times / MSNBC and the like.

    And this is why I say go for it, especially on really important issues like BO’s watered-down nuclear regulation bill.

    If this is the best example of ‘change’ he can bring, it needs to be pointed out. it goes right to the heart of what he really is.

  43. Is there any doubt that there has been a conspiracy to make certain that Obama is elected and the race card is his official ballot? He started his campaign shortly after his election to the ILL Senate and it is now slash and burn to all who question his motives.This is a dangerous manipulation of our political system and we had better beware and speak out loudly against this Brown Shirt Messiah. Save our country and stabilize the world.Elect HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.The first WOMAN PRESIDENT and the 44th of our great DEMOCRACY.


    BY ABM90

  44. From the NYT: quote from Obama, sounding depressed and bleak, as his campaign continues to falter:

    Mr. Obama said it was undeniable that race remained a factor in American society. But, he added, “If I lose, it won’t be because of race. It’ll be because I made mistakes on the campaign trail, I wasn’t communicating.”

  45. CSPAN Michelle Obama always seem angry when I see her talking. Doesn’t matter the venue or format – interview, rallies or stump speeches.

    Would it hurt to smile?

  46. It is amazing to me that people sit there and say, it has not been proven that he has done any political favors. First he has performed some. Second the rest expect to be paid. I see that in the party all the time. Who wants to payback a person in Chicago who is being tried on various charges. I guess Senator Obama does.

    Of course the Super Delegates expect something also. If he does not win, I wonder how they call in their markers. There is an old saying “people don’t do something for nothing”.

    I wonder what the odds are in Vegas right now.

  47. CNN also showed the speech introducing Wright, given (I think?) by the new pastor of the Trinity church. The speaker was barely coherent, screaming and bellowing, and he looked downright angry. He had clearly crossed over from merely being passionate and spirited.

    Simply reminding voters of the Wright fiasco is a huge blunder by the Obama campaign. Once again, we’ll have Rev. Wright in the news for the next 48 hours, and maybe Obama will finally explain how he feels about Wright (20-year spiritual advisor, who made statements Obama says he abhors, yet Obama stays with the church and defends it, donates $26K to the church last year, and says Wright’s statements were out of context) Which is it, Senator?

  48. The MSM has done it’s dirty job well with cunning devious tactics.Has anybody noticed the increased number of Black Analysts,Advisors,Commentators,Pundits,Announcers,Anchors that have been hired by the Media to prevent any questions being asked about Obama.The RACE CARD is alive and well and dangerous to our Democratic way of VETTING a political candidate. HILLARY WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. People just watch and listen to the NAACP members and their aplause for JERAMIAH and his handlers.Take heed,time is running out to stop this onslaught on our values.

    By ABM90

  49. Berkeley: CNN is showing a clip of the introduction. OMG Roland and Soledad have been converted to Black Nationalism. I cannot watch any longer. This is very sickening.

  50. I always thought the Wright stuff would hurt him more than they were spinning it. The same thing happen with the other two items (bitter, and Debate). The spinners immeidately said, it would not hurt him. They immeidately did a lot of polling that Senator Obama people fixed the right way. Guess what, regular Americans really came to their own decision on that stuff. (The focus groups after the debates told the real story).

    It is interesting, as they have had such success with these tactics. I read that he need to come out fresh again, or make himself as exciting as he was in the beginning.

    Guess what, the honeymoon is over, and you see what he really looks like in the morning. You are right about us older people, we have see this before. We have even gotten ourselves caught up in this when we were younger. Now we think back about how young we were. What were we thinking. When people start getting crowds excited, it should immediately raise a red flag.

    So Senator Obama’s supporters are going to protest. I guess that is suppose to scare us. What I am afraid of is putting this fragile economy, which is in War, and with a middle class that is disappearing in the hands of someone that needs a paper handed to him 3 minutes before he uses it, or who has to have his staff to make a decision. He obviously like his debates with briefing ahead of time, and don’t deviate from the script. I wonder how that works when you are in negotiations with an international power.

  51. filbert: Hillary never disses Waffles, as much as his campaign does to Hillary.

    I can’t watch this garbage.

  52. Ah yes, the ugly 90’s when outcomes across the board went up, but particularly for african americans. Who could forget those dark days of peace and prosperity?

  53. If Barack could not change Chicago politics, then how in the hell, is he going to do this on a national level? What a load of crap. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how anyone can fall for this garbage. He needs to go back to Chicago, and clean up his own backyard. There are certainly enough problems there to clean up.

  54. FoxNews is vicious they have Bob Beckel and this other white lady from the democratic party defending Rev. Wright while the two blacks republicans (Micheal Steele and Angela McGlowan) on the panel is saying this is hurting Obama’s campaign.


  55. The coverage of the Wright speech tonight is some of the worst I’ve ever seen on CNN. The anchor keeps going to the two reporters, both in the tank for Obama and wearing African garb no less, for obvious biased comments. Then he brings on one Republican commentator by phone. Ridiculous..

    I think the morning and all day tomorrow will bring a different story as people look at what Wright said in the speech and it’s impact on voters…also Wright has another speech tomorrow morning. He’s a gift that keeps on giving…

  56. Dear Mr. Gailey,
    BO’s unelectability has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his lack of judgment and deep inexperience.

    Even though many pundits would like to wish these inconvenient facts away, the electorate is coming to realize that his political career was funded by an indicted political fixer, energized by an anti-America, racist pastor and fueled by the cronies of an unrepentant domestic terrorist. After giving her so much fodder, BO should be thanking Clinton for her restraint. The republicans in the fall will not show him the same favor. He may be a media darling but the average American voter (which is not the same as a the voter in a democratic primary) will not let BO and his cronies anywhere near the White House.

  57. MJ, that’s right. I knew it was East coast near DC just couldn’t remember where. He’s very Log Cabin…

  58. Wow,

    1st an attack ad with Obama/Wright in NC
    2nd an attack ad with Obama/Wright in LA
    3rd an attack ad with Obama/Wright in Miss

    We can now forget about those states ever, and I emphasize, EVER, going for Obama


    we can COUNT on losing congressmen/senators who endorsed Obama losing their seats if they dont renounce

  59. Susan Estrich: Who Needs Friends Like the Rev. Wright?
    Sunday , April 27, 2008
    By Susan Estrich

    “At a political event, he goes out as a politician and says what he has to say as a politician,” Reverend Jeremiah Wright told Bill Moyers in their well-publicized interview last week. “I continue to be a pastor. He’s a politician. I’m a pastor.”

    As my mother used to say, with friends like these….

    If anyone thought that the Barack Obama campaign had any control over Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the controversial former pastor and “uncle figure” whose fiery speeches reeking of anti-Israel and anti-American sentiment provided at least a jolt to the Obama campaign, the pastor has proven conclusively in his weekend burst of publicity that it just isn’t so.

    Just to remind you, in case there is anyone who has forgotten: Reverend Wright was for twenty years the pastor of the Obamas’ church in Chicago. He married them. He baptized their children. He was widely known as a major figure in Chicago religious/political circles, much respected for his ministry and services to the poor and needy, but also viewed with great skepticism, if not worse, because of the tenor and tone of his speeches blaming America for 9/11 and Israel for the problems of the Middle East. Oprah, a former Church member and ardent Obama supporter, left the Church because of her disagreements with the Pastor. Obama, while making clear that he did not share Wright’s views and leaving unclear just how familiar he was with some of them, declined to throw him overboard, as he did with others, like Harvard Professor Samantha Power, when her anti-Hillary comments conflicted with the message of his campaign. In Wright’s case, he likened the pastor to an uncle who sometimes says things you disagree with, or even to his beloved but sometimes racially insensitive white grandmother, which — in many people’s books — probably cost him votes among white grandmothers. Luckily for Obama, after an initial feeding frenzy in which Wright’s anti-American sermon and the crowd’s enthusiastic response was shown almost as many times as the beating of Rodney King, the frenzy seemed to die down. Certainly, a Democratic primary is not the place for this sort of attack. A general election, some Democrats have feared, is another thing.

    But once the controversy died down, there was no question what Wright’s next move should have been, at least if he was hoping to see Barack Obama win the nomination and be elected president. The best thing he could have done for his “friend” and former parishioner would have been to disappear to a desert island with no satellite service and contemplate spiritual issues. The second best might have been to endorse Hillary Clinton or John McCain.

    About the worse thing he could do, particularly with North Carolina Republicans (shocking! Shocking!) — defying John McCain’s expressed preference for a positive campaign and already running ads tying Wright to Obama (am I the only one who remembers that the first Willie Horton ads also came from North Carolina Republicans?) — is decide to raise his profile and defend his reputation, in the process denouncing or at least demeaning Senator Obama as a mere “politician” saying what he has to say.

    A special interview with Bill Moyers? A major speech before the NAACP? How do you spell: let’s see those clips about “GD America” all over again. Remind me again how the chickens came home to roost on 9/11, how it’s all the white man’s fault, and why Israel is to blame for all the violence in the Middle East.

    And it gets worse.

    If Barack Obama has tried to do one thing, it’s to portray himself as something other than just another politician saying “what he has to say as a politician.” If that’s what your pastor thinks of you, why should we think otherwise?

    What is Jeremiah Wright doing?

    That’s easy. He’s helping himself. Trying to save his reputation. Smiling for the cameras.

    What can Barack Obama do about it?

    Not much.

    The only thing worse than Wright speaking out is the respect with which he is treated when he does. In numerous reports, Wright is being described as one of the leading African-American pastors in the country. The fact of his invitation to speak to the Detroit chapter of the NAACP, whose previous speakers include such luminaries as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, speaks volumes about the respect in which he is held, which is exactly what many white Americans, quite frankly, don’t want to hear. They want to believe that Wright is an outlier, out of the mainstream, a temporary frolic and detour in Barack Obama’s efforts to run a campaign and lead a life that transcends race.

    So should Democrats wring their hands? Not necessarily.

    Jeremiah Wright is not about to go away. If it weren’t the North Carolina Republicans doing it now, it would be a 527 group or the Republican National Committee in the fall. The Jeremiah Wright issue was not about to go away: underground, for a while, but definitely not away. It would have come back. Better sooner than later.

    Either Barack Obama will endure the latest onslaught or he won’t. Either these North Carolina ads will hurt him or they won’t. No one knows for sure. The one thing you should definitely not believe is any polls in which people say whether and how much this all bothers them. If there’s one subject people lie to pollsters about, this is it.

    But at the risk of sounding like Pollyanna, Reverend Wright’s self-centered, me-first approach may in the end be good for Obama. He’ll face the criticism now, not later. He may even be persuaded that far from acting like his uncle, much less his grandmother, the Reverend Wright is showing himself to be the narrow-minded, self-centered, selfish man that many people have been convinced was his true character since watching him denounce our country. And it may just give Obama the second chance he needs to throw him overboard which, figuratively speaking, is certainly where he belongs in the Obama campaign.,2933,352782,00.html

  60. Even on Brothers & Sisters – there’s a subtle message on it about insurance and the outrageous costs – and even one of the characters said, “stitches are bitches,” that character also said, I can’t afford both an insurance and rent. There’s been a lot of of subtle messages on both Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives

  61. Rev. Wright: I have Jewish friends
    by Dwayne Robinson
    Sunday, 27 April 2008

    Sen. Barack Obama’s 20-year-long spiritual advisor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is in the headlines again.

    At a speech Sunday night at a NAACP event in Detroit, Mich., he’s making it clear that he cares more about repairing his own image the Obama’s historic candidacy.

    Instead of receding into political and public obscurity until Obama clinches the Democratic nomination or the presidency, Wright is barnstorming the nation on a campaign of his own – first at PBS, then Sunday at the NAACP and today at a National Press Club event in Washington D.C.

    On Sunday, his rebuttal against charges of anti-Semitic remarks and ties with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan appeared to be, in essence, ‘Look, I have Jewish friends.’

    He thanked and ticked off a long list of Jewish leaders in the country that he knew (and he threw in at least one Muslim, for some balance, one can suppose).

    But more interestingly than that, he thanked someone else: CNN’s Roland Martin, whom he referred to as a “friend.”

    Now, Martin, for the lack of a better word, is CNN’s “resident black guy.” No matter what the issue of race is, CNN goes to Martin to tell its mostly white audience what black America’s uniform opinion is. (I believe Martin got this esteemed position sometime after the Don Imus “nappy headed hos” controversy.)

    And during the Wright-“Goddamn America” controversy, there has been no greater defender of the Illinois reverend on cable television than Martin. In fact, Martin, who wore a white Dashiki with gold embroidering while “reporting” on Wright’s speech Sunday night on CNN, has done more defending of Wright than Obama.

  62. Why does Susan Estrich always defend Obama? This is nothing to what wll happen in November. This won’t ever go away.

  63. The gift that keeps on giving:


    The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. to Address National Press Club
    By National Press Club
    Apr 27, 2008, 08:14

    The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., senior pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, will discuss the role of faith in the public square in a presentation entitled, The African American Religious Experience; Theology & Practice, at a National Press Club breakfast on April 28th.

    Dr. Wright will also talk about his pastorate, his development as a theologian and teacher, and the how the issues of social justice and global inequities have shaped his faith and his fight for those who are most marginalized in society. He will address the legacy and tradition of education in his family. And Dr. Wright will put into perspective theologically, historically and politically, his ministry and public service that has been so widely discussed in the media.

    Dr. Wright will retire from Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in June, where he served the 8,000-member congregation for 36 years. While at Trinity he developed nearly 100 active ministries/outreach programs and seven separate corporations that continue to serve the greater Chicago community. He is a sought after lecturer and teacher and speaks at some of the nation’s most prestigious universities and seminaries.

    The National Press Club breakfast will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. and Rev. Wright’s remarks will begin just after 9:00 a.m., followed by a question-and-answer session. Credentialed press may cover this event with proper ID.

  64. I mean seriously, look at the primaries thus far. BO peaked in February. It’s unlikely he’ll ever get that back. But look at all the primaries to date. He gets slaughtered in the rurals. He’s lost steam among indies/moderates. He has serious electability issues. I do actually think race and gender are hurdles. I think Hill overcame that hurdle because she laid the groundwork. She has a record of experience. Not to mention she is tough as nails. BO has never been more than a media creation. I see a loss in the fall, and Estrich and the like trying to pretend this is all somehow good is so foolish.

  65. There has to be increased security measures for our wonderful Bill and Hillary Clinton.Their lives are in peril and they must be protected at all costs.Lives seem so insignificant to those that want to stop them from once more lead our country back to peace and prosperity. I pray that they will be safe and secure in their efforts to preserve our great country.

    By ABM90

  66. MJ,

    Susan Estrich is a party leader she has to remain neutral but she devestating in her critic regarding the effects of Rev. Wright on Obama’s campaign.

    Highligted section:

    About the worse thing he could do, particularly with North Carolina Republicans (shocking! Shocking!) — defying John McCain’s expressed preference for a positive campaign and already running ads tying Wright to Obama (am I the only one who remembers that the first Willie Horton ads also came from North Carolina Republicans?) — is decide to raise his profile and defend his reputation, in the process denouncing or at least demeaning Senator Obama as a mere “politician” saying what he has to say.

  67. I know, but Wright and Ayers, and the rest of Obama’s strange friends, ARE devastating. And, there will be no getting around it. It will be WORSE in the fall. Dem’s need to get their heads out of their collective asses and realize that.

  68. mj, don’t take susan etstrich seriously. she is fox’s token liberal. she lost credibilty after running loser dukakis’s campaign 20 years ago. just like brillo pad brazille.

  69. What they’re saying about the Rev. Wright
    The Detroit News
    Here’s what they’re saying about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speech at the NAACP fundraiser Sunday:

    “Given the political climate and his message of people being tolerant it was powerful.”

    Detroit City Councilwoman Alberta Tinsley-Talabi

    “His words show the type of leader he is and his importance to so many. … no one can come away from listening to him and feeling his passion for people and how he wants to make people come together .”

    Former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer

    “He has been treated unfairly. But he is not angry. He does not sound spiteful. He made me think about how I view people. I will be moreunderstanding”

    Eva Banks, 81, of Detroit, who has attended 11 previous dinners

    “This is a man who is about bringing people together, not keeping them apart. He showed his intelligence, passion and tolerance.”

    Alberta Roth, 39, engineer from Southfield

    “He made a good point (that) everyone, of every background, has differences but that doesn’t make one person better or worse than another. Everyone could learn from him.”

    Businessman Rayford Haines, 53, a Detroit real estate investor
    *****************************************************You just can’t make this stuff up, it like see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

    Obama’s and his friends are sinking the Democratic Party.

  70. Well;, terron she did write a book, “the case for Hillary”, so I think she actually supports Hill. But this isn’t the time for wishy washy. This is the time to tell it like it is. BO should have cut off connection to these people years ago, at least once he ran for Senate. And, frankly, he ought to have built a resume before he ran for President, then maybe people could have gotten past his associations. Dem’s need to wake up and realize how damaging this all is.

  71. with these latest quotes out form wright bambi could lose nc-but onlyif we get this out to the nc press-

    Saturday, April 26, 2008


    Jeremiah Wright: ‘We cannot see that what we are doing is the same as al-Qaeda, under a different color flag.’

    Hugh Hewitt offers new audio of two sermons of Jeremiah Wright, one from September 2001 and one from April 2003.

    Permit me to propose a new rule: If your mentor of 20 years has ever declared the United States to be ‘the same as al-Qaeda, under a different color flag, calling on the name a different God to sanction and approve our murder and our mayhem!’ you are ineligible for the Presidency.

    In the first excerpt, Wright urges his congregations to say with him, “enemies,” as he describes Jesus’ enemies, “a provisional government with all of the political power and an occupying army.”

    Wright describes Roman soldiers who mistreated Jesus as “Commandos.. trained in urban command and trained to kill on command… the Third Marine Regiment of Rome,” and that Jesus was mistreated “as a prisoner of war.”

    He describes the Roman presence in Jerusalem as “Operation Israeli Freedom.” (So in this America-as-Rome metaphor, is Abu Zarqawi Jesus?)

    “It was the Italian Army that led Jesus to Calvary Friday morning.”

    The second cut: “The military does not make for peace. The military only keeps the lid on for a while… The absence of armed resistance foes not mean the presence of peace.”

    “Fighting for peace is like raping for virginity.”

    “War only makes for escalating violence.”

    “Military might doesn’t make for peace. Occupying and killing those who fought to protect their own homes does not make for peace! Press conferences claiming victory do not make for peace! Regime change, substituting one tyrant for another tyrant, with the biggest tryant pulling the puppet strings of all the tyrants, does not make for peace! Colonization does not make for peace! If you don’t believe me look at Haiti, look at Puerto Rico, look at Angola, look at Zimbabwe, look at Kenya, look at [hard to make out what he’s saying, something like “astra boys”?] in South Africa! Colonization does not make for peace, occupation does not make for peace, and subjugation only makes a temporary silence… it does not make for peace.”

    The third cut: “A lot of people still confuse, 2000 years later, they still confuse God with their government… We can see clearly the confusion in the minds of a few Muslims – and please notice that I did not say all, I said a few Muslims – who see Allah as condoning killing those who do not believe what they believe. They call it jihad.”

    “We can see clearly the confusion in their minds but we cannot see clearly what it is that we do. We call it ‘Crusade.’ When we turn right around and say that our God condones the killing of innocent civilians as a necessary means to an end. We say that God understands collateral damn damage. We say that God knows how to forgive friendly fire. We say that God will bless the shock and awe as we take over unilaterally another country, calling it a coalition because we got three guys from Australia. Goin’ against the United Nations, goin’ against a majority of Christians, Muslims, and Jews, throughout the world, making a preemptive strike in the name of God. We cannot see how what we are doing is the same thing al-Qaeda is doing under a different color flag, calling on the name a different God to sanction and approve our murder and our mayhem!”

    I know, I know. There we go again, forming an opinion of the man based on “snippets.”

  72. Watching Beckel on FOX as he lays out this scenario;
    at the end of the primaries BO is 90 delegates short and gets the remainder to announce for him (reaching 2024 according to Beckel) the following day.
    The question Beckel has is whether Hill stays in at that point or not.

    I actually take solace in this as it’s one of the few times I heard anyone discuss the possibility (including when the SD’s might weigh in, and I’ve seen beckel enough to believe he has his ear to the ground) and I’ve never gotten confirmation on whether or not it’s customary/mandatory to at that point suspend/quit, or if you can still go to the convention, as the votes don’t truly count until they’re registered there.
    There’s also the question of, pending resolution of the FLA & MI situations, that magic number will be 2024 or 2224, or whether that evens matters if the Clinton camp refuses to acknowledge it.

    Long story short, as I see it laying out, it doesn’t matter, because there’s almost no way for Obama NOT to be battered beyond recognition
    by August, at which point nearly all Dems will be begging SD’s to change their support to a candidate that’s actually viable.

    Sound about right, or batshit crazy?

  73. they are having a discussion on hillary’s popular vote lead with florida and michigan on talk left. obama supporters want to down play her lead but the people in those states did vote. they took their votes seriously.

  74. RALEIGH, N.C. — Former President Bill Clinton will make 11 stops in North Carolina during a two-day swing in the state.

    Clinton officials said Sunday that he will campaign for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, in Boone, Wilkesboro, Elkin and Mount Airy on Tuesday. He’ll then visit Apex, Sanford, Lillington, Dunn, Hope Mills, Lumberton and Whiteville on Wednesday.

    Those stops will come after Hillary Clinton’s own two-day tour of North Carolina. Along with her visit in Wilmington on Sunday night, she has stops in Graham, Salisbury, Concord and Charlotte on Monday.

    North Carolina’s May 6 primary will divide 115 delegates between Clinton and rival Barack Obama.

  75. terrondt Says:

    April 27th, 2008 at 11:17 pm
    they are having a discussion on hillary’s popular vote lead with florida and michigan on talk left. obama supporters want to down play her lead but the people in those states did vote. they took their votes seriously.

    Exactly, terron. No state has every been succesfuklly done away with in either Party. This is such a farce.

  76. MJS Says:
    April 27th, 2008 at 8:07 pm
    this is one of many posts Perez has made on the subject:

    “Being in D.C. and at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner has got us thinking….

    Florida and Michigan NEED to be counted in the Democratic presidential nominee selection process!

    There HAS to be a revote in each state!

    So, the question is: who will fund it?????


    Tell him Hillary’s team already offered to fund it! They hoped BO would match funding but could do it themselves. Carville had a lot of donors lined up ready. I think he had 30 million pledged which would cover both states for a mail-in even without help from BO.

  77. from the WSJ;
    Mr. Clinton has placed several of his own aides at headquarters, including his former lawyer and a bevy of strategists. Known as a bad loser, Mr. Clinton privately buttresses his wife’s drive to push on, telling her, according to aides: “We’re not quitters.”

    On his own daily message calls, advisers say, he implores: “We’ve got to take him on every time.” At the Clintons’ Washington, D.C., home recently, these people say, he reviewed possible TV spots and told ad makers to be more hard-hitting, faster and harsher.

  78. Volunteers for Obama Begin Massive Voter Registration Drive, Keep Working in California
    By Pamela Coukos
    Volunteer, CD-9 Team
    Obama For America/California

    Disclaimer: I am a volunteer for Obama for America in California, but I am speaking for myself and based on my personal experience as a volunteer, not for the campaign in any way. You can read my other posts about the campaign here.

    More than two months after the California primary, Obama campaign volunteers are still organized and working around the state. Having built a cadre of trained grassroots organizers to contend for votes on February 5, the campaign isn’t letting this resource go to waste. Here in the Bay Area we have been busy running volunteer-based phonebanks to call other states, including Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Oregon. Right now we are sending teams of volunteers to help out on the ground in Oregon.
    Good luck with that, Obama is TOAST!

    McCain is going to win California.

  79. Blow up Tonight between Dick Morris and Geraldo


    Geraldo expressed his theory tonight that the polls are understating Hillary’s support and he doesn’t believe them. (I agree with him – see below).

    Then, during a discussion with Dick Morris – a truly slimy toad of a man (he sees everything regarding this race through the prism of his outsize antipathy toward the Clintons) he makes the case for the super delegates to exercise their judgment, reinforces that he believes Hillary will pull or even has pulled ahead in the popular vote – but Morris attempts to stonewall him all the way using the argument that back between 1968 – 1972 he and Geraldo worked to make the process more democratic (that’s how we got McGovern as a candidate, I guess) – less reliant on those famous “smoke filled back rooms”. It got pretty nasty. They were both angry and it looked like Morris was going to have a stroke. But, I’m digressing. that wasn’t the important part of this segment.

    Does anyone have Geraldo’s e-mail?

    I’d like to e-mail him to share my belief that some number of african americans who, when asked whom they support tell the pollsters “Obama”, then vote for Hillary.

    I think that this is what explains the discrepancy in the exit polling in Pennsylvania as well as other state and national polls. It doesn’t make sense to me that white voters are afraid to declare their support for Clinton. It does make sense to me given the intimidation that’s rampant in the Obama campaign that african americans are the ones who don’t want to disclose that they’ve either changed their minds about Obama or never supported him to begin with.

  80. Another unsavory obama associate, official blogger a communist?

    By Warner Todd Huston
    web posted April 28, 2008

    The list of Barack Obama associates that hold views that clash with mainstream America is getting longer every day and now we can add another notch in the “anti-American” column of Obama campaign workers and supporters. This time we find that the Obama campaign’s official blogger, Sam Graham-Felsen, has spent time in France participating in labor riots, has written for a socialist magazine, hung a communist flag in his home, and was a fan of Marx while at Harvard.

    Is this a case of the media not vetting another Obama associate? Why have we not heard of this man before and why is the media silent on him? After the stories of John Edwards’ anti-Catholic bloggers, you’d think that the media would have been on the lookout for campaign blogger related stories. Yet, this guy and his questionable past has been ignored by the same media that tried to give Edwards’ bloggers a pass.

    A fellow that blogs at a site called “Common Ills” did a lot of leg work to dig up some of the publicly known utterings of Mr. Graham-Felsen prior to his elevation as the Obama campaign’s official blogger, so he deserves the credit for raising a “red” flag on this one.

    What we know for sure is that in May of 2006, Sam Graham-Felsen wrote a short piece in the socialist magazine Socialist Viewpoint describing his participation in some French labor riots.

    Then, back in 2003, Graham-Felsen also wrote a piece for the Harvard Crimson praising Noam Chomsky, known for blaming the United States instead of the terrorists for the attacks on 9/11, and advising him to “tone it down” in order to fool people enough to get his anti-American message out.

    Graham-Felson praised Chomsky for having “taken on (what he perceives as) the ultimate bully — the United States,” and gives Noam some unsolicited Graham-Felson advice.

    Unfortunately, Chomsky continues to squander this potential by making decisions that destroy his credibility in the eyes of most Americans. In perhaps his most infamous move, on the day after the Sept. 11 attacks, Chomsky stated: “The terrorist attacks were major atrocities. In scale they may not reach the level of many others, for example, Clinton’s bombing of the Sudan with no credible pretext, destroying half its pharmaceutical supplies and killing unknown numbers of people.” As a result of his poor timing and unwillingness to moderate his tone, his message was lost to anyone not already on the extreme Left. He sounded callous and dogmatic; instead of provoking change, he provoked disgust.

    Yet, even if he is waiting for Americans to rise up in mass movements, he’s not going to spark widespread protest unless he can get more people to embrace his message. And if he wants to convince Americans, he’s simply got to tone it down.

    Also in the Harvard Crimson in 2003, Sam Graham-Felson is noted for having hung a communist flag in his dorm room.

    Behind the bar, in the corner, hangs a Communist Party flag that Sam and Kieran bought on their trip to Russia the summer after sophomore year.

    So, what we have here is a kid who is an official blogger for the Obama campaign having written for a socialist magazine, is known to favor the anti-American views of Noam Chomsky, had a “communist flag” in his dorm room in college, and has attended riots in France and acted as a flack for them here in America. None of these ideas as espoused by our young Obama blogger are those commonly held by a majority of Americans. In fact, many people would consider a person who appreciates communism not an American at all.

    The famous conservative blog “Little Green Footballs” calls this young Obama blogger a “hardcore Marxist.” To be fair, it is not known in public records if Mr. Graham-Felsen claims himself to be a “hardcore Marxist” or not, but his known associations with foreign rioters and socialists is of public record.

    What cannot be ignored is that this is yet another close Obama associate who seems to hate what most Americans love. Barack’s wife could never be “proud of America” until her husband ran for president. His “spiritual advisor” wanted God to “damn America.” Barack launched his Senate bid in the home of a man that belonged to the Weather Underground, a radical, anti-American group that is responsible for murder. And these are just a few of the Obama associates that seem to hate what makes America great.

    So, why does the Obama campaign surround itself with people like this, people who hold views that most Americans despise? And why is the media not looking into every Obama associate out there? Why does it take the Internet and bloggers to do this reporter’s leg work?

    Your guess is as good as mine. But the whole thing reminds me of an old saying: you lie down with dogs and you wake up with fleas.

    The sort of people that Barack Obama surrounds himself with does say something about the character of the “candidate of change.” It makes one wonder what sort of “change” Obama is interested in, anyway

  81. This doesn’t have much to do with the race but I have figured out what bothers me about Dick Morris (besides the obvious). He acts like he has Short Man Syndrome. Does anyone know how tall he is?

  82. Boy, still don’t think networks act in unison when it suits them?
    Just check this headline;

    “CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC decline PBS’ interview request over the “Military Generals’ scandal”

  83. All I know is….he talks out of the bottom left lip like a cartoon. His upper lip and lower right lip never move. It’s quite fascinating to watch him speak. If I were a cartoonist, I’d use him as a model.




    This is a DISASTER for BO. If you weren’t watching, don’t worry. This will be ALL YOU HEAR ABOUT ALL WEEK.

    PARTICULARLY the parts where Wright is IMITATING JFK’s accent and then goes on to mock the speech of entire STATES including MA and TX.

    gift from above. HAHAHAHAHA

  85. Who is Obama’s blogger Sam Graham-Felsen and what does he stands for?

    The Socialist Workers Organization was formed to advance the revolutionary Marxist political program in the United States. Our members are long time active participants in the socialist and labor movements. We agree with Karl Marx that society is divided into social classes whose interests are irreconcilable.

  86. Blue Democrat Says:

    April 27th, 2008 at 11:26 pm
    from the WSJ;
    Mr. Clinton has placed several of his own aides at headquarters, including his former lawyer and a bevy of strategists. Known as a bad loser, Mr. Clinton privately buttresses his wife’s drive to push on, telling her, according to aides: “We’re not quitters.”

    Good for the Clintons. Their tenaciousness has resulted in some big wins. Ohio, Tx, and PA.

    The second paragraph made me smile:
    “On his own daily message calls, advisers say, he implores: “We’ve got to take him on every time.” At the Clintons’ Washington, D.C., home recently, these people say, he reviewed possible TV spots and told ad makers to be more hard-hitting, faster and harsher.”

    Sounds like you, Blue.

    what is the scandal with the military generals?

  87. Did wright just say that white people’s brains are different from black people’s brains?


  88. I saw part of what Sonia is talking about. Wright is talking about the differences in linguistics, and brings up JFK’s speech, Tx, British, etc., and is making a comparison to AA speech patterns. I had to change the station. He may have been speaking at a different meeting, which was held in Tx. I didn’t stay around for the details. It was too toxic.

  89. “You can be … the first black man to have a black woman sleeping at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue legally,” Wright said. “You can change the system.”

    thats what he said today ,,in dallas

    is he taking a shot at bill?????

  90. If a white person said that black children had different brains than white children…well i can just imagine what would happen. rev wright is a real divider and he is a blast from the past…a blast of confused paranoia and hate.

  91. Reverend Wright is NOT a liberating voice. He is NOT celebrating diversity. He is NOT saying different is different not deficient. There was a mocking in his tone. There was a celebrating of “the black experience” (well this is what Wright made it seem like, unfortunately, that it comes all homogenized, all AA are one way, all European another) at the expense of all our other experience. He was forcing bridge with other religious leaders from different faiths there as a cover to give legitimacy to his own agenda. It was not a genuine respect for diversity of faith and personal beliefs or lack thereof. It was not giving other people space to speak for themselves, to give their own voices to the experience. It was an assertion of Wright’s very eccentric mix of half-truths and untruths to tell his historical, sociological, and political thesis – and if you don’t agree then you are not for unity. It was a forging of a false “unity umbrella”, based on assimilation, not respect.

  92. Sonia, I think there are a lot of whites who will hide the fact that they support Clinton. I don’t know what it’s like in your city, but I’m in latte-laden Seattle, and saying you support Hillary is akin to saying you think all AA babies should be shot. The white guilt in this town is brutal. These are take-to-the-streets progressives who’ve been dying to prove it to the world. They’d never be so crass as to say, “I have Black friends,” because everyone knows they don’t, and that fact sits like a chip on their shoulder.

    The private-schooled, Ivy League Obama is exactly the kind of Black friend they always wished they’d had. For the first time in their lives, these people get to prove they aren’t racists, they aren’t closed minded, they aren’t scary whites. Supporting Obama has nothing to do with Obama and everything to do with making themselves feel righteous and good.

    Ironically, the hostility at the caucuses was palpable.

  93. Sonia, LBJ. LBJ had two secretaries. One white, one black. He took them on the presidential yacht where they would make like the beast with three backs. Nixon watched Patton over and over again and got drunk on Scotch.

    (I know this bc a good friend was the military guard for the yacht.)

  94. , this is a strategy by Obama and the liberal media that loves him to portray Wright as a good person whose words were taken out of contest. CNN, of course being in the tank for him, loved this speech and will probably portray Wright in a positive way now to say to America that Wright is not a problem anymore.
    I dont know if they will accomplish this goal of theirs but it has taught me that the liberal media are full of themselves and I will never trust them ever, it does not matter if they start liking Hillary or praise her if she is nominated, but the liberal media just lost another viewer. Thank you CNN/MSNBC/NYT for pushing me to Fox.

    I dont agree fully with the people at Fox but I have no other alternative left.

  95. BirdGal,
    Thanks. That’s one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me 🙂

    The generals? Oh just the Pentagon was sending out ex-military guys as talking heads, to deceive the public, essentially.

  96. oh
    i am only 28
    came here in 1995

    i don,t know much of the history

    i hate politice but love everything to do with bill and hillary ,,,,,,,but thx,,,,

    pls always correct me if i am wrong

    or educate me

  97. really Okie? never heard that one, though the meant Sally whatshername & TJ.

    Maybe he meant both!

  98. hillgirl

    u right
    i am in CALIFORNIA


    so if they asked who i supported ,,i said .. OBAMA,,,

    but i voted for hillary

    i made calls here before feb 5th from phone banks

    i maxed out the donation limit

    so now i use cash ,,,,give cash to someone i know and have them use credit card on hill website

  99. good night

    i am gonna finish all the laundry,,ironing and cleaning now
    so i can make more calls tomorrow

  100. A (very rare) wonderful article on Hill from the NYT;

    April 28, 2008
    Campaign Memo
    Faltering Economy Plays to a Clinton Strength

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. — All politicians talk about jobs, but these days Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton does it with tactile, almost sensuous detail. She began a rally here on Saturday morning with memories of her father’s fabric-printing business, feeling aloud the cloth, the silk screen and the squeegee he used to create patterns that would decorate strangers’ drapes.

    “I’m trying to paint a word picture, and when I think about helping my dad at his print plant, it’s very physical, the memories,” she recalled in an interview after the crowds had dispersed.

    Mrs. Clinton has spent her whole life climbing the ladders of education, wealth and power. Now, as part of her effort to hold off Senator Barack Obama and claim the Democratic presidential nomination, she is climbing back down them, sounding less like a Wellesley alumna than Roseanne Barr’s old sitcom character, the den mother of her factory floor.

    Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has hung on in part by asserting that Mr. Obama cannot win the crucial category of white working-class Democrats. Those men and women won her the Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries, and for the logic of her campaign to hold, they must again side with her in Indiana, where polls suggest the race could be tight.

    So every speech she gave in Indiana on Friday and Saturday had the same topic sentence. “My campaign is about jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs,” she said, always to thunderous applause.

    In Bloomington, she promised to bring nothing less than economic revolution to the decaying Rust Belt. “You’ve heard of white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs,” she told her Fort Wayne audience, setting up a line about how efforts to address global warming and other environmental problems could spawn new industries. “We’re going to create green-collar jobs.”

    At a union hall in garbage-strewn Gary, Mrs. Clinton began her early-evening speech looking wan. But as she began talking about magnets and wheel bases, her eyes grew rounder and her small hands danced with expressive energy. She sounded as if, once she is done with the presidency business, she might like to try the steel one, joining those in the audience wearing “Women of Steel” T-shirts.

    Since the race started, Mrs. Clinton has cycled through several political personas: the battle-tested White House veteran, the fighter, the girl — her word — tougher than any boy. Now she is the Dream Boss: the one who will give you a job and provide health insurance, but also understand just how hard you work and the mundane details of what you do. Mrs. Clinton has a reputation as an effective listener, and she is finally putting that skill to full use in her appearances, showing her audiences how closely she tracks their concerns.

    “Most people get a lot of meaning in their life from the work that they do,” she said in the interview. “People want to be seen, they want to be appreciated, they want to be acknowledged.”

    At the union hall in Gary, she grew so animated in describing the plight of old-line industrial workers that she described them in language from the oft-repeated poem, attributed to the German pastor Martin Niemöller, about the victims of Nazism. “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Socialist,” goes the version inscribed on a wall at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. After coming for the trade unionists, it continues, “they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew.”

    In Mrs. Clinton’s version, she intoned: “They came for the steel companies and nobody said anything. They came for the auto companies and nobody said anything. They came for the office companies, people who did white-collar service jobs, and no one said anything. And they came for the professional jobs that could be outsourced, and nobody said anything.”

    “So this is not just about steel,” she finished.

    Next, she shared the alarming news that American radiologists are losing jobs because X-rays are being sent electronically to India. But according to Frank Levy, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there is only one firm in India that reads American images. The overseas radiologists who read American images are generally United States citizens themselves, Mr. Levy said, because doctors who have not passed American boards cannot be insured against malpractice.

    In these speeches, Mrs. Clinton moves smoothly from her audience’s job concerns to her own.

    “Think about other important personnel decisions you have made,” Mrs. Clinton urges, like choosing a surgeon to operate on a loved one or a negotiator for a new union contract.

    She never mentions just who the Democrats should be having second thoughts about. Instead she talks about her husband’s years in office, playing on the prosperity that most voters enjoyed during the 1990s.

    “Each time a Bush became president, I was laid off,” said Bill Campbell, 42, a machine operator who came to hear Mrs. Clinton speak in Bloomington. “When Bill was president, I did well.”

    Mr. Campbell was far from the only man in the crowd, but in Bloomington and elsewhere, the men were significantly outnumbered. In particular, nurses and teachers flooded Mrs. Clinton’s events. “I’m a schoolteacher and she does her homework,” said Nancy White, 69, in Bloomington.

    Nearly all the crowds were large — several seemed to cross the thousand-person mark — and noisily appreciative.

    After the event in Fort Wayne, Mrs. Clinton greeted supporter after ardent supporter waiting in the chilly wind, her quilted black Chanel-style coat and subtly highlighted hairdo contrasting with the many untended dye jobs and chapped, makeup-less faces.

    “I was going to go to Wellesley, but I was going to have to pay back so much,” a young woman told her.

    Another locked eyes with the candidate and mouthed a message: You’re going to win, she said silently.

  101. Wright is pathetic.

    Roland Martin looked like a dork, and Soledad O’Brien seemed like she would faint as she was talking so fast. Thought she was hyperventilating, trying so hard to make Wright out to be wonderful. ARGHH.

    Wright was distasteful, as usual/ Moderators kept putting spin on that is was entertaining, non-controversial, blah, blah, blah.

    Well, for starters – he mocked the Kennedy’s Boston-Irish accent, then LBJ. Made fun of classical music, caucasian rhythm and educational approaches. Tried that old crap about how African-Americans learn differently because they are right-brained creativitists, and Caucasian Americans and Europeans are left-brained analyticals. NEWS FLASH: We all have a brain, with – you guessed it – TWO SIDES. He acted as if Whites weren’t capable of creativity and Blacks couldn’t grasp the concept of learning through objects, like a baby’s mobile or textbook. What a bunch of horse$#!+. Dropped names of PHD’s who have studied this for years and years, yada, yada, yada. Any teacher that’s been in a classroom for any length of time will tell you that besides the “falling through the cracks in the lowest primary grades and even before, the main problem with learning (for all races) is LACK OF DISCIPLINE AND ENFORCEMENT OF DISCIPLINE BY ADMINISTRATION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Instead of making EXCUSES, threw out this wild concept about another difference that “doesn’t mean deficient.” JUST MORE EXCUSES – A LA SHARPTON AND JACKSON.

    And speaking of discipline – is it just me, or has anyone else thought that BHO sould be in Chicago right now, since all police force is having to use machine guns? They are experiencing the worst rashh of murders in their city’s history, and once again – Obama is missing in action. If that were NYC, the pundits would be trouncing Hillary for not being in her home state and city, addressing the emergency situation. I have not heard ONE reporter even connect Chicago at present with BHO. Simply amazing the double standard. But really, what does it say that this is occuring RIGHT NOW and he is nowhere to be found. He should be calling for a news conference to address this alarming murder wave. But instead………..nothing. THAT”S the kind of president he would be as well. MIA.

    Goodnight all. Think positive thoughts and envision her victory, just as I did night before PA. Remember, for every action “mental energy willing it to be”, there is an equal reaction “energy fields yielding exact result.”

  102. On the flip side, the NYT has a piece on BO that includes many of the questions that have raised about him, saying “the narrative is hardening”

    Then, there’s this;

    “Mr. Obama, who often complains aloud about the rigors of the campaign, had been scheduled to spend Sunday with his family in Chicago. But fearful of losing Indiana, he told his advisers that he wanted to campaign, so two events were hastily added.”

    Lazy doesn’t equal change in Washington.

  103. curiosity,

    I find I make way more typos than I ever have here.
    In fact sometimes I could swear this thing steals letters from me!

  104. Probably dodging gunfire in the southside. Chicken$#!+. If he takes the day off, with all the machine gunfire, it would be hard to relax, I suppose. Not to mention – ought to be addressing the emergency situation that HE helped create, by not voting to increase police power to combat gangs and increased violence. The longer we watch him, the more ineffectual he reveals himself to be. USELESS.

  105. Blue Democrat .

    I am the queen of typos, so whenever you feel like your mispelling is bad just check out mine!!!

  106. Let’s remember Dean said this;

    Dean, himself, acknowledged earlier this week that the lack of a nominee presents a serious challenge but insisted it in no way impedes the efforts of the DNC to prepare for the fall election.

    “If we had a nominee, we’d be able to do more,” Dean said. “The fact that we don’t have a nominee doesn’t cripple us in any way.”

  107. Anyone think a copy of Living History signed by HRC would raise some money for the campaign if I listed it on Ebay?

    I asked this before and no one responded.

  108. Check Ebay Wagner, see what they’re selling for.

    I’d guess around $50, but that’s just a guess.

  109. Hey what would be the harm, if you get a bite great but if you don’t you tried. Do it man we are counting on you! lets put it out and hope for the best!

  110. CNN has been the Rev. Wright station tonight. Everytime, I flip through the stations, I see Wright. Are they trying to brainwash and change everyone? Wright must be eating this up, and CNN is trying to convert us, to the campaign of change.

  111. birdgal, I think and feel like this will hurt obama them help him, it reminds them of what obama might be like if elected. Also this article here has already been posted but I need to know if it has got any national attention, i know la times posted it but what about the media should we send it the clinton camp, well i will tomorrow!

    WASHINGTON — After an unsuccessful campaign for Congress in 2000, Illinois state Sen. Barack O
    bama faced serious financial pressure: numerous debts, limited cash and a law practice he had neglected for a year. Help arrived in early 2001 from a significant new legal client — a longtime political supporter.

    Chicago entrepreneur Robert Blackwell Jr. paid Obama an $8,000-a-month retainer to give legal advice to his growing technology firm, Electronic Knowledge Interchange. It allowed Obama to supplement his $58,000 part-time state Senate salary for over a year with regular payments from Blackwell’s firm that eventually totaled $112,000.

    2008 Primary Tracker: Follow the presidential nominating seasonDemocratic delegate calculator: Do the math on Clinton vs. Obama
    Campaign ’08 Daily Newsletter
    A few months after receiving his final payment from EKI, Obama sent a request on state Senate letterhead urging Illinois officials to provide a $50,000 tourism promotion grant to another Blackwell company, Killerspin.

    Killerspin specializes in table tennis, running tournaments nationwide and selling its own line of equipment and apparel and DVD recordings of the competitions. With support from Obama, other state officials and an Obama aide who went to work part time for Killerspin, the company eventually obtained $320,000 in state grants between 2002 and 2004 to subsidize its tournaments.

    Obama’s staff said the senator advocated only for the first year’s grant — which ended up being $20,000, not $50,000. The day after Obama wrote his letter urging the awarding of the state funds, Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign received a $1,000 donation from Blackwell.

    Obama’s presidential campaign rejects any suggestion that there was a connection between the legal work, the campaign contribution and the help with the grant. “Any implication that Sen. Obama would risk an ethical breach in order to secure a small grant for a pingpong tournament is nuts,” said David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political advisor.


    Business relationships between lawmakers and people with government interests are not illegal or uncommon in Illinois or other states with a part-time Legislature, where lawmakers supplement their state salaries with income from the private sector.

    But Obama portrays himself as a lawmaker dedicated to transparency and sensitive to even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

    Recently, Obama expressed regret over a property deal with Illinois power broker Tony Rezko after Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. In an interview this spring with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama said his regret was not just because the real estate and restaurant entrepreneur was under criminal scrutiny, but because he was “a contributor and someone doing business before the state.”

    Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, who provided The Times with details of Obama’s compensation from EKI, said Obama did nothing wrong acting on behalf of Killerspin. He said the state senator simply wrote a letter backing a worthy project developed by a constituent.

    Killerspin’s owner, Blackwell, was a political supporter and friend as well. Both men lived on Chicago’s South Side. Blackwell, a savvy and successful entrepreneur, was one of the first donors to Obama’s early campaigns, including the state senator’s failed bid for a congressional seat in 2000. In the presidential race he is credited on Obama’s website with committing to raise $100,000 to $200,000 for Obama’s campaign.

    When Blackwell sought backing for his table tennis tournament in 2002, other politicians, including U.S. Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) and Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, offered support for the event. But Obama was the only one who provided a letter that became part of the initial application for state funds, state records show. In addition, he wrote a state Senate proclamation heralding the first tournament and an official letter that welcomed “table tennis friends” to the 2004 contest and thanked spectators for helping to “make Chicago the table tennis capital of this nation.”

    Initially, the idea of table tennis receiving funds from a state tourism program — designed to encourage overnight visits to Illinois — was met with skepticism by one Republican state official. But the funding was granted at the $20,000 level that first year, grew to $200,000 in 2003 and totaled $100,000 in 2004.

    High-dollar tourism grants from the state are often reserved for events like the Breeders’ Cup, an internationally known horse race that brought 50,000 to the Chicago area in 2002. But Blackwell and his allies promised good attendance, hotel bookings and international attention. Today, Illinois Tourism Director Jan Kosner lauds the state’s decision to support the table tennis tourneys and dismisses the role that letters from politicians play in the grant-making process.

    Unofficial estimates place 3,000 to 6,000 spectators in the 8,000-seat University of Illinois-Chicago arena during some table tennis events. Blackwell said in a statement that “the 2002 and 2003 events were among the largest-ever table tennis events held on U.S. soil in terms of attendance.”

    Blackwell deployed high-wattage showmanship that put an international spotlight on his tournaments and his brand of table tennis equipment, DVDs and sportswear. Under a plan developed by Blackwell, the 2003 and 2004 tournaments were filmed at Killerspin’s expense for occasional broadcast later by ESPN. The cost to Killerspin for the broadcast, laced with promotions for the company as well as Illinois tourism, was in effect defrayed by the state aid.

    Blackwell said the grants — which paid only part of the cost his company had to bear — provided the state with “thousands of hours of domestic and international exposure via ESPN. . . . Additionally, hundreds of hotel rooms were occupied all three years that the state supported the event.”

    ‘A very dry period’

    In his book “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama tells how his finances had deteriorated to such a point that his credit card was initially rejected when he tried to rent a car at the 2000 Democratic convention in Los Angeles. He said he had originally planned to dedicate that summer “to catching up on work at the law practice that I’d left unattended during the campaign (a neglect that had left me more or less broke).”

  112. What I can’t figure out, CNN has been a mouthpiece for the Obama campaign, and with Martin and Soledad dressed in African clothing, why are they doing this? I don’t like Obama, but this doesn’t seem right.

    The article you mentioned, is discussed at the beginning of this thread. Admin posted many of the state offices connected with EKI.

  113. I attended a Hillary fundraiser and a signed copy of Hillary’s book with a photo of her signing it went for $200.

    The person who bought it loves signed books and is a big Hillary supporter.

  114. Wright refuses to go away. This is going to KILL the Democratic Party. We can look forward to ads like the one against Childers and the NC Wright ad that was aired on every news network in the general election. I can’t believe the damage Obama has done to the party because of his selfish decision to run for president before he was ready. This was Hillary’s year. Obama should’ve waited 8 years long after Wright retired and Rezko went to jail so that he wouldn’t have to worry about this as much as he does now. Every downticket dem is going to pay for Obama’s mistakes.

  115. Why is Wright doing this? It has been running non-stop on CNN. I watched part of it, earlier, but had to change channels, because it was toxic.

  116. Why I support Hillary Clinton
    Sunday, April 27, 2008REP. DARLENE HOOLEY
    For the first time in more than 200 years, the presidential nominee from one of the major political parties will not be a white male.

    One candidate is not just potentially the first woman to be nominated for president, but undeniably the best qualified and best prepared candidate for the job.

    I support Hillary Clinton — not because she is a woman, but because she is knowledgeable, experienced and tenacious. She has been through political fire in the relentless attacks thrown at her in the ’90s. She has studied the issues, as an advocate for families, as first lady, and as a U.S. senator.

    And Hillary has overcome obstacles. After she fell short in her effort to pass universal health care, she didn’t fade into the background. She got back to work.

    The last seven years have been very hard on our country. The peace and prosperity of the ’90s have been overtaken by war and recession. This is no time for on-the-job training.

    Hillary Clinton knows the issues, knows the problems we face and knows how to renew our country and return to a time when opportunity was available for everyone and America was respected around the world.

    Hillary will get us out of Iraq. She will honor our commitments to our veterans and service members.

    Hillary will strengthen our economy and create new jobs by promoting new technologies and new enterprises.

    Hillary will rebuild the bridges that have been burned by failed diplomacy and belligerent and irresponsible rhetoric.

    Hillary will expand health care coverage to all Americans.

    Hillary will protect our natural resources, promote renewable energy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

    And, yes, Hillary will be a voice for women around the world. She will be an inspiration to little girls who will finally see truth behind the words, “Anyone can grow up and become president.”

    We sometimes forget that in dozens of nations, women are considered less than men. They are considered the property of their husbands or fathers. They are subjected to restrictions, humiliation and torment because of their gender. And they are killed simply for daring to act of their own free will. What would it mean to those women to see that the leader of the greatest nation in the world is a woman?

    Hillary Clinton is a remarkable person, not just for her place in history, but because of all her accomplishments and abilities. Her resounding victory in Pennsylvania should show once and for all that Americans want real leadership. They want policies that will better their lives. They want solutions.

    They want a leader who is ready from day one.

    Hillary Clinton is that person.

    Rep. Darlene Hooley is a Democrat representing Oregon’s 5th Congressional District. She is a national co-chairwoman of Rural Americans for Hillary and one of Oregon’s 12 Democratic Party superdelegates.

  117. The Right Reverend Wright really is the gift that keeps giving, but what aspiring politican in his right mind would wanna hitch his wagon to that star? The question is rhetorical. We know the answer.

    Re Rev. Wright: I admire him for his logical mind: us marines=roman legionaires=killers of jesus=black jesus/white jesus=911chickenscomehometo roost=richwhite men=blackjesusbacacknotoneoneofthem=wheresmyfuckingdeedtomy10000square foothouse

    Halleluja brother! Anybody who can parlay that line of bullshit into a 10,000 foot house gets my vote. Liberation theology now has its spokesman.

    Nice cult.

  118. new indystar poll oit-o-41-h-38. get this 21pct undecided w/ a wk to go! i bet they go hillary

  119. i agree with wbboei. let wright keep those lips yappin. give obama fits for the rest of the primary season. SUPERDELEGATES ARE YOU LISTENING TO THIS?

  120. nope-im not able to go to indiana. willbe calling though. please keep us updated when u get there. i know lots of folks going here in tx.

  121. I do believe the tide is turning. As much as one-side of the narrative is Obama’s mistakes, past and present, the other side of the narrative is more subtle:

    Clinton’s been plagued with people, the press, republicans believing that she’s never earned her place – the wife of President, the name-recognition, etc. etc. Although many of US saw her from day one, and knew she was the right leader. But with these past wins, with the press calling for her to quit, with her tireless campaigning, she’s proven herself to be a fighter (and not a slogan). Even the Republicans who have hated her (ie. Kristol) are showing a momentarily lapse of respect.

    I think that’s the other part of the tide turning. She’s earned her place (even if she has to break every barrier possible for people to even give her a grudging glance), and I hope that’s the narrative that will stick around through Convention.

  122. Obama says he’s not ducking debate

    Monday, April 28th 2008, 4:00 AM

    WASHINGTON – Barack Obama says he is not “ducking” debating Hillary Clinton by refusing to take her on in an unmoderated “Lincoln-Douglas” style debate.

    “I’m not ducking. We’ve had 21” debates, Obama said on “Fox News Sunday.” With the crucial May 6 primaries in North Carolina and Indiana looming, he added, “For two weeks, two big states, we want to make sure we’re talking to as many voters on the ground, taking questions from voters.”
    Obambi is weak, weak, weak.

  123. Commentary: Obama can’t come close to Clinton’s appeal in rural Indiana
    Post Comment

    For months now, political pundits on the 24-hour cable news channels have had a field day with Bill Clinton, debating whether the former president was helping or hurting wife Hillary’s campaign for president. After Bill Clinton’s swing through East Central Indiana, including Hartford City and New Castle on Sunday, there is no doubt that Bill is the best weapon in Hillary’s arsenal when it comes to small town and rural Indiana.

  124. lninla Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 3:27 am
    I think that’s the other part of the tide turning. She’s earned her place (even if she has to break every barrier possible for people to even give her a grudging glance), and I hope that’s the narrative that will stick around through Convention.

    I’m starting to have that feeling too! She was always the best qualified, but now she’s starting to sound like Winston Churchill!

  125. Obama’s ultra-leftist backers (part 1)

  126. What i don’t get is that if Rev Wright was a white preacher in Tennessee or Alabama, there would have been absolute uproar over what he said and because he’s Obama’s preacher from Illinois, nada from the mainstream msm.

  127. All-out effort has been launched, as Hannity alluded to last week, in “rehabilitating” Wright’s image. And no matter how “breathless” to the point of hyperventilation Soledad O’Brien gets, or how Dorky Roland Martin looks in his African get-up, all the spinning in the world does not make anything he said (and continues to say) go away. In fact, to me, it is doubling insulting to think they can parade him around different venues so we can see the “softer” side. Whatever. The man is nuts. His “entertainment” was a blatant put-down once again – first to the Boston, then douthern drawls of Kennedys,then LBJ, he made all sort of off-the-wall statements about the differences, not deficiences in White vs. Black styles of learnng (translation: Excusing Blacks for not learning because they have to move around). In other words, overlok everything they do. NOT. That’s part of the reason learning is so poor. LACK OF DISCIPLINE. WHEN EXCUSES ARE MADE IN THE NAME OF PHDS THAT HAVE STUDIED THIS – IT’S A BUNCH OF HORSES#!+.
    Everytime they trot Wright out it makes them (BHO) look worse and worse. What idiots. Of course, you’ll hear the moderators start to downplay his inflammatory remarks, as if anything has changes. But since we’re supposed to be uneducated white trash, with the brain the size of a pea – they think that’s working. NOT.

  128. Well, I still think it is a problem that she is not leading in most Indiana polls. We need to see her leading.

  129. I think Obama is just OVER polling. It’s happening a lot now. The fact that he didn’t stay Home this weekend tells us something.

  130. Do you think Elizabeth Edwards will just come out and endorse Hillary this week? And campaign some stops with her if possible. It’d be great to see her step boldly out and say yes, this woman has the answers

  131. did y’all read Sugar’s piece on the Obama/Fox interview where he says there is a white 48 year old woman who is voting for the first time because of him, and he doesn’t think she’ll vote if he is not the nominee? What a fricken loser he is. And, any woman who wouldn’t vote for Hill, the first Democratic female president who is just an excellent person gets no sympathy from me.

  132. I can’ believe this!
    Welcome to the Barry and Jerry show!
    Fox, CNN and MSNBC all carrying Wright’s appearance at the NPC live. The idiot journalists gave him a standing ovation. I managed to listen for about a minute before I felt like I was gonna puke and turned it off.
    The initial thrust of his remarks were that over the next few days people are gonna gather to discuss, debate, investigate, analylze the black church.
    It’s one thing for the POPE (disclaimer – I’m not a Christian) to be covered on national TV- afterall, he has a following of over 60 million, but for Wright to be given equal time is obscene! He’s the pastor of an 8000 memeber church fer chr!sts sake!

  133. Hahahahaha! TM calls it the Rehabilitation and retribution Tour and says Wright is the ‘hottest bro in America.” LMAO. 👿
    For those who can’t stand watching (I’m one of them) and rely on others less squeamish than me to report, here’s a characteristic snippet of his remarks yesterday.
    “Nobody in Detroit speaks English. We all speak different varieties of American. … .. John Kennedy could stand at the inauguration in January and say, (mocking Kennedy’s Boston accent) “Eee-ask not what your country can do for you. Eee-ask rather what you can do for your country.” How do you spell eee-ask? Nobody ever said to John Kennedy, ‘That’s not English. Ee-ask. What’s ee-ask? Only to a black child was it said, “You speak bad English.” Kennedy got killed. Johnson stepped up to the podium in Love Field — we just left Love Field — and Johnson said (mocking of Johnson’s southern accent follows, as the speech continues.)… ..

  134. Asshole Howard Dean talking out of both sides of his mouth, now says one must drop out by end of June.
    That explains his suddenly ‘reasoned’ approach these past few days, especially on MTP yesterday so he could set this up.

  135. Mornin y’all ……..jeeesh! I take a couple days off (mother in law came to visit) and Rev Wright get’s “special” media attention??

    WTF!!!!!! he get’s full coverage for his speeches and Hillary get’s like 30 sec sound bites……..this is SILLY SEASON for sure!

  136. Hillary DO NOT DROP OUT .. if any nomination should go to the floor it is this one.

    Go Hillary.

    Come on folks join me in phone banking today. We WILL make a difference. Today is a good “conversation” day with folks.

  137. Did i hear someone say Roland and Soledad had on African clothes? What are they trying to prove. Not too many AA wears african clothing anymore. I have not worn african clothing in years. I stopped wearing the clothing after i went to a meeting this woman spoke from Africa. She said we are not Africans. Africa does not recognize us. So now i refuse to wear anything African.

  138. Genuine Democratic Super delegates must understand that there is not going to be a President Obama this time round. It is Hillary or the republicans.

  139. Gezahegn Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 9:37 am
    Genuine Democratic Super delegates must understand that there is not going to be a President Obama this time round. It is Hillary or the republicans.


  140. Is anyone in the media now gonna pick up on Obama being on the Ayers payroll for 8 years. Surely, someone will be proud enough to point this out to the American people.

  141. Due to Barack’s lack of judgement by enjoying a relationship with an white hating, America hating, spiritual advisor for over 20 years .. now he must come to terms with it. It’s fun to watch them have to continue to squirm and postulate and try to distance themselves from the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

    The guy is full of white hate, America hate and in my opinion hate of people in general. Is there any group he hasn’t mocked or talked down to?

    This is no man of God. This is a man of the Devil.

  142. I will be leaving for South Bend Indiana on Friday. Just an e-mail from the Clinton Campaign. They have housing for us.

  143. Don’t worry about Wright he will have to answer a lot of questions at the Pearly Gates. When he is told he is not allowed in. I hear is is very hot where he will be going

  144. Go Neetabug, you are fantastic, lets us know how things go in Indiana, we’ll keep you updated on any stuff that needs to be thrown to the campaign.

  145. neeta, you are amazing. Thanks for all your hardwork.

    Hey all, did you hear? Hill says let’s do it on the back of a flatbed. LOL. It’s on Fox’s website.

  146. They are going after him.

    Conservative church leader Rev. Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK) today respectfully confronted Barack Obama’s long-time pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

    This morning Rev. Schenck met and spoke personally to Dr. Wright before his speech to the National Press Club, warning the controversial minister about his theology.

    Rev. Schenck brought an admonishment from members of the National Clergy Council executive Committee that includes prominent African American clergy.

    Schenck conveyed to Wright a warning against the preacher’s Marxist liberation theology, telling him it’s his source of trouble and he needs to drop it.

    Rev. Schenck said, “I was respectful but firm. Dr. Wright’s brand of black theology places him firmly in company with violent groups who use bombs and grenades in the name of religion. His speech today did not separate him from these militant groups.”

    Schenck said, “I respect this man enough to tell him the truth, as he says he does to others, whether they like what he says or not. The truth is Jeremiah Wright’s theology puts him in a camp of Marxist revolutionaries who use guns and grenades in the name of religion. He needs to explicitly and unequivocally denounce the violent extremists in the liberation theology movement and drop its Marxist-socialist anti-American ideology.”

    Rev. Schenck will be available to the media for comment immediately after today’s National Press Club Breakfast featuring Sen. Barack Obama’s long-time pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright.

  147. well kids……I have to do some errands this am…….i will come join the fun after lunch

    I think rev wrong just put a weeks worth of heat on the BO BBQ !

    ok……have a good morning! and i will be back

  148. Why is Wright doing this?? It is taking up the entire news cycle, and why are they giving so much coverage to this? Both presidential candidates have not received this much coverage. This guy is not the pope, and he is a lunatic. Is he trying to destroy BO’s candidacy?

  149. birdgal, its great isnt it, Wright is singlehandedly killing Obama’s campaign, its the whole “obama sat through that for 20 years” at full force that i’ve heard all morning from people. Its killed his race speech after the wright thing stone dead.

  150. I don’t like Obama and think he is dangerous for the country, but why, oh why, is this pastor so self-serving that he is willing to destroy BO’s candidacy? I don’t get it.

  151. BO is in a catch-22; if he denounces Wright, then he loses the support of the black ministry and the potential votes of millions of AAs. But, if he doesn’t, then he may lose a significant portion of the white vote. I don’t know, why, he is doing this, at this point in time.

  152. From MSNBC First Read. Who knew Wright would knife his old pal!

    Wright tossing Obama under the bus

    After addressing the NAACP yesterday in Detroit, Jeremiah Wright travels to the heart of the media beast — the National Press Club in DC — where he has been speaking this morning. At this point, no matter one’s political inexperience, Wright has to know he’s not helping his friend; his decision to go public and defend his reputation at this point in the campaign is doing nothing to help Obama, if anything, it’s leading some to believe he’s actually trying to sabotage him. He’s hurting him and hurting him very badly. Frankly, it’s as selfish of a move as we’ve seen in some time. Imagine, for example, if Norman Hsu or Vicki Iseman were doing publicity tours right now. Maybe, if there’s a silver lining for Obama, he’s giving Obama a very easy chance to simply walk away. Remember, Obama didn’t toss Wright under the bus, but Wright appears to be doing that to Obama’s candidacy. Still, if Wright Vol. 1, “bitter,” and Pennsylvania didn’t move superdelegates, what will? Nevertheless, Obama seems to be starting off this week in about as bad of shape as we’ve seen in him in some time.

  153. Maybe he feels slighted by Obama because in many ways Obama is running on his lines..”audacity of hope”, “more aa’s in prison than graduating highschool”, etc. I noticed about a year ago that BO never used the term middleclass and seemed to want to divide the middleclass into several economic groups. It really irked me because the term middleclass is the most unifying term in american politics. Everyone is either part of the middle class or is striving to get in it. Even rich folks like to say their upper middleclass. It’s a good thing. So, now I come to find out BO’s church is against “middleclassness”. So my point is BO uses a lot of modified talking points from Wright and now he’s trying to distance himself from him. Myabe Wright, an obvious narcissist, doesn’t like it. Or, maybe he thinks he’s helping BO. Who knows?

  154. Its just seems Birdgal, Wright is the loose cannon we all thought he was, he likes being headline news and no one but no one is going to stop him!

    Do you think he might actually be pissed at Obama for not standing up for his values, i think thats a possibility. Maybe Wright senses Obama is about to and has signalled he is about to toss Wright to the wolves and he got in first. Expect this spat to go on.

  155. birdgal Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 10:30 am
    BO is in a catch-22; if he denounces Wright, then he loses the support of the black ministry and the potential votes of millions of AAs.

    I don’t think that is true. Most AA churches are not radicals like BO’s. Wright would like to be about race, but he’s really about anti-americanism and ignorance.

  156. I am so sick of this, “Maybe, if there’s a silver lining for Obama, he’s giving Obama a very easy chance to simply walk away.”

    Wha??? Shouldn’t he have done that years ago? Why is this an opportunity? Makes me sick.

  157. mj: I think that is true. Wright’s church is not mainstream, and most AAs don’t believe all this rhetoric. But Wright is extremely racist and divisive, and Obama is going to have to separate himself from Wright, if he wants to save his candidacy. Wright is anti-American and fans the flames of racism and divisiveness.

    Blue: how would this lessen BO’s liability? Do you think, long-term this would help him? Hard to imagine that it could be helpful, but this election cycle has been full of twists and turns.

  158. From the NYT this morning (

    (Obama’s staff) said they were no longer as hopeful as they once were that the contest could be resolved before June 3, the day of the last primaries. As a result, they were girding for six weeks of attacks by Mrs. Clinton and potential election defeats that could raise further questions among superdelegates . . . about Mr. Obama’s strength as a general election candidate.

  159. There seems to be a general concensus that this is very bad, the bots on all the blogs have gone apeshit, its almost as if Obama and Axelrod have lost control of Wright. The bots are beside themselves, frantic.

    This coupled with whats being said with the media forebodes a very bad week for Obama. I think its entirely possible Wright has had a major bust up with Obama’s campaign. Wright knows Obama is about to throw him under a bus so perhaos he is getting payback now. Nothing like a rejected psycho to come back and knife you in the back, the timing is just phenomenal, it makes no sense.

    Birdgal is right, why now? its almost as if he wanted to wound Obama even more than he has been the last 2 weeks. Wright obviously thinks his vision is right and he made a point of saying Obama is speaking like a politician, i mean he may as well have just said, Obama is just lying to you, he believes every word i say.

  160. I have to get ready for work, but this whole thing sickens me. I am a die-hard Hillary supporter, but I don’t like to see anyone get this type of treatment. It is going to destroy the democrats, if someone doesn’t get a handle on this. Dean, Pelosi, Kennedy, Daschle, and Kerry are complete assholes for bringing BO this far, based upon his history. Did they really think, they could fool the American people this long? Thank God, Hillary is like the energizer bunny and does not give up. Imagine, if she had dropped out, before all of this garbage came out.

  161. I honestly feel like this is the end for Obama, it ended when Rev Wright said today.

    “Obama distanced himself from me as politician and politicians just do that”.

    Translation = Obama believes every word i say, he just does not want you to know that.

  162. I always have thought republicans would have respected Clinton’s run better and would have had more pride in that first — they would have even capitalized on that sentiment for a win (here we have the dysfunctional Dem party running a black candidate at the same time to just try to take her out). Well, Kristol proves me right today. He said the same thing that Clinton was the better candidate on Wallace’s panel. Read him in the NYT today.

  163. Hi, Hillfriends:

    I heard Rev. Wright’s speech in its entirety on the way into work this morning and had to share with you all– OMG! The floor of the press club were mostly “guests” and the members of the press were in the balcony. It was a very boisterous hour.

    I believe that speech gives much insight into BHO’s world view and where BHO gets the main point of his “lecture” on racism: “It’s not ME, it’s YOU.” WE don’t understand multiculturalism; WE haven’t read all the material on African Liberation Theology; WE don’t read the bible (and interpret it the same we he does); (and my personal favorite) WE haven’t apologized for slavery. And this delivered with hateful mockery of white people, American culture, and beloved past presidents.

    I’m anxiously awaiting the post-speech commentary – Howard Wolfson looked great on Joe this morning – Axelrod sounded downtrodden. Going to make calls (hopefully to IN) tonight. It’s hard for me to imagine that this won’t cripple BHO’s bid.

    BHO’s Philly speech = the “It’s not ME, it’s YOU” speech.

    Sorry, gotta work now. Have a good day!

  164. cripple. more like amputated him at the knees.

    Jesus, O’reilly and Hannity tonight ought to be hilarious to watch.

  165. Senator Obama, there was a famous Republican from your state who had some great advice for you:

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” — Abraham Lincoln

    “hint, hint,hint” Drop out now!

  166. Its astonishing that Wright would launch this kind of ranting attack. I mean the media for once is actually gobsmacked and the Obama campaign visibly shaken.

    I mean in all honesty this is the most devestating thing this season, it really was a great big whallop in the mouth, Its like losing a cent and finding a million dollars.

    Wright this morning took, the doubts are enhanced it by a million, he took Obama’s race speech, tore it up and danced on it and took Obama’s talk about not really being into Rev Wright and shoved it up his ass.

    Judging by the look on Susan Rice, who was visibly upset on TV after this and Axelrod on Tv this morning, it looked like they just knew it was all over.


    McLaughlin: Wonderful. He was into “deconstructing” Obama, “Let’s continue with the deconstruction…”. They were breaking down the demographics of how she won in PA.

    btw, anyone know why McLaughlin is moving to CBS (11am Sundays)? He said it was a “business decision”, but I’m not sure who did the decidin’.


    Much begrudging respect for Hill’s win, and “what can Barack do to get back on track”.

    He tried playing “gotcha” with Bill Clinton, showing four examples of Bill “going off”, “losing it”, and referring to his “finger waggin”. But the “smoking gun” examples showed him quite restrained, nothing out of control. It completely laid bare Matthews’ bias, to make up a problem where there wasn’t any.

    If you want incendiary comments, I believe Clyburn’s comments are intended to stir up anger, and are unjust and quite nasty. Oh yeah, we’re also supposed to believe he is STILL “undecided”.

    Russert: He loves to relish his image as Grillmaster, Man with the Facts, with the “tough questions”. So when Howard Dean said that “two states broke the rules”, where was Mr Factoid InYourFace Spanish Inquistion, with the fact that NH and SC moved up their dates too. But they were not punished at all.



  168. Rev. Wright: If you’re elected, Obama, I’M COMING AFTER YOU…

    This is headlined in Drudge. Oh dear the gates of hell are breaking loose.

  169. RGB: AMEN. And, I think that we (HRC campaign) need to put the right spin on the DNC’s so-called “rules” – they are NOT rules. A committee made “RULINGS.” “Rulings” are subject to the biases of the individuals serving on a committee and are not sacrosanct. When blatently unfair, “rulings” can and should be publicly appealed. If everyone (press, voters, super-d’s) had all the facts, they would hold the DNC responsible for the hash they’re making of this election and position themselves and the party to make the right decisions to ensure unity and a win in November. It’s all about the rules.

  170. This is very good news for me and anyone interested in real journalism: Aaron Brown returns to TV — PBS. As I’ve said before, I knew CNN was going down when they replaced Brown with their then-ingenue Cooper. Cooper is for the soundbite mass, Brown for many of us who just want the news delivered by old-school pros. This coming from someone in his 20s.

  171. All weekend, the ‘ Heads were saying, “The SD’s are needed to take action if “one more thing” happens to Obama…..” Around our house, we were saying, “Rezko, Wright, Ayers, Bittergate, “It’s not me, it’s YOU,” Finger-gate….. what more do you need?”


  172. moononpluto Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 11:29 am

    “Rev. Wright: If you’re elected, Obama, I’M COMING AFTER YOU…”

    News flash: Wright doesn’t want Obama elected. If America isn’t racist, he’s out of business! His new book might well be: “why racist America won’t elect a black man.”

  173. Informed, at a certain time there is a tipping point, Obama’s might have just been reached.

    I mean seriously the SD’s must be sitting there thinking, “for fuck sake, what now” I know i would be.

    Now they must be wondering if that pesky Wright guy is ever going to go away and the answer is a big fat NO. He’s like Bin Laden pops up when you least want him to.

    Some needs to have the balls to go to the Obama campaign now and say enough is enough, face it, you are UNELECTABLE.

  174. This primary is doing wonders for Clinton, she is going to come out of this looking like one tough mother of a candidate. She is like steel. She gets knocked down and just gets back up again.

  175. Poll: Clinton has better
    chance than Obama of beating McCain

    Associated Press Writer
    9 minutes ago

    Hillary Rodham Clinton has a better chance than Barack Obama of
    beating Republican John McCain, according to a new Associated
    Press-Ipsos poll that bolsters her argument that she is more electable
    in the fall than her rival for the Democratic nomination.
    The survey released Monday gives Clinton a
    fresh talking point as she works to convince pivotal undecided
    superdelegates to side with her in the drawn-out Democratic primary
    Clinton, who won the Pennsylvania primary last week, has gained
    ground this month in a hypothetical head-to-head match up with the GOP
    nominee-in-waiting; she now leads McCain, 50 percent to 41 percent,
    while Obama remains virtually tied with McCain, 46 percent to 44

  176. Campaign has to report April fundraising dollars on Wed. If you can donate today/tomorrow – now is the time. Anything you can.

  177. Great news in the polls! Moon, I agree – it’s a “tipping point.” Well, speaking of tipping, I’m off to donate again, against my husband’s objections. (Sorry, VS.) It’s not that much, but I WILL do whatever I can to help Hillary be 44!

  178. Informed in Illinois Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 11:45 am
    moononpluto Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 11:29 am

    “Rev. Wright: If you’re elected, Obama, I’M COMING AFTER YOU…”

    News flash: Wright doesn’t want Obama elected. If America isn’t racist, he’s out of business! His new book might well be: “why racist America won’t elect a black man.”
    Dr. Wright is an idealistic egomaniac who has sacrificed alot for his beliefs…Dr. Wright is old’ school, he walked the walked and build up a congregation in one of the poorest community as a dedicated Marxist.

    Dr. Wright is comfortable in the past and hold his bitterness and bigotry like an beat up old sweater. It’s who the man is…and LOYALTY to friends and mentors has cost him a lot but he still standing and I guess for him to see Obama use him and his church and then toss them out like government week old bread while Obama and others benefited must had stuck in his throat.

    This is “I’m gonna get you sucker” Chicago payback it was brilliant and effective in the strike…the Republicans will have a party making those videos of Wright wanting to be V.P..hehehehe

    Dr. Wright and Louis Farrakhan are two of the same only one is Christian and one is Muslim and yet MSM did not recognize the message of hatred, bigotry and race from Dr. Wright even when all the red flags and alarms went off.

    Obama and the Democratic Party is TOAST because this is a matter of judgement and fitness for the highest office in the land!!!

    Donna Brazile, Jim Clyburn, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Jessie Jackson Jr John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Bill Richardson should resign for the good of the party.

    CNN = Communist News Network
    MSNBC= Made up Stories News Bring Check


    Apr 28, 11:03 AM EDT

    Clinton highlights Obama’s objection to gas tax holiday

    Associated Press Writer GRAHAM, N.C. (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday criticized Barack Obama for opposing the concept of suspending the gas tax during the peak summer driving months, a plan both she and Republican John McCain have endorsed.

    The idea to suspend the 18.4 cent federal gas tax and 24.4 cent diesel tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day was first proposed by McCain, the likely Republican presidential nominee, as a way to ease the economic burden for consumers during the summer.

    Obama does not support the “gas tax holiday” and has said the average motorist would not benefit significantly from such a suspension; by some estimates, the federal government would lose about $10 billion in revenue.

    “My opponent, Senator Obama, opposes giving consumers a break,” Clinton said, campaigning in North Carolina. “I understand the American people need some relief.”

    Clinton said she would make up the difference in revenue by imposing a “windfall profits tax” on oil companies.

    “If we suspended it and made up the lost revenues, that’s the best of both worlds,” she said.

    Clinton commented at a firehouse in Graham, where she was urging North Carolinians to take advantage of the state’s early voting, which opened more than a week ago ahead of the May 6 primary.

    She and Obama have been pushing their supporters to go to the polls early here and Indiana, which also votes May 6. Obama is favored in North Carolina while the two are competing closely in Indiana.

    Besides her push for early voting, Clinton was to spend part of the day raising money. She and daughter Chelsea were to appear at a closed-door fundraiser in Greensboro, with two more fundraisers scheduled later in Charlotte.

    Obama also planned campaign appearances in the state, with events in Wilmington, Wilson and Chapel Hill.

  180. A letter from missionaries in Kenya concerning Obama and his cousin Odinga who just got elected President of Kenya….. Its Scary!!!


    from the Missionaries. It’s pretty scary…..

    From a friend whose husband is a retired Army Colonel. They have lived all over the world….from Germany to Korea.

    I’m sending this from a friend who received it directly from the Missionaries. It’s pretty scary…..
    Here is a note concerning Obama from missionaries in Kenya.
    Thanks for sending out an alert about Obama. We are living and working in Kenya for almost twelve years now and know his family (tribe) well. They are the ones who were behind the recent Presidential election chaos here. Thousands of people have been displaced by election violence (over 350,000) and I don’t know the last count of the dead. Obama under ‘friends of Obama’ gave almost a million dollars to the opposition campaign who just happened to be his cousin, Raila Odinga, who is a socialist trained in east Germany. He has been trying to bring Kenya down for years and the last president threw him in prison for trying to subvert this country! December 27th elections brought cries from ODM (Odinga Camp) of rigged election. Obama and Raila speak daily. As we watch Obama rise in the US we are sure that whatever happens, he will use the same tactic, crying rigged election if he doesn’t win and possibly cause! A race war in America.

    What we would like you to know is what the American press has been keeping a dirty little secret. Obama IS a Muslim and he IS a racist and this is a fulfillment of the 911 threat that was just the beginning. Jihad is the only true Muslim way. We have been working with them for 20 years this July. He is not an American as we know it. Please encourage your friends and associates not to be taken in by those that are promoting him. It is world wide jihad. All our friends in Europe are very disturbed by the Muslim infiltration into their countries. By the way. His true name is Barak ******* Muhammed Obama. Won’t that sound sweet to our enemies as they swear him in on the Koran!
    God Bless you.

    Pray for us here in Kenya. We are still fighting for our nation to withstand the same kind of assault that every nation, including America, is fighting. Takeover from the outside to fit the new world order. As believers, this means we will be the first targets. Here in Kenya, not one mosque was burned down, but hundreds of churches were burned down, some with people in them, burned alive.

    Jesus Christ is our peace but the new world order of Globalism has infiltrated the church and confused believers into thinking that they can compromise and survive. It won’t be so. I will send you a newsletter we sent out in February documenting in a more cohesive manner what I’ve tried to say in a few paragraphs.
    Love, Celeste

    Celeste and Loren Davis

    About our Father’s business!
    Luke 2:49b

  181. # mj Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Poll: Clinton has better
    chance than Obama of beating McCain

    Hillary Rodham Clinton has a better chance than Barack Obama of beating Republican John McCain. She now leads McCain, 50 to 41%,
    while Obama remains virtually tied with McCain, 46 percent to 44 percent

    Is this the same Hillary Clinton with 50+% negativity rating? Or is that a different person called “Hillary Clinton”?

    Does this expose the “Hillary is the most divisive, negative person in the race” as a lie? Or do people truly not like her, but think she’s the best candidate?

  182. NC: (today)

    04/28: Early Vote Event with Hillary Clinton in Graham!
    04/28: Early Vote Event with Hillary Clinton in Salisbury!
    04/28: Join Hillary at Troutman’s BBQ in Concord!


    04/28: Join President Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Event in Carmel
    04/29: Join Hillary for a “Standing up for Jobs” rally – Princeton
    04/30: Join Hillary for a “Standing up for Jobs” rally – Kokomo
    05/01: Join Hillary for a “Standing up for Jobs” rally – Terre Haute

    (For IND, I’m surprised its like 1 per day?, esp if she wants to win IND and NC! For NC, she should have more stops)

  183. Given Wright, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Jr, can you guys imagine an Obama Presidency? His surrogates will inject race into everything. If people think that America’s race relation is bad now, what’s in store for us under Bambi?

  184. Everyone: many of us are paid on the last day of the month – good day for a 44 money bomb? What say you?

  185. Wright to Obama: ‘Coming after you’
    By: Mike Allen
    April 28, 2008 12:16 PM EST

    The Rev. Jeremiah Wright said Monday that he will try to chance national policy by “coming after” Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) if he is elected president.

    The pastor also insisted Obama “didn’t denounce” him and “didn’t distance himself” from Wright’s controversial remarks, but “did what politicians do.”

    Wright implied Obama still agrees with him by saying: “He had to distance himself, because he’s a politician, from what the media was saying I had said, which was [portrayed as] anti-American.”

    Wright, who was Obama’s pastor for 20 years and performed his wedding, made the explosive comment during a chaotic question-and-answer session at the National Press Club in Washington, following the pastor’s remarks about the black church in America.

    “I said to Barack Obama last year, ‘If you get elected, November the 5th I’m coming after you, because you’ll be representing a government whose policies grind under people,’ Wright said.

    The minister was speaking as part of a tour that is drawing heavy news coverage and causing a huge headache for Obama’s presidential campaign.

    Obama, seeking to distance himself from remarks by Wright that some have taken as anti-American, has emphasized that Wright has retired.

    But Wright talks of their relationship in the present tense. “I’m a pastor; he’s a member,” he said. “I’m not a ‘spiritual mentor.’ “

    In the Democratic debate on April 16, Obama referred to Wright as “somebody who is associated with me that I have disowned,” then clarified that to say he had disowned the comments.

    But Wright objected to a question saying Obama had denounced him.

    “Whoever wrote that question doesn’t read or watch the news,” Wright said. “He did not denounce me. He distanced himself from some of my remarks, like most of you, never having heard the sermon, all right? …

    “He didn’t distance himself. He had to distance himself, because he’s a politician, from what the media was saying I had said, which was [portrayed as] anti-American. … He did, as I said, what politicians do.”
    Obama and the Democratic party is TOAST because our IDIOTIC DEMOCRATIC LEADERS been on the Obama train and before TEAM OBAMA derails they need to jump off that train and SEAT FL AND MI AS IS NOW before Obama’s FRIENDS have another trainwreak.

  186. could the world be more upside down. Author of below letter to DNC, Joe Lieberman (TM poster did not have link):


    “The AP, in reporting on the Rules Committe meeing scheduled for May 31, writes: Barack Obama has said it isn’t fair to award delegates based on the votes because all the candidates agreed to boycott the contests and his name wasn’t on Michigan’s ballot. Most of the Democratic candidates had their names removed, but Clinton left hers on.”

    I find Obama’s account of the Michigan primary strains credibility, and I am distressed by the willingness of the press and leaders of the
    DNC to take him at face value.

    Senator Obama voluntarily took his name off the Michigan ballot in a deal with Iowa, as did John Edwards. Then, in contravention
    of all the candidates’ promise not to campaign, his supporters mounted a very vigorous effort to get voters to vote ‘uncommitted’.
    Senator Clinton adherred to the agreement and did not campaign. In spite of the efforts of Obama and Edwards
    supporters, Senator Clinton received a strong majority of the votes cast by hundreds of thousands of active Michigan Democrats
    who voted in good faith.

    In Florida, all candidates had their names on the balllot and agreed not to campaign. Senator CLinton did not. Nonetheless, Obama just ‘happened’ to make a national media buy which required his campaign to run ads in every major media market including Florida.
    In the days before the Florida primary, the airwaves were full of paid Obama ads and news of his SC victory. He can hardly claim to be
    an unknown. Thus, once again, he gamed the system and seems to be getting a pass from the DNC.

    This is UNFAIR and is perceived by the general public that Howard Dean and members of the DNC are favoring Barack Obama
    and using the selective enforcement of party rules to assist his candidacy.

    I urge you to consider this perception in assessing the challenge before you on May 31, and to act in such a way as to restore the
    credibility and sense of fairness that the Democratic Party should be radiating.

    Finally, the DNC needs to make sure that the Democrats count every vote, disenfranchise no one, and take a hard look at who is
    electable in order to prevail in the General Election which is the objective of the Democratic Party. It is Senator Clinton who has
    twice put together winning coalitions of Democrats, Republican and Indiependents to beat back an aggressive well-funded
    Republican attack machine. Obama talks about it; she has done it. She has won the critical states for an Electoral College victory
    and has shown strength with the traditional Democratic constituencies. Obama won only seven of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties; in
    Ohio, he won five of 88. Not a good sign for swing states the Democrats must win in November.

    Let’s be fair, count every vote and let’s get back the White House!

  187. carby, just finished reading that article you posted.

    It’s like Wright is giving the GOP talking points. Simply stunning.

    ‘If you get elected, November the 5th I’m coming after you, because you’ll be representing a government whose policies grind under people,’

    This reminds me of PJ O’Rourke’s famed quip: “The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.”

    Why do people who despise the gov’t so much want to run it? So while they’re working through their anger issues, the American people are to subjected to their whims, miscalculations and cynicisms.

  188. @carbynew Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 12:12 pm
    Informed in Illinois Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 11:45 am
    moononpluto Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 11:29 am

    “Rev. Wright: If you’re elected, Obama, I’M COMING AFTER YOU…”

    News flash: Wright doesn’t want Obama elected. If America isn’t racist, he’s out of business! His new book might well be: “why racist America won’t elect a black man.”
    @carbynew Says:

    a) Dr. Wright is an idealistic egomaniac who has sacrificed alot for his beliefs…Dr. Wright is old’ school, he walked the walked and build up a congregation in one of the poorest community as a dedicated Marxist.

    b) Dr. Wright is comfortable in the past and hold his bitterness and bigotry like an beat up old sweater.

    c) This is “I’m gonna get you sucker” Chicago payback it was brilliant and effective in the strike…the Republicans will have a party making those videos of Wright wanting to be V.P..hehehehe

    * * * * * * * * * *
    Carby, Moon:
    a) Yes, very true. It’s an important component of poverty-pimping and power-trading in Chicago and in similar economically and culturally segregated urban areas. See: Obama’s training on the Saul Alinsky method of agitation/organization/power trading often cited on this board.

    b) Maybe Howard W. has a sweater to lend him. (LOL, Carby!)

    c) I hope this discussion about what the repugs will do to BHO will soon become moot!

  189. April 28, 2008 11:10
    The Reverend Wright
    Posted by Joe Klein | Comments (33) | Permalink | Trackbacks (0) | Email This

    And furthermore, I’ve been to dozens and dozens of African-American church services over the years, including the investiture of one of my friends as an AME minister two years ago, and I have very rarely, if ever, heard the kind of rants that are part of Reverend Wright’s canon. Yes, as many have pointed out, Martin Luther King Jr. gave some angry, angry sermons–especially about the obscenity of the war in Vietnam–but for Wright to say the attacks on him are an attack on the black church is to offer a straitened and solipsistic view of that grand institution. Black liberation theology is not the black church.

    And worse, Wright’s purpose now seems quite clear: to aggrandize himself–the guy is going to be a go-to mainstream media source for racial extremist spew, the next iteration of Al Sharpton–and destroy Barack Obama.

  190. That’s a great letter. He layed out all the points we’ve been arguing to get MI/FL seated. It’s like he reads Big Pink.

  191. Barack’s surrogate on CNN Bill Bradley trying to smackdown Hillary to distract. New game plan…attack Hillary on Bills donations to his library and imply that people got favors and pardons.

  192. I’m sure b-merry’s got better-researched scoop, but there was much speculation late last week that the US Atty might be close to indicting the governor. Gov/Emil Jones/Barack – all politically joined at the hip.

  193. mj, that’s a good letter. It’s factual and lays out why disenfranchising MI/FL is just a political stunt by BO and DNC. Take it on its merit.

    The wacko left blogosphere turned Lieberman into a leper b/c of his war stance. On social issues, Lieberman is by far very liberal to moderate, but during 2004, it just seemed as though DailyKos and others portrayed him as a DINO. He’s not.

    Maybe by looking at how they’ve treated Hillary, we can sympathize with Lieberman.

  194. I agree, filbert, but he’s a neocon. Of course he is right on this, but he’s become something of a megalomaniac and I really wish these points had come from a different source. Bear in mind he has endorsed McCain.

  195. I have to say I am astounded as to how the msm has turned into vipers against Obama today, they are on a destroy Obama mission now, its almost like they have woken up out of the trance and realised he’s a bigger threat than anything out there.

    MSNBC has gone on the turn since PA and going for Obama’s jugular.

  196. What’s new about attacking Bill’s library donations?

    Seems like that’s old old news they’re falling back on.

    Let’s see, there was nothing in the First Lady’s schedules. There was nothing in the Clintons’ tax returns. Various people spent $70 million investigating the Clintons back to the 1970s. All of which found nothing.

    But somewhere somewhere, there’s got to be the scandals they keep talking about.

  197. Moon, all: Yes, and BM are going to take fall from grace very personally. BM made him – and they can destroy him. No one likes disappointment.

  198. Yes, plural, it has no leags. Desperation.

    I am disappointed that we are not getting any traction so far as I can tell in NC. New ARG poll:

    52 BO
    42 HRC

    I really though we would have pulled it a bit closer by now.

  199. Notice that the MSM are also now turning the conversation to “how the loser will need to behave.” So far, they’re not referring to either candidate, specifically.

  200. Did he become a megalomaniac or is that the creation of DailyKooks? I’d switch to Indie and endorse McCain, too, if the mob went after me with torches and clubs.

    Just from witnessing how they’ve descended on Hillary and turned her into this unrecognizable caricature, I can see what damage can be inflicted when a group of rogue far-lefties bloggers decide to savage your character.

  201. mj, about the NC… I am convinced AA BO-supporters/voters just don’t care what BO does or who he associates with. They want a black president and that’s that.

  202. get this PPP which had Obama plus 25 only has him plus 12 now, something serious has happened.

    They have it at 51 to 39 now in NC.

    Obama has dropped over 10 points.

    However get this PPP, say White Voters are moving away from Obama in NC in droves.

  203. New post up on Taylor Marsh. Hillary opposed NAFTA, period. Many people involved in the administration have said it, even those with no love for Hillary. That she sort of had to publicly back the president as First Lady has nothing to do with the FACT that everyone knew she was opposed.

  204. filbertsf,

    You don’t realise what Dr. Wright did.

    Dr. Wright signaled that he has separated himself from Obama and NOT the other way around….that means more and more religious AAs who have been instructed by their pastors to support the “annoited one” will start to peal off and look at Obama with different eyes.

    Will it help Hillary, frankly I don’t know because of the time element, but what it will do is remove this aura of “not another politican” on Obama.

    Dr. Wright was BRUTAL on his “baby” he sent Obama a message that I made you and I can unmake you….You use my ideas, my thoughts, my words and you have no courage of convictions to stand.

    Like we said before…you never knew where Obama stood on anything. What did he believe in , What was his value, Where would he STAND and FIGHT on ISSUES or was it all about Obama’s ambitions.

    What was very interesting to me…the total LACK OF RESPECT for OBAMA.

  205. Well thats all over the news now, PPP has stated the Hillary has cut Obama’s lead in half in NC.

  206. mj, coming within 10 points in NC would be HUGE for Hillary. Around 40% of the Democratic vote there is AA, so if she pulls within 10-15 points, that means that almost EVERY SINGLE VOTER who is not AA is for Hillary.

    Be realistic.

  207. carbynew, nail on the head, he gave Obama a public whoop ass today and made sure Obama knew it.

  208. found these comments posted on a Chi Sun-Times article today:

    Obama is big on Hot Potatoe Donations. Did he donate the lot back to Rita Rezko (via an invisible record) after she transferred that whole thing to his land trust, so that she could then pass the Hot Potatoe over to the Poulos couple?

    Posted by: Hanna | April 28, 2008 10:03 AM

    Watch for Evelyn Pringle’s upcoming article on Obama. I think it won’t be long now before Obama is indicted.

    Believe me, I WILL WATCH for the article!

  209. plural, I know. The point is that if even her ENEMIES (like SBS) have admitted that she opposed NAFTA, then it is stupid for the Obamabots to run around yelling “she supported NAFTA!” as a reason not to vote for her.

    She didn’t. Even those who have no love at all for Hillary like SBS, Gergen, and others have said so.

  210. I agree with HillaryforTexas. NC isn’t supposed to go to HRC as the demographics don’t favor her. So if she keeps it to single digits that’s huge.

  211. 4/28: Barack-ed On All Sides

    Barack Obama has had a rough weekend in the political blogosphere. First, the netroots are criticizing him for appearing on FOX News Sunday and “legitimizing” FOX, which they consider “a Republican propaganda outlet”. Matt Stoller was particularly incensed by Obama’s appearance on the show, and complained, “You can’t trust the Obama campaign, they will lie to you to promote right-wing institutions.” Meanwhile, Jeremiah Wright’s media blitz has prompted a fresh round of outraged denunciations from conservative bloggers. Righty bloggers think Obama gave John McCain a huge opening by calling his relationship with Wright “a legitimate political issue” during his FOX interview, and they’re pleased that McCain is starting to go after Wright himself. With about a week to go before the NC and IN primaries, Obama can’t be pleased that Wright is back in the spotlight.


  212. Axelrod Testy Over Wright Comments
    By Jeremy P. Jacobs 04/28/2008 01:19PM

    As MSNBC was waiting to broadcast Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s remarks at the National Press Club in Washington this morning, things got a bit testy between the show’s co-host Mika Brzezinski and Obama chief strategist David Axelrod. Axelrod repeatedly emphasized that Wright does not speak for Obama and refused to respond to Wright’s recent media tour Wright spoke at an NAACP dinner last night and was the subject of an hour-long segment on PBS’ “Bill Moyers Journal” Friday.

    “I’m not going to comment Rev. Wright’s motivations or the political implications of what he is doing, he doesn’t speak for us,” Axelrod added. “The question is back to you guys. Obviously you’ve given him a huge media platform. I was sort of surprised to see three hours of coverage last night on one of the cable networks.” CNN was the network to which he referred.

    Exasperated near the end of the segement, Axelrod asked, “How many times can you say I don’t agree with him, some of the things he says are outrageous and he doesn’t speak for me? How many times can you say that?”

    Axelrod is right: The Obama camp has repeatedly said Wright doesn’t speak for their candidate. But Axelrod, who is typically very good in these television phone-ins, was clearly peeved by the coverage of Wright’s recent remarks. His testiness indicates that the campaign wasn’t expecting the Wright problem to linger as long as it has. They may finally be realizing that Obama’s problem with Wright isn’t going away and they need to have better answers to these questions about Obama and Wright’s relationship. At the time this was posted, the Obama campaign hasn’t responded to Wright’s remarks this morning.

  213. Matt Stoller? Didn’t he endorse Obama?

    “You can’t trust the Obama campaign, they will lie to you to promote right-wing institutions.” — That’s a harsh indictment coming from Stoller. I left TPM b/c he kept deleting my posts when I went after him for going after Hillary unfairly.

  214. Did Rev. Wrong seriously say that. Haha. I love this man. lol. There is no way in hell Barack Obama will get to the presidency.

  215. Rev. Jeremiah Wright is Fostering Racial Division and Playing the ‘Race Card’ by Saying Criticisms of His Comments is an Attack on the Black Church
    Contact: Christian Defense Coalition, 202-547-1735, 540-538-4741 cell

    WASHINGTON, April 28 /Christian Newswire/ — The Christian Defense Coalition says Rev. Wright is disingenuously trying to make the critiques of his sermons about race and attacks against the black church rather than an honest assessment of his harsh and bitter views and comments.

    The group says by attempting to deflect attention and responsibility away from his own words, Rev. Wright is creating a hostile and poisoned atmosphere for true racial dialogue and reconciliation.

    Rev. Wright needs to understand this is not an attack on the black church, as he would have us believe, but rather this is outrage and anger over his hate-filled words.

    The Coalition says it is imperative for Rev. Wright to accept responsibility for his own words and actions and stop making it an issue of race and hostility toward the black church.

    Does this now mean that any criticisms of Senator Obama will also be an attack on race and the black church in America?

    Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, comments, “I was absolutely stunned over the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s comments at the National Press Club today saying the criticism of his recent comments were an attack on the black church and not him. This is simply a transparent attempt by Rev. Wright to draw attention away from his thoughtless and bitter comments and attempt to make it about race.

    “Instead of working to build a thoughtful and honest conversation on race in America, Rev. Wright has poisoned the waters by saying the criticisms against him were really an attack on the black church in America. It is disgraceful that a distinguished pastor, such as Rev. Wright, would play the ‘race card’ and resort to such manipulation and blame shifting to justify his own hate filled words.

    “Rev. Wright must assume responsibility for his own harsh and insensitive words and not make it an issue of race or prejudice against the church. Simply said, Rev. Wright this is not an attack on the black church it is moral outrage against your mean spirited and bitter words.

    “If Rev. Wright were truly interested in working toward racial reconciliation, one would have expected to see humility, openness and responsibility. Sadly, all we saw today was arrogance, blame shifting, and bitterness. Rev. Wright would be better served by not pointing fingers, by following the example of Christ and humbly building bridges.”

  216. Isn’t it said how they do that filbert? I can not imagine you ever making a comment that deserved deletion.

  217. Obama’s ex-pastor defends 9/11 call
    31 minutes ago

    Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s former pastor reignited the controversy surrounding his sermons on race in America as he defended his comments that the US brought the September 11 terror attacks upon itself.

    The Rev Jeremiah Wright told the National Press Club in Washington DC his comments that September 11 showed “America’s chickens are coming home to roost” were taken out of context, but added: “You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you.”

    The religious scholar and minister was Mr Obama’s spiritual adviser for 20 years and his comments, which appeared on the internet and were replayed on US television news, damaged the Illinois senator’s support among white, working-class voters.

    This key group of supporters is seen as crucial to a Democratic victory in the November election against Republican John McCain and while Mr Obama denounced Wright’s most controversial comments as incendiary, he has not severed ties with him.

    Mr Wright said the criticism of him and his remarks was misdirected. “It is an attack on the black church, not an attack on Jeremiah Wright,” he said. He also rejected criticism that he was unpatriotic.

    Mr Wright said Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, where he delivered his sermons, had a long history of liberating the oppressed by feeding the hungry, supporting recovery for the addicted and helping senior citizens in need.

    He added that members of his congregation had also fought in the military, including in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    As Mr Obama and his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination Hillary Clinton head into the primary elections in Indiana and North Carolina on May 6, Mr Obama has sought to move the focus away from race.

    But Mr Wright’s speech , along with others over the weekend, have moved the row back to centre stage.

    Mr Obama, who would be the first black US president, leads polls in North Carolina, where there is a large African-American population. But in Indiana, the former first lady, who would be the first woman US president, and Mr Obama are about even.
    The GIFT that KEEPS on GIVING!!!

    Obama is TOAST! IF the Democratic party want to have any credibility in the G.E. they need to seat MI and FL as is NOW so we can SAVE our PARTY from it’s own SELF DESTRUCTION.

  218. Obama always bites the hand that feeds him.

    1995 – New Party leftists pave the way to the Illinois legislature.

    2002 – Same folks buy into his antiwar schtick.

    2007 – Some of the same folks start calling him Barack O’bomb’em.

    You can’t make this up, folks.

  219. Rev. Wright’s Press Club Debacle Has CNN Anchor Groaning ‘Ah, Boy’
    By Mark Finkelstein | April 28, 2008 – 11:49 ET

    How bad was Reverend Wright’s appearance before the National Press Club this morning? Bad enough that even CNN contributor Roland Martin—who yesterday enthused about Wright’s address to the Detroit NAACP, who gave Wright’s chat with Bill Moyers an ‘A’—flunked it with an ‘F.’ Bad enough that David Gergen condemned it as “narcissistic almost beyond belief.” Bad enough that, introducing a panel discussion of the speech, the palpably distressed CNN Newsroom host Tony Harris let out an audible groan of “ah, boy,” and later wondered how much damage had been done.

    View video here.

    As soon as I realized that Rev. Wright had brought along his own cheering section to his National Press Club appearance this morning, I had a feeling that things would get out of hand. Wright was seemingly egged on by the claque’s enthusiatic applause for his remarks and hostile reactions to tough questions. Mugging repeatedly to the crowd, Rev. Wright went on an ego-driven radical rant that must have the Obama camp tearing its collective hair out while Hillary emits an extended cackle. Among his greatest hits, Wright refused to disassociate himself from Louis Farrakhan, declined to retract his allegation that the US used AIDS to commit genocide against black Americans, said it was fair to compare US Marines with Roman legionnaires, and indicated his church had supported the Communist-backed Sandinistas.


  220. carbynew,

    And BO thought defending this guy was a good idea why? The politically smart thing to do was not giving a soliloquy on race relations. He should have at least feigned outrage and immediately left that church. Then his surrogates attempted to conflate Wright with the entire black church!

  221. Our gal should have a huge crowd in IN tonight. A NC poster on TM, says they had to move to a bigger venue:

    Here’s a little more great news from NC. The Club 44 event in Charlotte tonight had to be moved to a larger venue.

    Obama is at the Dean Dome at UNC. It seats 22,000. Hillary has 24,000 reservations for tonight, and that’s just online. I wish I could get down there. It should be magic time.

  222. If you don’t think the Republicans would have a field day with BO if they should get the change, here it is straight from RNC oppo.

    RNC: They Said It! Barack Obama’s Memory Loss on Meeting Convicted Controversial Billionaire Nadhmi Auchi

    WASHINGTON, April 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The following was
    released today by the Republican National Committee:

    Obama: “I mean this has been, I guess, four years ago. … I just don’t have a recollection of the event. As I said, I was in the middle of running a U.S. Senate race. So, you know, I was speaking all the time, probably six, seven, eight times a day.” (John McCormick, “Obama Doesn’t Deny But Can’t Recall Attending Rezko Party Cited In Trial,” Los Angeles Times’ “Top Of The Ticket” Blog,, 4/27/08)

    FLASHBACK: Obama In Dreams From My Father: “[I] can retrace the first steps I took as a child and be stunned by the beauty of the islands.” (Barack Obama, Dreams From My Father, 1995, p. 23)

  223. Informed in Illinois Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 11:34 am

    RGB: AMEN. And, I think that we (HRC campaign) need to put the right spin on the DNC’s so-called “rules” – they are NOT rules. A committee made “RULINGS.” “Rulings” are subject to the biases of the individuals serving on a committee and are not sacrosanct. When blatently unfair, “rulings” can and should be publicly appealed. If everyone (press, voters, super-d’s) had all the facts, they would hold the DNC responsible for the hash they’re making of this election and position themselves and the party to make the right decisions to ensure unity and a win in November. It’s all about the rules.

    Right! The Rules say that premature states should lose HALF their delegates, or whatever ‘sanctions’ the committee choses. FL was forced by the GOP, so should have had mercy. Instead, Brazile made a RULING that they ‘hadn’t tried hard enough’ and sentenced them to HARSHER punishment: losing ALL their delegtes.

    The RULES say this punishment can be adjusted, or the whole thing can be appealed, to the Cred Committee and then that committee’s decicison can be appealed to the full convention in August.

  224. moononpluto,
    Wright obviously thinks his vision is right and he made a point of saying Obama is speaking like a politician, i mean he may as well have just said, Obama is just lying to you, he believes every word i say.

    That sounds like what the New Black Panthers said when Obama took them off his website. Something about politicians have to say that, we understand, we still think he’s on our side.

    Maybe these people have been drinking koolaid from the other side of Obama’s mouth? Maybe Wright is feeling betrayed and … bitter?

  225. Big Pink crack reporters on the case!!!!

    Thanks for the commentary. just got back and have savored every single post!

    Ann, sent a dozen letters to Indiana newspapers, today.

    Maybe I’ll do another dozen this evening! 😀

  226. Celebrate all you Hillary Fans and supporters.From the first debate and the list of candidates,plus the MSM and its attempt to put the FIX on the nomination,SHE beat them all with her strength,experience,determination and just plain guts.Truly a wonder WOMAN.Tell the good old boys that it’s over.This weekend,”THE FAT LADY (Jeramiah) SANG”.Over and Out OBAMA.


  227. Obama and CNN (Communist News Network) are TOAST…they gave hours and hours of viewing time to this Rev. NUTCASE but gave NOTHING to Hillary Clinton all season long…Their reputation and credibility is a big fat ZERO.
    David Gergen on CNN: The Media Needs to ‘Move On’ From Rev. Wright Issue
    By Matthew Balan | April 28, 2008 – 13:21 ET

    Later in the segment on CNN’s “Newsroom” between Tony Harris, David Gergen, and Roland Martin after the Reverend Jeremiah Wright speech at the National Press Club (which Mark Finkelstein blogged about earlier), Gergen suggested that “it’s time for him [Rev. Wright] to get off the stage, and frankly, for the media, I suggest, to move on.” He also twice characterized the whole affair as a “sideshow.”

    Shortly after a commercial break which came in the middle of the discussion, Gergen, in response to a question from “Newsroom” co-host Tony Harris, said of Rev. Wright, “Every time he appears, he just gives legitimacy and a hunger by those who oppose Barack Obama to re-run those tapes, to keep him at the center of controversy, to let this overhang and define Barack Obama, when it has, you know — it has very, very little to do — it’s a very marginal piece of who Barack Obama is and what he stands for.”

    Gergen then talked about how the Rev. Wright issue was a distraction, and how the preacher should have handled himself after the controversy broke, all the while heaping praise on him, and at the end, making his “move on” suggestion.

  228. If CNN wants the controversy to “move on,” then maybe, they should stop giving non-stop coverage to this maniac and his distorted and warped belief system.

  229. carbynew Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 2:36 pm
    Obama and CNN (Communist News Network) are TOAST…they gave hours and hours of viewing time to this Rev. NUTCASE but gave NOTHING to Hillary Clinton all season long…Their reputation and credibility is a big fat ZERO.
    Carby, Agreed! To wit:
    “Gergen, in response to a question from “Newsroom” co-host Tony Harris, said of Rev. Wright, “Every time he appears, he just gives legitimacy and a hunger by those who oppose Barack Obama to re-run those tapes, to keep him at the center of controversy, to let this overhang and define Barack Obama, when it has, you know — it has very, very little to do — it’s a very marginal piece of who Barack Obama is and what he stands for.”

    As Wright would say, “NO, NO, NO!” Gergen is wrong. This is absolutely central to who Barack is – his worldview, his family’s culture, and his ultimately electability. Tell Gergen: get out of his “tank” and take a look at the real world.

  230. The latest map on – makes the case that on an electoral vote basis Hillary has overwhleming advantage over McCain- Clinton 291 McCain 237 Ties 10. In Obama v McCain, the result is -Obama 243 McCain 269 Ties 26. Total electoral votes are 538, therefore 270 is needed to win the White House.

  231. Why is Mr. Wright called Reverend? What religion is Trinity? It is definitely not a Christian sect. Christianity is based on the message of Jesus and that is the message of love for one another. There is no love from this man’s mouth.

    His religion is one of anger and bitterness which encourages AA people to hate white people, hate the United States, wreak some sort of vengeance, view the white race as their enemy and wish them harm.

    Furthermore, AA people are not being heard condemning Wright. And that is an extremely serious matter because Wright’s platform is destroying trust between White Americans and African Americans. Lack of trust can influence white people to avoid any kind of contact with AA people – to avoid hiring them, working with them, avoid living near them, going to school with them, electing them to office, to unravel the civil rights gains of the past 50 years.

    As for Obama, why wasn’t Martin Luther King his mentor, his role model, his spiritual father? MLK understood very well that hatred and violence boomerang and destroy those who embrace such crudity. MLK had a great soul that still inspires us all. Obama’s choice of such a lame brain as Wright to be his spiritual advisor proves without a doubt that he hasn’t the intelligence to be a leader of any kind, nor the soul to care about the wellness of this country’s citizenry.

  232. WE can win NC and IN. We can turn the 21% undecideds to support Hillary! YES WE CAN AND YES WE WILL!!!



  233. CNN is laughable. They deliberately gave this man an hours-long national TV forum, that they THOUGHT was going to help out Bambi, and help explain away the problems. They didn’t want to “move on” then, they wanted to SHOWCASE the reverend, baby!

    Now that it has not worked out as planned, because crazy uncle went off script on national teevee, stirred the pot, and made it worse not better, they suddenly want to “move on”.

    ROTFLMAO! Their own plan came back and bit them in their elitist asses, and I for one think it’s HILARIOUS!

  234. birdgal Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 2:41 pm
    If CNN wants the controversy to “move on,” then maybe, they should stop giving non-stop coverage to this maniac and his distorted and warped belief system.

    No kidding.

  235. I hope this puts the fear of God into people and they rush to the polls and vote early for Hillary.

    We do not need Obama and his freaky associates anywhere near the white house.

  236. Instead of unifying the country, BO’s relationship with Wright, is creating even more divisiveness and unrest between races. I bet, Wright scares alot of people. I know, he scares me. Attending a black separatist church was not the indication of someone, who wanted to or could unite the country.

    Wright’s mockery of JFK, LBJ, and other dialects left me cold. He is one, angry and bitter man.

  237. CARBYNEW!

    You are a Big Pink TREASURE!!!!! I swear, I don’t even haveta look at another site.

    Great articles and fantastic links! 😀

  238. This debacle is so disturbing, on so many different levels. I wonder, what the Kennedy’s thought of Wright mocking JFK???? or the daughters of LBJ???

  239. B. Merry,

    Hmmmmmmm………..Velly intelesting. So HRC can’t recall the exact events in Bosnia over a decade ago, while flying in and out of war zones, and Waffles ATTACKS her for ‘misstatements,’ and yet HE can’t recall a meeting with Auchi only 4 years ago? And we’re supposed to give him a pass? What the heck is his excuse? He wasn’t in a war zone. Like I said before, i suspect early onset dementia..

  240. lil ole grape Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 2:43 pm
    Why is Mr. Wright called Reverend? What religion is Trinity?

    Chicago Trinity affiliated with the United Church of Christ. Did a quick search on UCC website and got an interesting recent article. UCC’s mission is founded on inclusion and service. My friends from Chicago’s south side tell me that Trinity is thought of as a “yuppie church.” (?!) Perhaps Black Liberation Theology is the fashion among certain of Chicago’s AA professional class – none of my friends are members.

    And, Lil’, I agree with you across the board. Particularly that MLK is one of history’s greatest souls. I hear no evidence of his teaching at Trinity. Sad.

    Yes, the Dems will unite – against this kind of hate-mongering.

  241. H4T:

  242. carbynew Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Wright to Obama: ‘Coming after you’
    By: Mike Allen

    The minister was speaking as part of a tour that is drawing heavy news coverage and causing a huge headache for Obama’s presidential campaign.

    We’ve heard nothing but “Bill Clinton” this and that, that the ex-prez is some huge weight that is bound to kill Hillary’s candidacy if she doesn’t fail fast enough on her own. Trumped up charges by Tweety and RussetPotatoHead that were designed to keep the public distracted from casting any critical eye toward the freshman Senator from Illinois.

    So will the MessNBC hacks rooting for Obama acknowledge Wright as Category 5 catastrophy?

    I’m really starting to like this Rev. Wright…

  243. Wow, Obama is proving to be one of the most devious politicians in our country .. AND .. look how young he is. Wonder what other havoc he’d raised given more time in the Senate. He’s dirty.

  244. Birdgal,

    Excellent point!

    ‘I wonder, what the Kennedy’s thought of Wright mocking JFK???? or the daughters of LBJ???’

    It really is sickening, isn’t it?

    (So why am i enjoying it so much?) 👿

  245. Basil, part of me is glad that this venom is coming out now, but the other part of me, feels very sick and disheartened, that someone with Waffles associations, has made it so far politically, in such a short period of time. Obviously, Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, Dasche, and others have created this monster, at expense of Hillary Clinton and the rest of the American public. It is truly frightening that this amount of anti-Americanism and hatred exists, right here, in the U.S. This guy cannot be POTUS.

  246. Basil, Birdgal, all:
    I found the mockery in Wright’s address to the NAACP to be especially insulting. Also, in his address to the Press Club this morning, he made special mention of the really ugly stuff Moyers edited out! LOL! 🙂 Not even PBS can save Bambi from the destruction of “Hurricane Jeremiah”…

  247. I don’t feel a bit sorry of Obama. The media has savaged Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton over every little statement. I am glad that we are getting to know more about Reverend Wright..this man was Obama’s spirtual mentor for 20 years.

  248. Monday, monday everyone–

    Guess what? Hillary has come out 100% against the military stop loss policy. This will help here in n. carolina for sure.

    Head on over to mydd to find out about this policy and its impact on soldiers and families. Heart breaking.

    Sure could use your recommendations and comments too.

  249. It will be interesting to see, what effects, Hurricane Jeremiah will have on this election. I have lost respect for Moyers, if he gave the American public, a watered down version of Wright. That is very deceitful and dishonest.

  250. Sen. Bingaman from NM endorses Obama, BOOO!!! We need some more s.d’s! I want to write him and tell him why his decision is awful, but I think I’ll wait until more than one news source says it

  251. We need to continue to push that Obama allowed this madman to teach his children, pray with him and was going to allow him to pray with him before his presidential candidacy speech.

    This man was an integral party of Obama’s life and life experiences .. 20 years worth.

  252. Britt Hume has just gone ballistic over the Wrights failure to say, when asked, that he really did not believe the government infected AA’s with the AIDS virus intentionally. He absolutely went off, I’ve never seen Hume do this before.

    Here are some interesting quotes from Obama’s book for those that haven’t seen them. Think about them in the context of what we have seen in this presidential primary.

    Dreams of My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

    “Ray assured me that we would never talk about whites as whites in front of whites without knowing exactly what we were doing. Without knowing that there might be a price to pay.”

    “Black politicians less gifted than Harold discovered what white politicians had known for a very long time: that race-baiting could make up for a host of limitations.”

    “Afterward, in the parking lot, I sat in my car and thumbed through a silver brochure that I’d picked up in the reception area. It contained a set of guiding principles – a “Black Value System” that the congregation had adopted in 1979. At the top of the list was a commitment to God, “who will give us the strength to give up prayerful passivism and become Black Christian activists, soldiers for Black freedom…”

    “There was one particular passage in Trinity’s brochure that stood out, though, a commandment more self-conscious in its tone, requiring greater elaboration. ‘A Disavowal of the Pursuit of Middleclassness,’ the heading read.”

    “Desperate times called for desperate measures, and for many blacks, times were chronically desperate. If nationalism could create a strong and effective insularity, deliver on its promise of self-respect, then the hurt it might cause well-meaning whites, or the inner turmoil it caused people like me, would be of little consequence.”

  253. Aw, gee how sad (not). And I had just sent another “Not a cent from me until MI & FL are recognized NOW.” reply to our dear friend Howard’s daily request for donations. And I told him to be sure and look out his window on the 30th…

  254. birdgal Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 3:05 pm
    “….part of me feels very sick and disheartened, that someone with Waffles associations, has made it so far politically, in such a short period of time. Obviously, Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, Dasche, and others have created this monster, at expense of Hillary Clinton and the rest of the American public….”
    * * * * * * * *
    All of me feels sick and disheartened that such a charlatan was foisted upon Illinois voters without the slightest amount of vetting by the press. Un/under-reported in this cycle, in his US Senate primary Bambi played very sneaky-dirty with an excellent candidate, a self-made dot-com success story whose daughter was the Title 9 plaintiff, and whose platform was a 20-year record of promoting women’s rights and health care system reform. Hillary could have had a partner from our state for her good work the last three years, instead of a pathological political climber, the product of a Daley-Kennedy joint venture.

    Yes, sick and disheartened. But, anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Rise, Hillary, rise!

  255. New SUSA poll (posted earlier by Universal)
    Hillary Clinton: 52%
    Barack Obama: 43%
    Other/Undecided: 5%

    – We have to keep calling and donating. We can win this.

  256. “Black politicians less gifted than Harold discovered what white politicians had known for a very long time: that race-baiting could make up for a host of limitations.”

    Hmmm…. gives one pause.

  257. I agree the more I find out about Obama .. he has deceived Illinois voters .. makes me feel sick and disheartened for them.

    American deserves better that bitterbambi

  258. What else is he going to do with all his money? $40 million may buy alot of Super Delegates.

  259. I don’t care, the media backlash against him now may be so immense it may well overwhelm him whether he likes it or not.

  260. I care. This reeks of sexism. She’s won all the big states and these fuckhead Democratic men keep coming out for a flawed, inadequate, didn’t even win their state candidate. Jesus, what is their probleam?

  261. I have to keep censoring myself because I want to go ghetto so bad on Dr. Wright.

    He has totally pissed my off…Dr. Wright doesn’t speak for ALL BLACK CHURCHES because it’s his words that is being highlighted because of one of his sheep put him on the global stage.

    I can just KICK OBAMBI for giving this man a worldwide platform to preach this crap. “Audacity of Hope” my ass.

  262. I know, Henry. It’s a joke. It’s like they just can not accept that the won in the race has proven herself the better candidate. It’s absurd.

  263. I’d love to see a poll conducted from a non-caucus state about buyers remorse. I am sure there are quite a few who would have voted differently had the information about wright/ayers/auchi been available to them.

  264. But she won New Mexico. This is a freaking joke. Who the hell are these people? I will never again consider myself part of this losers Party. She’s won all he big electoral states. She’s won huge margins among the swing groups. What are they doing????

  265. EVERYBODY .. now is the time to call those uncommited superdelegates at the top of the page.


    I called those above today. Today is a good day for overwhelming support for WV

  266. Hey there, little red riding hood, you sure are looking good–oops, just a jingle in my head, or do I mean hoody lol

    I am whacky. Writing about stop loss and soldiers getting killed way paw their time to go home can do it to you.

    On thursday Hillary came our against Stop Loss

    got to mydd and read all about 🙂 Recs and comments most welcome

  267. I am totally pissed off. These guys are fricken dumb. It’s like they just can’t believe a woman has proven herself the better candidate. They can not accept it. They are screwing it up for the Democrats.

  268. I think the pressure has to keep up against Obama for the party to start to swing back towards Hill. We have to gotv in Indiana and NC. They are crucial in this regard now.

  269. I think of what has been done to Hillary and Bill in this statement:

    “Desperate times called for desperate measures, and for many blacks, times were chronically desperate. If nationalism could create a strong and effective insularity, deliver on its promise of self-respect, then the hurt it might cause well-meaning whites, or the inner turmoil it caused people like me, would be of little consequence.”

  270. Y’all hear that sound? That’s me cackling and giggling with glee as I read story after story on Rev Wright and now the new SurveyUSA poll in IN showing Hillary up 52 to 43.

  271. mj – yes, does reek of sexism. I’m still smarting from New Hampshire: NO ONE reported that HRC WAS THE VERY FIRST WOMAN EVER TO WIN A PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY. Not one word. I actually had to research it and write an email to NOW – just to check to see if I got that right. I’m still unsure. That was when I started reading Big Pink.

    Neither have the media covered the enhanced role that a misogynistic AA pop-culture might mean to American women and young people – evidenced by the rap music favored by Obama-bots, “I’ve got 99 problems and the B*tch ain’t one of them.” Talk about the wrong message for young people! And, personally, I don’t want to have that foisted upon me for four years.

    The good news: hurricanes generally take 3-4 days to leave the area.

  272. Infornmed in Ill,

    your comment about no one saying she was the first woman to win a state primary blew me out of the water. it is iso true. Stuff on rap and its influence too. Good pts.

  273. Informed in Illinois – It is so funny you said that, because it was a turning point for me too! I’m thinking “why don’t the talk about the fact that for the first time in history a woman has won a primary?” What is going on here???

    That’s when I stumbled on to Big Pink too!

  274. PLEASE help call Indiana .. Indiana is most important because we can win there and win big.

    PLEASE, try to help our gotv with phone banking. For every post you make here in outrage over how the party is treating Hillary .. make 10 phone calls. Use your anger to help Hillary.

  275. Obviously, Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, Dasche, and others have created this monster, at expense of Hillary Clinton and the rest of the American public.

    Yep. Even if “our girl” Hillary becomes the first female President of the United States, the behavior of these people will have driven many of us out of the Democratic Party for good.

  276. More to come from Hannity!!!

    On radio today Hannity was talking about BHO’s problems with Wright and Ayers. Then he added:

    “There’s a few more issues out there we’ll be talking about that nobody knows about.”

    I can only wonder if those are things already mentioned on this site, and just how long do we have to wait to learn what they are. I hope he doesn’t try to save them for the GE, but I think he won’t wait that long.

  277. Linfar, HillBilly: Wow – I really thought I was going a little crazy! And, the media made such a big deal about Obama re MLK birthday (January), then AA History Month (February), then MLK assasination anniversary (March) – three month’s worth running of non-stop PBS programming and documentaries. Not a peep about Women’s History Month (also March) or what it means to finally have an excellent woman candidate in a race. You could barely find a biopic on Eleanor Roosevelt, let alone a heroic portrait of our country’s first serious woman candidate for POTUS. The misogyny of the MSM/BM should be our very next target after Hillary is elected 44.

  278. Whoa, the Repubs are going to love this,
    From Noquarter:

    “American Urban Radio’s April Ryan, confirmed that Wright’s security was provided by bodyguards from Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.”
    Psymac | 04.28.2008 – 3:51 pm | #

  279. Informed in Illinois, the lack of coverage for Women’s History Month pissed me off too. Not a peep out of Big Media on those brave women who went before and fought for our rights.

  280. Dot48 – will do.
    hwc – I posed a few months back – anyone for the new “National Woman’s Party?”

  281. HillaryforTexas Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 3:58 pm
    Informed in Illinois, the lack of coverage for Women’s History Month pissed me off too. Not a peep out of Big Media on those brave women who went before and fought for our rights.

    Me too.

  282. He’s a WACKADOODLE!

    I can see something good coming out of all this. It is too late for Obama, but I think that the tide will turn on Black Nationalist sentiment and that people WILL reject this victim mentatlity as a result. Bill Cosby is trying to elevate the dialog in his own way. More religious leaders are coming out to condemn the victim mentality and advocating personal responsibilty for yourself and your family.

    The handling of Katrina was despicable and I’m not black, but if I was I would probably feel like the government screwed me over, too. However, we need to move forward with new leadership and Hillary is the one to move us there.

    It will take time, but I think some people will start to come around. It will help greatly if Hillary gets into office and starts lifting people up and sparking hope in places like Louisiana and Mississippi… and the rest of the country. In the gulf areas, Bill has already started work and if we can make improvements right away the healing can begin.

    I think in a very weird, counter-intuitive way Wright may end up contributing to a new positive direction for this country as people stand up and reject his methods – together!

  283. I like the first paragraph, but the rest is ok too. It goes great with the new polling reports.

    Obama Needs Indiana

    SF Chronicle,
    Carolyn Lockhead

    In Congress, the motherlode of superdelegates, the thinking is that the nomination is Obama’s unless Clinton pulls off a decisive win in Indiana. If she does, then all bets are off and Democrats are in big trouble.

    Indiana polls are all over the map, with the latest from Survey USA showing Clinton ahead by nine. Indiana is full of the working class whites and Catholics who fled Obama in droves in Pennsylvania. More troubling for Obama is Clinton’s “steady inroads” among independents, a key element of his argument for the nomination and his claim to be able to redraw the electoral map.

    Just in time for Rev. Jeremiah Wright to go stomping through Washington producing free campaign commercials for John McCain. Wright wrongly argued that if God intends Obama to be president, no one can get in the way.

    The Democratic race feels like it’s at a pivot point. The bloom is off Obama’s rose and his rally speeches stopped intoxicating several weeks ago. He’s been rebranded as an elitist McGovernite liberal, with Rev. Wright hanging on his shirt tails. He has lost control of his message. Images take on a life their own in presidential campaigns, and there is no question McCain is getting a free ride. Obama knows he has to change that dynamic, fast.

  284. Yep. I know too many AA’s yelling at the top of their lungs: “We don’t want or need the government to lift us up. We need the government to GIVE US THE TOOLS to lift OURSELVES up!”

    There is a big difference. If you give people fairness, and good jobs, and a sound economy, and legal recourse, and good laws, they can DO IT FOR THEMSELVES!!!!

  285. Hey informed, that would make a great diary.

    Why don’t you write one?

    You seem really knowledgeable.

  286. House GOP Targets Obama-excerpts

    In the first two advertisements of their kind, Republicans seeking an advantage in a Mississippi special election are invoking Barack Obama in arguing that a Democratic Congressional candidate is too liberal for his district. That flies in the face of what has been conventional wisdom for months among national Democratic strategists who have not publicly taken sides in the presidential contest; many privately express more hope in Obama’s potential coattails than in rival Hillary Clinton’s.

    While bringing up the Rev. Jeremiah Wright may be dangerous for some Republicans, the NRCC’s commercial sounds a theme that will prove a more universally-sounded concept. “Travis Childers claims he’s a conservative. But Travis Childers contributed money to John Kerry, and is endorsed by Barack Obama, who has the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate.”

    That refrain, from National Journal’s annual vote ranking, will be Obama’s constant, and unwelcome, companion on the campaign trail. An NRCC poll showed John McCain beating Obama by about 35 points in Mississippi’s First Congressional District, Cole said, and next to Pelosi, Republicans are beginning to use Obama’s name as the latest image of the liberal boogeyman. And for all Obama’s talk of putting more states in play, Cole doesn’t believe that is necessarily the case. “Does anybody really believe Barack Obama is going to carry [Mississippi’s First District],” he asked.

    Saying the country remains a center-right political climate, Cole said he welcomed the debate with Obama. “The special elections are the first effort on our side to inject that intellectual dichotomy.”

    In both Mississippi and neighboring Louisiana, where Republican candidates in heavily red districts find themselves in tenuous positions, Cole said turning the election into a contest with national implications, much as Democrats did in 2006, can benefit his party. “Our candidates now are trying to turn those [elections] into a referendum on Pelosi, on Obama,” he said. “As these elections become nationalized, I think we do better.”

    Regardless of the outcomes of the two special elections, it remains remarkable that either is competitive. Both parties are spending heavily on the two seats. Through Saturday, Democrats had spent $384,000 in Mississippi and $712,000 in Louisiana, where State Rep. Don Cazayoux is vying with Republican Woody Jenkins to replace retired Rep. Richard Baker. Republicans have spent $570,000 helping Davis in Mississippi and $312,000 backing Jenkins in Louisiana. Several independent groups, including the Club for Growth and Freedom’s Watch, are also spending money on behalf of GOP candidates in the districts.

    To turn that tide, Cole told reporters today he can use Obama to effectively nationalize both special elections. “Both Democrats were leading at the point where we began to talk about national issues,” he said today. After hundreds of thousands of dollars spent trying to tie the two Democrats to the candidate who will likely be their party’s standard-bearer in November, the special elections could even serve as an important turning point in the Democratic presidential contest: If both Democrats go down thanks to the association with Obama, Hillary Clinton might have another powerful argument to make to super delegates nervous about Obama’s electability. If one or both Democrats win, national party strategists will not only point ecstatically to more potential signs of a Democratic wave, but will privately breathe a sign of relief that, unlike several previous nominees, Obama is not poisonous to down-ballot candidates quite yet.

  287. MJ, 👿 holds back SD endorsements and parcels them out for days when bad news hits as an offset. And as for Brad Henry, fuck that milquetoast MF’er. He’s playing butt boy for David Boren bc he wants David’s job when (and if) her retires and David only leaves if 👿 gives him a job as an adviser.

    No worries here. This thing is playing out like Kostner and Wobbei said it would months ago.

    Chin up. Chill out.

  288. H4T, that attitude you observe is sort like that line about give a man a fish…teach a man to fish….

    I think most Americans across the board prefer the latter approach.

  289. dot, they said convention months ago. Like early last Fall I think.


    –noun (sometimes initial capital letter)
    a very timid, unassertive, spineless person, esp. one who is easily dominated or intimidated: a milquetoast who’s afraid to ask for a raise.
    Also called Caspar Milquetoast.

    [Origin: 1935–40, Americanism; after Caspar Milquetoast, a character in The Timid Soul, comic strip by H. T. Webster (1885–1952), American cartoonist]

  290. BTW- a client who’s heavily republican sent a mass e-mail out today. The subject? 👿 of course.

    Entitled “A Little Background on Obama” it’s a good glimpse of what they are already up to and what they will do in the GE. Infinitely watchable for the masses. It distills stuff down for the least intelligent person out there with a webtv connection. The ending is a well-done co-opt of “Yes, we can!” and it makes fun of Kennedy, too.

    BTW- this has been viewed over 400K times in less than three weeks.

  291. Obama: Stop Hearting Republican Ideas posted by Richard Kim on 04/28/2008 @ 2:50pm

    The last two months have been rough on Barack Obama. He’s been left-baited, race-baited, red-baited and tarred as an “elitist.” Perhaps that’s why he finally consented, after 772 days of holding out, to be interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News. It was a strong move from a defensive position, and Obama gave an agile performance on the whole, deftly parrying Wallace’s efforts to nail him on Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and infamous oft-missing American flag pin. But what’s up with Obama’s shout-out to Republican ideas?

    Pressing Obama on his credentials as a “uniter” and measuring his record against the alleged bi-partisanship of John McCain, Wallace asked: “As a president, can you name a hot button issue where you would be willing to cross Democratic party line[s] and say you know what, Republicans have a better idea here?”

    Obama’s response: “Well, I think there are a whole host of areas where Republicans in some cases may have a better idea…on issues of regulation, I think that back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, a lot of the way we regulated industry was top down command and control. We’re going to tell businesses exactly how to do things. And I think that the Republican party…came with the notion that you know what, if you simply set some guidelines, some rules and incentives for businesses, let them figure out how they’re going to for example reduce pollution.”

    Obama’s comments echo remarks he made back in January to the Reno Gazette-Journal when he said that he thought Ronald Reagan “changed the trajectory of America” in a way that Bill Clinton had not. In that interview, Obama said that Republicans have been “the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time” and that Reagan “put us on a fundamentally different path because the country…felt like with all the excesses of the 1960s and 1970s and government had grown and grown but there wasn’t much sense of accountability in terms of how it was operating.”

    John Edwards and Hillary Clinton jumped all over him for that one, and Obama’s supporters leapt to his defense, claiming that “Obama didn’t really say that Republicans had better ideas than Dems,” and that he was being merely descriptive about recent political history.

    Well, there you have it. Unequivocally, Obama has now said that “there are a whole host of areas” where Republicans have better ideas. What are these ideas? And what game is Obama playing?

  292. linfar Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    “Hey informed, that would make a great diary.”

    Well, I thought I was “informed” until I started reading here – you guys blow everyone away! As for writing a diary – maybe that might be a good idea, I’ve really appreciated your diaries, Linfar – and BMerry, Universal, of course Admin and other 44 stalwarts. I’ve posted on local news blogs in support of the effort, but felt shy about contributing on political blogs anywhere but here on 44.

  293. Bradley: Rev. Wright ‘a media story’
    April 28: Former Sen. Bill Bradley, a Barack Obama supporter, says the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy is “fundamentally a media story, whipping up the race card again and again.”

    MSNBC = Madeup Stories News Bring Checks

    Wonderful Video of Bill Bradley blaming the media for Rev Wright and Hillary Clinton…must see video!!!

    btw Bill Bradley is bring up Elizabeth Edwards

  294. i cant beleve that nm sen backed bo. what else can we do to halt this? jesus this guy annot in the general-likely wont have the maority of popular votes inthe primary. if i recall this nm sen backed the alaska pipeline and the 05 energy bill. come on sds.

  295. Hey Informed,

    I just felt when I read your comments that you care passionately about the way women’s rights etc. have been dissed by msm.

    And you seemed to have the info at your command.

    C’mon jump in. Very easy to register at

  296. (I like that one. It sums them up nicely and is very visual. Can’t you seen Keith-O and Tweetie and Pumpkinhead on their knees at the altar of 👿 ?)

  297. T4H:
    If NM Sen is for Big Energy – then that says it all. BO is also backed by Big Energy.

  298. Informed in Illinois Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    Un/under-reported in this cycle, in his US Senate primary Bambi played very sneaky-dirty with an excellent candidate, a self-made dot-com success story whose daughter was the Title 9 plaintiff, and whose platform was a 20-year record of promoting women’s rights and health care system reform

    Do you mean Alice Palmer? I wish you or someone better informed than me, would write that up in a neat size. Or I’d help.

    If you mean someone else, who?

    The Palmer incident was in 1996 when Obama first got into the Illinois state senate, not the US Senate.

  299. Great post from Anglachel’s Journal:

    Pass it around, please.

  300. Im wondering if there will be MORE CALLS TO CALL OUT OBAMA FROM THE RACE?????? ALL THIS EMBARRASSING NEWS ABOUT OBAMA, isn’t it time for us to CALL OUT OBAMA? Why not? Some did this with Hillary!

    Nancy Pelosi has to be embarrassed to see congressmen for the house being challenged by the repubilican party she now has to be CAREFUL to state what she thinks if she should want to continue to be the majority leader (I know I know)

    Also, I wonder about the superdelegates? Any new news on this for Hillary?

    Lastly, but not the least, GO HILL-TEAM!

  301. After Wright’s wacky rantings last night, I am calling it: this primary is done. Sure, there will be lots of wrangling and arguments and primary elections to be had still, but for all intents and purposes, it is over. Obama’s lost it.

  302. Tweety alert …

    Made the mistake of flipping the channel to opening remarks to hear him say

    Obama has Rev. Wright, and Hillary has Bill.

    … must have drunk too much Kook Ade.

  303. Rev. Wright removes all doubt (that he’s a blooming idiot)

  304. Rezko trial is now on break for a few days:

    This break brought to you by … Ali Ata
    We might have one day, maybe two days off from the trial because the defense wants more time to prepare its cross examination of Ali Ata.

    Ata is supposed to bring some explosive testimony, including …

    … that he allegedly paid more than $100,000 in cash bribes to Rezko. He also provided some of the most direct accusations against Gov. Blagojevich, placing him inside a Rezko office when Ata handed over a $25,000 campaign contribution. Ata said it was then that the governor allegedly promised him a post, which he later landed. He served as the head of the Illinois Finance Authority, despite a lack of significant finance experience.

    The governor has denied the accusations tied to Ata.

    The defense needs the extra time because Ata is a surprise witness, whom the government called upon just after Ata’s plea deal last week. Ata pleaded guilty in a separate case, which Rezko is also charged in.

  305. # birdgal Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 10:28 am

    I don’t like Obama and think he is dangerous for the country, but why, oh why, is this pastor so self-serving that he is willing to destroy BO’s candidacy? I don’t get it.

    My guess is that Rev. Wright is a proud man, has seen his name dragged through the mud, and wants to set the record straight. That if he can grab the bull by the horns, it could change peoples’ minds, so the public would not look at the Obama-Wright nexus as “damning”.

    Or maybe he feels that Obama could have been more supportive of him in his Philly speech.

    As for why it is getting so much coverage, well, when you see the Hindenberg in flames, it’s impossible to focus on anything else. “Oh, the humanity”.

  306. B Merryfield Says:

    April 28th, 2008 at 5:03 pm
    Tweety alert …

    Made the mistake of flipping the channel to opening remarks to hear him say

    Obama has Rev. Wright, and Hillary has Bill.

    … must have drunk too much Kook Ade.

    not even comparable.

  307. Greetings, 1950:
    I mean in Waffles’ US Senate primary with (mainly) candidates Blair Hull and Dan Hynes. Blair Hull is the one I described above. Waffles’ surrogates in the press goaded Blair into opening his sealed divorce files to reveal a messy divorce that included a groundless restraining order from his ex-wife (lots of money was involved in this split-up), causing NOW to revoke their endorsement of Blair. I seem to remember that Stinky blamed the third candidate for the leak, too, but lots of Chicago politicos knew that Waffles had one of his supporters on Blair’s staff. The restraining order was confirmed groundless, but too late to save Blair’s campaign. Subsequently, Waffles did the same thing to the GOP front-runner – remember the Jack/Jeri Ryan sex scandal? Again, sealed divorce files. Sneaky waffles.
    Taken together with his initial “elbowing out” of Alice Palmer to “win” his first elective office, Waffles has never actually fought a real campaign on the level – until this week. Like he has never fought – and won – a good fight for issues on the floor of the US Senate.

  308. OkieAtty, the damage Wright did y’day was irreparable for Obama. The Washington Post writes that when looking back and trying to determine the moment when Obama lost his grip on the nomination, yesterday was it:

    For Obama, the Voice of Doom?

    The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, explaining this morning why he had waited so long before breaking his silence about his incendiary sermons, offered a paraphrase from Proverbs: “It is better to be quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

    Barack Obama’s pastor would have been wise to continue to heed that wisdom.

    Should it become necessary in the months from now to identify the moment that doomed Obama’s presidential aspirations, attention is likely to focus on the hour between nine and ten this morning at the National Press Club. It was then that Wright, Obama’s longtime pastor, reignited a controversy about race from which Obama had only recently recovered – and added lighter fuel.

    Speaking before an audience that included Marion Barry, Cornel West, Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam official Jamil Muhammad, Wright praised Louis Farrakhan, defended the view that Zionism is racism, accused the United States of terrorism, repeated his view that the government created the AIDS virus to cause the genocide of racial minorities, stood by other past remarks (“God damn America”) and held himself out as a spokesman for the black church in America.

    In front of 30 television cameras, Wright’s audience cheered him on as the minister mocked the media and, at one point, did a little victory dance on the podium. It seemed as if Wright, jokingly offering himself as Obama’s vice president, was actually trying to doom Obama; a member of the head table, American Urban Radio’s April Ryan, confirmed that Wright’s security was provided by bodyguards from Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

    Wright suggested that Obama was insincere in distancing himself from his pastor. “He didn’t distance himself,” Wright announced. “He had to distance himself, because he’s a politician, from what the media was saying I had said, which was anti-American.”

    Explaining further, Wright said friends had written to him and said, “We both know that if Senator Obama did not say what he said, he would never get elected.” The minister continued: “Politicians say what they say and do what they do based on electability, based on sound bites, based on polls.”

    Wright also argued, at least four times over the course of the hour, that he was speaking not for himself but for the black church.

    “This is not an attack on Jeremiah Wright,” the minister said. “It is an attack on the black church.” He positioned himself as a mainstream voice of African American religious traditions. “Why am I speaking out now?” he asked. “If you think I’m going to let you talk about my mama and her religious tradition, and my daddy and his religious tradition and my grandma, you got another thing coming.”

    That significantly complicates Obama’s job as he contemplates how to extinguish Wright’s latest incendiary device. Now, he needs to do more than express disagreement with his former pastor’s view; he needs to refute his former pastor’s suggestion that Obama privately agrees with him.

    Wright seemed aggrieved that his inflammatory quotations were out of the full “context” of his sermons — yet he repeated many of the same accusations in the context of a half-hour Q&A session this morning.

    His claim that the September 11 attacks mean “America’s chickens are coming home to roost”?

    Wright defended it: “Jesus said, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you. Those are biblical principles, not Jeremiah Wright bombastic divisive principles.”

    His views on Farrakhan and Israel? “Louis said 20 years ago that Zionism, not Judaism, was a gutter religion. He was talking about the same thing United Nations resolutions say, the same thing now that President Carter’s being vilified for and Bishop Tutu’s being vilified for. And everybody wants to paint me as if I’m anti-Semitic because of what Louis Farrakhan said 20 years ago. He is one of the most important voices in the 20th and 21st century; that’s what I think about him. . . . Louis Farrakhan is not my enemy. He did not put me in chains, he did not put me in slavery, and he didn’t make me this color.”

    He denounced those who “can worship God on Sunday morning, wearing a black clergy robe, and kill others on Sunday evening, wearing a white Klan robe.” He praised the communist Sandinista regime of Nicaragua. He renewed his belief that the government created AIDS as a means of genocide against people of color (“I believe our government is capable of doing anything”).

    And he vigorously renewed demands for an apology for slavery: “Britain has apologized to Africans. But this country’s leaders have refused to apologize. So until that apology comes, I’m not going to keep stepping on your foot and asking you, does this hurt, do you forgive me for stepping on your foot, if I’m still stepping on your foot. Understand that? Capisce?”

    Capisce, reverend. All too well.

  309. This is the greatest day of the campaign season so far, because — to use a sports analogy — Hillary controls her own destiny.

    Obama, through Wright’s speech, has committed the biggest gaffe of the entire campaign, by epic margins. The GOP has already unleashed blistering attacks on swing-district members of Congress, tying them to Obama’s zany views. The narrative has already hardened.

  310. NC Governor to endorse Hillary

    A person close to North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley tells The Associated Press he will endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.

    Easley is a Democratic superdelegate who has served as the state’s governor for two terms. His decision comes despite several recent polls showing Clinton trailing rival Barack Obama ahead of the state’s May 6 primary.

    Easley would be just the second superdelegate from North Carolina to endorse Clinton. Six of the state’s 17 superdelegates have endorsed Obama.

    A former state attorney general, Easley has focused largely on education programs during his eight-year tenure. He’s called on both of the presidential candidates to take more about he issue.

    The person spoke to the AP on a condition of anonymity because a formal announcement had not yet been made.

    here you go

  311. Vewwwy, vewwwy intewesting.

    dailyk(a)os has no mention of the 9am Wright speech…

    Musta been an oversight. Top blog thread is about FISA.

    I’m sure they’ll find room for it within the next seven months.

  312. Jesus, Berkley. Hadn’t read a complete summary of it. Had just seen what was written about yesterday and the JFK impression.

    Holy hell. I bet 👿 feels like he just spent a week non-stop as a punching bag for Rocky, and sees the knock-out left hook coming.

  313. It’s unreal, OkieAtty. I don’t know if the ramifications have sunk it everywhere, but they’re starting to. Wright has delivered such massive amounts of fresh inflammatory, offensive, and troubling material, that it’s hard to even know where to begin.

  314. Nikk2 and HighlyeducatedforHillary:’

    I have to say that WRight is just bad, bad news for Obama’s canidacy. He seems to be gleeful in what he is doing and as he is an intelligent man, he has to know that what he is saying will hurt Obama.

    I wonder if this is his payback. Sadly to say,t his will hurt race relations for eyars and his wrapping himself in the ‘Black church’ is selfish and horrible.

    I hope that someone of stature steps out to reprimand him and call him on this as no one is condemning the Black church.

    I would lolve to hear Bill Cosby come out ont he ebonics issue as he is against folks talking in ‘slan’ which Wright is promoting.

    Obama is unelectable. That’s it. I can’t even begin to point out the many, many, many talkin gpoints that he gave the Republicans.

    The first one was a gift for talk radio when he repeated,
    ‘Barrack HUSSEIN Obama, Barrack HUSSEIN Obama, Barrack HUSSEIN Obama!’

    They have to give Hill the nomination and I’m so glad that she stayed in the race.

    I can’t even begin to talk about the over the top intro he got at the NAACP dinner last night. That was horrible.

  315. tiburones: I saw part of the introduction on CNN. I thought the guy was going to pop a blood vessel.

  316. Berkely, Okie: it’s mind-numbing in its absurdity, isn’t it? I listened to the entire speech on the way into work this morning and kept “waffling” between feelings of pure glee – and sickness for the members of his community. The mockery, I’m sure, was particularly offensive to all. As we all have said many times here on this board, OBAMA OWNS WRIGHT. No apology, rejection, denouncing, distancing, disavowing, or even decrying will make any difference.

  317. jithendra …It’s true…It’s true

    The NC governor has endorsed Hillary as per CNN aka Wolfie

    WooHoo. This is great news and this will be an awesome week for Hillary

  318. wow what a great day!!!

    I wish i had been able to be here today to share it with you all 😀

    but i am here tonight for all the great news on lou dobbs, oreilly, hannity and greta 😀

    oh i wonder what KO will do tonight?? maybe he will have red swollen eyeballs?? LOL

  319. i’m trying to catch up, parusing the sites ……..i’m positively giddy over all the headlines tonight! WOW!!!

    I can’t believe the NC Gov endorsed her today!!! what a major slap (finger flip) at obama!! teee heee heee!!! 😀

  320. 1. Lieberman endorsed McCain

    2. or — (I forgot which) is a fabulous idea. Since few of us here made that mistake, let’s spread the word wherever possible for regretful BO voters.

    3. Wright is in it for the money and fame. Remember his line “Read my book” which he promised in a couple of months. When else would he get 3 well-covered appearances on TV? And he will make more money if he can say that Obama lost because America is racist. Of course, if Obama wins, he can work that too — like Billy beer he can have Jeremiah jerky.

  321. Informed in Illinois Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 5:07 pm
    Greetings, 1950:

    Thanks, Informed. I knew about Palmer, Blair Hull, and Ryan. Was Palmer the woman you were talking about?

    I’ll go on to next thraed.

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