While putting away our Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales a parchment fell out with what might possibly be an unpublished story We thought we would share the contents with our readers on this Friday evening.

The Waffle

– Fable

Once upon a time, in a diner, there was a waffle. The waffle was golden brown with its edges crisp and sharp. The waffle rested on a plate. The waffle luxuriated in its softness against the warm plate. The waffle appeared succulent. The waffle was enticing. The waffle looked tasty. But the waffle had a secret.

The waffle did everything necessary to keep its secret. When a diner would sit on a chair in front of it, knife and fork ready to taste the treat, the waffle would make its move. Rearing its grid center, the furtive waffle would position on its side and roll away.

Plate to plate rolled the sly waffle. Hungry diner after hungry diner frustrated their tastebuds because of the secretive, but quick rolling waffle. One moment the waffle would be here. The next moment the waffle would be there. The waffle fled everywhere.

The waffle became famous. Some diners thought the waffle was the most magnificent thing they had ever seen. Some came from miles away to stare at the amazing waffle. Diners came from miles around to admire the waffle. The waffle was a star.

One day a plucky blonde lady walked into the diner. The plucky blonde lady had a village to feed. Briskly moving to the plate with the much admired waffle, the plucky lady attempted to stick a fork in the recalcitrant waffle.

The waffle tried to get away. The waffle tried all its tricks. The waffle tried to roll, But the plucky lady was too quick. The plucky lady grabbed the waffle by its grids. The plucky lady stuck a fork in the unhappy waffle. There was no hope left for the formerly fleet waffle.

Quickly slicing and dicing the waffle, the plucky lady fed a piece of the doughy treat into her mouth. Other diners were amazed. The plucky lady grimaced. The plucky lady frowned. The plucky lady spit out the waffle bits. The plucky lady had discovered the waffle’s secret.

The waffle was undercooked – and bitter.


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  1. Dot,

    Well, I can’t manage to make NC calls. I tried following the directions you sent me but I’m getting some strange recording . . .
    And then i tried registering at HRC’s site but I can only make calls to indiana.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Anyway, I’ll try a couple of Indiana calls now that I’ve built up my courage.

  2. I guess I can’t explain good..sorry. I just dial the 888 dial in number (at the top of scipt). Then they ask is the number you are calling from the phone you want the calls to be done with .. hit 1. They’ll ask for agent id (at top of script) and you put it in and then they’ll ask for pin#(at top of script) and verify you.

    They’ll tell you to hang up the phone and wait for the calls to be routed to you. The phone will ring back to you in about 30-45 seconds and it’ll say “please hold on” and they’ll start dialing the calls. As soon as you hear a voice start talking.

    Calls to Indiana are welcomed too.

    I just got a sense from NC today that her supporters are welcoming a live soul to chat with. I got lots of good feedback today and I’m going back at it tomorrow. Evenings are not good for me.

  3. LMAO!!!!!! ROTFL!!!!!!

    Admin: You have out done yourself on this one. I didn’t think, it was possible, but this is just too funny. LOL!

  4. And so we have now another bedtime story/fable to share with our children. Along the lines of not judging a book by it’s cover, or touching an iron when it’s hot…………..now what looks to be soooo sweet, but is ever elusive, may be, just may be, VERY much the opposite…………bitter. Great illustration Admin. Now along with flim-flam (and other correct analogies) we add Waffle (or Waffler).

  5. i love tat waffles is sticking. when hill takes te oath of office i cannot wait to send him some eggos as he will then have plenty of time to eat them.

  6. Basil9-

    I think the HRC web site or the call in number will direct you to the state closest to you based on your area code. Are you near IN?

  7. Ronald can you make calls to North Carolina? If you can I’ll email you the NC script and directive dialer. I think we need to really work North Carolina.

    Also, you can contact any of the states hq and tell them you want to call a certain state .. they’ll send you a script with directions for whatever state

  8. Can someone give me a link to the Obama memo Bill referred to when he said that they planned this whole race baiting thing point by point.

    I need to have it handy.

  9. filbert I have no clue where that would be. Maybe go back to archive press releases or Hillary Hub .. Bill mentioned that memo the other day .. but he most likely should not have mentioned anything that opens Hillary’s campaign up to the attack machine. It’s a shame they have to walk around on eggshells .. it’s obvious now that McCain has decided he is not going to tiptoe.

  10. Wow– Hillaryis44-ers,

    Thanks for that great story and the prominent posting of my video.
    Although I do not post many comments, I come here often. When I do post, I always feel welcomed by everyone here.
    I discovered this site around the time of the Potomac Primaries (I can’t remember now if it was after or just before– could it really have been just 2 months ago?), but it was a very grim time for HRC and her supporters. I was really depressed after the Potomac primaries and this site along with Taylor Marsh’s site really helped me through that time. I know that there are others, like me, who rarely, if ever post comments, but come to this site for information, encouragement, and strength to keep fighting for Hillary.
    I am glad to have discovered this safe and supportive space. Keep up the great work everyone. Thanks for all you do. In order for Hillary to keep fighting for us, we need to keep fighting for her.

  11. wouldn’t you think that Obama would be afraid of trying to play the race card so much though? I really feel like that whites are gonna get tired of the whining and should it come down to McCain vs Obama .. well if it comes down to white man vs black man .. I think you’ll see McCain win in a landslide — not because of the race but because of the whining.

  12. I’ve been getting emails with scripts to call Indiana. Im in Boston so actually, that goes against my theory. DUH

    I cant make calls tonight but will do so tomorrow. I dont care where my calls get directed as I usually have a positive response.

  13. A frustrated Howie Dean, running his mouth and cussing like a hot-headed pirate today:

    Some commentators have speculated that if the race remains deadlocked after June 3 then a senior figure such as Al Gore, the former vice-president, or Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, could prevail on one of the candidates to withdraw – with most people focusing on Mrs Clinton.

    But Mr Dean, who some have criticised for allegedly mismanaging the drawn-out primary calendar, dismissed that scenario as “total bullshit”.

    He said the last such figure who had the authority to do that was John Bailey, a Connecticut Democrat who was chairman of the DNC from 1960 to 1968.

    “That person has been a figment of the punditocracy’s imagination for 50 years or more,” he said. “It is great drama to think of such a thing and Washington loves drama. But the truth is that as a former candidate I can promise you only you know when it is time to leave.”


  14. dot48, I think someone posted a link here. The Clintons or maybe their surrogates to need to the word out that BO Campaign are purposely playing the race card ahead of AA-dominated Primary states.

    Clyburn accused Hillary of destroying Obama; it’s actually the Obama campaign destroying Bill’s legacy. Who would have thought they’d actually succeed in labeling “the first black president” a racist?

  15. WHEW!!!!!!! I’m exhausted.

    DOT!!!! I did it!

    10 calls. 4 for HRC. 1 for Waffles. 3 hang-ups. 2 undecided.

    And I managed to get through to NC. What nice people. 😀

    SO should i keep doing NC (tomorrow) or go to indiana?


  16. Ronald, this morning, you wrote a brilliant post about Deval Patrick. I know a new poll is shoiwng him with a low approval rating. How is the local news coverage on that?

  17. OMG, just looked at Yahoo headline. They really are making race an issue again. “Bill Clinton’s race remarks risk legacy in black community.”

    SC is happening all over again.

  18. filbertsf Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 6:08 pm
    Can someone give me a link to the Obama memo Bill referred to when he said that they planned this whole race baiting thing point by point.

    I need to have it handy.
    Go to youtube and look for the Nevada Debate and in the begining Obama had to apologize for playing the race card…because Brian Williams had the documents from his campaign.

  19. Ronald,

    Dot sent me the NC info and after a couple of false starts I managed to connect there.

    I have limited energy so 10 is my quota right now. I can’t say it’s my favorite thing to do – I like the newspaper blogging and SD letter campaign better but I’ll try to do a few calls a day, maybe work up to a dozen at a time, twice per day.
    i don’t like the script. i just wing it and get the people into conversation.
    Dot – can you send Ronald what you emailed me? Or do you want me to forward it to him?

  20. basil, I’m efforting North Carolina myself. I just feel right now I’m needed worse there.

    Thats a good response you got and it’s what I found in 3 rounds today into North Carolina. Male and Female support were equal.

  21. filbertsf-

    The news media has been very negative towards Deval and the comparison to BO does not escape anyone- especially not after the plagerism. Here is today’s front page story from the Herald


    BTW, Patrick’s moto was “yes we can” until Axelrod realized he had already used that for BO so they switched it to “together we can”. So I ask you, we can WHAT exactly? Either way its a sentence fragment.

    Yes (or together) we can…. waffle? hope? find loose change?

  22. Actually, the link doesn’t work, but it looks like the memo appears on the bottom of the article.

  23. Basil, if you have Ronald’s email just forward it. I don’t have his email.

    Basil you are doing yoemans work with your newspaper blogging and the SD letter campaign. That work is just as important and I’d do whatever I felt most comfortable with. I’m encouraging NC calls because I came away from it today encouraged and not disappointed. It helps me to connect with other supporters by phone and my first couple of calls into a new state are scary but after a few I settle down.

  24. Basil-

    10 calls is a lot! Thats awesome. There are no quotas. As for the script, I just wing it. A good way to start the conversation is to invite the caller to an upcoming rally to see Bill, Chelsea or Hillary. They are listed on the HRC site.

    I have access to the scripts so no worries with getting me the call in info. I will be calling tomorrow and Sunday.

  25. Filberts,
    No, it’s not SC all over again IMO.
    It’s them trying to introduce impeachment into the dialogue.

    I’m also reposting this from last thread, I think it’s just awful.

    This just in, and it might be the most outrageous thing yet, which as we know is saying something.
    on Gregory just now they’re saying senate Dems like Rockerfeller (BO supporter) have come out and said HEALTH CARE REFORM IS DEAD in the first year of the new presidency.
    This is entirely about trying to remove the edge Hill has on the issue from the equation, the usual disgusting apologists (L. O’Donnell, etc) on-air already doing their thing.

    Now they’re manipulating policy to effect public opinion, and this one goes straight to people suffering, dying, and the country being bankrupted. Completely & Entirely Outrageous.

  26. Thank you, thank you, carbynew and Geeklove. I have bookmark that. It’s the smoking gun and unfortunately, the effing media just don’t give a damn.

  27. Israel Ambassador calls Carter a bigot. Shameful episode he says and a sad episode in American history. Yes, go ahead and endorse Waffles now!!

  28. excuse me, waiter? waiter? what’s up with this bitter waffle? I asked for buttermilk waffles, not bittermilk waffles.

    Send it back to the chef and bring me a latte! damn.

  29. LOOK AT THIS LITTLE FARCE (told you Olbermann would try to get in front of this. The campaign did nothing.
    Sklar’s story, as discussed, was absurd);

    From Talk Left:
    This line drew some very sharp criticism from The Huffington Post’s Rachel Sklar, who noted acidly that Olberman could “only mean one thing: Beating the crap out of Hillary Clinton, to the point where she is physically incapable of of getting up and walking out.”

    Which prompted Olbermann to send Sklar an apology:

    It is a metaphor. I apologize: the generic “he” gender could imply something untoward. It should’ve been “only the other comes out — from a political point of view.” You could’ve called for reaction first if your main motive had merely been criticism.

  30. Wow, Blue Dem. You are right on two scores impeachment and this horrible health scare meme. If Dem’sdon’t stand for universal health care they will find the same fate they did the last time they stood in the way. In ’94, when their inaction caused them to lose Congress.

  31. campaign alert .. Howard Dean says superdelegates have the right to overturn the popular vote. Boy he must know something is getting ready to hit the fan.

  32. Clyburn accused Hillary of destroying Obama; it’s actually the Obama campaign destroying Bill’s legacy. Who would have thought they’d actually succeed in labeling “the first black president” a racist?
    Clyburn is an idiot, this has nothing to do with racist…Brazile, Pelosi, Clyburn, Kerry and the rest want us Blacks to be happy with a Affirmative Action candidate with the worst record running for POTUS ever!

    With all the accomplished African Americans in government and the military and what do we get..Mr. Leggo my Eggo…..geesh!

    I will not vote or support any person who is ANTI-AMERICAN…Forget it won’t happened and if you think you can play the race card and win a majority of the electorial college this fall….then I know you/ve sold your soul to the ATM of the United States of America.

    Looked what happen with ol’ Jimmy Carter puting his prestigue on the line with Hamas. They played him like a bass fiddle out of tune and off beat…What was the point of Jimmy Carter going over to the middle east…was it to show his foreign policy point that the president have face to face meeting without a agenda?

    What happen…the Hamas got international positive public relations for awhile until they got tired of playing the game and their true face was revealed….They still hate Isreal.

    Carter comes back home defeated again….so this is Obama’s foreign policy model.

  33. Why isn’t the Clinton campaign raising objections to KO’s comment like they did successfully with Shuster’s?

  34. “That person has been a figment of the punditocracy’s imagination for 50 years or more,” he said. “It is great drama to think of such a thing and Washington loves drama. But the truth is that as a former candidate I can promise you only you know when it is time to leave.”

    Why in the hell should she leave??? News for you Dean, you are nothing like Hillary. She’s won every big state save Illinois you stupid sore loser.

  35. dot48 Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 6:36 pm
    campaign alert .. Howard Dean says superdelegates have the right to overturn the popular vote. Boy he must know something is getting ready to hit the fan.

    Yes. Hillary is going to win the popular vote. That’s why he is saying this.

  36. Carby – maybe Carter went over there so that Barry could have something to renounce in the wake of Auchi, Rezko, Weathermen. Didn’t Barry immediately renounce Carter’s visit?

  37. filbert,

    If you think of BM as gigantic obamanoids . . . you know how determined they are . . . and after tweetie, Schuster and Rhodes were forced to apologize the journalistic vendetta against HRC is worse than ever and they’re just looking for more excuses to bash her . . . .

    Maybe her campaign knows he’s being called out by internet supporters like us?

  38. Gallup Tracking, including 2 days post-PA. 48 BO-47 HRC.
    BO’s 10-pt lead gone. Didn’t see this posted, forgive me if so.

    The latest results, based on Gallup Poll Daily tracking from April 22-24, include two days of interviews conducted entirely after Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Democratic primary. Support for Clinton is significantly higher in these post-primary interviews than it was just prior to her Pennsylvania victory, clearly suggesting that Clinton’s win there is the catalyst for her increased national support.

    Obama’s lead dwindled steadily all week, falling from a high of 10 percentage points in interviewing conducted in the three days just prior to the Pennsylvania primary. However, the percentage of Democrats supporting Obama has changed little (declining from 50% in April 19-21 polling to 48% today). Most of Clinton’s increased support (from 40% to 47%) has come from previously undecided voters.

  39. mj Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 6:39 pm
    dot48 Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 6:36 pm
    campaign alert .. Howard Dean says superdelegates have the right to overturn the popular vote. Boy he must know something is getting ready to hit the fan.

    Yes. Hillary is going to win the popular vote. That’s why he is saying this.

    * * * *
    MJ, Dot: Yes, and they also have the right to overturn a delegate advantage that is virtually tied and now obsolete.

  40. well thank God, most voters don’t listen to the pundits on tv or the party creepo’s. They cast votes.

  41. On the last thread someone stated if Bo is not the nominee AA would be mad. Don’t believe the hype. The AA i know said they would vote for Hillary if she were to become the nominee. The person that stated this on TV is all mouth.

  42. The entire REASON for even HAVING automatic delegates IN THE FIRST PLACE is so that in the VERY RARE situation, WHEN THE PRIMARY IS EXCRUCIATINGLY CLOSE, cooler heads can prevail and ensure that the most electable candidate is nominated.

    If EVER a primary demanded that automatic delegates exercise clear-headed and independent judgment, it’s THIS year. Any talk from Dean or Pelosi about having the automatic delegates robotically and moronically rubber-stamping the razor-thin pledged delegate margin is RECKLESS and wildly irresponsible.

  43. I can tell you all one thing .. I would never cast a vote for Barack Hussein Obama. I don’t trust him and I don’t like him. It has nothing to do with his color.

  44. I just noticed that in the close-up of the waffle video, Obama’s eating his food with his fork inverted, as the French do. Kerry redux, anyone? LOL

  45. Berkeley: Agreed! Do you all remember way last year when the ever-brilliant William Jefferson Clinton told us all that the race probably would come down to the “super-delegates?” And I for one said, “what’s a super-delegate?” I have learned so much in this election.

  46. H.B. You are correct . They only talk about gallup when the “Messiah” is leading by 10 points.

  47. I wish Dean and Pelosi would shut up trying to force the superdelegates into a corral like a bunch of wild horses and brand them. This is about the country and how we move forward.

    They know that Obama is vulnerable and they don’t want this to go to the convention floor.

    I encourage Hillary and her team to go all the way to Denver if necessary. It’s a long way till August and Obama’s shady character and associates will probably start singing like canaries ..

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see some of those church members turn on him .. Rev. Wright doesn’t sound very happy with how Obama has treated him

  48. hillybilly

    don,t laugh at me

    i am new with pc,s ,,,

    can you pls tell me how u make ur name look purple????

  49. Hillbillylover

    I will not vote for Barack Hussein Obama ever. He has totally messed up the Democratic Party and no one is talking about this. This man has no soul.

  50. neetabug
    as we here have all seen if you give her an hour she will knock your socks off. When Waffles concedes she will shine.

  51. Actually, we should be happy with the Dean quote above. He’s saying directly that what KO and Fineman said can’t happen: there is no one who can tell a candidate to stop a campaign.

    That used to be possible, but no one has that kind of power any more.

  52. The Al Sharptons, Jessie Jacksons, all they want is a black as president. He could be the devil himself as long as he is black. This is so sad. Have they ever considered what if all whites voted for Hillary. If they want to eject racism into this election. It should backfire on them. If they want to play this game. All whites should vote for Hillary. End of story.

  53. This old windbag of a lady I met in PA told me that I needed to set aside my anger and think of the Dem Party if BO got the nomination. I was like her before, but now I am in full mode to stay home if effing asshole gets the nom.

    I’m really tired of race baiting. But most of all, if I voted for Obama, then everything I feel about the MSM shoving him down our throats or his dirty campaign style would be just empty and meaningless.

  54. and you know henry, that is what the voters see and that is what they are voting on. Hillary has won actual states .. not the measy, strong arm caucus that is designed for thugs and intimidators.

    Why, oh why can’t the party realize what a gem she is and what she could bring to the white house. I am so sick of how she has been treated. I will never return to the Dem party if I leave

  55. Sonia, my name is purple because I have a link to my website in my profile. If you click on your name right above the comment box (under leave a reply) it will take you to your profile. If you have a web address you can fill it in, then your name will be purple.

    Neetabug, thank you again. I agree, his willingness to divide us while claiming to unite us is distasteful to say the least.

  56. Very interesting read below which has good talking points and should be circulated.

    Obama’s humiliating loss in Pennsylvania as seen from inside the Obama Hopium den:


    Dan Wofford, the son of former Pennsylvania Senator — and prominent Obama supporter — Harris Wofford, sent his frank analysis of the race to a group of friends, including worries about Obama’s failure to connect to older white, Catholic, and Jewish voters.


    You ask “what went wrong” — I assume that’s what you meant by “Wa d f happened?” Here’s my hangover-colored answer:

    He visited San Fransisco two weeks ago. That’s what happened.

    * Message to all Democratic Candidates: Never to go San Fransicso, unless incognito;

    * Message to Barack: Don’t think out loud at fundraisers in San Fransisco if you’re stupid enough to go there.

    * Message # 3: If someone in SF asks you about those “strange rural people in PA”…don’t indulge their liberal, latte drinking bull shit…Just tell them if they want to understand rural and ethnic PA that they should get in the Prius’s and drive down to Bakersfield or any of the other mid state towns in California where there are people who actually lead ordinary lives and care about God and own guns….That’s what Barack should have done and then not apologized for making remarks that while poorly worded were fundamentally accurate on one level (while not others…since when times are bad, people actually start caring about the ‘big” issues like jobs and health care….that’s why HW could win the senate seat in 1991…)

    To answer your question more specifically:

    1. Bittergate hurt a lot — bc is slowed down and then with the poor debate performance stopped what was truly real closing momentum. No question had he not gone to SF or said those comments, we lose by 3-4 pts.

    2. Debate hurt him for same reason as #1, and bc it cost us a couple days and didn’t help with undecideds. Thank god we had a brillant state wide tour that was very effective or this could have been a real blow-out…as it is she just got 8 more delegates than we did out of PA.

    3. Field Operation didn’t put all the possible assets on the table: As much as admire the campaign’s field leadership (and I mean that, some very capable and good folks who have a fantastic organizational model). I do believe they were overconfident about their ability in Philly to get the vote out without paying street money or sucking up to the ward leaders so that party regulars along with BO volunteers would get the job done…..too reliant on the massive number of “volunteers” in the city — but many not true locals or party stalwarts.

    4. I would have paid “street” money… See (Legendary Philly Inquirer columnist) Tom Ferrick’s op-ed in yesterday’s NY Times….paying volunteers to work a whole day in the city is a long held tradition and frankly is a sure way to see that you get every possible vote. Danger of course is that Ward leaders skim some of the money, which some do or that they give it out and then help the other candidate. Well that’s the risk you take. I felt it was bullshit for the Obama campaign to say they weren’t going to play that “old” politics game. Yet we played the “old politics” game of massive amounts of paid TV — and of course a nice percentage of that goes to the media consultants…but of course we can’t pay some hard working local african american ward leaders and precinct captains and volunteers to spend 14 hours doing GOTV and watching the polls. Makes no sense.

    5. So Message #4: Play by the local rules, unless they are actually corrupt, which they aren’t. Harris Wofford, Bob Casey, John Kerry…even Howard Dean..have all paid street money…Barack couldn’t? Did this cost us the election?…of course not, is it one the things on the margin that held our total down, yes…in my humble opinion.

    6. Overconfident in the field — our household got literally 15-20 robo calls and mailings from Bill or HRC at our home. Mailings for Barack — I think zero. Robo calls from Barack, ONE and guess when it came on my phone — 4 pm on Tuesday. I am not a fan of robo calls and direct mail is increasingly less effective. But they are tools in the arsenal…and I don’t know why we didn’t use them. I know my Dad made a Robo call at the campaign’s request that went out on Monday….don’t know how extensive, but I heard from folks about it.

    7. Don’t write off senior citizens….campaign perhaps wisely didn’t invest time and strategy to win over seniors…they are so entrenched for HRC, campaign felt there just wasn’t time to do this and still do what was needed to move our base and swing voters we had a real chance with……That said, we’ve just got to find a way to reach seniors, since BO has a great message for seniors and great narrative about his own grandparents…..I suggested doing a lot of intergenerational stuff that could reach young and old at the same time….

    8. Working class PA folks, esp those over 45, don’t trust Obama…this is a problem and other than getting them to meet Obama retail style…don’t know how we solve it, unless we can get him to do a quick tour of duty in Iraq…

    9. Losing the Catholic and Jewish vote: Way to cautious in outreach to Jewish community…did not put enough assets out on the table…not enough Jewish folks involved….self perpetuating problem…Think the same is true for Catholics…..A friend close to the campaign said she was surprised to see how few Catholics and Jews there were on the campaign…don’t know how true this is…but most campaign’s we’ve been on, Catholics and Jews seem to predomoinate….As a proud Wasp, I have been an oppressed minority in many a campaign…

    Much of this we can correct…some we can’t…I think BO wins NC and then we just have to hope he can pull off a win in Indiana. It might be over then, but I doubt it. I now believe that HRC will stay in to the bitter end.

    With that in mind, I will be in Denver as a Delegate to cast my ballot for Barack. I finally won in the PA 6th CD (not counting my primary win in 2002)….I got elected as one of three delegates going to Denver representing Obama and the vaunted 6th CD….

    Would trade that for 5 more percentage points for BO.

    All for now.


  57. Howard Dean is a moron. A few months ago, the mantra was “the SDs cannot overturn the will of the people.” Now, that Hillary has the popular vote lead, the mantra changes. So, the rules are changing, yet again, to suit their evil purposes. They also have been saying “rules are rules,” but they forgot to add, “except when we decide to change them to suit our purposes.” Unbelievable.

    This thing about health care is horrible. John Kerry said, universal health care was dead on arrival, and now, Rockefeller is saying, it dead for the first year of the new administration. Why??? If they had given a reason, like getting out of Iraq, it might be understandable, but they clearly trying to minimize Hillary’s advantage in this area, and the support of E. Edwards.

    The race card is very old, and is among, one of many reasons, why I will not vote for waffles.

  58. Henry, Scranton. I’ve been told not to detail too much of my campaign activities anymore b/c of the rampant Obamabots with nothing better to do with their time or lives.

  59. I can’t believe any Democrat would say that they won’t do health care.

    But I can believe it. They are so stupid.

  60. We don’t need to put health care on hold to get out of the war. The Dem’s are fricken idiots. We are facing a massive recession. We need universal health care now.

  61. Michigan, Florida Delegate Proposal to Be Heard by DNC
    by Associated Press
    Friday, April 25, 2008


  62. plural, as I understand it, many of these people are mislead into believing that Hillary will garnish their wages to pay for healthcare. They actually bought into Obama’s Harry and Louise fearmongering.

  63. Wow, that Obama memo is irritating.

    “Never go to San Francisco”?

    Never insult the voters, no matter where you go is more like it.

  64. From FOX;

    WASHINGTON — A plan to award half-delegates for the disputed Michigan and Florida Democratic presidential primaries will get a hearing before party leaders.
    The co-chairs of the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws committee sent members a memo Friday announcing a meeting May 31 to consider the idea.
    The committee stripped Michigan and Florida of their national convention delegates because they held primaries too early. DNC members in Michigan and Florida have filed challenges to restore the delegates.

    Under the challenges, all superdelegates from both states would get to vote. The pledged delegates would only count for half votes.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton won both contests and has been pushing for the delegates to be seated.

    Her rival Barack Obama has said it isn’t fair to award delegates based on the votes because all the candidates agreed to boycott the contests and his name wasn’t on Michigan’s ballot. Most of the Democratic candidates had their names removed, but Clinton left hers on. Forty percent of Michigan voters chose “uncommitted” rather than vote for Clinton.

    Obama’s supporters have suggested splitting the delegates evenly would be a fair way to handle it, since all sides want to see delegates from the two important swing states participate in the convention.

    Both states, knowing the potential penalty, held their primaries earlier than party rules allowed to try have more influence in the nominating process that long has been dominated by early voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. Few figured the campaign would last as long as it has, and now that Clinton and Obama are so close in the delegate race, both states want to help choose the nominee.

    Michigan lost 128 pledged delegates and 28 superdelegates, for a total of 156.

    Florida lost 185 pledged and 25 superdelegates, or a total of 210.

    If it were valid, Florida’s election would have given Clinton 105 delegates to Obama’s 73. Michigan’s would have given Clinton 73 delegates, while 55 were uncommitted. That means awarding half-delegates would give Clinton 89 more delegates and Obama 33.5, with 27.5 uncommitted.

    The plan would narrow Obama’s lead among the pledged delegates won in primaries and caucuses. But Clinton still would not catch him in the remaining primaries.

    Obama has a 154-delegate lead among pledged delegates.

    The challenges were presented by DNC members Joel Ferguson of Michigan and Jon Ausman of Florida, who also are superdelegates because of their positions with the party. Ferguson supports Clinton, Ausman is uncommitted.

    Ferguson and Ausman said in telephone interviews that they think half-delegates should be seated based on the outcome of the state’s primary elections. That is not spelled out in their challenges and the Rules and Bylaws Committee could determine how many delegates each campaign is awarded.

    “I think the allocation should be solely based on the returns on January 29,” Ausman said.

    Michigan’s case is trickier, since Obama didn’t get any votes in the state’s Jan. 15 primary. Ferguson said all the uncommitted votes should count for Obama.

    “The only thing that hurts my challenge is that I declared that I’m for Clinton, but this has nothing to do with Clinton,” Ferguson said. “This has to do with making common sense.”

    He said it’s only fair that the superdelegates be fully restored since they aren’t bound by election results any way. The challenges argue that the party doesn’t have the authority to strip superdelegates of their votes.

    Ausman said as for the pledged delegates, it would be acceptable for the committee either to strip half of Florida’s pledged delegates and send the other half to the convention, or to send all and give them half-votes.

    The Convention Credentials Committee resolves issues about the seating of delegates, but doesn’t meet until later in the summer after all the state nominating contests are over.

    The co-chairs of the Rules and Bylaws Committee did not respond to messages left at their offices Friday. Party officials said it’s unclear whether they will make a decision and vote on the challenges at the May 31 meeting or just discuss them.

    The Clinton and Obama campaigns did not respond to requests for comment.

  65. Geeklove, I thought you could do a little video that shows that interview with Moyers and Wright where right calls Obama a politician and then mix that with the video of Obama speaking to the Jewish Leaders in Philadelphia where he calls himself a “pretty darned good politician”. You could also use the clip of Obama in Nevada debate admitting to race baiting in his campaign talking points.

  66. Their stretegy is to blame Clintons if they lose in GE. I do not think it really going to work.

  67. Howard Dean says superdelegates have the right to overturn the popular vote.

    Just saw that on NBC News.

    The rats are jumping from the sinking S.S. Bambi.

  68. They’re very afraid of having to settle FLA & MI at the convention, the inclusion V exclusion argument discussed previously.

    if correct, hope the campaign holds out on settling.

  69. Joe,

    I thought that was another dig at HRC in case she manages to get the popular vote (which she WOULD have if FL and MI are counted) .. . .
    in other words, whatever rules help Waffles are the rules they’ll apply. ??

    (Waffles and his Waffleoids)

  70. HillBill, did you watch Morning Joe this morning? He had that clip and remarked that for Wright to call BO a politician was devastating b/c it had been BO strategy to elevate himself above us mere political mortals.

  71. HillBillyLover– I went to your website to try to e-mail you, but I did not see a contact button . Is it there?

  72. Gotta run gang…

    Keep the phones ringing this weekend and lets win another one for Supergirl!

    Supergirl NOT waffleman.

  73. On the first day I want Hillary to instruct the FCC to review each one of these BM networks and put them on notice that enough is enough. this form of media doesn’t care about accuracy..it’s the game of fair and balanced…

    well, fair and balanced distortions and misrepresentational newscasts should include disclaimers that they are for “entertainment only and do not necessarily represent the truth”

  74. I didn’t see that Filbert, but when I heard Obama call himself a “pretty darned good politician” it was jarring. Then Pastor Wright comes out and basic says the same about him. Surprised no one has put those two clips together yet.

  75. basil,

    But if they can overturn the popular vote, they can overturn the delegate vote, or any other damn thing they want to do, which is why they are there. This sounds like Dean trying to climb back in off that tiny limb he had himself on.

    I can’t imagine they would overturn the popular vote though, as a recent poll of Democrats showed that by a WIDE margin, that’s how most thought the nomination should be decided.

  76. geek,

    GREAT videos!!!!!!!!!! Do you have a site?

    Hillbill can be reached by going to;

    and clicking on her/his name in red in the right column. that will bring you to her info page and at the bottom is an option to email her/him.

  77. hi all 😀

    trying to catch up……

    about the superdelegates and dean saying they can over turn the popular vote……..i think you’re getting giddy to fast on this one…..has anyone thought that perhaps its because YES they see HRC will end up with the popular vote and can’t stop that
    so they are setting it up in advance so that the SD can over turn it for BO advantage???……..i hate to be the bucket of cold water…..but am just saying it’s another perspective…….but i like your’s better!!!

  78. Joe Friday Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 7:10 pm
    “Howard Dean says superdelegates have the right to overturn the popular vote.”

    Just saw that on NBC News.

    The rats are jumping from the sinking S.S. Bambi.

    No, no, no. Not at all. I think Hill will almost defiantely end up with the pop vote lead. That is why he is saying this.

  79. Craig Crawford was just absolutely brilliant this morning on Morning Joe. He countered everything that Andrea Mitchell tried to throw at him about SD. Crawford said that we should drop any notion that Clyburn is objective and neutral b/c his positions favorable to BO. If you want, look for Crawford’s segment on MSNBC’s video site.

    Incidentally, for those who are still watching Olbermann, is Crawford still a frequent guest?

  80. Joe Friday Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    But if they can overturn the popular vote, they can overturn the delegate vote, or any other damn thing they want to do, which is why they are there. This sounds like Dean trying to climb back in off that tiny limb he had himself on.

    Sorry, but wrong. He is not doing that at all. He is totally in the tank for Obama.

  81. hey guys, how are you all doing? any news about superdelegates? any go for Hillary today? or Obama?

  82. well if she has the popular vote she has an argument in her corner that she is more electable. She will also win the argument that she carries the states that we must carry to win in the GE.

    This is far from over and we must really, really, hammer the phones into NC and IN.

    From reading the above .. this guy got lots of robo calls in PA but not many live calls…I know from talking to NC today .. the robos are calling and the voteres like the live contact.

  83. the truth of the matter is that SD can over throw pop vote and delegates 😀

    they are not bound by anything other than their own judgement

  84. Let me see if I got this right. Howard Dean, the frontrunner for the democratic presidential nomination in 2004, implodes in Iowa, finishing a distant 3rd to John freaking Kerry. Then to top off that stellar performance he goes on to win only 2 primaries- Washington DC and his home state of Vermont. Instead of taking the first plane back to Montpeliar he decides to run for DNC chairman. And of course the democrats, coming off another GE drubbing, looked at the guy and said “Now there’s a winner” WTF!

  85. hillary needs some bit of good news to show she’s still in it you know what I mean? I know she’s gotten over 100,000 new donors and raised 10 million dollars

  86. God, I am sick of these f-ing doctors I work with, telling me everyday, everyhour that my girl is going down. I am sick of it, she has got to win! They are telling since they both signed on that the votes don’t count, she’ll never get them to count! Feedback, I am depressed!

  87. filbertsf ,
    Craig is absolutely right. Just because a lot of these SDs haven’t publicly declared their support for a candidate doesn’t mean they are truly uncommitted. Does anybody really think Clyburn won’t go for BO at some point? Judging from his statements he is definitely leaning towards him. The media needs to stop acting like the rest of us are as dense as they are.

  88. OMG……BO camp F’d UP again!!!

    basically said all the racists will be voting for john mc cain in november already anyways….

  89. I sent a comment- but I must have included a hyperlink that would not get through– but anyway

    Basil — I don’t have a website, but you can check out my entire “oeuvre” on youtube by adding
    /user/HRCin08 after youtube dot com

    HillBilly– I sent you an e-mail

    Thanks everyone for your support. I have to go.

    ALSO, as a small favor, if you haven’t done so, double click my Waffles video which will take you to youtube. Then RATE,COMMENT & FAVORITE this helps earn “honors” which help further promote the video. Sofar, it has the folloung honors:

    Honors for this video (4)
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    #27 – Top Rated (Today) – News & Politics

    Thanks. Take care.

  90. Lou Dobbs is quite good tonight, discussing Plouffe’s statement that McCain has the racist vote anyway and McCain’s statement that Obama is the choice of Hamas.

  91. confloyd, she didn’t “sign on” to anything. Just to not campaign there and that wasn’t from the DNC it was from Iowa/NH politicos. Who are these doctors you work with? Do they support BO?

  92. Dobbs calls out Dean and Dean alone for disenfranchising FL & MI voters. Zimmerman chimes in to add Pelosi and Reid. Interesting that he (who is so close to the Clinton campaign) lets the public know that it’s a conspiracy. What a surprise.

  93. Dobbs’ show drove the illegal immigration debate. Brought it to the forefront. If he can do that, it might be possible that he’ll be able get the MI/FL votes counted with his incessant coverage.

  94. If I were a Democrat (Or Independent or Republican for that matter) in NC or IN, I would vote for Hillary just because she’s going up against Big Media and the DNC. I mean, that takes guts. And I think there is a vast majority of people who will root for the underdog. Basically, people don’t like to see people treated unfairly and have to function with the deck stacked against them. She doesn’t deserve to be railroaded and I would vote for her for this reason alone, even if I wasn’t sold on her platforms (which I am).

  95. AUDIO: Bill Clinton on Obama’s divisive tactics:


    During an interview with President Bill Clinton on April 21 2008, WHYY reporter Susan Phillips asked him to respond to the fact that some prominent Philadelphia African-American officials, who had originally supported Senator Clinton, went over to Obama after the former president’s remarks in South Carolina about Jesse Jackson.

    Clinton vehemently defended his record on racial issues.

    At the end of the call, the President, evidently unaware that he was still on the line, revealed his feelings about that line of questioning saying, “I don’t think I should take any shit from anybody about that, do you?”

  96. Just me,
    Axelrod said white voters aren’t important to the dem. nomination (paraphrasing)
    Plouufe said something equally stupid – (so stupid i already forgot what it was but along the same lines as the Axelrod comment)
    Wright says Waffles is a typical politician (paraphrasing)
    it was announced today that the DNC and the obama campaign have signed a fund-raising pact. DNC said it offered the same deal to HRC bu her campaign has so far failed to accept. yeah, right.

    COnfloyd – screw those doctors. Can’t you wear a button saying Politics is off limits in the workplace or something? Or keep a couple of pairs of ear plugs handy?

  97. Exactly, djia. Hot-head Howard Dean has created this mess, and he has no idea how to clean it up. He alone disenfranchised MI and FL. His decision to strip them of delegates was wildly improper and wildly out of proportion. Of all the possible solutions, he chose to DISENFRANCHISE the VOTERS (of all people!) in two CRUCIAL swing states. His political judgment is mind-bogglingly off base. No wonder he blew his huge lead in 2004.

  98. I didn’t miss watching news all day today….glad i have you guys to catch me up though 😀

    drifting in and out, as i am still working on some prom pics for print…..sometimes it can get to be tedious work
    especially when i would much rather be here chatting it up 😀

  99. filbertsj:

    Excellent point. Dobbs could romp and stomp incessantly about the disenfranchisement of FL & MI and accomplish as much as anyone I can think of. Once he gets ahold of a story, he’s like a dog with a bone (or a rag). Liked it when he said “Dean can scream all he wants..”

  100. I “cling to” my religion out of my faith in God…but an elitist SNOB wouldn’t understand!!

    Thank you, Pennsylvania!

  101. confloyd
    Am i correct in remembering from a post severAl weeks ago that the doctors frequently aBUSE THIER POSITIONS WITH REGARDS TO POLITICS.

  102. Hey you guys, the other day, on another board, I suggested that this primary was rigged and there was a conspiracy in the DNC. People laughed at me, and said that there was no conspiracy. When I read that, I started laughing to myself. Many people do not realize, what is going on.

    Confloyd: go the taylor marsh. she has a good article on the FL and MI situation. Basically, there is a counter argument to each falsehood i.e “signing on for….” It debunks all the lies that are floating around out there. There are actual passages from the DNC rules, that are use to counterbalance the falsehoods.

  103. To-Do List to Myself, in order of importance:

    1) Donate
    2) Ask friends and family to donate

    3) Call voters
    4) Blog — hit back against all the Obama attacks
    5) Send emails to DNC, Dean, media


  104. Berkely,

    i gotta disagree that it’s all Deaniac’s fault. After watching the Rules and By-Laws Committee meeting on Aug 25, 2007 (all 90 minutes of it), presided over by Brazilla, with the motion to strip FL and MI of delegates introduced by an AA NYS Obama supporter, and seeing the entire committee thumb their noses at the Florida contingents appeals for leniency, I’d say Brazilla had a huge role in what has gone down.

    Deaniac is an enabler.

  105. BREAKING: WSJ on Who is BEST and WILL BE our Democratic NOMINEE!!


    A great MUST-READ article:


    Now let’s focus our attentions on McLame and win this presidency for America because we really need change.

  106. lets make calls

    lets ask each other everyday and keep each other in check on how many calls we made ,,,,,

    and we can share ,,how many for hillary and stuff

    it really helps and encourages everyone

  107. *MUST READ: Interesting discussion between Glenn Beck and Mary Matalin [after Philly] on why the DNC may not care if they win the White House…


    Aired April 23, 2008 – 19:00:00 ET

    BECK: Coming up, the growing global food crisis has people pointing fingers. Guess which direction? Yes, us again. We`re not the most popular kid on the planet, even though that we are the most generous. So now, what happens when that generosity slips because of our economic strain? Oh, the answer in tonight`s “Real Story.”

    But first, last night, Pennsylvania Democratic Pennsylvania primary was won by Hillary Clinton by a 10-point margin. She proved, once again, that she will just not go away.

    It`s really not surprising that she won. Just about everybody saw it coming. However, what is surprising is the exit poll results, at least to many. Hillary won the majority of Pennsylvania gun owners, churchgoers, blue-collar workers and moderate Democrats. She is closing the delegate gap between her and Obama. And then there`s the pesky little popular vote. You know, the little people and what they actually think.

    Well, with the Keystone State victory and the disputed totals of Florida and Michigan, if you factor those in, she now leads in the popular vote, which means unless Obama can win Indiana, the nomination decision will lie with the super delegates. Which is exactly the way they like it: let the elite make the decision for the Democratic Party.

    Mary Matalin is a former White House advisor, Republican strategist.

    Hello, Mary.


    BECK: I — you know, good. I actually think that the best way to describe the difference between a conservative and a liberal is just to look at the delegate system and the way it has been lined up by both parties.

    The Republicans are like, let the chips fall where they may.

    MATALIN: Right.

    BECK: The Democrats have put the super delegates in there, because they believe that it`s the best because the little people just might make a mistake.

    MATALIN: There is that. There is that whole notion of superiority, which the Democratic elite faction of the party has long exuded.

    But there`s also this other element of Democrat nature, which is there`s never any losers. Everybody`s going to win. It`s like day care. Do you know? Like every — all the kids run around and everybody gets a seat. There`s no such thing as musical chairs. And what do you learn? You wouldn`t raise your kids like that.

    BECK: You know what? There`s going be a big loser. It may just end up being the Democratic Party. I can`t — I cannot believe how this thing is just being screwed up every step of the way. It has got to get more divisive if one of them is going to walk away the winner.

    MATALIN: It doesn`t matter how it goes, because they`re not going to let Obama lose. The super delegates are — have put their — invested in Obama. That`s what they — they will go down with the ship on this. And not…

    BECK: He`s damaged goods.

    MATALIN: They don`t care. If they don`t — if they take it away from him, they will blow up the party. They don`t really care if they win the White House, because they presume they`re going to hang onto both chambers of — of Congress, where they can continue being the object of special interests. And that`s what they`re going to do. They don`t care. They think they can work with McCain, and that`s the way it`s going to go.

    BECK: Let me — let me show you an ad from the GOP that`s running now in South Carolina. Watch this.


    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For 20 years, Barack Obama sat in his pew, listening to his pastor.

    REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT, FORMER PASTOR, TRINITY UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST: And then wants us to sing “God bless America.” No, no, no. Not God bless America. God (EXPLETIVE DELETED) America.

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now, Beth Purdue and Richard Moore endorse Barack Obama. They should know better. He`s just too extreme for North Carolina.

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The North Carolina Republican Party sponsored this ad, opposing Beth Pursue and Richard Moore for North Carolina governor.


    BECK: OK, here`s — here`s the GOP using an ad to not go after Barack Obama but to go after others. I mean, this guy is an anchor around the Democratics` neck. And do they see that at all?

    MATALIN: They — now, you have absolutely put your thumb on the pulse on where they could turn against him. If he starts hurting the down-ticket races. As I`ve said, they care more about maintaining their majorities in Congress than they do about the White House. And if he looks like he`s hurting those down-ticket races, that will be problematic.

    As you know, their greatest expanse, particularly in the houses, was conservative Democrats. Even there in North Carolina. That is a conservative state. Indiana, conservative Democrats took Republican seats. It looks like all of his peccadilloes, from Wright to Ayers to — there`s another one, Saddam`s bag man, coming out soon. If those look like they`re weighing down the bottom races, the down-ticket races, very problematic.

    BECK: OK. He is going now — they`re saying that he`s going to start going after Travelgate and Whitewater and all these things. I mean, they`re going to go after this.

    And then I saw in an interview with him, where a reporter was trying to ask him, “Hey, how do you go with — and meet with Syria and Iran but not with Hamas, like Jimmy Carter?”

    And Obama said, “Let me just eat my waffle. Can you let me just eat my waffle?”

    I think this guy — I think they`re tired. I think that he is surprised that people are now starting to come out, just like Bill Clinton was. I think you`re going to see the ugly side of these people.

    MATALIN: Well, they`re all tired. And that`s what is Mrs. Clinton`s strength. I mean, she`s the ever — she`s the Energizer bunny. She just keeps on. You can`t knock her down. And people like that she`s fighting. Democrats particularly like that. They like that fight in her, although, again, they`re not going to give it to her.

    And his issue was he cannot connect to people. He just cannot connect. They`ve created this monster. They had this messianic myth that they blew up, and now they`re stuck with him.

    BECK: Yes. Mary, thanks a lot.

    MATALIN: Thank you.

    BECK: Now, coming up, we`ll speak to a man who does it all, from television to animated films. Now he`s advocating on behalf of the American workers to save manufacturing jobs. He`s coming up next.

  108. Back from the front line: here is part of a longer letter I am sending to sd’s:

    In Pennsylvania (as in Ohio) I saw the consequences of inexperience and the adverse affects of global policies. My friend and I were sent to an adjacent county to open a temporary campaign office, and got lost en route. The map said one thing, the signs another and the gps device yet another. Since we had no prior experience in the area, we listened to the wrong expert and went 30 minutes in the opposite direction. When we finally arrived at Kittanning we found a beautiful town on the Allegany River which lost its manufacturing base to globalization, and is struggling to get by. I thought of Maxine Waters’ statement: “our people have hope — we need help”. Later, when we canvassed neighborhoods no one I spoke to was bitter, but I was told by many Republicans that if Hillary wins the nomination they will vote for her in November

  109. Berkeley Vox:

    Psychologically speaking, to put Dean (a huge loser in 2004 of his own doings and judgment) and Brazile (a bitter, losing campaign manager who had a win literally snatched from her), Pelosi (another power-hungry San Francisco elitist) and Reid (gutless as they come) in positions of authority and making the decisions is lunacy. Obviously, they all have axes to grind with others, Clintons (winners), and have all kinds of issues and animosity with themselves, let alone others. Who in the hell let this happen? What an amazing total breakdown of credibility all the way around. Go figure. Should have never let this NUT CASE be in charge.

  110. “Everyone has lost something precious…everyone here has lost homes, dreams, and friends. Everybody…the Iraq war is over. America is ours again. We can begin to rebuild our great country. Although I know the journey ahead will be hard…we have lots of time. The road is ahead of us, so let’s start out today. Just…one more thing…the people and the friends that we have lost…and the dreams that have faded…never forget them..” – Speech for when Hillary ends the Iraq War.

  111. Newt Gingrich correcting O’Reilly on not allowing FL & MI. Good for you Gngrich. What in the hell is O’Reilly’s problem? Why is he upholding the disenfranchisement of these two crucial states? Yes, O’Reilly – there will definitely be more “stuff” to come out – like Auchi, and all the other Middle-Eastern connections connected to Rezko et al. Quit making excuses for BHO. O’Reilly is trying a little too hard to seem impartial. He’s not that generous OR stupid. I’m not buying that he really is taking up for Obama. Maybe he’s just trying to not have to hire a bodyguard.

  112. kingsgrove,
    ‘They don`t really care if they win the White House, because they presume they`re going to hang onto both chambers of — of Congress, where they can continue being the object of special interests. And that`s what they`re going to do. They don`t care. They think they can work with McCain, and that`s the way it`s going to go.”
    Add in the concept floating around that the DNC thinks Waffles is bringing in so much money and new voters (myths, both) to the dem party that those considerations override the goal of reclaiming the WH, plus, the left wing wants the Clintons castrated (metaphorically speaking) and the DNC signed a fundraising pact TODAY with the Waffles campaign . . .

    I think CONSPIRACY is a good description of what’s going on (for you Birdgal)

  113. Superdelegates “have every right to overturn the popular vote and choose the candidate they believe would be best equipped to defeat John McCain in a general election,” DNC Chairman Howard Dean told the Financial Times.


    Now that Hillary is leading the popular vote, Dean pronounces it’s okay to overturn the popular will. But there was no such pronouncement when Obama was in the lead.

  114. is there a date planned to quit the democratic party? A while back i recall reading someone say we should do it en masse.

  115. basil9:

    Yes conspiracy, definitely. And true – they are impressed (and need) BHO’s (dirty) money and young people. Meanwhile – they are totally kicking the white, working-class to the curb and dismissing that they form the backbone of this country and economy. And they will find what a mistake that is, come November. While pandering to the AA, they are ignoring the will of the MAJORITY of the party. It’s like we are watching a coup right in fron of our eyes, while they try and make us believe that it’s not as it appears. Clinton needs to run on another ticket IMHO. History has taken some drastic turns in our country’s past – maybe this is one of those times when the women of this country, in order to get the respect needed, revolted – cried foul – and caused the emergence in a credible third party – and Hillary rose from the ashes like a Phoenix to become the first female president against almost unsurmountable odds. I like the storyline.

  116. DC: When Waffles was ahead in popular vote, the mantra was the opposite, from what Dean was saying today.

  117. I say we set a date .. my hubby and I were just talking about it. I’ve decided I simply don’t know this party .. the party who is trying to hijack the whole underspinning I was raised on as a Democrat. I’ll never return once I leave.

    I’m not into electing just for the sake of “putting a Democrat in the white house” …I’m not comfortable with anyone for now but Hillary.

    I would never sleep well with waffles and national security. He’s too green and one thing about it .. McCain won’t flinch. He’s like Hillary, tough as nails.

  118. This quote, from the Glen Beck/Mary Matalin discussion, is really significant:

    “Hillary won the majority of Pennsylvania gun owners, churchgoers, blue-collar workers and moderate Democrats.”

    That is going to give the SDs serious second thoughts — those are voters the Dems assumed Hillary could never ever get.

  119. let me know i was going to switch to independent the day after pa primary but who would notice, however if many did at the same time might catch someones attention.

  120. so will we have to reregister for the GE? They always ask in Tenn what ballot do you want? Dem, Ind. or Republican.

  121. filbertsf

    Someone may have already answered you…I skipped down here right after I saw your question.

    I found out about the 4 page memo thru google: obama’s sc memo about race

    The first 2 pages are chock full…from Dr. Wilentz to TPM to, eleve it or not, HuffPo.

  122. mj, they called me earlier this week re canvassing .. everyone welcome and appreciated. Never have too many.

  123. Guys, if what Matalin says about the DNC is true – that they really don’t care if they lose the Whitehouse in November because they all want to hang onto their own precious hides and Senate/Congress seats, then we are threatening the wrong thing.

    When I contact the DNC from now on, I am no longer telling them that I will vote for MCCain if they nominate Obama.


    Maybe if they fear for their OWN selves, they will wise up.



    **************************Don’t know if this posted originally or not – computer went down after typing it all up – oh well – after blogging all the newspapers today in North Carolina have found that those that had some political ads on their pages had the other one up about 10% over our girl – of course I took all the polls and saw that there was a tremendous amount of early voters – hopefully we can get to the undecided soon.
    Following is a listing of Clinton superdelegate leaners – notice a lot are women – if we could convince them like Howard Dean to commit now before the North Carolina primary – would certainly help our chances.
    Ronald Malone Ohio
    Robert Martinez Tx
    Patricia Moss Ohio
    Rep John Olver Mass
    Jay Parmley Ohio
    Robert Rankin – Calif
    Sen Jack Reed RI
    Harriet Smith-Winston DE
    Irene Stein NY
    Crystal Strait Calif.
    Bob Strauss Tx.
    Rep John Tierney Mass
    Keith Umemoto Calif
    Anita Bonds DC Chair
    Carol Burke – VI
    Rep Lincoln Davis TN
    DNC Herman Farrell NY – (DID HE ENDORSE TODAY)
    DNC David Hardt Tx
    Vicki Harwell Tn.
    Helen Langan Utah
    Eileen Macoll Wash.
    Cecilia Mafnas – Guam

    this came off the press from demconwatch.blog

    I will start posting phone numbers for these people or email addys ..

    BASIL, this is what you are good at!

  125. He!! Elle! it’s aboout D@MN time!
    “The Georgetown dinner parties they rarely attended during the Bill years might as well be in Outer Mongolia for all President Hillary will care. Notables who abandoned her for Obama will get the Big Chill. “He’s dead to us,” a Clinton aide was quoted saying of John Kerry, who along with Ted Kennedy was turned off by the perception of race baiting that led up to the South Carolina primary. A major donor, conflicted between the two candidates and apologetic over his backing of Obama, found Hillary less than sympathetic. “Too bad for you, because I’m going to win,” she snapped.”

    Uh-oh – gotta be careful not to insult Mongolians Better substitute Siberis – wait, that could be really dangerous. Look at the 1 billion plus lawsuit filed against CNN for Cadaverdy’s anti-China remarks. 👿

  126. Dot,

    great list! I’m gonna forward to FDRjim coz he’s the one who’s been doing the daily SD initiative. He’s amazing – so is Norma!
    Post any info you get and I will make sure he sees it.


  127. must apologize for saying that keith oberman had a mangina and a dog named precious. apparently serial killers take offence to being lumped into the same group with that has been

  128. mj:

    Hillary has one of her best running Indiana, Robbie Mook. Robbie Mook has the distinction of having run Hillary’s only winning caucus this year, Nevada. He had that state organized incredibly well. He also won Ohio for us.

  129. Can’t remmber who posted this link but EVERYONE should see this! It’s Mark halperin from the page.

    Obama-DNC Fundraising Deal

    After a series of discussions, the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee have decided to file papers with the Federal Election Commission establishing a “joint fundraising agreement.” Under the law, such a committee can accept up to $28,500 from individuals, most of which would go to the DNC.

    Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain has already formed such an alliance with the Republican National Committee. Their group — called Victory — was created in March after McCain clinched the GOP nomination and is headed by McCain adviser Carly Fiorina.

    Sources say the DNC has also held talks with Hillary Clinton’s campaign about forming a separate vehicle with her, but that no deal has been struck.

    The fact that the Obama campaign is moving forward and Clinton is not at this time reflects certain important realities: Obama’s team is more confident that he will win the nomination than is Clinton’s — and Obama’s campaign has the necessity and luxury of thinking about and planning for the general election to come.

    As part of that preparation, the campaign is thinking about how to divide up roles and responsibilities between the campaign’s Chicago headquarters and the DNC in Washington.

    The DNC has stood out during this election cycle as the one major party entity that has not been raising money like gangbusters, and officials in both camps hope the joint agreement can allow the DNC to tap into Obama’s extraordinary leverage and popularity with donors, particularly after he secures the nomination — assuming he does.

    The committee formed under the agreement is still in search of a final name.

  130. Curiosity,
    Great points.
    Sent list to jim.
    made first calls today to NC and will do same tomorrow.

    Blurry vision time. 🙁

    night all.

  131. Lincoln Davis TN .. 1-202-225-6831

    Columbia, Tn 1-921-490-8699


    Vicki Harwell .. vharwell @ harwellplant.com … she is President of the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women … please email her

  132. DCDemocrat, Clift sounds like Matthews. Matthews also speculated Hillary could win. This is what we like:


    “If she does, a lot of folks—including a huge chunk of the media—will join Bill Richardson (a.k.a. Judas) in the Deep Freeze.”

    There’s never been any love lost between the Clintons and official Washington.

    Notables who abandoned her for Obama will get the Big Chill. “He’s dead to us,” a Clinton aide was quoted saying of John Kerry

    During the 1992 campaign the pundits wrote off Bill Clinton, certain he couldn’t survive allegations of infidelity and draft dodging. Aides strung together (with a background of Frank Sinatra singing “They All Laughed”) declarations by many of the biggest names in journalism that Clinton was toast and would never be elected president. Hillary’s people could do a miniseries on this campaign documenting her multiple comebacks and the egg on the media’s face. When the polls closed in Pennsylvania and the race was for a short while too close to call, you could see the barely restrained glee among the commentators that perhaps the moment had finally arrived: Hillary might be gone!

    During the 1992 campaign the pundits wrote off Bill Clinton, certain he couldn’t survive allegations of infidelity and draft dodging. Aides strung together (with a background of Frank Sinatra singing “They All Laughed”) declarations by many of the biggest names in journalism that Clinton was toast and would never be elected president. Hillary’s people could do a miniseries on this campaign documenting her multiple comebacks and the egg on the media’s face. When the polls closed in Pennsylvania and the race was for a short while too close to call, you could see the barely restrained glee among the commentators that perhaps the moment had finally arrived: Hillary might be gone!


    Now the burden is on Obama to win the next round of primaries on May 6. He has said publicly that Indiana could be the tiebreaker, a prediction he could come to regret. If Clinton can win Indiana, hold Obama to single digits in North Carolina, and then run up a big margin in Kentucky on May 20, where she’s leading in the polls, she could overtake Obama in the popular vote.

  133. Henry and Basi9, I took care of him, I ran a copy of the rules from Tm and gave them to him and he actually took them! I think he just likes to rile me up! I still think the republicans would rather have BO to win, bc they know they can beat him. Could it also be that they know she a fighter and she’ll stomp their butts! I think so!

  134. Thanks, admin, for posting a goodly part of that article. She clearly is not happy about the idea, so her notion that Hillary can pull it off has the added benefit of seeming a little less biased than we Clintonistas are.

  135. 1 more.

    CLYBURN REMARKS upcoming on Hannity – the entire interview . . .

    i wanna get a transcript of that.

    night again.

  136. hillary has a great team for IN m. she has her ohio team there. she has the dem chair behind her. she has bayh behind her running things. they have worked that state real hard. a clinton has been there 50 times in the past 4 wks guys. 50. bmabi-20. the polls are close but look at those undecideds-10-15pct. and where will they go-hillary. they dont want to be called racist so thye wont say hillary to the pollsters.

  137. Ronald Malone .. Ohio from list above .. already Pledged to Hillary
    Patricia Moss .. Ohio .. from list above .. pledged to Hillary

    Jay Parmley .. can’t find contact info .. anyone else who can search

  138. How did we ever get Donna Brazille and Howard ARRRGH! Dean into those key DNC positions? Didn’t we have any other losers available for those posts at that time?

    Nevermind. Just frustrated at our party.

  139. OMG…….are you guys watching hannity??

    colmes just called Dickie morris out!!! called him out for the hillary hating fraud that he is!

    I had just about given up on colmes……and then WHAM!!!!

  140. I’m going to make this short because we are leaving for the district Dem convention before sunrise, but I felt it was important enough to mess with my schedule. I’ve already sat here for a couple of hours deciding whether to do this, and if so, what to say.

    I have been here for some time and miss many of the folks who have left, some because of the kind of thing that happened here earlier today.

    You all know that on occasion, filbertsf and I have had our differences, and aired them here. There have been 2 others with whom I have had similar dust-ups.

    None of us was a troll, and never called another that over a several month period.

    I was distressed when I read what some of you were saying and doing to jbstonesfan.

    I believe I know who s/he is, in fact I know I do. You all have made a serious mistake, and it is our loss.

    I don’t think you have any idea how you appear when you start with the Lord of the Flies scripts, how it diminishes you in other members’ eyes as well as to journalists, long-time friendly lurkers and yes, some real enemies who abound here

    You know what was done to linfar, universal, and others on other blogs. Go look, go read. That is what you sounded like on this board today.

    There is a classy way to get rid of a real troll. Ask BMerryfield how it is done intelligently, with Admin’s help, so mistakes like you made today do not occur.

    If you want to argue points, or philosopy, or campaign proceedural issues, do your homework, organize your position and go to it. But using the troll card when people say things you do not like is too much like Axlerod’s tactics, and not worthy of this board and Admin’s efforts to provide it.

    Now, I need to iron my best Hillary shirt and take a shower and hit the bedroom early tonight, so attack and hack away at me for calling you out. I’ll read it late tomorrow night.

    Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb away.

  141. Herman Farwell .. NY Assemblyman .. please ask for his delegate pledge

    1.212.234-1430 leave message please

  142. I don’t think jb is a troll either. I hope they return and yes we all need to be more compassionate. Think of how Hillary is handling everything that is thrown at her. Graciously but strong.

    We all are fighting for the same goal. Help Hillary win the nomination.

    Lets work together.

  143. hi guys. colmes have been coming at morris for a year about his hillary-hatin. im at work so i can’t see it. morris is truly a “dick”.

  144. dot48 and the rest of the gang whom I’ve talked with, i want to thank you for your friendship, and being there for one another.

    what was the new poll that was out on Hannitty and Colmes from Indiana

  145. I did lash out because of the negativity, though never accused jb of being a troll. I have been lashed out against too when I was too negative, so it happens.

  146. quit worry about who is a troll……something amazing has happend twice now on hannity!!

    dick morris has been called out by colmes for the wanker that he is!!! 😀

    I so need the transcripts of that !! ADMIN!! please post them here in a story!! 😀

  147. I agree, again, better to ignore than to ignite.

    Or like my grandma always says, if you don’t have something nice to say about the person, hold your tongue.

    That doesn’t necessary go for sworn enemies, but I don’t believe anyone on this board is one of those!

  148. hillbillylover, hows Oregon looking? People said its in the bag for Obama, Id like to think elsewise! 😉

  149. I hope Hill is targeting and seeking out every possible supporter in NC/IN and banking those early votes.

  150. BTW, today was not the first time I have seen this done to jbstonesfan, and s/he has always withstood it. This time I think not. Have you seen the great list of Hillary friendly sites available now? I think it was at TM. There are other places to go, and you would be surprised at how many of our old friends are at those sites.

  151. I prefer to call him Dickless Morris, I think it fits him better. He’s awful and should not appear in living color! His mannerism’s just go against my grain. He could really be on “Night of the Living Dead” with a little makeup, I mean very little!

  152. emjay .. I would love to have links to some of those sites. I love big pink but I would love to meet more Hill fans.

  153. “If she does, a lot of folks—including a huge chunk of the media—will join Bill Richardson (a.k.a. Judas) in the Deep Freeze.

    Notables who abandoned her for Obama will get the Big Chill. “He’s dead to us,” a Clinton aide was quoted saying of John Kerry

    Why does this give me so much pleasure to read? Maybe because I share the same sentiments. It’s great to see it in print.

  154. Emjay, thank you for the reminder.

    dot: at taylor marsh, there is a list of hillary sites.

    riverdaughter is another one.

    I lurk at the other sites and learn new things, but I do like big pink.

  155. HEATH SHULER .. CONTACT INFORMATION: please contact him for superdelegate pledge/support

    512 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone:(202) 225-6401
    Fax: (202) 226-6422

    356 Biltmore Ave. Suite 400
    Asheville, NC 28801
    Fax: 828-252-8734

  156. Dot

    Violet started the list @Reclusiveleftist…The article is

    April 21st, 2008
    The seeds of the new progressive blogosphere

    The 30+ commentors also have added sites.

  157. The more I hear about Jeremiah Wright “coming out” right now the more I’m convinced that Jeremiah Wright is very pissed at Obama. Pissed because Jeremiah Wright KNOWS that Obama sat in the pews and partook of everything that he preached out of that pulpit and he KNOWS that Obama didn’t ever say anything to hinm about being offended.

    He KNOWS that Obama “disinvited” him from his presidential campaign opening and that it was politically motivated.

    I’m thinking that Jeremiah Wright is getting ready to throw Barack Obama under the bus….I think he is beginning to feel that Obama USED him .. and his church as a stepping stone … and while he won’t disown him .. Obama has pandered to salvage his own career.

    I think Wright is feeling the “used/abused” syndrome and he’s telling Obama right now. I’m going to out you.

    This is why Obama is in Chicago now .. trying to shore up the loose lips.

    Jeremiah Wright most likely knows a lot about the young choir director that was murdered.

  158. dot: I think, Wright is doing damage control for Obama. From another site, Moyers gave Wright soft-ball questions and did not put him on the spot at all. It looked like damage control.

  159. filbert — You are right on. Clyburn is in full race-baiting mode ahead of NC just as he was in SC. Dork Wilder is also on the prowl with the same targeted garbage.

    Lou Dobbs — So great to hear him calling the Obama campaign the race-baiters and running on a total race basis as they are. Thank you, Lou.

    Wright got worked over by the PR people Axelrod got him. No matter. Dude’s a walking time bomb, and one who wants some more free fame. No way he’ll keep on the down low. Oh, and I thought that the Wright issue was ‘over,’ right Obama fans? Ha ha ha. I guess the super-rehabilitation tour is just for fun. What a joke.

    The nomination is escaping the party elites and the MSM who want to affirmatively act and hand BHO the nomination. They are on the run and we need to continue to press the advantage. Best things to do are to keep on blogging/writing papers/…, making calls to people in upcoming states and if you can, donate. We are going to win this thing. We have the popular vote lead now and Odrama’s Gallup lead has evaporated. Panic and fear is thick in the air of the Obamaites.

    When the best option you have is for your candidate to turn down debates and not talk with the media, you are admitting to the world you are supporting a fraud who can’t take a punch and who is nothing but smoke, mirrors and multi-pronged race-baiting.

    In case you didn’t hear, BHO won 97% — NINETY SEVEN percent — of AA males in PA.

    In case anyone wants to talk about voters being racist, that statistic should be kept in mind.

    And this is why Clyburn is flapping his gums and Wilder is back in the news. If a Black Belt primary is coming up, then it is time to promote a new ‘fairy tale.’

    When Hillary defeats Obama, it will be one of the most gratifying moments of my life, politically. This contest, and how the Axelrodians and Sharptons have run it, has been the most regressive, thuggish, despicable things I have ever seen. Obama’s defeat will not be just enjoyable, it is necessary. If this type of BULLSH*T is allowed to be done smearing any- and everyone with the ‘racist’ label and utterly capitulating to the Roland Martins, Donna Braziles and Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s of the nation, we will NEVER get to where Dr. King wanted to get us to as a country.

    This primary has brought out the worst in Obama’s team, and they in turn have brought out the worst in his supporters.

    No more. The line in the sand must be drawn here. No more back steps to the 21st Century would-be cultural divisors. It ends now. And if for some reason our party (because of a lack of scrotal matter) hands this thing to Obama in order to appease AA’s at the expense of it’s majority, women, not only will I be voting for and campaigning for McCain, I might have to switch registration as I come to the realization that my party has left me.

    This is it. This is the big one. The one we’ve all been waiting for.

    Time to start contacting that list of SD’s dot wrote down. Getting their support before NC could help tremendously. Thanks for the list, dot!

    Paul F. Villarreal AKA “Universal” AKA “RokSki”

  160. From Riverdaughter:

    Commenter Dee was actually at this forum and she’s shared her experience with us:

    I attended this forum. In fact, I am visible in some of that footage. She spoke for an hour and because the audience appeared to be mostly graduate students (approx. 1/2 international students) the questions were really, really tough but thoughtful.

    I was amazed by her grasp of both foreign and domestic policy and how her narrative wove the issues together. She broke down difficult to understand policy issues into easily understood relationships.

    When the event was over I heard the following comments – “How long before she can run for President?” I wish she was on the ticket. She is the best combination of her mother’s wonkish knowledge and her father’s charm. I believe we have just listened to a future U.S. President. WOW just WOW. ”

    I had not realized until this event that Chelsea is pulling the hardest duty of the campaign because the students are the toughest most knowledgable audience. She did not make a speech. It was not political. She just took questions and they were complex. A couple of times I thought how can she possibilty answer that? And then she smiled and went after it. She referred to herself as a “numbers dork” almost as an apology for having so much information in her data banks.

    This was not a campaign event – it was a learning experience.

    I have never seen anyone quite like Chelsea.


  161. terrondt Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    bill moyers was droppin softball slow pitch garbage at wright

    According to the kosidiots………moyers belongs to an affiliated church to wright……and they have been friends for years

    no wonder he got the softballs

  162. I doubt they are friends. Most of Trinity churches are nothing like Wright’s. He may have been dong damage control for the church.

  163. has this been posted here yet???


    DNC To Assess Challenges On 5/31

    25 Apr 2008 03:44 pm

    The DNC will convene its rules and bylaws committee on the last day of May to consider two challenges, that, if successful, could change the delegate math just as the primary season is about to close. But the date of the meeting may be too late for Hillary Clinton, something her campaign is bound to notice.

    TO: DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Members

    FROM: Alexis Herman & Jim Roosevelt, Jr., Co-Chairs

    DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC)

    SUBJECT: Meeting Announcement–May 31, 2008

    DATE: April 25, 2008

    Realizing that members have very busy schedules, we wanted to notify you as soon as possible that the RBC will meet on Saturday, May 31, 2008 in Washington, D.C. We are asking members to arrive on Friday, May 30, 2008 in time for a private informal dinner with us. While we expect the RBC meeting to last most of the day on Saturday, we are asking members not to make their departure plans until Sunday.

    The main item of business on the Committee’s agenda will be the consideration of two pending challenges.

    We hope you are able to attend this very important RBC meeting. Further information, including meeting agenda and meeting logistics, will be forwarded to you in the near future.

    Please note that this is an official meeting of the RBC. Therefore, we would like to remind members of the attendance requirement established in the Bylaws (Article Two, Section 10.(g)). Members who miss three consecutive RBC meetings are deemed to have resigned from the Committee. Registering a proxy, while important for establishing a quorum and assuring your vote is represented, does not count for the purpose of attendance at a meeting.

  164. Dot – called the number for Farrell and let it ring like 10 times, but I go no answering machine.

    I called Leonard Davis and left a message on the voicemail of one of his staff.

    More contact info:

    Anita Bonds DC Chair 1.202.745.1818

    DNC David Hardt Tx 1.214.850-9132 democratdave@yahoo.com

    Helen Langan Utah helenlangan@hotmail.com Has MySpace as well (for her upcoming wedding)
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Birdgal – I can personally attest to how hard Chelsea works. Back in 2000, I was living in Mountain View, CA. Where I lived was less than 5 miles to Stanford, where Chelsea was attending at the time.

    I had to do a tremendous amount of research for work during a particularly hectic time of my life. During this period I would often run into Chelsea at the all-night study lounge in the basement of one of Stanford’s buildings (don’t know it’s name). I would also often see her in the libraries on campus during the day.

    She worked hard — very hard. I particularly admired her dedication to go to the study center at night as she clearly wasn’t goofing off during the day. She would come with her two Secret Service detail who were trying hard to look like students. I think she came by herself every time, and she worked for hours
    late into the night.

    I never talked with her, I just let her do her thing and be as normal a girl as she could be.

    I was extremely impressed with her work ethic and commitment. Clearly, Bill and Hillary have taught her well.


  165. Light a Candle and Contribute

    Hillary did it!!! The race is not over though. Lets write to the DNC and ask that Florida be seated…Hillary did win. Now we need to help her still with the 8 remaining states. Contribute, Contribute, Contribute…. Thanks for your support.



  166. Also, I see absolutely no evidence african americans would not support Hillary in a GE. Indeed, most polling shows they would. Someone said that they were at the Philly party and a bunch of Obama supporters came and partied with them. I ask you, any of you, would you go and party with Obama in a state he beat Hillary in by a landlside 10 points?

  167. Clinton lobbies superdelegates after Pennsylvania win


    Apr 25, 5:16 PM (ET)

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Hillary Rodham Clinton, capitalizing on her Pennsylvania primary victory, reached out this week to uncommitted Democratic superdelegates.
    “Her pitch was that she had just had a substantial victory in Pennsylvania and her campaign had raised quite a bit of money because of it,” said Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma. “There wasn’t a hard push or a hard sell. She asked me what are some of the things she needs to be talking about. I just told her the No. 1 issue is the economy.”
    Boren remains uncommitted but noted “it’s really important to me how my district voted” – for Clinton.
    Clinton also met with Reps. Ike Skelton of Missouri, Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania, Ron Klein of Florida and Brad Ellsworth of Indiana, among others.
    Clinton’s presidential campaign has spent months playing defense while Barack Obama whittled away at her lead in superdelegate endorsements. Her supporters urged undecided superdelegates to hold off on endorsing a candidate – if they weren’t ready to back her. Let the primaries play out, they said, and decide which candidate has the best chance to win in November after all the contests are over.
    Obama, meanwhile, urged quick endorsements, hoping to build momentum toward the 2,025 delegates needed to win the nomination.
    Obama has picked up 83 percent of the superdelegate endorsements since Super Tuesday, narrowing Clinton’s superdelegate lead to 259-236, according to the latest tally by The Associated Press. Since Tuesday’s primary, Obama has picked up three superdelegates and Clinton has added one.
    Superdelegates are the party and elected officials who automatically attend the convention and can support whomever they choose, regardless of what happens in the primaries. They are in high demand now that neither Clinton nor Obama can win the nomination without their support.
    There will be nearly 800 superdelegates at the party’s national convention this summer. About 60 will be named at state party conventions and meetings throughout the spring.
    Obama’s campaign sent a memo to superdelegates this week making his case that he has won more delegates and more states than Clinton.
    “Our case to superdelegates is the same as it had been, that Barack Obama is the best candidate to bring about the fundamental change that this country needs and the best Democrat to take on John McCain in the fall,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.
    Obama has a 154-delegate lead in pledged delegates won in primaries and caucuses. Clinton will not catch up in pledged delegates in the few remaining contests, but her campaign hopes to narrow the gap.
    In the overall delegate race, Obama leads 1,724.5 to 1,593.5. – a 131-delegate margin.
    Altmire, who remains undecided, said Clinton asked him to delay endorsing before the Pennsylvania primary. But she was more emboldened at a private meeting in Washington on Wednesday, the day after her victory.
    “Both times, that was her message, let’s wait and see how this whole thing unfolds. Don’t make any rushes to judgment and we’ll just see what happens,” Altmire said. “And then, of course, she won decisively and now she says that that is the moment that we’ve been waiting for. You’ve seen the outcome, and now I’d love to have your endorsement.”
    About 240 superdelegates remain undecided, and many said they don’t plan to endorse until after the primaries conclude June 3.
    The AP interviewed more than 100 of the undecided superdelegates in the past three weeks. Many said they hope the nomination is decided before the national convention in August. But they were willing to wait until after the primaries before endorsing a candidate.
    “Hillary’s message was she knew I was uncommitted and I should not make a decision too quickly, keep my powder dry,” Mike Morgan, an undecided superdelegate from Oklahoma, said in an interview before the Pennsylvania vote. “That’s what I intended to do. I have a lot of questions about the remaining two candidates.”
    Robert Rankin, an undecided superdelegate from California, said Obama had the opposite message. “Mr. Obama stated that for the good of the party he believed that we should come together and get it done in a way we could start working on the general election,” Rankin said. “There is a valid point to that. I don’t necessarily disagree with it. But I’m not ready to do it until I hear from the other states.”

  168. MJ – I know. My point still stands. That is, if people want to cast Pennsylvanians as backward, inbred Pennsyltuckians and go with the ‘racist’ card, the figure I mentioned is well worth knowing.

    There is a reason why Wilder and Clyburn have — surprise, surprise — suddenly come out of the woodwork.

    I am fully versed in ethnic matters. And that is why the garbae JJJR, Wilder and Clyurn are spewing are particularly noxious. When Michelle said Black America was going to ‘wake up,’ she didn’t say it was going to be because her husband’s screwball surrogates were going to be standing next to it smacking a frying pan with a hammer. That’s what is happening now, just as
    it happened in SC and the Potomac Primaries, etc. It is disgusting and demeaning.

  169. Well, it’s so dishonest to characterize her voters that way. She won a wide breath of the electorate in PA. She won Pittsburgh, the suburban vote, of course the rurals, white youth vote(18-29), post=grad vote, 100k-150k by 20 points, every income bracket under 150k, gun ownders, bowlers, union vote, Catholics, etc.

  170. mj: but did she win the wafflers?? lol. I think she did, since most of the late deciders went for Hillary.

  171. Busy today getting people to sign those FDR petitions – is anybody else doing this? Florida needs support from all over the country.

    Forgive me for a moment of dumping my rage. I am so hoppin’ mad at the Democratic party I can’t stand it!

    If the party can choose the nominee regardless of our votes, then they ought to change the name from Democrats to Autocrats!

    If Hillary is not the nominee, I will not only not vote for Obama, I’ll vote against him and against any other Democrat running in my state.

    We will need to leave the Autocratic party to the students and goofy trust fund babies and pot-headed old hippees, revolutionaries, Pockistonies, terrorists, etc. Then the rest of us will have to plant the roots of a new party.

    Meanwhile I wish each and every one of you would package a dead fish and send it to the DNC to let them know how much they stink! Thank you. If anybody can say anything to soothe my anger and feed my flickering faith in justice and democracy tonight, I wish you would so I can go to bed and sleep in peace. If not I’ll just go play videos of Hillary, and pretend I’m watching the President of the United States, Leader of All that’s good and great about US.

  172. Description
    I am getting weekly requests from the DNC to contribute to the Democratic Party. I have been ignoring these requests as a matter of principle. Today I decided to send $500.00 Monopoly money with a message in the back saying “give Hillary Florida and I will be happy to contribute when Hillary is the Nominee”…I mailed it in the prepaid evenvelope. I did use one of my own stamps because I wanted to save the DNC a few cents. So here is the deal…when you get these requests from the DNC…mail back with Monopoly money. Now here is the best part…send a contribution to Hillary’s campaign with real money or do an online donation…remember we need to keep the momentum going and Hillary needs our contributions to help her with the remaining states.


  173. MJ – I agree. That Obama’s people are doing this shows how desperate they are and how they know things are slipping away from them.

    My concern is having counter-arguments to the woh-woh-woh Charlie Brown teacher-speak that is coming from the Chris Matthews and Clyburns of the world.

    So if someone wants to play the ‘racial’ game, they’re going to get hit with the “97% AA men in PA” card.

    If anyone is lock-stepping, it’s the AA voters. Just ask John Lewis. Doesn’t matter that Odrama is an inexperienced, arrogant punk. So what — he’s African-American. If there’s a racial angle to be covered in this contest, it is that. Not some imaginary (or even real) 15-19% of PA whites who won’t vote for BHO. Why won’t more than 3% of PA AA men vote for HRC? THAT’S what I want to know.

    You can’t fall victim to playing on their field, or you have already lost. I’m not playing those games, and I am going to call it exactly as it is and as I see it. Barack Obama is the candidate who’s using, and benefiting from, the ‘race card.’ Any other statement either betrays ignorance and/or willful denial.

    “Fairy tale,” my effing azz.

    Sorry to vent towards you, MJ, just I am SO damn sick of this Chicago race-bait politics. They want people to lie down and cower before the ‘racist’ card, and that ain’t happening.

  174. Bill Clinton (from the recording above): “I don’t think I should take any shit from anybody about that, do you?”

    Heh heh…Off the record, Bubba has a potty mouth! Just like normal people.

    No, Mr. President, I do not think you should take any shit about that from anybody!

  175. carbynew Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    filbertsf Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 6:08 pm
    Can someone give me a link to the Obama memo Bill referred to when he said that they planned this whole race baiting thing point by point.

    I need to have it handy.
    Go to youtube and look for the Nevada Debate and in the begining Obama had to apologize for playing the race card…because Brian Williams had the documents from his campaign.

    Recently Sean Wilenz(sp?) had a good solid article (“Race Man”?) taking apart the Obama accusations, showing it was a card he deliberately played each time.

  176. Birdgal Says:
    April 26th, 2008 at 12:24 am

    I am getting weekly requests from the DNC to contribute to the Democratic Party. I have been ignoring these requests as a matter of principle. Today I decided to send $500.00 Monopoly money with a message in the back saying “give Hillary Florida and I will be happy to contribute when Hillary is the Nominee”…I mailed it in the prepaid evenvelope. I did use one of my own stamps because I wanted to save the DNC a few cents. So here is the deal…when you get these requests from the DNC…mail back with Monopoly money. Now here is the best part…send a contribution to Hillary’s campaign with real money or do an online donation…remember we need to keep the momentum going and Hillary needs our contributions to help her with the remaining states.


    Heh. Or do the donation to HIllary and print out the receipt and send it to the DNC. 🙂

  177. A major donor, conflicted between the two candidates and apologetic over his backing of Obama, found Hillary less than sympathetic.

    “Too bad for you, because I’m going to win,” she snapped.

  178. Stephanie Tubbs setting John King straight on CNN replay of AC360.

    Well done & good for her….

  179. 1950 democrat: That is what I was thinking, send it to the DNC. Someone said, to send a dead fish, but I don’t think, the post office would accept it.

  180. I’m off to read this article that was linked over at No Quarter on the Rezko Trial.


    Here’s the lede:
    The investigation dubbed “Operation Board Games,” into the influence peddling within the cesspool of corruption that encompasses Illinois politicians from both major parties, has developed into multiple subplots, many of which feature Barack Obama.

  181. birdgal,
    I’m glad to see her with such spunk, because everything else, especially with this ridilulous underhanded and undeserved Clyburn charge that’s designed only to re-ignite the race card and get AA’s out for BO in NC (while bringing up impeachment) going unresponded to, has me deeply concerned.
    Today was BO’s media pushback day for PA on many different fronts, and I hear virtually nothing coming from our side.

    It’s mind-boggling.

  182. birdgirl
    The fish wouldn’t smell till the 3rd day – the day it arrived. And if there were lots of them, it would hit the news because the postal authority would “raise a stink” too!

  183. On CBS, “Face the Nation” is the latest venue for the ongoing Sunday show battle between Obama chief strategist David Axelrod and Clinton senior strategist Howard Wolfson.

  184. Fatty fish have the most delightful fragrance — say, mackerel or blue or whatever comes your way!

  185. Let’s be democratic — all you can grab and package!
    My grandmother waved to my little brother as he was leaving to go on a fishing vacation: “Send me a fish!” He did. The mailman (small town) opened her front door and threw it into the living room.

  186. BECK: The Democrats have put the super delegates in there, because they believe that it`s the best because the little people just might make a mistake.

    It might work that way in some years, but this time it’s the latte leisure class that’s gamed the caucuses, leaving out the base primary voters. So we need the Supers to help the candidate of the little people.

  187. hi hillfans. i love the idea of sending monopoly money but i don’t think the dnc are even worth that. i love my monopoly game!

  188. The monopoly money is a great idea! I just wish McCain would quit sending me stuff! One of my republlcans friends put me on rnc email list, guess they thought it would be funny!

  189. I have been holding off buying Bill Clinton book “My Life”, I wanted to wait because if she lost PA, I thought I would be too down trodden to ever read it. I bought it Satuday and it is so good!

  190. confloyd, i subscribed to every candidate that ran this year except kusninich. gop or dem. now i get emails from the remaining 3. mccain maybe an escape hatch for me if obama is nominated. my wife made the choice already. she is a mccainiac if hillary does not make it. oh well.

  191. terrondt: I registered at McCain’s site a few days ago; just in case. I feel, like I have gone over to the dark side. 🙁

  192. obama calls hillary a “dirty politician”


    Obama is always known for calling hillary a “dirty politician” and a “washington insider” who can’t bring change. I have a question for him and maybe some of you can help me by asking yourselves or the obamabots. he has support from people like judas richardson, ted kennedy, john K. and so on who have served in washington and are washington insiders and play washington dirty politics. why hasn’t he distanced himself from these peolpe or denounced them

  193. In Pa how some young folks kept repeatedly asking Chelse about Bill and Monica
    Wonder if people would start asking Obama about this issue below every here he went what the answrs would be ?

    I seriously have been wondering because I know Obama running from the debates because Hillary made his true self show through which was not a pretty site at all for some one that wants to a leader of our Country !

    With the Larry Sinclair issue is he running from the issue that he committed adultrey or is it the issue that he is a shamed to admit he is Gay (Bi sexual ) ?

    I bet this would get to him and sooner or later he would make a scene that would let the world know he is A Number 1 arse !

    Any one kno young people in these other states that would go where he is at and ask him !
    Why he is running away from the issues and which reason is the one that he is running from !

  194. Have young people ask him this repeatedly in front of the audiences he is trying to impress and make him shame him self when he starts to studder around like they were doing to Chelsea wouldn’t it ?

    anyone here from indiana or NC? we need someone to ask him that question over and over.

  195. And if Obama really understood the black experience in America he would have been in Memphis on the anniversary of MLK’s death.

  196. sonia4hill,

    thats a BIG NO.
    those are obamas tactics, not ours, and the news would love to catch us doing something stupid like that…

  197. i am just mad

    i wish i could kick olberman,,mathews,,tim russert,,wolf,,dona brazil,,,dick morris

    in thier faces

    such kind of loosers

    burden on earth

  198. all hill fans

    make sure to join




    media matters


    make calls

    make a goal

    i am gonna make 200 calls this weekend

    and i am bake cookies and sell it

    and i am gonna use the cash ,,,give it to my sis to swipe her card ,,i already maxed2300 with hill

  199. send letters to major newspapers

    make calls

    e-mail superdelegates

    blog ,,

    share videos and links,,and petitions,,,links,,,,,and all good and bad info

    lets win this election for our better future

  200. jr Says:

    April 26th, 2008 at 2:41 am
    Lets keeps the money flowing in. $10 million isn’t enough!!! CMON HILLARY!!

    i agree

    i put a sign outside my house saying




  201. ——————————————————————————–

    http://www.unfilterednewsnetwork.com…&view=viewpoll — You have 2 votes; I selected: Clinton & jump for joy..


    oh man ,,everything is legal there

    i don,t wanna start ,,,,,,

    in nice american way ,,i dislike him (highly)


    oh man ,,everything is legal there

    i don,t wanna start ,,,,,,

    in nice american way ,,i dislike him (highly)

  203. WEEKLY ACTION – AOL Straw Poll, Please Vote For Hillary!



  204. “BECK: The Democrats have put the super delegates in there, because they believe that it`s the best because the little people just might make a mistake.”

    I think it’s more that with all the open primaries, the Republicans and Independents might be able to game the process and select the Democrats’ nominee. The SDs are supposed to make sure that the Democratic nominee is the choice of Democrats.

    “If anyone is lock-stepping, it’s the AA voters.”

    Not only 100% of our Presidents, but 99.9% of the candidates on both sides have been white men. African Americans and white women vote for white men in just about every primary and every election. If we refused to vote for white men, we would not be able to vote at all, ever. You may not think that wanting a female or African American President is a good reason to vote for someone, but there’s really no comparison between someone who one time votes primarily because he or she would like to see a female or African American President and whites and men who simply refuse to vote for a woman or an African American. It’s silly to call that racist.

  205. tx4Hill: that rezko article-is that true? it looks like a not to hard news site.

    It looks like a newspaper site run out of New Zealand but without knowing the media in NZ, there’s no telling.

    The writer does give some opinions, but then there’s an awful lot of detail that should be easy enough to verify from the record if someone is willing to do the legwork. We’re at a disadvantage in the states because all of our media is run by corporations that have an agenda to carry out. Even knowing this, we still have a tendency not to believe what’s staring us in the face unless the media tell us that it’s true.

    ******Conspiracy Theory Alert******
    It really looks like the Republican Machine is behind alot of what is going on in Chicago. From the timing of the various events surrounding the indictments in the Rezko case, it really looks Rove and his crew have set up Obama to be taken down as a result of this trial. The one thing that was exposed in the Congressional hearings last summer about the USAtorney firings that I can’t let go of, is that Dick Cheney was given a direct line to all DOJ investigations. I think it is safe to assume that Fitzgerald’s case is being monitored (including all evidence) by the Office of the VP.

    I expect that they have Republican operatives who have engaged in criminal behavior within the Chicago landscape who will either be granted immunity in exchange for their cooperation or will be pardoned upon the exit of the Shrub from office.

    While this very well may be in tinfoil hat Conspiracy Theory territory, remember that Republicans have been successful at manufacturing situations that trap Democrats in the past. Remember, the Paula Jones allegations were never credible, but the chance to get a sitting President under oath and ask him embarrassing questions about his sex life was gold for them.

  206. hillary rally shaken by obamabots-and got charged-
    2 arrested at Clinton rally
    April 25, 2008 – 9:24PM
    JACKSONVILLE – A commotion that erupted at the Hillary Clinton rally in Jacksonville today ended with two Northside High School students being arrested, police confirmed.

    Before the New York senator and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination arrived, large groups of Northside students had gathered on bleachers set up outside Jacksonville Fire Station 4, where the rally took place. Two students wearing T-shirts supporting Barack Obama were asked to remove them – it is unknown who asked them to do so or why.

    One of the students refused to take off her Obama T-shirt and the argument grew increasingly heated, escalating to the point that Jacksonville police were asked by a teacher to step in.

    Two students were forcibly subdued and led away in handcuffs, leaving the crowd buzzing even after Clinton had arrived.

    “Two students became unruly and a teacher asked us to escort them back to school,” said Deputy Chief Paul Spring, with the Jacksonville Police Department. “The students refused to follow instructions and were arrested.”

    Shatonya Bailey, 18, and Marisa Head, 17, were charged with failure to disburse, a misdemeanor. Bailey was also charged with resisting, obstructing and delaying a police officer.

    The two students were cited, returned to the school and released. The students parents were notified as well, Spring said.

    “I think it’s sad that it happened right now,” said the Rev. Victor Brown of First Baptist Church who witnessed the incident. “We’re trying to have a celebration and they mess things up … it’s sad.”

    John Verzosa, a teacher at Northside High School, defended his students.

    “They’re good kids,” he said. “This is the first time they’ve ever been to a political rally and they were exercising their First Amendment rights. It was two students and it got out of hand but the situation has been resolved.”

    Verzosa said the students involved were Obama supporters.

    “A couple hundred kids who are enthusiastic about being here, this is the closest they’ve ever been to someone who might be the president,” he said. “It’s just the age – they haven’t quite learned the kind of etiquette that goes with being 20, 25.”

    There were other people at the rally wearing T-shirts with slogans supporting Obama and John McCain during and after the incident. It did not appear that any of them had their apparel called into question.

    Onslow County Schools did not immediately respond to requests for additional information.


  207. Oh, and BTW…the reason I ponder Conspiracy Theory stuff is not to present it as fact, but rather, it’s in the hope that there are people out there who have access to information and contacts that a regular person just doesn’t have available.

    One weakness of schemes that take years to develop and ferment is that they can be sabatoged rather easily if the trigger is pulled too early. I really think that the NC Republicans did that with the Wright attack. Tee Hee…too bad for those schemers on that score sux to be them.

  208. Some commentators have speculated that if the race remains deadlocked after June 3 then a senior figure such as Al Gore, the former vice-president, or Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, could prevail on one of the candidates to withdraw – with most people focusing on Mrs Clinton
    Q: Pelosi telling Hillary to get out of the race? Pelosi who failed in her effort to make Murtha her House Majority Leader? Passive aggressive Pelosi? I can hear Hillary laughing from here to kingdom come. Hillary is a fighter and she is in this one for the country. And where praytell to they get these delusions. If its at the bottom of a gin bottle, then it must be rot gut stuff.

  209. We should hit uncommitted SDs in PA hard this week to get them to come out for HRC since she won the state so handily. Easy to do. I have the contact list.

  210. Morning everyone.
    Those who dislike the non-rationale scroll by.
    I have a VERY good intuition about Indiana and NC. HRC is going to win what she has to win. Of that, I’m sure. I’m not quite ready to commit May 6 will mark the beginning of the end of the Fall of the House of Waffles, but my instincts say it’s gonna be ok for HRC.
    This after waking up from vivid dreams. 😀
    LOVE the fish idea (although one little fishie’s life is worth a heck of a lot more than Deaniac’s).
    But, since they’re already dead, how about sardines?

  211. Morning Merry,

    Did you ever get my tip about the Syria/N. Korea/ Rezko/ nuclear plant connection? I emailed you at rezkowatch about a week ago.

    great work, as usual.

  212. Thanks, basil9. No, I didn’t get that email. Please go to RW and send via “Secure/Confidential Email” link on sidebar. Those go direct via encrypted email.

  213. Well, I’ll repost it here.
    Just a thought:
    The US announced that N. Korea had been helping Syria build a nuclear facility; the one Israel bombed last fall.
    Weird that the press was tipped off about this 6 months later before some members of congress were notified. Saw an interview the other day with one rep hopping mad that the press had this info before he did.

    Anyway – probably my conspiracy genes are working overtime but could there be any connection? Yiu know – Rezko’s from Syria?

  214. Obama’s argument to the SD’s has been that Hillary is divisive and will polarize the Republican base to vote against her and now his camp has given Hillary the same argument to use against him.

    Plouffe: McCain has the racist vote anyway

    David Plouffe tells Linda Douglass that real racists are probably voting Republican in any case:

    “[T]he vast, vast majority of voters who would not vote for Barack Obama in November based on race are probably firmly in John McCain’s camp already,” he says.


    More proof his camp plays the race card all the time.

  215. WOW!, B. merry!

    That article is intense! And Alsamarrae says why should he be arrested in the US? he’s done ‘nothing wrong’ here! The fact that he’s an international fugitive evidently escapes him! And his connection to Rezko, and Auchi, an iraqi born billionaire, and Rezko’s from Syria . . . and then, of course there’s Waffles!

    See! I may be a slow but it does seep in, slowly. Just wish Fitzgerald would hurry things along in the Rezko-trial.

    Exceelent job!

  216. rjk,
    Yup – i read that yesterday.
    between Axelgrease’s “Dems don’t always need white working class voters” to win;
    Plouffe’s “Racists are voting for McCain, anyway.”
    Wright’s GD America, US of KKK, etc.
    Waffles “bitter gun-slinging bible-toting white trash”
    Clyburn’s accusations BC is playing the race card . . .

    PULLLLLLLLEEEEEZ! it is so obvious Waffles and crews ace-in-the-hole has been the race card all along, just like BC said!

  217. Let’s all email senator casey this weekend and tell him that we expect him to switch from BO to HRC given the margin by which HRC won PA.

  218. Question I’m sure someone out there knows the answer to: How many of the remaining uncommitted super delegates are from districts/states that Hillary won? I read an article yesterday where Hillary visited a couple super delegates in person and they said they were watching the vote of their district.

    If the remaining amount of super delegates are in Hillary won states or districts wouldn’t that be a plus for her?

  219. Ok I have to scream. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This primary season sucks. Hillary has a convincing win in Pennsylvania (which is what the pundits said she needed to do) and instead of the narrative being “Hillary wins Big”, it is “Obama was never Supposed to Win Pennsylvania” and “Hillary was supposed to win it by 25 Points” and more cries for Hillary to “Drop Out Now”

    Its honestly mind boggling the way the media twists all of this.

  220. This should warm the hearts of all the Cafferty fans who brouse here. CNN is being sued for $1.3 billion by China because of remarks Cafferty made. We used to call that letting his mouth overload his ass. (I posted this more than an hour ago but didn’t clip the beginning of the link.)


  221. Have any of you seen this youtube video??

    Ann O’Leary describes Hillary Clinton’s leadership during 9/11 crisis. Ann was Hillary’s Legistative Director at that time. She was speaking to a group of volunteers at an informal BYOP phone-calling party on April 20.


  222. Sherm
    There was even a protest outside CNN’s LA office. Wonder if this will get Cadaverdy to STFU! hehehehe.
    And off-handed comment by CNN’s Jack Cafferty, where he criticized the Chinese, calling them “goons” who produced “junk,” …. The throngs of Chinese-American protesters outside CNN’s Los Angeles offices weren’t enough — now two people are suing CNN in New York court for $1.3 billion, or about $1 per Chinese citizen. Cafferty’s comments (that the U.S. was importing Chinese “junk with the lead paint on them and the poisoned pet food”) have supposedly “intentionally caused mental harm” to the plaintiffs, Liang Shubing, a beautician, and Li Lilan, a Beijing-based elementary school instructor. As for the Chinese government’s position on the lawsuit? They’re taking a wait-and-see approach; says a spokesperson, “We hope CNN will take this seriously, because what CNN said and did has not only hurt China’s feelings, but also CNN’s own image.” In the meantime, they’re going to hack the hell out of the network.

  223. good morning all, I was reading the above posts 🙂

    there was one part about one of the superdelegates from California (last paragraph) and he said (something along these lines) about how Obama’s message reasonates with people about unification and this bothers me as it goes to show how little people do know. Obama alienates a lot of people, wake up!

  224. just me .,. that is why I think Hillary’s team should make the “who said what first” into an ad .. show who did what and she has the facts to back them up. Send it to the superdelegates

  225. //facts.hillaryhub.com/archive/?id=7269

    Most Voters Did Not Blame Hillary For Negative Attacks

    4/23/2008 1:47:35 PM

    MSNBC reported this morning that 68% of people blamed Hillary more than Obama for the negative tone of the campaign.

    This isn’t true. In fact, 44% of voters said that both candidates were equally responsible and 24% said that neither candidate attacked the other unfairly. Only 24% placed the blame on Hillary Clinton.

  226. MJ

    04/26: Join Hillary for a “Solutions for the America” event – Fort Wayne
    04/26: Join Hillary for a “Solutions for America” event – South Bend

  227. she’s on the trail in Indiana today

    have you all signed the petition for the debate in NC?

    Go to States, clik on North Carolina and it will com eup

  228. # mj Says:
    April 26th, 2008 at 10:25 am

    Is Hillary taking the day off? I can’t find any events listed on either the NC or IN pages.


    It is there today, just like it is every day. It’s called, “the political schedule”, and it lists where ALL the candidates will be that day.

  229. Another in the endless series of whining ‘attacks are ruining the party’ from WaPo via of course Huff Post.

    You can see what they’re most afraid of by how they cry.

    So attack, attack, attack!

    and smackdown Rep Clyburn while you’re at it!

  230. who is good at doing the videos for you tube? Maybe the facts from the “playbook” could be made into a youtube video and we could forward it in an email link to the remaining undecided superdelegates.

  231. # nikki22 Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    That’s the thing. I don’t think most AAs view Hillary or Bill as racists. I think you have some of BO’s black and white surrogates who think any crtiticism of him is racist. ….. I’m black and female & know there’s too much real racism and sexism that’s out here to spend a minute on trumped up charges of racism coming from camp Obama.

    Nikki, excellent point you made yesterday. I believe and hope that fabricated charges (that Bill & Hill are using Machiavellian tactics to win white voters through the clever use of racism) will backfire.

    It needs to be further exposed that the people (whatever their skin color) leveling these assertions are the ones playing the race card.

    Your candidate is floundering, he can’t win any big states / battleground, sees his delegate lead eroding, and his opponent’s war chest bulking up. So it smacks of desperation to see them lean on this absurd argument.

    I believe this will further cement Obama as a one trick pony, somone who convinced AA’s to support him because he’s the “Black Candidate”, and latte liberals because he’s the new Golden Boy.

    Technically, I could describe myself as a “chardonnay liberal” too, having supported a vast array of factions among the Left. But being “liberal” and supporting a great candidate like Hillary is not a contradiction.

    In order to get to the agenda of things I’d like to see accomplished in this country, I know Hillary is the one who can get it done. Bawack is all talk.

    If he got to be President (for argument’s sake here only…), he’d spend four years RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION, and would not take on the hard fights. Hillary would spend her four years running for re-election by building up an array of victories on issues that matter to her base and the middle, while pissing off hedge fund managers and the like.

  232. Guys read this and give me info back what is this about 70 donors going to obama! Please im not trying to be negative you know me by now but this is bullshit! i mean real steamy just made bullshit!

    The protracted and increasingly acrimonious fight for the Democratic presidential nomination is unnerving core constituencies — African Americans and wealthy liberals — who are becoming convinced that the party could suffer irreversible harm if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton maintains her sharp line of attack against Sen. Barack Obama.

    Clinton’s solid win in the Pennsylvania primary exposed a quandary for the party. Her backers may be convinced that only she can win the white, working-class voters that the Democratic nominee will need in the general election, but many African American leaders say a Clinton nomination — handed to her by superdelegates — would result in a disastrous breach with black voters.

    “If this party is perceived by people as having gone into a back room somewhere and brokered a nominee, that would not be good for our party,” House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (S.C.), the highest ranking African American in Congress, warned yesterday. “I’m telling you, if this continues on its current course, [the damage] is going to be irreparable.”

    Story continues below ↓


    That fear, plus a more general sense that Clinton’s only route to victory would be through tearing down her opponent, has led even some black Democrats who are officially neutral in the race, such as Clyburn, to speak out.

    Clinton’s camp has a vastly different interpretation, arguing that the most recent primary demonstrated that Democrats remain very interested in seeing the contest continue.

    “Pennsylvania did the job of calming any nerves that existed,” said Clinton campaign spokesman Jay Carson. “It showed that the big states around the country think she’s the best person to be president.”

    But that opinion is far from unanimous. More than 70 top Clinton donors wrote their first checks to Obama in March, campaign records show. Clinton’s lead among superdelegates, a collection of almost 800 party leaders and elected officials, has slipped from 106 in December to 23 now, according to an Associated Press tally.

    “If you have any, any kind of loyalty to the Democratic Party, perhaps you need to rethink your strategy and bow out gracefully in order to save this party from a disastrous end in November,” Rep. William Lacy Clay (Mo.), an African American Obama supporter, said in an appeal to Clinton.

    Clyburn accused Clinton and her husband yesterday of marginalizing black voters and opening a rift between her campaign and an African American Democratic base that strongly backed Bill Clinton’s presidency. Some surrogates in her camp are trying to render Obama unelectable against the Republican nominee so she could run for the Democratic nomination in 2012, he suggested. The discussion flared up yet again when Bill Clinton suggested this week that Obama’s campaign had played “the race card” after the former president compared the candidate to Jesse Jackson after the South Carolina primary.

    “We keep talking as if it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter that Obama gets 92 percent of the black vote, because since he only got 35 percent of the white vote, he’s in trouble,” Clyburn said. “Well, Hillary Clinton only got 8 percent of the black vote. . . . It’s almost saying black people don’t matter. The only thing that matters is how white people respond. And that’s what bothered me. I think I matter.”

    The reemergence of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., Obama’s controversial former longtime pastor, in an appearance on PBS last night may only fan the dispute.

    “When something is taken like a sound bite for a political purpose and put constantly over and over again, looped in the face of the public, that’s not a failure to communicate,” Wright said in an appearance with Bill Moyers. “Those who are doing that are communicating exactly what they want to do, which is to paint me as some sort of fanatic or as the learned journalist from the New York Times called me, a ‘wackadoodle.’ “

  233. Donors don’t matter to anyone but the pundits. I wouldn’t worry about it. I think this is just more race card before NC to motivate BO’s base. It’s dispicable.

  234. If the AA communtiy dares to threaten someone should have the nomination because they are a certain colour then I think that is just fucked up. Its a disgrace. Why won’t someone call them on it and why do they not think the white will not be seriously pissed about it.

    It works both ways.

  235. HEY, CLYBURN!
    I MATTER, TOO! It’s not all about AA’s. And if you keep insisting that it is then get ready to lose the WH.
    The F***iNG NERVE to say this!!!!!
    Who’s playing the f***ing RACE card, here!!!!!!!!
    Off for errands then back to write to Ind papers.
    “We keep talking as if it doesn’t matter that Obama gets 92 percent of the black vote, because since he only got 35 percent of the white vote, he’s in trouble,” Clyburn said. “Well, Hillary Clinton only got 8 percent of the black vote. . . . It’s almost saying black people don’t matter. The only thing that matters is how white people respond. And that’s what bothered me. I think I matter.”

  236. I don’t believe a word of that 70 donor crap. The Obama camp can manufacture anything, they turf the net and require no proper registration to contribute. Why would he need donors .. he’s rolling in the dough and I just don’t believe it.

  237. @Blue,
    Hitting clyburn is a good idea. No reason he should continue to smear the clintons with impunity. Can’t email him unless you live in his district but I am going to fax him a letter today telling him how disapointed I am that he and the rest of BO’s cronies continue to play the race card against people who have been so supportive of their community. Or calling on Monday would be good too.

    Here is his contact info.

    2135 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, 20515
    Phone: (202)225-3315
    Fax: (202)225-2313

  238. What an asshole. How about this Clyburn. Hill got 70% of the white womens vote in PA(and a clear majority across the country). It’s almost like saying white women don’t matter.

  239. Yet again another pro clinton commentary on Rassmussen


    Yet Clinton’s popular vote lead is one piece of evidence that suggests that Obama will be a weak general election candidate. In national polls, neither Democrat seems stronger than the other: The realclearpolitics.com average of polls as this is written shows Obama leading John McCain 46 percent to 45 percent and Clinton and McCain tied at 46 percent apiece. But they don’t run the same in different states.

    SurveyUSA’s 50-state polls released in March showed that electoral votes would go to different parties in 15 states depending on whether McCain was pitted against Clinton or Obama. And it is electoral votes that determine who will be president.

    Clinton seems to run stronger than Obama in the industrial (or formerly industrial) belt, running west from New Jersey through Pennsylvania and Ohio to Michigan and Missouri. Obama’s weakness among white working-class voters in the primaries here suggests he is poorly positioned to win votes he will need to carry these states in November. This is not a minor problem — we’re talking about 84 electoral votes.

    Obama has also fared poorly among Latino and Jewish voters in every primary held so far. This is of consequence most notably in Florida, which has 27 electoral votes. In 2000, Al Gore won 67 percent of the vote in Broward County and 62 percent in Palm Beach County — both have large Jewish populations. In this year’s Florida primary, Obama lost those counties to Clinton by 57 percent to 33 percent and 61 percent to 27 percent. No Democrat can carry Florida without big margins in Broward and Palm Beach.

    Obama’s weakness among Latinos and Jews could conceivably put California’s 55 electoral votes in play. Los Angeles County delivered an 831,000 vote plurality for John Kerry in 2004. Most of that plurality came from areas with large numbers of Latinos and Jews.

    Hillary Clinton’s current and tenuous popular vote lead may not persuade Democratic super-delegates to reject the candidate who has won more delegates in primaries and caucuses. But it may prompt some to think harder about Electoral College arithmetic.

  240. You know, people like Clybun are just trying to divide us. Frankly, Hill is behind on delegates because african american communities get far more delegates than anyone else, particularly latinos. So this is just foolish.

  241. Rep. William Lacy Clay (Mo.), an African American Obama supporter, said in an appeal to Clinton.
    Should we contact her on telling hillary to bow out of the race!

  242. Some one needs to point out that most states are actually majority 75%+ white voters . You do actually need them to win a state. Carrying 10% AA vote of a state and 25% of its white vote does not win you the state.

    Get a grip because this is what we’re talking about, All john McCain needs to do is in a lot of states is carry 51% out of the 90% that is white voters and he’s there. If Latino and Jewish and Catholic voters go over to him, it will be even worse.

    An argument chucked at Hillary is she is trying to win no matter what, but what if certain AA leaders are determined to win the Presidential Nomination for Obama no matter whether he can win or not, its all about the running for it, not winning it.

  243. We need to find a way to get hillarys negative ratings up! I dont know how but there is way. Well I’m going to contact Clybun and here is the rest of the article I only gave the first page so I’ll just give you the link. I know that was negative guys but I woke up to the headlines and said what the hell because it was on msnbc and you know that’s always crap! So sorry guys.

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/ crap.com

  244. I’m just astounded that people in this country don’t seem to be bothered by someone hanging around and taking money from terrorists and sitting in a hate church for 20 years.

  245. Is there more hispanics that can vote in american than african americans and what percentage are african americans in our country? If they do not want to support someone that has supported them and is qualified so be it and for anyone that is hear that is african american that is not all african americans there is still many that vote for hillary clinton.

  246. Out the door. *LOL*
    Sorry for the rant but I have had enough of this. The country will not be held hostage to a few ambitious SOB’s who want power at any cost, not to help the rest of us, but just for the thrill of having power.
    I will write Clyburn when i get back, tell him how i worked in urban slums for 20 years, a thankless, underpaid, difficult job, which i and countless others like me did (aside from needing a paycheck) because they beleived in something, whether it was the beauty and universality of music and its benefical influence on the human race, in my case, or in those warrior teachers trying heroically to get poor kids reading, interested in good grades, interested in bettering themsleves, mastering math concepts, the computer . . . . of the money that came out of our pockets – in my case thousands in musical equipment . . . for other teachers it was books, supplies, treats, incentives . . . I will point out that very few AA’s would even agree to work in these schools – that’s how rought they were- and this despite the fact that the populations were 75%= AA and hispanic. if Clyburn thinks he can blackmail us with ‘white guilt’ hhe better think again. this white devil (ala Idunn0 doesn’t give a flying cr@p what anyone calls her – i got nothing to prove – my conscience is at peace – personally, i don’t need a dem in the WH – my finances are meager but sufficient – i have health coverage through my union, early Db coz of illness – which, btw, I paid into for 20 years – and which is money returned to me that I already paid into the system – plus i live in the middle of nowhere – nukes aren’t likely to reach us here – my point is i will register Repub and campaign my butt off for McCain if this obscenity doesn’t stop. 👿

  247. Clyburn and other surrogates of the Waffles campaign are fanning the flames of racism. Before every new primary and after a major win, they are asking her to bow out, “for the good of the party.” Well, we all know, that is horses***. As Bill has been saying, “If they are asking you to quit, it is because they think you can win.” This is a big ramp up to the next primaries. Hillary won handily in PA, across all demographics, except AAs. Hmmm…..What does that tell you? Yes, the AA demographic is in Waffles corner now, but he needs more than one demographic to win, in the large and diverse states. Frankly, his base is not large enough, to carry a general election, and if they think the majority of women, latinos, and working class people are going to get on the Waffles trainwreck, I think, they are sorely mistaken. Even with new voters, it may not be enough to carry him. The Republicans want to take him out.

  248. we should also remind clyburn et al about who showed up at the state of the black union (hrc) and who didn’t (bo) and who showed up in Atlanta to give a speech on the anniversary of MLKs killing (HRC and McCain) and who didn’t (BO).

  249. This Week looks like a killer to watch.

    FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace sits down, after dares and double-dares, with 2008 Democratic Presidential nominee-to-be Barack Obama.

    This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos sits down Senator Evan Bayh, former Senator Tomster Daschle, and Representatives Artur Davis of Alaska and Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas to argue about the Dem nomination: Hillary vs. Obama? Evan and Sheila are Hillary supporters, while Davis and Daschle are pro-Barry.

    Meet the Press (NBC): Host Tim Russert will talk to DNC boss Howard Dean. “YEAAARRRRGH!”

    Face the Nation (CBS): Host Bob Schieffer grills Obama strategist David Axelrod and Hillary’s mouthpiece Howard Wolfson.

    Late Edition (CNN): Host Wolf Blitzer talks about the Norks with Dianne Feinstein and Pete Hoekstra, then he sidles up to two foreign policy advisors: Hillary’s Jamie Rubin and Obama’s Susan Rice.

  250. win,
    AA’s are 13% of the population.

    Hispanics are 14%. They are now the ‘majority’ minority.
    Whites are 67%.
    (approximate numbers) the other 5-6% is comprised of other groups like Asians, Native Americans, etc.
    I know these stats coz the school districts had to put out yearly reports documenting demographics in order to qualify for state aid, etc.

    Point is, Waffles can’t win without us bitter white folk. Period.

  251. @mononpluto,
    “people” are that is why we will lose 45-49 states if he is the dem nominee. Some dems don’t care ie AA because he is black and some others don’t care because they are apologists for black anger. Everyone else cares it’s just that “everyone else” doesn’t vote in democratic primaries.

  252. oh boy, I am sick of this racism crap, I not only will vote for McCain and pull the lever for a straight ticket! I dare them through this opportunity away just to run an AA! To hell with that, I will vote a straight ticket and every dime I have sent to Hillary, I will send to John McCain! DNC and the rest of those idiots better realize we are sick of this racist crap. The whole thing has been fixed so that Waffles get more delegates even when he hasn’t earned them. He can’t even keep up with her on the campaign trail, he is so lazy he’s had a vacation and a couple of weekends off. Hillary has worked non-stop since the primary has begun. Hes a joke and a lazy one to boot!

  253. Thank you basil9 and Ann,

    I will call or write to Clyburn myself to and tell him how hurt and angry I am for his remarks. I guess these politicians have a glass ball and can make all these predictions well no that is not the case and they need to shut the F up and let us vote!

  254. This is one bitter AA who will not vote for O. If O is the nominee, i will vote for all Republicans except the ones that supported Hillary

  255. LEAVING :oops;

    But one more DEVILISH thought.


    WHAT IF . . . .Deaniac and crew succeed in rigging the nomination Waffles way and then McCain chooses HRC as his running mate! hehehe


  256. Ann that is right he didnt even show up for the black union! errrrrrrhhhheerrrg! I am steamed, oh yes I will call and make some strong points were is my pen! It’s f ing on!

  257. Tim Russert with Dean, he’ll be shooting soft questions at Dean and making sure that it looks like curtains for Hillary! I do want to watch that axelrod again! He just emulates hate! I don’t remember if Chris Wallace is a real go getter or not, I hope he tears waffles a new one!

  258. Basil9, I am glad I am not the only one with a sick mind! McCain/Clinton what a way to bend Dean and his crew over the chair!

  259. Look, guys, this is just a distraction by Clyburn et al. There is zero evidence AA’s won’t support Hill. Don’t let them divide us. Maya angelou doesn’t want Hill to quit. Neeta doesn’t want Hill to quit. Mayor Nutter doesn’t want Hill to quit. Carby doesn’t want Hill to quit. Don’t let BO’s people divide us.

  260. confloyd,

    i kinda like the sound of that. I can just see Johnnie and Hill kicking abck after a long week at the WH, chugging shots of stoli and reminiscing about the good ole days when they donned battle gear and flew all over the world in c-47’s.


  261. If i’m struggling and am the lower middle class parent or single person wanting to make it in life and Obama was hillary i dont give a f who you are Im voting for experience and one that answers the f ing questions period!

  262. I just wish Tubbs, Lee, Nutter, Maya, and others would lead more of a vocal unification group together as a whole and say look, don’t turn this about race

  263. mj,
    It’s really hard NOT to be affected by Waffles and Axelgreases horrible strategy. That’s what they want! Divided . . . . unfortunately, they don’t really have a grip on the conquer part . . . it’s all divide . . . .

    Anyway, I personally adore lots of polits, like nutter, paterson, Rengle, Steele, Lee, used to love Conyers but seems he’s going over to the dark side . . .

    I think the reason it’s such a topic of conversation here is coz Waffles and crew have PUSHED the story line and it’s not like we can just ignore it and pretend it’s not happening. So, it gets discussed. 🙁

  264. What if this was reversed all whites for hillary clinton non for Obama the same percentage that voted for him is the same for us for a white person ohhh what a day it would be! That would be horrible and I would be ashamed of my I guess white race. I hate color white black I hate this! I want hillary and obama to be no color damn it!

  265. basil 9,

    I really don’t know your story but i see on the blog that your not feeling well. I know your strong and am also glad to see you hear! Im kinda new so I really dont know the ups and downs. Again glad to see you back!

  266. basil, I don’t mean don’t discuss it. I mean just bear in mind the game that is being played. We all knew it was coming. Race card is dropped before every primary with a big aa pop. So, I am just saying don’t assume Clyburn et al are correct is their assumptions that aa’s will feel breached if Hill becomes the nominee. This here is a comapign tactic. I didn’t mean don’t discuss it.

  267. There all talking about a unity ticket on talk left! Some had some good points! Hillary would have to be at the top of the ticket, she has all the experience and huspa to get things done. Waffles could be on vacation all the time!! We need another shot of him running through the waves at the beach while Hill is working her arsh off! That would be a good youTube video!

  268. I need Axelrods e-mail address. I need to let him and others know that i will not support O in the GE. I have e-mailed Howard Dean, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. I let them know they are not fooling this AA. I told them they are not in love with Obama, they are jealous and hate the Clintons. They will say or do anything to keep her from winning this primary. I let them know Bill & Hillary are not racist. I will forever love the Clintons. I also told them it want work. I said i went to Bill Clintons inauguration i plan on going to Hillarys as well.

  269. I stole the original idea from a Taylor Marsh poster and expanded on it, but HERE IS HILLARY’S RESPONSE TO THE “KITCHEN SINK” ACCUSATIONS:

    “If a woman is throwing the kitchen sink at you, it’s often a sign that there are a lot of dirty dishes piling up….and they’re yours

  270. Several points:

    1. As to the conspiracy theory mentioned by NYCMax – Could just be. This is one time it wouldn’t bother me at all if Cheney has knowledge of what’s going down in Fitzgerald’s office. Again, I’ve been saying all along that the conservative commentators seem to almost have an innate sense of political demise of BHO. Much of it could be just absolute fear that this country could be led into a Jihadist state. But I sense that whether it’s now (Dem primaries) or later (GE) – they will ensure that BHO is not elected into the Oval Office.

    2. As to the argument about electability of HRC vs BHO being put out there by her former harshest critics (Hannity, Rush, Rove, and even the guy who went after BC with a vengeance, then his paper endorsed). Two Things – a)they really do admire her perserverance and guts. She’s passed their litmus test that she is indeed a leader because they have watched her go up against Big Media and her own DNC for months. They realize how she is being stonewalled by Dean on FL & MI and are surprised that others have taken her on (besides them) yet, they see her fighting back with the same tenacity that she did against them. Again = proven leadership, and never, never, never backing down. And b) These same ultra-conservatives – regardless of our differences – do display resounding patriotism in this country – and they shudder to think that there is actually someone worse than a Clinton in the White House: an empty suit with terrorist ties, Middle-Eastern Jihadist, Hamas ties, dirty money and the Nation of Islam taking over the Presidency.

    3. The conclusion I draw from observation, and without knowing one thing about what is transpiring behind the scenes, is that the Republican base has decided that they would rather hedge their bets on running against HRC that BHO. They conclude that the worst case scenario for them would be to “shut down” a Clinton presidency as before in 1994, rather than gamble with an extreme radical BHO – and all the dangerous ties to national security that go with him. This folks, will not happen and Dean may as well know it now.

    4. Therefore, it would not surprise me that if BHO does not continue to bring himself down, the Rezko trial (Fitzgerald) may soon begin Plan C. “All the kings horses and all the kings men aside” – the DNC (and all the SD they continue to threaten and strongarm) with their now dirty, non-registered co-mingled money courtesy of BHO will not be enough to stop the Justice Dept. under this Republican administration from bringing them all to their knees.

    5. Speaking of the Justice Dept. – the DNC is illegally creating rules that are not enforceable by their own bylaws, and FL and MI should be seeking legal remedy all the way to the United States Supreme Court after their state Supreme Courts. Lastly, while the Justice Dept. investigates BHO’s connections and degrees of separation from Middle Eastern $, deals, and terrorism – they also need to “open the files” on his contributors. Computer files, money trails, as in FBI & CIA. I still say there are too many patriots left in this country for radicals to hijack this country, smiling at us while they stick the knife and twist it.

    6. I don’t look for the administration that authroizes illegal wire tapping and torture to let BHO walk off with this lightly, do you? This time, I certainly hope not.

  271. With everything that has happened, and should BHO prevail, I honestly don’t know how Hillary could ask us to unite behind him (although I know she would). Some democrats, those that have been loyalists for their entire lifes might very well consider her plea.
    Personally, I dare the “independents, a handful of first time voters and those that failed to show up to vote in past elections” to take our party away from us.

    They know nothing of the struggles we have fought to maintain our dignity and human rights. They watched silently as we protected our constitution. They know nothing of the generosity true democrats have for their fellow man. They know nothing about the hardships we faced while some of them played victim for having a tough life. They know nothing of the burdens we carried while we fought for fair laws, equal rights, safe work environments, livable wages, ad infinitum.

    I dare them to take my party away, and with you and god as my witness, I will remove myself from its ranks.

  272. A unity ticket would raise questions! Afterall, what about all his ties to the terrorists and all the illegal things he has done? I don’t know, I just know that Hillary must and will be POTUS, the rest of the problems with have to work themselves out!

  273. A unity ticket would be horrible. I don’t want to see him on any ticket period. This man is a disgrace

  274. If I were AA, I would be FURIOUS that Clyburn and others would be lumping all AA together, as if HE is their spokesperson. Personally, I think it is ashame that someone with the credentials of Colin Powell, Harold Ford, Michael Steele and many others are not seeking the presidency. That’s what so many AA aren’t willing to try and understand. Obama has too many dangerous elements attached to him. It’s not the fact that he is AA, it is his associations and judgment. Many, than God, AA totally “get it”, and realize that BHO only serves to set our country back 50 years. What blows my mind, except that I know many young people haven’t a clue, is that BHO is NOT a product or a descendent of Jim Crow laws, his parents nor grandparents didn’t experience Brown vs. the Board of Education. Why does this matter some say? Why can’t he just be the representative of those historical moments? Because – unless you or your family LIVED THROUGH IT, it did not shape you into the person you are today. You have no real American experience in this regard unless you or your loved ones bear the scars, physical and mental. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Baby Boomers, have much more of a sense of the AA plight in this country – they remember the horrible unfairness of this and are products of that generation that resolved to right that wrong. THEREFORE – the Clintons are compelled to strive for true total equality. Then and NOW. They have no hidden agenda for the Nation of Islam, Muslim Jihadists, Hamas or anything other than AMERICANISM. Why the bulk of the AA have jumped on BHO’s bandwagon as being the be all and end all blows my mind. I UNDERSTAND wanting this this to be “their time” – but it needs to be the right person, for crying out loud. BHO is totally opportunistic. He is a total narcissist without real roots to this country or the peoples’ struggles. He is just the “chosen one” by the far-left extremist, radical edge of the Democratic Party. Again, if I were AA, if would resent the way this group is intent to sabotage my true heritage with my country. I pray that the AA leaders who understand this, will somehow prevail, and others will see the light. What good does it do to set the country back 50 years? That only serves to prolong the rightful AA nominee from leading this country in the right direction. It’s enough to make you sick, all the racial divisions that are being played out because of the BHO camp. Disgraceful what they are doing to the AA community. BHO and Axelrod continue to expoit the AA community, playing them for fools and it makes my bllod boil and my heart ache.

  275. Not sure if this has been posted, but I think it’s spot on!

    The Clyburn Factor

    Once again, a racial dispute over Bill Clinton’s words erupts in advance of a Deep South primary where African-American voters are crucial. And once again, Rep. James E. Clyburn, D-S.C., is at the forefront of attacks against his party’s former president.

    Seizing upon Clinton’s assertion last week that Barack Obama’s camp “played the race card on me” in January before the South Carolina primary, Clyburn is leveraging his status as the highest-ranking black leader in Congress to stir the pot in advance of North Carolina’s May 6 primary.

    “Black people are incensed,” Clyburn told the New York Times in an article published today. Although Clyburn claims to be neutral, the timing and substance of his comments ever since the South Carolina campaign consistently favor Obama.

    After losing the New Hampshire primary and the Nevada caucuses, Obama’s team correctly surmised that Bill Clinton was a huge help to his wife in those campaigns. They set out to marginalize him — and it worked magnificently in South Carolina, rebooting Obama’s campaign.

    The danger for Obama is that another racial meltdown in the Democratic Party could add to his already complicated efforts in appealing to some white voters.

    Incensed black voters are just what the Obama campaign needs again in North Carolina to run up the score in what is being called his firewall state. And Clyburn is eager to help.


  276. Afternoon! Don’t let BO’s people playing the race card fool you. Hillary was just in Gary, Indiana yesterday in a restaurant with plenty of black customers. They were thrilled to see her! Same thing happened when she was in a cafe in Philadelphia. Also as hard as it is to believe this is good news. Why? If Obama and his team, and that includes Clyburn no matter what he says, were so sure he had the nomination clinched he wouldn’t be pulling this crap. I also think NC must be a lot closer than some of the polls suggest. SUSA had a 9pt spread before PA. Hill will win Indiana and keep NC in single digits.

  277. Obama should learn to stop digging holes.


  278. It’s funny how BO was supposed to be part of a new generation of black elected officials when he was elected in 2004. There was all this talk about how he was “postracial”. Ha! Oh, I’ve been thinking that Hill is probably keeping her prominent AA supporters out of this until she really needs them, like at the convention when team BO tries to pull this crap again. Then she doesn’t have to say anything herself but leave it to Nutter, Maxine Waters, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and David Patterson.

  279. Nikki,
    I think your analysis is spot on.

    Clyburn has been in the wings for a long time.

    this is hardball, and I think it stinks. but it means they are worried.


  280. I really resent the supposition that I will not vote for waffles based on his race. I voted for Wilson Goode and David Dinkins(2x) and would most probably support Powell and i have never cast a vote based on pigmentation and I will not now. I will vote for the individual I find most prepared and I am not constrained by any allegiance to the far left of the dem party.

  281. dot48 Says:

    April 26th, 2008 at 1:46 pm
    We need a white vote effort in North Carolina .. simple as that.

    They need to go for it. Two can play the same game.

  282. HB
    If there were not so many reasons to never vote for him I might eventually have to evaluate his race baiting but as he has given me more than enough reason to never vote for him I don’t have to focus on that aspect.
    Experience, resilience, tenacity, articulation are qualities I want in a Prez. And he has claimed repeatedly that he is not beholden to special interest groups well Kerry, Kennedy, Pelosi and Sharpton in my book are special interest groups. And I don’t want any of them to have any more power than they aalready wield which is why I will vote McCain if need be.

  283. News: We got another superdelegate! The super delegate is Kathy Sullivan.

  284. Yeah Kathy!!!! Guys we haven’t talked about VP choices in a while. What about Evan Bayh? He’s not too charismatic so he won’t outshine HRC, but he’s a moderate and could put Indiana in play.

  285. Hi guys.
    Filbertsf and those looking for the Obama race-baiting as a strategy used against the Clintons–it’s all here:
    “Race Man” by Sean Wilentz, The New Republic

    Also: please everybody send some $ to NCGOP.org to pay for the Wright ad.
    It’s tough going for HRC in NC right now….

    Anyone else protesting Wright at National Press Club on Monday Morning? (say ‘yes’)

    Admin: Anything more on “kindhearts”??

  286. Nikki22
    has rendell said its not something he wants? I have now heard him 5 times stumping for Hill and he gets my respect.

  287. hi hillfans. my weekend off. a little tired. the wife and i are just kicking back around at home. good news with gallup showing the national race tied between obama and hillary.

  288. meiyingsu
    i am perhaps most intrigued by your screen name? What is that. Don’t have to answer I am simply intigued.

  289. # HillBillyLover Says:
    April 26th, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    dot48, I think Clyburn just did most of our work for us here. Horrible, but probably true.

    Don’t you recall, just before SC, that Clyburn’s main claim to credibility was that he was seen as neutral, that he wouldn’t declare for either candidate…

    In hindsight, it seems that was all posturing…”After much, much, careful, thoughtful deliberation, I endorse…(drum roll please)”

    He was probably for BO all along. But no matter. Any more, he’s gone past BO supporter to being another lightning rod.

    In other words, he’s gone from The Heart & Soul of the Dems, to a few shades away from Rev. Wright.

    Credibility: gone.

  290. As far as Clyburn’s usefulness in swaying opinions…

    What further AA voters will he be able to sway? Will he tip the AA vote another 1 or 2%?

    But is he driving fence-sitting whites, Asians Americans, latinos, etc. in droves away from BO to Hillary?

    Ummm, yeah.

    Mr. Clyburn, thank you for being one of Hillary’s biggest assets. It will come in very handy in NC.

    Advanced homework question: Can Hillary catch BO in North Carolina???

  291. saw this on talkleft! heehee!

    Alice Palmer is campaigning for Hillary Clinton today in Indiana:

    Joining Chelsea Clinton and other women leaders to campaign for Hillary Clinton today is Alice Palmer, the former state senator who picked Obama to be her successor back in the mid-90s. When she tried to reclaim her spot, though, Obama got her booted from the ballot.

  292. Can anyone please find info with regard to Waffles community organizing? From what i have been told he basiclly worked for one of those self perpetuating organizations, where 90 cents of every dollar goes to maintain the group.

  293. i agree with rgb44hrc. obama squeezed the racecard for all it’s worth. 90% is the ceiling for the aa vote. 10% is the diehardest of hillfans like myself, sugar, and other aa voters.

  294. I want you guys to see something that really made me feel good…trust me it will you too…


  295. Perhaps Alice Palmer is going to spill the beans on Obama, I bet she’s filled Hillary in on it.

  296. birdgal, thanks for the info. I went to their site to see the “___ vs. McCain”

    Hillary 47
    McCain 45

    Obama 45
    McCain 45



    Excerpted comments from that site:

    These results, based on April 23-25 polling, are the first in which all interviews were conducted after Clinton’s Tuesday Pennsylvania primary win, so it is clear that her victory there helped to erase Obama’s lead. Obama led the race for much of April, while Clinton has not held a statistically significant lead since mid-March, and then only briefly. (For the full trend since Jan. 3, 2008, click here). The question now becomes whether Clinton can keep the momentum going to regain a lead over Obama heading into the May 6 primaries.
    Clinton has also established a slight advantage over John McCain in general election preferences among national registered voters. The latest results, based on April 21-25 polling, shows Clinton at 47% and McCain at 44%.
    Obama currently does not fare as well in the general election, only tying McCain at 45% in the latest polling.

  297. God Bless Mr. Ed Rendell. I shook his hand at the NE Philly event on 4/17.

    But as for veep, I’ve read that demographically, PA is not far enough away from NY. Then again, isn’t Hillary “from” Arkansas? Or is it Scranton.

    I recall Obama is from “everywhere”: Illinois, Hawaii, Kansas.

  298. You just can’t make this stuff up. Promise.


  299. Guys,
    RE: clyburn not “endorsing” this is a game that all the prominent AAs are playing – Sharpton, Clyburn, Brazille, etc. They are not endorsing officially b/c that would make him look like the black candidate but they are all working behind the scenes to lock up the black vote while pretending to be neutral. It is all crap.

  300. Neetabug, I am with you. the democratic elites are not fooling this AA woman also. I will not vote for BO.

  301. lee on this week abc. i also think feinstein should come out and say-hey why should hillary,the first woman poss potus step down. we women make up 60pct of the vote. woman are a majority and have neevr had a woman prez etc… something like that.

  302. The “other game” that prominent AA’s are playing is to talk up the “Recreate 68” or R68 at the Denver Convention, that Rush was egging on yesterday. R68 along with “in-the-tank-Obama” Code Pink are set to riot in Denver. The ACLU and radical, far-left activists (Like Ward Churchill) are behind this all-out assault on democracy in the name of “fairness.” The DNC knows about it, and has not spoken out on organizational build-up for vilence. Surprise. This is what the DNC is using as leverage against the SD – talk about the fear tactics – and is scaring the daylights out of the SD. This is more outrageous intimidation tactics that have been incorporated by Obama since day one, and promelgated by the likes of Pelosi, Dean, Brazile et al. Whatever happened to civility and decency? This should be condemned and the Feds should let it be known right now that the National Guard will be in place so that this “movement” led by a bunch of old hippies and radical anti-American losers will not be tolerated.

  303. @curiosity,
    Let them riot. We can too. got a taste of it at the victory party in philly on Tuesday night. Bunch of BO supporters showed up – HRC supporters and BO supporters went at it separated by a narrow drive way and many security personnel. We shouted them down eventually.

  304. Calm down people! Hillary will be 44. The latte crowd ALWAYS supports someone different than the working class. The only reason that they’re having more success now is because black people want to put a black in the WH, and you know what, that’s understandable.

    It doesn’t matter though, because the superdelegates KNOW that Hillary is more electable. They KNOW that she is winning ALL the swing states. She’s winning where the election will be won. They’re not stupid. Every time the latte crowd prevailed we got a disaster: McGovern, Dukakis, etc. The supers know this. They want a winner after 8 years of Bush.

    So calm down and trust in Hillary. She will be 44. 🙂

  305. well i just called all of the offices with numbers listed in NC and IN with a recommendation that they hit up fire departments and police stations with the NEW YORK CITY FIREDEPARTMENTS UNION ENDORSEMENT of SEn Clinton. I could not fathom a greater boost with guys than the FDNY.

  306. Ann – Look up Recreate68. Unbelievable what these neo-lib nazis are up to to hijacking our country and democracy. I guartantee you that the DNC, by not condemning this sort of activity, in essence – is condoning violence. It is unbelievable to me that the party leaders knows the danger and is allowing this to continue in order to seal their deal. Again – what country are we living in? This is like a coup right under our noses, like this is Haiti or something! We the people are being overthrown by a far-left wing faction comprised of bullies and frauds (not to mention Jihadists).

  307. Anne, don’t worry there want be any riots. These are old politicians, Believe you me there will not be any riots. There are more on AA minds than rioting, This is old school. Most say if O don’t win the primary they will vote for Hillary.

  308. has anyone seen this…

    Florida, Michigan Dems Get Hearing On Delegate Appeals

    Hearing set for May 31 in D.C. could determine whether Hillary Clinton gets any benefit from her primary wins in those states. more »

  309. I tried to pull up the race baiting campaign tactics and the bots have already cleaned it. I hope someone has saved to their hard drive, so we can reprint it.

  310. Put away the waffles. Today we discuss Arugula. New article up.

    Information on debates, North Carolina, Indiana, and arugula.

  311. B Merry,
    i can TELL I’m recovering from months of toxic meds coz i can actually FOLLOW the money trail now! And boy oh boy, you’re right about that 1 degree of separation.
    Not only does Waffles insist he doesn’t remember meeting Auchi just 4 YEARS ago -(talk about early onset Alzheimers) but this guy Baghdadi, former publisher of The Arab Journal, author of the despicable letter published in TUCC’s magazine which claims Israel has an ‘ethnic bomb” that kills Arabs and AA’s, is one of the people who helped bail Rezko out of jail!
    Fitzgerald! Godd@mn it, wouldya speed it up a little!!!!!!

  312. how many times has he implied he will be the president

    from news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080426/ap_on_el_pr/democrats

    “I’ve been trying to resist that in this campaign and I will continue to resist it when I’m president of the United States,” said Obama.

    really doesn’t this make him sound a bit smug?

    and notice he always say “president of the United States”, as opposed to just saying president…why is that, is it like some psycological thing?

  313. Ann

    I believe it’s counter productive to even go to his site as I also believe the same thing about online polls. It gives them validity.
    Dick Morris is about the lowest form of man there is without being a chimpanzee.
    I’d much rather direct my disdain for him at the news outlets that utilize his point of views.
    As for the internet polls the obamabots are the mean machine that bashed Bill Clinton for 8 years and then bashed him at least for another 4 under GWB. there will be no winning against them, we just aren’t vile enough to compete. Exception Dobbs and a few programs on FOX

  314. I have learned a very valuable lesson voting based on race. One example is I voted for the previous Mayor of Philadelphia (a Hill supporter) and he was voted one of America’s worst Mayors in 2005 by a major publication. He was not what Philly needed. That was lesson one. Lesson two was campaigning and voting for a school board member where I now reside (Metro Atlanta) in what turned out to be a major disaster. We are now working to have the entire school board replaced. I believe in three strikes and I will not make that third strike and make the mistake of voting for Obaiter because he is black. This does not mean that I do not believe an AA man/woman could make a great leader of this great nation, however, Barack is not the one. I have always been a Clinton supporter and Mr. Clyburn and whoever else that want to play the race card will not change my mind. The Obaiter campaign and the media twisted BC’s commentary to make it appear that the Clintons are racist. I know they are not and this gives me more incentive to work harder to get our girl nominated. I do this because I truly believe Hillary can turn this thing around and help America become respectable and prosperous once again. She had a great win and PA and I look forward to helping her continue her success in the upcoming primaries.

  315. Another dozen letters to Indiana and NC.
    it’s a simple appeal – anyone can feel free to use, edit, adapt for your own purposes.

    This past week Senator Clinton pulled off a spectacular 10 point victory in Pennsylvania, handing Senator Obama yet another humiliating defeat.

    Now it’s Indiana’s turn to vote. Indiana is filled with people much like those in Pennsylvania, a state which I’ve visited, vacationed in and frequently driven through. Pennsylvanians are hard-working, self-sufficient patriots, just like the people in Indiana, just like the people in upstate NY, where I live.

    Pennsylvanians saw through Senator Obama’s smoke and mirrors, despite being bombarded by round-the-clock negative TV ads, despite Senator Clinton having been outspent by at least 3 to 1. But the good honest people of Pennsylvania don’t want a rock star president. They want, need and deserve someone who will be accessible; who respects their life styles, their beliefs, their hard work and the person they overwhelmingly chose was Senator Clinton.

    I have never been involved in the political process much less contributed financially to a presidential campaign, but I have been so touched, moved and inspired by Senator Clinton’s fighting spirit I urge the residents and citizens of the great state of Indiana to join the voters of Pennsylvania and choose Senator Clinton as your nominee on May 6.


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