Hillary Clinton – Yes, She Will

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As the Wright corpse climbs out of the coffin Big Media/Obama built for him Paul Krugman takes on Obama full force.

A few months ago the Obama campaign was talking about transcendence. Now it’s talking about math. “Yes we can” has become “No she can’t.

This wasn’t the way things were supposed to play out.

Mr. Obama was supposed to be a transformational figure, with an almost magical ability to transcend partisan differences and unify the nation. Once voters got to know him — and once he had eliminated Hillary Clinton’s initial financial and organizational advantage — he was supposed to sweep easily to the nomination, then march on to a huge victory in November.

Well, now he has an overwhelming money advantage and the support of much of the Democratic establishment — yet he still can’t seem to win over large blocs of Democratic voters, especially among the white working class.

As a result, he keeps losing big states. And general election polls suggest that he might well lose to John McCain.

What’s gone wrong?

Big Media and Dean/Brazile/Pelosi tried to protect Obama but their Protect Obama fortress is on fire and the only liquid around is expensive gasoline.

According to many Obama supporters, it’s all Hillary’s fault. If she hadn’t launched all those vile, negative attacks on their hero — if she had just gone away — his aura would be intact, and his mission of unifying America still on track.

But how negative has the Clinton campaign been, really? Yes, it ran an ad that included Osama bin Laden in a montage of crisis images that also included the Great Depression and Hurricane Katrina. To listen to some pundits, you’d think that ad was practically the same as the famous G.O.P. ad accusing Max Cleland of being weak on national security.

It wasn’t. The attacks from the Clinton campaign have been badminton compared with the hardball Republicans will play this fall. If the relatively mild rough and tumble of the Democratic fight has been enough to knock Mr. Obama off his pedestal, what hope did he ever have of staying on it through the general election?

“It’s Hillary’s fault.” Blame the waffles. Blame the bowlers.

Let me offer an alternative suggestion: maybe his transformational campaign isn’t winning over working-class voters because transformation isn’t what they’re looking for.

From the beginning, I wondered what Mr. Obama’s soaring rhetoric, his talk of a new politics and declarations that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” (waiting for to do what, exactly?) would mean to families troubled by lagging wages, insecure jobs and fear of losing health coverage. The answer, from Ohio and Pennsylvania, seems pretty clear: not much. Mrs. Clinton has been able to stay in the race, against heavy odds, largely because her no-nonsense style, her obvious interest in the wonkish details of policy, resonate with many voters in a way that Mr. Obama’s eloquence does not.

“Bitter” Americans are not scoring Hopium these days. Americans want solutions – real life solutions not platitudes about some kind of change.

Yes, I know that there are lots of policy proposals on the Obama campaign’s Web site. But addressing the real concerns of working Americans isn’t the campaign’s central theme.

Tellingly, the Obama campaign has put far more energy into attacking Mrs. Clinton’s health care proposals than it has into promoting the idea of universal coverage.

Obama’s cheap attacks and 15 million transparent lies are now on display. The Protect Obama fortress is on fire.

During the closing days of the Pennsylvania primary fight, the Obama campaign ran a TV ad repeating the dishonest charge that the Clinton plan would force people to buy health insurance they can’t afford. It was as negative as any ad that Mrs. Clinton has run — but perhaps more important, it was fear-mongering aimed at people who don’t think they need insurance, rather than reassurance for families who are trying to get coverage or are afraid of losing it.

No wonder, then, that older Democrats continue to favor Mrs. Clinton.

Paraphrasing the Burt Bacharach song, What’s it all about, Barry?

The question Democrats, both inside and outside the Obama campaign, should be asking themselves is this: now that the magic has dissipated, what is the campaign about? More generally, what are the Democrats for in this election?

That should be an easy question to answer. Democrats can justly portray themselves as the party of economic security, the party that created Social Security and Medicare and defended those programs against Republican attacks — and the party that can bring assured health coverage to all Americans.

They can also portray themselves as the party of prosperity: the contrast between the Clinton economy and the Bush economy is the best free advertisement that Democrats have had since Herbert Hoover.

But the message that Democrats are ready to continue and build on a grand tradition doesn’t mesh well with claims to be bringing a “new politics” and rhetoric that places blame for our current state equally on both parties.

Superdelegates Beware – Defend the grand traditions of the Democratic Party.

Superdelegates Beware – Obama heralds the destruction of the Democratic Party.

Superdelegates – Hillary Clinton will win. Yes, she will.


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  1. Great article, admin!

    Anyone else find irony in the current MSM situation? Once upon a time, the MSM deferred to Bush and the right-wingers, disregarded the Dems and left-wingers. They never looked into Bush’s activities and associations. They let him get away with murder (literally let him get away with sending thousands of Americans to their deaths). The MSM single-handedly created DKos.

    Now, those latte liberal Kosers have teamed up with the devil to do the same thing for BO. In the same way that they didn’t buy Bush’s lies and biased coverage, I’m not buying theirs’, and neither did PA, or OH, or TX, or CA, or….

  2. • Blue Democrat Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 1:40 am
    Who’s Jodie? What article? U Lost me..
    This Sinclair/Donnie Young thing sounds wild, having trouble finding his ‘original’ story though. Is that it (if you know; if these are just someone’s comments, I guess we’re both just diggin’ :)?
    And am I missing something with regards to the Edwards backer, NCDEM29, switching to BO?

    Did you read what I wrote about the kos article by NCDEM??
    About who Jodie is; Jodie is Jodie Evens, of code pink
    Wright on steroids: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=61907
    Mission Statement:
    CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq, stop new wars, and redirect our resources into healthcare, education and other life-affirming activities. We reject the Bush administration’s fear-based politics that justify violence, and instead calls for policies based on compassion, kindness and a commitment to international law. With an emphasis on joy and humor, CODEPINK women and men seek to activate, amplify and inspire a community of peacemakers through creative campaigns and a commitment to non-violence.
    Besides grassroots organizing stateside, CODEPINK women have traveled to Iraq where they helped to establish the Occupation Watch Center. Co-founder Gael Murphy has been key to the development of the international coalition of organizations. The first all-women CODEPINK peace delegation went to Iraq in Februrary, 2003. We have since sent multiple delegations to Iraq, Jordan, Iran and Afghanistan to deliver humanitarian aid and make diplomatic and human connections. Please see our Past Actions section for more information on CODEPINK’s travels.

    More on them:
    In response to CODEPINK’s vibrant and loud presence on Capitol Hill in recent months, we have become the target of far-right hatred that has filled staff emailboxes with profane and insulting messages suggesting that, among other things, we should be run over by trucks, forced to wear burkas, or shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan where we would get what we deserved.
    Posted by obamano on TM

    Terrorist Supporter Hosted Obama Hollywood Fundraiser
    Wednesday, April 16, 2008 1:00:16 AM • by kristinn • 58 replies • 2,914+ views
    Wednesday, April 16, 2008 | Kristinn
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama’s first Hollywood fundraiser was co-hosted by a supporter of the terrorists in Iraq. The Hollywood bibleVariety reported that Code Pink’s Jodie Evans co-hosted the Obama event with her ex-husband Max Palevsky and Dreamworks partners Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen in February 2007.In 2005 while attending the World Trbunal on Iraq in Istanbul, Evans gushed approvingly of the terrorists in Iraq in a statement originally published on the Code Pink website:”We must begin by really standing with the Iraqi people and defending their right to resist. I can remain myself against all forms…
    Code Pink ‘Bundles’ for Barack
    Tuesday, April 15, 2008 3:45:05 PM • by mdittmar • 7 replies • 278+ views
    Canada Free Press ^ | April 15, 2008 | Catherine Moy
    The co-founder of the radical anti-war group Code Pink has “bundled” more than $50,000 for Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and pro-troops groups are demanding that he return the money. Jodie Evans, a Code Pink leader, gathered at least $50,000 from friends and associates and donated it to Obama’s presidential campaign, according to information compiled by the nonpartisan watchdog group, Public Citizen. Evans and her son, a student who lives at her Southern California address, each also gave the maximum individual allowable donation of $2,300 to Obama’s campaign. The donations have raised questions about Obama’s association with the more radical…

  3. More re Ogreman’s remark about taking Hill “into A room”…

    On the February 25 edition of Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes, when asked by co-host Sean Hannity whether “somebody’s going to have to go to Hillary Clinton and say, ‘Get out of this thing [the Democratic primary race],’ ” guest Pete Snyder, a Republican strategist, responded, “I think someone is going to have to go out there and take her behind the barn.” The comment came during a discussion of the state of the Democratic race between Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama. Snyder went on to explain, “I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and that’s kind of the term they use for that.”

    Little weeenie boys with what they think are big boy fantasies.

  4. Here we go again, if you do not vote for Obama you are a racist. Yesterday Axlerod as much as said that senior citizens are racists becuase they do not vote for Obama. Now we are hearing that because hillary won the young white vote they are racists as well.

    Obama suffers crack in youth appeal
    By BEN ADLER | 4/24/08 12:32 PM EST Text Size:

    The weakness in Barack Obama’s support among older white voters appears to have trickled down to younger ones, at least in Pennsylvania, according to exit polls from the state’s primary this week.

    While Barack Obama carried voters under 30 years old on Tuesday by 20 points — 60 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 40 percent—he narrowly lost whites in the same age group by four points, 48 percent compared to Clinton’s 52 percent.

    Young whites were the only white demographic that Obama carried in close primaries leading up to Pennsylvania’s, as he did in the Clinton stronghold of New York, and in states with racially polarized voting among older voters, such as South Carolina.

    Normally Clinton only wins the white youth vote in states she totally dominates, such as Arkansas — not ones where she won by 10 points or less overall as she did in Pennsylvania.

    Some Democratic youth activists blame Obama’s slightly lower support among young white voters on cultural politics and racism.

    “People thought the ‘bitter’ comment hurt — I don’t,” said Jane Fleming Kleeb, executive director of Young Voter PAC, an organization that works to engage Democratic candidates with young voters, via e-mail. She was referring to Obama’s remarks about lower-income voters in Pennsylvania being bitter and “cling[ing]” to guns and religion to assuage their concerns about economic promises never met.

    “I think what hurt is that he couldn’t bowl over a 37,” Kleeb continued. “Middle-class young people who may not have gone the college route think to themselves, ‘Who is this guy? He can’t even bowl.’ … and then images of elitism come in.”

    Although exit polls do not break down college versus non-college-educated youth, it certainly appears that was a dividing line. A Daily Pennsylvanian/CBS poll of 14 Pennsylvania colleges shortly before the primary showed Obama leading Clinton among students 71 percent to 28 percent. And Obama carried college-dominated counties such as Centre and Union where Penn State University and Bucknell University, respectively, are located.

    Other youth vote activists cited Obama’s race as the key factor.

    “He’s black. It doesn’t matter that he is biracial, the simple fact of the matter is that young white people in Pennsylvania have a certain prejudice against black people,” said a young African-American woman from Pennsylvania who is active in Democratic youth politics and who asked not be named because of the sensitivity of the topic.

    She also noted that socially conservative white voters in Pennsylvania are more likely to be Democrats than they are in Southern states, where they tend to vote Republican.

    “The generational divide does have a racial quality to it,” said Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin and Marshall poll. “I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.” According to Madonna, there is a “racial quality” to this election that has become more apparent in the Pennsylvania exit poll results.

    “Do I think Governor Rendell is right that in Pennsylvania a certain number of people won’t vote for a black guy? Of course,” he said. “I don’t know what the percentage is.”

    But Larry Ceisler, a Democratic media consultant in Philadelphia, was dubious about race as a factor. “Wouldn’t say that. I just think it had to do with connection.”

    Some youth activists also noted that higher turnout helps Obama. Youth turnout in Pennsylvania, although a respectable 14 percent, was not as high in relative terms as in some earlier states. Voters under 30 made up 12 percent of the electorate, up from 9 percent in 2004. But in many previous states it has been a few points higher. For instance younger voters accounted for 16 percent of the electorate in California and Texas and 15 percent in Ohio.

    It is unclear why youth turnout was not higher. Some activists said they heard a few complaints of problems at polling places, such as recently registered voters being told they were not on the rolls. And the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported some minor technical glitches.

    Democratic youth political blogger Mike Connery also noted that Pennsylvania’s population skews old, in part because so many young people move away for jobs. And those who leave are more likely to have college degrees — the very supporters on whom Obama has counted.

    The Obama campaign blamed geography for his slight defeat among young whites in Pennsylvania. “It is not surprising that Sen. Clinton would win the vote in a state that borders her own where she has family ties and political roots going back more than a decade,” said Obama spokesperson Jen Psaki.

    The Clinton campaign, meanwhile, acknowledged that despite the silver lining among white youth, their 20-point defeat among young people of all races is nothing to boast about. “We’ve got some work to do with this age group,” said Emily Hawkins, Clinton’s youth vote director. “We’re going to keep talking to young voters.”




    Since we’re swapping Wright prayers and songs, here’s an old patriotic standby, update to meet’s Wright’s message of healing and reconciliation.

    God dam*n* America!
    Land that I loathe.
    Stand beside her
    And chide her,
    For every misstep that you know.
    From the Rezko slum*s
    To Bill Ayers’ bomb*s,
    To gun-clinging chum*s
    Filled with woe.
    God dam*n America!
    I hate my home.
    God dam*n America!
    I hate my home.

  6. It is part of the ongoing sexism and misogyny in this primary that Hillary Clinton gets blamed for negativity. It’s the same old game: If a man makes a comment, then he’s being strong and powerful but, if a woman makes a similar statement, she’s being negative. (See Shakesville’s running list of sexist comments made about Hillary. She’s counted 75 so far).

    In fact, in response to Obama’s Rovian tactics, the Clinton campaign sent around a quiz with negative statements about Hillary. All twelve came from the Obama campaign or Obama himself.


    Who said Hillary Clinton is “literally willing to do anything to win”
    Who said Hillary Clinton is attempting to “deceive the American people”
    Who claimed Hillary Clinton has a secret 20-year plan to become president
    Who called Hillary Clinton a calculating, poll-tested, divisive figure
    Who called Hillary Clinton “one of the most secretive politicians in America”
    Who said Hillary Clinton’s campaign is “playing politics with war”
    Who said John McCain is seen as more honest and trustworthy than Hillary Clinton
    Who called Hillary Clinton dishonest
    Who referred to Hillary Clinton as “a monster”
    Who said Hillary Clinton is “not being straight with the American people”
    Who said of Hillary, “The American people are not going to elect a president that they do not trust”
    Who claimed Hillary Clinton “consistently” and “deliberately” misleads the American people
    Obama has been shielded by his benefactors for over a year. His campaign has gotten away with these relentless attacks against Hillary, yet she is being accused of taking the low road. Americans are finally having their questions answered about Obama’s questionable friends, and Americans are turning off to this media-hyped creation.

    One hopes the superdelegates are paying attention to Obama’s certain unraveling.

  7. Oh Obama..who art in Chicago
    Hussien be thy name
    Thy election come
    Thy will be done, in Washington as it is in Chicago
    Give us this day our daily bread
    and forgive us our bitterness, as we forgive them whom cling to thier guns bitterly.
    And lead us not into debates about policy
    But deliver us from evil
    For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever

  8. Here is an interesting quote from a Wapo story:

    “With more than a third of primary voters expected to be African American, the state’s demographics favor Obama, who has won throughout the South by gaining huge majorities of the black vote. If Obama again dominates among blacks, Clinton would have to win more than two-thirds of white voters to triumph. She has done that before in the South — in Mississippi, where she still lost, and Tennessee, where she won.


  9. Hey, was wondering where everybody went. New Thread!

    Yes, I read it. Thanks a lot for the legwork. I also dug up what Sinclair wrote on Young (the basic facts), it’s at the end of the last post.

    WaPo with a classic setup piece. Check the bogus headline & paragraph:

    Clinton’s Hopes May Lie With N.C.
    Loss Would Shake Her Big-State Claims
    (BO’s been a prohibitive favorite for months and last Democrat to win NC was Jimmy Carter in 76′)

    “Aside from blunting momentum, a loss in North Carolina, the nation’s 10th-largest state, would weaken Clinton’s argument that she dominates the big states. Clinton has won five of the 10 most populous states

    Hasn’t Hill been talking about big democratic states, big battlegrounds, and not most populus?

    Discernable differences.

  10. THANKS






  11. Barack Obama linked to ANOTHER Possible Terrorist! / Hamas Financial Group! ~ WOW!

    I ended up on Hannity’s message board with this.

    Barack Obama has promised change. And as indicated by the public support that his candidacy has received by accused terrorist fundraiser Hatem El-Hady, Obama’s version of change that terrorists and their US supporters can believe in

    Read full message here. http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=637852“]http://forums.hann ity.com/showthread.php?t=637852

    Terrorist Fundraisers for Obama
    By Patrick Poole

    http://www.frontpagemagazine.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=6203178D-C782-42E2-8D56-765A3D7EDCD7“]http://www.frontpagemagazine.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=62 03178D-C782-42E2-8D56-765A3D7EDCD7

    Two years ago, Hatem El-Hady was the chairman of the Toledo, Ohio-based Islamic charity, Kindhearts, which was closed by the US government in February 2006 for terrorist fundraising and all its assets frozen. Today, El-Hady has redirected his fundraising efforts for his newest cause – Barack Obama for President.

    El-Hady has his own dedicated page on Barack Obama’s official website, chronicling his fundraising on behalf of the Democratic Party presidential candidate (his Obama profile established on February 19, 2008 – two years to the day after Kindhearts was raided by the feds). Not only that, but he has none other than Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, listed as one of his friends (one of her 224 listed friends).

  12. Sonia.

    Thanks for posting that up, it’s encouraging.

    Is that last line about a media-hyped creation from their press release?

    “Obama has been shielded by his benefactors for over a year. His campaign has gotten away with these relentless attacks against Hillary, yet she is being accused of taking the low road. Americans are finally having their questions answered about Obama’s questionable friends, and Americans are turning off to this media-hyped creation.”

  13. hi hillfans. while watching obama’s same ole concession/victory speeches over the last few months we all know he does not really say anything but broad brush speeches”change politics, come together, and yada, yada bs. this idiot never says anything of substance. contrast to hillary she tells us what she really wants to do for the working people of this country. if this goofball breaks wind they would hoop and holler.

  14. From the article posted above: He’s black. It doesn’t matter that he is biracial, the simple fact of the matter is that young white people in Pennsylvania have a certain prejudice against black people,” said a young African-American woman from Pennsylvania who is active in Democratic youth politics and who asked not be named because of the sensitivity of the topic.

    This is going to sound controversial, I know, but all this talk of racism has got me to thinking something that I’ve never considered before, and it’s the legacy of this Obama campaign that I find the most repugnant because, I think it does set the country back several paces in the inroads we’ve made for stronger race relations.

    Racism is bad, distasteful, abhorent, etc., I would never consider not voting for someone because of the color of their skin or their sex or their sexual preference but that doesn’t mean that other people have to make the same decisions that I do. If 90% of AAs are voting for Obama and are being threatened and cajoled into supporting his candidacy then so be it, it is their right to choose to vote for whatever candidate they prefer for whatever reason they prefer.

    We have reached a point in the rhetoric where people like the woman quoted above are suggesting that it is somehow wrong for white people to vote for a white candidate because that person is white. I think that more than anything else is what is tearing our party apart.

    If AAs want to vote for an AA, good for them. If women want to vote for Hillary solely because she’s a woman, good for them. If white people want to vote for white people, well, that’s their right, too. Nobody is entitled to any vote and it is up to the candidates to persuade people to vote for them. This rhetoric is not very persuasive, IMO, it’s divisive and, I’d say that it is the reason that Obama is losing voters…not the color of his skin.

    I’m not black, white or a woman, and my horse in the race early on was a putz, so the clear choice for me was Hillary who is the best candidate based on policy positions. But to be clear, if Richardson wasn’t such a doofus, I would have had zero problems supporting his candidacy and I would resent anyone who tried to tell me that I should be ashamed for doing so.

  15. as an african american myself i have chosen a experienced and smart person in hillary. barack obama is nothing but a all talk no action fad who like to hear himself talk too much. this lowlife don’t impress me in the least. im black and proud but i make my OWN choice not what my fellow blacks are supporting. whatever floats their boat but screw them if they are making it a racial issue if whites are supporting hillary. THEY CAN SUPPORT ANYBODY THEY WANT.

  16. Admin,

    ““we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”

    I’ve always thought this one came straight from Axelrod’s pen.

    If correct, it shows what a manipulative out-of-touch asshole he is.

    Otherwise, Obama’s the manipulative out-of-touch one…

  17. politico

    Obama won’t change game plan after loss
    Despite primary defeat in Pa., Barack Obama’s campaign is sticking with the strategy that brought him this far.

  18. These talking heads keep saying how Hillary got her ass kicked in SC, what they fail to point out is that all 8 candidates were on the ballot. If it had just been Hillary and what’s his name on the ballot, Hillary would have had between 40% and 44% of the vote instead of the 26% she did receive.

  19. Fair Is Fair

    By Geoff Garin
    Friday, April 25, 2008; A23

    What’s wrong with this picture? Our campaign runs a TV ad Monday saying that the presidency is the toughest job in the world and giving examples of challenges presidents have faced and challenges the next president will face — including terrorism, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, mounting economic dislocation, and soaring gas prices. The ad makes no reference — verbal, visual or otherwise — to our opponent; it simply asks voters to think about who they believe is best able to stand the heat. And we are accused, by some in the media, of running a fear-mongering, negative ad.

    The day before this ad went on the air, David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s chief strategist, appeared with me on “Meet the Press.” He was asked whether Hillary Clinton would bring “the changes necessary” to Washington, and his answer was “no.” This was in keeping with the direct, personal character attacks that the Obama campaign has leveled against Clinton from the beginning of this race — including mailings in Pennsylvania that describe her as “the master of a broken system.”

    So let me get this straight.

    On the one hand, it’s perfectly decent for Obama to argue that only he has the virtue to bring change to Washington and that Clinton lacks the character and the commitment to do so. On the other hand, we are somehow hitting below the belt when we say that Clinton is the candidate best able to withstand the pressures of the presidency and do what’s right for the American people, while leaving the decisions about Obama’s preparedness to the voters.

    Who made up those rules? And who would ever think they are fair?

    I am not making any bones about the fact that our campaign has pointed out what we believe are legitimate differences between Clinton and Obama on important issues. We have spoken out when we thought the Obama campaign made false distinctions, such as when it ran advertising in Pennsylvania on standing up to oil companies, particularly when Clinton was the one who did stand up to the oil companies by voting against the Bush-Cheney energy bill. And we believed it was appropriate to debate Obama’s comments about working people in small towns, because they expressed a view of small-town Americans with which Hillary Clinton strongly disagrees.

    But throughout that debate, Clinton deliberately focused on the content of Obama’s comments without making sweeping statements about his character.

    It’s an important distinction. The Obama campaign has chosen from its inception not to treat Clinton with the same respect. In fact, the Obama campaign has made an unprecedented assault on her character — not her positions, but her character — saying one thing about raising the tone of political discourse but acting quite differently in its treatment of Clinton.

    Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, held a conference call with reporters and called Hillary “one of the most secretive politicians in America today” — a striking personal charge in the era of Dick Cheney.

    Axelrod described Clinton as having “a special interest obsession.”

    Obama himself has joined the character assault from time to time, saying, for example, that Clinton “doesn’t have the sense that things need to change in Washington” — a patently false and demeaning observation.

    In the Philadelphia debate last week, Obama incorrectly said that his campaign addressed Hillary’s misstatements on Bosnia only when asked to by reporters. In fact, Obama’s campaign has organized several conference calls on the topic, including one this past weekend in which the featured speaker said that Clinton lacks “the moral authority to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day” (a statement the Obama campaign thankfully repudiated after we called it on it). Even though many reporters participated in those calls, Obama’s misstatement in Philadelphia was almost completely ignored.

    The bottom line is that one campaign really has engaged in a mean-spirited, unfair character attack on the other candidate — but it has been Obama’s campaign, not ours. You would be hard-pressed to find significant analogues from our candidate, our senior campaign officials or our advertising to the direct personal statements that the Obama campaign has made about Clinton.

    The problem is that the Obama campaign holds itself to a different standard than the one to which it holds us — and sometimes the media do, too.

    Hillary Clinton is a strong and determined person, and she will continue to discuss real solutions to America’s problems and the need for strong leadership to implement those solutions — even if she must play by a different set of rules than Barack Obama. But wouldn’t it be better if in this campaign what’s good for the goose were also good for the gander? After all, in America, fair is supposed to be fair.

    The writer is a strategist for Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

  20. I think the media is really perpetuating the idea that people aren’t voting for Obama because he is black. Now, I know there will be a small number of people that truly are that bigoted. But I think it is possible that threats by some of Obama’s surrogates and Obamabots, talk about possible rioting and payback hasn’t helped. Rumblings that if Obama has the election “stolen from him”, which of course can’t be stolen because the electorate, including the superdelegates, has not yet used their best judgement to pick a winner. There is no doubt that people do not like to be threatened, or told what to do…especially by someone they don’t know well, but were about to take a leap of faith on.

  21. great post on oregon. they start voting may3rd via mail. dang!

  22. This is soo true from a person on take my vote back from obama site!

    obama is resembling George W. Bush, because he doesn’t want to meet with voters and answer their questions one-on-one—he wants a teleprompter to lecture behind a podium AT Americans—he doesn’t really care about what Americans REALLY want, because HE DOESN’T MAKE HIMSELF ACCESSIBLE to the American People—-he hides, like Bush has done. WE DON’T WANT ANOTHER PRESIDENT THAT IGNORES WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WANT !!!!!!!!!!

  23. Saw this over at Rezko Watch: wow…

    Instead of planting bombs in public buildings, Ayers now works to indoctrinate America’s future teachers in the revolutionary cause, urging them to pass on the lessons to their public school students.

    Indeed, the education department at the University of Illinois is a hotbed for the radical education professoriate. As Ayers puts it in one of his course descriptions, prospective K–12 teachers need to “be aware of the social and moral universe we inhabit and . . . be a teacher capable of hope and struggle, outrage and action, a teacher teaching for social justice and liberation.” Ayers’s texts on the imperative of social-justice teaching are among the most popular works in the syllabi of the nation’s ed schools and teacher-training institutes. One of Ayers’s major themes is that the American public school system is nothing but a reflection of capitalist hegemony. Thus, the mission of all progressive teachers is to take back the classrooms and turn them into laboratories of revolutionary change.


    Ayers’s influence on what is taught in the nation’s public schools is likely to grow in the future. Last month, he was elected vice president for curriculum of the 25,000-member American Educational Research Association (AERA), the nation’s largest organization of education-school professors and researchers. Ayers won the election handily, and there is no doubt that his fellow education professors knew whom they were voting for. In the short biographical statement distributed to prospective voters beforehand, Ayers listed among his scholarly books Fugitive Days, an unapologetic memoir about his ten years in the Weather Underground. The book includes dramatic accounts of how he bombed the Pentagon and other public buildings.

    AERA already does a great deal to advance the social-justice teaching agenda in the nation’s schools and has established a Social Justice Division with its own executive director. With Bill Ayers now part of the organization’s national leadership, you can be sure that it will encourage even more funding and support for research on how teachers can promote left-wing ideology in the nation’s classrooms—and correspondingly less support for research on such mundane subjects as the best methods for teaching underprivileged children to read.

    The next time Obama—the candidate who purports to be our next “education president”—discusses education on the campaign trail, it would be nice to hear what he thinks of his Hyde Park neighbor’s vision for turning the nation’s schools into left-wing indoctrination centers. Indeed, it’s an appropriate question for all the presidential candidates.

    Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass wrote April 23, 2008, that links to the Weather Underground—and two of its key participants, William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, now college professors who have contributed to Sen. Obama’s political career—are “likely to resurface.”

    After relating a tale about the former Weathermen, Kass remarks:

    A few years later, Ayers got his job as a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. And Dohrn was employed at the Children and Family Justice Center affiliated with Northwestern University’s School of Law.

    I’ve always been fascinated as to how the radical underground stop running and get jobs in academia. Is there a Terrorist Patronage Office for Rich White People? And how did a convicted Dohrn get hired to teach at a law school?

    “I am afraid I don’t know an answer to that,” NU spokesman Alan Cubbage said. “The person who was the dean at the time is no longer with the law school. And the person who was the president at the time is no longer the president. So I just don’t know.”

    Cubbage did not mention that Ayers’ late father—Commonwealth Edison boss Thomas Ayers—was an NU trustee and former board chairman. UIC spokesman Mark Rosati couldn’t help either, but suggested I file a Freedom of Information Act request to find out how terrorists get hired by taxpayers.

    “It’s nothing personal,” Rosati said.

    How amusing. They don’t want to explain how terrorists were hired, so they know nothing.

    Comment RezkoWatcher pm points out that Kass’s story puts an end to the “fatal flaw in Dohrn’s defense that she never hurt anyone” and that “Broadway Baby” will become the new blogosphere buzzword.

    Update #1:: Transcript excerpt from CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, April 17, 2008 (emphasis added):

    DOBBS: Bill Ayers, we’re hearing today from Mayor Daley that he also knows Ayres and he’s just a fine fellow and no problem, don’t be — please don’t be discomforted by Senator Obama’s relationship with him.

    MCCARTHY: Look, of all the people who’ve ever bombed the Pentagon and the State Department and the New York City police headquarters, I’m sure he’s one of the best. But I — my sense is that regular Americans aren’t going to see it that way.

    DOBBS: Senator Obama, you are declaring rather straight forwardly, is denying some relatively close relationships that he is suggesting are not — are distant.

    MCCARTHY: Yeah, well he’s denying the relationship, but I think more importantly what he’s trying to obfuscate is that there’s a trajectory to all of this and there’s a theme that runs through it and whether its some of the statements made by his wife or Reverend Wright or Bernadine Dohrn and Ayers, the fact is he’s comfortable… Bernadine Dohrn being Ayers’ wife. The other Weather Underground terrorist who was Ayers’ wife. But, he’s comfortable with people who hate this country. And I think when he talks about and makes the theme of his campaign “Change,” and since he hasn’t really explained to us much about the change, we’re entitled to infer, from the people he’s comfortable with, who are social revolutionaries, the kind of change he wants to make in America.

    DOBBS: You’re including, obviously, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

    MCCARTHY: Of course, right.

    DOBBS: And — and Ayers (ph). Others?

    MCCARTHY: Well, there’s Rashid Khalidi, who was a recipient of some of the largess that Obama controlled when he was on the Woods Board. He is somebody who was —

    DOBBS: He was on the board with Ayers (ph)?

    MCCARTHY: Yes, when Obama was on the Woods Board with Ayers, they gave grants to Rashid Khalidi, and his work. Now, he has denied being a member of the PLO. But there’s no question he’s an apologist for Palestinian terrorism, including suicide attacks against Israeli soldiers.

    Update #2: John Hinderaker of Power Line blog has done an excellent 2-part series—The Friends of Barack Obama—with fresh information on Ayers and Dohrn: Part 1, April 22, 2008, and Part 2, Power Line, April 23, 2008.

  24. the hill-edwards may back obama. oh elizabeth please say no to this


  25. Ever so slowly, the press is beginning to vet Odrama:

    Obama’s ‘Distractions’?

    By Charles Krauthammer
    Washington Post
    Friday, April 25, 2008; A23

    Real change has never been easy. . . . The status quo in Washington will fight. They will fight harder than ever to divide us and distract us with ads and attacks from now until November.

    — Barack Obama,

    Pennsylvania primary night speech

    With that, Obama identified the new public enemy: the “distractions” foisted upon a pliable electorate by the malevolent forces of the status quo, i.e., those who might wish to see someone else become president next January. “It’s easy to get caught up in the distractions and the silliness and the tit for tat that consumes our politics” and “trivializes the profound issues” that face our country, he warned sternly. These must be resisted.

    Why? Because Obama understands that the real threat to his candidacy is less Hillary Clinton and John McCain than his own character and cultural attitudes. He came out of nowhere with his autobiography already written, then saw it embellished daily by the hagiographic coverage and kid-gloves questioning of a supine press. (Which is why those “Saturday Night Live” parodies were so devastatingly effective.)

    Then came the three amigos: Tony Rezko, the indicted fixer; Jeremiah Wright, the racist reverend; William Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist. And then Obama’s own anthropological observation that “bitter” working-class whites cling to guns and religion because they misapprehend their real class interests.

    In the now-famous Pennsylvania debate, Obama had extreme difficulty answering questions about these associations and attitudes. The difficulty is understandable. Some of the contradictions are inexplicable. How does one explain campaigning throughout 2007 on a platform of transcending racial divisions, while in that same year contributing $26,000 to a church whose pastor incites race hatred?

    What is Obama to do? Dismiss all such questions about his associations and attitudes as “distractions.” And then count on his acolytes in the media to wage jihad against those who have the temerity to raise these questions. As if the character and beliefs of a man who would be president are less important than the “issues.” As if some political indecency was committed when Obama was prevented from going through his latest — 21st and likely last — primary debate without being asked about Wright or Ayers or the tribal habits of gun-toting, God-loving Pennsylvanians.

    Take Ayers. Obama makes it sound as if the relationship consists of having run into each other at the DMV. In fact, Obama’s political career was launched in a 1995 meeting at Ayers’s home. Obama’s own campaign says that they maintain “friendly” relations.

    Obama’s defense is that he was 8 when Ayers and his Weather Underground comrades were planting bombs at the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol and other buildings. True. But Obama was 40 when Ayers said publicly that he doesn’t regret setting bombs. Indeed, he said, “I feel we didn’t do enough.”

    Would you maintain friendly relations with an unrepentant terrorist? Would you even shake his hand? To ask why Obama does is perfectly legitimate and perfectly relevant to understanding what manner of man he is.

    Obamaphiles are even more exercised about the debate question regarding the flag pin. Now, I have never worn one. Whether anyone does is a matter of total indifference to me. But apparently not to Obama. He’s taken three affirmative steps in regard to flag pins. After Sept. 11, he began wearing one. At a later point, he stopped wearing it. Then last year he explained why: because it “became a substitute for, I think, true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national security.”

    Apart from the self-congratulatory fatuousness of that statement — as if in this freest of all countries, political self-expression is somehow scarce or dangerous or a sign of patriotic courage — to speak of pin-wearing as a sign of inauthentic patriotism is to make an issue of it yourself. For Obamaphiles to now protest the very asking of the question requires a fine mix of cynicism and self-righteousness.

    But Obama needs to cast out such questions as illegitimate distractions because they are seriously damaging his candidacy. As people begin to learn about this just-arrived pretender, the magic dissipates. He spent six weeks in Pennsylvania. Outspent Hillary more than 2 to 1. Ran close to 10,000 television ads — spending more than anyone in any race in the history of the state — and lost by 10 points.

    And not because he insufficiently demagogued NAFTA or the other “issues.” It was because of those “distractions” — i.e., the things that most reveal character and core beliefs.

  26. The demographics for hillary are Edwards period! He wanted universal health care and to help the middle lower class people. Obama attracts rich, and the young and african americans. Of course african americans are what we all support but the ones that are middle lower class people. If Edwards endorses Obama I will lose all hope in this election, it will be proven that is it has not changed with racism and sexism in the USA. I can’t not believe that his wife has not said anything yet. I heard when Obama met with them they had a huge argument, really don’t know of what but it happend, ERRRRR!

  27. Berkeley Vox, on that Krauthammer article – someone has been reading this website. We said “three torpedoes” Krauthammer says “three amigos” identifying the same issues we did. We also like “this just-arrived pretender”. How long ago was it that we started playing the video of “The Great Pretender”? We’ll have to dig up that video and start playing it again.

    The message is getting through.

  28. Tell me it’s true!! In spite of cautions on this forum to avoid the MSM, I watched a small part of Lou Dobbs. He and a few pundits seemed to be saying there has been a shift by the MSM. Now Obama is beginning to be described as a “flawed candidate”. I hope that’s right!

    Also tell me it’s not too late. The bias in the MSM was at least partly responsible for the situation right now in the Dem Party. We have almost nominated a flawed candidate. Are they going to help rectify this situation? I’m very doubtful.

    This thread seems to be more than hinting at this change in the media. I just want it to be true, and merely the beginning of something great. Lots of good stuff here this morning.

    I hope Admin is right: The message is getting through.

  29. As to what happened with Obama and Edwards, I believe Obama wanted in on ST to minimise Hillary’s wins in big states she won, Edwards might have been able to take a lot of votes away in southern states and California, thats why he was pissed at him.

  30. Soros from the Site that Must Not be Named is over at MyDD this morning with a diary calling on Hillary to drop out of the race. After each of Obama’s humiliating losses, the humiliating loss in Pennsylvania, the humiliating loss in Ohio, the humiliating loss in Texas, Obama’s people have had the temerity to call on Hillary to drop out. Obama is trying to drag his broken carcass across the goal line. What a disaster Obama’s nomination would prove. What a Dukakisesque disaster.

  31. Baraka Dukakka must be scared again if that old chestnut is being drawn out. No its not a case of “unity” its a case of get her out before she proves her point and wins.

  32. Getting no response to my questions above (maybe it’s too early, or maybe no one thinks they are worthy of an answer) I Googled for an answer in the media. I got a definite maybe on the question of Obama being a flawed candidate. The media seems to be saying both he and Hillary are flawed. Some are also saying McCain is flawed.

    Since others have been pointing out all along that Hillary and McCain are flawed, I guess I should be happy they have finally added Obama. If that’s the best we can get, I will take it.

  33. Sherm,
    (Not to be a bummer, but you asked)

    It’s not true IMO, that the MSM has ‘turned’. Nowhere close.
    First, you’d have to ask who exactly is the MSM?

    Right now it is fractured, they are hardly acting in unison, though the infiltration of BO forces in nearly segment of media limits BO’s liability.

    But that slivers of what would traditionally be called MSM are finding it in themselves to do their job – and keep in mind there is still precious little actual reporting going on (see Cooper, Anderson; 3 minutes into the broadcast they go to the “best political team on television’ for ‘analysis’) when they are smacked in the face with the reality that one candidate is a shell of how they’ve portrayed him, in the wake of a humiliating defeat, is hardly reason to rejoice after what we’ve seen.

    “Also tell me it’s not too late.”

    It could well be, which would be perfectly convenient for them now, wouldn’t it?

  34. The endlessly asked question, “If BO has the most pledged delegates and the popular vote, how can he be denied?” was answered by Craig Crawford, “That’s what the SDs are there for”. They argued with him that SDs are just supposed to ratify the vote and he said that’s not in the rules.

    The other answer is that she has the most popular votes. They are starting to concede FL but are ruling out MI. But Obama himself withdrew from that race — he didn’t have to — and he should be made to abide by his decision. The argument that not only do the delegates not count but the popular vote shouldn’t count either makes no sense — was it a fake election? Who has disenfranchised the voters? And why?

  35. freckles,
    I’m thinking along the same lines this (and every) morning;

    Found this scenario from an Obamabot of what could happen with FLA & MI, worth a look I thought;

    “I believe, that HRC will energise her supporters to vote for the inclusion of MI and Fl mostly unanimous. I doubt Obama can to the same with his delegates to vote with no.
    Most Dems, especially the supers, are not happy to exclude Fl and Mi. They know, by doing so they are handing those over to the GOP.
    Also supers have political connections to officials from those two states. They need the Congressman/woman, Senators and even party officials from those States for their agendas.
    Third I heard many supers on both sides have sympathy to rebel secretly against the Iowa, New Hampshire,… monopoly of being the first by weeks.

    This said, the overturn vote might by very interesting, as it isn’t openly a choice between Obama and Clinton but between inclusion and exclusion. Delegates might hide their scruples behind this technicality.
    Because of the advantage Obama holds now and remaining supers resistant to come out in masses, it might be even so, that after inclusion of Fl and Mi the race would only go from certain Obama to narrow favourable for Obama. I bet some delegates in Obamas column would like to take the risk just to be inclusive. Like “It’s time to begin the healing of the Dem party by including FL and MI back again into our circle.” This gamble might backfire.

    This technicality of the vote not being openly Obama vs. Clinton isn’t good for Obama for a second reason. It allows some of his supporters to abandon him secretly while HRC can’t lose anything in this vote.

    It might be her last chance to clinch the nomination. She tries to raise doubts Obama can win the GE. HRC makes the argument, that Obama isn’t wining the big states, the “bitter vote”, the less educated and less fortuned. The MSM and a lot of the strategist agnolege, that it wouldn’t be easy for Obama to win the GE. (it wouldn’t be for HRC either, but more later).
    Even worse, in those GE polls Obama does better I the whole US, but is further behind when in comes to the EC. And the latter becomes more and more the focus of the MSM and the supers.”

  36. Blue Dem, thanks very much for your response. I’ve noticed you usually come through even when you aren’t asked.

    When I Googled News for “Obama flawed”, I did find a lot of articles referring to him being flawed. But that gets back to your question of what is MSM. Most of those stories certainly are not. Still, if a lot more stories are out there about him being flawed, something previously admitted only on this and similar sites, that can only help.

    The question about it being too late is a definite worry. However, as your last post stated, that’s what the super delegates are for. Crawford is right. Even so, if they made the right decision and selected Hillary as the nominee, there will be a major upheaval among many voters. At this point that appears to be expected regardless of which way it goes.

    Thank you again.

    Incidentally, I’ve seen quite a number general elections, and it seems people, including the media, grumble about how we have selected the two worst possible candidates to run for President. I don’t expect it to be any different this time.

  37. I’m up early. I hope you guys caught the wonderful Craig Crawford on Morning Joe. He fended off Andrea Mitchell’s insistence that Hillary did not have the math on her side.

    What really impressed me was his response in regards to Clyburns comment that Bill’s behavior has caused an irreparable rift with the AA who “supported him through his impeachment” and “what a way to repay them… blah blah blah.” Crawford basically said that we should all just drop the notion that Clyburn is objective and just say that he’s in the tank for Obama. Clyburn has basically been the BO campaign mouthpiece.

    It’s so refreshing to actually see and hear someone on MSNBC who doesn’t have Hillary-hate in his/her very essence.

  38. Illinois Gov on the brink of Impeachment : Rezko getting closer to Obama


    Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich is facing impeachment talk from within his own party in the wake of the plea agreement of Rezko pal Ali Ata. The Chicago Sun-Times reports

    The impeachment drumbeat at the Statehouse grew louder Wednesday, a day after the blockbuster accusation by a former state official that he got his state job after pouring money into Gov. Blagojevich’s campaign fund — including a $25,000 check in an envelope he presented to the governor.

    Two House Democrats said discussions on a possible impeachment resolution targeting Blagojevich accelerated after Tuesday’s disclosure by Ali Ata, whom the governor appointed to a $127,000-a-year post running the Illinois Finance Authority.

    Only a month ago, Democrat Eliot Spitzer resigned as Governor of New York when a Federal investigation into possible money laundering led to Spitzer’s involvement with a prostitute. Spitzer resigned after he checked with leaders in the New York legislature who informed him that impeachment would be forthcoming if he failed to resign. Blagojevich may find himself in the same situation as his own party is starting to revolt against him.

    Blagojevich does have a strong supporter in Illinois Senate President Emil Jones. It was Jones who thwarted an effort recently by the Illinois House to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot to allow a recall of key elective officers by the voters (currently, only the legislature can remove a Governor). The Blagojevich administration has helped Jones’ wife, Lorrie Rickman Jones, secure a plum job in the Illinois Department of Public Health two months before Jones married her and a $70,000 raise after he married her. It was also Jones, a Democrat, who helped Obama in his rise to power in the Illinois Senate and thence to the US Senate.

    The Ali Ata plea agreement also means that Governor Blagojevich may be getting closer to being indicted by US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. It was also Fitzgerald who prosecuted former Republican Illinois Governor George Ryan (Blagojevich’s predecessor) who was sent to prison for corruption during his term as Secretary of State.

    A recent Federal Appeals Court ruling in an unrelated corruption trial of Democrat Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s former patronage chief Robert Sorich, appears to have made it easier to win convictions in cases of awarding government jobs to political allies. Sorich was also prosecuted by Fitzpatrick. The ruling will undoubtedly help Fitzpatrick should he choose to go after Blogojevich and other corrupt Illinois officials.

    It is hard to predict what impact these developments will have on Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign, but they cannot help since his career is tied closely to Illinois political machines.

  39. To all who had a problem with Brillo.
    White trash is ok.
    But not black trash.
    Whites is ok in place of Caucasian.
    But AA instead of black.
    Mangina is ok.
    But monkey isn’t.
    Bitter gun toting typical white is ok.
    But not fairy tale.
    Randi Rhodes (who I despise) probably slept with every guy who said hi.
    But no mention of men who do the same.
    Talk about double standard.
    That’s why I mostly just lurk now but once in a while the hypocrisy demands a response.

  40. Clyburn is full of crap. He is spouting that Hillary “owes” the AA community because of their support of Bill.

    If that’s true, then don’t they also “owe” Bill and Hillary after all the Clintons did for THEM?

    If we want to start talking about loyalties, payback and who is “owed” something, that sword cuts both ways, Mr. Clyburn.

    All he is doing is trying to energize BO’s base in SC by playing the tired old race card, and it is so transparent at this point that it is sickening. I believe that people are seeing through it now, quite easily. We are SICK of being bullied by it.

  41. Obama is taking some heat for his opposition to the McCain idea for a gasoline tax holiday. Hillary is for it if we can make up the deficit in income for the highways, etc.


  42. Why does real clear politics show on the front page hillary with a 1.4 above obama in indiana but when you go on to the site it shows asshole with a 3 point lead! I didn’t know he was ahead right now! WE MUST DO PHONES GUYS A LOT OF PHONES, I HATE DOING CALLS BECAUSE I GET NERVOUS SOMEONE IS GOING TO CHEW MY ASS BUT THAT IS OK WE ARE NEAR A DRAW AND WE HAVE TO WIN!

  43. All the media is going to do for the next two weeks is make hillary look like the KKK and all we have to do is find a way to convince the voters that Obama is a terrible lying sack of terd!

  44. I have so many pent up anger towards Obama campaign and the MSM that it keeps me up at night. Once again, BO camp is race baiting… just in time for NC. We saw it happening right before SC and now it’s happening all over again.

    Who will they blame? The Clintons.

  45. From responders…


    This week our goal is to get 20 Letters to each of the Editors at the following North Carolina newspapers.

    The theme this week is: Why North Carolinians should vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Who’s in?

  46. filbertsf, it would be nice if someone called them out on it immediately instead of waiting until the MSM twists it around, as you indicated.

    While watching a couple of AA PHd’s on O’Reilly they seemed to be able to twist any comment about race or about Obama into race baiting. I wonder if the media will continue to follow them each time.

  47. Well. that is exactly what Donna Brazile said in those emails. That they had saved their asses. Eff that. No one is in entitled to the presidency and certainly not BO.

  48. Im a bad writer but please everyone do it ANN that is a great idea!!! Ok can we please look at these polls that we have never heard of coming out in indiana. I WANT USA SURVEY now!!!!!!! None of these alley way voting places!

  49. It seems ironic to me that the Dem Elders and BO supporters are blaming Hillary for the rift amongst Dem voters. It’s actually their treatment of Hillary coronation of BO that is causing people like me to drift further and further away from the Dem Party.

  50. Ha Rassmussen trying to say Kerry is a safe Democrat

    His polling in Mass is 53 to 35 for the nearest Repug and thats before campaigning. I’d say he’s in trouble.

    He won in 2002 by 81 to 19.

    That tells me, he’s not safe sweetie far from it.

  51. @win,
    At responders, they have draft talking points and all the contact info so it really couldn’t be easier. Not all of them will be printed but it helps create a sense of momentum for HRC with local press offices.

  52. mj, in light of moononpluto’s post, are you planning to campaign against horseface when he’s up for re-election?

  53. I agree that Kerry is not safe. The women in Mass have long memories, and his endoresement of Obama will haunt him. There are a few Dems that need to leave office: Kennedy, Kerry, Richardson to name a few.

  54. Is this guy a Obama supporter?

    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, elected in 2006, is now at his lowest-ever level of job approval.

    Patrick today has a 41% approval rating and a 56% disapproval rating, combining to create a Minus 15 Net Job Approval

  55. win-

    are you kdding? Deval Patrick was Axelrod’s rough draft for BO. The “words” speech was lifted from his campaign in MA. Patrick campaigned on this whole hope, change theme and now that he is in office he is totally uselss. He can’t run the government, doesn’t know how to pay for everything he promised and thinks he can fund the govt with casinos- but the legislature vetoed that idea.

    In fact, I’ve been saying we need to show everyone what Deval Patrick hasn’t accomplished as governor of MA. Somethimes, just words are well…. just words. Like Obama he is all sizzle and no steak.

    Solutions NOT soliloquies.

  56. winhillary, not only is Patrick a supporter, he is a foreshadow of what an Obama presidency would look like.

    David Axelrod was the mastermnd behind Patrick’s ascendency. Hope and Change was also Patrick’s campaign theme. Lots of talk of change, little substance. The people of MA ate it all up.

    Patrick Admin has been a disappointment. The “change” that the MA had hope for never came to fruition. It’s politics as usual. Patrick and the MA Speaker of the House are locking horn and not much has been accomplished.

    That’s the reason Hillary won MA by double-digit.

  57. @win,
    Send me an email at:

    a b i l y e w at advent international dot com

    Remove the spaces obviously and repace “at” and “dot”

  58. Ann, please do not give out our email here. Obamabots are sending hate and vile emails to us.

    Did you read what Henry wrote last night? Obamabots sent him instructions on how to kill himself. For your sanity, keep your personal info off this site.

  59. I read all the posts and have an over-all question from those of you who read more than I do.

    After a youth spent in elite schools, Obama then went to work in a law firm (which he glides over) and as a community organizer. In the law firm, he did work for Rezko and as an organizer, what exactly did he do? Do we know anyone from the community to tell us what he did? He once said something about asbestos, but a leader said he wasn’t involved and I haven’t heard that since.
    Does anyone listen to his speeches and can fill in this accomplishment he brags about?

    Secondly, I know about the 3 amigos in his life — were there any other people he hung out with?
    Other than Chicago pols, radical blacks, and terrorists? It seems to me that you can have one or two such people in your acquaintance, but they should be offset by some others.

    Finally about the “ethics” bill he helped sponsor when he arrived in the senate, was there much opposition? Was this the one where you have to stand up while you eat a lobbyist’s lunch? Did he do anything else or is he still doing what he did in Chicago, “hiding in the men’s room when the tough votes came up”.

    Anyone who can fill me in on what I’ve missed, pleae do so.

    Accomplishments? Judgment

  60. Ann,

    Your email is safe with me and us, but yeah that could be a problem, they would do something like that. I just sent you mail.

  61. filbertsf-

    For the record, I posted my email here and got one Obamabot email. I’ve actually enjoyed sending her scathing responses and letting her know what a fake she is supporting.

  62. Ronald, sorry dude. It’s 6:30 PST and I’ve been up since 4:30. Your post is the perfect summation of what a failure Patrick is and what a failure Obama will be.

  63. freckles,

    you may be on to something there. If he did “asbestos” work for Rezko, a real estate developer, Im sure it involved legal defense work against asbestos law suits levelled by tenants. I wonder if some of these are part of the public record in Chicago? Anyone know how to investigate this? legal records sleuth?

  64. You know who would be great to find is the people that lived in the slums that tony rezko had in Obamas district, and get them to interview. That would be great news for fox!

  65. Survey USA poll
    Date: 4/11-13
    Added: 4/15/08
    Est. MoE = 4.1% [?]

    Hillary Clinton 55%
    Barack Obama 39%
    Unsure 3%
    Other 3%

  66. So they “saved” BC ass? So, that means that Hill & Bill are suuposed to defer to BHO and all of his baggage and race baiting? I don’t think so. Last time I checked, Jesse Jackson (how many love children) and Sharpton (too many to count), not to mention even Cosby (affair-extortion) – these “indiscretions” are very often part of the AA as well as White way of life. So, Clyburn (no telling what’s in his closet) can get off his high horse. McCain, Edwards, Obama have had their own share of whispers (some borne out, others in the making). BHO and his surrogates make me sick. With their “holier-than-thou” selves (NOT) – they have absolutely no room to sprout wings and a halo. I have no doubt they stood by Bill Clinton. It’s because OF ALL HE HAS DONE FOR THEM. SO, GET OVER IT ALREADY. Leave BC out of this. Hillary Clinton has been a crusader for civil rights, and would not have the backing of Maya Angelou if she had not made inroads in her own right for all races. BHO’s “bottom-of-the-barrel” tactics come across as desperate and disgusting. If BHO can’t run his campaign on ANYTHING positive – I mean ANYTHING – then he needs to keep his lying mouth shut. We have all got he and Axelrod’s number. We are no more to them than “white trash clinging to our guns and faith” who they don’t need to win over anyway. We’ve been “written off” as nonrelevant in their democratic sphere. Pretty soon, they can write off many more demographics as their constant bad-mouthing of BC, HC and her policies only ring more and more hollow for listeners (translation: voters).

  67. A lot of reading and most of what we already know but good points

    Three community groups represented by Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland were partners with Rezmar in the troubled housing deals.

    Rezko offers Obama support Obama had been at the firm for two years when he began his political career, running to replace state Sen. Alice Palmer. Rezko became Obama’s political patron. Obama got his first campaign contributions on July 31, 1995: $300 from a Loop lawyer, a $5,000 loan from a car dealer, and $2,000 from two food companies owned by Rezko.

    Around that time, Rezmar began developing low-income apartments in partnerships with the Chicago Urban League and two other not-for-profit community groups, both founded and run by Bishop Arthur Brazier, pastor of the Apostolic Church of God and a powerful ally of the mayor — the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corp., known as WPIC, and the Fund for Community Redevelopment and Revitalization.

    All three community groups were clients of the Davis law firm. Davis himself was treasurer of WPIC when it went into business with Rezmar.

    Why go into business with Rezmar? “We thought they were successful,” Davis said, noting that little development was taking place in Woodlawn.

    At the time, Rezmar had been in business for six years and had become one of City Hall’s favored developers of low-income housing, managing 600 apartments in 15 buildings it rehabbed with government funding. Teaming now with community development groups, Rezmar rehabbed another 15 buildings, with 400 apartments, between 1995 and 1998. Each deal involved a mix of public and private financing — loans from the city or state, federal low-income-housing tax credits and bank loans.

    By the time Rezmar started working with those community groups, at least two of its earlier buildings were falling into disrepair — including the Englewood apartment building at 7000 S. Sangamon where the tenants were without heat for five weeks.

    The tenants there had no heat from Dec. 27, 1996, until at least Feb. 3, 1997, when the city of Chicago sued to turn the heat on. The case was settled later that month with a $100 fine.

    It was during that time that the area’s new state senator, Barack Obama, got a $1,000 campaign donation from Rezmar. The date: Jan. 14, 1997.

    Obama works on Rezmar deals Obama spent the next eight years serving in the Illinois Senate and continued to work for the Davis law firm. Through its partnerships, Rezmar remained a client of the firm, according to ethics statements Obama filed while a state senator.

    Davis said he didn’t remember Obama working on the Rezmar projects.

    “I don’t recall Barack having any involvement in real estate transactions,” Davis said. “Barack was a litigator. His area of focus was litigation, class-action suits.”

    But Obama did legal work on real estate deals while at Davis’ firm, according to biographical information he submitted to the Sun-Times in 1998. Obama specialized “in civil rights litigation, real estate financing, acquisition, construction and/or redevelopment of low-and moderate income housing,” according to his “biographical sketch.”

    And he did legal work on Rezko’s deals, according to an e-mail his presidential campaign staff sent the Sun-Times on Feb. 16, in response to earlier inquiries. The staff didn’t specify which Rezmar projects Obama worked on, or his role. But it drew a distinction between working for Rezko and working on projects involving his company.

    “Senator Obama did not directly represent Mr. Rezko or his firms. He did represent on a very limited basis ventures in which Mr. Rezko’s entities participated along with others,” according to the e-mail from Obama’s staff.

    Obama buys Rezko land Over the years, Rezko, Mahru, their wives and businesses have given more than $50,000 to Obama’s campaign funds, records show. And Rezko has helped raise millions more. Rezko was among the people Obama appointed to serve on his U.S. Senate campaign finance committee, the Sun-Times reported in 2003. The committee raised more than $14 million, according to Federal Election Commission records, helping send Obama to Washington in 2004.

    As a U.S. senator, Obama grew closer to Rezko.

    Two years ago, Obama bought a mansion on the South Side, in the Kenwood neighborhood, from a doctor. On the same day, Rezko’s wife, Rita Rezko, bought the vacant lot next door from the same seller. The doctor had listed the properties for sale together. He sold the house to Obama for $300,000 below the asking price. The doctor got his asking price on the lot from Rezko’s wife.

    Last year, Rita Rezko sold a strip of that vacant lot to Obama for $104,500 — a deal Obama later apologized for, acknowledging that people might think he got a favor from Rezko. Obama called the episode “boneheaded” and a “mistake.”

    At the time Obama bought that strip of land, it had been reported that Rezko was under federal investigation for influence-peddling involving the administration of Blagojevich, whose campaign also received Rezko’s financial support.

    Rezko has since been indicted for allegedly demanding kickbacks from companies seeking state business under Blagojevich. Rezko’s trial has been postponed while investigators sort through his finances.

    ‘Disenchanted with Rezmar’ Rezmar’s final low-income housing deals involving the Davis law firm went bad quickly. Those deals were supposed to provide affordable housing for at least 25 years. But the first deal Rezmar struck with the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corp. collapsed in just six and a half years, when the state sued for foreclosure. WPIC and its sister agency, the Fund for Community Redevelopment and Revitalization, ultimately forced Rezmar to give up control of all 12 buildings they rehabbed together, citing financial troubles and deteriorating conditions of the buildings.

    The state foreclosure suit came because Rezmar had stopped making monthly mortgage payments in March 2001 on a state loan to help turn an old nursing home into low-income apartments at 6140 S. Drexel, in Obama’s state Senate district.

    “WPIC became disenchanted with Rezmar and wanted to get rid of them,” Brazier said. “They thought the buildings weren’t being kept up properly. There were some financial problems.”

    Rezmar and WPIC cut all ties last October, when the Chicago City Council agreed to let Rezmar out of a city loan. Rezmar transferred its interest to The Wolcott Group, a management company run by business partners of David Brint — the man who had introduced Rezko to Obama.

  68. meiyingsu

    read that article on the tv stations refusing to air that commercial, and noticed those stations sit in predominantly AA populated areas……….go figure!

    where it will be played will be the rest of the state that is predominately Caucasian and latino where it will be the most effective anyways.

  69. The attacks from the Clinton campaign have been badminton compared with the hardball Republicans will play this fall.

    I love the Krug Man. But I feel he besmirches the sport of badminton.

    If he’d even have seen Olympics-level, cut-throat with shuttlecocks going like 130 mph, he might have reversed his metaphor.

    And real croquet is an aggressive cut-throat sport too.

    Don’t even ask me about tiddlewinks.

  70. The last we heard there were no records from Obama’s work in the law firm (and none from his Illinois senate days). I don’t believe it. The law firm has records. I want to see those 5 hours work for Rezko he has acknowledged. And find out what else he did.

    Anybody know more about the records?

  71. basil .. please come back. We miss you! I know you had your last treatment and I hope you are feeling much, much better. Your efforts for our girl are so much appreciated and you bring much substance to the forum

  72. Watching CNN livestream. LOL! Hillary hitting Bambi hard on his refusal to debate in NC.

    Says she will meet him “anywhere, anytime”

    You’d have to hear it, she throws it out there strong, like a gauntlet, like she dares the chickenshit.

  73. Paddy, Moon, Ann,
    Well, I’m still very grumpy, just like my PMS plum-head parrot who’s nesting up a storm under beds, chairs and bureaus everywhere and attacking me whenever i get within feet of her ‘NEST.’ Of course that so-called NEST exists only in her mind but since I’m tired of getting bitten I take a wide detour around her i aginary eggs and hope she gets over this real soon. otherwise I’m gonna haveta clip her wings while I redomesticate her. 🙁
    Still involved with FDR and getting ready to join ann in the Rapid Responder NC paper blitz.
    Ann, that is where you’re getting the newspaper list, right?

    BTW, Here’s FDR action item; contacting SD Randolph Parker.. Place a call to his office – 202/584-9656

    2. Send an email to rparker@perry.gulfnet.com

    Email text 2:

    Mr. Randolph – I am not a Florida voter but the longer I see Florida voters left behind, the more I feel I too am being left behind. �Something is seriously wrong when our own Democratic Party can not and appears unable to recognize the votes of millions. �This is not Democratic nor is if fair. �To me, the future of both the Democratic Party and the future of the United States is at jeopardy. �I stand with Florida voters in spirit and will do whatever I can to see that their votes and the resulting delegates are seated at the Democratic National Convention. �I am not sure I can vote for a Democratic Candidate that is chosen by ignoring a legal and legitimate primary – mandated by the Florida Legislature and sealed by the Secretary of State. �I welcome your response.

    Send a letter
    Rudolph Parker
    4400 Rudolph Parker Ln
    Perry, FL �32347

  74. I don’t care anymore, someone needs to point out that had it not been for BC’s administration, AA communities would have been suffering and stifled under 28 years of republican presidents.

    The word is ungrateful in a lot of ways.

  75. “Ann, please do not give out our email here. Obamabots are sending hate and vile emails to us.”

    I made that mistake here once and started to receive all sorts of virus packed junk emails. So I turned the emails over to the Chinese internet police who promised they would ruthlessly hunt down the perpetrators using newly purchased high tech spy stuff from the US and after identification send a special hit team in the form of a Chinese fast food delivery service who would force them to eat stale Chinese fortune cookies until they barfed.

    Never received any more after that.

  76. filbertsf Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 8:29 am

    I have so many pent up anger towards Obama campaign and the MSM that it keeps me up at night. Once again, BO camp is race baiting… just in time for NC. We saw it happening right before SC and now it’s happening all over again.

    I’m definitely a type-B personality, laid-back, mellow. But even I have gotten my dander up about Obama. One year ago, I thought he was too green, but that in like 8 years, he could be ready for the top ticket.

    But now I see that he’s not about doing for others (the way HRC is), he’s all about ladder-climbing. I was reading about him not wanting to expend too much political capital fighting things out in the Senate. He’d remain above the fray, and run for Prez on the platform featuring charm and little substance.

    Bad enough. Then as the campaign has gotten uglier and uglier, I am completely of the mind that I would never vote for this guy, this POLITICIAN, that I’d do everything in my power to make sure he won’t win the nomination, or fight him in the GE. This politician needs to lose his Senate seat next time he’s forced to run for re-election. I would oppose him if he ran for dog catcher.

    We stand around the campfire in the backyard, my wife and I and friends, and we drink our brewskies and talk about how rotten BO is, and what a gem Hillary is.

    We even came up with a great idea last night for an ad (dialog to be fleshed out shortly, and submitted to Garin).

    The idea is to draw an anaology between the disenfrachisement of FL/MI and the Rosa Parks incident. Dean wants them to sit at the back of the bus. They can come to the party, but they can’t share in the food and fun, they are there strictly to help with the clean up.

    Home work assignment for anyone looking for extra credit. We’ll need to contrast

    a) Obama’s rhetoric, somthing along the lines of “Count every vote”, or something about civil/voting rights


    b) Obams’ actions (some clip about why their campaign is fighting the seating of those two states’ delegates, AND opposed revotes). If we can’t find Obambi in a gotcha video clip, I’m sure a surrogate like Axelrod is on record saying something that contradicts the spirit of voting rights.

    The idea is that Hillary has a long history of supporting AA’s, civil right, and voting rights, and the AA community should be aware that she continues to prove this in actions, and that if some light was shed on Obama’s hypocrisy, they might find it distasteful or disturbing.

    I know the “race” issue is a double-edged sword, and is dicey, but I believe this can be handled diplomatically, even-handedly, and in a positive manner. Such ads will need some care and feeding.

  77. basil .. that number above when I call it for Parker says it’s not in service .. is there another #.

    I am much better using the phone than writing emails ..

  78. Did Obama really say that Indiana was to be the tie-breaker like Carville said on Larry King? If he did, does this mean he will drop out if he loses or he will try to force Hillary to do so if she loses? It is not very likely that he can carry Indiana. The folks there are even more “bitter” than in PA. If we can get a quote of him saying this, we should start a campaign to have him drop out the day after the vote there.

  79. I can’t do any phonebanking today. I am on satellite internet and something is happening in the atmoshphere today with the satellites and sun spots and my speed is as slow as dialup. HughesNet promises it will be up and running again most likely within 24 hours ..

  80. Is that why Hillarys speech in nc just got dropped? It better be because im about to give a serious ass chew!

  81. Did you guys just see that rally with hillary clinton it was grand, she let them have it! All actions all details all strong points on how to help and what to do! That is what you look for in a president!

  82. dot,
    That’s what FDR sent me.
    202/584-9656. But he’s in Perry, Florida, so if that number is wrong maybe you can call directory assistance? if not, I’ll do a search when I get back this afternoon.
    BTW – CONGRATS on your house!!!!!!!!!! And I don’t know the first thing about FSU.
    ANN – OK – thanks. that’s gonna be my weekend project.
    MOOPLUTO, I agree. And for this friggin Clyburn to start hammering BC AGAIN. I guess some people have never heard the expression ‘don’t bite the hand that feed you.” Now, in the case of my plumhead parrot, i understand. She’s a bird, a member of a different species, but when other humans don’t get it, it makes me wonder. I mean, just how far do some people think they can push an issue before it blows up in their face? Ah, well. I suppose they have to learn for themselves. Too bad it’s at the expense of the rest of the country and, ultimately at their own as this race baiting is gonna backfire big time and let’s see how people like it when the WH stays in the hands of the repubs.

  83. HillaryforTexas,

    Do you know when survey usa will do another indiana poll, we need to get that average back to the one that will that state!

  84. rgb,

    Great idea. I’ll mull it over during errands and email you at HB’s, later, if any lightbulbs click.
    Paddy, Dot,
    Thanks for asking. Last treatment of the past 72 weeks was WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!! yIPPPPPEEEEE! Now it’s 6 months of wait-and-see but I’m optimistic and hope to be able to travel to DC for HRC’s inauguration. Now that would be awesome! 😀

  85. Well that would be something all of us in DC on inauguration day holding up banners of

    We were Hillary is 44 , We came, we saw, we conquered.

  86. basil

    I am here today, and have missed you here!!! I am so excited for you!!! congratz on the last treatment and of course me and my family are including you in our evening prayer 😀

  87. HI basil9!

    Great work with FDR. Sorry about the parrot 🙂

    I had a lorikeet once- lots of love, lots of work.

  88. I have such deep feelings of resentment when I am told I am a racist because I won’t vote for Obama. I don’t like Obama. His character is in question, and I am upset at the way he has tried to annihilate Bill Clinton and his record.

    Obama’s associates are so foreign to me. I grew up in the 60s but I have never met a pastor like Wright, a terrorist that bombed the Pentagon, or a developer that takes kickbacks and bribes people to get what he wants. I am a middle class person who has led a middle class life. The people I have associated with my whole life are honest, religious, hard working, charitable, loving, good neighbors. Why would the politicians put forward a man with such questionable associates and expect me to vote for him. This has nothing to do with his color but everything to do with his character and the people he thinks it is okay to associate with.

    What if Obama’s history and lies had never come to be known? A candidate must be vetted before he is put forward as a nominee. This is just a horror story, and I blame Kerry, Kennedy, Dean, Brazile, and Pelosi. They have a lot to be held accountable for. I am beginning to question their character!

  89. rgb44hrc

    Many of us here have said on previous threads that Obama has put race relations back instead of moving it forward. This only goes to show he is more interested in winning the White House than in promoting the interests of African-Americans. Maybe in his own mind he justifies it by thinking that the goal (having a Black President) justifies the means. While we can agree he has done some serious damage to race relations, I believe it is only temporary. After he retires to the Senate (or just retires, period) since Hillary will win, the dust will settle and people will realize that he did break through a very important barrier for other African-Americans. More will start to run for posts such as Governor and Senator, and this will provide the necessary experience and exposure to make runs for the presidency. We have not reached that level yet. The pool of qualified African-Americans who would make good candidates is still too small. We Democrats still have some work to do on this front.
    Barak Obama is the biggest political crook since Richard Nixon, and this is no empty statement. But there are no accidents in life and some good will sprout out of the evil he has brought into the world.

  90. Basil

    its a deal. We will all meet in DC in January. We can go to Dupont Circle and have some beers!

  91. Are there any polls re-asking early Obama voters if they have buyer’s remorse?? Like in Iowa?

    In February, he was all the rage. In April, he isn’t. If he doesn’t rebound, the clear message is: once we learned about him, we rejected him. So fix it for us, SDs!

  92. I still can’t believe he was able to do that speech about race. he took his questioable behaivor and flipped it on the typical white man and almost no one questioned it.

  93. Paddy, Moon,
    “We were Hillary is 44 , We came, we saw, we conquered.”
    YESSSS! At Dupont Circle!!!!!!
    Birdgal, Dijia, Ronald, hillary4texas, Henry,
    I don’t know who’s more stubborn sometimes. The Amazon, the Quaker, the plum-head or me!
    On the other hand, I came back and Basil (my namesake) is still attacking me, that ungrateful little bytch! *LOL*
    Out for errands but will check back later after writing the NC letter.

  94. Hey all .. please go to Hillary’s NC Headquarters and sign up to phone bank into NC. There is a new script and I just got off the phone from my 30 minute morning calling.

    Hillary has good support in NC. They are enthusiastic BUT they are confused about the early voting since it’s just in the local election office that they can go to.

    I had 1 hang up only .. 1 answering machine .. rest Hillary and 0 Obama.

    Hillary is making automated calls too and many people were surprised that I was a real person … lets get some live people for her. They appreciate talking to other supporters and don’t fail to let them know how important the votes for her are now. We need the popular vote

  95. reading some of the posts on the care2petition site( a petition declaring that you will never vote for obama) thus far they have about 1,000. I will never vote for him but the site asks for address and as i have no idea who is supporting it i am reluctant. but many there have said not only will waffles never get thier vote but they will campaign for McCain

  96. freckles Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 10:52 am
    Are there any polls re-asking early Obama voters if they have buyer’s remorse?? Like in Iowa?

    In February, he was all the rage. In April, he isn’t.

    Excellent point!

  97. The latest polls show us down in Indiana which is astounding….no momentum form PA. Also, new articles on RCP saying if Obama wins NC he rebuts her argument he can’t win a big state. The media keeps making it harder and harder for her. Also, I blame James Clyburn, who really got Bill in trouble in SC and is opening his fat mouth again saying complaining against the Hillary camp-BUT, he has not officially endorsed anyone yet..lmfao!!!! We need a win in Indiana or else we have major problems imo…

  98. Here comes the race baiting again. Clyburn is stirring the s***. Hillary is not expected to win NC; the demographics are against her, but she can close the margin. IN can be close, but it is still a win for her. NC is not expected to go dem, in the fall.

    jb: look at the glass as half full i.e. she is close in IN. She does have momentum from PA. What do you think the 10 million dollars in 24 hours is all about? She does have to have a win in IN, according to the guru Karl Rove.

  99. Ann..you are rude and wrong. I am a realist and not an ass kisser . You don’t intimidate me in the least . If I am a troll, the administrator would have banned me. You simply can’t handle anything other than what you want to hear. I have forgotten more than I have done for the Clintons than you shall ever do your entire life.


    At a strategy session yesterday, Terry McAuliffe alerted those present that the superdelegates from Florida had filed a formal complaint with Party’s rules committee board, because regardless of the status of the seating of the Florida delegation, it is a violation of DNC rules to refuse to seat the Florida’s superdelegates (superdelegates are not chosen by primary). Guess what Howard Dean is doing? Refusing to refer the complaint to the rules committee. Terry urged everybody in the room and everybody we know to contact the DNC and specifically ask that the RCB address the complaint filed by the two Florida delegates.

    HLF | Homepage | 04.25.2008 – 11:14 am | #

    CALL THE DNC 1-877-336-7200

    See HLF’s post at 11:14am. Call and insist that the FL superdelegates do NOT fall under the sanction of not seating delegates, they have a valid complaint, and at the very least have a RIGHT to have their complaint heard by the rules committee.

    Dean has NO BUSINESS blocking their complaint from even being HEARD!

    I just called.

  101. Negativity is stating that she is behind in the latest Indiana poll? ..someone way above mentioned the same thing. The Clyburn comments are facts as well. Sorry I can’t be a optimistic as some of you…at least I don’t call so-called Hillary supporters names.

  102. Did you all know that Hillary is only the 2nd presidential candidate who has received an endorsement from the Joint Chiefs??? Wow!

    Just got done with a few more calls into NC. 2nd round was a bit tougher. More hang ups (which I assume are BO) but balanced out with good Hillary support as well. North Carolina is not used to making a difference .. that is the resounding effort our calls must emphasize .. it’s in their hands.

    I am not sensing that NC is the stronghold that BO wants everyone to believe!!!

    Call, donate, blog, email editorial boards .. volunteer if you can. GOTV

  103. jbtonesfan, you may not be a troll, but you are RELENTLESSLY negative, and pushing every bad slant every chance you get.

    I can count on one hand the times you put up a post in any way postive or encouraging or motivating anyone, but you push push push every bad thing you can find.

    It doesn’t depress me, because I am sure Hillary is going to win this thing. But I learned to ignore you long ago. And yeah, I have my doubts as to your motives.

  104. JBS , you need to get out from this board… idiot.. you were trying to demoralize the people on the board

  105. JBS moron hillary had double digit victory in PA.. so you need to STFU and leave the board right now… moron

  106. @jb,
    someone called you out on the fact that if you were in fact a maxed out donor, you would be invited to conference calls (as we all are who are maxed out and/or hillraisers).

    you had a lame excuse

    Then someone posted here that there was a call.

    Right after that you said that you had been invited to call (coincidence) but said you couldn’t attend b/c you had a dentist appt.

    Then I saw you posting during the very time that the call was scheduled for and you were supposed to be at the dentist.

    You are a troll.

  107. Listen, I am tired of the name calling, and tired of being accused of being a troll. In my profession, I deal with facts. I personally spoke with President Clinton a few months ago in Boca, along with Jonathan Mantz, and they felt if she won Ohio and TX, she would win PA, and get the nomination. I hope and pray they are right. What some of you want to ignore is the overwhelming obstacles she faces from within her own party, and the fact that the leaders would rather go with Obama and lose, but take all his money and young voters in the future. You have party leaders like Clyburn suggesting he “hears” Hillary is staying in just sdso Obama loses and she can run again in 2012….You see the defections and disloyalty…sorry guys, it burns me up and yes, makes me quite pessimistic. Anyway, it was your board long before I migrated from the hateful Hillary site “Huffington Post”, but I was treated rude there, so I might as well go back and at least not fight with your clique here. Good luck to you all and thanks for the great headers by the administrator.

  108. If that’s so, Ann, then my long-hled suspicions are confirmed. Troll on a demoralizing mission.

    It ain’t gonna work, because we Hillfans are going to STAY ENERGIZED and send BO packing back to his dirty-money mansion.

    The tide has turned, and we are SURFING THAT WAVE, BAYBEEE!!!!!

  109. Rang up the DNC and talked to a nice guy..I’ve talked with him before BTW. He says he doesn’t know anything about this complaint.

    Call and register your opinion .. leave a message for Dean that the MUST hear the complaint and also, again, tell the DNC to count all the votes.

  110. I had root canal at 10:30 and mistakenly read the e-mail fast and thougt it was the same time-
    Dear Friend,

    Please join us this Wednesday, April 23 at 2:30 p.m. ET for a campaign update call with Senator Hillary Clinton and Campaign Chairman, Terry McAuliffe.

    If you are able to join us, please click on the following link and the call-in information will be emailed to you on Wednesday morning:


    Thank you,

    Jonathan Mantz
    National Finance Director


    To: Interested Parties
    From: The Clinton Campaign
    Date: April 22, 2008
    MEMO: Watch What They Do, Not What They Say

    The Obama campaign is attempting to pre-spin the results from tonight’s Pennsylvania primary by suggesting that Sen. Clinton should – and will – win.

    But after the Obama campaign’s “go-for-broke” Pennsylvania strategy, after their avalanche of negative ads, negative mailers and negative attacks against Sen. Clinton, after their record-breaking spending in the state, a fundamental question must be asked: Why shouldn’t Sen. Obama win?

    Sen. Obama’s supporters – and many pundits – have argued that the delegate “math” makes him the prohibitive frontrunner. They have argued that Sen. Clinton’s chances are slim to none. So if he’s already the frontrunner, if he’s had six weeks of unlimited resources to get his message out, shouldn’t he be the one expected to win tonight? If not, why not?

    As the phrase goes, watch what they do not what they say.

    There’s a reason Sen. Obama and his campaign have ratcheted up their year-long assault on Sen. Clinton’s character and ended the Pennsylvania campaign with a flurry of harsh negative attacks. It’s because they know that a loss in Pennsylvania will raise troubling questions about his candidacy and his ability to take on John McCain in the general election. And it’s because they know that the race is neck and neck and tonight’s contest is a measure of where the campaign stands.

    The reality is this: both candidates need a combination of pledged and super delegates to secure the nomination – and either candidate can reach the required number. The press and the pundits have repeatedly counted Sen. Clinton out and she has repeatedly proved them wrong. The vote in the bellwether state of Pennsylvania is another head to head measure of the two candidates and of the coalition they will put together to compete and win in November.

    No amount of spin from the Obama campaign will change that – nor will it explain away anything less than a victory by Sen. Obama.

    If you feel you have received this message in error, we apologize. You can unsubscribe at any time.
    Privacy Policy
    Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President

  111. gave a woman i met at the pittsburgh victory party this web site. she just called me from california laughing her ass off after reading the above exchange. said any fears of supporters losing thier zeal after pa was laid to rest by you here.

  112. Listening to Obama rattle on (and I mean rattle) on Fox about the economy. Speaking down to the group in Indiana that he is addressing. He’s rushing through his speech without one ounce of emotion into it. He is coming off as the elitist he is. He is so distanced from the struggling in this country – it is hard to listen to him make light of the economic plight by the demeanor in his “curt” delivery. Good BHO, keep up the boring delivery – like you can’t wait until you can start talking about things that really matter to you – NEGATIVITY toward Clinton AND RADICALISM.



    REZKO–ALI ATA–OBAMA Our Specialty


    Just think what an Oval Office Branch woul do to our country

    By ABM90 This is not what I fought for in WWII

  114. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2008/04/media_jump_ship_from_obama_to.html

    Would ya have thunk it!, Now this is telling. Go read it all its a stunner. From the political editor of Huffington Post.

    Media Jump Ship From Obama To Clinton

    In a blink of an eye, the media has jumped ship from the Obama campaign and become a crucial Clinton ally, pressing just the message — that Obama is a likely loser in the general election — that Hillary and her allies have been promoting for the past six weeks.

    The new tenor of media coverage is visible almost everywhere, from Politico, Time and The New Republic to The Washington Post and The New York Times.

    For Hillary, the shift is a potential lifesaver as she struggles to keep her head above water; without it, she would, metaphorically, drown.

    Until now, she, her husband, and her campaign aides have been trying, with little success, to make the case that Obama has potentially fatal flaws. For the first time, reporters working for magazines, newspapers and web sites have abruptly decided that she might well be right, and the results for Obama have been brutal:

  115. the party is really disallusioned into believing that the “sheep” will follow along with any nominee. They don’t understand that things are no longer the same in the US. We do not want an inexpereinced leader .. we have had that for 8 years .. we won’t go that path again. Too much is wrong not only in the country, but the world.

    Also, anyone who blelieves that if Obama had all those sd’s who were willing to “step up” .. they’d have come a long time ago .. they are not there. It’s all smoke and mirrors. If there are that many sd’s who want to squash Hillary and stop the race .. they would have stepped forward .. if they feel the is bad for the party .. they would have stepped forward. If they were convinced he could win the GE .. they would have stepped forward…iif they felt he was qualified .. they would have stepped forward. They are not there.

  116. If that is the Huffington Post saying that, Obama is in big trouble, the media has turned on him and with the viciousness of a mugger outside a care home.

  117. reckon this has anything to do with a possible new scandal involving Obama? The media must have wind of something and they are steering clear asap???

  118. as an UNDEReducated,UNDERpaid,UNDERpriviledged,UNDERclassed, typical, bitter, white person, I UNDERestimated how much disdain I would have for BHO. His is not an UNDERdog…much worse, he is what is UNDER the dog after it takes a squat.

  119. I’d believe things were changing but for that to come out of the huffington post’s assmouth something has to be up bigtime.

  120. sorry I just don’t know what got into me. I’ve been watching the news (sound off) and have seen BHO image so many times I went crazy

  121. We need to really play up the defections from the Dem Party, because it IS a HARSH REALITY that they seem to want to bury in the sand. Sorry, but us “invisible” HALF of this Democratic Party WILL NOT “fall into line” like good little boys and girls. NOT going to happen. What part of around a growing almost 40% defection do they not understand? I mean, they are so worried about the AA base abandoning the party – and to hell with the “white trash” clinging to their guns and faith, who have been summarily dismissed by the BHO camp (Axelrod) as being mostly irrelevant? Couple that with the negative ads that are being played (and more that will be played all over the country in coming weeks/months) denouncing those who endorse BHO over his dangerous ties, and THIS is what spells disaster for those SD who hope to hang onto their own pecking order/office within the Dem Party. A vote for BHO is a nail in their coffin, who not only will be trounced by McCain in a landslide, but alienates the majority of them from any future wins IN THEIR LIFETIME. I mean this is a real no-brainer. Florida and Michigan alone being kicked to the curb is reason enough for any SD with any sense at all to vote against Obama. Not to mention any voter never forgetting which SD lost it for the whole “shooting match”, thereby never supporting a SD who threw their support behind him. There is NO GOOD REASON to even consider BHO. NONE. One final note – I am not against AA, but can’t figure out why there is such fear of repraisal. This isn’t RACE – it’s JUDGMENT AND CHARACTER. Latinos are the fastest-growing minority. If you want to talk math – then let’s talk math. Again – no good reason to support BHO with all the dirty money, terrorist ties, anti-Americanism attached. More to come out on him, for sure.

  122. Again in consistenet polls, this canot be ignored now.

    25% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary and 34% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Barack Obama in the primary.

    34%????? He may as well give up on Indiana now.

  123. Again in Indiana, it looks like the case the Hillary will walk off with the white voters by a mile, the SD’s cannot ignore this, its a disaster if they do.

  124. You’re fast Plural!
    ARG was supposedly predicting Hill @ +7 in PA.

    And someone on another board said this is BO attempting to blackmail SD’s by registering new voters. Not sure I get it;

    Obama plans major drive to register voters

    By John McCormick
    Tribune reporter

    April 25, 2008

    Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is planning to unveil a “massive” voter registration drive, one that will reach all 50 states and seeks to boost confidence in him as a potential general election candidate.

    A senior campaign official is expected to provide details about the effort in a conference call Friday.

    But the candidate himself — or his speechwriters — apparently slipped up and included a reference to the effort in an address to a union group Thursday in Chicago.

    “That’s why I’m so proud that today our campaign announced a massive volunteer-led voter registration drive in all 50 states to help ensure every single eligible voter takes part in this election so we can take back Washington for the American people,” Obama said at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place.

    The appearance came on a day Obama was supposed to be enjoying rare time away from campaigning. Still, it afforded him a chance to spread his message in Indiana without ever setting foot there.

    The speech was before an annual convention of the United Food and Commercial Workers, a union with more than 1 million U.S. members that endorsed Obama this year.

    But it also provided the latest example of his advantage in Indiana, where the May 6 primary is viewed as a critical test for Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton in their marathon for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    A fifth of Indiana’s Democratic voters live in the Chicago media market, meaning both positive and negative news that Obama makes in Chicago is broadcast to those potential voters.

    Obama will return to Indiana on Friday, as will Clinton.

    Campaigning in North Carolina, a state with strong military ties, Clinton emphasized her plans to improve life for veterans and said she wants to bring troops home from Iraq “as responsibly and quickly as we can.”

    North Carolina also holds its primary May 6, a potentially decisive day in the former first lady’s quest for the Democratic nomination. Obama is favored there, while the contest in Indiana is considered much closer.

  125. To be quite honest, I am shocked at all the negative information to come out about Waffles. I would have thought, that Dean, Pelosi, Kennedy, and Kerry would have been more careful about putting forth such a deeply flawed candidate. He has more flaws than Hillary or John McCain. What a nightmare. Hillary has to win this.

  126. Just because he registers voters, does not mean, they will all vote for him. I thought, the current votes counted, not possible future ones. Another scam.

  127. Threat or Prank
    WFIE-NBC Affiliate

    Is it a prank or something more sinister?

    Evansville police are investigating a possible threat against Hillary Clinton posted on the Facebook website.
    The person who wrote the comment allegedly has ties to the local Barack Obama office.
    He apparently was one of the few who met Senator Obama when he was in Evansville on Tuesday.

    Now the man has added his own negative twist to the campaign by making an alleged threat against Senator Hillary Clinton.

    The young man who posted the comment, reportedly a student at USI, is said to be actively involved in the local Obama campaign.

    14 News went to his Facebook page and found a picture of him with Senator Obama.

    He also writes that he worked with the motorcade during Obama’s visit to Evansville on Tuesday.

    According to the incident report filed with the Evansville Police Department, the comment in question reads, “Make sure Hillary avoids the sniper fire next time she comes to Evansville.”

    Even if the comment is a jab at Senator Clinton’s recent comment about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire, the EPD has alerted its officers.

    Investigators say if Hillary Clinton comes to Evansville again the Secret Service will be notified and the young man will be closely watched.

    No arrest has been made mainly because it’s difficult for police to determine how serious the comment is.

    The news broke on the same day Senator Clinton’s daughter Chelsea made a campaign stop in Evansville.

    I told Chelsea Clinton’s representatives about the alleged threat. They declined to comment on camera but were eager to find out more about what was said on the website.
    They tell me the Secret Service handles all possible threats against Senator Clinton.
    R.J. Champion, the lead organizer for the ‘Evansville for Barack Obama’ campaign, said he hopes this was meant as a joke, but he says you can’t play games like that these days.
    Several attempts were made to contact the young man who wrote the comment tonight. He didn’t return any calls or messages.

  128. So if you work out the figures from that poll.

    If the white voting figures are 85% of the total voters and 34% of them will not vote for Obama, he can only get 51% of the white vote in Indiana.

    So if 25% will not vote for Hillary in the primary, i think you can assume that 10% of that is AA, and 15% white, so Hillary can feasably take 70% of the 85% of white voters. So at present Bambis make up in that poll is

    10% AA, 15% white that wont vote Clinton, and another 20% that are swingeable.

    Clinton it looks like has a solid 50% starting bases with 20% swinging between her and bambi, so Hillary’s range i think is anywhere between 50 and 70% in Indiana.

    Bambi could end up anywhere between 25% and 45% but no higher.

  129. By launching this massive 50-state registration drive, he’s trying to scare the SD into supporting him. Like they will never be re-elected without the young, AA, latte-drinking liberals. Again – totally disses the white, working-class – which is the nucleus and backbone of this country and economy. This is a test for the SD – and which ever way they go, they will alienate one group or another. Unbelievable the way Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generation have been “put out to pasture” – as if the youth vote is the end all and be all. Sounds good on the surface – but more and more young people doesn’t necessarily bode well for Democrats in the long run. Although most are liberal-minded, many young people are conservatives as well. (My own nephew at Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business could be Alex P. Keaton.) That’s a fact that Axelrod doesn’t want to deal with. It’s like they take what they want to acknowledge and just ignore the rest. He (and Dean, Pelosi) is the one arm-twisting the SD – not Clinton. If I were a SD, I would resent the hell out of it.

  130. Obama going on about 50 states just the door wide open for his ass to be busted on Florida and Michigan. He left a target on his forehead doing that.

  131. we should not be surprised that the BHO supporters would blame Hillary for the failure of their candidate.

    these are the same people, for the first 4 years and then some of GWB administration that blamed Bill Clinton for everything that went wrong.

    these are the same people that switch sides of the aisle at a whim and will never be satisfied no matter who is elected. they have no alliance to either party. they are gutless and would rather blame than to put forward a strong independent candidate of their own.

    they have systematically destroyed both parties. they aligned themselves with the republicans in 1994, 2000, and then 2004 and destroyed them. Now since the republicans are weak, they plan to do the same to the democrats who are in position to take back the power of the white house and congress.

    Mark my words on this..history does repeat itself.

  132. That does it. So he’s buying his nomination out in the open now, is he? If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does. John McCain is the ONLY candidate. What a way for the DNC to totallyy cut Clinton out alltogether. How in the hell are we, the people supposed to stand for this? This reeks of impropriety. This has to be illegal, if not unethical. This should turn off any true lover of liberty. My God, there is no end to what Dean and Pelosi will do to keep their thrones. This is also what BHO must’ve been doing yesterday in Chicago. This has been in the works, for sure. It’s just the biggest stron-arm tactic yet to force SD to commit and rid themselves of Clinton. They’ve had a Plan A, Plan B, and this must be Plan C. This is why he has so confidently stated that he WILL be the nominee. So now the DNC will accept his dirty Middle East money through Paypal too? I don’t know about you, but I think an uprising like never seen before is before us. I’m game.

  133. Something that’s rally getting me nuts (as if I needed any help!)
    about this Clyburn thing.
    His ridiculous quote was that it was a ‘strange’ way for President Clinton to show his appreciation to blacks.

    Yet source after source has run headlines as “Clinton’s “bizarre” behavior”.

    I’m about to blow.

  134. President Clinton is supporting his wife, who’s running for president. How hard is that for Clyburn to understand?

  135. First – they orchestrate a way for FL & MI to be cut out to benefit Obama. Now, they openly take his money and are supposed to make us believe they are impartial? This does call for mutiny on the bounty. I think charges shuould be brought up against the DNC for everything imaginable – I’m really ready to call for disolution of the Party. What country are we living in?

  136. I know, BlueDem. Big Media’s anti-Clinton bias is even stronger against Bill than it is against Hillary. They’ve been pretty laid-back about Chelsea, as one would expect, but the coverage of Bill has been atrocious.

  137. Have been exchanging emails w/ my local finance director and the campaign has to file april fundraising figures on wed next week. So if you were planning on contributing next week, if you could pull it forward to this week, it would really help April numbers.

  138. What “bizarre” behavior? My lord, this is crazy, and BC doesn’t owe anyone. He was a great President for african americans. That’s why they supported him.

  139. DNC and Obama teaing up? THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. McCain and RNC is one thing. He is ALREADY the nominee. But this “in-your-face” buy-off sell-out is beyond the pale! How many ways can you say corruption?

  140. You can say “selling your soul.”

    Also, the DNC is desperate for money, and they believe Obama’s demographics are moneybags.

  141. I think HRC needs to beef up her Secret Service detail. Seriously, I don’t trust the DNC or BHO camp. AT ALL.

  142. If the Obama-DNC alliance proves too tight to crack, honestly, Hillary can just run as an independent in the general. She can say, “I am a Democrat, and will re-join my party after I am elected President, but I am in this to win.” Obama and McCain would split the male vote, and Hillary would take the majority of the women’s vote. And 55% of GE voters are women, remember. Plus, by the time the GE arrives, Obama will have been marginalized by the Republicans and shown to be the extremist that he is, that he won’t even be a viable candidate. Think about it: the easiest path for Hillary to take the White House is actually a 3-way race between McCain, Obama, and herself. She would appeal to independents, take the moderate vote, and take the women’s vote.

  143. It looks like the politics of Hope and Change does not last long after election day. Deval Patrick and Axlerod ran his campaign on the same themes (and same speeches) as Obama.

    Mass Gov Patrick At Record Low Approval

    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, elected in 2006, is now at his lowest-ever level of job approval.

    Patrick today has a 41% approval rating and a 56% disapproval rating, combining to create a Minus 15 Net Job Approval.

    One month ago, Patrick was at Minus 1; two months ago, at Plus 13. Just after taking office in January of 2007, he was at Plus 24.

    Full results are here. Click the “1/T” to bring up the sixteen months of tracking graphs, a SurveyUSA exclusive.

  144. Should Hill not get the nomination i pray President McCain launches a serious investigation into waffles financing.

  145. From Politico;

    “Indiana is really the only one left where Obama can show he appeals to working class whites,” said Chuck Mannatt, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. “The fact of the matter is he has not broken through, with the exception of Virginia and Wisconsin.”

    As Tony Coelho put it, “Pennsylvania had an earthquake impact in this race in that it raised a lot of doubt about his ability to win in November. That means the burden on winning in Indiana is big.”

    “He does have a higher burden now because he has failed to close the deal,” said Donnie Fowler, who served in senior roles for the campaigns of Kerry, Al Gore, and Wesley Clark. “Every time Hillary Clinton has been on the edge of complete defeat he has failed to close the deal. Since it’s happened now in New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania, it’s fair to ask why.”

  146. Basil, congratulations. Such good news 🙂

    You all need to know that everyone who recommended the classism post has been outed and slimed in a comment on the diary, and someone from this site is again slamming us saying I asked for recs here and so that is why the diary succeeded.

    Just a heads up.

    And the beat goes on.

  147. moononpluto Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 12:06 pm


    Would ya have thunk it!, Now this is telling. Go read it all its a stunner. From the political editor of Huffington Post.

    Media Jump Ship From Obama To Clinton

    Judging from today’s Washington Post, most definitely so (you’ll have to create an account based on your email)

    First things first, Hill’s new strategist Geoff Garin’s piece (no need for me to insert my critiques, as I agree 1 million percent with him)

  148. That Geoff Garin piece is fantastic. Where has that guy been all this time? 😀 More, more, more!

  149. Gallup for 4/22/08 – 4/24/08:

    Clinton: 47%
    Obama: 48%

    General Election Match-up:

    Clinton: 47%
    McCain: 45%

    Obama: 45%
    McCain: 46%

  150. the question is WHY is the media turning???? What have they got and what do they know? Something must be brewing and it’s big. Gotta be because the big media has it in for both Clintons.

  151. Garin’s piece couldn’t have been more mild, IMO.
    This is no time to keep the powder dry…

    And I thought this quote,”Pennsylvania had an earthquake impact in this race in that it raised a lot of doubt about his ability to win in November”
    is major major major considering where it comes from (Tony Coelho).

    These are some of the party lions telling BO all their post-PA spin
    is utter bullshit and they’re not fooling anyone.

  152. # curiosityhasme Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    I think HRC needs to beef up her Secret Service detail. Seriously, I don’t trust the DNC or BHO camp. AT ALL.

    I saw Hill live in NE Philly exactly one week ago, and there were LOTS of people looking out for the Senator from NY, including cops on the roof, and metal detectors.

    And yes, she was great. I got about four feet away from her at the end when she was signing things and posing for pictures.

  153. I can not believe how well Hill did in Philly. I believe she won 36% of the vote, wouldn”t that indicate she won the white vote in Philly?

  154. After noon everyone!!

    I have been keeping up here……I just have some photographs to get ready for print
    so it’s a work day

    just wanted to let you all know i am around and “lurking” today LOL

    will chat later 😀

  155. (Ooops! Posted on other thread but think everyone had switched–sorry to dup)

    Sonia4Hillary: can you please post a link to Shakesville’s list of sexist comments? Useful! Thanks!

    Ronald: please contact me about organizing a tribute to Wright on Monday at NPC–Let’s make sure we have a group. spabeles@patriot.net

    Guys send some $$ to NCGOP.org so they can run the Wright TV ad!

    Blue Dem: I want a “Baraka Dukaka” T shirt with tank helmet photo-shopped on…

  156. I just sent this email to Mark Halperin about the Obama/DNC fundraising agreement:

    Mark, you have the wrong angle on this story. The reason this is happening is because Hillary Clinton supporters are demanding that Howard Dean use his limited “leadership” abilities to fix this Michigan and Florida debacle before we will send money to the DNC for the General.

    The democratic party has been co-opted. It has become the George Soros party, and there is not only an apparent disdain for the center of the democratic party, but almost a desire that we just go away. Hillary Clinton and her supporters are fighting for nothing less than the heart and soul of the democratic party.

    Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi all have their candidate chosen and the have been stacking the deck since last year to get him into office.

    Hillary supporters are protesting this lack of neutrality by withholding funds until the democratic party leaders start acting democratic again. I assume that is why Hillary has not signed on to a joint agreement.

    Barack Obama was not properly vetted, he is a severely flawed candidate that cannot win a general election. Many of us that found him an interesting candidate have been turned off by the race baiting, the low blows to Clinton’s character, and the attempts to diminish the only successful democratic president and presidency that many of us have seen in our lifetimes.

    There is a fundamental lack of respect emanating from that campaign and the decision by Obama’s people not to count or revote Michigan and Florida says it all.

    Howard Dean is enabling this mess because he wants to make sure Obama wins. I saw this info this morning on Taylor Marsh’s website:

    “At a strategy session yesterday, Terry McAuliffe alerted those present that the superdelegates from Florida had filed a formal complaint with Party’s rules committee board, because regardless of the status of the seating of the Florida delegation, it is a violation of DNC rules to refuse to seat the Florida’s superdelegates (superdelegates are not chosen by primary). Guess what Howard Dean is doing? Refusing to refer the complaint to the rules committee. Terry urged everybody in the room and everybody we know to contact the DNC and specifically ask that the RCB address the complaint filed by the two Florida delegates.”
    Hillary Clinton’s supporters for the most part have been kicked around like she has. We work hard and are under-appreciated by corporations and our government. We are saying Dean, Pelosi and the DNC – DON’T TREAD ON ME!

  157. Olbermann Calls for Clinton’s Murder

    Other blog posters have stepped around the obvious intent behind Keith Olbermann’s recent verbal assault on Hillary Clinton. I know why. It’s a hell of a step to take. I’ve spoken extensively about the irrational and boundless fury at this woman who has done nothing to deserve the outrages inflicted upon her. I’ve blogged before on the level of violence in the reaction to Hillary Clinton. I’ve blogged on how the shame of the Left when confronted by her – shamed by how she has been trashed, shamed by how badly she beats their darlings – underlies the demands that she be eradicated from politics, a symbolic honor killing.

    I have sat in front of the computer for two hours, reading other blog posts, thinking it over, wondering how to talk about it. Maybe I could talk about it in terms of the times I have been in that situation, alone with a much stronger and violent male, and what a man suggesting putting her in that position does to me. Maybe I should talk about it just up to the edge of the extreme and stop with a knowing (virtual) look. Perhaps I could write again about expressions of violence against this person and put Olbermann into a continuum. Or maybe I could just put all the cards on the table and say what is staring us in the face.

    What Keith Olbermann said yesterday is not symbolic. He flatly said a (male) Democratic super delegate should take Hillary Clinton into a room, and only the man should emerge.

    Keith Olbermann is openly advocating the murder of Hillary Clinton.

    We need to say this. It does not preclude talking about the other elements that may be subsumed under that final act, that she would also be battered and raped, but the clear message sent out by Keith Olbermann is he wants someone to murder this woman.

    Over the months, I have read various bits of bullshit talking about how “people” are “worried” that Obama might be an assassination target. This is such an obvious line of sensationalistic crap from his campaign to try to create a false aura of danger (Quick! Flock to Barry’s defense! Those terrible white racists are gunning for him!) when there has been nothing in the public realm to back it up. Let me be perfectly clear. I think it is probable that there is some nutcase out there who would like to try to assassinate Obama, and I think this because there is always some nutcase out there who thinks killing a public figure is a peachy idea. Or just some nutcase who wants attention – remember the would-be suicide bomber at Hillary’s New Hampshire office? However, certainly within the liberal blogosphere and the MSM (I do not venture into the wingnut fever swamps), there is no drumbeat for violence against Obama.

    This is not the case with Hillary. I have myself read comments advocating rape and murder. I have read main posts saying she was inciting violent acts against her, or saying they could “understand” the position of those who wished violent harm to befall her, her husband and her daughter. The descriptions of what Obama should do to Hillary verge on the pornographic. Not a day goes by that some prominent voice on the left or in the MSM does not demand her submission, subordination and public humiliation.

    And now a major MSM celebrity and talking head, not some anonymous commenter on some obscure blog, has openly and unapologetically advocated that Hillary Clinton be marched into a dark room and murdered.

    Think that is too far? A real stretch? Just a tad bit hysterical? Replace Hillary Clinton with Barack Obama in that formulation and you tell me what that means. If someone said this about Barack Obama, it would mean that this man be lynched to remove him from a path to power. Period. Full stop. No equivocations. It would be understood as nothing less than a call for the man’s murder, and there would be an outcry from EVERY Democrat, even those of us who do not much care for Obama as a candidate, condemning those words, because that is what we are called upon to do when confronted with evil.

    What Keith Olbermann wants done to another human being is evil. It belongs with torture, lynching, and systemic rape. He is saying we should use physical violence against a political enemy to secure the outcome we want. He is saying murder is an acceptable act when done against a reviled outsider by those on the inside who know what is good for the nation. Anyone who chooses to share a sound stage with this man after these words, unless it is to condemn him in the harshest, most ungiving terms, is to put yourself on the side of evil. Any blogger who fails to condemn Olberman for this blunt and unequivocal statement has no business writing a critical word about Bush and Cheney’s torture policies, because you would be just cool with it being done to this individual simply to be rid of a political rival.

    Let’s say it again clearly so there can be no mistake:

    Keith Olbermann has called for Hillary Clinton’s murder.


  158. Keith Olbermann, the former ESPN sports jock-turned-wannabe “real reporter,” has made one of the most shocking statements of the entire campaign. The insinuations that are packed into his statement are so vile that they are beyond contempt. That a major news network gives a so-called “journalist” his own television show, alongside renowned misogynist Chris Matthews, speaks volumes about the state of Big Media… simply disgusting. It’s abominable what Hillary has had to endure during this campaign.

  159. I’m not a regular poster here, but I do so in spurts; mainly late at night when I’m finished working for the day. However, I always stop by hillaryis44 DAILY and read most of the posts here. It’s a great place for HRC supporters and I for one appreciate EVERYONE who contributes. Some are more positive than others, but I don’t feel like that’s a reason to try and ostracize the more negative among us.

    If I were put off by negative posts, and I knew that certain individuals tended to post negative thoughts, then I would simply skip those posts. I would not call that person a troll and tell them to leave. That’s rude, non-tolerant and downright meant-spirited behavior and something I would expect from an obamabot; not an enlightened Hillary supporter.

    If there were evidence to indicate that someone were an actual bambi supporter who purpose was to try and dampen our spirits, then I would be all for calling them out in this forum. In the case of jbstonesfan I have seen nothing that would indicate that sort of purpose.

  160. Just saw a headline “Indiana crucial for Obama” .. haha. Now they’ll know how it feels to have the target on their back for a change.

    Lets help Hillary win in Indiana and North Carolina.

  161. HuffPost getting into the KO act with a piece entitled,
    “Keith Olbermann’s idea for beating Hillary; Literally Beating Hillary.”

    Damage Control; Damage Control; Damage Control.

    One can’t help note the headline & author (Rachel Sklar ) deviating towards ‘beating’ rather than the more ominous interpretation despite saying this:
    “Do I really think Olbermann thinks Hillary Clinton should really be violently beaten to the point of physical incapacitation, or worse?
    No, though some have taken that statement to its logical conclusion.”
    What does that mean? Really, it can only mean one thing: Beating the crap out of Hillary Clinton, to the point where she is physically incapable of of getting up and walking out. At minimum.

  162. The logical conclusion to me is that he meant “kill Hillary” .. I didn’t hear beating mentioned. I heard him say that Hillary shouldn’t return .. that to me means being taken out permananently

  163. Obama’s humiliating loss in Pennsylvania seems to have led to a turn around in Gallup’s daily tracking poll. I am hoping that Obama’s humiliating loss in Pennsylvania added to the North Carolina GOP’s blanketing of the airwaves of nonstop Rev. “God damn America” Wright will cause an upset in North Carolina.

    Remember. When you write about Obama’s loss in Pennsylvania, always use, “humiliating,” to modify the noun.

  164. DCDemocrat, I use that adjective in my posts at TPM, and it drives the obamabots crazy. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  165. Dot,

    Right. That could be taken as the dumbest sentence ever written, saying the worst-case scenario is “logical”, in the next breath disagreeing and saying “it can only mean one thing”, Rachel Sklar’s ‘one thing’ being something altogether different and less serious.

    And that’s the entirely obvious giveaway of the
    author’s intent to deceive. What a fucking joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I seriously need some air! See ya’ll later!

  166. Did anyone hear that one of Hillary’s major fundraisers is deflecting to Obama? Why would someone do this?

  167. it’s true. MSNBC now confirming it. Some Chile Ambassador dude. Wonder how much dough Obama is promising him back to come over. Makes no sense. Hill has momentum now

  168. just say Obama downing the Rev now!!! This will hurt Obama .. to diss the man now that he HAS to. I think bambi will be hurt in the AA community by how he is handling this. Seems Obama is ready to throw him under the bus NOW and I think this will carry a backlash. Interesting that this is happening right before the Indiana primary too. I think Wright and his church are most likely getting hot at Obama.

    Who wants to bet a nice photo or video of Barack in the pews will be forthcoming very soon.

  169. dot48 Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 3:11 pm
    it’s true. MSNBC now confirming it. Some Chile Ambassador dude. Wonder how much dough Obama is promising him back to come over. Makes no sense. Hill has momentum now

    Maybe, some kind of trade deal or other favor?

  170. Don’t sweat the fundraiser defection. Remember, Hillary’s running a PEOPLE’S campaign. Look at the $10 million raised in 24 hours!

  171. Since we all know how Hillary has helped the black community throughout her life, why not make a video of her accomplishements! We all say she has a long history of support, but why not get specific?

  172. read over on Hills blog that Obama is taking the weekend off…haven’t confirmed it yet. It its true .. something is up big time and he’s trying his best to beat back the flames.

  173. yes, who was on here the other night that has been making video’s, maybe his name was geeklove. I think we should go back to her college years, if possible and counter that with the video of Obama’s district without heat in the winter and all those street gang killings and get that out to NC! Yes, maybe Garin!!

  174. LINFARr,
    thanks! i already feel like a new woman. BTW – I tried rec’ing your articles but can’t figure out how to do it.
    Your writing is powerful and convinceing. I love reading your posts.
    Ditto for you. The sexism is terrifying. If HRC can be treated like this, what do you think will happen to the rest of the gender if Waffles became POTUS?
    Everyone – here’s a FASCINATING article from 1992 descrbing BC’s SD problem and how it was linked to SD’s not wanting to be perceived as dismissing Jackson! talk about deja-VU.
    Check Drudge – 3rd article on far right or;

  175. HillBillyLover Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 3:38 pm
    I bet is has to do with trade agreements

    With Chile or Colombia?

  176. plural Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 12:44 pm
    He wants to sign up new voters, but doesn’t want the votes already cast by real voters to count.
    * * * * * * * * * *
    Hi, everyone! Great post, Admin – and great discussion, everyone! (I’m trying to keep up amid getting my work done…..)

    re Plural’s comment above, the accepted conventional wisdom on the mean streets of Chicago is that as few as 10% of newly registered voters even vote. BO knows this…. it’s more of his three-card monte, hokey-doke, bamboozlement. SD’s: STOP FALLING FOR IT!

  177. Obama knows he gonna be asked about Wright. He can’t take the heat so he’s getting out of the kitchen. Going home to get in the ac maybe

  178. Wright will be on Bill Moyers tonight. The show is replayed early Saturday mornings, at least in my area.

  179. The Chilean ambassador has been working to expand trade in the US to Puerto Rico, so it is possible that Hillary’s trade time out is freaking him out. Maybe Obama has promised him that there would be no delay in getting that agreement through. I’m just speculating…

  180. My husband and I were wondering why MO and BO were “so broke and living in a 1BR condo [or apt.] in Hyde Park.” This is NOT expensive housing; their girls were babies; together they were pulling down at least $200k. What in the world were they spending money on?

  181. It really irritates me that Clyburn thinks the Clintons owe the AA’s something for the support during the impeachement! Well, maybe BC does, but what does that have to do with Hillary? BC is not running! Still why exactly do they think they should be paid back, haven’t they been paid back already with those things that BC has done for the AA community. What are we supposed to do here, afterall its a matter that America cannot afford to hire Obama as its head. He has so many questionable alliances, that if true american still wants to vote for him, I would have to question what they want America to be!

  182. Hia Basil, nice to see you here as always.
    Never considered much of what we’re seeing as sexism.

    It’s anti-Clintonism, sometimes disguised or taken as sexism.

    Case in point right now on MSNBC. Longtime Clinton basher/reporter/hag Elizabeth Drew, now of Politico, spewing ‘inside’ bull that SD’s have already decided on BO.
    Not an accident that it’s a female face putting this nonsense forth.
    Not an accident Norah O telling us 3 times what a great reporter Drew is.
    Not at all inconsistent with Drew’s history or Politico’s real roots.

  183. This is exactly what Brazile said. Where do they get off? AA’s supported BC because he was a good president particularly for their people. Look at the statistics. AA outcomes went up more than any other demographic. They supported him because he supported them, it wasn’t some kind of favor.

  184. Informed in Illinois Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 3:50 pm
    My husband and I were wondering why MO and BO were “so broke and living in a 1BR condo [or apt.] in Hyde Park.” This is NOT expensive housing; their girls were babies; together they were pulling down at least $200k. What in the world were they spending money on?

    Paying off, those pesky student loans.

  185. I’m saying that if the SD’s have decided on BO they’d be coming out in droves. THEY HAVE NOT. There are major questions about Barack Hussein Obama. The SD’s are not going to take a chance on him and ruin their own careers.

    The SD’s want to win the GE and if they thought that Obama was “the one” .. they’d have ALREADY joined him.

    The few in the party who want to ruin the Clintons are the only ones who have surrounded him.

  186. BlueDemocrat,

    Are you talking about Elizabeth Bumiller who used to be at The Times or somebody else?

  187. Oh. Don’t sweat about the fundraiser. Before Iowa one of BO’s money guys switched to HRC. I’m not 100% sure, but I think his name was Bob Farmer.

  188. Birdgal – but, we just don’t think it adds up. It seems likely that they were both on full scholarships for undergrad (Princeton, Columbia) and law school (Harvard). What level of subsidy did each of them receive during their higher education? What were the sources? What were the amounts of their loans? If they did pay full freight, then they would take many years to pay off – and good for them. But as in most things…. there’s still so much we don’t know.

  189. Geeklove, if you are around you should put up a video using the Wright footage with him saying

    “He’s a politician. I’m a pastor. We speak to two different audiences. And he says what he has to say as a politician.”

    and put it together with the video of Obama talking with Jewish leaders in Philly where he says “I’m a pretty darned good politician”


    A poster (elsewhere) claimed that when the Rev. Wright story first broke, FOX aired a clip of a sermon where he urged that blacks killing blacks were “killing the wrong people’.
    If true, they haven’t aired it since. The poster I read surmised FOX was saving that one for their general assault. ANYONE SEE IT?

    Also this from an uncommitted SD:
    Barack Obama needs to “demonstrate he can connect with blue-collar, working-class people,” says U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle.
    “Up to this point, I don’t think he’s shown that yet. That causes me some concern,” said Doyle, a Forest Hills Democrat whose 14th District includes much of Pittsburgh….
    “I told him I wasn’t real pleased” with his approach and that “he can’t win campaigns in Western Pennsylvania on television,” Doyle said in an interview. “You have to go out there amongst the people, and I felt Hillary was outworking him in Western Pennsylvania, and she got a result for it.”

  191. Donna Brazile and those fools in the democratic leadership think they are going to win the White House on the back of racism charges…well that might work for a hot minute but the more Obama tries to pull that crap the more of a backlash he will receive against his candidacy.

    My family, business and country is too important for me to fall for that bullshit Clyburn and Brazile is selling. They are weak leaders and if Obama can’t run on his record and his ability, then why should I vote for him. Obama is now starting to get vetted and he has not answered any question about his relationships with the very radical left and terrorist.

    When I see Obama, I see another Jimmy Carter failed presidency…if he gets that far. Or worst yet, McGovern who I personally loved and voted for but he LOST to the republicans.

    Obama judgement is highly suspect.

  192. bluedem,

    Yes. I heard Wright make that comment that blacks were killing the wrong people. That tape was aired on FOX several times. if someone would buy those darn sermons, Wright’s greatest hits, …..

    Let me read your post more carefully – maybe i was responding to something you didn’t say.

  193. I am sure that Fox has procured the entire “best hits” as they were called. Wonder if that one would be up on YouTube?

  194. As a response to a petition asking JohnnyMac to apologize for yet another sexist remark I wrote the following:

    ‘McCain said the gap between the pay of women and men in this country isn’t due to discrimination. Women just need more “education and training” to earn as much as men.’

    Senator McCain:

    I have a Master’s degree and did all of my PhD work including orals, though I did not do a dissertation.

    I have NEVER been paid anything close to my male counterparts. Never. Even with more training, more courses, and more experience, I was paid two-thirds that of men who had just finished their Master’s work. Women in other academic departments were, and are, treated in similar fashion.

    Since you obviously cannot do research, ask your staff for an honest evaluation of the issue, get to the Senate chamber for the next vote and do the right thing for the female citizens of this country.

  195. Good afternoon Hillfans. Today is Jeremiah Wright day at RezkoWatch. Yesterday belonged to O’s favorite domestic terrorists, Ayers and Dorhn.

  196. Here is what I would like to see:

    Bill comes on television and contritely and honestly talks about how much it hurts him that that his words were taken as racist by African Americans. That he never meant them to be devisive and that if he could take back those words he would.

    Then he should talk about that he has always tried to raise the level of dialog regarding race and that the characterization of him as racist is extremely painful. To speak to how difficult it is to navigate this minefield of dialog openly in this unfortunately racially charged election cycle. No blame, just telling it like it is.

  197. Levon: I have been using “humiliating” to describe Obama’s loss in Pennsylvania all over MyDD, and none of the Obamautomatons have called me out on it. I guess they agree that it was humiliating.

  198. Totally agree DCDemocrat. If Obama’s PA loss, in a critical swing-state, with RECORD turnout and MILLIONS of new Democratic voters, in a super-hyped election with record-level media coverage, where he outspent Hillary 3-1, isn’t humiliating, then I don’t know what is.

  199. @ Blue,
    Yes….saw it. He was in a tuxedo giving that sermon. Didn’t seem like the church….seemed like some other event.

  200. BlueDemocrat wrote:
    A poster (elsewhere) claimed that when the Rev. Wright story first broke, FOX aired a clip of a sermon where he urged that blacks killing blacks were “killing the wrong people’.
    If true, they haven’t aired it since. The poster I read surmised FOX was saving that one for their general assault. ANYONE SEE IT?

    I read this about 2 weeks ago, and I can’t remember where, and I should have saved the link. I remember that the author’s writing was compelling and believable. Basically, s/he said that FOX News had quietly purchased all of Wright’s sermons, from the church’s website, and located dozens of incendiary and racist comments. After the first Wright story broke on FOX, the Trinity church pulled the tapes and they are no longer for sale. FOX and the Republicans are supposedly “saving” the rest, so that they can leak them, slowly, all through the summer (“death by 1,000 paper cuts”). The Obama campaign is depressed about this, and basically had no choice but to try and trot out Wright yesterday to do damage control. The fact that Wright is talking proves that there’s more to come. If there were no more tapes, Wright would not be talking to the public as he’s now doing.

  201. HillBillyLover,

    “his words were taken as racist by African Americans”

    That’s the thing. I don’t think most AAs view Hillary or Bill as racists. I think you have some of BO’s black and white surrogates who think any crtiticism of him is racist. I could be wrong but I’ve never seen any poll or any independent evidence that african americans think of the Clintons as racists. The fact is black voters made up the majority of the primary electorate in SC so BO, just like Jesse Jackson did at his peak in 1988, won the primary handily. End of story. I’m black and female & know there’s too much real racism and sexism that’s out here to spend a minute on trumped up charges of racism coming from camp Obama.

  202. One more thing: I wish Hill had body slammed BO and his team when they first started pulling this crap. HRC has plenty of black friends who could have probably told her how to handle it in the right way but still get her point across. Maybe they advised her it just wasn’t worth it because most people don’t follow this stuff closely and it was best to let it go. I don’t know, but I would have loved to see her call them out!

  203. In fact, she apologized herself a couple of times, which IMO was a mistake.

    Jesse Jackson himself said that Bill’s comments weren’t racist.

    The last thing we need IMO is anybody from Hillary’s campaign apologizing for anything. It would be taken as admission of guilt by the Obama people and just throw fuel on the fire.

  204. I think the reason Hillary hasn’t done a full-blown effort to reach out to the African American community is this: her team knows that okay, Barack Obama has played the race card to shore up support among AA voters. But the Clinton team knew that if he was going to do that, it was incredibly risky on his part, because he would eventually alienate every other voting bloc in the process, and divide the party. And sure enough, that’s what’s happened.

    While I’m sure it pains Hillary to see her and Bill’s stellar civil records records and records of accomplishments w/r/t the AA community smeared and attacked (Bill Clinton is an actual member of the AFRICAN AMERICAN HALL OF FAME, for heaven’s sake), I think Hillary knows that once she gets the nomination, she can go back and fix the bridges that the Obama campaign has been smashing.

  205. Yes, but he can acknowledge pain on both sides without an apology. And discussion about how difficult it is to speak about race at all in this country…that we have to find a way to listen to each other without hair trigger reactions based on racial sensitivity.

  206. Now this is truly stunning.
    Clyburn says that BC is trying to destroy Waffles and he ‘owes us’ coz AA’s saved him from inpeachment and handed you the election in 1992. What BS! Waffles STARTS the entire race baiting obscenity and Clyburn has the nerve to repeat Waffles and Axelgrease’s talking points!
    Well, what about the fact that the entire DNC and dem party, not to mention Waffles and crew, BM, Tweetie, Ogremann, Deaniac, Pumpkinhead, Horseface and the pope of Martha’s Vineyards etc. have been trying to destroy HRC for months!

  207. I’m telling you folks, Hillary can pull close, very close in NC. I’ve phone banked there today and I have the same feel I felt in Ohio. Please if you can, call .. there are a lot of automated calls going in and I found lots of people today were happy to talk to a “live” soul and share their Hill love!

    It’s worth it. Call North Carolina.

  208. Listening to the AA commentators speak about what Hillary is supposedly doing to the party is just killing me. I guess we just are on two different planets…I’m crying.

  209. And Tweetie and company saying that HRC can’t win without AA’s. Well. . . . . . Waffles can’t win without caucasians! DUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    I’m still in shock that Clyburn actually said HRC and BC are trying to destroy Waffles when that’s been Waffles strategy against HRC from the beginning and he’s used the race card as a battering ram.

  210. Bill has nothing to apologize for. His not voting for the war is a fucking fairy tale!!!! He was not in the senate,.

  211. HillBillyLover Says: “two different planets”

    I get what you are saying. All I can do is tell you all my personal experience. I live in an AA neighborhood, go to the hair salon with other black women, and listen to black radio stations. During this entire campaign I’ve only heard the race issue brought up 1 time by a die hard BO supporter. He didn’t like Bill’s fairy tale comment. The big dawg even went on his show to explain but he’s still in the tank for BO. I also the media is a big problem. They have this need to have one “black opinion” on something. Hence they annoint Jesse and Al the spokespeople for black america. Not!

  212. The NC video has nothing to do with HRC. that’s a Repub strategy. We all know that. She already denounced it, as did McCain.

    And it’s not BM that started the race sh!t up again. It’s Clyburn and Waffles. Probably Deaniac and the DNC, too, since they just signed that joint Waffles-DNC fund-raising pact.

  213. Hillary needs a big turnout of her supporters in North Carolina. it’s best not to get all worked up about this. Of course Jeremiah Wright could have been arranged to start the whole race baiting stuff again and get the media wagging tongues. I still think that the white folk will shore Hillary up .. I’m sorry but the fact that AA are going for him 90% isn’t being lost on whites. They wanna make this about color vs substance.

  214. Jim Clyburns’s comments are the talking points from Obama camp. Obama camp wants to repeat their SC strategy all over in NC. I never thought Clyburn is neutral. His comments have become a narrative for MSM . I have not posted any comments here in a long time. I find very little outrage about Olberman’s comments on the site. May be we should not waste our energies on Ogerman.

  215. Clyburn seems to have a fuzzy memory. As I recall he did not have a vote in the Senate during the impeachment trial. The only AA who had a vote was Carol Moseley Braun If what the congressman says is true and AA’s saved Clinton during his impeachment then why were the articles of impeachment passed by the House of Representatives setting up the Senate trial in the first place. Yes, AA across the country voiced vocal support and their support was greatly appreciated by every democrat and even republicans who thought the whole thing was a sham from the begininng. Only years later did the public find out about the congressmen who brought and pushed the charges were adulterers themselves….

  216. I know it doesn’t have anything to do with Hillary, but we all know that it will cause more of a racial divide in NC. I hope that is true what you say Nikki, I have been very heartbroken at the anger of most of the African American commentators towards the Clintons.

    They don’t seem to want to acknowledge that there are other issues at play of Obama’s own making.

  217. Ok. thanks Dot.

    then what do i do? Go to the HRC site and follow the instructions for call-banking? I’ve never done this before.

  218. this is not about race it is about substance and experience, thank god for maya angelou, neetabug , nikki22 and others who have stood up

  219. basil .. I sent you the new script by email. my email has the instructions for dialing in. Using the directive dialer is better I think. I like the script better as well. Two or three calls and you will be comfortable.

  220. rkj,
    Sorry if I wasn’t clear – I was paraphrasing Tweetie and crew’s interpretation of Clyburn’s remarks as well as their justification and rationalizations about WHY Clyburn would make his disgusting comments today and their pathetic attempts at psychoanalyzing hidden motives for outrageous conduct.
    I will try and find the complete text of Clyburns comments. In the meantime, here’s a blurb about what happened.
    ‘The highest-ranking African-American in Congress became the latest black leader to scold former president Bill Clinton over his comments and conduct during the campaign.

    James Clyburn, a congressman from South Carolina, said in today’s New York Times that “black people are incensed” over Clinton’s behavior, which he called “bizarre.” He said while blacks stood by the former president during his impeachment, Clinton’s conduct might have caused an irreparable estrangement.’

  221. ok dot. Gonna tear myself away from 44 and go check it now. Will report back later, if I’ve managed to survive. 👿

  222. Why were Clyburn’s accusations printed today? That stuff about Bill is ancient history by now.

    Or is it just another political hit job, to try to change the subject from Hillary’s great victory in PA?

  223. Clyburn’s comments are another attempt to scare SDs into thinking they’ll lose AA votes if Hillary’s the nominee, and to ratchet up the racial rhetoric before the NC primary.

    Did the Clinton campaign have a response to this?

  224. Plural, isn’t it obvious? NC. They are double-dipping and going back to the race card that helped defeat Hillary in SC. They will do this time and time again.

    Notice race wasn’t injected in PA, IA, NH or any of the lilly white states?

    What we need to do is get the word out that the BO campaign MO is to race bait ahead of a state dominated by AA voters. Clyburns interview was timed and now race is THE issue.

    This is what the GE will look like if BO wins. Nonstop accusations of racisms. If McCain thought Bush was low enough to accuse him of having an illegitimate black child, wait until he gets ahold of what Axelrod has in store.

  225. It should not be overlooked that Hillary Clinton is a former First Lady, first and foremost before being a candidate for the Democratic nomination. Therefore, what KO said – whether he was talking assault or worse – should be addressed as a FEDERAL OFFENSE. That’s what’s wrong with this entire debacle. The (Big Media) think they can do or say anything against her or Bill Clinton and they CAN NOT. The argument that – well, when you get into the political arena – the rules change. Only for BHO do they constantly change in one double standard after another. I still say what KO has done is cross the line and should be treated as a THREAT TO A FORMER FORST LADY. PERIOD. FOLLOW-THROUGH ON THIS ONE AND THEY WILL ALL STFU.

  226. I think we should expend a little energy celebrating the vibrant brilliant persons of African descent who have stood by and up for Senator Clinton. Nutter and i believe Dinkins, angelou and many more. We vent and email when we are offended why not take a moment and email those that have risked thier futures on the best..

  227. It’s aimed at the African American voters, but also at the NY Times readers in the NC cities. There’s a big academic community there who probably still think the NY Times is worth the paper it’s printed on.

  228. Very easy pick up the remote go to parental controls and block msnbc, nbc, cnn, usa, bravo and they will get the message. Enough is enough

  229. Hillary’s ally in this crazy/rigged primary and likely for the convention will be the Democratic Leadership Committee (DLC) which is different from the Democrat National Committee (DNC) where people like Pelosi, Dean, Kennedy, and Kerry hold the most weight.

  230. THANK YOU African American who stand up for both Hillary and Bill! Hillary and Bill have worked for the AA just like they have the white for over 40 years.

  231. Henry – You are so right. Maxine, Sheila, Stephanie, Maya, Michael, to name a few. Talk about CLASS ACTS. THEIR PARENTS SHOULD BE COMMENDED FOR THE EXCELLENT JOB THEY DID IN INSTILLING FAIRNESS, DECENCY, CIVILITY. What a testament to the REAL power of transcending race.

  232. new york times
    funny lost credibility long time ago. pre-election i still purchased for crossword but no more

  233. clyburn is splaying race card AGAIN!!!

    It just infuriates me the way the media buys into it. Lets gin up the race charges again before NC primary.

    Clyburn has been on the bck burner waiting for his walk on part. Here we go…

  234. clyburn is playing race card AGAIN!!!

    It just infuriates me the way the media buys into it. Lets gin up the race charges again before NC primary.

    Clyburn has been on the bck burner waiting for his walk on part. Here we go…

  235. Fox news said McCain weighing in on the Ayers .. says Obama must apologize. I’m glad someone besides Hillary is raising the issue

  236. linfar
    cannot remember where you are but here in pittsburgh i met a lot of women of color who busted thier asses for clinton. and because i have no tact i flat out asked them why and i got INTELLIGENCE/EXPERIENCE and much to my suprise COMPASSION as the answer. To which i replied yeah me too!!!

  237. henry,


    so sick of it always being about babying the AA…
    those days are over for me, not doing it anymore.

  238. This just in, and it might be the most outrageous thing yet, which as we know is saying something.

    on Gregory just now they’re saying senate Dems like Rockerfeller (BO supporter) have come out and said health care reform is dead in the first year of the new presidency.
    This is entirely about trying to remove the edge Hill has on the issue from the equation, the usual disgusting apologists (L. O’Donnell, etc) on-air already doing their thing.

    Now they’re manipulating policy to effect public opinion, and this one goes straight to people suffering, dying, and the country being bankrupted. Completely & Entirely Outrageous.

  239. rjk1957 Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 5:25 pm
    Clyburn seems to have a fuzzy memory. As I recall he did not have a vote in the Senate during the impeachment trial. The only AA who had a vote was Carol Moseley Braun If what the congressman says is true and AA’s saved Clinton during his impeachment then why were the articles of impeachment passed by the House of Representatives setting up the Senate trial in the first place.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    rjk1957: GOOD POINT!!! What, exactly, did Rep. Clyburn do to “save Bill Clinton’s behind?” Clinton’s patootie was ready for tar and feathers as it made its way out of his chamber into the Senate for the vote. Clyburn was sitting in the cheap seats by that time. All talk?

    Similar situation: BHO says he was “right on the war all along.” Except that Barry was sitting in the cheap seats – he didn’t have a vote or have to take any responsibility for his position. As soon as he got into the real show, he voted exactly as Hillary did. Profiles in courage.

  240. Yeah, funny how they managed to sneak impeachment talk into the race just before IND & NC.

    Get me Wolfsen!!!

  241. filbertsf April 25th, 2008 at 8:06 am

    You are right. Clyburn is not neutral. He fires live ammo under a flag of truce.

  242. Back from the front line: here is part of a longer letter I am sending to sd’s:

    In Pennsylvania (as in Ohio) I saw the consequences of inexperience and the adverse affects of global policies. My friend and I were sent to an adjacent county to open a temporary campaign office, and got lost en route. The map said one thing, the signs another and the gps device yet another. Since we had no prior experience in the area, we listened to the wrong expert and went 30 minutes in the opposite direction. When we finally arrived at Kittanning we found a beautiful town on the Allegany River which lost its manufacturing base to globalization, and is struggling to get by. I thought of Maxine Waters’ statement: “our people have hope — we need help”. Later, when we canvassed neighborhoods no one I spoke to was bitter, but I was told by many Republicans that if Hillary wins the nomination they will vote for her in November

  243. Margaret Carlson is beginning to look like Peter Laurie and sounds like him too.

    Olbermans statement should be closely examined. If there is a problem I would notify Dan Abrams, the Capitol Hill police and Secret Service.

    Years ago a Congressman who was a close friend was physically assaulted by a left wing nut in Montana, she asked me what to do, I told her to contact the Capitol Hill Police and they went after him big time.

    It is hard to understand why Olberman would do something like this when she just recently granted him an interview. He must be mentally unbalanced.

  244. Good Morning! Great argument for Hillary. Got this from Marcia at NOW NY but was written by Reese Schonfeld to the Super Ds.

    MESSAGE TO SUPER DELEGATES: Reese Schonfeld on Clinton, Obama and Who Wins the General Election

    “Hillary Clinton has won the Primaries in 15 states with 240 electoral votes. Barack Obama has won primaries/caucuses in 26 states and the District of Columbia with a total of 201 electoral votes. But nobody has taken that into account.
    For weeks now, we’ve been hearing that Obama has a hundred or more convention delegates than Hillary does or that he’s gotten a half million more popular votes than she has and therefore the super delegates have got to vote for him at the convention. I’d like to suggest that super delegates take into account the number of electoral votes in the states each candidate has won because when it comes to the general election, electoral votes are the only ones that count, and, as I write this, Hillary is 20% ahead in that critical category.

    There are still seven states with 52 electors yet to be chosen. And there are still delegates from Michigan and Florida (who between them have 44 electoral votes) to be seated on the convention floor. Both states chose Hillary in their primaries and if Hillary’s victories in those states counted she would already have won the primaries in states with a majority of the Electoral College– 288 votes out of a total of 537.

    Obama won primaries in a half dozen states with about 40 electoral votes that Democrats can’t carry no matter who is running. Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Alaska, Nebraska and Utah haven’t gone Democratic in 20 years and that’s not going to change. Georgia is also a tough one for Obama. Texas is the toughest state for Democrats on Hillary’s list, but she’s got a chance everywhere else.

    If I were a Democratic super delegate and I wanted my party to win the Presidency in November 2008, I’d take a hard look at the Electoral College and probably wind up voting for Ms. Clinton.”

  245. Great letter to Michael Moore:


    How do you classify yourself as a feminist in the Feminist Majority video?
    A feminist believes in equality for women. You said that men had controlled
    things long enough and made a mess and then you endorse Obama? Ho Hum… you
    and every other man on TV… Did you think this was going to be some kind of
    incredible revelation????? Yet another man propping up the old boy’s
    network. What else is new????

    Panning Hillary for attacking Barack? Where were you when Hillary was told
    to get out of the race? Where were your cameras to give a voice to women
    who make up 52% of this country that has never had one in the highest
    office? Where were you to interview the little old ladies that long to see
    a woman president before they die or the little girls that don’t want to
    step aside another time to come in second to a boy. Where were you to give
    a real voice to Hillary who represents the hopes and dreams of so many
    women? You don’t think you hear our voices…. That’s because you aren’t
    listening. Do you know how it really feels Michael to be a woman?

    Do you know how it feels to work in the workforce and come home after a
    long day’s work and work all night taking care of a husband and children
    and parents and siblings and everyone else in your life and not be
    respected or paid by society? There are no social security benefits for
    homemakers. We are a part of the gross national product and yet the other
    half of our job after the 9 to 5 isn’t valued enough to get paid or provide
    us security in retirement. Do you know how it feels to be a woman divorced
    who had no social security because you left the workforce to raise a family
    and now your husband lef t you to start a new one? To be afraid to go
    running in a park by yourself or walking down a street at night or
    traveling alone on vacation? Do you know what it feels like to be the
    butt of sexist jokes daily in the media or on email? Or to hear stories of
    other women being victims of violent atrocities daily. To have your
    daughters killed in Amish Country and somehow forgive the killer? To be a
    twenty-something year old woman trying to live after being kidnapped, raped
    and tortured for a week by six people in W. Va.? To be afraid to leave an
    abusive relationship because you’ve had it beaten into you that it’s all
    your fault? To be afraid of your husband cheating on you and leaving you
    to raise your children alone? To have to leave your children alone while
    you work three jobs just to make ends meet? Do you know how it feels to be
    cut up in pieces in a magazine as if you were no more than your body parts?
    Do you understand how scary it is to hear of the latest video game that has
    the players raping and killing prostitutes for entertainment?

    Do you know how it feels to be the victim of a male dominated culture
    24-7? To not have your history celebrated? Imagine never knowing all
    those brave men that came before you because your history had been denied
    or ignored? You wouldn’t have a connection to other men or feel much pride
    in your gender.

    DO you know how it feels to know that you make only $.77 to every dollar a
    man makes for the same work? And you often care for children on less of an
    income? Do you know how it feels to have one’s potential minimized at
    birth: taught to play with dolls, be a good girl, take care of your family,
    clean up after your brothers, be a super mom, make a living, be sweet,
    don’t be too ambitious, don’t bash the males but laugh at the jokes on you
    (dumb blond jokes), you are never a good driver, you are an evil
    mother-in-law, don’t even think about calling yourself a feminist, or
    getting paid equally, or having your government stay off your body and your
    choice for it? Oh and by the way, look beautiful and thin at all costs!

    Do you know what it feels like to be defined and interpreted by men? Do
    you know how it feels to see life through the lens of the male perspective?
    Well, it doesn’t fit mine, Michael.

    Because a true feminist would have recorded the voices that have been
    silent for 2,000 years. A true feminist would have a conscience to
    recognize that it is OVERTIME for a woman to be president of the US. Women
    have been so oppressed that we kick the dog and each other. You could have
    used your gifts to show many a new and fresh perspective on equality and
    what that means for the entire human race.

    A true feminist would wake up the world to the fact that women still don’t
    have equal rights in this country and use his voice to educate others on
    what this would mean for us all. Women’s issues are society’s issues. That
    when women are put down, society suffers. Family suffers. Progress is
    stalled. And can men feel good about themselves when they keep women down?
    I think not.

    A feminist would have balanced the criticism of Hillary’s attacks on Obama
    with an acknowledgment of the hatred and misogynistic portrayals of her by
    his surrogates and his commercials.

    Do you know how many little and big girls dream of Hillary? Do you know
    that she is our modern day heroine?

    Can you even imagine what it is like to get up every day as Hillary
    Clinton? Knowing the hatred and bias you face in the media and you have to
    do your own dirty work because the media looks the other way. Do you know
    how all of us women cringed to see her on stage in the debates with seven
    men of the Old Boys Club? We were all relieved it was her and not us! To
    be told you have a machine behind you when you are in debt $10 million to
    Obama’s $42 million. Yeah right – who has the machine? Oh yeah and the
    establishment candidate? Who has every one of Clinton’s former advisors
    advising him and the Kennedys and Kerry’s and other democratic heavy
    weights endorsing him? Yeah, that’s change BUT for who?

    43 males …. 0 females I don’t have much HOPE for a brighter day with a
    44th male president. Women aren’t in the national dialogue and we have
    never known our true potential to lead.

    It took 20 years after Ferraro for a Hillary to surface. Alan Alda, Rob
    Reiner, Phil Donahue and my mom who mobilized the women’s movement in the
    1970’s have earned the title of FEMINIST in my book.

    President Wilson tried to have Alice Paul declared legally insane when she
    picketed his White House. He wanted to lock her away in a sanatorium for
    good for pushing for women’s suffrage and the physician wouldn’t do it. And
    our Hillary has been called a SHE-DEVIl, a BITCH, a MONSTER and a WITCH.
    So much for progress…

    We hear of civil rights but no one talks of women’s rights. On this whole
    earth there are 2 entities: men and women. It is the real ELEPHANT in the
    room. If you say anything against Obama, you’re a racist. But what about
    talking against Hillary? You get a pat on the back. Obama gets 45 minutes
    to give a speech on race but what about a vision for equality for women?
    It has never happened. March was women’s history month and not a darned
    program on PBS even.

    I challenge you to set out to produce an award-winning documentary (with my
    help if you want) to answer the question of true equality in our society
    and what that could look like for men and women.

    Carolyn Cook

    ps; If I didn’t respect you so much, I wouldn’t have taken the time to

  246. Another dozen letters to NC and Ind.
    Here’s the text. it’s a simple letter. Anyone can feel free to use any portions of it and adapt to the state you’re submitting to.

    This past week Senator Clinton pulled off a spectacular 10 point victory in Pennsylvania, handing Senator Obama yet another humiliating defeat.

    Now it’s Indiana’s turn to vote. Indiana is filled with people much like those in Pennsylvania, a state which I’ve visited, vacationed in and frequently driven through. Pennsylvanians are hard-working, self-sufficient patriots, just like the people in Indiana, just like the people in upstate NY, where I live.

    Pennsylvanians saw through Senator Obama’s smoke and mirrors, despite being bombarded by round-the-clock negative TV ads, despite Senator Clinton having been outspent by at least 3 to 1. But the good honest people of Pennsylvania don’t want a rock star president. They want, need and deserve someone who will be accessible; who respects their life styles, their beliefs, their hard work and the person they overwhelmingly chose was Senator Clinton.

    I have never been involved in the political process much less contributed financially to a presidential campaign, but I have been so touched, moved and inspired by Senator Clinton’s fighting spirit I urge the residents and citizens of the great state of Indiana to join the voters of Pennsylvania and choose Senator Clinton as your nominee on May 6.


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