Pennsylvania Thunders: Make Hillary Clinton 44

Thank you Chelsea, Bill, Mayor Nutter, Governor Rendell, and Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, and the 100 mayors, Maxine Waters, Jackson-Lee, AFT, AFSCME, donors, and the wonderful voters of Pennsylvania, Hillary supporters who lit candles against the darkness, Elton, every reader and commenter of this website, and Hillary…

For the internet Hopium dens who take refuge behind Rove-type “Math” not realizing that delegates/people change their minds and that in America you never give up until the last vote is counted:

Thank you Hillary for our belated Anniversary gift of that big Pennsylvania victory.

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348 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Thunders: Make Hillary Clinton 44

  1. So SUSA’s last NC poll was a 10-point spread.

    Wonder where that stands after tonight? 5?

    A few stops with Elizabeth should even things up, and we’re good to go!

    We take NC and it is over, Rover.

  2. Thanks so much, Admin. Belated happy big pink birthday – thank you for all you do. I’m donating again, then to sleep. ‘Night, all!

  3. Blue- TM posters saying Fineman wouldn’t be surprised if EE campaigned for her. I can find no other verification now.

  4. If she got 36% of the vote in Philly, that ain’t bad because 44% of reg dems are AA, and he won nearly all of them. She must have at least split the white vote with him there, no?

  5. You now, I think in OH they included absentees that night, so if she wins absentees tomorrow she could end up with a bigger margin than OH.

  6. Thanks for all the songs….I like the victory dance around Big Media and liberal activist.

    Go Huffingtonpost,

    Go Daily Kos

    Go MSNBC

    Go CNN Pundit

    Go Howard Dean Wing of the DNC

  7. hell with what the pundits say or try to spin..this was/is a sweet and we should rejoice and enjoy. don’t let anybody steal your joy..she kicked his ass..simple as that…does not matter that he cut into her whatever…he spent 9 mil and did not win!! I don’t care about who went negative…they are vying for the most important job in the world…you eother have the intestinal fortitude or …you don’t…baby she has it!

  8. Yep, Barack and Michelle had their asses handed to them tonight. They must be feeling pretty bitter and looking for something safe to cling to right about now.

  9. Okie,
    I’m sure we’ll be hearing more on that one, and I feel great about the possibility for reasons previously stated.

    I think the main thing tonight is NC really comes into play.
    and BO was counting on that as a sizeable win, similar to what we just got in PA. But if it’s very close in NC, she’ll make the popular vote very close with her other expected wins.

    And should he lose there, stick a fork in him.

  10. Patrick Murphy was saying that on CNN the other day about Hillary having ahd a lead of 33. Fool should have been worrying about keeping a seat in congress he only won 2 years ago by 1500 votes.

    These fools have no clue. No clue what is going to happen to their reelection prospects if Democratic women voters sit on their hands in November.

    These fools have no clue that turning out a motivated womens vote is the only frickin’ reason they are in Congress.

    If Democratic women don’t vote, it will be the biggest bloodbath for Democrats since Michael Dukakis.

    And they have NO clue. John Kerry has no clue. Ted Kennedy has no clue. Howard Dean has no clue.

  11. MJ – I’ve given up on researching the number of absentee ballots, but there was a record request, the elderly disportionately use them to vote, PN has a large elderly population… 1-2% points tomorrow. You heard it here first.

  12. When the fuck did Obama ever trail by 31 points? In 2007?

    Lame fucking talking point by BO camp.

    So he only got hammered by 10, and spent… what?, 6 mil to do it?


    hey, we’re stuck @ 98% for a long time…..

  13. (repeat from the prevous thread)

    Ni hao Emjay,

    I can re-post it.

    What a wonderful day it has been. It has been a major set-back for those trying to mold the Party into some version of the British Lib-Dems. Today shows that most Democrats are more favorable to a Party modeled after Tony Blair’s New Labor. Americans steer away from extremes and prefer moderation. Outside of Reagan, most elections are won there.

    Bu keqi

  14. Paddy,

    Fine point. Blair’s New Labor was modeled after Bill Clinton’s 3rd way.

    So it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

  15. I just read on talk left that randi rhodes is saying hillary won because of her white trash voters!! That should bode well for the rest of the states!!

  16. Carbynew

    are you serious 11 effin mil? honestly. i would not tell anybody if i were him and we are supose to believe that he was not going for the win?

    bullshit!! she handed him his skinny ass on platter…with cheese

  17. hehe, the DailyKooks are just losing their shit over there tonight. I love throwing stink bombs in there!

  18. I can not believe the young women. They most believe women presidents come around all the time. Perhaps though BO is winning lie 90% of young male vote and just splitting young women or even losing among young white women. Do we have a break down of that?

  19. Larry King that old fart…people making less then 50K don’t hate rich people…they want to be rich or at least want that for their children.

    It’s called the American Dream, dumbass. I’m so tired of the MSM making a big deal over Bill and Hillary Clinton bank account. Obama isn’t a poor man either…but yet it’s Bill and Hillary that get tarred and feathered for being successful.

  20. Actually she split the upper economic vote with him and nearly split college grads. BO is only in this game because of monolithic AA support. Rhodes is an idiot.

  21. confloyd
    white trash voters have 1 vote just like former coke heads such as randi rhodes… jesus..why do these people always have to put others down…do they forget their past?

  22. Emjay says “Would you do us a favor and repost your thesis re the neo-libs?”

    Here it is in its entirety.

    The Rise (and Fall) of the Neo-libs

    When and where did the neo-libs come from? One might say that the first sightings of what would eventually evolve into the neo-libs were the various state level Green Party organizations that sprung up in the early 1990s. These were Americanized copies of similar groupings in Europe, mainly white university liberal arts graduates from upper middle class families. The Greens were strongly anti-establishment and radical environmentalists. Their slogan was “think globally, act locally”, and were the ones to first coin the “global village” concept.
    They never made it into the mainstream and peaked with the Green Party candidacy for President of Ralph Nader. It didn’t matter much. Although they themselves did not hit the big time, their ideas lived on. For soon, most of their political positions had been usurped by a new radicalized youth who began protesting against the global status quo at international gatherings. And unlike the more pacifist Greens, the protests grew more and more violent, culminating in the notorious Seattle riots. Lacking an organizational base, financial support and a cadre of capable leaders, these protests may have just faded into the haze of yesterday’s news headlines as just another of those leisure-time indulgences undertaken by the spoiled offspring of well-off families. But something else was simultaneously happening that would alter the landscape of political America. The very global system that the protesters were rebelling against was creating one of the biggest wealth transfers the world had ever witnessed.
    Globalization resulted in vast amounts of wealth moving to the United States. This wealth though was not distributed evenly among the general population, but instead enriched a new group of younger, well educated, liberal minded, high tech savvy, entrepreneurs and highly paid professionals, now often described as middle-class millionaires. They made their fortunes using new asset classes of investment such as hedge funds, private equity and venture capital, most out of the reach of the average investor. This group of new rich left stood in stark contrast with old money that had long identified with the conservative faction of the Republican Party. The new class, who described themselves as progressives, was for the most part well-heeled political clones of the radical student protesters. Hence they were very internationalist in focus, taking extreme positions on the environment, human rights, global working conditions, and a collection of various causes such as Tibetan independence, organic farming, fair trade, and opposition to international organizations such as the World Bank and IMF. There was then a marriage of convenience between the two. Sharing similar goals as to what the world should look like, the new rich left differed from their radical student soul-mates in that they had money and lots of it to achieve their political goals. On the other hand their student ideological allies would be the ones that would supply the manpower. As the old saying goes, “if you’ve got the money honey, I’ve got the time.”
    Its was this convergence of what was left of the Greens, the radicalized youth and the new rich left, that gave birth to what I am calling the neo-libs. This name was chosen deliberately to draw on the similarities between the neo-libs and the neo-cons who occupy the opposite end of the political spectrum. Both hold views that are not at this point part of mainstream American politics, both are by themselves small factions within the two major parties, both are more concerned about international than domestic affairs, both advocate interventionism, including the use of force if necessary, to obtain their political objectives, both pose a grave danger to world peace and security.
    But major distinctions exist between the neo-libs and neo-cons. The neo-libs actively seek to dominate the newest and fastest growing form of information, the internet, through the use of coercion and e-violence. The student wing because their comfortable life styles and affluence allows them the time and finances, is employed to contain opposition to their movement. A variety of intimidation tactics ranging from the use of gross profanity on anti-neo-lib blog entries, posting crude and rude comments on sites running unfavorable news articles, conducting web searches on active opposition bloggers in order to find personal information that can be used on-line in ugly ways, and even death threats on the web against political opponents, are becoming commonplace. The majority of political blog sites are controlled by the neo-libs and most use strict censorship to screen out entries they consider unfriendly.
    Political intimidation tactics are not confined to the internet. Polling organizations have close connections to the neo-libs and many poll results are obvious attempts to mislead the public to disguise real voter sentiment. During the Democratic caucuses, it was common place for neo-lib student radicals to intimidate voters into voting for their candidate Senator Obama. The censorship of anti-Obama stories in the media and their near worshiping of his holiness has been so obvious that a famous late-night comedy program started a series of skits poking fun of it. Such a wide range of political intimidation and information control has not been seen in western developed countries since the early days of the National Socialist movement in Germany. This kind of worshiping of a political leader by followers and media alike is also too reminiscent of the National Socialist Adolf Hitler to be comfortable. While the neo-cons were able to take advantage of the weak Bush conservative administration to give us such things as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the neo-libs promise to give us much worse if they ever come to power. The neo-libs are no lovers of freedom.
    Grounded in the transformed Green agenda, relying on an infantry of radicalized youth from upper middle class families, and powered by the big bucks of the new rich left, the neo-libs as a coherent movement made their initial foray into the political mainstream in 2004 by backing their first candidate, the former governor of Vermont Howard Dean, in the Democratic presidential primary. Although not a neo-lib himself but a member of the ageing-liberal wing of the Party, he nonetheless utilized neo-lib support on an anti-war platform to run as an “outsider,” distinguishing himself from the ageing-liberal Kerry and the moderate Edwards. They failed miserably; Dean did not win one contest. The neo-libs ended up reluctantly backing as second choice John Kerry, who like all previous liberal Democrats before him, went down to political defeat in the general election.
    The neo-libs extracted as the price for backing Kerry ageing-liberal support in giving the leadership of the Democratic National Committee to Howard Dean. Next, the unpopular war in Iraq resulted in the crushing defeat of the Republicans in the congressional elections in 2006, encouraging the ageing- liberals to try one more time to get into the White House even if it meant doing so through the back door. The key to that door would be resurrecting the coalition with the neo-libs. This time it would be a neo-lib that would head the ticket, and for this they anointed the African-American junior Senator from Illinois, Barak Obama. Their strategy was clear from the outset. The ageing-liberals would not run anyone from their own ranks to oppose Obama in the primaries and would provide the necessary Democrat establishment backing the neo-libs lacked. For their part, the neo-libs would implement an improved version of the Dean 2004 campaign strategy. The new rich left would bankroll the operation, with the radicalized youth serving as foot soldiers for the campaign and running interference on the web and at the caucuses. They would enjoy the added bonus of the African-American vote going for a favorite son. The media, dominated by either ageing-liberals or younger neo-libs, would serve as the organs of Obama’s propaganda. Their goal: to prevent the moderates from re-taking control of the Democratic Party and defeat of the unpopular Republicans in the general election.
    But globalization had not only created the new rich left, but also one of the widest gaps between the haves and haves not in American history. The pain resulting from the global economic restructuring was creating great difficulties for the middle classes. In a final act of desperation for one last chance at gaining the White House in alliance with the neo-libs, the ageing-liberals, once their champions, deserted the middle class. As for the neo-libs, they have little sympathy for the average working American. They, along with the old money Republicans, see no need for government programs that benefit the middle class. They already have it all. They can afford the best doctors, their children attend the finest schools, and they are going to retire in comfort. Hence they are more interested in Tibetan independence, human rights in Kosovo, and the Kyoto climate pact, than universal healthcare, better public schools or meaningful social security reform.
    The so-called Regan democrats, who have been pushed out of the Republican Party by the costly foreign adventures of the neo-cons and the rigid moral positions of the religious right, found themselves stranded in a political no-mans’ land. That was until the moderate faction of the Democratic Party launched a challenge on their behalf in the candidacy of New York Senator Hillary Clinton. Their strategy was just as ingenious as the neo-libs. Clinton as the candidate of the moderates would represent not only the former Regan Democrats now re-termed Lunch Bucket Democrats, but also Latinos, Asian Americans, Jewish Americans and carry the additional punch of being the first serious female contender for the White House in American history. The moderates under Clinton have still many allies within the Party, those who refuse to surrender it to the neo-lib bullies.
    It is odd that the African-American voters can not see the obvious fact that they are being used. The neo-libs will have no use for them if they ever come to power. They should realize what more and more middle class Americans already have. The new rich left will continue to use international capital to enrich themselves at the expense of the common folks. The current economic mess that began with the sub-prime meltdown was created by them as they attempted to maximize the return on their investments by upping the risk factors. And with their wealth they will seek to use the government to remold global economic and political conditions to their liking, much like neo-cons on the right. It is just that the agenda will change slightly. They will send the country’s youth of all colors to liberate Tibet, to free some far-off country like Burma or Sudan from their oppressors, force the price of goods up for the average consumers via international environmental taxes, fair trade quotas and product boycotts, and increase international tension. After waiting patiently eight years for the nightmare of the Bush administration to end, the world might have to endure eight more years of worse mistakes, this time from a new tyranny of the left and not the right.
    And it could be worse than before. The neo-libs have already shown brown-shirt like tendencies in a willingness to use the radicalized youth as a force to achieve their goals. They feel so strongly that they are right that any means will be justified in the end. Many in the political and working classes have already fallen prey to the sweet sounds of the neo-lib propaganda, that a world built on their principals will be one of peace and prosperity. What they don’t tell you is that the peace and prosperity will be built on the backs of the working people and that the benefits will go disproportionately to themselves for they already control the purse strings of international capital.
    As for this election, the neo-libs would rather win the nomination and lose the general election than lose the nomination. If they secure the nomination, they remain in control of the Party until the next round. This will allow them to bring in more of their own people and dominate the agenda for years to come. After all, it has already been eight years since moderates under Bill Clinton held the reigns of power in the Party. Many of his people will be leaving political life in the next few years as they retire. The neo-libs and ageing-liberals want to replace as many of them as possible with their own. If Senator Clinton and the moderates win, this will keep the neo-libs out and ensure that the Party is one that occupies the political center.
    The neo-lib alliance does indeed want to win the general election too if they can, even though that seems remote at this point given the new problems of their candidate. Then they could exercise complete mastery of the Party. With both houses of congress at their disposal, especially the House under the ageing-liberal ally Pelosi, they can re-make the world according to their own image without restraints. But since the White House is looking increasing difficult to take for Obama, the last thing they want is to lose the nomination to Clinton, because then they lose everything. If she does win the nomination, the moderates will control the Party no matter which party is victorious in November. This is why the neo-lib duet of Obama and Dean, and the ageing-liberals leadership under Kennedy, Kerry, and Pelosi, are so desperate to win the primary election at all costs, even if it means losing the general election. It is the nomination that counts most for now and for the future direction of the Party. It is better to have half the pie than none.
    As Senator Clinton often correctly points out, America has never faced such challenges as it does at the present. The stakes have never been higher. The Republican leadership for too long believed that the biggest challenge to their ideals came from Senator Clinton. They are now belatedly realizing that a much more serious threat, this time to the vital interests of the United States, is coming from the neo-libs. Better late than never. At the same time, many have decided that the Democratic Party is worth fighting for. And the great masses of the American middle class are finally awaking to the fact that the only way to avoid a mistake of catastrophic proportion for both the world and their own economic interest, lies is the election of Democrat Senator Clinton as President.

  23. anbritt Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 12:47 am

    are you serious 11 effin mil? honestly. i would not tell anybody if i were him and we are supose to believe that he was not going for the win?

    bullshit!! she handed him his skinny ass on platter…with cheese
    Yep! That’s what Lanny said on CNN, Obama spent 11 million to to lose big time in PA. I can just see him spending all this money on his stupid plans that he hasn’t really explain to us.


  24. Ron Reagan is a jackass. I am so sick of these people. It’s apparently perfectly ok to steal the nom from the first female candidate and the only won with the experience to actually be president.

  25. carbynew

    he must have been looking for elvis…thinking if he could produce him it might get the win…11 mil and he couldn’t explain his stands on wonder he has no economic policy

  26. MJ

    don’t trip with those people…enjoy the next 48 hours…when they talk mess just laugh at them….11 mil for a 10 point loss

  27. MJ,

    You have GOT to just enjoy for tonight.

    It’s ALL sour grapes. Their cute little arrangements are all crumbling.

    Keep that foremost in your mind – and smile 🙂

  28. I have to tell you all that Hillary Clinton has inspired me like no other person in this universe ever has. I am not a “follower” type. I am not a gawker. I am a woman that has always had to fight and scrap in life and so has Hillary.

    Her tenacity and intelligence and toughness is taking her to the top of the mountain, and I want to be there to help lift her onto it. If she can inspire me to hand in when things are tough, she can inspire this country to hold on.

    Hold on is what we will do and we will perservere because Hillary allows us to believe that anything is possible.

    That is all.

  29. moonpluto:

    Yep, by my count she still has Potter, Monro, Pike and Alleghany counties to go. Those are mostly small or almost 100% done. He’s still got Philadelphia, Chester and Deleware to go. Philadelphia is by far the biggest county left, and if the precincts are all approximately the same size voter-wise, then that 3% represents about 15,000 votes (assuming 60% of that county is democratic and 60% of those voters voted). If he wins those votes in a 2 to 1 spread, then he would net about 5,000 votes in the remaining precincts in Philadelphia county. I think Hillary’s outstanding counties should be able to match his 2 remaining counties in votes, so maybe there’s a net change of 0 for the rest.

    I got the population #’s from a US Census website. The percentages I just guessed at.

  30. Mark Halperin on Charlie Rose:

    “The fact that he couldn’t beat her in Ohio and he couldn’t beat her in Pennsylvania, two states Democrats need to win to win this, is BAD for the Democrats thinking of nominating him.”

  31. Those Philly precincts can be from anywhere and could be Hillary strongholds in the NE or South Philly. Doesnot matter 10% victory is still double digits. I would have like Hillary to hit 56% and won by 12%. One point for each million he wasted in PA!

  32. Not sure about where the precincts are at. I’m looking at CNN’s numbers and they don’t have a breakdown by precinct that I can find.

  33. Also, reading some of the earlier posts regarding absentee voter numbers, there could be 20,00 or more of those votes left to be counted. Not sure if they are part of tonight’s totals or not.

  34. Levon, they will be added tomorrow. However, I suspect it will be far more than 20k, though not sure who they favor.

  35. “The fact that he couldn’t beat her in Ohio and he couldn’t beat her in Pennsylvania, two states Democrats need to win to win this, is BAD for the Democrats thinking of nominating him.”

    Of course the asshole Halperin conveniently forgets Florida where Hillary kicked Obama’s ass down one coast and up the other.

    Despite what the brain-dead Deaniacs at the broke DNC believe, there is no winning electoral college math that includes losing Florida, Ohio, and Penns.

    Win those three and you own November election.

  36. $11 million bucks, pissed away by Obama on a 10-point ass-kicking. No wonder he’s trying to spin it as a win.

  37. You can also figure the net vote for Philadelphia much simpler. With 3% left he had approx 130,000 vote lead. 3% of that is 3900, so that might be a more accurate net gain for him assuming the remaining precincts are roughly the same as the other 97%.

  38. The Establishment Democrats’ problem is they didn’t take this seriously. They thought they had it in the bag and could nominate literally anyone and still win. Hopefully, they will wake up and see it’s not true.

  39. I would brace for a full frontal assault as early as sun up.

    More psychological warfare via an overwhelmingly negative spate of stories from the usual culprits, perhaps one or two with a new spin (like a trial balloon ‘revelation’ from the Clinton years), along with something like a Matthews appearance on Morning Joe where he brings up some other garbage along the lines of, ‘she only won her senate seat because her husband fooled around.’
    Mix in mucho-spin from Axelrod accepted as fact and broadcast continually via their media minions, major minimization of tonight’s victory by instantly looking ahead to May 6, some more BO media felatio, and perhaps another lessening of campaign coverage overall, a tactic that was deployed in the past weeks leading up to tonight.

    Crazy? Maybe. Call it an educated guess after watching this garbage for too many years.

  40. Unlike idiots of the Dean, Kerry, and Kennedy ilk, I learned a long time ago to never underestimate the Republicans in Presidential races. They understand the electorate in ways Democrats can only dream about.

    The path to winning was for Clinton to wrap the nomination early and tack hard to the center while using a time and money advantage to mobilize women voters. That strategy has, of course been obliterated by the DNC effort to steal the nomination by putting Florida and Michigan on the shelf.

    At this point, I think it would take a miracle for the Dems to win the White House. The party has essentially been blown to smithereens…and frankly, I think the damage is permanent.

  41. DailyKos is a huge cesspool of whining at the moment — absolutely hilarious. The front page editors are finger-pointing at “stupid” Obama surrogates and wallowing in self-pity and self-doubt. Light some more incense, guys…

    …Hillary’s speech tonight was fantastic. She has the momentum and it’s becoming more and more obvious with each passing day that BHO is unelectable.

  42. Crazy? Maybe. Call it an educated guess after watching this garbage for too many years.

    Probably right. I won’t see it. I haven’t watched one second of TV news since Super Tuesday. And, I don’t intend to watch another second of TV news until the day I die. Why bother?

  43. Potentially Major news from Wednesday’s NYT:

    “According to Republican Party officials, party members in North Carolina — which holds its primary on May 6 — are considering running an advertisement against Mr. Obama that highlights his ties to controversial figures like his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. That ad could have the effect of adding a racially divisive element to that Southern state’s primary.”

  44. Great party Admin! Very appropriately titled songs. Even made me end with my own chorus of Supreme’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Contributed right past midnight here central time. What a wonderful evening. Great uplifting victory speech. Today will be back to Bill said this and that, Rendell praised Farakkhan, yadda-yadda-yadda. I agree – hit the ground running and blitz Indiana and North Carolina with messages of hope, inspiration, Edwards’ end to poverty – speaking of Edwards: He has every reason now to get on Hillary’s bandwagon with her substantial victory. Wonder what SD BHO has lined up to hit airwaves right after the rooster crows here in a few hours? I say let the 527’s hit him with Auchigate, and pray that Rezko starts warbling like Robin Redbreast. Savor the victory. Hillary will be 44!

  45. Haha, the Obama campaign just sent out an email asking everyone for $25 more bucks to finance that boondoggle of a campaign. What’s Obama’s strategy for NC and IN? Outspend her, 20-to-1, this time?

  46. Berkeley,

    If the Daily Kooks hadn’t revoked my registration (without notice),
    I’d be torturing them so bad right now they’d all be jumping off bridges.

    Those pigs over there deserve it.

  47. berkeley: Her speech was wonderful! I love everything she says. Hillary inspires me to be a better person.

  48. Ya gotta love Susan Estrich, Greta asked her what Dean and SD’s are thinking tonighyt and she said Dean is probably drinking tonight…..

  49. BlueDem, Tim Russert was reporting that same news tonight on TV: that tomorrow, Republicans will begin a blistering attack on Obama in North Carolina, for his ties to Wright’s church. This all shows precisely how unelectable Obama would be in the general.

  50. It’s the Hopium Berkeley Vox. It dulls the senses and the cerebrum. They don’t even realize they are in a cesspool.

  51. hwc, I think there might still be time to repair the damage, but it can’t go on much longer. Everyday that we use all our party resources to bail out the Titantic with a tin can, we look more like incompetent fools. It’s not too late to get the focus of Democratic leaners back on Bush and off of Obama and his scandals, but we need wholehearted cooperation from Kerry, Kennedy, all these fools, and it doesn’t seem likely.

  52. From WaPo;
    In the two weeks leading up to the Indiana primary, a Democratic strategist familiar with the Obama campaign said aides are likely to turn to the controversies of Bill Clinton’s White House years — Hillary Clinton’s trading cattle futures, Whitewater and possibly impeachment.

    “Everyone knows the history of the Clintons,” the strategist said.

  53. Berkeley,

    Didn’t catch that with all my channel surfing. Thanks, great to know.

    Tell you what… trying to read the tea leaves but it seems unavoidable.

    I think all fucking hell is about to break loose – on all sides.
    This is gonna be sick.

    Good thing our girl’s the toughest and the smartest 🙂

  54. Coo—-did y’all see that rubbery faced weasly Ron Reagan go after Lanny Davis on Larry King about Bosnia??–Lanny was so GREAT!!!–but Larry king (supposedly good friend of Hill’s by the way) cut him OFF and wouldn’t really address Reagan just shouting Lanny down…Lanny just kept smiling….but he was getting piled ON!

  55. Well, if BO’s campaign starts bringing up all the past stuff, they will be tarnishing his image even more, which will make him, even more unelectable. People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones. They are walking a slippery slope, if they go even more negative, than they already have.

  56. Blue Democrat:

    I agree. If all hell breaks loose I like Hillary’s chances because we all know she can take the heat.

  57. hwc says “At this point, I think it would take a miracle for the Dems to win the White House. The party has essentially been blown to smithereens…and frankly, I think the damage is permanent.”

    It won’t be permanent if Clinton gets in. The Party is going through a fight for its soul. This has been a long-time in the making. The Party has been under the control of a group of liberals from the Vietnam War era for some years now, except when Bill Clinton moved it towards the center. As soon as he was gone, back came the left-wing. But these folks are getting old and have to pass the baton soon to a new bunch. The Party had been out of power with little chance of regaining it until recently, so there was no imminent need for the intense struggle we are witnessing now. That was, until Bush and the Iraq War provided a chance to regain control of the country.

    So now there is a political generational fight to determine who will control the Party going forward. The Left has backed the new Obama faction (“the youth and new voters” as Obama said) and the Clintons want the moderates to have the major say. This will all pass once the fight is over unless there is a paper over just to win this election. That will just postpone the agony for another day. If Obama wins and the Party moves to the far left (under the neo-libs), it may spell its doom unless the country itself undergoes a tremendous social change, which is unlikely. So we are partaking in a very important contest that will affect the country for many years to come. There is a lot at stake.
    Help Hillary win. We must do whatever we are able to do to help her.

  58. estrich was great-also reminded us of a sad fact-had hillary had a effective caucus strategy in a fe super tues states she would eb the nom tonight easy. the longer this goes on the more likely the 2 will have to be on the same ticket.

  59. WaPo: “His weekly ad spending topped $3 million, for a total of around $12 million in the campaign here.”

  60. Yep. Obama is off his game and he looks lost on the campaign trail. He isn’t on message, he isn’t being positive, and his support among crucial voting blocs is beginning to erode.

    If the Republicans begin advertising against him, with the same level of intensity that they use for all other Democrats, then he is toast. We’ll see Ayers and Wright, over and over, in ad after ad.

    Here are the big short-term challenges for Hillary:

    * fundraising — we all NEED to help out and ask friends and family to make donations, and capitalize on the big momentum from today.
    * GOTV in North Carolina. Thank God we have Ace Smith running things there! 😀

  61. Obama Shifting Focus From Clinton to McCain
    EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Senator Barack Obama opened the next phase of his presidential campaign here Tuesday evening, seeking to turn his focus away from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and persuade party leaders that time is running out for Democrats to start defining their Republican opponent.

    A series of endorsements are scheduled to be announced in the coming days, including superdelegates who intend to pledge their support for Mr. Obama. And more campaign workers in the Chicago headquarters will be dedicated to taking on Senator John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican nominee.

    Mr. Obama only mentioned Mrs. Clinton by name once in his remarks at a rally here late Tuesday night, when he congratulated her on winning the Pennsylvania primary. He referred to Mr. McCain seven times, a pointed reminder to Democrats of the challenge that lies ahead.

    “There is a sense of urgency about the time we’re losing and a sense of urgency that we not savage each other to the benefit of Senator McCain,” said David Axelrod, the chief strategist for Mr. Obama. “Ultimately, what this is about is the race in November.”

    Still, his defeat in Pennsylvania was significant, with Mr. Obama losing by wide margins in many parts of the state where he had dedicated much time and resources. His strategists immediately began studying the results — and intended to interview voters in a post-mortem — to see what kept them from supporting Mr. Obama.

    Advisers to Mr. Obama believe his efforts were damaged by the sharp back-and-forth between him and Mrs. Clinton. They believe that her campaign defined him in a negative way, reinforcing questions about potential weaknesses in his candidacy.

    “If Senator Clinton thinks she has a legitimate chance to win the nomination, she has every reason to stay,” Mr. Axelrod said aboard the campaign plane here Tuesday evening. “But if her only strategy is to try and tear down Senator Obama, I think that’s going to make a lot of Democrats uncomfortable.”

    For at least two months, Mr. Obama has struggled to close the deal on the nomination. Attempts to defeat Mrs. Clinton at the ballot box have repeatedly proved to be unsuccessful — especially, as she has pointed out, in the larger states — so his campaign is now employing a two-front strategy: trying to ignore Mrs. Clinton while working to overwhelm her campaign by using its financial advantage to advertise more and build larger organizations in each of the remaining nine contests.

    In Indiana, the next major battleground, Mr. Obama is strengthening an already robust television advertising campaign and sending an army of fresh workers there in the coming days. In North Carolina, which also holds a primary on May 6, he will try to run up the margin of victory to maintain his lead in the overall popular vote.

    “Our attitude is that as long as Senator Clinton wants to stay in the race and as long as she’s got support and her name’s on the ballot, then there’s no reason why we can’t continue to campaign,” Mr. Obama said in a radio program. “I do want to make sure that during the course of our campaigning that we keep an eye on John McCain.”

    But his argument was weakened — perhaps significantly — by his showing in Pennsylvania. Campaign officials began reaching out to uncommitted superdelegates and other party elders to prevent an erosion of support, hoping to get ahead of Mrs. Clinton’s efforts to persuade leading Democrats to take a second look at Mr. Obama’s candidacy.

    Seeking to blunt any political damage from losing in Pennsylvania, the Obama campaign distributed a memo to supporters late Tuesday titled, “A Fundamentally Unchanged Race.” His strategists noted that he had narrowed the gap from a few weeks ago and improved his showing among white voters and voters over 60 since the Ohio primary.

    His advisers said they would not call for Mrs. Clinton to end her campaign and would urge supporters to do the same. Not only could it backfire, they said, but it could also alienate her supporters, which the Obama campaign hopes to ultimately attract.

    Even in defeat, the spirits were high among Mr. Obama’s aides. A leading reason was that Pennsylvania was in the rear-view mirror — for now, anyway.

    On the campaign plane, Mr. Axelrod and Robert Gibbs, the communications director, wore T-shirts with the message: “Stop the drama, vote Obama.”

  62. Estrich is an idiot, too. Oh, wait… I guess it’s redundant to call Michael Dukakis’ campaign manager an idiot, isn’t it? Just saying “Michael Dukakis’ campaign manager” pretty much covers it, doesn’t it?

    Anyway, she conveniently forgets that Clinton couldn’t have an effective caucus strategy because the caucus’ were stacked with Howard Dean’s birkendstock wearing, latte drinking party hacks — the kind of Democrats who actually think Howard Dean can run the party effectively.

  63. Berkeley,
    NYT or WaPo I forget which -said they’ll focus resources less on NC than Kentucky. I know they have to make tough choices, and one is in peril (KY) so they must take care of business.

    But I feelthere’s a decent shot at grabbing NC and ending this thing if bedlam ensues – and maybe even if it doesn’t.

  64. She can’t put him on the ticket. They’ll just put out the same Wright and Ayers etc. ads they were going to use against him. He’s a total negative, and doesn’t bring in any voters she can’t get on her own.

    Corrente says kos has diaries up “Racist Democrats, not Republicans, gave Clinton her victory in PA” and “Pony Up, Bitches.” So I have to give it to Gergen, Obama fans may be few but they’re excellent at party building.

  65. Blue Democrat

    does bho really want to go there? hr is right in that everybody knows the clintons history. BUT. also know this, they know how to fight..and we have seent hat he coesn’t…so the choice is his..and if he does go there..his brand is nill and void…repubs have seen an opening…thats why they want to run ads against him…a test run, if you will..they believe he will be the niminee and just want to dirty him up, so to speak

  66. winning IN and NC may run up his total byt he did not win the needed states like tonite. He is not winning dem states and winning states likely to go repub won’t cover it

  67. Guys she is at 10% ok so when the mail in ballots come in that should not take down that lead right?

  68. Matthews wasn’t feeling a tingle running up his leg. it was pee running down when he saw the results

  69. anbritt,

    Right on. Tonight may well prove pivotal, as it cemented the notion there is something seriously wrong with his candidacy
    (that he can’t win tried and true democrats, no tiny problem in a Dem primary. Of course we knew, but now everyone knows.
    They’ll try to adjust but there’s not much they can do.
    What, they’ll spend $13M next time?)

  70. i cannot believe the obama campaign is going to ressrect impeachment-in A DEM PRIMARY? wtf? big mistake. dems will rally for her if the gop lead impeachment trial is pulled out

  71. 214K lead @ 99%. 10% of roughly 2.3 m votes cast would be 230,000, so 1% is 23,000.
    So I’d guess that 10% is pretty safe.
    Doubtful there could be a swing that big, though others here know the remaining districts and details far better than I.

    Wonderful night all. Wonderful candidate.

    She came through like the champ we know she is.

    And BO & Axelrod must have some furrowed brows right now 🙂

  72. Donated $20.44 tonight. 😉

    10 points, 200+K victory in the popular vote.

    Yep, that’s a butt-kicking by any measure. It is particularly so when you have outspent your opponent by a margin of 3+ to 1 and your fabled campaigning skills have landed you on the losing end of a lopsided beatdown even with 6 weeks to close the gap.

    Damn it’s a great night. And when and if Obama wins North Carolina, he will only further the narrative of his being the niche candidate that he is.

    I wanted to let people know that I have put up a front-page video and introduction to same over at my website that I think many here will appreciate. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just leave it at that. The link:

    The “Front Page Video” section is the third category down. If you feel like a chuckle, I think this will do the trick.

    She’s back, and she’s ready. Barack is fading, and he has shown how unbelievably weak he is on several levels. As you would expect, superdelegates have much to think about after this evening.


  73. Well, guess who reads the forum ?

    Mark Shields on Lehrer News Hour:

    “Obama has been accused of… he’s been too much a… Bambi.”


  74. monkeybusiness:
    Sounds like a plan to me. Auchi-gate cometh as well. Want to hear more about the banners hanging on the walls in BHO’s campaign headquarters, that Rove alluded to, then quickly changed subject couple of weeks ago on Fox. The best strategy for HRC is to keep appealing to blue-collar, rural voters. Hopefully, Randi Rhodes tacky comment that “Whte Trash” is why she won election will backfire and pump up HRC’s base even more. Yeah, Randi – Get ‘er done!

  75. Mark Shields had been one of my (few) favorite commentator for years before he got too down on Hill and too high on BO.

    Hey Mark, you getting it now?!

  76. 4-23-08 Press Conference Exposing Obama’s Unsavory Associates


    One of the pundits on CNN, I believe, said there’s a press conference scheduled in NC tomorrow, 4-23-08. The Republicans there intend to discuss Obama’s associations with Wright, Ayers, Rezko, and possibly others we haven’t heard about.

    The pundit was vague, possibly because he didn’t have details, so I don’t have details either, but this made me think of’s page.

    Did anybody hear about this?

  77. So its Indiana and North Carolina on the same day in 2 weeks? Well, that’s just enough time for Odrama to hang himself with the white trash voters of Hillary Clinton!

  78. Arriana Huff n Puff must be advising Bambi’s campaign because just like her ex husband failed Senate race. where he tried to buy the seat. Obama tried and fail to win PA.


  79. Blue,

    Shields had been one of my favorites too, until he got ugly and accused the Clintons of playing the race card. His level of gullibility on that is shocking.

  80. good work, everyone. thank you, admin. and thank you to all who lit candles, prayed, canvassed, campaigned, phonebanked, volunteered and gave as much that they can with whatever little they have. thanks for believing.
    hillary is 44.
    let’s go to indiana.

  81. i dont get repubs maybe running ads on bmabi in nc. wont that help hillary? i wonder if they are having a presser today this gop grp?

  82. According to wikipiedia, the Guam caucus is next on May 3. After that, on May 6, Indiana and North Carolina will hold their primaries. Both of those are open primaries. UGH.

  83. Levon,

    That’s ok she will do great in Indiana, we need to find ways to get money rolling in her piggy bank. That really is the most important thing right now. he has over 44 million, she has 9. We all should make a list of money ideas for the next week. Your hillaryis44 bombs are great admin! What if we did a state wide bake sale. All of us, we are all over the country, we can have one everywere, and for the support and fun we can make it the same day and all and up the gains and bomb hillary with money! Or parties!

  84. There’s a caucas left? OMG! Well, I hope we have some people over there! Isn’t that mostly military? I mean, how big is Guam, anyway?

  85. EFF the NYT. To this pathetic, Obama-like weak editorial:

    I left the following response, which is likely to not see the light of the comment board but which need to be said:

    An embarrassing and untoward editorial from The Old Gray Lady. To put it mildly, you are far better than this.

    There is a very good reason why you are writers and editors and the high-priced political consultants have their own jobs. To put it bluntly: Stay in the shallow end of the political pool and stick with spliced commas.

    Senator Obama has not been properly vetted, much as your paper failed in its duty to help Americans vet the supposed intelligence which led up to the Iraq War, or failed to capture fabricating employees.

    There are numerous reasons why the Times is slipping without any hopes of righting itself in terms of advertising revenue and distribution. This editorial is a succinct display of those reasons.

    If you decide it is your obligation to play the new Pat Leahy to Mrs. Clinton, do not be surprised when your readers decide to mimic Dick Cheney to your Leahy.

    Hillary won an enormous victory tonight, and your desire to have the referees prematurely stop the contest demonstrates the same lack of resilience and strength which has just seen Obama both turn down a debate in North Carolina and decide not to talk with reporters for 10 days.

    John Adams would be disgusted with both you and the Illinois senator.

    Paul F. Villarreal

  86. Guam has a population of around 173,000 according to Wikipedia. It ranks 53rd out of 56 US States/Territories in population.

  87. The media is going to get much worse than we have seen to date. The Obama campaign is down to its last gasps. It will be total war “blitzkrieg” from all his minions, including the media, running dog SDs, and his Party hacks. Be prepared. Don’t pay any attention. Keep your mind focused on wining. Use your delete and ignore functions freely. AND DONT CLICK ON ANY OF THE NEGATIVE NEWS STORIES. YOU ONLY GIVE HIM YOUR POWER AND HIS MEDIA GOONS MONEY BY DOING SO.

  88. Folks, I have to say I really enjoyed telling that rotten republican doctor that I work with, that she kicked his butt in PA. tonight. I also enjoyed telling all those republican nurses she did too. I have noticed more women asking me how she is doing lately! I think they are secretly proud of her! They really enjoyed the fact that they played the theme to ROCKY at her campaign rally last night. I think when Hillary gets the nomination, alot of republican women are secretly going to vote for her!

  89. winhillary — they seem to have developed a bad case of ‘rescue the faltering Messiah’-itis.

    Totally pathetic.

  90. Paddy

    Yes yes yes re third way. But my nagging worry is the point you made that win or lose the primary with Precious as the figurehead, they win, because they get what they want: total party control.

  91. Emjay,

    Total Party control is their main focus at the moment. If they control the Party after Denver, even if they lose in November, they will still be in charge. They will remold the Party along the lines of the rising neo-libs (or whatever label you assign this new power block within the Party). What’s left of Clinton’s people will be shoved out. Most likely Donna B will replace Dean as head of the DNC. Dean will get some other reward for his sell-out. Kicked up-stairs, as they say. If they also win the GE, it is an added bonus. Then they will also control the country, unchecked, unless they lose either the Senate or House. Of course, it is not likely that Obama can win the GE and if he is the nominee the Dems could lose the Senate and have a reduced majority in the House.

  92. Please repubs hit Obama with all you got! Start with tony rezko please! No matter what the attacks are two things are going to happen the liberals will come out to protect him and the middle democrats the ones that vote more will be listening. The point is everyone, cnn can only protect the wounded bambi for so long. Facts will come out and they will have to report it!

  93. NYT Editorial today is very mean. Said her 10% romp over BO, 200K votes were “inconclusive” and blamed her for all the negativity that has happened so far in the campaign season. .

    “It is past time for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to acknowledge that the negativity, for which she is mostly responsible, does nothing but harm to her, her opponent, her party and the 2008 election.”

    “Mrs. Clinton did not get the big win in Pennsylvania that she needed to challenge the calculus of the Democratic race… ended up squandering a good part of what was once a 20-point lead.”

    Frank Rich or Maureen Dowd probably wrote it. It clearly has their venom. If you guys can’t handle that sort of negativity, don’t bother reading. There’s not one line that isn’t insulting to HRC.

  94. The absurdity party has begun. Chris Cillizza at WaPo asks whether Hillary really won. The media apparently needs remedial math:

    1,258,245 > 1,042,297

    Hmmmmm. Hillary got more votes. Perhaps she won?

    Now, in 1980, Reagan got 51% of the vote and Carter got 41% of the vote, and it was called a landslide. I guess 10 percent is a landslide.

    What has gone wrong with the media’s ability to analyze an election?

  95. Hillary’s victory speech has to rank up there among her very best. Great victory and a great speech.

  96. HillBillyLover Says:
    April 23rd, 2008 at 12:57 am

    I have to tell you all that Hillary Clinton has inspired me like no other person in this universe ever has. I am not a “follower” type. I am not a gawker. I am a woman that has always had to fight and scrap in life and so has Hillary.

    Her tenacity and intelligence and toughness is taking her to the top of the mountain, and I want to be there to help lift her onto it. If she can inspire me to hand in when things are tough, she can inspire this country to hold on.

    I agree. Hillary is showing a lot of character here. I love it that she not only hangs in the fight, she stays positive! She’s always laughing and enjoying the debate or being interviewed by Scaife’s paper or whatever it is.

    Her performance in the difficult long part of the campaign is probably impressing the SDs too.

  97. This is a piece from a women at TIME. My answer ,Hillary will noT quit until we say it’s time and that is not going to happen on Americas watch, not now not ever!

    “Why” he pleaded, sounding a bit, dare we say, bitter, “can’t I just eat my waffle?”

    His subtext was obvious: Why can’t I just be president? Why do I have to keep eating these gooey waffles and answering these gotcha questions and debating this gonzo woman?

    Before they devour themselves once more, perhaps the Democrats will take a cue from Dr. Seuss’s “Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!” (The writer once mischievously redid it for his friend Art Buchwald as “Richard M. Nixon Will You Please Go Now!”) They could sing:

    “The time has come. The time has come. The time is now. Just go. … I don’t care how. You can go by foot. You can go by cow. borak OBAMA, will you please go now! You can go on skates. You can go on skis. … You can go in an old blue shoe.


  98. Obama Shifting Focus From Clinton to McCain
    EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Senator Barack Obama opened the next phase of his presidential campaign here Tuesday evening, seeking to turn his focus away from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and persuade party leaders that time is running out for Democrats to start defining their Republican opponent.

    A series of endorsements are scheduled to be announced in the coming days, including superdelegates who intend to pledge their support for Mr. Obama.

    Hey, is that the same 50 that were going to endorse him after TX? Or the 7 after another recent primary?

  99. According to the NYT, it would have been better if nothing about the truth concerning Ozamba had ever been mentioned (wright, ayers, bittergate, ad nauseam), what they call negativity, and he could have just walked away with it in PA. Does any reasonable person (this of course excludes the writer(s) of the editorial) believe that Hillary could have won without exposing his weaknesses? And how about us, the common citizenry? Don’t we have a right to know the truth and based on that to make our own judgments? The writer(s) of this piece are not only arrogant asses to put it vulgarly, but are extremely biased towards Obama. Luckily, I have extreme faith in the common sense of the American people who I am certain will safely disregard it for the piece of journalistic trash that it is.

  100. Lets see white coller voters that want universal health care and a better middle class…hmmmm JOHN EDWARDS were the f are you! We don’t need him but come the f on, if mr Oscar gets a hand full of delegates we need some action to! Sorry i’m tired and very happy at the same time!

  101. Knocked on a door last night an 80 yr old woman toting an oxygen tank answered. Before I could introduce myself she bellowed Christ that woman doesn’t give up. I proceeded to apologize for bothering her and she said no need she was just about to go vote for her. Made my night, well that and Jim Beam.

  102. The administrator predicted this 100% accurately..from the so-called “early too close to call”, the media spin, and the ultimate egg on their collective faces….many kudos to you as you are one smart lady!!!!

  103. Hill won 2/3’s of women yesterday. The obvious answer to the next set primaries, bring in indie /repub women.

  104. Interesting that Obama had the support of the gov and its two senators and he still lost that state to Hillary.

  105. I have just spent my morning reading the post over night. This post gets me though. I will be 65 soon, and I am amazed at your support for Hillary and your enthusiasm. You have much of the same emotions that I have. I have the following comments.

    1. Either Guam or Purto Rico might be winner take all. I think I saw that posted some place.

    2. The so called super delegates, which should be called something else (I am sure this group can come up with a name for them), need to start exhibiting the wisdom and experience they are suppose to have in these matters, and that is electablility. If I hear one more time that he will be better for the nation (based on what), that he has proven something (I still don’t know what), and that my child lead me to him (I thought the grownups were suppose to be in charge) I will puk.

    As has been said all night, she is not worshiped, she does have baggage. But If I am in a fight, I want Hillary Rodham Clinton covering my back. She is one tough person.

  106. Their incredible smallness is beginning to appear everywhere this morning, and this shouldn’t cloud our day but rather make it more all the more enjoyable.
    They’re scrambling because we got the big win we needed:)

    MY DD has a nice rundown on where to go from here, including this;

    The ~215K margin of victory by Clinton provides them with enough votes to take the popular vote lead, counting Florida and Michigan.

    It’s a two-fer in that sense, providing a winning metric and making Obama say that FL & MI voters don’t count. And with that, change the delegate number needed from 2025 to 2209.

  107. A couple of high points from yesterday. First, Hillay won Montgomery and Bucks County, and she is under double diget (9) in NC according to SUSA. I am happier about NC than her win. If John and Elizebeth Edwards endorse Hillary she could do very well (maybe not win, but stay with in 5 pts).

  108. Get this to fox, this needs to be aired asap, direct link to Terrorist.

    Terrorist Fundraisers for Obama

    Two years ago, Hatem El-Hady was the chairman of the Toledo, Ohio-based Islamic charity, Kindhearts, which was closed by the US government in February 2006 for terrorist fundraising and all its assets frozen. Today, El-Hady has redirected his fundraising efforts for his newest cause – Barack Obama for President.

    El-Hady has his own dedicated page on Barack Obama’s official website, chronicling his fundraising on behalf of the Democratic Party presidential candidate (his Obama profile established on February 19, 2008 – two years to the day after Kindhearts was raided by the feds). Not only that, but he has none other than Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, listed as one of his friends (one of her 224 listed friends).

    But his leadership of Kindhearts is not the only thing that has brought him scrutiny by federal law enforcement officials. Last summer, El-Hady was questioned by the FBI concerning his knowledge of possible conspirators in a UK-based terror plot.

  109. I see Dems struggling to avoid what is now obvious.

    Cable pundits are using the word ‘murky’ to describe where the party is now. It isn’t murky. It is crystal clear. Hillary can and will win. Obama cannot win.

    There probably aren’t enough SDs who can say “I made a mistake.” In February, Obama looked like a winner; he doesn’t now. He cannot connect with important voters except for AAs and some youth — although that is diminishing to even.

    We shall have either Pres Clinton or Pres McCain.
    Those are the choices. The only way that the SDs and the Dem elites can forego their Obama dream is if they come to realize that their voters will not just abandon Obama but the party itself. Women abandoned them when Reagan won — that will seem like good Dem times if Obama is the nominee.

    Those who cannot vote for Obama — and many of you have voiced that view — should lose no opportunity to let your views known.

  110. The one thing that has to be pressed is this

    Last night, 50% of Clinton voters say they will not vote for Obama in the GE, Only 30% of Obama voters said the same of Clinton, Obama has lost PA before the GE even starts.

    SD’s wake the fuck up.

  111. Yesterday in PA was incredible. Very, very intense. Team there did a GREAT job on GOTV. Made it to the victory party in Philadelphia last night. Since BO had ditched town like the coward he is, his supporters had nowhere else to go so they decided to crash the HRC party. A narrow driveway separated the two groups. HRC outnumbered BO by 3:1. Security everywhere. Lots of yelling…some good natured. Some not. The breakdown in the vote along racial lines was stark. More later.

  112. Wes Clark on MSNBC, mixing it up w/Andrea Mitchell.

    Good job and glad to see him out front early.

  113. please can someone get my post about Obama’s terrorist link sent to Hannity and all, i get blocked here sending to them

  114. With John Edwards small-town upbringing and down-to-earth, back-to-basics approach, for him to endorse BHO at this point would seem so disingenuous. If he endorses BHO following the “punish” with a baby, “cling” to guns and faith, and revelations about Wright’s “GD America” and Nation of Islam Farakkhan connection (in Edwards’ fundamentally Protestant setting), AND not to mention lame dismissal of Ayers by BHO (Edward’s was old enough to remember- just starting college during Weather Undergroud days)- then this could seriously diminish Edwards in the eyes of his own North Carolinians. Although he may be reluctant to endorse HRC, maybe all of those other troublesome elements to BHO will at least keep him silent. He’s smarter than Bill Richardson, I believe. Doesn’t strike me as someone who would shoot himself in the foot, or be too late endorsing a candidate, thus notaccomplishing anything other than being a laughing stock for the opposition.

  115. now we need to get in battle mode for Indiana.

    The letters to the papers, letters to sds, phone banking, donating.

    PA was great .. we can do better in Indiana.

    Hillary is 44

  116. Ann-

    You and the rest of the PA team should be very proud of your hard work. Congratulations and THANK YOU!

  117. I’m telling you, all Hill needs is funds to match his spending and to bring repub women into those two primaries.

  118. I thik to be honest, Hillary will take Indiana handily. I really dont think she can take NC, hopefully she can come close, but early voting has occurred there in NC, so thats a problem along with a huge AA population who will vote for Obama regardless.

  119. Yes, everywhere across the young and delusional Obamautomaton world, analysis flies showing how Pennsylvania was a victory for Obama. Let me share something with the children: In 1980, Reagan won by 10 points. The margin was 51% to 41%. We Democrats, that is, we on the losing side that year, called it a landslide, because it was a landslide, and guess what, you Obamautomatons, you on the losing side, though you are very young, it is this year still a landslide.

  120. Right, that’s why I think she should bring over those potential crossover repub women now. She won 2/3’s of the white women vote in PA. If she can really make the pitch to repub women now she will win both states.

  121. gotta say this again it made walking up and down the hills of pittsburgh well worth it

    Knocked on a door last night an 80 yr old woman toting an oxygen tank answered. Before I could introduce myself she bellowed Christ that woman doesn’t give up. I proceeded to apologize for bothering her and she said no need she was just about to go vote for her. Made my night, well that and Jim Beam.

  122. Talk Left uses SUSA and demography to look at IND & NC;
    I’d like to hope there’s more hope than they hope for in NC:

    By Big Tent Democrat

    The latest SUSA NC poll tells the tale. It shows Obama winning 50-41.
    It shows Obama winning African Americans 83-10. It shows Obama losing whites 53-36. You may note that looks a lot like Pennsylvania. But here it is Obama up near 10. The difference is SUSA projects 30% of the North Carolina Dem electorate to be African American. Clinton can not win in North Carolina. Period. Losing by 10 is as good as it gets for Clinton.

    Indiana is where Obama’s appeal to working class whites will be tested again. SUSA’s latest Indiana poll shows us why. It has Clinton up 9. And the demos? Obama wins African Americans 80-20. Clinton wins whites 58-37. Pretty much like North Carolina. The difference? African Americans will only make up 11% of the vote in Indiana according to SUSA.

    Obama will win African Americans 90-10. Mark it up now. The question is what percentage of the white vote will he get? He needs 45% of the white vote in Indiana to win. He has not gotten that in contested big states. Unless he breaks that mold, Obama will lose Indiana. And if Indiana follows Ohio and Pennsylvania, he’ll lose by double digits.

  123. Baraka Dukaka has lost 3 of the biggest states in a row and 4 out of the last 5 primaries all 6 weeks apart, he had 6 WEEKS to knock her off and failed miserably again, sorry but that to me means he is useless, he has tried to kill her off 6 times and missed. If this guy was an assassin, he wouldnt get hired. We should be pointing out

    1 : NH – failed miserably
    2 : Nevada – threw the book at her, she won
    3 : SC – she came back and whalloped him with Florida
    4 : Super Tuesday – He tried to take MAss, had the backing of dumb and dumber and failed
    California – outspent her enourmously and failed again by 10%.
    She took all the biggest states and more.
    5 : He took 10 dodgy contests in a row, she came back and whalloped him in Ohio, Texas and RI.
    6 : Penn – 6 weeks of ads, outspent her almost 3/4/5 to 1, a lousy debates, and negativity and she still won by 10%.

    I mean the woman is made of steel, give her the nomination already. If McCain tries to knock her down she’ll get right back up, Obama will just lie there like a virgin on prom night and get screwed.

  124. Yup, another of those stacked endorsements that he holds back on.

    Now the good people of Oklahoma are i think going to be pissed and should be demanding he change his mind.

  125. moon-

    Now, (actually again) we have the best and most simple argument against Obama:

    If he is so great, why can’t he win?

    Now, when I argue with the undecided, no more discussions about experience, honesty, all sizzle no steak. No more uniter in words vs uniter in actions. No more “he’s so inspiriing”, what a good speaker. NO.

    If Obama were the kind of “new” politician, the uniter, the holier than thou figure his campaign has made him out to be, then he should have won by now.

    Only, he hasn’t. And we are just now starting to peel back the veneer and see what an arrogant elitist he really is.

    Rezko? still pending!

  126. Op-ed from The Bulletin (Philadelphia’s “family” newspaper and not exactly a bastion of liberal thought):

    It’s Time To Summarize Obama In One Word: Fraud
    By: Herb Denenberg , The Bulletin

    This is my 19th column on Sen. Barack Obama, and as you know I’ve been adding words to describe him, none of them complimentary. As the Pennsylvania primary takes place today, I’ve decided I need a one-word summary of all the words I’ve used up to now. You may remember them – liar, hypocrite, unpatriotic, artful dodger, phony, bigot, flip-flopper and many more. I’ll add some more with this column, including “thin-skinned” and “lousy debater.”

    But in the interests of economy of language, I think there’s a good one-word summary: “fraud.” Yes, Mr. Obama is a fraud. He just isn’t what he pretends to be. In fact, he is by and large the opposite of his claims. His rhetoric says he is a great uniter, but his actions and associations indicate he would be a great divider.

    For example, consider his claims to be a great unifier and uniter. You’ve heard his standard lines about we’re not blue states, we’re not red states, we’re the United States; we’re not a liberal country, we’re not a conservative country, we’re one country. Well, that’s only in rhetoric, because the senator has demonstrated he is a left-wing liberal, never given to bipartisanship. In addition, he is part of and enthusiastically supported the corrupt Chicago political machine. He seems to hang out and associate with bigots, the corrupt, anti-Americans, and even terrorists -Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko (who just got out of jail on multimillion-dollar bail) and William Ayers, Mr. Obama’s “friend” who likes to blow up places like the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol Building. That is not the stuff of unity or of hope.

    The picture that comes into focus gets back to that word “fraud.” Remember, the senator is above the old politics. But he lies like an old politician; in fact, he tells lies with record speed. I may have paid him an undue compliment when I called him a world-class liar. That’s because when you examine what he says, he’s not a good liar and can’t seem to stick with the same story twice.

    Karl Rove, the architect of George W. Bush’s election and now a Fox News political analyst, has cataloged how the senator keeps changing his story on crucial issues. Remember how he changed his story on Rev. Wright. Mr. Rove said, “We saw it on Rev. Wright where he came out first and said, he never said anything controversial. And then it was ‘I wasn’t in the pew when he said these things.’ Then it was they were reprehensible but I can’t disavow him. And finally we got, if he hadn’t left the pastorage there at the Trinity Church I would have probably have left the church.” Since then he’s multiplied his story, as at the Philadelphia debate he finally said he has disavowed Rev. Wright, even though before he said he could no more do that than disavow his own family or the black community. He seems to have a different story every time a question is put to him. And he certainly shouldn’t have been taken by surprise by the question.

    In fact, he recently said voters don’t even care about Rev. Wright, which suggests the senator is out of touch with Americans who don’t like racists and bigots who chant, “God damn America.”

    Mr. Obama went through the same kind of series of lies when confronted with his now infamous comments about the “bitter” small town Pennsylvanians as Bible-thumping, gun-toting bigots. Mr. Rove explained his transformations as follows: “He made the statement. The second thing he did: his campaign issued, said well, here’s what he really said – tried to put out some language they thought would soften it. And then when the language came out, he then came on and said well, it’s just true.”

    Even on the issue that is the crux of his campaign, the war in Iraq, he has flipped from position to position, as outlined in my column “The Six Faces of Obama on the War in Iraq.”

    Consider his reasons for refusing to wear the American flag on his lapel. On Oct. 4, 2007, he told ABC News, “Right after 9/11, I had a pin. Shortly after 9/11 it became a substitute for I think true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to national security. I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest.”

    Then on April 16, 2007, he came up with a new story totally contradicting what he said before: “I have never said that I don’t wear a flag pin or refuse to wear flag pins. This is the kind of manufactured issue that our politics have become obsessed with.”

    Note the total contradiction. Note he also impugns those who wear flags on their labels, suggesting they are substituting them for true patriotism. Note he doesn’t even know what patriotism is – it is more than speaking out on issues of national security. It is love and devotion to one’s country.

    These constantly changing positions and excuses are just some among many showing that Mr. Obama is an arrogant, left-wing elitist. In that San Francisco speech, his arrogance and elitism oozed out, going beyond his bitter-clinging-to-religion-and-guns comment. Karl Rove summarized it well when he explained, “He also makes a similarly damaging comment about foreign policy. He says, ‘Foreign policy is the area where I am most confident that I know and understand the world better than Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain.’ And goes on to cite as evidence of that the fact that he lived in Indonesia for four years as a pre-teen, that he studied international affairs at Columbia, that he traveled to Pakistan in college, and that he has family that he [Obama] says is impoverished living in small villages in Africa, as if these four things were enough to say, ‘I know and understand the world better than Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain.’ ” The arrogance, immaturity and even stupidity of this logic is breathtaking for anyone, and most assuredly for someone who wants to run U.S. foreign policy and be president of the U.S.

    He changes his stories not just from day to day but from minute to minute. In the Philadelphia debate, he said he would not raise taxes on people making less than $200,000 a year. Then he said he would raise the capital gains rate from 15 to 28 percent, which means many of those people would be hit by an increase. In fact, 52 percent of all adults own stock, so many millions making less than $200,000 would be hit by this Obama tax increase. He also said that he would eliminate the cap on Social Security payroll tax payments. That would mean everyone making over $97,000 would get hit with a tax increase. So in one debate, he made a statement and contradicted himself twice. As Investor’s Business Daily (April 18) explained in an editorial, “You get the idea that Obama doesn’t understand economics at all.”

    He not only doesn’t understand economics, but his proposals on taxes are outright silly. At the debate he admitted that raising the capital gains tax rate actually cuts tax revenue, but he wants to raise the capital gains tax anyway out of a sense of “fairness.” In other words, he wants to collect less in taxes by raising tax rates – and, consequently, increase the federal deficit – out of a sense of fairness while ignoring the economic damage the increase would cause.

    His approach to taxes would have damaging consequences, as explained in the editorial quoted above: “A just-released Heritage Foundation study finds raising the capital gains tax rate to 20 percent and restoring the 37 percent rate on dividends would over two years kill 683,000 jobs, reduce GDP by $90 billion and slash $1,675 from the average family of four’s income. Obamanomics would be a disaster.

    “During the campaign, Obama has styled himself as an apostle of ‘hope’ who’ll lift up the poor, the destitute and the downtrodden. But his reckless tax hikes, based on envy, not sound economics, would deprive those very same poor and minority communities of the capital needed to provide jobs, incomes and better futures for the people who live in them. Call it the audacity of hopelessness.”

    He can’t explain his position on Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Hamas, the terrorist organization with American blood on its hands. First, he said, “I’m not going to comment on former President Carter. He’s a private citizen. It’s not my place to discuss who he shouldn’t meet with.”

    When his political handlers realized that was a politically disastrous position, he flip-flopped in his usual style, and came out with this: “I have a fundamental difference with President Carter and disagree with his decision to meet with Hamas.”

    He will, however, negotiate with a terrorist nation intent on Israel’s destruction – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran, a great supporter of terrorism against the U.S. and Israel. If you can figure out the logic of that inconsistency, let me know. My interpretation is that he operates without a foundation of principles and values and just flits from position to position based on the political exigencies of the moment.

    His speeches are littered with these wild, irrational inconsistencies. You don’t hear much about them, as the mainstream media such as The New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer are acting as his full-time campaign managers, cheerleaders and excuse makers. He says Iran is a threat to Israel and the Middle East. But he votes against designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, which it clearly is. He says his approach to Iran will be based on aggressive personal diplomacy. That means he’ll be tiptoeing to Iran and to the U.N. knowing that it is impotent at effective action on Iran, and Iran will just say, “Get lost.”

    Now back to his attempts to explain issues raised about his associates, character and honesty: His inability to stick with one explanation and his total inconsistency on explaining his gaffes and positions on issues suggest he is not a good debater. In fact, I would say he is a lousy one. When hit with a few tough questions that he should have been prepared to answer, he lost his rhythm, seemed uncertain and gave answers that were less than convincing. He may be able to read a teleprompter, a script and canned talking points, but when hit by some fairly routine questions, he virtually melted down. And then he whined about his ordeal in subsequent campaign appearances. That is not the kind of person who could thrive in the White House. For once, Hillary is right: If he can’t take a few tough questions, he wouldn’t last 10 minutes as president.

    He is not a good debater, as his performance proves. But he is also too thin-skinned to be a competent leader. He doesn’t want to handle criticism and tries to push it aside by claiming, “That’s the old politics” or it’s “playing gotcha.” He seems to think that questions about his associates, character and honesty are trivial and that he should only be talking about his health plan, his tax plans, and other grand proposals costing about $1 trillion and sure to wreck the health care delivery system, the economy and the country. When you hear him get specific on anything (such as his tax proposals mentioned above), you understand why he wants to stick to generalities and platitudes. He can’t rationally hold forth on real issues that require understanding of economics and mastery of facts.

    If you’re thin-skinned, you don’t belong in the White House. And in the few times Mr. Obama has been confronted with tough questions, he has demonstrated he can’t take the heat. In fact, he walked out of one news conference after about eight questions rather than provide answers to legitimate questions.

    For more proof that Mr. Obama has set us on a path to disaster, consider his position on Iraq and his proposal for retreat and defeat there. He says he will withdraw (AKA surrender) from Iraq within 16 months regardless of the facts on the ground and regardless of what the generals recommend. And why would he be willing to ignore what is going on in Iraq and what the generals recommend? He says, “The president sets the mission. The generals and our troops carry out the mission.” As usual, he utters a platitude to explain what requires some detailed reasoning. Again, he is playing to his political base, and holding his finger to the wind, without regard to the situation in Iraq and the demands of national security.

    If you still haven’t made up your mind about Mr. Obama, I can offer one more approach to understanding him. Read the endorsement of the Philadelphia Inquirer (April 20) entitled “In Support of Barack Obama: Inspiring Vision.” When you see the goofy rationale of the Inquirer for supporting him, you will be deadset against him.

    The Inquirer writes, “Obama wants to bring about change by inspiring people to accept his vision of social justice.” Needless to say, the Inquirer never tells you what that vision is. It probably doesn’t know, and chances are that Mr. Obama doesn’t know either. I might try to fill in for Mr. Obama and the Inquirer: His vision of social justice is associating with racists, crooks, bigots and terrorists – and then failing to explain why he does so. His vision of social justice is raising taxes even if it will decrease the government’s tax receipts, something that sounds more like social stupidity than social justice. His vision of social justice is to surrender in Iraq, no matter what the situation on the ground, no matter what the consequences and no matter what the generals are saying.

    Then the Inquirer says, “The 46-year-old Obama offers the better chance of rising above the partisan rancor in Washington to achieve bipartisan goals.” More pure Obama baloney without any supporting facts or reasoning. The Inquirer doesn’t point out that Mr. Obama is a left-wing liberal who has never shown bipartisan tendencies and who has supported and been associated with the corrupt Chicago political machine.

    The Inquirer writes, “The recent charge that he’s an elitist doesn’t wash, in light of his background and his life’s work.” You can have elitist ideas despite your background and life’s work. Never underestimate what many years at an expensive prep school, Columbia University and Harvard can do when it comes to creating elitism. Judge him by what he says and the way he thinks, not by what he says about his background.

    And the Inquirer goes on and on blowing smoke and whistling Dixie but rarely gives specifics on his proposals, and when they do, the Inquirer is wrong. For example, the Inquirer says Mr. Obama wants to roll back the Bush tax cuts for top wage earners. But as we’ve seen above, his call for increasing the payroll tax on Social Security (above the cap) and his willingness to increase the capital gains tax shows he’s already proposing tax increases for many who are not top wage earners. The Inquirer never even explains what a top wage earner is. Like Mr. Obama, they are allergic to details, because I suspect such details will expose Mr. Obama’s proposals and their endorsement as totally unsound.

    Right before I finished this column, I listened to the pope’s farewell speech before returning to Rome. He ended by saying, “God bless America.” Anyone who hangs out for 20 years with someone who doesn’t believe in saying “God bless America” and anyone who thinks a flag lapel pin is a sign of lack of patriotism and refuses to wear one should be disqualified from seeking the office of president of the U.S.

    Herb Denenberg, a former Pennsylvania insurance commissioner and professor at the Wharton School, is a longtime Philadelphia journalist and consumer advocate. He is also a member of the National?Academy of Arts and Sciences. His column appears daily in The Bulletin. You can reach him at

    ©The Evening Bulletin 2008

  127. Remember people, Domestic Terrorist=William Ayers=Obama. Some how Clinton has to connect these dot’s with out being perceived as being negative. That will play in in IN and I belive it will play in NC.

  128. anyone know who i should contact in the campaign about arranging election night parties. last night in pgh everyone got together in a bar on the northside– the place was open to the public and there were no “specials” for the hundred plus who were there for hill. which is fine but i used to plan parties and i am sure i could have got a deal.

  129. After Clinton’s victory last night, the latest out of Clinton camp is that Clinton has pulled ahead of Obama in the popular vote. Of course, as we noted in First Thoughts, this can only be done by including Florida and Michigan, which is what the Clinton campaign has done.

    Coming across journalists desks this morning was the following e-mail from Phil Singer at Clinton camp with the subject, “More People Have Voted For Hillary Than Any Other Candidate”:

    “After last night’s decisive victory in Pennsylvania, more people have voted for Hillary than any other candidate, including Sen. Obama. Estimates vary slightly, but according to Real Clear Politics, Hillary has received 15,095,663 votes to Sen. Obama’s 14,973,720, a margin of more than 120,000 votes. ABC News reported this morning that ‘Clinton has pulled ahead of Obama’ in the popular vote. This count includes certified vote totals in Florida and Michigan.”

  130. Obama: Waffling without a prepared speech and an adoring crowd
    Peggy Shapiro
    Barack Obama needs a prepared speech, a teleprompter, and adoration. Left to his own extemporaneous devices, he missteps and in some cases “waffles.”

    Asked to comment on former President Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Hamas officials, the senator replied sternly, “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?” When the reporter repeated the question, the candidate bit into his breakfasts and replied, “Just let me eat my waffle.”

    The question was legitimate since Obama initially waffled on the subject of Carter’s engagement with the terrorist organization Hamas. He said it was not his place to criticize former President Jimmy Carter… “I’m not going to comment on former President Carter. He’s a private citizen. It’s not my place to discuss who he shouldn’t meet with,” Obama (Reuters April 11, 2008) With the State Department and both Republican and Democratic members of Congress condemning the visit, Obama finally agreed that it was “not a good idea.”

    Why did the candidate snipe at the reporter’s question? Clearly he was at the working-class diner as part of his campaign effort to show that he was not elitist, and he took time to sign autographs for adoring fans. Accustomed to being the darling of the press, Obama bristles and snaps at the “tough” questions. The first incident was a barrage of questions about new revelations about Obama’s ties to Tony Rezko, who is on trial for corruption. (March 3, 2008) Obama, who was prepared for another press love fest with Chicago reporters (many of whom have Obama stickers on their bumpers), was stunned at the grilling and responded by berating Carol Marin NBC Channel 5 Chicago, snapping reporters and storming out, after answering only 8 questions.

    Obama expected the mainstream media to throw him only easy questions and to accept his reply as gospel. Perhaps the press may have continued to give Obama a free ride were it not for the Saturday Night Live parody of the pro-Obama bias in the Democratic debates. Then Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos did the unthinkable: they asked Obama uncomfortable questions about his cordial relationships with men who hate and condemn America and to explain why those relationships won’t be a problem. Obama muttered and sputtered even though he was not chewing on anything but his words. The following morning, his media minions were apoplectic at the line of questioning.

    If Obama becomes president, he will encounter much harsher adversaries than Carol Marin, Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos. In fact, he plans face-to-face meetings with some of America’s more virulent enemies. What waffling and whining will result when he discovers that Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad don’t adore him?

  131. Lets put this a neat little bow

    SD’s get your heads out of your asses.

    Do you seriously think nominating the person who did not carry

    New York
    New Jersey
    New Hampshire

    is going to win a GE. Not a chance.

    Ducking your heads in the sand is not going to change the fact these are what win you the WH not Kansas, nor Utah nor Wyoming, nor Alabama or Georgia.

  132. moononpluto Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 9:38 am
    SEIU and Moveon plowed millions into PA, lol all the good it did them.

    And BO outspending HRC by 5,000,000 cool ones. It may have helped narrow the 15-18 point gap earlier, but that a lot of moolah to spend brainwashing people, only to barely nudge the needle. It was like a “donation” to Clinton, in that he’s got that much less to throw around in NC / IN.’

    Barack, thanks for your support.

  133. Election momentum shifts to Hillary
    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Buzz up!

    Yes, the math remains against Hillary Clinton capturing the Democrats’ presidential nomination, even with Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary win. But math is a trifling thing when the mouth of your opponent portends his implosion.
    The punditocracy had it that Sen. Clinton needed a high double-digit win in the Keystone State to give her credible cover to continue in the final nine primaries. Her smaller percentage point win yesterday over front-runner Barack Obama did not substantially close the gap in the overall delegate race that Sen. Obama still leads.

    But the junior senator of New York has more than supposable cover given the even more junior senator of Illinois’ rising gaffe quotient. Think of Obama’s comment about frustrated Pennsylvanians using guns and religion as crutches. Think of his increasingly stumbling, bumbling and “That’s not fair!” debate and interview performances.

    Simply put, Obama is not wearing well. And though many Democrats bemoan their party’s “broken” nominating process, this race has affirmed the value of an extended system and even its arcane delegate distribution rules. If you can’t run the primaries distance, how can you go the distance as president?

  134. do you think that some of Hill’s big dollar donors will shore her up some more too. Also, maybe a few more concerts for her would help. Terry says they can run a much leaner machine now BUT we dont’ want her to have too. I’d like her to be flush with the dough so that she and counter anything he pulls.

    I did hear this am that held is going to start attacking on Bill Clintons impeachment .. that will only hurt him. Also, that he was going to bring up her cattle futures and lots of the old 90’s stuff that she has been vindicated of. I think it will backfire on him big time

  135. Brazile furiously trying to spin the loss last ight on CNN -“What abut Missouri? Are we gonna go back to only working twenty states..blah, blah, blah…” She couldn’t do it for Gore, so why in the world is ANYONE listening to her? NEXT! Does Lanny Davis have proof (copy of email intercept, memo, etc) where Dean nixes debate for BHO? I hope so. I say “Out him” for the fraud he is – along with Brazile, and get a fair, IMPARTIAL leader with no hidden agenda and axes to grind, whose primary interest is not in maintaining their bogus position, but whose mission is WINNING IN NOVEMBER! Out with it Lanny – roll the dice!

  136. maybe this is the bomb they were holding .. maybe this has been in the works with Dean and Co and now it’s gonna drop. I hope so

  137. Wish I worked the swithcboard at the DNC. I would be one rich woman because I would have an attorney to protect me from retaliation as I blew the lid off the DNC’s shenanigans.

  138. Brazile furiously trying to spin the loss last ight on CNN -”What abut Missouri? Are we gonna go back to only working twenty states..blah, blah, blah…”

    Uhhh, Donna. Are we gonna go back to trying to win the White House without Florida, Ohio, or Pennsylvania?

    I KNOW you aren’t that studid. So, Donna, puhleeze. Stop the Mickey the Dunce routine.

  139. Time to bombard the DNC again folks. Demand that Flo and Mi voters be counted. NOW

    Democratic National Committee

    (For questions about contributions, please call 877-336-7200)


  140. dot48-
    Yeah, especially if their family hunts, goes to church for reasons other than anti-Americanism and believes and worships in God (gasp) and has ever been on the receiving end of being labeled “White trash”, because they aren’t considered “intellectuals.” After reading MO’s thesis (bitterpaper), and listening to BHO without a teleprompter, I’m not at all impressed with their formal educations. Public schools forty years ago produced more well-rounded critical-thinkers and problem-solvers than 100K tuition Ivy Leaguers today. BHO couldn’t pass muster in our local junior college Economics 101 or Accounting 101. Proved that during debate. Scary.

  141. i would also like to suggest that everyone contact the CONTRIBUTIONS number as well ,,

    let them know that NO MONEY will be coming and ASK TO BE REMOVED from their email list.

    I just called .. they were actually pretty nice

    I told her that I would NOT be contributing UNLESS FLA and MI counted NOW and that I would also be leaving the party due to the stealing of all those votes. There is a comment box that they take your comments.



  142. dot and everyone else, off to work, but I love all of you! Hillary is so fortunate to have a group of dedicated supporters, such as yourselves. What a grand evening!

  143. Oklahoma governor endorses Obama
    By RON JENKINS, Associated Press Writer
    OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry endorsed Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination Wednesday…
    The 44-year-old governor’s endorsement came despite Obama getting only 31 percent of the Democratic primary vote in Oklahoma’s Democratic primary on Feb. 5 against Hillary Rodham Clinton, who got 55 percent.

    1. Again, trot out another little pony every time you get beat up by the girl next door. A coordinated distraction, timed because they KNEW Tuesday was not going to be fun for them.

    2. Again, hypocrisy from the Obama crowd. When AA delegates have switched from HRC to BO, it is because they ‘listened to the voices of their constituents”. Why doesn’t Gov. Smartass listen to his people?

    3. Again, the mind-numbing vague bullet points about “unity”, “inspriration”

    Henry, a moderate Democrat in a Republican-trending state, said he had worked hard to build a consensus across party lines on such issues as education, job creation and health care and “that is why I am so enthusiastic about Barack Obama’s candidacy.”

    “Senator Obama understands that the serious concerns facing average Americans must transcend partisan games if we are to rise to the challenges of today and tomorrow. He is a strong, committed and inspirational leader, ideally suited to bring together Democrats, independents and Republicans,” Henry said.

    Gov. Smartass is just betting on getting some favors or a position. But if Bawack never wins the nomination, or if he loses in the GE, it would be a gesture flushed down the toilet. And he’ll have to defend it if he runs again (I’m not sure of his term limit status).

    These are the kind of small-balled Democrats that have continued to lead us into the wilderness.

  144. Hi everyone back from PA what a sweet victory. Everyone was so excited. Erie Pa is really excited. A lot of people in Erie did not know how to donate to Hillarys campaign. I told them if they did not have a computer mail in a donation. I also told them to go to the library to use their computer to donate. They wanted to know if they could use their credit cards, i told them yes they can. They are really pumped

  145. Thinking back, remember when BHO said he would “surround himself” with advisors, etc. as he isn’t the managerial-type. No, he would be reclined on his chaise lounge with a flute of Chardonnay, blowing smoke rings from his pipe full of pot, and leaving the ordinary, boring details of running the country to appointed NOI appointees, while he sat about “philosophizing” and being his narcissistic self. Lining up meetings with the world’s worst dictators – he (with Carter’s aid) could bring down our nation like an elitist’s game of chess.

  146. Does anyone remember Mayor Nutters e-mail address? Also Tubbs and Rendell? I want to personally thank them. Thanks.

  147. screw the math because NEITHER has enough pledged delegates.

    This contest WILL BE decided by SUPER DELEGATES. End of discussion.
    – How these SDs chose their candidate is up to them. I am sure 100s of ways are running through their heads every day. From pledged to popular to electability to ANYTHING.

  148. The narrative is also out there now that the media is covering for Obama and that they are shielding him, that he is afraid of the hard questions, he is inexperienced and needs propping up, AND he can’t take the heat.

    That is why DB and the media is scurrying to help him.

    BillO was on Fox this AM and he said this would happen.

    He said America is taking a second look and Obbama and seeing a lot of question marks.

    The “is he tuff enough” ad is a winner. She needs to keep it. Keep showing Osama Bin Laden, he is a threat to the country and we need somebody who’ll fight him and not fold at the whiff of blood. Hillary is the one.

  149. I just talked to a political scientist friend of mine and he basically said, If the Dems are that stupid to nominate Obama, just forget about even entering the GE, just hand the keys to McCain.

    He reckons, if they do, they will lose the House, possibly the senate also and by the time the Repug machine is through with Obama’s terrorist sympathies, they will have made it look like Obama was part of 9/11.

    So there you have it.

  150. she also needs an ad that questions his character .. from Wright to Ayers to his elitism.

    It can be done in an effective way without going negative.

  151. Hear her speak!!!
    Eight years ago as a resident of manhattan when hill threw her hat in i was hell no even though i did not like guilliani i had planned on voting for him or anyone other than her. then lazio became beyond an idiot and i reluctantly voted hill. since then she has won me over.
    here in pa i had great success walking into local fire departments with the fdny’s endorsement. i printed up several copies walked into firehouses and simply stated i think this is something you should read. the same might be effective in NC IN

  152. My Friend also said, that even though the republicans see him as weaker, they want him taken out now as they feel he is a traitorous piece of crap and would rather face Hillary as President than let him near the nomination.

    The Repugs have decided to take him out now, you heard it here first.

  153. Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry is in his 2 year of his second term…so yes he’s job hunting for a federal job.

  154. He reckons, if they do, they will lose the House, possibly the senate also and by the time the Repug machine is through with Obama’s terrorist sympathies, they will have made it look like Obama was part of 9/11.

    Yep. Very dangerous territory for the Democratic Party. Reid and Pelosi are widely painted as incompetent leaders in the Democratic controlled legislature. Howard Dean is a buffoon. A Mickey Mouse defeat in November 2008 could pretty much wipe out the Democratic Party, having pissed away a golden opporunity to grab the middle ground back from the Republicans.

    And, it’s the same tired old cast of characters doing it: Kerry, Kennedy, Brazille. My god, how many elections do these people have to lose?

  155. well I really feel a backlash being built up because the media and ‘inside washington beltway’ continues on the chorus for her to get out.

    Look at what that bitch Maureen Doddo wrote this morning. That woman is completely ignorant

  156. Henry-

    Your work and your ideas in Pittsburgh are fantastic and probably went a long way towards ensuring this victory. I think you should contact the local offices in NC and IN (which are now open) and speak directly to the director of volunteers there and get them to do what you did in Pittsburgh.

    Congratulations and Thank you.

    BTW, I was in NYC then and I had the same thinking about Hillary. She won me over with her hard work for firefighters and 9/11 victims after all the cameras were gone. She is my hero.

  157. I think we should all email dnc/dean/brazille with a simple:

    Never never will I vote for obama.

    Short and sweet.

  158. Okay, time to enjoy a laugh. Mr. Daily Kos would like to entertain you. For some reason, while everyone else says Hillary won by 10%, he seems to have a super-secret inside source that says it really is 8.6%. Really. Read it. We all need a good laugh now and then. What a card.

    Obama’s across-the-board gains
    by kos
    Wed Apr 23, 2008 at 07:21:02 AM PDT
    One of the arguments the Clinton campaign is making to the supers, hoping they’ll overturn the will of the voters, is that Obama can’t win certain demographics. Yet looking at the exit poll numbers, it’s clear that Obama has actually been making serious gains the past six weeks.

    Obama’s percent of the vote:

    OH PA
    60 and older 28 38
    White 34 38
    White men 39 44
    White women 31 34
    Less than $50K 42 46
    No college 40 38
    College 51 49
    Catholic 36 31
    Protestant 36 53

    What was a 10.5% win in demographically friendly Ohio has become an 8.6% win in similar Pennsylvania, except the state was even less black and with a much smaller youth voter population (Pennsylvania’s seniors accounted for 32 percent of the electorate, compared to 23 percent in Ohio).

    And, those gains were made despite the Wright controversy as well as manufactured bullshit about “bitter” and flag pins and whatnot.

    On top of that, Obama has had to run against Hillary Clinton, against former President of the United States Bill Clinton, and against John McCain and the entire GOP apparatus, which has trained its guns on Obama hoping to give Clinton a boost.

    Yet he continues to gain among most of Clinton’s best demographics, is still raising more money, leads comfortably in delegates, leads comfortably in the popular vote, leads in states won, leads in the national polls, and does better in the head-to-head matchups against McCain.

    So why should the supers spark an intra-party civil war by overturning the will of the electorate again?

  159. Ronald
    I will always consider new york my home and in those days, weeks, months after 9/11 after the cameras were turned off and attention had gone elsewhere she stayed on. she is substance incarnate.


    Well this guy nails on the head

    The Next McGovern

    For his part, Obama cut into Clinton’s advantage, but couldn’t erase it. Even though he campaigned extensively among white working class Pennsylvanians, he still couldn’t crack this constituency. He lost every white working class county in the state. He lost greater Pittsburgh area by 61 to 39 percent. He did poorly among Catholics–losing them 71 to 29 percent. A Democrat can’t win Pennsylvania in the fall without these voters. And those who didn’t vote in the primary but will vote in the general election are likely to be even less amenable to Obama.

    But Obama also lost ground among the upscale white professionals that had helped him win states like Wisconsin, Maryland, and Virginia. For instance, Obama won my own Montgomery County, Maryland by 55 to 43 percent but he lost suburban Philadelphia’s very similar Montgomery County by 51 to 49 percent to Clinton. He lost upscale arty Bucks County by 62 to 38 percent.

    My colleague Noam Scheiber attributes Clinton’s success among these suburbanites to the influence of Governor Ed Rendell, who campaigned with Clinton, but I wonder whether Obama’s gaffes and his suspect associations–whether with Wright or former Weatherman Bill Ayers or real estate developer Tony Rezko–began to tarnish his image among these voters. If so, the electoral premise of Obama’s campaign–that he can attract middle class Republicans and Independents–is being undermined.

    Indeed, if you look at Obama’s vote in Pennsylvania, you begin to see the outlines of the old George McGovern coalition that haunted the Democrats during the ’70s and ’80s, led by college students and minorities. In Pennsylvania, Obama did best in college towns (60 to 40 percent in Penn State’s Centre County) and in heavily black areas like Philadelphia.
    The primaries, unfortunately, are not going to get any easier for Obama. While he should win easily in North Carolina, where he benefits from a large African-American vote and support in the state’s college communities, he is going to have trouble in Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia, where he will once again be faced by a large white working class vote. He can still win the nomination and lose these primaries. Pennsylvania was the last big delegate prize. But if Obama doesn’t find a way now to speak to these voters, he is going to have trouble winning that large swath of states from Pennsylvania through Missouri in which a Democrat must do well to gain the presidency. That remains Obama challenge in the month to come.

  161. yes, college students and minorities seen to be his niche .. Hillary is cutting into those in every state but he is not cutting into her base. Simple, he can’t win any GE. Hillary is the dems best choice to WIN and that’s supposed to be the ultimate goal

  162. Trust me on this and you all know its true, this GE if its Obama will come down to white voters and by the looks of it, it will, they will switch to McCain in a heartbeat except the Dems are too dumb to realise it.

  163. Indiana, Wv and Ky are the states that she can have another blow out…his brand is tarnished by his own doing and that’s something that ain’t easy to get back.

    Hillary needs the coalition of mayors like she had in PA .. I’m sure they are working feverishly right now to gather steam for Indiana.

  164. Underground links likely to resurface for Obama
    John Kass

    April 23, 2008

    Broadway Baby was not mentioned during the Democratic infighting in Pennsylvania.

    But Broadway Baby—once a chic children’s boutique in Manhattan’s Upper West Side—is the future, if Barack Obama is the presidential candidate in the fall.

    This story involves two Chicagoans, former Weather Underground terrorist leaders Bernardine Dohrn and her husband, William Ayers, both Obama supporters who blessed his initial foray into politics. Last week, the unrepentant Ayers became a flash point in Obama’s debate with Hillary Clinton.

    “And what they [Weather Underground] did was set bombs and in some instances people died,” said Clinton, sweetly playing the white terrorist card. “I know Sen. Obama is a good man and I respect him greatly, but I think this is an issue that certainly the Republicans will be raising.”‘

    And why shouldn’t they?

    As president, Hillary’s husband commuted the prison sentences of two other Weather Underground members and of Puerto Rican terrorists, so her scolding was quite unconvincing.

    Obama insists such gotcha politics is beneath our dignity. But no association is above question for a candidate, whether Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Illinois political fixer Tony Rezko, or Ayers and Dohrn.

    Clinton and Republican John McCain have suffered scrutiny. The only one treated as an infant in swaddling clothes by the national media—until quite recently—is Sen. Change.

    So let’s wait until Labor Day, when Broadway Baby may become a catchphrase. Here’s why: According to a 1982 New York Times report, Broadway Baby was implicated in an investigation of a series of violent armed robberies in New York—netting more than $2 million over a two-year span—committed by former Black Panthers and Weather Underground members in the early ’80s.

    Their aim? Global revolution, naturally. They needed cash, but the rich white parents weren’t in a giving mood. So their privileged offspring grabbed guns, pointed them at the faces of the working man and, sometimes, they pulled the trigger.

    At Broadway Baby, customers often paid by check and used driver’s licenses for identification. On Dec. 28, 1979, information from two customer files was used to apply for two driver’s licenses at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. The fraudulent licenses were used to rent getaway cars for the gang.

    Investigators tracked the identities on two licenses for the getaway cars. The names belonged to women who had shopped at Broadway Baby in December 1979. But they weren’t robbers.

    And who was the manager of Broadway Baby during that period of the customer ID theft?

    Dohrn, the future wife of Ayers, identified by investigators as taking customer information from one, and possibly both, of the women shoppers. Dohrn was never charged in that case.

    Dohrn and Ayers had been running for some 11 years, fleeing federal charges that they instigated riots in Chicago in 1969.

    They finally came in out of the cold in 1980, but the New York gang continued its spree, ending in the bloody 1981 robbery in Rockland County that left a Brinks security guard and two police officers dead.

    The federal charges from the riots were finally dropped because the FBI used illegal wiretaps. But the local charge of aggravated assault stuck to Dohrn. She pleaded guilty to two counts, receiving a $1,500 fine and no jail time

    In 1982, Dohrn was brought before a federal grand jury investigating radical conspiracies linked to the New York robberies. She refused to cooperate or to provide a signature sought by FBI handwriting analysts. Dohrn was held in contempt of the grand jury and imprisoned for seven months.

    A few years later, Ayers got his job as a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. And Dohrn was employed at the Children and Family Justice Center affiliated with Northwestern University’s School of Law.

    I’ve always been fascinated as to how the radical underground stop running and get jobs in academia. Is there a Terrorist Patronage Office for Rich White People? And how did a convicted Dohrn get hired to teach at a law school?

    “I am afraid I don’t know an answer to that,” NU spokesman Alan Cubbage said. “The person who was the dean at the time is no longer with the law school. And the person who was the president at the time is no longer the president. So I just don’t know.”

    Cubbage did not mention that Ayers’ late father—Commonwealth Edison boss Thomas Ayers—was an NU trustee and former board chairman. UIC spokesman Mark Rosati couldn’t help either, but suggested I file a Freedom of Information Act request to find out how terrorists get hired by taxpayers.

    “It’s nothing personal,” Rosati said.

    How amusing. They don’t want to explain how terrorists were hired, so they know nothing.

    It might work now, but it won’t work in the fall, when Broadway Baby opens for a run, in a campaign commercial near you.,1,4967065.column

  165. There is also an audio of remarks that Ayres and Dohrn made in 2007 floating around and apparently it makes interesting listening, they have not changed their tune, lets get hold of that guys, Hannity and Dobbs need to get it.

  166. i will vote for mccain not because he is white or obami is black but because i will vote for the person i think is best prepared to lead my country. this has nothing to do with race, it is competence, and i believe obama is grossly incompetent. i will not ever buy into his story

  167. Is anyone anywhere in Big Media giving her a congrats? have tv on in background and all i am hearing is that she didn’t prove anything???????

  168. Henry what i meant was, that as white voters had gone to Hillary by over 2 to 1, its apparent according to CNN exit polls last night, they said it on live tv that if Obama was the nominee, 27% of white voters would go over to McCain, take that anyway you like but thats a hard number to swallow.

  169. Awesome ceremony honoring pioneer (almost 100 years old) Dr. Michael E Debakey, of Houston’s Baylor Medical Center withe the Congressional Gold Medal! Best part of his acceptance speech was when he told Congress that best way to take care of needy was the model for the Veteran’s Administration (which he was instrumental in setting up)! People, this is wonderful news. He termed it “best model of medical / health delivery for the needy” – VERY CLOSE TO TOTING UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE – OR AT LEAST A WAY TO TAKE CARE OF THE UNINSURED (NEEDY)! THANK YOU DR DEBAKEY FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION OF THE CABG ( BYPASS) SURGERY AND HEART TRANSPLANTATION AND NOW FOR YOUR ENDORSEMENT OF A HEALTH CARE SYSTEM – MODELED AFTER THE VA – FOR THOSE WHO ARE “NEEDY”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Here’s the North Carolina Obama attack ad. It’s framed as a negative ad against the Dem candidates for Governor for endorsing Obama, who is too extreme:

  171. sorry just explaining myself better, so none gets the wrong impression, but jesus, he loses 1/3 of pa straight off the bat.

  172. LISTEN TO ALL OF WHAT BILLL CLINTON SAID ABOUT THE “RACE CARD” IS S.C. and direct all of those who walked away from the Clintons after the Obama campaign called them “racists” to listen themselves….

    The Obama campaign was able to twist South Carolina political history into a “racial” attack and trash Bill Clinton early on.
    Kind of similar to to some of the “racism” that colors Obama’s biographies as the source of his despair, which in reality was caused by his missing parents.

    Listen to Clinton:

    Then read a bit about how Obama has recast his life story to emphasize race in retrospect:,1,6124597.story?coll=chi-news-hed

    [an excerpt after the introduction]

    But the reality of Obama’s narrative is not that simple.

    More than 40 interviews with former classmates, teachers, friends and neighbors in his childhood homes of Hawaii and Indonesia, as well as a review of public records, show the arc of Obama’s personal journey took him to places and situations far removed from the experience of most Americans.

    At the same time, several of his oft-recited stories may not have happened in the way he has recounted them. Some seem to make Obama look better in the retelling, others appear to exaggerate his outward struggles over issues of race, or simply skim over some of the most painful, private moments of his life.

    The handful of black students who attended Punahou School in Hawaii, for instance, say they struggled mightily with issues of race and racism there. But absent from those discussions, they say, was another student then known as Barry Obama.

    In his best-selling autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” Obama describes having heated conversations about racism with another black student, “Ray.” The real Ray, Keith Kakugawa, is half black and half Japanese. In an interview with the Tribune on Saturday, Kakugawa said he always considered himself mixed race, like so many of his friends in Hawaii, and was not an angry young black man.

    He said he does recall long, soulful talks with the young Obama and that his friend confided his longing and loneliness. But those talks, Kakugawa said, were not about race. “Not even close,” he said, adding that Obama was dealing with “some inner turmoil” in those days.

    “But it wasn’t a race thing,” he said. “Barry’s biggest struggles then were missing his parents. His biggest struggles were his feelings of abandonment. The idea that his biggest struggle was race is [bull].”

    The next paragraph mentions the Life article that Obama attributes to his racial awakening at age 9–an article that cannot be located.

  173. Just want to say I met so many incredible women last night from Chicago/Texas/Cali/ Ecuador and elsewhere who cashed in thier miles who have given up thier vacation this year as to work for what we all believe in. I gave many this website add so if any of you are lurking I sincerely thankyou.

  174. the voters know she is still in it and that she is fighting for her people. the voters will continue to have their say. the voters know the the media is sweethearting for Obama. It was loud and clear last night and now that a few papers are starting to point it out in their editorials and start to challenge BM as to What purpose it serves to babysit and coddle him because that will not make him stronger.

    Big Media is making him a weaker candidate and Hillary the stronger one because she dares to fight for what she believes.

    Hillary is the underdog in EVERY WAY and perhaps this is the best way right now for her. The media is against her and the people know it. The people know that they want a fighter who doesn’t have to be propped up at every turn by the media and by status quo politicians. Hillary is making the best argument to the people .. and she is winning.

  175. ok, this is from Jerome at mydd — I want everybody to use this everywhere they can. Hopefully Clinton’s campaign uses this refrain and forces Obama and his supporters to say FL and MI don’t count repeatedly. The idea is to get them to say it repeatedly. Come on people, let us play the winning game!

    “…5) The Clinton campaign needs to talk more about the popular vote. They have been taking a bigger picture view, and arguing about the GE and electability, but they need to bring it down a few notches of process, and put Obama on the defensive. The ~215K margin of victory by Clinton provides them with enough votes to take the popular vote lead, counting Florida and Michigan. It’s a two-fer in that sense, providing a winning metric and making Obama say that FL & MI voters don’t count. And with that, change the delegate number needed from 2025 to 2209.”

    Here are the numbers:
    OK, let us start the drumbeat on FL and MI (of course, we will add MI — who asked him to take his name off the ballot?). One person, one vote, everybody counts; otherwise, it is not called democracy.

    Hillary – 15,005,761
    Obama – 14,893,607

    (delegate count on mydd was less than 20 difference 1707(O), 1692(C) — I think that will be made up as well.)

  176. when you knock on a door and a very old woman says fuck the press ya gotta know something is wrong. one woman told me she had used that expletive a few times in her life but she had them in reserve and this was a good time to use them.

  177. HRC campaign needs to grab hold of DeBakey’s touting the VA’s medical system as the model system to take care of the needy. Proves that a brilliant scientist realizes that health care should be made available to “the needy”: translation = the uninsured. Thank you Dr. Debakey for deviating during your words of appreciation and calling on Congress directly by stating this during your acceptance speech at the Congressional Gold Medal ceremony. Award only bestowed handful of times (to Jonas Salk, Thomas Edison, a couple of others). Great shot in the arm for a government-sponsored healthcare system expansion. Who can argue with a medical, pioneering genius?

  178. Several friends who were pro-bambi with whom i have spoken extensively informed me today that they opted not to vote. so thats 3 dozen half votes. all of you keep it up. you inspire me.

  179. i will vote for mccain not because he is white or obami is black but because i will vote for the person i think is best prepared to lead my country. this has nothing to do with race, it is competence, and i believe obama is grossly incompetent. i will not ever buy into his story.

    My state legislator is white. I wouldn’t vote for her to be President either. Not enough experience. And she’s even been to Europe.

  180. Wonder if the editor of the NYT would have printed article today slamming HRC if THEIR building had been bombed by Ayers?

  181. Watching CNN, FOX, and the joke that is MSNBC last night you would have thought the results were the opposite of what they really were. Keith O and Campbell Brown need to be fired. And Donna Brazile needs to be ran out of the DNC so she can devote more time kissing Baracks ass.

    More people have turned out and voted for Hillary now. Big media knows this and refuse to tell the people the truth. The Brezile/Dean team are not going to take this away from us. I encourage all of you to go to the websites for CNN, MSNBC, and FOX and demand they start reporting the facts. And the same for the DNC: Donna B went on last night that Michigan and Florida broke the rules and we can’t break the rules. The rank and file voters did nothing wrong and Ms. Brazile knows this. I’m going to go to the DNC and make it clear, unless the votes of ALL voters count, I will not support Obama or the DNC in 08.

  182. Brilliant point, pm @ 12:06. Hillary is now LEADING in the popular vote. That is a fact. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

  183. see i just don’t get the delegate system.. lets see two CD 2 & CD 4

    CD 2 has 9 delegates and CD4 5 delegates

    votes polled

    CD2 – total votes polled 111,510. HRC – 42, 912. BHO – 68598. delegate split is 6 – 3 to obama

    CD4 – total votes polled 171,938. HRC – 108,368 BHO – 63,570. delegate split 3 – 2 to HRC… whatt he fuck is this

  184. i didn’t believe you would. but the trolls throw down a little statement and hope for a response and then take it out of context and attribute it to this site.


    I am so effing high today.

    Hello everyone, and we won, we won, we won.

    I say WE because it was all of us– in our diaries and our comments, in our money bombs and our phone calls, in our driving to pa to get out the vote [yeah neetabug] and in our unwavering support for the woman who will be the best president this country has ever had!!

    Jeeze, I am so enjoying the lack of feeling like there is a band around my chest and I just can’t get a deep breath.

    Drink in that great ‘Hillary Is The Nominee’ AIR.

    And did everyone hear her victory speech last nite? It was fantatic. Luntz on Fox couldn’t say enough good things about it.

    Our girl is going all the way. And everyone here needs to take a moment to pat themselves on the back.

    I know, I am giddy…

  186. i say this is bull shit.. BO got 26K more votes in CD2 and he got 3 delegates more…
    and HRC got 45K more votes in CD4 and she got 1 delegate more than obama… what the fuck am going nutsss

  187. henry these are mu pointssss

    1) popular votes polled in CD4 are more than CD2, but CD2 have more delegates than CD4, i.e CD2 has 9 and CD4 has 5

    2) in CD2, obama has 25K votes more than HRC but the delegate split is 6 – 3 to BO

    3) in CD4, hrd has 45K lead but the delegate split is 3 -2 to HRC..

    4) each vote is not equal when allocating delegates

    my point is how can CD2 has more delegates than CD4 when the popular vote polled in CD4 is 60K more than polled in CD2…

  188. jit its a joke, the delegate system is a total joke this should have been winner take all like the GE.

    Hillary would have won on ST.

  189. CURIOSITYHASME: I have a sister that retired from the Navy Hospital as an Analyst. She says that the Military Hospitals have such a plan already available, and have been ready to do this for years.

    Not a bad idea.

  190. Morning, Hillfriends. Happy, happy morning.

    Henry@11:59: Morning Joe was very complimentary and congratulated Hillary in her interview this morning. He now seems smitten. Who’dve thunk it? Even Andrea Mitchell (sitting in for Mika) congratulated Hill. Did anyone catch any other interviews this morning?

    As for talking points: the Obamabots are still pushing the “most delegates, most votes, most states” and “the rules.” Well, they’ve got it wrong – “the rules” don’t give the nom to the one with the most stuff when the clock runs out, “the rules” give it to the one who gets 2025 (or 2209). Failing that, NO ONE “gets” the nomination. IMHO, it’s practically a clean slate and each needs to make her/his best case, taking all things into consideration. No one will be “entitled” when the last vote has been cast.


    Also, I’m signing up to go to Indiana. Anyone else going?

  191. Has anyone pointed out to the media yet that if they seat Florida and Michigan, the total needed jumps to over 2200.

  192. @moon… this is very unfair.. each vote is not equal… weightage is given to vote based on the region.. this is total bull shit.. how come 111K votes polled in CD2 have more weightage than the 175K votes polled in CD4…. i think in GE they dont weight the votes based on region… fxcuk the democratic party bull shit with their rulesss…

  193. Off topic-

    Virginia has actually been trending democratic recently, not a blue state but getting more purple. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine both got big wins there. But I think we’re in agreement that VA probably won’t be a swing state for the pres election. Anybody know why?

  194. Virginia, very large military state, they go for military democrats or military repugs, McCain fits that demographic easily. Virginia is not in play.

  195. Extra delegates are awarded to congressional districts that voted Democratic in recent Presidential elections. This has the effect of rigging the nominating process to favor losing Democratic candidates. Since Democrats always lose the White House, the only way to expand the base is to nominate candidates who have appeal beyond the handful of bedrock urban Democratic districts. But, the nominating process rewards candidates who do just the opposite and appeal only to the urban black and Starbucks liberal districts.

  196. so this what i understand… HRD polled 150K votes and obama polled 130K votes from 2 Districts and he got 2 delegates more than obama hehehehehe total BS

  197. hwc, all:
    I agree, our dem nominating process has evolved into one designed to select losing candidates. And also is deeply hypocritical when examined in light of favoring wide participation, openness and making sure that “every vote counts.” Recipe for future success:
    1. Eliminate caucuses
    2. All votes allocated to delegates equally
    3. Winner take all, state-by-state

    One person’s opinion.


    from hillary web site blog,

    $10 Million so far!!!
    Terry McCauliffe has just said on MSNBC that online donations here has totaled $10 million so far since she won PA and it is only 1 p.m. EST here on Wednesday!

    by benstpetefl at 4/23/2008 1:04:52 PM

  199. OMG .. lets help make it 15 million for today. I’m going to get Tanners phone # and post it here. Please call and thank him .. he is from my state!

  200. Finally, somone takes note. Via First Read:

    *** The secret to Hillary’s success: So how did Clinton win so decisively last night? The answer is women, specifically white women. They continue to be as important to her success in these primaries as new voters and African-Americans have been to Obama. Per the exit polls, 47% of the Pennsylvania Democratic electorate last night was made up of white women, higher than any other race/gender subgroup. Clinton ended up winning them by more than 30 points, 66%-34%; in Ohio , she won this group, 67%-31%. The question that everyone seems to be asking now is: Why can’t Obama put Clinton away? The AP’s Ron Fournier takes a stab at answering this, and he points to five reasons (race, working-class voters, friends in trouble, inexperience, and mettle). But to us, women seem to be the bigger reason. They continue to rally to her side; nothing has shaken their confidence in her. If Clinton continues to beat Obama by 30-plus points among white women, how can he knock her out?

    *** Rocking the suburbs: What’s more, Clinton must have won white women decisively across the state’s geographic landscape, because there’s no other explanation for her pulling off the upset in the Philly suburbs. To most lay observers, Obama looked to be a lock to win the Philly ‘burbs; the only question was by how much. But he didn’t win them. Overall, Obama carried just seven of the state’s 67 counties. In his successful gubernatorial primary win over Bob Casey in 2002, Ed Rendell carried 10 counties — and the big difference between Rendell’s path and Obama’s was that Rendell carried Montgomery and Bucks counties, while Obama lost MontCo narrowly and got clobbered in Bucks. This success by Clinton in the suburbs, by the way, might be the best talking point the campaign has going forward because it’s the first evidence in weeks that Clinton has finally cut into Obama’s coalition. Of course, Pennsylvania could simply be her Wisconsin , where everything that happens in the state, well, stays in the state. Remember Wisconsin ? That was Obama’s supposed big break through in cutting into Clinton ‘s coalition of white, working-class voters and even white women. Wisconsin didn’t take for Obama. Will Pennsylvania take for Clinton ?

  201. John Tanner


    Washington, DC Office #


  202. If Clinton continues to beat Obama by 30-plus points among white women, how can he knock her out?

    Since women are the only demographic group that votes for Democrats in national elections, Howard Dean and the idiots at the DNC better start asking themselves how they can win in November if women sit on their hands even more than they did when Kerry was the candidate.

    The 2006 midterm gains were ALL the result of increased female participation. Can the Democratic Party even survive making women voters mad as hell? I don’t think so.

  203. Wow, MJ – it took them that long to figure out that white women will ALWAYS be with Hillary? OMG, I can’t wait until Hillary is sworn in as #44!

    $10 million! Hooray! Anyone know what is the record for one day?

  204. And, Latina women. And Asian American women.

    African American women would support Clinton, too if Obama hadn’t pulled his Rev. Wright/Malcolm X anti-white racism crap.

  205. Someone posted on TM that Terry MaCauliff said that at the end of the day, Clinton will have raised $10mi with 50k new donors.

  206. Funniest line of the Colbert Report last night: “Obama will continue to unite the country by running around and telling everyone how divisive Hillary Clinton is.” LOL

  207. Oh, man, it just keeps getting weirder

    Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008

    * The Bush administration’s blatant politicization of the Justice Department is well documented. And now comes word that some Blagojevich insiders tried to take advantage of that environment to oust Patrick Fitzgerald as US Attorney….

    As federal investigators closed in, Gov. Rod Blagojevich insiders were angling with Bush administration architect Karl Rove to get U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald kicked out of office, according to disclosures made in federal court. […]

    Federal prosecutors said in court that co-schemer Steven Loren was ready to testify he was told Illinois Republican insider Bob Kjellander was working to get Fitzgerald removed.

    Powerbroker Bill Cellini “said it was Bob Kjellander’s job to take care of the U.S. Attorney,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Carrie Hamilton said in court late Tuesday, in reading Loren’s earlier grand jury testimony.

    The statement was not further explained Tuesday, but in court this morning Hamilton told U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve that she expected Rezko business partner Ali Ata, who is cooperating with authorities, to testify Rezko told him the same thing in 2004.

    It’s not too much of a stretch to believe that Fitzgerald got wind of the machinations and reacted by indicting Rezko in October of 2006 – just a month before election day. Tradition has been not to interfere with campaigns by making high-profile indictments like this so close to voting.

    Where are you bmerry?

  208. From comments on Hill’s blog via Fox exits:

    white young voters of the age gp 18-29yrs voted 51 to 49 for Hill in PA.

  209. mj – refutes the meme that “young people go to BO” – I’ve been wondering that today, since that was the statistic that was consistently left out of the breakdowns.

  210. Wow, the Republicans are going full-assault, all-out against Obama today in NC! They must smell blood in the water…

  211. Berkeley Vox – i think the Republican 527s playing in NC …I don’t know if it’s so much an assault on Obama (didn’t McCain just write a letter to them, asking them to stop these ads?)…

    as it is – the local Republicans are trying to unseat those local Dems who hitched their horse to the wrong, unpatriotic, “comfortable with those who hate America”-wagon.

    meiyingsu Says:
    April 23rd, 2008 at 1:12 pm


    from hillary web site blog,

    $10 Million so far!!!
    Terry McCauliffe has just said on MSNBC that online donations here has totaled $10 million so far since she won PA and it is only 1 p.m. EST here on Wednesday!

    holy shit! amazing. to think last night’s 3 million in 3 hours was made up of 80% new donors…

  212. Well, I don’t know that the GOP attacks will help Hill. I just read somewhere repubs can not vote in NC for a Dem. That’s disappointing because I thought Hill might make a more direct appeal to Repub women there to give her a decent shot of victory.

  213. you know, as much as the Republican radio, etc, are covering the Dem campaign, I can’t help but think that many Reps are developing a grudging respect for Clinton:

    Jonathan Kay on Hillary Clinton, my feminist hero
    Posted: April 22, 2008, 11:15 AM by Jonathan Kay
    Jonathan Kay

    Barack Obama’s blackness and Hillary Clinton’s woman-ness are two of the most obsessively over-covered subjects in the history of political journalism. I haven’t felt the need to wade into this crowded genre because I never felt I had anything to add to the reams of overwrought commentary that’s already appeared on both subjects.

    Until now. As Pennsylvanian primary voters make their pick, I’ve felt — for the first time — a rush of partisan fervor for one of the two candidates. As it happens, that candidate is Hillary Clinton. It has nothing to do with her policy positions (which are identical to Obama’s on almost every major issue.) Rather, I’ve decided this race on a more emotional basis. Fact is, Clinton is my new feminist hero.

    I think the turning point came in late March, when David Brooks of The New York Times wrote a column that essentially told Clinton to get out of the race for the good of the Democratic Party. Earlier in the month, in an influential set of articles, Noam Scheiber and the editors of The New Republic had argued essentially the same thing. The critics were right about the numbers: Clinton’s chances of winning the nomination were small and getting smaller. But they weren’t zero, as Brooks himself conceded. And so the campaign to get Clinton to bow out struck me as an act of political bullying.

    Nothing sexist about that, of course. Pundits and politicians are always pressuring second bananas to bow out of races so the grandees can get on with their coronation. But I can’t help but admire Clinton’s tough, uncompromising response to this pressure — and my admiration necessarily refracted through gender-coloured glasses. Most men — even true political animals — would probably have wilted under the sort of pressure applied by the Obama faction of the Democratic establishment. But not Clinton. Whatever you think about her politics, she is tough as nails. Not tough as nails for a woman, but tough as nails, period. As a conservative, I used to think of Clinton through the lens of her failed health policies and other left-wing hang-ups. But now, when I think of her, I think of her keeping her cool under tough circumstances, as she did in this great NPR interview a month back.

    Listen to that voice. That’s my kind of female politician. That voice doesn’t annoy me the way it used to when she was going off about vast right-wing conspiracies in the 1990s. In 2008, I actually find it somewhat comforting when set beside Obama’s puffed up quasi-Messianic vagaries. (When you’re talking about the left, it’s always the utopian dreamers who scare me the most.)

    And yes, I know all about Clinton’s screw-ups on the Bosnia file. There’s no question she’s overplayed her foreign-policy experience to come off as the sort of Democrat who can go toe-to-toe with a Republican war hero in a general election. The sad thing is that she never really had to go down that road. Think a little but about the question posed in that now-infamous 3am phone call ad: Who do we want to answer that phone if Pakistan or some other hell-hole goes bananas in a hurry?

    First choice: McCain. Second choice: the toughest Democrat there is.

  214. Okay, my grandmother (GRANDMOTHER!!!) is calling me at 8:30 am this morning complaining about Brad Henry pledging for 👿 . She used the words “asshole” and “bullshit.” Now, if you knew my grandmother, the epitome of Southern grace and charm (hence why I have none), you would know this out of character for her and means she is very, very, very angry. She’s even asking what she has to do to get rid of him, and Dean (by name no less) and “that Pelosi woman.” 😆

    Governor Henry’s website is down when I checked, but Google cache has this contact info:

    Governor Brad Henry
    State Capitol Building
    2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 212
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105
    Telephone: (405) 521-2342
    Fax: (405) 521-3353

    Please call this little dipshit and tell him what a shit for brains decision that was.

    My hubby went to law school with him and remembers him as a little kiss ass who was angling for elected office every moment of every day. I was once up for a job in his office (I wanted too much money) and am glad I didn’t go that way. Jeebus, what a turd burglar.

  215. Okay- this pisses me off. I have unsubscribed 10x from the DNC. Have called them and still receive dumb emails asking for moolah.

    My response today?

    Fuck you. Take me off your list and for crissakes, fix the broken link on unsubscribing you asshole vermin.

  216. After I caught my breath from laughing so hard, I was thought to myself, why is Obama claiming that he just wanted to “close the gap”? Who outspends their opponent 3-1 to lose by double-digits?

  217. $10 MILLION is unbelievable! Wow, wow, wow. Let’s keep it going and strike while the iron is hot! I’ve sent out invites to a bunch of friends to donate on Hillary’s website, so hopefully some of them will bite.

    I know it can be unseemly to talk about the importance of money in an election, but money is fuel, and it keeps a campaign going. And Obama is raising boatloads of it, so we really have no choice!

  218. I think we need a goal to raise 20 mill by Friday. What would that do for us in terms of catching up to BO’s money?

  219. meiyingsu Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 2:20 pm
    MJ, I head the new law allow voters change their party ID to vote on the election day.

    Great! I am telling you she needs to organize repub women for Hill. She could win those two states with such an effort.

  220. Awesome: Hillary, realizing she has leverage after yesterday, on the offensive and asking that Obama agree to two debates in the Pacific Northwest. We all know what Obama will do: follow the Bush strategy of only doing scripted events, because he always puts his foot in his mouth when he has to leave the script!

  221. Fuck you. Take me off your list and for crissakes, fix the broken link on unsubscribing you asshole vermin.


    And I love your grandmother! I was going to ask you why you think Henry backed Obama when his state went overwhelmingly for HRC but you answered that question, lol. Once a kiss-ass, always as kiss-ass.

  222. I’m so proud of Hillary, her team and all her supporters.

    I read up thread about how SEIU and Move-on put millions up against her in PA. Well maybe not millions, but they had ground troops.

    I can tell you emphatically while the leadership at the top of SEIU wants to defeat Hillary, millions of their union members DO NOT. That is why their efforts fell short in PA and OH, and all the other states that are union states.

    Most union MEMBERS, SEIU and otherwise, are not fooled by BHO and will not vote for him.

  223. from TM poster – pretty succinct what Andrew McCarthy author of Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad says re: BO:

    DOBBS: Bill Ayers, we’re hearing today from Mayor Daley that he also knows Ayres and he’s just a fine fellow and no problem, don’t be — please don’t be discomforted by Senator Obama’s relationship with him.

    MCCARTHY: Look, of all the people who’ve ever bombed the Pentagon and the State Department and the New York City police headquarters, I’m sure he’s one of the best. But I — my sense is that regular Americans aren’t going to see it that way.

    DOBBS: Senator Obama, you are declaring rather straight forwardly, is denying some relatively close relationships that he is suggesting are not — are distant.

    MCCARTHY: Yeah, well he’s denying the relationship, but I think more importantly what he’s trying to obfuscate is that there’s a trajectory to all of this and there’s a theme that runs through it and whether its some of the statements made by his wife or Reverend Wright or Bernadine Dohrn and Ayers, the fact is he’s comfortable…Bernadine Dohrn being Ayers’ wife.The other Weather Underground terrorist who was Ayers’ wife. But, he’s comfortable with people who hate this country. And I think when he talks about and makes the theme of his campaign “Change,” and since he hasn’t really explained to us much about the change, we’re entitled to infer, from the people he’s comfortable with, who are social revolutionaries, the kind of change he wants to make in America.

    DOBBS: You’re including, obviously, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

    MCCARTHY: Of course, right. DOBBS: And — and Ayers (ph). Others?

    MCCARTHY: Well, there’s Rashid Khalidi, who was a recipient of some of the largess that Obama controlled when he was on the Woods Board. He is somebody who was —

    DOBBS: He was on the board with Ayers (ph)?

    MCCARTHY: Yes, when Obama was on the Woods Board with Ayers, they gave grants to Rashid Khalidi, and his work. Now, he has denied being a member of the PLO. But there’s no question he’s an apologist for Palestinian terrorism, including suicide attacks against Israeli soldiers.

  224. Paula, Henry is term-limited out. There was talk he’d run against Sen. Jim Inhofe, but that fizzled quickly. There’s a guy the progressives like here named Andrew Rice. I think his brother died in 9-11 or something. Not too sure. Henry doesn’t have enough of a resume to do anything else, so he has to look for an upwardly mobile position. My guess is he is angling like every other Midwestern governor right for a VP nod.

    Thing is, he has the charisma of dryer lint. Same hair color, too, now that I think of it.

    He’s been moderately popular here- mostly because he doesn’t do anything. We also have a GOP control state legislature under him. SO go figure. Truth be told, he’d have never won the 1st election except Steve Largent got shitty with a reporter on tape and blew his “nice guy” image to hell a few weeks before the election. Sorta a “Macaca” moment if you will. Henry’s re-election campaign was against Ernest Istook, who, if you know anything about politics at all, is considered a true nut in an Almond Joy kind of way.

    You could say that Henry is the whitebread version of 👿 . Got his job bc there was no real adversary, kept his job same way and has done absolutely nothing in the meantime.

  225. OKIE .. contact the contributions numbers I listed above .. I kept getting those emails as well and I called them and told them to STOP and that I’d not be donating ONE DIME unless the party counted Fla and Mi NOW in order to make them count NOW. I also told them I’d be leaving the party over this shit

  226. I tried to call the DNC and they kept me on hold for over 5 minutes. Apparently their phones are busy! LOL! Ya think folks are calling in and complaining? I’ll keep calling in. I will try early tomorrow!

  227. The reason the Republicans are running those ads against Obama may just be that they do not feel he is a true American. The Repubs are not stupid and know that McCain will not win in November against anyone. So they have a choice let someone they do not like get elected or let someone they could never trust to act in America’s best interests get elected.

    In Republican eyes it is not the lesser of two evils with Obama, it is making sure evil never runs the White House.

  228. am listening to new Gov. Paterson of NY discuss Clinton’s win in PA – he’s very articulate, impressive:

    the “tide has turned,” not just turning.

    Interesting press call – with at least 7 governors – incl. Granholm and Nelson of MI and FL talking about their perceptions of what’s going on. Gov. Granholm saying Obama took his name off MI ballot voluntarily, therefore, that should not penalize Clinton (Dodd, Kucinich, others left their name on too). Bill Nelson of FL saying there are some “backroom” dealings with DNC keeping secret what their plans are for FL.

  229. Philadelphia has reported 99% now and its still 215’000 for Clinton 55 to 45, now when do those absentee ballots get added in, i want that margin to grow.

  230. moononpluto – would love to see the margin grow too – in order to strengthen her popular and delegate count – though I think the 10% margin is what is now in the consciousness of the public, given how quickly the news cycle moves, don’t know if any additional margin will get much attention.

    had heard absentee ballots would not be finalized until today.

  231. moononpluto Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 11:59 am
    Henry what i meant was, that as white voters had gone to Hillary by over 2 to 1, its apparent according to CNN exit polls last night, they said it on live tv that if Obama was the nominee, 27% of white voters would go over to McCain, take that anyway you like but thats a hard number to swallow.

    I think we need to make something clear on this topic.

    This story line tends to indicate that WA’s (White Americans, get it?) can exhibit racist tendencies, and will migrate over in certain numbers away from an AA candidate to a white candidate. But with McCain and Obama, or Hillary and Obama, couldn’t it be about EXPERIENCE?

    Shoe, other foot. Might not a good portion (70 – 90%) of AA’s racist, voting for the AA candidate despite his lack of credentials? Now, it’s impossible to prove. Obama’s AA supporters could say, “I like his message”, or, “Clinton and her husband don’t respect MLK etc.”. But just look at the numbers.

    So if AA’s can justify voting for their candidate, and we have to take their arguments on their face, why won’t they believe my valid argument the McCain or Clinton have more experience than the AA candidate?

  232. Berkeley Vox Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 1:59 pm
    Wow, the Republicans are going full-assault, all-out against Obama today in NC! They must smell blood in the water…

    Berkely, what have you heard? Any link(s)?


    (The above site has some of the words as hypertext links to other urls, but for your convenience…

    Malleable Campaign Math
    By David Nather | April 23, 2008 11:53 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)

    Did Hillary Rodham Clinton really pass Barack Obama in the popular vote last night, as her campaign is claiming this morning? It depends whether you count Florida and Michigan – the two most hotly disputed states in the Democratic contest.

    This morning, the Clinton campaign sent out an e-mail titled, “The Tide is Turning – More People Have Voted for Hillary Than Any Other Candidate.” It cited an estimate by the Real Clear Politics Web site that “Hillary has received 15,095,663 votes to Sen. Obama’s 14,973,720, a margin of more than 120,000 votes,” and an ABC News report that ” ‘Clinton has pulled ahead of Obama’ in the popular vote.”

    Then comes the critical disclaimer: “This count includes certified vote totals in Florida and Michigan” – the two states that, at the moment, aren’t scheduled to be seated at the Democratic convention in Denver because they held their primaries earlier than the party rules allowed.

    The disclaimer appears to refer only to the ABC News report, but actually it applies to both estimates. As the Obama campaign helpfully pointed out in its own e-mail, ABC’s The Note reports that “By one (rightly disputed) metric – the popular vote, including Florida and Michigan – Clinton has pulled ahead of Obama. But without the rogue states, Obama is still up by 500,000 – and if you can find another objective measurement by which she’s in the lead, let us know.”

    Likewise, Real Clear Politics has Clinton ahead only if both Florida and Michigan are counted. Even just allowing Florida (where Obama’s name was on the ballot, but he refrained from campaigning on the ground), Obama is ahead by more than 200,000 votes. That could be a significant talking point for the Obama campaign because Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan.

    Clearly, Clinton’s supporters are setting themselves up to make a powerful argument to superdelegates: that giving the nomination to Obama would be an injustice if the voters actually favored her. That’s not going to go over well with Obama’s backers, of course. At least one party elder – Paul G. Kirk Jr., a former Democratic National Committee chairman and an Obama supporter – already has been trying to shoot down the arguments that anyone, other than the winner of the most delegates, should get the nomination.

    “We have a set of rules. Everyone understood them going in. At the end of the day, the way you determine the winner is, you count the delegates,” Kirk told me yesterday. When the primaries are over, he said, “the superdelegates should just do the math, find out who won, and embrace that candidate before the convention.” But it may be getting harder for “just do the math” when campaigns are warring over their own at times creative approaches to running the numbers.

  234. That could be a significant talking point for the Obama campaign because Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan.

    Nice article that I just posted a minute ago at 4:55pm, but the third paragraph from the end contains this cutesy fuzzing up of the truth.

    They (whomever “They” are, Obamalings, ScumstreamMedia, etc.) keep saying this as if there was some injustice to Michigan only putting certain candidates on the ballot. Now this can happen, like Nader fighting to get on some states’ ballots, court battles, etc. But we all know that Obama, Edwards, and a couple of others, wanted to steal Hillary’s wind because they knew she was going to win Michigan big time. No one told Barack he couldn’t be on the ballot.

    So his campaign’s strategy was to attempt to delegitimize Clinton’s win, trying to make it a hollow victory. That was how they chose to run their campaign. Giuliani adopted the I’ll Wait In Florida strategy. Clinton got plenty of criticism for not anticipating Obama’s causus strategy, and “win every small red state with three people in it” strategy, to run up the meaningless “Number of States Won” category. So Obama has to live with his “Kiss off Michigan” strategy. He could just say it was “boneheaded” of himself to remove his name. We’ll understand.

  235. from a TM poster:

    obama will say anything:

    Here’s Barack Obama, speaking to CNN’s Roland Martin: “We have won the white, blue collar vote in a whole bunch of states … and if we had a demographic problem in Pennsylvania, it was that it’s an older state than a lot of states, and it is true that Sen. Clinton has some strong support among voters over 60.”

    Not in a “whole bunch of states.”

    Atlantic Media’s Ron Brownstein notes to me in an e-mail that, according to the exit polls, Obama has won the white non college voting bloc (e.g., white blue collar voters) in Wisconsin — 52% — and lost them everywhere else, even in Illinois, where they narrowly preferred Clinton (50% to 46%). ue_collar_vote.php

    He says anything because he knows the national media will not call him on it.

    this is such a simple thing to prove that BO lies. As much as we talk about the media bias, I am still incredulous at it.

  236. mj Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 12:34 am
    Have they finished counting the votes?

    What about the Texas caucuses? What a bloody mess that is.

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