It’s Now A Peoples Campaign

It’s Now a Peoples Campaign.

All of us, and Hillary, are fighting the Democratic Party establishment.

All of us, and Hillary, are fighting Big Media.

All of us, and Hillary, are fighting for democratic principles.

It’s now a Peoples Campaign.

How does Barack Obama win the nomination? Barack Obama wins by excluding votes, by NOT counting votes.

How does Hillary Clinton win the nomination? Hillary Clinton wins by including all votes, by COUNTING votes as they were cast.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites do NOT want Florida votes counted.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites do NOt want Michigan votes counted.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites did NOT want Pennsylvania votes counted.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites do NOT want North Carolina, Indiana, Oregon, West Virginia, Kentucky, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska and Puerto Rico to vote.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites are opposed to the People’s candidate in Florida and Michigan because they voted “too early”.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites are opposed to voting in North Carolina, Indiana, Oregon, West Virginia, Kentucky, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska and Puerto Rico because they are voting “too late”.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites want to shut down all further debates.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites want to choke off any money from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites want to IGNORE the popular votes cast by Democrats nationwide.

The Democratic Party/Obama elities want to take the nomination by invoking “process” not the will of the people.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites want to take the nomination by the old politics method of excluding voters. In the old days, voter suppression was implemented by using poll taxes, property requirments, literacy tests, restrictive and arbitrary registration practices, and race based discimination.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites have devised a new voter suppression method: a discriminatory calendar.

Like in the old civil rights days, it will be a Peoples Campaign that defeats discrimination. Imagine if African-American voters were excluded from representation at the Democratic Party Convention through the use of “calendar rules”. A whole class of people denied representation due to party “rules”.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites want to exclude the people of Florida and Michigan from participation in the selection of the Democratic Party nominee. The method of discrimination is, like most discriminatory rules, quite original: calendar discrimination.

The Democratic Party/Obama elites set a calendar for the primaries. Now the Democratic Party/Obama elites argue that the last 10 primaries should not take place because time is needed to heal the party and get ready for the general election. Why then did the Democratic Party/Obama elites set the primaries so late in the calendar? It’s not the calendar they are worried about: it’s the voters they are afraid of.

Big Media wants to destroy Hillary Clinton.

All of us, and Hillary, are fighting Big Media.

Big Media outlets did everything possible to stop Hillary in Pennsylvania. Big Media outlets misinformed an increasingly wary public that Hillary could not win. Hillary won. We won.

Last night Hillary asked Americans to fund her campaign. Many millions of dollars poured in.

For six weeks the people of Pennsylvania watched and listened to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The people of Pennsylvania choose the person who is ready on day 1: Hillary Clinton.

The people of Pennsylvania ignored Big Media and the Democratic Party/Obama elites. The people of Pennsylvania were not bitter, they were determined. The people choose Hillary.

Hillary will be elected by the people, not Democratic Party elites.

Hillary is fighting for those “counted out”.

Last night Hillary said “This is your campaign and this is your victory.”

It’s Now A Peoples Campaign.


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  1. Hillary Clinton is an inspiration to THIS young male voter. She NEEDS to keep fighting for US, and WE need to keep fighting FOR HER! We’re locked in a bitter (no pun intended) battle for the soul and direction of the Democratic party.

    It’s Hillary or NOTHING for this Democrat. If Obama and the “Wright Wing” of the Democratic party is the “future” of the Democratic party, I want NO PART OF IT.

    If Democrats can’t even be “for” universal healthcare anymore, they’re only a shadow of their former selves.

    Congrats on your win. I look forward to the day when I can call you “Madame President,” and, “for the first time in eight years” TRULY be proud to be a democrat again.

  2. Let’s really do this. A people’s campaign. Let’s through bake sales, and car washes, collect coins, recycle soda cans. Let’s raise money for Hill, and show the media just who the hell we want the next president to be!

  3. Anybody else have trouble getting in to the Campaign Update call at 2:30? The passcode I received from Jonathan Mantz was “invalid at this time”…

  4. Just as Benazir Bhutto tried in vain to bring democracy with her People’s Party – I say Hillary launch YOUR People’s Party Campaign (signs and all). Thanks Admin for putting it so directly and easy to grasp the entire scenario. Admin, please acknowledge the email sent to you. Thanks!

  5. Reposted from last thread:

    Paula, Henry is term-limited out. There was talk he’d run against Sen. Jim Inhofe, but that fizzled quickly. There’s a guy the progressives like here named Andrew Rice. I think his brother died in 9-11 or something. Not too sure. Henry doesn’t have enough of a resume to do anything else, so he has to look for an upwardly mobile position. My guess is he is angling like every other Midwestern governor right for a VP nod.

    Thing is, he has the charisma of dryer lint. Same hair color, too, now that I think of it.

    He’s been moderately popular here- mostly because he doesn’t do anything. We also have a GOP control state legislature under him. SO go figure. Truth be told, he’d have never won the 1st election except Steve Largent got shitty with a reporter on tape and blew his “nice guy” image to hell a few weeks before the election. Sorta a “Macaca” moment if you will. Henry’s re-election campaign was against Ernest Istook, who, if you know anything about politics at all, is considered a true nut in an Almond Joy kind of way.

    You could say that Henry is the whitebread version of 👿 . Got his job bc there was no real adversary, kept his job same way and has done absolutely nothing in the meantime.

  6. Latest CNN estimate: Clinton wins 80 delegates, Obama 66
    Posted: 10:20 AM ET

    (CNN) — Hillary Clinton’s Pennsylvania win Tuesday night handed the New York senator 80 delegates while Barack Obama was awarded 66 delegates, according to CNN’s latest Delegate estimate.

    Twelve Pennsylvania delegates have yet to be allocated.

    Including the latest delegate estimate out of Pennsylvania, Obama now leads Clinton by 130 delegates overall and by 154 pledged delegates. Clinton leads Obama in superdelegates by a margin of 24.

  7. I want to put this back up for those that missed it the first time:

    COMMUNITY NEWS: Rev. Jeremiah Wright & Rev. James Meeks will be presiding over the burial of the presidential aspirations of Barack Obama. Interdenominational assistance provided by Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan who will be returning from Libya to assist.

    Funeral Service to be held: Tuesday, April 22nd, Pennsylvania.
    Obama campaign operatives are expected to insist Michele Obama practice campaign Suttee.

    Chief mourners: Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann. Tim Russert and Anderson Cooper, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean.

    In lieu of flowers, please send donations to

  8. BTW- Hillary’s new SD, Tanner, is the co-founder of the Blue Dog Coalition (conservative congressional Dems). Dan Boren, David’s son, and a current Congressman, is also a Blue Dog. His district encompasses the Munitions Dump in McAlester which makes ALL of the munitions for the military. All bombs, ordinance, bullets….

    It’s a way in the door for moderate, centrist supporters to get him to be a SD for Hillary…..

    Just sayin’.

  9. People’s Campaign Banners should be everywhere. That strikes at the heart of America and represents drue democracy. Great idea. True on every front. Also would display the American flag with two stars exed-out, signifying FL & MI, or the flag with 48 stars, since BHO AND DNC is barring THE PEOPLE from their due process. Put pressure on them at every turn, along with insinuation BHO is afraid to debate. Afraid Auchi, Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama (real name I’ve heard) and 2005 (mysteriously paid or unpaid by whom?) property taxes, along with ridiculuosly lowered taxes will come up. Investigate his link to Odinga and all of his millions while you’re at it. And for goodness sake, Lanny Davis – if you have proof Dean nixed the debate – shout it from the rooftops. The People’s Campaign will have their say. Realize there must be alot in the works behind the scene to keep from certain demographics rioting in the streets, but this is a democracy where we are all supposed to be EQUAL. So……..let’s be equal, and not pander to the African-American community. Enough of that has gone on for far too long.

  10. GaryInDCandLa, probably a lot of people trying to get on the call. Many reporters sure to try to get on for verification of the $10 million figure too.

  11. What are her chances in Indiana? Some suggested last night he had a built in advantage being geographically closer?

  12. Mj, not necessarily. David is not a SD. Dan gets a lot of flack from the idiot hippie fringe here, but his district is pretty damn red. They are good ole boy, blue collar, God fearin’, Toby Keith listenin’ folks who fish and hunt and don’t like elitist snobs.

    As a matter of fact, his district went for Hillary in big numbers.

    Dan likes to listen to his constituents and helps them keep their jobs.

  13. when is a vote not a vote? According to BHO and party elitists, FL and MI votes are not votes.

    Maybe he can get away with saying he has more delegates than Hillary, and according to DNC rules he does, but where did it say that votes should not be counted? BHO having won a handful of sure fire GOP states does not make him more electable.

    Hillary has of now 120,000+ popular votes more than BHO and that is the pure and simple fact. No spinning of this will change anything.

    The other things to consider of his electability, is his associations that will dog him well into the next century.

    The first black president would be a great thing, just not this one.

    A word to future black candidates; If you want to be president, start with a clean slate and stay there. Choose your associations wisely. Tell the truth. Do good work that benefits all people, not just those of your own race. Don’t expect Americans to buy into your abilities without proof. And last but not least…never, never underestimate the power of the American people.

  14. That he sees that the far left is trying to co-opt the party and that he sees that there could be a blood letting streaming toward McCain if Obama gets the nomination?

  15. i may be mistaken but i think Idunn and lil o grape maybe the same. I hope i am because it doubles my fun.

  16. Thanks, Admin. Jonathan sent out a correction for the passcode right after I posted here. I thought someone must have been watching out here!!!

  17. Debbie, let’s not pin this on potential black nominees. Not fair, IMO. For my part, he should have cut off the associations when he began his run for the Senate and he should have built the resume for a President before running. That’s it.

  18. The truth of the matter is that the Democrats have no choice but to count Florida and Michigan if they are decisive. Clinton supporters will not turn out in November if counting the delegates from those two states would have given the race to Clinton – and everyone knows this is true. If Obama wants to win the nomination without a floor fight and have a shot at winning in November, then he has to have enough delegates that Florida and Michigan become irrelevant. And I don’t see that happening.

    If Teddy Kennedy had the right to a floor fight against an incumbent Democratic president, then Clinton certainly has the right to a floor fight against a guy who doesn’t do well in bedrock blue states.

  19. Hey peeps!! We keep fighting all the way to the convention!!! Screw those Obama supporters who would disenfranchise. He has numbed the senses of his supporters into believing that it doesn’t matter that he lost last night because he wasn’t expecting to win. But, that’s like saying you are going to give Daimler-Benz 500,000 for a Maybach, but you don’t really want the car and they can keep it. LMAO What-the-fugg-ever! He thought he was going to win! Got his ass kicked!

  20. Huh. Just got off the phone with a contact. Henry doesn’t want VP. He’s doing favors for David Boren. He wants to be president of OU if Boren retires to advise 👿 .

    *shaking head*

    Boren is one evil mutherf*****. Bill killed his aspirations and his Senate career after Boren killed the 1993 energy bill, and now he’s playing “fuck you back” by screwing with Hillary’s delegates and nomination.

    Politics is a full contact sport guys. Don’t ever forget that.

  21. mj,
    No insults are intended. I think it would be wonderful for any black to be president. I think our country is sooooooo slow to see the great talent that we have in ALL of our people.
    I was attempting to point out that BHO is not the model people should follow if they want to be the next president.

  22. This is fantastic news!! 10 million in 24 hours???!!!! Obamabots are passing out while trying to dispute this! It’s fun watching, hihi.

    Anymore substance to the rumour of Elizabeth Edwards endorsing Hillary???

  23. No probs Debbie. I just think BO is not really a great example of who might run. Deval Patrick has a much more impressive resume than BO, for example. And, then there’s Harold Ford and others. I tell you, I like that mayor Nutter. I see big things in his future.

    Hey Sugar! You got that right. No way to spin a loss of every big state outside his own. He’s a sorry loser.

  24. Oh, gee: what a way to unite there, Barry….

    Obama: Problem is older voters

    Carrie Budoff Brown reports that Obama was asked about the exit polls at an avail (his second this week) in New Albany, IN.

    “I have to say if you look at and I know my staff has talked about this: If you look at the numbers, our problem has less to do with white working class voters, the problem is to the extent there is a problem is with older voters. … They have a track record of voting for Sen. Clinton,” he said. “We need to make sure on issues that are important to them (they are aware) that I have a good track record on those issues. If we do that effectively, which we have tried to do all the states, then we will end up doing well in this state.”

    He was also asked about the criticism that he can’t close the deal.

    “The way we are going to close the deal is by winning. And right now we are winning,” he said.

    Also, a bit of bravado in response to suggestions that he’s not tough enough:

    “I know that people like to talk tough and use a lot of rhetoric about fighting. I have always believed that if you are tough, you don’t have to talk about it,” he said.

  25. Hip hip hooray!! ….i am in such a good mood today!! 😀

    I just got home and am trying to read and catch up here and across the web……but i am here 😀

  26. Okie,

    BO is plain creepy. problem with older voters? what is track record with older voters?? The problem with older voters, is that they see through his empty words and rhetoric. All he does is whine.

    He would show his political courage, by participating in the debates. But wait, he doesn’t have any.

  27. here is my take on Gov. Henry endorsing Obama…he is totally beholden to David Boren…David Boren’s mortal enemy is Bill Clinton(for many reasons)…Brad Henry wants to replace Boren as president of ou…i imagine that gov henry would have preferred to go with clinton but he is too much of a team player…also, another part of the Boren team is former Congressman Brad Carson who is a big obama supporter…carson is trying to get a big position in an obama presidency.


    MSNBC reported this morning that 68% of people blamed Hillary more than Obama for the negative tone of the campaign.

    This isn’t true. In fact, 44% of voters said that both candidates were equally responsible and 24% said that neither candidate attacked the other unfairly. Only 24% placed the blame on Hillary Clinton.

  29. That speech last night was what you call inspirational. None of the BS and longwindedness that the media worships with Obama. The audience loved her and you could tell they were excited and weren’t going to accept the media and establishment pushing their candidate out. The Obamabots are scared and they will do anything to stop the Clinton momentum and the voices of the people. That means silencing the people in MI and FL because they voted for Clinton. Keep fighting, keep donating, keep screaming from the top of our lungs that we won’t fall in line with big media and the Obamabots.

  30. h4t

    WE need to send that information to NYT as they posted that scathing article that ms greenspan couldn’t stop asking hillary about this am on morning joe……she is such a biotch…….i can’t stand her!!

    be sure to send it to her too

  31. who has Garins’ email? The comments Hillary used last night about this being “our campaign” and “our victory” should be part of her stump speech from now on.

  32. Well, just on Fox, people are hoarding rice, getting ready for a depression along the line of the 20’s. Well my question to the super delegates is who do they think will be better for economy. I can tell you its not odrama, absolutely not the old man mccain who himself says he knows nothing of the economy! OMG, come on SD’s what does it take for you all to realize, that Hillary is our HOPE to fix these problems!!!

  33. i went to McD and bought Classic Chicken Burger.. hmmm they charged me 7.8 USD.. it usually is 5.7 USD. what might be the reason

  34. Bo is on CNN now through a radio interview with Roland and his punk ass self is making excuses why he didn’t win PA after spending a ton a money there.

    O: “We did good…but”

  35. Good afternoon all you delirious Hillfans !!!

    DON’T, I repeat, DON’T go near HuffPo. You know what’s waiting there … “End It Now”.

    ONLY if we’re talking about BO and MO.

    If Hillary answer is HELL NO.

  36. those 527 nc ads-on cnn-they are targeting bambi backers running for guv there. clips of rev wright etc.. lets hope their effort get the funds to expand and target others.

  37. lets bring the victories in guam, Indiana, west virginia, kentucky, montana, south dakota, puerto ricko and keep it close in NC & oregon…

  38. HillBill.. i don’t know whats the reason.. i did think to ask the lady over the counter but did not

  39. Roland Martin does agree that Obama need to continue to debate Hillary because it makes him look like a lying pussy by his last performance (ok i’m paraphrasing but you get the idea.)

    But again they want to organize a “pillow” debate for Obama and not this adversarial debate like last time. You know the kind of debates highschoolers do but Obambi find too hard to do…ABC”We are Journalist” Debate ones.

    So we know that it’s eight going to be a “Thrill up my leg” MSNBC debate or “Obamagirl” CNN debate where Obambi have to be helped out by “kiss asses” in the media once again.

  40. Churchgoers help Clinton win Pa.

    Posted on Apr 23, 2008 | by Michael Foust
    PHILADELPHIA (BP)–Hillary Clinton easily won the support of weekly Democratic churchgoers in the Pennsylvania primary April 22 in an election that once again showed deep divides within the party.

    Clinton carried the state, 55-45 percent, and edged Barack Obama among those who attend church weekly (61 percent to Obama’s 39 percent) and more than weekly (51-49 percent), according to exit polls. Combined, the two groups made up 36 percent of Democratic voters. Obama won among those who never attend church, 56-44 percent (a group comprising 17 percent of voters).
    Just like I thought Rev. Wright did have a negative effect on Obambi campaign….Obama is Pinocchio

  41. Hey guys,
    Away from home right now but wanted to tell you I heard McAuliffe on with Ed Shultz before and have since heard Rove & Gingrich were on with Hannity and all the talk about popular vote totals is positive for us.

    Rove (rightly) said it could all come down to that committe where Dean has stacked 25 loyalists, will also saying depending on the math Edwards delegates becomes HUGE, which I also have to it a big +. gotta go!

  42. I really think economy is in really bad shape, the thoughts that the people who are the richest are pushing the candidate without any experience on us is mind bogling. The SD’s that are deciding our future and the world economy are going to be the least hurt by their wrong decision! The American people by their very voice (popular vote) have spoken as to who they want to run against the republican machine. The very machine that has gotten us into this shape. I will vote for McCain if Hillary is not the nominee just to make sure the Democratic party officials will pay the ultimate price for their incompetence! I can’t express the way I feel about Dean and his band of dumbasses insisting that Odrama be the nominee. It irks me beyond belief!

  43. from blogs, looks like they’re not happy, and of course the obamabots had they’re say too. (won’t show them)

    Gee, there’s an endorsement with some oomph behind it: Brad Henry. LOL. Actually, Henry and Obama are a good team: two empty suits.
    Bill, tulsa – Apr 23, 2008 7:40 AM

    What a sad day for our state. Clinton completely blows Obama out here and most of our elected Dems support someone we clearly rejected. It will be a hard lesson learned, but this Democrat will no longer be sending any money to Henry or any other Dem who moves against the will of the majority of our state. You are lucky you can’t be Gov again.
    The , Oklahoma – Apr 23, 2008 7:04 AM

    Doesn’t he understand that this sort of behavior is what allows people like the embarrassing Sally Kern and others get elected? We Dems get so frustrated that our own party won’t listen that we stay home and stop sending money. Brad. You are the reason we have a Republican State House now. You are such a weak guy. Wimp! I agree with Ray, you are looking for a job. You better start making friends with McCain. This Hillary supporter will NEVER cast a vote to Obama. And the more people pile on, the more likely I’m to down ballot look at Republicans.
    The Plainsman, Oklahoma – Apr 23, 2008 7:15 AM

  44. Carville and Richardson? You’ve got to be kidding. So Judas is going to try and justify his betrayal – the ingrate? Can hear his ya-ya now. Clinton sense of entitlement…yeah, the very same Clinton that assumed loyalty after he MADE your damn career Richardson? Says he’s paid his dues, blah, blah, blah. Hope he gets his ass beat next guv race. He has no integrity whatsoever. Talk about an opportunist. Asshole. Probably his way of trying to get on the airwaves and exploit the Hispanic voters left to cast ballots. They don’t even like him anymore. The Latinos realize what a screw-up he is. NEXT! Richardson should just go and hide under a rock. No, better yet – work the border. He needs the exercise.

  45. Now is absolutely the time for Edwards to step up to the plate, because now the distance between the two America’s is going wider by the day! Hillary’s plan’s are so much better than Obama’s and her health plan is the plan we need.

  46. I called Henry’s office. Phones ringing off the hook in the background, placed on hold then rerouted to a voicemail box specifically for presidential endorsements. I left my message while (mostly) keeping my anger in check. Seems that’s all they are doing today- getting calls bitching about the endorsement.

  47. jithendra Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 4:49 pm
    so what are the chances in North Carolina

    Extremely low. She needs to pull in more voters from somewhere. That’ why I suggest repub women.

  48. Yeah, an Edwards endorsement in NC could give her a big boost, but short of that I think her chances there are pretty slim. Just being realistic here.

  49. Her better angle is on military issues. We should concentrate efforts around these bases.

    There are currently 8 active military installations in North Carolina.

    Air Force Bases

    * Pope Air Force Base – Fayetteville
    * Seymour Johnson Air Force Base – Goldsboro

    Army Posts

    * Fort Bragg – Fayetteville
    * Simmons Army Airfield – Fort Bragg – Fayetteville, NC

    Coast Guard Bases

    * USCG Air Station Elizabeth City

    Marine Bases

    * Camp Lejeune Marine Base – Jacksonville
    * Cherry Point Air Station – Havelock
    * New River Air Station – Jacksonville

    Navy Bases

    * Cherry Point Naval Air Depot – north of Havelock

  50. @mj… how about boosting the rural voter turnout .. bill clinton need to dedicate next 2 weeks to north carolina campaigning in the rural areas and hillary should split her time b/w IN & NC…

  51. MJ, I know, but we cannot rely upon it in NC. It’ll be a GOTV effort with targeted, high concentrated areas where folks support her issues.

  52. haaa proportional delegate system is totally unfair to hillary… have you read my post i pointed out about 2 congressional districts in PA…

    CD2 – has 9 delegates, went to obama 6-3
    CD4 – has 5 delegates, went to hillary 3-2

    but the total votes polled in CD2 is only 110K with obama having 25K lead..
    the total votes polled in CD4 is 170K with hillary having nearly 40K lead…

    its unfair that he got 3 delegates more from CD2 whereas hillary got only 1 extra delegate from CD4

  53. there are other congressional districts wherein more votes were polled than CD2 but they have less delegates to allocate to candidates… hmmmm why can’t they allocate delegates based on popular vote… like since HRC got 55% vote lets give her 55% of total delegates from state and 45% to BO…

  54. i think we should hammer the fact that obama voted for the cheney energy bill…and now we have unprecedented gas prices(which leads to everything going up..milk…bread..all the delicious things!)…hillary knew better than to vote for it…this is our issue to seal the deal.

  55. well Hillary has Ace in North Carolina and he’s the best. He’ll do the best he can there.

    I agree with Okie .. hit the bases with her Generals. Drive out the military vote and they’ll bring other family members.

    I think the closest thing Hillary will get in an endorsement from the Edwards is just what Elizabeth did.

    Hillary is definitely fighting for the people.

    The meme today has been “the sd’s won’t take it away from obama if he has the most delegate, yada,yada,yada .. no matter what” well, they better get ready to lose in Novemeber

  56. Cover of NY post today.

    Huge Picture of HRC triumphant from last night’s victory speech….with in big letters..


    Hill Slams Bam by 10 in Penn

  57. # OKLABUBBA Says:
    April 23rd, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    i think we should hammer the fact that obama voted for the cheney energy bill…and now we have unprecedented gas prices(which leads to everything going up..milk…bread..all the delicious things!)…hillary knew better than to vote for it…this is our issue to seal the deal.

    Absolutely!! this is a huge deal closer!! we need to post in everywhere, and include a link to back it up with facts.
    does anyone have a link to that vote??

  58. Guys – I have a list of SDs from upcoming states w/ contact info. It is on Hillbilly’s site. Or I can send to you. We need to keep communicating with them.

  59. YES YES YES hit Obama on voting for Cheney’s energy bill. Gas prices are a HUGE pain-point for millions of Americans, and Obama’s “go along to get along” attitude as a Senator hasn’t helped matters.

  60. Good editorial….

    Obama’s Media Army
    April 23, 2008; Page A17

  61. as for delegates take a look at the disparity in the IL, and NY races. percent wise Hillary lost more delegates to BHO…why is that??

  62. Paula Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 5:06 pm
    carby, I think those church-going numbers reflect how amazingly well she did among Catholics in PA.

    Paula, I checked the article is from a baptist group who is keeping tab on which candidates are receiveing the most votes from religious voters.

    Okie maybe you need to email the NCGOP and 527 ads on Obama to your Gov. I don’t think he wants to be tarred and feathers with Obama’s problem…especially the unpatriotic label.

  63. dot48 wrote:
    The meme today has been “the sd’s won’t take it away from obama if he has the most delegate, yada,yada,yada .. no matter what” well, they better get ready to lose in Novemeber

    Yep…we need to press the meme that the SDs won’t take it away from Hillary if she has the popular vote and has proven that she’s better in key swing states and big electoral states (PA, OH, FL, MI, CA). Also, Obama’s just winning these piddly little red-state caucuses and racking up delegates by gaming the system. Obama would get absolutely crushed in the general.

  64. By the way, these are the numbers so far:

    $10 million btwn 10pm last night & 2:30 this afternoon

    60,000 new donors

  65. John King on CNN said that the SDs will be watching to see if Hillary win the blue collar voter in western NC like she did in PA. They know the demographic is against her but what is worrying them is Obama inability to connect with Hillary base.

    Because Hillary base is swing voters that will go to McCain in the G.E., so all this meme from Team Obama saying Hillary voters will vote with him is B.S. and they know it.

    That’s why John King said Hillary’s win was devastating to Obama.

  66. good article why BHO can win

  67. NC is full on military bases….press the Weathermen connect and Obama’s defending of the relationship. That’s a killer and Obama’s is highly suspect on his patriotism…this is not a little thing. What has Obama done to sacrifice for his country or honor it…Obambi act like he is entitled to be president and showed no graciousness.

    In fact Hillary was the winner in PA last night and ol’ arrogant head going last is the height of bad manners and disrespect. That has not been the first time Obambi pulled this and the more and more time Obambi display this aspect of this character, the more turn off voters become.

  68. I will reiterate..if the DNC and BHO try to steal this election..John McCain will be the next president

  69. Carby, Henry’s not up for re-election and he’s mostly a lame duck. As a matter of fact, the GOP legislature did an override on his veto of an abortion bill last week (req’ing ultrasounds beforehand be shown to woman). He couldn’t get a hard-on without the GOP’s permission if he wanted to.

  70. Two-thirds of Catholics voted for Hillary in Pennsylvania. Thank you Ted Kennedy. Let’s hope Obama sends Ted to North Carolina too. And Indiana.

  71. Hilarious article from the New York Times, describing the fretful Obama-bots’ sense of “impending doom”…

    April 24, 2008
    Democrats Divided Over Effect of Long Campaign

    On Wednesday morning, the hope crowd woke up feeling just a little less hopeful.

    After Senator Hillary Clinton beat Senator Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania presidential primary by a hard-to-argue-with nine points, many Obama supporters felt a double sense of impending doom: first, renewed fear that Mrs. Clinton, who still trails Mr. Obama in both the popular vote and the pledged-delegate count, may yet find a way to secure the nomination, and second, worry that the brutal nomination fight is tarnishing what once looking like a gleaming chance for Democratic victory in November.

    “The thought of that makes me feel panicked and claustrophobic,” said Joan Odes, 63, an Obama supporter from New York.

    As the results of Tuesday night’s contest sank in, Democrats all over the country — from voters to superdelegates to United States senators — girded themselves for at least another few weeks of intramural combat.

    Meanwhile, Clinton supporters were savoring the moment and hoping that the calls for their candidate to exit the race would finally cease. “People who have been with Clinton since the beginning are feeling a combination of elation and relief,” said Steve Elmendorf, a Democratic consultant in Washington who has volunteered for her campaign. “There’s no way people can say she can’t continue to compete.”

    For Madeline Kunin, a former governor of Vermont and a Clinton supporter, her candidate’s Pennsylvania victory had a ring of feminist triumph. “It’s unexpected that she has won the toughness battle, and people are looking at Obama and questioning whether he’s tough enough,” she said. Usually, “any man, by nature of his gender, is considered tough enough, but this has been reversed or turned on its head.”

    Predictably enough, Clinton supporters tend to call the ever-continuing race a healthy exercise in democracy, while Obama fans fret about the long-term consequences of the fight for the Democratic party.

  72. From the AP article:
    “These are the folks who Obama said “cling to” guns and God, an inelegant attempt to explain to San Francisco liberals how GOP operatives exploit Democratic voters in anxious economic times. He bowled (poorly) and drank beer in a feeble attempt to show a blue-collar touch.”

    This is a lie. He wasn’t talking at all about the GOP. He was talking about why they were choosing Hill over him.

  73. Like Bill Bennett said to Brazile last night in a smackdown, “Hillary didn’t do it to him, Obama did it to himself.” You go Bennett. He, Gingrich, Rove, Buchanan, Dobbs, Hannity, Scarborough and few others carefully, but assuredly convey in their manner of speech what they really can’t say – that BHO is a dangerous individual/politician with a growing anti-American following that will doom this country and completely destroy American ideals, and that he scares the ever lovin’ crap outa them. Did I say New World Order and Jihad? Hamas? WAKE UP!

  74. After reading some articals on the web (ABC,CNN) it looks as though Obama needs to worry more about what the Republicans will do to him in NC than what Hillary will do to him. They must be concerned, if Obama gets the nomination, they could lose NC in the GE.(IMO)

  75. It’s so funny Obama is refusing to debate. How is he supposed to meet one on one with some of the world’s cruelest leaders and he can’t even sit down and debate Hillary and make himself accountable to voters. It’s hilarious.

  76. Pretty good response to an Obamabot:

    Did you talk about all these “whites” when BO swept states after states? Did Obama?

    Are you also “ashamed” of all those “whites” who gave Obama victories in Iowa, Kansas, Utah, South Dakota, et al? You, I, and certainly Obama know that his race has not been an impediment in this Primary. If it were, he would not be the frontrunner at the moment.

    His race speech is nothing more than political cover. The Wright scandal had damaged his image. For 20 years, he sat in the same church where the Rev. delivered his hate filled sermons. Obama dedidated a book titled in honor of his “spiritual father.” He tried to ignore the scandal but it grew louder and louder. Finally, out of necessity, he made the speech.

    Emperor, this is no Gettysburg Address. This was damage control.

    Like those who have come before him, Obama and his surrogates will not hesitate to play the race card. Remember soon after Hillary’s NH win? Obama’s surrogate like Jesse Jackson Jr., supporters like Eugene Robinson and other commentators suggested that New Hampsters were closet racist — the “Bradley Effect.” They were preparing for the next fight in SC, where over 50% of Dem electorate are African-American. They turned Bill Clinton’s “fairytale” comment into an issue about race when, if you actually read the speech, it was clearly about Obama’s misrepresentation of his stance on Iraq.

    The media has fed into this. When Obama wins a Primary, it’s b/c he’s able to bridge the divide — and people just don’t like Hillary; when he loses, it’s because he’s black — and Hillary played dirty. Isn’t that how it works? Just last night after his loss in PA, Larry King asked, “was Obama’s race a factor?” No, Larry. It’s because PA like their candidates with more substance. You can’t feed and clothed people with fluffy speeches.

    For someone who seems to consider herself a free-thinker and anti-establishment who has moved from Kucinich to Gravel to Nader, it puzzles me that you’ve joined the mass in coronating King Obama. What has Obama done other than deliver speeches? What has he accomplished as a public servant that prepare him for the Presidency? I’m sure he’s done great for others, but nothing that would make him this mythical figure.

    He’s just another young ambitious politician. He wrote an autobiography detailing his “accomplishments” at the age of 33. He hasn’t even finished his first term as Senator before launching a Presidential campaign. If he won the Senatorial election in 2004 and started campaigning in late 2006, he hasn’t gotten much done. And people accuse Hillary of blind ambition?

    I love politics and I frequent this section often. I’ve read your posts and find your vitriole towards Hillary Clinton to be troubling. There’s not enough people on AfterEllen and on blogs who will passionately defend Hillary from attacks. You and pecola have done a fabulous job distorting Hillary’s position, while fawning over Obama.

    She spent thirty-five years doing what Obama can only talk about. I just don’t get why you and others harbor so much hatred towards a woman who has spent 35 years fighting for children, women and the under-privileged. She doesn’t deserve your animus.

  77. Hillary’s “Kitchen” Ad
    April 23, 2008 01:40 PM ET | Bonnie Erbe | Permanent Link

    If you haven’t viewed the “attack” ad that is generating so much anger against Sen. Hillary Clinton, at least in the ivory tower offices of the New York Times and among many of Sen. Barack Obama’s supporters, you owe it to yourself to watch it.

    In either event, CBS News exit polls of Pennsylvania Democrats brandish Clinton’s gains in these categories. She won 69 percent of self-identified Catholics (who were 37 percent of primary voters,) 51 percent of postgraduate studies voters (who made up 26 percent of Pennsylvania primary
    voters), and 53 percent of voters with some college education or associate degrees. Each of these figures reflects important inroads for Clinton and sets up general election obstacles for Obama should he win the Democratic nomination.

    Obama is still the clear party favorite according to the delegate count. But his Pennsylvania loss is all the more stunning when one tallies the lavish sums he spent on advertising. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Obama outspent Clinton $3 to $1 on TV ads in the amount of some $20 millions. That, if nothing else, should have guaranteed him a win, not a 10-point loss. In Pennsylvania, as in Ohio and Texas, Obama’s “outraise and outspend” tactics resulted in a big state loss that could prove fatal if repeated in a general election.

  78. texan4hillary:

    Your post fromm MyDD is probably the most important item if I read since blogging on this site. The attorneys for HRC need to descend on this like stink on $#!+ (from a fellow Texan). Thanks for posting this. Just made 5-page printout of the talking points on seating FL & MI and will definitely carry them with me EVERYWHERE I go. Thanks again for educating us and sharing this important assignment. Have you forwarded to Hannity, Rush, Dobbs? This is her election right here.

  79. justme, there are still hundreds who are staying silent and still on the sideline. Those who have come out in support probably made up their minds long ago.

  80. How any SD could vote for this closet-Marxist is beyond me. Especially knowing that he can’t beat McCain. That means they will lose to their Republican opponents as well. I never cease to be amazed at the incredulous stupidity of people with no sense of duty OR MORALS.

  81. I saw on MSNBC some talking head witch say that eventually someone will “out” the undecided SD’s and supporters will start putting pressure on them to endorse. As much as telling Obama supporters to do it. Kind of stupid since we all know who the undecided SD’s are anyway and if she does not know that then how the hell is she a politcal analyst on TV. to begin with?

  82. PA showed Hillary lots of love. You can feel the love on the ground. Wish you guys had been there. There’s nothing like seeing little old ladies in wheelchairs with their buttons and stickers shouting HIllary’s name.

  83. Jessica Yellen on Lou Dobbs spouting the claim by the Obama camp that they have won blue collar workers in other primary states. What she doesn’t add of course is that these were caucus states and/or before all the revelations about Rev. Wright etc.

  84. filbertsf-

    That’s awesome! What a great job you and all the volunteers did. Congratulations and thank you.

  85. from another board:

    This is from a McCain strategy memo (not or subject to copyright; I’m on his mailing list):

    Exit polls reveal why this poses significant problems for Obama if he becomes the nominee. The most important problem: Clinton voters don’t automatically become Obama voters after he becomes the nominee. In fact, Obama leaves large portions of Clinton’s coalition on the table in November.

    Obama only wins 72% of the Democratic vote in a general election match up among those surveyed last night. Clinton shows her broad coalitional strength and wins 81% in a general election match up against John McCain. A full quarter of the Democrats in Pennsylvania are not willing to cast their ballot for Obama against McCain (15% say they vote McCain and 10% say they stay home), however, Clinton loses only 17% of Democrats (10% for McCain and 7% would not vote). This gap of 8-points would be significant in a general election match up. President Bush lost Pennsylvania by 2-points in 2004, when 41% of the electorate were Democrats. That 8-point gap among Democrats is enough to swing the state the other way (8% of 41% is 2.8-points, turning Pennsylvania red). This dynamic is clearly visible in publicly released surveys; an average of April polls show McCain trailing Obama by an average of 3-points (3 surveys in April) and trailing Clinton by 8-points.

    The cracks in Obama’s Democratic coalition in Pennsylvania mirror what we saw in Ohio, and those cracks could have implications in November.

    Hillary Clinton cleaned up with Union households – like she did in Ohio. In Pennsylvania, Clinton won 59% of Union members (Obama 41%). Obama won these voters by significant margins in Wisconsin (+9), but has lost his hold on their vote in both Ohio (Clinton 55% – 43%) and now Pennsylvania.

    Clinton did better than Obama with lower income voters.
    Our targeting and analysis of the 2008 political landscape puts voters who are on the lower economic brackets at the heart of either party’s winning coalition. Hillary won at every income level below $150,000, and Obama only won with the wealthiest Pennsylvania voters. Obama’s media foibles contributed to his inability to connect to voters who are suffering the real impact of this challenging economic environment.
    This is also apparent in the number of voters who feel Clinton is more in touch with their views. Fifty-six percent of Pennsylvania Democrats say Clinton cares about people like them – again a significant switch from earlier contests. Wisconsin exit polls shows Obama had a 12-point advantage on that measure. By the time Ohio held their primary, Clinton had switched the dynamic and led by 12-points.

    Clinton won Catholic voters.
    In Wisconsin, Clinton split the Catholic vote 50%-50% with Obama. Again, she changed the dynamic in Ohio and won Catholics by 27-points (63% – 36%). In Pennsylvania, she increased her margins and won by 38-points (69% – 31%). The strength of this coalition bolsters her argument that Obama would have had problems competing in Michigan and will not be able to carry key Midwestern states in November.

    Clinton won Jewish voters.
    In Pennsylvania, the first state where both candidates competed for a significant block of Jewish voters, Clinton won by 15-points (57% – 43%). Again, the data suggests Jewish voters, a key Democratic coalition, pose a potential problem for Obama.

    Clinton increased her margins in suburban and rural areas – without losing ground in urban areas. Clinton won Pennsylvania suburbs by a 12-point margin and won rural areas by 22-points. And Clinton lost in urban areas by 14-points. This is similar to her Ohio performance. But, it shows an increase in her performance in urban areas from earlier contests (in Wisconsin she lost urban areas by 21-points). Clinton has figured out how to increase her margins among suburban and rural voters and cut into Obama’s base of urban voters.

    McCain is, not surprisingly, making an active push for these voters, assuming that Clinton is too far behind. Let’s prove him wrong.

  86. Listening to local NPR in MA and other pundits try to spin this as a so what? She can’t win mathematically and blah blah blah. But it just reminds me of 2004- weren’t we supposed to win that one too? Didn’t all the commentators say Bush is unpopular with the Iraq war etc…. What about Michael Moore and Farenheit 9/11? It seemed sooooooo obvious that Kerry would be our next president, no?

    NO! Why? because there are people out there who aren’t on the internet (s), aren’t talking to the pollsters at starbucks, aren’t buying into the liberal media hype. Now Im a liberal, I drink Lattes, drive a prius. I work at an elite academic institution- BUT, I see the value of addressing the needs and issues of basic hard working blue collar people. I understand why and how HIllary CLinton is a centrist and I applaud her for it- Universal Healthcare for starters. Lke DUH. Make it universal.

    SO while these idiots on the radio and TV babble on and on about BO, they dont realize how out of touch they are with America and how Pennsylvania is shinning a light on that fact. George Bush understood this and used it to his advantage- unovortunately with disasterous consequences. Hillary can appeal to these independant minded voters and appeal to liberal like me without resorting to high-faluting nonesense like lecturing us on the history of race relations in America. So let the media whine on and we will win the remaining states through our hard work and our real people driven campaign.

  87. Thanks Ron. The big difference btw PA and CA/TX strategy was visibility and outreach. PA is all about visibility, outreach and canvassing. Canvassing, canvassing, canvassing. I was literally on my feet all day.

  88. Gov Richardson is in his second term, and so can not run again. He is looking for a cabinet post, and obviously has been bribed. He has not appeared at a State Democratic Function since he pulled that trick, and I don’t think we will see him this Saturday, in Albuquerque, at another State Function. He sends his LTG, Diane Denish, who is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

    We would like to recall him.

  89. good. not sds but her lsit of mt support is growing fast-
    Clinton Momentum Continues, Receives Prominent Montana Endorsements Today
    Helena, MT – Montana for Hillary today announced the endorsements of more Montana legislators, leaders and Democratic activists, demonstrating Clinton’s growing support throughout Montana.

    Last night Sen. Clinton decisively won the Pennsylvania primary, an important turning point in the Democratic primary against Barack Obama.

    “In Montana, we can’t just rely on hope; it takes a plan to get things done. Hillary has a plan to make positive change in our communities, and I believe she will help address the issues facing rural Montana,” Rep. Julie French of Scobey said.

    “I am grateful for the overwhelming support I’ve received from distinguished leaders under the Big Sky,” Hillary said. “These local leaders see that a poor economy and failing health care system is taking a toll on their communities. They know I’m the candidate who will deliver real solutions to the problems facing Montanans.”

    Montana legislators, leaders and activists newly endorsing Hillary Clinton are:

    State Sen. Ken Hansen, Harlem
    Rep. Norma Bixby, Lame Deer
    Rep. Julie French, Scobey
    Rep. Veronica Smalls Eastman, Lodge Grass
    Julia Doney, Democratic Activist, Fort Belknap
    Former Rep. Angela Russell, Lodge Grass
    Former Rep. Bob Gervais, Browning

    Previously this week, both State Senator Vicki Cocchiarella (Missoula) and Rep. Franke Wilmer (Bozeman) endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

  90. Whoopi: “Part Of Me Wants Mccain To Win”
    April 23, 2008 05:50 PM

    During a discussion about the never-ending primary battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, View hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar offered an interesting solution: let McCain – a recent View guest – win so he can clean up the mess made by George Bush! Whoopi dropped the first bomb when she said, “Part of me wants McCain to win, because this is, in my mind, this is really a Republican mess. If he says he can clean it up, I want him to.”

    Joy piped in as the conversation continued, “I agree with your points. That would be great if a Republican won, in a way. Because we can’t lose that way. Let them clean up their own mess. They broke it, let them fix it. It could be that they could do much more damage than we could ever have dreamed of.”
    The democrats have a problem.

  91. hope thsi one comes true-e edwards ith hillary in nc-

  92. (Updated list)
    Obama has a problem with:

    Working class whites
    “Typical” whites
    People who “cling” to religion
    Gun owners
    Annie Oakley
    And now (drum roll)…
    Old people!!!!

  93. hi people,

    i just walked by tweeties, and he said hillary won cause obama didnt pay enough ‘payola’ to get people out to vote, which he said is a must in philadelphia. so i ask you, is 11 million not enough? LOL

  94. diid you see what I said?

    Obama’s strategist said dont worry dems usually loses blue collar white class

  95. NewMexicoFan Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 7:28 pm
    Gov Richardson is in his second term, and so can not run again. He is looking for a cabinet post, and obviously has been bribed. He has not appeared at a State Democratic Function since he pulled that trick, and I don’t think we will see him this Saturday, in Albuquerque, at another State Function. He sends his LTG, Diane Denish, who is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

    We would like to recall him.
    Do, we did it to Gov. Grey Davis in California.

  96. Why do people watch the View and care what those stupid women think? Sure let the GOP run the country to the ground for the next 8 years.

    This isn’t janitorial duties, ladies. This is our freakin’ country.

  97. One thing we’ve learned from Pennsylvania (and other states) is that Hillary gets better results with less $$$$. Isn’t that the kind of president most people would want? Or do they want the candidate who throws money around like a drunken sailor yet ends up with little to show for it?

  98. Ruh Roh.

    Turns out Hillary WON the affluent Philadelphia suburbs 51 to 49, where Bambi was supposed to win by a LANDSLIDE.

    BTW, Andrea Mitchell and Tim Russert are just pond scum.

  99. The Big Guy lining up Axelrod 🙂

    “Bill Clinton fired up a Tar Heel crowd here today by recounting some facts and figures from his wife’s victory in Pennsylvania. He said that victory was made possible by “people like you,” working-class types that he claimed the Obama camp is now writing off.

    “Today her opponent’s campaign strategist said, ‘Well, we don’t really need these working-class people to win, half the time they vote for Republicans anyways,'” he said, while speaking from a flatbed truck on a baseball field. “I will tell you something — America needs you to win and therefore Hillary wants your support and I hope you will help her in this primary in North Carolina.”
    Clinton apparently was referring to comments by Obama strategist David Axelrod, who told NPR today that the “white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years,” and that the Democratic candidates “haven’t solely relied on the demographic”

  100. Texan4Hillary, regarding those Montana endorsements.

    Didn’t Obama say, or his campaign say, that there were going to be a flood of superdelegate endorsements after Pennsylvania for him? Where are all these endorsements? What happened?

  101. If any of you are interested in helping out-of-state, go to Indiana. Barack volunteers are going to flood that state. The Chicago mob are a ruthless bunch and they’re setting their eyes on Indiana. We need to counter their army. If NC is going to BO, then we need a firewall in Indiana.

  102. Yes, this is just disgusting from Axelrod:

    “The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years,” Axelrod said. “This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes.”

    He also said winning Pennsylvania was “an almost impossible task” and “a home game” for Clinton. “It hasn’t changed the fundamentals of the race.”

  103. I agree with Bill, keep pounding Obama’s message of change and hope.
    I hope you stay home and were gonna change the lock and key to keep you out of the White House because we don’t need you any more.

    Wow, so I guess we don’t need John Kerry any more either and all those local dems in swing states, isn’t they wright David Axelrod?

  104. Lou Dobbs
    Do you believe there is a gender bias in the media against Hillary Clinton? Yeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. birdgal Says:
    April 23rd, 2008 at 7:48 pm

    Axelrod is pond scum.

    and obama is the “sucker fish” swimming in the axelrod pond scum

  106. Axelhole is an idiot. Yeah, Dems often lose the white working class, which is WHY WE FREAKING LOSE THE ELECTIONS.

    Bill won that demographic, which is why he is the only two-term Dem in recent history.

    Not to mention it is a total blow off – “Screw you, we don’t need yer stinkin’ votes.”

    Niiiiice. I hope every voter in the upcoming states hears this. First we are bitter and clinging, now we are irrelevant.

  107. hehe .. another big diss to America.

    Hey working class .. your votes don’t matter, now go cling to your bibles, guns or beer and take those seniors with you

  108. The Obama campaign’s dismissal of working Americans as an unnecessary constituency is a HUGE gaffe. Whoah…. does anything else even need to be said?!?! Nice to see that the Big Dog pounced on the blunder.

  109. obama………take your gays, italians, jews,latinos,chinese, whites,hillbillies,bible bangers and bigots…(did i miss anyone?)…..we don’t need em!

  110. I got my little sister to donate $60 to the Clinton campaign after the win yesterday! She had never donated before. I am so proud of her!

  111. “I hope every voter in the upcoming states hears this.”

    I hope every Super Delegate hears this!

    We won’t see another one like him, that’s for sure.

  112. bill o coming on next…..he was all over BO today on his radio show……..hope he picks this new BO gaffe up and talks about it too !!

  113. You know, Hillary doesn’t have to do anything to BO. His campaign is doing her work for her. What an assinine comment, Axelrod made. It is up there with “bitter” and “clinging to guns and religion.” WoW.

  114. I secretly want the Right to attack Hillary. If they’re attacking BO, it’s b/c they think he’ll be the nominee. In a way, by not attacking her, they’ve already dismissed her.

  115. Olbermann’s Open: “The thrill of victory, even if it’s done with smoke & mirrors and disclaimers.”

    I promised that lady poster I wouldn’t use the word, so I won’t.

  116. Someone here (I don’t remember who it was) that Olbermann used to speak truth to power and that’s what made him the progressive darling. But now, he’s using his bully pulpit to lash out and tear down people he doesn’t like. Edward Murrows was a truthteller. He didn’t use his position to be a politician’s mouthpiece.

  117. Olberman is getting very, very old. He is so full of himself, he is going to go up in a puff of smoke. I used to like him, but I haven’t watched his show since ST. What a blowhard and an a**wipe.

  118. “Axelhole is an idiot. Yeah, Dems often lose the white working class, which is WHY WE FREAKING LOSE THE ELECTIONS.”

    Yeah, and if we’re writing off working class voters then we damn well #$%^&*( hell need every single woman in the country to turn out…Obama’s got that covered, right? What’s his strategy there, kissing booths?

  119. I hope Montana goes for Hill i think they will, i hope a big ole grizzly bear comes out chase him out of the state…..they are pretty well reserved people and no one will tell them to cling to there guns they will use them on ya they know rev wright ayers and all of his bad stuff ..and usually wyonites probably warned sure they did..

  120. jade Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 7:51 pm
    Lou Dobbs
    Do you believe there is a gender bias in the media against Hillary Clinton?

    Is there any question? Any doubt at all?

    Actually, by the way, Axelrod is wrong. The fundamentals have changed since BO peaked in WI. Hill won 69% of white women. She finally broke back into double digits among african american women(12%). She won post-grads and every income group 150k and under. She won the white youth vote(18-29)51-49. She won suburban voters. Yes, the fundamentals have indeed changed.

  121. Dayum! Dick Morris is on O’Reilly making excuses for his O’baby….geesh Team Obama all they every do is WHINE

  122. filbert,
    It’s a very interesting untold story. I can’t get into the whole thing, it’s detailed. But essentially NBC suits were happy to give KO extra leash to bash Bush – long after it was a foregone conclusion he’d go down as having fronted one of the ‘worst’ administrations in history.
    The payoff was that KO’s newfound viewership would be subject to their setting up the election as they want it on a nightly basis.
    But almost to the day you could see the change in KO which came, not coincidentally, right after Matthews was forced to ‘apologize’ and subsequently tone down his behavior, which he did for a time.

    Point is, obviously, it’s what management wants.
    And rather than fall on their sword and resign in protest, whether they go public with it or not, is where the real sin is (aside from what it does to Hillary). To knowingly sell out the country, to breach your responsibility to shoot straight with the audience, just to cash a paycheck (when you’re already loaded), is as despicable as it gets in my judgement.

  123. Morris just said he thinks they’ll be a super delegate primary of sorts before June 15. For what it’s worth..

  124. Is there a clip of Axelrod writing off the white vote? Because if there is Hillary should make a commerical on this.

  125. Email from Terry McAuliffe, to supporters (below). Keep those donations coming! 😀 Donate whatever you can afford to spare — even $5.44 helps!

    Folks, I’ve never seen anything like it — thanks to you we are breaking every record we’ve ever had. The number of people coming on our website and supporting Hillary is nothing short of incredible. More than 50,000 people have contributed to the campaign for the very first time in the last 24 hours alone.

    If you haven’t gone to the website today and made a contribution, now’s the time to join the wave of grassroots support. And if you have contributed, send this message to your friends and tell them to join you.

    Click here to contribute and help Hillary win.

    Thank you for making this an incredible day,
    Terry McAuliffe
    Hillary Clinton for President

  126. Ok on the 21 a few days ago before the HUGE win for Hillary, PPP(D) showed Obama up 3 for Penn! Ok i know that this is past news but I called and left a message today to ask the guy what he thought of the win in Penn. I spoke to him a week ago and he told me that he really had no way of knowing why his polls were way off, please! So I kinda rubbed it in a little. 🙂

  127. Axelrod’s remarks are getting some play and should be a major problem for them. It’s No. 1 on TPM, which stunned me.

    Anyone registered (who isn’t banned) at DKOs should have themselves some fun and post a diary of them there:)

  128. hillary can use axelrod’s remarks as a pivot into these sttes. bambi doesnt get the workin folks and his own manager says we dont need them? better yet-rhodes’ remarks are more wild. she raises money for bo, defends him all day and calls hillary voter in pa white trash. literally. these should be dealbreaers in IN and maybe NC. im dead serious. i emailed the campaign-said use this to the hilt. let the folks of IN now what axelrod and rhodes think of them.

  129. I like axelrod comments better because he IS Obama’s campaign manager and his brain.

    So it would be like his “Bittergate” comments…I would love to know to have a mp3 of the remarks so we could make it viral.

  130. winhillary – here’s your mea culpa from PPP – although they should’ve just said, we suck and we’re in the tank for BO:

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008
    Where did we go wrong?

    The networks have called it for Hillary and I think after Florida in 2000 they’re not going to make that mistake again, so obviously our polls were wrong.

    First off, please do not call us or e-mail us and tell us we suck! We are well aware, and it does not feel good.

    It’s pretty easy, based on the exit polls, to see where we went wrong. We had the black vote at 18% when it turned out to be 14-15%, and we had the under 45 vote at 41% when it turned out to be 31%.

    I reweighted the results from our final Pennsylvania poll to those figures for race and age, and the result of our poll was flipped- Hillary leading 49-46. Assume she pulled 60% of the undecideds and that gives her the 52-48 lead that the extrapolation from the original exit polls does.

    So it’s pretty easy to see where we went wrong. I’m glad that it was misweighting rather than some sort of systematic issue with our polls. Obviously we’ll take some heat in the next few weeks for being so far off, and we certainly deserve it, but at the same time I don’t think this should completely discount our credibility as a company- we’ve been pretty darn good a lot of other times this cycle.

    Update: I posted this after Fox called the race while the exit polls still extrapolated to four points. Obviously the margin got greater as the night went along. Looks like the two areas where we were particularly off, as might have been expected, were with white women and senior citizens. We showed the race too close with both of those groups in our final poll, and Hillary ended up winning them by the kind of large margin that would have been expected. Live and learn…

    We will just move on and try to do better in North Carolina.
    Posted by Tom Jensen at 8:26 PM

  131. Morris doesn’t know crap he’s trying to float Dean’s idea to the sds and force Hillary out of the race but even if they do that they still need to come to the convention and by then the Repugs will be hitting him at full force to soften him up.

  132. lninla,
    Lol, well thank you and man what good timing! Ha, when I spoke to the guy that works there last week he was very nice but had no good reason on why his polls were so off! I feel bad now! He did say though that he was right on some in the pass, well we don’t want right maybe, we want fair all the time!

  133. no kidding winhillary – get it right…they’re pollsters.

    I suspect similarly with Zogby which Monday called it for Clinton by a 10 point spread and finally saw the light of their business credibility sinking into hell if they got it wrong again in favor of BO.

  134. I use to like RCP site, but I find it’s more negative Hillary articles , especially from the far left. It is embarrassing when most of the real story on Obama comes from right wing pundits. I think our party is in a true dilemma not including Fl and Michigan b/c with those states , it’s a virtual tie and no one can say the SD’s stole it from Obama. Now, while last night was fantastic, we still face tough odds. If Hillary does not get it, I honestly believe up to 15-20% of us will abstain or vote for McCain. Thus, he cannot win. The deal should have been made early that she gets the Prez and he gets the VP this time around….Dean and others are intoxicated with the money Obama has brought in the new voters to the party. thus, they are taking a chance on losing for what the percieve as long term gains for the party. This is the new way of thinking by the DNC, and I have my doubts that absent an African Ameican candidate, blacks will ever show up in the #’s they have now, and the young people are not very reliable election day.

  135. some people on TM talking about this KO said not too long ago –

    “Did anyone just hear what we just heard on KO – that, according to Fineman, eventually a party elder will have to step in to “stop this thing” and KO added, that a party elder will have to meet with Hillary – “kind of meeting in which only the party elder comes out”?
    Did he not just insinuate the party elder would have to ‘kill’ or beat her to a pulp to make her step out?
    Did I just hear him advocate battery against women as a way to maintain control? “

  136. I cannot think of a person more despicable to the Clinton’s than Dickhead Morris….oh yes, there is Bill Richardson, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazille, Howard Dean, Jimmy Carter, Robert Reich, and every other prick who Bill and Hillary helped get elected but jumped on the Obama band wagon. I still think they need to use Maya Angelou on a national commercial to at least get 10% of the AA vote . They also need Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez for Puerto Rico. Larry Bird would be great for Indiana. We need some big celebs.

  137. jbstonefan you have to ignore the propagandists and focus on the goal, they truth is Obama is WEAK and will LOSE come November. He made too many mistakes that will not be forgiven. Obama is surrounded by rookies at this level of campaigning and they keep relying on polls and what the stats says.

    David Axelrod comments are another straw on the camel back and if we don’t have the tape I will not be surprise not to see the GOP using it. So either way with Obama on the head of the ticket….the democrats will lose.

    I have not doubts Obama will lose CA badly. No doubts at all.

  138. i watched that part of KO tonight it was totally not right and disgusting!!

    and everything they are saying on TM is true…….. he referenced the “party elder” as a male as well

    it would be a “he” that would come out of the closet

  139. There is no one other than Bill, and even that’s questionable, who can tell Hillary what to do. Realistically, Bill(and I worship the man) got Penn involved which hurt, and even though Obama is a racist , Bill took the bait in SC and that really hurt. I think Hillary would sooner listen to the wonderful young lady Chelsea whom she loves and trusts.

  140. If anyone knows how to do YouTube videos, I think Green Day’s “Working Class Hero” would be a great song to use, given the circumstances. Unless Green Day are for Obama, in which case use the original John Lennon version.

  141. djia et al:

    at 3:07 or so.

    in reference to a party elder “someone who can take her into a room, and only HE comes out.”

  142. The end game can be Hillary forcing him to select her as VP…..I wouldn’t like it, but at least she is in. If he gets the nomination and loses, it’s still very hard for her to run in 4yrs against an incumbent. Can she actualkly wait 8 more yrs and run in 2016???

  143. richardson is an asshole. if anyone thinks bo has good judgement and can stand up to dictators, is full of hooey. bo cannot even face Hillary in a debate. How in the hell, can he face a dictator, if he whines at reporters for asking tough questions or cannot debate Hillary??

  144. LKL is pandering to Obama .. he’s lost his credibility to me. I’ll never watch his show with the same zest again

  145. obama’s pastor problems are back according to Sean and new video on the terrorists who are Barack Hussein Obama’s friends.

  146. The media seemingly wants to pretend last night didn’t happen or didn’t matter, yet, they spent 6 weeks trying to beat her down . Why are we the only one’s who see this? Why?

  147. I didn’t see the comments on The View but it should come as a HUGE danger signal to Dems. These two women are saying that we can’t be frightened into supporting Obama because a Republican is so awful to contemplate.

    If they can’t have the candidate they are for, let the Republicans clean up their mess. For the politically hard of hearing: for many voters it’s either Clinton or McCain. Obama will not get our votes and we can’t be scared into voting for him. A great many people
    will resist Dean’s entreaties to prevent a Republican from being elected. And they will hear Whoopi and Joy and many other women suggest that McCain is pathetic but he might as well clean up the mess.

  148. notice how everyone on the Clinton campaign FEELS that have to say over and over how they will support Obama is he wins the nomination…yet no one on the Obama team ever says that about Hillary?

    The Obama people should also be publically saying that will support Clinton also.

  149. Our chances in Indiana are good. Hillary has funds now and she can work the state.

    I hope they continue to work North Carolina .. leave no vote or let no voter feel left out

  150. Yet . Bill Moyers, a very respectable guy, is going to interview Rev. Wright, and you know dam f— well try to rehabilitate him. Obama cries foul at any of his relationships being questioned, and yet, has called Hillary dishonest, will say anything, the senator from Punjab, etc…Sadly, when she fights back, she is viewed negatively because as we all know, good ole boys still can’t handle a strong , powerful. woman. She needs more people like carville, lanny Davis, and Begalia ( a little too nice on CNN last night) to be her surrogates.

  151. I was just watching LKL and Carvelle had to say that….that’s why I brought that up. Richardson did not say that about Hillary and he should have been asked.

  152. Good point dedfg….The very militant MO refused to say that!!!! In the PA debate, Hillary should have answered “Yes”, and I hope MO has decided to do the same for me. Iknow a few people from Chicago, and MO is no friend to people like us.

  153. I know there are a lot of hollywood liberals can’t stand Bernardine Dohrn of the “Weathermen” fame for her famous Manson statements:

    At one rally, Dohrn famously praised the Manson family for murdering Sharon Tate and others, shouting: “Dig it. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!”

    In a better country, just saying “Dig it!” in public would get you 20 years in the slammer.

    Dohrn has recently tried to clarify her Manson remarks by saying it was some sort of “statement” about violence in society and, furthermore, that she said it while under sniper fire in Bosnia. Also recently, the members of the Manson family have distanced themselves from Ayers and Dohrn.

    and then Dorhn said this little ditty:

    “At other rallies, Dohrn said, “Bring the revolution home, kill your parents — that’s where it’s at.”

    Yet, only in Chicago where crime and corruption can get an know unrepentant terrorists jobs as law professors at a major university because of their privileged upbringing and connections.

    Obama’s friends and associates for 20 years supporting his candidacy from community activist to U.S. Senator to his campaign for POTUS.

  154. well they might try to push that memo .. I’m not buying it. I can make my own choice and these folks who act like a bunch of sheep and try to make people feel like sheep .. shit on them.

  155. The KO comment — and others — who suggest that for the good of the party, Hillary should be stopped by force if necessary — is outrageous and, once again, undemocratic. Forget the Clinton voters, we Obamites want our way and we will disenfranchise as many Dems as it takes to win this thing.

    Has anyone done a survey of Jan-Feb voters to see how many Obama voters have buyer’s remorse?
    And that is how Hillary will win. When it becomes clear that had they known then what they know now (or soon will) they would not have voted for him.

  156. tonight is ass wiping time for obama by big media.

    god damn this man would be the ruin of this country, he’s got a bigger pussy than MO.

  157. LK is a walking cadaver who never asked a tough question in his life…He ran out of S. Fla faster than the DNC after Hillary won, and only in America, could a talentless freak like that become a star.

  158. dedfg: because BO’s camp believes he will win, so he doesn’t have to say that. Plus, he is an arrogant and entitled asshole.

  159. freckles, I would love to see a survey like that. I wonder if Hill has the money for that? Probably all her money will go to IN and NC campaigning.

    I’m here in Seattle, strongly Obama (hello, white guilt!), but I know some aren’t feeling the same self-righteous love they were feeling earlier.

    PS: I’m going to keep trying to comment; maybe someday…. 🙂

  160. Has anyone ever noticed, and please understand I get drawn in by tracktor beams with this guy, but Caferty always when he reads the comments on his show says here we go again when it is one that blames the media. Do you see the reaction with this asshole? “here we go again” I want to personaly send this man something a card with a terd in it or something. Sorry but i really hate that guy. SHOULD WE CONTACT THE PERSON WHO DID THE ARTICLE AT NYT?

  161. Richardson keeps wanting to talk about entitlement .. well Obama’s whole camp acts like they are automatically entitled to all of Hillary’s support. It won’t happen, due to the fact that people like KO and thes whole big tent media who have tried to crucify her.

    It it is pitiful that Hillary’s campaign has to go to Fox to get coverage .. Terry was on just now.

  162. Evan Bayh is popular . but isn’t there a large AA population in Indiana as well? They have turned their backs on 35 yrs of support by Hillary for a guy who will not even represent their needs.

  163. It’s not entitlement, it’s called you were a fat piece of shit going nowhere until Bill and Hillary gave you credibility. It’s about having a thread of decency, to at a minimum, keep your mouth shut until it’s over. I hope Bill and Hillary never talk to this prick again and he disappears once BO loses….a Judas indeed.

  164. notice he’s the one that Obama sends out to do the ‘hit” piece on Hillary. I hope he gets ass cancer

  165. jbstonesfan

    I agree with you. Yes they have turned their backs, I keep telling the AA Barack cares nothing about you
    All he wants is our votes. He might be the AA worst enemy

  166. dot48 Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 9:06 pm
    InInla .. that should be taken to the campaign and Keith O and MSNBC needs to be called out BIG TIME
    send it to media matters they get on it right away..they are pretty good at it..

  167. Hillary just needs to make her case in Indiana. Roam that state house to house and work it like PA. Get her message out and the voters will make the call. She needs to work that part of North Carolina the is blue collar too and try to wring that vote out. I’m just glad she is better off now financially.

  168. neetabug,

    Thanks, I can imagine what you told that guy! Has anyone ever just asked these people are in love with Obama or just sexist!

  169. The CNN panel is completely in Obama’s tank sans Begalia. They have 2 AA’s who can’t even hide their disdain for Hillary or love for BO, and I swear, I despise that Gloria Borger, another “powerful” woman journalist who hate Hillary b/c she knows she can never be 1/4 the woman Hillary is(see Campbell Brown, Andrea Mitchell, Arianna Huffinton, Randi Rhodes,
    Noreen O’Donnell, Rachel Madox, Camille Paglia, Peggy Noonan, and off course Maureen Dowd. and a host of others).

  170. I think is just they don’t want a woman to be president. They might as well get use to it. I will not and i repeat will not vote for Barack if he is the nominee. The DNC can spin this all they want. I will not cool off come November

  171. CJ – has been sent to campaign.

    one of TM poster’s clipped the exact quote:

  172. lninla:

    >Did he not just insinuate the party elder would have to ‘kill’ or beat her to a pulp to make her step out?
    >Did I just hear him advocate battery against women as a way to maintain control?

    This is pretty funny. If a party elder and Hillary go into a locked room to duke it out, I’ll lay my money on Hillary to kick his ass.

  173. Yeah, neetabug. They keep moaning about “needing time to heal”, like we will all come crawling back if they pick Obambi.

    They think we are bluffing. Oh, well, they will learn the hard way if it comes to that.

  174. I went to google to find a contact number forroland martin and i clicked on this.

    Contact Roland Martin (Community Service)
    Help us keep the heat on Hillary and her lies. Help us keep the Rev. Wright fiasco at bay. Roland has been a true Barack advocate. Let’s keep him with plenty of honest, real, and forthright opinions and materials.

    I dont know if this is the same guy but it took me to obamas site.

  175. Obama’s surrogates are just as arrogant as him…I can’t stand Jamal and Rolando and what sad is they think Obama is going to be the next POTUS because they think he won the nomination…it will be a big surprise when he won’t be POTUS.

  176. ININLA,

    what do you think he should say to hillary?
    if they bring someone else in like Al gore, i’m going to say, sorry i love you, but Bill is our leader…

  177. Maureen Dowd of the NYT’s chattering class, who seems to know very little about politics and constantly slams Hillary, did have this little gem today:

    “Why,” [Obama] pleaded, sounding a bit, dare we say, bitter, “can’t I just eat my waffle?”

    His subtext was obvious: Why can’t I just be president?

  178. I stopped watching lkl after about 10 minutes….I should know better than to watch cnn. I thought that maybe after last night, media would be a bit better. I know, I know… I must be dreaming. lol

    No more cnn (except lou dobbs) for me!

  179. I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way, but is it possible that these elite white woman journalists have always had that certain fantasy which they are experiencing vicariously through Dumbo ears?

  180. jonesfan,

    dont think so, bet you anything their tight asses cringe inwardly at the thought of ‘lowering’ themselves…


    not i think, its all about ‘ONES OWN SOCIAL STATUS’, education, money,
    connections, versus, NOT…

  181. jbjonesfan,

    I think it has more to do with the fact that they don’t want to be associated with the woman who has received so much vitriol since 1992. I have a friend who is a prosecutor, and he said that he tries not to have women jurors on rape trials. Female jurors tend to blame the victim because if it is her fault, then they can rationalize that it couldn’t have happened to them if they had been in her place. Did I say that right?

    I think a lot of women in the public eye fear the kind of unabashed vitriol Hillary gets (and lets roll right off her back). Subconsciously, they want it to be her fault. Furthermore, they fear that if they back her, then they’ll be next.

    Let’s face it, not many people of any gender could withstand what our girl can. She’s a superhero.

  182. jbstone, how else should your question be taken if not the wrong way? You meant what you meant and it’s offensive.

  183. Clearly, the elder they are refering to is Gore. Go ahead, make our day. It’s probably false but Gore is not going to be able to stop Hill. These jealous men are sad little creatures. What does KO think he will do, take her in the corner and tell her she’s on a time out? Get out of the way dummies.

  184. PEOPLE,

    y’all know i’m elderly right? if this was posted already, forgive me…

    the NCgop ad with rev Wright:

  185. djia, I sent the vid link in to him via his comments/contact us page. We’ll see.

    Too bad my comment to jbstonesfan hasn’t been posted. I think I was on point. 🙁

  186. A lot of those female pundits are republicans and some have fallen into group hate and other are “bitter.”

    But I’m NOT voting for Obama and I will close me nose and vote for McCain because I do believe he is a patriot and a good guy.

    Not to sure about Obama, just have a awful feeling in my stomach that he’ll be worst then GWB and I don’t like his associations that he STILL kept relationships…to me that tells me he has no standards. Bill Ayers and his wife are unrepentant revolutionaries that because of their very privileged background in Chicago they were able to get good paying jobs as law professors.

  187. carbynew and dedfg ……your both right , and i too could never ever in a 100 years vote for the likes of BO

  188. I just got an “empty-pocket” letter from the WA state democrats asking for a handout. The entire letter was the anti-McCain, scare tactic, Repuglican-boogeyman spiel; it was heavy-handed and a bit embarrassing.

    Here is my handwritten response:

    I am not nearly as frightened by McCain as I am by the undemocratic turn the Democratic party has taken. I refuse to support you unless you prove to me that you are supporting all Democratic voters, both here and nationally. Where is the famous Washington protest spirit? We protest and march at the drop of a hat. Yet, our own party seeks to disenfranchise voters. Our own party allows intimidation and voter fraud. Our own party campaigns against own of its own. And where are you? Sitting here silent, save to ask me for money. Shame on you.

    Not only won’t I give you money, I’m also considering taking my membership back.

  189. hillaryfortexas, I can bet you the men who think we will soften towards Obama by fall or the same exact men that treat their wives like crap and give them time to cool off and then the men get their way. That’s what they think we women are, hot headed and easily cooled off. Well I have news for them, no one treats me like that and expects me to vote for them in the fall! Nobody!

  190. His wife is a very scary looking person, both physically and personality wise. She is as privileged more than 99.9% of all woman, and is a puppet of Oprah, whom I believe started this mess. Oprah is the epitome of hypocrite, becoming a billionaire off of middle class white woman, but then, when the time comes to back a true woman pioneer, she shows her true colors.

  191. I really don’t think Obama is going to be a puppet…I think the democratic leadership thinks that but I don’t trust Obama and this man narcissistic ego convinces me he is not he person a lot of people think he is.

    It will be very interesting and what is scary Obama will use race and all his anti-american friends to be his foot soldiers. I really believe Obama if he get the nomination will hurt the party.

    If Obama is the nominee…the majority of the jewish vote with go to McCain, he’ll get the majority of the blue collar white because Team Obama has written them off to McCain. He won’t get the Latino votes and will lose SoCal for a variety of reasons.

    He has already conceded FL and I don’t think he will win TX or any of the Gulf Coast. NC has start fundraising and going after local dems in NC and SC will come in play with those ads.

    It will be very interesting to see if those White Blue Collar workers Axelrod was so dismissive too will stay with the dems if Obama is the nominee? I know they want to vote for a democrat after GWB but it will be interesting to see how this play out.

    I think Obambi’s relationships with the radical left is going to cost the dems in November big time. More will be revealed and I hope sooner rather then later.

  192. bstonesfan Says:
    April 23rd, 2008 at 9:10 pm
    The media seemingly wants to pretend last night didn’t happen or didn’t matter, yet, they spent 6 weeks trying to beat her down . Why are we the only one’s who see this? Why?
    “We” are Not the only ones who see this.
    What “we” all write here I hear from others everyday – sometimes after “we” say it and sometimes at the same time.
    F’rinstnce, after an election, I hear, “I just turned it on with the sound off to get the results then switched to another channel.” And I hear, “What makes those opinionated tv airheads think we’re hanging on what they have to say?”
    The one I like best came from a UPS driver: “It’s like big brother telling us what to think, twisting everything around to screw with our heads – I hate those wussy guys and those dumb bimbos in those yakkety news dramas!” So I shot one straight at him: Do you think they’re biased against Hillary? – his answer: “Wha .. they hate her. That just shows how fulla crap they are. They oughtta be thankin God for giving this country the great gift of the Clintons.”
    So, stonesfan, “we” are not the only ones who see. Frustrated and powerless as you and I feel, the comforting fact is that we are not alone, and “the people” are not fools.

    …btw I just sent my weekly letter to the dnc telling them no money from me till they count FL and MI – I also repeat that I’ll never ever vote for Obama. Everytime I think of Florida, I think of that old colonial flag – the snake – “Don’t tread on me.” DNC is gonna get snake bites!

  193. djia: that really is a disgrace….and really, as if olberman didn’t realize it would cause a stir when he said it. This is the frustration of it all, that these men at any time can make these statements and get away with it. (of course, they do it intentionally to frustrate women and Hillary supporters)

  194. carbynew : “I really don’t think Obama is going to be a puppet…I think the democratic leadership thinks that but I don’t trust Obama and this man narcissistic ego convinces me he is not he person a lot of people think he is.”

    I know what you’re saying….the fact that he gave Hillary the finger and very clearly a reporter the finger also, tells me actually that he doesn’t care what people think. Imagine a president that does not care or gives the finger to say the oridinary people when they complain about him. That is worse than Bush.

    Part of me thinks he will be a puppet for corporate interests though and the finger goes to the average citizen.

  195. dedfg, you are so right, just think if Bill threaten to take Obama out behind the wood shed, what do you think would happen. These idiots say this crap about Hillary day in and day out and they get away with it every time. BTW, one of the docs I work with is notorious for calling Hillary a b$#@&h in front of me quiet often and I got fed up with it a couple of days ago and very impolitely told him never to speak that way about Hillary in front of me again. Ya know, he hasn’t either!!

  196. dedfg……you are correct i believe that obama is “expected” to be a puppet …….but he is so arrogant that there is no way
    he would ever be a puppet……..

    he has been trying to get money “big” money for kenya…….but has not tried to get any money for our own poor here, he also stumped for his cousin Raleigh Odinga in kenya (the lou tribe that went a murder spree) and never denounced or rejected that either!

    he left his constituents out in the cold ….in fact everything he has voted for or against that has to do with the US
    has not been for the good of the US IMHO

    nope never could vote for him…….he is bush on steroids!!!

  197. Sometimes it’s hard to tell people to stop saying something, but in the case of calling Hillary names, it needs to be done. So, good for you!

  198. dedfg,

    Obama drinks up all the adulations and praises people heep on him. It’s never about what he would do for the people. For Axelrod to go on radio and say white blue collar workers are not needed for them to win the white house was amazing to me.

    On what planet do you give away whole chunks of you base to the republicans. I mean the out right elitism and arrogance coming out of Team Obama and his surrogates is amazing to me.

  199. birdgal, I was in Paris two weeks ago and she was all over the news there. The hotel got channels from France, Spain, Italy and the UK. Every single newscast had something about Hillary and nothing about Barack.

    It was like a paradise.

    So, for all those supposed progressives and left-wingers, please be aware that France is for Hillary. Yep, your protesting, left-wing country is all over Our Girl.

  200. yes, I do have to say that although I always did feel he was arrogant, the combination of his remarks and finger-gate this past week showed an even more angry arrogant person that what I first believed.

  201. Oh, so now KO called for snuffing out Hillary? Nice.
    Time for his suspension now, no?

    The NY Times is carrying BO’s water for him at this crucial stage, the one component I left out of a post-PA Hill assault that’s otherwise playing out as expected.
    Their editorial, with it’s ludicrous ‘low road to victory’ line was the centerpiece of the BO defense, and has been cited ad naseum today.

    They’re not done yet;

    Assessing Strength of Contenders in Swing States

    Reflecting on her victory in the Pennsylvania primary, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday neatly summed up the chief political rationale of her enduring candidacy.

    “I won the states that we have to win — Ohio, now Pennsylvania,” Mrs. Clinton said on CNN about her successes over Senator Barack Obama, in one of her six appearances on morning news shows. “It’s very hard to imagine a Democrat getting to the White House without winning those states.”

    Mrs. Clinton says her popularity among blue-collar workers, women and Hispanics makes her the candidate to beat Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, in the swing states that decide presidential races. Along with Ohio and Pennsylvania, she also cites her success in Michigan and Florida — even though the Democratic Party disqualified those contests, and Mr. Obama was not on the Michigan ballot — to claim an edge in crucial battlegrounds.

    Yet for all of her primary night celebrations in the populous states, exit polling and independent political analysts offer evidence that Mr. Obama could do just as well as Mrs. Clinton among blocs of voters with whom he now runs behind. Obama advisers say he also appears well-positioned to win swing states and believe he would have a strong shot at winning traditional Republican states like Virginia.

    According to surveys of Pennsylvania voters leaving the polls on Tuesday, Mr. Obama would draw majorities of support from lower-income voters and less-educated ones — just as Mrs. Clinton would against Mr. McCain, even though those voters have favored her over Mr. Obama in the primaries.

    And national polls suggest Mr. Obama would also do slightly better among groups that have gravitated to Republican in the past, like men, the more affluent and independents, while she would do slightly better among women.

    Mr. Obama may lead in the national popular vote and among delegates needed to win the nomination, but his inability to “close the deal” with voters — a phrase Mrs. Clinton skewered him with Tuesday — has been widely discussed in light of the Pennsylvania results. Mr. Obama found himself on the defensive over the issue Wednesday, and he countered that the governors of Ohio and Pennsylvania had worked their political networks on behalf of Mrs. Clinton.

    “Among all these groups that people have been focused on — blue-collar workers, white working-class folks — we did better in Pennsylvania than we did in Ohio, so we’re continually making progress,” Mr. Obama told reporters in Indiana, which holds its primary on May 6. “If you look at these states that I’m supposed to win, if you look at the polling, I actually do if not as well then better than Senator Clinton relative to Senator McCain.”

    In recent weeks, Clinton advisers have been challenging Mr. Obama’s electability in a general election, and her victories in Ohio and Pennsylvania are perhaps her best evidence yet to argue that she is better suited to build a coalition across income, education and racial lines in closely contested states.

    But the Pennsylvania exit polls, conducted by Edison/Mitofsky for five television networks and The Associated Press, underscore a point that political analysts made on Wednesday: that state primary results do not necessarily translate into general election victories.

    “I think it differs state to state, and I think either Democrat will have a good chance of appealing to many Democrats who didn’t vote for them the first time,” said Peter Hart, a Democratic pollster not affiliated with either campaign. “Take Michigan. It has a Democratic governor, two Democratic senators, and many Democratic congressmen, so it’s probably going to be a pretty good state for the Democrats in a recession year.”

    Mr. Hart, as well as Obama advisers, also say that Mr. Obama appears better poised than Mrs. Clinton to pick up states that Democrats struggle to carry, or rarely do, in a general election, like Colorado, Iowa, Missouri and Virginia, all of which he carried in the primaries. Obama advisers say their polling indicates he is more popular with independents, and far less divisive than Mrs. Clinton, in those states.

    “Hillary goes deeper and stronger in the Democratic base than Obama, but her challenge is that she doesn’t go as wide,” Mr. Hart said. “Obama goes much further reaching into the independent and Republican vote, and has a greater chance of creating a new electoral map for the Democrats.”

    Indeed, if Mr. Obama does become the first African-American nominee of a major party, the electoral landscape of the South could be transformed with the likelihood of strong turnout of black voters in Republican-leaning states like Georgia and Louisiana, which Mr. Obama carried this winter. (Mrs. Clinton has also argued that, given the Clinton roots, she could put at least Arkansas in play in the fall.)

    Obama advisers have also argued that swing states like Ohio are winnable this fall because they have been increasingly leaning Democratic and have been struggling economically under President Bush. Indeed, some Obama allies hope he will pick Ohio’s popular governor, Ted Strickland, as his running mate if he wins the nomination, both to help carry Ohio and to unify the party (Mr. Strickland is supporting Mrs. Clinton).

    And the record-setting voter registrations among both Democrats and independents across the nation also suggest that each candidate is capable of stirring excitement among voters in the fall and would be positioned to defend their bases of support against Mr. McCain, who is a popular figure among many independents and some Democrats.

    Representative Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, a strong backer of Mr. Obama, said she believed that the thousands of new voters being drawn into the primaries would coalesce around the Democratic nominee once the candidate and the party begin to define Mr. McCain better on issues like the war.

    “I think that will turn the tide for the people who are going in that direction,” Ms. DeLauro said of Democrats who have said they could not vote for Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton.

    But Clinton supporters come back to the fact that Mr. Obama has had months of primaries — as well as a sharp fund-raising advantage — with which to beat Mrs. Clinton in more swing voter groups, and yet has failed. Representative Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, a supporter of Mrs. Clinton, said he saw her economic message as resonating more strongly with working-class voters than Mr. Obama’s.

    “She is connecting better with some of these blue-collar Democrats, the base of the party,” Mr. McGovern said.

    Jeff Zeleny and Carl Hulse contributed reporting.

  202. Forgot to add, it wasn’t enough that the NY Times failed to vet the candidate in overlooking Rev wright, Ayers, Rezko, and all the rest.
    But to be another active participant, as a ‘propper-upper’, is where they and networks like MSNBC should just be shut down.

  203. What I don’t understand is why anybody wastes time reading what the NY Times says about Hillary.

    The NY Times lost its credibility about Hillary when it invented Whitewater — sixteen years ago!

  204. djia: “you are correct i believe that obama is “expected” to be a puppet …….but he is so arrogant that there is no way
    he would ever be a puppet……..”

    I see what you’re saying now and I do agree. It would explain why the media allows him to get away with this stuff. They probably think they he will fall in line.

  205. ,I like your idea that Obama return the money from Florida and Michigan voters, since he holds some responsibility for their being disenfranchised. Florida should definitely count in view of the fact that he played his TV ads in that state, even though he wasn’t supposed to.

    i read above on a blog,everyone else liked it to
    this is very sensible give the money back if you cant count the votes..i think we should push it and cannot close the deal..he is all uhhs and uhhh and the substance is missing he only repeats what Senator clinton says..he is phony LIAR.rev wrong ayers his wife mrs dorham,

  206. I think we need to continue the Obama narative of “bitter” and Cling to guns and God” with this new one…We don’t need White Blue Collar workers.”

  207. WJC: Obama Camp Writing Off Working Class Voters

    HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — Bill Clinton fired up a Tarheel crowd here by recounting facts and figures from his wife’s victory in Pennsylvania yesterday. He said that the win was possible because of “people like you,” working-class types that he said the Obama camp is now writing off.

    “Today her opponent’s campaign strategist said, ‘Well, we don’t really need these working class people to win, half the time they vote for Republicans anyways,'” he said, while speaking from a flatbed truck on a baseball field. “I will tell you something — America needs you to win, and therefore Hillary wants your support, and I hope you will help her in this primary in North Carolina.”

    Clinton was referring to comments by Barack Obama strategist David Axelrod, who told NPR today that the “white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years,” and that the Democratic candidates “haven’t solely relied on the demographic.”

    Clinton told the hundreds on hand, as he told thousands of Pennsylvanians for more than a month, that this was “the biggest state still to vote.” And he tweaked the Obama camp for ducking a debate.

    “I think I know the answer to the question of why one candidate wants to debate, because I saw the debate in Pennsylvania,” he said. “And afterwards, 41 percent of the voters watched it, and by 52 to 22, they said Hillary won.”

    The rally was chock full of get-out-the-vote tactics meant to bank some votes for Hillary two weeks before the primary. For starters, it was held just outside an early voting location.

    “I’m supposed to remind you to vote early,” he said. “Unless you haven’t made up your mind, in which case, let me talk to you some more.”

    Clinton also, after his opening remarks, answered some questions submitted by voters through the campaign’s “NC Asks” program.

    Before Clinton arrived, supporters were asked to phone bank, or text their number to the campaign for a chance to meet the former president.

  208. “Florida should definitely count in view of the fact that he played his TV ads in that state, even though he wasn’t supposed to.”

    He didn’t just play ads, he went to FL and answered questions after a findraise. That counts as breaking his “no campaign” pledge, and acccording to the precious Rulez, any candidate who breaks the pledge doesn’t get any of teh delegates. They should all be awarded to Hillary.

  209. from politico tonight

    Hillary goes after Obama’s strengths
    By KENNETH P. VOGEL | 4/23/08 6:42 PM EST
    Text Size:
    Page 2

    And Clinton herself used a midday speech in Indiana, which – along with North Carolina – votes May 6, to make the case.

    “It’s a very close race, but if you count – as I count – the 2.3 million people who voted in Michigan and Florida, then we are going to build on that,” Clinton told a crowd gathered under a hot sun in an Indianapolis park. “We just have to get the Democratic party to give them the delegates that reflect their votes, but we’ll be working on that.”

    Still, she said: “I’m very proud that, as of today, I have received more votes by the people who have voted than anybody else.” And she urged the crowd, which numbered in the hundreds, to contribute to her campaign, adding that Obama outspent her in Pennsylvania by as much as 3 ½ to 1.

    “It’s a tremendous challenge to get the message out when you’re being outspent in that way,” she said, also calling on Obama to agree to debate her in Indiana.

    After the rally, she told donors on a conference call: “we’ve been just runnin’ on fumes.”

    She told the donors she, her husband and daughter had already made a combined 50 visits to Indiana, where she’s thought to stand a better chance than North Carolina.

    “What we can’t match with media, we match with shoe leather,” she said. “We will keep doing that, but we’ve got to have the resources to keep our campaign winning.”

    Her finance director, Jonathan Mantz, told the same donors that between 10 p.m. Tuesday and 2:35 p.m. Wednesday, the campaign brought in $10 million, including contributions from 60,000 new donors.

    “It is unbelievable what’s going on right now,” he said, detailing 17 fundraisers planned for the next month from Portland, Ore. to Detroit and Greensboro, N.C.

    He urged donors who haven’t contributed the maximum $2,300 to the campaign to do so before the Federal Election Commission reporting period closes at the end of April. And Mantz urged those who had maxed out to recruit one other maximum donor before May.

    “If we can do that,” he said, “we’re going to have enough resources to get our message out, to raise the millions necessary to be on par with Sen. Obama and do whatever it takes to be successful.”

  210. I want this to go to the convention and watch these a$$holes try to throw Hillary out. I want to hear them say, that this inexperienced man, with questionable associations, is ready to handle the mess that GWB has left behind and can handle the likes of Chavez, Putin, Hu Jintao and Ahmadinejad. I want them to plead for party unity when they did nothing to make the primary process fair. I want them to tell every single voter and every volunteer for Hillary including Hillary herself, you matter, when I know dang well they are the biggest liars ever. I will dare them to ask Hillary to run as VP. And I expect her to give them her middle finger, maybe both.

    Should it come to this then I’m going to spit in their faces and unlike BHO and his radical unpatriotic pastor I WILL disown them and not blink an eye. I will walk away from this party sure as $hit and never look back. I may never forgive them anyway. And I will gladly suffer through 4 years of McC. BHO will never be my president anymore than I accepted GWB as my president.

    Now..on to Indiana and the rest.

    (sorry, I’m just so sick of the DNC and BM, I couldn’t help myself, sometimes I just want to scream)

  211. I just saw the quote Randi Rhoades made about Clinton’s base….geesh

    “The Clinton campaign describes Hillary’s voters as older, white, and undereducated. Or as we called them in my neighborhood: white trash.”
    –Randi Rhodes
    I don’t get this campaign season…when did Democrats denigrate other democratic supporters that we would need in the fall?

  212. Okay since it’s only going to be a two weeks campaign before the next election…we need to hit the phones and work hard for our girl…because I really, really, like to knock that smug smile off Obambi face.

  213. Oh my God, the Obamabots I know at work were so depressed today.

    I think it is time for Hillfans in FL and MI to start agitating. My Mom is going to start calling the DNC all day starting tomorrow. She retired early and has the time on her hands. And she made a donation of $50.44.

  214. carbynew:

    >On what planet do you give away whole chunks of you base to the republicans. I mean the out right >elitism and arrogance coming out of Team Obama and his surrogates is amazing to me.

    Exactly! And this is coming from a campaign whose theme of uniting the electorate and growing the democratic base is becoming more laughable by the day. Seems like every time we have a new election, or every time bambi puts his foot in his mouth, or every time we learn something new about his past relationships, he loses a key democratic voting group. At this rate, he’ll only have AA’s and the most liberal of democrats voting for him if he makes it all the way to the general.

    And axel-ROD was right, Pennsylvania was tailor-made for Hillary. I’ve also got another news flash for him: the general electorate looks pretty much like Pennsylvania, so by extension there’s a whole country out there that has unfavorable demographics for bambi.

  215. debbie:

    That’s pretty much where I’m at too. Pure anger.

    My wife (a yellow-dog Democrat) is more just hurt. She understands that the Party she has supported through thick and thin has been engaged in a sexist attack on Senator Clinton.

    I can’t even talk to my 21 year old daughter about it. I wanted to believe that a woman could run for President. She has gone to hear Clinton speak and said that she was “so inspired”. It really hurts to know that the so-called “progressive” party is run by pigs like Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Ted “Swim Away as Fast as You Can and Deny Everything” Kennedy and will not allow a woman to compete fair and square.

    I’m done with the bastards.

  216. obama is going to lose momentum fast. everyone I’ve talked to today said Hillary won and won big. huge even.

  217. read this diary at kos……….i am serious!! read it!!!! obamabots are saying obama only has a 6% lead in NC due two things
    early voting centers set up in the nursing homes… that means more older people to vote 😀

    college kids have exams on voting day…… less turn out of the youngins 😀

    but they are looking into now as to IF there will be early voting centers in or near the colleges.

    this could be very good news for our girl 😀 😀

  218. OakyAtny wrote: Just got off the phone with a contact. Henry doesn’t want VP. He’s doing favors for David Boren. He wants to be president of OU if Boren retires to advise

    Full contact sport, indeed. I wonder if Hillary has any OU bigwigs who could disappear the carrot in this case. The ethics of it get pretty muddy but, surely, blocking a quid pro quo is not unethical, right?

  219. Randi Rhodes, is a nasty, nasty person, and I hope, karma bites her very, very hard in the butt. When she speaks of trash, she has no further to look, than in her mirror.

  220. carbynew – I’d said this before, but after this whole election is over, I will have lots of disillusionment to process. It’s basically bringing out the worst in Democrats – and one of the most striking things is how hypocritical many Democrats are – Rhodes is an example; someone who would defend the working class against, what she would likely describe, as the greed of Republicans, and then, when it all the cards are down – she reveals how elitist she herself is.

    Same with many men who claim to be progressives, but when they’re threatened by a strong woman like Clinton, suddenly, it’s OK to bash her with the most sexist language, tacitly suggest violence against women, use homophobia (label her as lesbian), and stoop to the lowest common denominator to attack, etc.

    I was talking to a friend who’s a generation older than me, and obviously, been through several more elections than me, and I said, “what is up with some Democratic men? At least Republican men, if they are sexist, will openly admit it, but Democratic men are just passive aggressive about it.” And she nodded, and said, that’s what’s been said for a very long time.

  221. anyways, i have a very good feeling right now about indiana and I think we might be able to pull a new hampshire in North Carolina.

  222. hwc, it’s not just voters, either. Between young women, middle aged women, and older women, most of the party’s volunteers in a lot of places are women. We’ve watched the whole Establishment of our party do everything they can to slap down the first major female candidate we’ve ever had, like nothing that’s ever been done to any other candidate, and we’re supposed to just say “Oh, that’s okay, boys. I understand. We’re here to do the work, vote, and make coffee. Give me the voter list, I’ll be out busting my ass as usual.’ If they think Obama supporters are going to pick up the slack, good luck.

  223. the democratic party wouldn’t be able to function if it wasn’t for women. They lose all fifty states if it weren’t for women.

  224. djia – had heard a couple weeks ago that NC internals are “within statical difference” of Clinton catching up. So, let’s see what happens with PA’s momentum.

  225. if there were a debate in either NC or IN, I could definitely see NC being a tie and Hillary breaking OBama’s advantage over there.

  226. Ininla, I meant, women supporting the party.

    Women make up the majority of support for the democratic party. Sadly, when the time comes to elect a qualified and highly respected one, the men shove their noses up the closes fresh ass they can find.

  227. I think she will split NC even, with her taking the majority of the older white voters (as usual)

    that is what they will be looking for… to see if Obama can take those votes in nc……per king on cnn

  228. djia,
    I read that too. They said BO had the colleges covered by opening nearby offices or some such shit. That diary also mentioned NC as a huge military state with 500,000 living in trailers (not a Randi Rhodes joke). All in all, if you read Talk Left’s entry on demograghics today, it’s still gotta be a big edge to BO.

    *A radio report tonight with someone from The Hill magazine said Bo has 20 pledged SD’s that’ll make announcements 1-2 a day until the next contests, in an attempt to blunt Hill’s Big Mo from PA.*
    Sorry to say it if so….

    On SD’s, have heard from both Karl Rove and Garin on MTP the other day this notion of 2025 not being the magic number, but rather 2,250, what it would be with FLA & MI included in a normal year.
    And that this might be one of the biggest upcoming fights.

    I’d also love someone to tell me definitively what happens if heaven forbid it comes to it and Hill refuses to drop out should BO hit 2,025 or even the larger number.

    Haven’t seen that anywhere and have been looking for weeks, so if anyone knows, please post up…

  229. I think I did the math before and if AAs turn out around 35-40% for the dem primary and vote 85% obama, Hillary would need to win around 65-70% of the remaining votes.

  230. obamabots claiming obama only took in 5 mil in the first 24 hours LOL

    of course they are using speculation math based on how many new donors since PA

    I bet he didn’t make that much!! 😀

  231. You also pull a lot things out of your ass. Just kidding. Not really.

    You’re just not good at predictions. I like to base predictions on some semblance of facts not something I conjure out of nowhere. Didn’t you also say we’d pull out of SC? Enough with the predictions dude.

  232. gop blocks hillary’s equal pay bill. mccain fails to show. and hillary is at him-
    Hillary Clinton Statement on McCain Opposition to Equal Pay Legislation
    In response to the U.S. Senate rejecting the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, a bill that would have provided American women with the legal recourse to challenge workplace discrimination when it occurs, Hillary Clinton issued the following statement:

    “I was proud to be an original co-sponsor of this legislation, which would help deliver on the promise of equality and fairness in the workplace, and I am deeply disappointed 42 of my colleagues did not see fit to pass it. I am particularly disappointed that Senator McCain skipped the vote on this important legislation, and indicated that he would not have supported it had he been there.

    “Senator McCain has yet again fallen in line with President Bush while middle class families are falling by the wayside. Senator McCain would rather pass laws to cut corporate taxes by $100 billion more – than pass laws to protect the civil rights of women earning thousands less than their male counterparts. Women are earning less but Senator McCain is offering more of the same.

    “As president, I will never waver in my support for equal pay for equal work. I’m proud to be the sponsor of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would increase sanctions for violating the Equal Pay Act and provide stronger protections for women whose rights have been violated. I think it’s long past time we put equal pay at the top of the national legislative agenda, to demonstrate that as a nation, we value the skill, talent and hard work of every American, including every American woman.”

  233. yes, true mjs. had a discussion with some friends yesterday, and we were discussing whether we thought there would be a woman president or a black (male) president first, and I said that gender would always be a tougher barrier than race and that’s because sexism is so woven into our everyday lives that it’s undetectable.

    For example, that blogspot that ridicules us has a “hillary deathwatch” graphic at the top – waiting for the time and hour, she’ll drop out, and I think, can you imagine if the site had an “Obama deathwatch” graphic – it would be so overwhelmingly inappropriate and the connotations would be loaded. Racism is absolutely untouchable, but you can treat a woman however you want and hardly anyone notices.

  234. Give me the voter list, I’ll be out busting my ass as usual.’ If they think Obama supporters are going to pick up the slack, good luck.

    Here’s the real problem. I don’t particularly agree with John McCain, but I have no doubt that he’s put in the years to gain the experience to be President.

    I wouldn’t vote for Jesus to be President if all he brought to the table was a few years as a statehouse hack and short layover in London.

    To me, experience is the single most important criteria. After GW, I ain’t voting for any more on-the-job training.

  235. When the media is against you, even a win feels like a loss. The NYT editorial, KO wanting to take Hillary out, the MSM dropping snides comments here and there about whether the win really matters b/c of the math… blah blah blah.

    The best thing about working on a campaign is you don’t have the time — or access to TV or internet – to pay attention to what is being said by the media or your opponent. You just focus on the work. Now, it’s back to reality and I’m confronted with the same Hillary-hate everyday.

  236. IND sounding like our kinda place….

    For Indiana Voters, Talk of Change May Fall Flat

    KOKOMO, Ind. — With all the talk among the Democratic presidential hopefuls about change, they may wish to consider this as they wander Indiana: People here practically revolted a few years ago when their governor, Mitch Daniels, pushed to change to daylight saving time like most of the country.

    Change, it seems, may not carry quite the same political magic in this state as it has elsewhere.

    “We hold onto a lot of traditional values,” said Brian L. Thomas, 39, as he bought a cup of coffee along the courthouse square here on Wednesday. “Saying you’re ready to change is probably not the best or only thing you would want to say around these parts. Frankly, we want it to be like it used to be.”

    Many of the two dozen voters interviewed in this central Indiana manufacturing city of 46,000 expressed queasiness over the notions of change that both Democratic candidates have proudly pledged elsewhere. Though residents bemoaned economic conditions that have taken away thousands of factory jobs and given the state the 11th-highest rate of foreclosures, they also said they worried about doing things — anything — very differently.

    “What are we going to change to?” asked Ron O’Bryan, 58, a retired auto worker who said he was still trying to decide which Democrat to vote for in the May 6 primary. “You mean change to some other country’s system? What do you think they mean?”

    Jeremy Lewis, a 28-year-old window washer, said simply, “Old-fashioned can be in a good way.”

    As the Democratic presidential hopefuls turned to Indiana as a new battleground in the fight for the nomination, they find themselves facing a different audience in places like Kokomo, a blue-collar city in the middle of endless expanses of farms north of Indianapolis. In some ways, these are voters not so unlike those in other Rust Belt states, like Pennsylvania, but with an added dose of nostalgia and a practical, Midwestern sensibility.

    “We are manufacturing workers, farmers, beer drinkers, gun owners, pickup drivers,” said Karen Lasley, 64, who was volunteering on Wednesday morning in Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s field office in Kokomo (one of 28 Mrs. Clinton has opened around the state along with Senator Barack Obama’s 22, including one just down the street). “We are full of pride for this country.”

    Politically, though, Indiana is by no means monolithic: its terrain is more of a quilt, as elaborate as its tangled time-zone map, complicating matters for the campaigns as they decide where to devote time and money.

    Northwest Indiana, often viewed as an extension of suburban Chicago and sharing Chicago’s television market, is seen as strong territory for Mr. Obama, who lives on the South Side of Chicago. Indianapolis, the state capital, which includes a large segment of Indiana’s 9 percent African-American population, is also expected to lean toward Mr. Obama. In the blue-collar, rural parts south of Indianapolis, where the residents often have stronger links to Kentucky than to Illinois (or even Indiana), Mrs. Clinton is expected to have the advantage.

    As with so many recent primaries, no one — here or elsewhere — ever anticipated that Indiana’s presidential primary would matter much. For 40 years, the primary here has come too late, so the change comes as a shock to voters who rarely had seen presidential campaign advertisements, to political organizers and to overwhelmed election registrars.

    And unlike some other states, including Pennsylvania, Indiana has mostly been ignored in general elections, too. It has long been written off by both parties as so reliably Republican in presidential races as to not be worth much note. After 1936, a Democratic presidential candidate has won the general election here only once, Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.

    “Every year, two minutes after our polls close, they declare Indiana for the Republicans and that’s that,” Bob Stephenson, the local Democratic chairman said. “This is really something special to have people listening.”

    There are 72 delegates at stake, and this is an open primary; in practice, anyone may choose a Democratic ballot, though state officials say technically there is a provision allowing voters to be challenged if they are believed to be switching party affiliations at the polls. Some 4.3 million voters are registered in the state, including 200,000 new voters this year. More than 50,000 people have already cast ballots in early voting.

    Mr. Stephenson has fretted over whether there will be enough ballots printed here to handle the expected onslaught of voters and has struggled to find enough poll workers who are not already volunteering for the Clinton or Obama campaigns.

    Around the state, the candidates are battling for endorsements. Lee H. Hamilton, the former congressman, has endorsed Mr. Obama, while Mrs. Clinton has the support of Senator Evan Bayh, and Dan Parker, the state party chairman. Some political analysts here, though, played down the significance of the state party’s political apparatus for getting out the vote.

    Even Greg Goodnight, the new mayor of Kokomo, said he had been astonished by the telephone calls he had been getting lately: Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton each sought his blessing. He shows visitors a separate letter from former President Bill Clinton, still in its envelope, on his desk, but he has yet to take sides.

    Mr. Goodnight and others here say the race is certain to hinge on the economy. Indiana has lost about one in six of its manufacturing jobs since 2001, and Kokomo has similarly struggled. One plant here employed 300 people not long ago, Mr. Goodnight said; today, 20 workers tend to a warehouse of products imported from other countries.

    “Indiana and Kokomo are a good reflection of the rest of the country,” said Mr. Goodnight, a Democrat who once worked in a factory and whose office bookshelf includes a biography of Harry S. Truman; “Dude, Where’s My Country?” by Michael Moore; and the Bible. “Places like Kokomo cannot handle even four more years of these economic policies.”

    Everyone in this town — everyone of a certain age, at least — seems to remember exactly where they were the last time a presidential primary election in this state counted for anything. Some recall skipping class or slipping out of work. The year was 1968, and the eventual winner, Robert F. Kennedy, came right through Kokomo and spoke on the courthouse square.

  237. Don’t you just hate it when someone posts something like 49 “big supporters” blah blah without providing details or a link and then takes off.

    Apparently, mjs got the info from NYT. They’re just supporters, not SD or anyone of great significance.

  238. Obama is also reminiscent of Bush in the sense that he doesn’t seem to care that he doesn’t know much about policy. He’s had time to bone up on the issues, but instead he’s content to just rely on media driven image-making. In that sense, he also reminds me of Romney. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think candidates should be running because they want to accomplish something beyond getting elected, or at least have the experience and competence to be able to accomplish something.

  239. filbert,
    I know what you’re saying but always prefer to have the info, even if I can’t track it right away.
    I’m a big believer that even rumors are often premature facts and can never get enough… that’s just me though.

  240. If Teddy Kennedy had the right to a floor fight against an incumbent Democratic president, then Clinton certainly has the right to a floor fight against a guy who doesn’t do well in bedrock blue states.

    That would make a good ad. Montage of old newspaper headlines and newsreel shots of quotes from Ted Kennedy giving rationales for his own staying in. Maybe a big color shot of Hillary in the foreground. At first glance it would look like stateements in support of her.

  241. The campaign should be demanding Olbermann be flat-out fired for that crack, nothing less.
    Fuck it, make BO’s velvet glove treatment and the media in general an issue in this race once and for all. (Taylor has the video up now.)

    Entirely inappropriate, unprofessional, and unacceptable.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see KO try and walk that back himself tomorrow night with one of those special MSNBC host non-apology apologies, which is why Garin should do this first thing in the fucking morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. Where has taking this unprecedented, utter bullshit from the media gotten us?!
    She goes on his show and does a classy interview in spite of record, non-stop, on-air promotion for her opponent, and he comes back with that?!

    I said last night I expected something nasty but that’s in an all together different league, like the ‘Deserving of Secret Service Interrogation’ League.

    Admin, Please do something with this. It’s an OUTRAGE!

  243. HillaryforTexas Says:
    April 23rd, 2008 at 4:04 pm


    MSNBC reported this morning that 68% of people blamed Hillary more than Obama for the negative tone of the campaign.

    This isn’t true. In fact, 44% of voters said that both candidates were equally responsible and 24% said that neither candidate attacked the other unfairly. Only 24% placed the blame on Hillary Clinton.

    THey’ve pulled this kind of trick before! Add up the “both candidates equallly responsible” votes plus the “Hillary more” votes and call it “68% don’t blame Obama.”

  244. djia, Blue Demcocrat,

    What do we do? You name it and we should all do it, lets do a phone bomb on msnbc to have olbermann fired. What is it going to take, an add, picketing, a protest, a fight!

  245. The position we need to get out is that the media will have to treat NC the same way they treated PA. What I mean is they were saying that if Obama loses PA by less than 10 points it would be considered a win for him becuase of how far behind he was a month ago. The same should be said concerning Hillary if she loses NC by less than 10% then that is the same as a win since many say she is 15 to 25 points behind.

  246. 1950 dem

    what get’s me is they continued this narrative even after the retraction…Ko was still touting the false claim tonight

    I say fire his nasty ass!!!

    by what ever means…..let’s hope the campaign calls him on it , if they don’t then what do we do? nothing?

    or perhaps we start a 527 and put our own tv ads out??

  247. rjk

    I agree…..we need that narrative to get around

    along with many others LOL

    can someone here compile a list of the narratives (talking points) for the next two weeks ahead

    something we can copy and past all over the place!!!

  248. What source said that they were tied with negatives? If we have a source then we should call them on it and make them stand up to the plate!

  249. Here is the NPR clip with Axelrod writing off working class votes @2.10 in the clip.:

    Obama Strategist Looks Back on Pa. Primary
    Listen Now [4 min 57 sec] add to playlist

    Morning Edition, April 23, 2008 · After Sen. Hillary Clinton’s win in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary Tuesday night, Sen. Barack Obama is looking ahead to the next race. Steve Inskeep talks with David Axelrod, chief strategist for the Obama campaign.

  250. Well, according to the US Census Bureau, North Carolina has a black person percentage of 21.7. I read somewhere that blacks make up around 33% of registered dems in the state. Assuming bambi wins JUST 90% of those voters, then he will get 30 points out of that. If he gets 30% of the remaining 67%, then he gets another 20 points, putting him at 50%. However, independent voters can vote in the primary as well, and there’s a same-day registration law that allows voters to register and cast an early ballot between April 17 and May 3, so the racial makeup of the electorate might change a few percentage points in either direction.

    Look here for more info on who can vote in NC primary:
    w . w.

  251. “What is it going to take, an add, picketing, a protest, a fight!”

    It’s going to take a statement from the campaign, nothing less.
    Demand he be fired – not reprimanded.

    And then point to the (putting it mildly) atrocious pattern at MSNBC.
    The Right Wing media will eat it up. This kind of stuff is moving us into another realm, way past this campaign.

    Think big picture for a sec; what it would be like to govern for 8 years with this type of nightly pollution ?

  252. rjk1957:

    I totally agree with your comment regarding North Carolina. Hillary needs to approach this exactly the same way bambi did Pennsylvania. Virginia has approx. the same percentage of blacks that NC does, and he won that by almost 30%, so if she can get this at 10% or below, then that should be seen as a positive for Hillary.

  253. Obama is using the university campus getting those white males and black males for him as a dedicated front by playing up the sexism and other lies these clowns think they can beat us.

    It’s not the female candidates but the radical left youth that bought into this idealism of the “Freedom Fighter” myth.

    Sexism is live and well…in a way I sometimes think our young people take for granted the opportunity they have.

    Btw, Carville was bitting his tongue alot with Richardson and Jamal.

    Let the rumble begin in Indiana.

  254. The meme today has been “the sd’s won’t take it away from obama if he has the most delegate, yada,yada,yada .. no matter what”

    Some will and some won’t. Fox interviewed some undecided SDs and said that a large chunk were going for the best candidate by their own judgement. Much lesser numbers were going for follwoing their constituents or the delegate lead.

  255. Paula Says:
    April 23rd, 2008 at 5:25 pm
    The SDs obviously aren’t sold on Obama or else they would’ve gone for him en masse weeks ago.

    That’s what Jay Cost said. He does really good number crunching pieces for realclearpolitics iirc. I love his style: very honest and unpretentious and non-manipulative it seems to me.

  256. I’ll say again, Geoff garin should do this 1st thing in the morning.

    It’ll be strike 3 on MSNBC anchors. And it’s deserved 1,000 times over.

    BTW, Newt Gingrich today said electoral votes break down (roughly, too tired and can’t remember precisely) this way if you add them up;

    HRC 240+
    BO 140+

    Now that’s an argument to spread. Night all.

  257. Look, if Hillary were younger VP might be acceptable but she would be 68 at the end of his term. If his presidency is a disaster, she will suffer for it!

    She will also probably be doing all of his work because he is a future Jimmy Carter. Selecting the guy over the more qualified woman is a popularity contest, not an election!

    I don’t believe a 68 year old woman could be elected!

  258. no warehouse553 selecting a man over the more qualified woman should be against the law! Lets face it, it will be a selection, because the voters have already stated who they want, its the DNC that does not want her, so as far as I am concerned selecting that man over a more qualified woman should be against the law!

  259. confloyd,

    I want her to win badly but the popular vote is a must. Taking the nomination away from the first viable AA even if he’s unelectable will be perceived as racist!

  260. 92% of AA voted for Obama! He’s and the media have branded the Clintons’ racist! Why can’t more people see how truly without depth he is? Hillary and Bill have done so much for civil rights!

  261. Carville was FANTASTIC tonight on CNN. He needs to be the main spokesperson for the campaign. He should be representing the campaign whenever necessary.

    I’ve been devouring television and internet news for the last 36 hours and the pattern is loud and clear: the Obama campaign has lost momentum, and Hillary has it.

  262. at least someone on noticed today’s Olbermann foot-in-mouth, condoning-of-violence-toward-Presidential candidate remark.


    Update: Did MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann really say that? He and “Countdown” stalwart Howard Fineman were reprising their regular conversation about the perfidy of the Clinton campaign Wednesday night when Fineman bemoaned the lack of Democratic leaders (he called that an oxymoron) who could tell Clinton the race was over. Olbermann did him one better, insisting that ending Clinton’s campaign requires finding a strong Democratic leader “who can take her into a room, and only he comes out.” I know and like and have worked with Keith Olbermann, but that just sounded…wrong.
    — Joan Walsh

  263. I wish they would quit with the threats of violence against Senator Clinton. THese newscasters need to stop, they could actually incite some slightly off individual to do harm. Look what happened to Reagan. Democrat or Republican, neither should have to worry constantly about being harmed. TV people should realized the power they have and the people out there that are not balanced! I think we really need to get the networks to stop with these kinds of statements!

  264. Good morning to you it’s not morning for me yet it’s 11:00 pm.

    We all should make a point to call hillary on the olbermann issue, the problem that we have and this is strategic on the media and Obama is that they want to make hillary out to be all negative so anything they say anything will come out and not scar bambi. Well I really hope america starts complaining tomorrow we need to complain and we should call him on everything msnbc and olbermaniac!

  265. Terrondt, is there video of the carville and richardson mashup anywhere, i did not get to watch, i was at work!

  266. geeklove08…

    oh my god, that was funny…thank you for that video. That’s a total SNL skit. the “logo” (leggo of my logo) was right on!

    I will send that out virally…hilarious.

  267. On the Olberman issue– after IndyRobin and I made the media bias video some people said that Olberman should not have been included– when his comment tonight seems no different that “take her behind the barn” comment– hope people could see it now.

  268. Thanks Ininla– I thought that I should come up with a funny video– I was inspired after I saw the photo shopped “logo” and added “waffles” that’s my new nickname for him.. 😉

  269. Yeah, I remember that comment on that video about taking her behind the barn, it makes my blood boil. No respect, people just don’t give or have respect for anyone or anything now. It’s disgusting!

  270. what is it about these obama elected supporters like dashele, mckaskill, and richardson turning into nasty hacks?

  271. Did you notice the crowd in indiana during Waffles’ “concession” speech booing when he congratulated HRC. That is not the first time. His elected supporters do not act any different.

  272. terrondt,

    money and lots of it! We will never know what politicians are doing behind the curtains! I can understand a teenager liking Obama, he’s tall and handsome and sounds so young. I can’t understand anyone supporting him that are really just adults. I trully and i really mean this, think that he is no smarter than bush maybe even dumber! The reason why I say this is because he doesn’t even take questions from the people, not reporters, people. Also teleprompters WHO USES TELEPROMPTERS AT RALLIES! The way he talks and how he looks when he talks should make people boil. Remember we voted for Bush twice not once, twice. This is really not shocking anymore!

  273. Hey do we know anything about the real poll that came out and said that it was tied on negativity with Obama and Hillary? MSNBC i guess lied about the ratio of that. I really want to find out more.

  274. just wanted to post this – since it’s funny and reminds us of BO’s cook county tactics:

    Dead actor Roy Scheider donates to Barack Obama campaign anyway

    Sen. Barack Obama does come from the Chicago school of politics, where historically voter turnout has been unusually high for residents of certain graveyards. And he has been unusually successful raising money.Actor Roy Scheider in his Jaws role as the local policeman He died Feb. 10 at the age of 75 but somehow one month later donated $50 to the presidential campaign of Illinois Democratic Senator Barack Obama of Chicago

    Now, he’s raising money by raising the dead.

    The Times’ campaign finance expert Dan Morain has found Obama campaign records reporting a $50 donation by Roy Scheider, who lists his occupation as actor and his home as Sag Harbor, N.Y.

    Remember him from many great movies, including “The French Connection” and “Jaws” and the immortal line: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”?

    According to the campaign records, Scheider made the donation March 10.

    Trouble is, Scheider died exactly one month before that, on Feb. 10, at age 75. Just another example of Hollywood’s undying affection for Democrats.

    Obama recently reported other donations from breathing actors: Sam Waterston, $2,300; Lynn Redgrave, $600; Sydney Poitier, $250; and Treat Williams, $100.

    Scheider was unavailable for comment. However, informed of the deceased donor’s generosity, an Obama campaign spokesman said late Tuesday it had come under a monthly credit card donation program and that it would be halted this month. The $50 March donation would be donated to another cause, the spokesman said.

    Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been waiting weeks for Marlon Brando to return its calls. Same for John McCain and Charlton Heston.

  275. geek
    as you are adept at video why not one for the dnc using “never gonna get it” i think the song was early 90’s by en vogue. just a thought.

  276. hillfans, lanny davis is among hillary’s strongest defenders on the talk shows. he is making his rounds everywhere. he like carville are great.

  277. Ininla
    guess those prepaid cards are untracable. Sucks because those people are commiting a crime and will never be punished.

  278. winhillary, i notice at these concession speeches he turns into a southern preachin pastor type. if i wanted a preacher i would go to church!

  279. Carville sounded like a broken record and somebody with more specifics should have been in his place. He should have hit him on the fact that Obama has been negative on Clinton and it works both ways. His campaign has called her devisive, secretive, polarizing, untruthful. I still don’t understand what was so negative about the 3 a.m. phone call ads. The ads didn’t attack Obama and rightly pointed out the responsibilities and readiness of a president. Usually when there are two people in an election and they air ads, they usually try to convey to viewers that they are better for the position. Why is this any different? Does Bill Richardson think the presidency is some kind of fairy tale? He also should have attacked Richardson on the fact that he is a uniter and is winning swing states. Kansas, Wyoming, Alaska, and Utah aren’t exactly swing states and if he is such a great uniter, then why is he having such a hard time with the nomination. If he can’t win the majority of democrats, how can he win Republicans and Independents? Bill Richardson kept contradicting himself saying that democrats should coalasce around a candidate, but he doesn’t think the voting should end? How does that make sense?

  280. Bambi is now Waffles for me
    And this site is the little site that could.
    I have never been very active before but I have been inspired by all of you. If you told me a year ago that I would have knocked on doors promoting a candidate I’d have laughed in your face. But damn that felt good Tuesday night.

  281. With that beard, Richardson looks just like the Judas Priest he stands accused of being like. I guess if it had been the Fourth of July and he was imitating Benedict Arnold, he would be sporting a pony tail. Did he attend a special school to learn to say by rote those lines? Like bringing the country together, swing states, blah blah and so forth? Maybe he is preparing for a career as a stand up comedian after the political season is over, since he will be unemployed. He certainly had me laughing.

    People like Richardson think we the people are a bunch of stupid cows, don’t they? If this contest is about anything, it is about how once in a great while we the people stand up to the political elite and remind them that we have the final say as to whom our leaders will be. The more they grind us, the more we fight back. And this time, they are finding out to their surprise that women can fight as good as the men folk.

  282. Paddy
    not just the political elite but Big Media– I was truly overwhelmed Tuesday by the number of people expressing thier disgust with the totally biased news coverage. Pa did not buy the hoopla and now are being diminished for thinking for themselves.

  283. Another good reason to morph into a Democrat for McCain if Obama is the candidate. Certainly Judas Richardson would be rewarded with his 40 pieces of silver by a post in an Obama administration. Sad to say but he makes Rumsfeld look like Cinderella.

  284. some intersting (political) things about IN:

    red state

    state gov’t controlled by GOP
    votes red in presidential elections
    has only one Democratic area: Gary (mostly AA)
    statewide Democratic office holders have to be moderates like Hillary (one notable exception was Evan Bayh’s father Birch but that was some time ago)
    a bitter bunch to be sure (church going, gun toting etc.)
    farmers and workers

    Don’t believe the polls. You already know what they are going to start saying very soon. In EVERY contest Hillary has won so far, they have her losing, nearly so, up by a point or two, etc. Indiana should be ours if we put some work into it.


  286. These little CNN polls don’t mean much, but I liked the Lou Dobbs poll last night that asked if there is a gender bias against Hillary in the media. 74% said yes. We knew that, and I’m glad others know it also.

  287. The video is call movement and it was done by Flineo, you can go to youtube and on the right hand side is were you can see the rest of the videos, you have seen most but there worth watching again. I really appreciate people that make videos of ideas. just type in movement or thin red line.

  288. 74% that is a high mark, we have a lot to do today, the olbermann episode has to be addressed. Sorry really bad speller! What he said is not going to be tolerated.

  289. Winhillary, after a minute or two I was thinking “why am I watching this?”, but in a little while it became apparent why it was important.

    At the end, many of those people were expressing regrets for their part in the “movement”. I hope it never becomes necessary for people to regret what could happen in the current “movement”.

    I’ve spent some time worrying about that because I love this country and always hope we will make the right decisions for it’s future.

  290. Yes this is very important because he is reaching a very young demographic and these young adults are not realizing like religion they are give there trust and hopes do a person that is not informed. Honestly I don’t believe anyone should give all faith into something without really knowing it, at least with Hillary and Bill Clinton they have a history and dark one as well but a history of a proven record of making changes but you will never see me ripping someones tires or making people of my same race feel guilty for voting for someone else, this election Sherm is getting really scary!

  291. Unfortunately it isn’t only the young adults. Gov. Richardson, on with Carville, bragged repeatedly about all the EXPERIENCE BHO has. He really believes that, not because it’s true, but because he has drank the Kool-Aid. He has become a believer, and that’s only one example. Yes, it is really scary.

    Look at the MSM. Journalists generally think of themselves as smarter and more knowledgeable than “common people”. They (not all) tend to believe they are uniquely experts on everything. How can they just close their eyes and go along with that stuff?

  292. No it is obvious to us now that the media is destroying america, nothing can just stay centered it has to go extreme to the left or the right, I am learning a lot about the journalist and the news anchors. They know that the young are getting hit by the obama wave but hey they are getting viewers and that really is all that matters the more conflict the more people watch. They can inform us but why do we need opinions report the news and shut the fuck up go home and vote and let the viewers decide on thier own!

  293. Good morning, Hillfans. FYI the hackers took down Stop Obama on Monday and No Quarter blog is down again this morning. The Obamabots are working overtime.

  294. Winhillary

    Thanks for sharing the video. It is very well done and shows the energy behind that part of the Obama thrust that incorporates the radical student left. It may be useful if the author goes on to discuss in perhaps a subsequent video the co-opting of these youth by the new rich left, made wealthy by globalization, and the synthesis of these two with what is left of the greens (an older crowd) to form the backbone of the Obama movement. Only because Obama is African-American are AAs temporarily being brought into this coalition. Otherwise they would be a part of the centralist working class wing of the Democratic Party now headed by Hilary Clinton.

  295. you all we need to work North Carolina. We need to be phone banking and writing to the editorial papers. The media is going to try to cast NC as just like PA and if he takes NC by a big margin .. well, she is gonna have a steeper hill.

    I wish we could get a shout out from Pulch…

  296. “FYI the hackers took down Stop Obama on Monday and No Quarter blog is down again this morning. The Obamabots are working overtime.”

    Don’t you just love the NEW politics?

  297. …and the sad/disconcerting thing is that it is telling the young men of today that this stuff is OK to do to websites you disagree with.

    The Obama camp is teaching young people to intimidate, shout down, bully others to bow to their wants (as seen in the states holding a caucus) AND hack/destroy people’s property with anyone who disagrees with them.

  298. dedfg, exactly the same tactics the used in any dictatorship,

    like Hitler, when they want to drown out resistance, shut down the opposition newspapers and rallies and beat up opposition and created scapegoats.

    Like Zimbabwe, Drown out moderate voices by labelling them racists, establishment and bad.

    Like Russia, take over the media and create the news.

    Like Argentina, use the unions to bust the elections.

    All sounds familiar does’nt and people are letting them just do it. This worse than the republicans and the repugs need to be worried.

    We thought the threat was Republicans and now we realise we are being taken over from an element within the Democratic party.

  299. Herr Olbermann, you rant well, but the fuhrer still has you beat, so keep trying, und soon you will have earned your armband and lapel pin – how smart you vill look in your jackboots, ja?

    Ah, but that was old Germany, dead to the world.

    The new Germany is the model for the U.S. – the new Germany is just about the world’s number one exporter, yes, last I heard, even greater than China, and one of the world’s most democratic countries – those new real German men have a female leader, who is respected, admired and does a very good job.

    Herr Olbermann, you are totally anachronistic. That means belonging to someplace in the distant past.

  300. moononpluto

    The shocks of industrialization, the global depression, uneven development and wars gave us communism and fascism. The economic and social shocks of Globalization are providing the fuel for new forms of radicalism and violence, including the Obama movement. Other countries are doing it their way, we are doing it ours.

    Did you know that under the National Socialist dictatorship in Nazi Germany, Hitler never passed one media censorship law? It was all voluntary. The German media really believed he was the messiah that would save the world from communism. The youth adored him, young girls fainted at his rallies, many gave their lives for the cause of National Socialism. Scary.

  301. Paddy, oh yes, striking isnt it and when it came to the nuremberg trials, it was all a case of “i was following orders”. Its all very convenient. Theres no discussion its their way or we’ll jump on your head.

    This is what is scary about Obama, not one of his supporters is questioning the rhetoric, its jump to it and do not question the speak.

    When the silence of the lambs (and i dont mean the film) is real then you know you are being led to the slaughter.

  302. Hey Admin there’s a good title for one of your posts.

    The Silence of the lambs, the sheep no longer speak, just led into the abbatoir.

  303. Rasmussen poll on 04/23/08 Hillary 43 Obama 48. She is up from 41 and he is down from 49, from the day before. again take polls with a grain of salt, but that is still some good news!!! 🙂

  304. Well i never thought i’d see the funking day when Rassmussen post a commentary that beats up on Obama akin to a baseball bat to the knees!

    Why Not Blame Obama?

    But here’s the deal: During the debate, Obama bungled his answers on tax policy, big time. Period. End of sentence. End of story. To my liberal friends in the media, all I can say is: Get over it. Your guy has a very poor grasp of basic economic principles.

    First off, you don’t raise taxes during a recession. That’s a no-brainer. Second, doubling the capital-gains tax rate will affect Americans up and down the income ladder, not just rich hedge-fund managers. In addition, capital-gains tax cuts are self-financing, and they stimulate jobs and the economy. You want to raise budget revenues and spark economic growth? Cut the cap-gains tax rate. That’s what history shows.

    The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore points out that in 2005, almost half of all tax returns reporting capital gains came from households with incomes under $50,000, while more than three-quarters came from households earning less than $100,000.

    Obama also proposed uncapping the payroll tax, another blunder that will hit people up and down the income ladder. While Obama pledges tax hikes only for folks earning more than $200,000 a year, his tax hike on payrolls would actually slam middle-income earners. The cap on wages subject to the payroll tax is presently $102,000. By eliminating that cap, Obama will be soaking veteran firemen, cops, teachers and health-service workers, along with a variety of other occupations.

    In fact, in America’s largest cities, a firefighter married to a schoolteacher can earn close to $200,000 filing jointly. So not only will each spouse separately pay more for Social Security and health care under Obama’s plan, together they’ll also be slammed by Obama’s cap-gains tax increase.

    This is more than just a failure to understand the Laffer curve. It’s another cultural misstep by Obama. I can’t help but wonder if the senator knows any cops or firemen. His appeal is to well-educated latte liberals. That remark about middle-income folks having turned to God, faith and guns because of economic setbacks? Not only was it ill-advised, it illustrates the wide cultural chasm that exists between the candidate and the rest of America.

    In effect, Obama’s economics are bad, and his social circle is very limited. This is one of the many reasons why a quarter of the Hillary Democrats are telling pollsters they’ll likely move to John McCain in the general election.

    Obama’s real agenda is far-liberal left. It’s an ideology that places income redistribution above economic growth. That’s his real message. And it’s the same one that sunk Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and John Kerry. Bill Clinton? He was a growth Democrat. So he won twice. But Obama is aligning himself with the Democratic losers. And that will make him a loser, as well.

    The Pennsylvania results show that Hillary’s pit-bull routine worked. But that’s a different issue. What I’m saying is that liberals need to quit blaming Gibson and Stephanopoulos for Obama’s shortcomings. Instead, they need to blame Obama for failing to grasp how tax penalties on upward mobility will hurt the very people he thinks he’s going to help.

    Jack Kemp has effectively made the point that African American communities desperately need capital in order to create new businesses and jobs. Yet as Obama takes the capital out of capitalism, all those who are not rich will be hurt when the rich folks with capital have less of it — after tax — to invest in those new businesses and new jobs.

    That’s exactly why wealth-redistribution plans always backfire. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a surefire economic loser. So is putting government in charge of the economy, which is what Obama is proselytizing.

    This marks the third mistake for the Illinois senator. Not only does he not understand economics, not only is he set apart from middle-class values and beliefs, he apparently hasn’t read much history, either.

    Did someone say inexperience?

  305. I always thought the Constitution gave us the right to vote. Guess what? That is not true. The Supreme Court affirmed the district court’s interpretation that our Constitution “does not protect the right of all citizens to vote, but rather the right of all qualified citizens to vote.” And it’s state legislatures that wield the power to decide who is “qualified.”

    As a result, voting is not a right, but a privilege granted or withheld at the discretion of local and state governments.” This right can also be withheld by the DNC.

    I think we need an amendment to the Constitution that no one can take an American’s right to a vote away from them. I am disappointed to know that the right to vote is not an inalienable right.

    If our vote couldn’t be taken away by anyone, Hillary would have no problems now. Florida has enough votes to put her ahead in popular votes.

  306. The thing that really galls me about the media is that they go on and on about how this person or that person or this demographic or that demographic supports Obama. Then they go on and on about why.
    OK. thats fine. But when they finally get around to talking about why people support Hillary Clinton, they never discuss the reasons why, and now they are making it seem like the ONLY reason why anyone votes for Hillary is because they dont like Obama.
    Not true. Most people voting for Hillary do so because Hillary’s intelligence, forth-right campaigning and pragmatic solutions speak to them. Dont insult my intelligence. Hillary Clinton speaks for me.

    Funny how they never seem to present the reverse- that African Americans, to some degree, support Obama because he is African.

    But I do think there is hope- (ha) and a lot of it comes from this blog. The media is biased but in the end the media also is driven by having a story line that will get people to watch their shows and read their papers. So Lou Dobbs, Fox News and rare others may be finding the niche reporting they are looking for by standing out from the crowd and questioning the support Obama has and finding intelligent things to say about Hillary Clinton.

  307. What the fuck has Rassmussen come over from the dark side? Even Zogby is saying theres big trouble for Obama. Go read it all.

    Deepening Democratic Dilemma

    How was it possible, then, that Sen. Clinton, given up for dead by her party’s establishment, won Pennsylvania in a 10-point landslide? The answer is the dreaded Bradley Effect.

    Prominent Democrats only whisper when they compare Obama, the first African-American with a serious chance to be president, with what happened to Los Angeles’ black Mayor Tom Bradley a quarter of a century ago. Exit polls in 1982 showed Bradley ahead for governor of California, but he actually lost to Republican George Deukmejian. Pollster John Zogby (who correctly predicted Clinton’s double-digit win Tuesday) said what practicing Democrats would not. “I think voters face-to-face are not willing to say they would oppose an African-American candidate,” Zogby told me.

    For the first time, Democratic loyalists not necessarily committed to Clinton are wondering whether the party’s system for picking a nominee is the problem. If all caucuses were eliminated and only primaries used in picking nominees, Obama’s lead of 130 in delegates would become an advantage for Clinton of 45 delegates. The bigger problem is proportional representation replacing the winner-take-all system that enabled Republicans to get their nominee on Feb. 5 Super Tuesday. Without the “reforms” enacted by Democrats during the decade following the party’s 1968 fiasco, Clinton might have clinched the nomination by now.

    Such regret does not affect the 2008 election, and no significant procedural changes are likely for the future. Democratic politicians today see no viable alternative to Barack Obama as their nominee. Their hard assessment is that Hillary Clinton clawing her way to the nomination could mean 25 percent McCain support from a radically depleted African-American turnout — a prescription for disaster.

    On the other hand, Pennsylvania exit polls project a massive defection by Clinton voters (with 32 percent of them “satisfied” only if she is the nominee). Many of these disaffected Democrats surely will be reconciled to Obama. Indeed, McCain privately warns key supporters to be prepared for a massive if temporary falloff in the polls once these unhappy Democrats return after Obama is nominated. But not all will return, and that is Pennsylvania’s warning to the Democratic Party.

  308. “The media is biased but in the end the media also is driven by having a story line that will get people to watch their shows and read their papers.”

    Yes, very true.

  309. Don’t get me wrong – I want to help feed the world and end famine and starvation. But under BHO, I can see the USA spending $5 on a loaf a bread/lb. of rice – while they in Africa are taken care of. That’s just for starters. Remember – this guy hates America – so you tell me how he helps “our” economy in any long-range plan. No real substantive specifics ever given – just talk. Like Hitler gave stamps for good behavior – then with a full book may get you a Volkswagon. That’s how it will work.

  310. that is why I’m saying the national polling having obama up is wacko too. he tends to “ovepoll” and it’s being realized when the boots hit the ground on election day.

    I swear I’m not sure what is going to happen. I do think she needs a strong showing of blue collar support in North Carolina .. that will blunt his anticipatory win. She needs to be there campaigning every other day, in the strong hold areas that she can do well in.

  311. I love Lanny davis, he basically said Obama wins Small Caucus Republican farmland states and Clinton Huge Primary Democratic Industrial states.

  312. paddy4Hill Says:
    April 24th, 2008 at 9:28 am

    under the National Socialist dictatorship in Nazi Germany, Hitler never passed one media censorship law? It was all voluntary. The German media really believed he was the messiah that would save the world from communism. The youth adored him, young girls fainted at his rallies, many gave their lives for the cause of National Socialism. Scary.

    But the American people are nothing like the German people during the rise of the Nazi party. They were a beaten people after WWi and as a result of boycotts from the Allies, they were starving – men were pimping their wives in the streets in order to feed their children, the Weimar Republic was extremely unstable, and this was the state of affairs until Hitler came to power over 10 years after the end of the war. Those people were bitter and eager to cling to any new messiah who promised them hope and change. But Americans are not beaten, most of us are not starving, we are not bitter, and we stand by our principles and ideals. OH and PA people have clearly shown us who we are – we are not bitter fools ready to follow a Chicago con man with anti-American connections.

    If there was ever going to be a revolution in this country it was in the depths of the Great Depression – there was talk of it, the Communist Party worked hard at it and they had many of our intellectuals snookered for awhile – we need to note why it never happened.

  313. Realize it is absolutely feartactics, but some brave 527 needs to paint him as the Nazi he is.

  314. article out today states that the superdelegates are holding in place. So the big rumor, again, that they would stampede over to the messiah corner was just rhetoric put out by his camp and the media.

    Let’s make a real effort here to help get North Carolina in our corner. Those who do the editorials to the papers, please do like you did in PA. Also, those who are contacting the sd’s please continue and those who phone bank please continue.

    Hillary really needs us now more than she did in PA because the media is pushing even harder that she can’t win it. We need to convince her supporters that their vote can make the difference in the superdelegates minds. It’s not about the voting booth now, the messages the voters send with Hillary support will effect the outcome.

    Go Hillary

  315. Revolutionaries always try to tell the people how bitter they are, how fed up they are, feed on their hope and their desire for change

  316. BTW, I’m trying to locate Pulchritudes site for Hillary in NC .. does anyone have the link available?

  317. moononpluto above quoted Zogby on the Bradley effect: “I think voters face-to-face are not willing to say they would oppose an African-American candidate,” Zogby told me.

    Hmm…does any one else see a possible elephant in the room? Is it possible that there are a percentage of AA women who break for Hillary in the privacy of the polling booth? Can this be the reason that exit polls are so wrong on election day?

    Could it be that the 4-5% deficit in the last SUSA PA is representative of AA women voting for Hillary despite what they may have told the exit polsters?

  318. Hey the peasants stormed the gates on Marie Antoinette (MO). Better to call them out NOW for their Marxism than when in the White House. Violence means nothing to someone whose only real dealings with the USA is the southside of Chicago and who befriends verbal (Wright & Farrakhan) and physical (Ayers & Dohrn) terrorists. What part of this don’t young people understand? They are the ones who most recently sat through a World History and Civics class!

  319. With a book full of stamps for good behavior, young people can look forward to a Volkswagen – just like in Nazi Germany.

  320. I’m reading articles that NC will be an “open” primary? and that people can register the same day and vote outside the party? WTF

  321. Clinton adviser Harold Ickes, who is in charge of superdelegates for the campaign, arrived at the meeting with a group of congressional supporters and superdelegates armed with two pages of maps titled, “Obama’s Red State Myth.”

    It showed the states Obama has won and the states Clinton has won, giving her victories in battlegrounds with more Electoral College votes –

    284 to his 202.

    That includes her controversial wins in Florida and Michigan.
    The map listed 11 states Obama won that haven’t voted for a Democrat in a general election in the last 30 to 40 years – suggesting they don’t matter because they can’t be won by the party this November.

  322. I would think that early voting in NC right now is going to help Hillary. Her big momentum from PA will give her a boost ..

    Has anyone seen anything on the absentee votes from PA .. the media has a blackout on PA now it seems

  323. this is an example of modern propaganda:

    Their hard assessment is that Hillary Clinton clawing her way to the nomination could mean 25 percent McCain support from a radically depleted African-American turnout — a prescription for disaster.


    On the other hand, Pennsylvania exit polls project a massive defection by Clinton voters (with 32 percent of them “satisfied” only if she is the nominee). Many of these disaffected Democrats surely will be reconciled to Obama.

    Look closer:

    Why the depleted AA turnout (who know for certain they will stay at home on election day) is a prescription for disaster?

    compared to:

    Many of these disaffected Democrats (Clinton supporters) surely (get this surley business) will be reconciled to Obama.

    Don’t be fooled by this trash. It is very subtle and very clever.

  324. NYCMax, I think they are. I think that is Hillary’s hidden vote. I know some AA women who are literally afraid to support Hillary publicly because they are bullied and scorned.

    But in the voting booth, they quietly vote for her.

  325. What is everyone’s take on the NC. RNC running the ad’s of Rev Wright??? Does anyone think this could hurt Hillary???

  326. Go Harold Ickes!!!!

    The superdelegates better be listening to what he is saying. The republican states will follow the in November and it’s being shown that Obama cannot win the states that matter for the party in the fall.

    Why is nobody asking him to get out based on the fact that he isn’t winning the states we need to carry in the fall … also, they are sorely counting out the hill support that will either deflect (most likely) or go third party .. third party looks better for me cause I won’t be voting for McCain but it’ll help defeat the inexpereinced turd who would control the nuclear button and economic policies ..

  327. JAS

    i love that ad… will certainly help hillary

    the only way it could of hurt her is if she ran it,, but she didn’t and everyone knows it

    but it will make not only NC think, but the rest of the country too since it’s being shown on all the cable news channels
    and the pundits are talking about it 😀

  328. Dot

    it the situation was reversed……and hillary was in obama’s place

    the pundits , party leaders surely would be asking her to drop out based on winning those republican states ….it’s a double sided coin for sure

  329. no, JAS I don’t think it will hurt Hillary. It’s obvious the ads are run the GOP and they can’t paint Hillary with that brush. I actually am glad to see the Wright controversy getting put in ads. While John McCain tries to take the high road .. it’s obvious to anyone with eyeballs that the ads would come in play in the fall. Wright, Ayers, patriotism, terrorist friends who like BinLaden want to blow up our country….

    I actually don’t want America to forget about the Rev Wright and GodDamn America.

  330. Thanks for your opinion!!! I agree. The nation needs to wake up in these next 2 weeks, this is just a taste of what the Republicans will bring Obama!! Did Hillary get her 10M. yesterday??

  331. yes, the 10Million goal was reached. I’d say contributions will continue. Hillary’s effort to fight for Americans is one to be championed and she is reaching out with the perfect tone right now.

    The goal now has got to be win those areas in North Carolina that are favorable to her .. fight hard in Indiana and use these new resources wisely but effectively.

  332. Bottom Line: We, the People don’t give a damn about the hidden agendas of Big Media, old axes to grind from the Bill Clinton WH – these OLD GUARD need to get the hell out of the way, and again – let us, the People elect the best candidate for the Presidency. The fact that THEY have issues – are ya listenin’ Donna – Dean – Nancy – Al – John – Richardson – WE COULDN’T CARE LESS. GET OVER IT. WE ARE WHAT MATTERS.

  333. hillary doesn’t have to win NC, she only needs to continue to take the majority of the white class and the women

    the reagan democrats………that is what they are saying obama needs to show in nc that he can win over

  334. Irish1139

    Sad isn’t it. But the fact remains women and minorities had been denied the right to vote for much of our nations history.

    The lawmakers have been white male by a large majority and still are today. Progress is slow because racism and sexism are so ingrained into the fabric of everyday society.

    It is my belief that if another male, even a black one, becomes our leader, it will be decades before women will be able to run for president again. This loss will be a tremendous set back not only in America, but will reinforce the misogynistic behavior of people world wide.

    I hate to play the gender card or race card but stepping back and looking at this from a historical point of view, the last time women had a chance at true equality or some semblance of it was in the ’70s. It has been nearly an entire generation for 50% of the world population to wait for fairness and respect again.

    Love her or hate her, Hillary has literally stuck her neck out on the line to help end this disparity. No other woman has done this singularly since the days of women suffrage


    April 24, 2008
    Deal or No Deal?
    Posted by TOM BEVAN | E-Mail This | Permalink | Email Author

    The understatement of the day from Barack Obama: “The way we’re going to close the deal is by winning.” No kidding.

    But Tuesday’s loss in Pennsylvania has the press focused on why he can’t seem to win when and where he’s had to this primary season, and just what that might mean for the general election. For a small sampling of this focus, see Adam Nagourney in the New York Times, Robert Novak, Rick Klein of ABC News, as well as Karl Rove, Jackie Calmes and Mary Jacoby in today’s Wall Street Journal.

    The Clinton camp couldn’t be happier, of course, and the press’ new fixation with the question of whether Obama can “close the deal” or not is one of the most under appreciated byproducts of Clinton’s win on Tuesday: it changed the narrative. Unless the Obama campaign can find a way to change it back, it’s going to be an exceedingly long two weeks until Obama gets another chance (not to mention his last chance of the primary) to show he’s a closer and end this thing by sweeping Clinton in North Carolina and Indiana.

  336. People forget things you see, there are Pure Democratic states and there are pure Republican states and then there are the purple states.

    Hillary has won practically all of the Blue States and purple ones.

    Does anyone think any of these would flip to Obama.


    Clinton will flip these, OBAMA CAN’T.


  337. It is my belief that if another male, even a black one, becomes our leader, it will be decades before women will be able to run for president again. This loss will be a tremendous set back not only in America, but will reinforce the misogynistic behavior of people world wide.

    …and Debbie even beyond the presidency, I have noticed even in the job situation women being forced out of certain professions. I am in the technology field and the sexism has increased in the last 10 years. You won’t find one women in certain areas, even though there are highly qualified women (or have more experience over the guys hired) looking for these jobs.

  338. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…….where’s the HUGE storyline on Auchi? That would be the icing on the proverbial cake in IN, and could make a huge difference in the final spread in NC. Hannity? Rush? Dobbs? Buchanan? Scarborough? With explanation by Rove & Gingrich……..We need Auchi-gate!

  339. * 4:15 pm
    * Hillary Clinton attends a “Solution for America” event at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina

    * 8:00 pm
    * Hillary Clinton attends a “Solution for America” event at Methodist University in Asheville, North Carolina

    obama has no public events, he is in chicago today……………so what’s going on with rezko today???? 😀

  340. I say pounce on Auchi the Thursday before Tuesday election. Since the interest span in voting adults is little better than a public school student…15 seconds.

  341. Maybe Rezko is warbling like Robin Redbreast…….or maybe they’re trying to figure out how to snuff him out and say the butler did it.

  342. Probably BHO sneaked into (under house arrest) Rezko’s basement and the’yre trying to get their stories straight – Auchi and all – in written notes, in case the place is bugged. Secret Service – is that part of the Open Records since supplied by gov’t? Hey, nothing surprises me about this Chicago Combine. Where’s Al Capone when you need him?

  343. recent events are showing women what a long way they have come and what a long way they have to go

  344. Trust me, Rezko is not dumb, that man has made sure that in the event of his death, certain documents will be released from some bank vault somewhere.

  345. That could make a huge difference in Indiana, the AA population is widely distributed, not concentrated.

  346. Wish Rezko would turn state’s evidence and spill his guts (pun). With a very good plastic surgeon doing something with that honker and a personal trainer – witness protection might sound real good to him about right now. Surely they have his house under surveillance and there are (illegal) wiretaps throughout the place.

  347. Yes – HRC Public Relations needs to be putting her out there as the torch bearer to Eleonor Roosevelt (human rights) Carrie Nation (equal rights) and Florence Nightingale (Universal Healthcare) all rolled into one. A perfect moniker: The USA Renaissance Woman – A Woman for All Seasons

  348. She is definitely knowledgeable about many subjects and signifies rebirth for women AND the Democratic Party – all they (DNC) have to do is recognize her accomplishments. That’s not asking too much.

  349. curiosty

    I thought that was a brilliant PR idea and forwarded it onto the campaign for you (word for word) 😀

  350. People even charge “racist” if you say you won’t vote for BHO. I want us to charge people as a “woman hater” if they oppose Hillary in any way. I brought this up a while back and people said it wouldn’t work because it doesn’t have the same force as the racist charge. I understand that. But if it effects only 10% of the voters, it could make a difference. However, I’m thinking we should use every excuse we can find to accuse the pundits of it in any way possible. Or, how about the surrogates, such as Gov. Richardson? Someone may say, “But what it if isn’t true?” Well, it may not be true in most cases to call someone a racist.

    If a pundit is called a woman hater often enough some people will begin to believe that’s his motive for knocking Hillary. Maybe some people will begin to ignore that guy.

    OK, At least I’ve expressed my frustration about this matter. Maybe Hillary is doing so well now that she doesn’t need that kind of help. Or, maybe the partial vetting of BHO is finally overcoming the media bias.

  351. Debbie says “she did oppose the equal rights amendment”

    Whoa… I don’t know about that… could you enlighten me?

  352. dija – WOW. Thanks! She really has all the elements of a completely well-rounded and knowdegeable woman. We are all so lucky that she is in our midst, and it is unbelievable that she is not appreciated for all of her accomplihments and what she has yet to offer our country and world. She really does embody so many elements that appeal to so many factions on so many fronts. Thanks again!

  353. djia Says:
    April 24th, 2008 at 10:25 am

    no 10 pts in IN is very possible…..the AA population is only what ? 22%??

    No, djia, even though AA are only about 22%, that is general population. The percentage in the Democratic Party is much higher, at 30-some percent.

    It is almost impossible for Hillary to win NC. She would have to beat him by 30 – 35% with the non-black vote just to break even, much less win.

    The point in NC is to drive those margins, make it very obvious that all he is getting is the AA vote, and getting trounced in the rest. No one expects her to WIN there, but the supers will be looking very closely at whether Obama can pull anything but the AA and youth/very affluent vote. If he can’t, it looks good for Hillary.

    I’m not saying don’t work for a win – hey, anything is theoretically possible! 😀 I’m just saying that there is no need to freak out if he does well there. It’s the BREAKDOWN of voters, and the margins, not the totals, that are important in NC.

  354. lil ole grape

    its written in history how she was very pro woman, however, she was outspoken against the ERA. easy to research her on the internet.

  355. loved this comment on the joan walsh article at the salon that someone here posted

    “Obama is inspiring and uplifting.

    But in the words of Walter Mondale/Clara Peller: “Where’s the Beef?”

    The man is all sizzle, no steak.”

  356. Oops, sorry, djia! My apologies. I am trying to keep up in between doing other stuff, and it ain’t easy!

    Oh, yeah, IN is definitely winnable!

  357. no biggie H4t 😀

    but i do agree with you on NC……..she dont need to win that state, only the Reagan dems 😀

    in NC the supers will be looking to see if he can win those reagan dems……if he can’t…….and she does
    then we will see SD siding with hillary

  358. The 5-page talking points I printed out yesterday from MyDD on seating the FL and MI delegates is awesome. Don’t leave home without it. Shoots down every argument DNC has concocted to disenfrancise these two states all in the effort to catapult BHO to the nomination. He is such a loser all the way around. Wins red states that will go to McCain – a Patriotic American War Hero – to his anti-American Marxist connections. What a no-brainer. What in the hell is the DNC thinking? Dean – go dust off your stethoscope, give your brother (working for BHO) a job as office manager, Brazile – go find some other desperado who needs a losing campaign manager – and Pelosi – go find your heart in San Francisco – because you are one lousy Speaker of the House. We all have your number – 000.

  359. dija –

    What did Axelrod say about white working class? Must’ve missed that. Didn’t someone with his campaign say “the older voters are the problem?”

  360. Debbie, thanks.
    Confess I have a shelf full of books about Eleanor — can’t believe I missed this point! Back to the books!

  361. Overvaluing downscale whites?

    David Axelrod suggests on NPR that Democrats shouldn’t obsess about a demographic they’re unlikely to win outright:

    “The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes,” he says. (via The Page.)

    One thing to keep in mind here: The whites getting surveyed in exit polls are people who voted in a Democratic Primary. So they’re voters either Democrat really should win; but conversely, it shouldn’t be automatic to extrapolate their views onto other white working class voters.

  362. The whites getting surveyed in exit polls are people who voted in a Democratic Primary. So they’re voters either Democrat really should win; but conversely, it shouldn’t be automatic to extrapolate their views onto other white working class voters.

    God, Axelhole is such an idiot. Yeah, you are right, these voes don’t reflect general election votes, since those will be EVEN WORSE!

    If Obama cannot win the white working class even among DEMOCRATS, it is lunacy to somehow suggest or hold out hope that that would get BETTER in the general, with Indies and Repugs voting.

    It would be WORSE, you moron.

  363. since BHO is so strong with independents as opposed to democrats, why doesn’t he leave us alone!!!

    Axelrod says BHO cant win in closed races because the independents don’t get to vote…duh did ya ever think that it is you BHO that should change parties?

  364. ok so now I’m a……… typical bitter working class white voter registered as a democrat that should be a republican

    whew they’re making me tired just saying it.

  365. When I heard that Hill got $10M in 24 hours, I decided to hold onto my donation a day or so to demonstrate that her supporters have a *sustained* appreciation for her efforts. Today:

    Contribution Details
    Date: April 24, 2008 10:59 AM EDT
    Contact: XXXX
    Seattle, WA 98118
    Amount: $144.44

    Thanks, Hillaryis44. You’re an oasis of sanity in a storm of fanaticism.

  366. Debbie .. yes, they are! We’ve been sensing that “something” about obama for a long time. It’s becoming more apparent every day that he simply doesn’t have a clue .. he ain’t ever gonna be president.

  367. here’s a canadian article to love 😀

    h t t p : / /

    last paraghraph of this article:
    Can Obama still capture the nomination of his party? The math continues to favour him. He picked up bushels of delegates in his halcyon days. So he is technically the frontrunner, despite what now appears to be a demographic meltdown in the states that a Democrat needs to win in order to capture the White House. Barack Obama is still the prohibitive favorite to take the Democratic Party nomination for president. But unless he finds a way to deprive white men, middle-aged women, senior citizens, gun owners and bible believers of their civil right to vote, it would appear that this product will go down in history as just one more croc.

  368. here is the first paraphraph of that article……i should of posted that too for context of the last one…….sorry

    Serious political people don’t like to think of politicians as products. But who cares what they think? In the real world that is precisely how the customers — a.k.a. voters — treat them. They are laundry detergent, automobiles and footwear. If Barack Obama had to be compared to a shoe product right now, it would have to be Crocs. These are the foam and vinyl casual shoes with the great big crocodile-like holes in them that everybody seemed to want six months ago. Today, it’s hard to find very many people still willing to wear them. They are so last year.

  369. paybacks?????

    Obama site hacked, redirects clicks to Clinton’s site

    Amusing to see that, as the race for the next Prez of the US reaches another peak that Barak Obama’s Web site was hacked over the weekend, with punters being directed to Shrillery Clinton’s site instead.

    The hack was thanks to yet another of those cross-site scripting flaws that seem to be appearing all over the show at the moment.

    Someone calling himself Mox on the Obama Web site forums has claimed responsibility for the hack:

    “You may also be wondering, how did you get Hillary’s site to appear where Obama’s should be?” wrote Mox. “The answer to that is, through the magical world of cross site scripting.”

    The exploit was locked down fairly quickly by the Obama camp, but not before details, including a video, were posted to YouTube.

    Ah, the joys of t’Internet…

  370. let me amend that title, I’m a female, older, less educated, poor, rural, typical, bitter, moderate, working class white person and I like french toast instead of waffles.

  371. Wow? What an eye opener about Axelrod’s opinion of the importance of white, working-class voters. He, in essence dismisses them as nonrelevant. And they (DNC) have the gaul (audacity) to wonder why in the hell they keep LOSING THE WHITE HOUSE? DUH? Case in point: What we THOUGHT was the Democratic Party – obviously to those in power – Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, et al – and beign turned over to Axelrod & BHO – is a Party of Extreme leftists, anti-Americans, and those who have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER IN APPEALING TO THE BACKBONE OF THIS COUNTRY! And then they wonder why HRC supporters will defect to a candidate that not only acknowledges the white working-class, but shows them ANY respect? This proves beyond a doubt that BHO’s EMPTY rhetoric that is SUPPOSED to appeal to the white working-class is JUST ANOTHER PLOY – while he holds them to be “White trash” who “cling” to their guns and faith. His ELITISM needs to be what completely brings him down. Even Rove and GIngrich have said he nailed his coffin shut. THE ARCHITECT OF REPUBLICAN WINS KNOWS THE WHITE WORKING CLASS – the nucleus of the electorate – IS THE KEY TO VICTORY. SUPERDELEGATES – WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING? CHOOSE HRC NOW BEFORE YOU CAN BE ACCUSED OF THROWING THIS THING AT THE END – N O W !!!!!

  372. Yes, Clinton Raised $10M Off The Net

    24 Apr 2008 11:42 am

    Peter Daou, Hillary Clinton’s internet director, confirms that, by midnight last night, the campaign had recieved more than $10 million in web-based contributions. efforts. Not pledges. Not promises. But $10 million transferred directly from the credit and debit cards of about 100,000 donors. (The average donation was about $100.)

    On television yesterday, Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAullife innoncently projected out the number of $10 million from the roughly $5m the campaign had already recieved. There was a little bit of panic in Clinton land — would they actually be able to reach the Macker’s exuberant projection?

    The campaign says that by 11:00 pm ET last night, they had.

    So the $10M figure, according to the Clinton campaign, is not a goal. It is, indeed, cash in the bank.

  373. yes, yes, yes. Thanks to all the supporters who contributed.

    Really, when her campaign needs the money .. they ought to just come out and ask on tv. Her supporters have shown they are willing to get her back in the fund department.

    I’m sure that her big $ donors are going to pony up again too …

  374. That is great news!!!! Apparently, she will be having 17 fundraisers in the near future.

    Dot: where is Sharpie from?

  375. The Clintons’ Secret Weapon

    24 Apr 2008 11:49 am

    Rove let the cat out of the bag: it’s Michigan, stupid:

    While all eyes were locked on Pennsylvania for the last six weeks, Clinton was quietly amassing delegates in the Wolverine State. And she was rewarded this past weekend with a significant victory at the district conventions…

    Buoyed by party elder support, Clinton seems likely to capture more than 60 percent of the state’s 128 pledged delegates, according to an analysis by the Michigan Information & Research Service. Including the 28 superdelegates, which lean heavily in the New York senator’s favor, she could win upward of 70 percent of delegates, provided that they’re seated with full voting power…

    It’s becoming apparent that Obama should have consented to a revote here. He certainly wouldn’t have lost by 15 percentage points or more; polls have pegged the pair in a dead heat. But Obama seemed spooked that Clintonites put forth the plan and the money, so he quashed the do-over last month.

    Now Obama is paying the price in delegates, starting with the Michigan Democratic Party’s 15 district conventions on Saturday. The Clinton battle plan was flawlessly executed with an eye toward a contested convention. Their delegate roster is crammed with big names like former Gov. Jim Blanchard and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.

    This is going all the way to Denver.

  376. The controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright — Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor — is speaking Monday at the National Press Club as part of a divinity conference of black church leaders.

    any one have access to this shin-dig? Maybe we should storn the damn thing. Can we protest out-side with signs saying “typical white person” and “God damn Rev Wright”?

  377. “Obama site hacked, redirects clicks to Clinton’s site”

    They should have redirected it to the cartoon HillaryForTexas just posted. That’s funny.

  378. OK guys, lets mobilize a protest demonstration. Anyone in the area who can attend should try and do so. The event is sold out but there’s nothing keeping us from protesting outside, signs and all. Lets make an event of it that the media cant ignore. They like to pretend like he dealt with this issue by lecturing us typical white folks about race but we wont let him off that easy. Perhaps we can extend an invitation to the RNC in North Carolina??

    National press club:

    529 14th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20045

    Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright
    NPC Breakfast
    Apr. 28, 8:30 AM
    Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT.

  379. Amost maxed out in past few days. Going to finish with more HRC merchandise. Closing in on the $2,300. Then, my contributions will be only phone banking, whipping out my 5-page talking points (off yesterday’s MyDD on Seating FL & MI delegates) to explain the illegal shnanigans of the DNC and drum up support for their ousting. And hopefully travelling around this summer to FL & MI (?) perhaps marching for recognition and D.C. storming the DNC headquarters, etc. Think we need to convene on Ellis Island, too, in drawing a comparison with Lady Liberty and HRC – both symbolizing the symbolic WOMAN bringing quality and acknwledgement to all citizens, INCLUDING those citizizens who are the backbone of this country – white, working-class. We need to begin a summer itinerary.

  380. Ronald –
    Great idea to protest outside leftist Press Club. Wish I could be there from Texas, but can’t. Needs negative coverage to offset how the NPC will present him. YUCK!

  381. Ronald – this summer is my plan to hit D.C. Met the loveliest couple from D.C. on trip to FLorence. Ministers with National Cathedral and non-profit organization to feed the world. Cool people – religious, and very mainstream. Total moderates, not left-leaning nut cases, nor GOP holier-than-thou’s.



  383. Demonstration in Tampa. Hopefully one in DC. The previous one in NY got NO coverage. Keep at it. They cant ignore us much longer.

    People keep voting for Hillary because Hillary is a better choice. Plain and simple.

  384. So Obama worshipper Andrew Sullivan admits Obama should’ve allowed a MI revote? Will wonders never cease …

  385. the Clinton campaign is flawlessly executing now!!!

    The coup of the Michigan delegatation demonstrates they know how to do this now.

    We just need to keep doing what we can to help.

    I’ve been unable to find Pulch’s NC Hillary site .. anyone, can you help?

  386. I think the DNC will be forced to seat all delegates once obama has more “mudd” sticking to him
    and he proves he can not win the GE

    it will be the DNC way of getting out of backing him

  387. BHO can kiss MI & FL goodbye if nom – I mean you don’t diss millions and expect them to look the other way….who ever advised him to ignore these states, stall and not address, should be kicked to the curb. It would have been a huge gamble on his part, sure. But to have just have not even addressed them – like they would go away (?) is complete lunacy. But then, BHO’s campaign has been in denial since day one about all the baggage and controversies that are lethal – Wright and TUCC, Farrakhan, Rezko, Ayers, and AUCHI – yet to hit the fan. It’s because BHO and his legions are such anti-American leftists, Marxists, so to them it’s no big deal – to paraphrase Gingrich and Rove. They want the Democratic Party to be the party of Jihad and Hamas – New World order (even if most of their youth and aging hippies don’t realize this).

  388. Hmmm. 👿 has taken the day off and gone back to Chicago. The only time he takes time off or goes back to Chicago is when a shitstorm is happening….

    Virgin Islands after Wright broke.
    Chicago after he lost Nevada and Rezko was arrested.

    What’s going on this time???

  389. yep the gift that keeps on giving!!! 😀

    Rev Wright: “He’s a politician, I’m a pastor,” he said. “We speak to two different audiences. And he says what he has to say as a politician. I say what I have to say as a pastor. But they’re two different worlds.”

    He added, “I do what I do. He does what politicians do. So that what happened in Philadelphia where he had to respond to the sound bytes, he responded as a politician.”

    April 24, 2008, 12:00 pm
    Wright Says His Words Were Twisted

    By Julie Bosman

    In his first wide-ranging interview since video clips of his inflammatory sermons were aired, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. defended himself over the controversy, saying that his words were twisted.

    Mr. Wright, Senator Barack Obama’s former pastor, gave an interview to Bill Moyers on Wednesday, to air on PBS tomorrow.

    “I felt it was unfair,” Mr. Wright said, according to excerpts of the interview released Thursday. “I felt it was unjust. I felt it was untrue. I felt for those who were doing that, were doing it for some very devious reasons.”

    In Mr. Wright’s sermons, he suggested that Americans bore some responsibility for the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, saying “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” He also blamed the government for the spread of AIDS among African-Americans, characterized the United States government as corrupt and referred to the “U.S. of K.K.K. A.”

    He did not apologize or back away from his remarks in the interview, instead saying that people wanted to paint him as “some sort of fanatic.”

    “It’s to paint me as something — ‘Something’s wrong with me. There’s nothing wrong with this country … for its policies. We’re perfect. Our hands are free. Our hands have no blood on them,’” he said. “That’s not a failure to communicate. The message that is being communicated by the sound bites is exactly what those pushing those sound bites want to communicate.”

    When asked what the people who aired the clips “wanted to communicate,” Mr. Wright said, “I think they wanted to communicate that I am unpatriotic, that I am un-American, that I am filled with hate speech, that I have a cult at Trinity United Church of Christ. And by the way, guess who goes to his church, hint, hint, hint? That’s what they wanted to communicate.”

    Mr. Wright, who has acted as Mr. Obama’s spiritual mentor and retired in February as pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, said that he has never heard Mr. Obama repeat any of his controversial statements.

    “Absolutely not,” Mr. Wright said. “I don’t talk to him about politics. And so he had a political event, he goes out as a politician and says what he has to say as a politician. I continue to be a pastor who speaks to the people of God about the things of God.”

    Mr. Obama publicly denounced Mr. Wright’s remarks, a reaction Mr. Wright said “went down very simply.”

    “He’s a politician, I’m a pastor,” he said. “We speak to two different audiences. And he says what he has to say as a politician. I say what I have to say as a pastor. But they’re two different worlds.”

    He added, “I do what I do. He does what politicians do. So that what happened in Philadelphia where he had to respond to the sound bytes, he responded as a politician.”

  390. OkieAtty:
    Exactly, it sure isn’t Valentine’s Day (lame excuse that time). Could it be that Rezko has been singing to the Feds and subpoena issued for BHO? In checking Rezko Watch past several days, could involve the fact that no record of 2005 paid property taxes (ridiculously low – corruption anyway), Auchi connection, maybe Andy Martin’s website has some info about – he’s relentless in pursuing BHO’s Chicago – Middle Eastern ties/corruption. Bet Feds have questions they need answers to – probably giving depositions.

  391. yep somethings up, you don’t take a day off campaigning when its a do or die primary coming in 2 weeks!!

  392. MSNBC now:

    new proposal by HRC campaign on seating mi delegates

    each delegate to get 1/2 vote and SD would get a full vote

  393. Go to Talking Points Memo: Rules orovide for the Florida and Michigan delegations to be seated

    and link to pdf delegation election rules booklet

    exposes the DNC for their manipulation and illegal application of disenfranchising FL & MI. make a copy to keep with you. Don’t leave home without it.

  394. Go to Talking Points Memo: Rules provide for the Florida and Michigan delegations to be seated

    posted on MyDD by owl06 on 4/23/08

    Can also obtain pdf copy of delegate election rules and don’t leave home without it

  395. new gallop poll o 49% C 44%

    she’s gaining in the national poll on him!! on a 5pt spread!! woooooooo hoooooooo!

  396. Every time BHO dismisses the votes/delegates for FL and MI – he digs himself a deeper hole in a GE. SD should understand this will come back to bite them when THEY run for office if they allow this travesty to occur.

  397. i read on hillary blog that hillary carried casey’ county with more than 70% vote… hahahaha 🙂 can somebody on TV point this out and casey should vote for hillary as per his constituents if he has backbone

  398. Keep on blabbering, Rev. Wright. Please, keep it up. And keep reminding everyone, as you’re doing, that Barack Obama is just a regular ol’ politician. Nothing “new” or “revolutionary” about him, as you point out.

  399. sometimes i think rev wright’s nose is out of wack from obama asking him to not open his campaign and has systematically been trying to ruin obama 😀

    i would bet money rev wright will bestow yet another gift when he speaks on monday 😀

  400. Donna Brazille will resign from DNC, if you can take her at her word!

    Al Sharpton will lead demonstrations, and maybe refuse to support the party nominee, if you can take him at his word.

    This was from Rush Limbaugh (whom I seldom hear) moments ago.

    Both of those people have stated they will do those things if the nominee of the party is selected by the superdelegates. Limbaugh pointed out something we all knew already (but I hadn’t thought of it this way) that it is a foregone conclusion the superdelegates will choose the nominee since neither candidate can win the election. He says they will just ignore the actual vote and make their choice by whatever yardstick they choose to use. Neither the popular vote nor the delegate count will matter when they make their selection — unless some of them choose to vote based on any of those things. To do so is to give up their freedom of choice, and I wonder if they are willing to do that.

    Rush Limbaugh is very happy about this because he says the Democratic Party will be committing suicide.

    Oh, well. It’s something to think about. I couldn’t resist posting it.

  401. djia – thank you for that article on Clinton’s strategy – get the majority of the MI delegates, supers who are pissed off at Obama blocking a revote. This is going to convention – the Clintons keep their eye on the prize.

    I never thought I’d enjoy an Andrew Sullivan article.

  402. Arianna HuffPuff has an op-ed this am in LA Times: Almost 250 comments so far, basically calling her a fool…mine is at 10:14 am and I finally got to use my favorite original about her mythical masthead banner, “He Is The One We Have Been Waiting For!.”

    Avail thru linked Real Clear front page rec articles for today.

  403. Sherm Kader Says:

    April 24th, 2008 at 1:30 pm
    Donna Brazille will resign from DNC, if you can take her at her word!

    Al Sharpton will lead demonstrations, and maybe refuse to support the party nominee, if you can take him at his word.


  404. The SD are going to realize that Obama is not gaining the trust of the “core” Democrates, and if you don’t have them, then you don’t have the White House!!

    The Clinton Machine has/is working MI in their favor. (Obama made a BIG mistake).

    Finally, this is going to come down to political experience, and we know who has that!! 🙂

  405. IMO… The AA community needs to stop back and realize they are not the most important minority demographic in the party, they are important, but they are taking a back seat to Latinos

  406. I feel like too many people are trying to paint this as racial bias. They just can’t accept that after Bush, Americans want their president to be experienced and in touch with them.

    Obama is neither.

  407. Well obama thought he did not need the “older voters” “blue collar voters” “bible thumping” “regular middle class joe” because he has the (young impressionable dreamy first time voters) and the (affluent well to do I want to prove I like people from all walks of life to show I want to make up for the wrongs done to blacks voters).

    Well I am a 53 yr old black woman who would never vote for Nobama I cannot stand him or his closeted radical wife with the hidden angry black woman syndrome. This couple is really scary with his empty rhetoric and no solutions and taking black people for granted I really resent him he will never get my vote if he is the nominee I will vote for John Mccain. I went to the Mccain website and registered and sent it to Dean when I received an e-mail asking for donations so I sent him my welcome letter from Mccain’s campaign.

    Hillary 08

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