Howard Dean’s Deadline

[Polls close in Pennsylvania at 8:00 p.m. (ET). Join our discussion of the election results and our Big Pink victory party. Best way to spend your day: make calls, donate, call friends in Pennsylvania – Vote Hillary.]

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Our Obama “waffle” story from yesterday is on a lot of blogs today. Waffle Whiner, Part II – from Ebay:


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As a Hillary Clinton victory in Pennsylvania approaches the forces of election theft are frenzied. Howard Dean is stomping his feet hoping to scare up a Superdelegate stampede. Donna Brazile is yelping away too.

We have our own Howard Dean Deadline: seat the Florida and Michigan delegations, without backroom deals, by the end of May or risk a Party rupture worse than 1968.

Seat the Florida and Michigan delegations – Count the votes the way they were voted – or else:

Sen. Bill Nelson and Rep. Alcee Hastings, both of Florida, are accusing the DNC of slow-walking several appeals to the party’s rules and bylaws committee. Those appeals, if successful, could reinstate Florida’s superdelegates or even part of its regular convention delegation.

In a letter sent to the chairs of the rules and bylaws committee today, Hastings and Nelson say that the DNC staff is keeping secret its recommendation about the validity of those appeals. They imply that the DNC is trying to drag the process into June, so no action is taken until after the regular primary period ends.

“We….understand that recommendations from the DNC staff regarding the appeals were provided to you on Monday. Our offices were told that the recommendations are being kept confidential, and we further understand that you, as chairs of the RBC, may choose to adopt the confidential recommendations without a hearing.” More, from the letter:

“It is completely inconsistent with the commitment to an open party to keep . . . actions on this appeal under a cloak of secrecy. This is an issue central to the status of Florida’s participation in the Democratic National Convention in August.”

Seat the Florida and Michigan Delegations – NO BACKROOM DEALS. Thanks to Hastings and Nelson:

The letter suggests that Hastings and Nelson want the press to focus on two themes:

(a) the idea that the DNC is trying to “solve” the Florida problem with the kind of back-room deal that DNC chairman Howard Dean promised to avoid.

(b) that the RBC risks its legitimacy if it fails to litigate the matter quickly and publicly. [snip]

Timing matters. If the rules and bylaws committee overturns its penalties based on the appeals, then Hillary Clinton would almost certainly narrow the pledged delegate gap with Barack Obama, and since Florida’s superdelegates would count, she’d further reduce his margin. If the count changes before the voting stops — before Howard Dean has said that superdelegates ought to make up their minds, Clinton would no doubt benefit. If the count changes in, say, mid-June — after most of the superdelegates are supposed to have come out of the closest — then Obama benefits most assuredly.

Dean/Obama/Brazile/Pelosi are trying to steal this election the way Bush stole the election in 2000. They risk a Democratic Party rupture more profound and long lasting than the 1968 convention.

Donna Brazile, still deceptive about being Pro Obama and anti Hillary, is helping the election thieves: The Wall Street Journal:

But no single leader or clique exists within the fractious party to end the fight, and those with influence insist voters must have their say.

Nevertheless, some party leaders are quietly planning to try to end the clash, said people familiar with the matter. After the primaries end in June, these influential Democrats — led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — plan to push the last uncommitted party leaders to endorse a candidate, in hopes of preventing a fight at the August presidential convention, party insiders say. [snip]

But the decisive movement wouldn’t likely come until after the final bouts June 3 in South Dakota and Montana, should the race remain unresolved. That’s when Mrs. Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democratic party Chairman Howard Dean and their allies will start rallying superdelegates to decide the contest in favor of the leading candidate, Democrats say. Through a spokesman, Sen. Reid declined to comment. [snip]

The party leaders’ aim: To thwart the Clinton campaign’s vow to fight all summer long to a final, nationally televised round at the Denver convention, so the party can get on with the battle against the likely Republican candidate, Arizona Sen. John McCain. Convention fights in past decades — notably in 1968, 1972 and 1980 — left deep divisions that contributed to the nominees’ losses and hurt lesser candidates on the ballots.

Dean/Obama/Brazile/Peolosi are weaving an American flag with only 48 stars for Obama to wear on his lapel. We will fight for Florida and Michigan before, during and after the Denver convention, if necessary.

Obama “secret” supporter Donna Brazile:

“Do you think for one minute that Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid will allow this fight to go on and on and on?” says Donna Brazile, an uncommitted superdelegate as an official of the Democratic National Committee, and manager of the 2000 Gore campaign. “There’s a group around [Sen. Clinton] that really wants to take the fight to the convention. They don’t care about the party. It scares me, and that’s what scares a lot of superdelegates.”

Clinton supporters vehemently defend their right to fight to the convention if necessary, and deny it would hurt the party.

Ms. Brazile says that starting the morning of June 4, “we’ll all talk to each other. I know I’ll reach out to some key people, including my ex-boss” — former Vice President Al Gore, another superdelegate who remains uncommitted.

Our “civil war” threat is not an empty one Howard Dean/Obama/Brazile/Pelosi:

Both parties face a leadership vacuum at the top, particularly the one that doesn’t hold the White House. Moreover, any attempted short-circuiting of the nomination process could be damaging. With Democratic voters so closely divided between Sens. Clinton and Obama, a declaration for one could enrage roughly half the party and leave it mortally split in November. [snip]

Party bosses and smoke-filled rooms are the stuff of history books and political cartoonists, reaching back to the early 20th century. At the national level, they have been gone at least since the chaotic and self-defeating 1968 Democratic convention, which gave rise to current party rules handing preeminence to voters in primaries and caucuses.

But come June 4, Mrs. Pelosi’s Capitol suite could become the closest thing Democrats have to the proverbial smoke-filled room as she presses her members to endorse. The 233 House Democrats comprise nearly 30% of the superdelegates, and several scores remain uncommitted. Mrs. Pelosi will remain neutral, aides say, since as Speaker she will preside over the Aug. 25-28 convention. But Clinton advisers say they’re convinced she favors Sen. Obama.

The clock is ticking on our deadline to Dean/Brazile/Pelosi.

* * *

We are not going away. Hillary is not going away. Michigan and Florida are not going away.

After tonight’s victory in Pennsylvania the campaign moves on to North Carolina and Indiana.

New Hillary advertisment for Indiana:


503 thoughts on “Howard Dean’s Deadline

  1. dot, what are you saying? Even if Hill wins by a considerable margin, he could get more delegates? This is such a farce.

  2. Right ON, admin!

    We are not backing down. A bunch of lunatics are trying to take over my country, and I am NOT going to let them. This bunch is as dirty on the Left as Bush is on the Right.

    I will never back down, and will never stand for it. The DNC had better wake up, because they will be destroyed if they continue on this course.

  3. repost from last thread:

    Carbynew – I sent you an message via HillBillylover’s site. Also, if anyone wants to apply for Clinton staff positions in Oregon let me know through the same site (I won’t be accepting any troll resumes though). Experience working on campaign as a field officer will likely be needed. I will forward to my contacts in OR.

    On another note – I wonder if Hillary after a double digit win tonight will be holding up a copies of magazines, newspapers and of course Yahoo headlines that kept pronouncing her campaign dead or that she was going to lose in PA, or that BO was even going to be close. DEWEY anyone?

    “The polls, reporters, political writers – they all believed Dewey was going to win by a landslide. On September 9, 1948, Elmo Roper was so confident of a Dewey win that he announced there would be no further Roper Polls on this election. Roper said, “My whole inclination is to predict the election of Thomas E. Dewey by a heavy margin and devote my time and efforts to other things.”

  4. mj, the DNC changed the rules in 2006 to give more delegates to urban and heavily AA areas. They have been planning this attempted Obama coup for a long time.

    If the delegates were winner take all in each state (which is how it is in the general election), Hillary would have won a long time ago.

    The Republicans win because their primary model is just like the general election, so they end up with a candidate that MOST of the country will vote for, every time.

    The Democrats are just stone cold idiots, gaming their system to give advantage to small but vocal groups of activists, who choose candidates who are COMPLETELY unelectable in the general.

  5. Well actually. i think it would make a very clear message to voters that Hillary wins by double digits, wins by a few hundred thousand and still loses the delegates, it really is like giving the runner up the prize because he moaned.


  6. Guys lets face the goal tonight is a great big lump of the popular vote chucked Hillary’s way, thats most important, we have known for some time the delegate thing has been stacked against us.

  7. Did you see BO’s quote today? Today doesn’t matter. He’ll be nom, and Rendell will be working just as hard for him as he is for Hill. Oh brother, right. Like it’s no credit to Hill if she wins.

  8. So the guy who fails repeatedly to deliver a knockout punch against a candidate he’s vastly outraised and who’s been trashed relentlessly by the media is the stronger one to face McCain in November? What parallel universe do Obama supporters live in??

  9. I’d like to see that quote as well.

    BTW, all, it would be really helpful if when you post news items, you would put a link or at least say where you got it. To not do so is extremely frustrating and annoying.

  10. Obama’s waffle from this morning being sold on Ebay, bids up to $10,000 and the seller is donating the proceeds to Hillary’s campaign.

  11. I don’t think the dnc believes us. they believe the dems who would not vote for obama are doing so out of racism. i attempted to have a discussion with a young woman who was wearing a friends don’t let friends votye rep. I explained why i would never ever ever ever vote for obama and she said i was a victim of media hype. I laughed.

  12. Obama Predicts a Race Through June
    By Paul Kane

    PITTSBURGH — Girding for defeat in the Keystone State today, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) predicted the primary campaign would last through June and suggested that no knockout blow of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) would be forthcoming.

    “I’ve come to the conclusion that this race will continue until the last primary or caucus vote is cast, and that’s not that far away,” Obama told reporters while eating pancakes at a local diner here as voters began casting their ballots.

    Those last primaries, in South Dakota and Montana, come on June 3, after which Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has asked any undeclared superdelegates to make public their choice by July 1 to avoid a drawn-out fight throughout the summer.

    Questions about Obama’s ability to attract white, working-class voters have haunted the candidate since Super Tuesday, keeping the race in play. Obama told reporters today that those voters would come around to him in a general election campaign and not side with Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican nominee.

    “This whole notion that somehow because there are some voters — whether it’s older voters or blue collar voters — who prefer Senator Clinton over me, that somehow that means I can’t get their vote, that just isn’t borne out by the polling,” Obama said. “And it’s not borne out by the history of people’s voting patterns. The party’s going to come together after the nomination is settled.”

    But a large loss in Pennsylvania would reopen the debate about the Democratic front-runner’s ability to connect with these voters, a theme the Clinton campaign has hammered away it in recent days. Obama will have outspent her by a more than 2-to-1 margin in advertising — blanketing everything from network television to Philadelphia Phillies games on local cable — and, according to the Clinton campaign, may not have changed many votes.

    Obama steered clear of making predictions but noted that his campaign “has to consider ourselves the underdogs.” He did, however, suggest that he would pick up enough pledged delegates today to maintain a very strong lead over Clinton in that total, making it all but certain he would end up, in June, with leads over her in pledged delegates, states won and total votes.

    “If you take a look at how the delegates play themselves out at the end of the night, you should be able to measure, given how many contests are left, whether they can make up that ground,” he said.

    While some Democrats question whether a prolonged primary campaign hurts Obama in the general election, the candidate said that for now it has helped him build get-out-the-vote operations in many states.

    “The bright side of that is we’re seeing record turnout, record involvement. We’re building organizations that are getting tested,” he said. “Should I end up being the nominee, the work that we’ve done here in Pennsylvania, I think, will be extraordinarily helpful in the general election.”

  13. rjk, all the proceeds are not going to the DNC, just the leftover part.

    Legally, he cannot donate more than $2300 to Hillary. So he will be donating that, then giving the rest to the DNC.

  14. admin, screw the obamathugs. bill clinton was right last night. the people who want hillary to drop out now are afraid she might win! not obamabots but OBAMATHUGS!

  15. wonder what an obama turd would bring at auction? I’m sure Kennedy, Kerry and Richardson would all be bidding furiously, they seem to love his body odor

  16. the margin of 10 points would be great for me. over that is gravy. fingers crossed. i am so happy to be home and blog with you all on primary night.

  17. so seems Fox News is the only outlet who has mentioned voter turnout? I heard the 50% and high turnout myself

  18. Get a grip folks

    It is McDonalds offering a free sandwich if you show a registration card. djia, read the sign…non-partisan.

    And as for machines, one misdelivered to wrong ward…that is taken care of…the other in process of being repaired so it is up in time for expected voter rush.

    HRC camp also has volunteer legal beagels; as well as DOJ staff out in force at Mayor Nutter’s request because of 2006 electoral problems. So Obama lawyers not the only ones out there.

    MSNBC reporting is a crock…that you would all agree to on a normal day. So why believe them now? For what is going on check out Taylor Marsh, NoQuarterusa, or until cspan starts reporting results later.

    I suspect Obama people asked for a bunch of certificates…Hill camp could do same.

    I suggest you check every 20 minutes or so…they even have reports on what the group of seventy is doing. It is a totally non-partisan site.

    Repost from 6 minutes ago, but on last thread after the audience had moved…sorry I’m so slow.

  19. Notice how Obama’s comments today are very different from yesterday’s when he predicted the race would be closer than expected in PA.

  20. Obama is such an elitist that he would quote voting patterns and polling..has the party forgot about the Reagan Democrat?

    McCain ain’t that bad if you’re a independent and want a centrist as president. McCain is a centrist who will lean right and his going to Selma, Alabama set the signal that he’s a different republican that hasn’t been seen for a long time.

    Democrats takes Black votes for granted but once upon a time Republicans were the party of choice for African Americans…My Aunt and Uncle were live long Republicans because of Lincoln. My Mom was a Democrat because of FDR and the Machinist union and MLK but she supported many of the republicans tax reforms in California…like proposition 13 and others.

    So in my household it was about social justice and fiscal responsibility…she hated chronic welfare and believe hard work and education was the answers to rise out of poverty. No job was beneath you so she liked the welfare reforms Bill Clinton passed when he was president.

    My biggest problem with McCain is his economic plans and staying long term in Iraq, I just don’t think we should be the Iraqis plan A. They need to come together and fiqure out what is best for them as a country.

  21. Hey there Terrondt!

    how is your wife? last I heard she was still on the comeback trail.

    I saw Tiburones blogging last night…either at TM or NoQuarterusa, forget which. Who do you see of the old gang at Hillary’s blog?

  22. Nikki

    They will start w/ exit polls around 5pm EDT. And they can be pretty accurate, or pretty bad, depending on the network.

  23. nutter said we wont have a full picture until 10-11pm tonight. dont forget absentees not counted until wed

  24. emjay, the wife is well thank you. i bounce back and fourth on here ,TM, NO QUARTER, AND HILLARY.COM. i don’t see allwaysforhillary much anymore though. also on sugar n spice a bit too myself.

  25. Just saw this from bdestini on TM:

    Anecdotal evidence coming in from all over the web of huge turnouts in Hillary’s areas and that her GOTV operation is working a massive miracle.

  26. terrondt, any news on how Sugar is doing? Someone posted she had a run in with an Obama supporting cop yesterday. Hope she’s OK.

  27. Watching Fox now .. I think they have come to the conclusion that Obama would be the much easier candidate to take out in November.

  28. Sticking more to Admin’s post (great, as usual), I am a very polite person usually, so I try to answer when someone contacts me.

    This week’s response to Howard-the duck-Dean:
    You know Mr. Dean, I don’t think I’ll contribute anything to the DNC until you become the leader of the DNC, instead of an enabler to a group of people who are attempting to move the party away from its centrist position. That centrist position is one that serves the largest portion of the party, not just a small number of “special people.”

    We will all know when you have taken a stand (thank god for open meetings legislation.) At that time I will be happy to contribute.

    May another meeting such as occurred in August of last year NEVER happen again.


  29. 10 or 11? Absentee’s? I want a blow out. Not sure that’s what this sounds like. Get out there Hill voters!

  30. Emjay, DNC is getting a lot of complaints. Their fundraising calls are getting some tough talk from voters.

  31. fyi
    i made some very dumb statements here with regards to the internet and it paid off very well i was made fun of on seperate sites. i convinced several people to read a message by me which could definateley be percieved as less than intellegent, Anywho they read the sa shit and were blown away by the response. thankyou sa we know you are watching. ny yahoo thing and your response has garnered several donations to HRC

  32. again hillfans, DO NOT TRUST THE EXIT POLLS! i was at work during ohio and texas and they both had obama neck and neck. ohio was a 10 point hillary win as we all know!! i checked the exits at 5pm and they were WRONG!!

  33. And terrondt, on Super Tuesday the exit polls showed Hillary losing a lot of states. Matthews and MSNBC were rubbing themselves in glee. Then the votes came in.

    Glad to hear Sugar is doing OK.

  34. there are reports of indies and gopers trying to vote in pa? WTF! it has been reported time and time again that only dems can vote in the primary. i have zero sympathy for these guys even though some may be hillary supporters but i doubt it.

  35. admin, you are correct. i remember also tweety and the rest of the obama lovin thugs foaming at the mouth that night.

  36. nikki, that is also correct. i was at home jumping with glee in my living room at the exits showing kerry winning in 2004. we all know what happened in 2000.

  37. Exactly, Admin. There will be civil war in the party if BO is selected without MI/FL having a say.

  38. the exits are like games. it gives us somthing to talk about but not perdict. big media wet themselves by the exits.

  39. Guys,

    About MI and FL -Isn’t it illegal to throw out votes? This is a primary election I know. But you’d think there’d be Voting Rights Act violations or some sort of constitutional issue here.

  40. Good Luck, Hillary!

    Today’s crunch time, y’all. Hillary’s making her stand in the bitter, God-clingin’, gun-totin’, brown-people-hatin’ inbred backwoods of Pennsylvania, and I wish her the best in her campaign to stop the Liberal Jesus.

    At this point in the game, the Dems probably can’t afford to nominate anyone but Barack Obama. Still, it’s good to see Hillary keeping up the fight.

    If worse came to worse and we were to end up with one of these two Dems as president of this country, we’d be a whole lot better off with Hillary than Obama. We don’t like to talk about it at cocktail parties, but the primary job responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief is to kill people and break things. Yes, the goal is to only kill the bad guys, but sometimes when you’re killing bad guys, innocent people (and sometimes lots of them) will get caught in the crossfire. I’m sure this fact weighs on everyone in the Oval Office, but there’s a difference between being burdened by that fact and being paralyzed by it. If the shit were to seriously hit the fan, I really don’t have that much difficulty visualizing Hillary giving an order to incinerate a foreign capital if she felt it necessary and/or helpful to her poll numbers. The Boy Wonder? Dhimmi Carter 2.0? I just don’t see that happening. Even if all hell were to break loose and the zombies were climbing the fences along Pennsylvania Avenue, can you really visualize the Liberal Jesus pushing the button? Nope, me neither.

    My concerns about Hillary stem more from my fear that she might just firebomb Waco than that she might fail to nuke Tehran.

    (Note to self : dont’ forget to fireproof the compound)

  41. Admin

    I’ll bet so. I only answer calls when I recognize the caller’s # because Obamabots got my number from a state delegate list, and I am now wary.

    But a number of us on the Big Pink share our weekly responses to Howard’s email pleas, especially since it’s hard to get unsubscribed anyway.

    It’s an easy way to keep reminding him and Tom McMahon that the core unmoneyed, but supportive Democrats out here are saavy and will not allow ourselves to get “rolled.”

    With that attitude, and withholding our $, we have power!

  42. Fox is not to be trusted ever!! Shepherd Smith is terrible! Anything to sell airtime, what is this world coming to?

  43. oh shit-read this. sickening sexist crap-

  44. hillfans, i was listening to rush a little talking about “OPERATION CHAOS” . i wonder it is really real or bs by rush?

  45. confloyd,
    Right on about Fox. The only reason they’re fair to Hillary is because they’re a repub/conservative network; they have no dog in this fight. Just wait until its HRC vs. McCain. They’ll resume business as usual. But in Fox’s defense, the rest of the so called “liberal media” isn’t any better than they are. At least Fox is transparent.

  46. Nikki

    There is a post around 8 this morning from Norma about the renamed site where the FL_MI vote issue is being addressed and worked on, including your observation.

    They would love to have help. Go check it out.

  47. So, I guess they (Obama) is scared, they must be hearing the exit polls, so they are playing the race card again, just before NC!

  48. confloyd Says:

    April 22nd, 2008 at 3:48 pm
    So, I guess they (Obama) is scared, they must be hearing the exit polls, so they are playing the race card again, just before NC!
    Yep! Here comes the race card again on poor little wittle bitty Obambi.

    This guy has no shame and in the long run it’s only going to hurt AAs but I don’t think Obambi playing this card all the time is going to help him and it sure won’t help him in the G.E.

    What a faker!!!

  49. admin: Thank you for posting KO’s interview with Hillary. She did great, and he was on fairly decent behavior for him.

    OTOH, the Arizona clip was just plain weird, like obamabots. LOL.

  50. From the Wall St. Journal reference that admin posted at the top of the thread, there is this little nugget:

    These “superdelegates” — governors, members of Congress and others who can vote for any candidate at the convention — would likely tip the balance to Sen. Obama, who holds a sizable and likely insurmountable delegate lead.


    a) define “sizable”. It sounds pretty big. But 140 delegate spread out of some 3,100 is only 4%.

    b) “likely insurmountable”. Again, this implies a vast chasm. Complete hopelessness. Yet, the upcoming states favor her, and they’re all primaries (favors her), so even this gap could quite likely shrink.

    c) And we’re not even including what to do about FL/MI.

    Give me a break.

  51. Jonathan Kay on Hillary Clinton, my feminist hero
    Posted: April 22, 2008, 11:15 AM by Jonathan Kay
    Jonathan Kay

    Barack Obama’s blackness and Hillary Clinton’s woman-ness are two of the most obsessively over-covered subjects in the history of political journalism. I haven’t felt the need to wade into this crowded genre because I never felt I had anything to add to the reams of overwrought commentary that’s already appeared on both subjects.

    Until now. As Pennsylvanian primary voters make their pick, I’ve felt — for the first time — a rush of partisan fervor for one of the two candidates. As it happens, that candidate is Hillary Clinton. It has nothing to do with her policy positions (which are identical to Obama’s on almost every major issue.) Rather, I’ve decided this race on a more emotional basis. Fact is, Clinton is my new feminist hero.

    I think the turning point came in late March, when David Brooks of The New York Times wrote a column that essentially told Clinton to get out of the race for the good of the Democratic Party. Earlier in the month, in an influential set of articles, Noam Scheiber and the editors of The New Republic had argued essentially the same thing. The critics were right about the numbers: Clinton’s chances of winning the nomination were small and getting smaller. But they weren’t zero, as Brooks himself conceded. And so the campaign to get Clinton to bow out struck me as an act of political bullying.

    Nothing sexist about that, of course. Pundits and politicians are always pressuring second bananas to bow out of races so the grandees can get on with their coronation. But I can’t help but admire Clinton’s tough, uncompromising response to this pressure — and my admiration necessarily refracted through gender-coloured glasses. Most men — even true political animals — would probably have wilted under the sort of pressure applied by the Obama faction of the Democratic establishment. But not Clinton. Whatever you think about her politics, she is tough as nails. Not tough as nails for a woman, but tough as nails, period. As a conservative, I used to think of Clinton through the lens of her failed health policies and other left-wing hang-ups. But now, when I think of her, I think of her keeping her cool under tough circumstances, as she did in this great NPR interview a month back.

    Listen to that voice. That’s my kind of female politician. That voice doesn’t annoy me the way it used to when she was going off about vast right-wing conspiracies in the 1990s. In 2008, I actually find it somewhat comforting when set beside Obama’s puffed up quasi-Messianic vagaries. (When you’re talking about the left, it’s always the utopian dreamers who scare me the most.)

    And yes, I know all about Clinton’s screw-ups on the Bosnia file. There’s no question she’s overplayed her foreign-policy experience to come off as the sort of Democrat who can go toe-to-toe with a Republican war hero in a general election. The sad thing is that she never really had to go down that road. Think a little but about the question posed in that now-infamous 3am phone call ad: Who do we want to answer that phone if Pakistan or some other hell-hole goes bananas in a hurry?

  52. Terrondt

    Yeh, I went to Sugarnspice yesterday or day before…posted there to say hi and come-on-back and post some of these thoughts on Big Pink.

    That’s how I found out about the highway stop.

  53. Camp Clinton feeling very good when they have Lanny Davis challenging David Axelrod to call Fox news and say that Obama will debate Hillary in NC. Saying Obama is afraid to debate Hillary in NC. Also said Dean should resign if he had anything to do with Obama refusing to debate in NC.

  54. We are the tsunami that the DNC does not even see coming! We have gone from saying I WILL NOT vote for Obama the nominee to saying I CAN NOT vote for Obama the nominee.How many do you think that we number right now???
    I have an idea, after the primary in your state, change to a registered Independent voter, that way you can support the person and not the party.If we did this in big enough numbers, we would not be INVISIBLE to either the DNC or the RNC.

  55. From’s Newsroom are a couple of items from yesterday worth sharing (I provided excerpts, more details if you go to the whole link):


    Momentum Grows for Clinton in Oregon
    Adds Diverse Group of Community Leaders to Statewide Steering Committee
    On the eve of the pivotal Pennsylvania primary, the Clinton Campaign today announced the addition of 20 prominent Oregonians — including 10 women elected officials — to Hillary Clinton’s Oregon Steering Committee. These local leaders will help guide the campaign’s grassroots outreach across Oregon.


    Bozeman Legislator Franke Wilmer Endorses Hillary Clinton for President
    Montana House Member Franke Wilmer today announced her endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. Wilmer represents Montana House District 64, and is professor of political science and international relations at Montana State University. In 2005 she was appointed by Gov. Schweitzer to serve as chair of the Human Rights Commission.

    “I’m proud to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. She not only has vision, she has substance. Hillary is the candidate with a plan and the know-how to make real change,” Wilmer said.

    “I am thrilled to have the support of Franke Wilmer. For years Franke has been committed to promoting social justice and human rights in Montana, through both public service and academics,” Clinton said.

  56. Lanny Davis (Clinton surrogate) is on Fox saying that Howard Dean is the one who helped block a NC debate, and HE SHOULD RESIGN.

  57. Just got an e-mail to join in a conference call tomorrow regarding finances….I will , unfortunately, have a crown being put in . They must be very confident and planning for the future races.

  58. Democrats fight over key US state
    There is a great video of Hillary confirming her answer on Iran on the BBC.

    She comes across STRONG and DETERMINE with her message, unlike that crybaby and whiner Dhimmie Carter 2.0.

  59. Jonathan Kay’s article reminds me that “tough as nails” kudos are also due the Hill camp loyalists and every single one of us who are also “IN IT TO WIN IT”, and those who every day call voters, give what they can and have her back.

    We are Hillfans, hear us roar…
    We are too strong to ignore.

  60. Does anyone know where Our Girl will be tonight? I suppose there will be election watch parties throught the state, but I was curious where she’ll be.

    Once again, she forgot to call me to invite me. She said she’s real busy….something about running for President.

  61. HillaryforTexas – details please. What show, who interviewed?

    If Lanny Davis agrees with our call a few weeks ago for Howard Dean to go, we want to know. If Dean stopped the North Carolina debate he has to resign Now along with Brazile. Pelosi must give up her convention role.

  62. here’s Mark Halperin’s “The Page” which usually lists the candidates’ schedules:

  63. jbstonesfan Says:

    April 22nd, 2008 at 4:30 pm
    Just got an e-mail to join in a conference call tomorrow regarding finances….I will , unfortunately, have a crown being put in . They must be very confident and planning for the future races.

    Hey, JB. You know how often people say, “you’re too negative”, or that they wish you were less agitated / antsy / nervous, etc? Well today, you are sunshine and light.

    BTW, just curious about your handle. Are you a (Rolling) Stones fan? I am, big time. Saw ’em in 1975 in Madison Sq Garden. Nowadays, I mostly listen to classical music, but every so often, it’s time for some NOISE. Tonight will be a good time for that, I suspect.

  64. That quote above I saw in the comments on Hill’s blog. It’s not verbatim.

    That interview w/KO is fantastic. Who the hell would not vote for this extrodinary woman? Notice KO did not wish her luck. Dweeb.

  65. Dean is afraid that bambi is gonna go down in a scream like he did. Yes, he should resign and if there is proof that he is behind this DebateGate .. yes, it’ll be over for him and all those around him.

  66. anyone heard anything on turnout .. I know there are people here from PA, you have to heard something besides what I heard on Fox

  67. Poll Shows New York Turning “Purple”
    Karen DeWitt

    ALBANY, NEW YORK (2008-04-22) New York State’s traditional status as a blue democratic leaning state is changing to a color closer to purple in a new poll released by Siena College, which shows Republican John McCain gaining ground over his Democratic challengers.

    In a sign that the long, and increasingly negative campaign between Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is hurting their standing among New York democrats, the Siena poll finds that neither could win over 50% of voters against Republican John McCain. Siena’s Steve Greenberg says if the election were held today, 46% would vote for Clinton to 42% for McCain, and 45% would prefer Obama over 40% for McCain.

    “Right now it looks like New York could be in play this Presidential election,” Greenberg said. “Which is bad news for Democrats.”

    The poll also found that 48% of New Yorkers have a favorable opinion of new Governor David Paterson, compared to 58% when Paterson took over last month. State voters don’t seem to care about Paterson’s admissions of extra marital affairs and past drug use, and remain hopeful that the governor will make state government more effective, improve the economy and take care of the needs of both upstate and downstate.

  68. just had a pond side chat with my republican neighbor lady and she admitted to me today that she isn’t comfortable with McCain and has decided that Hillary is the best equipped to run the country.

    Before we left the pond she said, “I’m hoping for your girl tonite” .. I tell you, many, many Republican women are coming over to Hillary and she can draw them away from McCain. She is the dems best chance in the fall.

  69. Hillary Clinton holds an “Election Night Celebration” at the Park Hyatt Philadelphia at the Bellevue in Pennsylvania

    Barack Obama and Michelle Obama hold a rally with special guest performance by John Mellencamp at Roberts Municipal Stadium in Evansville, Indiana

    It’s official, Bawack has left the state. Would you want to stick around to watch your house getting demolished???

  70. crossing fingers, toes, hands, arms, legs, and everything else.

    Has anyone heard from Pulch and the crew from the NorthCarolinaForHillary lately.

  71. Admin, some people on Taylor Marsh were watching, and Lanny said it on Fox, live.

    It’s in the current thread, starting at about 4:19. People are looking for video of it on FOX, but none yet.

    I can’t see Lanny saying that publicly unless there is something there.


    John Mellencamp has NOT endorsed Obama
    by americanincanada, Tue Apr 22, 2008 at 01:52:21 PM EST

    Contrary to what the heaving masses think, it was announced today that John Mellencamp has indeed NOT endorsed Barack Obama for president. He has chosen not to endorse another candidate beyond his initial one of Edwards.

    He is playing an Obama rally tonight and I know Obama supporters were waiting with baited breath for him to demand Hillary stop using his songs. It won’t be happening.

    It was just announced today that Mellencamp will perform on Saturday at rally for the New York Democrat in Indianapolis.

    Read all about it at The Swamp. So much for that endorsement, huh? itics/blog/2008/04/mellencamps_situation al_singin.html


    Mellencamp performing for both Barack and Hillary? Wow, someone who can unite the Dems? Do I smell a replacement for Howard the Duck Dean?

  73. Hillbilly, it’s “THE Man.” He was joking, not sexist. You left out the emphasis.

    Dot, I’m excited, but not. We still have to kick ass in Indiana. I think it can be done, especially in Northern parts near South Bend. There’s a high Catholic population up there and Hillary is polling better with that demographic. Indianapolis scares me and Gary, but the rest should be in our column.

    Check out this “5 Things to Watch in PA”-

    Also, if Dean did scuttle a NC debate, I agree, that MF’er should resign. Any chance we can pay DB Pooper to sit on him if he won’t? She seems like she’s for sale.

  74. The thing that Dean doesn’t understand about the protracted Hillary-Obama contest is that it drives up RECORD turnouts in all these states, and tests the Democratic party’s GOTV infrastructure, and brings in new voters to the party. Those are all profoundly GOOD things. A long, close primary actually benefits the party.

    Don’t believe the hype from the Obama-bots that there’s a damn thing wrong with a free and open democratic primary process.

  75. “Gary” meaning Gary Indiana where the Jackson’s are from- very high AA population. (I should pay attention to my add-ins when editing. *yawn*)

  76. I am so sick of these talking heads. Now Kristol on Fox saying in order to win Hillary now has to win both IN and NC to stay in the race. F**K OFF!!

  77. On JCM from the LATimes Blog:

    John Mellencamp’s situational singing

    So much for the supposition that singer John Mellencamp — a proud Hoosier — is a Barack Obama man.

    Songs by singer John Mellencamp of Indiana are popular in the Democratic presidential race between Barack Obama of Illinois and Hillary Clinton of New York When Obama’s campaign announced that Mellencamp would be performing at the candidate’s rally tonight in Evansville, Ind., jump-starting the state’s May 6 presidential primary, it was widely seen as a tacit endorsement of the Illinois senator.

    Shortly after the Obama announcement, his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, entered an event in Pennsylvania with the sound of Mellencamp’s “Small Town” playing. Her campaign also has Mellencamp’s “Our Country” on its artists list. But by performing at an Obama event, questions swirled about how soon the songs would be removed from her playlist.

    The answer, apparently, is that Mellencamp tunes will continue to be played at Clinton campaign events. Indeed, her campaign just announced that Mellencamp will perform on Saturday at a rally for the New York senator in Indianapolis.

    Mellencamp had previously endorsed John Edwards for the Democratic nomination. And, like his former favorite, the singer apparently is remaining coy as the race slogs on.

    — Rick Pearson

  78. Hillary will have Evan Byah to help in Indiana .. he’s very popular there and he’s been a big help. Also, Ohio will send a lot of reinforcements into Indiana to help. I have a good feeling about Indiana.

    Somehow his bitter remarks, the guns and bibles needs to stay in the airwave. Don’t let people forget

  79. did you all read this? it was posted on mydd:


    Lanny Davis, per an interview on FOX, stated that Howard Dean worked on behalf of the Obama campaign to nix the NC debate.

    He called for his resignation.

  80. Hillbilly, we are all tired of it, but be realistic about what’s happening and don’t be overly sensitive. McCain is just lousy reading a script. The man goes by his gut and says what’s on his mind. He’s damn smart, damn experienced and damn good at what he does. The crap line from TPM and the Big Blogs that he’s too old will not resonate with voters. That’s why it’s important for the DNC to get out of the way and let all the voters decide what’s important- issues and solutions vs. rhetoric and a fresh face.

    I truly believe in the GE, things in this nation will be so bad, and by then 👿 will be vetted, there will be no viable choice regardless of party but McCain if 👿 steals this nomination. The post up by Larry Johnson at NoQuarter about the GOP lobbyist says it all about what the US is and will be facing in the coming years.

    It’s time for the children to get out of the way, pay their own way in this world and let the grown ups do their jobs. The reason we’re in this mess is because the last go around folks went for “change” and “unity” and got someone with a thin resume and and ego problem. To be honest, the DNC had a great line with “McSame” but they were applying it to the wrong candidate- it should have been :evil:- “Obush.”

    I want the adults to debate the issues and the solutions. I want a real priority list of things to accomplish to right this ship. Not more blowing smoke up our collective rears.

  81. Alright, I forgive Mellencamp. His tunes are timeless and total americana. Of course everyon wants to use them.

  82. okay…i’m just catching up to speed on the comments. sorry for not reading before posting. this is truly outrageous and howard dean has lost ALL credibility. we must oust him.

  83. rjk, Wonder why they don’t say Obama needs to win PA? After all, if Hillary’s supposed to win states where the demographics are stacked against her, shouldn’t that go for Obama? After all, he’s the front-runner and has a huge money advantage.

  84. Emjay Says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    Get a grip folks

    It is McDonalds offering a free sandwich if you show a registration card. djia, read the sign…non-partisan.

    I read the sign emjay…….but did you read the report?????

    it said that BO supporters were handing them out!! that changes things …..don’t you think???!!!!

  85. That’s probably true about Dean. Remember how freaked out he was after Obama bombed in the PA debate?

  86. Listening to the pundits on TV, it occurred to me BM could save a lot of money.

    All they would have to do is change the name of the state from Ohio to Pennsylvania and rebroadcast the same thing they said then to what they are saying now.

    Botton line is no matter how hard BM tries to knock her out she just won’t let them. If Americans wants a fighter for them then they better look again cause Hillary is the one.

    The other thing I’d like to mention, I rarely look at the polls but good grief, who the heck are these people polling? It is so out of whack that no chance does it accurately reflect the true opinions of a cross section of all America.

    I hope when Hillary gets to be president, she sends a message loud and clear…honesty and truth are mandatory for a license by FCC.

  87. Did Schneider on CNN just give a hint going over exit polls? On the economy question about 8% more people thought Hillary will handle the economy better than Obama. He said “A marginal lead and marginal leads can sometimes make for great victories”

  88. i hear some pundits are saying she have to win pa by 20 points! wtf! stay away from these *sshole talking heads.

  89. I’m italian and i follow your elections from over here. America is still the leader of the free world and in challenging times like this, with the rise of china, still an authoritarian regime, and many ohter questions on the table, due to the leadership-role of the USA in international politcs we all around the world desperatly need a president as Hillary would be. Hillary is such an extraordinary candidate, blessed with wisdom, commitment, leadership and experience. So I simply beg all you in pennsylvania and in the remainig states to cast you ballot for Hillary. To pick a president like her is a chance voters don’t get every four years, but once in a lifetime. A politician like hillary shows up on the politcal scene just once in a blue moon. Please don’t let this chance pass by!! We all need her!!!!

    by bigeye at 4/22/2008 3:20:07 PM


    Inside the Park Hyatt, probably 100 reporters, photographers and cameramen are setting up in a ballroom. Huge chandelers hang from the ornate ceiling, and behind the stage hangs a banner.
    remember to post and say thank you Penn.for everything you done for OUR Next President

  91. terrondt will have to email all the pundits calling for BO to drop out he can’t close the deal!!!
    20 points didnt they just say 10 this am..Lol..everyone needs to call them on it..

    and also to Howard dean needs ousted along with db,np
    we gotta hit em on the airwaves!!!
    drop out now !!!!

  92. Schneider on CNN;

    Unregistered 60-38 for BO (as expected, 60-40ish)

    Late MFing Deciders…

    58-42 for Hill!!!!

    Just listened to loserboys Rasmussen & Zogby, both say solid (if not bigger) win coming, no surprises.

  93. “Lanny Davis, per an interview on FOX, stated that Howard Dean worked on behalf of the Obama campaign to nix the NC debate.
    He called for his resignation.”

    Whoa! Major News!!!

  94. Hey all! Good to be back, ( I hate working sometimes, makes me miss election time with you all) I am ready for a nig Hillary win!!

    I am still convinced that MI % FL will be seated (they must for us to win GE).
    And after winning tonight, the Clinton camp needs to be hitting hard in the media that after three strikes, Hill is still NOT out!!! Even when outspent 2/3 to 1! Should give those dsuperdelegates something to think about!

  95. Beware of exit poll results. However – Bill Schneider just reported on the exit poll question on how people decided AFTER the debate on Wednesday. Results 58 Hillary 42 Obama. We post this because this might be part of the Big Media narrative for the next few hours.

    The only value of these exit polls is that they provide a justification for Big Media narratives. Because this exit poll result helps Hillary, it will probably not be mentioned.

  96. rjk1957 Says:

    April 22nd, 2008 at 4:53 pm
    I am so sick of these talking heads. Now Kristol on Fox saying in order to win Hillary now has to win both IN and NC to stay in the race. F**K OFF!!

    She must win by 30% points in every race, including NC. And even then, she’s done. Toast. Finito.

    My, my, my, Mr. Kristol, gazing into your Kristol ball…

  97. rjk1957 Says:

    April 22nd, 2008 at 5:19 pm
    Did Schneider on CNN just give a hint going over exit polls? On the economy question about 8% more people thought Hillary will handle the economy better than Obama. He said “A marginal lead and marginal leads can sometimes make for great victories”

    8%??? That’s it? Do these people even listen to the debates or the candidates?

  98. If Hillary wins, period, it will be a huge upset given Obama’s huge cash advantage and supposed “front runner” status. Plain and simple.

    If she wins by 10 or more, it would be an unbelievable night for her.

  99. idunn aritiste hawk kostner lawschooldem mollyr sugar realist all the rest of the clan from

    we need all of ya to come on
    the rest of us are on lol
    well of course admin here lol

  100. Hehe, found this @ TalkLeft;

    “Also watching Tweety. He does not look happy.
    My Tweety Exit Poll tells me that Hillary probably beat expectations.”

  101. Guys, if we win tonight — and that’s still an IF — we have GOT to go all-out tomorrow on fundraising. Tell your friends, tell your family, and make a promise to yourself to bring 5 new donors into the Hillary campaign. Any amount — 10.44, 25.44, 50.44 — EVERY penny helps.

  102. KiKi Mclean on Hardball;

    “We’re nowhere near ready to talk about Senator Clinton’s running mate!”

  103. basil .. if you are here .. please come back.

    We need to get the superdelegate and editorial letters going into Indiana….we need you

  104. “It is unfortunate that Senator Obama has chosen to brush off the people of North Carolina by flatly refusing to debate,” Clinton’s director in North Carolina, Ace Smith, said in a statement. “But we are willing to move forward with another time and location for the debate so that he has no excuse for not participating. Unfortunately, it is becoming clear that Senator Obama simply does not believe that North Carolinians deserve the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates about how they will fix our economy, bring our troops home and provide quality health care for every American.”

  105. basil come back on he or she i like her reading material!!!!..look at tweety his head is down no thrills up your legs tonite …thats what kiki should say to him…he looks pissed haha

  106. The only time I listen to Schneider on CNN is when he is on Lou Dobbs…to much opinion and fuzzy polls numbers out of Gallup this season for the democratic primary.

  107. Blue Democrat Says:

    April 22nd, 2008 at 5:35 pm
    White men

    55-45% for HRC!

    I thought you said Hill needed to do better than that among white men or was that just working class white men?

  108. That’s a bad-ass quote from Ace Smith, BlueDem. Hammer Obama all throughout NC for his refusal to debate. It continues to drive home the message that he’s out-of-touch, elitist, and holier-than-thou. He won’t even deign to give North Carolinians a chance to hear him in an unscripted format. Says a lot.

  109. “Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.”

  110. reading field notes on talkleft-turnout huge in pitts, rural pa, catholic vote, women-all for comming out for hill biiiiig. exits showing the same it seems.

  111. Never said that MJ. Happy she won white men decisively.
    Her numbers among seniors are down 10% but still a big win.

    Schneider saying something new*;

    HRC: 56-43 on economy (similar to Ohio)
    57-43 on Iraq for BO (*roughy split in Ohio)

  112. # Blue Democrat Says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    Hehe, found this @ TalkLeft;

    “Also watching Tweety. He does not look happy.
    My Tweety Exit Poll tells me that Hillary probably beat expectations.”

    Is this the same thing as reading Tweety’s stools? 😉 My guess is he may have to change his pants several times over the next few weeks. Should we take up a collection and send him a box of Depends?

  113. AA 92% for Oblahma?!!!!!

    What the hell……. :shakes head:

    When the media dares to call some voters racist if they are white and votes for Hill with wide margins, why not call AAs who vote 92% for Obama racist???? come ne!!! 92???!!!!!!!!!!!!

    don’t care for health care much then do they!

  114. The message to hammer home tonight, and tomorrow, in the blogosphere:

    1) Hillary is peaking at the right time: this is an absolutely epic comeback, and she has all the momentum. She’s leading on the issues, and voters want her experience and ability to bring about real change.

    2) Obama is on the defensive and rapidly losing momentum. He’s suffered big losses now in Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania. He can’t close the deal. He outspent her 4:1 in PA and it still didn’t work.

  115. Thanks for putting that imagery in my head, Okie 🙂

    Havin’ a blast right now. Can’t wait for 8!!!

  116. The “can’t I just finish my waffle?” whiny quote from Obama sounds like something Homer Simpson’s boss, Mr. Burns, would say. What a grouchy, pissy thing to say!

  117. Hey guys if you want to call and complain about this sexist sign that guy put up on his restaurant her is the number. THIS IS SEXIST AND DOWN RIGHT OBSCENE!

    Chicken Express in Bridgeport ring off the wall: 940-683-5012. Also, if you are so inclined, call their corporate headquarters: (817) 594-9300.

  118. Update on MI Uncommitted Delegates- They’re not all for 👿

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008
    Michigan update

    I don’t know if this article came out of any “official” results, but the Michigan Uncommitted delegate situation is still, well, I don’t quite know what to call it:

    In the end, supporters of Obama won half of the 36 Uncommitted delegate seats, while union-backed candidates won the rest. It was a bitter pill for the new Democrats, who felt that all 36 slots should go to true-blue Obama fans.

    Although most of the Uncommitted delegates said they would support Obama, there is suspicion that many of those not endorsed by the Obama group actually support New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.

    It’s been written elsewhere that the the non Michiganders-for-Obama should not be assumed to be any less for Obama than the MfOs. But, on the other hand, they probably can’t be definitevly counted for Obama either. And officially, they may all have to stay in the Uncommitted category up to the convention – and this is all only if they get seated as is anyway.

    Since we use The Green Papers for our pledged delegate count, as long as they keep these delegates in the Uncommitted category, we will also.

  119. Gorto that 92% of AAs for Obama is awfully high. I don’t know where they got that number but I don’t buy it.

  120. Jake Tapper at Political Punch:

    There’s this presumption out there, it seems to me, as if it’s just a CRAZY notion that Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, would be able to win the Keystone State, like the idea is INSANE, just unfathomable, as if the state consists of Bill, Chelsea, and les freres Rodham.

    I don’t begrudge the Obama campaign for successfully setting Sen. Clinton’s bar so high — that’s its job — and of course I understand that in order for Clinton to have a real shot, she needs a big W so as to eat away at Obama’s 800,000 popular vote lead, and to make the argument to super-Ds that states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida are a problem for him.
    Fine, fine.
    But what’s so crazy about the idea that the Democratic frontrunner — flush with cash and outspending Clinton 3-to-1, running against a candidate with such high unfavorable ratings — should be able to win a blue state primary?

  121. hi hillfans, use caution with these early exits. i think they won’t be making a early projection at 8pm like ohio.

  122. winhillary, it looks like photoshop. I like Chicken Express, too….damn good tenders. Lousy sides, but damn good tenders….

  123. And not just any blue state primary, but a crucial, huge-electoral-vote-prize, swing-state, blue-state bellweather. Pennsylvania is perhaps the ultimate litmus test. It’s a much better indication of how the general election will play out than, say, Iowa, which happened back when Obama hadn’t even been REMOTELY vetted by the press (and he still hasn’t even fully been vetted).

  124. Serious Contender for most pathetic pundit performance ever;

    Partial-man Rachel Maddow discussing Hill’s Rocky-like performance:

    “But Rocky lost!”

    That one fell like a boulder on the set. hehehehehe 🙂

  125. yes Anbritt (from OH), as per CNN;
    and these are only exits, so they’re to be taken with atleast a grain of salt.

    I seem to remember New Hampshire exits being off a bit too 🙂

  126. birdgal Says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    I’m italian and i follow your elections from over here. [….] Hillary is such an extraordinary candidate, blessed with wisdom, commitment, leadership and experience. So I simply beg all you in pennsylvania and in the remainig states to cast you ballot for Hillary. To pick a president like her is a chance voters don’t get every four years, but once in a lifetime. A politician like hillary shows up on the politcal scene just once in a blue moon. Please don’t let this chance pass by!! We all need her!!!!

    by bigeye at 4/22/2008 3:20:07 PM

    Thanks for the wider view! We get hung up on the trees and miss the forest.

    You’re right — Bill was the best since FDR, and HIllary can be twice as good as Bill! She’s got more experience than he had when he was elected, and more, and their record is now proven. Billary’s third term!!!!! Like FDR, they can set up some really necessary things that will become as permanent as Social Security: Universal Health Care, for one.

  127. Yeah, that senior number is worrisome, however what about the absentee? My guess is a lot of those were seniors.

  128. Blue- I saw that Tapper article earlier. I think the meme to push from here on out is he can’t close the deal. I think the campaign did a good job of floating that story three days ago. Now, it’s up to push it on blogs in our own way……

    For me….

    Something along the lines of ” 👿 spends money foolishly when we are in a time of war and a floundering economy, and all you guys get is a McChicken off the Dollar Menu. No wonder he can’t close the deal.”

  129. 1950: I found that on the Hillary blog site. I thought, others might like to get an objective opinion.

  130. hehe, Olbermann and MSNBC with 4 seperate anti-Clinton cracks in their program open alone!!!

    haha MFers, read’em and weep!

    Tonight’s OUR night!!!!!

  131. Talking heads talking about how “well” BHO has handled his controversies. Really? We’ll see about that. His idiot supporters would vote for him if they saw him blow up the Pentagon himself. Scary stuff, people. Pray she has double digit lead. Tomorrow will be all Bill said this, Bill said that, Rendell said this about Farrakhan, blah, blah, blah. I’m disappointed in Fox News today – they’ve really been pro-Obama today. Pisses me off. Can’t bring my self to look at Borger and that BamBam bunch. What part of TWO Presidents (Bill and Hill) saving our asses don’t these dweebs understand?!?

  132. I would still be cautious, as it can change on a dime, but if Hill is doing this well (52%- 47%) in the early exit polls. it is looking good.

    The early polls are the cities, where Odrama does well. Those come in first. The rurals report last, and she will EAT HIS LUNCH there.

  133. fox says among voters ” who relates more to you and your way of life” they say its split down the “middle”

    clinton 64%
    obama 65%

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! can they N O T add???

  134. I’m off for a while, guys. Hold down the fort and don’t get too wild. I may e-mail Idunn later to see where the hell she is…

    Go Hillary! Kick some ass.

  135. Phila numbers have a history of coming in very slow and many times not until well after midnight. The past few elections they have actually been come in pretty fast, but with the high turnout they could revert back to old form with numbers dribbling in a little at a time.

  136. OkieAtty.

    I spoke to headquarters and they said the guy that owned the restaurant had it up for TWO days! She said it was awful but nothing could be done because he was the owner of the place. But it was big news to them and i alarmed her that people were reaching out and making complaints, she agreed and said the phones were ringing off the hook.

  137. hillfans, im watching foxnews. they have a great exit poll ticker on the left side bottom of the tv screen. juicy tidbits.

  138. Pator Manning was right calling BHO Mac-Daddy. Wonder how many super-sized handed out today to all the Tyrique’s (name in video) in PA?

  139. Whenever Russert is away from the MTP set and comes on, he sounds s like he has a turbo-charged vibrator in his box!

    Todd sets over/under @7.

    But fuck these guys! They’re actors, nothing more!

    I’m havin’ another beer!!!

  140. Watching the situation room now, 43% og voters in PA actually think Hill will get the nomination!! this is good, we need some confidence!

  141. Hey okie, Been busy as hell. But gearin’ up for North Carolina and Indiana. Lots of letters to write!

  142. I’m assuming yuo all heard President Clinton’s ‘off-radio’ remark today on SC. hehehehehe..

    There is NOONE like him. The very best.

  143. CBS News early exit polls show that most Pennsylvania Democrats made up their minds a long time ago, while only 23 percent decided within the last week […]

    The CBS News early exit polls show that the majority of Pennsylvania Democrats said they would rally behind whoever becomes the Democratic nominee. They would back Obama over McCain (72 percent to 15 percent) and would support Clinton over McCain by an even wider margin (80 percent to 11 percent).

    Twenty-six percent of Clinton voters in the Democratic primary say they would support McCain in the general election, while 50 percent would back Obama. Among Obama voters, 17 percent say they would vote for McCain, while 67 percent would side with Clinton.

  144. lanny davis needs to refute McCaskill’s story on the superdelegates. Hillary picked up 4 in one day alone and she is saying Hillary only picked up 5 since superTuesday. She is a bitch .. yes they are trotting all of their little surrogates out to try to downplay her victory. I hope it is a blowout!


  146. I got family in Mo who won’t be voting for Claire ever, for anything, including dog catcher.

  147. Hey terrondt, my friend, i been missin’ yall, but just been real busy. Not that the rest of yall aren’t real busy, but it’s wiped me out.

  148. McCaskill, ugh! What a liar! Remember the snub? Obamas explanation was that clair was asking him a question, yet there she stood with her lips sealed!! And during the explanation on the plane after, she just stood there with the most disgusting smirk ever!!!
    She is just something I can’t describe while keeping up my happy Hillary vibe! 😉

  149. the exits look great-fox says she won union homes 2 to 1! won men! women wmen by 30! won gun owners and church goes 2 to 1. damn.

  150. claire is like a giant toad. Next to Donna Brazille, you’ve got two slimy, hopeium smoking bullfrogs.

  151. wow, 17% decided in last 3 days (MSNBC exits).

    High frickin’ number – and we got the majority!

  152. btw, loving the exit polls! I’m gonna go out on an optimistic limb here and say its going to be around 14-20% for Hill! 🙂

  153. carbynew Says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    Jonathan Kay on Hillary Clinton, my feminist hero
    Posted: April 22, 2008, 11:15 AM by Jonathan Kay
    Jonathan Kay [….]
    Pundits and politicians are always pressuring second bananas to bow out of races so the grandees can get on with their coronation. But I can’t help but admire Clinton’s tough, uncompromising response to this pressure — and my admiration necessarily refracted through gender-coloured glasses. Most men — even true political animals — would probably have wilted under the sort of pressure applied by the Obama faction of the Democratic establishment. But not Clinton. Whatever you think about her politics, she is tough as nails. Not tough as nails for a woman, but tough as nails, period.

    As a woman, I can totally relate to this in many situations. We women CAN appear tougher than men, just by hanging in. Just to walk through the door of the old boys’ hangout takes putting on full armor. So once you’re in there, there’s nothing to lose by going on asking for whatever you want, not being faked out or discouraged, keeping your eye on the ball and not bowing to any pressure.

    It’s men who are hung up in their macho pecking order and scared to lose face by being abandoned by ‘their own supporters’ etc — who do collapse under such pressure. A woman who’s already on the ground at the bottom of the totem pole and always has been — is grounded and has nothing to lose and just gets the job done.

  154. hey everyone! remember the exit polls are just a selective few who participated in the polls and not representative of the whole state

  155. tex4hill, is that ALL men that she won or just white men? If she wins all men, we won’t even have to debate about whether hillary will win or not.

  156. Drudge has a huge headline, 52-48 exits.

    Frankly could care less. A win is a win is a win.

    Fuck them and their bogus fucking expectations game.

    This entire process has been rigged!

    I’m gonna be happy tonight cause I know Hill will never quit and neither will I!

  157. What exit polls are you watching MJS and rjk1957??

    over a mydd and drudge they say it looks good for obama…. I want to look at what you all are looking at!!

  158. Pls stop repeating that Obama lie that 92% of AA went for Obambi…nobody knows until the votes are counted.

  159. with CNN, i’m thinking its going to be about 59 to 41. Thats what she won guns and religion by, so i think its a big win.

  160. Obama is going to brush this win for Hillary and say this is to be expected and we still have more states to go for but what we really need is a LARGE win

  161. just rec’d call from Indiana HQ and they need volunteers in Indiana….anyone who is able, please contact Indiania. They are looking for people for the last few days of the primary.

  162. The way Obama and his camp have been talking late today saying PA is only one contest, their internals are telling them he is going to lose very big.

  163. CNN is very telling, Cafferty and Borger are being very in the middle, saying Clinton and Obama against McCain

  164. carby .. we are talking exit polls from some of the news organizations right now. We know the votes aren’t counted yet.

  165. djia

    yes I read the report, which is why I said HRC camp wrkrs need to go p/u certificates too.

    there is more to this story, I am sure…mainly unanswrd questions…do we KNOW BO staff were handing them out? Since campaign staff are not allowed into the polling place and have to maintain a certain number of feet distance from the polling place, how do they know who voted how? Sandwiches given out as pre-payment for a vote or as reward for a vote?

    See the problem? That’s why I recommened a chill.

  166. i am not really understanding the exit polls…never really followed them…how are they reporting that its 52-48 hill? basedon what i am seeing she seems to be winning most catagories except aa, youth and highly educated. somebody please explain these numbers for me….thankx

  167. I’m encouraged by the exit poll question of church goers and gun users votin’ for Hillary. Not that I am a member of either group (actually I do like to target shoot). But this bodes well for her connection with sizable groups of democratic voters. I think that could help a lot in North Carolina where the “reagan democrats” are in large numbers.

  168. emjay,

    Yes, I always reply to DNC emails with something like this:

    First, get your Cred Committee to rule FOR the MI/FL votes to count
    FOR the nomination AS voted. No “seated by the nominee” or “after
    50-50 split” or any of that bullshit.

    AFTER Hillary gets the nomination, THEN I might donate. Till then, all
    my money goes straight to Hillary.

    That lets them know that this grassroots donor knows what’s going on and isn’t fooled by the doubletalk.

  169. I’m watching MessNBC and DON’T see that “thrill up my leg” spirit on Tweety…in fact he concedes PA to Hillary,and one thing about Tweety he LOVES his polls, and it’s all about how much of a win she MUST have to keep the MONEY flowing to continue her campaign.

    So, the next attack will be to dry up her money trail. Maybe we should do a Tweety’s Thrill is gone” money bomb.

  170. borger saying a Clinton/Obama ticket? As long as she’s on the top of the ticket I’d vote for him .. otherwise NADA

  171. Anbritt,

    There are no easy answers for the next hour and a half, except Hill’s going to win. Then we get real numbers and projections.

    As they’ve done with all polling, they’ve slanted the shit out of everything, including exits, all along, in nearly every primary, in order to to set up their narratives while they’re on-air.

    Most important, it sure looks like a win is secured.
    Sit tight.

  172. 4/22/2008
    MEMO: Watch What They Do, Not What They Say
    To: Interested Parties
    From: The Clinton Campaign
    Date: April 22, 2008
    MEMO: Watch What They Do, Not What They Say

    The Obama campaign is attempting to pre-spin the results from tonight’s Pennsylvania primary by suggesting that Sen. Clinton should – and will – win.

    But after the Obama campaign’s “go-for-broke” Pennsylvania strategy, after their avalanche of negative ads, negative mailers and negative attacks against Sen. Clinton, after their record-breaking spending in the state, a fundamental question must be asked: Why shouldn’t Sen. Obama win?

    Sen. Obama’s supporters – and many pundits – have argued that the delegate “math” makes him the prohibitive frontrunner. They have argued that Sen. Clinton’s chances are slim to none. So if he’s already the frontrunner, if he’s had six weeks of unlimited resources to get his message out, shouldn’t he be the one expected to win tonight? If not, why not?

    As the phrase goes, watch what they do not what they say.

    There’s a reason Sen. Obama and his campaign have ratcheted up their year-long assault on Sen. Clinton’s character and ended the Pennsylvania campaign with a flurry of harsh negative attacks. It’s because they know that a loss in Pennsylvania will raise troubling questions about his candidacy and his ability to take on John McCain in the general election. And it’s because they know that the race is neck and neck and tonight’s contest is a measure of where the campaign stands.

    The reality is this: both candidates need a combination of pledged and super delegates to secure the nomination – and either candidate can reach the required number. The press and the pundits have repeatedly counted Sen. Clinton out and she has repeatedly proved them wrong. The vote in the bellwether state of Pennsylvania is another head to head measure of the two candidates and of the coalition they will put together to compete and win in November.

    No amount of spin from the Obama campaign will change that – nor will it explain away anything less than a victory by Sen. Obama.

  173. Clinton is very strong in Pittsburgh. Depending on the Pittsburgh turnout, She might be able to stifle his Philadelphia numbers.

    The rural areas will, most most likely, go to Hillary by margins of 2-1 or 3-1. Western Pennsylvannia is most likely very well Hillary Country. The middle is very Hillary country (well, in GE, it’s Bush country) too, but Eastern and more populated areas in Eastern Penn are some spots for worry (philly and the surrounding burbs)

  174. Borger and Cafferty are giving the game away, they are basically saying Hillary is back in this with a bomb, they’ve seen the data, they know whats coming.

    They are so going to project at 8pm

  175. I love this site. It keeps me from watching too much of MSM. When c-span starts reporting the returns, I’ll watch them.

  176. My support man just went and took a nap, ahhhhh! Im going to have my primary smoke and a glass of wine! I love having you guys

  177. boy the pundits .. 25% NOW .. according to Obama supporter LOL

    Dissing delegate count out of PA .. saying NC and IN will basically be more important

  178. Well caferty better be in the middle he knows how to piss of a Hillary supporter and he knows he better act his age for once and do his damn job and stop showing america he is a sexist pig! Well just for today!

  179. Haven’t posted in a while, but I have been reading the posts daily.

    moononpluto, I have to say you are a gift to this blog. You are always positive, optimistic AND informative. Thank you!

    I am so stoked for tonight’s BIG win!!

  180. Whoa did you see that

    50% of Clinton voters in PA will not vote for Obama, he so loses PA.

    SD’s take notice

  181. terrondt,

    Brew is right, a whole hell of a lot of brew will be just fine, I want to celebrate to for this big victory!

  182. texan4hillary Says:

    April 22nd, 2008 at 6:23 pm
    the exits look great-fox says she won union homes 2 to 1! won men! women wmen by 30! won gun owners and church goes 2 to 1. damn.

    Please specify if you mean white women or all women.

  183. rjk1957…don’t worry about Claire. Many, many of us here in Missouri, who even worked hard for her to get elected, can hardly wait for her to run again. After her little stunt with BO, we will work even harder to get McCaskill UNELECTED!

  184. mj:

    I didn’t see that particular poll, but in general if you see a number for men or women, and there is no ‘color’ qualifier, then it means all men/women.

  185. 67% of Obama voters will vote for her, 50% of Clintons will vote for him, go figure who’s electable.

  186. rjk1957,

    Have you heard anything about Philly yet? Earlier there were reports saying turnout in Philly was low.

  187. also don’t forget we need to close the popular vote gap (how far apart are they now?)

    also, Dija, I love your comment! Let’s mail his campaign office certificate from Waffelhouse!

  188. djia, we not only need to send BO a gift certificate to Waffle House, but also if we are going to have to continually see his middle finger, we need to send him a certificate to get a good manicure.

  189. the page, mark halperin writes: At least one group has asked a Philadelphia judge to keep local polls open til 10 pm because of broken machines at polling places. .

    crap!! will we not get the results at 8 then?

    this better be to benefit hillary, haha!

  190. OK

    Hillary precinct capt t-shirt, check..hillary baseball cap, check…three Hillary buttons, check…bourbon, check…charged laptop battery, just in case, check…

    I’m ready.

  191. College graduates usually go for Obama, but in Pennsylvania, 54 percent went to Clinton compared to 46 percent for Obama.

    From fox

  192. This keeping the polls open later is getting old. This happened in CA and Ohio, that I know of. Are these in AA areas by chance? At least in Ohio, weather was a factor.

  193. justmeinmountdorafl:

    You got those numbers backwards I think. I saw 46 Hillary and 54 bambi. Still not too bad though.

  194. Sounds like a plan :D……count me in for a couple bucks!

    now who lives near a waffle house??

    we will also need to send notice or something to fox news so they report it 😀


    # justmeinmountdorafl Says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    also don’t forget we need to close the popular vote gap (how far apart are they now?)

    also, Dija, I love your comment! Let’s mail his campaign office certificate from Waffelhouse!
    # Southern Born Says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    djia, we not only need to send BO a gift certificate to Waffle House, but also if we are going to have to continually see his middle finger, we need to send him a certificate to get a good manicure.

  195. 1 hour exactly until polls close! (Not counting those precincts that got extensions, if that is even going to happen).

  196. strange…..hillguy….it was said in taylor marsh…. guess doesnt hurt to have more 😉

    mollyjrrichards, love your idea!

  197. If 81% of PA voters are white, and we won white women AND white men, then the math looks amazing for our girl tonight!

  198. Hey, Molly, glad to hear from you.

    You bet, we could clip coupons for MO and don’t forget all those Target ones. Isn’t that where she says she shops?

  199. if Obama lands under 40, that wont be good at all!

    don’t forget to do your prayers/thoughts

  200. rjk1957, no doubt. Remember the night of Louisiana, his lawyers were in a scuttle because there were reports of voting problems. And that was a heavy AA state.

    Remember guys, Obama didn’t spend this OBSCENE amount of money because he simply wanted to close the gap. He was trying to WIN PA. The fact that he has not won a single large state outside of his own is problematic for him with SDs.

  201. Balloons and confetti ready to come down in Philly for Hillary tonight. Should make for nice front page pictures in morning newspapers.

  202. obama knows he is in deep doodoo with working class. He is going to try buy Indiana as well. I hope Hillary has strong support there … who has the Governor of Indiana endorsed???

  203. Obama is playing the race card again with the Jessie Jackson quote by Bill. He think that will help him but what is helping him is his orgainization of the black ministers.

    That’s why I believe in separation of church and state.

  204. So one of the arguments Obambi’s SDs make on his behalf is that he is able to raise large sums of money…but if he can’t close the deal when utilizing ALL THAT MONEY (PA, OH, TX), what makes them think his financial advantage will help him beat McCain??

  205. Blac turn out was 19%? Well, that wil significantly cut our lead if so. I hope asians and latinos make ups some of that, otherwise BO starts out with about 18 points.

  206. dija: if you are right, this will be huge. i think, it will be lower, but reach for the moon, and you might get there.

  207. To anyone on other sites (like Firstread):

    When a machine breaks down, paper ballots are used, NOT provisional ballots. How dumb that Obamabot poster must think fellow voters are!

    Another great thing about this site: we are smart, not dumb as rocks.

  208. it definitely won’t be 25% or higher margin for hill. let’s not kid ourselves there.

    I’d say around 15%

  209. Guys,
    That’s a great sign that he’s already left the state right? I mean if it were close he wouldn’t he have stayed?

  210. # birdgal Says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    dija: if you are right, this will be huge. i think, it will be lower, but reach for the moon, and you might get there.

    I believe i am right ….but we shall see!! 😀

  211. If Hillary wins Pennsylvania, here argument can be that she has won 7 out of 8 of the most populous states in the nation. (counting FL and MI)

    The only state Obama won? Illinois.

  212. HillGuy Says:

    April 22nd, 2008 at 7:10 pm
    So one of the arguments Obambi’s SDs make on his behalf is that he is able to raise large sums of money…but if he can’t close the deal when utilizing ALL THAT MONEY (PA, OH, TX), what makes them think his financial advantage will help him beat McCain??
    It didn’t help Romney and McCain was flat broke and in debt and he still won…taking public transportation most of the way. At least with McCain he will run a tight ship and will be frugle with the taxpayer’s money.

    Hillary has run a tight campaign after having a little blimp but she corrected it and now has been on top of it.

    Obama…puhlease he’s been the worst in money management and I shutter to think how he would do with our economy. Shutter!!!

  213. OMG! bill bennett it’s not what hill has done to bo its what he has done to himself that will hurt him

  214. btw, a McCain insider reportedly confided with a news caster that the McCain campaign, while it does see Obama being the nominee more likely, sees many more worries and difficulties in facing an HRC nominee.

  215. dont’ forget, brazille said, not too long ago, that whoever won Penn by 15% or more should be entitled to the nomination. She said it.

  216. # moononpluto Says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    No doubt she’s won, no way they’d be saying all this if they were not sure.

    they would not be saying this if she was not atleast 20% or higher 😀

  217. Guys, just because the white vote is supposed to be 81% doesn’t mean that AA turnout is 19%. SUSA was polling AA’s in PA at an estimated 14% turnout (of total voters). There are other races in PA too.

  218. Yup, the Repugs are desperate for him now, they know now if you knock Hillary down she gets up like the evil dead and kills, Obama just lies there like a sack of potatoes.

  219. MJS .. I could tell by Fox’s tone now that they want Obama to be the nominee. O’reilly is practically giving sainthood to him now, seriously. They know that republican women will deflect to Hillary BIG TIME

  220. moononpluto, not only does Obama lie down, but he’s like a cabbage. He starts rotting as soon as he’s left alone in the cold.

  221. obama does fold like a cheap lawn chair and he also gets all defensive! That is not a good trait .. it’s like he thinks he’s entitled to be softballed all the time.

    Notice anytime he gets peeved or worried he completely shuts out the media? Why doesn’t the media kick him to curb?

  222. I don’t know what to make of Brazilla’s comments. “If he can keep it under 20%”… is she raising the bar for Hillary or did she let the cat out of the internal CNN polling bag??

  223. dot48, something tells me there is some major in-fighting and shaking up occurring in the DNC and between undecided/decided delegates. McCain is not making his pleas to traditional dem voters like blue-collar Ohio white workers, etc.

    If the rethugs were sure bam-bam was going to be the nominee, they would not care so much about that, but be bashing the hell out of obama while they can.

    Something tells me that the gaffes by Obama and Hillary’s words are starting to take real effect with delegates and the state of the race.

  224. record high turnout according to officials and smooth voting .. not many irregularities.

    A group has filed a lawsuit in Philadelphia to keep the polls open .. it was thrown out and they are appealing.

  225. dot48:

    So true. He is such a f***ing coward. He has been avoiding the press, cancelled the NC debate. Such a loser.

  226. yeah. 20% whereas yesterday, they were having debates about whether she could even BREAK double digits?

  227. spoke to a friend of mine in ne penn working for weeks there. she reports excellent news for us shall we say. big ass turnout for hillary. she is outperforming in pa guys.

  228. lets pray it’s a blowout so we can see tweety and company, donna and others heads explode right on national tv.

  229. however…IF Hillary does win by upper teens to lower 20s percentage wise, I say the gloves come off and she starts hammering Barack’s electability issues big time with notes about how he lost even worse after being given 6 weeks time, record amounts of cash, and being the “frontrunner”

    IF Hillary wins PA huge, expect NC to start tightening and Dean to come out tomorrow in a frantic state.

  230. Hillary will need:

    to RAISE A LOT more money to continue the battle

    to PRESSURE Obama to debate her in NC and Indiana

    to CONTINUE to push for Florida and Michigan to be COUNTED

    to put LIVE-STREAMING videos of rallys she goes to (easy to set up) since the BIG MEDIA ignores her

  231. I am suddenly feeling giddy!! 😀

    What specifically did Bill Benette say? I missed it ( bathroom break, okay?!!)

  232. birdgal: Hillary’s words and obama’s gaffes are increasing the hesitance of undecided superdelegates to back him.

  233. I don’t know if many of you remember, but right after OH and TX, the polls from NC did tighten significantly for a few days. A big win tonight, combined with Ace Smith’s genius, could make NC winnable. Two weeks before NC bodes well for momentum, especially since we waited 5 years for PA to come around after OH and TX.

    Oh yea, and an Edwards endorsement would at least shore up the white male vote in NC. Here’s praying.

  234. Bill Bennett said that Obama one month ago he though was electable .. now he doesn’t think he is.

    He also said that Hillary isn’t the one bringing this stuff up .. it’s all by Obama himself .. i more n other words, the more we know him .. the less we like him.

  235. we all said this primary would speak the truth, all of the pundits will be eating at the waffle house tomorrow with 👿

  236. i was gonna have a waffle i had pizza…admin i see there all getting here all the folks pysmac mjs and molly how ya doing!!!reading all there intelligence
    to get Hillary In the White House!!!
    i dunn sugar artiste oh and KOSTNER basil !!!get on here lol…

    get that media to say drop out of the race..she said it today HE CAN”T CLOSE THE DEAL!!!!he had his chances texas ohio fl mi nj calif 4 ta 1 5 t1 NO CLOSING THE deal now its PA again big state spent 9 mil to 10 mil people see his lies and associations that need explaining

  237. what so bad about that rjk1957??? heheh, I know, I know, but as someone here said, shoot for the moon.
    At least then we are heading in the right direction!

  238. I will never eat at Waffle House again. In reality I haven’t in a long, long time. Not since I heard their facilities had bad infestations .. Obama included

  239. Tonight is just going to be a big slap in the face to Obama and the harsh reality to their campaign that 12-13 million dollars just went down the drain for them.

  240. Andrea Mitchell trying to revive the claim that President Clinton “played the race card” in South Carolina on tonight’s NBC Nightly News. Aired audio of President Clinton responding on WHYY radio in Philly:

    You really gotta go some to play the race card with me, my office is in Harlem.

    Mitchell said his answer that the Obama camp had played the race card was YouTubed everywhere.

    You HAVE to see the video of Bambi responding:

    He’s suggesting that somehow I had something to do with it ?

    That’s right Bambi, President Clinton has called your phoney ass out.

  241. how is 25% inconceivable?? I certainly didn’t take any of those other poles as factual…..

    she has been @20% for along time in PA

    and all 👿 gaffes in the last 6 weeks had to do damage to his electabilitiy

    so i say 25% is definitely conceivable

  242. McCain says Hillary would be the most formidable nominee. SD’s you better be watching and listening.

  243. obama: i would respond “forcefully” if Iran attacked Isreal i just don’t know if i would use the word “obliterate”

    ha ha ha…….once again he’s mimicking hillary

  244. LOL!!!!!! what crap, lou dobbs calls brazil an ansolute icon of objectivity!! oh lou, you came so far……

    and brazilla responds by saying she is still slightly deciding….. she must think we are all airheads.

  245. The main thing coming through here, pundits are basically saying, this is in no way over tonight.

  246. I heard Brzaille say she has already made up her mind in her heart. HOW can CNN let her remain on set.

  247. Brazilla said her mind is made up in heart, but she will wait to disclose who she is for (BIG MYSTERY, lol).

  248. Bennett was in the tank for BO .. now he has done a complete U turn. I bet this is exactly how the superdelegates are feeling right now.

    Character counts and obama is showing less than stellar character, all the while trying to hide it. I hope there is more dirt on him to be hashed out.

  249. Off topic-

    Bill Clinton should be able to say whatever the hell he wants to say! Especially if it happens to be true. He’s a former president and shouldn’t tiptoe around because it might upset BO or his supporters in the media. People wanted Hillary shut up in the ’92 campaign. F*** em!

    Rant Over. Go Hill!

  250. omg……..bob bennett is on a role tonight

    Jamal says…….we shouldn’t be getting into things like associations……zzzzzzzzz

    Bob b “and so character doesn’t matter?” “of course it matters”

  251. Tomorrows talking point: Obama can not close the deal.

    Donors have got to be wondering what is going on in his campagine.

  252. just me .. Hillary just addressed the Iran and Israel thing this week .. NOW, Obama brings it up. Why does he wait on her to address anything first? Cause he doesn’t have any original ideas of his own.

    Reckon America is falling out of love with the messiah. I knew it wouldn’t last

  253. LOL that Jamal dude just said that BO’s character is such that he is “uniting people”, and the Repub analyst on the panel with him asked “Then why won’t he hold a press conference to discuss all of these associations, and how it relates to his character?” Jamal looked totally dumbfounded LOL.

  254. even fine pastries that everyone loves get “STALE” and once you have eaten too many you want to puke…… tee heee heee!!

  255. I love all the posts, but what I would like to know is what happened to running Howie Dean out on a rail? Is it possible to ask for his resignation? I hope so!

  256. mjs: thanks. that is what, i was thinking.

    if 69% of the urban areas are going for bo, then how does that, impact the results of the remainder of the state?

  257. Tonight we celebrate, but we must remain grounded…. because tomorrow the “Hillary should drop out” crowd will be louder than ever.

    Hillary’s got em runnin sceeered.

  258. he tried to put hillary away IN:

    new hampshire
    nevada, california, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Texas, etc.

    hell, Obama lost 7 of the 8 largest states:

    NY, CA, OH, MI, FL, TX, and soon, PA

  259. Forgive me if this has already been brought up.

    Per CNN
    Exit polls: Late deciders break for Clinton

    Has got to be good news for the campagine!

  260. i agree with nikki22. big dawg earned his stripes f*ck obamathugs and his brown nosers in big media.

  261. TriMT7 Says:

    I don’t think the call to drop will be there if she does over 15% especially after what they are saying tonight

    the call will come from the dnc and 👿 supporters……. but i doubt the pundits will go there much now

    I could be wrong……but i am just sayin

  262. I heard some comment from one of the pundits that Hillary might not campaign hard in North Carolina. I sure hope that isn’t true. She could close that gap bigtime.

  263. trimt7, thank you for coming here! I appreciate it!

    We got to work hard! What newsstations are u watching?

  264. Wolf Blitzer in a tone, almost laughing, “will we be able to project a winner in 10 minutes, or is it a long night”

  265. So when they project soon, will we be seeing actual numbers, or do we have to wait a while for those to stabelize? So it at first might look like obama did better then we want then later drop or what?

    I want to brace myself here, hehe

  266. Hey Psymac

    Was hoping you or Basement angel would show! I’ve got a great article for you…will try to find it during a dull (ha ha) moment.

  267. JAS, I really belive he will endorse Hillary if any. And I have a feeling he WILL endorse before NC….

  268. Guys,

    We’ve talked about race on this board plenty of times, particularly about AA voters & BO. Although he does get the majority of the black vote in the primaries, I have always maintained, despite the spin from the MSM and BO surrogates, that black voters would have no problem going for Hillary. The point is 14% turnout among black voters is not great considering the hype around this guy. And this isn’t the 1st primary that turnout among blacks has been low. HRC will get the black vote in November.

  269. 6 weeks and spent over $10 million and can not win 1 state, how can he run a national campaign and win enough states with only 8 to 10 weeks to do it this fall?

  270. Nikki, here is the thing about AAs. Most of them live in the states that always go Republican. The only Southern state that either candidate could put in play is Arkansas, and we all know which candidate that is.

  271. Bill Hemmer now thinks he is John King playing with a map and shouldn’t Jeffrey Tubin be covering something legal like the Rezko trial?

  272. WTF!!!

    wolf says they can not project a winner based on exit polls alone………………tell me isn’t that what they have done all along till now??

  273. Justme… I’m have the Clinton headquarters live newscast on the web on. I’m actually trying to do work at home, so I have it on mute

  274. WTF ?

    You mean we have to play the phoney “too close to call” from the Media Whores like in Ohio ?

  275. this whole competitive bs and prediction crap is only to keep viewers watching

    so they can sell more ad space

  276. this fucking delegate shit map is so screwed up. I hope the super delegates are watching who is winning what groups

  277. birdgal,

    There’s always been more hype about Obama and black voters than there was substance. I know of plenty of AAs who weren’t /aren’t sold on him. The only reason he is getting the majority of the vote now is because of his Iowa win, he proved he could win white votes. So there was a feeling of ‘okay here’s the first black man with a real shot to become president how can we not support him?’ For some it goes deeper, but the idea that blacks will desert the party in droves if he’s not nominated is media BS.




  278. CNN is trying so hard to put life back in Obama’s dead campaign….another state the dems need in November to win back the White House…and what do we see and Obamabots.

    CNN is going after Hillary fundraising and that pig Candy Crawley have some nerve with giving that pitch to the SDs.

  279. “At least one group has asked a Philadelphia judge to keep local polls open til 10 pm because of broken machines at polling places.”

    WTF? Everyone who is in line at 8 gets to vote, unless people affected by broken machines left and want to come back after 8, broken machines won’t deter anyone from voting. That’s ridiculous.

  280. And it’s always in the AA community…you would think they live here in Palm Beach County where we never get it right. Hopefully she can win by 7-10%.

  281. Leave it to bambi to cheat again, well I am glad she is winning and has already been projected the winner by Fox.
    I have not been able to keep up due to the emergency room is crazy tonight! As always, when I want to watch an election, the folks are getting hurt!

  282. Help us in Florida – we’ve got rallies planned in Tallahasse, West Palm Beach, Hollywood, St Petersburg, Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville April 26th – all being held 10AM – 2PM – this is just the beginning of a citizen/voter driven initiative via FDR – Florida Demands Representation – go to our new web site – download the petition – www dot floridademandsrepsentation dot org – Come to DC – April 30 – we’re bussing over 500 people from all over Florida – $500,000 raised in the past hour!!

  283. Muisc to my ears! 😀
    From a disgruntled Waffleoid.
    I’m starting to have MAJOR doubts about Obama….RANT

    I’m sorry but Wright is killing Obama’s candidacy.

    The Bill Moyer’s interview was a net positive. He generated some unfortunate soundbytes, but the good outweighed the bad. He came across as reasonable, erudite, and insightful. I think most people watching came away from it understanding why Obama would want this guy as a pastor. The NAACP speech was okay, but he probably regressed, when it came to portraying himself as someone who isn’t a “whackadoodle.” Most people aren’t very bright and aren’t going to appreciate his points or they will misread them and take them out of context. So he will just come off as angry ranting preacher making some quasi-racist points.

    However, today, I was literally sick to my stomach watching the National Press Club event. Let me make something clear: I think Wright is a brilliant man. And I like him. But this appearance and his performance was all about him and his ginormous ego, with no regard for the political impact he would have on his parishioner. It was very un-Christian and selfish of him. He threw Obama under the bus in so many ways. I’m still stunned.

    So now, the election is a complete circus. And it doesn’t look like it’s going away. He’s trying to generate press and publicity to promote his book that’s coming out, to make himself richer at the expense of Obama’s viability as a candidate. The media and Wright’s claque of supporters are, of course, egging him on to play the fool.

    You can’t blame Hillary for this, or McCain, or the media. The blame is squarely on Wright. And on Obama for not making clear to Wright how damaging this will be and getting him to shut up. If he cares about Obama why would he go on a speaking tour now? Why would he do this to Obama, whom he supposedly cares about?

    This won’t play well (hell it doesn’t play well with ME, and I’ve donated time and $$) and for the first time I think Clinton has a legitimate argument for the nomination, if she doesn’t overplay her hand. I’m not sure Obama is electable anymore. I’m pissed off about this. I’m pissed of at Wright, because he’s smarter than this, and he’s let his vanity get the best of him. I’m pissed off at Obama for failing as a politician on this issue.

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