Big Media Party Whines And Dines Barack Obama

It’s our first year anniversary. It’s our birthday. On April 19, 2007 we debuted the website and posted our first 2 articles. We’ll have a post later today to celebrate and look at what we have done right and what we have done wrong over the past year. But this website has never been about us. This website is a support Hillary website. A whine-free zone of support for Hillary.

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Now that Senator Spector of Pennsylvania is ill again, the rumors of Chris Matthews running for senate in Pennsylvania increase. If/When Matthews runs for elective office, Hillary supporter will be there to remind Pennsylvania voters of the Chris Matthews record of Hillary bashing and misogyny.

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We wrote last November:

It occurred to us that a bigger issue was rising in the presidential campaign that was encapsulated by yesterday’s Meet The Press: The rise of a new political party – The Big Media Party.

Readers of Big Pink will notice that we regularly refer to “Big Media” not the generally approved MSM (Main Stream Media) utilized by Big Bloggers and the idiot “frame” obsessed to describe the current state of American journalism.


Political campaigns used to desire “free media” by speaking to issues and policies. The goal was to run a good campaign, with good policies, and the best candidate thereby garnering “free media” coverage of their campaigns. This is no longer true.

Big Media, as represented by the Tim Russerts and Chris Matthews and many others, is no longer just a referree. Big Media wants to be paid homage. Big Media wants their agenda adopted as policy by the candidates.

A shameless candidate like Barack Obama goes on Meet The Press not to appeal to the voters, but to appeal to Tim Russert. [snip]

Big Media will “ref” in Obama and Edwards’ favor now in order to destroy Hillary. But the Big Media wheel will grind them down if they were ever to get the nomination. Big Blogs will help Big Media for their own self interests as they regurgitate Big Media “waitress tips” stories.

Even some in Big Media are beginning to take note of the Big Media Party. As the Big Media Party yells louder and asserts more and more control of our elections in favor of their tool, schisms are emerging even within the Big Media Party.

Politico today takes note of the relationship between the Big Media Party and its tool – Barack Obama:

My, oh my, but weren’t those fellows from ABC News rude to Barack Obama at this week’s presidential debate.

Nothing but petty, process-oriented questions, asked in a prosecutorial tone, about the Democratic front-runner’s personal associations and his electability. Where was the substance? Where was the balance?

Where indeed. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her aides have been complaining for months about imbalance in news coverage. For the most part, the reaction to her from the political-media commentariat has been: Stop whining.

The protests by us and many other Hillary supporters was not whining. This election season several “correspondents” have had to publically apologize for their open misogyny and abusive comments against Hillary. The abuse has been staggering. At one point we even referred to the attacks as a form of “rape”. T-shirts stating “The Bro before the Ho” have been sold along with “nutcrackers” in the shape of Hillary. Big Media has not had anything to say about the sale of these items other than to grin. If racist items were sold Big Media would get on its high horse and blame Hillary immediately and continuously. Hillary has been portrayed as “cackling” and with her “claws” out in Big Media outlets. Big Media has examined her clothes and her breasts. The abuse has been staggering.

The shower of indignation on Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos over the last few days is the clearest evidence yet that the Clintonites are fundamentally correct in their complaint that she has been flying throughout this campaign into a headwind of media favoritism for Obama.

Last fall, when NBC’s Tim Russert hazed Clinton with a bunch of similar questions — a mix of fair and impertinent — he got lots of gripes from Clinton supporters.

But there was nothing like the piling on from journalists rushing to validate the Obama criticisms and denouncing ABC’s performance as journalistically unsound.

The response was itself a warning about a huge challenge for reporters in the 2008 cycle: preserving professional detachment in a race that will likely feature two nominees, Obama and John McCain, who so far have been beneficiaries of media cheerleading.

The Big Media Party, aware it has had limited effect on voters, is shouting louder and more hysterically as well as skewing, even more, election coverage to benefit Big Media Party tool Barack Obama.

But there was nothing to justify Tom Shales’s hyperbolic review (“shoddy, despicable performances” by Gibson and Stephanopoulos) in The Washington Post or Greg Mitchell’s in Editor & Publisher (“perhaps the most embarrassing performance by the media in a major presidential debate in years”). Others, like Time’s Michael Grunwald, likewise weighed in against ABC.

In fact, the balance of political questions (15) to policy questions (13) was more substantive than other debates this year that prompted no deluge of protests. The difference is that this time there were more hard questions for Obama than for Clinton.

Moreover, those questions about Jeremiah Wright, about Obama’s association with 1960s radical William Ayers, about apparent contradictions between his past and present views on proven wedge issues like gun control, were entirely in-bounds. If anything, they were overdue for a front-runner and likely nominee.

If Obama was covered like Clinton is, one feels certain the media focus would not have been on the questions, but on a candidate performance that at times seemed tinny, impatient and uncertain.

The difference seems clear: Many journalists are not merely observers but participants in the Obama phenomenon.

(Harris only here: As one who has assigned journalists to cover Obama at both Politico and The Washington Post, I have witnessed the phenomenon several times. Some reporters come back and need to go through detox, to cure their swooning over Obama’s political skill. Even VandeHei seemed to have been bitten by the bug after the Iowa caucus.)

(VandeHei only here: There is no doubt reporters are smitten with Obama’s speeches and promises to change politics. I find his speeches, when he’s on, pretty electric myself. It certainly helps his cause that reporters also seem very tired of the Clintons and their paint-by-polls approach to governing.)

It’s not a “news business” guys – look at what it actually has become (remember form follows function theory?) – it’s the Big Media Party. Call it what it is – the Big Media Party.

But the protectiveness toward Obama revealed in the embarrassing rush of many journalists to his side this week does touch on at least four deeper trends in the news business.

1. The breakdown of journalistic conventions about point of view. In an earlier era these standards — favoring austere, stoical language conveying voice-of-God authority — were designed in part to ensure that stories betrayed no hint of the writer’s real feelings. [snip]

This shift is also what allows NBC News to feel comfortable with its Obama reporter, Lee Cowan, who has acknowledged that he finds it hard to keep his objectivity covering Obama.

But when does a legitimate attempt to capture the energy and mood of a political movement become boosterism? Did Cowan cross the line in this dispatch for the “Nightly News” on Feb. 5?: “Since the early days of his campaign, the candidate has morphed from the intellectual to the inspirational. … And it’s that theme that’s brought crowds in the door and to their feet.”

It is a thin and often illegible line between this kind of journalism and outright favoritism.

Wherever the line, it is clear that the profession collectively has stepped over it — based as much on what it hasn’t covered as what it has.

Stop whining Politico, you have the resources and the talent to cover these stories. That is what is frustrating. These Big Media outlets who whine about the coverage when they are Big Media and can cover stories instead of exhorting others to be substantive. Politico – Cover the Rezko and Auchi connections to Obama – give this story the prominence it deserves. Stop whining Jim and John – Do it. You did well with the “questionnaire” story. The “questionnaire” made it to prime time television in a big debate. If you cover Auchi/Hussein/Rezko, people will read your articles. Do it, stop whining.

Two of the questions ABC asked Wednesday were related to subjects that have largely been met with media yawns.

One was Obama’s casual association with 1960s era radicals and would-be bomb-setters William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn: What is the nature of his relationship?

Another was about a questionnaire from a 1996 legislative race in which he endorsed a ban on handguns. Obama said the questionnaire was filled out by someone else and was in error about his views at the time. But it was later found that his handwriting was on the document: What gives?

One can dispute the relevance of these stories — though it seems certain they will be of interest to many moderate voters Obama would need in the fall — but it is indisputable that if Clinton was facing similar questions they would be the subject of constant and all-consuming coverage. There is an obvious double standard.

Stop the double standard Jim and John. Stop whining and get your reporters to report.

2. The rise of the liberal echo chamber. It used to be that if a reporter received a letter that started, “You biased S.O.B.,” it was almost certainly coming from someone on the right. In 1998 — the year of the Monica Lewinsky scandal and Bill Clinton’s impeachment — those notes began coming in equal measure from the left. During the Bush era — when the media stumbled in coverage of the march to war in Iraq — complaints are much more likely to come from liberals.

But it has only been in this campaign cycle that we have seen the liberal echo chamber — from websites like The Huffington Post and cable commentators like Keith Olbermann — be able consistently to drive a campaign story line. In the past, it was only the conservative echo chamber — Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh — who regularly drove stories in new media and old media alike. This is a huge shift.

Jim and John – stop whining. Why don’t you report on the connections between the “liberal echo chamber” and the Obama campaign. Write about founders of Facebook shutting down a Myspace site. Write about the connections between Arriana Huff n’ Puff and her organization and the Obama campaign. Write about how DailyKooks and the HeadKook are Obama shills and the HeadKook is now a Newsweak Kook too. Write about these connections and stop whining.

3. The blurring of lines between journalist and advocate. The Huffington Post is an admirable enterprise, staking a flag in a new media landscape. Its success this year was made possible by the openness of the Web and the decline in what was once the near-monopoly power of old media institutions like The New York Times to set the agenda on national politics. (Politico is itself an experiment in that new media landscape — one reason we admire Huffington.)

But it covers politics with a mix of traditional reporters and analysts, like Tom Edsall, and with people who define themselves principally as advocates. Many of these advocates, like The Huffington Post as a whole, are proudly cheering for Obama. (This is true even though the site, almost apologetically, broke the story about Obama’s recent remarks saying small-town Pennsylvanians turn to guns and God because they are bitter.)

Obama benefits also from probably the strongest bias of traditional, old media reporters: Against partisan combat and for a brand of politics that would transcend differences in favor of cooperation and centrism on elite issues like entitlement reform. Many of these reporters see Clinton representing bad, angry, contrived old politics and Obama bravely leading the way for good, civil, authentic new politics.

Stop cheerleading for Arriana Huff n’ Puff and cover her the way you do any political bed hopping courtesan. Do your job Politico and stop whining.

4. Covering politics as it is versus as it should be. Many of the people complaining about ABC’s coverage, even some Clinton supporters, disliked the questions and the tone because they felt they were serving as a warm-up act for Republican attacks in the fall.

It is not an easy balance. It is not reporters’ job to promote the opposition’s story lines — especially dubious ones like the suggestion that because Obama does not favor flag pins on his lapel it reflects adversely on his patriotism. But nor can serious reporters avert their gaze from the fact that questions about how well candidates connect personally and culturally with voters matter a lot — they were decisive factors in both the 2000 and 2004 elections.

Gibson and Stephanopoulos handled this balancing act responsibly. They asked tough questions of both candidates. In the wake of the debate, it is time for Obama’s cheerleaders in the media to ask some questions of themselves.

Jim and John, you done good today. It’s tough calling out your friends. You are right “it is time for Obama’s cheerleaders in the media to ask some questions of themselves”. It’s also important for you to keep calling out your friends and to also ask some questions about your coverage. Ask some questions of yourselves. You done did good today fellas. Keep it up.

Fight the Big Media Party.


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  1. Thank goodness, this website was started. I truly feel it has had and is having an irreplaceable and substantive role in the success of Hillary’s campaign which will lead to her presidency.

    Who knew how important this website would become when you first started it.

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

  2. you know what, i think in all honesty we we often Hillary’s first responders when people threw muck at her, kudos to all of you.

    HRC is going to win this, but if by the smallest chance the forces of evil win, I hope admin changes this site to either HI44 for McCain or Take Obama down.

  3. I am still pretty new to all of you here, but i am happy to have found and joined you !!

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!


    Clinton works to sway black women
    Appearance with Angelou underscores key role of gender
    Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, answers a question as Dr. Maya Angelou listens during Clinton’s campaign appearance at the Wait Chapel at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem on Friday. YALONDA M. JAMES –
    • Slideshow: Hillary Clinton and Maya Angelou
    • A day of sisterhood for Clinton
    Hillary Clinton, running against a black candidate while trying to become the first female president, is working to attract one group of possible swing voters: black women.
    They frequently introduce her at rallies. One of her television ads consists entirely of comments from a black woman in Texas. And today several prominent black leaders — male and female — are scheduled to tour North Carolina on Clinton’s behalf.
    On Friday, the New York senator held a forum at Wake Forest University with Maya Angelou, one of the nation’s most prominent poets — and also a black woman.
    “Hillary Clinton is a woman who takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies,” Angelou said, reading from a piece of prose she wrote in Clinton’s honor.
    “She has been there, done that, seen that and has still risen,” Angelou said.
    Black women who vote Democratic face a unique choice this election year — between one presidential candidate who shares their gender and another, Barack Obama, who shares their race. So which will they choose?
    In an hour-long conversation that drew repeated standing ovations at Wake Forest, Angelou chose to mention Clinton’s gender.
    “I watched her as she was on the front page of every paper in the world,” Angelou said, alluding to Clinton’s response to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. “And I watched her stand.”
    Clinton returned the compliment, calling Angelou “one of my `sheroes.’ ”
    Highlighting gender could help Clinton as she tries to make North Carolina competitive ahead of the May 6 primary. But the strategy has risks, too, because it presumes black women will vote based on either race or gender.
    “It’s not an issue of voting for someone just because she’s a woman. You have to look at the issues,” said Brenda Baker of Raleigh as she left an Obama rally Thursday.
    Baker, who is black, said she’s supporting the Illinois senator because of his stances on education and health care, though Clinton and Obama have largely similar policy positions.
    Polls suggest that the overwhelming majority of black women in North Carolina support Obama. A recent Observer/WCNC poll found that women in general were evenly split between the two Democrats, but that black women overwhelmingly favored Obama while white women heavily favored Clinton.
    An Elon University Poll released Friday showed black women are more likely to view Obama favorably, said poll director Hunter Bacot. But, he added, each candidate fared well overall.
    “Beyond all the rhetoric, I think what you see is that Democrats have two candidates they can live with,” Bacot said.
    Exit polls after the Feb. 12 Virginia Democratic primary showed black men supporting Obama 93 percent to 7 percent while black women gave him an 88 percent to 12 percent advantage.
    Clinton spokeswoman Traci Otey Blunt said the polls are not deterring the campaign.
    “Senator Clinton has not conceded any vote,” Blunt said. “It’s not, `This community’s not with me today, so I’m just going to turn my back.’ ”
    Democrats have two good options, said former Mecklenburg commissioner Wilhelmenia Rembert. She said she’s supporting Obama because of his “ability to inspire people to a higher cause, to a sense that we’re all in this together.”
    Rembert, who is black, said neither race nor gender influenced her decision. But she said Clinton has already tasted presidential power more than anyone who’s black.
    “On almost every occasion that there’s been a white male in the White House, there’s been a white female in the White House,” Rembert said, referring to first ladies. “She was not the commander in chief, but she was in a very powerful position. No African American has ever been in that position.”
    Sarah Stevenson, co-founder of Charlotte’s Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum, also said she is supporting Obama but not because he, like she, is black. She cited his energy and the issues he’s talking about.
    This year’s choice highlights historic tensions between the movements for civil rights and women’s rights, said Michele Tracy Berger, associate professor for women’s studies at UNC Chapel Hill.
    “For some African American women, I think Clinton’s role really brings up some longstanding challenges in terms of alliance-building,” Berger said.
    “There are some African American women who, when they look at Clinton, they perhaps see someone coming out of a very privileged life,” she said. “But opposite that, there are a lot of African American women who are supporting Clinton.”
    Perhaps the nation’s most famous black woman, Oprah Winfrey, is supporting Obama and has helped him raise money.
    But on Friday, Clinton basked in the support of Maya Angelou, who spoke of first meeting Clinton when she was first lady of Arkansas. “Many years ago,” Angelou said, “I started watching a rainbow.”
    Angelou referenced old battles over gender roles when Bill Clinton first ran for president. Recalling a gaffe from the 1992 campaign, when Hillary Clinton talked about choosing a career over domestic duties, Angelou noted: “One of the first things she said was, `If you expect me to make cookies… .’ ”
    Angelou paused without finishing the quote — and the audience joined in laughter.

  5. Admin: Fantastic post. Thanks for all you do. Hope you sent an email to Politico telling them to check it out. I’m taking ten minutes from calling for HRC to ask–WTF is up with the Newsweek Poll? I looked at the methodology –looks normal–but how could she be down by 20 points in a (great for HRC) week? Maybe I’m getting loony–but I flatly don’t believe it. Losing women and older voters? No way. Anybody have any idea what’s going on? Is Newsweek just manufacturing polls now from whole cloth or is it possible?
    Thoughts? Comments?

  6. look at the last page of the methodolgy, i think they called 225 Clinton supportes and 300 Obama supporters, of course he won.

  7. My congratulations, also. I don’t post (only a couple of times), because you all seem to say it so much better than I could. However, your suggestions for letters, emails, phone calls, etc. have proved invaluable in helping me voice my opinions to others. I’m grateful and thank you all. This site has spurred me to donate to a campaign for the first time ever (and donate, and donate, and donate!) and I believe I’m not alone in that. Also, as dedfg says above, I know Hillaryis44 has made a difference in this campaign.

    Keep up the good work, admin!

  8. In celebration of Hillaryis44’s one year anniversary today, please


    We can do this together!

    We’re in it to win it!!!

    (thank you Admin for this awesome site!)

  9. I am fairly new to this board, but it has been a haven to find a website with like-minded voters. I appreciate all the hard work that the Admin. does, as well as all the Hillary supporters. I avoid the news and other websites, like the plague. Happy Birthday, Hillaryis44.

  10. so, this is how McCain is uniting HIS party:

    McCain camp says Hamas wants Obama

    (CNN) — John McCain’s campaign sent supporters a fundraising e-mail Friday that claims Hamas approves of Democrat Barack Obama’s foreign policy vision, and is hoping for his victory this fall.

    “Barack Obama’s foreign policy plans have even won him praise from Hamas leaders,” writes McCain deputy campaign manager Christian Ferry. “Ahmed Yousef, chief political adviser to the Hamas Prime Minister said, ‘We like Mr. Obama and we hope he will win the election. He has a vision to change America.’”

    The McCain fundraising e-mail says Obama’s stands have earned him “kind words” from Hamas. “John McCain’s foreign policy provides a stark contrast to the policies of Barack Obama,” writes Ferry. “While Senator Obama would surrender in Iraq and hold talks with the Iranian regime, John McCain will never surrender in the struggle with Islamic extremists. Please join our campaign today by making a generous donation of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or $2,300.”

  11. Hilarious, ok

    look at that newsweek poll, that serious bad polling for a dem nomination

    The sample they used for that was get this

    422 Democrats
    365 Republicans
    388 independents

    Only 1/3 of the sample was Democrats, r they fucking taking the piss, the poll is totally skewed by what the republicans said, lol.

  12. Happy Anniversary I’m a big fan but rarely post. Believe me there
    are many of us out there

    Hillary’s campaign wants your ideas. Oh how I wish they had done this earlier

    “Wow. I am amazed and gratified that so many of Hillary’s supporters — literally tens of thousands of them — took the time to share their thoughts, suggestions, and words of encouragement in response to my email the other day. I think that speaks volumes about the quality of the people who are supporting Hillary’s campaign and the extent of

    their commitment to her.

    I want to show you some of the great submissions I’ve received:

    Don’t give up! I have been pulling a grass roots movement in NC for Hillary and there are many of us whose voice will be heard the day of the election, May 6th. Don’t believe the polls — I have faith that the middle-class American from the small town USA will pull her through.

    Hillary, I’m proud of you and I believe in you. You’ve overcome hostile press coverage, and you’re by far the best candidate in the race, and you’ll make a fine president. Please hang in there and give all of us who are rooting for you a chance to vote for you again. You are the one I trust. You are the one who knows how politics work, and how to beat the odds. Don’t let me down.

    I think we should stress and publicize that any outcome without Florida and Michigan is incomplete, unfair, and unacceptable.

    By the way, I’ve also shared some of the email responses with Hillary. She is extremely appreciative of the good suggestions people offered, and she was touched by the many kind words of support so many people sent in.

    Please keep the advice and questions coming. If I haven’t heard from you yet, please tell me what you think.

    Click here to send your comments.

    Thank you again for everything you do to drive our campaign to victory. You know as well as I do that we are at a crucial point in the campaign, so all of your help is very much welcomed, and always appreciated.

    Geoff Garin
    Hillary Clinton for President

  13. This is a lengthy story from Huff Post, not sure if it’s in the previous thread;

    A high-ranking labor supporter of Hillary Clinton is distributing to union leaders and to Democratic strategists a document detailing the radical activities of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, two former members of the ’70s group the Weather Underground, who decades later, in Chicago, crossed paths with Barack Obama.

    The document – a three-page emailed essay by Rick Sloan, communications director for the International Association of Machinists as Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) — takes both literary and political license to outline what Sloan believes would be the thrust of a hypothetical Republican campaign against Obama focusing on his tangential connection to Ayers and Dohrn.

    The goal of the essay appears to be to discredit Obama as the prospective Democratic presidential nominee.

    The most damaging new material cited by Sloan appears in a link to an FBI Freedom of Information web site — where a viewer can examine hundreds of pages of a study of the Weather Underground and its leaders, written in 1976 by the Chicago FBI office, just at the group was disintegrating at the end of the Vietnam War.

    Sloan contends that the purpose of his document is to outline what he conjectures will be the tactics of Republican operative Karl Rove, an informal adviser to John McCain’s campaign, if Obama is the nominee. The title of Sloan’s paper is: “What Is Rove Up To?”

    Sloan argues that Rove will use Ayers and Dohrn for ‘red-baiting’ attacks on Obama. Rove’s “target is Barack Obama’s signature slogan ‘Change We Can Believe In.’ Rove wants to redefine it as revolutionary change, change driven by an alien ideology, change no patriotic American could
    stomach. And he intends to do so by channeling Senator Joseph McCarthy.”

  14. I’d like someone to send my thoughts to Geoff .. I don’t get those emails and they aren’t in my junk mail.

    Hillary, hang tough! America needs you and your supporters have your back. We will be here till the last dawg dies.

    Dot 48

    (My only suggestion is that they aggresively court the Big Media with surrogates who will tear them to pieces and leave the set with the last word – the correct word for Hillary.

    The negative press needs to be called .. I just don’t think they’ve had enough surrogates out there)

  15. Hillary retakes the lead nationally in new Galup poll, not bad considering 4 days ago Obama had a 12% point lead.

    PRINCETON, NJ — Gallup Poll Daily tracking shows that Hillary Clinton now receives 46% of the support of Democrats nationally, compared to 45% for Barack Obama, marking the first time Obama has not led in Gallup’s daily tracking since March 18-20.

    I guess Bittergate, Ayers and whinning like a baby are having an impact on Barry.

  16. I don’t believe for one minute that he ever had a 12% lead on her anyways. Polls now for me .. useless. Tuesday will be the telling moment. The campaign will strike a new path with the PA results, there is a lot riding on Tuesday, a lot. Hill comes out of there with a double digit lead it will change the whole narrative and it will put the party to wondering just how much it worth to continue to “cling” to obama and his race baiting, white bashing, preacher and his friends of the terrorists movements.

    Hillary team is absolutely correct — the Repubs have plenty of ammunition now to destry Obama as unpatriotic and unAmerican. That is all it will take .. especially with summer time coming which also brings a heightened terror threat level in the country. Yes, the repub are liking Obama as the nominee

  17. Obama and the former radicals
    Evidence linking him to the ex-leaders of the Weather Underground is thin. But a YouTube video is making noise.
    By Bob Drogin and Dan Morain
    Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

    April 18, 2008

    CHICAGO — Democrats have tried to heal their party’s angry passions ever since violent protesters disrupted the Democratic National Convention here in 1968, a shock to America’s collective psyche that helped Republican Richard Nixon capture the White House.

    But some of the old fault lines were visible again Thursday as Sen. Barack Obama’s suddenly defensive presidential campaign sought to distance him from Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, aging academics who planted bombs in the Capitol, the Pentagon and other buildings to protest U.S. government policy. They are now widely respected community figures here.

    The evidence linking Obama, who was born in 1961, to the two former militants, now in their 60s, remained thin, despite the appearance of a slickly produced, anonymously issued five-minute video titled “Obama’s Terrorist Connections” on YouTube that sought to exploit the alleged tie.

    Obama and Ayers moved in some of the same political and social circles in the leafy liberal enclave of Hyde Park, where they lived several blocks apart. In the mid-1990s, when Obama was running for the Illinois Senate, Ayers introduced Obama during a political event at his home, according to Obama’s aides. Ayers, a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, later contributed $200 to Obama’s state campaign.

    Obama and Ayers met a dozen times as members of the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago, a local grant-making foundation, according to the group’s president. They appeared together to discuss juvenile justice on a 1997 panel sponsored by the University of Chicago, records show. They appeared again in 2002 at an academic panel co-sponsored by the Chicago Public Library.

    Ayers and Dohrn, an associate law professor at Northwestern University, did not return phone calls or e-mail Thursday about their relationship with Obama, their leadership of the militant Weather Underground or their decade as fugitives from the law.

    But friends, neighbors and colleagues rose to their defense after Obama’s Wednesday night debate in Philadelphia with rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, in which Obama was publicly quizzed about his relationship with Ayers for the first time.

    Clinton noted that the two men had served on the foundation board and warned that “this is an issue that certainly the Republicans will be raising.”

    Laura S. Washington, chairwoman of the Woods Fund, called it “ridiculous to suggest there’s anything inappropriate” about Ayers and Obama serving on the nine-member board of directors. The Woods Fund issued $3.4 million in grants to local arts, housing and civic groups last year from an endowment of about $70 million, she said.

    Obama joined the board in 1993 and stepped down in 2002, three years after Ayers was appointed, she said. The board met four times a year to discuss policy and new grant proposals, she said.

    “Bill Ayers is very respected and prominent in Chicago as a civic activist,” Washington added. “He has a national reputation as an educator. That’s why he’s on our board.”

    Obama’s latest predicament stirred Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley to issue a strong defense of Obama and Ayers, which Obama’s campaign passed on to reporters.

    “There are a lot of reasons that Americans are angry about Washington politics,” Daley’s statement said. “One more example is the way Sen. Obama’s opponents are playing guilt-by-association, tarring him because he happens to know Bill Ayers.”

    Daley said Ayers “worked with me in shaping our now nationally renowned school reform program.”

    “I don’t condone what he did 40 years ago, but I remember that period well,” the mayor said. “It was a difficult time, but those days are long over. I believe we have too many challenges in Chicago and our country to keep re-fighting 40-year-old battles.”

    Hyde Park, on Chicago’s South Side, is home to the University of Chicago, an arts center, museums and other cultural institutions. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s home and the headquarters of the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Operation PUSH are within a few blocks of Obama’s red-brick home. The neighborhood’s politics are vibrant and decidedly liberal.

    As a result, what is normal in Hyde Park may sound odd elsewhere in America.

    Adolph Reed Jr., a political scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, knows both Ayers and Obama from his days in Chicago. He plans to vote for Clinton in Pennsylvania’s primary Tuesday. But he called the Ayers-Obama link a “bogus story.”

    Reed nonetheless predicted that the relationship would “haunt” the candidate and “be used to attack him from now until his place in the race ends.”

    In the debate Wednesday, Obama described Ayers as “a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who’s a professor of [education] in Chicago, who I know, and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.”

    He added: “And the notion that . . . knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8 years old, somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense.”

    Obama later pointed out that Clinton’s husband commuted the sentences of two former Weather Underground members, which Obama called “a slightly more significant act” than his simply knowing Ayers.

    Shortly before President Clinton left office in 2001, he granted clemency to Susan Rosenberg and Linda Sue Evans, who were serving prison sentences after having been caught decades earlier with 740 pounds of dynamite and weapons.

    Rosenberg also had been indicted, but never tried, for her alleged involvement in the botched 1981 robbery of an armored car in upstate New York that left three people dead, including two police officers.,1,2109092,print.story
    How stupid are TEAM OBAMA…the repugs are going to make this about National Security and they think the country will be accepting of this relationship after 911?

    Timmithy McVee bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma and killed hundreds of American…they same mindset as these too above…except on the right. And the Hard Left think the majority of the country is going to elect Obama after this…NOT!!!

  18. Here’s phase 3 of the weekend hailstorm against Hillary;


  19. Admin,

    I came upon this site a few months ago when some site was trying to “out” you.
    They posted your true identity. Since then I have been hooked. They did me a favor. Thank you for this site. I was beginning to dispair about the Big Media Party’s treatment of Hillary.

    Keep up the good work. I have never posted on a web site before, but I am so grateful, I had to check in.

    If Oblameless and the kool-aid drinkers, thinks he had a rough time at the debates this week, just wait until the Repugs have their go at him. As I said to someone recently. He will curl up in a fetal position and wonder what hit him. He WILL NOT win in November.

  20. my question is why would universities even hire thugs like this. Yes we all make mistakes in life but the fact that this guy said on 9/11 that he regretsted “no doing more” shows me that he is not repentant and also that he doesn’t have a patriotic bone in his body.

    why don’t these assholes just pack up and leave this country if they hate us so much,,,,and I’ll include Wright and Obama in that too

  21. I want to know just who is ADMIN, but I don’t want to know a closely guarded secret, and I assume that is the case. People’s privacy and their safety must be protected. This wonderful person has done an outstanding job, and I’m sure will continue to do so for the foreseeable future – maybe on into the Clinton Administration next year.

    Still, I hope some day I will be able to thank you, Admin, for all that you do so well. When Hillary wins, I hope you get the credit for what you have done. Meanwhile, I’m sure your efforts have helped to coordinate a lot of activities that are keeping this election close. Thank you again, but you can’t be thanked enough!!!

  22. well all Hill needs to do is put the money bar back up and we’ll show the NYT just how maxed out and tired we are. Fcuk them too! The same shit, different day with them.

    I guess this come off Drudge?

  23. Hillary needs to send that Headline to every donor and ask them to shove that headline up the NYT ass.

    We’re still donating here and we just come off a money bomb. Sure some people are most likely maxed out but they are bringing more people in and doing other things.

  24. Moonpluto–Everyone! We need to COMPLAIN about this Newsweek poll.
    As Moonpluto pointed out (thanks Moonpluto!) it’s almost 2-1 Repub/Ind vs. Dems.
    Other interesting anomalies: Respondents were 300 upper middle class vs. 150 working class & there’s a weird “Will Bill C. have an affair in the WH ala Monica Lewinsky?” (is that supposed to be in a poll???)

    Good news for us: they averaged the rankings so this does not come across BUT HRC’s favorability ratings have INCREASED & her unfavorability have DECREASED–the exact opposite is true for Obama. Also: a total of 62% said Obama was “seriously” or “somewhat” hurt by revelations about Wright!!!

  25. Here’s the remainder of that HuffPost story;

    Sloan predicts that,

    “The drip, drip, drip of Republican opposition research will continue throughout the summer. At the Republican Convention, speakers will joke about a color spectrum of light pink to deep red. And the GOP attack machine will publicize the visual that Rove believes will give that Ayers-Obama link ‘power and force.’

    “Rove’s frame for the fall campaign will be filled with revolutionary figures — Marx, Lenin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara. His audio tapes of Ayers, Dohrn and other Weathermen will provide the screams of revolution. The bombing of the US Capitol, the Pentagon and the US State Department will serve as b-roll for his television ads that will have one final visual as
    the announcer gravely intones ‘Their Change — Not What You Had In Mind’.”

    Sloan sent his anti-Obama material out in an email to 40 political and communications officials of key unions supporting Clinton. The unions include American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; the American Federation of Teachers; United Farm Workers; Amalgamated Transit Union; and the Office and Professional Employees. Sloan said he also sent it to a number of Democratic operatives, but he declined to identify them.

    Sloan said he wrote the document on his own, using a union email list which is deployed regularly to send out messages to promote the Clinton campaign. “The memo is clearly my work. It was not done for or at the request of the Clinton campaign,” Sloan said.

    Howard Wolfson, Clinton’s communications director, referred all questions about the Ayers-Dohrn material to Sloan. “It’s not our document,” Wolfson said in a brief email.

    Asked to describe the document, Sloan said:

    “This is the case against Obama that Karl Rove is developing. He’s been pushing the Ayers-Obama link on FOX. . . . Most labor folks, myself included, wouldn’t know Ayers if we tripped over him. But the FBI summary does contain some absolutely shocking examples of hardcore Communist ideology. With friends like these, who needs enemies….And given what they [Republicans] did four years ago, Democratic strategists ought to be alarmed that Rove is back to his old tricks.”

    The 1976 FBI material, stemming from the Bureau’s investigation of the Weather Underground, was released under a Freedom of Information request and is now posted on the Internet:

    “Knowledgeable analysts who have followed the growth of Weathermen, or as it is now called, the Weather Underground Organization (WUO), are well aware of the foreign influences on the collective thoughts and actions of these revolutionaries who have consistently carried out the Marxist-Leninist conception of armed struggle in the U.S. The WUO investigation is an excellent example of the native born American who adopts the faith of an alien ideology and, in behalf of his beliefs, commits acts of armed violence, the purposes of which serve to acknowledge his revolutionary obligations to the international communist movement and at the same time create the conditions for revolution in the mother country.”

  26. Those anti american haters are telling their students that they were Freedom Fighters…now I remember them and nobody thought they were Freedom Fighters in my household.

    They were bombing America and people died. My moter said over and over again my great grandmother was a slave and my other Great grandmother was a Cherokee indian living on a reservation in Texas…so yes you could be bitter and full of hate but my family believe in this country and fought in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and are serving in the military.

    Every one of my relatives that lived overseas said this is the greatest country for blacks, because of the possibilities and the hope for a better tomorrow being realised today. This country is not perfect but it’s self correcting time and time again.

  27. add to that Jeremiah Wright and GDAmerica in full assault mode looping for America to hear.

    Yes, dems you better think twice. Hillary is not perfect but she can’t be branded unAmerican or a hater.

    Nominate Obama, hello McCain. Simple as pooping in the bed wide awake

  28. Jeremiah Wright nontroversy? Not a problem.

    Bitter clingy blue collar types, flag lapel pins? He can navigate those annoyances with ease.

    But come November the Bill Ayers issue rushing up in Barack Obama’s rear view mirror could be a real political problem.

    A former member of the Weather Underground Organization — a radical group responsible for a string of bombings in the early seventies – Ayers was a privileged kid turned domestic terrorist. Reformed and respectable Ayers is now an education professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, an informal advisor to Chicago’s mayor and a past contributor to an Obama campaign. In Wednesday’s debate Senator Clinton gave a preview of what to expect from conservatives come the general election should Obama take the nomination: accusations that Obama’s cozy with radical liberals. There’s not much the Clinton machine can do with the accusation seeing as President Clinton commuted the prison sentences of a couple of WUO members.

    Conservatives will try to do considerably worse, and they’ll have a lot to work with.

    Back in the day Ayers was a radicalized liberal in the worst way. Not merely because he and his comrades turned to indiscriminate violence, but because of the reason they turned. Chiefly, their paternalistic belief that blacks could not secure civil rights without their helping, explosive hand to guide them. “Black people have been fighting almost alone for years,” read the Declaration of War; the first communiqué of the WUO. “We’ve known that our job is to lead white kids into armed revolution.”

    Armed revolution.

    Going metaphorically arm in arm with Dr. King — as innumerable liberal minded folks of all persuasions did — was not enough for the WUO. They had to blow stuff up. And they did it without regard for the fact that they were essentially spitting on the memory of a man who was committed to non-violence. Yes they were partially radicalized by the murder of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton at the hands of the Chicago police — and Hampton was murdered. But many vented their very righteous anger without lighting fuses. But many, also, didn’t fancy themselves modern John Browns leading otherwise helpless blacks to freedom.

    The WUO claimed to want to avoid human suffering. But you can’t express yourself with explosives without somebody getting hurt. Who got hurt were three of their own members. Blown up in an accident so tragic it’s actually empty of irony.

    But I’m sure at the time the WUO figured they were doing something noble.

    And I’m sure Ted Kaczynski figured he was doing the same.

    The issue, though, isn’t what Ayers thought then, it’s what he thinks now.

    Read Ayers memoir Fugitive Days which was published — in actual horrific irony – on September 10, 2001. Though I have to admit it’s pretty well written, it’s filled with more paternalism (A squad of cops in Cleveland had dragged Black men from a motel and shot them down in cold blood, and now we would, I thought, even the score.) and romanticism of what were ultimately terrorist acts. Ayers is also quoted after Sept. 11th saying that he has no regrets for his past actions, but rather he feels that “we didn’t do enough.” Take a gander at his website and see if you find contrition, or self-aggrandizement.

    What someone did forty years ago — within reason — should not damn them forever. But that’s assuming the offending individual pays their debt to society and repents. Ayers has done neither.

    I genuinely hope Obama’s got as much distance as humanly possible between himself and Ayers, and that Ayers is just, as Obama said in the debate, “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.”

    I do not in any way, shape or form want Obama’s Willie Horton to be a former terrorist/current elitist who feels compelled to once again even the score for a black man.

  29. dot48 Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    Bust his balls.

    I thinks he’s only got one left, HRC took care of that during the debate, I bet he imploded after watching BO self-destruct.

  30. If Obama wins results: CELABRATIONS and DEMONSTRATIONS

    If Obama loses results: DEMONSTRATIONS and RETALIATIONS

    I wonder.Where are Sharpton,Jackson sr.and jr.and all the black leaders that have supported Obama.Too embarassed and ashamed to have fallen into his disgusting past and present revalations of his rise from a Chicago Ward-heeler to a threat to our nations stability.He may have exchanged his lapel pin for a replica of the swastika.Cult mania sounds familiar,to one that has lived through 90 yrs of life’s perils and mistakes by the uninformed and gullible citizenry.I remember the US trashing BROWNSHIRTS parading in our streets and the cheers that they marched to.Please America do not let it happen again.

    Hillary is clearly the answer to avoid a very dim future for our great country.


  31. you know what disgusts me about Ayres and that wife of his, they have no regrets, i read an the other day, disgusted me, this is the sort of person Obama hangs out with

    “I don’t regret setting bombs,” Ayers was quoted in the opening line of the Times profile; “I feel we didn’t do enough.” In 1969, Ayers and his wife convened a “War Council” in Flint Michigan, whose purpose was to launch a military front inside the United States with the purpose of helping Third World revolutionaries conquer and destroy it. Taking charge of the podium, dressed in a high-heeled boots and a leather mini-skirt – her signature uniform – Dorhn incited the assembled radicals to join the war against “Amerikkka” and create chaos and destruction in the “belly of the beast.”
    Her voice rising to a fevered pitch, Dohrn raised three fingers in a “fork salute” to mass murderer Charles Manson whom she proposed as a symbol to her troops. Referring to the helpless victims of the Manson Family as the “Tate Eight” (the most famous was actress Sharon Tate) Dohrn shouted:
    Dig It. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!

    I mean seriously would you even talk someone who was that sick in the mind.

  32. seriously go read post 3 on this page it would make you sick about Ayres and actually

    Do you think the AA community would be proud of Obama if they knew his buddy Ayres and his friends were responsible for the death of the first black policeman.

    None of this is remembered in Ayers’ book. Nor is the passage of their closest comrades into the ranks of the May 19th Communist Movement, which murdered three officers – including the first black policeman on the Nyack force, during an infamous robbery of a Brinks armored car in 1981. Caveat emptor. The point of the omissions is to hide from others (and from Ayers himself) the real-world consequences of the anti-American ideologies, which took root in the Sixties and now flourish on college campuses across the country.

  33. We are facing the reality of the DNC closing it down very soon. The SD’s will go with BO as they would rather lose than have the Clintons in again… a sad reality for all of us .

  34. jbstonesfan will you stop it, depressing us all, for gods sake, fight to the end, we all are, its not over by a long shot.

  35. jbstonesfan,

    Please explain where that comes from. My understanding is if Hillary wants to take it all the way to the convention, barring an exodus of SD’s to Obama that pushes him past the magic number,
    then there’s nothing that the DNC can do to stop her.

  36. Terrondt, you were among the very first to register. You would have a hearty laugh if you knew the VIPs that registered around the time you did. We had a lot of readers almost from the start but our first posts had zero comments – people mostly sent emails privately to us.

    In a way today is an “happy birthday” for you too. Thanks for contributing to the site for so long. You deserve a big thanks too.

    DC Democrat also joined early. Happy Birthday to you too DCDem. Ditto Berkeley Vox.

  37. who are you jtstonesfan, you have been here all week and done nothing but try and depress us all. Are you really for Hillary.

  38. jbstonesfan Says:

    April 19th, 2008 at 2:37 pm
    We are facing the reality of the DNC closing it down very soon. The SD’s will go with BO as they would rather lose than have the Clintons in again… a sad reality for all of us .

    So, are you the big dodo bird crapping all over our birthday celebration? At least, say something positive.
    Like the latest Gallup poll:

    “Hillary Clinton now receives 46% of the support of Democrats nationally, compared to 45% for Barack Obama, marking the first time Obama has not led in Gallup’s daily tracking since March 18-20…
    These results are based on interviewing conducted April 16-18, including two days of interviewing after the contentious Wednesday night debate in Philadelphia and the media focus that followed. Support for Hillary Clinton has been significantly higher in both of these post-debate nights of interviewing than in recent weeks.”

    and: “Also of note, the Rasmussen tracking poll has also tightened noticeably since the debate. Its now Obama 45% – Clinton 43%.”

    Yes, it is possible, but it would be nice, to say something positive.

  39. My understanding is that Dean,Pelosi, and other BO DNC supporters are pressing hard to get enough SD’s to come out after NC so as to put him over the top before the convention…..

  40. Happy Birthday to Hill44, your wonderful bouncing baby, Admin. Congratulations!! I love this site 🙂

  41. passes round birthday cake, i’ve saved a slice for Obama laced with some laxative to relax his tight ass because he’s been nothing but anal this week.

  42. I’ve been here a few weeks, don’t post that much, and yes, tend to look at the glass 1/2 empty as opposed to being 1/2 full. Sorry I can’t be as positive as some of you.

  43. Thanks JB. The remaining SD’s number somewhere in the 300-400 range, correct?
    If so, assuming the remaining states split as expected or close to it, I thought it would essentially take some of Hill’s SD’s crossing over to make the difference.
    (They have obviously stayed put through quite a shitstorm)

    In other words, if they both end up around 1800+, there aren’t enough uncommited or known las leaning SD’s left for either win it.
    Plus the SD’s are very reluctant to make their intentions known, thus the pressure from Dean.

    You’re telling me this is wrong?

  44. work on winnin g pa. want superds. win pa. defeatism is not the attitude of hillary and that is why i back her. im not a complainer. so lets do today. she can winthe nom guys period.

  45. “Sorry I can’t be as positive as some of you.”

    Then why are you here? This is a website for positive suggestions/comments to secure the presidency for Hillary.

  46. obama launches 2 neg ads today smearing hillary on healthcare-where are u edwards? and another smearing hillary –

  47. dedfg,

    Don’t start that shit (you pulled it with me once too).
    Let people have their say. You’re not the administrator.

    Maybe the poster can tell us something through his/her opinions we haven’t thought of, and we can figure a way to turn it around and help Hillary.

  48. ADMIN!

    Happy happy birthday and many more!
    I also am grateful to have found this site. I’d seriously considered taking a baseball bat to the TV screen right before I stumbled on to Hillaryis44.

    You do amazing work and have helped me, and I’m sure countless others,
    remain semi-sane. Keep up the good fight and thanks for boosting everyone’s morale.

    CHEERS to you! 😀

  49. oh…I thought it was for Hillary supporters regardless of our emotional characteristics. I thought BO was for the cheer leaders/kool aid drinkers. Anyone who is not feeling a bit overwhelmed by the anti-Hillary stuff in full gear before PA is either in denial or simply much stronger than most. I give you credit.


    Chelsea Clinton stopped traffic Friday night as she wandered the streets of Philadelphia on a gay bar crawl, winning rave reviews for both her politics and her appearance.

    Led around the neighborhood by Gov. Ed Rendell, Chelsea was mobbed by local gays and lesbians, as she walked from one club to the next. They ran up to hug her, posed for pictures and certainly invaded her personal space.

    “I grabbed her ass,” one young woman exclaimed to her friends after snapping a picture with her arm around the former first daughter.

    “Chelsea, the gays love you!” one fan exclaimed, as she took the microphone at Bump, a restaurant and bar that was her first stop. “Oh, gosh, I don’t know if everybody loves me,” she responded.

    Most of those at the bar seemed to, squeezing past one another in the cramped space to get a photo. Even some patrons, donning Obama stickers — a rally for the Illinois senator had taken place a few blocks away earlier in the evening — tried to get a snapshot as well.

    In all, she visited four bars in Center City, concluding her tour at Woody’s, the city’s most famous gay bar. Getting from one event to another proved difficult at times, as she was constantly stopped by admirers while walking down the sidewalk. She reached into car windows to shake hands and was followed by several young women who tried to pose for photos on their camera phone, but seemed incapable of properly saving the pictures.

    Standing with actors Rob Reiner and Robert Gant, Chelsea appeared overwhelmed at Bump when the mob started complimenting her hair, which they had also done several weeks ago when she spoke at a Stonewall Democrats event at Woody’s. But she smiled and laughed throughout her very short remarks.

    While she acknowledged she often is asked who her mother will choose as a running mate, this crowd had other questions, with one man asking what Hillary would wear on inauguration day.

    “We have to get her there so we can make that choice,” Chelsea said.

    At Sisters, a lesbian bar, Rendell reflected on Chelsea’s statement that her mother would be a better president than her father was, and suggested she may have angered former President Clinton in the process.

    Rendell appeared to be in his element. As Chelsea posed for more photos inside Bump, the governor held court outside, quizzing onlookers about Pennsylvania history, and grabbing the phone of one voter to talk to his undecided mother. He acknowledged to the caller that there were two good Democratic candidates, but said he thought Hillary would do a better job.

    “OK, governor, don’t run my minutes up,” the man said, trying to get the phone back from Rendell.

    Rendell has toured gay bars in Philadelphia since the 1970s, he said, and made a similar trek for John Kerry in 2004.

    “We’ll see tonight, easily, 1,500 people,” Rendell said. “And they’re all voters.”

    There was no policy discussion for Chelsea, who usually fields questions from college students at town hall meetings but does not do interviews with the press. There were no questions about gays in the military or same-sex marriage this evening; mostly just polite chit-chat.

    As the tour continued past a bar with a terrace — open on one of the first warm spring evenings of the year — Chelsea nearly ran up to shake outstretched hands.

    “Are you going inside?” one woman asked.

    “I don’t know,” Chelsea replied. “I’m mostly just following directions.”

  51. these are scare people ads. one says she will force u buy helathcare even if u cant pay for it. yes this again. bull. obama’s internals arent good or why run this old thing again? i gave to the camapign as usual today. i hope u guys did to. if she has to take out a personal loan then fine. this is not right.

  52. Admin
    Been here for several months and have been able to relay information to others not available through msm and I look forward to visiting daily until Hillary takes the oath of office.
    Again THANKYOU.

  53. Maya is the sort of woman that if she got hold of Barack about now, she’s give him a serious case of whoop ass.

  54. moononpluto: His supporters knoww all about him and they could care less.The turncoats that have abandoned the clintons,are losers that are getting in line for jobs in his scary administration.The have nothing to lose and they know that the experienced black choices are very few.The waiting line is going to be long and will never happen.Hillary,I am,sure has her people ready to join her on Day One.

    Can you imagine,an inauguration speech,a state of the Union speech,in RAP,written by Jay or what ever his name is and the new style of speaking that we would have to adjust in order to be cool and informed.Obama has been giving us all previews for the past 15 months.NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN Folks.Hillary will be our FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT and the 44th.DONATE,FIGHT and Vote on Tues. GO GIRL,YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU.,NOW MORE THAN EVER.

    By ABM90

  55. Happy Birthday and thanks, admin and all, from me and all my friends here on a famous island which I won’t name. We are in the social security bracket and most of us are not computer savvy, so I copy and print your editorials and commentaries — our daily vitamins! We talk to others, refer to you, we write letters to the Big Media Party and to the Undemocratic Party we used to love so well, and we sign petitions and urge others to sign them. We have also long ago resigned from Moveon and told Dimwit Dean we are giving money only to Hillary. We’ve canceled newspapers and mags that treated our Hill unfairly and told them why. We are aIso resolved to do what we can to vote against Kerry and Kennedy – wrote to them to tell them so.

    Here, on our island, the majority of citizens voted for skin over brains and ability, but our group has lived long enough to know skin is only so deep – we know soul when we see it and we saw it up close and personal in Hill and Bill on their frequent visits here. (There is a huge, crude handmade sign on one of our main roads that was hung on a tree when Bill was being roasted for his little indiscretion – it’s still there and sometimes people honk when they drive by it. It says “Hoorah for Bill!” – you want a picture of it?)

    I have tried to post some of our comments here, but I don’t seem to have much luck being recognized, so we have mostly given up on being heard. We hear YOU though! And we are soo grateful to you – all at His44. You are part of our lives – we love you. Oatty, Carby, BlueDem, Henry, Birdgal. Moon, etc etc

    Please never get discouraged. Root out fear and doubt. Stand strong. She will win. She is going to be 44. Never mind the polls, never mind the dumb blogs, to hell with the media – hey, you’re all too young to remember this, but during the Great Depression, Will Rogers used to say, “All I know is what little I read in the newspapers” and his audience would totally, gleefully ROAR! Because they knew, except for one or two giant talents, commercial journalism has NEVER been fair or unbiased or even intelligent. And don’t let anybody tell you campaigns are pretty and polite – oh, what they said about FDR, Eleanor and yes, Lincoln, too! Hillary knows this so well. She is playing this scene brilliantly! As supporters, our strongest sword against the opposition and corruption is strength of spirit – total conviction. Speak to them out of your certainty; view the news from the cleansing lens of your trust that truth will out; see the advantage in every negative and turn everything to her advantage.

    PS is that money bomb still on for Monday at 4:44?

  56. H Wolson and Neera Tanden are going to do a press call at 4:30 about the attack ads. But Health care is too important. I think Hill should do what she did in OH and call him out.

  57. You betcha ABM90, Hillary will be our President but if the forces of evil do bring her down, i’ll do everything i can to make sure that son of a bitch (yes and i mean it) gets nowhere near the WH.

  58. these ads annot stand without rebuttal for sure. hillary ill seize these attacks and close strong.

  59. if funds ar short-i say take out the loan etc and blast him on healthcare. he is trying to scare poor voters etc into voting for him on this issue. bitter?

  60. What I don’t get is why does Obama hang out with people from the 60’s (Ayers, Dorn, Rev. Wright) while he continually says we should quit fighting old battles. If he is truly hope, change and the future, why is he so anchored in the past?

  61. Obama is such a muppet, he’s got special interests hand so far up his ass, he’s nothing more than a lefty ventriloquists dummy.

  62. lil ole grape, thank you for a wonderful and hopeful post!

    Admin, thank you for having this website, many of us surely would have succumbed to the hopelessness being pedaled by Big Media if it weren’t for you.

    A toast to all Hillaryis44-ers!

  63. Oh by the way, Bill Richardson is STILL a traitor and his lack of judgement has been spectacular!!!

  64. Clinton Release on Obama AdsNew Obama Attack Ad Features False And Widely Discredited Claims About Hillary’s Health Care Plan

    Sen. Obama is attacking Hillary Clinton about health care in a television advertisement with claims that have been widely discredited by experts.

    1. The Obama ad claims that Hillary’s “plan forces everyone to buy insurance even if you can’t afford it.” Health policy expert Ken Thorpe reviewed this claim and found it to be false. Under Hillary’s plan, everyone will be able to afford coverage.

    “Ken Thorpe, a health-policy expert at Emory University who has advised all three major Democrats, said he ran cost estimates for the Clinton plan at the Clinton campaign’s request, and found there should be enough money to make insurance affordable for all.” [Wall Street Journal, 12/5/07]

    2. The advertisement also claims that that Hillary’s plan would make people who fail to enroll “pay a penalty.” Sen. Obama’s own plan would fine parents who fail to enroll their children and he has said he will consider imposing penalties on people who don’t enroll.

    Hillary would consider a range of ideas, including automatic enrollment, to ensure everyone is covered. Sen. Obama’s plan, would, experts agree, leave 15 million people out.

    3. The ad also claims that Sen. Obama’s plan reduces costs more than Hillary’s plan. There is no citation for this claim because it is false. Hillary’s plan has more aggressive cost cutting measures and has more generous subsides. Because Sen. Obama’s plan leaves 15 million people out, it would drive costs up, because everyone would have to subsidize emergency care for the uninsured.

  65. Welcome Grape!

    I don’t know why some people have trouble posting here! I’ve never had any trouble, even when I lost my password and decided to invent a whole new identity/account to plug my website, it went right up the first time no trouble.

    When there’s a full url starting with h t t p : / / without the spaces, it gets delayed temporarily in a spam filter. Maybe it comes up later at night and you dont’ see it.

    Anyway welcome! Great post! I love the people honking at Hooray for Bill. Remember every time a sexy question session leaked to tv, Bill’s job approval ratings went UP.

  66. mj Says:

    April 19th, 2008 at 3:06 pm
    Attacking her on health care??? What a joke.
    Obama doesn’t want universal healthcare, he just doesn’t. Since my mother in law lives in Chicago the taxes has gone higher and higher since she retired 20 years ago…Chicago tax everything and anything…from medicine to groceries.

    They only know how to raise taxes and spend money on themselves the cost to do business in that town is outrageous. You think Al Capone is still alive with all the thievery going on in Chicago Area.

  67. That man has enough gas in his lungs to power the whole of New England. A fucking windbag is spot on.

  68. “dedfg Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    maybe you deserved it.”

    I’d say maybe you’re an idiot …

    but there isn’t any doubt after that remark.

  69. Do you think the AA community would be proud of Obama if they knew his buddy Ayres and his friends were responsible for the death of the first black policeman.
    No. What was the name of that black policeman?

  70. More garbage from the NYT;

    For Clintons, a Time to Find Truest Friends

    WASHINGTON — Nancy Larson’s most difficult conversation was, by far, the one with Chelsea Clinton.

    “It was just heartbreaking,” said Mrs. Larson, a Democratic National Committee member from Minnesota and more to the point, a superdelegate who had initially pledged herself to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. This was last Saturday, after the former first daughter learned that Mrs. Larson would be shifting her allegiance to Senator Barack Obama.

    “She is a delightful young woman who loves her mother very much,” Mrs. Larson said. “She was really pushing me. She kept asking me why I was doing this. She just kept asking, ‘Why? Why?’ ”

    It is a question many in the Clinton camp are asking these days, sometimes in conversations far less civil than that one. After nearly two decades building relationships with a generation of Democrats, Mrs. Clinton has recently suffered a steady erosion of support for her presidential campaign from the party stalwarts that once formed the basis of her perceived juggernaut of “inevitability.”

    Some of it is just business, practical politicians putting aside ties to the Clintons to follow the will of the voters in their states or making a calculation about who seems best positioned to win.

    The immediate fallout, with the Pennsylvania primary only two days away, is electoral. Mrs. Clinton has been losing potential endorsers and superdelegate backing from grass-roots activists like Mrs. Larson as well as elected officials, party luminaries and former Clinton White House aides (the most recent being former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who endorsed Mr. Obama on Friday). It is the constituency that provided Mrs. Clinton with an early lead among superdelegates, one she retains although by a narrowing margin.

    But there is something more wrenching at work as well, a reckoning of whether the Clintons, on balance, have been good or bad for the party. It has the feel of a very personal testing of loyalties to a former president who once always seemed to be adding to the “Friends of Bill” list, and to a sitting senator who, if not so driven as her husband to win over everyone, used her fame to help elect other Democrats.

    But one person’s “disloyalty” is, to another set of eyes, well-deserved “comeuppance.” And there is no shortage of powerful Democrats who are quick to accuse the Clintons of defining loyalty as a one-way street, with little regard for the sacrifices they have made for a couple whose own political needs seem to their critics always to come first.

    This tension was neatly distilled in a heated conversation in January between a prominent Clinton supporter and Cameron Kerry, the younger brother of Senator John Kerry, who had just endorsed Mr. Obama.

    In the telling of two Democrats familiar with the discussion, one from each camp, the Clinton supporter, a Democratic fund-raiser with close ties to both Mrs. Clinton and John Kerry, noted that Mr. Clinton campaigned for Mr. Kerry in 2004, even though the former president had just undergone bypass surgery.

    To which Cameron Kerry parried that his brother had agreed to fly with Mr. Clinton on Air Force One after the impeachment vote “when no one wanted to be seen with him.”

    Either way, the anger felt by the Clintons and that directed at them goes to what many see as deep fractures and unresolved tensions within the Democratic Party.

    “There is a lot of Clinton fatigue in the party and in the country today, and many people are reacting to that,” said Tom Daschle, the former Democratic leader in the Senate, who is supporting Mr. Obama.

    By the same token, “There is clearly a high frustration level among campaign types and from the Clintons themselves,” said Leon Panetta, a White House chief of staff under Bill Clinton, who is backing Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

    It is partly reserved for former Clinton administration aides who are now with Mr. Obama: Greg Craig, who served as special counsel to Bill Clinton during his impeachment saga, former National Security Adviser Anthony Lake, and Mr. Reich, who even before his formal endorsement Friday had spoken approvingly of Mr. Obama and critically of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

    “These are people that the Clintons gave an opportunity to serve,” said Mr. Panetta, speaking generally. “They helped give them the titles they now have, and made them a lot of money. I think the Clintons probably feel they are owed something.”

    Clinton campaign officials say that given the Clintons’ reach and influence within the party, it is unfair for those outside the campaign to expect all of their past associates to be supporting Mrs. Clinton. “The Clintons have had ties to just about everyone active in Democratic politics at one point or another,” said a campaign spokesman, Phil Singer. “And a significant number of those people back Senator Clinton.”

    People within the Clinton orbit say there are a varying gradations of perceived disloyalty. In their eyes, the least offensive (if somewhat annoying) group are “likely” Hillary Clinton supporters who have not defected, in part out of recognition of past ties, but have not made public commitments to her, either. Until Friday, this would have included Mr. Reich, who had said he would not formally endorse Mr. Obama out of “loyalty” to Mrs. Clinton, a friend for over four decades whom he actually went out on a date with in their college days.

    Then there are those whom Mrs. Clinton worked hard to win over but who have actually taken the step of endorsing Mr. Obama. These would include newer senators like Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, or older colleagues, like Senator John D. Rockefeller, of West Virginia.

    There is also a large class of Obama supporters in the Senate for whom the Clintons raised considerable amounts of money. This includes Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who upset Mrs. Clinton in a 2006 appearance on “Meet the Press” when she told Tim Russert that while Bill Clinton was a great leader, “I don’t want my daughter near him.”

    But the worst offenders, associates say, are former Clintonites who not only endorse Obama, but who also publicly criticize Mrs. Clinton’s campaign as they do so. Mr. Craig, a former law school classmate of Mrs. Clinton’s, became a charter member of this club when he wondered aloud (to Jonathan Alter of Newsweek) “if Hillary’s campaign can’t control Bill, whether Hillary’s White House could.”

    Mr. Richardson moved instantly atop the blacklist after he endorsed Mr. Obama and then took the added step of saying that people around the Clintons practiced “gutter” politics and that they felt entitled to the presidency. He was tarred as “Judas” in The New York Times by James Carville, still a fierce defender of the Clintons.

    Bill Clinton, who had courted Mr. Richardson at a private Super Bowl viewing in Santa Fe, reportedly railed to a former Richardson supporter in California that the governor had promised him (“five times, to my face”) that he would not endorse Mr. Obama. (Mr. Richardson has denied this.)

    “The relationship has become very strained,” Mr. Richardson understated in an interview.

    Mr. Kerry, his top aides and family members have received varying degrees of tongue-lashing from Clinton surrogates, chiefly two top fund-raisers — John Coale and Peter Maroney — with previous close ties to Mr. Kerry.

    Mr. Kerry had been cool to Mrs. Clinton after he believed she had “piled on” in criticizing him after his “botched joke” before the 2006 midterm elections in which he seemed to demean American soldiers in Iraq. But Mrs. Clinton visited Mr. Kerry at his home in Nantucket last September, checked in regularly and, for a time, seemed close to winning him over.

    Mr. Kerry, however, endorsed Mr. Obama shortly after the New Hampshire primary, even though, according to two sources close to the Clintons, he had promised Mrs. Clinton he would not. (“Totally inaccurate,” a Kerry spokesman said.)

    He then publicly criticized Mr. Clinton’s conduct before the South Carolina primary. “And he was dead to us,” said one prominent Clinton supporter who is, in his words, “not authorized to trash Kerry on the record.”

    Perhaps most painful among Clintonites are the lower-profile defections. They are the losses of former supporters like Mrs. Larson, people who revered the Clintons in the 1990s and still regard them highly today. Both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton called Mrs. Larson on her cellphone earlier this year, telling her how much they needed her. Mrs. Larson even declared her support for Mrs. Clinton in mid-January.

    But then the race got nasty in South Carolina, and Mr. Obama started winning and Mrs. Larson started reconsidering. “There was something about Senator Obama that I found really fresh and exciting,” she said. “I like how positive he has been.” She also spoke of “the destructive negativity” of the Clinton campaign.

    Then Chelsea Clinton called a second time, last Saturday night, and kept asking “why?”

    “I didn’t want to get into my reasons,” Mrs. Larson said. “I just told her it was something I had to do.”

  71. But there is something more wrenching at work as well, a reckoning of whether the Clintons, on balance, have been good or bad for the party.


  72. Blue Democrat Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Please explain where that comes from. My understanding is if Hillary wants to take it all the way to the convention, barring an exodus of SD’s to Obama that pushes him past the magic number,
    then there’s nothing that the DNC can do to stop her.

    Right, Blue. The only thing that even an ‘exodus’ of all the SDs could do is, SAY they were planning to vote against her at the convention in August. NOTHING is binding till then. They are still free to change their minds when Obama lands in jail or does more and more stupid things. — So are the ‘pledged’ delegates.

    Jay Cost at realclearpolitics had a good column about this, saying Dean really has not much authority. (Even the FL/MI decision may be out of his hands now, into the hands of a Credentials Committee that has to at least look balanced. And even their decision can be overturned in August by the full group of delegates.)

    Thanks, jbstone, for bringing this up. Dunno where you heard it, but it’s good to bring such mis-information here so we can correct it.

  73. MJ,
    I’ve been tempted to re-type portions of a book I’ve been reading by Hunter S. Thompson about the 68 campaign.
    It is positively brutal, what goes on behind the scenes with regards to securing delegates. Or at least what did transpire.
    Just mind blowing stuff.

    So for all the talk like this flimsy NYT setup piece, we should probably assume there are some REAL hardball politics going on behind the scenes.

    That’s the stuff I’d really love to find out, because it’s going to decide this thing much moreso than this bull about fatigue and past votes, etc.

  74. 1950,

    Key point I need to understand as I’m not the brightest bulb.

    Until they vote (at the convention), nothing is binding, correct?!

    Even if they all come out and ‘say’ they’ll support BO, until the votes are recorded it means nada, right?

    “They are still free to change their minds when Obama lands in jail” 🙂 🙂

  75. hillary gains key superd today-
    Congressman Tim Ryan Pledges Support For Hillary Clinton For President

    Congressman Tim Ryan formally announced his support for the candidacy of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for President today. Citing her experience and economic platform, Congressman Ryan believes that Hillary Clinton, if elected President, is in the best position to create jobs and economic growth in Northeast Ohio.

    “The people of the 17th district overwhelmingly voted for Senator Clinton in the Democratic primary and today I officially pledge my support for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Throughout the 1990s, Senator Clinton working alongside President Bill Clinton had a proven record of economic growth and higher wages for America’s working families,” said Congressman Tim Ryan. “People in the seventeenth district of Ohio would enjoy a return to strong economic growth, millions of jobs being created and a rise in wages. I look forward to working with her to see that our community is the beneficiary of her economic policies.”

    “I am honored to have Congressman Ryan’s support,” said Clinton. “Tim is a vital voice for the rights of our working class, and I look forward to having his help spreading our message of change and experience throughout Ohio and the United States.”

    Tim Ryan was elected to represent Ohio’s 17th Congressional District in November of 2002. Now in his third term, Ryan has proven himself to be a champion for the working families of Ohio’s and across the country. In Congress, Ryan sits on Appropriations Committee and the Steering and Policy Committee. He is also the co-chair of the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus.


    Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President

  76. when did the democrats become the party of the far left?
    also this may be a stupid question but how can i found out for whom each candidate on the PA primary ballot has endorsed?

  77. H44 happy anniversary!!

    i may not recall when i registered, but i’ll never forget the support and camaraderie shared over the last year, especially the months hitting the pavement for our girl leading up to the primary. i cannot express how much that meant. today we find ourselves in an even bigger fight. but, as we learned here in NH, never give in. never give up.

    admin, look forward to seeing you january 20, 2009.

  78. According to someone Hill’s blog, he has been trashing her today. He also said he’s “going to change the way not only republicans think, but the way democrats think”. WTF does that mean? What a freak!

    He has two attack ads running. I don’t know what the second one is about. Where are the headlines, “BO attacks Hillary”? Huh? Why the hell won’t the press do it’s job?

  79. the rush to decide the nominee confounds me. Does Dean actually believe that we will follow the party blindly to the demise of the country? If god forbid Hillary were to drop out I would immediately begin working for McCain and the more time before now and november just gives more of a chance to organize.

  80. the party is coming down hard on the superdelegates to drop Hillary it seems and those who are standing with her now are the real dem ocrats and the real people of the party.

    This witch who changed sides and wouldnt site a reason .. well there is none except the pressure from some in the party. I still don’t understand what is wrong with letting all of the primaries happen and then we will see what is going on.

    Ah but yes, the more we know about Obama … the more we and the country reject him. They want Hillary totally out of the picture so that regardless of what comes out he will still be the nominee.

    John Corzine is feeling it too…I can tell by how he is couching his arguments now.

    Hillary needs to take this all the way to the floor .. regardless of what happens in the next states .. the party itself needs to pay for this shit.

  81. From Wikipedia excepts:

    The Weatherman group had long held that militancy was becoming more important than nonviolent forms of anti-war action, and that university-campus-based demonstrations needed to be punctuated with more dramatic actions, which had the potential to interfere with the U.S. military and internal security apparatus. The belief was that these types of urban guerrilla actions would act as a catalyst for the coming revolution. Many international events indeed seemed to support the Weathermen’s overall assertion that worldwide revolution was imminent, such as the tumultuous Cultural Revolution in China; the 1968 student revolts in France, Mexico City and elsewhere; the Prague Spring; the emergence of the Tupamaros organization in Uruguay; the emergence of the Guinea-Bissauan Revolution and similar Marxist-led independence movements throughout Africa; and within the United States, the prominence of the Black Panther Party together with a series of “ghetto rebellions” throughout poor black neighborhoods across the country.[1]

    The Weathermen were outspoken advocates of the analytical concepts that later came to be known as “white privilege” and identity politics[citation needed]. As the unrest in poor black neighborhoods intensified in the early 1970s, Bernardine Dohrn said, “White youth must choose sides now. They must either fight on the side of the oppressed, or be on the side of the oppressor.”

    In 1970, following the police raid that resulted in the death of Black Panther Fred Hampton, the group issued a “Declaration of a State of War” against the United States government, using for the first time its new name, the “Weather Underground Organization” (WUO), adopting fake identities, and pursuing covert activities only. These initially included preparations for a bombing of a U.S. military non-commissioned officers’ dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey in what Brian Flanagan said had been intended to be “the most horrific hit the United States government had ever suffered on its territory”.

    [edit] Greenwich Village explosion
    Main article: Greenwich Village townhouse explosion
    On March 6, 1970, during preparations for the Fort Dix bombing, there was an explosion in a Greenwich Village safe house. WUO members Diana Oughton, Ted Gold, and Terry Robbins died in the explosion. Cathy Wilkerson and Kathy Boudin escaped unharmed, Wilkerson running naked from the apartment and encountering the wife of neighbor Melvyn Gussow, a theatre and movie critic. It was an accident of history that the site of the Village explosion was the former residence of Merrill Lynch brokerage firm founder Charles Merrill and his son, the poet James Merrill. The younger Merrill subsequently recorded the event in his poem 18 West 11th Street, the title being the address of the house. An FBI report based on an interview with Melvyn Gussow on the incident later claimed that the group had possessed sufficient amounts of explosive to “level … both sides of the street”.[5]

  82. Lil Ol Grape,

    You sound as if you are from my neck of the woods. I am of the same color, but I do not drink cool-aid. Everyone just assume that I should. I have had to discourage others from sending me any information on/from Oblameless’. Take heart! I just found out that my 81 year old mother is a Hill fan.

    Thank you to all the people who post here regularly. You along with Admin have kept my spirit up. Miss hearing from Idunn and SpiceArtGirl.

    ABM90, I am about to do something I have never done in my life. CONTRIBUTE!!

  83. texan, she might not have time. That’s why people do ads like this three days before. Because it doesn’t give the other person time to respond.

  84. I am hearing from many, many people who feel that if Hillary isn’t the nominee then they will show the party the finger come November. These wounds won’t heal overnight .. to see the shit being thrown at Bill and Hillary. Those young kids and a lot of the new members of the party don’t know what it was like during the Clinton years .. we will not see that again .. unless we have a Clinton in the white house.
    I will do my part to insure that the party does not get me or anyone in my family

    You will see many, many people simply stay home…

  85. well knowing how the scum operates .. they should have a RapidResponder Ad Team on standby.

    The best thing she and her surrogates can do is respond on the stump .. everyone needs to be confronting that big fat lie. He did this same shit in Ohio. They should have been ready

  86. it’s time for Hillary to say “Shame on your Barack .. you wimpiness is showing again” you are lying in your ads

  87. dot48
    why stay home? I am going to vote in November the thought of Obama in the WH is much more frightenning than McCain and I would rather wait four more years for hillary

  88. the thing is Hillary yells shame on you and it is all over the media, but Obama can give the bird and it goes no where.

  89. I don’t plan to stay home .. I plan to work againt the assholes who are ruining the party.

    I have talked to a lot of older people who are lifelong democrats and they are very uncomfortable with how the party is going .. many of them have expressed a wariness of voting for MCcain so they have said they’ll sit it out. The party is banking on the youth vote to pick up the slack but I wouldnt count on them.

  90. Tuesday is key to this. A big blow to the Obamatronmobile and the sd’s will be firmly planted in her camp. they are looking at the electoral map and a defeat, soundly by her, is what she needs

    There is a reason he has gone so negative .. his internals are showing he is taking a whollop. So much for the “new politics” .. of course they’ll explain in by way of big media as some kind of niceness.

  91. she can go directly with the misleading ad and point out is lies .. confront him. don’t dabble and don’t be shy about it. call it like it is. he is lying, again!

  92. Sorry did not mean to offend I personally just want to make sure that BHO is not Commander in Chief and so I will vote for Mccain. I still think she will win!!!!!!!

  93. Well all these Superdelegates going over to Obama will be tarred and feathered as Anti-American after the William Ayes link start to resonate with the electorate and the pounding from the Republicans.

    These weak ass dems don’t understand the Commander in Chief role the President has to wear and if it appears that the president is a MARXIST TERRORIST SYPATHISER it’s over for us in the G.E., even the African Americans will leave Obama ass in the dirt, except for all the crazies he has supporting him already.

    Ted Kennedy should know better since his brother JFK was assassinated by forces that believed in violence. Also any Politician that uses their children to make decisions regarding the safety of our Country doesn’t deserve to be in the Congress of these United States of America.

    I’m getting sick and tired of that LAME “my Children made me do it” EXCUSE from Adults in representing the “People” in leadership roles.

  94. the thing is, even with all the boatloads of dough he’s spent .. she’s still winning! LOL

    That is why you see him in full out assault this weekend and believe me it won’t go over top the head of people in PA. They will say .. hm, why is he just waiting NOW to attack her health care plan ? Why hasn’t he been saying this in his big speeches. WHY NOW?

    This ad will backfire on him. watch him BURN.

  95. Just got an email Hillary and Bill both in downtown Pittsburgh Monday from 11:30 to 2:30 Solutions for America rally in Market Square

  96. everybody .. please try to get people out to the square. We need a big blow out that day … both of them at one time!!! Wow, they are bringing it. This is the final face off — I think Hill and Bill have decided to call them out. When was the last time they campaigned together?????

  97. These Idiotic Democratic Leaders supporting this LOSER Barack Hussein Obama, friends to the organizer and funders of the Weathermen a group of people invested in Marxism and the violent overthrow of this government.

    The same people that “initially included preparations for a bombing of a U.S. military non-commissioned officers’ dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey in what Brian Flanagan said had been intended to be “the most horrific hit the United States government had ever suffered on its territory”.

    In other words…Killing solders and their friends and family!!!

    And Obama goes around talking about how great his judgement is and how he has all this moral authority to LEAD this nation and be the Commander in Chief of our military. This Lawyer couldn’t take 2 mins to go to wikipedia and get the basic facts about his supporting and what he stand for….even after he wrote a book saying he wish he had set off more bombs.

    If this man had been Black, he would have been in prison but because his family was White, Elites with “a whole lot of money” they were able to use their position in Chicago to have a safe haven for their son and daughter in law.

  98. carbynew
    to my understanding ayers got off because of an illegal wire tap. And had a lot of money behind him to hire the attys not because he was white.

  99. camp bambi says hillary unfit to lay wreath at tomb on unkown soldier at arlington-

  100. More from Mr Crybaby (via Talk Left)

    As for Obama’s positive message of hope and change on the campaign trail and how he won’t be a typical politician but one who brings a breath of fresh air to Washington, here’s what he said today:

    Barack Obama cast his Democratic presidential rival Saturday as a game-player who uses “slash and burn” tactics and will say whatever people want to hear, a sharp jab at her character in the final chapter of the pivotal Pennsylvania primary campaign.

    ….”Senator Clinton has internalized a lot of the strategies, the tactics, that have made Washington such a miserable place.”

    ….”She’s got the kitchen sink flying and the china flying, the buffet is coming at me … constant distractions, these petty, trivial, slash and burn, back and forth, tit for tat, politics.”

  101. yes, the facts being presented to the people right now are cloudy regardign the Wheater Underground.

    The republicans will have the full details all tied nice in a neat little bow and waiting to confront him.

    Why is this party going down this road? Are they so blind they can’t see what will happen? Are they so into destorying Bill Clinton that they are willing to allow a nominee that has ties to terrrorists, Rezco,(is he still alive today?) and all this other stuff.


  102. so now Hillary is to blame for everything wrong in Washington?

    yeah, he’s trying to deflect .. his internals must be at an all time low LOL

    and he says she’s the one distracting? He ought to look at this own lying ads and look at his self in the mirror.

    also, so like him to blame hill for the Ayers and the flag and the other TUFF questions.

    Blame Hillary. That has become his motto. He’s bitter

  103. you have to look at the context of her teary moment though. she was talking about the country going backwards … that is her worst fear.

  104. Hillary is 44
    yes yes yes
    but if the BIG MEDIA wins i challange all of you to find out what districts Hillary won decidedly and go in wearing hill shirts and canvassing for McCain. the prick will not have a chance

  105. I really wish someone could do an animated version of the SouthPark “Blame Canada’ song, but change it to Obambi singing “Blame Hillary!”

  106. rjk1957,

    Please explain the reason behind newsweeks poll so I know more of what to put in the email, thank you, I heard about the fifty% african americans in the poll but I went on to the newsweek polling info and it had only a small percentage of african americans in it, what am I missing?

  107. Fox is covering the Pope non stop .. what about CNN?

    With the lying ad baby hopes to sway the undecided and to sway soft support .. she needs to hit him HARD and I mean right between the legs with a hard kick. He needs to go down and stay there. I despise his lying message of hope and then do the things he is doing. it’s such a contradiction …

  108. MSNBC – whats up these are on the front page


    i cant even believe they’d allow these on the front page.

  109. malveaux actually said Hillary WAS addressing the issues .. right after Obama got done trashing her LOL

    Damn is the media getting the curtain pulled back or is this just a “once in a lifetime” moment.

    To watch Hillary confront the issues .. follwowing Obama saying she isn’t doing anything but “slash and burn” …PRICELESS. What a contrast. This is actually the only time I’ve seen CNN present fair coverage.

    Ratings and loss of profits perhaps getting to them.

    God this is wonderful. Hillary talking about the most important things … obama down in the gutter trying to make people believe she is slashing and burning … WOW.

  110. The good thnig is the Clinton campaign is really lowering expectations, says its not going to be a blowout, they are doing this deliberately so that when it is, it will be phenomenal.

  111. You know what it is, i think the media smells blood on Obama and they are going to make hay of it, they want this to run and run.

  112. well I’m all for the vetting of the turd. blood in the water is fine by me. maybe it’ll run up chris matthews leg and choke him right on air.

  113. winhillary

    The poll was for the democratic nomination and the poll consisted of nearly 2/3 Republicans and independents.

    moononpluto Says:

    April 19th, 2008 at 12:59 pm
    Hilarious, ok

    look at that newsweek poll, that serious bad polling for a dem nomination

    The sample they used for that was get this

    422 Democrats
    365 Republicans
    388 independents

    Only 1/3 of the sample was Democrats, r they fucking taking the piss, the poll is totally skewed by what the republicans said, lol.

  114. dot 48
    you are only human–he’s a very goodlooking charismatic man if the dnc had an ounce of intelligence and wanted hill gone he should have been the choice not bambi

  115. John Edwards would make my heart flutter a whole lot more if he’d endorse Hillary already.

    I would take them at their word. If they say it is not going to be a blow out, there’s a good chance it’s won’t be. If it was going to be, I think BO would be saying so now.

  116. The Obama campaign denies that Obama gave Hillary the infamous one-finger salute:

    A spokesman for the presidential campaign of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama has criticized The Ticket for making a “false and childish accusation” in an item Thursday that the candidate’s one-fingered gesture during a speech that day might have been the finger aimed at his Democratic Party opponent instead of an innocent finger aimed at brushing his cheek or scratching a scratch.

    As displayed in a video clip, Obama was criticizing Washington for its gotcha politics in general and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton specifically as being “in her element” there. As he mentions her name, he brushes his cheek twice with the middle finger of his right hand.

  117. More than anything right now I want to see Garrin absolutely kick the shit out of David Axelrod tomorrow, and really set a tone for the rest of the way.

    Embarrass his slimy ass (though Russert will undoubtedly try to sandbag him with long lead ins about fake Newsweek polls and substance-less NYT stories), then we rack up some big numbers in PA and scorch Obama’s ass the rest of the way.

    They must begin calling out this cute prick on every Hill charge being ‘silly’, all while he runs the repulican playbook, all the way down to Harry & Louis.

    It’s just madness letting him get away with this.

    Get PA, then turn the Big Dawg loose!!!

  118. just heard John Edwards “word” on the Colbert report. I actually think he was sending a message .. Hillary’s message is so close to his. Odd that bambi had to rear his ubly mug when it seemed that this was a Hillary and Edwards preplanned event.

    I think Edwards is gonna endorse Hillary.

  119. It is also worth noting that Obama gave 2 speeches that day in NC and “scratched” his face at the EXACT same time in BOTH speeches and got the same reaction from two different crowds. They obviously knew what he was doing.

    Here is the clip from the other speech. Check out the womwn directly behind him. Then play it again and watch the women to his right. They ALL react at the VERY moment he “scratches” his face. Not to mention the crowd hoots and hollars.

  120. “A spokesman for the presidential campaign of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama has criticized The Ticket for making a “false and childish accusation”

    Does that mean Obama’s home network, MSNBC, is childish for asking the question? Are all the thousands who saw it on YouTube?
    Are all the bloggers childish?

    And how can Senator Obama reference a such a vile rap song?

    Anybody from the campaign want to ask these questions of BO?

    Geoff? Howard?

  121. I think Garin is ready to do battle.

    Hillary alreidy hitting back at obama’s lies in his ad.

    She say nobody will be left out!

  122. Now thats something i didnt know, he didnt exactly the same in 2 different speeches on the same day

  123. It would be interesting to get feedback from the people present at the events, to see, if they had the same impressions.

  124. moononpluto

    Obama’s camp never ceases to amaze me. How stupid can they be to issue a denial? Don’t they know that will be all over the news “Obama camp denies giving Hillary the Finger” Anyone who had not heard it will be searching for the clips and emailing them to all their friends. This will just make the story bigger than it would have been if they had just kept their mouths shut.

    Plus the fact that they are now denying it makes me think it was intentional.

  125. @lil ole grape Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    H E L L O……We see you!! We hear YOU!! & We Would love to see and hear more of you!! 😀

    and YES send that picture of the sign!! 😀

  126. Dot,

    Isn’t that bullshit?
    I know all about perceptions and how will SD’s view it and all that.
    But isn’t it enough just to win the primary?

    Is is a serious argument that with a 11% win she’s viable and a 8% win she should go home?

    That’s a totally bogus/slanted media narrative as I see it, unless you want to change my mind…..

  127. how long will it take Fat A$$ Crawley to get fat assed again. I know, I’m bitter LOL. But I don’t like her at all

  128. My argument is even if she wins PA by 1%, she’s won every single major state in the union and the fuckwit is not going to take that from her.

    I’ve never heard such nonsense, have you ever seen a Dem nominee, who didnt carry, NY, Mass, California, Florida, NJ, Texas, PA in the primaries

  129. rfk,
    “Plus the fact that they are now denying it makes me think it was intentional.”

    makes me think they got their polling back on the question (of “if Sen. Obama was ‘thought’ to have given Sen Clinton the finger, would it change your impression of him?) and were scared by the results.

    That or the MSNBC report jolted them into action.

  130. Guys we seriously need to push a story on Wednesday. Admin, i think it might be a wise idea to do it. We need to major this a major issue. We need to argue that the nominee should be the person who carried the big states need to win an electoral vote race, not a caucus race. We need to point out that had this been the GE, Hillary would be practically in the WH and had these primaries been winner take all, Clinton would have won by now.

    The Headline should be

    Hillary has carried every major populous democratic state in the Union – SHE’S THE NOMINEE!

  131. the media seems to be trying to downplay a big win .. but they say that people have dug in. That tells me that Hillary is gonna win big. The race hasn’t seemed to change a whole lot since the campaign began 6 weeks ago .. she had a healthy lead then. It’ll close somewhat but I still say 10%. Just like Ohio.

  132. Obama is TOAST, you know my running battle with my husband on the Obama train well today he jumped off when I told him about William Ayes and the Weathermen relationship.

    He said the Weathermen were not Freedom Fighters and he’s as liberal as they come…early Black Panther supporter and knew Malcolm ex and walked with MLK…so he really wanted to see a Black man as President before he died.

    But when I said that Weatherman guy William Ayes….he said well I’m like Hilliay too but I don’t think White males will support her to win the nomination and that’s why I supported Obama but if he’s that stupid Hillary is my girl.

  133. Clinton camp: Obama was a ‘hypocrite from day one’
    Posted: 06:12 PM ET
    (CNN) – Hillary Clinton’s campaign accused surrogates for Barack Obama of resurrecting her controversial comments over Bosnian sniper fire Saturday.

    “One of the inherent duties of the president of the United States is to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day,” said Gen. Walter Stewart on an Obama campaign conference call on the issue of Bosnia — remarks circulated by the Clinton campaign Saturday afternoon.

    “Now we can assume, and let’s keep in mind that Senator Clinton has said she was under sniper fire, or she joked about, which to me was the cruelest part of all this, she joked about it with Jay Leno. … Imagine the lack of moral authority she has now to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day.”

    Clinton had faced criticism for claiming that her plane landed under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia she made as First Lady.

    The Clinton campaign pointed to Obama’s statement at Wednesday night’s debate that his campaign only commented on the Bosnia incident when asked. “When it comes to negative campaign tactics, Senator Obama has been a hypocrite from day one, decrying attack politics from one side of his mouth while he and his campaign wage a character assassination effort from the other,” said Clinton spokesman Phil Singer. “The juxtaposition of Senator Obama’s comments in the debate and the remarks made on his campaign conference call this afternoon prove the point.”

  134. Candy also touting that the supporters who say they’ll not vote for the other candidate will change their minds….they have no clue as the WHY I say I’d not vote for the nitwhit bambi. It’s about HIM .. not about HER not winning. He lacks character.

  135. wtg campaign… they are calling him and his campaign for the attack politics and they are using his own words. Garin should have come along earlier

  136. For the first time I’m beginning to think those were two different events Obama flipped the bird at.

    There’s a couple of quick frames in another version where Obama turns and you can see the women in the back row are different..

    Am I nuts?

  137. Apparently they are 2 different events on the same day with the same pausse, same words and same old flipping the bird with a smirk.

    Someone needs to verify this and point it out to the MSM again.

  138. henry Says:

    April 19th, 2008 at 5:27 pm
    to my understanding ayers got off because of an illegal wire tap. And had a lot of money behind him to hire the attys not because he was white.
    *****************************************************Oh please he got off because HIS privledge family was able to hire an attorney with influence and because he was white “with a whole lot of money.” Chicago borned an bred with heavy ties to the Daley Political machine…I wonder who much money it took to keep him and his wife out of jail because I know Angela Davis in California went to prison.

    Ronny, wasn’t letting anybody off white or black and the LAPD killed your ass if you even looked like you wanted to throw something. Patty Hearst was kipnapped and brainwashed and she went to prison…but Willaim Ayes and his wife…nada???

  139. carbynew, that is GREAT news. Be nice to him. I know that’s a tough pill to swallow if he’s been supporting Obama.

    One of the things that makes me MOST FURIOUS at Obama is the way he has cynically played on the deep,genuine, heartfelt hopes of the AA community. He has not HONORED that hope of theirs to see a Black president. No, he has USED and ABUSED and TWISTED that hope, and that makes him lower than dirt in my book.

  140. I hope you read what i posted earlier on Ayres, it would make your skin crawl

    read my posts at 2.24pm and 2.31pm and you’ll see what i mean

  141. I don’t blog much. I just returned from the CD1 Delegate convention in Albuquerque. In the Obama camp it was obvious that the grass roots dominated. The party regulars are not use to this. Next weekend it will the at large delegates. Not sure what will happen there. However, it would be interesting to see how this is playing out all over the country. I am a new comer to being active in the Democratis party, and somewhat grass roots.

    This is somewhat of a take over mentality on the Obama side. I am wondering if the party loyalists are going to start changing their minds.

    I too am very leary of the polls, knowing the mistakes in the past. I am wondering, knowing the latest information on Obama, if this has made
    any changes in states where he has won.

    All groups welcome new workers, but you have to earn your stripes. What I see is a take over, which I think is obvious in the way the Obama camp has operated (media, superdelegates, groups, unions). For example, they way they tried to indicate the Union in Neveda was sewn up. It was only through the group being dominated by new citizen that, that did not work.

    I call it massive edoctrination, media domination, rub out the competition. However, things can turn on you.

  142. carby: I believe you. Patty Hearst went to jail, and her family was extremely wealthy. Amazing, that Ayers AND his wife, both got off. Those were frightening times. The Weathermen were notorious for their violence and anti-American beliefs, and the one of the most extreme groups out there.

  143. This story is a good way for Hillary to refute Obama on Healthcare:

    WASHINGTON — Nash McCabe is the voter from Wednesday night’s presidential debate who noted that Barack Obama doesn’t usually wear a flag pin and asked, “I want to know if you believe in the American flag.”

    ABC, which hosted the debate, had tracked her down after she was quoted in a New York Times story about white voters in small-town Latrobe, Pa., revealing her as 52, out of work and against Obama.

    But to understand why Obama rubs McCabe wrong is to go beyond the question of what a flag pin has to do with patriotism — it’s not really about the flag pin, she said in a telephone interview Thursday — and consider McCabe’s life. It’s no Hawaiian prep school and Ivy League story, unlike Obama’s. It’s a slice of working-class Pennsylvania, the core of Hillary Clinton’s support there.

    McCabe met her husband, Lloyd, in April 1983 at a dance. They married two months later. Six months after that, she says, he was injured in a coal mine accident. He hasn’t worked since.

    They never had children. He had back surgery. The muscle relaxers he took damaged his heart. He’s had three bypasses, nine angioplasties, seven stents and a pacemaker. Three months ago doctors found a brain tumor. His choice: surgery that he may or may not survive, or life in a wheelchair.

    Over 25 years of marriage, McCabe was the breadwinner. She said it took eight years to get her husband disability payments, during which time they racked up huge bills.

    “I was a nurse’s aide, a cashier,” McCabe said. “From 1996 to 2000, I was a manager of a cleaning company. I started out as secretary and worked my way up to manager, and then the company decided to close. It took me almost two-and-a-half years to find a job that I got laid off from recently” as a clerk-typist. She has a high school diploma.

    Sometimes the McCabes borrow money from her parents, who are in their 70s. She has a request in to the local food bank to see if she and her husband qualify.

    “People who have sick spouses or children understand how hard it is,” she said.

    McCabe sympathizes with working-class people who got in over their heads during the housing boom. She opposes the Iraq war and thinks President Bush has hurt the country. She doesn’t support Republican John McCain because he’s too close to Bush.

    On paper, her stances make her as likely to support Obama as Clinton.

    But she sees a difference between the two. In Clinton, she sees someone who has struggled for years, just like her, and has earned the right to be president. In Obama, she sees someone who rose like a rocket, always has a smooth explanation for everything — whether it’s about his former preacher or the flag pin — and who makes it all look too easy.

    “That’s what upsets me about Barack Obama,” she says. “He takes everything so nonchalantly.”

    She admits that she’s more likely to give Clinton the benefit of the doubt while looking for fault in Obama. For example, McCabe says that she once saw Obama on television and noticed that “he turned his back on the flag” before the Pledge of Allegiance ended. That irritated her to no end.

    Lloyd McCabe’s brain surgery is set for next week, two days after the Pennsylvania primary. Still, says his wife, “We’re going to try to vote. I do not want to miss my vote.”

  144. *********** HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADMINISTRATOR 🙂 *************

    I found my way here last june, and found a home. YES, YES, i’ve strayed from time to time, and even had more than one name to protect my identity, but never for long…

    i know others have told you that, but I REALLY MEAN IT !!!

    you’ve done amazing hard work for hillary, and we both know she owes you. SOMEDAY, maybe we can all sit down when this is over, and share a cold one. then you can tell us all about yourself, and WHY…

    we’ve heard the story, not sure if its true, but you are certainly a WARRIOR ADMIN, SO THANK YOU…

  145. hillbillylover

    thanks for the flashback. the mamas and the papas was my “first” concert. summer of ’67. i was just a kid, of course.. 🙂

    dedicated to the one i love…yeah, that’s you HRC!

  146. Has everyone taken the quiz on hillary’s website? It is the “Republican Playbook.” TM is featuring it.

  147. That “Republican Playbook” is AWESOME! I wish it would have come out two months ago, but I guess the media wouldn’t have paid any attention to it. They still might not.

  148. oh i guess its just a Friday repeat………but was still good for a second viewing…..hit those that didn’t watch it last night 😀


    here in california, i have a coworker yesterday bragging about the delegate convention he went to. this guy is almost 400 pounds 6’6′, and a real ass. he talkes about how wimpy and easy the clinton people are to dominate. how he just stares at them and they cringe…

    i just imagine some poor elderly person, or some quiet latin or asian, or some gentle mother, getting intimidated by the roughty obama nation, and i feel very bad for them.


  150. .CARBY,

    ‘I’m getting sick and tired of that LAME “my Children made me do it” EXCUSE from Adults in representing the “People” in leadership roles.’

    If you’d worked with THOUSANDS of kids the past 20 years, as i did, you’d be even MORE sick and tired and downright TERRIFIED by them having any voice in their parents decisions.


  151. henry Says:

    April 19th, 2008 at 6:42 pm
    they got off and correctly due to an illegaltapinfg by the govt
    They got off because of their status and money to HIRED the best lawyers and investigation…their parents spent money and used influence.

    I come from L.A. and the LAPD regularly did illegal wire taping and banging heads. I know, i’ve been illegally wired taped because I was a friend of a friend who was wanted by the feds during that time. So I don’t believe in that crap…that’s b.s. if his family wasn’t connected like they are…he and his wife would be in prison like Manson and he would have been using his appeals to get out.

    How come Reagan put these guys in jail with the flimsiest of excuses…like illegal wiretapping and police lying on the stand, witness tampering and falsification of documents and people still went to prison here in California and had to fight to get out through the appeal process…like Angela Davis and others.

    But in Illinois…William Ayes and his wife got off, with no prison time or anything on the illegal wiretaping defense….hmmm.

  152. On the CBS Evening News, Dean Reynolds, who is covering Bambi’s campaign, called him the “Teflon Candidate“:

    So far, nothing that he has done has really stuck with him. He is something of a teflon candidate.

  153. I think, some of this stuff is starting to stick to the “teflon candidate.” Whether or not, it will be enough, remains to be seen.

  154. united12

    it won’t be long before you can tell your “fat friend” to take the submissive role and eat the pillow.

  155. Grape,

    great post! Please come back. 😀

    B Merry – I don’t GET that video! Can someone explain? It seems awfully pro-BO to me.

    CARBY! WOW. you changed hubby’s mind! Way to go!

  156. Big Laugh out loud and Obamabots!! I say to them…. “payback is a biotch”!!!

    over and the daily kooks i found only one diary worth checking out

    seems they are all miffled that the MSM is blacking out media coverage of obelistist big rally in PA

    complete with pictures of major newspapers with NO STORY! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    come on everyone give dk a big LOL!!!!

  157. Tell the voters in PA and IN he’s “the teflon” candidate – what a farse – this continuing bias from the media is disgusting

  158. Blue Dem,

    The bird was in 2 clips, at two different rallies, both occurring at the same moment in his speech.

    COINCIDENCE????? Heck, no. 👿


    You gotta LOTTA energy today! I pulled up some May stuff and will post it at Hillbill’s if you want.

  159. basil9 Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 7:24 pm
    B Merry – I don’t GET that video! Can someone explain? It seems awfully pro-BO to me.
    i was thinking the same thing, but thought it must be just me?

  160. basil9 Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    Blue Dem,

    The bird was in 2 clips, at two different rallies, both occurring at the same moment in his speech.

    COINCIDENCE????? Heck, no. 👿
    I was saying this the other day…….and everyone here told me it was just different camera angles

    so which is it?

  161. how many of you own or have owned a teflon pan??

    then you know after time that teflon starts to FLAKE off and soon everything sticks to it!! and then RUST happens 😀

  162. Happy Birthday to your Pink Pages Admin.

    Mine was yesterday…now I will always remember yours.

    BTW, we are Aries folk and not afraid of hearing the stories, teaching, and then taking charge

  163. Alcina,
    ‘tell your “fat friend” to take the submissive role and eat the pillow.’

    Everyone, FDR is doing great work on behalf of HRC. please sign the petition to seat Florida and Michigan delegates BEFORE the nomionee is chosen!

  164. djia,
    I could have it wrong. (won’t be the first time.) 🙁 But I thought I read it was 2 rallies. I’ll try to check.
    What’s scary is how you and I seem to have almost the same exact thoughts at the same time! I was thinking about this all night! And having been around thugs and gangsta types the thought of BO’s henchmen being anywhere near the WH is terrifying!

  165. alcina,

    That’s what I thought but it’s a little TOOOOO subtle, IMHO.
    (or I’m even dumber that I realized)


    Happy BD, Emjay!

  166. An Intersting comment from a bot on dk

    Help needed in Pittsburgh (0+ / 0-)
    Gman – I was about to post something similar.
    Just got an IM from my daughter, who is interning for the campaign (Pittsburgh west end). She tells me that only 6 of the 16 canvassers who were supposed to show up today actually did. Where she is working is about 80-20 Hillary country, but canvassers are getting some positive results. Volunteers in this area ARE making a difference.

  167. Basil9 –

    Thanks for the plug – all Americans will benefit by having all votes counted – regardless of who they support

  168. Joe Friday Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 7:10 pm
    On the CBS Evening News, Dean Reynolds, who is covering Bambi’s campaign, called him the “Teflon Candidate“:
    “So far, nothing that he has done has really stuck with him. He is something of a teflon candidate.“

    This is not good, and should be fought tooth & nail.

    It’s Big Media saying THEY won’t let anything stick to him.

    Jesus Fing Christ almighty!

    Anyone remember the Reagan years?

  169. FDR,

    I snailmailed and emailed Johnson. Let me know about the research thing.

    Sounds like you and Norma are having a blast. Tell her I say hi and that I LOOOOVE the posters.


  170. basil9 –

    41 hours without sleep for the cause of democracy makes it all that more special – Thanks to my new AT&T aircard I am online 24/7

    Thanks for the snail/email to Ben Johnson – I would like let you know you are the charter member of our national organization called FDRNET – thanks!!

  171. basil … yes, please post May. I’m very interested. Things have turned out just about the way it read for April. Fascinating!!!

    yes, I’m bouncing off the walls…I’ve cleaned my car inside, vaccumed, shampooed, washed and dried, feed the horses, went to dinner with my Sunday school class and now I’m propped up in bed with the laptop just catching up.

    I feel an earthquake getting ready to hit PA on Tuesday. Bill and Hillary BOTH there together on Monday is gonna seal the deal BIGTIME.

    We’re gonna blow out the roof.

  172. One other thing that MUST be part of Wednesday morning’s victorious conference call.

    If we heard it once, we heard it a thousand times, from the BO camps numerous minions in print (like Ben Smith), on radio (losers like Ed Schultz), and among the network talking heads (like Keith ‘I’m nothing even remotely resembling’ Edward R. Murrow).

    This is the notion that Barack Obama would have time to work in Pennsylvania, and it’d been (supposedly) proven that when he had prolonged exposure to people who didn’t know who he was, he’d win them over because, well, Obama & the Obama wave was simply irresistible.

    Well fuck that MF’ing noise.

    He hasn’t won anyone over in PA, the (real) pols haven’t moved, except away from him.

    Make sure that’s on your list Wolfsen & Garrin, or let me in there and I’ll be happy to tell those fucking stenographers that make believe they’re reporters – in the MOST EMPHATIC terms.

  173. # moononpluto Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    God if Hillary country in Pittsburgh is going 80/20, we’re in for a good night on Tuesday

    YEP 😀 but i especially loved that only 6 of the 16 showed up to help LOL……..obama is loosing voters AND his soldiers! LOL

  174. can anyone really compare a teflon skillet to one made of cast iron. While i am no chef i know the difference between an okay meal and a great one. The latter requires cast iron. Call him teflon I love it means he hasn’t learned anything. A cast iron skillit absorbs.

  175. Blue Dem, no time, he’s had 6 wks to seal the deal and still couldnt put our girl away, he’s a useless pile of horse pooh.

  176. This 6 wk hiatus from primaries has been good, its given us time to take Obama apart, bit by bit.

  177. how many candidates have told the voters that they can change how politics is done in Washington?

    how many candidates have failed?

    how many times do we have to be reminded that Washington is a bureacracy that cannot be changed .. that is where Obama continues to be so naive. We have to have a leader who can WORK the system .. there will never be a change of the way business is done.

    cnn has gone back to the tank … gurgle, gurgle,gurgle


  178. how many candidates have told the voters that they can change how politics is done in Washington?

    how many candidates have failed?

    how many times do we have to be reminded that Washington is a bureacracy that cannot be changed .. that is where Obama continues to be so naive. We have to have a leader who can WORK the system .. there will never be a change of the way business is done.

    cnn has gone back to the tank … gurgle, gurgle,gurgle


  179. Yup Dot48, do they really think those special interests and politicians are going to roll over and let Obama flounce in and spread his hope and change.

    What utter bollocks. The minute he’d get in, the special interest jackboot will be on his throat and he’ll cave.

    Washington is a town you cannot change. The minute he upsets their applecart, will be the last thing he does.

  180. And what about the huge swing in the past two weeks among IN voters….. HRC drop out – yeah right!

  181. Just a snapshot
    took my niece to the pittsburgh zoo on tuesday. I wore a hillary button. No one said anything to me but i noticed people looking at the button. 2x times people made statements like Obama, Obama! behind my back.
    A polite excuse me was all I offered. No response. Probably because they didn’t have one. They have the LUXURY of not working and taking thier kids to the zoo on a beautiful spring day but they could not when confronted after making statements to my back defend them.
    just a snap shot

  182. I think the funniest thing I heard the bambi say today was this:

    “I’m going to change how Republican’s think” .. I can’t wait to hear what Karl Rove has to say about this!

    He thinks he can change the way the republicans will campaign against him because the media is all in the tank for him.

  183. yet more examples of the boorish nasty behaviour of obama supporters.

    They really are like the brownshirts of the nazi era.

  184. I have news for him, the republicans think he’s shit and a traitor. So stick it Obama where the sun don’t shine.

    More Kumbayah brought to you courtesy of Fuckwit.

  185. If anyone else saw Tim Russert’s show with Chuck Todd & David Gregory, they got to talking about what’d take for Hill to capture the popular vote the rest of the way when INCLUDING FLA.

    Their take was (almost entirely negative, not in the least bit surprising) that she’s come up about 200k votes short, give or take, assuming the rest of the primaries go roughly as expected.

    This sound right? Because that’d mean the ultimate decision on MI would be what could ultimately decide it.

  186. Hello everyone, greetings from Erie, PA!!! Just to let you know how things are going here. Did some canvassing earlier this afternoon, good responses from those that were actually home. The weather is fantastic and most seemed like they were out enjoying the thaw.

    Did a couple of hours of “Honk for Hillary” with Neetabug! Great, funny woman, we had fun. Good responses, a lot of honking and thumbs up signs. Our favorites were the women in the passenger seats that would reach over their objecting husbands who were driving, and honk away!! Had a few yell Obama, I think mainly for a reaction. The republicans just stared straight ahead. LOL

    My perception is that this area is Pro Hillary with a lot of support. I see tons of Hillary signs in the neighborhoods, barely any Obama.

    Keep the faith, remember Ohio and Texas? The news was horrible, the polls were down, and look what happened!!! It’s a tactical and it’s all a game. Phone bank, reach out, keep emailing…we are going to take this nomination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. don’t know about you guys but i try and carry stickers. Sometimes when i am waiting for the bus people give me a thumbs up. I reach into my pocket point at the stickers give them a questioning lookan 100% of the time they have said yes. I walk to the window hand them a few stickers they say thankyou and i say no thankyou.

  188. Oh i dont know, 4 million dems registered in PA, if 3 million vote and she takes it 60/40, thats 600’000 she’ll pick up. Now if 4 million vote she picks up 800’000 and takes the popular vote over night.

  189. let’s look back at OH – the final spread was 10 points – the primary was on March 4 – the Reuters/CSPAN/Zogby poll from March 3rd showed a “tie” / SurveyUSA poll from March 2 nailed it – +10 –

    The SurveyUSA poll in PA shows Clinton up by 14 while Zogby shows her up by 5 – so, given a 10 point differential in the results of Zogby poll form OH (which would put her at +15) I think we will be in the 17% – 18% range for HRC in her trounce over BO – therefore satisfying Ms. Braizile requirement

  190. Henry,

    Definition of classlessness: Ozombiacs. And they had the gall to do that in front of your niece. What role models. Did she say anything? Did she notice?

    Does anyone remember any other group of voters who were so friggin rude?

    I know, historically, politics has been a blood sport, especially in NYC, NJ, Chicago, but has it ever been so uncivilized at the national level?

  191. I am very disgusted with yahoo!! Everytime I log in there is a negative about Hillary. Can anyone recommend a better home page/email server? Every time you do a search using thier services they make money and i would rather give elsewhere. And Goodsearch is powered by yahoo so that is a big no.

  192. Helen Thomas gets it and lets rip.

    Long-time White House correspondent turned loose-cannon Helen Thomas hasn’t been sold on Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama like many of her colleagues in the mainstream media.

    Thomas, now a columnist for Hearst Newspapers, told a Bethesda, Md. audience the race between Obama and Clinton has gotten mean-spirited. She attacked the role of bloggers in the news cycle, but that wasn’t before she had some very harsh criticisms of Obama’s rise in popularity.

    “We’re in the midst of a presidential campaign which is really getting rotten – down and dirty between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,” Thomas said. “The Democratic candidates – Obama has the edge, he’s a rock star. He’s galvanized the youth vote of this country, but I have yet to see what he has done to take the highest office in the land. He is no Martin Luther King and his campaign, like all others, is backed by people with deep pockets.”
    Thomas was less unforgiving about Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton. She said that although she has made some mistakes in her campaign and still voted to authorize the Iraq war, she wasn’t getting the same free pass Obama had gotten from the media.

    “Hell yes, he sure has,” Thomas said, after being asked if Obama had been given a free ride by the media. “Hillary has been pilloried. And, I’m not saying she’s faultless – she’s made many, many more mistakes [than] Obama did. I think there is a question if – if you’re anti-women, that’s okay generally. If you’re anti-black, you’re a racist. I think more people, a lot of people are afraid of being called racists by opposing Obama. And I’m not saying he hasn’t been a very eloquent orator. He’s won a lot of people over.”

  193. henry,

    I know what you mean. I’d been MSNBC coz it was already on the pc when i got it and I never bothered changing. But after the past 3 months – I finally switched to ABC coz at least there are 3 columns and the center one is rarely given over to BO.

    You could make any site your homepage.

  194. I am very serious YAHOO has been obnoxiously in support of bambi. I need a new email server can anyone recommend?
    Admin why don’t you start one? You have been effective providing a voice thus far. Must have at least 10k in your address book.

  195. # moononpluto Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    Oh i dont know, 4 million dems registered in PA, if 3 million vote and she takes it 60/40, thats 600′000 she’ll pick up. Now if 4 million vote she picks up 800′000 and takes the popular vote over night.

    here’s another way to look at PA and popular vote……. they say she is like what? 1,000,000 behind in popular vote without MI and FL……right?
    well if she can take as many as you predict above…….then she has a good chance to take popular vote with PA,IN,KY,WV,PR and by much more than BO has it now……don’t you think?

  196. Well fox news and cbs tomorrow ought to be fun

    FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace does the surrogate thaang, bracing for Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary, with Chuckie Schumer for Hillary and Dick Durbin for Obama. Then Karl Rove shows up as the voice of reason.

    Face the Nation (CBS): Host Bob Schieffer does the PA surrogate thing: Governor Ed Rendell for Hillary and Senator Junior Casey for Obama.

    And CNN is going to be a bloodbath

    Late Edition (CNN): Host Wolf Blitzer has two sets of surrogates: Jon Corzine for Hillary vs. Bill Bradley for Barry -and- Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter for Hillary vs. Representative Chaka Fattah (Arthur Davenport), who supports both Obama and convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal( Wesley Cook). Plus his usual cast of millions, including McCain economic advisor Carly Fiorina.

  197. yahoo totally sucks .. they they suck obama off every day. If it wasn’t my email server I’d give them th e boot.

    Just don’t clik on any negative headlines..go to the election center and hit every good McCain story and rate it up. They don’t give Hillary any so won’t be necessary for her.

    I rate McCain and anything but Obama just to keep him off the headlines.

  198. rjk1957 Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    Email and demand that they remove the newsweek poll from the national average. When ARG came out with a poll on the 14th that had Hillary holding a 20 point lead in PA they did not include that in the average and when Newsweek skews a poll that is added to the average immediately.

    As I recall, RealClear’s methodology is to average out all polls. But since more than half of them are worth shit…

    There are hardly any polls that we can believe in. So ignore the fucking polls.

    But it is worth it for us to expose how polls are skewed, to punish them for being slanted. Like the poll several weeks ago that was slanted in Barack’s favor about race, and it turns out more than 50% of those polled were black, because they wanted to find out how AA’s felt (but didn’t make that known when reporting what they call “data”).

    Research, expose, punish.

  199. cspan covered Hillary Live rally. Big crowd, good AA presence and she just sold herself as somebody they’d hire for the hardest job in the world. It’s about hiring the person to run the country … glad that she is taking jabs at obama as just a “changer/uniter” … shes talking about “working”…working people relate to this hiring thing. Great ralley

  200. If yahoo has 10 million regular users and each of those does 5 searches per day they have 50 million searches per day no TV show can come near delivering that audiance. So they make tens of millions per year and they think an audiance over 25 is disposable. the news is so absurdly pro obama because they want the youth. I wrote and voiced my opposition to thier headlines and rec’d a reply which said they simply pull thier headlines from Ap so i watched thier headlines and then went to ap.

  201. henry,

    I was called the c-word in a shopping mall once by a clip-board carrying Obama WORKER! Was w/ a sorta new date-type person, who had just that afternoon, put one of my Hillary buttons on his sweater which was under a jacket now because of Iowa winters.

    They came right at us as we were leaving a shop, wanting to sign us up…He opened his jacket to show his HRC bona fides, and I opened my jacket to exhibit my Hillary shirt.

    He was called a traitor (he is AA) and I got the C-bomb label, both sotto voce, and I had to tug at his arm pretty hard to keep him from going after the guy, who was walking away making sniggery, snorting sounds.


  202. email Garin about the Republican Playbook and ask this to be an AD. He listens people.

    Hillary has received 4 superdelegates endorsements in 2 days !!!!!!!!

  203. Emay, that is precisely one of the many reasons, I would never vote for BO-his nasty, nasty, and rude supporters. They are an awful bunch of people. BO cannot be president.

  204. emjay
    the c word bit sucks but guess what we are a part of a movement and one i am proud to be a part of. i wish the women at the zoo had answered me because i would have torn them to shreds in large part due to all of the info I have rec’d here. So once again I say thankyou to admin. i have been privy to info due to this site long before it ever hits BIG MEDIA.

  205. one’s attitude towards others is 90% of their character. His “you’re likeable enough” , “cookie baking”, “taking teas” .. the looking down at her in the debate, the refusal to shake her hand, the finger,

    This tells me this man has the mindset of most of those obamabots youth that follow him .. he needs to grow up. If you people think GWB has been a screw up .. this man would be terrible because he actually believes all this crap about himself .. he really thinks he is the messiah


    We need to have Dean procedurally removed from his DNC position.

    a) We need to find the applicable DNC by-laws and rules.
    b) We need to document how he has violated that.

    I’m sure this is not hard to do. His blatant favoritism disqualifies his to remain. The most recent calls for SDs to “make up their minds now” is just the latest.

    On a separate level, bombard DNC with email on this.

    Next, Brazile.

  207. well there are lawyers on this board who can certainly tell us if it’s legal for him to “demand” they choose now .. he later said by the end of the primaries but he already “rung the bell” in ushering the demand for them to side up NOW.

  208. McCain’s economic advisor – Fiorina – she was booted out of HP – she couldn’t run a company never mind an “economy”

  209. To those who are savvy online what about bombarding the remaining student newspapers with all of Obamas gaffes? And has anything happenned with the associate professor at Purdue who was using University printing services to promote icky. he allegedly also offered extra credit to students who went to other states caucas sites. Purdue can lose tax exempt status for such behaivor. And this is just another thing we cannot let go of. I am sure they are counting on the short term memories of us post 30.

  210. has Brazil been saying much lately?

    Is Rezco still alive? Any car accidents, falls from ladders, slips in the bathtub?

  211. Brillohead has sort have gone quiet, i bet tbh honest, when Hillary wins big on Tuesday, there may be a heck of a sway back to Clinton. I can see the rhetoric changing.

  212. birdgal, me too. I think this is the most effective piece I’ve seen to set the record straight. Take an ad like this straight to North Carolina, IN and beyond.

  213. Dot: When I first read the quiz, I thought, this would be a great ad. Your comment, inspired me to send an e-mail to Garin. I hope, he receives more requests. This would be great in the upcoming primaries.

  214. This Morning in Albuquerque, NM it was obvious that the Obama people were given preference, even tough Senator Clinton won here. Their crowd was quite rowdy. The Govenor, since endorsing Hillary has rarely been viewed in public, and he has made no appearance at the State Convention recently, or at today Delegate election for CD1. Next week it will be the whole State.

    The LTG Diane Denish has been at all these functions. She is a Hillary supporter.

    I think Govenor Richardson is afraid to come out before his party. That should tell you something. The majority of the state cannot wait until he leaves, and want him gone early.

    Yes, the Obama crowd was discourteous, and rowdy.

    We feel if Senator Clinton is the candidate, we can turn this state blue. However, if Senator Obama is, we think it will be a lost. Senator McCain is already poised at our borders ready to pounce.

    They obviously know they can take the red state (Obama states), and they are looking at the purples.

    If Hillary is the candidate, they will probably disappear fast here.

    I think PA will be the turning Point. However, we will have to continue to fight Dean, and getting MI and FL seated.

    Can you imagine, disenfranchising the voters of FL and MI. What is this 2000. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.

  215. I posted this yesterday, but I wanted to repost it. I found it on TM.

    While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Texas rancher, whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.

    Eventually the topic got around to Obama and his bid to be our President.
    The old rancher said, ‘Well, ya know, Obama is a ‘post turtle’.’
    Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a ‘post turtle’ was.

    The old rancher said, ‘When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’ s a ‘post turtle’.’
    The old man saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued to explain.

    ‘You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he is up there, and you just want to help the dumb ass get down

  216. birdgal
    I am in PA and I have sent the turtle story everywhere!!!!!
    I think it should be her next ad.

  217. Moonpluto,
    “Oh i dont know, 4 million dems registered in PA, if 3 million vote and she takes it 60/40, thats 600′000 she’ll pick up. Now if 4 million vote she picks up 800′000 and takes the popular vote over night.”

    Todd estimated turnout in PA at 1.8M to 2M. They discussed it as if Hill won 55-45, or even 60-40. But of course with a lower turnout model, she’d cut into the popular vote less.
    As I couldn’t trust those guys less, I’ll assume the turnout will be higher than they predict. Is 2.5 too much to ask for?

    You’re saying 4M are registered, doesn’t sound like too much of a stretch…. does it?

  218. About Dean and his ‘decide now.’ First, he’s denied he means right now, he meant get ready to decide in June. Second he has got zero authority to tell the SDs or the candidates what to do! They actually vote in August, as do the ‘pledged’ delegates.

    Nothing is binding till August, not even those elected as ‘pledged’. Any of them are free to change their minds any time.

    See an article by Jay Cost at realclearpolitics.

  219. Hey
    is anyone here going to be at the PreidentS CLINTON rally in pittsburgh on monday? If so look for me I’ll have ahillary clinton button on.

  220. I made about 130 calls today….

    hillary – 18
    leaning hillary – 6
    undecided – 9
    BO – 4
    refused to say – 9

    the rest were amswering machines. i left message on about 50..the rest I just let go..

  221. A call for volunteers – FDRNET is activated – help support American democracy – and the voters of FL – we are expanding our nationwide network – email fdrjim at gmail dot com – the secret handshake rule will apply – this is serious



    From NBC’s Lauren Appelbaum
    HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. — The Clinton campaign is using robocalls to tell Pennsylvanians Obama is not the candidate for them. In less than 24 hours, voters living in Lower Moreland Township of Montgomery County received three calls from the Clinton campaign, two attacking Obama and one advertising Bill Clinton’s event in Fort Washington on Friday.

    “In his TV ads, Barack Obama sounds like he’ll take on the oil companies,” a male voice tells voters in the first attack call. “What he doesn’t tell you is that he voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill, a bill that’s been called the best bill energy corporations could buy. Every gallon of gas takes over three bucks from your pocket. So, why would Barack Obama vote for a Bush-Cheney energy bill that has put six billion in the pockets of big oil? Enough talk. It’s time for action. Hillary Clinton will take on big oil and she has the experience to get it done.”

    The second call attacks Obama on his healthcare plan: “Pennsylvania families cannot afford Barack Obama,” a stern female voice says. “Barack Obama’s health care plan fails to deliver health care for every American, just what the HMO’s and pharmaceutical companies want. What’s more, Sen. Obama’s healthcare plan imposes a $900 hidden tax on families. That’s $900 more than anyone should have to pay to stay healthy. Pennsylvania families need a leader they can count on and a fighter who will deliver.”

    The call advertising Bill Clinton’s event in the area was recorded by a woman with an upbeat, sweet-sounding voice, in contrast to the more pointed voices attacking Obama.

    Voters in the area also received a call from the Obama campaign during this time. However, it was simply to promote his rally in Philadelphia Friday evening.

    First Read will keep you updated with any more calls from the campaigns to this Philadelphia suburb.

  223. Kos if you are here, please say i was wondering that last week win lawschooldem and mrich,hawk….werent here and they sundenly appeared….and those supers will go Hillary …if they dont there not protecting OUR COUNTRY!!!! for BOzolesssense association with known Terroist
    but anyway admin thank you for this site Happy ANNNI!! i have learn lotts..from all these Hillary to be 44th we can sleep at night!!! without a no worrys.. with a wright wrong and rezko and ayers axelrod are near the white house!!!I believe he was planning this they suited him up,get out there get the votes so they can run the country!!!
    ..terroist…in the white House HUH~!!!
    oh were gonna live on HOpe..and were gonna change washington uhh uhh with Terroist!!!!

  224. Crunch time for candidates
    By Thomas Fitzgerald and Mario F. Cattabiani


    Sen. Barack Obama went bowling in Altoona, and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton waxed nostalgic about learning to shoot behind her family’s cottage on Lake Winola.

    Obama gave a soaring speech on race as he tried to explain his former pastor’s inflammatory sermons, and later defended his own comment about “bitter” small-town Pennsylvanians. Clinton had to explain her false claims that she dodged sniper fire on a 1996 visit to Bosnia. And the two of them argued over minor differences on free-trade treaties and job losses, health care and energy policy.

    Much has happened in the seven weeks Pennsylvania has been at the center of the Democratic presidential campaign, and Obama, helped by his omnipresent TV ads, has whittled away at Clinton’s once-formidable lead in the state. But a wide range of scenarios exists for Tuesday’s vote, from blowouts to cliff-hangers.

    The consensus among political leaders and analysts: Clinton will win, but perhaps not by enough.

    Anything less than a double-digit victory could ratify the perception that Obama is the inevitable Democratic nominee, causing superdelegates to flock to him and party leaders to demand the contest end.

    No matter what the vote, Clinton will still trail in the overall delegate count Wednesday morning – so her best hope is that a healthy victory in Pennsylvania, coupled with last month’s in Ohio, would raise significant doubts about Obama’s ability to carry big swing states in the fall. That would convince party leaders to look for answers in the next round of primaries May 6 in North Carolina and Indiana, allowing Clinton to continue.

    Recent Pennsylvania polls put Clinton’s lead at an average of 5.6 percentage points, and, though the margin has shrunk, each of the candidates has much the same base of support as seven weeks ago.

    Clinton has the advantage among women, older voters, Catholics, union households, and white voters with high school educations making less than $35,000. Obama leads among younger voters, African Americans, Democrats with incomes over $75,000, and liberals.

    Obama holds a wide lead in Philadelphia and a narrower one in its suburban counties, while Western Pennsylvania favors Clinton by as much as 2-1.

    “The election has stabilized, with no movement among any of the big voter groups in the last week,” said G. Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin and Marshall College Poll. “It’s a battle of the east versus the west and a battle of defined demographics, and everybody is trying to figure out what will make the difference.”

    Two things that could: the 15 percent of voters who tell pollsters they remain undecided, and the roughly 325,000 newly registered Democrats in the state, a mixture of first-time voters and those switching affiliation to participate in the closed primary.

    In previous races this year, undecided voters have broken toward Clinton. An estimated 24 percent of newly registered Democrats in Pennsylvania are younger than 35, a group that has overwhelmingly supported Obama.

    Democratic strategist Neil Oxman said that most polls do not sample enough younger voters because they usually are not a factor in primaries. Obama changes the dynamic, he said.

    “If all of those kids who registered come out, he could steal the election,” said the Philadelphia-based Oxman, who is not working in the race. “And if everybody over 60 votes, she could blow him away. Each of them has enough voters to win this thing.”

    With seven weeks on the ground in Pennsylvania, with more than 150 stops by both candidates and their families, the race has felt more like a battle for governor than for president, said Ed Mitchell, a longtime Democratic media strategist from Wilkes-Barre.

    “It would be very hard to find someone here who hasn’t been influenced by all that has gone on,” Mitchell said. “No one can say they don’t know enough about them.”

    By the time the Pennsylvania race is finished, Obama will have spent about $9.3 million on television ads to $3.2 million for Clinton, according to industry sources. That onslaught, coupled with a six-day bus tour of the state and an endorsement by U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, helped him narrow the gap with Clinton.

    Then April 11, Obama’s remarks at a San Francisco fund-raiser – in which he said that small-town Pennsylvanians are “bitter” and “cling” to guns, religion and bigotry out of frustration at their economic misfortune – came to light. The furor, fanned by Clinton, who repeatedly called Obama an elitist, is credited with stopping his momentum in the polls.

    To carry the state, Clinton needs to pull off impressive margins, perhaps double digits, in the southwestern and northeastern parts of the state, said Jon Delano, a public policy professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

    But on election night, Delano said, he will be focusing on what the exit polls say about women in the Philadelphia suburbs. Will they vote their gender and vote for Clinton, or their class and vote for Obama?

    “You have a real interesting crosscurrent at work in suburban Philadelphia,” Delano said.

    Former Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street said that Clinton had done a better job in the city of “getting to a variety of constituencies.” She campaigned in North and West Philadelphia, while Obama did not go into city neighborhoods, except for a photo-op of him buying gourmet food in the Italian Market.

    “Clinton really helped herself by going to West Philadelphia and discussing issues of direct importance to city residents, including violence, among other things,” said Street, a Clinton supporter. “There is an undercurrent of concern that Sen. Obama didn’t put more direct time in the city, although it doesn’t seem to be having much impact on his supporters’ enthusiasm.”

    John Vatavuk, the Democratic chairman of Somerset County in southwestern Pennsylvania, said that Obama’s comments about guns didn’t seem to have changed minds in his county.

    “He’s run tons and tons of TV ads and radio ads here,” said Vatavuk, a Clinton supporter. “He gets on and preaches he’s not connected with the oil companies and the lobbyists, and people want to hear that stuff. . . . It’s starting to take its toll. Sometimes people want change for its own sake.”

    He believes that Clinton will carry Somerset County and the state but frets that it will not be by a big-enough margin.

    “She’s going to be lucky to eke out a victory in Pennsylvania by a few percentage points,” said Vatavuk, a county commissioner.

  225. Chris Satullo: Winners and losers in political Phila.

    By Chris Satullo

    Inquirer Columnist
    This week, Pennsylvania became the much-analyzed Land of the Cling-ons – and Philadelphia the temporary capital of Colbert Nation.

    There were spectacles aplenty and gaffes galore. I made my way Tuesday to Penn’s Zellerbach Theatre for a raucous taping of The Colbert Report, then on to the National Constitution Center for Wednesday’s trivia contest . . . er, presidential debate, staged by an inept outfit claiming to be ABC News.

    Here is my report, using that staple command of the essay test: compare and contrast.


    Who won, who lost?

    Colbert, a winner, clearly. When both Obamas, plus Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, all show up to do tongue-in-cheek shtick with you, it’s obvious your show matters to voters who matter.

    Philadelphia, a winner. Independence Mall looked grand as the backdrop for all those network correspondents. And the city glistened in Colbert’s videotaped japes around town: trying to cop a feel on Thomas Jefferson’s cane at Independence Hall, taking a chauffeured ride to the top of the Rocky steps, agitating to insert his book into the exhibits at the Constitution Center.

    Michael Nutter, a winner. The mayor’s droll deadpan played well in his Monday Colbert appearance, which he termed only slightly less nerve-wracking than throwing out the first ball on Opening Day.

    Ralph Archbold, winner/loser. Philly’s favorite Ben Franklin impersonator got a four-night national TV gig playing a colonial Ed McMahon. But he wasn’t very funny.

    Ed Rendell, winner/loser: The guv’s earthy charm was on display in his Colbert appearance. When ABC’s camera gave a slumped, scowling glimpse of him at the debate, though, he looked like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.

    Barack Obama. Big loser. Yes, ABC turned the debate into a tough away game for the Chosen One. Still, his pouty performance was awful. He hemmed and hawed, poorly parsing his “cling to guns and religion” remark. Speaking of bitter, he looked like he’d swallowed a lemon. Senator, Americans expect a leader to seize command of a rocky moment, to use wit, candor, logic, eloquence, a winning smile – something! – to turn it around. Some day, your antagonist won’t be little George Stephanopoulos, but a tyrant with nukes.

    ABC’s debate planners. The biggest loser. Apparently, they wanted to show an Obama-coddling press corps the error of its ways. Instead, they demonstrated new ways to err.

  226. # mj Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    djia, do you think that works though? I’m not sure robo calls work.

    I don’t know if they work anymore than the million tv ad’s do…..personally speaking I find them annoying
    but maybe it’s because i scour for information online and already know more than the average voter
    so perhaps it doesn’t annoy but rather inform those voters ?

    but they must have an effect or it wouldn’t be popular with politicians would it.

  227. Vatavuk may as well just jump to Obama .. his comments in that article are not reassuring. Eeking out a victory by small percentage???

  228. mj

    I read it too and had those thoughts….but then, it does repeat his SF bitter words so i would say it has somethings we can smile about 😀

  229. “He’s run tons and tons of TV ads and radio ads here,” said Vatavuk, a Clinton supporter. “He gets on and preaches he’s not connected with the oil companies and the lobbyists, and people want to hear that stuff. . . . It’s starting to take its toll. Sometimes people want change for its own sake.”

    But the fact is he is lying … that is where lack of funds to combat these ads has hurt Hillary …

    Have any other organizations helped her with ads

  230. 😀 ha ha ha!!!

    Posted April 19, 2008 9:00 PM
    The Swamp

    by Josh Drobnyk

    Barack Obama’s Allentown office was burglarized this week, and multiple laptops and cell phones were stolen, an Obama campaign aide said today. A police spokesman confirmed the incident, but couldn’t provide details today because reports are kept in the department’s records depository, which is closed weekends.

    An Obama aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, said “a couple” field laptops were taken out of the office at 1233 Linden St. The computers have demographic information that the campaign uses to target voters. “A couple” cell phones were also taken, the aide said.

    Police spokesman Capt. James Stephens confirmed the break-in, but could not confirm details of what was taken because the records office is closed on weekends. When and how the break-in occurred also remained unclear. Stephens would only say that it happened “a couple days ago.” The Obama campaign declined to comment officially on the incident.

    Both campaigns have had their share of incidents at field offices during the race. Obama field offices in California and Iowa have also been broken into. And late last year, a man took campaign workers hostage at a Hillary Clinton field office in Rochester, N.Y.

  231. if by some chance his big $ spending has gotten to PA voters .. 9 million in tv ads .. and if Hillary loses do you think she will suspend her campaign?


    now, some may make you upset……but keep reading!

    now, i believe they are tamping down expectations, making the points that obama is out spending her HUGELY
    so as to make it a “blow out win” they say won’t happen ….wink wink 😉
    what was interesting is near the bottom was hill supporter quotes 😀

  233. I don’t think after wed’s debate and the negative press of whining,ayers,finger,rezko,wright, etc

    Hill will have to put even one more ad in order to win in the remaining states …that’s my opinion

  234. damn obama .. he thinks that HE actually is the only one who can do anything.

    boy I bet Kerry and Kennedy are actually sweating bullets right now .. they thought they’d get a puppet and it’s evident obama will have nothing around him but “yes” men.

    He’s actually telling Pa that if Hillary is elected nothing will be done and that only HE can get it done…he’s the biggest fraud

  235. /19/2008
    Clinton Campaign Opens West Virginia Headquarters
    Charleston, WV – The Clinton Campaign officially opened its West Virginia headquarters in Charleston today, with an event featuring Brigadier General Jack Yeager, ret. The Charleston office will serve as the Clinton Campaign’s central hub for campaign activity in the Mountain State.

    General Yeager, staff, and volunteers urged West Virginians to get involved in the Clinton campaign’s strong organizing efforts throughout the state.

    “Hillary Clinton has the strength to win and the experience to be our Commander-in-Chief on day one. West Virginia: now is our time to elect a leader who can take on the tough challenges we face and deliver real solutions,” said Brigadier General Jack Yeager, ret.

    “West Virginians have waited a long time for the chance to make history. This is an historic opportunity to get involved in the campaign and help make Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States,” said Talley Sergent, the campaign’s state director.

    The Clinton Campaign has hit the ground running in West Virginia. Volunteers across the state are making calls, knocking on doors, and urging West Virginians to Early Vote at their county courthouse beginning April 23.

  236. major garrett . fox news says obama internals showing a span of 6 to 11 percent lead for Hillary and that is why he is negative campaigning this weekend…lets hope it backfires and shoots Hillary to a 15% lead.

  237. Sadly, many black people want to have so badly an african american president, that I think they will overlook any Obama lie or shady connection. This is a moment that people thought would never happen in their lifetimes.

    The media and i think Hillary were afraid to vet or attack him because of perceived racism. The so called post racial figure is using his race to intimidate people into treating him differently.

    How dare we question the great Obama’s character? This is what we are fighting.

    If he were white and had a racist pastor, insulted small town America, and made sexist comments, the democrat party would have already thrown him under the bus!

    He knew his entrance into this race would put black people in a difficult position but he did not care!

  238. BTW, what’s going on in Indiana? I don’t believe these polls that he could be leading after the SurveyUSA poll where she had a 16 point lead!

  239. Blue Democrat Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 4:25 pm


    Key point I need to understand as I’m not the brightest bulb.

    Until they vote (at the convention), nothing is binding, correct?!

    Even if they all come out and ’say’ they’ll support BO, until the votes are recorded it means nada, right?

    “They are still free to change their minds when Obama lands in jail” 🙂

    Blue, that is right. The vote in August is the ONLY thing that’s final or binding. Even the ‘pledged’ delegates can change their minds.

    Even if the Credentials Committee or some other committee rules about FL/MI, even THAT can be overturned at any time at the convention by a vote of the whole 4,000+ delegates (well, the FL/MI don’t get to vote on that).

  240. # dot48 Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    major garrett . fox news says obama internals showing a span of 6 to 11 percent lead for Hillary and that is why he is negative campaigning this weekend…lets hope it backfires and shoots Hillary to a 15% lead.

    did he really say that!!, he said that is why he is neg campaigning this weekend!!!……please say its so!

  241. HRC will remain in the race until there is a complete resolution of all votes cast – this includes FL and MI –

  242. let’s look back at OH – the final spread was 10 points – the primary was on March 4 – the Reuters/CSPAN/Zogby poll from March 3rd showed a “tie” / SurveyUSA poll from March 2 nailed it – +10 –

    The SurveyUSA poll in PA shows Clinton up by 14 while Zogby shows her up by 5 – so, given a 10 point differential in the results of Zogby poll form OH (which would put her at +15) I think we will be in the 17% – 18% range for HRC in her trounce over BO – therefore satisfying Ms. Braizile requirement

  243. Someone on Hill’s blog says BO is robocalling. Saying you’ll see negative stuff from Hill’s campaign. Don’t believe any of it because she will do anything to win. He disgusts me.

  244. Both campaigns are using robocalls. The poor people of PA, they are being lambasted with propaganda. Everytime, BO says anything about the way Hillary’s campaign is going, I just want to telll him, to look in the mirror. They are doing everything and more, that they are accusing Hillary’s campaign of doing. Amazing!

  245. Win4Hill – why on earth would you post that for all to read if you don’t agree with it through and through 😉

  246. fdrjim,
    “The SurveyUSA poll in PA shows Clinton up by 14 while Zogby shows her up by 5 – so, given a 10 point differential in the results of Zogby poll form OH (which would put her at +15) I think we will be in the 17% – 18% range for HRC”

    That’s just what I was thinking. BO’s camp is bluffing by 5, instead of 6-11 it’s more like 11-16 (consistent with SUSA) and they really see it -15 or worse.

    “HRC will remain in the race until there is a complete resolution of all votes cast – this includes FL and MI -”

    Is this a direct quote?

    I know from Suzanne Malveux on CNN said she spoke of it somewhere today…..

  247. I have read so much negative crap about Hillary, I didn’t even click on the story. People who write such vile and vitrolic articles are crazy. I don’t believe, anything they say. The stories are so ridiculous, if it wasn’t so sad, it would be laughable.

  248. To give you an idea of what you would be reading (er… missing), I’ll give you the the most laughable line from that article: “Anyway, the man is a feminist; he has a woman-friendly policy vision.”

    That statement shows Naomi’s ignorance of who Obama is right there.
    So, I suggest to not read the article if you don’t want to feel extremely frustrated.

  249. I mean I don’t even go to uffpo anymore. It’s basically an arm of the Obama campaign. And, Wolf is not going to influence anyone so why does it matter?

  250. Well, she’s really just correcting the record, but if you look at what I posted he’s doing those to her saying she’ll say anything to win.

  251. mj,
    “I don’t even go to uffpo anymore. It’s basically an arm of the Obama campaign.”

    It’s entirely an arm of BO’s camp. Did u catch the game Arianna was running after ‘bitter’ broke, about how she signed of on the story?
    Please. That one got past them, and they were trying to cover their tracks.
    Same with all of BO’s ‘greatest hits’. when they see the light of day, they just ain’t cuttin’ it.

  252. Happy Birthday, Hillary is 44!!!!! I’ve only been here for about two months, but this has become one of my favorite Internet sites. I come here every day, even though I don’t always post comments.

    Birdgal, I saw the “post turtle” story last night and passed it along to my family and friends. We all love it– and it’s soooooo true!

  253. ABC News’ Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton, perhaps venting a bit of frustration in a state where she was leading by double digits months ago, painted a grim state of affairs of this country outside a firehouse in West Chester, Pa., this morning.

    After stressing the financial burdens Americans are suffering, problems with education, and more, Clinton stressed the critical decision these voters have to make. She jabbed her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, who Saturday held his largest rally ever miles from the site where Clinton spoke.

    “I don’t want to show up and give one of these whoop-de-do speeches and, you know, and just kind of get everybody whipped up,” she said, “and those [of you who are for me] feel great and, you know, try to convince some of you to be for me.”

    Clinton again made her argument that the White House is not a place for wimps, saying, “When you get into the general election and when you get into the White House, the stresses and pressures of the general election and the job are overwhelming. And we know we have to have a president ready on day one to take charge.”

    Clinton refrained from criticizing the Republican frontrunner John McCain, and instead shared a story about their accommodations when they traveled oversees together.

    “We’ve gone to Afghanistan together,” she said. “We were in Kabul, and there weren’t safe accommodations. We actually had a row of containers — you know, you see those containers come off the ships. Those were our accommodations in Kabul.”

    Clinton has said in the past that she is friends with McCain and respects him.

    Clinton had five stops to race through today — on the final Saturday before Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary.

    Clinton spokesperson Mo Elleithee downplayed expectations, saying the campaign is being outspent in Pennsylvania, but adding, “If they cannot close the deal, close the sale, here in Pennsylvania, they are gong to have to answer why.”

  254. Bill Clinton Says Criticisms of Hillary’s Healthcare Plan are ‘Bull’

    April 19, 2008 9:20 PM
    ABC News’ Sarah Amos reports: Former President Bill Clinton continued on the campaign trail today, with time quickly ticking away before Pennsylvania’s presidential primary on Tuesday.

    Clinton started the day completely focused on his wife’s policies. But by as the day wore on Clinton found himself in Waynesburg, Pa., where he couldn’t help but mention the latest round of ads put out today by Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign.

    “I just got a briefing before I came in here on all the radio ads and mailings that Sen. Obama’s sending out in this, uh, positive campaign,” said Clinton with a sarcastic chuckle. “And um, I want to tell you what I think this election is really about, what it is really about. It is about your future. And the only relevant choice is who would do the best job at helping you realize that future.”

    The new television ads, which deal with Sen. Clinton’s plan for healthcare in America, were clearly on the former president’s mind throughout the day. While discussing his wife’s plan at an earlier event in Hermitage, he took offense with what he says are false claims by the Obama campaign.

    “Hillary’s being subject to a television ad that has been roundly criticized in the form of mass mailings all across this country saying she’s trying to make you buy insurance you can’t afford and you’re gonna be fined and all that. It isn’t true. It is not true,” he said. “Every expert who has looked at this says if you provide the subsidies and you cap somebody’s income, everybody’ll be able to afford it, it’ll be cheaper than anything you’re buying now if you buying it. But I’m just telling you, we won’t get control of cost unless we cover everybody. Doing the morally right thing is the economically essential thing. If you agree with that, if you agree with that, you have only one choice left with the three candidates for president. You got to vote for Hillary for president, she’ll fix this problem.”
    Later, in Beaver Falls the former president had one word to describe the arguments being leveled against Sen. Clinton’s healthcare plan –- “bull.”
    “And, you know, you may hear some more about it before Tuesday. ‘Oh, it’s the end of the world. Oh, you’re gonna be forced to buy health care you can’t afford.’ That’s bull. The only way you can afford it over the long run is that everyone is covered. Every other country knows this,” Clinton told the crowd.

  255. BASIL,

    sorry i was out to dinner.
    but listen, i really dont think people understand the potential, for a
    ‘TAKE OVER’ of the white house.

    i believe just as you said, these people Obama likes, his peeps, are gangsta’s, and revolutionarys…
    i think Oprah and other influential AA, and leftest of all color, want to
    bring on the ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’.
    of course in their minds, its to ‘change direction’, and ‘change america’, but it is really dangerous, cause you seldom GET WHAT YOU THINK

  256. Ininla – I posted it because Naomi Wolf is an icon of feminism and thought that of all people SHE wouldn’t drink the kool-aid, turns out I was wrong and am very disappointed. What the hell are you accusing me of?

  257. birdgal Says:
    Everytime, BO says anything about the way Hillary’s campaign is going, I just want to telll him, to look in the mirror. They are doing everything and more, that they are accusing Hillary’s campaign of doing.

    That’s a common Rovian tactic. Whatever he might expect criticism for, his people accuse her of it first. Preemptive Confusion?

  258. Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. I have been doing calls to Pennsylvania for HRC, working for a friend that is my age running for statehouse, and starting a DLP Fraternity on campus. My friend running for the statehouse is Matt Pfaltzgraf from Ankeny Iowa and is a Hillary supporter and worked for us on the campaign, and he is running in one of Iowa’s toughest races against a right wing, bigotted evangelical.

  259. maria shriver/naimi wolfe?
    i think they are the same person kidding but has anyone ever seen them together?

  260. the worst attack of the campaign says wolfson:
    Memo from Clinton Comunications Director WolfsonFrom: Howard Wolfson, Communications Director

    To: Interested Parties

    Date: Saturday, April 19, 2008

    Re: Obama Campaign On The Attack In Last Weekend Of Pennsylvania Primary

    A major theme of Sen. Obama on the stump is that Hillary Clinton is running a negative campaign based on “slash and burn politics” and that he represents a break from that kind of politics. In fact, in just the last 48-hours, Sen. Obama has flooded airwaves, radio, phone lines and mailboxes with negative and false attacks against Hillary. This unprecedented barrage coincides with a weak debate performance and Sen. Obama’s slide in the daily Gallup poll.

    1. In the most outrageous attack of the campaign, Obama surrogates held a conference call attacking Hillary’s character, claiming she did not have the “moral authority” to lay a wreath on the Tomb on the Unknown Soldier. [Link]

    2. Launched a television ad featuring false, negative attacks on Hillary’s health care plan. [Link]

    3. Distributed negative mail about Hillary’s trade positions, complete with citations even Sen. Obama has acknowledged have been debunked. [Link]

    4. Flooded voters with robocalls saying Hillary will “say anything” to win.

  261. SNL skit…President Obama calling Hillary every night to ask for advice since he ended up being too inexperienced to actually be president.

  262. New article up with a walk down Memory Lane.

    Good to see you Hawk.

    Texan4Hillary, you might want to repost that Wolfson article in the new article.

  263. mj,
    I didn’t see SNL before Texas so it could easily be a rerun. “Hillary” had on the yellow and black suit. Does that sound familiar?
    The skit shows her in bed…face cream..and BO in the Oval Office…black and white on that part.

  264. %%%BALLOONS%%% :::::CONFETTI::::: \/\/\/CHAMPAGNE\/\/\/\/FLUTES\/\/\/ HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY HILLARYIS44!!!!! Thank God for the day I googled HillaryClinton and this web site came up. This has been the best outlet for admiring all things Hillary, boosting ourselves with each others’ support and never, ever, ever quitting. This has been an enormous task for you to undertake, yet superb accomplishment in honoring HRC for POTUS. What a testament to professional journalism – with just the right mix of facts, humor, inquisitiveness and off-the-charts creativity. Not to mention its intent – in allowing all of us to see not just the immediate but gaze beyond, completely getting on board with this cause that is greater than ourselves. Even if Admin not aware, we fans realize these remarkable gifts (to us) has put zest into our ability to spread the knowledge about this person – Hillary Clinton – and the GOOD she brings to our world. HATS OFF TO YOU ADMIN FOR THE DAY-TO-DAY HARD WORK AND UNTOLD HOURS IN FORMULATING THE ABSOLUTE BEST WEBSITE EVER LAUNCHED IN SUPPORT OF THE CANDIDATE FOR OUR TIMES. THE SHEER VOLUME OF FACTS, TIPS, VISUALS AND ESSAYS BLOWS ME AWAY. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR OUR REFUGE AND SOURCE OF REFUELING. THIS IS HOME FOR ALL HILLARY LOVERS. PAST. PRESENT. AND FUTURE. AND HEY – SHE’S JUST GETTING STARTED! NOW CELEBRATE
    |-| |^ [

  265. I have to go plan this house-seat race some more, but I loves y’all and have a good night. I will be back ASAP.

  266. Happy Birthday, Admin…thanks for all you do every day…

    …just got my computer back and have missed you…here’s to Tuesday’s big win!

  267. Happy birthday, Hill44!

    The Obama campaign is targeting university students here in PR. Their first meeting was a total disaster. Students starting walking out before it finished, and 25 were left at the end. When the speaker asked who would be willing to volunteer to work in the campaign, there was total silence.
    I’m not saying Hillary would do any better. But it seems like the Obama campaign will not be able to count on an army of university students like in the States!

  268. winforhill: I did not want to frighten anyone.I wanted to alert them by past history and all of the forms and influences that it takes in today’s election process. Want to get some real life examples and make your own conclusions.Well: just go to Google and log on to Fritz Kuhn,Brown Shirts Leader Nazi Party in America.Tou will get much bone chilling information and you can draw your own conclusions about the involvment of the MSM,Patriots,Politicians,Confused Youth groups and downright Traitors. The injection of the RACE CARD into this election has created another Crisis that we must be aware of and resist it with all of our strengthsand the Ballot Box. I have seen,heard,experienced and rejected this perversion of our Democracy.Fight back with all the tools available in todays new world of communications.In those dark days of the 30’s,there was only the Papers,the Pulpit and radios,if you could afford one.We were spoonfed our thoughts and emotions by those with money,ambitions and the lust for power,hopes and change. TWO DAYS LEFT TO TAKE IT OUT OF REVERSE AND SHIFT TO FORWARD. Go HILLARY


    By ABM90 Just an old Guy that remembers a lot.

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