Barack Obama’s “God Damn Small-Town America” Bigotry

Superdelegates must know what more and more voters know: Obama is a total meltdown waiting to happen. Let’s review what has happened and the implications. (We’ll have more on this story during the coming week.)

Obama has been forced to talk to normal people during this campaign. His well hidden contempt for non-wealthy Americans is showing. Obama recently has had to mingle with regular Americans in bowling alleys and working class bars in order to convince Pennsylvanians and Americans that he is not a stuck up elitist know-nothing with audacious ambition and a low level management trainee resume.

Regular readers of Big Pink are aware that Obama failed to represent his poor Chicago state senate constitutents because he was busy socializing with, and getting donations from his slumlord friend, the now indicted Antoin “Tony” Rezko. We have repeatedly asked:

If Obama with all his “community organizer” experience did not know what was happening in his small district office in Chicago, how in blazes does anyone think he will respond to the needs of an American electorate that numbers in the hundreds of millions?

This past week Obama has once again answered our question in a manner that disqualifies him from the presidency.

And no, we are not referring to Obama’s vulgar vibrator moment.

We refer to Obama’s view of small town Americans. Obama and his friends love laughing at those country hicks in small town America [Pictures HERE].


You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Here is how Hillary, in a very fine speech that should be the theme for the rest of the campaign, sees Pennsylvanians and small town Americans:

Now, like some of you may have been, I was taken aback by the demeaning remarks Sen. Obama made about people in small town America. Sen. Obama’s remarks are elitist, and they are out of touch. They are not reflective of the values and beliefs of Americans. Certainly not the Americans that I know — not the Americans I grew up with, not the Americans I lived with in Arkansas or represent in New York.

You know, Americans who believe in the Second Amendment believe it’s a matter of Constitutional rights. Americans who believe in God believe it is a matter of personal faith. Americans who believe in protecting good American jobs believe it is a matter of the American Dream.

When my dad grew up it was in a working class family in Scranton. I grew up in a churchgoing family, a family that believed in the importance of living out and expressing our faith.

The people of faith I know don’t “cling to” religion because they’re bitter.

People embrace faith not because they are materially poor, but because they are spiritually rich. Our faith is the faith of our parents and our grandparents. It is a fundamental expression of who we are and what we believe.

I also disagree with Sen. Obama’s assertion that people in this country “cling to guns” and have certain attitudes about immigration or trade simply out of frustration. People of all walks of life hunt — and they enjoy doing so because it’s an important part of their life, not because they are bitter.

And as I’ve traveled across Indiana and I¹ve talked to a lot of people what I hear are real concerns about unfair trade practices that cost people jobs.

I think hardworking Americans are right to want to see changes in our trade laws. That¹s what I have said. That’s what I have fought for.

I would also point out that the vast majority of working Americans reject anti-immigration rhetoric. They want reform so that we remain a nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws that we enforce and we enforce fairly.

Americans are fair-minded and good-hearted people. We have ups and downs. We face challenges and problems. But our views are rooted in real values, and they should be respected.

Americans out across our country have born the brunt of the Bush administration¹s assault on the middle class. Contrary to what Sen. Obama says, most Americans did much better during the Clinton years than they have done during the Bush years.

If we are striving to bring people together — and I believe we should be — I don’t think it helps to divide our country into one America that is enlightened and one that is not.

We are very pleased that the video of the above speech is sponsored on Youtube by the official Hillary Clinton campaign:

We are also very pleased that Geoffrey Garin, the new chief strategist of the Hillary Clinton campaign will take Obama to account and that the Hillary Clinton campaign is going to defend small town America against Barack Obama’s bigotry:

Hillary chief strategist Geoffrey Garin dramatically raised the stakes in the battle over Barack Obama’s comments about small-town America, saying in an interview that they would be “damaging” to him in a general election, could set back the Democratic Party’s efforts to reach heartland voters, and should be something that super-delegates consider when deciding whom to support.

“These are the kinds of attitudes that have created a gulf between Democrats and lots of small-town and heartland voters that we’ve been working very, very hard to bridge,” Garin told me today in his first public comments about the flap.

“I saw Senator Obama’s comments as a step backward to building those kinds of bridges,” Garin continued, saying the following of the impact that the comments could have in a general election:

“They will be damaging. And they could be significantly so…I don’t think that the kinds of attitudes that Senator Obama expressed are consistent with Democrats doing what we need to do to win a general election.”

In the wide-ranging interview, Garin also:

* Suggested that the comments were “completely fair game” for use in an ad, and an “important topic”

* Said that he would “hope” that the Clinton campaign would point to the comments in their efforts to persuade super-delegates to back her over Obama [snip]

Asked what impact the comments could have in a general election, Garin said: “The people who are most likely to be offended by this are also the most likely to be swing voters in general elections.”…

We think the above Hillary speech is strong and excellent. Hillary’s initial reaction to Obama’s bigotry was also good:

“I saw in the media it’s being reorted that my opponent said that the people of Pennsylvania who faced hard times are bitter. Well, that’s not my experience.

“As I travel around Pennsylvania, I meet people who are resilient, who are optimistic, who are positive, who are rolling up their sleeves. They are working hard everyday for a better future, for themselves and their children.

“Pennsylvanians don’t need a president who looks down on them, they need a president who stands up for them, who fights for them, who works hard for your futures, your jobs, your families.”

Obama’s bigotry against small town America has been expressed before. Big Media continues to protect Bigot Obama and trys to explain away Obama’s hard edged bigotry:

Politico has a list of why Bigot Obama is so damaged. Politico does not mention the financial godsend this is for Hillary’s campaign. Obama is spending over $2 million in Pennsylvania a week. The ugly and truthful coverage of what Bigot Obama thinks of small town America will require more that $2 million a week to counteract. In addition, these Bigot Obama remarks come in with Reverend Wright’s “God Damn America” remarks as background. Congressional Democrats are already under attack by Republican opponents demanding the Democrats repudiate Bigot Obama’s ugly, condescending, elitist, anti-small town America remarks:

A Clinton comeback was looking far-fetched. But operatives in both parties were buzzing about that possibility Saturday following the revelation that Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) told wealthy San Franciscans that small-town Pennsylvanians and Midwesterners “cling to guns or religion” because they are “bitter” about their economic status.

Obama at first dug in on that contention Friday after audio of the private fundraiser was posted by The Huffington Post. Altering course, on Saturday in Muncie, Ind., he conceded that he “didn’t say it as well as I should have.” And he told the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal that “obviously, if I worded things in a way that made people offended, I deeply regret that. … The underlying truth of what I said remains, which is simply that people who have seen their way of life upended because of economic distress are frustrated and rightfully so.”

Who is more inarticulate, George W. Bush or Barack H. Obama? Is Obama inarticulate or did he express his real bigotry? Obama is either as tongue tied as Bush or as bigoted as Wright.

In fact, this is a potential turning point for Obama’s campaign — an episode that could be even more damaging than the attention to remarks by his minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, since this time the controversial words came out of his own mouth.

Here are a dozen reasons why: 1. It lets Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) off the mat at a time when even some of her top supporters had begun to despair about her prospects. Clinton hit back hard on the campaign trail Saturday. And her campaign held a conference call where former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, a Pittsburgh native, described Obama’s remarks as “condescending and disappointing” and “undercutting his message of hope.”

2. If you are going to say something that makes you sound like a clueless liberal, don’t say it in San Francisco. Obama’s views might have been received very differently if he had expressed them in public to Pennsylvania voters, saying he understood and could alleviate their frustrations.

3. Some people actually use guns to hunt — not to compensate for a salary that’s less than a U.S. senator’s.

4. Some people cling to religion not because they are bitter but because they believe it, and because faith in God gives them purpose and comfort.

Obama and his friends love laughing at those country hicks in small town America [Pictures HERE]. San Francisco, a wonderful diverse, mostly “liberal” city has been used by Republicans for decades to paint Democrats as out of touch and elitist. There are many hard working Americans in San Francisco. But Obama as reflected in the pictures we posted was not speaking to a diverse group of San Franciscans. Obama was speaking like a professor trying to impress young students with his wit by insulting poorer, less privileged Americans.

5. Some hard-working Americans find it insulting when rich elites explain away things dear to their hearts as desperation. It would be like a white politician telling blacks they cling to charismatic churches to compensate for their plight. And it vindicates centrist Democrats who have been arguing for a decade that their party has allowed itself to look culturally out of touch with the American mainstream.

6. It provides a handy excuse for people who were looking for a reason not to vote for Obama but don’t want to think of themselves as bigoted. It hurts Obama especially with the former Reagan Democrats, the culturally conservative, blue-collar workers who could be a promising voter group for him. It also antagonizes people who were concerned about his minister but might have given him the benefit of the doubt after his eloquent speech on race.

7. It gives the Clinton campaign new arguments for trying to recruit superdelegates, the Democratic elected officials and other insiders who get a vote on the nomination. A moderate politician from a swing district, for example, might not want to have to explain support for a candidate who is being hammered as a liberal. And Clinton’s agents can claim that for all the talk of her being divisive, Obama has provided plenty of fodder to energize Republicans.

8. It helps Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) frame a potential race against Obama, even though both of them have found support among independents. Now Republicans have a simple, easily repeated line of attack to use against Obama as an out-of-touch snob, as they had with Sen. John F. Kerry after he blundered by commenting about military funding, “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

9. The comments play directly into an already-established narrative about his candidacy. Clinton supporters have been arguing that Obama has limited appeal beyond upscale Democrats — the so-called latte liberals. You can’t win red states if people there don’t like you. “Elites need to understand that middle-class Americans view values and culture as more important than mere trickery,” said Paul Begala, a Clinton backer. “Democrats have to respect their values and reflect their values, not condescend to them as if they were children who’ve been bamboozled.”

Maybe Obama will go windsurfing with Kerry this week.

Timing is everything and as Matt Cooper notes Let it also be noted that there were approx 100 videocams whirring away inside the room as Barack spoke.” Expect videotape as April 22 approaches:

10. The timing is terrible. With the Pennsylvania primary nine days off, late-deciding voters are starting to tune in. Obama and Clinton are scheduled to appear separately on CNN on Sunday for a forum on, of all topics, faith and values. And ABC News is staging a Clinton-Obama debate in Philadelphia on Wednesday. So Clinton has the maximum opportunity to keep a spotlight on the issue. Besides sex, little drives the news and opinion industry more than race, religion, culture and class. So as far as chances the chattering-class will perpetuate the issue, Obama has hit the jackpot.

11. The story did not have its roots in right-wing or conservative circles. It was published — and aggressively promoted — by The Huffington Post, a liberally oriented organization that was Obama’s outlet of choice when he wanted to release a personal statement distancing himself from some comments by the Rev. Wright.

12. It undermines Democratic congressional candidates who had thought that Obama would make a stronger top for the ticket than Clinton. Already, Republican House candidates are challenging their Democratic opponents to renounce or embrace Obama’s remarks. Ken Spain, press secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said: “There is a myth being perpetuated by Democrats and even some in the media that an Obama candidacy would somehow be better for their chances down ballot. But we don’t believe that is the case.”

Other than Hillary Clinton herself, Mayor Steve Reed of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania sums up Obama’s Bigotry best:

Just for way of background, I’ve been the Mayor of Harrisburg now – I’m in my 27th year. Born and raised here in Pennsylvania. Born and raised in a small town as a matter of fact. The irony about Pennsylvania is that we really only have two large towns. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Just about every other place could be classified as a small town or a borough, or a township, or whatever. We happen to like our small town values. We think they’re the bedrock of the American values that have built this nation and the people of our towns embrace their religions out of faith, not out of bitterness or frustration.

I have found our small town citizens to be decent. They are hardworking. They are friendly. They are giving. They are caring. They are patriotic. Frankly, they don’t deserve to be categorized as they were in the remarks made out in California. It’s a very unfortunate stereotype of the citizens of our towns in this state, and in every state across the nation, to have them unfairly categorized as they were.

Frankly, the remarks of Senator Obama lacked judgment. They lack understanding. Frankly the remarks are condescending, they are negative, they are hurtful. I found it to be most revealing of what the candidate really thinks of us.

And it’s telling to me that these remarks were made several thousand miles away from us at a very expensive fundraising campaign event in a very upscale location when he did not think that any of us were ever going to hear what he had to say.

All of this in my mind invites the question of what else does this candidate think about all of the different people who make up our rather diverse nation. His remarks – I was listening to CNN last night with different commentators – Ed Rollins for example, and others and so forth – they are licking their chops. This is perfect ammunition for them to use in the fall campaign. They will eviscerate Senator Obama if he became the nominee with comments like this. It will play all across America. Midwest, West, East, South. Frankly, I think they were ill advised remarks. They lacked judgment.

And they’re condescending. And most of all, they are very divisive, which is in complete contrast to the rhetoric we hear from him at the public events when he knows the cameras are running. I’m supporting Hillary Clinton. I do so without hesitation. Her roots are in Pennsylvania. She understands the people of this state. She understands small town values. She’d make a terrific president. She’ll bring us together.


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  1. admin great post…and hillary in the vidoes is awesome.. and this part right here talking behind the small towns back..ahh nobody will hear me out here in SF….lol…And it’s telling to me that these remarks were made several thousand miles away from us at a very expensive fundraising campaign event in a very upscale location when he did not think that any of us were ever going to hear what he had to say.
    so he is not satisfied with his 5 dollars and 10 dollars off the net he goes to billionaire row..what a joke..

  2. admin is right-hillary keep your stump speech from today. its a electric mix of populaism, hope and clearest distinction bs u and bambi-he doesnt respect middle america and u do.

  3. The former chair of the NC Democratic Party also offered a response before introducing Big Dawg to an audience in Rocky Mount, NC. I quote:

    ABC News’ Sarah Amos reports that at North Carolina Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount, N.C., Clinton campaign North Carolina chieftain Tom Hendrickson, a former state party chair, made much hay out of the “small town” comments made by Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

    Hendrickson was introducing former President Bill Clinton.

    “I normally just come and talk about President Clinton and Senator Clinton at these, but today Senator Obama was out at a fundraiser at I guess a brie and chardonnay crowd in San Francisco,” Hendrickson said. “But his quote talking about small towns in Pennsylvania — and which applies to small towns across eastern North Carolina — which is why it is relevant to this tour we are doing today. And his quote is ‘and it is not surprising that they cling to guns and religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them, or anti-immigrant or anti-trade as a way to explain their frustration.’

    “I listened to that quote and I got mad,” Hendrickson said, “and I wanted to reach out to Senator Obama and say senator, we are from the rural part of eastern North Carolina. We are very proud of our heritage, we are proud of who we are. We are not frustrated. We are not bitter. We turn to our faith because we believe, and we hunt and fish because it is part of our culture and we enjoy it.

    “And we do that because that is who we are and I say that today because as this campaign goes on and on it is about choices, it is about change. We are going to hear the master in a little bit tell you what you, why, what you need to hear about his wife Hillary Clinton. But I wanted to take this time to mention this to you because you will hear more about this as time goes on and it is really time to really evaluate these candidates up close and personal.”

  4. Southern Democrat: Obama’s ‘got a bunch of explaining to do’
    Posted: 04:15 PM ET
    MISHAWAKA, Indiana (CNN) — Dave ‘Mudcat’ Saunders, the Virginia-based Democratic strategist credited with helping big-name politicians appeal to rural voters, said Saturday Barack Obama has “got a bunch of explaining to do” over his claims that economically-frustrated Americans “cling to guns or religion” when they get “bitter.”

    “I’m a southern boy myself,” Saunders told CNN by phone. “I don’t have a gun because I’m bitter, it’s because I’ve always had one. I don’t pray to God because I’m bitter. I pray to God because it makes my life better.”

    Saunders was an adviser to former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, and he wrote on The Huffington Post in January that Edwards was the only Democrat with the potential to defeat McCain in a general election match-up.

    The consultant is also credited with helping former Virginia governor Mark Warner win election in 2001 by moving socially-conservative voters into the Democratic fold. Warner sponsored a vehicle in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series during that campaign, a move attributed to Saunders.

    Obama’s advisers, including the state’s current Gov. Tim Kaine, see Virginia as a state Obama can win this fall. Although Obama won the state’s primary on Feb. 12 overwhelmingly, he lost the 9th congressional district in rural southwestern Virginia to Hillary Clinton.

    Saunders said “rural America will be crucial in this election.”

    “The one thing that I preached during this whole deal is we can’t be stereotyping anybody,” he said. “Well, Barack Obama just stereotyped my people out in rural America.”

    “Here’s a guy who says he shouldn’t be stereotyped, but yet he stereotyped us.”

  5. if u are a texan email me texan4hillary at help tell superds their peril in ever backing obama. 2 tx reps are being targeted by the nrcc and being asked to condemn obama. they are lampson and edwards-both in rural type distrcit. edwards backs obama, lampson not and he faces a tight race. here are others targeted-if u are in one of their states id call their offices-

    NRCC Continues to Hammer Democratic Congressmen with Obama Remarks
    April 12, 2008 1:00 PM

    Focusing this time on Rep. Jason Altmire, D-Pa., the National Republican Congressional Committee is trying to damn local Democrats with the comments about small towns made by Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

    “Jason Altmire Should Stop Flirting With Obama Campaign,” says an NRCC news release sent to local media in the Keystone State. “Time for Superdelegate to Say Who He Supports.”

    NRCC Communications Director Karen Hanretty then says, “Congressman Jason Altmire, a superdelegate who’s been flirting with Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and who has received $10,000 from Obama’s Hope Fund PAC, should denounce Sen. Obama’s statement that Pennsylvania voters are ‘bitter’ and ‘cling to guns or religion’ because they ‘can’t count on Washington.’

    “Americans don’t want liberal politicians like Barack Obama who believe Washington is a substitute for faith, personal responsibility and belief that the Constitution guarantees our freedoms. It’s time for Congressman Altmire to make a choice. He can choose to stand up for the dignity of Pennsylvanians and their deeply held beliefs by rejecting the elitist rhetoric of Barack Obama, or he can continue to flirt with the Obama campaign in the hopes of getting his picture in the paper.”

    The NRCC release also includes newspaper clippings indicating that Altmire attended Obama’s St. Patrick’s Day event on the Community College of Beaver County campus (Beaver County Times), and accompanied Obama and Sen. Bob Casey Jr., D-Pa., to Casey’s endorsement event.

    Do you think this will work? Will it be effective?

    UPDATE: The NRCC says it’s going to send out similar news releases about Democratic Reps. Nancy Boyda and Dennis Moore of Kansas, Bruce Braley of Iowa, Joe Courtney of Connecticut, Lincoln Davis of Tennessee, Joe Donnelly, Baron Hill and Brad Ellsworth of Indiana, Gabrielle Giffords and Harry Mitchell of Arizona, Ron Klein of Florida, Nick Lampson and Ciro Rodriguez of Texas, Rick Larsen of Washington, Tim Mahoney of Florida, Jim Marshall of Georgia, Jim Matheson of Utah, Jerry McNerney of California, John Salazar of Colorado, Heath Shuler of North Carolina, Zack Space and Charlie Wilson of Ohio, Bart Stupak of Michigan, and John Yarmuth of Kentucky.

    If local reporters ask these members of Congress what they think of Obama’s remarks, that could extend this story and hurt him with all-important superdelegates. That’s the NRCC’s hope, anyway.

  6. Some analysts compared the impact of the controversy over Obama’s remarks to the setback his campaign experienced after incendiary sermons by his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, were publicized last month. “With the Wright controversy still lingering (his opponents are stirring it over and over) and now Obama’s unartful comments, it will paint the picture of Obama as being ‘out of sync,’ ” Donna Brazile, an uncommitted superdelegate, said Saturday. “Unfortunately, it was the Constitution law professor speaking and not the community organizer.”

  7. BHO was born in Hawaii TWO years after gaining citizenship, and spent many of his formative years studying Islam in Indonesia. His “brush” with Christianity has been at TUCC – an Afro-Centrist church which espouses the Black Values System and embraces Nation of Islam philosophy – most notably, Louis Farrakhan. Attending private schools and Ivy League universities is his exposure to education. The southside of Chicago is his yardstick that he measures everthing else in America against. So you tell me – how in the world can he have a clue about American values – INSTILLED love of God and country that Americans hold dear? He can’t. He has not experienced a lifetime of these real-life events. He is the closest- aside from Schwarzenneger – person to seek a high office who has much more in common with a foreigner than any other politician in the history of our country. This person who would represent our country as the Commander-in-Chief would be the biggest travesty the world has ever seen. We think we are the laughing stock of the world now? Uh, NO…it can even get much, much worse.

  8. “Mudcat” Saunders is the Edwards advisor who said he would do everything in his power to keep John Edwards from endorsing Hillary. One of his biggest reasons against Hillary is guns and the second amendment. Wonder what Mudcat and John and Elizabeth are thinking. Is Mudcat bitter?

    From late January:

    I can’t speak for John. I can say this: That, you know, being a Southerner, being a rural American who’s been completely devastated by the trade policies of the Clintons, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that he does not endorse Hillary Clinton.

    —Norah: And why is that? That you’re going to do everything in your
    power to make sure that John Edwards does not endorse Hillary Clinton?

    Mudcat: Well, because I believe in the 22nd amendment to the
    constitution and I think that this thing is in violation of it.

  9. Admin, I think Mudcat was referring to the 22nd amendment, not the 2nd. I believe the 22nd amendment is about more than 2 terms in office (not positive), in which case he shows his sexism that a woman cannot be a separate entity from her husband.

  10. Mayhill Fowler on Lou Dobbs show. Warning, there is a big Obama shill on the clip. God and Guns, Obama left out Gays:

  11. citizenship = statehood. Sorry, it’s late. And what the hell is up with SNL? Guess NBC finally got the call from their God. Yep – time to boycott products. Thanks for the list and the emails. Just call me Norma Rae. Give me poster a table, and I’m there.

  12. Is Mudcat on drugs? How is electing Hillary a violation of the 22nd amendment? The last time I checked Hilllary has never been elected President. No wonder Edwards campaign went nowhere with idiots like this advising him

  13. I made a post in the previous thread that got trapped in the spam filter about a Bambi quote that looked to be a Bamboozle/Hoodwink for white folks.

    It’s interesting to read that Paul Begala is thinking along the same lines:
    Democrats have to respect their values and reflect their values, not condescend to them as if they were children who’ve been bamboozled.

  14. mangomist3, you are correct. 2 many 2s. Mudcat is a big 2nd Amendment supporter 2.

    That 22nd Amendment argument Mudcat has to us sounds almost irrational.

  15. Admin, great post…I decided I am bitter after all.

    I am bitter with at the MSM for trying to hide the truth about this guy from the real hometown folks. And I am bitter, because BHO has truly “bamboozled and hoodwinked” good American people into believing he cares about them.

    CJ good post there. I think that Andy Martin might be bitter too.

  16. FANTASTIC post, admin! You are amazing.

    Well, looks like unbelievably insensitive Obama (typical white person or throwing Grandma under the bus anyone?) has been forced to begin apologizing for his remarks (in a mealy-mouthed way, of course:

    Pat Leahy to the courtesy phone, to be followed by Chris Dodd. Your robo “You’re a jackass” calls are on tap for saying Hillary should leave the contest.

    Got humiliation?


    CNN will broadcast a presidential candidate forum on faith, values and other current issues at Messiah College near Harrisburg at 8 p.m. Sunday. It will feature Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the same stage to talk about these topics as each candidate sits down individually with the moderators. Sen. John McCain was also invited by Faith in Public Life to participate in the bi-partisan forum, but only Clinton and Obama have confirmed. Organized and sponsored by Faith in Public Life, the 90-minute forum will consist of wide-ranging and probing discussions of policies related to moral issues.

    CNN Election Center anchor Campbell Brown and Newsweek editor and election anchor Jon Meacham will moderate (SHOOT ME NOW) what is being billed ”The Compassion Forum,” nine days before the Pennsylvania primary.

  18. I feel an ambush in Harrisburg. Circling of the wagons underway as we speak by CNN. It needs to be THE PEOPLE of PA to overwhelm CNN in sheer numbers to diminish the crapola to come out of this predictable debacle. Or maybe it’s time for HRC to do what she should have done to MSNBC – tell them to stick it over the bashing she takes from them on a minute-by-minute basis. Need protesters outside holding signs about Second Amendment – Proud of my Pennsylvania faith, etc. Thoughts, anyone?

  19. It is not a debate, it was my understanding that Hillary and Obama will be interviewed separately and not actually on stage together at the same time.

  20. curiosity, I think she can hold her own just fine on values and faith. She was a lay minister for goodness sake.

  21. Yes, debbie, Daschle tried to spin Obama out of it on Larry King tonight and the mayor of Lancaster, PA, who is an Obama superdelegate gave a quote to the NYTimes about how that is not what he really meant, he was just saying people are angry, they are, and Hillary sounds like Pollyanna, and what Hillary and McCain said was actually more condescending than the comments themselves.

  22. mangomist3

    as I expected they sent out the spin doctors…. to bad it won’t work this time.

    get used to it folks…it will always be Hillary’s fault, just like it was always Bill’s fault.


  23. mj – Duh. The point is CNN holds the cards. Period. Speaking of faith, values and current issues – hope to hear more about the banners on the walls at BHO headquarters before this event. Thinking about listening to more of his patronizing, arrogant bamboolzling and hoodwinking put-downs, showcasing all his international Odinga’s and quasi-manifestos makes me want to get a barf bag and some phenergan ready.

  24. WTH? Hillary is being condecending? So this guy actually believes people cling to religion out of bitterness?

  25. Universal your link to the AP story had this nugget which we are happy about:

    They handed out “I’m not bitter” stickers in North Carolina, and held a conference call of Pennsylvania mayors to denounce the Illinois senator. In Indiana, Clinton did the work herself, telling plant workers in Indianapolis that Obama’s comments were “elitist and out of touch.”

  26. This one is (certainly true &) one of the tougher parts of this to figure:
    “The story did not have its roots in right-wing or conservative circles. It was published — and aggressively promoted — by The Huffington Post, a liberally oriented organization that was Obama’s outlet of choice”

    Tough to figure because Huffington Post has been positively scientific in executing it’s pro-Obama approach, visually and editorially utilizing to the uptmost an “accentuate the positive & eliminate the negative” template.
    The audio appeared in a feature called HP’s Off the Bus. It’s hard to tell for certain who was involved, as that site has grown to have such a messy format, and hardly matters.

    My guess is this is something they missed (‘they’, meaning the editors really in charge of content) or thought perhaps a small, revealing tidbit, but nothing that could possibly explode into a story of this magnitude.
    WRONG. What does matter is this baby is on fire!

    Also, John King appeared to me at least to be speaking figuratively tonight when he mentioned Hillary ‘making an ad’ of this.
    That was in the Rendell segment; btw, the PA governor was AGAIN
    a major disappointment as a spokesperson.
    He can’t find a way to side-step King’s question about whether this should take BO down? WTF?
    The actual question itself (that BO misspoke, according to King) was fucking bogus, but Rendell doesn’t even pick up on that.
    How about just giving the CORRECT answer – YES!!!!
    Instead he goes into how he’ll support BO if he’s the nominee.
    This loudmouth better deliver votes in PA.
    He was useless in an important spot on MTP and he’s entirely ineffective as a hatchet man.

    This MFer (BO) is staggered again, and this time I want him put down!

  27. Admin, Universal

    I thought this was funny in a good way; Bill is playing it real smart!

    last paragraph of same link :

    Bill Clinton was the featured speaker of the rally but avoided commenting on Obama’s remarks. When asked about it afterward, he said simply, “I agree with what Hillary said.”

  28. Personally, I hope the Clinton campaign will back off a little bit. John King was mocking her tonight a bit for pouncing and while I don’t think they have reached overkill yet in the public eye, I think they will soon…word is out, so now they should back off and let the right wing noise machine take over on Monday. Also, I hate the stickers…the “I’m not bitter” stickers need to go now! They look petty, IMHO.

  29. mj, rendell surely went after Obama. He explained EXACTLY what was wrong with the comments, which was not the bitter part, but the guns, god, and anti-immigrant part. I actually thought Rendell did well, he balanced hitting him and being a good Dem, which is important to HRC’s campaign.

  30. mangomist3 Says:

    April 13th, 2008 at 1:33 am
    Personally, I hope the Clinton campaign will back off a little bit. John King was mocking her tonight a bit for pouncing and while I don’t think they have reached overkill yet in the public eye, I think they will soon…word is out, so now they should back off and let the right wing noise machine take over on Monday. Also, I hate the stickers…the “I’m not bitter” stickers need to go now! They look petty, IMHO.

    I agree, I think she needs to let the surrogates handle this from here on out, otherwise is will seem like a personal attack from her. and the stickers are petty, but, like its getting a lollipop after a real bad time at the doctor…deserved.

  31. Mangomist,
    Good thoughts on which I agree/disagree and want to add something. I think you’re right that they don’t want to be seen as too opportunistic (only BO & repubs are allowed to do that), but you touched on something we’re seeing in stark contrast when it comes to the RW noise machine. The LW media is so protective of BO that they’ve been fighting almost to a draw.
    It’s been like watching newscasts from two different planets some days.
    And in another sense if Hill backs off they’ll kill the story.
    McCain and the repubs will hold their fire too.
    If she attacks they MUST cover it, and she always looks good (to regular folk, not the media types) when she’s seen fighting.

    As for Rendell acting ‘like a good Dem’, that’s exactly right and Rendell was exactly wrong. The Clintons ARE the Democratic party.
    I wouldn’t be caught dead thinking or saying ANYTHING remotely positive for the Deans & dONNA Brazille’s after what they’ve tried to do.
    So, sorry Gov. Rendell, can’t play both sides on this one!

  32. That story about West Virginia doesn’t make any sense. She has strong support there even among the youth. How did that happen and why are they picking delegates before the primary?

  33. This has to warm the heart a bit;

    Chelsea Clinton sparred briefly Saturday with a Sen. Barack Obama supporter who asked whether her mother would consider a vice presidential gig if she doesn’t win the nomination.
    “Well, sir, you make a lot of assumptions in that,” Clinton said, stirring a loud round of applause from a crowd of more than 300 at the Eugene Hilton.
    Clinton, in Oregon to campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton, went on to say she believes passionately in her

    mom’s bid. She said such questions are better answered after voters have their say in Pennsylvania, Oregon and the other states yet to weigh in on the primary.
    Matt Keating, a 31-year-old student at Lane Community College, started his question by saying, “With all due respect . . .” and Clinton, 28, immediately interrupted with a semi-sarcastic, “Oh dear.”
    Keating said afterward he was impressed with Clinton’s response even though he supports her mother’s opponent in the race.

    “Maybe she should have a career in politics, because she gave a political response,” Keating said about Chelsea Clinton. He later added, “It’s difficult not to be charmed by someone so well-spoken.”

    BTW, along the lines of be ripping Rndell, and Drudge story mentions even staunch HC supporter Evan Bayh said there was a hint of truth in BO’s remarks. WTF?!

    Is it too much to expect Hillary’s supporters to actually ‘support’ her in their comments – and to know when not to comment on leading questions?

    MFers – Zipped Lips!

  34. There are links in the diary that can explain it better, but it seems like the although the “pledged” delegates are indeed split proportionally they are actually selected at a State Convention. What took place today was the selection of the Delegates who will be attending that state convention.

    It’s unclear exactly how long “pledged” delegates are actually “pledged,” so selecting “pledged” delegates by and from a pool of delegates who strongly favor the other candidate could get messy if the National Convention goes to multiple votes.

    That’s what I got from the article and my perusal of the links anyway. I was hoping that there were folks here more familiar with WV politics who are not Obama supporters as the Diarist in the link above, seems to be.

  35. Leave it to you to decide how much of this is bullshit.
    It’s from the same paper (The Scotsman)that broke the Samantha Powers “Hill as monster” story.
    The idea of winning PA, even by a single point and having to drop out is so ludicrous it’s not worth commenting on.
    But it ticks me off greatly nonetheless.

    “DEMOCRAT grandees Jimmy Carter and Al Gore are being lined-up to deliver the coup de grâce to Hillary Clinton and end her campaign to become president.
    Falling poll numbers and a string of high-profile blunders have convinced party elders that she must now bow out of the primary race.

    Former president Carter and former vice-president Gore have already held high-level discussions about delivering the message that she must stand down for the good of the Democrats.

    “They’re in discussions,” a source close to Carter told Scotland on Sunday. “Carter has been talking to Gore. They will act, possibly together, or in sequence.”

    An appeal by both men for Democrats to unite behind Clinton’s rival, Barack Obama, would have a powerful effect, and insiders say it is a question of when, rather than if, they act.

    Obama has an almost unassailable lead in the battle for nomination delegates, and is closing the gap with Clinton in her last stronghold, Pennsylvania, which votes on April 22.

    Clinton remains publicly defiant, insisting she will continue the battle with Obama all the way to the Democratic convention in August – when superdelegates, or party top brass, will have the chance to add their weight to primary votes.

    But the party’s top brass have concluded her further participation in the race can only harm the party as Republican nominee John McCain strives to take advantage of her increasingly bitter battle with Obama.

    Both Carter and Gore occupy the rarefied position of elder statesmen – in addition to their White House past, both are winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, giving them additional gravitas to carry the party with them.

    Neither of them is likely to object to the role of bringing down the curtain on Clinton. While neither man has formally endorsed either her or Obama, both have clashed in the past with the Clintons.

    Gore blames his loss to George Bush in the 2000 presidential election on the impeachment of Clinton triggered by his White House affair with Monica Lewinsky.

    Carter, who has carved out a successful career as an international mediator, is believed to detest the flashy style of the Clintons. He recently told an interviewer that his entire family are committed Obama supporters.

    A number of options are being considered by the higher echelons of the Democrats, but they fall roughly into two categories. One is for Carter and Gore to go to Clinton privately and ask her to step down. The other is for both men to appear in public and endorse Obama – a move which would see a majority of superdelegates go with them.

    The campaign to force Clinton to make an early exit is being masterminded in Congress, home to the most influential of the superdelegates. Senate Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have called on superdelegates to hold an unofficial congress in early June to anoint a winner, rather than waiting for the convention in Denver.

    Pelosi has drawn withering fire from the Clinton camp for saying that these superdelegates must follow the national vote, with Clinton insisting that they should “vote with their conscience”.

    Yet some in the Democratic elite are wary of moving too soon. Polls show that 30% of Clinton’s supporters would vote for McCain if she fails to become the nominee. To close off Clinton’s bid before millions have had the chance to vote risks causing the very split that officials are desperate to avoid.

    But a loss to Obama, or even a single-digit victory, in Pennsylvania will seal Clinton’s fate. Pennsylvania is the last big state left in the race, and the last chance for Clinton to claw back Obama’s delegate lead. “If he (Obama] wins (Pennsylvania] flat out, I think the big foot will come down,” a source said.
    Anything less than a resounding victory by her will probably see the race choked off ahead of the final primaries on June 3.
    In the 10 remaining primaries, only a catastrophic loss of support by Obama will see Clinton overcome his lead of 160 delegates.

  36. Blue, I saw what Bayh said, he was pointing out that there is anger, and that is true, there is a lot of anger. And that is good to point out because we don’t want Obama to take the focus away from the really bad part of the comments, the second part, by just talking about bitter. A lot of people are angry, and it isn’t wrong to acknowledge that, while also saying it should have been said different, which Bayh did say. Also, remember, Bayh is walking a tough line here. A lot of Bayh’s support comes from Senator Obama’s base in IN, and as a Dem in a red state, he is always vulnerable.

  37. This sentence tells me all I need to know about whether it is a reasonable piece of journalism or not:

    But a loss to Obama, or even a single-digit victory, in Pennsylvania will seal Clinton’s fate. Pennsylvania is the last big state left in the race, and the last chance for Clinton to CLAW back Obama’s delegate lead.

    That in and of itself makes it a foolish article and not worthy of any basic journalistic standards. They already tried to get two old white guys to bully her out of the race before, and let’s just ask, how well did that work out? Not so well. It pissed people off. Jimmy Carter is not seen as a mythical party elder the way Al Gore is and I think Dems are going to be careful to tout him as such given the recent Haas situation. If she loses PA, though, then yes, they will force her out. If she wins, he has a problem.

  38. Only in that one county…there were other counties listed and I’m sure that the diarist excluded districts that favor Clinton. What is troublesome is that it appears that these are the people who will be selecting the delegates to split proportionally. That’s what worries me, if they control the selection process, they can choose delegates who are soft in their support of Hillary as her allocation and select solid Obama delegates as his allocation.

    As is pointed out in the diary, the rules were developed at a time when no one expected that the WV primary and delegation would have any real effect on the race.

    I can only hope that I am misreading the information. I can’t imagine that there aren’t people in Hillary’s campaign who wouldn’t recognize the need for a stonger presence in the state when delegations are being selected. Surely, she’s got people from WV who know what the rules are, right?

    It could be, also, that the counties mentioned are themselves Obama strongholds within CDs and that Hillary has her own strongholds to balance out their numbers in each CD.

  39. mangomist3,

    I hear you on Bayh, but how vulnerable you think he’s going to be if Hill doesn’t make it?
    If it’s indeed hammer time, then there’s no need to be conciliatory on any point in the debate. Democrats always get diahrea of the mouth because they just have to be fair.

    Has anyone been fair to the Clintons?

    I don’t care for a lot it myself, but this is hardball.
    No agreeing with the enemy in public comments. And that’s what BO is.
    There needs to be a virtual wall like repubs always put up.

    Pivot and pound!

  40. Blue, I don’t expect him to suffer too much. But, I do know that Bayh is pretty good at raising money and some of his big money supporters are for Obama big time, so I am sure he would want to be careful with them. He also has a lot of support in the African American community and they are VERY important for him. He is a popular senator, and won reelection by 60 percent, but still…he relies on Obama’s base to get elected in IN more so than Sen. Clinton’s base there…and he really wasn’t saying anything out of line. He just said what many Clinton folks have said, which is that yes, there is anger, there is frustration, but that is different than being bitter and these feelings in no way connect to clinging to religion, guns, or anti-immigrant sentiments. He was fine.

    I agree this is hardball, but we can back off now and be more gracious because I fully expect the right wing talk shows to do the heavy lifting for us come monday.

  41. Blue, I’m with you. If it is true about Carter and Gore along with Congress trying to hijack this Primary. I’m even more convinced that a third party run will be necessary to take back our country. I hope that Hillary’s fighter instincts take over if that happens allowing us to appeal to her as our champion.

    From the piece Blue quoted: Polls show that 30% of Clinton’s supporters would vote for McCain if she fails to become the nominee.

    If this number is accurate, that’s a very good starting point for a 3 party race. If 30% of Democrats are willing to go on the record in favor of a Republican, how many more will follow Hillary to a new Progressive Party?

    I know, it’s a longshot, and real pie in the sky talk here…mostly being fueled by my anger at the gaming of the system which I find intolerably offensive. I don’t mind losing, I DO mind losing to someone playing with a stacked deck.

    At the very least, I hope against hope that Carter and Gore and everyone else who is trying to end this primary before the last vote is cast and FL/MI are seated will think twice because they are afraid of forcing Hillary to do something that would break her heart for the sake of the country that she loves.

  42. Tidbits from NYT’s Sunday Story;

    “By Saturday morning, Mr. Obama was trying to contain the political damage after a series of late-night and early-morning strategy calls in which advisers decided he had to acknowledge that he made a mistake.

    His aides made a flurry of calls to superdelegates to explain his remarks and to reassure them about his electability.

    David Saunders, a Democratic strategist and rural advocate, advised John Edwards’s presidential campaign but is now neutral. He said he believed that Mr. Obama’s comments would offend rural voters.

    “It could mean he’s rendered himself unelectable,” Mr. Saunders said. “This is a perfect example of why Democrats lose elections.”

  43. We received the below from Puerto Rico Politics:

    “I wanted to thank you for linking us to your page. I’m happy to report that we are receiving lots of traffic directed from your site, which clearly indicates the level of interest Puerto Rico’s June 1 generates.

    I wanted to suggest that you update the link to our main page (versus just the B. Clinton visit special edition). Our main page is running up-to-date info on local news on the primary. Spanish headlines are translated for our English-speaking visitors. Today you would find info. on a poll conducted that show the vast majority of Puerto Rico islanders support Mrs. Clinton. I’m afraid your visitors to the Special Edition would otherwise miss this news.

  44. Mangomist,
    Enjoy and appreciate your thoughts, you too NYCMAX.

    As I pointed out before, in counting on only RW media to carry the day
    is a bit of wishful thinking, IMO, because it’s a very select and hardened audience, and even more so because the actual democratic voters we need don’t frequent them nearly as much as they do the CNN’s & MSNBC’s (though branding them leftist is beyond absurd – you know what I mean:).

    As for Gore & Carter showing up in person, at the absolute barest minimum I’d refuse to see either as the idea is such a freakin’ joke and all this powerplay shit & behind the scenes manuevering from Pelosi & Dean & Read has been so utterly disgraceful that I can barely speak of it.

  45. “John King was mocking her tonight a bit for pouncing”

    So? They’d mock her if she didn’t say a damn thing. Just for existing. Look, they said she was out if she lost TX and OH. She won, and ever since they’ve been like “get out. Winning actually gives her negative momentum. We hate her. We wish she’d die.” They’ll always find a pretext to slam her. It doesn’t matter, this is for the voters. This can kill him, but not if she lets the media bury it. And teh right wing media will probably let it drop if they can, because they want Obama to be the nominee.

  46. “Has anyone seen any BHO SD comment on this latest debacle?”

    No, they can’t comment because they didn’t want to wake up their kids and get their opinions. They’ll sound them out tomorrow and let us know if anything’s changed.

  47. Germond,
    “They’d mock her if she didn’t say a damn thing.”
    “They’ll always find a pretext to slam her.”
    “This can kill him, but not if she lets the media bury it.
    “And teh right wing media will probably let it drop if they can, because they want Obama to be the nominee.”

    True. True. Absolutely MFing True, as I said above. And True.

    The media sure hasn’t picked up the cause for the people of MI and FLA since she stopped talking about it, now have they?

  48. Germond and Blue, I agree with you on he media thing. She is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. I totally agree that she needed to hit this thing as hard as she has hit it today. Now, however, I think she needs to take a step back and put in a few lines that dig into this during her stump speeches, but leave it out otherwise, and let the PA surrogates do the heavy lifting. Rendell may not have been as harsh as some might have liked tonight, but he made it pretty clear that he doesn’t think Obama “gets” PA voters. That is a deadly message for someone thinking about the general election. So he was actually more cutting than if he had slammed him in more overt ways. Also, the stickers in NC have to go – they are petty, and they will make voters feel uncomfortable (I say this because I am die hard for Hill and they make me uncomfortable). There are very few Hill supporters lined up on the Sunday talk show circuit, so it won’t be that positive for her.


  49. The WaPo has a cobbled together piece of shit story on this running UNDER a massive story/headline about BO’s “economic populism”

    You’ll see what I meant about Bayh, as they caught it and used it to paint this piece of rubbish (replete with quotes from Donna Brazille and an unnamed Dem strategist; Why the need for anyonymity again?).

    The main points I’d take are the boy is rattled, and it is not playing well with at least some.

    Inside Obama’s inner circle, aides conceded they are not sure where the issue might lead, although it is likely to set the tone and raise the stakes of the Wednesday night debate between Clinton and Obama in Pennsylvania. They described Obama as frustrated with himself for word choices such as “cling” and references to hot-button issues including religion and guns, but also stunned at the uproar over what to him seemed a fundamental fact of American life.

    Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), a Clinton backer who was traveling his state with her, said, “I don’t think Senator Obama is an elitist.” He added, however, that voters and the Democratic officials known as superdelegates who also get to vote on the party’s nominee should consider whether his remarks would allow Republicans to paint him that way.

    “But we do have economic hard times,” Bayh said, “and that does lead to some frustration and some anger.”

    In Indiana, many voters had not heard of Obama’s remarks, which appeared on the front page of the Indianapolis Star. Among those who had, feelings were sometimes mixed.
    Tom Hair, an undecided voter who works at a manufacturing plant in Indianapolis that Clinton visited on Saturday, said Obama’s remarks about people from small towns were “condescending.”
    “He seems like he meant what he said,” Hair said of Obama.

  50. talking behind the small towns back..ahh nobody will hear me out here in SF….lol…And it’s telling to me that these remarks were made several thousand miles away from us at a very expensive fundraising campaign event in a very upscale location when he did not think that any of us were ever going to hear what he had to say.

    Like, I’ll shut my eyes and no one else can hear me. Obama’s Cone of Silence?

    That’s always boggled me. It’s like he thinks he can keep his life compartmentalized. Like he thought no one would bother to find out what his church was preaching.

  51. mangomist3,

    My gut says for Hill to personally back off too, & definitely ditch the stickers 🙂 But it is a real media bind.

    Actually it tells me it’s a perfect time for the Big Dawg to jump in,
    and just rip Obama’s fucking head off once and for all.

  52. Oh but Blue, Bill has his marching orders from his little lady to BACK OFF NOW and let her do the heavy lifting after he screwed up Bosnia…All he could say was “Yes, m’aam”


  53. Blue Democrat – there is a reason why even movies which are expected to be blockbusters advertise (for example the upcoming mega-hit Batman/Joker).

    They advertise because they want to shape the audience (you want the guys to hype the movie as must see and the women/girls to think of the film as a potential date movie opportunity or a chance to see some “hot” actors) as well as supplement the free media they get from interviews with movie stars and others associated with a film release.

    Same in politics. Democrats always want to stay “positive” and only say nice things and leave the “dirty” work to Big Media. That is why they lose.

    Garin and the Hillary campaign will do polling and then make a decision on whether or not to advertise on the “bitter” issue. We will support their decision.

    Our advice however is that advertising on this issue is the way to go and we are happy that Garin has not taken the option off the table.

    Depending on Big Media will be a sure loser. The most Big Media will do is paint Hillary as evil for bringing up the topic or else shape the story to benefit McCain. The campaign should not let this opportunity pass. This “bitter” issue resonates with so many communities (gun owners, rural, faith) that it is almost irresponsible not to address the issue with every tool – including paid media.

    Our advice: if you’ve got a cannon – blast ’em. Big Media is not going to help.

    We’ll support Garin and the campaign on their decision.

  54. Hillary wins Nevada – again

    Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton won a do-over county convention in Nevada on Saturday, cementing her narrow win in the state over Democratic rival Barack Obama heading into the state convention in May.

    Clinton originally won the Jan. 19 precinct caucuses, the first step in Nevada’s three-step process to select the presidential nominee. In winning the county contests, she has prevailed in the second step as well and appears on track to win the majority of the state’s pledged delegates at the state convention.

    Heading into Saturday, Obama had won the majority of the delegates in the state’s other 15 county conventions, 512 of 900. But Clinton’s win in Clark County, by far the state’s most populous county, gave her the lead statewide 1,718 to 1,645, for delegates to the May 17 state convention in Reno, where Nevada Democrats will select delegates to the national convention in Denver this August.

  55. mangomist, the thing is, the SDs seem overall to be a bunch of morons. There is no way in hell this guy can win a GE, but instead of dealing with that fact they’re giving interviews about how their 3 year olds tell them who to vote for. They apparently need a safe to fall on their damn heads. She needs to do what she needs to do, because while Obama’s surrogates are out saying anything that comes into their heads (Like Kerry saying her health care plan is DOA), her surrogates tend to undercut her. They may think they’re being loyal Democrats, and I respect that if Obama’s people played by the same rules, but they’re killing us in the long run.

  56. i agree with admin. hillary may have to do the “bitter”ads herself. big media will do so much but if they feel it would help hillary they will turncoat her in a milisecond. i say let it shake out until say tuesday or wednesday then if they have to let em rip then thru tuesday the 22nd.

  57. If local reporters ask these members of Congress what they think of Obama’s remarks, that could extend this story and hurt him with all-important superdelegates. That’s the NRCC’s hope, anyway.

    Sounds like a good way to embarrass those Congressmen. But why would the National Republican CC want to keep Obama from being nominated?

  58. “But we do have economic hard times,” Bayh said, “and that does lead to some frustration and some anger.”

    Yes Evan, but you know what? Right before he made those remarks, Obama blamed Clinton and Bush both for those economic hard times! You agree with that too?

  59. Admin,

    Couldn’t agree more (and a pleasure to see you!).
    Earlier in this thread I said if it comes to it, Hill always looks good when she’s seen fighting. No question BM will hammer for daring to criticise the Golden Child, and of course won’t pick up any of the slack if she’s takes her foot off the gas – but when she does attack they must cover it.
    And yes, it would be downright irresponsible not to nuke Obama on this in some fashion, whether directly from Hill or not.
    The key is the pivot (which I’m working on 🙂

    Basil and I discussed yesterday we’re seeing a serious drop-off in campaign coverage overall, what I assess as a preliminary strike against Hill’s winning PA and attempting to lessen it’s impact, so a few weeks later they can say the clock’s run out.
    It’s plain as day to me (and plenty of others, no genius here)

    Mangomist, don’t be fooled. He’s picking his spots, in spite of the Olbermanns of the world comparing him to Willie Mays in 1973.
    There is PLENTY left in the tank.

  60. 1950, I believe I heard on Fox today they were saying that the republicans absolutely think BO is going to be the nominee, so that may be why they are digging their heels on this now. Also, I think this is the kind of comment that plays TOO well into their narrative of BO – elitist, out of touch, blame America first liberal…since this plays right into their hand, they can’t really wait on it because it is not powerful to pass it by now if it is revealed and then to try and use it to score political points later. You take what you can get, when you can get it. They are also determined to use this to paint all Democrats, which is one great reason beyond attacking BO, that Hill needed to come out so strongly against this.

  61. Gerond,
    That was my first reaction. Estimating an uneven & messy media situation and some awkwardness from both campaigns, where this ultimately could be felt heaviest is with SD’s.

    But you can’t leave too much to chance here either.

    I said weeks ago before NC is when I’d go to DEFCON 5, and I sure see no reason not to after this.

    So weary I can’t see anymore. Sweet dreams thinking of this……

  62. yep-if polling shows dmaage i say run the damn ads. this is the last leg here. let the weak dem leaders piss around-this remark must be a daily item on the trail in some form. hillary-time to hit him hard as hell day after day on eays thread can be made-the iowa arugala remarks, michele’s remarks in pa tellng working women not to wor for companies etc.. get him.

  63. “But why would the National Republican CC want to keep Obama from being nominated?”

    I’d guess they’re trying to stir things up. BO is so closely aligned with the Democratic establishment that these scandals hurt everyone. They make the Democrats look like The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight and even affect Clinton. It’s ironic, because in a way what the Obamadrones say is true–this needs to be over before all this drip drip drip kills all the Democrats’ chances. It should end right now with Obama getting the hell out of the race.

  64. i cannot get onto again. trying to post comments on all my pro-hillary blogs tonite. no quarter is also good.

  65. blue dem, obama really shot himself in the foot with calling small town pa bitter. i can’t wait until the latest pa polls are going to be like in the middle of next week. the polls tightened lately but this may open this up 10 points-plus. even 15 to 20 maybe. fingers crossed.

  66. Yeah, but don’t forget terrondt, Obama tends to overpoll. The polls always ‘tighten’ before he gets blown out in the actual vote. If I were a cynic, I’d say that Big Media cooks the numbers to encourage turnout among Obama supporters and discourage turnout among Clinton supporters. 🙂 But i admit there are more benign explinations, like pollsters skewing their polls by ‘expected turnout’ and being wrong about who they expect to turnout.

  67. Blue Democrat Says:
    April 13th, 2008 at 3:14 am
    And yes, it would be downright irresponsible not to nuke Obama on this in some fashion, whether directly from Hill or not.

    Yes, before he makes these remarks on a world stage. He’s already got himself burned in effigy in Pakistan for threatening to invade them last summer.

  68. Good morning, Hillfans. Another Obamabot obsessed with H44.

  69. You can bet CNN will “set up” Clinton on Wed., individual and separate venues or not. Campbell Brown will word her questions in such a way that Hllary will be forced to answer in a defense mode – putting her in a negative light. Her strategists have to come up with a plan to totally NEGATE what Obama says – of course they will feature him last – and enable HRC to deliver points that remind Americans of Mom, baseball, and apple pie. She needs to mention as much Americana as you can squeeze into a segment while incorporating comments that reveal her strong, maternal caregiver instincts – that of a leader who will not only protect Americans around the world – but right her in our own midst (translation: against the likes of homegrown terrorism, even Nation of Islam) Fox needs to follow-up on the story about what Karl Rove mentioned – he has heard rumors about what hangs as banners, etc in the BHO headquarters. More fodder for rural PA residents to chew on. Hint: I’m sure it’s not your Dad’s twelve-point buck.

  70. Obama continues to stumble in the wake of “bittergate:”

    The Republicans are already using the latest Obama scandal for their US House of Representative candidates. Remember all those “Obama will help all Dems on the ticket” lines? Yeah, they’re gone.

    This guy is even worse than I thought he was, which is saying something.

  71. Friday, April 11, 2008

    The McGovernization of Obama [Victor Davis Hanson]

    I still believe that by August, Obama, the half-term rookie Senator, will have become the second George McGovern. Cf. his latest declaration to the Marin County faithful (coming on the heels of the crazy anti-Semitic rant of Rev. Eric Lee, a prominent LA Obama supporter):

    “You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them,” Obama said. “And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

    Let us count the ways that this is a disastrous declaration:

    1. “Nothing’s replaced them”? As someone who lives in a small rural town that saw a lot of closed plants and farm depression in the 1980s, a lot has “replaced them”—explaining why for much of the last decade the national unemployment rate has been below 5%.

    2. “They”. This evokes Michelle’s similar “they” (as in the “they” who raised the proverbial bar on the Obamas), and likewise suggests both hostility and a certain us/they contempt for a slice of America that the Obamas apparently know very little about—but for the first time in their lives are rapidly discovering.

    3. “They cling to guns or religion”. This is revealing for two reasons: one, Obama has been trying to finesse his position on guns to appeal precisely to gun owners and thus we start to see that his repositioning is cynical to the core; two, “cling to religion?” No rural Pennsylvanian clings to religion more than Obama himself, who for 20 years sat silent in the pews, while a hate-spewing minister damned his country and most everyone else. The question is not why Pennsylvanians “cling to their religion”, but why do the Obamas still cling to the Trinity Church that seems far more extreme than anything I’ve seen in rural America.

    4. “antipathy to people who aren’t like them”—as in the case of Rev. Wright’s views of Jews, whites, Italians, or Americans in general? In short, Obama accuses rural Pennsylvanians of a racism that they haven’t expressed while contextualizing the racism that his own Rev. Wright has.

    5. “Anti-immigrant sentiment”? As in wishing that drivers’ licenses are not issued to those here illegally, or that we insist that those who immigrate to the U.S. do so legally?

    6. The worst hypocrisy, of course, is Obama’s charge that these small towns in Pennsylvania express “anti-trade sentiment.” It was not George Bush or John McCain, but Barack Obama himself who tried to salvage Ohio by demagoguing NAFTA and opposing a free-trade agreement with Columbia. His entire campaign is predicated on showing more anti-trade sentiment that the Clintons.

    7. Let me get this straight: Obama goes to the Bay Area to an affluent liberal enclave to give a condescending take on the supposed poor fools that he is currently trying to court. This is not just hypocritical, but abjectly stupid. All of Pennsylvania surely is asking today what is so hip and sophisticated about the Trinity Church and Rev. Wright?

    So here we have the essential Obama, a walking paradox between the postmodern hip-Ivy-Leaguer who sneers at middle-class America’s supposed prejudices and parochialism, while at the same time courting an anti-Enlightenment, prejudicial demagogue like Jeremiah Wright. For free trade or anti-free trade? For 2nd-amendment rights or not? Post-religious or pious and fundamentalist? For public campaign financing or not? A uniter of various groups or someone who sees America in terms of “they”? Straight-talking or someone who evokes “context” to explain away the inexplicable?

    Again, we will see more and more of these condescending statements of the Michelle Obama strain, more and more of Revs. Wright, Meeks, Lee and others peddlers of division like them, and more and more clues to a long hostility to Israel—in what will eventually become the most disastrous chapter in recent Democratic history.

    And pundits keep wondering why Hillary won’t give up?

    04/11 08:58 PM

  72. admn, great post as usual. I want to add something to your post about Snobgate. Obama said he mispoke but that’s a big lie. There is a tape out there at No Quarter I think, that Obama was responding to a question, where one of the rich people in the San Francisco fundraiser asked him why rural/low earning income voters were not voting for him. Obama being as arrogant and elitist as he is replied with that demeanig answer he gave about rural America.

  73. She never came, Basil. Which was fine by me, because I’ve been sick as a dog.
    She’s supposedly going to come at the end of the month. We’ll see.

    Right now I’m just pleased as hell that I feel well enough to cling to my gun and my religion. WHEW! Am I bitter, or what? 😉

  74. Good morning to all the supporters of the disenfranchised Florida voters – and to those others…. ;-D

  75. This is toooooo cute!

    There’s a clip on fox of HRC art a packed Indiana bar on Saturday night downing a shot with the guys and walking around carrying a mug of the local beer.

    Oh Jeeeeeeez! Idiot Carter saying he won’t endorse until the convention but:

    ALL HIS GRANDCHILDREN ARE SUPPORTING OBAMA! They’ve made their intentions clear although he’s going to wait. !PUKE!

  76. It is not only Obama that this can damage. It can damage the entire Democratic brand. The party poobahs need to wake up and realize this.

    The correct response is for every damn Democratic leader to step up and absolutely REFUTE and DENOUNCE this elitist attitude, as Hillary has done, and as many of the small-town mayors etc have done.

    The only salvation for the party at this point is to throw Obama under the bus on this issue. Because if they don’t, the entire party is smeared with it.

    Of course, I doubt I will see all the poobahs (who have previously loved to opine on what’s “for the good of the party” in every other sentence) actually DO that. But if they want to extricate the party from this mess, that is what they need to do.

    I’m not saying that those who support Obama need to switch (though I’d love that), or denounce his entire candidacy. But on THIS ONE ISSUE, the only hope for the party is to publicly distance themselves and FAST from his words.

  77. IDUNN,

    See? Everything happens for a reason, even getting sick. 👿

    Glad to see you’re recovering and back on BP. You have been missed and a lot of posters have been asking about you.

    I was going to email you but since you’re online – if there’s anything i can do with “paperwork”, eg sorting etc., I’m available for that. Problem is you’d have to snail mail stuff to me and I’d have to snail mail it back.

  78. Basil…thank you. We can always use help…but since FDRJim handles that side of things, just check with him. I am up to my eyeballs in getting the finalization of paperwork, permist, insurance etc., so that we may pull off the rest of these events for 4/26 and 5/31. But it appears we will being doing something in Palm Beach too!

    I wish you were here..I need another set of telephone hands and ears!

  79. Norma,

    I signed and mailed to FDR and also sent letters to 2 members of the RBC and emailed Dawson.

    Let him know I can take on small mundane tasks which can be done from home.

    I sent him the August 25 RBC meeting stripping Florida and Michigan of delegates. He was disgusted by it and motivated to work even harder. It’s 90 minutes long but I’ll send (post) the link if you want. Dawson and especially Brillo were besides themselves at imposing these punishments on Brady, Thurman and the other Floridians there.

  80. What we (IMO) REALLY need is a web guru who will volunteer to get the website up to speed. Our man in Tallahassee is swamped with his real life, and it’s lagging.

  81. Basil…FDRJim took over 700 petitions over yesterday for data entry…went to the Post Office and had hundreds more!

  82. It took me 2 days and 3 sittings to get through it but what an eye-opener. Dawson is an “O’Bittter AD from NY. Interesting that HE introduced the motion to sanction, isn’t it? And the cmmittee members who spoke were obscene in their unanimity in punishing Florida, even after that one guy pleaded for Mercy” not “Punishment.”
    Hermann and the Bytch who spoke before Brillo, the one who introduced the phrase “Beauty Contest” and “Straw Poll” that O’Bitter has used the past 3 months made me want to puke. And I HOPE you got to the end to see the entire Brillo performance. It is SO obvious the whole meeting was a set-up to impose pre-determined sanctions.

  83. Basil, no…..I did not but I will. I really have been slammed! I do 18+ hour days on this, but FDRJ can run circles around me….it’s amazing! AND, I have been SO buried in this, I haven’t even finished my taxes! LOL. I will finish them off today tho. WHEW!

  84. GO VOTE! Goodwin slams O’Bitter. Here’s the link and below is an excerpt.
    Thanks for the link, Alcina. 😀

    Snob-ama is not just out of touch. He’s from another planet.

    He might consider going back there, because the White House now looks out of reach. All the more so because he later added opposition to gay marriage as another sign of benighted bitterness.

  85. I need a whole box of barf bags. 😈

    Brillo (and I don’t care what anyone thinks -= her hair style is like a coouple of squashed brill pads piled on her head” is saying that although “O’Bitter misspoke, (WORM ALERT) what he’s a CONSTITUTIONAL Law Professor and his problem is he’s always trying to EDUCATE People.


    There’s VIDEO available on the audio portion of the macaca speech that’s going to come out! YIPPPPPEEEEEE!

  86. confloyd – I saw that too. But that portion didn’t seem to have legs. LOVE Bill Kristal on Obama. :zing:

  87. Well,

    Brillo grudgingly admitted that if HRC wins BIG in PA she can still win the nomination. When questioned about how big is big she said :

    15 POINTS. WTH? Is this the unverbalized criteria for HRC?

  88. i turned it off after the bc statement, I don’t watch tv anymore! She needs to win by 15 points, when so they have put a number on it!

  89. Basil…I got an email from OkieAtty yesterday showing our fliers (downloadable, no less!) with the headline “Everyone’s invited to FLORIDA on SATURDAY, APRIL 26”


    It had been forwarded to her from out west!

    ISn’t that great!

  90. If Obama is the nominee the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is TOAST!!!

    And the more the party spin this in favor of OBAMA instead of separating themselve from this issue, like Hillary has the more amunition the Repugs have in winning the SENATE this is very terrible and the WEAK ASS DEM LEADERSHIP and DNC in their incompetence and arrogance have DONE NOTHING TO SEPARATE the party from Obama’s hateful words.

    Yes, Words matters and the electorate is listening and hearing what Obama and many democrats reinforcing Obama’s hateful message. For some reason people think Americans Hate republican…no, they just hate the incompetence of the GWB administration. They still have friends, relatives and still votes for republicans…and most were willing to have the democrates in the White House again to balance thing out while the Repugs took a time out….but with Team Obama, MSM and the DNC insulting voters intelligence time and time again and think the voters doesn’t see this crap for what it is?..geesh.

    The more you look at the news and see the blatant propaganda on display for Obama and dems spokepeople condoning Obama’s comments and belittling Hillary for standing up for small town USA.

  91. Basil…they make these arbitrary number. Remember…”She must win texas and ohio or else”

    She did, it didn’t matter. Now it’s PA…but then it will be “not enough”…and any failure to reach these artificial highs will be seen as defeat. I have NEVER seen such garbage as this. At least Ms. Brazile acknowledged she can win the nomination. That is a plus.

  92. carbynew, I agree. They are fucking over the entire party, including downticket, and sinking chances of winning good old flag and apple pie swing voters by not denouncing this shit, and STRONGLY.

  93. H4T, carby…..

    let ’em stay in bed with the anti-american drivel from this candidate. All the more ammo for a viable third party. Who on EARTH wants to be part of THIS “Democratic” Party anymore?!

  94. Stephanaopolous is one of the only ‘pundits’ (I HATE that word) who makes an attempt to stay impartial and he doesn’t let his guests grandstand.

    Brillo aLSo said HRC COULD win the nomination! I haven’t heard those words coming from her mouth. EVER! So that’s a good sign, IMHO.

    Carby (I think it was you) mentioned the other day that the Bopsnia issue is actually a good thing for HRC in many ways and I agree.

    Norma – great that Okie’s running with it! 😀

  95. MJ – I hope she has gone to put on her “Nuke the Moon” shirt so that she can stand strong with her Florida sister!

  96. Just a thought:
    I think the O’Bitter PA gaffe has legs, unlike the Wright issue (disgusting, isn’t it) because there is NO FEAR of appearing RACIST in this situation! OB INSULTED another HUGE group of Americans, most of whom are WHITE! The news shows and the talking heads aren’t as hesitant to bring it up because they’re not terrified some obamabot is gonna scream RACISM!
    Sure, BM will still spin it but this issue SEEMS to have the potential
    to awaken anchors ‘Inner Journalist.”
    CARVILLE on MTP. Even Pumpkinhead leading with the PA gaffe and quoting ANTI-OB comments!!!!!!!!

  97. Basil…we have GREAT SUPPORT. This is an a-political issue, and speaks to a VERY slippery slope for ALL AMERICANS if the DNC stands their ground.

    They certainly reflect BO’s sentiments in disenfranchisement. “Bitter Americans” of every party in every state want their votes to count in ALL elections.

    Not just the ones their party want to count.

  98. Okay, this cracked me up. Someone on Taylor Marsh commented on Donna Brazile’s asinine statement that Bill is (has?) baggage, and Hillary is carry-on luggage.

    Dona Brazille is that lone piece of luggage that no one claimed and keeps lurching along endlessly on the conveyer belt after everyone has gone home.

    LMAO! So true! 😀

  99. I think Brazile meant it as Bill has a lot of political “baggage”, and Hillary has some, but less than Bill. She was trying to be clever and snarky, the clueless moron.

  100. Only pundits care about “baggage”. They push it relentlessly. Bill Clinton had the highest approval rating of any President leaving office in modern history. That’s pretty nice luggage.

  101. mj,

    That she’s an afterthought. That she’s coarse and common and isn’t worth being carefully packed and tagged. That it doesn’t matter if she gets lost or misplaced. The valuable items will be in a woman’s purse or a man’s (or woman’s) briefcase. If you get to your destination the carry-on luggage, while important, doesn’t matter nearly as much as the suitcases so carefully packed.

    It is an insult of the highest order.

  102. basil, it doesn’t sound like that was what she was saying. It sounds like she was just saying Hill has some “baggage” but less than Bill.

  103. Well, if Hill has some small baggage, Obama just got a big-assed cargo shipping container dropped on his ass.

    He’s gonna need a dock crane for that shit.

  104. norma,
    caught Carter on Stephanopolous and this is what he said:

    Oh Jeeeeeeez! Idiot Carter saying he won’t endorse until the convention but:

    ALL HIS GRANDCHILDREN ARE SUPPORTING OBAMA! They’ve made their intentions clear although he’s going to wait. !PUKE!

  105. Thought about O’Bitter’s bitter gun slinging comments.
    As someone who moved to RURAL America a year ago, I have to say I’m not crazy about guns mainly because as a vegan I’m not a hunting fan.
    BUT, there is ZERO crime here, even though the LEGAL gun ownership rate is quite high, and the “LOCAL” are some of the most hard working straight shooting people I have ever met. They respect WORK and that’s what they do. I can’t count the number of folk in their 70’s and 80’s who are out working the farm, working the land, repairing their house or their trailers, chopping wood ft cut down on heating costs. these people work ALL the time. They also party hard.
    Ironic that there are more guns (legal) here than in urban NJ (probably mostly illegal) and yet there is no crime. So, it seems to me that O’Bitter should be addressing those particular remarks to the URBAN communities where instead of HUNTING for deer, turkey, peasants, the people hunt down other people.

  106. Why is it that O’Bitter and his supporters have a monopoly on WORMING?

    (What Obama Really Meant) In this case substitute DB. Of course that destroys the anagram but you get the point.


  107. rickroberts,
    I can’t even kill mice. I get the catch and release or the have-a-heart traps and take them miles from the cottage and let them go on the other side of the river. 😳

    But, after speaking to some of the hunters who frequent the diner I often eat at, and asking them if they can explain the ‘hunting’ passion, I do understand it much better. And these hunters use every part of the animal. Personally, I’ve had a herd of deer feeding at the bird feeders all winter so of course I got some feed grain for them and could never imagine killing them. And the squirrels have already chewed through the screen porch to reach the food I throw out to them every day. Greedy little buggers. What a sense of entitlement. 😈

  108. It is increasingly becoming clear that Obambi and his wife, Michelle, believe themselves to be living in a world of stereotypes. With the exception of themselves of course. When you truly believe this, as it seems they do, this implies a detachment from the reality of everyday lives and people.

    Bush and Cheney, and others of their ilk, are elitists. Their elitism hinges more on money and power. It appears that Obambi and Michelle are no better than Bush and Cheney, however, does the Obama elitism base itself on black superiority?

    I think to look at this, you have to look at the reasons why they embraced the Rev. Wright and his church. When you look at their elitism through this prism, it is truly frightening.

  109. If Obama is the nominee come this fall, there will be SMALL TOWN USA REVENGE on Democratic Senate races after the Repugs 527s get through running O’BITTER’s words, actions and associates.

    Democrats in the Senate has a tenuous one vote lead.

    AR D Mark Pryor
    (2003 – ) Considered safe seat

    DE D Joseph Biden
    (1973 – ) Considered safe seat; running for President

    IA D Tom Harkin
    (1985 – ) Considered safe seat

    IL D Richard Durbin
    (1997 – ) Considered safe seat; senior senator

    LA D Mary Landrieu
    (1997 – ) Will Katrina backlash bite?

    MA D John Kerry
    (1985 – ) Considered safe seat

    MI D Carl Levin
    (1979 – ) Considered safe seat; senior senator

    MT D Max Baucus
    (1978 – ) Considered safe seat

    NJ D Frank R. Lautenberg
    (1982-2001, 2003-) Considered safe seat; he will be 84 in 2008.

    RI D Jack Reed
    (1997 – ) Considered safe seat; senior senator

    SD D Tim Johnson
    (1997 – ) Considered safe seat if recovers health; senior senator

    WV D Jay Rockefeller IV
    (1985 – ) Considered safe seat

  110. Admin is right on target about Hillary (or anyone for that matter) blasting Obama on bittergate if this seems to work. And why not? Since I will turn into a Democrat for McCain the moment the Party big wigs hand the nomination to Obama, anything that keeps him from the White House now or later is a big plus in my book.

    Want a nice dream revenge if we get ripped off? Well here is one to savor. Let Gore and Carter wade in to steal this one from the voters. Then Bill decides that he will endorse and actively campaign for guess who? Yes, that right folks, John McCain. Well that about wraps up early this year’s presidential campaign. After a short break in November, Hillary and Bill get started right away in forming a new centralist party for us moderates (the bulk of the electorate). Could be even that President McCain quits the Republicans to join. The Clintons will need a few years to get the new party (New Democratic Party/ NDP) up and running, just about the time John McCain needs to retire (4 years from now). The left wings liberals and neo-Nazis, whoops I’m sorry, I meant to say the neo-libs, can keep what’s left of the old Democratic Party and the Clintons can do us all a big favor. No more neo-cons and religious right, no more Obamas, no more Kenndys, and no more Kerrys. Hello happiness!

    Of course the simpler route is for the Party not to rip off the voters and let Hillary rightfully run as the nominee.

  111. O’Bitter, if he should be the nominee, has destroyed ANY chance of winning the GE with those condescending arrogant comments. McCain will pick up all those votes, for sure. Reagan Democrat time all over. 👿

    On a positive note, here’s a link to the article about HRC as an Indiana diner downing a shot of crystal crown and swigging a beer. The video is toooooo cute. (the video FOX ran) 😀,hillaryreax.article

  112. Guys, neither of the Clintons are EVER going to bail on the Democratic party and run third party or support McCain. Never happen. Ever. Not in a billion years.

  113. HillaryforTexas Says:

    April 13th, 2008 at 11:00 am
    Guys, neither of the Clintons are EVER going to bail on the Democratic party and run third party or support McCain. Never happen. Ever. Not in a billion years.

    Exactly. That is NOT going to happen.

  114. It was just a story friends, not meant to be taken seriously. Just to help lighten things up a bit. Basil spoke to the reality of the situation. Hillary will win the WH and the dream will just be that, as we awaken to a new dawn for America. Speaking of dreams, beddy time for me. Keep up the good work.

  115. Kaffeen,
    I have your addy and will send. It’s a bit long and not in a great format.

    Alex TWITT talking about HRC downing a shot and a beer and saying isn’t she going too far in adopting the local customs and the guest (forgot his name) saying, well it’s probably better than images of her milking a cow (hehehehehe) and Twill peering down her twittish nose and saying Well, i’d just have to go to Nevada where Margaritas are the preferred cocktail. 😈

  116. I dont know who Twill is. Hill has downed shots in Russia with McCain. Hell, I’ve downed a lot of shots myself. What’s wrong with that?

  117. Norma Desmond
    Jimmy and Rosalynn are too busy installing new toilets at Habitat for His Holiness (Obama Mansion) to be bothered with such trivial matters as Florida voters.

  118. Twill = TWITT! 😳 (Alex Witt of MSNBC)

    I agree. I’ve drunk quite a few people under the table. And I LOVE that HRC and McCain had a Russian shotgate. 🙂

    Gotta post this everyone.

    On Tweetie (yeah I’m curious) David (Brook?) predicting that HRC will run for NYS governor and there’s a big push for that!


  119. Basil,

    “I think the O’Bitter PA gaffe has legs because there is NO FEAR of appearing RACIST in this situation!”

    I think you’re hitting the nail on the head, as usual. But let’s see how they play it long-run. BM is in what I’d call their opportunistic window with this right now. They’re such incredible whores they’ll usually whack the hell out of anything and anyone for 48 hrs.

    Think we should go with O’Bitta, no?

  120. On Tweetie (yeah I’m curious) David (Brook?) predicting that HRC will run for NYS governor and there’s a big push for that!


    She wouldn’t do that to Paterson, and these people are unbelievable. Let’s not have her be President, let’s have her be Governor of NY. Screw off.

  121. Actually this whole thing is racist to begin with , Obama chose “Bitter” carefully instead of saying “Angry” which people would connect to “angry white men”

    If he could have, he would have said his problem in PA is angry white men.

  122. basil, that whole “she can be NY governor” crap is old. They trotted that theory out about 2 weeks ago, with zero sources or credibility, and it bombed.

    The fact that they are trying to flog and revive that old distraction is a sign of how desperate they are to change the subject form snobgate.

  123. Well, I’ve gotten some flack over the brillo–head (which I REFUSE to drop; it’s such a perfect description of her hair style) and BO is funny as he!! (at least to me) but O’Bitta I think is more acceptable in ‘mixed’ company and it sure is relevant and timely . . . so . . . do what you want. Who came up with O’Bitta?

    mj – I believe the comment was about the NEXT election in 2010, I think and I agree she would never do that to Patterson but he doesn’t necessarily want the governor role, from what I understand. Anyway, whatever happens I’m sure she’ll handle it with class and fairness. I was just SHOCKED that rumor is being disseminated when the nomination isn’t finished!!!!! Although nothing should shock me, now. 👿

  124. Hillary should take a close look at what has happened to Jon Corzine since leaving the Seanate to become NJ Governor. This recall campaign against him is gaining steam with the states biggest radio station jumping on board passing out petitions

  125. Hillary4texas,

    :sigh of relief: I was thinking about that, too. But isn’t David Brook
    one of HRC’s few supporters at least once in a while?

    But I also thought it was more distraction. Although, as a New Yorker,
    myself . . . . . .

    NAHHHHHHH – I won’t be that selfish. Gotta share our girl with the rest of the country. 😀

  126. that would be me. It’s better than this stupid ‘Snob-ama’ Goodwin’s got going. He’s a MAJOR league a-hole anyway, though he can keep pounding this storyline & get back in my good graces, in about 15 years.

  127. Maybe you guys can help me out with something. According to punditworld, Hillary’s campaign is/was doomed because she doesn’t have “the math”. Even if she wins PA, IN, KY, PR, WV, and keeps NC close. Right? So then why haven’t the superdelegates rushed to BO? I mean if the next few months are just a formality and he’ll get nominated anyway, why not just stick the nail in Hillary’s coffin right now?

  128. Excerpted tidbits from Goodwin; Note the tie-in to the Ole’ Rev.

    “Snob-ama is not just out of touch. He’s from another planet.
    He might consider going back there, because the White House now looks out of reach.
    “Such a dark view of heartland hearts is not very Christian and suggests Snob-ama really did hear the rants of his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The mentor who led him to Jesus Christ seems a bitter man who wraps his hate for America in the trappings of religion.

  129. The first indications of what effect Obama’s comments will have are coming in.

    Hillary retakes lead in Rasmussen national poll 46% to 45%. A week ago he had a double digit lead nationally.

  130. rjk,

    Good point. Although, as an elitist, he may have chosen ‘bitter’ over ‘angry’ because he thought bitter sounded better.

    (I feel a peter-piper-picked-a-peck-of-pickled-peppers moment coming on.


  131. Have I mentioned that TPM’s Josh Marshall is not only an ugly little b*tch but a disgusting, integrity-less knob-polisher for BO.

    I think they’re all on the take from Axelrod.

    I’m in my reserved Sunday morning mode and holding back quite a bit .


  133. This is from inside Rasmussen’s latest;

    “The preliminary data also suggests that Obama was shrewd to try and focus attention on the portion of the comments about people being bitter. That part of the message is well received. The reference to guns, religion, and immigration that creates potential problems.”

  134. SCROLL past if you don’t like limericks.

    Obama was not Bitter
    He thought he was much Better
    Than those Blue-collar Bowlers who
    Don’t live like his jet-setters.


    Help with the last line, please. :oop:

  135. Basil,
    “Don’t live like jet-setters”

    They just have to run interference right away on how some Clinton ‘insider’ supposedly once heard elitist remarks during meetings. No direct quotes, of course. It’s just the same old shit, day after day, cycle after cycle.

    If Rasmussen is correct about this, then the campaign should be out there whacking BO extremely hard on the rest of it today;
    “The reference to guns, religion, and immigration that creates potential problems.”

  136. A comment from TM:

    I live in Pennsylvania and I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday today. This topic came up. I said to one woman present,

    “Did you hear what Barack Obama said about Pennsylvania the other day?”

    She responded,

    “No I’m not cultured enough to watch the news, but I am going to church tomorrow with my gun so I can hate people not like me. And it’s all because I’m poor.”

    There may be a handful of people working in academia who can miraculously divine the “purity and goodness and truth” in Obama’s comments, but the remaining balance of the voters here are shocked and offended. /i

  137. rjk,

    I like that. We’re Better not Bitter!

    Rassmussen is an A$$wipe. NO ONE wants to be called bitter!
    And by O’Bitta’s definition of Bitter, he should be directing those remarks directly at URBAN communities where bitterness results in obscene rates of murder, homicide, robbery, drugging, etc. There are tons of gun and rifle owners here in hunting country but almost ZERO crime. And the people seem remarkably HAPPY!

  138. Birdgal,
    What a great quote! :smiles admiringly:
    ‘No I’m not cultured enough to watch the news, but I am going to church tomorrow with my gun so I can hate people not like me. And it’s all because I’m poor.”
    That’s it
    Don’t live like jet-setters it is (for now).
    D@mn – now I’m not gonna be able to stop!
    There was a young man named Obama . . . .

  139. What Clinton wishes she could say
    By: John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei (Politico)
    April 13, 2008 11:31 AM EST

    Why, ask many Democrats and media commentators, won’t Hillary Rodham Clinton see the long odds against her, put her own ambitions aside, and gracefully embrace Barack Obama as the inevitable Democratic nominee?
    Here is why: She and Bill Clinton both devoutly believe that Obama’s likely victory is a disaster-in-waiting. Naïve Democrats just don’t see it. And a timid, pro-Obama press corps, in their view, won’t tell the story.

    But Hillary Clinton won’t tell it, either.

    A lot of coverage of the Clinton campaign supposes them to be in kitchen-sink mode—hurling every pot and pan, no matter the damage this might do to Obama as the likely Democratic nominee in the fall.

    In fact, the Democratic race has not been especially rough by historical standards. What’s more, our conversations with Democrats who speak to the Clintons make plain that their public comments are only the palest version of what they really believe: That if Obama is the nominee a likely Democratic victory would turn to a near-certain defeat.

    Far from a no-holds-barred affair, the Democratic contest has been an exercise in self-censorship.

    Rip off the duct tape and here is what they would say: Obama has serious problems with Jewish voters (goodbye Florida), working-class whites (goodbye Ohio) and Hispanics (goodbye, New Mexico.)

    Republicans will also ruthlessly exploit openings that Clinton—in the genteel confines of an intra-party contest—never could. Top targets: Obama’s radioactive personal associations, his liberal ideology, his exotic life story, his coolly academic and elitist style.

    This view has been an article of faith among Clinton advisers for months, but it got powerful new affirmation last week with Obama’s clumsy ruminations about why “bitter” small-town voters turn to guns and God.

    There’s nothing to say that the Clintonites are right about Obama’s presumed vulnerabilities. But one argument seems indisputably true: Obama is on the brink of the Democratic nomination without having had to confront head-on the evidence about his general election challenges.
    Story Behind the Story

    Why news gets covered the way it does

    Politico’s top editors draw on their experience at the nation’s largest news organizations to pull back the curtain on coverage decisions and the media mindset.

    * Story behind the story: The Clinton myth
    * Can HRC win popular vote, superdelegates?
    * Why reporters get it wrong

    That is why some friends describe Clinton as seeing herself on a mission to save Democrats from themselves. Her candidacy may be a long shot, but no one should expect she will end it unless or until every last door has been shut.

    Skepticism about Obama’s general election prospects extends beyond Clinton backers. We spoke to unaffiliated Democratic lawmakers, veteran lobbyists, and campaign operatives who believe the rush of enthusiasm for Obama’s charisma and fresh face has inhibited sober appraisals of his potential weaknesses.

    The concerns revolve around two themes.

    The first is based on the campaign so far. Assuming voting patterns evident in the nominating contest continue into the fall, Obama would be vulnerable if McCain can approximate the traditional GOP performance in key states.

    The second is based on fear about the campaign ahead.

    Stories about Obama’s Chicago associations with 1960s radicals Bernardine Dohrn and William Ayers landed with barely a ripple. So, too, did questions about whether he once backed a total ban on handguns (he says no but in a 1996 state legislative race his campaign filled out a questionaire saying yes.) Obama’s graceful handling of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy may have turned that into a net positive against.

    But all this was in a Democratic contest. What about about when Obama’s running against a Republican?

    Let’s take the first point: Obama’s electoral coalition. His impressive success to date comes predominately from strong support among upscale, college-educated whites and overwhelming support from African-Americans.

    Assuming he is the Democratic nominee, it seems virtually certain he would bring turnout of these groups to historic levels.

    But there is reason to question whether he would be able to perform at average levels with other main pillars of the traditional Democratic coalition: blue-collar whites, Jews and Hispanics. He has run decently among these groups in some places, but in general he’s run well behind her.

    Obama lost the Jewish vote by double-digits in Florida, New York and Maryland—and that was before controversy over anti-Israel remarks of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    An undecided Democratic superdelegate told us many Jewish voters are itching for a reason to break with the party and side with Republicans, who have embraced the Israeli cause with passion. A small shift could swing swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania, which have significant Jewish populations.
    Obama won only about one-third of Hispanic votes on Super Tuesday – and did even worse a month later in Texas. A Democratic nominee needs big margins with Hispanics to win states like New Mexico, California, Colorado and Arizona. In the fall, Obama would be running against a Republican with a record on immigration that will resonate with Hispanics.

    Then there’s the lower-income white vote. Does it seem odd that a woman with a polarizing reputation would be rolling up enormous margins among some of the country’s most traditional voters? Three out of every four blue-collar whites in small-towns and rural areas of Ohio voted for Clinton over Obama on March 4. The reality is, this is already an electorate with deep cultural divisions—and that’s in the Democratic Party.

    Cornell Belcher, Obama’s pollster, says most of these voting blocs will unite when the Democratic fighting is done. “You get a snapshot at the height of a battle within the family but after the family squabbles history shows that the family does come back together,” he said.

    Fair enough. But McCain would be challenging Obama on a range of issues that would complicate this coming together—issues that Clinton did not use or used minimally because they were not particularly effective in a Democratic campaign.

    McCain, by contrast, would have a free hand to exploit a paper trail showing Obama’s evolution—opponents would say reversals–over the past decade from liberal positions on gun control, the death penalty, and Middle East politics. He would exploit Obama’s current position in favor of driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants and beginning diplomatic talks with U.S. adversaries like the dictators of Iran and Venezuala. Will those issues help lower-income white voters “come back together” with Obama?

    Those issues are all in-bounds. What about the issues that most journalists and probably McCain himself will consider out-of-bounds but that, if recent history is any guide, will echo nonetheless in the general election?

    The last two Democratic nominees, Al Gore and John F. Kerry, were both military veterans, and both had been familiar, highly successful figures in national politics for more than two decades by the time they ran.

    Both men lost control of their public images to the right-wing freak show—that network of operatives and commentators working mostly outside of the mainstream media—and ultimately lost their elections as many voters came to see them as elitist, out-of-touch, phony, and even unpatriotic.

    Obama is a much less familiar figure than Kerry or Gore, with a life story that is far more exotic, who is coming out of a political milieu in Chicago politics that is far more liberal.

    The freak show has already signaled its early lines of attack on Obama. Polls show a significant percentage of Americans believe—falsely—that he is a Muslim. Voter interviews reveal widespread unease with minor and seemingly irrelevant questions like why he does not favor American flag pins on his lapel. Nor have we heard the last about Jeremiah Wright and his fulminations.

    Here will be the real kitchen-sink: every damaging comment or association from Obama’s past, mixed together with innuendo and downright fiction, to portray him as an an exotic character of uncertain values and weak patriotism.

    Obama’s advisors say they are not naïve about freak show attacks. Their response is that Obama’s appeal to a new brand of politics, and his personal poise and self-confidence, will allow him to transcend attacks and stereotypes in ways that Gore and Kerry could not.

    Obama is indeed poised and self-confident. But the current uproar over his impromptu sociology lesson in San Francisco about “bitter” voters in Pennsylvania raise questions about his self-discipline, and his understanding of how easy it is for a politicians in modern politics to lose control of his or her public image.

    Clinton has her own baggage, to put it mildly. But it’s been rummaged through for years, so what Democrats see is pretty much what they would get.

    The frustration emanating from the Clintonites comes from being unable to say in public what they think in private.
    Little wonder why. Bill Clinton’s comments comparing Obama’s support in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson’s were certainly impolitic. But it’s absurd to contend, as many Democrats indignantly do, that they amounted to a shocking low blow or to “playing the race card.”
    The reaction underscored the essential prissiness of the Democratic contest so far. One can be sure the general election will not be such a delicate affair.

  140. In case you have not seen this I thought I’d post:

    When is the mainstream media is going to address OBAMA’s involvement and support of cousin/close relative RAILA ODINGA -the co-President of Kenya?

    ODINGA was set up in the oil business by Muammar Quaddafi (no, I’m not kidding),
    was educated in Communist East Germany, (Herder Institute, Leipzig & Otto von Guericke Tech. Institute, Magdeburg)
    named his first child “Fidel” (yeah, really)
    and when he and his Luo followers disputed the election they torched a church with 100 Christian Kikuyu woman & children inside–burning them alive.

    Odinga’s followers continued to engage in “clear ethnic cleansing” according to US Envoy Jendayi Frazer.
    Perhaps most troubling is Odinga’s links to Islamic extremists.
    According to Voice of America and the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, on 8/29/07, Odinga signed a secret agreement (exposed 11/27) with Sheikh Abdullah Abdi in which he agreed to institute Islamic law in exchange for Abdi’s support–thereby potentially enslaving millions of Christian Kenyan women. Further, he promised that Muslims suspected of terrorism would be safe from extradition—thereby establishing a ‘safe haven’ for terrorists in Kenya.

    Is Obama responsible for his relatives? Perhaps not. However,
    OBAMA campaigned for ODINGA (“your agent for change”-sound familiar?) in August 2006–to such a degree that the Opposition called him Odinga’s “stooge”. Odinga has since visited Obama on a fundraising tour of the US in 2007; Odinga claims they speak regularly.

    Further: On his visit to Kenya (campaigning for cousin Raila Odinga), Senator Barack Obama said (according to Kenya’s “The Standard”):
    “I am so proud to come back home. It means a lot to me that the people of my father and grandfather are here to greet me with such warmth,”
    and “The people of my grandfather, I am proud to be with you and I bring you greetings from the US Government,” Obama, 45, told the crowd. [I guess his African grandmother like his American one– doesn’t count for much]
    “I am so proud to be back home … it really touches my heart when my relatives come out in large numbers to welcome me,” he said.

    Obama holds dual Kenya/US citizenship and his church promotes “a non-negotiable commitment to Africa” (
    So, where is “home” for Senator Obama:–Chicago ……or Kenya???

    Since many experts consider Kenya to be on the verge of civil war, what does this mean for the security interests of The United States?
    And, what does associating/promoting someone like Odinga say about Barack Obama’s judgment?

    A fair question, wouldn’t you say?

    Read for yourself:

  141. There was a young man named obama
    who favored silk Gucci pajamas
    When it was decried
    about Wright he had lied
    He hid out in the lovely Bahamas.

  142. FDR,

    I’ve been reading about that stuff for months and I’m disgusted it hasn’t gotten ANY mention in newspapers or Media. Guess it’s another hot potato reporters are afraid to touch coz they think it might label them as somehow racist.

    What REALLY infuriates me is the campaign to move to SHARIA LAW which is even more oppressive than the rules now imposed on women.

    But this election has proven that gender parity doesn’t matter.

  143. good day all

    I believe the “bitter” comment really isn’t the issue, although it makes for great news. Whats really troubling as it has been said here, this is part of the larger picture of who BHO is.

    We really don’t know him, so we have only his words, associations, and a little bit of political experience to judge him by.

    The things that have surfaced are extremely troubling, most notably his associations with Rezko, Wright, Ayers, etc.

    His words do not lend themselves to a true understanding of people all across this great land. When on his own (unscripted) he uses phrases that point out how removed he really is, “punished with a baby, small town bitter people , typical white person” His race baiting is evident as well with terms like bamboozled, hoodwinked, and okie doke.

    His patriotism is in question when in public he will not put his hand over his heart during the anthem, his belligerent stand on not wearing the flag lapel pin, his wife’s lack of pride in America, his mentor’s rant about GD America and how America gave it’s own people HIV.

    His honesty is also in question when one by one the statements in his book Dreams of My Father have revealed falsehoods and embellishments. His plagarisms too, are well known. The real story about Larry Sinclair and Donald Young is still untold. He’s lack of records for his state senate career are a bit suspicious as well as the details of the purchase of his home.

    We won’t speak of his borderline parenting skills taking his kids to see Rev. Wright.

    All this is just a snippet of BHO.

    As TRUE democrats We cannot allow this man to enter the white house, no matter how much you want change. The true BHO is still concealed.

    The Rupublicans couldn’t thank us more for this candidate. America will not go with an unknown nor will they go with what has surfaced with BHO.

    BHO’s coattails have been clipped.

  144. To All –

    We at FDR (Florida Demands Representation) need volunteers to assist us in putting pressure on the DNC and members of the RBC – we publish a daily “action item” – generally, it takes all of 15 minutes – we provide you with templates for email and mail as well as all contact information. If you are interested in helping out or signing our petition, please go to the web site and email our me or call the toll-free number – I am the State Chair –

  145. BM has been making a big deal over the Clintons income for the past 6 years. What they are not talking about is how many copies of Obama’s books have been sold this year since the media declared him the Messiah, lining his greedy pockets.

  146. rjk – they should be looking at the % of charitable contributions – the Clinton’s are so much higher than Obama’s – and that says something

  147. BTW, should anyone ever fin themselves in the company of Politico’s Mike Allen, please slap the shit out of him.

    Then give him another one for me!

    Last night this disseminator of bull was on FOX saying how Hill supporters were hopeless & ready to give up before this latest BO fiasco.

    Media reform.

  148. The media has a tremendous ability to take something horrible that Barack said and report on a Hillary negative instead.

  149. you know all these Obamatrons have bought copies of their new bible and the media has not said how many copies have sold since he began his campaign and what Obama makes off each copy sold.

  150. hey guys we’ve already raised 1,108,749! awesome! we got another 1091251 to raise lets do it

  151. fdr,

    Daily action items? I haven’t gotten those except for the RBC one.

    Unfortunately, i am totally unconnected with all things media-related but I think there are a couple of people on BigPink who may have some ideas for you.

    Sent the Lawson snailmail yesterday. I told Norma that if there’s anything paperworkish to be done I can take on some of those tasks but it would mean snailmailing me whatever it is. 🙁

    And Kaffeen posted an amazing media contacts list a couple of weeks ago with almost 3000+ names and addy’s. I’ll send it if you want it.

  152. rjk1957 Says:

    April 13th, 2008 at 12:30 pm
    I really wish this “small town-gate” had not broken until this Tuesday or Wednesday.
    Why, It’s not going to go away anytime soon…even if the MSM drop bittergate the voters will not forget a slur on them anytime soon. Also what people don’t understand is that Bittergate is about class and position….so this slur it’s many peope from all walks of life.

    It’s no longer about O’bitta, now it’s about the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and the longer the dems embrace O’bitta excuses the more this hurt our party in November.

    The question is has Obama hurt all democrats come Noverber?

    Well, he ain’t hurt Hillary…because she coming out strongly against this slur…the rest? That’s the 64 dollar question.

  153. carbynew
    the point I was trying to make is after a misstep Obama’s numbers drop for 4 or 5 days and then start rising again. If this had broken this coming week Hillary may have won PA really big and I mean closer to 25 or 30 points. That more than anything else he could not recover from a loss that big.

  154. justme – I am not familiar with facebook and am so busy with the petition drive and modifying strategy as this thing takes off – I would certainly welcome your assistance – I will also be in contact with the organization provided to me so we can have signers at our rallies April 26 and May 31 – I appreciate support very much

  155. basil – thanks for helping us out – you and a few others from outside FL are on the daily action list – BTW – we’re getting petitions outside FL – I am getting a huge map of the US and putting push pins on it every time we get a petition outside of FL –

  156. correction:Also what people don’t understand is that Bittergate is about class and position….so this slur affects many peope from all walks of life.

  157. rjk –

    i worked as an out of state volunteer in Cleveland for 2 weeks – we saw a closing in the poll numbers as the primary got closer – then, we noticed a huge momentum swing of undecided voters beginning about 4 days before the primary – at one point the polls showed a 4 – 5 point difference. In the end, she won by 10 points – it is so very important, if anyone can, to make calls to PA – an hour a day makes a difference.

  158. fdrjim
    If trends hold up a large majority of undecided vote will continue go to Hillary and that does not surprise me. The undecided vote tends to vote for the known as opposed to the unknown.

  159. someone posting on TM said that HILL is giving a press conf right now on FOX…. I don’t have cable. Can someone check it out and report?!

  160. rjk – absolutely correct – that’s exactly what we saw in Ohio. Plus, with Obama’s degrading remarks about citizens in the Commonwealth, I would expect to see that swing sooner than later.

  161. fdrjim – i got your materials, and will send along to publicists and see if we can get them to commit.

  162. Suggested ads:

    Quote Obama’s red phone voice about judgement.
    Shots of depressed Rust belt
    Shots of Obama at the fundraiser and voice of his “clinging/guns=religion=antipathy” statement
    Shots of Hillary in the Rust Belt with solutions

  163. Wow, Hill was great on Fox in Scranton! She took it too him over bittergate because she says that the democrats can not be perceived to be out of touch with the middle class and their values, and that people have been contacting her with concern that this will be like other elections where the Repubs use that elitism as ammo to take the election from them. Says Obama still hasn’t explained what he meant.

    She was ambushed by Obama reporters and she held up very well! Great job by Hillary of looking like the saviour of the democratic party!!!

  164. From WaPo:

    Sat. Night With Clinton: A Beer, a Slice, and a Charge Against Obama

    By Perry Bacon Jr.
    CROWN POINT, Ind. — While Barack Obama spent Saturday defending a remark that made him sound like an elitist, Hillary Clinton’s response was initially just words, calling him “elitist” and “out of touch.”

    But then in Crown Point, a town 25 miles from Gary, the New York senator downed a shot of Crown Royal whiskey, had a beer and chomped down a slice of cheese pizza, as her aides rushed to fill her request for another slice, with pepperoni. The crowd at Bronko’s restaurant cheered as Clinton clincked her glass against fellow drinker’s, while at the same time the restaurant’s manager told a man who brought his grandchildren to the event he needed to take them out the room.

    Clinton stayed only about 30 minutes, but the audience, full of supporters, seemed thrilled with the senator’s performance, shouting “Hillary! Hillary!” as she turned up her glass and finished her beer.

    “Everytime I get around you, I start drinking,” joked Thomas McDermott Jr., the mayor of nearby Hammond, Ind., and a Clinton supporter who also came to the event.

    It was the end of a long day of campaigning in this state for Clinton, who will face pressure from Democratic officials to drop of the race if she loses May 6 primaries in both the Hoosier State and in North Carolina, which goes to the polls that day, as well. She is far behind in polls in North Carolina, but effectively tied here.

    Clinton, eager to contrast herself with Obama’s small town remarks, spent the day talking about going hunting as a kid and her upbringing in a churchgoing family in suburban Chicago. Despite spending much of her life in government or corporate law, she sounded like former North Carolina senator John Edwards in her attack on Obama, accusing him of dividing the country into “one America that is enlightened and one that is not.”

    “The people of faith I know don’t cling to religion because they are bitter, in fact they embrace their faith because it gives them so much in return,” Clinton said in one campaign stop.

    Her aggressive tenor obscured some complications of her attacks on her Obama. Clinton herself repeatedly said in Iowa that she felt the strong anti-immigrant sentiment there was driven in part by a slowing economy, something Obama implied in his controversial remarks and John McCain has said as well.

    And in rebutting Obama’s comments, some of her supporters in Pennsylvania suggested conditions were good in the state, pointing to an increase in jobs and incomes in some areas of the Keystone State. That kind of optimism stands in marked contrast to the gloomy picture Clinton often draws on the stump as she speaks of an America that has declined in the seven years since President Bush took office.

  165. thanks HillBillyLover for the update! Sounds like Hill handed it with dignity and class as usual!

  166. She also mentioned that Obama has done everything possible to denigrate the Clinton administration, the most successful democratic presidency in decades. I whooped out loud when I heard her say that!

  167. WBBOEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    WBBOEI”S the guest poster at Taylor Marsh.

    Check it out!

    Kudos to Wbboei. 😀

    (american gal – i just pulled the site up)

  168. This was a WONDERFUL press conference, the best I’ve seen of her yet going after him as not representative of the democratic party. With her defense of the Clinton administration, she reminded people that times were pretty good back then and also subliminally message that Carter was not that successful. By talking about the mayors and others calling to express concern that “oh no, not again” with the impression that the democratic party is elitist and out of touch subtley took a couple of swipes at the nice guys in the “liberal wing” of he democratic party (Gore, Kerry, Kennedy) that were unsuccessful in their bids and have no business running the party.

  169. fdrjim- not yet. I will be signing.

    HillBillyLover – Press conference was great idea – free media time, and she’s making her pitch to the SuperDelegates. Hope they’re tuning in.

  170. basil9 Says:
    April 13th, 2008 at 11:49 am


    Good point. Although, as an elitist, he may have chosen ‘bitter’ over ‘angry’ because he thought bitter sounded better.

    (I feel a peter-piper-picked-a-peck-of-pickled-peppers moment coming on.


    Something about a bitter voter? Make the voters bitter? Make the bitter voters better?

  171. 1950’s Dem.

    Or Better Bitter Voters?
    There was a young man named obama
    who favored silk Gucci pajamas
    When it was decried
    about Wright he had lied
    He hid out in the balmy Bahamas.

    Obama was not Bitter
    He thought he was much Better
    Than those Blue-collar Bowlers
    Who don’t live like jet-setters.

  172. Hillary has Obama where she wants him now. On the defensive digging himself into a bigger hole. She needs to keep her foot on his throat and go in for the kill. Get him to lose his temper at the debate.

  173. “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”


    The more I read this, the more I hear echoes of Rev. Wright in BO’s statement. Obviously, Rev Wright rubbed off on BO after 20 years.

  174. What I find scary about the Wright videos, is that they’re coming from a ‘buppie’ — ‘Black yuppie — church whose members don’t look poor. If they were poor, then that might be some excuse for clinging to crazy ideas about HIV etc.

  175. Two tubs of talking margarine! ROTF!!!!!

    And that would be Mr. and Mrs. O’Bitta?

    (Betty Buggy’s Baby Bumpers)

    No – it doesn’t mean a d@mn thing and is all rjk’s fault for provoking me to provide this lousy limerick moment.

    “What’s a word starting with L to replace moment?)

  176. Looks like this needs to be scrutinised by the Media anyone care to send it to them?

    Obama Earmarks For Wife’s Employer, Big Donor

    Barack Obama touts himself as the only presidential candidate not corrupted by Washington politics but his earmark record contradicts that because he tried steering millions of federal dollars to his wife’s employer and the company of a top campaign donor.

    Recently released earmarks reveal that the Democratic presidential candidate requested $1 million for the hospital that employs his wife Michelle and $8 million for a military contractor with a board member who has given hefty sums to his campaign.

    The $1 million was requested in 2006 to build a new pavilion at the University of Chicago Hospitals, where Michelle Obama was vice president of community affairs. Michelle had already benefited from her husband’s flourishing political career with a huge salary increase that went from $121,910 in 2004 before he was elected to the Senate to $316,962 in 2005 just after he took office.

    Obama requested the $8 million for weapons technology manufactured by a big defense contractor (General Dynamics) with very close ties to a major fundraiser named James Crown, a billionaire who also serves on the company’s board. Crown is also on Obama’s national finance committee.

    The good senator also got nearly $1 million federal dollars for the renovation of a space center named after Crown’s grandfather, Henry, at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. A complete list of Obama’s earmark record has been posted on his web site.

    Amazing, shocked, i think not!

  177. basil,

    I take mice across the river too. I grew up in a hunting family. But…

    Ironic that there are more guns (legal) here than in urban NJ (probably mostly illegal) and yet there is no crime.

    In general I’m not sure this works as a pro-gun argument. Imo both the lack of crime and the presence of guns are effects of a single cause: low population density. Low population means less crime. Low population means plenty of space to hunt and to fire guns safely.

  178. HillBillyLover Says:

    April 13th, 2008 at 1:33 pm
    This was a WONDERFUL press conference, the best I’ve seen of her yet going after him as not representative of the democratic party. With her defense of the Clinton administration, she reminded people that times were pretty good back then and also subliminally message that Carter was not that successful. By talking about the mayors and others calling to express concern that “oh no, not again” with the impression that the democratic party is elitist and out of touch subtley took a couple of swipes at the nice guys in the “liberal wing” of he democratic party (Gore, Kerry, Kennedy) that were unsuccessful in their bids and have no business running the party.
    It’s about time she let those LOSER have it. I’m tired of the DNC agenda, the PARTY ELITES tell me I’m not good enough and the WEAK ASS DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP.

    Gore, Kerry, Kennedy and the rest of those “good ol boys” Network have been patronizing all through out this season. It tells me alot about the incompetence of our Leadership, which is all about polls, studies and what the MSM can market.

    It’s not about ideas and values and principles…when all you have to do is get a computer and let it THINK for you….what a bunch of pussies.

    I’m BLACK and I surely DON’T SUPPORT Obama for my president…it’s INSULTING to me that a man with NO NATIONAL EXPIERENCE, NO RECORD or ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR THE PEOPLE and then HAVING THESE “LOW LIFE” FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES that goes against most of my values and principles.

    Obama claims he is a Christian but I don’t know what bible he is reading from to utter that outrageous statement of “cling to religion.” Twenty years in church and that’s all he learned?

  179. I think the Wright story has plenty legs — they’re just under the MSM radar and slow. Those videos speak for themselves and can travel by email, and even soccer moms listen to talk radio. They’re showing up in editorials in local papers, and probably being preached against in small churches.

  180. 1950 dem,

    I guess I said that wrong. Personally, i am not pro-gun and I don’t like hunting but i do respect (now that I understand it more) those who actually consume the prey and/or give it to soup kitchens.

    I was just disgusted that O’Bitta mentioned guns in that stupid comment and it was an obvious reference to rural blue -collar types (and since those are the sort of people who are my neighbors I’m strangely protective of them but that’s probably coz I have enormous respect for most) and if he’s gonna say rural Americans resort to their guns when they’re bitter then what the heck do you think urban people are doing? I’m still not saying it right ; what I mean is the guns in rural areas are used for non-crime activities by and large and so to insult one group of gun-owners should mean he should be an equal opportunity insulter and diss all gun-owners.

    I give up. 😳

  181. Juan Williams said the problem for Obama is he is in the position for having to apologize for saying something he actually believes.

    Similar to the Rev Wright issue, no?

  182. hillbill,

    ‘That is his disavowment of middleclassness, one of the tenents of Trinity’s belief system.’

    OMG! You could be right! And bring One-World_order Soros into the picture . . . . .

    Don’t know if you caught this comment I posted on the previous thread but I have a quote of O’Bitta saying something like “everyone knows the political fix is in!” I gotta find it . . . .

  183. RFK,

    “Get him to lose his temper at the debate.”

    Senator Obama, what kind of judgments are these?

    No experience and these kinds of judgements aren’t what this country needs faces the historic problems we have.

    Somethin’ like that. Cut his nuts off.

  184. That politico article was stunning! Obama is a general election disaster. Not that I didn’t already know that. The most amazing part to me is his team’s contention that they can make up for the defection of jewish, white working class, and hispanic voters by increasing turnout among AA & younger voters?!! News flash- AA turnout for BO has actually been less than it was in 2004 in some primaries & Hillary has actually won the youth vote in certain states. Furthermore, most democratic black voters are concentrated in the largely REPUBLICAN SOUTH and any democrat will get 90% of the black vote anyway. Plus there are no caucuses in the GE for him to try to run up the score in. This is just so damn obvious. All McCain has to do is win the solid red states and get a swing state or a big blue state to go his way and that’s the election!

  185. not watching television, but HillBillyLover – Juan Williams is always insightful.

    What offends me is that Obama is treating the Presidential election as his personal journey – Obama’s Odyssey, his Ulysses.

    If he did deliver an I GOT ANOTHER SPEECH speech – it would be to claim that he still has a long way to go to understanding people in America who are not like him, and meanwhile, he should add that the Rev. Wright episode showed him he has a lot to learn about how bigotry is a two-way street.

    It’s so obvious – this guy is not ready for Prime Time. Take some time to grow up before subjecting the rest of us to his trials and errors. Maybe he can defend himself by saying his own struggles and conflicts are similar to that of America, but we need a leader and a visionary, not someone who acts like they’re writing a college thesis.

  186. Bluedem,
    Oh. The poor thing.

    We’ll have to make Ogremann lend him his bambi-bwanky so he can go beddy-by.


  187. In reading the comments on Politico it is quite apparent that Obama’s followers really still believe he can win a general election. I think it is now apparent that he can NOT.

    Basil, no need to pull out the comment that the “fix is in”, I’m the one that posted it here…wink.

  188. basil9,

    BlueDemocrat posted the entire article upthread. It talks about how Hillary’s people know Obama’s toast in the general.

  189. Something about CNN’s Jim Acosta spooks the hell out of me.
    Can’t even watch. Same with Wolf Blitzer’s voice.
    Where do they find these autotrons?

    And not that I really give a hoot what he thinks anymore, but
    Jimmy Carter’s denying that Scotsman story found yesterday.

    Speaking to ABC News this week, former President Jimmy Carter said he will not endorse a candidate before the Denver National Convention:
    “The only thing I know is that, I have not made an endorsement, and don’t intend to, until the time of the convention.”
    He also laid out his view of the superdelegates’ role:

    Carter said he agreed that superdelegates should not overturn the will of the people but that “any superdelegate who wishes to deviate from that opinion should be perfectly free to do so.” He went on to warn that “it would be a very serious mistake for the Democratic Party… if a candidate had the majority of popular votes, the majority of delegates and a majority of states — all three — were the superdelegates to vote contrary to that, I think it would be very difficult to explain.”

    In other words, for Carter, it boils down to a trifecta of:
    * majority of popular vote
    * majority of delegates
    * majority of states

  190. Norma Desmond Says:
    April 13th, 2008 at 9:47 am
    I got an email from OkieAtty yesterday showing our fliers (downloadable, no less!)

    Dunno how y’all are doing your downloadable flyers, but has a great free service for that. You can compose the flyer at their site, set permissions for how public it is, then circulate the url.

    At one time someone posted about some downloadble flyers at but the links didn’t work for me, and now I can’t find them. Does still have something like that?

  191. hillbill,

    Here’s the quote.

    Check THIS out!

    “That’s what people understand about politics these days: the game is fixed. It’s not working for ordinary Americans.”

    Why did his campaign leave that line out of his video?

  192. this the link to the Politico story that Blue Dem posted earlier about Obama being unelectable- WHAT CLINTON WISHES SHE COULD SAY:

  193. Hill on CNN from IND yesterday.

    Mangatouchus technology in China? huh?

    Glad someone a lot smarter than me is gonna run this country.

  194. Ah, I thought Carter had more sense than he’s been reported! He doesn’t just say he’s waiting till June, he’s waiting TILL THE CONVENTION!

    Speaking to ABC News this week, former President Jimmy Carter said he will not endorse a candidate before the Denver National Convention:
    “The only thing I know is that, I have not made an endorsement, and don’t intend to, until the time of the convention.”
    He also laid out his view of the superdelegates’ role:

    Carter said he agreed that superdelegates should not overturn the will of the people but that “any superdelegate who wishes to deviate from that opinion should be perfectly free to do so.” He went on to warn that “it would be a very serious mistake for the Democratic Party… if a candidate had the majority of popular votes, the majority of delegates and a majority of states — **ALL THREE** — were the superdelegates to vote contrary to that, I think it would be very difficult to explain.”
    In other words, for Carter, it boils down to a trifecta of:
    * majority of popular vote
    * majority of delegates
    * majority of states

    But in this case all these three things may be close or arguable — so it’s clearly a case of the Supers using their judgement and choosing the best candidate (considering all factors, including scandals that have come out since the early states voted, any scandal that breaks AT the last minute).

  195. fdrjim,

    I don’t know what flyers or project Norma is talking about.

    If anybody wants to make any flyers for ANYTHING, they can use, it’s a great easy free service. Then send out the url to your friends and they can download from there.

  196. Nikki22@2:24

    you are so correct. black folks can’t win the election for bho. where we are concentratee is not going to make that much of a difference for him…he won the South Carolina primary but will los the general because the black vote will be overwhelmed by the republican vote…thats why there are no black elected officials in SC as far as I know…same with Alabama and the like…i don’t think he will get he lationo/a vote in large numbers what a mess

  197. mj, I totally agree with you that why Jimmy Carter hasn’t endorse BHO yet. He should endorse BHO before he met Hamas leader.

  198. Inninla, nikki,
    read the politico article. Excellent.

    JC ALSO said THIS!

    Carter saying he won’t endorse until the convention but:

    ALL HIS GRANDCHILDREN ARE SUPPORTING OBAMA! They’ve made their intentions clear although HE’S going to wait.

  199. justme,

    Yeah. I saw that yesterday. i just can’t WAIT until the VIDEO of that meeting come out. Supposedly there were over 100 videocameras there. Seeing him SAY those stupid things will be even more jarring. Can’t remember who said it but a couple of the Sunday shows mentioned it and it’s also on a blog, somewhere . . . .

  200. fdrjim.

    1950’s dem can probably put you in touch with spega, a poster who has such a project going.

    Otherwise I can send her email addy.

  201. basil9 Says:

    April 13th, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    Here’s the quote.

    Check THIS out!

    “That’s what people understand about politics these days: the game is fixed. It’s not working for ordinary Americans.”

    Why did his campaign leave that line out of his video?

    I’m not sure why you think this line is urtful to BO?

  202. Anyone interested in sending out a letter, sending an email, or placing a call to Ralph C Dawson – a member of the Rules & By-laws Committee – if so, call 888.599.1586 and a key advocate for stripping FL votes/delegates

  203. I just posted this at the ABC blog site. Very quick easy posting.

    Very sensible position for Carter: waiting till the convention to see who looks like the best candidate at that time.

    In other words, for Carter, it boils down to a trifecta of:
    * majority of popular vote
    * majority of delegates
    * majority of states

    And ‘difficult to explain’ does not mean IMPOSSIBLE to explain. In this situation where all three factors are arguable, there are plenty of explanations for choosing the BEST candidate instead of the one who gamed the system.

    As for Obama’s supporters voting GOP — he doesn’t HAVE many real Democrats as supporters. November is not a caucus, and the GOP won’t be “Democrats for a Day” for Obama in November.

    No Obama/McGovern 1972!

  204. You know why they endorsed him because they think that if they distract enough people this will go away! Imagine everyone if Hillary did this, imagine what the media would be doing right now. What she should do is have her supporters that can get on CNN come out and tell them to there face that they are biased and will go to no end to save this man. I think that people will not care about the newspapers endor because it is still really fresh. I noticed that everytime saint Obama is in trouble the men come out running to save him with endorsements. I wonder what the edwards think about this.

  205. I am so glad Obama’s remarks are getting attention this weekend and I am glad that Clinton responded, not attacked, but responded in an appropriate manner. Can you imagine if Clinton said this about anyone white or black? The media would make sure her campaign was dead by tomorrow. Obama’s arrogance and elitism is FINALLY coming to the forefront of this campaign and he is the only one to blame. I saw his arrogance in January but middle America is catching on. I don’t give a f*ck what the media says. I’ve stopped watching CNN and MSNBC. I’m sure millions have stopped watching these networks or reading Obamabot blogs. Middle America doesn’t give a f*ck what Tweety and Obamamann have to say on MSNBC. They have been listening to Obama’s rude, arrogant, and sexist comments for months and they see Obama for who he is. Obama IS the establishment candidate; he is the media darling; he fits right into the Washington and liberal elite; he will be the next John Kerry and will be swiftboated by the GOP. Middle America won’t vote for Obama because they now know that he looks down on them. This is why Democrats lose year after year. Most of America aren’t hippie, latte drinking liberals from big cities. Obama is going to lose the general election. I’m almost sure of that now. I have a graduate degree from both a top public university and soon an ivy league school, I am a progressive, I am moving to NYC in the fall, and I have never voted for a Republican. So no Mr. Obama, not all Clinton supporters are racist, bitter, bigots. We just know who the better candidate is and we don’t look down on people who live in small towns or work with their hands to make a living. Obama has stepped in it big time. Anyone who can’t relate to middle America can’t win the general election.

  206. mj,

    “That’s what people understand about politics these days: the game is fixed.”

    To me it implies he KNOWS the game is rigged for HIM!

  207. the Scranton newspaper endorsement is a headscratcher.

    The Rodham’s live just a few miles from the campaign office – it’s completely Clinton country, and a huge number of people have Hillary signs in their windows. WTF is going on?

    I have friends working at the Clinton Scranton office – I hope some volunteer Scranton group does a protest in front of the paper’s office.

    Some independent efforts protested the Houston Chronicle for being biased against Clinton before TX primary. For local visibility, this helped.

  208. Good afternoon Hillfans.

    A sign that all is not well in Obamaworld. Both yesterday afternoon and again today I received a phone call from the O campaign. Now, my state’s primary was many weeks ago. Why in the world would the O campaign be calling now?

    Looking for money? Testing the waters?

    For whatever reason, I told them to go to hell. Literally.

  209. basil9 Says:
    April 13th, 2008 at 3:02 pm
    1950’s dem can probably put you in touch with spega, a poster who has such a project going.
    Otherwise I can send her email addy.


    It’s a great project and she really needs help!

    You don’t really have to contact her, you can just dive in. There are lists of local media online comment strings etc etc at my site,

    She has posted this email here already:

    If anyone can’t get through on that, email me at 1950democrat*at* and I’ll contact her another way. (Btw she may be out of town this weekend.)

    I’ve seen a survey that said some large demograhic of voters does not trust the big media and goes to the local papers/sites for their political news.



    We STILL need help in PA; and would like to be able to start laying foundations in NC and IN

    This is IMPORTANT work that helps support & inform local opinion. PLEASE HELP!!!

  210. basil9 Says:
    April 13th, 2008 at 3:00 pm
    Yeah. I saw that yesterday. i just can’t WAIT until the VIDEO of that meeting come out. Supposedly there were over 100 videocameras there. Seeing him SAY those stupid things will be even more jarring.

    Right! I think links to those videos, including one that’s clipped from the whole 50 minute thing, are at items posted at Hot Topics.

  211. Carter saying he won’t endorse until the convention but:

    ALL HIS GRANDCHILDREN ARE SUPPORTING OBAMA! They’ve made their intentions clear although HE’S going to wait.

    Didn’t that originally come from a Nigerian paper interview when he was visiting Nigeria? It sounds like a nice way to keep his grandchildren happy till the convention.

  212. I’m actually surprised that NoQuarter has the snippet of that SF fundraiser – and I hope that it comes from a longer segment including the anti-immigrant and bitter comment.

    I’d be amazed that any one of these people at that SF fundraiser would actually turn over their video though (and probably broadcast press was barred from the event)….it would be equivalent to seeing their investment go down the drain.

  213. b-merry, be-wary

    the obamabots know your relationship to RW. the “campaign” call was obviously a sham. sounds like telephone harassment to me.

  214. I see the Scranton newspaper endorsed O. Don’t mean a thing, My local newspaper in Cleveland, The Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed O, Did he WIN? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    This election is so fixed. After this election i am done with the Democratic Party

  215. Why is everyone surprised that The Morning Call endorsed Obama? It is owned by the Tribune Company:

    Tribune Television Stations
    DMA# City of License/Market Station Owned Since Current Affiliation
    1. New York City WPIX 11 1948 CW
    2. Los Angeles KTLA 5 1985 CW
    3. Chicago WGN-TV 9 1948 CW
    4. Philadelphia WPHL-TV 17 1992 MyNetworkTV
    5. Dallas – Fort Worth KDAF 33 1997 CW
    9. Washington, D.C. WDCW 50 1999 CW
    10. Houston KHCW 39 1995 CW
    14. Tacoma – Seattle KCPQ 13 1999 Fox
    KMYQ 22 1998 MyNetworkTV
    16. Miami – Fort Lauderdale WSFL-TV 39 1997 CW
    18. Denver KWGN-TV 2 1966 CW
    20. Sacramento – Stockton – Modesto KTXL 40 1997 Fox
    21. St. Louis KPLR-TV 11 2003 CW
    23. Portland, Oregon KRCW-TV 32 2003 CW
    26. Bloomington, Indiana WTTV 4 2002 CW
    Indianapolis WXIN 59 1997 Fox
    Kokomo, Indiana WTTK 29
    (satellite of WTTV) 2002 CW
    27. San Diego KSWB 69 1996 CW
    29. Hartford – New Haven, CT WTIC-TV 61 1997 Fox
    Waterbury, Connecticut WTXX 20 2001 CW
    39. Grand Rapids – Battle Creek –
    Kalamazoo, MI WXMI 17 1998 Fox
    41. York – Harrisburg –
    Lancaster – Lebanon, PA WPMT 43 1997 Fox
    53. New Orleans WGNO-TV 26 1983 ABC
    WNOL-TV 38 1999 CW

    [edit] Radio station
    AM Station
    DMA# Market Station Owned Since Current Format
    3. Chicago WGN-720 1924 Talk

    [edit] Tribune Papers
    Market Paper
    New York Newsday
    New York AM New York
    Los Angeles Los Angeles Times
    Chicago Chicago Tribune
    Chicago RedEye
    Baltimore Baltimore Sun
    South Florida South Florida Sun-Sentinel
    Orlando Orlando Sentinel
    Hartford Hartford Courant
    Allentown Morning Call
    Newport News Daily Press
    Chicago, Los Angeles Hoy
    Orlando, South Florida El Sentinel

  216. btw

    anyone besides me having difficulty bringing up TM? all i get is a grey screen with the red, white and blue jackson pollock header.

    what’s the scoop? hackers?

  217. HEADS UP Hillfans!! 😀

    check this out! larry sinclair story is about to really blow up on obama camp 😀

    h t t p : / /

    be sure to read down the comment section, as there is much more information that larry explains to commentors

  218. Mj The answer to your question, Who is Elsa Lanchester? She was the real life wife of great actor Charles Laughton.She was a great actress in her own right.Both were famous for their diversity on stage,films,monologues.Both English born and wer two of the world’s great performers.I remember them well.


  219. alcina, that was exactly what I asked today. Is this a harrassment call?

    Couldn’t get TM either. Heading but gray page.

  220. lninla Says:
    April 13th, 2008 at 2:27 pm
    What offends me is that Obama is treating the Presidential election as his personal journey – Obama’s Odyssey, his Ulysses.

    BINGO!!!! He’s playing Joseph Campbell ‘hero’s journey.’ Seeking absent father … belonging to neither race, he turns out to be The One of Chosen Birth who can bring the races together…. (See also Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.)

    And if he doesn’t win, that’s some sort of tragic thing, the Philistines ganging up to crucify the Messiah….

    Or, a tragic flaw of his own: impatience, being used as a puppet by the Philistines.

    Still his story COULD have a happy ending, or at least very constructive. If he’s admitting he’s not ready, he still needs to learn and resolve his inner problems…. Then he COULD pull off something honorable, by withdrawing now, and getting a job he might be competent in and working out his problems and his political methods on a smaller scale, as governor of some little red or mixed state.

    In the right situation, and without his current advisors pushing him before he’s ready — he might accomplish something. Then he could come back in 2016 as a really good candidate, with the backing of a united party.

    Er, I mean, he could withdraw to the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights, then be resurrected….

  221. basil9 Says:

    April 13th, 2008 at 12:05 pm
    SCROLL past if you don’t like limericks.

    Obama was not Bitter
    He thought he was much Better
    Than those Blue-collar Bowlers who
    Don’t live like his jet-setters.


    Help with the last line, please. :oop

    Together, We “Get Her”

    Obama was not Bitter
    He thought he was Better
    Than those Blue-collar Bowlers who
    Really do “get her.”

  222. fox news, in one hour @ 4pm CST,5pm EST

    Bill O on with Giraldo taking on Wrights latest comments against Fox news, Bill o and Hannity

  223. Just a data point here. I haven’t yet looked at the Larry Sinclair site. As someone mentioned elsewhere, it might be the Paula Jones thing again: some nut files a suit and gets ‘discovery priviledges’ to get the target in real trouble. (Wow, imagine parsing Obama’s WORMs for ‘perjury.’)

    But I won’t link to it, I won’t touch it. Using an alleged gay scandal is an insult to gays, among other things.

  224. hi hillfans. i given up on trying to get on TM until monday. i will be on here, no quarter, and why have big media keep saying hillary is broke? she may not be raising the money at the same rate as obama but she has plenty of money. she is raising a lot online and last week with the elton john concert.

  225. I hesitated to even post this much of Carl Bernstein’s backstabbing blog on AC360. Please go over there and comment on his idiocy…has he become Maureen Dowd? He is a huge hypocrite – writing a book about Hillary just to profit from her life and then, undercut her? There are less than 20 comments now, so we have a chance to give him a piece of Hillary’s mind:

    April 12, 2008
    Carl Bernstein’s View: A Hillary Clinton presidency
    Posted: 11:01 PM ET

    What will a Hillary Clinton presidency look like?

    The answer by now seems obvious: It will look like her presidential campaign, which in turn looks increasingly like the first Clinton presidency.

    Which is to say, high-minded ideals, lowered execution, half truths, outright lies (and imaginary flights), take-no prisoners politics, some very good policy ideas, a presidential spouse given to wallowing in anger and self-pity, and a succession of aides and surrogates pushed under the bus when things don’t go right. Which is to say, often.

  226. Taylor Marsh site comes up fine on my pc. I haven’t had any problems.


    I LIKE that! let me see if i can get the meter right.

    Bill-O gonna be on at 5pm coz Wright evidently criticized him today!

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy. :mrgreen:

  227. basil


    They “Get Her”

    Obama was quite Bitter
    He thought he was Better
    Than those Blue-collar Bowlers who
    Really do “get her.”

  228. i am to get married to Indian Girl… i was scared to contact her in law to get the picture of her… most of the Indian marriages are arranged ones 🙁

  229. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it comes as a surprise to anyone that the MSM ,Publications,TV,Radio and most Polling groups are owned,controled and bankrolled by Wall Street aand Big Business intrests.They have hated Bill and Hillary since their Whitehouse days.Bill brought prosperity,higher wages,stronger unions,better working conditions,higher home ownerships and an over all feeling of security for our nation,Happy Days Truly were Here Again.They did win the battle against Hillary and her attempt to craft a Health Care Program.The Republican system of government is “KEEP THEM HUNGRY,MOVING,UNINSURED and UNEDUCATED.These conditions are now creeping back into our lives as realities. Hillary must be victorious.


    By ABM90

    ps I have been there and experienced the poverty,the Bread lines and the humiliation that was inflicted on us by HERBERT HOOVER and his ILK. Thank The Lord forthe Democrats and the Great FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT. Hillary is our next great hope and THE FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT. BIG 44 th

  230. @hillbill.. i am thinking she will get 30-40 delegates more than obama from PA… and she will do much better in IN & NC now..

  231. @Jit…. I am thinking the same thing 😀

    and it wasn’t today it was at a funeral on saturday of all places LOL
    and then today he spoke as a guest speaker of another church
    I can’t remember now if it was NC or VA? but according to AP he didn’t talk at all about
    obama or the controversies

    I am excited too, it’s like someone here said…….don’t give up when your down and walk away from the last few minutes of the game as it can change drastically that quickly 😀

  232. how can obama say that people from small towns are bitter… BS.. i live in small town people are very nice… they look very disciplined to me 🙂

  233. terrondt – I think that’s a whisper campaign – this constant running out of money thing. Ickes said they’d have enough money to compete in the next 10 contests…

    personally, I’m sure that doesn’t mean they don’t need the money. they need more money to keep up with Obama’s advertising alone.

  234. 103 district delegates are to be allocated proportionally to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the State’s 19 congressional districts.
    CD 9: 3 delegates
    CDs 5, 10, 16, 17, 19: 4 delegates each
    CDs 3, 4, 11, 12, 15, 18: 5 delegates each
    CDs 6: 6 delegates each
    CDs 1, 7, 8, 13, 14: 7 delegates each
    CD 2: 9 delegates
    In addition, 55 delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the primary vote statewide.
    35 at-large National Convention delegates
    20 Pledged PLEOs

  235. Wow, this is a very good blog, came out back on April 4th, I must have missed it:

    Liberal Elite Determined to Destroy Hillary Clinton

  236. There goes HuffPost being good little propagandists by using the Old Obama standby.

    Say something indefensible, then find Bill Clinton saying anything even remotely similiar, then twist, twist, twist.

    “The reason (George H. W. Bush’s tactic) works so well now is that you have all these economically insecure white people who are scared to death,” Clinton was quoted saying by the Los Angeles Times in September 1991.


  237. i say that clinton wins the CDs 3, 4, 11, 12, 15, 18 – means she gets 6 delegates more than obama under normal scenarios.. ofcourse if she wins any of these CD’ with more than 60% vote she will get one more delegate from that CD..

    and she wins CDs 1, 7, 8, 13, 14: – means she gets 5 delegates more than obama

    and she wins CD 2 & 9 – means gets 2 more delegates more than obama…

    this makes 13 delegates more than obama under normal scenario.. again i don’t know what are the demographics in these CD’s.

    out of 55 delegates to be allocated based on primary vote… she gets 55 – 60% of it which makes it 30 – 33… means she gets 6 delegates more than obama

    so we have her with 20 delegate lead assuming she will win all CD’.. if she performs better than 60% hahaha.. she will end up 30 – 40 delegates more than obama…

  238. Last time when Carter listened to his teenage daughter about nuclear war fear, we know what Carter got from that. I hope he has wised up this time about his grandchildren’s recommendations.

  239. Further evidence the American RightWing desperately wants Bambi to be the nominee.

    On ‘This Week with the Clinton Haters‘, Torie Clark (who was the spokespuppet for Rumsfeld over at the Pentagon) said of Bambi’s guns, religion, and xenophobic remarks about small town America:

    I think he can recover, and I think he will, pretty easily. I think Hillary Clinton can overplay her hand … and then he gets past this even faster than he would.

    They want him BAD.

  240. @joe.. yes repubs want him as nominee now after the bitter gate more than before … fox news not going after him much .. they just want to ensure that hillary gets out before attacking obama

  241. Ininla

    I can’t post to anywhere but here for the last few days…server trouble again…so if you, or anyone else, wants to take this over to AC360, be my guest…just tell me if you do.
    Sorta like your writing assignments and speaking engagements for the last 20 years, Carl?

    “Which is to say, high-minded ideals, lowered execution, half truths, outright lies (and imaginary flights), take-no prisoners” pseudo-psycoanalyis, “some very good policy ideas,” …and you, “given to wallowing in anger and self-pity, and a succession of [wives and friends] pushed under the bus when things don’t go right. Which is to say, often.”

    A few, a very few, have compared you to Maureen Dowd. She’s better than you: quicker, nastier, doesn’t have a chronic case of interruptis when there is more than herself in a room, and…she can do it in high heels.

  242. jithendra,
    Maybe you will like her! Although I’m just not the marrying kind, I’ve read that traditional, arranged marriages are often more successful than
    ‘love’ matches.

    I hope it works out for you, whatever you decide. 😀

    BTW, I’m using firefox, too, and I haven’t had problems with TM’s site.

  243. just in philly alone – according to my contact, they knocked on 5,374 doors and spoke to 2,118 people yesterday –

  244. Pittsburghers React To Controversial Obama Remarks

    (KDKA) – Pittsburghers are reacting to some controversial comments made recently by Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama. Saturday, Sen. Obama conceded that his comments made last Sunday about bitter working class voters who “cling to guns or religion” could have been better phrased.

    KDKA’s Paul Martino talked with some local people about the remarks.

    “It’s a right to own a gun. You have every right in the world to own a gun,” said Oakdale resident Mike Smith. “He’s got no right to take that away from anybody.”

    Local teacher, Joe Welch, of South Fayette Township, says he is an undecided Democratic voter, but adds that Obama’s remarks may sway him now to vote for Senator Hillary Clinton.

    “I don’t want to make an instant reaction here, but this is something I’ll take into consideration,” said Welch. “Religion and personal freedoms, that’s something that should be taken into consideration.”

    Meanwhile, the gun lobby had their own reaction to the remarks.

    “Outrage … people are very concerned that this man is distant, doesn’t understand his responsibilities, said Kim Stolfer, of the Allegheny County Sportmen’s League. “He doesn’t understand what the people need.”

  245. alcina,

    Like i said, I’ve NEVER had problems with TM but like inninla I also have firefox.

    Maybe it’s coz I always do google and bring up the top google listing and click on from there?

    (I’ve bookmarked her site but there are so MANY links there now it’s quicker for me to google it.) 😳

  246. basil9

    just tried google..didn’t work. damn, must be a new england black-out, or something. thanks anyway.

  247. lindax,

    It didn’t SOUND like he was gonna ignore his grandkids. 🙁

    I took it as an implicit endorsement.

  248. Hillbill,

    Just pulled up the site.

    The Liberal Elite
    (short for Bourgois Bohemians!


    BOBO’s! it’s perfect. 😀

  249. go to this site, post a blog regarding Obama, guns, religion and his hidden agenda

  250. Admin: brilliant, just brilliant–

    Who is more inarticulate, George W. Bush or Barack H. Obama? Is Obama inarticulate or did he express his real bigotry? Obama is either as tongue tied as Bush or as bigoted as Wright.

    If that is a question then here is a clue: he did not spend 20 years with Bush as his spiritual advisor.

  251. hillbill,
    After reading that article I’m more convinced than ever that HRC is gonna be the nominee. What a brilliant analysis.

    And it also reminded me of a group I’ve left off the Who-Has-Obama-Insulted-List.

    i forgot about the Archie Bunker Ohioans.


  252. Guns, Religion & Democracy

    In 2006 Obama gave a controversial speech regarding the need for “Progressives” to embrace religion as a tool for enabling our democracy. He even went so far as to suggest that it appropriate for students to use public schools to conduct or hold prayer groups and that as a society we should not fear this {merging of church and state – my paraphrasing}. Speed ahead to 2008 and “rural America” clinging to their guns and religion – how contradictory – Clearly, he is afraid of “rural America” and is uncomfortable representing this constituency – seems like Wright’s sermons have impacted his psyche!

  253. ALCINA – I was having the same problem all weekend with not being able to access TM’s site… just kept getting a gray screen. It must be our IE browsers because I just downloaded the Firefox browser and now I can access TM just fine.

    download FIREFOX browser from here:

    and you should be good to go!

  254. monkeybusiness – I’m on a Mac using Safari and Firefox and have had not problems with getting to the TM site – it may be an internet provider issue

  255. Linfar,
    Beautifully written, although i couldn’t see where to recommend and I couldn’t post a comment coz i don’t have an account.

    About church: I had exactly the OPPOSITE reaction. By the time I was 8 or 9 my mom would sometimes send me by myself but instead of going there I’d always end up in a wooded area, climbing trees when I was younger and then, when i was almost a teenager, climbing trees and trying to smoke cigarettes. I wasn’t too good at multi-tasking back then, either.


  256. The thing that is especially telling about Obama’s statement that everyone is leaving out is that he said it in response to a question about why he was having trouble connecting with PA voters.

    He might have well have said “because they are a bitter and ignorant”

  257. Here is Michelle Obama’s quote. She didn’t parse much:

    “You’re not talking to each other, taking advantage that you’re in this diverse community. Because sometimes it’s easier to hold on to your own stereotypes and misconceptions. It makes you feel justified in your own ignorance. That’s America.”

    Tell me that the Obama’s don’t think Americans are ignorant!

  258. abcnews just had god story on obama-they interviewed folks in pa and it wasnt pretty. they are pissed. they dont trust him now hate him bc he dissed them in san fran.

  259. Yup Joe, as i said Yesterday, The PA people seemed pissed over this. I’ve had similar comments from Pennsylvania voters too. Actually some of them i cant say here because the amount of expletives was too much.

    In essence from people I’ve talked to about these comments essentially said Obama go fuck yourself.

  260. Two things. Now the media is saying Teamsters are his ace in the hole. I do worry about that because PA trucking industry is massive. Second, this from a comment on Hill’s blog. Anyone hear this:
    foot in mouth take two
    On NPR this afternoon it was reported that there is another tape surfacing of a speech made by BO some time back in which he states in essence that when men and women in small towns lose jobs and get bitter, the men turn to hunting and the women to religion. Apparently this is a pattern in his beliefs. I don’t think the media is ultimately going to be able to let this slide by especially if the Hillary and/or McCain campaigns can get these remarks included in an ad. I am hopeful the truth will be made known to Americans.

  261. The Teamsters members i’d think would be pretty pissed off regardless off what their union told them to do.

    Its one thing being told by a union to vote for someone, its another actually doing it. Just look at Nevada.

    I would not worry about it.

  262. Look at my earlier post – he is the most contradictory person – he speaks from both sides of his mouth!

  263. God the Jeremiah Wright does not know when to shut the fuck up.

    Jesus, what to do you think O’Reilly and Hanity are going to do to Obama and Wright now he’s dragged them back into it calling them “stuck on stupid”.

    Rev Wright vs Fox News. Who do you think will win?

  264. mj,

    I can’t imagine that many people will vote for him, even if they SAY they will or feel OBLIGATED to do so by a union. It’s not like a caucus. No one can see which lever you pull when you go into the voting booth.

    But that’s my take. Pennsylvanians are very much like up-state New Yorkers.

  265. moonpluto,

    I still don’t get WHAT the latest Wright diss was and where it was said.

    I heard Bill-O being phone-interviewed by Gerald-O but I couldn’t understand the context. Can you explain?

  266. BLOOMSBURG, Pa. – Bill Clinton took a swipe at remarks about small-town voters made by his wife’s rival for the Democratic presidential nomination while trumpeting her credentials with a little more than a week left until the critical Pennsylvania primary.

    Speaking in a middle-school gym, the former president opened his talk by relaying comments made to him before arriving on stage.

    “I just want you to know that the people you are about to see, they’re not bitter, they’re proud,” Clinton told the crowd in recalling the comments to him. “They just want this country to go in a different direction.”

    Clinton didn’t identify Sen. Barack Obama by name, though he was referring to remarks made by the Illinois senator last week, when Obama explained his troubles winning over working class voters by saying they have become frustrated with the country’s economic conditions.

    Clinton said it was important to “not ever bet against America” and championed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s work to improve health, education and economic development in rural Arkansas while Clinton was governor there.

  267. MJ if this story is true it will certainly be the end of him. Not only does it confirm a belief system, but it is also sexual stereotyping. Women will be pissed, too!

    Let’s find that tape!!!

  268. This is one quote i find disgusting in that speech of his yesterday. I mean seriously WTF.

    “First reported by The Chicago Sun Times, Wright told mourners at the funeral that Thomas Jefferson, who partook in “pedophilia,” would also be considered unpatriotic these days because he wrote, “God would punish America for the sin of slavery.”

    Is that the Spiritual advisor of a US President? ”

    Thomas Jefferson was an owner of slaves and impregnated his 16 year old slave Sally Hemmings. Nowadays, we would call that pedophilia. If it quacks like a duck, well, you know the rest.

  269. (Reverand Wright) said: “Fox News can’t understand that. O’Reilly will never get that. Sean Hannity’s stupid fantasy will keep him forever stuck on stupid when it comes to comprehending how you can love a brother who does not believe what you believe.” Wright also referred to Fox News as “Fix News.”

    Thanks Rev.

    BTW, Carville was strong today on MTP pointing to Indiana as the pivotal state, using BO’s own quoting of the same.
    Paraphrasing, ‘She takes PA, he gets NC, it comes down to Indiana.’

    Ok, we’re up there last I saw by a few pts, know we have support of Byah. Who’s got more?

  270. moonpluto,
    Thanks. i read that and another article saying HRC hinted O’Bitta’s remarks could cost the dems the GE.

    The comments I read were more pro-HRC and one had me LMAO.

    It called Obama supporters the Obama Zombie Nation AKA the
    O-BOZOIDS. (accent on the first syllable).
    the O-BO-ZO-IDS. (accent on 2nd syllable)

  271. hillbill.

    Which tape? the one that’s rumored to exist with video of O’Bitta making those comments in SF?

  272. In a posting this evening, reports that its correspondent witnessed Sen. Barack Obama attending one of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s anti-white sermons on July 22 and nodding his head in agreement with the black congregation.

    The report on the conservative website directly contradicts the Democratic presidential candidate’s recent statements that while he denounced the pastor’s controversial anti-American and anti-white rhetoric, he had never heard such declarations himself in church or in private.

    Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for the Obama campaign, immediately denied the Newsmax report, saying Obama was in Miami that day. He referred to an item hastily posted on the Obama Fact Check website saying simply: “Fact: Obama did not attend services on July 22.”

    The lengthy Newsmax report by Ronald Kessler said its correspondent, Jim Davis, attended services on July 22, 2007, at the Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago’s South Side and saw Obama in attendance. Kessler’s story states:

    “In his sermon that day, Wright tore into America, referring to the ‘United States of White America’ and lacing his sermon with expletives as Obama listened. Hearing Wright’s attacks on his own country, Obama had the opportunity to walk out, but Davis said the senator sat in his pew and nodded in agreement.”

    (UPDATE: On Monday the Newsmax site issued a statement with the Kessler story that it stands by the account, despite campaign denials that Obama was in church that day. It points out that he could have attended some services and still traveled to Miami that day and that its correspondent attended several July services and saw the senator and his Secret Service detail witness the service as described in the article. It says Obama spokesmen declined several opportunities to comment before publication of its initial report on the sermon.)

    The Sunday night Kessler story links to Davis’ original account of the …

    July 22 service, which was posted on the Newsmax website on Aug. 9, 2007, and headlined: “Obama’s Church: Cauldron of Division.” In it, Davis describes being initially blocked from entering the church, how few whites (except for Obama’s Secret Service detail) were among the 2,500 people in attendance and how skilled an orator the Rev. Wright was.

    He describes the now-familiar anti-white rhetoric, the excitement of the congregation, Obama’s two decades of close ties to Wright and how another congregation member and a prominent Obama supporter, Oprah Winfrey, had joined the church in 1984 but withdrew her membership some years ago allegedly over Wright’s preachings.

    It’s an extremely touchy issue for the Illinois senator’s campaign. The minister coached and counseled Obama during his early community organizing days, and one of his sermon titles led to the title of Obama’s best-selling book, “The Audacity of Hope.” Wright married Barack and Michelle Obama and baptized both of their daughters.

    In a Sunday conference call, Obama campaign manager David Axelrod admitted that the campaign recognized Wright as a potential problem more than a year ago and had disinvited the pastor from giving the invocation at the announcement of Obama’s presidential candidacy on Feb. 10, 2007, in Springfield, Ill.

  273. hillfans, for what it is worth proffesor allan lichtman has his keys to the white house at 7 to 8 negative keys against the gop. a minimum 6 negative keys perdict victory for the dems in nov. he feels obama flips the charismatic key to 8 keys. he feels hillary has 7 keys against the gop. i studied his books and theory and he has had perdictions all right for years. 2000 was a speacial case. his system perdicts NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE ONLY.

  274. No Basil, that was was actually post at HuffPo.

    I’m talking about the one MJ said she heard about on NPR today that supposedly has Obama saying at another event that he “states in essence that when men and women in small towns lose jobs and get bitter, the men turn to hunting and the women to religion. ”

    Not only out of touch, but sexist.

  275. FDR,

    ZOWIE! The REAL smoking gun. Proof O’Bitta attended the Wright anti-white sermons. And a separate story by Jim Davis, from AUGUST 2007 describing it!

  276. FDR,

    I think moonplutos right . I didn’t understand the article was from March 16.


    I figured it out AFTER I posted.

  277. basil9 – lark. And thought the saying was “rubber baby buggy bumpers.” Right up there with expression that can find (whatever) “in Maude’s room behind the clock”.

  278. terrondt,

    I’m a little dense. 😳

    I don’t understand this keys to the WH theory. Can you explain?

  279. The best analogy i can think of for this Dem Primary season, is that this is a horserace, Obama’s ahead by six lengths coming into the final bend and then unexpectedly jumps over the wrong fence and breaks his leg, gets put down by the vets leavin Clinton scot free to saunter over the finish line.

  280. terrondt,

    proffesor allan lichtman has his keys to the white house at 7 to 8 negative keys against the gop. a minimum 6 negative keys perdict victory for the dems in nov. he feels obama flips the charismatic key to 8 keys. he feels hillary has 7 keys against the gop.

    Looks like Bambi just dropped some of his keys down the toilet.

  281. You just can’t beat that ‘prodding from reporters’ when it comes to gathering information; from LA Times

    The Rev Jeremiah Wright WAS an early concern Obama aide admits

    After he moved to Chicago in the mid-1980s to work as a community organizer, Barack Obama forged close ties with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright — joining the pastor’s Trinity United Church of Christ in 1988 and using the topic of a Wright sermon, “the audacity of hope,” as the title of his most recent best-selling book.

    But more than a year ago — long before some of Wright’s more incendiary sermons became hot-button videos on YouTube, forcing Obama to publicly renounce his pastor last week — the Obama campaign had a sense that Wright’s sharp tongue might spell trouble for the Illinois senator. (For a sermon sample, click on the Read more line below.)

    That was the word anyway Sunday from Obama’s chief strategist, David Axelrod, who acknowledged during a conference call with reporters that Wright was disinvited …

    from Obama’s official candidacy announcement on Feb. 10, 2007, in the shadow of the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Ill.

    Wright had been expected to lead an invocation of some kind, but never appeared.

    “There was no doubt that there was controversy surrounding him,” Axelrod said Sunday. “And we didn’t want to expose him … [or] make him the target and a distraction on a day when Sen. Obama was going to announce his candidacy.”

    So if the savvy Obama campaign knew Wright was a problem a year ago, why did the Illinois senator, a parish member for two decades, wait until last week to disassociate and denounce the minister’s inflammatory statements?

    The topic is clearly uncomfortable for Obama and his aides, personally and politically. Axelrod’s comments came only after prodding from a reporter and after he had initially suggested that Wright’s absence that day was due merely to the fact that the temperature was in the single digits.

  282. curiosity,

    That’s it!

    Rubber baby buggy bumpers. hehehehe

    Everyone, if I’ve been more dizzy and giddy than usual today it’s cause this is the LAST week of a grueling 18 Month medical treatment and I am ecstatic that the end is in sight. Plus, once I’m finished, I’ll have lots more energy for OTHER stuff, like helping in NYS during the GE when HRC gets the nomination. 😀

  283. I wonder what the Bitter Hopeless Oaf will fuck up next.

    I love my new name for Obama, such good use of his initials.

  284. Thanks lin.

    I won’t know the final outcome for another 6 months but just going off these meds is gonna be like being reborn. You know the old saying: “The cure is often worse than the disease.”
    Finding this site and having someone else to fight for, in my limited capacity, has been a huge boost to my morale and also helped me feel like I’m doing something to help HRC win the WH. Mentally and psychologically it’s been fantastic but it sure will be good to regain my physical strength, as well.

  285. I just heard that it is Al Gore and Jimmy Carter that is behind the problems Hillary has at the dnc, per Fox News a few minutes ago!

  286. Don’t worry Basil, we all love you and wish you all the best wishes in the world.

    You’re a strong man, many would buckle under what you are going through.

    A fighter knows a true fighter, I guess thats partly why you love HRC as much as we do.

  287. It was reported in the “Scotsman” the one that broke “monstergate”. Carter denys it and has stated today that he won’t be endorsing a candidate until the convention.

  288. If both Gore and Carter are proven to be meddling, well fuck both of them, they can go to hell.

    Sour Grapes, Carters sour that Clinton was a much better Pres. and Gore because he fucked it up and was too spineless to take the Repugs on in Florida.

  289. thank God basil.

    BTW, the business of Obama dis-inviting Rev. Wright to his announcement was to my mind always the key issue.

    If they knew there was a problem, why didn’t BO steer clear of him?
    It is the clearest indication of a their duplicity, and it’s no accident they acknowledged it during the current O’Bitta fiasco.

    *You’ll remember they finally availed themselves to the press on Rezko during the original Rev Wright flareup.*

    They’re a bunch of cute pricks, but the cumulative effect is becoming too much for any candidate to bear.

  290. Maybe, they are going by the article in Scotsman, that has been denied by Carter. He will endorse BO at the convention.

  291. Honestly Basil, I wasn’t aware you were enduring a problem.

    Christ! If you’re this good under the weather I’d luv to see you at full strength – and hopefully soon we will.

    Can’t wait.

  292. ugh. if it really was Gore and Carter, I’m never ever supporting the loser Democratic party ever again after Hillary and Bill of course.

  293. MJS,

    That’s what I was trying to tell you when we got into it over a potential independent run!

  294. guys. I think that we will never have to fear a Barack Obama presidency. At least not in the foreseeable future. Now, our only worry should be about making Hillary the nominee! 🙂 One goal down, one to go!

  295. Blue Democrat, I still think Hillary is entitled to and should definitely get the Democratic nomination based on all she and bill have done for the party.

  296. Bho’s insinuation is that working-class people rely on guns for feelings of empowerment (due to their lack of intellect) and that working-class people possess religiosity, a preoccupation with religion for solace due to their bitterness and anger toward society. He therefore, discounts owners of guns or firemarms as anything but rational and sane, and completely eliminates the suggestion that religion is worshipping their God and Savior and is cherished by literally milliions of Americans. He is an elitist who looks down on hunters and gun owners, and he has no real belief in God, nor Jesus Christ. If you ever wondered about his true beliefs, listen to what his off-the-cuff remarks revealed. They furnished the answers without BHO even realizing that he “gave himself away”, as he exposed the true self; and that he has lived with this emptiness his entire life. He has no soul. He is a pre-programmed, packaged, marketable commodity, created by the far, far-left and is being shoved down the throats of true patriotic Americans. It is up to the believers in the Constitution – believers in the founders of this country who defend the founders, not condemn them – to reject BHO and everthing that he represents. For if he is the new face of the Democratic Party, then there are millions and millions of Americans who are leaderless. And who will never, NEVER accept BHO as their Commander-in-Chief. Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, Carter, and Gore can just accept those cold, hard facts – because that is the plain and simple truth.

  297. SERIOUSLY, the BEST thing about this “Snob-gate” is that it guarantees that EVEN IF Obama were the nominee (not so likely now…), He would NEVER be elected president after those words and after the GOP has some fun with hiM 🙂

  298. don’t forget, guys

    the “compassion forum” ( yup, that really is the title ) is on CNN 8:00 EST. it’ll take a few heineken’s to get through the BO portion of this.

    have a good night all.

    ps. basil9..18mos, holy smokes. congratulations.

  299. seriously, sorry if I’m posting like crazy, but this snob-gate thing is like a golden gift from the satanic messiah himself 🙂

  300. The Democrats have always been stupid about the Clinton’s. They thought nothing would ever change, and with BC in the WH they could be in charge. They didn’t help him pass universal health care(an initiative Gingrich said would mean Dem rule for decades). Then they lost Congress and blamed the Clinton’s. They really screws up a lot.

  301. i hear Hillary is going first on the faith forum. So…do they do it with separate time slots? If so…I’m only going to watch the hillary part. I can’t stand looking at that america-hating misogynist.

  302. I believe that John Kerry, Al Gore, and Bill Richardson actually do not believe BHO can win GE. They support him to get rid of Clintons and prepare to run in 20012.

  303. Would like to delve more into the theory about how the brain’s make-up dictates those who will lean to the right or left. Does anyone have link to that recent study? Because, theoretically – guess it’s a stretch – but why wouldn’t that also hold true for the brain’s ability to accept or reject religious beliefs and values? Have read many places that BHO’s mother was atheist, stated in different ways. Father Muslim – and has kinship to Odinga. Guess you see where I’m headed with this. But really, if this is has any scientific basis – then he may truly be capable of only “talking the talk” (ad nauseum), but is truly incapable of “walking the walk.” Robotic. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Giant green pods at midnight. I really do feel like we are all in the midst of the Twilight Zone and having one out-of-body experience after another. There is something that feels so “science fiction” about all this – so that’s why I think, like Hal Lindsey wrote over thirty years ago , “Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth,” along with “The Late Great Planet Earth,” (among many others). We need to reject BHO – as he in no way represents the party of FDR, Harry Truman, JFK – YES JFK, or Bill Clinton. REJECT HIM and every lie he tells, shortly on CNN. Flim-Flam Snake-Oil Salesman. The Magnificent OZ is exposed behind the curtain as the dweeb he really is.

  304. Awwwww….

    Thanks Bluedem, Moonpluto and Mj.

    I didn’t mean to go there. It just slipped out. And I think seeing HRC fight so hard has really inspired me.

    BTW – moonpluto – He’s a SHE. 🙂

  305. Excuse me but Carters presidency was a train wreck in slo motion. Ineffective is actually a mild term to describe it.

  306. With weak people like Sen John Kerry and Barack Obama saying it couldn’t happen anyway because the Republicans wouln’t vote for universal healthcare.

    And then we have a Speak of the House Nance “Impeachment is off the table” Pelosi…it’s a wonder we’ve won our independence from the British with all the wishy washy leaders in our party.

  307. I’ll just have to let you Heineken drinkers watch the BO portion and report back to us here as I can’t drink right now and watching O’Bitta could reverse months of medical progress.

    Thanks Alcina. Have an extra one for me. 😀

  308. basil9 – Fabulous that you have weathered a storm. Keep the faith buddy, and we’ll all help you lead our crusade here in cyberspace. Seeing as we’re all part of this vast science fiction-feeling social experiment! Best wishes to you. You are inspirational to me.

  309. All of his supporters like clock work are spreading blogs that this can’t be that bad he got two newspaper endorsements. Guys, this is going to come of strong but this is the truth i believe if we do not do something soon and drastic to the news media Hillary Clinton might lose the election! We need to stand up to this media spin and now! WHO KNOWS PEOPLE THAT CAN GET ON TV, NOW!!!!!!

  310. winhillary Says: All of his supporters like clock work are spreading blogs that this can’t be that bad he got two newspaper endorsements. Guys, this is going to come of strong but this is the truth i believe if we do not do something soon and drastic to the news media Hillary Clinton might lose the election! We need to stand up to this media spin and now! WHO KNOWS PEOPLE THAT CAN GET ON TV, NOW!!!!!!

    I don’t think that this spin will work unless they are able to stop people talking about the issue. What’s more important is for this issue to be in the public consciousness for as long as possible. And I think that both Hillary’s surrogates and the right wing media will see to it that this is always talked about.

  311. Hillary was fabulous, but it makes me sick that they made Hillary sit there while Obama made his “rock star entrance”. Disgusting set up.

    Hillary needs to become president. She is the right person at the right time for this country.

  312. And of course you’re frustrated about that. Of course you’re angry about that. Of course you’re bitter about that. But here’s the good news: the good news is, that when we started this campaign we said we were gonna do something different,” he said.

    To the tune of “Right Here in River City”!

  313. birdgal Says:
    April 13th, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    Maybe, they are going by the article in Scotsman, that has been denied by Carter. He will endorse BO at the convention.

    Carter hinted in some Nigerian interview that he might eventually go along with his family who support Obama. However he STATED to ABC that he will NOT endorse till the convention, and talked about a candidate needing popular vote as well as delegates and states.

    Look, isn’t that a message loud and clear that the race should NOT end BEFORE the convention? And who does THAT favor?

    (There’s a lot of time before the convention for Carter’s family to change their minds, when Obama gets around to insulting them too. Hm, actually, the NIgerian interview was long before the ‘cling to guns, religion/antipathy’ boo-boo. Some of them may have ALREADY changed their minds.)

    I posted the link to the ABC piece earlier on Hot Topics.

  314. RCP has Hillary at 7% down from 7.6% which is a joke. I don’t trust that Zogby poll at all as his brother is a pro Arab SD for Obama…..If people don’t wake up after this latest BO mistep, then they deserve whatever they get.

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