Real Men Love Hillary Clinton

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Speaking of misogynists,

(New Yorkers – don’t forget the protest outside NBC this Friday morning at 8:00 a.m., West 48th Street and Rockefeller Plaza)

the Sunday, April 13, 2008 New York Times Magazine has a profile of festering weed Chris Matthews. Not much is learned from watching Matthews or the networks he is on. There is only frustration and deception to be retrieved from NBC/MSNBC’s fetid waters

Excerpts which help to explain why Matthews is so at home with Obama’s circus of the ridiculous:

He is, in a sense, the carnival barker at the center of it, spewing tiny pellets of chewed nuts across the table while comparing Obama to Mozart and Clinton to Salieri. At one point, Matthews suddenly became hypnotized by a TV over the bar set to a rebroadcast of “Hardball.” “Hey, there I am — it’s me,” he said, staring at himself on the screen. “It’s me.” [snip]

He gets in trouble sometimes and has to apologize — as he did after suggesting that Hillary Clinton owed her election to the Senate to the fact that her husband “messed around.” He is also something of a YouTube sensation: see Chris getting challenged to a duel by the former Georgia governor, Zell Miller; describing the “thrill going up my leg” after an Obama speech; dancing with (and accidentally groping) Ellen DeGeneres on her show; shouting down the conservative commentator Michelle Malkin; ogling CNBC’s Erin Burnett. And he has provided a running bounty of material for Media Matters for America, a liberal media watchdog, which has devoted an entire section of its Web site (“The Matthews Monitor”) to cataloging Matthews’s alleged offenses, especially against Hillary Clinton and women generally.

Matthews the dinosaur:

Yet for as basic as he has become to the political and media furniture, Matthews is anything but secure. He is of the moment, but, at 62, also something of a throwback — to an era of politics set in the ethnic Democratic wards of the ’60s and the O’Neill-Reagan battles of the ’80s. And he is a product of an aging era of cable news, the late-’90s, when “Hardball” started and Matthews made his name as a battering critic of Bill Clinton during the Monica saga.

Cable political coverage has changed, however, and so has the sensibility that viewers — particularly young ones — expect from it. Matthews’s bombast is radically at odds with the wry, antipolitical style fashioned by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert or the cutting and finely tuned cynicism of Matthews’s MSNBC co-worker Keith Olbermann. These hosts betray none of the reverence for politics or the rituals of Washington that Matthews does. On the contrary, they appeal to the eye-rolling tendencies of a cooler, highly educated urban cohort of the electorate that mostly dismisses an exuberant political animal like Matthews as annoyingly antiquated, like the ranting uncle at the Thanksgiving table whom the kids have learned to tune out.

Nothing illustrated Matthews’s discordance with the new cable ethos better than an eviscerating interview he suffered through last fall at the hands of Stewart himself. Matthews went on the “The Daily Show” to promote his book “Life’s a Campaign: What Politics Has Taught Me About Friendship, Rivalry, Reputation and Success.” The book essentially advertises itself as a guidebook for readers wishing to apply the lessons of winning politicians to succeeding in life. “People don’t mind being used; they mind being discarded” is the title of one chapter. “A self-hurt book” and “a recipe for sadness” Stewart called it, and the interview was all squirms from there. “This strikes me as artifice,” Stewart said. “If you live by this book, your life will be strategy, and if your life is strategy, you will be unhappy.”

Clean the house, wash the windows, gas up the car, shop for groceries, just don’t watch NBC/MSNBC:

Part of this can be viewed purely through a bottom-line lens. Matthews’s contract expires next year, and NBC officials clearly would like to renew it for considerably less than the $5 million a year he is making now. Whether it’s a formal talking point or not, NBC officials seem bent on conveying the message that they could get the same ratings, or better ones, for considerably less money.

But the broader issue involves whether Matthews is a man trapped in a tired caricature. And it touches on the future of his archetype in general — in other words, whither the cable blowhard? The “What happens to Chris” question — a hot topic at NBC these days — infuses the Matthews story with a kind of “lion in winter” urgency, if not poignancy. It also goes to the core of how Matthews sees himself, how cable news is changing and how Americans perceive of and consume their politics.

Who knew? Buffoons have standards:

A number of people I spoke with at NBC said that Russert can be disdainful of Matthews, whose act he often sees as clownish. They also told me that Russert believes Matthews is something of a loose cannon who brings him undue headaches in his capacity as NBC’s Washington bureau chief. This friction was immortalized in notes revealed during the trial of Scooter Libby. Mary Matalin, an adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, was quoted as having suggested that Libby call Russert to complain about Matthews’s rants against the White House’s Iraq policy. “Call Tim — he hates Chris,” Matalin supposedly told Libby. [snip]

Friends say Matthews is wary of another up-and-comer, David Gregory, who last month was given a show at 6 o’clock, between airings of “Hardball.” It is a common view around NBC that Gregory is trying out as a possible replacement for Matthews. [snip]

Matthews seems less than thrilled with “co-anchoring” MSNBC’s election coverage with him, as he has done on many nights during this campaign. When Olbermann is on the same set, Matthews appears different — restrained, even shrinking at times. According to people at NBC, Matthews has not been shy in voicing his resentment of Olbermann. Nor, according to network sources, has Olbermann bothered to hide his low regard for Matthews, although when I spoke to him, Olbermann denied any personal animosity toward Matthews and told me that he appreciates his “John Madden-like enthusiasm for politics.”


“Hardball” had its debut in 1997, on CNBC, and was catapulted by the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Matthews built an instant following, and loathing. In his book about the media’s conduct during the Monica saga, Bill Kovach, the founding chairman of the Committee of Concerned Journalists, anointed Matthews as part of a “new class of chatterers who emerged in this scandal . . . a group of loosely credentialed, self-interested performers whose primary job is remaining on TV.” [snip]

If Matthews has an overriding professional insecurity, it is being confined to the pigeonhole of cable blowhard. The insecurity is well founded, since this is how many people view him. “The shorthand for Chris in the gossip columns is always ‘blabbermouth’ or ‘cable yakker’ or something,” said Nancy Nathan, the executive producer of “The Chris Matthews Show.” [snip]

As I began researching this article, Jeremy Gaines, an MSNBC spokesman, gave me the names of about a dozen people that Matthews recommended I speak to, all famous — everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Marvin Hamlisch. But gatekeepers for more than one of these people expressed confusion as to why Matthews would refer me to them. “Please keep us out of this,” pleaded a spokesperson for one prominent politician whom Matthews had recommended via Gaines.

Matthews loves Obama but says he does not:

He has been attacked, repeatedly, for his perceived pro-Obama/anti-Clinton perspective — a bias he disputes. He notes that he and the former first lady like to “kid around” when they see each other and that he did a memorably tough interview with an Obama surrogate, State Senator Kirk Watson of Texas, who failed — despite Matthews’s grilling — to identify a single legislative accomplishment by Obama. “That was an iconic moment,” Matthews said of the Watson interview.

Still, it’s hard to watch Matthews and conclude that he has been anything less than enthralled by Obama and, at the very least, is sick of Clinton. The antipathy dates back some time. Just before the start of Clinton’s first campaign for the Senate in 2000, Matthews said: “Hillary Clinton bugs a lot of guys, I mean, really bugs people — like maybe me on occasion. . . . She drives some of us absolutely nuts.” During this campaign he has repeatedly referred to her sense of entitlement and arrogance. Meanwhile, David Shuster, a correspondent for MSNBC who appears frequently on “Hardball,” was suspended for two weeks earlier this year for asking whether the Clinton campaign had “pimped out” Chelsea Clinton by enlisting her to court celebrities and superdelegates.

By contrast, Matthews has called Obama “bigger than Kennedy” and compared the success of his campaign to “the New Testament.” His reviews of Obama’s speeches have been comically effusive at times, as when he described “this thrill going up my leg” after an Obama victory speech. (“Steady,” Olbermann cautioned him on the air.)

“I love Chris, but he definitely drank the Obama Kool-Aid,” Ed Rendell, the Pennsylvania governor and a Clinton supporter, told me.

In a recent interview on “Morning Joe” with Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who had just endorsed Obama, Matthews described the “stunning picture” of a Latino governor (Richardson) standing with an African-American candidate and how inspiring it was for so many voters. “That is where we should be putting our focus, not on the feelings of the Clintons, about what people owe them and their sense of entitlement,” Matthews said.

Richardson tried to say something, but Matthews just kept going. “We’ve got to stop talking about this as if this were a sitcom,” Matthews continued. “We had eight years of the sitcom. . . . It’s a sitcom, and it’s gotta end.” He lamented that 4,000 people are dead in Iraq “because of decisions made by politicians like the Clintons.”

Mika Brzezinski, a co-host of “Morning Joe,” then asked Matthews whether he was endorsing Obama.

“Why would you say that?” Matthews said, looking dumbfounded.

Wife and daughter love Obama too:

So Kathleen made lattes in the kitchen while Caroline — home on a break from Penn — sat at an island-table spread with Sunday newspapers. She is finishing her freshman year and active in the Obama campaign. Kathleen, meanwhile, contributed $2,200 to the Clinton campaign. [snip]

“We all talk about the Clintons,” Matthews said at the conclusion of a diatribe about the national obsession with Bill and Hillary. “I have never been at a party where it doesn’t become a topic. Who are we gonna talk about? Bob Dole? John Kerry? Al Gore?”

Kathleen added, “Also, we’ve had so much time with them. We’ve watched them in this fishbowl.”

Chris: “I find it very hard to do.”

Kathleen: “With the Obamas, we can’t even speculate.”

The “sexist thing”:

The conversation moved to what Matthews calls “the sexist thing,” or what Media Matters calls Matthews’s “history of degrading comments about women, in which he focuses on the physical appearances of his female guests and of other women discussed on his program.” This would include Matthews loudly admiring the conservative radio host Laura Ingraham (“You’re great looking, obviously — one of God’s gifts to men in this country”), Elizabeth Edwards (“You’ve got a great face”), Jane Fonda (“You also dazzle us with your beauty and all the good things”), CNBC’s Margaret Brennan (“You’re gorgeous”) and Erin Burnett (“You’re beautiful. . . . You’re a knockout”), among others. The Burnett episode was especially remarked upon. In the video Matthews instructed Burnett to “get a little closer to the camera.” As Burnett became confused, Matthews persisted: “Come on in closer. No, come in — come in further — come in closer. Really close.” It was, at the minimum, uncomfortable to watch.

Matthews says the notion that he is sexist has been pushed unfairly by blogs, women’s groups and, to some degree, the Clinton campaign. His remark that Clinton benefitted because her husband “messed around” triggered much outrage from the Clinton team. Matthews eventually apologized in a rambling on-air explanation, but he hardly sounds contrite now. “I was tonally inaccurate but factually true,” he told me. I had asked him earlier if he was forced into the apology. “Oh, yeah, of course I was forced into that,” he said, laughing. “No, no, no . . . Phil [Griffin] asked me to do that.”

Matthews vigorously denies the broader charge that he demeans women on the air. “I don’t think there’s any evidence of that at all,” he said at brunch. “I’ve gone back and looked. Give me the evidence. No one can give it to me. I went through all my stuff. I can’t find it.” I mentioned Erin Burnett, and the name landed like a brick on the dining-room table.

* * *

The rest of Your Song. Thank you Elton John:


412 thoughts on “Real Men Love Hillary Clinton

  1. ADMIN,
    Excellent Mathews expose! 😀
    great news about another SD for HRC.
    All, FWIW,
    My sense of something good happening for HRC is even stronger today than yesterday. I seldom predict anything but I’m sure she is going to win PA handily. Has everyone noticed the ‘campaign coverage blackout?’ Compared to the past 3 months there have been far fewer articles or segments about either candidate. The calm before the storm? A premonition of Bo’s imminent PA shipwreck? 👿

  2. basil, I think so too. however, the media will try to minimize her win even if it’s great. the DNC will know however who is bringing the big states.

  3. basil did you see the ruralvotes link yesterday? Look back and send the superdelegate a response if you havent. your letter are extremely well written. I posted a letter for HRC support

  4. Dot,
    I copied the addy and will email later, when i get home (if I can ever manage to actually get out of here!)
    I’m signing up with either Spega or another group to do newspaper blogging. I’ve sent letters and emails to all the PA media and will do the same for Indiana once that primary gets closer. In the meantime, I’m STILL fiddling with geekslove video and how to embed it. (I’m stubborn that way – not always the brightest bulb in the pack but determined, yes.)

    BTW, how’s hubby today and any news on the house?

  5. Elton was terrific last night, and so were Hillary and Bill. It was so great to be in a place as big as Radio City with so many dyed-in-the-wool Hillary people. Terry McAuliffe opened with a rousing speech, very, very confident about the upcoming contests.

    Let’s dig in and keep pushing – if we do we’ll win the popular vote. When that happens it will be tough to make the case Hillary doesn’t deserve the nom when we get to Denver!

  6. positivelyclintonian,

    You were there!!!!!!! You lucky DOG! Tell us everything. 😀

    BTW – any chance video clips will be posted on youtube anytime soon?

  7. Hillary Goals

    I have made a “Hillary Goal” list for myself. These are my goals to help Hillary win. Everyday I will work on accomplishing these goals. Other then the ongoing ones my goal is to complete them by April 22nd. I encourage everyone to make a “Hillary Goal” list and start working it!

    Send letters in support of Hillary to Oregon papers through Hillary Responders.

    Do a Guest Blog on Hillary.Clinton regarding the fund raising event I worked on in Calif.

    Make calls to PA.

    Travel to Philladelphia April 18-23 to work on Hillary’s campaign.

    Continue to hold the media accountable by writing them and calling them on their bias.

    Continue to blog in support of Hillary.

    Make a “Hillary Speaks for Me” YouTube video.

    Continue donating money and fund raising.

    Join Facebook groups that support Hillary and voters rights.

    Continue praying/meditating for Hillary.

  8. Basil – The concert was pretty awesome. Some press covering the event – the lines outside Radio City were very long with the extra security, so they were interviewing lots of people. Terry McAuliffe got up and with his usual hoarse (but kind of foxy) voice got the crowd really pumped. I just got the feeling from him that he knows things are looking very positive for Hillary in upcoming states. Denver is the goal, no question.

    Bill, Hillary and Chelsea got on stage and the place pretty much exploded. After what has been a grueling few months, to feel all the emotion and fight and gratitude in the room made me tear up. Those feelings are priceless, and while I have been in a few other rallies with Hill in the recent past, this was profound. Bill spoke and said that he knows that Hillary will be the nominee because she will win the upcoming contests, and that if she becomes the nominee she will be president.

    Hillary spoke briefly, she made the same promise to fight for every vote, through every remaining state and for votes to count in FL and MI – she said “we are not Republicans – every vote counts” and that got a big hand. She tanked Elton, who has been a very good friend, and she referred a few times to his song titles – “I’m still standing” was one. I was hoping she would say “Th(is) Bitch is Back”, but that’s why I don’t run political campaigns.

    Elton started saying how much he admired the Clintons, and made that comments about misyogyny, which I was pretty surprised by, actually. This wasn’t just a favor he was doing for them, he really, really believes in her and Bill. He did just about all of his major hits, solo with the piano – he wasn’t phoning in on his vocals either, he was belting it out. He did a few unusual non-hits (I am a huge fan so I was one of the few people who jumped up when he rolled out a few obscure numbers, like “Carla/Etude”, “Tonight” and “Ticking”.) He probably did 20 songs, finishing with I’m Still Standing and changing the words to Crocodile Rock – “I remember when rock was young, me and Hillary had so much fun.”

    Anyway, he almost completely made me dreams come true when he said that Billie Jean King was behind stage – she wasn’t feeling well but wanted to see the show – everyone knows he wrote Philadelphia Freedom for her – so he recognized her but she didn’t come out and take a bow, which I had hoped she would do.

    The event really was just spot on and unforgettable. I am sure a lot of people left there feeling renewed and ready to fight on, like I am.

  9. Please do not waste your time trying to get any positive news about Hillary in Pittsburgh.Local Radio,newspapers and TV stations,absolutely are covering OBAMA and ignoring our Lady.speeches end up as a few second sound bites or a one sentence snipit.We Democrats are trapped in a GOP box of silence for their control of the process.The MSM has suddenly become a mind altering training center for the young,the black and the misguided white college bench warmers,cheering for BHO.SCARY STUFF,being served on our political system plate.Sounds like complaints that I heard and the remains that were visible after my service in WWII in Europe.Especially The Remains of the THIRD REICH .in GERMANY. IT IS FRIGHTENING,to say the least.Fight for Hillary,donate and shout out for the FL andMI votes to be counted.It didn’t just happen.IT WAS PLANNED THAT WAY.


  10. Great post positevleyclintonian! I was so curious to know how the Elton John fund raiser went. Thanks for filling us in!

  11. The concert was GREAT! The organization was terrible and many folks were still outside when Bill was introducing Hillary, but it was worth the wait. People were SO energized, shouting, “WE LOVE YOU HILLARY!”, time after time, until she HAD to say, “I love you too…”. When EJ did, “Crocodile Rock”, he changed, “Suzy”, into “Hillary”. He closed with, “I’m Still Standing”, and she, Chelsea and Big Dawg took the stage again to shake hands etc., for a while. We raised probably half a million and a great time was had by all!!!

  12. She’s not getting coverage by local PA news? That’s odd. In every other state, you could at least count on local coverage.

  13. positively, realist,

    Thanks for the eye witness account! 😀 SO you guyr really felt the emotion from the audience? That’s how I feel when I watch some of the amazing videos admirers have made, from geekslove to Simply the Best. Wish I could go to the rally Friday but I’m not yet well enough to travel. If you guys go, please tell us about that, too.

    ABM, She’s going to WIN PA! Stop watching TV news except for tuning into Fox occasionally! I took my own advice and I feel SO much better!
    Besides, it doesn’t seem to matter how much money he throws into the campaign. PA residents weren’t born yesterday. They know BS when they see it, just like the locals I’ve become acquainted with here in the Catskills. Same kind of people. No frills, no posturing, no naivete. She’s gonna WIN! 😀

  14. mj, I read that post as she was not getting coverage in PITTSBURG for some reason. Hopefully she is getting better treatment in the rest of the state.

  15. Hey admin, great article on mathews. I’m sure there will be choice words about him in Rockefeller Center tomorrow for the protest. Wish I could be there.

    I have a new diary up at mydd about Why My Mom Needs Hillary

    Its about me, my Mom and alzheimers. Very personal.

    Suee would appreciate any recommendations and comments that could come its way from here. So hard to flog the personal ones 🙂

    But somebody has to talk about alzheimers and Hillary because she is the one to deal with this looming epidemice.

  16. had a link that $2.5 cool ones were raised by Elton’s efforts last night:;_ylt=ArFp4N6wiYvRKA38HWLc1Ypp24cA

    Makes my $25.44 seem kind of small. But then again, it’s not about me.

  17. Fighting every inch of the way for Hillary is not a waste of time to me. Even though the MSM and local media continues to shove BHO down our throats we still need to let them know, there are Hillary supporters out here that do not agree with them.

    We can’t give up just cuz they won’t put good news about Hillary on the front page, or the tube.

    WE are everywhere, and to shrink at this intimidation is not Hillary’s style…FIGHT ON!!!

  18. debbie, you are right. If say, “BigCity Tribune Blowhard” continues getting mail, email and phone calls from HRC supporters, then maybe they’ll realize that they might not want to ignore half of their readership. Or else their risk losing their credibility like those MSNBC hags that are pretending to be “unbiased” commentators.

  19. once again I share the sarcasm of Ann Coulter, seems she gets it!

  20. Linfar, post the ext of your diary to this super:

    Anyone who posts to this super, keep it positive.


    Last week Air America suspended Randi Rhodes for abusive, obscene language at a recent public appearance in San Francisco which was sponsored by an Air America affiliate station.

    Air America Media was informed last night by Ms. Rhodes that she has chosen to terminate her employment with the company.
    We wish her well and thank her for past services to Air America.

  22. I have not seen Hannity in a couple of weeks, is he still after Obama hot in heavy or has that gone away???

  23. admin, great post as always but russert voicing misgivings of mathews as a loose cannon. that is true but wtf about himself. the idiot goes nuclear on hillary then goes f*cking easy on the punk all the time. so he is speaking the truth about mathews but he needs to check himself also about his behavior for over a year.

  24. jas, hannity goes haywire on obama but when he feels hillary is creeping back up he steps up the old stop hillary express. i know how the guy operates for years.

  25. Does anyone know anything about Chester County, PA? This was a worrisome post on Hill’s blog:

    I’m in Chester County PA and we need more campaigning here. Obama has visited several colleges and his supporft is growing in the Chester County/ Delaware County area. I have seen many Obama signs going up and 1 or 2 for Hillary. My Hillary sign was taken. Can we suggest more exposure from Hillary visits in the area. I know we can win this but we need to win over this area that we seem to be losing.

  26. What about hillary booths at local farmers markets in philly? You can rent them out and we all can pitch in for the ones doing it there! Or baking sales, donate the money and free advertising. Lets get some hunk and hotty to go to the campuses, someone famous and really liked and just trail the campuses. Does anyonne know anyone?

  27. Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs account for around 45% of the resgistered democrats in the state. If Hillary can keep it close there she will win the state in a blowout.

  28. hillfans, i commented on TM when air america first came on scene in 2004 i was among it’s first listeners. now it is full of obamabot talkers and hillary bashers. except for lynn samuels on the left channel on siruis radio everybody is a obamabot on thier shows. it is a tragedy on how the left suppose to love and include everybody but they srew hate and venom at hillary 24 hours a day. this is why i cannot go on daily kooks, huff in puff, and the most nutty bloggs anymore. you will get banned, trashed, and trolled at every turn. thank goodness for, taylor, and maybe a few other blogs.

  29. Terrondt,
    Look at the trends and don’t be fooled by their attempts to look legit.
    For 15 years NBC has done nothing but crash, slash, and bash the Clintons.
    They only stop when public opinion on something is or will be so overbearing that they must relent (see Shuster, David).

    Their little off the record quotes here and there (like Russert’s supposed displeasure with Matthews – give me a break! he’s the Washington Bureau Chief) are only meant to throw people off track.
    They want Matthews doing exactly what he does.

  30. terrondt, AND EVERYONE!

    Also check out this site that is pro Hillary and most deffintly anti obama! Great post, nothing compares though to this site but this one just gives funny points about obama and videos as well.

  31. Hi everyone! It’s been awhile….
    I got fatigued. :0

    But now I’m checking back in! 🙂 Godd to see you all here still. Great post, admin!

    Russert dislikes Chris Matthews? HA!!! Does Chrissy hold a mirror to Timmy? Is that what Pumpkinhead doesn’t like?

  32. I hope Bill and Hillary rip Chris Mathews a new one when this is over. He is the most vile commentator on TV-even worse than O’Reiley and Hannity. When did Olberman drink the kool aid? He use to be fair.

  33. hi limabeans, who the f*ck russert is kidding? mathews and he are one and the same. he is so full of it that he is steppin in it all the time at the msnbc studios.

  34. jbstones, on olberman you are correct. as matter fact he had hillary on his show many times last year and seemed to love her and if not supporting at least fair to her. then he changed becuase the msnbc is pro-obama so he went with the parade. almost overnite he became anit-hillary in full force.

  35. Everyone do you believe that Obama had oral fun with that guy in a taxi cab because it’s going mainstream, I believe his name is sinclair.

  36. hillfans, i listen to alan colmes show on sirius radio on the way home from work and he has gotten so much stronger on his debating points over the last few years. another thing, he is one of the few left talk show hosts that supports hillary even though he happily defends obama. hillfans, i would listen to alan more often.

  37. winhillary,
    Saw the video. Liked the first 30 seconds but TTTT I thought the rest of it was creepy! But then I can’t sit through horror movies, either.

    I probably would have liked it better if it had concentrated more on the original images. But it certainly is interesting and controversial.

    About LS, where did you see it in the MSM? It’s been all over the tabs for months.

  38. I see from (States menu) that nestled in between the 4/22 PA and 5/6 Indiana primaries is Guam on 5/3. Let me guess, it’s a caucus (actually I’m not sure), and the Obama intimidators are down there plying the locals with booze, shiny bracelets, tickets to Dave Matthews, and promises of statehood.

    “Will all the Obama supporters stand by the buffet. And will all the Clinonistas please go stand in the ocean”.

  39. hannity still gets the upper hand on colmes on thier tv show but that is becuase hannity is much better polished in his debating skills. hannity, i can’t stand the guy but his can debate and make almost anybody look silly on tv and radio show. a begrudging respect for the idiot. i guess.LOL.

  40. Ok, I know we know about two of these, but via Hill’s blog, per MSNBC:

    On MSNBC : “Three superdelegates in one day. It’s been months since that’s happened for Clinton. In addition to the pickup we mentioned earlier of former Pittsburgh Mayor Jackie Masloff, the New York senator’s campaign just announced it has also picked up the support of CA Rep. Jackie Speier, who recently won the special election for the late Tom Lantos’s seat, and the president of the Ohio state AFL-CIO, Bill Burga, a DNC member.

    Obama picked up one superdelegate earlier today.”

  41. larry sinclair a few months ago came out with that story he agreed to two lie detector tests– the results were that he was being untrue

  42. ABM (welcome!) and everyone,

    About Philadelphia papers and local news, there is a wonderful project by Spega(sp?), spabeles /at/ patriot /dot/ net

    She puts out a list of local papers, web comment sections, etc, in states that have upcoming primaries, and also coordinates volunteers to monitor certain papers and make sure all relevant articles get some pro-Hillary comments.

    I’ve got the lists for PA and IN up at

    Personally I think complaining to the executives of the papers is a waste of time, but as long as there are comment strings we can put out Hillary’s side of events in the comments, plug her up-coming appearances, etc.

    At the site there is also a list of local radio stations.

  43. Off topic- I wish Katie Couric would have actually tried to change the format of the CBS Evening News. If she had done that I think she’d still have most of the audience that tuned in for the 1st night. It was really exciting having a female anchor, but the show basically stayed the same. I wish her luck though.

  44. wow mj, it has been a long time since hillary had “multiple” superdelegate pickup in one day? i think it is sad these superdelegates are not showing more support for hillary.

  45. nikki22, couric had a lot of promise at cbs news but for me she just never seemed to catch fire. in the beginning yes but the last few years just average. she can never seemed to get away from the morning talkshow type genre. not her fault i guess.


  47. for four months many have been expressing thier disdain to msm for the egregious treatment senator clinton has rec’d at the hand of msm. many have written to the corporate bigwigs to no avail. Hardball seems to be the most unfair. so why not contact the advertisers. major advertisers such as Monster, IAMS and Nutrisystem had thier products promoted during that miscarrage of a news program. if they will not listen to us they will listen to the people that fund them.

  48. henry – I have written letters to major sponsors of MSNBC including the owners GE stating that I and others are boycotting their products. We should definetly write the corporate sponsors. Geico and Toyota are two big sponsors.

  49. here is larry sinclairs new blog spot h t t p : / /

    @henery I believe those lie detector test were proven to be tampered with, which is why they were taken down from dan paresis web site. and he never put up the video as he said he would either because they would prove the tests were messed up

    you can read all about it on LS web site.

  50. tcb
    it needs to be coordinated and as i see hardball as the biggest offender i say start there. One of the ads this morning was for Nutrisystem. A product for women and i assume women over 30 for the most part. Another was for IAMS and as women do the majority of grocery shopping I bet they would respond to a boycott.

  51. Man there is funny videos everywhere, did you guys see the david letterman, obama “uh” countdown, very funny and sooooo true!

  52. henry – I agree. A lot of us at Taylor Marsh were sending letters regularly. We posted a list of major sponsors and their contact info. This went on for a few weeks. A more coordinated effort would be great. Some posted that they even sold their GE stock too.

  53. The organization was terrible and many folks were still outside when Bill was introducing Hillary

    I don’t know how to say this without sounding harsh but I will try. It boggles my mind that people do not understand the logistics involved around implementing an event where a former President and a controversial Presidential Candidate can operate with the freedom that is necessary to get their message to large numbers of people.

    There is a window of time that is available for both the candidates and the security team to ensure that the event is safe. I’ll stop there.

  54. Nutrisystem sponsoring Hardball?
    A product consumed and marketed to women should not endorse the misosogeny of Hardball. Let them know!!!

    300 Welsh Road
    Bldg. 1, Suite 100
    Horsham, PA 19044

    Office phone: (215) 706-5300
    Office fax: (215) 706-5388


  55. I have know Idea I saw it on youtube and said well it could be pro Obama but what the hell and I watched it, nope! I believe the artist is Flineo, and he took this cartoon and made it into a video for Hill. I love it! I put up some sites above and some had these kind of videos check it out. great and creepy anti obama video.

    here below are some sites to go to, but You have to type in the www part.
    Stop Obama
    Savage Politics
    Sugar N Spice
    No Quarter
    Liberal Rapture

  56. i agree nycmax, some people need to chill out. when hillary came to hartford, ct in early feb i made sure i was there early to get in. i believe hundreds could not get in becuase it was so packed.

  57. winhillary, i left a comment on liberal rapture. thanks. sugar and spice i have to get back on. sugar is the author of the site i believe.

  58. For dija – and those tracking either the Larry Sinclair allegations or, what interests us, the Puerto Rico primary:

    There is a program on Puerto Rican television called SuperXclusivo which features a bizarre puppet woman and a man who discuss all sorts of stuff. It is sort of an Entertainment Tonight on steroids with a splash of 60 Minutes/Jeanie Moos/MadTV. The program is aired Monday through Friday.

    For those who want to imagine how wild the Puerto Rico primary will be, suffice to say that one of the big segments on SuperXclusivo was the Larry Sinclair Obama story. The howls and shock when Sinclair makes his allegations (taken from the Sinclair video with no mention of lie detector test results) are quite comic.

    Feigning shock and surprise, the hosts do not fail to air the video twice. The Puerto Rico primary will be wild. The Island takes it politics as true contact sport.

    You can see the video here, check the menu to select the Obama story. It’s in Spanish, but no translation is necessary.

  59. terrondt,

    savage politics is a really good one also. But the one i stress about is

  60. admin,

    This video maker is for us! Please for our pleasure check out the tons of videos he has made for hillary against obama! This man has it for obama. He did the cartoon above and the mockery of the anti hillary movie screen apple video. here is his link and his name is Flineo.

    Thank you!

  61. I also believe Russert is behind a lot of the anti-Clinton stuff on NBC. He is a disgrace to “Big Russ” and the hard working democrats in Buffalo.

  62. Okay
    I will stop after this but i think everyone needs to be aware that Nutrisystem is a sponsor of Chris Matthews.
    Let them know that you are offended and will boycott
    300 Welsh Road
    Bldg. 1, Suite 100
    Horsham, PA 19044

    Office phone: (215) 706-5300
    Office fax: (215) 706-5388


  63. I am going to Puerto Rico (I thought driving to New Hampshire was a haul!) with some friends to help the campaign the weekend of June 1! Who’s coming with?

    Look, it’s not like the snows of Iowa and NH – it’s more like a visibility event with bikini tops and mojitos in hand – all that and a big Hillary victory! So come on His44ers, fly down to PR!

  64. Good afternoon, Hillfans. Another RW post up this afternoon.


    Nutrisystem sponsors Hardball.

    Chris Matthews is supported by a company that claims to make women feel better about themselves. I guess it works if as a woman you do not think,
    Let MSNBC, Chris Matthews and big media know what you think
    300 Welsh Road
    Bldg. 1, Suite 100
    Horsham, PA 19044

    Office phone: (215) 706-5300
    Office fax: (215) 706-5388


  66. Sink Patrick Murphy, he barely won election in ‘06 and the fool, backed Obama. Let’s throw this idiot out of Congress and let him know it was Hillary’s supporteres that do it.

    Are some of you guys crazy or just not real Dems? You want to sink our own in favor of a Rethug b/c they’ve endorsed BO?

    When this whole crazy Primary is over, Dems will still be Dems and Pugs will be their usual devious self.

    When Hill gets the nomination who do you think the GOP will turn their attention to? When she’s President, whose goals for the country will they try to thwart?

    We need as many Dems in the House and Senate to get work done again.

  67. Incidentally, I liked Randi Rhodes very much and I’m very sorry to hear that she’s quit AA. Her recent tirade against Hillary has turned me off and away, but doesn’t change my view that she done a lot for the progressive and anti-war community.

    During a time when speaking against the war or Bush was silenced, she was our Rush Limbaugh. She was loud, obnoxious and controversial. But she was ours. We needed that loud, obnoxious voice to counter the loud, obnoxious RWers who dominated talk radio. She made it sane again to speak out against the craziness of Administration and the GOP-controlled Congress.

    This stupid Primary is going on too long and it’s turning Dems against each other.

  68. Well, I disagree, Filbert. I think it’s the progressive media community who has literally shouted down and shut out anyone who supports Hillary. And, since I fundamentally believe Hillary is the only one who will get us all the way out of Iraq and the only one qualified to be President, I thank God the primary isn’t over. I don’t want to see Dem’s lose any seats in Congress. But I have completely lost respect for the progressive media who choose to treat Hillary like Dick Cheney.

  69. filbertsf

    If Obama is the nominee I WILL NOT support any elected SD that supported him in the priamaires. I have been a democrat all my life and have voted for democrats in every election since 1976 and will not support a party of crooks that rigs an election process to put Obama into office.

  70. More Obama laughs to be had. Obama is afraid of weak supporters. What happened to “to know me is to love me”? The Great Obama Delegate Purge:

    Driven by fears that some prospective delegates might be concealing their true allegiances, the campaigns are searching campaign finance data, scouring the Internet and making telephone calls to weed out dubious candidates.

    Neither side wants to elect a delegate who might really support their rival, or other candidate.

    Most of the cutting was done by Obama. His campaign dropped about 900 potential delegates, compared to about 50 excluded on Clinton’s side.

    They “want to make sure the people who are running for delegate for their candidate are going to stay true to that candidate,” said Roger Salazar, a Democratic operative running as a Clinton delegate. “If they see somebody who is a supporter of the other side, they are going to knock them off” the list.

  71. What’s all this about Obama fixin Puerto Rico? I just read that he got an endorsement in Puerto Rico and might pull off a coup!

  72. Actually, Obama went well past hat. It’s all over the blogs. He dropped all people who are for causes more than him particularly. So, he dropped all anti-war activists, and such. One woman, whom he dropped that ran against the woman in California who Pelosi doesn’t like, Jane Harman, said that all he’s left are basically small bundlers and their girlfriends.

  73. filbertsf
    i am a 41 year old gay man and for the first time in my life if Obama is the nominee i will vote republican. He appeared on a stage with an open homophobe. Spin away but he will never ever get my vote.

  74. henry, I am a 57 year old woman that does not appreciate how he speaks of my group either, I am with you. I have decided he will never get my vote either. I always thought, however naive it was, that the Democratic party was the party of all people! That meant everyone!

    300 Welsh Road
    Bldg. 1, Suite 100
    Horsham, PA 19044

    Office phone: (215) 706-5300
    Office fax: (215) 706-5388


  76. mj: Jane Harman has been a Hillary supporter all along. I didn’t understand your post. Jackie Speir (sp) newly elected congresswoman, replaced the late Tom Lantos. Jackie came out in support of Hillary, which was Tom Lantos choice. Pelosi wanted her to support Bo, but Jackie made a different choice.

    Please clarify your post. I must be a bonehead today.

  77. It’s not exactly easy for me to say I support the Dems after all they’ve done to Hillary — IMHO the real progressive Dem.

    But you guys have to consider the broader implications of voting for the GOP in 2008. I can jot off a few:

    1) The Supreme Court — the next president can expect to replace 3-4 left-leaning Justices: Souter, Stevens, Ginsburg, Breyer; centrist Kennedy is getting along in age, too

    3) Environment

    4) Health care

    5) Human Rights

    6) Civil Rights

    7) The Economy

    In the end of this bitter fight, I think any Democratic president can do a better job than the Repugs.

  78. No, an Obama supporter who primaried Jane. She’s a prominent anti-war activist. She was cut from the list.

  79. rjk1957

    I will not support any sd that supported O if he wins the nominee I have kept a list of the ones that have supported O. I also will not vote for O for president. I will vote republican. McCain is a much better person than Barack Hussein Obama.

  80. henry – I’m helping out with LGBT outreach in PA, and this was the latest from Obambi (is on Huffpost so won’t link):

    The interview comes after Obama was criticized by gay advocates for not speaking to the gay media. The Philadelphia Gay News last week ran a large blank space on its front page next to an interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton to highlight that he did not talk to the publication.

    “The gay press may feel like I’m not giving them enough love, but basically all press feels that way at all times,” Obama told The Advocate. He said he’s frequently spoken out against homophobia and in support of gay rights.

    What a jerk. He dismisses everyone equally. Also a cop out – to avoid local LGBT press.

  81. henry – I am a 46 year gay man (look much younger if I do say so myself) and I will not vote for Obama either. There are multiple issues on the LGBT front and an Obama candidacy. And thanks for the contact info for the NBC sponsors. I will definetly write them.

  82. OK Henry, I will do it, but I sure have been getting flack about my decision not to vote for Bambi! The only way and I still have to do a complete soul search before I could do it is for a Clinton/Obama ticket! I think he would need to apologize for alot of the things he has said and done! He would also have make me understand his links to the middle east and islamic fundamentalists!

  83. Filbert, I could care a less. I won’t vote for him. he’ll likely win my state anyway, but I just won’t reward the crap he’s pulled.

  84. Confloyd,

    The indicted Governor of Puerto Rico has endorsed Obama and that will not get him very far. I am praying for the largest turnout in PR history for the primary. As it stands they continually have a voter turnout of 80%. If that number holds up Hillary can beat him by anywhere from 500,000 to 1 million votes.

  85. This is good news:

    Over 270 Local Elected Officials from Across Pennsylvania Endorse Hillary
    Endorsements Demonstrate Momentum for Hillary in the Keystone State
    PHILADELPHIA, PA – Pennsylvania for Hillary today announced over 270 local elected officials from across the Keystone State endorsed Hillary for President. These local level endorsements include leaders such as members of congress, city council members, county commissioners, state representatives, and state committee members, and demonstrate Hillary’s momentum and support in the Keystone State.

  86. mj: do you have a link to that story. why would he cut sds from the list, if they are anti-war and support him?

  87. rjk, go to talk left. I assume confloyd means a new endorser.

    birdgal Says:

    April 10th, 2008 at 4:22 pm
    mj: do you have a link to that story. why would he cut sds from the list, if they are anti-war and support him?

    I said already, he cut people committed to issues, more than him. Hillary has the best plans for Iraq. She wants to end the mercanaries and get us all the way out, so perhaps that’s why. You can read about it at MyDD.

  88. mj, if the match was btw McCain and BO in MA, BO would probably win.

    In CA, McCain might take the state.

  89. CA isn’t as blue as people think. The OC is a GOP stronghold; central CA (Fresno, Modesto, etc) votes GOP; desert region near Nevada go to the GOP.

    In 2004, Kerry took CA, but not by much.

  90. Oh, mean the GE, in MA you are right, because of the Boston Mayor’s machine. Though outside 495 would be tricky for him. That area has given us 16 years of Repub Governors, before Patrick.

  91. I live in CA, and I can’t see the state going for McCain, but maybe, that is because I live in the liberal Bay Area. LOL!

  92. I have no qualms about not voting for the prick. He won’t carry my state and I can also chalk a vote for someone else. I would never feel comfortable with him in the white house…manchurian candidate

  93. i don’t think BO can win either.

    I won’t vote for him either; I would rather write in Hillary.

    I wrote on another board, that this morning, I went to the gym, saw a trainer whom I hadn’t seen for awhile and she said that she was for BO and that half her clients were for Clinton and the other half for BO, and she said some of her Clinton supporters said they would NOT vote for BO. And she was perplexed…

    Basically, most of us feel like he’s ahead illegitimately, and IF he wins the nomination, he will have done so unfairly, with the complicity of the biased media and DNC who have rigged it all for him. Additionally, meeting more angry women/Clinton supporters, I get it from that perspective too – it feels like a guy who brings his friends and gang rapes you, dismisses you, treats you like a non-person, cheats repeatedly on you, ridicules you, and then says – you will come back to me and vote for me, right? HELL NO.

  94. birdgal, it kind of depends on which candidate the Hispanic voters drift to: will they vote for a Black Democrat or White older man who is more modest than his predecessor.

    Hispanic vote is very crucial.

    BTW, birdgal, you need to get out of that utopia and see the real CA.

  95. TCB
    i rec’d a lot of neg emails after i posted my address on this site and i think the idiots thought i was you. I could care less but i have used the address for a long time

  96. Someone asked if Guam was a caucus and I found this:

    Joel’s Two Cents
    Onward to Guam!
    By Joel Achenbach
    Get ready for Guam.

    Circle the date on your calendar, book your flight. On May 3, Guam — which increasingly looks like the New Hampshire of the Mariana Islands — will hold its presidential primary, with nine Democratic delegates at stake.

    True, that’s not a lot of delegates, but every delegate counts at this point, and Guam is the first primary after the Super Tuesday III vote in Portentous Pennsylvania.

    Will candidates actually go to Guam, you ask, rather than concentrate on the much larger states of Indiana and North Carolina that vote just three days later, on May 6? Obviously the answer is that they should, because the flights can stop in Hawaii for much needed R&R and big-wave surfing.

    I’d also venture that the Guam contest, being located on an island, will serve as a harbinger of the too-critical-for-words mindblower of a primary on June 7 in Puerto Rico.

    That will be the final showdown in this epic barnburner of a slugfest of a donnybrook. Don’t scoff at Puerto Rico: It is putting 63 delegates up for grabs, which, in case you’ve misplaced your delegate tracker, is more than the number of delegates that were at stake in Iowa.

    Or New Hampshire.

    Or South Carolina.

    And more than were at stake in, let’s see: Connecticut, New Mexico, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Maine, Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, Idaho, Delaware, Wyoming, Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Montana, Arkansas, Alaska, Alabama or the District of Columbia.

    So, on to Puerto Rico!

    On Expedia, I’m seeing a non-stop leaving tomorrow from Dulles to San Juan for just $389 round-trip (return Monday) on the unfortunately named airline Ted.

  97. I’m not talking about the GE… I meant state by state. Specifically, MA will go to BO; and McCain may take CA if he is able to convince enough bluedog dem and the Hispanic voters that he is best able to represent their issues.

    McCain scored big by opposing the illegal immigration reform.

  98. Filbert, latinos historically vote for personality. Strong personalities tend to be attractive. McCain has supporters in the latino community because he was the co-author of the immgration policy.

  99. Ann, and a couple of others were talking about Cook county numbers and the vote margin for Obama from that county alone is 429K, as I had originally indicated in my post. Then someone else posted numbers that were much less like 130K. Well, here is the thing, Cook county is split into Chicago city and suburbs and reported separately as shown below. When you add the numbers, the 429,000 difference from Cook county alone is in fact, correct.
    ———————————–Add the numbers from within Chicago:

    (page 6)

    BHO 462,503
    HRC 160,650

    And the numbers from cook county SUBURBS (which you came across previously):

    BHO 281,183
    HRC 153,984

    You get TOTALS (Cook County actually includes Chicago, but the tallies were

    BHO 743,686
    HRC 314,634
    DIFF 429,052

  100. mj

    That is an interesting piece on talk left. I have thought for a while that if PR is the deciding primary in which Hillary takes the popular vote that the Obama camp would say they are not a state and their votes should not count. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone since they do not want to count 2 states that voted against him.

  101. mj, and unlike a certain community, the Latino community have a long memory and are loyal to those who have in the past served them well.

  102. tcb
    is your name tim.
    if so that is also my name.
    you post on a number of different sites and i guess some idiots assumed we were the same person and sent me some very offensive stuff,

  103. henry – Gotch you. Yes it is my name. Sorry that you received offensive emails. I assumed your name was, well, henry!

  104. Filberts says: BTW, birdgal, you need to get out of that utopia and see the real CA.

    Yeah, I know. I am always “shocked” when I travel to different areas and hear different viewpoints. The bay area is a world, unto itself.

  105. It makes me happy to know that ppl not familiar with SF think I’m Filbert from SF.

    tcb, seriously, you are a brave man.

  106. mj – henry is right in that on many sights I post under my first name. I’m not into having my last name or email made public though.

  107. tcb
    after the numerous emails telling me why i was living a life not worth living i decided to go with what had made me happiest and that would be my childhood dog – henry!
    whatever you said to the obamabots really disturbed them as the emails i rec’d were cruel. Sadly i deleted them. I really regret that as they were so vile and completely unjustified. I wish i could let thier parents read.

  108. mj, filbert is a street in SF. It’s not my name.

    tcb… I guess I misread. I thought you were posting your email and using your first name.

  109. # lninla Says:
    April 10th, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    hey PM – I posted the Cook County breakdown (from your link several days ago) on TM.

    Well, after I did that, another poster posted the Suburbs only number here and I thought my info of 429k was suspect. But now we have good sources for where the numbers come from.

  110. Besides, what cruel parents would Christian their child “Filbert?”

    It’s an even dopier version of Dilbert.

  111. henry – Interesting. I do know that when the Nevada caucus was going on I was posting a lot on the Las Vegas Sun (?) newspaper site. And I was giving them hell then. Maybe it came from that?? Or maybe it was another Tim. I’m assuming I’m not the only Tim that supports Hillary and blogs but who knows!

  112. slow news day – so much so that Fox News had this dramatic headline an hour ago – ‘mistake that could cost Clinton PA’ and it turned out to be the Mayor from Hazleton, PA (small town) disgruntled because the Clinton reps (and not Clinton) cancelled on his meeting about economic policy; he was planning to spring something about illegal immigration on them, and claimed they cancelled when they discovered this.

    Anyway, sounds like a little media trap the Mayor was setting…no wonder.

    Meanwhile, BO and McCain campaign didn’t even respond to his invitation, and he’s wetting himself over Clinton reps…

  113. tcb
    no worries
    it was just odd that i had posted my email here and the next day i rec’d a ton of offensive messages.

  114. pm – I’m glad you had found that link on –

    I love what this TM poster said about Chicago:

    As many as needed & they weren’t all “relatives”.
    Some jst played poker together, some didn’t even know each other. They all had two things in common:
    (1) they were all dead & (2) they all voted for Obama.
    Before anybody jumps in to disagree. I was born, raised in Chicaho. I participated up close in Cook County politics. Trust me, it really happens like that. Oh BTW, don’t leave out vacant locks & abandoned properties, they vote to in Chicago.
    Drummajor | 04.10.2008 – 3:19 pm | #

  115. Randi Rhodes called Hillary “fuc*ing whore” in san francisco and has been suspended – bravo good job.

  116. I’ve said my piece about Randi and I won’t repeat it. I just want you guys to look at her career and judge her for that — not just want she’s been saying in the last few months.

  117. filbertsf: I don’t live in the City, but live in the northeast part of the Bay Area. My brother lives in SF, near Golden Gate Park, but he supports BO.

  118. Purdue story about a grad student giving extra credit/help to students who worked for obama needs to be pushed. apparently they also used university copiers to print pro-bambi shit. a violation of tax exempt status. make noise on thi if you can.

  119. filbertsf – I enjoyed Randi Rhodes too, but not sure whether I would ever go back to listening to her again.

    After the primary is over (though it will help me if Hillary wins) – there will be lots of disillusionment processing for me – this process has really shown me that Democrats can be no better and no less hypocritical than the Repubs – when the cards were down, some were willing to disenfranchise millions to win, others are misogynistic jerkwads, the media is completely putrid and in need of accountability and reform…lots to think about and Randi Rhodes included.

  120. Filbert, that doesn’t move me at all. i spoke out for the war from before it ever began myself. Sorry.

    That’s terrible about Hazleton. Why do they have to paint everything as so dire?

    This from a comment on Hill’s blog:
    A Superdelegate for Hillary!!!!!!!
    Hey all Hillary supporters, I just watched CNN and Wolfe Blizter asked Senator Barbara Boxer, a senator and superdelegate from my state California, who she would cast her superdelegate vote for???? Her answer was becuz California was won by Hillary she would cast her superdelegate vote for Hillary. Yay!!!!!! Spread the news all.

  121. birdgal, gotcha. Your brother lives in a beautiful area. Parking there is better than other places.

  122. got this from the HRC (not our gal, the other org):

    April 22nd at a gay bar in WeHo – If I’m not in PA, then, we should amass some pro-Hillary gays to descend on her.

    We have as our guest this month:
    Christine Pelosi
    Christine Pelosi is an author, attorney, and activist. She is Director of the AFSCME PEOPLE/New House PAC Congressional Candidates Boot Camp, Platform Chair of the CA Democratic Party, Blogger for the Huffington Post, Superdelegate for the Democratic Party
    (And daughter of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi)

  123. Before the CA primary, Boxer said, she would cast her vote, for the candidate who won CA. Nice that she has made it more public. I bet, Nancy and George aren’t too happy with her and Jackie.

  124. Ininla
    afscme endorsed hillary
    confused by your post
    i am on the stupid side so please be patient and explain

  125. WeHo? Do people living in West Hollywood mind being called “Ho’s?” Those whose hair get tangled during a windy day… do they mind being called “nappy-headed hoes?”

  126. George Miller came out early, in support of BO, but his district in CA went for Hillary. He remains a BO supporter. So much for following the will of the people. I used to like him, but not anymore.

  127. linla, what do you mean “if you’re not in PA” on the 22nd. The 22nd is the day of the Primary.

  128. Boxer for HRC!!!!! YIPPPEEEEEEEE!

    ‘Well, after I did that, another poster posted the Suburbs only number here and I thought my info of 429k was suspect. But now we have good sources for where the numbers come from.’
    I read all that stuff after you posted links a couple of days ago and I’m still confused. Isn’t it likely BO COULD have won 70% or more of the vote in his own county? Especially if it’s heavily AA? I’m just wondering . ….

  129. filbertsf – I’m still going back and forth about PA or NC. the PA LGBT outreach seems pretty solid right now, and there’s a couple celebs I’m trying to get that may go to NC, and I feel a bit more comfortable sticking with them. Again, it’s all fluid. Also still waiting on my work schedule so I know what’s most feasible – could still land in PA next week.

  130. capedi,

    I can’t get in, either. It says server not found. But maybe it’s coz of the comma after com?

    Yup. That’s it. Here’s the correct link. BO’s story is at the top of the page.

    (insert h t t p colon / / ) or cut and paste into the browser bar.

  131. henry – Human Rights Campaign sent that email to me – Christine Pelosi will be their guest on April 22nd in West Hollywood, CA at a local bar – she’s signing her book. Even if she’s part of AFSCME, she’s an uncommitted Super Delegate, right?

    filbertsf – that’s what the locals in Los Angeles call West Hollywood (WeHo), especially the residents of West Hollywood. North Hollywood is NoHo. Not any sort of ding on anyone, though some of the residents of WeHo in the gay community think it’s funny the double entendre.

  132. henry Says:

    April 10th, 2008 at 5:20 pm
    calling the former first lady a whore is never excusable. never ever.

    I know and I’ve stopped listening to her and AA altogether.

    But Randi is not only a good talk radio personality, she’s a good person. She saw her impoverished cancer-ridden sister literally fall apart b/c the sister didn’t have health insurance and no cared. After her sister died, she took in her niece and raised her.

    Career-wise, during the crucification of the Clintons in the late 90s, Randi was the lone progressive voice in FL. She beat out Rush Limbaugh there. She and Rush were under the same company and Rush forced her out.

    She moved to NY and came to Air America b/c she felt that the country needed a dissenting voice in the mist of RW talk radio.

    She’s been very good to the progressive movement under Bush.

  133. lnlina, shame on you for dignifying my idiotic shot at WeHo with a reply. We’ve come to expect better from you.

  134. Capedi,

    But the address you’re linking has a comma after com and when I used your link I couldn’t get in so maybe if you delete the comma you can go there. Once I did that i went right to savagepolitics.

    Anyway, it worked for me.

  135. Actually,

    If you click the link I posted at 5:44 it may work. I just tried again and had no problem.

    And THAT completes my knowledge of tech trouble-shooting.


  136. david gregory’s show is on msnbc right now……….let’s all start giving him really good ratings!!

    maybe if we can help gregory’s ratings go up, they will then terminate tweetie oh and maybe olbermann too 😀

  137. dija, I read that they’re testing Rachel Maddow on MessNBC. In fact, she taped a pilot for the network.

    That’s very good news.

  138. Women rule Texas town

    McLEAN, Texas (AP) — Texas politics and business have long been reputed to operate within a good ol’ boy network. There isn’t a chance of that in this small Panhandle town where six women now rule.

    Peggy Baer was elected mayor in May 2007 and leads a five-woman board of aldermen — yes, aldermen — in this town of about 830 residents.

    The city secretary, justice of the peace and postmaster also are women, and women manage the bank, feed store, grocery store and nursing home. The school district’s superintendent is male but a female principal oversees the two schools.

    Postmaster Diane Manuel’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek rationale: “We have people skills, and we’re a lot better to look at than most guys.”

    She added, “You know why else women run this town? They’re not as cocky.”

    For years, women across the country have held various elected positions at local, state and federal levels. But in this one-stoplight town about 75 miles east of Amarillo it’s a first that all the elected officials are women.

    “I don’t know that we do a better job,” Alderman Lynn Reeves said. “If we see anything needs to be done, we do it.”

    And that’s what the women did after discovering that things had been neglected in recent years. Inspections had lapsed on some of the town’s vehicles, employee evaluations hadn’t been done and weeds were growing out of control.

    McLean, which bills itself as the heart of Old Route 66, was established around 1900 as a cattle-loading area. It withered after Interstate 40 was built and bypassed the town in the early 1980s. Farming, ranching and oil production help sustain its economy now.

    The mayor said the men around town “seem to be very supportive, for the most part.

    “There’ve been a few soreheads who think women can’t do this but they didn’t run,” said Baer, 65. “And we ran and we’re doing it. We’re conducting the business of the city and we’re doing a good job.”

    Chet Boler, who’s worked for the town for six years, most recently as its public works director, is sold on McLean’s female leadership.

    “The women do a lot more investigating than the men did in making an educated decision,” he said. “They want to do everything by the book, which is the way it needs to be.”

    Not all city employees are as enthusiastic about their bosses.

    “I can’t give you my opinion because they’d fire me if I answered your questions,” said Allen Mixon, who oversees the town’s garbage collection.

    The mayor and aldermen are all grandmothers, and Baer said their experience has made them “good multitaskers.”

    “Women can change a diaper, stir a pot of stew, take a phone call and use a leg to drag a toddler out from under the counter,” she said. “We don’t mind asking questions and saying we don’t understand something.”

    Alderman Reeves, 75, said she is not bothered by the gender-specific name for the office to which she and other board members were elected. Texas statutes governing municipalities such as McLean were last updated in 1911, seemingly never anticipating a need for titles such as alderwoman or alderperson.

    Reeves’ husband at first had doubts about women filling all the positions, but now his only complaint is he sees his wife less.

    There’s a reason some don’t like having the women lead, Bill Reeves said. “I call it the ‘p-h’ factor — petty hate,” he said. “They’re not thinking about the city in their criticism. They like to whisper around an open palm.”

    Texas may have the good ol’ boy reputation but it has also led the way for women holding elected office, said Ann Lewis, senior adviser for Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    “We’ve known that since the days of Ann Richards,” she said of the former Texas governor who died in 2006. “She set an example to women across the country.”

    The work of town leaders has Bill Reeves thinking about the presidential race. He said he’s no fan of Clinton, but might change his opinion if she named her Cabinet now and followed McLean’s example.

    “If they were all female, I’d vote for her,” he said. “They’d do no worse, and there’s a chance of it being much better.”

  139. filbertsf

    not sure that is good news, as dot48 stated, she is more in the tank for BO

    but it is good news that there does seem to be a tide change coming to msnbc 🙂

  140. filbertsf: Maddow is in the tank for BO. Ever since, she used the word “craven” to describe a true statement made by Hillary, I have tuned her out. She is amongst the Hillary Haters, and I would not listen to a program with her in it. I haven’t watched MSNBC or CNN since Super Tuesday.

  141. I know people. I stopped listening to Rachel too.

    Perhaps I’m naive, but I think progressive will reunite behind Hillary when she’s nominated.

    I’m sure if Rachel gets the gig, the show will air after the Dem Primary. Maybe she’ll rally around Hillary. If not, we’ll just treat her like Tweety or KO.

  142. filbertsf and Ininla…regarding Randi Rhodes…and post primary season…

    I moved from Los Angeles to South Florida a few years ago and was so happy when I discovered Randi Rhodes…I had driven cross country and she was like the oasis in the desert…I told all my friends about her…I admired and respected Randi’s intelligence and research…and I am familiar with the stories Filbersf speaks about…

    but as time went on…Randi became so overbearing and self indulgent…I kept wanting to listen to her for the info she provided but often she would go on and on about herself…and then talk over everyone…including callers that called to agree with her…in fact, Randi would have special guests, whoever Wes Clark, Wilson, etc…and she would hog all the airtime and still do all the talking…

    it got to the point where you always felt she had to impress everyone with her knowledge of knowing everything and being smarter than everyone else…that is when I began to tire with listening to the self proclaimed “Goddess” show…

    BUT when she turned on Hillary with a vengence and started pushing the Hillary hate every day not only on Hillary but a total lack of respect for the other half of the Democratic party, Hillary’s supporters….that did it for me…I turned her off…

    Ininla says:

    After the primary is over (though it will help me if Hillary wins) – there will be lots of disillusionment processing for me – this process has really shown me that Democrats can be no better and no less hypocritical than the Repubs – when the cards were down, some were willing to disenfranchise millions to win, others are misogynistic jerkwads, the media is completely putrid and in need of accountability and reform…lots to think about and Randi Rhodes included.

    I feel exactly as Ininla has described…for me, the so called ‘progressive blogs/movement’ has been shattered…and they are really people with their own agendas and loyalties…the fact that they all turned on not only Hillary but never supported the celebration of the first viable woman, etc…and instead turned against Hill and her supporters so drastically proved to me there is no support for the ‘civil rights’ of women and the voting rights of Fl and Mi mean nothing to them because it does not fit their agenda…

    one big illusion…shattered…I do not think it will ever be the same…the trust is gone…

  143. birdgal,

    I live in San luis Obispo and in certain towns we have very conservative voters, but most are not fans of mcain.

  144. I haven’t watched MSNBC or CNN since Super Tuesday.

    Birdgal, I’ve beat ya, babe. I’ve been sober since after IA.

    Now who wants to challenge me? Anyone before January 2th?

  145. everyone if you have not voted on larry king do so now! Thanks

  146. Filbert, the thing is we need progressive voices now. It’s not like Maddow needs to be in the tank for Hill, but like the rest, she’s no longer even fair. She did Olbermanns show the other night and spent the first 9 minutes saying Hill can’t connect with working class voters because her tax records show she’s rich. That’s absurd. She’s from a middle class family and Bill was a poor child from Arkansas. I feel like these people have almost an illness or they are simply taking the suggestions of their producers and are sell outs.

  147. filberts: LOL! After IA, I was so disgusted by tweety’s gleefulness over Hillary’s loss, I should have turned it off. But, I would have missed all the somber faces after she won NH. Super Tuesday finalized the last nail in the coffin for MSNBC. I also, cancelled my subscription to the SF Chronicle, because of their negative biased towards Hillary. I think, all the papers must have the same anti-Hillary owners, since they all spew such negativity towards her. I can’t take any of them seriously, any longer.

  148. Mj…I think you make an important point…I think all we ever wanted was fairness…when the primary season started, all the ‘voices’ in the media went on and on about all the great candidates we had, BUT once Hillary won NH, the race baiting started on MSNBC with the intro of the ‘Bradley Effect’…the Obama camp and Dennis Kucincih actually asked for and got a RECOUNT of NH…

    from Hillary’s first win, they have been trying to marginalize and detract from all her success…to the point of Newsweeks’ Johnathan Alter and his cohorts writing that Hillary should quite BEFORE she went on to win TEXAS, OHIO AND RI…

    most of the progressives voices, with the exception of Taylor Marsh, No Quarter and a few other blogs, have all been spinning Hillary’s demise, fall, defeat, etc….since her win in NH…

    it is so disappointing and disillusioning…when as MJ says…we need progressive voices now…BUT WE NEED FAIRNESS, not spin, distortion and lies about one Democrat against another Democrat…

    I do not think things will soon be forgotten…the trust is gone…maybe there can be repair…but the damage has been severe

  149. birdgal, usually after a major Hillary primary win, I’d download videos from CNN and MSNBC. I love watching her victory speeches. Nothing beats them. She’s gracious and appreciative of the support. She genuine and inspirational.

    With BO — not that I’ve actually sat through an entire speech — he’s pompous and gives that “thank you for giving me a victory I knew I’d get anyways.”

  150. Time Magazine is doing a puff piece on Obama… again. I subscribe to Time.

    When I receive on Friday/Saturday, there’s going to be a bonfire.

  151. Time has his mom on the cover .. I thought his grandmother raised him. All of a sudden they wanna focus on the whiteness of his mom?

  152. Jeez filbertsf, you mean Time hasn’t done a fluff piece on BO, until now??

    I loved Hillary’s Ohio victory speech. That was one for the records, and the downtrodden.

  153. I am tired. Hillary must be worn out but she still fights on for us. Bill must be tired and Chelsea as well. I so hope this works out .. Rove woudn’t count her out last night ..I think he has great admiration and respect for her, in secret as with a lot of men.

  154. dot48, you know I respect your view, but
    “Rove woudn’t count her out last night ..I think he has great admiration and respect for her, in secret.”

    That’s just crazy talk, woman.

  155. S – yes, the trust is gone for sure. I will be doing lots of soul-searching, and undoubtedly reading lots of books and essays that will come out of this history-making time period by Erica Jong, Deborah Tannen, Susan Faludi and others. It’s been a strange loss of identity, this process for me.

    Strangely, I feel empathy for the Republicans (short of becoming one) – no wonder why Fox has such high ratings because the millions who watch probably feel like CNN and other news outlets don’t represent them at all by skewing headlines, framing stories to paint all Republicans as lockstep villains, reporting rumors and not facts. The media has further polarized people – Dems and Republicans- against each other because it makes for more drama.

    But this is the toll of the Bush Administration too; after the media anointed Bush while using the Lewinsky news cycle to dovetail into ripping Gore down, the media shifted to the left under the Bush admin and too insidiously to the left.

  156. wow lou dobbs and susan malvo..geesh there giving hillary credit for the one with the issues coming out first and bo and mccain are following her…

  157. dot and birdie, you’ve both gone off the deep end. I would throw you a life jacket, but I’m saving it for when someone tells me Hitler was a humanitarian b/c he was a vegetarian.

  158. Lou Dobbs is an HRC convert! (IMHO)

    On tonight’s show he compared McCain’s, BO’s and HRC’s policies on the housing crisis and MADE Suzzanne Malveaux ADMIT that HRC was the first to address it and that BO basically copied her!

    “She was the first to introduce such a plan, wasn’t she?” he said.

    He said other good stuff but I was flock bound and distracted . . .

  159. say its about time for Hillary..and that bill s said bo was running now as the outsider and lou started laughing i know he was thinking what a freaking joke

  160. I wonder how Lou Dobbs maintains his sanity in the BO tank called CNN – he must avoid the cafeteria chatter and have his own private (uncontaminated) water-cooler.

  161. Yeah i still remember Gloria Borger on CNN on Super Tuesday and I am holding her to this, she begrudgingly said and I quote, not exactly but it was clear as mud “Hillary’s won California,its huge for her, if she goes through the rest of the primaries and wins the big populous electoral states like Ohio and Texas and PA, then she has a right to say I am the nominee”.

    So stick that and choke on it, because you are going to have to choke on those words after PA, when we all remind you, you said it.

  162. S,
    Excellent points.
    I’ve had many illusions burst over the past years but the most difficult to accept was the realization during the past few months that there IS no such thing as a free and objective press. It has been worse than accepting, when I was a kid, that there was no Santa Claus. And for news junkies like me, I haven’t known what to do with myself. Luckily I found this site and reading and posting here has helped wean me off TV and written media and I’m happy to report on well on the road to recovery. 😀
    But I agree; the backlash against the race-baiting, the misogyny and the media propaganda will go on for years.

  163. Inninla,
    Ya know Lou toyed with the idea of running as an Independent after a lot of his viewers urged him to throw his hat in the ring. If he DID ever run, and there was anyone like BO on the ticket, I’d switch to Independent in a heartbeat.

    And I doubt he has to avoid the CNN cafeteria. No one would DARE say a thing to him. The only one I’ve ever heard cross him was loudmouth Roland Martin and the Chair of the Homeland Security Dept. who was on last night (forgot his name)and he’s another from the Roland Martin mode.
    CNN – at 8 reporting about how Oprah Winfrey was supposed to boost BO’s campaign but what damage did it do to her popularity???!!!! I can’t stand Campy but I may have to tune in. Some of us were talking about Oprah the other day, who, BTW, I used to nap to after getting home from work. She never failed to put me to sleep. :evil:.

  164. Go VOTE at

    Which candidate is the true populist? HRC is ahead 50% to BO’s 412%. Let’s help her WIN this one!

    BTW – anyone see Elton John concert coverage in the newspapers?

  165. Moononpluto – wish you had that Gloria Borger quote for a Youtube moment. Would love to see us send her these clips and say, When did you decide to move the goal post?

  166. Unbelievable these journalists – i’ve got to believe there are many people at CNN, especially women, reporters, producers, who are FOR Clinton, but the anti-Clinton male culture over there keeps reminding them that they have to stay a part of the boys club or go back to the old days of being ostracized.

    In my day dream, I’d like to put some of the journalists on the receiving end of “gotcha” questions. If we want Hope and Change, we should clean house and boot out most of these journalists.

  167. How anyone can think BO has a better plan than Hillary? His plan changes from day to day, week to week, depending on the climate.

    filbertsf: Someone can be one’s adversary, but still maintain respect for the enemy, which is how I view Rove. He is not condescending or dismissive of Hillary, unlike other political analysts. I think, he respects how far she has come in this primary, and he is not counting her out-yet.

  168. I feel like the minority on this site. I think Dobbs is a xenophobe. Like Olbermann, Matthews and others, I’m tired of their editorials. I want real news people back.

    I don’t want speeches; I don’t want editorials; I don’t want special comments.

    I don’t care if on their good days, they say nice things about Hillary. They can just as easily mock and ridicule her the next day.

    As for the Democratic Party, I’m a dyed-in-wool Dem and a bunch of losers like those in charge of the DNC aren’t going to cause me to reassess my ideology.

    Progressive/liberal ideology is not a party issue. It’s a way of viewing the world. If you have a few bad apples in the party, you toss them out. You don’t toss out your entire world view.

  169. Obama has NEVER had an original plan on anything.

    He Zeroxes Hillary’s. Latest .. Bush should boycott .. after first saying “we can’t tell “our banker” what to do.

  170. filbertsf: speaking of real news people, I miss Cronkite.

    I don’t care for Dobbs policy on immigration, but he seems to have some of the least biased coverage regarding Hillary.

    The leaders of the DNC are destroying the party.

  171. some of you have been talking about Rove and his attitude towards Hillary – see this interview from GQ which gives you a hint that he does respect her; I posted a couple days ago:

    Do you think Obama’s gotten a free ride from the press?

    How so?
    I don’t think they hold him to the same standards. You know, look, his Web site is full of all kinds of proposals written by academics galore. But he’s not required to defend them. He’s not required to explain what it is he wants to do. Now I think that’s changing. I think, when you have an editorial in USA Today that says, in essence, Where’s the beef, what’s the substance? When reporters start asking him tough questions about his relationship with Tony Rezko—you know, what was the value of the lot? What was the price that you paid? How many fund-raisers did he do for you? How much money did he raise at those fund-raisers? When they start asking him those questions, then it starts to change. I mean, the kind of questions that have been routinely asked of other candidates—about their background and associations and involvements—have only recently begun to be asked of him.

    I get the sense you respect Hillary more than you respect Obama.
    Off the record?

    Please don’t go off the record.
    Off the record… [Yeah, it’s good. Sorry.]

    Damn! Now say that on the record.
    No. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Let’s try again, then: on the record. I get the sense you respect her more than him.
    Uh, I know her better than I know him. And I just, uh—she has been around public life a lot longer and has demonstrated, you know, more involvement than he has.

  172. Ininla,
    Unfortunately, after having worked in a predominatly women’s field, (teaching) and that after spending years in a male-dominated field (music performance) I have sadly come to the conclusion that in many cases women are other women’s worst enemies.
    It’s sick.
    Filbert, Lou has some positions with which I strongly disagree but in my book he gets major points for reporting different sides of this election and for doing segments about media bias against HRC.
    As far as ‘real news people,” I’m beginning to wonder if there are any left or even if there ever was such a thing. 👿

  173. The thing is, birdgal, Dobbs has the bully pulpit. Day in and day out he talks illegal immigrants as if they are the plague of the world. How they’re sneaking into our country and giving us God knows what diseases.

    Dobbs often defends himself by saying he’s not talking about legal Mexican-Americans — just the illegal.

    As if they had Legal and illegal tattoed on their forehead.

    Last year, there was a significant increase in hate crimes against Hispanics. Loud-mouths like Dobb, with their bully pulpit preaching bigotry disguised as compassion for the working man.

  174. You get the sense, that should Obama steal the nomination, it will be an all out battle between Rove and Axelrod, personally, i put my money on Rove winning that one hands down and i’d clap very hard when he does.

    I never thought i’d ever have to say that as a life long democrat. Talk about soul destroying.

  175. Ininla: Thank you. I thought as much. I saw Rove on C-span a few weeks ago, when he was speaking to a conservative audience, and he was blasting Obama, regarding how liberal he was, and how much he would raise taxes. There were other things, but it was apparent, that Rove had no respect for the guy. He didn’t use name calling or slander, but picked apart BO’s policies and stances on issues.

  176. dot48 Says:
    April 10th, 2008 at 6:50 pm
    request LKL interview Hillary before the PA primary.

    Larry King – and Charlie Rose – have both publicly asked hillary to appear on their show. So far, no answer from the camaign.

  177. filbertsf: Dobbs position on immigration stinks, but I give him credit for going against msm for pointing out the negative bias towards Hillary. He likes to stir the s***.

    I wonder, why, Hillary hasn’t appeared on Larry King? Maybe, she doesn’t like CNN. LOL!

  178. maybe we should emails or call campaign and suggest she go on before the PA primary. Free advertising….

  179. Birdgal – I don’t think Rove and the Republicans respect BO at all – most of them I believe have woken up from the anti-Hillary Democrat for a Day, and they’ve decided that they’d rather have Hillary than BO (maybe even over Mccain).

    If BO illegitimately gets the nomination, the Republicans won’t even have to feign hatred when they tear him to pieces.

  180. Wright giving a major speech????

    He’s gonna be the major keynote speaker at some SEIU event?

    BO must be HOPING it occurs AFTER the PA primary. hehehehe

  181. Got that right Birdgal, the attack on Obama from the Repugs wont even be subtle, it will be akin to a baseball to the back of the head along with nazi stormtrooper boots to the groin.

    It’ll make what they did to Kerry look like a baking class. Problem is they will have so much ammunition on him, it would be hard for them to pick a place to start.

  182. The woman commentator on Dobbs just says she’s glad Obama has Ed ROllins endorsement. LOL

    And HRC won the Dobbs poll about who would be the most populist president.

    I tell ya, folks, I DO NOT believe any of these polls saying BO is gaining so much on HRC. She will WIN there!

  183. moononpluto: LOL, but it is sad, if BO gets the nomination. If FL and MI do not count in the primary, the nominating process is illegimate, in my humble opinion. Aside from the pledged delegates, the SDs do not count for Hillary, if the states are not recognized, before the covention. That is a loss of needed delegates for Hillary to get the nomination.

  184. Fox has got the Randi Rhodes calling Hillary a whore, front page news on their website, thats gonna piss a lot of women off when they read that.

    Basically, people are saying, this is typical of an Obama supporter, that seems to be sticking these days.

  185. I cant see anyway, the DNC gets around not having Hillarys Fl and Mi votes count and i’ll tell you what there game is, its basically who will blink first.

    When it comes down to it and Hillary is not out of it by the convention, they will have to seat them immediately, they cannot have two huge states delegations causing massive uproar on the floor. They are hoping Hillary gets canned first.

  186. moonpluto,

    IMHO they’re COUNTING on the SD’s shifting to BO after PR coz technically she won’t have the votes and there will be no Fl and Mi do-over.

    So the DNC’s game plan seems to be anoint BO and then seat the delegates. Oh yeah. That’s really fair. 😈
    But I have great hope that she will prevail.

  187. which i am quite sure Hillary has told them as much in the vain of, just you try and screw me Dean and i’ll take the whole ship down, what have i got to lose.

    When a dog bites the hand that fed him, you tend to put that dog down.

  188. Theres definitely something not right about Obama’s money sources. Its just stinks to high heaven.

  189. sicko

  190. Has anyone else noticed almost everyday AOL has a poll / article on whether Hillary must get out of race……I am going to look for another internet provider. As Hillary rises like the Phoenix, the media is geting very scared!!!!

  191. well the lawsuit has been refiled in Federal Court with a few new details.

    charging that DNC is disenfranchising voters in FL because they allowed other states to move up and didn’t do anything. I think this thing has legs and if it can be kept tied up…the DNC can’t make a move…IMO

  192. Soros backing BO is scary as heck! He’s one of those One-World_Order type of fellas.

    BTW – (I cannot believe I’m reporting anything about Cheney) there’s a main story on ABC that says Cheney was appalled by Wright’s comments.

  193. I would not go on Larry King..he sopft balled Obama, but that living cadaver will all of a sudden get a spine for Hillary. Charlie Rose more fair imo.

  194. Dot: this is true. They allowed NV and SC to move up, because they wanted the voices of Latinos and AA’s heard. But, they punished MI and FL severely. As we all know, the DNC could have stripped 1/2 of the delegates, but they chose to strip 100 % of the delegates. Not only, does Hillary lose the pledged delegates, but also the SDs.

  195. Apparently, Soros is the backer of, which raising millions of dollars for BO. Shouldn’t this be illegal?

  196. I know there are a number of rallies taking place all over Florida in the next few months and I hope they get huge crowds!

  197. I’m disgusted with the Democratic Leadership and I’m going to stay in the party and fight to kick out these LOSERS running the party. Very disappointed in Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Clyburn, Donna Brazile, Jessie Jackson Jr. and others.

    Can’t stand Obama he is everything I hate in a politican and I don’t trust anything he said. I just don’t believe him and his arrogant self just make my stomach turn. But more importantly my disgust is the effect this election will have on our children and young adults who believes in this propaganda crap.

    This is why I don’t have a lot of respect for my party leadership…is the hyprocrisy spewing out of their mouth. This is outright power grab and lack of leadership and ethic. The Clintons are NOT racist, corrupted of plagerists but for the Democratic Leadership to stand by and let good people be targeted and hurt by the Obama campaign because they are Clinton supporters…like Geraldine Ferraro is unexcusable.

    Obama lost California at Hello. He will lose my State if he is the nominee and it won’t be close. Obama made many fatal mistakes that only a inexperice candidate from the east/midwest would make and continue to make about California.

    Hillary Clinton blew him out in the state but because of our wacky primary system he looked better but after Texas and Rev. Wright there is grave doubts he would win the 8 counties he won out of California 58 total, in the G.E. and none of those counties were won in Southern California.

    Obama is TOAST!!!

    I’m from SFV a suburb of Los Angeles and I don’t feel any large support for Obama…just don’t feel it, I’m not saying he doesn’t have support but it’s in pockets.

  198. AmericanGal Says:

    April 10th, 2008 at 8:48 pm
    Whoa, on American Idol John McCain brought up votes not counting in Florida and Michigan!
    McCain is in it to win it…he is appealing to the voters of those states reminding them that it’s the DEMOCRATS minus Hillary that is trying to disenfranchise their votes and it’s the DEMOCRATS that’s denying their voice to be heard.

    So now when the Democrats talk about Florida and Ohio voter suppression in the past election…those voters will tune out the Democrats and call them HYPOCRITS because their actions doesn’t match their values.

  199. hey carbynew – I’m in Los Angeles area too. Seems to be a number of us here in SoCal – we should all get together sometime HI44 in LA.

  200. McCain said something about American Idol being a show where “all the votes count” unlike Florida and Michigan. I nearly fell off my chair when he said it.

  201. Jimmy Carter is visiting Hamas per Fox. Is this what, an Obama presidency would look like?? Carter will endorse BO.

  202. hannity is hammering the Ayer’s story again tonight………I am possitive he won’t let it go till the MSM give it legs

    he just “challenged” MSM to ask BO about his relationship with Ayers 😀

  203. lninla Says:

    April 10th, 2008 at 9:03 pm
    hey carbynew – I’m in Los Angeles area too. Seems to be a number of us here in SoCal – we should all get together sometime HI44 in LA.
    Cool, I would love that.

    I just found out that my district is voting to select delegates this Sunday in NoHo at 2pm. So I’m going to vote for Hillary delegates..I now how Obamabots love to over run the process and I know the women who is running for the spot is for Obama.

  204. Brazile and Pelosi are two woman so jealous and hateful of Hillary’s greatness, than can hardly mask their contempt. Pelosi, imo, is the worst speaker of the house in modern history, and that’s pretty bad!!! Brazile, a Gore lackey, is a very angry woman who has no business being a leader in the DNC. All of the Obama supporters are jealous of the Clintons b/c they actually won two (2) elections. Look at the loser Carter, a big BO supporter, once again planning on meeting with arab terrorists. Why doesn’t the media ask BO what he thinks of that??? kENNEDY, a guy who cost loserCartet the election in 80 by doing the same thing he condems Hillary for!!! Kerry, a weak man, who married into wealth, got trounced by Bush!!!!
    These people are not the tpe I wwant leading my’s Hillary or the highway!!!

  205. linfar – CONGRATS. Big honor.

    Carbynew – yes, I’m headed to USC at 2pm for my district. I’ll email you via Hillbilly’s site, and we’ll try and get some of the others who might be in the area to join up.

  206. Why did Obama take his name off MI but not FL? I know why he took his name off MI — to embarass Hillary — but why not FL, too?

  207. He ran TV ads in FL – but he was supposedly not “campaigning” in FL – what’s that all about?

  208. Linfar: I saw that this a.m. I asked, if you had seen it, but you must have been off line. Congratulations!

  209. Filbert, he took his name of the MI ballot because he knew he was going to lose, and he wanted to deligitimize the vote. I can’t remember why he didn’t in FL. It may have been too late once it was finally decided that all the delegates would be stripped though the rules call for just 50% at most, and in FL’s case, they made a very good faith effort to change the date and advance the vote a week to 2/5.

  210. fdrjim: His campaign said the advertising was part of a national campaign ad buy, and they didn’t know, FL would be included or FL could not be taken out of the cable ad buy. I’m sure, they knew, what they were doing.

  211. Hannity associated with the Clinton campaign??? Give me a break. Kristen Powers is so in the tank for BO. She is very lame.

  212. The funny thing about the ads were that they appeared in select cities in demographics that mapped well to his constituency – OB thought he’d actually do much better in FL – thinking that the HRC/Edwards votes would split and he might have the opportunity to win the State – not so – he only won 8 counties of 67

  213. Kristen Powers on Fox is a hoot! She is convinced that Obama has answered all questions about Rev. Wright! If all Obama supporters are like her they are really in for a rude awakening if he makes the GE.

  214. Linfar, please post the text of your diary with this super D:

    Hannity does hit pieces on Hill all the time. These clowns have lost it.

  215. So did I birdgal, Reseda High grad, hung out in Tarzana and Northridge. Now in Fl, don’t miss the traffic, smog, or high prices. Do miss the mountains though.

  216. obama doesn’t answer these questions cause the media wont ask. Hannity asks but nobody else. Glad Hillary will have a good reason not to put him on her ticket

  217. birdgal, I’m sure the Obama camp is convinced that Hillary’s campaign is the one feeding all these stories (Wright, Ayers etc) to Fox. They probably can’t believe that anyone would ever want to challenge their “choosen one”.

  218. American Gal: If the Clinton camp was feeding the stories, FOX would call them out on it. Hannity said, he has been working on this story since last year.

    Psymac: I went to Granada Hills High School, and I lived in Northridge. Van Nuys Blvd on Friday nights.

  219. psymac,

    There is still time for things to happen and the political landscape to change. It’s gonna be allright. HRC is gonna do great. 😀

    night all

  220. I have heard absolutely nothing here in South Florida about getting us seated before the convention. Moreover, my loser Congressman, Wexler, is the S. Fla chair for Obama. His constituency, which I am a part of, voted overwhelmingly for Hillary. How this can happen again in Florida is simply incredible.

  221. another good one by Jeff Gold of
    (excerpts – more in the link)

    I often find myself reading in the press, that Clinton supporters are upset with the Primary coverage, “claiming” it is biased. We get comments here, that indicate that we are “claiming” the media is biased.

    I want to set the record straight. No one at Stop Obama is “claiming” the media are biased. Nor do we encourage anyone else to make such a “claim”.

    We are not “claiming” because the word “claim” implies uncertainty, lack of evidence, and opinion. We are stating an empirical fact, and we insist that it is propagated as such. Stop the nonsense about “claims”, take this one to the endzone- we’re talking facts!


    The media coverage of the Democratic Primary, has been for 12 months, and no less (!) incredibly, jaw-droppingly, stupefyingly biased against Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

    No, it did not begin six months ago, when Mathews converted from Hillary to Obama. No, it did not begin with firings at CNN of pro-Clinton journalists. No, it did not end with the Farrakhan issue, the Wright affair, or NAFTA slip-up by Obama. No, the SNL pillow parodies, and Hillary’s “whining” did not change the trajectory of this bias in any tangible way.

    For the last 12 months, all empirical studies of media primary coverage show an unbending, unyielding, consistent and oftentimes gross anti-Hillary bias.

    Some “believe” that the coverage of Hillary had been favorable till about November, and the negativity only came from the right. Wrong. Coverage on liberal media had been anti-Hillary for far longer.

    I touched on this in my very first post on the media. Graphs going back to January 2007 show a clear pattern. Zero or virtually zero critical coverage of Obama. All of it favorable. Did journalists not know of Wright, of Professors, of Experience? Did they never read the Chicago Tribune? Come on, let’s get real. Not only was there virtually no negative coverage, except for in April, 65 % of all stories about Obama, originated with the Obama camp – an unprecedented candidate degree of control over media coverage of him or herself!

  222. so this coming Sunday, CA choose delegates. How does this work and how do I know which delegate is for Hillary?

  223. birdgal, I wouldn’t go that far 🙂

    mj–I submitted it. I am not sure it went through. so I sent it again but then I got one of those wordpress: this is a duplicate. but the first one didn’t show up. I’ll check back tomorrow.

    What is the deal withthe site, some SD is saying: convince me??

  224. @justme – yes – I am the guy you spoke with a couple weeks ago – I believe you are in touch with BW regarding signers for our rallies –

  225. EVERYONE – we need your help in a letter writing campaign to the RBC member of the DNC – if you are interested go to http://www.fldeservesrecognition and call the volunteer toll-free number – we have thousands in the State of Florida doing this – national help will continue to put the press on the DNC to get our votes counted and delegates seated. This is urgent – we need everyone’s help and it only takes a few minutes- we provide the letter and address to each person – we send out one each day.

  226. On a tip from Rapid Responders, I just posted at

    This is a short comment thread and my post went up immediately. It didn’t ask for registration.

    Since neither candidate can get to 2025 with just pledged delegates, in fact it is the undecided Superdelegates whose votes will decide it. Their job is to use their own judgement to choose the best candidate: according to the current DNC rules they are not bound by any metric such as ‘delegate lead’ or ‘popular vote’ or even ‘will of the people.’ Many of the Supers don’t like being put on the spot this way, so they are waiting till someone like Al Gore speaks. So it may be Gore, who was denied the 2000 election by arbitrary choice of the Supreme Court — who will be the supreme decider of this nomination. Imo this is one reason why the Obama camp has waited this long to begin a ‘Clintons are liars’ meme, parsing everything Hillary says for some tiny error or confusion they can distort. Imo they’re getting desperate and going for a risky meme. Imagine them arguing to Al Gore that Florida votes should not be counted — or that Hillary invented the internet.

  227. confloyd

    I still think that Gore’s ego is whispering in his ear…. wait, the convention will be a diaster and the party will ask you to accept the nomination and save the party from itself.

  228. Boy, I tell you, today has not been my day, first I forgot how to spell Rezko and now this! Somedays its better not to post!

  229. @fdrjim

    I will print and sign the petition, but you need to post on your website where to mail it too
    I couldn’t find that information at all on your website.

    thanks 😀

  230. here it is-tapper blogs on ayres tonight. lets encourage him to do a full piece-

  231. Earlier in this thread, someone asked why Obama took his name off the ballot in Michigan. The way I see it, he didn’t do it because he was afraid he would lose the Michigan Primary. He had a decent shot at winning, actually.

    However, he would have had to get out the AA vote in Detroit, Flint, and elsewhere. At that point in the campaign, Obama didn’t want to be labelled as “the black candidate.” He didn’t want to call attention to race or racial issues at all– he was still flying under the radar at that time.

    But there’s absolutely no way he could have campaigned in places like Detroit without race becoming an issue. In Detroit, race is ALWAYS an issue, even when it’s a mayoral election and both candidates are AA. With Obama, the dialogue would have revolved around whether he was “black enough” or was he an “Uncle Tom”? Where did he stand on civil rights? What was his urban policy? Could he actually win the presidential election? If so, what would he do for Detroit? These are tough questions, and Obama wasn’t terribly eager to answer any of them.

    At the same time, the whites in Michigan would get suspicious if Obama appeared to be too cozy with Kwame Kilpatrick and certain other Detroit political figures who are not especially popular north of 8 Mile Road. I’m sure Obama would have tried to play both sides of the fence, but around here you can’t get away with preaching like Martin Luther King when you’re in the suburbs and then going into the city and talking like Malcolm X. Plus, I’m sure somewhere along the line the Rev. Wright controversy would have come out. Still, if Detroit and Flint and the latte liberals in Ann Arbor went for Obama, he could have won the Michigan Primary, especially if Edwards had also kept his name on the ballot and the working-class whites split their votes between him and Hillary. But by that point, the election would have been racialized and that probably would have affected Obama’s chances in other states.

  232. Yikes! I just saw the video of La Comay in Puerto Rico about BO. I almost feel sorry for BO. When La Comay gets a whiff of scandal, no one is safe. They actually were talking to LS over the phone. Yikes.

  233. djia
    its spreading real quick your link and his blogg over 206,000 visits
    use h tt p only..
    hes getting alot of donations
    a poster sent it to greta,
    its spreading pretty quick to indiana to..

  234. No matter how big the Larry Sinclair legs grow, I don’t think Hillary or her campaign should touch this one. Knowing the MSM, they’ll find a way to make it her fault that this crap is out there.

  235. I think the LS thing is weak, and cannot be proven. Didn’t he fail a lie detector test or two? It is too bizarre.

  236. No one can say that the Clinton campaign spoon-fed La Comay in PR on this. La Comay was just as bad a gossip during the Bill Clinton saga. Actually, La Comay is pretty disgusting. I can;t believe they actually were talkng to LS by phone.

  237. FDRJIM,

    hey jim, thought admin was going to post petition, been waiting…
    also newspaper article posted on website, didnt give link to petition…
    also what about the flyers? is admin posting?

    the more help the better.
    if people can pass petition on to their favorite groups.

    are you jewish? italian? asian? latin? bosnian? arab? irish? (india or american) indian?
    do you belong to a womans movement? a handicap association?
    a fraternity? a blog?

    you can send out the petition and flyers, and organize people for the rallys.
    we can push the dnc, howard, nancy, ted, donna and john k, to do something about one and a half million people who voted in florida…

  238. No one mentioned the new AP Poll?

    A new Associated Press Ipsos Survey found Obama’s one-time 10-point lead over McCain has evaporated.

    The two are now tied 45-45.

    Hill still beats McCain 48-45.

  239. Umm, this is from the “What The Fuck is Wrong With This Guy?” File;

    Barack Obama appeared to have a bit of an awkward moment when his pants started vibrating during a campaign stop.

    The Senator was quick to point out he wasn’t being “fresh.”

    Last week the pool report picked up on Obama acting “very flirtatious” on the trail. CNN has part of the pool report:

    “[Obama] posed for report pictures with the staff when he apparently felt his phone start to vibrate in his pocket on his right thigh – against which one woman was closely pressed.

    “Now that’s my phone buzzing there,” he said, drawing a laugh. “I don’t want you to think I’m getting fresh or anything.”

  240. jen you got that right..deprogram,someone needs to do

    its going farto tp: //

    front page news

  241. Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Speak at NAACP Dinner

    The LA Times says the good news for Barack Obama is the speech will take place five days after the PA primary. Via the AP:
    The Detroit branch of the NAACP said Thursday it has selected the embattled former minister of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama as the keynote speaker at its 53rd Annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner.
    “Reverend Wright has challenged the nation, challenged our comfort zone and stimulated nationwide discussion on the issue of how we should move forward together as both a nation and a people,” the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People branch said in a statement Thursday.

  242. I am interested in everyone’s assessment of the following:

  243. This I find quite interesting. Brock is of course a key figure in the Clintons story. That this is forging ahead is a positive sign, which undoubtedly will be ignored by MSM.

    Wealthy Democrats are preparing a four-month, $40 million media campaign centered on attacks on Sen. John McCain. And it will be led by David Brock, the former investigative reporter who first gained fame in the 1990s as a right-wing, anti-Clinton journalist.

    The planned campaign is the product of a shakeup in the top ranks of the struggling independent Democratic groups. Brock, now best known as the ex-conservative founder of the liberal group Media Matters, last month quietly assumed the chairmanship of what’s expected to be the main vehicle for independent Democratic attacks on McCain, now called Progressive Media USA.

  244. pulchritude,

    I’ve heard/read some of this before. It’s definitely fucked for BO.


    Let’s run it down, briefly. Michele, who’s been under wraps (like Saran Wrap) for weeks and for good reason, Calypso Louie Farrakhan (as Limbaugh is fond of calling him), Rezko, William Ayers (homegrown terrorist) and his companion-wife, Bernadine Dohrn (who went to jail in connection with a Brinks truck robbery), and of course, dear ole Reverend Wright, bless his heart.

    Lest we also not forget the countless sleazeballs in the democratic party like Bill Richardson.

    As always, how much is verifiable & will the MSM get into it (before the general? We KNOW they’ll look into it if it’s a BO-JM matchup – which ain’t happening anyway :)?

  245. Stu Rothenburg has a good article on RealClearPolitics stating emphatically Hill should saty in (duh!), but also had this, which I hadn’t seen previously;

    According to ABC News’ calculations, Obama has received about 100,000 more raw votes than Clinton (13.8 million to 13.7 million).

    Raw votes, means including FLA & MI, correct?

  246. Ok, one more. Found this at DKOS; supposedly an Obamabot wrote the Rev.Wright in support and received this response:

    Dear Barb:

    Grace and peace be unto you. I am writing you simply to say, “Thank you.”
    Our church has been under vicious attack. The media is out to destroy Obama’s candidacy and is using me as the bludgeon.

    I thank you for responding to Pastor Moss’ request for help in battling this giant we call the media. I really appreciate your kindness and your thoughtfulness.

    Sincerely yours,
    Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.
    Pastor Emeritus

    “America’s Chickens… Are Coming Home… To Roost!”

  247. Darth Vadar weighs in;

    “I thought the controversy over Rev. Wright was remarkable,” Cheney said. “I thought some of the things he said were absolutely appalling. And, you know, I haven’t gotten into the business of trying to judge how Sen. Obama dealt with it, or didn’t deal with it, but I really, I think — like most Americans — I was stunned at what the Reverend was preaching in his church and then putting up on his website.’”

  248. confloyd,

    This place doesn’t take to links kindly (in my experience; I’ve had others tell me it’s not a problem, and I dont know what they’re talking about)

    It’ll appear eventually or remove com and use dotcom.

  249. THere is a Youtube video the title is “Obama Lyin”, and I can seem to copy and paste the url! There are several I’ve wanted to post today. The other two are Farrahkan talking recently about Obama. Has any one seen these videos?

  250. They have a nasty new one out on Hillary today. I couldn’t stand to watch all of it! I am sick of these viral videos against her!

  251. Blue Democrat

    Now that is really bad when Satan condemns Wright and how Obama did or didn’t deal with it. I love the way he slips in that “or didn’t deal with it”

  252. Basil,
    Missed this earlier; you’re spot on:

    “My sense of something good happening for HRC is even stronger today than yesterday. I seldom predict anything but I’m sure she is going to win PA handily. Has everyone noticed the ‘campaign coverage blackout?’ Compared to the past 3 months there have been far fewer articles or segments about either candidate.”

    Yes; it’s all part of downplaying PA. And my sense has been growing for days too. Got a couple of things I’m secretly wishing for and the stars look like they might be aligning.

    Excellent get. They’re a devious bunch, BM.

  253. I’ve seen several reports that FL law doesn’t allow someone to take their name off the ballot.

    I doubt that Obama had a chance to win either state in Jan. When offered a re-vote in both states, he blocked it; that indicates that he didn’t think he could do better in a new vote.

  254. I’m still pissed about the Trina Bachtel story and how the media used it against Clinton – all the time, they never fact checked to find out the story was true: Here’s excerpts from Paul Krugman:

    Then The Washington Post identified Ms. Bachtel, the hospital where she died claimed that the story was false — and the news media went to town, accusing Mrs. Clinton of making stuff up. Instead of being a story about health care, it became a story about the candidate’s supposed problems with the truth.

    In fact, Mrs. Clinton was accurately repeating the story as it was told to her — and it turns out that while some of the details were slightly off, the essentials of her story were correct. After all the fuss, The Washington Post eventually conceded that “Bachtel’s medical tragedy began with circumstances very close to the essence” of Mrs. Clinton’s account.

    And even more important, Mrs. Clinton was making a valid point about the state of health care in this country.

    In other words, this was a disgraceful episode. It was particularly sad to see a number of Obama supporters (though not the Obama campaign itself) join enthusiastically in the catcalls against Mrs. Clinton’s good-faith effort to put a human face on the cruelty and injustice of the American health care system.

    Look, I know that many progressives have their hearts set on seeing Barack Obama get the Democratic nomination. But politics is supposed to be about more than cheering your team and jeering the other side. It’s supposed to be about changing the country for the better.

    And if being a progressive means anything, it means believing that we need universal health care, so that terrible stories like those of Monique White, Trina Bachtel and the thousands of other Americans who die each year from lack of insurance become a thing of the past.

  255. The problem with Obama is that in order for him to win the G.E. he would have needed to transend race…and he bowed to temptation and used the race card and continue to use the race card which in turn made him the Black candidate and not the candidate for all Americans.

    He hurt himself greatly for the G.E…and his actions are so hypocritical and place the democratic party against it’s own values have hurt the party ability to beat McCain in the G.E. if Obama is the nominee.

    He’s TOAST! Seriously doubt he can carry Ca, TX, FL, NY, PA, OH, AZ, AR, KY, NC, SC, AL, LA, OK, NE, WY, IA, ND, SD, IA, NV, VA, AL,MS,TN, AK, MO, and NH.

  256. rjk1957, Paul Krugman’s op-ed is very good. Not only does he defend Hillary on health care, he rebukes the Obama supporters who once again joined in the anti-progressive Big Media attacks on Hillary.

  257. Something I wrote today as part of a much larger piec which basil and mollrichards have given me wonderful feedback on and I would be curious as to your reaction as well. I am posting it now because I think it reminds us of why we are here:

    Hillary represents the moderate populist wing of the Democratic Party which was in firm control during the peaceful and prosperous 1990’s. She is a true reformer in the great tradition of Teddy Roosevelt, and Bobby Kennedy. Her core supporters are women, working class whites and Hispanics (the fastest demographic group in the country) minus the blacks. They are a strong cohesive group of people. They believe the country is moving in the wrong direction and are anxious for practical solutions to our serious problems. They believe the Party is tilting hard left, and they will support it only insofar as it treats their leader Hillary fairly and continues to represent their interests. And they believe passionately in Hillary. They see her as the greatest political leader of our time. They are fully committed to her policies. And they admire her moral courage as she battles the Iron Triangle of Elite Media, Party Bosses and the Obama Campaign, to secure the nomination. To them she is the legitimate candidate, Obama is the pretender and what was said about Richard the Lion-hearted eight centuries ago could just as easily be said about Hillary today:

    Her valor could no throng of mighty labors quell
    No abyss of the deep, no mountain heights
    No fury of winds, no clouds with showers drunk
    No thunders, no dreadful visitations, no murky air
    None of these dangers will ever stop our girl
    From doing what is best for our beloved country

    Obama represents the left wing of the Democratic Party which has risen up from the dead in response to the 2000 election and Iraq War He claims to be middle of the road by his voting pattern is far left. He presents himself as the candidate of change but he is in fact the quintessential “organizational man”. In the past he represented the Illinois Combine whereas now he has been tasked to serve the left wing of the party which is dominated by the Kennedy cabal of liberal elites, the Dean consortium of netroods and the Brazille black power faction. His core supporters are blacks (radicalized or intimidated by him), college kids and latté liberals. They prefer ideological crusades to policy solutions, and when they are forced to address problems they exhibit a four step pattern of failure (see Thomas Sowell). Meanwhile the old radical left including Jane Fonda, Joan Baez, Tom Hayden are rising from their caskets and lining up behind Barack: The dead are dancing with the dead-the dust is whirling with the dust- I speak of old unhappy far off things and battles long ago . . . .

  258. change what I posted above from “minus blacks” to “plus blacks who believe in the inclusive vision of Martin Luther King”.

    (Sorry: what the fuck is the matter with me?)

  259. henry Says:
    April 11th, 2008 at 6:21 am

    Anyone know what time the protest is taking place at rockefeller center?


    I think I saw … 8 am?

  260. wobboei said: Her core supporters are women, working class whites and Hispanics (the fastest demographic group in the country) minus the blacks. >>They

    It’s not clear at first who is >>they

  261. wobboei said: Her core supporters are women, working class whites and Hispanics (the fastest demographic group in the country) minus the blacks. They are a strong cohesive group of people.

    It’s not clear at first who is ‘they’. Should it be ‘Her supporters are a strong cohesive group of people’?

    Also shouldn’t ‘fastest’ be ‘fastest growing’?

    I’m not sure I agree with your description of Obama as far left. His voting record superficially APPEARS far left on some social issues (eg abortion) but when we look at his ‘present’ votes, the fine print, and things he says and the advisors he chooses — there’s a pattern of actually benefitting the moneyed interests and the military-industrial complex.

  262. 1950 democrat. Thanks very much for the feedback. I will fix the grammar and double check the other. I have it on solid hearsay now and as long as you have challenged it I double check and accredit the source–or the other possibilty is I am flat wrong but in which case I will edit out. I think I still have your email send you final along with all the entire document. It needs to be accurate on all fronts. Again thanks very much,


  264. wwboei,

    I know Obama has a good liberal voting record with the groups that rate politicians (drawing a blank, ACLU?), somewhat left of Hillary’s, maybe the #1 left Senator?

    What I’m seeing is, as usual, a disconnect between his public image (voting record) and his actions that DON”T show up on the voting record.

    I think the key search terms might be ‘Chicago school economics’ ‘Obama advisors’ ‘Milton Friedman economics’ foreclosure+’sanctity of contract’

    Or, if you’re familiar with such names, look on his website; I’ve seen people critizing his choice of who he lists there as advisors.

  265. Wow, Saint Barack has really stepped in shit again with his “bitter” remarks, hasn’t he? See, people? The White House and the whole country will be stinking like BO if we nominate and elect this minstrel.

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