Hillary Clinton – Rise

[Elizabeth Edwards on Good Morning America today. Elizabeth Edwards says she backs Hillary Clinton’s health care plan. “You need that universality in order to get the cost savings … I just have more confidence in Sen. Clinton’s policy than Sen. Obama’s on this particular issue,” she said.”]

[Taylor Marsh, under attack, could use some words of encouragement and support. Keep on fighting Taylor.]

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For the past few weeks Hillary Clinton has been campaigning in several states not just Pennsylvania. During that time Barack Obama has been touring Pennsylvania by bus as well as boring the citizens of Pennsylvania with many advertisements – the same torment citizens of Ohio and Texas were subjected to without much success for Obama.

As we pointed out yesterday, the reliable SurveyUSA still has Hillary well ahead in Pennsylvania (of course the new SurveyUSA Pennsylvania poll has not been discussed in Big Media television outlets – they prefer to keep misinforming Americans that the race in Pennsylvania is “tight”. Fine by us – Hillary’s Pennsylvania victory will be that much sweeter when Big Media and Big Blogs have to once again eat crow and explain their misinformation to those few Americans who still pay attention to Big Media/Big Blogs).

The new Hillary ad campaign in Pennsylvania, and Obama’s diminishing returns on his cash investments, means that Hillary has probably passed her low point in Pennsylvania (which was not much of a low point) and will now – in Maya Angelou’s words – RISE .

From the Courier-Journal (published in Kentucky and Southern Indiana) discussing Hillary’s new ad campaign:

The ads come as Obama has been outspending Clinton in Pennsylvania, with the state’s April 22 primary only two weeks away. As of Sunday, Obama had spent $3.6 million in the state to Clinton’s $1.3 million, according to data compiled by TNS Media Intelligence/Campaign Media Analysis Group. [snip]

“They’re trying to end the race for the White House with an unyielding media blitz,” an e-mail to supporters says. “Don’t let a sea of Obama ads overwhelm our powerful message in Pennsylvania. Contribute now.”

Obama has tried everything to fool Pennsylvania citizens to vote for him. Obama has probably already hit his high water mark in Pennsylvania. Hillary is now airing ads in Pennsylvania addressing the citizens of Pennsylvania.

The Clinton campaign today announced five television ads that will air in different cities throughout the Keystone State beginning today. The five ads – “Get it Done,” “Spectacular,” “Scranton,” “Falling Through” and “Nuestra Amiga” – include testimonials from Governor Ed Rendell and Mayor Michael Nutter, as well as a biographical spot highlighting Hillary’s ties to Pennsylvania.

The ads highlight Hillary’s ability to get the job done as president – her commitment to jumpstarting our economy, standing up for the middle class, and bringing quality, universal health care to all Americans. “Nuestra Amiga,” a Spanish language ad, highlights Hillary’s understanding of the Latino community and the problems it faces.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter:

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell:

Hillary’s History in Scranton:

Hillary Discusses the Trapdoor Economy:

Nuestra Amiga:

Hillary will also keynote the Allegheny County Democratic Committee’s Jefferson/Jackson Dinner in the Keystone State:

“We are both honored and excited that Senator Clinton has accepted our offer to speak at this year’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner,” said Jim Burn, Chairman of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee. “With so much National and International attention focused on this year’s Primary, and with Pennsylvania being a major player in a Presidential Primary for the first time in over 30 years, Senator Clinton’s presence at this Dinner will surely make it a huge success.”

The Jefferson Jackson Dinner is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. on April 10 at Heinz Field in the North Shore. Tickets are $125 for one or $1,000 for a table of 10. The party expects more than 1,000 people to attend, Burn said.

We have placed links on the right hand side column for those wishing to makes calls to Pennsylvania for Hillary as well as those wishing to sign the petition in defense of the voting rights of Florida and Michigan citizens.

Make calls, sign petitions and contribute to a Hillary victory in Pennsylvania.



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  1. http://womensspace.wordpress.com/2008/02/14/dr-maya-angelou-rise-hillary-rise/

    You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may tread me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at her wits’ end, but she has always risen, always risen, don’t forget she has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight of her friends.

    Hillary Clinton will not give up on you and all she asks of you is that you do not give up on her.There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female.

    But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies.

    Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country.

    Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to be what it can become. She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace.

    She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

    She means to rise.

    Don’t give up on Hillary. In fact, if you help her to rise, you will rise with her and help her make this country the wonderful, wonderful place where every man and every woman can live freely without sanctimonious piety and without crippling fear.

    Rise, Hillary. Rise.

    -Maya Angelou, Jan 20, 2008, published in The Observer

  2. e edwards is boosting hillary big here. she says she isnt endorsing-butads her voice to going to the conv floor.e edwards is a fighter-she gets hillary. i think she will keep boosting her

  3. So basically according to the most accurate pollster out there, SUSA, the bullshit pollsters have been skewing polls, Obama is not over 50% in NC and certain pollsters in my opinion have been putting obama at around 58% because they were told too and that there is room for a HRC catch up there.

    So basically at this point HRC will win PA by a mile and in distance of catching NC.

  4. I’m from California and if we could get a huge throng of people maybe we can find away to protest against Pelosi. If anyone here is from california please leave comments and we can arrange one!

  5. winhillary – I live in the Bay Area and would love to protest Pelosi. I work not to far from her house in Pacific Heights. Code Pink is often there camped out in front on her mansion.

  6. Yes, the Elton John concert is tonight. I wish they would put something about it on their website. And I hope they have live streaming or dvds for sale.

  7. Morning,


    I just have a feeling the tide has turned in HRC’s favor. Don’t ask me why. I started feeling it yesterday and this morning it’s even stronger.

    I’ve also noticed the Talking Heads, (who i flick by, these days) have a haunted, desperate tone to their voices.

  8. ADMIN,

    Those PA ads are awesome! Especially the Scranton clip. And Nutter and Rendell are also great.

    Anyone notice Bo doesn’t have many REAL heavyweights stumping for him in his ads? Even Oprah’s disappeared, not to mention Kennedy and crew.

    The times they are-a changing.

    BTW – Anyone know how i can embed geesklove clip in an email? Birdgal sent me the link and I want to send it to tweetie and company.

  9. ADMIN,

    (This post hasn’t shown up so I’m trying again. Sorry if it’s a duplicate.)

    Those PA ads are awesome! Especially the Scranton clip. And Nutter and Rendell are also great.

    Anyone notice Bo doesn’t have many REAL heavyweights stumping for him in his ads? Even Oprah’s disappeared, not to mention Kennedy and crew.

    The times they are-a changing.

    BTW – Anyone know how i can embed geesklove clip in an email? Birdgal sent me the link and I want to send it to tweetie and company.

  10. Yesterday was a day of confirmation in my belief that Obama is a serious threat to the stability our country and he has very handily shown the flaws in his candidacy.His performance at the hearings was a shameful and disgusting performance in arrogance and a revelation of the fraudulent and deceptive plan he has for his drive for the presidency.Smokescreen questions,interruptions,stuttering,gaps and pauses in his sentences as he tried to follow the words and composure of Hillary.His reluctance to adhere to the time limits imposed for each senator,is indicative of Fascist manipulation of the system that applies to all members regardless of seniority,is due to a character flaw that will expose this wanna-be con man.Hillary made him look pathetic,with her poise and understanding of the subject being debated.


  11. Admin-Great posts!! Thank you for all the work you do.

    Basil9- To embed a video.On the video, lower right, click menu. Copy and paste the embed code into an email.

  12. Oh, THANKS Shenanigans!

    I will try it a bit later when I have a 30 minute stretch of time coz I’m sure it will take at least that long to get it right. 😳

  13. Elizabeth is endorsing Hillary’s Health Care plan. That is great, it means she is LOOKING at her ideas and seeing what needs to be done.

    She says she thinks it should go to the floor also.

    She is all but endorsing IMHO.

  14. Elizabeth Edwards is doing a lot by endorsing Hillary’s health plan. I respect her for doing this. Hillary can benefit from Elizabeth’s advocacy.

    Good news about Spier. She is filling the seat left vacant by the recent death of Tom Lantos. He was a SD for Hillary. Glad she is continuing the tradition. I have lost all respect for Pelosi. If I lived in her district, I would be protesting against her.

    What do people think about BO wanting talks with Iran?

  15. BO: “so, Iran. D-d-d-d-d-d-do you have any w-w-w-weapons of m-m-mass d-d-d-d-d-d-d….Did you hear my speech?”

  16. birdgal. it just reflects more on how inexperienced he is. he was a joke yesterday that even the media couldn’t spin…

  17. shen .. lol that is what it would be like. he doesn’t have balls big enough to earn the right to be called Commander in Chief .. maybe coolaid in chief

  18. he reminds me of some spoiled brat wanting a new toy…I ..want…it….now….regardless of my inexperience

  19. Dot: I can’t even watch him on TV anymore. Not only is he out in left field, but what is with his advisors???
    His case for having more foreign policy experience than Hillary or John McCain was laughable. How does living in a foreign country as a child, help one with foreign policy matters? Yes, it gives one more insight into different cultures and a people, but that does not mean, one is qualified to negotiate with foreign diplomats. What an insulting stance.

  20. they are “yes” men. No leadership ability is a liability from day one…he really thinks he can rule…he would be saddened to know what they really have in mind. I thought he was supposed to be smart…dumber than dumb

    This is why it is so important for our country NOW to get it RIGHT. She the only real qualifed of the field

  21. I also really admire EE for sticking up for Hillary’s health-care plan. Good for her, and I hope she kicks Olbermann’s ass tonight.

  22. Fox News Channel was again in the top five cable networks during primetime last week. FNC ranked #5, while CNN came in at #24 and MSNBC fell out of the top 30 (live+SD figures).

    In Total Day, FNC moved up one spot from last week to finish at #8. CNN ranked #25 and MSNBC did not make the top 30.

    so all the ass kissing is coming HOME TO ROOST! Yeah BABY

  23. Did I tell you we gave MSNBC and CNN a big FUCK OFF, sorry to be offensive but they get what they deserve.

    I read that TweetyBird is so afraid he’ll be canned at the end of the year .. Gregory is the hot shot over there now. Tweety will be gone and watch Olgerman start to get tuned off too. America is catching on.

    Stomp on her and we fight harder.

    I wish to God I was filthy rich…I’d donate it to her campaign some way. Too bad I live on Social Security Disability from hubby torn down old ribby back.

    Anyhow, does anyone know what happened to Idunn? She has been MIA

  24. dot-

    you dont need money, you need passion and a phone! I know you’ve got passion and I assume you’ve got a phone so lets get to work.
    I called PA yesterday and EVERYONE was supporting Hillary. One woman thanked me profusely for calling and clarifying some of the issues so she can have it out with her husband.

    Call PA today and lets win the big one for Supergirl!

  25. A story about experience vs. new, young ideas:

    Yesterday I attended a party for Jackie Speier win….I had been a volunteer mainly becuase she supported hillary.

    At the party, I discussed other candidates ..one in preticular, Michelle McCurry who is an AA woman, 35yr old and has a great future. I mentioned to another volunteer that under different circumstances, I would have liked to vote for this person; and I added that it might be great if she moved to Nancy’s district and ran against Nancy whos getting old at 67 yrs.

    The volunteer was so surprised saying that Nanncy is so great…third in line to the presidency, very experienced, smart etc etc..

    I told her that at the moment expereince means nothing to Nancy, nor putting a capable woman in the WH…the volunteer was shocked saying she supports Barack!…

    Well I said, you cannnot have it both ways; it is time for Nancy to go…after all she just represents a small district..not a full state.

    I shocked her more by saying McCain will do fine instead of BO!

    See experience counts when sending one to congress but not to the WH for these stupid Obamalots.

  26. Good morning everyone.

    Admin great ads. I will be e-mailing the ads to everyone i know.
    Glad to see CNN&MSNBC with low ratings. I have stopped watching them for months.
    Maybe now they will wake up and spell the coffee
    See what their beloved bambi has done

  27. oandreD
    thought he endorsed hill weeks ago– he marched alongside of hill and rendell in st pats parade. he isn’t a super so perhaps whereever you are it just hit the news.

  28. Ronald, yes I have been phonebanking. Tennessee, Texas, Ohio and PA. It gives me resource strength. If you get down reach out by phone and you’ll find another Hillary supporter.

    I will be her in spirirt on the convention floor. She must fight for US

    Pulch…you continue to amaze me.

    The mayor of Pittsburgh endorses too!

  29. Artiste checks in about daily. Busy person. I think I saw LinFair yesterday. Lots of people hitting PA and NC as volunteers as well.

  30. Received e-mail from DNC today to contribute and advised I would never give them a red cent b/c of what they have done to Hillary. It’s either Hillary or McCain as BO is a race baiting, calculating, arrogant person and his wife is even worse.

  31. dot-

    thats awesome! I’ve found the same thing when phone banking. People in PA are very receptive. I didn’t have a single negative call and only one hang up (with screaming baby in background).

    Hillary is going to win this and when she does, dot48 and everyone else on this site will be able to say we helped her win.

  32. QUICK!!! we need more white people or everyone will think we’re BLACK!

    From Ben Smith via Drudge:

    Obama advance: ‘Get me more white people’

    From the account in Carnegie Mellon’s paper, the Tartan, of a Michelle Obama event in Pittsburgh:

    While the crowd was indeed diverse, some students at the event questioned the practices of Mrs. Obama’s event coordinators, who handpicked the crowd sitting behind Mrs. Obama.

    The Tartan’s correspondents observed one event coordinator say to another, “Get me more white people, we need more white people.” To an Asian girl sitting in the back row, one coordinator said, “We’re moving you, sorry. It’s going to look so pretty, though.”

    “I didn’t know they would say, ‘We need a white person here,’ ” said attendee and senior psychology major Shayna Watson, who sat in the crowd behind Mrs. Obama. “I understood they would want a show of diversity, but to pick up people and to reseat them, I didn’t know it would be so outright.”

    I’m not sure there’s any real reason for outrage here; every campaign, at least implicitly, includes race in the staging of events like this — even a campaign whose supporters chant “race doesn’t matter.” But they don’t usually get caught doing it this explicitly.

    And (if you didn’t pick it up from the bowling) it does give you a sense of the community Obama’s trying to reach in Pennsylvania: whitefolks.

  33. ABC news has an article out about Hill, “How not to win PA”. What the heck are they talking about? I am so sick of the media’s constant negativity. Hillary has run a very classy campaign. What is wrong with these people?

  34. Hi there,

    I’d just like to point out a nice article about Chelsea and how she gracefully parries some of the questions she gets during her campaigning activities. I think Chelsea Clinton is so poised and intelligent and a genuinely lovely young woman. She’s such remarkable proof of what a great parent and great person Hillary is! (I’m a real Chelsea fan, if you can’t tell!)


  35. hey all -Moononpluto is right re: polls – was told by a friend who’s on campaign staff that NC internal polling at the moment is showing Clinton within statistical difference of catching up to BO there. There is a good organization there, and the grassroots has grown enough in NC that there was already good infrastructure for the campaign to walk into.

    BO’s operation has been in NC nearly 2 months before Clinton’s, but still, I think we will do fine there.

    So, if we work hard for a big margin in PA, that momentum should help in NC bigtime.

  36. but I thought he wasn’t black enough? or is it too black? or medium black? half black?

    Maybe he is just a big fake.

  37. …though I get a feeling, since he’s on the ropes, BO is probably going to play some sort of race card for PA – same pattern, different state.

  38. jbstonesfan

    I received an e-mail from Dean. He was talking about McCain. I e-mailed him back,told him all my money was going to Hillary. I told him the dnc would not get a penney until FL and MI votes are counted.

  39. on Taylor Marsh now:

    Obama’s Illusions on Foreign Policy
    Expert guest post by Joseph C. Wilson IV

    Sen. Barack Obama declared in Pennsylvania on March 27 that his foreign policy would “return” to that of George H.W. Bush and that Sens. John McCain and Hillary Rodham Clinton both had strayed from that model. Having served in the first Bush administration, as acting U.S. ambassador to Iraq in the run-up to the first Gulf War, and subsequently as ambassador to two African nations, I cannot fathom what Obama is asserting.His entire foreign-policy claim that he would be a better president than Hillary Clinton rests on the slender reed that he possesses intuitively superior judgment, which would have led him to vote against the Authorization for the Use of Force in Iraq had he been in the U.S. Senate in October 2002.

    The first President Bush (Bush 41), of course, has publicly supported his son (Bush 43) throughout the second conflict in Iraq.

    When Saddam Hussein’s troops invaded Kuwait in August 1990, I was in charge of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, responsible for the safe release of Americans held hostage, and I personally confronted Saddam to persuade him to depart Kuwait peacefully. It was axiomatic in our approach that the only way to influence Iraqi behavior would be to threaten military action in the event Saddam did not respond to diplomatic demands. If we were going to make those threats credible, we would have to be prepared to act on them, which we were, and which we did, with full international backing.

    What would Obama have done differently in the first gulf war from what he claims he would have done in 2002 had he been in the Senate at that time? In 1990, Saddam was deemed a threat by the first Bush administration. Senior administration officials threatened military action while working toward a diplomatic solution. Congress was ultimately faced with a vote to support the president’s approach. Some Democrats, including then-Sen. Al Gore, voted with the administration, while a majority voted against.

    Obama claims that an antiwar speech he made while running for state Senate in the most liberal district in Illinois is proof of his superior intuitive judgment. But if Obama had been in Washington at that time, participating in the national debate, he would have come face to face with Secretary of State Colin Powell, the same Colin Powell who, as Gen. Powell, was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the first Bush administration, the one Obama wishes to emulate.

    Powell would have told him, as he told the other senators he briefed at that time, including Sen. Clinton, that the president wanted to use the Authorization for the Use of Military Force resolution not to go to war but, rather, as leverage to go to the United Nations to secure intrusive inspections. George W. Bush repeated this claim publicly.

    Would Obama’s intuitive judgment have led him to defy Powell while still remaining faithful to his fantasy of the “wisdom” of the Bush 41 foreign policy? Perhaps Obama would have urged a summit with Saddam Hussein, with no preconditions, as he has since proposed as a means to “transcend” traditional foreign-policy methods with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. Secretary of State Jim Baker did meet with Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz before the launch of Desert Storm, but this meeting was for the express purpose of conveying to the Iraqis the military consequences of not departing from Kuwait before the Jan. 15, 1991, deadline. There was never any question of demeaning the presidency by an unconditional summit for the simple reason that presidents don’t haggle. That’s why presidents have secretaries of state.

    In fact, Obama’s understanding of foreign policy is extraordinarily limited. He has had one job in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: chairman of the Europe and NATO subcommittee. He has not held a single policy hearing in that capacity because, as he said in a debate, he has been too busy running for president. He has not even taken a fact-finding trip or provided any other oversight.

    As to Obama’s self-promoted “judgment,” which judgment would that be? Would it be to follow the path of Bush 41: tough diplomacy backed by the threat of military action, as in the first gulf war? Would it be to ignore the rationale put forward by Colin Powell in the debate on the second gulf war? Would it be to vote exactly the same way Sen. Clinton did on war-related issues since he became a U.S. senator, which he has? Or is it simply to criticize from the sidelines with the benefit of never having had to face tough decisions with real consequences?

    The next president will be presented with two difficult wars, U.S. moral authority at low ebb, and unprecedented complexity of our relations with the rest of the world. Obama has no record whatsoever, only his utter absence from his committee responsibility. His claim to be the one true heir to George H.W. Bush is a misguided illusion and no substitute for offering more about what foreign policies he would actually follow.

  40. Ininla, what do you think about PA polls? I tend to go with Susa but now we have 5 polls putting it around 5pts.

    I do thinkt hat those polls will change next week as her ads start to take effect and she ratchets up her campaigning there.

    Does anyone know where she/Chelsea and Bill will be today, tomorrow and Friday?

    I read that Bill and Hill will be in NY today and that she will be at the Jefferson/Jackson dinner in PA tomorrow.

    Starting tomorrow, they really need to get back in PA.

  41. so it seems we all got the “MCCain Gaffe” letter.

    I forwarded a reply to it yesterday and put DNC GAFFEE.

    I told the little twirrt off. Best to show our cards now folks. No more $ from me if they dont count the votes.


  42. Joe Wilson WOW. Tell the way it is. This is important.

    Don’t believe the polling in PA either…folks matter, remember they stand in the booth…not what they say on the phone. It’s a proven fact that a lot of people lie in polls.

    We just need to continue to fight for her like she is for us.

  43. Hillary is back in Pennsylvania today, hosting a town hall with senior retired military officers and Keystone State veterans in Aliquippa , PA. She is working hard for every vote in Pennsylvania.

  44. Hey Tiburones – I’ll find out pretty soon re: PA polls as I head out to Pittsburgh in a few days.

  45. ronald
    she is working hard for every vote period.
    i think the campaign should have emphasized that aspect when the taxes were released. who worth that amount of money works that hard?

  46. hey all – an interesting series on Stop-Obama.org by Jeff Gold and Gregory Chang – about how the grassroots can pushback against Axelrod & the BO campaign techniques:

    3 part series called “A Guide to Internet Victory”

    “The Basics” stop-obama.org/?p=565

    Part II stop-obama.org/?p=566

    Part III stop-obama.org/?p=569

  47. WTF is this?


    Please contact MSNBC, Tim Russert, tell them to stop this assault on women

  48. overall – we need to be careful about blanketing everything with “sexism” when writing to journalists – pointing out the double standards is better. People get defensive when it comes to the word “sexism” because some people can’t grasp what it means, and others believe it’s an urban myth.

  49. TM poster noted this – dirty tricks – this is why I get so riled up about Obama – his supporters are vapid –


    Suspicious: During a pro-Hillary speech by Bill Clinton at Indiana University, the Barack Obama campaign started giving away concert tickets to Dave Matthews Band. The giveaway was the first opportunity to grab the tickets, and a line formed, partly made up of people who left the Clinton event, according to the Indianapolis Star. One student waited for more than three hours.

    He said the ticket giveaway was announced as Clinton was preparing to speak, though tickets were also scheduled to be given away the next day at other locations. The effect: college students lured away by a rock star from one of the few civic events they would have have otherwise attended. The Star reported that “it sure look like Obama’s representative [Dave Matthews] whipped up the most excitement.” Then there was this cringe-worthy quote from an Obama supporter:

    “I was leaning toward Obama, but this sealed the deal for sure,” [Jason Schechtman, 19, Deerfield, Ill., a student at IU] said. “The Obama campaign announced this right as (Bill Clinton) was about to speak, and it brought everyone from over there to over here.”

  50. Morning all.

    My Mom who has alzheimers has been in a wee crises so I have not been around much.

    The LA Committe to Protest HIllary Media Bias is going to hold a demo on the west coast like the one scheduled for nyc this Friday.

    I have guest posted their announcement at mydd. Lots of good info and an email addy if you want to get involved. Please go vist and recommend so more people will
    see it and have the opportunity to get the information as the day goes forward.



  51. Want to share with you my Hillary bumper sticker and desktop picture, but I don’t know how – it’s a jpeg file. I printed it on plain paper and used wide transparent mailing tape to apply it to the back window of my vehicle. Made many for family and friends.
    How can I show it to you?

  52. linfar,
    good to see you on line. Welcome back! Im sorry about your mother. That is a terrible disease…

  53. The MSM — in the 90s spent a lot of time wringing its hands over how much money there was in politics, and where did it come from?

    Now, nothing but silence.

    As long as the money is being spent by its favorite, it’s no problem.

  54. Linfair, I hope you mom is doing better.

    Failing health sucks. Hubby has failed 4 vertebrae fusion and he is in constant nerve pain.

  55. Chelsea is hitting up 3 major colleges in PA tomorrow.
    – Saint Joes
    – Villanova
    – Temple

  56. and don’t you just bet they’ll probably be up to dirty tricks there as well.

    they are evil people. to go right into someone’s event and steal .. just wrong on every level

    he will NOT win any hearts by this. Those kids will think after the concert..wow, who just tried to bribe me.

    There is probably a law against using campaign funds or sponsoring something like that.

    He looks sillier every day. Put a clown hat on him and wind up the doll…

  57. The new line of attack from Obama & Axelrod is that they’ve run the best campaign and therefore should get the nomination. Right!
    The MSM is of course cooperating with this narrative.

    The easiest way to combat this new wave of bull is to ask who’s proven they can run THE WHITE HOUSE under the most brutal conditions?

    And it of course again points out what Joe Klein (who I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw) said a while back;
    “Far too often, the Obama campaign is about how wonderful the Obama campaign is.”

    “In interviews, several veteran Democratic strategists said the business of running a campaign offers limited insight into a candidate’s performance in the White House.

    And Clinton’s defenders argue that the relatively smooth-running Obama operation obscures the reality that the first-term Illinois senator is an untested, naive politician who showed little spine or genius during his unremarkable four years in the U.S. Senate. Clinton loyalists think the Obama story has a predictable conclusion: He gets torn apart by a ruthless GOP and crushed in the general election.

    All of this could be true. But it is also true that a fair measurement of the candidates’ leadership skills is their management of their campaign. Easily the largest enterprise they have run in their lives — in February alone, Obama had 1,280 paid employees, at a cost of $2.61 million; Clinton had 935 employees and a monthly payroll of $1.63 million — the campaign reveals flaws and strengths that will only be magnified in the Oval Office.

  58. Obama outspending on PA like its water, now that is very telling, i think he’s finally figured out that if he loses big in PA, he can say good bye to the nomination as SD’s will bolt to Clinton quicker than lightening as it finally nails the point home that he cannot win the democratic states and he cannot put Hillary down.

    How many times has he tried to off Hillary and failed miserably?

    The fact is, if he spends 10 to 1 in PA and still loses to Clinton he can forget about it, it stamps loser on his forehead.

  59. you know that $ is dirty. no way is it legit and if it were Hillary raking it in she’d be flatfooted out of town. Do the math…

  60. you know that $ is dirty. no way is it legit and if it were Hillary raking it in she’d be flatfooted out of town. Do the math…

  61. Its possible that giving concert tickets away for votes could be considered totally illegal because thats what it boils down too.

  62. How do we know whether the BO campaign is well run, or not? It’s completely unvetted and unexamined. Nothing they do is ever criticized. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to criticize.

  63. George W Bush ran a very effective campaign- twice. He didn’t turn out to be such a good president though did he?

  64. LOSER .. i guess that about amounts to 666

    his smugness does not wear well..people are tired in PA of his constant assault of the airways. I hear it .. people want him gone.

    Rest assured, he is not going to even be close in PA.

    They know dirty well there and he is coming across as just that.

    Call people up and hear what they say.

  65. Ronald, can I ask what your specialty in medicine is? We constantly look for new therapy for hubby pain

  66. Axelrod = Rove. Yes, they both ran relatively effective campaigns. And, they both stole elections.

  67. Axelrod, horrible as it is but he is the sort of person you’d love to secretly wish to see get hit by a bus.

  68. in fact, you sort of wish you were driving the bus, so you could reverse back to make sure.

  69. yeah the more weight on board, the more sure we’ll be off knocking Satan’s bastard love child off.

  70. Satan’s Love Child .. Luv it.

    boy they is a bunch of handwringing going on in obamaville right now. look for the media to try to “help” him set her or Bill ..they already have set up people in every audience to try to rattle Chelsea..I wish she’d just say once and for all .. right off the bat when she takes stage ..if you come with express desire to belittle my mom .. just leave now I won’t be answering any questions regarding my mother and father relationship…

    Flat call them out.

  71. I really can’t believe they have such little class as to ask Chelsea about that. It’s really horrible and speaks a lot about who they are.

  72. Hopefully there is a good showing at Rockfeller center on Friday, anyone know how many are going?

  73. Anyone notice the complete quietness on the bambi endorsement front, not a peep for ages. Seems the SD’s are not as quick on the bandwagon anymore.

  74. basil, I don’t know if your question has been answered but if you type: “How do I imbed images in email” using the Yahoo Search feature, you’ll see various sites that may give you the information you need.

    This is the first site that is linked, perhaps the information you need is here. If not maybe another of the resulting links could do the trick.


  75. I would like everyone to check out this video and maybe send it people in your address book. This shows Hillary’s amazing grasp on the internal workings of our economy. This is the main arguement for her becoming our next president to appeal to the men that would otherwise vote for obama or McCain.

    If those that are commenting in PA newspapers could post this it would be very helpful, I’m sure:


  76. Ronald and dot48, thank you.

    Yes alz is tough. I had no clue and no I am immersed in it.

    I wanted so badly to see Hillary when she recently came to LA, but I was afraid to leave my Mom alone for more than 4 hours. She is a prisoner in her body now and I feel like her prisoner.

    sorry about your hubby, dot. Pain wears you out.

    Hate to be a scold, But don’t forget to go over to mydd and rec the diary announcing the LA Protest, like one on NY, for HIllary. There is a lot of info on media bias and also email addy for the protest. run don’t walk, now 🙂


  77. Yes..Yes confloyd and Moononpluto, it would be grand

    if Axlerod lost his axles and/or his rods.

    Oh yeah…Go Hillary. Yes you will

  78. Ronald at 1:39: Great point!

    Also, here’s Chelsea’s sked:

    PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Clinton campaign today announced Chelsea Clinton will return to Pennsylvania this week, making stops in Villanova, Philadelphia, and State College on Thursday, April 10, and Slippery Rock, Edinboro and Philadelphia on Friday, April 11.

    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    Villanova, PA à Philadelphia, PA à State College, PA

    9:30 a.m. EDT

    Chelsea Clinton Attends “Our Economy, Our Future” Event

    Belle Air Terrace, The Connelly Center

    Villanova University

    800 Lancaster Ave (enter through main gate on Ithon Avenue)

    Villanova, PA


    11:45 p.m. EDT

    Chelsea Clinton Attends “Our Economy, Our Future” Event

    The Hawk Rock, Campion Student Center

    St. Joseph’s University

    2401 Cardinal Ave

    Philadelphia, PA


    4:30 p.m. EDT

    Chelsea Clinton Attends “Our Economy, Our Future” Event

    HUB-Robeson Center Lawn

    Penn State University

    State College, PA


    *Details for Friday, April 11 are forthcoming.

  79. Southern Born Says:
    April 9th, 2008 at 11:49 am
    Hireheels.com, perhaps.

    Hireheels.com is brilliant, everyone should visit and promote them!

    I think a lot of traffic has moved from h44 to the safe/private area at hillbilly’s. politwix.com?

  80. Don’t Quit

    When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
    When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill,
    When the funds are low and the debts are high,
    And you want to smile, but you have to sight,
    When care is pressing you down a bit
    “Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

    Life is strange with its twists and turns
    As everyone of us sometimes learns
    And many a failure turns about
    When he might have won had he worked it out;
    Don’t give up though the pace seems slow
    You May succeed with another try
    Success is failure turned inside out
    The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
    And you never can tell how close you are,
    It may be near when it seems so far;
    So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit –
    It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit

  81. strength here in numbers in unimportant .. it is what we are doing collectively to help her be 44.

    it’s her time..now, how sd’s can’t see this from her prepardeness and her readiness..it fuddles me..but sometimes when greased palms meet….

  82. Elizabeth Edwards has done the right thing…obviously she prefers Hillary as does her husband, but he wants to keep his options with OB for atty Gen as well.

  83. Call for Pennsylvania! …saw this today and thought I’d pass it along — great to see Hillary slamming McCain for his inane statements about Iraq:

    Clinton Uses ‘100-Year’ Remark to Fault McCain

    By The New York Times
    -April 9, 2008, 12:30 pm

    Senator Barack Obama has come under some criticism for suggesting that his colleague in the Senate, John McCain, wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years, even though Mr. McCain was speaking hypothetically. Today in Pennsylvania, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton did not shy away from using that line of attack either.

    At a speech at Hopewell High School in Aliquippa, Pa., Mrs. Clinton praised Mr. McCain, but then added that the Senator “has said that it would be alright with him if we kept troops in Iraq for up to 100 years and again yesterday, he basically reiterated his commitment to the course that we are on in Iraq. Well, I don’t agree with that.”

    Mr. McCain first mentioned the possibility of a 100-year presence in Iraq in a casual interjection to a question on the campaign trail in January, and since then he has repeatedly tried to clarify his remarks. In one speech in Cleveland, he said: ‘’The war will be over soon, the war for all intents and purposes, although the insurgency will go on for years and years and years. But it will be handled by the Iraqis, not by us.’’

    Mrs. Clinton, in her remarks, also took some shots at Senator Obama for his Iraq positioning, saying he “says he’ll end the war
    but his top foreign policy adviser said he won’t necessarily follow the plan he’s been talking about during this campaign, that the plan is just words. Well, you can count on me to end the war safely and responsibly.”

  84. From TalkLeft and Hill Camp’s Conference Call:

    Theme: Obama’s words vs. actions, in context of his discredited oil ads in PA.

    Obama’s ad says:

    I’m Barack Obama. I don’t take money from oil companies or Washington lobbyists, and I won’t let them block change anymore. They’ll pay a penalty on windfall profits. We’ll invest in alternative energy, create jobs and free ourselves from foreign oil.

    Rooney: Obama says in his ad that he’s never taken any money from oil companies. No one does, because it’s illegal. Yet he has taken $213k from employees of oil companies. Two of his bundlers are top execs at oil companies. (See Newsweek on this or my earlier post.)

    Obama sided with Dick Cheney in voting for Dick Cheney’s energy bill — the best bill that oil companies could buy. Hillary voted against the bill.

    His words, once again, don’t match his actions.

    Howard Wolfson: We are responding to Obama’s discredited ad to set the record straight. We can’t continue to let Obama misrepresent his record. They will be launching a radio ad in PA to expose it.

  85. I was over at Taylor Marsh, and someone had posted this:


    asking why, this was on the DNC frontpage. Also, there are advertisements for phone banking parties for Obama.

  86. Ther is a very good story on Rezkowatch right now on Obama’s “community development” record and future plans:


    It scares the hell out of me thinking what a corrupt government he is likely to have in office…must keep him out!

  87. winhillary, basil, tcbequalityactions, birdgirl,

    mp said:
    and I added that it might be great if she moved to Nancy’s district and ran against Nancy whos getting old at 67 yrs.
    The volunteer was so surprised saying that Nanncy is so great…third in line to the presidency, very experienced, smart etc etc..
    I told her that at the moment expereince means nothing to Nancy, nor putting a capable woman in the WH

    oooh, great idea! let’s run a flashy young Black man against nancy pelosi! on the same stuff, experience doesn’t matter, she’s too establishemnt, she’s been in Washington too long, it needs a fresh uncorrupted person…. take quotes straight out of Obama’s own speeches etc….

    Does Pelosi need to file signature petitions to be on the ballot? Maybe our candidate can find some technicality to get Pelosi knocked off the ballot, like obama did to Alice Palmer in 1996!

  88. reveals BO’s weakness and I hate Dickless Morris but its a good read


  89. saw this on TM comments; Cafferty is a real a-hole:

    Real secure men who are comfortable in their own skin support Hillary and are proud of it and I am a lucky lady to be married to one. On the other hand, I just emailed a critique to Jack Cafferty to tell him to please get his facts straight. He just replied with “I just got a new contract with CNN and I couldn’t care less what you think”. What a miserable creature. After Friday’s MSNBC protest, how about someone organize one in front of CNN in NYC for the following Friday?
    sofia | 04.09.2008 – 3:20 pm | #

  90. You know, Hill was brilliant yesterday with Patraeus. You would think the media would talk about it today. I ahve not heard a peep.

  91. EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Clinton Explains Why She Doesn’t Interview With Media


    Includes Video

  92. The Obama camp’s “dick move” to give out free Dave Matthews Band tickets during BC’s speech was covered on Jon Stewart’s last night. Such a nice guy that Obama is.

  93. well cnn can’t be too happy with BlisterAss and company’s ratings .. hold on his day is coming too. Their ratings are tanking too except for one guy .. and who knows why people watch that wimpy noodle.

  94. just got a letter from Hillary asking for a donation and I sent her $100. I need to send Dean the receipt when I get it back from the bank with a note saying this could have had your name on it if you would count the votes in Florida and Michigan and award the votes toward the nomination process! LOL!

  95. “He just replied with “I just got a new contract with CNN and I couldn’t care less what you think”.

    Is this true? Blast that thing ALL OVER the net!!!
    He’s beyond sickening, Cafferty, always has been.

    That’s why he went from being an anchor in NY to
    utility man / spot-duty on CNN.
    But we know it’s more than that, don’t we?
    Let’s see…

    Non-stop, nasty ass Hillary basher 24/7.

    Gets a new contract?

  96. mj, Fox had people on about Hillary and Patreaus and some said she was good, some said bad, but BO had too many ahh, studders and stamers, but most said he did a better job! Ridiculous!

  97. you know the media really believes there own bullshit.

    Yahoo: Ex strategist may hurt Clinton with workers … hello…we don’t care, it’s business. We are not worried about ex staff, it’s about the woman .. who will work for us.

  98. confloyd Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 3:42 pm
    mj, Fox had people on about Hillary and Patreaus and some said she was good, some said bad, but BO had too many ahh, studders and stamers, but most said he did a better job! Ridiculous!


  99. MSNBC bias losing in ratings STILL

    The Scoreboard: Monday, Apr. 7
    25-54 demographic: (L +SD)

    Total day: FNC: 206 | CNN: 154 | MSNBC: 128 | HLN: 105

    Prime: FNC: 429 | CNN: 288 | MSNBC: 223 | HLN: 172

  100. Debbie,
    I’ve made this point before with varying degrees of success.

    There is vastly more money involved in the networks actually affecting the election that any current ratings snapshot and the ad dollars that work off it. It’s not even close.

    We’re talking (potentially) hundreds of billions vs millions.

    That’s the real game.

  101. Birdgal:
    I don’t think it was on the front page. Anyone can “Find or Create a Group” on the DNC website, as follows:
    “There are thousands of groups organized and working across the country. You can find a group organized around the issues or candidates you support by searching below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you’d like to organize people on your own, you can start a group yourself.”

    I didn’t look up the stinky groups. But, here is a link to the existing Hillary groups:

    1950 Dem: LOL!

  102. Carbynew – nice video of Chelsea.

    She is so sincere about wanting the best for this country, and that includes the right President. No disingenuous bone in her and that reflects on the kind of parents she has.

    I know Bill Clinton will be traversing NC like no one’s business to campaign for Hillary.

    Everyday that I see videos like this – I have so much more respect for this family. They’re real role models, and amazing; real patriots – and not in the way that the Republicans and Bush have painted “patriotism” – they are just simply and sincerely proud of this country and want to see it achieve its potential.

  103. I sent this yesterday, but on CNN there is a video in the politics section that shows african americans being pressured to vote Obama. Must see! Trust me this is shocking because it’s on CNN, but this is huge because it shows hill supporters making a strong point that they will not be pushed or pulled. Please watch!

  104. blue,

    don’t disagree with you on that point, what i was showing was a snapshot, not the entire picture anyway my point was simply msnbc does not have the viewership and has not had for quite sometime. ratings reflect where the ad dollars goes, i sure you know.

    my simple glee is msnbc is losing big bucks to the othr networks

  105. re: Media – I would hope Fox News sees a true opportunity here to expand their viewership and they’ve been portrayed as right wing TV, but they can correct this – if Clintons backers, and the Reagan Democrats start watching them consistently, they can strip away viewership from CNN.

    they need better representation of the Democratic voice on their shows, Alan Colmes and that Debbie person who sits in for him are pathetic.



    Here is an idea for what all Hillary supporters should do when they receive contribution requests in the mail:

    Don’t throw away that solicitation from The Party! Do this instead:

    1) Fill in “$0.00” on the donation amount line. I suggest a red pen.

    2) Copy one of the filthy messages you have seen written by an Obamazoid on one of the message boards we have been driven from. If it’s difficult to pick just one, go ahead and copy a few more. We all know it’s a gold mine out there.

    3) Staple the filthy, disgusting message to the donation request–and tell Howard, Nancy, or whomever no longer represents you to get your donation from the person who wrote the message.

    4. Annotate the message and tell them you know they no longer represent you and that you are going to go make a donation to Hillary Clinton right now. Also mention that you are not stupid and know that they helped Barack Obama block the re-votes of Florida and Michigan and that you will not tolerate primary fixing.

    5) Go to http://www.hillaryclinton.com and make a donation there.

    I would like to help everyone do this, but I need your help.

    I ask that you copy the most offensive filthy, threatening and/or sexist messages you have seen about Hillary or about yourself and paste these messages in the Comments section of this post. Don’t forget to include a link to the site so that we can appropriately let them know where these pigs hang out, which is pretty much everywhere these days. Participants can then just copy them from the Comment section if they would like. The more filthy, sexist, threatening comments we collect, the better.

  107. Hillary’s Big Fundraiser Tonight Starring Elton John Will Bring In $2.5 Million


  108. Debbie – glad to see MSNBC tanking too…Ogremann et al thinking they can literally bank on these Obamabots and Kossacks being a new audience is an idiotic strategy – a new videogame/trendy website comes along, and Countdown is toast.

  109. I’ve been ruminating on the “racist campaign” that Obama supporters and pundits keep alleging. They assume that AAs are the arbiters of what is racist.

    Actually, AAs are the experts on the EFFECTS of anti-black racism. They are not the experts on racist codes because the messages are not directed at them. Everyone can see direct messages: Bull Connor’s dogs or employment bans. Campaigns are indirect: coded messages like Jesse Helms’ ads are directed to whites and they get the message that blacks are bad or inferior or to be avoided. Ms. Ferraro said that Obama had an advantage. That is the opposite of racist.

    Now take sexism — here the messages are sent to both men AND women. And both agree in large numbers that they are being sent sexist messages.
    “Women just have tea” and other patronizing quotes which mean that 35 years of work by a woman isn’t worth 3 by a man — even ones who isn’t doing his job.

    As I wrote my senator, Harry Reid, today: If the Democratic leadership doesn’t speak up against the mugging of Hillary Clinton, he should believe that 44% (at least) of her supporters will not “come around” to support Obama, they will not even come around to support the Democratic Party. We are angry and not going to take it any more.

    Seems a lot of Dems think they will pat us on the head and we will fall in line. Not this time.

  110. I understand Debbie. It’s just not really worth gloating as MSNBC loses a few points and ad $ over ratings when they’re hideous acts are poisoning coverage and impacting the election.

    I said the other day, how do you think we (Hillary) got into this fix?

    How did Obama come from nowhere and still continue to go unscathed?

    It’s the coverage stupid (not directed at you Deb)!

    And that’s why NBC does what they do. It’s a necessary evil for them.

  111. Meant to ad:

    And they should lose their frickin’ license for violating the public trust.

    Ok, I’ll stop dreaming now.

  112. Blue

    again I agree, and share your anger about the MSM but I love to gloat even if it’s for a few minutes.

  113. I hope the concert will be on video and aired live! Does anyone know what stations will be filming the concert?

  114. is there a website we could send thank you’s to Elton John? I’d like to thank him. 2.5 million will help Hillary campaign out so much.

    We should set a money bomb to try to match that amount in 2 days…

    We can do it.

    I thought we were gonna get a new bomb video

  115. I saw this in the comments on Hill’s blog:

    KDKA Pittsburghs local news station did a poll over this weekend. They released the results on their local news last night. The polls shows that Hillary is up by 19 in the state and up by 25 in Allegheny County.

    Anyone hear about this poll?

  116. you just need a paypal account and you can use it rather than share your personal info

    GREAT IDEA…we have been asking for that.

  117. Joe Klein (who I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw) said a while back;
    “Far too often, the Obama campaign is about how wonderful the Obama campaign is.” ….
    a fair measurement of the candidates’ leadership skills is their management of their campaign. Easily the largest enterprise they have run in their lives — in February alone, Obama had 1,280 paid employees, at a cost of $2.61 million; Clinton had 935 employees and a monthly payroll of $1.63 million — the campaign reveals flaws and strengths that will only be magnified in the Oval Office.

    ROTLF! Oh, fun! He’s outspent her in ads and in personnel — and she’s winning the votes anyway! Outspent in TX, OH, PA in ads 4-1 or more.

    And hopefully this will focus some attention on where all his money is really coming from. And his shenanagins in MI etc.

  118. Roland martin needs to stfu! Everything he says is to fit Obama in a higher stance, he is talking about religion and trying to passivly bring up Obama and his supporters that are anti gay, and how we need to just accept that! Why just why!






    did you know we have a few of the members from 44, are organizing florida voters?
    did you know that these people have a florida petition, different than the one you’ve already seen on hills site?
    did you know that there is a ‘MILLION VOTER RALLY’ planned for may in florida. 5 venues on 31st of may, there was so much interest, we had requests for 6 more venues on 26th of may…
    did you know so far there are 250 volunteers for the rallys, and 35,000 petitions so far signed. after the petitions get signed, they will be hand delivered to the dnc…


    send admin a message to send to me, or let me know here on the thread…

    we want to rock this vote, a million and a half strong…
    remember this is a 44 members effort with florida citizens…

    THANK YOU !!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  120. I don’t see Paypal on the website. It’s another avenue for her to get $…I hope they use it.

  121. ADMIN………………………………………….

    THANK YOU !!!!!



    (work sucks….)

  123. I haven’t contributed to the campaign, pet causes or to sites that I like lately. The scant money is now going to traveling.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this Primary season is getting very expensive for not only the campaign, but supporters alike.

    Die-hard supporters can’t just sit out and not contribute in some ways.

    In 2004, I supported Kerry, but never felt the need or desire to contribute.

  124. Ininla, thanks for replying. I think that we will do well in PA. Admin, can you check my password/posting priviledges please. When I’m at work and signed in, i can post but when I sign out and sign in at my house, I don’t get the white box to post.

  125. I never felt motivated to give to kerry. I was Edwards woman and I said then I’d never get involved again.

    But for Hillary .. it is worth it.

    Also, if you saw cavuto on fox today .. please email him. He had this dark haired rep strategist who was trying to diss the Clintons for the EltonJohn concert. He called her a liar and the had a hot exchange..he finally told her to shut up.

    We need to let the hosts that won’t put up with this crap know we are watching.

    I wanna see msnbc have to lick themselves.

  126. tiburones, check your cookie/privacy setting. I had the same problem. I had to adjust my privacy setting.

  127. dot48, looking back, Edwards would have been a better candidate than what’s his name. Wish I had supported then. At the time, I wasn’t thinking for myself and went along with the Democratic establishment.

  128. Hey, dot, I’m not a Faux News viewer, so can you tell me what the Rep said about the Elton John concert and why Cavuto called her a liar?

  129. filbert .. see they don’t realize that we have woken up and they still think they can pat us on the head and we will go away.

    we ain’t gonna take it

  130. She was saying the Clintons have a history of shady fundraising and that this is having a “foreign” person donate…Neal told her “yeah, you’d not be complaining if it was McCain”…it went back and forth..

    then he said “you are a liar”…then she started spouting something about Hillary saying she was still standing .. and Neil told her “that is unnopriate and shut up…he cut her off something quick.

    Rich bitch..

  131. That’s great. Do you have his email?

    Pulch, if you are around, is that your post on this mornings hubdate? Also, I’d like your website address.

  132. That’s great. Do you have his email?

    Pulch, if you are around, is that your post on this mornings hubdate? Also, I’d like your website address.

  133. That’s quite testy exchange… considering that Cavuto is Republican himself. Do they say “shut up” to their guests often on Fox?

  134. fox does not offer transcripts either. it was testy but I sent cavuto an email of support for calling her on her power trip.

  135. yes, O’reilly tells people off often .. so does Hannity. Like I say I do not agree with their politics but at times they have been the sanest news coverage. its not all day non stop in your face .. you can hear other news besider the politics.

  136. That NCAskMe thing Hill is doing is really neat. Voters submit questions then volunteers research the answers and get back to the voter. Great personal touch. Good way to develop strong grassroots.

  137. Hillary is now at the forefront of the Beijing Olympic boycott. She’s calling for BO and McCain to join her.

    In SF, they’re have huge Olympic protests and demonstrations throughout the city.

    SF went to BO by wide margins. The woman they dismissed is now fighting for something they care deeply about, while the guy they voted for sits on the sideline.

  138. NYCMax, Birdgal,

    thanks for the video embedding tips but, as i anticipated, i can’t get it to work. I keep getting a message that says the clip is being downloaded to Real Player but when I go there the link is up but nothing plays.

    Oh well…… I really wanted to email the cable news bozos and say something like, Wonder Why your ratings are Slipping and then point out that all their major anchors star in the video. It would have more impact, i think, if the video could just be clicked on like Admin does here instead of first having to go to the web link.

    Thanks anyway. 😳


  139. Guys stephen Colbert has a site were you give donations in support of children in schools and it shows your candidate support as well and he showed it on msnbc and we are getting smoked! Please watch the video and lets see if we can do something. The site is called DonorsChoose.org please check it out and I really don’t know how you vote in it but I think after you make a donation in penn for the schools you pick and the candidate that you support. It really is a clever way to help schools and vote for your candidate.


  140. Andrew Romano writes.

    As the Post put it in February, Obama’s “enthusiasm for public financing was a way of distinguishing himself from his rival Hillary Clinton, who was raising much more private money at the time.” Last March, a high-riding McCain publicly committed himself, as a matter of principle, to accept public funds in the general “if the Democratic nominee agrees to do the same.” At the time, Obama effectively did just that. So however revolutionary his online receipts have been–and however helpful they would prove against a comparatively impoverished rival–a failure to “aggressively pursue” the agreement Obama himself outlined last February wouldn’t signal the launch of a “parallel public financing system.” Instead, it would represent a victory for “politics as usual.”

  141. Basil, about Spega and HILLARY BLOGGING project

    Just had an email from her. She isn’t getting messages from you. If you will email me at 1950democrat /at/ gmail.com I’ll forward to her.

  142. lninla Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 1:13 pm
    TM poster noted this – dirty tricks – this is why I get so riled up about Obama – his supporters are vapid –


    Suspicious: During a pro-Hillary speech by Bill Clinton at Indiana University, the Barack Obama campaign started giving away concert tickets to Dave Matthews Band. …. The effect: college students lured away by a rock star from one of the few civic events they would have have otherwise attended. The Star reported that “it sure look like Obama’s representative [Dave Matthews] whipped up the most excitement.”

    Then there was this cringe-worthy quote from an Obama supporter:
    “I was leaning toward Obama, but this sealed the deal for sure,” [Jason Schechtman, 19, Deerfield, Ill., a student at IU] said. “The Obama campaign announced this right as (Bill Clinton) was about to speak, and it brought everyone from over there to over here.”

    Thanks, Ininla, for this gem. A couple of thoughts:

    1. Idiots like this tend to forget to actually show up at the polls. “Woulda voted, but we had a bongathon last night”.

    2. Supporters like this can be easily swayed with shiny objects and candy treats, but don’t have the firm resolve to really help a campaign. He’ll be burning DVDs all the way through the election.

    3. Further proof that Obama Inc. knows they don’t have a real product to sell, so it all goes into the marketing. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtains”.

  143. winhillary Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 5:40 pm
    Guys stephen Colbert has a site were you give donations in support of children in schools and it shows your candidate support as well and he showed it on msnbc and we are getting smoked!

    As much as I liked Colbert’s humor, I am fairly certain he is prObama, and is audience is much more likely to be prObama. So I wouldn’t fret about this too much. Gee, Colbert’s liberal fan base supports……..Obama!

    But it is a clever ruse, implying that the good hearted people are Obama supporters.

  144. dot48 Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 5:06 pm
    I never felt motivated to give to kerry. I was Edwards woman and I said then I’d never get involved again.

    But for Hillary .. it is worth it.

    dot, I am not poor, but I ain’t rich neither. I have contributed to the Dems a couple of times in the past (like $25), and got a Thanks letter from Bill Clinton & Al. But generally, I would have liked to donate to this candidate or that, but couldn’t really spare the change.

    This is the first time I’ve donated repeatedly. And I cannot recall feeling this urgent in the primaries, working for MY candidate. I usually got revved up once a Dem was selected. Even before she declared, I felt strongly about HRC being the best candidate in a) beating the Repubs, and b) actually running the country. And this whole Dem nominating process has been revealed to be such a disgusting imitation of democracy, that it’s made me determined to 1) get Hillary the nomination 2) kick out the crooked Dems running the DNC.

  145. rgb44hrc, last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart debuted his new segment called “Dick Move of the Week.” The Obama camp’s free Dave Matthews Band ticket was the highlight.

    In the audience, you can hear clapping, as if they approved of the Obama camp’s sleaziness.

  146. New Insider Advantage Poll Don’t know if this has been posted…another big Pennsylvania lead trending Hillary’s way…recently they were only a couple points apart in this poll. Big change…

    Hillary 48%
    Obama 38%
    Undecided 13%

    The survey was conducted April 8 among 681 likely registered voters in the April 22 Pennsylvania Democratic primary. The data have been weighted for age, race and gender with a margin of error of +/-3.6%.

    InsiderAdvantage’s Matt Towery: “Sen. Clinton has made progress among both men and among all white voters. Her support among women also appears to be consolidating.

    “My guess is that whatever damage she might have sustained by recent gaffs and media missteps have been largely discounted by the public. The race in Pennsylvania is clearly still fluid. But, at least for now, it’s tending back towards the result that was originally anticipated by most – a Clinton lead.”


  147. AmericanGal… but… but.. AP and Yahoo said that Mark Penn was going to hurt Clinton with the PA workers.

    MSM is never wrong. This poll must have been bought and paid for by the Clinton camp.

  148. filbertsf Says:
    April 9th, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    Hillary is now at the forefront of the Beijing Olympic boycott. She’s calling for BO and McCain to join her.

    In SF, they’re have huge Olympic protests and demonstrations throughout the city.

    SF went to BO by wide margins. The woman they dismissed is now fighting for something they care deeply about, while the guy they voted for sits on the sideline.

    And when the netkooks blogs (and moveon.org?) ran something critical of Petraus, HIllary was the only one to defend their freedom of speech!

  149. 1950D, I know. These so-called “progressives” are nothing more than Kool-Aid drinkers.

    But more than that, they’re vindictive. They’re going after Taylor Marsh.

  150. Just for laughs:
    Still trying to figure out how to embed geekslove video and nosing around at TM and this headline caught my eye:

    “Chris Mathews has a Hamster Running Around inside his Head.” ROTF
    This is in response to Tweetie’s reaction to Lou Rawls wife who is, evidently, gorgeous.

    Here’s an excerpt;
    He was grimacing. I imagined a little superego hamster racing against a speeding treadmill inside Matthews’s skull, until the superego hamster was overrun and the pause ended.

  151. Ok,
    I just don’t GET that money counter on Hill’s site!’
    How come it has money for TV ads at the highest number but it is represented by the shortest bar??????

    Can anyone explain? It’s at almost 400,000 while the signs, at 40,000, has a bar that’s 3 times as long.

  152. There’s goes Gregory and Chuck Todd like good little bitches,
    helping spread the “BO’s more qualified based on running a “smoother” campaign” narrative I posted last night.

    Who led the White House through 8 years of hell to deliver the greatest economic expansion in american history?

    It wasn’t David Axelrod!!!

  153. Keep asking MSNBC, Matthews makes $5 million a year and his contract is up next year. Can’t you get the same lousy ratings with someone for half that? Get the jerk fired.

  154. Very simple. The signs goal is only 50k. They have almost reached it, hence the more filled in bar. The tv ads goal is 2.5 mill, they only have 350k, hence the less filled in bar.

  155. ruralvotes.com/thefield/?p=1007#comment-15719

    go here .. a real superdelegate is taking opnion

    basil , wbboie all those here…go tell her why hillary is the choice.

    I posted…you’ll know me lol

    go hurry .. this is important

  156. Bluedem,
    if it’s any consolation, ABC FINALLY has a semi-critical article up about BO callede “Obama Ducks Olympic Critics.”

    When asked about a ban against China, this is what he said. FOR REAL!!!!!
    At a town hall in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Obama, D-Ill., was asked about U.S. policy toward Tibet and Darfur, especially in light of the forthcoming Olympics in Beijing this summer.

    Obama has not followed Clinton’s lead in calling for an opening ceremony boycott to protest China’s human rights abuses in Tibet and Darfur.

    “It’s very hard to tell your banker that he’s wrong,” Obama said, after talking about the need to restore America’s stance in the world, “And if we are running huge deficits and big national debts and we’re borrowing money constantly from China, that gives us less leverage. It give us less leverage to talk about human rights, it also is giving us less leverage to talk about the uneven trading relationship that we have with China.”

  157. Blue Democrat Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 6:42 pm
    There’s goes Gregory and Chuck Todd like good little bitches,
    helping spread the “BO’s more qualified based on running a “smoother” campaign” narrative I posted last night.

    The problem with cable news is they’ve got too much airtime and they it with junk news, fake anchors and shitty sets.

    Cable news is the worst thing that has ever happened to American media.

  158. You are not going to believe this one…copied from TM. site:

    **On the other hand, I just emailed a critique to Jack Cafferty to tell him to please get his facts straight. He just replied with “I just got a new contract with CNN and I couldn’t care less what you think”.

    What a miserable creature. After Friday’s MSNBC protest, how about someone organize one in front of CNN in NYC for the following Friday?
    sofia | 04.09.2008 – 3:20 pm | #

  159. someone on Hillary’s blog from here is posting challenges of 10.44

    please try to match. I’m going now.

    lets continue to fight..hillary is fighting for us.

    McAuliff has posted a thank you also

    We need more money.

  160. ruralvotes.com/thefield/?p=1007#comment-15719

    go here .. a real superdelegate is taking opnion

    basil , wbboie all those here…go tell her why hillary is the choice.

    I posted…you’ll know me lol

    go hurry .. this is important

    Don’t post anything negative. She doesn’t like that.

  161. like he knows anything about China. has he ever even been there? does he speak mandarin? has he ever met anybody from any of these countries.

    the more he yakks…keep em coming

  162. Basil,
    Wow. Just WOW. Mr Change, there’s an ad right there.

    I know it might sound like ranting when I post as I did about Gregory & Todd (the exclamation points and foul language could be taken for a dead giveaway), but my point is I want to see the campaign fighting back HARD, TOOTH & NAIL on shit like this.

    A Wolfson conference call could be oh so simple….

    “When the Obama campaign can match THAT record, then they can talk.

  163. ruralvotes.com/thefield/?p=1007#comment-15719

    go here .. a real superdelegate is taking opnion

    basil , wbboie all those here…go tell her why hillary is the choice.

    I posted…you’ll know me lol

    go hurry .. this is important

    Don’t post anything negative. She doesn’t like that

  164. someone else posted on the blog about not getting prodded by more emails for $…

    lots of people might think she is setting fine right now.

    InInla .. tell her internet peeps that they need to email everybody .. little amounts from little people can bring BIG results.

    she is not hitting people hard enough…a lot of people are giving but a lot of people who have gave will give more with a simple email.

    I’ve never gotten an email and don’t mind .. but we need the money now. Bill needs to hit SEND

  165. dot48 Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 7:00 pm
    if you pray .. please pray for Hillary.

    Why? What’s up?

  166. for strength, for financial success in the campaign, … nothing else. Just cause the country needs her now. She is ready on day one.

  167. oh. You scared me for a minute. I was frantically searching online news about any new controversy.

  168. filbert .. the media is waiting like a hungry dog on road kill.

    I’ve never witnessed such an open rape and pillage of anyone in public office. She is one tough woman.

    She is ready to lead on day one. This is who will fight our cause. She cares while Obama is a puppetman.

    I wish I could order bomb drops on cnn and msnbc. i don’t watch now except morning joe who other than obsessive mika is pretty decent.

    btw, continue to send joe support messages as well…mika looks ready to haul out a gun at any moment. she is so dismissive of him,

  169. mj, OK – I’m mathematically impaired but WHERE does it say the signs goal is $50K?

    Never mind. i clicked on each of the links and saw what you’re referring to. Problem is, there is NO indication that viewers are supposed to click on TV, signs or radio to go to the page that give the goals and the status of each. And if I was in a rush (which, as usual, I am) I wouldn’t have found it unless I asked here.

    It irks me that the site is so user UN-friendly.

  170. basil, I think it’s pretty user-friendly. When your mouse hovers over MYPA, the mouse changes to another icon to indicate that the page is a link.

  171. OMGAWDDDDDDD! I CAN”T BELIEVE IT! The critical Obama headline has been CHANGED to “Obama Sets Conditions for Bush Olympics Boycott!!!!”

    WTF! 10 minutes ago the headline was “Obama Ducks Olympic Critics.” JEEEEEZUS! What are we up against here! not a SINGLE word of disagreement is allowed to be spoken, written or videoed! And it’s not like this is just a follow-up piece. the FIRST article has already disappeared! WE are so screwed unless we get HRC in the WH!

    i will post later. I agree that another money bomb is in order. i find the thermomenter icon that shows the money goal being reached far more encouraging and motivating than what’s on the home page, now. I mean, as a ‘typical’ mindless consumer, if I’m browsing around and I see the red temperature gauge rising it just prods me into making donations i can’t afford to make. But that’s me.

    Personally, i have no problems with ranters.

  172. Finally the campaign is doing what I have been saying for weeks hitting Obama back on his lying TV ad claiming he does not take moeny from lobbyists. She is running radio ads countering him in PA. She needs to flood the airwaves during rush hours with these ads…

  173. con .. we are getting money loaded to fight for our country. I’m not ready for the invasion of the body snatchers like cafferty and matthews.

  174. I disagree. The site could be easier to navigate.
    Yup. The first critical article (or at least the headline) has disappeared down the rabbit hole. Now he’s saying what HRC said yesterday and there’s no trace of his “Ducking” the issue except at Google. MyDD already has a diary up “It’s hard to tell your Banker he’s wrong.”
    Wait a minute! IT’S HARD TO TELL YOUR BANKER HE’S WRONG” You mean like Rezko, Auchi, Winfrey, Kennedy and crew???????
    And not a word about the lies regarding HRC’s hospital story. 🙁

  175. Dot 48, I noticed she was going to be on idol tomorrow night, so I guess everything is alright. I get my news about Hillary here. I don’t watch tv anymore. I occasionly watch Fox, and that’s only if you all say there is something worth watching!

  176. wow, american idol…I didn’t know Terri Hatcher could sing like that. pretty good job.

    I can’t wait till Housewives come back, brother and sisters and ugly betty

  177. New Poll…Marist matched McCain/Rice in New York State vs Clinton/Obama and Obama/Clinton. Wish they had polled Hillary with a different VP choice…might have been interesting….

    McCain/Rice 49% Clinton/Obama 46%
    McCain/Rice 49% Obama/Clinton 44%

    Head to Head

    McCain 46% Hillary 48%
    McCain 48% Obama 46%


  178. Actually, he zeroxed the banker line from Hill too. She’s been saying that for years. What a loser.

  179. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think I’m losing my mind! Check this out. The first headline vs the second headline by the same reporter switched within minutes of the first article being posted on ABC. They OWN the internet.
    ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: Barack Obama doesn’t seem to want to talk about the Olympics or Senator Clinton’s call for a boycott of the opening ceremonies on August 8, 2008.
    ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: In his strongest language to date about the Olympics, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said that President Bush should boycott the opening ceremonies of if the Chinese do not take steps to stop the genocide in Darfur and respect the human rights of Tibetan people

  180. Basil9, I think it’s reflecting that Obama finally made a statement about the Olympics. He basically copied Hillary as he always does. I think that’s why the headlines changed.

  181. Forgot to add…Marist poll I posted is only interesting because they actually took the time to poll McCain/Rice based on the rumor a couple days ago. I wouldn’t put much stock in the results although it is probably accurate in that Hillary does better than Obama.

  182. Well, anyone who knows the truth knows that Obama has done a 180-degree flip-flop on the Olympic boycott issue. Yesterday, it was “well, it’s hard to tell your banker that he’s wrong” and then today, it’s “actually, I agree with Hillary now.”

    Hillary is the clear leader on this issue. It’s nice to hear that Obama has finally seen the light, but it’s a shame — and worrying — that it always takes him so long to realize what’s going on.

  183. Americangal,
    At 6:47 the headline was ‘Obama ducks Olympic . . .’
    When I checked ABC again, around 7, it had been changed to “Obama sets conditions for Bush Olympic Boycott.’

    This is just too coincidental. At 6:47 I posted to Bluedem that there was finally something semi-critical about Obama. It’s too friggin weird. Either Sunlen Miller was told to change the headline ASAP or else . . .
    And I was so STUNNED by the critical tone of the article – stunned that ABC featured it – for about half an hour, that is, until the obamabots and trolls COMPLAINED, like they did about Carville and Begala, and forced Miller to put a positive spin on the article that I posted it here!

    There’s something terrifying going on. At least, that’s how I see it.

  184. I checked both headlines again. Luckily I bookmarked the first one coz it no longer exists, except in a couple of google archives.

    Obama DUcks . . . was posted by Sunlen Miller on April 9 at 3:25.

    “Obama Calls on Bush to Boycott . . . was posted by Sunlen Miller on April 9 at 7:02.

    I just don’t think that’s coincidence.

  185. Since no one seems to think this is a big deal I’ll drop it after this comment about BO’s connection to the Olympics from;
    “It’s hard to tell your Banker he’s wrong.”

    ‘The junior Senator from Illinois has a particularly tricky balancing act when it comes to the subject of the Olympics: Chicago is vying to host the 2016 games and one of Obama’s top campaign advisors and close friends, Valerie Jarrett, is the vice chair of Chicago’s bid committee.’

  186. Basil,

    Of course it’s a big deal, it’s very telling. I was off line.
    Glad MyDD caught it, which means TalkLeft should as well.

    Just gotta stoke it…..

  187. Via The Page, Obama will now run an ad to retaliating Hill’s ad about his energy policy lies, about Bosnia.

  188. Oh say it ain’t so? He does not run negative ads against his opponents, that is not what the politics of hope is all about.

    That should be Hillary next ad that Mother!

  189. evening all……..on hannity right now………a video of Ayers talking about how he doesn’t regret what he did

    show’s topic title “obama and the terrorists” 😀

  190. Basil9 – that is interesting about the change in headlines from a negative spin on Obama and Olympics to a neutral one…definitely something insidious going on there, and wonder – can you contact that writer and find out what’s going on? Hope you have the original headline cached or PDFd.

    If it’s possible for Obamabots and/or David Axelrod to change these headlines through their influence, why can’t Hillary?

  191. re: Obama running negative ads – I sense his campaign is trying to create an “advertising war” of words, and trying to run Clinton out of money.

  192. Ah, good news!

    FOX has video of Bill Ayers saying he doesn’t regret his previous comments.

    more later.

    I posted that at Talk Left.

  193. just watching American Idol is testament that Hillary’s Universal Healthcare is our most important issue

  194. just watching American Idol is testament that Hillary’s Universal Healthcare is our most important issue

  195. just turned on hannity…some jerk talking about misstatements of hrc and mccain. Did he also do it for BO?

  196. hmm, rumours of Katie Couric leaving CBS to replace Larry King.

    wonder if this has anything to do with the content-sharing deal between CBS and CNN?

    No sharing anchors, but Couric getting pissed because they specifically had promised to revamp their news division when she signed on, and never did. In fact, they went in the completely opposite direction!

  197. Ann: They were talking about Ireland, and how the people in Dublin disagree with Hillary’s claim to have been involved in the peace process.

  198. no…..meant which BO misstatement did they pick to cover? didn’t see it – just them picking on the patriots in the race – HRC and McCain.

  199. does anybody ever read red state.com. It has some interesting posts about Obama and the olympics.
    It goes on to say that they hoped Hillary beats him, she would be better for the govt. Apparently the right hates him more than they do her.
    They also say that Obama’s campaign believed that the right would go after her with such ferosity, that he could slip by without a scratch. I think their luck is running out. Go read it, its interesting!

  200. Hannity better watch out. Ayers attacking Hannity for exposing his connection with Obama. Sean had better check under his car before starting it.

  201. well larry will go out on a sour note for sure. he has never requested to interview Hillary that I know of during the campaign.

    Well the more babmi pisses offf PA the better….they ain’t buying his stinking tea!!!!!! or his crazy koolaid….

  202. This is my letter to the undecided superdelegate taking comments to persuade her:

    Dear Ms. Kozikowski,

    I am respectfully requesting that you consider Hillary Clinton to be your selection as the next president of the United States.

    Hillary has an incredible understanding of the issues facing the working class in this country and excellent plans to address them. Just yesterday, Elizabeth Edwards came out in support of Hillary’s healthcare plan. After much research and consideration, she believes Hillary’s plan is the one that will make a huge difference in the lives of those, like myself, that can not get healthcare due to pre-existing conditions.

    Her solutions for the economy are very well thought out. Her understanding of financial markets is astonishing and can be seen in this recent appearance on Mad Money:


    Hillary is tough as nails and a smart cookie. She is precisely what this country needs, and she is not afraid to show leadership when everyone else wants to slink away from the tough issues. All she does is take flack for her effort, and yet she soldiers on to do what is right for the American people.

    America is hurting right now, and it needs a leader that is loving and protective — that is willing to fight and defend it and what this country stands for. Hillary is that Leader.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  203. wow did you see the clip? rkj1957? wow this is scary! I agree with the lady on HC that it’s worst the the Wright situtation (Rose)

  204. Ayer’s vid coming up in the next segment

    Rose tennent…….called obama “freakish” and “scary”

  205. now they will also have something about michelle obama too tonight “getting inside michelle obama’s head”

    now that’s a very scary thought!!

  206. Ininla, I have the original article and the replacement. I’ll send to you if you want. I’m off to bed and will sen this info to you in the morning.

    /’Basil9 – that is interesting about the change in headlines from a negative spin on Obama and Olympics to a neutral one…definitely something insidious going on there, and wonder – can you contact that writer and find out what’s going on? Hope you have the original headline cached or PDFd.’

  207. Main thing is there’s art to it.

    Expect Axelrod manueverings to wriggle free (can’t get away from this one anymore than Wright, but someone’s got to cover it);

    Expect they’ll release a pic of Ayers with Socks the Cat!

  208. Barack “Everything I needed to know about Foreign Policy I learned in Kindergarten in Indonesia” in Obama

  209. GO SEAN!!! 😀

    today on his radio show he said there were more controversial obama pastors that he has not revealed yet……he’s definately got more dirt to dish

  210. this is where a real 527 would be valuable tool for voters. this needs to be aired to the public at large.

  211. hey Hillbillylover, how are you? hows it looking for her in Oregon? Has anyone seen spacegirlart I know she changed her name but havent seen her in a while

  212. @dot

    agreed……….i don’t think that is one of the pastors of obama’s that he was talking about

  213. Yeah, mj, only David Trimble said HRC exaggerated her Ireland role. Bertie Ahearn, Gerry Adams and others back her assertion. What “people” of Dublin are they talking about??

  214. Here is a quote from Mark Steyn

    “I understand the Ellis Island experience of Russian Jews was denied to blacks. But not to Obama. His experience surely isn’t so different to Berlin’s — except that Barack got to go to Harvard. Obama’s father was a Kenyan, he spent his childhood in Indonesia, and he ought to thank his lucky stars that he’s running for office in Washington rather than Nairobi or Jakarta. Instead, his whiney wife Michelle says that her husband’s election as President would be the first reason to have “pride” in America, and complains that this country is “downright mean” and that she’s having difficulty finding money for their daughters’ piano lessons and summer camp. Between them, Mr. and Mrs. Obama earn $480,000 a year (not including book royalties from The Audacity Of Hype), but they’re whining about how tough they have it to couples who earn 48 grand — or less. Yes, we can. But not on a lousy half-million bucks a year.”

  215. Hi Justme! I’m doing fine, thanks for asking! I think Hill may do better than we originally thought here. Healthcare is a HUGE issue here, very few employers offer it and lots of folks on disability out in the sticks.

  216. Posted this the other day but will post again…..I re-learned a very valuable lesson the other day that is relevant for HRC supporters.

    I went to the Univ of KS for undergrad. The jayhawks played in the NCAA championship game on Monday night. They dominated the first half but fell behind in the second half. With 1:23 left in the game, they were down by 6 points. I went to bed disapointed, thinking they couldn’t pull it off and not wanting to watch the rest. Short story….I woke up the next morning and they had won! They had sunk a 3 pt. shot with 2 seconds left to send it to OT and then won.

    Moral….never, ever walk away from the game before the whistle blows. Whistle isn’t blowing until someone gets to 2,024 delegates (or more when MI andFL count)

  217. wow that’s great! Ann thank you, the pic was simply inspiring! Hillary looks as fabalous as always!

  218. so here’s the question in my mind….if he spends record amounts of money on ads, spends serious time in the state, sends all his surrogates in and still loses by 10-12 points, does that change the narrative? Does that confirm that he can’t win in key swing states? Does it confirm that he can’t win when large numbers of dems actually vote (unless AA % is significant)?

  219. Ann, I just wonder it depends…. people will continue to spin it favorably to Obama

    1. Obama still able to pull it close
    2. Penn was and will always be a Clinton country
    3. Obama did better then expected
    4. We knew this was going to happen so we will continue to go on to win NC

    Although, Ann, I think people will start getting worried becasue as we all know (or those educated) Penn, Ohio, Florida, California, New Jersey are all critical states

  220. WOW!!! that’s awesome!! she does look great!

    This news should have legs for a day or two

    I’ll bet bambi is loosing sleep these days 😀

  221. we really need to encourage people to donate to her campaign! She’s almost at 500,000 for TV ads but needs another 2 million dollars for that and she needs more for online and radio ads, she is close to the goal of 50,000 for the signs – she has 700 dollars left for that one!

    PLEASE encourage your friends, co-workers, or family members to DONATE! she needs the help!

  222. Another thing we can do for Hillary is post well-reasoned comments to anti-Hillary pieces. I signed up with
    Hillary Rapid Response Team
    admin@hillaryresponders.com (through hillaryclintonforum)

    and they send me emails as to different articles or opinion pieces that need pro-Clinton responses.

  223. Elton John was a bit edgier:

    “I never cease to be amazed at the misogynist attitude of some of the people in this country,” he said. “I say to hell with them.”

  224. TV Airtime
    Help us put ads on the air across Pennsylvania to get the message out that Hillary is ready to lead! $413,294 $2,500,000 $

    Online Ads
    Help us recruit supporters and get out the vote in Pennsylvania with targeted online ads.
    $30,174 $100,000 $

    Radio Airtime
    We can reach hundreds of thousands of people across Pennsylvania with radio ads and get the message out that Hillary is ready to lead!

    $85,412 $500,000

    We want to put up 111,000 yard signs all over PA as a powerful show of our campaign’s strength.

    $41,300 $50,000

  225. mj,

    yes, my diary on North Carolina and NCAskMe.com is available at the Hillary Hub.


    it is also available at noquarter.


    I did not mention it earlier, as I thought it was a weak essay. But I guess you and others enjoyed it.

  226. I just heard that Colin Powell will be on Good Morning America to tell what he thinks of the first AA to run for prez!!

  227. confloyd Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 11:04 pm
    I just heard that Colin Powell will be on Good Morning America to tell what he thinks of the first AA to run for prez!!

    Why are you excited about this? He has advised the Obama camp. I am sure he will praise him.

  228. mj, I am not excited about this, was wondering if anyone know anything about this? I know he will probably say how wonderfull he is. I did not know however, that he has been advising the Obamania!

  229. confloyd
    You can read what he has to say tomorrow on abcnews website. Just glanced over and read enough to know I will not be watching tomorrow.

  230. Sent the following to Michelle Norris at NPR today:

    Dear Ms MIchelle Norris:

    I listen, I support to the point of owning more mugs than I will ever break, and a crank-up radio…

    Those are my resume to allow me to say the following:

    Re: your interview w Senator Clinton-
    This is a quote from you taken from a transcript that I had to find on the internet because I could not believe my ears;

    “Senator, I want you to react to something that I keep hearing among voters, and increasingly among people who cover the campaign — both those who are reporters and those who speak about the campaign on television, on radio — the statement that the only way that Hillary Clinton can win is if she’s willing to win ugly,” **NPR’s Michele Norris**

    Please source that statement.

    I await your answer.


    You will have my email on this msg, I am sure. If not, it is xxxxxxxxxxx

    Thank you in advance for your response; two fairly large blog sites are waiting to see what you reply and I have decided to add the new wowowow as well.

  231. hillary-hold a presser on the divider’s new ad invoking bosnia. hey party elite-how si obama uniting us by perpetuating this? hey if bambi wants to go here smear him good. its time the voters know who the hell he is.

  232. Not only did she ask that, she did it in that fakey, smarmy, snarky tone of voice she uses instead of real affect.

    She also keeps forgetting to report she is in the tank for BO on her weekend roundtable gigs when she reports on NPR about the campaign.

  233. I’m steaming over the CNN segment I saw earlier in the evening when this AA columnist I hadn’t seen before said that Hillary saying the president should not go to the opening ceremony just proved Hillary was not ready to lead. WTF!

    I think it proves she IS ready to lead! Look, we have a little political cover, we wouldn’t have the only head of state boycotting the opening ceremony.

    Now we have to kiss China’s ass? Frankly, it reminds me of the picture of GWB holding hands with the Saudi’s.

    Hill is the only one with a pair of bells in this race and they slam her for it because they are a bunch of cow-towing wimps. To me, this signals a change in tone — we are not going to be beholden to extremist nations. We must get out of this war in Iraq so we don’t have to be borrowing any more GD money!!!

    I think this will resonate in Pennsylvania. People don’t want China running this country. GO HILLARY!

  234. That’s hysterical because BO copied Hillary’s stance tonight, and Gordon Brown decided not to go today.

  235. mj

    I just went to NPR, contact us on topbar , Morning addition, addressed it in the body to her…but made it clear I wanted to be answered.

  236. The cult followers of Obama,havebeen mesmerized and brainwashed to the point of no return.He played the race card and forever destroyed the faith that this country had in our election process.No amount of lying,stealing hillary’s agenda,plans,and programs,choice of ministers and relationships with evil and criminal elements,will ever change the minds of his worshipers.They would support him if he was OJ.We cannot allow this character challenged phony to win the nomination.We are facing a revolution soley based on race and the threat of violence and rioting in the streets as described by another black minister named Sharpton.We are facing a campaignthat Obama has put together that is using every type of sleazy deceptions and dirty tricks to gain power and rig the outcome.Sit back,do nothing,say nothing and let it happen are not choices for voters.Make sure that Hillary is our44th and first woman PRESIDENT.


    By ABM90, A very angry and concerned 90 yr old male that loves this country,went to war for it and will not stand by and let it be HIJACKED.

  237. nope, I won’t watch ABC, the last time I watched Diane Sawyer was when she was interviewing Oprah! That was enough for me, as I said I get my news here! So you guys need to keep me informed. I read NoQuarter, TM, Talk left for my information! Colin Powell is just another republican!!

  238. This is totally Hillarious!! YOU ALL MUST SEE!!!

    “dick move of the week” Obama is the winner!!! 😀


  239. justmeinMtDora

    Doin’ as much as I can my dear…another $10.44…maybe the same next week. Have found another use for eggs BTW.

    Fried rice.

  240. I know plenty of women who were alive when we got the vote who want to see Hillary become 44. The suffragettes deserve to see this before they pass on. Rise, Hillary, Rise.

  241. what are the pa papers emails? someone posted them here-id like to forward that mydd story to them asap!!

  242. Oh my goodness. Hillary has been urging Bush to boycott Olympic and asks BO and McCain to join her since yesterday.

    But Yahoo places the headline “Obama urges Bush to boycott Olympics”


  243. filbertsf Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 11:59 pm
    And the article pretty much centers on BO with references here and there to Hillary.

    Totally nuts!

  244. y husband said months ago that Yahoo news was in the tank for BO. You know, the best way to see who is not a challenge to the status quo, is to see who the corporate media rallies behind.

  245. HA !

    The BBC Night Broadcast just said, about our girl, that Gordon Brown “and her rival. Barack Obama, have followed her lead ” in urging Pres Bush to not attend the Olypic opening ceremonies.

  246. That’s really good, Emjay. But how many Americans watch the BBC. Millions read the AP and millions more click on Yahoo.

    American media is really for shits.

  247. And when we point these unfair discrepancies, we’re labeled fanatic supporters from that crazy pink site.

  248. To: Steve Capus President NBC/MSNBC
    Email: steve.capus@nbc.com
    Looking forward to Friday, Mr. Capus?

    You all have made a slight miscalculation about American women…
    Turns out we control QUITE A LOT of disposable income-
    An almost ABSURD amount as it turns out!
    And the HRC character assassinating rants of Mr. Olbermann and Mr. Matthews?
    Well, they’ve got to stop, Mr. Capus.
    And you’re going to need to do a little hiring, too.
    I like Paul Begala and James Carville.
    You’ll learn to like them too, Mr. Capus.

    And maybe y’all might want to do a little reporting?
    Say on Obama’s campaigning for his wacky socialist cousin whose supporters burned all those folks in a church?
    Odinga has some STRANGE links to Islamic extremists:
    Read for yourself:
    http://www.raila07.com/> http://tpmcafe.talkingpointsmemo.com/talk/2008/02/obamas-relationship-with-raila.php

    And maybe about how ‘ol Barack “Never being a Muslim”?
    Turns out; in spite of the beating they gave Fox upside the head—Senator Obama was not exactly telling the truth.
    Turns out in his book “Dreams of My Father” Obama writes about “getting in trouble for making faces during Koranic Studies” and NYTimes Bill Kristol reported in 3/6/207 “Obama: Man of The World” that “Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Muslim call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate [Arabic] accent.”

    “Is Barack Obama A Muslim Wolf in Christian Wool”
    by Reuven Koret, 3/27/08

    Now, Mr. Capus—that’s a pretty BIG LIE. And I’m guessing there may be some folks out in Wisconsin and such like—who will be wanting their votes back….

    Now, sadly, I can’t visit with you on Friday (I’m a Mom, two kids, very busy)–but I am sending this so you will know, Mr. Capus—I am with them in spirit…and NOW, I am paying attention.

    Thanks for your time.

  249. Emmy (formerly known as emkay) Says:
    April 9th, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    Another thing we can do for Hillary is post well-reasoned comments to anti-Hillary pieces. I signed up with
    Hillary Rapid Response Team
    admin@hillaryresponders.com (through hillaryclintonforum)

    and they send me emails as to different articles or opinion pieces that need pro-Clinton responses.

    I second that, it’s a great project! The website didn’t have much, but when I signed up they sent great emails!
    They email me a copy or excerpt of the article and a link stright to it, if it has a comment thread. So far none of the sites have required registration or been any hassle to comment at. They’ve all been good civil, thoughtful comments from all sides, mostly.

    There’s a similar project focusing on local papers and college papers. It’s very well-organized but small and low-key. Needs volunteers. Contact spabeles /at/ patriot /dot/ net

  250. debbie Says:
    April 9th, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    BHO “I was against it….before Hillary was for it”

    ROTFL!!!!! 🙂

    Maybe he IS in training for VP. “I agree with Hillary” etc.

  251. The rarest of ocurences in media, where someone actually gets what they deserve;

    “We have been very frustrated the past few days in our efforts to rectify the Randi Rhodes Situation (her suspension by her network, Air America Radio).

    It is our understanding that today (April 9th) she is no longer an employee of Air America. So we are bringing her back.”

    Monday, April 14th at 4pm… it will be our pleasure to announce the return of Randi Rhodes to the Green 960 family

  252. hi hillfans, home from work. i am having a tough time getting my account to talk left to work. i keep logging in with my username and password i chosen but it will not work.

  253. I just installed a new 19″wide screen moniter, Wow the videos are great! While I was over at YouTube, I noticed the bots have been working on Jack Nicholson videos. There should be a law against destroying Hillary’s videos like that!

  254. hillfans that pic of elton john and hillary ready to embrace on tm is fabulous. bill is in the backround. WOW. OBAMABOTS EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!

  255. Omg, that was an amazing video! I watched the new video about we’re not taking it anymore with my pregnant 25 year old daughter today and I think she finally got what I have been talking about! She better, she due to have a daughter in 30 days. We must get her elected, I will have 3 granddaughters soon, and I want them to know that they can do anything they want in this life, including POTUS!

  256. I think the comment on that video (I’m mad as Hell) that got my daughter the most was the one when Glenn Beck said “IT CRIES” how degrading is that! I get mad everytime I see that video. I gave Hillary $200. yesterday because I am sick of these smears! I want her to win so bad I can’t stand it!

  257. hillfans, i gotta try to get some sleep. i commented on taylormarsh.com and hillaryclinton.com also. also checked on the latest polling from realclear politics, tmpcafe polling tracker, and pollster.com. enough politcs for now but im off thursday from work. i will chime in a little later today but spendin more time with the mrs. nite all

  258. Oooh- just watched hardball for the first time.
    not even an attempt to hide bias.
    the abscence of journalism.
    msnbc doesn’t seem to listen to any cries of foul so maybe it is time to hit the advertisers.
    from 3:40 to 4 am the following companies aired ads during the program
    Safeguard Management Systems
    wanna bet these companies don’t want to piss off women.

  259. Ininla: I guess if that vaunted anti war speech given at a time when he had no skin in the game is conclusive proof of his fine intuitive judgment then Rezcko, Wright, Ayers and all the other things we dont know about him yet that go bump in the night are just standard deviations from the norm. No kidding what I said yesterday this whole story could be the perfect sequel to Springtime For Hitler-winter for poland and france–which only goes to show there is no telling what you can get an audience to buy. All ya gotta do is razzle dazzle them and theyll never catch on-or so goes the song.

  260. OandrewD Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 11:40 am
    I don’t know if he is a superdelegate or not (i guess he is), but Pittsburgh 28 year old mayor Luke Ravenstahl has endorsed Hillary.

    – Of course i had to dig through huff post to find it.
    I think that is impressive that Pittsburg has a 28 year old mayor and that he has endorsed Hillary. The point being BHO has not got the monopoly on young people. Its just the smart ones go to Hillary the dumb ones go to him and since there are more dumb ones than smart ones (standard deviation from norm again) it just looks like he owns them. Lie 241 by my count—Barry.

  261. 1950democrat: just two problems with joe klein–nothing serious you understand just itty bitty things like i) never letting a little thing like the truth stand in the way of a good story, and ii) for sale to the highest bidder–like I say nothing serious nothing that would adversely affect his crediblity because he hasn’t any.

  262. Thank you Emjay for your appreciation notes.I is a good feeling for me to know that my posts are noticed.I can’t always respond for the kindness that has been shown to this old guy,that types with one finger and deals with the multitude of memories about the good times,the bad times,and the dangerous.This election could be the most threatening,time for the stability ,survival and the peace we all crave.I really never had to say about politics until Hillary and Bill gave us so much for our families to be able to exist on a level of fairness and equality,that made us proud ans secure.All that could change and racial unrest,enbolden by Obama and his followers,may take us into the darkness of civil unrest and mayhem.Sorry to have to express my fears,but I feel I am being realistic and have limited time to fight for,Hillary our best hope for our future.


    Thank you Emjay.

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