How Does Hillary Clinton Win?


It’s that simple.


The next stop is Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is the Keystone State in this campaign.

All the Obama Drama about “the Math” is as ridiculous as Karl Rove’s “the Math” in 2006. What matters now is winning Pennsylvania. The bigger the margin of victory in Pennsylvania the bigger the impact on “the Math”.

Once Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania, American voters will recall, once again, how Big Media and Barack Obama are trying to shut down this election. They tried to shut down voters before New Hampshire and just about everywhere else.

Mike Gravel was not mentioned in months even as he was the third candidate running for the Democratic nomination. The reason there was little mention of Gravel was because he had no chance of winning. Barack Obama is worried about Hillary Clinton and that is why he continues his attacks on Hillary. That is why Obama surrogates persist in trying to shut down the elections. Obama and his internet temples filled with incense are afraid of the voters.

There is a way for Barack Obama to win the nomination: if Hillary Clinton drops out.

BTW, also note that calling for her to drop out before PA, PR, KY and WV vote would be akin to asking Obama to drop out because he was trailing with GA, AL, and MS yet to vote. It’s cutting her off before literally her best states vote

Play with this vote calculator to see why Obama is worried.

Obama’s worries are such that the only scenario he has for a “victory” is to disenfranchise millions of voters in Florida and Michigan. Any nomination that does not fully respect the voters and the votes of Florida and Michigan will not be legitimate.

How does Hillary Clinton win? By winning – in Pennsylvania and some of the states that follow. Obama wants to distract from the issues and Big Media wants to talk about tax returns and other nonsense. Voters want to hear Hillary Clinton talk about issues that matter to their lives.

How does Hillary Clinton win? By fighting for the voters of Florida and Michigan. Hillary Clinton wins by fighting against any back room deals that steal the election by disenfranchising, in George W. Bush manner, millions of voters. Obama wants to steal the election by proposing formulas that award him 50% of votes he did not get.

How does Hillary Clinton win? By staying in the race until all voters vote in all the upcoming primaries and demonstrating in a real world manner that Obama wants to shut them out of the process while she fights for their right to be heard and to vote.

How does Hillary Clinton win? By fighting for every vote at the Democratic National Convention.

How does Hillary Clinton win? By winning the popular vote of Democrats. Let the Democratic Party disenfranchise its own voters with skewed formulas and Republican interference in our primary calendar and Obama’s “Democrat for a Day” schemes.

Hillary Clinton wins not by talking about defending the right to vote, but by defending the right to vote and counting every vote.

How does Hillary Clinton win? By her supporters working. Make calls to Pennsylvania and travel to Pennsylvania and the upcoming primaries and win.

Donate to help the campaign in Pennsylvania. Help determine how your dollars get spent.

That’s the way to win.

Pennsylvania first, then the states that follow, that’s the path to victory.

How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time. Pennsylvania is the next piece.


236 thoughts on “How Does Hillary Clinton Win?

  1. ADMIN,

    if hillary wins big, it means the wind has changed.
    she needs to knock em out of the park….

  2. Repost from previous thread.

    Markets still think Hillary is more electable than Obama
    April 5, 2008
    The ’smart money’ is still more convinced by Clinton’s electability.

    Comparing the prices on for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to be both president and nominee continues to throw up some interesting results (as before all prices are last traded prices):

    Hillary Clinton: 8.9 / 13.7 = 64.96% chance of being elected if nominated.

    Barack Obama: 50.4 / 85.4 = 59.02% chance of being elected if nominated.

    Therefore the betting markets seem to be more positive about Clinton’s chances than those of Barack Obama. Personally, I still believe that Obama has about a 10% chance of beating McCain (maybe more if he makes a smart VP choice and McCain picks badly) while Hillary Clinton ticket has about 40% chance of beating the Senator from Arizona after ’snipergate’ and Carville’s antics. This is because of many reaons, such as; experience, connections with blue-collar voters, experience (snipergate nothwistanding) and foreign policy stance.

  3. Clinton Relases Tax Returns – Obama’s Head Explodes
    Posted by Lee Ward
    Published: Apr 4, 08 08:30 PM
    Just kidding about the head exploding, but if the Obamatrons don’t find any dirt in those returns I wouldn’t be surprised if there are heads which hiss like flat tires….

    This is the LA Times reporting – and they hate Hillary Clinton with a passion – they are one of the most biased press outlets against Clinton. So far, they haven’t dug up any dirt, but it’s early.

  4. texan4hillary,
    I saw your post on the previous thread. What you describe and what the article Emjay describes sounds so much like the type of gang activity experienced by students and staff upon dismissal from schools. You would not believe some of the things I was threatened with. The last incident, before i got sick, involved 3 teenagers on bikes with baseball bats threatening to beat me and then, when i got security back-up, waiting around to see which car was mine so they could come back the next day and vandalize it.

    I know how very real the bullying is. And in BO’s case, it’s grown, young fit adults instead of a pack of middle schoolers. Again, what does this say about his presidency and who would be running the country and enforcing the laws if he were in office? that’s part of what motivates me to do what I can for HRC. The fear.

    I’m getting started on the Indiana papers but I’m maxed out financially.

  5. i worked in a holocaust museum for yrs. i know many survivors. as a ew myself i find obama’s tactics sick-and it reminds me of fascism. it remind some of the stories so many surivors have told me. i always asked, never understanding fuly, how fascists could take power-hell the nazis lost seats in the 32 election, but guess what hitler came to power how? thru violence. bullying. scaring people into submission. im tired of it.-but i now know how fascists pulled it off. u crete chaos. you use intimiidation to the point of submission and u run over all who ever oppose u.

    hey- he sat in a church for 20yrs with a preacher who rpeached hate against my people, agianst gays, iltialians and our own country. 20 yrs. it is against every tenant i believe as a jew,as our people have been persecuted for 2000 yrs, to ever be silent about obama, his hate f illed pastor nut, his thugish tactics to bully hillary’s supporters, his manipulation of our system to get power etc… we jews faced stacked systems, abuse and more-now I understand what the survivors tell about how nasty rgeimes come to power. no i dont think obama is a nazi for godsake, but his group uses tactics reminiscent of extremist movements-and i wonder abou what kind of governeance would we have with his and his freikorp like band of bullies runnign around.

    at least mccain comes form a generation that understands compormise. understands how things like torture are wrong. mccain spent yestderday int he company of aa s in tn, told them he was wrong on the mlk holiday vote, spoke fo how we still are segregated ins chools etc-we are still unequals in many ways. that took courage.
    where was obama? in IN dolling out his feel good syrup.hillary and mccain are among our best-they took time to pay homage on sacred ground. hilary met mlk. mccain was in the hanoi hilton. and obama was in diapers.

    hillary and mccain served this country in many ways. obama has not. instead his contribution to america has been to divide people, use thug tactics to win caucuses, be silent on open mysogeney in the media-not even condoning his media ally and fundraiser randi rhodes when she called hillary a bitch and worse.

    this man reminds me of the abusive husband-he beats you and beats you, then one day u pack up an leave. if he is the nominee i wont be in his camp of abusers period. i will be a democrat for mccain-just to make sure our abuser gets defeated and can not return again to the poltical scene with any credibility.

  6. Hey, all 🙂

    Someone mentioned looking for an anime artist (MJS??)
    My niece is a professional artist, anime enthusiast AND a Hill supporter! What do you have in mind? I’ll forward her the info.

    I don’t want to correspond via e-mail because I don’t want the obamabots to spam me relentlessly. Can you either post your idea here or HillBillyFan can you put me in the private section so we can exchange contact info?

  7. texan4hillary,
    I’ve read a ton of stuff abut the Holocaust, the third Reich, Hitler’s rise and fall, and I agree completely with you. Although I am not Jewish i have always been stunned by the horrible, inhuman, unthinkable tortures Jew, Gypises and the Polisht were subjected to.
    And while i agree Bo’s people aren’t nazis, they do use similar fear tactics, intimidation, bullying and it’s obviously approved from above or they wouldn’t be acting as they are.
    BTW, McCain apologized yesterday for not originally supporting an MLK federal holiday and got booed for his efforts by BO supporters. What class. (NOT)

  8. Now Obama wants to keep 80,000 troops in Iraq past 2010…he can’t keep his stories straight, cause he doesn’t know his own policy

  9. dot48 – that’s the amazing part about Obama and how the media continues to minimize it with exception of Fox – Obama switches and plays politics well – for/against guns – for/against iraq war, etc

  10. Wow Admin! You knocked me over with that post. No shit. Just the bare bones fu*ckin truth.

  11. Obama does not count votes. We do.

    “Some say their votes should be ignored and the popular vote in Michigan and Florida should be discounted. Well, I have a different view,” Clinton said at a rally here. “The popular vote in Florida and Michigan has already been counted. It was determined by election results, it was certified by election officials in each state, it’s been officially tallied by the secretary of state in each state, and the question is whether those 2.3 million Democrats will be honored and their delegates seated by the Democratic party.”

  12. Legendary Helen Thomas agrees that Hillary should stand and fight.

    Hillary Clinton should hang in there and run a good race.

    And she has vowed to do so.

    Clinton has been under unprecedented pressure to bow out of the divisive Democratic primary and to clear the field for her opponent — Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

    Among those who want her to throw in the towel are, of course, Obama’s supporters. But many other Democrats are trying to push her out of the contest on the ground that a contentious race can hurt the party and could help their Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

    Clinton also has been deserted by some fair-weather friends such as New Mexico’s Gov. Bill Richardson, who held two Cabinet appointments during her husband’s presidency.


    I am still trying to find the key that has made Obama a prime candidate for the presidency, and to understand what he has done for the country beyond his middle-of-the-road political moves to make his name known and to steer clear of hot-button issues.

    The Rev. Martin Luther King had a dream, too. But he acted on it. He went to jail, he marched, he led.


    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that the major newspaper columnists are giving Obama a free ride, while trashing Clinton. Likeability undoubtedly goes a long way with them, and he has mesmerized the media.

  13. admin, I haven’t thanked you lately. Tharnk you for you hard work.

    Like you I have been advocating WORK, WORK, WORK.

    I am so tired, I cannot imagine how Hillary feels right now. I pray for her health and wellbeing. I pray that all will work out in the end.

    I think I’m going to close down for the night.

  14. dot48, I agree with you, the admin has done some hard work, and if it wouldnt be for the admin we would not have such place for all of us to get together to discuss ideas or strategies or have a place to vent out our frustrations and the likes. Its been a wonderful and rewarding journey.

  15. ADMIN! good work! There are too many dissenters, to many lies, too many tales of woe out there! We will show them what really winning is!

  16. We will not be bullied any longer. When 60 year old women tell me the NASTY response they get (they cant even bring themselves to use the language) from the supporters of BO to posts they do in the comments of LOCAL NEWSPAPERS about this election, then we KNOW something is WAY WAY off in America.

  17. BO on the campaign trail…Part I
    Wait….what state am I in. Am I supposed to be for gun control today or against? Someone check the schedule/

    BO on the campaign trail….. Part II
    “Wait what audience am I speaking to….? Am I supposed to be for decriminalizing marijuana today or against it? Someone check which speech is on the teleprompter and light me a cigarette.

    BO on the campaign trail…..Part III
    Wait, who’s on the phone? Am I supposed to be for repealing NAFTA or telling them that it is just political rhetoric. Someone get Goolsbe on the phone to tell me what to say.

    BO on the Campaign Trail Part IV:
    Wait am talking to a black audience today or a white audience today. Do I need my “okie-doke” “bamboozle” “hoodwink” speech spoken in “brotha” or my white guilt speech spoken in Harvaaard?” Quick, someone check the color of the audience.

    BO on the campaign trail Part V:
    Wait am I supposed to be for ending the Iraq war immediately or keeping troops there per my “advisors?” Someone get me Samantha Power on the phone.

  18. thank you admin!

    I have been on this site for a very long time now…..almost since it first started!

    When you were first postinng that BO was athreat I was surprised then because I thought it would be Edwards or Richardson….you were right all along!

  19. BTW:

    I was at a fundraiser last week, one woman I had met previously once briefly and who is maxed out said to me in private tht will ask for her money back for the GE if Hillary is not the nominee and would vote forNader; she cannot yet accept McCain.

    But this is becoming more obvious….more Anti-Obama than I knew.

  20. You know at this point I almost wish that the DEMS lose the House majority:

    So that Conyers guy gets booted out as the Judiciary chair! and Pelosi can wipe that fake smile off her face!

  21. Senator Obama has many suppporters. To delusional Obamanics he is the Messiah; to the Kennedy cabal he is a puppet they can control; to Republicans Senators he is a wobbly diletante; to the Republican National Committee he is the opponent they salivate to run against: to Matthews he is the one night stand he pines and lusts for; to Olberaman he is cheaper than Viagra; to the Illinois Combine he is the man who will take them nationwide like LCN; to his bloody relatives in Kenya he is the shield they need; to GE controlled networks he is an asset they promote for profit and market share; to well connected Americans he is the continuaton of a free ride; to the Goose Lake Crowd and other shadowy financial backers he is access, influence and favors; to average Americans he is someone who will abandon them to the withering forces of globalization; to opponents he is someone who will play the race card; to whites he pretends to be Martin Luther King but he is really Malcom X; discerning women he is not their friend; and to me he is not the first bullshitter I have seen come down the path nor the last. But thats just me.

  22. mj: the press does not give praise to Hillary. I don’t think, I have heard any praise for her at all, throughout this campaign. Unbelievable. History will have a field day with this campaign.

  23. birdgal: History will have a field day with this campaign.

    I have been thinking about that lately too…..when everyone decides to write a book about what has been truly going on.

  24. Stop looking to the media for praise, it ain’t gonna happen. This is a battle for the soul of the party and for Hillary to become #44. Focus on winning PA, IN and NC don’t worry about anything else. Don’t believe the hype the media is writing about Hillary and DON’T let the media take away your Joy in this amazing campaign Hillary is running.

    Focus, Focus and Focus on getting Hillary Message out and BEATING Obama.

    Those who can work the phones…please DO, Those who can blog or write comments do…You are not alone and always remember this is a support site for Hillary Clinton campaign for presidency.

    Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.
    Winston Churchill

  25. Dedfg: It will be books, not a book. In addition, there is enough fodder for hundreds of phd dissertations on gender bias, racism, double standard, use of chicago-style politics, rigged elections, influence of media bias and trying to control the outcome of an election, ageism, astro-turfing, use of agitation techniques for creating vitrolic hatered toward one’s opponent, etc,, etc. I hope, history is not kind, to the Obama campaign and the media.

  26. I need to sign off and get more strategic. I love you all. I will be watching and applauding silently in the days ahead long as I can stand it. Keep the faith> Hillary is 44.

    Hillbilly I hope to have a draft to you for vetting by Wednesday and sooner if possible.

  27. Here’s something that may amuse you (or not). It’s part of an email I received from titled “10 things to know about McCain.” I’m not going to list all of the ten things, but I thought thing #9 would be of interest, given the Wright scandal and’s support of Obama:

    [QUOTE]9. McCain has sought closer ties to the extreme religious right in recent years. The pastor McCain calls his “spiritual guide,” Rod Parsley, believes America’s founding mission is to destroy Islam, which he calls a “false religion.” McCain sought the political support of right-wing preacher John Hagee, who believes Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for gay rights and called the Catholic Church “the Antichrist” and a “false cult.”[/QUOTE]

    So we’re all supposed to be alarmed at the teachings of McCain’s “spiritual guides” while overlooking Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright?

  28. I don’t read most of my emails anymore, either. I joined moveon a couple of years ago because at the time they were the only big antiwar organization around. Now they don’t seem to be doing much of anything other than working to get Obama elected.

    It’s almost time for SNL, so I have to sign off now. Christopher Walken is the host and the musical guest is Panic At the Disco. Should be lots of fun!

  29. Yes! Thank you Admin. You are an incredible writer and advocate.

    Amazing what Helen Thomas said about Hillary and the election. Hopefully her words brought shame to those that deserve it.

  30. History is written by the winners. Don’t look to history to lay bare the evil forces that are at work here forces which left unchecked will destroy our society and weaken this country. The time to win the battle is now. Then we can tell the truth and the world will listen.

  31. just sa the beginning of SNL….it was good. Started with Hillary and Bill talking about tax returns.

  32. Yes, wbboei.

    admin: Thank you, for all your hard work and advocacy for Hillary. It is greatly appreciated.

  33. Birdgal: I hope you sign up on Hillbills site because I would like your input on the letter as well. Ditto Basil 9. I will do likewise.

  34. I can’t wait for SNL. Darrell Hammond’s Bill is the best. thing. ever. Hammond’s Cheney is genius as well.

  35. I have to say that the sixties’ flower children and original hippies have today’s youth beat by a country mile. The era that gave our country Woodstock would have rejected the tactics and facisism so flagrantly displayed by the Obama camp – including the “in the tank” mainstream media. What began as an “Obama Utopia” for these naive young people, now represents EVERYTHING that idealistic youth deplore – phoniness, bullying, lying, in short- trying to be something you’re not. Incidentally, I think the old hippies should be the very group that brings this farce front and center to the youth of our country. When they (our new voters) realize they have been “had” – the cynacism will cause a rebound of untold proportions. Racial strife will pervade our society never before – as EVERYTHING will be the “race card” when the young people dare to question. BHO has proven to be THE ultimate opportunist, and I and MILLIONS of other Democrats will “not come around” as many political analysts predict. We may need the democratic platform in our everyday lives, but we have principles – meaning WE WILL NOT HONOR BHO WITH OUR SUPPORT -which I predict will be AT LEAST two-thirds of HRC supporters. We may lose our platform, but we maintain our honor, dignity, and self-respect. Then we re-tool for Hillary in 2012 as an INDEPENDENT.

  36. Well, it would help if she told us the details of the sweetie comment, instead she spends most of her time regurgitating falsehoods about Hill.

  37. Hey guys, if the pundits ever start getting you down or something, just think of Hillary 🙂 here’s a song by Paula deanda that has lyrics reminding me of Hillary’s campaign 😀

    Song: Marching

    If you only knew
    troubles shes been going through
    could you walk in her shoes
    when you aint got nothin to loose
    so you hope & you pray that one day,
    youll get back what they took away
    so you keep on marching
    so you keep on marching

    so when you feel like the sky is falling
    & theres nowhere to hide
    tell me are you tired of all that crawling?
    then open your eyes
    so we go left right left
    left right left
    left right left
    left right left

    they tryna tear you down
    but you gotta keep pushing somehow
    baby stand up proud
    dont be just another face in the crowd, yeeah
    no matter what your going through
    theres someone out there just like you
    so you keep on marching
    so you keep on marching

    so when you feel like the sky is falling
    & theres nowhere to hide
    tell me are you tired of all that crawling?
    then open your eyes
    so we go left right left
    left right left
    left right left
    left right left

    hard to ?!? it miracles
    get it on up just make your move
    dont procrastinate
    and no no
    together we will overcome
    marching to a soldiers strum

    so we go step by step
    step by step
    step by step
    left right left right

  38. From the NYT:

    A young man who said he was an Obama supporter expressed concern that hostile comments about Senator Barack Obama from Mrs. Clinton and her aides would weaken the party when it finally settles on a nominee.

    Mrs. Clinton replied with animation and a steadily rising voice. She said that, by and large, this had been an extremely civil campaign. But passions rise in politics, she explained.

    “For those of you who are new to politics,” she said, “it can be a little eye-opening especially when you choose sides and you’re for one or the other of us you can take personally anything one of us or the other says. Believe it or not, there have even been some things said about me. I don’t take it personally. I don’t take most of it seriously.”

    Then, suggesting that perhaps Mr. Obama, or at least his supporters, were a bit thin-skinned, she added, “If you can’t take the heat, don’t run for president, because it’s a really hot kitchen in the White House.”

    “You’re supposed to present your case and critique the other case,” she added. “It is not a coronation. This nomination is worth fighting for and I’m going to fight for it.”

    The crowd rewarded her with a standing ovation.

  39. mjs: When I start feeling down about things, I think about Hillary, and how she continues to fight the good fight. It helps me to put things into perspective. If she isn’t giving up, then, neither am I. She can and will win this.

  40. Hillary is fighting for the millions of us who understand that this may very well be the most important election in our lifetime. Our country faces challenges and threats, both internally and externally , unlike ever before.
    Hillary , as President Clinton has opined, is truly the only candidate with the wherewithal and skill to lead our nation back to the first Clinton presidency of peace and prosperity. She faces what I call the “perfect storm” of a Manchurian like candidate, a press so overwhelmingly biased that they are not even ashamed to admit it, and the fact that our party has gone way too far to the left(see kos/huff/moveon). Hillary and Bill also face the “band wagon jumping” phenomenon of once great friends, seemingly forgetting all loyalties, and not evn respectful enough to at a minimum keep their mouthes shut. It’s a perverse “payback” if you will for whatever the reasons.
    Next, you have the cabasl of Dean, the very evil Pelosi, the angryand militant Brazile, and the weasels Kennedy and other senators trying to rig the nomination process to defeat Hillary.
    At the risk of once again being called “negative or unsettling”, I feel the odds are quite overwhelming against her, but she will cartry on for us. I think she and Bill both understand where this is heading, and they will not go quietyly. as some would like.
    My feeling is we win Penn, but not by doublble digits, lose big in NC b/c of AA vote, win KY, possibly Indiana, and hopefully Puerto Rico. If she gets more popular votes, she has a chance, albeit a difficult one. If we are behind on popular vote, the writing is on the wall. Allwe can do is keep moving ahead and hope for the best. Hillary , no matter what happens, will be fine as will we. The goal must be to get this party to wake up to the myth that is BO, and get back to the democratic values that Hillary so wonderfully represents.
    Finally, I am, whethger Hillary wins or not, changing my voter registraton to Independent…I willnever give a red cen to the DNC , and if Hillary is railroaded as I fear, I will work very hard to defeat BO.

  41. jbstones, i agree with you when you say you are changing your party to independent. While I agree with many democratic principles, I am an American foremost who wants to be able to choose the best candidate…not stick with a mediocre, inexperiened, and deceitful conman.

  42. JBStonesfan, are you interested in working for ALL Florida voters in a non-partisan, non-candidate-specific state-wide petition effort?

  43. I was contacted by a person on this board to ask if I wanted to help. I am in Tampa. I am helping.

  44. Hmmm…I too may choose to go independent when my candidate (Hillary) doesn’t win either. I must admit, it smacks of “Taking your ball and going home” but you’re really smart jbstonesfan, so I’ll check it out! 🙂

  45. @ wbboei 5:29 pm (from previous thread),

    Q. I mean the simple, straightforward, time honored concept of law and equity known as one man one vote?

    A. Yes! (where the hell is this going?)

    But we already know that anyone so wedded to and dependent upon the caucus concept already is opposed to “one man one vote.”

    You know, my 82 year-old grandmother lives in Kansas City, KS. She has been a LIFELONG Democratic party voter. She’s been loyal to the Democratic party since before little BO was a sparkle in his daddy’s eye.

    She’s also broken her hip not once but TWICE and had NO BUSINESS going out for the whole Kansas caucus in EARLY FEBRUARY. What do you suppose the weather is like there that time of year? Maybe dangerous for shaky little old ladies to be out walking and/or driving about? Don’t even get me started on expecting her to stand around for hours at a time, or talk longer and louder than the other attendees.

    Now had there been a primary, she’d happily have taken a ride to the polling place and cast a ballot for Hillary, but caucusing? That’s ridiculous.

    So once again, I’m thinking about it and I’m getting a little steamed about the absurd voter nullification process known as caucusing.

  46. jbstones,

    Spot on. Mix into that mess the republican media, which while we’ve been happy to have them “help” in outing BO a bit, still hammers Hill nearly all day every day. And then there’s the public, which has not only allowed this situation to fester, but actually believes much of the goop being thrown at them by BM.

    But don’t fear Hill being railroaded. She is. It IS happening.

    And right about when your fine analysis leaves Puerto Rico and “hinges” on the popular vote is where I’ll become unhinged.

    It will simply be unacceptable to me to not see the campaign unload on BO as Carl Bernstein suggested last night, and it will be entirely unacceptable for this nomination to be decided without a full & complete airing of ALL of the facts involved (too long to get into).

    This is win – or die trying.

  47. @ debbie 5:59 pm (from previous thread):

    :D! Love it.

    Retirement for thee, but not for me, right Senator Big Head Ted?

    Hey apropos of nothing… I was in a restaurant in Foggy Bottom a couple of years ago (I live in DC) and Senator Ted and his party came in. Marcel’s, I believe. Anyway, that man really does have the most gigantic head I have ever seen on a human being. It’s freaky.

    Mean, yes. But true.

  48. It’s hard for me as I am a solo practitioner and work about 80 hrs a week. I have contacted my local congressman which was useless as he (Wexler) is BO S. Fla chair, have written to Dean, Pelosi, et al., and have received no response. Our best hope down here is Debbie Wasserman Shultz, a congresswoman down here in S. Florida and a Hillary supporter. . I have maxed out on all primary contributions, and like many of you, feel very angry and despondent.

  49. I was wondering if CNN NBC,or Fox could have ordindary citizens speaking on behalf of the candidates. One representing Clinton and one for O. Not their surrogates. Let it all hang out

  50. Hey neeta. I’m feeling down tonight. I saw that Rhodes clip and it’s just disgusting. These people are so pathetic. Obama is the quintessential status quo.

  51. You know with all the negative things being said, I feel good. I know Hillary is going to pull this off. We will have the last laugh

  52. mj: I couldn’t watch the entire clip. I had to turn it off. After I turned it off, I sent an e-mail to Air America to complain about it. This is one of many reasons, that I will not vote for BO. The Rhodes event was advertised on BO’s website, as a fundraiser. Through his silence on this event, he is giving his tacit approval for this type of vitrolic hatred, by his supporters, which I find extremly repulsive. This hatred has to be coming from the top down. Can you imagine, if Hillary had a fundraiser, where a supporter used vile words to describe BO? She would be ripped to shreds.

  53. birdgal,

    Time after time Hill’s surrogates have missed glorious opportunities to hammer BO and help Hill.

    That was one of them. There’s still time…

  54. No matter how the media try to spin that AA will not support Hillary believe me they will support her. It is the Ted Kennedy’s, John Kerry’s, Howard Dean’s that hate the Clintons.

  55. Blue: Rhodes was suspended, which the obamabots are outraged about. They consider, it freedom of speech, and Air America should not have done that, to Randi. If Hillary complains about this, then the media and obamabots considers that, playing the victim card. I believe, Ferraro, may have spoken out, on FOX about this. I haven’t watched very much news lately, so I’m not sure, how much play it received. I read some comments here, and on TM.

  56. MJ don’t get too upset. My neighbor has been watching the news so much she had a heart attack. I told her i don’t watch CNN, MSNBC or FOX. She had one Wed, she will be coming home on Monday. She will have to go back for an operation. They are trying to build her strength up. I told her no more TV. She said she wanted to live to see a woman become president.

  57. JBStones.

    Do not despair. If you have email and contacts, you can help. Wasserman-Schultz is instrumental in the Florida vote effort.

  58. You know, I just looked at HillaryHub, and there is only one link to her speech. I would argue that speech in memphis was the best of any candidate in this entire election cycle. What gives? What country is this? And, I don’t understand why AA’s are giving near monolithic support to Obama. he doesn’t campaign to AA’s unless he needs to. I suppose blacks think this is because he can’t. But if one actually transcended race, they would. Neeta, bless you. You know, I don’t think the liberal elites will come back to Hill, but if just some african americans would, she’d easily win. You know, all the “historic” stuff only lasts the day of the inauguration, then someone has to do the job. Her domestic agenda, rightly disproportionately addresses poor african americans and other poor people, but specifically african americans as it should. His simply doesn’t.

  59. Wow, neeta, watch out for your neighbor. No more tv news for her. I hope she willlive to see the first woman president. And, I hope it will be Hillary.

  60. A couple of things:

    First, I am outraged that McCain asked for and received (sort of) an apology from BO because the warm-up for a BO event called McCain a warmonger.

    Where is the apology (and outrage!) about the Randi Rhodes incident. I am disgusted that no one stepped up from the democartic party to condemn this. The Fox staff are the only one’s that found this deplorable????. What is wrong with this party???

    On the positive, I have a new poster on the forum that went to see BO in person and said that they were shocked to see that he really is “all words”. With all the negativity out there towards Hillary they felt there were few places to turn and how do you keep on going? This is what i told him/her:

    Hi Hallow,

    You just have to look at Hillary for your inspiration; she is fighting the good fight and still standing.

    It [i]IS[/i] really hard to find people that haven’t sucked down the Kool-aid that are willing to tell someone that they support Hillary. There has been a concerted effort to demonize her (personally, I think it is mostly sexism – others just hated how nasty the Republican’s were towards the Clintons in the ’90’s and don’t want to go back there.

    Here is the truth though, as I see it. Hillary has a better grasp of ALL the issues we are facing right now as a country than ANY of the other candidates. We are facing many, many complex challenges and the only way we can get through them is with a tough-ass president that knows what is going on and knows who is on the take.

    Hillary is a CEO type in a lot of ways. CEO’s don’t win a lot of popularity contests because they are willing to make hard decisions when necessary. We have a lot of decisions like that waiting to be tackled right now, and it will effect the people getting rich off the backs of the poor financially.

    The deck is stacked — that is why she needs people like us to roll up our sleeves and put her into office…if they want to keep her out that bad that they are willing to disinfranchise Michigan and Florida to do it, she must be good for the country.

    God Bless America.

  61. They know what Hillary stands for. it’s just all some see is a black running for president. It seems they have closed their ears to anything else. I have been talking, e-mailing trying to make them see what O is doing. I have convinced some. I still have a lot of work to do.

  62. MJ

    I cannot speak to being a Black American. I am not one. But I can speak to what I read in the speeches of MLK the other day. I sat and read several hours. Not just the famous stuff that appeals to the news media and is not uncomfortable for whites to hear, but the whole speeches. And some sermons. It is clearly evident to ME why BO gets the AA support from just reading these. It is symbolic at its least, and understandable. I honestly don’t know if as a “group” (which I hate saying but iI am tired and have to go to bed soon so it’s the lazy way out) they give a rat’s behind if his policies are better or worse than Clinton’s. It’s a generational achievement. Only who WE see is NOT the person they see. I do not believe there is a person on this board who would not GLADLY SUPPORT a qualified Black American for President. BUt this guy is HORRIBLE FOR AMERICA IMO. Not “White” america or “Black” america, but the united states. He is EMINENTLY unqualified.

    Go look at King’s speeches in earnest and you will understand more. Obama has used the race card, not to elevate the conversation, but to divide us all. IMO

  63. I am off to bed. Have go to Church in the morning. I will be saying a special prayer for Hillary.

  64. BirdGal.
    I hope to tightly summarize this without smashing my keyboard in frustration (not at you of course, but at the situation).

    First, it has received virtually no play – because they’re not pushing it. They’re taking it unnecessarily.

    “If Hillary complains about this, then the media and obamabots considers that, playing the victim card.”

    This is the easiest part. We KNOW how the media will play it.
    That’s why it is imperative to exert EXTREME pressure.
    The media will portray Hillary negatively every single chance they get.
    When she is undeniably right, when something is undeniably positive for her, or when she has yet again been undeniably treated unfairly (if not grotesquely!), it will be minimized. We know this.

    For Heaven’s Sake, can you imagine if that had been said of Laura Bush? Of Nancy Reagan? Of Michele Obama?
    Repubs would be demanding Obama drop out of the race!!!!

    They would tie it to Reverend Wright’s outlandish statements, saying Obama must be a crazy man to have these people as supporters and confidants.
    They would tie it the previous statements like Chelsea being pimped out.
    I would tie it to media reform, which I think should be a central issue in this campaign.

    There are so many ways to go with this, but Rhodes words
    “A Big Fuckin’ Whore” are so entirely indefensible it put those douchebags of liberty who referee our political discourse on the airwaves in a box of having to cover it and of having to disown it, thus hammering Obama, forcing him on the defensive, making him answer questions about having such supporters, etc, etc.

    There is simply no need to take this, and a gargantuan opportunity is being lost. AndI don’t understandit as thecampaign certainly got riled over Shuster’s remarks and they forced an apology that dominated news for more than a few cycles.

    let me stop, I can’t breathe….

  65. A friend of mine told me tonight that Hillary blew away the Economic crowd at the wall street luncheon with her grasp on the economic problems i the country.

    BO has yet to accept an invitation to attend.


  66. Blue Democrat. We know what she said about Hillary. I will ask politely that there is really no reason to write them out here. They are just as offensive in their repetition.

    Thank you

  67. I was having this conversation with a friend a little while ago. I love Colin Powell and I would have been willing to cross over for him when there was talk of him running because I think the is a centrist and a patriot (I’m a Jacksonion, I guess).

    Obama gives me an incredibly uneasy feeling. I don’t know if it is “women’s intuition” or what, but his associations really freak me out. He seems like he could be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

    I hope I am wrong since he could end up being crammed down our throats.

    But the main point is IT IS NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK! It is because he seems like another mysoginistic metrosexual rising to the top on the backs of women that are more competent than he, and that he might be willing to accept too many “compromises” that financially enrich him or bring him power.

    Also, that from what I’ve seen of his methods, he seems to be decietful and willing to say anything or step on anyone to acheive his ambitions.

    Ok, I guess that was a little too negative. But there you have it, that is how I feel.

  68. I’d also add that in demanding action on Schuster, the campaign cemented one of the early pillars of the media bias narrative (along with Matthews “apology”) that later resulted in the Saturday Night Live skit, which received even greater attention.

    it is a huge fucking fastball to let go by with the game on the line …

  69. I think they probably assumed the press would cover the Rhode’s tirade.

    Of course I would support an african american if he or she were qualified. Without question.

  70. Why is it that every time I come here people are fighting now? Are these Obama plants trying to create discord and demoralize?

    If not, can we please stop this stuff?

  71. @ birdgal 10:47 pm,

    I never thought I’d see the day when Karl Rove was more inclined than the MSM to actually show Hillary some respect and give her her due.

    Somewhere pigs are flying and the devil is wearing a parka.

  72. @ Universal,

    Are you still posting on MyDD? I was looking for a diary you did a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t find it.

  73. hi late nite hillfans. great post admin. i have faith in hillary to go to distance. she can still win this. NEVER SAY DIE HILLFANS!

  74. Just surfing the vast political blog sites looking for someplace out here that showed some love for Hillary and finally came across “Hillary is 44”. Keep up the good vibes!

    I’m posting a few links to some illuminated reading I’ve come across for people who want to know the “truth” about Barack Obama. Where he really stands on the issues, how he’s failed his constituents (mostly unreported because of the media lovefest) and why we can’t afford to have him as the Democratic nominee.
    Obama’s Lackluster Record On Education:

  75. bcc@12:35: whoops my mistake. We swore him in on the Bible, should have been the Koran. He lied when he said he belived in democracy. He believes in thrugocracy, as exemplified by the causcus system. When you look closely enough at the voter suppression, intimdation and spoliation that takes place in a caucus system you see it is anathema to the will of the people. Here is the proof from something I wrote a few days ago on the Washingon causcus:

    On February 9, we held a caucus which produced a small voter turn-out (10%), Obama won by an impressive margin (68% vs. 31%= 37%), and all delegates were awarded on that basis. Ten days later, we held a primary which produced a much larger voter turn-out (42%), Obama’s won by a comparatively small margin (51% vs. 46%= 5%) and no delegates were awarded on that basis, even though the general election is based on a primary as well. This suggests three (3) logical conclusions: i) first, there is an inverse correlation between voter turn-out and Obama’s margin of victory, ii) second, the number of delegates Obama received in a caucus environment does not fairly reflect the will of the electorate and iii) third, caucus results are a poor predictor of what will occur in a general election. Furthermore, if you go granular you will discover that many eligible voters in Washington were turned away from caucus sites, voter lists were corrupted and other irregularities occurred. These abuses cast further doubt on the validity of caucus results. For these and other reasons we cannot rely on pledged delegate count as the sole criterion for selecting our nominee if we hope to win in November.

  76. Let’s take a calm, realistic look at what could happen if Hillary stays in this election. This calls for some careful consideration.

    The best that could happen if she stays in: She could win the nomination and go on to be the next POTUS.

    The worst that could happen if she stays in: She could disrupt the party to the point that BHO would lose in the GE, if he is the nominee, and McCain would win.

    What an easy choice! Where is the problem with that?

  77. bmerry:

    What a service you do for this country for INSIGHT via Rezko Watch, this site and no doubt countless others. When I read the BURIED articles about BHO’s Muslim past (in articles since lost in cyberspace by MSM) it makes my blood boil THEN makes the blood run cold out of FEAR. NOT BECAUSE of the Muslim faith as much as the OUT RIGHT LYING TO OUR FACES. We are all so sick and tired of the outright lies by his camp – treating us like we are idiots. It has been the most insulting political season in the history of this country. I have always respected Lou Dobbs, even when he has been very critical of the democrats, AND HE TOTALLY CALLS OUT THE MSM AND THE PROPOGANDA THAT IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY. I feel like we are smack dab living in a third world country – and the Manchurian candidate is alive and well. Haven’t read Hal Lindsey in over thirty years, but people – SATAN IS ALIVE AND WELL ON PLANET EARTH AND THE ANTICHRIST IS IN OUR MIDST. BTW – I am no religious fanatic, either. I am an avid student of history and all things curious. WAKE UP AMERICA – and you old people out there – listen to the GREATEST GENERATION, not your eighteen-year olds (Arianna, Maria, Caroline-geesh). Like they know a DAMN THING?!? Are they paying the bills? I don’t think so. Get your head out of your you-know-what!

  78. Good morning Hillfans. Thanks curiosityhasme. Sadly, there is so much to “mine” .. just keep on spreading the word from His44 and RW.

    BTW, RW has a new member who will be writing a series of articles about the Farrakhan-Chicago connection and beyond. The first segment should be up this week.

  79. Morning all,
    About the Randi Rhodes incident; what really burns me is that the Sharptons, the Jacksons theusual suspects, didn’t say a WORD about the trashing of a sitting Senator, a presidential nominee, the former First Lady of the US, whereas a federal case was made about the Rutgers Basketball team and Imus fired over his comments.

    Thse same group, Sharpton etc., then demonstrated in favor of the so-called ‘Jena-Six’ even though there was already ample evidence those kids were not without fault. the double standard that now exists is horrendous, and I’m talking about the double standard against women and people who are not of color. If people want to protest for civil rights, they should be supporting everyone’s civil rights, not just those of a select group.
    And of course BM provided wall-to-wall coverage of the Rutgers and jena incidents while not saying a word about HRC’s treatment. I think these glaring gaps in professed philosophies needs to be pointed out as often as possible. If we can’t talk about such things here, where are these hypocrisies going to be discussed?. Lou Dobbs is just about the only person paying attention, although even he hasn’t brought up the Rhodes remarks, yet. MY one hope right now is, as several others have commented, that the unwavering attacks against HRC signal real panic that she’s going to pull a HUGE upset in the next couple of primaries.
    If anyone can do it, she can! 😀

  80. B Merry,

    So the 20,000 in attendance at his Penn State rally won’t help coz most of those students are registered elsewhere?


  81. basil, looks like the system worked against him this time. Ah, the scent of napalm in the morning.

  82. YIPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
    Now that put a smile on my face!

    I just gotta add, seeing Sharpton, Jackson Jr., et al (who’s even worse than his dad, IMHO) on the news Friday was even more sickening than usual in light of their complete and total posturing FOR one group and AGAINST another and their absolute failure to support and defend the trashing of HRC’s reputation whereas they pulled out all the stops in Rutgers and JENA.

    What’s the latest with Rezko Watch? When do you think it’s gonna get BM traction?

  83. b-merr

    thx for the politico article. for once the system works against the anointed one. geesh, i didn’t even realize PA is a “closed” primary. any idea how many registered dems exist in PA today?

    i think you’re right about the smell of napalm in the morning. this could very well be BO’s apocalypse now. perhaps HRC’s theme song should be wagners’s “ride of the valkyries”..

  84. Good morning all….

    this was posted over at NoQuarter. If it is true, it is extremely disturbing. I know we have people in Washington here. Can this be verified through the Convention Chair? It would be easy t do if that persona could be reached. If this is true, we all have a lot to worry about.

    “I wish these people were “exceptions to the rule” among Obama supporters. But, reports of delegates at caucuses and conventions prove their behavior is a too-often norm for Obama’s followers. Someone I know was a delegate at the King County convention today in Seattle, Wash. where the Obama delegates booed so loudly when they were asked to say the Pledge of Allegiance that the convention chair gave up and skipped the pledge. (Maybe they took their cue from “The One”?)

    Apparently, our symbolic rituals of patriotism are passe´ — even at official American political party events that decide who will be the candidate for the Presidency of the United States.”

  85. Had to peek at Stephanoupolous before leaving for the morning and Deaniac is on saying the popular vote is NOT what should determine the nomination and the SD’s should select their candidate by the end of June, that Florida and MI will be seated but not as in the normal primary process. He goes on to stress that popular votes AREN’T the criteria by which nominees are selected. So once again the “RULES” are changed? What BS. Stephanaoupolos tried to bring up HRC’s objections to not counting the popular vote but Deaniac stayed on his demonaical message.


  86. OK Basil. But I got your reply. Didn’t realize that the “max” was not THE Max.

    I am in the same boat.

  87. basil9, not sure about which MSM we’re looking at. If it is the now-more-sensible Fox News and pundits, the scrutiny is on. As for NBC, well, we know the answer to that. However, BO is his own worst enemy evidenced by the push to get the primaries over with since he can’t handle a real fight in the long haul. Hillary is, can and will. BO and MO can’t keep up the facade another four months at the current rate. Even his sychophants can see that, hence the push and shove to get Hillary to hand him the nomination.

    There’s a lot more coming from the Right … now and not later … because it has to.

    The more RW looks into the witness list and possible bombs that could come from the Rezko trial, the more convinced I am that BO must be getting a little nervous. Keep in mind that Axelrod has been Mayor Daley’s apologist for a very long time. He knows where the landmines are buried better than anyone. The whole Chicago Combine is being layed bare. Blago is going to be indicted eventually. BO and MO are just two more dirty Chicago politicians.

  88. basil9 – That’s outrageous by Dean. He needs to know that he is not a one man Kingdom. The Party belongs to the people. So he can f*ck off as far as I’m concerned.

  89. Norma,
    At least I can still write letters
    I guess i meant is ANYONE besides FOX and the Repubs going to cover it in time for it to affect the outcome of the nomination? I wish something Soooooo BLATANT and impossible to ignore would come out ASAP about BO that it becomes apparent even to the media and the Dems that he is unelectable.
    I sometimes wonder if such a story exists. I haven’t heard a word about Wright for the past week except for a few feeble attempts by Rush and Hannity. Another landmine successfully navigated. 👿
    We KNOW the RW will take him out for the GE but we need to vet him now. (IMHO)
    BTW – Thanks for all your work on Rezko Watch.

  90. “Further proof of this: There was some time to kill as multiple tallies of the delegates and alternates were done, and when the time-killer of taking audience questions had run its course and the idea of teling jokes had been nixed, someone suggested doing the Pledge of Allegiance to pass the time. (Are you listening, right-wing bloggers? This is going to get good.)

    At the mere mention of doing the pledge there were groans and boos. Then, when the district chair put the idea of doing the Pledge of Allegiance up to a vote, it was overwhelmingly voted down. One might more accurately say the idea of pledging allegiance to the flag (of which there was only one in the room, by the way, on some delegate’s hat) was shouted down. ”

    Also, in this story “Oh, those 43rd district democrats”

    However, now that I’m home I can at least bring you an i-sight image of a small flier that was getting wide circulation at the caucus.


    Watch out, Ron and Maria. The Obama campaign may be telling its supporters not to do things like this, but it doesn’t look like its supporters are listening.

    go look at the flyer.

  91. B Merryfield – That piece was excellent. I particularly liked this:

    Having done nothing to shape the politics of the Obama campaign, Black spokespersons began describing Black mass voter support for Obama as a “movement.” In this way, they could pretend that something besides a one-shot election campaign was underway – a campaign in which they were mere ciphers.

    There was no movement; it was a total invention. Movements make demands on candidates and other notables. Movements have their own agendas. The movement would have preceded Obama on the scene and shaped him. Nothing vaguely like movement activity was happening in the Obama campaign, where Black and white progressive supporters behave more like groupies than activists.

  92. And this is good:

    In the greatest irony of all, Black voters have convinced themselves that they are in a stronger position than ever in history, when the exact opposite is true. Having asked for nothing but Obama’s autograph, they will get nothing from him for the next four years. No doubt, this will be a period of deep humiliation – as it should be. We’ll call it “The Years of Living Vicariously.”

    There is no substitute for a real movement. The Obama stage handlers have proven that, in the absence of a movement, they know how to construct something that looks much like the real thing – at least to those who are eager to believe. This election season, we had millions of eager believers, but very few real leaders and not enough movement builders. We will have four years to correct the mistakes of 2007-’08.

  93. Howard Dean is a bad man fighting for his political life. Better that the country should fail than his own political ambition. He belongs in the nether region of dantes inferno if you ask me.

  94. Democratic FL state representative Ted Deutch (a Clinton supporter) recites the case against the DNC’s handling of the FL/MI situations:

    “It’s clear that Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan and Florida all violated the same rule and should be treated the same. But that’s not what happened. While the rules designate a 50 percent delegate reduction, the DNC imposed the death penalty – a 100 percent reduction – on Florida and Michigan. Amazingly, the other “rule-breakers” got no penalty at all.

    The DNC has chosen to waive the rules when it believes that it suits the DNC’s purposes. If the DNC insists on treating Florida differently, then it should be reminded that its own rules establish a 50 percent penalty rather than the death penalty given to Florida Democrats. . . . Rather than continue this divisive debate, the DNC should simply return to the rules that it drafted.

  95. It is because he seems like another mysoginistic metrosexual rising to the top on the backs of women that are more competent than he, and that he might be willing to accept too many “compromises” that financially enrich him or bring him power.

    Also, that from what I’ve seen of his methods, he seems to be decietful and willing to say anything or step on anyone to acheive his ambitions.


    That is the profile.

  96. In my opinion Barack Obama should get ZERO delegates from MI.
    He was not on the ballot.
    NO ONE in MI voted for him.
    50-50 my ass, it should be 100-0 because Barack Obama got NO VOTES.

  97. Howie couldn’t get a rubber band to shoot straight, nevermind run the DNC or hold down a cabinet seat. Must have been that revealing scream that burst the blood vessels in his brain.

  98. OandrewD ,

    That’s a case Hill could make – rather obviously.

    Obama’s only happy if he gets 5 times as many delegates per votes as he did in the caucuses, or in the case of MI, 50% of delegates for ZERO votes.

    It’s incredible such a joke of a “process” could happen this day & age.
    And as I was telling someone last night, this isn’t 2000.

    Democrats can’t even blame Republicans this time!

  99. I just want to let people here know that I have updated my “Democrats should not vote for Obama if he is nominated” article on my brother’s site with a list of references at the end of the piece. More references will be added, additionally, as time allows throughout the day:

    It’s a useful list which also includes links to some of the more memorable “YouTube Obama ‘campaign ads'” videos (4 and counting).

    Hope everyone’s having a great day. Sunny and nice here in northeast PA.

    *thumbs up*

  100. tcbequalityactions,
    Thanks for writing letters to local papers in IN. It really helps. I did the same this a.m. makes it really easy – everyone. Links, tips, etc.

  101. Hey, I sent the Helen Thomas piece to my Facebook account but I can’t find it. Anyone got a clue how it works? Thanks.

  102. If Obama wins the nomination (I will do everything here in PA to stop that) without FL and MI delegates seated and the popular vote counted (that means Obama gets 0 votes in MI) I will consider him an illegitimate nominee. Can the DNC imagine how split the party will be if Hillary would have been the leader if FL and MI were counted?

    I wish next election cycle (If I am still a democrat) they would change it to POPULAR VOTE wins. Forget delegates, forget superdelegates, eliminate caucuses, eliminate stupid speculation and math and just say POPULAR VOTE of ALL STATES wins.

  103. Murtha on CNN saying he’s convinced FLA & MI will count.

    Doesn’t say why….

    Says there are “still things that haven’t been talked about”

    doesn’t expand on it…..

  104. Just as I suspected. From that article at politico:

    “Pennsylvania’s election rules also act to suppress the college vote. The state has a closed primary, which means only registered Democrats can vote. Since college-age young people are disproportionately likely to be registered as independents, that will serve to limit the number of students who can vote.”

    See, it’s not that he as such support among “independents” it’s young independents. But GE independents will be a averagely older group than the youth showing up at the primaries.

  105. Morning all–its early here on the west coast.

    Did anyone see Kristoff’s article in nytimes today. Sexism is harder to overcome than racism. But does he lead with that. N-O-O!!!

    I put a diary up at mydd about it. will post link in a bit.

    Universal, I misplaced your email. Could you email me please.

    thanks, lin

  106. Linfar,

    The charges of sexism, while holding undeniable grains of truth,
    are really a smokescreen for the true reason for the bias
    (particularly the media bias) that we’ve seen;

    It is anti-Clintonism, and it makes all the difference in the world.

  107. linfar, excellent work. However, one editorial note, in the last paragraph you reference “Krugman” but you mean “Kristof”.

  108. Bmerry: this is from a right wing blogger so it may or may not be credible He claims this will come out at trial soon.

    Interesting comment from an Obamaniac to the effect that if this really happened he owes me an explantation. The only explanation that matters is the commentor is an idiot who cannot fact the truth about the guy. If this is true I bet Durbin was right there with him. And then there is bull in the china shop michelle. I wonder if she was proud of her country while taking those vacations. If the future of our country did not hang in the balance I have gotta tell you I would be laughing at this scheme and how many people believe in this guy. Tells you more about them than him.

    A house apparently is just one thing Rekzo helped Obama with. It turns out that Edwin J. Gray the head of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board was coerced into calling off an investigation of Rezko by Obama and 4 other US Senators who had received campaign contributions from Rezko.

    In addition to campaign contributions, Michelle Obama and her father had invested $359,100 in a Rezko shopping center in April 2006, a year before Obama met with the regulators. The Obamas sometimes accompanied by their daughters and baby-sitter, had made at least nine trips at Rezko’s expense, sometimes aboard his private jet. Three of the trips were made during vacations to Rezko’s opulent Bahamas retreat at Cat Cay. Obama also did not pay Rezko for some of the trips.

  109. mj Says:
    April 6th, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    Just as I suspected. From that article at politico:

    “Pennsylvania’s election rules also act to suppress the college vote. The state has a closed primary, which means only registered Democrats can vote.

    But voters can re-register as Democrats as late as a month before the primary. Both campaigns were doing big voter registration drives in March. (Obama’s “Democrat for a Day” scam was started at least a year in advance of the primaries.)

  110. I have to say, I loved Hillary’s comment to the Obama questioner about how the nomination is worth fighting for. It almost had me in tears (yes, I’m a little emotional about this election right now. 🙂 )

  111. That’s not my point. My point is when they say he has this so-called cross appeal, it’s the same vote. It’s the youth vote, less representative of the independent vote in a GE.

  112. The Politics of Hope, Take One
    Deval Patrick’s unpretty preview of an Obama presidency.
    by Charles Chieppo and Jim Stergios
    04/14/2008, Volume 013, Issue 29

    If Deval Patrick is indeed a preview of Barack Obama, the lesson is buyer beware. Patrick has proven to be little more than a machine politician packaged with a New Age ribbon of hope. And on February 5, Massachusetts Democrats filed their interim report on the politics of hope, rejecting the governor’s handpicked candidate and giving Hillary Clinton a double-digit win in the Massachusetts presidential primary.

    Article too long to post here, but it is buyer beware where Obama is concerned.

  113. OandrewD Says:
    April 6th, 2008 at 11:34 am

    In my opinion Barack Obama should get ZERO delegates from MI.
    He was not on the ballot.
    NO ONE in MI voted for him.

    Obama took his own name OFF the ballot. Then he campaigned for “Uncommitted”. So the answer is simple: seat/vote/count the delegates as elected in Jan. Let the Uncommitted slate go in AS uncommitted. Let the candidates woo them individually.

  114. wbboei Says:
    April 6th, 2008 at 11:17 am

    It is because he seems like another mysoginistic metrosexual rising to the top on the backs of women that are more competent than he, and that he might be willing to accept too many “compromises” that financially enrich him or bring him power.

    Also, that from what I’ve seen of his methods, he seems to be decietful and willing to say anything or step on anyone to acheive his ambitions.


    That is the profile.

    THis is very clearly shown in the Alice Palmer case: knocking ALL his opponents off the ballot, including the ‘elder stateswoman’ who had befriended him.

    h t t p : / /,0,1773480.storygallery 

    h t t p : / / (This is page 10 of 10)

  115. Sherm,

    Imo BO never had a chance against the GOP.

    Either candidate being forced out now, or nominated against the popular vote, or by excluding or splitting FL/MI or other strange maneourers — would split the party worse than letting the normal process play out,through the convention if necessary.

    Edwards still has 26 pledged delegates. If there is not a majority winner on the first ballot at the convention, then all ‘pledges’ are off, and they have a second and third ballot till someone gets a majority.

    This is NOT as bad as a force out or a back-room DNC split before the convention.

  116. 1950,

    “So the answer is simple: seat/vote/count the delegates as elected in Jan. Let the Uncommitted slate go in AS uncommitted. Let the candidates woo them individually.”

    That’s the best I’ve seen it said.

  117. That Obama Kool-aid is some powerful stuff. I was reading through some of the latest postings over at MYDD and, of course, they are already picking out VP choices for Obama. Posters there are commenting how Obama really doesn’t have any negatives at all–nothing that could hurt him. Some grudgingly admit the lack of experience might be one but that it can be overcome via a good VP choice. I can’t believe educated adults are in that much denial….

    Over at Taylor Marsh they talk about “Clinton Derangement Syndrome” for those people having an irrational. kneejerk hatred of the Clintons. I would add a new affliction, “Obama Denial-itis”, the inability to even consider the possibility that your candidate has any poliltical negatives or human failings.

    It’s incredible that so many SD’s and party elites seem to have this affliction. Perhaps some don’t want to look like fools so they cling to their mistaken belief that he is invincible rather than to admit to themselves that he has serious faults as a candidate. I applaud everyone on this board who is getting the true facts and history of Obama out there into the media and onto the internet. I have no doubt that as more and more of Obama’s controversial connections and past come to light there will be no way for anyone to deny or minimize it. We need to keep our focus and keep on the pressure. We may have to prove our case by June rather than the August convention but we can do it…..

  118. Blue Democrat Says:
    April 6th, 2008 at 1:32 pm
    “So the answer is simple: seat/vote/count the delegates as elected in Jan. Let the Uncommitted slate go in AS uncommitted. Let the candidates woo them individually.”

    That’s the best I’ve seen it said.

    🙂 Let’s have a demonstration! Everyone wave blank signs for “Uncommitted”! “The courage of our non-convictions!”

  119. Let’s say the unimaginable happens and Obama wins the nomination. All these kids with stars in their eyes are in for a rude awakening, much like what happened back in ’72 when McGovern was blown out and a generation of voters was lost for 20 years.

  120. Well, me and my husband got into a big fight yesterday when it finally sunk into his head that I was not going to vote for Obama if he won the nominee.

    He has taken a bath in the Koolaid because he so wants to believe in the dream of a Black President in his lifetime and he think Obama is his best chance to see that..since he has a serious illness.

    He does agree with me that Obama won’t win CA because he’s lived in this state long enough to see that Obama will have a very hard time winning in CA and that I do know what I’m talking about on analysing politics. But hubby is from Chicago and has lived under their corrupted political system all his life and see it as only politics…he love Hillary but the dream can’t die, so he has his head in the sand like a ostrich….ugh.

    Black males relates to Obama, he’s like living their fantasy. The dream of being accepted fully in this country, removing the scare tissue of slavery and it’s after effects. They have placed Obama so high up he’s in the clouds and just like all clouds sooner or later the storms comes.

  121. Politico’s Ben Smith posted a brief on Donna Brazille’s e-mails with members of this site, calling it “the fiercely pro-Hillary site HillaryIs44.”

    Brazille is trying to paint it as some kind of ‘extreme’ element.

    That horse!

  122. tcbequalityactions,

    please read your email…


  123. For what it’s worth.. a friend of my dads, a farmer, who is around 80 years old and a lifelong democrat told me today he thinks it “looks like” Obama vs. McCain for the election. He thinks Obama cannot win against McCain, however, and says he will be a McCain democrat in the fall.

    Just another story to pass along…

  124. Besides, said Rendell, if Michigan and Florida are counted, Clinton would be close or ahead…

    Uh, oh. Cue the videos. “Stop right there governor,” said Russert, who proceeded to show clips of comments from Rendell and Clinton that Michigan’s early primary would not count.

    “We can settle this right here,” said Rendell, giving us false hope that maybe this thing would finally get interesting. The governor then challenged Casey and the Obama campaign to a revote in Florida and Michigan.

    But Casey wasn’t taking the bait, much to our disappointment.
    They’re not going to seat FL/MI until Hillary drops out or Obama is handed the nomination early or at the convention because they can count the numbers too and FL/MI put Hillary ahead of Obama.

    What the dems doesn’t realise is how this plays into the hands of the republicans…FL is lost if Obama is the nominee, Michigan not sure but I do know FL, TX and CA will go to McCain.

  125. Letter: Wright is wrong for Obama, country
    Sunday, April 6, 2008

    E-mail story
    iPod friendly
    Printer friendly
    More Letters to the Editor
    Letter: Attacks on Catholic Church unique
    Letter: Show more respect for flag
    Letter: If you value your head, wear a helmet
    Share and Enjoy [?]
    As a decorated combat veteran of World War II, I risked my life for 2 1/2 years defending our country.

    With that exposure, you can appreciate why I’m shocked that one of the current presidential candidates has, for the past 20 years, been a member of a church headed by a minister who openly despises both the United States and white people. Jeremiah Wright’s vicious, hateful sermons, as seen on TV, are frightening.

    Anyone who attends or becomes a member of a church headed by such an individual has a problem. Barack Obama and his wife have been members for 18-20 years and are very close to Pastor Wright. Obama, in fact, refers to the pastor as “being like an uncle to him.” Well, if that guy were my uncle, I’d sure as hell get rid of him fast.

    Pastor Wright is a disgrace, and his traitorous remarks should have been sufficient years ago to prompt Barack and his wife to quit that church. Yet he hasn’t done so.

    I will never be convinced by Obama’s statement that he doesn’t believe Pastor Wright’s remarks, or that he hasn’t been tainted by these hateful words. When you’re exposed to that type of hateful diatribe over the years, you begins to believe what you’re hearing.

    Obama’s candidacy is a very serious matter to our country and must be investigated immediately and thoroughly by qualified, competent people. Why? Simply because the future of the greatest country in the world is at stake.

    I personally don’t want to even consider turning the presidency over to a man exposed for years to Pastor Wright. 

    Jack Grossett 

    Vero Beach 

    Grossett is a former mayor of Vero Beach. 

  126. Forgot to mention a couple of other thingsd Deaniac said on Stephanoupolos.
    He also mocked the whole ides of Michigan votes being counted as, according to him, ‘there was no election and there was only one name on the ballot.’ In other words, alligning the DNC position with that of the BO campaign.

    FWI, in the car with Hannity and audio highlights from the week – don’t know which day it was but Sean RIPPED into the Cones/Black theology/Farrakhan/Million Man March/Obama connection. He cited an essay BO wrote in 1995 which has greatly influenced BO’s positions. I didn’t catch the name of the essay but maybe I can pull up the transcript. If anyone is familiar with it could you please post the name or the link? It was VERY interesting. Hannity also got into the Ayers issue and stressed that HE (and the repubs) were not gonna let the bombing of the Pentagon and NYC be forgotten.

  127. Carby,
    ‘They’re not going to seat FL/MI until Hillary drops out or Obama is handed the nomination.’
    that’s been my impression since hearing Deaniac’s interviews last week. Today, on Stephanaopolos, he basically said Michigan was irrelevant (my term) coz there was only one name on the ballot and that SD’s should choose their nominee by the end of June.

    I have no idea what, if anything, can be done to fight this other than HRC continuing the primary schedule and hoping BO implodes before July. It is sickening. 🙁
    BTW- I GOTTA get a new keyboard! This one has a half dozen stuck keys and my typos are horrendous!

  128. Are we ready for a Marxist president?

    Well the democrats better get ready to answers those questions in the fall because of Obama’s ties to Dr. Wright, the New Black Panther Party, his mother’s politics and anti-Americanism and running his campaign as a movement.

    This will be one of the anchors for the republicans in the G.E.

    Marxist roots of Black Liberation Theology

    In Black Liberation Theology, the prevalent victomology hampers progress because, from the outset, it focuses attention on obstacles. It is not, however, mainstream in most black churches but has been accepted by many as a survival theology of blackness.
    Sunday, April 06, 2008By Anthony B. Bradley

  129. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Dean is in Obama’s camp, their campaigns use the same tactics.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — The campaign of Democratic presidential hopeful Dick Gephardt on Thursday accused Howard Dean’s camp of illegally sending out-of-state supporters to Iowa to caucus in cities and towns across the state — an accusation Dean’s manager called “ridiculous on its face.”

  130. Obama is talking in Mt right now saying “some people say Obama is just winning western caucus states that don’t count…I’m tired of hearing that, I think EVERY state counts!”

    What a bunch of horseshit that is!

  131. This is a great column.

    Men, it’s not your place to tell Clinton to quit the race

    Sunday, April 06, 2008

    By: Connie Schultz – Plain Dealer Columnist

    to email her and thank her….

    My response to the columnist.

    Your column today neatly summed up what women all across the country are feeling in their bones. So many of us have had the direct or indirect experience of working hard with little fanfare only to see a less-qualified man walk in and – without paying his dues – gets the promotion or the bigger paycheck or the big project. Almost everyone woman I know has lived his nightmare. Hillary Clinton is just doing right in front of all of us.

  132. Carby,
    That’s what Hannity was talking about in one of his audios from last week.

    He also mentioned an essay BO wrote in 1995 expressing many of those Marxist views.

    Do you know what it is?

    Also, whoever linked to the rapid responders site, thanks! great accessible info for contacting newspapers.

  133. Ann: Now if only those same women would support Hillary and demand a fair process from Dean and the Media.

  134. Hitchens —Alcoholic–self admitted.

    Russert–Has swallowed too many corks

    Mathews – Tucker-Borger-Freidman-Odonnel-Wolfe-Sullivan-Mika-Joe-Schuster-Cooper-King-Bernstein-Morris-Malkin-Rachel.

    A shameful bunch of partisan,stupid,jealous has been’s.Thir bosses call them Anchors and rightly so.They do belong on the end of a chain in the cess pool of hate generated by the MSM.
    Wanna clean it up? Vote and support Hillary.Let them Keep BO.

  135. without paying his dues – gets the promotion or the bigger paycheck or the big project.

    do you work at my company? 😉

  136. Ann,
    Good response and it hits the nail on the head. I’ve been wondering WHY I get so choked up and/or passionately angry about this campaign, and I think that a part of me vicariously identifies with everything HRC is facing, from the rampant sexism, to the good ole boys club marginalization of her, to the implications that as a woman past child-bearing age she’s a disposable irrelevant commodity. And it has infuriated me no end. IMHO, the first and the worst discrimination has always been gender inequality and this horrible nominating process has done nothing but reinforce my opinion. As Women in Media said in January, Race trumps gender every time. We are still in the dark ages.

  137. I watched the ABC interview with Dean from this morning. Dean encouraged the super delegates to come out and name who they are supporting. It couldn’t be more obvious that he is for Obama. He talked about the process being for delegates, not the popular vote, and downplayed the popular vote discussion as something being focused on by others. It sounded to me like he wanted the delegates to announce and make it obvious who the nominee would be before June.
    Clearly, in his view, the “will of the people” is proven only by delegate count as he talked about how they were elected to vote as representatives for the people.
    Never mind, I guess, the unfair delegate allottment system, the number of actual votes cast for a candidate, or the actual electibility of the candidate.

  138. No campus surge for Obama in Pa.
    By BEN ADLER | 4/6/08 7:03 AM EST

    With 159 colleges and universities and approximately 680,000 students, Pennsylvania’s campus vote would appear to be Barack Obama’s ace in the hole in the state’s April 22 primary.

    Yet in a tough contest where Obama will need every vote he can get, it’s unlikely that one of his most loyal constituencies will be able to provide him with much of a boost.

    One reason is the nature of the state’s college students. With numerous nationally recognized schools ranging from elite, small liberal arts colleges such as Haverford College to the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania, not to mention enormous public universities such as Penn State, Pennsylvania is a net importer of students.

    Many of those out-of-state students are registered to vote in their home states. Sean Coit, 20, a junior at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and the news editor of the school newspaper, The Hawk, is among them.

    Although he follows politics closely and is interning with a Democratic consultant in Philadelphia, he will not be voting in the Pennsylvania primary since he is registered to vote in Virginia at his parents’ house.

    “A lot [of students] are voting absentee at home,” said Coit of his fellow out-of-state students.

    Pennsylvania’s election rules also act to suppress the college vote. The state has a closed primary, which means only registered Democrats can vote. Since college-age young people are disproportionately likely to be registered as independents, that will serve to limit the number of students who can vote.

    Pennsylvania’s approach is distinct from Iowa and New Hampshire, two states where college students turned out in force in part because voters were permitted to register on Election Day and also because the two contests were open to independents.

    While the Obama campaign has embarked on an effort to register students in Pennsylvania, a late start has limited its effectiveness.

    According to Swarthmore College senior Anne Kolker, the Pennsylvania coordinator for Students for Barack Obama, her group began its campus registration drive in earnest only in late February. Efforts were further impeded by the fact that the registration deadline came shortly after many schools lost a week of classes to spring break.

    According to Kolker, the Obama campaign netted “well over 5,000” new registrants. But that’s not nearly enough new voters to make an impact, says Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin and Marshall poll.

    “I don’t think that’s an impressively large number,” said Madonna. “There are more than 4 million Democrats in the state and let’s say the turnout is 50 percent — and that doesn’t strike me as improbable. Two million people vote and Obama registered [at most] 10,000. You can do the math. That’s not a huge percentage.”

    On the St. Joe’s campus in Philadelphia, Coit said he saw a voter registration presence in the weeks before the deadline, but students were not being constantly reminded to register. “There was definitely some voter registration in the cafeteria,” said Coit. “I wouldn’t say it was huge but it was definitely going on.”

    The Obama campaign acknowledges that an earlier start to its youth registration efforts in Pennsylvania might have helped. “In campaigns you always wish you had started earlier,” said Obama’s Pennsylvania spokesman Sean Smith.

    Still, the campaign appears to have a superior campus organization to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s in Pennsylvania. While Students for Barack Obama claim chapters on over 70 Pennsylvania campuses, the Clinton campaign has only 35.

    The Clinton campaign says it’s not giving up on the student vote. Emily Hawkins, Clinton’s national youth vote director, wrote in an e-mail that the campaign is, “Doing things like holding ‘Hillary weeks,’ meeting with the editorial boards of [college] papers, having ‘why Hillary’ parties, flyering.”

  139. dedfg,
    Unfortunately… is every company – even the US Gov and every job. Even the Presidency.

  140. Folks,
    Our best shot of turning around the narrative and stopping the drumbeat is for a big whopping 15%+ win in PA. Let’s all do something everyday to help make that happen – phone bank, visit the state, donate, write the papers, blog on the local papers, call into radio shows, etc.

  141. A link to some of the Chicago Reader 1995 interview.
    An excerpt.
    “This doesn’t suggest that the need to look inward emphasized by the march isn’t important, and that these African-American tribal affinities aren’t legitimate. These are mean, cruel times, exemplified by a ‘lock ‘em up, take no prisoners’ mentality that dominates the Republican-led Congress. Historically, African-Americans have turned inward and towards black nationalism whenever they have a sense, as we do now, that the mainstream has rebuffed us, and that white Americans couldn’t care less about the profound problems African-Americans are facing.”

  142. Awesome post, Admin… especially the link to the RealPolitics blog, with popular vote tallies.

    All right, let’s do work!

  143. b Merry,

    I guess you’ve seen this?

    h t t p : / /,0,26672.story
    In 1994, Obama appeared in Cook County court on behalf of Woodlawn Preservation & Investment Corp., defending it against a suit by the city, which alleged that the company failed to provide heat for low-income tenants on the South Side during the winter.

    SEvery similar examples, in a long article contrasting Obama’s actual legal career with his claims.

  144. “said Rendell, if Michigan and Florida are counted, Clinton would be close or ahead… “Stop right there governor,” said Russert”

    And right there you have it, the real crux of it, on the critical point.
    At it’s heart, the status quo & MIC, defended by Russert on BO’s behalf.

    Rendell should have said “No, you stop! This is a disgrace!!!
    Explained WHY Bo took his name off the ballot – because he was afraid he’d LOSE, and raised holy hell on Dean, Brazille, and all the rest of them!”

    I haven’t even seen this segment yet (will later of course), but then I’ve seen it play out on so many critical issues through the years, be it impeachment or the 2000 vote or the 2004 vote or the war, etc, etc.

    Funny how it’s always the same cast of characters throwing up gorilla dust and bending the truth.

  145. Ann Says:
    April 6th, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    This is a great column.

    Men, it’s not your place to tell Clinton to quit the race

    Sunday, April 06, 2008

    By: Connie Schultz – Plain Dealer Columnist
    She is a well known journalist married to Senator Sharrod Brown. If you can get it, there is a beautiful video of her talking to Missouri (?) Dems from last month on CSPAN — very witty. She is a strong women’s rights advocate and a Hillary supporter (those two go hand in hand if you notice). A must watch.

  146. From Politico — more “nervous Nelly,” hand-wringing wimpiness from our so-called leader, Howard Dean:


    Howard Dean warned Sunday that a Democratic Party that’s still divided come convention time could hand presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) the presidency. But he said he’s not going to pressure undecided superdelegates to pick a side.

    Speaking on both CBS’s “Face the Nation” and ABC’s “This Week,” Dean sounded confident that the superdelegates themselves would make their decisions quickly enough to avoid disaster.

    “The only thing that is going to make John McCain president is disunity among Democrats. And we cannot afford four more years, essentially, of George W. Bush,” Dean said on “Face the Nation.”

  147. BMerry, anything happening on Tuesday re. Rezko. Read somewhere something was going to explode. Don’t know any more than that.

  148. Who wants to do a phone banking “party” tomorrow night from 6:00-7:30 p.m. eastern. We can each do and compare notes on calls made, connects made, HRC supporters and give “Prizes” for the funniest call, rudest call, etc.

    Who’s in?

  149. 1950Dem, thanks. yes. I had seen that and posted it on the HotList.

    pm .. hadn’t heard anything about that. but will be glad if it does. Levine should be done. Fitz has much more to present.

  150. Wow! Someone needs to send that stuff that is on noquarterusa to Hannity, Coulter, all other talking heads – ASAP. Whoever has some relationship with them.

  151. BTW, the Obama people and the MSM keep talking about Hillary saying MI wouldn’t count. She was stating the DNC position, not expressing her own opinion.

    Message to Dean: Even if HRC dropped out right and enthusiastically endorsed Obama, he’s not going to win in November. Period.

  152. Ann,
    I’m still reading it myself. i heard excerpts on the Hannity show today and i was so struck by BO’s comments I searched for it when i got home. if you look up thread, there’s one complete excerpt at my 3:12 post as well as a link to a blog that DID break down the interview into some of the most radical comments.

    Hannity went OFF about this interview. I’m trying to find the transcript but no luck so far. Have things to attend to but will try and read the entire Chicago reader article when i finish.
    here’s the excerpt I pasted up thread.
    “This doesn’t suggest that the need to look inward emphasized by the march isn’t important, and that these African-American tribal affinities aren’t legitimate. These are mean, cruel times, exemplified by a ‘lock ‘em up, take no prisoners’ mentality that dominates the Republican-led Congress. Historically, African-Americans have turned inward and towards black nationalism whenever they have a sense, as we do now, that the mainstream has rebuffed us, and that white Americans couldn’t care less about the profound problems African-Americans are facing.”

  153. basil9 Says:
    April 6th, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    That’s what Hannity was talking about in one of his audios from last week.

    He also mentioned an essay BO wrote in 1995 expressing many of those Marxist views.

    First I’ve heard of this, but at a guess, try searching for Obama +Alinsky or maybe +”Frank Davis”. I think that’s the name, a communist friend of Obama in Hawaii.

  154. Ann said:
    So many of us have had the direct or indirect experience of working hard with little fanfare only to see a less-qualified man walk in and – without paying his dues – gets the promotion or the bigger paycheck or the big project. Almost everyone woman I know has lived his nightmare. Hillary Clinton is just doing right in front of all of us.

    Ann, a new Hillary site,, has a name for this: “the job title problem.” A man is brought in from elsewhere because his job title sounds like what’s needed. The woman who has actually been DOING the work is passed over, because her job title was not so prestigious.

    We’ve seen that blatantly said in this campaign — men dissing Hillary’s experience because she was ‘just a wife’ and saying Obama’s elected years in Illinois state senate trump all her executive years in Arkansas and White House.

  155. basil9,

    Had to peek at Stephanoupolous before leaving for the morning and Deaniac is on saying the popular vote is NOT what should determine the nomination and the SD’s should select their candidate by the end of June, that Florida and MI will be seated but not as in the normal primary process. He goes on to stress that popular votes AREN’T the criteria by which nominees are selected.

    Ah, but then Dean proceeded to HANG himself with this statement:

    This popular vote argument is all very interesting, but that’s not what elects the president

    Quite true, it’s the electoral college that elects the president. So Dean just accidentally backed into Governor Rendell’s argument, that Hillary has won the states with a lot more ELECTORAL VOTES.

    I’m sure he will backtrack if confronted with his own words, but that’s just further evidence that he’s trying to have it both ways, which will not fly.

  156. Obama calling MI? A comment from Hill’s blog:

    Obama is calling us in Michigan
    Dear Friends:

    I received a call from the Obama campaign this morning! I brushed the caller off stating that I was a Hillary supporter. In hindsight, I wish that I had let him stay longer on the phone to see what he wanted — in MI??? I also feel that I should have remind him that he should stop blocking MI suffrage!!

    Is the Hillary campaign on this? Should we be making calls in MI too? I’ve never reeived a call from our campaign! I’m worried about my young daughter at State here who I convinced to vote for Clinton, but she could be vulnerable to pressure from a Barack campaign especially given that we are from the AA community,

  157. Is there any reason to believe the Super Delegates will take into account the corrupted caucas’s when deciding the Presidential nominee? I guess most people with a reasonable mind can see that we should not use those delegates to decide. Does anybody think that theSuperdelegates will be instructed to use the popular votes (including Florida and Michigan) along with the delegates awarded in regular primaries to weigh the nominee’s? I truly hope so!

  158. Thanks to all who made the trek over to mydd to rec the diary on sexism more enduring than racism. it engendered an amazing discussion and no one lost their cool.

    MJ, yes, I caught the Krugman vs Kristoff booboo. I like Krugman better

    Sometimes, I know you all will hate this, I think a combined ticket is the only thing that is going to work for the dems this year. We have really got a fight going on.

    I know Obama can’t win it without her. Not sure the other way around, altho polls say she can. But people are s o invested.

    It is hard. I wish Edwards would endorse her. Would that help with NC? Ok. I’m going to make my phonecalls.

  159. Joe,

    Thanks for presenting the REST of the point! :-). As usual i was doing a couple of things at the same time and wasn’t completely paying attention but i KNEW there was something about his explanation that neither matched his prior arguments nor jived with his remarks today. Talk about a flim-flam slim-shady man.

    That guy is NUTSO! And i though I was sometimes irrational, but then I’m not the Chairman of the DNC.

  160. linfar,
    I heard Mario Cuomo making that same argument this week on talk radio. His solution was that both candidates should pledge right now that whoever wins (whatever THAT means) should be on the top of the ticket and the second place finisher should be VP. I didn’t like the suggestion either, but I really respect Cuomo.

  161. 1950 Dem,
    i found the original interview Hannity was referencing.

    It’s a 1995 Chicago Reader piece called “What Makes Obama Run.” I linked it up thread.

  162. rendell says penn must

  163. Ann,
    Here are some of the highlights of that long article. I will email you the rest. These are all quotes from the blogger or BO.
    In this interview of Obama in the Chicago Reader from December 1995, after he (yes!) attended the march Obama hints at his unapologetic love affair with collectivism.
    John Wayne = Typical white guy:
    “In America,” Obama says, “we have this strong bias toward individual action. You know, we idolize the John Wayne hero who comes in to correct things with both guns blazing. But individual actions, individual dreams, are not sufficient. We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations.”
    Obama took time off from attending campaign coffees to attend October’s Million Man March in Washington, D.C. His experiences there only reinforced his reasons for jumping into politics.
    “What I saw was a powerful demonstration of an impulse and need for African-American men to come together to recognize each other and affirm our rightful place in the society,” he said. “There was a profound sense that African-American men were ready to make a commitment to bring about change in our communities and lives.
    “But what was lacking among march organizers was a positive agenda, a coherent agenda for change. Without this agenda a lot of this energy is going to dissipate.
    .“This doesn’t suggest that the need to look inward emphasized by the march isn’t important, and that these African-American tribal affinities aren’t legitimate. These are mean, cruel times, exemplified by a ‘lock ‘em up, take no prisoners’ mentality that dominates the Republican-led Congress. Historically, African-Americans have turned inward and towards black nationalism whenever they have a sense, as we do now, that the mainstream has rebuffed us, and that white Americans couldn’t care less about the profound problems African-Americans are facing.”
    White America doesn’t care? This is the real ‘post racial uniter’, folks.
    Via Gateway Pundit, we find a Huffpo writer enthralled with the similarities between Obama and some 20th century Marxist philosophers. Listening to Obama, I’m actually reminded of the writings of many mid-twentieth century Frankfurt school Marxist philosophers, particularly the work of Ernst Bloch and Theodero Adorno. In fact, Obama’s entire political ideology is thematic zed in the title of one of Bloch’s most profound volumes, The Principle of Hope.

  164. HillBillyLover 2:39 pm : hi. Bambi in Big Sky Country= All Hat No Cattle. Perhaps Reverend Wright will ride shotgun.

    BTW when I agreed with your comments above I see I failed to acknowedge that those were your comments so others perceived them as mine. I apologize because they were your comments and as I noted they are excellent.

  165. Dean proceeded to HANG himself with this statement:

    “This popular vote argument is all very interesting, but that’s not what elects the president”

    Quite true, it’s the electoral college that elects the president. So Dean just accidentally backed into Governor Rendell’s argument, that Hillary has won the states with a lot more ELECTORAL VOTES.

    So the closest indicator of the November power would be ‘popular vote in swing states’?

    I bet that’s what Hillary went after in the first place!

  166. Combined ticket? Hillary already offered Clinton/Obama. But I don’t think she’d bother being VP herself, just for ‘unity’. She’s fine in the Senate. If he won the nom, she’d be nice and campaign for him, but I hope that’s all.

  167. win4hill,

    Someone has just posted a long tape of the DNC meeting months ago where the decision was made that Florida had not ‘tried hard enough’ to prevent the GOP legislature moving up the primary date, and that they should be given very harsh and unusual punishment.

    This is a new ‘diary’ at mydd, iirc. Linfar’s?

  168. I don’t post that much, so I am not sure what new thread up means.

    However, I just wanted to emphasize what I read early on in this blog. The importance is not the B work he used. The importance is he was asked why he was losing in the small town areas. Obama cannot accept lose. Every state he lost to Sen Clinton, he has somehow really won. This is a character flaw. Real leader accept there shortfalls, and work hard to fix them. Barack really is saying there is something wrong in the small town, so he cannot be expected to fix them, and therefore he is not responsible for losing there. In fact, that is not really a lose.

    Leaders, and Bush is like this, who do not truly accept lose, have a hard time changing course and fixing there mistakes. Iraq is a prime example of the. When Bush finally had to accept lost there, do we all remember the press conference in which a reporter was still trying to spin the existance of weapons of mass destruction, he quickly corrected him, and in lightening speed moved on.

    We are headed down this same road. This is a major leader character flaw.

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