The Real Slim Shady

Most true Democrats know the last elected President of the United States was Bill Clinton (William Jefferson Clinton). George is and was the selected President. Bush was selected by cronies in the Supreme Court who betrayed their own philosophy in order to appoint their boy king.

True Democrats have never, and will never, accept the legitimacy of the Bush presidency. Never.

In much the same way as the Supreme Court Republicans betrayed their “Federalism” philosophy of respecting states rights, in order to appoint their boy king to the presidency, many Democrats supporting Obama are betraying Democratic principles of ‘count every vote with the result reflecting the will of the voters’.

These shameless Democrats include some of our top Party leaders. Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, among others.

To these shameless Democrats we say “We will never consider legitimate a Democratic nomination which does not include and respect the wishes of the voters of Michigan and Florida.” Never.

* * *

We called it The 48 State Strategy back in February.

Wayne Barrett, ironically using The Nation money stands up for Florida and Michigan and Democratic principles. As we have written before, Howard Dean must go:

Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean came out of hiding last week to announce that there is no reason to rush to resolve the fate of Florida and Michigan. He said he was confident that these delegations, disqualified in 2007 by Dean’s own Rules Committee, would be seated at the August convention — but, apparently, only after a nominee is chosen, which he predicted would occur by July 1. This modern-day Metternich, whose two-fisted handling of this two-state controversy has already had more impact on the 2008 race than his candidacy did on the race in 2004, is promising to mediate the dispute once it’s already settled.

The Dean plan is that these two swing states — big enough to decide the nomination or general election — will eventually be granted “virtual” seats at the convention because, as Dean imaginatively put it in an AP interview, “the campaigns believe that kind of deal is premature right now.” Since one campaign (Hillary Clinton’s) was amenable to redoes, even financing Michigan’s, and the other campaign (Barack Obama’s) opposed every feasible proposition, it is, in a strange way, true that the two sides weren’t collectively ready for a deal.

Barrett understands the difference between illegitimate Bush and the need for a legitimate Democratic nominee who remembers Democratic principles from 2000.

In all the buzz about the media’s pro-Obama tilt, its indifference to his resistance to including these states in the “actual” nominating process is its most disturbing favor, especially since this brand of “conventional politics,” as Obama would put it, flies in the face of his contention that “the people” should pick the nominee. Obama’s only proposal so far has been to split the delegates evenly, just like he and Michelle parcel out Christmas presents to their two daughters.

Of course, the column inches and moments of air time spent on how and why these two states and their 366 delegates have been banished adds up to less than the attention devoted to, say, the Wyoming caucus, where a 2,066-vote Obama margin gave him a big enough delegate boost to virtually cancel out Hillary Clinton’s 329,000-vote margin in the five March races.

The body count that the mainstream media has regurgitated out of Florida and Michigan is that 2.3 million Democrats voted in primaries that broke the rules, leaving the DNC with no choice but to level both villages, even if the collateral damage might include the party’s prospects of carrying those disenfranchised states in November. The DNC and the MSM appear to have simultaneously concluded that even Clinton’s 300,000-vote win in Florida, where both candidates competed on a level playing field, shouldn’t be counted in the popular vote tally, a calculation that appears nowhere in DNC rules and turns 1.7 million Democratic voters into ghosts.

These “ghosts” will forever haunt illegitimate Democratic nominees. We will fight forever for the rights of Michigan and Florida voters.

The irony is that the drumbeat for Clinton’s withdrawal — coming on the heels of her recent wins and right before what may be her biggest in Pennsylvania — is rooted in the collapse of the effort to redo Michigan and Florida. The theory is that she should quit because there is no way she can win, and that there is no way she can win because two states she could win, at least one of which she actually did win, will not be counted until she gets out. Barack Obama would thus become the nominee — not because of an honestly earned if precariously narrow lead in the final national vote, but because of two elections he would not let happen.

The bloody flag of illegitimacy will forever be waved, just like it has been waved for the past 8 years of the illegitimate Bush occupation of the White House.

The Democratic nominee will not be chosen by Republicans. If Republicans decide who the Democratic nominee is, that will be a second charge in the illegitimacy indictment:

If that sounds like a curious way to end a nominating contest that 30 million to 33 million voters will participate in before it’s done, even stranger is that the DNC is following only some of its rules — and that the real culprits who caused this debacle are Republicans, who are now relishing the catfight they provoked.

The Republican role is not some irrelevant anecdote. The DNC is charged, under its rules, to determine whether the Democrats in a noncompliant state made a “good faith” effort to abide by the party’s electoral calendar, and to impose the full weight of its available penalties, namely a 100 percent takedown of a state’s delegation, only if Democratic leaders in that state misbehaved. So the fact that it was Republicans who fomented the move-up of primaries in both these states to dates out-of-line with the DNC calendar is at the heart of the matter. [snip]

What a probe might have discovered was a rationale for doing, at worst, what the RNC did to its own overeager primary schedulers in the same two states — cutting the delegations by half. That’s precisely the penalty specified in DNC rules, but the committee, exercising powers it certainly had the legal discretion to exercise, upped the ante as far as it could. In a bizarre reversal of public policy, the RNC, surely aware that the principal miscreants in both states were Republicans, applied a sane yet severe sanction. The Democrats opted for decapitation.

This is another reason why Howard Dean must go. By opting for “decapitation” Dean actually denuded himself of any ability to negotiate with Michigan and Florida. Like death row inmates, Michigan and Florida had nothing left to lose so Dean provided no incentive for these states to “negotiate” and certainly Dean unwisely had no threats left to level. This was sheer incompetence. Howard Dean must go.

The presumption of much of the national coverage about Michigan, to start with, has been that the Dems did this one to themselves — a presumption based, in large part, on Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm’s endorsement of a January 15 vote, a date far ahead of the anticipated February 9 primary. All Clinton-backer Granholm did, however, was a sign a bill. The bill originated in a Republican-controlled Senate and passed by a 21-to-17 straight party-line vote — with every Democrat casting a no vote.

Florida’s Republican governor, Charlie Crist, is, like Granholm, seen as a prime player behind the state’s acceleration of the primary calendar. But Crist isn’t half the Florida story; Marco Rubio, a Jeb Bush protégé who runs the nearly 2-to-1 Republican Florida House, drove that bill through the legislature like it was a tax cut limited by law to top GOP donors.

Indeed, the tracks under this train wreck trace back, in each case, to Republican maneuvers in state legislatures, political no- man’s-lands for all who’ve blithely dismissed the disenfranchisement of the millions of registered Florida and Michigan Democrats.

Wayne Barrett explains the Michigan Dean debacle:

When it weaved its way through the divided Michigan legislature last August, only 29 of the state’s 75 Democratic legislators (in the House and Senate) supported it. A week after the bill cleared the Senate over unified Democratic objections, these 29 Democrats in the House voted for it, precisely the same number that voted against it or abstained (22 and seven). It was 38 Republican yes votes in the House that made it law. While Democrats like the governor, U.S. Senator Carl Levin, and DNC committeewoman Debbie Dingell favored moving the primary date up, it was a Republican state senator, Cameron Brown, who proposed the January 15 date. Levin and Dingell only supported that date when they concluded that the DNC was allowing other states, like New Hampshire, to defy the party’s prescribed schedule while threatening Michigan with sanctions if it shifted its date.

And Levin and Dingell certainly weren’t calling the shots for the Democrats in the legislature. Andy Dillon, the Democratic House speaker who’d voted for the move-up initially, walked away from the early primary in November, almost a month before the DNC voted to strip the state of its delegation. When two court rulings found the move-up bill unconstitutional for technical reasons, giving Democratic state legislators who initially voted for it a chance to reconsider, they took it. Dillon and his House Democrats refused to support a bill that would’ve protected the January 15 date from threatened judicial cancellation by correcting the technical deficiency. The Senate, again voting along party lines, quickly adjusted the bill to the court decisions, but Dillon refused to allow a vote in the House. All of this suggests a “good faith” effort to block an early primary — as required by DNC rules.

Had not the state’s highest court overturned the earlier decisions by a 4-to-3 vote just days before absentee ballots had to be mailed out, the early primary would not have been held. Significantly, all four of the judges who voted to allow the election were Republicans, and two of the judges who voted against it were Democrats.

In fact, it was a Democratic political consultant who brought the lawsuit that almost killed the primary. While the Republican state party filed an amicus brief in support of the bill, the Democrats took a barrage of editorial potshots in the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News, the Flint Journal, and other papers for refusing to stand up for the state’s interest. Salivating over all the attention and revenue that would come with an early primary, the papers accused Democrats of “withering,” “carrying water for presidential candidates,” and “blocking a bill to rescue the election.” State GOP chair Saul Anuzis declared: “The Michigan Democrats and the House Democrats in particular appear willing to blow up the primary for petty, political, selfish, self-preservationist motives, to protect their hides.”

Even before the court rulings, 19 Democrats in the House co-sponsored an October bill to repeal the one that authorized the election, including eight members who’d initially voted for the January 15 date. That bill was doomed from the outset since the Senate would never agree, but it was a measure of how fiercely Democrats had come to oppose the early primary. The ultimate result in Michigan, with a triumphant Clinton the only major candidate on the ballot, is, without a doubt, a Republican result.

Wayne Barrett explains the Florida Dean debacle:

The Republicans don’t just control both houses of the Florida legislature. Their combined 103-to-57 majority allowed them to dictate the terms of the bill that moved the primary to January 29. It is true that all but one of the state’s Democratic legislators supported the bill. But a closer look reveals that vote to be more an indication of a realistic and productive compromise with the ruling Republicans than any intent to breach Democratic rules.

Florida’s leading news outlets, just like Michigan’s, converted an early primary into a matter of state patriotism, and that point of view, coupled with the mathematical inability to even slow the Republican push, forced Democrats to roll over.

Another factor attracting Democratic votes in the legislature for the bill was one the DNC should certainly appreciate. Governor Crist threw a reform long sought by Florida Democrats into the bill: a mandatory paper trail for all votes cast in future elections. “The Democrats have been fighting for a paper trail bill since 2000,” said State Senator Nan Rich, “and Governor Bush never would support it. So finally we got a governor who was willing to support it and it ended up connected to the early primary bill. That was unfortunate. If the paper trail hadn’t been there, I believe we Democrats would’ve all voted no. Still, if all the Republicans had voted one way and all the Democrats had voted another way, the bill would’ve passed.” [snip]

But “the driving force behind the move,” as the Tampa Tribune put it, was 36-year-old House speaker Marco Rubio, who announced that pushing the primary up was a top goal before he took over the House at the start of 2006. [snip]

The primary bill originated with Rubio and ultimately passed the House unanimously — but only after Democrats made what they knew would be a losing effort to alter it.

Martin Kiar and Mary Brandenburg, House Democrats who were cosponsors of the bill, tried to amend it. “We offered an amendment on the floor shifting the date to one within the Democratic party rules,” said Brandenburg. “The Democrats all voted for it, and Republicans all voted against it.” Actually, the Kiar/Brandenburg proposal did not completely comply with DNC directives, but it was a signal of the concerns Florida Dems had about the move-up legislation. Said Kiar: “No matter what, whether we supported it or cosponsored it, the Republican majority was going to push it through.”

Howard Dean and his 48 state strategy must go:

The Democratic national committeeman who introduced the motion on the party’s Rules Committee to deprive Florida of all its delegates — a precursor to the Michigan decision a few months later — was Ralph Dawson, a New York lawyer who was Howard Dean’s Yale roommate and an advisor to Dean’s 2004 campaign. Dawson’s role was seen as a signal of Dean’s appetite for a kick-ass rebuke.

As much as the DNC tries to pretend otherwise, it had choices. In fact, it later showed understandable leniency to three other states who changed their primary dates–New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina — seating all their delegates. The tough love treatment was reserved for Michigan and Florida.

The national party had tried — before New Hampshire’s case wound up on its docket — to leave the impression that zero tolerance was automatic once violations of the schedule occur. Back in June, a DNC spokeswoman, for example, told the Associated Press that neither Dean nor the Rules Committee “has the power to waive the rules for any state,” explaining that “these rules can be changed only by the full DNC.” Yet a few months later, on the same day that the Rules Committee stripped Michigan of its delegates, it waived the rules for New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina, each of which had also moved up their primaries.

Donna Brazile must go:

Though Dawson and others on Rules now say, as they did in recent interviews, that states whose contests were always scheduled before February 5 were free to shift dates without sanction, that’s not what the delegate selection rules adopted in 2006 say. Those rules provided an automatic 50 percent loss of delegates for any state party that moved its contest to any day “prior to or after the dates” spelled out by the DNC.

That’s why Rules powerhouse Donna Brazile said she would “grudgingly support the waiver,” warning New Hampshire shortly before the December committee vote that “the days of ‘privilege’ may end soon.”

Not only did “first-primary-or-die” New Hampshire switch from January 22 to January 8, it moved ahead of Nevada, whose January 19 caucus had been deliberately scheduled by the DNC to precede New Hampshire’s. But New Hampshire’s Democrats got a DNC waiver because their back was up against the wall, due to a decision by the South Carolina Republican Party to move its primary up to January 19. That unilateral decision — which the Carolina Democrats declined to join in — forced New Hampshire’s hand. The waiver was, in other words, a reasonable response to a Republican provocation. What’s unclear is why one Republican provocation is more equal than another. (Once New Hampshire moved, Iowa had to adjust as well. South Carolina Democrats ultimately made a minor switch for other reasons.)

The 48 State Dean/Brazile Strategy for Losing in November:

The RNC, a veritable model of consistency in these matters, stripped New Hampshire of half its delegates over the date change, even though it was unmistakably prompted by the Republican maneuver in South Carolina. But Howard Dean and company held their fire this time, examining extenuating circumstances with an understanding they refused to extend to Michigan and Florida. In the end, they changed the rules in the middle of the game, throwing the book at some states and discarding it altogether for others. [snip]

A DNC official claimed that the Michigan party had sponsored so-called “firehouse caucuses” in the past and could have set their own date and done them again, ignoring the state-run January 15 primary. The Florida party, the DNC source added, was “offered $880,000” by the DNC to host their own caucus on a date in compliance with the DNC schedule and chose to participate, instead, in the state-financed primary, a “bad faith” decision.

But Florida party officials said the $880,000 would’ve only covered the cost of 150 caucus sites, with the capacity to draw a maximum of 150,000 voters out of the state’s 4 million Democrats. “It wasn’t a real offer,” a spokesman said. Michigan’s party would have had to self-finance caucuses, which, even with added Internet and mail voting, drew only 165,000 voters in 2004, a fraction of the 600,000 who voted in 2008. Stripping both states of their full delegations because the state parties in each refused to run these limited-participation caucuses–which would have occurred a couple of weeks after an official, state-financed primary — is a bit like punishing Democrats because they like democracy.

Punishing Democrats because we like Democracy. The chief culprits are the Chicago thugs of Barack Obama:

The DNC critique of Florida’s noncompliance included a reference to the fact that a Democratic state senator was the initial sponsor of the move-up bill in that house, which was seen as a sign of eagerness on the part of some Democratic leaders to break the rules. That senator was Jeremy Ring, an Obama supporter. Obama even named Ring’s 2006 campaign manager to run his statewide Florida effort. Ring was such a champion of the early primary that when Obama, like all the other candidates, supported the sanctions and agreed not to campaign in the state, Ring withdrew his endorsement.

When Governor Crist signed the bill at a ceremony in West Palm Beach, the man at his side was Bob Wexler, the chair of Obama’s Florida campaign. Wexler wasn’t there because he wanted to defy Howard Dean. He was there for the same reason that almost all the Democrats in the legislature voted for the bill. He is the state’s leading foe of paperless voting systems and filed two suits against them. He saw the bill as the governor’s fulfillment of a campaign pledge “to make Florida a model state for the nation in terms of our election system.”

Similarly, all three of the House Democrats who endorsed Obama — Coleman Young II, Bert Johnson, and Aldo Vagnozzi — voted in favor of the bill to push the Michigan date forward. When Obama later took his name off the Michigan ballot, Young and Johnson became sponsors of the bill to cancel the election they had just voted to authorize.

The support of Obama’s principal backers in both states for the move-up bills was hardly consequential, but it does raise questions about his current opposition to any counting or recounting of these states. If bad faith is the DNC’s standard, Obama doesn’t have to look too far to find alleged examples of it, and to recognize that the national party might be unfairly characterizing what the leaders in these states did.

The Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi debacle Denver convention – 1968 all over again – in the very Rocky Mountains:

Imagining a convention without delegations from these large and politically volatile states has become the nightmare of every thinking Democrat. Polls indicate that a nominee who refuses to count the 1.7 million Floridians who voted in a level-playing field primary, or to find a way for them to vote again, will wind up wasting whatever time and money he or she spends there in the general election campaign. As close as the general election vote in Michigan has been in recent years, even a small margin of voters disgruntled by the state’s Democratic lockout could push it into the GOP column. Obama’s stonewalling about both states may offer short-term advantages, but two delegations denied seating because of his maneuvers may well be seen as contrary to his populist rationale now — and crippling to his candidacy in November.

Democratic Leaders Become Bush Republicans In 2008:

Ed Pozzuoli, the Republican chair of Broward County, recalls the Florida showdown of 2000, when he says Democrats taunted Republicans, insisting that they should “let every vote count.” He gloats now: “I guess that’s changed in eight years.” He’s hardly the only one chortling over the likely consequence of what he calls the “draconian” Democratic spiking of his state’s delegation.

What started out years ago as Howard Dean’s 50-state organizing strategy for the national party now looks like a 48-state electoral one. Michigan and Florida could become the Ralph Nader of 2000, the great regret that delivers the country once again to four years of darkness.

Four more years of life killing darkness brought to you by Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi, and the real Slim Shady.


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  1. From

    A misleading e-mail has been making the rounds, alleging that Clinton has fewer legislative accomplishments than Obama, and that they are less substantive. We’ve had questions about it from a number of readers, and blogs have jumped into the fray. So what’s the real story on the Senate careers of the Democratic presidential candidates?

    We find that the e-mail is false in almost every particular:

    It sets up a face-off between apples and, well, broccoli, comparing only the Clinton-sponsored bills that became law with all bills sponsored or cosponsored by Obama, whether they were signed into law or not.

    It includes legislation Obama sponsored in the Illinois state Senate, a very different legislative body.

    It tells us that Obama has sponsored more legislation than Clinton, when in fact he has sponsored less.

    It implies that Obama has passed more bills into law than Clinton, when the opposite is true.
    Contrary to the e-mail’s assertions, Clinton’s and Obama’s contributions are not qualitatively different, and quantitatively, Clinton has the edge.

    Note: This is a summary only. The full article with analysis, images and citations may be viewed on our Web site:

  2. Admin – fantastic post. Will be re-reading it; there’s so much here.

    MJ – the cleaver comment – I really hope that someone, anyone will start shedding the light on the pressure in the AA community – maybe he was being earnest, maybe there’s undue pressure, but would like to find out. Not only with this race are we seeing splits in Dems, DLC vs. DNC, women vs. men, and there’s obviously a split in the AA community as well – no one is talking about it. If there were ever a leader like MLK again, we need this person now.

  3. HillBill, only an email who receives that email will believe that. Even if you don’t follow politics that closely, it doesn’t make sense. Only hasn’t even finished 1 term in the Senate, so how could he possibly have more legislative accomplishments.

    People will make-up anything.

  4. This is going to the convention. It just is. And, Cleaver saying that after supporting Hill for so long is odd.

  5. Please do not start emailing Cleaver. That is all hillary needs for him to get pissed off and announce on Friday that he is switching sides and it plays all weekend long. Just let it rest…….

  6. mj, I seriously doubt this is going to the convention. We’ll know better in June where this stands but I expect SDs to weigh in before this reaches the convention.

  7. I live in East Cleveland, OH, one of our Councilmen endorsed Hillary, apparently after all the pressure. He switched over to Obama. I can’t wait until he is up for re-election, I will let him have it. I will tell him i can’t trust him. When things get tough, he wimps out. I will tell him i will never vote for him. He has no balls.

  8. Per Wonkette, from Ralph Nader to Hillary:

    Just read where Senator Patrick Leahy is calling on you to drop out of the Presidential race.
    Believe me.
    I know something about this.
    Here’s my advice:
    Don’t listen to people when they tell you not to run anymore.
    That’s just political bigotry.
    Listen to your own inner citizen First Amendment voice.
    This is America.
    Just like every other citizen, you have a right to run.
    Whenever you like.
    For as long as you like.
    It’s up to you, Hillary.
    Just tell them –
    It’s democracy.
    Get used to it.

  9. I’m moving this over from the last thread:

    Someone complained about Pelosi earlier. I saw this at The Note and am not so worried:

    So the calls continue for Clinton to make way for Obama, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t joining them — despite her endorsement of the nomination going to the delegate leader.

    An intriguing comment from Pelosi, D-Calif., on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday makes a version of the Clinton argument for staying in the race: “I would not assume that Sen. Clinton would not be going to the convention as the frontrunner. We don’t know what these next elections will do. We will do not know what the conduct of the campaigns, the next four to six weeks, will produce,” Pelosi said.

    Is the speaker saying that conduct matters too — that Clinton would be justified in waiting around for an Obama mistake? Maybe not. . . . She added: “But I do think that as it evolves, one of them, one of them is going to have to realize that the numbers” will seal the nomination. (And who might that be?)

    Pelosi has this in common with the vast majority of uncommitted superdelegates: She’s not crazy about talk of the fight going to Denver: “I do think that it is important for us to get behind one candidate a long time before we go to the Democratic National Convention if we expect to win in November.”

  10. AFT radio for Hillary

    First Read has part of the script of a new 60-second Pennsylvania spot paid for by the teachers union:

    “Hillary can take on John McCain,” says one [voter].

    “Hillary has the solutions to solve very complex problems,” says another.

    “When she gets knocked down, she gets up…”

    “We need a fighter in the Oval Office.”

  11. MJ, I see her as backtracking on what she said last week about the convention/the donor letter. It seems she is hearing rumblings somewhere about momentum. Maybe she senses BO is weak somewhere. Weak enough that Hillary goes into June/July/Denver as the front runner….

    Just a feeling about the subtext in that quote.

  12. I love the bowling challenge. LMAO.

    I’m sending that to my mom.

    Gawd, I love April Fool’s.

  13. mj, I don’t know what’s going to happen, of course, but I don’t think the Dem movers and shakers will let it get that far.

    BTW, that N.Y. Mag article quoted a few days ago noted that people close to Hillary haven’t asked her to drop out. They know it’s an uphill battle but not an impossible one.

  14. I think we should not entertain these ideas about Dem movers and shakers making all the decisions for the voters.

    These rumors need to be stopped as soon as possible and shut down everytime we hear it. Obama people want us to talk about this as it gives it momentum.

    In fact we should be stating that as clinton supporters we expect this if need be to go to convention….that we will support Clinton all the way.

  15. Actually any delegate (Super Delegate or Pledged) can change their mind as to who they are voting for right up to the roll call of states at the convention.

  16. I think the shine is wearing off 👿 at The Note. Another little morsel over there (I guess Jake Tapper didn’t like the razorsaw rimjob the 👿 bots gave him yesterday):

    Obama has used the “100 years” comment as a regular attack line, and has gone perhaps a tad too far. “Obama deviated from McCain’s comment on more than one occasion,” ABC’s Teddy Davis and Talal Al-Khatib report.

    Asked Monday if his comments amounted to the same kind of distorting politics he regularly decries, Obama replied: “No, no, no, no. I don’t think. I don’t think. I don’t think it’s unfair at all,” said Obama (ignoring comments he made in Maine and elsewhere). “I mean we can run the YouTube spot.”

    (Does he really want to establish the YouTube standard for this campaign? Let’s see what Jeremiah Wright and Deval Patrick are up to . . . )

    Actually, we’d like to learn more about Wright — but something’s gone missing from his church’s Website.

    “The website for Sen. Barack Obama’s church — Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago — not long ago described the ‘Black Value System’ in the ‘About Us’ section of its website,” ABC’s Jake Tapper reports. “And it used to provide a link to the Trumpet Magazine that once gave an award to Louis Farrakhan — a magazine published by Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s daughter. No longer.”

  17. You know that she does have hundreds of sds supporting her, I just wonder why they are not jumping in there seats to come out now! I have a strong feeling it’s going to happen very soon! I would be so flamed right know at the media and the dnc I just wish they would start walking out on stage.

  18. Ok- now has what I said up about Pelosi on teh frontpage:

    Love this one. Evidently, the elite Obama Democrats got the message. See this post if you didn’t catch the smackdown. About time. Speaker Pelosi came out looking silly on this one, which gives me no pleasure to say.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the superdelegates who may ultimately decide the Democratic party’s presidential nominee have a right to vote as they wish, and that the drawn-out contest between candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama should be allowed to reach its conclusion.

  19. …”spotting him two frames” – funny, but is she referring to FL and MI?

    I like the “we’re going all the way to the 10th frame.” – she means it, all the way to convention, baby.

  20. Absolutely hilarious statement from Bill Richardson today, in his Washington Post op-ed column. Check this excerpt out, and see if you can spot the hypocrisy in less than 2 seconds:

    “I do not believe that the truth will keep Carville and others from attacking me. I can only say that we need to move on from the politics of personal insult and attacks. That era, personified by Carville and his ilk, has passed and I believe we must end the rancor and partisanship that has mired Washington in gridlock. In my view, Sen. Obama represents our best hope of replacing division with unity. That is why, out of loyalty to my country, I endorse him for president.”

    If you noticed his hypocritical sentence, “…PERSONIFIED BY CARVILLE…” then you win!

  21. Berkeley: The Obama camp needs to look at themselves in a mirror. People who live in glass houses, should not throw rocks.

  22. hello all 🙂

    Hannity is now talking about how obama headed up the million man march in 1995 for farrakahn !!! 😀

  23. I think Hill should do more tv interviews. Even Hardball. Why not? She always handles herself so well. She needs more coverage.

  24. The Obamanuts are going crazy! I have a sticker on my car that reads “Clinton 2008 / Obama 2016”. This morning, while driving my Mother to the dentist, I got flipped-off and cut-off by the same SUV.

    Haha. Joke’s on him – it is supposed to piss him off. He’s actually lucky I had my Mother in the car, ’cause I am pretty skilled at road rage tactics.

  25. Richardson is suppose to very very intelligent yet he keeps playing right into Carville’s trap to keep the Judas remark on everyones mind and in the news. I expect will will see a rebuttal from Carville in the next few days and it would not surprise me if he waits until Friday to do it.

  26. MJ, screw Matthews. I wouldn’t give him the time of day. Mr. “Shiver down my leg” is not going to benefit Hillary, and quite honestly, he doesn’t deserve her presence. Why give tweety some ratings? Not worth it.

  27. I love Hillary’s April’s fool joke. It’s good she’s showing voters her wacky sense of humor.

  28. FWIW,
    Rush and Hannity ALL OVER BO’s latest gaffe in which he said he doesn’t want his daughters “Punished” with a baby – or an STD. I am pro-choice but conservatives aren’t and this has raised a HUGE stink on talk radio.

    Also, Rush comparing BO’s candidacy to a high school senior running for class president and firing back at the other nominees as though he’s on a debate team. He doesn’t have a clue, says Rush, about the impact of his words on the world stage.
    Emailed Nutter.

  29. For those of you wanting another place to go off on try MICROSOFT.

    Microsoft and GE came up with MSNBC.

    Both companies are blue chip stocks and are worth billions. Neither should have a say in this election, so boycott both Microsoft and General Electric products where you can. And while your at it ask Bill Gates to help Americans first with his foundation, since he made most of his money here!

  30. Wagner- I was at Wal-Mart the other day for a new ironing board and the car next to my hubby’s truck had a “IN IT TO WIN IT” Hillary sticker on it. If I would have had a pen, I would have left them a nice note on their windshield.

    (It made my otherwise lousy day.)

  31. filberts – the WA convention is happening this weekend? sure you’re ready to go up there with such short notice?

  32. Forgot to add,
    Rush RIFFED on the Jeremiah Wright moving into a white gated community, into a 1.6 million dollar 10,000 sf mansion on a golf course issue. it was pretty funny.


    Amazing letter on the previous thread. i agree – it should be an op-ed piece.


  33. slams 👿 today on Wright and Meeks. BRAVO!

    n Bad Company
    Filed under: Gay Gay Gay > Politik > Barack Obama

    He continues to disappoint us!

    Just when you thought reports of Barack Obama and his controversial minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright were over, a new individual appears.

    Now news of Obama’s relationship with homophobe Rev. James T. Meeks has been revealed, and it’s very upsetting.

    Rev. Meeks is an Illinois state senator and serves as the pastor of the 22,000 member Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, where Obama frequently campaigned back in 2003 when running for Senate.

    Rev. Meeks has been described as someone in which Obama seeks spiritual counsel from, according to an article printer in the Chicago Sun Times. He will even serve as an Obama delegate at the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver.

    Rev. Meeks has served on Obama’s exploratory committee for the presidency and was even listed on Obama’s campaign website as one his ‘influential black supporters’. The Chicago Sun Times also reported that both Rev. Meeks and Obama share a history of receiving substantial campaign contributions from the indicted real estate “criminal” Tony Rezko.

    Aside from numerous other reports linking the two together, the real issue is the character of Rev. Meeks, who is known for his racially charged remarks and homophobic ways.

    In a 2006 sermon, Rev. Meeks stated, “We don’t have slave masters. We got mayors. But they still the same white people who are presiding over systems where black people are not able, or to be educated. You got some preachers that are house niggers. You got some elected officials that are house niggers. And rather than them trying to break this up, they gonna fight you to protect this white man.” He later defended that sermon during an interview with a Chicago CBS 2 reporter.

    Not to mention Rev. Meeks homophobic ways are well noted. A 2007 newsletter from the Southern Poverty Law Center named Rev. Meeks one of the “10 leading black religious voices in the anti-gay movement.”

    The newsletter cites him as a key member of Chicago’s ‘Gatekeepers’ network (an interracial group of evangelical ministers who strive to erase the division between church and state) and “a stalwart anti-gay activist… [who]… has used his House of Hope mega-church to launch petition drives for the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), a major state-level ‘family values’ pressure group that lauded him last year for leading African Americans in ‘clearly understanding the threat of gay marriage.’”

    You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep!

    Sad. Sad. Sad.

  34. Filbert – I’ll check my pm when I get home. My battery is about to die and I can’t get to hillbillyls on my phone anyways. 🙂

    Lninla – I’ll email you when I get home too.

    Some of the legislative district caucuses are this weekend, but not all. Then some of the County conventions are next weekend, including King County, where Seattle is. The congressional district conventions are in May and the state convention is in June. We’re all screwy up here.

    Mj – I heard they might take the primary results into account at the state conventions, but I don’t know why or how.

  35. Oh yeah, ininla, I didn’t find that J person’s name on the listserve, you know if she wants to be on the listserve and get continued info on TX and PA?

  36. hibilly@2:33: perfect rebuttal material: that video clip where the Texas state senator who was so proud to support Obama that he could not name one single legislative accomplishment precious had done since becoming a us senator and I dont think it was a case of where do I begin–I think it was like an old law school prod of mine used to say about the legal briefs I wrote: bare as a goats ass and long as a giggolos dream=F

  37. re: Rev. Meeks – in Houston, in the gay community, there was this push by Obama to try and get the gay vote and his open letter on some major gay website, and I was befuddled at why there would even be much gay support for Obama at all…some of us wondered whether Gavin Newsom while in TX would bring up the anecdoate that Obama refused to have his photo taken with Newsom after the marriage thing exploded in SF (Newsom did not).

    But, that is good stuff re: Meeks because I plan to use it in Philly.

  38. Not for nothin’,

    I’m delighted Pelosi was forced to backtrack on SD’s but anyone else notice SHE’S the only one recently who had to retract her comments.

    Didn’t hear a similar uproar with Dean, leahy, kennedy, brazille, Kerry . . .
    i’m just saying . . .

  39. does anyone have email addresses for:

    greta van susteren

    pat buchanan

    john mclaughlin

    juan williams

    sean hannity

    george will

    If not I will keep digging

  40. OakieAttorny: for more than a fornight I have been worried about the Boston since i heard nothing back, just want to make sure he lays off the kibble and bits so he is in trim fighting form case the bambi brigade comes back yer way.

  41. wbboei-

    Your letter to Nancy Pelosi in the last thread was awesome. I think you should send that to a few newspapers as an Op Ed. Definitely re-post it here and send it to the campaign. Its a great letter.

  42. What is this PM? What does it stand for?

    # lninla Says:
    April 1st, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    filbertsf – check your PM.

  43. From HuffPO- no link bc they suck…. by Mayhill Fowler

    At the Obama Town Hall Meeting in Harrisburg on Sunday night, capital city bloggers (Progressives, all) were gloomy. Looking around the place, they could find nobody from state or city government, not even “down to the third degree,” as one put it. When Hillary Clinton had come through two weeks before, everybody had shown. There are a couple of interesting things about Clinton’s dominance in Pennsylvania at a time when Obama continues to lengthen his lead nationally, both in the polls and in pledged delegates (Even Mississippi took a delegate away from Clinton yesterday and gave him or her to Obama.) First of all, you have to ask yourself why government officials and employees are supporting Clinton if hers is a lost cause. Maybe ordinary Quaker Staters don’t grasp the significance of math and momentum but surely civil servants do. Part of the answer lies in the stubbornness and civic pride of these Quaker Staters. They want their chance to vote, they’re looking forward to it, they’ve been waiting patiently for their turn–and they darn well don’t want to be told their vote is only a rubber stamp on Obama’s passport to the nomination.

    Another reason for Clinton’s appeal among the Pennsylvania political class speaks to the heart of her strength as a candidate and potential president. Such professionals know that she will keep an eye on specific projects and make sure of their implementation. During Obama’s Harrisburg Q & A, a lady complained about “the way America treats its cities.” Specifically, she wanted to know if Obama could assure the good citizens of Harrisburg that the new federal courthouse, which was supposed to be built in the inner city neighborhood only two blocks away, would in fact be built. The federal government had approved the funding (130 million), but the money had never been released. One thing about Barack Obama for which you have to give him credit is that, unlike most politicians, when he doesn’t know the answer he admits as much. So the best Obama could reply was that “if Bob Casey likes it,” then the plan must be a good one. Clinton, on the other hand, likely knows every detail about that project and has already promised every Harrisburg official that she will personally make sure of the courthouse.

    Harrisburg really really wants that courthouse, as the questioner made clear to Obama. Harrisburg really needs that courthouse. Driving through Pennsylvania, which is the first state I’ve covered for this election that’s new to me, I’ve been shocked and depressed by the dereliction of Pennsylvania’s cities. As a former Memphian, I know what once thriving midtowns and neighborhoods turning to wasteland look like. But Johnstown, Lancaster, Allentown and Harrisburg all had farther to fall than Memphis, which never got very far from an agrarian economy and never had much manufacturing, and therefore the crumbling of Penn cities is in no way picturesque. Political observers frequently comment that there is little difference between Clinton and Obama on the issues, and certainly this is true. But by now it is also clear that the two candidates have very different political temperaments. Clinton is a problem-solver whose approach is methodical, incremental and serial. In her speeches, she talks about the tasks ahead as if they were beads to be strung one-by-one. Obama, on the other hand, looks at the country’s problems from a larger viewpoint. Despite all his policy papers and the details of his various plans, Obama is never able to overcome the impression listeners have that he is not really interested in all the specifics the way Clinton is. And these potential voters are right. Obama has a vision of where he wants to take the country, and certainly he keeps his eye on the major road markers. But Obama is the candidate with the bigger picture. He has that rare quality of mind for holding opposite perspectives in equilibrium. At one and the same time, he can keep the entire landscape in view while synchronizing all the foreground details.

    The question is to what extent Pennsylvanians, who can use all the little federal programs they can lay their hands on, appreciate Obama’s larger vision. All I can tell you is that I’ve met many here like the many elsewhere who get what Obama’s about. Last night at the Obama rally in Allentown, I talked to John, a sixty-something like me, who observed that “we are totally on the cusp, the nation is on the cusp of significant changes.” This is the kind of response to Obama I often find out on the campaign trail, and it drives some people wild because, of course, exactly what these changes are is unclear. John went on to say that it is time for “a younger generation” to take the reins of power. His attitude is part of one of the forces driving Election ’08: the rise of the younger voter. And it’s not just that so many young people have registered to vote, have already voted, have thrown themselves into various campaigns (Ron Paul is still going going going in Pennsylvania.) It’s that children have taught their parents. Last night I met Barbara, who like Bob Casey and Caroline Kennedy and Claire McCaskill has been turned to Obama by daughters. Barbara has always voted Republican (for Bush both times) –until now. And she thinks that Obama can do something with the country “if he can get other people to move their butts” — which is exactly Obama’s own caveat in every speech, if in slightly more elegant language.

    And it’s not just that Obama wants us to move our butts. The man wants to make weight loss a centerpiece of his health care plan, and he’s mentioned our national avoirdupois in every Pennsylvania event so far. For the first time, however, in Harrisburg I heard Obama mention “incentivizing wellness programs” as a part of the prevention component of his health care plan. Clearly, Mr. He Who Is Thin As A Rail and Works Out Every Day is going to be a bit of a taskmaster if elected President. After the town hall meeting in Johnstown on Saturday, I chatted briefly with Tammy and her friend Shari. When I asked the ladies what had struck them about Obama, Tammy said she liked the dictum to parents to turn off the TV, to take responsibility–she paused–to exercise. The three of us looked at one another and laughed conspiratorily, for all three of us are plumpish. There’s always been a note of tough love in Obama’s exhortations to the American people; now that note is more dominant. He emphasizes our collective need to cut down both on calories and oil, to take responsibility, to ready our children for school, to prepare for sacrifice to get things done. Curiously, tough love hits a chord with Obama’s listeners. Both Tammy and Shari had been Clinton supporters until they heard Obama take questions from his audience in Johnstown. “I’m a teacher,” Tammy went on to say, “and I appreciate the fact that he also has a vision for education.” She had gone to hear Clinton at Penn State Fayette, but she felt that she got “a more honest vibe” from Obama. Shari said that Obama’s promise to put health care negotiations on C-Span had won her over.

    The promise of transparency, the honest vibe, the vision thing — throw in Obama’s sense of humor and his refusal to demonize his opponent(s) — and you’ve got much the same reasons Pennsylvanians as Iowans choose Obama, particularly when, like Tammy and Shari, they get a chance to see him in person. The problem for Obama in Pennsylvania, of course, is that not that many are going to be able to attend his town hall meetings or to go bowling with him, like some lucky Altoonans did on Saturday night. Altoona is in hardscrabble western PA, which is not supposed to be Obama country, but all it took was one Saturday night date for a couple hundred in the small city to choose Obama. Talking with some of the crowd in the bowling alley parking lot, I watched husbands and wives fall for Obama like nine-pins–and this was even before he emerged from his evening of “four gutter balls and a strike” to shake hands. Everybody was on cell phones, providing friends and neighbors with a minute-by-minute account of Obama’s bowling adventure and his chowdown at Texas Hot Dogs, which nobody there had even seen, only the hour before. Sometimes all it takes is the personal touch–forget the programs and policies. It’s the simple fact of the candidate showing up, shaking a hand, signing a book or a cap or a bill envelope–actions that validate a shared humanity. Of course, Clinton could come through next week and the nine-pins could fall the other way. But sometimes a chain reaction is set in motion that is hard to break. At Pleasant Valley Bowl, for example, a young sailor, home on leave, announced to the crowd that his shipmates aboard the U.SS. Harry S. Truman in the Persian Gulf are “all for Obama.” The people standing around him nodded, taking this in.

    Pennsylvania also reminds me of Iowa in its dynamic of the three-way race. Just as John Edwards was the wild card in Iowa, making volatile what even then was a Clinton-Obama competition, so another John is very much a part of this Democratic contest. John McCain is the elephant in the room that Democratic strategizers and organizers have trouble dealing with but that Pennsylvania voters confront every day. I saw the various combinations of this three-way while trapped for two hours inside the Secret Service cordon outside Altoona’s Texas Hot Dogs. Polling my fellow spectators, their preferences fell fairly evenly McCain-Obama-Clinton 27-25-20. Of course, Clinton may have had a poorer showing because it was Obama, not she, chomping on a prized Altoona dog. But what was interesting was the way folks shuffled their choices depending on who gets the Democratic nomination. Two retired union men are McCain forever–although one shouldn’t count because he has never voted and is proud of it. Their best friend took the Texas Hot Dog moment to “come out” for Obama. It seems he had liked Obama all along and now didn’t care who knew it. This announcement stunned his cousins in the crowd, all of whom were Clinton supporters with McCain as a second choice. Another couple for McCain said that if he “didn’t show well” (they had just come from the dog show in Pittsburg) they might vote for Obama. A man who had brought his grandsons downtown for hot dogs said that he was for McCain but that he had promised his wife that if Clinton got the nomination he would vote for her, since the wife was volunteering for Clinton. A lot of horsetrading is going on, and at least for now McCain is the escape valve for blowing off steam coming from fervid believers in both Clinton and Obama.

    The second question is whether Obama’s “Road to Change” bus tour introduces him to enough Pennsylvanians so that he can establish a presence for himself here. Today the tour reaches Scranton, the stronghold of Clinton Country. We’ll see how this particular day on the road plays out.

  44. # wbboei Says:
    April 1st, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    OakieAttorny: for more than a fornight I have been worried about the Boston since i heard nothing back, just want to make sure he lays off the kibble and bits so he is in trim fighting form case the bambi brigade comes back yer way.

    Whayoutalkinboutwillis? I never read anything about it? We’ve had about 9 deaths in less than 2 weeks, so I’m not really hanging out here much.

  45. Basil- leahe truly believes he is the worlds oldest deadhead, but I have it on good authority that he is really just a prick with ears. Jerry Garcia made a dying declaration to that effect and as far as I am concerned it stands.

  46. OakieAttorney: I’m so sorry I did not know. I figured we were talking about your dog, and I assumed it was a boston terrier and you mentione one night that he was getting fat thats what i as kidding about. A friend of mine has a chihuaua named Irma, she is the apple of his eye and whenever they go to the vet and she registers 5 pounds my friend goes into cardiac arrest. Anyway sure sorry about the tragedies.

  47. A note about the post above by Fowler- she gives us a certain amount of insight into how the mindset of a Bot works. They seem to be people for whom details do not matter. Thus, in my thinking, a mountain of his lies and his half-truths and his weaseling will mean nothing to him.

    The only way to unseat them from his column is to shake their vision of who he is. Show his vision is bogus. Right now, he “shares” their vision, but show him to absolutely be a panderer and someone who is just talking the language of the moment for votes, and it may crack his veneer. Wright helped in the “unity” regard since it’s hard to profess a commitment to unity when your church of 20+ years spews Black Liberation Theology and anti-white, anti-American sentiment.

    I dunno. Just thinking out loud about where to go on this….

    BTW- the attacks on blogs are a good place to go right now. Joe Sudbay and John Aravosis should start taking some hits like Josh Marshall did today.

  48. The number for Judas’ office is 505-476-2200 if anyone feels like playing a nice April Fool’s joke call.

    I called Kennedy’s office and asked to speak with Mary Jo. April Fools!

  49. just a suggestion:

    call voters in Pennsylvania and secure our lead rather than calling lost cause politicians as an April fools prank.

  50. I don’t know if any of you are getting calls from Emily’s list for donations. I told them I’m sorry but that since many of the women who I had supported through my donations to them had endorsed Obama I’d chose to give my $50 to Hillary. I think if we push back enough on Emily’s list giving information that until these women stand for women .. no $. Thats my opinion

  51. wagner1jc, come on, dude. Grow up. We don’t have time for silly games.

    People can endorse whoever they damn well please.

  52. dot48, Emily’s List has helped Hillary a lot. They were crucial to her win in NH.

    But as a nonprofit organization, there’s not much they can do when people like McCaskill endorses Obama. I think I read that they urged her not to.

  53. wbboei,

    email me at hilaryhawke @ mhcable dot com and I’ll send the contacts list.

    (no spaces in email)

  54. dot48 Says:
    April 1st, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Interesting! I got that call too and I actually lost my cool talking to that woman. When I brought up FL and MI, she actually gave me the same rules argument (that Obama people give) and that completely blew me off.

  55. wagner: good work: have you heard this one:

    Ted Kennedy turning 10 shades of purple lecturing some cia operative that making people believe they are about to drown is uncivilized, unconscionalbe, indecent, immoral etc.

    To which the operative replies I agree Senator and the first thing we need to do about it is keep them out of your car.

  56. Admin:

    Awesome blog! Detailed and very informative.

    When all this is over, perhaps we all will know who Admin is!

    This site and Taylor’s are the only ones I have been going to the last 3 months.

  57. Wbboei- my Boston is pretty big. About 32lbs. We make his food, but he’s just naturally large. He wears a 20″ collar if that tells you something.

    MJ- I’m at a weird crossroads in my thought about where to go on this campaign. The BM doesn’t play fair, the 👿 bots are Nazi-scary, and Rush, et al. are sounding lame. Folks are now tuning out and I’m afraid we aren’t tailoring our message just right.

    In fact, I’d go so far as to say Penn is right, but the implementation is wrong along a weird have/have not fault line in the party. I say Penn is right bc as Anglachel points out in her post today- Clinton has built an amazing coalition of voters that are traditional and non-traditional. Really it is historic. 👿 ‘s is not.

    The ‘bots won’t listen to the fact he is a certifiable liar, a plagiarist and a dirty politician who has been taking money for years. All they care about is the “bigger picture” and that means making a deal with the devil himself.

    If we can show the “bigger picture” is bogus, maybe they will snap out of this fog.

  58. Well, I feel depressed that two Hillary supporters jumped ship because of all tings health care. The Clinton’s invented the language of personal responsivility, so where does BO get the credit for that?

  59. Okie-
    Dont you realize, Pennsylvania is the newNew Hampshire?

    as in Bitch is the new black!

    Dont know where to go? Go to the phone. One call between each H44 post. Get to work! 😉

  60. Holy Shit

    Susa’s Indiana poll

    Clinton 52 to Obama 43


  61. Anyone recall the Oklahoma Governor’s election a few years back? Brad Henry was against Steve Largent, a decorated NFL QB and up and coming GOP star. Well, that was until the tape surfaced. Until the tape surfaced of him acting like a complete asshole surfaced (cursed a OKC reporter on video), voters thought he was Mr. Walks on Water. Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Family Values.

    He lost in November.

  62. well I’ll go back to Emily’s list eventually but right now I feel more comfortable donating to Hillary .. I know it goes specifically to her right now. I think I’m finding myself in the gleaning curve of donating straight to a campaign vs an organization. I don’t want any cent of my Emily donation “bundled” to backstabbers. Maybe it’s me and I’m a bit sexist in this but I think women should help Hillary out .. it’s not like she isn’t qualified to do the job .. she the most qualified presidential candidate EVER .. it’s personalities and promisies to the white headed assholes of the party.

    I don’t know what is going to happen but I do know that my faith in this party has been shaken to the core. just as a lot of other people say. A bunch of hot air promises get us no where .. that is what George Bush did .. that along with no experience and look where we are. A novice in the white house is not what we need right now coupled with a bunch of promises to have to repay to the elite of the party. We will be in worse shape than we already are and then another qualified democrat will be out for eternity.

    Obama is green pond scum on the party ..

  63. 1st poll i’ve seen of Indiana but its one where Obama said he was winning.

    I guess he’s not now.

  64. you all I feel a real revolt in the air. I think if she can just come up with enough big donors who’ll come through once more and give her the real funding .. we can continue to support with our grassroots .. look at our 3 day fundraising .. but I’m talking about 30-50 mil by some BIG people .. she can blanket the airwaves and pull out one of the biggest upsets in history. The mass drum of “get out” “get out” is not going over well with us and the fact that she continues to get up everyday and fight. This is what American wants .. a figther and one who is willing to go to the mat .. not one who wants it handed to him by the big whigs of the party who decided they want to put a aa in the house.

    Its not over. I feel good right now.

  65. dot: She is Rocky.

    Most people respect her for fighting, and not giving up. The race is very close. The fourth quarter is yet to be played, and the other team is ahead by a field goal. Does the team quit? Not on your life. I read that earlier today.

  66. filbertsf Says:

    April 1st, 2008 at 5:02 pm
    Did she go up or down in IN?

    Way up. He was leading by double digits last I heard.

    Also, i was talking about the huffpo post above.

  67. hey all – heard that Murtha is on Hardball right now.

    I don’t have time to watch…must go to work – even when I spend 90% of my time thinking about this race.

  68. Hope she starts playing the Rocky theme song at her events in PA and the rest of the stops. People relate so well to that story .. the underdog who refused to give up, worked hard, battled all obstacles and WON. Yes, SHE CAN!

    The next states can make the difference for her .. now she needs some WVA big whigs .. thought the Gov endorsed but he’s staying out till the primary is over .. she could rouse up a lot of support there by going door to door in the coal fields .. those are hard living people who know what it is to have to fight every step of the way.

    Hillary could make some signs “Hillary, The Rocky Balboa of 2008” …. 🙂

  69. HillBillyLover Says:

    April 1st, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    Thanks for the emails–I appreciate it. The whole Hillarycantwin meme is based on the theory that delegate count will determie the nominee, and that pledged delegates and superdelegates are bound by it except in Massachusetts .

    Therefore I think it is important to get the word out to credible media people that the msnbc narrative is not accurate, and it is incumbent on supedelgates to exercise independent judgment.

    That will be the thrust of what I say and the Pelosi memo touches on it. I posted something this morning indicating that she may have come to her senses on this but it is doubful DB has.

    The point is people need to undertand that the decision of suprerdelegates is by design a more nuanced one, Hillary has alluded to this but from what I can tell it has not sunk in.

    If we go to Denver, and people still believe delegate count is sine qua non and it comes out the other way someone will feel cheated and we do not want that to happen.

  70. Ininla, you shouldn’t have made be turn on MSNBC, I had to change it immediately again because they were going off about Bosnia again. I HATE MSNBC and TWEETY.

  71. all I got on hardball was tweetybird talking about Bosnia…boy they are really worried about Hillary for sure. To continue to try to keep this in the headline speaks volumes to me. People heard that and they are over it. She misspoke and they’ve moved on. Rev Wright however continues to be on the topic of everybody except msm

  72. Not only to I watch Fox News, but I also subscribed to Glenn Beck’s daily newsletter and paid for a one-year subscription to Salon. This is scary. The conservatives are the only ones making any sense these days.

  73. Here’s Carville, in the Washington Post. Apparently this was published over the weekend, but they’ve just now put it back on the front page of their website (probably because of Richardson’s response today). Anyway, it’s a fun read:
    Disloyalty That Merits An Insult

    By James Carville
    Saturday, March 29, 2008; A15

    Last Friday the New York Times asked me to comment on New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama for president. For 15 years, Richardson served with no small measure of distinction as the representative of New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District. But he gained national stature — and his career took off — when President Bill Clinton appointed him U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and later made him energy secretary.

    So, when asked on Good Friday about Richardson’s rejection of the Clintons, the metaphor was too good to pass by. I compared Richardson to Judas Iscariot. (And Matthew Dowd is right: Had it been the Fourth of July, I probably would have called him Benedict Arnold.)

    I believed that Richardson’s appointments in Bill Clinton’s administration and his longtime personal relationship with both Clintons, combined with his numerous assurances to the Clintons and their supporters that he would never endorse any of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s opponents, merited a strong response.

    I was fully aware of what kind of response calling someone a Judas would evoke.

    Certainly, it didn’t take long for the resign-renounce-denounce complex to kick into high gear.

    In a bit of bloviation that brought joy to my heart, Bill O’Reilly pronounced himself “appalled.”

    Keith Olbermann, about two degrees shy of the temperature necessary for self-combustion, quipped, “So if he’s Judas in this analogy, who’s Jesus?”

    Even Diane Sawyer took the analogy to the extreme, questioning, “Are you saying that he made a deal of some kind when you talk about 30 shekels?”

    Others opined that my remark was “tactless” and “ugly.”

    Heck, I give myself some credit for managing to get the Clinton and Obama campaigns to agree on something — that neither wanted to be associated with my remarks.

    I know enough to know that comparing a former Cabinet secretary and sitting governor to Judas is inflammatory and provocative. I expected the coverage that it evoked.

    Was it a desperate gambit for attention? Was I just trying to prove my point that both Samantha Power’s resignation from the Obama campaign for calling Sen. Clinton a monster and the Obama campaign hysterically promoting Geraldine Ferraro’s misguided statements were equally silly and superficial?

    Not really. I was saying what I felt as an individual who — with no encouragement from the Clintons but as someone who is proud to consider himself a friend of theirs — thought that Richardson had done something deeply disloyal.

    Earlier this month I decried the political environment in which, by whining about every little barb, candidates seem to be trying to win the election through a war of staff-resignation attrition. Politics is a messy business, but campaigning prepares you for governing. It prepares you to get hit, stand strong and, if necessary, hit back. I’ve worked on enough campaigns to know that the most aggrieved candidate rarely emerges victorious. And for all of the hypersensitivity we’re seeing this cycle, this campaign has not been particularly negative or nasty compared with previous elections.

    Fully aware of this supercharged environment in which the slightest slight is elevated to the most egregious insult, I waded in — okay, dove in — by demonstrating what constitutes a real insult.

    I believe that loyalty is a cardinal virtue. Nowhere in the world is loyalty so little revered and tittle-tattle so greatly venerated as in Washington. I was a little-known political consultant until Bill Clinton made me. When he came upon hard times, I felt it my duty — whatever my personal misgivings — to stick by him. At the very least, I would have stayed silent. And maybe that’s my problem with what Bill Richardson did. Silence on his part would have spoken loudly enough.

    Most of the stuff I’ve ever said is pretty insignificant and by in large has been said off the cuff and without much thought to the potential consequences. That was not the case in this instance. Bill Richardson’s response was that the Clinton people felt they were entitled to the presidency. In my mind, that is a debatable hypothesis. But, even more than that, I know that a former president of the United States who appointed someone to two Senate-confirmed positions is entitled to have his phone calls returned.

    If Richardson was going to turn on the Clintons the way he did, I see no problem in saying what I said. Because if loyalty is one virtue, another is straight talk. And if Democrats can’t handle that, they’re going to have a hard time handling a Republican nominee who is seeking the presidency with that as his slogan.

  74. dot, I wish I did. I still think we need a “Macca” moment from BO. Show he doesn’t believe in his own message.

  75. One of those was the other day when he made the “baby is a punishment” quote, as the poll today said anti abortionists were moving his way, they sure as shit are going to move away like lightening from him now, the dope.

  76. she needs to do her message, stay on message, then at the end leave the crowd with the asshats who say she should leave when she’s winning the big states and leading in all the others. leave the crowd with, they want to shove me out cause I’m the underdog, that’s the theme now she needs to go with. IMO

    She’s always had the message .. she’s just never been the real underdog

    Obama is too arrogant to not make another huge dodo before PA…he’s not polished enough. He’ll step in and there won’t be anyway to clean it up. He’s that arrogant

  77. I was at the bank and saw msnbc behind the teller talking about bosnia and how it was way more of an issue than wright and man I got pissed and red, I stood in the middle of people watching after I got my money and really could not believe what I was seeing! It was subtitled, lol.

  78. the last poll of Indiana taken a while back had Clinton on 25% and Obama on 40%.

    It soooo changed today.

  79. Nice to see Indian’s poll showing her leading. I saw one previous poll for Indiana a while back and Obama was way ahead.

  80. I am so sick of this stupid Bosnia story. The media likes to focus on sensationalism so they don’t have to talk about the issues because if we did THAT, their Golden Boy would clearly be seen as lacking.

  81. Per Survey USA Indiana poll

    Clinton 9 Atop Obama, 5 Weeks to Indiana Democratic Primary: In a Democratic Primary in Indiana today, 04/01/08, 5 weeks until votes are counted, Hillary Clinton defeats Barack Obama 52% to 43%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WHAS-TV Louisville and WCPO-TV Cincinnati. Obama leads 3:2 among the youngest voters. Clinton leads 2:1 among the oldest voters. Clinton leads by 21 points among whites. Obama leads by 58 points among blacks. Obama leads in greater Indianapolis. Clinton leads in Northern, Central and Southern Indiana. Clinton leads by 2 among men and by 17 among women. Among voters focused on Iraq, the candidates tie. Among voters focused on the Economy, Clinton leads by 14. Among voters focused on health care, Clinton leads by 10. Clinton leads by 12 among those who describe themselves as Democrats. Republicans and Independents are technically eligible to vote in Indiana’s ‘open’ primary. Obama leads by 26 points among Independents. Clinton leads by 21 among Republicans. Some in talk radio have urged Republicans to vote for Clinton in states where laws permit Republicans to vote in Democratic primaries. It is unclear to what extent this is happening in Indiana. Without the Republican voters, Clinton would still lead, though by 7 instead of 9.

  82. MSNBC must be shit at journalism if they dont recognize Wright as a major fuck up of epic proportions compared to the bosnia flap, besides Obama has been lying his ass off the last few days on various things and fuck all has been said of it.

  83. Hi all,

    This is a test.
    To see if I can post here.
    I can no longer post at mydd and all my diaries on that site have been purged.

    I may have been thrown off. The life of a pro Hillary blogger is a hazardous one, I must say.

  84. admin, thanks for the great post, and all the detail about the primary schedule.

    How can they call themselves “democrats” if they don’t want all the voters to be included? They are treating FL and MI as if they seceded or something.

  85. Well, that comment showed up fine. I was wondering if something was up with my computer?

    this is a bummer.

  86. Carvelle: correct as usual. Richardson is a Shakespearian figure and doent know it. His drivel this morning was all about what was best for the country, or as Brutus defended his act of betrayal it wasn t because I loved Caesar less but because I loved Rome more. Nothing new under the sun;

  87. I e-mailed my cousin. My dad’s whole family for the most part lives in the Elkhart/Goshen area. They hate the GOP bc there are no jobs to be had other than Wal-Mart and those have no benefits. I asked what the feeling was up there. I’ll let you guys know when I get a response.

    Good thing my dad’s family is Roman Catholic. It’s HUGE. One aunt has 7 adult children alone. And all of those kids save one who is now dead (RIP), have children of their own. Let’s see if we can wrangle some votes for Hillary.

  88. i confess complete ignorance when it comes to the technology behind internet search engines but i was informed today from a friend that if you use a search engine not to click on the results. he suggested typing into the address bar the min. that will get you to site. again i am an idiot but one can never be to careful

  89. OkieAtty – I agree Pelosi changed her tune today and she must be getting pressure as the Obama camp also is realizing that they are not helping themselves with their heavy handed attempts to get Hill out of race…

    …however don’t let april fool’s day fool us…they are just trying to pacify us…I do not trust them…any of them…

    they are afraid of the backlash…and they should be…

  90. SurveyUSA: Hillary Ahead 2-1 In Kentucky Primary
    By Eric Kleefeld – March 31, 2008, 4:13PM

    The first poll of the Kentucky Democratic primary confirms everyone’s suspicion that this state is set to go to Hillary Clinton in a big way.

    The numbers from SurveyUSA: Clinton 58%, Obama 29%.

    The Kentucky primary will be held on May 20 — the same day as the primary in Oregon, where Obama is expected to win.

  91. Howard dean on CNN just now when asked about clinton or obama supporters voting for Mc Cain or not going to poll if their candidate isn’t treated fairly…….dean said “that’s not going to happen, Mc Cain is a seriously flawed Candidate”

  92. see Howard Dean and his eliticism…he just doesn’t get it. He thinks he and Obama are some kind of god that we will just all bow to. Won’t happen. They’ll be in a world of hurt if Obama is the nominee…they got their head in the ass so sideways of bambi that they will never see daylite

  93. ADMIN,

    Excellent Post, today and VERY informative. You really chronicled the sequence of events leading up to and causing the Florida/Michigan disaster.

  94. Howard Dean is DESPERATE to talk about anything other than FL or MI. He has single-handedly ruined what should have been a vigorous, healthy, and FAIR debate among Democrats about who should be our nominee.

    If the press had any fortitude, they’d press Dean for answers: what are you going to tell the disenfranchised Democrats of Florida and Michigan, if their votes don’t count?

  95. Dean is under estimating the anger of Clinton supporters, if this primary does not play out fairly.

    The Republicans say that Obama and Clinton are seriously flawed. Howard Dean is seriously flawed.

  96. mcklurkin/wright/meeks?????
    and dean says a homosexual should not support the repubs. i’m sorry but i think most businesses who offered same sex benifits because it made financial sense? the mckurkin thing is to me inexplicable.

  97. Ok, so I gather all they asked him about was Obama, nothing about florida and michigan. We have absolutely no voice.

  98. This is a message for all Hillary supporters, and in particular Texan4Hillary, linfar, etc:

    My account as MyDD is in some kind of stasis, and I cannot post anything and it seems that my stuff has been taken down, etc.

    T4H – It’s not just you, and I am really thinking that this is the work of Jonathan Singer. I could be wrong, but this is the sense that this is what’s happened. He is definitely on the site today, and the last time I got a
    warning from the site, I am almost certain it was him that sent it.

    This is not just you, or happening to you. Jonathan is a known “in the tank for Obama” guy, and those who are not on the bandwagon, people like you and I, are
    the ones getting cracked down on, apparently.

    We’re going to have to get to the bottom of this. I have notified the other two administrators about my own situation.


  99. Mailing Address:
    Democratic National Committee
    430 S. Capitol St. SE
    Washington, DC 20003

    Main Phone Number:
    (For questions about contributions, please call 877-336-7200



  100. I posted a link the other day to instapundit’s site when he quoted and linked from my MyDD diary with the Obama 9/11 ad. But I only gave the general link. Here is the more specific link:

    I found out later that this diary of mine made it to RedState, Townhall, Free Republic, and a number of other right-leaning sites.

    Certainly not the intended audience, but at least the word is getting out to more people about what a sham Barack Obama is. So I can’t be too upset with that.

  101. correct number

    Mailing Address:
    Democratic National Committee
    430 S. Capitol St. SE
    Washington, DC 20003

    Main Phone Number:
    (For questions about contributions, please call 877-336-7200)

    To contact the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, click here.
    To contact the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, click here.

  102. Here’s the letter I wrote to Todd and Jerome over at MyDD:

    “Someone seems to have altered my account

    I’m guessing it’s Jonathan, but I don’t know. I don’t seem to be able to make any new entries, and even though I’m logged in, I’m being told to log in. Additionally, my entries seem to have been removed.

    If you could look into this as time allows, that would be much appreciated.


    Paul F. Villarreal. AKA Universal


  103. I just called and left Mr. Spineless Egghead Dean another message . Thank you for reminding me. Now I will go take another dose of blood pressure medicine

  104. I would like to invite shut out MyDD Bloggers to blog on Politwix. I don’t have tons of traffic yet, but I’m sure with everyone’s help we could get the word out. It’s only been in existence a little while, but I think we will be able to grow it fast.

    Please contact me if you are interested.

  105. Universal, we edited your name off your earlier entry. If that is a problem let us know. We figured you left your real life name on unintentionally.

    BTW, thanks for the earlier hat tip which even made Hotline’s Blogometer. Many new readers due to all the links.

  106. asshole. I called but idiot says you are raising your voice. like I give a heck. we need to be calling out these people everyday.

  107. EXCELLENT! The sharp, no-BS statements from the Hillary campaign here are GREAT:

    Clinton Says Obama Wants to Stop Votes

    The Associated Press
    Tuesday, April 1, 2008; 1:08 AM

    HARRISBURG, Pa. — Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton accused rival Sen. Barack Obama and his allies of trying to stop people from voting as some of his backers have called on her to drop out of the presidential race.

    The Obama campaign rejected the charge, dismissing Clinton’s criticism as “completely laughable.”

    In a series of television interviews in states holding upcoming contests, Clinton vowed to press on with her campaign and suggested Obama and his supporters wanted to keep those states from playing a role in selecting the party’s presidential nominee.

    “My take on it is a lot of Senator Obama’s supporters want to end this race because they don’t want people to keep voting,” she told CBS affiliate KTVQ in Billings, Mont. “That’s just the opposite of what I believe. We want people to vote. I want the people of Montana to vote, don’t you?”

    Montana holds its primary June 3. The New York senator made similar comments in interviews with stations in Indiana and North Carolina, which hold primaries May 6.

    Obama leads the overall race for the Democratic nomination with 1,631 delegates, including separately chosen party and elected officials known as superdelegates. He got the backing of Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Monday. Clinton has 1,501, according to the latest AP tally.

    Clinton almost certainly will end the primary season narrowly trailing Obama in the popular vote and among pledged delegates unless the nullified primaries in Florida and Michigan are counted _ an unlikely scenario at best. But Obama is unlikely to end the race with the 2,024 pledged delegates needed to win outright either, meaning the nominee will be determined by roughly 800 superdelegates.

    Responding to Clinton, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said: “That is completely laughable from a campaign that thought the race would be over on February 5. We have encouraged our supporters to do no such thing and Senator Obama was very clear he supports her carrying on in this race.”

    Campaigning in Pennsylvania, Obama called the continuing primary battle “a struggle” but said he believed it was a good process that would strengthen the party in the long run.

    “It is a healthy thing that so many people are passionate,” Obama said in Johnstown. “I think it is great that Senator Clinton’s supporters are as passionate about her as my supporters are about me… I think that is making this historic race that much more compelling.”

    Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy last week became the first leading Democrat to openly call on Clinton to step aside and cede the nomination to Obama. He said he worried the prolonged nominating battle was strengthening the chances of the Republican nominee in waiting, John McCain.

    Since then, Obama and his supporters have said Clinton should stay in the race as long as she chooses while indicating a lengthy primary battle would not help the party’s position in the general election.

    Obama has been picking up superdelegates at a rapid clip while Clinton’s success with that group has slowed considerably.

    “I don’t even keep track of it, I can’t even tell you that figure,” Clinton said when asked by Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA how many superdelegates had endorsed her in recent weeks.

    As she spoke, her husband, former President Clinton, was in Oregon, lobbying uncommitted superdelegates.

  108. all the talk that she can’t win …lou said that obama can’t either !(something we never hear)

  109. People, let’s call Dean all the time. Just all time. Sanctions have never worked. Only time delegates were not seated was in 1948 because two states walked out.

  110. Universal, linfar, et al
    Oy vey. I understand it’s some kind of purge going on at MyDD. Very discouraging indeed. At least the worst Obama [insert your favorite moniker here] are “purged” as well. Perhaps MyDD became too politically relevant.

  111. Thanks Berkeley Vox for that article. That’s what we want to see more of – Hillary calling Obama out on disenfranchising voters. Hillary is on the side of voters who want to — Vote.

  112. Yes admin, please do!
    There have been many really great diaries over the last days at MyDD. Linfar’s diary yesterday especially comes to mind, but also others. This is people who can write very well and very eloquently.

    Thank God and Admin (not necessarily in that order) for Big Pink! No purges here I trust. 🙂

  113. DemAC, this place is turning into Radio Free Europe during the Cold War days; BBC during World War II.

  114. Lou Dobbs is saying that Florida and Michigan *must* be seated and voters heard. He says the only democratic solution is for their vote to count. Go Lou Go.

    I recommend that everyone contact lou and thank him for his observations about fair play.

  115. from the article listed above: people are so funny.

    John Paolone slid into a corner booth at Hudson’s presided over by Richard Christopher, a former mayor and current Democratic county chairman.

    “I can’t understand it. He keeps spouting ‘change, change, change,’ ” Paolone said. “What’s he going to change? Underwear? I don’t get this guy. . . . He’s got all these people mesmerized, like a cult figure.”

    “Like we’ll all hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya,’ ” agreed Angelo Ginocchi, 62, a retired state worker. He said he would to vote for Clinton, based in part on Gov. Rendell’s endorsement and a belief that Obama was too young.

  116. It’s lovely to know you’ve got our back admin! We’ve got Hillary’s and you’ve got ours.

  117. Good for Lou Dobbs debunking Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi bunk. Here is another debunking:

    A misleading e-mail has been making the rounds, alleging that Clinton has fewer legislative accomplishments than Obama, and that they are less substantive. We’ve had questions about it from a number of readers, and blogs have jumped into the fray. So what’s the real story on the Senate careers of the Democratic presidential candidates?

    We find that the e-mail is false in almost every particular:

    It sets up a face-off between apples and, well, broccoli, comparing only the Clinton-sponsored bills that became law with all bills sponsored or cosponsored by Obama, whether they were signed into law or not.

    It includes legislation Obama sponsored in the Illinois state Senate, a very different legislative body.

    It tells us that Obama has sponsored more legislation than Clinton, when in fact he has sponsored less.

    It implies that Obama has passed more bills into law than Clinton, when the opposite is true.
    Contrary to the e-mail’s assertions, Clinton’s and Obama’s contributions are not qualitatively different, and quantitatively, Clinton has the edge.

    Several alert readers have passed on the following e-mail, which purports to compare the legislative effectiveness of Sens. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill.). We reprint it verbatim:

  118. Is it just me or does anyone else wonder how the Obamatrons successfully got everything off the net about MO’s thesis and/or college papers? Its quiet amazing that everything Hillary has said or even thought about since Jr.High is on the net and nobody takes it off. Really it just scares me that someone/groups has enough power to do that!!

  119. admin:

    Thanks for that, for looking to protect my name. That was a kind decision made by you, very thoughtful.

    However, I want you to put it back in, if you don’t mind. I am tired of hiding out and there are a number of people who know who I am, anyway (just an ordinary guy). I appreciate your consideration, though. Thanks. 🙂

    I was happy to credit you guys, all the way. This is where I found the material, and I wanted to make sure you guys got your just due. You do excellent work, and deserve to receive the credit you should garner from that. Rest assured, anything I find here I will make sure I credit, and that includes your posts as well as everyone else’s here. *thumbs up* I am not one of those “Yeah, I found it somewhere else but I’ll
    claim it’s mine” people. I could have tried to take the credit some of those sites were trying to give me for making the video, but I didn’t make it, nor did I come upon it myself. I try to be as fair as possible, especially with like-minded people. 🙂

    HillBillyLover — Sounds good. I am going nuts today with stuff to do and now this MyDD ‘crisis,’ but I will get over there ASAP. Thanks for the invite. 😉

  120. Thanks for the ‘guest posting’ thing, admin. 🙂

    This is Radio Free Europe, it seems.

    Three cheers for the Allies!

  121. Universal, tell them they will and they must seat those delegates . 4 million voters are more important than howard dean’s rules.

  122. Universal, we probably misspelled your second name.

    The allies won after initial difficulties like Pearl Harbor and the runnaround of the Maginot Line.

  123. after seeing Dean on TV today twice and listening to his answers…the DNC does not care about the votes in Fl and MI…the only discussion is about some deal being worked out before or after the nominee is chosen…no mention of what happens to the actual votes…that would add to the popular vote…

    and once again Dean is taking no responsibility…it is all la de da…whatever…

    how does a deal after the nominee is chosen allow the delegates and votes to COUNT DURING THE PRIMARY SEASON…

    if they are seated when they no longer have an effect on the race…just to be POLITE to those pesky states Mi and FL …that is a NONSTARTER…that does not solve the problem of disenfranchising the voters of those two states…

    OT…how to you make a word in bold type when leaving a reply??? thx

  124. Admin, Universal, tex–thank you.

    It is like everything I ever heard of about some 3rd world country where vloices just disappear.
    I can’t believe it.
    Yesterdays diary had more hits than almost any diary since I’ve been on mydd. And the Obamabots went crazy.
    But this is what the Obamabots are doing everywhere. They don’t want to debate, or air issues, or have a contest, even. They just want to shut Hillary and her people up.

    And I don’t want to be silenced. I am jsut getting warmed up 🙂

    Admin–what do you mean when you say guest post something?
    You can write me at if you would like more privacy.

    Hillbilly, thank you. But I haven’t given up on mydd yet. I don’t think we should take this lying down. This is wrong!!

    Of course, now that I am thinking about it, what really sent the Obamabots around the bend on mydd is when I did a tongue-in-cheek saying Hillary is Soaring in the Polls. And I took the msnbc poll that said she was sinking completely apart for the crap that it is–because they overcompensate with obama voters. Whew! They hated that one. But that is the point. If they silence us then no one is there to say, “Hey, this is crap. It is paid for by msnbc and they are getting the results they want.” Well, then they win. and that is all they care about. We cannot be silenced. And pushed off to our little corners. We deserved to be out there slugging it out. Soapbox off here. I’ll go cry pretty soon. but right now I Am Mad!!!

  125. According to Harold Ickes, Wright is the main topic of conversation among undecided SD on whether Obama is electable in November and what the Republicans will do to him.

    Hillary will have to win big in PA, IN, WV and KY. If he loses the white male vote (a large part of his winning strategy so far) he is finished with the SD as far as I am concerned. SD and MT will be the big test he has pretty much swept the great plains and west with his caucus wins, but MT and SD are primaries and Hillary fairs much better in primaries where she fights for the win.

  126. Ben Smith @ Politico is on another anti-Hillary rant (below). Smith says that Hillary’s argument, that every vote should count, is wrong, and says wrapping up a primary early and disenfranchising voters is normal, and he compares it to leaving Giants Stadium in the 4th quarter to beat traffic.

    Ben Smith has written lots of dumb things, but this has got to be one of the dumbest. First, you only leave a football game early to beat traffic if two criteria are met: (1) you’re a half-assed fan and (2) the game is a blowout. This year’s Democratic primary is the closest in the history of the party! Under Ben’s logic, Giants fans should have left the Super Bowl early this year, and missed Eli Manning’s historic comeback drive, to beat traffic! 😀 It’s amazing what passes for political insight these days.

    Clinton campaign manager Maggie Williams put out a memo in which she casts the cause of keeping the campaign alive as an issue in and of itself, a kind of voting rights issue.

    She lists the states yet to vote:

    Together, this adds up to nearly 43 million Americans. Are their voices any less important than those of the citizens who have already voted?

    Hillary Clinton respects those voters and their right to participate in this historic contest. Their votes, along with all the others, will determine when this contest is at an end. It’s the American way – everybody counts in this country.
    The last time that we were told we’d better cut the process short or the sky would fall was when the Supreme Court stopped the Florida recount in 2000. But Chicken Little was wrong. What was true then is true now: there is nothing to fear – and everything to gain – from hearing from all of the voters.

    [BEN SMITH:] I tend to agree with Steve Benen on this: This is only a subject a candidate talks about if she’s forced to, and it’s a second-order argument, one that has nothing to do with why she should win. In Giant’s Stadium terms, it’s just an argument for staying for the fourth quarter, rather than heading to your car to beat the traffic.

  127. Expect an email Linfar.

    And once again we are “ahead of the curve”. This from a certain right-wing site with the initials DR.


  128. Lin — I got your last email and, yes, I got ‘frozen’/kicked off MyDD today, like you and apparently others did as well.

    It’s Singer and the Obamabot Whining Machine (aka Axelrod and his Astroturfing crew), I’m certain.

    This is where we’re at, people. It’s not enough for these guys to control the television networks, they want FULL control of the internet as well, so they can pretend we’re all happy as hell that they’re trying to shove Obama down our throats.

    F*CK no. There’s a reason more Dems have voted for HRC than Obama, and I’m not being brownshirted by anybody.

    Somebody mentioned a revolt earlier in the thread. If that’s what it has to be, then so be it. That is, a ‘majority’ revolt. Dean and the rest of the Obama Crew — DNC chapter are nuts if they think we’re laying down for them. A freaking MAJORITY of Dems want HRC, and they want us to go away? No. Hell no.

    I’ve noticed that some of the astroturfers have begun
    spinning the ‘more Dems have voted for HRC’ narrative, saying how “its important for Indys to help choose the Dem nominee, too.”


    All those ‘Indys,’ many of whom lean GOP, were not voting for Obama early on, they were voting AGAINST
    HRC. Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” didn’t just start, it started a long time ago and that’s why Obama was getting such huge GOP support in the early states. I didn’t hear JACK from Obama’s peeps then about how
    Ohio voters should be prosecuted for crossing over, nor this BS lines about Dems not picking the nominee.

    They are trying to hose us, all of us. We have to stand up and fight back, or we’re going to be overrun here.

  129. WTF is he talking about? Voters have never been stripped of their delegates. It’s never happened. The only time it happened was in 1948, except they were not stripped, they WALKED OUT! Further, if you left the last Giants game early, you would have missed them winning the superbowl.

  130. thanks admin

    Wow! Maybe Dean is finally going to get what he deserves. He has been a huge player in this fiasco. As in architect–all to promote his boy. Now if Brazile would only get the boot.

  131. Admin, what does this ““NYT WEDS: PRESSURE MOUNTS ON DEM LEADER DEAN; INSIDERS QUESTION ABILITY TO NAVIGATE PRIMARY FINISH… DEVELOPING…” mean? Pressure to continue disenfranchising FL and MI?

  132. Hey guys!

    I was thinking of heading down to PA (I’m from New York City) during my spring break (19th – 22)

    Is there anyone from the campaign I should be reaching out to for information?

  133. Berkeley Vox, we like the horse race analogy for Michigan.

    If a horse gets “scratched”, the owner removes the horse from the race, the race is not considered invalid. The race gets run with the horses left still in the running.

    Obama was on the Michigan ballot. Obama “scratched”, took his name off, and now complains that the race took place.

    It is also a weird argument to say that because fans leave early from a game that somehow that affects the score.

  134. My advice to tell Dean .. he is failing in his leadership duties. He must show leadership, as a former candidate for president and now as leader of the party .. he must show leadership in NOT disenfranchising voters like we did when we lost our Gore to Bush. Tell him that the voters in Fl and MI have purple fingers just like those in Iraq and deserve to be countedd NOW not when HE decides he want it. Tell him you’ll stop your donations and step out of the party .. altogether.

    Money and people talk

  135. MJ, we’ll know when the story comes out tomorrow. Clearly the Obama people are upset that Dean has not shut the race down. The rest of us know Dean has bumbled this entire primary season. Disenfranchising two big swing states is the dumbest thing for a party leader to do.

    Dean should be looking out for all Democrats and their right to vote.

  136. I know admin, but is the story going to be about shuttting down the race for Obama, or counting voters?



  138. There is NO WAY that Dean can cancel the upcoming primaries. Talk about revolt. If Obama has a brain in his head he’d be welcoming the dialogue and say “bring it on”. He is wimpy and he is afraid because he hasn’t been vetted .. he knows what is coming down the pike.

    Dean has the power to count Fl and MI but he does not have the power to shut down future primaries and if he tries that .. well the dems can kiss EVERY seat goodbye. The repubs would love that more than anything. Dean and Co look stupid enough.

  139. dot, I think calling Dean is a waste of time. I think we need to go after the people he feels accountable too. I am sure he is hiding how much adverse mail he is getting. We need to reach those people who can pressure Dean. Who would that be??

  140. MJ – Done. Just left a message at Dean’s office.

    admin: No worries. I shouldn’tve even made you do that. My bad.

    My name is: Paul F. Villarreal

    In my situation, I have some level of immunity from the SA’s of the world. I’m tired of what’s going on, whether it’s MyDD, Daily Kos, Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

    If they are insistent upon trying to railroad us, then I am not going to make it easy for them. The whole world will know what happened, how it happened, and
    why it happened. The majority of our party is NOT on board with this, period. It doesn’t matter how many astrotrufers try to control things on the ‘net, or how many ‘hoping to suck up to the new guy’ blogs there are like Daily Kos or TPM. The voters — yes, those people the Latte Liberals dismiss because of the color of their color — have spoken. And Hillary is FAR ahead among Dem voters. If the party wants to go against that reality, there is going to be a lot more people pissed off than they think. If they’re worried about pissing off the highly vocal AA members of our party (who are valued 100%), how is it going to look if they
    piss off not one, but TWO, majorities of their party: women and those who voted for Hillary? Do they really want to go down that road?

    I’m saying this right now: If Obama is nominated, I am going to do everything (legally and morally responsible) in my power to see he is defeated. Not for revenge, but for the good of our party going forward. These would-be usurpers must not be rewarded for this tyranny, or else our party could fracture, permanently. I don’t want that to happen, and the only way it won’t happen is if Obama is not elected President. For the good of our party in the long-term, we cannot allow that to happen, or else, to paraphrase, ‘the (political) terrorists win.’

    If you go against the majority of your party, you are not my leader, period. You are merely keeping the chair warm.

  141. aubry – yes, there are. Let me see if I can dig up some numbers for you. Recently they were looking for help in the York area. Not sure if that is still the case. BRB with some info.


  142. mj, that is what I am saying. Dean is concealing how bad it is. We have to circumvent Dean and get the story out. We need to publicize thepetition to seat MI and FLA and I really want to know how the dem party apparatus works. Who does Dean answer to that would listgen to Hillary voices. the Dem party apparatus needs to see how angry Hilalry voters are. Dean is sitting on the level of the discontent. I am sure of it.

  143. admin — Yes, you are right on. I wrote a diary about Obama’s DECISION to take off his name on the MI ballot. NoQuarter wrote it up and linked to my diary (if it still exists on MyDD). If you want more info, I would look up that entry on NoQuarter. I’ll hunt down the link after I get aubry some info.

    Back in a bit

  144. Thanks Universal!

    I’m just figuring out how I would get there, where I would stay, what I would do… etc.

    So any info is greatly appreciated!


  145. Admin, the horse-race/”scratch” analogy is a great one. Obama made the dumb move of siding with DNC elites and Howard Dean’s cabal of incompetent cronies, instead of sticking by FL and MI voters, when he chose to remove his name from those states’ ballots.

    Howard Dean is a hot-headed attention-monger who has single-handedly wrecked this year’s Democratic primary. It’s good to know that the media is finally beginning to call him out on the carpet for his bone-headed decisions.

  146. Aubry, the contact I was given in Philadelphia is Deborah Shah, 608-628-8490. There is also a woman by the name of Heather who can help you at that number. The address of the office is 520 N. Delaware Avenue @ Spring Garden Street (North Delaware comes up as Columbus when I did a mapquest search). The people in NYC where I live gave me Deborah’s name. Hope this helps.

  147. aubry, here is the information about who to call/email:

    Pennsylvania for Hillary Headquarters
    520 North Delaware Avenue
    Suite 202
    Philadelphia, PA 19123
    Phone: 215.625.0329
    Fax: 215.625.0379

    They’ll let you know where you’re most needed, or where would work for you to go. 🙂

  148. I think the guests on lou dobbs don’t realize what bullies the obama camp is and that is at least one of the reasons clinton people won’t vote for him


  150. mj, for the DNC and Obama it is about shutting down the race for the rest of us it is about counting the votes…

    the bottom line is…if our vote doesn’t count…what is the point of the whole game…the vote is what glues us together…or at least that is what we think glues us together as a party… one vote, one person and all that stuff we learned in school…

    the democratic party is making a mockery out of democracy…and the irony will be if Charlie Crist, the gov of Florida, is the VP choice…

    the Democratic party will look like fools…

  151. so where is the pressure coming from. How do we leverage that pressure so it squeezes even harder. Obviously, Dean could care a fig about us. But how do we reach these insiders with our story. the way we have been silenced. and tfhe fact we are not giving money to the DNC until we feel fairly represented.

  152. Could it be that the Dems have heard that Florida and Michigan are about to make a huge honking stink that could turn them Red in Nov and decided Dean may have to go

  153. Well this all explains Pelosi’s change of heart today, they know something and not letting on, theres something afoot.

    If Dean is in trouble and Pelosi is backing off Clinton, i think an ultimatum has been issued by Hillary, back me or else!

    Has Bill and Hill shot the motherload at Dean and Pelosi and the top Dems, something tantamount to “i’m ready to take you down”.

    I think theres something about to happen, something big!

  154. Here is the NoQuarter post by SusanHu about what really happened in Michigan that linked to my (now gone?) MyDD diary:

    The upshot is this: I had found an article in, I believe, the Iowa Independent (a respected publication) which detailed how Obama’s team started pitching the idea of taking his and others’ names of the MI ballot. That is, the ENTIRE concept came from Obama, not from anyone else and certainly not from the DNC. I will go and get the original article and post the link here.

    Obama knew he was going to lose MI, and that’s why he did it. And I believe the article states that.

    Back when I find the piece.



    rough translation – no confidence, resign before we sack you.

  156. fcuker doesn’t have enough mailbox storage now. Assholes probably filled it up with chickenshit cries so they can’t take any more messages, I despise that man and what he and Donna Brillohead have let happen…I hope they are soon OUT. No matter, if Hillary is not the nominee I will still be changing to 3rd party.

  157. The Republican National Committee has unveiled a website, designed to make fun of Howard Dean and the DNC’s inability to orchestrate a fair primary. I’m never in favor of helping Republicans, but at least this will begin to make the clueless, hippie, incense-burning, Deaniac/Obama-bot crowd at the DNC realize how ridiculous they’re being by disenfranchising voters in FL and MI.

  158. admin, universal, I have to go.

    I will look for your emails.

    Universal, I don’t think those email addys for jerome and todd are working.

    May need to find another way to contact them. People are offering space to do a diary. I think we should do a joint one and demand to know why. I was not warned. Were you?

  159. Berkely Vox, if McCain has a brain he will start campaigning in Florida and Michigan regarding the Democrats disenfranchising them.

    That website appears to be the first step in winning Florida and Michigan for Republicans.

    Dumb Dean needs to check out that website.

  160. Ed schultz is a disgrace. had a chance to listen to his full show today in NY as he was on for the God-awful Thom Hartmann for reasons unannounced. His pom poms could be heard waving for BO throughout.

    Terry McAuliffe for DNC Chair!

  161. Ok, I found it — here’s what REALLY went down in Michigan:

    The article is by Lynda Waddington, and the filing date is Oct 11, 2007 at 15:09 PM


    “Five individuals connected to five different campaigns have confirmed — but only under condition of anonymity — that the situation that developed in connection with the Michigan ballot is not at all as it appears on the surface. The campaign for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, arguably fearing a poor showing in Michigan, reached out to the others with a desire of leaving New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as the only candidate on the ballot. The hope was that such a move would provide one more political obstacle for the Clinton campaign to overcome in Iowa.”

    That’s the story many haven’t heard. HE did it, HE made this happen. It’s ALL Obama’s fault. He knew what he was doing, and now he’s trying to play victim, just like he planned on doing.

    I’m taking screenshots of the article in case it ‘disappears’ like many other non-Obama-flattering articles seem to be doing these days on the internet.

    This is all a fraud, guys. All of it. And we’re not having it.

  162. How in the hell are they taking the stuff off the internet? I guess its that Axelrod business that is doing it?

  163. and people think Bush/Cheney have been secretive, liars, and cutthroats. Can’t you imagine what the government would be doing in secreet.

  164. linfar — I was not, no.

    I had been warned before, but it was about two separate matters and that was some time ago. Both almost certainly came from Jonathan, IMO.

    There was nothing at all right now. Nada.

    I sent emails to Todd and Jerome, and it said they were sent. However, I could see them being ‘intercepted,’ if you get my drift.

    I think you’re right, other ways of communicating may be necessary to get the message out. Since I just had the one diary linked to several right-leaning sites (not what I intended at all), maybe they’d like to
    do a follow-up/update on what’s going on over at MyDD?

    I already have a list of people in my head whom I will be notifying if this continues at MyDD. I hope this is just one admin, and I think it is. If it’s not, then we will
    proceed from that point.

    I have no problem with Jerome or Todd, or Jonathan for that matter. I’ve brought those guys a lot of clicks and no small amount of notice, either. In fact, I went out of my way the other day to let Jerome know that
    when the right-wing sites put stuff up about my recent diary, I went to several and made sure they knew that “MyDD” wasn’t behind it and hadn’t sanctioned it at all, my diary or the video therein. And the sites I contacted all printed that information. I told him I wanted to make sure that he knew I was keeping the site’s best interests in mind, and would continue to do so.

    That’s why I don’t think he’s in on this. I could be wrong. We’ll see.

    As far as a joint diary about the situation, sounds great! Just hit me up with an email and we can take it from there.


  165. dot48, that is scarey, all the repugs where I work in Texas are scared of BO. They have been watching the video’s I have sent them. They are circulating the, and sending some back to me! I think some wished they had voted for Hillary when I told them to! Now the are scared to death of a MalcolmX presidency!

  166. Admin, I am totally confused. Why is dean meeting with anyone tomorrow if he’s on tv tonight apparently saying he’s sticking it to fl and mi?

  167. HillBillyLover —

    If you don’t mind, I’m going to make a second account with my real name. In fact, if you want, you can scrap the other “Universal” account.



  168. now the Rasmussen is going to float this poll that Hillary is losing her lead in Pa. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit. They are skewing the polls again and they are going to get a big surprise on 4/22. Hillary needs some help with advertising

  169. Pollster says more damage by Wright that is being published in the polls. (The sudden rush to ask Hillary to leave .. it is being covered up .. polls being simply faked most likely) This Kate is wanting to skewer Hillary. Pollster says Polls overestimate Obama’s support.

    My opinion, Hillary needs to stay on the ground in Pa and we need to continue to call…I’m not sure how much more I can do even though every time I want to stop I think of how much she is doing.

    Obama lying .. Sean Hannity will most likely be doing a whole show on this very soon.

  170. HillBillyLover Says,
    Could you please post the link to your site. Apparently it’s very readworthy and I (and many more I’d think) would like to bookmark it.

  171. ‘now the Rasmussen is going to float this poll that Hillary is losing her lead in Pa. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit.’

    Bearded guy on hannity, some p[ollster I’m not familiar with, agrees with you. he says the polls have CONSISTENTLY overestimated BO’s support and that there are a lot of ‘hidden’ issues that don’t get asked in polls and therefore don’t accurately represent people’s opinions.
    Juan Williams said BO is spending 10X as much as HRC!!!!!!! Also, someone said there is a growing backlash among dems about calls for the race to end. and hannity got in tat there is ‘still a lot of stuff to come out” including the William Ayers connection and the Million Man March involvement.

  172. fox Kate person I’d like to send a set of brass knuckles through the tv to her. she is so jealous of Hillary it’s just obnoxious. That’s the trouble with a lot of these high class envy. I’d love to see Ann Coulter tear her up. She’s a repub but even Ann would find her disgusting.

  173. Admin – Thanks for the email. I will be looking into that presently.

    HillBillyLover – I will, thanks! If you ever need to reach me, please use the first email I sent, with the ‘Universal’ account. Best way to get me. 🙂

    Now, I have just learned I’ve been threatened over at Daily Kos. So I’m going to go check it out.


  174. I just don’t see how the Michigan and Florida votes get counted after the race is “decided”. That is such a sham, they don’t count, because they only get counted after a victor is declared! what kind of lame-ass stuff is that? Dean is out of his mind if he doesn’t think he is going to be hung from the highest tree for the mismanagement of this election.

  175. yeah – she’s a real bytch, impying that exaggerating about bosnia, essentially a fishing tale as far as I’m concerned, is in any way equivalent to LYING about WMD and the manufactured premises for the iraq War.

    That pollster sure is strange looking! He’s got a rug on his head and a nest on his chin! 😀

    DOT – didya get it?

  176. HillBillyLover,
    Thanx! Looks like a very nice site. I’ll follow the development with anticipation. Good Luck!

  177. I think that michigan case is an achilles heel for Obama if we play it right. As I understand it all parties except him were willing to do a revote which means he killed it which means he favors disenfranchisement of Michigan voters which means he also favors disenfrancisment of Florida voters which means he wants Hillary to pull out (but denies it now) which means he wants to disenfrachise all states that wont vote for him which gets back to the earlier point that the unity he preaches requires repression of dissent.

  178. annbritt,
    His name just popped up under his screen shot and that’s who it is, all right.
    The rug was slinking down his forehead toward his schnoze. But he did make some good points most important being ya can’t trust these friggin cherry-picked polls.

  179. The biggest reason Obama did not want a revote in MI anf FL is not that he thought he would loose by a bigger margin. He does not want those 45 SD seated. Hillary leads with 15 to his 5 with 30 undeclared and he fears or knows a big majority of them will back Hillary.

  180. anbritt from what i have seen over the years caddell is a prettty centrist level headed guy. sound like he was that way here too,

  181. Wow, my eyes had to readjust to Kos’ site.

    Ok, I saw what it was. That’s ok, not a problem. Or it shouldn’t be, anyways. But thanks to the person who gave me the heads up


  182. Wait, Obama went on national tv on the View and told a bold faced lie about his preacher apologizing. Isn’t that a big story?

  183. reposting this from a post in the last thread by PM….

    I think that this is really KEY for us to get out there in there in the press. it is very interesting and says a great deal about the depth (or lack thereof) of support for BO.

    It is important to publicize this..

    a related post from a google search:

    The Power of Cook County, Illinois

    In the race for the most popular votes in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary contests, Sen. Barack Obama’s lead over Sen. Hillary Clinton is about 711,000 votes — not including Florida or Michigan — according to Real Clear Politics.

    Of Sen. Obama’s 711,000 popular-vote lead, 650,000 — or more than 90% of the total margin — comes from Sen. Obama’s home state of Illinois, with 429,000 of that lead coming from his home base of Cook County.

    That margin in Cook County represents almost 60% of Obama’s total lead nationwide.

    Interestingly, Sen. Obama’s 429,000-vote margin in Cook County alone is larger than the winning margin of either candidate in any state.

    Chicago Dems still know how to support their candidates better than anyone else in the country…
    PM | 04.01.2008 – 1:20 pm | #

  184. Ann, yes, I asked earlier, is anyone a member on the philly news discussion board? If so, please post that google find.

  185. I would like to know how many of those Cook County votes are real votes or ones like Obama tried to pass here in Texas!

  186. Interesting article….let’s pass around to media contacts.

    just h t t p

    Old-School Politician Mentored Obama
    By CHRISTOPHER WILLS – 1 day ago

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The president of the Illinois Senate is sitting in his statehouse office, talking in gravelly tones about political strategies and counter-strategies. Out of nowhere, the theme from “The Godfather” begins playing.

    It turns out to be the ringtone on his cell phone — an appropriate song for the man who amounts to Barack Obama’s political godfather.

  187. I don’t know Ann. I’m having trouble with it. Thought if someone already posted there, they could post it.

  188. confloyd,
    yes…you know what they say about Cook County…..the dead vote early and vote often!

    This really needs to become part of the narrative that is out there.

  189. Admin –

    You’ll get a kick out of this one. I got a message on my MySpace from someone asking that I put in a word with you so they can post here. They said they’ve signed up but can’t post, …

    Their account creation date on MySpace:


    Look, if you’re reading this, you might be totally sincere and legit. If you are, you have my apologies.

    However, with the events of the day, not to mention what usually goes on with this site and numerous other sites, you’re going to have to accept my being

    Because I’m far more inclined to think you’re either someone who was merely trying to ‘probe’ my account on MySpace and/or an Obama person trying to get on Hillaryis44 and cause trouble.

    Again, if I’m wrong, I’m truly sorry.


  190. Captivating! What will happen next in the next thrilling tale of…



    wow, good video, this is great 😉

  192. anything good news for Hillary today? I couldnt believe the Ram. report but I think its just a prank to try to make Hillary look like she can be beatable – remember NH, MA, CA – Hillary will win plus 10 but we have to work harder to ensure hillary wins at least by 15 or greater

  193. theres comments that said PA is a do or die for Hillary and that Obama’s attracting the white male voters, whats going on?

  194. how much do we have to win PA by for the MSM to notice that two people are actually running for the Democratic candidacy??

  195. Here’s another possibility with MyDD, at least as regards my being apparently removed (can’t speak to linfar’s predicament):

    Jerome, etc. don’t want to have the attachment to my diary which got so much circulation at right wing sites the last few days. That is craven, IMO, but it would make some modicum of sense. And the infiltration of Obama supporters plus Singer’s likely full support of the idea may have tipped the scales in Jerome’s/Todd’s mind(s) as well.

    That is, it’s a two-fer: I get gotten rid of to please the swelling Obama crowd on the site and they get to wash their hands, so to speak, of any linking to the diary.

    With Hill unlikely to be the nominee, that way the site
    gets it’s “Good Dem” card back, and Singer gets to not get shunned by Obama and his peeps giving him blowback about my posts.

    This is likely some part of what’s going on, if not all of it. The key concept:

    Obama and his people giving the site blowback. If Obama’s the nominee, guess who gets to freeze out
    MyDD and send Singer home storyless, thus hurting his and the site’s prospects for meaningfulness?

    I know how the media game works. I’ve been in it myself on several capacities, and this is typical. If your
    contact wants you to tone things down or make some editorial ‘adjustments,’ and they have the standing of a potential Dem nominee, guess who loses that tug of war?

    This is all starting to make a lot more sense now. However, I am still reserving my judgment on the matter as regards Jerome and Todd. I know where Jonathan is coming from. If someone leaned on Jerome and Todd, I can’t really hold it against them. I
    understand they have to be on the right (pun intended) side of things or else they will not be able to
    sustain their site and/or their political careers.

    Welcome to hardball Chicago politics, baby!

    Ha ha.


  196. Universal, Is this seriously the 5th post I’ve read from you regarding the mystery of why you can’t post at mydd anymore?

  197. Win4Hill —

    One thing that’s going to happen is I have to work on a site which my brother owns and I help keep an eye on. My bro’s likely glad I got kicked off MyDD.

    Ha ha


  198. justmeinmountdorafl, in reality, most of people will not vote BHO because of Wright. BHO is unelectable.

  199. Who needs mydd anyway!

    Stay on target and lets win this nomination and our party back, let them have their biased site

  200. I think we all need to work hard to elect Hillary and help her win PA

    She can do it but not alone she has to do it with us, the people.

  201. This is the “deal”:

    http://www.palmbeac blogs/content/ shared-blogs/ palmbeach/ floridapolitics/ entries/2008/ 04/01/florida_ dems_dean_ meeting_set. html

    Florida Dems, Dean meeting set

    By Larry Lipman | Tuesday, April 1, 2008, 07:05 PM

    Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman flew to Washington late
    Tuesday for a meeting with Democratic members of Florida’s
    congressional delegation.

    The group is scheduled to meet Wednesday morning with Democratic
    National Committee Chairman Howard Dean to try to resolve the question
    of what to do with Florida’s convention delegates.

    Dean has steadfastly said Florida needs to come up with some process
    to select delegates that meets the party’s rules. He and the party
    leadership have taken the position that the delegates selected as a
    result of the Jan. 29 primary cannot be seated because that primary
    was too early under the party’s rules.

    With the chance of a mail-in revote now dead, Florida’s congressional
    Democrats appear to be supporting a plan that would seat some of the
    delegates based on the outcome of the Jan. 29 primary and some of them
    based on the outcome of the other primaries held around the country
    since then.

    Such a plan is likely to split the delegates roughly evenly between
    Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

  202. Universal, you got kicked off of MyDD? Jerome seems like he’s pro-Hillary. Well, at least not anti-Hillary.

    Perhaps it’s a computer glitch.

  203. Win4Hill, exactly. Universal, I don’t even get why you want to visit that dump site. It’s crawling with the filthiest Obamabots on the internet, second only to DailyKooks.

  204. skmf12

    Don’t waste your time, it is one thing voting against Obamatrons and quite another voting against republicans on a predominantly Republican site.

  205. justmeinmountdorafl, I hate to say this, but as Hillary supporters, good news are often hard to come by.

    Remember after IA? It was a tidal wave of negativity. So much so it forced me to go into a media blockout.

    Don’t expect good news until April 22nd. Even if she wins PA, the MSM will put a negative spin to it.

    It can be hard to be a person who has not drunk the kool-aid.

  206. Ann,

    thanks for reposting it. I was getting ready to put some numbers there. It really does not make much sense.
    Cook county registered voters 1.3 million (I think this is all dems, repubs, indies)
    42% of them voted in the primary, that is 546,000 (don’t know the split between repub and dems)
    But Obama’s LEAD (not the absolute number) in Cook county alone is 429,000.

    Something does not add up.

    See the link below for the numbers shown in the post below. Also look at the comments.,-Illinois.html&serendipity%5Bcsuccess%5D=true#feedback

    # Ann Says:
    April 1st, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    reposting this from a post in the last thread by PM….

    I think that this is really KEY for us to get out there in there in the press. it is very interesting and says a great deal about the depth (or lack thereof) of support for BO.

    It is important to publicize this..

    a related post from a google search:

    The Power of Cook County, Illinois

    In the race for the most popular votes in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary contests, Sen. Barack Obama’s lead over Sen. Hillary Clinton is about 711,000 votes — not including Florida or Michigan — according to Real Clear Politics.

    Of Sen. Obama’s 711,000 popular-vote lead, 650,000 — or more than 90% of the total margin — comes from Sen. Obama’s home state of Illinois, with 429,000 of that lead coming from his home base of Cook County.

    That margin in Cook County represents almost 60% of Obama’s total lead nationwide.

    Interestingly, Sen. Obama’s 429,000-vote margin in Cook County alone is larger than the winning margin of either candidate in any state.

    Chicago Dems still know how to support their candidates better than anyone else in the country…
    PM | 04.01.2008 – 1:20 pm | #

  207. no RJK mo,

    hillary’s won quite a few on greta wire, and its BILL, dont you like BILL huh?

    dont say no RJ… 🙂

  208. So Obama is dismissing Hillary by framing this race as between himself and McCain. What arrogant prick. Why people find him attractive and inspiring is beyond me.

  209. Filbertsf, I can only imagine the FOX news will say, Okay Obama you want to play that game, we will REPORT ON YOU

  210. justmeinmountdorafl, PA is a real test because PA is the first primary since the Wright story broke out. i am expecting Hillary win at least 20%. the media(MSNBC, CNN, and NBC) know it. that is why they try very hard to prevent it from happenning.

  211. the good news i s hillary got a good news cycle with her joke on the press today. the good news is that e edwards is speaking out against mccain’s healthplan and obama’s. she will be on gma tommorrow. the good news hillary is polling 12 pts in IN, 2 to 1 in WV and KY. edwards si rememerging in in the media and seems to me to be critical of obama-esp e edwards. something is happening guys

  212. meiyingsu, let’s not raise expectation. You don’t know that she’s going to win by 20%, no one does. Obamabots want to raise expectation so they have something to go negative on when she doesn’t live up to it.

    I just saw a poll on Taylor’s site. It’s getting a bit tighter in PA, especially in big cities.

  213. I certainly hope so I think with Rendell and the mayors of Erie, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia will definately help. Obama being aggroant, and the Wright matters and the other issues will hurt Obama and I hope that people will see through him

  214. Win4Hill & Filbert —

    You’re both right. If MyDD doesn’t want me, I don’t want them. Good points.

    My mind is very analytical and I was just trying to figure it out, how it happened or the sequence of events. I think I got it now.


  215. let’s just see if this raises anywhere near the blog furor that Murdoch’s appearance at CGI or his fundraiser for Hill did.

    Murdoch’s Daughter Hosts Obama Fund-Raiser

    By Michael Luo
    London Fund-RaiserInvitation to the fund-raiser.

    Insert a new twist to the political parlor game that involves following the moves of Rupert Murdoch and his clan: his daughter, Elisabeth, is hosting at her London home a fund-raiser for Senator Barack Obama.

    Ms. Murdoch is one of a slew of “event chairs,” which also includes Gwyneth Paltrow, for the April 28 event at Ms. Murdoch’s home in Notting Hill. David Blood, who runs an investment fund with former Vice President Al Gore that specializes in environmentally-friendly companies, is also listed as an “event host.”

    A contribution of $2,300 offers access to the V.I.P. reception; attendance to the main event only requires a $1,000 donation.

    Mr. Murdoch, of course, is chairman of the News Corporation, which includes under its umbrella Fox News and the New York Post. Mr. Murdoch had a much-discussed rapprochement with Mrs. Clinton two years ago, when the Post endorsed Mrs. Clinton in her Senate campaign and he held a fund-raiser for her. Last year, he even contributed $2,300 to her presidential campaign.

    But the Post endorsed Mr. Obama just before the crush of states that voted on Feb. 5 in a bruising editorial that excoriated Mrs. Clinton, causing media observers to declare that the honeymoon was over for this political odd couple.

    Ms. Murdoch, 39, is Mr. Murdoch’s second daughter, one of three children from Mr. Murdoch’s second marriage, who as a group represent the locus of where the betting over who might succeed him has centered.

    She holds dual citizenship in the United States and Britain and left British Sky Broadcasting, in which News Corporation is a major investor and she was managing director of Sky Networks, in 2000 to start her own media company, Shine Ltd. She is married to Matthew Freud—great-grandson of Sigmund Freud—a prominent public relations executive in London.

    Reached on his boat floating in the Tobago Cays today, Mr. Freud said not much should be read into his wife’s role as a host.
    “I don’t think you can interpret the event as anything other than she is enthusiastic about Obama’s campaign,” Mr. Freud said.

  216. Universal, did you get confirmation that you’re banned or is it just speculation? it could be just a glitch.

    I’m sorry I’ve never read any of your piece on mydd (I just refuse to go there anymore), but when I was there, it seems like anything goes. Jerome also seems like a reasonable guy. Jonathan Singer is a douchebag, but there’s been plenty of anti-BO and pro-Hillary diaries that have been posted.

  217. skmf12

    Hillary won quite a few against Obama, this is heads up dems against repubs and there are a lot of of them watching greta than us.

  218. hey tm’s comment sect changed colors and worse my computer si having issues with it. any of u having this?

  219. I just read that nyt article on Dean, so I read that Dean and Rahm Emmanuel had a falling out over Dean’s idea to put money in the presidential campaigns? Am I reading this right, cuz maybe he helping Obama? I probably read it wrong though!

  220. Hillary is going to North Dakota for a Democratic convention–perhaps to woo delegates that still haven’t been choosen?

    Jamie Selzler / Dem-NPL Executive Director) “I suspect its because She does have a lot of support in North Dakota – she didn’t win our caucuses but she has a strong base of supporters here. In addition there’s still delegates that need to be determined at the state convention. I think she’s coming to solidify her base of supporters and expand out to new supporters.”

  221. 100% pure speculation from me, but I wonder if party organizations got some big time feedback recently from end of quarter fundraising efforts. I got emails from DNC, DCCC (Pelosi), DSCC (Kennedy) asking for money, and wrote back to all with their contact forms saying I don’t like them pushing Hillary out and they need to do something about Florida and Michigan.

  222. confloyd, Dean and Emanuel had a falling out over Dean’s 50-state plan. Dean wanted Dems to be competive in every state, even ones that are GOP-rich states.

    Emanuel wanted money to be spent places that Dems have a shot at.

    In essence, since Dems re-took the House and Senate in 2006, Dean’s 50-state strategy appeared to have worked.

    For the longest time, the two men butted heads and it almost fractured the party within.

  223. this should be a scandal but it wont-creepy-
    Obama Pool Report from Scranton, PennsylvaniaSen. Barack Obama approached first overflow in the parking lot outside
    of the Scranton town hall, and immediately went to Denise Mercuri, a
    pharmacist from Dunmore who was wearing a Hillary Clinton button. She
    held an Obama button in her hand, and he asked what he needed to do to
    get her to wear his instead of his rival’s.

    “What do I need to do? Do you want me on my knees?” he asked.
    He then conceded, keeping with his flirty trend of the day (see earlier
    report), “I’ll give you a kiss.”

    Obama then gave his stump line about excited Democrats and said the
    party would unite around the eventual nominee to battle McCain.
    Mercuri told your pooler later she’s one of those Democrats who would be
    happy with either candidate.
    “I really am a Hillary supporter, though I really like them both,” she
    said. “I would like to see Hillary as the president just ’cause she’s
    older and she can do her 8 years, and then I think he would come in and
    be president for the next 8 years, that’s what I’d really like to see.”

    Obama aides and security detail got a little testy when Aswini tried to
    ask him a question about bowling, and we headed into the second
    overflow, this one in a room adjacent to the gym where he would hold the
    town hall.
    Inside the overflow, Obama gave standard line about enthusiasm: “It
    tells me the American people are really looking for something new,
    something different.” Cue the cheers.
    Obama was asked by a real person about his bowling, and noted his lousy
    score was actually even lousier since the score includes “a 10-year-old
    bowling one of my frames.”
    “Bowling clearly is not my strength,” he said, to shouts of, “That’s
    “All of us have strengths, bowling is not mine.”

  224. should be a scandal but it wont=

  225. Filbert — I can’t confirm it, but apparently all of my diaries are gone, etc. When I go to the screen, it still has me as ‘Universal,’ but I can’t do anything and it is prompting me to log in.

    Maybe I’m just ‘hidden’? I don’t know.

  226. The good and bad of Dean’s 50-states strategy is that some elected Dems from GOP-rich states are DINOs or at least very centrist. Although the Dems retook the House and Senate, the new bloods are changing the face of the Dem party. There are a lot more centrist and DINOs.

    One name comes to mind is Jim Webb. That guy might be anti-Bush/Iraq, but his social and economic positions are aligned with the GOP. He’s also a rabid misogynist.

  227. filbertsf, it is too early to say Dean’s 50-state plan work yet. just look at the democratic primary.

  228. I think we have a very strong narrative with SDs….on this. We also need to get this out to the press far and wide….

    the majority of BO pop vote lead came from ONE corrupt, heavily AA county in IL.

    the majority of the delegate lead came from states that vote with caucuses with very small participation in states that haven’t voted for the democratic nominee for president in 60+ years.

    HRC has a 1m vote lead when dems alone are counted. Isn’t that who should be deciding the demo nominee?

    She wins key swing states that have decided every election in the past 100 years.

    She has the broadest coalition……centrist dems, latinos, women.

    Who should be democratic nominee? The person who wins the key states with democratic voters.

    That’s why BO didn’t want the FL and MI revotes – he can’t win when democrats vote.

  229. texan, what’s the scandal? Also, I can not load TM anymore on this older computer. It’s too content rich.

  230. Universal, that’s odd. All your diaries are gone is odd. However, as to the log-on, that happened to me on several occasions… and I wasn’t exactly a prolific diarist.

    You may want to contact Jerome. It might just be a glitch or you may be right about being banned.

  231. me too-i just posted on tm im having big problems with the switch made there. outcry!!!!! yall see that quote from obama to that clinton supporter? he fofered to kiss her etc if she would vote for him. said mroe stuff to her too-real creepy. haplerin found it creepy that is why its front post guys. this better be a headline soon

  232. Finally, Howard Dean’s ineptitude is coming to light. From tomorrow’s NYTimes:

    April 2, 2008
    Turmoil in Race Tests Democrats’ Low-Key Chief

    WASHINGTON — The turmoil in the Democratic presidential race has presented a sharp test of Howard Dean’s low-profile approach to leading the Democratic National Committee, bringing calls from many Democrats for him to take a more aggressive role in defusing the threat of a protracted and divisive nominating fight.

    After months in which he was largely absent from public deliberations about how to avert a risk to the party’s hopes of taking the White House in November, Mr. Dean stepped forward last week to say he wanted the contest resolved by July 1 and for Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama to tone down their attacks on each other.

    Yet three years after he won election as the party chairman by running largely as an outsider, it is not clear that Mr. Dean has the political skills or the stature with the two campaigns to bring the nominating battle to a relatively quick and unifying conclusion.

    Indeed, 24 hours after he made his remarks, Mrs. Clinton said she intended to keep fighting for the nomination through the summer, if necessary. It was an unmistakable rebuke to Mr. Dean, who has never had good relations with the Clintons.

    In an interview, Mr. Dean said he was taking steps to pave the way to a smooth convention in Denver this summer, suggesting that he had had private conversations with both campaigns.

    Mr. Dean and his aides said they were assembling resources — voter lists, political organizations and polling on vulnerabilities of Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee. Beyond that, Mr. Dean and other Democrats argued that with the party so divided — and in the midst of a fight between two outsized political figures — there were limits to what he could, or should, do.

    “I’m making calls all the time to people,” he said. “I’ve spoken to a great number of leaders who are not aligned. The operative thing here is let the voters get to have their say before the Washington politicians have their say.”

    Still, senior officials in both campaigns said they had heard rarely from Mr. Dean on matters like the tone of the contest and how it might be concluded and what to do about the Michigan and Florida delegates, the subject of a bitter and potentially debilitating debate between the Clinton and Obama campaigns.

    The chairman of the Florida Democratic Party, Karen Thurman, said she could not recall the last time Mr. Dean had called her to try work out the dispute. She and other Florida Democrats are to meet with Mr. Dean on Wednesday to try to persuade him to agree to a compromise.

    Some Democratic Party leaders, while offering sympathy for Mr. Dean’s plight, said it was urgent that he take a more assertive role to restore peace. Several suggested that Mr. Dean — who has sought to build a legacy by expanding party operations to all 50 states — risked having his tenure as party leader remembered for a traumatizing loss in a year where most Democrats think victory should be easy.

    “I think he should be talking to governors and Al Gore and John Kerry,” said Donald Fowler, a former party chairman who supports Mrs. Clinton. “I think he should be convening almost daily conversations with people — including the campaigns — trying to reach a solution.”

    “If I were a chair, I would be a little more public in what I was doing and suggesting,” Mr. Fowler said. “The D.N.C. chair rarely has an opportunity to do stuff, but this is one of those occasions.”

    Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee drew attention last month when he proposed a solution: Have the elected Democratic officials and party leaders known as superdelegates convene after the voting is done on June 3 to resolve the fight. Mr. Bredesen said he had acted in part because he saw no evidence that Mr. Dean or other leaders were trying to resolve the situation.

    “What I try to do is when I see a problem to step up,” Mr. Bredesen said. “I think the party needs to take a hand in this thing.” ‘

    Mr. Dean, a reserved former governor of Vermont, goes home most weekends and spends most of his weekdays on the road. In Washington, he stays at a hotel. His approach and style offer a sharp contrast to a string of big-shoulder, high-profile party chairmen —Terry McAuliffe or the late Ron H. Brown — who rose through the party ranks and were fixtures at the parties, fund-raisers and restaurants that make up this city’s political culture and where much of the political conversation takes place.

    He in many ways ran for chairman as a candidate defying the Democratic establishment, and his first years were marked by a very public feud with Representative Rahm Emanuel, Democrat of Illinois, over Mr. Dean’s trademark proposal to use Democratic National Committee money to build organizations in all 50 states. He does not have particularly close relationships with many of the people who are central to the Clinton and Obama campaigns or Washington Democratic players.

    “I have never heard from him,” said Charles T. Manatt, who was chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1981 to 1985. “But he is a totally different style from someone like me who came in through the party process. Dean doesn’t live in town so he hasn’t connected with a lot of people in town.”

    Whatever difficulties Mr. Dean may be having, he remains extremely popular with state leaders across the country, in no small part because of the money he has invested in building the state organizations.

    He has asserted that the expenditures are vital to allowing the party to make inroads in Republican territory, but his approach has been mocked by Mr. Emanuel, who, like some other Democrats, has pressed the party to direct money toward high-priority races now rather than toward a hope of gains in the future.

    Some Democrats said Mr. Dean was wise to stand back in the presidential race, saying that nothing could be done until tensions between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama were resolved.

    “I honestly think it’s laying too much at his door, laying too much on his plate,” said Steve Grossman, a former chairman of the national party and a prominent supporter and friend of Mr. Dean. “He truly only has limited impact on this despite people’s sense that a party chair can wave a magic wand and make it happen. I know other people will disagree with that.”

    “As a former chair, I have to acknowledge that I don’t think any former chair has in my memory gone through a period of time that is as complex as this,” Mr. Grossman said. “Howard has been scrupulously nonpartisan in terms of all his activities in dealing with this campaign.”

    Mr. Dean’s allies argued that his call for the fight to be settled by July 1 or so — after the last primaries in early June — was providing a rallying point for other party leaders. “I would hope there would be a resolution of the contest before July,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, who will preside over the convention, said Tuesday.

    Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, told reporters that he believed that the superdelegates, who could determine the nomination, should make their preferences known by July, embracing at least the concept proposed by Mr. Dean.

    But frustration with Mr. Dean’s hands-off approach was reflected across Democratic ranks. Peter S. Lowy, a prominent Los Angeles contributor who has held regular fund-raisers for Democratic campaign committees, sent Mr. Dean a letter complaining about his leadership of the party during this period.

    “As long-term supporters of the party, we have been singularly dismayed with your performance during the current Democratic presidential primary season,” Mr. Lowy wrote.

    Paul G. Kirk, a former party chairman and supporter of Mr. Dean, said that he thought it was possible for exchanges between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama to hurt the eventual nominee, and that Mr. Dean could do something to avoid that.

    “Some of the stuff going on today could be problematic, something that the nominee is going to wish hadn’t happened,” Mr. Kirk said. “There are things that a party chairman can do. He could be quietly trying to bring people to the table and say we’ve got to knock off this noise levels and get things back on a positive tack.”

    In the interview, Mr. Dean suggested that he was doing something like that, although he would not elaborate.

    “I do think that’s part of my role — and I have been doing that,” he said. “But I don’t start doing it publicly. It’s much more effective not to share a private conversation.”

  233. meiyingsu, the thing is, Dean’s 50-state plan did work in part b/c Dems won in the reddest of red districts/states and we did take back the House and Senate.

    The Democratic Primary has nothing to do with that 2006 strategy.

    If the Dems fail to solidify their numbers in 2008, it’s because of Pelosi and Reid.

    Moreover, the problem for the Dems is that b/c they have such a slim majority, they haven’t succeeded in passing any bold and progressive legislations or have “ended” the Iraq war. Although they have accomplished quite a few things, the haven’t shown the spine that Americans expected to see.

    The way I see it, Obama — if he’s President — will suffer the same fate. Grandiose talk about change and hope, but reality bites! There’s actually check and balances and an opposing party who will not give you a free ride.

  234. Ann,

    “HRC has a 1m vote lead when dems alone are counted.”

    Please tell me where this figure comes from.

    My understanding was actual Dem votes couldn’t be entirely & officially tallied because there was only exit polling upon which to tie it.


  235. filbertsf, why I think 50-state plan is a failure is that the plan let a bounch of small red states caucus instead of primary.

  236. “Howard has been scrupulously nonpartisan in terms of all his activities in dealing with this campaign.”


  237. meiyingsu Says:

    April 1st, 2008 at 11:36 pm
    filbertsf, why I think 50-state plan is a failure is that the plan let a bounch of small red states caucus instead of primary.


  238. OMG, did you guys see…about Obama offering a woman who is a Hillary supporter a kiss for her support??? He said do you want me to get down on my knees? I will give you a kiss???

    ATROCIOUS. Instead of explaining to the woman why he would better represent her views, he offers her a kis???? Can you just imagine what would happen if Hillary offered a kiss to a male????

  239. guys, Obama has some strange company, ayers, etc. people who are not just for peace, but seen to want to arm the toher side. We should probably be pushing that.

  240. Blue Democrat Says:

    April 1st, 2008 at 11:46 pm
    “HRC has a 1m vote lead when dems alone are counted.”

    ANYONE know where this comes from?
    I’m not sure, but I have seen it as well.

  241. Ann,

    “HRC has a 1m vote lead when dems alone are counted.”

    Nope….got it from a poster. Sorry. all around but no attribution

  242. the shit we went thru in tx alone would flip sds. i keep asking but maybe i missed it-is there any kind of list to contact some of these guys-we got vids etc of very disturbing stuff. people were assualted-charged etc..why is this not used with sds?

  243. meiyingsu Says:

    April 1st, 2008 at 11:36 pm
    filbertsf, why I think 50-state plan is a failure is that the plan let a bounch of small red states caucus instead of primary.

    I can’t agree with you more, meiyingsu.

  244. This could have some legs….
    60% of popular vote lead in the most corrupt county in the US (with double the national avg. representation of AAs)
    majority (we need to the run the numbers) of pledged delegate lead from red, caucus states.

  245. Hey all. Mangomist, why did you have to go and PISS ME OFF by directing us to that link at ThePage? lol I can not believe that pimp told that woman he’d give her a kiss!!!!!!!!!! Oh gawd, I’ve read it ALL! I’m going to bed. Hopefully, I’ll be able to have some “me time” during the day tomorrow so that I can see what I can do to help you guys’ efforts. Get some sleep east coast peeps.

  246. Carville = loyal
    Richardson = knife in the back (Judas)

    I hope this means the end of Richardson’s career. He doesn’t deserve what was given to him. Bill made a huge mistake trusting that one.

    Karma is a bitch and what goes ’round comes ’round.

  247. confloyd, halperin says BO raised 30 million, Hill’s number is closer to 20 million. I guess BO didn’t really take a hit even though he lost TX and OH and had that whole Wright mess…at first I thought he did because he raised like 55 million last month, but Hill raised 35 million last month, so they both raised far less than in February…so I guess his numbers didn’t really take a hit…I was hoping Hill’s would be higher, she REALLY needs more money to keep up with him, so I encourage everyone to keep giving!

  248. good job 80,000..there was lotts on there just a few min ago..lotts are watching..more on the comments to..

  249. I got this from No Quarter:

    TalkLeft’s Big Tent Democrat analyzed ongoing discussions on the credentials committee process at another blog, and discovered that they have it right. Explains BTD:

    Obama presently has 70.22 votes.
    Clinton has 61.44 votes.
    Up for grabs in the 10 States are 26.33 votes.
    Dean has already seated the 25 votes allowed by the DNC that are not included in the candidates’ totals!

    This does not favor Clinton (what a surprise!), because Dean seats who he wants to seat, and knowing Dean and Donna Brazile, can you guess who those 25 DNC votes are pre-set to go to?

    This is the first piece of news that I find very disturbing. I had held hope that Hillary was going to be able to get control of the rules committee, but this piece suggests that the fix is already in. Our only hope at this point, it looks like, is for the campaign to find out who those 25 DNC votes that Howard Dean has appointed are and try to convince them that not seating FL and MI is political suicide for the Dems.

    I’m sorry to be bringing this bad news, but Dean’s quiet machinations have really made me boil. I hope there are others here who know more about the process than I do, who can maybe refute the conclusions that are presented above.

  250. I can’t help but wonder – what will be next for Hillary. I think she is taking PA. What other states favor her after that? anyone?
    And should it be enough?

  251. There is one other possible explanation for Pelosi’s change of position and I think you know what it is

  252. Irish1139 Says:

    April 2nd, 2008 at 12:14 am
    Carville = loyal
    Richardson = knife in the back (Judas)

    I hope this means the end of Richardson’s career. He doesn’t deserve what was given to him. Bill made a huge mistake trusting that one.

    Only if Hillary wins. He may just get a cabinet post under President Obama.

  253. Obama offering the woman a kiss, shows how arrogant he is. Too bad the woman didn’t flip him off. He is so sure of himself. All i want to see is when he finds out he is not the nominee, crawled up in a corner crying his eyes out. Lets see how this is played out

  254. JohnFlint1985, check out Michael Barone (Almanac of American Politics editor):

    I projected a 60 percent to 40 percent win for Clinton in Pennsylvania. Current average poll numbers show her leading the two-candidate vote 57 percent to 43 percent. I projected a 55 percent to 45 percent win for Obama in North Carolina. Current average poll numbers show him leading the two-candidate vote 57 percent to 43 percent. Current polls may be off, or those currently undecided could swing heavily to one candidate, or turnout may be heavier among Obama than among Clinton voters. But I think my estimates are defensible as outcomes that are possible.

    I’ve also been criticized for projecting that Clinton would carry Indiana and that she would carry Kentucky and West Virginia by wide margins.
    If Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico vote like Puerto Ricans in New York and (probably) Florida voted, they’ll give Clinton a solid majority of the two-candidate vote.
    I projected South Dakota and Montana to vote for Clinton.

  255. CJ Says:

    April 2nd, 2008 at 12:17 am
    good job 80,000..there was lotts on there just a few min ago..lotts are watching..more on the comments to..

    What does this mean?

  256. wbboei Says:

    April 2nd, 2008 at 12:22 am
    There is one other possible explanation for Pelosi’s change of position and I think you know what it is

    I don’t. What is it?

  257. filbertsf @ 1223: Only if Hillary wins. He may just get a cabinet post under President Obama.

    “President Obama” is an oxymoron.

  258. I’m not sure where the 1 million more Dems for Hillary comes from, but I have been working on a very detailed — and it includes the most accurate counts of all caucuses — that shows that HRC has a very large lead over BHO in terms of not only Dem votes, but even giving BHO the benefit of the doubt in terms of how many Dems may have participated in some caucus states and some states without party affiliation included (I think IL is like this). I have not had time to finish it (I’m stuck a little with MI), but she has a very decisive margin, even giving BHO a lot of benefit of the doubt.

    HRC is the Dems’ choice, there is no way around that.
    She is and will be the clear popular vote leader among Dem voters when the contest is over. And that is huge. This is why Obama people are trying to throw out the “Indys should help pick the Dem nominee, too” BS. Garbage. They know where this is going, know HRC is up and will be up in the Dem popular vote, and that’s why the talking point is out there now.

  259. Universal, there is a spreadsheet out there somewhere that shows that Hill by far has dem vote lead.

  260. By the way, Hill has run one of the most civil campaigns in modern history, so this stuff about the “noice level” is silly.

  261. mj, perhaps Wbboei was referencing the letter from the donors to Pelosi. The Howard Dean Must Go article has the letter and a link to the letter.

  262. To those here banned at MYDD, I just want you to know that you have my full support. I find what they did to be quite disturbing. I understand that it is their site to run as they wish, and if they want the tone of writing to be cooled down, then thats their right. Its what admins are for. But to forever delete so many important pieces of work and suddenly ban some of the most popular writers on their site is outrageous. I guess I should feel lucky that my semi-comedic diary on Obama’s crappy bowling score wasn’t on the rec list today or else I might be in the same boat. I guess its time to back up all my work there and consider my future on the site because of this. We’ll see. Sad.

  263. Universal,
    Thanks a lot for that, will sleep much better.
    Held out hope all along as I know early state primaries had exit polls showing big margins,but hadn’t heard anything since in that regard, and then all the Limbaugh Operation Chaos started, and I couldn’t be sure of the basics anymore.

    Would luv to see what you come up with. But am I right that there are no such “official” records of just Dem voters turning out and results?
    It can only be exit poll based, correct?

    This is the biggest (and among the most aggravating) bunch of bull ever, this talk about how nasty a race it is.
    I don’t think Hill’s said a critical thing about Obama in weeks.

    It’s all about them trying to prevent her from unloading on him.

    And my argument all along has been as long as you’re getting blamed for it anyway, you may as well.
    When she’s gone after him, she’s landed some solid shots that had a real effect.

  264. I go to the rezkorama website and there is tons of articles on obama and the rezko scandal. I really wish we could go on abc or msnbc, cnn and tell them or the world what is really going on behind the curtains. If your not familiar go to also that gives you updates. It really hurts that America is not informed about this man.

  265. Thanks for all the work (and suffering) you have undergone texan4hillary.

    Thanks Scan.

    And welcome to this very Pink site.

  266. • Pol: White Voters Attracted to Obama’s ‘Articulate’ Side: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS! What his teleprompted speeches? I really don’t understand! It seems as if fox post negatives on Hillary but the tv media plays a different tune.

  267. wbboei,

    I’ve been out all day and seen hardly any news. I’m disappointed in the NYT op-ed from HIllarys staffers about the Bosnia trip. Much more detailed support was given at when the story began. I just checked nq again and nothing new on it there. I wish someone would take a lot of the nq info and make it into a neat, readable ‘diary’ sort of thing. I might do something like that if I could post it in some friendly place for additions and feedback from military types.

    Loved the bowl-out of course. Hillary always brings things back to common sense and sanity!

  268. the Wyoming caucus, where a 2,066-vote Obama margin gave him a big enough delegate boost to virtually cancel out Hillary Clinton’s 329,000-vote margin in the five March races

    A great point on the ‘will of the people’ thing.

  269. mj — thanks for that. 🙂

    Blue Dem – Yes, you’re right. That’s why I had to make some approximations but all are in BHO’s favor, and he’s still way behind.

    Scan – Thanks so much and welcome!

    Texan4Hillary – I echo the admin: Thanks for all the effort you have put in. I saw the Caligirl stuff over at MyDD — awesome! 🙂

    I just posted a diary at Daily Kos because I knew those guys were going to be celebrating, and I had to
    say something. Yep, they’re celebrating and ripping me and everyone else and patting themselves on the pack, just like you’d expect.

    Ok, I’m going to step out. Thanks to everybody for the help and support, and a big thanks to admin. See you guys sometime later today.


  270. Chelsea spoke in Kentucky today (@ a major U.S. university). And, she repeated a theme: progressivism. Chelsea’s mom is the MOST progressive person running for POTUS right now. Chelsea said it about a few times and very few attendees got her point.

    The male student that stood up did not get it. He chatised her Mom for division in the party and spewed the Obama talking points. Another male student also did not get it. He stood up to chastise Clinton and imply that her mother was anti-Muslim, a charge Ms. Clinton outwardly denied and in no small fashion. In fact. Chelsea Clinton argued that, “My Mom has wide supoport among the Harlem Muslim community.”

    But, others did get it. The African American woman with her Hillary button and the Arab America woman with her Hillary button patiently waited . . . together.

    When we forget how to define progressives we are slightly confused. When we forget that we are progressives, we have crossed the line!

    The major players in this election are not the traditional major players. Tell everyone you know what HRC means to us.

  271. thanks all. i think the real abuse hillary backs suffer-whether it be jackson lee, folks at caucuses etc needs tobe highlighted and brought to the fore. many sds will be appauled. few seem to know the real horrors of obama;s campaign

  272. i also cant view my other hotspot taylormarsh. the new comments sect colors etc either wont load or gives me a real migraine-likelooking into a nightlight. i emaile dher on it. hope im not the only one …

  273. Notice how the media has nicely tucked the Wright scandal away and brought out some weak flimflam stuff against Hillary. But let’s take a closer look at the political landscape to see what the real picture is;

    1) We are all hyper-focused on daily micro change in the political winds. But unlike us here, most Americans, especially in states that have already voted, are paying only scant attention. The Wright scandal has left a lasting scar on Obama’s campaign and we will see this in the upcoming contests. It will have a larger impact in Democratic communities made up of working class folks, PA, IN, KY, WV, and PR. Don’t discount its impact in OR and NC. No matter what the media says, this will hit Obama where it counts (sorry guys). Do you really think this Bosnia stuff matters to the average voter? Boring. I think you will agree with me that they will just see this as usual campaign back and forth. But the Wright scandal!!!!!

    2) When is all said and done, Obama’s wins are in small red states that voted without secret ballots, and states with large AA voters. Will anybody in their right minds (so this excludes the media and DNC) consider this any sort of mandate?

    3) Hillary’s wins are in large states, both blue and red: NY, CA, MA, OH, TX, FL, MI, NJ, as well as variety of other smaller contests across the board; east, west, north, south, red, blue: NM, AZ, NV, OK, RI, TN, NH. Under the old system still in use by the GOP, she would have secured the nomination already. In other states she only lost by a few thousand votes like MO, WY. Add to these the above projected wins in #1 above (PA, KY, WV, IN, PR, perhaps OR/NC). Can you call this a mandate? Most certainly.

    When seen in this light, you can see that the battle for delegates is not as important. Why?

    1) Mandates are more vital. It is a nod, a seal of approval given by a group or community, in this case Democratic voters. No matter what other technicalities the opposing side attempts to drawn on, it is still the mandate that counts most.
    2) The popular vote should reflect this mandate and most likely will when you include FL and MI. We are considering here what constitutes a mandate. Don’t let the other side get you bogged down in technicalities about FL and MI. It is a red herring.
    3) Electability counts for a lot here. This nomination contest is about choosing someone to represent Democratic voters in November. Who represents them most accurately? The person with the mandate.

    Keeping focused on the Big Picture, one can see that the soon to be had victories will seal the deal. The media’s impact going forward will be minimal. The voting public in the remaining states (excluding NC and perhaps OR) have already made up their minds. You can also safely ignore polling information that says otherwise. Don’t believe me? Grab a white pages and do some cold calls. Ask folks about Obama. I venture to say that three quarters are going to mention the Wright scandal. Until these next contests are held, barring any unforeseen catastrophe for either candidate, any noise we hear from polls, media and the DNC is just static. We are almost home. That is unless the Party ignores the mandate. They do so at their own peril.

  274. Hillary will be on Russ Parr’s radio show this morning @ 7:45am/ET. He was on Campbell Brown’s CNN show yesterday and was very critical of Pres. Clinton playing the “race card” in SC and accused Hillary’s campaign of ignoring African Americans.

    It’ll be a very interesting conversation to say the least….

    BROWN: In this unusual election year, even nonpolitical radio shows are talking politics. Joining me now are three radio hosts that have been swept up in the excitement. Andrew Wilkow, host of the “Wilkow Majority,” on Sirius Radio, Russ Parr is the host of the syndicated “Russ Parr Morning Show” and Lady Fay Carmona, co-host of Univision’s “Luis Jimenez Show.” And they are all joining me now.


    BROWN: Russ, it’s kind of the say with you. You usually play music on your show. I understand that Hillary Clinton is going on your show tomorrow?

    RUSS PARR, “RUSS PARR MORNING SHOW”: Yes, scheduled 7:45 in the morning Eastern Time.

    BROWN: You ever think you would be interviewing a presidential candidate?

    PARR: Well, I’ve talked to her one time before when she needed urban radio. After the things that transpired in South Carolina they went away and kind of targeted Latinos which is fine.

    BROWN: Are you going few ask her tomorrow? The fact that African Americans have been back-burnered by the campaign.

    PARR: Campbell, I have been wanting to talk to her for quite a while. So many things. Initially a lot of my listeners were kind of into Hillary, they talk the red phone moments. We had a couple red flag moments. Such as what happened with her husband in South Carolina, inferences there, little veiled reminder that hey, Obama is a black man.

    Don’t forget about that. That is troubling. I think what happens as African-Americans we become defensive and we tend to defend our individual, that we believe is wrong. That’s what has really gone wrong for Hillary. Because I believe that she had something going there for a minute. What happened once they started doing that it just changed the whole landscape.

    CARMONA: Wow.

  275. What’s up with mydd?
    by mnicholson0220, Tue Apr 01, 2008 at 11:16:17 PM EST

    We’ve just heard of several longtime members of mydd being summarily kicked off mydd.

    Guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Today I received a “warning” that I need to cut out the racist comments and diaries, with reference to my diary entitled “Obama’s Race Baiting: The Memo”. But I haven’t been kicked off. Not yet at least.

    The above-referenced diary was removed. And here’s the kicker: That diary was

    about 95% quotes from a Huffington Post article, plus the Obama campaign’s actual
    memo, which is public knowledge. I did add a couple of editorial comments, including
    one stating how deeply offensive it is to me when someone plays the race card.

    Was THAT it? Or …

    What gives?

    Has the long arm of the Obama thought police reached into mydd, taken truth by the throat, and throttled it? Floods of hate mail directed at the admins, perhaps, as happened to Geraldine Ferraro? Threats? Intimidation?

    A word of explanation from the admins might be helpful.

  276. jbstonesfan, Gloria Borger (sp?) on CNN is the WORST offender when it comes to being an Obama-bot shill. She doesn’t even offer any insightful analysis, either. Nothing but a cheerleader.

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