Barack Obama’s Biggest Lie

Alright, this might not be the biggest Obama lie. There are so many big Obama lies to choose from we reserve the right to “extend and revise” our remarks.

Certainly ONE of Obama’s biggest lies is the idea, propounded as an article of faith in his cult, that Obama will change political reality as to what constitutes a winning margin for Democrats.

Obama and his incense burners say that it is not enough for Democrats to “only” be elected with 51% of the votes. Obama is oh so much more high minded than that. Obama premises his surrender-to-Republicans candidacy on getting such a huge election victory that he will then be able to solve all the problems this nation has been grappling with for decades, if not centuries by some sort of electoral alchemy.

Two problems with this big Obama lie:

Obama’s flim flam act on electoral politics, much like Professor Hill’s “Think” system of music education, fools the willingly gullible members of the cult but repudiates political reality.

Professor Hill’s “Think” system in The Music Man is a revolutionary CHANGE from previous music education. The “Think” system is premised on the Audacity of Hope. Professor Hill has zero music training, cannot play a musical instrument, and does not know or recognize one musical note from another.

The “Think” system states that if you “think” you can play a musical instrument, if you envisage yourself playing a musical instrument – you will play that musical intrument with technique and virtuosity. Just “Think” it. Imagine all those stupid music teachers and students in our schools lumbering with their outdated years of music training and practice when they can “Think” their way to Carnegie Hall. This is the Obama magic. “Think” it and years of electoral strife will end.

According to Obama it is not Republican resistance to Democratic ideas, nor Democratic resistance to Republican ideas that is the problem. For Obama the problem is that we American fools needed a messiah to show us our sinful ways. For Obama the problem is not that the different ideas on how to organize society, by the political parties, is worth fighting for. For Obama and his cult, the solution is always Obama.

For the Obama cult, Republican resistance, constitutionally protected Republican resistance, backed with wealth, power, and determination will all be overcome by the messiah Obama.

The incense burners believe messiah Obama can walk on water and overcome reality such as this:

We believe that Obama is flim flamiming the American public, aided and abetted by Big Media masters and that explains his nonsense ideas about elections and governing.

It is possible however that Obama does not grasp the very basic concept of “minority rights” in our form of government. In our form of government, or governments – when we examine the entire system of community, municipal, state and national governments, a minority can indeed block the majority with some ease. Call it checks and balances, the Federalist system, Democracy, whatever, but in our system of government legislative minorities can exert great power to block legislation. Throw in the judicial system and that “gridlock” which can be so frustrating is easily eplicated by individuals at the community or even national levels.

The second problem with Obama’s Biggest Lie is the one that is extra laughable.

Bill Clinton broke the “electoral lock” Republicans have held in American politics. Republicans essentially have had the confederate states of the south and western states as “sure win” states for them. This group of states committed to Republicans has restricted the states in play during elections. Obama, in full messiah mode, says he can not only break the electoral lock but also smelt it into Isiahian plowshares.

Obama’s lie is that he will win in Red states and Blue states. Obama, ever the flim flam artist, denies that there are Red or Blue states. Obama has never heard of “Jeebus” land.

Obama says it is not “good enough” to win election by 51%. Obama, like a good flim flam man, has never provided an alternate number to 51%. All Obama does is deride the idea that “51% is not enough”.

What number does Obama think is a good number to win election by? No one has ever asked that simple question. Does Obama believe he could win election by 90%? 80%? 70%? 60%? Surely it has to be 60% or more – Obama’s entire big victory strategy can’t be to win with only 8% more than the tawdry 51%. So what exactly does Obama think is a “good enough” win? A flim flam artist will never tell.

Yesterday, Chuck Todd helps to explode the Obama electoral vote myth.

Moreover, I would argue the Wright story turned off enough older white voters so that Obama can no longer argue that when compared with Clinton he will expand the electoral map in a general election with McCain.

Now he can simply say he will use a different map; a map that ultimately might expand for the party as a whole, even if his path to 270 is no less narrow a victory than Clinton’s. It is just different.

Obama will rely on greater strength west of the Mississippi, while Clinton will use the same Gore-Kerry map. She will simply promise that she will carry Ohio or Florida.

Democratic “Superdelegates” are now seeing what Obama’s (and Howard Dean’s) new losing electoral MATH is: humiliate and disenfranchise Big Electoral Vote Rich States like Florida and Michigan in exchange for small electoral vote states like Idaho and Wyoming.

We’ll stick with Florida and Michigan.