Howard Dean Must Go – Hillary Clinton Will Stay, Part II

Writer Gene Lyons says it best:

As recently as 2000, Democrats were outraged that, due to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bush vs. Gore, not all of Florida’s presidential votes counted. In 2008, advanced thinkers supporting Sen. Barack Obama have persuaded themselves that fairness dictates that none of them should count. Nor Michigan’s, either. Better that the voters of two critical swing states comprising close to 10 percent of the electorate be disenfranchised than that Obama’s inevitable nomination be delayed. Nobody’s expected to notice the main reason that Team Obama faulted every suggested revote plan: He wouldn’t stand the proverbial snowball’s chance of winning either state’s primary. Rather than face that unpleasant truth, his supporters proposed various compromises with one common denominator: that Obama be awarded delegates he hasn’t won. That this strikes them as reasonable reflects the deep unreality into which roughly half the Democratic party has fallen. Once again, with feeling: The votes belong to the voter, not the candidates. Oddly, it’s Sen. Hillary Clinton, who grasps that elementary democratic principle, who critics say feels entitled to the presidency. Meanwhile, TV pundits like CNN’s Jack Cafferty warn us that should Obama’s supporters be disappointed in their hopes, “you wouldn’t want to live in this country.” A more concise way of turning the November contest into a racial referendum can’t be imagined. Who will win that one ? Then what ?

In Time, Mark Halperin provides a list of “Painful Things Hillary Clinton Knows—Or Should Know.” No. 7: “The Rev. Wright story notwithstanding, the media still wants Obama to be the nominee—and that has an impact every day.” We’ve come full circle. So confident have the Beltway media courtiers grown in their social and political status that what once was furiously denied is now boasted about. Politicians may come and go, but Chris Matthews, Howard Fineman, Tim Russert and Maureen Dowd preside over a permanent House of Lords. [snip]

Gene Lyons accurately describes the the continuing Big Media overthrow of the democratic process.

Instead of fighting for the primacy of Democratic voters in a Democratic nomination race, Howard Dean has abandoned Democratic voters. Howard Dean must go.

Howard Dean is not alone in abandoning Democratic voters. His appointment of Donna Brazile to Chair the Voting Rights Institute of the Democratic National Committee is emblematic of the abandonment of Democratic voters. Of course the confusion at the Voting Rights Institute is such that it is hard to determine who is in charge at the moment. But it is clear that Donna Brazile has sided against the nomination process, with voters voting, and all delegates to the convention voting. Donna Brazile has even vowed to resign from the DNC if things do not develop as she thinks they should. According to Donna Brazile “Superdelegates” voting according to their conscience would somehow be undemocratic.

What escapes Donna Brazile is the reality that if all Superdelegates decided to take a page from Obama’s voting history and vote “present” at the Democratic National Convention neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama would have sufficient votes to get the nomination.

Donna Brazile wants to “mau-mau” the Superdelegates into voting for Obama.

Donna Brazile and Howard Dean are not alone.

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives,i also wants to cook the books for Obama. Pelosi’s position as co-chair of the Democratic Convention makes her shilling for Obama extra nefarious. Instead of being truly impartial and letting the Democratic process play out Nancy Pelosi is putting her fingers on the scales. Nancy Pelosi has stated repeatedly that a unity ticket of Clinton/Obama is impossible (we agree with her on that point at least). Nancy Pelosi has also stated, like Donna Brazile, that Superdelegates should ignore their voting rights and follow the delegate count. That is in violation of the very reason why “Superdelegates” are given a vote in the Democratic nomination process. Of course, Nancy Pelosi says these things in order to tip the scales to Obama and attempt to create a sense of momentum for Obama. Most egregiously Nancy Pelosi has also argued against a revote in Michigan and Florida, thereby disenfranchising Democratic voters in these two states.

Nancy Pelosi should resign as a co-chair of the Democratic Convention because she has proven over and over again she is not a fair and neutral minister in this Democratic nomination race.

So egregious has Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to upend the Democratic nomination process been that Democratic donors are protesting. These donors who have contributed over $24 million to Democratic causes over the years wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi.

But this dynamic primary season is not at an end. Several states and millions of Democratic voters have not yet had a chance to cast their votes.

We respect those voters and believe that they, like the voters in the states that have already participated, have a right to be heard. None of us should make declarative statements that diminish the importance of their voices and their votes. We are writing to say we believe your remarks on ABC News This Week on March 16th did just that.

During your appearance, you suggested super-delegates have an obligation to support the candidate who leads in the pledged delegate count as of June 3rd , whether that lead be by 500 delegates or 2. This is an untenable position that runs counter to the party’s intent in establishing super-delegates in 1984 as well as your own comments recorded in The Hill ten days earlier: “I believe super-delegates have to use their own judgment and there will be many equities that they have to weigh when they make the decision. Their own belief and who they think will be the best president, who they think can win, how their own region voted, and their own responsibility.’”

Super-delegates, like all delegates, have an obligation to make an informed, individual decision about whom to support and who would be the party’s strongest nominee. Both campaigns agree that at the end of the primary contests neither will have enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination. In that situation, super-delegates must look to not one criterion but to the full panoply of factors that will help them assess who will be the party’s strongest nominee in the general election.

We support a NO Donations without representation posture on the part of Democratic donors.

* * *

Hillary Clinton is fighting for the rights of Democratic voters. If necessary the Democratic nomination process will end at the Party convention in Denver.

Hillary Clinton said “Let’s have the Democratic party go on record against seating the Michigan and Florida delegations three months before the general election? I don’t think that will happen. I think they will be seated. So that’s where we’re headed if we don’t get this worked out.”

Bill Clinton has also made it clear, as only he can, that this Democratic nomination process is far from over no matter what Big Media dictates:

Speaking to several hundred supporters in Parkersburg on Wednesday, the former president said division among the Democratic presidential candidates is nothing to be concerned about, and if politicians don’t want to get “beat up,” they shouldn’t run.

Clinton rejected calls from some “elite” members of the Democratic Party who are suggesting his wife bow out of the race so as not to divide the party.

He says now is not the time, as his wife is gaining ground on Obama.

“Let’s just saddle up and have an argument. What’s wrong with that?”

Clinton told the crowd that his wife has better plans than Obama on the economy, health care and the war in Iraq.

The Hillary campaign and supporters are on the same page in wanting to see the Democratic nomination process to the end.

“It’s interesting that the Obama campaign often gets its back up when we say that their campaign is just words,’’ Singer said. “But I think few things illustrate this point better than what Sen. Obama is doing with regard to Florida and Michigan.’’

Obama is campaigning with ads in Pennsylvania that speak of his record as a young civil rights worker, Singer says, but “now he only wants to count some of the votes.’’ [snip]

“We could have avoided the entire Bush presidency if we had counted votes in Florida,’’ Singer said. “The fact that Sen. Obama is endangering and jeopardizing Democratic prospects’’ in two states vital to winning in November is “unacceptable.’’

“The general election is going to be very, very close,’’ said Harold Ickes, a senior adviser to the Clinton campaign, calling Republican Sen. John McCain a “formidable’’ opponent. “Florida, I think we have a real shot at winning this year, if Hillary is leading the ticket… Slapping these people in the face is not the way to engender support,’’ Ickes added.

Daniel Baer a faculty fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics at Harvard and a supporter of Hillary Clinton makes some additional points:

It is now clear that superdelegates will ultimately decide the Democratic nominee for president, so the campaigns for both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have been making their case for what these party pooh-bahs ought to do.

Senator Obama’s camp asserts that superdelegates need to vote for whoever wins more pledged delegates – almost certainly him. Senator Clinton’s team contends that her often-decisive victories in large and swing states – crucial battlegrounds in the November election – should compel superdelegate support. [snip]

It is a superdelegate’s duty to reflect carefully on each candidate’s strengths, on how she or he would fare in a general election, and how he or she would perform as president.

In wooing superdelegates, Obama’s campaign must make the case that he can go the distance, withstand Republican attacks, and reach beyond the core demographics that have supported him in caucuses and primaries thus far.

Here’s where the Clinton campaign’s counterargument comes in: Her wins with key Democratic constituencies in large states and swing states, and a possible popular-vote edge, provide a compelling reason for superdelegates to tilt her way. [snip]

We know that there will be more focus on policy differences than there is in a primary, where voters often have the luxury of picking on personality. We know that in 2008, the economy, healthcare, and security are likely to be the top issues for voters. And we know that recent GOP wins have been built upon inroads with three groups: Latinos, so-called security moms, and working-class whites.

Clinton’s campaign must continue to demonstrate that she has the substance – the Clinton track record on the economy, her nuanced command of foreign policy – and the strength with key demographics that will be necessary to win the general election, especially in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

There has been an inordinate amount of handwringing about the superdelegates among Democratic activists and the punditry:

“Oh no,” they lament. “The unelected superdelegates are going to make the call. No one imagined this nightmare scenario when they created these party rules!”

Hogwash. There is no reason to assume that the prospect of a virtual tie in pledged delegates didn’t occur to the designers of the system. Indeed, it is precisely in a case like this that having superdelegates makes sense. The purpose of such a format is to help the Democratic Party choose the best candidate when one has not been convincingly rendered by the primaries and caucuses. [snip]

It may be politically difficult for superdelegates to bracket consideration of pledged delegates, but their hopefully principled commitment to the Democratic Party demands that they do so. After all, Obama has staked his campaign in part on reminding us that judgment certainly doesn’t mean following the crowd.

As voters and caucusgoers, we have supported the person we believe in. Superdelegates have a special duty: As party leaders, they must set aside the passions of the moment, draw upon their experience and their judgment, and choose a candidate who can win and who can govern.

* * *

Superdelegates have a lot of factors to consider. The latest anti-jewish, anti-Italian remarks from Obama’s “Pastor” of 20 years must be considered. Every day new statements come to light which Obama must deal with.

Did we mention the recess in the Rezko trial will be over at the end of March?

The impact on Democratic voters voting for Republican John McCain also has to be considered.

28% of Clinton supporters go to McCain if she’s not the nominee.
19% of Obama supporters go to McCain if he’s not the nominee.

Many of these voters no doubt take their cue from Michelle Obama who refuses to support Hillary Clinton when Hillary wins the nomination.

As repulsive as Michelle Obama’s comments are, the most repulsive premise of the Obama campaign is that he can only win the Democratic nomination by disenfranchising Democrats in Michigan and Florida.

Readers of Big Pink will recall we supported the New Hampshire recount even as many bemoaned the “sore loser” attitude of Hillary oppenents. Granted we did so partly out of joy in reliving the great New Hampshire victory. But our prime reasoning was that every vote should be counted and because there should be full confidence in our election process.

Democratic voters and respect for their votes and will must be the guiding principle in the Democratic nomination process. Those that do not understand or do not wish to respect this simple principle must step aside.

“… .. I don’t think the nominee of the party will be considered legitimate if we don’t figure out how to count those votes from Michigan and Florida. … ” – Senator Hillary Clinton


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  1. Tomorrow, once again, I pledge myself to phone banking on Hillary’s behalf into Pennsylvania.

    Everyone, we need to combat Bambi’s overwhelming tv ad buys with our own “ads” for Hillary. Let you fingers do the walking and TALK our candidate up

    PA is the way to the White House. Tommorow Bambi will start a bus tour, we need to bluntforce his bus tour with our own “tour” of PA.

    The Big Pink Tour .. coming to a city near you. Listen for us!

  2. I just flipped past Fox to see Dr. Laura commenting on all the recent political sex scandals.

    This station is a cartoon sometimes.

  3. Riverdaughter posted today that if Obama were (note the subjunctive is used in doubtful cases) the nominee, she wouldn’t vote for McCain, but she isn’t sure she would vote for Obama. She has suggested that she would stand there looking at the ballot remembering the countless Obomdroids who have told her they don’t need her vote, and she might well just skip the presidential ballot and go down ballot to vote a straight Democratic ticket. I’ve had the same thought. The Obamadroids have deftly convinced me that the party wouldn’t need me were O’God the nominee.

    Please, Hillary, be the nominee, and save me from this choice!

  4. Another great job ADMIN.

    Do you publish these editorials any where else?

    There are many who would benefit from your POV

  5. Great post ADMIN. Right to the heart of the matter. Excellent. I’m ready for the battle.

  6. mj,

    Joe, are you sure that is current? Someone I know says they can’t find the transcript.

    That’s because Lehrer hasn’t put the transcript up yet. I transcribed it myself. It’s from today.

  7. hi everyone!!! i havent been on in a few days…. but i just wanted to report that i went to my first hillary meetup in asheville, nc tonite and it was AWESOME!!!! we had almost a hunded people there!!! you do NOT understand how suprised we were!!! this just got put together and it was really hard to get the word out, so i can only imagine the support we are going to generate for hillary!!!

    and guess who i’m going to see tomorrow night??? if you guessed President William Jefferson Clinton, then you would be right!!! i am soooo excited!!! i’m taking one of the women i work with… she told me that she will be voting for hillary as well! (she was on the fence before)!!! and a few of my neighbors and my husband are coming too!!!

    do you guys think arriving two hours before the event will be enough time to get a good seat?

    also… i would welcome any suggestions for our group… its so much bigger than we thought it would be, so any suggestions as far as organizing effectly, creating emailing lists, etc… would be SOOOO helpful! please email me any suggestions at

    thank you!

  8. Hannity did an EXCELLENT job tonight

    leave ogremann and the rest of the Obama News Networks (CNN, MSNBC) and don’t give them your ratings anymore!!

  9. The question remains: Would people who refuse to vote for Obama be “leaving the Democratic party?” Or would the Democratic party have left “us”?

    If they nominate Obama, it means they have sold out their soul for the false messiah. The only guy on earth to convince DEMOCRATS that universal healthcare is unachievable, and that “mandates” are bad. Since when are DEMOCRATS afraid of mandates?

    I can’t do it. I’m sorry Hillary…. I just can’t vote for him. If the Democratic party needs to FALL in order to regain its SOUL …. so be it.

  10. This is a perfect place for Paddy’s well thought out scenareo:

    Warning, it is long, but fits w/ Admin’s Theories about The House Of Lords.

    Paddy lives in either China or Japan, so is headed to bed when early rising BMerry gets to good stuff like this in the wee hours.

    This, when added to the last few hour’s discussion, will scare the crap out of some, ut also energized many yesterday to not just keep plugging, but to rev it up.

    Here goes:

    paddy4Hill Says:

    March 26th, 2008 at 5:01 am
    Writing things out often clears things up for me. This issue of the Obama supporters has been on my mind for quite a period. Why are they so fanatical? So mean? Why have so many previous rational people been hoodwinked by this fake? It took a long time for me to come to some possible explanation for this weirdness. So I wrote. This initially was meant for my own personal use, and maybe to be used as a basis for an article in a Chinese newspaper (they are just as bewildered). Although it is a tad long, I felt it should also be shared here with my friends. It may not be perfect, but not much in life is. But it may provide some food for thought. I am always open to comments from those here on this site. I value your opinions. It follows below on a separate post.

    paddy4Hill Says:

    March 26th, 2008 at 5:04 am
    The Rise (and Fall) of the Neo-libs

    When and where did the neo-libs come from? One might say that the first sightings of what would eventually evolve into the neo-libs were the various state level Green Party organizations that sprung up in the early 1990s. These were Americanized copies of similar groupings in Europe, mainly white university liberal arts graduates from upper middle class families. The Greens were strongly anti-establishment and radical environmentalists. Their slogan was “think globally, act locally”, and were the ones to first coin the “global village” concept.

    They never made it into the mainstream and peaked with the Green Party candidacy for President of Ralph Nader. It didn’t matter much. Although they themselves did not hit the big time, their ideas lived on. For soon, most of their political positions had been usurped by a new radicalized youth who began protesting against the global status quo at international gatherings. And unlike the more pacifist Greens, the protests grew more and more violent, culminating in the notorious Seattle riots. Lacking an organizational base, financial support and a cadre of capable leaders, these protests may have just faded into the haze of yesterday’s news headlines as just another of those leisure-time indulgences undertaken by the spoiled offspring of well-off families. But something else was simultaneously happening that would alter the landscape of political America. The very global system that the protesters were rebelling against was creating one of the biggest wealth transfers the world had ever witnessed.

    Globalization resulted in vast amounts of wealth moving to the United States. This wealth though was not distributed evenly among the general population, but instead enriched a new group of younger, well educated, liberal minded, high tech savvy, entrepreneurs and highly paid professionals, now often described as middle-class millionaires. They made their fortunes using new asset classes of investment such as hedge funds, private equity and venture capital, most out of the reach of the average investor. This group of new rich left stood in stark contrast with old money that had long identified with the conservative faction of the Republican Party. The new class, who described themselves as progressives, was for the most part well-heeled political clones of the radical student protesters. Hence they were very internationalist in focus, taking extreme positions on the environment, human rights, global working conditions, and a collection of various causes such as Tibetan independence, organic farming, fair trade, and opposition to international organizations such as the World Bank and IMF. There was then a marriage of convenience between the two. Sharing similar goals as to what the world should look like, the new rich left differed from their radical student soul-mates in that they had money and lots of it to achieve their political goals. On the other hand their student ideological allies would be the ones that would supply the manpower. As the old saying goes, “if you’ve got the money honey, I’ve got the time.”

    Its was this convergence of what was left of the Greens, the radicalized youth and the new rich left, that gave birth to what I am calling the neo-libs. This name was chosen deliberately to draw on the similarities between the neo-libs and the neo-cons who occupy the opposite end of the political spectrum. Both hold views that are not at this point part of mainstream American politics, both are by themselves small factions within the two major parties, both are more concerned about international than domestic affairs, both advocate interventionism, including the use of force if necessary, to obtain their political objectives, both pose a grave danger to world peace and security.

    But major distinctions exist between the neo-libs and neo-cons. The neo-libs actively seek to dominate the newest and fastest growing form of information, the internet, through the use of coercion and e-violence. The student wing because their comfortable life styles and affluence allows them the time and finances, is employed to contain opposition to their movement. A variety of intimidation tactics ranging from the use of gross profanity on anti-neo-lib blog entries, posting crude and rude comments on sites running unfavorable news articles, conducting web searches on active opposition bloggers in order to find personal information that can be used on-line in ugly ways, and even death threats on the web against political opponents, are becoming commonplace. The majority of political blog sites are controlled by the neo-libs and most use strict censorship to screen out entries they consider unfriendly.

    Political intimidation tactics are not confined to the internet. Polling organizations have close connections to the neo-libs and many poll results are obvious attempts to mislead the public to disguise real voter sentiment. During the Democratic caucuses, it was common place for neo-lib student radicals to intimidate voters into voting for their candidate Senator Obama. The censorship of anti-Obama stories in the media and their near worshiping of his holiness has been so obvious that a famous late-night comedy program started a series of skits poking fun if it. Such a wide range of political intimidation and information control has not been seen in western developed countries since the early days of the National Socialist movement in Germany. This kind of worshiping of a political leader by followers and media alike is also too reminiscent of the National Socialist Adolf Hitler to be comfortable. While the neo-cons were able to take advantage of the weak Bush conservative administration to give us such things as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the neo-libs promise to give us much worse if they ever come to power. The neo-libs are no lovers of freedom.

    Grounded in the transformed Green agenda, relying on an infantry of radicalized youth from upper middle class families, and powered by the big bucks of the new rich left, the neo-libs as a coherent movement made their initial foray into the political mainstream in 2004 by backing their first candidate, the former governor of Vermont Howard Dean, in the Democratic presidential primary. Although not a neo-lib himself but a member of the ageing-liberal wing of the Party, he nonetheless utilized neo-lib support on an anti-war platform to run as an “outsider,” distinguishing himself from the ageing-liberal Kerry and the moderate Edwards. They failed miserably; Dean did not win one contest. The neo-libs ended up reluctantly backing as second choice John Kerry, who like all previous liberal Democrats before him, went down to political defeat in the general election.

    The neo-libs extracted as the price for backing Kerry ageing-liberal support in giving the leadership of the Democratic National Committee to Howard Dean. Next, the unpopular war in Iraq resulted in the crushing defeat of the Republicans in the congressional elections in 2006, encouraging the ageing- liberals to try one more time to get into the White House even if it meant doing so through the back door. The key to that door would be resurrecting the coalition with the neo-libs. This time it would be a neo-lib that would head the ticket, and for this they anointed the African-American junior Senator from Illinois, Barak Obama. Their strategy was clear from the outset. The ageing-liberals would not run anyone from their own ranks to oppose Obama in the primaries and would provide the necessary Democrat establishment backing the neo-libs lacked. For their part, the neo-libs would implement an improved version of the Dean 2004 campaign strategy. The new rich left would bankroll the operation, with the radicalized youth serving as foot soldiers for the campaign and running interference on the web and at the caucuses. They would enjoy the added bonus of the African-American vote going for a favorite son. The media, dominated by either ageing-liberals or younger neo-libs, would serve as the organs of Obama’s propaganda. Their goal: to prevent the moderates from re-taking control of the Democratic Party and defeat of the unpopular Republicans in the general election.

    But globalization had not only created the new rich left, but also one of the widest gaps between the haves and haves not in American history. The pain resulting from the global economic restructuring was creating great difficulties for the middle classes. In a final act of desperation for one last chance at gaining the White House in alliance with the neo-libs, the ageing-liberals, once their champions, deserted the middle class. As for the neo-libs, they have little sympathy for the average working American. They, along with the old money Republicans, see no need for government programs that benefit the middle class. They already have it all. They can afford the best doctors, their children attend the finest schools, and they are going to retire in comfort. Hence they are more interested in Tibetan independence, human rights in Kosovo, and the Kyoto climate pact, than universal healthcare, better public schools or meaningful social security reform.

    The so-called Regan democrats, who have been pushed out of the Republican Party by the costly foreign adventures of the neo-cons and the rigid moral positions of the religious right, found themselves stranded in a political no-mans’ land. That was until the moderate faction of the Democratic Party launched a challenge on their behalf in the candidacy of New York Senator Hillary Clinton. Their strategy was just as ingenious as the neo-libs. Clinton as the candidate of the moderates would represent not only the former Regan Democrats now re-termed Lunch Bucket Democrats, but also Latinos, Asian Americans, Jewish Americans and carry the additional punch of being the first serious female contender for the White House in American history. The moderates under Clinton have still many allies within the Party, those who refuse to surrender it to the neo-lib bullies.

    It is odd that the African-American voters can not see the obvious fact that they are being used. The neo-libs will have no use for them if they ever come to power. They should realize what more and more middle class Americans already have. The new rich left will continue to use international capital to enrich themselves at the expense of the common folks. The current economic mess that began with the sub-prime meltdown was created by them as they attempted to maximize the return on their investments by upping the risk factors. And with their wealth they will seek to use the government to remold global economic and political conditions to their liking, much like neo-cons on the right. It is just that the agenda will change slightly. They will send the country’s youth of all colors to liberate Tibet, to free some far-off country like Burma or Sudan from their oppressors, force the price of goods up for the average consumers via international environmental taxes, fair trade quotas and product boycotts, and increase international tension. After waiting patiently eight years for the nightmare of the Bush administration to end, the world might have to endure eight more years of worse mistakes, this time from a new tyranny of the left and not the right. And it could be worse than before. The neo-libs have already shown brown-shirt like tendencies in a willingness to use the radicalized youth as a force to achieve their goals. They feel so strongly that they are right that any means will justify the ends. Many in the political and working classes have already fallen prey to the sweet sounds of the neo-lib propaganda, that a world built on their principals will be one of peace and prosperity. What they don’t tell you is that the peace and prosperity will be built on the backs of the working people and that the benefits will go disproportionately to themselves for they already control the purse strings of international capital.

    As for this election, the neo-libs would rather win the nomination and lose the general election than lose the nomination. If they secure the nomination, they remain in control of the Party until the next round. This will allow them to bring in more of their own people and dominate the agenda for years to come. After all, it has already been eight years since moderates under Bill Clinton held the reigns of power in the Party. Many of his people will be leaving political life in the next few years as they retire. The neo-libs and ageing-liberals want to replace as many of them as possible with their own. If Senator Clinton and the moderates win, this will keep the neo-libs out and ensure that the Party is one that occupies the political center.

    The neo-lib alliance does indeed want to win the general election too if they can, even though that seems remote at this point given the new problems of their candidate. Then they could exercise complete mastery of the Party. With both houses of congress at their disposal, especially the House under the ageing-liberal ally Pelosi, they can re-make the world according to their own image without restraints. But since the White House is looking increasing difficult to take for Obama, the last thing they want is to lose the nomination to Clinton, because then they lose everything. If she does win the nomination, the moderates will control the Party no matter which party is victorious in November. This is why the neo-lib duet of Obama and Dean, and the ageing-liberals leadership under Kennedy, Kerry, and Pelosi, are so desperate to win the primary election at all costs, even if it means losing the general election. It is the nomination that counts most for now and for the future direction of the Party. It is better to have half the pie than none.

    As Senator Clinton often correctly points out, America has never faced such challenges as it does at the present. The stakes have never been higher. The Republican leadership for too long believed that the biggest challenge to their ideals came from Senator Clinton. They are now belatedly realizing that a much more serious threat, this time to the vital interests of the United States, is coming from the neo-libs. Better late than never. At the same time, many have decided that the Democratic Party is worth fighting for. And the great masses of the American middle class are finally awaking to the fact that the only way to avoid a mistake of catastrophic proportion for both the world and their own economic interest, lies is the election of Democrat Senator Clinton as President.

  11. Emjay…,thanks for reposting that. Paddy is in China and she really hits it home there.


    I think you need to bring tons of paper and pens and
    1.) get all the email addresses you can
    2.) have several local numbers for HC Campaign Offices
    3.) Two hours at least
    4.) take a big sign!
    5.) HAVE FUN

  12. This is so funny. This guy is an extremist and BO lied all over the place. He said they were a few comments, cherry picked. But, obviously, this guy is a full time hate monger.

  13. It just amazes me how people are now saying the negative backlash against Dr. Wright is based on racism and not the end results when Hate Speech only begets more hate.

    I not surprised if some racism is mixed in this but when you all come down to it…negativity will one mirror negativity two folds.

  14. More Wright Stuff

    March 27, 2008 7:54 PM

    Some more controversial, even offensive, material emanating from Sen. Obama’s church, Trinity United Church of Christ in the South Side of Chicago, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This material attacks Israel, Italians, and the US government.


    The June 10, 2007 church newsletter on the Pastor’s Page includes some rather incendiary charges — made by an Arab-American activists — claiming that Israel worked with South Africa to develop an “ethnic bomb that kills Blacks and Arabs.”


    New York Newsday reports that in the Dec. 2007 edition of the Trumpet magazine, published by Rev. Wright’s daughter, the pastor in a eulogy for Asa Hilliard wrote that Jesus’s “enemies had their opinion about Him… The Italians for the most part looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans.” He calls the crucifixion “a public lynching Italian style” executed in “Apartheid Rome.”


    In that same eulogy Wright says that the US “government runs everything from the White House to the schoolhouse, from the Capitol to the Klan, white supremacy is clearly in charge, but Asa, like Jesus, refused to be defined by an oppressive government because Asa got his identity from an Omnipotent God.”

    3) HAMAS OP-ED

    Bizzyblog has published the July 22, 2007 church newsletter in which Wright reprints an article by Mousa Abu Marzook, deputy of the political bureau of Hamas, which the US government named a terrorist organization in 1995.

    Marzook was named a Specially Designated Terrorist by the Treasury Department In 2004, the Justice Department indicted Marzook for conspiring to violate U.S. laws that prohibit dealings in terrorist funds.

    The op-ed was first published on the Los Angeles Times op-ed page.

    Sen. Obama in an interview to air Friday on ABC’s “The View” says he did not read the bulletins in his church. “I don’t purchase all the DVD’s and I didn’t read all the church bulletins,” Obama told the ladies of “The View”. “People are mixes of good and bad. I saw mostly the good, there were some things that I disagreed with. But I didn’t see some of the things that were said that I would have taken offense to.”

    Obama also said he’s spoken to Wright since the controversy erupted. “I talked to him after this episode; he had come back from a cruise. I think he’s saddened by what’s happened, and I told him I feel badly that he has been characterized just in this one way, and people haven’t seen this broader aspect of him.”

    – jpt

  15. Kaffeen, I read the poll was oversampled, but they did not use that in the results. Some are saying they oversampled, but put in the right percent for results.

    Has Cooper figured out yet that Wright is not mainstream?

  16. mj Says:

    March 27th, 2008 at 10:06 pm
    This is so funny. This guy is an extremist and BO lied all over the place. He said they were a few comments, cherry picked. But, obviously, this guy is a full time hate monger.
    I agree but what makes me really mad is how the MSM is excusing this behavior and labeling all AA’s with this mind set. It’s insulting and offensive.

    Some of the biggest con men in my life and be men of the cloth…so can we get real about this scandals and not pander to this filth because I don’t won’t my children to use race as a crutch when life challenges happens.

  17. Taking umbrage, a list of big Democratic donors who support the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., have written a letter to Pelosi (subsequently released to the press) pointing out that “Several states and millions of Democratic voters have not yet had a chance to cast their votes” and arguing “None of us should make declarative statements that diminish the importance of their voices and their votes. We are writing to say we believe your remarks on ABC News This Week on March 16th did just that.

    “During your appearance, you suggested super-delegates have an obligation to support the candidate who leads in the pledged delegate count as of June 3rd , whether that lead be by 500 delegates or 2. This is an untenable position that runs counter to the party’s intent in establishing super-delegates in 1984…”

    Then the donors — Marc Aronchick, Clarence Avant, Susie Tompkins Buell, Sim Farar, Robert L. Johnson, Chris Korge, Marc and Cathy Lasry, Hassan Nemazee, Alan and Susan Patricof, JB Pritzker, Amy Rao, Lynn de Rothschild, Haim Saban, Bernard Schwartz, Stanley S. Shuman, Jay Snyder, Maureen White and Steven Rattner — reminded Pelosi that they have given generously to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which helps fund Democratic House races.

    “We have been strong supporters of the DCCC.” they wrote. “We therefore urge you to clarify your position on super-delegates and reflect in your comments a more open view to the optional independent actions of each of the delegates at the National Convention in August. We appreciate your activities in support of the Democratic Party and your leadership role in the Party and hope you will be responsive to some of your major enthusiastic supporters.”

  18. Question—if, as some say, JWright isn’t hurting bho, then why is he still talking about it? over on talkleft, they have a summary of what he said on the view taping today. I think it has hurt him, maybe not among democrats, but among the general population ie repubs and indies. That NBC poll, in addition to skewing over rep of AA , was for dems only. Also, if HRC was so hurt bu bosnia, how come they are tied…I call bullshit….and no I will not vote for BHO..not saying I will vote for Jonnymac..just sayin

  19. MJ, I suggest you read Taylor Marsh blog. She has a great column (with links and mathematical wizards) that clearly indicates the polls were skewed in favor of Obambi.

  20. Carby….everything will be brought down to race now.

    I can’t tell you how many times in my life people have said to me “You are just doing that/saying that/being that way because I am Black”

    when whatever it was that I did/said/being had NOT ONE THING to do with anyone’s COLOR. If they were an assh***, they were an assh***. If they ripped me off, they ripped me off. But they couldn’t see that. No responsibility. As a gay woman, I have NEVER said “you are just saying that becuase I am gay” and BELIEVE ME, I have experienced a TON of discrimination, especially years ago when it wasn’t fashionable to be out….

  21. Please sign the petition to seat Michigan and Florida

    As you may all know is circulating a petition to Nancy Pelosi to continue her biased declarations on how SDs should vote.
    As Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left noted, Nancy Pelosi should just coem out endorse Obama, resign her co-chairmanship of the
    Democratic national Convention and then just keep quiet. She has lost all her credibility and at least one-half of the party does not
    trust her. We need to counter the MoveOn petition.

    Via Marc Ambinder:

    “A member of Hillary Clinton’s national finance team has started to circulate an online petititon that urges the Democratic National Committee to recognize the delegations from Michigan and Florida or else promise to hold new elections.

    The petition, entitled “A Declaration of Fairness,” was written by Michael Kempner, a PR exec in New Jersey and a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.”

  22. Michelle, please, keep talking…..alot.

    In a January speech at the University of South Carolina, First Lady aspirant Michelle Obama made remarks making the rounds on the internet today.

    Talking about her experience at Princeton where she hung with a largely African-American crowd, she said, “We don’t like being pushed outside of our comfort zones. You know it right here on this campus. You know people sitting at different tables- you all living in different dorms. I was there. You’re not talking to each other, taking advantage that you’re in this diverse community. Because sometimes it’s easier to hold on to your own stereotypes and misconceptions. It makes you feel justified in your own ignorance. That’s America. So the challenge for us is are we ready for change?”

    I’m sure we all know what she’s talking about when she reflects on the comfort many of us feel with those of our specific cultural or ethnic groups.

    But her comments are under fire by many conservative commentators because of her construct that seems to imply that feeling justified in one’s own ignorance in somehow quintessentially “America.”

    The Obama campaign says that’s a mis-interpretation of her comments, that it was the proclivity for “comfort zones” that she thought was so “America.”

    (As opposed to the ethnic and cultural open minds in Europe, Asia and Africa, I suppose?)

    You can watch a poor-quality (and scathingly titled) recording of her remarks HERE

  23. kaff…y’all heard thet MoveOn took a full page ad today to basically say to Nancy they had more money than the fat cats Clinton had and there were hundreds of thousands of them, and if she watched their back, they would watch hers.

    I’ve not seen the ad nor the copy, but that was the report I heard.

  24. God Bless all of the delegates for Hillary in TX. I am not religious, but feeling this way.

    Just finished a couple calls to a few of the Hillary delegates in TX, and they are really inspiring – they really strike me as fighters, especially those who are African American.

    One African American man and his wife – they have never forgotten how the Clintons were good to the African American community. They don’t understand how anyone can forget that. He told me a story that when he got to the caucus, he loudly called on all the Clinton supporters to stand together, and he said his neighbors’ (AAs) draws dropped that he was standing up for Hillary.

    One AA woman and her mother, both delegates for Hillary in TX…right now, at 9pm central time, they are calling the list of delegates from their caucus reminding them to attend the convention caucus.

    The bravery of these people are amazing, especially those who are AA and for Hillary. Never ceases to astound me.

  25. Hi divabunny! How exciting that you will see Bill!

    Here in San Antonio, we used Hillary’s website and created a “group” that people joined, and the creator of the group (I think there were 2 admins) would just click “send email to entire group”, so it was easy to keep everyone informed. You can also post a “topic” on the page itself, that everyone can comment on. Photos, too, from house parties and such.

    The tools to do it are on Hillary’s website under the “take action” menu at the top. Click on “join/start a group”.

  26. The biased has a title that reads “polls show Obama not hurt by Wright scandal”. WHAT? Hannity last night was saying 56% of voters less likely to vote for Obama.

  27. Obama is naive and clueless. The fact that he continues to defend Jeremiah Wright, especially in light of these new and shocking revelations (Israel built an ETHNIC bomb to destroy Arabs?!?! WHAT?!?) belies all logic. His stubbornness and inability to apologize for his mistakes is positively Bush-like.

  28. The thing with the “Fat Cats”….the DNC and Pelosi need to understand that they are a voice for millions of us. The implication goes much further than the face value of the threat. If the party screws us, we will screw them.

  29. What a way to pay Hillary back. Moveon is amnesiac. When the vote came up to censure their “General Betray Us,” Hillary voted not. Obama didn’t even show up to vote.

    Michelle Obama came out quickly to condemn them while Hillary was asked repeatedly to condemn them and she didn’t.

    Bunch of far-left wackos.

  30. Hillary4T

    that is great to know.

    Early on I looked at those groups, but I am in Florida, and even there we had been forgotten. I’ll have to look again.

    Maybe I can organize a MARCH from there!

  31. thats great divabunny,get there earlier,i would to,tcb is right, you have people who brings bills books to get ya gotta beat them the earlier the better
    i know. 2006 summer here for mcgovern libarary. where sellers or ebay people get signed stuff whenever he is around,ya gotta beat them people for the seats..his books photos and such.thats the only reason they see they can sell it.i would never sell bills still hanging.

  32. OAndrewD, they are still flogging that bad poll that hugely oversampled AA’s, and ignoring all the other polls.

  33. Artiste Says:

    March 27th, 2008 at 10:14 pm
    Carby….everything will be brought down to race now.

    I can’t tell you how many times in my life people have said to me “You are just doing that/saying that/being that way because I am Black”

    when whatever it was that I did/said/being had NOT ONE THING to do with anyone’s COLOR. If they were an assh***, they were an assh***. If they ripped me off, they ripped me off. But they couldn’t see that. No responsibility. As a gay woman, I have NEVER said “you are just saying that becuase I am gay” and BELIEVE ME, I have experienced a TON of discrimination, especially years ago when it wasn’t fashionable to be out
    Well let me say that RACE was allowed to be brought into the disscussion by the Democratic Leadership…they could have stop this in the begining but they wanted to hurt the Clintons…I will NEVER forgive them for this….never!

    You don’t play around with this crap and using this as a political tool on your opponnent especially when you know the person is NOT racist…harms everyone.

    It’s poisons the air you breath, it limits your potential and it warps your possibilities also this is a man of God and he is teaching HATE wrapped and undercover of the bible.

    I’m watching Greta and the fools on her panel about cross over voting don’t get it…they just don’t get it and the more they take me for granted the harder my position gets.

  34. kafeen wrote:

    Talking about her experience at Princeton where she hung with a largely African-American crowd, she said, “We don’t like being pushed outside of our comfort zones. You know it right here on this campus. You know people sitting at different tables- you all living in different dorms. I was there. You’re not talking to each other, taking advantage that you’re in this diverse community. Because sometimes it’s easier to hold on to your own stereotypes and misconceptions. It makes you feel justified in your own ignorance. That’s America. So the challenge for us is are we ready for change?”

    Michelle Obama is, for lack of a better word, insane. Telling America that it’s a nation full of ignorant and close-minded people, and that only Obama can fix things, is both megalomaniacal and delusional.

  35. What the hell did bho actually hear in church..I always read my church bulletins…see no evil, haer no evil and speak no evil ?

  36. HillaryforTexas, the media wants to spin and say the Wright story didn’t hurt Obama. They are stupid if they believe that and Obama is even more stupid if he believes that. they are preaching to their own choir. From my vantage point, I want them to keep believing the garbage they put out.
    They are in for a huge surprise in PA.

  37. Moveon is like PETA… good intentions gone terribly wrong.

    In the GE, assoc with moveon is a liability.

  38. h4t, artiste, kaff… thank you for the info!!! any ideas are greatly appreciated!!!

    btw… did eveyone email joe/morning joe to thank him for his comments this morning? did you guys email msnbc, nbc (steve capus) too?

    ive been at the shop from 9-7 each day so i’m not caught up…

  39. I am stunned that I am continually turning to conservative news outlets to get fair coverage of Hillary and this campaign. Check out this devastating National Review rundown of what Barack faces in PA:

  40. Diva…I wrote joe

    Folbert…I agree about MoveOn. When I heard they endorsed BO, i thought “well….he just lost”

    and I can be sure to tell you that if you dont think McCain and the 527’s wont pull out that STUPID Petraeus Ad and use it…well…they have another thing coming!

    It’s like the GOD D*** AMERICA comment. Even if you have problems with the war and the policy, Americans, the MAJORITY, don’t like the military leaders being slammed by hippy thugs

  41. Labeling everything you don’t like as “racist” hurts the AA community the most, I think. That is the sad part. Are black people now going to be walking around wondering if the white guy working next to them is himself wondering if they listen to hate on Sundays? Is the AA guy going to wonder if the other guy is thinking that if push comes to shove, they will sell out any white person, even one who has been a good and faithful friend, on the basis of skin color alone? Obama is painting all AA’s into that corner, just to advance his own fortunes. It is sick. It is nasty and low.

    And then after that doubt is sown, when there are REAL examples of racism (and there will be. There always are), good luck drawing attention to it. Because people will be so sick of the accusation, and so damn tired of being told to feel guilty, they will just roll their eyes. Sad, but true.

    It is the AA community who will be hurt the most by this man. Bank on it.

    This is the bullshit division that Obama and his hateful pastor are setting up.

  42. Hi there i am here to tell you i am an AA i will never vote for Obama. I would vote for McCain before i vote for that liar. This man is nothing but a wolf in sheep clothing. Sorry Hillary i love you, but i want come around to voting for Obama This man is the devil

  43. rick…thanks for posting that link

    loved this line

    “Obama, the candidate most likely to finish with more regular delegates, cannot close the deal with key groups of Democratic voters, even with six weeks to hone his pitch.”

  44. The thing that I can’t get over is with all this AA LEADERSHIP in Chicago and other cities is why are their STILL SO MANY rank and file AA’s in the dumps? AA Leadership hasn’t moved the GROUP forward any more than Whites have.

  45. neetabug welcome and all you new ones post away
    my aa friends call him a liar too the churches down south do not preach that kind of talk like Obama’s pastor….they told me yesterday hes trying to make aa’s believe that Hillary and Bill did not do anything well they have family down south aa’s and they voted for her..because they would be nothing if it wern’t for the clintons..they see right thru him..said he is cruel and insulting to aa’s..and why the other aa’s can’t see thru that crap is beyond them.

  46. go vote on

    Also, read her blog.

    IF OBAMA and the CNN and MSNBC hogs think that Jeremiah Wright has not affected him .. well go read that blog and you’ll see. Angry America doesn’t vote for Obama. Polls are being skewed…read her blog and you’ll see that people are still very, very angry about this.

  47. I bet next week that fox is gonna play the entire 9/11 sermon and I read that it’s very disturbing ALL THE WAY through.

  48. MoveOn said the letter was a threat.

    “It’s the worst kind of insider politics — billionaires bullying our elected leaders into ignoring the will of the voters,” the group stated. “But when we all pool our resources, together we’re stronger than the fat cats. So let’s tell Nancy Pelosi that if she keeps standing up for regular Americans, thousands of us will have her back. And we can more than match whatever the CEOs and billionaires refuse to contribute.”

    MoveOn is encouraging its members to electronically sign the petition, which states: “The Democratic nomination should be decided by the voters — not by superdelegates or party high-rollers. We’ve given money — and time — to progressive candidates and causes, and we’ll support Speaker Pelosi and others who stand up for democracy in the Democratic Party.”

    Representatives of the Clinton campaign said on a conference call Thursday that they were given a “heads-up” by the donors before the letter was delivered, but they said they were unaware of its content.

  49. Hey neeta. Good to see you again.

    Ininla, “The bravery of these people are amazing, especially those who are AA and for Hillary. Never ceases to astound me.”

    I have said a million times, Hillary’s AA supporters are the toughest bunch of brave people I have ever seen. I appreciate their support for Hillary so much!

  50. Filbert, I don’t want to sidetrack the conversation, but I really have to disagree with your comparison of Moveon to PETA. PETA provides a voice for the voiceless. PETA continues to receive my money. I cut Moveon off when they endorsed after I pleaded that they stay neutral.

  51. Don’t xactly know what to make of this. The Ole Rev. wasn’t happy with the story is one thing; he’s a hostile prick would be another.

    March 11, 2007

    Jodi Kantor
    The New York Times
    9 West 43rd Street
    New York,
    New York 10036-3959

    Dear Jodi:

    Thank you for engaging in one of the biggest misrepresentations of the truth I have ever seen in sixty-five years. You sat and shared with me for two hours. You told me you were doing a “Spiritual Biography” of Senator Barack Obama. For two hours, I shared with you how I thought he was the most principled individual in public service that I have ever met.

    For two hours, I talked with you about how idealistic he was. For two hours I shared with you what a genuine human being he was. I told you how incredible he was as a man who was an African American in public service, and as a man who refused to announce his candidacy for President until Carol Moseley Braun indicated one way or the other whether or not she was going to run.

    I told you what a dreamer he was. I told you how idealistic he was. We talked about how refreshing it would be for someone who knew about Islam to be in the Oval Office. Your own question to me was, Didn’t I think it would be incredible to have somebody in the Oval Office who not only knew about Muslims, but had living and breathing Muslims in his own family? I told you how important it would be to have a man who not only knew the difference between Shiites and Sunnis prior to 9/11/01 in the Oval Office, but also how important it would be to have a man who knew what Sufism was; a man who understood that there were different branches of Judaism; a man who knew the difference between Hasidic Jews, Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews and Reformed Jews; and a man who was a devout Christian, but who did not prejudge others because they believed something other than what he believed.

    I talked about how rare it was to meet a man whose Christianity was not just “in word only.” I talked about Barack being a person who lived his faith and did not argue his faith. I talked about Barack as a person who did not draw doctrinal lines in the sand nor consign other people to hell if they did not believe what he believed.

    Out of a two-hour conversation with you about Barack’s spiritual journey and my protesting to you that I had not shaped him nor formed him, that I had not mentored him or made him the man he was, even though I would love to take that credit, you did not print any of that. When I told you, using one of your own Jewish stories from the Hebrew Bible as to how God asked Moses, “What is that in your hand?,” that Barack was like that when I met him. Barack had it “in his hand.” Barack had in his grasp a uniqueness in terms of his spiritual development that one is hard put to find in the 21st century, and you did not print that.

    As I was just starting to say a moment ago, Jodi, out of two hours of conversation I spent approximately five to seven minutes on Barack’s taking advice from one of his trusted campaign people and deeming it unwise to make me the media spotlight on the day of his announcing his candidacy for the Presidency and what do you print? You and your editor proceeded to present to the general public a snippet, a printed “sound byte” and a titillating and tantalizing article about his disinviting me to the Invocation on the day of his announcing his candidacy.

    I have never been exposed to that kind of duplicitous behavior before, and I want to write you publicly to let you know that I do not approve of it and will not be party to any further smearing of the name, the reputation, the integrity or the character of perhaps this nation’s first (and maybe even only) honest candidate offering himself for public service as the person to occupy the Oval Office.

    Your editor is a sensationalist. For you to even mention that makes me doubt your credibility, and I am looking forward to see how you are going to butcher what else I had to say concerning Senator Obama’s “Spiritual Biography.” Our Conference Minister, the Reverend Jane Fisler Hoffman, a white woman who belongs to a Black church that Hannity of “Hannity and Colmes” is trying to trash, set the record straight for you in terms of who I am and in terms of who we are as the church to which Barack has belonged for over twenty years.

    The president of our denomination, the Reverend John Thomas, has offered to try to help you clarify in your confused head what Trinity Church is even though you spent the entire weekend with us setting me up to interview me for what turned out to be a smear of the Senator; and yet The New York Times continues to roll on making the truth what it wants to be the truth. I do not remember reading in your article that Barack had apologized for listening to that bad information and bad advice. Did I miss it? Or did your editor cut it out? Either way, you do not have to worry about hearing anything else from me for you to edit or “spin” because you are more interested in journalism than in truth.

    Forgive me for having a momentary lapse. I forgot that The New York Times was leading the bandwagon in trumpeting why it is we should have gone into an illegal war. The New York Times became George Bush and the Republican Party’s national “blog.” The New York Times played a role in the outing of Valerie Plame. I do not know why I thought The New York Times had actually repented and was going to exhibit a different kind of behavior.

    Maybe it was my faith in the Jewish Holy Day of Roshashana. Maybe it was my being caught up in the euphoria of the Season of Lent; but whatever it is or was, I was sadly mistaken. There is no repentance on the part of The New York Times. There is no integrity when it comes to The Times. You should do well with that paper, Jodi. You looked me straight in my face and told me a lie!

    Sincerely and respectfully yours,

    Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., Senior Pastor
    Trinity United Church of Christ

  52. I put these on part 1 today, but didn’t get any response yet on them and didn’t want them to go totally un-noticed LOL
    so since there are new people on here now from this afternoon, i am reposting them again…thanks 😀

    i found these two vid’s of MO and she has contradicted herself big time!!!
    I would love to see these be combined into a new video of MO……anyone?? ( say’s she’s been told all her life she can have it all ) (say’s all her life people have told her she can’t do this or that)

  53. a hypocrite fool….yeah dot.. i c ant wait until the whole sermon
    and have bo setting right there in church,listening
    who in there right mind would vote bo
    with his hatefull pator saying GD AMERICA
    and be counsel to him if he ever got to the white house my gosh.saying s H** about Hillary this pastor wrong should be investigated inside and out…bo acts like he owns the aa’s
    he never knew any aa’s until he spewed the race card in South Caorlina,because he was with rezko and his cult clans in Chicago i say boycott ILLINOIS for toursim and not support anything from Chicago.
    Hillary is a true native and me too from Chicago not Obama.

  54. Found this in Yahoo. Up just a few mintues ago. Obama must think that we are all really stupid.


    Obama would have left if Wright stayed

    WASHINGTON – White House hopeful Barack Obama suggests he would have left his Chicago church had his longtime pastor, whose fiery anti-American comments about U.S. foreign policy and race relations threatened Obama’s campaign, not stepped down.


    “Had the reverend not retired, and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized what I believe is the greatness of this country, for all its flaws, then I wouldn’t have felt comfortable staying at the church,” Obama said Thursday during a taping of the ABC talk show, “The View.” The interview will be broadcast Friday.

    In his sermons over the years, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has railed against the United States and accused it of bringing on the Sept. 11 attacks by spreading terrorism. He also has said the government invented AIDS to destroy “people of color” and has shouted “God damn America” for its treatment of minorities.

    Videos of his remarks circulated on the Internet and on television.

    In an attempt to quiet the controversy, Obama gave a speech last week in which he sharply condemned Wright’s remarks but did not repudiate him.

    Obama said Wednesday he has spoken with Wright, who retired from Trinity United Church of Christ last month but remains as a senior pastor.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama’s rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, broke her silence on the matter Tuesday, saying she would have parted company with a pastor who spoke about the country the way Wright has.

    Asked about the controversy Wright’s comments have created, Republican John McCain said while campaigning in Denver: “I can only say that I am sure, knowing Senator Obama, that he does not share the extreme views that were expressed that I saw on television.”

  55. Money quote: “What will the people who brought you the Swift Boats and Willie Horton do with Reverend Wright. I can just see the commercial: Opening up with the Reverend and his G-D America rant, then going to the announcer explaining how it was that Oprah quit the Church because she wanted no part of such attitudes, and Rev. Wright attacked her for it, then maybe a picture of Wright with Farrakhan and Qaddafi, then maybe Wright with the Obamas on their wedding day, and closing with something like, “It’s not a question of free speech. It’s not about religious freedom. It’s about judgment, and whose you trust your future to…..”

  56. anbritt Says:

    March 27th, 2008 at 10:29 pm
    What the hell did bho actually hear in church..I always read my church bulletins…see no evil, haer no evil and speak no evil ?
    *****************************************************Obama is a BIG FAT LIAR!!! There is no way he didn’t know Dr. Wright philosophy, no way. I knew and my brother Knew Dr. Wright’s point of view is and it’s not mainstream. And if you didn’t know what his church promoted, the associations and friends tell me that they are in the extreme.

    More importantly, Dr. Wright bitterness and hate has corrupted his soul and in turn corrupted the WORD and made it evil. If Dr. Wright was preaching the WORD it would STAND but it isn’t.

    People of faith knows in their heart what Dr. Wright is selling is not from Christ and not the WORD but a corrupt interpretation not based in the WORD but twisted and poluted by evil. Dr. Wright is teaching filth and it’s so sad to see this man sickness promoted as prophetic teaching.

    And for the media and other Christians to keep silent and allow Team Obama to promegate this falsehood that all Black Churches behave this way is just another attempt for Obama NOT to take responsibility or accountability for his terribly bad choices and judgement.

  57. Wait a minute, so he goes on the view and defends the guy. Now he’s saying he would have left? This guy is such a liar!!!! You don’t go to someones church for 20 years and not know they are a hate monger. That just doesn’t happen!

  58. I really feel like Obama is insulting our intelligence. The facts are that these sermons were given a few years ago, he knew about them (although he lied and said he didn’t) and didn’t leave the church (or address these issues in any way until just last week). Any church-goer will see this as pure BS. In some ways I want him to keep talking about this because he keeps on either contradicting himself or back tracking on things. It shows that the is no being up-front about this issue.

  59. I just sent this addendum to Chris Dodd:

    Oh, and you know what? The next time you run for something – I’m going to say “Mr. Dodd just drop out, just drop out.”

    I expected more from you. I think you need to have a little quite time with yourself and think about the way you have been behaving. Your words lately do not match the Chris Dodd I used to know.

  60. A few years ago? These sermon are from the last 20 years. The writings. All of it. It’s always been going on. It never stopped.

  61. yeah BarOBomba is such a BiG Liar he knows what he seen those words heard and spewed in those sermons ,he would have left he is a LIAR plain and simple LIAR!!!!!!!LIAR !!! His pants are fire and growing monemt by moment with LIES!!!!
    i think this was this morning on guys never caught i did..the lady with the anchor on the show with megank said bomba,she corrected real fast obama…i laughed

  62. Artise,

    It’s up at HuffPost.
    Posting links here takes a few days before it appears, or so it seems.

  63. In doing a search for the Letter by Wright to the NYT Posted above, the only place I have been able to find it is on blogs, many of which question it’s authenticity. It is also referred to on BET’s site, but they don’t cite the source either.

    I cannot imagine that had this letter been sent, the NYT would not have published it and there would have been NO leaks or news stories on this.

    What got me curious? It didn’t SOUND like the words I have read of Wrights. Not the HATE speech stuff, but the authorship, the syntax, the style.

    If we could have a link to the NYT story on this, it would be helpful. Otherwise, it is just another BO Propaganda piece. I could have written the same letter about Hillary’s Bosnia trip. Yes, I was there is all I would have had to say, addressed it to the NYT and floated it on the internet at the pro Clinton sites for distribution.

    BlueDem…may we have a link please?

  64. I think I am just now beginning to understand why repubs and other conservatives are being more even-handed.

    See what Paddy had to say about them being as worried as moderate Dems about what is happening this election cycle, posted under my name @9:59.

  65. Well…we have no problem posting links here. And that it is at HuffPo and NOT at NYT is all I need to know.

    If it is real it will come out. My guess is it is just more words to MAKE obama look like Wright had no influence on him.

    It’s Bullshit, IMO

  66. those people who attend trinity knows that he was there ,there afraid to speak out saying yes michelle obama and the children sat next to us with her husband…every sunday for along time 20 years
    20 years being a member,gave them money, Obama doea think we are stupid.he lying and having a hell of time trying to get out of it.he never will lying has attached to his forhead.

  67. ForHillary – The central question is – What was his prime motivation for choosing and staying with this church? I think that is a fair question to ask him considering given the, how should we say it, controversial nature of his church. I want to know what motivates this man if he expects to be my President (this is not to infer that he will be President – I think not but anywho). How are we to believe that he will be able to hold up under the pressures of the Presidency? Every indication so far points to that he can’t. He did get better in the debates. And I’m sure he could be a quick study but his judgment (something he touts as his ace in the hole) is really lacking in my opinion. He’s not talking like a person that is speaking for the entire nation and world. He talks from a very small and fragile ego imho.

  68. Artiste, these so called AA leaders, they are all for themselves, greed, money, power. Look around in the black neighborhoods and see what they have done. NOTHING. Run down houses, unemployment, no healthcare for some. They are a joke. If they think BO is going to help them they are in for a rude awakening. The AA might become his worse enemy.

  69. There’s way too many of these writings/sermons/church bulletins for Obama to be that oblivious to Rev. Wright’s feelings.

    Either he was aware and didn’t care (or felt the same way) or he was completely ignorant of something that was widely disseminated. Either way, it doesn’t look good.

  70. ForHillary:

    some of these videos were more recent, as recent as the end of january 08!! so they are not old news by any means

    I am thrilled by this “the view” article/statement hitting the air waves tomorrow morning!!! WOW!!

    Obama the gift that keeps on giving!! 😀

    It will definitely will be a MEGA OBAMA MSM FEST!!!

  71. Obama blew it! He blew it and he is not ready to be POTUS!!!

    Obama is toast, it’s over for him…and his numbers will continue to slide more and more because he has NO integrity, No values and more important he is an arrogant elitist mofo!

  72. Emjay…I am so glad you posted that again. I sent it too an author friend who is a PROLIFIC writer on the internet and has sources far and wide. It is a real wake up call and expressed in a way I think we all have FELT, but didn’t put together so very well.

    IMO she did a wonderful job. I told her so.

  73. I wouldn’t get too worked up about Bo’s latest attempts at an explanation on Rev Wright. Short of one spectacular bomb of a revelation that ends his candidacy 1-2-3, this is what we want.

    He’s all over the place, flailing, and day after day new words from the Rev. will be dug up from his 20 year record, and BO will have to backpeddle somemore, and sooner or later he’ll trip himself up, or finally be seen – in spite of the media trying to shield him – as utterly transparent by the public.

    All the while it knocks him off message and weighs him down……
    They thought it’d be over last week, and here we are, after there bogus NBC polls and all the rest, with Obama giving yet another taped explanation tomorrow on The View, all as brand new revelations (CNN got into the “Garlic nosed Italians tonight) are just being aired.

    So they’re far from being out in front of it….

  74. I know more about my Sister-In-Law’s church, that I don’t attend, than Obama seemed to know about his own church.

    Just sayin’.

  75. Neetabug…”The AA might become his worse enemy.”

    I believe you may be right. I would pray for a real AA LEADER to emerge before BO screws them from the highest levels of government.

  76. tcbequalityactions Says:

    March 27th, 2008 at 11:26 pm
    ForHillary – The central question is – What was his prime motivation for choosing and staying with this church?


    Only if we had real journalists in the MSM to ask such questions and more. For me personally, given that he stayed with this church as an active member for so long, it’s hard for me to imagine that Obama didn’t share these views at some level.

  77. From Pittsburgh Tribune Review Blog

    http://www.pittsbur x/pittsburghtrib /blogs/primaryco lors/

    The enemy within

    Posted March 27, 2008 6 :40 PM

    Things got a little eerie in Erie today.

    At Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in West Erie Plaza, a young man
    who told workers that he came to volunteer for the New York senator
    turned out to be a Barack Obama staffer.

    According to the Clinton staff in Erie, the young man in question was
    leery of signing the mandatory sign-in sheet that all volunteers fill
    out when they come into the office.

    But after some time, he agreed, but his sketchy behavior, asking the
    volunteers if they were “cutting turf” (campaign lingo for literature
    drops), led them to first search for his name on Google, then Facebook
    and finally the Federal Election Commission Web site. It turns out,
    thanks to Google and Facebook, he is an Obama supporter. And the FEC
    lists him as receiving disbursements from the Obama for America
    campaign, as standard student campaign cash.

    After one quick call to the Obama campaign office in
    TPM’s josh marshall is telling his readers to make youtubes of hill looking as foolish as possible. Can you believe that? NoQuarter has the story.

    Also, from the philly trib
    Some campaign staffer caught spying:

    Erie, guess who
    answered the phone?

    “I was just there to check things out,” said Sam Glenzer, who oddly
    used his real name when signing in at the Clinton campaign office.

    Glenzer said he had nothing nefarious in mind.

  78. I think the issue isn’t whether Obama was in the pews, or reading the Church Bulletins – the issue is that the more we get to know Reverend Wright through his sermons, through his writings, we’re getting picture that these racist, anti-semitic ideas are deeply ingrained beliefs and philosophies of Rev. Wrights – so, whether Obama was there or not, he knows this man, and knew him for 20 years.

  79. Artiste Says:
    March 27th, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Neetabug…”The AA might become his worse enemy.”

    I believe you may be right. I would pray for a real AA LEADER to emerge before BO screws them from the highest levels of government.

    YOU MAY HAVE JUST….touched on something very important as our next talking point!!! I think that needs to be said all across the web…what do you think??

  80. artiste

    “a real AA LEADER to emerge before BO screws them from the highest levels of government.”

    we should talk about how Obama could potentially make it darn near impossible for another AA to be POTUS if he loses this primary or the GE

  81. The thing people aren’t getting about this is we don’t have to stay rilled up about the Wright issue. It was a deal breaker for a lot of people.

  82. yep and you can tell when wright is brought up his message is all messed up..thinks its funny when he is off message especially when he drifts so much crap i cant understand him anyway it’s baloney he is a fraud and lying crook from all different place he has lived.and communtiy organising he never did that stuff he should prove it and he won’t.
    his hope and change went thru the window its all broken …he cant use it..with mr wrong wright in his head.he lies worse than g. bush..oh you notice mr president said this morning infrastucture now he is using hillary talk..said some words to he can’t and bush should be going to english classes and history classes

  83. Well…I believe we KNOW he will lose the GE if he gets that far, and I think there is some merit to your suggestion. I believe many of us here have felt that way anyway. That because he is SUCH a phony – even in the AA community – “transcending race BS” he has the potential to do real and long-lasting damage to the AA ability to hold higher office. Although many would have called him an Uncle Tom, I would have been ALL IN for Colin Powell becuae I saw him as a man of INTEGRITY who was for AMERICA BEFORE PARTY. And that is who I will vote in THIS election too.

  84. Another article. This is one time that I don’t agree with Hillary. I simply will not vote for Obama if he is nominated. Dishonesty, puffery, disenfranchisement, sexism, lack of judgment, lack of substance are all things embodied in Obama. I feel like we’ve been pushed aroud by the Democractic Party long enough and will not reward them with my vote if they screw this up an nominate Obama.

    Clinton, Obama predict eventual unity

    By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer
    1 hour, 1 minute ago

    FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – They may bicker daily over issues, character and innuendo, but both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama appear to agree on one thing: Democratic voters will coalesce around a nominee and carry him or her to victory in November over Republican John McCain.


    At a rally here Thursday, Clinton was asked what she would say to Democrats so invested in her candidacy or Obama’s that they would consider voting for McCain in the general election if their preferred candidate isn’t the nominee.

    “Please think through this decision. It is not a wise decision,” Clinton said to applause.

    “Every time we have a vigorous contest like we’re having this primary election, people get intense. Senator Obama has intense support. I have intense support. It’s exciting because people want to be involved. But, the differences … pale in comparison to the differences between us and Senator McCain.”

    North Carolina holds its primary May 6, with 115 delegates at stake.

    Obama made a similar point Thursday in an interview on ABC’s “World News.”

    “There are going to be some bruised feelings, whoever the nominee is. We are going to have to come together and remind ourselves that there is a heck of a lot bigger difference between either Senator Clinton or myself, and John McCain,” Obama said.

    He said the protracted contest would not harm the party in the long run.

    “I think short term, there is going to be work to do for the nominee to bring the party back together again. People feel pretty passionate about their respective candidates. I appreciate that, and I understand it,” Obama said.

    The former first lady, who trails Obama in the popular vote and in pledged delegates, has pushed back on critics who argue that she should cease her criticisms of the Illinois senator and end her campaign so he can focus on defeating McCain.

    Clinton pledged Thursday to be a team player no matter the outcome of the primary contest.

    “I intend to do everything I can to make sure we have a unified Democratic Party,” she said. “When this contest is over and we have a nominee, we’re going to close ranks. We’re going to be united … The most important goal for us is to put a Democrat back in the White House.”

    Even Al Gore, the former vice president and 2000 Democratic nominee, professed no urgency to resolving the contest in an interview with The Associated Press.

    “What have we got, five months left?” he said, when asked about whether he would make an endorsement soon.

    When pressed on whether the nominee could be decided before the national convention in August, Gore said: “I think it’s going to resolve itself. But we’ll see.”

  85. I don’t want to see Obama president for all things i know about him as a person and politician

    but i would love to see a POTUS of any race besides white. I would hate to see it become harder for that to happen

  86. Artiste, it is just a lot of AA are thinking he will be the one to lead us out of bondage, Some will be looking for some type of position. When he turns on us, i guarantee you he will, watch the fireworks.

  87. Gore is hovering. He’s doing 60 Minutes Sunday.

    Would love be a fly on the wall when Big Dawg tells him where to go – or he can just do the right thing – see through this unprecedented DNC/Media/BO bull, and support the people who made him Vice President of the United States.

    That Hill’s the most qualified should make it easy for him.

    Otherwise, it’ll be Al Gore’s motives that need to be scrutinized!

  88. Did anyone hear about the ladies on the View saying Hill should drop out? I just don’t think that’s their style, do you?

  89. Leading out of bondage will HAVE to be mentally, spiritually. I don’t know what else it CAN be.

    He cannot fire all the NON AA’s in the government and replace them. He cannot demand all businesses hire more AA’s

    If people think America will “suddenly change” in it’s day-to-day functioning immediately, they are nuts.

    So Neetabug…explain to me…what bondage will be broken as an AA under BO? I mean that sincerely.

  90. Wright is a snake oil salesman same as Obama. He preaches all this hate while he lives the high life in a mansion, going on cruises, etc. It’s just like Obama. obama talking to aa’s about being “hoodwinked, “bamboozled”, “hokey doked” by the Clintons, all while he sits in his mansion, taking long weekends to the Virgin Isles. A couple of frauds the both of them. Corrupting peoples thoughts for their benefit. Disgusting.

  91. POwell got SCREWED bu Bush/Cheney. I am not sure that he is interest in coming back to govt. But what a great choice Hillary could make as a running mate. Big smart man with the creds to be POTUS and the military BG

  92. ForHillary – I would tend to agree with you. There is no doubt he showed some level of complicity. Back to the deal breaker.

  93. Hillbillylover:

    [Col. Powelll ]”a man of deep integrity and conviction. He got jobbed by Bush bigtime.”

    YEP i agree!!

  94. Gang…sleep calls. Neeta, if you are answering my question I shall read in the morning.

    Thanks everyone for supporting Hillary so deep in your hearts. We will win this. Or McCain will, or Al. But not Obama. Never.

    We are getting rid of one BIG liar now. We don’t need another who lies about WHO they are.

  95. after reading this article posted further up:

    it was the last paragraph that makes total sense and is truly the battle before Hillary…… work NC hard!!

    “If Clinton is going to beat Obama in the minds of superdelegates, she may also have to beat him in a place where he’s supposed to win. That’s not Pennsylvania, where Clinton is viewed as having a significant lead, but a state like North Carolina, where Obama was way ahead, then watched the race tighten up, and now is ahead, if you believe the polls, once again.

    It’s no coincidence that Obama headed for North Carolina almost immediately upon leaving the beach. It could end up as the decisive battle. Especially, if he loses.”

  96. Good job by Taylor Marsh digging through the new Pew Poll to find what everyone wants to keep hidden
    (sorry if posted here already; didn’t see it).

    “But the last thing of note in the findings is buried in the next to the last spot and is very important, because it shows a definite shift in Clinton’s perceived chances to win:
    – Nearly six-in-ten Democratic voters (57%) believe that Obama is most likely to win the party’s nomination, while 28% expect Clinton to prevail. Last month, 70% said Obama was most likely to win, while 17% expected Clinton to win.

    Clinton’s chances rose by 11%, while Obama’s dropped 13%.

    Maybe that’s why elite progressives and their DC counterparts are pushing to end the primary.

    Question is, why did Clinton rise, while Obama dropped? Could it be Rev. Wright? “

  97. yep that was for hillbilly is republican..yeah i know he is smart hillary.
    but i dont know him very well so ill read what ya post about him..and learn more lol

  98. here’s an article that desperately needs some comments !!

    [you will need to register to comment ]


    Sen. Barack Obama said Wednesday that his chief rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, was too closely tied to the Washington status quo to bring about change.

    “She takes more money from lobbyists and special interests than any candidate, including John McCain,” the Democratic presidential candidate told about 2,400 people at a town hall meeting in Greensboro’s War Memorial Auditorium. “That shows she doesn’t have the sense that things need to change in Washington.”

  99. He is such a tool!!!!! Presidents have little to do with lobbyist and zero control over them. That’s Congress, dumbass!

  100. I have a friend whose family is long time friends with Colin Powell. Her dad served with him in the army – good buddies. So she grew up with him coming to stay with them on Sullivans Island in SC, etc. She still has a cap he gave her when she was about 9.

    She says he is a good and decent man. That he has felt horrible about how he let Bush play him. She says he thought that it was better to try to go along and stay on the inside – hope that he could be a voice of reason. It was a bad choice on his part to prop up his boss. He should have bailed earlier than he did, obviously. But he thought he was choosing to take play ball so that maybe privately he could make a difference, since the rest of the voices in that administration were nuts. He did not want to jsut walk away and leave the country to the idiots. Of course, in the end he had to leave anyway.

    He misjudged, no doubt about that. He was dead wrong in how far he thought Bush would go, and has to live with it. But my friend says he was sickened and shamed with himself. Probably harder on himself than even the Left has been on him.

    I still have some respect for Colin Powell. He didn’t do enough, didn’t stand as he could’ve, but he is not a bad man IMHO. He just lost sight of the bigger picture in trying to do his job.

  101. Senator Clinton should remind North Carolina voters Sen. Obama is too closely tied with a raving bigot of a pastor!

    That’s something NC voters will understand loud & clear.


  102. Artiste, you know and i know he cannot do this. There are some that will be angry if he don’t appoint a lot of AA in his cabinet. The first thing they will say is i voted for you. I am not sure, check it out i think Bush has appointed more AA in his cabinet than any president, I do know that when the Clintons was in the WH life was good. How soon we forget. You were talking about Gov Richardson being a traitor, I feel that some of the AA are traitors as well. I know Hillary is hurt by the way some are turning on her, she is a fighter and she will win. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see an AA as President, but not this one. This is a guy that want even allow Fla & MI votes to count. Yet he trying to preach unity. what a Joke. It is something about him that keeps bugging me. I can’t seem to shake it.

  103. Less than 1% of her funds come from FEDERAL lobbyist
    Obama accepts money from state lobbyist
    He let’s lobbyist volunteer for his campaign
    He has lobbyist on his staff
    He solicits funds from partners, spouses and associates of lobbyist
    he has yet to prove Hillary has been unduely influenced from lobbyist

  104. I just posted at h t t p : / /

    Easy reg and posting, post went right up, it’s #137.

    Thank you for a sensible article. This campaign seems almost a textbook illustration of why the superdelegates were created and given complete freedom of judgement.

    It’s going to be close. Hillary will probably get the popular vote, Obama the delegates. Which is more important, more indicative of past and future strength? The delegate count itself, and the popular vote count, are close; should the Supers consider FL and MI, whose results are known, even if those results may not be officially entered? How will the voters of FL and MI feel in November, about the candidate who is fighting for their votes to count, vs the candidate who is acting like Bush in 2000?

    Which votes are more important? Registered long-term Democrats (Hillary already leads there) or Independents’ or “Dems for a Day”? Votes and delegates from swing states, or from red states?

    Do the candidates look the same now as they did in January? Which one will be looking worse as time goes on and Wright’s tapes percolate through the voters who listen to talk radio rather than to talking heads?

    Finally, which is telling the Supers to follow the current rules which say use their own judgement — and which candidate is instructing them to change the rules to some rules of his own? And his own camp keeps changing the changed rules. They were for the popular vote before they were against it: see quotes from Pelosi, Axelrod, Brazile and Obama supporting the “sanctity of the popular vote” (back when they expected to get it) at

  105. One more thing…abc news reported his economic plan as though it were original, when it’s a shoddy copy of Hill’s. The media is screwing with us.

  106. mj: what else is new? I remember when they were campaigning in Ohio, and BO was giving an economic speech to a group of auto workers, I listened for about 2 minutes, and I realized, it was exactly what Hillary had talked about the previous week, or perhaps, even before then. He has no shame.

  107. Sen. Obama has not released any records from his time in the state senate:

    Obama: ‘I don’t have, I don’t maintain a file of eight years of work in the state Senate because I didn’t have the resources available to maintain those kinds of records.’ He added, ‘It could have been thrown out. I haven’t been in the state Senate now for quite some time.’ [CBS, 11/14/07]
    Obama: ‘I had one staff person that was what was allocated. I don’t have archivists in the state Senate. I don’t have the Barack Obama state Senate library available to me, so we had a bunch of file cabinets. I do not have a whole bunch of records from those years.’ [Chicago Sun Times, 11/10/07]
    Sen. Obama touts his new decision to disclose his U.S. Senate earmarks but he refuses to release all earmarks from his time in the state senate:

    Obama has been silent on non-federal earmarks he secured while serving in State Senate. “Sen. Barack Obama is open about the pet projects he’s tucked into federal legislation, but it’s a different story when it comes to the extra spending he added to state budgets while serving in the Illinois Legislature…. When Obama served in the state Legislature, from 1997 until late 2004, it was routine for money to be added to the annual budget for lawmakers to dole out. In most years, this was done without any public record of which legislator was sponsoring which grant, leaving no way to tell how Obama used his share of the money. [AP, 3/13/08]
    Sen. Obama will not release the name of the broker who managed his controversial ‘semi-blind’ trust:

    Obama refuses to name the UBS broker that purchased the stocks in his ‘quasi-blind’ trust. “Obama had about $100,000 he wanted to invest in 2005. The money was a portion of the $1.2 million he got from a book contract. He said Wednesday he decided the $100,000 could be put into something “more high risk” and asked a friend to recommend a stock broker. That friend was donor George W. Haywood, who held what the New York Times called “major” positions in the two stocks Obama ended up owning, Skyterra and AVI BioPharma…. Obama declined to name the UBS broker.” [Sweet column, Chicago Sun-Times, 3/8/07]
    Sen. Obama will not disclose what cases he worked on that involved Tony Rezko or his companies:

    Obama campaign has not released which cases Obama worked on involving Rezko/Rezmar. “Asked what Rezko cases Obama worked on, Miner (a firm partner) told the Sun-Times, ‘We’ll put together a list of the cases he worked on involving Rezko/Rezmar in the next day or two.’ That was March 13 [2007]. He never provided the information.” [Chicago Sun-Times, 4/23/07]
    Sen. Obama has not released his tax returns, except for 2006:

    Obama has only released 2006 tax returns, ‘as for pre-2006 or 2007 returns, Burton says he ‘will keep you posted.’ Obama released his 2006 tax returns and said, ‘That’s been a policy I’ve maintained consistently. I think the American people deserve to know, you know, where you get your income from.’ “But it’s not as though all Obama’s returns from his entire time as a US Senator are available. Will Obama release all of those returns or, next month, his 2007 tax returns?…As for any pre-2006 or 2007 returns, Burton says he ‘will keep you posted.’” [ABC, 3/9/08]

    UPDATE: Sen. Obama has now released his tax returns from 2000 to 2006. But unlike Hillary, he has failed to release his returns prior to 2000.


  109. God CNN must think we all just fell off the turnip truck, believing Obama’s lame story that he would have left the church if the reverend didn’t retire…give me an f’in break!

    The new reverend talked about a public lynching on Easter Sunday…is he planning on getting the new reverend to retire too? HOPIUM

  110. I don’t know if anyone posted this earlier, but some seem a bit – tired, so I will recap what was said on the McLaughlin Group last Friday:

    McLaughlin: what are the odds one year from now that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be presiding over the Easter Egg Roll at the White House?
    Buchanan: 25%
    Clift:25%, 50% if she gets the nom.
    Page: 25%
    McLaughlin: the correct answer is 55%.

    He knows something we don’t. Rezko? Some other bomb waiting to drop? McLaughlin is seldom wrong.

    Chin up, chest out – battle on.

  111. djia Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 12:16 am

    here’s an article that desperately needs some comments !!

    I registered and read this and other articles but had trouble logging in. Anway it’s a good paper, I wish the national media were as fair and detailed. I was going to post on the Obama story that people should read the one on Hillary instead, as it was solid facts and plans for the local economy, while Obama’s was just vague personal attacks.

  112. OK, Has everyone seen this punk that is spreading his concern about chelseas comment to him about monica? He claims he supports hillary, but wanted to know more about the scandal, he was on cnn and said it was on everyones mind, hmmm, looks maybe like an obama plant to me.

  113. I was just on the Pb at the DNC blog, someone posted that the county conventions in Texas will be held saturday except for one and that it would be held on Sunday. This person was excited because Obama was supposed to be coming as well as Emmitt Smith, WTF? What’s this all about?

  114. Hi emjay and artiste

    While you guys are sawing logs, I am at my desk slaving away! The weather turned a bit cool and rainy today in Beijing. I am glad the stuff I wrote you found of some use. I really think this situation has not dawned on Americans yet, and the media is going to continue hiding it from them for as long as possible. The media was so eager to expose the neo-cons a few years back. But are they so eager now? No. Why? Because journalism majors coming out of the top universities such as Harvard, Yale, etc., are the ones that get the jobs with the best mega media organizations after graduation. These journalism departments have been under the control of the liberals for eons. This is common knowledge. But the recent graduates have been successfully recruited by the neo-libs into their ranks. This is why the media has become the so-called organ of propaganda for Obama. The older media folks are old fashioned liberals (affected with the white guilt disease Obama is taking advantage of). The younger ones are pure neo-libs.
    Fox is the exception because it and the WSJ are both owned by Murdoch, the key financier of the neo-cons. They will politically fight to the death to keep the neo-libs from gaining power. So for now, our enemy’s enemy is our friend for a season.

  115. ForHillary Says:
    March 27th, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    tcbequalityactions Says:

    March 27th, 2008 at 11:26 pm
    ForHillary – The central question is – What was his prime motivation for choosing and staying with this church?

    Why Obama chose Chicago, Wright, Michelle — and much other good background information in two good serious profiles:,0,1773480.storygallery
    This is a great one-page index with preces to the whole long series of Chicago Tribune profiles of Obama from this spring. Answers nearly all questions about his background and career.

    And this, “The Agitator” about Obama’s ‘community organizer’ days (“rub raw the sores of discontent”) (This is page 10 of 10)

    And Steve Sailer is doing a blog, finding facts among the verbiage of Obama’s memoir “Dreams of My Father”
    h t t p : / /
    In this entry he quotes Obama’s white grandfather displaying some shocking liberal guilt (and dysfunctionally dumping it on a 17-year-old Obama). Obama was raised by these white grandparents from age 10-college.

  116. anther thing about the texas caucas, when I went to caucas they said this county had 16 delegates, now according to my county chair, we now only have 8, so what is happening here, Please someone answer this. I am a delegate and I think Obama has bamboolzed us again!

  117. Fact Check: Sen. Obama Accepts Over $1 Million From Subprime Lending Industry
    Send to a Friend »

    The Obama campaign’s response to the comprehensive plan Hillary laid out to address the housing crisis today was not to discuss their disagreement with her proposal but to assert that Hillary has received contributions from subprime loan companies.

    Considering that Sen. Obama has received $1.18 million from subprime lenders and has taken more campaign contributions from the top ten issuers of subprime loans, that attack rings hollow as just words. Sen. Obama has a record of talking about standing up to special interests and then caving to their demands. Hillary has a 35-year record of standing up to special interests and delivering results.

    Obama has taken $1,180,103 from the top issuers of subprime loans. []

    Obama received $266,907 from Lehman. []

    Obama received $5395 from GMAC. []

    Obama received $150,850 from CS First Boston. []

    Obama received $11,250 from Countrywide. []

    Obama received $9052 from Washington Mutual. []

    Obama received $161,850 from Citigroup. []

    Obama received $4600 from CBASS. []

    Obama received $170,050 from Morgan Stanley. []

    Obama received $1150 from Centex. []

    Obama received $351,900 from Goldman Sachs. []

    Sen. Obama has taken more money from the top 10 issuers of subprime loans than Hillary. Sen. Obama has received $434,420 from the top 10 issuers of subprime loans. Hillary has received $364,950. [; USA Today]

  118. some pa sds may not back hillary-they say she is too polarizing. um wait till obama and his rev. wash u out downticket dudes-


    From NBC’s Mike Viqueira A Democratic source in Washington provides the following letter from a major Democratic donor as evidence that yesterday’s “shakedown” letter to Speaker Pelosi is having an effect antithetical to its intention. Leslie Walker Burlock of San Francisco writes yesterday to Nancy Pelosi pledging the max $28,000 to the DCCC. The Dem source says Ms. Burlock wrote after learning of the letter from the group of heavy hitters, a move that Burlock disagreed with. I spoke with Ms. Burlock by phone. She says that yes, she agrees with Nancy Pelosi’s stance on superdelegates, and that yes, she is an Obama supporter. But she demurred when asked several different ways whether or not her pledge comes as a rebuttal to the letter from the others. She didn’t deny it, however. P.S. – Ms. Burlock says she hasn’t yet sent the dough. The letter: March 26, 2008 Dear Madame Speaker, I have joined your “Speaker’s Cabinet – Gold” for the 20008 Democratic National Convention because I want to be in the convention hall when Senator Barack Obama accepts our party’s nomination to be the next president of the United States. I hope and trust that when the Super Delegates cast their votes at the convention they will represent the will of the voters as you have called for them to do. I am hopeful that with this election we will see a break from the quid pro quo endorsements that seem to dominate our political system and that with a new administration we will have a fresh start and be able to build coalitions that reach across party lines and political allegiances. I look forward to an administration that will be a “team of rivals” where the best minds are called to the table to work together to tackle the challenges that face our nation and the world. Sincerely, Leslie Walker Burlock

  120. Admin if you haven’t read this yet..

    this is worth the read from 6/7/06 David Sirota, The Nation

    …this writer hits on everything we are seeing now with BHO


    Let’s Just All Agree That Wright Apologized And Move On
    Can someone help me with what looks like the latest fantasy from Obama as he explains his Reverend Wright (emphasis added):

    WASHINGTON – White House hopeful Barack Obama suggests he would have left his Chicago church had his longtime pastor, whose fiery anti-American comments about U.S. foreign policy and race relations threatened Obama’s campaign, not stepped down.

    “Had the reverend not retired, and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized what I believe is the greatness of this country, for all its flaws, then I wouldn’t have felt comfortable staying at the church,” Obama said Thursday during a taping of the ABC talk show, “The View.” The interview will be broadcast Friday.

    Let’s make the working assumption that this excerpt is accurate and in context – time will tell, since the show airs tomorrow.

    So, when did Wright acknowledge that what he had said was deeply offensive and inappropriate? The AP story recounts some of Wright’s controversial comments but oddly omits to mention his apology, as does all other news coverage with which I am familiar. And I am strangely certain that a Wright apology would have made the news – unless he never made it publicly.

  122. Admin – Loved Part II even more than Part I.

    I work with an AA woman who worshipped the ground that BC walked on. For 10 years she has constantly talked about how this country was so better off with him in the WH and how she wished he could have served another term. I remember her pointing out one of his appearances and stating “Now that’s a President!”. Well guess what; ever since the Iowa caucus she has changed her tune to “The Clinton’s are bad for the country. They have no morals. Obama is inspiring and bringing all these new people into the process.”

    Sometimes I just want to bang my head into the wall and hope I wake up from this bad dream.

  123. paddy4Hill Says:

    March 26th, 2008 at 5:04 am
    The Rise (and Fall) of the Neo-libs
    Paddy: excellent analysis. It sheds important light on the latest incarnation of the totalitarian mindset, how it is attempting to take over the party and why this is a struggle which Hillary Clinton must win. You should think about posting it in the hot topics section of the Taylor Marsh website. Also, it might be worth sharing with the American ex pats who gave Obama 26 delegates.

  124. ooops-the wright/israel/obama issue did get covergae today on msnbc-they even cite passages of the newsletters etcc.analysts predict this could be very very bad for obama-

  125. Hey everyone can you all give me a list of lies that obama has made since the election, I want to respond to a women that is ripping on hillary about her lies and Im sorry but there is equal problems with Obama here is what I have so far.

    He LIED when he said that no meeting took place between his campaign and Canadian officials about nafta, when it clearly did take place

    — He LIED when he said he had no knowledge about Wright’s controversial views and sermons, even though he has known Wright for 20 years, attended church there for 20 years, and used some of these controversial quotes in his own book.

    — The Chicago Trib has called out Obama in his autobiography, where there are exaggerations, fiction, and LIES.

    — In a speech in March of 2007, commemorating the Selma protests of the 1960’s, Obama made a very crafty and calculated speech, where he said that these protests were influential in allowing his parents to meet, get married, and Obama being born. Problem is, Obama was born BEFORE the Selma protests. A rather stupid and blatant LIE.

    Please, contribute your own Obama LIES, this will be fun! The man is a pathological liar, and America deserves better.

  126. Look, this is what we should be saying about a re-vote in MI and FL: It’s honorable!

    All votes in MI and FL were cast under situations of unique context. HRC was brave in Iowa and demonstrated her loyalty to MI and FL (That should have helped her and she is still big enough to suggest a re-vote.) If we don’t get a re-vote we should be PISSED!: see . . .


    Quoting the owner of Daily Kos, Markos Alberto Moulitsas Zúniga:

    “What’s more, Clinton was the only top-tier candidate to refuse the ultimate Iowa and New Hampshire pander by removing her name from the Michigan ballot. That makes her essentially the de facto winner since Edwards and Obama, caving to the cry babies in Iowa and New Hampshire, took their name off Michigan’s ballot. Sure, the DNC has stripped Michigan of its delegates, but that won’t last through the convention. The last thing Democrats can afford is to alienate swing states like Michigan and Florida by refusing to seat their delegates.”

    So while Obama and Edwards kneecap their chances of winning, Clinton is single-mindedly focused on the goal of progressive victory.


    In other words, Hillary took a hit on herself for the good of the party. In other words, WUSS Obama won’t even allow a re-vote of two elections that would be MORE favorable to him.

    Karl Rove was right!!! SCARY.

  127. This women is KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL here is her hate article about hillary clinton lets mail her like crazy with obamas lies and see how she likes it!


  128. Obama is in for a cruel shock if he manages to hoodwink the SD’s and get the nomination, the minute that happens, the MSM will turn on him quicker than a dog with fleas needing a scratch and it will like a baloon popping with great speed, Obama won’t last 1 week under full unbiased media scrutiny.

  129. hi wbboei,

    Thanks. I have tried posting on Taylor’s page before and couldn’t get my stuff on for some reason. Maybe the Chinese government does not like her? Sometimes they put blocks on sites you know. I will try again.
    As for the expats, the younger ones are neo-libs; highly educated, speak foreign languages, may have lived abroad as children, are from upper middle class families, etc. The older crowd is mostly ageing-liberal types. Neither are representative of the vast majority of Americans

    Most moderates in the USA are from the solid working/middle class. Little opportunity to live and work abroad. They are struggling to just get by these days.

    The world has changed. There is lot at stake. It is about who will control all of the new wealth globalization has created. It needs to be evenly shared. This is what the election is about. Hillary is really fighting for the average American. And this is no election bull. If people only knew what was going down and we know the media is not going to tell them. So we must be the ones that stand up ourselves. Thank you Hillary Clinton for giving us the chance to do so!

  130. These Obamatrons are all in for a rude awakening. Posts on blogs across the net all saying the will of the voters should not be overturned by the superdelegates. Well the will of the people is the overall popular vote which Hillary should be winning when this is all over. Anyone want to bet they will all have a different take on what the SD should do after the primaries end?

  131. rjk1957

    No matter what happens with the SDs at this point, Howard Dean & Co. are not going to just role over and give up. They will lie, cheat and steal to win this one. It will have to be forcibly yanked from their hands by the voters in the remaining states excluding NC. There is no other way. If the voters speak loud and clear from here on out, Hillary will win the nomination. The SD’s will back her. If it is still a confused hodgepodge at the end of the primary season, well then we are depending on chance. It can go either way. Best not leave it to chance and help Hillary win the upcoming contests. No easy way out of this one.

  132. Hillary needs to hit Obama back hard in PA and NC, he is running ads on TV nonstop saying he has not taken any money from corporate lobbyists. saying that they have no place in his campaign and will not have a place in his WH. Tired of his lying and never getting called on it.

  133. moononpluto: today “unbiased media scrutiny” is either an oxymoron or an artifact of history. The question is will they destroy him. The answer depends on the network.
    In l my view, MSNBC is so corrupt that they will decline to vet him. Instead, will protect their poor little bambi–oh just look at him isnt he cute (no!). Cafferty and Vulffff will cut cards to see who gets to give him a blow job. But they better be fast because Hannity is waiting in the wings to cut his balls off. And once that is done Governor Kane’s wife can praise him again for being a metersexual (whatever that means).

  134. rjk1957

    “Tired of his lying and never getting called on it”.

    No way to alter this state of affairs. The media belongs to him (other than maybe Fox, talk radio, the conservative press etc). No use in wringing our hands.

    Remember our old entries after Super Tuesday? When we all knew it was going to be a bad February? Well it was, but just as most of everyone here knew, it was all about not getting too far behind in the delegates. So we won because she didn’t get too far behind, otherwise we would not be here discussing the remaining states, correct? Can you believe we are now even having a discussion on this blog about a sweep of the remaining states excluding NC? Oh Hillary, you’ve come a long way baby, to get where you’ve got to today!

  135. Ok friends,

    It’s Friday night here. I am going to get out of the office and go have a beer with some of the other gals in my building. Nice bunch. No Americans (other than yours truly), and no stupid neo-libs.
    As always, it has been my pleasure working the night shift with all our friends on this blog. Hope the day crew has a good one. TGIF!

  136. Admin,

    I agree with Artiste – your editorials ought to be published & archived elsewhere, too. This one is OUTSTANDING.

  137. Contact info for Senator Casey

    Washington D.C.
    383 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    Phone: (202) 224-6324
    Toll Free: (866) 802-2833
    Fax: (202) 228-0604

    22 S. Third Street, Suite 6A
    Harrisburg, PA 17101
    Phone: (717) 231-7540
    Toll Free: (866) 461-9159
    Fax: (717) 231-7542

    2000 Market Street, Suite 1870
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    Phone: (215) 405-9660
    Fax: (215) 405-9669

    Regional Enterprise Tower
    425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2490
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Phone: (412) 803-7370
    Fax: (412) 803-7379

    Northeastern PA
    409 Lackawanna Avenue, Suite 301
    Scranton, PA 18503
    Phone: (570) 941-0930
    Fax: (570) 941-0937

    17 South Park Row, Suite B-150
    Erie, PA 16501
    Phone: (814) 874-5080
    Fax: (814) 874-5084

    Central PA
    817 E. Bishop Street, Suite C
    Bellefonte, PA 16823
    Phone: (814) 357-0314
    Fax: (814) 357-0318

    Lehigh Valley
    840 Hamilton Street, Suite 301
    Allentown, PA 18101
    Phone: (610) 782-9470
    Fax: (610) 782-9474

  138. WTF Bob Casey endorsing Obama. Another liar who said he was not endorsing anyone until after the PA primary.

    once again, the party insiders want to ignore hillary’s supporters and nominee a loser.

  139. my thought of the Bob casey endorment is that BHO camp use Casey to close gap. if Hillary comes out of PA without a huge lead, then more SDs will come out to force hillary out.

  140. Pastor Manning is correct about BHO being the worst representation for Black America. The majority of Black Americans do not subscribe to the ideology of Nation of Islam and Farrakhan & Wright’s beliefs. However, that’s where this nation is headed with an election of BHO. Anti-Americanism. Manning & Bill Cosby have this in common – AA need to stop making excuses and prove what we all know – that they are equal. Stop spewing rationalizations – put up AND shut up.

  141. Appears that Hannity, Rush, and other leading conservatives have realized belatedly that BHO’s neo-libs pose a far greater threat to America than the Clintons’ moderate democratic ideals could in a million years. Quite a difference between HRC’s Mid-Western Methodism / BC’s Southern Baptist Hope, Arkansas and BHO’s Indonesian Muslim-influenced upbringing and Wright’s Nation of Islam church, under the guise of “Christianity.” Hence, the outing of BHO in snippets. Rest assured that Murdoch and Clinton camp acquiring arsenal. Instead of Americans trouncing Clintons, they should be made aware that the Clintons are the last best hope to continue the true Democratic Party, thus freedom from tyranny. The neo-lib-fascists that BHO represents, plan to take over the Democratic Party sounding like the NOI. Best argument yet for a third party, IMHO.

  142. What was MO doing during her many, many sociology classes? Did she sleep in most of the time? Did she have NOI propoganda slanting her views of America at an early age? Her thesis reveals her biased thoughts early on. As far as her statement to a predominantly AA audience with her retort, “That’s America,” when referring to the “unnatural” segregation in society – again, did she even pay attention in Soc 101? The reason so many of the European countries prosper and have little violence is because of their mostly homogenous societies. Scandinavian countries are the best case in point for highest standard of living, wages and quality of life. So, taking these factual situations into account, America weathers storms pretty well, considering we are the melting pot of the world. It’s people like her who hold us back. MO and BHO are just setting the groundwork for reparations – we all know that. Hey, I’m 1/16 Cherokee. WGAF?

  143. Curiosity…I sent Paddy’s treatise on the neo-libs to several of the folks you have mentioned above, with an editorial “plea” for America and Patriotism.

    We shall see where is goes.

  144. We should all remember that there are constantly trolls on this site, and that we, as a Hillary fan site, should not be the source of the BO-Muslim rumor –or those blanket statements that are prejudiced against Muslims. For sure, statements such as the above will be used against us and against Hillary – as “see look at what her supporters say.”

    I miss those veterans who used to be on this board, and have now left, who would’ve kicked our butts for insinuating anything of that nature.

  145. Artiste, I hope not, too.

    I looked at that site and don’t understand how it works. Also, I couldn’t post there, because my computer won’t let me post on sites that use the box with the scrambled letters.

    I love big pink and hope people will stay here.

  146. Plural, I’ve not even been there. As I said, I have my hands full without it right now. I appreciate that we need a private place to strategize, but ADMIN has done so much for Hillary here, and us, that I hope it just doesn’t get to be where it’s “easier” to stay and speak there than to switch back and forth. Too bad that privacy option is not available here too. The distortions and made up lies that people have posted elsewhere about Big Pink, and the phony transcripts can be damaging, but we need to fight against that type of tyranny from Obama supporters.

    Oh well…time will tell.

  147. Morning all,

    i finally figured out how to change my homepage from MSNBC coz i Can’t STAND the constant barrage of cheery BO headlines with never a mention of HRC except in a negative light so i switched to ABC and what’s the headline? Pundits say her Campaign is Over.

    What’s a good news non-biased homepage i can switch to? Anyone have suggestions?

  148. good morning! artiste…. i havent been on at all this week bc ive been at the shop everyday til 7… same with next week… can you send me an email and let me know whats going on with another site???

    that stinks! i dont want anyone to leave PINK!!! i told everyone at my meetup last night abt this site and asked them to make sure they check in at least once a day fo the wonderful articles on the front page!

    plz send me positive energy that i may get a good spot at bill’s speech tonite… you do NOT even know how ovewhelmed i am!!!!

    btw… do you know if they’ll give us “hillary” signs at the speeh or if we have to bring our own.

  149. They’ve said her campaign has been over since Iowa, don’t believe a word of it, its just pres. politics, make the opponent look defeated.

    They are trying to win the perception game and then Hilary beats the hell out of him.

  150. You could always make Big Pink your home page, and go hunting for news from here. I just cant stand the barrage of crap on “News” sites as a home page.

  151. I still firmly believe that Bill and Hill are holding the nuclear option until it is absolutely needed and then Obama wont know what hit him.

  152. hey lninla! are you coming to nc? i read that youre going to paris? didnt know the timerame. good to see you…. i’m off to work but i’ll check back in!

  153. Paula:

    Riverdaughter’s post is here:

    Riverdaughter’s name at dkos was Goldberry, and she may well be one of the funniest bloggers in the blogosphere. She is a true, blue Clintonista. She really deserves our patronage, and her blog is beginning to get a lot of attention. She started a blog after dkos admin banned her for satiring O’God.

  154. Diva, hi!

    I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU for tonight. I have no idea if they will give you signs but I would bring your own anyway. Get BC to sign it! AS for HillBills site, there is a need for a private place to make Hillary Strategy and I support that completely. Just hope folks don’t stay gone to long! This is becoming a family, and I would miss that!

  155. Moononpluto

    that would be cool!

    Diva…have fun at work…and we want PICTURES and a full report from tonight’s event!

  156. one more thing guys…. i just have to say that after going to the meeting last night i am so super energized! you wouldnt believe it… we had almost 100 attendees… IN LITTLE OLE ASHEVILLE!!! where our opponent has had an office for weeks and we’re just getting started. we had eight attendees that were in their EIGHTIES!!! one woman was 86!!! if they can come out at night to support her, then i’ll be damned if there’s s/thing i wont do!

    btw… i have to say, that i’m re-energized bc i’ve been at the shop all week and have had no contact with msm!!!

  157. Ininla –
    Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan was lauded by BHO’s chosen church. There is a difference between this organization founded during the past half-century and the Islamic faith founded in 610 AD by Muhammad, that Muslims practice. That’s not to say there are not Muslims who do not belong to the Nation of Islam, but they are two totally different entities. I am not anti-Muslim. I AM ANTI-NATION OF ISLAM. Therefore, before you condemn bloggers who are making pro-American comments, and denouncing only anti-American organizations, I suggest you do your homework. Unfortunately, many Americans do not understand the difference between these two groups. One is a religion founded almost 2,000 years ago, and one is a political organization with convenient self-serving elements of Islam, to support it’s warped views. But just like comments “typical white person”, are supposed to tap white guilt and shut me up – chastisements by holier-than-thou bloggers, who don’t know what they’re talking about, also will not intimidate me, just because they don’t know the difference between the two. Instead of people like me fearing to be heard, my response to criticism aimed at protecting Muslims’ rights – is for critics to become informed about the difference between Islam that Muslims practice, and the Nation of Islam, before ignorance wins out.

  158. Diva…that is SO GREAT! Look for a woman names Margaret. About fifty, blond and very attractive. She may be involved, as well as a Garlic Nose named Loradona. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if these two women were active for Hillary.

  159. Just caught Senator nelson on Fox talking about the Florida vote disaster and he says he doesn’t think the problem will be solved for another couple of months despite his efforts to arrive a ta solution both candidates can accept.

    now, i like nelson but WTF does that mean????? Coronate BO and THEN count the Fl votes? that’s what it sounds like to me. That the Dems will go to PR (june 7) and with BO still ahead in delegates, votes, the bigwigs will then pressure HRC and assign the votes after they’ve gotten her to cave. i swearr, I am so disgusted guys that I may have to withdraw from any involvement in the political process. i am completely sickened by what’s going on. TTTT, my life won’t change drastically no matter who’s in office and i can’t stand the constant negative barrage of info.

  160. Sen. Nelson from FL is a close personal friend of the Clintons and an announced supporter of Hillary.

    He was trying to get a revote, I believe.

  161. Artiste, Plural,

    thanks for the suggestions. When i have some time i’ll snoop around, again. I wish i knew of a balanced news page. maybe I’ll switch to FOX! (I can’t BELIEVE I just said that!)

  162. Curiosity….I look at NOI comparing themselves to Muslim as I look at Wright comparing his hatred to what he says is preached in ALL AA Churches.

    Each try to capitalize on the other to bolster and justify their own hatred and it results in painting the bigger group with their own acid dipped brush.

  163. @artiste: i def will… i think next week, i’m going to bring the sticky nametags bc i dont know anyone’s name… check youre email…

    gotta run! happy friday ppl!!! 😉

    p/s you are right… really slow here this morning! that stinks!

  164. Plural,

    yes, he is an HRC supporter but even HE sounds defeated by the roadblocks put up by BO. (of course he didn’t say that- said one candidate would feel like a revote was unfair.)
    So here we are, almost a year after Brillo-head successfully sanctioned Florida, a year after her comments at some Black convention about the impact of BO on other black candidates and how in her opinion it’s time for AA’s to seize control, a year after her implicit endorsement of BO, of her successful campaign to stonewall HRC, and the election may be decided on the basis of her manipulations? F*** That. I hate her, pelosi, porkface, horseface and the neckless wonder. i gotta get outta here, even though it IS snowing.

  165. Basil….I only saw a bit of Nelson, but rest assured, he is working for a revote here. The only real problem I have seen in all this for both MI and FL is who will pay…and Obama doesnt want ANY one to pay. He wants to steal this election.



    And I am sure the NEO LIBS wont care at all.

  166. So Obama is now claiming that he would have left his church of 20 years if Wright has stayed as the paster? Of course not for one moment during 20 years of listening hate messages, did Obama make some noise or just walk out!

    How convenient that he says that now that it is a non-issue. This is one of those: I’ve got some swamp land to sell you moments! 😉

  167. FL and MI have voted, and their delegates should be seated as the voters voted.

    It’s not as if they didn’t do anything, or as if the voters didn’t turn out.

    The voters voted in good faith, and should be respected.

    That seems to escape the DNC and the DC insiders.

  168. I feel like I am living in a sci-fi movie. Lies are truth and truth are lies. I know Obama is a liar but I am told every night by the media that he is wonderful and truthful. I know Obama doesn’t have the experience to be president. Every night I am told he has lots of experience. I know Obama and his surrogates are race-baiters and every night I am told they are not.

    There are things I know in my soul and brain that the news media cannot change no matter what they say. I hope I can hold on to these truths. I feel like someone is trying to control my mind or change it or destroy it.

    What has this country come to represent? Does anyone know?

    Lastly, thank you to all the AAs who have loyally stayed true to Hillary. I know it must have been hard and I respect you for it and always will. You help me remain involved because of your trust. Thank you.

  169. Is anyone interested in writing up all the DB quotes/votes, etc. and to send out to all the talking heads? It won’t likely be covered directly but it may spark a thought.

  170. Irish…I am with ya darling. It IS a form of mind control….

    and politically perfected by Rove vis Bush, and now the Neo-Libs are using it.

    There ARE weapons of Mass Destruction. Iraq WAS involved in 9/11. Say it enough and it BECOMES THE “TRUTH”

    Just look at American Public Opinion during the run up to the Gulf War. 70% or something thought Saddam was involved in 9/11. Why? Because they were told over and over and over again he was. Obama has the same promoters.

  171. Howard Dean on CNN…telling TV people are not going to vote for McCain and that voters “dont care about peoples pastors or who said what in Bosnia”

    boy…is he ever mistaken

  172. From the AP,
    Dean “Worried” about the campaign’s negative tone and says June should be the deadline for delegates to make their decisions and that July 1 is the absolute cut-off date.
    So now the strategy is to stall on the Florida/Michigan re-votes, decide the nominee based on the other 48 states and prevent HRC from presenting a case to the Credentials Committee???????

  173. Howard dean is completely out of touch. There is no way that the American people are going to let BO and his spiritual mentor anywhere near the White House. If dems are stupid enough to nominate him, we will lose 45-49 states.

  174. Ann…not sure if Donna’s talking points. othe rthan that speech, will resonate with anyone. I think you could send the speech excerpts to the more radical right…say something like the website Sweetness and Light and it may get some traction. But the “AA TAKEOVER’ i don’t think will come through to the talking heads in MSM

  175. Dean sounds like he’s finally noticed the numbers of Dems who won’t vote for BO. He should be worried.

  176. Basil…that may be…but then we shall just see the Clinton Nuclear Option sooner. That was the first Salvo on Greta, and now it apears Dean is cutting her off. The American People WILL NOT be happy with a novote for Florida and Michigan.

    I also believe we should write to Sen. VClinton and tell her, despite her hopes we will come together as Democrats if BO is the nominee, we cannot support him. It is not an issue of Party, but of America.

  177. OK Gang…we need to MAY them care….

    Back to Operation Obama loves Wright and hates typical white folks

    hit the papers in the upcoming states.

  178. Irish, Artiste, Ann, Plural,
    Sorry for my negativity this morning but I feel the same way as you guys. The election is being stolen from us and this time it’s not the Republicans or the Supreme Court, it’s our own party. i am nauseated by this. I don’t know where to turn for news about ANYTHING anymore. I don’t trust any of the media. We RE DENIED THE ‘REAL’ TRUTH IN FAVOR OF THE ‘SANITIZED’ TRUTH decide on by the BM. of course I’ve always know this and have therefore never supported such obvious propaganda as the gulf War, the Iraq war, the Benazzir Bhutto explanation, the Afghanistan justification,, etc. But the extent of the disinformation campaign is staggering and sobering and it makes me wanna drop out and crawl back into my safe warm cave..

  179. Also, why we CANNOT support him if he is the nominee. He is an anti-American hypocrite and not a patriot, IMO


    For your Emailing pleasure…

  181. plural, Dean has noticed the numbers of Dems who won’t vote for BO but he decided to use wrong strategy that is to force hillary out before July. The first step is Casey endorsement to close gap in PA to make it imposible for hillary to get the pupolar votes.

  182. basil9,
    Hang on…..this has been ongoing for years….there has always been a holy war in the dem party between the ultra-liberals and the centrist, balanced dems. Pendulum has swung back and forth since Adlai Stevenson in the 1950s. What’s interesting is that we only win when the centrists are ascendant a la Bill Clinton.

  183. Ann,
    please update me on the Brillo-head project. i have a bone to pick with that one.
    Artiste, what IS the Nuclear option? And if Dean is signaling, as he obviously did today, that the PR primary will be the end oif the nominating process and a candidate determined by July 1, and Nelson was on Fox this morning saying that despite his best efforts he didn’t forsee a FL/MI do-over, what is the conclusion????? that the DNC will do whatever it takes to achieve their preferred outcome. How could HRC fight the nominating process if a candidtate is chosen by July? that effectively invalidates her plan to go to the Credentials Committe. now it will be all about ‘the good of the party” and ‘we gotta unify behind a candidate” no matter if it’s the one the people don’t want. I am LIVID. And i agree that Dean is outta his friggin mind if he imagines BO will win HRC’s supporters. he’s basically conceding the elction to the Repubs.
    Again, sorry for the pessimism but between the never-ending glowing headlines on all the websites (and yes – i did sawitch) and the View lovefest and the pressure of theDem bigwigs, i’,m speechless. As I said the other day, i thik the goal is to DENY the CLINTONS any influence in the Dem party FOREVER. Paddy’s article takes my argument a step further by labeling it a neo-leftist movement. I also agree that Hannity and company are beginning to get scared about the idea BO could actually win.

    On a lighter note, McCain’s first national ad is up – guess where – New Mexico! ROTF! That guy DOES have a sense of humor. And the ad shows footage of McCain as a POW. Pretty powerful stuff. He can contrast that against Bo in the virgin Islands. 👿

    OK, really outta her.ngn

  184. Sorry,

    For all you Tech Gurus.
    there’s a site called being reviewed on FOX that helps amateurs upload their homemade ads online and air them nationally.

    HEY. That’s a fabulous option! There are so many creative pc types here with tech savvy and great ideas. Plus, if the ads are accepted you can get PAID!

  185. basil, I’d advise you to turn off the tv if it upsets you. A lot of people don’t watch that stuff.

    The process will play out, and I don’t think anyone can predict what will happen. It doesn’t do any good to project scenarios, especially if it gets you upset.

  186. Plural,

    I’m just venting.
    And the turn-off-the-tv strategy is, IMHO, another tactic to prevent thinking people from discriminating between the BS and reality. So I never completely turn off the TV, although these days it’s usually tuned to FoX.

    What can i say? I’m a passionate person.
    JADE, FANTATSTIC email list. Can anyone tell me how to dump all those addys into one email and send letters BULK or whatever you call it? Will be back in a couple of hours.

  187. Sen. Clinton appears on Fox News, says race is far from over

  188. @basil,
    There really isn’t an organized DB project, it is still percolating. I think there is something here behind a “conspiracy” theory. We have all these high-profile AAs (some of whom are very controversial) – Farakkhan, Sharpton, Brazile, Jesse Jackson who are not endorsing him outright because they don’t want to scare white people but who are doing everything they can behind the scenes to get him elected. I think the issue is broader than DB and that is the angle we should take. We should figure out how to get that written up with all the supporting evidence and send that around. Thoughts?

  189. The endorsement of Casey hurts us and will narrow the gap in Penn. Unfortunately, what we are seeing is typical politicians who are going with what they think is the “winning team”. Pelosi , Brazil(the one who managed to help gore’s campaign lose ), Dean, and must of the rest of the DNC are making it virtually impossible for Hillary to win. Any other candidate would be out after being in THAT church for 20 years!!! But after a few days, Obama gets the pass.
    We are dealing against a stacked deck and as much as I love and support the Clinton’s, this is perhaps the first time in recent history, that they(Senator Clinton) will come up short.
    I hope and pray she takes it all the way to the floor. Finally, if she fails, we must punish the DNC and particularly the loser Pelosisi and vote for McCain or abstain!!!

  190. I’m saying nothing about what I will do in November except that I will vote for Hillary because she will be the nominee.

  191. plural
    Casey father was much more popular. I am not upset with the endorsement, i expected it as he and Obama entered the Senate in the same year and campaigned for each other when running. The thing that ticks me off is as recently as 1 or 2 weeks ago he said he would not endorse anyone until after the primary. He certainly does not have his father’s integrity, when Sr. said he would or would not do something you could count on it.

  192. I do not believe the Casey endorsement hurts us. What hurts us is the never-ending touting of it by BM, and the ignoring of HC endorsements by same.

    But, on that note, back and forth between FOX and CNN today, I have not heard it mentioned even ONCE. So maybe there is a turn.

  193. Also…Glenn Beck radio show was taking on DailyKos HARD and saying the hatred was reflective of BO supporters. That after reading that site, and saying that IS where BM gets half of their news now as well as HuffPo, that the Right needs to rally around Hillary to PREVENT these people from being in charge! That she needs to come out swinging and take him OUT or die trying FOR THE COUNTRY. That the 527’s in the Fall will EVISCERATE him and that the Republicans are starting to see what a real threat he and his kind are to the NATION

  194. Yes Ann, I did. I see there would be some vale in that, but I suggest it be done BY another AA to have cred. Otherwise it sounds like White folks trying to keep AA down and screaming to fear for your kids.

  195. Glenn Beck has the third most “listened to” radio show in the nation, behind Rush and Hannity. He has television on Headline News, but that is not the same as his radio program at all. He does not translate well to TV and his listeners could not believe it when he took a show with CNN

  196. Howard Dean has corrupted the DNC to the point that it will never be respected or trusted again.

    His demand that all SDs be in line before July 1st is a chess move deliberately aimed at stopping Hillary for all time. What right does he have to make these sweeping edicts? What right does he have to shut down democracy?

    I am so disgusted with this man. It’s really to bad that there is no impeachment policy for this traitor.

  197. JB, I dont’ think the Casey endorsment hurts Hillary other than it dominates the media for a day or two. Kerry and Kennedy didn’t help Obama in Massachusetts. I highly doubt Casey will suddenly swing thousands of voters to Obama in PA.

  198. Jan…I suggest a national petition. Also, we need to have a lawyer look at the DNC RULES and see if he CAN do this. However, that would not prevent a floor fights IMO, as the pledged delegates can STILL vote for whomever they choose under the rules. That s a FACT that no one talks about, and there would have to be floor ballots still, I think. Especially with FLA and MI hanging.

  199. Bob Casey was an endorsement i am sure Hillary wanted. As far as his popularity in PA is concerned it is no where near that of Rendell or our other senator Spector (r). But still its a senator who Obama can travel around with. He was only elected in the past senate elections so he doesnt have that much clout. Speaking of the area in and around Phildelphia Rendell, Nutter, and Bob Brady are the biggest endorsements for the Dems and Hillary has two of them, Bob Brady has yet to endorse.

  200. Artiste,

    I agree. A petition, a protest march to the DNC offices, a call to arms (so to speak) anything that will bring visual attention to the unholy way that Dean and his band of thugs are hijacking this election for all of you.

  201. It does seem that Pelosi and Dean are doing everything they can to make sure Hillary loses. In my mind though Obama cannot be considered legitatmate unless those delegates are seated before the convention.

  202. So where are the online petitions to sign asking for Dean’s resignation? Pelosi’s resignation from DNC? Brazile’s resignation? Every clinton supporter -millions would sign.

    Also, I’m ready to take to the streets. Nothing like a little civil disobedience to wake people up to the fact that the neo-libs have a coup underway to ROB the people of this nation, ESPECIALLY FLORIDA AND MICHIGAN of their voice. I am dead serious. Clinton supporters, and democrats who are not ardent Clinton supporters -but who will NEVER vote for Obama, and who are not political news junkies like us – have NO IDEA of all the shenanigans that are at play within the DNC, and the VAST LEFT-WING CONSPIRACY AT WORK TO HIJACK THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!


  203. Sen. Casey is really not that big in PA (although it is another SD). He got his seat in 2006 when a lot of seats were picked up by Dems. Also, people voted for him in the primary because of affinity for his father.

    I have a lot of family in Pennsylvania and they are all for Hillary.

  204. Good morning, Hillfans.

    Two new RW articles to spread far and wide:

    Intro to really good 6-page overview on Obama (who’s not a crook mind you). A good primer to send everyone.

    More on Obama’s favorite anti-semitic military adviser McPeak:

  205. I expect most freshmen senators to line up for Obama. The clout of Kennedy and the likes of Pelosi and Dean and stuff are much more likely to persuade them than other more experienced politicians who don’t have to kiss ass.

  206. “The most trusted leaders of the Democratic party, such as John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, ought to be ashamed of themselves for supporting Barack Obama”

    OMG B. Merryfield! I love it! 🙂

    Off to read the second article now…

  207. McPeak compared the terror networks of Hamas and Hezbollah to that of radical Oregonians? He slams New York Jews?

    B. Merryfield, this man needs to be fired. Why is it that Obama’s people also walk on water, say whatever they want, and never be reprimanded for it?

  208. I had a weird dream last night! Edwards came back into the race!

    I thought about this dream for a while and it was probably due to last night’s comment from Harold Ford saying NC winner will be the nominee! Also Gore saying that we have 5 months to play this out! I was upset by this when I went to bed!

    While having thought over more, I just had a 2% hunch that with Edwards still having some uncommited delegates in his name, as well as MI/FL issue “still in play”…maybe if Hillary or someone is thinking that she will be forced to drop out – endorse Edwards and ask her delegates to support him. This way he would have more delegates than BO….!!! even if SD’s will be asked to decide!

    Edwards would then have a choice – choose BO as VP or ask Ford to keep the AAs happy…

    I know this is a stretch but this way MI can be split into 3rds. (33% for each, not 50% for B O) and FL votes is was on the day of election held…….

    Edwards won some delegates i IA, NH, SC, NV…and with these counts in MI/FL and coming back into the race with Hillary’s endorsement may bring the party together!

  209. Remember people when Obambi goes down he will be taken down many people’s careers with him. That’s why his SLOW slide will be loud and angry but it will be Obambi’s own actions that will cause this…he is not ready, nor in my opinion will ever be ready to be the POTUS.

    Remember, whose children are over represented in the military class?

    It’s not the elites in this country and so when people go to the voting booth to vote for POTUS they want to know that they people they elect have INTEGRITY, HONOR, VALUES and a MORAL/ETHICAL COMPASS. I’m not talking about being perfect or not making mistakes but deep down know what’s right and wrong.

    Obama has some deep issues that I believe makes him UNFIT for this job…this guy is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, that with his NARCASISTIC personality on top of his ARROGANCE is dangerous to have so much power placed on this guy. He’s WEAK and it speaks clearly to me how he will use the threat of violence to get his way.

    He’s a dictator waiting to happen in any other third world country.

    I don’t care how you dress this PIG, he’s still a PIG!

  210. Bmerry,
    Great article (with some typos though). Now that someone has done all the work for them, maybe the MSM will finally start reporting on this stuff.

  211. I am a 45 yr old atty living in South Florida with a wife of 16 yr and 3 kid(2 boys 11 and 14, and little “doll” age 2). I also live in Palm Beach County, where as President Clinton pointed out at the fund raiser I attended, Hillary had the greatest per capita vote than in any other county in the nation!!! ( We have a large, affluent, predominantly Jewish population in Boca who went with Hillary).
    My posts are not meant to be unsettling, but “I am mad as hell and can’t take it anymore”. I have donated tons of $ over the years to the DNC, and I am a Clinton loyalist going back to 1988.
    My own congressman, Robert Wexler, a Jew like myself, has endorsed Obama….this hole thing is a fraud and as Bil said a fairly tale, You have a guy with NO experience, a very questionable back ground, and he and his wife certainly raise questions about their love for this country.
    I will NEVER vote for another democrat if they contiunue to fuck Hillary!!!

  212. Busy morning!

    Kaff..I am on the CC too tonight.

    Also…we will talk about petition for Dean, Brazille et all after Hillary speaks. Maybe we can have some help writing it. OkieAtty maybe? with a lot of WHEREAS’s in the subject lines

    more in a bit

    lots to read, see, hear and do

  213. OandrewD, I read somewhere that Brady endorsed Hillary, after Murtha did.

    The Casey endorsement is a bit of a disappointment but I’m not too bummed about it. Hillary still has Rendell, Nutter, the mayor of Pittsburgh and Murtha.

    BTW, there’s a post on TM linking to Jerome Armstrong’s latest, saying Hillary would only be about 50 delegates behind if FL and MI were counted.

  214. jbstone! thanks for the bio. We just have to be careful here. We have a LOT of trolls and downright spies and liars lurking.

    As a lawyer, could YOU help write a petition calling for Dean and Brazile’s resignation that we can blast to the four corners of the internet?

  215. MJS

    After the McCaskill endorsement, I read an article where she said that Obama got all the freshman Senators together and told them that we need to stick together and to not trust any senior senators. Just another example of his lack of character, he doesn’t trust senior Senators, but does not mind accepting their endorsements.

  216. From the AP article posted above, I actually consider this progress. At least Obama isn’t arrogantly saying, “Her voters will vote for me but mine won’t vote for her.” His campaign must finally realize some Hillary voters are awfully pissed at him.

    “There are going to be some bruised feelings, whoever the nominee is. We are going to have to come together and remind ourselves that there is a heck of a lot bigger difference between either Senator Clinton or myself, and John McCain,” Obama said.

    He said the protracted contest would not harm the party in the long run.

    “I think short term, there is going to be work to do for the nominee to bring the party back together again. People feel pretty passionate about their respective candidates. I appreciate that, and I understand it,” Obama said.

  217. jbstonesfan

    Go to Ben Graber’s website. He gave up his bid for the Democratic primary and is running as an independent against Wexler. He has an interesting piece up about Wexler and Obama. I need to send him the Hamas story now that I think of it. Ben could use any support you can give in his effort to oust Wexler for his part in disenfranchising the voters of Florida. If you ca help him in any way email him and he will respond.

  218. meiyingsu Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 11:12 am
    Artiste, Did Glenn Beck really call the right to rally around Hillary? If so, good for the country.
    The republican’s anti Hillary campaign has come back to haunt them…there is no guarantee for anybody but you do want people who is fit for this position and not “ANNOITED” by powerbrokers with their own agendas.

    Obambi has been given a free pass not on his track record of service for this nation and the people but because he fit the script of the D.C. intellectual elite.

  219. Just curious if anyone knows whether BHO has come out with any plan on anything “before” Hillary.

    Not to give him credit, I just haven’t seen anything from him that wasn’t identical or remotely similar to what Hillary has put out.

  220. Good morning everyone. Just wanted to know if anyone is familiar with TV One. It is mostly a AA station.
    Roland Martin comes on during commercials. He talks about the election, He is for Obama. I e-mailed him to let him know that i am one AA that will be voting for Hillary and not to lump me in his group. I told him to speak for himself and not for me. I told him if Hillary is not elected i will be voting for McCain. I know McCain, i do not know Obama

  221. Hey guys. I’m FINALLY out of bed…after what? 2 days?

    No cable, thus NO idea what’s been going on. Anything newsworthy happen today or yesterday that I need to know about?

  222. This is very, very important. SDs will be looking at fundraising strength as a very important indicator. Donate, Donate, Donate.

    Dear Ann,

    Have you noticed the pattern?

    Every time our campaign demonstrates its strength and resilience, people start to suggest we should end our pursuit of the Democratic nomination.

    Those anxious to force us to the sidelines aren’t doing it because they think we’re going to lose the upcoming primaries. The fact is, they’re reading the same polls we are, and they know we are in a position to win.

    In three days, we’re facing a critical March filing deadline — another chance to show the strength of our campaign. Let’s take these three days to make something absolutely clear: we aren’t going to simply step aside. You and I are going to keep fighting for what we believe in, and together, we’re going to win.

    Contribute today to help us raise $3 million by the March filing deadline at midnight Monday.

    Every time we are challenged to prove the strength and durability of our appeal to voters, we meet our goals. We did it in New Hampshire, we did it on February 5, and we did it again this month in Texas and Ohio.

    With the March filing deadline, we have the chance to show our strength again. This is a crucial test as we approach the next big primary in Pennsylvania and the contests that follow.

    Millions of voters are still waiting to have their say. Let’s make sure they have a chance to be heard.

    Contribute today to help us raise $3 million by the March filing deadline at midnight Monday.

    At times like this, with everything on the line, it means so much to me to know that I can rely on you to meet the challenges we face head-on.

    Thank you for everything,

  223. I just found this on Hillarys site
    Hillary Clinton will lose New Hampshire and the race will be over
    Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire, defying the predictions and the polls

    Hillary Clinton will lose the big states on Super Tuesday and the race will be over
    Hillary Clinton wins the big states on Super Tuesday – and wins them by double digits

    Hillary Clinton will lose Texas and possibly Ohio on March 4th and the race will be over
    Hillary Clinton wins both Texas and Ohio on March 4th – and she wins Ohio by double digits

    Despite Hillary Clinton’s big victories on March 4th, “the math” works decisively against her and the race is essentially over
    The math is simple: neither candidate has reached the number of delegates required to
    secure the nomination and either candidate can win

    Barack Obama is substantially ahead in the pledged delegate count; pledged delegates are the only measure of success; therefore the race is essentially over
    The candidates are within fractions of one another on delegates; Barack Obama needs super delegates to win; and a marginal pledged delegate lead does not determine the outcome

    Barack Obama is substantially ahead in the popular vote; Florida and Michigan don’t count; therefore the race is essentially over
    The popular vote is virtually tied; half of Barack Obama’s narrow vote advantage is from his home state; and his lead excludes Florida and Michigan

    Once the remaining states vote, Barack Obama will be substantially ahead in delegates and votes and the race will be over
    The race is a dead heat now and no one knows where things will end up after millions of remaining voters in the upcoming states make their choice

    Hillary Clinton’s situation is dire; her campaign is struggling; her supporters are disillusioned and desperate
    Hillary Clinton and her supporters are calm, confident, and focused heading into the key
    state of PA, where she is running strong

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign lacks significant grassroots energy; only one candidate has mobilized supporters to take action for the campaign
    Hillary Clinton’s supporters across America have written letters, blogged, donated tens of millions of dollars, volunteered millions of hours and made millions of calls

    There is a loud and growing chorus of voices asking Hillary Clinton to withdraw from the race
    Precisely the same number of voters (22%) think Barack Obama should drop out of the
    race as Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton is the candidate running a negative, divisive campaign; she is throwing the “kitchen sink” at Barack Obama
    Barack Obama has been throwing the sink, the stove, the plates and the garbage can at Hillary Clinton, attacking her integrity and character every day

    For Hillary to win the nomination, super delegates will have to “overturn the will of the
    The will of the people is split and both candidates need – and are making their case to –
    super delegates

    Hillary Clinton is threatening to poach pledged delegates from Barack Obama
    Barack Obama is reportedly already trying to poach pledged delegates from Hillary Clinton

    Florida and Michigan’s voters won’t be heard and their delegates won’t be seated all
    because of complicated procedural roadblocks
    Barack Obama is intentionally disenfranchising voters in two critical states for purely political reasons, namely, that he’ll lose his small advantage if they count

    Every single word or action from Hillary Clinton, her campaign, her surrogates and her supporters is part of a calculated and cynical political strategy
    Hillary Clinton is a loyal Democrat, a lifelong public servant, a tireless and
    tenacious candidate, and is fighting hard – and fair – to win with the help of millions of dedicated supporters

  224. Idunn

    Same old crap unless you mean Wright’s retirement house is costing S1.6 million. I wonder which rich white people donated the money to build it for him?

  225. The new issue of the National Enquirer is going after Wright/Obama again. This time they are listing quotes of James Cone, the founder of the black liberation theology movement. The headline is “Destroy White People” which is a quote of Cone’s. They also include other quotes in the article and link Cone to Wright and his sermons.

    The Enquirer has lots of readers, at least they are keeping this information out there for all to see….

  226. No cable, thus NO idea what’s been going on. Anything newsworthy happen today or yesterday that I need to know about?

    Obama’s on the View today, apparently he says that if Rev Wright hadn’t retired and if he hadn’t apologized, he would have left the church.

    So…apparently when we all weren’t looking Rev. Wright apologized?

  227. Store up those rewards here on earth, Rev…cause when you pass over, you’ve got ALOT to answer for. 🙄

    On a totally different note: my being bed ridden for 3 days resulted in me actually watching American Idol on Tuesday night. May I just say,, I ADORE David Cook? I think I might even have his babies. 😉

  228. Okay, apologized were my words. Obama’s words were

    Had the reverend not retired, and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized

    When did that happen? Anyone?

  229. “Obama’s on the View today, apparently he says that if Rev Wright hadn’t retired and if he hadn’t apologized, he would have left the church.”

    And if he hadn’t got caught ……….


  230. Had the reverend not retired, and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized

    And like I said before, you can’t beat your wife to a bloody pulp for 20 years, then one day have an epiphany, say you’re sorry, and expect those 20 years to suddenly disappear in a puff of well intentioned smoke. Wright’s an ass.

  231. Obama’s on the View today, apparently he says that if Rev Wright hadn’t retired and if he hadn’t apologized, he would have left the church

    20 years, Bambi. But you wouldn’t have taken a stand NOW??!!

  232. Let the people vote! Exactly. NO ONE should drop out of this race, it’s too close. Would anyone, in a foot race that you’ve trained for a long time, suddenly stop right before the finish line? NO!

    There are states that haven’t been heard, yet. They are Americans, too. Each and every one of us have the right to vote and we should all be heard. Fuck the media. Fuck the superdelegates and fuck the DNC. We are Americans. LET US VOTE AND DECIDE FOR OURSELVES!

  233. hi hillfans, i just found out about sen casy endorsing obama. wtf, i thought he was staying out of it until after pa?

  234. For the media emaliers such as Jade at

    One question we should get interviewers to ask Obama face to face: What would be the role of Reverend Wright in an Obama administration? Would Wright officiate at any ceremonies? Would Wright be invited to the White House to say “God Damn America”? Private dinners/state dinners/prayer groups – invitations? Would Wright swear Obama in at an inaugural?

    Let’s force Obama to answer questions as to Wright or force him to put some distance between himself and Wright. This will infuriate Wright and get him to unload on Obama.

    It would be good if we could get these questions and related ones to ABC for the April 16 debate in Phladelphia.

    Also, if there are any ipetitions to fire Dean, have Pelosi resign as co-chair of the convention or get rid of Donna Brazile – let us know.

  235. IMO there are advantages to the Dems’ not having a nominee yet, or for a while. I know that’s contrary to conventional wisdom, but too bad.

    And all the states should be allowed to vote.

    Dean et al. want to punish MI and FL for moving their primaries up. Now they also want to punish PA and others for NOT moving their primaries up.

  236. @Debbie at 12:01

    I thought SNL lost an opportunity for a great sketch after the last debate: Hillary answers question on economy, Obama says “I agree with Sen. Clinton….”; Hillary answers question on healthcare, Obama says “I agree with Sen. Clinton….”; Hillary answers question re: “who is the best candidate to be POTUS?” “I am”, Obama says “I agree with Sen. Clinton…NO, WAIT I DIDN’T MEAN THAT”

  237. Ann, from the new Enquirer article…

    James Cone in his own words:

    “Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the enemy” Book: Black Theology and Black Power

    “What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of blacks to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal” states Cone.

    “If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer and we had better kill him”

    The article also includes anti-white quotes from Louis Farrakhan, Khalid Abdul Muhammed and Kamau Kambon who are also followers of Farrakhan. It notes that Wright praises and admires Farrakhan (“He is a brother who I love and admire”) and that the other people mentioned echo the writings of Farrakhan. It ends with Wrights “white arrogance” quote and the report by Jim Davis that Obama was in the pews when this quote was spoken.

  238. Hey everyone Hillarys needs to reach 3 milllion by March 31 lets donate to reach this goal, and to show her some love. We can’t let them steal this election from us. E-mail your friends, brothers, sisters, cousins etc to donate.

  239. Hit submit too soon in my passion.

    It is time for us to remember why we support Hillary. Most of us have since before we even knew BO’s name. She is smart, trustworthy, tenacious, strong, patriotic, passionate, caring, decisive…

    Keep the reasons why we support Hillary in our minds and fight. Fight. And then fight some more. We are approaching states that are favorable to us. Reach out and tell everyone why you support Hillary Clinton. Don’t let the media, or the power players of the Democratic party or Republicans or whomever decide this for you, or deflate you. We are better than that. We are smarter than that. We are more capable.

    Go us!!!!!!!!!!! Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. Thnak you for the welcome…I was actually posting on the Huffington Post for a year,(You can check my pro Hillary posts there) and simply could no longer take the Hillary bashing by Arianna( like Pelosi, a woman turning her back on Hillary and spewing hate).
    I think a petition is fine, but the reality is it will go on deaf ears with Dean and the DNC. I am working hard here in Florida to push to get the vote counted, but it is also a uphill battle with a huge republican majority in both houses, and the DNC doing little if nothing.
    We must , like Hillary, simply go on as there is no alternative. Hillary has practically the same # of votes as Barry, and sooner or later, hopefully more dirt will come up ….
    Lastly, as much as I love Hillary, I equally detest the way her campaign has been run. It has been the worst planned campaign I have ever seen…literally snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We should have knocked this guy done early and often, and particularly, after Iowa, the pressure should have been put on OB. Her team understimated him, underestimated her support from DNC/fellow politicians, and for Christs sake, how we let him go on that 11 state run is unforgivable.

  241. AmericanGal,
    WOW……everyone we need to spread those Cone quotes FAR and WIDE. This is unbelievable stuff.

  242. Leahy calling for Hillary to withdraw from the race. They must REALLY be worried about Pennsylvania.

    I think the Casey endorsement hurts Casey, not Hillary. He will look foolish when the majority of his constituents vote for Hillary.

    Governor Ed Rendell was fantastic on Charlie Rose Wednesday night. He is an amazing advocate for Hillary, and has a quick smart factual answer for anything thrown at him.

    When Hillary wins Pennsylvania, everybody should flood the net that Bambi should withdraw from the race, he cannot win, he is tearing the party apart.

  243. Does anyone actually believe that even by asking Obama about Wright’s place in the White house, if the earth suddenly turns flat and he wins the G.E.?

    What’s to stop him from lying through his teeth like he usually does? The only way he knows to be is sly and manipulative. He won’t say the truth even if it bites him in the nose. 😉

  244. I’m so disgusted with Nancy Pelosi, I could stomp her silly ass down! What in the world is she thinking???? It’s going to be a bloody fight, but Hillary will get that nomination. I’m up for it!


    This is Sen. Leahy’s email address

    Contact info:
    Washington office
    433 Russell Senate Office Bldg
    (at Constitution and Delaware)
    United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510
    (202) 224-4242

    Burlington office
    199 Main Street, 4th Floor
    Burlington, VT 05401
    (802) 863-2525
    Montpelier office
    P.O. Box 933
    87 State Street, Room 338
    Montpelier, VT 05602
    (802) 229-0569

  246. Who cares what Leahy says. His state voted to arrest GWB for God’s sake. I love the mountains of Vermont, but those voters are not exactly representative of the rest of the nation.

  247. Rev. James Cone on how white European religions are racist

    “The cultural bond between European values and Christian beliefs is so deeply woven into the American psyche and thought process that their identification is assumed. White images and ideas dominate the religious life of Christians and the intellectual life of theologians, reinforcing the “moral” right of white people to dominate people of color economically and politically. White supremacy is so widespread that it becomes a “natural” way of viewing the world. We must ask therefore: Is racism so deeply embedded in Euro-American history and culture that it is impossible to do theology without being anti-black?”

  248. Admin…I believe the Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts does any swearing in.

    Now, jbstone: Although a petition MAY fall on deaf ears, I believe we could organize one with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of signatures. That WILL GET NEWS.

    If you want no part of it, that is fine. And the past is the past. We need to go forward. Huffington Post is trash. Kos is hateful trash. We are here to support hillary. And we do.

  249. Hey mj! I’m with you Ann. Who cares about Leahy? They all look so desperate asking her to dropout now, especially in light of all of the Rev. Wrong drama. I’m going to Harrisburg, PA tomorrow to help the campaign efforts there and I can’t wait. I sincerely hope Hillary beats Obama by at least 15 points in PA. Then, as someone else said earlier, we definitely flood the web with “Obama Needs to Drop Out” missives. Fucker. Excuse my language.

  250. The world has changed. There is lot at stake. It is about who will control all of the new wealth
    Paddy4hill@5:21 says: globalization has created. It needs to be evenly shared. This is what the election is about. Hillary is really fighting for the average American. And this is no election bull. If people only knew what was going down and we know the media is not going to tell them. So we must be the ones that stand up ourselves. Thank you Hillary Clinton for giving us the chance to do so!

    paddy: I absolutely agree.

    Have you also noticed how neo libs sometimes refer to themselves “citizens of the world”. In some cases that is because they have lived abroad and their perceptions have been shaped by personal experience. In other cases they have develeoped that perspective through business dealings and/or social oranization. In those instances the term carries some superficial legitimacy but it stilll sounds hyperbolic.

    But there is a another case where the term citizen of the world has an entirely different connnotation and it has nothing to do with spending your time in southern Italy, Monte Carlo or Cannes. Rather, it is an implicit and sometimes explicit rejection of American values and the obligations of citizenship.

    If you asked me for an example it would be the actress, social activist and pariah to many Jane Fonda. She has always had a neo lib outlook on the world and the tragedy is that today there are far more people like her as a result of globalization and what some have called the new Guilded Age.

    The adoption of this mindset offers distinct advantages to those who do so. First, is allows them to preen about and profess their moral superiority to the rest of us. Second, it liberates them from the dreary notion that they have moral and finacial obligations to their fellow citizens. Third, it allows them to live in a chronic state of moral exhaltation, hyper relevance and if they also have money then they redirect capital, and play God with other people lives.

    It allows them to practice that faux form of liberalism depicted in California Suite where Hanna (played by guess who) spends $500 for a pair of slacks so she can be fasionable when she stands on the street and raises $50 for the farmworkers. Someone then asks her why she didnt save the time and donate the $500 dollars. The question is gratutious because the answer is obvious.

    As you might expect, Fonda does not support Hillary. Why? Because when it comes to liberalism Hillary is the real thing. Fonda came from blue blood wealth (Muttontown estate on Long Island now a Jewish golf course), whereas Hillary came from the middle class. Fonda focuses on her own needs whereas Hillary focuses on the needs of other people. Fonda had elaborate weddings whereas Hillary got her wedding dress only at the last moment because she was focused on more than just herself. Fonda is an egotist whereas Hillary is a woman of substance. Hillary is an American and a courageous leader whereas . . .

    If you want me to post your excellent article on Taylor Marsh from this end let me know and I will be happy to do so.


    Former Vice President Al Gore said Thursday that he expects the Democratic nomination fight will “resolve itself” before the party’s convention in late August.

    Gore told The Associated Press that he sees no urgency in endorsing a presidential candidate.

    “What have we got, five months left?” he said in a brief interview after a speech at Middle Tennessee State University.

    When pressed that several prominent Democrats, including Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen, have expressed hope for an earlier decision on the nomination, Gore said: “I think it’s going to resolve itself. But we’ll see.”

    Gore didn’t elaborate on how he expects the nomination to be decided before the convention in Denver.

  252. Sugar…I know you have a rolodex of gold. I have been given a lot of email addresses here that have some severe bounce problems. Undeliverable in many cases. Any chance of sharing?

    I think you have my email address. We need to make some of this crap stick on BO. After all, he was the one who made it.

  253. Wboei…I feel CERTAIN Paddy would not mind the TM post.

    And it is interesting…Next to the Federal Government, Ted Turner owns more land in this country than any other sole.

  254. I just want to re-iterate to anyone that seems to think I’m trying to steal people away from this site that it is NOT THE CASE.

    I value this site and discussion here, and my intention was to make a place where you could Private Message from there with sensitive info instead of putting your personal email addresses out for bots to pick up and begin harrassing you (as happened to me). Don’t worry that people are spending all there time over there, they are not.

    However, the private area has had the benefit of driving the bots crazy because they don’t know what goes on in there. They have been protesting! He He.

  255. Tell Dean to BUTT OUT of this fight

    He has remainded mum when BHO and the media has consistantly bashed Hillary and now that BHO is taking the heat he wants to step in???

    Dean you are done, get out while you still have any credibility left. Oh never mind you don’t have any credibility, all the more reason you should leave.

  256. HillBill…I for one do not think you are trying to steal folks from Big Pink and recognize the need for a private space, away from the prying eyes of those who protest the same thing from the Bush Administration. I love it that they are hopping outside the door over there trying to get in! LOL

    I just don;t want this site to lose it’s flavor, because the Brownshirts for Obama drives people away to an Underground Railroad of Fear and Action.

  257. Sugar…you are a dream boat!

    I will take what you will give me. But perhaps those who are more inclined too see that BO is not in the best interest of the nation, and thatt he is a false God, and Dean is a traitor to Democracy and PRINT IT

  258. Sugar…I’ll drop you an email. I changed my name here. Do you know who I am?
    You have sent me stuff before

  259. Hey, Morning Joe again for Hill. Someone posted this on Hill’s blog this morning:

    Can you believe this?

    Joe Scarborough of Morninig Joe on MSNBC is defending Hillary!!! He said this morning that she has not received fair media coverage; he thought she was a very strong candidate, and he liked that in candidates that he would support. He also said that he was getting calls regarding his defense of her, but told them he was telling the truth, and he would stand by that.

    This is the first positive thing I have heard from that network since this election began!!!


    by darlac at 3/28/2008 12:27:38 PM

  260. Back for an hour then to the Dr.’s. Car listening and EVEN Rush said exactly what I said around 10:30, that Dean’s statements this morning indicate that he and the DNC and Dems are gonna swing the election BO’s way by NOT seating the FL/MI delegates until AFTER BO is nominated Dem nominee and that strategy is directly aimed at HRC’s remarks yesterday that she would take the issue to the Credentials Committee at the Denver convention.

    So it’s not just me seeing the Dem conspiracy. i wonder WHY she said that yesterday. I mean, obviously it was a saber-rattling maneuver but the upshot seems to be a tightening of the circle around BO.

    Thoughts? is there a strategy?statemn

  261. Oh gosh Artiste, I’m drawing an absolute blank. Shoot me some names and I’ll post the info here asap. I don’t think I have your email address either.

  262. Rendell made an excellent point the other night. He said right now it looks like Hillary will win Pennsylvania by a large margin, and Charlie Rose brought up the idea that Bambi was sort of conceding the state and wasn’t going to campaign much. Rendell said he will outspend Hillary by more than three to one, and that even if he decides to mount a huge campaign all over the state, maybe she will win by a smaller margin, but she can that say she withstood a full court press while being heavily outspent and still won. Either way Bambi looks like a bigtime loser.

  263. Watched The View a few minutes ago and found Obama in his usual lying mode.When asked about what he would on dau one,He went into his xerox mode and word for word gave Hillarys agenda ,stuttering,pausing,blinking and used his veiled comments about her honesty and embellishment of her experience.This OREO is a Pathological Liar and the worst Fraud ever to come on the scene of politics.The MEDIA have adopted this Wardheeler as their LOVE CHILD.If they are able to con the voters and he goes up against McCain,they wild grind OBAMA up and spit him out like rat bait.

  264. Ann, did you register at or registrations are seperate for those right now (til I figure out how to tie them together. I’m not showing you in the member list yet at

  265. well, I guess, no one wants to answer the question up thread! I read a blog from Texas last night and apparently Obama is coming to Collin County for county convention on sunday. I thought the campaign ended in the Texas, so what is he going to do here! Apparently he bringing Emmit Smith too. What is the deal, can they woo some of the pledged delegates to their side?

  266. ABM90? I disagree with the term “Oreo” to disparage someone’s character. Liar and fraud are spot on, though.

  267. HillBillyLover Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 1:01 pm
    ABM90 did you see the look on Whoopie’s face when he was flirting with the girls? Hysterical!

    Was she annoyed?

  268. Greetings all-
    I met a nice woman in the dog park yesterday who noticed my Hillary button. I wear it everywhere now. She and I talked and we have a new phonebanker volunteering for Hillary. She’s recupperating from knee surgery and is spending the day calling Pennsylvania.

    I really think things are turning around. No implosion but I think Obama Bin Lyin is going to deflate like an old balloon. Kinda like Edwards when the hypocrisy of $400 haircuts and a 10,000 sq ft house was too much to reconcile with his message.

    Slowly but surely the hot air will leak out of his balloon and everyone will look at Hillary to see if she’s holding a pin or something and they will see that she doesn’t have a pin but she gently pulled the string that was holding the whole thing together and let the air out.

  269. First time poster and good friend of jbstonesfan. I have much to say but not too much time. Suffice it to say I am DISGUSTED with the media bias against the Clintons and the “free ride” given to Obama, who I consider a fraud. I am the last loyal Democrat in my Irish Catholic, Buffalo based family (the rest are Conservative Republicans) and WILL re-register as an Independent should Obama be the nominee. The Clintons have been “thrown under the bus” by many prominent Democratics and I am outraged. My vote may very well be cast for John McCain.

  270. All these idiots are doing what they tried to do to Hillary before Ohio and Texas, make her withdraw because they know she is going to win big in PA.

  271. mj,
    I think Gore is saying that he isn’t in a rush to endorse anyone right now because there are still a lot of contests left & more months of campaigning to do.

  272. Ann, No. He’d preside over the WH KWANZA party and probably the Muslim holy day of El-Al Aid.

    You do remember that KWANZA is a manufactured holiday established 20 years ago?


    HOW do I send mass emails like the list Jade provided without sending each message separately?

  273. I wish there was someway to know who has promised to donate what to these SD’s campaign coffers. You just know some of Obie’s big contributors are promising these traitor SDs big hairy dollars for them to be making the move right now to Obie.

  274. Or…maybe Dean is out there pushing his agenda to make the voters think that from here on out there is no point voting for her anymore.

    The guy is a sleezebag and I really hope the voters ignore his manipulative actions.

  275. Wbboei – do you have snow? The end is nigh!

    I recorded Scarborough but overslept so I haven’t watched it. Maybe I can get a video clip up when I get home. I’m still a little wary about him, but I’m also Jonesin’ for any kind of support from the media. Le sigh.

  276. Admin

    I will send those questions to George Stepanopolis and Charlie Gibson and see what happens. Those are great questions and I don’t see why they would not include them. I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks.

  277. terrondt,
    They are. She still has more senators endorsing her than he does. It is just that she got the ones that were easy for her right away – last year. The others are either not Clinton supporters naturally or are “wait and see ers.”

  278. I would think more of Gore if he would come out NOW and say he is is endorsing. He should have done this long ago! Instead it looks as if he is taking the easy way out and the lesser path of resistance so that it will be a done deal first.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think much of any of these SDs, including Gore, who are playing this waiting game.

    Et tu brute???

  279. Leahy asking Hillary to drop out. They must be afraid of a victory for her in PA. Each time, someone wants her to drop out, the voters keep bringing her back (Hillary’s words during her interview with Greta). Can I say, I dislike the Obama camp, more and more, with each passing day. After reading Paddy’s posting, I am afraid for our country.

  280. here are the congressional endorsements — Hill has 13 Senators, BO has 12 (Casey isn’t on this list yet):

  281. What PLANET is this guy living on? Deanatron? Deamania?

    “Somebody is going to lose,” Dean said. “My job is to make sure the person who loses
    feels like they have been treated fairly so that their supporters will support the winner.”

    How the f**** are you gonna make THAT happen, dickface? (OK. I’m STILL livid).
    “I am going to stand up for the rules, and I know I’m doing the right thing most of the time because I’ve got both Clinton people and Obama people mad at me,” he said.
    LIAR! LIAR!! Bet BO has a special treat planned for you.

  282. Hillbilly,
    Let me embarrass myself some more. 😳 Where and what is the BCC area?

    Also, how do I access the private area?

    And I tried to post a pic of my blue-front but I don’t see it except on my personal page. how do I make it show up in comments?

    About the email blitz, I would DEFINITELY use it if I knew what to do!!!!

  283. kaffeen – funny i had my cc with Ickes this morning, way too early. not much new, except that Hillary plans to fight on to the convention.

  284. I don’t think Gore meant “endorse” — he meant “nominate.”


    either way, his silence speaks volumes…and not in a positive way for me.jmo

  285. Gore says he’s a “recovering politician,” and that his activities now mean he should stay out of politics.

    I actually believe he means that.

  286. Hillbilly,

    Here’s a link to the entire article. Someone posted it up-thread.


  287. haha, that comment by Obama saying he would have left the church had Wright not retired has people rolling in the aisles.

    I have not heard one person say anything other than “bullshit” and “what about the last 20 years then” so far. In fact its making him look like a lying idiot.

    This one might cost him dearly.

    By the way, isnt it funny that they push for Clinton to leave again and all the national polls start swinging heavily in his favour, the fix is in.

  288. Carl Jeffers was just on the radio up here and he was rathered pissed that the media is saying that AAs will sit out if Obama isn’t the nominee because 1. They’re condoning it and giving permission and 2. They’re using it as a threat.

    I never thought of it the first way though. That by the pundits repeatedly saying that AAs won’t vote for Hillary they’re actually saying to the AAs its okay to go that route. Interesting theory.

  289. The new issue of the National Enquirer is going after Wright/Obama again. This time they are listing quotes of James Cone, the founder of the black liberation theology movement. The headline is “Destroy White People” which is a quote of Cone’s. They also include other quotes in the article and link Cone to Wright and his sermons.

    The Enquirer has lots of readers, at least they are keeping this information out there for all to see….

    Also, the National Enquirer is kept at a prominent spot in checkout lines across the coutry. So, even if they don’t read the info, hundreds of millions of people will see the headline “Destroy White People” while waiting in line. Therefore, associating that with Obama (if there is a picture of him on the cover).

    Oh! Just to go on record, the National Enquirer is a total crap publication, but as AmericanGal said: it has lots of readers.

  290. Tiny Dancer Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 1:36 pm
    Carl Jeffers was just on the radio up here and he was rathered pissed that the media is saying that AAs will sit out if Obama isn’t the nominee because 1. They’re condoning it and giving permission and 2. They’re using it as a threat.

    I never thought of it the first way though. That by the pundits repeatedly saying that AAs won’t vote for Hillary they’re actually saying to the AAs its okay to go that route. Interesting theory.

    It’s untrue. Polls show blacks are the most loyal Dem voters and will support Hill. It’s a lie BO started when he said “my voters wont support her”.

  291. mj,

    So true. The two groups that will abandon the Dems behind in November are Latinos and Regan Democrats, if Hillary is not the nominee.

  292. Moononpluto – I just heard that very discussion on the local talk radio. that Obama coming out now saying he would have left the church after staying there for 20 years and saying in his speech that he could no more reject the man than he could his own grandma is more backpeddling and damage control and abig huge WTF.

  293. Dean, what happened to the RULES? isn’t this how we got into this mess?

    I know, lets make a new rule. Eveyone has to vote by July 1. Oh except the states where Hillary will definitely win- MI and FL. THey dont vote at all.

    Whatever. If the rules are so sanctified, why are we now getting new ones? Delegates dont have to endorse or vote until the convention. That’s why its a convention. duh



    here’s a link to the entire article.
    someone posted it up-thread.

    add w’s and h t m l at the end

  295. A little more from James Cone if any are interested. It gives a little more insight into the thinking of Black theology movement.

    This is from a book called “A Whosoever Church: Welcoming Lesbians and Gay Men into African American Congregations” by Gary David Comstock. He interviews different theologians including Rev. James Cone.

    Here is what Cone says regarding gays and the gay movement. The author asks Cone why the black tradition of empathy for oppressed people doesn’t include gays:

    “One of the reasons they cannot make it is because the religion that Black people have is also one that is strongly influenced by the language of conservative white evangelicals, who are strongly anti-gay, who are literalists, fundamentalist types.”

    And this on how white society affects the gay movement:

    “I know who you love by who you make connections to. If the gay movement is primarily white, and it’s been that way for a long while, that means they love white people. They don’t mean to say that they hate Blacks, but they love white people and they aren’t bothered that Black people are not around. That’s pretty typical of white experience in the world generally.”

    And this on his view of whites in society:

    “You see, whites are not interested in creating an agenda or movement with other people, because whites have been in charge of this society and in the modern world. So, it’s natural to think of white people in charge, It’s just the way things area. It’s been that way for five hundred years. So, a white person doesn’t have to think that he’s superior, he just acts that way. I think it’s unexpressed, unarticulated. To see it in the gay community is not surprising. It’s in every white context, including the church. Where white people are involved in significant numbers, they are running it.”

    Read the book excerpts here:

    Oh, and here is a Cone quote from the book that should be sent directly to Obama in light of his refusal to disassociate from Wright. Rev. Cone is speaking of his regrets that he didn’t speak about gay/women’s issues sooner:

    “I think it’s very important for public figures to say when they were wrong and when they should’ve spoken out and didn’t”

  296. mj,
    Seriosly……do you think she misspelled his name on purpose? Otherwise, it needs to be fixed. Undermines the credibility of the author.

  297. Guys,
    Be sure to read Jerome’s post @ MYDD about why HRC is staying in the race. We already knew most of it, but its still a good read.

  298. Sugar, I got the same email. To think, someone actually composed some of those paragraphs with a straight face. “50 State Strategy…” give me a break.


    Dear Gary,

    John McCain is raising money and campaigning across the country — he’s looking at the White House.

    Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are also raising money and campaigning across the country — but they’re still looking at the nomination.

    Hillary and Barack can’t build an organization to take on John McCain directly yet, but we can. And we have to — it’s our responsibility as Democrats to make sure we’re prepared.

    I need you to make a contribution now so we can make sure John McCain doesn’t get a free ride — Americans everywhere need to know the truth, and we’re going to make sure they get it.

    Over the past three years, you’ve invested heavily in our 50-State Strategy. We put resources in all 50 states, committing to make sure each state has the resources and infrastructure to compete at every level.

    We saw the results from this strategy in 2005, 2006, and 2007. And, with your help, it will help us take back the White House in 2008.

    Why? The Republican Party is in trouble. Just read what the Web site Politico reported…

    At a time when the GOP presidential nominee will need more assistance than ever, a number of state Republican parties are struggling through troubled times, suffering from internal strife, poor fundraising, onerous debt, scandal or voting trends that are conspiring to relegate the local branches of the party to near-irrelevance.

    In some of the largest, smallest, reddest and bluest states in the nation, many state Republican organizations are still reeling in the aftermath of the devastating 2006 election cycle, raising questions about how much grassroots help the state parties will be able to deliver to presumptive GOP nominee John McCain.

    We’ve worn them down, but we can’t be complacent — we’ve seen what they will do to win. We can’t let up — every day that goes by where we don’t answer John McCain’s attacks means another opportunity missed, and it erases the work we’ve done so far.

    Make a donation today and support our efforts to help elect Hillary or Barack. We’re fighting John McCain so he doesn’t get ahead.

    We can’t allow John McCain to crisscross the country, fooling the American people with his “more of the same” agenda.

    Your donation today helps us take him head-on everywhere.

    Thank you,

    Howard Dean


  299. Ann Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 1:41 pm
    Seriosly……do you think she misspelled his name on purpose? Otherwise, it needs to be fixed. Undermines the credibility of the author.

    I don’t know what you are talking about.

  300. call me cynical but just now saying you’d leave the church is sticking 2 fingers up at peoples intelligence.

    I don’t see anyone buying it.

    I heard talk radio rip him a new asshole for saying that, and the tv i suspect aint far behind.

    Then they have a cheek to say Hillary will say anything to get elected.

    Pot meet kettle.

  301. Pat Buchanan on MSNBC ripping Big Media. Also said Big Media complains about dull conventions but wants to shut down a possible exciting convention this August.

    Buchanan also talking about how Hillary won Ohio and Texas after Obama wins in February.

    Buchanan also mentions Wright.

  302. Carl is a pundit, political analysist and consultant. He’s often on MSNBC and CNN. He’s African American and a huge Hillary supporter. He used to have a weekly radio show in Seattle but now he’s just a guest on the Dave Ross show once a week. He takes the media to task frequently. He said he’s upset at the media for floating the idea that AAs won’t support Hillary and not mentioning that Hillarys supporters won’t support Obama. I wish you’ll could listen to him, you’d love it.

  303. He also said that Jews and Hispanics would vote McCain over Obama and Hillary over McCain. He made an big point about Jews though, saying its been building up for a long time and that the Bloomberg thing yesterday was attempt to appeal to them.

  304. BTW, those calls to Chairman Dean’s office might be what caused him to start speaking out on the mess he has created. Congratulations to those who called Dean.

  305. I’m adamant Obama knew exactly what was in those sermons and was present on quite a few occasions before he was famous.

    If the media ever gets the smnoking gun and hopefully its pretty soon, the man is toast and rather burnt toast at that.

  306. hillbilly,

    really leaving now *LOL*

    I replied to your message but I can’t see where to confirm it was sent.

    I’ll check it out later.

  307. admin,

    that’s what I was thinking when I left a LOOOOOONG message on the voicemail and THEN spoke at length to little Ms. Mallory.

    Nothing like the SOUND of another human to get a reaction!

  308. I know, i was just making myself heard loudly, that Obama can go jump off a cliff because it will be a cold day in hell before i could ever support him.

    After what he’s done to HRC and the Dem party and the flagrant in your face finger flips to the american people, if he was on fire, i wouldnt piss on him to put it out.

    I feel that strongly.

  309. You know what if they do pull some shit and make Obama the nominee before convention, it might be fun to watch him be destroyed before the convention in which case they would beg HRC to come in and save them at the convention.

  310. MJ It is a word that I used in a fit of anger when OBAMA sat there on the View and word for word repeated Hillary’s agenda for the start of her presidency.I am 90 and just mad and disgusted with this person and all that he says about her.He has many times refered to this being of two races.Got carried away and admit that it was,LIKE OBAMA a case of poor judgement.
    The audience on the show was quite different,mixed and much smaller.We must all keep faith and support Hillary. Chicago court convenes mon 31st. REZKO will return.

  311. I jusat wish Hill could win back some AA support. Juan Williams seems to lean Hill. The guy Tiny mentioned. I think Tavis likes her. Why can’t she get more of their support? My god, her domestic agenda directly effects the lives of working class blacks in a way Obama’s just doesn’t. Read the Krugman peice about the housing market. Blacks are disproportionately affected by the morgage crisis. Universal heatlh care. Blacks are disproportionately uninsured. Her urban agenda, etc., etc.,. I just don’t get it. I understand the identity/symbolism thing, but at the end of the day, don’t you want the President who will best deliver for you?

  312. STILL leaving. (Horrible ear infection)

    But just heard a report about the Patrick leahy comments that HRC should drop out of the race.


    Let’s just give MSM MORE ammo!!!!!!! How in the world can Deaniac justify allowing SD’s to SAY sh!t like that!!!!!!!! And how can HRC and we FIGHT it!!!!!!!! Once again, the announcement timed for the weekend news shows. Last week Rickie, this week patty. :mrgreen:

  313. No one, not Dean, Pelosi or Gore can tell Hillary Clinton to quit.

    Remember, Gravel is still in the race.
    …as is Nader….

    And NO ONE can tell the delgates how to vote. They can decide at the convention or before. Its each delegate’s choice.

    so that’s democracy in the Democratic party. Sounds like convention time to me.

    Those are the rules and if the DNC is going insist on enforcing them, we will make sure they also don’t change them in the middle of the game.

  314. If you guys can, go vote for VERY pro-Hillary blogger Taylor Marsh in the “favorite female blogger: competition:

  315. Words for Leahy : are you running for President, No, well STFU!

    There are so many voices running their mouths off.

    You know what, heres a question,

    What if the SD’s votes were made a secret ballot, what do you reckon the result would be, adjudicated by an outside accounting firm, so that no pressure could be put on SD’s by campaigns.

  316. It’s so disgusting. BO sends surrogates out telling Hill to drop out. F*ck him! These old men should be ashamed of themselves.

  317. Basil: I concur with your comments. If Dean sees his role as consoling the one who is going to lose he had better start consoling Obama now.

  318. Part of Leahy’s statement:

    In a statement issued Friday, Leahy — who has endorsed Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination — said Obama’s lead appears to be insurmountable and that Obama’s endorsement by U.S. Sen. Bob Casey is the latest sign of how the race is going.

    “Senator Clinton has every right, but not a very good reason, to remain a candidate for as long as she wants to. As far as the delegate count and the interests of a Democratic victory in November go, there is not a very good reason for drawing this out. But as I have said before, that is a decision that only she can make,” Leahy said in the statement.

    Tick, Tick, Tick…….my days in this sham of a Party are NUMBERED!!!!!!!!!!

  319. @plural,
    Nah…..he subscribes to the BO theory on work….don’t hold any committee hearings, just make public statements and speeches.

  320. OK- so there is no logic here.

    If she were losing, they would NOT say she should drop out. right? No one is telling Gravel to drop out. So, the only reason to TELL her to drop out is because the contest is tied right now and there is a very good chance she will win.


  321. Ann, i posted this a couple of days ago, if it gains traction and gets proven, i want Obama arrested on the spot.

    This man will fail security clearance for a security job let alone POTUS.

  322. From a poster on ABC….

    Are any of you writing to the sdelegates or the DNC? If I hear one more person tell me that the SDs should vote for the candidate with the highest delegate count at the end, my head is going to explode. If that were the purpose of the SD, we wouldn’t need SDs. Super delegates are supposed to know a little better than we do, they are supposed to help guide us with their so-called wisdom, and most importantly, save us from ourselves. For instance, if t in a close race, say, where many people voted BEFORE THEY KNEW CERTAIN INFORMATION ABOUT A CANDIDATE, BEFORE SOMETHING CAME OUT THAT WE ALL RECOGNIZED WOULD CRIPPLE THE CURRENT FRONT RUNNER IN THE GE, THEY WOULD BE ABLE TO SAVE US!!!! Like God saved baby Moses by guiding his hand away from the pile of jewels, so, too, could the super delegates, swing the vote away from a candidate that has sparkle, but guarantees certain death in the GE against McCain.

  323. The tone of that statement from Leahy is really unnecessarily nasty and condescending. Makes me all the angrier.

  324. I think it takes alot of courage for AA’s to go against the grain and support Hillary. I’m sure they will be ostracized, publicly criticized and hounded by obamabots with their nasty threats and disturbing privacy-crashing (I know what you did last summer) ways. Disgusting.

  325. I think the more these decripid, elitist a-holes demand Hillary drop out the sweeter her wins will be. How is BO going to explain, since he’s the presumptive nominee and all, losing these upcoming primaries by double digits? He can’t! It’ll be crystal clear that his base consists of AAs (who are not swing voters & have no problem voting for Hillary), latte libs (not enough of them to win a GE election), and younger voters (who are historically unreliable when it comes time to show up at the polls on election day). This guy has Mondale & Dukakis written all over him.

  326. I just heard Leahy’s comments about Hillary dropping out and endorsing Obama and dang the tone was mean. The text doesn’t do the quote justice. The audio is just awful

  327. Last one – jacket on – just heard the actual Leahy clip on Rush and HERE’s what he said.

    “There is no way Senator Clinton can win enough delegates to wrap-up the delegates. She should withdraw now and support Senator Obama.”

    Then an audio of BO being asked by Harry Smith about HRC dropping out. They are BEATING that drum big time! All planned beforehand.


  328. Exactly, the whole point of SD’s is to vote independently of voters, or else why the heck bother have them vote.

    Yet no one in the MSM seems to be able to grasp that little fact.

    You see reality competitions all the time have jury votes that go one way and televoters votes go another. Whats the difference.

    When you have a tie, the jury vote carries it.

  329. Wbboei – it was snowing like crazy in W Seattle earlier! Its a snowpocalypse! Have you heard anything about next weeks conventions? I’ve signed up to volunteer but havent heard back. :/

  330. Leahy is a worm/ part of the evil cabal/liar- Cheney ripped him a new one for that in senate cloakroom/oldest deadhead on record by his own admission/a clear case where the brain died befor the body/put a fork in him.

  331. Leahy has alot of nerve! There is NO REASON for Hill to drop out because she will win the Democrat ticket and then the GE!!

  332. Email from Hillary to supporters, in case anyone missed this:

    Help us reach $3 million by our March filing deadline!

    Dear Democrats,

    Have you noticed the pattern?

    Every time our campaign demonstrates its strength and resilience, people start to suggest we should end our pursuit of the Democratic nomination.

    Those anxious to force us to the sidelines aren’t doing it because they think we’re going to lose the upcoming primaries. The fact is, they’re reading the same polls we are, and they know we are in a position to win.

    In three days, we’re facing a critical March filing deadline — another chance to show the strength of our campaign. Let’s take these three days to make something absolutely clear: we aren’t going to simply step aside. You and I are going to keep fighting for what we believe in, and together, we’re going to win.

    Your contribution of $50 came just as we needed it; thank you. Can you help us show our strength today with a contribution of $75?

    Contribute today to help us raise $3 million by the March filing deadline at midnight Monday.

    Every time we are challenged to prove the strength and durability of our appeal to voters, we meet our goals. We did it in New Hampshire, we did it on February 5, and we did it again this month in Texas and Ohio.

    With the March filing deadline, we have the chance to show our strength again. This is a crucial test as we approach the next big primary in Pennsylvania and the contests that follow.

    Millions of voters are still waiting to have their say. Let’s make sure they have a chance to be heard.

    Contribute today to help us raise $3 million by the March filing deadline at midnight Monday.

    At times like this, with everything on the line, it means so much to me to know that I can rely on you to meet the challenges we face head-on.

    Thank you for everything,


  333. I am SO glad I found this site. I see I’m not the only one who is MAD AS HELL. I’m tired of screaming at my television set. It’s a sad day when I, I am agreeing with the righties at Fix News!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  334. LadyJane, LOL I know! It’s crazy how one second we’re told that Fox News is biased but all it took is one “Bamboozling” by BO and now suddenly they’re the only ones who want to get to the truth!!

    Ugh, I can’t believe I actually watched MSNBC at one point!

  335. LadyJane: I feel like, I have gone over to the “dark side” by watching bits and pieces of FOX News. The other day, I was out of the room, and heard someone talking, and I thought, “He is making sense.” It was Karl Rove (SHUDDERS).

  336. “me thinks the lady doth protest too much”

    … only this time, the lady’s makin sense and the spoiled brat is protesting

  337. This is what pisses me off about Obama.

    He talks out of one side of the mouth about foreclosures and the economy and is is taking money from every single one of the top 10 subprime lenders in the US.

    Seriously he’s taking the piss.

    Here’s the kicker sentence from Clinton policy director Neera Tanden’s press release below, followed by a list of the top 10 issuers of subprime loans Obama has taken money from:

    Today, Senator Obama gives an economy speech followed by a fundraiser at – you guessed it – one of the top 10 issuers of subprime loans in America, Credit Suisse. In fact, Senator Obama has taken more money from the top 10 issuers of subprime loans than BOTH Senator Clinton and Senator McCain …

  338. I’ve been away, and with so much to catch up on so I haven’t been posting. I sure hope I can be of help here in Puerto Rico now that we are going to have a real primary, not a stupid caucus of the politicians. I don’t even know how to contact her supporters here. BO is going to try to win PR. Our governor, a BO supporter, has been indicted. I have a feeling that the primary will play out just like local politics. The governor’s party will support BO, and the otherr parties will support Hillary. But nothing can be left to chance!

  339. MSNBC was MY network. Now???? I want to slap Chris Matthews, Tim Russert and Mika B right in their smug faces. My poor neighbors. The things I yell!!!!!

  340. I have come to the conclusion that google is stacking the deck against Clinton. That is just as frightening as the media bias we have been seeing, maybe moreso since Google has more information about you SPECIFICALLY than big media will ever have. I do not think I am being paranoid here, If you type in “obama can’t win” all you get are pages and pages of stories about how Hillary can’t win or how Mark Penn indicated Obama couldn’t win a general.

    When i went and put google adwords on my site, I could not get rid of Obama ads no matter how I tried to block them.

    I don’t know about you folks, but this hijacking of the internet is extremely disturbing and I don’t think I am imagining it.

  341. moononpluto Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Exactly, the whole point of SD’s is to vote independently of voters, or else why the heck bother have them vote.

    Yet no one in the MSM seems to be able to grasp that little fact.

    You see reality competitions all the time have jury votes that go one way and televoters votes go another. Whats the difference.

    When you have a tie, the jury vote carries it.

    Heh. This is like a reality contest where you send the contestants out to pick fruit among obstacles. He’s picking up empty fallen fruit from little red caucuses. She’s picking good usable fruit that will help in November. — Hopefully the jury can tell the difference.

  342. birdgal Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 2:43 pm
    LadyJane: I feel like, I have gone over to the “dark side” by watching bits and pieces of FOX News. The other day, I was out of the room, and heard someone talking, and I thought, “He is making sense.” It was Karl Rove (SHUDDERS).

    SAME HERE!!!!!!!!! I’m agreeing with ROVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost ran to the nearest ledge!!!
    I blame OPRAH for all of this.

  343. HillBillyLover – So true. I’m genuinely affraid that a BO presidency could put us in some terrifying “New World Order!”

    Never have I seen a presidential campaign that mesmerizes so many dunderheads and now its seeped in to all the things we watch and use, the BO parade is completely unavoidable, even after its proven that BO basically hates America!


  344. AOL has a negative poll about Hillary everyday!!! MSNBC is horrid. Even Olberman has turned to the dark side. You know things are bad when Joe Scarsborough is defending her!!! Russert is a fat ass who has forgotten his roots in Buffalo. We all know Mathews is a long time Clinton hater. Moreover, he gets tingly when Obama makes one of his long winded, cliche ridden, bullshit speeches which actually SAY NOTHING specific on what he will do.
    Can you imagine if Hillary or Bill belonged to a Church with a pastor spewing the kind of venomous hate Obama’ spiritual adviser put out there!! It would be over!!! As for Leahy, just another “guy” riding on the Obama bandwagon. If there is a god, which I doubt, Hillary will win and these turncoat douche bags like Leahy, Richardson, Pelosi, Reid, et al..will be exposed for the frauds they are and reduced to kissing President Hillary’s Clintons ass for the next eight (8) years.

  345. Just got an email from Nancy Pelosi requesting a donation for the dncc. I cannot believe that I have lived to see the day when US Senators like Dodd and Leahey are calling for Hillary to pull out of the race. I should’ve expected as much. At first I thought, how can they have so little faith in Democrats and the American people that they want to let the media pick our candidate? And then I realized, it’s exactly for that reason, they want this outcome; they want BO to be PResident. They don’t want the voters of FL and MI to be heard; they don’t want the voters of PA, NC, and others to be heard. They want their way and their candidate. What is the line here between free and fair elections and coup d’etat? We knew we’d been had when Gore had the election stolen; part of me can’t believe that our own party would do this, but it is happenin’. Hang in there, Hillary! We are with you…

  346. mj,

    I went there but the first comment in the caucus story made me so mad I stepped over to the story about Obama whining about the long contest instead.

    I posted this, and it went right up, no registraton or anything.

    What was it Obama said? A long weekend [that’s fair] such as most workers get 50 times a year [HUHHHH???].

    Most of us get maybe half a dozen 3-day weekends a year, plus Christmas and Thanksgiving. And we sure don’t have the money to spend them in tropical islands!

    Why didn’t he at least visit his grandmother, who ‘sacrificed’ for him, who is still living in Hawaii in the same little apartment she raised him in?

    Could we please get back to candidates who have scandals about burglaries and blow jobs — instead of scandals about their pastors and insulting their grandmothers?

  347. mj,

    I went there but the first comment in the caucus story made me so mad I stepped over to the story about Obama whining about the long contest instead.

    I posted this, and it went right up, no registraton or anything.
    h t t p : / /

    What was it Obama said? A long weekend [that’s fair] such as most workers get 50 times a year [HUHHHH???].

    Most of us get maybe half a dozen 3-day weekends a year, plus Christmas and Thanksgiving. And we sure don’t have the money to spend them in tropical islands!

    Why didn’t he at least visit his grandmother, who ‘sacrificed’ for him, who is still living in Hawaii in the same little apartment she raised him in?

    Could we please get back to candidates who have scandals about burglaries and blow jobs — instead of scandals about their pastors and insulting their grandmothers?

  348. Slamming BHO for taking boatloads of subprime lending money is a BRILLIANT move. It completely undercuts BHO’s ENTIRE message. He’s bamboozled the media into thinking he’s going to change Washington, but America’s most pressing problem — the recession and accompanying housing crunch — was triggered by the very groups that are supporting Obama in record numbers.

    So much for BHO’s flowery speeches about not taking money from insiders. What a joke.


    Another gem from Yosama obama church…
    Disavowal of the Pursuit of “Middleclassness”
    Classic methodology on control of captives teaches that captors must keep the captive ignorant educationally, but trained sufficiently well to serve the system. Also, the captors must be able to identify the “talented tenth” of those subjugated, especially those who show promise of providing the kind of leadership that might threaten the captor’s control.

    Those so identified as separated from the rest of the people by:

    Killing them off directly, and/or fostering a social system that encourages them to kill off one another.

    Placing them in concentration camps, and/or structuring an economic environment that induces captive youth to fill the jails and prisons.

    Seducing them into a socioeconomic class system which while training them to earn more dollars, hypnotizes them into believing they are better than others and teaches them to think in terms of “we” and “they” instead of “us”.

    So, while it is permissible to chase “middle-incomeness” with all our might, we must avoid the third separation method-the psychological entrapment of Black “middleclassness”: If we avoid the snare, we will also diminish our “voluntary” contributions to methods A and B. And more importantly, Black people no longer will be deprived of their birthright, the leadership, resourcefulness, and example of their own talented persons.

  350. mollyjrichards Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Just got an email from Nancy Pelosi requesting a donation for the dncc.

    I hope that you reply with an appropriate response.

  351. 1950dem – he didn’t visit his grandmother because she’s WHITE and he is clearly ashamed to be associated with a “typical white person”

    Listening to the racist garbage Wright was preaching for years and years, is there any surprise he wanted nothing to do with her??

    (other than throw her under the bus when it became politically convenient LOL)

  352. Hey gang…

    how about this?
    Despite Dean being all over television all day today saying this will be decided after June by the SD’s COMMITMENTS, Rush of all people brought up the fact that commitments are not VOTES, and as with John Lewis, commitments CAN CHANGE. The ONLY thing that counts are VOTES AT THE CONVENTION, not promises on television.

    thought it was an interesting point.

    Along with all of you, I knew things were not right in the universe when I started to agree with Pat Robertson. Then I started watching FOX. The agreeing with AND WRITING TO Rove and Hannity and Rush and anyone else I could find.

    As for Google being infiltrated, yes. It is. Type in Clinton ANYTHING and you got Obama Everything. TYPE IN WHAT YOU WANT, oBAMA IS everywhere AND that in itself IS scary as hell.

    Kinda makes you look at the Original BIG BROTHER AD by Obama in a bit different light, eh?

    All those BOTs sitting there are HIS.

    Watch this with what we know now.

  353. Of course … NOW he says he was probably going to leave the church if Jeremiah hadn’t retired…

    Yeah… Would have, should have, could have…

    It all boils down to… “didn’t”…


    By Big Tent Democrat

    Marc Ambinder has more detail on Barack Obama’s decision to lawyer up
    against counting Florida and Michigan votes.

    I’ll discuss the merits of this in a later post, but I first want to
    take a moment to consider the shameless hypocrisy of the Obama
    campaign. Barack Obama is out there having his campaign argue that
    mail in voting has some type of impact that requires a Voting Rights
    Act review that could be troubling. That it will take more than a
    rubber stamp. Let’s be clear, if the implication is this is just
    filling out a form, then no one would be bringing this up. Even the
    time frame is not a particular problem. No, Barack Obama is intimating
    that HE will raise a Voting Rights Act issue about mail in voting.

    The SAME Barack Obama who is co-sponsor of the Senate version of this
    bill, “The Universal Right To Vote By Mail Act”, which declares that
    NOT ALLOWING mail in voting in every state (28 do through absentee
    balloting) disenfranchises voters, now opposes a mail in revote. I
    have heard of chutzpah, but this one takes the cake.

  355. Slamming BHO for taking boatloads of subprime lending money is a BRILLIANT move. It completely undercuts BHO’s ENTIRE message. He’s bamboozled the media into thinking he’s going to change Washington, but America’s most pressing problem — the recession and accompanying housing crunch — was triggered by the very groups that are supporting Obama in record numbers.

    What makes it so useful is that anything that he said that can be considered anti-consumer or pro-mortgage company can be stated as being influenced by the industry. He’s against any kind of a freeze on rates – did his contributors ask him to fight rate freezes?

    I think that Obama is getting a lot of money from the healthcare industry too but it’s just a hunch. They have deep pockets, don’t like Hillary and he’s had a few on his staff. New Jersey and either NH or Maine.

  356. Grrr, are we gonna have to listen to “Hillary should get out” every single day until Pennsylvania?

  357. We perhaps need to remind people that was the group that put out the offensive David Petraeus ad. MOST AMERICANS don’t like bashing the military.

    MoveOn supports Obama….Obama by extension MUST hate the millitary, and we KNOW Wright and MO hate America….so there ya go!

  358. He’s gathering lawyers to disenfranchise MI and FL because he knows he will lose if they stop being treated like second-class citizens.

    Dean and Pelosi know this too! That’s why they’re strongarming every senator to side with Obama in hopes they can sweep Hill under the rug!


  359. Tiny Dancer, why do you say that? The longer this insanity with the Democrats destroying themselves lasts, the more sense Hannity, Coulter, et al are making!

  360. Artiste Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    MoveOn supports Obama….Obama by extension MUST hate the millitary, and we KNOW Wright and MO hate America….so there ya go!


    OMG. See now why can NO ONE in the MSM bring this up?? I’m seriously terrified over here!

  361. LadyJane Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 3:14 pm
    If I find myself agreeing with Ann Coulter I may need a cyanide capsule.

    Coulter supports Hill of the remaining three. A self-prfessed “hillary girl”.

  362. LadyJane, you may be right about Coulter, she’s a little too mean-spirited for me too 🙂

    But Hannity wants to get to the bottom of what skeletons are in BO’s closet, and that’s ok with me.

  363. It certainly is not the party of my Mom and Dad. It has become a tool of the fringe elements . Hillary is a true democrat whose policies are those of a true democrat. Obviously the Clinton haters are now coming out and endorsing BO(body odor) because he appears to have the nomination, thus, they are no longer in fear of the Clinton machine. I have ot say the republicans were correct, we are a party that has no loyalty, no vision, and no course. Although their policies are extremly offensive to mostof us, at least they take a position, stick to it, and get behind their candidate. We are lead by an enemic party leader, a Speaker of the House who has spent more on flowers and ponmtificating how great it is to be the “first woman speaker” and a senate leader who might as well be a republican. Don’t throw me under the bus, but I kind of see why Lieberman left the party.
    Hopefully Bill and Senator have some magic left and we can wake up from this nightmare.

  364. If it takes “The Terribles” at Fox to get to the skeletons, and we KNOW they’re out there, I’ll offer to give them each a backrub.

    Did I just write that??????

  365. Coulter says women shouldn’t have the right to vote because they vote democratic. I..have now words for her.

  366. Look, everything we see on MSM is filtered through MSM; the reality isn’t that bad. We’re winning in the legitimate polls and the primary votes.

    Not everyone in the DNC or the SDs has drunk the koolaid, and even some who are rigging things now for Obama (Pelosi etc) may still have a little survival instinct about November and pull back to sanity eventually.

    Soon it’s going to become obvious to the insiders (including Obama) that Obama CAN’T BEAT MCCAIN. Then there may be some little core of SDs and DNC palace intriguers who would for some reason rather lose in Nov than switch to Hillary, but I can’t imagine that being very many. Remember, the official SD vote doesn’t happen till August.

    Dems who lose in November tend to be DESTROYED: McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry…. (The exception is Gore, who WON in Nov 2000.) How many bigwigs will really want to go down with Obama, when they realize he’s really sinking?

    Obama losing to GOP in November 08 means Obama destroyed. Obama gracefully withdrawing now means Obama in a very good position for next time. Whatever he says in public, I hope Obama is smart enough to realize that, eventually.

  367. I think we should start askin’ for BO to get out of the race. Honestly, he won little ole states that had caucuses which are rigged. Now he wants to block mail in ballots. He’s actin’ real desperate. That’s way beyond scary.

  368. This political scenario to many senior,reminds us of the 1930’s and THE THIRD REICH.CHANGE,WORDS,HOPE,HAIL TO THE CHIEF,NEW WORLD,UNITE OUR YOUNG,THERE ARE ENEMIES,AMONG US. SOUND FAMILIAR? MORE? How about,control the ALL COMMUNICATIONS.REMEMBER Dr.JOSEF GOEBLES? WAKE UP AMERICA.The great right wing cospiracy,The great Money Interest are at work.THE SLEEPING GIANT HAS AWAKENED.
    Help Hillary stay the course and reverse this horrible turn to the past..


  369. nice little youtube dedicated to the people of MI and FL and against the hypocrisy of Dean and BO:

  370. ABM90, you are not alone…I been thinkin’ about that everytime I have to listen to somebody talk about how he’ll “unite” us or aint it wonderful that he got so many youngins to follow him.

  371. His wins were meaningless and do not represent true democracy….nonetheless, we screwed up terribly not having a plan “B” and competing and actually wining a caucus state. IMO, Mark Penn and Doylis Soyle ran a HORRID campaign. Bill must be exploding inside!!! Why she didn’t go to Begala and Carville is/was a huge mistake..thes guys are not afraid of being called racist. God bless Geraldine Ferrero, unlike Pelosi, a true woman pioneer!!!

  372. I’ll say this: someone who doesn’t think FL and MI don’t deserve their voices to be heard can’t be much of a uniter! 🙁

  373. Call Pelosi’s office today

    Call Howard Dean today

    Keep the HEAT pn. Challenge their argument to not count Florida and Michigan Voters. Challenge pelosi’s about face on the job of superdelegates.

    Also, tell Pelosi we are still WAITING for her 100 day promise that the DEMS lied to us about. Remind her that they will SOON come up for reelection and that they will be REMEMERED.

    It gives me extreme pleasure to go off on them everyday.

    I also called Leahy’s office and told him FCUK OFF, your state already voted, other have yet to vote. STFU

  374. I am here to let you know don’t believe the hype about AA staying home if Hillary is the nominee. I just did a survey at my church they are going to vote. Don’t worry about the Al Sharptons, they don’t control us. Not too many listens to them. All they are is just talk and no action. They like to keep stirring the pot for their own glory. We love Hillary and Bill. What would we gain by staying home. I am beginning to believe the media is getting paid under the table

  375. mj,

    Okay, I went back to the ‘caucus’ story and posted the rant above. This time I just went straight to the comment box instead of reading the bot comments.

    h t t p : / /

    Several other stories there in the sidebar worth commenting on too, and the posts go right up. Didn’t have to register.

  376. neeta, I’ve said all along the only BO voters who wouldn’t support hill are the elite white guys. Who needs then? Obama first started that ridiculous idea when he said “my voters won’t support her”/ Piece of crap. I do wish she could get more AA support now though.

  377. jbstonesfan,
    Hill has won 2 caucus states, Nevada and NMexico. But a lot of her voters can’t get to caucuses because of work, kids etc.

  378. neetabug Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    I am beginning to believe the media is getting paid under the table
    This is EXACTLY the kind of thing we need to ask the DNC when we contact them. Something REALLY doesn’t add up, and if you want to find the cause of a problem, look no further than the source. I think it’s about d*mn time we get some real answers!

  379. Fox doing the story on Wright’s “retirement” home provided by Trinity Church – a 1.6 million dollar, 10,000 sq. ft mansion in Chicago – that Church funded it through a 10,000,000 loan – Fox says not sure what the loan the 10 mill loan for, but because Church is a non-profit, it doesn’t have to reveal the intent (sounds fishy to me considering working in the non-profit world, I know you have to be very transparent).

    mansion still being built – looks opulent for someone who decries “rich white people.”

  380. Leahy, an Obama supporter, said in an interview with Vermont Public Radio this morning. “She ought to withdraw, and she ought to be backing Sen. Obama.”

    she OUGHT to be able to make that decision by herself, you (leahy) old fart nose weasel who sounds like he’s talking through his fart nose.

  381. From NoQuarter:

    Not Done With Howard Dean Yet

    So the chairman of the Democratic Party has come up with the following brilliant solution: Instead of eating some crow and devising a plan to allow the Florida and Michigan delegates to be chosen and seated, he advocates disenfranchising voters from those states and relying on superdelegates to decide. As cunning plans go, this one ranks right up there with those Baldrick’s used to dream up which would so irritate Blackadder.

    As a justification, Dean says this:

    In a separate interview with The Associated Press, Dean warned against “demoralizing” Democrats with a drawn-out fistfight between Clinton and Obama.

    “You do not want to demoralize the base of the Democratic Party by having the Democrats attack each other. … Let the media and the Republicans and the talking heads on cable television attack and carry on, fulminate at the mouth. The supporters should keep their mouths shut about this stuff on both sides because that is harmful to the potential victory of a Democrat,” Dean told the AP.

    What planet does this man live on? There is only one way this decision will be interpreted: Screw Michigan and Florida voters and let the party bosses decide. Just the sort of image the Democrats want to present to the country. What an incentive to vote for the Democratic candidate in the fall!

    In brief, according to Howard Dean democracy (the Clinton-Obama competition) is bad for, well, democracy. Look, if the goal is to save money and put an end to all this unseemly voting, why not just cancel the rest of the primaries and caucuses and anoint Obama the winner now? Send Hillary Clinton off with a kick in the pants and a “thank you for playing” parting gift. That makes about as much sense as what’s being proposed by the party “chairman”.

    For shame.

  382. Sen. Leahy….

    (202) 224-4242

    I just left a very detailed message for Sen. Leahy (marked URGENT).

    I advised Mr. Leahy that people like him, people like Howard Dean, Donna Brazille, and most definitely Nancy Pelosi are ripping this party apart for good. I advised Leahy that I am a Floridian, that my vote has not counted, now he wants all the other voters and states remaining to be disenfranchised of their vote as well. I advised him as a life long Dem, I am deeply saddened and outraged by his obvious bias. Let everyone’s vote be heard, counted, and delegates seated.

  383. From shakespeares sister:
    Take Your Boobs and Go Home
    posted by Melissa McEwan
    Thursday, March 27, 2008

    Shorter Nicholas Kristof: Hillary’s a bitch, and she only has a right
    to stay in the campaign if she behaves like a good girl. Also, the
    Clintons are an amorphous two-headed beast who are barely Democrats.

    There is a fair argument to be made about the wisdom of a protracted
    primary battle if it continues to be as bloody as it has been (though
    I’m not sure how many people outside the blogosphere and punditry
    actually view it as all that bloody). But that argument can be made
    without pretending the Clinton campaign is the only one playing
    hardball, and it can be made without talking about the Clintons—who,
    despite one’s opinion of them, have raised shitloads of cash and
    garnered lots of international goodwill on behalf of the Democratic
    Party—like they’re unwelcome interlopers in the party, and it can
    most certainly be made without comments like: “If Mrs. Clinton can
    run a high-minded, civil campaign and rein in her proxies, then she
    has every right to continue through the next few primaries.”

    Actually, Mr. Kristof, she has every right no matter what kind of
    campaign she runs. That’s an American right, and it is operable for
    men and uppity bitches.

  384. Contact info:
    Washington office
    433 Russell Senate Office Bldg
    (at Constitution and Delaware)
    United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510
    (202) 224-4242

  385. Clinton leads with Jewish supers Posted: Friday, March 28, 2008 11:17 AM by Domenico Montanaro
    Filed Under: Democrats, 2008, Clinton, Obama

    From NBC’s Domenico Montanaro
    Clinton leads Obama 36-12 among the Jewish superdelegates, according to a survey by the Forward, a Jewish newspaper. Twenty-six Jewish supers are undecided.

    Here’s the Forward’s list of who’s fallen behind whom and who’s undecided:

    Patti Higgins (AK-Chairwoman of Alaska Democratic Party)
    Rachel Binah (CA-DNC)
    Maria Echeveste (CA-DNC)
    Diane Feinstein (CA)
    Jane Harman (CA)
    Brad Sherman (CA)
    Rosalind Wyman (CA-DNC)
    Ellen Camhi (CT-DNC)
    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (FL)
    Debra DeLee (MA DNC chair)
    Barney Frank (MA)
    Steve Grossman (MA-DNC)
    Diane Saxe (MA-Clinton)
    Nancy Kopp (MD-DNC)
    Carol Pensky (MD-DNC)
    Sander Levin (MI)
    Anita Freedman (NH-DNC)
    June Fischer (NJ-DNC)
    Shelley Berkley (NV)
    Gary Ackerman (NY)
    Eliot Engel (NY)
    Emily Giske (NY-DNC)
    Steve Israel (NY)
    Nita Lowey (NY)
    Jerrold Nadler (NY)
    Chuck Schumer (NY-Sen)
    Sheldon Silver (NY)
    Anthony Weiner (NY)
    Randi Weingarten (NY-DNC)
    Robert Zimmerman (NY-DNC)
    Marcel Groen (PA-DNC)
    Gov. Ed Rendell (PA)
    Allyson Schwartz (PA)
    Mark Weiner (RI-DNC)
    Eric Kleinfeld (DC-DNC)
    Robert Bell (Democrats Abroad-DNC)

    Eric Garcetti (CA)
    Adam Schiff (CA)
    Robert Wexler (FL)
    Jan Schakowsky (IL)
    John Yarmuth (KY)
    Paul Hodes (NH)
    Steve Rothman (NJ)
    Steve Cohen (TN)
    Russ Feingold (WI-Sen)
    Paul Strauss (DC-DNC)
    Allan Katz (FL-DNC)
    Alan Solomont (MA-DNC)

    Gabrielle Giffords (AZ)
    Howard Berman (CA)
    Barbara Boxer (CA)
    Henry Waxman (CA)
    Bob Filner (CA)
    Susan Davis (CA)
    Mitchell Ceasar (FL-DNC)
    Diane Glasser (FL-DNC)
    Ron Klein (FL)
    Andrew Tobias (FL-DNC)
    Rahm Emanuel (IL)
    Carol Ronen (IL-DNC)
    Ben Cardin (MD-Sen)
    Susan Turbull (MD-DNC)
    Carl Levin (MI-Sen)
    Richard Wiener (MI-DNC)
    Muriel Offerman (NC-DNC)
    Frank Lautenberg (NJ-Sen)
    Sam Lieberman (NV-DNC)
    Irene Stein (NY-DNC)
    Ron Wyden (OR-Sen)
    Sophie Masloff (PA-DNC)
    Bob Strauss (TX)
    Herb Kohl (WI)
    Alice Travis Germond (WV-DNC)
    Larry Cohen (DC-DNC)

  386. mj – yes, it’s dire to call delegates for Hillary in TX to make sure they are headed to convention tomorrow. I don’t know how to work hillbilly’s site, otherwise, can get your email and send you the script and convention info.

  387. Sen. Leahy (Give em Hell)….

    (202) 224-4242

    I just left a very detailed message for Sen. Leahy (marked URGENT).

    I advised Mr. Leahy that people like him, people like Howard Dean, Donna Brazille, and most definitely Nancy Pelosi are ripping this party apart for good. I advised Leahy that I am a Floridian, that my vote has not counted, now he wants all the other voters and states remaining to be disenfranchised of their vote as well. I advised him as a life long Dem, I am deeply saddened and outraged by his obvious bias. Let everyone’s vote be heard, counted, and delegates seated.


    Let’s send a message that we are not shutting up or dropping out or giving up! The media will cover her numbers, so go give until it hurts, if you still can!


    DATE: March 28, 2008 3:38 PM CDT
    San Antonio, TX 78249
    AMOUNT: $100.44

  389. Just sent this to that asshat Leahy:

    Wow! Am I disappointed. I thought the Democratic Party stood up for voters rights – encouraging all those that wish to participate the full opportunity to do so. But here you want to call the race over. With it so close why don’t you ask Mr. Obama to quit. Could you imagine how you would have felt that if the many times you ran for public office or the many times you tried to do something someone told you “Hey, just give it up! Enough already!” Pretty discouraging, huh? Why do we let so many men and women die for freedom in Iraq to that they can live in a free and democratic Iraq. Yet in our own backyard we can’t even allow for a free and fair election to play itself out. I often wonder if some of you even stop and listen to yourselves. I’m really disappointed in you Mr. Leahy. You seemed like a good guy but your calls for Mrs. Clinton to quit are just un-American. The majority of Americans want a fair competition and want to see that competition completed. There is a lot we don’t know about our candidates, especially Mr. Obama. Americans deserve to learn as much as they can and they deserve to be able to vote in their upcoming primaries. And if they voted in the past (like FL and MI) they deserve to have their voices heard. Anything less than this is un-democratic and un-American. Re-think your message. Pray from the bottome of your heart to God and ask him to help you do the right thing. I can guarantee you that the message you will hear is something like “let the voters vote and count their votes!”

  390. That is a finely-worded letter tcbequalityactions, Kudos!

    I need to let my rage I have for that man die down before I can think to construct something as coherent to send him 🙂

  391. You know what’s funny?….well, not so really

    Dean et al warning about attacking other democrats when the progressive man blogosphere has been degrading the democrats (Pelosi, Hillary, Levin, Feingold, etc) daily all year long on Daily Kos. Now that precious and his supporters are being outed in their own hate speech, everybody has to stop?

    So, now that we finally have a real discussion and pointing out differences and showing our true colors, and making Obambi come out of the republican closet, we’re supposed to lay down?

    This just makes me more mad, so mad, that if it turns out that we have to create our own party and dismiss the DNC, I have no other options but to help start another party.

    Also, I know it’s a touchy topic, but is anyone willing to bring up the fact that part of the reason we lost in 2004 (gay wedge election) was b/c black churches were targeted b/c of homophobia that runs rampant in black communities? If they hadn’t been so damn homophobic, we would be in the White House right now.

    Um, Donnie McClurkin, anyone?

  392. New headline at Yahoo: “Edwards donors prefer Obama to Clinton”. Not going to link since it only keeps it there longer.

    Oh shI%$$#@! If Edwards donors are going for Obama, we really have a problem! Slow news day.

    Wait…this just in…there’s a McCain ’08 sign accross the street! Damnit. We’re screwed.

  393. The DNC and Party are so inept and stupid. They need to understand that the *only* way for unity is to encourage Hillary to stay and have the *rules* that exist play out as they were intended. Let everyone vote, let everyone be heard, let every delegate be seated, and let every super-delegate use their best judgment for the Democratic Party (which is their given right and duty).

  394. I love Chelsea!

    From NBC/NJ’s Matthew Berger
    ALLENTOWN, Pa. — Chelsea Clinton was asked whether her mother would
    be a better president than her father, and she said yes.

    Speaking at Lehigh Valley Hospital Friday, she laughed when a man in
    the front row asked her to choose between her parents.

    “His question is, `Do I think my mother will be a better president
    than my father,'” she said. “Well, again, I don’t take anything for
    granted, but hopefully with Pennsylvania’ s help, she will be our next
    president, and yes, I do think she’ll be a better president.”

    Clinton spoke for more than an hour at the hospital, taking mostly
    questions about healthcare issues.

    firstread. msnbc.msn. com/archive/ 2008/03/28/ 833503.aspx

  395. IK cannnot believe what I came in to find in my mail! LMAO!

    Media Matters
    Media Matters Action Network © 2008
    Media Matters Action Network – 1625 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036 – (202) 756-4100 phone

    sent me an email entitled :Make sure your friends, family and co-workers know about the Free Ride John McCain is getting from the media. Invite them to visit today!

    AS good Americans, I believe it is OUR JJOB to call the number above and correct the record with Media Am
    tters as to a

  396. I am a delegate in texas, I have heard that Obama is going to some of the county conventions here, Is it legal for him to do that?If I am not elected to move up to the state nomination, how can I be sure the ones that are going will not change their minds and go with Obama?

  397. Earlier today I read a post regarding a paid Obami supporter volunteering at a Clinton Center I believe in Erie Pa. I doubt the msm will pick up the story but if someone could contact one of the local university newspapers it could be a story that they could cut thier teeth on. Was the individual on the clock at the time? Was s/he repimmanded? How often has this happenned before?

  398. Did anyone else know this.

    December 8, 1995, as he was launching his political career, I found something I had not known before:

    Barack Obama took time off from attending campaign coffees to attend October’s Million Man March in Washington, D.C.

    Where he listened to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who organized the Million Man March give the climactic numerology-laced tw0 hour oration.

    Guess he was’nt in the pews that day either.

  399. OMG – Fox/Politico reporting that Hill campaign is nearing 8.7 million in dept. We need to get the contributions flowing.

    I can’t afford alot right now but whatever we can do, I’m sure it will help.


    DATE: March 28, 2008 12:08 PM CDT
    NAME: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ADDRESS: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    AMOUNT: $20.00

    Of course they mention that OB is swimming in dough:(


  401. jade Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 4:12 pm
    OMG – Fox/Politico reporting that Hill campaign is nearing 8.7 million in dept. We need to get the contributions flowing.

    And, how do they know this?

  402. Yes, finally someone said it, Obama’s donations are fishing and you notice he doesnt require registration, i bet he’s getting dough from the middle east.

  403. curiosityhasme do you have a link I can read? I don’t doubt it at the least given how scummy BO is, but if there’s an article or something I can show co-workers who are still “drinkign the kool-aid” it would help my argument!

  404. Why would Leahy say a thing like that? He’s still her colleague and they have to see each other and work with each other. Bush isn’t out of the WH until 2009. If you knew your co-worker disliked you, how uncomfortable would that be?

  405. I wish the counter on her page was right down to the dollar and to the contributor. The don’t set it timely. The more people who see that others are donating .. they will follow suit.


    Rev. Wright Quote of the Day

    From a sermon delivered on April 13, 2003, titled, “Confusing God and Government.”

    “Remember it was soldiers of the Third Marine Regiment of Rome who had fun with Jesus, who was mistreated as a prisoner of war, an enemy of the occupying army stationed in Jerusalem to insure the mopping up action of Operation Israeli Freedom.”

    That comes around the nine minute mark if you want to hear the ‘context.’

    I dont think i need to listen to know the context, do you?

  407. Henry, yeah. That’s the plan.

    But first, I got to think about TX tomorrow. I’m catching a flight later tonight. The whole County Convention thing is making me nervous I’m not even thinking about PA yet.

    How did you know I’m going to Pittsburgh? Did you change your name b/c I don’t recall seeing you here.

  408. Just called KLehey’s office and gave him hell!

    I’ve donated $144.+ this week. I’ll look and see if I can do ANY more.

  409. I think Hillary’s surrrogates should call for Obama to withdraw. Damn fool can’t seem to win any big, blue states.

  410. filbertsf
    yes i had to as my email acount which i niavely posted here was inundated i also rec’d several “borderline” threatening messages. thank god for spam filters.

  411. i wonder what Hillary is thinking about this?

    actually, she probably has been here already many times, just not in public so much like now.

    so, she’s probably not bothered by it.

    the thing is though, that we’re not used to it. i mean, this past year, i have finally seen what others have been hiding for so long.

    i used to always vote democrat, no matter who or what the democrat was. now, that’s changed.

    like what Taylor Marsh has said about being liberated. i feel like that too. liberated from the feeling that all progressives and democrats were good. that aint so anymore, for me.

    they can kiss my educated-white-short-girl-sans-silverspoon-tree-hugging ass good bye. and they can’t blame it on anyone but themselves.

  412. I hope I can figure out how to make sure the delegates selected in my country dont change their minds. Any suggestions?

  413. Win4Hill-
    Going on the fact that HE has been allowed (again) to accept money without registration, such as Paypal. Federal law requires that ALL donors list name, employer, occupation, etc., SO TELL ME JUSTICE AND STATE DEPT / FBI – HOW IS HE ALLOWED TO CIRCUMVENT THIS AS WELL?!? If Saddam Hussein can pay for three congressment to make a trip to Iraq…why can’t his supporters, like his friend the British billionaire, who funneled money to Rezko to try and make a “great escape” out of the country before his trial began. Rezko was then arrested and remains in custody because of being a flight risk. Speaking of evading the law- how about the middle-eastern guy who “escaped” from the green zone in Iraq after millions in Iraqi war funds mysteriously disappeared and remain unaccounted for. Rezko Watch does a great job of showing the few degrees of separation between Obama and Sadaam Hussein/Middle-Eastern connections. This should be the primary job for the Justice and State Dept. RIGHT NOW. The head of the FBI should be all over this. Not only is the DNC in bed with the Nation of Islam and dirty money – but our ENTIRE country is being taken over in a coup without the Radical Islamists ever firing a shot. This gives “inside job” a whole new meaning.

  414. Here is a nice little miset I received from Pelosi obviously intended to interrupt my calling efforts to Texas. I assume it is a response to the high dollar donor letter admonishing her to maintain institutional neutrality. I also assume she is prepared to pick up tell Obama supporters to repudiate their prior threats to disrupt the convention in Denver if he is not the nominee. N.B. she does say: “anything it takes”.

    Dear William,

    Here’s what you and I can’t let happen. We can’t allow the tension and pressures of a spirited Presidential contest to spill over and harm hard-working Democratic candidates running to strengthen our Democratic majority in the House.

    I will do whatever it takes to protect our candidates and make sure their campaigns to drive change forward don’t skip a beat. I need you to do the same. Please support our candidates now with a donation to the DCCC before the critical March 31st deadline hits by going to

    Throughout the Presidential nominating process, I have been so proud to watch Democrats turn out in record numbers and demonstrate enormous grassroots energy. And soon we will have an exciting presidential nominee who will make our entire party proud.

    She or he will lead our energized and united Democratic Party in the larger fight against John McCain, and his plan for 100 more years of war in Iraq. Now is the time to capitalize on the excitement that is sweeping the nation to ensure that our next President has a strong Democratic majority in the House to work with as we undo the damage from President Bush’s failed economic policies.

    Nancy Pelosi
    Speaker of the House of Representatives
    Sent Wirelessly Via Blackberry

  415. t2p .. me too. I followed party line .. not anymore. The Howard Deans and Nancy Pelosis’ have soured me on the party .. it really is getting away from the things it stood for. I have to sad feelings about leaving.

  416. I would like to know if there is a previous history of someone running for President being asked to step out even though they are doing well and are not that far behind their opponent and there is no scandal? I’m just curious. In the history of Presidential elections who has been asked to quit and why? Then let’s compare this to now.

  417. wb .. write her back and tell her YOUR money and close to 300,000 in just an hour or so have contribute to HILLARY and we will continue sto do so. Tell her we are sick of the bias and the hatred the DNC is spewing towards Hillary. Tell her we won’t forget

  418. Henry, Obama people are thugs. I’m not surprised by the threatening emails you received. They are the Democratic version of Ron Paul’s wackos. It’s better that you only received emails. Real life encounters are god awful. They are quite intimidating, rude, and thuggish. Sorry, there’s no other way to describe some of the BO supporters I’ve encountered. Especially in the East Bay.

  419. Let the DNC know that we are supporting Hillary with our $ and they will not get ONE RED CENT till the count Florida and Michigan NOW….

    anyway to get Pelosi’s email addy so we can bombard her.

  420. The more that Leahy and other old-fart Beltway insiders whine that Hillary should drop out, the more they cede the moral high ground: DEMOCRATIC VOTERS IN PA, NC, FL, MI, PUERTO RICO, INDIANA, OR, etc. STILL haven’t had their voices heard, in the closest Dem primary we’ve ever seen. They want to shut down voters.

  421. Dot, I got another DNC email from Howard “Typical Embarrassment” Dean. As I do every time I get their communications, no Florida and Michigan, no dime from me. Actually I say alot more than that, it is very cathartic 😉

  422. tcb, i’ve been thinking about that too. actually, i’m thinking that a TON of future papers and research and dissertations are going to prove that this primary was digustingly biased. i wish it would be done now, but work like this will take some time. i predict in about 2 years, payback is going to be a totally revealing time. sort of like how we look at bush now and how we look at nader now and how we look at andrew jackson’s admin now and how we look at the gay wedge issue now.

  423. Artiste – really? That’s a little…alarming. Do you have a list of Jewish Female SDs? It’s something I’d like to bring up with Pegrossi and Dean, if you catch my drift 😉

  424. McCaskill and Pelosi, and all the other female “turncoasts” can kiss their fellow Dem sisters goodbye. I will never have another ounce of respect for a Kennedy (except Kathleen and Bobby Jr.), nor any other Dem who “sold his soul to the devil” (Obama/Wright) – and condones what BHO stands for. I will leave the Dem party along with millions of others if HRC not the nominee. The 28% who won’t support BHO is rising by the hour. Except for the war (Huge) and making permanent the Bush tax cuts (Huge), perhaps public pressure will put an end to the war sooner rather than later. I truly don’t think McCain, a former POW, is a war monger. And since McCain originally voted against keeping the tax cuts permanent – maybe that won’t be his daily drumbeat. He agreed to this after pressure from Conservatives, after all. At any rate, as much as I believe in Hillary’s plans, I can’t in good conscience ever support Obama for ANYTHING. As far as I’m concerned – he’s poison for our country in every single way – and has set back race relations for 50 years. I’ll register as an Independent right along with millions of others. Allright, you win, Lou Dobbs.

  425. If you ever get tired of fighting for Hillary, go to Daily Kos and read that garbage. It will motivate you to write even more emails and donate more money. If they only knew how that trash-talk motivates strong, wise, smart, and dedicated Hillary supporters, they would shut that web site down.

  426. They are in a panic because they know that the race will be much tighter in another 6 weeks and Hillary will be gaining more and more momentum.

  427. filbertsf
    well thier scare tactics are back firing. on this site i apparently mentionned that i was a gay male 41 college educated but never did i mention all three in one post. i also mentioned that if hill was not nominee i would vote for McCain. I rec’d so many emails about the fact thaT i WAS A RASCIST FOR BEING OLD AND GAY. i WAS SAD PATHETIC OLD AND UGLY. THE ASSAULTS WERE ALL PERSONAL NOT EVEN A HINT OF POLICY. I Believe that these people will stoop to nothing to break down hills support. if you look at the manner in which they treated Fran here. any who i contributed and did even more.

  428. Y’all…PLEASE TEXT Leahy’s number (202) 224-4242 to everyone you know who is supporting Hil and ask them to call and tell him what they think. I just did and about 20 people texted me back with “done!”

    GIVE HIM HELL, bastard

  429. I’ve sat through two hours of Hannity to hear what Coulter’s crazy ass has to say. I’m going to need to bleach my brain after those 2 hours btw and I’ll probably jab a pen in my eye after Coulter.

    Anyway, for anyone who wants to hear Crazy Coulter she’s coming up next on Hannity’s radio show.

  430. yeah, ever notice BO’s peanut gallery gets louder everytime Rezko’s trial’s about to start…(March 31!)

  431. kaffeen, just checked my email and darn if I didn’t have a message too! I loved getting to tell his ass off. No $ from me unless the Florida and Michigan delegates are seated NOW, votes counted. No $ from me until the get off their asses and quit trying to close down a very close primary .. our party ususally nominates in June, whats the rush.

    I also told him I’m leaving this party and that I’m ashamed of what his leadership, since the scream, has brought. If he wants to brandish “broken” around, just look in the mirror and you’ll find the culprit.

  432. Good afternoon Hillfans.

    A friend who is always looking out for RezkoWatch thought that I’d like to know that the domain name: is taken is available is available is avail is avail

  433. Henry, pathetic. So childish these Obamabots are. As much as I dislike Obamabots, I’ve never once emailed them, much less call them SEXIST, PATHETIC AND UGLY.

    So juvenile — which by the way — most of them are, literally!

  434. dot48: thats what I feel like doing and I may do just that. This is not the first time she has crossed over the line personally or through staff people. It is an abomination.

    But I have a question for you: is this letter merely a response to the big donors or she laying the groundwork for something else ?My sense is she does not want Hillary to take the Michigan and Florida issues to the convention. Viewed in light of Leaheys comment it could be the latter.

    If that is the case then Pelosi had better watch her step because 84% of the public wants her to continue the race and the remaining states as well as the two mentioned are demanding the right to be heard. The American people are on Hillarys side on this one so caveat Nancy.

    What I am looking for right now is a credible academic to call the game on what is going on here. Got any ideas? If so get them to me through Hillbilly–I need to sign up. I can write a draft.

    Now I had best get back to the salt mine.

  435. filbertsf – ? – conference call happened this morning, not sure what you’re referencing. You can email me.

    I’m calling TX delegates tonight, and thanks so much for traveling to TX.

  436. they are so afraid that she’ll win in the Credentials Committee. the panic is widespread. Beckel on Fox just name and he is just about to have a heart attack.


  437. Honestly, I think this “I’ll vote McCain if Hillary’s not the nominee” is good noise for Pelosi, Dean, Leahy, et al to hear.

    I hope that 28% that will vote for McCain shoots further up – they want her to drop out while disenfranchising millions of people? Then our “I’ll vote for McCain” voices should grow louder.

    Hell, I won’t be voting only against Obama, I’ll be voting against the Democratic party that’s not Democratic.

  438. Are these people stupid or what???:

    (Patrick) Leahy told Vermont Public Radio in an interview that aired Thursday: “There is no way that Senator Clinton is going to win enough delegates to get the nomination.”

    Right, just the way…there is no way Senator Obama is going to win ENOUGH delegates to get the nomination.

    The rules state: the candiate that reaches 2,024 committed delegates will be considered the winner.

    Ergo, if you have less votes than that at the convention, you can go to Denver to plead your case to the

    a) super delegates
    b) committed delegates, who are **committed** but not 1000% bound by their DNA to the candidate they’ve committed to. In other words, there is some wiggle room, ESPECIALLY if it comes down to a floor fight. If you committed to Obama in January, before it became widely known about Rev. Wright or Mr. Rezko, you might want a mulligan

  439. filberts – you’re the brave one, dear. Definitely go to TX and if you can PA or NC. If you go to PA, more the smaller cities – like Scranton, there is definitely volunteer housing. Not sure about NC, since they see to just be ramping up.

    I had one friend – she would’ve been a great asset and perhaps you met her in Austin – but she’s vietnamese and a lawyer, but she decided to head to PA and didn’t have the funds to go back to TX for a couple days to be a convention observer.

  440. Holy Crap! Inasmuch as Ann Coulter usually makes me break out in hives (she is, after all, a female Howard Stern), she’s giving a not-too-bad show on Hannity.

  441. filbertsf
    the really wierd part is that i never disclosed my info at any one time,
    on super tuesday or perhaps the night before someone asked as we were all on line what our ages/race/gender were and i responded but i did not reveal my sexual preference. later i revealed that i was gay. but it was weeks later and when i did i did not reveal my age or race. then i get emails that ridiculed me for supporting hillary because i was old and unable to get laid.

  442. My mom lives down by the airport and has snow all over her front yard! Its crazy!

    BTW – Coulter is still crazy.

  443. They’re in a panic because they know where there is smoke, there is fire. They have to know more and more explosive information/damning evidence will come out on Obama – so they’re putting pressure on the SD and MSM to make her drop out. It makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever. It’s not like McCain and Huckabee. For them to push for this daily with such zeal can only mean one thing. His vetting has just now begun, and the best is yet to come. It shows they don’t give a damn about this country. They could care less if he is the poster child for the Nation of Islam. They don’t care about his middle-eastern ties, Rezko, or terrorist connections. They don’t care if we break out into civil unrest over race in this country. They diminish the Hillary numbers and dismiss us as dispensible. They have no soul, either. Just like robotic giant green pods, it’s a classic case of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ all across the land. And all of these politicos who expect to “cash in” on BHO – will find that their own political careers are OVER, if I and millions of others can help it. Personally, I think that’s also why Hillary has the energy she musters day after day. She knows better than we how bad we need a warrior for American values under siege. The Clintons and their most ardent supporters are fending off an insidious enemy that has not only infiltrated our country, but a large bastion of Democratic leaders, while we were all asleep at the wheel. Workers, ordinary Americans, trusting our elected leaders to look out after our interests, have been sold down the river by the far, far-left. While we keep the schools, hospitals, fire departments, police stations, businesses going…thevast far-left wing conspiracy has been making inroads, turning this country into an anti-American country. If they want Amsterdam or North Africa – move there, please. While American workers punch the clock and supply the elbow grease that fuels this country, the best of what’s left of the once great Democratic Party is waging a battle against a vast army of fellow Dems (turncoats) and MSM. She is performing a public service, trying to save this country as we know it much like FDR saved our hides during the New Deal. She will be the last woman standing. She is a fighter and will fight to the ends of the earth for this country. She is a true patriot, in every sense of the word.

  444. Call DNC
    Main Phone Number: 202-863-8000 (For questions about contributions, please call 877-336-7200)is

    call DNC and tell them that we will leave the party unless they shut off the hysteria .. 10 states left to go and neither candidate has enough delegates to win and we demand the convention be used as a tool to choose the nominee .. it is the RULES .. Dean wants to say FOLLOW THE RULES .. well lets follow them

  445. Hell, I don’t have the funds either but I’m still doing it.

    Speaking of Austin, funny thing about that place: there’s lots of professionals there. You know how they say Hillary supporters are single moms and blue collar workers and such? They make us out to be high school dropouts or lazy buggaboos.

    In that office, I met attorneys who were taking time off (or stealing time away from work), business owners who shut down their business just to go to TX, business executives (2 lovely ladies) and lots of kids from UT.

    No one in that office looked like hobos to me.

  446. Bcc – yeah she’s halfway coherent! But her voice is so grating that I go into convulsions everytime I hear it. Add that to two hours of Hannity and I’m going to need a stiff drink after this.

  447. Fox is about to report on what Obama’s new type of politics really is. Clinton camp uncovers spy working in their camp. looks like Obama-gate. Of course Obama will say he knew nothing about it..

  448. ininla, btw if I can get over my fear of Southerners, I might go to NC. Even I know it’s a battleground state. I’ll think about it after TX/PA. It’s still far off.

  449. dot48: TAKE BACK THE PARTY! Those four words are what this is about. Very well said. TAKE BACK THE PARTY FOR THE GOOD OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  450. rjk1957, nothing illegal about it. Freakin’ asshold, but I suppose if the doors are open to anyone who walks in, of course you should expect a mole.

  451. henry, sorry. It’s more Democratic Unity, Obama style. They think stupid insults will motivate people to vote for Jesus.

  452. I just called again … told them that the rules state that if neither candidate has the delegates to win then IT MUST go to the convention .. he should use leadership to LEAD to the counting of Florida and Michigan votes.

  453. Well maybe I spoke too soon…

    LoL yeah right as I was typing she started getting really crazy again. She was kind of making sense for awhile and we agree about McCain being a doofus, but DAMN she’s a wackjob.

  454. OK- new tactic for the DNC

    Why dont we demand that the rules committee or the credentialling committee or who ever the queen bee is over there have a meeting and make a decision about the FL and MI issue before June 1. How about before May 1? Or even April 1?

    Instead of asking for a mini super delegate convention or telling the delegates they have to decide by July 1 (like what? is that a new rule), I think we should tell the DNC they should fix their own house first. They should go on record now with regard to what they want to do with this situation, before the convention.

  455. henry, I suspect this place is infested with Obamabots. Some come here as regularly as they do DailyKos. Hell, some of them are regular posters.

  456. filbetsf-

    I hope you can go to Pittsburgh! Its a great city and it wont be hard to help you find housing (maybe Henry can help!?)
    I used to live there and I think you could do a lot for Hillary there. People in Pittsburgh love to strike up conversations with a total stranger.

  457. Artists, hillbill,
    The google insight is dead on. 2 or 3 months ago, when i first became INCENSED at how HRC was being teated in the media, I looked for ANY PLACE with positive info about her and I couldn’t find a D@MN thing!
    In fact, when I googled pro-HRC sites or HRC supporters I got ONLY NEGATIVE sites. On the other hand, when i typed in anti-BO sites, i got pages of PRO_BO links.
    It was only through blind luck that I found this site and was reassured it wasn’t ONLY me!!!!!! Coz i got NO support anywhere else.
    And I agree about the BO ads – they pop up EVERYWHERE.
    It is scary. it is Big Brother.
    1950’s Dem, I appreciate your positive take on the situation but, IMHO, the goal is to get rid of the CLintons once and for all and THEY will do whatever it takes, including throwing the Dem nomination and the GE to achieve their goal.

  458. Please Please Please, folks express your anger, frustration by sending notes to these superdelegates for interfering with the primary election process. They will disenfranchise millions of voters if they continue down this path.

    I am sure Hillary does not approve of the public display from senators such as what Senator Leahy just did by calling Hillary to drop out.

    It only takes a second.

    There was/is a banner cry in the gay community about the way Reagan handled the AIDS crisis in America…

    I use it now to drive this point… “SILENCE EQUALS DEATH”


    Stop this invasion of our election process by the party leaders. Demand they remove themselves from the public forum.

  459. BTW,
    Notice all this BS, the Leahy comments, the Bloomberg love-in, the Dean remarks, the DoDD sh!t, the Penn Senator endoresment, not only occured on a Friday but also coincides with the BO bus tour.

    Don’t tell me that’s coincidence. 👿

  460. New post at NoQuarter:

    So I guess it’s Howard Dean Day over here at No Quarter. I usually don’t post so often about a single subject, but he provides so much fodder that I can’t help it.

    First off, please read this.


    Pull quotes:

    Democratic Party chief Howard Dean said Friday that the party leadership has had “extensive discussions” with the campaigns of Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to cool down their rhetoric.

    Cool down their rhetoric? This campaign has been a pillow fight so far compared to what I’ve seen in the past, although thank the Lord that the press has been doing such a good job of covering the candidates’ positions on health care, the mortgage crisis and the economy comparing Sinbad’s recollections of the landing in Bosnia with Hillary Clinton’s statements.

    The chairman of the Democratic National Committee also said he’s convinced delegates from Florida and Michigan ultimately will be seated at the national convention in August.

    Really? Great! How? What’s the plan? Oh, there’s no plan? OK, no rush, since the convention is in August, which is so far down the road…

    “It’s not a mess. It’s actually done much better than we have in the past,” Dean said. “Look, people are so excited in places like Texas and Ohio and Pennsylvania and North Carolina, where they’ve never had a chance in 30 years to say who they want for president.”

    So, stripping two states of their delegations, disenfranchising voters, pissing off the rank and file and damaging the party’s reputation while expressing concern that a viable, legitimate candidate remains in the race is not a “mess”. I see. I wonder what this race would look like on the Democratic side if things went off the rails?

    O.K., I’m done. I can’t take it anymore. I leave the rest of the commentary up to you.

    Me again—Who in feck does this man think he is? Decide by July, then we’ll count FL/MI? I fricken hate howard dean. He’s a dictator. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about democracy!

  461. So Leahy is a toad. He and many of his fellow toads want Hillary to step down. Why do they want her to step down?

    Is the intent of Obama’s Ogres to just fudge the news cycles with so much finger-pointed at Hillary that his multiple scandals will just fade into the background? Isn’t this par for the course that whenever things are going well for Hillary, out comes bully tactics 101?

  462. So Leahy stated what Pelosi implied, that if Obama has a delegate lead going into the convention, he should win. NO MATTER HOW SMALL THAT LEAD IS.

    Obama: 1,947 dels
    Clinton: 1,946 dels

    We have a winnnnaaahhhh…

    Ummm. Nope.

    There must have been SOME reason they chose 2,024 as the cutoff, that the difference between first and second is substantial enough to merit avoiding a floor fight. Otherwise, the number WOULD HAVE BEEN LOWER.

    Duh. Stupid f*ckers.

  463. Ronald, I’m definitely going to PA. It’s NC that’s still up in the air. I’ve got lots of buddies from TX who are in Scranton and Philly. Some of them are already there or on their way there (damn dedicated fools!).

  464. Way to go Dot48! 🙂

    I’m thinking of calling but have been a little too timid, what have they been telling you?

  465. ‘It gives me extreme pleasure to go off on them everyday.’


    There goes the water, again. 😀

  466. rjk1957 Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 5:20 pm
    Fox is about to report on what Obama’s new type of politics really is. Clinton camp uncovers spy working in their camp. looks like Obama-gate. Of course Obama will say he knew nothing about it.

    Wait. “working” in their camp? As in Staff? Someone didn’t vett properly.

  467. WinForHillary .. I’ve not had anyone hang up or get rude. I can tell they really don’t like what I’m saying haha.

    Anyway, just had hubby call them too. He told Dean to quit screaming and start leading, I bout fell off the chair.

    Yes, I get my frustrations out.

    My latest mantra is telling them that the Convention was made to select a nominee if neither candidate has the delegates needed .. and not to be a crowning job. FOLLOW THE RULES ..

  468. Kaffeen,
    i heard about that. The guy said he was just looking around. Right.
    That added to the Rush callers who say they registered Dem and got elected to State caucuses and the Washington article Tiny linked that said there were tons of unconfirmed signatures, and the texas Scandal with people who didn’t even LIVE in the precincts or even In texas got to vote . . . .

    More Big brother in action.

  469. Whee, first diary I ever managed to post — h t t p : / /

    It’s having a lively discussion. I just added:

    When the lemmings smell the coffee (none / 0)

    There’s an information time-lag (as well as the usual stages beginning with Denial).

    The MSM talking leg-thrillers may still be in Denial stage about the Wright tapes. They’re telling each other, Oh, he made a speech and now none of US are remembering Wright, so Wright’s all gone…. And some SDs and bigwigs who listen only to MSM are putting their heads together under the sand to enable continuing the koolaid party.

    The blue-collar Dem base who has better things to do with their Sunday mornings than listen to talking heads — like going to their OWN churches — hasn’t heard the Wright tapes yet, except those who watch Fox. But Fox will keep the tapes out there circulating, and local papers and preachers are talking about them, and the soccer moms listen to their car radios, and the urls are circulating in email….

    Wright is percolating through the slower channels, that don’t watch MSM pundits. Coffee is brewing. Eventually the smell will reach to the levels of SDs who do listen to their constituents, and eventually up to the DNC.

  470. Someone should challenge the legitimacy of the caucuses as undemocratic, get them all thrown out.

  471. mj, was he staff or volunteer? And did they fire the person who hired him, too? That mole should have been properly vetted.

  472. Erie workers were suspicious of him and googled and investigated him. Then they called Obama’s erie HQ and the idiot answered the phone!!

  473. See Obama’s campaigns dirty politics, now if someone on Clintons team did that, they’d fry her.

  474. I heard he was a walk in volunteer who tagged himself by some of his remarks, refused to sign the sign in sheet but was stupid enuf to give his own name…they found him on facebook and other networks and called him out. He said he was “just curious”…doesnt that sound like the dude from Obama’s campaign who snooped in the passport records

    Also, odd we have heard nothing else about that?

  475. This just further proves that BO, he’s scum from the top, all the way to his lackeys at the bottom. and DNC, this is who you want? THIS??

    Disgraceful!! 🙁

  476. He was a student who had been paid, so he’s considered staff. No one in Hill’s staff hired him. He volunteered, was acting sketchy about some kind of sign-in sheet, so they googled his name, and FEC records ect, and called him out.

  477. If Clinton did that, her campaign is desperate and dirty, When Obama does that, not a peep, just curious.

  478. 1950’s Dem, I appreciate your positive take on the situation but, IMHO, the goal is to get rid of the CLintons once and for all and THEY will do whatever it takes, including throwing the Dem nomination and the GE to achieve their goal.

    I’m sure some people do feel that way. Is Dean among them? Would he really rather lose with Obama in Nov than win with Hillary?

    Doesn’t make much sense though. Hillary is 60, Bill has heart trouble. They’ll be retiring soon anyway. Why shoot the party in the foot in the meantime?

  479. What a way to get caught — sign-in sheets? He couldn’t think of “Tad Pitt?”

    More evidence that Obama supporters/staffs are not only scums, but stupid scums.

  480. Hannity says;
    “Barack Obama has another problem coming down the road. Just wait until the William Ayers and Weather Undeground story breaks, and we started that story, too.”

    “And you wouldn’t believe the threats and hate mail we get from the liberal left.”

    In the meantime, is anyone else SICK of being told we (the white people) just don’t understand the CONTEXT of everything black: the language, their churches, their anti-American rhetoric.d

  481. mj Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 5:42 pm
    He was a student who had been paid, so he’s considered staff. No one in Hill’s staff hired him. He volunteered,

    That’s a contradiction. If he was paid, he wasn’t a volunteer. BTW, most student-staff are interns and aren’t paid. They get school credit and something nice to put on their resume.

  482. Dean gave a speech back in I think 2005 where he sounded like he had been listening to Wright himself saying something like the Republicans are a party of all White Christians with no diversity. No wonder he wants Obama.

  483. filbert says:That’s a contradiction. If he was paid, he wasn’t a volunteer. BTW, most student-staff are interns and aren’t paid. They get school credit and something nice to put on their resume.

    He was paid by Obama’s staff FEC records show. He volunteered for Hill’s camp.

  484. There was a BO spy in the Hillary campaign??? where did you find that?

    …. and isn’t that basically what WATERGATE was all about?

  485. Dot!


    I know BETTER now to drink water and read the site! 😀

    I had a latte once. it tasted like watered down bad coffee. and it was way too expensive.

  486. Part 3, Barack Obama, a new investigation at 9pm Sunday night on Fox.

    Caller with a HYSTERICAL comment about remarks Wright made about more food being thrown away on a cruise ship than Haiti gets in one year and the callerr says, “Didn’t BO just get back from a cruise ship? And how about Wright? Wasn’t he on a cruise recently?’

    hehehehehe .

  487. He was paid by Obama’s staff FEC records show. He volunteered for Hill’s camp.

    Hmmm… so if a Senior Obama staff ordered the idiot over to the Hillary camp, I wonder if it violates FEC rule: “Thou shalt not be a dumbass and order another dumbass to do the Campaign’s dirty work.”

  488. I think somebody here that has a law degree or knows someone who can do law stuff ..

    Dean is trying to circumvent the WHOLE party rules .. there surely has to be a lawsuit or something that can be done to “restrain” him from doing what HE wants vs What The Rules Are

  489. Ronald, got it, dude. Let me take care of TX first. Can’t you tell I’m nervous for Hillary? I’m posting like mad until my flight time.

  490. Obama is toast. You can feel it. Hillary will win the remaining states. Now everyone go out and demoralize the hell out of the Obama supporters. And you want to know why? Because they THINK they can do that to us. Well, I’m here to tell them they better get their heads out of their collective asses. We are in this to win.

  491. can we file suit against the DNC? OkieAtty or anybody who has connections with a good lawyer who knows this stuff. They are not only trying to steal, they are trying to stifle and muzzle voters as well.

    Volunteers who plan to work in every future state are being disenfranchised.

  492. If there was a BO spy in Hillary’s campaign then that is enough reason for Obama to end his campaign. He hasn’t even gotten in and already there is corruption stinking up to high heavens from his camp.

  493. I think we should organize a massive protest on the steps of the DNC. We can protest for voters rights. We can protest against sexism and misogyny. We can protest against the biased media. We can protest the DNC “leadership.”

  494. 1950’s Dem,
    ‘Why shoot the party in the foot in the meantime?’

    “it’s historical revisionism 101. Erase any and all positive references to the former regime.” Think Stalin, Hitler, Mao.

    they don’t care. besides, if (I mean WHEN) the dems lose in Novemeber there’s already a scapegoat (HRC) waiting in the wings to take the blame. And that will make the revisionism even easier.

  495. tcbequalityactions Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 6:05 pm
    If there was a BO spy in Hillary’s campaign then that is enough reason for Obama to end his campaign. He hasn’t even gotten in and already there is corruption stinking up to high heavens from his camp.

    Only if there’s evidence that someone from the Senior staff ordered him to spy and then relay any private info he got. If he did it on his own — like as in a joke — I don’t really see the problem.

  496. I also wish Hillary and Bill would break away from the party and run on the same ticket together as Independents. They would kick everyone’s ass!

  497. tcbequalityactions

    Sounds nice, but illegal. Bill can not run again even for VP and both candidates on the same ticket can not be from the same state.

  498. hilarious good idea, Hillary for Pres, Bill for VP.

    and its legal too, and he can succeed to the presidency if she stepped down for any reason, the constitution only bars elected twice to presidency not succession.

  499. A couple months back, Letterman asked Hillary, any chance that Bill could be VP? Is that legal?

    Hillary laughed and said, “believe me, he’s checked!” LOL

  500. filbertsf – It wouldn’t surprise me. That’s all I’m saying. But their is still corruption in his campaign; Rezko, racial hatred radio ad, lying about hearing and not hearing Wright, Tiffany’s purchase unaccounted for, extent of dealings with Rezko longer and deeper than originally presented, lying about his record, lying about Hillary’s record, NAFTA-gate and no answers, he was a lecturer not a professor, his parents did not meet as originally explained, unpaid parking tickets from a wreckless college youth and so on.

  501. Why are we seriously, any american putting up with Obama’s shit.

    On his radio show yesterday, Hugh Hewitt played excerpts of Barack Obama reading from his autobiography, Dreams of My Father. In one, Obama remembers a sermon by Rev. Jeremiah Wright:

    [T]he pastor described going to a museum and being confronted by a painting title Hope.

    “The painting depicts a harpist,” Revernd Wright explained, “a woman who at first glance appears to be sitting atop a great mountaintop. Untill you take a closer look and see that the woman is bruised and bloodied, dressed in tattered rags, the harp reduced to a single frayed string. Your eye is then drawn down to the scene below, down to the valley below, where everywhere are the ravages of famine, the drumbeat of war, a world groaning under strife and deprivation.

    It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where white folks’ greed runs a world in need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere … That’s the world! On which hope sits.”

    And so it went, a meditation on a fallen world. While the boys next to me doodled on their church bulletin, Reverend Wright spoke of Sharpesville and Hiroshima, the callousness of policy makers in the White House and in the State House. … [E.A.]

    Sounds … controversial! Keep in mind: a) Obama isn’t disapproving of this sermon. In the book he weeps at the end of it; b) Demonstrating that at least some blaming of “white greed” for the world’s sins–which Obama now criticizes– isn’t an exceptional topic for Rev. Wright in a few wacky sermons (“the five dumbest things”) that Obama may or may not have missed.

  502. tcbequalityactions Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 6:10 pm
    I also wish Hillary and Bill would break away from the party and run on the same ticket together as Independents. They would kick everyone’s ass!

    Dude, can we get back to reality? Does Admin have enough bandwidth for my ramblings and your drug-induced delusions?

    Although, a Hillary/Bill ticket does sound appealing.

  503. How many more Obama supporters and backers have to be indicted (Tony Rezko and Anibal Acevedo Vila) before voters wake up and realize that this guy has no judgement what so ever? Throw in Wright and the Republicans will have a cake walk in November.

  504. Casey probably endorsed BO as payback for BC not letting his dad speak at the DNC ’92 convention because he wanted to rave against abortion rights.


    Finally someone who puts its as clear as anything

    …….Perhaps Democratic primary voters are immune to the implications of all this. Perhaps they still fancy Obama as a great ethical leader who is going to lead us out of our history of divisiveness and small-mindedness. Or perhaps they are just embarrassed to tell pollsters they are privately offended. But in a general election contest this is not going to go unnoticed. We will have to see if he can get any Republican votes and just how many independents will be irked by this moral obtuseness. (And that loud thud you just heard? The entire RNC oppo research team falling down in a faint. They are never going to top this.)