Barack Obama’s Tawana Brawley

Barack Obama needs to talk to his secret supporter, Al Sharpton, to understand the full mess he is in.

While Big Media ignores Obama’s lies about what he knew and when he knew it, in order to discuss bogus charges against Hillary in Bosnia – Obama is at the beach worrying about tonight’s “sermon” by “Pastor” Wright in Tampa Bay, Florida. Obama should leave the beach and put a call in to Al Sharpton.

“Pastor” Wright and now the new “Pastor” of Obama’s Church are fast becoming Barack Obama’s Tawana Brawley.

Barack Obama has tried to craft his image as a “post racial” leader. To that end Obama has tried, for this presidential campaign, to differentiate himself from African-American leaders like Al Sharpton who are viewed as more “militant”.

Al Sharpton recognizes how toxic he is to Obama and has kept his support quiet – even as he appears on television shows as an “impartial” observer of this election. Obama is complicit in this Sharpton deception.

Al Sharpton has been an advocate in the African-American community for years. Al Sharpton has gained a degree of respectability, particularly regarding the Vieques issue. But Al Sharpton destroyed his chance for mainstream political acceptance because of Tawana Brawley.

In the same way Al Sharpton destroyed his political viability because of his inability to separate himself from Tawana Brawley – Barack Obama has destroyed his political viability because of his acceptance of his 20 year relationship, financial support of, and refusal to disown – “Pastor” Wright.

Let’s document this Obama self-destruct.

* * *

Al Sharpton is a Secret Obama Supporter deceptively portraying himself as “impartial“.

The Rev. Al Sharpton is backing Barack Obama, but he’s made the strategic decision to keep his support quiet.

That’s the message Sharpton delivered to his flock last Saturday as he boasted of talking to Obama “two or three times a week” – and insisted the Democratic front-runner knows the rev is in his camp.

“I said, ‘I’m gonna do whatever I gotta do to help you. [snip]

“‘I won’t either endorse you or not endorse you,'” Sharpton said he told the Illinois senator as the two made their way to a Nov. 29 dinner at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem. “‘But I will tell you I can be freer not endorsing you to help you and everybody else.'” [snip]

Sharpton told Obama that it would be better strategically for him to remain publicly neutral.

“If I endorse you, and they jump on somebody in Jena, you’re going to want me not to go because the press is going to ask you what about your supporter,” Sharpton said.

“Negroes just [ask], ‘What, what’s Sharpton gonna do,'” he explained. “If you understand strategy, you get somewhere.”

An endorsement from the controversial Sharpton is a double-edged sword, impressing some voters and driving others away.

In all likelihood Obama wanted a public endorsement by Al Sharpton in order to recreate a “momentum” effect. Obama has been trying to create “momentum” in order to force Hillary from the race all throughout this election. The voters in New Hampshire, Nevada, California, Ohio and Texas (and soon Pennsylvania) continue to upend Obama’s fake “momentum” narrative. But Obama is cooperating in the Sharpton deception regarding his secret Obama support.

Who is Tawana Brawley?

Former prosecutor Steven Pagones said Monday that his victory over the Rev. Al Sharpton and two other advisers to Tawana Brawley in his racially charged, $395 million lawsuit was bittersweet. [snip]

The jury found Sharpton liable for making seven defamatory statements about Pagones, Maddox for two and Mason for one. Pagones, a former assistant county prosecutor, is white; the defendants are black. [snip]

A jury of four whites and two blacks ruled that Sharpton, Maddox and Mason defamed Pagones in accusing him of raping black teen-ager Tawana Brawley in 1987. [snip]

The racially inflamed case began in 1987, when Brawley, then 15, was found four days after disappearing from her home. She was found in a garbage bag with dog feces smeared on her body and racial epithets scrawled on her. She claimed a gang of white law enforcement officers had abducted and raped her.

Eventually, a grand jury pronounced her story a hoax, exonerating Pagones.

But during the furor that preceded the investigation, Sharpton, Maddox and Mason leveled repeated, unsubstantiated charges that Pagones was among those who abducted and raped Brawley.

How Tawana Brawley has hurt Al Sharpton

Former Mayor Ed Koch surprised an almost exclusively black audience yesterday by telling the Rev. Al Sharpton he had spoiled his chance to become “a crossover leader” by refusing to apologize for “the Tawana Brawley hoax.”

Koch was speaking at a conference sponsored by Sharpton’s National Action Network when he brought up his relations with Sharpton.

“I admire him even when we disagree. I always believed he was a bona fide leader when others said he was not,” Koch told the crowd of about 100 people at the New York Sheraton.

But the former mayor said Sharpton’s role in the controversy concerning the upstate black teenager 20 years ago was a stain on his record that kept him from winning white supporters.

“If you would have apologized for the Tawana Brawley hoax, you’d be a crossover leader,” he said.

Sharpton, standing at a podium, did not react.

Shelby Steele summarized the Obama drama with his “Pastor” and support from “Dumb White People”.

How to turn one’s blackness to advantage?

The answer is that one “bargains.” Bargaining is a mask that blacks can wear in the American mainstream, one that enables them to put whites at their ease. This mask diffuses the anxiety that goes along with being white in a multiracial society. Bargainers make the subliminal promise to whites not to shame them with America’s history of racism, on the condition that they will not hold the bargainer’s race against him. And whites love this bargain — and feel affection for the bargainer — because it gives them racial innocence in a society where whites live under constant threat of being stigmatized as racist. So the bargainer presents himself as an opportunity for whites to experience racial innocence. [snip]

His actual policy positions are little more than Democratic Party boilerplate and hardly a tick different from Hillary’s positions. He espouses no galvanizing political idea. He is unable to say what he means by “change” or “hope” or “the future.” And he has failed to say how he would actually be a “unifier.” By the evidence of his slight political record (130 “present” votes in the Illinois state legislature, little achievement in the U.S. Senate) Barack Obama stacks up as something of a mediocrity. None of this matters much. [snip]

And yet, in the end, Barack Obama’s candidacy is not qualitatively different from Al Sharpton’s or Jesse Jackson’s. Like these more irascible of his forbearers, Mr. Obama’s run at the presidency is based more on the manipulation of white guilt than on substance. Messrs. Sharpton and Jackson were “challengers,” not bargainers. They intimidated whites and demanded, in the name of historical justice, that they be brought forward. Mr. Obama flatters whites, grants them racial innocence, and hopes to ascend on the back of their gratitude. Two sides of the same coin.

Steele kinda sorta makes our “Tawana Brawley” point:

But bargainers have an Achilles heel. They succeed as conduits of white innocence only as long as they are largely invisible as complex human beings. They hope to become icons that can be identified with rather than seen, and their individual complexity gets in the way of this. So bargainers are always laboring to stay invisible. (We don’t know the real politics or convictions of Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey, bargainers all.) Mr. Obama has said of himself, “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views . . .” And so, human visibility is Mr. Obama’s Achilles heel. If we see the real man, his contradictions and bents of character, he will be ruined as an icon, as a “blank screen.

Thus, nothing could be more dangerous to Mr. Obama’s political aspirations than the revelation that he, the son of a white woman, sat Sunday after Sunday — for 20 years — in an Afrocentric, black nationalist church in which his own mother, not to mention other whites, could never feel comfortable. His pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is a challenger who goes far past Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in his anti-American outrage (“God damn America”).

How does one “transcend” race in this church? The fact is that Barack Obama has fellow-traveled with a hate-filled, anti-American black nationalism all his adult life, failing to stand and challenge an ideology that would have no place for his own mother. And what portent of presidential judgment is it to have exposed his two daughters for their entire lives to what is, at the very least, a subtext of anti-white vitriol?

What could he have been thinking? Of course he wasn’t thinking. He was driven by insecurity, by a need to “be black” despite his biracial background. And so fellow-traveling with a little race hatred seemed a small price to pay for a more secure racial identity. And anyway, wasn’t this hatred more rhetorical than real? [snip]

No matter his ultimate political fate, there is already enough pathos in Barack Obama to make him a cautionary tale. His public persona thrives on a manipulation of whites (bargaining), and his private sense of racial identity demands both self-betrayal and duplicity. His is the story of a man who flew so high, yet neglected to become himself.

* * *

Polls last week showed that African-Americans join with white Americans in their reassessment of Obama. Most startling is that blacks by 56% to 31% said the speech made them less likely to vote for him. Some Pennsylvania polls show Obama garnering only 60% of the African-American vote.

Before Easter Sunday Obama defended his judgment by saying there is nothing wrong with his church. Obama, in a radio show aired on Monday but recorded earlier said This is not a crackpot church. [snip] This is a pillar of the community and if you go there on Easter on this Easter Sunday and you sat down there in the pew you would think this is just like any other church.

Here is the Easter Sunday sermon Obama defended in advance as the sort of sermon you would hear in “any other church” on an Easter Sunday:

Mayor Ed Koch, who counseled Al Sharpton to come clean on Tawana Brawley is unconvinced by Obama’s Wrong Speech.

Obama sought to explain that relationship and why he could not end this close association, despite the minister’s hate-filled rhetoric. He said, “There will no doubt be those for whom my statements of condemnation are not enough. Why associate myself with Rev. Wright in the first place, they may ask? Why not join another church?”

Yes, those are the questions that people are asking. [snip]

Sen. Obama in his speech acknowledged that the rantings of his minister are “inexcusable,” but stated, “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother — a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”

Before we discuss his grandmother, let’s examine the impact of Rev. Wright’s statements on the senator’s two daughters. Nothing says it better than a song from the musical “South Pacific,” to wit, “You have to be taught to hate and fear…You’ve got to be carefully taught.” Few dispute that Rev. Wright’s sermons are filled with hate. Why didn’t Obama stand up in the church and denounce his hateful statements or, at the very least, argue privately with his minister? It was horrifying to see on a video now viewed across America the congregation rise from the pews to applaud their minister’s rants.

Now to Obama’s grandmother. There was a time spanning the 70’s to the mid-90s when many blacks and whites in large American cities expressed the same feelings on street crime held by Obama’s grandmother. Indeed, the Rev. Jesse Jackson made similar comments in 1993 at a meeting of his organization, Operation Push, devoted to street crime. According to a Nov. 29, 1993, article in the Chicago Sun Times, he said, “’We must face the No. 1 critical issue of our day. It is youth crime in general and black-on-black crime in particular.’ Then Jackson told the audience, ‘There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved . . . After all we have been through,’ he said. ‘Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating.’”

Isn’t that exactly what Obama’s grandmother was referring to? To equate her fears, similar to Jesse Jackson’s, with Wright’s anti-American, anti-white, anti-Jew, and anti-Israel rantings is despicable coming from a grandson. In today’s vernacular, he threw her under the wheels of the bus to keep his presidential campaign rolling. For shame.

What is it that I and others expected Obama to do? A great leader with conscience and courage would have stood up and faced down anyone who engages in such conduct. I expect a president of the United States to have the strength of character to denounce and disown enemies of America — foreign and domestic — and yes, even his friends and confidants when they get seriously out of line. [snip]

It is also disturbing to me that Obama’s wife, Michelle, during a speech in Wisconsin last month, said, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

Strange. This is a woman who has had a good life, with opportunities few whites or blacks have been given. When she entered Princeton and Harvard and later became a partner in a prestigious law firm, didn’t she feel proud to be an American?

When she and the senator bought their new home, was there no feeling of accomplishment and pride in being a U.S. citizen? When her husband was elected to the state legislature and subsequently to the United States Senate, didn’t she feel proud of her country?

Liquor bottle hugging and full-time Hillary Hater, Christopher Hitchens, wrote suprisingly sober, albeit humorous, words regarding the real Obama:

It’s been more than a month since I began warning Sen. Barack Obama that he would become answerable for his revolting choice of a family priest. But never mind that; the astonishing thing is that it’s at least 11 months since he himself has known precisely the same thing. “If Barack gets past the primary,” said the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the New York Times in April of last year, “he might have to publicly distance himself from me. I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen.” Pause just for a moment, if only to admire the sheer calculating self-confidence of this. Sen. Obama has long known perfectly well, in other words, that he’d one day have to put some daylight between himself and a bigmouth Farrakhan fan. But he felt he needed his South Side Chicago “base” in the meantime. So he coldly decided to double-cross that bridge when he came to it. And now we are all supposed to marvel at the silky success of the maneuver.

You often hear it said, of some political or other opportunist, that he would sell his own grandmother if it would suit his interests. But you seldom, if ever, see this notorious transaction actually being performed, which is why I am slightly surprised that Obama got away with it so easily. (Yet why do I say I am surprised? He still gets away with absolutely everything.)

Looking for a moral equivalent to a professional demagogue who thinks that AIDS and drugs are the result of a conspiracy by the white man, Obama settled on an 85-year-old lady named Madelyn Dunham, who spent a good deal of her youth helping to raise him and who now lives alone and unwell in a condo in Honolulu. It would be interesting to know whether her charismatic grandson made her aware that he was about to touch her with his grace and make her famous in this way. By sheer good fortune, she, too, could be a part of it all and serve her turn in the great enhancement.

This flabbergasting process, made up of glibness and ruthlessness in equal proportions, rolls on unstoppably with a phalanx of reporters and men of the cloth as its accomplices. Look at the accepted choice of words for the ravings of Jeremiah Wright: controversial, incendiary, inflammatory. These are adjectives that might have been—and were—applied to many eloquent speakers of the early civil rights movement. (In the Washington Post, for Good Friday last, the liberal Catholic apologist E.J. Dionne lamely attempted to stretch this very comparison.) But is it “inflammatory” to say that AIDS and drugs are wrecking the black community because the white power structure wishes it? No. Nor is it “controversial.” It is wicked and stupid and false to say such a thing. And it not unimportantly negates everything that Obama says he stands for by way of advocating dignity and responsibility over the sick cults of paranoia and victimhood. [snip]

If you think Jeremiah Wright is gruesome, wait until you get a load of the next Chicago “Reverend,” one James Meeks, another South Side horror show with a special sideline in the baiting of homosexuals. He, too, has been an Obama supporter, and his church has been an occasional recipient of Obama’s patronage. And perhaps he, too, can hope to be called “controversial” for his use of the term house nigger to describe those he doesn’t like and for his view that it was “the Hollywood Jews” who brought us Brokeback Mountain. [snip]

To have accepted Obama’s smooth apologetics is to have lowered one’s own pre-existing standards for what might constitute a post-racial or a post-racist future. It is to have put that quite sober and realistic hope, meanwhile, into untrustworthy and unscrupulous hands. And it is to have done this, furthermore, in the service of blind faith. Mark my words: This disappointment is only the first of many that are still to come.

Big Media will dress up Bosnia misstatements and passport “breachings” in order to protect Big Media tool Barack Obama. But a lot of voters are beginning to catch on to the flim flam man.

Barack, call Al – your Tawana moment is here.


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  1. Good morning peeps.

    PA Stats
    3,215,478 registered Republicans
    4,044,902 registered Democrats
    120,000 new registrations
    86,000 switched from another party to Democrat
    12,000 switched from another party to Republican

  2. great post admin. We shall not be distracted. I will make sure Wright is on everyone’s minds. The stupid media shall not be allowed to change the subject. They think we are fools. Anytime anyone tries to change the subject just tell them Pastor Wright. That will shut them up.

  3. Can some one tell me why Hillary campagin is not all over Obama on his voting record in the IL. Senate?? Is this a non issue??

  4. I just found out from hubby that today is our 35th wedding anniversary LOL

    I went over and posted on Hillary’s blog and instead of a fancy dinner today I donated $35.44

    I think that we should make Hillary’s blog very active. The media needs to find out that her online support is huge .. I think that creating a huge buzz on her blog would silence some critics and make them quit marginalizing us.

    The media still wants to push that Hillary is just bringing women…every man here needs to post on the blog as well.

  5. Damn the MSM!!! Well then, I have to hope that the Rezko issues will stick at some point, (The sooner the better!!)

  6. I’m curious why some of the african americans here feel the speech didn’t sit well with other african americans. I thought perhaps because he painted all aa churches with the Wright brush. But, maybe it’s something else. Thoughts?

  7. So, are the SDs voting for their district, national pledged delegates, or popular vote???

    If Zogren is going uncommitted, her district voted for Hillary. George Miller’s district voted for Hillary, but he is an Obama supporter. It seems like the rules keep changing. Which is it???

  8. birdgal, depends if you support BO or HRC. If you support BO but your constiuents went Hillary, vote your conscience. If you support Hill, but your constituents went BO, vote your constiuents.

  9. dot48: Okay…. well said!! Hannity said last week he had more stories on Obama, When do you think he will report on them?? Iam so tired of Obama, I just want him out of the race,(and NOW) the only way to do that is, show who the real Obama is. 🙂

  10. I think the Wright story was so hot that they have had to let things cool down.

    Also, this was to see what impact it would have on the voters .. perhaps they have decided that now isn’t the time to release anything else.
    t i
    They are, for the time being, trying to joust both candidates but I am lead to believe that there is more shoes to drop.

    The continued fact that Obama keeps changing his story on “if”, “when” “did he set in the church” .. there is where the next shoe fits in.

  11. Obama’s Church has left little piles of shit all over the place like a untrained puppy. Slowly people are stepping in them, get this one. I mean WTF????????? They seriously have issues, this so called church.

    I must tell you that Israel was the closest ally to the White Supremacists of South Africa. In fact, South Africa allowed Israel to test its nuclear weapons in the ocean off South Africa. The Israelis were given a blank check: they could test whenever they desired and did not even have to ask permission. Both worked on an ethnic bomb that kills Blacks and Arabs.

    Arabs have always supported the dismantling of this racist government. In 1962, African-Arab Sudan granted Mandela a passport to travel with to gain international support in his struggle to free his people. Libya, among other Arab states, provided Mandela and other African liberation movements, political as well as material support. As a result, Libya was designated by the White House as a terrorist rogue state. What a great honor!

    And how is it possible that Mr. Obama could belong to a church that would take such a letter seriously enough to publish it?

    The Israelis were given a blank check: they could test whenever they desired and did not even have to ask permission. Both worked on an ethnic bomb that kills Blacks and Arabs.

    This is sheer insanity. But what else can one expect from “a Middle East advisor” to Messers Elijah Muhammad and Farrakhan?

    Unsurprisingly, this letter originally appeared in the March 6, 2007 publication of the Palestine Times.

    With Peace and Love,

    Ali Baghdadi


    (An Arab-American activist, writer, columnist; worked with several African-American groups on civil and human rights issues since the mid sixties; acted as a Middle East advisor to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the founder of the Nation of Islam, as well as Minister Louis Farrakhan; visited more than 80 countries throughout the world and met with many of their leaders, including Mandela, Castro, Saddam Hussein, Hafez Assad, Qathafi, Abdallah ibn Abdel-Aziz, Rafsanjani, Ayatollah Khamenei, among many others.)

  12. I put a suggestion on Hillary’s web site this morning, that when they sell out the Elton John event, they should let the rest of us buy into a live stream of it on her website for like $25 or something like that.

    What ya think?

  13. and get this little gem, just about says it all.

    Arab-American Activist Says Obama Hiding Anti-Israel Stance

    ( Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama is currently hiding his anti-Israel views in order to get elected, according to a well-known anti-Israel activist. The activist, Ali Abunimah, claimed to know Obama well and to have met him on numerous occasions at pro-Palestinian events in Chicago.

    In an article he penned for the anti-Israeli website Electronic Intifada, Abunimah wrote:

    “The last time I spoke to Obama was in the winter of 2004 at a gathering in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. He was in the midst of a primary campaign to secure the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate seat he now occupies. But at that time polls showed him trailing.

    The Arab-American activist went on to say: “In 2000, when Obama unsuccessfully ran for Congress I heard him speak at a campaign fundraiser hosted by a University of Chicago professor. On that occasion and others Obama was forthright in his criticism of US policy and his call for an even-handed approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

    “Obama’s about-face is not surprising,” Abunimah wrote. “He is merely doing what he thinks is necessary to get elected and he will continue doing it as long as it keeps him in power.”

    When Obama first ran for the Senate in 2004, the Chicago Jewish News interviewed him on his stance regarding Israel’s security fence. He accused the Bush administration of neglecting the “Israeli-Palestinian” situation and criticized the security fence built by Israel to prevent terror attacks: “The creation of a wall dividing the two nations is yet another example of the neglect of this Administration in brokering peace,” Obama was quoted as saying.

  14. Did you guys notice that since BHO is on vacation, McCain is getting more air time…again more than Hillary even if it isn’t good news.

    The media will do anything to keep Hillary from having a day in the sun.

  15. Look, no denying it, Hill has stepped into some, um stuff, of her own making. It doesn’t really mean to much to me (although I am disappointed). There are more important things to worry about than a few unfortunate comments and a little aggrandizement and I’m glad this is happening now and not later. In comparison to Obambi, it seems much ado about nothing.

  16. Great post, Admin!

    Just wanted to comment on a few things from yesterday…

    When and if the day comes that MO starts praising Hillary at the same time that she praises Bambi, then I think President Clinton might be obliged to do the same. Since that isn’t going to happen, why should President Clinton lie?

    Second, I would much prefer James Carville to keep doing what he is doing and not join the campaign. I think he has more room to manuever and say the things that need to be said by just being a supporter!

  17. There is an AP article posted on yesterday thread though,,,1996 that says Hillary visited more than one place in Bosnia and this reporter was there and he chronicalled the weapon fire, etc.

  18. I just say something that made me giggle, unscrupulous but fun.

    The repugs are calling bambi, Obama bin Lyin.

    I roared when i heard this about 2 minutes ago.

  19. Yet another in the evolving set of Hillary Rules:

    Hillary must be totally and minutely accurate at all times, including on things that happened years ago.

    The other candidates may say anything they like about events of yesterday and they will be given a free pass.

  20. the stuff is nothing, it only seems like something because the media is hell bent to detroy her and will air this junk ad finitum, even a run in her stocking is shocking.

    2 things I give very little weight to, daily news and daily polls, both are skewed, and both are wrong when applied to Hillary

  21. Three Myths About the Democratic Race

    Expert guest post by Peter Daou
    Originally posted at BlogHillary

    MYTH: Barack Obama is running a positive campaign that will unite Americans.

    FACT: Barack Obama and his advisers have conducted a divisive “full assault” on Hillary’s character.

    While talking a lot about the politics of hope, change and unity, Sen. Obama and his campaign have been conducting a relentless and singularly personal assault on Hillary’s character. They have blanketed big states with false negative mailers and radio ads and have described Hillary and her campaign as “disingenuous,” “divisive,” “untruthful,” “dishonest,” “polarizing,” “calculating,” “saying whatever it takes to win,” “attempting to deceive the American people,” “one of the most secretive in America,” “deliberately misleading,” “literally willing to do anything to win,” and “playing politics with war.”

    This “full assault” on Hillary’s integrity and character has reached a new peak since Hillary’s victories on March 4th. One of Sen. Obama’s top surrogates equated President Clinton with Joe McCarthy; another called Hillary a “monster;” and his campaign manager held an angry conference call (audio) claiming that Hillary is “deeply flawed” and has “character issues.” That’s neither unifying nor hopeful. If Sen. Obama really is the prohibitive favorite some say he is, these negative attacks make absolutely no sense. Why would a frontrunner seek to attack and divide? If Sen. Obama can’t unify Democrats in a primary, how can he unify Americans in a general election?


    MYTH: The delegate “math” works decisively against Hillary.

    FACT: The delegate math reflects an extremely close race that either candidate can win.

    “The Math” is actually very simple: with hundreds of delegates still uncommitted, NEITHER candidate has reached the number of delegates required to secure the nomination. And EITHER candidate can reach the required number in the coming weeks and months. That is indisputable. No amount of editorials, articles, blog posts, charts, graphs, calculations, formulas, or projections will change the basic fact that either candidate can win. Pundits who confidently proclaim that Hillary has no hope of winning because of “the math,” have counted Hillary out of this race three times before. Each time they based their sober assessments on ‘facts’ and ‘realities’ — and each time they were wrong.

    In a campaign with dozens of unexpected twists and turns, bold prognostications should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism. Look no further than Sen. Obama’s “full assault” on Hillary’s character to judge whether he thinks this election is over. The fact is this: Hillary and Sen. Obama are locked in a very close, hard-fought campaign and Hillary is demonstrating precisely the strength of character required of a president. Her resilience in the face of adversity, her faith in the voters, her capacity to rise to every challenge, are part of the reason she is the best general election candidate for Democrats. And it is why she is increasingly strong against John McCain in the polls at the same time that Sen. Obama is dropping against Sen. McCain.


    MYTH: For Hillary to win, super delegates must “overturn the will of the people.”

    FACT: The race is virtually tied, the “will of the people” is split, and both candidates need super delegates to win.

    The Obama campaign and Sen. Obama’s surrogates have engaged in a sustained public relations effort to convince people that the election is over and that if super delegates perform their established role of choosing a candidate who they believe will make the best nominee and president, they are somehow “overturning the will of the people.” They have the audacity to make this argument while quietly and systematically courting those very same super delegates. They are courting them because they know that Sen. Obama needs super delegates to win. The Obama spin is being parroted daily by pundits, but it is patently false. The race is virtually tied; the “will of the people” is split. By virtually every measure, Hillary and Sen. Obama are neck and neck — separated by less than 130 of the more than 3,100 delegates committed thus far and less than 1% of the 27 million+ votes cast, including Florida and Michigan. Less than 1%.

    An incremental advantage for one candidate or the other is hardly a reason for super delegates to change the rules mid-game. Despite the Obama campaign’s aggressive spin and pressure, the RULES require super delegates to exercise their best independent judgment, and that is what they will do. Even Sen. Obama’s top strategist agrees they should. If not, then why don’t prominent Obama endorsers like Senators Kerry (MA) and Kennedy (MA), and Governors Patrick (MA), Napolitano (AZ) and Richardson (NM) follow the will of their constituents and switch their support to Hillary? After all, she won their states. And if this is truly about the “will of the people,” then Sen. Obama’s short-sighted tactic to run out the clock on a revote in Florida and Michigan accomplishes exactly two things: it disenfranchises Florida and Michigan’s voters; and it hurts Democrats in a general election. Apparently, for the Obama campaign, the “will of the people” is just words

  22. Hasn’t Hillary made 3 trips to Iraq?? I don’t believe, Bo has made any. He has been busy campaigning.


    CALL AND LODGE COMPLAINTS…ALSO, and THIS IS IMPORTANT…tell them we are starting a MASSIVE NETROOTS CAMPAIGN to have people cancel their cable subscriptions and to asks Cable Service Providers to reconsider carrying MSNBC because of their Anti-American Bias.


  24. The only thing I’ll say about the Bosnia issue is someone should’ve checked Hillary’s speech first to make sure it didn’t conflict with what she said in her book. But I’m glad the campaign handled this the way they have; it’s best to admit a mistake rather than drag it out with denials.

  25. mj….easy to check facts on this one.

    Obama visits troops in Iraq
    Monday, January 09, 2006 | 8:51 AM
    By Chuck Goudie

    January 8, 2006 (BAGHDAD, Iraq) (WLS) — Senator Barack Obama is taking a close look at just how long American forces should stay in Iraq. He is on a journey to the Middle East that has taken him and other U.S. senators to Iraq this weekend.

  26. just a suggestion to other supporters here…please do a cursory check of facts if you are not sure. It gives the opposition ammo if we are wrong 😀

    Google is an amazing thing…..

    OK…gotta go

    love yall

  27. I’d love to know the story behind the Tiffany’s purchase. How do you mistakenly buy jewelry with campaign funds? But, perhaps it was just an error. I’d still like to know the details.

  28. its called fiddling expenses or theft, take your pick and i bet its not happened just the once either.

  29. I’m not sure what it was. May have been a hapless employee. But I’d like to know. Who did the purchasing? What did they buy? I’m curious.

  30. Does the DNC hate the Clintons so damn much that the will do anything to keep Hillary from winning? Do they hate them so much that they are willing to destroy any chance the party has of winning the G.E.? Do they hate them so much that they are willing to destroy the party itself?

  31. I’m curious why some of the african americans here feel the speech didn’t sit well with other african americans.

    For the same reason it didn’t sit well with many OTHER groups of people. America shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that people like Sharpton, Farrakhan, Wright, Meeks, Manning etc. represent the views of all AA’s. Or even “most” AA’s. They don’t. Is it REALLY so surprising to discover that the one group of people in this country who have suffered the MOST at the hands of racists and bigots, overwhelmingly reject racism and bigotry when they see it?

  32. Is it REALLY so surprising to discover that the one group of people in this country who have suffered the MOST at the hands of racists and bigots, overwhelmingly reject racism and bigotry when they see it?

    No. I hope I didn’t offend. That was my take too. But the poll sited in the post says it especially didn’t sit well with african americans, and I just wanted the view point of someone who was african american.

  33. Rassmussens daily Pres Poll has Clinton 46 to 43 over Obama.

    However their PA poll is complete bullshit.

    They say its Clinton 49 to Obama 39.

    Clinton with a 68% approval in PA compared to Obamas 71%. What total bullshit.

  34. No. I hope I didn’t offend.

    Not at all, MJ…it’s heathy to ask questions. I wish MORE people would ask questions rather than make blind assumptions.

    Good on ya. 🙂

  35. OK, one last note about the Bosnia story. Her misstatements are NOT in prepared speeches (Obama and his people are falsely saying it is). They came from off the cuff remarks on campaign stops.

  36. ramussen as usual started the bull shit… they skew the polls slowly… i have seen this forecoming back then.. hahahaha

  37. Incidentally, I wanted to comment on someone in the last thread kind of “going off” on Civil War reenactors.

    1). It is not ONLY southerners who participate in the battle reenactments. Northerners participate too.

    2). It is NOT a celebration of war, OR an attempt to re-write history.

    3). It is really nothing more than a hobby for history buffs.

    Not sure what some people find so horrible about it.

  38. US media is hopeless as usual… they mention china as “communist” china why do they have to do that…

  39. US media has to come to peace with the fact that china is no more pushover and on path to be world super power… they just can not pushover china as they push over hillary clinton.. nobody buys their BS propoganda outisde of USA, better then know…

  40. moononpluto Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 10:41 am
    I just say something that made me giggle, unscrupulous but fun.

    The repugs are calling bambi, Obama bin Lyin.

    I roared when i heard this about 2 minutes ago.

    LOL! 🙂

  41. jith, China is a communist regime, basically. And, since China is likely becoming the next world super power if there is just one and not a number of super powers, I don’t think anyone thinks they can be pushed around.

  42. >>China is a communist regime

    so even if it communist regime.. why do they have to use “Communist China”… or “communist soldiers”.. do they refer to india as “democratic INDIA”.. i don’t see that…

  43. My husbands 2nd or 3rd great grandfather was captured at Gettysburg, so my husband is very interested in the Civil War. He tries to drag me to these Civil War reenactments all the time. But personally, I find them boring as hell. The only time I go is when they do the cavalry, because I’m into horses. 😉

    But yeah, it’s just a thing for history buffs.

  44. Fighting for MI and FL continues. Via Halperin, Clinton Camp Keeps Up Pressure on Obama on Florida, Michigan Re-vote:

    Clinton advisers Phil Singer and Harold Ickes accuse rival of blocking a re-vote in both states for his own “partisan advantage.”

    Singer, playing off Obama’s book title: “He’s turned the ‘Audacity of Hope’ into the ‘Audacity of Nope.’”


  45. You can be guaranteed if Rass has Hillary at 49% in PA, its more like 59% in reality.

    Funny, 49 and 39 only make 88%, cant they count?

  46. No, moon, I personally wouldn’t go there.

    Which is EXACTLY why I call him ” He Who Shall Not Be Named “. 😉

  47. Jith, I think this is just something for infotainment. I don’t see the NY Times call China “Communist China”. Just forget the newspeak on those channels.

  48. idunn,

    i know someone who does reenactments, to me, its just a hobby, men being men, and my friend also is real patriotic, but still, he’s just a big kid playing war…

  49. David Brooks today in the Times suggests Hillary will drag the Dems through the mud unless she quits after NC.

    * Claims she’s down to 5% likelihood of winning, but that only uses measures that exclude FL/MI.

    * “Obama’s lawyers successfully prevented re-votes in Florida and Michigan. That means it would be virtually impossible for Clinton to take a lead in either elected delegates or total primary votes.” Nice to see how much Brooks cares about voters’ rights. And I don’t think he’ll cry if FL / MI voters punish the Dems in November if it’s Obambi.

    *”…most superdelegates have accepted Nancy Pelosi’s judgment that the winner of the elected delegates should get the nomination.” Is Pelosi saying that if Obama wins by one delegate, he should win the nomination without a floor fight??? What if it’s ten delegates? Where do you draw the line? Way I see it, if no one wins it outright, we go into super special overtime (and at this point, no one can mathematically attain the committed delegate threshold outright). And that’s where the intangibles come into play, like FL/MI, which states you’ve won, “electability” (hasn’t Obama been saddled with a LOT more scandalous baggage in the past couple of months, things Iowa voters and SC voters didn’t get to consider)…

  50. yeah, right china is not pure communist regime.. however, do we really care what type of govt as long as they care about people and work for upliftment of people… i can compare INDIA & CHINA and i can say chinese govt is 100 times better than india …

  51. Jith, I was kidding. I know this stuff riles you. But, they should allow their people access to information, even if not sanctioned or codoned by the government.

  52. >.I don’t see the NY Times call China “Communist China”.

    i see ABC news & CNN keeps refering to china as “Communist China” and their soldiers as “Communist Soldiers”… if nansy pelosi wants to meddle with chinese affairs once dem is in WH she better know who she is dealing with…

  53. Mickey Kaus with a great response to Jonathan Alter’s (Newsweek) sycophantic coumn:

    Don’t Elevate Me, Please!
    Will Obama’s term be a nightmare of high-minded pedagogy?
    By Mickey Kaus
    Posted Tuesday, March 25, 2008, at 4:01 AM ET

    The Nightmare of Illumination: Jon Alter writes of his candidate (Obama) that “[even] if his legislative agenda founders, he might be able to help the nation raise its sights …”

    [P]residents must do more than rally the country enough to win backing in polls for a course of action. That’s relatively easy. The hard part is using the bully pulpit to instruct and illuminate and rearrange our mental furniture. Every great president has been a captivating teacher. By talking honestly and intelligently about a subject that most Americans would rather ignore, Obama offered a preview of how he would perform as educator-in-chief. … Barack Obama knows how to think big, elevate the debate and transport the public to a new place. [E.A.]

    Hmmm. After last Tuesday, I’m not sure I want to be instructed and elevated any more by Prof. Obama. I’d kind of like to rearrange his mental furniture on welfare and affirmative action, where his vagueness suggests incoherence more than brilliance. Alter holds out the prospect that an Obama Presidency will not be four hears of merely winning “backing in polls for a course of action”–oh no, that’s easy!– but … well, four years of insufferable pedagogic condescension.

  54. i know someone who does reenactments, to me, its just a hobby, men being men, and my friend also is real patriotic, but still, he’s just a big kid playing war…

    LOL…you got it, skmf. But don’t ever say that to your friend. 😉


    can we put the video of james carville that taylor marsh has, on our thread?

    idunn, can you do it? wake up girl, your smart, get my mans video on here please…

  56. and also i can tell you one more thing… chinese govt want obama in WH so that he can be manipulated… hahahaha 🙂 even putin wants him in WH for the same reason…

  57. Honestly, I’m at the point where I could give a shit what the Democratic Party and the DNC do anymore. I’ve already worked out what I will do in the GE election under every scenario.

    HRC gets the democratic nod…I vote democrat.

    Obama get the democratic nob…I don’t vote democrat.

    Simple as that.

  58. JOHN DICKERSON IN SLATE questioning Obama on his words:

    If progress can happen only if we stop pouncing on every little thing, then why is the Obama camp madly pouncing? They obviously think it’s a dead certainty Clinton was challenging Obama’s patriotism. It’s not, and Obama’s own call to higher political standards should bias the assessment in Clinton’s favor. So, either the Obama campaign is consciously overplaying the moment for political benefit, or it is incapable of seeing anything benign coming out of the mouth of Bill Clinton the evil genius—or the evil machine that is the Hillary campaign. The latter would suggest a weakness in judgment that can’t distinguish what’s really sneaky from what isn’t, and Obama is running on his precise judgment.

    You may think I’m being picky for taking all of this so seriously. It’s just politics, after all. But if we’re not supposed to take all of Obama’s speeches seriously, we’re stuck embracing the Clinton claim that he offers “just words” and doesn’t mean what he says. To believe in the full measure of Obama’s words then is, perhaps, to be too hopeful.

  59. what has happened with passportgate? I haven’t heard a thing since we found out that Obama advisor was the employer of the person who did this? what happened to the lie detector test that was supposed to be taken?

  60. By Craig Crawford | March 20, 2008 6:00 AM | Permalink | Comments (253)

    How amazing that Democrats have a frontrunner who is seemingly afraid to allow re-votes in Michigan and Florida. Or at least that is how Barack Obama is allowing it to appear.

    Obama is all that stands in the way of letting voters try again in those battleground states. That’s probably a winning strategy for the party nomination. But the general election is another story.

    For what it’s worth to Democrats, only Hillary Rodham Clinton has ended up with the political incentive to seat the convention delegates from Michigan and Florida. Obama sees no such advantage.

    A Democratic national convention without Florida and Michigan suggests the need for an Electoral College strategy that contemplates victory without either state in the party’s November tally.

    I love this guy, Craig Crawford.

  61. I think a floor fight among the “big cheese ” superdelegates will be exciting to watch at the Denver convention. Most of them are not going to be easiy pushed around.

    Hillary already has some great fighters…this is where it will all play out.

    and yes I think it’s going to be a party splitter.

    bho will run on an independent ticket… after of course he mopes about his loss.

  62. CNN ticker.. obama girl pleads with clinton to stop… what the fuck … CNN is total bull shit… and obama girl is bull shit… OMG…

  63. Someone should tell Obama girl she’s had her 15 seconds already. And an extra 5 when SNL included her in the debate skit.

  64. you mean the two 54d’s has stooped to telling Hillary to stop being mean to her little bambi, Oh, that’s just terrible? where do they get this stuff!

  65. You mean the 54 double dees who couldn’t even be bothered to actually drag her lazy ass out to the polls and VOTE for the messiah?? 🙄

  66. I hate when people post half a thought. Do you mean they have released a new video telling Hill to drop out? Is that what you mean?

  67. Vote if you have not already done so — every week there is a new one — keep voting.

  68. @mj.. yes obama girl released new video calling USA obama nation.. hahahha… 🙂
    and pleading with clinton to drop out.. and CNN has this as their ticker…

  69. Paula, a bikini clad young women begging the first woman with a shot at the presidency to drop out dpresses me.

  70. Great post admin! Obama has been walking a tightrope trying to stay just on the line between actually expressing radical thoughts about the country and appearing to “transcend” race (whatever in the hell that means) by not making white folks feel the sting of the reality of the black experience. The Shelby Steele article was AWESOME!!! I haven’t read his piece, “Bound Man…” but I will soon.

  71. As for the Rasmussen PA poll, don’t sweat it. Ras state polls are always one-day polls, and a 10-point lead is nothing to sneeze at. That’s probably at the low end of how well she’s doing there. She’s winning PA by a bigger margin than OH.

    Also, I stand corrected on the Bosnia thing. The comment wasn’t part of her prepared remarks, as others – and Hillary’s campaign – have since pointed out.

  72. Rules are Rules.

    Obama’s camp wants to have it both ways. They wont count the votes or revote in Michigan or Florida because that would break the rules.
    note: rules are not laws, they are rules
    But, when confronted with the fact that the same rules do not say that ANY delegate has to vote a certain way, they cry foul. In fact, the RULES say that any delegate, whether a “pledged” delegate or a Super delegate can vote anyway they want to at the convention. So following the rules, if Obama’s campaign starts tanking, as I think it is, then at the convention, his delegates are free to change their mind, see the light so to speak, and vote for whomever they choose.

    Rules are rules. Sorry!

  73. mj you really need to relax. Everything you read causes you to be in a panic. It’s not good for your heart. You are stressing about Obama’s girl video calling for Hillary to drop out. This is a girl that didn’t even vote. You need to have tougher skin than this.

  74. no stopping now!

    Hill: go all the way or just simply annnounce that you are forming a new party and either you or someone will be running on that nnew party ticket!

    enough of these Deanus/penises and Nancies/pansies Circus folks!

  75. Clinton Meets With Tribune-Review Editorial Board, Reporters

    * Sen. Hillary Clinton this morning recalled trips across Pennsylvania as a child and remembered that the Clark Building once produced candy bars of the same name. “I watched the evolution of Pittsburgh,” said Clinton, who met with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Editorial Board, in the Clark Building on the North Side.

    * On the state’s primary election is April 22:

    “I feel very good about where I am,” Clinton said. “I think it’s exciting the voter registration numbers are up (in Pennsylvania).” Clinton, who is behind in the delegate count, said the voters in Michigan and Florida should be heard. The states’ primary results have been excluded by the Democratic Party because balloting was held too early. “I do not understand what (Obama) is afraid of and why he has taken this stand. How can you go to the convention with these two states left out? He wants to shut this down. I don’t think that is a good idea.”

    * On Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright:

    “You do not choose your family. You do chose your pastor. For me, if I had been a member (of Wright’s church), well, I would not have been a member. If I had sat in there for 20 years, you people (newspapers) would have had a lot to say about that.”

  76. The Shelby Steele article was AWESOME!!!

    If you haven’t read any of Steele’s other works on race relations, Sug , try to do so. The man has ALOT to say. I just love him. Of course…SOME folks who can’t handle the truth try to label him an uncle tom, but that just proves Steele’s point all the more about power players trying to put people in the “shut up box”.

  77. So really, being democratic about it, there isn’t any reason for Hillary to quit while Obama is now, finally being vetted. In fact, she should stay in the race for the good of the party

    After all, if she quits and Obama implodes in a Rezko-Wright-Auchin puff of hope filled smoke, who would that leave us? Gravel?

    I think Gravel should quit………………………. for the good of the party

  78. No, Caroline. It’s not that. It’s that a video like that is intentionally made to humilate the woman candidate. I don’t think it will have the desired effect, but it is depressing to me that a young woman would participate in that. What does it say about society?

  79. “You do not choose your family. You do chose your pastor. For me, if I had been a member (of Wright’s church), well, I would not have been a member. If I had sat in there for 20 years, you people (newspapers) would have had a lot to say about that.”

    Well said!

  80. mj: look at the aol poll. it will warm your heart.

  81. “You do not choose your family. You do chose your pastor. For me, if I had been a member (of Wright’s church), well, I would not have been a member. If I had sat in there for 20 years, you people (newspapers) would have had a lot to say about that.”

    As we in the AA community might say, “Take it to church, sister!” 🙂

  82. Wow!….yesterday my sister donated $250.00…today my niece is doing the same – another $250!

    See….there is a lot of love for her…these folks have not donated ever before!

  83. BS.. my employer doesn’t pay me ontime… these H1B employers are like leeshes they suck your blood…

  84. Idunn, I will definitely read some more of Steele’s work. The truth is the truth!

    I think you probably have a tougher skin than I do, Sugar (though I’m pretty tough when it comes to right and wrong). When I first started reading Steele’s work, it made me VERY uncomfortable. It wasn’t that I thought it was bullshit, just the opposite in fact, but it was hard to look at, you know? Still…truth is truth, and no-one is served by sweeping it under the rug.

  85. I see what you’re saying mj, but I don’t think Obama girl is out to humiliate Hillary as much as she’s out to get herself some airtime. The video is more about drawing attention to herself than anything. She’s just looking to get her 54DDs some attention.

    Translation – Obama girl = famewhore. She’ll be on some celeb-reality show before you know it.

  86. If the roles had been reversed and it had been Hillary who had been a member of a church such as Wright’s, World War III might have kicked off! lol

  87. i just have to change my employer.. GOD, i search for the job.. i do the work and this guy gets 15% of my pay… and doesn’t pay remaining 85% on time… bull shit.. i better look for another employer hahahaha 🙂

  88. ronald,


    well that explains that than. guess all these months i’ve been trying to place embed, was wasted huh? LOL

  89. Oh, no she’s not, her producers are, but she is complicent.

    So is this going to cause an uproar? The Wright thing?

  90. I loved this comment by Nancy on TM:

    I swear, if Hillary says that the sky is blue on a sunny day, she would be called a liar. Meanwhile, Obama could fart loudly onstage for an hour and Chris Matthews would go on endlessly about how great it smelled.

  91. >>Obama girl = famewhore

    ohh yeah right… i hate to say that but that little girl from 3 AM ad .. she also released a video… what do their parents teach them.. i don’t get.. just get lime light somehow.. BS…

  92. Ronald – that ABC newsblog frames Clinton negatively as if saying that pledged delegates can change their minds is sinister. This is from the comments:

    DNC Rules, a demystification:

    I. No delegate at any level of the delegate selection process shall be mandated by law or Party rule to vote contrary to that person’s presidential choice as expressed at the time the delegate is elected.

    J. Delegates elected to the national convention pledged to a presidential candidate shall in all good conscience reflect the sentiments of those who elected them.

    OK, so clearly, as per the rules, no delegate can be MANDATED to change his/her vote from that originally expressed at the time of his/her election. In other words, no one can mandate the change; delegate is free to change. however.
    Also, pledged delegates should reflect the will of those who elected them. Note, this notably qualified by the phrase “in all good conscience,” and further, reflect the will of the people at which time?? Time of the primary or time of the convention?? I submit time of the convention since otherwise there would no need to even leave change of pledge as an option.
    See for yourself, this is a link to DNC Rules; HRC camp is not misconstruing or even stretching here; the language is clear:

    Posted by: marie | Mar 25, 2008 11:14:34 AM

    I have reposted this many times and each time the post is deleted. Hmmmm.

  93. >.Meanwhile, Obama could fart loudly onstage for an hour and Chris Matthews would go on endlessly about how great it smelled.

    hahahaaha 🙂

  94. If the roles had been reversed and it had been Hillary who had been a member of a church such as Wright’s, World War III might have kicked off! lol

    Oh, she would have been buried for it. And I would have been one of the first to get the shovel and heap on the dirt, too.

  95. as far as obama girl goes, she cant wipe out the RACIST tag that obama now has….

    this just tell me, obs people are feeling the heat…

  96. What’s really pissing me off about the whole Bosnia situation is the fact that none of those azzholes at those newsdesks pinned Obama to the wall about lying about what he knew about Wright and now they are trying to grill Hillary about the Bosnia thing.

  97. Speaking of celeb-reality, does anyone watch MTV’s The Hills? (*crickets* it’s probably just me who watches trashy reality TV.) Whitney (love her!) was on the radio yesterday and they asked her who she was voting for in November and she said Hillary or Obama, obviously, but that she voted for Hillary in the CA primary. Yay Whitney.

  98. Haha! Yeah, Idunn. I would have just thrown my hands up and said, “forget voting!” after I’d tossed a few heaps of dirt onto that grave myself. But, Obambi? Oh, he gets a pass. How ridiculous.

  99. She lifted the gag rule. It’s her first real comment on Wright.

    Sugar, totally agree. Obama lied for a week and the press didn’t call him on it at all.

  100. President Clinton To Visit Puerto Rico Ahead Of Primary

    (AP) – Former President Bill Clinton will visit Puerto Rico next month to make the case for his wife as the Caribbean island prepares for its Democratic primary. Clinton is expected to participate in several events during the April 6-7 visit to the U.S. territory, where 55 delegates are up for grabs in the June 1 election.

    ”We are very pleased that President Clinton will be visiting,” Roberto Prats, the party chairman on the Spanish-speaking island, told The Associated Press. Prats, who has endorsed Clinton, said the former president’s schedule is being assembled with the goal of visiting as many places in Puerto Rico as possible.

  101. lninla
    Thanks! I agree that newsblog is trying to paint Hillary in a bad light, which suprises me.

    I think we need to push back at MSM with the opposite view . Rules are Rules.

    Obama cant have it both ways. This is a close tight race. No won can claim victory yet. So, if he insists that we HAVE to follow the rules and disenfranchise 2 million voters, then we also have to follow the rules and let the whole process play out so we can see if there is anything that would lead to pledged delegates not being able to vote for him in good conscience at the convention.

  102. BTW, someone posted on TM about an interview with Harry Reid where he sounded very confident the race would be decided well before the convention (in other words, he was not fretting at all), but he wouldn’t give details except to say he was in touch with Howard Dean. He also said MI and FL broke the rules but he couldn’t see them not being seated because they’re vital states.


  103. in PR 2-3 million people are estimated to vote in primary.. how come media assholes keep saying she can not catch up in popular vote… i think she will kick his ass in PA.. i hope atleast 205 million voters would turn out on april 22

  104. Oh, he gets a pass. How ridiculous.

    It is ridiculous, but it’s been carefully orchestrated to be this way. The ground work has been being laid LONG before Obama ever came on the seen. Wright, Sharpton, Meeks, Manning , even Jesse (to a degree)…they have played a brilliant hand over the years. Excellent for them in their bid to grab the power. But who pays the price in the end? Black folks…white folks…all of us.

    It’s worse than ridiculous…it’s a fucking slap in the face. And WE were all too fucking stupid to see it coming.

  105. mj, Her comments were fine. The issue has been out there for weeks (and she had NOTHING to do with pushing it) so it’s OK to say something now. She can’t be mute on it forever.

  106. I expect FL and MI delegates will be seated AFTER the fact. But can do they do that without counting the popular vote? They’d better …

  107. OK one more on Bosnia — but a must read. Gives you talking points.

    “…At Stop Obama, we’ve documented a pathological pattern to Obama, and while we never argued Hillary to be perfect, devoting attention to her “misstatement” on Bosnia when Obama can’t stop lying on just about everything and anything, is like crying because the lion burped, while the frog does nothing but quack quack and quack .

    Being harassed by this frog’s ignorant supporters with YouTube video amounts to being pestered by swarms of toads. What’s the big deal? They only make noise…..”

  108. jithendra Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 12:37 pm
    BS.. my employer doesn’t pay me ontime… these H1B employers are like leeshes they suck your blood…
    so maybe it is time for you to start sucking a little of theirs. Quietly check with Wage and Hour and see what your rights are. If you have a remedy then tell your employer that you have a friend who went through this and told you what the law is on timely payment of wages. Say you are not complaining but just thought they should know. (Caveat: beware of free legal advice–you get what you pay for, but this is aone way to avoid acrimony and legal fees).

  109. Hhi hillfans. i just woke up. i checked rasmussen like i do evrer single day and found a new pa poll. hillary 49% to obama’s 39%. a little tighter from the last poll of 2 weeks ago when she lead by 13.

  110. And I’ll also say this, and then I gotta get out of here:

    Any black person who sits in a church, and woops and hollers over these kinds of hateful, divisive, bigoted rants…you need to be SMACKED! Do you NOT realize that many of the greatest leaders of our community DIED trying to fight against this kind of hatred??!!

    What the fuck is wrong with you people??!!

  111. hi all,

    or anyone else,

    if you have a link to yesterday’s citation of AP story– or anything about another trip to bosnia where hill came near fire– Puleeeze post it here or send to me at

  112. idunn, as a african-american i have witnesessed sermoms in the pews all my life and NEVER heard the crap that obama’s pastor spewed. all these idiot wright defenders are wrong telling people”PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND BLACK CHURCHES” BS!!

  113. Idunn Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 12:58 pm
    And I’ll also say this, and then I gotta get out of here:

    Any black person who sits in a church, and woops and hollers over these kinds of hateful, divisive, bigoted rants…you need to be SMACKED! Do you NOT realize that many of the greatest leaders of our community DIED trying to fight against this kind of hatred??!!

    What the fuck is wrong with you people??!!

    I mean, they were hopping and jumping, slapping fives and such like they were at Def Comedy Jam!!! lol I was so embarrassed!!!!!!!!

  114. Obama’s camp may has just pulled the cup of Kool-aide from Andrea Mitchell. Saying of Hillary’s proppsal that Greenspan and Rubin head a commission, that you do not go back to the people that caused tis mess to begin with. I wonder how Andrea feels about Obama slamming her husband?


  116. Terrondt…my mother had me in church from the time I was born, and let me tell you, if she had EVER heard such hateful shit come out of the pastors mouth, she’d have yanked us kids out of there so fast there would have been skid marks left in her wake.

    I’ve been to more AA churches than I can count (more predominently white churches than I can count too), and I’ve NEVER run across anything even remotely close to a Rev. Riding Dirty.

    It’s disgusting. It’s dangerous. And if there IS a devil…that’s who it comes from. Ain’t nothing “godly” about it, that’s for damned sure!

  117. I’m glad Hillary is a fighter and is fighting back. I just think she should stop worrying about PARTY UNITY so much. NO MORE APOLOGIZING to OBAMA’S AA Supporters. It makes her look weak when she apologizes for what TEAM OBAMA’s RACE BAITERS said.

    I’m AA and I didn’t think Bill said anything wrong and still don’t.

    Since the DNC and party leaders are going to blame the CLINTONS for everything and not take accountability or responsibility for this mess because Hillary won’t bow down to the “Annoited one.” Then I think Hillary needs to campaign on her own terms and not what Pelosi, Dean and that Judas think because if they don’t see Obama’s weakness and they’re sitting next to this con…I see why the REPUGS have won so many elections from the democrats.

  118. I mean, they were hopping and jumping, slapping fives and such like they were at Def Comedy Jam!!! lol I was so embarrassed!!!!!!!!

    Honey, don’t be. We are responsible only for what we do as individuals. Those people don’t represent you any more than a shoe represents a boot. 🙂

  119. hillfans, the sermons of my old pastor is so uplifting. the preaching so fantastic. I HOOP AND HOLLERED TO HIM. but he would cringe in his grave if he heard the hate wright spewed. i hope most americans don’t think all black churches don’t spew this garbage.

  120. “Saying of Hillary’s proppsal that Greenspan and Rubin head a commission, that you do not go back to the people that caused tis mess to begin with.”

    They didn’t cause it.

    But does BO have a positive solution to propose, or does he just slam Hillary?

  121. rjk1957 Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 1:06 pm
    Obama’s camp may has just pulled the cup of Kool-aide from Andrea Mitchell. Saying of Hillary’s proppsal that Greenspan and Rubin head a commission, that you do not go back to the people that caused tis mess to begin with. I wonder how Andrea feels about Obama slamming her husband?
    Let’s go ask her???


  122. The difference between a working group and a summit is that a working group can convene regularly and on-demand. A summit implies a one-time event. Reagan’s Working Group on Financial Markets, otherwise known as the Plunge Protection Team operates when there are problems in the financial markets and, yes, it operates even after his death. So yes, there is a difference between Obama and Hillary here. Perhaps he doesn’t understand the terms or history of financial markets at the Executive level.

    I’m sure that Greenspan could fill him in if he bothered to ask.

  123. hillary has been good staying away from this wright thing. obamabots will twist it against her. BIG MEDIA TOO.

  124. >>Bostonian Brahmin

    i have seen this term Boston Brahmins…
    you know brahmins are hindu priests in INDIA.. they are at top of social hierarchy in INDIA for centuries… their way of life is totally different from the 90% of indians.. they practiced untouchability and restricted low caste hindus from entering temples… they are vegetarians.. they don’t eat meat…
    i am wondering what are these boston brahmins…

  125. McCain looks like he is having problems reading from the teleprompter, they should have used a larger font. To make matters worse, everyone knows he has know idea of what he is talking about. He looks confused every few sentences while reading. Hillary will tear him apart in the fall on the economy.

  126. hillary should not be commenting on rev wright like this. let the thing ride. bad move.

    I disagree. As a woman of color, I WANT her to stand up against this crap. And I’d bet my farm that ALOT of AA’s are gonna hear her words and nod in agreement. Besides, she was asked a question and she answered honestly. Nothing wrong with that.

  127. terrondt, I’m sure they weren’t all hooting and hollering, but there were far too many for my comfort. The really sad thing is, so many people are excusing this whole thing as only a few episodes, but I’ve seen a NUMBER of different clips of Wright wearing a rainbow variation of daishikis, so all of those things weren’t said over two or three days. Some of the clips are old, some VERY recent. This is a pattern in that church.

    My church back in South Carolina, where I grew up, the pastor would say ignorant things, but it was about guilting people to salvation. Condemning people who smoke, drink, that sort of thing. Now, I attend a very large AA church in D.C., baptist no less, and I have never heard the sort of ignorance Wright relayed to his congregation.

  128. I think she should field questions about the Wright situation as well. Why should she dodge those questions? Obama is the one who so foolishly maintained membership at that church for 20 years. Not her and if the roles had been reversed, Obama would be calling for her head on a platter.

  129. McCain going on about how he doesn’t believe in bailing out people that have been irresponsible is going to really piss some people off.

    I was in the mortgage industry the last few years and the lenders would string people along for several months until the folks were in a financial jam, then when they went to sign papers the terms were completely different than what they thought they were getting.

    By then they had so much invested in the process and were so low on cash that they ended up signing the paperwork. A large number of people that got these lousy loans were railroaded into it. I know, I’ve seen it first hand.

  130. sugar, i have to admit my pastor would got on some that won’t take jesus in their heart but not hate.

  131. Idunn, Sugar, Terrondt, Carby..
    re black church..well said and about damn time we fought back…I have been black all my life and in the grandaddy was a pastor…i have NEVER heard that kind of crap spewed from the pulpit EVER. my friend and i were just talking about this…all these ass holes talkin bout this is how it is in the black church and then the pundits pick up o this and start saying this…no no no not this is how it is in the black church…this is how it is at trinity..with those dumbasses standing up whoopin and hollarin…sheesh…you got me started now!

  132. Just letting things go was Bush’s policy during Katrina.

    We don’t need that in the housing and financial markets.


    1:30 PM EST

    University of Pittsburgh campus at Greensburg



    Click on:

    Live: Sen. Hillary Clinton Speaks In Greensburg

  134. Hillary has increased her lead, nationally, over Obama today, according to Rasmussen:

    HRC 46
    BHO 43

    Give ’em Hill!

  135. interesting little snippet on Sinbad from Wikipedia – he obviously has a bad attitude towards the military:

    Military service

    Sinbad served in the US Air Force as a Boom Operator aboard KC-135 Stratotankers. He was almost dismissed with a dishonorable discharge for various misbehavior including going AWOL.[5]
    “ I didn’t make the Air Force basketball team and went into denial. So, I kept going AWOL. My mother kept begging me to go back. I told her, ‘No, I’m not going back. I’ll just grow a beard. They won’t recognize me. I’ll just be another Black man with a beard.’ I was going to Georgia Tech to learn about computers. I’d go AWOL all the time. I’d just leave. I’d come back, hoping they’d throw me out.[6] ”

    After a series of incidents, he was eventually ejected “for parking my car in the wrong position.”[7]

  136. Email from Hillary:
    Dear Democrats,

    Contribute today and you could see Hillary and Elton
    In the interest of harmony — and melody — I promise you there won’t be any duets.

    I’m really looking forward to the solo concert my friend Elton John is throwing in New York to help our campaign — and I would very much like the chance to meet you there.

    We’re sending two supporters, along with their guests, to New York with VIP tickets for this very special, one-night-only concert on April 9, and it could be you. We will have a chance to talk just you and I — and you will get to meet Elton John at the party we’re throwing afterwards. It’s going to be a great night.

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    Enter now for a chance to join me at Elton’s solo concert in New York on April 9.

    Elton’s concert comes at such an exciting moment in our campaign. I’m seeing incredible enthusiasm as I travel across Pennsylvania and other states with upcoming contests.

    We’ve got momentum at our backs, but a big task ahead of us. The Obama campaign is in the middle of a $3 million ad blitz in Pennsylvania, and we’ve got to do everything we can to overcome their fundraising advantage. Then we face competitive contests in Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, and Puerto Rico — and we are already getting started in those states.

    There’s no better time to support our campaign, and no better way to do it than to make a contribution. And if you enter today, you may join me and Elton for a one-of-a-kind concert.

    Enter now for a chance to join me at Elton’s solo concert in New York on April 9.

    Thank you so much for all your support. I hope you know how much you mean to me and my campaign.


    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  137. anbritt, Obama threw us right under the bus with his grandma, implying that we all attend churches like that! I didn’t appreciate it one bit, because I do not!

  138. Finally a candidate pointed out the big elephant in the room.

    Has anyone actually said point blankly, why the hell he sat there for 20 years and did nothing about that hateful shit.

    Frankly I’m glad she said it and hopefully the MSM will report her saying it, might make some dumbass people sit up and ask themselves the same think the same think.

    Besides she did something smart, she’s made sure the MSM will report her saying it and keep it well and truly alive in the newscycle. Thats the important thing.

  139. Hillary was responding to a question from the ditorial board..she cannot act like her head is in the sand..i think her comments were appropriate..besides where is it written that she cannot comment on this? you think they won’t have something to say about bosnia?….its been 2 wks and she has not said a thing…i don’t think she will keep going on and on about it….

  140. Well, I do have to admit, my mother is a woman who has an intense passion for the Lord. She stomps her feet in church, weeps, raises the roof , the whole nine yards. My sister used to have a fit over that and one time she actually dared to tell my mother she was embarrassed by it. I don’t think she ever recovered from the beating she got. LOL!

    You don’t EVER diss the Lord, or anyone who loves the Lord, around my mother.

  141. texan4hillary Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 1:13 pm
    hillary should not be commenting on rev wright like this. let the thing ride. bad move.
    Hillary needs to STAND against this bully.

    Obama has no respect for her or any woman…he threw his grandmomma off the train and got in a bus and ran over her and then got out and kicked her.

    Also Hillary been to hundreds of AA churches so she KNOWS OBAMA threw the AA CHURCHES UNDER THE BUS TOO!!

    That’s why you have to put your faith in the WORD and not man, including your pastor.

  142. carbynew,

    Hillary’s response is smart because now this is the big news, not the bosnia flap. Obama will be drawn into it and this will keep the story alive for the rest of the week.

  143. Obama has no respect for her or any woman…he threw his grandmomma off the train and got in a bus and ran over her and then got out and kicked her.

    ROTFL! It’s funny cause it’s true. Says a HELL of alot more about HIM than the white woman who cared for him and did right by him all those years, though.

    That’s why you have to put your faith in the WORD and not man, including your pastor.

    Yep. UNLESS, of course, you care less about the word of God and MORE about being affliated with a church for POLITICAL gain.

  144. i did not like obama’s “typical white person” comment either. my wife is white and she was offended by that.

  145. Idunn
    now I didn’t say you could not get filled with the spirit….my daughter got hit in the face by someone who was filled with the spirit…she wasn’t in the spirit by the time i calmed her down….she apologized

  146. “Besides she did something smart, she’s made sure the MSM will report her saying it and keep it well and truly alive in the newscycle. Thats the important thing.”

    Yeah, anbritt. It needs to stay alive in the news cycle.

    Idunn, I’m not talking about “feeling the spirit” or “getting the Holy Ghost” as we used to call it when I was little. I’m talking about hopping around giving high fives and crap when somebody says the govt. created HIV to kill black folks. lol I’ve seen a lot of people “get the Holy Ghost” and I’ve never seen anyone high five somebody. LMAO Trust me, I grew up in a church of about 200 in S.C. I’ve seen a lot of “happy dancing”. No problem with that. High fiving at dumb stuff. Big problem with that. lol

  147. Paula Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 12:55 pm
    I expect FL and MI delegates will be seated AFTER the fact. But can do they do that without counting the popular vote? They’d better …
    Paula: not clear what you mean by after the fact. After what fact–the selection of the nominee? If so that is voter nullification and it will not solve the dnc problem.

    It appears to some of us that party leaders would rather lose an election than alienate AA voters. Rather lie cheat steal commit mahem and murder their children than be called a racist. In that case the only thing I ask is that we stop referring to ourselves as a democracy and look to the governing model of Robert Mugambe. But perhaps I sell them short.

    The larger problem they have however is the one I wrote about yesterday which is that if Barack is the nominee then a pivotal group known as Reaan Democrats will flock to McCain. His 20 year tryst with Goddam America Wright is enough to seal his fate with them and lose the general election if he is the candidate.

    MSM and Obamaniacs are hell bent to force Hillary out of the race. That I can understand based on their underlying motives. What I cannot understand is why the dnc would get behind it in the manner they have. If she leaves the race and Barack implodes they will be hardpressed for options.

  148. linfar,

    if you have a link to yesterday’s citation of AP story– or anything about another trip to bosnia where hill came near fire

    One of Hillary’s aides, Lissa Muscatine, told CBS News that she was with the Fist Lady on her trip to Bosnia, and there was “fire on the hillside around the area when we landed“, and that the plane had to switch to a diving corkscrew landing maneuver to land at the airport.

    Obviously, the part Hillary miss-remembered was on the tarmac.

  149. High fiving at dumb stuff. Big problem with that.

    I absolutely agree, Sug. But, you know, I asked my mother how she felt about that, and she said something that made ALOT of sense to me. She said that there are a whole lot of people in the world who feel the need to hold on to offense and grievance, and there are just as many people in the world who will use another persons grief and offense to expoit them for their own purposes. I think she pegged Rev. Riding Dirty and his like to the letter.

  150. If she leaves the race and Barack implodes they will be hardpressed for options.

    Not true…we’ll STILL have Gravel. 😉

  151. Hitchens is misleading saying Obama’s white grandmother lives in a ‘condo.’ Elsewhere it’s described as a modest apartment in a non-descript high-rise where she has lived all along, where they raised Obama from age 10. As Obama said, sacrificing to let him spend his teen years in a fancy private school, protected from racial issues. (From his account in DREAMS, apparently Obama didn’t know there WERE any racial issues till age 17 when his grandmother expressed fear of a panhandler/mugger at a bus stop and his grandfather REFUSED to drive her to work because she had mentoned that the panhandler/mugger was Black. (She worked as a bank executive supporting the family but always took the bus, getting a ride in the family car was something exceptional which she had to plead for.)

    The Obamas got a mansion some years ago and donated $27,000 to Wright. Why is the grandmother who sacrificed for him still in comparative poverty?

    Could we please go back to scandals about burglaries and blow jobs? Do we have to have a nominee whose scandals are about his church and his grandmother?

  152. wbboei, I mean they’ll be seated only after the nominee is chosen.

    BTW, guys, a new NC poll is out showing Obama up 21. They say he was helped by his Iraq speech, which he gave in the state, and his race speech. His time in the state has made a difference. I suspect the lead won’t be that big a week from now, but he will still be ahead. A big win in PA is essential for establishing momentum going into IN and NC.

  153. The Obamas got a mansion some years ago and donated $27,000 to Wright. Why is the grandmother who sacrificed for him still in comparative poverty?

    Okay, that just turns my stomach. 🙁

  154. Gosh, Idunn, that makes so much sense. Give moms a big hug from Sugar next time you see her! My own mother–who is only 52, a very devout Christian and VERY smart and sensible woman, has had the kool-aid injected into her veins as she slept apparently. I suspect my father is the culprit. She’s been making feeble attempts to take up for Obama using the lame, “He shouldn’t have to answer for what his pastor says!” I just shoot it down with a, “He started having to answer as soon as he decided to run for leader of the free world. Everything is fair game for examination.”

  155. I’d rather concentrate my phone efforts in NC that PA right now. Anyone have a guess as to why that’s not an option on the screen?

  156. here’s an interesting post in the comments on Though I despise the cross-over thing of Republicans meddling in the first place, at least this guy is doing for moral reasons.

    former repub — for nowon 25 Mar 2008 at 9:00 am 6

    I changed my affliliation in PA to democrat, JUST TO VOTE AGAINST OBAMA… am I republican?? yes!!!

    Do I like either hillary or obama?? no!!!!

    Will I do everything I can to keep Obama and his “finally proud of american” wife and his “anti-white”, “anti-sematic”, “anti-america” preacher FARRRR away from the Whitehouse?? HELL YES!!!!!!!!

    Someone came by our house from the Obama camp to convince us to change to democrat …WELL I DID and what I didn’t tell them is … I CHANGED MY PARTY AFFILIATION TO VOTE AGAINST OBAMA!!!!!

    Great site BTW~

  157. “He shouldn’t have to answer for what his pastor says!”

    Well who the hell has ASKED him to answer for what Wright says?? America is asking him to answer for why the hell HE sat in that church and listened to that hateful shit for 20 years! It’s about judgement and accepting personal responsibility for his own damned actions here.

    And I agree with you 100%…that’s fair game.

  158. Dang Catholic churches are boring in comparison to all your churches. We just speak in unison a lot and eat unleaven bread. There’s wine, but its nasty and they dot give you enough to take the edge off things.

  159. Paula-that is what I thought you meant and that is why I said that is voter nullification. In that case those delegates should refuse to be seated because to accept it would be to endorse the disenfranchisement of their constituents. Then they could point the finger back at Dean and let him worry about what would happen in November. I understand that a crook like Wexler will try to exploit the situation but Florida voters are well aware of the money grubbing Judas he is

  160. Sorry if someone’s already posted this – but this a CBS News March 25 1996 broadcast about how dangerous Bosnia was at the time, and mentions her trips to the “outposts” – also mentioned in that AP Ron Fournier article (don’t see Sheryl Crow or Sinbad on this outpost trip). Please send this around.

  161. The ‘take-no-prisoners’ comic Roseanne Barr will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

    Gee, I wonder what she might say ?

  162. It appears to some of us that party leaders would rather lose an election than alienate AA voters.

    I don’t believe that. When has the DNC really cared about AA voters? Except for exceptions, the AA voters had to fight tooth and nail, build bridges and friendships for centuries. It’s been a long, lhard struggle.

    No it fits the DNC and party elites agenda right now. Please go back and listen to John Kerry’s foreign policy video.

    This is not a slam on the Clintons and other’s just a fact I’m a cynic who believes there are many factors outside of the AA voters support for Obama. This is nothing new of the AA support for “the black candidate,” what is new is the support of the DNC, Democratic Leadership and the MSM and others.

  163. HillBillyLover Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    McCain going on about how he doesn’t believe in bailing out people that have been irresponsible is going to really piss some people off.

    Search for Obama talking about the foreclosure crisis and ‘sanctity of contract.’

  164. Obama up 21 in NC, my backside, someone is seriously screwing polls if they think after Wright and all that, that the voters in NC will vote for him, rude awakening coming.

  165. That’s true Idunn! The church I went to grade school at has the most beautiful stained glass windows representing the stations of the cross. Its stunning.

    (Too bad my memories of that place are tainted by the extreme fear I was in everytime I went to confession as a youngster. LoL.)

  166. wbboei, I agree. But without revotes, I don’t see the DNC doing anything other than trying that approach. They’re afraid to count them now because it may change the status of the race (they’re scared of pissing off Obama’s supporters. Hillary’s they don’t give a shit about).

  167. jithendra Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 1:15 pm

    >>Bostonian Brahmin

    i have seen this term Boston Brahmins…
    you know brahmins are hindu priests in INDIA.. they are at top of social hierarchy in INDIA for centuries… their way of life is totally different from the 90% of indians.. they practiced untouchability and restricted low caste hindus from entering temples… they are vegetarians.. they don’t eat meat…
    i am wondering what are these boston brahmins…

    That’s about it. Some of them speak only to each other, some speak only to God.

    They eat beans and codfish.

  168. maybe i missed this upthread – but this is what Clinton said about Wright:

    Clinton: Wright ‘would not have been my pastor’
    By Mike Wereschagin and David M. Brown
    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a wide-ranging interview today with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporters and editors, said she would have left her church if her pastor made the sort of inflammatory remarks Sen. Barack Obama’s former pastor made.

    “He would not have been my pastor,” Clinton said. “You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.”

    Obama’s lead in national polls has slipped since clips of the retired Rev. Jeremiah Wright began being played on national news programs. The uproar prompted Obama to give a wide-ranging speech on race in America a week ago. The Clinton campaign has refrained from getting involved in the controversy, but Clinton herself, responding to a question, denounced what she said was “hate speech.”

    “You know, I spoke out against Don Imus (who was fired from his radio and television shows after making racially insensitive remarks), saying that hate speech was unacceptable in any setting, and I believe that,” Clinton said. “I just think you have to speak out against that. You certainly have to do that, if not explicitly, then implicitly by getting up and moving.”

  169. re: Pittsburgh article – I’m glad that Clinton brings up Don Imus – very smart to do so, so we can see the hypocrisy of Obama’s statements against Imus while giving Wright a free pass.

  170. moononpluto, His lead went from 1 to 21 in just a week, so it’s bound to come down again. That’s too much of a gain in a short period of time.

    BTW, in her comments on Wright, Hillary also mentioned how she called for Imus to be fired, so she was saying how she’s also against hate speech when it’s spoken by white dickheads. i’m glad she brought that up.

  171. I grew up in South Seattle during the height of The Green River murders. I didn’t know what a prostitute was, just that women were getting murdered. I was convinced I was going to be one of the victims and spent a long time in confession. Lol. I was like 7.

    found this interesting there:
    It’s all over the media. What began with a few diaper-bloggers, pushing a questionable youtube video with silly juxtapositions, made it into Fox, ABC, and now every major daily throughout the country. Obama’s gangster’s couldn’t help themselves and are now dowsing the fire with propane.

    As the major media outlets fall head-over-heals to slaughter Clinton fatale, not one is reporting the story correctly. Even Hillary supporters are stumped; Taylor Marsh fell for it. The obnoxious snippet even hit our site- with a parasitic “Delusional Obama Supporter” making sure everyone of our posts were stained with his mental malady. It’s the story of the century. “Hillary a Liar” “Hillary Caught” “Hillary Gaffe”.

    Welcome back to Hillary Season – we’re back from our Spring break, back hunting Clintons – 2008 is Hillary season.

    All the noise over another DailyKos orchestrated wave of propaganda: Hillary the Anti-Christ.

    Another orgasmic paroxysm of a few hypersexed twenty-somethings, and sexually depraved middle-agers… this time joined by Clinton supporters who have run out of stamina, and finally succumbed to the media’s psychological war.
    Seriously, did you think it would be easy to weather this storm? Wasn’t the lay of the land clear from early January? Wasn’t the Feng-Shui pointing to all sharp corners?

    Word of advice to the Taylor Marshes, if you don’t want to be taken-in eventually, don’t let your guard down half-way in the game. As much as I respect your outstanding work, you’re wrong on this issue, and you’ve been had. If we at Stop Obama, whose support of Hillary is somewhat a reflection of our left-wing stance against Obama, can see through this , so should you.


    The entire media hoop-la over Clinton’s “misstatement” is fabricated. What started with an inane video-posting, has been taken up by a vehemently anti-Hillary media, and when Wolfson mentioned “misstatement” in a daily conference call, bang- plastered all over the place.

    That’s fabrication, from start to finish, and with clear malicious intent. Just like when the Obama team dug up Ferraro’s race statement in some far away local newspaper, and then pushed it into the airwaves. Fabricated from start to finish (and I have my doubts about the “Muslim memo” and “Obama the raghead”- just how much these were fabricated remains to be researched)

    Any clearheaded reading of the Clinton camps statement on Bosnia, is pretty relaxing:

    Clinton said I remember landing under sniper fire and that the welcoming ceremony had to be moved inside because of sniper fire.

    All evidence from the time, as Wolfson made clear, documented sniper fire in the hills. How does that make “landing under sniper fire” a misstatement?

    Is our national media seriously considering we take the words of Sinbad more seriously than Clinton, Wolfson, and contemporaneous reports all put together?

    When the character of a Democratic candidate is held in lower regard than the mutterings of a flaky comedian gone AWOL in his military duty, you don’t need do second-guess yourself- you are seeing bias at work.


    The issue about the duration of the ceremony on the tarmac, is a non-issue. The YouTube video provides no evidence that the ceremony wasn‘t in fact shorter than planned, nor does it devote any attention to the subject of whether and where such a ceremony continued during the day. It is a crappy internet video, with no relevant information, and open only to speculative conjectural interpretation by the types who believe in UFOs. To present their amateurish misinterpretations as proof of lying, misleading, and or exaggeration on Hillary’s part, is daft. To do so at the national broadcasting level, is more than daft, or irresponsible, it is propaganda in its most brutal form.

    The intent is all too clear- to not only provide Obama with the wherewithal of destroying Hillary’s character, a wherewithal only the media posses, but to destroy Hillary’s ability to make experience relevant to this Democratic Primary.

    The media has already achieved a similar objective with “issues.” When health care and NAFTA began to cause its dear wonderboy so much Obama anxiety, when it became painfully clear that “issues” were not his forte, suddenly coverage shifted to race-baiting. Who cares whether Obama lied on Goldsby and NAFTA, or Powers and Iraq?


    I sincerely wish Obama’s media whores and populous sheep, applied the same standards of integrity and honesty to their Messiah- that they’ve been applying to Hillary from about 2004.

    Or wait, they can’t do that- because unlike Hillary Obama has no experience of which to speak, hence nothing to ridicule? Passed 2 bills, did not convene a single meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on NATO and Afghanistan and lost all his Chicago Senate papers? Attaboy.

    Well, we know what they media said about those 11,000 pages of Hillary experience. Stained Blue Dress day anyone?

    How is that for media objectivity? Hillary releases documents of her policy experience and the media bring up Lewinsky. Hillary talks about traveling to foreign countries, and the only thing making headlines is one misstatement distorted by the media into some kind of denunciation of Hillary’s entire character.

    And just in time to coincide with Obama’s declared attack on Hillary’s character?

    What a coincidence?

    And they expect voters to buy that the media has somehow become more objective in the last month?


    The media are predictably hyping-up another non-event. Clinton supporters shouldn’t be scratching their heads.

    You aren’t just voting for Hillary because you want to believe she is better than Obama and more honest, or just because someone says so? You mean you don’t actually see that she is more honest? You are still not convinced there is a basic difference between her, and Obama, in the trustworthiness, credibility, integrity, and honesty department?

    At Stop Obama, we’ve documented a pathological pattern to Obama, while we never argued Hillary to be perfect

  173. oh, its publicpolicypolling for that NC poll, take that with a pinch of salt, well known for inaccuracy and loaded questions bias.

  174. This one’s for the idiot who called the site racist yesterday:

    Contribution Details
    Date: March 25, 2008 2:05 PM EDT
    Contact: Zachary Cook
    Phoenix, AZ 85014
    Amount: $5.44

    Can’t do much right now, but hey, that’s 5 more dollars Bambi doesn’t have.

  175. And wasn’t is SUSA that had him up by only 1? I’ll take SUSA any day.

    PPP had Hill up by 26 in PA. They seem to be an outlier.

  176. LOL Yea, Bambi gained 20 after a speech on race last week–fat chance, PPP is a FUBAR polling agency, I don’t even think Spitzer lost 20 points in support after the whole prostitution thing and they expect us to buy this? LOL

  177. skmf12 – yes, I like the author Jeff Gold on – he’s the only that I know of that’s talking about the media’s behavior like propaganda and psychological warfare.

    Also, re: Bosnia – I do think you all should see this video…but if not, here’s a few choice words on the Bosnia CBS report from 1996

    youtube says that this is a “frontline outpost” that it is “one of the most dangerous places where the U.S. troops are operating” and that the “President himself hadn’t made it this far inside in Bosnia when he visited in January” – it’s an encampment “southeast of Tuzla” “it’s a place where dangerous conflicts are more likely” the first lady is “navigating political landlines herself – not wanting to appear like she’s doing the President’s job” but “she organized this trip herself” – hope that helps since you don’t have speakers.

  178. From CNN:

    In a radio interview on the “Michael Smerconish Show” that aired Monday in Philadelphia, Obama defended the church, saying it is “not some crackpot church,” and pointing out that Bill Clinton also had ties to Wright.

    I too have shaken hands with Bill Clinton…twice I got the full “two- hands around one of mine” shake and twice I got two plain ones like it appears Rev. Wright got.

    Now I’m excited…did I “also [have] ties” to Bill? ::swoon::

  179. I find it hard to believe Hussein Obama leads Hillary 53 to 34 in women in NC. This country is freaking screwed up. This PPP poll does not look right to me.

  180. I know that ‘Black friends’ is a cliche, but I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes about a Black lady who was like a mother to me. I will not believe that she and her family and other Black friends were secretly having the kind of thoughts that Wright encourages or going to that kind of church.

    Please distinguish:
    1. whooping and hollaring
    2. using dirty language and gestures to condemn sin
    3. promoting political causes such as Affirmative Action

    I can imagine my Black friends going to churches who do things like that. I whoop and hollar too.

    4. hearing crazy conspiracy theories about HIV AT CHURCH — I can’t believe that of my friends

    NO, I can’t even type what would be 5, 6, 7

    Whooping is fine — it’s what you’re whooping ABOUT that makes the difference.

    I probably ought to delete this, but in memory of her I’m going to hit Send, then go cry.

  181. skmf12, Thanks for posting that. Great reading! I admit to falling for the Bosnia story myself a bit. I hope you all forgive me. 🙂

  182. I know that we all despise Rasmussen, but this is interesting non-the-less…if these poll numbers (general election matchups with McCain) hold up with better results from Hill (all polls), this could be good material for super-delegates to digest. Obambi is another McGovern just waiting to happen…

    General Election: McCain vs. Clinton Rasmussen Tracking Clinton 43, McCain 48, Und 9 McCain +5
    General Election: McCain vs. Obama Rasmussen Tracking Obama 41, McCain 50, Und 9 McCain +9

  183. 1950democrat Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 2:08 pm
    HillBillyLover Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    McCain going on about how he doesn’t believe in bailing out people that have been irresponsible is going to really piss some people off.

    Search for Obama talking about the foreclosure crisis and ’sanctity of contract.’
    That’s the problem with McCain with me…He don’t know shit about the economy or let me say…he’s drunk the koolaid for voodoo economics the Repugs have pushed since Reagan.

    I didn’t hear McCain say one thing about all the Bail outs for Wall Street, but when it comes to the American voters that have been scammed by BIG BUSINESS…the Repug open the vaults and let them have the keys to Fort Knox.

    It’s Hillary all the way folks…the men folks are dumbfcuks!!!

  184. LOL What, did PPP take a poll of just African-Americans in NC? This is a joke–no way Bambi leads with older voters or by that gap with women–this isn’t Missisisppi


    I’m sorry but stop posting these polls that has been so manipulated this primary. If we’d listened to the polls we’ve wouldn’t have won NH.

  186. 1950Dem…girl, get it together! Don’t allow a few bigoted, hateful idiots to make you cry! There will ALWAYS be people like that…and they come in every color. Now that’s an ugly reality, granted. But the upside is that MOST people AREN’T like that…and we come in every color too. 🙂


    [excerpt] Obamas Gave Less Than 1 Percent of 2000-2004 Income to Charity

    By Ryan J. Donmoyer and Julianna Goldman

    March 25 (Bloomberg) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle gave $10,772 of the $1.2 million they earned from 2000 through 2004 to charities, or less than one percent, according to tax returns for those years released today by his campaign.

    The couple earned more than $2.6 million in 2005 and 2006 after the Illinois senator published a bestselling book in 2005. They donated $137,622 over those two years and made their church, Trinity United Church of Christ, one of the biggest beneficiaries of their philanthropy, donating $27,500. Obama is under scrutiny for his ties to the church because of comments made by its senior pastor.

  188. I find it disgusting that the polls seem to be skewed for Hussein Obama. Of cause it’s not new and we’ve see a lot in this election. Anyway, the latest PPP poll looks ridiculous to me. Has Hillary campaigned in NC at all?

  189. Yeesh. That’s a disappointing poll. She should never have brought u fricken Imus. Stupid.

    LOL MJ…here, have a valium. 😉

  190. mj, What’s wrong with bringing up Imus? It’s smart IMO because she’s saying she stands up to that kind of rhetoric across the board.

  191. “Trinity United Church of Christ, one of the biggest beneficiaries of their philanthropy, donating $27,500. ”

    Almost $30 THOUSAND dollars to hear that foolishness week after week!

  192. mj, What did you think she said about Imus (sorry, my post before this was finished before I read your corrected one, lol).

  193. I’m sure 30 grand could have purchased heaters for every one of the tenets in REZKO’s buildings when they were shivering and shaking during that cold winter. I believe I read somewhere that they’ve been giving 10k plus to that church for a few years now. Do any of you know whether they were weighing down the collection plate with those fat checks while Obambi was “community organizing”?

  194. hillfans, rush limbaugh started “operation chaos” encouraging gop voters to reregrister as dems to vote for hillary against obama. HELL, I WILL TAKE IT. LOL

  195. Obama and the Jews


    Less than two weeks before the critical primary elections in Ohio and Texas, Democratic voters have made it very clear: Barack Hussein Obama is for real.

    Leading in the popular votes cast, delegates pledged and total delegates (meaning principally the back-room machers euphemistically referred to as “superdelegates”), Obama has a decent chance to become the 2008 Democratic candidate for President of the United States. Obama has become a rallying point for millions of disgruntled voters who yearn for a new style of politics in the world’s greatest democracy.

    Since the Republican race is all but over and Senator John McCain will likely win the nomination of his party in Minneapolis in early September, it is not idle speculation to consider an Obama-McCain contest in the November general election. Such a contest has potentially enormous consequences for Israel and the Jews.

    It is no secret that Obama’s candidacy has been supported financially and politically by many prominent members of the American Jewish community. Even previously outspoken Clinton-supporting spokespersons for Democrats Abroad here in Israel have been hedging their bets recently in articles and interviews, suggesting that an Obama Administration would augur well for Israel. Incredibly, citing unenthusiastic, canned pro-Israel campaign statements, these dyed-in-the-wool Democratic sycophants would urge Jewish voters to cast their fate and Israel’s with Obama rather than with the Republican candidate, McCain.
    Trust Obama on Israel
    Memo to the President-elect: The Middle East 2009
    With all due deference to the Obama celebrity supporters like Steven Spielberg and George Soros, can Jews herein Israel and in America and other friends of Israel risk a vote for Obama in November? A quick look at the facts should switch on a big red light in most peoples’ minds.
    First and foremost among the considerations that should trouble friends of Israel is the foreign policy team Obama has selected to advise him. The composition of a candidate’s advisory panel is usually a very good indicator of where the candidate will come out on the issues if elected.

    This was the test this writer applied to George W. Bush in 2000 at a time when most pundits in Israel and in the Jewish community predicted that his Middle East policy would be a carbon copy of his father’s, meaning trouble for Israel. But Bush, the son, had selected a blue-ribbon team of pragmatic and conservative advisors whose views on the Middle East were markedly pro-Israel and pro-democracy. Subsequently, the W. Bush Era became among the closest allies of Israel in her 60-year history.

    The opposite is the case with the Obama team. Headed up by Jimmy Carter’s (“Israel is an apartheid state”) national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama’s team includes such problematic figures as Anthony Lake, Robert O. Malley and Susan Rice.

    One commentator, citing an article by the staunchly left-wing Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, has noted that an Obama presidency including a foreign policy team that included the foregoing and their ideological soul-mates, “would likely have an approach towards Israel radically at odds with those of previous Presidents (both Republican and Democrat)” and is the candidate apt to be “least supportive” of Israel.

    Brzezinski has been disseminating vitriol about Israel for three decades and recently publicly defended the Walt-Mearsheimer study which concluded that US policy towards Israel was the result of Jewish pressure and inconsistent with American interests. More recently Brzezinski called for the US to initiate dialogue with Hamas, described Israel’s action in the Second Lebanon War as a killing campaign against civilian hostages and earlier this month made a trip to confer with Syria’s President Assad, ostensibly unbeknownst to the Obama campaign.

    Robert O. Malley, another former Carter Administration diplomat and President Clinton’s special advisor on Arab-Israeli affairs, is an unabashed advocate for the Palestinians, co-authoring a spate of anti-Israel propaganda with former Arafat advisor, Hussein Agha, including a tract that blames Israel for the failure of the 2000 Camp David talks and another piece which blames the Bush Administration for continuing Israeli-Palestinian strife.

    And then there is Susan Rice, foreign policy advisor to the ill-fated John Kerry presidential campaign in 2004, where she concocted the idea of solving the Middle East problem by appointing none other than Jimmy Carter and James Baker as negotiators, an idea which was later repudiated by her own boss as being unbalanced against Israel. Nor are these the only “bad apples” in Obama’s foreign policy bin…

    Another problematic indicator is candidate’s close association with Jeremiah Wright, Jr., pastor of the Trinity United Community Church (a member of the United Church for Christ, which itself has been rebuked for anti-Israel bias), who is well known for his virulent anti-Israel remarks, including a call for a divestment campaign against Israel for the “injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism.”

    Nor should bring much solace to Jewish voters and friends of Israel that Reverend Wright counts among his closest friends, the nefarious anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan for whom Judaism is a “gutter religion” and Jews are “bloodsuckers.” Obama could have picked any one of hundreds of churches in Chicago’s South Side; he picked Jeremiah Wright’s parsonage, which awarded Farrakhan with the Jeremiah Wright Lifetime Achievement Trumpeteer Award in 2007. And Wright’s church is the single largest beneficiary of Obama’s charitable giving. Even Jewish columnist Richard Cohen of the Washington Post felt compelled to ask Obama to clarify his relationship with these anti-Jewish and anti-Israel community leaders, questioning why Obama has stayed steadfast in his allegiance to Pastor Wright over the years.

    Obama is only a first-term senator and has therefore only participated in a handful of votes that bear upon Israel and the Middle East. He also has a penchant for missing controversial votes where he would have to put his personal policies in the public record. However, his public statements on a variety of issues present a number of troubling issues for Jews and friends of Israel. Here are a few samples:

    1)Obama openly advocates outreach toward and diplomatic engagement of Iran even though Iran has recently referred to Israel as a “filthy bacteria” and has repeatedly called for the annihilation of the Jewish State, including recent hints that this will be accomplished by a nuclear attack

    2) “Nobody has suffered more than the Palestinian people.”

    3)”[T]he creation of a wall [referring to Israel’s security fence] dividing the two nations is yet another example of the neglect of this [the Bush] Administration in brokering peace… .”

    4)”I am opposed to the cynical attempt by Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and other armchair, weekend warriors in the administration to shove their ideological agenda down our throat.” [note that only Jews are singled out despite the fact that the policies in question were promoted by the entire Administration]

    5)”Reverend [Al] Sharpton is a voice for the voiceless, and a voice for the dispossessed. What [Reverend Sharpton’s] National Action Network has done is so important to change America, and it must be changed from the bottom up.” [National Action lead a protest against the Jewish owner of Freddy’s Fashion Mart in New York in which picketers, sometimes joined by Sharpton himself, repeatedly screamed epithets about “bloodsucking Jews” and “Jew bastards.”]

    Obama was the only Democratic candidate who said the onus was on Israel to change its policies vis-à-vis the Palestinians in order to achieve peace.

    Barack’s problematic and unrecanted public statements and associations raise enough serious questions that should cause Jewish voters and friends of Israel to think twice about supporting him in November.

    But there is one other troublesome factor that voters in the Democratic primaries have thus far failed to credit seriously, viz.: Obama aspires to become president of the greatest democracy and still the only remaining superpower on the planet, having held a senate seat for less than five years and having had no previous administrative or national experience.

    While it may have suited Democratic voters to cast their votes for Obama during the primaries as a protest against the Democratic political establishment (much as they did in 2006 to deny (now Independent) Senator Joseph Lieberman the nomination of his party for the Senate seat from Connecticut), one would like to think that the American electorate will again demonstrate its maturity and seriousness during the General Elections in November 2008, when their votes really count.

    The Presidency in this day and age is no place for a neophyte, however charismatic. Those of us Americans who live in the Jewish State clearly understand what is at stake and what kind of risk Obama poses to the region and the world. There is every reason to hope that our compatriots in the United States and friends of Israel and freedom generally would agree.

  196. From above article

    1)Obama openly advocates outreach toward and diplomatic engagement of Iran even though Iran has recently referred to Israel as a “filthy bacteria” and has repeatedly called for the annihilation of the Jewish State, including recent hints that this will be accomplished by a nuclear attack

    2) “Nobody has suffered more than the Palestinian people.”

    3)”[T]he creation of a wall [referring to Israel’s security fence] dividing the two nations is yet another example of the neglect of this [the Bush] Administration in brokering peace… .”

    4)”I am opposed to the cynical attempt by Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and other armchair, weekend warriors in the administration to shove their ideological agenda down our throat.” [note that only Jews are singled out despite the fact that the policies in question were promoted by the entire Administration]

    5)”Reverend [Al] Sharpton is a voice for the voiceless, and a voice for the dispossessed. What [Reverend Sharpton’s] National Action Network has done is so important to change America, and it must be changed from the bottom up.” [National Action lead a protest against the Jewish owner of Freddy’s Fashion Mart in New York in which picketers, sometimes joined by Sharpton himself, repeatedly screamed epithets about “bloodsucking Jews” and “Jew bastards.”]


    Memo put out by Clinton camp about Obama Bin Lyin’s embellished words.

  198. mj,
    You were right about the Bosnia thing. I listened to some talk radio i the car and even Rush is on it. And his BO-bashing wasn’t as enthusiastic as usual. Maybe that’s coz he’s gotten complaints from Bo supporters about the WAY he says O-Ba-Ma, in a deep, baritone descending pitch drawl. He also went on about the possible lawsuits in Ohio for ‘subverting’ the vote through his ‘Operation Chaos.” Rush DID point out that if he’s indicted, BO should be, too, coz he uses a “Democrat for a Day” strategy and that’s also disenfranchising voters and election tampering.
    Rush did cover the bosnia issue but you could tell his heart wasn’t in it. At the end of the montage (which i didn’t listen to) he said something like, “There, I’ve covered that.” But I agree it is disheartening, appalling and downright terrifying to live in a country ruled by media who pick and choose what is and isn’t newsworthy and compare what’s really a ‘fishing story’ slant on Bosnia to supporting a ministry which advocates hate for America. I’m not listening to or watching anything else, today, just checking in here.

  199. OMG, he(Obama) is so dangerous for this county, I just wonder what people are thinking that support him? I am scared to death of a President Obama!

  200. confloyd
    you are not alone – it looks like a lot of people are – only their voices are not heard loud enough

  201. Oh don’t worry, Obama’s not too far from a scandal these days, there will be another one soon. When untrained puppies poo everywhere, they leave little piles of poo everywhere, that you dont notice until they gradually stink up the place

  202. Great counter-memo from Clinton campaign:

  203. March 25, 2008

    The Audacity of Rhetoric

    By Thomas Sowell

    It is painful to watch defenders of Barack Obama tying themselves into knots trying to evade the obvious.

    Some are saying that Senator Obama cannot be held responsible for what his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, said. In their version of events, Barack Obama just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time — and a bunch of mean-spirited people are trying to make something out of it.

    It makes a good story, but it won’t stand up under scrutiny.

    Barack Obama’s own account of his life shows that he consciously sought out people on the far left fringe. In college, “I chose my friends carefully,” he said in his first book, “Dreams From My Father.”

    These friends included “Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk rock performance poets” — in Obama’s own words — as well as the “more politically active black students.” He later visited a former member of the terrorist Weatherman underground, who endorsed him when he ran for state senator.

    Obama didn’t just happen to encounter Jeremiah Wright, who just happened to say some way out things. Jeremiah Wright is in the same mold as the kinds of people Barack Obama began seeking out in college — members of the left, anti-American counter-culture.

    In Shelby Steele’s brilliantly insightful book about Barack Obama — “A Bound Man” — it is painfully clear that Obama was one of those people seeking a racial identity that he had never really experienced in growing up in a white world. He was trying to become a convert to blackness, as it were — and, like many converts, he went overboard.

    Nor has Obama changed in recent years. His voting record in the U.S. Senate is the furthest left of any Senator. There is a remarkable consistency in what Barack Obama has done over the years, despite inconsistencies in what he says.

    The irony is that Obama’s sudden rise politically to the level of being the leading contender for his party’s presidential nomination has required him to project an entirely different persona, that of a post-racial leader who can heal divisiveness and bring us all together.

    The ease with which he has accomplished this chameleon-like change, and entranced both white and black Democrats, is a tribute to the man’s talent and a warning about his reliability.

    There is no evidence that Obama ever sought to educate himself on the views of people on the other end of the political spectrum, much less reach out to them. He reached out from the left to the far left. That’s bringing us all together?

    Is “divisiveness” defined as disagreeing with the agenda of the left? Who on the left was ever called divisive by Obama before that became politically necessary in order to respond to revelations about Jeremiah Wright?

    One sign of Obama’s verbal virtuosity was his equating a passing comment by his grandmother — “a typical white person,” he says — with an organized campaign of public vilification of America in general and white America in particular, by Jeremiah Wright.

    Since all things are the same, except for the differences, and different except for the similarities, it is always possible to make things look similar verbally, however different they are in the real world.

    Among the many desperate gambits by defenders of Senator Obama and Jeremiah Wright is to say that Wright’s words have a “resonance” in the black community.

    There was a time when the Ku Klux Klan’s words had a resonance among whites, not only in the South but in other states. Some people joined the KKK in order to advance their political careers. Did that make it OK? Is it all just a matter of whose ox is gored?

    While many whites may be annoyed by Jeremiah Wright’s words, a year from now most of them will probably have forgotten about him. But many blacks who absorb his toxic message can still be paying for it, big-time, for decades to come.

    Why should young blacks be expected to work to meet educational standards, or even behavioral standards, if they believe the message that all their problems are caused by whites, that the deck is stacked against them? That is ultimately a message of hopelessness, however much audacity it may have.

    Copyright 2008, Creators Syndicate Inc.

  204. CBS News now wondering if Obama can survive Wright, Seems even Obama’s MSM tanks are worried?

    Will the preachings of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright continue to be a problem for Barack Obama? The balance of opinion, after everyone has had a chance to digest Obama’s March 18 speech, seems to be yes. Or at least that’s how I read such varied commentators as ABC News’s Jake Tapper, Charles Krauthammer, the New Republic’s Dayo Opolade, University of Chicago Prof. Charles Lipson, the New York Daily News’s Michael Goodwin, and the international treasure Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register.

    Obama’s portrait of himself as a leader who transcends race has been very attractive, I think, to millennial voters–responsible as much as anything else for their allegiance. To these same voters, the rantings of Reverend Wright are profoundly unattractive. Will the facts that Obama has been a member of Wright’s congregation for more than 20 years and has named Wright as his spiritual mentor diminish Obama in millennials’ eyes? I don’t know, but it’s a critically important question. If the answer is yes, then the chance that Democratic superdelegates will award the nomination to Hillary Clinton seems to rise.

    Obama needs to be very worried indeed!

  205. Sorry, Caroline, i didn’t see your post, lol.

    BTW, I don’t the OH lawsuit thing. Telling somebody to vote a certain way in a primary is illegal??? Unless there was some sort of registration tampering, I’m thoroughly confused.

  206. Hilarious CBS news only realising that Wright is a big problem, I think the phrase “no shit Sherlock” applies here.


    Clinton Laughs Off McCarthy Reference During Warm Welcome in Kentucky
    Share March 25, 2008 12:37 PM

    ABC News’ Sarah Amos Reports: Former President Bill Clinton tested out the waters in Kentucky this morning, campaigning for his wife in Frankfort, KY.

    The crowd of 2500 was extremely energized to hear Clinton speak, with a line having formed nearly three hours before the former president was scheduled to speak.

    While talking about his wife’s energy plan, Clinton briefly made a reference to this past weekend’s controversy over comments he made to veterans in North Carolina which led an Obama surrogate to compare Clinton to Joe McCarthy.

    “This is really what this election oughta be about, these kind of things, not a lot of this ya-ya-ing I hear about all the time,” Clinton told the crowd while talking about energy.

    The extremely large applause from the crowd led Clinton to add – “You know, let me just tell you something. One of Clinton’s laws of politics – the level of sanctimony in the rhetoric is inversely related to the public benefit of the policy. But let’s talk,” Clinton continued, interrupting his own train of thought for a quick chuckle.

    “I need to quit this. Somebody will probably figure out how to call, accuse me of being Joe McCarthy again on that,” joked Clinton before continuing on with more examples of how to make America more energy efficient.

    The former president’s opening acts included former Governor Julian Carroll, who talked to the crowd about why he was endorsing Senator Hillary Clinton. “I’ve known the Clintons since 19 and 74,” Carroll told the crowd, fondly sharing stories about their friendship over the years. The former governor was so enthused during his introduction that he couldn’t help but kick up his heels at one point with excitement.

    Not too shabby a welcome for Clinton’s first visit to the Bluegrass State.

  208. ““You know, let me just tell you something. One of Clinton’s laws of politics – the level of sanctimony in the rhetoric is inversely related to the public benefit of the policy. But let’s talk,” Clinton continued, interrupting his own train of thought for a quick chuckle.

    “I need to quit this. Somebody will probably figure out how to call, accuse me of being Joe McCarthy again on that,” joked Clinton before continuing on with more examples of how to make America more energy efficient. ”

    I (heart) Bill.

  209. “So Much for Obama’s lead.”

    There’s this curious notion being circulated that just because Barack Obama has won “more votes” and “more states” and has earned “more delegates” than Hillary Clinton, he has a more legitimate claim to the Democratic nomination than Hillary Clinton.

    But these metrics, as the Clinton campaign reminded reporters this week, are not the only data that can be relied upon to determine which candidate will have earned the Democratic nomination.

    For instance, Clinton is breathing down Obama’s neck when it comes to “primary delegates” – that is, delegates, assigned from states that don’t hold caucuses. Right now, she trails by just 16, a gap that could be erased if Clinton can score a decisive win in Pennsylvania’s primary. This is clearly a more meaningful number than the overall delegate count, since—as everyone knows—there are no caucuses in the general election.

    “If we are ahead in primary delegates…that’s a factor,” noted Mark Penn, the Clinton campaign’s chief strategist.

    Also, did you know that Clinton actually leads Obama in the category of “electoral votes represented by primary and caucus states won?” That’s right: If you add up all of Clinton’s primary and caucus victories, they account for states with an aggregate 218 electoral votes—a muscular 17-theoretical-electoral-vote advantage over Obama. And as Howard Wolfson, the Clinton campaign spokesman, pointed out: “Presidential elections are decided on electoral votes.”

    The Clinton campaign is hoping that the remaining uncommitted superdelegates will take all of this into account when the primary season ends, rather than being swayed by the overall results, which can be misleading.

  210. Actually i love what Hillary did today, she did exactly what Obama did when he tried to deflect from Wright, blamed Hillary on something, so, i guess she figured, if thats how you wanna play it, we can all do that bring it on.

  211. Breaking her silence on the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s long-time pastor, Hillary Clinton told a Pittsburgh newspaper Tuesday that she would have left the congregation if her pastor behaved like Obama’s.

    “He would not have been my pastor,” Clinton told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.”

    Though Obama has come under intense scrutiny for the anti-U.S. and racially charged sermons by Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., until now Clinton has declined to make a political point of it.

    But in the interview Tuesday, the New York senator compared Wright with radio talk show host Don Imus, who was fired by CBS radio a year ago for calling members of the Rutgers University women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos” and who drew criticism for the remarks from both Obama and Clinton.

    “You know, I spoke out against Don Imus, saying that hate speech was unacceptable in any setting, and I believe that,” Clinton told the Pittsburgh newspaper. “I just think you have to speak out against that. You certainly have to do that, if not explicitly, then implicitly by getting up and moving.”

    Some polls showed Obama’s support slipping at the height of the Wright controversy a week ago, when the Illinois senator gave a major speech in Philadelphia on race that addressed his church ties. Obama decried Wright’s sermons for not recognizing the progress that’s been made with regard to racial equality, but would not denounce the pastor himself.

    Obama has said he was not in church when many of Wright’s anti-U.S. statements were made, but admits hearing remarks he found objectionable and knowing that Wright was controversial.

    However, Obama is not the only politician this campaign season who has had brushes with the Chicago pastor. A photo posted on The New York Times’ Web site Thursday night showed Bill Clinton and Wright shaking hands at a White House prayer breakfast 10 years ago.

    Meanwhile, Obama’s church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, is fighting back against the criticism heaped on Wright. Wright’s successor, the Rev. Otis Moss III, used his Easter sermons Sunday to compare Wright’s treatment by the media to the crucifixion of Jesus at the hands of the Romans. Church members claim Wright’s sermons, in which he said “God damn America” and blamed the U.S. government for introducing HIV into the black community, have been taken out of context.

  212. In an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, went after Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, over the incendiary remarks made by his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    “He would not have been my pastor,” Clinton said. “You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.”

    The Clinton campaign had previously said it would keep away from the controversy, but today the former First Lady plunged right into it, decrying what she called “hate speech” and comparing Wright’s remarks to those of Don Imus.

    “You know, I spoke out against Don Imus, saying that hate speech was unacceptable in any setting, and I believe that,” Clinton said. “I just think you have to speak out against that. You certainly have to do that, if not explicitly, then implicitly by getting up and moving.”

    Clinton also told the newspaper that her “misstatement” where last week she claimed to have landed in Bosnia under sniper fire in 1996 was because “I was sleep-deprived, and I misspoke.”.

    She had made similar claims about her trip to Bosnia before last week, however, including in January when she said she “landed in one of those corkscrew landings and ran out because they said there might be sniper fire.”

    – jpt

    UPDATE: Obama campaign response from spokesperson Bill Burton. “Senator Obama already spoke out against his pastor’s offensive comments and addressed the issue of race in America with a deeply personal and uncommonly honest speech. If Senator Clinton has decided that she now wants to play politics with this issue, that’s her disappointing choice, but it won’t do anything to help us solve the larger challenges facing this country.”

    ABC news

  213. Bill Burton, then hillary’ tax returns would solve the larger challenges facing this country or what… you asshole

  214. “Barack gives us a lecture, even when he’s the one being sent to the principal’s office.”

    hahahha hilarious 🙂

  215. obama’s spokesman now concerned with the country when you bring up wright. (haha).
    Where was that concern saturday when they sent that old fool out with a type written statement to accuse Bill Clinton of McCarthyism.


  216. Yup keeping it in the newscycle, exactly the point. Actually, its also good she said because a lot of voters would go, yes, i would have left too, why has’nt Obama, Hillary would.

    Now it also poses a question for Obama and sticks him in a quandary.

    HRC is saying its unacceptable to remain in the church, does that now make it harder for him to justify remaining there, I think it does. If he doesnt leave now, he’s wide open to being a hate filled atmosephere.

    Also why has no one picked up on the fact that the majority of the congregation Obama sat with for 20 years were jumping and screaming when he made these comments supporting him. That makes the congregation culpable in every way too and every bit a hate filled racist as Wright is and every second he remains in that church is a ticking timebomb for Obama.

  217. A slimy character named Bossy or Bossie,is the Media Research honcho that worked for Ken Starr and Richard Mellon Scaife 9

    There was a CNN special report recently on a Sunday evening that featured the Mud slinging Media Researchers that dig dirt from cradle to grave of political figures>They do editing,of photos,speeches,clothing,unflattering views of just anyone one may want to destroy.Personal,political,religious and character destruction is their specialty.One of the leaders is a seemy hack ,naned Bossie or Bossy,the investigator hired by Ken Starr and Richard Mellon Scaife( owner of The PGH Tribune Review) He also started it all by bankrolling the road to The Impeachment of BC and the sordid start of the Paula Jones Saga The GOP sure has some strange members and they TAKE NO PRISONERS.

  218. She had made similar claims about her trip to Bosnia before last week, however, including in January when she said she “landed in one of those corkscrew landings and ran out because they said there might be sniper fire.”

    – jpt

    Exept that’s true.

  219. skmf12 Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 2:17 pm
    found this interesting there:
    Thanks. This is a great writer who takes no crap from the media whores + obamafucks. He plants the dagger right between their lying eyes where it belongs, and calls it euthenasia.

  220. It sure wouold put a smile on my face if John Edwards would just come out and endorse HRC BEFORE the NC primary.

  221. Clinton Repeats Wright Remark

    Tuesday, March 25th, 2008A

    At Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania press conference, she says, “I was asked a personal question and I responded as to what I would have done… and I feel very comfortable with that. I don’t think that’s negative.”

    Repeats statements from interview with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial board Tuesday, where she said she would have left her church if her pastor made those kind of inflammatory remarks.

    Also addresses Bosnia misstatement, conceding she made a “mistake,” says dialogue should be about her and Obama’s national security creds.

    Responds to McCain’s economic proposals, saying it “sounds like Herbert Hoover” and she doesn’t think that’s a good economic policy.

  222. from the following link

  223. jithendra Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 3:26 pm
    “Barack gives us a lecture, even when he’s the one being sent to the principal’s office.”

    Who said this? That’s hysterical!

  224. SusanUnPC on Noquarter has posted this great clip of Pat Caddell on Fox News – I believe he’s a pollster and he’s arguing with the Rasmussen who’s so wimpy and just repeats whatever the MSM says. FINALLY SOMEONE WHO MAKES SENSE. From Susan:

    I found some of his comments, throughout — Obama faces a “real test in Pennsylvania” and “I’m telling you folks, this race is not over” — rather fascinating. There’s more to catch — including how Obama is going about this ALL the wrong way to “win.” Special thanks to C.S. for spotting this video:

  225. OMG, my dad just turned on msnbc, he did not know that I had boycotted the channel as I have Oprah’s show which my dad loves. I can’t stand Oprah now. She is such a biggot. I don’t know who was talking to Odonnell, but she definitely has drank the kool-aid. She was trying to compare Bosnia to Wright, is the American people stupid enough to compare the two. Disgusting!!!!!!

  226. TPS: I met Tom Sowell years ago at a dinner sponsored by Hillsdale college. Very smart guy and alot of fun to talk to. If you are inclined to read up on him I highly recommed Knowledge and Decisions and The Vision of the Annointed. His insights on Obama together with those of Steele are accurate and predictive. The only part of the article I disagree with is his suggestion that the Wright episode will be forgotten by whites in a year. Reagan Democrats many of whom are white will never forget it and will take Wrights words as a window into Obama soul.

  227. Basically from what i heard about PA in reality is that Hillary’s numbers are rising and rising, PA may be bigger than we think.

  228. Good afternoon Hillfans.

    Here’s the bomb you’ve been waiting for today.

  229. Just think of it, I wouldn’t ride anything that does a corkscrew landing, hell, that freaking scarey enough, without it being a warzone!! People are so stupid and this stupidity will be the end of the country if they don’t wake up. We need to invent an antedote to the kool-aid and make everyone drink it. It reverses the effects of the kool-aid for those drinkers who have already partaken and immunized those of us who haven’t. Now, where is the lab??LOL

  230. good afternoon Hill fans.

    Anybody else get an Oregon script for Phone Banking? Just checked my email and mines here!

    Mr. Carville’s office is really nice too.

    I’m glad Hillary brought up Wright .. I don’t think the American people need to forget this, it goes to Obambi’s judgement

  231. wbboei,

    I have read Thomas Sowell’s columsn for years. Given that he is a black conservative, I don’t agree with him on everything. He is a thoughtful conservative. I will definitely look for this book in our library.

    The Wright episode has serious blowback problems not just for Obama but for the entire Democratic party if the party does not come out strongly against it. Obama’s apologists in the party and the media are not doing our party any favors.

  232. You can bet, the Republican tagline will be the democrats are the party of God D..n America.

    100% guaranteed.

  233. B Merry, great find.

    Ladies and gentlemen go to the sweetness and light blog link in B Merry’s post and look up
    the PDF file of the June 10, 2007 church bulletin pastor’s page. The pastor’s page publishes
    the open letter from Al Baghdadi which says Israel has been testing an “ethnic bomb.” The next page has an article about Obama’s faith!

    We should send the link and the PDF file to every media outlet.

  234. JAS, thanks. It will. Hannity will be on this today for sure. Fox News has the highest ratings. If it goes there, and it will, it goes far and wide. But send the link out anyhow.

  235. Screw these Obamatrons. One on CNN questioning why is Hillary speaking about Wright today when all the Bosnia talk is in the news. It was pointed out that she was responding to a question and he just ignored that and kept it up about the timing. Why now after a week. No mention of the fact that Obama knew for over a week that Richardson was endorsing him and waited until this past Friday the announce it to get Wright out of the news. Talk about timing…

  236. B Merryfield,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It just makes me see red.

    For the good of the country, I really think it is Obama that needs to step down.

  237. monkeybusiness and all – if you have a PDF maker application, ie. cutePDF, then,you can save the entire church bulletin as PDF. that’s what I just did. I’m sure they’ll try and scrub the link.

  238. Good Afternoon everyone! I have been busy working today , trying to catch up with y’all here but so many posts! LOL
    I think i read em all …….

    I got an email today from “” and didn’t see it posted here yet…..but i must as it is pretty inflamatory!

    It’s so disgusting!! before i copy it here, i must ask………what can we do about it??? besides not donating that is

    ok here it is.

    Dear deborah,

    Enough is enough.

    John McCain and the Republicans are out there every day bashing the Democratic nominees for President. Sadly, so are some Democrats.

    “Mr. Richardson’s endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out (Jesus) for 30 pieces of silver, so I think the timing is appropriate, if ironic.”

    That’s what longtime Clinton strategist James Carville had to say about Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Senator Obama.

    This is not acceptable. We have a war to end and John McCain to beat in November. James Carville is busy creating enemies within the Democratic Party by attacking a respected, sitting Democratic governor.

    Send Mr. Carville a message that this offensive attack has no place in Democratic politics. Sign our open letter to both Democratic candidates today!

    Already tens of thousands of Democratic voters have banded together to urge Senators Clinton and Obama to fight McCain, not each other.

    Clearly, the Clinton campaign has not gotten the message. James Carville has refused to take back his remarks and Senator Clinton has not denounced or rejected this character assassination of Governor Richardson, a fellow Democrat and former Clinton appointee.

    Let’s keep our eye on the ball. Democrats need to fight McCain, not each other. Whether you support Senator Clinton or Obama, sign the open letter right now and we’ll deliver all the signatures to both Democratic candidates.

    Thank you for taking action,


    Charles Chamberlain
    Political Director

    P.S. In case you missed it, I’ve included Jim’s message from last week below.


    Dear deborah,

    The Democratic race for President has lost its focus. We have John McCain to beat in November, instead we fight each other.

    Geraldine Ferraro. Reverend Wright. Rezko ties. Secret tax returns. If you’re like me; you’re sick of it.

    We have a war to end, an economy in trouble, and $4 gas.

    With hundreds of progressives to elect at all levels of office, it’s time to leave the character attacks to Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly.

    America needs to know why our candidates are better than John McCain and we need to hear it from Senators Clinton and Obama.

    Fight McCain, not each other. Join me in signing an open letter to the candidates now:

    We have an historic nomination battle, driving record Democratic turnout and commanding the nation’s attention.

    America needs to know our nominee will fight global warming with new jobs, technologies, and investment. Our nominee will expand health coverage to 10 million kids immediately, allow lifesaving research on stem cells, and work toward health care for all by the end of a first term. We will ban torture, restore habeas corpus, and build renewed respect for America around the world.

    A Democratic President will end the war in Iraq and bring our brave men and women home.

    A long primary battle is healthy as long as we make the case for how we’ll win, not how the other candidate will lose. We need to fight McCain, not each other. Join me in demanding Senators Clinton and Obama keep their eyes on the ball.

    Let voters choose our nominee based on the best we have to offer, not the worst we can imagine.

    Senators Clinton and Obama say they are ready to lead. Now is their chance to prove it.

    Thank you for everything you do to move America forward.


    Jim Dean

  239. And, why did Obama go on vacation until wednesday? Clearly, to avoid church. The MSM is a bunch of clueless hacks.

  240. DFA is Dean’s propaganda organ. Delete, ignore, block, burn in the trash .. and may he burn in hell.

  241. Curious (NOT) that Democracy for America is not similarly upset about the BO campaign comparing Bill Clinton to Joe McCarthy.

  242. B Merryfield……exactly what i do, do along with writing them and telling them to shove it up their….. and don’t bother me for a donations

    but, I just am so disgusted that they could slam clintons for this and that and then turn around and do it themselves……Pathetic!!

  243. Okay, just got back from starting dinner, and before I go to check out B Merry’s new article, I need to comment on this:

    I can’t stand Oprah.She is such a biggot.”

    I have never seen ANY bigoted remark by Oprah. Let’s not start calling everyone and their sister who supports Bambi a bigot, okay? That’s the same shit alot of Bambi supporters do, and I find it despicable.

    End of lecture.

    Now…off to get me RW goodie for the day. 🙂

  244. By the by, Kinky Friedman was on O’Reilly yesterday and he referred to Obama’s wright problem as the Pastor Disaster . It rhymes.

  245. Yeah, Idunn is right. Further, Oprah left this church because of Wright’s rhetoric. hold your fire, folks.

  246. good work B Merry – I think Wright’s anti-Israel stances as reflected in publishing that Open Letter to Oprah should be the next Obama scandal. How can any Jewish organizations stand for this?

    How can we get this stuff to high level officials in Israel govt?

  247. @B Merryfield…I love what your doing with “rezko-watch” great work!!! Keep it up!!

    I left a comment the other day (on rezko watch) asking if there was a “money-trail” between either or both of the trib papers and Rezko or Obama

    but in further thought, Mayor Daley & governor B both have the connections to keep the Rezko and Obama story on the down low…Is that something worth pursuing as a way to boost Rezko to the MSM??

  248. Anglachel’s Journal has another great post:

    I saw Hillary speak on FOX today. She was great. Also mentioned that Wright would not have been her pastor. DUH! Any politician with common sense would have walked out of that “church”. Good for her for speaking on the subject and stating the obvious. Obama is toast in the general election!

    Clinton: Wright ‘would not have been my pastor’:


  249. A woman with sense enough to leave a racist church NOT a man who defends staying in the church by lecturing typical white people

  250. I tried to post at “So much for Obama’s lead” at this site, but its security code image didn’t come up. Maybe that’s why it’s got few comments. 🙂

    h t t p : / /

    Anyway here’s what I tried to post:

    Hillary already led in votes cast by Democrats, even without Florida and Michigan, even before the

    Wright tapes were shown. Obama has been dropping in most survey polls since. After a few more states have voted, she should be well ahead in the popular vote even including non-Democrats and
    “Democrats for a Day.”

    Suppose you are comparing job applicants. You send them both out to gather clams. One comes back with a bucket half full of good, healthy, usable clams. The other comes back with a bucket slightly more full, but most of his are empty clam shells. “Well, you never said they had to be LIVE clams. Count the empty clams too! Don’t count anything else! Don’t count Florida and Michigan! Or my friends will march and break your windows!”

    Which applicant do you hire? The one who games the rulebook and makes threats? Or the one who demonstrates that she understands what the actual job requires and can perform the actual work (ie
    turning out the blue-collar Dem base)?

  251. IMHO, BO went to the Virgen Islands so no one could ask him about Wright and so Axelrod and company could stir up the Bosnia diversion and get Richardson out there demanding HRC drop out of the race.
    Out of sight, out of mind.
    I think he will be back tomorrow to start his 6 day bus tour through PA.


  252. FYI ..

    Fox News Channel was again ranked in the top five among all cable networks in primetime last week (using live + same day data). CNN ranked #23 in primetime while MSNBC came in at #27.

  253. I think we should always refer to BO’s lecture on race as a lecture, particularly when communicating with MSM. It was no speech, it was a lecture.

  254. I think he will be back tomorrow to start his 6 day bus tour through PA

    Great. Let’s me sure he has plenty of questions to answer when he DOES get back. We have 2 great items of interest to spread around today. Get busy, folks. 🙂

  255. Yes, don’t pick on Oprah. She knew to leave that curch. However, Richardson is Judas, and he’s also a sexist pig.

  256. It was no speech, it was a lecture.

    And the s.o.b. went on so long he made me late for my math class. 🙄

  257. djia Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    I left a comment the other day (on rezko watch) asking if there was a “money-trail” between either or both of the trib papers and Rezko or Obama

    but in further thought, Mayor Daley & governor B both have the connections to keep the Rezko and Obama story on the down low…Is that something worth pursuing as a way to boost Rezko to the MSM??

    Worth checking. In Obama’s election to the US Senate, both his primary and GE opponent ‘imploded’ when their messy divorce files were opened — one by a lawsuit from iirc the Chicago Tribune. Another respectable paper (WaPo or NYT?) said that a Tribune reporter later admitted that Obama’s people had ‘pushed’ the divorce story.

  258. you guys are forgetting the interview one year ago on diane sawyer, if you watch how she acts when she finds out that Hillary is in the same building you would know what I mean. She was such a smart allec. Diane asked what she would say to Hillary if she could say something to her now, she said Hi Hillary in a very smug, distasteful way. She knew exactly what she was saying without saying it. I still have banned her show from my TV. I haven’t watched her since that time!!

  259. Wolf Blitzer was hounding Kiki Maclean (Clinton spokesperson) about Hillary’s comments about what she might tell her own pastor. He was saying that Hillary is trying to change the topic away from her own Bosnia issue. Couple of thoughts:

    1. Candidates frequently exaggerate, puff up, their accomplishments. CNN and MSM are trying to make a “story” out of an incredibly minor thing. What about Obama’s assertions that he “helped pass” or “lead the way” on this bill or that, only to find out that he crashed the party at the last second to get his name included.

    2. Obama’s 20 history of working with this pastor, in a mentor-student relationship, is vastly more importatnt. The right wingers are already bringing this up, and this goes straight to the heart about electability. Lose centrists? Lose Reagan Dems? Lose chunks of the Dem base? So if Hillary wants to keep this alive, I think it’s fair game.

    It would be also fair for Obama to try to talk up Hillary’s Bosnia “issue”, but since it’s a nothing issue, it will die on the vine. That’s how you can tell if an issue has legs. And it **should be** the media’s obligation to serve this country’s voters by helping keep alive real issues and snuffing out bogus non-issues. But they can’t help themselves; they’re in love with Obama (for now).

  260. Worth checking. In Obama’s election to the US Senate, both his primary and GE opponent ‘imploded’ when their messy divorce files were opened — one by a lawsuit from iirc the Chicago Tribune. Another respectable paper (WaPo or NYT?) said that a Tribune reporter later admitted that Obama’s people had ‘pushed’ the divorce story.

    I knew about the one divorce implosion…the former actor and his wife. What’s the scoop on the second divorce implosion?

    Also, let’s not forget what he did to Alice Palmer.

  261. I will give her that, she did have enough sense to leave that church, but I’ll pass on forgiving just yet!!

  262. Those photos of Obambi on vacation reminded me of Kerry’s windsurfing pics. Americans are yearning for change and solutions to their problems, and meanwhile Obama’s living it up at some ritzy resort.

  263. She was such a smart allec.

    Yes, but being a smart alec and being a bigot or a racist are two different things, that’s all I’m saying.

    Words have definitions FOR A REASON.

  264. dija and 1950 Dem

    Look at this article from the other day. There’s info near the end how O knocked Alice Palmer out.

  265. Confloyd, many in the AA community accuse Oprah of selling out to white folks. She is no bigot. I’m all for Hillary, but just because an AA isn’t for her doesn’t make her a bigot. I wish that Oprah was supporting Hillary as well, but I’m not going to start calling her names because she isn’t. Relax. If that were the case, the claims by AA’s calling people like me, terrondt, idunn and others here sellouts for not supporting Obama would have to be taken seriously.

  266. Hey guys look at this. It’s pretty deragatory, and factually wrong. Bill Clinton worked valiantly on the peace process. It’s not the voters, it’s Bush. This is from NoQuarter:

    Gen. Tony McPeak was interviewed by a newspaper about the Israeli/Palestinian peace process:

    The interviewer asked McPeak: “So where’s the problem? State? White House?”

    McPeak replied: “New York City. Miami. We have a large vote — vote, here in favor of Israel. And no politician wants to run against it.”

  267. Where the hell has Wolf Blitzer been the past 3 months? He just now found out that pledged delegates are not bound to vote for any one candidate and can vote for who they want. “So in other words they are like superdelegates as well?”

  268. Sugar,

    I agree but don’t you think it was incredibly presumptive and coronatory for Oprah to have introduced BO as “The One.” Like the “Chosen One?” Like the next Messiah? That was the impression I had and it totally turned me off. And then, after the way BO has insulted and disrespected HRC throughout the nomination, from saying “You’re likable enough, Hillary” to snubbing her in the senate to his contemptuous arrogant expressions when they debate, has made me think that Oprah is another huge hypocrite. Her show is supposed to be about women and yet she supports one of the most patronizing, disdainful anti-woman candidates I’ve ever seen.

  269. basil9 Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    “Limbaugh’s Lying Voters under Investigation.”
    If Rush gets indicted i say we petition to have BO indicted for voter fraud, too.

    I’m having trouble registering to comment there, and can’t find an email for the author. If anyone is getting through, I’ve been collecting evidence of Obama promoting “Democrat for at Day”‘, and had screen shots of the Nevada flyers that specifically said it was to damage Hillary. My evidence is at h t t p : / / and I think SpaceArtGirl was collecting it by email too.

  270. Honestly, if one more person refers to Oprah as a bigot, I will slap them. Come on, Oprah loves self-helpsy, feel good stuff, and that’s Obama. So she supports him. So what? She wasked Hillary to run in ’05, so let’s not butcher her here. We’ll all make up in the long run.

  271. Bmerry, I think that you have posted something big on your website. That definitely needs to get out to the media ASAP.

  272. wolf’s had his head up Obambi’s ass. Damn I bet his asshole hurts by now..he’s got all of CorruptNews and MessiahNews with all theirs heads up his ass. He may get ass cancer yet.

  273. Yes, basil, it’s disappointing, but she’s a sales woman. It’s a good pitch for her audience. Let’s drop it.

  274. basil .. you still got all those media addy’s. Maybe you could copy the info from B.Merry and forward it to all of them.

  275. @ everyone here

    go vote on fox’s new pole “Do Hillary Clinton’s Bosnia (sniper fire) claims alter your perception of her foreign policy experience?”


    thanks for the article, I had already read it but is worth the re read 🙂

  276. 1950democrat

    Camp Hillary should file a complaint with the Ohio Board of elections that camp Obama committed voter fraud with their “Be a Democrat for a Day” campaign in Ohio.

  277. Basil, that still doesn’t make her a bigot. lol That’s a really strong word to use. That would be like me saying that the white commenters here are bigots for not supporting Obama. I mean, seriously.

  278. Alright, I gotta go get dressed for the gym. I feel a mighty spring cold virus brewing in my neck, but I’m going to try to stomp it out tonight! Have a great evening!!

  279. See ya, Sug. If it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. I’m trying to beat back the a starter flu bug with zinc as I type.

  280. fox’s page loads so slowly for me. the vote is 49/49 .. the bambibots will screw it too LOL

    All that matters now is what the voters do when they get in the booth.

  281. Bosnian ex-acting president talks about Clinton visit

    Foreign correspondent Eric Jansson interviews Ejup Ganic, the former acting Bosnian president who greeted Hillary Clinton when she visited Tuzla in 1996. The whole thing is worth a read:

    By now it is well established that Clinton, speaking on the campaign stump, exaggerated the dangers she faced when landing in Bosnia. Ganic’s e-mail adds yet more evidence of this.

    However, his e-mail also fills in some additional blanks. He provides circumstantial detail which, if known to Clinton at the time of her trip, might understandably have heightened her perception of danger and sense of adventure.

    “Although the NATO troops were in Tuzla, we still believed that some positions on the hills were occupied by radical Serbs, so I was worried about the overall safety. I was the main host and the originally planned welcoming ceremony was shrunk down,” Ganic writes.

    Sniper fire or no sniper fire, it is not every day that a first lady jets into a recent war zone where, to the best knowledge of local officials, armed rebels continue to occupy the surrounding hills.

    Ganic continues with a personal assessment of Clinton. She was “up to date on many issues” and “handled herself much better than many senators who visited us during that time,” he writes.

  282. Sugar,

    I still haven’t made up my mind about Oprah but like many women I stopped watching her show and will never go back to it. In a way, she reminds me of a female Richardson.

    ’50’s dem,

    It’s a blog by Ari Melber. the link I posted above should work.

  283. By now it is well established that Clinton, speaking on the campaign stump, exaggerated the dangers she faced when landing in Bosnia. Ganic’s e-mail adds yet more evidence of this.

    Adds more evidence? He seems to be supporting her claims of danger.

  284. Republican Jewish group wants Obama adviser canned
    By Sam Youngman
    Posted: 03/25/08 03:41 PM [ET]

    The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) called on Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) Tuesday to remove military adviser and national campaign co-chairman Gen. Tony McPeak from his team, citing past statements McPeak has made about the Middle East that the RJC finds troubling.

    Matt Brooks, executive director of the RJC, said in a statement that in keeping McPeak as a surrogate and campaign spokesman, “serious questions and doubts are once again being raised about Sen. Obama’s positions and judgment on Middle East issues.”

    In its statement, the RJC cited a 2003 interview McPeak did with the Portland Oregonian in which “Gen. McPeak resorted to old stereotypes and unfortunate language by blaming the lack of progress with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process on the undue political influence of American Jewry. The problem, said McPeak, is ‘New York City. Miami. We have a large vote … here in favor of Israel. And no politician wants to run against it.’ ”

    Brooks said McPeak is more wont to blame American Jews than Palestinian leadership.

    “Sen. Obama continues to surround himself with advisers holding troubling and disturbing anti-Israel bias,” Brooks said. “Gen. McPeak’s views are alarming. We call on Sen. Obama to immediately remove Gen. McPeak from his campaign leadership role and as a key adviser.”

    The Obama campaign said it disagrees with McPeak’s statement, adding that Obama’s “longstanding commitment to Israel is clear to anyone who has reviewed his voting record, read his speeches or looked at his policy papers.”

    “As he has said, his support for our democratic ally Israel is based on America’s national interests and our shared values,” Tommy Vietor, an Obama spokesman, said in an e-mail. “Neither Sen. [Hillary Rodham] Clinton [D-N.Y.] nor Sen. Obama agrees with every position their advisers take, and in this case Sen. Obama disagrees with Gen. McPeak’s comments.”

    McPeak has served as a lightning rod of sorts as the Clinton campaign has also been highly critical of comments made by the retired general.
    I love how TEAM OBAMBI like to THROW HILLARY OFF THE BUS FIRST when they mess up.

    Hillary needs to call them out when they do stuff like this….She should tell Team Obama to stop using Hillary to take their hits and just be a MAN about it. It they can’t stop hiding under her pants suits then they shouldn’t be President!

  285. Obama, Israel, and American Jews — it just keeps getting worse

    Why does Barack Obama have so many foreign policy and national security advisers whose statements about Israel and American Jews are problematic? We’ve written at length about Samantha Power, perhaps his closest foreign policy adviser until she was forced to resign for insulting Hillary Clinton. We’ve also touched on Zbigniew Brzezinski and Robert Malley. And by now everyone who follows these things realizes that Obama’s long-time spiritual adviser Rev. Wright hates Israel passionately.

    Now comes evidence that Gen. Merrill “Tony” McPeak, who serves as Obama’s national campaign co-chair and his point man when it comes to establishing the candidate’s bona fides on military matters, is also hostile towards Israel, viewing its positions as preventing peace from breaking out in the region. Moreover, in something like the style of Walt-Mearsheimer, he blames American Jews for enabling Israel to take the positions that prevent peace.

  286. Because bambi is not a MAN. Nothing about him is honest and trustworthy. He’s the biggest whiner, crybaby and loser that the Dem party has ever had on the platform.

    His attitude of “cry” over everyting, “blame” everyone else would not make for healthy relationships with our allies or enemies. He has a blame problem and he is definitely no leader.

  287. Another Obama Advisor with Anti-Israeli Views
    Ed Lasky

    Earlier in the year, American Thinker published an article “Barack Obama and Israel” which wondered why Barack Obama seemingly had a proclivity to tie himself to people who have very problematic attitudes towards Israel.

    These included early supporter George Soros; billionaire foe of close ties between America and Israel; Zbigniew Brzezinski-who has an antipathy towards Israel that is well known and who has publicly supported the views of Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer (as has George Soros) who feel America’s Middle East policy is too influenced by what they disparagingly call the “Israel Lobby.

    Then there’s “foreign policy expert” Robert Malley who has had a long history of anti-Israel advocacy; top foreign policy adviser, close personal friend and former employee Samantha Power whose views towards Israel include a call for halting all aid to Israel and transferring it to “Palestine:. She also has had a litany of anti-Israel policy proposals over the years .

    Power also was recently on a book tour where she complained that criticism of Barack Obama all too often revolved around “what is good for the Jews”. Power also alluded to Americans who have vast financial power and criticized the role of these ominous people in the foreign policy debate (her defenders say she was referring to the oil industry but certainly other images can be evoked by many readers). Power recently resigned from the foreign policy staff in the wake of comments she made depciting Hillary Clinton as a “monster”. However, some feel this “break” might be for show — after all, she was a volunteer on his foreign policy staff and their relationship was a very strong one (including text messsaging at all hours of the day and night).

    Of course, Barack Obama’s close friend and sounding board for the past twenty years, Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s has also been subject to much controversy over the last two weeks. Wright has long advcated anti-American, anti-White, and anti-Israel views. These include calls for divestment from Israel, tying American support for Israel to 9/11, comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa, and the bestowing of an award by the Church’s magazine to the most notorious anti-Semite in America , Louis (“Judaism is a gutter religion”) Farrakhan.

    Now comes news of yet another close adviser to Barack Obama who has suspect views towards Israel and towards American Jews. Barack Obama’s military adviser and national co-chairman Merrill “Tony ” McPeak has recently been subject to some criticism regarding a variety of comments he has recently made. A few years ago he indicated that there was no reason an invasion of Iraq would not be a cakewalk. He earlier indicated that it might be desirable to have military bases in Iraq for many years (the campaign has distorted John McCain’s own remarks speculating about that possibility). He has blamed George Bush for Iranian anti-Americanism and thereby ignored over 30 years of hostility and violence toward America through a series of American presidents, both Democrat and Republican. He insulted Bill Clinton by characterizing his remarks about the patriotism of candidates as being redolent of McCarthyism.

  288. I think Richard Cohen has taken issue with a few of Bambi’s advisors as well. I’ll have to do a search and see if I can drag up the article I read…it was months ago.

  289. To be fair, there are degrees of ‘controversial statements’; some are more ‘controversial’ than others. I believe that Obama had somehow missed the worst statements. If Oprah had heard the worst statements, she would have warned Obama about them before endorsing him.

    Do we have evidence that Oprah dropped out of Wright’s church (was she even a member?) BECAUSE of any ‘controversial statements’? People drop out of churches for lots of reasons.

    This is not to give Obama a pass on the issue. Incomptency alone is enough to prove him unvetted and unfit. Knowing there might be some problems with Wright, his staff should have checked the tapes and back issues of the newsletter long ago.

    And as people say, at least some of this attitude must have been present on those times when he DID attend church or read the newsletter of socialize with other members who had heard the sermons.

  290. mj@4:53: we will all make up in the long run.

  291. Nevermind…I found the Cohen article and I must have gotten it confused with something else I read somewhere.

  292. With terrible news about America’s housing slump out today and the recession growing, and Big Media’s juvenile fascination with tabloid stories about Hillary’s Bosnia statement, I think the entire world could use a refresher about the roaring economic success America enjoyed during the first Clinton administration:
    Deficits Replaced By Surpluses: Keeping Us On Track to Be Debt Free by 2012

    · 1992. The deficit was $290 billion – the highest dollar level in history. When President Clinton took office, the Congressional Budget Office projected the deficit would grow to $455 billion in 2000.

    · Today. In 1999, we had a budget surplus of $124 billion – the largest dollar surplus on record. This year the Administration forecasts a surplus of $211 billion. This is $666 billion less drain by the government on private financial markets than projected when President Clinton and Vice President Gore took office. With the President’s plan, we are now on track to eliminate the nation’s publicly held debt by 2012.

    Jobs Are Up: 22 Million Created Since January 1993

    · 1981-1992. During President Clinton and Vice President Bush’s three terms combined, the economy created only 18.5 million new jobs, despite the growth of the labor force from the maturation of the baby boom. Only 2.5 million jobs were created under President Bush, with nearly half of them in the public sector.

    · Today. The economy has created 22.2 million new jobs since January 1993. This is the most jobs ever created under a single President. There has been an average of 255,000 jobs created per month — a faster rate than under any President. And 19.9 million of the new jobs were created in the private sector, the highest share since Harry Truman was President (excluding temporary Census workers).

    Faster Economic Growth: 3.9 Percent Per Year

    · 1981-1992. The economy grew an average 1.7 percent per year under President Bush and 2.8 percent per year during the Reagan-Bush years.

    · Today. Since President Clinton and Vice President Gore took office, growth has averaged 3.9 percent per year.

    Private-Sector Growth Is Up: 4.5 Percent Per Year

    · 1981-1992. The private sector of the economy grew 2.9 percent annually from 1981-1992.

    · Today. The private sector of the economy has grown 4.5 percent annually since 1993.

    Equipment and Software Investment Is Growing Faster Than Ever

    · 1981-1992. Real equipment and software investment rose just 3.8 percent annually during the previous Administration, and only 4.7 percent annually for the entire Reagan-Bush period.

    · Today. Real equipment and software investment is up 12.6 percent per year under President Clinton — faster than any Administration on record. We have seen seven consecutive years of double-digit growth in equipment and software investment, for the first time on record.

    Government Spending: Lowest in Over Three Decades

    · 1981-92. Under Presidents Reagan and Bush, Federal government spending as a share of the economy increased from 21.6 percent in 1980 to 22.2 percent in 1992.

    · Today. Under President Clinton, Federal government spending as a share of the economy has been cut from 22.2 percent in 1992 to a projected 18.5 percent in 2000 — its lowest level since 1966.

    Taxes for Typical Families: Lowest in Over Two Decades

    · 1981-92. The total Federal tax rate for middle-income families rose from 23.7 percent in 1980 to 24.5 percent in 1992. (Total tax rates include both the employer and employee portion of the Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes.)

    · Today. Under President Clinton, the total Federal tax rate for middle-income families has dropped from 24.5 percent in 1992 to 22.8 percent in 1999 – that’s the lowest tax rate since 1978. For families at one-half the median income, the effective Federal tax rate has been slashed from 19.8 percent in 1992 to 14.1 percent in 1999 – that’s the lowest tax rate since 1968.

    Homeownership Is Up: The Highest in American History

    · 1981-1992. The homeownership rate fell from 65.4 percent in 1981 to 64.2 percent in 1992.

    · Today. In 1999, the homeownership rate was 66.8 percent – the highest ever recorded.

    Inflation is Down: The Lowest Core Rate In 35 Years

    · 1981-1992. The underlying core rate of inflation averaged 4.7 percent annually.

    · Today. Under President Clinton the core rate of inflation has averaged 2.6 percent annually – the lowest of any Administration since Kennedy.

    Welfare Rolls Dropped Dramatically: Lowest Since 1969

    · 1981-1992. The number of welfare recipients increased by almost 2.5 million (a 22 percent increase) to 13.6 million people.

    · Today. Between January 1993 and September 1999, the number of welfare recipients dropped by 7.5 million (a 53 percent decline) to 6.6 million – the lowest level since 1968.

    Unemployment Is Down: The Lowest Rate in 30 Years

    · 1981-1992. The unemployment rate averaged 7.1 percent and rose to more than 10 percent in 1982 and 1983.

    · Today. In 2000, the unemployment rate has averaged 5.0 percent –the lowest rate in over 30 years. The unemployment rate has been below 5 percent for 35 consecutive months.

    Unemployment for African-Americans the Lowest on Record

    · 1981-1992: African-American unemployment reached 21.2 percent in January 1983– a record high – and never dropped below 10 percent.

    · Today. The African-American unemployment rate has fallen from an average of 14.2 percent in 1992 to an average of 7.7 percent in 2000 – the lowest rate on record.

    Unemployment for Hispanics Recovered From Record Highs to Achieve Record Lows

    · 1981-1992. Hispanic unemployment hit a record high of 15.7 percent in December 1982.

    · Today. The Hispanic unemployment rate has dropped from an average of 11.6 percent in 1992 to an average of 5.8 percent in 2000 – the lowest rate on record.

    Real Wages Rising Again: Fastest Growth in Two Decades

    · 1981-1992. Real average hourly earnings fell 4.3 percent under Presidents Reagan and Bush.

    · Today. Real wages have grown 6.5 percent under President Clinton. Real wages have grown for five consecutive years — for the first time since the 1960s.

    Poverty For African-Americans Dropped to Lowest On Record

    · 1981-1992. Between 1980 and 1992, the poverty rate for African American remained at 30 percent or more.

    · Today. Since 1993, the African-American poverty rate has dropped from 33.1 percent to 26.1 percent in 1998 — the lowest level recorded, and the largest five-year drop in African-American poverty since 1967-1972.

    Poverty For Hispanics Dropped to Lowest Since 1979

    · 1981-1992. Between 1980 and 1992, the poverty rate for Hispanics increased from 25.7 percent to 29.6 percent.

    · Today. Since 1993, the Hispanic poverty has dropped to 25.6 percent—the lowest since 1979.

    Poverty For Single Mothers is the Lowest On Record

    · 1981-1992. Between 1980 and 1992, an additional 2.1 million families with single mothers were pushed into poverty.

    · Today. Under President Clinton, the poverty rate for families with single mothers has fallen from 46.1 percent in 1993 to 38.7 percent in 1998 – the lowest level on record.

    Family Income Up More Than $5,000 Since 1993

    · 1988-1992. Median family income (in inflation-adjusted 1998 dollars) fell by $1,864, dropping from $44,354 in 1988 to $42,490 in 1992.

    · Today. Since 1993, real median family income has increased by $5,046 , rising to $46,737 in 1998.


    Genealogists say Obama related to Pitt, Clinton to Jolie

    This could make for one odd family reunion: Barack Obama is a distant cousin of actor Brad Pitt, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is related to Pitt’s girlfriend, Angelina Jolie.

    Researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society found some remarkable family connections for the three presidential candidates — Democratic rivals Obama and Clinton, and Republican John McCain.

    Clinton, who is of French-Canadian descent on her mother’s side, is also a distant cousin of singers Madonna, Celine Dion and Alanis Morissette. Obama, the son of a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya, can call six U.S. presidents, including George W. Bush, his cousins. McCain is a sixth cousin of first lady Laura Bush.

    Genealogist Christopher Child said that while the candidates often focus on pointing out differences between them, their ancestry shows they are more alike than they think.

    “It shows that lots of different people can be related, people you wouldn’t necessarily expect,” Child said.

    Obama has a prolific presidential lineage that features Democrats and Republicans. His distant cousins include President George W. Bush and his father, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman and James Madison. Other Obama cousins include Vice President Dick Cheney, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and Civil War General Robert E. Lee.

    “His kinships are across the political spectrum,” Child said.

    Child has spent the last three years tracing the candidates’ genealogy, along with senior research scholar Gary Boyd Roberts, author of the 1989 book, “Ancestors of American Presidents.”

    Clinton’s distant cousins include beatnik author Jack Kerouac and Camilla Parker-Bowles, wife of Prince Charles of England.

    McCain’s ancestry was more difficult to trace because records on his relatives were not as complete as records for the families of Obama and Clinton, Child said.

    Obama and President Bush are 10th cousins, once removed, linked by Samuel Hinkley of Cape Cod, who died in 1662.

    Pitt and Obama are ninth cousins, linked by Edwin Hickman, who died in Virginia in 1769.

    Clinton and Jolie are ninth cousins, twice removed, both related to Jean Cusson who died in St. Sulpice, Quebec, in 1718.

    The New England Historic Genealogical Society, founded in 1845, is the oldest and largest nonprofit genealogical organization in the country.

  294. don’t know about ya’ll but I’d never make up the Obama camp. He’s set by and let his whole camp try to destroy her personally and professionally, all the while saying he is the uniter. He stands by and lets his advisors say degrading things about Bill Clinton .. and he thinks he just has to send out a memo that he “disagrees”. This speaks volumes to me about what kind of man he is and I simply want someone better as my president.

    He doesn’t have moral authority to garner a vote from me. Never .. under no circumstance.

  295. fox news being balanced this first part of the week .. look for the other bambi shoes to drop very soon

    Hillary should address the Bosnia incident at every rally .. put it out there, read from her book OR do you suppose she should just do a SPEECH LOL

  296. Chelsea handles Monica question beautifully:

    (03-25) 13:27 PDT Indianapolis (AP) —

    Chelsea Clinton had a quick retort Tuesday when asked whether her mother’s credibility had been hurt during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

    “Wow, you’re the first person actually that’s ever asked me that question in the, I don’t know maybe, 70 college campuses I’ve now been to, and I do not think that is any of your business,” Clinton said during a campaign visit for her mother, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Clinton had picked out the male questioner as she wrapped up a question-and-answer session at Butler University. It wasn’t immediately clear what statement by the first lady the questioner was referring to. Before she was fully aware of her husband’s relationship with Lewinsky, a White House intern, Hillary Clinton said the allegations about that relationship were manufactured by a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

    Clinton’s answer was met with loud applause from the about 200 people in the audience. After the applause, Clinton responded, “and I also don’t think that should be the last question.”

    She took another question on global warming and wrapped up the event.

  297. Hillary should contrast the U.S.’s brilliant success in Bosnia with its failure in Iraq. If people want to talk about Bosnia, hey, bring it on.

  298. Paul Begala is slick in answering a question on CNN about Wright issue going away he said “it is not going, just before coming on I checked some right wing sites like and there are story after story about racists pastors associated with the obama campaign.”

  299. @Berkeley Vox

    You made a great post just above with the reflection back to the Pres.B Clinton presidency

    can we copy and paste your post in other blogs and comment sections?

  300. This is for all those DUMB WHITE FOLKS who might read this blog.

    I love this interview from Barack target audience:

  301. Emily’s List to Promote Clinton in Philly
    h t t p://

    “The independent group, which takes no money from the Clinton campaign but has been supporting her, is pursuing an estimated 150,000 Democratic female voters in southeast Pennsylvania, from early April through the state’s primary April 22. The group embarked on similar efforts ahead of the Ohio and Texas primaries, which Senator Clinton won.”


    Much of the Pennsylvania electorate — majority female, white, working class — is similar to that of Ohio where Mrs. Clinton did well among women without college degrees. Now the senator is gaining ground among Pennsylvania women with college degrees, said Maren Hesla, the director of Women Vote, the arm of Emily’s List sponsoring the ad campaign.

  302. Reid downplays Democratic presidential infighting

    Associated Press – March 25, 2008 5:34 PM ET

    RENO, Nev. (AP) – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is downplaying any political wounds Democrats may be suffering as a result of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s criticism of each other.

    Reid told The Associated Press during an interview in Reno today that the two Democratic senators running for Congress are “basically the same on every issue.”

    He says any political wounds resulting from their competitive campaigns should heal well before the party’s national convention in Denver August 25th through 28th.

    He predicted that with either Democrat in the White House, the first 100 days of the next Congress would bring a new energy policy, put the U.S. military well on a path out of Iraq and begin steps toward providing health care for 50 million uninsured Americans.

    Reid says he’s been impressed by the campaigns run by all of the Republican and Democratic candidates from the start. He says none of the Republicans share his political views but says they all were good, quality candidates.

    Likewise, he says Democrats had 6 of their party’s best in the race at one time. He described the two left standing as 2 of the smartest people, not just in the Senate, but the entire country.
    No REID, I will NOT vote for a MARXIST.

  303. Sure, feel free to re-post that info about the first Clinton administration’s economic record wherever you want. It’s taken from this site:

    (no need to put in “WWW”)

  304. Looks like Rev. Wright won’t be around for a while….

    h t t p: / /

  305. Some really good (for hillary) opinion pieces on bambi
    in this PA paper 😀

  306. Obama church is a HARD LEFT church…yes it’s wrapped up in the bible but Dr. Wright has made clear his radical views is far left then where I want to go.

    I do not agree with the premise Dr. Wright Church stands on…that lynching sermon put me off because the critisim was valid, it was up to Dr. Wright to correct the situation but he is holding on to the bitter and hate that will destroy you.

  307. p.s. – if you forward around the economic numbers from my earlier post, I just noticed there’s a typo in the original:

    “1981-1992. During President Clinton and Vice President Bush’s three terms combined, the economy created only 18.5 million new jobs, despite the growth of the labor force from the maturation of the baby boom. Only 2.5 million jobs were created under President Bush, with nearly half of them in the public sector.”

    [This should read “During President Reagan and Vice President Bush’s…]

  308. Hi guys!

    I just made a video with my brother discussing the problems now facing Obama’s candidacy post-Wright. I included a link to this video in a new MyDD diary:

    Now, my brother John is a conservative, so that should be known. His views are from that perspective, but they hold true for Obama and his electability. His point of view is that of what a general election person is looking at, or how many people will be looking at it
    if Obama is we Dems’ nominee.

    If you like the video, please recommend it and the diary. Thanks. 🙂

    Also, I want to share with you guys that I wrote a diary last night on MyDD detailing how it has been discovered that Rezko helped finance Obama superdelegate James Meeks, another ‘spiritual adviser’
    of Obama’s who has made racially insensitive remarks. If you want to check that out, the link is:

    One final thing: Last night someone else wrote a diary on MyDD about two questionable stock transactions which Obama was involved in. I had never heard this story before. Both transactions involved what at least
    could be perceived as questions about insider trading,
    or something very similar. Does anyone know more about these stories? Because I haven’t heard anything
    about this before last night.

    Thanks again. Hope all are having a great day.

    – Uni 🙂

  309. Have you heard the latest nugget that a deal is being worked out to settle on the nominee after the Pennsylvania primary? Yes, I know we have heard that song before. But you may recall Bills statement that whoever wins Pennsylvania will be the nominee. This underscores the importance of a big win in Pennsylvania.

    The source is a journalist named Kevin Drum who claims he had a conversation with Harry Reid to this effect reported in the TM comment section. But the text of that conversation is vague as hell. So the question is: BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

  310. ZOA says no to rev wright-

  311. texan4hillary Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    djia-what is onfoxtonight?

    I posted about a the new Fox news poll on the fox news website

    go vote!! 😀

  312. wolf on CNN just brought up the question about Obama’s taking credit for Dodd’s comprehensive reform bill !!!

  313. Just emailed a dozen SD’s. I will start on the PA, NC SD’s tomorrow. There are no email contacts so I’m gonna haveta search.

  314. Rev. Earl Mason, senior pastor at the church, said he canceled Wright’s appearance because the local sheriff’s office would not agree to provide the necessary security without charging the church extra,

    And why should the local sheriff agree to that???

  315. Okay. I’m playing catch-up.

    I can’t believe that Jewish supporters of Obama aren’t leaving in droves and asking for their money/donations back. The idea that Mr. Spielberg, someone who has fought long and hard for Jewish rights especially when it comes to their homeland, would even be in this man’s camp makes me sad. It would be one thing if Obama had one connection that linked him to anti-semetic leanings. The fact that these connections keep getting bigger and bigger just makes me want to cry. Surely Americans don’t want anyone in the White House who discriminates against any faiths or races?

    Second, Obama’s people are saying that Hillary only brought up the Wright scandal today in order to get away from all the Bosnia talk? Oh come on! There is no way on earth that you can compare the two!

    Finally, thanks to B. Merryfield for fighting the good fight!

  316. My last glimmer of hope for some unbiased news finally came to pass today. CNN has completely made the final cut of the Tv Septic Tank with MSNBC.BLITZER and his Constipated shill( Cafferty ) have taken CNN for a swim.They are sickening group of morally challenged with severe credibility questions about abilities they seem to lack.Chris,Joe,Mika,Schuster,for starters need a ton of RIDEX treatment.I don’t have time and space to list all of them.Get you grubby hands out our election,and find another venue for your Venom of hate and destruction.WE ARE ASHAMED OF YOU AND THE PEOPLE THAT PAY FOR YOUR SORRY LACK OF HONOR. At the age of 90,and a 4 of WWII,I must ask,How can you all do this to my country? HILLARY will survive a nd will be our first Madam President.



  317. yeah, I was surprised at the Cantwell thing to – but I wish instead she would speak about the disenfranchisement of FL and MI. When these people talk about the issue of delegates – especially when they’re supporters of Clinton – they should put it in the context of the FL and MI issue too.

  318. dot,

    which B.Merry info? And I’d have to include it in letter form, no?

    Did you get what I just sent?

  319. BTW, Cantwell and Murray have been under a lot of pressure to switch to Obama since he took WA. Not excusing her argument, just saying Team O has benn all over all the SDs to vote with their constituencies, not just the black SDs.

  320. texan4hillary Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 6:14 pm
    ZOA says no to rev wright-
    It’s not going to happen because Obama will lose his base and I not talking about AAs but the radical HARD LEFT that support this guy.

  321. Why do people throw “the most states” into the argument? The Republicans will probably win more states in November.

    Also, I’d love to see Gore’s take on the “most delegates, most states” stance, especially if the other candidate holds the popular vote lead. That argument kind of legitimizes Bush’s 2000 win… I mean aside from the whole Supreme Court intervention.

  322. The pledges deleagte thing is bs. Cantwell screwing hillary is an ominus sign. The media finally at least started discussing the fact that pledged delegates can vote for anyone they choose, and there was that article putting other factors in prospective, like the electoral map.

  323. I wish the PA primary were sooner – there hasn’t been one vote cast since the Wright controversy broke. These SDs need to let Democracy play out and see what the people think – his Electability will be in the dumpster once they do.

  324. dot,
    just resent to the wva addy. It’s quite long and i couldn’t attach it. let me know if you get it this time.

  325. TinyDancer-
    Obama took WA? maybe in the rigged caucus but what happened with the primary? I think based on those results, which is when my mom voted, the WA state SD are free to vote for whomever they choose.

  326. Team O has benn all over all the SDs to vote with their constituencies,

    Unless, of course, the sd happens to be Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, or Bill Richardson. Hypocritical mother fuckers.

  327. Well, perhaps we need to start a letter writing campaign to Kerry, Kennedy, Richardson, Neapolitano then…Obama CANNOT have it both ways, I am SICK of this crap, “Do as I say, but not as I do.” He is such a HYPOCRITE.

  328. I know way more people who voted in the WA primary than the caucus, but Obama still garnered the most votes here in both elections. But since the caucus, the WA SD have been pressured into switching to Obama. Or so I’ve heard.

  329. wolf on CNN just brought up the question about Obama’s taking credit for Dodd’s comprehensive reform bill !!!

    Wolf on CNN just now asked that question…Obambi has been taking credit for a lot of folks better then him work. The dems better get their Heads out of their asses because if the HOWARD DEAN/NANCY PELOSI/JOHN KERRY loser don’t get it now…then the party will lose in the G.E. nobody is going to vote for that MARXIST OBAMA.

    He has not be Honest with the voters on his TRUE beliefs.

  330. Well, ok, I used the wrong word, I should have just said snaughty! I will not bring it up again!!!

  331. wow CNN is horrible really.. cafferty is an asshole… and who is that lady she is another asshole.. whatt he fuxxckkk

  332. This Cantrell thing, is very hypocritical. If the SDs were voting with their constituencies, then Kennedy, Kerry, Miller, Lofgren, Richardson, etc., would be voting for Hillary. There is a lot of arm twisting going on. In beginning, it was all about the will of the people, popular vote. Amazing, how things get switched around for the benefit of BO. Why isn’t there more of an outcry among SDs about FL and MI?

  333. Obama’s stock answers. Finally pays 17-year old parking tickets.

    WASHINGTON — White House hopeful Barack Obama was on the defensive Wednesday over stock purchases from companies whose investors included his political donors.

    And Obama revealed that he terminated a “quasi-blind” trust he created for the stock purchases — called the “Freedom Trust” — after realizing that it wasn’t blind after all.

    Obama’s campaign team ramped up a rapid reaction defense after a story about his portfolio hit the front page of Wednesday’s New York Times and was the subject of scrutiny Monday on

    The political damage potential is high because one of the firms Obama bought stock in was developing medicine to treat avian flu — with the purchase coming as Obama started to champion more federal funding to fight the disease. Obama, who has made ethics one of his signature issues, took questions at a news conference in the Capitol called originally to tout an immigration bill. He denied any connection between his investments and legislation.

    Meanwhile, Obama’s research team — aware that every part of his life is under a microscope — turned up unpaid parking tickets from his days as a Harvard law student. In January, an Obama representative paid $400 in fines and penalties, according to the Somerville News.

    Here’s the situation:

    Investing the book windfall: “This was not a lot of money,” Obama said.

    Obama had about $100,000 he wanted to invest in 2005. The money was a portion of the $1.2 million he got from a book contract. He said Wednesday he decided the $100,000 could be put into something “more high risk” and asked a friend to recommend a stock broker. That friend was donor George W. Haywood, who held what the New York Times called “major” positions in the two stocks Obama ended up owning, Skyterra and AVI BioPharma.

    Another Obama donor who invested in the same stocks — which were characterized as “obscure” in story — was Jared Abbruzzese. He was also a donor to the anti-John Kerry Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and is being investigated by the FBI in New York for public corruption. Obama declined to name the UBS broker. Net loss on the investments: $13,000.

    “I thought about going to Warren Buffett, but I decided it would be embarrassing with only $100,000 to invest to ask for his advice,” Obama quipped.

    The ‘quasi-blind’ trust: “Now obviously the thing didn’t work the way I wanted it to,” Obama said.

    The Senate Ethics manual has detailed rules about blind trusts and qualified blind trusts. Obama did not want to sign on to either of those options because he did not want to wash his hands of the responsibility of investments made in his name, attorney Robert Bauer said.

    Because the off-the-shelf trusts were not satisfactory, “We tried to see if we could jigger it to make it work better,” Obama said. He signed papers on May 31, 2005, for the custom trust designed to shield him from knowing how his money was invested — but let him respond to media inquiries about potential conflicts. Obama realized his system was not working when he received some sort of shareholder letter in fall 2005.

    Katten Muchin Rosenman attorney Michael Hartz in Chicago drew up the papers for and was the trustee of the “Freedom Trust.” Bauer said this particular kind of trust did not require any clearance from the Senate Ethics Committee because he did not ask to be relieved from any reporting rule. Bill Allison, a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, said that if any kind of blind trust was created, “you should have the Ethics Committee sign off on it.”

    The trust was revoked on Dec. 31, 2005. Obama put his money in cash and mutual funds.

  334. Ok, Tiny, but Hill won MA by an impressive 15 points and Patrick, Kennedy and Kerry have not moved an inch from their support.

  335. having it both ways also extends to his interpretation of the rules.

    It seems to me, we need to push this line too. He says we have to follow the rules, even if that means disenfranchising over 2 million voters in Florida and Michigan. Rules are rules.

    But, the rules actually say that ALL delegates, super or non-super are perfectly free to vote their conscience at the convention. So if between now and then, they decide that Obama is not the right man for the job, and that Clinton is the right woman for the job, then they can vote her and not him.

    Those are the rules. Stick with them or accept that rules can be flexible because they are not laws.

  336. Obama’s friends come out to support him:

    Chavez says U.S. relations could worsen with McCain
    By Reuters

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez attends an event to celebrate victory over Exxon Mobil in Caracas March 24, 2008. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

    CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a socialist and fierce U.S. critic, warned on Tuesday that relations with Washington could worsen if Republican candidate John McCain wins this year’s presidential election.

    Chavez said he hopes the United States and Venezuela can work better together when his ideological foe, U.S. President George W. Bush, leaves the White House next year, but he said McCain seemed “warlike.”

    “Sometimes one says, ‘worse than Bush is impossible,’ but we don’t know,” Chavez told foreign correspondents. “McCain also seems to be a man of war.”

    Chavez — who has called Bush “the devil,” “a donkey” and ‘Mr Danger” — accuses the United States of having imperial designs in Latin America and says the White House has plotted his overthrow.

    McCain calls Chavez a dictator who wants to emulate retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

    Although Venezuela remains a key supplier of oil to the United States, relations have steadily deteriorated since Bush took office in 2001.

    Chavez is an outspoken critic of the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and has accused Washington of stirring unrest in Tibet to destabilize China.

  337. Well, this is some nice news:

    Liberty City Democratic Club Endorses Hillary Clinton
    Philadelphia, PA – The Liberty City Democratic Club, a key LGBT political group in Pennsylvania, overwhelmingly endorsed Hillary Clinton for President with two-thirds of the members voting for her.

    This club’s endorsement further demonstrates Hillary Clinton’s strong support in the LGBT community. The Liberty City endorsement follows a string of endorsements from grassroots LGBT groups like the Steel City Democrats, the Houston Stonewall Democrats, Dallas Stonewall Democrats, and 27 of the 39 members of Board the National Stonewall Democrats.

    “We are proud to endorse Senator Hillary Clinton in this important primary cycle,” said Matthew Woodcock, Endorsement Chair of the Liberty City Democratic Club. “Her record of accomplishment is proof positive that she’ll be a fighter for the LGBT community in the White House and that’s what we need. We need her experience working for us.”

    Hillary has been a longtime ally of the LGBT community. She fought against the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) both times and has worked on legislation that would promote equality for LGBT Americans. As President, Hillary will work to ensure that gay and lesbian couples in committed relationships have the same legal rights and responsibilities as all Americans. She will also work to end discrimination in adoption laws, sign hate crimes legislation and ENDA into law, and put an end to the failed policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

    “I am honored to receive the support of the Liberty Democratic Club,” said Clinton. “LGBT Americans have been a part of this campaign from the start and I look forward to working with members of the Liberty Democratic Club to ensure that their voices are heard in this important Pennsylvania primary. We need to end the divisive politics of the current administration. As President, I will do just that and will continue fighting for equality for all Americans.”

  338. Unless, of course, the sd happens to be Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, or Bill Richardson. Hypocritical mother fuckers.

    See the rules are – if the SD constituencies voted for Obama, the SD is supposed to back Obama. If the SD constituencies voted for Clinton, the SD is supposed to back Obama. All black SD are supposed to back Obama. All the other SD are supposed to back Obama. Anyone who doesn’t support Obama is either 1. dumb 2. racist 3. typical white person 4. a race traitor 5. mean 6. doesn’t want change 7. old 8. or a democrat

  339. dot, made a mistake with the yahoo addy and added an (a) by mistake. wva instead of wv.

    You SHOULD get it this time.

  340. having it both ways also extends to his interpretation of the rules.

    Hell, trying to have EVERYTHING both ways is the cornerstone of the new messiah.

    He’s Pro- Israel…no wait…he’s Pro-Palestine…wait, he’s both!

    He’s against racial division…no wait, he’s for it…no, against it.

    He’s a fan of Reagan…wait wait, not so much…no wait, yeah he is.

    He thinks Nafta is a good thing…uh, no Canada, he thinks it’s terrible…no wait Ohio, it’s good.

    “Obama Bin Lyin” ? You got THAT right!

  341. Ok, Tiny, but Hill won MA by an impressive 15 points and Patrick, Kennedy and Kerry have not moved an inch from their support.

    I know! Have you heard anything about them being pressured at all by the Clinton camp? Seems the only side doing any pressuring is Obama and he only gets on the people who don’t support him.

  342. So basically Obama is all about, you scratch my back , i’ll scratch yours, its so blindingly obvious.

  343. I have heard rumors that there may be a “mini conference” of delegates after the last primary in June. Could some of these comments by SD saying they will vote for the pledged delegate leader be the work of Pelosi and Dean behind the scenes? Maybe that’s why Bill C. is visiting the large California contingent of SD in person to make his case. The SD battle may be raging right now as Obama surely want’s to stop things before his situation gets worse…

  344. I totally agree with jithendra. to quiet all those crap is to win huge in PA then those talk heads will know that BHO even deserves to be in the ticket.

  345. Investing the book windfall: “This was not a lot of money,” Obama said.

    Obama had about $100,000 he wanted to invest in 2005.

    100,000 Not a lot of money?????????????

  346. the lady on CNN telling in gallup polling HRC’ numbers are going down so she was attacking obama on pastor issue.. she should know that in ramussen polls her number are going up… assholes…

  347. well you all have a good night

    stepping out tonight for our dart leaque, will check in later tonight to see what’s been happening 😀

  348. Anglechel’s latest blog summarizing Hillary’s economic speech: Hillary reads her Krugman


    This is why I support Hillary for President. She’s talking about things that will materially affect MY life. I may have a good mortgage and not be in any danger of being upsidedown, but my house is already valued at less than the purchase price. I can see houses in my neighborhood going into foreclosure. I can see the way in which tight credit and economic inflexibility will impact the business improvements in my area – the business district has lost all of the funding it used to get from the City and is having to ask for assessments from local businesses and homeowners.

    I support the person who studies Krugman to find out his ideas on economics and finance in order to improve her domestic policies, not the one who digs up dirt on the professor to run self-serving smear campaigns.

  349. Skip if you’re in a bad mood.

    OK. I’ve been trying to stay upbeat and positive all day, tweaked yesterday’s letter, sent it off to a dozen SD’s, started composing the media bias letter, but I can’t stop thinking about the blatant anti-HRC bashing from the Dems, the DNC and the media.

    I’m beginning to think what’s going on is more or less a ‘palace coup’ within the Democratic party. The objective is not to get BO in the WH, although they’d be very pleased with themselves if that happens; the goal is to humiliate, damage, disgrace, demote and destroy the Clinton’s credibility. That is what is at stake. The simmering hatred and resentment from Kennedy, Kerry and yes, even Gore has been stoked by the hope that this is their final chance to rid themselves of the Clintons. Notice the Dems weren’t badmouthing HRC when she was the presumed nominee. But now that they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in propping up the BO candidacy and selling it to the press and the public they are downright giddy at the thought the Clinton’s will crash and burn.

    What they want is to strip HRC of all power, including any she would hold on to as a Senator if she were to lose the nomination in a fair and equitable way. The traitors are setting her up to forfeit her considerable pre-nomination influence with the party both as an accomplished Senator and the wife of a former president.

    Those MOTHERF***ERS.

    I don’t believe in casting curses but right now I wish I did.

    😈 👿 :mrgreen:

  350. djia@4:07 says : I got an email today from “” and didn’t see it posted here yet…..but i must as it is pretty inflamatory!
    yea, I agree. I was never able to fathom the motivation of people who create computer viruses until Obamatite drivel crossed my computer screen. And although I would not do that sort of thing myself or pay someone else to do it for me, the thought of it does send a thrill up my leg-as Tweetie would say.

  351. basil: I think, you are right. Last week, when I went to the ABC blogs (the only time), someone posted the very thing that you just said.

  352. I better get out of here, take a bath , suck down some airborn and get into bed. I feel a bad one coming on. 🙁

    Later folks.

  353. Obamazoid Brazile was on ABC News saying Hillary can’t win, she is destroying the party, and it only helps McCain.

    Yada Yada Yada.

  354. isn’t blocking revotes in FL/MI destroying the party and helping McCain? Or do FL/MI just not exist anymore?

  355. Idunn-

    I was going off of HIllbilly-s post above. THere are lots of stories that came up with a google search for Skyterra and AVI BioPharma and Obama. Seems most of the articles came out last year when no one was paying attention to him. I think this is an excellent time for the stories to resurface!

    have at it.

  356. basil9,

    I don’t believe Gore has animosity toward Hillary (or Bill). I think that’s another Rightwing negativity thing started in 2000.

    It may be true that Donna Brazile, who managed Gore’s campaign, persuaded Gore to distance from Clinton. I don’t believe Gore himself would be so disloyal or foolish, but he took a lot of bad advice from her and others.

    No one can damage Hillary as a NY Senator. She has done a great job and all NY knows it. She’s had nasty stuff thrown at her since the 80s in Arkansas, and she’s come through it all. The current name-calling is nothing to the past criminal investigations.

  357. Idunn… Airborne is getting sued for false advertising LOL

    Basil .. I think a lot of people feel that way.

  358. Obamazoid Brazile was on ABC News saying Hillary can’t win, she is destroying the party, and it only helps McCain.

    Let’s ask BFF Donna how she’d like it if HRC bolted from the Democratic party, and ran as an Independent! Huh? How the fuck would you like that Donna? ESPECIALLY now that the messiah is going down in a ball of fucking flames!

    Big mouth ignorant bitch!

    (and now, I’m gone for real)

  359. Guys, don’t be so stressed. Today is no different than any other day in the campaign, and it is no different than the long four weeks that will follow until the Pennsylvania primary. We got a little bit spoiled with the media actually vetting Obama for a change for the past two weeks, but they have decided once again to pamper him as much as they can. So what else is new? We had a special treat for a week or two and now they are back to their biased ways. Media hatred has been Hillary’s life for the past sixteen years. The media hates her and holds her to a different standard than any other politician. That is just a fact of her life and she rises despite the powers that try to hold her down, and we need to keep rising with her.

    I am guilty of it just as much as anyone else, but instead of using this space to lament, I
    encourage us to use it to strategize. Cantwell wants to back out on her pledge because of supporters by Obama supporters? Fine, we can turn up the heat too. We should all pledge to send an email to Cantwell’s office tonight letting her know that we don’t appreciate her actions. We should also send an email to Kerry, Kennedy, Neapolitino, and Richardson’s offices letting them know that their candidate needs to stop acting like a hypocrite, or else we expect them to back our girl and will raise hell if we don’t get our way.

    We also need to keep pushing back against the media, getting positive Hill stories in local media, sending out the truth about Obama to the media, and making calls to Pennsylvania.

  360. Go vote on Lou Dobbs.

    BTW, just saw BO in the Islands and i swear, he looks like a ten-year-old kid.

  361. Donna Brazille is doing a fair amount of damage to the party herself. Going around saying that Hillary can’t win and is damaging the party isn’t becoming of an “unbiased” dem party leader. :/

    Donna needs to just endorse Obama and get it over with.

  362. who listens to the BrilloPad Brazille. She’s a fcuking bytch, if she was very smart Al Gore would have won.

    Since when is somebody campaigning for President destroying the party. The woman would be ahead right now if they hadn’t STOLEN votes from Florida and Michigan.

    I hope that byitch gets ass cancer

  363. Fathead Timmeh on NBC News claiming Hillary has to win Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Indiana, or her strategy doesn’t work.

    The Clinton Haters must now have their goal posts mounted on wheels, they keep moving them around so much.

  364. You know the more they count her out, the more she’ll gain support. People are really pissed at how the media is treating her.

    The DNC seems almost out of control in wanting this to be over .. makes one wonder what else they are afraid of might sink bambi in the polls even more. They are afraid but if they allow him to become the nominee and more shit hits the fan .. well, kiss the office of POTUS for the Dems goodby.

  365. WTH??? Why are you letting the msm do this to you? Work on getting Hillary into office, by contacting voters, delegates and the media that you are privy. Why are you giving up right before a HUGE WIN?

    Stop it.

  366. the thing that gets me about cantwell is that when she first came to the senate, she had campaign debt. stocks had gone down after 9/11 and she needed to pay off her debt. HRC had funraisers for her at he (HRCs) home.

    Timmeh does not know shyt

  367. cantwell: we need to REMIND her what HRC has done for her. This is cutthroat to kill the Clintons. The backlash will be so severe that the party will be doomed for the next many years.

    Anyone got contact info for Cantwell?

  368. Joe Friday,

    Do you have a link to that interview? What time was it on? i wanna check it and shoot off letters toDean and the DNC about the ILLEGALITY of one of theri SPOKESPEOPLE DARING to say HRC can’t win. She is showing her bias and that HAS to be grounds for IMPEACHMENT! IMPEACH BRILLO-HEAD!

    DOT!!!!!! Didya get it yet?

  369. I have a better one than that. How about a McCain/Clinton ticket to piss off the whole crowd at the DNC!!

  370. “Clinton Pursuing the Tonya Harding Strategy.”

    WTF!!!!!!!!!! They will say ANYTHING!!!!!! An ‘anonymous’ Democratic Leader made these remarks. See Jack Tapper’s story.

  371. I wish I could figure the strategy on him being on vacation? Don’t they remember what happened to Kerry when he went windsurfing?

  372. Brilliant move by Hillary:

    By Anne E. Kornblut

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking for the first time directly about the association between the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Sen. Barack Obama, said “getting up and moving” would have been the right response to hearing the preacher’s fiery sermons.

    Wright “would not have been my pastor,” Clinton said during an interview with the conservative editorial board of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, whose endorsement she is seeking. “You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend,” she said. Obama refused to disavow Wright even as he said he disagreed with some of his sermons.

    Clinton had declined for many days to talk about the Wright controversy, which escalated to such an extent that Obama delivered an address on race in Philadelphia last week. Her advisers, during a conference call on the state of the Democratic race, declined on Tuesday to fan the flames. But Clinton, speaking in Pittsburgh, cited her earlier condemnation of radio host Don Imus, after he insulted the Rutgers’ women’s basketball team, as an example of how Obama should have reacted to his pastor’s words.

    “You know, I spoke out against Don Imus, saying that hate speech was unacceptable in any setting, and I believe that,” the paper quoted Clinton as saying. “I think you have to speak out against that. You certainly have to do that, if not explicitly, then implicitly by getting up and moving.”

    Bill Burton, an Obama spokesman, issued a response: “After originally refusing to play politics with this issue, it’s disappointing to see Hillary Clinton’s campaign sink to this low in a transparent effort to distract attention away from the story she made up about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia. The truth is, Barack Obama has already spoken out against his pastor’s offensive comments and addressed the issue of race in America with a deeply personal and uncommonly honest speech. The American people deserve better than tired political games that do nothing to solve the larger challenges facing this country.”

  373. Senator Maria Cantwell

    DC Phone: 202-224-3441
    DC Fax: 202-228-0514

    District Offices:

    Spokane, WA
    Voice: 509-353-2507
    FAX: 509-353-2547

    Richland, WA
    Voice: 509-946-8106
    FAX: 509-946-6937

    Vancouver, WA
    Voice: 360-696-7838
    FAX: 360-696-7844

    Everett, WA
    Voice: 425-303-0114
    FAX: 425-303-8351

    Seattle, WA
    Voice: 206-220-6400
    FAX: 206-220-6404

    Tacoma, WA
    Voice: 253-572-2281
    FAX: 253-572-5879

  374. well folks I’m here till the last dawg dies. I’m planning to continue to work hard for her.

    All of our goal is HRC = 44.

  375. AmericanGal Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    I have heard rumors that there may be a “mini conference” of delegates after the last primary in June. Could some of these comments by SD saying they will vote for the pledged delegate leader be the work of Pelosi and Dean behind the scenes? Maybe that’s why Bill C. is visiting the large California contingent of SD in person to make his case. The SD battle may be raging right now as Obama surely want’s to stop things before his situation gets worse…

    I’m sure the senior SDs are already talking in smoke-filled conference calls. 🙂 I mean people like Gore and CArter.

    Realistically there’s always pressure to please ones constituents. An SD Congressman or Governor who prefers another candidate may need a figleaf metric such as ‘with the pledged delegates.’ Previously Obama and Moveon were pushing ‘with the popular vote.’ Imo it would be good to push some better metric such as ‘with the popular vote of Democrats of all 50 states’ or ‘with the electoral votes of the primary states’ etc.

    Personally, I don’t want to over-pressure the SDs directly, particulary those outside my area, but it might help to push these metrics and arguments in the local papers of those states, to influence the constituents of SDs who may be in the balance. Or just to post there about who can best win in November, how much Wright will damage Obama, etc.

    Another reason for having Superdelegates, is to give a last-minute judgement on things that have come up since the early states voted; some Obama voters are having buyer’s remorse and might be encouraged to tell that to their SD.

  376. well, of coarse they are hitting hillary now, is because they want both dem contenders to lose so old man McCain can win. They’ll soon be off Hillary and back to Obama cuz Obama’s is juicier! All Hillary’s stuff is old and its harder to come up with a new story line. The Bosnia thing certainly did not change anyones mind against her and back to Obama unless the person is brain dead!!

  377. Confloyd,

    IMHO, BO went to the Virgin Islands so no one could ask him about Wright and so Axelrod and company could stir up the Bosnia diversion and get Richardson out there demanding HRC drop out of the race.
    Out of sight, out of mind.
    I think he will be back tomorrow to start his 6 day bus tour through PA.

  378. basil9 Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 6:58 pm
    Skip if you’re in a bad mood
    Basil: if I skipped reading things when I was in a bad mood I would get nothing done.

    I hear ya, but try the benign explanation first. Are there Machiavellian plotters? Of course there are. Do they want to destroy Hillary and everything she stands for? Probably. Why? Schadenfreunde. Do they also want to feather their own nest, protect corporations and pursue a globalist agenda at the expense of working Americans? Yup. Do they have the total power to dictate the outcome? No. Are there other forces within the party who support Hillary–and us? Most definitely. Will those people simply roll over for the Machiavellians? I doubt it. Will her big dollar contributors allow this to happen? I doubt it. Will the demographic groups who support her punish the party if they try to do this? That is an understatement. How? McCain in 2008 third party later Why? Because Hillarys supporters are deeply committed to her on a personal level and no other candidate can claim their loyalty? Well, what about Teddie Kennedy? They remember what happened to Mary Jo Kopekne when she trusted Ted. What about Claire McCassil? Poll cat! What about Burly Bill Richardson? Why should anyone trust him when the chips are down after he betrayed his friends and mentors in their hour of need? What about Barack Huessin Obama? Race Man (Prof. Sean Wilentz) ask the Reagan Democrats. What about cashflow-lifesblood of any business? Money is going to campaigns and DNC is starving. Solution? Settle before covention. Criteria:tbd. Brinksmanship? Sure. Pacification of supporters? uncertain even with candidate endorsement. McCain prospects: looking better and better. Disenfranchise voters: McCain wins.
    who support her groups who support her sit idly by if the Machiavellians try to destroy her? Not on your life and not on theirs either. who support Hillary roll over for these Machiavellian schlameels? Not on your life. Will they support the party in November if

  379. I just HAD to post the article. it’s not too long.
    Democratic Party Official: Clinton Pursuing ‘The Tonya Harding Option’

    March 25, 2008 3:44 PM

    l just spoke with a Democratic Party official, who asked for anonymity so as to speak candidly, who said we in the media are all missing the point of this Democratic fight.

    The delegate math is difficult for Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, the official said. But it’s not a question of CAN she achieve it. Of course she can, the official said.

    The question is — what will Clinton have to do in order to achieve it?

    What will she have to do to Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, in order to eke out her improbable victory?

    She will have to “break his back,” the official said. She will have to destroy Obama, make Obama completely unacceptable.

    “Her securing the nomination is certainly possible – but it will require exercising the ‘Tonya Harding option.'” the official said. “Is that really what we Democrats want?”

    The Tonya Harding Option — the first time I’ve heard it put that way.

    It implies that Clinton is so set on ensuring that Obama doesn’t get the nomination, not only is she willing to take extra-ruthless steps, but in the end neither she nor Obama win the gold.

    (In this metaphor, presumably, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., would be Oksana Baiul. Does that make former President Bill Clinton Jeff Gillooly?)

  380. belay my last. forgot to delete footer. should read as follows:

    basil9 Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 6:58 pm
    Skip if you’re in a bad mood
    Basil: if I skipped reading things when I was in a bad mood I would get nothing done.

    I hear ya, but try the benign explanation first.

    Question: Are there Machiavellian plotters? Of course there are. Do they want to destroy Hillary and everything she stands for? Probably. Why? Schadenfreunde. Do they also want to feather their own nest, protect corporations and pursue a globalist agenda at the expense of working Americans? Yup. Do they have the total power to dictate the outcome? No. Are there other forces within the party who support Hillary–and us? Most definitely. Will those people simply roll over for the Machiavellians? I doubt it. Will her big dollar contributors allow this to happen? I doubt it. Will the demographic groups who support her punish the party if they try to do this? That is an understatement. How? McCain in 2008 third party later Why? Because Hillarys supporters are deeply committed to her on a personal level and no other candidate can claim their loyalty? Well, what about Teddie Kennedy? They remember what happened to Mary Jo Kopekne when she trusted Ted. What about Claire McCassil? Poll cat! What about Burly Bill Richardson? Why should anyone trust him when the chips are down after he betrayed his friends and mentors in their hour of need? What about Barack Huessin Obama? Race Man (Prof. Sean Wilentz) ask the Reagan Democrats. What about cashflow-lifesblood of any business? Money is going to campaigns and DNC is starving. Solution? Settle before covention. Criteria:tbd. Brinksmanship? Sure. Pacification of supporters? uncertain even with candidate endorsement. McCain prospects: looking better and better. Disenfranchise voters: McCain wins.

  381. I am a skating fan, so I understand the Tonya Harding reference. But, to be quite honest, I think Rev Wright might destroy BO’s chances, especially if FOX has more beans to spill. His campaign is doing some of the destructing.

  382. wbboei,
    Schadenfreude. (pleasure at others misfortunes) You got it. As usual, i love your analysis but the end of your comments were cut off. Could you repost?

    Also, meant to say earlier that your post way up-thread was great, too.

  383. I think its time someone from Hillary’s campaign called Donna Brazil OUT.

    Enough is enough. She’s been allowed to be part of CNN for a long time now and her bias is obvious and she is a ranking member of the DNC. If this isn’t a conflict then I don’t know what is.

    We should all start mass email tomorrow to DNC .. and phone calls that Donna Brazil be asked to take herself out of the equation .. she is a trouble maker.

    Here is an online comment form you can send:

    Put http in front

  384. Yeah…Hillary is not Tonya Harding….and Wright did not do this to Obama. Obama did this to himself. He chose to sit in that church and that is his right. Now voters have a right to judge him for it. Yes, all of his opponents should just give him a pillow and let him lounge his way to the nomination. The Democratic Party makes me sick. This is why we always lose elections. They just don’t get it!

  385. basil9 posted an article that said:

    “She will have to “break his back,” the official said. She will have to destroy Obama, make Obama completely unacceptable.

    “Her securing the nomination is certainly possible – but it will require exercising the ‘Tonya Harding option.’” the official said. “Is that really what we Democrats want?”

    For lack of a more politically-correct term, that official is completely retarded. Okay, FIRST, no she doesn’t have to do that to win, at all. SECOND, even if she DID do it, the REPUBLICNAS WOULD DO IT ANYWAYS!!! Duh.

  386. That is the thing people are forgetting…the Republicans are going to whatever they can to try to win this election, so it isn’t like all this stuff isn’t going to come out anyway.

  387. Joe Friday,

    I can’t find the Brazille video.

    But i see CNN, ABC and BM are really ratcheting up the dump HRC mantra. 😀

    F**K! You can’t escape it! It’s on the web, on the blogs, on talk radio, in newspapers, on the papers. what’s the solution? Stick your head in the sand and ignore it? It is very discouraging and of course that’s the point. i know. SH!T!

  388. mangomist3 wrote:

    Yeah…Hillary is not Tonya Harding….and Wright did not do this to Obama. Obama did this to himself. He chose to sit in that church and that is his right. Now voters have a right to judge him for it. Yes, all of his opponents should just give him a pillow and let him lounge his way to the nomination. The Democratic Party makes me sick. This is why we always lose elections. They just don’t get it!

    Yep yep! I’m sick of all these wimpy, hand-wringing, hippie Democrats who are basically saying “please don’t vet Obama because you’ll hurt him”. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! WELCOME TO THE BIG LEAGUES!!! Sheesh!

  389. The republicans are NOT gonna roll over and give up the White House.

    If the DNC thinks they’ll not use anything to keep it the are so delusional.

    They really do think he is the Messiah.

    I lodged a complaint online with the DNC.

    PLEASE everyone do a form and let us call as well about Donna Brazil .. she should step aside out of simple respect.

  390. Berkeley vox,

    part of the reason i posted the Tapper report is coz I said the same thing (in much more civil language) up thread about that being done to HRC. (I called it a palace coup) And I wanna know if the anonymous dem is Brazille. Sure sounds like her. Plus, i was astonished by the Tonya Harding comparison. First a monster, now Tonya Harding, the AFS definition of monster . . . so I’m frustrated and disgusted but also felt like tapper had some very funny comments at the end when he was saying if HRC is Harding and BO is Kerrigan I guess that makes McCain Oksana Baiul! ROTF!

  391. mj, Doya mean the Harding reference?

    It’s here.

  392. Main Phone Number:
    (For questions about contributions, please call 877-336-7200)


  393. What I have seen from BHO these past few weeks shows me that he cannot go up against the repub noise machine. He always wants topics off limits. I don’t know how Jonnymac he ruthless? But were he to go up against Bush..Karl Rove would have creamed him…Being objective..with the lead he has he should have tried to keecap HRC..but he can’t she is too good…if he wants it bad enough fight for it…act like you really want it….or if she can’t win like everybody says..let the game play itself out…run down the clock…whats the BFD if she stays in all the way…his history is that he pushes out his comp..and waltzs in…not this time…

  394. Hi Basil: I reposted at 7:53: earlier posting had some stuff at the end which was duplicative to what I said above therefore I have deleted the end part in this posting.

  395. Dot,

    i wanna check it and shoot off letters to Dean and the DNC about the ILLEGALITY of one of their SPOKESPEOPLE DARING to say HRC can’t win. She is showing her bias and that HAS to be grounds for IMPEACHMENT! IMPEACH BRILLO-HEAD!

  396. I think it’s time for Hillary to come out with a MAJOR speech and lay it out .. the DNC is trying to box her into a corner and not allow the votes to be counted .. Barack Obama has stopped the revote in FL and MI and has disenfranchised those millions of voters .. explain that he took his OWN name off the ballot in MI. Explain everything to the voters..

    She should ask for fair air time

  397. There’s an interesting interview with Carl Jeffers done on 710 Kiro in Seattle. He’s a often a guest on CNN, MSNBC etc. I don’t know if he’s offically endorsed Hillary, but he’s pro-Hillary. He’s also pro-Obama, he just thinks Obama isn’t ready right now. Anyways he was on about a month ago and said that one time he was on CNN and was arguing against Obama and during the commercial break he was basically told tone it down. He said they were lucky what when they came back from the break they changed the subject because he wasn’t going to tone it down.

    It’s a fascinating interview, the show archives don’t go back far enough though, or I’d link it 🙁

  398. I can’t imagine the hurt HRC is feeling right now. But she is still fighting for America and her people. She is a very strong woman and she is doing this for the country. She doesn’t want to see us go backwards.

  399. Dot,
    I was gonna write to the FCC but a poster upthread said she’d tried that and had been told there was nothing they could do about unequal news coverage. 🙁
    Birdgal, Hillbilly, it’s CLEAR that HRC surrogates are BANNED from BM. I read that Carville and Begala, in particular, were taken off CNN in December because the BO campaign complained about their support for HRC! And so only pro-BO surrogates are allowed? Like Brillo-head, who is SWORN to be OBJECTIVE in her role as DNC chairperson?

    Dot – no email? 🙁

  400. hubby says that he thinks this is not about Hillary .. it’s about payback to Bill. Simple. How do you hurt someone the worst .. lay into the one they love. It’s about Monica and I believe he is right.

  401. HillBillylover wrote:

    Can someone tell me why Hillary does not have many people coming to her defense? Or is the media just not inviting her surrogates anymore?

    I know. We need James Carville more than ever, right now. Enough of James-Carville-as-impartial-analyst: he needs to take the gloves off and state the obvious: Obama HAS NOT BEEN VETTED IN ANY WAY (as the Wright tapes show) and DEMOCRATS ARE NOT LOSING THE WHITE HOUSE AGAIN because we chose another lame candidate. I like that Carville has been more visible lately, but if anyone here knows him, or can relay a message to him, PLEASE do so!

  402. undoubtedly, the “democratic official” who said Tonya Harding is a BO plant and mouthpiece.

    Ever notice how absolutely juvenile the BO camp is – for one Judas remark, you get a Tonya Harding remark. For endless replays of Rev. Wright videos, you get one Bosnia video.

    It is so tit for tat from them; and instead of getting their guy out there to duel on policy, they distract with this kind of childish crap. It’s like the kid who puts thumb-tacks on the teachers’ chair – scary that these people think the country will be that easy to run.

  403. >>.it’s CLEAR that HRC surrogates are BANNED from BM

    so where is democracy in so called democrat country USA… and these same bigots CNN , ABC NEWS refer to china as “Communist China” and say there is no media in china and people in china are not humans at all… look at the double standards… this is the reason western media was not respected in ASIA lately everyone can see their bias

  404. I gave up watching Fox last week. I was cleaning and just listening, not watching. There was a pundit on I agreed with 100%. I was all “This is genius! Get him out there!” and I look up and it’s ROVE. At that point I had to turn the tv off and bath myself in Lysol. I haven’t gone back to Fox since. Which means I don’t get my news from TV anymore, but I’m a better person for that.

  405. no big media and print continue to rape her. Donna Brazil continues to sling vile shit.

    Hillary is still fighting for America.

    Thats about it.

  406. Theory time,

    For those who wonder WHY HRC’s surrogates aren’t more visible and WHY she doesn’t get equal coverage, here’s my take.

    Aside from theTweeties, the Ogremans, the Shitzers, the Round-the World’s, who are beyond our grasp at this point, who do you think screens their emails, books their guests, schedules the shows, decides on video content? Most people in those support position jobs are youngish latte liberal types and I have no doubt they censor, edit and skew network correspondence toward the messiah. Don’t you think it’s strange that Lou Dobbs, a show that’s hardly popular with the liberals, has run two polls in a row that were hands-down HRC winners and yet the results favored BO? I think they’ve even infiltrated Lou coz he looked pretty shocked tonight and yesterday when the results were tallied.

    The tech savvy media workers of today know their way around a computer program and just as some on Forum have speculated that BO’s campaign has robo-callers, robo-emailing, those same techniques are used in BM offices. (IMHO)


    I think there are some serious OPPOSITION RESEARCH types on the board. 

  407. FYI, I’m not one of them. Here is my latest letter to DNC (I think I might have been too rude, but whatever):

    I am extremely disturbed at the actions of the DNC and the obvious “rigging” that has been going on behind the scenes in order to cram Barack Obama down our throats. It is extremely obvious that that the DNC is trying to throw Hillary Clinton off the train. How could you possibly think that invalidating the votes of millions of Democrats in Michigan and Florida so that your “chosen one” will get the nomination will result in a General Election win in the fall? I’ve got news for you, it ain’t gonna happen. Can Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazille be any more obvious in their partiality to Obama? I am sick about this, and will no longer be calling myself a democrat. Barack Obama is unelectable in the General Election, so I hope all your egos will be able to handle it when John McCain takes office.

  408. Hannity and Combs tonight for Fox website

    Tuesday, March 25:
    More on Hillary’s Bosnia blunder: We’ll talk with FOX Contributors Juan Williams and Robert Novak

    Williams has been good to Hillary. Novak is a jerk..

  409. I still have no idea how Novak 1. still has a job and 2. has any credibility left after Plamegate.

  410. On Greta tonight on Fox

    Tueday, March 25:
    Kilpatrick controversy: As the scandal heats up, what’s next for Detroit’s mayor? Nothing gets by Greta

  411. basil9 wrote:

    I think there are some serious OPPOSITION RESEARCH types on the board. 

    Yep yep. At the risk of sounding self-congratulatory, Hillaryis44 is the best campaign/political blog/website, hands down. The people here are INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about both the substance of politics (the stuff that matters) and the “game” of politics (managing media cycles, etc.) It’s awesome, in the true sense of the word. The Big Blogs are overrun by hippie weirdos and right-wing nuts, mostly, but this site is really, really good.

  412. Ok, I’m not worried about Cantwell. She can change her mind latter. Can you imagine how the Obamabots have probably been harassing her. This gets them off her back.

    We have to stop being so reactive. If Obama were winning why are all his surrogates panicing? Let’s just take it a day at a time.


    Former president recalled visit with Hillary

  414. just, she just aid she would vote for whomever had the most pledged. But she can always change her mind. It’s really just how BO plays it. He tries to get his opponents to quit. This is high stakes poker. We have the best hand.

  415. I read that Larry King will have Sinbad and a reporter who was with Hillary on the Bosnia trip.

    So let me get this straight. After Rev Wright came to light, Larry has Obama on to defend himself (except, it was a puffy interview). After the Bosnia incident, Larry has Sinbad on to criticize Hillary some more? Okay.

  416. Have been writing/emailing uncommitted SDs and recieved a response today from one of the governors….it wouldn’t be earth shattering but I think it is very good news. Don’t wan’t to post here b/c I don’t want to give get him inundated with emails from the enemy.

    Bottom line……contact the SDs. It works. They are listening. I will send the letter I am using, the response I received today and the contact info for the uncommitted SDs in upcoming states to anyone who is interested.

  417. I think we should call for Brazille to step down from CNN she afterall is being unfair and I think we should also say we are not willing to donate to DNC until they count florida and michigan this needs to be heard loud and clear

  418. hi guys! came home to hear the bs from the pundits and talking heads…. ugh! makes me ill how unfair things are for hillary!

  419. just me .. read upthread, I posted a link to DNC comment form PLEASE fill it out and ask for her to step down. Call also if you can

  420. just me .. CNN won’t ask her to step down. They all have their heads up Obambi’s ass. They are in cahoots

  421. I’m way ahead of you, justmeinmoutdoralfl! I told the DNC to KMA, and will not get a dime from me until they count all voters. I also told them it was time to fire Brazille and Dean and get their act together.

    —hoping for the hundredth time this will go through—-

  422. wbboei, I do think something might be afoot, as Kevin Drum said. Someone on TM mentioned that interview with Harry Reid, too.

    Think about the contrast here: A very calm Harry Reid (who’s neutral) says he’s confident a nominee will be chosen well before the convention, but he can’t elaborate. Then you have DNC Obama supporter Donna Brazile screaming that Hillary’s destroying the party. I believe there’s definitely more here than meets the eye.

  423. @Dot and Diva,
    Please let me know if recieved….sometimes my spam filter at work blocks emails to yahoo accounts, etc.

  424. This is what I wrote to DNC

    As a democrat myself, I’ve been a proud participant since President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore became our leaders. I joined Senator Lieberman and Senator Dodd while I was in High School on a bus tour working to help Clinton and Gore to win the state of Connecticut. The values they’ve helped stuck with me since then. Now with both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton vying to become our next President, I must admit I am disgusted with how the party is dividing itself. I am not here to point fingers at who is starting what but to look at the leaders of the DNC. The leaders of the DNC, some have been rather neutral and those leaders, I respect. Others are quite excited about the enthusiasm that both are generating, and this too I am quite excited as well. And then there are others who are constantly criticizing one more then the other is whom I feel rather disappointed in. I turn on the television and look forward to seeing what’s new in the political world and I see Brazille on CNN constantly and she continues to talk down to Senator Clinton. Senator Clinton as a Senator, First Lady, and Advocate for Children has contributed quite a lot and for Brazille to continue the way she continues only hurts the democratic party. I respect the rules that were established by the DNC and I understand it was the state parties that violated the rules by changing the primary dates (Michigan and Florida) however you cannot change the will of the people. Brazile has hurt my voice and she does not represent the DNC because she needs to be neutral and because of this I am refusing to donate money to the DNC until two things occurs. One is that my state of Florida must be heard. We do not want a repeat of the Gore-Bush. Remember how close it was that year – if not – it was 543. Should we continue the way we are, Florida is definitely not going to be in our column. The second part is Brazille needs to be neutral. She needs to tone down her opinions and be neutral. My enthusiasm is waning, and fast. I am not sure if this matters to you yet if you are a party of the people, it should.

    Should neither count. You can count my vote goodbye.

  425. i said here many times i have to stay away from the national cable news. foxnews is fairer to hillary but they sometimes revert back to thier gop leanings. i admite i will “peak” at cnn and msnbc but i have to calm myself down afterwords. mathews and obamabot rep smith were tagteaming rep stestack i believe on hardball. correct spelling on the rep’s name please?lol.

  426. diva should post more recipes! (or send recipes!). I’m going to get cooking lessons from my friend, I need suggestions.

  427. Well…a funny thing happened to me in my local library;
    I go there almost every day for a few hours to use their faster internet/computer since I have dial up at home – slow!

    Got talking with a lady and she said she comes in almost every day to print stuff out and read at home and keep lots of notes/articles. At first she talked about general stuff and then she started talking about BO. She mentioned reading lots of stuff about Obama and is VERY concerned, actually afraid of saying much …

    We talked a lot!…gave her vital websites/blogs to come to…

    She will be voting McCain! Unnfortunately she has given up on hill!

    I believe this type of concern is happening across the country!

  428. This is Riverdaughter’s take on that Harry Reid interview and his cryptic response:

    He is placing the blame with the DNC. He is also saying MI and FL caused all of the problems, not any other state. So, is he saying that they are at fault? No, he may be saying, “None of the other jump ahead states were penalized, just MI and FL and that is why they are problematic.” He’s also saying that they will be seated but doesn’t say in what capacity. So, my layman’s interpretation is: Reid is PO’d at Dean (there is an reference in the beginning of the article to this). Harry’s pissed off and probably many others as well. Dean has gotten the message and this will be settled before the convention. The delegates will be seated but may *not* be counted in the vote total unless there is a decision by the superdelegates that the popular vote winner, as counted by the number of voters that those delegates represent, takes priority when they break the tie. (Does Reid know that the SDs for Hillary will win the day? He must be counting the votes) And this is important because neither candidate will have enough delegates to reach the magic number, the SDs will break the tie and the popular votes will be the defining factor.

    Ok, now it’s your turn. Go read the article and tell me where I’m wrong.

  429. mj, Everything is too cryptic at this point. But I have believed for a while that this wasn’t going to the convention.

    Reid’s comments today that he’s certain a nominee will be picked well before August reinforced that.

  430. Saw this on Hillary’s blog:



  431. riverdaughter is wrong in one area: Reid does not back Hillary or Obama. He’s purposely staying neutral. That’s why his comments are important.

  432. Cantwell is defecting.

    By way of background Cantwell is not a Washington native. She came here from Miami of Ohio, started a sofware company, and that company went belly up–a victim of the dot com boom and bust.

    When she ran for the US Senate Hillary gave her financial and political support when she desperately needed it. When she was up for reelection in 2006 the Republican Party targeted her as a vulnerable seat, and ran the former President Safeco Insurance Company against her (McGaverick) against her. Again, Hillary came to her rescue. She came out to Seattle and held rallies. I attended a high donor fundraiser for her in the Highlands a year ago January and Hillary proclaimed her virtues to anyone that would listen. Cantwell went on to win the election by a double digit margin. Thus it was no surprise to me when she and her fellow senator endorsed Hillary. Cantwell always stuck me as a bit of a wall flower but I always assumed her support for Hillary would be unwavering. My mistake.

    I saw Joe Fridays posts and launched a series of calls to her offices here and in Washington DC. The only live body I managed to reach was in her DC senate office. He told me he had received a number of calls on this and went on to read me the text of an interview Cantwell gave yesterday to some publication called the Columbia Journal.

    In it she reportedly said that as a superdelegate she would support the candidate who had the most pledged delegates, won the most states and had the most popular votes–and would give greatest weight to the most pledged delegates. He told me that was not an endorsement of Obama and I told him that that depended on whether she also supported disenfrancisement of Florida and Michigan. I went on to tell him this was a repudiation of her support for Clinton and I would be speaking to others around the state about it. He referred me to the campaign offfice and I left messages. I am beginning to think she has been in the Senate too long.

  433. hillfans, on blog having a lively discussion on frank(obama focus groupie)luntz giving hillary a leg up on the nomination becuase of big states on hannity and colms.

  434. Thanks for that info on the stocks, HillBillyLover!

    I’m reading the blog from like 6 pm down right now.

    Campbell Brown is a joke. SNL was right on with her. She is a pretty face who is not ready for prime time. Cafferty is a jackass. Anderson Cooper, who is not a very good journalist, looks like Mike Wallace when compared with Brown.

    Roland Martin, Donna Brazile and Jamaal Simmons are all so in the tank for BHO, it’s pathetic.

  435. justmeinmountdorafl, you were much more measured than I!

    I was too mad when I wrote my letter, still am. I really am considering going independent, what have the dems done since Clinton? John Kerry for president? WTF was that? I held my nose and voted for him, but why should we have to do that?

    Someone tell me why I’m wrong?

  436. For the last time, Ms. Brazille!!! It isn’t Hillary that is ruining everything! It is you, Dean, Kerry, and the rest of your corrupt mob! It’s Obama with all his shady connections, racist beliefs, and last but not least…lies and more lies! It’s a media who refuses to do their jobs! But once and for all, it isn’t and never will be Hillary Clinton. Her only fault in all of this is thinking that she can get fair and decent treatment by all of you! What a joke!

    I am sick and tired of the name calling, truth twisting, and lack of morals in the DNC. Why don’t you all do us a favor and resign!

  437. Cantwell always stuck me as a bit of a wall flower but I always assumed her support for Hillary would be unwavering. My mistake.

    Me too. Hopefully Murray will stick around. They’ve both been under a lot of pressure to switch to Obama.

  438. Thanks Hillbillylover!

    I do feel Hillary has a chance. She’s not dumb hence wont back out but I really am tired of the DNC and its’ leaders.

  439. Paula – I believe you’re right. Probably the mixup is Rory Reid, his son, who led her campaign in NV.

  440. Ininla, if you’re still here… I got a voice message from the PA volunteer coordinator today. Let her message. PA people are fast.

    Digressing… was perusing the posts here today. Some of y’all are really bad. You’re posting everything negative about Hillary the talking heads are saying. It turns this place negative. I can’t seem to escape the media.

    We all know the MSM hates Hillary. Nothing Hillary does will ever garner her positive attention. I’ve been waiting since Super Tuesday and I’m still waiting. Actually, I’ve given up on them.

  441. No problem, Universal. Did you get the parking ticket thing too? Little thing but goes to his arrogance and makes his stance that “rules are rules” look absolutely ridiculous!

  442. @tiny: i know!!! i havent blogged in ages! have barely even cooked for hubby… you just have to tell me what recipe youre looking for and i will send it to you… i have tons and am really looking forward to all of the good spring veggies!

    @justme: great letter!!!

  443. thanks divabunny – its truly how I felt. Im sick of the DNC deciding how my vote should be counted!

  444. Basil – you are right on, this IS a coup attempt. Many Dems (think the Kennedys, Kerry, …) are JEALOUS AS HELL of Bill and Hillary, and they think this is their chance to bury the Clintons and their legacy. Judas said just the other day about “what about the rest of us?” when talking about the Clintons.

    This is all about ego and a bunch of jealous losers. There is a TON of resentment from these folks, and it’s a bunch of BS.

  445. I am a 45 yr atty living in South Florida.
    Our family has loved the Clinton’s since we first became aware of President Clinton in 1988 at the democrat national convention. President Clinton, imo, is the best President we have had since FDR, and we did very well under his leadership, along with then First Lady Hillary Clinton.
    We attended the dedication of President Clinton’s library in Arkansas and returned there again several years ago.
    We recently attended a Senator Clinton fund raiser in Boca Raton, and had the pleasure of meeting President Clinton and briefly chatting with him.
    We are disgusted with the behavior of the media , the mainstream press, the DNC,
    far left members of the democratic party, Speaker Pelosi, and people like Bill Richardson, who are doing all they can to promote Obama. President Clinton was 100% correct when he stated this is a “fairy tale”. Anyone who is unbiased can see the hypocrisy going on here, the totally disingenuous way Obama has run this campaign, and the fact that no one in recent memory is more qualified to run this country than Senator Clinton.
    From the Clinton haters, like Chris Mathews and Tim Russert, to disloyal elected officials like Kerry, Kennedy, Richardson, Pelosi( she really sickens me as she made such a big deal over being the first woman SPeaker, but like Oprah, goes for a man instead of a woman pioneer like Hillary)and many others whom the Clinton’s did so much for, this is a disgraceful display of behavior.
    It hurts me to say, but if Hillary is not the nominee, I will register as an independent and may very well vote for McCain as he is much more honorable than Obama , the real promoter of the race card.
    It is also sad t see how the African American community, whom the Clinton’s always championed, have almost completely turned their back on the Clinton’s. Truth be said, the entire thing has ruined my view of the democratic party and it may be irreversible.

  446. Hi everyone! Just to let you guys know that there are many many young college and 20-somethings that are strong supporters and boosters for Hillary Clinton. We have a page on facebook, and some of the regular posters there have created a new group you may be interested in:

    It’s called “CAN” I get a revote, and we’re sending in cans to the the DNC. Lots and lots of cans. Join us! Because Obama bin Lyin does NOT have the “lock” on the youth vote!!!

    Here is the normal facebook Hillary page:

  447. Commenting to DNC was a terrific idea re: Brazile’s repeated attempts to influence the race is a great idea. Everyone shoud do it…

    I felt much better after I sent this…

    I am very concerned that a senior member of the DNC leadership, Donna Brazile, would continually try and influence the nomination process for the our party. Having a DNC official commenting on CNN and major networks invites problems. Having her say that a major candidate “cannot win” when there are still 10 states, millions of people and hundreds of SDs to vote, is completely inappropriate. If Ms. Brazile would like to be a TV commentator or a campaign operative for Senator Obama, I would prefer that she resign her post at the DNC. If she would like to remain at the DNC, I would prefer that she spend her time finding a solution to the disenfranchisement of two major swing states.

  448. Ann that was a wonderful written letter, good! I agree with you that everyone needs to write a letter!


  449. wbboei – do you have any influence with the weather up here? I need some sun and not just one day of it.


  450. From what I read of that interview Cantrell never said she was not voting for Hillary just that the leader in pledged delegates should be the main factor for SD to use when deciding. She may have just said this to throw off the Obama camp and the pressure she is receiving from Obama supporters constantly harrassing her and her staff.

  451. HBL – Yes, I did. Nice to see Barack wasn’t concerned about his tickets. Loser.

    Cantwell sounds like Judas II

    We need to get rid of Brazille, both from the DNC Committee Chariperson role at the convention she has and from CNN. She is embarrassing at this point.

    Berkeley Vox — I was explaining to my brother about this site, and I said something similar to what you and basil and others have said.

    I basically told him if you want to see the best, least ‘inhibited’ discussion by people who care about, volunteer for and donate to Hillary, this is the place to go. Everyone knows about this site, and that’s why there are sites that comment about things here and why both campaigns and the media pays attention to what’s going on here. And I agree, many or most here have a good idea of how things work all the way around, including the media angles.


  452. Here’s one of the articles about WA superdelegates being pressured to back Obama.

    Highlights –
    The Seattle Times, the state’s largest newspaper, in the lead editorial on Monday urged superdelegates to heed the decisive caucus and the Feb. 19 primary results and consider switching to Obama.

  453. Paula Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 9:53 pm
    wbboei, Cantwell is trying to have it both ways, obviously.

    Paula-yea I now, but it is what she is doing in the process that troubles me, i.e. i) switching from Hillary to Obama– like Lewis, without mentioning him by name, and ii) accepting Clintons help in her hour of need and then turning her back on Clinton when the tables are turned–like Richardson. That is the problem.

  454. I’m too lazy to go dig through the Seattle Times for the editorial. And I’m kind of boycotting them since they didn’t cover the Wright fiasco until after Obama’s speech and only then it was praising Obama for making the speech.

    Maybe we have kool-aid in the rain.

  455. DivaBunny – thank you very much. I’m glad you liked it and I really appreciate the support. 🙂

    TriMT7 – That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    wbboei — Exactly!

    I have to go do some work, but DAMN I love this place, and glad to have such great fellow HRC supporters to talk with!

    Oh, one other thing. I read somewhere that one of BHO’s childhood friends said that BHO saw everything
    through the prism of race. Apparently this person was
    one of the characters in “Dreams of My Fathers” (combined with some other people to make an amalgam character). He brought up how when a basketball coach did something with Barack (probably
    sat him down during a game), Barack told this guy that the coach did it b/c Barack was black.

    If all of this is true, then Wright, etc. make a lot more sense. We’re going to have to look this one up. The
    man’s name escapes me, but it was an African-sounding last name, I believe, and I just saw this in the last day or two.

    Hope all are having a nice night!


  456. The big media has started applying the liberal label on Obama to smooth the way for McCain

    Today’s New York Times Front Page Story:

    March 25, 2008

    Political Memo

    Obama’s Test: Can a Liberal Be a Unifier?


    WASHINGTON — At the core of Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is a promise that he can transcend the starkly red-and-blue politics of the last 15 years, end the partisan and ideological wars and build a new governing majority.

    To achieve the change the country wants, he says, “we need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, independents and Republicans together to get things done.”

    But this promise leads, inevitably, to a question: Can such a majority be built and led by Mr. Obama, whose voting record was, by one ranking, the most liberal in the Senate last year?

    Also, and more immediately, if Mr. Obama wins the Democratic nomination, how will his promise of a new and less polarized type of politics fare against the Republican attacks that since the 1980s have portrayed Democrats as far out of step with the country’s values?

    To many political strategists, the furor over the racial views of Mr. Obama’s former pastor is only the first of many such tests the senator will face if he is the nominee.

    Tomorrow’s Washington Post Front Page Story:

    In Obama’s ‘New’ Politics, Some Foes See Old Liberalism

    By Alec MacGillis
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, March 26, 2008; A01

    Sen. Barack Obama offers himself as a post-partisan uniter who will solve the country’s problems by reaching across the aisle and beyond the framework of liberal and conservative labels he rejects as useless and outdated.

    But as Obama heads into the final presidential primaries, Sen. John McCain and other Republicans have already started to brand him a standard-order left-winger, “a down-the-line liberal,” as McCain strategist Charles R. Black Jr. put it, in a long line of Democratic White House hopefuls.

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign has also started slapping the L-word on Obama, warning that his appeal among moderate voters will diminish as they become more aware of liberal positions he took in the past, such as calling for single-payer health care and an end to the U.S. embargo against Cuba. “The evidence is that the more [voters] have been learning about him, the more his coalition has been shrinking,” Clinton strategist Mark Penn said.

    The double-barreled attack has presented Democratic voters with some persistent questions about Obama: Just how liberal is he? And even if he truly is a new kind of candidate, can he avoid being pigeonholed with an old label under sustained assault?

    These two stories two days in a row in the two most respected newspapers in the country is not an accident. They are starting to pave the way for McCain. I hope the Democratic party is not stupid enough to select Obama as the nominee.

  457. Tiny-that is par for the course for Frank Blethen who is head of the Seattle Times, a family based newspaper which remains to this day more republican than democratic in its leanings. It has been reported to me that Blethen has one real passion in life– repeal of the inheritance tax. That his paper would be promoting the caucus results now after trashing them in February, and that he would failto understand the role of superdelegates is hardly surprising if you know anything about Blethen. Just today a friend of mine suggested that I send him my article on Why Reagan Democrats Support Hillary. Now I am less inclined to do that.

    Tiny, I have been trying for 57 years to influence the weather here in Seattle because I do agree it gets gloomy in these long winter months. The only thing I have found that really works is a plane ticket to California.

  458. From tomorrow’s front-page wsj..

    add h t t p

  459. Here’s my little blog today:

    Barack Obama is a stickler for the rules.

    Except when it comes to parking citations. While a student at Harvard Law school, Barack Obama received a total of 17 parking violations between 1988 and 1991, 15 of which went unpaid until January of 2007. Most of these tickets were for parking at a bus stop, not putting money in the meter and not having a parking permit on his vehicle. Why on earth did he wait 16 years to pay these citations?

    Some people may say, so what? Personally, I think it is just an example arrogance in a man that has possessed an air of entitlement since the start of this election. Parked his car in a bus stop? Are you kidding me?

    Call me old fashioned, but paying one’s debts is a sign of character and integrity. Not paying when one has the means to is just plain cheating. Character is of paramount importance in a president. Without it, you get someone like George W. Bush.

    The fact that he only paid these tickets after the decision was made to run for the presidency demonstrates the action of political expediency, not conscience. That seems to be a reccuring theme with Obama.

    After examination of his associates, including Jeremiah Wright and Rezko, I’m beginning to wonder if he actually has a conscience at all.

  460. My thoughts for the day…

    1. I feel so sorry for Obama’s granny. The way he has treated her is a disgrace. Doesn’t he realize that he is blessed to have a grandmother who is still alive? I sure wish my grandmothers were still here.

    2. The MSM reported Bosnia more than I thought they would, but they’ll still forget about it in another day or two. Besides, anybody who really cares can and will look it up on the Internet and find out that there’s more to the story than what the MSM is reporting.

    3. The people who say that Hillary needs to drop out of the race for the sake of Democratic Party unity are full of goose poop. What’s destroying the Democrats is Michigan and Florida. And if these two states don’t get a say in the nomination, I think they’ll vote Republican for a long time to come, not just in November. The voters won’t forget about this next year or in four years.

    4. About Kwame Kilpatrick… This scandal has been covered locally for several weeks now and I feel that it has distracted the media and the people from the presidential election. The local media hardly covered the death of the do-over. It’s all Kwame, all the time.

  461. TPS, also, Obama has a lot of ties to socialists. Not smearing socialist folk, but the right wing will have a field day with that and will use those connections to paint him as an ultra liberal “lefty”.

  462. A thought just occurred to me. All this talk about how Hillary should quit the race may be aimed at trying to suppress some of her poll numbers and voters in upcoming primaries. It’s certainly not working in Pennsylvania but maybe the Obama camp is thinking it will impact down the road if they keep repeating the mantra that she has already lost. Of course, it could have the opposite effect and get voters to come out for Hillary in record numbers as well.

  463. Jen, Obama actually has some communist connections as well. I can see the GOP attacks ads already…

  464. yes…they have to disclose campaign expenditures….that’s how they found the Tiffany purchase this week.

  465. rjk: do the math on the pledged delegates and it becomes obvious what Cantwell is saying.

    That is why I asked her surrogate whether she supported disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan. If the answer to that question is no then the follow up would be if there is no revote will you accept the results of the initial vote.

    If you ask her that question my bullshit detector tells me she will say something like that is not up to me. In which case you will know exactly where she stands.

  466. AmericanGal,
    One could do many “Willie Horton” ads about Obama’s extremist connections. Or they could do one ad featuring all of these questionable characters together. I can imagine them as cartoons dancing around Obama or something like that.

  467. LOL, Jen I think you are on to something! I’m sure the GOP will string out ads in an unfolding tale of shady characters if Obama is the nominee. I do think that if he is the nominee the attacks will actually be quite brutal. How could they not be with all the extremist people in his life? It will most likely make the swiftboating of John Kerry seem tame by comparison. This is why I think he may not win in the GE. They types of connections he has are genuinely upsetting to voters and he can’t just explain them away. They are all really part of who he is as a person.

  468. If Tonia Harding flawlessly exected a a) waltz jump; (b) one-foot spin with minimum of three revolutions; (c) forward crossover, inside Mohawk, backward crossover flawlessly, and received a 2 from the judges time and again &

    If Nancy Kerrigan went out on the ice lost her balance and fell over backwards on her ass, and
    received a 10 from the judges, time and again, &

    If vetting the experience and judgment of a presidential candidate so the voters are not forced to buy a pig in a poke and knowing that the Republicans will do it is really equivalent to breaking a skaters legs . . . .

    Then I suppose the deranged delusional at the Democratic committee who drew this mindless analogy has a point. It is far more likely however that he is just another fool who is determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in which case past is prologue.

  469. we need to stop dick morris and his lies abt hillary! its so bad that media matters is even reporting abt the latest incident on hannity.

    please click on this link and contact EVERYONE abt this. ALL of the contact info is on the right hand side of the page. tell dick to take his toe sucking fetish and stick it! and please tell hannity to plz start calling dick on the lies and ask fox to stop booking this moron!!!

    thank you!

  470. Guys, honestly, few people even watch cable news. Remember they did this to BC during impeachment. Everyday they beat the drum he would be removed from office or forced to quit. It didnt happen.

    As for Cantwell, let’s cut her some slack. She can reaffirm after PA.

  471. @mj: well, i refuse to accept a defeatist attitude… i’m sure we cant change DICK, but you can at least email hannity and fox news and tell them to stop booking DICK if they arent going to call him out on his lies. its just an email… only takes a second.

  472. Read this blog on the political punch.. anyone know what it eudes to?

    I think that if Obama would not bring up the Bosnia trip as an issue, probably Mrs. Clinton would not say anything ab out his pastor either!
    It goes both ways!
    What goes around comes around!
    Also get ready Obama, Hillary has some good news for you by Thursday! Insider information told me!
    Rezko will be a big bomb shell on your head!

    Posted by: | Mar 25, 2008 11:39:33 PM

  473. Paula- I cant find your post above but I think I recall enough of it to respond. I take Brazilles caterwholling as a good thing based in my courtroom experience that no one ever objects to something that does not hurt them. But that is just a hunch. I suppose I could sift through everything that has been said, evaluate its credibilty, and make a reasoned assessment that would turn out to be wrong. The one thing I do think now and I have said it before we are in a much stronger position if we blow him out there. So lets do it. They want me to come back there I have been waiting for something to hatch there but I am now of the view that Pennsylvania is where I need to be even if it is nothing more than making signs, etc.

  474. Debbie, interesting news. Is Political punch a website? Was that from the blog there?

    Also, a funny story…my niece is traveling in Mississippi. She has never been anywhere in her life but Minnesota and California. LOL, she is in solid Republican country and is shell shocked. She had to write me and tell me that there is no love of the Clintons there…it’s all McCain….she says her conversations have been “interesting”. I can’t wait to hear the details of these….

  475. The Harding comparison is the wrong way around. Hillary was the favored one, the one who was performing best. Instead of competing with her in the open on actual performance, Obama snuck around in caucuses, bringing in bullies — anything EXCEPT the kind of competition they were supposed to have. Now blocking re-votes in MI and FL….

  476. filbertsf – I am here. just got back. That’s great the PA coordinator got back to you. I will be ramping up again to help with gay/lesbian outreach and hoping to be in Philly.

    Also, yes, today has been a very negative mood, lots of handwringing both on here and on Taylor Marsh comments.

    I’m not the kickass type – but we used to have so many people on this board who would tell all the whiners to shape up or shut up, and we need them – we need them back.

    The media’s and BO campaign’s point is to demoralize us through psychological warfare – and they’re doing it. We need to spot the persistence of this kind of propaganda and not perpetuate it.

  477. I saw Cantwell quoted as saying she would support whoever had the most states, the most delegates, AND the popular vote. That last is a big out. If no single candidate has ALL THREE, then she would use her judgement (though counting the delegates as the most important among the factors).

    Quite a few bigwigs have said that actually: speaking of one candidate having ALL those factors.

    Maybe I’m wrong about what Cantwell said, but lets’ be careful of spreading the meme that she is getting on the ‘delegates alone’ bandwagon.

  478. 1950: On the Tanya Harding matter I thought ot best attack the 3 underlying premises of the argument to show how ridiculous it is. After seeing your posting I now agree that the better thing to do is to reverse roles and point out that Obama is the real Tanya Harding. Works for me. Maybe that is what we should do with all the bullshit they throw out namey accuse them of the same thing.

  479. 1950Democrat- I agree with you. Cantwell did say…and the “popular vote.” I noticed that CA Rep Lofgen who moved from Obama to Uncommitted superdelegate said the same thing, she said delegate lead, and added popular vote.

    Wonder if from an optimistic perspective, they are covering all basis just in case, shifting the language from delegate lead and emphasizing popular vote to give them the widest range of options if Clinton is to surpass BO in popular votes.

  480. I still say Cantwell was probably being hounded by Obama supporters and said what she did to get them off her back. She never said she WILL vote for whoever had the lead in pledged delegates just that that is one of the factors SD must consider when making their decision.

  481. Hillary and her surrogates need to stress to the SD and the press, that if they were suppose to vote the way their states or congressional districts went, then they would be called pledged delegates and awarded the day of the primary.

  482. Hi everyone. I received a nasty email from an Obamabot yesterday that got my email address from this website. Someone asked last week if there was a place we could swap info privately.

    I have created a safe space on my forum specifically for hillaryis44 members that want a place to strategize, swap emails, etc, away from prying eyes. go to:

    I’ve made a private section called Organizing that is only accessible once I have set up permissions for you for it. If you would like to use this area, please register first with the same name you have here and I will give you permission for this area.

    That should eliminate the need to post private emails here since my forum allows you to send private messages to each other. I am not trying to suggest you use my site instead of this one — I’m just trying to provide a safe place for more sensitive communication since the bots are being particulary obnoxious. Maybe admin would even like to place a link and offer this as a part of hillaryis44?

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