Hillary Clinton Must Quit – NOW!

Eli Manning must quit the Superbowl – NOW! There is no way the Giants can win!

Roadrunner must surrender NOW!. Wyle E. Coyote has a new weapon from Acme Manufacturing that is a sure fire winner, this time.

There is no way. There is no way Hillary Clinton can win New Hampshire. She’s going to lose by 15 points. There is no way Hillary Clinton can win Ohio, let alone Texas. Hillary Clinton is about to lose California. God Almighty, there is no way Hillary Clinton can win Massachusetts now that Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Governor Patrick are working non-stop for B.O.

Latinos are about to vote in droves for Obama now that Oprah and Caroline Kennedy are campaiging in New Mexico.

Surrender Dorothy! There is NO HOPE!

Big Media with all its power is never wrong. The voters must be ignored. Florida and Michigan can — be discarded. Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky can all be ignored, discarded, disenfranchised.

But wait. Maybe that explains this latest wave of demands that Hillary quit. Hillary is ahead by double digits in Pennsylvania. The race is tight in North Carolina with Hillary rising. Hillary is also ahead by double digits in Kentucky and West Virginia. Might this growing Hillary Clinton voter support have something to do with the latest demands that Hillary Clinton quit?

Of course. Whenever Hillary is going to win the demands she quit come rapid fire, over and over and over. The Party can’t survive, Big Media can’t survive if the voters are allowed to disagree.

Whenever Hillary is winning the pundits declare the importance of immediate Party unity and that Hillary immediately quit.

Whenever Hillary is winning Big Media declares that the Party is being damaged.

The recent calls for Hillary to quit are understandable. Voters are waking up to the flim flam man.

Maybe it is that Obama does not have a primary to distract voters from “Pastor” Wright and change the narrative for more than a month. Until April 22 all Obama can do is roll out news stories to fake out voters that this race is over. Obama, Big Media, incense burners know that until April 22 the news will be dominated by longtime Obama friend, slumlord Antoin “Tony” Rezko and “God Damn America” “Pastor” Wright with all his wrongs. For the next month the only story is the alienation of Americans, particularly working class whites, from “God Damn America” Obama.

* * *

Breaking News: Bill Richardson joins the McClurkin Gay bashing tour!

After saying Superdelegates should respect the voters of their respective states Bill Richardson went to Roswell. Gasbags from Roswell agree on Obama.

Let’s recall Bill Richardson’s biggest moment of the campaign (in which he peaked in low single digits):

* * *

Hillary Clinton must Quit – Now!

Fools like Eriposte at The LeftCoaster insist that Hillary Clinton still has a chance of winning. How dare Eriposte express such contrary opinion. How dare Eriposte remind Americans of voter disenfranchisement in Florida in 2000. How dare Eriposte defend voters and their right to vote and have their voices be heard. Stop it. Stop it now.

For the sake of Big Media power — for the sake of the unelectable bigot Barack Obama — for the sake of “Pastor” Wright — for the sake of Antoin “Tony” Rezko — for the sake of DailyKooks — for the sake of those that don’t care about universal health care — for the sake of typical white persons — for the sake of Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee — for the sake of those who are afraid of Latino voters — for the sake of those who are afraid of women voters — for the sake of those afraid of empowered little girls — for the sake of those who are afraid of white working class voters — for the sake of those who are afraid of African-American Hillary Clinton voters — for the sake of Arriana and Russert and Matthews and Olbermann — for the sake of everything that is contrary to American progessive values —

Hillary Clinton must Quit – Now!

Forget Voter Rights! Forget Pennsylvania!