Barack Obama – Unelectable Bigot, Part I

Barack Obama never stops with the politics of distraction and distortion and division.

Barack Obama is tied to “Pastor” Wright for 20 years, tied to Antoin “Tony” Rezko for 20 years, and attempts to expiate these close relationships by releasing 20 second robo-photo pictures of these dastards with Bill Clinton. Barack Obama has slimed Hillary and Bill Clinton with racial smears, has slimed Geraldine Ferraro with racial smears, slimes his own grandmother with racial smears, disenfranchises the voters of Michigan and Florida, and continues to change his version of every story continously all the while talking unity.

Instead of answering questions about his own bigotry, Obama distracts and distorts and divides. Like Felix The Cat, Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks.

This not so wonderful Chicago cat reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a batch of racial smears to get himself out of his latest fix. Today it is fake outrage over a passport. Bill Clinton had his passport files investigated back in 1992 so now Obama and his Big Media protectors are using a similar situation to divert from Obama’s dirty dealings.

It won’t work. Voters will not be distracted by Obama’s tricks.

Voters are asking, What kind of man, what kind of person would slime his own 86 year old grandmother for political profit? The answer is, a man eager to distract and divide and distort from his own failures of judgment. Such a man would throw grandma off the train.

Tuesday’s race speech was yet another Obama trick to distract:

The beauty of a speech is that you don’t just give the answers, you provide your own questions. “Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes.” So said Barack Obama, in his Philadelphia speech about his pastor, friend, mentor and spiritual adviser of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright.

An interesting, if belated, admission.

We at Big Pink saw through that lie immediately. Krauthammer at the Washington Post joins us in catching that lie and additional distractions, today:

“There will no doubt be those for whom my statements of condemnation are not enough. Why associate myself with Reverend Wright in the first place, they may ask? Why not join another church?”

But that is not the question. The question is why didn’t he leave that church? Why didn’t he leave — why doesn’t he leave even today — a pastor who thundered not once but three times from the pulpit (on a DVD the church proudly sells) “God damn America”? Obama’s 5,000-word speech, fawned over as a great meditation on race, is little more than an elegantly crafted, brilliantly sophistic justification of that scandalous dereliction.

We saw through the ‘let’s talk race instead of my lack of judgment’ distortion before the speech. Obama refuses to confess to his total lack of judgment and instead proceeds to slime anyone within reach. As we wrote in Barack Obama’s Race regarding Obama’s attempts to distract, Instead of addressing his lack of judgment, Obama will again exploit race and racial tensions for his benefit. Obama himself has introduced racial tensions to this election – in order to try to save his useless candidacy.

Obama’s degenerate defense of sliming even grandma:

His defense rests on two central propositions: (a) moral equivalence and (b) white guilt.

(a) Moral equivalence. Sure, says Obama, there’s Wright, but at the other “end of the spectrum” there’s Geraldine Ferraro, opponents of affirmative action and his own white grandmother, “who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.” But did she shout them in a crowded theater to incite, enrage and poison others?

“I can no more disown [Wright] than I can my white grandmother.” What exactly was Grandma’s offense? Jesse Jackson himself once admitted to the fear he feels from the footsteps of black men on the street. And Harry Truman was known to use epithets for blacks and Jews in private, yet is revered for desegregating the armed forces and recognizing the first Jewish state since Jesus’s time. He never spread racial hatred. Nor did Grandma.

Yet Obama compares her to Wright. Does he not see the moral difference between the occasional private expression of the prejudices of one’s time and the use of a public stage to spread racial lies and race hatred?

(b) White guilt. Obama’s purpose in the speech was to put Wright’s outrages in context. By context, Obama means history. And by history, he means the history of white racism. Obama says, “We do not need to recite here the history of racial injustice in this country,” and then he proceeds to do precisely that. What lies at the end of his recital of the long train of white racial assaults from slavery to employment discrimination? Jeremiah Wright, of course.

Again, the Wright scandal has very little to do with race – this is about Obama’s lack of judgment and his willingness to divide in order to conquer:

But Obama was supposed to be new. He flatters himself as a man of the future transcending the anger of the past as represented by his beloved pastor. Obama then waxes rhapsodic about the hope brought by the new consciousness of the young people in his campaign. Then answer this, Senator: If Wright is a man of the past, why would you expose your children to his vitriolic divisiveness? This is a man who curses America and who proclaimed moral satisfaction in the deaths of 3,000 innocents at a time when their bodies were still being sought at Ground Zero. It is not just the older congregants who stand and cheer and roar in wild approval of Wright’s rants, but young people as well. Why did you give $22,500 just two years ago to a church run by a man of the past who infects the younger generation with precisely the racial attitudes and animus you say you have come unto us to transcend?

Those dumb old voters Obama wants to distract are not as dumb as Obama thinks they are. The Obama flim flam will not work.

Even if Hillary Rodham Clinton and her aides do not mention Barack Obama’s fiery-tongued spiritual mentor, don’t expect the Illinois senator’s well-publicized speech Tuesday to make the controversy disappear, political strategists said this week.

Reporters, talk-show hosts and others will keep asking about Obama’s close and long-standing relationship to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose most bombastic comments came to dominate the Democratic presidential contest recently, the strategists predicted in interviews. [snip]

“He can give a speech a week, and it’s not going to make the issue go away,” said Chris LaCivita, a Republican adviser who helped create the “Swift Boat” ads that severely damaged John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.

In his much-discussed speech from Philadelphia on Tuesday, Obama strongly condemned Wright’s most controversial statements. But he did not repudiate Wright or his overall ministry, saying the man who officiated at his wedding is like a family member.

The decision will haunt Obama, LaCivita said, because his political success is built on his image as a uniter and almost messianic figure who eschews divisive strategies. When that image is juxtaposed to Wright’s outbursts comparing the United States to the Ku Klux Klan, among other things, voters will wonder if they misread Obama and his true character, he said. [snip]

Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio said many swing voters in the fall will not buy Obama’s claim that he can no more disown Wright than his own white grandmother. “You get to pick your minister,” he said. “You don’t pick your grandma.” [snip]

Swing voters, ethnic voters, Catholic voters are not going to like what Obama did” in stopping short of repudiating Wright, said Feehery, naming groups that have rallied to Clinton in industrial states and could boost her chances in the April 22 Pennsylvania primary.

Voters are not dumb. Obama thinks he can divide, distract and distort – but voters are beginning to know who the real Obama is:

Stephanie Gill, a bartender in a white working-class neighborhood, noticed the shift immediately.

A week ago, her customers at Rauchut’s Tavern in Tacony didn’t have much to say about Barack Obama. But when she returned to work Wednesday, a day after the Illinois senator attempted to quell the furor over his pastor’s racially incendiary remarks, the reaction inside the corner bar was raw and unapologetic.

People are not happy with Obama,” Gill said. “It’s the race stuff.” [snip]

And his speech Tuesday, although widely praised by the pundit caste and Obama supporters, has only seemed to widen the gulf with the Budweiser class here.

More than a dozen interviews Wednesday found voters unmoved by Obama’s plea to move beyond racial divisions of the past. Despite baring himself with extraordinarily personal reflections on one of the most toxic issues of the day, a highly unusual move for a politician running for national office, the debate inside taverns and beauty shops here had barely moved beyond outrage aimed at the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s refusal to “disown” his longtime pastor.

Big Media and “the pundit class” want to force feed Obama to Americans. Americans are nauseated with Obama and they won’t take a bite. Big Media and “the pundit class” ignored the obvious lies and hypocrisy we detected so quickly. Voters too saw what we so clearly saw:

A day after the speech, local residents were left wondering whether Obama was candid in the last week when he said he hadn’t heard any of Wright’s most objectionable remarks, but then said Tuesday that he had heard “controversial” remarks while sitting in the pews.

“He lied to Anderson Cooper,” said Rodica Mitrea, an aesthetician and immigrant from Romania, referring to an Obama interview Friday with the CNN anchor.

Americans who need universal health care know Hillary Clinton is the president they need. Big Media outlets are doing everything to help Obama with his distractions and distortions, but American voters are simply not that dumb. The voters agree with us that this is not a racial issue, this is about Obama’s judgment and Obama’s attempt to distract by blaming everyone else but himself:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton relied on this blue-collar coalition — Catholics, union households, ethnic Europeans — to win Ohio. It accounts for her significant lead in Pennsylvania polls, and represents the demographic that political analysts say Obama needs to make gains with in order to present the strongest case possible for the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

Obama built his lead in the delegate race with a different kind of coalition. He won white voters in states like Virginia, Illinois and Wisconsin. But in recent contests, he has relied on African-Americans to offset Clinton’s strength among working-class whites.

Larry Ceisler, a Philadelphia political strategist, said the unvarnished look at race in America could help Obama in the suburban counties that surround Philadelphia, which carry an identity as a well-to-do, increasingly Democratic battleground.

The speech plays only among the elites,” Ceisler said. “The average person on the street cares about the economy and the war and everyday life.”

Glenn Peter, 54, a patron at Rauchut’s Tavern, said he heard finger pointing, not reconciliation. He took issue with Obama’s explanation that Wright’s observations of a racist America were reflecting the racial scars of his past.

I don’t want to hear that you are blaming us for him saying this,” said Peter, who is white and worked at an auto parts factory until it was shuttered several years ago. Cutting ties with the church “would have been the best way to do it. That way, I could have been able to listen to him again.”

Peter nursed his early evening cigarette and a beer at Rauchut’s, where Eagles memorabilia and decorative shamrocks feel secondary to an intimidating portrait of Frank Rizzo, the barrel-chested former mayor popular with white ethnic voters but with a mixed legacy on racial issues.

Peter said he’s never voted for a Republican for president, but if Obama is the nominee, he will support Sen. John McCain.

“I would have a hard time if it is Clinton and McCain,” Peter said.

More in Part II.