Barack Obama: God Damn Florida, God Damn Michigan

Barack Obama, like George W. Bush wants to steal an election. Howard Dean is near useless.

It’s timeNo Donations Without Representation.

The Democratic National Committee needs donations, lots of money to finance the convention in Denver. If Michigan and Florida are not seated at the convention – No Donations Without Representation.

All Democrats who remember 2000 and that stolen election should say to the DNC – No Donations Without Representation. All Democrats who remember 2000 and know Florida and Michigan Democrats must be represented in Denver should not only NOT donate, they should ask for refund of donations.

Howard Dean is not fighting for all Democrats. Democrats will lose Florida and Michigan in November if voters from those states are disenfranchised. Dean released this tepid statement:

We have recently been asked whether the legislation as proposed by Michigan would fit within the framework of the National Party’s Delegate Selection Rules. Our review of this legislation indicates that it would, in fact, fit within the framework of the Rules if, it were, passed by the state legislature and used by the Michigan State Democratic Party as the basis of drafting a formal Delegate Selection Plan. If a formal Delegate Selection Plan is received we will convene a meeting of the RBC to consider such a Plan.

Howard Dean must fight for the rights of all Democrats to be represented at our convention in Denver. Issuing helpless statements is not enough.

No more stolen elections.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton bluntly challenged Barack Obama to agree to new primaries in Michigan and Florida on Wednesday and said it was “wrong, and frankly un-American” not to have the two delegations seated at the Democratic National Convention.

“Senator Obama speaks passionately on the campaign trail about empowering the American people,” said the former first lady, who trails her rival in delegates won to date. “Today I am asking him to match those words with actions.” [snip]

Clinton said nothing less than the outcome of the general election may be at stake in the dispute over the two states. “The road to a Democratic White House goes through Michigan and Florida,” she said. [snip]

“When others made the decision to remove their names from the ballot I didn’t because I believe your voices should count,” she said. “And that’s why I’ve been saying we need to either count the votes that have already been cast in Michigan or Florida or have new full and fair elections.”

Barack Obama is another George W. Bush when it comes to stolen elections:

“The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy. If Barack Obama’s campaign stands in the way of a new vote, he will be putting his own political interests ahead of the people of Michigan. They deserve to have a voice and a vote in the Democratic Party’s nominating process. A re-vote is the only way Michigan can be assured its delegation will be seated, and vote in Denver. If the Obama campaign thwarts a fair election process for the people of Michigan, it will jeopardize the Democratic nominee’s ability to carry the state in the general election.”

Democrats cannot afford to lose Florida and Michigan in November. Barack Obama will lose both Florida and Michigan because voters are not stupid. Voters can see Obama is a liar and a hypocrite and a loser:

Howard Dean and Barack Obama may insist Florida’s Democratic presidential primary was meaningless, but a new poll shows Florida Democrats aren’t buying it, and one in four may not back their party’s nominee in November if Florida winds up with no voice in the nomination.

Not only do Florida Democrats say that the Democratic presidential contenders’ boycott of their primary had little effect, but an overwhelming plurality want the officially meaningless results to count, a new St. Petersburg Times/Bay News 9 poll finds.

A record 1.75-million Florida Democrats voted in the Jan. 29 primary, which Hillary Rodham Clinton won by 17 percentage points, but as punishment for holding the primary earlier than allowed by the national party, no delegates were at stake. Now, as a nomination stalemate looms, the candidates and state and national party leaders are struggling to figure out how and if America’s biggest swing state can have a voice in the Democratic nomination.

“If there’s one thing that this survey says is you have to acknowledge the Jan. 29 primary on some level,” said pollster Tom Eldon. “You really can’t say the Florida primary was a non-event to voters. It was a non-event to Howard Dean according to the rules of the DNC.”

Twice as many Clinton supporters — 56 percent — want the Florida primary to count as do Obama supporters — 27 percent. Still, even among Obama supporters, the idea of counting that primary is slightly more popular than holding a new election or dividing Florida’s delegates evenly between the two candidates.

We’ve been not counted so often and especially in this state that has felt for so many years that our vote doesn’t count, to not count our votes again would be so detrimental — especially for our youth,” said Tallahassee resident Molly Gosline, 45, executive director of a nonprofit group and a Clinton supporter. [snip]

Florida Democrats point the finger of blame for the primary debacle in several directions: 28 percent blame Republican leaders in the Legislature, 25 percent blame Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, and 20 percent blame the Florida Democratic party.

More than three out of four Florida Democrats say it’s “very important” that Florida’s delegates count toward the nomination, and one in four said they would be less likely to support the ultimate Democratic nominee if Florida’s delegates don’t count. [snip]

The poll suggests most Florida Democrats viewed the Jan. 29 primary as a legitimate election.

Barack Obama is another George W. Bush when it comes to stealing elections. Barack Obama wants to steal this election. Barack Obama will steal this election by attacking Florida and Michigan voters for the stupidity of Howard Dean and Democratic Party rules.

Hillary Clinton defends voters rights:

CLINTON: I think it’s important for the DNC to ask itself, Is this really in the best interest of our eventual nominee? We do not want to be disenfranchising Michigan and Florida. We have to try to carry both of those states. I’d love to carry Texas, but it’s usually not in the electoral calculation for the Democratic nominee. Florida and Michigan are. Therefore, the people of those two states disregarded adamantly the DNC’s decision that they would not seat the delegates. They came out and voted. If they had been influenced by the DNC, despite the fact that there was very little campaigning, if any, they would have stayed home. But they wanted their voices heard. More than 2 million people came out. I mean, it was record turnout for a primary. Florida, in particular, is sensitive to being disenfranchised because of what happened to them in the last elections. I have said that I would ask my delegates to vote to seat.

Q: So your intention is to press this issue?

CLINTON: Yes, it is. Yes, it is. It’s in large measure because both the voters and elected officials in Michigan and Florida feel so strongly about this. Senator Bill Nelson, of Florida, early on in the process actually sued because he thinks it’s absurd on its face that 1.7 million Democrats who eventually voted would basically be disregarded, and I agree with him about that.

It’s about the voters, stupid.

Hillary defends voter rights. Barack Obama steal elections.


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  1. Obama campaign pulled National Black Panther Party subdomain from official website.

  2. wanted to repost this, since it was at the end of the last thread:
    Clinton’s 1993 NAFTA Meeting
    March 19, 2008 4:58 PM

    One interesting event in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s just-released schedules from the 1990s comes on Nov. 10 1993, when the former first lady was to serve as the closing act during a briefing on NAFTA, the trade agreement she now assails.

    11:30 am –
    11:45 am

    Room 450, OEOB

    PARTICIPANTS: Approx 120 expected to attend
    (See briefing book for further info)

    – Alexis Herman intros HRC for brief remarks
    -HRC concludes program

    (pp. 1375 and 1376)

    Two attendees of that closed-door briefing, neither of whom are affiliated with any campaign, describe that event for ABC News. It was a room full of women involved in international trade. David Gergen served as a sort of master of ceremonies as various women members of the Cabinet talked up NAFTA, which had yet to pass Congress.

    “It wasn’t a drop-by it was organized around her participation,” said one attendee. “Her remarks were totally pro-NAFTA and what a good thing it would be for the economy. There was no equivocation for her support for NAFTA at the time. Folks were pleased that she came by. If this is a still a question about what Hillary’s position when she was First Lady, she was totally supportive if NAFTA.

    That first attendee recalls that the First Lady’s office in the East Wing put together “the invitation list, who was invited authorizations and all that stuff.”

    And what is this attendee’s response to Clinton today distancing herself from NAFTA? “For people who worked hard to pass NAFTA and who support the importance of markets opening for the economy in the long term, they’re very upset. A number of the women who were there are very upset. You need to have some integrity in your position. The Clintons when Bill Clinton was president took a moderate position on trade for Democrats. For her to repudiate that now seems pretty phony.”

    Recalls a second attendee, “they were looking for women in international trade who supported NAFTA. Senator Clinton came by at the end. And of course she asked for our support and help in passing NAFTA.”

    Women who attended that event, the second attendee says, have been incredulous to see Clinton distance herself from the trade agreement as she campaigns today. “They’re all saying, ‘What’s this all about?’ We all heard it firsthand.” She says Clinton isn’t being honest with voters today.

    – jpt

  3. You know, why post that NAFTA bs? She did a drop by. David Gergen himself says she wasn’t supportive of the policy, but was overruled.

  4. well “unnamed” sources always leave a lot of wiggle room…something funny this is the first we heard of these people. Why didn’t they step forward earlier.

    ObamaDragYourFeetSyndrome .. symptoms: never fess up till caught.

    You know I had a boss one time who told me basically that I had pretty free reign in doing my job and he said this “It’s always easier to ask forgiveness than permission” .. It sounds like Obama is of that thought as well.

  5. Admin,
    Thanks for highlighting the Michigan/Florida problem. Obviously, Hillary is trying to work with the powers-that-be to resolve this issue. Obama, OTOH, won’t agree to any of the proposed solutions and hasn’t offered any viable alternatives of his own. He isn’t solely responsible for what happened in Michigan yesterday, though. The state legislature can’t get the re-vote passed.

  6. MJ: It was on ABCNEWS: Jack Tapper. On another site, someone had a thread: “Clinton Lied About NAFTA” and was linked to this article. I posted it, so people could know, what is out there.

    I wasn’t trying to smear.

  7. I know, but probably the link would suffice. The thing is she did a drop by event at the bequest of the pres. BO and his obvious supporters are trying to make hey. Gergen is one of the people who publically said she was never fond of the policy. It’s a hit job and I just don’t think we need to advertise it.

  8. This is too funny. Bill-O’s lead-in headline:

    “Race in America starring Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson”

    Also, TCBequality; How about this nauseating headline on MSNBC website (I admit – it’s still my home page ONLY coz i don’t know how to change to another)

    “Clinton Documents Dumb a DUD.” The good news is it WAS a left column headline now demoted to the center list.

  9. RE NAFTA…its really simple…she was/is a team player. voiced reservations in private…once the decision was made..supportedit. happens all the time

  10. Fox really got it right. They are branding Hussein Obama’s church as anti-America, not only racists.

  11. mj Says:

    March 19th, 2008 at 8:05 pm
    I know, but probably the link would suffice. The thing is she did a drop by event at the bequest of the pres. BO and his obvious supporters are trying to make hey. Gergen is one of the people who publically said she was never fond of the policy. It’s a hit job and I just don’t think we need to advertise it.

    Mj: maybe, I shouldn’t of posted the whole thing, and for that I’m sorry. But, ABCNEWS is carrying this, and that reaches more people than this blog. I thought, people should know, what is out there. It was on another site that I visit.

  12. anbritt Says:

    March 19th, 2008 at 8:05 pm
    RE NAFTA…its really simple…she was/is a team player. voiced reservations in private…once the decision was made..supportedit. happens all the time

    Thank you. The media is using any little thing to smear her.

  13. This was found on the site that 1950 dem (I think) posted in the previous thread about Obama and his family background:

    On December 27, 2007, Raila Odinga, Obama’s cousin, lost the presidential election in Kenya.

    Obama and Odinga share the same Luo heritage and history and has made it possible for them to share the same spotlight at this defining moment in Kenyan and American histories about hope and fear.

    Raila Odinga, who is Obama’s first cousin, has, in his own words, a “close personal friendship” with Obama. When Obama went to Kenya in August of 2006, he was hosted by Raila and spoke in praise of him at several rallies in Nairobi. Obama’s bias for his fellow Luo was so blatant that a Kenya government spokesman denounced Obama during his visit as Raila’s “stooge.”

    When Raila Odinga lost the presidential election to Mwai Kibaki, he claimed the vote was rigged, whereupon his tribal followers went on murderous rampages, such as in the town of Eldoret, where on New Years Day dozens of Christians were burned to death in a church set on fire. Throughout Kenya, hundreds of people have been politically murdered in the last few days.

    Islam had picked Raila to win.

    The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya has posted on its website a photograph copy of a Memorandum of Understanding, dated and signed on August 29, 2007, between Raila Odinga and Shiekh Abdullah Abdi, chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum of Kenya.

    Here is a summary on the agreement which was signed:

    * It pledges the support of Kenyan Moslems for Raila’s election. In return, as President of Kenya, Raila agrees to 14 actions, listed a) through n) on page two.

    * Within 6 months re-write the Constitution of Kenya to recognize Shariah as the only true law sanctioned by the Holy Quran for Muslim declared regions.

    * Within one year facilitate the establishment of a Shariah court in every Kenyan divisional headquarters. [Note: everywhere in Kenya, not just in “Muslim declared regions.”]

    * Popularize Islam, the only true religion… by ordering every primary school in Kenya in the regions to conduct daily Madrassa classes.

    * Impose a total ban on open-air gospel crusades by worshippers of the cross…

    * Outlaw gospel programs… on KBC, the National Broadcaster.

    * Impose a total ban on the public consumption of alcoholic beverages…

    * Impose an immediate ban on women’s public dressing styles that are considered immoral and offensive to the Muslim faith…

    Obama’s involvement in Kenyan politics, whether tribal or religious, is bothersome.

    Especially if it is both.

    That is some scary shit

  14. anbritt…I agree…she was FIRST LADY then…this was THE PRESIDENT’S POLICY

    what was she gonna do? Say S**** NAFTA, Bill is wrong, in public?

    not a chance.

    B MERRY….I lost my bet by 4 hours! LOL

    $4.44 minimum to Hillary tonight!

  15. Now it’s time to blanket the SD with the FOXNews NBPP and the Khalid Mohammad video….If that doesn’t scare them that Obama is going to lose the G.E. then nothing will.


    Khalid Mohammad

    “johnflint1985 Says:

    March 17th, 2008 at 9:11 pm
    do you want a blog / forum address where you can post anything you want – it will be good to have at least one AA who says what you say.”

    Just saw this post and I don’t know much about running a blog/forum address so pls contact me:

  16. Laura Ingraham hits it out of the park. The images, the language of Jeremiah Wright, etc people will NEVER forget that. You got that right.

    A few more videos to hit the airwaves is all it will take .. or just one video with that hypcrite, liar with his butt in the seat.

  17. space, Dot, do you have a link to this? i didn’t see it on the CNN site.

    CNN package on Clinton’s White House records includes “extraordinary involvement in policy” and meetings that “back up her claims of involvement in Northern Ireland peace agreement.”

  18. Jan, it’s a drop by. She was asked to do it. Everyone knows, as Gergen has said, once a decision is made in the WH everyone has to publically support it.

  19. Hey all!!

    First: Experience matters…. Please don’t go girl, I’ve appreciated your words/posts, you’ve been a breath of fresh air in my view, I’ve seen several people mentioned it’s hard to ‘enter’ our community here, I wish it isn’t, didn’t know that it was perceived that way. Please stay, remember our shared thoughts? Ther angels/spirits were right!! They did it in OH and TX, they/we will do it again! We all need to be in this, again, please stay.
    It’s hard to catch all posts tho, a lot of posts, here!

    Second: divabunny thanks for that video, just finished watching, I liked seeing someone staying real, good to know that not all have been bitten by the Obug!!

  20. gorto: is that so awesome???? “that long legged freak”

    just any fyi…i’m making eggshells and pigeon droppings for din din!!! lmao! i have a sick sense of humor!

  21. birdgal Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    MJ: It was on ABCNEWS: Jack Tapper. On another site, someone had a thread: “Clinton Lied About NAFTA” and was linked to this article. I posted it, so people could know, what is out there.

    Thanks, Birdgal. When a possible smear comes out on MSM or somewhere it’s going to reach MSM, I think it’s very important to let us know about it here, so we can all get to work on counters to it.

  22. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) says BO doesn’t have a ‘prayer’ in PA and HRC will win by double digits on Bill-O..

  23. Hah!, well I wasn’t paying attention to EVERYTHING the guy said, I’m a nit picker!! I liked the part where he was shouting at ‘the black people’ for attacking Bill and ‘his wife’, after all they had done for them….

    Just a nice, different perspective from a black preacher we haven’t seen for a while.

  24. This is what Howard Dean and his merry band of cohorts in the DNC deserve. The hits are gonna keep coming on Obama and they’ve boxed themselves into a corner. The guy is going to have to resign. He is going to lose Pennsyvlania big time and he’ll NEVER recover. Hillary just needs to stay on message. Don’t get caught up in any controversies and have Wolfson and his crew be careful. This is like treading on eggshells right now because the Obama camp is going to start trowing out everything they can find

    I hope everytime they try to trash her she will get ON TV herself and say this: Obama, I challenge you to a debate on the REAL issues of the campaign. I am not going to get in the trenches with you, I plan to stay on my message to the American people on how I can change their lives.

  25. Pollster says Hillary was closing in on him before WRight. We KNEW that LOL. Barack Obama is getting vetted and the empty suit is being seen through

  26. BillO says the MEDIA can’t spin the video. Rasmussen says that this is going to DOG Obama for the rest of the campaign. HAHA. This is what CNN and MSNBC and NancyShitFacePelosi get. Put forth an amateur and he’ll get KO’d.

  27. hear hear dot48, the tide has turned, all we have to do is stay on msg. and he will slowly but surely be brought down by his own doing, (he lied, why aren’t they reporting this???) and he will have to resign!!

  28. maybe, I shouldn’t of posted the whole thing, and for that I’m sorry. But, ABCNEWS is carrying this, and that reaches more people than this blog. I thought, people should know, what is out there.

    Nothing to be sorry about, Birdgirl! Thank you for posting it. More people saw it here than if it had been a link, and it sounds like something we should get on!

    Imo we all need to keep our eye on the big picture of supporting Hillary and fighting the misinformation that goes around, and the faster we get the news the better! If it’s easier to post a link, post a link. If it’s easier to quote a big chunk, then quote a big chunk.

    Imo our focus should be on facts and the campaign, rather than worrying that someone HERE may jump on us for not making a post exactly as they would like. Trying to tiptoe on eggshells here would take too much energy away from our important work.

    (Sure, too many long dull negative articles could bog us down, but if it’s in today’s MSM and it’s a question of fact that we can answer with fact, then it’s relevant and timely.)

  29. I wonder if the vice-presidency is looking any better to Obama now. I wonder if things don’t get better for him if the DNC, his SD’s etc…will go down on their knees and ask Hillary to save the day…

  30. hey…. i’m reposting this from the last thread for those that missed it:

    re: granny-gate:

    just found this. when obama made reference to his gramma’s racist comment…. it comes from his first book, “Dreams…”

    “He cherishes every cause for complaint he can discern against white folks. He is constantly distressed at being half-white. Obama says he “ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”

    When his grandmother wants a ride to work because the day before, while awaiting the bus, she was threatened by a black panhandler, he is outraged — at his grandmother.

    Later, when he moves to the South Side of Chicago in 1984, he eventually discovers that, like his grandmother, he’s sometimes scared of black males on the street, too.”

    comes from this site:

  31. Pollsters Rasmussen and the other guy on Fox said Hillary was already digging into his leads anyways LOL. The Texas and Ohio and RI primariers shifted the focus back to REAL issues.

    Obama will not be able to get away with flowery speechs now. He is feeling the heat of the furnace..noticed they said he was sweatin yesterday. He ain’t felt nothing yet.

  32. >>Wouldn’t it be great if she won PA by 35 points

    yes, if some one circulate those wright videos to as many people as possible in PA

  33. ok, bare with me here,I’ve seen so many try this, and I’ve been wondering how to do this for ages, so here goes, just ignore this post.

    testing for bold

  34. Obama’s race speech not a historic speech but a survival political speech!

    As a retired veteran of over 31 years in the USAF, a vote for Sen. Obama is a vote for the rich middle class and those that are un-Americans. Sen. Obama scares me more than President Bush ever did as my commander-in-chief. I do not want to see President Obama have his friends visit him in the White house including his Pastor Jeremiah Wright and his pastor’s friend Farrakhan. We know that Sen. Obama will say anything and later do what ever he wants even though it hurts the nation. Sen. Obama is the most un-American individual that I have heard as a politician thanks to the American News Media.

  35. Oh relax. This just seems so baseless I didn;t think we had to advertise it. But, that’s fine if I am overruled, I accept it, much like Hill had to accept being overruled by Bill on NAFTA, which if Tapper had one shred of integrity he would have noted Gergen has said publically.

  36. I remember seeing this story about the time we were all calling troll on whats-his-name who kept posting about Kenya. Don’t think I posted it here.

    HillBillyLover Says:

    This was found on the site that 1950 dem (I think) posted in the previous thread about Obama and his family background:

    On December 27, 2007, Raila Odinga, Obama’s cousin, lost the presidential election in Kenya.
    * Outlaw gospel programs… on KBC, the National Broadcaster.

    Well, THAT’s a good idea, anyway. 😉

  37. The Pope has added 7 MORE sins??? WTF. My bible tells me what sins there already are.

    Obsessive wealth .. won’t have to worry about that
    Pollution .. I’ll have to kill my cows who give off gas
    genetic engineering .. cloning .. don’t mess with mama worries there
    drug dealing .. uh .. oh
    littering .. does my car count
    non charitible giving .. see HRC

  38. Why doesn’t someone shoot Tapper the video of Gergen saying essentially Hill was overruled and once policy decisions are made the team’s public face must be supportive? Anone have that video? Also, the video of Hillary biographer, whats-his-name saying she called NAFTA “republican economics”.


    He is WAY too dirty and to have that in her Administration is something she cannot afford, UNLESS it is short-term, as when REZKO breaks or soomething else and he is forces to resign. But I think that would look like she used him, and I don’t think she would go that road. I would be surprised. WRIGHT would follow HER into the White House if Barry is any where near. She will have to choose someoone else if she gets the nod, and it will probably be the person who is best to lead if she could not complete her term(s), no matter what race or gender that was….although I believe she WOULD look to the AA community of HER SUPPORTERS FOR THAT POSSIBILITY

  40. I love it that Taylor Marsh has the counter for how much money Hillary has raised so far, and urging for donations, as ‘small’ as 10$. Spread it ya’ll.

    She is doing great, PA will be fun to watch, if she gets over 10 or as much as 20% it will be huge, the I think the big story could be, how many % black votes did she get, or shall we say, Obama loose?

  41. This morning I received an email from the Ohio Democratic party soliciting donations. I already covered this in response to that email about how they won’t receive a dime from me until the recognize all voters.

  42. no, obama has now become nuclear, can’t touch him, he is deff. off the vp list (as if he was ever on!)

  43. @mj: this is a “red herring”… they are trying to get our attn off the rev wright issue that is and should be on voter’s minds…. we are too smart to fall for that.

    we ALL need to keep emailing the SDs abt what we think abt fl/mi voters and and wht we think abt rev wright!

    dont be lemmings! we need to stay focused on what will HELP hillary!!!

  44. oh well, all good things must come to an end…. 🙁 I finally catch up in the posts. and now it’s way late.
    So I gotta go to bed, and I guess I’ll have to spend half a day tomorrow to catch up again.

    But see, I do try to read them all!! I don’t just skimmer to the bottom, I try to follow all of our conversations. 🙂

    Good night all!, wait, let me try this again… 😉

  45. LOL…Spacegirl,

    I agree with you. I’m just saying that they will probably try anyway.


    I was thinking about Gergen because although I agree with you, he could at least close the door on this minor attack.

  46. Gergen was at the event and is on record, she wasn’t for the policy, but also that once the Pres makes a decision, the admin is expected to publically support it. That’s why I was thinking someone may want to shoot Tapper an email with the video. It was on facthub for a while.

  47. Sent another $25.44.

    Have emailed 40 PA newspapers and will get back on the SD list tomorrow.
    I feel MUCH more optimistic today!

    What states are up after PA and does anyone have media lists for them? if so, please send to

  48. from CNN to Yahoo, everyone’s all over the place about her records: double standards, first she doesn’t do enough, she’s just a first lady, and then, her records showed she did too much. WTF??? I can’t wait until men serve as First Laddies because then the male-dominated media is going to have to figure out a standard for them – although I’m sure they’ll say, First Laddie was doing flower arrangements in Beirut – shows foreign policy experience.

    from a taylor marsh poster:


    Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said the trove of documents “shows she was a co-president,” revealing an “extraordinary extent of meetings for an unelected official to be meeting with cabinet officials.”





    again, i dont want any of my people who do, come on this site and read what is on, why? cause they do use some of the stuff that is on here!

    so if anyone thinks its no big deal, your wrong…

  50. SpacegirlArt Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 8:38 pm


    He is WAY too dirty and to have that in her Administration is something she cannot afford, UNLESS it is short-term, as when REZKO breaks or soomething else and he is forces to resign. But I think that would look like she used him, and I don’t think she would go that road.

    I agree. I think Hillary was either very lucky or ***BRILLIANT*** to offer him the VP BEFORE this happened, and let him decline it. Now that’s out of the way, and she’s less likely to be pressured to take him later.

  51. again, i dont want any of my people who do, come on this site and read what is on, why? cause they do use some of the stuff that is on here!

    yes, I agree. they are looking for negative items.

  52. defg
    national archived was being sued by some right wing group…alot of stuff was redacted, also….

  53. basil9 Says: Have emailed 40 PA newspapers and will get back on the SD list tomorrow.
    I feel MUCH more optimistic today!

    What states are up after PA and does anyone have media lists for them?

    I’d like to have copies of any lists of links to local sites that are good for posting public comments, and any notes as to whether those sites actually work, require registration, etc. I’ll post them at h t t p : / / And I’ll post your media management lists also if you like.

  54. DO NOT get lax with Pennsylvania. We need a HUGE number there. The whole race can turn on Pa.

    THE road to Pennsylvania Avenue goes through Pennsylvania.


    Everyone here is so great. I love you all and I hope we can all get together on inagueration day.

    Oreilly trying tonight in several succilint(sp) points to separate Obama’s personal relationship vs spiritual relationship.

  55. I’ve been back for awhile divabunny! you must have been ignoring my posts 😀

    actually I don’t post alot anyways…but I do vote when people say to and comment on articles at other sites when asked.(on the ideas I find from everybody here)

    how’s obama people at fsu? anything sinking in over there?

  56. Hey guys, I was in MyDD earlier. The Obamabots there are more polite than most, but I noticed something strange. They’re saying the same things they’ve always said like: “Hillary can’t win this. She can’t catch Obama in pledged delegates.” I mean, it seems like they either don’t know – or they’re in denial – but they don’t seem to get it that their guy’s candidacy is in huge trouble right now.

    Anybody else notice anything like this?

  57. @DOT

    “Everyone here is so great. I love you all and I hope we can all get together on inagueration (sic :wink:)day.”

    I AGREE!

  58. fsu .. looked today at the skating results. Wow, Meisnner in 9th..Mao 2nd..Kostner 1st Ladies.

    Politically Incorrect has become a little wild (remember Olympics how wild everything got) I think I am staying away. If you want to wade in please post for Hillary’s new goal for $.

  59. Everyone needs to start posting on MyDD. Positive diaries, ok. They are setting new standards there and don’t want a lot of negative. The Bots are trying to take over because we are striking Kos. Ignore them, they will go away.

  60. Maybe now would be a good time to bombard Sean with Odinga-gate stuff. LOL. He’ll need a good talking point in the next day or two. 😉

    I’ll work on that in the morning

  61. I agree, mj, they will at least intelligently discuss an issue. But I really wonder if some of them even realize how much trouble ole Bambi is in right now. Ah well 😉


    he has two preachers on, one of them pro hillary, hannity interrupted him and said: “SORRY TO INTERRUPT YOU REVEREND I’M FOR HILLARY TOO”.
    than he seemed to realize it and talked really fast over what he said…

  63. You know, reading Admin’s new post – dammit, Florida should be seated. A fair election, and it was NOT the fault of the voters or the Florida Democratic party.

  64. dedfg .. I’m still traumatized! That is one reason I said I would not get emotionally invested in this election. 2 Olympic seasons with Kwan and Slutskaya and Cohen has scarred me for life. I’m glad I can just glance at the results now without my heart ready to explode. I have to admit I’m grudgingly falling for Kimmie though. I love YuNa but I’m afraid she is going down the KwanInjury route, hope not.

  65. yes mj. there’s some evidence that Hillary has gotten some AA support back. The latest NC poll was 74%-20%

  66. “Obama is a long legged mac-daddy!”

    LOL…sorry. I just can’t get enough of that quote. I TOLD you guys he was the black Pumpkin King.

  67. dot: same here…as far as caring so much who will win. kimmie – yes, she does grow on you. (We need a thread here just to talk about skating lol)

  68. This Reverend on Fox is digging Obama even further in the HOLE. He is NOT helping Obama LOL. He says this white hate, anti America is common in a lot of AA churches — gosh…

    Rev Bill Lawson is who it is.

  69. FSU people: Dot, Dedfg, and Jen. I found that link on FSU. It was posted by an obamabot. If I had one inkling, so much controversy would be caused, I never would have posted it.

  70. divabunny: I was just teasing you…if you read through the previous thead near the end, you would know why I said that. 😉

  71. But weren’t they generating some money before? The NBPP page? It seems they only removed it when it got sniffed out . . .

  72. BTW, this release of her schedules gives Hillary an opening to go after Obama’s failure to release his Illinois records.

    Here’s the last line of her campaign’s statement:

    We call on him to back up his words with action and release his schedules and other records from his time as an Illinois State Senator.

  73. birdgal, don’t worry, we’ve grown thick skinned being entrenched in skating world.

    Anyway, did you see the new Wright videos .. calls Condi a “skank” and disses “Tiger Woods”

  74. You know – it’s really scary – but I think we’re learning who Barack Obama is. He’s an extreme radical – and he could be dangerous

  75. Don’t worry about it, birdgal. Given Hillary’s win in Ohio, I don’t think a 15-year-old NAFTA story will grow legs. The media will be on it for a day or two at the most, and then it will be over. Obama might bring it up again during a debate (not a good idea, given his own problems with NAFTA-gate) but Hillary has already shown that she can out-debate him on that issue. Or on any issue.

  76. how good is this???? the black panthers on fox supporting obama!!! are they gonna send malikk to africa tomorrow with wright????

  77. Quick…someone try to get on NBBP website. Server times out. I BETCHA they are changing their page!

  78. I agree: we cannot become complacent with PA. In fact, I will ask the NC group I am organizing to call PA, and I will explain how we must ensure Clinton wins by at least 30 points. That, I believe, is a goal we should set: 65-35.

    Obama claims Hillary and McCain failed to pursue Osama bin Laden by voting for the authorization of the use of force in Iraq. Too bad Obama held an oversight hearing on NATO in Afghanistan.

    Hillary should air this advertisement in NC now that Obama claims he has the judgment to pursue a more targeted foreign policy.

    I also wonder how NC residents will respond when they realize Obama has discussed trade agreements with Canada during the primary.

  79. Hannity needs to cut this mans mike. He is rude and crude.

    Cut his mike Hannity.

    Says that Barack Obama really wants his endorsement but its all politics

  80. “thats politics…thats fine”… gotta love it!

    they are okay with barry taking their endorsement off their website????

  81. I almost feel guilty about it

    Suck it up, soldier…just stab that long legged mac-daddy right through the heart and then move on to McCain!

  82. cant get the NBPP page up…I HOOPE someone here copied the 10 points and the local manifesto! It was all about reparations and take over and “taking care of” politicians (AA) who do not support them!

  83. black panther party man

    LMAO! That kinda makes him sound like the Spuds MacKensie of radical hate groups, Dot.

  84. pulchritude, their incident with Canada was an embarrassment. They got all wrapped around the axle with the Canadian government. Obama himself was caught lying. They handled it very badly. Makes you wonder how Obama would deal with Russia

  85. Hillbilly: Thank you for posting that “you tube link” of David Gergen. I posted it at the board, where I found the story. LOL! There are some rebuttals: “Hmm, unnamed sources.”

    Also, everyone, Hillary is on top of it and has posted an UPDATE at the end of the story. The link is above and the update (please don’t shoot me)

    UPDATE: The Clinton campaign has asked that I post this recent quote on CNN from Mr. Gergen, referenced above, saying, “I was actually there in the Clinton White House during the NAFTA fight and I must tell you Hillary Clinton was extremely unenthusiastic about NAFTA. And I think that’s putting it mildly. I’m not sure she objected to all the provisions of it but she just didn’t see why her husband and that White House had to go and do that fight. She was very unhappy about it and wanted to move on to health care. So I do think there’s some justification for her camp saying, you know, she’s never been a great backer for NAFTA.”

    Dot: I have fallen for Kimmie, too.

    Thank you, all for your understanding.

  86. Ben…I believe you are correct about “who is this guy”

    and glad to know that Obama and Dean have singlehandedly set race relations in the US back 50 years…

    but I CANNOT believe MOST AA’s think like Shabazz or Wright

  87. Michelle Obama HAS BEEN very influenced by this. I can see her in that Black Panther Party man. The militant, you all will owe US forever, give it to US now, we want any excuse to pummell you.


    There’s lots of those situations. Trent Lott lost his job for making one dumb comment about Strom Thurmond.

    You know what’s ironic about Bambi’s speech last nite? He was saying that his racial makeup, his ethnicity, was a reason he is uniquely qualified to unify and heal the racial divide. In other words, because he’s black – which is EXACTLY what Gerry Ferraro said. lol
    But she got branded a racist. I mean KO did a friggin’ Special Comment and blasted the Clinton campaign too. Compared her to David Duke.

  89. HillBuzz…I sent that out to media yesterday, and I believe FOX covered again today…it’s out there…just Wright and now NBPP is the headline

    the next show will drop soon

  90. On FactHub, Hillary’s campaign notes an Obama slip of the tongue:

    In an interview slated to air on CNN tonight, Sen. Obama says Hillary is more electable:

    In some ways this, this controversy has actually shaken me up a little bit and gotten me back into remembering that the odds of me getting elected have always been lower than some of the other conventional candidates.

    Throughout the interview, he refers to Hillary as a conventional candidate.

    New polls from key swing states like Ohio and Missouri show that Hillary outperforms Sen. Obama against Sen. McCain.

  91. BIRD GIRL,


    if you do it again, i’ll have my union thugs find you, hear me? LOL
    maybe admin will dump it… 🙂

  92. Hey Justme…you’re gonna have to do ALOT of back reading to hear about what’s gone on today. LOL!

  93. …some ways this, this controversy has actually shaken me up a little bit and gotten me back into remembering that the odds of me getting elected have always been lower than some of the other conventional candidates.

    Now he is pandering for sympathy.

  94. I am so friggin tired of being tagged a racist-by-proxy because I am white. NO ONE IN MY FAMILY EVER OWNED SLAVES…GOT THAT UNIVERSE?

  95. Ben,
    Dangerous? Maybe. If anyone wants an idea of what life is like in a place run by black militant extremists, just look at the city of Detroit between 1973 and the present date. Detroit has had 3 mayors during this time period, two of whom (Coleman Young and Kwame Kilpatrick) are of the same mindset as Rev. Wright. Dennis Archer, who came between Young and Kilpatrick, isn’t like that at all. Race relations and everything else in the city improved during his tenure (much of which overlapped with Bill Clinton’s presidency).

  96. Hi Idunn, I just emailed O’reilly re: Obama stumping for Odinga? and sent him the text I had posted here and asked for his research dept. to try to verify it. We’ll see if it helps.

  97. some ways this, this controversy has actually shaken me up a little bit and gotten me back into remembering that the odds of me getting elected have always been lower than some of the other conventional candidates.

    Give it up already, you long legged mac-daddy! We see right through your freakish ass.

  98. Dot: I did not see the new videos of rice and tiger. I saw one, where Wright was saying conDAMNalisa, and a negative rant towards Colin Powell, but I haven’t see the one with Tiger. Are they on YOU TUBE?

    Thanks, skmf

  99. Nice pm – that’s one I’ve heard recently – that Hillary was exaggerating her role.

    Oh, I read where her First Lady records were a “dud” heh. They couldn’t find anything. But there is evidence of her travels to Ireland and all that.

  100. BTW, ain’t nothing conventional about the first woman to have a real chance at the presidency. Obama is insulting Hillary … again.

  101. Oreilly trying tonight in several succilint(sp) points to separate Obama’s personal relationship vs spiritual relationship.

    I heard there’s another preacher with that same problem on one of Obama’s committees. Wonder if Obama will claim him as an ‘uncle’ also. (James Meek????)

  102. Someone’s singing my lord…kumbaya.
    Someone’s singing my lord…kumbaya.
    Someone’s singing my lord…kumbaya.
    Ohhhhhh lorrrrrd, kumbaya.

  103. Ari Fleischer on larry king….said obama cannot consider himself a unifyer with the choices he made (re: wright)

  104. Paula Says:

    March 19th, 2008 at 9:44 pm
    BTW, ain’t nothing conventional about the first woman to have a real chance at the presidency. Obama is insulting Hillary … again.

    See this is what I told the campaign. They have this on Facthub. They shouldn’t. It’s an insult. Please tell the campaign Hillary is not just some converntional candidate.

  105. I heard there’s another preacher with that same problem on one of Obama’s committees. Wonder if Obama will claim him as an ‘uncle’ also. (James Meek????)

    Meeks, I think. Apparently, if there’s a batshit crazy black minister anywhere in the U.S. they will gravitate to Bambi like he’s the sun or somehting. I like to call that the “batshit crazy black minister effect”. 🙄

  106. Paula: That’s what I thought. There is nothing conventional about a woman running for POTUS, nor is there anything conventional about Hillary.

    No new endorsements today, but the military endorsements are now in a video:

    The Clinton Campaign today unveiled a new video of testimonials from retired Admirals and Generals supporting Hillary Clinton to be Commander-in-Chief.

    “We face growing threats around the globe. Sen. Clinton is the candidate that we believe is the strongest, most experienced leader,” Rear Admiral David Stone says in the video.

    More than thirty former Admirals and Generals, including two former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and five retired officers at the four-star rank have endorsed Hillary Clinton to be our next Commander-in-Chief.

    Earlier this month, several of these supporters met in person with Senator Clinton for a private conversation about ending the war in Iraq and winning the war in Afghanistan; and to testify publicly for her leadership ability.

    In this new video, these great Americans who have given so much to our country, say why they believe Senator Clinton is the best candidate of either party to be our next Commander-in-Chief.

    Hillary has a good staff working for her. Everyday, there are new, detailed speeches on the issues. She must have a team of “Enegerizer Bunnies” working for her.

  107. Obama website yanks ‘Black Panthers’ plug
    ‘It’s part of the game,’ says anti-white, anti-Jew leader

    Posted: March 19, 2008
    7:33 pm Eastern

    By Aaron Klein
    © 2008 WorldNetDaily

    Sen. Barack Obama addresses controversy over his pastor in Philadelphia speech yesterday

    The removal by the Barack Obama campaign from its official website of an endorsement from the black supremacist New Black Panther Party, or NBPP, was decided upon for “understandable political reasons,” according to the party’s national chairman.

    “It’s the game of politics,” the NBPP’s Malik Zulu Shabazz told WND. “The Obama camp’s move to remove our blog doesn’t mean much because I understand politics. We still completely support Obama as the best candidate.”

    Shabbaz, who has given scores of speeches condemning “white men” and Jews, said today Obama “is the best guy to bring the kinds of racial changes supported by our community at the New Black Panthers.”

    The NBPP, which inherited its name from the Black Panther Party of the 1960s, is a controversial black extremist party whose leaders are notorious for their racist statements and anti-white activism. The organization’s own website also was taken down today too.

    WND broke the story yesterday about the the NBPP endorsing the presidential candidate on the Obama website.

    (Story continues below)

  108. Maybe we should email Keith Olberman a copy of this NBPP story and see what is excuse is for Obama?

  109. Shabbaz, who has given scores of speeches condemning “white men” and Jews, said today Obama “is the best guy to bring the kinds of racial changes supported by our community at the New Black Panthers.”

    Wow…I’m suddenly overcome with hope. Quick, someone give me some water…make some room…call in the medics.

  110. @carby.. dont even waste your harddrive space.. keith is a little willy’d man with no stamina that cant stand the thought of saluting a woman!

  111. the NBPP website is saved offline…..

    ya think the press will pay big bucks to see the content! LOL

  112. Thinking that you can run as a post-racial candidate while race-baiting your opponent and her supporters is, quite frankly naive

  113. # Idunn Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    LOL Ronald! That ought to be HRC’s new campaign slogan: “Not a long legged Mac-daddy”


  114. Good night, time to goto bed, but I will leave with this last thought. How munch money is Obama raising now??? His donors must be nervous!!!

  115. Here’s a few items I found on Rev. James Meeks in searching the internet tonight:

    On religious leadership:

    “You have to demonstrate that you’re in control. People are looking to you as the person with answers. You have to be sure about your leadership. We lead with too much ambiguity. We have too many politically correct pastors. We don’t say what the Bible says. We’re afraid to offend people.”

    His views on homosexuality:

    “He’d (Obama) also previously managed to sidestep — or stand astride — the gay-straight schism in the black community. In 2004, during his U.S. Senate run, Obama campaigned at Chicago’s Salem Baptist Church, whose leader, Rev. James Meeks, called same-sexuality “an evil sickness.”,1,1680186.story?coll=la-news-a_section

    A stalwart anti-gay activist, Meeks has used his House of Hope mega-church to launch petition drives for the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), a major state-level “family values” pressure group that lauded him last year for leading African Americans in “clearly understanding the threat of gay marriage.”

    On playing the race card:

    “James Meeks spent an hour on my radio program several weeks ago talking about running for governor. He had been quoted as going so far as to say that if he ran, and white Christians didn’t vote for him, he’d go to the top of a skyscraper and call them all racists.”

    Obama is friends with Rev. Meeks:

    “Before the national conventions, the Senate speeches and the Men’s Vogue magazine cover, Barack Obama was a community organizer in Chicago, planning voter drives and after-school programs with preachers and church ladies. The 45-year-old senator learned some important things in those meetings, said his friend the Rev. James Meeks, who is also an Illinois state senator.”

    Rev. Meeks made campaign ads for Obama:

    As a result, Obama has had to counter with his own ads featuring state Sen. James Meeks, who oversees a 16,000-member South Side congregation, and 7th District U.S. Rep. Danny Davis. This has led some observers to question whether the Harvard Law-educated Obama is connecting with the black community.

    The Church of Clout

    Meeks is close friends with Jesse Jackson Jr. who is a member of his church and persuaded him to run for the Illinois state senate. Meeks has also served as the head of Jesse Jackson Sr.’s Rainbow/PUSH organization. He is a religious conservative.

  116. mj, this is for you. Jake Tapper has added this update to that abcnews NAFTA blog.

    A suggestion to others: if you are going to post a negative story (factually wrong) here you should also send an email to the author and perhaps provide that email address to the rest of us.

    UPDATE: The Clinton campaign has asked that I post this recent quote on CNN from Mr. Gergen, referenced above, saying, “I was actually there in the Clinton White House during the NAFTA fight and I must tell you Hillary Clinton was extremely unenthusiastic about NAFTA. And I think that’s putting it mildly. I’m not sure she objected to all the provisions of it but she just didn’t see why her husband and that White House had to go and do that fight. She was very unhappy about it and wanted to move on to health care. So I do think there’s some justification for her camp saying, you know, she’s never been a great backer for NAFTA.”

    It’s long-established that Hillary Clinton wanted to tackle health care before NAFTA. I don’t know that that necessarily undermines the idea that she supported NAFTA. But if she didn’t, then why was she telling this room full of businesswomen how great it would be for the economy?

  117. public radio station in NYC analyzing HRC’s First Lady schedule:

    Here’s what some of the readers are posting:

    Posted by: Liz March 19, 2008 – 11:55AM

    So far in 10 minutes of looking over Hillary’s schedule in September 1997 (my bod is 9/8) she went to both Princess Diana and Mother Theresa’s funerals. During which she had private meetings with Tony Blair on 9/6 and with the President and Prime Minister of India on 9/13.

    white plains, NY

    I did the week of 11-17 April 1993. Full of health care business, meetings with labor leaders, Democratic members of Ways and Means Committee on roles of federal-state governments, travel to Montana, Nebraska to discuss health care with govt, education and health officials. Oh, and a day devoted to the easter egg roll…

    Posted by: Eleanor March 19, 2008 – 04:13PM
    New York City

    I looked at the week of February 14, 1993. I don’t really know what I should be looking for but I found some very short meetings with various “House Leadership” both Dem. and Rep:


    20 min meeting with “house leadership” –Speaker of the House, Thomas S. Foley; House Maj. Leader, Richard A. Gephardt; & Dem. Representatives of the House

    35 min meeting with “Democratic Leadership” –people not listed

    15 min meeting with Minority Leader Bob Michel, J. Denis Hastert (D-IL), and Minority Whip Newt Gingrich

    45 min meeting with “Republican Leadership” –Members of the Republican Leader’s Task Force of Health

    I also found some interviews for magazines, photo shoots, the President’s address, a party, and a long health care meeting with a number of people whose names I’m not familiar with (though maybe I should be).

  118. But if she didn’t, then why was she telling this room full of businesswomen how great it would be for the economy?

    Someone right this ass an tell him because her job was to be a public face for the WH, like everyone in the admin. Also, that biographer said she called ir “republican politics”.

  119. Love Tappers dangling question at the end…bastard.

    She was the First Lady, you Ass, that’s why!

  120. Ben: anderson has been on the road with obama and is now televising it…I couldn’t bear to watch it as I thought it would be too biased.

  121. Ben: but your right…even anderson said ‘If Obama is still in the race’. that’s something for him to say.

  122. I’m trying to figure out what Obama was saying. He’s back to saying that the only controversial remarks he heard Wright say were on infidelity and something else.

    I thought last nite, in his speech, he was trying to get us to accept Wright, with all his hate, anger and everything else.

  123. I like plastic-man better. he is sooo shapeless and shifty and bendable…

    Yeah…he’s like Stretch Armstrong. Or maybe Gumby.

  124. Karl Rove:
    it’s not about race, it’s about anti america,
    how come you associated with him for 20 years.

  125. I’m going to have to watch this over. I would swear that Bambi made a statement that sounded like he was admitting defeat . . .

  126. … this controversy has actually shaken me up a little bit and gotten me back into remembering that the odds of me getting elected have always been lower than some of the other conventional candidates.

    Now, if he does drop out…he will blame it on his race.

  127. scary… i am sooooo agreeing with karl rove! this i a precursor to the general! if IIIII, a rover-hater is agreeing with rove, then bambi has ZERO chance in november!!!

  128. I’m gonna start calling him Gumby from now on. heh heh heh.

    Okay folks, Top Chef time.

    Have a good night.

  129. rove all over BO about Ferraro comments and grandma!

    throwing his grandmother under the bus as he did was an unattractive ambition

  130. PM : at 9:31 I posted the update. Thank you, for posting the update again. In my orginal posting, the link was posted to the article, but not, to Jack Tapper.

    Rove: Throwing grandma under the bus, was not right. Go Karl. LOL

  131. Ben: I turned to watch too and I do know what you mean now. It does sound defeatist. I don’t know whether it is a ploy or just a play for sympathy.

  132. did Rove get a perm – his hair looks so fluffy.

    Rove saying that most americans will disagree that there is justification for Rev. Wright’s remarks.

    How can you be something new and different, applying one standard to one individual
    (Wright) and different standard to another (Imus)?

    Rove said Obama should have disavowed himself of these divisive and vicious attacks early on and not waited until now.

    saying that Obama should not have equated what Ferraro said to Wright’s kinds of statements like inventing AIDS, and that grandmother’s fears are not equivalent to reprehensible things that Wright has said – throwing his “grandmother under the bus” is unattractive part of his ambition.

  133. I hate this can of worms that Obama has opened up. Maybe I would rather have been ignorant of the brewing anti-semitism and anti-white rhetoric coming from his church. Maybe that is naive, but it just brings back such awful memories of so much anger and destruction in the past.

    Is this what Obama meant by uniting everyone together? Shame on him! This stuff just sickens me.

  134. In addition to all of Obama’s other problems, he’s got a problem with just the type of campaign he needs to run. For it to work he needs frequent wins, frequent rallies, to keep the energy going. This long run-up to PA is not good for his campaign

  135. Obama is nothing new and different ..when you are applying different standards to different people..Karl Rove. Obama why did you tolerate him for 20 years?

    Greta saying this is hypocritical because Obama called for IMUS to be OUT, regardless.

    Karl Rove is now calling him out on Ferraro comments…

    Karl Rove calling him out for throwing Granny under the bus…..

    The republicans are going to destroy him.

    Unattractive Ambition!!!

    This is NOT GOING away.

    Eat Shit Nancy Pelosi.

  136. hi hillfans from work!! sneaking in a comment. i was listening to hannity on my way to work. he was RELENTLESS ON OBAMA!!!

  137. He is Gumby! After all, he is clearly stretchy and he is not black or white but a different color all together: GREEN

    and lord knows, its not easy being green.

  138. @dedfg: dont be fooled!!!! he is playing the victim card!!!

    remember!!! his camp always says that hrc plays the victim card when she’s down and then she comes back and wins. THAT is what he is doing now!!! do NOT be hoodwinked and bamboozled by bambi!!! he is trying to play you!!!

    as cher said in all her fabulosity in moonstruck… ‘SNAP OUT OF IT!!!’

  139. Did Tapper bother to ask these ladies if the support Obama or McCain?
    I doubt he did. JT is a mile wide and 6 inches deep. Trust Gergen. He has served in Democratic and Republican Administrations, is smart and has not motive to misrepresent Hillary’s position.

  140. Thanks divabunny! LOL!

    good thing there are people here to snap me out of my fantasy world!
    I can only hope though…..


  142. “I don’t know that that necessarily undermines the idea that she supported NAFTA. But if she didn’t, then why was she telling this room full of businesswomen how great it would be for the economy?”

    Hey, Jake, because she was supporting her husband, you dumb shit. You expect her to undercut his policy decisions? Geez!

  143. rove must be taping from rush’s house in palm beach. way toooo much humidity for his perm! karl needs to get some gel for that hair!

  144. lninla Says:

    March 19th, 2008 at 10:10 pm
    did Rove get a perm – his hair looks so fluffy.


    I think he stopped losing it when he left GW

  145. terrondt
    you have to watch hannity and greta when you get home…don’t know what time it repeats…what a disaster for BHO…all of tis will catch up with him….this is a preview of the general with him as our lead….

  146. Rove saying they have to resolve this, and can’t alienate two battleground states, and will be bad for Dem prospect. That Obama needs to be the one to say seat the delegates and that even in MI if 55 for her, and 45 (uncommitted) end up for him, then, that’s only about 22 delegates more for her (something like that)…trying to transcribe!

    But he does feel like Clinton will have to win around 60% in the upcoming states to even out the delegate count, but it is uphill climb.

    [So, let’s help her get a blowout in PA.!!]

  147. @paula:

    i tell my husband his sh*t makes sense all the time… its called “the path of least resistance”… i like having a happy marriage… its called picking your battles. didnt these idiots read the “happy marriages for dummies” handbook??? before they passed judgement on hillary?

  148. I think Hillary’s clever because not only is the Wright matter self-exploding but also hurting Obama with how can he be a uniter when he wont let Florida or Michigan’s votes count


    But for far different reasons, Republican political consultants were delighted with the speech, as well. Looking ahead to November, GOP strategists say Obama did not remove Wright as a campaign issue.

    “He didn’t explain why he continued to attend a church whose minister has a long history of divisive and hate-filled rhetoric when the fundamental message of Obama’s campaign is unity and bring us together,” said Republican pollster Whit Ayres.

    Republicans say they will combine the Rev. Wright’s anti-American rhetoric with other moments — such as Obama’s removal of his American flag pin because he felt it had become a substitute for true patriotism or his not covering his heart during the national anthem last summer.

  150. Americangirl,
    That stuff is gold. This Meeks guy was on his list of AA religious supporters (whatever the official name was)? If so, what you posted here should be sent to all the talking heads. Great work!

  151. A closing thought before bed:

    Maybe Hillary is the real uniter by getting us to listen all these right wing commentators, Rove, Hannity, Rush, who are actually making sense.

    Suddenlly I realize there are two sides to some issues. I dont get that feeling when I hear commentators talk about Obama. I just feel like Im being patronized and preached to. Me talk preety someday.


    within the first two minutes of this video…you will shit. So will Hannity, so will America.

    Also…notice his “Bamboozle” voice, as compared to his, say…Wyoming voice

  153. dot… stop! repeat after me…” hannity is NOT a hottie!” “love my hubby.” “love my hubby.” you are just sick of yours bc he’s been sick lately just like mine has… they turn into big babies… which is NOT HOT, BUT that does not give reason to think hannity is a cuite.

    when hillary gets the nom, we will all turn on fox again and see them as the enemy. do not cross that line with one of theirs!

  154. It is time for the African Americans to cut Obama lose and let him be a MAN and STAND up on his own.

    I’m so tired of Obama getting a pass on all his HATE Speech and some being apologist for this very confused individual. The more Obama stalls on this issue the more his credibility go down the toilet.

    When I was watching CNN…the Anderson Cooper was nervous and had that “deer in the headlight” look about the reality of an Obama collapse.

  155. Ann, thanks for the compliment! Meeks is similar to Wright in a lot of ways. I also found this…it’s describing a new Episcopal leader in Chicago and the activities related to that:

    “Meanwhile, some liberals believe the decision to hold his consecration at the House of Hope, the home of Rev. James Meeks’ Salem Baptist Church, sends the wrong message. They say many African-Americans sought refuge in the Episcopal Church to escape the anti-gay rhetoric preached by evangelical pastors such as Meeks.”,1,5351339.story

  156. I think the people of Michigan and Florida need to march – demonstrate for their votes to count. Clinton said it is “un-American” of us to disenfranchise voters and to recall those who had marched in the past – women, AA’s, Latinos who fought for their right to vote.

    saw this from Taylor Marsh poster – so, maybe the union can organize a march:

    Hey ya’ll

    the big UAW guy that endorsed HRC out of Michigan…well I can tell you that locally the UAW people were about 99% for HRC! THese people vote.. put up signs, and generally see HRC as the best hope for further employment

    THats alot of MAD Michigander Union People, and there are UAW plants in IND too—I don’t know about PA though.

    We are a giant force, all of us together!!

  157. If MSM already has a story (like at Tapper) then the Obama people will get it anyway. However if we are going to find counters for it, then we need to hear about it here, not after it goes wide on MSM.

  158. y’all need to watch this WHOLE speech. At 13:54 he brings up Wright again. Also, there is a lot in here that is truthful, and gives an insite

  159. @American,
    If this guy (Meeks) was on an official BO campaign committee, you should organize all the info/video/etc. that you found and send to Hannity, O’Reily, Limbaugh, Scarborough, etc.

  160. birdgal….is he speaking about these FEDERAL programs for predominantly AA’s in his mainsteam stumps?

  161. I’m sure the scheduling papers will not reveal any smoking gun for the right wing nor the BHO campaign. Hillary has been vetted. Every little detail has been scrutinized about every little thing she has ever done.

    If there was anything she needed to worry about she would have been out front of it already.

    The worse that can possibly happen is the upcoming distortions from the BHO and the repugs. But she’ll handle it just like she did about the BHO mailers.

  162. I dunno know Ann…maybe 10 minutes in, talking about the LA riots after Rodney King police acquittal

  163. RE: WH schedules…you know there’s not much there when the headline on is that HRC was in WH during Monica “meetups.” Please, grow up.

  164. Ann, I’ve already sent to Rush and Hannity. Will send to others. I am looking for confirmation that he was on Obama’s presidential exploratory committee. Also looking for video.

  165. everyone needs to tune into fox…. bill o says its going to be an amazing show! i bet there is going to be some new dirt on bambi!!!!

  166. @bird,
    How did he know Trinity was known as a separatist church….somewhere in his writings? in a speech? Anything that can be cited?

  167. @American,
    maybe not exploratory but maybe his list of AA preachers that were backing him. It had an official name. Anyone? Wright was on same list. Anyone have that press release with all the names handy?

  168. lninla at 10:10 pm: thanks for the synopsis of Rove’s comments. Originally he assured us that Wright would be a problem for Bambi– but to reserve judgement until we have heard the speech. The speech has been given. And now Rove with his keen sense of what it takes to win elections even with an intellectually challenged candidate like W is telling us in the immortal words of Robert Preston that Bambi has got BIG TROUBLE in River City.

  169. Ann: he mentioned in a speech that he gave to a group of AA ministers JUNE 07. I’m watching the video now.

    space posted a link above.

  170. Well…he had a lot to say, and I don’t disagree with it all, but I got annoyed about the stuff with LA and Katrina….until he said at the end “why arent we doing this?

  171. I saw the ABC News story on NAFTA based on anonymous quotes.

    Why did she tell that room full of women that she supported NAFTA?

    Because she was there as the representative of the President of United States who was for NAFTA. She acted just like any
    other member of the administration and supported the president publicly once the decision was made by the president. Jake Tapper
    and his anonymous sources do not really expect Hillary to go out and publicly oppose her husband the President of the United States,
    do they? We should go and post on his blog, this simple explanation?

  172. Space, do you remember Obama saying trinity was a separatist church? wasn’t it midway through?

    Ann: I think, it was midway through.

  173. Obama’s Opposition to Iraq War, Once Firm, Sometimes Has Wavered

  174. The Obamatrons I know are really sweating – downright morose over the Wright mess. I try hard to hide my GLEE!

    I was listening to Air America on my way home tonight, the host – moron Mike Malloy – was saying something about HRC being a member of a church-bible study group called “The Fellowship” in DC that “courted Nazis in the 1940s”. Ha, really grasping at straws considering HRC was an infant in the 1940s. So nice to hear the cries of desperation.

  175. I’m glad Fox is addressing this double standard about race, and calling BHO and his supporters on this…
    however, I’m uncomfortable with the contant characterization of this as somehow belonging only to the left.

    I am on the left…Fox and Ingram are not and no matter how joyed I am they are bashing BHO..I’m feeling attacked too.

  176. Oakie: it is none of my business but you mentioned yesterday that the Boston is getting . . . fat.

    I can only assume that while you are fighting in the courtroom for the rights of your clients the Boston is lying around at home munching on Kibbles and Bits and bon bons.

    That is an intolerable state of affairs and it is too much to expect that you can be two places at once.

    If I could offer a suggestion perhaps you could let him slip the leash so he can chase down some of those Obamaniacs–you did say he does not like them.

    That would keep him in fine fighting form and civilization would be grateful.

  177. wagner, that’s hilarious! DailyKos nutkooks were trying to push that tinfoil hat Fellowship crap months and months ago – mostly egged on by a blogger there who was writing a book on it, and was desperately trying to pump up his book sales.

    It’s a prayer group for politicians that is inter-denominational in DC. Nothing to the story.

  178. i have such a problem with them bringing up past presidents talking with graham and even with them speaking at bob jones… there is a BIG DIFF btwn a pres giving a speech at a university and consulting with billy graham, than what obama has done. obama chose ONE spiritual advisor. he CHOSE a mentor… that mentor was a blak supremacist and he knew it!

  179. SOrry gang, I need to do this.

    To my friend from Australia. Feel free to write some more. I am not comfortable at this point directly answering your email. Please understand. If you are sincere in your sentiments, it will become clear over time. Additionally, I do understand what your implication is about corporate preferences, and I think it is true to an extent, but I believe there is a much more basic thing at work in this case, and that is Patriotism.

  180. filberts – doing fine re: TX, worked on the project Sun, Mon, collecting as many statements as possible. Not sure what their team is going to do with it all.

    Laura Ingraham – on O’Reilly saying that BO missed a big opportunity ion his speech to really say something insightful about race relationships, but unfortunately, the situation re: wright with him will “stick in the craw” of most Americans. hahaha.

  181. Anyone have that reference to BO’s AA Minister Leadership Council (or something like that) that included all AA ministers who had endorsed/were backing BO?

  182. @diva…
    “i have such a problem with them bringing up past presidents talking with graham and even with them speaking at bob jones… there is a BIG DIFF”

    this is true and it sticks in my craw! tha is why i wrote the senators, including Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Martinez and Nelson (last two FL) to DEMAND the SAME condemnation on the floorr of the Congress that they demanded when Bush spoke at Bob Jones.

    I have received no replies….

  183. Ann..I will look in my stuff, but I KNOW it is on the threads back several days…it would be a lot of work but it is there

  184. Ininla, seems like a lot of work. Hope it pays off. There are no more dedicated supporters than Hill supporters.

    Hope you didn’t do this all alone. Legal stuff turn people off.

  185. I cannot believe I’m listening to Rick Santorum (especially because I’m LGBT) – but on O’Reilly says that Hillary will win big by double digits in PA.

  186. Does Santorum have a crystal ball? He wants everyone to think Hillary will win big in PA — and maybe she will — but we need to lower expectation. That has always been Clinton camp strategy.

  187. carby…i never watch anyway….so thanks for the warning! don’t want to start a new habit on the 28th!

    but thanks for the info for those who do watch. Maybe they can walk the dog….

  188. Ann:

    I wanted to finish watching it. the piece is about 38 minutes.

  189. Ann…i could send a copy of my leters to Senators and Reps to the papers as letters to the editors…especially here in Florida. Might get press that way.

  190. the speech is really quite interesting, and speaks to many important things before he goes into the political…his social stuff is worth noting….

    but more than anything, I was 1.) surprised at his references to Wright, although I noted the same TONE yesterday in his love of him and 2.) he was a much more humble man. Bo had not gone to BO’s head.

  191. Supporters pleased with Clinton visit
    Mar 19, 2008 @ 11:10 PM
    The Herald-Dispatch
    HUNTINGTON — Although most who came to American Legion Post 16 on Wednesday to see Sen. Hillary Clinton already supported her, her openness and candor solidified their choice for the May primary, many said.

    Matt Sowards, president of the Marshall University Young Democrats, said the open forum at the post on veterans issues was a great opportunity for party loyalists to see a presidential candidate speak about the issues that affect them. Clinton answered questions about veterans issues, including increased medical research funding, supporting homeless veterans and increasing funding for Veterans Administration hospitals.

    “Not only did she address all of the issues concerning veterans, but also a wide array of other issues that were brought up by the audience,” Sowards said. “A lot of people of different ages had their voices heard.”

    Delegate Jim Morgan, D-Cabell, said Clinton’s trip to Huntington and Sen. Barack Obama’s events in Charleston and Beckley today highlight the importance of West Virginia in national politics and determining the Democratic presidential nomination.

    With tens of thousands of military veterans in the state, Morgan said it was important for Clinton to speak to actual veterans and hear their concerns. Morgan said he is undecided on who he will support in May.

    “It was great to see that she could answer prepared questions and spontaneous questions from the folks who stood up,” Morgan said. “You felt like she really cared.”

    Huntington resident Diane Allen said she was a Clinton supporter before she attended the forum, and Clinton’s openness cemented her backing when she votes in the May 13 primary election in West Virginia. Her ability to speak candidly about the issues brought up by the audience, Allen said, spoke highly about her effectiveness as a leader.

    “I thought she was very good because she was on top of every question,” Allen said. “She had a lot to say and she cared about what she was talking about.”

    “She was just like how she is on TV. You just want to take her home and talk to her about anything,” said another Huntington resident, Dianna Bolling. “I feel like she is the person we need in office.”

    Clinton’s stop in Huntington was her second in West Virginia on Wednesday. Clinton also hosted a “Solutions for America” town hall at the Capital High School Gymnasium in Charleston earlier in the day.

  192. Space,
    Good idea. Letters to the editor are much easier to get in. Got a great response from Philadelphia Inquirer earlier this week about considering a letter I sent. Not sure if it made it in or not.

  193. TPS Says:

    March 19th, 2008 at 11:05 pm
    I saw the ABC News story on NAFTA based on anonymous quotes.

    TPS: Why did she tell that room full of women that she supported NAFTA?

    Because she was there as the representative of the President of United States who was for NAFTA. She acted just like any
    other member of the administration and supported the president publicly once the decision was made by the president
    Spot on TPS. This is where people like Tapper try to fuck with our minds, so lets call the game on him. . . .

    When I was at Annapolis one of my classmates asked a lieutant jg instructor what a naval officer should do if he disagrees with a decision rendered by his commanding officer.

    This particular instructor was one of those people who haul out a Havanna, stick it in their mouth but never lite it. But even so he managed to give us the answer.

    1. First, voice your objections to the commanding officer in a respectful way.

    2. Second, if he disagrees with you then salute him, and carry out the order.

    I am as sure as you are that Hillary voiced objections at step 1–the policymaking stage and that is what Gergen heard. I am equally sure that when the president decided to press forward on NAFTA she carried out the order as in step 2–the execution stage and that is what these anonomous sources heard. That is not inconsistency but implementation.

    The only thing I wonder when I hear something like this is whether JT is ignorant or malicious.
    What am I missing????

  194. “You just want to take her home and talk to her about anything,”

    boy…isn’t this the truth?

    Carby, thanks

  195. Didn’t Shabazz remind you of Taliban with a suit. (if we had them in this country). Someone should find out what religion Wright is following. Is it the one where God is going to help the black man take over? A minister suggested that Obama should be questioned on his beliefs. I felt like he was trying to tell us something.

  196. oh, spacegirl – just wanted to make it simple but re: LGbt – I’m the little b in that community – but queer activist for sure. got to coordinate gavin newsom in TX.

  197. SpacegirlArt Says:

    March 19th, 2008 at 11:30 pm
    carby…i never watch anyway….so thanks for the warning! don’t want to start a new habit on the 28th!

    but thanks for the info for those who do watch. Maybe they can walk the dog….
    I was being satirical in posting that item since I saw it on Us Weekly gossip site.

    Obama can go on the View and talk to the ladies but don’t dare to go on FoxNews and answer hard questions or have a open press conference.

    This guy couldn’t stand up to a fly, he’s weak, weak, weak and a bully.

  198. I am beginning to believe Obama is a man who has gotten in over his head…and probably through no REAL “fault” of his own, but Axelrod, Dean, Brazille etc. He SEEMS like a guy that would LOVE to help, really help, the AA community from a position of strength. He HAS that as a US Senator. But I don;t think he was EVER prepared to be vetted, as I am sure his pals Kennedy and Kerry (where are they now?) told him not to worry…they would take care of all that. Now we are in a position where Dean, Brazile and Pelosi are GOING TO RAM THIS THROUGH is at all possible, process and proceedure be damned – and the VOTE too. THEIR agenda is the real goal. I just can’t see Pelosi walking through the 13th Ward to help the downtrodden and disenfranchised. What was up with that “SD Primary” today? That was TOTAL BULL SHIT, and they think we don;t know that. I hope Barry will say “F*** you all” to these white boys and a few of his AA pals who are screwing him and go do his work in the Senate.

  199. Ininla, you got our Mayor to come to TX? How do you do it? You just call him? That’s extraordinary.

  200. You know what, I am getting more and more upset, that this guy is exposed with a freaky Pastor in his closet, and instead of answering questions from the press, this guy delivers a speech on race! Then, the mindless drones in the media high five the speech. He’s Lincoln. No, he sure as hell isn’t. He’s a coward. He gave a speech to avoid questions. He painted the entire african american community with Wright’s broadbrush. He waxed poetic and wisful over his racist gram. He equated Ferrarro to Wright. He threw in a potshot on Hillary and her supporters. Where is the real media? This guy is a phony. He’s an equivicator. He’s lied. And, he should be treated like everyone else. Not protected by a bizarro media afraid of offending anyone. Meanshile, Tapper’s got the “big” story about the NAFTA drop in Hill did at the bequest of the President 12 years ago.

  201. hey guys… just a heads up as far was getting stuff in the papers… when i was sending the naft-gate stuff out in ohio… i did send to the editors, but i had better luck on the sites that listed web addys to the actual reporters. i never got a response from an editor, but i got several replies from reporters i sent stuff to.

    some of the papers have whole lists of reporters addys… my rationale for sending to the individul reporters was very idealistic… i was thinking… “maybe there’s some woodstein-esque type that will get this and run with it”… my mind went back to redford and hoffman in the movie scouring for facts… i was deepthroat… okay! okay! im a pollyanna… what can i say! my life is simple here in asheville… so shoot me!!!

  202. DIVA!


    ““maybe there’s some woodstein-esque type that will get this and run with it””

    I have the same imagination! LOL

  203. so….my neighbor has a new GF….

    he lives in a HUGE old house with a pool that loks like it is out of Sunset Blvd…

    it’s almost midnight…and he is out there with a circular saw and a hand saw….

    what could he be doing?

    my neighbor has a new GF…

  204. @space… maybe he HAD a new GF??? saw at midnight??? dont be suprised if doggie goes and starts digging things up tomorrow!!! yikes! isnt that a scene from another movie??? wtf is wrong w/me???

  205. Just found this;
    Apparently the New Yorker will put out a long piece on Michele Obama.
    And while personally I’d say this isn’t much as far as discussions between married people go, you just know the right wing will tie this into their now burgeoning attack-Obama profile. i.e.
    “He/They’re against marriage too”

    Of course, I’m all for that, despite what people like SpaceGirl have WRONGLY tried to infer about me.
    And this is the kind of tidbit- useful perhaps, perhaps ultimately not so much – that I always thought true Hillfans wanted to know ASAP.
    Which is why I worked hard to bring them here.
    And thanks to SpaceGirl and a few others, I no longer do.
    You decide whether her “sense” I was – INCREDIBLY – some kind of troll helps you better understand this campaign.

    “Barack had a more bohemian attitude toward romance. “We would have this running debate throughout our relationship about whether marriage was necessary,” Obama told me. “It was sort of a bone of contention, because I was, like, ‘Look, buddy, I’m not one of these who’ll just hang out forever.’ You know, that’s just not who I am.
    He was, like”—she broke into a wishy-washy voice—“ ‘Marriage, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s really how you feel.’ And I was, like, ‘Yeah, right.’ ”

  206. SpacegirlArt at 11:46 pm: I agree. He is in over his head, and if he is human then surely he has had those doubts more than once during the course of this camplaign. And I believe he has wondered out loud to Michelle whether this is what he wants or whether he is being used by others to advance their own agenda through him

  207. space: That is a crazy image!

    BTW, I think, you may be right about BO, getting in over his head. But, he is very ambitious, arrogant, and on some level, very angry. I think, he would be more effective in the Senate.

    Diva: LOL!

  208. On a day when Obama was desperate for favorable press, CNN, the all-Obama, all-the-time network, gave him carte blanche to pal around with Anderson Cooper and have David Gergen & co. fawn all over him. Blech!

  209. Ya know, the day they replaced Aaron Brown with Anderson Cooper, I knew CNN was going down.

    AC is at his best when he’s a roving reporter, but his show is a journalistic joke.

    The only person other than Aaron Brown I liked over at CNN is Christianne Amanpour. I worship that woman and wonder why she still affiliates herself with it.

  210. @space (1146): (diva steps up onto soapbox with megaphone)

    plz trust me on this!!! bambi is NOT in over his head! he has accused hrc of playing the victim card when she is down. that is ALL he is doing now! he is making everyone think, “poor me… daddy abandoned me and mom when i was a little baby. i have identity issues. i found the rev. he was my father figure. how could i disown him?”

    this is all a FRONT!!! he is a fake! this guy is power hungry arrogant SOB! do not be fooled by his BS! that is all it is… he’s trying to play a victim when in reality he is just exploiting the american people again!

    (diva off soapbox and resumes normal voice)

  211. How can the press not be asking about his contradictions? How could he be allowed to speechify when he should have been answering questions? What kind of parallel world am I living in?

  212. wbboei,

    Jake Tapper is just trying to prove his journalistic bonafides. Hillary’s campaign is ready for this
    one and will hit it out of the ball park. Because, the response to this query is so obvious.

    I don’t want to be too harsh on JT because he is an impartial reporter who has not hesitated to raise tough
    questions about Obama.


    It must have been the hopium of the 36 minute speech I watched from last year…with all the black clergy…

    yes, he is a Chicago Pol, and that is whatt OI need to remember…all those AA’s freezing in Tony Rezko’s properrties in BO’s jurisdiction…and he didn’t know…..

    neither did Rev Wright

    Or the 8000 in the congregation


  214. filbert “The only person other than Aaron Brown I liked over at CNN is Christianne Amanpour. I worship that woman and wonder why she still affiliates herself with it.”

    HERE HERE!!!
    Aaron’s first day on the air i think was 9/11/2001

    and I have a HUGE crush on Christianne…she is SO MUCH better than CNN is now

  215. What am I failing to understand about a re-vote? MI and FL already had primaries and already have results. They don’t need a do-over, they should just be sat according to those results. Exactly HOW is the MI and FL voters’ faults that Howard Dean is foolish and short-sighted?

  216. See, I told you all! Media are closing ranks behind BO following his “magnanimous” speech. The Clinton campaign absolutely must – MUST – go nuclear on his lying ass. I have steadily been giving money, and that is what I expect. If she diminishes him for the general election, then so be it. The country will be better with McCain as President than Obama and that racist thug who has so shaped his life and views. I am very pissed in case you can’t tell. I voted in Florida, and now it appears that my vote was for nothing! NOTHING!

  217. bcc…what you are “failing to understand” is that if there is a re-vote, BO will lose AGAIN, and Dean can’t have that happen

  218. Rick…my I VOTED – My VOICE COUNTED sticker is still on the edge of my mirror….i should have Hillary autograph it when she comes here!

  219. rickroberts – don’t worry about the media. I think most of the damage has already been done

  220. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton:

    Hillary Clinton is running right into the heart of America. She wants to hear everyone’s voice; no one to be locked out. She will help unlock the full potential of this great country and world by challenging all of us glorious citizens to participate in life fully – choose a cause, challenge an injustice, educate someone(s), make a contribution, create something, prey/meditate for peace.


    so…. i know some of us have wondered abt the validity of some of the stories from newsweek… now we know… they are in the tank!

  222. I didn’t troll over from anywhere. What is SA? I have been making comments here for some time. Nothing is going to change with a bunch of mealy mouthed complaining to one another. I’m sick of playing nice. Hillary has not gone after him as hard as she should have for fear of being called a racist. Well, to hell with all that. The time is now. She must unload on him or this thing is lost.

  223. @SpacegirlArt,

    I know. (sigh) I’m just SO disgusted by how Dean is trying to run his little fiefdom. I’m so ANGRY at this assault on the Democratic process! >:(

    And I seriously think as long as I have to listen to this “there will be no re-vote” story, then he should have to stand up there and answer, again and again until the questions are gone, “okay, if there won’t be a re-vote, then WHY DON’T YOU USE THE RESULTS YOU ALREADY HAVE?!”


  224. Rick, she absolutely is doing the right thing by staying on message and not getting down in BO’s mud. And, the kind of comment you posted upthread is going to get you in a lot of trouble.

  225. rick: what we say over here is being watched and copied and pasted over at another site. its bad enough that they take wht we say out of context, but they also change our words around… no need to give them more fodder!

  226. Cool. Then I’m outta here. I’m preparing to go into a news blackout. I simply can’t take another stolen election.

  227. Rick: She is doing what she needs to do. She is staying on message, and fighting for the nomination. The media is vetting Obama, which keeps him off message. Every time Hillary goes negative on him or is perceived to be, her poll numbers go down. She is handling this with grace and class. Her supporters should try to the same, and not lower themselves to the vitrolic hatred that is present on other blogs.

  228. hillary doesnt need to stoop to his level. she hasnt done anything to warrant it. why should she get sh*t on her manolos bc bambi wallows w/racist pigs? she is a first lady and future president… she shouldnt be expected to go down to the level of chicago’s dirty politics????

    dont they always say… dress for and act for the job that you want, not the job you have? she may be the candidate now, but she has to act presidential if she wants to be president!

  229. diva, it’s a self-imposed, media boycott. You don’t watch broadcast or read print media. The internet is the only place you can select the stories you want to read.

    Some do it to protest, others are just sick of all the Hillary negativity the media has been spewing.

    Realistically, you can never really escape media. It’s ubiquitous. If you don’t read or hear it first hand, there are plenty of bloggers who will bring it to you via their posts. That’s what happens here.

    I get all my days worth of negative Hillary news from, ironically, you guys.

  230. mj, this is what I tell callers when they tell ask me the same question you just posed: money. It all comes down to that. Hillary would be blanketing our TV with ads if she had the resources. Unfortunately, she does not. So that’s why we all asks people to go on her website and spread the word.

  231. @fil: are you on a media blackout? if we are the only peeps that bring you negativity… you must be! esp witht the way that the media has tanked for bambi…

    btw… what “callers” are you talking abt? are you a dj or something?

  232. divabunny Says: i have such a problem with them bringing up past presidents talking with graham and even with them speaking at bob jones… there is a BIG DIFF btwn a pres giving a speech at a university and consulting with billy graham, than what obama has done.

    There’s also a big difference between Billy Graham and Bob Jones University! Bush speaking at Bob Jones was not okay eitiher.

    Though of course you’re right and one or two appearances at Bob Jones was nothing like being a long-time member/disciple of Wright!

  233. SpacegirlArt Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 11:22 pm

    Ann..I will look in my stuff, but I KNOW it is on the threads back several days…it would be a lot of work but it is there

    At Google you can put in the search box SpacegirlArt

    and it will find all your old comments, or use whatever key words you want to look for at this site. At least it’s SUPPOSED to, it was kind of flaky today.

  234. Obama: From valiant to victicrat

    Posted: March 20, 2008
    1:00 am Eastern

    © 2008

    Billed as an “important speech about race,” presidential candidate Barack Obama condemned some of the remarks of his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. But Obama refused to denounce the man himself, considering him family. Commentators gushed over this “groundbreaking,” “stirring” speech about the “state of race relations in America.”

    Funny, some people actually thought that Obama might explain why he chose and attends a church led by a hateful, anti-Semitic, racist America-condemning pastor, a man whom Obama refers to as his “spiritual adviser.”

    Long before the blowup over Barack Obama’s pastor, I wrote about this angry, “Afrocentric” church in my new book, “Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card – and Lose.”

    “Barack Obama,” I wrote, “attends Chicago’s popular Trinity United Church of Christ. He described its minister, Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., as his ‘spiritual mentor.’ On its website, Trinity United Church of Christ describes itself: ‘We are an African people, and remain “true to our native land,” the mother continent, the cradle of civilization. … It is God who gives us the strength and courage to continuously address injustice as a people, and as a congregation. We constantly affirm our trust in God through cultural expression of a Black worship service and ministries which address the Black Community.’

  235. 1950:
    i agree that there is big diff… billy graham lives here in asheville with me. one of my best friend’s hubby was the surgeon that operated on him a few weeks ago. dr graham is a great and wonderful man. i would never ever put him in the same league as bob jones.

    i’m just using the examples that the pundits and talking heads for obama have used the past few days… bottom line… we have never had ANY pres with a 20+ year hate filled advisor that promoted a dangerously divisive message. the really scary part of it is that … here we have a candidate that is running on a UNITY platform with a DIVISIVE mentor. its just friggin crazy!!!

  236. diva, yes. I have been since… really, after the IA loss. That’s when the negativity really began to become deplorable and it started affecting my mood. My family said I was unbearable to them b/c I was taking it out on them — they are all apolitical.

    However, when Hillary wins a Primary, I’ll download a video from CNN or MSNBC. But other than that, I stopped watching network and cable news. I’ve even stopped listening to Air America. I was a very faithful listener. Now, I can’t stand Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes or Rachel Maddow — three people I listened to faithfully since AA set up shop.

  237. Guys, no one is buying the Bob Jones visit comparison.

    Hey, Anderson Cooper wants to travel with Hill. I think she should do it.

  238. mj, hell yeah! Free media coverage, even if it’s from a prick like Cooper. Well, since he’s just recovering from skin cancer, I just lay off him for awhile. I do dislike him, though.

  239. Sharpton is another liar exposed. He has repeatedly said he is neutral in this race even though he appears to be biased towards Obama. Fox reported this evening that he talks to Obama 3 times a week. What do you suppose they are talking about? It sure is hell not the NCAA tournament.

  240. divabunny Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 1:20 am

    i agree that there is big diff… billy graham lives here in asheville with me. one of my best friend’s hubby was the surgeon that operated on him a few weeks ago. dr graham is a great and wonderful man.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a statement from Billy Graham about all this!

  241. mj, I think you said you’re planning to go to PA. There’s lots of offices opening there. I don’t know where I’m going yet, but it’s possible I might run into you.

    I’m thinking I should save the PA trip and plan for NC or Ind. She’s going to need there more so than PA.

  242. Filbert, I think a big win in PA could really help her gain steam. Though I may also go to NC. A friend of mine is trying to rent a house for volunteers in PA. it will cost some, but not much if he can fill it. Let me know if you are interested.

  243. You guys need not worry about Sharpton. He has little credibility or influence beyond his militant supporters. Sharpton is a joke, has been for decades. However, if there are AA who are swayed by him, they never supported Hillary in the first place.

  244. we DEF need help in western nc… asheville area… it is sooo in the tank for bambi!!! besides asheville is awesome!

  245. Obama is a LIAR but what makes it worse is all the apologists swiping all black ministers with the same brush of Dr. Wright and those Black Liberation/Separatists Churches.

    But I knew this was going to be long as so many dems careers is tied up with Barack “throw you under the bus” Obama.

  246. diva, it’s not lack of desire, but resources. I would love to help Hillary in every state, but the resource is just not there. I’m definitely going to Oregon. I’m still trying to decide if I should save the money by not going to PA and spending it on Ind and NC.

    But many of the people I volunteered with in TX are “encouraging” me to go with them to PA.

  247. i gotch fil… well. keep in touch if you decide to come to nc… i have friends in raleigh and charlotte and i’m in asheville.

  248. I honestly can not understand how anyone can still be in the tank for Obama. I guess some Dem’s like liars who use race to cover up poor judgement.

  249. I know someone has already done something like this, but we should compile a list of every blog and every local paper in the upcoming states, then pass them out to the people on Hillary’s Voices and try to hit everyone of them everyday in someway. With Positive Hillary stuff.

  250. I gotta complaint, I am a health care professional, I had a patient tonight that was sick and he was waiting for his medicaid paper to come through so he could come to the doctor, so instead he came to the ER. I felt sorry for him and told him we need to get healthcare cheap enough for everyone, he said oh yeah! for everyone. So I took his xray and he said I hope we get healthcare soon, I said vote for democrat in November and we should get it. Then he went on the say Obama was going to kick McCain’s but and if Hillary hadn’t hooked up with Ferraro she might of won! I had to bite my lip for job security, but really I am tired of this geraldine thing, she said nothing racist!!

  251. repost – have to edit the link:

    Brian Ross of ABC did a story on Hillary who might’ve, yes, “might’ve” been in the Whitehouse the fateful night of Bill and Monica. Out of 11,000 pages of her schedule, this is what their top investigative reporting churns out. This is a fiasco. The MSM has not dignified Larry Sinclair. Double standards, indeed.

    Call Brian Ross of ABC News at 212-456-7612 and tell him politely what you think of him bringing up “the blue dress” now
    Submitted by lambert on Wed, 2008-03-19 20:51.

    I just did.

    Brian Ross is the head of ABC News Investigative Division. And this is why they wanted Clinton’s White House schedule?

    This is investigative journalism? The headline:

    Hillary Was in White House on ’Stained Blue Dress’ Day.

    Oh, yeah, and then the subhead qualifies it: “May have” been in the White House.

    So it’s a fucking non-story story. Unbelievable. Stay classy, ABC. Stay classy.

    We’ll be waiting for Obama to condemn ABC for refighting the battles of the 90s. Yeah, right.

  252. I’ve been wrong before, but…. Pelosi and Dean may be standing by their man 1000% now, but there’s a long time till the convention. How long did it take in 1972 for the 1000% support for Eagleton (McGovern’s VP) to wear off, as the public reacted to finding out he’d had psychiatric treatment inclluding electroshock?

    Pelosi etc’s initial reflex may be to stand by BO to keep options open, but as time goes on and more grassroots people see these WRight tapes, and BO loses in PA and elsewhere and Hillary does better — eventually the DNC must realize that BO can’t win in November. Will they really want to lose the GE just to hurt Hillary? Because really it won’t hurt her — McCain winning in 2008 just leaves her free to run against McCain in 2012 after she picks up the pieces.

    I have hope that the DNC has some survival instinct and if we keep educating them they might actually pick teh one who CAN win this GE. Unless Gore and CArter etc step in and settle it first.

  253. Obama’s church pro-Hamas
    Grant Swank Grant Swank
    March 19, 2008

    Barack Obama’s church is revolution-centered. It is more a political center than a Christian church. Jeremiah Wright has built a congregation of thousands on an anti-white political revolution.

    But more: Wright has moved from American anti-white to support of Muslims via Hamas.

    In Trinity United Church of Christ’s July 22, 2007’s bulletin, there appeared a reprint of an article by Mousa Abu Marzook, deputy of the political bureau of Hamas per “Obamacide — Obama’s Church Reprinted Hamas” on

    “Marzook is a known terrorist and created an extensive Hamas network in the United States.”

    The piece appeared first in the LA Times entitled, “A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle.”

    The LA Times was put down for providing a “Platform to Genocidal Terrorist.”

    Why would a church print an article in support of Hamas? Did Obama know of this? Did he read it and simply slide it aside per his sliding aside Wright’s demeaning, disgusting tirades?

    In supporting Hamas via his church bulletin, is it surprising that Wright taught a “black liberation theology” that warned blacks that whites were out to kill them? This was on the church’s web site until airbrushed away recently.

    Before it was completely erased there was a warning there to blacks that whites are “captors” and blacks “captives.”

    One reason whites seek to capture helpless black captives is to kill them. Kill them? Yes, that’s what the site states: white “captors” plot to kill black “captives.”

    Here is what used to be on the site:

    “Classic methodology on control of captives teaches that captors must keep the captive ignorant educationally, but trained sufficiently well to serve the system.

    “Also, the captors must be able to identify the ‘talented tenth’ of those subjugated, especially those who show promise of providing the kind of leadership that might threaten the captor’s control.

    “Those so identified as [sic] separated from the rest of the people by:

    “Killing them off directly, and/or fostering a social system that encourages them to kill off one another.”

    Guests have told TV commentators these days that “black liberation theology” is popular in black churches and from speakers at black college and university campuses. It is in reality an underground revolution against whites that American whites are not aware of. Wright is one of the popular speakers on campuses.

    Why then would we not expect Wright to move to defend Hamas as per that article in his church bulletin?

    Further, on the church’s web site, the opening shot is the continent of Africa, not America. This is in line with Wright’s “damn America” theme. Being pro-black and anti-white, Africa is the prime outline on the church’s web site.

    Moreover, Obama has put a bill before Congress asking for immense taxpayer funds sent to Africa.

    Obama will see through his bill in Congress. It’s Global Poverty Act (S 2433) which would shell out of America $845 billion as welfare moneys to third-world countries.

    What will this cost each of us?

    The tab is a tax more than $2000 on each American breathing. Our nation’s budget for foreign this-and-that already comes to $300 billion. But what’s the diff? The Act would merely add the additional moneys out to the already elephant-sized total.

    Obama now has these cheerleaders in the bleachers in favor of this thievery. They include Senators Richard Lugar, Joseph Biden, Maria Cantwell, Chris Dodd, Dick Durbin, Russ Feingold, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Hagel, Olympia Snowe, Tim Johnson, Tom Harkin and Robert Mendez

    Obama’s cousin, Raila Odinga, a Kenyan Muslim, ran for the country’s president recently, but lost. Carnage has resulted. Obama phoned him during Obama’s New Hampshire campaign to encourage him in his quest for presidency.

    The cousin told the nation of 10% Muslims and 80% Christians that he, the cousin, would install legalistic Islam, including sharia. Christianity would be wiped out.


    The church seemingly is not preaching for souls to be saved. Bible studies are “black Bible studies,” whatever that means. I as a minister simply conduct Bible studies. I never knew they had a particular ethnic slant. In fact, the Word of God has no ethnic slant. It is divine revelation directed to save all souls through Christ.

    Obama’s church has forgotten the altar call to salvation, then growth in the Holy Spirit’s infilling, then daily devotions in Bible and prayer to build up the soul. Instead, the “church” has dwarfed into a revolution-action cell for overthrowing American whites.

    The focus is political, even moving from US moneys going to Africa, Obama’s support of his Muslim cousin for the Kenyan presidency, to encouraging Hamas Muslims.

    How can we ever trust Obama in the White House? We can’t. Never.

  254. lninla

    I suspected for a while that was one of the motives behind the push to get Hillary’s papers. I kept that to myself since others and the press troll this site. Amazing how it just took a few hours to compare dates to see if Hillary was at the WH on the days in question. Axlerod knew that the press being the gossip mongers they are would check on this first to bring the darkest days of Bill’s administration to the forefront again. Typical “Old Style Chicago” politics.

  255. Oooh, I saw something that sounds totally far out, but considering how odd the rest of Obama’s history is, maybe we should get some people checking into it…. The claim was that Obama was actually born in Kenya, not Hawaii, while his mother was visiting there, just as she was getting ready to go back to Hawaii, so when she got home she registered him as born in Hawaii.

    If that were true — then he wouldn’t be eligible for POTUS without a constitutional amendment, and I don’t think even the bots could do that. 😉

  256. Ininla and 1950D, it’s not what’s contained in those papers that will hurt Hillary. It was the accusation of secrecy. Americans hate that about their gov’t and their elected officials

    I’m glad the papers are released. That will shut Obamabots up. Obama had been trying to attack Hillary on the secrecy issue.

    Many people are tired of re-living the 90s. Stories here and there will delve into the contents of the papers, but on the whole, I think this is positive news.

  257. “Obama is a LIAR but what makes it worse is all the apologists swiping all black ministers with the same brush of Dr. Wright and those Black Liberation/Separatists Churches.”

    Absolutely. My mother is a devout Methodist — but when Farrkhan’s lieutenant Khalid Muhammad came to NY, she wrote a letter to the Daily News that they printed –“Don’t you dare link me with Khalid Muhammad because we have the same color skin. Don’t you dare!”

  258. Clinton-Obama tickets sell out
    By CHARLES S. JOHNSON Missoulian State Bureau

    HELENA – Hundreds, if not thousands, of Montanans came up empty and unhappy Wednesday when they weren’t able to buy tickets online to see presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at a state Democratic Party dinner in Butte April 5.

    Most of the 2,400 bleacher seats available were sold out by 9:15 a.m., 15 minutes after they went on sale via the Internet. The tickets sold for $40 apiece.

    Ninety-nine percent of the tickets were sold to Montana residents, with each person buying an average of 3.8 tickets.

  259. sorry… one more…

  260. We need to win this primary and that mean going all out like we did for TX, OH and RI for the next 2 months it is too important to this country. Take nothing for granted just work for every vote and don’t let anybody use the race card on you….Obama can’t ever be pure on that issue any more…but until the media get off it’s we know what is best for you kick, we are going to have to trust the voter in being smarter then what the media gives them.

    As a AA I’m very offended by the characature the media has accepted from the Obama Campaign as gospel on the black church. I would never called the white separatist church indicative of all white american but the MSM had no problem accepting Obama’s fairytale.

  261. divabunny Says:

    March 20th, 2008 at 1:47 am
    i gotch fil… well. keep in touch if you decide to come to nc… i have friends in raleigh and charlotte and i’m in asheville.
    diva-fyi I am planning to go to north carolina in the next 2-3 weeks. Probably make 2 trips.

  262. This article can also be read at
    must read-he should have left his pastor- /servlet/Satellite?cid=1205420720488&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

    [ Back to the Article ]

  263. birdgal Says:

    March 20th, 2008 at 12:00 am
    The scarier the better if he has anything to do with Bambi. One more Halloween mask comes off

  264. let me get this straight,

    if Mr. O’s supporters think its unfair that superdelegates use independent judgement in casting their support for a candidate

    and should Hillary not prevail as the nominee

    what cry of the wild will they use after the electoral college gives the presidency to McCain?

    (a handful have hinted at riots, hopefully they won’t stoop that low)

  265. the point of the superdelegates is to make an independent decision – they’re precisely there to help us avert electoral disasters or disastrous choices of nominees (like Obama) and to hear the arguments delegates vs. popular vote,etc. Obama’s campaign is making their argument now – which is about the delegates, and they’re just making it more vociferously with a media that’s aiding and abetting it.

    ironic – that if Hill wins the popular vote, and if Obama wins the delegate count like the electoral votes, and the DNC throws it to him, then, haven’t the DNC just repeated what happened with Gore vs. Bush – but done it to themselves?

  266. hear, hear, rjk – let’s just hope the media will take notice of these new polls,since these past few days (other than fox) they’re all about assuaging their own white guilt.

    they seem so eager to be misled – the Wright issue is about judgment, about the character that it takes to be a President, but BO points in one direction and says, look “it’s about race” and they head in that direction…such lemmings.

  267. Good morning Hillfans. This is how Hillary is going to win.

  268. I just posted at
    ONly 8 other comments up so far.

    Obama gave this speech to the nation as damage control for the videos of his 20-year spiritual advisor, Rev. Wright. It seems to have served as a distraction for some, getting the chattering classes back into cloudland and into further argument about intangibles — and attacks on Clinton, Ferraro, and his own white grandmother.

    But the videos don’t need the liberal chattering heads; the GOP will be pushing the videos, and they will be circulating in email. Soccer moms will hear them on the minivan radio. Local editorial writers and local preachers will talk about them.

    The videos speak for themselves. Obama may plead a long avuncular relation with Wright, but other of his Black church supporters are being found to have said the same sort of thing, eg Meeks. The New Black Panther blog has been pulled from Obama’s web space, but cached copies are circulating.

    Right now some of Obama’s high level supporters are standing behind him 1000%, which keeps their options open. But it’s many weeks before the SD’s decide the nomination, time for a long Eagleton moment — for the public to hear the videos and the SD’s to hear from their constituents.

    Imo this speech was a temporary bandaid on one of the Wright wounds; as though Eagleton had distracted the pundits with a long cloudland speech about attitudes to mental illness, trying never to mention electroshock (and never at all mentioning lack of vetting).

  269. @1950: thank you for posting… i just commented as well… omg! if you are sitting. if you dare… go read comment #12 (dorothy patton @633)!!! holy hell! someone has seriously seriously od’d on the fool aid!!!

  270. idunn: why?

    Because it makes a hell of alot of sense to go for his superdelegate primary idea now, rather than let this thing play out at the convention. The more this shit drags on, the more we’re hurting our chances in the GE. I think Bredesen has put forth a creative and novel way to solve this thing sooner, rather than later.

    AND I also think HRC has a really good case to make for herself at a superdelegate primary. ESPECIALLY if it were to be done soon.

    Of course, in order for the idea to go forward, Clinton, Obama and Dean would all have to agree to it. I don’t think the chances of that are very good.

  271. HRC might, because she cares about the party. Obama and Dean? I think they’d put the brakes on the idea. Especially Obama, because he has alot more to lose from the idea than HRC does.

  272. carbynew, I have been in many AA churches, as I used to travel and do inter-church stuff for our youth program.

    I have heard more flamboyant rhetoric, a slightly different emphasis on the needs of their specific community, another take on the social gospel, etc. I understand that AA churches are in some ways culturally different from most white churches.

    But I NEVER heard a black pastor preaching the bitterness and bile and “blame America” crap that Wright preaches. NEVER. Not once.

    Trying to pass off Wright’s hateful screeds as “that’s just the way black churches are, you have to understand it’s cultural, blah blah blah…” is an insult to all those fine AA preachers out there preaching love and acceptance and lifting up their communities.

  273. One must wonder,what happened to those over eager good ol’ boys that got caught up in the BHO cult rush? Where are they when you need them Barack? Your slip is showing your poll points are falling and REZKO CREEP is happening. KENNEDY,KERRY,DASCHLE,McCASKILL,LEAHY,to name a few,I believe are in aWRONG CHOICE SYNDROME REHAB.CENTER. Next stop for them is UNEMPLOYMENT LINE.


  274. HillaryforTexas, I grew up in black churches my entire life. I have never once, never , heard any preacher in any of those churches spew hatred and biggotry towards anyone. In fact, in the churches I’ve been to , that kind of rhetoric would be loudly condemned as anti-christian.

    I don’t know where are these hate-based churches are, but they damned sure weren’t a part of my religious upbringing.

  275. Last night Sharpton argued that Wright’s comments were directed at the government and not the American people.

    Well…”God damn America” sures sounds like his hatred isn’t that isolated, but what do I know… 😉

  276. Diva, you see? That son of a bitch Dean couldn’t care less about doing what’s right for our party. He’s hook line and sinker in the tank for Bambi. Bastard.

    I will share this though, yesterday I was talking to my neighbors. They are republicans, staunch republicans. And they are really holding their noses wrt voting for McCain. So we were talking politics, and I just happened to let drop the fact that if HRC didn’t get the nomination, I hoped like hell she would turn her back on the DNC and start a new party. My neighbors both said, “If she did that, I’d even vote for her!” I was surprised by that, so I asked them why. They said, “Because THAT’S the kind of balls we need to fix this country!”


  277. Last night Sharpton argued that Wright’s comments were directed at the government and not the American people.

    Said by a man who visited Kalid Muhammad on his deathbed to offer moral support. 🙄

  278. Tuned in on MSNBC (Network LANDFILL for would-be,could be,might be, and has been wannabe Journalists.Tucker on and looked and acted DEFLATED.Guest shot for gas money.MIKA still GA GA over OBAMA.This is the worst group of characters on TV.This is no doubt an embarassment to quality and professional journalists.I am so glad that MSNBC ratings aare taking a big DIVE.Owner GE and Jack Welch along with the sponsors are in for a BOYCOTT that they will regret. After logging on to their show,I need a shower to get clean again.

    by ABM90

  279. The playmate’s dad is comparing Bo to Jack Kennedy and Hillary to Mamie Eisenhower. He says his travel agen has traveled to 150 countries and that does not qualify her to be the president. The bastard is real A$$hole.

  280. @idunn: thats really interesting abt your neighbors… almost everyone i know is republican and they arent pleased with mccain either. one of my really good friends sent me an email this morning …(her quote) “As much as I respect you personally, I would simply ask you to re-examine your political affiliation, and determine what you have in common with “latte liberals” and idealistic college students; you are not that fluffy…. ”

    my friends are really giving me a hard time lately and they know i’m for hillary, BUT so many ppl are just so turned off by the dem party bc of the press we’re getting bc of obama… first it was eye rolling over obama girl, then they mock me abt ppl fainting at his rallies, now we have this rev wright thing…

    i cant disagree with them… it sucks not to be able to be proud of my party.

  281. Idunn, I hope Hillary would give DNCC the ultimatum that she would never endorse BO if they do not revote in MI and Florida.

  282. good morning gang…


    “My neighbors both said, “If she did that, I’d even vote for her!” I was surprised by that, so I asked them why. They said, “Because THAT’S the kind of balls we need to fix this country!”

    I cannot tell you HOW MANY republicans I have heard say the same or similar. The do not like McCain, and they don’t like BC, but they DO respect and admire Hillary. I believe come the GE, we will get more of their votes than ya might think. The certainly WILL NOT vote for Obama. There is NOTHING in his “platform” that is remotely Republican in it’s ideals, and although the same can be said for Hillary’s stance on things, they BELIEVE her as a Commander-in-Chief and think she is fully capable.

  283. @clintondem: amen to that one! what a f’ng d*ck! i cant believe brez!!! he is one of the reasons we’re in the mess we’re in over there and then he comes on and spews that??? gawd…. why do i watch that show??? i cant stand any of them!!!

    didnt they fire tucker??? i thought i wouldnt ever have to look at him again??? why is he still here???

  284. I hear you, Diva. I’m technically an Independent (in TN, we’re ALL technically Independents), but I’ve given my financial support to the DNC all of my adult life. NOT because I agree with everything the DNC stands for…I don’t believe in Affirmative Action, I don’t believe in welfare handouts except for cases of physical and mental disabilities, and where it’s essential to the well-being of children, in all other cases, I believe people who recieve government assistance should be required to work for the betterment of their communities in order to recieve aid…I’m also not for “big government”, I think states rights ought to be restored…etc. etc. Having said that, I definitely have far more issues with the philosophies of the GOP, and because of that, I have never supported a Republican with my vote. In essence, I am a woman without a party, because the 2 viable parties we have done represent me at all.

    I’d welcome a viable 3rd party.

  285. DIVA “i cant disagree with them… it sucks not to be able to be proud of my party.”

    and that is why I respond that Obama et al, DO NOT represent the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, and that it is Dean Pelosi & Kennedy crew that are trying to hijack it to ultra-left apologetic socialism and we are fighting to keep it where it belongs. AS soon as I mention Kennedy and Pelosi, they get it, and usually become more honest about their feeling about Hillary. MOST can see her in a different light in that comparison. Of course, some are simply rabid and I don’t waste my time.

    So basically I say, if you want Pelosi and Reid running things, vote for McCain. If not, vote for Hillary. I have had a few staunch conservative converts.

  286. from today’s WSJ…
    The release of Clinton’s daily schedules as first lady support her presidential campaign’s claim that she had extensive exposure to foreign-policy matters. But they do little to bolster her assertion that she was a central player.

  287. “But they do little to bolster her assertion that she was a central player.”

    has she CLAIMED she was?

  288. I’ve gained ALL KINDS of experience from situations where I wasn’t a “central player”. I’m not a “central player” in my charity work, my work with the environment, or my political work. Does that mean my experience in those areas mean nothing? Guess so, huh? 🙄

  289. How would you know from a schedule how “central” she was?

    I’ll take Bertie Ahern’s word for it over the WSJ.

  290. greetings all. We have a challenge ahead, but one that we can help Supergirl overcome:

    From NY Times:
    March 20, 2008
    Political Memo
    Clinton Facing Narrower Path to Nomination

    WASHINGTON — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton needs three breaks to wrest the Democratic presidential nomination from Senator Barack Obama in the view of her advisers.

    She has to defeat Mr. Obama soundly in Pennsylvania next month to buttress her argument that she holds an advantage in big general election states.

    She needs to lead in the total popular vote after the primaries end in June.

    And Mrs. Clinton is looking for some development to shake confidence in Mr. Obama so that superdelegates, Democratic Party leaders and elected officials who are free to decide which candidate to support overturn his lead among the pledged delegates from primaries and caucuses.


  291. clintondem99, you can call Mika any name you want. That’s not my concern. My question was what the story was behind calling her playmake Mika. I have heard some use that name for her here. Also, it’s too early too early in the morning to start arguing with posters. Relax…

  292. The article was fairly neutral…don’t know if you can get there w/out a subscription, but here’s the link.

  293. @space: most of my girlfriends are married to docs… they will never ever ever convert…
    to them: hillary=universal healthcare=”yikes! i might have to get a job!”

    sounds funny, but i am NOT KIDDING… they all say the same thing… they agree with many of the things that hillary stands for, but they all vote their husband’s pocket.

    @idunn: i’m with you… regardless of what happens ith the nom… i am seriously thinking of leaving the party. i dont know whats happend to it? youre right… it has been hijacked! the way that theyve treated hillary and bill just turns my stomach… after all that the clintons have done for the party??? they turn their back on them???

    well… i’ll be signing off here in a few… hubby and i are headed to savannah for a long weekend… i have to get some stuff done around here before we go…it’ll be nice to tune it out for a few days… i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! xx~divabunny

  294. Caroline, I am not aware of any story. I picked up that name from B.Merry.. Did not mean to be argumentative.

  295. @diva-

    hmm… Im not sure about GFs, but I am a doc in Boston. Most docs I know who are dems, myself included, want universal healthcare and we know Hillary’s plan is the only one that makes sense.

  296. Diva…Savannah is wonderful! I lived in Brunswick/St. Simons for 10 years, and the property II am TRYING to close on is 20 miles south of there. It’s a beautiful place. Have fun!

  297. i’m with you… regardless of what happens ith the nom… i am seriously thinking of leaving the party.

    Well, since I’m technically an Independent, the only way that I can “leave the Democratic Party” is to stop supporting them financially or with my vote. I’ve already stopped giving the DNC my money, and if HRC doesn’t get the nomination, then they won’t get my vote either. So basically, my ONLY allegiance to the DNC right now is HRC. Once she’s gone, I’m gone too.

  298. Ok…I was thinking about something last night and mentioned it late, but rather cryptically. Here goes.

    Rezko had unheated tenements where AA’s froze their butt off and services were impossible to get.

    Obama was the State Senator for the District where these slums were, but he didn’t know, and his staff never heard any complaints.

    Pastor Wright, who thought it was terrible that AA’s lived in such White-created Oppressive circumstances didn’t know about these places either, even tho he had a congregation of 8000.

    NONE of the 8000 congragents (sp) knew about these places where other AA’s were living, and if they did, NONE of these 8000 ever told Wright OR Obama….

    but blame the White-oppressive system for the plight?

  299. @clintondem & ronald…

    honestly, i dont know why…. i dont know the in’s and out’s of how UH will affect different types of docs/specialities… most of my friends’ hubs are cards, one is a dentist and one is an ER doc and the others are IMs… the only one that is neutral on UH is the ER doc.

    three of us wives are former pharma reps, so when i worked, it was practically prohibited to be pro UH as a rep in the field. i quit a little over a year ago… after medicare part d kicked in, it was really hard to feel like you were bringing any value to the docs… spending hundreds on lunches for offices, when these poor elderly ppl cant afford their meds…. i just started feeling awful at the end of every day. i’m so thankful i was able to get out of that industry.

  300. If the issues of MI and FL are not resolved with in the next week, then the Dems (no matter who the nominee) can kiss November good bye!!

    Dean has f–ked this up, to the point, that the voters beleive the Democratic Party caress less about them and their vote. We need these two states in order to win

  301. Caroline, Mika is called “playmate Mika” because she sits on her cute little stool posing and preening, occasionally giving some slanted-back boob shots and typifies empty-headed blonds everywhere. She’s window dressing.

  302. This woman on Bill Mahr is drinking the Kool-Aid big time, embarrassing herself, even Bill had to smack her down a little.

  303. I just called the DNC to complain about my vote in Florida not being counted, and someone named Doris hung up on me! I was NOT yelling, and I was NOT being rude. I lived in Florida when the primary occurred and voted, expecting that Howard Dean and the DNC would solve this problem and make sure that my vote would be counted. I didn’t just go to the poll for my health that day! Well, now I live in Georgia; so even if there is a re-vote, my vote will not be counted. I am pissed! I asked Doris at the DNS what I could do, and she told me to complain to my state. Complain to Florida? I reminded here that Florida has is led by Republicans. She said she didn’t know what to tell me then. I asked her to take my name and number and have someone call me back, and that’s when she hung up on me. I AM FURIOUS! Howard Dean must resign!

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