Pennsylvania Irish – For Hillary Clinton

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Everything is turning Green. Spring is almost here. Our March to Victory continues. April will be even sweeter.

The day after receiving the endorsements of Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl at a rally in Pittsburgh, Hillary continued her visit to the Steel City by marching in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Enthusiastic crowds greeted her at every turn along the parade route as Pittsburghers chanted “Hill-a-ry” “Hill-a-ry.” Volunteers marched with Hillary as they made their way through downtown Pittsburgh. Enthusiastic supporters signed up to volunteer with the campaign to ensure victory right here in Pennsylvania for Hillary on April 22nd. After today’s parade and yesterday’s rally there is no doubt that western Pennsylvania truly is Clinton Country!

The March To Victory

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton transformed the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade into a blocks-long campaign rally as she was marched and waved before an almost uniformly welcoming crowd.

Mrs. Clinton was flanked by a show of her Pennsylvania support, Gov. Ed Rendell, Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll, County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, as she was cheered without interruption under a gray sky.

Chants of “Hill-a-ry, Hill-a-ry” greeted the New York senator, who sported a long green scarf over her black overcoat. While a group of enthusiasts for her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, followed her along the sidewalks of Grant Street and the Boulevard of the Allies, the atmosphere was friendly throughout. Mrs. Clinton offered a thumbs-up gesture toward one knot of Obama partisans as she turned the corner from Grant Street.

“This is a great parade,” Mrs. Clinton said from the reviewing stand before rushing across the state for another parade date in Scranton. “May the luck of the Irish be with you all.”

Mr. Rendell described the crowd’s enthusiasm as “off the charts,” but said, “She’ll be campaigning hard for the next six weeks. Our lead is not going to stay at 18 points.”

“We really gave her a good reception,” Mr. Onorato said. “She was very pleased.”

Mrs. Clinton’s presence even drew some newcomers to Pittsburgh’s 139-year-old parade. Kevin and Jennie Bosetti, of Cecil, came to the parade for the first time, in part because of the opportunity to lay eyes on Mrs. Clinton. “We got to see Hillary,” gushed Mrs. Bosetti. “We love Hillary.” [snip]

Just over 16 percent of the state’s population claimed Irish ancestry in the 2000 Census, according to the Pennsylvania State Data Center. The Pittsburgh and Scranton regions, where Mrs. Clinton divided her campaign day, were both traditional centers for Irish immigration.

“Maybe no St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Scranton thrilled like this one.”

A crowd that organizers said was the largest in the parade’s 47-year history jammed downtown streets to greet Democratic presidential candidate and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, who returned to the city Saturday for the second time in five days, again to adoration.

“Hillary, Hillary, Hillary,” the people who filled downtown sidewalks frequently chanted.

As Mrs. Clinton walked, dozens of people constantly rushed ahead on adjacent sidewalks to get as close to her as possible. It was less orderly than her visit Monday to Scranton High School, but the feel was the same. They cheered, they clapped, they waved at her, they shook her campaign signs, they snapped pictures with digital cameras and cell phones.

Girls screamed like when the Beatles arrived in the United States or when actor Drake Bell showed up at the Mall at Steamtown in December. Organizers said they were sure Mrs. Clinton’s presence drew the larger crowd.

I’ve never seen anything like it,” said parade day coordinator James “Bambi” Coyle, who’s been involved with parade planning for 20 years.

Mrs. Clinton dressed for the day. She wore a green blouse under her long black coat, and scarves — a bright green one that she started the parade with and a darker green one dotted with white shamrocks acquired along her march. On her lapel she sported a green carnation.

She marched with union members, starting in front of the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers Union office on Wyoming Avenue under gray, cloudy skies and a chill wind. By the time she reached the end at Mulberry Street and North Washington Avenue, the clouds had lifted and the sun shone.

Mrs. Clinton walked with Mayor Chris Doherty, U.S. Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski, his wife, Nancy, and Gov. Ed Rendell. As he did two years ago when he was running for re-election, Mr. Rendell managed to get to the parade after marching in the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day parade. Mrs. Clinton also marched in Pittsburgh.

Her entourage was aided by city police who carried out a moving rope line that held back the throng, who would have rushed the senator given the chance.

In front of the former Ritz Theatre, home of her local campaign office, Mrs. Clinton carried 1-year-old Molly Emma Gaffney for a short distance.

You can’t believe the support you have here,” one woman yelled.

All along the way, that was obvious.

The senator strolled toward crowds eight or nine people deep at times, moving from one side of the street to the other, She shook hundreds of hands, mugged for photographs, even signed a copy of her book. Mr. Doherty got into the act, taking cameras and shooting pictures while Mrs. Clinton cuddled up to fans.

“I love you,” Tara Meredick, 34, of Taylor, shouted before snapping Mrs. Clinton’s picture as the candidate paused.

“I love you, too,” Mrs. Clinton replied.

In the bustle near the Curry Donuts on Wyoming Avenue, Mrs. Clinton spotted Paul McGloin, a city florist and friend who tends to the grave of her father, Hugh Rodham, in the Washburn Street Cemetery.

My girl Hillary,” Mr. McGloin said later.

Obama predicts he will lose Pennsylvania by only 5 points. Let’s prove him wrong – Again.

Help Hillary win Pennsylvania – Call!

Help Hillary in Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania Office
Hillary Clinton for President
520 North Delaware Avenue
Suite 202
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: 215.625.0329
Fax: 215.625.0379

512 Hamilton Street
Suite 103
Allentown, PA 18101

308 N. 2nd Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Ritz Building
222 Wyoming Ave
Scranton, PA 18503

State College
1318 W College Ave
State College, PA 16803

175 W. Pine Street
Williamsport, PA 17701


Today, Hillary received the endorsements of two more prominent Pennsylvania leaders, Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

“I am honored to have these two incredible Pennsylvania leaders in my corner,” said Senator Clinton. “Their leadership and efforts to revitalize Pittsburgh and Allegheny County are commendable. The people of this state need a plan they can count on, results that can rely on, and a champion they can depend on. I will be that President for them.”

Dan Onorato grew up on Pittsburgh’s North Side, was elected to Pittsburgh City Council in 1991, and re-elected in 1995. In 1999, he successfully ran for Allegheny County Controller and spent four years being a watchdog against wasteful spending and fraud.

“For too long this country has been adrift without the leadership or the vision we need to put us back on track,” observed Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato. “Hillary Clinton has the experience and the determination to clean up the mess in Washington and deliver results. For Allegheny County and for Pennsylvania, we need her in the White House. I am proud to support her and I’ll do whatever it takes to make Hillary Clinton the next President.”

Luke Ravenstahl, 28, was elected Mayor of Pittsburgh in November 2007, during a special election held to determine who would serve out the remaining two-year term of the late Mayor Bob O’Connor. The Pittsburgh native, who had served on City Council since 2003, holds the distinction of being the youngest mayor of any major U.S. city.

“As President, Hillary Clinton will be the steward our economy desperately needs and the Commander in Chief we know we can trust,” said Mayor Ravenstahl. “I am looking forward to partnering with Hillary when she is president to grow the Pittsburgh economy and create new, good jobs for our residents. I know the she understands the needs of people like us and I know she’ll fight for us in Washington.”

Hillary Clinton, doing what Obama has never done, Helping win Northern Ireland Peace:


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  1. Good Morning all!

    ADMIN! Top ‘O the mornin’ to you and what a nice page to read! After all this dirty Obama/Wright stuff, it is a joy to have a nice upbeat Hillary page!

    My question: Has Obama done ANY “traditionally American” events like these, thhat MOST American President’s and Candidates do? Has he been in any parades? Has he CELEBRATED anything American? Spring Training is well under way here in Florida for Baseball. We should watch to see if Obama throws out a first ball anywhere! Hillary…get that girl throw warmed up….(he he) and burn it in over the plate!

  2. Keep this story at the top of Yahoo headlines:

  3. That’s a good question. I think that Obama prefers venues where he gets all of the attention. He can hypnotize more people that way.

    Those four videos on the previous thread were amazing but I think that folks here expected these kinds of videos to come out. I had to laugh at the Jeremiah Was A Bull Frog (picture of Jeremiah), Was a Good Friend of Mine (picture of Obama and Wright), Never Understood a Single Word He Said (didn’t hear him for 20 years)…..

  4. I only read a little of this moring’s conversation on the previous thread. Is the “obama in the pews” story out there?

  5. C-Span doing Wright! Don’t know how much longer it will be on. they do things on the half hour

  6. I read the Newsmax story, but I thought I also read that on the day in question, July 22, BO was in FL, and actually not in Chicago? can that be confirmed???

  7. JJAS, I am sure folks will be checking into this. But remember, politicians can be in many places now on the same day. I remember when Obama came to Tampa last year. $25.00 per person t attend. Can’t remember the day. Let me see if I can find it.

  8. Obama Visits Tampa
    Barack Obama will be visiting Tampa Bay this weekend. On April 15, he will appear at a $25 fundraiser, to be held at 2:00pm in the courtyard of the Cuban Club, located on 2010 Republic de Cuba Ave, Ybor. Come and hear what this presidential candidate has in store for Tampa, and Florida at large.

  9. re: SpacegirlArg:

    I see articles in the Globe and Mail (Canada), JTA (Israel), Harretz (Israel), Jerusalem Post, BBC, Telegraph (UK), Carribbean Net News, and Asia Times. There are tons of stories in the US press.

  10. SpacegirlArt: I was thinking the same thing….. get on a plane abd be there in 2 hrs. (or less). this is going to be a very acrtive news day…. going to have to make an extra pot of coffee!!! 🙂

  11. thanks Merrimack. I hadn’t looked too far yet. I was wondering about television, but that’s good that the world press has it. Amazing what sending stories to Reuters and AP can do! LOL ;-D

  12. Off topic: John McCain (and others) will be saddened by this tragic death.

    Abba drummer found dead in Spain

    58 minutes ago

    MADRID (Reuters) – A former drummer for 1970s Swedish pop group ABBA, Ola Brunkert, has been found dead after an apparent accident in his house in Mallorca, Spanish police said on Monday.

    Brunkert bled to death from a throat wound which police suspect was caused after he accidentally smashed a pane of glass, a spokeswoman for the Civil Guard police said, adding that authorities were awaiting the result of an autopsy.

    The official Web site of the band said Brunkert was possibly the only instrumental musician to appear on all the albums released by the band.

    Abba’s two male and two female vocalists were among the world’s best-known faces in the 1970s with hits including “Waterloo” and “Dancing Queen.”

    (Reporting by Jason Webb)

  13. JAS…i saw a brief note on a conservative site that this morning said Rassmussen daily tracking had Hillary even with BO nationally. Not sure of the date.

  14. The main point for the Clinton machine to do this week: Keep Obama off message (All week), which might not be too hard. 😉

  15. Hello everyone. I want to say that Obama’s national unfavorable rating went from 34% just last week to 49% this week!

  16. good morning everyone, has anyone seen the abc good morning american with Diane Sawyer? She was interviewing Donna Brazile, she told Diane that it wasn’t Obama that said those things and alot of black preachers preach controversial messages and suggested we all get back on message. Well, I’m not sure that will happen this week!

  17. Donna is doing a jig if she thinks this will go away with a little leprechaun magic!

    and it is the OBAMA CAMP that has not been on message….calling everything Hillary says racist.

  18. yes spacegirl, I just hope I’ll be able stomach the news that will be hurled at Hillary this week! YUK!

  19. Obama will be getting it from all sides, he won’t know what hit him. Clinton will be the least of his worries!

  20. She was interviewing Donna Brazile, she told Diane that it wasn’t Obama that said those things and alot of black preachers preach controversial messages and suggested we all get back on message.

    So, if Hillary had attended a white supremist church for 20 years, Donna would want us all to just ignore that? It’s wouldn’t be an issue?

    Puh-leez. 🙄

  21. confloyd Bill Clinton was supposed to be on too.

    Did you happen to see him? I’d love to know what he had to say

  22. I keep saying White America will not froget/forgive the comment(s) regarding AIDS, 9/11 and “God damn America”. Obama has a lot of damage control today, and the rest of the week.

  23. I keep saying White America will not froget/forgive the comment(s) regarding AIDS, 9/11 and “God damn America”.

    Many Americans…black, white , asian , latino , gay , straight, male, female…won’t forget/forgive it.

  24. The accounts of Hillary in PA are inspiring — thanks, admin!

    I love to read about people loving her.

  25. I detest GWB, but the following quote from today’s National Review editorial is very fair and must be asked:

    We actually have an example of how the MSM plays the “guilt by association” card when it comes to certain political and religious figures. In the 2000 campaign George W. Bush spoke once at Bob Jones University; it was an event used to bludgeon Bush with for the rest of the campaign and into his presidency. And, of course, Bush did not attend Bob Jones University, financially support it, or consider Bob Jones to be his spiritual mentor or close friend for 25 years. Yet these things mattered not at all. Bush spoke at Bob Jones University — and so to many in the press, he was joined at the hip with it. The association between Reverend Wright and Senator Obama is far deeper in every respect.

  26. rick…there was also a house or senate resolution brought by Harry Reid to condemn bush and/or his visit to Bob Jones. I can’t remember the deatails, but perhaps we should push for the SAME resolution by the congress. It would show their true colors

  27. She’s good, eh? This woman is SO smart.

    She has a plan.

    Watch for the Xerox edition on the next few days

  28. We need to DEMAND the same thing for UCC under Wright

    Democrats Seek Condemnation of Bob Jones University
    By Bob Melvin
    CNS Evening Editor
    29 February, 2000

    ( – Democrats pushed for a resolution on Tuesday to condemn Bob Jones University, the Christian school in South Carolina that has been at the core of an uproar involving GOP presidential candidate George W Bush.

    The resolution, introduced in both the House and the Senate, is likely to cause a partisan fight with Republicans, most of whom are backing the Texas governor.

    Wire services report that Bush has been under fire since he appeared at the school while campaigning for the South Carolina primary earlier this month.

    Bob Jones III, the university’s president, has an essay on the Bob Jones University Web site that describes Roman Catholicism and Mormonism as “cults which call themselves Christian.” The school bans interracial dating among its students.

    Last week, Bush expressed regret that he did not denounce the school’s ideology at the time of his appearance.

    “‘My regret is that I didn’t speak out against anti-Catholic bias when I had the opportunity to do so. I had the mike,” Bush said on Tuesday during an appearance at a Catholic family center in Cleveland.

    Democrats insisted lawmakers have a duty to denounce the school. Some complained that Bush’s apology didn’t go far enough because he did not address the school’s position on minorities.

    “I think it’s important for the Congress of the United States to have the last word,” said Senator Robert Torricelli (D-NJ).
    Added Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), “George W Bush’s stop at Bob Jones University has turned over a rock under which has lived all sorts of bigoted practices.”

    However, Republicans still accused Democrats of partisan politics and vowed to keep the matter off the floor.

    “We’re not going to vote on it,” Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-OK) told reporters on Tuesday. “We’re not going to get into the primaries. We’re not going to play games with the presidential primaries in the United States Senate.”

    House Majority Leader Dick Armey accused Democrats of engaging in “sheer partisan demagoguery.”

    Several GOP lawmakers have connections with the school. They are Representatives Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) and Senator John Ashcroft (R-MO). Each legislator received an honorary degree from the school last year. Hutchinson and his brother, Senator Tim Hutchinson (R-AK) are Bob Jones University graduates.

    GOP leaders already are dealing with a dispute over their decision to bypass a Catholic priest and nominate a Protestant minister as chaplain of the House of Representatives. Some Democrats and Catholics have accused Republicans of an anti-Catholic bias, noting that the House has never had a Catholic chaplain.

    The chaplain issue is in limbo as lawmakers seek a compromise.

  29. I’m also delighted that she’s taking on McCain now, as well as BO. She should start acting like the front runner. 🙂

  30. @Space….GREAT find. Let’s email to all national/local (PA, IN, NC) outlets. Hypocrisy is unbelievable. Also,

  31. Bob Novack on FOX blaming the Clinton supporters on Obama problems about his pastor.

    Bob Novack is a Clinton hater and a Traitor to his country with his CIA name dropping.

  32. Just sent this to the DNC. I encourage everyone to write them.

    Dear DNC,

    Folks at the DNC should be ensuring that the voices of all Americans are heard and to make sure no one is disenfranchised. Cutting the Florida delegates in half is unacceptable. In light of this action I would like to request a refund of all monies that I have donated to the DNC.

    Secondly I am disturbed that our party might be on the verge of nomination a candidate that has a 20 year relationship with a black separatist minister. Note this is his spiritual adviser. This is not a message that we want associated with our leaders. It is demoralizing to Americans and it puts our country at risk around the world.

    In light of all this I can only conclude that the DNC is terrible mismanaged. I would like to request a refund so that I can re-direct that money to Hillary Clinton for President.

    I want a nominee that has a solid background of experience and does not have these long term associations with people on the fringes of political and social thought.

  33. Bob Novack can eat my shorts. What an idiot. No – Obama is the one that cultivated a 20 year spiritual adviser relationship with Wright. Hillary’s supporters had nothing to do with that. Now the Dems in congress are trying to throw people off course with this condemnation of Bob Jones University. Yes, they are two sides of the same coin. One on the left (Wright) and one the right Bob Jones University). And both are dangerous for America. But one big difference Obama has a 20 year relationship with Wright and considers him a spiritual adviser.

  34. boy, there a nut on c-span that just said Obama is our only hope to quit helping Israel! This is I am sure is what Obama really wanted to say. Looks like the Obamabots are calling in and crying for their candidate!! BOO! HOO!!

  35. Mailing Address:
    Democratic National Committee
    430 S. Capitol St. SE
    Washington, DC 20003

    Main Phone Number:
    (For questions about contributions, please call 877-336-7200

  36. Contact info for the DNC is wwwdotdemocratsdotorg then click on contact and go to issues.

  37. Also…..just emailed Pelosi ( with following….

    First let me start by saying that I am a lifelong democrat that has voted for and donated to democratic candidates all of my adult life. I am writing now to express my concern that we are in dangerous waters as a party.

    As an American, the recent disclosures about Senator Obama’s pastor are deeply disturbing. I am outraged that someone who is seeking to lead our nation has long associated himself with someone who so clearly seethes with hatred for America and all for which she stands. It does not matter if Senator Obama was “in the pew” to hear any particular sermon, this is clearly a world view, a philosophy that Rev. Wright holds dear. It is inconceivable that Senator Obama was not aware of Rev. Wright’s views during a 20-year, deeply personal (by the Senator’s description) association. Frankly, any claim that is case insults my intelligence.
    As a democrat, I now believe Senator Obama to be unelectable in the General Election. Americans are nothing if not patriotic. Love of our country and a deep desire to keep it safe are a core tenet to what it means to be an American. We have seen time and again that Americans are willing to subjugate many other values in the name of Patriotism. Rev. Wright’s horrific accusations and damning of our country, fly directly in the face of that Patriotism. One can only imagine how the Republicans would use this in the Fall to once again paint the Democrats as overly-liberal, weak and America-hating. One can picture the ads now. They will be very, very ugly.

    He can’t brush this off as random comments from a surrogate because by his own admission Wright was his chosen minister, his “spiritual advisor,” his mentor for 20 years. A 20-year relationship with a hate-filled man whom he called his “spirital mentor” says a lot about his beliefs, values and character.

    I simply don’t see how we can have Senator Obama as our nominee when he has shown such questionable judgment and given the Republicans such ammunition. If this goes on much longer, it will continue to damage not only Senator Obama but any democrat running in the fall. The nation’s response to this should be watched very, very carefully by the Democratic leadership.

    I have come to believe that should we nominate Senator Obama, we would be facing a defeat on par with McGovern losing by 49 States in 1972 or Carter (a sitting President) losing by 44 States in 1980 or Mondale losing by 49 States in 1984. This in a year when Democrats were supposed to storm into the White House.

    I urge you to consider as a senior member of our Democratic leadership.

    Ooopss…bounced back – email box is full! Great…..

  38. Ted Kennedy sponsored the Senate’s version! LOL

    Harry Reid, the House version.

    Get those letters going!

  39. An Obama supporter actually called in saying that Obama is our last chance to stop helping Israel? That would be good to send out to various Jewish organizations. I would imagine Jewish people are scared to death of an Obama Presidency.

  40. Hey,
    Anyone have emails/numbers/addresses for the major unions that have endorsed BO. They need to be targeted as well. I think they were posted in a thread a few days ago.

  41. Oh, I thought they were doing it as cover for Obama. Agreed. If they condemn Bob Jones University then they should do the same for Wright. Maybe the Republicans will sponsor it this time.

  42. We’ve got lots of work to do today. We need to keep the pressure on Hill’s opponents (Obambi, big media, the DNC) and keep supporting Hillary. I just sent her $15 for St. Patrick’s Day.

    We still need people to make phone calls to PA too.

    And First Responders for Hillary is looking for people to write letters to the Editors of the newspapers in upcoming states about why you support Hillary Clinton.

  43. Garrett saying BO’s standards for pulling away from Wight would be ‘repetitive comments from Wright.”

    He is really stressing the repetitive comments standard.

    What does that mean? Fox has more than one tape with BO in the pews?

  44. Someone from the Emerald Isle once explained to me over a cup of tea about the two kinds of Irish, a light Irish and a dark Irish. Can’t remember exactly, but it had something to do with being from different parts of the Island or maybe having different sets of Irish ancestors from ancient days. Not important. But I distinctly do remember on a trip to Dublin some years back, meeting some ladies who worked on the docks whose names were Wright. And even more coincidently, today I just read an article that Obama has some Irish blood in his background. Although I don’t remember meeting any Irish with the name O’Bama, all of this would certainly make clearer to me more about those dark Irish.
    So this got me thinking (a rare moment indeed) that perhaps there has been a gross misunderstanding about the Reverend Dr. Wright and his sermons. Could it be that all along he has not referring to any superiority of African-Americans to other folks but about the superiority of the dark Irish? Now that would put the story in an entirely different light, wouldn’t it? Especially the part about Jesus being dark Irish. I once heard from some very nice people at an Irish pub in DC one particular St. Patrick’s Day, after they had reverently consumed a few dozen pints of the “Holy Water” (Guinness), that Jesus was actually from County Cork (although one did claim that it was Jesus’ mother’s aunt and not Jesus himself). They seemed like such good honest folk, red noses and cheeks and those cute green hats. And when Dr. Wright talks about those bad white Italians persecuting the poor dark Irish. Well, the Irish who prefer whiskey and beer were never known to get along with those wine drinking Italians anyway. Every Irish person knows that drinking too much wine makes ones nose grow too long. In the old days in New York City, the Irish and Italian neighborhoods were kept apart to maintain the peace by putting born-again Baptists in between. Neither dared to venture forth from their own areas for fear of entering the “no-mans land”, that place with no bars.
    Not to digress too much, it is conceivable that the Reverend Dr. Wright, while giving those nasty sermons, was actually just a wee bit tipsy. No harm done I always say in letting off the week’s stress with some hell and brimstone sermon after an early morning nip or two of Jameson 12 Year Special Blend. I did run into an article recently in the Irish Times that the Wrights of Belfast are famous for groups of twelve or more of the clan suddenly appearing on a family member’s porch Sunday mornings, demanding they honor that grand old Irish custom of drinking one shot to each person’ health. What a relief! The good old Dr. Wright is not a racist bigot after all. Why just knowing how happy he must have felt after a couple of belts of that Irish gold, who could blame him for a those few words of profanity or a couple of unkind words aimed at that German Bush fellow (it is a well know fact that many of the Wrights lost kin at the front) and those Clintons from that other part of Ireland. And the tapes, why nothing more than proof to the mates back home that he could still stand and even talk after a few rounds with the guys.
    I am so happy now. All the recent misunderstanding, all the aggravation these last few days. America is at peace again. Hooray for the Irish. Once more you have saved the day. Too bad every day is not St. Patrick’s Day.

  45. just wondering if maybe leaving the bush/jones speech alone might not work to an advantage. if you bring it up he can say bush did it whats the big deal? again don’t want to offend but he can say well at least i didn’t speak.

  46. I was listening to callers calling in on Cspan, there were lots of AA’s calling in and seemed to be very upset! They wanted the media and the rest of the people to move on, I bet this is going to be a mess and Obama should if he has any regard for this country should try to calm this mess down, but of coarse he doesnt and he is fanning the flames!

  47. Admin, could we have the youtube video links on this thread as well? I know it does not go with your post but …Thanks.

  48. Just 8% Have Favorable Opinion of Pastor Jeremiah Wright

    Pastor Jeremiah Wright, who has become part of the national political dialogue in recent days, is viewed favorably by 8% of voters nationwide. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 58% have an unfavorable view of the Pastor whose controversial comments have created new challenges for Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign.

    Wright was Obama’s Pastor until he retired last month, but Obama has repudiated the preacher’s comments.

    Seventy-three percent (73%) of voters say that Wright’s comments are racially divisive. That opinion is held by 77% of White voters and 58% of African-American voters. In addressing the issue, Obama warned against injecting race into the campaign .

    Most voters, 56%, said Wright’s comments made them less likely to vote for Obama. That figure includes 44% of Democrats. Just 11% of voters say they are more likely to vote for Obama because of Wright’s comments.

    However, among African-Americans, 29% said Wright’s comments made them more likely to support Obama. Just 18% said the opposite while 50% said Wright’s comments would have no impact.

    Overall, voters are evenly divided as to whether Obama should resign his membership in the Church—42% say that he should while 40% disagree. White voters, by a 46% to 33% margin, say that Obama should leave the Church. African-American voters, by a 68% to 16% margin, say he should not. Wright retired last month as Pastor of the Church.

    The story became big news in the past several days and has had at least a temporary impact on public perceptions of Obama. Last Thursday, 52% of voters nationwide had a favorable opinion of Obama. That figure has fallen to 47% on Monday (see recent daily results). In recent days, Obama has also lost ground to John McCain in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

    Sixty-six percent (66%) of voters say they have read, seen, or heard news stories about Wright’s comments.

    A recent Fox News report looked at the question of whether or not Wright is a political liability for Obama .

  49. The more people know about Wright story, the less BHO can use racist as a weapon to attchk Hillary to get the nominee.

  50. confloyd – Well I would tell those people calling for us to move on to HOLD ON because we want to know the details and the truth about Obama’s 20 year relationship with Wright (his spiritual adviser). He is running for President and Americans deserve to know who this guy is. I am sorry they are upset but I am upset too as well as other Americans.

  51. tim…it is not that Bush did it, is it that the self-demagoguing Democrats were SO offended, they introduced a legislative resolution of condemnation for the visit! Now…we have a twenty-year relationship to a racist America Hater and we don’t hear a peep!

  52. The more people know about Wright story, the less BHO can use racist as a weapon to attchk Hillary to get the nominee.

    You’d THINK that would be the case, wouldn’t you? Probably isn’t though. Unless this will magically wipe slavery and segregation out of the minds of AA’s, that’s not going to happen.

    People hold on to hurts and injustices for many reasons, sometimes it’s because they simply CAN’T let go, sometimes it’s because they fear that if they do let go it could happen again, and sometimes they lord it over people’s heads as a means to retain power over those people.

    As a woman of color, I could attend the most vicious black segregational church you could imagine, come home and spout that shit to everyone I know, and no-one (except maybe my mother) would dare to take me to task for it. My husband on the other hand, a white man , gets a ration of shit from everyone simply because he refuses to be ashamed of his confederate ancestors. And THAT’S not even racist.

    Never for one second think there isn’t a double standard in this country, because there is.

  53. On Fox, just now, Bob Beckel was defending Obama. However, he and Alan Colmes obviously see it as their job to defend any Democrat. Bob seems to think there is not yet enough information on this matter. He thinks the jury is still out.

    GOP strategist, Andrea Tantaros (sp) quoted an old Greek proverb that says “Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.”

  54. I should add here that, when I say that , I’m not attempting to generalize and say that ALL AA’s or ALL white people feel that way. I certainly don’t. But it is the pervasive norm in our country, I’m afraid.

  55. spacegirlART
    I agree I am just wondering how much they could deflect and spin if that event were made relevent. I was trying to figure out how i would respond if i found out that someone i believed in fully had duped me i would even in the face of proofs that i had been had i would look for and grasp anything that allowed me to return to what i had believed. we have all noted the cult like culture surrounding his fans i doubt they will let go of that without an inner struggle. i have known a lot of latch key kids who rec’d the majority of caretaking from a nanny who left when they were 12. and they love bambi. well educated and it will be damned hard if not impossible to admit they were wrong.

  56. I doubt that George Bush was at Bob Jones University when they were saying controversial or racial things. The Dems in Congress still hit him for his relationship.

    Whether or not BHO was present when the racial and anti-US comments were being made is totally irrelevant.

    I can only hope his friends don’t succeed in helping him to weasel out of this thing.

  57. my only point was that george actually spoke while bambi listenned albeit for twenty years. in 20 years i wonder if he ever spoke even briefly?

  58. greetings all
    esp Space 🙂

    reposting my response to Peter Daou’s challenge on mydd.
    Im not much of blogger- where else can I send this?

    Barack Obama does not speak for me. He claims to be a different kind of politician but he is not. Pull back the curtain and you see that he is coldly calculating and deceptive. He is very good at it -but he does not offer a new kind of politics. From the lies and attacks he has put forth against Clinton from the beginning of his campaign, to his shifting stance on Rezko and Wright, to his denials about NAFTA and even the cornerstone of his campaign- IRAQ, this man speaks with a silver forked tongue. He tells everyone one what they want to hear- in beautiful rhetorical language while doing exactly what he accuses others of behind the scenes. He won his first election to the state senate by having his opponent’s name taken off the ballot by contesting the nominating signatures. He won his senate seat by revealing his opponents divorce records. All the while financed by the slum landlord Rezko- I guess that’s his idea of community organizing.

    Who the hell is he to point a finger at Hillary Clinton? Where is the media? Why is SNL the ONLY outlet to see the transparent idiocy and comedy in this? Why is the media treating Hillary Clinton the way they treated Al Gore in 2000 and WHY is everyone buying it? Once again, the experienced knowledgeable, tested candidate is deemed too boring, too nerdy, too un-likable.

    Hillary is not perfect. BUT, unlike Obama, Hillary does not pretend to be someone that she isn’t. She doesn’t put on airs as the new messiah. She doesn’t say change and hope and hope for change. She specifically explains what she has done, what she will do and why.

    The kids don’t get it. I’m not a believer. I’m a thinking adult.

    Hillary Clinton speaks for me.

  59. from

    DiariesBreaking BlueE-Wire 2008Mr. Senator, Its Time to Step Down
    by labanman, Mon Mar 17, 2008 at 10:18:05 AM EST

    Mr. Senator,

    I am lifelong democrat & a successful business owner for 20 years now. My business branches are spread across 4 states. As my business grew, I have always made it a point to increase my financial support to the democratic party that I love & believe in.

    I am part of thousands of proud Democratic business owners who are active members,shakers & officers of the National Chambers of Commerce. We have fought the Republican majority business owners in the Chamber who have always attempted to control the chambers agenda.

    Mr. Senator, I have always stated my intention to support you 100% & vote for you in November if you were the nominee choosen by our party.

    Although I am a Hillary Clinton supporter, I have always stated that I will support you over Sen. John McCain.

    Despite being an ex-marine, I was willing to support you over the exemplary military credentials of Senator John McCain.

    This was inspite of as much as 75% of Democratic business owners in the Chamber having the slogan of “Hillary Clinton in November or We Vote Republican”, I have always resisted the temptation of joining that call.

    Despite serious reservations on your readiness to be President, I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    But all that changed after the shocking revelation of your disturbing 20 year relationship with an Anti-American bigot in Rev.Wright. No other american politician running for state or national office could survive this disturbing revelation.

    In my Sunday conference call last night with democratic business owners spread across 12 states & attended by over 200 small & medium biz owners. These are business owners of all races. White, Jewish, Black,Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern.But for the first time ever, there was one voice. One agreement. One decision that was agreed upon by every single person in the call. And that is, Senator Barack Obama is DONE in his bid for the Presidency. When the moderator ask who plans to support Senator Obama in November, NOT A SINGLE VOICE was heard.

    It ended with member after member strongly advising everyone to use our clout with Democratic Elected officials & ASK for the WITHDRAWAL of Senator Obama from this race.

    We ended the call with one conclusion. Only Hillary Clinton has a chance to be President in November against McCain.

    Mr. Senator, on behalf of my colleagues, I am respectfully asking you to STEP DOWN NOW & SAVE THIS PARTY.

    I also respectfully withdraw my intention of supporting you in November. You do not deserve to be called Mr. President.

    This is no longer a Republican vs. Democratic issue. Your despicable relationship with an anti-american racist has become a serious American Issue.
    For a couple who are highly intelligent. For a couple who have reached the american dream, the highest valleys of Education, to be in the 1/2 of 1% of all americans in terms of education, you & Mrs. Michelle Obama have shown VERY POOR & VERY QUESTIONABLE judgements in associating with this man. 20 Years is a long time to be SLEEPING with Rev. Wright.
    If you happen to somehow win the Democratic nomination, I together with thousands of democratic business owners spread across america will work for your defeat November.

    Americans may be in dire need for new leadership. But make no mistake about it Mr. Senator, we are NOT that desperate. Senators Clinton or McCain will do just fine.

    Its Time to Step Down Mr.Senator. Game Over.

  60. Dear Senator Nelson,

    I am sending the following letter and links to Mel Martinez (FL), Ted Kennedy (MA), Harry Reid (NV) and Nancy Pelosi (CA).

    Along with MILLIONS of Americans, we are OUTRAGED by the words of Senator Obama’s spiritual adviser Wright. We want to sponsor LEGISLATION CONDEMNING WRIGHT’S CHURCH or WORDS, as was done in the Congress in 2000 to BOB JONES UNIVERSITY.

    Please let me know what is required.

    thank you

    Dear Majority Leader Reid and Senator Kennedy,

    I am a life-long Democrat.

    The recent revelations of Senator Barack Obama’s pastor, the Reverend Wright, have both horrified me as a person and insulted me as an American. I know it has done the same to millions of other Americans of all stripes.

    I cannot let this situation stand without adding my voice to the outrage felt by millions of Americans at the racially insensitive and highly bigoted remarks. Senator Obama’s insistence that he never heard of these things about his pastor is patently absurd. To use his words, he is trying to “hoodwink” us into believing the impossible. I for one, have NO INTEREST in a President who would subscribe to this type of “religion” and who would try and lie his way out of it. We already have a lier for President.

    Which brings me to this subject: In 2000, then-Presidential candidate Governor George W. Bush, dared to SPEAK at Bob Jones University in Greenville, NC in his bid for the Presidency. No one at Bob Jones University was his pastor, his spiritual adviser or his “confident of twenty years” as is the case with Senator Barack Obama.

    In fact, the Democratic Party was so horrified by this action that they sponsored a CONGRESSIONAL RESOLUTION CONDEMNING BOB JONES UNIVERSITY for its racial practices.

    In fact, Mr. Leader Reid, you said, and I quote: “George W Bush’s stop at Bob Jones University has turned over a rock under which has lived all sorts of bigoted practices.”

    Well Sir, we as democrats believe the SAME THING has happened with Senator Obama’s association with Pastor Wright and his church. We are seeking sponsorship of Legislation, EXACTLY THE SAME as you supported in 2000, CONDEMNING the teachings of Reverend Wright, JUST AS YOU DID for BOB JONES UNIIVERSITY.

    Your hypocrisies and the leadership of the Democratic Party, both in Congress and in the DNC is DEPLORABLE, and the apologists for this sorry and hateful Anti-Americanism will be sure to feel it in the ballot box in the elections down the line. Those democrats who choose to ally themselves with this type of racist and inflammatory, hateful rhetoric will pay with their elected positions. The coat-tails you are hoping for with Senator Obama will never materialize.

    We demand a Resolution NOW.

    Ms. Blaine Whitford
    Saint Petersburg, FL

  61. from

    Obama-Wright, Obama-Rezko: It’s All About Judgment

    By Jeralyn, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Sun Mar 16, 2008 at 10:30:31 PM EST

    A few days ago, when writing about Barack Obama’s recent interviews with staff members of the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times about his involvement with Tony Rezko, I quoted this segment of the Chicago Sun Times interview:

    Is Rezko still a friend? “Yes,” Obama said, “with the caveat if it turns out the allegations are true, then he’s not who I thought he was, and I’d be very disappointed with that.”

    And it’s that friendship, Obama said, that probably kept him from realizing it was a mistake to enter into a real estate deal with Rezko.

    “Probably because I’d known him for a long time, and he’d acted in an aboveboard manner with me,” he said. “And I considered him a friend. … It’s further evidence that I’m not perfect.”

    Obama had a 17 year friendship with Rezko but never saw any signals or flags that Rezko might be unsavory, to put it politely.

    Now we have Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor of 20 years, the man who married him, baptized his children and whose sermons he attended as a member of the Church. Obama was so taken with one of Wright’s sermons he titled his book “Audacity of Hope” after it. But Obama now says he had no idea about the inflammatory nature of Wright’s sermons that came to light this week and he never attended any. [More…]

  62. Seems like the Dems and DNC are on a kama-kaze suicide-bomber mission on behalf of the chosen one. Pelosi now saying SD’s should support the popular vote. this after it was reported here that Fl. is looking at splitting delegates 50-50.

    Are that THAT CONVICNCED BO will win the WH????? Is ther3e some deal already agreed on???????

    What else could be the reason for this unwavering support for BO?
    CNN did show fantastic footage of the St. Patrick Parade but the text was pelosi’s position. WTF????????? It’s like it’s already a DONE DEAL!

  63. Media bias?

    The presedential candidate/former first lady/ esteemed NewYork Senator marches in largest ST Patricks Day Parade ever held in the City of Pittsburgh with the nations youngest major city mayor and the states governor. the national and local tv stations are every where, but the sunday edition has one picture and one article in the region section(B) covering event.

    turn to page A-8 of the front section and there is a 3/4 page article entitled “The dreams of his mother drove Obama” and page 9 has an article which states “Rules Relaxed When The Predator Is A Woman” the story is unrelated to Senator Clinton but the positioning coupled with big news being relegated to section b.

    Am i simply suffering from paranoia about the media or does that seem like a blatent shill for bambi.

  64. Even FOX now leading with the “Can BO survive the Wright controversy?”

    In case anyone wonders – I play the news while cleaning and getting ready to get out of the house!

  65. Hi Guys,

    I asked something yesterday night, but nobody bothered to answer, so I try again:

    Yesterday about 11.00 (your time) on CNN Europe I saw a group discussing about letting a court rule about the seating of the Florida delegates.

    Unfortunately I switched on late s o I could not understand all the context.

    Has anybody seen that on CNN and can tell the details or has has knowledge of this issue going to court?

  66. but it’s not exactly like I cannot be found! LOL

    Mural artist in St. Pete…..

    HIGH UP in Google

    no big deal.

    but, :sniff: if I don’t come back…..

  67. Eurpoean, yes, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta hears the case this morning brought by a private citizen

  68. tim, I saw that post earlier re: bias. I would call the paper and speak to the editor and complain like blue blazes!

  69. Happy St. Paddy’s everyone.

    Are you wearing any green?

    It was forbidden by the British to wear green in Ireland–

    “Oh, Paddy, dear, and did ya hear the news that’s goin ’round, the Shamrock is forbid by law to grow on Irish ground…they’re hangin men and women for the wearin’ of the green.”

    And on a totally differernt note–one probably a little clsoer to you hearts. Go check this one out and have a good laugh

  70. Morning all! Good points from an article at real clear politics-
    John McIntyre
    1 hour, 38 minutes ago
    Three reasons why it may be wise to become bullish on Senator Clinton becoming the next U.S. President.
    1) Senator Obama’s “problem” in regards to his long-time pastor is a real issue. Brian Ross’ report Thursday on Good Morning America, and more importantly the surfacing of the incendiary video(s), make this an explosive subject that will not go quietly away.

    2) The very serious meltdown in the financial markets is likely to focus the country’s attention on the health, stability and future of the American economy. Fairly or unfairly, Senator Clinton will benefit from her association with Bill Clinton’s administration in the prosperous Nineties, and that perceived experience on the economy will stand in stark contrast to Senator Obama’s dearth of experience.

    3) The mostly unnoticed switch of Puerto Rico from a caucus on June 7 to a primary on June 1, gives Hillary Clinton a very real opportunity to surpass Barack Obama in the popular vote count. If Senator Clinton can “win” the popular vote, this will provide undecided superdelegates ample rationale to go with the less risky general election option of Senator Clinton.

    Currently on Intrade Senator Clinton’s odds to become the next president stand at 17.9%, down from a 2008 high of 47.5% on January 22. With Senator Obama unlikely to win another primary until May, it is time to be buying Hillary Clinton.

  71. meiyingsu,

    WOW! What a powerful letter! thanks for posting.


    Great letter! I may use some of your points if you don’t mind.

  72. As a African American I’m not happy about Rev. Wright but it’s time to put and spotlight on this and vet Obama BEFORE the nomination. Donna Brazile’s defense is OFFENSIVE to me because Dr. Wright is a BIGOT. He has an Afrocentric view that is Black separatist in his philosophy.

    He is a product of his generation anger, bitterness, rage and legitimacy in this Country past but he is using the BIBLE and perverting the teachings of Jesus to promote his Rev Wright message of hate and bigotry. As a Christian I must call him out on this and if his message is based of the WORD it will stand…if not it will fall.

    Since Obama is falling, we know where this hate is coming from and it ain’t coming from a holy place.

    Blacks have been giving Obama a free pass to use hate and bigotry in his campaign against the Clinton with the tacit approval of the DNC and other Democrats and a political tactic against any Obama opponent that dare challenge him on issues and his record.

    It’s not right nor fair nor what’s best for the country…we must bring this country together to solve our problems. And I have become more disenchanted with Team Obama’s mean spirited attacks on good people and friends of Black America and Obama’s all out willingness to burn bridges that other people build for the next generation. Obama has done nothing for our community, in fact he has NOT stand on any issue that would be controversy in his short time as a public official but he has reaped the BENEFITS of his close ties to power and money.

    So Yes I’m sad that about this but it’s time to move on and shine light so Black can see themselves in the mirror honestly and objectively…Barack Hussein Obama wants to be the POTUS for all people, not just Black America…so let the vetting begin now like everybody else and without the pity excuses Obama love to use.

  73. Give ’em hell, Hillfans!

    Everyone, please make calls to SEIU. They have 1.9 million union members and have contributed HUGE amounts of money towards ads for Bambi. Losing this endorsement could be critical for this election!
    We need put pressure on the SEIU union who endorsed BO (

    Everyone, please call now about the Rev. Wright video and ask why SEIU is STILL endorsing BO, especially given these anti-American comments and NAFTA-gate!

    tel. 202-730-7000
    Union President Andy Stern, x7300
    Executive VP Eliseo Medina, x7863
    Executive VP Tom Woodruff, x7210
    Executive VP Mary Kay Henry, x7708
    Local Union Lorna abraham, x7451

    –> Sec/Tres Anna Burger, x7303

    * Anna is very anti-Clinton and is the one making political decisions for Change to Win and SEIU.

  74. timcain,

    it sounds like that article is a reprint of the NYTimes front page article the other day.

    Which newspaper are you referring to, BTW? I’m gonna go through some PA media and send out emails a little later and want to be sure I get that one.

  75. Eurpoe, I have no idea. The lower Court denied the case so that’s while the Appeals Court. Apparently, the case was written well enough for them to hear it. The radio tis morning said they would have about 30 minutes to present the case, and then have the other side rebut. Then they could do closing comments. Who knows when a decision will be made.

  76. i am going to go to the library and get copies of the previous years coverage just to make sure my argument is legit. i didn’t open the paper until today and i was aghast and then in the front section to see his mother holding him. what i find offensive is that there are a lot of older voters who still rely on print for thier news and they are the people who still get the rags delivered. the parade was over by 3 at the latest. i have to confess i was behind her but when i we passed a bar where i’d once worked my liver sucked me in probably about 1230. oops. as the parade was over well before five there is no reason for one of the nations largest newspapers not to have it on the front page.

  77. Obama Caught in Pastor Fib? hahaha FOX news heading…

    are they setting him up for KO punch… fox said that obama was in miami at 1:30 PM… but also said that could he have attended church before going there… are they setting him up for KO… i think this will not go away.. 🙂 i see panic in obama

  78. Can someone get on this – if not I’ll do it when i get home.

    According to FOX, there was an article in Rolling Stone in 2007 that listed Wright’s comments and that BO told Wright last year he couldn’t let him speak at his presidential announcement because the remarks were too incendiary.

    Oprah used to belong to the church but left because of Wright’s rhetoric and when she left the church Wright attacked her. If Oprah knew, and she had just joined Trinity, why didn’t BO??????
    All this in a WSJ article.

  79. ohh my GODDDD fox is not letting him to go away whether he is there or not… they linked to an article where i read the following

    “If Obama’s claims are true that he was completely unaware that Wright’s trademark preaching style at the Trinity United Church of Christ has targeted “white” America and Israel, he would have been one of the few people in Chicago to be so uninformed. Wright’s reputation for spewing hate is well known. ”

    hahaha he is the only one who is uninformed in chicago of wright’ reputation.. hahahahaha 🙂

  80. There was an article in RS and interestingly enough, they have scrubbed the original title (which although I can’t remember the exact phrasing, indicating Kool-Aid on the premises), RS has made it much “softer” now. I think it is in their archives. I read some news about it this weekend.

    There’s a whole lot of “scrubbing” going on…

  81. “Bob Novack on FOX blaming the Clinton supporters on Obama problems about his pastor.”

    –Right! The Obama/Wright thing is my fault because for the past twenty years, I’ve been pulling the strings attached to Obama’s and Wright’s limbs and brains and making them form a long lasting relationship! Never mind that I had no knowledge of their existence all those years ago, it’s all my fault! I made them RELATE! I made Wright preach HATE! I made Obama listen to HATE!

    I, a Clinton supporter, also caused every major world war and the civil war here too, and all the civil wars in every country on this planet, and every rape and murder from the beginning of time! I am eeeeevil, I work my eeeeevil magic with my eeeeevil magical hands–muuuwwwwhhaaahhaaaaa! Crucify me for all the world’s evils because I am a Clinton supporter and I’ve got big red horns on my head!

  82. newsmax report that obama was in church on july 22 is as of august 19 last year… so i think they are not lieing… and he must have been there.. the freelance reporter wrote this in August last year not now…

  83. I should point out that there are reports indicating Obambi may not have been in church on that day. I don’t know which is true, but to me, it is splitting hairs. The dude was in an anti-american, anti-white, antisemitic, black power, militant church for 20 years, you can split hairs all you want, but Obambi *knew* this and if there is one guilt by association that should be believed, it is in the spiritual realm. The ideas and ideology of a person’s church permeate through them in many subtle ways (and in many cases, not so subtle ways).

  84. basil9
    yes the article on obama is a reprint of a new york times piece and it appears on page a-8 in its entirety consuming three quartes of the page. the opposite page has two political articles one carried over from the front page reads “Erie voters fret about thiers and thier childrens futures” Beneath that is an article which states “activist brothers on oppisite sides in primary. however at the top of the page is an article carried over from page one that reads—“Rules relaxed when predator is a woman” the story is about a new jersey gym teacher and her ralationship with a minor. To me if i simply glanced at the headlines i would have read it as anti hillary and newspaper editors know that. the article beneath the love of bambi and his mother is “superdelegates worry about prolonged, preconvention fight. also each article except the one carried over about the teacher is in its entirty. no page flipping required.

  85. I should also point out that the reason Obambi doesn’t put his hand over his heart during the pledge (and there is ample video to support this), is that he has pledged his allegiance to the the “mother country” (Africa). His church does not recognize America as their country, they only view Africa as their country. This is troubling in many ways, but particularly for a potential POTUS. Perhaps Bambi should run for Prez of Africa instead.

  86. It is reported that BO will be giving a speech tomorrow to address the Rev. Wright issue. My thought FOX News will release additional information after this speech.

  87. Obambi Sticky Glue = GOP

    As sad as it is to say this, the GOP has controlled the dialogue of America in the media. For once, this works to our advantage (for now).

  88. As we reported this morning, the Obama campaign said the senator was not present at the July 22 service.

    A few minutes ago, Kessler told us by telephone that “the NewsMax editors have talked with Jim Davis” and “he might have been wrong about the date.”

    Davis, Kessler added, “says he could have been wrong about the date, but it definitely happened.”

    Kessler added that he’s confident about the rest of Davis’ reporting because “I was impressed by the details he had.” Asked if getting the date wrong isn’t something that would raise questions about the rest of a reporter’s work, Kessler said no. And he said that “in general, (Obama’s) claim that he doesn’t know anything about these sermons is ridiculous.”

  89. hahaha he is the only one who is uninformed in chicago of wright’ reputation..

    And also, apparently, the ONLY person in Chicago who didn’t know what Rezko was really all about. 🙄

  90. Still trying to leave. *LOL*

    Kaffeen, is this true? Where did you read that? Did you get my PA media link last night?

    I should also point out that the reason Obambi doesn’t put his hand over his heart during the pledge (and there is ample video to support this), is that he has pledged his allegiance to the the “mother country” (Africa). His church does not recognize America as their country, they only view Africa as their country.

  91. Another speech! That’s the only kind of work this person seems to know: talking. Does he really think a speech will erase a 20-year relationship with a hate-filled person who’s preached hate for years in a church Obama has belonged to for all those years? No matter what he does now, 20 years cannot be erased with his magic Obama wand. The cult-like among his followers may buy that, but thinking people will not.

    I’m fucking sick of arrogant snobby politicians who think the people are complete morons. There are some morons in the world, but not everyone’s a moron.

  92. Good article–by yours truly–about Hillary’s role in the Irish peace process –all from Irish sources with help of EMVH’s website.

    Take a look www.

  93. basil…this is from a news report I read…

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for the last 36 years, has been caught on tape denouncing the United States and the white race in terms that should shock and disgust every thinking American. Wright and the church swear allegiance to the �mother country� – Africa. (Presumably this includes the Obama family.)

  94. And he said that “in general, (Obama’s) claim that he doesn’t know anything about these sermons is ridiculous.

    –Agreed, the date doesn’t necessarily matter, that one account doesn’t necessarily matter. (I believe it happened; too many specifics for it to be fake.) Obama’s asking people to believe he didn’t know Wright was a bigot saying that hate when for years Obama’s been going around practically crowning this person his father–that’s ridiculous. He knew and he continued the relationship, he continued going to that church. Why? Because, in my opinion, he agrees with what Wright says.

    Whether he did beforehand or started agreeing while attending–it still remains that he’s been going all these years. What’s next–he’ll claim he went there because he hated the place, was uncomfortable there? By the many accounts of his personal dealings with Wright, his marrying Obama and his wife, his baptizing their kids, Obama likes him, likes what he’s about. He’s even said after all this about “all the good” Wright and his church have done. He keeps defending him.

  95. Almost out the door 😀

    Fox and CNN streaming BO’s PA town Hall meeting

    HRS doesn’t get covered for ANYTHING! Not for the generals endorsements, her policy speeches, her being voted the most admired woman in the world, the 300,000 person turn-out at the St. Patrick’s Day parade!

    DNC and company aren’t giving up. 🙁

  96. “in general, (Obama’s) claim that he doesn’t know anything about these sermons is ridiculous.”

    Gimme a break. if OPRAH distanced herself from Trinity coz she felt uncomfortable with the rhetoric and she’s a huge financial backer of BO wouldn’t she have warned him aginst being associated with Wright????


  97. Hillary’s Iraq Speech at GWU
    Hillary Clinton

    Good morning. I want to thank Secretary West for his years of service, not only as Secretary of the Army, but also to the Veteran’s Administration, to our men and women in uniform, to our country. I certainly do remember that trip to Bosnia, and as Togo said, there was a saying around the White House that if a place was too small, too poor, or too dangerous, the president couldn’t go, so send the First Lady. That’s where we went.

    I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base. But it was a moment of great pride for me to visit our troops, not only in our main base as Tuzla, but also at two outposts where they were serving in so many capacities to deactivate and remove landmines, to hunt and seek out those who had not complied with the Dayton Accords and put down their arms, and to build relationships with the people that might lead to a peace for them and their children.

    So it’s a great honor being introduced by Secretary West. I also want to thank rear Admiral David Stone who commanded the fleet off of Kosovo and was an instrumental part of our successful efforts there. And Brigadier General Pat Foote and Major General George Buskirk who are representing the more than 30 generals and admirals who have endorsed me and who provide great assistance and counsel to me and to my staff. I want to thank President Steven Knapp for once again being the host. I’m getting credit for coming to GW, I come so often, and I’m thrilled to have that added to my academic career. And I want to thank the faculty, the staff, and the students at this great university.

    I started my morning meeting with the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, to talk about the peace process in Northern Ireland, and it was a stark reminder of how long the road is toward peace, but how necessary it must be that we travel it. And we travel it with like-minded friends and allies and those willing to take risks for peace around the world. It has been five years this week since our president took us to war in Iraq. In that time, our brave men and women in uniform have done everything we ask of them and more. They were asked to remove Saddam Hussein from power and bring him to justice and they did. They were asked to give the Iraqi people the opportunity for free and fair elections and they did. They were asked to give the Iraqi government the space and time for political reconciliation, and they did. So for every American soldier who has made the ultimate sacrifice for this mission, we should imagine carved in stone “they gave their life for the greatest gift one can give to a fellow human being, the gift of freedom.” And to our veterans and all those serving in Iraq today, I want to send a strong and clear message – your extraordinary devotion to our country and to your service makes us proud and profoundly grateful every single day.

    The mistakes in Iraq are not the responsibility of our men and women in uniform but of their Commander-in-Chief. From the decision to rush to war without allowing the weapons inspectors to finish their work or waiting for diplomacy to run its course. To the failure to send enough troops and provide proper equipment for them. To the denial of the existence of a rising insurgency and the failure to adjust the military strategy. To the continued support for a government unwilling to make the necessary political compromises. The command decisions were rooted in politics and ideology, heedless of sound strategy and common sense.

    Fortunately, ten months from now we will have a new president, and a new opportunity to change course in Iraq. Therefore, the critical question is how can we end this war responsibly and restore America’s leadership in the world? It won’t be easy. There is no magic wand to wave. Bringing our troops home safely will take a president who is ready to be Commander-in-Chief on day one, a president who knows our military and has earned their respect. Bringing lasting stability to the region will take a president with the strength and determination, the knowledge and confidence to bring our troops home; to rebuild our military readiness, to care for our veterans, and to redouble our efforts against al-Qaeda. If you give me the chance, I will be that president.

    I will start by facing the conditions on the ground in Iraq as they are, not as we hope or wish them to be. President Bush points to the reduction in violence in Iraq last year and claims the surge is working. Now, I applaud any decrease in violence. That is always good news. But the point of the surge was to give the Iraqis the time and space for political reconciliation. Yet today, the Iraqi government has failed to provide basic services for its citizens. They have yet to pass legislation ensuring the equitable distribution of oil revenues, yet even to pass a law setting the date of provincial elections. Corruption and dysfunction is rampant, and last week General Petraeus himself conceded that no one, in either the U.S. government or the Iraqi government, feels that there has been sufficient progress by any means in the area of national reconciliation.

    So by the middle of this summer when the additional surge forces have been sent home, we’ll be right back at square one with 130,000 or more troops on the ground in Iraq. That President Bush seems to want to keep as many troops there after the surge as before and says that doing otherwise would endanger our progress is a clear admission that the surge has not accomplished its goals. Meanwhile, as we continue to police Iraq’s civil war, the threats to our national security, our economy, and our standing in the world continue to mount.

    The lives of our brave men and women are at stake. Nearly 4,000 of them have, by now, made that ultimate sacrifice. Tens of thousands more have suffered wounds both visible and invisible to their bodies, their minds, and their hearts. Their families have sacrificed, too, in empty places at the dinner table, in the struggle to raise children alone, in the wrenching reversal of parents burying children. The strength of our military is at stake. Only one of our army brigades is certified by the army to be ready. Our armed forces are stretched to near the breaking point with many of our troops on their second, third, or fourth tours of duty. Our economic security is at stake. Taking into consideration the long-term costs of replacing equipment and providing medical care for troops and survivors’ benefits for their families, the war in Iraq could ultimately cost well over $1 trillion. That is enough to provide health care for all 47 million uninsured Americans and quality pre-kindergarten for every American child, solve the housing crisis once and for all, make college affordable for every American student, and provide tax relief to tens of millions of middle class families.

    Our ability to win the war in Afghanistan is at stake. When I first visited Afghanistan in 2003, I was greeted by a soldier who said, “Welcome to the forgotten front line in the war on terror.” Since then, the Taliban and al Qaeda have continued to gain new footholds throughout the country, and as a result, the overall terrorist threat, as our own intelligence community has noted, is growing.

    Finally, our leadership in the world and our ability to front global challenges, present and future, is at stake. From extremism in Pakistan, to nuclear ambitions in Iran and North Korea, to troubling antidemocratic trends in Russia and Latin America, to the threat of global epidemics and global warming and to the rise of China. The more the world regards us with suspicion rather than admiration, the more difficult it is to confront these challenges. Despite the evidence, President Bush is determined to continue his failed policy in Iraq until he leaves office. And Senator McCain will gladly accept the torch and stay the course, keeping troops in Iraq for up to 100 years if necessary.

    They both want to keep us tied to another country’s civil war, a war we cannot win. That in a nutshell is the Bush/McCain Iraq policy. Don’t learn from your mistakes, repeat them. Well, here is the inescapable reality. We can have hundreds of thousands of troops on the ground for 100 years, but that will not change the fact that there is no military solution to the situation in Iraq.

    And don’t just take it from me. At his confirmation hearing, Admiral Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that without national political reconciliation, no amount of troops in no amount of time will make much of a difference. We simply cannot give the Iraqi government an endless blank check. Each passing month we stay in Iraq gives the Iraqi government more time to avoid the hard decisions on how to split the oil money and how to share political power. Senator McCain and president bush claim withdrawal is defeat. Well, let’s be clear, withdrawal is not defeat. Defeat is keeping troops in Iraq for 100 years.

    We simply cannot give the Iraqi government an endless blank check. Each passing month we stay in Iraq gives the Iraqi government more time to avoid the hard decisions on how to split the oil money and how to share political power.

    Senator McCain and President Bush claim withdrawal is defeat. Well, let’s be clear, withdrawal is not defeat. Defeat is keeping troops in Iraq for 100 years. Defeat is straining our alliances and losing our standing in the world. Defeat is draining our resources and diverting attention from our key interests.

    Now, withdrawal is not risk-free, but the risks of staying in Iraq are certain. And a well-planned withdrawal is the one and only path to a political solution. The only way to spur the Iraqis to take responsibility for their own future and to ensure that we don’t bear that responsibility indefinitely. The only way to spur other countries to do their part to help secure stability in the region. The commitment to staying in Iraq has driven President Bush’s foreign policy. It looks like it would drive Senator McCain’s foreign policy as well, but it will not drive mine. My foreign policy will be driven by what is in America’s national security interests.

    So it is time to end this war as quickly and responsibly as possible. That has been my mission in the Senate, and it will be my mission starting on day one as president of the United States.

    For the past five years, I have served on the Senate Armed Services Committee. I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan three times. I have met with our soldiers and military leaders. I have met with Iraqi, local, regional, and national elected and other influential officials. Here at home I’ve attended countless meetings and committee hearings where I have challenged high-ranking Pentagon officials and military leaders investigating the situation in Iraq, probing the facts presented, and demanding real answers to tough questions. And I am honored that more than 30 of America’s most esteemed former admirals and generals, including two former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and five retired officers of the four-star rank have endorsed my candidacy.

    The American people don’t have to guess whether I’m ready to lead or whether I understand the realities on the ground in Iraq or whether I’d be too dependent on advisers to help me determine the right way forward. I’ve been working day-in and day-out in the Senate to provide leadership to end this war. That’s why I cosponsored legislation with Senator Robert Byrd to reauthorize the war, legislation that would actually end the president’s authority to fight it.

    That’s why I’ve started laying the ground work for a swift and responsible withdrawal beginning in early 2009 by demanding that the Pentagon start planning for it now. I’ve introduced legislation ensuring that Congress would be briefed on those plans and that’s also why I’m working to block President Bush’s effort to keep this war going after he leaves office. I’ve introduced legislation banning him from unilaterally negotiating a long-term security commitment to Iraq, including the possibility of permanent bases.

    I believe what matters in this campaign is not just the promises we’ve made to end the war; what matters is what we’ve actually done when it came time to match words with action. Because more than anything else, what we’ve done is an indication of what we’ll do.

    Now, my Democratic opponent talks a great deal about a speech he gave in 2002, and I commend him for making that speech. Speaking out for what you believe is a solemn, patriotic duty. He is asking us to judge him by his words, and words can be powerful, but only if the speaker translates them into action and solutions. Senator Obama holds up his original opposition to the war on the campaign trail, but he didn’t start working aggressively to end the war until he started running for president. So when he had a chance to act on his speech, he chose silence instead. And out campaigning Senator Obama tells voters that as president he’d withdraw combat brigades from Iraq within 16 months, but one of his top foreign policy advisers told a different story. She told a British television reporter, and I quote, “he will, of course, not rely on some plan that he’s crafted as a presidential candidate or as a U.S. Senator.” Senator Obama has said often that words matter. I strongly agree. But giving speeches alone won’t end the war and making campaign promises you might not keep certainly won’t end it. In the end the true test is not the speeches a president delivers, it’s whether the president delivers on the speeches.

    I have concrete, detailed plans to end this war, and I have not waivered in my commitment to follow through on them. One choice in this election is Senator McCain. He’s willing to keep this war going for 100 years. You can count on him to do that. Another choice is Senator Obama who has promised to bring combat troops out in 16 months, but according to his foreign policy adviser, you can’t count on him to do that. In uncertain times, we cannot afford uncertain leadership.

    Here’s what you can count on me to do: provide the leadership to end this war quickly and responsibly. Today I’d like to talk about how I will do that, how as president, I will bring our troops home, work to bring stability in the region, and replace military force with a new diplomatic initiative to engage countries around the world in helping to secure Iraq’s future.

    The most important part of my plan is the first step, to bring our troops home and send the strongest possible message to the Iraqis that they must take responsibly for their own future. No more talk of permanent occupation, no more policing a civil war, no more doing for the Iraqis what they need to be doing for themselves. As president, one of my first official actions will be to convene the Joint Chiefs of Staff, my Secretary of Defense and my National Security Council and direct them to draw up a clear, viable plan to start bringing our troops home within the first 60 days of my taking office. A plan based on my consultation with the military to remove one to two brigades a month, a plan that reduces the risks of attack as they depart.

    As we bring our troops home, I will ensure we are fully prepared to take care of them and their families once they have returned. I will direct the Department of Defense and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to prepare a comprehensive plan to provide the highest quality of health care, disability benefits, and social services for every single service member including every member of the National Guard and Reserve as well as their families, and I will make sure this plan is promptly implemented.

    In the Senate I’m proud to have reached across the aisle to provide access to TRICARE for all members of the National Guard and reserve, even when they’re not deployed. and to have passed my heroes at home act to help family members care for those who traumatic brain injury, the signature injury of this war because I believe when brave men and women sign up to serve our country, we sign up to serve them too.

    That is why I will also immediately adopt Representative John Murtha’s urgent proposal to reduce the strain on our troops by reducing the permissible length of overseas deployments. Going forward, we will ensure that our troops spend as much time at tome as they have spent deployed. So every month they spend in the field, they will be guaranteed one month here at home.

    I will also implement a proposal that I, Representative Murtha, and others have been calling for, requiring that before any brigade is deployed, the Secretary of Defense must certify to Congress that it is fully combat ready. Sending brigades that do not meet this standard puts our soldiers in danger and our mission in Iraq or elsewhere at risk.

    In addition to removing American troops from Iraq, I will also work to remove armed private military contractors who are conducting combat-oriented and security functions in Iraq. For five yeas their behavior and lack of supervision and accountability have often eroded our credibility, endangered U.S. and Iraqi lives and undermined our mission. Now, Senator Obama and I have a substantive disagreement here. He won’t rule out continuing to use armed private military contractors in Iraq to do jobs that historically have been done by the U.S. military or government personnel. When I am president I will ask the Joint Chiefs for their help in reducing reliance on armed private military contractors. With the goal of ultimately implementing a ban on such contractors.

    I’ve already cosponsored the Stop Security Outsourcing Act requiring that security services for personnel at any U.S. diplomatic or consular mission be provided only by federal government personnel.

    It’s also a time we put an end, once and for all, to the no-bid contracts that squander taxpayer money while lining the pockets of the president’s cronies. Between 2000 and 2006, spending on no-bid contracts more than doubled, representing half of all federal procurement spending. Today companies like Halliburton are enjoying record profits thanks to a 700% increase in taxpayer funds awarded to them. But a recent congressional report identified 187 contracts valued at $1.1 trillion where federal auditors found massive overcharges, wasteful spending and poor oversight. I’m proposing legislation to ensure that all new spending in 2009 is done through competitive contracting processes. The heads of each agency would have to certify to Congress under a sworn affidavit that their contracting awards processes are open and competitive. As president, I will work to pass this legislation into law and to end the era of no-bid contracts and handouts to Halliburton.

    It’s an interesting comparison. We’ve had a lot of talk in this town and elsewhere about earmarks, and I am one of those who believe we need more transparency and disclosure in the earmark process. But no-bid contracts are ten times more costly than earmarks, and when I introduce my legislation to eliminate no-bid contracts, I could not get, at least as of this moment, Senator McCain’s support for that.

    As we bring our troops and contractors home, we cannot lose sight of our strategic interests in this region. The reality is that this war has made the terrorists stronger. Well, they may not have been in Iraq before the war, they are there now, and we cannot allow Iraq to become a breeding ground and safe haven for terrorists who seek to attack us and our friends and allies. So let me be clear – under my plan, withdrawing from Iraq will not mean retreating from fighting terrorism in Iraq. That’s why I will order small, elite strike forces to engage in targeted operations against al Qaeda in Iraq. This will protect Iraqi citizens, our allies, and our families right here at home.

    The second part of my plan involves working to secure stability within Iraq as we bring our troops home, stability that will be key to a successful withdrawal of our troops. I believe it’s really quite simple, greater political and economic stability means safer conditions for our departing troops and a smoother disengagement from our military’s actions across Iraq. Right now no one doubts that the Iraqi government is failing its citizens. Government officials refuse to take the steps need to order to advance a solution, improve the economy, quell sectarian violence and better the lives of ordinary Iraqis. These failings are, in part, the fault of the Iraqis and in part due to the Bush administration’s failure to match military efforts with political ones.

    For example, the U.S. has created an armed local security forces, such as the Awakening in Anbar and the “Concerned Local Citizens,” but they fail to hold the Iraqi government to its agreement to integrate these local militias and volunteers into provincial police forces or the national army. Violence has fallen in the short run, but in the long run sectarian divisions among Iraqis may only deepen.

    When I’m president, we will pursue a more integrated strategy. We’ll empower local leaders and use U.S. and international influence to press the Iraqis to reach political reconciliation, and I will call on the United Nations to strengthen its role in promoting this reconciliation. Not having been a party to the mistakes of the path five years, the U.N., which has already provided valuable technical assistance in Iraq, is far more likely to be viewed as a neutral, honest broker than the United States, especially when it acts on behalf of a broad coalition of concerned states and the international community. The new United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has indicated he is willing to play a key role in assisting the Iraqis. I will also work with China and Russia to ensure that the U.N. envoy in Iraq has the necessary authority by obtaining the Security Council’s explicit endorsement of a strengthened U.N. mandate to promote reconciliation. I will also call upon the U.N. to help oversee the resettlement of the millions of refugees who have fled Iraq or have been displaced internally. Many are living in desperate conditions creating not just a humanitarian crisis but one affecting regional stability that poses direct threats to our security here at home which we must address immediately.

    While we focus our efforts on improving conditions so Iraqis don’t have to flee in the first place, we have to recognize our moral obligation to help those we have put at risk in Iraq, the interpreters, soldiers who have assisted our troops. We will work with governments in both the Middle East and the west, including of course the United States, to find places for asylum seekers, and we will work with the U.N. to develop a plan to help them return, if possible, to Iraq once the country has stabilized.

    I would further seek to stabilize Iraq by insisting that the country’s oil revenues, instead of U.S. taxpayer dollars, increasingly be used to fund Iraq’s reconstruction. When President Bush began this war, his administration claimed that Iraqi oil revenues would pay for Iraq’s reconstruction. Well, the Iraqi government has now earned tens of billions of dollars from oil. Some estimates indicate that revenues this year will top $55 billion. Yet since the beginning of the war, the U.S. has allocated roughly the same amount of money as Iraq for reconstruction, $47 billion from us versus $50 billion from them. And now it is even clearer that the Iraqi government is not spending its oil money on reconstruction. There are reports that Iraq spent less than a quarter of oil funds set aside for reconstruction in 2006, and the U.S. Comptroller General testified that as of November 2007 the capital expenditure rate for the central ministries in Iraq was only 7%. Oil profits are showing up in foreign banks even as Iraqi citizens lack basic services.

    As president I would immediately direct the Inspector General for Iraq to appoint a special council to investigate and make recommendations directly to me for how to ensure Iraqi oil revenues and U.S. taxpayer dollars on a declining trend are used to rebuild Iraq. It is unacceptable that these oil revenues go unused or worse end up in private accounts while citizens lack electricity and clean drinking water. We will support Iraq’s efforts to rebuild their country, but we will not permit our money or theirs to be thrown away.

    I will work to crack down on the black market for oil in Iraq. According to recent news reports, insurgent groups a profiteering from a substantial black market in oil. The money they make is going in part to pay for IEDs, car bombs, and other tools of terror. The Iraqi government simply has not done its part to crack down on this corruption. The equation here is simple, if we cut off or disrupt these illegal sources of funding, we can deny the insurgents the money they need to maintain their campaigns of violence. So I will order a joint nationwide U.S./Iraqi crackdown on black marketers and oil smugglers. We’ll beef up protection for oil lines to prevent illegal tapping and attacks. We will cut off illegal networks, identify where the stolen oil and other goods are going, who is stealing them, and capture those responsible. We will work with our international community to try to cut off access to the funds that hold these oil revenues. And we will maintain the crackdown success by sending a strong signal to the Iraqi government, show results in rooting out corruption or lose your aid.

    The third and final part of my plan to end the war involves replacing our military force in Iraq with an intensive diplomatic initiative in the region. Over the past four years, we’ve learned the hard way about the need for a truly multilateral approach in Iraq, one built on sound strategy and long-range planning, not ideology and wishful thinking. the president’s go it alone strategy has diminished our position in the region and around the world, and that diminished position, in turn, has made it increasingly difficult for us to bring about a political solution. Our friends and allies in the region have an especially large stake in building a stable Iraq, but until now in part because of the Bush administration’s mismanagement of the war, they have lacked leadership and gotten a free pass. That must end.

    Ten months from now we will have a new opportunity to reach out and engage our allies. One of my very first international meetings as president would be with our treaty allies and our friends in the region including the Gulf States, Jordan, Egypt, and our European allies. Over the course of my career I have known and worked with many of these leaders already, and I will send them a very clear message – what happens in Iraq affects all of our interests, and it is all of our responsibility. It’s time we did our part and paid our fair share. I will then convene a regional stabilization group composed of these key allies, other global parties, the states bordering Iraq. The mission of this group will be to develop and implement a strategy to create a stable Iraq. I would include in this regional stabilization group Iran and Syria. We must convince all countries in the region and beyond to refrain from getting involved in the Iraqi civil war, to hold themselves and others to their past pledges to provide funding in Iraq, and to support the central role for the United Nations.

    These will be critical first steps toward establishing a new American approach in the world, one that draws on the strength of our alliances and the power of our diplomacy, and uses the greatest military force on earth as a last, not a first, resort. Achieving all of this will not be easy. But we don’t have any choice. When I look at the road ahead, I think about the men and women in uniform whom I’ve had the profound honor of meeting and serving. Our troops serving not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but across the globe. Our veterans recovering in V.A. hospitals and rehabilitation centers here at home, many with serious and life-altering injuries. The countless veterans who are not given the support and services they need to reenter civilian life. These men and women have made extraordinary sacrifices serving the country they love, and I’m always struck by how no matter the extent and severity of their suffering, no matter how grave their own injuries, they always say the same thing to me, “promise that you’ll take care of my buddies. They’re still over there. Promise you’ll keep them safe.” I have looked these men and women in the eye, and I have made that promise, and I intend to honor it by ending this war as responsibly and quickly as possible.

    Thank you all very, very much.

  98. she got her point across but the msnbc gave the other guy the last word to dismiss what she said..

    sorry it was a mistake to send you there…it only gave to pi$$ me off.

  99. Hey guys! I just heard on Laura Ingram ELTON JOHN is putting on a big concert for Hillary!

    Anyone know about this? is it real or RW hype?!?!

  100. Linfar,

    Bravo! Amazing essay on Northern Ireland!

    “But it was Hillary more than any other established political figure who understood that it was the women who would make the difference. And she knew this by listening to them. Scores of women had virtually no lives left at all. The Troubles had swallowed them whole. And so she saw this as the critical place from which peace might not only spring, but also go on to endure.”

    Sigh…I love this woman and her commitment to world peace! 🙂

  101. Gimme a break. if OPRAH distanced herself from Trinity coz she felt uncomfortable with the rhetoric and she’s a huge financial backer of BO wouldn’t she have warned him aginst being associated with Wright????

    Well, not only that, but Oprah disagreed with Wright almost immediately and left. No you tell me, Oprah visits the church a few time (hell, maybe even a few months) and hears this racist, anti-american crap, but Bambi goes there for 20 years and never hears a damned thing offensive??

    God, Obama really DOES think americans are idiots.

  102. spacegirlArt
    beat ya to that one i think tickets start at 500 my best connection said all he could do was get me in the least bad seat for that price.

  103. Idunn, I was talking with some friends who happened to be Obambi supporters last night, trust me, they are idiots (and those are friends of mine….sigh).

  104. I’m beginning to think Obama wants people to believe he lived in this naive sheltered the-world-is-lovely bubble. When everyone else saw hate and violence and injustice, he just saw love and peace and justice. And while he wants people to believe this, he also expects them to elect him and his rose-colored glasses president?

    As someone said elsewhere and I quoted on my blog, no matter if Obama was naive about this bigot (and I don’t believe that at all–I’m just making the assumption for this posts’s purpose), no matter if he didn’t know he preached hate, Obama still isn’t qualified to be president for his possible naivete and for many other reasons. As a president meeting with dictators who hate america would his rose-colored glasses forget the dictator hates america and would he then start telling the dictator U.S. state secrets?

    This person shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR the presidency.

  105. SpacegirlArt
    it is definately real
    Radio City Music Hall
    April 9
    tix 500, 1000, 2300
    tickets go on sale the 19th
    maybe a very special guest star??????

  106. I work in San Francisco (which Obama won on Super Tuesday but lost the State of California). Normally I see Obama sign and bumber stickers everywhere. Today on my drive to work and I was looking harder than I usually do I did not see one Obama sticker. And I only saw one sign in a window that was there before. Now maybe I just happened not to see the usual Obama bumber stickers or maybe people are peeling those stickers off and taking down those yard and window signs.

  107. These are questions I asked my Obambi friends last night…

    1) Q: Can you name one thing Obambi accomplished legislatively? A: No
    2) Q: Have you seen the Rev. Wright coverage? A: Yes, but just because he is a member of the church doesn’t mean he believes this.
    3) Q: Can you name one thing Hillary has accomplished legislatively? A: Yes. She has good ideas on the economy and health care too.
    4) Q: Have you heard of Antoin Rezko? A: Yes, but I’ve also heard of similar issues with Hillary and Bill.
    5) Q: Do you still support Obambi? A: Yes, he offers “Hope” and “Unity”. (I vomited all over them at that point).

    So, the Kool-Aid is strong people. Keep fighting the good fight.

  108. Idunn, I was talking with some friends who happened to be Obambi supporters last night, trust me, they are idiots

    Well, I won’t go so far as to say that my family members who support him aren’t bright, because they actually are. For them, they’ve just been blinded by the idea of an AA POTUS. But even THEY are having problems with the Wright thing. Primarily because most of my family are devout baptists who believe the words of the bible to the letter…and even if some of the other stuff didn’t turn them off, using the Lords name in vain, in church no less, and by the minister of the church, is a HUGE deal. Because it says right in the bible that’s a major sin.

    And while I do attend a Methodist Church, I’m a Qabalist , so that’s not such a huge deal to me. The hatred though…uh uh. I can’t support that, or anyone who DOES support that.

  109. “2) Q: Have you seen the Rev. Wright coverage? A: Yes, but just because he is a member of the church doesn’t mean he believes this.”

    –Give me a break! I’m an atheist but as a little kid my parents forced me to go to church, and even I know that churches, most religions are about belief and faith, and many people attend specific churches because they’re beliefs are aligned. An adult person doesn’t for 20 years continue going to a church that espouses basic bigoted philosophies he doesn’t believe in. If he did, he’d be a fucking fool and a fucking idiot. Will that be next–his cult members will be saying Obama’s just a fool and an idiot, and expecting people to elect a FOOL AND IDIOT? We’ve got that already–BUSH! And it seems most of congress to boot!

  110. Idunn, there is such a thing as political idiocy. My friends, who are all college educated, have great IQ’s, they just happen to be political idiots.

  111. basil9 Says:
    March 17th, 2008 at 11:57 am

    “in general, (Obama’s) claim that he doesn’t know anything about these sermons is ridiculous.”

    Gimme a break. if OPRAH distanced herself from Trinity coz she felt uncomfortable with the rhetoric and she’s a huge financial backer of BO wouldn’t she have warned him aginst being associated with Wright????


    Good point. What evidence do we have of her reason for pulling out of Wright’s church? Do we know that she knew about the worst sermons, either?

    Her forums are good though I can’t seem to get on them. Maybe someone should see what’s being said there.

  112. Hey, Jan H.

    Thank you. So many people seem to finally get how important Hillary’s role was in the irish peace process after they read the article.

    Just wish we could get more eyeballs on it.

    It is all from the irish press–the American press is just so ignorant.

  113. Idunn, there is such a thing as political idiocy.

    I agree. But I think what we see far more of is political ignorance. It isn’t that these people aren’t capable of truly understanding politics, or being knowledgeable about the world of politics, it’s that they have 1). either become to complacent to care, or 2). don’t have the time to do the research, and thus rely on the media to feed them what they think they OUGHT to know.

    Sad, but true.

  114. I’ve gotta say, I recognize all the tragedies in all this (boy, do I!), but it is also starting to get hilarious. What will the Obama crowd think up next to explain away his many behavioral problems, judgment problems and lack-of-qualifications problems? I might have to start writing fiction again–this real-life shit would make excellent satire. I’d have enough material to last a lifetime of satirical pontificating.

  115. Good afternoon peeps! I’m almost wondering if I need to make my trips to PA our girl is doing so well there!!!!! With the continuing coverage of this Wright thing, Barack Huckabee Obama is done!! I think a “BHO needs to resign post” might be in order again. lol What an idiot!? He would NEVER win a general election and as soon as the video, which you know is out there, of him sitting up in the congregation of Trinity smiling and clapping in agreement with Wright, surfaces the good old boys will resurrect Strom Thurmond to keep BHO out of that White House! lol

  116. Hi Sugar, good to see you.

    So glad you are going to pa as intended.

    I have been falling down on my quota of phone calls I set for myself. I don’t feel the urgency I did around Texas because she seems to be doing well in PA

    But I know that is is so foolish. If she could come up with a real route in PA it could bve like dominoes, y’know. Bit wins might follow.

  117. Hey linfar,

    I’m actually feeling a little too comfortable, as you seem to be as well, with how well she’s doing in PA, but I think I’m going to pull my head out of my butt and get back in gear. Remember, it ain’t over until Donna Brazille sings and I don’t hear those porkchop lips flapping yet. So, we have to fight until the last vote is counted.

  118. Idunn, nicely said. Agreed.

    Well, honestly , I have only to look at my father and my husband to see that. My father works from sun up until sun down (still!)…he doesn’t have time to really delve into politics. He always relied, in large part , upon my mother to keep him informed. Usually at the dinner table, because it’s one of the few moments in the day where he isn’t busting his ass. I guess I inherited that role from my mother wrt my own husband. he doesn’t have the time to do research either (on anything really). That always falls to me, because I have the luxury of setting my own work schedule as a home-maker. In fact, I know more about some of the off the wall preseidential candidates simply because hubby will ask me to check them out and let me know what they are about. LOL!

  119. Rasmussen is out with these numbers on what effect Jeremiah Wright has had on the Obama campaign:

    Most voters, 56%, said Wright’s comments made them less likely to vote for Obama. That figure includes 44% of Democrats. Just 11% of voters say they are more likely to vote for Obama because of Wright’s comments.

    However, among African-Americans, 29% said Wright’s comments made them more likely to support Obama. Just 18% said the opposite while 50% said Wright’s comments would have no impact.

    Overall, voters are evenly divided as to whether Obama should resign his membership in the Church — 42% say that he should while 40% disagree. White voters, by a 46% to 33% margin, say that Obama should leave the Church. African-American voters, by a 68% to 16% margin, say he should not. Wright retired last month as Pastor of the Church.

    Rasmussen further notes that Obama has lost 5 points to Clinton in his daily tracking (52% to 47%) since Thursday, when the Wright comments really exploded into the mainstream.

  120. sugar
    i will split the cost of a large pie to throw between oprah and brazille. that should keep them busy

  121. Yes, jubjub! I just google-searched that phrase “where WHITE folks’ greed runs a world in need”–it’s repeatedly quoted as being in his book. Of course he knew Wright said this stuff all these years. The more Obama denies it, the more he will continually be busted and dubbed the LIAR that he is. But even if he admits he knew Wright said hate stuff at this point, then Obama had been lying at all the OTHER recent points when he wouldn’t admit it, when he denied he knew it.

    But that link you posted, jubjub–I don’t see anything there.

  122. SUGAR Says:

    March 17th, 2008 at 12:26 pm
    Hey linfar,

    I’m actually feeling a little too comfortable, as you seem to be as well, with how well she’s doing in PA, but I think I’m going to pull my head out of my butt and get back in gear. Remember, it ain’t over until Donna Brazille sings and I don’t hear those porkchop lips flapping yet. So, we have to fight until the last vote is counted.

    Have you talk to any Blk Obama supporters and what are their take on this?

  123. Barack’s Friend: We Didn’t Do Enough

    Obama is friends with William Ayers, an admitted domestic terrorist with the Weather Underground, which declared war on the United States and claimed responsibility for bombing several government buildings, including the Pentagon and the State Department building, in the 1970s. In an interview with The New York Times, ironically published on the morning of September 11, 2001, Ayers was quoted as saying, “I don’t regret setting bombs; I feel we didn’t do enough.”

  124. Carbynew, my mother tried to make light of it, but I shot that down really quickly as I told her he could have chosen dozens if not HUNDREDS of other churches in the Chicago area as his “church home”, especially considering his political ambitions. But, he decided to stick with Trinity. Most of my other friends and family are still not safe to talk to about this stuff–even this late in the game. Tempers still flare horribly! A guy dressed in his mailman uniform read me the riot act on Saturday for having a Hillary sticker on my car. I just took it in stride.


    The dialogue about Wright’s controversial comments appears to have had at least a short-term impact on public perceptions of Barack Obama. The Illinois Senator is viewed favorably today by just 47% of voters nationwide. That’s down five points since last Thursday (see recent daily results). The number with an unfavorable view of Obama has risen from 44% on Thursday to 50% today. Among White voters, Obama is now viewed favorably by 43% and unfavorably by 54%.

  126. I just read upthread that Pelosi now says the SD’s should vote with the popular vote, if thats true, that’s a change from the original comment she gave a few days ago. Hmmm! that’s funny, Bill Clinton said yesterday that Hillary may just win the popular vote,hmm!

  127. Court to hear Florida delegate suit

    By Aaron Gould Sheinin
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Published on: 03/14/08

    Atlanta could become the center of the political storm on Monday when a federal appeals panel hears a lawsuit that seeks to force the Democratic National Committee to seat all of Florida’s delegates at the party’s national convention in August.

    The suit was filed in August in Tampa on behalf of Floridian Victor DiMaio. It claims the DNC violated his constitutional rights when it stripped Florida’s Democratic Party of all 210 of its delegates to the convention as punishment for holding its Jan. 29 presidential primary earlier than DNC rules allow.

    The suit was rejected at the district court level in Tampa, but the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta has agreed to hear the case.

    DiMaio said Thursday in an interview that the appellate panel’s decision to hear the case gives him hope.

    “They’ve cleared the entire docket for the entire afternoon,” DiMaio said. “They definitely want to hear our argument.”

    DiMaio said he supported former Sen. John Edwards and is neutral in the ongoing race for the nomination.

    More on
    Florida primary case heads to Atlanta court
    Court revisits Florida primary
    Court here to consider Florida delegate suit
    Nelson’s push for mail-in vote irritates many Democrats
    Eliot Spitzer’s Georgia business targets
    Expand this list

  128. why don’t politicians ever discuss privacy instead of saying abortion is tragic why didn’t he just say a woman has a right to privacy.

  129. Kafeen: I should add, those Obambi friends of mine are white, upper middle class, and white collar. That is scary

    We’ve had the movie “White Men Can’t Jump”. (Although I for one never saw it).

    How about a new movie called “White Men Can’t Think”. (Hopefully, me and the friends I have persuaded to vote for Hillary are the exception).

  130. Good article here…

    Obama and the Wright-Wing Conspiracy
    by Bill Siegel

    Barack Obama’s response to the outrageous views and statements of his pastor, Reverend Jeremiah A.Wright Jr., was that he should not be tagged with “guilt by association.” In addition, his surrogates and supporters quickly joined to recite the full gamut of distracting, misdirecting, and irrelevant defenses — that the pastor doesn’t really mean what he says but uses material to stir up his congregation, whites do not understand the context of the statements, he is permitted these views because of the oppression blacks have endured, if Obama was seeking any other job these statements be irrelevant so ignore them here, only a few of the Reverend’s statements are possibly objectionable, if Obama was white this would be a non-issue, this is not the first time a candidate has been burned by an endorsement, Bush and Reagan visited Bob Jones University, John Hagee has endorsed McCain, Wright is off the campaign now so case closed and so on.

    First, the “guilt by association” approach admits guilt. It merely argues over who is guilty. Therefore, any in depth analysis of the virtues or truth of Reverend Wright’s charges is clearly a waste of time. Little could be clearer on its face than the racism, anti-Americanism, and anti-Semitism spewed by the pastor. The only issue is whether Obama shares in any of this guilt.

    The defense rides on the notion that “association” is an insufficient connector between the pastor and the candidate. In law, this defense is often sensible. We typically require significant evidence of connection between parties to pass guilt from one party to another but what constitutes significance depends upon the case. In many other cases, however, the defense does not work. Being members of the same organization can often do the trick. Under the recent Sarbanes-Oxley laws, a CEO can be charged with the offenses committed by a junior officer if he should have been aware. In conspiracy cases, one member of a conspiracy can be guilty of the offenses of another merely by agreeing to be in the conspiracy even if the former was completely unaware of the specific acts of the second and would not have intended those acts himself.

    Despite the fact that Obama chose the “guilt by association” phrase and prides himself on his law degree, this is not a case at law. Nonetheless, our law shows us that there can be substantial relevance to and consequences from various forms of “association.”

    Pundits are raising many of the relevance arguments. Some are pointing to Obama’s own speeches saying that words are important. Others are turning the racism charges around; charging that Obama is being protected from normal scrutiny into his associations by the pass he gets from being black. Unfortunately, as with Geraldine Ferraro, they are subsequently skewered in the public square.

    The relevance, above and beyond all, is that associations do count. Whenever we evaluate others for any reason we consider associations of some form. Judgment of another never occurs in a vacuum. A person’s heritage, his family, his friends, his job, his extracurricular activities, educational institutions he attended, organizations he supports and so forth (including the lack of any of these) not only gives us a wide array of information from which we judge each other; we can not avoid utilizing this information.

    And a great deal of Obama followers have been failing to accept what is right in front of their eyes. Obama had stated in a February debate “The implication is that the people who have been voting for me or involved in my campaign are somehow delusional” as a joke to convey that of course that is impossible. And the public bought the joke. Similarly, when Obama or his surrogates assert that this is merely “guilt by association,” the public seems to buy it as well. The hypnotic instruction seems to be that as long as Obama can stand up and offer a counter statement that takes the focus off of him, we can still believe in him.

    Nonetheless, Obama’s connections with the reverend are considerably close and meaningful. He calls Wright his “uncle” and a “sounding board.” He chose the pastor as his “spiritual advisor” who helped him “find Christ” and included him, until now, in his campaign. He has been a member of the church for roughly twenty years. He had the pastor oversee various personal occasions including his own marriage and children’s baptisms.

    He has involved Wright in his political life. The title “Audacity of Hope” came from Wright. He only made any attempt to appear to disconnect from Wright following his decision to run for President.

    Conversely, Wright has involved Obama as well. Wright referred to Obama in one of his diatribes of which we have been made aware: “Barack knows what it means to be a black man controlled by rich white people.” It seems the reverend knows Obama quite well. Is he telling us Obama is like the other cheering congregants who clearly accept and identify with the picture Wright paints of blacks?

    And, as reported recently on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Obama and Wright had one or more conversations in which they agreed that Obama might have to distance himself from Wright in a national campaign. Which — directly and clearly — calls into question Obama’s sincerity in supposedly distancing himself from Wright. If he planned to distance himself from Wright during the campaign it is logical to infer that Obama plans to embrace Wright again after it.

    It is difficult to trust Obama’s responses. He has tried to frame the issue as concerning these specific “statements” of Wright’s, as if these are rare utterances that occurred outside of Obama’s presence. He says he hadn’t heard these statements and repudiates them and that now that he has heard them he does reject them. He has even tried to suggest that what he has heard from Wright over twenty years is simple talk about helping the poor and Jesus and so forth, subliminally suggesting to his consuming audience that the typical Wright speech is similar to any decent sermon that could be heard across the nation. It is simply disingenuous to assert that a man filled with these points of view accompanied by the rage that flows out of him in these appearances gives no hint in any of the services Obama attends or in their frequent “uncle-nephew,” “spiritual advising,” or “sounding board” interactions.

    What is even more incredible is the notion that any person of reasonable judgment could walk into that church over twenty years and not know exactly what is being communicated, the radical far left bias of the pastor, and the rage-filled leanings of the entire congregation. The joy and excitement seen throughout the congregation does not come forth only after brute sublimation. This reverend knows exactly what to say to elicit that response and it is and has been exactly his job to do so. It is far more likely that these hate America views are central to what holds the entire church together rather than simple incidental slips of a pastor’s private views which were inadvertently leaked. If the Obamas are so completely in the dark as to this pastor’s sentiments, they have no judgment whatsoever. The more likely reality is that they know exactly what is happening and that is why they have been supporters for years.

    Wright’s statements also give a fuller picture to Michelle Obama’s comment that she had never before been proud of America. Having Wright as one’s teacher of what America is would destroy anyone’s pride in their country. The problem, then, is that we run the risk of electing a couple whose understanding of America should probably bar them from even taking a White House tour.

    To oversimplify Shelby Steele’s extremely valuable theory in A Bound Man, Obama is in the untenable position of having to keep the real Obama hidden from the public. In short, it is part of the negotiation arrangement Obama has chosen with whites — that of what Steele calls a “bargainer” — in which whites turn over power to Obama so long as he does not in any manner use his blackness as a means to make whites act as if they feel guilty. Yet in a presidential campaign, it is virtually impossible to stay hidden.

    Obama has done a great job to date in hiding behind his mesmerizing speeches, his charm, his affable humor, and gentle persona, just to mention a few of his gifts and tactics. He loves to claim he is a bringing in a new politics and is “transcending” the old. It sounds wonderful to his deluded audience yet what he transcends is merely his being tagged with exactly who he is. “Transcendence” is most often used by him as an escape, an excuse to wiggle away from some charge. Yet, as he approaches nomination, much is starting to leak out. It is precisely for this reason that Obama’s associations are all the more relevant and need to be amplified. They are precisely the best window into what is behind his curtain.

    While much of the media has allowed Obama to hoodwink it by limiting the issue to Wright’s “statements,” Obama has further responded by emphasizing that he wants to be judged by who he, Obama, is, not by Wright’s utterances. Sounds fair enough. Yet, as with most of Obama’s rebuttals, it is simple obfuscation and diversion. The very issue surrounding Obama is the inability to decipher who he is. Absent significantly more concrete evidence, his associations give us some of the most meaningful insights.

    This election — like every other — is a near constant flow of surrogate verbal slips followed by candidate disassociations from or condemnation of the surrogate. As if the skill most valuable for the Presidency is adeptness at damage control and how quickly one can appear to distance themselves from some problem. (This is hardly a skill that will prove useful in dealing with Vladimir Putin or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad). Demonstrating that he has cut himself off from Wright is a dangerous distraction from the true import of Obama’s decades-long relationship with Wright. Should the public accept such an argument, however, it only demonstrates how invested it truly is in supporting Obama’s “bargainer” mask as Steele describes.

    Obama has reportedly made the intriguing joinder “My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join me as we try to change it.” Wright’s statements may have clarified much of what Obama has meant by “change” this entire time that he has stayed vague and hidden.

    Simply put — Obama is guilty; by association and otherwise. He needs to open up in large fashion and show who he really is. Simple one-liners to distance himself are insufficient, given the volume of questionable associations. The problem, as Steele has astutely analyzed, is that by doing so, he will likely upset the deeply hidden bargain he has made with white America.

  131. confloyd, Pelosi has said in many interviews that the delegates are the most important, not the popular vote. Her defense is that in the GE, electoral votes count, not the popular vote.

    Pelosi is in the tank for Obambi.

  132. Tim, give me an overview of what he’s saying, will ya?

    Is he stuttering? Blinking? Talking policy? Talking excuses?

  133. Idunn, the campaign is hand picking the “questions”. He is spewing propaganda. It is disgusting. You know that everyone with a brain has Wright on their mind and not one question in dozens so far. I turned it off.

  134. Regarding Iowa delegates, I read on another board, that Hillary did not gain any of Edwards delegates, and lost one of her own. So Bo has 25 to Hillary’s 14. His pledged delegate total is now 170. I guess, the news did not have an effect on the thinking of the Iowa delegates.

  135. LOL .. hubby watching Bonanza right now and the town is “electing” a judge.

    One of the candidates is standing on top of a table saying “my friends, my friends,”

  136. tim, the facade that was Obama starting to crumble in Texas .. went on into Ohio and Pa has his number.

  137. idunn
    sorry wished i had seen your post earlier
    the stammering is minimal but he’s nothing like the young man who spoke in WA

    he’s flat.
    What do we do about young people in jail–

  138. In the AOL straw poll (link above)….

    Obambi (i.e. Hate Machine) has the lead in only 17 states. Every other state is in Hillary’s favor (some by substantial leads).

  139. Guys please post some of these letters and articles on forums where Obama people are – we should hit them hard and in masse to make sure they loose heart and go into depression. All of us here do agree with each other – it is time to start hitting them where it hurts.

  140. Basil: you will be glad to know that cnn did give some coverage to Hillarys Iraq speech, although I did not see it myself either. This is from TM:

    I was watching this and wondered how it ended up since CNN moved away from her presentation over to Iraq and Cheney’s. No one can say she doesn’t have a comprehensive plan. Not only is it comprehensive, it’s also very good!
    PuppyDogMom | 03.17.2008 – 11:24 am | #

  141. One thing that burns me up is how some of BOs supporters are all over TV trying to make it seem like what Wright says is common in black churches. I’ve been attending black churches my whole life and have never heard of anything like that. Racism and injustice are talked about but nothing like what Rev Wright has said.

  142. Obambi is trying to disenfranchise voters to save his nomination.

    Obama Campaign Has Yet To Sign Off On Michigan Revote, Leaving Plan In Limbo
    By Greg Sargent – March 17, 2008, 11:01AM

    Last week we reported here that a compromise on a redo primary in Michigan was looking more likely.

    But now it looks as if the plan’s in limbo — because the Obama campaign and its Michigan co-chair have yet to sign off on the plan. The Detroit News has the latest…

    State lawmakers looking at a Democratic presidential primary redo in Michigan appear to be locked in a standoff heading into a crucial week: Legislative leaders say the U.S. Sen. Barack Obama camp needs to agree to the repeat election before legislation is written, and Obama supporters say they must see the bill before signing off on the plan.

    Whether Michigan has a do-over primary in June depends on resolving that issue.

    State Sen. Tupac Hunter, D-Detroit, said Sunday that allies of U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are bent on a do-over primary to enable their candidate to try to pull up to Obama in the presidential race. Hunter said he won’t sign off on a repeat election unless he sees detailed legislation answering his concerns…

    Hunter added that he isn’t absolutely opposed to a proposed do-over contest in Michigan.

    But he wants to see the money to pay for it up front and won’t agree to legislation “with a promise from governors who are Clinton supporters that they’ll raise the money at some point and meanwhile Michigan taxpayers have to put the money out first. The money has to be in the treasury first. That’s just fiscally prudent.”

    The trouble is that this might not be possible, given the timing. And Clinton supporters in Michigan are arguing that legislative leaders won’t spend time working out those details in the first place without a preliminary nod of approval from the Obama camp — leading Hillary spokesperson Phil Singer to allege that the Obama camp is “blocking the people of Michigan from being able to vote.”

    But the Obama campaign denies that it’s raising procedural objections in order to stop the revote from happening.

  143. cnn just cut off Patterson intro to Hillary after showing Patterson of Schumer.

    damng they suck………….

  144. One thing I just thought of, if Obambi and his camp continue to try hitting Hillary for Bill’s miscue’s and White House scandals, perhaps they should review their argument about “guilt by association”.

  145. Let me just say this, as a person, I absolutely LOVE Patterson. I don’t know much of his politics, but I will be researching them today. He may be a great VP.

  146. This is a huge event for Hillary!! I love Elton John!!

    Sir Elton John To Perform at Clinton Fundraiser on April 9th
    Legendary artist Sir Elton John will perform at a solo concert on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign on April 9, 2008 at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The event, called “Elton and Hillary: One Night Only,” is Elton John’s first public solo concert in New York City without his band since his solo concert at Madison Square Garden in October 2000.

    “I’m not a politician but I believe in the work that Hillary Clinton does,” said John. “I’m excited to support Hillary by performing at what will be a truly memorable night.”

    Tickets start at $125 for Mezzanine seats and $250 for Orchestra seats. Tickets will go on sale at 9:00 am EST, on Wednesday, March 19, 2008. To purchase tickets, go to or call the campaign office at 212-213-3717.

  147. USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Clinton up 5 points on McCain; Obama up 2

    If the election were held today (and yes, we know it won’t be), Democratic contender Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton would get 51% of the vote to Republican candidate Sen. John McCain’s 46%, the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll estimates. In a match-up between Democratic Sen. Barack Obama and McCain, Obama comes out ahead 49%-47%.

    Both Democrats have overtaken McCain since the last USA TODAY/Gallup survey. In that Feb. 21-24 poll, McCain led Clinton 50%-46% and he led Obama 48%-47%.

    Gallup surveyed 685 “likely” voters across the nation from Friday through Sunday. It says the margin of error on each result is +/- 4 percentage points. That means neither Clinton nor Obama’s lead in the new poll is “outside” that margin. Clinton’s support could be as low as 47% (because 51-4=47) and McCain’s could be as high as 50% (because 46+4=50).

    Keep in mind that polls are snapshots of current public opinion, not forecasts of what will happen in November.

  148. Tim, he is AA, legally blind, and a great speaker with a wicked sense of humor. If his political history checks out, put him on the ticket NOW.

  149. I posted a comment on Hillary’s blog last night and it still hasn’t shown up. It was the blog with Rep. Matsui. And I thanked her in Japanese. It was totally positive. What’s up with that? They don’t have their internet staff working today?

  150. nikki22
    Same on Air america today. they said today that FL and MI should not have another primary and should live with what they have got and that pastors are not important so it is all done by Hillary campaign

  151. The Constitution says two people from the same state can’t run together. That’s why Cheney had to make a quick move back to WY when he became VP candidate.

  152. Pastor Jeremiah Wright, who has become part of the national political dialogue in recent days, is viewed favorably by 8% of voters nationwide. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 58% have an unfavorable view of the Pastor whose controversial comments have created new challenges for Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign.

  153. USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Clinton up 5 points on McCain;

  154. I would think that the only reason Obama is deigning/condescending to address the Wright situation in a speech is because he must be getting an amazing amount of pressure from his would be supporters, i.e. SDs, etc.. to clear this mess up. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of these people are being innundated with questions about their judgement here.

  155. Does anyone have links about the New Black Panther Party that has a page on Obama’s website?

    I have a solid research source who is going to follow up on this.

  156. Merryfield, I have the exact linK!

    I saved a screenshot when I saw this :-)))).

  157. jubjub, thanks .. yes, I have that as well as a screen shot. Just asking if anyone had done any research or had more links.

  158. Interesting 2 paragraph except from todays rass polling release:

    The dialogue about Wright’s controversial comments appears to have had at least a short-term impact on public perceptions of Barack Obama. The Illinois Senator is viewed favorably today by just 47% of voters nationwide. That’s down five points since last Thursday (see recent daily results). The number with an unfavorable view of Obama has risen from 44% on Thursday to 50% today. Among White voters, Obama is now viewed favorably by 43% and unfavorably by 54%.

    Looked at from a slightly longer perspective, Obama’s overall favorable ratings peaked at 56% on February 21, shortly after he won the Wisconsin Primary. At that point, Clinton began raising questions about Obama as part of the campaign that ultimately enabled her to win the Texas and Ohio Primaries. Since then, Obama’s net favorability ratings have fallen seventeen points (from plus 14 points on February 21 to minus 3 points today).

  159. B Merry – I’m sending you privately Experience Matters email. I believe EMVH is the one doing lots of research.

  160. out of curiosity anybody have any info on the legacy of indentured servants? i may be being ahistorical but wer’nt they in away northern industrial slaves.cheaper to pay them a pittance than to maintain. its apart of our history left in the dark

  161. tim, at one time I could have told you a lot, but there were a lot of indentured servants brought to Virginia as well as New England during Colonial days.

  162. B. Merryfield, are you telling me that the New Black Panther Party has a page on Obama’s website?….Geessh

    Obama support is coming for Nation of Islam off shoot…Their leader was a young minister under Farrakhan but left after the Million Man March because he thought Farrakhan was becoming a sell-out and had soften his message.

    What is Obama doing with all these radical groups associated with him…Obama is not mainstream at all and with all these radical Left groups.

  163. Berryfield
    me too. but i have forgotten. yet they who came as such are the descendents of an oppurtunistic world on a par with wal-mart. gottta go.

  164. Apparently, from what my source told me, the campaign is on top of this. Looks like the word does get through eventually. The Rightie blogs were on top of this sooner.

  165. What people must understand is there is a direct correllation between Obama’s intimate and enduring relationship with his racist spiritual advisor and his scurrulious use of the race card against the Clintons in this campaign. These are not independent events but two roots of the same poisonous tree, and no less a harbinger of how he would govern when he was challenged. We must push this linkage because it is true and because his supporters will try to pass the Wright matter off as religious freedom, and it has no discernable impact on governance.

  166. From a comment at

    ” Pelosi will be the permanent chair of the Democratic National Convention, which opens at the end of August in Denver, Colorado. This position gives enormous influence if process issues, such as the seating of contested state delegations, prove to be important in determining the eventual nominee.”

    I don’t have time to check this, but if it’s true, we’d better focus some attention on educating Pelosi….

  167. well if Pelosi’s backbone in her leadership job right now is any indication .. she won’t be much of a problem at the convention. She has a lack of spine and backbone and folds like a cheap card table

  168. Well Pelosi is looking for a VP position with BO!

    She has some of her own guilt in this AA position. She was supported by a “Dem reps” just like SDs to be elected as Minority leader over Harold Ford.

    So this way she is expected to return a favor to the Black Causus.

  169. There is NO WAY IN HELL we will win the G.E. with Obama. FORGET IT!!! OBAMA is going to Destroy the DEMOCRATIC PARTY if we nominate this guy as our nominee….THE WHOLE PARTY WILL GO DOWN IN FLAMES IN NOVEMBER We will lose the SENATE….this is serious.

    I knew GWB and the REPUGS had some serious stuff on OBAMA…like Domestic and Foreign Terrorist crap…groups that are on this country watch list.

    I you think Dr. Wright is bad at least he stay within the church framework and does not promote violent overthrow of the government, but all these radical militant left groups…like the 60’s Weathermen and the New Black Panthers Party believes in that option for political change, if needed.

  170. Guys, it’s obvious to me that the DNC does NOT want to win the GE or care to win the GW, so they will disregard all the issues with Hussein Obama. Their goal is to get rid of Hillary. Winning the GE or not is not important for them.

  171. The best think to happen is if a true leader in the DEM party stands up and says – “Enough is enough. I am starting a new independent democratic party!” they may lose 2008 but will win enough House/senates seats in future!

  172. carbynew,

    Given Dr. Wright’s discriminatory beliefs and the horrific messages he has spread for over 30 years, I DO think he is as bad as those radical militant left groups you mentioned. I don’t see a difference. Obama is attracted to all of them like a moth to the light.

  173. After this I have to agree with those repubs who say DEMS are weak on national security! Is there a black leader in the DEM party who will stand up against this Rev. Wright.

    Juan Williams on FOX has been the only AA I have seen sya this so far!

  174. happy st. patrick’s day hillfans!! may a pot of gold(the white house ) await hillary at the end of the rainbow(nov. 4th). off to work. love you guys!

  175. Two big endorsement for Hillary, really? Oh, I am excited. I hope they are super delegates!

  176. JanH Says:

    March 17th, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    Given Dr. Wright’s discriminatory beliefs and the horrific messages he has spread for over 30 years, I DO think he is as bad as those radical militant left groups you mentioned. I don’t see a difference. Obama is attracted to all of them like a moth to the light.
    I’m trying to express my disbelief in Obama’s radical political associations in his campaign…like comparing Dr. Wright vs Hell. I mean I think those groups are on our country’s terriorist watch list.

    I’m not 100% sure but Obama is running for the POTUS and he openly have all these militant leftist groups associated with his campaign mixed in with the ignorant and naive.

    I’m just shocked that the anti-war and Clinton haters haven’t seen that they have been inflitated by these group. You can’t tell me Ben Affeck, Oprah, Jennifer Aniston signed up for this. Rahm Emmanuel and other Dems signed up for this…I just don’t believe this. I think these guys bought into Obama’s Ivy League B.S. and want an easy fix and greedy for power and went this route.

  177. Two quick things- hated Hillary’s scarf this morning. Quite hideous actually. And that’s coming from a girl who choice of clothing on this fine day is a ‘Fuck you, You’re Irish” shirt and a ballcap that reads “Magically Delicious” and has the Lucky Charms guy on it. So you KNOW it must be hideous.

    Another thing- The Orange Satanists have jumped the shark for reals-

    “I’ve finally figured it out.

    The real enemy that we are fighting here is not George Bush.

    It’s not Hillary Clinton.

    It’s the half-dozen or so Hillary Clinton supporters who continue to use this blog to post diaries and comments in support of their candidate.

    Jeez — how did I ever get that wrong!

    Now that we know who the enemy is, use this diary to describe what we’re going to do to take care of the problem.

    We can defeat Sen. Clinton in the primary contests, but how do we defeat her supporters? We’ve already posted blacklists with their names. We’ve posted links to photographs of Hillary supporters on the Internet and asked people to identify them. We’ve mobbed websites where we think they predominate. We have hounded them from diary to diary with our troll ratings.

    There must be a next step.

    We must defeat this terrible enemy — people who support Sen. Clinton.

    And not just on Daily Kos.

    Anywhere where they can be found.

    There was always something incongruous about them trying to use Daily Kos for their own purposes. Purposes that were not our purposes. There was always something wrong with them. Always.”

    If I had a stake, I’d put it thru that fuckers heart. So, Bink, here’s fair warning. Idunn and I have holy water, garlic, silver bullets and a bunch of stakes- and we’re bringing the hammer, Bi-otch.

  178. Just wanted to pass along that today is the first day since after Super Tuesday that we are leading the Real Clear Politics poll average. It’s small, in that we are only ahead by .7, but this is kind of big news for us!

  179. Carbynew,
    You can’t tell me Ben Affleck, Oprah, Jennifer Aniston signed up for this. Rahm Emmanuel and other Dems signed up for this…”

    I think I read earlier on this site that Ben Affleck went into denial about know anything about the Wright conflict when he was asked. I will lose all respect for celebrities and politicians who are onside with Obama if they don’t come out and condemn this association.

  180. why is the leadership of the Democratic Party always defending BHO and are no where to be found in defense of Hillary. (purely rhetorical I know the answer.)

    I proudly sent another contribution to the DNC today!!

    It was a torn up, into little bits, contribution form sent returned in their pre addressed envolope where I added above the addressee Democratic National Committee these few words in bold print……..”TO THE INCOMPETENT AND BIASED”

    At least if nothing else my postman will see them, and surely DNC will!

  181. Obama support is coming for Nation of Islam off shoot…Their leader was a young minister under Farrakhan but left after the Million Man March because he thought Farrakhan was becoming a sell-out and had soften his message.

    Lord, please tell me the new Black Panther Party wasn’t run by Khalid Mohammad (died in 2001, I think). Carby, tell me that this isn’t who you are talking about:

  182. “Today’s Gallup tracking poll shows Hillary Clinton taking a narrow national lead over Barack Obama. Here are the numbers, compared to the poll from yesterday:

    Clinton 47% (+2)
    Obama 45% (-3)

    From Gallup’s analysis: “While not statistically significant, Clinton’s two percentage point advantage in today’s report is a notable shift, particularly in light of the political storm Obama has faced over the past few days concerning controversial political statements made by the former pastor of his Chicago church.”

    For the general-election matches, John McCain is narrowly leading Obama while tying against Hillary:

    McCain (R) 46%, Obama (D) 44%
    Clinton (D) 46%, McCain (R) 46%”

  183. I also got a letter from Paul Newman asking me to support the DSCC.

    I sent back a note to them stating “I can not contribute to the DSCC as long as any portion of it goes to the DNC” , also including the torn up pieces of the contribution form.

  184. JanH,

    It’s hard to condemn somebody when the media is suppressing it and making lite of the concerns.

    My disgust is with the party leadership and MSM not vetting this guy…because you know the Repug will and they will do it for their advantage in winning back what the dems took 2 years ago.

    The repugs have a plan and they are running that plan for their benefit, and not the dems. And you know I would do the same thing.

  185. Debbie, why did you send anything to the DNC or am I missing the joke???

    TPS, the 👿 bots are really freaking nuts. I have a friend who is defending all the Right Reverend stuff saying she “knows 👿 ‘s heart” and he’s not like Wright.


  186. DNC = Do Not Call
    DNC = Disgraceful National Circus
    DNC = Dean’s Nuanced Causus
    DNC = Dudd News Corporation

    and a lot of otehr things now…ANYthing but “democratic national”

  187. home could obama still conduct town halls and keep lieing.. he is disgusting.. he should step out now before somebody slap him in town hall meetings 🙂

  188. since I’m helping to deal with the TX caucus fiasco right now…a friend of mine said yesterday, gee CAUCUS shares lots of letters with CIRCUS.

  189. just curious, am I the only one who notices that when Obama is confronted with an obvious contridiction in his statements or actions which show his hipocrisy- whether it is the seating of the delegates or his pastor or his realtor- he looks down and talks real slow with long dramatic pauses? He sounds like he is about to start crying.

  190. have you notices CNN did not have comment sections now a days… ohh boy.. at ABC news bloggers are blasting bambi over this…. hahahaha 🙂

  191. OkieAtty Says:
    March 17th, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    TM has a blog up on how Clinton supporters are muzzled on the blogs. Can you put up your post there on her site. This is good evidence of what is going on.

  192. okie…too funny

    “If I had a stake, I’d put it thru that fuckers heart. So, Bink, here’s fair warning. Idunn and I have holy water, garlic, silver bullets and a bunch of stakes- and we’re bringing the hammer, Bi-otch.”

  193. Idunn Says:

    March 17th, 2008 at 2:49 pm
    Obama support is coming for Nation of Islam off shoot…Their leader was a young minister under Farrakhan but left after the Million Man March because he thought Farrakhan was becoming a sell-out and had soften his message.

    Lord, please tell me the new Black Panther Party wasn’t run by Khalid Mohammad (died in 2001, I think). Carby, tell me that this isn’t who you are talking about:

    I’m not sure if Khalid or one of his young disciples who resurrected NBPP but you know where I’m going with this. I’m pretty sure it’s was one of his disciples who split off.

    I’m going to make some phone calls.

  194. mj, that’s a surprise. I haven’t noticed him anywhere on those threads with Alegre and Big Tent.

  195. hahahahaha… i was browsing through rush limbaugh web site and found this funny thing..

    “Al gore said we have only 10 years to save the planet from scorching. OK i am starting the count gentlemen” hahaha and he has time counter there… OMG

  196. am asking in limbaugh’ style “obama, how could you not know about your pastor uncle’ rant about america when you have been going there for 20 years.. tell me obama” hahahha 🙂

  197. Dot, I have a Worth. And a slugger. If we put them together, they form a cross on which to crucify the anti-Christ. Now we just have to figure out which of those fuckers is the anti-Christ. I’m starting to think they’re cloning each other.

  198. # OkieAtty Says:
    March 17th, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    pm, couldn’t find it. Link?

    I was talking about your comment here: Do you have the link to it from DailyKos? May be you can post it at TM — She was on MSNBC talking about how Hillary’s supporters on blogs are banned.

    Another thing- The Orange Satanists have jumped the shark for reals-

    “I’ve finally figured it out.

    The real enemy that we are fighting here is not George Bush.

    It’s not Hillary Clinton.

    It’s the half-dozen or so Hillary Clinton supporters who continue to use this blog to post diaries and comments in support of their candidate.

    Jeez — how did I ever get that wrong!

    Now that we know who the enemy is, use this diary to describe what we’re going to do to take care of the problem

  199. Hillary’s going to be in WV on Wednesday…details to follow. Charleston, which is the capital.

    Wonder if it has do with new endorsements .. she cosponsored legislation with Robert Byrd .. also, the Govenor of WV has yet to endorse.

    Timing here

  200. I really dislike Obama’s reaction to anything that may paint him in a poor light. For example, he is dismissive of criticisms, minimizes their importance, or calls them “divisive.” This guy is running a very divisive campaign. He is not about unity, change, and moving beyond the racial divide. His campaign has exposed the racial divide in this country, and has rubbed salt in the wounds that people have. Doesn’t this technique remind people of how he used agitation, as means of organizing people? His whole campaign is based upon this premise: agitate people at the lower level to refute or destroy the people at the higher levels. Every time, he calls Hillary’s campaign divisive, he needs to look in the mirror. He is the divisive one.

  201. From today’s Rasmussen daily tracking poll:

    “The dialogue about Wright’s controversial comments appears to have had at least a short-term impact on public perceptions of Barack Obama. The Illinois Senator is viewed favorably today by just 47% of voters nationwide. That’s down five points since last Thursday (see recent daily results). The number with an unfavorable view of Obama has risen from 44% on Thursday to 50% today. Among White voters, Obama is now viewed favorably by 43% and unfavorably by 54%.

    Looked at from a slightly longer perspective, Obama’s overall favorable ratings peaked at 56% on February 21, shortly after he won the Wisconsin Primary. At that point, Clinton began raising questions about Obama as part of the campaign that ultimately enabled her to win the Texas and Ohio Primaries. Since then, Obama’s net favorability ratings have fallen seventeen points (from plus 14 points on February 21 to minus 3 points today).”

  202. heard that BO will have a major speech on race tomorrow. Note this comment from a poster at TM. Oh so true!

    “Obama didn’t have time for the State of the Black Union, but now all of a sudden, when his campaign is rapidly losing its mojo, he wants to talk race. Alrighty then. Good luck with that speech.”

  203. You guys will love this:

  204. Oxford Dictionary Definition of a Bully:

    A person using strength or power to coerce others by fear; to persecute or oppress by force or threats.

    This would apply to the: DNC, Donna Brazille, John Kerry, Teddy Kennedy…

    This defines Obama’s campaign to a T.

  205. here’s a funny story just to lighten up the load today. I was at work on friday night and the head nurse is male. He was telling me no way that Hillary can beat McCain, he originally thought Obama could, but with this new stuff, obama could not either. I told him, oh yes she can. How could she possibly beat a POW with a great military background, I told him he can’t hold a candle to her on the economy! He told then they’ll just find a veep with a good economic backgound. He just kept telling me she can’t win against a POW, finally in exasperation I told him we could just run her with a General! Well, that still didn’t satify him, he said we would just have to find a military hero, I said Ok, I know just the person, and his name is Max, he was in Vietnam, in a wheelchair, had both legs blown off and only had one arm, for sure we’ll beat the republicans then. Does anybody know Max’s last name, he was a senator, or governor or etc. I just remember Bill Clinton always talking about how the republicans treated him. I think its Clleland, but not sure!!

  206. Hillary has the Make Momentum .. Contribute Bar back up.

    Let’s show some HillaryLove today and give, give, give.

  207. They are sending Ace to NC. The must think they can win all 4 now – PA, IN, KY, NC.

    Clinton Campaign Names Ace Smith North Carolina State Director
    Smith Led Clinton Victories in California, Texas
    The Clinton Campaign today announced that Averell “Ace” Smith will serve as North Carolina State Director.

    Smith led the Clinton Campaign to victories in the critical states of California and Texas earlier this year.

    “We are going to wage an aggressive, grassroots campaign and work hard for every vote across North Carolina,” Smith said.

  208. Look, Bink supports Hillary. This is also what he said:

    “the Hillary as enemy theme has been exhausted”.

  209. No- the thrust of the post, mj, the way it reads is that Hillary supporters are the enemy. That we keep Hillary afloat regardless of her defeats, etc etc, and we must be taken out.

  210. Carby and Idunn, I just read that NBPP stuff. Holy hell. They are nuts.

    I’d like to know who died and made them god bc their entire platform is about gimme, gimme and the last time I heard that line so much I was a in a church and they wanted donations.

    Oh, wait. Maybe that was the DNC. 😉

  211. Okay, I will vote anyone for president who can make the “penis enlargement” spam stop filling up my inbox 400-600 a day.

  212. Very insightful & funny stuff from Mark Steyn @ The Corner

    Saturday, March 15, 2008

    Pew research center [Mark Steyn]
    Kate’s right about Obama’s who-ya-gonna-believe-me-or-your-lyin’-eyes routine. The Senator has said he missed JeremiahWright’s post-9/11 sermon. How many other Sundays did he decide to sleep in? Did he also miss the one where the Reverend Wright referred to “the US of KKKA”? How about the one where the pastor said “the government lied about Pearl Harbor. They knew the Japanese were about to attack”?

    Out of town that morning? Well, what about the one where he said “the government lied about inventing HIV as a means of genocide against people of color”? Alarm clock out of batteries that Sunday, too?

    It seems hard to believe you could spend 20 minutes in this pastor’s company, never mind 20 years (as the Obamas have), without figuring he’s a race-baiting loon. So at the very minimum Senator Obama’s extremely belated distancing is lame. This is the candidate who wants to negotiate with the Iranians. The US deserves better than a president who, asked his reaction to the moment in the meeting when Ahmadinejad promised to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, says, “Oh, gee, I guess I must have stepped out to the men’s room for that bit.”

    Obama listened to Wright’s bilge week in, week out his entire adult life and by the end was giving this huckster over 20 grand a year to keep him in business. It seems reasonable to assume, given some of her observations on the hustings, that Mrs Obama agrees with the broad thrust of Jeremiah Wright’s “theology”. Does her husband?

    Derb wondered the other day whether the Obama campaign was a massive “con job”. But it’s worse than that. If he were a con artist, he’d be like every other opportunist pol contemplating a run for the presidency: he’d be slick enough to know from the get-go that the Reverend Wright was a guy he needed to keep at way beyond arm’s length; instead, he named his big pre-campaign hey-world-here-I-am book after one of his sermons. That suggests Obama didn’t even appreciate Wright was a potential problem. Which, in turn, suggests a candidate as disconnected from reality as his pastor is.

    03/15 09:53 PM

  213. Carby, I think Hill needs aa supporters out there not letting BO get away with trying to swiftboat her on race.

  214. I have a hard time believing that Kennedy/Dean and the rest of those rubes didn’t already know this stuff about BHO, so what in the world is THEIR agenda? Are they really that drunk from the poison that this guy is spewing? Jesus!?

  215. Okie, someone emailed me Bink’s comments with the subject “Bink takes on Kos”. You just don’t know who you are talking about.

  216. Tomorrow might be a good day to drop a “New Black Panthers page on Obama’s website” bomb. Who is with me here?

    They are actually calling Katrina the “Black Holocaust”.


  217. Mj, that may be true, but if you know Bink, you might tell him/her that it reads differently than maybe intended.

  218. Sugar, I wish african american supporters like you had more access to the media. He’s got Brazile, and now Kos, and a bunch of surrogates talking “civil war”, despite evidence to the contrary. Of course the white, elite male MSM eats that stuff up.

  219. I had a head’s up yesterday on the NBPP and read their site…especially the 10 point plan and the local actions.

    I was really aghast – yes, gimme, gimme, gimme, AND the most startling….if our AA candidate (whoever that is) doesn’t do what WE want, they will be eliminated! WTF?!

  220. There is a page on Obama’s website for the New Black Panter party. There is a link on it to and on the site they call Katrina the “Black Holocaust” I thought maybe we should make the media aware of it.

  221. # mj Says:
    March 17th, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Sugar, I wish african american supporters like you had more access to the media. He’s got Brazile, and now Kos, and a bunch of surrogates talking “civil war”, despite evidence to the contrary. Of course the white, elite male MSM eats that stuff up.

    The MSM is too lazy to find a real story. They might have to get off their fat, pustule encrusted asses. And why for godsake hasn’t anyone questioned Armstrong Williams being allowed near a mic? That asshole took payoffs for NCLBA to write positive stories.

  222. Well, my personal opinion is the dumbarsh dems that hooked us up with the like of this white hating racist nominee need to get off their arsh and save the party before the republicans figure out that we (dems) are too stupid to even let us pick a president and that should be their job only!

  223. This is part of a bio page of one of the founders of the New Black Panther Party:

    Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz as the revolutionary and visionary leader of the New Black Panther Party has defied critics and is making the New Black Panther Party a great witness to the validity of the works of the Original Black Panther Party for Self Defense, which was founded October 15, 1966 in Oakland California. Currently the NBPP is playing a heavy role in New Orleans and the aftermath of Hurricane/Holocaust Katrina

  224. And, mj my job is such that I have to be so careful because I do have close contact with the media on a weekly basis. 🙁 Even when I drove up to work for the first day with the Hillary sticker on my car, it was taking a chance, but when I send stuff to reporters and such I have to be so careful to use my alias because I don’t want any drama career wise. I hate that!!!!!

  225. From TalkLeft

    By Jeralyn, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Mon Mar 17, 2008 at 11:41:00 AM EST
    Tags: Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama (all tags) Share This:
    The controversy over Barack Obama’s pastor is not dying down yet. As I write this, Google News has more than 1,200 articles on it.

    Conservative writer Bill Kristol got his facts wrong this morning.

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church has issued a strong statement condemning the media’s characterization of his entire career by using a few soundbites. It compares the media treatment of Wright to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. [More…]

  226. @ nikki “. The US deserves better than a president who, asked his reaction to the moment in the meeting when Ahmadinejad promised to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, says, “Oh, gee, I guess I must have stepped out to the men’s room for that bit.””



  227. OkieAtty, Armstrong Williams, a republican no less, has absolutely NO BUSINESS even speaking on behalf of what democratic AA’s will do should BHO not receive the nomination. Especially in light of his own scandal a mere three years ago.

  228. Just want to clarify that I am as appalled as anyone to our governments slovenly response to the Hurricane and the snails-pace of the rebuilding. But to call it a Holocaust I think is out of bounds.

  229. debbie, It’s OK to send money to the DSCC and DCCC. I think little if any of what they raise goes to the DNC. They’re dedicated to increasing our majorities in the House and Senate and shouldn’t be punished for Dean’s stupidity.

  230. You know, I’m almost at the point where I feel like if America gets saddled with BO, then maybe they just fucking deserve it.

  231. Re: the Bear-Sterns bailout…Paulison was asked today if homeowners who are losing their homes feels B-S got a better deal from the government than they did…

    the reply “Well…if you were a shareholder, you wouldn’t feel you were getting a good deal”

    JEESH! Talk about out of touch! This is like Ferraro – Wright.

  232. IDunn, i felt that yesterday and expressed it in a letter to a member here.

    Also…did you try and call me today about 3pm? Got a call from 865 area code twice and couldnt answer….

  233. I’m laughing over here:

    From his LinkedIn Page (in first person singular)

    ” I am running for the Presidency of the United States of America, but this campaign can’t only be about me. It must be about us – it must be about what we can do together. This campaign must be the occasion, the vehicle, of your hopes and your dreams. It will take your time, your energy, and your ideas to push us forward when we’re doing right and to let us know when we’re not. This campaign has to be about reclaiming the meaning of citizenship, restoring our sense of common purpose, and realizing that few obstacles can withstand the power of millions of voices calling for change.
    Barack Obama’s Specialties:

    I have worked to rebuild trust in government by allowing every American to go online and see how their tax dollars are spent.

    On the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I have fought to help veterans get the disability pay they were promised.

    Recognizing the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction, I traveled to Russia to begin a new generation of securing weapons worldwide.

    Most of all, I am proud to be husband to my wife, Michelle, and father to my two daughters, Malia and Sasha. ”

    Can we bust him on the crap about Russia since he didn’t have any sub-committee meetings? Or how about how he’s stealing Hillary’s mojo from the Nat’l Guard benefits struggle that SHE championed.

    Can we call this plagiarism, too????? Please?

  234. I’m also begining to feel that I have alot more in common with the GOP then the off the wall, radical, DNC these days.

    And I’m not even really bothered by that. Hell, maybe I AM a republican.

  235. LMAO Idunn! I have been agreeing more and more with talk radio! I KNOW how you feel!

    the thing is, we are NOT Republicans…it is that the BO Wing are NOT DEMOCRATS

  236. Aren’t you part of America anymore, ID?

    Well, I live in America. That’s about all I have to say on the matter, at this stage of the game.

  237. mj, there does need to be some sort of roundup of AA Hillary supporters to get the word out that we are sick and tired of being made to feel voiceless in this whole thing. One guy, whose blog I use to frequent, says that the responsibility is on us (AA Hill supporters) to explain whether we aren’t supporting Obama BECAUSE he’s black. I just about blew my top and he should know better! I didn’t even comment.

  238. Is there any proof or documentation about the splinter group from Farrakhan supporting Obama.

    Anyone? Just point me to the proof?

  239. carbynew, I say we start putting it out there. I’ll do what I can this evening. Let’s fan out and spread the word.

  240. OK Idunn….but after the thing with the phone #, I DID get a call from a woman in Cali who saw the post and was THRILLED…she said there were THOUSANDS she was aware of who felt the same way and wanted to thank me…and was writing to Pelosi and was getting everyone she knew to as well. She had never heard of the Jones University condemnation in the Congress and was horrified at the hypocrisy!

  241. Okay what are we going to do about Obama and the NBPP info?

    Rise up, kill whitey, and just be done with this stupid shit?

    I dunno.

  242. Idunn Says:
    March 17th, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    Okay what are we going to do about Obama and the NBPP info?

    Rise up, kill whitey, and just be done with this stupid shit?

    Idunn, no fried chicken and watermelon at my house for you.

  243. Juan Williams did a good job on Fox yesterday about what is wrong with this situation with Obama. So much so he was played on Rush today!

  244. Idunn, no fried chicken and watermelon at my house for you.

    Please stop eating our stereotypical food, Oakie.

  245. Democrats Less Likely to Support Obama after Viewing Pastor’s Sermons
    Posted : Mon, 17 Mar 2008 20:14:22 GMT
    Author : HCD Research
    Category : PressRelease

    News | Home
    – Majority Believe Obama’s Religious Ties will Hurt Campaign Efforts –

    FLEMINGTON, N.J., March 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — According to a new national study among 798 self-reported Democrats, Republicans and independents, the majority across all parties indicated that they are “less likely” to support Senator Obama after viewing segments of his former pastor’s sermons.

    The study was conducted by HCD Research earlier today, to obtain Americans’ perceptions of video segments of sermons given by Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s former pastor, in which he makes racially charged comments directed toward Hillary Clinton and other statements denouncing the United States as racist.

    While viewing segments of the video, participants indicated their levels of agreement by moving their mouse from left to right on a continuum. The responses were recorded in quarter-second intervals and reported in the form of curves. Participants were asked pre- and post-viewing questions regarding their support for Barack Obama.

    Among the study findings:

    After viewing the video, are you more likely or less likely to support Senator Barack Obama?

    Democrats Republicans Independents More likely 19% 7% 18% Less likely 52% 71% 54% Don’t know 28% 22% 29%

    Do you think Barack Obama’s religious ties to Jeremiah Wright will help or hurt his campaign efforts?

    Prior to viewing the video segments: Democrats Republicans Independents Help 6% 2% 5% Hurt 64% 71% 65% Don’t Know 30% 27% 30% After viewing the video segments: Democrats Republicans Independents Help 7% 6% 9% Hurt 77% 84% 78% Don’t Know 16% 10% 14%

    The Media Curves web site provides the media and general public with a venue to view Americans’ perceptions of popular and controversial media events and advertisements.

    HCD Research is a communications research company headquartered in Flemington, NJ. The company’s services include traditional and web-based marketing and communications research.

  246. # Idunn Says:
    March 17th, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    Sorry white folks, you gotta go. It’s for the good of the country. 🙄

    Just saw that. I now have a hernia thanks to you.

    Damn you. And no Carpenters and Abba for you either.

  247. Ininla said:heard that BO will have a major speech on race tomorrow. Note this comment from a poster at TM. Oh so true!
    He is becoming predictable. This is in line with my assessment of his likely damage control strategy posted yesterday. Obama is running the practical equivalent of a protection racket. First, he plays the race card hot and heavy through surrogates while he stays safely above the fray. Second, when the damage is he comes in with a plan to solve the confront the issue and promote the healing process.

    We all view these things through the eyes of our own experience. For me it evokes distant memories of a time when the mafia controlled jfk airport, if you tried to open up a non-union operation you would quickly discover problems with subcontractors, sabotage and a picket line.

    At or near the time your business was about to go under you would get a call from a stranger who wanted to be helpful, a meeting would be arranged in a place like Ozone Park and a deal would be made to take their foot off your windpipe. Sometimes those little trysts were reported to the authorities but most of the time not for obvious reasons.

  248. Idunn…if the NBPP have THEIR way…i will be the first on the boat! Jeesh.

    Well, you’ll be the first tier, by my half white ass will be right behind you and my white husband, I guess. Glad we don’t have kids. At least we’ll have spared them the uprising. 🙁

    (ugh…I am NOT in a good frame of mind today)

  249. hey dot!

    I’m watching that too. And THAT WOMAN who is saying “the worst of this has passed for Obama”

    That’s what YOOOOOOUUUUU think!

  250. Idunn, on a more real note and not dicking around being funny. It bugs me that you’d have to endure so much animus.

    My ex is white, his wife black and they have three kids. For him race was never a consideration. They’ve lived abroad in Muslim countries, here all over the US and in his estimation the most belligerent of anyone was his wife’s family. One of her brothers in NBPP material. To think that those three kids, their folks and you and your family would be in harm’s way sickens me to no end.

    NBPP and KKK are no different.

    As Mama would say, Fuck ’em all.

  251. dot, wait until some video of BHO sitting his ass in that congregation during one of Wright’s rousing “sermons” hits the web. lol

  252. There is going to be another shoe to drop. Don’t believe for one minute what the pundits are trying to say .. that this “lull” in the campaign will give him time to recover. It’s going to drip, drip out. Knock Out Punch will be closer to Pennsyvania and North Carolina.

  253. Just got back – car conservative radio (no other stations) and hannity pointing out that in both Dreams of My Father (p. 284) and The Audacity of Hope, Bo SAYS he was inspired to write the books by listening to Wright’s sermons!

    You can read those statements in the BOOKS!!!!! Hannity is saying why isn’t the media doing it’s job?????? (Jeez – I’m quoting HANNITY!)

    1950’s Dem, Oprah STOPPED going to Trinity because she was disturbed by the rhetoric. I have the source somewhere.

  254. That speech of his is going to have to be a whopper tomorrow if he is going to stop the damage this is doing to his ambitions. I don’t think he can do it.

    It’s thanks to a lot of you who got the message out about this, never gave up the fight! 🙂

  255. I just really feel sickened by all this shit. I feel dirty just from clicking on that NBPP link. I’m ashamed of it, and I don’t even fucking know why I should be! That’s not who I am!

    (I need to call my mom, I think. Have some sense talked into me.)

  256. HillBBilly, you make a good point and I asked this weeks ago about his position in the Senate. He has at times, access to sensitive docs and intel. SURELY they checked him out?

    I have had to have ANOTHER FBI and FDLE background check to even be CONSIDERED as a 911/dispatch trainee for a local PD…

    and had to have the same to work in Fla schools under “jessica’s Law”

    AND had to have the same for working for TSA/DHA and the State Emergency Response team. One would think a Senator had to have as much, at least.

  257. Idunn…I feel the same way and I am not Black, or even half Black.

    Jan…notice it is a SPEECH, and not a Press Conference. Quite a difference. He will have his teleprompter handy and his words written down.

  258. From section re: BO speech:

    In “NewsHour” interview with Gwen Ifill, Obama:

    – previews his Tuesday race speech

    – talks about gender versus race

    – pushes back on Clinton on Iraq

    – and fights back on her “big state” argument

    UGH – why does the media give this guy so much airtime? Ok – I’m just going to lapse into my gender-study speak, but the media is completely framed in male-hero-fantasy – watch the struggling young man to overcomes mistake, his false father (Wright) and ultimately quash his internal struggle with racism to transcend it, watch the young man with virtually no experience vie to be the leader of this country. …meanwhile, IT’S THE ECONOMY, stupid – no wonder why those who are losing their homes, healthcare, their savings support Clinton. The college students, the latte liberals don’t give a shit, they’re not losing anything and can sit around sipping their Starbucks and indulge in BO fantasy.

  259. BO giving a “MAJOR” speech on RACE tomorrow. Guess it will be covered on all the usual suspect stations.

  260. “The college students, the latte liberals don’t give a shit, they’re not losing anything and can sit around sipping their Starbucks and indulge in BO fantasy.”


  261. Okie, I would say closer to Aryan Nation. I read their website the other day when this all broke. Very similar, but not QUITE as violent and ENTITLED as NBPs

  262. Hillary did a speech today. He does one tomorrow. With a teleprompter. It’d be lovely if the media didn’t cover it and instead covered something more important like March Madness or what’s happening in Serbia/Kosovo or Miley Cyrus’ name change.

  263. Trying to catch up –
    Wbboei – thanks for the tip from TPS.

    Rush DID interrupt his program today to cover the David Patterson speech and I have to say, WHAT a CONTRAST in tone, style and substance between him and BO. As Patterson is blind, I’m assuming he had memorized his gracious, inclusive and welcoming speech.

    Funny that Patterson is only the 4th AA governor, the first in NYS History, but because everything has gone smoothly (despite the Spitzer scandal) there is ZERO mention of race problems – because there ARE NONE!!!!
    NYC elected one of the first black mayors, David Dinkins. The rest of the country really is OVER this race nonsense and BO is trying to resurrect a dead cause. I am SOOOOOo proud of Patterson and I am PROUD to call him my governor.

  264. Spacegirl,

    So no aahhhhhhhhs and ohhhhhhhhhs and ummmmmmmmmms and ahems? Will he have the wife, Kennedy, and the rest of his mobsters stationed behind him holding hands and chanting in unity?

    My guess is he will say he is quiting the church for the betterment of the country…

  265. I just don’t get racism. Now discriminating against tall people is acceptable. I’m short and I get neck strain.

    Tall people suck.

  266. most of the people in north india are aryans if i am correct.. and most of people in south india are dravidians means local indians… north indians migrated to india from europe centuries back…

  267. hehehehehe – we just got a mention on Hannity (indirect) that some of the pro-HRC sites are boycotting the Daily kooks coz of biased coverage.i

  268. Obama can’t sweep this under the rug, by having a press confrence. Does anyone know if he will be taking questions??

  269. Basil, I dunno Patterson from Noah. I do find him being at the crane site talking about it looked sorta funny though.

  270. Tip. Just heard from a source that it’s likely more tapes will appear, which may be the reason for tomorrow’s speech.

  271. B Merry! So good to see you here today.

    And with good tidings no less.

    I take it you saw the list of 43?

  272. – talks about gender versus race

    Why does this assh*le think he’s the authority on everything?

  273. Jithendra, I think the voters in the states coming up will be calling for Obama to step down. The dem powers-that-be have their lips-with-blood-sucking-tentacles stuck to Obama’s butt.

  274. The study was conducted by HCD Research earlier today, to obtain Americans’ perceptions of video segments of sermons given by Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s former pastor, in which he makes racially charged comments directed toward Hillary Clinton and other statements denouncing the United States as racist.

    While viewing segments of the video, participants indicated their levels of agreement by moving their mouse from left to right on a continuum. The responses were recorded in quarter-second intervals and reported in the form of curves. Participants were asked pre- and post-viewing questions regarding their support for Barack Obama.

    Among the study findings:

    After viewing the video, are you more likely or less likely to support Senator Barack Obama?
    Democrats Republicans Independents
    More likely 19% 7% 18%
    Less likely 52% 71% 54%
    Don’t know 28% 22% 29%

    Do you think Barack Obama’s religious ties will to Jeremiah Wright will help or hurt his campaign efforts?

    Prior to viewing the video segments:
    Democrats Republicans Independents
    Help 6% 2% 5%
    Hurt 64% 71% 65%
    Don’t know 30% 27% 30%

    After viewing the video segments:
    Democrats Republicans Independents
    Help 7% 6% 9%
    Hurt 77% 84% 78%
    Don’t know 16% 10% 14%

    The Media Curves web site provides the media and general public with a venue to view

  275. Preview of Denver convention in August 2008:

    Welcome to DNC (Dean’s & Nancy’s Congregation).


    – Start with prayer: led by Revered J. Wright with Obama sinnging “GOD DAMN AMERICA
    backed by the choir IL congressional team (Rahm emanuel, Jesse JacksonJr. Rush, DICK DURBIN, Jan Sacharloswsky, etc )

    CHANGE is the theme:

    the prayers will be help every hour on the hr.

    But we will tke a break to recognise hoistoirt by playing “GOD
    BLESS AMERICA” with President’s Carter/Clinton and VP Gore when FOX will allowed to show the session.

    we sincerely HOPE you all will join us in DENVER at Dean’s 7 Nancy’s Congregation.

  276. OakieAtty says: as Mama would say, Fuck ‘em all.
    I say:…..and the horse they rode in on.

  277. Fran Says:

    March 17th, 2008 at 4:47 pm
    Jithendra, I think the voters in the states coming up will be calling for Obama to step down. The dem powers-that-be have their lips-with-blood-sucking-tentacles stuck to Obama’s butt.

    Yeah, suckers with suckers.

  278. “Fifty-two percent of registered Democrats questioned in a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey say the senator from Illinois is their choice for president, with 45 percent supporting Clinton.”

    per CNN. How can this be true??

  279. Hey HLR! I’m feeling like it’s old home week here.

    👿 thinks he’s an authority on gender. He spins having heard of the Vagina Monologues as meaning he gets to claim all the female delegates in all the upcoming primaries. Seriously- just wait for Pouffle or Axelrod to say it.

    Senator 👿 will take 100% of all female delegates in this contest because he has seen the Vagina Monologues and Hillary Clinton merely pretends to have a vagina inspite of her daughter whom she whores out.

    And the MSM will say it’s the gospel while Tweety has a thrill up his leg…

  280. Is Obama in his speech on race going to say anything to the general public like “you’ve been bamboozled, hoodwinked,” “I didn’t know anything about Rev. Wright’s infamatory language.” Or will he say anything like “You know we have injected race into this campaign every chance that we could benefit from it. Now that it’s not working anymore, thanks Geraldine, we need to move beyond race in this campaign and country.”

    Unless he is addressing his own blatent use of race in his campaign as a start I don’t see his speech amounting to much.

  281. B Merryfield,

    I have been emailing journalists since early January about the Wright Church racism.

    I knew about this stuff months ago, at least back to last summer.

    if i, a regular non-journalist citizen, was aware of this controversy, how the heck can anyone say that BM journalists didn’t know? isn’t that their job! they should all be fired. i cannot believe I’m quoting O’Reilly, Hannity, cheering on Ingrahms….

  282. It will be a sad day for CNN and MSNBC their credibility with the public is over. Their lack of due diligence will not be forgotten.

    Just terrible…I’m so sick to my stomach. I knew Obama was bad news but to find out he’s a sleeper is just terrible to me.

    At first i thought he would be another GWB but he’s worst then that, he has so much hatred inside of him for this country and deeply bitter, his rhetoric doesn’t match his action.

  283. debbie,

    i was listening to the Patterson speech and the reception the audience gave HRC was prolonged and enthusiastic with lots of floor stamping and clapping.

  284. “Fifty-two percent of registered Democrats questioned in a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey say the senator from Illinois is their choice for president, with 45 percent supporting Clinton.”

    per CNN. How can this be true??


    Depends on the pollster. It is like the old actuary joke: Q: what is 2+2? A: whatever you want it to be. CNN is not about the truth. It is about their own corporate business strategy.

  285. that cnn poll was most likely took in a part of Mississippi…they don’t have to tell WHERE they got the info.

    Other polls indicate that American’s dont’ like the hating of White’s going on within his camp and his church and leave it to little ole CNN ann DonnaBaby(tm) to just conveniently come out with a Monday poll to show that it doesn’t have an impact.

    That shit won’t fly. Every person I talk to is enraged with it.

    I’m sort of glad to see he’s gonna come out tomorrow with some other canned speech to just dig himself even deeper .. oh, the joy when he gets another BigBang.

  286. @SUGAR!

    The dem powers-that-be have their lips-with-blood-sucking-tentacles stuck to Obama’s butt.





  287. birdgal Says:

    March 17th, 2008 at 4:52 pm
    “Fifty-two percent of registered Democrats questioned in a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey say the senator from Illinois is their choice for president, with 45 percent supporting Clinton.”

    per CNN. How can this be true??

    Puhlease this poll…how manipulated is this…and interesting that their normal poll CNN use is Gallup

  288. Carby, I don’t think he’s a sleeper. I think he’s a political opportunist which is completely at odds with his unity and change messages. Voters forgive many things- hypocrisy is not one of the easier sins to forgive.

  289. Where is MO these days? Is she speaking or are they keeping her hidden until it all dies down… which won’t happen.

  290. CNN is trying to create their own narrative with their fake poll. Everyone I talk to is on to big media and their lies.

  291. jubjub,

    i’ve been saying the same thing. Priority #1 for the Dems and DNC is getting rid of the Clintons. That is so SICK!!!!!!

  292. wonder if anyone can come up with some real information on Orca leaving the church. Has she written about it anywhere? I know that Orca rarely opens up cause she has serious secrets as well.

  293. Carby…you can be sure that CNN (wolf) will be SCREAMING “and a NEW CNN POLL FINDS…..blah, blah, blah”

    to try and SPIN what REAL Americans feel. HEll…this is the network that ADMITTED they made a DECISION to NOT cover Clinton! AND ADMITTED IT!

  294. FOX says in tomorrow’s speech BO will say Wright has been ‘mischaracterized” by the media!


  295. Yes, CNN, MSNBC, the DNC, Dean, Pelosi and Obama will be the big losers when all this is over. I can’t wait for Hillary to President so she can orchastrate an over throw of Pelosi and put someone in there that actually can lead. And Obama becomes some obscure has been or what could have been.

  296. OkieAtty

    I just don’t believe that any more…this shit stinks and I’m so upset and angry about this. He’s a sleeper!

    Something is just not right…too many red flags.

  297. hey Dot and Wbboei: That’s what I thought, especially after the Rasmussen poll.

    CNN and Msnbc are so corrupt. I can’t believe, that I am watching Fox instead (not for very long, but still….)

    A former co-worker sends out joke e-mails to a big list of people. Sometimes the e-mails are political in nature. Today, I received an e-mail re: KO’s remarks to the Clinton campaign. Needless to say, I did not look at it, but the comment she put in, disgusted me: “Magnificent as usual.” I almost barfed.

  298. Sugar: “The college students, the latte liberals don’t give a shit, they’re not losing anything and can sit around sipping their Starbucks and indulge in BO fantasy.”


    Impervious to reasoning, evidence and the law of cause and effect they most certainly are. More like potted plants.

  299. So he said he condems what Wright saids but now he will defend it? ok —

    People can see for themselves. We don’t need the media or Obama interpreting anything for us.


    Garrity says it will be interesting to see how many questions BO will answer tomorrow about Wright after a snippet on FOX showing reporters trying to question BO about Wright and him brushing the m off saying he ‘thinks it will be much more useful for him to deliver his comments in a speech.”

    Garrity does NOT believe it. 😀

  301. So many questions. I made the screen grab myself. It’s not a copy of another website.

    OkieAtty: “I take it you saw the list of 43?” Huh??

  302. OkieAtty — I expect the speech to be extremely manipulative: he will try to exploit white liberal guilt on racism for votes (as usual) while decrying African Americans who are too grievance-oriented, anti-Semitic, homophobic, blah-blah-blah. He’ll “reach out” too as many constituencies as possible. The only solution, of course, will be to elect him.

  303. Off to work off some frustration on the stairmaster! See some of you this evening. Operation Sink that (BHO) Ship is in full swing!!!

  304. “Let me reintroduce myself…I am David Patterson, and I am the Governor of New York!”

    I love it. 🙂

  305. Basil,

    If he does that, he can kiss his candidacy goodbye. If he is going to be an apologist with regards to Wright and still defend this man, then he really is living in the twilight zone.

  306. I still can’t help feeling this was all a set-up to give the election to McCain.* In times of both real terrorism and terrorism paranoia, THIS is who the democrat powers-that-be choose to back so wholeheartedly? Someone with ties to supremacy groups, to terrorists, to questionable middle east people, to slumlords and crooks and racists and thugs, with the middle name Hussein and a last name that rhymes with Osama? It’s like BOs candidacy is the right-wing’s wet dream democratic candidate for this time in american history. Their attack ads in the GE would write themselves.

    Can the democrats be that completely clueless? I still suspect they’re not–they’re corrupt more than anything else.

    (*Or at least to create a win-win situation for the republicans as Obama is at best an unprincipled democrat so could easily be manipulated to give the repubs what they want; at worst Obama is actually one with the repubs as I’ve described here

  307. Per Chicago Sun-Times…

    Witness: Rezko codefendant dropped Ald. Mell’s name

    March 17, 2008


    Businessman Sheldon Pekin testified today that he was to be part of a sham consulting contract with Chicago Ald. Richard Mell (33rd), who Pekin was told wanted to enjoy the “spoils” of state business — an accusation Mell called “absolutely false.”

    Testifying for the prosecution at Tony Rezko’s corruption trial, Pekin said he was told by Rezko’s co-defendant, Stuart Levine, that Mell wanted a cut of lucrative state consulting fees that prosecutors accuse Rezko of routing to friends and associates. Prosecutors accused Rezko of using his influence with the Blagojevich administration to make those illegal deals happen.
    Eye on Rezko: Updates from our blog Levine may testify soon at Rezko trial

    Reached after Pekin’s testimony, Mell said he never spoke with anybody about doing business with Pekin. The alderman, who is Gov. Blagojevich’s estranged father-in-law, theorized that Levine was dropping Mell’s name to prod Pekin into participating in Levine and Rezko’s schemes.

    “It makes some sense that maybe Pekin would say, ‘Oh, that’s the governor’s father-in-law, I’d better do it,’ ” Mell said. “I can’t tell you that’s the case for sure, but it’s the only thing I can conceive of.”

    Pekin acknowledged in court that he didn’t have any direct conversations with Mell; he said he went through Levine. Peking said Levine told him Mell was upset he wasn’t cut in on finder’s fees that consultants made through investment firms doing business with the state Teachers’ Retirement System.

    According to prosecutors, Levine — a politically connected former TRS board member who has pleaded guilty and will testify against Rezko — struck a deal with Pekin, who was a consultant for Glencoe Capital. Glencoe won a $50 million investment deal with TRS, and Pekin had agreed behind the scenes with Levine that, if Glencoe got the investment, he would share a $375,000 finder’s fee with Mell.

    Mell “was upset because he was not participating in the spoils,” Pekin was told.

    “Did you expect Mr. Mell to provide any consulting like that to Glencoe Capital?” Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Niewoehner asked Pekin of the consulting agreement, which was projected on a screen for the jury.

    “Not really,” Pekin said.

    But, ultimately, there was a change of plans, prosecutors have alleged. The fee slated to go to Mell was instead shared with Joseph Aramanda, a friend and former business partner of Rezko. Prosecutors have alleged Aramanda then got $250,000 in payments from Pekin, who is 72, has Parkinson’s disease and, at times in court today, was difficult to hear from the witness stand.
    Aramanda allegedly directed a portion of his share of the money — $10,000 — to Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign 2004 U.S. Senate campaign fund. Obama’s name did not surface today, but, in a pretrial court filing, prosecutors refer to the Democratic presidential hopeful as the “political candidate” who got a $10,000 campaign contribution from Aramanda that was directed his way by Rezko, the Chicago Sun-Times has reported. Obama is not accused of wrongdoing and has donated the money to charity.

  308. How is “God damn America” being a “mischaracterized’. This whole thing is getting sick, and Obama blaming the media will not work… maybe MSM will wake up!!!

  309. trying to question BO about Wright and him brushing the m off saying he ‘thinks it will be much more useful for him to deliver his comments in a speech.

    In other words, his 26 year old white male speechwriter, an authority on all race and gender matters, hasn’t finished penning the speech.


    Now Bo is blaming the MEDIA – going to the REFERREES like he says the HRC camp did. In other words, as soon as BM examines him it’s media bias. Ingraham says it’s the last resort of a candidate in trouble to go after the media.

    Friggin Clarence Page, who i USED to respect, saying he agrees Trinity Church IS being portrayed unfairly. And boy, is he getting TESTY with the FOX anchor when she doesn’t agree with him. i can’t believe PAGE is testy!!!!!

  311. Look at the AOL straw poll:

    It’s 58% Clinton and 41% Obama.

    Go ahead and vote!

  312. Rasmussen and Gallup both had hill up today. USAToday had her up for the first time over 50% (51%) over John McCain.

    The Clinton camp have got to love those numbers. I hope that the trend continues.

  313. I have a feeling that Rev. Wright is miffed at Obama for:

    a) Disinviting him form his announcement speech
    b) Renouncing him on Friday

    I think Obama is sucking up to him tomorrow to stop him from turning against him. All the Reverend has to do is to give an interview and say that Obama was aware of all his sermons. Does anyone wonder why the church all of a sudden puts these DVDs on sale? The ostensible reason is that they decided to sell the DVDs because he is retiring. I don’t believe that for a second. The Reverand is feeling used by his disciple.

  314. Guys continue to make calls to PA and donate. I really hope that she can take IN(I think that she can) and I really, really, really hope that she can take NC.

  315. birdgal: “Manificent as usual?” That is not what the women who KO has managed to seduce have said about him, according to the New York Post.

  316. Black America will go down with Obama. Also he (Obama) will go down if he comes out and blames the media.

  317. That New Black Panther Party endorsment has the potential to hurt him.

    Mail that to Oreilly/Hannity/Rush with capped title in subject line.

  318. Space, Sugar always posts funny stuff, but the tentacles image was mine :oD. That’s how I see the dem powers-that-be now. Like if you cut off their Obama blood fix, they might wither up. At least they seem to think this. But I have news for them: he’s actually poisoning them because his candidacy is destroying the party, the party they’re inside.

  319. I just don’t believe that any more…this shit stinks and I’m so upset and angry about this. He’s a sleeper!

    Something is just not right…too many red flags.

    I honestly don’t know WHAT to believe anymore.

  320. Wright mischaracterized by the meda??? Give me a break! All the media had to do, was to play the tapes. They speak for themselves.

    Kennedy, Kerry, Caskill, Seilbu, Napitalano, Dodd, Pelosi, Leahy, Durbin, and every other congress person who supports this guy, needs to be impeached. Talk about a lack of judgement and an exhibition of hatred. These guys need to go!

  321. Oh JEEEEEZZZZ — Clarence Page saying why didn’t McCain get sinilar scrutiny from the dust -up between him and that cleric (forgot his name) and ingraham and Fox jumping all over Page sayng McCain didn’t have a 20 year relationship with that guy. Everyone saying hsoucBO should release the dates he WAS at Trinity.

    Page – says press is pulling out a half dozen soundbites and playing them over and over ‘DUH!!!!!!! Those WERE the sermons and soundbites that Trinity and Wright CHOSE to release in their GREATEST HITS from Wright’s sermons.
    I am so disappointed in Page. 🙁

  322. Laura Ingraham said it’s the last resort when the blame the media? Wow. Sounds like Fox is on his tail now.

    People are listening to the Minister’s own word and reading stuff off their own website so no one filtered anything. So there is no “portrayel” Mr. Page.

  323. carby, I’m reminded of a line from the movie Victor/Victoria when King tries to excuse his gangsterism away by saying he’s only friends with gangsters, and Victoria says something like, a businessman who’s friends with gangsters and thinks he isn’t one has got a problem. Can’t remember the exact line but I think the idea behind it applies here.

  324. Does anyone wonder why the church all of a sudden puts these DVDs on sale?

    You bet I wondered. Why would Wright, who had already warned BO that their association would make BO’s jewish support dry up faster than a snowball in hell, and who was STILL working on BO’s christian leadership council at the time, release these tapes for sale?? You don’t think Wright KNEW these were gonna end up in the hands of the media??


  325. Dr. Wright is nothing it’s the other stuff that is going going to come out that is scaring me. Having the NBPP on your website….and you’re are campaigning for president.

  326. Wbboei: I meant “magnificent” but you got my drift. The woman is a tea drinking liberal from Berkeley.

  327. I don’t know how to post video here, so this is a test that hopefully will work.

    You MUST see this video about Obama and Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers. No one who watches this video will ever vote for Obama. Whoever can get this out to media, please do so.

    Here’s the link, if the video doesn’t work:

    And here’s the attempt to post the video:

    These ‘campaign commercial’ videos are exploding on YouTube. They are everywhere, and they are going viral. This is the end of BHO’s flawed run.

  328. Admin, by all means, if you want to, post that video.

    I don’t care if BHO gives 100 speeches. Nothing beats the power of the visual image. He cannot win now.

  329. What really PISSES me off about comments that white Americans WANT to see a black president is why not let it happ0en naturally, organically, as in the beautiful example of David Patterson today being sworn in as NYS governor, instead of CHOOSING WHO that AA person is and then trying to shove it down the throats of the rest of us. i can GUARANTEE you that none of the northern ‘cracker’ types up here in the Catskills will have any objection to Patterson. he is recognized as a real person, first, a real politician, a real public servant. Everything else, his blindness, his skin color, are secondary issues to the main priority; his competence and ability to do the job!

  330. If B.O. really cared about Democrats, he’d resign for the good of the party. He has become toxic. Nobody who loves America will vote for a President who surrounds himself with a hateful harpy and a radioactive racist.

  331. birdgal says: Wright mischaracterized by the meda??? Give me a break! All the media had to do, was to play the tapes. They speak for themselves.
    Precisely: wright from the horses mouth–you might say.

  332. BTW, let me pass on another insight.

    This is the Dem party and Obama cannot be beat on the AA issue. It just won’t happen. What he can be beat on is the unsavory associations. The Wright thing will galvanize. Let Hannity and Rush and O’Reilly duke it out.

    We’ve got bigger fish to fry.

  333. A lot of my friends are “casual” Obama supporters, meaning that they’ve been on the Obama bandwagon simply because it’s the trendy/chic campaign. I spoke to 4 over the weekend, and each had heard about the Reverend Wright fiasco. All 4 said there’s no way Obama can win in November now, and each said they hope Hillary is the nominee.

    As we’ve been saying all along here, BHO’s “support” has been a mile wide but an inch deep.

  334. SORRY,

    but Hannity still quoting from Dreams of my Father and quoting the page numbers, 293 and 294 and pointing out passages from Wright’s sermons that inspired him, including ‘Where white greed . . . ” and “there is more food thrown off of cruise ships . . . ” and speaks about bombing Hiroshima.

    ok – someone HAS to read that book, or at least check p. 293-294.

  335. Does anyone wonder why the church all of a sudden puts these DVDs on sale?

    I think Wright resents that he’s been sidelined. I recall that he made comments to the NYT about getting disinvited from the announcement which caused some problems w/ potential black voters. His church then accused the NYT of ‘distorting’ his comments … but, his daughter is the media rep for TUCC, and they vet all pieces as a condition for access.

    My guess is that he was forced into early retirement to help BO and his posse resents it.

  336. Tcb, I’ll watch that part again and post the text. It’s one of my favorite movies; I love having to watch it again–don’t need any excuse really!

  337. Pastor Wright is to B.O. as the Iowa scream was to Howard Dean: campaign ending.

    “Amerikkka’s chickens have come home… TO ROOOOOOOOSSSSTT!!”

    The half-life of anything that radioactive extends *well* beyond November 2008. He may very well find himself a one-term Senator come 2012.

  338. You will want to send any racism related articles (i.e. NBPP) to FOX and sympathetic republican outlets. That will filter into the MSM if deemed reliable.

  339. I think the Reverand is a ticking time bomb for Obama. Obama camp is I bet trying hard to pacify him. I don’t know how successful he is going to be.

    I would also bet a lot of good journalists are trying their best to score an interview with the Reverand.

  340. And that’s part of what makes America so special. And so, to the extent that, you know, the conversation over the last couple of days has been dominated by some stupid statements that were made by Reverend Wright, but also caricatures of Reverend Wright and Trinity United Church of Christ – which, by the way, is part of a denomination that is overwhelmingly white – you know, I think that that has distracted us from the possibilities of moving beyond some of these arguments.

    TUCC overwhelmingly white??? Has BO absolutely lost his mind once and for all??!!

  341. I saw Pat Buchannon and another Irish Democrat for VA on hardball…and this is why BO is the establishment candidate…he brings the young people and AAs, while Hillary doesn’t expand the party…so the Isrish Dems thinks that the young will bring their parents to vote for Obama.

    While Pat says Hillary has the Core Dems and yes Obama has the youth but She will win PA by 10 votes…Irish said she will need 20 votes to win to make a difference.

    These Dems leaders are Idiots…they are writing off Hillary’s win because of caucuses that were dominated by a few young people.

    These guy are so sexist, but when Pat brought out Rev Wright and more stuff to come…Irish dem waved it away.

    The Dems Leadership has a Voodoo curse on them…they’re ZOMBIES!!!

  342. on the trinity united church of christ website…pastor wright is still listed as pastor…NOT RETIRED!

  343. the odd thing is .. Obama camp keeps talking and talking about this and it keeps it in the news cycle. I know their flawed judgement most likely from DonnaBaby(tm) is to squash the story with thier own framing .. however; people have seen the Dr. Wright in the video themselves and he simply can’t splain that away.

    Ingram is right .. this is a campaign getting ready to sink. Do we see any rats leaving yet

  344. Idunn, he is not referring ot TUCC but the national denomination it is part of. He is very clever with misleading sentence structures. Too clever for his own good.

  345. re: America’s chickens.

    Malcolm X was suspended by NOI for this comment, which he made upon hearing of Kennedy’s assasination.

    Yet, Teddy is only insulted by Hillary’s LBJ comment. Go figure.

  346. lninla; your right, what I mean is that race relations are going to take a few steps back, which we don’t need right now in the U.S.

  347. dot48: Obama camp keeps talking and talking about this

    The goal is to make it our fault. Our fault, the media’s fault, etc.

  348. Damn TPS, you’re right! I never even caught that. Man, he is good, I gotta give him credit there.

    Trinity United Church of Christ – which, by the way, is part of a denomination that is overwhelmingly white –

  349. Universal: magnificent video. Step by step the real Obama is being defined, even as talking heads at CNN and MSNBC wince, try to avert their eyes and wimper the American Public does not want to see this. Case in point: Anderson Cooper.

    Au contrare. The American Public wants very much to see this. They have no desire to buy a pig in a poke. It is the talking heads who do not want to see it. And why is that? Because it destroys their narrative and makes harder to hide the truth from voters.

  350. hahaha fox news 🙂

  351. ROTF!!!!!! and sputtering!!!!!

    I’m TRYING to read the entire thread but when I come across gems like okieattorney’s ‘fat pustule-encrusted asses” it makes it hard to concentrate.
    Carby and IDUNN, that NBPP stuff is another smoking gun and it does not surp[rise me in the least. i will check the link soon as i can get to the end of this thread.
    Sugar, IMHO there is a grand plan, an unAmerican plan, a One-World_order plan to throw the election to BO and it supported by rich powerful men across the world. If you want to know more, email me at and I’ll send you some interesting links.

  352. That is why I wish we could find a well respected, non-hating AA preacher to come out about all this.

    Has anyone here seen my old friend Martin? Can you tell me where he’s gone?

  353. Dot, it was just mentioned on CNN recently. I suspect they contacted Harpo Productions. I do not see it printed anywhere as of this moment. But CNN probably will have a transcript and it will come out soon.

  354. he’s so stupid .. people can look at the video’s and SEE for themselves..Hell, even Patterson could SEE that the church is black. The more he talks the worse it is .. keep yakking it up.

  355. dot48.. they are very fast… FOX NEWS am telling you will bring him down.. they are damaging him left & right…

    they gave three links to trinity church’ ABOUT US section.. old one, new one… and some PDF hahaha 🙂

  356. i think bambi should step down… or should keep his mouth shut.. the more he speaks.. the more the FOX news pounds him with new videos and replay of his wife’ rant along with text from his book praising wright… he better keep his mouth shut

  357. Radio Talk show hosts on Fox saying that BO’s problems is that the perception is he lied and that if he gives a speech tomorrow he’s gonna dredge the stuff up even more.

  358. Florida breaking news about the primary do -over coming up next. Governor Christ live on FOX. Uh-OH!

  359. The Obama campaign confirms that they received a proposal today for Michigan revote legislation — and says they’re considering it.

    Here’s the statement, just out from Obama spokesperson Tommy Vietor, which confirms that the campaign is reviewing the proposal and uses the occasion to whack Hillary…

    The Obambi Campaign says, “We received a very complex proposal for Michigan re-vote legislation today and are reviewing it to make sure that any solution for Michigan is fair and practical. We continue to believe a fair seating of the delegation deserves strong consideration.”

    Earlier today the news broke that the Obama camp was saying they wouldn’t back the plan without seeing the specifics first. Now they have them.

    This proposal, though it hasn’t been released publicly, is almost certainly for a revote on June 3rd — the same plan that Michigan Dems confirmed late last week that they were considering.

  360. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida Democrats won’t go forward with a plan to redo the presidential primary with a mostly mail-in vote.

    The plan to have the party run a second primary in an effort to seat the state’s delegates at August convention was abandoned Monday after party leaders expressed concerns about the proposal.

    The state party considered the idea because the Democratic National Committee is refusing to award delegates based on Florida’s Jan. 29 primary, in which Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton beat Sen. Barack Obama. The DNC stripped Florida of its delegates because party rules didn’t allow the state to vote before Feb. 5.

  361. spacegirl – the bear Sterns mess.

    Like losing one’s HOME can be compared to shareholders seeing their networth cut 90% with the stock tanking from $50+ on Friday to the $2 bailout out today.

    Paulsen is an A$$wipe.

  362. Berkley @ 5:19: that is encouraging. Even more encouraging if they would move from hope for Hillary to action? Any chance of that? The reason I ask is because the I used to support barack but now support hillary and here is why is a powerful narrative. Last night we saw a MyDD article on that where the catalyst was the race card as explained by Wilentz. For others it is the Wright Tapes.

  363. Florida says it will NOT hold a second primary meaning the only option is to count the votes cast in the original primary.

  364. Okay, here are some lines from that Victor/Victoria scene, with the background info that Victoria is a fraud when acting as Victor:

    King says, “I’m not the one pretending to be someone else,” then later on in the conversation says, “I’m not a gangster.” To which Victoria responds several lines later, “A businessman who does business with gangsters and pretends he’s not a gangster–sounds like the kind of act I do.”

    This is a great scene in the movie–don’t want to give it all away, but my point in mentioning it was: at what point does someone repeatedly associated with gangsters, crooks, bigots and terrorists become one of those people him/herself?

    People are CHOOSING to associate with acquaintances, with friends; they normally aren’t being forced to, especially when it comes to choosing friends. People can walk away from those friendships at any time. They’re not like marriages where legal agreements are involved, so walking away isn’t always so easy. People hanging around with gangsters, terrorists, and other crooks and expecting others to see them as not those things smells like teenagers getting caught with illegal drugs and telling their parents the drugs only belong to their friends, which is usually a flat-out lie, but even if a few of those teens really are holding someone else’s drugs, well, they’re holding them. They shouldn’t have taken them. They should have known better. They’re now in possession of something illegal.

  365. Idunn, how do you make words BOLD ?

    To start bold: less than sign b
    To end bold: greater than sign forward slash b

  366. At this point Obama does not have the moral authority to dictate anything to MI. He should just say that is fine and get on with it. Another example of smart people with no common sense, agree to th revote and change the news cycle or at least try to change it.

  367. The voters voted in good faith, and their votes should be respected.

    Anywhere — but especially in FL.

  368. I have to say—I have been black all my life, I have gone to AA churches all my life and I have NEVER, EVER heard a pastor spew this kind of racist hate from the pulpit

  369. just listened to Tammy Bruce, radio host, on Fox saying that if BO defends Wright in tomorrow’s speech that people will only get angrier because they know they’re being lied to and that in the midst of all this race controversy, Clinton was the only one that chimed in on the economy (and that Clinton’s speech, though subtle was very much about Rev. Wright – that she slyly took a shot at Wright re: Words do Matter)

    I may be seeing Tammy Bruce later at an event tonight and will thank her, but life is weird, Fox makes sense.

  370. OK,

    Christ says there will be no do-over and the solution, the obvious commonsense logical thing to do is to seat the delegates as is. Dean should make the right decision and Christ thinks ‘cooler heads wil prevail.,”

    CHECKMATE!!!!!! This on top of the Wright controversy HAS to pressure the DNC and Dems to count Florida, dontyathink?


    What does this say about the relationship between Obama and Wright?

    March 17, 2008
    Wright on Black Caucus Weekend
    Posted by TOM BEVAN | E-Mail This | Permalink | Email Author
    I was sifting through David Mendell’s book on Obama, From Promise to Power, looking for any references to Reverend Wright that might help shed light on their relationship. The following quote doesn’t do that, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

    In September of 2002, Obama traveled to the annual Congressional Black Caucus conference in Washington DC to try and drum up support for his potential ’04 Senate bid. On page 160, Mendell describes an interview with Wright in which the Reverend talked about Obama’s trip:

    But what truly struck Wright from that meeting was Obama’s astonishment over the black caucus event in Washington. It opened Wright’s eyes once again to just how innocent and idealistic Obama could be about the world of politics. [snip]
    “He had gone down there to get support and find out who would support him and found out it was just a meat market,” the pastor said in an interview, breaking into a laugh. “He had people say, ‘If you want to count on me, come on to my room. I don’t care if you’re married. I am not asking you to leave your wife – just come on.’ All the women hitting on him. He was, like, in shock. He’s there on a serious agenda, talking about running for he United States Senate. They’re talking about giving [him] some p***y. And I was like, ‘Barack, c’mon, man. Come on! Name me one significant thing that has come out of black congressional caucus weekend. It’s homecoming. It’s just a nonstop party, all the booze you want, all the booty you want. That’s all it is.’ And here he is with this altruistic agenda, trying to get some support. He comes back shattered. I thought to myself, ‘Does he have a rude awakening coming his way.'”

  372. Crist and the Republicans are loving every minute of this. They set this snare, and the DNC walked right into it.

  373. TPS, start off by putting a b between the less than sign and the greater than sign. The type the text. To end the bold, at the end of the sentence put forward slash b between the less than and greater than sign.

  374. Okieattorney,

    Didn’t see the clip of Patterson speaking at the crane collapse site but as an ex-new yorker, i know it’s common for politicians to speak from the scenes of catastrophes coz manhattan is such a small place. Patterson did represent harlem for many years and if he was there i would imagine it would be similar to guiliani speaking from WTC.
    But I haven’t seen the video you’re speaking about. it is sooooo sad. the death toll is up to 7. i can imagine new York residents staring up at the hundreds of cranes all over the city …..

  375. Texas Democratic Party rejects Clinton’s verification request
    By KELLEY SHANNON AP Political Writer
    Article Launched: 03/17/2008 03:53:22 PM MDT

    AUSTIN—The Texas Democratic Party said Monday it won’t grant a request from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign that it take extra steps to verify the signatures of election night caucus-goers before party conventions are held March 29.
    State chairman Boyd Richie said Texas Democrats will not “set up an unnecessary, ad hoc ‘verification’ process that could effectively disqualify delegates selected at their precinct conventions after the fact.”

    An estimated 1 million people attended Democratic caucuses after the party’s primary concluded March 4. Those caucuses began the selection of 67 pledged presidential delegates.

    Clinton’s campaign said in a letter to the state party Friday it wanted the signatures of those attending caucuses double-checked before county and senate district conventions convene later this month.

    But Richie said the party conventions already have credentials rules in place to address complaints and problems.

    The Clinton campaign said it received more than 2,000 complaints of violations following the historic Texas turnout and that it is the party’s responsibility to ensure the integrity of the caucus process. Among the problems cited were caucuses starting before precinct polling places closed and results being taken from head or hand counts instead of a written roll.

    In an unofficial and incomplete caucus tally, the state Democratic Party reported Barack Obama was ahead of Clinton with 56 percent to her 44

    percent after 41 percent of precinct caucuses reported.
    Clinton narrowly won the primary stage of the contest earlier in the day, which allocated 126 delegates.

    Clinton’s campaign did not immediately comment on Monday’s decision by the party.

    Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said: “Our campaign agrees that the best way to capitalize on the incredible enthusiasm and hundreds of thousands of new voters who participated in the precinct conventions on March 4th is to count their votes promptly and accurately. We look forward to continuing to work with the Texas Democratic Party to ensure that happens.”

    Richie said state and local party officials are trying to build on the huge primary and caucus turnout to help Democrats in the fall general election and in 2010.

    “We are proud of both our presidential candidates who helped create that turnout. We ask now that the campaigns work with us rather than become an impediment to this extraordinary opportunity to build our party,” Richie said.

    Texas Democrats are trying to regain power after losing all statewide offices to Republicans in 1998 and complete control of the Legislature in 2002.

    Caucus attendance represented a tenfold increase over the previous high attendance mark for the party, Richie said.

    “As expected in any record turnout involving hundreds of thousands of people, there were reports of problems caused by long lines and crowded facilities. These problems are not unique to Texas. Similar problems, in proportionately similar numbers, occurred in pure caucus states like Iowa and Nevada,” Richie said.

    He said most of the problems don’t affect the legitimacy of delegate allocation.

    Caucus delegates are awarded as a result of three stages: the precinct conventions, or caucuses, held election night; county and senate district conventions planned for March 29; and the state Democratic convention on June 6-7.

    The candidate with the most supporters showing up at each convention level will benefit in the awarding of delegates.

    State party spokesman Hector Nieto said Monday party officials are continuing to meet with the Clinton and Obama campaigns about the March 29 conventions. There is no plan at this time for the party to provide a statewide count of those regional convention results, he said.

  376. replace the @ with the less than sign and the # with the greater than sign:

    @b# say what you want to say, then @/b#

  377. Texas is a weird state. How can they award delegates, if only 41 % of the vote has been counted?? Is that democratic?

  378. Carby, so basically, they think turn out means more than voting laws. Figures. It’s always about money, isn’t it? 🙄

  379. from TM comment,

    Please email

    David Gregory is soliciting email and calls for his show, please bombard him. C Matthews just cited the CNN poll and claims that Obama keeps going up. Please email him re,, all 3 showing hill up, o down.

  380. Idunn, TPS,

    Are you sure Trinity Church only offered the Wright videos recently? I don’t know coz when i first pulled up the website, about a year ago, I didn’t pay much attention to what was being sold on the web store. Isn’t it possible the tapes have been available all along? Couldn’t that be why some people have been saying since last november that there’s a lot of stuff about BO that hasn’t been aired?

    Just wondering.

  381. is john edwards going to endorse clinton or not.. or still he wants to endorse bambi… what about fat b***d bill richardson

  382. bill richardson will not endorse Clinton. He wants BO.

    CNN’s poll is out of synch with the other ones out there. Other polls are closer, and some have Clinton ahead by 1-2 points.

    Don’t watch MSNBC and CNN. They are toxic.

  383. Wow, that Wright’s words grow more repugnant and more sexist. What a sexist patriarch he sounds like, everything told from a male’s perspective, as if the world’s theirs only; he talks that way in the videos too and other writings from him.

    I’m not pussy and booty, patriarch.

  384. “Hillary doesn’t expand the party.”

    You know, I’m sick and tired of that garbage from the Obama campaign and its surrogates. What about the WOMEN Hillary’s bringing into this process??? Yeah, let’s disregard them.

  385. Acutally, Basil…I had thought I’d seen at least one of these clips almost a month ago. But now I recall seeing a video that someone taped inside their car, and they were listening to wright on the radio, and that’s where I heard Wright say, “God is sick of this shit!”

    I dunno…all this stuff is starting to run together now. LOL!

  386. MSNBC will not put on anything that is proHillary. Gregory show is just another hour of Hillary bashing..I refuse to give them jack shit. They have to earn my remote control button

  387. Pelosi needs to keep her mouth shut, she can’t even do her own job.

    Edwards endorsement, depends on how Obama crawls out of the hole he had dug.

  388. BTW, All that matters to me RE: the Wright controversy is that it seals Obama’s fate in November. There’s zero chance he wins against McCain. Which means Hillary can run against McCain in four years if the Dems stick with Obama.

  389. carbynews – that the Texas Democratic Party rejects verifying signatures of caucus-goers – PISSES ME OFF. The caucuses were a complete madhouse, and were dependent on an honor system that people signing in claimed to be who they were or that they lived in the TX precinct that they claim to live in or that they already voted in the primary in order to attend their precinct…

    this from dishonorable people, such as Obama supporters who were 1) trying to sign up twice 2) creating intimidating environments where Clinton supporters left before caucusing

    What a fiasco these caucuses are.

  390. I might have to start giving my money to the GOP. THAT’S how much I’ve come to hate the DNC.


  391. The breakdown in negotiations for a new vote in Florida rests squarely on the shoulders of candidate Obama and his surrogates. The only remaining options are: i) to seat the delegates based on the January 29 vote, or ii) to disenfrachise Florida voters.

    If the disenfrancisement stands then a bitter floor fight becomes all but inevitable. Also it reasonable to assume that if Obama is the nominee the party will lose Florida because Florida voters will hold him and his helpers at the DNC responsible for their disenfranchisement. Governor Crist will remind them of that at every possible opportunity.

    Anyone see it differently.

    is suicidal to the partys prospects in the general election because: a) the democratic voters in that state are likely to become republicans for a day in the general election if Barack is the nominee since he blocked efforts to disenfranchisement, b) the popular Republican governor will argue they should switch to his party, c) he may proceed with the lawsuit he talked about last week to remove the democratic candidate from the ballot, d) voters across the country will know based on this incident and the massive irregularities of the caucus system that the party is undemocratic.

    What am I missing?

  392. Does anyone think like me regarding seating FL, that is as, long as big donors ask for their money back, Dean might have to seat all the delegates, all of them.

  393. Ininla, in their efforts to prop up Obama at all costs, the democrats continue to defeat themselves, continue to come off like the party that wants to disenfranchise voters, wants to keep shoddy, gamed easily riggable election systems in place. Do they think the republicans won’t use this against them in the GE? I barely see any difference between the two parties now. But the republicans can get away with this stuff more than the democrats can. The democrats are supposed to offer something different, something better.

    But the longer the dems keep propping up Obama, the more they harm themselves. I keep saying STOP THE DEMOCRATIC BLEED NOW, but I doubt anyone’s listening.

  394. I think if the DNC doesn’t start amking this a fair, unbiased election , they are going to be in a world of shit. I think if they don’t seat Florida and Michigan, they are going to be in a world of shit come the GE. AND I think that if they put Obama up against McCain, we will almost certainly have 4 more years of republican rule.

    After that, who gives a shit? We’ll all have starved by then.

  395. The flap has also raised questions about faith and patriotism. Mr. Obama – who has been criticized even for not wearing an American flag lapel pin – has rarely bid farewell to an audience on the campaign trail the way he did on Monday. “God bless you and God bless America!” he told the crowd in Monaca, Pennsylvania.


  396. Just got a fund raising email from Howard Dean. I hit unsubscribe and gave this as my reason:

    The DNC has run a horrible Presidential campaign. You did not address the sexism and misogyny that has played out. You did not promote Women’s History Month on your website. People like Howard Dean have been so pro Obama that he has risked disenfranchising the voters of Florida and Texas. And now the DNC is behind pushing Obama down our throats even though he had at the very least poor judgement in his 20 year relationship with Rev. Wright. You think someone with that kind of association will win in the GE. You guys have lost your mind. No I will not support the DNC as long as it is being run by the incompetant Dean and all the pro Obama people. All my money goes directly to Hillary Clinton.

  397. Idunn,

    And I believe that hannity was quoting from BO’s Dreams of My Father Book about having listened to tapes of Wright’s sermons when he was at Harvard, 20 or so years ago, which would mean the tapes were being distributed back then?

    It’s easy to check – SOMEONE just has to buy and read the book. 😈 it’s on p 293. Another passage is on p. 284. (the paperback version)

  398. I don’t think he can fan fast enough to put out this fire. It’s going to dog him forever.

    Every time a video is played .. America sees the hate. Every time 9/11 is invoked, I see the TwinTowev and think about 4000 people dying .. I don’t think about Goddamning America

    Someone with greedy fingers will come forward ..with more information. This is just the tip.

  399. Hey gang…this weekend Pelosi said it was all about Pledged Delegates….

    yet just a few weeks ago, Al Sharpton said it was about POPULAR vote, did he not?

    how are they going to reconcile that?

    And what was it that Woolfson reiterated that Axelrod said? Pledge or Popular?

    The Bambi surrogates can’t get their story striaght

  400. Birdgal: bill richardson will not endorse Clinton. He wants BO

    I think that is true. As I recall he promised to endorse the winner of New Hampshire. When Hillary won he broke his promise. He may think he can be the conduit to the hispanic community. I think that is a highly dubious proposition beyond his home state and DC. Creo que el no se puede.

  401. catching up on posts, I see that my NBPP info is out. I sent it to FOX 2 days ago, but being the weekend and all not sure hannity got to the emails yet. I do have the site saved to hard drive and screenshots for security. Has the potential to be damaging I think on the heels of what has already happened. Well, we will see what happens. but we should keep the chatter down until we see fox deal with it.

  402. Why in the hell doesn’t Hill have her surrogates out there talking about all the voters she’s bringing in, particularly latinos, but also single women, catholics, asians, etc.

  403. kaffeen,

    i didn’t say I would volunteer to read it! Just the thought makes me feel . . . . well . . . . .slimy. Although I do think I saw it displayed at the library and i remeber beingreally POI’d about it.

    BO saying he thinks Wright was mischaracterized and he’s gonna talk about how the Wright thing is perceived from the “Black Church” and how that should explain Wright’s impact?

    HUH???????? Let’s donate a couple more shovels. 😀

  404. basil9 Says:

    March 17th, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    It’s easy to check – SOMEONE just has to buy and read the book. it’s on p 293. Another passage is on p. 284. (the paperback version)

    I have both books what doyou want to know?

  405. mj,

    i don’t think HRC can have surrogates out there right now saying anything about anything! I think she’s wise to ride below the radar for the moment.

  406. If the DNC screws Hillary out of the nomination I know the effect will be felt in November. They are not giving her near the credit for the folks that are voting for her. The DNC doesn’t get it that chances are Bambi’s young support will be gone come November .. a new fad will have some along ..

    The fact that Bambi is having to do TownHall meetings now tells us that his internals are showing something…his support is soft and easily swayed.

    Hillary on the other hands brings women, youth, elderly, white men, working

    I’ve been convinced that Bill Clinton knew the party much better than we realized..he told us a long time ago that the nomination would be Hillary’s biggest hurdle…

  407. wbboei: Yesterday on C-span, they had a group of radio and tv people together, and one of them, said that BO and Richardson would be a good ticket, because Richardson could bring in all the latinos, and Bo would bring in the AA’s.

  408. Dot, I truly believe that Hillary will win the nomination.

    If someone doesn’t believe that, think of this way, you’re just waiting to find out if you will vote for Hillary or McCain. lol

  409. I have just posted a new diary at MyDD with 3 new YouTube ‘ads’ against Obama, including the Ayers one mentioned above:

    The Obamabots are going insane, trying to get the diary deleted, etc.

    They are a joke, just like their candidate. They are in fantasy land.

    I can tell you this: There is no way that BHO is getting elected this year, probably never. These ads — and they’re the work of amateurs — are devastating. He is
    toast, even if our leaders are STUPID enough to nominate him.

    Hope everyone’s having a nice day.


  410. basil/mj…the fact that CNN carried her ENTIRE speech on Stream this morning was a step forward. I bet they are hedging their bets a bit at a time now. She has actually gotten SOME coverage today on CNN. Now….FOX FOR HOURS has covered Wright virtually NON STOP. And we all know FOX has the best national polls

  411. I made up my mind a while ago that CNN, MSNBC and FNC are entertainment channels not news. I used to watch, but I havnt in about 3 months. As consumers we have the power and I will not watch those horrible shows. On election night I watch C-Span and come to this blog.

    Also as a consumer the DNC will not get a penny for me. They keep hammering into people”UNITY, UNITE THE PARTY, JOIN HANDS, TOGETHER WE WILL WIN”, but the continue to drive wedges between Obama and Hillary supporters. If Obama wins this Hillary supporters will scream unfair because FL did not re-vote. HOW CAN THAT POSSIBLY HELP UNITE? It seems many of them want unity, but only after they have silenced voters and allowed Obama to win unfairly, then its UNITY and screw all FL and the Hillary supporters. Well im sorry DNC that only creates bad blood and gets millions of Hillary supporters angry at the Democratic Party. Is that really what they want? Its a joke.

  412. Latinos will NOT vote for Obama. Their support to Hillary is firm. All of her support is .. they think we will just up and vote for Obama at their whim. Not in my lifetime, I could not in good conscience cast a vote for him. He’s dangerous

  413. wbboei at 6:24, excellent analysis. Obama will not win FL in November, and he won’t win OH, either, because he’ll lose a lot of Reagan Dems to McCain there. No Dem can win the WH without either one of those two states.

    BTW, that CNN poll also shows 82 percent of Dem voters think FL delegates should be seated or a new primary should be held there.

  414. How is Obama going to explain away, as “mischaracterized”, Rev. Wrights statements against Israel and the anti-Clinton comments. How do those statements, and others, relate to the black racial experience in America?

    Also, you can bet that if he is going to talk about the issue of race in this primary he is going to blame it on Hillary…

  415. Agreed dot48. Bill Clinton’s wisdom becomes more and more apparent as this primary season wears on. And if the DNC screws Hillary out of the nomination by failing to fix MI and FL, then I think Obama is in for a Dukakis (or even Mondale)-level failure in the fall. This Wright story isn’t going away any time soon, and who knows what other skeletons are still lurking in Obama’s closet.

  416. Anyone who has already or is still planning to endorse Obama needs a reality check. They need to realize that by doing so they condone and are sympathizers of Obama’s beliefs and that includes his religious connections.

  417. I am sick to my stomach. I just had CNN and MSNBC on and the pundits on both channels are giving Obama a pass on the Rev. Wright stuff. They are saying “these aren’t his words.” “My minister says things I don’t like and I don’t leave my church.” Either I am insane or the news program pundits are insane. Which is it? If Obama gets away with this I am going to give up. I swear to God. What does Obama have that they want. The very bottom line is that he is carrying on a very nasty campaign and he is a proven liar. And that is the least of his sins.

  418. omg – My boss who is black and an Obama supporter (She’s a friend of mine too. We just went out drinking last Friday night). Anyways, I just heard her talking to by co-worker next door and he brought up the Wright controversy. She totally blew it off saying “You probably haven’t been to any black churches but there is a lot of hyperbole!” And “He’s giving a big speech tomorrow and he will address racism head on.” I couldn’t believe it! Hyperbole? A “big speech” will take care of everything?

  419. The pundits on CNN and MSNBC can give him a pass all they want. But the American people and the Republicans won’t.

  420. Someone on TM overheard this on Fox, which is the problem in a nutshell:

    “DEMS will forgive OBAMA for anything…but this Wright stuff is a KILLER FOR THE DEMS IN THE GENERAL.”

    The pundits, his apologists and hardcore supporters can spin till they’re blue in the face, but this is the reality we’re dealing with.

    Oh, and be prepared for media gushing over his speech tomorrow. Just a warning.

  421. tcb: I think, you’re right. the american people and the republicans will not give him a pass, especially against McCain. 527 ads are being prepared as we speak.

  422. he is off message, having to address these issues. His “speech” tomorrow will just put this more onto the news, he may think he can pacify but fact is that stuff is DAMNING and they know it. Voters will not forget.

    Orca will have to take a stand too most likely.

  423. I think they have an idealized dream that Obama with his mixed heritage and his Muslim name will somehow bring the whole world together and end terrorism and hatred toward Americans.

    Unfortunately, it is a humoungus leap of faith and not one most Americans are willing to take. We need a pragmatist right now.

  424. Agree, Irish1139. What the media (well, some of them) are missing is that Wright was on Obama’s campaign, and was his “spiritual advisor.” Few relationships are as personal and deeply-important as one’s “spiritual advisor.” On top of that, Wright was the one who coined the phrase “Audacity of Hope” (hate?) which is the fundamental centerpiece of Obama’s ENTIRE campaign.

    THEN, you have the fact that Obama appears to be lying about his own knowledge of Wright’s statements. That’s the real smoking gun here. If Obama is lying, what does that say about his integrity and honesty?

  425. Paula – If Fox and others have already latched on to the Wright story what does that tell you? Yes, they are not going to let it go. This is what they will use to bring Obama down. Now either the DNC, the super delegates, and the voters wake the hell up or we lose in November with BO.

  426. Good evening, Hillfriends:

    I’m not watching TV, but have read your posts. What a bunch of sexists in the media and the DNC. Carol Mosely Braun’s political career was ended based on small infractions compared to the stuff on which Big Media and the Latte drinkers are giving Bambi a complete pass. It’s an issue of arrogance and judgment.

    Has hell frozen over? I’m beginning to think that Sean Hannity is a good American – Fox’s original plan, I’m sure, was to hold the Wright stuff for the GE.

  427. mj, We shouldn’t be surprised. One of the things his campaign has excelled at is media manipulation. They (except Fox) think he’s the second coming, so they’re going to make excuses. They always do.

  428. An earlier post said:

    “She totally blew it off saying “You probably haven’t been to any black churches but there is a lot of hyperbole!”

    That may be true, but as you know, your friend is missing the point. It’s not like Obama just wandered into Wright’s church one day. Instead, Obama was married by the guy, his kids were christened by him, he listened to his audio tapes in college, he named his book after Wright’s slogan, etc. etc. In a nutshell, Obama obviously IDOLIZED this guy. He even made him a member of his campaign, and annointed him his own “spiritual advisor.”

  429. hey… if Obama tries to get away with tomorrow’s speech and there are clear contradictions (he’s most likely to do a speech where people will end up pitying him) Fox and people who clearly sees through him will likely question him and his judgment or lack thereof

  430. Did I not read earlier in this thread that Hillary was going to get 2 major endorsement today? What happened to that?

  431. Berkeley Vox – She misses a lot of points. The one you mentioned as well as the fact that this is NOT the normal “hyperbole” of black churches.

  432. But come on. This isn’t just some guy, its his spiritual advisor. Have any of these fools consider BO may believe this stuff? Why else stay at that place for 20 years??? I am sick of this guying, his race baiting, his victim playing. I will never vote for this phony.

  433. Don’t forget everyone: don’t give BO even ONE INCH. He cannot disown, disavow or distance himself from Rev. Wright. He OWNS this choice of a spiritual home. He can’t call him the “crazy uncle” or say he “wasn’t there for that particular sermon” or anything else. If he “didn’t know about the sermons,” he’s then he’s either an oblivious idiot or a liar. Which do you think? Please weigh in!
    ____ oblivious
    ____ liar

  434. MJ: right!!!! That’s a scary thought: He may actually subscribe to these ideas! Methinks MO does.

  435. On Fox, the Garrity story about the way BO (mis)handled reporters today trying to ask about Wright.

    In the full glory of his arrogant invinicibility, BO proclaims (to the reporters): “I know you guys are curious about this and that is why I’m giving a speech about it tomorrow.”

    What a smug bastard. And he didn’t take a single question. Wimp = reporters.

  436. OMG! Did anyone just see that clip on Fox of Obama talking to the media? He actually had the nerve to tell them that he would address all their questions in his speech tomorrow and then asked in a patronizing tone, stumbling over his words, whether “that made sense to them.”

    I have this vision of Moses bringing down the 10 commandments tablets/er Obama’s speech to him.

  437. Sorry, it was Friday…

    On Friday, Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl publicly endorsed Clinton at an event in Oakland.

  438. call me a stupid Texan, but I can’t understand why the candidates get to decide if it is fair to them. I thought this nation was founded on We, the people, not we the candidates! I would want the votes counted if Obama won, its simple the people spoke, listen to their vote!!
    If the candidates decide which count and which doesn’t, exactly how are we any different than these third world governments that we are trying to democracize? Huh?

  439. she got the mayor of Pittsburgh and a county person to endorse her (these are not superdelegates though)

  440. hahahaha… fox news hitting him real hard 🙂

    “Barack Obama is preparing to deliver a major address Tuesday on race, politics and unifying the country after being hounded by questions about his relationship to a pastor whose sermons have been laced with anti-American invective.”

  441. What this Wright is doing is inflaming his congregation of 8500 people into believing that the whole country is racist. Every Sunday he fills them full of this sh*t. No wonder they continue to talk about race and accuse everyone of being a racist. Where is MLK when you need him?. I want to know who he thinks the racist are. I am middle class, hard working, mostly poor. I don’t have time to be a racist. I don’t even know anybody who is a racist. We don’t talk about race. Even my AA friends don’t talk about race. Everyone is so busy working, raising their families, cooking, cleaning, paying for a house, fixing up their house, taking their kids to dance, baseball, tennis, etc. I want to know who he thinks the racist are. Is it the upper class? The American people, both black and white, are just trying to keep their lives and families together. It isn’t easy out here for the worker bees. We don’t live in million dollar houses and take elaborate vacations, go to Harvard and get $300,000 a year jobs. We scurry around everyday like ants just holding it together. Who are the racists and where are they?

    The older generation of the 1960’s has died off.
    Their children are now 60 and have through John and Bobby Kennedy’s, and Martin Luther King’s assassinations. Most of us marched for civil rights. We were there when the college kids were killed trying to register black voters. I think the people in Rev. Wright’s church are hallucinating. He is preaching hatred to his people, plain and simple.

    And to accuse Bill Clinton because he mentioned the words “fairy tale” and “Jesse Jackson,” of being a racist is bazaar. Also, Geraldine Ferraro spoke the truth. It wasn’t said maliciously, she was stating a fact. I have been saying the same thing since he became a candidate. It is just a fact. There is nothing hateful or malicious in that fact. It is just something that “is.”

  442. jithendra wrote:

    “Barack Obama is preparing to deliver a major address Tuesday on race, politics and unifying the country after being hounded by questions about his relationship to a pastor whose sermons have been laced with anti-American invective.”

    Bwahaha! Typical BHO move: when in trouble, quickly try and solve everything by giving a flowery speech.

  443. I think what jubjub heard must refer to new endorsements; it sounded like they were forthcoming, not in the past.

    BTW, I saw this funny comment on TM and had to share:

    “Being a good speaker does not mean you’d be a good president. If that was the case, the head of Toastmasters would be in office right now.”

  444. nail on the head

    “Critics say it matters less whether Obama attended the individual sermons. His long-standing relationship with the church, they say, raises questions about the legitimacy of a campaign that has tried to transcend racial divisions.

    “Here’s a candidate who claims to be a unifier and yet he belongs to a church where they specialize in denouncing whites,” said Ronald Kessler. “And the Web site of the church, you don’t have to listen to a sermon, the Web site describes the church as being unashamedly black and subscribing to the black value system.”

  445. Had John McCain been caught up in a longterm relationship with a controversial pastor, “I don’t think that the media, the mainstream media, the dinosaur media, whatever you want to call it, would be engaged in ‘Well are we really fairly portraying this pastor?’” said conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, responding to Obama’s complaint of unfair treatment. “I think this is someone who is in the last refuge” of a story that is spiraling out from under him, she said.

  446. I loved the article, how Obama thinks he’s entitled, ugh! so NOT!

    I donated 25.44, anyone with me?

  447. I fit should come to light in the next day or two that HRC had an affair with the Grand Imperial Dragon of the KKK, I think all you white HRC supporters should just say, “Well, it’s obvious you people don’t understand the white experience. It’s hyperbole. That’s all.” 😉

  448. I’d say it, but…well, I’ve been called an Uncle Tom enough the last few months to last me a lifetime. LOL!

  449. Informed in Illinois I know what you mean by hell freezing over

    I find myself looking to Pat Buchanan, of all people, for sane analysis

    Will the world ever right itself???

  450. I just read on talk left that Florida will not do a recount, so they believe Hillary is toast. She cannot win without seating the delegates! Is this true? I know she’s behind but we have 8 or 10 more states and if this stuff keeps coming out, maybe she’ll beat him by huge margins. What are those idiots doing at the DNC wearing blinders or what?

  451. Uncle Pookie or Cousin whatshisname.

    Folks, I’m white and I don’t think I have a racist bone in my body. I feel that every American is an entitled as I am but I also feel that every American MUST accept responsibility for how they handle their life.

    Opportunities abound in this country, some simply choose to become drug dealers, thieves, murderers, rapists, thugs, I personally don’t think America OWES them anything .. they choose their paths

  452. Idunn – I’ve often wondered since you’re bi-racial and support Hillary are you a racist or a race-traitor? Or a racist race-traitor? Or a race-traiting racist?

  453. Laney, Informed, Idunn…the reason these people on Fox and RW radio are sounding so sane is because COMPARED with REALLY SNARKY Pelosi, Herr Dean,and Racist Shill Obama, THEY ARE…

    this is SO LEFT of NORMAL that it makes the RIGHT look Center

  454. I’m quite prepared to root for Fox as long as they remove Obama from the ballot once and for all. After that happens, all bets are off because their next hit job will be Hillary.

  455. Florida is saying to either count the votes already or give half so I dont think DNC is stupid enough to not count these votes as Florida is one of the swing states with a lot of electoral votes so DNC would be stupid enough to risk losing this state because they did not want the voices to be heard?

  456. Spacegirl! I’m good, I have a sore mouth still so I took a pain pill last night and WOOOO still a little buzzed. 🙁 I left my phone charger at my brother’s this weekend so Im’ w/o internet during the day. (stupid work censoring internet! I need my porn!)

  457. Idunn – keep the faith! Stay strong – I, too, get dirty looks for my “Hillary” color-forms in my car window in my ever-so-progressive Obamaland community. Ugh.
    (and I agree: “Liar.” )
    BO’s playing to three groups: 1. AA’s who are understandably proud of him, 2. the rich white celebrities and dems for whom he is a salve for their liberal guilt and who, ironically, are castigated in Wright’s sermons, and 3. the kids – who still have illusions. Notice, he doesn’t play to anyone who has been around the block, really looks under the hood, kicks the tires, etc.

  458. When donors ask for their money back (money the DNC does not have) that is hardball, and we all know money talks, I beleive that all the delegates will be seated.

  459. Yeah, now that no new vote in Florida .. Dean does NOT have a choice..he HAS to do something. You cannot simply BLOW OFF that many votes. If they do, they are playing right into the Republicans..makes me wonder if they really want the White House back. Seriously

  460. confloyd: The DNC does not want Hillary, so they are doing everything possible to keep her from getting the nomination.

    This election is enough, to make an independent out of me.

  461. I’m a little concerned since Nancy Pelosi will control the Dem Convention and since Obama will probably have more pledged delegates by that time to help him in the credentialing committee that they’re just going to say fuck you to FL and not seat them at all.

    Hillary’s best chance is to have the popular vote and Florida would help a lot with that. Plus a 2nd win in Florida would have been an invaluable narrative.

    Obama won’t be winning Florida in the fall though, that’s for sure. We can just give McCain that handicap and he can go park himself in Pennsylvania. Way to go Dems!

  462. I also think that BO has promise VP to at least two people: Pelosi and Richardson. LOL!

  463. I just emailed 20 media outlets in PA.

    On one of the sites I saw this headline;

    Pelosi delegate position Favors Obama.

    At least in PA they’re not afraid to call a duck a duck. 🙁

    KAFFEEN- how can i check that emails were sent and received when I submit comments through websites?????????/

  464. TD! Glad you are getting better!

    Follow the money is right with the DNC. BUT Dot48, I would not be surprised if they would concede 4 years to McCain in their attempts to kill off Clinton in the Dem Party, knowing they could run against McCain EASILY in 2012 because of his age if nothing else. They will decide AFTER McCain picks a running mate. If that were the case, I think Hil should for the NEW Democrats and bring the party back to senter. Let Dean and Pelosi do their own thing. They will be voted out anyway if they lose, and Dean will lose the Leadership.

  465. This could be the one WE have been waiting for.

    TM blogger: My husband said Hannity is covering Rev. Wright tonight, and I think someone from Newsmax will be on.

  466. Whoa let’s not jump ship here, Florida will count one way or another and so will Michigan. Hillary’s too smart to let these two slip by and will warn DNC that if they dont count the votes voted already or at least have a new primary then this will have a backlash against the DNC. In addition, I bet the DNC is nervous because their contributions are low now as more and more people are refusing to donate due to not allowing both Michigan and Florida’s votes to be counted.

    What will MATTER is if Hillary wins Penn because Penn like New Jersey, Ohio, and Florida (Nevada too) is a swing state. What Hillary NEEDS is a large WIN in Penn then this will have a domino effect on the rest and coming states. What we are seeing happening now is a slip in the polls for Obama in the states and nationally and this has just begun so we will see what happens over in time but we have to be sure we’re ONTOP of the game for Hillary.

  467. I got an e-mail from my friend McCain today. He’s inviting me to participate in a March Madness basketball bracket. I can win fun McCain prizes!

  468. I was thinking about the Edwards rumor and I don’t know if I buy it. I’m thinking Edwards should just lay low right now and see what goodies the convention brings him. It looks as if the Dem Party is going to self-destruct, he could go into Denver looking pretty good.

  469. okay everyone tomorrow .. PHONEBANK into Pennsylvania. GOTV in mass numbers. Be honest with the supporters..we need you to get from this Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania Avenue. They need to know they must come out in big, big numbers and not slack off.

  470. My mom and brother saw Elton John in concert in the early 80s (or maybe late 70s, my bro was young). It was when he was still dressing in costume. I think one of his outfits lit up. Good times.

  471. birdgal – I signed up for his e-mail list because I was curious. I’ve been signed up for all the candiates e-mails at one point. Well not Huckabee. Or Romney. His e-mails are funny – kind of boring, very dry and very straight to the point. Not personal like Hillary’s are. And he sprinkles “my friends” in there too! Heh.

  472. BTW – heard on RUSH — (hands off, IDUNN. this one’s mine. *LOL*) that BO is ADVERTIZING on radio in PA for repubs and Indies to vote for him.

    Rush says BO is copying HIS strategy of creating chaos in the Dem party. hehehehe.

    I have emailed Rush several times to tell him that BO came up with this strategy in Jan. and informed him of the Dem for a Day pitch but Rush just won’t listen.

  473. you know, its like blind ambition, the idiots are so consumed with their own ambition (Pelosi/Howard/etc.) that they could care less about the country. They would rather a republican get the Presidency than the democrat Hillary! Why do they hate her so much, I can’t figure that out, I guess the same reason some women hate her because she did not leave Bill!

  474. I heard Rush say that too! He won’t acknowledge that Obama’s been doing this for months because he wants everyone to think that he’s causing all this chaos in the Dem Party. Rush is a blowhard. I can only listen to him for like 5 minutes before my head explodes. That thing where he rustles the paper bugs me.

  475. Statement from Harold Ickes Calling on Sen. Obama To Support A New Vote in Michigan
    “The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy. If Barack Obama’s campaign stands in the way of a new vote, he will be putting his own political interests ahead of the people of Michigan. They deserve to have a voice and a vote in the Democratic Party’s nominating process. A re-vote is the only way Michigan can be assured its delegation will be seated, and vote in Denver. If the Obama campaign thwarts a fair election process for the people of Michigan, it will jeopardize the Democratic nominee’s ability to carry the state in the general election.”

  476. Clinton Campaign Statement on Today’s Announcement About the Florida Primary
    The following is a statement from Deputy Communications Director Phil Singer:
    “Today’s announcement brings us no closer to counting the votes of the nearly 1.7 million people who voted in January. We hope the Obama campaign shares our belief that Florida’s voters must be counted and cannot be disenfranchised.”

  477. The Congressional Dems have always seemed happier when they had a Republican president.

    They loooooved Ronnie, and have been pussycats under GWB.

  478. Looks like Rev. Wright is “on sabbatical” in Texas. He was in Fort Worth earlier, now Houston. I would send some reporters down there.

    Obama’s Controversial Spiritual Advisor Coming To Houston
    By Mary Benton

    HOUSTON — The controversial Chicago preacher who Sen. Barack Obama calls his “spiritual advisor” is scheduled to speak at a Houston church later this month, KPRC Local 2 reported Monday.

    Dr. Jeramiah Wright, of Trinity Church of Christ in Chicago, has been criticized for some of his past sermons which some critics have described as racially charged and anti-American.

    The sermons are making the rounds on the Internet via YouTube.
    Click here to find out more!

    During a December 2007 sermon, Wright told his congregation, “It just came to me within the past few weeks y’all, why so many folk are hating on Barack Obama. He doesn’t fit the model. He ain’t white. He ain’t rich and he ain’t privileged. Hillary fits the mold.”

    Obama has distanced himself from Wright and denounced some of his divisive statements.

    But, some local pastors are defending the fiery preacher. They said his sermons are being taken out of context and cannot be reduced to 20-second sound bites.

    “I respect him. I admire him. He’s not just my friend, he’s my mentor and he’s not just a fiery preacher,” Rev. Marcus Cosby of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church told KPRC Local 2.

    Cosby confirmed that Wright has been a frequent guest preacher at the church and is scheduled to deliver three sermons on the last Sunday of March.

    While some may consider Wright’s comments inflammatory, others see as inspirational.

    “The Black church tradition has always understood that the pastor is one who helps to uplift the congregation from the oppressive nature that we as a church in this country have to deal with,” said Cosby.

    Wright’s association with Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church began more than a decade ago while Rev. William Lawson was leader.

    Lawson has fond memories of many of Wright’s sermons.

    “He was like a prophet. He spoke truth but he spoke it with a kind of raucousness, but you always knew he was looking at it accurately and he was telling the truth,” said Lawson.

  479. republican on obama. lol

    Originally Posted by McFire
    Obama is a great speaker and has a very charismatic personality,

    More and more people are starting to see there isn’t that much substance to the man.

    He really doesn’t have much political experience and has never really had any leadership experience.

    He has NO foreign policy experience and would be clueless as a Commander-in-Chief, no matter who was in his cabinet (plus, who would be in his cabinet?).

    His voting was rated as the most liberal in the senate and he is only a junior senator.

    Being black played a large part in his popularity,

    He is a “breath of fresh air” for the democrats,

    Handsome, popular with women (thanks in part to Oprah),

    A great speaker, but when you listen to his speeches, he really doesn’t “say” anything.

    It’s all generalized, with nothing specific really mentioned, just “hope and change”.

    What hope? What change? How? He never says.

    All I can foresee are huge tax increases, weak foreign policy, and mediocrity in the eyes of the world’s countries.

  480. Newt on Fox. I feel so very dirty for watching this. I’m going to have to shower and down some tequila to get over this.

  481. TD…I saw him about 10 years ago in Atlanta….still in costumes and the back up singers were AMAZING

    Also met him in several AA meetings with a friend there too.

    When Madonna was looking at having a place in Atlanta in his same building, it was reported he said “there goes the neighborhood!”


  482. ohhhhhhhhh Hillary’s just challenged us!

    1 million dollars (so far we’ve raised 101,142) lets do it PEOPLE!

  483. The Republicans are going to use the Wright sermons to paint the entire Dem party with a broad-crazy-anti-american brush. Thanks Obama!

  484. Kaffeen,
    i don’t understand it too. 😳 but will email you with the question probably tomorrow.
    Bill-O ripping BM for not covering BO the way it did with McCain and the pastor (what’s his name)? saying that NYTimes had it all over the front page questioning McCain’s association and judgment and the same criteria apply in the BO case. Then he says if they (FOX) hadn’t broken the story last Thursday it would have died which is exactly what the left wing media wanted and challenges BO to come on FOX and explain himself. hehehehehe. ObamaWatch! 😈

  485. the Dems better get their heads out of their ASSES. If they allow the nomination to go to this America hater .. the Repubs plan to ATTACK HIM FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT.

    Who knows what else they can find on this man Wright or even Obama himself?

    This is why all candidates should be vetted

  486. Obama is going to do his major speech from Philadelphia, not to be a racist, but this is a large AA community, if anyone from Philadelphia here should go to the speech and wear Hillary t-shirt or posters!

  487. Dot,

    I hate to say it but it’s almost like the DEMS want Obama coz they KNOW he will be defeated in November and that has been their goal all along – get another Repub in the WH????????

  488. Tiny Dancer wrote:

    The Republicans are going to use the Wright sermons to paint the entire Dem party with a broad-crazy-anti-american brush. Thanks Obama!

    Totally agree. And if Obama were to somehow be the nominee, he’d hurt Democratic candidates down-ticket significantly.

  489. Where are the rational Dem’s??? SEAT THE GOD DAMN DELEGATES!!! Do it now. Rip the damn band aid off!!! Why are they all so afraid of this silly man? Just seat the effing delegates!

  490. I can’t believe these guys on O’Reilly who are defending Wright by saying that this is the norm in black churches. Way to throw the black church under the bus to defend Obama.

  491. OMG!!!!The more AA PAstors and spokesmen and women Bill-O has on his show the bigger the hole he’s digging for BO! I have not heard ONE of these guests do anything other than try to JUSTIFY Wright and chalk the controversy up to white misunderstanding of the “black” experience.


    No one understand spoor little black Obama. PULEEEEEZZZZZE! Someone better cue them in that if they don’t make even the slightest attempt to relate to the REST of the country they will never have a chance . . . .

  492. Fox is just showing us a glimpse of how they are ready and willing to attack any dem candidate, and let me repeat glimpse. When BHO goes down, Hillary will be their next target, and if you think the media has been tough on her so far…fasten your seatbelts.

  493. sigh…Obama is going to pit race against race. My AA friend still won’t talk to me and I think after 15 years of friendship this is it for us. And all because she thinks the guy walks on water and that anyone who says anything critical of him is a racist.

  494. I should stop being a kleptomaniac and stealing brilliant blogs from TM contributors but at least I give attribution which is more than Bambi can say. The subject is the seating of Fl. delegates.

    I hope they fight for it, even if it provokes the biggest floor fight in the television era. I wonder if Hillary would have the stomach for it; but I hope she does. This is utterly undemocratic. The Florida voters didn’t have anything to do with the primary being moved up, and voted in good faith. You can’t “punish” voters in that way. I don’t care if it tears the Party apart; what’s the use of the Democratic Party if it doesn’t stand for full enfranchisement? Some things are worth fighting for on the convention floor–that’s what they originally were for.
    William | 03.17.2008 – 7:38 pm | #


    SHE’S NEEDING $1 million FOR ADS IN PA.

  496. excerpts from Karen Thurman, Chair, Florida Democratic Party on no revote, and the hope that DNC will seat the choose to set the delegates in their April meeting:

    We made a detailed case to the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee, but we were denied.

    Our Democratic legislators in Tallahassee tried to set the Florida primary on Feb. 5, instead of Jan. 29, but of course, their proposed amendment to House Bill 537 was greeted with laughter and derision from the Republicans who control the state government >.

    Does ‘537’ ring a bell? It should. It’s the number of votes that separated Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore in Florida in 2000….

    When this committee stripped us of 100% of our delegates last year, some members summed up their reasoning by saying, “The rules are the rules.” Unfortunately, the rules did not apply to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina when they, too, violated the DNC calendar by moving from their assigned dates.

    As the late great Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “We must adjust our ideas to the facts of today… Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.”

  497. What the hell is going on? CNN rationalizing this? Why don’t they just report? It’s like they are all stenographers for the BO campaign. Not one original thought. I’m tired of this. I’m sick of the DNC ignoring millions of voters in an effort to throw the election to Obama. This is filthy.

  498. FYI – Bill Clinton will speak about the Florida and Michigan delegates issue:

    FOX News Channel at 10 p.m. ET to see Bill Clinton’s interview on “On The Record With Greta Van Susteran.”

  499. I want the DNC to take a lie detector test.

    One question only:

    If the situations were reversed and Obama had won Florida and Michigan, would you be seating the delegates/counting the popular vote in full?

  500. Are any of you watching the news? Is anyone saying how he lied about not hearing any of the hate speak from this guy? Isn’t their one black pastor who wants to refute the alegation that they all talk like this Wrright?

  501. The bring-us-all-together candidate belongs to a black separatist church???

    What was the quote from the Rev? Not God Bless America but God ? America. If you know the answer, please enter it here. The quote seems to be absent from the TV shows intent on saying that it’s no big deal….

  502. I know MJ, I have to say as a white woman it is quite scary to me thinking that Wright is mainstream. But that is what it looks like with the Obama supporters that keep getting airtime.

  503. BHO started the issue of race by going to AA communities, changing his accent ever so lightly, and telling them they have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, and okie doked.

    The stand his campaign took early on, persecuted anyone who said anything that even in the farthest reach had any tone of racism. They basically set the rules everyone else had to live by, but not themselves.

    BHO you might slip by Hillary, but you’ll never get past the republican attack machine on this! 2nd place is just that, a loser, and for your information, second rate is too. Thats what you are and will always be.

  504. Oh not only is he mainstream according to the Obama supporters, if you’re to believe Donna Brazile it’s moderate. WTF? This is not a stereotype you want to perpetuate! I agree they need preachers out there saying this is not the norm in black churches it’s starting to paint a really poor picture otherwise.

  505. I’m chronicling as much as I can find about pastorgate on my personal site:

  506. Guys, how does the party come together after this with either Hillary or Barack? If Hill is our nominee and the picks an AA VP, I’m worried the black community will view that person as a token and just stay home.

  507. As soon as a 527 picks up on this business, my money is on its way to them. Anyone heard anything?


    Obama’s church made changes to it’s website, what is it truly hiding?

  509. did anyone see the impact of Wright on voters, the more people that sees the videos of Wright the more they change their minds about Obama. You should FORWARD it to as many people as you can as many choose not to really pay attention to this as they think he’s walking on water…. check it out…on the main page of

  510. justmeinmountdorafl

    Whats telling about this is how many of the undecided people there are. Ultimately their better instincts will kick in and they will seek a safe place away from Mr. O.

  511. don’t worry .. the republican machine is just getting warmed up. Fox acknowledges that this story has been buried both in print and by some media. There are more than one way to skin a cat.

  512. right Debbie, Im hoping that people wills ee the videos thats why we got to have it sent to as many people as we possibilty can….

  513. ROTFLMAO,

    Wasn’t watching but HEARD this novel justification for BO’s association with Wright;

    “There are plenty of people who go to church and don’t listen!”

    As a caller said on one of the talk radio shows, “With those Dumbo ears I don’t see how Obama could miss hearing anything.”

    If this wasn’t so tragic it really would be the best comedy show in town.

  514. Hillary will campaign in Indiana, North Carolina, and W. Virginia, this is good, Im hoping she does the same with Oregon and Kentucky

  515. Geraldine Ferraro was right in what she said and the media with the Democratic Leadership backing are promoting this guys we are going to lose the G.E. if we go down this insane course.

    I don’t know why Fox is complaining they did a year long hit job on Hillary and helped Obama until they realized that Hillary is the sane one. So if they want to wait and hope this is like a regular election…fine with me. But to complain about what MSM is doing when everybody knows it’s in the tank for Obama and has it’s own adgenda is just stupid.

    I’m very pissed off and I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling…Obama is getting a pass on his mistake because of the Idiots of the party and their skills in picking loser and running losing campaigns.

  516. Don’t go to the newspapers…hit groups and blogs and get the words passed out that way.

    Our LGBT members need to inform them groups on Obama’s and NBPP with the links and videos.

    Lets build up the buzz and get the word out. I think the MSM is suppressing the info to protect themselves and Obama.

  517. I don’t care if this church wants to diss America or focuses on black values, I don’t want a POTUS that shares these views, and has such a minister for a spiritual advisor and mentor. It is very hypocritical and exhibits poor judgement. The guy is not credible.

  518. carbynew you need to turn your anger and channel into doing something positive – Obama’s polls have slipped and we have to take advantage of it, Hillary’s doing well because of people like you – the grassroot movement that’s why, Hillary’s got thick skin, and so should we, we need to blog, campaign, make calls, and help out as much as we can

  519. rickroberts Says:

    March 17th, 2008 at 8:49 pm
    Guys, how does the party come together after this with either Hillary or Barack? If Hill is our nominee and the picks an AA VP, I’m worried the black community will view that person as a token and just stay home.

    Won’t happen. They will come out.