God Damn America, Again

Mitt Romney was a member of the Mormon church at a time when the Mormon church was without doubt a racist church. Racism was church doctrine. Blacks were banned from joining the church. If Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee a key issue against him by Democrats would be why he did not speak out against his racist church, or leave his racist church.

Tonight on CNN, David Gergen repeated the central point we made in God Damn America. Gergen connected Michelle Obama’s comments regarding lack of pride in America to the pulpit teachings of Reverend Wright.

African-American author and one of our most astute commentors, Canaan, noted, regarding one of Reverend Wright’s sermons:

The ‘chickens coming home to roost’ is a direct quote of Malcolm X — Malcolm X said it about the JFK assassination. If you read in between the lines of Obama’s message, I think he’s saying the same thing as Wright. It’s just that Dan Abrams et al don’t know the codes he’s using. When he says “I grew up in Indonesia so make me President”, that means “I know what it means to be a victim of American imperialism.”

Canaan adds to our knowledge of the dog-whistle politics of race that Obama is engaged in.

Obama claims that in over 20 years he never heard Reverend Wright say anything he disagreed with. This is a replay of his Rezko defense.

Obama in a television interview tonight admitted he listened to audio tapes of Reverend Wright when Obama attended college. It is doubtful that when those tapes are uncovered the Reverend Wright’s speeches will be any less incendiary than recent remarks.

The issue is not about what Reverend Wright believes or espouses. The issue is Barack Obama.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for the last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago’s south side, has a long history of what even Obama’s campaign aides concede is “inflammatory rhetoric,” including the assertion that the United States brought on the 9/11 attacks with its own “terrorism.”

In a campaign appearance earlier this month, Sen. Obama said, “I don’t think my church is actually particularly controversial.” He said Rev. Wright “is like an old uncle who says things I don’t always agree with,” telling a Jewish group that everyone has someone like that in their family.

Rev. Wright married Obama and his wife Michelle, baptized their two daughters and is credited by Obama for the title of his book, “The Audacity of Hope.”

An ABC News review of dozens of Rev. Wright’s sermons, offered for sale by the church, found repeated denunciations of the U.S. based on what he described as his reading of the Gospels and the treatment of black Americans.

“The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America, that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people,” he said in a 2003 sermon. “God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.”

In addition to damning America, he told his congregation on the Sunday after Sept. 11, 2001 that the United States had brought on al Qaeda’s attacks because of its own terrorism.

“We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye,” Rev. Wright said in a sermon on Sept. 16, 2001.

“We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost,” he told his congregation.

Sen. Obama told the New York Times he was not at the church on the day of Rev. Wright’s 9/11 sermon. “The violence of 9/11 was inexcusable and without justification,” Obama said in a recent interview. “It sounds like he was trying to be provocative,” Obama told the paper.

Americans are finally beginning to see the real Obama. Americans are finally beginning to see Obama judgment in the Rezko trial and in the Wright videotapes.


441 thoughts on “God Damn America, Again

  1. Here he go again…

    This is appalling indeed. It’s not pretty when the mask comes off. And what’s really interesting is that Obama seems clueless about how the American people will react to this.

  2. Obama is blowing up right before our eyes: Wright’s bigotry exposed, more Rezko and I just saw that disgraced former foreign adviser Samantha Power is still engaged in raising money for Barack? Wasn’t she supposed to be gone?

    We are doomed — TOAST — if this guy is nominated. We will lose like Reagan/Mondale. He must step down.

  3. filbertsf Says:
    March 14th, 2008 at 11:39 pm
    pulchritude, if I decide to go to NC instead of PA, and pretend I have a southern accent, will you accept this California into your fold?


    i cast my vote for hillary in louisiana, and i attended college in california. yes, you will be accepted into the fold.

  4. obama is fibbing his @ss off. you mean to tell me in 20 years he have not heard one offensive racist, america hatin word out of this idiot wright’s mouth? WTF?

  5. terrondt,

    obama just invited a cadre of opposition researchers to examine his schedule and the documented record of jeremiah wright’s sermons.

  6. He is starting to remind me of Gary Hart daring the press to follow him if they thought they could find something. The press did and we all know what happened.

  7. pulchritude

    The press take that invitation a step further. On the weeks Obama missed church did Michelle attend? if she did, he can not say he never knew of these sermons either first hand or via his wife.

  8. rjk1957….it does sound like an inquisition doesn’t..i am suprosed that he allowed the interview to be conducted like this

  9. i wonder what the ultimate fallout will be from this…i don’t see him dropping out..no way…i would like to see poll numbers next friday… i’m sure they are already starting to privately poll

  10. Obama looked positively awful in the interviews tonight: stuttering, stammering, blinking constantly, uhmming and ahhhing, and digging himself in deeper.

    This is one of the questions BHO needs to answer:

    “According to the New York Times, Reverend Wright said that during the early stages of your campaign, you told him that you might need to distance yourself from him. Why did you tell him this?”

  11. This is the thing – Obama took his daughters to that church. As parents, we’ve all friends that we keep separate from our kids – people we suspect don’t understand boundaries or appropriate behavior. But if Americans wrap their brain around the idea that Obama took his 7 and 10 year old daughter to listen to that racist kook, it will be all over. If he genuinely didn’t approve of what Wright says, then he wouldn’t let his daughters near him. You don’t expose your kids to racism unless you are a racist. The presence of his children in that church is what tells the lie. If he attended church on Christmas morning, then his daughters heard their pastor use the word “nigger” in the same sentence as “Hillary Clinton”. His daughters heard the crucifixion story related as the persecution of a black man by rich white men and told in the context of their father’s campaign against Hillary. This is incredibly, virulent, shockingly racist rhetoric to expose your children to – and most parents would horrified. But Michelle and Obama took their kids to that church.

    Everything has to be put in an understandable context. Adults have freedom to associate with whom they will, but they also have a responsibility to protect their children from corruption and the Obama’s have utterly failed to do so. Taking your kids to see this minister is not acceptable parenting. if Obama doesn’t understand how racist this man’s rhetoric is (and his children’s presence suggests he doesn’t), then how can he ever hope to heal wounds?

  12. BV…he was not on solid ground and frankly. in my opinion, not very well prepped for the interview, at least the one on fox

  13. He won’t drop out anbritt, but it’s hard to envision voters in any of the remaining primary states supporting him in large numbers after these revelations. Also, it’s hard to imagine automatic delegates voting for him now, given how weak he would be against McCain.

  14. basement angel
    you are so correct..i left a church because i had a 5 year old and did not appreciate what was being taught in childrens church

  15. This is the first time that Obama has had to answer some tough questions from journalists that just won’t fold. Must be a frightening experience for such an inexperienced politician.

    Well, Senator Obama, you’ll never forget your first time…

  16. BV
    I want to believe you…but sometimes my faith in the american voter is sorely tested…I cannot see the SDs not questioning this.
    Also, don’t you think he failed tonite in a more fundamental way–that is he did not do well under pressure. They did not jump on this right away. They allowed this story to fester, shades of JK/2004

  17. anbritt,
    I agree, there is no way Obama will step down. Here is a man who went for power politics from the beginning. He did choose to connect himself to some of the worst thugs in American politics for the sake of power. He is embroiled in the Chicago machine and is connected to a variety of shady dealings, mostly orchestrated by Mayor Daley and Tony Rezko. Obama is not stepping down.

    He is not wont to ever see beyond his personal ambitions of power and connections. Obama will have to be defeated the old fashioned way.

    He is young and obviously power hungry. Perhaps he can come back in 2016, tested, vetted and ready to go. Perhaps not.

  18. HRC
    at parade tomorrow never been to a parade in my life but got a call and email from campaign to be there for her. i doubt i even own any green

    my grandfather was a minister and found out he had a gay son–changed his whole perspective

  20. DemAC

    i agree…on a side note I read that McCains camp was faxing around an op ed piece from the WSJ by some guy named Kessler

  21. not one who believes in prophetic statements but i remember well over a month ago idunn saying something big would happen negatively to bambi around the 16th. makes me say hmmmmm?

  22. From the Washington Post:

    As you can see in this mocked-up YouTube video, Republicans could have a field day using Wright as ammunition in a general election contest against Obama.

    Todd Harris, a veteran GOP political strategist, tells us, “There are hundreds of churches in Chicago to choose from but Obama picked the one with a racist preacher who is anti-American and anti-Israel. This guy makes Louis Farrakhan look like Hello Kitty and we’re going to have a field day with this.”

  23. Votes are Gretawire.com

    How serious is the news about Senator Obama and Rev Jeremiah Wright, Jr?

    not a big deal 12% (2816 votes)
    very important – could be fatal to his presidential race 87% (19914 votes)
    not sure 1% (257 votes)
    Total Votes: 22987


  24. is lime green okay for a patty day parade?
    i was not gonna go but hill will so i will. parades are gross

  25. do we have the gergen video from 360. he said what i said-if obama or his wife are found to have been at one of these services he is basically done. did i hear that right?

  26. Tim, find the other Hill people. You’ll have fun because you’ll all be cheering on Hill. Lime green is just great.

  27. Okay- 👿 ‘s whole argument has been judgment. He uses the 2002 speech on Iraq. What I wonder aloud to any journalists lurking is whether or not he and Wright had similar speeched on Iraq and how their positions line up. I’m willing to bet one awesome gyro plate to whomever visits Norman and a beer or six that the two are in agreement and that 👿 ripped off his speech or themes from Wright.

    with permission of course…..

  28. mj
    i am meeting at hq at 8 am, i didn’t want to do it but i think after yesterday resting on laurels could be a tragic mistake. and again a i am 41 and have never subjected myself to a parade but i will tomorrow clad in hill signs

  29. Tim, not that I can tell. The SCOTUS opinion basically allows the parties great latitude in their nominating process.

  30. Just wanted to stop by and post something I noticed. Obama said in his interview on Olbermann that he wasn’t in church when Wright was saying those inflammatory things. I have a little evidence that he was there on at least one occasion.

    In the video here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86ZJYfyCRXc Wright says (at .12), “there is a man here who can take this country in a new direction.” He points to someone in the congregation, and I assume he is talking about and pointing to Obama. I cannot find the full sermon given on that day, but it appears to be the same day that Wright said Bill Clinton was “riding dirty.” I’m sure he said other nasty things on that day as well. I’m almost positive Obama was there because Wright refers to him in the audience.

    Once it can be shown that Obama was in fact in church during some of Wright’s disgusting sermons, the media will tear him apart for lying.

  31. I like the fact that 👿 had to fess up about Rezko on the same day he’s playing cover his ass with the press over his crazy ass, racist preacher.

    If 👿 were a type of dinosaur, he’d be Megasorass about now.

  32. okie
    again i don’t prescribe to paranormal philosophies but didn’t idunn say over a month ago thaT BAMBI WOULD have bad newsw around the 16th

  33. I think so, Tim, but I’d check with Idunn to be sure. I bet she is giddy with joy about now.

    I know I am. Hell, it was the only thing on talk radio on XM today.

  34. rjk1957

    the thought of that is funny but truthfully now is not the time to rub salt into the wound of BHO supporters. We are gong to need them to defeat McCain.

    As hard as it will be to avoid saying “we told you so” we need to let BHO supporters they are welcome here now.

    the best thing we can do is not stoop to the levels of the ardent BHO team

    I suspect that many leaves will fall from the BHO tree. Hillary and supporters need to be ready to rake them in.

  35. Well, just checking in for a moment. Saw some of the video of Obambi. Lies and all. How ludicrous that this man never heard any of this, particularly when the discussion of how to distance himself from the Reverend Wright is already know to have occurred over a year ago. I found many inconsistencies with Obambi’s remarks tonight, the story changed over the course of the interviews and, at least with Fox, it went from one incident he knew about (at the beginning) to possibly two or more (at the end). One thing that hit me immediately was on the Fox interview where he suggested that his Religious committee, of which Rev. Wright was given a role, was *very active around the nation* and he could not preclude his pastor from this. This is directly in opposition to what his campaign announced earlier today or yesterday. They specifically said that Rev. Wright had *no activities* with his position at all and that it was merely formal. The thing about a lie, you then have to lie to protect the lie. I will make sure the media becomes aware of these discrepancies. Another thing, he says that if he heard the Rev. say these things when he was in the pews, he would never continue to be a part of the church, but yet, even after he has heard these things for certain (just the past day or so of course wink wink) he has released a statement that says he will continue to be a part of this church. Bambi is in serious trouble here and he actually goes on to defend this anti-american, anti-semite, and generally crazy man as an educated, knowledgeable, and respectable man and leader. This is not a person that should be considered for POTUS, much less the Senate.

  36. okie
    i was ecstatic earlier but i fear that he is like rubber and a few days from now noone will remember

  37. MJ, I spent Xmas one year watching the documentary “The God Who Wasn’t There.” It finally convinced me I was actually an Atheist, not Agnostic.

  38. Kaffeen: I don’t want that guy, anywhere, close to the White House. What in the hell, were Dean, Kennedy, Kerry, Daschle, Pelosi, Brazile, et al., thinking? Obviously, they weren’t thinking.

  39. Thought I would dredge this one up…I sense a pattern here:

    The Caucus

    Less than two months after ascending to the United States Senate, Barack Obama bought more than $50,000 worth of stock in two speculative companies whose major investors included some of his biggest political donors.

    Barack Obama answering questions last weekend outside a church in Selma, Ala.

    One of the companies was a biotech concern that was starting to develop a drug to treat avian flu. In March 2005, two weeks after buying about $5,000 of its shares, Mr. Obama took the lead in a legislative push for more federal spending to battle the disease.

    The most recent financial disclosure form for Mr. Obama, an Illinois Democrat, also shows that he bought more than $50,000 in stock in a satellite communications business whose principal backers include four friends and donors who had raised more than $150,000 for his political committees.

    A spokesman for Mr. Obama, who is seeking his party’s presidential nomination in 2008, said yesterday that the senator did not know that he had invested in either company until fall 2005, when he learned of it and decided to sell the stocks. He sold them at a net loss of $13,000.

    The spokesman, Bill Burton, said Mr. Obama’s broker bought the stocks without consulting the senator, under the terms of a blind trust that was being set up for the senator at that time but was not finalized until several months after the investments were made.

    “He went about this process to avoid an actual or apparent conflict of interest, and he had no knowledge of the stocks he owned,” Mr. Burton said. “And when he realized that he didn’t have the level of blindness that he expected, he moved to terminate the trust.”

    Mr. Obama has made ethics a signature issue, and his quest for the presidency has benefited from the perception that he is unlike politicians who blend public and private interests. There is no evidence that any of his actions ended up benefiting either company during the roughly eight months that he owned the stocks.

    Even so, the stock purchases raise questions about how he could unwittingly come to invest in two relatively obscure companies, whose backers happen to include generous contributors to his political committees. Among those donors was Jared Abbruzzese, a New York businessman now at the center of an F.B.I. inquiry into public corruption in Albany, who had also contributed to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group that sought to undermine John Kerry’s Democratic presidential campaign in 2004.

    Mr. Obama, who declined to be interviewed about the stock deals, has already had to contend with a controversy that arose out of his reliance on a major campaign contributor in Chicago to help him in a personal financial transaction. In that earlier case, he acknowledged last year that it had been a mistake to involve the contributor, a developer who has since been indicted in an unrelated political scandal, in deals related to the Obamas’ purchase of a home.

    Senate ethics rules do not prohibit lawmakers from owning stocks — even in companies that do business with the federal government or could benefit from legislation they advance — and indeed other members of Congress have investments in government contractors. The rules say only that lawmakers should not take legislative actions whose primary purpose is to benefit themselves.

    Mr. Obama’s sale of his shares in the two companies ended what appears to have been a brief foray into highly speculative investing that stood out amid an otherwise conservative portfolio of mutual funds and cash accounts, a review of his Senate disclosure statements shows. He earned $2,000 on the biotech company, AVI BioPharma, and lost $15,000 on the satellite communications concern, Skyterra, according to Mr. Burton of the Obama campaign.

    Mr. Burton said the trust was different from qualified blind trusts that other senators commonly used, because it was intended to allow him greater flexibility to address any accusations of conflicts that might arise from its assets. He said Mr. Obama had decided to sell the stocks after receiving a communication that made him concerned about how the trust was set up.

    The investments came at a time when Mr. Obama was enjoying sudden financial success, following his victory at the polls in November 2004. He had signed a $1.9 million book deal, and his ethics disclosure reports show that he received $1.2 million of book money in 2005.

    His wife, Michelle, a hospital vice president in Chicago, received a promotion that March, nearly tripling her salary to $317,000, and they bought a $1.6 million house in June. The house sat on a large property that was subdivided to make it more affordable, and one of Mr. Obama’s political donors bought the adjacent lot.

    The disclosure forms show that the Obamas also placed several hundred thousand dollars in a new private-client account at JPMorgan Chase, a bond fund and a checking account at a Chicago bank.

  40. people are goin APE SHIT over these videos of mr wright, at u tube…


  41. Well, I’m not sure he can’t serve in the Senate. After all, we have plenty of crack pots with sorted history there, many of whom have endorsed Obama :oops:, but it strongly suggests not ready for prime time, not prepared for POTUS, and poor political judgement at the very least.

  42. Real good catch Ginseng. It must be Obama, sitting in the pews, Wright is referring to. This means Obama was at least there for the ugly attack on Bill Clinton.

    A lot of people will be doing this type of research.

  43. Per the Fort Worth (Texas) Star Telegram……I thought this man was on sabbatical? Anyway, I think the press should book some tickets to Fort Worth….

    Obama’s spiritual mentor rides into Fort Worth on tide of controversy
    Rev. Jeremiah Wright gives words of comfort to family and mourners at a funeral service for Roebuck Staples at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, in this Dec. 23, 2000, file photo. U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., on Friday, March 14, 2008, denounced inflammatory remarks from his pastor, who has railed against the United States and accused its leaders of bringing on the Sept. 11 attacks by spreading terrorism.

    We can get a close-up and personal look later this month at the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., an eloquent and sometimes controversial preacher and author who is pastor to Sen. Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

    Wright, who built Trinity United Church of Christ from a small group to a 6,000-member congregation, the largest in his denomination, will be in Fort Worth to speak at Texas Christian University’s Brite Divinity School. He will accept the Black Leadership Award offered by the divinity school during its “State of the Black Church” conference March 28-29.

    Wright was thrust into the spotlight Thursday evening after ABC News aired his comments in a 2003 sermon that blacks should sing “God d— America” instead of “God bless America.”

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday denounced Wright’s remarks.

    Brite, however, is pleased to honor him at the conference, Dean Nancy Ramsay said, citing his numerous contributions to the life of the black church and thus to the larger U.S. religious community. In recent years, he was a much-appreciated speaker at the annual Ministers Week sponsored by Brite, TCU and University Christian Church, she said in an e-mail Friday evening.

    “As with any of the speakers we invite, Brite does not necessarily agree with all of the views they express,” Ramsay said.

    The Chicago minister has gotten much attention and both praise and criticism since it became known he was Obama’s mentor and pastor. Obama revealed in the Chicago Tribune that the title of his 2006 book, The Audacity of Hope, was inspired by a 1988 sermon by Wright.

    In excerpts from that book that ran in Time magazine, Obama says that while attending Wright’s church, he recognized that he wasn’t required to suspend critical thinking or abandon the battle for social justice to become a Christian.

    “It was because of these newfound understandings … that I was able to walk down the aisle of Trinity United Church of Christ one day and be baptized,” he wrote.

    He continued: “The questions I had did not magically disappear. But kneeling beneath that cross on the South Side of Chicago, I felt God’s spirit beckoning me, I submitted myself to his will.”

    ‘Unashamedly black’

    Although hailed as a modern-day prophet by some, Wright, 66, has caught flak on conservative Web sites and on talk shows.

    Some participants on the Hannity & Colmes Fox News show March 1 asked whether he was a black separatist because he is a proponent of black liberation theology.

    Sharp questioning came about his church’s motto, “Unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian.”

    Wright said later on his Web site that his church welcomes people of all races while affirming the church’s African roots. He said many are ignorant of black liberation theology, which has been around for centuries but began being “systematized” in 1969.

    Lawrence H. Mamiya, professor of religion at Vassar College and co-author with C. Eric Lincoln of The Black Church in the African American Experience, defined black liberation theology as “an attempt to lift people out of despair” by reaffirming contributions of Africans and African-Americans.

    North Texas welcome

    Interviewed before the ABC News segment aired, local residents said plenty of people will be cheering Wright on when he comes to Fort Worth.

    “All those [criticisms] of Dr. Wright are just political statements,” said the Rev. Nehemiah Davis, a Fort Worth civil rights leader and pastor of Mount Pisgah Baptist Church. “People are trying to find flaws and say Obama is in the wrong kind of church.”

    The Rev. David Barber, pastor of First Congregational Church of Fort Worth, a United Church of Christ congregation, said his church uses a call to worship taken from Wright’s church, which begins, “Beautiful are the works of God! Beautiful are the skins of God’s people! Beautiful is the mind of God! Beautiful are the hopes of God’s people!”

    A Fort Worth activist minister, the Rev. Michael Bell, pastor of Greater St. Stephens First Church, said Wright gets backlash because he “speaks truth to power.” Bell added: “Dr. Wright is standing in the prophetic tradition of the African-American church by saying things that might be abrasive to some but are empowering to others.”

    Misunderstood ministry

    The Rev. Frederick D. Haynes calls Wright his mentor and spiritual father. Haynes, pastor of the 10,000-member Friendship West Baptist Church in southwest Dallas, says he appreciates Wright’s “phenomenal but misunderstood ministry.”

    Haynes said in e-mail that he regrets that Wright has been “demonized and politically misused,” because he has affirmed black heritage.

    “Dr. Wright is not a black racist. He is loving, courageous prophet,” he said.

  44. Tim,

    Atheist= no belief in god, devil, heaven, hell, etc.

    Agnostic= admits they do not know about the above leaving door open to belief.

  45. i am patting myself on the back right now. i got up i took a 45 minute bus ride several times this week and the last because i believe in sen clinton. i volunteered and i feel good right now as all of you should.

  46. Yes, he’s a loving man speaking truth to power, like that the government invented AIDS…seriously, where does this guy get off?

  47. The thing that’s so stunning about all of this is that it isn’t just a one-time comment by Reverend Wright. He’s clearly been saying these crazy things for YEARS. Why else would Obama acknowledge that he has a reputation for being outrageous, and why did Obama warn Wright that he would need to distance himself from the Reverend?

    And then tonight, Obama tried to have it both ways, by saying he’d never heard of these comments. That is simply unbelievable at this point.

  48. I thought the “Bill rode us dirty like monica lewinsky” was down right stupid. The AIDS diatribe was absolutely tin hat.

  49. WOW! Check out this story by a guy named Jim Davis from August of 2007. If it’s not the smoking gun, it’s at least smoldering a little. This guy attended Obama’s church when Obama was there. He outlines what he heard – and he even saw Obama “nodding in agreement” at what Wright was layin’ down.


  50. Can we just start calling 👿 “I’m only black when it’s convenient or I’m in church or losing elections” now?

  51. okie
    call me obnoxious but i think you fall into the second catagory. you have definately inspired me to do what i can for hillary. and if we look at our latin the word inspiration says alot.

  52. Obama never heard of these things, but yet…

    “If Barack gets past the primary, he might have to publicly distance himself from me,” Wright told The New York Times with a shrug. “I said it to Barack personally, and he said ‘yeah, that might have to happen.'”

  53. Just for the record, Bill never “rode”: Monica. And riding dirty means holding drugs to the best of my knowledge.

    The Right Reverend should stay out of 👿 stash….

  54. Kafeen wrote:

    Obama never heard of these things, but yet…

    “If Barack gets past the primary, he might have to publicly distance himself from me,” Wright told The New York Times with a shrug. “I said it to Barack personally, and he said ‘yeah, that might have to happen.’”
    This is a huge point. The question to Obama is, “why did you agree that you would need to distance yourself from Wright? What did you know that he had said that troubled you? Why didn’t you do the right thing, and speak about it sooner?”

  55. Ben,

    I think, with that article intro, you touch on something important. There are alot of witnesses to Obama being at the church. Witnesses to his appearances, what the Rev. Wright said during those times, and any discussions and personal accounts. I’m sure a few bucks will grease the memory of quite a few people.

  56. OkieAtty Says:

    March 15th, 2008 at 1:56 am
    Tim, I am undoubtedly Atheist and proud of it. I don’t even believe in a historical Christ.

    Really? Because that’s a pretty sure think even if you don’t believe he was divine.

  57. What surprised me in the footage of Wright was that the choir that was behind him looked a little freaked out when he was ranting about 9/11. They did not look that comfortable.

  58. hey anyone else here volunteer at phone banks?
    i’m asking because where i am they don’t ask people to sign in in and i have noticed a lot of people giving up thier lunch or taking the next bus home and i do not see them be acknowledged. a simple thankyou or a sign in sheet can mean a lot

  59. I know in my guts there isn’t a god, etc.. As for the case against the historical Christ, watch the video. There is a really good argument that Christ never existed.

  60. caucus results are in question. our senate district conventions are the 29th-it will be mad. of course if this wright story continues we should get lots of delegates to flip

  61. hi hillfans. mj, the wife is feeling better. thank you. i was able to make one comment at work real quick earlier.

  62. mj, not arguing. You are entitled to your beliefs. Just so long as they’re not bat shit nutty like the Right Reverend. 😉

  63. okie
    even if you are an atheist(I prob am too) i am still gonna write in okieatty if hill is not nom. ps does that stand for oklahoma attorney?

  64. I’m reposting this for anyone who didn’t see all of Obama’s interviews tonight. It’s just my brief take on them. There’s some inconsistencies. Major Garrett forced him to change his story when he asked: “If you knew about these statements after you starting running for President, why did you keep him with your campaign?”

    1. In his first interview with KO he says he didn’t become aware of these statements until he started his Presidential run, pretty much what he said on HuffPo.
    2. Then on Fox in response to Garrett he says he heard “1 or 2” after he started his presidential run but not enough to get rid of him. He said he never heard the most recent stuff until these tapes started going around.
    3. On CNN, he pretty gave the Fox version, except Anderson Cooper got him to admit that he listened to tapes of Wrights sermons while he was at Harvard Law School.

  65. Here’s the thing, Obama’s entire political image is wrapped up in a post-racial version of this guy. How can you distance yourself from that?

  66. The media hasn’t gotten around to it yet, but soon there will be other implications here. Regardless of how this shakes out here in America, there will be some varying perceptions around the world. The question becomes then, how will terrorist nations and terrorist cells perceive the relationships and identity of Obama? Is he a sympathetic figure? Will this affect their views and or actions toward America, its allies, and Obama? In the end, these inflammatory comments of anti-Americanism, antisemitism, and anti-white rhetoric will greatly affect his credibility as a potential commander and chief.

  67. okie, just curious, if I ever get called as a witness in a trial do I “have” to say “so help me god”?

  68. Tim, yes, I am in Oklahoma. Norman actually.

    MJ, I thought so, too, bc that’s the accepted line until I watched the DVD and went back to my religious philosophy stuff. Weird, but that’s how I see it.

    Bill Maher is on repeats right now. He’s making my gyro churn in my gut. Blech.

  69. # mj Says:
    March 15th, 2008 at 2:07 am

    Here’s the thing, Obama’s entire political image is wrapped up in a post-racial version of this guy. How can you distance yourself from that?

    Great question, mj.

  70. # HillBillyLover Says:
    March 15th, 2008 at 2:00 am

    What surprised me in the footage of Wright was that the choir that was behind him looked a little freaked out when he was ranting about 9/11. They did not look that comfortable.

    Yeah, do you remember where you were and how you felt, five days after 9/11? It just seems pretty hateful to say what Wright said, and I just don’t believe all of that congregation felt that way.

  71. He’s so stupid. He thinks Obama, worlds safest politican, who has basically never taken a stand on anything, will legalize marijuana because he was caught on tape some years back saying we should decriminalize. Obama would never in a million years try to do that.

  72. Debbie, usually you just say “I do.” Here in OK, the judge says “do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?” No mention of God.

  73. Maher is stupid for so many reasons. I don’t think his support of 👿 is just the drug thing- he also like the sistahs.

  74. Okie, he didn’t seem to support him until that point. The week that tape came out(and believe me, that was just pandering, nothing Obama would touch as POTUS)he endorsed Obama.

  75. Well, it will be interesting to watch the polls. If the world is still sane, I would expect to see evidence that Bambi is losing support, and losing it from the AA community too.

  76. terrondt: I believe, this situation is very bad for the democrats, including, Hillary. It may stop his momentum, but I don’t know, how much it will help Hillary.

  77. terrondt Says:

    March 15th, 2008 at 2:14 am
    hillfans, i wonder will this really give hillary an opening or at least stop his momentum.

    He doesn’t really have momentum, at this moment.

  78. If I were Hillary I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole. as far as momentum..as long as BHO has to answer these question he’ll be off message and that clearly will affect his momentum.

  79. I should remind others that far less has crippled a candidate irrevocably. I firmly believe this is the beginning of the end for Bambi. It seems like it takes a few weeks after something catastrophic for the reality to set in, but it comes and they go.

  80. Someone had a good point about taking children to these sermons.

    Let’s have some Black person sneak a camera into a Sunday service and photograph children in the audience, preferably when Wright is saying offensive things. If they were MIchelle’s children, so much the better; but just showing that it’s common to have children in the audience would be very good.

  81. @birdgal, I guess we see what has happened a little differently. I think BHO is TOAST, and we’re watching his campaign implode. This Wright business is not going away.

  82. Hillary just needs to keep getting her message out, attending parades, rallies, and to stay away from this situation with a 1000ft pole. This has nothing to do with her, besides being bashed (once again) by Wright. He should apologize to her, but that ain’t going to happen. She needs to stay on the issues, and not get into this cesspool.

  83. Independent: I am looking at the worst case scenario. I think, he is TOAST, and has lost all credibility he might have had, as POTUS. Another board that I frequent, some of the Obamabots are sad about this. I actually, feel bad for them. It is a sad and troubling situation on so many different fronts.

  84. Ever heard of the one-two punch?

    one-two punch
    1. A combination of two blows delivered in rapid succession in boxing, especially a left lead followed by a right cross.
    2. Informal An especially forceful or effective combination or sequence of two things.

    In politics, and for Obambi, that would be Wright-Rezko.

  85. unfortunately i have this memory— i was in ronknkama on sept 11 in a house with several persons who were living in a half way house when the planes struck and i heard them yelling and giggling as people jumped out of the inferno. i,at the time lived in manhattan, and i tried then as i do know to comprehend how they felt. but i cannot. and in a way i feel guilt. it was live it was happenning and they were laughing. that was 7 years ago and i attempted to justify what i witnessed that day to shock but hearing the wright statements brings it all up again. and this time i do not want to intellectualize my feelings. i am pissed off.

  86. mj, it’s definitely sad – but it’s better that this happen now. Seriously, I think Obama is going to lose support from the AA community as well. I’m sure many won’t enjoy hearing “God damn america” the AIDS stuff, etc.
    Think of it this way – if he goes down over this, then I think Hillary can put the party back together much easier.

  87. I think I’ll watch The View Monday and see if Whoopi or Hasselbeck has anything to say about it. It should be an interesting exchange if they do.

  88. # 1950democrat Says:
    March 15th, 2008 at 2:18 am

    Someone had a good point about taking children to these sermons.

    Let’s have some Black person sneak a camera into a Sunday service and photograph children in the audience, preferably when Wright is saying offensive things. If they were MIchelle’s children, so much the better; but just showing that it’s common to have children in the audience would be very good.


  89. Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said Friday that he got more political money from indicted Chicago businessman Antoin “Tony” Rezko than he has previously acknowledged.

    See, now you just don’t know what is truth and what is lies (about any subject). What is he holding back? Where does it end?

  90. well whether or not wright has retired the church is still selling his tapes and those tapes on at least one occasion violate irs rules and should thus lose status as tax exempt

  91. If Obambi is not out of the race by the next debate, I just hope he tries to bring up any argument about “judgment”. That will be a great lead.

  92. Agreed, birdgal. Hillary should just keep doing what she’s doing and keep fighting for real change.

    This is Obama’s problem and he needs to answer a lot of questions.

  93. kaffeen, somebody will pick up this story about one of the earmarks he just released. The one with the earmark to MO’s hospital, and then her salary suddenly triples.

  94. This is the thing – this is hackneyed, sixties, black liberation, “white women are pamperped bitches” rhetoric. We children of the sixties, who paid attention to the Black Panthers and other such groups, have heard it before. I was guilt tripped with it at 15 at a rock festival and saved myself by being able to pull out a copy of Soul On Ice out of my purse. You can’t guilt trip me or impress with it now. And it’s not believable that someone indulging in this ridiculously racist, misogynist cant only does it on an occasion like Christmas morning. How bizarre to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace (whom he believes to be black) by complaining that Hillary Clinton has never been called a n****r.

    His rhetoric is so shocking in this video that if it really was unusual, people would be responding as if they were shocked. That’s not happening. It would have been the talk of the congregation for weeks. There’d be plenty of documentation that this was way out of line. None of that exists.

    So, we have two things – hackneyed sixties rhetoric, and a Christmas morning, bizarrely nonplussed congregation. The odds that this wasn’t standard rhetoric are pretty low. I want to know how often this guy uses the N word at church in front of kids. Weird.

  95. Well, don’t assume just yet, Ben. The folks at stop-Obama think the press will gloss over this.

    Tim, that’s a devastating story. But I remember something somewhat similar but not remotely as horriffic. I was in middle school when the Space Challenger(I think that’s what it was called, with Christine McCaullife) exploded. We were watching it live on tv in the classroom, and several kids made crass jokes about the teachers dying. Sometimes in the moment of the worst disasters people do odd things.

  96. I think we can leave the children thing alone. I think it would clearly be a case of exploiting kids and that is way beneath us.

    We don’t have to prove anything at this point

    BHO is trying to find a life preserver as t is.

  97. I plan on sending out that earmark story on Monday to over 2000 media contacts. I’m waiting until the next business week and news cycle to begin.

  98. Agreed, Rezko will drip-drip-drip while this Wright story shocks people all over the country. I think the vetting of Obama is going to begin in a serious way now (FINALLY!) and the rats will flee the ship.

  99. mj Says:
    March 15th, 2008 at 2:31 am

    Well, don’t assume just yet, Ben. The folks at stop-Obama think the press will gloss over this.

    Heh, we’ll see. I think a lot of damage has aleady been done, regardless of the media does now.

  100. The MSM is sure giving BO lots and lots of airtime to explain and distance himself from Wright. CNN, MSNBC, even Fox.

    All day long, Yahơo has had the same headline on the frontpage: “Obama denounces pastor’s 9/11 comments”

    Did they extend HRC the same courtesy when the guy from NH made his unfortunate remarks?

  101. Folks, Obama’s interviews tonite didn’t really sell anyone. I mean, there was not a single pundit who said, “well, I guess Obama knocked this out of the park.” He’s got a HUGE problem.

    But I agree with what Hillary is doing. She’ll just stay on message, which is what she does best. She’s got a trip scheduled to go to Indiana, where I think she can do well . . .

  102. Obama will stay in the race. His ego is too big and he and his supporters that believe that the MSM is their friend will hope that the MSM is satisfied with his answers.

    It will be interesting to see if this is reflected in the polls in the next several days. I hope that they release a new poll o PA and one for NC.

    **1950democrat: That comment wasn’t cool about sneaking cameras into the church to see if they have children in the congregation. We don’t have to do that.

    **I think that the right wing radio shows on Monday will have an even more intense drumbeat on Monday.

    Even if the media still tanks for him, I think that those clips have been played so much that they are in the consciousness of people. Judement and trust should be issues of dobut raised by the voters.

  103. I just want you guys to know that for consistency sake, I don’t think BO should take the fall for Wright’s comments. I believe that unless it came straight from one’s own mouth, one shouldn’t have to denounce or apologize for the words of another.


  104. mj
    i have tried to convince myself for years that i witnessed only a response to something unimaginable- but they laughed and cheered and it was all about the white man. these guys were right out of prison living in a half way house in an affluent suburb every time they walked out the door they were scrutinized. do i understand thier anger –no. my point was that i tried and i tried hard and now i hear wright and all of the emotions i contained then come to the surface. i dont want to feel as ugly as i do right now but i guess its something i have to recognize and deal with.

  105. Tim, this is not good. That man does not represent african american thought, as you should well know from Hill’s supporters here. Please do not generalize. This is not the way we will ever reunite our Party.

  106. filbertsf
    2000 dollars last year contributed to wright. i think that is a testament to his acknowledgement

  107. i think it is ironic obama is getting much heat from this crazy wright guy than the rezko trial. maybe becuase the general public understand(the pastor problem)it more?

  108. Hillary should do well in IN. The economy has sucked there for a very long time. I have tons of family there and they hate Bush and his economic policies. To riff on Maxine Waters- the don’t need hope- they need help.

  109. filbertsf

    but what does come “straight” from BHO’s mouth?? Is he original about anything!!

    Just words???
    Okie dokie??

    bet he even copied his thesis

    BHO copies everything..why wouldn’t he duplicate the beliefs of his mentor, pastor, advisor??

    he should be accountable for his chosen associations!

  110. filbertsf,

    It’s not just Wright’s comments, it’s the HATRED this man preaches. I mean, watching the clip I felt it “physically.” It’s Obama’s 20 years of attending this church, contributing. The message from Wright is pretty divisive, so how does that line up with Obama’s message and, again, his “judgment”

    Wright’s message just scares the Hell out of a LOT of Americans . . .

  111. as an african-american i find the excuses of black journalists on the o’rielly factor a disgrace. they practically agreed with wright!!!

  112. timj, you won’t find defending that baffơon. I’m sure that Obama sat through one of those sermons and shơok his head along with the other parishioners as Wright railed against white America.

    But if the media is talking about denouncing Wrights comments instead of focusing on whether Obama himself subscribes to such ideas. I’m pretty sure he does. You don’t call someone your “spiritual father” unless you yourself are in some agrêement with his religiosity.

    The MSM gave BO the entire day to explain himself. Do they ever give HRC equal time?

  113. filbertf,

    It’s a matter of judgement. This is who he chose to associate with and regard as a spiritual mentor for twenty years. this is who he chose to marry him and Michelle and to baptize his children. If a white person belonged to a church this virulently racist, it would never be tolerated for a second – nor should it be. And this is no different than belonging to a church that opposes civil rights for African Americans.

    if you want to be president, you have to have some standards about where you put your allegiances. You’re asking the nation to trust you, and who you admire will have a necessary impact on that decision.

    As for the children thing, I do think it’s more than fair to ask if he ever exposed his children to this man’s teachings. This guy is a tremendous racist, and most adults would protect their kids from that kind of influence. If Obama didn’t protect his children, then I can only conclude that he finds Reverend Wright’s teachings appropriate for children and therefore, wholesome and edifying. And when we know the answer to that, we’ll know the truth of how Obama actually felt about the guy.

  114. timcain, i don’t give this punk obama ONE DAMN INCH. i fault him for injecting race, slander, and garbage against hillary for a year. this guy is a lowlife. no defending obama here from me. F#CK HIM.

  115. mj
    i agree
    yet i had to remember that day. never easy. and i honestly hope that i am not perpetuating anything negative with regardas to race. i would say i have friends but that would be the worst cliche.

  116. filbertsf,

    The problem is, not many people are believing Obama’s story that he only heard 1 or 2 of these comments, just after he started running for president, but it wasn’t enough to get rid of Wright. He says he never heard the new statements until they were recently circulated in the media. I mean, it just doesn’t have any credibility. 20 years of attending Wright’s church and he never heard anything like? Sheesh.

  117. The biggest prob with Wright is that his anti-Americanism falls in line with Ayers, and the other folks who have terrorist ties and part of 👿 ‘s circle. Folks are uncomfortable with racism, but 👿 is black. It’s part of the discussion always. Anti-US sentiments aren’t acceptable in regards to POTUS and CiC. 👿 seems to have lots of these folks in his circle. More than most folks by far, and in a post 9-11 world, that’s a giant liability and red flag.

  118. PS- toss in MO’s prior shame comments and the whole thing is compounded. Plus it rips open that recent wound.

  119. OkieAtty

    I think this has become such a fire storm because of the video clips. Seeing is believing I guess. Plus no one really wants to admit it, but we Americans tend to like seeing the holier than thou types crash and burn.

  120. I got this post from a site that I visit.
    You know, I’ve been an Obama supporter from the beginning, but after he released his statement regarding the words of his Pastor, I can no longer give him the support I’ve been giving him. Obama says he wasn’t there to listen to any of those sermons, but he has attended that church for two decades now. Don’t tell me he NEVER heard this type of speech brought up before. So was Obama only there for the “Audacity of hope” sermons and not the “Blacks should condemn the USA” sermons? I’m sorry, but I’m not basing this decision off of Rev. Wright’s words b/c I have heard worse from both him and others. It’s more that Obama has campaigned as this agent of change. And while I never thought he was going to change the way the political game is run (let’s face it, the same techniques have been in place for thousands of years. It’s ludicrous to believe that Obama was going to suddenly undo all of that), I gave him the benefit of the doubt. And I believed him.

    I just don’t see how Obama has known this man for longer than I’ve been alive, has attended this church for almost as long as I’ve been alive, and has cherry-picked the sermons he was present for. Did he NEVER have discussions about sermons he missed with ANYBODY? His wife? Friends? Congregation members?

    Call me ignorant if you want, but I’m very open to discussing this with anyone.

  121. I think the majority of white people in the Democratic Party are pretty sensitive to matters of race. But when we/they encounter the hatred coming out of someone like Wright, it’s pretty much human nature to draw back. And then you have BHO who is associated with this.

  122. rjk1957 Says:

    March 15th, 2008 at 2:58 am
    I know that I am sure enjoying it.

    So am I. I’m savoring the moment.

    Although I must admit that in California, issues of patriotism and pastors going off on America doesn’t strike us the same way it would in miđdle America. It just doesn’t.

    I’m sure people in Indiana, TX, and other red states are wringing their fists, but here… it’s not that big of a deal.

    But, I do love it when Obama is on the hot seat.

  123. # terrondt Says:
    March 15th, 2008 at 2:49 am

    as an african-american i find the excuses of black journalists on the o’rielly factor a disgrace. they practically agreed with wright!!!****************

    Hear, Hear Terrondt. They are soooo in the t ank for Bambi. They know that this is bad so they were trying to help him by throwing him lifelines. I don’t think that is going to fly. Most people are smarter than the media gives them credit for. Even the Obama supporters responded to studies and said that Clinton received worse coverage. This is a simple matter to the voter, hate vs love, patriotism, hate speech, bigotry…they will get this.

  124. well what truly sucks is that i feel like i cannot teach people to read or fill out an application.

  125. tiburones, this is HUGE. We’ve seen how intense Obamabots are, and to hear somone turned around like that. Obama’s been damaged big time, regardless of how the media tries to spin it.

  126. Hi everyone…I think there was a segment on CNN today with Keira Knightly (?) where she is interviewing soldiers in Iraq and asking their presidential choice…and I have heard they picked Hillary…

    …if anyone can finds that clip and could post it…that would be great for us to send around…

  127. this news will die down, but BHO will never be able again to face any audience without wearing this ugly badge on his lapel, the lapel where he won’t display the flag of the USA

    Americans do not forget shock.

    I know exactly where I was on the morning of 9/11, the day of JFK assasination, Diana death, Katrina, and I will remember the days when a hopeful young Senator from Illinois falls from grace.

  128. Over at ABCnews.coms I was having a blast reading the comments on Jake Tappers story about Wright. Hell, it’s like the world came to an end for the bots. LOL.

  129. filbertsf,

    Trust me. I’m an old Reagan Democrat and a retired Navy veteran, who was brought back to the party by Bill Clinton. This is about a general election that we must win – and the Obama-Wright connection WILL NOT play well in mainstream America.

  130. She was the Philadelphia Flyers good luck charm for years and was even in the Flyers victory parade in 1974 when over 1 million people jammed the parade route. Unheard of for that time.

  131. Ben, I’m sure this is not playing well in mainstream America. I have bêen told California is not the norm. I experienced that in TX. So many people called and complained about Obama not putting his hand over his heart while the National Anthem was sung. People called about Obama not having the American flag pin on him, etc. These were Hillary supporters and when I was listening to them go on and on, I couldn’t help but think, “So what?”

    I knew then that life in Cali is not mainstream.

  132. By the way, it’s not that Californians aren’t patriot or that we don’t love America — we do — we just fêel it inside and express it differently than flag-draping Americans who value symbols.

  133. filbertsf
    Although I must admit that in California, issues of patriotism and pastors going off on America doesn’t strike us the same way it would in miđdle America. It just doesn’t.

    I’m sure people in Indiana, TX, and other red states are wringing their fists, but here… it’s not that big of a deal.

    dang I wish you hadn’t said that because I’ve lived in CA for over 35 years and it is a big deal too me. I know you are speaking in generalities, but CA is not as thick skinned about things like this as you imply. For those that don’t know…CA is located on the far west coast of contnental US…not some other planet.

  134. I wonder if Obama’s speechwriters will force Michelle to utter different words.


    “Michelle Obama said Monday in Houston that her husband’s core values and sense of mission will restore leadership to the White House and hope for the American people.”

    Now that everyone understands how central Wright is to Obama’s system of core values, I imagine they do not believe he will restore leadership in the White House. But then again, Michelle does not love her country, and perhaps this is the leadership the unpatriotic parvenu seeks.

  135. To me, issues of national security are pretty important, and it’s something that Democrats need to learn to deal with . . . because they always seems to lose damn general elections to repugs on that issue. That’s one of the first things that really attracted me to Hillary. She went into the Senate, got herself on the Armed Services Committe, put her head down, and “earned” the respect of the military. They will all say that she really listens, understands and cares about military issues. As a woman, Hillary knew that she had work extra hard to prove that she had commander-in-chief credentials.

    Oh well, I starting to truly “believe” that Hillary will be 44.

  136. debbie, I am speaking in generalities. I speak as someone who grew up in So. Cal and spent a great deal of my life in the Bay Area.

    Miđdle Cali and Orange County are conservative and may have a little different perspective than what I have experienced being a native California.

    Where about are you?

  137. http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474977284763

    the radical right remains unconvinced.

    Sitting here watching Anderson Cooper on CNN. Watched in shock as Barrack Obama lying to the nation about Jeremiah Wright. He stated on air that in 20 years of listening to Reverend Wright, in having Jeremiah Wright as a mentor and close friend, he was unaware of his controversial bigoted, racist hate speeches. Further, he REFUSED to condemn the man, refuse to SEVER all ties with him. In fact, in his interview he described Jeremiah Wright as a GREAT preacher, reknowned in the United States, a respected and honorable man…uhhhhhhh….talk about POOR JUDGEMENT, talk about false witness.


    1. Obama served on a nationally known committee with Jeremiah Wright.

    2. Obama spent time in this mans house, considered him a MENTOR.

    3. Spent over 20 years listening to this man preach.

    4. Audacity of Hope was based on one of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons.

    5. The Obama’s were married by Jeremiah Wright-which would have entailed private pre-marriage counsel.

    6. The Obama’s children were Baptised by Jeremiah Wright.

    7. The Obama’s have allowed their children to listen to the bigoted, racist hate speech of Jeremiah Wright.

    Yet, Barrack Obama came before America tonight and claimed ignorance…with all due respect, Mr. Obama, you can add LIAR to your list of talents.

  138. the radical right remains unconvinced.


    Sitting here watching Anderson Cooper on CNN. Watched in shock as Barrack Obama lying to the nation about Jeremiah Wright. He stated on air that in 20 years of listening to Reverend Wright, in having Jeremiah Wright as a mentor and close friend, he was unaware of his controversial bigoted, racist hate speeches. Further, he REFUSED to condemn the man, refuse to SEVER all ties with him. In fact, in his interview he described Jeremiah Wright as a GREAT preacher, reknowned in the United States, a respected and honorable man…uhhhhhhh….talk about POOR JUDGEMENT, talk about false witness.


    1. Obama served on a nationally known committee with Jeremiah Wright.

    2. Obama spent time in this mans house, considered him a MENTOR.

    3. Spent over 20 years listening to this man preach.

    4. Audacity of Hope was based on one of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons.

    5. The Obama’s were married by Jeremiah Wright-which would have entailed private pre-marriage counsel.

    6. The Obama’s children were Baptised by Jeremiah Wright.

    7. The Obama’s have allowed their children to listen to the bigoted, racist hate speech of Jeremiah Wright.

    Yet, Barrack Obama came before America tonight and claimed ignorance…with all due respect, Mr. Obama, you can add LIAR to your list of talents.

  139. filbertsf,

    Well, I wasn’t affected that much by the “Obama’s not a patriot,” stuff, but I guess you can see that resonates with quite a few folks. There’s more serious stuff about Obama that worried me – but not everybody follows the case as closely as much as we do.

  140. Michelle Obama mentioned Jeremiah Wright on the campaign trail in Mississippi

    I quote New Yorker

    arlier on the day that Obama visited the nursery school, she addressed a congregation at the Pee Dee Union Baptist Church, in Cheraw, a hamlet of about six thousand known as “The Prettiest Town in Dixie.” The church’s makeshift gravel parking lot, next to the Pee Dee Ice and Fuel Company and bounded by train tracks, was full. After an invocation by the Reverend Jerry Corbett and an introduction by the mayor of Cheraw, Obama came to the pulpit. “You all got up bright and early just for me?” she asked the mostly elderly, almost all-black crowd. “Yes!” they roared. Obama continued, “On behalf of my church home and my pastor, Reverend Wright, I bring greetings.”


  141. Obama begins with a broad assessment of life in America in 2008, and life is not good: we’re a divided country, we’re a country that is “just downright mean,” we are “guided by fear,” we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents. “We have become a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day,” she said, as heads bobbed in the pews. “Folks are just jammed up, and it’s gotten worse over my lifetime. And, doggone it, I’m young. Forty-four!”

    jeremiah wright is her inspiration

    and david axelrod orchestrated this specifically for black audiences, especially in south carolina, where michelle was dropping the race card wherever she went.

    In South Carolina in particular, because she had family from there, it made a lot of sense for her to speak in the African-American community,” David Axelrod said.

  142. I’m in Southern California now, and in one sense, perhaps the patriotism stuff isn’t as potent here amongst the younger generation in LA or perhaps anywhere, but hearing that the govt created AIDS or that America “nuked” its own people during 9-11 is pretty shocking. Hillary ain’t been a n***** too.

    The only thing that bugs me at least with some of the people I went to a b-day party tonight in LA is that no one’s reading or watching the news – out of 20 or more people tonight, no one knew about the whole Wright thing – but hopefully, it will reach critical mass this weekend and early next week.

    I think so many of us are cynical about the MSM…at least I worry that it’ll somehow be shoved under the rug, and we’ll be back to jumping up and down trying to get attention from the MSM. Hopefully, the cat is out of the bag for good, and this will be vindication for all of our work and stress. I hope so.

  143. I think the genie is out of the bottle now. It can’t possibly be shoved back in. The only thing I’m afraid of is now there might be attacks on Hillary to try to deflect attention. I don’t think it will get him elected but I do think he might try to take Hillary down with him.

  144. Obama was present when Jeremiah Wright discussed “white arrogance” and “the United States of white America.”


  145. What I cant believe is that olbermann teared hillary for about 9 minutes on his show! Then he invites obama and ask him simple questions and really just to let obama get out the mess he is in! I will contact the show tomorrow and blow fire at MSNBC!

  146. Well, I don’t know why I’m up at 2:00 am, but Fox is now pushing a story that Hillary exaggerated her role in getting the Children’s healthcare bill out there and Orin Hatch and Big Blowfish Kennedy are the ones commenting on it. Garbage. I guess they figure Obama is a dead man walking so it is time to starting taking Clinton on.

  147. *HillBillyLover: here’s the campaign’s response….


    Fact Check: Hillary and SCHIP

    Individuals who oppose Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president but previously lauded her role in helping create SCHIP, are now belittling her involvement.

    Earlier, her role was very clear. From an October 6, 2007 Associated Press article:

    The effort was revived, with Kennedy, Hatch and a coalition of advocacy groups ranging from the Children’s Defense Fund to the Girl Scouts lobbying hard. Kennedy made a special appeal to the first lady, who added her pressure anew.

    “The children’s health program wouldn’t be in existence today if we didn’t have Hillary pushing for it from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue,” Kennedy told The Associated Press.

    President Clinton signed the bill in August 1997.

    While Kennedy is widely viewed as the driving force behind the program, by all accounts the former first lady’s pressure was crucial.

    “She wasn’t a legislator, she didn’t write the law, and she wasn’t the president, so she didn’t make the decisions,” says Nick Littlefield, then a senior health adviser to Kennedy.

    “But we relied on her, worked with her and she was pivotal in encouraging the White House to do it.”

    From an August 11, 2000, New York Times article:

    Among her other accomplishments, Mrs. Clinton said she helped to initiate and promote the Children’s Health Insurance Program, created by Congress in 1997 to provide $24 billion over five years to states to insure children.

    “She was a one-woman army inside the White House to get this done,” Mr. Littlefield of the Health, Education and Labor Committee said. He said that he and Senator Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who was the major force behind the bill, enlisted Mrs. Clinton’s help in the spring of 1997 when the president became “skittish” about the program. Mr. Littlefield said the Senate majority leader, Trent Lott, was threatening that it was a “deal buster” on the balanced budget agreement that he and Mr. Clinton had reached.

    “At that point we went to Mrs. Clinton and said, ‘You’ve got to get the president to come around on this thing,’ ” Mr. Littlefield said. “And she said, ‘Absolutely.’ And we very quickly noticed a change. The president was very much on board.”

    3/14/2008 9:49:15 AM #

  148. HERE’S THE THING———–


  149. Sandy1938, it was always a question of timing.

    Big Media eventually would have examined Obama but only after he became the nominee.

    For Hillary the problem was that she could not “go negative” on Obama while there were other candidates in the race because it hurt her and benefit the other candidate (witness South Carolina and John Edwards doing well).

    That’s why the entire Obama strategy was to knock Hillary off the ballot because he could not survive a long term fight. Even after NH Obama tried to create “momentum”. Again and again the Obama campaign tried to get Hillary out after every election win or near win.

    Big Media thought they could get their tool to knock Hillary off then they would finish off Obama easily. Things did not work out that way.

    Hillary proved “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.”

  150. @admin,

    That sure sounds right to me. What we’ve been seeing is a classic David Axelrod campaign – which is apparent to those that know him. It’s a passive/aggressive campaign meant to challenge a front runner (caucus strategy), with the candidate shouting change and remaining above the fray, while his surrogates play a mean and dirty game on the ground.

    Gerry Ferraro knows Axelrod, and was trying to explain exactly what he was doing. It also involves manipulating the media, which succeeded. Hillary managed to break the media’s obsession with her, and begin to scrutinize Obama.

  151. admin@6:23: I never would have believed it if someone told me…but now that I have seen it with my own eyes, I find it quite disturbing

  152. Obama is a liar:
    Obama’s Church: Cauldron of Division
    Jim Davis
    Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007
    Presidential candidate Barack Obama preaches on the campaign trail that America needs a new consensus based on faith and bipartisanship, yet he continues to attend a controversial Chicago church whose pastor routinely refers to “white arrogance” and “the United States of White America.”
    In fact, Obama was in attendance at the church when these statements were made on July 22.


  153. I don’t agree that “God Bless America” should become a part of Hillary’s campaign events. Not if it would be done by the campaign. The media in the tank for Obama would find a way to slam her for it calling it a cheap trick or something worse.

    I believe that people should agree to begin singing it “spontaneously” as she is being announced. Some supporter should be willing to pass out copies of the words for those who don’t remember them. If this could be picked up by the public and done at each event, it could be very effective. (I admit I don’t know how to organize a spontaneous activity).

    I also believe people should hand write the words “God Bless America” on the hand held Hillary signs. In fact, the God Bless America theme should be continued throughout her GE campaign.


  154. Obama has “The Wright Stuff”.

    I like that, and I picked it up on MYDD in a comment by someone named Universal.

  155. Several Weeks ago I wrote about how the Allies fooled the German coastal Defenses in yhe OMAHA BEACH LANDINGS during WWII.The phoney paratroop drop at another location really fooled the enemy.These phony lures,were Fully clad dummies,made up to resemble GI’s fresh out of Fort BENNING.Th germans called them”GUMMI PUPPEN “.A name I will never forget and to this day at age 90,I still get a laugh.WELL folks Since DAY ONE of BHO,campaign,He brings that title to mind.Last nite on the MSM,I had to laugh.He truly is a “GUMMI PUPPEN”. HE could have been a credit and an idol of pride to his followers.He who lives by deception will fall by greed and uncontrolled ambition.His time will still come,when he cleans his agenda and bathes in truth.He can and will be a great leader of his race and could also become an honest inspiration for all.

  156. ABM90

    what an inspiration you are. i cannot tell you how much respect and admiration i have for those of you who fought in WW2. what a time it must have been. my dad is a veteran of the war, also. navy south pacific.

    i often think of hillary having the capacity of becoming the next great president. the FDR of the 21st century.

    thanks again, ABM

  157. everytime a white american looks at Barack Obama .. they will see Mr. Wright GodDamning America and preaching that big chip he and the Obama’s carry on their shoulders. The damage is done.

    His message of hope and change…it was phoney and he’s been called on it.

  158. We all know that BO is lying and back tracking about JW and running away from pastor gate. How do we go about proving this? As usual the BM is trying to give him a free pass. Repubs love to run agaist this guy because they know they can totally destroy him. BO has already bamboozled and hoodwinked the voters in the primaries and caucuses. It is the super delegates and the the delegates at the county and state caucuses that should be made to understand the disaster in making BO the nominee.

  159. (From ABCNews Interview by Keith Olberman)

    He said Wright represents the older generation of African Americas “that came of age in the ’60s — an African American man who because of his life experience continues to have anger and frustration,” and that Obama’s own generation is different, the generation that benefits from Wright’s generation’s struggle.

    me: Okay, blame it on old age.

    “I wasn’t in church during the time that these statement were made,” Obama said. “I did not hear such incendiary language myself, personally. Either in conversations with him or when I was in the pew, he always preached the social gospel.”

    me: How do you not know what’s going on in your own church? You do potlucks, social events, events with the children, and helping out the poor and needy with physical things. I would think that Wright would have asked Obama to be a deacon given his resources and abilities to get things done.

    “As he’s about to retire, I have no intention of leaving the church itself,” Obama said.

    So most of the other parishioners were happy with Wright said. The other associate pastors, deacons and their spouses were happy with what Wright said. And you want your children in this toxic environment?

    Our family has quit a church before. It’s hard as you lose social contacts and traditions. What is holding Obama to this church?

    I noticed that Texas Christian University is honoring Wright and that they say that he is misunderstood. I don’t really understand Wright’s overall church organization and I don’t know much about Texas Christian University but it’s kind of shocking that a large religious organization that receives public monies (my assumption) would endorse his hate speech.

  160. Readers of Frantz Fanon and Stuart Hall will understand. Those who understand Spike Lee’s film will immediately understand the significance of this short and somewhat cryptic diary.


    A Caucasian male named David Axelrod mobilizes identifications and votes within the African-American community for the African-American candidate whose representations and actions he coordinates, manufactures and controls. Who is the bamboozler, and who are the bamboozled?

  161. WOW! Check out this story by a guy named Jim Davis from August of 2007. If it’s not the smoking gun, it’s at least smoldering a little. This guy attended Obama’s church when Obama was there. He outlines what he heard – and he even saw Obama “nodding in agreement” at what Wright was layin’ down.


    Independent – that article needs to be mailed/emailed to all the major media outlets. They are going to be digging now and this is a good piece of evidence.

  162. BO went on FoxNews and lied his ass off when he should had told the truth now Sean Hannity and Fox will play his lies over and over again for their audience and the other MSM will pick it up too.

    The Repugs are NOT Hillary friends they are trying to knock her out so stiff McCain would look like the only option. Ted Kennedy ego is so large he would rather BRING the Clintons down then help the DEMS win the White House because…underneath it all these boys doesn’t want a girl to lead the country.

    Their is no doubt in my mind that Obama is TOAST, now the dems can still nominate him but the Repugs will rejoice in that decision and say the dems are controled by the HARD LEFT who are ANTI-AMERICAN and hate the military, even in war when we are defending our National Security.

    The DEMS are HYPOCRITS because they are always telling the south how to hold and run elections but they are willing to disenfranchise 2.5 million voters to elect this HARD LEFT ANTI-AMERICAN OBAMA.

    Howard Dean is an IDIOT and A FOOL. CNN and MESSNBC/NBC are nothing but PROPAGANDIST for THE PARTY ELITE. No way should the MSM be abdicating they role in this mess. Just outrageous how they will try to spin this as the Clintons fault….Yeah right.

    But you know what, the country is not a bunch of IDIOTS they will hold the media accountable by the loss of credibility. It has already started with the SNL paradies and others in books and maybe movies with this is over.

  163. I never thought I would agree with O’Reilly (FOX) on something but he said the media is corrupt and I now believe it. They have been sitting on the Obama/Wright issue for a long time and even when it comes out, they pander to Obama and try to explain it away by saying “he is not responsible for other people’s words.” This is true. However, he is responsible for allowing his wife, children, and himself to sit and listen and be exposed to such hatred for 20 years. It had to affect all of them at some level. No wonder Michelle gives off such unpleasant vibes. You can’t expose yourself to such condemnation and vile hatred without carrying it around with you everyday in some way.

    The fact that he can get on television, look into the camera, lie to millions of people with a straight face, and say he didn’t know anything about these remarks is insane. I think this man is a sociopath.
    Let’s hope the American people are smart enough to keep him out of the White House. I know he scares me. The lies keep pouring out of his mouth and he calmly walks around like nothing unusual is going on. And he continues to lie, lie, lie with this straight, innocent face. Ugh, it is scary. Gives me the creeps.

  164. Good morning,

    I found this regarding something Obama did in the Senate on Thursday. It’s kind of funny. Anybody got any info on this?

    “In other curious and interesting news, Republican Sen. Wayne Allard arranged together all 111 of Barack H. Obama’s economic proposals into an amendment to the budget last Thursday, to see if could pass. Allard’s Amendment was trying to point out that Obama’s plans are simply too costly and impractical for the American public. The amendment was voted against by 99-0 margin, with Obama himself voting against it. All of this proving once more that in “Obama World”, rhetoric, reality and integrity do not coexist. Unless he later claims that he made another “voting mistake” and actually meant to vote differently (as he already has claimed to have done more than a dozen times in the Illinois Legislature).”

  165. timcain,

    Idunn said Bo’s chart showed major upheaval from March 8-12. So she was few days off, 😀

  166. I am doing my darnedest to hold back expectations, but the thought

    of BO imploding has me practically giddy. (little woo hoo)

  167. The horrible thing about this Obama situation is that I am now examining my lifelong friendships and working relationship with my AA friends (or maybe not friends). How many AAs think this way? Have I really been their friend or have they been carrying these kinds of thoughts in their minds for all these years. How painful this is. I could cry with sadness. I don’t know if I can ever look at my AA friends the same. I will always be wondering in the back of my mind if they really truly like me or hate me. This is something I am going to have to think long and hard about. I never thought I was a racist but now I am even questioning my own thoughts. I sure don’t like what this Obama has done to me personnally.


    “Wright laced into America’s establishment, blaming the “white arrogance” of America’s Caucasian majority
    for the woes of the world, especially the oppression suffered by blacks. To underscore the point he refers
    to the country as the “United States of White America.” Many in the congregation, including Obama, nodded
    in apparent agreement as these statements were made.”



    This is something I think people need to see. Here is a portion of Obama’s rant on HuffPo:

    “The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation. When these statements first came to my attention, it was at the beginning of my presidential campaign. I made it clear at the time that I strongly condemned his comments. But because Rev. Wright was on the verge of retirement, and because of my strong links to the Trinity faith community, where I married my wife and where my daughters were baptized, I did not think it appropriate to leave the church.”

    Then watch his Fox interview with Major Garrett, at the point where Garrett questions Obama on the statements and the date in December 2007 when Obama announced Wright as part of his campaign.


    p.s. Can any of you veterans instruct me on how to embed a youtube, instead of just posting a link? thanks

  170. something struck me last night that Obama said:

    “If I thought this was the “repeated tenor” of this church, I’d have quit” ,,

    those statements will come back to haunt him.

  171. Irish1139,

    Don’t let the Obama ignorant ass confuse your relationships and working relationship with your AA friends. Just like you can’t say 100% that all white people like AAs or have don’t have the same attitude like Wright but reverse.

    What I can’t understand is that Obama problems are obvious but he had the backing and support of major democratic Icons in the democratic party. He is being groomed by John Kerry, Kennedy, Howard Dean…they list is very, very long. So it’s not like the Democrats don’t know how to vet a candidate…it’s like they didn’t do their do their job…and for the “Clinton Rules” to be applied by democrats is amazing to me.

  172. I can just imagine what MO is thinking right now. Her anger is probably at an all time high that anyone would question her Bo or her religious leader about this.

    Re: Children Rights Bill, lol…if that is the best they can come up with to get the heat off of Obama, then I’m not too worried.

  173. Obama Denounces Comments Made By His Former Preacher-Advisor

    March 15, 2008

    Senator Barack Obama spent yesterday distancing himself from some inflammatory comments made by a preacher who served an advisory role in his campaign.

    Obama denounced comments made by Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the former leader of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, where Obama has been a member since the early 1990s.

    Previously, Wright blamed the U.S. government for bringing on the September 11 attacks by spreading terrorism, and said blacks should condemn America for the way they’ve been treated.

    Wright has since stepped down from an advisory role in the Obama campaign.

    The Democratic presidential nominee candidate said he looked to Wright only for spiritual advice and says Wright’s political views do not represent him in anyway.

    “I have to confess that those are not statements I ever heard when I was sitting in the pews at this church,” said Obama. “These are a series of incendiary statements that I can’t object to strongly enough. Had I heard those in the church, I would have told Reverend that I profoundly disagreed with them. They didn’t reflect my values and they reflect my ideals.”

    Obama also said yesterday he got more political cash from indicted Chicago businessman Tony Rezko than he had previously revealed.

    Obama originally said Rezko had raised $150,000 for his various campaigns, but now puts the actual amount at about $250,000.

    Meanwhile, Senator Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be in Pennsylvania today.

    She is expected to get the backing of Pittsburgh’s Mayor – to go along with the support of Philadelphia’s Mayor.

    The New York junior senator is also expected to attend the swearing-in of incoming Governor David Paterson on Monday.


  174. Transfer of Power Underway
    Story Published: Mar 15, 2008 at 9:25 AM EDT
    Story Updated: Mar 15, 2008 at 9:39 AM EDT

    By John Borsa

    Preparations for Monday’s transfer of power between disgraced Gov. Eliot Spitzer and New York’s Lt. Gov. will continue through the weekend.

    Governor Designate David Paterson will be sworn-in on Monday.

    “It’s going to be essentially a low-key swearing-in ceremony,” said Spitzer’s press secretary Errol Cockfield. “Certainly there will be folks invited from throughout the state, but it will be a very limited invite list.”

    Paterson, who will become the first black governor in the Empire State, and the second legally blind chief executive in the nation, met with state leaders at the Capitol on Friday. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli help photo opportunities with Paterson in the afternoon.

    Watch 7 News live coverage of the swearing-in ceremony at 1 p.m. on Monday.
    I needed to get that nasty taste of Obambi out of my head for awhile.

  175. This is dedicated to those fools who believe that one can not be guilty by association.
    Disclaimer: Any similarities with mid-twentieth century German leaders or popular fiction stories are purely coincidental. The following was entirely made up.

    This is the story of a certain character we shall call Candidate X, who was born of mixed parentage and whose early life was filled with much sadness due to what could be called unfavorable family circumstances. As he grew, there was a strange repulsion toward the one half of him that was not white. One day in early adulthood, Candidate X, through a chance encounter with a certain teacher of the dark arts, came in contact with a secret society that’s main tenant was that white people are superior to all other humans on this planet. As the source of its power, it relied on its own unique interpretation of the sacred books of ancient traditions. The supreme teacher, who was called Master by his devoted followers, was a charismatic leader who was able to deliver such rousing speeches, that the Society was forced to make them available on tape by popular demand. The young Candidate X was mesmerized by the teachings and immediately converted. At last he found the answer to the inner conflict between his two halves. By embracing a belief system that said his one half was destined for mastery of the world, it allowed him to shelve the other half that he longed to forget. He pledged his life to the ideals of the Society.

    As the years went by, people within the Society discovered he had a natural ability for public speaking and decided it would be advantageous to use this to promote its doctrines in the political arena. They would repackage them under the guise of creating a new era of peace and understanding to keep the real intent from being revealed. For these were troubled times and the people were eager for a simple message that would give them hope for a better tomorrow. In preparation for the new political path he was about to embark on, he wrote a book about his own life’s struggles and the resulting salvation he had found in the repackaged message of his Society. Determined to save the world, he began as a local street organizer, where he found a receptive audience for his message among the unemployed and underprivileged youth of his city. Through a series of successful calculated moves, he made his way higher and higher until he finally reached the national government itself. The media and nation were charmed by the handsome gifted orator who offered them a solution to the pains they were suffering from living in the new globalized world. Emboldened by the rapid rise, he was convinced by his Master and other evil leaders who hungered for power that he was to be the nation’s salvation. They plotted together to form a sinister alliance that would enable him to occupy the highest office in the land. With that much power, he was convinced he could do much good.

    A dark pall engulfed a land that once prided itself on being the home of the free and the brave. It was slowly falling under the spell of the orator disguised as the great unifier. But all was not lost. There was one who was not so easily fooled. She was a maiden, fair, true and strong of heart and limb. With a small band of trusty followers she took up arms against the dark menace to engage him in mortal combat. But she soon found that it would be a difficult contest as the people and media had already fallen prey to the smoke and mirrors of his silver tongue. Time and time again, her forces would have been vanquished on the battlefield had it not been for the determination of her loyal band not to give in to despair and surrender to the almost certainly of their defeat. Undeterred, they fought on under her trusted leadership.

    But Candidate X, now fully transformed into the dark orator, was too confident of his own powers. He had gone as far as to put a curse on anyone who dared to say that he was dark. If any even spoke the word “dark” in referring to him, they would instantly be silenced forever and exiled from the land. There was one thing he had not counted on though, as there was a magic mirror that could reveal the true nature of his evil mission if one would look into it. For the longest time, no one dared to use the mirror for fear of retaliation. One day, a hero of the first degree, bravely risked all to lift the veil that hid the truth. When he did, the people were astonished at what they saw. Many rubbed their eyes in total disbelief. Here was the Master and teacher of the One who would usher in the new era of love and understanding, an era lasting one thousand years, referring to them in terms of the most vile hate and anger. The utter foulness of his words forced many to cover their ears for fear of their immortal souls. Some cried, others denied this could really be true.

    Fear grasped the heart of dark orator. Sensing that many were coming out of the fog of his spell, he began to sow doubts into the minds of the simple. He condemned the teachings of his master, asked that proof be provided that he himself had ever uttered the words of hatred his master espoused. With the smoothness of a man eager to bed his date for the night, he asked who could believe that he, the One to lead them into the Third Age of peace and harmony, would be associated with such horrid and hateful statements. How could they listen to the lies that the magic mirror foretold? There was confusion among the people. Meanwhile the army of the maiden prepared itself for the next battle that would be fought on the plains and mountains of Pennsylvania.

    To be continued.

  176. NY1 Exclusive: Spitzer Seen Outside His Apartment

    March 15, 2008

    In an NY1 exclusive video, outgoing governor Eliot Spitzer was seen outside his apartment last night for the first time since his political career was brought down by a prostitution scandal.

    Meanwhile, the man who will succeed Spitzer on Monday was in the city last night.
    Lieutenant Governor David Paterson, attended the annual Women of Excellence Awards in Harlem.

    Before the ceremony he said he is prepared to take over as governor and that he has Eliot Spitzer to thank, because Spitzer never left him out of the decision-making process.
    Paterson also talked about how busy his week has been.

    “When I went to the office on Thursday and I looked at my desk you know what I saw? my uneaten lunch from Monday,” said Paterson last night in Harlem. “It was still on the desk at 1:00 when I got the call that something very major had happened. and I realize that this is quite a responsibility but I will take that responsibility.”

    Paterson spent most of yesterday in Albany meeting with fellow lawmakers, including state Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno.

    Paterson also got a phone call of support from presidential candidate Barack Obama.
    Paterson is a superdelegate who supports Hillary Clinton for President, but he says Obama’s call was just a friendly one.
    *****************************************************What a classy guy, he has been very gracious to the Spitzers.

  177. paddy4Hill Says:

    March 15th, 2008 at 10:07 am
    This is dedicated to those fools who believe that one can not be guilty by association.
    Thanks I LOVE it!!!!

  178. The Jeremiah Wright story will not fade away because it goes to the core of who Obama is.
    No one knows anything about this guy. He suddenly burst on to he scene in 2004 with his
    convention speech.

    This pastor is the window into Obama’s soul. What we are seeing there is not pretty.
    Journalists will dig deeper. Obama practically invited it by his interviews yesterday.
    His credibility is not vey high now.

  179. TPS Says:

    March 15th, 2008 at 10:21 am

    “This pastor is the window into Obama’s soul”

    I think the simplicity but pure honesty of this statement speaks volumes! This one-liner should be spread far and wide.

  180. I did a hot topic at TM’s called Obama’s Long Day. When you read what he said in his HuffPo rant, and compare it to his Fox interview with Major Garrett, it’s pretty telling. Obama changes his story big time.

  181. Idunn said Bo’s chart showed major upheaval from March 8-12. So she was few days off,

    Or not. The ball was probably set into motion during the time frame I gave. Maybe it was this Wright stuff, but I’m really not seeing that. I think it was the FARC info. Seems like a small mention now, but it fits.

    I dunno…hard to tell. Like I said, astrology can point to influences, but it doesn’t tell us what will happen. The mechanics of astrology are a formula that can be reproduced accurately by anyone who knows the math. The interpretations are a whole other ball of wax.

  182. On MSNBC, Pat Buchanan laid it on the lane. He said this is going to “kill” Obama, because his story about these statements of Wright “defies credulity.” Pat was clear that it would kill him in the general election . . . which is obvious. Let’s hope he doesn’t make it there.

  183. If SD’s go towards Obama now, then there’s something insane going on in the Democratic Party . . .

  184. JanH, so far journalists have given Obama the benefit of the doubt because he come across as decent, reasonable, and cool.
    Seeing Jeremia Wright is a shock to anyone’s system. Jeremiah Wright is Mr. Hyde to Obama’s Dr. Jekyll.

    Obama has been careful so far in keeping media’s prying eyes away from his background. Fortunately, today, media is
    fragmented and we don’t have to rely on just the traditional media for news. I finally understand why FOX news and
    rightwing talk shows are a welcome addition to the media landscape. I also finally understand why conservatives were
    frustrated for so long with the traditional media.

  185. Indy Ben — Could not agree more. If those SD’s who have supported BHO don’t see the writing on the wall (and on the coming ads on TV) now, we are headed for a Reagan-Mondale, Pt. II in November.

    It is over for BHO. It is time to pick up the pieces and move on, for our Party’s good.

    Also, if you have the chance (everyone), please rec my diary over at MyDD. The Obama Patrol is doing their best to sabatoge the work.



  186. New vote on gretawire.com — vote now!

    “The New York Time does not have the story about Senator Obama’s minister on its front page. The Washington Post does have the story about Senator Obama’s minister on its front page. (What about your local paper? post that answer right here…)

    In light of the two papers different treatment of the story, answer this poll for me:

    – it is now old news – should not be in the paper today 8% (62 votes)

    – front page 85% (636 votes)

    – newspaper 7% (52 votes)”

  187. TPS, it’s amazing that we have to depend on Sean Hannity to vet this guy. 😉 O’Reilly is also trying to take credit for “breaking” the story, but it’s really Hannity who has been going after it hard.

    But I think we have to be careful what we send Hannity. If something is too good, he may decide to save it in case BHO makes it to the general.

    But Holy Shit, if the Democratic Party can’t see the problems with BHO’s candidacy now, then they deserve to go down in flames in November. Even though it’s going to be hard, it’s better if BHO implodes now because I believe that a good portion of the AA community are not gonna like the Obama-Wright connection either – and it will be easier for Hillary to put the party back together.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some polls in a couple of days. If the entire world hasn’t gone insane, we should see some movement away from BHO

  188. On SF GATE (the online version of the SF Chronicle) the headlines are “Obama Prefers Delegate Split) aka vote stealing and then smaller underneath that is “Obama Rejects Pastors Words”

    The big story on it is a picture of McCain and then a story about how he got the EX E-Bay chief to work on his campaign. That is huge and now he will have someone strong and respected in the tech industry working for money and votes in the heart of silicon valley – California.

    Meanwhile the DNC fiddles while Rome burns (is that the right saying?)

  189. What seems so weird to me is that WE’VE known about this Wright stuff for ages. To me, it IS old news. How the hell is it possible that the American public just now gets word of it??

    The media knew too…so what? They just sat on it?


  190. By the way, I know some regulars here also post over at TM’s site. The name I use over there is just plain Benjamin. Just wanted to let folks know.

  191. Idunn, it’s the effect of those new videos that were released. Actually hearing Wright’s words is pretty powerful, in a bad way, and it’s what caused this firestorm

  192. I bet ol’ Michelle’s eyes are yellow with rage “wright” about now! I wonder if she is spewing any of the anti-white invective she learned from her pastor.

  193. IndBen, having different media outlets is good. Hannity won’t drop it now. I get the sense that he sees it as his patriotic duty to stop Obama now. He said yesterday that these tapes showed that Obama was not even eligible to be a Senator let alone President.

    Idunn, the story got more legs because of the videos. Images are more powerful than words. It is better for people to actually
    see this guy in action than journalists writing about what he says.

  194. well Anderson coopy on CNN acted like he was have to pass vomit through this mouth to even discuss it. yes, the media didn’t want America to know it… until Obama got the nom .. then they’d have something else to “horserace” with. JMHO

    Fox news is going to vet Mr. Obama .. right in front of the Democratic Party eyes. I say, bring it on, can’t happen soon enough. This is just the start.

    When Obama said last night on CNN that he started listening to Rev. Wright while in Harvard Law…well, they will pull some sermons from those years and obama will have to once again answer that he “didn”t” know about the pastors antiamerican view

  195. Idunn, the story got more legs because of the videos. Images are more powerful than words. It is better for people to actually
    see this guy in action than journalists writing about what he says.

    Yeah, but with the exception of the “god damn america” video…I’d seen these before too. This wasn’t the first time you guys had seen these vids, was it?

  196. We’ll find out something about media coverage tomorrow, on the Sunday shows, that get a huge audience. The Wright story should lead on all of them. If it’s not, then we’ll know which media outlets are still playing games with this story. I don’t think it’s really going to go away though – and I think the damage of it has already been done in the last couple of days.

  197. dot48, I thought that was revealing. He started listening to Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation theology in his twenties. Now he is 46 or 48 and he says this had no impact on him? He is now the “unity” candidate. Hard to believe, right?

  198. TPS

    Who wouldn’t be shocked? I mean, what was coming from that man was just HATE, pure and simple – and I don’t think there’s really any way that Bambi can distance himself from Wright.

  199. Idunn, this was the first time I saw these videos. Never seen them before. And, I am a political junkie. Imagine others?

  200. I think that MO’s speeches are also going to come under investigation from now on. When you think about it, she incorporates a lot of anger at America in each of them so far.

  201. Idunn, was the first time I had seen them. All I had ever seen prior to that was some written quotes – and they never seemed to get much traction in the media.

  202. Dennis Prager on The Patriot radio vowed this morning that right-wing media will never let go of this story. BO is toast.

  203. One thing did you all notice? None of his supporters were out last three days supporting him on TV? NO John Kerry, No Claire McCaskill, No Dick Durbin, none of them.

  204. It was my understanding that due to Wright’s retirement, they made those speeches available for sale on the church website. Not too smart really. Fox bought them, and O’Reilly said that ABC bought them too.

  205. NO John Kerry, No Claire McCaskill, No Dick Durbin, none of them.

    Maybe they didn’t realize until now that they were, in fact , “blue eyed devils”. LOL!

  206. I am just appalled by the Obama’s response that he didn’t know about these sermons until recently. Assuming he is telling the truth, how can you go to a church for 20 years, call someone your spiritual advisor, get married by him, listen to his sermon on tapes in law school, have your children be baptised by him, name your book after one of his sermons, invite him to work on your campaign and STILL NOT know about his stance on these matters? What kind of insight and judgment does Obama have if he were truly in the dark about his pastor’s beliefs? How is he going to choose the right people to advise him if he were to become POTUS?

    At best (if he is being truthful about not knowing about the sermons), he is naive, not careful and lacks good judgment. At worst (if he is not being truthful), he is simply a liar who is willing to say anything to get elected.

  207. TPS, I know what you’re saying. And the couple of surrogates I’ve seen really sounded stupid. One guy on MSNBC this morning was questioned about the line, “Hillary ain’t never been called a n****.” The surrogate rambled on about what Wright was “really” trying to say. Something about some kind of reverse philosophy, or whatever.

  208. I wish I could recall where I’d seen alot of those videos before. Also wish I could find that website where a bunch of stuff about MO and her University Of Chicago hospital stuff was dredged up.

  209. IndBen and Idunn, none of them want to be seen as defending these sermons on TV. Will make for nice TV commercials against them by their future opponents.

  210. ForHillary, it doesn’t pass the smell test, and there’s evidence that many Obamabots are concerned. I’ve screened some of their blogs and their responses go into 3 categories:
    1. Some are concerned and think Obama needs to do more.
    2. Some say it’s no big deal, and will go away in a day or so, with no damage to Obama.
    3. Some actually say that what Wright was saying is right.

    I’ve also seen a couple that have actually been turned around by this. tiburones posted a few that said that.

  211. I will see you guys later, got to chauffeur my kids around today.

    Keep up the good work.

    To me now this is a lot more than helping elect Hillary (which is very important to me). This is about preventing
    an unqualified candidate from becoming the president of our great country.

  212. It’s so much more fun to read here now. It wasn’t long ago lots of people were worried about how Hillary would do in the next primary. Now and then a few people seemed willing to scratch each other’s eyes out. It was of concern to me, but I didn’t get negative about it. It was not a happy place, but the real point is things have taken a major turn for the better. Now I’m waiting to see how long it takes for the main stream pro-Obama media to turn around. Fortunately I’m patient. It could be a while. Thanks everybody!!!

  213. @TPS

    I agree. This whole thing is really going to help Hillary with the SD’s . . or it least it should unless we’ve gone into Bizaro World or something.

  214. ForHillary, yes indeed. Most of those were the “latte” liberal types that post on TPM. There were people posting stuff like: “Who cares, and Wright is correct anyway. Who cares what somebody’s pastor says.” They just don’t see the problem that Obama attended this church for 20 years.

  215. Irish1139 Says:
    March 15th, 2008 at 9:21 am

    The horrible thing about this Obama situation is that I am now examining my lifelong friendships and working relationship with my AA friends (or maybe not friends). How many AAs think this way? Have I really been their friend or have they been carrying these kinds of thoughts in their minds for all these years. How painful this is.
    Get a grip! There are things that Whites have done to Blacks that would make AA say the same thing that you are thinking. The fact is that most AA don’t think that way and most AA churches don’t reach Black iberation Theology or hate speak against America.

    Rev. J WRight’s statement are in the minority of what most AA think so you should not have those thoughts.

  216. I wonder how things will go in the caucuses where they are still trying to determine who got how many delegates. I would like to see things shift in Hillary’s direction. I have the audacity to hope for that.

    It will also be nice if some of the “committed” delegates decide to switch to Hillary. I understand it can happen even though the practice is frowned upon. After all, Ted Kennedy tried to get delegates to do that when he came in second against Carter.

  217. Irish, I agree with tiburones. Most AA don’t feel this way. I think this Wright thing is going to drive people away from Obama, including AA supporters.

  218. Independent Ben,

    I am originally from Missouri, the buckle of the bible belt and a crucial state for the general election. Something like this will not go over well there. Even with the Democrats.

  219. Here’s why this REALLY hurts Bambi: Bambi has ALOT of support from white voters who see HIM being elected president as a way to get rid of the racial divide in this country once and for all. They feel as though they are doing the right thing in supporting him. Makes them feel noble…evolved…high minded. Now that they see that Obama attended a church for 20 years where the pastor slammed white people as evil and corrupt power mongers, how the hell do you think Bambi’s white voters are going to feel? Maybe like…chumps? LOL!

  220. Pat Buchanan telling it like it is, about superdelegates 🙂 If this is not a deal beaker on Obama’s electability, then nothing is.

  221. I’ve seen #3 in a few places too. I heard a caller try this excuse on a talk radio show too.

    How’s this for a commercial?

    Wright 1:
    Kennedy: He’s a uniter, not a divider
    Wright 2:
    Kerry: He’s a uniter, not a divider
    Wright 3:
    Dean Yarrrrggggghhh
    Wright 4:
    Obama: Just Words?

  222. Bill Clinton is supposed to be with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News on Monday. I wonder how much of this stuff will come up.

  223. Idunn, exactly right. Bambi’s appeal is that he represents someone who is supposed to unify and be a post-racial, tranformational character. This stuff from Wright is nothing but divisive, and it contradicts everything about Bambi’s candidacy.

  224. The Democratic presidential nominee candidate said he looked to Wright only for spiritual advice and says Wright’s political views do not represent him in anyway.


    I would like to know who thinks that one’s spritual views doesn’t influence one’s political views. I know that I believe in the premise of The Good Samaritan and this influences me to help others who needs help. These two things tend to bleed into each other. The 20 yr attendance is what is most disturbing and he can’t brush this off that he didn’t know what was being preached at that church. That defies increduality.

  225. To clarify my earlier point, churches are a big part of many people’s lives in Missouri. They will have a hard time believing that someone who attends a church for 20 years and has a personal relationship with his pastor simply did not have any idea about his pastor’s more vocal and controversial stance on issues.

  226. The horrible thing about this Obama situation is that I am now examining my lifelong friendships and working relationship with my AA friends (or maybe not friends). How many AAs think this way?

    Some. Probably very few though. You judge your friends by what they say and do and what they stand for. I KNOW both my white friends and my black friends. They wouldn’t BE my friends UNLESS I knew them on a very personal level. Acquaintances are another matter. I have acquiantances that a racist. That’s why they are merely aquaintances and not friends. 😉

  227. Sherm, Bill Clinton won’t go near this. I’ve watched a couple of Clinton surrogates, and they don’t go near it. I think this is wise strategy by Hillary.

  228. ForHillary Says:

    March 15th, 2008 at 10:55 am
    I am just appalled by the Obama’s response that he didn’t know about these sermons until recently. Assuming he is telling the truth, how can you go to a church for 20 years, call someone your spiritual advisor, get married by him, listen to his sermon on tapes
    Obama is a BIG FAT L I A R and a STUPID Lawyer to boot!!! I would NEVER hire Obama for anything…geesh Star Jones could make this man cry after she got through with him on the stand.

    FoxNews threw him a set-up question that they plan to use against the democrats judgement on floating this liar or spinning it to show how the HARD LEFT is representative of people like OBAMA

  229. Does the DNC not realize that large swaths of the party WILL vote for McCain if BHO is the nominee? I definitely won’t, but I honestly know many Democrats who don’t really have that bad an opinion of John McCain (scary). These are all people who would vote for Hillary, but not BHO. These are the “traditional” Democratic voters that we lost during the 1980s, but got them back when President Clinton ran in 1992. Nominate BHO, and these voters are gone again, and so are our hopes of taking back the White House. I really hope that the DNC and the superDs realize this and have been watching this disastrous week for Obama. We cannot let this man have the nomination.

  230. The message needs to get out that not only does Obama’s connection to Wright hurt his candidacy, but it has the potential of creating real and lasting damage to the democratic party and their dreams of winning the presidency.

    I thank God that Wright’s ideas are not believed by the majority. His hatred and discriminatory rhetoric just wants to make me cry. There is enough hatred already in the world. Obama even slightly connected to this guy and his beliefs is just very sad to me.

  231. I think what has to happen is that this story needs to stay on the front pages/lead story for the next week at least. Many people are now just hearing about it for the first time. If it stays long enough, to the point that he can not go anywhere/do anything without the media asking him about this issue, then we could see polls asking if he should quit, stay on, is it his personal stuff and not part of the political world etc. etc. If they do the polls too early, we may see his numbers still good. Not enough people really informed. I feel the next important hurdle will be the Sunday TV news programs. If they all talk about this, it may take us into next week’s news cycle. If it stays on the front burner next week, then his numbers should eventually start going down (assuming the electorate is sane and this is often a wrong assumption). If it stays hot until the week after next, maybe he will quit, as his donors big and small get nervous about their investment. Even if at some point it fades away, it will cost him votes. Pity this is not mid-February instead of mid-March.

    going to bed now. Good night. Have a nice Saturday.

  232. The Democratic presidential nominee candidate said he looked to Wright only for spiritual advice and says Wright’s political views do not represent him in anyway.

    Oh bullshit! Look, Wright didn’t say these things at a speech he was giving, or at some political dinner. He said them from the pulpit of his church. Obama’s church. He very intentionally wove those words into his spiritual views…even said “I’m still in Bible country” while he was saying them.

    Spirituality is VERY much a part of our live philosophies (true even if we are athiests). It cuts to the heart of who we are and how we choose to live. Obama can try to separate the two all he likes, but that is the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard. There are MILLIONS of spiritual advisors…millions of churches that people can choose from. If he didn’t agree with the shit his pastor and his church was shoveling, then he should have shopped around. Period. What’s more, if you truly abhor the hatred your pastor preaches, why the FUCK would you let your children learn that shit at this ministers feet??

    Give me a break!

  233. Update on the Rezko lot “fairy tale”


  234. Somebody ask Michelle Obama how many of Wright’s sermons she has heard, her children have heard, with or without Barack in attendance with her.

  235. B Merryfield: Did you see this train wreck comming (the Wright issue)?? and if so, are there more wrecks to come. Again thanks for your great site!!

  236. From rezkowatch:

    “‘No,’ Obama said. ‘Because I had known him for a long time, and so I would have assumed I would have seen a pattern [of Rezko asking for favors] over the course of 15 years.’

    Just like he assumed that he would have known about Wright over the course of 20 years. No experience means that he has to ask us to trust him on his judgment. The problem is when there are problems with his judgment. You can’t excuse everything with “boneheaded”. MO’s judgment applies to Rezko and Wright too. She should have advised him on Rezko instead of fronting the deal. And she should have voiced her concerns about Wright to him as well if he wasn’t paying attention.

  237. At this point, can Obama ever try and hit Hillary with his great judgment again? I think he’s lost that argument. 😉

  238. # ForHillary Says:
    March 15th, 2008 at 11:10 am

    Independent Ben,

    I am originally from Missouri, the buckle of the bible belt and a crucial state for the general election. Something like this will not go over well there. Even with the Democrats.

    The Obama-Wright connection will not go over well with the majority of Americans. The pure hate coming from Wright scares the hell out of people.

  239. CNN is running a video package RIGHT NOW combining the exit polls of MS, what happened in SC, and the Wright stuff, to emphasize the importance of race in this contest.

    I think I’m going to faint — CNN, welcome to reality.

  240. Irish, I think Tribunes and Idunn and Carbynew and Ben, are absolutely correct. That’s why, for the love of God, I wish people would stop making these generalities around here.

  241. Universal, I really hate when the media does that because they always make it sound like Hill has the “white vote”. When in actuality, Obama has more of a voting block among african americans. Then they always reduce it to racism of Hill’s voters, which is elitist and I think factually inaccurate.

  242. Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll

    Hillary 45%
    Bambi 46%

    Today’s tracking poll shows a 7-point swing towards Hillary. That’s a lot for one day. Wright effect anybody? 🙂


  243. Here is a little “secret” I was given by a in the know csr..if you email these tv networks, cc EVERYONE in the main to line … everybody you want to blind copy find … but MAKE SURE the three major cable networks know that YOUR email is going to the OTHER ones as well.

    This way THEY know that this email is going everywhere and they will be called .. sooner or later


  244. kaffeen, something about these polls versus McCain that NOBODY seems to understand.

    You have to view them in light of the intense battle between Hillary and Bambi.

    If you’re an Obamabot, and you get the Hillary-McCain poll question, there’s a good chance you might hit that button for McCain right now. The same goes for the Hillary supporter who gets the Obama-McCain question.

    This artificially inflates McCain’s number.

  245. These news have a potential to sink him. It is all over the papers and TV. if it holds for 2 more days – we will see clear results.

  246. mj, I know what you’re saying. The media was saying that after Ohio, and the Obamabots too. While there are a few who might be motivated by race – people refuse to accept that Hillary just connected with her message on the economy and jobs. That’s what really moves voters in a state like Ohio.

  247. I don’t think that’s really it, Ben. If you go back to last year. BO and Hill always ran slightly above or even with the Repub. John Edwards ran the best. Usually, the Dem should be 20 points ahead of the Repub this far out. I think it’s that gender and race are still hurdles in a GE.

  248. johnflint1985,

    The effect of this Obama-Wright connection is going to stick to Bambi for much longer than a couple of days. It made a big impression on a lot of people.

  249. mj, my theory is that the competition between the Democrats wasn’t as intense at that time. When it’s down to Hillary/Obama, and it as intense as things are, I think there’s a definite effect in this McCain polls.

  250. Well, I viewed the Rasmussen poll. The dates of the poll are from 03/11 – 03/14. The vast majority of people will probably only have seen the Wright stuff yesterday and are probably just now digesting it. I suspect you will see an even bigger swing next week, but we will see.

  251. Yeah, I mean, Dems are not voting that way though clearly there is identity politics, not racialized voting going on. So, african americans are voting near monolithically for BO, non-aa women are to a large extent voting for Hillary.

  252. Independent Ben
    what I meant was – if the news channels will keep talking about this for 2 more days – it will stick really good and Obama will have a huge problem. If the news will stop talking about it – and this is a distrinct possibility – then he may get out of this.

  253. mj – think about it this way. If you got a poll question right now on Obama-McCain, who would you hit the button for? If I were to get polled on Obama-McCain, I would hit either McCain or Undecided. Certainly not for Obama.

  254. johnflint1985,

    Maybe so. But I’m sure SD’s heard this loud and clear, and they won’t forget.

  255. kaffeen, I certainly agree with that. His race baiting has driven away white voters, and the turnout among young voters had died down a lot. In my opinion, Obama-mania is no more.

  256. About impact of Wright on Obama, I think huge, but there is a problemo with it. We now have all these big name Progressives: Jon Stewart, Matt Damon, George Clooney, you know the boys club, but even more like all of Air America: Rhandi Rhodes, Schultz, Miller, etc who have gone out on a huge limb for Obama. I mean they just went off a cliff. They Can’t recant.
    So they are going to be scrambling to find a way to make it all ok. It’s like the Iraq war, it really took a long time for people to admit they had been , pardon the phrase ‘bamboozled.’ I think this is going to happen here. I think Electability has to be a major talking point now all the time, everywhere. HE CAN’T GET ELECTED so you can still like him and even support him, but now is time to pull behind the candidate who can get elected. Hillary.

  257. Independent Ben
    SD will now look at the polls – if they see that whites are turning around and defect to MC Cain (note not Hillary) – they will start being concerned and that should make them think about their posityions and Obama reality. So they will start drumming high publicised support for Hillary as an alternative to Obama.

  258. Damning America from the pulpit is just wrong.

    The time that the did it as well .. America just got attacked and he is spewing the very hatred that terrorists use against us.

    I knew there was something about Obama and NOW I bet a lot of other American’s will “get it” too.

    Nothing like having American SPIT ON to rally us home.

  259. Of late, I’m interested in world views, this is from the Jerusalem Post (Israel), it looks like an AP insert, but still it will be interesting to see how this gets reported amongst allies and foes alike….

    Obama denounces pastor’s inflammatory remarks

    Barack Obama, who is battling Hillary Rodham Clinton in a tough race for the Democratic presidential nomination, denounced inflammatory remarks from his pastor, who has railed against the US and accused its leaders of bringing on the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks by spreading terrorism.

    Obama called the pastor’s statements widely aired on television and the Internet “completely unacceptable and inexcusable” in a Fox News television interview Friday night and said they did not reflect the kinds of sermons he had heard from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright while attending services at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

    Obama, a member of the church since the early 1990s, said he would have quit Trinity had such statements been “the repeated tenor of the church. … I wouldn’t feel comfortable there.”

  260. Wow, I’m watching Russert on MSNBC, and they’re still talking about Bambi’s ability to draw Indys and Republicans. Hell, Hillary won Independents in Texas, and nearly won them in Ohio as well.

  261. Idunn, this was the first time I saw these videos. Never seen them before. And, I am a political junkie. Imagine others?

    i never saw them. i don’t watch cable news, i get my news online and from blogs. i guess i read a few things on blogs here and elsewhere saying obama’s pastor was radical, but, i didn’t pay attention. people on both sides of primaries sometimes go overboard looking for a negative story about the opponent. i thought maybe it was just fox news/hannity/oreilly taking out of context. i looked at his church website a while ago and thought, ok i dont have a problem but i bet rightwing media will.

    i couldn’t imagine obama would have a guy who talks like that as spiritual advisor. he doesn’t seem like a person who likes firebrands and ideologues. it’s so opposed to what he says his candidacy is about. i guess thats why most people & media ignored it.

  262. Per Baltimore Sun…

    Is there a double standard for Obama?

    by James Oliphant

    In the wake of a week that’s seen Geraldine Ferraro and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright say the obvious — that Barack Obama is black and Hillary Clinton is white, issues of race and gender are dominating the campaign like never before.

    Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times asks whether there is a double standard for Obama because of his race. He writes today that if voters cannot openly criticize the candidate, then ultimately they’ll resent him for it:

    As the sheen on the Obama image dissipates, as sheen surely will under the full weight of a presidential campaign, American voters will expect to indulge their right to say what they think about the candidates. If they must be ever-so-careful to criticize Barack Obama in the robust and rowdy way they feel free to criticize everybody else, reticence will quickly become resentment, and ultimately, just in time for November, revulsion.

  263. See, the media is going to keep trying to sell this guy. Hillary won indies and Repubs in Mississippi. Although, I often wonder if the “indie” label is misleading. I think a lot of youth are “undeclared” and therefor lumped into the indie column.

  264. Re: Media…..I think the caveat here is that *some* media will attempt to sell him. There are reasons for this beyond political reasons, although Hillary Hate is definitely one of them.

  265. linfar

    I agree. I think Bambi is done for, but he won’t drop out right away. I think we’ll see a steady stream of voters leaving him and heading for Hillary. If she can whack him good in PA, and then follow that by winning NC, I think it will be a huge blow to Bambi.

  266. I’ll tell you this much. If our party goes ahead and nominates this fool after all of this, I will sit home in November. Or vote McCain. At least he suffered for his country and has shown an occasional independent streak.

  267. Right now, Obambi is trying to stay on his feet after a one-two punch (Rezko-Wright). He is dazed and confused (so to speak), one more thing and he is going down. I intend to push the earmark/Michelle news next week.

  268. wow kaffeen. He really tried to put out all of his fires in one day. The Sun-Times has been after an interview with him for quite a while.

  269. rickroberts, I think if the democratic party nominee BHO, then the whole party will go down with him. GOP will take the White House, the House, and the senate. for long time.

  270. it’s not just his judgement on Wright..it’s his judgement on Rezco .. his “repeated missteps” or whatever he calls them. This when he is saying that his judgement is superior to everyone elses because when he didn’t have to make a choice about the war he said no.

    He has even said afterwards that he doesn’t know how he would have voted.

    Of course Tim pussyass Russert is gonna uphold him .. what else is MSNBC gonna do now…they have no other route, they’ll go under before they admit they were DEAD WRONG about the guy.

  271. Ben, he also spoke with the Tribune, although they are not releasing the full transcript (to my knowledge). Basically the Tribune still thinks he has secrets, but they are appeased somewhat.

  272. What I would like to know from the african american posters here, is how will african americans view this stuff?

  273. We all know that the media will get lazy unless we keep stoking the flames…. everyone be sure to email the networks and note that BO was present for the

    dot48’s suggestion above is a good one: if you email these tv networks, cc EVERYONE in the main to line … everybody you want to blind copy find … but MAKE SURE the three major cable networks know that YOUR email is going to the OTHER ones as well. This way THEY know that this email is going everywhere and they will be called .. sooner or later


    Give the media a push and send them this to them:


    “Wright laced into America’s establishment, blaming the “white arrogance” of America’s Caucasian majority
    for the woes of the world, especially the oppression suffered by blacks. To underscore the point he refers
    to the country as the “United States of White America.” Many in the congregation, including Obama, nodded
    in apparent agreement as these statements were made.”



    here is a link for media (thanks to kaffeen):

    and here is a link to the SD’s (thanks to basil9):

    Please SPEAK YOUR MIND to the MEDIA and SD’s!!

  274. Fox News has more .. Garrett basely spelled it out last night in his questions. Bambi fell right in the trap.

  275. This is from that Sun-Times interview. Isn’t this a lie? Didn’t he challenge signature and get Palmer removed from the ballot? Any Rezko experts out there?

    “Probably our relationship deepened when I started my first political campaign for the state Senate. He had been a supporter of Alice Palmer’s. I had been a supporter and was working to help Alice Palmer in her congressional run. And since she was giving up her seat, there was a question of who would be her successor, and some people talked to me about potentially running for that seat. And Tony was one of the people I talked to about that. And he then supported me in that first race.”

  276. dot48

    You got that right, about the Garrett interview. Check out my Hot Topic on this over at TM’s site.

  277. “When Obama said last night on CNN that he started listening to Rev. Wright while in Harvard Law”

    We need a copy of those old audio tapes, archival footage, and old TV news stories of Mr. Wright.

  278. Yes, that’s total lie. He screwed Palmer.

    That’s what I thought. She was very well thought of, and he challenged her – and everybody else – off the ballot so he could run opposed. Bambi doesn’t like votes to be counted. I would love the media to get ahold of this . . . his “touching” rise in politics. Right now, the media seem to just accept Bambi’s memoirs at face value. But the wurm has definitely turned.

  279. This discussion between Russert and Doris Kearns Goodwin, on MSNBC, is a joke. Not one mention of Wright.

  280. Harvard Law ones by Wright at archives .. mysteriously “unavailable” .. someone in news is hot on them though LOL

  281. monkeybusiness, that Newsmax is potentially a smoking gun for Bambi’s whole story about Wright. But is it credible. Can it be trusted? I know it contains a lot of detail.

  282. Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!
    Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
    Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)

  283. @kaffeen, I really think Bambi has painted himself into a corner with the Wright thing. Some of his surrogates are worried, saying he needs to do more – to renounce this guy more – to maybe even renounce the man himself. I think any further statements he tries to make on that issue, he will just dig himself a deeper hole.

  284. MJ — great point on how the media tries to make HRC the ‘white candidate.’

    The CNN piece, however, was well-done and much better than most of their garbage. It highlighted BHO’s 9/10 AA support.

  285. Here’s Bambi again to the Sun-Times on his first campaign:

    “It’s a sign of how much times have changed that I raised a grand total of $100,000 in that first race.”

    I think 100K is plenty of dough if you run unopposed. 😉

  286. This should have an effect on all those Congress and Senate members who endorsed BO especially those up for re-election, non? McCaskill, etc. If BO ever, ever makes it to the GE, then, all of these people will be painted as part of the far-left, unpatriotic, anti-American spoon-feeders of terrorists- their own careers are toast.

  287. JAS, I think the Wright issue is going to cause him to lose support across the board, including AA support. But we’ll see.

  288. There’s not many places where the Wright issue WON’T have an effect. Maybe in some Starbuck’s up in Washington State, but that’s not saying much.

  289. not surprisingly, the BHO supporters are now saying…but,but,but..BO loves white people, his mom was white!

  290. What is wrong with journalism today? Are they so out of touch with people that it takes SNL and Jay Leno to make them realize their not doing their job and losing their street cred among average folks?

    Note this article from Mike Allen of Politico today – he should entitle this THE MEDIA SUCKS. politico.com/news/stories/0308/9051.html

    The story behind the story: Obama’s pastor

    Politicians know a troublesome story has “broken through” the Eastern media echo chamber when Jay Leno is laughing at them.

    In the case of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., retiring pastor and outgoing spiritual adviser to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), it took less than 48 hours.

    The fracas started Thursday morning, when ABC’s “Good Morning America” ran a Brian Ross expose on Wright that included old video of him saying: “The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing ‘God bless America’? No, no, no. Not God bless America. God [expletive] America.”

    On Friday night, there was Leno on NBC’s “Tonight Show” joshing: “McCain was running so fast from President Bush, he ran into Barack Obama, who was running from his minister.”

    The story had burst onto the radar screen of average Americans with as much velocity as any other story during the 2008 campaign.

    Political reporters and editors were inundated with e-mails from red-state friends and relatives wanting to know why the brouhaha wasn’t getting more instant and constant coverage from every news outlet.

  291. JAS, I think there’s a good chance of it. Give it a couple of days and we’ll see if any SD’s go from Obama back to uncomitted. I certainly hope it goes that way.

  292. I posted here and will also add B Merryfield’s Rezcowatch link as well

    Could you please post comments at:



    The story is about Obama took more $$ from Resko than he previously said in the public, ANOTHER BONEHEADED decision, please post comments…people ard the country are reading them! thx

    ( no registration needed…but put in name, and comment, and you are good to go!!!!!! )

    ssmith | Homepage | 03.15.2008 – 11:14 am |

  293. Independent Ben: You and me both. I just read a story in Newsweek (on line) that stated the Clinton campagine is calling Obama delegates in Iowa, in hopes they change their vote, after the last 48 hours, they just might!

  294. I have no faith that the media will keep on this and that it will have any substantial negative affect on Obama’s campaign. However, the republican media will not let it die, they’ve as much said so. If Obama survives this and makes it to the GE, you can expect the coverage to ramp up even more. if I were a democratic Obama supporter I’d be much more worried about his viability in the GE (I personally think this renders him unelectable) than about the possibility Hillary might win.

    But LOL Ben, I too don’t think it’s going to matter too much up here in WA, I think Starbucks is coming out with a kool-aid latte here soon. But in those swing states and in middle america and across the bible belt, it’s not going to be pretty. Especially when that 527 that has 250 mill to spend starts up.

  295. Indie Ben – I’m sure SDs are having their doubts, but the issue – will the media write about it, like they do with the glee they do with Clinton defections? the media is so annoying – thank god O’Reilly and Fox can taunt them now, since they’ve scooped them, and that the writers strike is over and they’re back on the late night talk shows and SNL so they can skewer these journalists or they wouldn’t be able to turnaround and see their asses.

    Interesting that Bill Clinton will be on Greta Fox show on Monday b/c now Fox is getting the first Clinton interviews, and the other networks have to take excerpts from Fox. If the more conservative Democrats start defecting to Fox and start lowering the ratings of CNN and MSNBC, then hopefully, they will see the damage they’ve done by hiding their far-left agenda and covering up for BO.

  296. I listened to the radio allll day yesterday. Local talk shows, right-wing talk shows and every single one of them said that the media is corrupt and are totally in the tank for Obama. Not that this will change the coverage, it’s just good to know that more and more people are seeing it.

    Fox must be reveling in this.

  297. TheCNN reporter was at some Obama function, saying Obama said if more tapes come out people should take him for his words, not wrights. She went on to say tha a group of Black ministers are angry at Obama for things he said about his church and Rev Wright, they are getting a group of ministers together to denoucne BO

    I cant wait for this!!

  298. So these black ministers support what Wright says or they’re just supporting a fellow pastor because he’s one of them?

    I need to learn how to edit videos. Those 527s may have a lot of money but you can get an amazing amount of mileage out of YouTube.

  299. carbynew,

    Ambinder or Page, for get which, is reporting Obama campaign already pressuring new, NY gov to switch vote to Obama

  300. Dont know more than what was reported, she siad they were angry that he turned his back on his minister, this wont go down well, he’s going to go down in flames. If he denounces wright then he pisses off AA’s if he does ont he looses white voters, this is the trouble when you try to be all things to all people LOL

  301. experience-matters-vote-hillary,

    I’m not surprised. Bambi’s church is far out of the mainstream. Christ’s message was not about hate and divisivness.

  302. emvh .. YES, when you exalt yourself as some deity and God .. the fall from grace to the concrete can hurt pretty bad.

  303. Tiny Dancer

    O’Reilly is claiming that he “broke” the Wright story. But I actually think it was Hannity who has been working the story longer.

  304. Fallout From Pastor’s Sermons Unknown as Obama Attempts Damage Control
    by FOXNews.com
    Saturday, March 15, 2008


  305. It seems msm is glossing over the issue of Wright! I also heard that Penn is having a conference call about Rezko demanding Obama come clean with Rezko, gee, I hope that was a good idea!! Russert was sooo sweeet today with Obama! sick!

  306. Ben

    I’ts like christmas in March for me 🙂 I look forward to waking up in the morning now LOL He has behaved so arrogant and I cant wait to see him fall from grace!

    saw this on another site made me laugh:
    Prediction: An angry Michelle Obama gets away from the PR lockdown she’s under in the next couple of the days and says something even more damaging to Obama in attempting to help him.

    Something like defending Wright, or stating that it’s normal to say the sorts of things he does, or attacking the white establishment for cutting a black man down just as he’s about to succeed.


    Free Michelle Obama! Free Michelle Obama!

  307. Yeah Hannity’s had it for awhile. He did a segment on this last weekend and there’s even footage of the new pastor all “‘Sup Hannity. ‘Sup Hannity”. (which cracks me up, I’m not a fan of Hannity).

    Fox is so proud of itself for scooping CNN/MSNBC et al that they all want to take credit for it.

  308. Caroline

    LOL, O’Reilly is just a glory hog. I’m sure his colleagues over there love him. 🙂 But I’m glad to hear them taking credit for the story, and Obama said it too in one of his interviews. At least I’m not hearing anyone say “Hillary did it.”

  309. msm can continue to tank for Obama. People know what they saw and heard. CNN and MSNBC are becoming jokesters and voters are not stupid. It is out there and it will continue to get more coverage because Fox news has the goods. Just be patient, this ain’t over.

    The drip on Rezco is starting again too..keep pressure on msm with email after email asking for HONEST coverage. Let them know that the other outlets are also getting your email…they have to compete at some point.

  310. experience-matters-vote-hillary

    🙂 Well, it was discussed earlier that Obama surrogates are laying low right now. I guess not wanting to comment on this. I can imagine the Obama camp is keeping MO under wraps for a while too. She’s a loose cannon.

  311. Indy Ben, yes , he sllapped it down. But guess what?

    Ed REendell is already doing a major push to focus on Hill’s electability.

  312. I just want to thank everyone here for helping my diary get to #1 on MyDD’s rec list:


    I just added some more links in a few posts at the end of the comments. This story is blowing up, and GOP operatives are openly gloating about how they want to run against Obama.

    If we don’t nominate HRC now, we are going to be destroyed in November, a loss which could set back our Party for a generation.

    We must not allow this to happen.

  313. dot,

    MSNBC has been running the Wright story steady all day, and playing portions of his interview with KO. They’ve also had Pat Buchanan commenting, and Pat has laid it on the line. He said that this will kill Obama’s candidacy, it’s just a matter of whether it’s in the primary or general.

  314. Oreilly sticks it to OlgerboogeyMan every night in ratings .. why do you think ugly man wants to try to ride on the Obamamania coattails…msnbc and cnn are the most corrupt news now in the world. Everyone I know is talking about this story

  315. when all hell is breaking out in BHO’s kitchen this made headlines of Dallas Morning News Trail Blazer Blog..

    Clinton: Delaly the Delegate Count (because I’ll lose)

    Read the letter from Hillary Political Director…it’s great!

  316. the Wright story is much more damage than swiftboat in 2004. swiftboat sinked John Kerry, then Wright story will sink the whole party.

  317. Everyone, what Ginseng said above:

    “In the video here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86ZJYfyCRXc Wright says (at .12), “there is a man here who can take this country in a new direction.” He points to someone in the congregation, and I assume he is talking about and pointing to Obama.”

    A google cached Fox article about the IRS going after Wright’s church states:

    CHICAGO — Barack Obama’s controversial pastor and the church he’s served for 36 years may be in hot water over statements he has made from the pulpit in support of the Illinois senator’s run for the White House….

    “Wright praised Obama from the pulpit on Jan. 13 in what was billed as his final sermon at the Chicago church.

    “There is a man here who can take this country in a new direction,” Wright said during his sermon, according to recordings obtained by FOX News.

    It was not the first time Wright appeared to endorse Obama, who was baptized at Trinity United, has been an active member of the church for two decades and receives spiritual mentorship from Wright….

    In his Jan. 13 sermon, Wright said:

    “Hillary is married to Bill, and Bill has been good to us. No he ain’t! Bill did us, just like he did Monica Lewinsky. He was riding dirty.”

    FOX News purchased the video recordings of Wright’s sermons from the church…

    “It’s pretty clear an indirect endorsement of Barack Obama — that’s not something you’re supposed to do according to the tax code,” said Andrew Walsh, a professor at Trinity College who specializes in religion in politics.”

    –According to this, January 13th was billed as Wright’s last sermon. And Ginseng said Wright pointed to the audience when he said about a man being there—is this true? If so, all this evidence taken together suggests Obama was THERE. If that was indeed billed as Wright’s last sermon, people at that sermon would more likely remember Obama’s being there too. Wouldn’t it also make sense that Obama WOULD be there at Wright’s supposed last sermon, his mentor of 20 years at the church he’d been attending for 20 years?

    And Wright did the humping motion about Clinton and Lewinsky then, according to Fox. What else was said on that day’s sermon according to the video? Any of the hate America, hate races stuff? If so, right there it shows Obama has lied that he didn’t know about Wright preaching hate.

    It seems the church is being investigated for political campaigning, the article NAMES Obama being the one endorsed on January 13th, the IRS representative NAMES Obama in the quote I’ve posted below with respect to an earlier date.

    At Universal’s blog I saw an excerpt from a worldnet article (I hate that right-wing source—and I still do not like Fox either, I don’t trust these places and don’t think people should praise them because they will revert right back to smearing Clinton someday), which states:

    “In the same 2005 church publication, Wright suggested “white America” had the 9/11 attacks coming, while calling for business “divestment from Israel,” which he refers to as a “racist” state along with America.

    “In the 21st century, white America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01,” he wrote on page 7. “White America and the Western world came to realize that people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just ‘disappeared,’ as the Great White West kept on its merry way of ignoring Black concerns.”

    –It seems Wright has said this stuff IN WRITING, his church has put out publications saying this stuff and in 2005. Because I don’t like or trust where the article’s from, can someone get hold of any of those written publications showing Wright has clearly stated this stuff in writing? If he has, Obama’s denials about not knowing about Wright’s anti-american preaching and race hate sound even more false.

    In my opinion, Obama’s I-didn’t-know-he-thought-and-said-this denials are BULLSHIT, saying he would have quit the church if he’d known this stuff is also BULLSHIT. How could he NOT have known all this stuff? As carby also said above somewhere, his church is known for preaching that nasty stuff and he went there for 20 years, was friends with this person, had him in his home, this person married him and his wife, and it seems Obama wants people to believe this person’s hate was some giant secret, that he himself hadn’t known the secret when others who hadn’t even gone to the church had? As someone also noted above I think, even after this stuff had come out he STILL didn’t quit going to the place.

    In that Fox article, it also says:

    “Obama defended Wright’s longtime activism for blacks in America last week at a campaign event in Ohio.

    “Jeremiah Wright … has said some things that are considered controversial because he’s considered that part of his social gospel,” Obama said….”

    –So once again, Obama has shown he knew about Wright’s “controversial” statements, and this time Obama also more strongly said Wright considers that stuff part of his “social gospel”! Yet now he claims he hadn’t heard Wright’s “social gospel” before?
    More from that Fox article:
    “In a certified letter, Marsha Ramirez, IRS director, EO Examinations, wrote:
    “Our concerns are based on articles posted on several Web sites including the church’s which state the United States Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama addressed nearly 10,000 church members gathered at the United Church of Christ’s biennial General Synod at the Hartford Civic Center, on June 23, 2007. In addition, 40 Obama volunteers staffed campaign tables outside the center to promote his campaign.”
    –What was said by Wright on THAT day with 10,000 people in attendance when Obama was reported as being there? A reporter should investigate that if possible.

    One last thing from the article:

    “Once Wright’s remarks were widely publicized last year, Obama backed out of his plans for his pastor to speak at his Feb. 10 presidential announcement.”

    –But Obama did NOT quit going to that church after last year.

    I’ll post this at my blog too with links to clarify


  318. KO preaches to the choir every night. Most of his audience are Obamabots already. I would say swing voters – that Hillary needs – are more likely to watch Fox

  319. Universal,
    You’re very welcome! It’s been a pleasure to recommend so many fine diaries from so many talented writers. After experiencing the Kooks, MyDD is a reality based oasis of truth and civility. I think I’m staying on for good there.

  320. experience-matters-vote-hillary

    The Holloway issue is mentioned in the article below, since it is what Wright preached about when this reporter was there. EVERYBODY needs to read this article, since it could be the smoking gun that breaks Bambi’s story. This reporter attended Bambi’s church when Bambi was there with his Secret Service.

    I think some of the veterans here need to look at this, and decide whether it should be pushed – you know, whether it is credible.


  321. Good afternoon all…!

    So, God’s Wrath strikes CNN for all their lies and Obama is about to speak live (Fox is covering)

  322. Q: Haven’t you pulled Rev. Wright to the side in the past?

    A: I’ve had conversations with him. When some of these statements started coming out, I’ve had conversations with him about.

    *when they started coming out* (years ago). Not only does he play ignorance with his lies, but he won’t admit anything until he is pushed.

  323. Well, I do think the Holloway case got too much coverage. I don’t think what happened to her was her fault.

    Why is Hill’s camp doing that with Rezco? Just let the chips fall.

    The reverends may actually be intended to help BO.

  324. Q: In the U.S. Senate race, the federal government is alleging at least two of those donations were straw donations. Does this trouble you?

    A: Yes, absolutely. Its illegal, and I obviously had no knowledge of it. If I did, we would not have not accepted those donations.

  325. Q: In the same regard, is it fair for the scrutiny that Rev. Jeremiah Wright has been getting? Is it fair that you have to denounce him, denounce his statement?

    A: It makes me feel bad for the church. I have felt frustrated about how the church has been characterized. The suggestion that somehow this is a separatist church or other statements that have been made on some of these talk shows has disturbed me. Anybody who goes to Trinity . . . knows this is a terrific, welcoming church that there are constant streams of visitors in from every place from Denmark to Iowa . . .

  326. I have talked with co-workers, friends and neighbors who identify themselves as Black Americans and African Americans, they are very spiritual and they love this country. They are repulsed by what JW has said. Some are BHO supporters and some are for Hillary. They see it as a setback for race relations in this country.

  327. Q: Does Wright’s relationship with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan bother you?

    A: I don’t know the extent of his relationship. There was a magazine that was affiliated with the church that gave him an award. That disturbed me as well. There have been a number of things that have come up lately that I’ve been troubled by. But given my strong relationship with the church. This is the church where I was married, where my children were Baptized, that has a record of helping the homeless and dealing HIV/AIDS and speaking out on issues like South Africa, and, you know, is my church family,

  328. I just saw this in the comments to a blog in the Balimore Sun:

    “After a lecture he gave at Johns Hopkins University in 1993, Barack Obama was overheard and caught on tape muttering to a close associate, “Fuck the white man.” This story and the full transcript, I have been assured, will hit the news media hard on Monday or Tuesday of next week.”


  329. anyone keeping tally of all the times BHO has said

    I don’t know
    I’m not aware of
    I had no knowledge of

    wonder how he stacks up to Attny Gen Gonzales’s count

  330. Anyone want to bet that when Hillary wins PA, NC and IN that Obama will start talking about the “Dream Ticket”?
    Hillary’s response should be dream on….

  331. WTF!!!!!!!

    Why are ALL the news station carrying BO’s speech LIVE!!!!!! (including FOX)

    I hate to say it but I think the DNC and the Dems will do anything to prevent HRC’s nomination, including throwing the election to the repubs. Their primary goal is crushing the Clintons and sweeping them off the political map forever.


  332. Barack believes he has enough hip boot to step out of this mess without soiling his trousers. He will try to recast the issue in abstract terms. He will tell us that we must not succumb to guilt by association–we are better than that. He will say that what we really need here is an honest dialogue on race. Then he will present himself as the perfect interlocotur to educate the great unwashed on our racial commonalities and differences and bring about a resolution. When he does so CNN, MSNBC and NBC will swoon over his every word and proclaim him as a man for all seasons, church bells will ring and people will gather in the public square to behold second coming of Christ.

    My dear sir: there is a level of nuance and evasion in your response that I find deeply troubling. This isnt about the sun, the moon, the stars, teachable moments and other wistful abstractions. This is about you and you alone.

    Lest we forget you are the one with the 20 year relationship with Reverend Wright. You are the one who refer this him as your spiritual advisor and your uncle. You are the one who decided to be married by him. You are the one who tries to pass him off as a world renowned biblical scholar steeped in the traditions of liberation theology. You are the one who claims that you attended church on a regular basis over a 20 year period and yet you say you never once heard him utter the hate speech we see him deliver from the same pulpit on tape? You are the one who claims no prior knowledge of the anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-Clinton, anti-American vile utterances we see on that tape with our own eyes. You are the one who refuses to wear the American flag lapel pin or pledge allegiance reminiscent of the Goddam America comments he has made. Your wife is the one who says she was never proud of America before which echoes and re-echoes that very theme. And you and your wife are the ones whose subject your own 7 and 9 year old children to this man and his sermons.

    Some time ago, the First Lady of California publicly endorsed your candidacy and asked us to believe that you are the one we have been waiting for. With Irangate, NAFTAgate, South Carolina, and now this her fine words grow harder by the day to believe. As an Teamster President once told me in a negotiation: “I may be dumb but I am not stupid.”

  333. Wak e up people.THe MSM is not gpoing to let up on our Hillary.They know that a large number of his followers will stick by him and even some repubs will keep piling on Hill to get BHO nominated so that The GOP can then unload all this dirt on hom.When your enemy is drowning,throw him an anvil.A very common practice in politics.The SD are in a real quandry.The Repugs dropped a’GUMMI PUPPEN” on their rush to eliminate the first Woman President and The Good Old Boy’s,are up the proverbial creek without their paddles.HAPPY BOATING.TED,JOHN CLAIREand all the rest of you political hacks.You will soon be out on yhe road,picking**** with the birds

  334. PastorGate 2

    After Sen. Obama attempted to separate himself from Reverend Wright he featured Reverend Dr. J. Alfred Smith on one of his campaign blogs.

    Reverend Smith is the senior pastor of Allen Temple Baptist Church and a member of Senator Obama’s, “African American Religious Leadership Committee.”

    On August 29, 1989 Reverend Smith eulogized the late Huey P. Newton. “We celebrate his homecoming not as a thug, not as a criminal, but as a member of the Allen Temple Family.”

    And later during this memorial service/rally at which 50 former Black Panthers attended, Rev. Smith was quoted as, “The Black Panther headquarters were down the street. Do you think it’s closed? It’s not closed. Trust me, it will rise again.”

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