God Damn America

Where does Michelle Obama get her lack of pride in the United States?

Well, maybe here, at her spirtual center, at her church, where she worships with her husband, where she takes her daughters for spiritual guidance:

We’re the old fashioned sort. We feel a giddy sense of pride and giggles the second we cast our vote on election day. It might not be much, and we are certainly disgusted with the current American government and the past 8 years have been years of desperation for Americans, but election day by our lights could easily be named American Pride Day.

But Michelle Obama is immune to such sentiment.

Having attended the finest schools, worked in prestigious law firms and able to live in a gorgeous house she could not afford to purchase, Michelle Obama feels no pride in the United States. Apparently she learned her lessons well at her church.


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  1. Florida Senator Takes Cue From Republicans in Latest Move to Resolve Primary Dispute

    Florida Sen. Bill Nelson is making a new pitch for resolving the Florida Democratic primary dilemma, after an ambitious proposal from the state’s Democratic Party chairwoman to hold a do-over ran into stiff opposition.

    Nelson said he would like to have the Democratic National Committee seat just half of the state’s 185 pledged delegates, something the Republican National Committee imposed as punishment on its side of the aisle.

    Nelson pitched the idea to DNC Chairman Howard Dean Thursday.

    “I suggested to him, as a way we could settle this thing, is to take away only half the delegates,” Nelson recounted. He plans to talk to officials back in his home state about the new proposal.

    The new proposal came after Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman presented a mail-in/in person do-over plan to the DNC, admitting it would probably not be approved.

    “I have a feeling that this is probably closer to not, than yes,” she said of its chances Thursday at a press conference.

    Under the plan, all of Florida’s 4.1 million Democrats would be mailed a ballot. They could send it back, or cast a ballot in one of 50 regional voting centers that would be set up. The election would end June 3, a week before a DNC deadline to name delegates.

    Thurman said in the mailing to the DNC that she would await their response by Monday.

    All sides of the issue, though, are scrambling to reach an accord, after the DNC stripped Florida and Michigan of their delegates to the national convention when the two states decided to hold their primaries earlier than DNC rules allowed.

    Hillary Clinton won the Florida primary handily, although none of the Democratic candidates campaigned in the state and none of them aired any commercials targeted to its residents. Clinton also won the Michigan primary, although she was the only top-tier Democratic candidate whose name appeared on the ballot there. “Undecided” was the runner-up in Michigan.

    Nelson had a lengthy conversation today on and off the Senate floor with both Barack Obama and Clinton.

    “Both of them said, ‘You have to seat Florida and Michigan.’ Now, of course, the devil is in the details,” Nelson said.

    Though the Nelson plan would still put Clinton at an advantage, Nelson said: “Her advantage in the total number of delegates would be half of what it would otherwise have been … I’m just trying to keep the process going to avoid the train wreck.”

    Nelson said there was an advantage to meeting personally with both candidates today, as both showed up for the first time in about a month for Senate business.

    “The fact I could look eyeball to eyeball and they could see the intensity, I think they are beginning to understand you can’t win without Florida and Michigan,” he said, noting a state Democratic Party poll that showed 22 percent of Independents say they are less likely to vote for the Democrat in November unless the delegates are seated.

    Nelson said the mail-in re-do is off the table, for sure, unless they put in the security provision Nelson proposed. Like Oregon, which is experienced in mail-in voting, Nelson wants voters to seal their envelopes, sign on the seal, and have Florida election officials verify that signature with the state voter database. There were concerns voiced Thursday by state Republicans about taxpayer money being used for this exercise.

    The Florida Democratic House delegation also voiced fresh opposition to the plan Thursday.

    “After reviewing the Party’s proposal and individually discussing this idea with state and local leaders and elections experts, we do not believe that this is a realistic option at this time and remain opposed to a mail-in ballot election or any new primary election in Florida of any kind,” the delegation said in a statement, adding it was still “committed” to finding a way to seat the delegation.


  2. Any self-respecting American who could support Barack Obama after these revelations should be considered brain dead. This is the most agregious eye-opener to date. Americans will reject this hat-mongering Wright and his entire flock, including twenty-year member Obama, and will reject the Democratic Party for condoning this vitriolic, suicidal mission. I am heartsick that young people adore Obama. This country is literally destined for hell if we adults and the DNC don’t turn this thing around NOW.

  3. I had to deal with Nelson when I was a elected offical in FL – he’s very easily pushed around and usually goes with the last person he talks to…don’t pin your hopes on him.

  4. He calls Condelezza … ConDAMNlezza ..

    ‘the old uncle’ defense

    is he kin to the “uncle” Pookie you reckon?

  5. One of CNN’s pundits (a Dem) says he spoke to a GOP strategist who claims the Swiftboat ads (against Kerry) will look like Public Service ads next to what they’ve got to hit Obama with in the GE. Don’t think it takes a genius to figure out they’ll be running a lot of church video.

  6. Holy S**t. This is the biggest bombshell of the entire campaign. Can you imagine how many ZILLIONS of times America would see this video, in ads run by McCain, Republican 527s, etc., if Obama were somehow the nominee?

  7. Nice question and answers with Hillary .. this is why she is 44:


    add h t t p or it will get caught up in fliter

  8. What does Nelson mean “they” seem to understand the delegates have to be seated? Hill has been saying that for months.

  9. I hope some friendly 527’s will get to work immediately.

    ALL of America needs to see this. This man is preaching hatred of the United States .. this is the kind of propaganda they train terrorists with.

  10. I have to take a shower after watching those videos.

    This would kill many politicians careers. Hillary would be barbequed for it. Obama will probably get a slight ding.

  11. Condoleezza never plays the race card doe she? And she takes heat on everything (and deservedly so). Plus she grew up in a VERY segregated Birmingham, AL, but she doesn’t bring it up.

    Not that I’ve followed Condi much, just saying I’ve never heard it in relation to her.

  12. I haven’t posted for some time and won’t except when I come across gems like this. Obama has released his earmarks while a U.S. Senator (he’s still refusing to release all his requests as an Illinois State Senator.)
    Long story short, I wish I could get a raise like that!

    Obama Requested $1 Million For Construction Of A New Hospital Pavilion At The University Of Chicago. In 2006, Obama requested that the University of Chicago receive $1 million to support its Construction of New Hospital Pavilion.

    “She’s terrific,” added Michael Riordan, who was president of the hospital in March 2005, when Michelle Obama was promoted to vice president for external affairs and had her annual salary increased from $121,910 to $316,962.

  13. To stay in a church that regurgitates venom, denounces America and blasphemes God in such a over-the-top, in-your-face manner is the most appaling and insulting act I have ever witnessed in MY adult life. Obama must be denounced right now for this association, and the DNC must lead the way. To pretend this doesn’t exist like an “old crazy uncle” JUST WON’T DO. NOT THIS TIME. DENOUNCE OBAMA DEAN AND DNC. DENOUNCE OBAMA NOW FOR THIS COMPLETE DENEGRATION OF AMERICA OR MAY YOU ALL ROT IN HELL.

  14. Blue: All is not, as it seems with the Obamas. The cracks are beginning to show. Can you imagine, if the roles were switched, and Hillary had a pastor who said those things? She would be fried, tar and feathered, and thrown out of politics. Obama probably won’t have a scratch, until the GE, if he gets the nomination. The Republicans have their ammunition to use against him; especially, against patriotic McCain.

  15. RJK 1957: Wexler? I might have known he would be involved. He is deep in the tank for Obama.

    According to The Almanac of American Politics: “in 2002 it was revealed that Wexler had a complex financial arrangement involving a loan and stock ownership with an airline security investor who was charged with stock fraud. He has since voiced regret about his corporate dealings”.

    Sound like anyone else we know?

    I hope to God the Chairwoman does the right thing here as you suggest. You are spot on.

  16. I think if HRC had to apologize for GF’s remarks, He should have to apologize for his pastor’s preachings (and explain why he remained a church member).

    If He were to get the nom, he’d go down in flames, Dukakis-style.

  17. McCain is a fcuking wimp out .. and this dude is supposed to keep the US safe? Give me the Hill anyday

  18. rjk:
    Somehow, I believe that a miracle has to occur, perhaps in the sitting judges of the 11th circuit, and God will lead them to seat all of the delegates. God has to intevene in this election. It is our only hope. Keep praying for a miracle. I’m ready to start prayer groups to change people’s hearts from acceptance of this devil and to deliver this nation from complete annihilation. Our country, and definitely the Democratic Party will be punished for condoning this outrage. The party of FDR and JFK? I don’t think so. Hey, Kennedy’s – how do you square TUCC with your Catholic upbrining? Rose Kennedy is rolling over in her grave right about now to know that she has so many members turning away from their upbringing and embracing Obama and all that he represents. Hail Mary, Full of Grace… Novenas until November 5, 2008.

  19. Ininla: we got people who contribute regularly to this site who know North Carolina better than any Obamaniac does. Trust me. No way we will give up that state. You are right on.

  20. no way could John McCain beat Hillary Clinton. He’s a wimp ass…she’d grill him like barbecue in a debate.

  21. rickroberts:
    The woman, unfortunately, represents the majority of the thinking of AA in this country. I so feel for the God-fearing AA in this country who are as appalled by this hate and rage as the rest of our citizens. Why has this happened? Because America has allowed it. By being so worried about violating others’ rights, and being politically correct, people – we have literally sold our souls to the devil. And we are paying dearly for it, now. Gangs, Black on Black crime, prisons bursting at the seams with Black felons. Is there any wonder, when this is their role models? Dear God, deliver us from this evil, corrupting young minds and destroying what this country was founded on – the goodness in each person and love for mankind.

  22. rjk1957: go to ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2008/03/13/live-blog-from-the-anchor-desk-31308/

    and give your opinion….mine always get moderated out.

  23. Roland Martin is still an Obama ass. he just said about Wright’s comments concerning 9/11 “Ron Paul said the same thing during a Republican debate”
    Well, Ron and just how many votes did that get Paul?

  24. promo on cnn for upcoming piece on prostitution said we see it in the media and aired a clip of julia roberts should have been the anchors od msm

  25. this is priceless:

    “But, I must tell you, I am worried. I am troubled by what I have
    seen with my own eyes and what I have witnessed repeatedly in several major national elections – the deliberate attempt to disenfranchise and discourage people from exercising their right to participate in the political process.”

    Guess Who?

    My BFF Donna,
    March 7, 2007

  26. Well, I wonder what the Governor of New York and the mayor of Philadelphia would think of curiosityhasme’s comments now twice today. And, Rick withdrew his comment. I’m sorry. I don’t talk like that, and neither does Hillary.

  27. you might want to email Fox and thank them for exposing this. CNN ready to shove it under the rug..Anderson Cooper acting all indignant and that we should be discussing “issues”. WTF

    They never post my comments either….either you kiss their asses or obamas ass and evidently dick or you don’t get your comment posted.

    Everyone get onboard for the big media suckoff of BHO…

  28. “Roland Martin is still an Obama ass. he just said about Wright’s comments concerning 9/11 “Ron Paul said the same thing during a Republican debate”

    Didn’t Bin Laden say the same thing? OK, now the standard is getting so low. I really don’t understand what Hussein Obama’s supporters see in him.

  29. dedfg.

    I think it was at a CNN comment string that mine would go up, then immediately disapper. I tried leaving out any urls etc, same thing happened. It was too fast to be a human moderator.

    I don’t recall if they have registration, but you might try registering under a different name.

  30. She goes on….

    “There is no place in our democracy for last minute attempts to purge
    eligible citizens just because they may vote for your opponent. It’s wrong and it should be outlawed.”

  31. dang if were I were as butt ugly as Spitzer I’d expect to pay someone $4500 an hr for a romp in the sack too.

    oh oh does that make me anti-semitic

  32. So anything anyone says who is connected with BO is ok because someone else somewhere said something similar.

    But anyone connected with Hillary who says something no matter what is to be trashed and compared with David Duke.

    Ok I get it now.

  33. “Throughout my career spanning many political campaigns and numerous
    elections at all levels, I have advocated the need for meaningful and effective election reform, specifically, the essential need to restore citizens’ confidence in the electoral process and the integrity of our voting systems through the adoption of enforceable regulations that will not only reduce fraud, but will also protect the
    right of all Americans to vote free of harassment and intimidation and to ensure that all votes cast are properly counted.”

    gotta love Donna

  34. Debbie, I was talking about the new Governor of New York, not Spitzer. But, I’m sorry, I have no idea where some of you people are from that you think referring to some unknown woman on a video as “black ass” is appropriate. Hillary sure as hell wouldn’t. Tim himself withdrew the comment.

  35. wagner: with respect I honestly believe what she was doing was rising above the controversy, reiterating what she had already said at the Travis Smiley event (which Barry shunned), distancing herself from Ferraro as Gerry wanted her to do so she can continue this battle on her own and apologizing for the way Bush handled New Orleans. If we had a fair media in this country and not that AP maggot who wrote the biased story then the headline would have read: “Clinton Reaffirms Her Longtime Support For The African American Community”.

    As for Barry, we should not be the ones asking him to repudiate The Right Reverend Wright. This is a game of chess not checkers. He has a deep and enduring relationship with this the man spanning 20 years. We should respect his decision and let others to draw their own conclusions about this.

    The advice I generally give in these situations which nobody ever follows but wish later that they had is step back and let nature take its course.

  36. 1950: thanks, I will try that sometime on anderson blog….some of my comments do get posted in the other blogs, where I do use a different id.

  37. Positive note
    Spent a few hours phone banking tonight the room was black/white/old/young/male/female and all on thier own time for HIllary

    why does the campaign wait until the day before to anounce rallies?

  38. I called McCain a wimp ass because he was too soft on replying to the “audacity of hope” slop served up by Jeremiah Wright..I mean I get it that Hannity just sprung it on him..but you gotta be fast on your feet. That could have been a terrorist. However, the words that Mr. Wright uses in those sermons sounds like what I hear the terrorists talking about…bring America down, the chikens come home to roost, GodDamn America.

    I’m more outraged than ever than the only reporting you’ll see on big media about this besides Fox News is this little bit my Coop tonight.

    Keep hitting those videos on YouTube. If they stay viral this story will keep legs.

  39. rjk, isn’t it a bit late for that? These sermons are not new. I love how Cooper wants to focus on the “issues”. Did he focus on the issues yesterday, or did he discuss Ferrarro?

  40. SpacegirlArt,

    It s true that many people are disenfranched and dscouraged from voting.

    Take for instance the large number of college students who are not permenent residents of a state. The must wait for the college snail mal to get absentee ballots. Many times they are received too late for the students to respond in time,. Primaries are held during spring break.

    Additonally, we are aware of the Sec. of States purging voter roles so close to elections that no corrective action can be taken. Too few polling places in rural and ethnc areas and inadequately trained poll workers.

    **** I get your point about Donna Brazille!!!!! she is a bit phony…well not a bit..a lot!

  41. mj…I live down an urban alley near downtown St. Pete FL. This morning at about 7:30, I had to call the police because the three African American women down the alley behind the assisted living facility that is nearby were about to kill each other over a parking place. I was drinking coffee and here on Big Pink and the language that was floating through my windows, and the RAGE these women had towards each other was both annoying and frightening. They were in tone and tenor EXACTLY like the Reverend in the posts we have seen.

    They were calling each other bitch and whore and yelling get your f’ing black a** in that car and give me my space, b****.

    The other two AA women were non-plussed. I was the one who was offended. It was early, I wanted my peace, and I didn’t want to hear that rubbish at all, let alone so early. They could have cared less.

    Now, my neighbor is an AA lawyer, a woman, funny as hell and smart as a whip. We drink wine together in the courtyard and have good laughs. Her actions do not offend me.

    So, this morning, when my peace was interrupted, I was not thinking the kindest of thoughts about the women in the alley. Was that inappropriate?

  42. @tim “Question
    why does the campaign wait until the day before to anounce rallies?”

    my GUESS would be for security

  43. Imagine how the left wing media would have covered the Jeremiah Wright story if it were Hillary’s or McCain’s pastor. I guess we should be thankful that Anderson Cooper at least covered it. One can see the bias of Gloria Borger she was so relecutant to talk about it, she kind of looked shell-shocked although she let out that this is about the candidate’s character. They are really in the tank for Obama.

  44. SpaceGirlArt, it is not inappropriate because if it were three white women doing the same thing you would have still called the police and though those same thoughts.

  45. Did you go on a Hillary supporter site and start posting things about black women? If so, yes. I mean, really, I am sorry, I’ve known white women who were heroine addicts, and committed all kinds of crimes. I don’t call them white ass. I don’t broadstroke their entire community as white trash. This is crazy to me. Rick withdrew his comment, said it was heated. That’s really all that needed to be said.

  46. I am “The Right To Be Bold” on You Tube. Looks for me to be out there representing HILLARY! The Obama people hate me on there because I make them uncomfortable .. and that is so fun. Cyber bullying .. did anyone think the funnest thing on the playground could really continue?


  47. mj
    It just goes back to the same old pattern Obama has exhibited during this entire campaign. When the press uncovers campaign contributions linked to rezko, they just refund the ones discovered by the press and issue a press release saying they have donated those funds to a charity or returned them. When the press finds more contributions he does the same thing. He only takes action when the press discovers something. Lord only knows how much this guy is really hiding. If he is this calculating and secretive, he may indeed be a manchurian candidate.

  48. mccain is not going to use this against bho.. his campaign guru mark mckinnon says he will not go negative against bho…however no doubt other groups will, if mccain does not denounce them…it loos as if the media is going to give bho a pass on this…they mentioned it so it could not be said that it was ignored but thats it

  49. He’s just a Chicago pol with little to no experience and zilch record of doing things for actual people aside himself.

  50. dot 48
    pretty much since the 5th its been about getting people to events frequently they mention on the evening news that hillary/bill/ chelsea will bew in western pa the next day or day after but they don’t have exact location or time so we sit and call people with the specifics when they come in

  51. I think this is all strategy. I think it’s at least possible that it’s strategy. The longer the focus is on race, and the more it seems like a looming race war, the more undecided Democrats will throw their hands up (much like Amy P on SNL did) and say “Meh, who needs all that .. let’s go with the one we know.”

  52. i joined the north carolina democratic blog, and everyone there is a rabid obama supporter. and i must say they are utterly misinformed.

  53. Just saw this message on Hillary’s website and thought I should post it here:
    From a comment string at taylormarsh.com:


  54. TPS…they are all not sure what to do about this story because it DOES have legs and it smacks at the “heart” of America and how the “centerist” Americans and the Right see this country.

    II IMAGGINE that Anderson, Steve Capus, Gloria et al, are HORRIFIED at this commentary of Wright’s and do not know how to address it the way it SHOULD be addressed.

    The fact that Bambi has not come out and said anything except he “distances” himself from divisive language is telling on it’s face and they MUST know that.

    They are scared shitless right now. They may be corporate hacks on the one hand, but they are rich white Americans on the other, and yes, they do have brains, and are probably wondering what in the hell they have gotten themselves in to, ESPECIALLY since MOST of the AA Commentatiors have found ways to justify Wright’s remarks or see them as being taken out of context.

    Five bucks the narritive changes after this. Bye Bye Bambi.

    EXCEPT, McCain tonight declared his support of nuclear power…so GE wins either way.

  55. Tim, please ask campaign staff to recruit people in line as volunteers. This is what they did in TX, but I heard they were not doing it in Penn.

  56. Am I the only one who keeps shaking my head and wondering what the heck has happened to the Democratic Party and the media at large?

    Sometimes it feels like this election is pure twilight zone. The vicious games being played at Hillary’s expense, the lies and cover-ups by the media and Obama…what the heck is going on???

  57. # TPS Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    SpaceGirlArt, it is not inappropriate because if it were three white women doing the same thing you would have still called the police and though those same thoughts.

    you are exactly right

  58. # timjcain Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    Positive note
    Spent a few hours phone banking tonight the room was black/white/old/young/male/female and all on thier own time for HIllary

    why does the campaign wait until the day before to anounce rallies?
    Is Hillary going to have a rally tomorrow? if so, where? I read that BO is cancelling his rally tomorrow. Has he really abandoned or downplayed PA?

  59. # JanH Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    Am I the only one who keeps shaking my head and wondering what the heck has happened to the Democratic Party and the media at large?

    Sometimes it feels like this election is pure twilight zone. The vicious games being played at Hillary’s expense, the lies and cover-ups by the media and Obama…what the heck is going on???

    Jan…you ARE NOT alone.

    My thoughts exactly. I just have to keep having the BELIEF that the American People, who do not trust the press anyway, will start asking WTF? Why are we just finding this stuff out? and it will not just be people like US and others flooding the media with demands for real press.

    “Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, well…fool me, and ya can’t get fooled again”

  60. For Obama to say he does not agree with Wright raises serious questions not only of his judgment, but his honesty. My parents changed churches when I was growing up because they did not agree with the minister. It is not that hard to do just change churches if you disagree. One of the reasons I think Obama is lying about not agreeing with Wright’s views is his book. In certain passages he implies his mother hated America so what does he do when he grows up? He joins a church that has similar views of America and has been a member of that church for over 20 years. He is lying through his teeth.

  61. mj
    we recruit when we make phone calls and tomorrow i was asked to come at 230 for a 545 event. and saturday she’s going to be at the st patricks day parade. the official office opens on sunday and they are promoting an open house for that. chelsea was her yesterday and bill did four events less than 2 hours away. so i definately think they got thier stuff together here. its very exciting. i’ve been at aunion sponsored phone bank and people stop in for the lunch to give a half of an hour.

  62. debbie Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 10:28 pm
    It s true that many people are disenfranched and dscouraged from voting.
    Take for instance the large number of college students who are not permenent residents of a state. The must wait for the college snail mal to get absentee ballots. Many times they are received too late for the students to respond in time,. Primaries are held during spring break.
    Additonally, we are aware of the Sec. of States purging voter roles so close to elections that no corrective action can be taken. Too few polling places in rural and ethnc areas and inadequately trained poll workers.

    Applying this to mail-in voting:

    “few polls, inadqueately trained workers” — not a problem with mail-ins because you just mail it. If you want help you can go to the courthouse any time within the two weeks, or to the party headquarters of your choice, or phone for a volunteer of the party of your choice to come help you.

    “purging voter rolls too close to the elections” – big problem with traditional polling place because you don’t fnd out you’ve been purged till you are at the poll in a long line and it is too late to do anything about it. With mail-in, if you don’t get a ballot you have two weeks to go to the courthouse and get it straigntened out.

    “college snail mail for absentee ballots” – get a “Mail Boxes Plus” or similar private mail service. They will send your ballot to you by Fedex if necessary.

    “primaries held during Spring Break” – You can mail your ballot from anywhere, any day.

  63. SpaceGirlArt, I think the media is worried because they know the Republicans will have a lot of fun with this story if he were to be the nominee. They want to protect Obama and want the story to go away but they know it is out there and that the right wing media won’t let it go. They are trying not to cover it but are worried for Obama. NBC totally ignored it except for Dan Abrams even though Dan tried his best to minimize it. ABC, CNN, and FOX covered it. CBS didn’t touch it either.

  64. TPS…obama’s mom again for your enjoyment…and his wife.

    Be afraid! h*t*t*p only!


  65. so MI is a re-vote and FL will delagates wil be one half? and HRC agreed? what do the polls out of MI show

  66. SpaceGirl – Did you see the part on Fox with Dick Morris? It must have been his first time seeing that particular clip of Rev. Wright because his reaction was “did he really just…say that the governement brought HIV/AIDs in for genocide against african americans?” like he was SHOCKED at the content. I imagine all the pundits have that reaction. Shock and then… how do we spin this?

  67. LoL! Me too. I wasn’t paying any attention to who the pundit was, just listening and the initial raw reaction was SHOCK then I realized who it was and was all “AHHHHH MY EYES”.

    He was truly flabbergasted at first though. Then he stumbled around and finally got on point.

  68. Morris has been consistently wrong on his predictions about Hillary. This video completely blows his thesis off and makes Hillary’s nomination likely.

  69. Spacegirl…. maybe it’s time for write your BFF and ask her what she thinks of the Rev. Wright videos and how that brings “unity” to America.

  70. Spacegirl…. oops… one more try…maybe it’s time to write your BFF and ask her what she thinks of the Rev. Wright videos and how that brings “unity” to America.

  71. interesting that some of BFF last messages were “guilt by association” .. whose quilt and whose association

  72. Blue Democrat Do you have a link for the earmark info?

    In order to post elsewhere a link is needed. Thanks

  73. did i hear correctly that wright has stepped down from his ministry and that he did it last month. if so does that mean that the church can avoid losing its tax exempt status?

  74. monkeybusiness….that would be pandering. I’ll wait for something else.

    I HATE that CNN is trying to pin this on the Clinton Campaign

    It depends upon how much the Clinton Campaiign wants to push this”


    American’s all over want to know!

  75. Spacegirl… yeah, I guess you’re right. I just can’t stand that woman and would like her to eat her own words!

  76. Has CNN somehow found a way to tie Hillary in to Rev. Wright? Like a picture of her with a sister of a cousin of the neighbor of someone who used to go to the church?

  77. She’s already said, “no comment”. Forget about it guys. The MSM has picked sides for the long haul. Hopefully, people see this on their own.

  78. did cnn just have a commentator say that this wright thing was an attempt to appeal to PA’s white blue collar voters?

  79. It looks like CNN ala Anderson Cooper and Jack Cafferty are taking over from Obama’s campaign and using the race card/kitchen sink method to destroy Hillary Clinton once and for all.

    Apparently it doesn’t matter at all anymore if there is any truth or evidence involved, lets just make Hillary the scapegoat for anything bad/stupid Obama has ever done in his life from birth onwards.

    A network I once watched avidly, CNN, has now lost my complete respect.

  80. The Clinton campaign is not running this story. Fox news and tal radio is. and it has legs of its own! The words on the tapes ar incendiary..joe six pack and understand exactly what is said…no interpertation necessary

  81. http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/03/13/i-call-it-raw/#comment-3497
    From an email I just got. I suggest using it. to express your outrage.
    “Word is filtering out from the campaign that we should contact people we know at the DNC ASAP. The FL and MI decision will be going down soon. The person we should really pressure is Phil McNamara. Phil will not be making decisions but he is the staffer who runs all affairs for the Rules and Bylaws Committee. Also if he receives a flood of messages it will get back to Dean.
    Obama is pushing for a 50-50 split of the delegates. That doesn’t refelct the will of the people. It reflects the wishful thinking of the Obama campaign.”
    Phil McNamara

  82. People vote with their feet. If Obama did not endorse his preacher’s views, why would he continue going all those years to hear them? Going to church is a choice that most people make because they subscribe to its teaching. He was not forced to go but went out of his own free will. That is an endorsement. He can not get out of it. It of course had an impact on Obama and his wife’s worldview. To say it did not is naive. Now we have more insight concerning his wife’s remark about being proud to be an American. This is starting to come all together. After listening to this preacher’s message of hate towards ‘white America” for 10 plus years, it is no wonder she feels this way. I can also see why Obama and the AA community are so eager to hold the highest office in the land. This is really dangerous. I don’t know how certain sections of the power elites in this country are going to take it. And how about crazy white racists? They are even more to worry about. I hope his self portrayal as a new Kennedy does not lead to his imitating the Kennedy brothers to the extent it costs him his life. Then we will certainly have the riots AAs are threatening us with, causing great damage to the domestic tranquility of the nation. Like we need this to add to all of the troubles we are already facing as a country. Obama is turning out to be the great divider instead of the great unifier.

  83. Also, Obama is on record as saying Rev. Wright is his “spiritual advisor.” Of ALL the clergymen and women in the country, he picks THIS nutcase? Jesus Christ Almighty.

  84. It is mind-boggling that CNN is tying this to Clinton. The tapes go back 5 years. How in the heck would the Clinton’s even know about them. What a bunch of unprofessional and evil people.

  85. Fire it up guys to CNN

    Mr. Walton!

    HOW DARE YOU have Anderson Cooper and your other anchors try to PIN the TOTALLY OFFENSIVE video of Reverend Wright on the CLINTON CAMPAIGN.

    Rowland Martin was the ONLY person on your network who was even REMOTLY HONEST about the origin of this video when he cited Sean Hannity of FoxNews.

    The REAL story is that a major political candidate for the Presidency has gone to a church where as early as this past December was completely racially insulting to Senator Clinton and throughout his career has spewed hate about America.

    HOW DARE YOU SIR have NO honesty in your reporting of this issue and having Anderson Cooper declaring “American’s are not interested in this”

    YOU Sir, are not the arbiter of what we are interested in. A few years ago Bill Maher was tossed of Cable calling the terrorist’s brave. This man screams hate to all white American’s, and you have Anderson and Candy give it a pass.

    Your network is in a race to the bottom with MSNBC and your advertisers are hearing about it loudly and often.

  86. Clearly, these tapes purchased by various news outlets were because of the IRS investigation. WTF are these idiots in the MSM doing?

  87. JanH, CNN is the all-Obama network, all the time. It was almost funny (almost) watching their “impartial analysts” wring their hands over what to make of this explosive story. “Should we be covering this?” they asked each other. “This is not what the American people want to hear about,” one of them blurted out. What a joke of a network.

  88. i lived in nyc during the rnc let them threaten a riot if denver has 1/10 of the force ny had lots of people will be spending several days in a holding pen without rec’ing due process.

  89. The ‘chickens coming home to roost’ is a direct quote of Malcolm X — Malcolm X said it about the JFK assassination. If you read in between the lines of Obama’s message, I think he’s saying the same thing as Wright. It’s just that Dan Abrams et al don’t know the codes he’s using. When he says “I grew up in Indonesia so make me President”, that means “I know what it means to be a victim of American imperialism.”

  90. CNN = shoddy journalism at its lowest. None of the “analysts” could even determine where the story CAME FROM!!! That’s THEIR JOB!!! Where did they find out about it, from ghosts? They couldn’t even cite a source.

  91. He joins a church that has similar views of America and has been a member of that church for over 20 years. He is lying through his teeth.
    rjk… you are right he lies thru his teeth he wont distance himself he will still go to church there after 20 years//he is full of it he agrees with everything wright says..i see it thru his lying eyes.i think its going to be a big factor in days to come.I hope it hurts him so bad bo will be the replacement for wright in that church

    terrondt..yep pure hatemonger..i agree scary…that ranting and raving would scare anyone.it needs to go ballistic all over the web tv all the remaning states..

  92. So, the tapes were discovered by Fox, because of the IRS investigation? How does this involve the Clinton’s? The media has run amok.

  93. this wright guy will sink Obama in General, lets air it out now, if we don’t and dems lose its our fault

  94. With all this coverage, it make me wonder if George Bush really DID all that shit they said he did!

  95. rjk… you are right he lies thru his teeth he wont distance himself he will still go to church there after 20 years

  96. remember, Wright isnt just his pastor, he is on an OFFICIAL campaign Comitee, the Obama’s gave him and the Church 20000 last year per their tax return, AND obama has attended church for 20 years, he even got the title of his book from him, YOU gonna tell me he has no influence on Obama? Let’s not forget all these tid-bits when discussing this story

  97. maybe the campaign should actually leak a fake rascist high up and then say gotcha when the media pounces all over it.

  98. Spacegirl, I think they’ve decided anyone who opposes BO must work for Clinton, so yes you’re part of the Clinton campaign.

  99. birdgal, I am assuming here.

    Canaan Says:

    March 13th, 2008 at 11:19 pm
    The ‘chickens coming home to roost’ is a direct quote of Malcolm X — Malcolm X said it about the JFK assassination. If you read in between the lines of Obama’s message, I think he’s saying the same thing as Wright. It’s just that Dan Abrams et al don’t know the codes he’s using. When he says “I grew up in Indonesia so make me President”, that means “I know what it means to be a victim of American imperialism.”

    Yup. i was just saying this to my father the other night. White college kids have no idea what the “hokey doke” is.

  100. space: Wright is a member of BO’s African-American Religious Leadership Committee.

    If the media is sitting on this, what a cover up.

    When I first read that atime article, I had my doubts, but after this I’m not so sure anymore, that Obama doesn’t harbor some the same anger that his mother did.

    His whole campaign is a sham! So much for unity. What did the DNC, Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, Dean, and Dachele do to our country? Their hatred of the Clinton’s is so deep, that they would throw the country to a person with hatred of America?

  101. Spacegirl,

    CNN won’t even let me post there anymore. I’ve never been rude about Obama. I’ve only defended Hillary’s point of view.

  102. O’Reilly was saying that this is huge and should be addressed but he kind of alluded to the fact that he didn’t think that any of the left wing news outlets would. And then there was kind of an admission that if it where Hillary’s church the press would be ALL over it.

  103. Okay you can all slap me now. I have to Roland Martin a break he did set Cooper staraght saying that the Clinton camp is not pushing this. He said it is coming from Sean Hannity and Fox.

  104. Yup. i was just saying this to my father the other night. White college kids have no idea what the “hokey doke” is.

    I actually don’t know what that is. I didn’t even know what bamboozled meant until the last couple of days. I’m a few years out of college.

  105. i think it was somebody here who suggested that if john edwards does not endorse hillary that we implore him that he give michelle the number of his hairdresser. that’s funny.

  106. rjk: she probably thinks it is Clinton’s fault.

    tim: I have held onto that article, because I thought it was inflammatory and I wasn’t sure about it. But, after this, I will pass it along. I have passed along, some other articles.

  107. Bambi and camp are sure being quiet about this. Isn’t anyone asking them for a statement on all of this?

  108. Personally, I think that these videos reveal quite a lot about what Obama believes. If he, Obama, doesn’t like devisive comments, why did he stay in the church for 20 years. Why would he want his two little girls to be exposed to this kind of hate and rage? A person’s church is usually a very important decision. In this country a lot of people get a sense of community from their church – it’s a place where you can hang out with people who believe as you believe — that’s part of the point, isn’t it? So what’s he doing being such a devout member when he disagrees with devisive statements?

  109. Jan…don’t bother with the blogs

    they delete all of mine too. Even when I am nice (and someone needs to bring THAT up too!) I am sure they will block my mail soon, so PLEASE USE THESE ADDRESSES and mention that the SPONSORS will know how bias CNN is, in turn, we will boycott them AND their advertisers.

    CNN National (Atlanta, GA)
    Jim Walton – President of CNN News Group
    E-mail: jim.walton@turner.com
    Phone: (404) 827-1500

    Rolando Santos – Executive Vice President; General Manager
    E-mail: dave.willis@turner.com
    Phone: (404) 827-4872

    Rick Davis – Executive VP – CNN News – Standards and Practices
    E-mail: rick.davis@turner.com
    Phone: (404) 827-1500

  110. CNN should be bombarded with email until they get the story right. Can anyone post the email addresses here?

  111. # JanH Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    Bambi and camp are sure being quiet about this. Isn’t anyone asking them for a statement on all of this?

    funny, eh. They are probably pulling a NAFTA on Wright about now

  112. I don’t see how anyone could watch those videos and be all “There’s nothing wrong with these. What’s the issue?”

  113. at one point my father was apprenticed to become a deacon but oops he had a gay son and could not abide by the antideluvian tenants of the catholic church and so he left and yet he reads the bible everyday and is in my opinion the most spiritual person i have ever met.
    michelle bio on cnn

  114. all the kennedys i wonder that too..that didn’t go for hill.. ..i bet there swarmed with emails from everywhere from catholic familys.if there watching the news..even let wright baptised bo children and married them bo and mo…he doesnt reject any of those remarks by his pastor..its the best story yet to see thru bambi…and his rotten campaign

  115. # SpacegirlArt Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    pm…scroll up a few posts
    yep, thanks. you read my mind –we were posting simultaneously.

  116. I started reading the Asian Times article again, and stopped after a couple of paragraphs: OMG, it does seem more true, than the first time I read it.

    Cherchez la femme,” advised Alexander Dumas in: “When you want to uncover an unspecified secret, look for the woman.” In the case of Barack Obama, we have two: his late mother, the went-native anthropologist Ann Dunham, and his rancorous wife Michelle. Obama’s women reveal his secret: he hates America.

    We know less about Senator Obama than about any prospective president in American history. His uplifting rhetoric is empty, as Hillary Clinton helplessly protests. His career bears no trace of his own character, not an article for the Harvard Law Review he

    edited, or a single piece of legislation. He appears to be an empty vessel filled with the wishful thinking of those around him. But there is a real Barack Obama. No man – least of all one abandoned in infancy by his father – can conceal the imprint of an impassioned mother, or the influence of a brilliant wife.

    Obama profiles Americans the way anthropologists interact with primitive peoples. He holds his own view in reserve and emphatically draws out the feelings of others; that is how friends and colleagues describe his modus operandi since his days at the Harvard Law Review, through his years as a community activist in Chicago, and in national politics. Anthropologists, though, proceed from resentment against the devouring culture of America and sympathy with the endangered cultures of the primitive world. Obama inverts the anthropological model: he applies the tools of cultural manipulation out of resentment against America. The probable next president of the United States is a mother’s revenge against the America she despised.

  117. Rev. Wright’s worldview neither surprises not shocks me. I’ve lived in the Detroit area all my life and this sort of rhetoric is commonplace among militant black nationalists. It sickens me that someone who may (God forbid) someday become President of the United States belongs to a church where the pastor spews such hatred of this country and of white people. What kind of person would want to sit and listen to this kind of talk on a regular basis? Over time, how would it affect that person’s thinking? Why would Obama choose this particular church and this particular pastor? Surely, there are churches and pastors in the Chicago area who are promoting civil rights and social justice and black empowerment in a more positive, constructive manner. Why doesn’t Obama go to one of these churches?

  118. Some interesting comments I read tonight from Rev. Wright and also from Obama. I had not heard these before. That video is just shocking and the things I’ve been reading just make it worse. Obama cannot just gloss over this…he has too close of a relationship to this guy….incredible…

    Rev. Wright in his own words:

    Wright also told The New York Times in an interview published March 6: “When his (Obama’s) enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli” with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to visit Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, “a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell.”


    “When Minister Farrakhan speaks, Black America listens,” says
    the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, likening the Minister’s influence to
    the E. F. Hutton commercials of old.

    “Everybody may not agree with
    him, but they listen…His depth on analysis when it comes to the
    racial ills of this nation is astounding and eye opening. He brings a
    perspective that is helpful and honest.”

    “Minister Farrakhan will be remembered as one of the 20th and
    21st century giants of the African American religious experience,”
    continues Wright. “His integrity and honesty have secured him a
    place in history as one of the nation’s most powerful critics.
    His love for Africa and African American people has made him an unforgettable
    force, a catalyst for change and a religious leader who is sincere
    about his faith and his purpose


    “The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for over 40 years now,” Wright has said. “Divestment has now hit the table again as a strategy to wake the business community and wake up Americans concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism.”


    Mr. Wright, who has long prided himself on criticizing the establishment, said he knew that he may not play well in Mr. Obama’s audition for the ultimate establishment job.
    “If Barack gets past the primary, he might have to publicly distance himself from me,” Mr. Wright said with a shrug. “I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen.”


    Obama comments on Rev. Wright

    Despite the canceled invocation, Mr. Wright prayed with the Obama family just before his presidential announcement. Asked later about the incident, the Obama campaign said in a statement, “Senator Obama is proud of his pastor and his church.”

    He has said that he relies on Mr. Wright to ensure “that I am speaking as truthfully about what I believe as possible”


  119. we should have military mothers and wives, ask this important question about these anti american comments:

    W H A T T H E F * C K ?

  120. Wright, Rezko, Monster lady, that weather/terrorist connection…

    I hope it all just blows up in Obama’s face!

  121. When I sent my letter to Olbermann yesterday before his commentary, I copied it to ALL the network executives and producers I had names for. That way 1.) more than his secretary can read it
    2.) everyone who knows him as a womanizer will get a laugh at his expense

    I suggest when you write the networks, you cc or blind cc EVERYONE with the company you have a contact for. I have Kaffeen’s whole list, but I understand it is being added to and updated. It is at the top of the last thread, or I can repost or email it from spacegirlart@gmail.com

  122. This pastor story was around for sometime. I guess the video made all the difference. As I wrote on the NYT Caucus blog comments, this explains MO’s comments and also Obama’s own hatred toward Clintons and the level he can stoop down to to smear them and how effortlessly he and his campaign has spread that hatred among his supporters. Something very weird is going on.

  123. McCain should demand Obama’s withdrawel from the Democratic nomination race. Hillary can not for obvious reasons. McCain can use his high patriotic standing among the American public as reasons for doing so, since the press has no spine for taking the people’s interest to heart. He can add that if Obama does win the nomination, he will refuse to debate him. Now is the time for a “Profile in Courage.” Come on Senator McCain, act now. Your country is in dire need of you. You can do no higher service than to save America from electing this black racist as President.

  124. tim, we are working on that now…all help is appreciated. Here is what I have for MSNBC now, with Basil’s help

    MOST sites have CEO info and contact forma. If they do not, use webmaster links just to flood them with mail. 😀

    If I were an IT guy, that wold really piss me off!

    General Motors,
    American Express,
    Sprint Nextel,
    TD Ameritrade and
    Procter & Gamble and Staples,

    Transitions Lenses
    Rick Elias
    Chief Executive Officer

    to their website for form to comment

    P.O. Box 60157
    Pasadena, CA 91116 USA (mail only as far as I can tell..but there is a link to the webmaster 😀 )

    TD Ameritrade

    Joseph H. Moglia
    Chief Executive Officer

  125. Obama is TOAST and all you have to do is send that video to the Jewish, LGBT, Catholics, Veteran, Firemen websites and let the video speak for itself…Obama called Dr. Wright family and he is part of his campaign.

    Obama is quoting Nation of Islam and Malcom X…most white under 40 don’t remember what the quotes mean but in the Black and Radical Left communities it’s code for overthrowing the government of the “White Blue Eye Devil.” It’s talking about a revolting against the “Master Race”, the Plantation and other race baiting words.

    Obama is not going to be a friend for Israel, he’s going to be like Bush for for the Palestinians…I have not doubt that Humas have been funneling money to him but I can’t prove it yet…but I do think GWB and Cheney know more about Obama then what they are letting out at this time.

    It surprising how white people never suspect the Educated Black person having these belief but alway buy the stereotype as the person who is the threat.

    Like I said Obama is not the person people see on TV reading those can speech…he’s much dangereous and unforturnately my people will go down due to a lack of knowledge.

    Yes they are bitter, angry Black men and women and they have IVY degrees too.

  126. i think we all get sucked into cnn from time to time often they have the debate so you have no choice. we have all written and they are not listenning so i again suggest we write to the advertisers. all they seem to care about is that they can say we had x million viewers well if i/100th of those x million viewers say we will not buy your product because you are supporting a product(cnn) will oppose i bet they’ll start to listen.

  127. Jen the Michigander,

    I agree with you. There is absolutely no acceptable excuse out there for Obama to use to explain why he didn’t turn away from his racist mentor (Wright) years ago.

  128. Makes me wonder how many of Obama’s elected SD are in a panic right now? They know full well their opponents will use Wright and their support of Obama against them in their re-election campaigns. I think I am going to be busy for a few hours sending emails to remind them of that fact.

  129. It’s crazy! These things keep coming out, these big things – pastor, naftagate, plagiarism, rezko and so on – any one of these is enough to kill a campaign if treated right by the media, and yet… nothing. AND Obama still claims he’s been vetted as fully as Hillary.

    I can’t believe this is the guy the DNC wants to offer up against the GOP smear machine.

  130. SpacegirlArt Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 11:39 pm


    I think Kaffeen had posted a lot of the local media in PA and other states. Perhaps we should inundate them with the video and make sure they cover it?

  131. I was on the phone with a woman tonight in pittsburgh who said she liked hillary but was getting very tired of her dirty politics!!

  132. rjk….

    ask them if they support this alliance, and his association with William Ayers. Rezko isn’t PROOF of anything YET, but Wright and Ayers are pretty stinky fellows.

  133. Dean proud! Kennedy proud! Kerry proud! Brazille proud!

    I just bet they are all sitting at a round table at this moment trying to figure a way out of this for their rock star candidate. No way are they going to back down, not when they have the opportunity to deliver a final blow to the Clintons. It’s so close that they can taste it. Nevermind that they will all have blood on their hands after this (figuratively speaking of course).

  134. texan4hillary Says:

    March 14th, 2008 at 12:00 am
    please email dnc rules go t o guy phil mcnamara at mcnamara@dnc.org . put pressure on them to seat the delegates or fund a revote

    Guys, do this now, tonight. But make sure you say seat as is, no 50/50 splits.

  135. space
    not me i read it here in the wee hours it was from a lovely irish lass. i just kept posting it because i didn’t think anyone would find it do to the time

  136. space: that article blew my mind.

    Jen: I wish you were still on FSU. The PI thread could use that information.

    Anyone know, what the obamabots are saying?

  137. Hi all,

    This Wright stuff is incredible. This will not go over well with the majority of Americans. The fact that Obama has been a member of that church for 20 years says it all. Don’t most people attend a church because they AGREE with what’s being said from the pulpit?

    Poor Gerry Ferraro. The statement she made was true, but perhaps not artfully worded. She made the comment back in February, and it’s clear the Obama camp had it, and pushed it to the national press the day before the voting in MS. Gerry knows Axelrod and knows this happened.


  138. at least i think it was a lass funy that we make assumptions based upon screen name or what they write but it very well may have been a lad


    The ones I know do not work are WOLF and the lady from USA Today Foreign Desk


    MSNBC Network:
    MSNBC Television Network
    1 MSNBC Plaza, Secaucus,
    NJ 07094, Main Phone: 201-583-5000

    Hardball w/ Chris Matthews
    Main Phone: 202-783-3471
    FAX: 202-737-4986
    400 N. Capitol: 400 North Capitol Street, N.W., Suite 850,
    Washington, DC 20001

    Tammy Haddad
    Executive Producer
    400 N. Capitol

    Kerri Forrest
    Senior Producer
    400 N. Capitol

    Ann Klenk
    Senior Producer
    400 N. Capitol

    Dominic Bellone
    400 N. Capitol

    David Verdi – Executive News Director
    E-mail: david.verdi@nbc.com

    Keith Olbermann – Host
    E-mail: countdown@msnbc.com
    cc: viewerservices@msnbc.com
    Phone: (201) 583-5000


    CNN National (Atlanta, GA)
    Jim Walton – President of CNN News Group
    E-mail: jim.walton@turner.com
    Phone: (404) 827-1500

    Rolando Santos – Executive Vice President; General Manager
    E-mail: dave.willis@turner.com
    Phone: (404) 827-4872

    Rick Davis – Executive VP – CNN News – Standards and Practices
    E-mail: rick.davis@turner.com
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    ABC News (212) 456-2800

    (202) 222-7000 nightline@abcnews.com

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    MSNBC: (201) 583-5000
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  140. paddy4Hill Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 11:50 pm

    McCain should demand Obama’s withdrawel from the Democratic nomination race.

    Interesting! Well, may be we should bombard his office with this idea.
    I read your posts with interest. Remember the four or so scenarios you had laid out a while ago. Well, we did not get the best case but we might come out alright.

  141. reuters, that is LOL

    sleepy time for me
    have to take 15r year old wall paper off in a bathroom tomorrow

    lots of fun!

    love you guys! keep those cards and letters GOING

  142. I have no doubt that Hillary will be the nominee – but it’s not going to be pretty. She’ll have a big challenge in trying to put the party back together. But I think it can be done. The majority of the AA community know that Hillary is not some evil race baitor, and I can’t seen them voting for McCain, against their own self-interests.

  143. mj
    cannot talk policy at phone bank however i did my best
    i also twice heard from lgbt people that bambi has promised them marriage equity and that is why they have switched from hillary who they claimed supported don’t ask don’t tell. i did everything i could to educate and hopefully i persuaded them to look deeper into the issue but who knows i also walked to every gay bar i could find to seminate info. one guy told me when i informed him abourt mcklurkin and the choir that they told him i was going to say that.

  144. “Singer Sam Moore Not Supporting Obama”
    Soul singer Sam Moore says he meant no disrespect when he ordered Barack Obama’s campaign to “cease and desist” using a Sam & Dave song.

    Moore says he is supporting Senator John McCain’s run for president.

    And the one-time Nashvillian is recruiting fellow artists to support McCain.

    But Moore says he wishes Obama no ill will, though he’s not exactly a big fan either.

    Moore said, “I may disagree with him on a lot of things, on everything, but if he does get in, I’ll respect the president.”

  145. What the heck??? I hope you had some good calls.

    Keith Olbermann is over on daily kos congratulating himself.

  146. paddy4hill should put that on mcains site..his staff actually does read the posters…i read that back in november on his site.when he was in drought…

  147. debbie
    you put a big smile on my face for that one almost as good as the 70something woman that i ran into in the grocery store line who looked at my hill sticker and said to me in a very gruff voice ya like her do ya? i responded yes. she said yeah me too. and then said that michelle looks like a crack whore. and yes the woman was black.

  148. mj
    i know you know
    but how do i counter that when they cannot even tell me who they spoke to?
    if he gets that out there and isn’t called on it?

  149. anyone know how nielsen ratings are now tabulated? used to be people filled out forms or had a box on tv sets with digital cable i would think thats useless– if thats the case i will leave fox news on all day just to boost thier ratings and hopefully diminish cnn.

  150. You say a President doesn’t have the constitutional authority to pass marriage equality, but Hillary is set to pass a law that gives same sex unions the same federal rights married people enjoy. Further, she will a loud, proud supporter of states allowing for civil unions and states like MA that have marriage equality.

  151. pm

    Yes, it is too late for Obama to drop out with honor. Poor guy (can’t you just see my tears), it is a lose-lose situation for him now. He has no political tomorrow after this one gets out. If somehow we can just get most Americans to see this video clip, we can do our country a great service. And not just because we love Hillary.


    It would be the “right” thing to do. At a minimum, if he is not the American hero he thinks he is, lets’ hope McCain says enough to force the media to show the public the clips. Then the citizens can take care of the rest. They are usually the real heroes most times in any case. That is why Wright’s mantra of white hatred is so un-American.

  152. Ugh, I hate the press.

    I’m going to take my pain meds and crash out for the evening. I get to go back to work tomorrow, joy. At least I’ll have a distraction and won’t be refreshing the internet all day.

  153. Obambi still won’t denounce his pastor, in fact I detect some defense here….

    Per the Pittsburgh Tribune Review

    Q: I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but it’s all over the wire today (from an ABC News story), a statement that your pastor (the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago’s South Side) made in a sermon in 2003 that instead of singing “God Bless America,” black people should sing a song essentially saying “God Damn America.”

    A: I haven’t seen the line. This is a pastor who is on the brink of retirement who in the past has made some controversial statements. I profoundly disagree with some of these statements.

    Q: What about this particular statement?

    A: Obviously, I disagree with that. Here is what happens when you just cherry-pick statements from a guy who had a 40-year career as a pastor. There are times when people say things that are just wrong. But I think it’s important to judge me on what I’ve said in the past and what I believe.

  154. mj
    i am gay and i am one thousand percent behind hillary but you have talked to those who have imbibed the kool-aid as i have. ignorance knows no bounds. logic doesn’t work somehow somewhere they got it in thier heads that bambi supports gay rights more than hillary and every time i bring up the choir fiasco they were already told i would say that. please don’t get me wrong i think hill still is overwhelmingly supported by the lgbt community but he has his people sanctioned or otherwise sending a message.

  155. kaffeen
    i never ever read the tribune review as it is a right wing rag but i think i might buy every copy i can find and leave them everywhere

  156. news.aol.com/political-machine/2008/03/10/aol-straw-poll-march-10-17/?ncid=NWS00010000000001

    useht tp only..hill wining

  157. Tim, just keep trying. Remind them she called for repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell in 2000, is the original sponsor of the Matthew Shepard bill, was the first First Lady to march in the gay pride parade, helped pass legislation to make adoption more accessible to gays, and then challenge them to look into Obama’s record and see what he’s actually done.

  158. cj

    thanks. good idea. He does not know i am a Hillary supporter. I will send it as a concerned citizen against racism of any color.

  159. I need some assistance..I want to give a realistic overview about the primary situation to my Obama mad co-worker if he should actually ask me about the current race. I think he is getting close to breaking our “code of silence” on politics. He has just been gloating to his student teacher so I know he is thinking this race is completely over and Obama has won. It’s driving him crazy that he hasn’t been able to talk about it with me.

    What I want to tell him is that the whole picture isn’t as clear cut as he thinks it is and while Obama may have more delegates, and will continue to have more delegates, there have been previous primaries where super delegates did not choose the nominee just by delegate count. There are factors at play in this race that will surely be considered by super delegates including who has the popular vote and overall electibility. The last is important as Obama and Hillary have won via different types of voters and we want to win as a party in the fall. Also, there are genuine issues with Obamas connections to controversial people. You can just ignore those as they have potential to impact the general election………

    I want to add more…he is a clear cut Clinton hater so he is completely believing that she is racist and I don’t want to get into that as it will go nowhere. I also don’t want to get into my own strong feelings about Obama as that will just make him shut down. Any suggestions on what else I can add….???

  160. mj
    thats exactly what i do and sometimes there is a glimmer of hope otherwise they have had so much kool-aid that i think only professional intervention helps. oh and i might add that almost all of the “gays” that i have engaged in this manner have been women? go figure?

  161. This is a pastor who is on the brink of retirement who in the past has made some controversial statements. I profoundly disagree with some of these statements ~ Obama

    So, I think I can deduce he doesn’t disagree with *all* of the “controversial statements” (an understatement I think).

  162. OK, I am going to bed. There is a bad deal going down. If you have not done so yet, email that guy upthread and demand he seat the delegates! Be polite. No 50/50 splits!!!!

  163. what exactly is a 527?
    Can we all pitch in to buy ad time to just show the wright statements unedited on a philly tv station?

  164. kafeen
    apparently he retired or he would be in huge trouble from the irs for endorsing from the pulpit. sep of church and state and all.

  165. Which “controversial statement” does Obambi *not* agree with?

    The Classic Sermon’s…

    1) Hillary Ain’t Been Called ******
    2) 911 for Whitey
    3) GD America!
    4) Clintons ****** Us
    5) Black Power In America
    6) White Man Drugging Us

    Or, any of the other numerous “classics” that are bound to pop up soon.

  166. And look, *I’m* not saying those things, these are all things that the Rev. Wright has said. These are all things that a man who holds a campaign position for Obambi has said. These are all things that a person who has a 20 year old relationship and is considered family by Obambi has said. I want to make clear that I find this disgusting.

  167. Hi all…we really need to circulate those Wright videos far and wide…we need to get them into PA and NC…all the remaining states…this story has to go mainstream…it is major…a bombshell dealbreaker…SHOCKING!!!

    It is time to force Obama to do some apologizing…and put him on the defense for a change…and let the people know who Obama is…his pastor married him, baptized his kids, inspired his book ‘Audacity of Hope’…belonged to the church for 20 years…

    so far McCain is wimping out big time…big time…

    I would bet that Joe Scarborough will pick this up in the morning…we have to keep hammering it…they spent two days on Gerri Ferraro…Obama and his pastor make Gerri look like less than a drop in the bucket…

    also definitely send your letter to the DNC at: mcnamara@dnc.org and if you are in florida…go to http://www.fladems.com and tell them to seat the delegates and count the votes or we need a new primary…NO 50-50 SPLIT

    I sent mine and stressed in both that if the votes are not counted and delegates seated or a new primary…get ready for the protestors at the Dem Convention…get ready for the trainwreck Senator Nelson and Debbie Wasserman Shultz are trying to warn you about…get ready for the whole newscycle of the Dem convention to be about protestors screaming

    “Count My Vote” “Florida is not Cuba” “Republican Votes count in Florida, but DNC denies Democrats the right to vote”


    oh…and Ben Graber(sp) is running against Bob Wexler in Florida…Wexler is backing Obama and resisting the revote…
    He once was an ally…we cannot count on him…Debbie Wasserman Shultz is a fighter…

  168. Obama on witness list for Rezko trial…don’t know if this has been posted before:

    March 13, 2008
    Two Fox Valley politicians are on a list of possible witnesses in the trial of Tony Rezko, an indicted businessman and political fundraiser.

    Illinois Minority House leader Tom Cross, R-Oswego, and Republican DuPage County state’s attorney Joe Birkett were named on the list alongside high-profile politicians such as Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and former GOP Gov. Jim Edgar.

    Jurors could be hearing as many as 237 names, according to a 33-page questionnaire made public this week that’s to be filled out by jurors prior to jury selection. To weed out potential jurors who might know someone connected to the case, the questionnaire included the anticipated list “of possible witnesses or persons whose names might be mentioned.”

    A spokesman for Rep. Cross said Cross has never met or communicated with Rezko.


  169. Sent my email off to the DNC.

    I’m so frustrated with the DNC and Media right now, I’ve just HAD IT! What country do we live in anyway? How could people not see what they are getting with Obama? I can understand the guys, for the most part it seems like they’ll hang around with anyone, but the women too? Sheesh, I just don’t get it!

    I also finished getting my forum set up at politwix dot com if ya’ll want to drop in sometime. It’s under “site features” menu.

  170. One thing people need to understand is: Wright is still a member of the Obama Campaign. Part of his African-American Council or something like that.

  171. here’s an ad find anyone who lived in the vicinity of the towers for two weeks after and play wrights statements about the chicken’s coming home to roost. let them speak for ten seconds.
    not apart of the ad just me
    i was a 100 plus blocks away and i will never forget. i have struggled to understand and i know i cannot but hearing those words uttered by wright make me shake with an emotion i can not identify it is part rage it is part inconsolable grief. maybe we need to reair those pictures of the people who leapt to thier own deaths to avoid the inferno. or perhaps we shoulod just let that jackass speak.

  172. any video showing the abberation of 9/11 with wrights voice reacting to his response would be attacked as unfair

  173. The video clips need to go nationwide not to just upcoming primary states. Let’s get real here. His camp must be sweating big time. He knows darn well that this is the bomb that has been silently ticking away in the closet. His buddies in the press had their own interests rather than their country’s in mind by keeping this out of harms way. To expose this mess is our duty not only because we are Clinton partisans. We also owe to our families, friends and the nation we love.

  174. Well, paddy4hill, we know Fox news has the story. Anderson Cooper, CNN, did a piece on it tonite – but didn’t play the worst parts, about 9/11, the “god damn America” part.

    Dan Abrams did a little piece on it earlier tonite, but not much.

    We know NBC is probably not going to go with it. I imagine CBS, ABC would be a different story.

  175. what time did this story break?
    i’d be interested in finding out how much attention it is given on local news tomorrow.

  176. The press excoriated Hillary because it took her a couple of days to finally “reject” what Gerry said, even though what Gerry said was not racist at all. Obama has been asked about this guy for months, and only says he disagrees with some things he has said. Obama says the guy is now retired, but has not been asked to explain why Wright is part of his campaign. This is truly disgusting.

  177. Good morning america played one of the clips Thursday morning. Pressure is going to mount on CBS and NBC to follow suit or really look like they are Obama’s court jesters

  178. I have a friend that is a delegate in Iowa that was a Biden delegate but instead switched to Hillary in Waterloo, Iowa.

  179. rjk, Gerry knows Axelrod and knows how he operates. She knows exactly how he has played the race card in this campaign – and I hope she continues to shed light on it.

  180. heh, something like that. What she said was back in February, and I imagine the Obama camp has had it for a while. They pushed it to the national press the day before the vote in MS, of course.



  182. I have an even better idea. Why don’t we kidnap all the SD’s, tie them up in a large room, and force them to watch the Wright videos. That should seal the nomination for Hillary. We can watch the inauguration from our prison cells.

  183. I’m just so upset that as far as I thought we had come it is apparent that there is still an awful lot of anger out there. It makes me sad to see that so many people still feel like they are on the outside. But frankly, you don’t have to be AA to feel like that anymore – it seems like a lot of white folks feel that way, too. We’re kind of like a disposable society anymore, the way we are treated in corporate america and the me-first mentality that it breeds.

    I shouldn’t get myself so wound up…not good for my health.

  184. Do it at a superdelegate meeting at the convention when both camps are making their pitches. Because you know the SD who have already endorsed will be in attendance trying to convince the uncomitted so you will have all 795 in one room.

  185. What are the demographics of the Democratic voters in Pennsylvania??? Do you think it would be possible to get Hillary’s percentage in the upper 60% to low 70%?? I think after Mississippi, white voters are going to be more polarized toward Hillary, especially when these racist sermons are put into the media’s spotlight. I cannot believe a pastor spreading that kind of hatred and expressing that type of resentment in the house of the lord. The ultimate hypocracy. I may agree not agree with some of the actions of my country, but I am atleast grateful for the civil liberties that are afforded to me. Just to put this into context, many people across Africa and Asia can’t find food or water, but in the U.S. we are having a discussion about universal health care being a right. Things could be a lot worse. Even though his comments are hideous, its also the fact that he is spreading stereotypical inaccuracies (which a person in his position should) because people will take it literally as “the word of god” and then you just have whole communities that are misinformed and bitter.

  186. Agence France-Presse
    First Posted 08:41:00 03/14/2008

    WASHINGTON—Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama has agreed to two debates with rival Hillary Clinton, before their next nominating clash in Pennsylvania on April 22, his campaign said Thursday.

    Obama had accepted televised debates on ABC television in Philadelphia on April 16 and a second encounter on CBS three days later in North Carolina, which holds a primary on May 6.

    The Clinton campaign earlier said the New York Senator had also accepted the Philadelphia debate, but there was no immediate word on the second encounter.

    The one-on-one debate format is seen by her aides as particularly advantageous for Clinton, and she has been eager to take part in as many debates against Obama as possible.

    “Senator Obama welcomes the opportunity to openly debate Senator Clinton on the issues important to Americans in North Carolina and Pennsylvania and hopes that she will accept these invitations as well,” campaign spokesman Bill Burton said.

  187. PA is one of the most patriotic states in the union with little kids waving flags in parades. This is not going to play well in small town america which is exactly what 90 and PA is. I still say Hillary should hand out little US flags at every rally so when she is seen on TV America sees Flag waving instead of just Hillary signs.

  188. 1957
    may ask to whom you are refering as i made a 90% statement and i will respond to mine but cannot speak for another

  189. People also say that Obama is more truthful, but when has Hillary ever lied about anything. Has she ever been caught in a lie? But Obama has lied and said inconsistent things throughout these debates. In the NH debate, once Hillary confronted him on the fact that his NH State Chair was a lobbyist, he mumbled “that’s not true.” He has lied about managing the bureacracy saying that he would “set the vision for where the bureacracy is supposed to go”. He lied about his ethics legislation saying that lobbyist couldn’t buy members of congress food. Yes they can, they only have to be standing up. He blantantly fed the publis misleading information about his legislation (I would assume that he knew this provision since he was a co-sponsor). He lied about the legislation in the State Senate that he said he sponsored, when in fact he didn’t sponsor it and voted present. I could go on and on.

  190. Tim, yes, I do. This whole situation is making me sad. I hope there is a way to bring the country back together again. It feels like we have been flung back into the 60’s in many ways.

  191. Independent Ben

    Thanks for the info. But this story has to quickly evolve into “the story.” It can not just be on for a day or two and then the media goes back to talking about the momentum Obama has built up since WY and MS. It has to be the story for the Sunday media shows, it needs to just get bigger and bigger until he is forced to so something about it, like fire Wright and repudiate his church. But the fact of the matter is even if during revival meetings (campaign rallies) he sets fire to and stomps on Wright’s videos, slaps Wright’s face on national television, swears off using jive and rap while stumping in AA areas, and promises a thousands times never to think a racist thought, the record will speak for itself. What is done is done. If he is not willing to step down as a candidate, he needs to be forced to do so by the American people.

    In their private lives, every citizen has the right to belong to legal voluntary organizations including churches, as they see fit. Even if these organizations hold positions that most people would disagree with (KKK, Nazis, The Nation of Islam etc.). Nobody will argue this point. But someone that wants to be president of the United States is held to different standards. You no longer have a private life. Belonging to a church, paying church dues, attending on a regular basis, using the serves of same said church, all have legal and political implications. These actions are taken as subscribing to the organization’s goals, beliefs and so on. It is like if someone was a card carrying, due paying, meeting attending member of the KKK and then saying that they did not agree with the principles of the Klan when running for public office. No rational person would believe them.

    This is serious stuff. Someone has to stop this guy before it is too late. There is one person out there who is up to the task. And her name is Hillary Clinton.

  192. What’s amazing is that over on that Big Orange Blog, that cesspool of nonstop pro-Obama drivel, they have had a longstanding rule: if anyone claims that 9/11 was perpetrated by the U.S., they’re banned. And now what happens? Their beloved Obama’s very own “spiritual advisor,” as Obama proudly calls Wright, has made the very same claim! The irony couldn’t be any thicker.

  193. If there’s a re-vote in Michigan, I can guarantee that the Rev. Wright story will get major airtime in the Detroit area. Racially charged politics are the norm here. Plus, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is embroiled in a MAJOR scandal right now (for which he placed blame on the white media) and I can see him using Obama’s popularity to pull his own self back up from the gutter. Meanwhile, in the suburbs we have the working-class whites who inspired the term “Reagan Democrats.” Obama can’t win Michigan without them, but between Rev. Wright’s hate speech and whatever Kwame Kilpatrick has up his sleeve, he doesn’t stand a chance.

  194. Well now you see why they went after Geraldine Ferraro like they did…here’s Obama and Wright talking about Italians, Europeans


    This video is going to go viral too because this is Obama’s spirital mentor and Campaign Advisor and Obama has him running a major component in his campaign.

  195. very wierd the post following my original which was a re-post of wrights diatribe i tried to repost it here because i could not repost elsewhere
    the post right after mine states
    i got a different comparison i never posted that
    admin look into that and please remove it is not me

  196. please remove at least the last the last two posts under my name as i at least one of them is not me and was posted after i clicked a link

  197. Ferraro: Obama camp ‘did it to hurt Hillary’
    Posted: 09:00 PM ET

    Ferraro is standing by her original comment.
    (CNN) – One day after she stepped down from her role in Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, Geraldine Ferraro said she blames Barack Obama’s campaign for the uproar over her recent comments.

    In an interview Thursday with CNN affiliate WJAR in Providence, Rhode Island, the onetime vice presidential candidate also said the Obama campaign made a mistake in taking aim at her remarks.

    “I do think this was a mistake on part of the Obama campaign,” she said. “They didn’t have to do this, and they did it to hurt Hillary. I just think that’s bad. I think it’s bad business, and I think it’s bad politics.

    “I was accused of being divisive. I think those tactics are divisive,” she added. “And the amazing thing is it’s not something I started, its something they did in reaction to this.”

    Ferraro also implored Obama’s campaign to turn “the spigot off the hate mail I am getting.”

    “I find it very, very upsetting,” she said. ” I’ve been called all kinds of names, and the attacks are ageist, they’re sexist, they’re racist. It’s been very, very uncomfortable.

    Ferraro resigned her fundraising post with Clinton’s campaign on Wednesday, after taking heat for telling a newspaper last week that Obama’s campaign was successful because he was black.

    The Illinois senator’s campaign denounced the comments on Tuesday and Obama himself called them “patently absurd.” Clinton said she repudiated the remarks, though did not publicly call for Ferraro to resign.

    In the interview Thursday, Ferraro suggested she did not regret making the comments, saying she was “talking to the facts,” and that the issue of race has been raised several times in the campaign before, including by Obama himself.

    “The enthusiasm you get from the black community over this black candidate is wonderful, and I don’t think you can deny it,” she said. “No more than I remember how people felt when I was running.”

    Ferraro, who was Walter Mondale’s running mate in 1984, was the first woman to appear on a major presidential ticket. She has said she raised about $125,000 for Clinton’s campaign.

  198. ADMIN
    I did not post the 2:51 am post attributed to my name. i had attempted to cut and paste a previous site to an email account and then came back to this site to reprint and i got this i checked my sent file and got the same thing .
    also the night before last every time i tried to access site i was taken to a bunch of thumbnails.
    thought you might want a heads up

  199. everyone is right. sean hannity has been on this for 2 weeks on rev wright. man, he was right on target.

  200. terrondt
    are you having any difficulties posting or any posts that appear under your name that you did not make?

  201. i ask everyone who reads this site to take a look at my statement made at2.51 am another statement made at the same time has been attributed to me the second statement was not me

  202. God, Obama spokesman asking why the press is not looking at Hillary’s and McCain’s ministers. They are really blowing this one big time and the more they say it is much to do about nothing the bigger hole they are digging for themselves.


  203. rjk1957, the bastard is getting what is finnally long past coming. SOME SEROUS VETTING!!! this lowlife of a human being has been getting a damn free ride for a year. well, the closer it looks like he is to the white house the more we are going to more on the chosen one. damn shame we have to reley on hillary-hatin hannity to push it. hell, for now i am hannity’s man. just this once. goes to show hannity is more anti-dem than anti-hillary.

  204. Clinton Opens Her Home to Woo Unaligned Lawmakers

    By Shailagh Murray and Anne E. Kornblut
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Friday, March 14, 2008; A08

    Having mastered the art of town-hall meetings on the campaign trail, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is now holding them in a more comfortable setting: her living room.

    On Wednesday night, the Democratic presidential candidate held a private reception for several dozen members of Congress at her house on Whitehaven Street in Kalorama. Most of the guests were confirmed supporters, many from New York and Arkansas, making it something of a friends-and-family event.

    But the real mission of the evening was to court lawmakers — who are also superdelegates in the party’s nominating process — especially those from some of the biggest states. And at least one, Rep. Jason Altmire (Pa.), used the session to pose the kinds of questions voters usually aim at him rather than treating it as a polite political cocktail party.

    Officially undecided on which candidate to back, Altmire said he asked Clinton what she expects superdelegates to do if Sen. Barack Obama winds up winning the popular vote and more state delegates. As of last night, Obama had 1,602 overall delegates to Clinton’s 1,497, according to an Associated Press tally. A total of 2,025 delegates are needed to secure the nomination.

    Clinton replied that superdelegates exist for a reason and should use their own judgment about which candidate would be best in the general election. But Altmire said he is not so sure.

    “If Senator Obama is in that position, it’s going to be very hard to overturn that,” Altmire, a freshman lawmaker from the western part of Pennsylvania, said yesterday. But he added: “She’s likely to do really well in my district and in Pennsylvania, so that’s another consideration.” He said that he has been bombarded with calls from both campaigns, but that he does not mind.

    “I really want to hear from both sides,” Altmire said. “I feel an obligation to do as much as I can to get to know the two candidates.”

    The two-hour event (cocktails, followed by brief remarks from the candidate and a gather-round-the-hearth question session) came as Clinton and Obama returned to Washington for their day jobs in the Senate, where they crossed paths and were also immersed in the pool of superdelegates who work alongside them on Capitol Hill. Clinton’s event focused on House members — a letter sent out afterward said about 60 attended — and Obama also was reportedly meeting with unaligned members yesterday .

    After the Clinton reception, Chris Haylor, a campaign official, sent out a memo listing the undecided lawmakers who had attended and asking for help with lobbying them. “We encourage you all to seek them out today and thank them for attending and to get their feedback,” he wrote. “We want to make sure we strike while the iron is hot.”

    Among those on Haylor’s list were several Southerners (Rep. Robert E. “Bud” Cramer of Alabama; Reps. Lincoln Davis and Bart Gordon of Tennessee; and Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina), as well as a handful of Californians (Reps. Susan A. Davis, Sam Farr and Bob Filner) an Oklahoman (Rep. Dan Boren) and an Arizonan (Rep. Gabrielle Giffords).

  205. at 251 am
    there was a post attributed to me which read: i’VE GOT A DIFFERENT COMPARISON.
    I never wrote that and if you go back to 251 it is credited to me?

  206. Terrondt, we edited your post to reflect what you intended. It is now “hannity” not “hillary”.

  207. If you ever saw the movie Night of the Generals then you will recall the arch villain of the piece General Tanz–played by Peter O’Toole.

    Tanz was one of Hitlers most rutheless generals. He was head of the notorious SS Totenkoff division, denoted by the deathshead. He was awarded the iron cross with oakleaves, swords and diamonds for his fine work on the eastern front. Thereafter he was dispatched to Warsaw by the Furheur himself to eliminate the Polish resistance holed up in the Warsaw Ghetto.

    While in Warsaw Tanz sought and found female companionship for the evening. But for deep psycological reasons he was unable to perform. Good German that he was he took it out on the woman, and ultimately all women. You might say he was a heine version of mack the knife.

    The reason I am telling you this is because Keith Olberman appears to suffer from the same sort of problem. The knife he wields against women is verbal but no less lethal.

    Stop now if you are of the faint of heart. Otherwise check it out:



    This is what was reported in the most recent SUSA, which is the only poll worth looking at this year.

    Male 44%
    Female 56%

    Over 50 50%
    Under 50 49%

    White 80%
    Black 15%
    Hispanic 3%

    Economy 43%
    Health Care 20%
    Iraq 16%

    All in all, it looks very good ground for Hillary. She leads with male voters 47-42%, so I imagine she will try and increase that number with her message on the economy and jobs.

    In this survey, Bambi is only winning blacks by 76-22%, so I imagine he will try to increase this number.

    The link to the SUSA cross-tabs is here:


  209. I saw that Pastor Manning Clip. It was . . . different. But, he is obviously passionate. Then, I saw a few clips from some BO supporters on what he said. They were ranting about self-hating Black people. Now, he used a very black culture language, but he didn’t really offer any substantive point beyond what Clarence Thomas or Condolezza Rice has said in past interviews. His thoughts on Affirmative Action were actually very similar to Justice Thomas in that he sees it as a hindrance. Several of his points also made it seem that he is opposed to BHO based on theological reasons, namely his Muslim upbringing, but that is hardly racial.

    P.S. Note to Jeremiah Wright, Jesus was a Hasidic Jew. So the next time you want to say otherwise and then go hang out with anti-semites, go fuck yourself.

  210. wbboei, that NY Post article explains a lot of KO’s sexism. Most men who are overtly sexist are insecure about their own manhood – so they lash out at women. KO fits this model perfectly.

  211. Ed Rendell is on Joe’s show this morning. At least he will have a Clinton surrogate on, which is more than I can say for KO. All you ever see on Countdown is Eugene Robinson, Rachel Maddow, or that fat face, Howard Fineman. I’ll never forget Fineman analyzing Hillary when she was on 60 minutes. I was never so pissed. He said she never says or does anything by accident, and compared her to Richard Nixon.

  212. Well friends, we are not getting much traction yet on the Wright issue. Here are the current election headlines from Google:

    Congress’s Votes on Taxes Set Stage for Election Battle
    Contest asks aspiring filmmakers to create TV ad promoting Obama
    Disputed primaries take focus
    Obama Tries to Allay Jewish Concerns
    Obama Tries to Allay Jewish Concerns
    Obama blasts McCain on tax stance

    All about Him, all positive about Him, nothing at all about Hilary, and not even one small itsy bitsy piece of news about Wright. Make sure you tell your children (or their children) that it is a lie that America has a free press. The latte liberals have taken complete control. Any one for a revolution? Like a pink revolution?

  213. This Pastor Wright stuff is pure gold. It has legs. Woo Hoo

    This puts Bambi’s poor judgment front and center

    He needs to step down now for the sake of the party

  214. Independent Ben Joe is all over this. Mika looks like an idiot trying to defend it and the nerve of her “wondering” where these videos
    have come from and why now.

  215. Repugs would love to use these in GE and are pretending now as if they are not interested. Obviously they do not want to help Hillary. They would dump all this if BO becomes the nominee. They do not want to stop the nomination of Obama.

  216. clintondem99 – Sean Hannity is certainly on it, and has been. I would say many more mainstream Americans watch Fox, than MSNBC or CNN.

  217. I would love to know what the superdelegates are thinking. Have the drunk the Obama Koolaid? Are many now regretting going for Obama given what has come out in recently? Are they starting to lean towards Hillary? Are some still truly neutral? This race is all about the super delegates now. What worries me is that Obama gets a superdelegate now and then but I haven’t been hearing any coming out for Hillary lately (although perhaps I have just missed that news).

    The Rev. Wright video: I think the Obama camp is really leaning on the news networks and telling them this video had to come out from Hillary due to the timing after the Ferraro flap. Of course it did not–it came from Fox News. But the news networks, with their Obama obsession, aren’t apparently checking that out. Hillary’s campaign should push back at the networks and tell them to do some research before making claims that her campaign is behind it.

  218. Peggy Noonan HAS NO CLUE what she’s talking about. I’m seriously about to give up on this country, and this media. If Obama gets this nomination, I may have to move to Canada…

  219. AmericanGal, that’s just it. Everybody will blame EVERYTHING on Hillary. We already know that.

  220. AmericanGal, I’ve been feeling positive lately that Hillary will get the nomination, but now and again I start to worry if the SD’s have the “guts” to overturn his pledged delegate lead. Intimidation works. I fear the party might give the nomination to Obama to prevent AA’s from walking out or staying home in November. This is really scary.

  221. Independent Ben,

    Hillary will get this one. That is as long as her supporters don’t give up on her. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, as they say. She has turned a big corner and things are certainly moving her way. We can put the final nail in his coffin with this Wright thing. Too bad most polls are rigged (and you thought things like that didn’t happen in America) otherwise we would have seen a big shift towards our lady already.

  222. paddy4Hill, well polls lately are also skewed due to the intense competition on the Democratic side.

    For example: if you’re an Obamabot and you get a Hillary vs McCain poll, a lot of them are gonna hit the button for McCain. And vice versa.

    I can’t figure out why nobody in the media understands this.

  223. Independent Ben, that is my exact same thought. Everything hinges on what those superdelegates are thinking. But if Florida and Michigan get counted (which they need to be) or have some kind of revote Hillary will be well ahead in both popular vote and amount of Democratic votes. That should put some pressure on the SD’s as well. I think it will look like the election is “fixed” if they totally ignore popular vote, big state wins and amount of Democratic votes and choose Obama. I think the Democratic party will absolutely have losses to McCain.

    If Florida and Michigan are not counted that makes it harder for Hillary to make that argument. But then she can make an argument about people being completely disenfranchised. I am sure there will be a backlash from those states. I wonder if she would continue to fight in that scenario ( I hope so).

    I agree that intimidation of SD’s is a concern. One thing that gives me hope is that there hasn’t been a sudden rush of support to Obama. Also, a recent poll (either Newsweek or the Washington Post) of SD showed that many were still truly undecided and that gives me hope.

  224. Candidates often eschew the national press and go right to the local press……we need to make sure that happens with this Wright material. We need to make sure that every local editor, every local editorial writer, every local TV station, every local radio station a. has the material and then b. is bombarded with letters from people saying how offended they are by Wright’s comments. CNN’s claim that Americans don’t want hear about this is plain wrong. BO chose to spend 20 years in a church where the paster spewed anti-american rhetoric and hate-mongering. If we can make sure that the Godd*m America clip is showed in every living room (CNN isn’t showing that clip this morning – they are showing the n*gger clip), he will be done. It will make the average red-blooded american’s blood boil. Did mine.

  225. AmericanGal, my hopes have been dashed about MI/FL. The Obama camp is NOT going to agree to any kind of do over – and the DNC is not going to allow those votes to count. I think FL and MI will wind up being settled by that committee at the convention, and they’ll come up with something stupid like splitting the delegates 50/50. I think Hillary’s argument should be to forget the delegates – but GIVE HER CREDIT FOR THOSE POPULAR VOTES. They should at least count. Those voters made a free choice at the polls, and she should have those votes. If Hillary can overtake Bambi in the popular vote, she has a chance. If not, well . . .

  226. Throughout this campaign we have seen things come up regarding Obama that we were sure would collapse his campaign for the presidency. While I would like to think that the Wright business will damage him severely, given media bias and his campaign’s gestapo tactics, I just don’t know.

    So I’m not predicting that he will step down now. I’m not predicting that his pie in the sky followers will all of a sudden lose their trance-like devotion either. What I am expecting is that he will somehow sweep this one aside as another “boneheaded” mistake, continue with the “cherry picking” defense, somehow turn this on the Clinton campaign, and/or all of the above.

    Will this thing have legs? You can be sure that his people are doing damage control big time and with the help of CNN, NBC, and MSNBC, they will try to bury it as a minor non-issue.

    Do I agree? No. Do I wish that the good guys would prevail? Yes. But given what has happened to date, I just don’t believe he is going to step down until the men in white suits come to get him once and for all.

  227. He won’t step down. What we need to do is to create a firestorm – if EVERYONE sees this somehow. Reads about it. His support will erode and he will limp into the convention after a string of defeats. This is it. The rezko thing is too complicated and people expect all politicians to have shady dealings. That won’t kill him. Having average joe and jane seeing his long-time pastor say godd*m America will.

  228. How can he distance himself from this Wright lunatic? He’s attended that church for 20 damn years! This man is supposedly his main spiritual advisor, and Obama had him in his campaign on some committee. Wright married the Obamas and baptized his children. How can Obama just say, “well, I renounce some of the things he says.” If you attend this guy’s church for 20 years, then you must agree with what’s being said from he pulpit.

  229. Ann, what I’m afraid of is that the incredibly stupid, cowardly leaders of the Dean wing of the Democratic Party might give this man the nomination anyway. OMG, you can just see the Republicans rubbing their hands together with all the ammo they now have. Obama would go down in a defeat far worse than Dukakis

  230. Residents of Florida and Michigan need to storm the convention in August over their unfair treatment, and Dean needs to be ousted for his lack of leadership and support for only Obama.

    If anyone knows how I can contribute to 527’s ready to run with Wright’s hate-mongering sermons, show me the way.

    I still think we need to boycott MSNBC, CNN, and ALL of their sponsors.

    Any person, of any color, in this nation, who does not have the decency to call out Obama on his lon-standing association with Wright (who cares if he’s retired, big deal) should be discounted and not given the time of day – be it CNN, MSNBC, SD for Obama (should not be reelected-period), celebrity. They should LEAVE this country, and make room for illegal aliens who care more for this nation than they do.

  231. As the sun rises in America, it brings forth a new day devoted to promoting Hillary Clinton’s vision of a better tomorrow for America. There are only so many days left in this nominating contest and each one counts. Try doing something each day to make Hillary’s America just that much closer to reality. Only by coming together as a nation on the important issues of our times, can we repair the damage done by the divisive politics of recent years. Hillary Clinton has the vision, experience, and determination to lead our people to new heights of greatness. Do what you can to help her. Remember the old man and the mountain. Maybe what we can do individually seems trifle and insignificant, but it all adds up, doesn’t it? Shovel by shovel we can move the mountain (and the chit coming from the other side) to change our world for the better.

    While the sun is rising in the west, it is setting in the east. It is Friday night here in China and time to get ready to hit the hay (or futon). Wonderful posts written by such a great group. People are known by the friends they keep and if you guys are any sample of the folks supporting Hillary, no wonder she is catching on across America. Happy Friday! Wan an (goodnight).

  232. What the media is doing now is waiting to see the public’s reaction to this before they decide how much to cover.

    Calls, letters to the editor, emails – we are outraged that someone who seeks to lead this nation would be a member of a congregation that seething with hatred for America and all that it stands for. Light up the phone lines…..

  233. curiosityhasme, the democrat lean 527 is too coward to run ad with Wright’s hate-mongering sermons. besides, if any 527 run such ad in primary, bho will blame on hillary. but gop 527 will run this kind of ad like a hell if bho is nominee.

  234. Morning All

    JUst briefly reading ad need to head to the tub and get to work…

    But my BFF said that there should be a nominee at the convention and THEN seat the delegations of FL and MI.

    Watch for this tactic.

    I just see that as having played nine innings of baseball to a one run win, then allowing the opposing team a turn at bat in the tenth….when everyone has left the stadium

  235. SpacegirlArt, of course that’s one of the Obama talking points, and is what Donna Brazille has said. But it disenfranchises them from having a voice in this nominating process, and I don’t think the voters of either state are going to stand for it.

  236. curiosity…with all due respect I support your First Amendment protections, but I believe your comments above are just as offensive as those we are trying to make public. They show a great deal of intolerance in people’s beliefs by your standards, and indicate a certain willingness to want people to think like you do only.

    Wright’s comments were disgusting. Obama’s non-response has been hurtful to Americans and to his campaign, but no where should we advocate the removal of American’s who do not agree with us.

    I know you are upset, but please tone down the rhetoric.

  237. We need to get coordinated. Break up into teams – take states, media outlets. Lots and lots of letters and emails saying how outraged we are. Message has nothing to do with HRC….it is outrage that someone who seeks to be president of the United States chose to be a member of a militant, America-hating church for 20 years. Counts as his spiritual advisor a man who has blamed Ameica for 9/11, for AIDS and for all the world’s sins. This has HUGE legs if we push as citizens, not HRC supporters.

  238. Ben…that she even thinks that is an “idea” at all shows her deep misunderstanding of voter protection

    -Inspired the title of his book, FROM ONE OF HIS SERMONS, Audacity of Hope.
    -MARRIED him and BAPTIZED his children – two of the most important rituals in a person’s life.
    -HOW STUPID DOES HE THINK WE ARE? He not only thinks we’re stupid, he knows we are.
    Unfortunately,the YOUNG PEOPLE and their AGING WOODSTOCK-WANNABES really are that gullible, uninformed, or just plain stupid.
    -And while you’re at it, make it your mission to oust every Superdelegate that supports Obama.
    -Also, boycott CNN, MSNBC, ALL of their sponsors- AND CALL FOR DEAN’S REMOVAL FROM HEAD OF DNC.

  240. Does anyone have the link handy from the previous thread (it was a gwu link) that showed Wrights official position and the BO campaign statement about his association as AA Spiritual something-or-other?

    I looked last night and was very tired and couldn’t locate it. What I can say is I believe it was prior to 3pm, as I was home by about then and reading thread backwards

  241. I say run the 527’s. No matter what, Hillary will be blamed for them. Remember everything is Hillary’s fault!

    The SD must take pause and ask the question, What will the Republicans do in the GE??

  242. @Space,
    I think that Wright is a member of BO’s “African American Religious Leadership Committee.” Don’t have the press release from yesterday’s post.

  243. LOL

    “In signing the original Voting Rights Act, President Lyndon Johnson
    remarked that “voting is the lifeblood of our democracy.”

    Donna Brazile

    but if hillary mentioned LBJ signed the VRA, she is casting aspersions on MLK?

  244. Can everyone commit to emailing hannity thanking him for covering this important story and expressing outrage that BO would associate himself with such hate-mongering?

  245. Thank God I don’t hold myself out to be the “be all and end all” for police blogging. Thank God I practice what I preach, and don’t play holier than thou and are hypocritical like Obamabots are to Hillary. Thank God I can freely say in America that if people would agree with this vitriolic venom, whether it’s standing up and cheering in the pews when someone says GDAmerica, or they are guilty by saying NOTHING, that I can say “then leave”. Thank God I don’t condone or miss the whole point when a presidential nominee’s pastor spews hatred with “GD AMERICA!” Thank God I recognize that illegal citizens in this country have more love for this country than these “co-conspirators.” Thank God I can relay complete and utter dismay on this website, and don’t feel the need to tell others what they should or shouldn’t do. Thank God.

  246. JanH: I agree that Barry and msm will try to minimize this Reverend Wright stuff as best they can. But they no longer control the game.

    Consider the following questions:

    If Barry is the nominee will the Republicans use the racism of Barry’s spiritual advisor in the fall to scare the hell out of white voters?

    If so could this adversely affect the chances for the Democratic Party to win the White House?

    If you were an uncommitted superdelegate concerned about winning the White House would this factor make you more or less likely to select Obama as the party nominee?

    If you were an Obama superdelegate would this make you more or less comfortable that you had selected the right nominee? Say for example you were John Lewis-or someone else wavering.

    If you were a Clinton superdelegate would this make you more likely comfortable that you had made the right choice?

    Are MSNBC, CNN and NBC the only sources from which information is obtained by voters?

    What about fair and balanced FOX and ABC who the Pew Institute found to be the fairest of the three major non cable networks?

    Wouldn’t those networks have compelling business reasons to pursue this story especially if the three you mention cover it up?

    Isnt it likely that the Wright video will be available on u-tube where millons of viewers can see it, so it gets before all voters?

    All I am suggesting is this story is likely to be consequential to the key decision makers even if it is censored by the media outlets you mention.

    I have been up all night and am going to turn in for a few hours, but let me know what you think about this.

  247. This is what Ben Smith said about the Wright issue:

    “Jeremiah Wright, in the news today because video of a sermon (parts of which had been reported, and disavowed, before) adds some heat to the discussion of his relationship with Obama, has generally been described as connected to Obama only informally — a religious figure with whom Obama has said he disagrees at times, a kind of cranky uncle.

    But he also has a formal role on the campaign.

    Wright is a member of Obama’s African American Religious Leadership Committee — the sort of largely honorary, advisory body that in recent days has recently been used mostly to throw people off who say controversial things.

    The Obama campaign couldn’t immediately say whether he’d remain on the committee.”

    So, curiosityhasme, add to your list the fact that he apparently STILL has a role in the Obama campaign.

  248. Wright retired from trinity Church last month.

    Theories: Did the BO campaign push the Ferraro story, even though it was a week ago and was said in a small place with minimal press coverage because they had a heads up FOX was gonna run with the Wright story and they wanted to mount a preemptive strike to deflect from it? maybe that’s why BO has looked so angry?

    AND: Is BM suddenly realizing what a huge hole they’ve dug for themselves and the only possible strategy is to DENY DENY DENY any troublesome BO Bio points in the hope that once again they will be able to dupe the public?.

  249. small story in NYT today and there is almost 300 comments already …. tending pretty negative. You can post w/out a subscription. THIS has legs. Have to make sure every American sees this – they will draw their own conclusions.

  250. basil9, but scroll up and read what Ben Smith said. Apparently Wright STILL has a role in the Obama campaign. And retired or not, how do you erase 20 years of Obama being a member of that church.

    Also, that’s what Gerry is saying – that the BO campvhad the story and pushed it up to the national press that day before the MS primary. She knows Axelrod and knows how he uses the race card.

  251. Senator Obama must unequivocally denounce Reverend Wright and his racist, anti-American hate speech. However, Obama cannot issue this denunciation without repudiating his longstanding association with Wright as his ackowledged spiritual and political mentor. In other words, Obama proves himself a liar and a hypocrite if he issues the requred denunciation. This is a no-win situation from which there is no possible escape,

    We have to keep up the pressure here. This could be the “eagleton” moment of the BO campaign.

  252. Independent Ben –
    You’re so right on target, because they keep talking about “Wright’s retirement.” Minor point. Let’s face it. The man obviously still has lots of energy. He only retired because of the chance that what’s happening now – would happen. So retirement is of little consequence. The fact that he SITS ON THIS COMMITTEE says it all. There needs to be an uprising against these types of “Christian” churches who are nothing but fronts for the Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan-type beliefs and propoganda. Hopefully the IRS will nail them, and fine them multi$$$$$ – the United Church of Christ is guilty for allowing this crapola to happen in the first place and allowing it to continue. Throw the book at ’em. You don’t mess with the IRS.

  253. About boycotting MSNBC and CNN advertisers; When the Women in Media orchestrated the first protest against tweetie and he had to apologise, GE was one of the big sponsors that went ballistic and insisted on the apology. the shareholders were not very happy and those people do NOT like to have attention drawn to them

    i think i got the original, comprehensive list of all advertisers from Women in media but i can’t FIND it!

  254. Ann…I appreciate you faith in me (and certaily in Idunn) to carry this assignment today, and I would be more than happy to if I didn’t need to go make a living! I already called my client to let him know I would be late and have a whole tub of water sitting there getting cold. I SHOULD be home by late afternoon, but I realize tis story still needs to be pushed. Save the link above that Laney found from yesterday and pass it on to IDunn and others.

    Here is a quote I found very interesting in that article “Obama often speaks about the role his faith plays in his public and family life and how it influences his approach to the great issues that face the country — healthcare, education and poverty. ”

    So….seeing that Obama has made the statement that “he had been exposed to various faiths during his life but never formally adopted one until after meeting Wright.” good for Blacks. And rich white people like Clinton can go to hell. I wonder how he feels about Rich Black People? Michelle Obama certainly qualifies, tho she does not want anyone else to strive for the top of the corporate ladder.

    then the fait he expresses that play a role in his public and faily life IS the faith Write presches…Hate of all that is not Black and is not

  255. curiosityhasme, there’s already a couple of these churches that are under investigation by the IRS because Obama gave regular campaign speeches from the pulpit. I think of the churches is actually in Pennsylvania.

  256. Sorry…I obviously deleted a line in that post. the point being that
    1.) Obama never met a faith he could identify with before meeting Wright
    2.) The faith he now has influence his approach to the “great issues” of the country.

  257. I think in many ways this is the crux of the argument. These are not “just words” or “bone headed mistakes”

    the information about his CHOICE of faith, and Wright, comes from his own book, “The Audacity of Hope”

  258. curiosityhasme,

    “There needs to be an uprising against these types of “Christian” churches who are nothing but fronts for the Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan-type beliefs and propoganda.”

    Wow….really powerful point.

  259. @space,
    I think the crux is that BO chose to a member of a congregation that has militant views and has deep hatred for America and all that it stands for.

  260. Everyone,
    we have to contact Women in Media. they’re the ones who forced MSNBC to rein in Tweetie.

    Carol Jenkins is the president of the organization. I will try later.

    PS – whoever posted the petition page, I couldn’t submit it without a donation!

  261. # Ann Says:
    March 14th, 2008 at 9:28 am


    “There needs to be an uprising against these types of “Christian” churches who are nothing but fronts for the Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan-type beliefs and propoganda.”

    Wow….really powerful point.

    Exactly. How anybody could preach that kind of hate from the pulpit – and then call themselves a follower of Jesus Christ – is beyond me.

  262. Basil…you are correct…but we also need MORE than “Women in Media” because the boys club will frame that as menopausal babes and feminists and we don’t need that. This story is broadd and wide. I can imagine the Union guys and gals across this country are squirming. We should put pressure on UNION Endorsers…this is the heart of the patriotic American base and I think it would give BO a body blow if they started to pull their support

  263. Posters are getting it on NYT thread…a couple of example posts….

    Once America hears Obama’s spiritual mentor saying over and over again “G*d d*mn America”, America will certainly say the same thing about Barack Obama.

    Nothing in his Chicago past translated well into national politics, so he created this new faux messiah persona that liberals and the immature find incredibly compelling. But associations from his past, such as racist mentor Jeremiah Wright, friend and unrepentant Weatherman Underground terrorist bomber William Ayers, and fixer/benefactor Tony Rezko, tell us what we need to know about the man behind the tent show.


    I am heartsick over the pattern which has emerged in this election. From where I sit, the Obama camp is purposely enraging voters against Clinton by portraying her as a white power broker who is out to “hoodwink” and “bamboozle” us. Listen to his words in Mississippi, they are a watered-down version of the precise hate and anger which Rev Wright espouses (power elite whites stealing from, suppressing and deceiving African Americans).

    SH and Dan NYC above are completely accurate. Wright is a member of the Obama campaign. Pastor Wright is on the Obama campaign’s “African American Religious Leadership Committee.” Liberal attempts to try and draw analogies with radical right pastors/ministers endorsing McCain are pathetic at best. This racist Wright is an actual member of the campaign and Obama’s relationship with him goes back over 20 years! Obama is a coward for not distancing himself from Wright years ago, but that probably would have impeded his election to the Illinois State Senate. Real profile in courage.

    As an aside, how many of the libs and progressives on this site agree that AIDS was developed by the US govt and sent to the black communities and Africa? That is the belief of this supposed man of G-d.

    Despite our investment in his presidential campaign, we must stop making excuses for Mr. Obama. If this were another candidate attending a racist, anti-American church for the past twenty years, we would be outraged. And justifiably so.

  264. When you throw in this Wright guy with everything else, it’s no wonder many people question Obama’s patriotism. Obama has said that Wright is the man who “brought him to Christianity.”

  265. Ah, it is being reported that MI expects to announce a deal today for a privately funded re-vote. Let’s see what excuse the Obama campaign uses to stonewall it.

  266. On one of those clips, Wright says that Christ was a black man, and that he was oppressed by the rich white people – the Romans, or Italians like Giuliani, I think he said. That’s a pretty warped view of Christianity. Wasn’t Christ a Jew?

  267. Sorry everyone for popping in and out this morning – i gotta get outta here – but just a thought – later i will write a couple of letters; one aimed at MSNBC advertisers about the offensive nature of their nominee, BO’s Pastor, Farrakhan and Ayers association, and another as general protest about unfair biased media coverage against HRC.

    In the meantime, if anyone on this board is good at organizing, (I’m not) it seems it would be a good idea for everyone to send correspondence for Monday’s newsday because any letters that are sent today would, i think, just get buried over the weekend.

    What do you all think? I will post letters later this afternoon and will pop in between stuff.

  268. The Wright story is getting more coverage:

    a) They had it on NBC Today and ABC Good Morning America again. Apparently, John Stewert covered it too.

    b) A Wall Street Journal Story on Obama and his Mentor:


    Obama and the Minister
    March 14, 2008; Page A19

    In a sermon delivered at Howard University, Barack Obama’s longtime minister, friend and adviser blamed America for starting the AIDS virus, training professional killers, importing drugs and creating a racist society that would never elect a black candidate president.

    The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., pastor of Mr. Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, gave the sermon at the school’s Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel in Washington on Jan. 15, 2006.

    Sen. Barack Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright
    “We’ve got more black men in prison than there are in college,” he began. “Racism is alive and well. Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run. No black man will ever be considered for president, no matter how hard you run Jesse [Jackson] and no black woman can ever be considered for anything outside what she can give with her body.”

    Mr. Wright thundered on: “America is still the No. 1 killer in the world. . . . We are deeply involved in the importing of drugs, the exporting of guns, and the training of professional killers . . . We bombed Cambodia, Iraq and Nicaragua, killing women and children while trying to get public opinion turned against Castro and Ghadhafi . . . We put [Nelson] Mandela in prison and supported apartheid the whole 27 years he was there. We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God.”

    His voice rising, Mr. Wright said, “We supported Zionism shamelessly while ignoring the Palestinians and branding anybody who spoke out against it as being anti-Semitic. . . . We care nothing about human life if the end justifies the means. . . .”

    Concluding, Mr. Wright said: “We started the AIDS virus . . . We are only able to maintain our level of living by making sure that Third World people live in grinding poverty. . . .”

    Considering this view of America, it’s not surprising that in December Mr. Wright’s church gave an award to Louis Farrakhan for lifetime achievement. In the church magazine, Trumpet, Mr. Wright spoke glowingly of the Nation of Islam leader. “His depth on analysis [sic] when it comes to the racial ills of this nation is astounding and eye-opening,” Mr. Wright said of Mr. Farrakhan. “He brings a perspective that is helpful and honest.”

    c) A great column in Chicago Tribune on the Ferraro story:


    It’s not racist to argue that race matters
    Mary Schmich

    March 14, 2008

    Race has been an issue in the presidential campaign ever since Barack Obama has been a candidate. It’s sad that talking about something so obvious remains so treacherous.

    Obama is a very smart, engaging, honorable man. But that’s not his contribution to history. He’s making history by being a very smart, engaging, honorable man who also has dark skin and an African father.

    Race is part of the Obama presidential package, and that package is thrilling. It’s inspiring. It’s relieving. Finally, a black presidential candidate with decent odds on his side. Obama’s swift rise comes as evidence of how far this country, steeped in slavery and bigotry, has come.

    But we haven’t come nearly far enough — not if we can’t publicly discuss Obama’s political success except to call it thrilling and inspiring, not if we reflexively dismiss as racist attempts to consider it in other ways as well.

    Geraldine Ferraro cost herself a job the other day by doing just that.

    “If Obama was a white man,” she said, “he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman of any color, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

    Her statement was decried as racist. She promptly resigned from Hillary Clinton’s campaign finance committee.

    She didn’t, however, apologize. She had no reason to. A diplomat would have used different words, but she said something worth thinking about.

    d) Another Chicago Tribune story titled “Michelle Obama’s hospital: On senator’s wish-list”


  269. Spacegirl,

    i mentioned Women in Media because they got quick and meaningful results! I understand what you’re saying about not only asking them to get involved but it seems they have a great network in place for disseminating stuff like this.

  270. Still trying to leave – we gotta set up a contribution kitty to buy those Wright tapes before they’re taken off the market!

    $100. That’s where Fox got the tapes.

  271. TPS, glad to see Obama’s earmarks getting some play – but unfortunately probably only in Chicago. The one to the hospital is about as blatant as it gets.
    1. BHO gets elected to U.S. senate
    2. BHO gets big earmark for Chicago hospital where his wife works
    3. MO’s salary promptly triples!

    DOH! That one is so obvious – no wonder he was stalling on those earmarks.

  272. Mark Halperin says that Obama’s Pastor’s speeches got extensive coverage on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

  273. TPS, yes they did – but they only played over and over the clip where he blames us for 9/11, and they gave a little play to the clip where he ranted about Hillary. The “god d*** America” clip wasn’t played.

  274. MSNBC Tsmra whasshername showed clips of the Wright videos and her guests said it’s a huge problem for BO. That if HRC was forced to apologize for Ferraro, BO had to do the same and strongly denounce and reject Wright’s statements.

    one of the reporters said she’s getting a ton of email from viewers who are terrified by Wright’s militant attitude.

  275. So far, the only thing out of the Obama camp is a standard form statement from Burton saying that Obama has renounced these statements, and any divisive statements, and that the pastor has retired.

    No mention of the fact that Wright is STILL a part of the Obama campaign.

  276. yes, we should put pressure on the SEIU union. They have 1.9 million union members… go to their site, seiu.org. They have contributed HUGE amounts of money towards ads for Bambi.

    Everyone, please call now about the Rev. Wright video and why SEIU is still endorsing BO!

    Union President Andy Stern, x7300
    Executive VP Eliseo Medina, x7863
    Executive VP Tom Woodruff, x7210
    Executive VP Mary Kay Henry, x7708
    Local Union Lorna abraham, x7451


    HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON 44th President of The USA

    Landslide Victory

    BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA Pastor Trinity United Church Chicago

    Ready on Day One
    Years of experience 20

    Best Case Scenario


  278. wbboei Says:

    March 14th, 2008 at 9:11 am

    “All I am suggesting is this story is likely to be consequential to the key decision makers even if it is censored by the media outlets you mention.”

    I definitely agree with you. The alternative is that these superdelegates and key decision makers have already sold their souls to the devil and if that is the case, then self–respect and our respect for them goes out the window permanently.

    That was an amazing post. Thank you for taking the time to respond. 🙂

  279. Who knows, this Wright issue might actually turn into the deal breaker for the Obama candidacy. He can renounce and reject all he wants, but how does he explain his relationship with this guy; 20 years being a member of that church, etc.?

  280. It doesn’t matter if Wright has resigned. It doesn’t matter if Obama’s boys and girls kick him out of the committee which is sure to happen during cleanup/sweep under the rug moments. What matters is that Obama never once denounced his religious leader until a political red flag was waved under his nose. What also matters is that for twenty years he and his family revered this man. Obama used this man’s ideas in his infamous book as well.

    It is the Pinochio Syndrome combined with the Peter’s Principle all over again. Mr. Obama, your nose just keeps growing and growing and growing! 😉

  281. OK gang…I have to scoot….MonkeyBusines…good jobon SEIU..MAKE CALLS EVERYONE!

    ALso, we need TEAMSTERS….these guys endorsed too, and wow…Wright’s statement have to have them seeing blind!

    but perhaps someone ought to remind the media (or someone too) that Despite her “Rich White” background, it was HILLARY and NOT MO that went to the streets and the trenches after her law degree to register voters and to work for Children’s rights. Michelle went to a law firm, married a guy who became a politician, got a well-paid job at a hospital…ad a 200K miricle raise.

    Can we say “Cattle Futurees?”

  282. CN on for an hour. NOT ONE WORD on this stuff.


    See you later. WRITE TO CNN AGAIN. The most Trusted Name in State Run Television

  283. campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=YTI5YWIxOGZhN2Q3YmEwYTVjNDk2ZWY3OGYyMmU1MWQ=


    More on Obama’s Pastor from National Review Online:

    Obama’s Pastor’s Other Comments on 9/11

    Apparently Jeremiah Wright has offered controversial analysis of 9/11 more than once. Courtesy Sweetness & Light, a column from Wright:

    In the 21st century, white America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01. White America and the Western world came to realize that people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just “disappeared” as the Great White West kept on its merry way of ignoring Black concerns. The hundreds of thousands who have been killed in Rwanda, in Angola, in Zimbabwe, in Mozambique and in Kenya are still invisible. There has been no international uproar about the thousands of Black lives lost, just about the loss of white life, American life and British life!

    “9’11 was a wake -up call for white America”? The attacks were only a message to one group of Americans?

    Also at that link: “At the University of Chicago Divinity School, he earned another master’s in the history of religions with a focus on Islam… In his 1993 memoir “Dreams from My Father,” Obama recounts in vivid detail his first meeting with Wright in 1985. The pastor warned the community activist that getting involved with Trinity might turn off other black clergy because of the church’s radical reputation.”

  284. Here’s the email I just sent to:


    The Florida Democratic Party:


    To whom it may concern,

    The repulsion I have felt watching Congressman Wexler parade about on various media outlets discussing, essentially, the disenfranchisement of millions of his fellow Floridians has been beyond exasperating. How can this even be seriously considered, especially after what happened in 2000?

    I’m making this email short and to the point: Florida needs to have a re-vote, and it needs to have its delegates seated — all of them. And NOT after a nominee has been named.

    Democrats are playing with fire in Michigan and your state. We cannot silence millions of voters and expect to have a fighting chance in November. Do what you need to do in order to make the revote happen. All of us around the country are watching to see if the Florida Democratic elected officials will do the right thing on this matter or instead pull a Katherine Harris and try to game the system for one candidate.

    I urge you — make the revote happen and enfranchise the millions of voters of your state who help to make your career possible. Thank you.


    Now it’s time for the one to Phil McNamara, who is the DNC head of the Office of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection.

    Reach him at:


    Look, these people want you to lay down, so they only have to listen to the squeaky wheels coming from the rambunctious Obama camp. That way they
    can totally tank for Obama and have no one to answer to and no accountability.

    Let’s help Hillary out here.

  285. If anyone writes/emails/calls the media or others about the Rev. Wright, do not promote your candidate. Attempt to be non-partisan. At this point, most of the news services are aware of the story, now you just need to voice your outrage.

  286. Howard Kurtz at Washington Post finally points out that just releasing a statement is not enough:


    The Ferraro flap is about to be overtaken by another racially charged controversy. Fox News has obtained video of Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, saying some pretty inflammatory things. Wright actually suggests that the government created the HIV virus. Plus:

    “Barack knows what it means living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people. Hillary would never know that. Hillary ain’t never been called a [N-word] . . .

    “Hillary is married to Bill, and Bill has been good to us. No he ain’t! Bill did us, just like he did Monica Lewinsky. He was riding dirty.”

    And in a column, Wright wrote: “White America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01.” White America?

    An Obama spokesman put out a statement decrying such personal attacks, but that may not be enough. Wright is not just the pastor of Obama’s church but a family friend who presided over the senator’s wedding.

  287. We also need to make sure that the news agencies report that this person *IS* a part of his campaign *and* that this is a long relationship with this person (who is considered family).

  288. STILL here!
    ROn Allen of NBC interviewed by tamara whasshername and saying that Weight’s statement that HRC doesn’t know what it’s like to be a black man is true!

    What a friggin arrogant f888ing a## and tamara batting her eyse and agreeing . . .

    The should call MSNBC MSNBET. Sorry – know i’m not supposed to watch but surfing . . . .

  289. late post:

    in writing the people…REMIND THEM that there were over twenty nationalities represented in the deaths in NY on 9/11

    this was indiscriminate terror

    the “wake up call for White America” is NOTHING but a racist and bigoted remark designed to inflame

  290. Ok, here is the letter to Phil McNamara of the DNC:


    Dear Mr. McNamara,

    I hope today finds you in good spirit and good health.

    My email today concerns the fates of Michigan and Florida, specifically those of the voters of the 2 states.

    As a lifelong Democrat, and someone who watched in horror at our Party’s fate in Florida in 2000, I cannot
    understand any scenario which would silence the millions of our voters in these two highly-populous regions.

    I know that some chose to remove their names from the Michigan ballot, and I know that the DNC doled out selective punishment to several of the states who moved their primaries, even if such a move was mandated by GOP-led legislatures.

    I can’t see a situation where the voices of these two areas are rendered mute and still we hope to win them come November. I believe we are playing with fire here, and cooler heads need to prevail.

    I urge you to help procure the re-voting and seating of the resulting delegates from each state. This nomination process needs to be as transparent, just and inclusive as possible, and such fairness entails the listening to the millions of Democratic voters in both Florida and Michigan.

    Thank you.


    Hillary’s site has asked that we each send letters to both the FLA Dem Party and, I believe, to Mr. McNamara/the DNC Party.

    Let’s help our girl out!


  291. TPS
    the same pastor said many times that : ” Jews keep abortion clinics open in AA neighborhoods so AA do more abortions”. LOL

  292. Per the Atlantic Online (who I might mention still does not mention that Wright is a member of Obambi’s campaign and needs to be educated)…

    Video emerged of Barack Obama’s pastor’s saying that the U.S. invited the September 11 attacks with its support for state terrorism abroad.

    Ever since the rise of the religious right, conservative politicians have attempted a delicate two-step with conservative Christianity’s more extreme elements, simultaneously welcoming their support and keeping their more outlandish positions at arm’s length. Now it’s Barack Obama’s turn to try the same trick — except that the extremist in question is the pastor of his church, a spiritual mentor, and the man who married him and baptized his children.

    For a time, it looked like the controversy surrounding the Reverend Wright would be confined to his connection to Louis Farrakhan and his Afrocentric gloss on Christianity. But the new video footage takes things a step further: The problem is less that Wright sounds Malcolm X than that he sounds like Jerry Falwell crossed with Ward Churchill, calling down God’s vengeance on a corrupt U.S.A., but for leftist instead of right-wing reasons.

    So far, Obama has attempted to laugh off Wright’s penchant for inflammatory rhetoric, comparing him to “an old uncle who says things I don’t always agree with,” and suggesting that this is “what happens when you just cherry-pick statements from a guy who had a 40-year career as a pastor.” But as Wright’s America-bashing gets more airtime — and as his Obama-boosting sermons put his church’s tax exemption at risk — Obama may have to go further down the road to explicitly disavowing his pastor. His connection to Wright isn’t the equivalent of John McCain’s going to Liberty University to make nice with Jerry Falwell. It’s the equivalent of John McCain taking his wife and children, most Sundays, to Jerry Falwell’s church. And the disconnect between Obama’s studied moderation and his congregation’s radicalism requires more of an explanation than he’s offered so far.

    In an election when many expected that Mitt Romney’s fate would be determined by how he talked (or didn’t) about his Mormon faith, it may be Obama whose candidacy ends up riding on how he addresses the relationship between his politics and his church.

  293. (I post this with the following caveat….keep your friends close, your enemies closer).

    Race Hammer in Play Again

    Friday, March 14, 2008

    By Bill O’Reilly

    The race hammer in play again. That is the subject of tonight’s “Talking Points Memo.” And a viewer warning: rough language ahead.

    One of the worst things about America is this racial stuff on both sides. As you may know, liberal icon Geraldine Ferraro was forced to resign from Hillary Clinton’s campaign because she said Senator Obama would not be where he is today if not for his color.

    Now, I disagree with Ms. Ferraro and told her so. Senator Obama’s charisma and everyman message has propelled him, not his race. There have been other black presidential candidates who failed to ignite. And you don’t win lily-white states like Iowa and New Hampshire on a racial profile. So Geraldine Ferraro is wrong, but she’s certainly not racist.

    Notorious race-baiting columnists Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post and Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times couldn’t wait to viciously attack Ms. Ferraro. These people you are looking at right now are the American media at its worst.

    And today, there’s yet another race issue from the other side. Chicago preacher Jeremiah Wright is Barack Obama’s pastor. He even married the senator and his wife. Well FOX News has obtained portions of Reverend Wright’s sermons that are anti-American, to say the least. Viewer warning: some offensive material coming up.

    Column Archive
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    o Far Left and Spitzer Scandal
    o New York Governor Eliot Spitzer in Big Trouble
    o What Will Happen if Far-Left Secular Progressives Achieve Power in America?

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    REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT, BARACK OBAMA’S PASTOR: Barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people. Hillary can never know that. Hillary ain’t never been called a [n-word].

    Hillary is married to Bill. And Bill has been good to us. No, he ain’t. Bill did us just like he did Monica Lewinsky. He was riding dirty.

    The government gives him the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law, and then wants us to sing “God Bless America.” No, no, no. Not “God Bless America.” God damn America. That’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating us citizens as less than human.

    We bombed Hiroshima. We bombed in Nagasaki. And we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon. And we never batted an eye. We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans. And now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now been brought right back into our own front yard.


    In other words, the USA brought 9/11 on itself. Reverend Wright recently retired. And today Barack Obama’s office issued this statement:

    “Senator Obama… profoundly disagrees with some of the statements and positions of Reverend Wright. Senator Obama deplores divisive statements.”

    Now there’s no question that Reverend Wright is a problem for Senator Obama. How big a problem remains to be seen.

    Most Americans love their country and believe it is noble. That kind of extreme rhetoric, the kind that Wright traffics in, is only acceptable to the far left. So Senator Obama will have to deal with this. Just how will be very interesting.

    And that’s “The Memo.”

    Pinheads & Patriots

    You may not know this, but Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are big environmentalists. They want a cleaner planet. In that quest, they traveled to the island of Jamaica.

    “The Factor” believes cleaning up the earth is a good thing, and people who try to do that are patriots.

    On the pinhead front, our pal feminist Naomi Wolf is one of the few people sticking up for Eliot Spitzer, saying: “It’s none of our business. Absolutely none of us can know how we’d react in that situation or judge others.”

    Of course, most Americans tend to disagree with Ms. Wolf. When a governor breaks the law, it is the people’s business. Pinhead.

  294. email@fladems.com

    Be nice, but firm. Florida MUST count now. If Floridians are ‘invisible’ now .. they most likely will choose to be “invisible” in November. That is what folks from Florida are telling me.

  295. Per Fox News…..The Bambi Camps sez….

    “Senator Obama… profoundly disagrees with *some* of the statements and positions of Reverend Wright. Senator Obama deplores divisive statements.”h

    Okay, which ones *does he agree with*???????

  296. Well, Obama doesn’t have a clue as to what it is like to be a woman in a patriarchy. Any chance that was acknowledged among those pundits?

  297. johnflint1985,

    As a person of the Jewish faith, I am deeply offended and outraged over Wright’s comments and would hope that others in my faith would be so as well.

    I am also offended on behalf of all Americans that this man is pointing the finger regarding 911 and the international AIDS epidemic.

    My question is why hasn’t any of this come to light over the last 20 years? Why haven’t media, law enforcement, civil rights movements, et al, exposed this man for his hate crime/discriminatory polluted rhetoric?

  298. AmericanGal, You mentioned in an earlier post about SDs. Hillary got three this week, it was reported (don’t have names, though), and she’s being endosed today by the Pittsburgh mayor, who’s also a SD.

  299. It will good to remind the news people that “Audacity of Hope” is a slogan coined by Wright. It will be good to remind the news people that “hoodwinked” is a phrase coined by Wright. It will be good that “bamboozled” is a phrase coined by Wright.

    Now, when that becomes apparent, all that video footage, with tokens of “Hope” “Bamboozled” “Hoodwinked” will be associated with his paster and, irrevocably Bambi himself.

  300. Bill O’reilly said: And you don’t win lily-white states like Iowa and New Hampshire on a racial profile. So Geraldine Ferraro is wrong, but she’s certainly not racist.

    Obama didn’t win NH, and Ferrarro clearly said whites were fascinated by the prospect. That was part of her point.

  301. Will OBAMA get Republicans with his “unity” shtick?

    Mark Blumenthal discusses evidence that suggests no:

    “These Clinton Republicans also expressed very negative views of Barack Obama:

    91 percent said Clinton is more qualified to be commander in chief; only 3 percent said Obama is more qualified.
    94 percent said Obama does not inspire them “about the future of the country.”
    89 percent would be dissatisfied if Obama were the Democratic nominee.
    86 percent said Obama is not “honest and trustworthy.”
    86 percent said Obama has not “offered clear and detailed plans to solve the country’s problems.”
    82 percent said Clinton should not pick Obama to be her running mate if she is the nominee.
    So the primary motivation of Clinton’s Mississippi Republicans may be a desire to stop Barack Obama, although many may be motivated by tactical shenanigans as well. Whatever we conclude, the public would have no information at all about these sorts of issues without exit polling. The sometimes deceptive instant gratification of peering at “the exits” before the vote is counted may be the crack cocaine of politics, but getting hard data on questions of who voted and why is the reason we ought to care about exit polls.”


  302. JanH
    Good question. Since I am Jewish myself I ask the very same question? But I think it have started now.

  303. My step-father is Jewish, in his own words “If Obama is advised by this bigot (Wright), I am truly revolted”. He is from New York and somewhat influential in certain circles there. He is a Republican, but my mother is a democrat and supports Hillary.

  304. Per CNN Political Ticker…


    Obama minister under scrutiny
    Posted: 10:41 AM ET
    CNN’s Susan Roesgen reports on the controversy surrounding Obama’s minister.

    (CNN) — Barack Obama’s Chicago minister, the Rev. Jeremiah White, is under fresh scrutiny, after an ABC News report Thursday shed light on some of his controversial sermons.

    In one delivered last December, Wright argues Hillary Clinton’s road to the White House is considerably easier than Barack Obama’s because of his skin color.

    “Hillary was not a black boy raised in a single parent home. Barack was,” Wright says in a video of the sermon posted on YouTube.

    “Barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people. Hillary! Hillary ain’t never been called a ‘nigger!’ Hillary has never had her people defined as a non-person,” a fiery Wright also says.

    Wright, who retired from his post earlier this year, also is seen saying in the video, “Who cares about what a poor black man has to face every day in a country and in a culture controlled by rich white people?”

    Wright’s sermon shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorism attacks is also under scrutiny, during which he said America had brought on the attacks with its own practice of terrorism.

    “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye,” he says. “We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant. Because the stuff we have done overseas has now brought right back into our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

    Obama and Wright have long been close. Obama has been a member of Wright’s church since his days in law school, and Obama’s bestselling book, The Audacity of Hope, takes its title from one of Wright’s sermons. Wright also married the Obamas and baptized their two children.

    But Obama has long maintained he is at odds with some of Wright’s sermons, and has likened him to an “old uncle” who sometimes will say things he doesn’t agree with. He has also specifically denounced Wright’s 9/11 comments.

    An Obama campaign spokesman also said Thursday the Illinois senator “deplores divisive statements whether they come from his supporters, the supporters of his opponent, talk radio, or anywhere else.”

  305. kaffeen
    I think it is more then just Anti Semitic. This guy is simply anti-white. period.
    I am wondering why only now people start asking questions how does a candidate for presidency or his close entourage shows consistent lack of patriotism as well as decency. Pin on the jacket story, Michele Obama and her pride only now only today first time, this “beautiful” preacher who hates all white world and who said once ” Jews keep abortion clinics open in AA neighborhoods so AA do more abortions”.
    All of this is just wonderful – but keep it quite – or you will be accused of racism!!!

  306. article.nationalreview.com/print/?q=ODI2NjEyYjA5ZDJmOTcyYzYzY2M1NGNkMzNkNDViMjg=

    Wright and Wrong
    Obama’s angry pastor.

    By Kathryn Jean Lopez

    As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fight to the death in Pennsylvania, we are in the midst of some exciting political times. Exciting for the political junkie — and already revealing to the discerning voter. Finally, a little of the glimmer is off the once-messianic rose that is Barack Obama. He lost the Texas and Ohio primaries and ever since has looked positively human . . . with a little help, yes, from Saturday Night Live of all places.

    But it’s far from all laughs. If you’ve heard some of the chilling audio or watched some of the video from Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a.k.a. Barack Obama’s pastor, you’ve seen some of the dreams of Hillary Clinton’s campaign realized.

    Henceforth, it will be tough for media folk to fluff the pillows for Obama. For once, reporters are having to focus on some unpleasant truths — truths you already know about if you’ve been watching Sean Hannity’s Fox News shows or listening to his radio program. (Hannity has been ahead of the curve on investigating Wright’s colorful worldview and preaching; he interviewed Wright on Fox News in March 2007.)

    This week, anyone listening to Rush, Sean, Mark, Laura, or Bill watching Fox News, or even reading ABCNews.com knows that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is bad news for Barack Obama. While Chris Matthews wasted a perfectly good rant on Thursday night’s Hardball on the poll that reports that 13 percent of Americans apparently think Obama is Muslim, that’s going to be the least of the Illinois senator’s problems once more people get a listen to Wright — the man who inspired the very title of his second, bestselling book, The Audacity of Hope.

    And it was Sean Hannity who a year ago connected the obvious dots. From the embryonic stages of Mitt Romney’s candidacy for the Republican nomination, Romney’s lifelong Mormonism was seen by many media and political analysts as a potentially fatal issue. So how can the church of choice for the adult Obama family not be an issue — especially when the pastor is a radical, and clearly has influenced the thinking, the financial choices, and book title of Barack Obama, Democratic frontrunner and very possibly the next president of the United States?

    When will Barack Obama have to give a speech in Houston assuring Americans he will not be at the ready command of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who peddles hate and anti-Americanism?

    I like the idea of Barack Obama as much as the next American. But Obama as president isn’t a philosophical exercise, it’s a very real choice, one to consider carefully. And at the moment we know he’s contributed money to, voluntarily listened to, and publicly defended a cleric who peddles racial warfare. Obama’s even named Wright to his African American Religious Leadership Committee.

    Wright fans the flames of racial animosity. Consider the way ABC (no arm of the vast right-wing conspiracy) reported it Thursday:

    Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor says blacks should not sing “God Bless America” but “God damn America.”

    The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for the last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago’s south side, has a long history of what even Obama’s campaign aides concede is “inflammatory rhetoric,” including the assertion that the United States brought on the 9/11 attacks with its own “terrorism.”

    An ABC News review of dozens of Rev. Wright’s sermons, offered for sale by the church, found repeated denunciations of the U.S. based on what he described as his reading of the Gospels and the treatment of black Americans.

    “The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America, that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people,” he said in a 2003 sermon. “God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.”

    In addition to damning America, he told his congregation on the Sunday after Sept. 11, 2001 that the United States had brought on al Qaeda’s attacks because of its own terrorism.

    “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye,” Rev. Wright said in a sermon on Sept. 16, 2001.

    “We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost,” he told his congregation.

    Sen. Obama told the New York Times he was not at the church on the day of Rev. Wright’s 9/11 sermon. “The violence of 9/11 was inexcusable and without justification,” Obama said in a recent interview. “It sounds like he was trying to be provocative,” Obama told the paper.

    Rev. Wright, who announced his retirement last month, has built a large and loyal following at his church with his mesmerizing sermons, mixing traditional spiritual content and his views on contemporary issues.

    “I wouldn’t call it radical. I call it being black in America,” said one congregation member outside the church last Sunday.
    Now, I wish John McCain hadn’t courted and accepted the endorsement of anti-Catholic evangelical pastor John Hagee to help him clinch the nomination, but McCain-Hagee and Obama-Wright simply don’t compare. Hagee and McCain ain’t Wright and Obama. Hagee didn’t marry John and Cindy McCain. Hagee didn’t inspire one of McCain’s books. McCain didn’t choose to make Hagee a key part of his family life.

    Obama has said, “I don’t think my church is actually particularly controversial.” I’m guessing he wasn’t specifically referring to Wright’s January 13 sermon in which he declared: “Hillary is married to Bill, and Bill has been good to us. No he ain’t! Bill did us, just like he did Monica Lewinsky. He was riding dirty.”

    Holy inappropriate, Obama! I’m a VRWC card-carrier, and I cringed.

    Thanks to a recording of a Christmas sermon Fox purchased, we have a hint as to where Obama got the idea that he may be the Second Coming: from Wright, who compared Obama to the Christ child: “Barack knows what it means living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people. Hillary would never know that.”

    Wright continues, “Hillary ain’t never been called a nigger. Hillary has never had a people defined as a non-person.”

    The more Americans hear this man who’s been an influential part of Obama’s life for two decades, the more they’re going to have the audacity to look beyond Obama’s inspirational milquetoast speeches, probing what makes him tick, what influences him, who advises him, what he believes. And not just on Sundays. It’s the Wright thing.

  307. keep emailing to the news organizations…where is Basil list to blind copy.

    Basil 9 .. calling all hands on deck

  308. Per Hot Air…

    Everyone happy? Everyone cool with the theory that John McCain trying to funnel a million dollars of federal money to his wife’s business in the same year she got a massive raise would be media-kosher so long as she, herself, didn’t personally ask him for it — which of course no one could ever prove or disprove?

    Great, let’s get some lunch.

    Kelly M. Sullivan, the medical center’s vice president for communications and marketing, noted that Mr. Obama had also requested money for a number of other hospitals in Illinois, and she said any lobbying for the money had been handled by the hospital’s government-affairs officials.

    “I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that Michelle Obama was not part of our lobbying over the request, not in any way,” Ms. Sullivan said. She said the hospital’s lobbyists often seek help on their own from both of the state’s senators.

    In other cases, Mr. Obama’s requests benefited political supporters.

    Follow the link for details about those political supporters, to whom hope, change, and buckets of premium grade D.C. pork were duly delivered emblazoned with the “new type of politics” seal of quality. Exit question: Why would a guy burned by the appearance of impropriety in his dealings with Tony Rezko, to the point where he felt obliged to apologize for them, think earmarking money for his wife’s school was a swift idea?

    Obambi, 911, your dying man.

  309. Here’s the question….the president has a pastor officiate at many official WH events. Can anyone picture Wright at the WH? There is no way mainstream America will stand for that.

  310. Please…you don’t choose your “uncle” you choose your spiritual advisor. Very different. One’s a given, the other is a judgment and choice.

  311. timjcain Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 11:32 pm
    eeek anyone just hear the promo for the michelle piece on cnn. gonna sell her as poor. yuck

    Two counters to that. A recent UK paper did a sort of rebuttal of the Newsweek story about her. I posted a link to it on Hot Topics at taylormarsh.com a while back.

    Also the Chicago Tribune profile last spring talked about her family as well to do and influential in Chicago politics: Obama was ‘marrying up’. At the same time he was joining Wright’s church, also to help his political career. Profiles from other legit newspapers from that period might have similar information — early 2007, before the journalists got the koolaid.

  312. Yes, the MSM cast any african american politician as “poor”. They cast MO as poor and Hillary as rich. Neither is true.

  313. keep pounding on this……..

    This is the beginning of the end of the Obama campaign. He is obviously a radical leftist. There can be no excuse for supporting a minister who is a true fanatic. I am just wondering why it took the media this long to find this information.

  314. So it seems that Mr. Wright has not even “retired” you from that church, he is stilll Obama’s pastor, spiritual leader and still on his campaign.

    Yes, Obama does seem to have a double life .. Manchurian Candidate anyone

  315. Whoever posted the idea earlier of calling/writing his endorsers – BRILLIANT IDEA. Media outlets, union endorsers, SDs supporters. Inundate them – not as HRC supporter but as Outraged American.

  316. Ann, especially his elected endorsers in swing states and red states. They will realize that they don’t want to run with this guy at the top of the ticket. Claire McCaskill won narrowly last time in Missouri. She should hear from Missourians.

  317. johnflint,
    If they sense the outrage and bubbling undercurrent, they will cover it. Notice one of the news personalities above mentioning that they are getting tons of emails on this. They will cover it if we make them.

    These videos need to be broadcast in every living room in America. If we can do that, he is done. Middle America will not stand for this.

  318. dot48
    ain’t this deeply ironic that all of us die hard democrats contacting Fox news??? LOL
    which is the only decent channel today

  319. anybody know what is going on at Taylor Marsh. When I connect, it brings up a weird page with a link to previous posts.

  320. CBS still has not picked up the Wright story. On Local Philadelphia news Obama camp at it again. “Be a democrat for a day”

    We need to gat as many local PA news stations to run with the Wright story.

  321. NBC News:


    CBS News: 212-975-4321

    ABC nEWS: 212-456-5100

    I will tell you right now that they INTEND to cover this UP. the CBS csr said that “higherups” choose the news and they are NOT planning to cover this

  322. hahaha.. FOX news is not going to let it go through in near futurte

    they put the news with following heading… i like fox news they are patriotic… even if you are corrup it doesn’t matter as long as you love the country and patriotic…


  323. pelosi wants to on the VP ticket with BO.

    Anybody from Kansas or MO here… If so, please visit Sebelius annd McCaskill personally and demonstrate these videos. Watch their Faces annd reaction.

  324. This 20 yr relations is telling how BO would deal with the world’s dictators. He would let him bash US and have his spokesperson (Pelosi, Oprah, Sebelius, McCsakill, Napolitano, Maria shriver, Carolines kennedy) singing the choir… “we do not support these comments blah blah blah!”

  325. pelosi just needs to stfu… this is insane.. what is fat baxsxtrd ted kenhnedy saying.. is this what JFK fought for in WW-2.. is this what for ted’ elder brother died in WW-2.. this is just disgusting about ted kennedy and about his entire family..

  326. Per Hot Air (beware some unkind Hillary comments, but mainly Obambi/Wright)…

    As I noted earlier, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has more than one high-profile member in his congregation. Besides presidential hopeful Barack Obama, Wright also preaches his message to Oprah Winfrey, one of the most successful and beloved media personalities in America. She has an active on-line community at Oprah.com, and her forums have had almost 300 posts from members in the past 24 hours after the revelations of race-baiting and hatred at Trinity United Church. Most talk about their concern over the content of Wright’s sermons:

    I have to agree with Dick Morris [who appeared on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor last night]. We both intensely dislike Hillary and Bill. But, it needs to be said that Rev. Wright strikes me as a very dangerous, divisive, and anti-American racist. …

    This is extremely troubling. Rev. Wright is one of the worst I’ve seen anywhere in America. He is truly dangerous. .. .. .. Obama’s failure to distance himself from this very dangerous anti-American will become more damaging in the next few days. …

    I was upset as well. It’s beyond inflammatory and much worse than anything Geraldine Ferrarro said, yet I don’t hear a peep out of Obama. What is pastor said is beyond disgusting. To blame the US for what happened on 9/11. And I am NO fan of the Clintons, but those things he said about Hillary and Bill…and did you “see” the tapes or just hear them? This would certainly explain Michelle Obama’s anger.

    Let’s wait and see if the mainstream media steps up to the plate. They took great glee in attacking Mitt Romney and his LDS faith, let’s see if they go after Obama. …

    Obama should not be held responsible for what Rev. Wright says from the pulpit. However, being a member of a church that is racist is not much different than being a white person who belongs to a country club that doesn’t admit Blacks. …

    The threads also pointed to an allegation made by Wright that the US created the HIV virus, presumably for deliberate infection of certain populations. In a speech made at Howard University in January 2006, he offered the following conspiracy theories:

    Mr. Wright thundered on: “America is still the No. 1 killer in the world. . . . We are deeply involved in the importing of drugs, the exporting of guns, and the training of professional killers . . . We bombed Cambodia, Iraq and Nicaragua, killing women and children while trying to get public opinion turned against Castro and Ghadhafi . . . We put [Nelson] Mandela in prison and supported apartheid the whole 27 years he was there. We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God.”

    His voice rising, Mr. Wright said, “We supported Zionism shamelessly while ignoring the Palestinians and branding anybody who spoke out against it as being anti-Semitic. . . . We care nothing about human life if the end justifies the means. . . .”

    Concluding, Mr. Wright said: “We started the AIDS virus . . . We are only able to maintain our level of living by making sure that Third World people live in grinding poverty. . . .”

    It isn’t so much the anger that Wright manifests that will be off-putting to mainstream Americans of all creeds and colors, but the conspiracy-theory lunacy that he spews. Almost all Americans gave up on supremacy theories decades ago; most of those who espoused them are dead. No one has argued in the mainstream in any way, shape, or form for that kind of nonsense since the Dixiecrat movement died out in the 1960s. An ill-worded valediction for Strom Thurmond six years ago drew so much condemnation that it forced Trent Lott out of his leadership position in the Senate, although to be fair, former Klan member Robert Byrd remains in the Senate — as a Democrat.

    Most Americans would find the notion that we are crypto-supremacists insulting and offensive. And yet two of the most popular people in the US choose to attend the church of a minister who apparently makes that a recurring theme of his ministry. In Obama’s case, he has given over $22,000 to support Wright and his message in 2006 alone.

    Given the intense media interest in Mormon underwear and LDS doctrine in the fall of 2007, one might expect a little more scrutiny of the much more political and racially-charged message coming from the pulpit of the Trinity United Church. It looks like that may have already begun, and the reputations of both Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey rest on how quickly and adeptly they can distance themselves from the debacle.

    Update: Barack Obama tried pushing back, but this seems rather weak:

    Q: I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but it’s all over the wire today (from an ABC News story), a statement that your pastor (the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago’s South Side) made in a sermon in 2003 that instead of singing “God Bless America,” black people should sing a song essentially saying “God Damn America.”

    A: I haven’t seen the line. This is a pastor who is on the brink of retirement who in the past has made some controversial statements. I profoundly disagree with some of these statements.

    Q: What about this particular statement?

    A: Obviously, I disagree with that. Here is what happens when you just cherry-pick statements from a guy who had a 40-year career as a pastor. There are times when people say things that are just wrong. But I think it’s important to judge me on what I’ve said in the past and what I believe.

    Cherry-pick? Perhaps Senator Obama can explain the context that would justify “God damn America” and the accusation that America created HIV. That dog won’t hunt.

    Howard Dean left his church over a bike path. We laughed at the superficiality of that choice, but Obama has a much better reason to repudiate Trinity — and Wright’s supposed retirement won’t come nearly in time to rescue him from this problem.

  327. i think bambi is done…. just hit as many people’ mail boxes as you can with the video… he is toasted…

  328. timjcain,

    I don’t remember where I saw it, but Hillary gave a long reply about gay rights and the DOMA. It was complicated, she had really looked into it and said some parts were good and some bad, and on balance it was better than the alternatives possible with the GOP congress. Iirc for one thing, it left the states to make their own laws.

    Her caring and committment were clear.

  329. Hi, Hillfriends: here in Chicagoland the sun is shining! The real BO is beginning to see the light of day! Hallelujah!
    — Everyone, this “former pastor” spin is nonsense. I posted the article from the Chicago Trib covering the announcement of Wright’s his May 1 retirement. My husband and I immediately recognized that Wright was being shown the door because of Obama’s candidacy.
    — As for the hateful attitude, unfortunately, we see this in Chicago identity politics all the time. It’s a given that blacks will almost never vote for a white candidate (given a choice) and the facts of race are ALWAYS openly discussed in any primary contest in this city. The indignation about Geri F. discussing it in the context of qualifications and gender is completely phoney.
    — And equating the Geri F. flap with Wright is ridiculous – get out there everyone to state the obvious: the two are not equivalents. Don’t give an inch!
    — I also would strongly recommend against demanding that he “repudiate, denounce and/or reject” Wright’s comments. It’s simply not possible– BO OWNS WRIGHT through 20 years of church membership, attendance and donations. Wright is not a supporter of Obama, OBAMA IS A SUPPORTER OF WRIGHT! It’s our job to make sure as many people of influence realize that WE UNDERSTAND THIS and that they must REPUDIATE, DENOUNCE AND REJECT this candidate and his background OR WE WILL REPUDIATE, DENOUNCE AND REJECT THEM.
    — GOOD IDEA, everyone to email BO endorsers as outraged Americans, for that is what we are.

  330. hahahaha… one post from ABC blog

    “Obama: I want my $100 back. I want my vote fot you back. I want you to love America by quitting NOW!”

    hahaha 🙂

  331. Also, everyone click on the story links, every “hit” will add up and if the news senses blood (i.e. interest) this will continue for awhile.

  332. AmericanGal,

    You might compare the delegates to electoral votes and talk about Gore in 2000 winning the popular vote but not the electoral college. The difference is that Obama’s delegates are coming from little red states whose electoral votes we can never win.

    Also you might compare Obama now to McGovern in 1972. McGovern got the nomination by packing caucuses with students, but the regular voters who don’t go to caucuses wouldn’t vote for McGovern in November, so the GOP won, McGovern was destroyed, and the Dem party was badly damaged.

    Also Obama is 46 and has plenty of time to run again after he is better known, with more support.

  333. Friday, March 14, 2008

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton 50% to 42% in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination (see recent daily results). This is the first time Obama has ever reached 50% in fifteen months of daily polling on the race. Among African-American voters, Obama leads 84% to 9%. Among White voters, Clinton leads 50% to 39%. Two-thirds of voters who now support Clinton are women. Among white women Clinton leads by twenty-five. In Pennsylvania, Clinton leads 51% to 38%.

  334. Hey, FilbertSF….where are you buddy? Seems you thought this story wouldn’t gain traction two days ago. Just curious what your thoughts are now…it’s amazing what a few thousand media contacts and guerrilla writers can do isn’t it? Never give up. It ain’t over ’till Donna Brazille sings.

  335. Didnt BO say yesterday that he still has some “affection” for Wright. I dont see that highlighted anywhere today. Only the statement of his “spokesman” repudiating the comments.

    So BO has “affection” for a guy who says the US is responsible for 9/11, FIVE days after, when hundreds of Americans are buried under the rubble as a grieving nation comes together in its sorrow.

    If it was Hillary’s pastor, the media would be howling for a emergency press conference. Tweety, Russert, Borger, Fineman Olberman et al would be in orgasmic stupor . And Olberman would be all over Kos salivating and inviting those f***heads to watch his special comment tonite.

    If this doesn’t do him in, nothing will.

    Notice that BO has never apologised personally ever. Everything is always through his “spokesman”..

  336. I wish Ferraro would put up a website with transcripts of EVERYTHING she has said about this, both the original statement (and the question it was in answer to) AND everything she has said on tv since.

  337. Per NewsBusters….Mika defends Obambi (how weak and pathetic she is now)…


  338. From front page of Hillaryhub:
    Pa. leaders, Clinton aides say Obama disrespects state
    Obama’s campaign chief had called Pennsylvania “only one of ten remaining contests.”

    By Larry Eichel

    Inquirer Senior Writer
    Gov. Rendell, Mayor Nutter and two of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s top aides yesterday blasted Barack Obama’s campaign for allegedly diminishing and disrespecting Pennsylvania’s presidential primary.

    In a national conference call with reporters, the foursome pointed to a memorandum written by Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, that referred to Pennsylvania as “only one of ten remaining contests.”

    Rendell predicted that the description would be “off-putting” to the state’s Democratic voters. Nutter called it “one of the silliest things I’ve seen in recent times.”

    Mark Penn, Clinton’s top strategist, went on to praise the state – the largest yet to vote – as “incredibly vibrant and important” both in the nomination fight and the general election.

    Obama’s Pennsylvania spokesman, Sean Smith, said the controversy was much ado about nothing, that Obama had every intention of competing for the state’s 158 pledged delegates in the voting on April 22.

    “If anyone is taking the state for granted, it’s the Clinton campaign,” Smith said. “They’re the ones who keep saying this is Clinton country, that they’re unbeatable here, that they own the political infrastructure.”

    Smith noted that Obama, who trails in most Pennsylvania polls by double digits, already had radio commercials up and running in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The Clinton campaign does not.

    During the conference call, Penn said that Obama would be in suburban Indianapolis tomorrow while Clinton, who visits Pittsburgh today, is to march in St. Patrick’s Day parades in Pittsburgh and Scranton.

    Smith said that Obama, who had to cancel a trip to Beaver County yesterday to vote in the Senate, would return to Pennsylvania next week and often thereafter.

    “We campaign everywhere,” Smith said. “We don’t cherry-pick states. We don’t designate the importance of states based on where we think we’re going to win.”

  339. Wall Street Journal columnist Ron Kessler, the publisher of the conservative NewsMax Web site, called Wright “venomous and paranoid” on Friday. “Mr. Obama obviously would not choose to belong to Mr. Wright’s church and seek his advice unless he agreed with at least some of his views,” Kessler charged.

  340. Check out front-page of Politico.com — Obama is trying to “flip” Republicans and independents by getting them to register from PA, proving once again that real Dems back Hillary, and BHO knows it.

  341. Last month, answered questions about Wright during a private meeting in Cleveland with 100 Jewish leaders. Although he wanted the meeting to focus on earning Jewsih support for his candidacy, and his 2005 trip to Israel, he was quickly questioned about Wright, and an award his church magazine gave last year that said Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan “truly epitomized greatness.”

    Farrakhan is intolerable to Jewish voters because of a history of anti-Semitic remarks, like calling Judaism a “gutter religion.”

  342. I’m glad the Clinton camp made the statement regarding Obama and PA. God knows how he has manipulated Hillary’s words in order to make her look bad in MI.

  343. I’m listening to Rush right now and he openned his show with Jeremiah Wright. Now he is on commercial break and he is playing Black gospel, ‘Thank the Lord’ is what he is playing now, he is so sick!

    Anyway, he ended this section by saying if the drive by media can’t do their job or won’t, it’s ok because I, El Rusbo can handle it!

    His points:

    1. this goes to BO’s judgement
    2. you can’t repudiate a 20 yr relationship
    3. if you go to that church, you must believe in what is being said
    4. quesitons for BO, how can you take your children to listen to tha hate
    5. Now we know where Michelle O get’s her views, she goes to that church and obviously believe in what is being said
    6. If you give $20k to the church as BO did in 2006, that can only be seen as an endorsement
    7. Have BO given any more money
    8. Give credit to Brian Ross at ABC for going with the story
    9. The MSM and many liberals believe what JW is saying and that is why they are being soft on this issue
    10. He has played 2 clips so far, each over 3.5mins- one was the Hillary ain’t never be called a *igger, God Damn America (this I feel will hurt BO most)
    11. Talking about his trip to see Mohammar Khadaffi
    12. Talked about the Chickens are coming home to roost right out of the mouth of Malcolm X around the time of JFK assansination.

    Go gove to http://www.taylormarsh.com to read the live blog I did this morning of the Laura Ingrahm show. I believe it is in the post from yesterday.

    She spent over 2hrs on this issue and that is RARE for her. The daming part isshe did a clip of :

    Hillary ain’t never been called a *igger!
    just words
    God damn America!
    Just Words
    The chickens have come hoome to roost!
    Just Words!

    It was chilling to hear JR say those words followed by BO saying Just words.

    Now, Rush Limbaugh is playing the clip of BO quoting famous people followed by just words.

    That, my friends(in the words of McCain) will be the Rethugs commercial against BO.

  344. I wonder if Obambi will have Rev. Wright perform at his “political funeral”?

    RIP Bambi, you made us work for it, that much is for sure.

  345. Obama said he came to Christianity through Wright. He took the title of his 2006 book, “The Audacity of Hope,” from a Wright sermon.

    “What I value most about Pastor Wright is not his day-to-day political advice,” Obama told the Chicago Tribune in January 2207. “He’s much more of a sounding board for me to make sure that I am speaking as truthfully about what I believe as possible and that I’m not losing myself in some of the hype and hoopla and stress that’s involved in national politics.”

    Last month, answered questions about Wright during a private meeting in Cleveland with 100 Jewish leaders. Although he wanted the meeting to focus on earning Jewsih support for his candidacy, and his 2005 trip to Israel, he was quickly questioned about Wright, and an award his church magazine gave last year that said Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan “truly epitomized greatness.”

    Farrakhan is intolerable to Jewish voters because of a history of anti-Semitic remarks, like calling Judaism a “gutter religion.”

  346. Rezko, Wright, that Weather Report terrorist guy, the man sure has some judgement in picking his friends. And some are more than just friends. like they help you buy houses, preside over your wedding, baptize yours kids and tell you how much they hate America. and you listen and donate 25 grand. and lets not go back to all the seedy folks in IL politics that he’s associated with.

    Still, Hillary is the evil one with all those bad people around her… sigh …

  347. its amazing CNN won;t let any posts go through … whatt he fuxxxck do they think.. do they think that people are foolish if they moderate the comments which are not pro to obama… do they think this is stone age and people can not get information except from CNN… i pity their ignorance..

  348. I tried to do it backwards with CNN. I knew any protest would get nowhere. I begged them to please cover up the Jeremiah Wright story because it would cause serious harm to the Obama campaign. They are already doing that, but I wanted to call it what it is. I wanted to make it blatant. I hope my email gets read by those bastards.

  349. We have five weeks to explore a 20 year relationship with Rev. Wright. We have five weeks to explore a very long relationship with Rezko. We have five weeks to explore a very long relationship with known terrorists. We have five weeks to explore Michelle as first lady. This is going to be the best five weeks of this campaign.

    And before Obambi-bots start feeling sorry for Bambi, remember, *he* made these choices. He chose his pastor. He chose to be friends and allies with Rezko. He chose to be friends and allies with known terrorists. He chose to marry Michelle. Sometimes, choices do matter 🙂

  350. My post 12.21 pm


    “This 20 yr relations is telling how BO would deal with the world’s dictators. He would let him bash US and have his spokesperson (Pelosi, Oprah, Sebelius, McCsakill, Napolitano, Maria shriver, Carolines kennedy) singing the choir… “we do not support these comments blah blah blah!”


    Oprah is a member/folower of REv. Wright… She would be singing
    “GOD DAMN AMERICA” again and again and again!

    And ABC will be showing it on their channels… Yes the ABC channel will be showing “GOD DAMN AMERICA ” by Oprah Winifrey in memory of Rev. Wright!

  351. This is a great day for this country. Finally, the veil is being lifted about the “bamboozler.” Tha Pastorgate is a visceral issue for Americans. This is something the man or woman on the street easily understands. Anti-Americanism, Racism, and pur hate coming from Obama’s pastor. This is not something Obama can easily repudiate.

  352. kaffeen, you are right. Time is Obama’e enemy. There are no beauty contests in red states to change the narrative in the next six weeks. This is the beginning of the end for Obama.

  353. Also, for someone mentioning polls….well, first they have been pretty unreliable, but second, I wouldn’t give any poll much credence until after this Rev. Wright stuff soaks in to the voters minds.

  354. Study: Broadcast Networks Fell Down on Covering Jeremiah Wright
    By Tim Graham
    Created 2008-03-14 11:55
    As Jeremiah Wright’s screaming sermons have gone from ABC across the media in the last 24 hours, many are asking: where were the networks on this story? It sounds like Obama’s minister is less versed in the audacity of hope than in the audacity of hate. A Nexis search of network transcript shows that up until now, Obama’s church and ministers have been barely mentioned — and usually as an Obama defense mechanism.

    Up until this week, NBC has done nothing. CBS has devoted about a minute to controversy in a February 28 CBS Evening News story. ABC’s Jake Tapper offered Obama’s church-and-minister defense three times in November and December.

    On ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson on November 16, Tapper offered a generic story on negative phone calls and e-mails, including anti-Mormon calls against Mitt Romney and suggestions Obama was a Muslim. Obama said: “There are a variety of nasty e-mails going out. This is similar to the e-mails that’s, e-mails that have been floating around that says I am, you know, I’m a Muslim plant who’s planning to take over America, you know? This would surprise my pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ.”

    On November 19, Tapper repeated a version of that on Good Morning America. Tapper ended a report: “The Internet, of course, is where even more malicious information can be spread at the speed of light such as these false e-mails claiming that Barack Obama is a Muslim operative, which Obama jokes his pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago would find surprising.”

    On the December 5 edition of Nightline, Tapper reported Hillary Clinton had to fire a county chairman in Iowa for forwarding an e-mail accusing Obama of secretly praying to Allah. Obama’s clip was run again: “This is similar to the e-mail that’s, e-mails that have been floating around that says I am, you know – I’m a Muslim plant who’s planning to take over America. You know, this would surprise my pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ.”

    On the February 28 CBS Evening News, reporter Dean Reynolds dug deeper into the emerging Farrakhan-endorsement issue:

    REYNOLDS: No flag pin on his lapel? No hand on his heart that one time? Opponents call it unpatriotic. Is he a Muslim? The whispering persists no matter how often Obama debunks it.

    OBAMA: I’ve been going to the same church for 20 years, praising Jesus.

    REYNOLDS: That church is the Trinity United Church of Christ. Self-described as unashamedly black, with an emphasis on African culture, the church has been targeted by critics who call it separatist, racist and anti-Israel.

    OBAMA: I consistently have not only befriend the Jewish community, not only have I been strong on Israel, but more importantly I’ve been willing to speak out even when it’s not comfortable.

    REYNOLDS: Obama has said the church’s former pastor and his spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright, “is like an old uncle who sometimes will say things I don’t agree with.” Among Wright’s pronouncements, that racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run. A church-related publication saluted Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, a well known anti-Semite, who in turn has praised Obama’s candidacy as recently as last Sunday.

    Mr. LOUIS FARRAKHAN: I love that brother.

    REYNOLDS: A gesture Obama rejected Tuesday night after some prodding.

    OBAMA: There’s no formal offer of help from Minister Farrakhan that would involve me rejecting it. But if the word reject, Senator Clinton feels, is stronger than the word denounce, then I’m happy to concede the point and I would reject and denounce.

    Up until the Brian Ross report, CBS was the only network to do the barest shadow of a report that could make Obama’s campaign a little more difficult. Even Reynolds left out a few details. Farrakhan won the “Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award” to a man who “truly epitomized greatness” — in 2007. Where were the media on that? Doesn’t this divisive minister of Obama’s cause a serious problem for a candidate who’s been sold as a uniter, not a divider?

    Why, this late in the primary season, are we still discovering that they haven’t asked any of the hard questions? We are starting to see the same disturbing pattern we saw with John Kerry in 2004. The media didn’t see its job as vetting John Kerry as he told everyone he was the bravest of war heroes. When the men who fought with him on the swift boats told a different story, the media tried to ignore them.

    The media was saying “print the legend,” and suggested that when opponents try to vet the Democrat, when they try to do the job a supine media blatantly failed to do, it was then the media’s job to vet the opponents and question their sincerity, not vet the Democrat.

    The news media doesn’t see its job as informing the electorate. They see their job as getting the Democrat past the electorate.


  355. I have a theory why CNN has been slow to cover this – they had to discuss among high level execs how the public would perceive them if they played this – would CNN be seen as racist; plus, they’re so infested with BO supporters/commentators, many of whom probably threatened to walk if CNN delved too deeply into Wright:

    Anyway, I never thought I’d be loving Rush Limbaugh (ok, just for today), but he makes so much sense. How is that the Republicans have the correct sense of social justice and liberal media does not:

    “This guy doesn’t represent any hope to anybody. This guy doesn’t represent any future. This guy is pure hate, ladies and gentlemen. Obama knew all about him. This is the guy who gave an award to Farrakhan. This same preacher, Jeremiah Wright, went to visit Moammar Khadafy in the 1980s! He has given an award to Calypso Louie. Now, Obama knows all this. He knew all about him. Now he plays the role of offended, centrist Democrat? When Ferraro says what she says, he’s out there acting offended? By the way, they axed Ferraro. She has been thrown under the bus. She is gone, and she is mad. She is still livid that people think she’s a racist. You compare what she said. What she said was right, it was truthful. You compare that to what Obama has been listening to in church! The point that she was ultimately making was — and she said it about herself — that somebody with two years experience, who was white, would not be this far advanced in the Democrat presidential sweepstakes. Let’s get these bites in.”

  356. Im sorry I have to get this off my chest this A M. I can’t understand how Dean and the rest of the DNC can say they represent the democratic party when they are so into getting Obama the nomination they are willing to disenfranchize millions of voters in Florida and Michigan. I had the naive thought that this is America where “We, the people, decide who will be in the White House representing our country. I thought the voting right act included all voters eligible to vote in American, not just a few elitest’s that want to pick our nominee. Ihave to compare Dean and his henchmen to Hitler, Stalin and Sadaam Hussein, because these 3 men always found some technicality to not count the votes of some people, while counting the votes of others! I ask you, is this what American stands for now, how are we any better an Sadaam Hussein, he also won his last election! Not counting the votes in Florida and Michigan is very disenfranchizement that our AA were esposed to several years back. The elites did not want to recognize them either. So, how is it supposed to be fair to the candidates and not the voters. Someone always loses in elections, certainly the losing candidate always thinks it wasn’t fair how things turned out, but I think being unfair the the voters is more important than being fair to the candidates. Afterall, when they signed up, they knew they might lose! Lets count all the votes and alot them where they were meant to go!! Lets not be unfair the the American Voter!!

  357. I’m calling CNN now and telling them that I have reported their bias, abuse, and filthy propaganda has made me contact all their advertisers, boycott their products, and that I will continue to do this every day.

  358. LOL, nutjob, hater of america,and headacke for obama rev wright is really on all big media. LUVIN IT!!!!

  359. I originally did not think this would be reported on that much, but , talk about blowback!!!! Talk radio is all over this BIG TIME. as well as fox. Alot of people havbe seen and heard about this. My bro is freaking out! He was a bho supporter!
    He started changing several weeks ago. He keeps saying how do you stay in a church like this for 20 years without agreeing with the basic concept.

  360. Pelosi will invite REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT to give a daily prayrer in the HOUSE…such is her devotiuon to Senator Obama!

    BUT SENATOR REID WILL NOT ALLOW THIS REV. WRIGHT on the senate floor!!!! Senator Reid will stand up to KERRY, KENNEDY, MCCASKILL, DURBIN and the others by saying this ANTI_AMERICAN religiuos person will not be allowed to give the prayers in the Senate.

    BUT PELOSI will allow this to happen.

    And if BO gets into the WH…he will ask this WRIGHT dude and Louis Farakhan for daily prayers sessions!

  361. I’m just thankful that all this got traction now, prior to after Obambi could potentially have been made the democratic candidate. That would have been disastrous for the democratic party chances in the GE.

  362. some of the old timers here may remember that conversation about some vedic astrology site ( I dont remember the link)that was surprisingly accurate in its election forecasts. And if I remember right, there was some forecast about some “personal misfortune” hitting BO in mid March that would lead him to drop out by June.

    I swear if this turns out right ( I sure hope it does !!), it will be the most astonishingly uncanny and incredible thing I have ever seen ..

  363. hillfans, i hate to say it but a unlikely source really pushed this first. SEAN HANNITY! don’t get me wrong, hannity is a full fledge hillary hater. but he really gave life to this wright thing we all know.

  364. >>vedic astrology site

    ohh yeahh old hindu stufff from INDIA … my grand maa is crazy about this stuff… hahahha 🙂 but i like all those hindu religious old men back then when i was kid… they were very honest 🙂

  365. Can I say this…I’M WALKIN ON SUNSHINE..OOH WOOO AND DON’T IT FEEL GOOD.. ok I am just glad we are seeing the whole person..there is till more..but really guys, he does not handle adversity very well does he. Its like taylor said, its John Kerry and the swiftboaters all over again…sending his spokesman out to speak for him…what part of these messages does he agree with..

  366. i don’t know somehow i ffel that the people from 80′ were more tolerant i think… when i was kid my grand maa, though hindu, used to have portrait of jesus christ in the house… i used to wonder why… and now when i look at the people fighiting over religion it makes me sick.. 🙁

  367. terrondt @1.38p

    you are so right…this is where my bro first got info about this guy..he tried to tell me about him months ago

  368. kaffeen, Al Sharpton representing Obama is really bad news for Obama on this matter. I want Al Sharpton everywhere on TV. Go Al!

  369. Hi all, Great day to you.

    I was ponderering how I would choose

    do I want peace or prosperity, intellegence or experience, analytical skills or determination, compassion or steadfastness

    dang this is so hard….

    Oh wait I don’t have to choose..I can vote for Hillary!!!!

  370. What about Lou Dobbs? He seems to be covering stuff others are not. And Obama has pissed him off recently. Can we send the Wright story to him?

  371. Hi again,

    This has to be a deal breaker for the Obama candidacy. I was surfing around and it’s reported that Obama has contributed as much as 26K to Wright’s church in 2006. How does he explain THAT?

    I also read a post by a blogger from SC. He says that the Bambi camp sent the Hillary hating clip to SC to help get AA support before that primary. Don’t know if that is true, but I’m sure more will come out.

  372. I am a bit incredulous at the moment. I’m thinking, did Bambi’s crew actually think they would get away with these things? Why did they intentionally go forward with sabotaging a perfectly united democratic party with Hillary Clinton (heir apparent)? You have to wonder what people think sometimes.

  373. I think we need to send the “bamboozled” and “hookwinked, okie doke” videos to Fox and Rush. they need to make this link between Wright and how he’s influenced BO – *MAYBE* the liberal media will finally follow.

  374. Bonfire of the Democrats
    Utter madness.

    By Rich Lowry

    When an unimpeachably liberal former vice-presidential candidate of the Democratic party is likened to David Duke by a liberal media hero, the political apocalypse — or at least a grievance-politics cataclysm — is upon us.

    In one of his sputtering-mad “special comments” usually devoted to damning President Bush to hell, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC accused Geraldine Ferraro of employing the “vocabulary of David Duke,” and of “insidious racism that is at least two decades old.” Back in the glory days of liberaldom, this would have been like Edward R. Murrow calling Eleanor Roosevelt a fascist — in other words, utter madness.

    The Democrats are famous for forming circular firing squads. But apparently the real gunplay doesn’t begin until every member of the firing squad thinks he or she has been the victim of racism or sexism. Then, the smell of gun smoke is mingled with self-pitying and overwrought accusations of race or gender bias.

    Ferraro had to quit her role on the finance committee in the Clinton campaign for stating the obvious, that Barack Obama wouldn’t be in a leading position in the race if he “were a white man.” Clearly, his campaign is “making history” because he’s an African-American. White senators have run for, and even won, the presidency before. Indeed, a bevy of them briefly challenged Obama in this campaign, before dropping away under the weight of their own un-historic dullness.

    The unhinged trajectory of the Democratic race became clear when Bill Clinton got himself accused of racism well before he did any verifiable race-baiting. In New Hampshire, he called the notion that Obama had consistently opposed the Iraq war “a fairy tale,” a race-neutral charge that black Democrats nonetheless declared offensive.

    On it goes: Harvard professor Orlando Patterson took to the pages of The New York Times to declare Hillary’s famous 3 A.M. ad reminiscent of D. W. Griffith’s Klan-epic Birth of a Nation. Because the sleeping child that the ad focuses on is blond and the others are “vaguely Latino,” the ad must be suggesting that the kids are about to be attacked by a black man. Only if one of the kids were black could the ad have been saved from this taint (although presumably still open to question — Why only one black kid? And why does the blond get so much more airtime?).


  375. “What I value most about Pastor Wright is not his day-to-day political advice,” Obama told the Chicago Tribune in January 2207. “He’s much more of a sounding board for me to make sure that I am speaking as truthfully about what I believe as possible and that I’m not losing myself in some of the hype and hoopla and stress that’s involved in national politics.”

  376. kaffeen,

    I honestly believe that some of the Dean wing of the party partially agree with some of what Wright says. I was reading some responses by Obamabots on politico, and they were screaming “guilt by association,” and comparing this to McCain’s problems with that Haggee guy. But this is totally different. It’s not like just some surrogate who just endorsed him, it’s more like BHO, through his 20 year membership and contributions, has endorsed Wright!

  377. What is Sharpton saying?

    This Wright thing, has been all over FOX this a.m.

    This news, emphasizes what a sham the Obama campaign has been. Hope, Change, Unity, New Politics are just words. They don’t seem to reflect Obama’s actions, such as supporting Wright’s church for 20 yrs, supporting the church through donations, having Wright as part of his African-American Leadership Committee, stating that Wright has been his “spiritual advisor,” not thoroughly distancing himself from Wright’s comments, and attending such a hate-filled and racist “church” for 20 years. Obama has bamboozled, hood-winked, and fooled the American people. Do we really want this guy in the White House, in a time of war? I don’t think so. This seems very dangerous for the U.S. involvement in the middle-east and our relationship with Israel.

  378. Ben,

    I don’t think that there is any way to “spin” this. Rev. Wright is political suicide and despite my obvious allegiance to Hillary Clinton, I am truly appalled (even beyond the political ramifications).

  379. TPS – good article NationalReview – especially this insight: “Even as victims, women are second-class citizens.”

  380. Obama told the Pittsburg Tribune-Review, “I haven’t seen the line. This is a pastor who is on the brink of retirement who in the past has made some controversial statements. I profoundly disagree with some of these statements.”

    Again….which statements does Obambi agree with and not agree with. How very disturbing!

  381. somebody on air should tell obama on his face to just shut the f88k up.. he is trying to cover this one too… just tell him stfu and drop out now…

  382. Obama’s presidential run is OVER!!! He’s TOASTED, but because SOOOO many people in the DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP and MEDIA supported this FRAUD, they are trying to save what left of their credibility but IT”S TOO LATE.

    Chris Matthew, Tim Russett, Mika B. and that MessNBC, CNN Arrianna Huffington’s OBMAMPOST, KOS and others…like Sens. John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and fam, Oprah, DNC Donna Brazile, HOWARD DEAN and the rest of those crazies…Ed Schultz, Air America’s Hosts, Reps. John Lewis, Clyburn and a TON of others that jumped off the cliff with Obama knowing nothing about this guy, except that he was a smooth, sweet talking Ivy League Black man.

    I have been saying for a long time that Obama was not fit to be “Commander and Chief” and that the Repugs and a lot of stuff that would TOPEDO Obama’s campaign…it’s not hard to figure out that Obama was not being vetted by the media, instead the media was doing Team Obama’s P.R.

    Obama never should have happened and I hold the Howard Dean and his wackos over at the DNC, the Democratic Leaders that allowed this travesty to happen, most of the progressive bloggers and the Do Nothing MSM..except FOXnews.

    Obama has hurt the African American Community by burning bridges that took decades to build…using the race card as a political tactic on the Clintons and others. But what is so fascinating to me…most of the tactics were approved by so called (white) progressives.

    The death toll on the Obama campaign will be slow and loud because of all the screaming from those SDs and supporters who jumped on the OBAMA TRAIN and took a seat.

    Toot Toot…Audacity of Bigotry Train coming to your children!!!

    “Commander and Chief”…my ass!! If the DNC don’t seat those MI and FL delegates just as is…nothing else will save our party from losing what little CREDIBILITY Howard Dean has left us with. Settle for nothing less…the DNC has INSULTED the voters of those states enough.

  383. An emailer on Obama Talking Points Memo:

    Is Wright a “Death Blow” to Obama?

    Like a number of emailers, TPM Reader JB is wringing his hands over Obama’s Rev. Wright:

    The Wright time bomb appears to be detonating, now that the horse race narrative has stalled and the media needs new material. The inadequacy of Obama’s response is deeply discouraging. I was very excited about Obama, but I suddenly think Wright is going to deal a death blow to him on the “electibility” front. Michelle Obama’s comments and now the man who lead him to Jesus is saying “God Damn America”, and all BO can say is “I disagree”? He has to thow him under the bus and then back up over him again, but it does not appear that he will. Not clear it would even help that much, given the depth and length of their relationship. Sad to say, but it’s best this happen now rather than in October. As distasteful as her tactics have been, I suddenly think we may be better off in November with Hillary. Wright is cancer.

    –David Kurtz


    Some mild hints of rationality in the Obamaland and a cooling of Obamamania.

  384. he had a 20 year relationship with his spiritual advisor…so he doesn’t agree with that line…then specifically WHAT THE HELL HAS THIS MAN SAID THAT HE DOES AGREE WITH!!!

  385. TPS,

    Wright is political suicide. You can’t spin that. Many candidates have been tossed with much less than this (and I mean nothing even close).

  386. kaffeen, I agree totally. I can sense the wheels coming off the Bambi campaign now. He just CANNOT effectively distance himself from this guy – not after a 20-yr relationship.

    I think we’re going to see a collapse that will be one for the ages. Seriously. And much of the media are going to be embarrassed by this whole affair. With the exception of Fox News, maybe ABC and a few journalist, the MSM have been chiefly responsible for enabling Bambi’s candidacy to get as far as it did.

  387. kaffeen, Wright is political suicide not just for the presidential race but also for the congressional races. Imagine if you are Democrattoc congressman or woman, running with Obama and Wright at the top of the ticket.

    If Obama gets nominated, Republicans will run against Jeremiah Wright/Barack Obama ’08.

  388. @TPS. Wow, I never thought anything would show up on TPM about this. The Obamabots over there will be in a panic, for sure. I may drop in and stir them up with a dose of reality. 😉

    A lot of those guys get ALL of their news from TPM. I recall on March 3rd, when the Rezko story really broke nationally. TPM put up a little article about it, and the readers just pounded TPM for printing it. Several were saying, “why would you dig up such a story the day before the primaries?” LOL. I couldn’t resist informing them to take their blinders off, that the Rezko trial had started, and that it was a national story.

  389. CNN closed the comments to the topic after 33 commetns were posted.. i can understand they are getting very -ve comments… hahahahha 🙂

  390. another headline on ABC news… obama disagree with god damn america but suports his pastor.. hahahha final nail in the coffin… 🙂

  391. marc ambinder reporting that they are discussing Rev. Wright on Peruvian TV – YEAH!!!! – gone global.


    Would love to hear Israel’s officials and news comment on this one.

  392. I just spammed my entire company with the video lol 🙂 Of course, the best thing to do is import your Outlook contacts into a bogus gmail account (save yourself, but save your country too).

  393. you have to watch the Peruvian TV clip – after the Hillary ain’t never been called a n***** – the newscaster has this look on his face – even the Peruvians get it; what the hell is wrong with keith ogreman – APOLOGIZE KO – you are the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD

  394. I have to ask did anyone see the video on CNN last night where they had a roundtable talking about obamam and Hillary they tore hillary and praised obama! A supporter of Obama called her a liar and everyone agreed with him! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT NUMBER TO CALL ABOUT THAT JACK CAFFERTY! MAN I HATE THAT GUY! OK SO PLEASE EVERYONE GO TO CNN AND WATCH THE VIDEO ITS ROUNTABLE ABOUT HILL AND BO. THANKS!

  395. Barack Hussein Obama and TEAM run for the president is OVER!!! It’s gone global so the foreign press and government will start doing the vetting that our MSM choose not to do.

    I think that Obama Movie the DNC was getting ready to release….

  396. We should email Howard Kurtz and ask him why CNN and Wshington Post are ignoring this story. He is the media critic for both of them.

    Kaffeen, do you have his email address?

  397. Good afternoon, Hillfans. Sorry to be missing out on the conversations but have been working really hard at RezkoWatch. Please do go check out the latest. New Auchi webscrubbing, lots on Wright, and more about Obama’s habit of just “dropping in” when Rezko’s Middle East bankers visited in Chicago.

    I’ve been reading and lurking, here, though, kaffeen.

  398. Imagine a President who’s spiritual advisor of 20 years and with whom he has had such a close relationship has gone on record saying “God damn America” among other seditious things.

    right, its unimaginable . He’ll never get that far.

  399. Sen. Barack Obama, seeking to become the first black president, called New York’s Lt. Gov. David Paterson, who Monday will become the state’s first black governor, on Thursday, but the Harlem Democrat signaled this morning he is not abandoning his support for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    “He knows I’m committed to Sen. Hillary Clinton,” Paterson said this morning outside his Capitol office.

    Besides becoming governor, Paterson is also about to become the state’s top super-delegate — a select group of party leaders who Obama and Clinton are wooing. But Paterson, who called Clinton a close friend, told Obama in December 2006 that he would be supporting the New York senator in the presidential race.

    Asked if there were any scenario in which he would switch his support to Obama before the Democratic presidential nomination is decided, Paterson said, “Absolutely not. When I sign up to support a candidate, it’s to the end. I actually supported Custer, but I did leave right before the attack.”

  400. Let me make a sound strategic suggestion to anyone who cares to listen.

    When you send letters to media outlet protesting unfair treatment of Hillary and/or the cover up for Obama send those letters to every media outlet on the planet as you are now doing EXCEPT for MSNBC, NBC and CNN.

    I say that for three reasons:

    First, we now know the game of those three networks are playijng: i) they are going after the youth audience, ii) they have determined that youth are more likely to support Obama, iii) therefore they develop a narrative which conforms to that objective, and iv) the journalists themselves want the same kind of relationship with the next administration that FOX has with the Bush Administation.

    Second, once they setted upon this corporate strategy they proceed to slant and censor their news coverage to prove the narrative. In some cases that means spinning everything so it is negative to Hillary and if there is something positive is occurred they do not report it–the producer decision cop out someone mentioned.

    Third, the resulting prostitution of the news at NBC began under an evil man named Jack Welch who was Chairman of General Electric. There were civil wars fought over this by legitimate journalists and the good guys lost. According to Welch they “brazenly questioned GE’s ability to manage a journalistic enterprise and through up information walls typical of a hostage situtation”. So they put new people in place who put profit over integrity and the next thing you knew they were rigging a General Motors car to explode for Dateline piece on automobile safety. They got their asses sued and then they apologized.

    The implications are obvious: before you pour your heart out in a letter to Capus and Griffin just remember who you are dealing with. Each of them is a product of the culture described above. They are corporate hacks implementing a business plan-not fair minded journalists. They build mbos around that plan to ensure conformity rather than diversity of opinion. In sum you are fighting a machine. If you feel strongly enough to boycott their coverage it makes no sense to appeal to their better angels-they have none. .

    I spent thirty years working in a corporate environment. You write a letter of protest to Capus, he may or may not read it, the thinking is anyone can write a letter and he passes it down the food chain . There it is logged and nothing more comes of it with one obvious exception:you have disclosed your strategy to the enemy and he can adjust his tactics.

    What you must do instead is send your letter about those corrupt networks to all the other media outlets, home town newspapers of their executives. That is where they get traction. And remember you are dealing with a corporation implementing a business plan. If the impotent Reichfuerher Olberman did not exist they would have to invent him. The idea is not to educate the bad networks but to blind them to what you are doing. Let them be the last to find out what people are saying about them.

    That at least is my advice.

  401. Ininla: I wonder, if KO would ever put himself as the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD? If he had any integrity and honesty, he would apologize, but he is a small, deceitful person, so he won’t do this.

  402. Seattle talk radio has been all over this too. Go locals!

    Rush Limbaugh has been on it all morning. He said if it were a republican their political career would be over because the dems wouldn’t let this go. And he also called the MSM hypocritical for blowing it off. Too bad he’s a blithering idiot most of the time because it negates any sensible points he makes.

  403. Just dropped a comment at TPM to get them stirred up. I encourage others to head on over there.

  404. Continued from kaffeen above…

    Paterson said Obama called to express his congratulations and to extend his sympathies to the Spitzer family. The call came about 1:30 Thursday. “But because she’s going to win, Senator Clinton called me about 12:30,” Paterson said.

    A leading theory was that if Clinton wins the White House, Spitzer would have appointed Paterson as U.S. senator to fill the remaining time of her term.

    Paterson said an old friend of his, who is also an Obama fundraiser, called this week to remind him of that theory. “Hey, look, you don’t need the Senate seat anymore,” Paterson said the friend told him, now that he is becoming governor. “Come with Obama.”

    “I said, ‘Look, that’s not why I supported Hillary Rodham Clinton. She and I are very good friends. I think she’d be the best president,’ ” Paterson said.

  405. Kaffee: Paterson said, “Absolutely not. When I sign up to support a candidate, it’s to the end. I actually supported Custer, but I did leave right before the attack.”

    ROFL! This guy has a wicked sense of humor! I like him already.

  406. Hello everyone

    Hope you are good.

    I have posted a diary at mydd about the Tibetan uprising for 3 days now. Buddhist monks are being killed!!But Tibet is rebelling in massive numbers. They are standing all alone. Please recommend the diary so we can get the word out. Like Burma, the internet is all they have.

  407. I just emailed Howard Kurtz. Please, others, also email him and ask him about the media blackout at WP and CNN.

  408. Well, I rest my case, as far as the Obamabots over at TPM. A number of them actually AGREE with Wright. They’re only seeing one speech that Wright made back in 2003, and most of them are saying that the media is “cherry picking” a comment made five years ago. Like I’ve said, those guys are kind of pitiful. Another common theme is that Obama can’t be held responsible for everything his “supporters” say. Of course, they’re delusional. They don’t see the long term relationship that Obama has had with him.

  409. @rickroberts I did too. 🙂 Had to remind those guys that Wright is just not another surrogate or supporter that can be disagreed with or dismissed.

  410. Ben,

    There will always be some who will fall on the knife with Obambi. That is the way of politics and kool-aid. I think the biggest thing now is electability. Some dems may be willing to give him a pass on just about anything, but many in the general election will never give him that free pass (i.e. independents, borderline republicans, undecided, et al).

  411. basil9

    If you are talking about the MSNBC petion on Taylor Marsh’s Hot Topics, when I did it The submit bar was at bottom of comments, and after hitting submit, the request for donation page came up. I did not donate and I am on petition.

    Please try again- it’s a fast way to get some momentum going now.

  412. Hillary should make sure she attends a black church in Harlem this week with new NY Gov to be be. And Bill Clinton needs to be there with Charlie Rangel.

    This is a start of the long healing process necessary for us to even redeem some of our progressive feelings back. And more important heal the NY nation and this “curse of 9/11 cooment by Obama’s spiritual advisor”.

    And the choir should be singing “GOD BLESS AMERICA”

    Go Harlem! you can do it proudly!

  413. kaffeen – Great!

    If this information about Wright really gets out far and wide I don’t know how he will survive it. People will have to wake up then.

    What about writing the super delegates about the Wright story?

  414. Looks like the are going to fight hard for Indiana:

    Hillary Clinton To Visit Hoosier State Thursday
    Campaign Names Indiana State Director and Field Director; Mook and Marshall Led Clinton Victories in Ohio, Nevada
    The Clinton Campaign today announced that Hillary Clinton will visit Indiana on Thursday, making stops in multiple cities across the state. More details of the trip will be announced in the coming days. The Campaign also announced that Robby Mook will serve as Indiana State Director and Marlon Marshall will serve as Indiana Field Director.

    Mook and Marshall led the Clinton Campaign to victories in the critical battleground states of Ohio and Nevada earlier this year. In 2006, the pair oversaw the Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign efforts in Maryland which led to the election of a Democratic governor and senator.

    “We are going to run an aggressive, grassroots campaign that reaches voters in every corner of Indiana,” Mook said.

  415. I don’t think Bambi will survive this, *but* if he does somehow manage to pull out the “get out of jail free” card, well, I really believe then that Ms. Ferraro may have a point.

  416. Good kaffeen. Just checking.

    I sent out this letter to all the papers listed in the First Responders memo in PA, IN, KY and NC.

    Hillary: She’s My Superwoman!

    I can only tell you my story of how I came to love Hillary Clinton. When the election season began this year I was thrilled that we had so many strong, intelligent and formidable candidates. You couldn’t really ask for more if you were a Democrat. I played this game inside my head of the order of the top three or four. Sometimes I couldn’t even cull it down that far. But long around October of last year after seeing the candidates perform more and reading up on them on their various websites, Hillary started to stand above the rest. Her work ethic, her tireless devotion to her country, an entire adult life of public service, her actual record (leading the fight to kill anti-gay legislation, initiating the Adoption and Safe Families Act, voting yes to repealing tax subsidies for companies that move jobs overseas, reforming education in Arkansas, leading the effort for children’s healthcare, fighting for veterans rights, this list goes on and on), her intellect, her ambition and drive to be the President (ah ah – I love her ambition. It’s sexy. Grow up a little on this can you America?), and drum roll please – her heart. And I’ve watched Hillary grow as a woman and as a person right before my very eyes. It’s the same quality that I love about Bill so much and now I see she has it too; two adults fully aware of themselves as spiritual beings here on this lovely planet of ours. Anyone that tells you anything different from the fact that Hillary has true love for her country in her heart (I can see it!) and will work tirelessly to improve the lives of all Americans, doesn’t know the truth about her. That’s the great thing about Hillary – the more you get to know her the more you love her. Please take the time to get to know the real Hillary. She is a fabulous woman, a dedicated and loved U.S. Senator, a woman completely and wholly dedicated to her family. Take a chance! I think you will love Hillary too.

  417. I think this Rev Wright issue is going to dominate the Sunday AM news shows, its already on CNN’s front page website.

  418. Love that new NY governor.

    ““But because she’s going to win, Senator Clinton called me about 12:30,” Paterson said.”


  419. Oh, I totally thought Gereldine Ferraro was right. I was thinking of sending her flowers with a note saying “Thank you for your courage.”

  420. Did you know there are about 300 discussion threads up on Rev Wright on Oprah’s community page from up to 24 hours ago – this is fascinating. I had no idea there were so many astute posters in there, discussing everything from the NY Times political blogs to Sean Hannity. Check this out…


  421. The Obama camp said a couple of days ago that they wanted a 50/50 split. Jerrylin over at TalkLeft calls that position what it is “stealing votes.”

  422. so, are the DNC ready to keep the Obama bullet train going all the way to the convention given all this Rev. Wright stuff? are they ready to split the delegates in MI and FL to keep his mo going?

    C’mon Howard and Nancy – stand up for Rev. Wright!!!

  423. this is not an endorsement , simply a “say it as I see it”.

    I am so proud that people who have lost hope in the political process are now inspired enough to return to the voting polls.

    For years, as an organizer, I have faced the apathy of many young people, and ethnic groups about our government. I struggled long and hard to plead the case of how their voice mattered and how they could make change if they took the up the challenge. As organizers, we did not understand and did not care why this vacuum existed. We just knew it had to change.

    Dozens of organizations nationwide sprang up to meet this monumental task.

    One organization I personally hold dear is the Wellstone Action, named after a true progressive fighter, Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota. Wellstone was known for his work for peace, the environment, labor, and health care; he also joined his wife Sheila to support the rights of victims of domestic violence. He made the issue of mental illness a central focus in his career. I benefited greatly from their trainings.
    I absolutely got caught up in the youthful exuberance of making a difference and making change. I’m in my mid 50’s so this was something.

    Many of these grassroots organizing groups have been waiting in the wings for this very moment in time.

    They have been “waiting” for someone inspirational like Mr.O

    This not to say that I support Mr. O it is to say I understand fully the passion and vitality these young, progressive people have.

    I have an advantage over my politically inexperienced friends however.

    Dreams alone will not make the world a better place. Hillary truly has what is needed by us to solve the problems and offer us real hope as Americans

    I will not dampen the hopes of my young friends. I will encourage them to follow Mr. O if that will keep their spirit alive. If that is what it takes for them to help us make America the home of the free and the land of the brave.

  424. Kaffeen,

    I actually agree with you and with wbboei..lol…

    I think mail bombing everyone is the right thing to do, but looking at wbboei’s meaning, I’m thinking there is no point in me complaining about CNN NBC et all when they totally ignore me or pimp Obama in spite of the evidence.

    Does that make sense? 🙂

  425. Everyone, we need put pressure on the SEIU union who endorsed BO. They have 1.9 million union members… go to their site, seiu.org. They have contributed HUGE amounts of money towards ads for Bambi.

    Everyone, please call now about the Rev. Wright video and ask why SEIU is still endorsing BO, especially given these anti-American comments and NAFTA-gate!

    Union President Andy Stern, x7300
    Executive VP Eliseo Medina, x7863
    Executive VP Tom Woodruff, x7210
    Executive VP Mary Kay Henry, x7708
    Local Union Lorna abraham, x7451

  426. Independent Ben Says:
    March 14th, 2008 at 8:27 am
    I think FL and MI will wind up being settled by that committee at the convention, and they’ll come up with something stupid like splitting the delegates 50/50. I think Hillary’s argument should be to forget the delegates – but GIVE HER CREDIT FOR THOSE POPULAR VOTES.

    Makes sense to me. As to ‘give her credit’ for those popular votes, are any popular votes officially ‘credited’ at the convention? We can all tell the SDs what the votes were, and add that Hillary has offered a re-vote but Obama will not allow that, so these are the only votes we’ve got to go on — and Obama obviously thinks he’s LOSE a re-vote.

  427. What a JOKE.OBAMA interview with THE PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE REVIEW.( A right wing RAG Owned by RICHARD MELLON SCAIFE)He is the FAT CAT that BANKROLLED the drive to Crush Bill and Hillary.REMEMBER–PAULA JONES-FENNIFER,WHITEWATER,ROSE LAW FIRM,THE McDOUGALS,TRAVELGATE,VINCE FOSTER,and it goes on and on.A Real HIT MAN (BOSSIE) worked for KEN STARR and did all the DIRT PLANTING.HE now owns a MEDIA RESEARCH,a DIRT RESEARCH CENTER FOR TRUTH CONTROL being used against the CLINTONS.OBAMA Should leave now and go back to REZKO and hope to avoid the the CRUSH when the RNC dumps its load on him.
    This what our Election Process has come to.


  428. monkeybusiness

    Please add………… “Anna Burger” to the SEIU list… she is the Sec/Tres of SEIU and is also the president of the “Change to Win Federation” which includes SEIU and Teamsters

    I hate her, she’s anti Clinton

  429. People please,

    Hillary would approve of this.

    The Tibetan monks and people are standing alone today. And they may be gunned down by Chinese machine guns. Please help them.

    They have no one to fight for them except the internet. Please please help them. Tell others. If you think of other places to post please tell me. They will be massacrfed. That is why the Dali Lama is tellintg the Chinese not use bvrute force.

  430. Dot, all,
    i have the list of websites and emails for uncommitted Governors, Senators and House reps that Diva sent me.

    i tried removing all the h t t p’s and w w w’s but i can’t post the info so anyone who wants a copy email me at hilaryhawke@mhcable.com.

  431. LOL…Kaffeen,

    Just give me notice so I can put in my earplugs. Then again, knowing me, I am never going to give those networks a free ride. CNN especially has broken my heart. I used to love that network. I became a fan when Bernard Shaw was on.

  432. 1 more try.

    minus h t’s and w’s and /
    Uncommitted governors
    Iowa .governor.iowa.gov/administration/contact/
    Kentucky governor.ky.gov/contact.htm
    Montana governor.ky.gov/contact.htm
    New Hampshire 4.egov.nh.gov/governor/goveforms/comments.html
    New Mexico .governor.state.nm.us/email.php?mm=6&type=opinion
    North Carolina .governor.state.nc.us/email.asp?to=1
    Oklahoma .gov.ok.gov/contact.php
    Tennessee phil.bredesen@state.tn.us
    Washington .governor.wa.gov/contact/default.asp
    West Virginia Governor@WVGov.org
    Wyoming governor.wy.gov/contact-dave/default.html

    Uncommitted Senators

    Califonia boxer.senate.gov/contact/email/policy.cfm
    Colorado salazar.senate.gov/contact/email.cfm
    Delaware biden.senate.gov/contact/emailjoe.cfm
    Delaware carper.senate.gov/contact/
    Hawaii akaka.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.Home
    Iowa harkin.senate.gov/c/
    Louisiana /landrieu.senate.gov/contact/index.cfm
    Maryland cardin.senate.gov/contact/
    Michigan levin.senate.gov/contact/index.cfm
    Minnesota levin.senate.gov/contact/index.cfm
    Montana baucus.senate.gov/contact/emailForm.cfm?subj=issue
    Montana tester.senate.gov/Contact/
    Nevada reid.senate.gov/contact/email_form.cfm
    New Mexico senator_bingaman@bingaman.senate.gov
    New jersey lautenberg.senate.gov/contact/
    North Dakota senator@dorgan.senate.gov
    Oregon wyden.senate.gov/contact/
    Pennsylvania casey.senate.gov/contact/
    Rhode Island reed.senate.gov/contact/contact-share.cfm
    Virginia webb.senate.gov/contact/
    West Virginia byrd.senate.gov/byrd_email.html
    West Virginia rockefeller.senate.gov/services/email.cfm
    Wisconsin kohl.senate.gov/gen_contact.html
    Wisconsin feingold.senate.gov/contact_opinion.html

    Uncommitted State Reps

    Alabama/ Cramer budmail@mail.house.gov
    Arizona/ Mitchell mitchell.house.gov/contact/
    California/Pelosi AmericanVoices@mail.house.gov

  433. linfar,

    I have kept up on this tragic situation. Thanks for bringing it to our attention here.

    My thoughts and prayers are working overtime for those brave people.

  434. please send the video to as many people as you can… that is best thing you can do for the good of thi country

  435. monkeybusiness.

    Anna Burger was the force behind the endorsement of the empty suit, inexperienced, untested, BHO, after Edwards left.

    Hillary would not kiss her a$$ so this is the outcome..Stern didn’t much say in this decision.

    Anna Burger is the one making political decisions for Change to Win and SEIU

  436. I wonder what the Brits think now?

    I wonder what all those white SDs are thinking about now?

    I wonder what are allies are thinking about the Democrats?

    I wonder what the progressive talk radio is thinking…Hi Ed, Racheal, Randi?

    I wonder on all those progressive blogs is thinking, Obamapost, KOS?

    I wonder what Donna Brazile, and the rest of the Clinton haters but Obama supporters are thinking?

    I wonder how Team Romney feels to be raked over the coals because he’s a mormon.

  437. Boxer is not going to risk her political future by an early endorsement she will wait till convention.

  438. http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/3/14/142214/812#100

    There is a request here to sign a petition in support of BObama against Fox news for smearing him.

    I would invite all interested parties to go here and state your views. I’m not telling you how to comment but where is the petition for Hillary re Keith Olberman linking her to David Duke? Where is the petition in support of Hillary against sexism?

    Just saying….

    p.s. notice that it is amale driving this petition.

  439. I also read a post by a blogger from SC. He says that the Bambi camp sent the Hillary hating clip to SC to help get AA support before that primary. Don’t know if that is true, but I’m sure more will come out.

    independent ben, this is possible. i do not know but some research is a very good idea here if there’s any way to trace this and find proof. the wright speech was made jan 13, 2008, after new hampshire, and i believe sc primary was jan. 19? it was smack dab in the middle of that time period when obama campaign ramped up those false charges that the hillary campaign was race baiting. so i sure wouldnt be surprised if they pushed the speech in sc along with sending that memo. but again, need evidence.

  440. Thanks jan H,

    Please go and rec the diary. http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/3/14/142617/076T

    For some reason unlike Burma the story is getting buried. Damn the Chinese who don’t want anything to interfere with their precious Olympics. Without attention they arfe going to slaughter the monks. It’s been done before. That is why tghe Dali Lama is waring them, “Do Not Use Brute Force.”

    Please people. Take a break from Wright and helps some people stay alive.

  441. linfar, I am a self-proclaimed “psuedo-buddhist” (take what you can use, and leave the rest). I assure you, I follow the news about Tibet and take this seriously. Our thoughts are with the Tibetans.

  442. we, INDIANS lost a short war in 1962 with chinese… one of the reasons for the war is INDIAN support for dalai lama besides some issues with border line… chinese won the war… 🙂

  443. dt,

    IDUNN also predicted March 8 -12 would bedisastrous for BO. Ok, it’s a few days late but . . . . go IDUNN!

    :sprinkles fairy dust:

  444. kaffeen,

    do you know that budhha is from INDIA… his name from birth was siddardha, he was prince for one of the kingdom… he used to be different from his childhood… so the king got him married to a beautiful lady thinking that might change him… but he did not change… he left the kingdom … and he did sit under a tree and introspected himself for a long time .. they started calling him budha after that…

  445. Any Seattleites should turn to AM 710 Kiro Dori Monson is RAILING on Rev Wright, Obama and the MSM for being in the tank for Obama. He’s covering it as it should be. He called out MSM for ignoring it in general, CNN for white washing what they did show and the Seattle newspapers for not only ignoring it but printing a oped demanding that Ferraro apologize for remarks which Dori says were 1/1000 inflamatory as what Rev. Wright said.

    Its good stuff. He’s taking callers now. People are defending Wright’s comments. Crazy.

    I guess he covered it heavily yesterday as well. You can probably get a podcast at http://www.mynorthwest.com you can also listen live.

  446. Everyone, PLEASE CALL Anna Burger at SEIU union too. Per Debbie’s posts @ 3:11pm and 3:17pm, Anna is very anti-Clinton and is the one making political decisions for Change to Win and SEIU. We need put pressure on the SEIU union who endorsed BO. They have 1.9 million union members and have contributed HUGE amounts of money towards ads for Bambi. Losing this endorsement could be critical for this election!

    Everyone, please call now about the Rev. Wright video and ask why SEIU is still endorsing BO, especially given these anti-American comments and NAFTA-gate!

    tel. 202-730-7000
    Union President Andy Stern, x7300
    Executive VP Eliseo Medina, x7863
    Executive VP Tom Woodruff, x7210
    Executive VP Mary Kay Henry, x7708
    Local Union Lorna abraham, x7451

    Sec/Tres Anna Burger, x7303

  447. After watching the toxic, rabid hatemongering from Wright, all I can say is this, with a apologies to Tina Turner:

    Bamboozler in Chief, Welcome to Thunderdome!

  448. jithendra, yes I know the entire history. Being in the software industry, I have alot of Indian co-workers. I also have been privileged to work with a diverse international crowd with many wide ranging views and different beliefs.

  449. Canaan, if you are still around, or check in, I think you should send your observations of the Malcomn X quotes by Wright and Obama to Josh Marshall at TPM. I will add I thought about this and it became clear to me why Obama sought to link Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to George Bush and Dick Cheney. Its an unlikely pairing but I think it was part of what you spoke about, white impiralism, funny because women of any color have never been the purveyors of any so-called imperialism. I don’t know that BO actually believes any of this or if he has just cynically used it to divide and conqour. That’s politics, it’s just Chicago politics, not new politics. Also, how they dug out and withheld the Ferrarro comments until the eve of the Mississippi primary. Again, not new politics. A divisive, insidious old politics. I can not fathom why sites like TPM keep pushing that Hillary has run a “dirty” campaign, while BO has run a “clean” campaign. The facts do not bear them out.

  450. but sad thing is… there are not many followers of buddism in INDIA thought it was born there… 🙂

  451. A funny thing Rush said. (yup – in the car that’s who i listen to – no other stations).

    Evidently Anderson Cooper was absolutely “DISTRESSED” last night that he had to report on the Jeremiah Wright story.

    hehehehe. (No doubt he spunit so it’s all HRC’s fault) 👿

  452. Independent Ben Says:
    March 14th, 2008 at 8:37 am
    the Republicans rubbing their hands together with all the ammo they now have. Obama would go down in a defeat far worse than Dukakis

    Worse than McGovern in 1972! McGovern got the nomination the same way — by packing caucuses with kids and fighting to the convention, and rioting in Chicago in the street (or was that Eugene McCarthy in 1968?) Anyway it’s the kind of thing that loses the base who don’t come to caucuses, and don’t like ‘insurgents’ — they all go GOP and stay there for decades.

  453. It is very very very interesting that Obambi’s camp has been completely and utterly quiet on this Rev. Wright issue. They are pretty quick to respond to everything else, usually responding in nano-seconds and interrupting Hillary conference calls. But now, nothin’. Silence is deadly. Silence of the Bambi.

  454. monkeybusiness

    I think they should pull their endorsement of BHO at the very least

    I absolutley don’t think they will support Hillary

  455. When you add everything together, all the near misses that Obama has gotten away with, well it all adds up to one big mistake for the country.

  456. A big thank you to Kaffeen and jithendra,

    I think I am reliving the day I could not go back across the border into Tibet from Nepal when the uprising began in 1987. They sealed the border.

    The Chinese will bow to world attention–that is the only thing.

    jt–the Indian position on Tibet was very brave. it is no accident the Dali Lama is in Daramsala 🙂

    Appreciate your words.

  457. Dori says no matter what Obama says in the next few days to denounce Rev. Wright you can’t look past the 20 year relationship. Its too deep.

  458. Well, here is a post I made over at TPM – trying to give those guys a dose of reality. Oh by the way, was reported on MSNBC that Obama has taken the day off from campaigning. I wonder why?

    “Obama can renounce and reject all he wants, but he can never distance himself from this man. It’s a 20-year relationship. Obama was looking for a church that reflected his beliefs, and this is what he found?

    Wright married the Obamas, baptized his children, and Obama has praised him in his books. Also, from this article, you are only seeing one speech from 2003. There are many more floating around – one from December 2007 just before Iowa. In that one, Mr. Wright was campaigning for Obama and bashing Hillary. He said, “Hillary ain’t never been called a nigger.”

    You can’t tell me that Obama attended and supported this church for 20 years and had no idea of Wright’s core beliefs. And Wright STILL maintains a position in the Obama Campaign.

    We’re talking about a General Election here. We can’t play around with this. We can’t allow a third Bush term, my friends, with McCain. This stuff is poison to the majority of Americans, and I’m afraid Obama is not going to be able to “explain away” his 20-year relationship with this guy. If Obama gets this nomination, he will be toast in the General Election. Put this Wright stuff together with the Ayers stuff, and Rezko bubbling beneath the surface (Obama is on the witness list), and the fact that Obama probably plans on getting this nomination by disenfranchising and pissing off the voters of MI and FL – and well, it doesn’t look good, folks.

  459. debbie, I agree. My thinking is that their HUGE contributions for BO would dry up like a snowball in hell! (and hopefully, have a domino effect where others would follow and pull their big $$$ endorsements).

  460. >>the Indian position on Tibet was very brave. it is no accident the Dali Lama is in Daramsala

    ohh yeah we always love dalia lama… and when tibet elects their lama indian media covers them… i heard of dharmasala… but not sure where it is.. must be somewhere in northern part of india near to himalayas…

  461. keep emaileng the dnc and while u are at call hillary’s campaign NOW. ne info-nelson is now proposing halfing fla’s delegates. this is not right.

  462. Inninla,

    I read in several reports that oprah HAD been a member of the church but no longer is. I wish my organizational skills were better coz i know i saved those stories but i don’t know where the heck i filed them. 🙁

  463. Obama’s campaign is being very tightlipped at the moment for the following reasons:

    1/ They are assuming, based of their successful efforts of the past, that the big networks will whitewash this whole issue and it will die a quick and natural death.

    2/ They are scrambling to come up with another knife to throw into Hillary’s back so the negative cycle will move in her direction.

    3/ They are trying to push media into blaming Hillary for using race and the hate card by pushing this story in the first place.

  464. Linfar,

    it is in INDIA

    “When the Dalai Lama left Tibet, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru offered to permit him and his followers to establish a “government-in-exile” in Dharamsala in 1960. Since then, many Tibetan exiles have settled in the town, numbering several thousand. Most of these exiles live in Upper Dharamsala, or McLeod Ganj, where they established monasteries, temples and schools. The town is sometimes known as “Little Lhasa”, after the Tibetan capital city, and has become an important tourist destination with many hotels and restaurants, creating a resurgence in tourism and commerce.”

  465. JanH – I’m sure that’s what they’re doing – trying to find some reason why Hillary is the reason for Wright’s hate-filled tirades…the audacity of hate.

    But you know, I love that it’s going international – I hope, hope, hope that the foreign press will actually do their job in investigating Wright more if the media actually tries to turn this on Clinton.

    More than anything, the voters needs to get wind of this; the Farrakhan stuff already scared the bejesus out of many voters…it’s probably best to do a grassroots campaign to get this to people, to local newstations.

  466. I hear all of you complaining about the media just now is vetting Senator Obama, while a whole year has passed and all they have done is further demeane Hillary, along with her supporters, husband, campaign managers and etc.
    My complaint is where the heck is Howard Dean in all of this, where is Senator Kennedy and Caroline in all of this. Is someone going to just give them a free ride for sponsoring this hate-filled man for President of the United States?
    What about the audacity of running this man against a man like McCain a war hero? What kind of stupid people are running the DNC? Is there not a selection committee associated with finding good candidates? I guess it was Daschle, Kennedy and Gore. STupid, Stupid!! We are 8 months away from the most important election of my lifetime and were are not only letting Obama off, but we are letting Dean and the boys off as well!!

  467. Why in god’s name would Nelson propose that?

    Guys, you need to forward your emails to this address:


    Get to it!!! Word is they will try to split the FL/MI delegates 50/50.

  468. JanH,

    Well, it’s good to see Hill is on message in Pennsylvania. They CANNOT say that the Clinton campaign pushed this Wright issue. Fox News purchased the sermons and went with them. Wright’s name has come up in the past, but this is the first time that Americans are actually hearing this man’s words.

    CNN is holding back, and I imagine NBC will too. MSNBC, Morning Joe, went with it hard this morning – but it appears to be fading on MSNBC as the day goes on. But ABC has it, and is going with it. And Fox News has it, and I know they won’t let it go. Other media outlets will not be able to hold back on this.

  469. Personally, I think that Obambi is being pressured (i.e. questions into his past) and being urged to drop out. I also think his camp is trying to come up with a survival tact and also researching any possible things that have been printed in regards to him and Rev. Wright.

  470. confloyd,

    They are all remaining tightlipped. They are afraid…very…very…afraid that Obama is going to bring them all down…down…down…

    Talk about a career destroyer in one fell swoop!

  471. MSNBC and Norah O’Donnell are doing the Wright story now. I think there was actually a woman (possibly Hillary supporter?), who was putting the story in focus.

  472. No plans for Wright to step down
    Posted: Friday, March 14, 2008 3:28 PM by Domenico Montanaro
    Filed Under: 2008, Obama

    From NBC’s Mark Hudspeth
    The Obama campaign says they have no plans to ask the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to step down from a campaign spiritual advisory committee. They’re stressing that this committee — the African American Religious Leadership Committee — was a laundry list of people associated with the campaign and didn’t really do anything. The group never actually met.

    They say Wright has no formal role on the campaign (unlike some others on this committe who do have a formal role in faith-based outreach). They say he was included mostly out of respect to his long relationship with Obama.

    Aides say he was not present during the Christmas 2007 sermon or the post-Sept. 11 sermon. They weren’t sure about some of the others in question, are not sure when the last time the two spoke, and they stressed they don’t speak frequently.

  473. bloggers at ABC news having a field day.. :).. almost every post is -ve context for bambi.. if anyone post supporting him.. people are picking on those people to explain why heasn’t left the church long back… 🙂

  474. mj,Here’s my letter.
    I am adamantly opposed to the proposal to split Florida votes 50/50 for Senator Clinton And Senator Obama. Senator Clinton clearly won the majority of popular votes, 850,000+. Both their names were on the ballots. Although neither was supposed to campaign there, Senator Obama ran his ‘so-called ‘national’ TV ads in the state. Senator Clinton did not.

    If the DNC doesn’t credit Senator Clinton for her overwhelming victory in Florida, I will drop out of the Democratic Party, register as an Independent and vote for Senator McCain in November.

    The dirty strategy of Howard Dean, Donna Brazille and the entire DNC of stacking the decks against Senator Clinton in favor of their designated candidate, Senator obama, is absolutely intolerable and does not represent any notion of democracy I have ever subscribed to.

    H. Hawke.

  475. LOL…Obama sure has a lot of committees that have never met/held meetings. Doesn’t bode well for his White House ambitions…

  476. kaffeen, this is good news in that it will keep the story alive. It will outrage people that they think we are fools.

  477. Big Wright discussion at Politico now. Everybody run over there and chime in. It’s cool to be a disappointed Obama supporter. Say you want your money back or something like that.

  478. JanH, Obambi is known to be lazy.

    TPS, yes. This story ain’t going nowhere but in everyone’s face again and again and again. RIP Bambi (evidently, he is going down with the ship).

  479. Obama Silent on Earmarks As Ill. Senator

    The Associated Press

    Fri, Mar 14, 2008 (12:57 p.m.)

    Sen. Barack Obama is open about the pet projects he’s tucked into federal legislation, but it’s a different story when it comes to the extra spending he added to state budgets while serving in the Illinois Legislature.

    Public records reveal some of the projects he sponsored as a state senator, from literacy programs and park improvements to drill team uniforms and jazz-appreciation events. They add up to more than $6 million.

    But that covers just two of Obama’s nearly eight years in the Illinois Senate. State records don’t detail his projects from other years, and his presidential campaign has not responded to repeated requests from The Associated Press for information.

    While silent about Obama’s spending in Illinois, his campaign has criticized Democratic presidential rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for withholding similar information about her years in the U.S. Senate.

    Obama communications director Robert Gibbs said Thursday that her position should prompt voters to “ask why she doesn’t believe they have the right to know she wants to spend their tax dollars.”

    Since entering the U.S. Senate and launching his presidential campaign, Obama has made a political issue of openness.

    He voluntarily discloses the “earmarks” he adds to the federal budget; Clinton does not. He initially released one year’s worth of earmark information, for 2007, but on Thursday he released his 2005 and 2006 requests, as well. Aides said he will not seek any earmarks this year.

    “I have been consistently in favor of more disclosure around earmarks,” Obama said in a debate last month. “Now, keep in mind a lot of these are worthy projects in our states … but I want to make sure that they’re not done in the dark of night.”

    That disclosure, however, so far applies only to federal spending.

    When Obama served in the state Legislature, from 1997 until late 2004, it was routine for money to be added to the annual budget for lawmakers to dole out. In most years, this was done without any public record of which legislator was sponsoring which grant, leaving no way to tell how Obama used his share of the money.

    But for a couple of years, the state did link lawmakers and grants.

    Records from that period show Obama sponsored a little more than $6 million in projects.

    Of that, $2 million went to the Chicago Park District for projects ranging from adding or expanding parks to repairing fountains to building a running track.

    Chicago schools got grants of $5,000 and $10,000 to buy computers, improve security systems or offer new programs. The transportation department got $200,000 for new stoplights.

    Private organizations got money, too.

    Neighborhood groups in the South Side district he represented were given grants, typically $15,000 or $20,000, for such projects as senior centers, park improvements and teen mentoring programs.

    Obama was one of several lawmakers to direct money to the South Shore Drill Team, which tries to keep poor children away from drugs and gangs by involving them in dance and music. Obama’s grant to them was $25,000.

    He also directed $100,000 to the Museum of Science and Industry for an exhibit on the nature of time, and provided two $5,000 grants for groups promoting jazz appreciation.

    (This version CORRECTS UPDATES with Obama forgoing earmarks next year; corrects that earmark information released for 2005 and 2006 was for the calendar years, sted according to federal budget cycle.)

  480. >>It’s cool to be a disappointed Obama supporter. Say you want your money back or something like that.

    hahaha best tactic to demoralize other bambi supporters 🙂

  481. As an Edwards supporter I’m a little ticked that this stuff about Obama wasn’t brought up before Iowa. :/

  482. From National Review Online

    Wright and Obama’s Judgment [Mark Hemingway]

    The other interesting angle here with regard to Obama and Wright here is the issue of judgment. How many times has Obama used “judgment” as a cudgel against his opponents this campaign? Well, choosing someone to offer your family spiritual guidance that isn’t an anti-semite coddling, America-hating, race-baiting crazypants would appear to be a far easier decision than deciding whether to go to war. I anxiously await to see how Obama explains this aspect of his celebrated decision-making ability.

    Olbermann Protests Too Much [Jonah Goldberg]

    This might have been posted already, but this is an amazing diatribe by Olbermann. He honestly seems to think Ferraro is of a piece with David Duke. Amazing stuff. He really reminds me of the most earnest, humorless student government bozo who thinks sanctimony, rage and arched vocabulary is the hallmark of a statesman and future lion of the 21st century when in reality the kid’s nothing more than a prattling sophomore and Olbermann is nothing more than a kitschy animatronic knock-off of Edward R. Murrow.

  483. Guys there is no coverage at all about the preacher! What do we do? I will contact them about this but at the very least we should all call and rip them a new one. Not one video about! I JUST CONTACTED CNN AT 1-404-827-1500 AND WENT OFF! I guess when you leave a complaint it is recorded. I said do you have any idea how many people in america support hillary clinton maybe just maybe cnn has forgotten that! PLEASE EVERYONE CALL AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PREACHER BIT AND TONY REZKO THEY NEED TO KNOW THAT THIS IS CRAZY!

  484. rickroberts – hilarious. Actually, we should run over to politico and beg them to cover up the story, like they’ve covered up all Obama stuff – you know, that we should advise them to please try and isolate Fox News before November as being the only cable channel doing anything about Wright, and that they made this sh** up.

    good thing that Wolfson didn’t rip on Olbermann yesterday because the guy is eating crow today well enough. and finally great quote from Newsbusters in an article posted earlier:

    “The news media doesn’t see its job as informing the electorate. They see their job as getting the Democrat past the electorate.” newsbusters.org/node/19875/print

  485. well, Craig Crawford is reporting this on trailmix:

    Michigan Moves Toward June 3 Do-Over

    While Florida Democrats search for a limited do-over plan (see Webcam report above), Michigan Democrats are close to an agreement with presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama to hold a new primary. If that happens. look for stepped-up pressure on Florida to re-run a full primary despite the enormous cost.

  486. @kaffeen, as I stated above, it was reported that Obama has taken the day off from campaigning. I imagine he is huddling in Chicago with Axelrod and others; and they’re trying to figure out how to survive this.

  487. MSNBC is covering Wright – again. They’ve been pretty steadily on it all day. Maybe Joe Scarborough forced them to, by going with it this morning.

  488. It would seem to me this would be enought to sink a Presidential campaign but this is Obama and the powers that be have let him get away with everything so far.

    How do others see this playing out?

  489. winhillary

    they just had a bit about it on MSNBC.. it only took them a week to plug in what the rest of what America is watching..

  490. @lninla, do you think KO would actually mention it at all?

    @tcbequalityactions, I don’t think he can survive it, despite his well placed support in the Party and the media. Superdelegates have to be taking notice of this. When you put this Wright stuff together with Rezko and everything else, I think Obama is toast. And by the way, Obama IS on the witness list for the Rezko trial.

  491. This does make sense guys.

    What you must do instead is send your letter about those corrupt networks to all the other media outlets, home town newspapers of their executives. That is where they get traction. And remember you are dealing with a corporation implementing a business plan. If the impotent Reichfuerher Olberman did not exist they would have to invent him. The idea is not to educate the bad networks but to blind them to what you are doing. Let them be the last to find out what people are saying about them

  492. lucky for O that the main focus on MSM today is the economy

    (MSNBC …oh I get it, it’s the economy )….stupid

  493. Independent Ben – I hope you are right. Any other election and any other candidate this would be the end of the campaign without a doubt.

  494. I received this in my e-mail.

    Dear gail,
    No surprise that FOX has been at it again: smearing, distorting, attacking Obama. What is infuriating and requires IMMEDIATE ACTION is that so many in the media have been catching the FOX virus and spreading it. By way of a cure, we bring you the next installment in our highly successful FOX Attacks series. Together, we have battled them effectively, halted their fake debates, and put pressure on Bill O’Reilly for his attacks on homeless vets. And so far, over 6 million people have seen FOX Attacks.

    Watch the video, send it to your friends, and then demand the media stop spreading the FOX virus. Let them know they can’t keep parroting FOX’s smears against Barack Obama without hearing from us. Sign the petition, and we’ll make sure the heads of all the mainstream media’s news divisions see it. You can even express your outrage visually by including your picture.
    Sign the petition: bravenewfilms.org/watch/21391405/32376?utm_source=rgemail

    A special thanks to all of you who contributed to the tickers for this film. Your contributions made this video possible. You turned this into a collaborative filmmaking process, declaring our collective outrage over FOX’s propaganda. If you didn’t get the chance to contribute this time around, you can put your message to Murdoch in the next FOX Attacks film for a contribution of $199. Space is very limited though, we can only include 25 messages.

  495. @lninla, go over there and use _____ Hussein as your name. A lot of the really hardcore Obamabots have been doing that.

  496. Olbermann will have to cover it at some point.

    Indie Ben – thanks Ben – re: headsup about Obama being ON the Rezko witness list. Found this:

    New: Two (Fox Valley) area pols on Rezko witness list (Hussein Obama makes the cut)
    Suburban Chicago News ^ | 3/13/08

    Posted on 03/13/2008 6:38:49 PM PDT by Libloather

    New: Two area pols on Rezko witness list
    March 13, 2008

    Two Fox Valley politicians are on a list of possible witnesses in the trial of Tony Rezko, an indicted businessman and political fundraiser.

    Illinois Minority House leader Tom Cross, R-Oswego, and Republican DuPage County state’s attorney Joe Birkett were named on the list alongside high-profile politicians such as Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and former GOP Gov. Jim Edgar.

    Jurors could be hearing as many as 237 names, according to a 33-page questionnaire made public this week that’s to be filled out by jurors prior to jury selection. To weed out potential jurors who might know someone connected to the case, the questionnaire included the anticipated list “of possible witnesses or persons whose names might be mentioned.”

    A spokesman for Rep. Cross said Cross has never met or communicated with Rezko.

  497. is this guy clueless or what

    4 p.m.: How significant is it if superdelegates are moving toward Barack Obama?

    Does cnn not get it or what…after the wright debacle they are asking this???

  498. Plagerism sunk Biden, NAFTA-Gate would have sunk anybody else but Obama gets away with it all. Sickening.

  499. @lninla, we should post that it’s not really Wright on those video clips. It’s actually some actor that Murdoch hired. 🙂

  500. monkeybusiness Says:
    March 14th, 2008 at 10:13 am
    yes, we should put pressure on the SEIU union. They have 1.9 million union members… go to their site, seiu.org. They have contributed HUGE amounts of money towards ads for Bambi.

    I couldn’t find a link at the SEIU site for comments to go to them.

  501. It’s front page on Fox News.com with Writght’s picture and the title God Damn America.

  502. I watched 2 mins of that Bravenewfilms thing – and now Obamabots are turning on Fox, no doubt to say they are racists for exposing Jeremiah Wright and for rightly pointing out Louis Farrakhan’s anti-semitism…these people are nuts.

    Indie Ben – DONE. check it out.

  503. The Fox News Wright story will not accept comments. I think they’re afraid it might get ugly considering the mindset of most Fox viewers.

  504. rickroberts,

    they had this as main news y’day… and i was able to post the comments y’day.. there were lot of comments y’day blasting bambi 🙂

  505. Vic DiMaio was just on Fox discussing his lawsuit against the DNC. He says his lawyers have a good arguement. We will all see next week when the 11th circuit hears the case.

  506. i think the issue to me with obama/wright is.. now he deplores these statements and divisive rhetoric. and until now? perhaps wright was not given to say such things for years and then got more inflammatory as he got older. but, sometimes you have to take a stand, no matter how close your relationship with someone. sometimes you have to say ‘no, this is unacceptable – i can’t go to your church any more.’ and yes, where WAS obama’s judgment?

    and also, i await keith olbermann’s special comment.. or maybe not, he’ll probably blame it on hillary somehow, josh marshall did.

  507. Wow, just came over MSNBC that Obama has posted an official response to all this on HuffPo.

  508. Good afternoon Hillfans! I’ve been so disgusted, discouraged and disheartened in the past few days–coupled with the fact that I had a friend in from out of town and I had to take a breather.

    First, as I’m sure most of my fellow AA Hillary supporters have already said, Jeremiah Wright is a fool and a bigot and not all AA churches are preaching such garbage. I attend one of the oldest AA churches in D.C. A mere stone’s throw from the White House and the U.S. Capitol and my pastor nor any visiting preacher would NEVER deliver a message of such hatred as Jeremiah Wright has delivered time and time again. I’m so embarrased by all of this. What’s even more disheartening is hearing my fellow AA’s who are supporting Obama, who I know, actually know better!! Trying to defend this guy, acting as if he is just old. Not only is he old. He’s an old bigot and a fool. Young foolish bigots become old foolish bigots. Point blank.

    I would never keep membership, not to mention donate tens of thousands of dollars, to a church with such a hateful teaching.

  509. 1950democrat

    you can use this website : info@changetowin.org

    Change to Win consists of seven affiliated unions. These are:

    International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) …PRO OBAMA

    Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) ….NEUTRAL???

    Service Employees International Union (SEIU) …PRO OBAMA

    United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) …PRO CLINTON

    United Farm Workers of America (UFW) …PRO CLINTON

    United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) …PRO OBAMA



    trust me if you send it to there…they’re all going to hear about it!

  510. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/barack-obama/on-my-faith-and-my-church_b_91623.html

    Notice Obama does not mention specific statements. But also notice this:

    “With Rev. Wright’s retirement and the ascension of my new pastor, Rev. Otis Moss, III, Michelle and I look forward to continuing a relationship with a church that has done so much good.”

    In other words, he supports Trinity and refers to all their actions, including those of Wright, as “so much good.”

    Obama should not have penned this article, for it provides more ammunition to the GOP.

  511. birdgal
    They are what is left from the 50 SD that were suppose to endorse him the day after TX and OH. They others all put the breaks on when he lost both states and said lets wait and see what happens after PA.

  512. Basically, Bambi is saying that he never heard Wright say anything like this or express any of these beliefs . . . until just as he began to run for President.

    BULLSHIT! I doesn’t pass the smell test. He’s saying that after 20 years of knowing this man and attending this church, that Wright just suddenly comes out with this stuff???

  513. “Michelle and I look forward to continuing a relationship with a church that has done so much good.”

    any body got a hammer…I got the last nail!

  514. mj: thanks. I thought, Hillary had gained 3-4 SDs, but FOX only reported the 9 SDs that BO received. I am still boycotting CNN and MSNBC (probably forever).

  515. LOL, did anyone notice the huge headline at HuffPo? That Bill’s ex-counsel says Hillary is misleading the american public?

    It’s an interview where he tries to discount Hillary’s foreign policy experience, commander-in-chief credentials. But I think that issue is pretty settled in the minds of most Americans. Hillary’s experience checks out.

  516. birdgal – are you referring to the delegates she gained this week in Colorado and New York? Those were regular delegates I think.

  517. Interesting that he issues a written statement instead of saying it in front of the press. He is afraid of the questions that will be shouted out by the press as he ended his statement. Another interesting thing he says he never heard Wright make any of those statements in person, all those clips where taken from sermons over a period of several years and I find it hard to beleive he just happened to miss them all. If I were the press I would be searching for people in attendance who will disagree that he never heard any of those sermons. Big mistake on his part releasing that article, I am sure there will be someone out there to come foward and say he was present for some of those sermons. too bad Alice Palmer isn’t a member of that church.

    Then again, Obama most likely did not write the article. He said put his name on it.

  518. So, Obama claims not to have been at the church when Rev. Wright made these statements – because I’m sure these Fox tapes must have dates on them – quick, someone rifle through BO’s calendar to see if he’s actually telling the truth.

    Maybe he goes to the gym on Sundays when the church decides to do anti-Hillary, anti-Israel, anti-America sermons.

    WEAK – his statement is so weak.

  519. I guess the next step is to find evidence of when he was there that Wright did one of his hateful sermons.

  520. Brazile on CNN supporting BO’s Huffinton Post statement and saying some people will try to dig up anything on him but he’s a man of character and integrity. (barf) Boy oh boy did she look tense and uptight, especially when the repub strategist (forgot his name) said BO had done TL squared – Too Little Too Late.

    Another show had a report about Michigan primary do-over and it seems it will benefit BO!!!!!

    Whaddaya think?????

  521. Check out this paragraph of Bambi’s post. And oh, he mentions nothing about Wright’s role in his campaign. It just doesn’t past the smell tast that Bambi was NEVER there when Wright made statements like this, and that he only became aware of these statements when he started running for President. It sounds pretty pitiful to me. Here’s Bambi:

    “The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation. When these statements first came to my attention, it was at the beginning of my presidential campaign. I made it clear at the time that I strongly condemned his comments. But because Rev. Wright was on the verge of retirement, and because of my strong links to the Trinity faith community, where I married my wife and where my daughters were baptized, I did not think it appropriate to leave the church.”

  522. Looks like we all think alike. I swear I had one sermon where he pointed out that there was a young man in attendance refering to Obama before going off on a hate rant.

  523. Why would he try and diffuse this with just a post at HuffPo? LOL
    Does he think this is only going around the blogosphere?

  524. Just read Obambi’s “written” response. Not good enough Obambi. We aren’t all idiots out here. You have been exposed and there is nothing you can say that will make it go away now. 20 years, a man you consider family, and you know nothing of what he preaches. Please, spare us the indignity of your lies and drop out of the race now, for the better of our party, for our country, and for the better of our world.

  525. So the BHO camp think the Americans will let him get away with this by attacking foxnews and blaming hillary.

  526. Just in time for the Friday night news.

    On FOX, Breaking News, BO distancing himself from Wright in a statement on huffington Post. Says he strongly disagrees and is saddened and angered by Wrights comments.

    BARF squared.

  527. Here is an update on Tibet. thanks to all who recommended diary at mydd.

    5TH LD: 2 dead in Tibet riots: report+

    Mar 14 11:20 AM US/Eastern
    Write a Comment

    At least two people have reportedly been killed during protests and rioting in the Tibetan capital Lhasa on Friday, a U.S.-government funded Tibetan radio station said.

    Radio Free Asia’s Tibetan service quoted witnesses as saying that two bodies were seen in the center of the city after clashes earlier in the day.

    A witness in Lhasa, who asked not to be named, also told Kyodo News that he had seen six or seven people shot dead, but his account could not be confirmed.

    A British journalist in Lhasa said late Friday that rioters are in control of the entire old part of the city.

    Hundreds of rioters and other members of the public were gathered in the center of Lhasa as night fell, with security forces apparently forming a cordon around the historic center of the Tibetan capital, Economist correspondent James Miles told Kyodo News.

    Miles said he could see dozens of fires in the old section of the city after rioters sacked and looted ethnic-Chinese shops and businesses.

    He said he also saw stones thrown at one Chinese child and he understands that most ethnic-Chinese have left the area for fear of further violence.

    “This appears to be ethnic violence borne of sheer frustration,” he said.

    Miles, a former BBC correspondent in China, said there was no indication of the military moving into the area at the moment and they appear to be considering their next move.

    “If they decide to move in there could be considerable bloodshed, so they are obviously conferring with the government,” he said.

    A spokesman for the pressure group Free Tibet Campaign, Matt Whitticase, said witnesses have told its staff in India that at least three pro-independence demonstrations were held in Lhasa on Friday.

    In one demonstration, security forces used tear gas to disperse about 400 protestors near the Jokhang Temple in the center of the city, he said.

    In another, about 500 Tibetans burned a shop and set fire to police cars after holding a demonstration near the Potala Palace.

    Whitticase said a witness also informed his organization of another protest in Labrang in the neighboring province of Gansu, with thousands marching on government buildings in the evening.

    China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency reported injuries during the violent clashes in Lhasa on Friday, but has not confirmed any other protests or clashes elsewhere in Tibet or neighboring areas.

    The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama issued a statement Friday, urging China to stop using force and Tibetans to refrain from violence.

    “I am deeply concerned over the situation that has been developing in Tibet following peaceful protests in many parts of Tibet, including Lhasa, in recent days. These protests are a manifestation of the deep- rooted resentment of the Tibetan people under the present governance,” he said.

    The U.S. Embassy in Beijing says Americans have reported gunfire and rioting in Lhasa and it is urging its citizens to remain indoors.

    “U.S. citizens in Lhasa should seek safe havens in hotels and other buildings and remain indoors to the extent possible,” it said.

    A hotel employee, who asked not to be named, told Kyodo News she also heard gunfire coming from the old part of Lhasa on Friday afternoon.

    She said her hotel has closed for the day and employees and guests are not venturing outside because of concerns for their safety.

    The police department in Lhasa made no comment on Friday’s clashes. The Foreign Ministry in Beijing said earlier they had no knowledge of the incidents.

    A foreign tourist in Tibet left a message on a travelers’ online message board Friday, saying their tour group had been barred by the authorities from entering the city.

    “Our guide has just told us that it’s not possible to enter Lhasa because of major fights, fires, deaths etc and that the Chinese government has forced all travel agencies to get their clients to leave Lhasa or not to come to Lhasa,” the person wrote, without leaving a name.

    The protests against Chinese rule began Monday when monks marched to a police station, demanding the release of fellow clerics arrested during previous demonstrations.

    A small pro-independence protest was held in the center of Lhasa on the same day, the anniversary of the failed uprising against Chinese rule which led the Dalai Lama to flee the country.

    Human rights groups said before Friday’s violence that this week’s protests were the largest antigovernment demonstrations in the Tibetan capital for nearly 20 years.

    China says massive investment has improved the livelihoods of all Tibetans and it rejects allegations that Tibet’s religion and culture are not protected under Communist rule.

  528. OMG, Matthews is doing Wright, but he’s also gonna do a story on whether or not Hillary’s red phone ad was racist!!! Insanity!!!

  529. Tweetie questioning another minister about WHY it took BO 7 years to denounce Wright’s statements about Americans being responsible for 911.


  530. Sugar, of course no one thinks this idiot is representative of aa churches. I surely don’t. I hate how divided the Party is. I understand african americans want to see an african american President. I do too. But the country is so screwed up. Obama is almost 50 and has nearly no record of accomplishments. There are now two african american Governors, the black caucus has really come of age. African americans are leaders at some of the countries largest corporations. I just wish we all would vote rationally for the most prepared candidate. Hillary has already indicated BO could be her running mate. Then, in eight years, he would be viable for the presidency. I don’t understand, given all the mess we are in, why that isn’t the choice for so many voters.

  531. Either denounce and repudiate the source or suffer the political consequences.

    Tweetie showing more of the Wright footage, the God Damn America clip.

    Even Tweetie sounds skeptical.

  532. I’m gonna post this particular paragraph from Bambi again. Bambi expects the American people believe that he only became aware of any statements like this, after his campaign for president started. OMG, that is weak!!!!

    “The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation. When these statements first came to my attention, it was at the beginning of my presidential campaign. I made it clear at the time that I strongly condemned his comments. But because Rev. Wright was on the verge of retirement, and because of my strong links to the Trinity faith community, where I married my wife and where my daughters were baptized, I did not think it appropriate to leave the church.”

  533. Tweetie is a cynic at heart. He probably was waiting for something like this, maybe hoping it wouldn’t happen, even starting to believe. He will smell this for what it is, regardless if he admits it on television.

  534. is there anyone who sees Donna Brazille on CNN who doesn’t think she’s an Obama supporter even if she not publically tagged with it?

    But lol, the talk show host I listened to today said they had remarks from at least 12 different sermons that had hateful speech, but Obama was never aware of it. In fact he hasn’t spoken to the Rev in awhile! Sounds JUST like his Rezko defense – I was unaware of the situation and haven’t been in contact frequen5tly anyways.

  535. Sugar

    I don’t really know you, but I feel like I do and have great admiration
    and love for you. :Big Hugs:

  536. Am I hearing this right? tweetie asking Why it took BO so long to denoucne Wright, why did he wait until he was under duress. Why didn’t he come clean before?

    doodoodoodoo . . twilight Zone.

  537. does Obama denouce is wife’s statement that disparages America,,

    after 20+ years as an adult in the USA, MO said “this is the FIRST time in my adult I’ve been proud of my country”

  538. Once again -ANYONE who would support Obama KNOWING that he has attended AND supported this church financially, should be horse-whipped. I am ASHAMED to associate with ANYONE who excuses this relationship. YES, HE IS GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION. PERIOD. THIS SHOULD BE A CAREER-ENDER. If not, it will mean the end of the Democratic Party, who has tried to establish itself as religious. HA! Republicans will rule forever now.

  539. Why didn’t BO walk out of the church when he heard those sermons instead of denouncing it now when it may be too late????

    (Sorry for the running commentary. i am flabbergasted that tweetie is reporting it)

  540. Yes Matthews… I am sure he has heard these sermons. If Senator Obama disagreed he should have stood uo walked to the center aisile and walked out in a very public way!!

  541. mj – I totally agree with you. I would love to see a person of color as President. But not just anyone. Someone with integrity and someone who gets there by their own experience and by running a fair campaign. To me Obama has very little integrity, doesn’t have enough experience, and his race baiting as well as sexist comments means he hasn’t run a fair campaign.

  542. @tcbequalityactions LOL. Or Wright probably made a contribution to Hillary’s campaign that they’ll uncover

  543. He is talkinjg his way out of it. Can you believe it? He has a diary up at HUFFPO for pity’s sake. Huffpo has headlined it. I guess he went to place he was sure wyould still welome his as a hero. Yes. Yes. I know I will get the link 🙂

  544. from politwix.com

    “Three weeks before Obama and Tony Rezko’s wife entered into their real estate transactions, a 3.5 million dollar wire transfer to Tony Rezko was made from Fintrade Services, a Panamanian company that is connected to Iraqi-born billionaire businessman Nadhmi Auchi. Auchi is one of the richest men in the U.K., and is said to have questionable ties to the Saddam Hussein regime. At the time of this money transfer, Rezko was being investigated by the federal government for corruption and political “fixing”. Rezko was battling business creditors and claimed to be near bankruptcy. The money from Auchi went undeclared. The state uncovered the transfer and Rezko landed in jail, his bond revoked, for hiding assets.

    So why, with all this heat on him, did Rezko feel compelled to enter into a real estate transaction with Barack Obama? That is a question I’m sure Federal prosecutors would like to know the answer to. The only way the identity of trust beneficiaries can be involuntarily disclosed is by compelling the trustee to do so by a court order. My guess is that the Feds have enough to justify getting that court order and we may have some answers soon.”

  545. @kaffeen, maybe Matthews got hold of a piece of info on Bambi that he just couldn’t stomach. I agree, everyone has a breaking point.

  546. Tweetie says:

    What does it say about Bo’s political judgment that Wright reported in the NYTimes in 2007 that if BO got through the primaries he might have to distance himself ad that Bo was aware of that and yet BO failed to take action.

    I think I’m gonna pass out.

  547. This will not go away by releasing an article. He has to have a press conference and has to answewr every question, not say I answered 8 questions time to go.

  548. BO is going down over this, especially if it can be proven that he was in attendance at one or some of these incendiary sermons. I feel guilty for loving this, but you know what? BO should have paid his dues and waited his turn. Instead, his ego got the better of him, and he thought he could ruin our chance at our first woman president.

  549. kaffeen, certainly now Matthews is not going to turn around and opine that Hillary’s red phone ad was racist . . . He’s going to do a piece on that subject as well.

  550. Sugar – I’m Catholic (not practicing at all…bad Catholic.) but I attended a service at a prominent AA church in Seattle and it was the most amazing church going experience I’ve had. I too hope that people don’t get negative views of AA churches in general over this. :/

  551. There’s still been no mention of Wright’s connection to Bambi’s campaign – but Scarborough and Rush have both been pounding on that issue.

  552. Independent Ben: that statement is so weak. The first clip was from 2001, others from 2003, 2007. You can’t tell me, a man as intelligent as BO, was not aware of the sermons of his spiritual advisor. Give me a break! This man is dangerous.

  553. Ben,

    I am waiting to see. I suspect he will hit Hillary when possible, but maybe this really got to him. I think alot of his talk, as with others, is a game, but let’s see…

  554. Let’s see…

    will the polls NOW say Hillary has a better chance against McCain? or will they continue to pad them with their bias????