Shhh… It’s Pennsylvania

Lot’s of craziness popping up all over the place. Howard Dean dumps the 50 state strategy for the 48 state strategy – trading Florida for Utah and Michigan for Wyoming. Sex and hypocrisy emerge in the precincts of Albany. Obama is dealing the race card again in Mississippi.

We’ll keep our eyes, not on the distractions in the side rings (entertaining as they are), but on the main show: Pennsylvania. Phone calls, donations, campaigning – Pennsylvania:

Even the Easter Bunny has given a thumbs-up endorsement of the Democratic presidential candidate.

Clinton will speak at Scranton High School at 6 p.m. today, making the city her first Pennsylvania campaign stop. The senator’s family – the Rodhams – settled in Scranton more than 100 years ago and the former first lady was baptized in Scranton.

A source close to the Clinton campaign said the senator will visit her family’s old neighborhood near Weston Field either prior to, or after her speech. The source said Clinton will go door-to-door in the neighborhood along Diamond Avenue. The Secret Service has issued an order to have Scranton City police clear the area for the senator’s visit, the source said. [snip]

Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty will serve as master of ceremonies at today’s program. The mayor said he is proud to have his city selected as Clinton’s first Pennsylvania campaign stop.

“Of course we’re very proud to have her here and have our city be the focus of the nation,” Doherty said. “But beyond that, this is a rare opportunity for any city or region to have a presidential candidate that knows your area intimately. She knows the city and its streets. She knows the Hill section and Nay Aug Park. This is not a fake relationship; it’s the real deal.”

Doherty said Clinton was baptized in the Court Street Methodist Church, the same church her father was buried from and her niece was recently baptized there. The mayor said Hillary and her brothers – Hugh and Tony – still own the family home at Lake Winola.

“She’s one of our own,” Doherty said.

At the Steamtown Mall, shoppers were eager to talk about Clinton’s visit and her candidacy.

“I like her; she’s a smart woman,” said Eliza Burke, of Nanticoke, who was shopping with her husband, Joe. “I like (Barack) Obama too, but Hillary has more experience.”

The Burkes said they go to a lot of political events, like debates, and feel more people – especially younger voters – should get involved with the process.

“I think it’s time for a change,” said Joe Burke. “We always vote for who we think is the best person for the job and we think it’s Hillary.”

The Burkes’ granddaughter was visiting with the Easter Bunny, who gave Clinton a thumbs-up endorsement.

“I’m glad she’s coming here,” said John Marko, of Nanticoke. “I really think she will make an excellent president. She’s the most qualified candidate.”

Most of the people walking the mall thought Clinton’s visit was great news for the area.

“It’s great,” said Susan Griffiths, of Clarks Summit. “I feel comfortable with her. With so much unsettled in the world, I think with her knowledge she will be a great leader for the country.”

For the next several days, or weeks, expect Big Media to erase Hillary from broadcasts. We won’t be distracted. Phone calls, donations, campaiging – Pennsylvania.

When Mrs. Clinton comes to Pennsylvania on Monday, her first visit to the state after winning Ohio and Texas last week, her first stop will be Scranton, where her familial ties extend deeper than they do in Park Ridge, Ill., the Chicago suburb where she grew up. Look for the image shapers to link the values of this gritty region — where her grandfather, descended from Welsh coal miners, raised his family — to her character and especially her perseverance.

“She’s tough,” Christopher Doherty, Scranton’s mayor, said in an interview. “That’s a real Scranton trait. That’s an anthracite trait.” [snip]

The region is a major Democratic stronghold. Ed Mitchell, a Democratic consultant in nearby Wilkes-Barre, said it is central to the Clinton strategy for winning the state. “They need a big, big turnout here to offset the turnout for Obama in Philly and the upscale suburbs,” Mr. Mitchell said.

He said that even if Mrs. Clinton did not have local ties, the region would probably vote for her because its demographics closely match those of voters in other states who have supported her: white, female, over 50, Catholic, blue collar and on the lower end of the scales measuring education and affluence. Polling suggests that those voters favor her in part because of her goal of providing universal health care, her blueprint for the economy and the better economy during Bill Clinton’s administration.

Her supporters here hope that her local roots will help her do something she rarely does on the stump: connect the dots between those policies and her life.

The Clintons, who highlighted their connection to Pennsylvania only glancingly when Mr. Clinton was running for president, have been regular visitors here. During the eight years of the Clinton presidency, they gave 10,000 tickets to local residents for VIP tours of the White House, 1,000 tickets to Easter egg rolls on the White House lawn and 1,000 tickets to their two inaugural balls in 1992 and 1996, according to Jamie Brazil, 48, a longtime family friend and political consultant who owns a local ski resort.

Mrs. Clinton’s brothers, Hugh and Tony, return often to their grandfather’s lake cabin (with Tony becoming involved in a skirmish a few years ago that drew local headlines). A few days ago, Hugh Rodham held a reception here for Clinton volunteers.

Mayor Doherty is among those fired up by the possibility of having a president who “knows the difference between Bulls Head and Weston Field,” he said. “And the Rodhams embrace Scranton. It’s part of who they are.”

He added: “People here, we don’t live by home runs, we live by singles. And we take it day to day. We watch our pocketbook. We care about small-town things.” He said people know each other going back three generations; Mr. Corbett said they are bound by “tribalism.” [snip]

And once he had a family, he brought them back regularly, for holidays and summers. They spent parts of every August at Lake Winola, 20 miles north of here, at the cabin that her grandfather built by hand in 1910 or 1921, depending on who is telling the story. For a long time, it had no heat and no indoor shower, and the future first lady loved it, playing pinochle on the porch and learning to fish and even use a gun. “My father taught me to shoot a gun behind the cottage, and we practiced aiming at cans or rocks,” she wrote. [snip]

While the region is Democratic, it is conservative and strongly against abortion rights. But Mr. Mitchell, the political consultant, said he thought voters here would overlook this issue with Mrs. Clinton, just as they have with Gov. Edward G. Rendell, Senator Arlen Specter and Mr. Clinton himself.

“Given their druthers, they’d prefer a pro-life candidate,” Mr. Mitchell said, “but she’ll be O.K. on that. She might have more of a problem with men on gun control.”

But perhaps, in the way that political campaigns have, the detail will emerge that Mrs. Clinton herself learned to shoot with her father behind their house at the lake.

It’s Pennsylvania. Five weeks will fly by fast. It’s Pennsylvania.


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  1. I am thrilled about PA. I was doing calls for the campaign tonight for the county convention here in Johnson County, Iowa and I talked with yet another person eager to help out in PA. I told her about the massive crowd in Scranton today and she was thrilled. I think PA will be quite amazing for us.

  2. * Pennsylvania women (who outnumber men in the state) are more likely to register and vote than Pennsylvania men in presidential years.

    * In Pennsylvania, 63.5 percent of women voted in ’04, whereas only 61.3 percent of men voted. The national average that election was 60.1 percent for women and 56.3 percent for men.

    * Women in Pennsylvania voted at higher rates during the last presidential election than women in California, New York, New Jersey and Texas.

    * Ohio has a Latino population of just 2.3 percent. Pennsylvania’s Latino population is 4.2 percent.

  3. message to John Edwards………….HELP

    if you aren’t going to give your endorsement at this time…please give the # of your hairdresser to MO!!!!

  4. The county convention is where we are alotting delegates for the state convention, which decides where the caucus delegates go, so they can change their minds and all switch to HRC (in my dreams) 🙂

  5. We are in the process now of making sure our delegates are still with us, and we will see if the convention sees any changes. Here in JoCo, this is Bambi country (exc. rural precincts which are edwards/HRC split). I think most of the rural edwards delegates have announced privately, from rumors I heard this so I am not 100%, that they will support HRC. We’ll see.

  6. Hawk, what if you got all the disenfranchised voters who couldnt caucus to sign a petition or something, saying they want to be heard.

  7. If I were Hill, I would have supporters in every state of those crazy caucuses petitioning for a voice at these county conventions.

  8. I am hoping none switched also. Iowa City’s press is firmly in the tank for bambi. They hear only negative things about her, but I think they’ll stay with her.

  9. Do you just go County then State Hawk? Washington has 4 more steps in the process. Next is legislative district caucuses, then the county convention, then the congressional district caucus then the state convention. This really couldn’t be any more complicated.

  10. Did Harold Ford marry a white woman? I’m hoping he can replace BO on the dream ticket but that will not happen if he married a white woman, because african american women really don’t dig that.

  11. we in tx need help terribly for the senate district conventions mar29. bo has organizers preparing for fliiping those delegates. im a delegate-it will be wild. if anyone know folsk in the clinton camp we need help at ea of the 31 sen conventions across the state. many caucuses could be overturned etc.. people think after election night its over-but no. u have locla and then state conventions usually. the battle is not over in x or elsewhere. see this mydd diary-i hope hillary is doing this elsehwere-

  12. Clinton or Obama? Mississippi’s time

    Despite election fervor, moderate turnout expected

    Natalie Chandler

    A close race between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama will draw more voters to the polls today than the last presidential primary, state officials predict.

    But voter turnout is still expected to be light to moderate in an election that also includes two open congressional seats and a U.S. Senate contest.

    Between 125,000 to 150,000 voters will cast ballots, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann predicted. He said 100,000 headed to the polls in the 2004 presidential primary that featured eight contenders for the Democratic nomination, including ultimate nominee Sen. John Kerry. Mississippi has 1.78 million registered voters.

    Polls are open statewide today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    The two U.S. senators, Obama from Illinois and Clinton from New York, are locked in a tight race. Both have visited the state in recent days.

    Sen. John McCain of Arizona clinched the GOP nomination last week.

    Mississippi does not require voters to declare party affiliation when they register to vote. Therefore, residents who usually vote Republican can cast a ballot today for Obama or Clinton. But those voters would have to forgo voting in the Republican congressional primaries.

    Marty Wiseman, director of the Stennis Institute of Government at Mississippi State University, said he doesn’t expect much crossover voting. It would take an organized effort by Republicans and a lot of money, he said.

    “I just don’t see Republicans getting that stirred up about this,” he said. “It’s almost impossible, with an even tie, to see who would be most advantageous to the Republicans.”

    A few people approached state GOP Chairman Jim Herring at church, asking whether they should vote in the Democratic primary to skew the ballots toward one candidate or another.

    “We shouldn’t be fooling in (the Democrats’) business … because we’ve got enough to deal with,” said Herring, adding that crossover voting also would hinder a two-party system that political leaders have tried to foster.

    A federal judge ruled last year that Mississippians re-register to vote by party affiliation. Or, he said voters could register as unaffiliated with any party. His decision came after Mississippi Democrats filed a lawsuit seeking to bar Republicans from voting in Democratic primaries. The 5th U.S. Circuit of Appeals is reviewing the decision.

    Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Dowdy said he’s not worried about Republicans voting in the Democratic primary. “We encourage everyone to participate in the Democratic primary,” he said. Asked whether that conflicts with the Democrats’ attempts to bar Republicans from voting in their primaries, Dowdy said it does not.

    The lawsuit seeks to bar Republicans from voting to elect a “weaker” Democrat, he said. In today’s primary, “there’s no claim that independents or Republicans are voting for that reason,” he said. Obama has attracted Republicans and independent voters in other states, Dowdy said.

    “I hope that occurs (today) in Mississippi,” said Dowdy, one of several superdelegates who is uncommitted.

    Political scientists statewide have predicted an Obama win in Mississippi. He and Clinton not only have visited the state over the last few days but also produced radio ads airing statewide and promoted endorsements from high-profile public officials.

    Thousands of volunteers for the candidates are making phone calls and canvassing neighborhoods to secure votes.

    Former Gov. William Winter said he supports Clinton. U.S. Rep. Marion Berry of Arkansas visited the state to support her. Novelist John Grisham introduced Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, at a campaign stop in Meridian last week.

    “The strategy here is the same strategy we use all over this country and that is that we are trying to get every vote we can. We’re trying to get people to understand this is the biggest race to ever hit this state, (or the) United States and it’s so important that people come out and vote for Hillary Clinton,” said state Rep. George Flaggs, D-Vicksburg, who is co-chairing Clinton’s Mississippi campaign.

    Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, campaigned at several locations across Mississippi on Sunday and Monday. On Monday, she spoke at the University of Mississippi and Tougaloo College.

    Obama campaigned in Jackson and Columbus on Monday. His supporters also sponsored a gospel concert in Biloxi featuring singer Smokie Norful.

    The Obama camp has opened seven offices statewide in the past several weeks, campaign spokesman Kevin Griffis said.

    Over the weekend, supporters held events headlined by hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons, former Gov. Ray Mabus and 2nd District U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson in the Delta. Democratic Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius stumped for Obama on the Gulf Coast.

    “The idea … is a community organizing philosophy where you go and meet people where they are and get to know them,” Griffis said. “You figure out a way to engage them in the campaign in a way that incorporates their existing interests.”

  13. The Texas Democratic Party quit counting caucus delegates from last Tuesday’s precinct conventions because the effort at the statewide level was voluntary, and officials feel comfortable their projections are accurate. They caution, however, that delegate lists won’t be official until the state convention in June.

    Party spokesman Hector Nieto said county chairs are now processing the paperwork from the precinct caucuses in preparation for the county and senatorial conventions where they select delegates for the state convention.

    If the precinct caucus projections were accurate, the count should remain unchanged. But both campaigns will have to work to ensure that their delegates attend the next round of conventions and remain committed to their candidate. Caucus delegates can change their minds and switch candidates on March 29, Nieto said.

    Nieto said 450,000 people attended the 41 percent of precinct caucuses already counted by party officials. Based on that number, he said, the total participation was about 1 million, although the party doesn’t have a final tally.

    Although party officials were elated over the record turnouts in the primary and the caucuses, not everyone was happy. Nieto acknowledged that the party has received hundreds of complaints, particularly about the caucus process, from Democrats.

    So has the Clinton campaign, said spokeswoman Adrienne Elrod.

    “We’ve never received as many complaints as we’ve received in Texas,” Elrod said. “Easily hundreds. … It certainly caused us a lot of concern. Our No. 1 concern is making sure the voters’ rights are protected.”

    Elrod said it was “premature” of the Obama campaign to declare victory in the caucuses.

    “The process needs to take place, and the process is ongoing. It’s not final yet,” she said.

  14. Is early voting underway in Pennsylvania?? I wish so, so Hillary could grab most of the votes before Barack Obama even lands his plane in Pennsylvania.

  15. Mississippi Will Be A Pyrrhic Victory For Obama
    By Big Tent Democrat, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Sun Mar 09, 2008 at 08:02:05 AM EST
    By Big Tent Democrat

    According to the latest Rasmussen poll, Barack Obama has a 14 point lead in Mississippi, 53-39. But because of the demographic disparity, Obama leads by enormous margins among African-Americans and trails by enormous margins among white voters, Obama is likely to suffer, at best, a repeat of what happened in Alabama, a virtual tie in the delegate count.

    Because Alabama voted on Super Tuesday, the strange and troubling Alabama result flew under the radar. On Tuesday, Mississippi votes alone and its results will receive full coverage. A review of the Alabama result is instructive. Obama won the state by a very comfortable 56-42 margin in the popular vote. But he barely won the delegate count, 27-25, and in fact only tied Clinton in the congressional district delegate count.

    How could that happen? Well, since, like Mississippi, Alabama has a majority-minority district, most of Obama’s African American support was to be found in that congressional district. He also won the AL-3 district by a thin margin, because that district included two strong counties for Obama, Macon, heavily African-American and near Montgomery, and Lee, where Auburn University is located. Obama won the delegate count in CD-7 and CD-3, 5-2 and 3-2. But he lost most other congressional districts in Alabama and won no others. I expect he will lose all but Bennie Thompson’s 7 delegate congressional district in Mississippi. And that is a bad result for Obama, because the other 3 Mississippi Congressional districts are 5 delegate districts, insuring AT LEAST a 3-2 split for Clinton.

    More . . .

    In addition to possibly losing the delegate count in Mississippi, you will also have a full night of discussing exit polls that will say this, as they did in Alabama:

    Vote by Race

    Clinton Obama

    White (44%) 72% 25%

    A-A (51%) 15% 84%

    This is not the storyline Obama wants. And it will be discussed all night Tuesday and beyond, all the way to Pennsylvania. It will not be a good night for the Obama campaign in my opinion, despite notching another win.

    By the way, this demographic breakdown was also present in South Carolina. What is the difference now? The difference is that John Edwards is not in the race and Clinton will at least tie in the delegate count and run much closer in the popular vote.

  16. We must ask. We must vet for the good of our party.


    This evening on chicago nbc news more rezko for obama. spread it around. dems must ask:

    Why choose the man who’s under active federal investigation? Does such a man have any morals? In my book, such a man does not have morals and is only interested in the influences and monies that a “fixer” like Rezko can bring him.

    Also-from Friday’s McLaughlin Group lots of Rezko discussion–dems should be alarmed by this trial-

    Here, from Friday night’s McLaughlin Group on PBS, you’ll hear much speculation on the Rezko trial and Obama (transcript). As a regular viewer, I always pay attention to what John McLaughlin focuses on since he’s pretty sharp. He was alone on the panel the previous Friday in predicting that Hillary would win both Texas and Ohio. He also has done excellent shows recently on the energy and infrastructure crises. (Thanks for the link, C.S.)

  17. I held a Hillary event today, and someone dispatched a news reporter to my meeting. So I guess I am on television.

  18. Vote by Race

    Clinton Obama

    White (44%) 72% 25%

    A-A (51%) 15% 84%

    This is not the storyline Obama wants. And it will be discussed all night Tuesday and beyond, all the way to Pennsylvania

    Brilliant posting. It may not be the story line Barry wants but it is surely the one he deserves. After playing the race card agains others and claiming to be a victim when they push back and after allowing his surrogates to theaten to riot if he does not get the nomination he is essentially reaping what he has sewn.

    The real problem in this countryBut worse still it distracts us from the greater problem which is the economic inequality which falls heaviest on minorities. Barry ignores that issue however because he is an elitist. Thus This is not the way to capture Reagan Democrats.

  19. Ooops wrong button. No harm done. No disguised favor to Rezco. Just an incoherent paragraph 2. which I am correcting as follows:

    The greater problem in this society is the terrible economic equality which has developed over the past decade reminicent of the Guilded Age. That burden falls on all minorities and certain whites as well. Barry is an elitist, and by no means a reformer. Therefore, he will not address that issue. But regardless of how he feels it is vitally ilmportant to Reagan Democrats. Also, it is part of the reason why 25% of Hillary’s supporters would never vote for him.

  20. District 1 Clinton 4 – 1
    District 2 Obama 5 – 2
    District 3 Clinton 3 – 2
    District 4 Clinton 3 – 2
    At Large Obama 6 – 5

    This is my dream of the delegate distribution tonight Hillary wins the delegate count 17 – 16 even though Obama wins the popular vote. Remember the 69′ Mets and Tug McGraw “You gotta believe”

  21. Watch how the media misrepresents what is said:

    Here is what Governor Rendell said when he was asked if Clinton would accept veep: I cannot speak for her but I think she’d give it some serious consideration, as I hope Sen. Obama would if the roles were reversed.”

    In other word, Rendell made a precatory statment about party unity, which was applicable to both candidates, and he qualified it by saying he could not speak for her. And she is on record with Couric saying she would go back to the senate if she did not win.

    Yet the headline reads: Rendell: says Clinton would give serious consideration to veep.


  22. Wtf happened to Spitzer? Well this isn’t the best news for the dems but I really dont think it should have a major impact on the party or Hillary Clinton. I find it shocking though!

  23. The threat of gridlock has touched off talk of holding new contests in Michigan and Florida, which were stripped of delegates because they held their primaries in January, earlier than party rules allow. Debates over the form new contests would take, and how to pay for them, are riven by conflicting agendas: Mrs. Clinton’s need for more big-state wins versus Mr. Obama’s need to preserve his delegate lead; his preference for caucuses versus hers for primaries.

    There is no justification on earth for a caucus. Just look at the mess we have in Texas right now. Evidently Obama wants a system that results in voter suppression and intimidation by his thugs. He wants to corrupt the process because that is the only way he can win.

  24. I knew al sharpton would cry is way all the way to court for mr Bambi! He will sue if the delegates are seated because his ministry didn’t get to vote! That is the problem we face, lets redo this thing and smoke out saint OBama!!!!!

  25. I should sue for this corruption in caucuses. Even my friend that supports this guy says that it is completely unfair! I really hope we can do something about this!

  26. Good morning folks,

    @rjk, what you posted about Mississippi is so true, and I think Obama’s using of race again with the “hoodwink” crap will make it even worse. That stuff tends to drive white voters away from him.

    @wbboei, it looks like Florida is going to go forward with a proposal for a mail-in primary, but not everybody in Florida supports it. They’re estimating they could get a 3-4 million turnout for it. How is it gonna look if the Obama camp stonewalls that – is afraid to let those voters be heard?

  27. Obama’s wins in Wyoming and Mississippi mean nothing – but the Mississippi results could even be bad for him. We’ll see if the media try to spin these as “big” wins and that Obama has great momentum (a joke!).

    It’s all about Pennsylvania really. If Hillary wins there by double digits, I really think it will make her competitive in Indiana and North Carolina shortly after. I’m in NC, and I really feel she can win here.

  28. Morning all,

    People over at TM are saying that Obama was making speeches last night blaming Hillary for that debunked Somali photo. I believe he earlier took her word for it at the debate that her campaign had nothing to do with it but now he’s blaming her for it in front of black voters. Obama not playing the race card?
    Yeah right…

    I hope the campaign brings this up today so it gets out there in the media. That along with his using words like “hoodwinked” and “Okie doke” again will just highlight what he has been doing all along in this campaign..

  29. Ann, there’s a number of videos on Taylor Marsh’s site. But I didn’t look at all the one posted by readers

  30. american gal, it appears that much of the media are actually cheering Obama doing playing the “hoodwink” “bamboozle” card with his phoney black, southern accent. It’s truly disgusting.

  31. The comments Obama made re: somali photo should be newsworthy as they directly contradict what he said earlier. If I were the Hillary camp I would at least try to get the media to address that fact.

  32. Don’t have redo’s. Look at the demographics of the US Postal System. Talk about a gazillion los”chains-of-command”. Ballots won’t be received or retrieved. They (ballots) will be in the Gulf, the Atlantic, and Lake Okechobee (sp?), and the Great Lakes. There are all sorts of ways for the DNC (Dean et al) to hijack any “redone” elections. Not a possibility for federal employees to participate in that? Oh, I see. Sort of like Trinity United Church of Christ not preaching from the bully pulpit (IRS)? Euww. They’re really scared. Since when do certain demographical groups have tto abide by the law without any fear of retribution? You only have to look as far as the Texas caucus’ on March 4. I know. I was there. NO REDO’S!!!!! Let’s meet them in Denver – storm the convention and have a friggin’ showdown. We will not be intimidated!!!!!!!!!

  33. Morning all!

    “Obama was making speeches last night blaming Hillary for that debunked Somali photo”

    if this is true, it makes me so damn mad. We really DO need a video of this. He “accepts” Senator Clinton’s comments that it did not come from her camp (and WE KNOW IT DID NOT), yet he gets out there AGAIN
    and says ONE THING while having DONE ANOTHER. This guy is the biggest Phony. And WTF with Brazile & Co. WHY ON EARTH do they want him so badly.Whhy BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. Not that he is QUALIFIED, or GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY…he is a neophyte politician with a dirty past and there is NO WAY you can tell me that all the AA voters and MOST of the white voters are voting for him because of his platform or policies. My guess is that if you asked, 99 out of one undred people in Mississippi or many other places couldn’t even tell you where Afghanistan IS, let alone tell you Obama’s policy position on that most dangerous of contries.

    This makes me sice. Race-based voting. And a hell of a way to pick a President.

  34. As for Florida Mail-in…locally there is great concern for fraud. We have already had a great deal of fraud in South Florida in ballots in the past. Dr. Susan McMannus of USF was again on the radio today saying thhat a PARTY CONTROLLED election was filled with potential for problems, and that the State Legislature needs to get involved, but if they do so in a HURRY, that the potential for legal action is still great, as bad legislation may well be crafted. She brought up Al Sharpton running all over the State trying to gaiin support for a system in which Barack Obama would WIN, and that that is problematic in and of itself. She again referred to the RECORD voter turnout and has some problems with anything but a Dem only PRIMARY here.

  35. Monday, Mar. 10, 2008
    Can Clinton Make Mississippi a Race?
    By Jay Newton-Small/Washington

    Even Wayne Dowdy, the head of the Mississippi Democratic Party, thinks Barack Obama will win his state’s primary on Tuesday, and it’s Dowdy’s job not to take sides. Yet there are good reasons for Obama to be anxiously watching the returns today.

    Black voters in Texas didn’t show up in record numbers for Obama — turning out, as a percentage of the vote, in lower numbers than in 2004. The Obama campaign is hoping the low turnout was a one-time fluke; if it wasn’t, states like Mississippi, where black voters made up 56% of primary voters in 2004, could get a lot tougher to win for the Illinois senator — not to mention states like Pennsylvania, where blacks made up roughly 13%.

    “Senator Obama will carry Mississippi,” Dowdy said in an interview. “But Senator Clinton will be competitive. Senator Clinton will get a number of the delegates because she had a good base in Mississippi.”

    At least one poll has Hillary Clinton surprisingly close given the state’s demographics. An Insider Advantage poll of 412 registered voters taken on March 6 found Obama leading Clinton 46% to 40%. The poll also contained two other surprises: Obama led Clinton among women, usually a Clinton stronghold, 51% to 39%, while Clinton led Obama among Republican voters (68% to 29%) and Independents (53% to 23%). The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

    “There is some good news for Clinton in this survey. First, she is winning independent voters. Second, we have heard rumors that Republicans voters might engage in the primary in higher than normal numbers, so that they can vote for Clinton, and thus keep the Democratic battle going. There is some evidence that this trend might be developing,” said InsiderAdvantage’s Matt Towery. “Finally, Clinton has a demographic that she could possibly go after to gain votes. She currently trails among women in Mississippi, but leads among men. If she could turn the uniqueness of becoming the first woman President into a major talking point, she might make additional progress with Mississippi women.”

    At the same time, two other polls, ARG and Rasmussen, show Obama leading by 24 and 14 percentage points respectively. And although the primary is open, voters must have registered 30 days ago to vote, which could limit the number of Republicans making a last-minute decision to back Clinton. But the limited registration may also hurt Obama. “The heat of a campaign matters in getting people engaged,” says Bob Brown, a political science professor at the University of Mississippi. “Thirty days ago, that heat didn’t exist in Mississippi — not nearly as much as it does now anyway. So it’s possible that depressed registration may have an impact on turnout.”

    Clinton isn’t simply ceding the state’s 33 pledged delegates. She aired both TV and radio ads on Monday. She has an office in Jackson and a 300-person steering committee. She has spent two full days campaigning there as have her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and daughter Chelsea — though Bill Clinton tried to play down expectations with reporters in Mississippi over the weekend. “We got started late,” he said. “We started behind organizationally.”

    Obama, taking nothing for granted, spent Monday campaigning in Jackson, Greenville and Columbus, where his town hall meeting drew a crowd of 1,700 people, according to the Columbus Fire Marshal Todd Weathers. He has seven offices statewide and is running two TV ads plus radio advertisements. “I think you can expect to see Obama win in a fairly easy fashion,” Brown said. “Mississippi is not exactly what you would call ‘Hillary country,’ and I suspect she is viewed with some suspicion even among Democrats, most of whom are fairly conservative.”

    For better or for worse, today’s results are likely to be picked over again and again for any kind of trends — blacks, whites, men, women, young, old — as Misssissippi is the last state to vote for the next six weeks, until Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary. As they like to say in Mississippi, this election will now start running slower than molasses rolling uphill in January.

  36. I will be a delegate in our Texas county convention on March 29. Although this county was won by Obama, good luck in trying to pry any vote away from HRC. Over my cold, dead body. Oops, better not say that out loud. Seriously, folks – there has been so many subtle (threats) acts of intimidation out there, that in a heavily overall “Obama” voting area, you can be targeted for Hillary yard signs (drive-by’s). I kid you not. And this is the person – playing the race card constantly – “hoodwinked, bamboozle, okey dokey”, along with his “persecution-complex” wife who is going to be the leader of the free world? Why aren’t the Jewish leaders (except Switzer) leading the charge AGAINST this guy with ties to the Palestinians and the Middle East, over his association with Wright-Farrakhan for crying out loud?!?!? I look for there to be some real brawls and strong arm tactics at my county convention, and I intend to capture it all on video. Anybody got suggestions for the smallest, most compact digital recorder? I’m in the market for a new one. Think all HRC delegates to our county conventions should do the same.

  37. curiosity…there have been many open threats by Obama supporters (and I assume just stupid trouble makers) on the internet as well. The most radical describe this ELECTION PROCESS as a revolution and a movement to take over the government with Obama at the helm. The most egregious of these, along with a few websites I have found promoting anarchy, and statements from POLITICAL LEADERS threatening violence, I have passed along to those who should care…including Donna Brazile, and some security officials, IN HOPES that OBAMA will come out and make a public statement about the strong arm tactics and threats being used throughout his campaign. Let it be said that I am sure there are Clinton supporters who can be just as big in the A-hole department, but her demographic overall belies the implication that the numbers are just as large.

    The fact that Senator OObama, nor anny one of these DNC OFFICIALS have said a WORD about this, is tacit approval of these tactics in our democracy. And because of that, they must be held personally responsible for any harm that may come to supporters of Senator Clinton at the convention or annywhere else.

    If Senator Obama is a “uniter” he needs to wave his magic wand NOW and stop this before we read headlines in August that Denver has erupted in flames with little old ladies, there to support a first woman President, have been beaten and killed.

  38. Jake Tapper seems to have the story about BO reviving the photo flap:

    “Obama: “When in the midst of a campaign you decide to throw the kitchen sink at your opponent because you’re behind, and you start, your campaign starts leaking photos of me when I’m traveling overseas wearing native clothes of those folks, to make people afraid, then you run an ad talking about who’s going to answer the phone at three in the morning, an ad straight out of the Republican playbook, that’s not real change. That’s not real change. That’s the same old thing.” ”

    — Jackson, Mississippi, March 10, 2008






    CALL 1-404-827-1500

    also, here is a list that you can use to contact all the networks … need to contact each individual show


    The gal I spoke to had a canned answer already…I asked her why would they refuse to cover a major presidential candidate and she repeated “it is a network producers decision”


  40. SpacegirlArt:

    It’s so encouraging that you and others “get it”, and in a big way. We are NOT being overly dramatic. This physical intimidation is just one smidgen harder push away from violence. And you are exactly right about the DNC not issuing a statemenet denouncing any use of intimidation – verbal, physical, or otherwise implied. What we are witnessing is Civil vs. Uncivilized Behavior. So what if Ghandi, MLK and Chavez made strides with NONVIOLENT protests? THEY were civilized. The make-up of the Obama supporters, by and large, are extensions of MO – they’ve drawn a line in the proverbial sand, and are not open to discussion. They will not take a seat at the table, because they are lined up at that line in the sand, and if you try to engage them in a meaningful discussion (civilized), they interrupt you like their idiot spokesperson Sharpton, with his intimidating blowhard tactics. This has all the makings for huge riots bacause Clinton supporters, although civilized, WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED INTO RETREAT. The failure of Howard Dean is so profound at this point, I think the Clinton campaign should be calling for his removal as the leader of the DNC. I think all of America, except for Obamans, would cheer and shout (like laughing-stock Dean did) HRC for having the guts to do it – and showing the SD that she will not allow the party to negate her candidacy.

  41. plural,

    did BHO just call Mondale a republican???

    “then you run an ad talking about who’s going to answer the phone at three in the morning, an ad straight out of the Republican playbook”

  42. Thanks for the heads-up on CNN not covering Hillary. Can’t believe all I watch is FOX. Who would have “thunk?” Will send blistering emails, and comments (that they never print).

  43. dot48,

    I thought that was quite amazing too..

    The visuals of all those people lined up to see Hillary in Stanton was newsworthy in and of itself. (local station broadcasted)

    instead we got hoodwinked, bamboozled and okie doked with an endorsement by the MSM

  44. folks one of the most effect ways one can get to the media is through their advertisers….don’t forget to forward your emails, letters, calls to them as well.

  45. HUBdate: Homecoming
    by Howard Wolfson, Communications Director3/11/2008 9:07:15 AMToday’s Front Page: “Homecoming for Hillary.” Senator Clinton graces the front page of the Scranton Times-Tribune. “She sure is loved here.” Yesterday, thousands of “wildly enthusiastic supporters frequently interrupted” Hillary’s speech with “loud cheers” in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Read more.

    Family Ties: Hillary has deep family roots in Pennsylvania. Hillary’s great-grandparents came to Scranton in the 1880’s, her grandfather worked for 50 years at the Scranton Lace Company, and her father was born and raised in Scranton and played football for Penn State. Hillary was christened in Scranton and spent her summers at the family cabin on Lake Winola.

    Help Hillary: From the comfort of their own homes, volunteers throughout America will encourage people voting today in Mississippi to support Hillary. Though the campaign’s easy to use online calling tool, volunteers will call targeted voters. To help Hillary by making calls, click here.

    Previewing Today: Democrats vote in Mississippi… Hillary holds rallies in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… President Bill Clinton hosts events in Washington and Center Township and meets with voters in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania… Chelsea gets out the vote in Jackson, Mississippi and opens a campaign office in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    In Case You Missed It: Sen. Obama gave at least his fifth different explanation for a meeting he finally acknowledged took place between his senior economic advisor and Canadian officials regarding NAFTA. At the meeting, the advisor downplayed Obama’s anti-NAFTA speeches as just campaign rhetoric. Get the facts.

  46. This is what I sent CNN:

    You have the most biased presidential election coverage. Your wall to wall coverage of bashing Hillary Clinton makes me want to puke. I am surprised that you call yourselves journalists. I believe you are nothing more than cheerleaders for Sen. Obama. I wish more people ridicule you just as SNL did. I am sure that would not bother you because you totally lack journalistic integrity.

  47. I have already complained several times to CNN, especially about that dumbass Cafferty of which I would really like to know the qualifications to present him and his stupidity to a world audience.

    I always ended my letters with a change of their slogan: CNN – News you can (NOT) trust.

    Never received an answer though. 🙁

  48. curiosityhasme:

    You got it exactly right. The Obama buffoons are relying on HRC supporters to ‘back down’ to their bullying, despicable tactics.


    Ok, I’m off to write CNN about their bias.

  49. DOT…I ave called CNN and left my 2 cents. I couldn’t stay and hole for a real person as I have to get to work and am late now. I also copied your post and sent it to the Clinton Campaign, and called the Clinton Campaign Press office. I suggest you all do the same. This ADMITTED Soviet-style censorship of a MAJOR POLITICAL CANDIDATE MUST BE STOPPED.

    Also, I only got a voice mail in the Press room but left a long and SCATHING message about CNN and that this needs to be told. I have updated my diary with your information. PLEASE GO THERE AND PUSH THIS ONE UP Thanks for posting your info. I am so livid at their admitted censorship I could spit.

    I have to head to work now, but I will be back tonight to watch Racist BO win in Mississippi with you all.

  50. Here’s the email I just sent
    I, and many I know, are tired of Hillary Clinton being slighted. Why wasn’t there any coverage of her returning to her hometown of Scranton yesterday? Is it because seems to have ties with Are you guys trying to ‘outdo’ MSNBC in terms of fawning for Obama?

    I thought that Saturday Night Live’s well-deserved skits about the media’s bias would have helped your network return to more objective coverage of the Democratic nomination process. I am sad to conclude I was wrong.

    For now, I will be resuming watching Fox News Channel until you are able to have more objective coverage. I know that you are happy and proud that you are #1 at 8pm, 9pm, etc.; however, if you continue to have such stilted presentation, you are likely to lose your top-dog status, once again, to your competitors. Thank you.

  51. rjk, I am not trying to offend anyone. I could care a less as well. But I’ve heard this from a political scientist.

  52. here is one I sent:

    Your loopsided coverage of the 2008 Presidential race is disgusting. The last I looked there are 2 democratic candidates. Funny, I seemed to only see Mr. Obama coverage on your show….ALL DAY. Frankly I welcomed the Spitzer story just to have a change from all your swooning.

    Instead of “competing for the emotional punch”, and the almighty ad dollar, you may want to heed the advice of Steve Geimann, president of the Society of Professional Journalists . ”The independence that the journalist seeks is separate from the preoccupations of the ad-gathering process, and when journalism values and business values come into conflict, the journalist always has to come down on the side of the readers.”

    Responsiblility and Excellence are shattered by your “ad gathering process”, in other words…your greed. Your journalists are mere puppets.

    No wonder the world is turning you off, refusing your papers and turning to the internet. We can find more substantive information there without all the bias and all the corporate meddling in our lives. You are becoming obsolete and will continue on the path to irrelevance.

  53. Jesse Jackson grabbed 45 percent of the vote in the Mississippi Democratic primary when he ran for the White House in 1988.

    Al Gore, at the time a senator from Tennessee, came in second with 33 percent of the vote. More than 359,000 people voted in that year’s Democratic primary. Only 76,000 people cast ballots in the 2004 contest, which John Kerry won overwhelmingly.

  54. Notice when Repubs vote for BO, the media says he’s appealling to them. When they vote Hillary, it’s a scheme.

  55. We need to pushback at CNN. While I don’t watch them .. it’s the principle of what they are doing.

    Wolf BlisterAss and CandyAssCrawley ruined coverage for me with them a long time ago. Still, for them to advertise as the TOP news organization in America and to CHOOSE to deny legit coverage on a campaign.

    Shouldn’t there be something the FCC could do about that? OkieAtty…let me know about what is possible along those lines.

  56. Wasn’t there a list of sponsors somewhere the other day for CNN.

    I’ll see if I can round them up again.

  57. Clinton Speech Excerpts Preview Today’s “Solutions for America” Rally in Harrisburg, PA

    Below are excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s prepared remarks for this afternoon’s “Solutions for America” rally in Harrisburg, PA:

    After seven years of an energy policy written by and for the oil companies – with help from Dick Cheney – oil has now reached $107 a barrel – and gas prices in some areas are approaching $4 a gallon.

    I understand Senator Obama is talking about energy today, right here in Pennsylvania. And that’s great. But talking about problems is easy. Solving problems is hard. And speeches are no substitute for solutions. Speeches won’t lower gas prices, stop climate change, or lessen our dependence on oil from Saudi Arabia.

    The true test comes when it’s time to match rhetoric with results. And unfortunately, we’ve seen that Senator Obama’s promises and speeches are often just words.

    On the campaign trail, Senator Obama talks about clean energy. But in the Senate, he voted for Dick Cheney’s energy bill loaded with new tax breaks for oil companies. When he faced a tough choice, his support for a clean energy future turned out to be just words.

    It’s like how he talks about fixing NAFTA. But his top economic adviser assured the Canadian government that he wouldn’t really follow through. His position? Just words.

    Senator Obama promises to withdraw from Iraq within 16 months. But his top foreign policy adviser said he’s not really going to rely on that plan. I guess that plan is just words, too.

    We need a president who will solve problems. Who will fight for our families long after the speeches are over and the cameras are gone. That’s the choice in this campaign: Solutions you can rely on – versus words you can’t.

  58. i can’t believe obama making that speech just flat out saying hrc campaign sent out that photo, which is totally untrue. it makes me so angry.. but the media lied about it in the first place..

  59. Wow! Where did you guys get that excerpt from? If that is for real, then she is really turning up the heat and I like it! Let’s see him try to W.O.R.M. his way out of those snafus.

    i see what she is trying to do:
    1. Weave a tale of distrust- we can’t trust him as he doublespeak
    2. Throw cold water on his rhetoric and lofty speeches- #1 ties into #2 as he will say anything on the campaign trail but do the opposite and the problem never gets solves.

  60. she should add that he makes big speeches about winning in Afghanistan, while he dib not even once hold a meeting of that European/Nato/ oversight commission…

  61. Good morning everyone. Besides building and maintaining leads in racially diverse blue collar states (of which Mississippi is not one and has probably 70% AA), the only thing that matters right now is making Obambi *less electable* in the eyes of the super-delegates (in GE) and making Hillary “more electable* in the eyes of the super-delegates (in GE). That is the strategy going forward in my opinion.

  62. meiyingsu Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 10:47 am
    tiburones, the excerpt is from hillary’s web site.

    Thanks. Now, he is on her turf now. I will call tirelessly for HRC as I would so like to see her win PA by 15pts. AA population is only 11% and I believe PA has more Hispanics than OH, 4.2& vs 2.2%.

    I use to live in MD and would visit PA all the time, areas like Reading and lancaster will go PA all the way. I only see him making inroads in Philly and a bit in Pittsburg.

    Amish country will not vote for him or the outlying areas.

  63. I can’t believe media spin today. On MSNBC, pundits were saying that tonight will likely be a “big” night for Bambi and that, combined with his “big” win in Wyoming, he will likely be on another “roll.” LOL

    How many Democratic voters went to the caucus in Wyoming? I think it was somewhere in 6,000. And of course, we’ve seen this thing in MS play out before. However, I think punidits may be a bit surprised, if MS results look more like what occurred in AL, with Hillary getting almost an even share of the delegates. Bambi’s attempt to play the “bamboozle” card in MS will probably backfire by driving white voters away.

  64. Independent Ben….there is going to be a positive news spin toward Bambi. Hillary just needs to blunt this in some fashion. There is a long time before PA and the news this week and next will matter very little heading up to that state.

  65. kaffeen Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 10:54 am
    Good morning everyone. Besides building and maintaining leads in racially diverse blue collar states (of which Mississippi is not one and has probably 70% AA), the only thing that matters right now is making Obambi *less electable* in the eyes of the super-delegates (in GE) and making Hillary “more electable* in the eyes of the super-delegates (in GE). That is the strategy going forward in my opinion.
    Well that’s easy since Obambi has done most of the work for us already and he seem to be the type that keeps on giving.

    Remember, Chicago strong arm tactics don’t work that well on the national level and the more his campaign and surrogates throw the race card, threatens to riot and outright violence on other dems and delegates….shows he doesn’t have the Leadership ability to run this country and will convince the swing voters that McCain is the goto guy if Obambi is the Dems nominee.

    Look how Sens. Clinton and McCain are trying to be bridge builders while Obambi is trying to burn up the bridge. Team Obambi is looking too much like a 3rd world Team Dictator.

    btw I loved, loved The Maclaughlin video. Too bad they are the exception and the rule anymore….so I’m going to keep on posting that video in my posts for awhile.

  66. These pundits are just idiots. This one guy just said to pay attention to how Bambi does with lower income voters. This state means nothing in regard to looking at a demographic like that, when 58% of Democratic voters are AA. That will skew the results in those demographics. But pundits will say: Obama has cut into her base! lol

    If Obama can’t show that he can win blue collar voters in a large, diverse state like Ohio or Pennsyvania, it is simply bad news for him in the GE.

  67. another reader:

    Bambi has two more states to really push his whole bullsh*t, race-politics agenda: Tonight (MS) and North Carolina. And then — *poof* — expect him to play the ‘who, me, talk about race?’ card. It’s horsebleep.

    The media is a joke. Tonight and WY means ‘on a roll.’ Oh, yeah, those 9,000 Wyoming voters decided everything for 300 million people. Give me a break.

    And MS has the highest proportional AA population rate of any state in the nation, I believe. Which is totally cool, BTW. But to think that is the beginning of a ‘roll’ that would supersede Texas and Ohio (and RI) is either ignorant or a poor joke.

  68. I believe Hillary does best when she stays on message. I think the ‘surrogates’ can do the fighting for her. People are looking for substance and to get caught in the back and forth flow of a cat fight diminishes her as a leader.

    She has spoken without revealing much in negativity. That works. As it is the media is pouncing over everything she says trying to find a hidden meaning,
    and when they can’t find it, they speculate, even forcefully, about what THEY think she is saying. She is wise not to let them frame her message.

    This may be why they give her so little air time..she won’t play their game!

  69. Independent Ben — you got it. Expect JUST that ‘analysis’ tonight. LOL.

    The best thing is that it won’t make one bit of difference in PA 5 weeks from now, what the media tries to portray. The voters know, and they are pretty much locked-in, except for those voters moving away from BHO and to HRC. I wrote a diary about this recently at MyDD. What Super Tuesday II showed is that no bogus ‘winning streak’ by BHO, nor the media, nor the Clinton Hatred is moving her voters one bit. Just the opposite, actually.

    The results tonight, no matter how the media wants to try to spin them, are very likely to be bad news for
    BHO. And that’s what will be talked about for weeks, long after shill attempts at the ‘low income voters have found BHO!” are gone and exposed for the fraudulence they are.

    After tonight, one more caucus (Guam, which is essentially meaningless) and one more heavily-AA state (NC, which is moving towards HRC). That’s it; no more non-democratic, tilted demographic ‘rescues’ for Bambi.

  70. Columbus, Mississippi .. not one person I spoke with over the last hour intends to vote for Hillary.

    Looked up the demo for this area and it’s predominately black.

    I hope the fact that I’m banking in Columbus Miss only means that white areas already been called.

  71. I’d never presume to know all there is about campaigns, but I’ve been around a few. I think Maggie Williams is brilliant in her handling of Hillary. (in no way does this look down on the fantastic work by Patti, I see it as a tag team)

    While I sometimes laugh at myself and many of us in here at our emotional outrages, the Hillary team is calculating every single move and every single word spoken to get the maximum effect.
    They are masters at tactics and strategies. Not for a minute, do I think, they have not planned for the responses they get from the BHO gang. Seriously, it’s brilliant. And whats even better the more that BHO says the angrier we get, and fight harder.


  72. I don’t know. I think Hill should have more surrogates out there making these arguments. She shouldn’t always have to be the one setting the record straight. Dot, how many voters did you call?

  73. After tonight, one more caucus (Guam, which is essentially meaningless) and one more heavily-AA state (NC, which is moving towards HRC). That’s it; no more non-democratic, tilted demographic ‘rescues’ for Bambi.
    Universal I love this quote and you’re so freakin right about that…no more rescues for BAMBI.

  74. Forget Miss….there is a majority of AA’s in that state. They will break overwhelmingly for Bambi. I don’t even plan to watch the returns tonight.

  75. Something needs to be done about Bambi lying to voters and blaming that stupid picture on the Clinton campaign. It’s utterly ridiculous. Do you think if a Hillary surrogate really did it, they would actually put wording on the picture implicating their own campaign?

    And he agreed in that debate to give that matter a rest.

  76. Obama aide: No 2-for-1
    Whatever the strategies, a joint ticket is often suggested to Obama as he campaigns.

    “What he lacks, I think she complements,” said Nakikke Wallace, a student counselor from Baldwyn, Miss., who attended Obama’s event here. “Together, it would be a force I don’t think the Republicans would be ready for.”

    Still, Wallace said she wants to see Obama at the top of the ticket. “He’s most popular, he’s male and he can really motivate you,” she said.

    Obama’s top strategist, David Axelrod, called Clinton’s suggestions a “tactic that needed to be punctured,” as he suggested she is trying to leverage his popularity. “What they are trying to do is say, ‘Vote for me and you get Obama,’ ” he said.,0,3970512,print.story
    I love it! Obama has set the terms and he can’t blame the Clintons when he is not on the ticket.

    I know for a fact that folks working for Obama always talked about Obama plan being the VP and that was their back up plan to force the VP on Hillary but they have forgotten that they are running for POTUS and not a Senate race.

    Which means you have to factor in the Electoral College calculations…and Team Obama comes up short BIG TIME. And Democrats want to WIN the WHITE HOUSE again and don’t want to run a bunch of LOSERS that can’t beat the Repugs…you know the ones Donna Brazille and others have run before…and it seems like OBAMBI is in that same mold.

    I didn’t see a Time magazine cover calling OBAMBI the FIGHTER like they did HILLARY…instead they used all these terms that Bill Bradley and John Kerry has and see where that got you with the CORE DEMOCRATIC VOTERS….Repugs Presidents.

    Except when Bill Clinton won TWO TERMS with the aid of Sen. Clinton.

  77. 3 more to that list ..

    Only one white person and unfortunately had to leave a message.

    2 more AA .. definitely obama. Some are rude, others seem like they are being pressured a lot to gather round Obama.

    I wonder whether Hillary should have courted the white areas of Mississippi in a big way.

  78. National coverage is important, but local coverage is equally important at this point in point, since Hillary hopes to have a big win in PA. She needs to move on, and not get stuck on everything that BO is doing. One has to pick their battles. BO is the one making the big deal out of that picture, which is not a big deal. She needs to take the high road. BO’s campaign sure gets their panties in a bunch over every little thing that Hillary’s campaign does or doesn’t do. If big media isn’t covering her, hopefully, it come back to bite them. Yesterday, Spitzer was the big story.

  79. I heard we have a HUGE lead with whites in Mississippi, even though there are not many white dems, and a huge lead with republicans, like 60 something %.


    Philadelphia – NOON EST

    Live Streaming:


    Big red banner top of page.

  81. My feeling is Hill didnt push too hard in Miss because she didn’t want this very racialized looking outcome.

  82. In Developer’s Trial, E-Mail Note Cites an Obama Role
    CHICAGO — An e-mail message made public on Monday in the fraud trial of Antoin Rezko, a businessman and political contributor, brought attention to Senator Barack Obama’s role in discussions involving a state health planning board that Mr. Rezko is accused of improperly influencing.

    The message indicated that Mr. Obama, now a Democratic presidential candidate, and other top Illinois politicians consulted in 2003 on legislation to keep the board, which approved the construction of health facilities, from expiring under sunset provisions in state law.

    The vaguely worded message also seemed to raise the possibility that Mr. Obama, who at the time was chairman of the Illinois Senate’s health committee, had been involved in recommending candidates for the board.

    Mr. Rezko is accused of using his influence in state government to stack the board with associates, including some who made political contributions to Mr. Obama and other top Illinois politicians, and of seeking a bribe on a hospital project.

    But David Wilhelm, a former campaign adviser to Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich of Illinois who asked that the e-mail message be written, said in an interview that he had never talked about the appointment process to Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama has said he had nothing to do with Mr. Rezko’s activities with the board.

    Mr. Obama has not been accused of any wrongdoing, and his name is expected to come up only tangentially during the trial. But given his tight race against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, each mention of Mr. Obama’s name is being closely watched.

    In the e-mail message, Matthew Pickering, who worked for Mr. Wilhelm, told Susan Lichtenstein, who was then Governor Blagojevich’s general counsel, that he was writing at the behest of Mr. Wilhelm, who is also a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

    Mr. Pickering said he and Mr. Wilhelm had “worked closely” over six months with several state legislators to extend the life of the health facilities board. He then listed Democratic and Republican leaders in the state House and Senate, including Mr. Obama.

    Mr. Pickering’s message went on to suggest four candidates to serve on the board, stating that “our attached recommendations reflect that involvement” with the political leaders.

    The trial is providing a look into political influence in the administration of Mr. Blagojevich, who also has not been charged with any wrongdoing. Mr. Rezko’s lawyers introduced the e-mail message in an effort to show that a wide range of the state’s political leaders, and not just Mr. Rezko, were involved in decisions involving the health board.

    Campaign finance records show that at least three Rezko associates who sat on the hospital board made substantial donations to Mr. Blagojevich and to Mr. Obama in 2003 and 2004.

    Mr. Obama’s spokesman, Bill Burton, has said the senator knew nothing about those appointments, and he repeated that last night. Mr. Obama has given the donations from the three Rezko associates to charity.

    Mr. Wilhelm, who is supporting Mr. Obama for president, said in the interview that there was “never a discussion between Barack Obama and me or anyone who worked for me about candidates for this board.” Mr. Wilhelm said he viewed the e-mail message as “a nonstory.”
    ObamBI is as dirty as they come but Michelle is not dumb when it comes to playing the Daley machine moneygrap…as her father with a precient Captain for the 8th ward in Chicago.

    Since I do know a little about how to hide the money, since my relatives were involve in Chicago politics…It’s all about patonage and power and how you buy influence.

    The first thing is to set-up TRUST FUNDS and School Funds and funnel the money to the sorces. Never do busines in you name but in the name of the spouse and children or parents…down the line.

    Then you start up a business, non-profit or get elected, appointed on a Board that has access to zoning, permits, housing, hospital, and education because it’s easy the hid money. Better yet is pension funds under these areas…but Cultural agency is another money drop…so to follow the money…look at Michelle Obama and how she is an inside player in Daley Machine in Chicago and all her JOBS has been connected to the machine.

  83. Via Ben Smith Politico:
    Obama backer revives Clinton sex scandals

    Another sign of the anger in Obamaland at the Clinton campaign: an
    email from a member of Obama’s LGBT leadership council, Maxim Thorne,
    to a couple of listservs:

    “We cannot tolerate her lies and stolen election,” Thorne wrote of
    Clinton, revisiting familiar themes:

    At 3am, Hillary said she and Bill were in bed and she knows of all
    the calls a President gets at different times of the day and night.
    Really? So much involvement – so much togetherness. Where was she
    when Monica was having sex with Bill? 35 years of experience? When he
    was intimidating Katherine Wiley and Paula Jones? Where was the
    judgment on the cattle futures and white water. Do we forget Mark and
    Denise Rich? This was an impeached President who lost his license to
    practice law. He committed perjury. They settled with Paula Jones for
    the full amount of her lawsuit. I haven’t forgotten and none of us

    “These comments have no place in this campaign,” said Obama spokesman
    Tommy Vietor, who couldn’t immediately say whether Thorne would be
    leaving his position with the campaign.

    UPDATE: Vietor said Thorne is resigning from the leadership council,
    and that the campaign has accepted his resignation.

  84. Mitchell B$$ch is saying that Elliot Spitzer scandal is a negative to Hillary. They are so shameless and stop at nothing.

  85. WOW, Again, she is loved in Pa. Impressed with the large AA presence on stage who are definitely supporters.

    Love the sign “Ready from Day One to Vote For Hillary”

    She is a RockStar!!!!!!!!!!

  86. I think one of the best things we can do is to watch local blogs on news outlets in PA and keep putting forward Hillary’s positive message and qualifications. I think she’s going to run a brilliant campaign in PA. There are things that we can do to help her out and it’s more important than ever.

  87. Instead of you all repeating what MSM is saying, why don’t you all go to w* and watch her rally live.

  88. Forget the national media, let the local media do their work. The Obama campaign is looking very desperate. They will say anything to get elected. Obama’s surrogates are doing the Clinton’s campaign work for them. Just open mouth and insert foot. MO is a jerk. Spitzer has nothing to do with Hillary.

  89. mj and Hawk: I don’t think it was an accident either. Obama and his supporters are dedicated to the speech of divisiveness. They have no real message with any substance and now they are ratcheting up their attacks on Hillary.

  90. bitchell has had knives out for Hillary this whole campaign.

    local media in Pennsylvania is being fantastic.

    these crowds are absolutely amazing and the support for her … she is in good stead there.

  91. SO…what does the cattle futures, whitewater, impeachment have to do with my vote now? I already knew all of this when I cast my vote. Whitewater was investigated up the wazoo…these people need to get serious…HRC was not impeached…if this is the best they have they ought to be ashamed…has this guy ever had to really fight ?

  92. cnn peeling from WGAL/Pittsburg all the while .. cnnobambot is standing in the arena WAITING on obama.

    cnn being forced to carry Hillary now … keep up the protests people .. we are forcing them to be fair.

    Love her message!!!!!

    Get Grounded America!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. hard work .. to get the job done.

    can’t hope it happens, can’t gaze upwards, can’t cross our fingers. She is coughing a lot.

    Yes, she is hitting on she is the one who can lead the country. This is the perfect message.

  94. SHe needs a little bottle of cough syrup, god bless her. It’s a great speech and she’s beautiful. A huge smile breaks on her face when she notices a baby in the audience and then weaves it into her speech.

  95. One thing that amazes me. Not one person in the media will concede that Hillary won Ohio because she got her message out on the economy and jobs. To them, it’s all this “kitchen sink” strategy. Well, NAFTA-gate may have hurt Bambi a little – but it was a mess of his own making. It was his campaign that put out the false NAFTA and Health Care mailers in Ohio.

    And she will get her message out in Pennsylvania as well.

  96. The real story here is the great racial divide which Obama has inspired which is tragic. That will be the legacy of Mississipi–another red state win that we will surely lose in the general election. Same story as South Carolina.

    This is the wormwood on which his “impressive string of victories” is predicated. And a precarious foundation it is. . . .

    If the role of superdelegates is to support the candidate who is in the strongest position to win the general election, then the big blue states Clinton has won are the true test. If memory serves she has roughly 270 electoral votes vs his 190 based on the large states she has won which is key to the general election.

    The foreign press needs to pick up this story because it is an important one, explains what has happened and what is being covered up by msm. The article by Professor Sean Wilentz entited Race Man provides an excellent starting point for a far deeper analsis.
    wbboei | 03.11.2008 – 12:41 pm | #

  97. OMG, the Obamabots are really at it today. That Ben Smith article about the e-mail, bringing up all of Bill’s old problems, was pretty disgusting. But some of the comments . . . terrible.

    Oh, one Obamabot said that the media should declare Bambi the “Comeback Kid” tonite for his win is MS. LOL. Please, I understand people who want to support their candidate – but don’t insult our intelligence!

  98. Her ideas .. simply brilliant. Watching the nodding heads behind her is funny LOL

    Love her fighting spirit.

    Brilliant speech.

    Set the perfect tone and balance.

  99. Just keep connecting the Rezko dots B Merryfield, and let those first, second, and third-degrees of separation keep rearing their ugly heads. Also, HELLO, FOREIGN PRESS – ARE YOU THERE? Please open another can of worms on Obama’s fund-raising “genius” through Playpal, anonymous donors getting around the required record-keeping on ALL DONORS, and put the United States Open Records Act to the test. Ah, to live in such a free and just society where transparency is the order of the day, and corruption is such as thing of the past. Where propoganda is only in thrid world country’s (MSNBC,CNN). Rezko, oh Rezko, where for art thou rezko? Perhaps you should be warbling tune after tune from the rooftops for all the world to hear.

  100. Hillary speaking about her dad while in Pennsylvania.

    Do you think she should bring her mom to some campaign stops with her? Her mom has been off the radar for such long time now. I think she’d be a great asset, if she is able, to be wit Hillary while she is in Pa.

  101. How in the hell is she down 7 points all of a sudden in Rasmussen? She was ahead just a few days ago! I’m at a loss to explain it.

  102. Berkeley Vox Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 1:20 pm
    How in the hell is she down 7 points all of a sudden in Rasmussen? She was ahead just a few days ago! I’m at a loss to explain it.

    That makes no sense.

  103. No offense, but when I hear about polls now, I think of Paul Krugman who went to bed early last Tuesday because some insiders told him the election was over.

  104. The only polls I am concerned about or if at all are the polls in PA. I am someone who doesn’t like to focus on polls too much. I have learned my lesson.

  105. plural, I missed what Paul Krugman sai about going to bed early.

    Question for those who have ordered stuff from Hillary’s website. How long does it take for you to recieve stuff that you ordered?

  106. does anyone know what happened to the “send support” link on Hill’s website?

    I’d like to send support messages to her from time to time and now I can’t find the link.

  107. From Politico:

    Tom Watson, a rare blogger who backs Clinton, has a funny riff on the predicament of his particular minority:

    To be a Clinton blogger in the progressive blogosphere is to be hated, shunned, passed without notice in the street. We sit home on Friday nights, cursing at Chris Matthews and being censored by Al Giordano for commenting too often in a field of swaying Obama supplication. We’re not welcome at all the best dKos parties – if we show up, we’re cursed with the universal epithet of those who challenge the Obama hegemony: “troll,” they call us. Sometimes “f’ing troll.” We’re Rovian in our embrace of the monster, closet Bush backers and much worse – Lieberman types! Oh, the pain. The pure pain. I can’t stand it. Makes me want to quit, embrace that messianic goodness, and stand down – for the sake of the party, of course – from any pursuit of a Clinton presidency.

  108. PA polls are all that matter for the next 6 weeks, agreed. We HAVE to win PA. After that, we’ll need to make our case that Hillary is the best candidate to beat John McCain, has won the popular vote in the primaries, and leads in national polls among Dems. So yes, still a long ways to go!

  109. Paul Krugman:

    “Take both Rasmussen and this poll with a pile of salt. Actually, take the whole polling enterprise well salted. As it happens, I spent early Tuesday evening with some major insider types, who had exit polls and believed that Obama had put the thing away. I took the train home, got in very late, went to bed thinking that the nomination fight was over, and opened the papers to see that it wasn’t. Nobody knows anything.”

  110. I’d like to address the point made on here regarding local news outlets.

    While it’s easy to turn on national news, the local media has still shown restraint in favoring one candidate over the other.

    We must remain vigilant against the unfair treatment of Hillary, and I would encourage everyone to email or call the local media in praise of their unbiased coverage.

    This step is just as important as fighting back against the corporate media.

    We need to give praise and recognition where it is deserved.

    and another little point, if a headline looks provacative or potentially biased against Clinton, DON’T CLICK ON IT….they are counting every time this is done and thats how these stories end up on top.

  111. debbie: when I see a provocative headline, I do not click on it. I have been doing this for awhile.

  112. Philly mayor, Obama share no brotherly love Tue Mar 11, 12:15 AM ET
    By DeWayne Wickham

    You’d think Barack Obama and Michael Nutter would be kindred souls. They are part of a new wave of black politicians. Both graduated from Ivy League schools. Obama has a law degree from Harvard; Nutter earned a degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

    Last year, Nutter broke away from a crowded field of contenders in Philadelphia to win the Democratic Party’s primary for mayor. He campaigned as a reformer and the candidate of change — and was swept into City Hall by landslide vote.

    Obama, who is locked into a tight race with Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, holds himself out as a reformer and candidate of change — and paints Clinton as an old-school, machine politician. But with Pennsylvania’s presidential primary looming on April 22 as possibly the decisive contest of this drawn-out race, Nutter is backing Clinton. How did it come to this?

    For nearly 15 years, Nutter was a Philadelphia city councilman who championed good government in the City of Brotherly Love — the kind of change that is the rallying cry of Obama’s campaign. As a councilman, Nutter pushed for campaign-finance limits and passage of ethics reform legislation.

    Long shot winner

    Early in the 2007 mayoral campaign, Nutter was thought to be a long shot candidate in the five-man race for the Democratic Party’s nomination. But shortly before the primary, Nutter pulled ahead in the polls, overtaking his four opponents, including U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah, who was once the favorite.

    Fattah was a close ally of John Street, the outgoing mayor whose administration was plagued by allegations of corruption and mismanagement. A federal corruption probe resulted in 12 indictments and the conviction of a former city treasurer. Though federal investigators were caught bugging Street’s City Hall office, no charges were ever brought against the mayor. Fattah compared the investigation of Street to a “crucifixion.”

    Despite all this, Obama, who launched his presidential campaign in May 2007, quickly threw his support behind Fattah in the primary. Obama then sent an e-mail to Fattah’s supporters urging them to make financial contributions to the congressman’s flagging mayoral campaign, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Despite that appeal, Nutter finished first in the primary and went on to win in the November general election. The following month, Nutter endorsed Clinton.

    Why Clinton?

    “I met with both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama last year, and I made my judgment based on their experience and policy ideas. I’m going to work very hard (to help her win the Pennsylvania primary). I’m not conceding any section of the city or any constituency” to Obama, Nutter told me.

    Nutter said Clinton’s urban agenda and her position on public safety and repairing the infrastructure of aging cities led him to endorse her. But I suspect he could also have been moved by something else. In endorsing Clinton, he said: “It’s time for cities and metropolitan areas to take their prominent place in America again.” Philadelphia, he said, needs “a friend in the White House.”

    But there seems to be little friendship between Philadelphia’s mayor and Obama, who took time in the midst of his busy presidential campaign to try to block Nutter’s path to City Hall.

    It won’t be easy for Nutter to make good on his endorsement of Clinton. If what happened in other primaries is any indication, the vast majority of Philadelphia’s blacks — who make up nearly 46% of the city’s 1.4 million residents — will vote for Obama.

    But if Nutter, the man in whom Philadelphians invested their hope for a better future, can deliver 20%-25% of the black voters in Pennsylvania’s largest city to Clinton, he might succeed where Obama failed in trying to influence the outcome of an important election in the Keystone State.

  113. UGH.

    Dean should be tarred and feathered for allowing all of these caucuses and open primaries:

    Voters Switching Parties for Upcoming Primary

    LEBANON – Pennsylvania elections have seen an uptick in the number of voters switching party affiliation prior to primary election on April 22. Nick Yingst is Lebanon County’s Director of Elections. Yingst anticipates a higher than normal voter turnout. He has also noticed a growing number of registered Republicans switching to the Democrat party.

    “Just since Tuesdays results in Texas and Ohio, we have had about 160 individuals that have switched parties”, says Yingst.

    Life long Republican Cory Fetzer admits that he and his wife have jumped ship. The couple feels that they have every reason to turn Democrat.

    “We are not really in agreement with Mr. McCain and I think we don’t want him in as President. I think we will be in more trouble than we are now. I think we will be in WW3.” declared Fetzer.

    Some Democrats worry that the change in party affiliation is just a Republican ploy and after the Primary they will again switch back the Republican side. Voters have until March 24th to register for the Pennsylvania Primary.

    h t t p : / /,0,6351361.story

  114. Another good thing with a light turnout in MS is it keeps the overall popular vote close. bambi can not run up a large margin like he did in SC.

  115. I left a message to the editor on new york times on the CNN biased crap! I hope she will do something about it and help us!

  116. Joe Friday Says: Dean should be tarred and feathered for allowing all of these caucuses and open primaries

    OR the superdelegates should be reminded that their job is to make sure the caucuses and open primaries don’t skew the nomination to someone out of touch with the Dem base. No more McGovern 72!

  117. Wow, BHO is reading a prepared speech – he’s trying to talk about jobs, economy etc. The crowd – no applause – is just looking blankly at him. (Come on, Barack, let’s chant!) LOL

  118. Hey did anyone see the video on CNN with the SNL writer. Hilarious, the lady that was mocked for loving Obama was interviewing him and it was obvious that she was pissed. EVERYONE GO ON TO CNN AND WATCH THE VIDEO. He did say that he like obama best but hey I would say the same thing to make it look ok to continue to slap bambi. Asked who would be the best for SNL if elected he said Hillary because she was very smart! I love it!

  119. Joe Friday

    I’m not as concerned right now about republican cross-overs. I think Hillary will get her fair share of them.

  120. Joe PA is not an opened primary. And you cannot make it illegal for person to switch their voting party. 30 days before a primary is a long time I think.

    As far as I see it this primary is going to come to down to FL (again). Unless Super-delegates intervene early; at the convention both Hillary and Barack will speak. Barack will argue more states, more pledged delegates, a spirit of change that he has ushered in – a movement. That he is the People’s choice. Hillary will argue that yes Barack leads in states and yes he leads in pledged delegates, but she has won the BIG states and because of that is best to take on McCain. I think that is a good argument, but she must be able to counteract Barack’s “movement” argument about change and hope which we all know he is going to make. So it comes down to being able to say “Well Barack you have labeled yourself the People’s choice, but the People of the United States have voted for me, I brought in the record number of voters” (the popular vote winner). That argument is extremely convincing because it makes Barack look like the rules guy (Bush in 2000) and Hillary as the people’s choice (Gore in 2000). Without a lead in the popular vote Hillary will have a tougher time trying to convince the people at the convention to choose her.

    Lets assume then that the FL and MI delegates are not seated and there is no re-vote. Then you might have Hillary with the popular vote if you count FL and Barack with the popular vote if you do not count FL (as it is now). Who wins the argument? Right now I say no one the Barack folk will think he has it, us here will think Hillary does and the people of FL will be brushed aside. I think this is where the bitterness that could hurt our party will come into play. Because both candidates will claim popular vote lead and both will accuse the other of stealing the election. Enter McCain the POW who is above the petty democratic squabbling that has hurt us in the past and focused on keeping our nation safe in a world of radical Islamic terrorists (or whatever we are calling them now).

    The only solution I see if the Demos want to win is to either a) Seat FL or B) FL revote. If FL delegates are seated NOW before this goes on any longer I suspect their would be less backlash then if they were seated in June, but the DNC is clearly not going to seat these delegates and the media and Barack will continue to claim the primary there useless (Did anyone hear what Tim Russert said to Gov. Rendell “You’re not ACTUALLY claiming Hillary won in FL?” give me a break). So seating now although is what should be done is likely not going to be done. So we have to push for a FL revote ASAP. If Hillary wins the re-vote (I think she could specially if its mail in and all the seniors and tired Blue-Collared workers can vote) then the controversy goes away, Hillary has the potential to win the overall popular vote thus giving her a great opportunity to convince the convention that it is she who has the most votes, she who the people have voted for in recorded numbers, she who can win the Big States, and she who is therefore more electable.

    Bottom line: FL re-vote must happen. To save Hillary and the party, and the country from 4 more years of war, no insurance, and a terrible education system.

  121. Hello Everyone,
    This is a call to arms. I just rec’d phone call from Clinton campaign. They are in dire need of callers for Mississippi. Anyone out there who has a few hours to spend on the phone making calls, that would be great.
    Please help, it could make a big difference.

  122. # Berkeley Vox Says:
    March 11th, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    How in the hell is she down 7 points all of a sudden in Rasmussen? She was ahead just a few days ago! I’m at a loss to explain it.

    It’s the bump from him winning in WY and the news coverage of that.

  123. OAndrewD: I am in FL and Sen Nelson is trying his hardest to get a vote my mail. Our gov. Charlie Crist said today that he is willing to sign any legislation needed to get this done.

    However, we are getting push back from BO and his supporters. Hill has got to get her surrogates on again to push back. They were great this weekend but they have to keep at it. I suspect that after BO wins tonight, his team will again push back on this re-vote idea.

    HRC has to have her surrogates ready to talk about disenfranchising the voters.

  124. kaffeen, I’ve read where Florida democrats are saying that the turnout for a re-vote could be between 3-4 million. Hillary could deliver a real body blow to him as far as popular vote. If the mail-in vote could be done in an honest fashion, I’d love to see it happen.

  125. winhillary,

    I think it’s because SNL is more loyal to New York . . . than NBC. And NBC can’t really slap down one of it’s highest rated shows. 🙂

  126. Independent Ben, I don’t trust Obambi and his henchmen. Mail in votes are likely to be infiltrated by voter fraud. In addition, what mailing list do you use? How accurate is that list? What if someone moved recently?

    Millions of dollars to redo a vote for the sake of Obambi? For a result that is likely to be very much the same if voter fraud could be guaranteed to not happen.

  127. mrs…I have been calling Mississippi and I’ll be honest..I don’t want to GetOutTheObama vote.

    My whole call center today has been nothing but aa .. I’ve emailed and asked for somewhere else to call.

    I would gladly call but I’m not going to cheerlead for him.

  128. So, BO’s campaign is pushing back on the FL and MI votes? How can you disenfranchise millions of voters for something that was not, any fault of their own?

  129. read this and you will be enraged. Eric Boehlert dissects how a Clinton smear is created and spread.

    Also a mention about that creep Ben Smith (yes, you asshole shameless Ben) as usual leaving his farts in the air for the Obamabots to smell and get ecstatic about another Clinton smear spread by him…

  130. Has any news person asked Kerry and Kennedy if they support the claim by Obambi’s camp that super-delegates should vote according to their constituents? If so, how do they reconcile their support of Obambi when their state went with Hillary?

  131. there is a poll out that says nobody reads that shit anyways on blogs.

    Believe it or not, most people STILL listen to the candidates and make up their own mind.

    Imagine that…that is why Hillary is winning the big states, the primariers and why she is better equipped to handle the republicans.

  132. Also, if the super-delegates should vote according to popular vote, and their task at hand is to select a candidate for the general election, shouldn’t their vote be predicated on the national popular vote? Hmm…..

  133. So many inconsistencies with Obambi and his camp. So many outright lies. He says one thing, but secretly feels another way. He is just words and they happen to be lies on top of hopium.

  134. MSNBC and CNN-Keep showing old photos of Gov.Spitzer at the Capital in Albany with most members o the NY Senators and Legislators.In almost all of them,they are the ones in which Hillary appears.Of course the network garbage spreaders(Journalists??) keep pointing her out as a long time supporter and they ask their viewers if they think that her closeness will afect her campaign.Too bad the FCC is a Bush and GOP political arm of their administration.This is a sad time in our country’s history. Hillary must be 44.

  135. mollyjrichards Says: I think one of the best things we can do is to watch local blogs on news outlets in PA and keep putting forward Hillary’s positive message and qualifications. has got a great project going on that, volunteer posters mostly communicating by email. She makes lists of links to the local news sites that take online comments. I’ve made a page for the lists at
    h t t p : / /

    What’s there now is Mississippi sites, but I’m sure spabeles will send a PA list soon.

  136. True, dot48.

    But innocent people do read and believe the NY Times which has been abetting some of the worst lies about the Clintons and race.

    Today’s dailyhowler dissects one today. It’s outrageous.

  137. The news media, outside of their obvious bias, hold Hillary to different standards. She must be perfect, whereas Obambi only needs to do put a sentence on hopium together.

  138. spitzer needs to resign and get out of the news.

    Most people I’ve talked to about this though re: Hillary .. it brings them back to what a fighter Hillary is and just exactly how strong and how much she had endured. It comes full circle to how she could have just given up, got out of politics, etc…but what does she do, she soldiers on and keeps working for the American people.

    It cuts both ways I suppose.

  139. and of course, there are no photos of Rezko and Obama to show on national TV are there ? No of course not.. that one picture of them hugging each other with obvious delight was obviously photoshopped ../snark

  140. unscheduled briefing from Pentagon just getting ready to happen….wonder what is going on.

    Admiral Fallon .. out!!! Centcom Director.

  141. kaffeen,

    WHY do you think a mail-in election has more danger of fraud than the other choices: traditional precinct polling and caucuses? I think mail-in is much safer.

    Mail-in is how absentee voting is usually done. OR, WA, and CA use or encourage it.

    We’ve heard about the frauds in caucuses. Polling places can have frauds like opening or closing hours, change of location, etc. If you go to the polls and find you’ve been taken off the list, there’s no time to do anything about it. Polls can run out of ballots, machines can mal-function. With mail-in, the paper trail is built in, and there is plenty of time to verify and count the ballots.

  142. President disrespected Fallon .. Esquire article. Why was there no news coverage of this? Oh, I forgot the media was to buzy sucking on bambi toes.

    I knew nothing of this.

  143. Obama is the only one playing the race card.

    We need to get the story out there that if there is big gap in vote based on race eg. BO wins all the AAs and Clinton wins all the whites – that is the unfortunate outcome of BO’S cynical effort to lock in his “base.”

    1. The “okedoke” speech in SC and again yesterday in Mississippi. The video showing BO compared to Denzel Washington playing Malcolm X is perfect.
    2. Jesse Jackson, Jr. threatening AA SDs per Emanuel Cleaver and others.
    3. Sharpton running around threatening violence.
    4. The words of Reverend Wright in sermon after sermon. “Barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people,” he then trumpeted. “Hillary [Clinton] can never know that.” Yesterday’s WSJ about Wright’s congregation has other quotes.
    2. Farakkhan singing his praises everywhere.

  144. This is the best article I’ve seen about the 60 Minutes interrogation, that resulted in the media saying that Hillary and left the option open that BHO might be muslim. She is STILL being smeared with that one by the media and the BHO camp. Thank God, there’s still some sanity left out there, and this article reflects that.

  145. hmm. sounds like Fallon is for negotiating with enemies rather than jumping into a full assault without real reason..seems Bush still wants to maybe go to war with Iran.

    some saying that when Fallon gets fired it means we going to war with Iran!!!!!!!

    National security will become forefront now…one news cycle can change a lot. This will become between Hillary and McCain now.

  146. 1950,

    1) Florida is not familiar with Mail-in voting. In fact, I believe it is not even legal in Florida. For a state to do something for the very first time, and let’s be honest, Florida of all of ’em, is that likely to be understood by the voting public?
    2) Mail in voting is prone to voter fraud. The states you mention are very good examples. There are documented cases of voter fraud in all those states.
    3) What mailing list do you use? Is it accurate? Does it disenfranchise potential voters (i.e. ones not registered)? Does it allow everyone to vote? What if you are out of state or out of country? What if you moved? What if the chosen mailing list is years old and out dated?
    4) Florida primaries were moved up by the Republicans, a fact that I find the news organizations refusing to admit. Should we allow a foe to control our delegates? Does the fact that the dems tried to amend the bill make any difference? Does the fact that a Republican governor chose to sign the bill even after he knew the outcome cause anyone to pause?
    5) The original vote was fair. An even playing field (with the exception of Obama commercials on national television). If anyone had an advantage it was Obambi because of those commercials. More people voted in that primary than ever before. It should count as it is, in my mind there is no legitimate reason why it should or could be considered flawed.
    6) The DNC is actually the one that changed the rules. Their rules stipulated that half the delegates could be lost. After the Governor signed the bill, they are the ones that changed the rules. Why should the tax payers in Florida have to pay for a mistake made by the DNC?

  147. pushed aside by those who don’t favor military action with Iran.

    This will, once again, push to the front “The Problems Waiting On the Next Presidents Desk”

  148. Texas Democrats Abandons Tally of Caucuses Results


  149. Wow, I hadn’t heard about this before — here’s an excerpt from a NYTimes blurb about Clinton’s speech today in PA:

    But in 2005, when the Senate voted on Vice President Dick Cheney’s energy bill, which contained tax breaks for big oil companies, Mr. Obama voted for it and she voted against it.

    “When it counted, I said no, he said yes,” she said.

  150. Jubjub: So, now what? They can project? Are they psychic? Another example, of how undemocratic caucuses are, for large populations. And they were thinking about doing caucuses for MI and FL? People are crazy. Wow, the convention is going to be nutzo.

  151. the only thing I can say about Texas caucus..split the delegates. If they can’t continue a count …

    this will favor a No Caucus in Florida and Michigan.

  152. One thing I forgot to mention about the messy TX causus. Until 2 days before the causus, most people were being trained that the causus would count for 1/3 of the delegates. But when I attended the training a day before teh causus, they were mentioning that the causus would only count for 1/4 of the delegates. They said that the state party had just recenlty changed the rules.

    I heard this from some Clinton trainers but I was never able to comfirm this.

    Anybody know this change from 1/3 to 1/4 delegates for the TX causus. if this is correct than it would be better!

  153. Dot

    called the CNN tel #: told first one person, then another, that, for sure, CNN had been put on block in one household,
    as though it had bad language or pornograpy… for if the directors or producers were going to block one of the candidates, the entire network would be blocked in kind.

  154. looks like the pundits are out against HILLARY over spitzer and the Clinton affair! I am soooo sick of this, what bad timing. How do we make the rezko case stand out which of course it should not hillarys past with BIll! They are going to bring out everything from the nineties. What do we do guys?

  155. Look if they are tying Sptizer to Hillary, please let us tie REzko/Blagovich to Bambi!

    One is paid sex, the other is BIG TIME fraud/corruption

  156. Just got back from the supermarket and the National Enquirer has bambi splashed all over the front page about his ties to Rezko and terrorists.
    Just think for the next 6 weeks leading up to PA no good news for bambi just Rezko, Rezko, Rezko….

  157. Disgusting! When the hell do the women in this country wake up? Blaming Hillary for her husband’s affair? Blaming Bills affair for Spitzer visiting a prostitute? How are any of these things Hill’s problem? She’s a faithful wife. Case closed.

  158. Barack Knows a Place Hillary Can Put Her Foreign Policy Experience

    SILVER BULLET POINTS Obama, Clinton (inset) (Photo: Getty Images) Barack Obama, whom you’d think is losing the race for the Democratic nomination judging from Hillary Clinton’s clever assertion that “He’d make a great vice president!” but who actually still maintains a sizable lead in delegates, has had it up to here with Hillary’s constant touting of her foreign policy “experience.” In a hilariously dismissive memo making the rounds, the Illinois senator’s foreign policy adviser (and former Clinton administration official) Greg Craig delivers a point-by-point take-down of Hillary’s alleged expertise in all matters international:

    On Hillary’s involvement in brokering peace in Northern Ireland: “She did travel to Northern Ireland, it is true. First Ladies often travel to places that are a focus of U.S. foreign policy…. Her only appearance at the Belfast City Hall was to see Christmas lights turned on.”

    On her willingness to go on a “life-risking mission” to Bosnia: “Hillary Rodham Clinton charmed American troops at a U.S.O. show here, but it didn’t hurt that the singer Sheryl Crow and the comedian Sinbad were also on the stage.”

    On her claim that she helped open borders to Kosovo refugees: “It is true that, as First Lady, she traveled to Macedonia and visited a Kosovar refugee camp. It is also true that she met with government officials while she was there. First Ladies frequently meet with government officials.”

    On her assertion that she implored Bill to intervene in Rwanda: “Hillary Clinton did visit Rwanda in March 1998 and, during that visit, her husband apologized for America’s failure to do more to prevent the genocide.”

    In short, Hillary Clinton spent her two terms as First Lady baking cookies, washing dishes, and occasionally throwing around empty rhetoric with politicians who were more interested in talking to her husband. Seriously, when are these two gonna give in and just make out?!
    I love how it’s alright for men to be sexist and put down the achievements and contributions of Sen. Hillary Clinton and First Ladies. I guest Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosalyn Carter, Dolly Madison, Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush all through the years these women made a huge and value contributions to our country and to belittle and demean the unpaid service these women do for our country is very telling of the dismissive and arrogant attitude Team Obama have to all WOMEN.

  159. filbertsf:

    Houston for 5 days, 2 days in Dallas. I witnessed and helped at the causus in Houston.

    Originally, on electuion day, I was helping at a precinct with a vast number of vietnamese/Asian/Latino voters but at 4pm that day, the coordinator called me and said that one other precinct will be troublesome and they needed more help so I went to a more mixed one with over 50% AA’s there.

  160. How the flock does Hillary have anything to do with Spitzer? I am even getting annoyed with people on here repeating what the media is saying about this over here. The fact that that some over here are giving it credence by talking about it is even more irritating.

  161. Spitzer should resign and end this circus. Tying Spitzer to Hillary is obscene.

    The media are out of control in their sexism and blatant negative reporting on Hillary. We hear nothing about the ISSUES, just the lies. Who is talking about the difference in senate voting records regarding energy? No one.

  162. So you worked with Ininla?

    You must have been an out-of-stater. I heard that OOS were needed b/c native Texan staff/volunteers were — of course — voting and caucusing.

  163. Texas Democrats Abandon Tally of Caucuses Results
    by Associated Press
    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    Facebook Stumble Upon Digg Email

    AUSTIN — The state Democratic Party has washed its hands of trying to tally the results of last week’s Texas caucuses as overwhelmed local officials grapple with the roundup of 8,700 precinct conventions in what may have been the nation’s largest caucus ever. An estimated 1 million people showed up for the March 4 post-primary caucuses, more than four times the estimated 220,000 who attended Iowa’s first-in-the nation presidential contest.

    The turnout stymied a state Democratic Party that has had a shadow of its once mighty influence since a Republican takeover of state politics in the 1990s.

    Less than a week after the caucuses, the state party threw in the towel, saying it had ended a voluntary call-in system when fewer than half the precincts reported.

    “This was a turnout that was more than anybody would have imagined,” state party spokesman Hector Nieto said.

    Just over 40 percent of the precinct caucuses were reported to the state. Barack Obama is leading Hillary Rodham Clinton 56 percent to 44 percent. Caucusing reporting so far have elected 23,918 delegates for Obama and 18,620 for Clinton. Those delegates will attend the March 29 regional caucuses, where they will be whittled down before the state convention in June. That’s when the final delegate count for the March 4 Texas caucuses will be known.

    Clinton won the popular vote in the Texas primary, held the same night. Her 51 percent of the vote, compared to his 47 percent, earned her 65 delegates to his 61.

    But in the meantime, frustrated local officials are counting while trying to be patient with volunteer precinct officials.

    In Hidalgo County, a border stronghold for Clinton, the count has been stymied by the disappearance of county Democratic chairman Juan Maldonado, who changed his cell phone number after losing re-election and hasn’t shown up at his business, a bail-bonds office that also offers state teacher certification.

    Houston’s 857 precinct results are still coming in, said Harris County party chairman Gerald Birnberg, but when precinct convention chairmen ran out of official sign-in sheets last Tuesday night, they tore the “Democrats Vote Here” signs off the wall and scrawled the preferences of caucus-goers in long hand, slowing down the count this week.

    Birnberg said about a dozen workers were putting in 12-hour days since the March 4 contest just making sure the paperwork was right — they’re not even tallying the results yet in the state’s largest city.

    In Bexar County, which includes San Antonio, party Chairwoman Carla Vela is “pretty sure” all the packages have been delivered.

    “We’re still going through all the packages,” she said. “It’s such a huge county. I have a whole staff of volunteers working on them. It’s going to be a while because we do have so many.”

    In El Paso County, the party’s four employees are tasked with counting results from 170 precincts. As of Monday afternoon, they’d only been through 13.

    Even as they field frantic calls from the rest of the nation, chairmen in Texas’ 254 counties are still trying to figure out which precincts mistakenly sent their results to the state rather than the county and why dozens of precincts haven’t contacted them at all.

    While caucus pros in Iowa know their results within a day, Texas party officials are still waiting for precinct packages to come through the mail, hoping each afternoon that the remaining stragglers will be in the next delivery. Meanwhile, they tally results by hand.

    The deadline for precincts to report their results to counties was Friday. And party rules only require the county chairmen to pass on the preferences by March 29, so they are being patient.

    “We’re not going to exclude anybody,” said Galveston County chairman Lloyd Criss. “There are 20 some-odd still out … but they’re calling, we’re going to accept them all, seat them all.”

    Some chairmen are worried the full results will never show up.

    “I’ve been on the phone, calling people trying to get the 33,” said Richard Torres, chairman of the Williamson County Democratic Party, which was still missing results from 33 precincts. “I think we’re going to have to search ‘em out now. I don’t think they’re coming in.”

    Their plight is exacerbated by a national spotlight, as the campaigns bicker over who can claim Texas victory and media from around the country continue to call, vexed over what’s taking so long.

    “Iowa and New Hampshire don’t deal with a million caucus goers,” Nieto said, defending

  164. Please do not compare Hillary to Laura Bush. Hillary was the most powerful First Lady since Roosevelt, and she’s also a tenured Senator.

  165. So if they’ve stopped tallying the caucuses… what does that mean exactly? No delegates will be apportioned?

  166. Obama must be on drugs again.
    He is calling on Hillary to oust Geraldine Ferraro. Talk about tearing the party apart throwing out a former Vice Presidential nominee and party elder.

    This guy has no brains if he thinks denouncing Ferraro will win over any SD. All she did was say what a lot of people were already thinking. Up yours Obama!

    Obama Camp Calls on Clinton to Oust Backer Who Said Media Coverage Is Race-Based

  167. So it’s as if the Caucus portion never took place? Only the Primary counts?

    It’s getting confusing.

  168. fibertsf:

    Yes I met Ininla – we were assigned different tasks. And yes OOS were needed. Actually it was good because we can say things most TX’s would not say.

    The best part for me was when I met my house-host, with 1/2 an hr. she told me candidly that she has been a strong democrat her entire life but if BO wins the nomination, she will be voting McCain. I shook her hand said I will be voting for McCain as well if that was the case.

    Her husband said the same thing to that evening. And so did quite a few other people – Texans as well as OOS.

  169. Apparently, it’s racist to call a black man black. It’s racist if you say Obama isn’t fit to be President, b/c that’s putting a black man down.

  170. Filbert, it’s incredible. I never even believed in the “race card” until this campaign. But BO and his supporters deal it out anytime someone has a legitimate beef with him.

  171. mp, you guys did good in TX. Kudos to all the OOS volunteers. I really didn’t think we’d take TX… but I underestimated the vast HRC supporters and dedicated footsoldiers such as yourself.

    mj, I’m not even going to bother with MS. Obama has tainted the AA with charges of racism I’m afraid to speak to any AA voter in MS. I’ve been screamed at by so many AA that I’ve called.

  172. MJ:But BO and his supporters deal it out anytime someone has a legitimate beef with him.

    This is one of reason that I do not want him as POTUS. It is all, we’ll be hearing for the next 4-8 years.

  173. Hillary should go to court and have the caucus circus in TX invalidated, scrawling preferences on the back of posters, not mailing in packets right away makes me suspicious that some altering of results may be taking place.

  174. I refuse to think of BO as a black man! He did not live like one and he has never supported their corse causes.

    Harold Ford Jr. is more black than BO!

  175. As I understand it, the Caucus process in TX is 3-step: first the Mar 4th caucus, then there’s a county convention, then the state convention.

    So if they’ve stopped the tally, how will that effect the county and state convention?

  176. mp, well, the AA community disagrees with you. They’re embracing him and turned their backs on the very people who helped them in the 90s.

  177. filbertsf:

    On mar29, the county convention will “tally” their precinct’s causus votes. Then it goes to the state in June.

    If there are enough problems identified by mar29, then some real action would be needed to “balance” the votes.

    I hope Hill’s people take it to the court.

    I made 3 calls to hill’s legal people and these were on record.

  178. OandrewD Says:
    March 11th, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    Oandrew, I agree! People say “Seat the Jan delegates now,” but techinically no delegates at all can be seated till Denver. Which pushes the mess to Denver with Sharpton rioting in the streets. Even trying to get the Credentials Committee to rule in their favor before Denver would take a long time, and what if the CC is divided — or Sharpton doesn’t like their ruling?

    A popular revote will do a lot to immediately settle the issue in the mind of the public and the Superdelegates, who will be making the deciding votes on the nominee anyway. When we can say, “Look, they voted twice and Hillary won both times” and all Obama can do is bring up technicalities to try to disenfranchise the original vote AND the revote, he is going to look pretty silly.

    As for a mail-in, that’s the quickest and cheapest thing (and the hardest thing to sabotage). I suspect Obama is stalling till it will be too late to print ballots for either a traditional primary or a mail-in, so he can say a caucus is the only way.

  179. filbertsf:

    The AA community can embrace him to their heart’s content. BUT I will tell you this. In future they will lose out big time!

    For me, I have decided from now on that I will not support a lot of AA minority issues that I supported before with a few exceptions.

    I am a woman of color – not AA so I know the real cost to other minorities as well.

    But in this case, with the exception of about 15-20% AA and strong leaders like Nutter, Jackson Lee, Waters, Stephanie Dobbs etc, I have no more time for their causus.

    whil ei respect John Lewis for his fights and will do so, I do not have to give him any preferential treatment in future!

    The best thing would be to get rid of that congressional black causus!

    As far as I am concerned, we need a separate AA, and a separate Women’s party as well.

    Maybe as a democratic leaning independent, i am finally assessing some moderate republican values as “not bad after all”.

  180. You know, I have no grudge against AA voters of BO. I hold BO resposible for his divisive campaign tactics.

  181. mj Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 4:09 pm
    Please do not compare Hillary to Laura Bush. Hillary was the most powerful First Lady since Roosevelt, and she’s also a tenured Senator.
    Mj, this is NOT a comparison between “First Ladies” but how Obama dismissive attitude to the contributions of all First Ladies is an insult to their service to OUR country.

    I would be remissed not to include Laura Bush excellent work in Africa and in Education…I’m NOT going there. But I do want to point out Team Obama’s sexism and demeaning attitude about the contributions and unpaid service of FIRST LADIES to our country.

    That was my point.

  182. The freedom to say what we want without fear of being ousted is a freedom we Dems hold dear. This is gettin’ into some dangerous stuff here when a man can say “throw that woman out” she’s a racist (in essence) because she has an opinion different from his. This is NOT what a President looks like yall. I am speakin’ here of Geraldine Ferraro’s comment which the Clinton camp “disagreed with.” Others actually have beat Geraldine to the punch on this comment, or one very similar. Obama calling for her ouster is serious stuff, yall. Lots of things can get “ousted” in the name of a good cause like “unity.”

  183. Filbert.
    And if we can;t call AA’s black then they shouldn’t be able to call non-AA’s ‘white.’ it should be irish-American, italian-American, Polish-American, Russian-American, mexican-American, etc. etc. My theory is that most of the talking heads have never spent any time around any blacks other than college-educated upwardly mobile types and just don’t have a clue as to what is and is not permissable and so they’ve taken all their cues from BO.
    About media coverage, i hate to say it but HRC is never going to be covered fairly, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting her campaign and if she can suck it up I guess we should, too. I have officially stopped watching anything other than Fox, on occasion, and I’m grateful that idol has returned to distract me from the disgusting misogynistic treatment of HRC. BO has been trying this ploy for months, getting the media to bash Hi, and it still hasn’t worked, so screw them. I agree that local coverage and streaming media are the way to go. That and checking here for info. I just don’t see what else HRC can do in this situation other than ignore the nonsense and forging ahead. D@mn but she’s inspiring.

  184. I agree with your point. But Hillary really is in a league of her own when it comes to First Ladies. And, thats not to weaken your argument. I only mean she ued her position to really learn about policy and the levers of power. While the traditional role of First Lady is not to be dismissed, Hillary went far beyond the bounds of that traditional role.

  185. The really sad part of this whole thing is that with AA voting for Obama by around 80% not based his qualifications is only getting more and more of white voters to vote for Hillary. They are making this about race without intending to do so and the only ones who will win a race war will be the Republicans and in the end we all will lose.

  186. Oh, and forgot to say that if BO continues this way not only will the Dems never get elected in november but the progress of AA’s may come to a screeching halt. People are furious, at being bullied, threatened strong-armed by the very people many of us fought to help. It reminds me of the Driver’s license debacle that SPitzer stupidly tried to enforce. there was such an uproar in NY State. You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to switch from a NJ to a NYS license; the documents I had to produce were ridiculous. The MV rules have been tightened coz of security and yet Spitzer was going to hand out hundreds of thousands of licenses to people without requiring them to submit citizenship papers, etc. people who’d never complained about much of
    anything simply outraged at the preferential treatment, that he was forced to abandon it. The rest of the country hasn’t yet had a chance to weigh in on the absolute BS BO and crew have inflicted on us and they WON’T be “hoodwinked, bamboozled, okie-dokied.” They’ll just vote for McCain.

  187. cofused about Super Teusday ratings it looks like from post that msnbc had the worst they have been the most unfair why is that a reason to say “HA”
    maybe i misunderstood?

  188. My phone banking indicates to me that the AA feel very pressured to vote for bambi out of race loyalty. It is what it is. I have not heard white people talk like that. White people are more interested in talking about policy and how the country needs to go .. many AA I talked to say “he’s my bro”.

  189. She said BO was lucky. If he were white or a woman he wouldnt be getting such a free pass. Something like that.

  190. I didn’t know Geraldine Ferraro was working on the campaign…I thought she was a fundraiser and a supporter for Hillary.

    Just like Camille Paglia, Gov. Doug Wilder and Sen. John Kerry supporter Obama….hmmm how interesting when Obama’s supportering and fundraisers give their opinions it’s all right.

    Less we forget, Al Sharpton and his weekly threats against anything Hillary.

  191. basil9
    i hear you on the ny state id i had lost everything and was already in the system but i had to have so many points in order to get a new id i had to have my parents mail me my high school diploma which i fail to see how that provided validation of my identity as anyone could have printed up a high school diploma but that was something like 2 points.

  192. I think the day race baiting began in the campaign was the day Michelle Obama noted what a difference it would make all around the world when everyone saw her and their daughters on the WHite House lawn. I also remember that when asked what he would do to further Civil Rights (or race relations, can’t remember exact words) he basically said that just by getting elected it would change things. “I think…therefore I change.” Now, that’s change you can believe in.

  193. No kidding! This guy has no respect. Ferraro is the only woman to ever run on a national ticket. She has earned her stripes and the right to an opinion. No this guy goes after old ladies. What next? The boyscouts.

  194. mj: I don’t think, she is the only one who has been saying that.

    The Obama camp is acting desparate, for a campaign that does not want to dirty itself or wants to unite everyone.

  195. We absolutely cannot allow this censorship, the fear to speak out because of the threat of being called a racist. Now, that’s fear mongering when you have that hanging over somebody’s head.

  196. Ferraro has the “audacity of hope” to mention that Obambi is black. Big deal. Obama, in his books and speeches, and his supporters (i.e. his church et al) are always playing the race card. Not even to mention the theory of “white guilt” that has been floated by MSM. This is much ado about nothing. Hillary said she doesn’t agree with the comment, let’s move on.

  197. When will the Rezko trial start having a negative effect on BO, I keep waiting for some king of shoe to drop or more infomation regarding the purchase of his house. BMerryfield, says Hillary will be the 44th president, I wish I knew what he does.

  198. Ferraro is not connected to the campaign other than being a supporter of Hillary’s. Obama has not said one word about Wilder’s fanatical rants so why should Hillary condemn an elder stateswoman of the party just because Obama does not want to hear the truth.

  199. 1950’s Dem,
    ‘Which pushes the mess to Denver with Sharpton rioting in the streets.”

    Like we’re supposed to be afraid of that? bush will still be in office. Such a scenario would be squelched so friggin fast BO and company won’t know what hit them. And, if it were to happen, that would practically guarantee HRC the Dem nomination. So let them threaten, let them bully, let them posture. Who gives a rap. BO will never be president, especially after the way he’s treated Florida and Michigan not to mention the first woman candidate for president. And i think that AA’s are going to discover that BO is absolutely the worse thing that could have happened for them and their causes. if McCin is elected the programs many people rely on are going to disappear and that will happen even quicker if there’s any ‘rioting.” they are all full of sh!t. And, just in case anyone gets the wrong impression from my remarks, i worked with predominantly AA kids for 20 years and I have always considered myself a fair person but the nauseating use of race AND gender against such a heroine as HRC has made me see red.

  200. Iran invasion critic resigned just now after 40 years in the military.

    The Admiral appointed several months ago by Bush just resigned because of a difference in opinion on what should be done in near future re: Iran

  201. Yall, the threat of rioting in the streets is as old as the hills, literally. Talk about fear mongering. This country has seen race riots, union riots, anti union riots, student riots, anti-war riots. If you are my age and haven’t been in at least 1 riot you just haven’t lived. Don’t fall for that ole “we’re gonna have riots” shit. Sorry. I lived through the real civil rights movement. I have been in exactly two riots, one of which was pre-planned, and one of the most horrifying and disgusting things I have ever seen, even though I understand the sentiments behind it. When you hear the ole “we’re gonna have riots” ploy discussions have sunk to almost the lowest form of human communication.

  202. I welcome Al Sharpton’s protests, I would love to anti-protest him..anyone? He is an ass. et him protest and protest. That will drive more and more voters from our party.

  203. Tim,
    It was crazy, what I had to go through to get the NYS license! Even though I had tons of certification, degrees, diplomas, teaching certificates issued by the states, photo ID, passport, NJ DL, I had to send for an original copy of my birth certificate before they would issue the license. And yet they were going to grant the right to undocumented workers. Like I said, the county clerks boycotted the Spitzer edict and refused to issue licenses and he was finally forced to abandon the program.
    All I’m saying is people are steamed. pissed off at having 13% of the population dictate the rules and impose their hypocrisies on the other 87% of us. I see that clearly in the rural area where i now live. prior to this I was always in an urban multi-ethnic environment.

  204. If Sharpton protests, I’m going to protest HIM. Seriously.

    I had oral surgery today so I have good pain meds! Weee. I can pass them around if anyone needs a hit.

  205. Today is stinky! 🙁
    I am taking a break from media for awhile. Or at least a few hours, HAHAHA.

  206. It it gross today and I haven’t tuned in but for about 2 minutes. I’m going to go take a vicodin and pass out. Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow and the world will have moved on to the next issue.

    I can’t take the racial politics anymore.

  207. thanks, Tiny, but I am swiggin’ at my cough syrup.

    Ultimately, Al Sharpton does hurt his cause, I think, by the way in which he represents them. Obama’s kind of “fear mongering” (yes, I do think he does it) is much more insidious and dangerous than somebody gonna hold a protest. If somebody says, “I;m going to hold a protest, we can organize a protest against if we want, like Hawk suggests. But if that somebody occasionally beats us back with,”don’t criticize me, you racist,” then we become afraid of speaking out and our country’s basic principles and the freedoms we enjoy are threatened.

  208. Another Barack Obama adviser had to resign today after making incendiary statements about Hillary Clinton. Maxim Thorne, formerly a chief at the Human Rights Campaign, Thorne resigned almost immediately after the e-mail surfaced.

    Thorne has an undergraduate and law degree from Yale, making him the third Yalie in recent weeks to embarrass Obama with an apparent inability to grasp a fundamental rule of campaign warfare (namely, don’t speak freely). Also Yale grads: Austan Goolsbee, who allegedly told a foreign government that Obama was just kidding about his opposition to NAFTA, and Samantha Power, who told reporters that Clinton was a “monster” and that Obama might keep troops in Iraq longer than he’s saying on the campaign trail. Great work, nerds!

  209. There is some open discussion on some other blogs today about the sexism in the campaign. That’s a good sign. I can remember dress codes and curfew hours in dormitory. I see a country who has yet to pass an Equal Rights Amendment.

  210. In response the overwhelming support Hillary has in PA…

    Barack Obama Volunteer Beth Beene:

    “The big thing we’re trying to do is get our presence out, get the word out and get new registrants.”

    (READ: Trying to register Republicans/Indies as Democrats)

  211. camille paglia is antifeminist.

  212. i didnt think ferraro’s comment was a good one to make, and i know media will jump to highlight, but for obama camp to throw fuel on it.. at some point, someone has to say stop

    about the bamboozled/hoodwinked stuff. i just would like someone to ask obama to fill in the end of the sentence. bamboozled by whom? now if he is talking to all americans about our terrible news media, i am on board with that, if he is talking to the way bush lied us into iraq, i agree with that too, but this is in the context of talking to democratic primary voters in a contest versus hillary clinton, and i would like to just know exactly what he is saying.

  213. Barack Hussein Obama sure knows how to pick advisers doesn’t he? hehehe

    Has this even made any headline? I’ve not seen anything. Perhaps Hillary surrogates need to focus on that this evening.

  214. Hillary’s Still in It to Win It
    By Rich Lowry

    She’s going to keep coming. The Obama campaign can tout “the math.” Pundits can insist she leave the race. Former liberal supporters can complain about her smash-mouth tactics. But Hillary Clinton is not going to relent.

    The only problem I have with this article is it’s lack of acknowledging Hillary’s very diversed coalition…it’s not all angry white women.

  215. Let’s hope Hillary puts up a donation bar tonight. I’d like to see online fundraising goal of about 10 million in 4 days next time .. she is going to need a boatload for Pennsylvania and we need to get going early.

    Don’t forget tomorrow is BomBDay….donate early and donate often LOL

    I guess Okie will start taking names for next weeks drop….

    I choose HillaryIsDaBomb

  216. Ferraro was just on FOX and was brilliant, she refused to take back her comments, she was very fiesty LOL, argued they were not racist, argued that obama is making it a race thing, said she will NOT stop raising money for Hillary. Said she was responding to a question asked and that “the truth is the truth is the truth” . She said Axelrod knows her well and should not be pushing this, she said the obama camp has pushed the racial issue regarding her comments and that Axelrod should know better. She also said that obama should know better.

  217. I won’t even be surprised if he gets more white vote than people expect given he played those divisive ads.

  218. The AP has some exit polls already on the news wires….the questions they seem to be asking were more about cross over possibilities. It is not surprising that more people would be unhappy with Obambi than vice versa. The other questions followed the same trend as some others in regards to experience (Hillary) and hopium (Obambi). More Hillary supporters said they would not support an Obambi ticket if he were on top and would not vote for him if he were the nominee.

  219. There are only 4 congressional districts in MS and District 2 has the largest AA voters. District 1 and 3 are predominately white which would account for both congressional seats being held by Repubs. If Hillary can get her base it should be close to an even split of the delegates.

  220. Molly,
    “We absolutely cannot allow this censorship, the fear to speak out because of the threat of being called a racist. Now, that’s fear mongering when you have that hanging over somebody’s head.”
    I couldn’t agree more. And I’m not afraid to speak out. Over the years I and a number of my colleagues have had a number of AA’s try to ‘hoodwink’ and ‘bamboozle’ us in order to try and sue the school board, the school district, for unfair “racist’ tactics. And they don’t fight pretty. After that happened a couple of times i said screw the ‘politically correct” BS. I will treat people the way they treat me, no matter what their race. And i will fight equally hard against anyone who tries to hold something over my head, i don’t care what the f*** their skin color is. And that is what BO and company are doing. Sadly, in some cases the administrations were so terrified of being labeled ‘racist’ that it was the kids that ultimately sufferred as everyone became terrified of saying or doing or THINKING or writing anything that could possibly be construed as ‘racist.” i decided a long time ago I’m not gonna live my life like that. I subscribe to the “Don’t tell me it’s raining and then pee on my leg” school of thought. 😈

  221. I seriously disagree about some of the stuff you all are saying, and I wish you would tone it down. This is ONLY about BO and his divisive tactics.

  222. MJ, more Hillary supporters would be dissatisfied with Obambi as the nominee than Obambi supporters would be dissatisfed with Hillary as the nominee (1/2 Obambi supporters would be happy with Hillary and only 1/4 Hillary supporters would be happy with Obambi).

  223. There is a memo from the Obama camp now posted by Lynn Sweet about Hillary’s foreign relations experience. It is written by one of Obama’s aids.

  224. Ms exit poll from CNN

    55% of Obama’s voters will not vote for Hillary in November
    72% of Hillary’s voters will not vote for Obama in November

  225. The racist cr@p Bo started is gonna blow up in his face, either at the convention or in November. He’s another Elliot Spitzer in the making; a man who lives by the creed of “Do what i say and not what i do.” Why do you think Spitzer is disintegrating before our eyes? it’s because of his arrogance, his pompousness, his self-righteousness, his the ‘rules apply to everyone except me” attitude. With Elliot it was corruption and law and order. He got buried in a cesspoop of his own making. Same thing will happen to BO with his “different kind of politics’ and the hypocrisy of what he actually does and says. No one is so despised as a hypocrite.

  226. obama took a swipe at Lou Dobbs. Put CNN on Lou Dobbs about to respond. Bambi knows nothing about the press you don’t call out a reporter with an hour nightly TV show and a 3 hour daily radio show.

  227. Hillary said in an interview about an hour ago that she disagreed with Geraldine’s remarks. That is all that is necessary.

    Geraldine is not an adviser to Hillary’s campaign and it looks to me like Obama is going to grasp at every straw out there.

    Hillary said she didn’t agree..that is all she can do. It’s not like Geraldine is a paid employee or unpaid adviser.

  228. BO is just like Bush. He is always calling out the media. Hill just wants fair coverage. She doesn’t want preferential treatment. I’ve always said Hill’s camp needs to hire some pretty young women as spokespeople. You’d see a complete turnaround fro Matthews et al. They are such pigs.


    Harrisburg – 6:00 PM EST



    Click on blue “Watch the rally” on the right-hand side.

  230. I get this thing called directv news mix and I can see all the news on fox,msnbc,cnn,headline news,+ business channels simultaneously. I keep the sound off but i can switch audio on to which ever one interests me. it’s cool

    just a note, I notice cnn might have got our message today about equal coverage. they seem to be using a split screen with Mr. O and Hillary when they are talking about the race.
    thats better than nothing.

  231. Bring it on Lou…let him have it.

    Lou seems to be the only voice of reason over at CNN right now…

    tell me what he says..I’m not able to watch

  232. I just want to share a little good news
    6 weeks before the pa primary hill has two phone banks in the downtown pgh area and i have seen an incredible mix there young ,older, black white only problem at 41 i was the oldest guy.
    also a gentleman i called yesterday who was from a union told me that he had to report my phone call to his union and the hill campaign.
    seemed odd but i simply referred him to official contacts.
    other than that what i see is very positive women stopping at lunch and saying i have a few minutes what can i do.

  233. Wolf didn’t say what the swipe was only that Dobbs will be responding. Just said it again and Dobbs will respond after commercial break

  234. Lou Dobbs is saying Obama is not well informed. And that somebody seeking to lead this nation should be well informed.

  235. regarding the earlier post about HIllarys foreign policy work:

    Greg Craig delivers a point-by-point take-down of Hillary’s alleged expertise in all matters international:
    On Hillary’s involvement in brokering peace in Northern Ireland: “She did travel to Northern Ireland, it is true. First Ladies often travel to places that are a focus of U.S. foreign policy…. Her only appearance at the Belfast City Hall was to see Christmas lights turned on.”

    Ok I’m really getting sick of this! I just put up loads of stuff on this at from 1996 to 2008 and I still have boxes of newspapers got scan in because here in the North of Ireland many of our newspapers are only now just getting on the web so no archives. But I saved many papers. And I know first hand the work she did here both on the ground and politically. I have been involved in Irish politics for MANY years, and I know! Also, that article that started all this was written by a British tabloid reporter from the telegraph UK which is a tabloid paper here and has a history of being anti-Irish and does Herndon the reporter. As for David Trimble, his career ended quickly when he refused to implement the good Friday agreement. No one has heard from him for years, until now when this so called reporter dug him up to make comments. John Hume however disagrees with Trimble and caused Mr Herndon to re-write another article this time with Mr Humes comments contradicting Trimble see below:
    former SDLP leader John Hume insisted Mrs Clinton had played an important role.
    “I am quite surprised that anyone would suggest that Hillary Clinton did not perform important foreign policy work as first lady,” Mr Hume said.
    “I can state from first-hand experience that she played a positive role for over a decade in helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland. She visited Northern Ireland, met with very many people and gave very decisive support to the peace process.
    “In private she made countless calls and contacts, speaking to leaders and opinion makers on all sides, urging them to keep moving forward.”
    Mrs Clinton has made the North key to her claims of having extensive foreign policy experience.
    “I helped to bring peace to Northern Ireland,” she told CNN on Wednesday.
    Central to Mrs Clinton’s claim of an important role is a meeting she attended in Belfast with a group of women from cross-community groups.
    “I remember a meeting that I pulled together in Belfast, in the town hall there, bringing together for the first time Catholics and Protestants from both traditions, having them sitting a room where they had never been before with each other because they don’t go to school together, they don’t live together; and it was only in large measure because I really asked them to come that they were there.”
    Mary Fox, the wife of a former IRA prisoner and one of the seven women at the meeting, said she had been there on behalf of the Footprints community centre.
    “It was quite a political change for the women’s sector after the visit of Hillary Clinton,” she said. “We would love to see her as president. She spoke to each of us and was very interested in our work. She was lovely.”

    And please visit as I have her work documented from 1996 to 2008, thanks

  236. Obama says that Lou said we should “send ’em all back” (speaking of ‘illegal aliens”) I hate that phrase by the way, illegal “aliens”. Lou says he wouldn’t send any of them back. And spoke directly to BO right in the camera.

  237. yes his union has endorsed bambi
    however i was not calling with anything but info as to where bill was going to be appearing

  238. This is a guy running for President and he’s picking a fight with Lou Dobbs??? I’m supposed to take this person seriously?

  239. tim: some people don’t realize that phone banks do not distinguish between the members of different unions. the guy is a moron.

  240. Unions may be tracking the number of calls voters get to report that info to the campaign to see how well they are saturating the state

  241. tim .. so the phone you are doing is different than what we at home are doing? I’d like to phonebank to tell people where some of the events are being held and who will be doing that. I wonder if it could be arranged for us to do that?

  242. 3/11/2008
    Statement from Campaign Manager Maggie Williams
    In January, NBC’s Tim Russert confronted Senator Barack Obama with a four page memo from his campaign characterizing statements they claimed the Clinton Campaign had made about race. Asked in hindsight whether he regretted pushing this story, Senator Obama said:

    Well, not only in hindsight, but going forward. I think that, as Hillary said, our supporters, our staff, get overzealous. They start saying things that I would not say. And it is my responsibility to make sure that we’re setting a clear tone in our campaign, and I take that responsibility very seriously, which is why I spoke yesterday and sent a message in case people were not clear that what we want to do is make sure that we focus on the issues.”

    We agreed then. We agree today. Supporters from both campaigns will get overzealous. Senator Clinton today reiterated that when asked about Geraldine Ferraro’s recent comments:

    “I do not agree with that and you know it’s regrettable that any of our supporters on both sides say things that veer off into the personal. We ought to keep this focused on the issues. That’s what this campaign should be about.”

    Senator Obama’s campaign staff seems to have forgotten his pledge. We have not. And, we reject these false, personal and politically calculated attacks on the eve of a primary. This campaign should be about the leadership we need for a better future and these attacks serve only to divide the Democratic Party and the American people.

  243. PElosi is SO fuckn in the bag for Bam Bam:

    A so-called “dream ticket” scenario – the idea that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could join forces this fall — may have gripped the imaginations of Democrats nationwide – but you can list House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a skeptic.

    “I think that ticket either way is impossible,” Pelosi told a New England Cable News reporter Tuesday, pointing to comments from Clinton and her campaign that implied Republican John McCain would make a better commander-in-chief than Obama.

    “I think that the Clinton administration has fairly ruled that out by proclaiming that Senator McCain would be a better commander-in-Chief than Obama,” she said.

    She spoke bluntly about her view that a joint ticket was not in the cards, she said, because “I wanted to be sure I didn’t leave any ambiguity.”

    The California Democrat, who has remained neutral throughout the party’s primary process, said she remains an uncommitted superdelegate.

    Related: Does Clinton benefit from so-called ‘dream ticket’ talk?

  244. Here’s what Ferraro said, and I think this has been obvious all along.

    Ferraro, the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee in 1984, told the (Torrance, California) Daily Breeze that “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

  245. dot 48
    its 6 weeks to go in pa until primary. the campaign has both bill and hillary that can draw crowds. a lot of the venues are decided last minute so i have had the joy of calling people in small towns in north western pa to say that prez clinton is gonna be at your high school tomorrow can we count on you to be there. great experience.

  246. Once Hillary gets the nomination and cleans house at the DNC she needs to make sure that the only state allowed to hold a caucus is Iowa and all primaries in 2012 are closed, to thwart bambi from trying to pull what Kennedy pulled in 1980 against Carter. Obama will never accept even if offered the VP because he does not have thye patience to wait 8 years to become President. He will start campaigning immediately for 2012 when he loses the nomination.

  247. in response to Jack Cafferty “Will Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama have the momentum going into Pennsylvania?

    “This is a no brainer Jack,
    Barack has the momentum
    how else would you describe someone going downhill as fast as him.
    Now that everyone is seeing that they’ve been “hoodwinked” by his empty suit, he has few left to that will break his fall.

  248. Did you just read what Pelosi said. She is an idiot. If Hillary isn’t on the national ticket somewhere, we will lose. Why would she even open her piehole. Hillary never said that John McCain would be a better commander in chief than Barack Obama (even though he probably would). She said that McCain brings his lifetime of national experience, she brings her experience to the White House, and Obama brings a speech.

  249. jr
    Nothing suprising, Obama winning the 18 to 29 age group and Hillary winning the 65+ age group. Nothing else yet. they said more coming up.

  250. OBama has the popular vote sewn up. It’s only a matter of who comes out stronger in the delegate count ‘cuz Hillary has a ery good chance to do so.

  251. tim,

    Even though I do not like caucuses, Iowa seems to be the only ones they do it without fights breaking out. Personally I would like to see them done away with, but she will face a revolt if iowa is told to use a primary.

  252. Pelosi ought to be impeached. The byotch doesn’t belong near a podium. Every time she opens her mouth.

  253. MJS Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 6:21 pm
    OBama has the popular vote sewn up. It’s only a matter of who comes out stronger in the delegate count ‘cuz Hillary has a ery good chance to do so.

    What the hell are you talking about? Not after MI, FL and Penn.

  254. iowa
    in my understanding allowed out of state student to vote for bambi and in addition to that allowed people to come into the state stay at a hotel and register. and how many of the students voted again in thier home states? I s there any way of knowing?

  255. I agree with Geraldine Ferraro, she’s said exactly what many of us think. I am sooooooooo race fatigued.

    Most democrats believe in equality,fairness, human rights and civil rights, so it is absolutely lame for anyone to accuse us of being racist.

    BHO get over it..YOU ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN, stop blaming democrats for all the discrimination and racism!!

  256. OandrewD,

    Joe PA is not an opened primary. And you cannot make it illegal for person to switch their voting party.

    I know you cannot ban it, but it should at least be as Texas did it. You can switch, but then you cannot switch again until after the general. I realize some might still do it, but numerous people were deterred in Texas.

  257. MJS
    How do you figure that Ed Rendell beat Lynn Swann by nearly 900,000 votes in PA in the governors race. Even if Hillary wins by have that Obama in big trouble with the overall popular vote as Hillary will win IN, WV, KY, PR and it will be close in NC. Not to mention Hillary will win a revote in FL if that ever happens.

  258. Pelosi just doesn’t want to lose her distinction as the highest ever elected female in the USA after only 2 years or so of having the title. lol

  259. Oh, lol, ok MJS. I’m so upset. I really told Pelosi off, but I wish I could to her face and not fricken voice mail.

  260. geez ppl. I’m talking about the popular vote in Mississippi. When did I mention the overall pop vote? Calm down.

  261. bambi gets cocky everytime he gets even a small victory. I would shudder to think of his tactics with foreign leaders, allies and enemies. This is not the time for an inexperienced, lame ass, shoot off at the mouth leader. We have that right now and look where we are. That is my argument that he is not qualified PERIOD

  262. MJS Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 6:28 pm
    Pelosi just doesn’t want to lose her distinction as the highest ever elected female in the USA after only 2 years or so of having the title. lol

    You got that right. Jesus, the only reason I supported her as Speaker was because she was a woman. I want her tossed out!

  263. as you know i work for united airlines and am an active member of the machinist union, (whom by the way are avide supporters of hillary).
    an article i found interesting, didnt know about mccain…

    If the Air Force officials who awarded a $40 billion contract to Airbus and EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co.) were betting the outrage over the deal would die out quickly, they gambled wrong. A formal protest filed today by the Boeing Co. will be considered by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to determine if the multi-billion contract was properly awarded.

    From Seattle, WA and Wichita, KS to Washington, D.C., elected officials are going ballistic over the Air Force’s decision to outsource an entire fleet of U.S. military aircraft to a consortium that is heavily subsidized by European governments. “This is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen,” said Rep. Norm Dicks (D-WA), who echoed the sentiments of many lawmakers in the House and Senate who were stunned by the decision to bypass Boeing, a U.S. company that has been supplying the Air Force with refueling tankers for nearly 50 years.

    The controversy gained fresh legs when Air Force officials admitted the impact on American jobs was not one of their criteria for awarding the contract, which could eventually be worth as much as $100 billion. Boeing officials also claim the Air Force changed its criteria after the bidding was underway, further favoring Airbus.

    Leading the charge to give Airbus a leg up on the historic contract was none other than presidential aspirant John McCain (R-AZ), who prodded the Pentagon in 2006 to develop bidding procedures that did not exclude Airbus.

    “Awarding this contract to Boeing would support at least 44,000 U.S. jobs in 40 states,” said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “Instead, billions in U.S. taxpayer dollars will be used to create jobs in Toulouse, France, and give European countries the potential to influence U.S. foreign policy to an unprecedented degree.”

  264. Bambi can win all the Idahos and Alaskas in the world. That still doesn’t make him qualified to be president.

  265. I think Hillary can at least tie or come close to tying the delegate count in Mississippi. If she can do that, Obama’s goose is cooked. Last heavily AA state for a while until North Carolina. I suggest the Hillary campaign start building a formidable force in Indiana and North Carolina as Bambi concentrates on stemming the loss in Pennsylvannia. That way, she can eliminate North Carolina advantages for Bam Bam and withstand any bussing or cross over volunteering from Illinoisers for bam Bam

  266. Skmf – My mom’s a Machinst as well (represent!). She works for Boeing here in Seattle. They’re incensed to put it lightly.

  267. MJS, re: popular vote….you do mean Miss only, right? Because Hill will *likely* have the overall popular vote when this goes to convention.

  268. It’s funny how Pelosi is so daring with her own party, yet quails like a chicken in the face of Dick Cheney and Bush

  269. Locale: Denver, CO
    When: End of August
    Heroine: Sen. Hillary CLinton, starring as Denver’s own UNSINKABLE Molly Brown, survivor of the Titanic
    Villain: Sen. Barack Obama, starring as the Titanic – hits an UNSEEN iceberg (more revelations to come on Rezko, Middle East $$ Ties, Ayers, Farrakhan, TUCC-Wright, MO persecution-complex projected onto the American public, MO corrupt ties to hospital industry in turn for favors) and tanks in its maiden voyage

  270. Here we go.

    ABC World news throwing up President Clinton’s picture along with Elliot Spitzer and David Vitter, conflating one person’s private life with the other two’s lengthy ongoing ILLEGAL relationships with prostitutes.

  271. Evening all –

    I expect the vote in MS tonite to look a lot like Alabama, where BHO will get his usual 85-90% of the black vote, and Hillary will win the white vote by about 75%-25. I would expect repub cross-overs and independents to also go for Hillary.

  272. Spitzer needs to resign now!! AP reporting he has been a client of the Emeror Club for years and has spent around $80,000 on prositutes.

  273. Actually, I may be in the minority, but I think this scandal with Spitzer and the attempt to bring Bill into it is going to pay dividends for Hillary. Many people will empathize for her, especially women. That can’t hurt.

  274. debbie: I can’t believe that BO is getting into it, with Lou Dobbs. This is not a smart campaign strategy (if one call this a strategy).

  275. Cross over vote may be lower than other states as they have congressional primaries on the ballot in MS today. I agree those that do cross over most will vote for Hillary.

  276. Does Monika Lewinsky know that ABC thinks she’s a prostitute?

    why else would they put Bill Clinton’s photo next to Spitzer?

  277. Hi gang…how is everyone?

    I have been so damn mad all day and ASHAMED of where we are going in the Nation. It made me want to leave so badly.

    I will fight long and hard to bring the win to Hillary, but they are SO STACKING THE DECK, if Obama wins in November, I will not stay here. We will have completely lost any sense of decency…in politics, the press…all of it.

    Do I dare even turn the television on?

  278. dancer,

    GO UNION !!!

    at least we have balls enough to fight for what we want…
    (okay maybe not balls)…and thats why we love hillary, she has always been our friend…
    obama? not so much….

  279. Fox just ticked me off, they flashed on the bottom of the screen “Obama won big in Alabama”

    In the only race that matters he won 27 delegates and Hillary won 25. wow he blew her out didn’t he?

  280. SpaceGirl – I think Lou Dobbs is going to rip Obama a new one, so that might be fun to watch!

  281. caroline,

    no he was ‘nasty’…
    but seriously, thats just too much information, i really dont care or want to know about the things those old men do…

  282. Check out Taylor Marsh’s site where she smacks down this op-ed written by someone named Orlando Patterson. Patterson came up the idea that Hillary’s 3AM red phone ad was racist (so what else is new?), and compared it to Birth of the Nation and the KKK. OMG, I really feel there is just insanity spreading in this nation right now – and Obama and his thugs are fanning the flames. Anyway, Patterson concluded that Hillary’s ad wouldn’t have been racist if a black child or something had been it. Turns out, one of the children WAS black or was at least “of color.”

  283. That Patterson piece is ridiculous. BO’s supporters play the race card any time the guy is criticized.

  284. debbie,

    why else would they put Bill Clinton’s photo next to Spitzer?

    The ‘Clinton Rules’.

  285. Thanks for the greeting guys! And France sounds nice, but I was thinking New Zealand.

    Big day here in Tampa, CentCom Commander resigned. Disagreed with Bush. Gates siad it was the right thing to do.

  286. OK have Lou on

    I read that Patterson ed this morning and was OUTRAGED and wrote a comment to say so.

  287. Hehehehehe!

    No one can say socio-ethnic-special-interest groups like Dobbs.

    And he says BO is pandering to them as well as misrepresenting his (Dobbs) position on immigration.

    Can’t wait to hear that segment.

  288. @space

    hey girl!!

    I got all the stuff up on the site regarding her work in the North of Ireland. arranged vrom 1996 her early stuff right up to 2008 She was pretty much responsible for getting women into politics here, the men ruled the roost here till she got the women together. She started a group called vital voice with the then NI secretary Mo Mowlam who herself was a BIG part of the peace process. She and Hillary worked on many things here during Mo’s years. Hillary also did much work for children here and cross community projects, later she met with the leaders regarding the peace process. What people dont realise is that the GFA came about years ago but was not fully implemented until quite recently, so she had a bigger role here from 2001 and on, meeting with the leaders of England Ireland and the north as well. She was given the peace award from here and many other award for her work here.And, best of all John Hume as forced that idoit reporter from the telegraph to re-write his article, and Hume hinself said she played a good role in the peace process here. finally some results:) so feel free to point people to the site who need any proof of her work.

    btw when you sendin those fritos LOL:):):)

  289. Bambi, his wife and all these surrogates are a nasty ass bunch of angry people. MO…telling women AGAIN in PA to not strive for more than the “helping class”

    Basically, the same thing blacks in power have done for years….tell other people it is BAD to move up!

    They are making me sick. And it isn’t a race thing, it it a severe distaste of their hypocracy.

  290. SpacegirlArt, yep and you notice that insane stuff like this only occurs when there’s a SC or MS voting . . .

  291. cnn ms exit poll

    65 years of age and older: Clinton 56%, Obama 44%

    17-29 years of age: Obama 67%, Clinton 32%

    Democratic voters: 59% McCain unfavorable, 37% McCain favorable

    Obama voters: 55% unsatisfied if Clinton is nominee, 44% satisfied if
    Clinton is nominee

    Clinton voters: 72% unsatisfied if Obama is nominee, 26% satisfied if Obama
    is nominee

  292. Hi, everyone–

    Just scanned back a bit to see what is going on 🙂

    I am working on a piece about Hillarys Amazing North Ireland peace efforts. Our gal was really hoppin. Good stuff. Just wanting to pull it together so no one canfail to see she helped bvring peace!!! And that Lord Trimble guy, really ought to shutup or his wife is going to cut him off. No doube about it.

    I like Ferraro. Anybody know how to contact her to say good on ya?

    I am sort of drfeading Miss. results. and the msm crowing and the whole routine we have all been through ad nauseum now.

    I too think Maggie is Fantastic. She doesn’t let Obama peddle that race shit on her watch.

    Well, that’s my 2 cents on a range of topics.

    over and outski.


  293. Plural, Well 80,000 divided by 5,000 = 16 visits since 2004. That amounts to 4 visits per year. 👿

    I agree that there is something weird about the timing. The man who ran the prostitution ring is an official for the IRS, Mark Brenner.

    Conspiracy theory time – Spitzergate exploded to deflect attention from Rezkogate, Craiggate, Farakkhangate, Wrightgate, etc.?

    And I KNEW BM would try to link HRC to this mess. Oh well. BO is looking worse and worse. How many of HIS advisors have had to resign or apologize for inappropriate remarks? let’s see: The guy today, Powers, MO, Gooolsen, his pr rep, Rice……

  294. Clinton voters: 72% unsatisfied if Obama is nominee, 26% satisfied if Obama
    is nominee

    another month and it will be 90

  295. Clinton voters: 72% unsatisfied if Obama is nominee, 26% satisfied if Obama

    I don’t know if those stats are a sign of the race overall or if it’s just Mississippi. : /

  296. ‘Obama has distorted and misstated my positions while pandering to
    socio-ethnic-centrist-special -interest groups. Well, I’m gonna set him straight about my position.’

    Up next.

    You go Lou!

  297. Is it safe to drive on vicodin? I took half of one 3 hours ago (I’m very small, so 1/2 affects me like whoa). I need to go to the store and get some tea and mashed potatoes.

    My dog should be taking care of me, lord knows I take care of her ass all the time.

  298. bambi doesn’t even know what that means Lou! He’ll have to have one of his Yale/Harvard advisers figure it all out ..

  299. NO TINY!!!! Abosultely not. Vicoden can make you feel as though you are ok, then you slide off the road. Call a friend or order in. You can not go out.

  300. Hi Lin:)

    I added much more today, there are some really good ones that when you read them you can clearly see she was meeting with politicians.

    People not from here wouldnt understand how it is here, but much happens due to public statements she made, I know that sounds daft but it is true. Her statements carried much weight politically here, they forced movement when there was no movement, and they showed where the US govt was and that was powerful back then. Remember no other president got involved and when clinton did he took heat from Blair in the beginning, ANd the biggest thing was that clinton was told not to shake hands with Adams, but he did and it was caught in a photograph and sent around the world, that was the beginning of movement and it took off from there. Hillary was there the entire way, she was paramount in many issues here and still is today.

  301. Thanks guys! I’ll just wait a few hours and see if I still need. tea. now. and then see if my mom can bring some over. I don’t take painkillers, ever, so I don’t know how it affects me. Muscle relaxers knock me into tomorrow.

  302. YIPPEE!!!!!!

    “Bo is a world-class panderer. Well, I’m going to out-pander you, Senator. And may I suggest that the next time you pander you do so with a bit more style? Here. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

    “Senator Obama has deliberately misrepresented my position and he owes me an apology.” LMAO!

    Why DID he get into it with Dobbs? (I know – stupidity).

  303. Now, what BHO said – THAT is fear-mongering. Saying that people like Lou Dobbs want to “round them all up and send them back”

  304. Some Preliminary MS Exit Polling Add to Hotlist

    by Todd Beeton, Tue Mar 11, 2008 at 06:57:12 PM EST

    Some data from early Mississippi exit polls is starting to trickle in.

    From The AP:

    Blacks, who have supported Obama in overwhelming numbers in earlier primaries, accounted for roughly half the ballots cast in Mississippi, according to interviews with voters leaving polling places.

    Nearly one in five Democratic primary voters called himself an independent. About one in 10 was Republican.

    Depending on what “roughly half” means, this could be an indication that African-American turnout is lower than expected as all recent polling (this post at Pollster shows the demographic breakdowns of the latest ARG, Insider Advantage and Rasmussen Reports surveys out of Mississippi) assumed between 53%-55% African-American turnout.

    In addition, it’s interesting to note that the exit polling is showing Clinton supporters being far less charitable toward Senator Obama than Obama supporters are toward Senator Clinton. What this means for the potential results tonight is anyone’s guess.

    — Six in 10 Obama voters said he should pick Clinton for vice president if he wins the nomination; four in 10 Clinton voters said she should pick Obama as her running mate if she wins.

    — Nearly three-fourths of Clinton voters said they would be dissatisfied if Obama wins the nomination. Little more than half of Obama voters would be dissatisfied with Clinton.

    — Nearly half of Obama voters said Clinton has offered clear and detailed plans to solve the country’s problems. Only about one in five Clinton voters said that about Obama.

    More as we get it…

    Permalink :: 40 Comments, 40 new

  305. “Did I mention that Senator Obama is welcome to come on the show anytime to discuss Border Security, illegal immigration and pandering?”

    Dobbs is priceless tonight!


  306. plural, so true. he was a huge force in the peace process. Recognizing Gerry Adams and bring him over was HUGE!! Of course, here it was not well understood, that the troubles were essentially a fight for Catholic civil rights. there was a lot of violence on both sides, but the protestants killed way more catholics. Way more. Plus they had the British from 1978 to the peace accord running the country. (I may have that date wrong 🙂 I am 3rd generation Irish, and I have to say I was raised to hate the brits. My Dad never had a good word to say about the British. Not one. lol

  307. @SpacegirlArt, hmm, this might not be the blowup that Bambi is hoping for. . . I heard the AA vote was expected to be around 58%

  308. Lin

    thanks:) I had forgotten about all that she did, some of the things with children. And the DemocraShe org wa another good one. Vital Voices has gove international big time with many other nations taking part and hill come back often to speak at it

  309. I don’t hold out much hope for Mississippi. half of the voters are AA. c’mon. they aren’t going to ditch satan now.

  310. It was: do you think Obama intentionally misrepresented Lou’s position on illegal immigation.

  311. ‘”Three prominent talk show hosts will join us when we come back. They’ll give us their take of Senator Obama’s attack on me.”

    Oh man!!!!!!! Lou is a bulldog! He ain’t gonna let it go! hahahaha.

    This is tooooooo delicious!

  312. My mother was Irish and talked about Cromwell as if she remembered him.

    Bill Clinton knew how to cut the Gordian knot, so to speak. I love him for that.

  313. EMVH…I have NO CLUE

    I am sure someone here can help you

    and fifty tiny characters are the same number of characters as fifty large ones 😀

  314. those Mississippi voters who would be satisfied with Senator Clinton are the ones who are bloc voting. They voted for Obama out of loyalty and most likely secretly hope he is not the nominee. They know Hillary is qualified.

    The Hillary supporters will not accept him because he is not qualified .. that is simple fact..

  315. Lou Dobbs is great (and I never thought I’d say that). Thank heavens, someone is calling Obama out on his pandering. Obama is going to regret the day, that he tangled with Dobbs. I think, his campaign is getting way too cocky and arrogant.

  316. Spacegirl,

    Kaffeen posted it above. Here’s Dobbs question.

    Do you believe Senator Obama is intentionally misrepresenting my position on illegal immigration?

  317. ^^strike Senator Clinton .. insert Bambi. I don’t give him reference of Senator either, has he actually done ANYTHING since he went to Washington?

  318. @kaff “The Obama-bots are hitting Lou’s poll like crazy…they can’t stand it.”

    ya know sumpin Kaff? I am beginning to think there is some Obama suto dialer/typer/responder.

    I have a very hard time believing there are THAT MANY obama folks sitting around aware of EVERY program or news story or guest on C-Span that create the OVERKILL of a response to denounce ANY criticism of 👿

    It really is strange and it SMACKS of BIG BROTHER

  319. Have to admit the most fun and relaxing time in past year was the week in Florence, Italy. So civilized, mannerly, polite, accomodating, simplistic, CULTURED, laid back, HAPPY, wine with every meal (moderate) walked everywhere, Smart cars if any cars, no “rat race”, and no worries of VIOLENCE. Maybe our country (as far as quality of daily life) could take some lessons from whence we came in the “take note” department. Our European ancestry needs to have a major comeback, as far as I’m concerned.

  320. @linfar, some of us are thinking that it might not be a huge blowout like everyone expects – and that Hillary could actually get an even delegate split. Turnout is lower than expected among AA’s, and indies and repubs crossing over will probly go for Hillary about 65-70%. She’ll probably win the overall white vote by about 75%.

    If the vote comes down like that, BHO has nobody to blame but himself.

  321. I have always, always, always liked Lou Dobbs. he is fair, courageous and will listen to other sides,even give them a voice on his show without demeaning them or insulting them. I think his stand on illegal immigration is courageous. I live in a town about 70 miles north of the mexican border where 60% of the residents are illegal. You have no idea the impact this has on this town. And I think he is right. Americans will do the work if we pay them 10 an hour which is the rate for illegal labor here. don’t get me started. I worked for Cesar Chavez way back when and thre is not a prejudiced bone in my body when it comes to Mexicans. but illegal immigration is going to sink our little boat. the onlyh people it really helps are the corporate interests who hire this labor and don’t have to pay minimum wage, benefits or anything else. Pleas don’t all stone me now. I have been so attacked for tryhing to tell people who don’t live with it, what illegal immigration is like.

  322. curiosity…Florence is wonderful…annd yes, I agree. We have become so crass, so violent, so arrogant here, and or press is corrupt.

    No wonder the world can’t stand us anymore.

  323. There are ways to manipulate these polls with software. I have better things to do, but I’ve thought a few times about doing something. These college kids have a ton of time on their hand though.

  324. Well, Lou advertised ahead of time that he was gonna smack BO down. So I’m sure word spread quickly on the huge Bambi Blogs, and they all tuned in.

  325. NBC Nightly News aired video of Bambi in Pennsylvania flatly accusing the Clinton campaign of releasing the photo of him in the Somali garb.

  326. From your lips to god’s ears, Indy Ben, I just have been so hopeful before that I am afraid I guess. the AA vote is always huge and 90% for him. And I guess I really don’t know who the independents and repugs go for. I used to think it was Obama. maybe Rush has had an impact on that 🙂 If anyone had told me a year ago I would be thanking Rush Limbaugh, the hater extrordinaire, for anything, I would have said you are out of your frigging mind. lol 🙂

  327. Maybe Lou should have asked, did we all just “misunderstand” Obama’s misinterpretation of Lou’s stance on immigration. Since all Obama-bots know that we just misunderstand poor little Bambi all the time. Nothing is his fault. Noooooooo.

  328. ah…well…perhaps they should go DO SOMETHING for their “movement” rather than trying to stifle democracy.

    I have to take the dog out. BRB

  329. Yeah, I did hear that about Gavin. I have given up on illegal immigration. If you plug in to the plight of the people you will give sanctuary, if you look at the impact on our society, you will say, “Whoa.”

  330. plural

    right enough, without Clinton we’d not be where we are now. I am old enough to remember the bad days. Even now we have a far way to go yet. About once a month someone gets burt out of their home because they are catholic, but it used to be several a day so that’s what we have to remember:) all in all we are getting there and it’s much safer now, most people on both sides want to move forward, there are still tiny pockets of people stuck in the past but they are dinosaurs now:)

  331. So bambi returning to the photo again. I think Hillary’s investigators need to get to the complete “Bottom” of that photo .. once and for all. Let if fly right back to them.

  332. linfar,

    Well it’s unfortunate – but the vote in a state like MS will come down largely on racial lines. And Bambi going into MS, trying to use race with talk of “hoodwink” and “bamboozle,” only makes it worse.

  333. Obama is a smear artist like I have never seen. He could give Richard Nixon a run for his money. it is just smear, smear, smear. He will not discuss the issues.

  334. JOE: NBC Nightly News aired video of Bambi in Pennsylvania flatly accusing the Clinton campaign of releasing the photo of him in the Somali garb.

    Why is this such a big deal???? He is making mountains out of molehills. Hasn’t that picture been available for awhile? How would that even benefit Hillary?

  335. @dot48 The campaign knows he is using this photo again. The story was on a Hillhubb fact thing this morning. Hillary needs to call him out on this though. I want to see a youtube of him using that photo, alongside of what he said at the debate.

  336. Lou Dobbs has been a champion for the middle class, even if it means taking on the controversial subject of undocumented immigrants. He can be quite contensious in that regard, but I like his shoot from the hip style. He says it like he sees it and he is usually right in most cases. I respect his perspective.

  337. Yeah, IndyBen, I couldn’t believe he was using the bamboozling talk again. He is ruthless. lt is like the big lie. The bigger, the more people seem to let you get away with it. I think his campaign is shameless. Do you know why another of his staff had to resign today–over some email or something?

  338. rjk1957, I think they will call it within one minute of the polls closing 🙂 And then spend the rest of the time talking about how BO’s momentum is back. vulture vomit. Arf. arf

  339. @linfar, it was some crazy e-mail from someone on his LGBT staff. It basically was hitting Hillary for whitewater, cattle futures, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, every pardon Bill Clinton ever did, on and on.

  340. I’ll call Mississippi for Obama right now LOL

    There is no drama like big media trying to make. I heard that Matthews has gone to Ms .. or is it someone else?

    Anywho..Miss is not even in our ballpark and we know it.

    That is why tomorrows MONEY BOMB is so important .. we need to let her know that WE HAVE HER BACK.

  341. birdgal, I don’t think Gavin will win governorship. Not after the scandal when he fgot dcaught with his partner’s wife. These guys are something,areen’t they?

  342. linfar: He is too liberal for Southern CA. He is one of many, seeking to run for the governship. Yes, these guys are too much.

  343. “This is the second time he’s gotten into it with me.

    I don’t think much about the quality of his campaign.”

    Don’t mess with Lou!

  344. Here’s what’s happening in the narrowing gulf between us and them (Hannity, Limbaugh, Rove, Beck, etc.) Thething we ALL have in common is the absolute fear of God that this country could actually be led by an inexperienced, empty suit who plays the race card to substitute for his emptiness, has corrupt ties to the Nation of Islam and the Middle East ($), terrorist-ties, Rezko-Chicago-Iraq corruption, and stands for more hypocrisy than this country has ever experienced, AND is throwing out and dismissing the huge population of baby-boomers and what’s left of the “Greatest Generation”, that saved this country, along with FDR. Our young people haven’t a clue. They aren’t paying $3+ for a gallon of gas, tuition, mortgages, car notes, insurance, taxes. Their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles are! Why in the hell are we taking this crap? Enough! Let’s just all say it like it is. Our young people are being sold a bill of goods because they hate the rat race they see – so Obama is the alternative? HELL NO. C’mon people! You damn straight John McCain is a better deal, behind Hillary Clinton – and it is becoming increasingly clearer to those of us with a lick of sense. If George W. Bush is the worst president we have ever had, he will be next to the last when compared to the dangerous Obama. We have to wake these morons up from their Obama-induced trances – starting with MSM, MSNBC and CNN – except for Lou Dobbs, they are pathetic.

  345. linfar,
    Before I moved to the Catskills coz of health problems, i lived in NJ, in what had once been a good neighborhood. After 911, there were thousands of people streaming into NJ and within 6 years what had once been an area of single family houses were now home to 2,3 and 4 families. The children of these families were enrolled in the school district which was required to implement all kinds of ESL programs, etc. my taxes went up, the services went down, crime rose and the neighborhood deteriorated.
    Those are just the facts. It’s not racist or anti-immigration. It is simply the reality. I understand where you’re coming from.

  346. rjk1957 Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 6:18 pm
    Once Hillary gets the nomination and cleans house at the DNC she needs to make sure that the only state allowed to hold a caucus is Iowa and all primaries in 2012 are closed, to thwart bambi from trying to pull what Kennedy pulled in 1980 against Carter. Obama will never accept even if offered the VP because he does not have thye patience to wait 8 years to become President. He will start campaigning immediately for 2012 when he loses the nomination.
    I disagree no caucus anywhere and if Iowa wants to keep the caucus system….then they can’t be first any more. I’m tired of this crap!

  347. wow i was expecting to come back in with a big picture of Obama on the screen…or are they BS’ing and just want to drag this out?

  348. SpacegirlArt Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 8:05 pm


    Jesus, Spacegirl. It’s not her.

  349. “empty suit who plays the race card to substitute for his emptiness”

    I can’t forgive him for this. After all the hard work people did over years to heal racial tensions in this country.

  350. birdgal, But no one’s allowed to mention that what’s going on is a lot of identity voting. Everything has to be the Clintons’ fault.

  351. CBS Evening News sees ABC and then raises them. Lumped photos of the Clintons in with Spitzer and his wife, and Vitter and his wife.

    But then they dragged Sally Quinn out of her crypt to have her lump Hillary in with the other two wives.

    Tut Tut.

  352. Whatcha wanna bet Obama is already getting ready to file lawsuits in PA

    ALSO, the PA spin is already starting. “PA is not as easy for her as Ohio”

    “Obama has time, all he needs is time and he wins people over”

    another five weeks of this shit and I am going to go postal.

  353. Joe Friday, That’ll just piss off women voters even more, the media treating Hillary like nothing more than a humiliated wife.

  354. spitzer is in his own category, with a prostitution ring. To lump BC into this, is shameful and uncalled for. What idiots!

  355. Spacegirl, He had five weeks to “win people over” in OH and TX, too. Let them keep propping him up and underestimating her.

  356. Somebody seriously needs to contest the caucus results in Texas. How can you apportion and say that BO won the caucus when all of the precincts haven’t reported in yet. Something needs to be done.

  357. KO – what an idiot he is. He says – 3 candidates and eventually it will come down to ONE GUY. lol

    I can’t wait to see his face the day of Hillary’s inaugural address

  358. birdgal…preparing in advance for anyone who is late to the polls and it happens to maybe be drizzling in the next county

  359. I suspect the BO campaign is behind the comparison with the Clintons. After all, they were asking the media last summer when they would start covering Bill Clinton’s sex life. Any excuse to get that on the tv again.

  360. EXIT Polls:

    Hillary first, Obama next

    HUGE racial divide in mississippi

    Are you:

    Male (43%) 40% 59%
    Female (57%) 41% 58%

    Sex by race

    White men (23%) 69% 30%
    White women (27%) 74% 26%
    Black men (20%) 7% 93%
    Black women (28%) 11% 89%
    Latino men (0%) – –
    Latino women (0%) – –
    All other races (2%) – –

    Are you:

    White (49%) 72% 27%
    Black (48%) 9% 91%

  361. I firmly support Geraldine Ferraro and I do not want any apology. I am sooooooooo race fatigued. Everything we say is being scrutinized and used against us as racist.

    Mr. O’s campaign has pushed the race card not Hillary and…I wish Mr. O would quit saying WE are racist….. EXCUSE ME??

    Democrats white black and in between have stood tall against racism and discrimination, we have fought side by side for civil rights, human rights, equality and fairness.

    Enough!!!!! Somebody please call them on this!!!!

  362. The progressive reporters are pushing this race card thinking it will ultimately help Obama but it will not in the long term…unfortunately Team Obama has burnt alot of bridges with the race baiting and his candidancy will not hold up….Soon the MSM will turn on the “Annoited One” and the AA community will turned too….I’m just hoping that it won’t be too late.

    I guest this AA is in the 15-25% that supports Hillary and will continue to support the Clintons. But more importantly is my deep anger at the progressives in the Democratic party that condone, allowed and sponsered this kind of tactic on a fellow democrat who is NOT a racist.

    If Obama can’t handle the kid glove treatment Hillary is giving him I don’t see him standing up against the pressure to be the Dems nominee for POTUS and to defent the Repugs…Just don’t see it in him.

    Also I’m very disappointed in CNN and MSNBC, so I now on CSPAN, PBS and FOX also local news stations, which I find a little fairer will be my TV news source.

  363. I posted a comment over at Mydd tonight pointing out the media spin right now. Kill off the woman, make the Black dude look kool, then eat him alive with the Republican candidate so a WHITE MAN has to SAVE THE COUNTRY.

    They will send women and AA’s back to the kitchen where they belong


    than hillary’s camp would not be blamed, cause she wouldnt know a thing about it….

    but the world could read it in the new york times or wherever…
    and it would get press time….

    i dont know why we dont f*cking fight them hard, if hillary cant…

  365. Good news about the delegates 🙂

    debbie, yes, I am fed up with the race accusations. What you said.

  366. So the worst we’ll see from the losses in WY and MS is a net loss of five delegates. I’ll take it.

  367. Party by race

    White Democrats (24%) 74% 24%
    White Independents (13%) 59% 39%
    Black Democrats (44%) 10% 90%
    Black Independents (3%) – –
    Latino Democrats (0%) – –
    Latino Independents (0%) – –
    All Republicans (13%) 78% 22%
    All other (2%) – –

  368. Paula…sorry, I was harkening back to Ohio, where OObama filed suit at 7:50 to keep the polls open (via a law suit) because it was RAINING (and they said they ran out of ballots, which was proven UNTRUE)…he just wanted the polls open in SPECIFIC COUNTIES FAVORABLE to him so AA’s could vote LONGER than THE REST OF THE STATE


  370. well, we are in Pa now and Hillary has the campaign going full steam.

    We have to keep the $ rolling on. We want to watch the KO’s and BlisterAsses have to cover her take oath. I’ll give until I’m out. I’m in till the end.

    Let’s make tomorrow IMPORTANT ONE for the campaign.

    Let’s roll with big MONEY DROP.

    Tell everyone you know and keep asking. This is important.

  371. TPS, if blacks were only like 47% of the turnout, then that is a VERY low number and is bad news for BO. One of the electability arguments he is claiming is that he can increase turnout nationwide among black voters by about 30%

  372. WILL DO DOT

    and then I can take MO’s advice and never strive to be anything but a worker bee

  373. @mj, that tells me that he is not generating the excitement among black voters that he once was. I can imagine a lot of them might vote for BHO simply because of peer pressure


    come on people, lets fight back…
    okay, just saying…
    in the union, we would have slimed em already…

  375. I’m telling you all, the phone banking I did to Mississippi .. the people all but said they felt pressured to vote for the “bro”. I’m serious .. I actually did think he’d pull out 100% black turnout.

    Just goes to show that he really can’t win anything but aa areas. DNC wakeup.

  376. Lehrer did a nice contrast of the candidates on energy policy as they each spoke to crowds in Pennsylvania. Bambi touting windmills, Hillary pointing out that his advocacy of wind energy is great, but he voted for Cheney’s energy bill in 2005.


  377. But they were expecting like 55-58% of the vote to be AA . . . and it looks like the turnout instead will be more like 47%

  378. skmf12,


    I LIKE that idea. how do we do it?

  379. dot48: I don’t doubt the pressure angle for one minute and this makes me really uncomfortable and unhappy. THanks for the reminder about the ongoing needs for funds and contributions.

    The Obama campaign strategy reminds me of something out of a novel that I’ve read. I’ll get a handle on it in a minute, having a senior moment.

  380. SpacegirlArt

    “Kill off the woman, make the Black dude look kool, then eat him alive with the Republican candidate so a WHITE MAN has to SAVE THE COUNTRY.

    They will send women and AA’s back to the kitchen where they belong”

    **You are so right!**

  381. Obama expressed concerns about mail in votes in FL and MI. Gee what about the Texas caucuses barck? Your precinct captains have not turned in their packets yet. Hillary sue to have Texas caucus results invalidated.

  382. MSNBC showed the clip where BHO was hitting Hillary for the damn picture, but made no mention that the whole thing had been debunked, and that BHO had said he would drop it

  383. Ferraro said what everyone is thinking, but it’s not fair to say he’s “lucky”. It may be true, but unfair. But really who cares?

  384. plural, that is 13% republicans voting in the Dem primary.

    IndBen, black turnout does seem to be lower than expected. It was also low in Texas. Maybe they are not
    as excited by him. I wonder why that is?

  385. basil 9,

    well i dont know how they set it up, but people here know how we could do it…
    but we could have a full page ad, that has large type with what ever the title is, than we could just not do it in paragraph form, but rather in bullet points…

    barack obama has the advantage in caucus states, because his para-military tactics used to dominate, infiltrate, and intimidate caucus goers, has proved successful, ect ect ect…

    ^%$#876$$#21&(() ECT ECT ECT…




  386. peeps do not watch msnbc is a gang rape of Hillary. don’t subject yourself to that trash.

    tonight has been set up so the bashfest of Hillary can continue .. take yourself away from the situation. We know the results.

    Send reminders to admin here for moneybomb tomorrow.

    Haven’t seen Idunn today .. reckon she is okay? I remember she was having meat loaf today LOL

  387. jithendra Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 8:55 pm
    with 1% reporting it is 53 – 44

    He wins by abour 16-20. It’s in the exits.

    Please, all, do not start any “race bait” sites. That won’t help Hill. People will figure it out on their own.

  388. dot48 Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 8:56 pm
    peeps do not watch msnbc is a gang rape of Hillary. don’t subject yourself to that trash.

    tonight has been set up so the bashfest of Hillary can continue .. take yourself away from the situation. We know the results.

    ******so right you are******

  389. MS has pretty much the same demographic makeup as SC in the Dem primary yet Obama isn’t going to come close to winning MS by the same margin. Think about it …

  390. I’m in for a full page ad .. we do have creative writers here who could frame OUR issues .. and who could say it like it is without getting us in political correctness jail.

  391. Spacegirl: my guess is they do not “think” he is qualified to be president, they “feel”that he is ready to be president, with the essential caveat that they have no idea what the responsibilities of the job entail. Plato warned us about this.

  392. jithendra..Carville said the only thing repugs have are old white men and older white men hahaha that was funny..he was referencing the diversity of the dem party by contrast

  393. Please do not do that dot. That would hurt Hill. You can simply lay out the attacks and the charged rhetoric, but blatant accusations will not help.

  394. i agree mj, people will get sick of the crap. i am. waaaayyyy sick of it. there’s a backlash in the blogosphere i think.. after kos put up that BS about darkening obama in an ad which was a complete lie and bonkers on top of it, who would do that???, not to mention this insane nyt oped out today

  395. wbboei…you are so brilliant.

    where do you live and how do you feel about fifty-year old gay women who favor Lauren Bacall?

  396. Oh. Okay. I just clicked on Yahoo and the headline said that Obama cruised to a victory in MS. Like I told you guys, I stopped watching the news and rely on internet and you guys.

  397. I have to chime in here. As an AA I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of the “racr card” that the media types discuss over and over! I knew from the start that BHO was going to win black votes in huge numbers. I know my race, that being said, I am disgusted by the way he talks down to black voters. He is playing identity politics. This may helpwith the nomination but it will fall far short for the general. AS far as Ferraro is concerned..really what did she say that was soooo wrong? I have heard the same thing so many times before. She is entitled to her opinion. My God, we can’t say his middle name, we can’t talk about his childhood(which he claims is his foreign policy experience) we can’t discuss his lack of experience..what else? I hop HRC does not disassociate helself from Ferraro…enough is enough! He does not address issues relating to the black community at all. Bamboozle, my ass! This guy is seconds from disaster…

  398. npr news reporter ron elving, on mississippi returns: if barack obama wins 60% of the delegates as well as 60% of the vote, he would essentially erase the delegate lead hillary got from ohio.

    reporting on things that haven’t happened? what? and also unlikely to happen given proportional allocation of delegates, am i right?

  399. how could CNN projects him as winne while he is trailing by 6 points with 4% results in.. can’t they wait till he got good lead… hahaha

  400. (I’m in for contributing to a full page ad!)

    but for a lot more if I can ever reach my lawyer and get a check from the property we sold! LOL

  401. wouldn’t it be funny as shit if Hill pulled this off in Mississippi with ALL networks (and NYT) calling it for Bambi

  402. the numbers are still coming in and Mr. O is giving his victory speech blah blah blah

    I expect he will ultimately take it but its nice to see Hillary ahead as of now 😆

  403. Spacegirl — Dewey beats Truman!

    Sadly, I think with 60% of Dem voters being AA, MS may well go to BO.

    Onwards and forwards to PA!



  405. mj Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 8:38 pm
    To be expected Spacegirl. He won the popular vote by about what 20 points.
    Obama hasn’t won anything yet and it is too early to call any election. But looking at the early numbers Obama didn’t do as well as he should.

    Also I like that most of Obama voters want Hillary on the ticket…That tells me her support is very strong with his supporters and they are very comfortable with her.

    While in turn Obama lost major support with core democrats that are swing voters….very interesting development for the democratic party…Hillary gets stronger while Obama gets weaker.

  406. Is it racist if I said that the AA voters are now all about race and don’t care about experience and qualification? So disappointing…

  407. anbritt, thanks for your post. Why do i FEEL Barack Obama and the media is making me THINK racist? I grew up in atlanta. I went to school with MKL’s kids…3 of 4 of ’em. MLKIII was student Veep, I was Prez…there was NEVER any racism in MY family.

    ALL of the crime perpatrated against me, in Atlanta, in St Thomas…ALL BLACK YOUTHS, but I never felt annoyed at the ethnic group as a whole. This election, I am having a hrad time keeping that compass. And I blame MSM, BO & MO and I resent it.

  408. MS will go th bo however the delagate split ewill be close because blacks are concentrated in gerrymandered districts. Thats why I was not impressed with SC victory.. These states are not going democratic in the fall. They have not black statewide elected officials. That is why I look at PA as a poss win for HRC…do they have any statewide elected officials who are black? I don’t know…can anybody tell me

  409. i think if they go by district they should be close yes because mississippi districts i think some overwhelmingly white, others aa, so if the vote splits that way delegates also should be? that was what i read on talkleft lately but not 100% sure.

    skmf12.. i think most people in this country of all races have a lot more common sense than the news media and will see what is going on for what it is.

  410. wow amazing with 8% in… it is 49 – 48 to BO… i think BO can’t win any of the staes southern states he won if he were to be nomineee…

  411. It was never suggested we had a chance in this state.

    The demographics are what is most important.

    This is a victory for us because Hillary’s supports is not SOFT support. His will go with someone else in the GE..Hillary’s support is based on strong conviction of real ideals of a candidate and her vision .. we will not just cave. The DNC better get used to having us around

  412. I’m shocked. CNN didn’t call RI until something like 50% of the VOTE was counted. They are calling MS based on EXIT Polls? And now they’re tied w/ 8% reporting. I don’t watch much TV because I am working mostly so I didn’t really have a first-hand sense of the depth of bias but this is insane.

  413. ANOTHER,

    what does that mean, should we do it or not?
    a full page ad that is, telling all the wrongs that the media is covering up?

  414. Although he really has consolidated his AA support, this is not a good night for him, if he loses white voters like 75-25%. And the rather depressed black turnout signifies that some of the air has gone out of Obamamania.

  415. Good news (for HRC campaign not for our country necessarily) is that the BIG story tomorrow will be huge racial divide. His cynical race baiting has come home to roost.

  416. Well, Dan Abrams is anchoring MSNBC now. He’s at least fair. And he’s got Pat Buchanan on. Pat just laid out that if Hillary overtakes BO in the overall popular vote, she will win the nomination. 🙂 Go Pat!

  417. Wow, the racial divide is amazing, but no big surprise. Most republicans voted for her no? Either way I think we will do fine in the delegate count there. On to Pennsylvania 🙂 Don’t watch the media, watch Family Guy or something.

  418. @Ann re: did you see Dot’s post from early this morning?

    I commented on NO HILLARY on CNN yesterday….
    Dot followed up…

    here was her post.

    # dot48 Says:
    March 11th, 2008 at 9:00 am






    CALL 1-404-827-1500

    also, here is a list that you can use to contact all the networks … need to contact each individual show


    The gal I spoke to had a canned answer already…I asked her why would they refuse to cover a major presidential candidate and she repeated “it is a network producers decision”


    “I don’t watch much TV because I am working mostly so I didn’t really have a first-hand sense of the depth of bias but this is insane.”

  419. SpacegirlArt

    I too resent the way BO has incorporated race into his campaign..when people like GF ar forced to defend what is obvious…she did not say anything wrong or racist…i hear much worse on right wing radio and thy make no apologies at all. I dispair. I look around at my friends and we don’t even discuss politics anymore..its all about race. some will even admit that bho is out of his league..but vote for him anyway…in my dark monents i believe that race relations will be set back somewhat. what really amazes me is that sometime in november, the media will look up and see that all those “victories in white states” mean nothing…cuz right now they have their heads firmly up bho’s ass…

  420. @Ann..”His cynical race baiting has come home to roost.”

    as i saw earlier when results started to come in…

    they will blame it on HER

  421. wow it is 49 – 49 with 11% in.. what is going on… shouldn’t be this close right.. in alabama he was leading like 70 – 30 by the time 10% reports were reported

  422. @Spacegirl,
    yeah…supposed they will continue their narrative that she/Bill alienated their AA vote (although I think that is pure crap) but what is their story line re: white voters? That is where is his race baiting is “coming home to roost.’ White flight.

  423. I’m NOT going to waste my money on a money bomb for an ad. Sorry but I think Hillary needs the money more.

    MSM is not stupid and they know they truth but some want to play “KINGMAKER” or are listening to those idiots in the DNC that think Obama is the future…HE”S NOT so it won’t be a huge surprise to us when MSM turn on his behind.

    My focus is to help Hillary win PA and PR and any others that she needs so no, I’ll rather talk directly to the voters and not worry about AA pity votes for Obama.


    I was not home today to watch, so I don’t know if it was different.

    and do it by mail AND phone..

    all the other’s are almost as bad. See up thread for some example of the stuff folks sent around 10am -1pm or so

  425. Let’s just savor this for a moment (very unlikely to happen) but what if CNN had “dewey” egg on their face later tonight?

  426. The problem is: the media will blame Hillary for injecting race and causing a racially divided result in MS. lol. They’re gonna say it’s all because of Geraldine Ferraro, which is ridiculous. This result is exactly how a state like MS votes, and it was probably exacerbated by BO’s “hoodwink” card, which NOBODY has mentioned. The result in MS is really almost identical to the result in Alabama, which was back on Super Tuesday

  427. jit, are you watching or reading those numbers? If watching…any reaction from talking heads?

  428. only 4 points separating them and it looks like areas around big cities have come already substantially reported.

    Anyone know MS well? Are the rural areas that haven’t reported more “clinton country?”

  429. filbertsf Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 9:11 pm
    Is it racist if I said that the AA voters are now all about race and don’t care about experience and qualification? So disappointing…

    Filbert, I simply don’t think this is a fair statement. BO and his surrogates have riled up tensions, the media is building him up, and there is a lot of conflict.

  430. carby,

    i know hillary needs the money, dont we all, but sorry, hillary is not going to do what should be done, and that is slam obama with every f*cking thing he and his campaign has ever done…

    if she would have done it a long time ago, we wouldnt be where we are today…

    maybe its not a good idea, but why not again?

  431. i was reading number from CNN site… now it is 53 – 45… jackson reported 46% and it is 57 – 41.. harrison reported 45%.. and it is 50 – 50

  432. my calling for two days

    N and Central Miss…ALL clinton or Republican…VERY few AA’s I spoke to

    ALL but one I spoke to were BO.

    ONE older AA woman I spoke to though Hillary MUCH better candidate, she wants a woman in the WH, she LOVED Hillary but was undecided….

    What I IMPOSED on that conversation, was that she was pressured or torn

  433. Yay – tune into MSNBC for this. Dan Abrams does this thing on Obama/Clinton called cheapshots, blunders, missteps. HE’S GONNA TALK ABOUT OBAMA SMEARING HILLARY with that damn photo.

  434. Based on a quick look at the county map on CNN and w/out great knowledge of MS demographics, I think that this could be far closer than expected. Tomorrow’s headline might be that HRC did far better than expected.

  435. And also, Pat Buchanan was defending Geraldine Ferraro. He said it proves how passionate women are about Hillary’s candidacy and how they feel she’s been shafted in the media.

  436. it is 52 – 46 with 18% in.. i think will it be below 10… then it is victory for hillary.. 🙂

  437. OBAMA followers. OH WHAT FOOLS THESE MORTALS BE.I believe that is a quote from Shakespeare.So true today and for eternity. The OBAMA campaign is so similar to the story also by Shakespeare. It is called “The commutation Chop House”. I am 90 yrs old and remember from my high school class called ENGLISH LITERATURE.Time does not change human nature

    Hillary is the inevitable President for our endangered nation.

  438. This is a really cool piece:

    h t t p : / /

  439. Tune into MSNBC for the next Dan Abrams sequence. It’s usually pretty fair. He’s gonna nail Hillary camp for Ferraro’s statements . . . probably. But he’s gonna also nail Obama for the picture smear.

  440. @Spacegirl,

    You said – north and central MS mostly clinton –

    well……many of those precints have yet to report and it is still w/in 6 points w/ most of Jackson county and surrounding areas (seems BO stronghold) reporting.

  441. hillfans, hinds county, ms is a basten of obama votes. that is part of the reason of big media’s big obama projection is all about. only 2% reporting from there.

  442. Ben…no more MSNBC for me. In fact, it cost me more on my cable to have it. My bills are bout to go down and I want my CANCEL to register with the cable co. I can get all my misogynistic fixes here with real-time commentary!

  443. This Abrams piece is pretty good. He’s got just about everything that went down today – both camps

  444. spacegirl, i feel about it this way.. when reading about this stuff in blogs and media, blogosphere in particular brings out the worst in people, and a lot of them are really quick to point a finger at others and say look! that person is racist. especially because they think it helps their candidate, and honestly i think a lot of these bloggers are closer to republicans if republican party hadn’t gone wacko from the religious right. political blog readership is overwhelmingly white male and at a comfortable income level. not hillary’s fan club exactly. i do hold obama campaign responsible for not putting a stop to some of their supporters intentionally setting up a false narrative accusing clintons of race baiting. i know it wouldn’t do any good to tell these bloggers and commenters that the clintons are good people who would never do such a thing. also, i have yet to hear any of the accusers explain what any possible benefit of a race baiting strategy could be?

    meanwhile, in real life i watched ohio/texas night returns at a dc bar where there were people of all races and nearly everyone in the bar was obama supporters and i didnt hear anyone say anything bad about hillary, even though they were disappointed. 🙂 i politely turned down free obama sticker from obama person who said that’s cool we are all democrats in the fall.

    bill said it pretty well i think that ppl might support hill because she’s a woman and obama because he’s aa and that is great.. most of obama voters will vote hillary in the fall.. i am mostly disgusted by bloggers and media who are suddenly worlds foremost experts on racism and so worried about it. otherwise nobody on these blogs or media cover issues of concern to aa community. its just easy for them to point at hillary and say she is racist, they call her every other thing too.

  445. Ann…I made a pint to ask almost everyone I called WHERE they were (geographically) so I could get an idea. Now, I didn’t make HUNDREDS of calls, but probably 50-60 then the same amount next day. All were in same area on predictive dialer calls. There were a lot of Republicans, and some who like Hillary. NONE liked Obama, and MANY dems didn’t like BO AT ALL.

  446. Obama folks are pretty thin-skinned aren’t they?

    mj, it’s not just BO’s race-baiting. Many in the AA community that have just decided that they want a black man in office over someone more competent. In every state with a large AA voting block, HRC has lost.

    Prominent AA who supported Hillary have switched their votes. It’s about race now. Not the issues. Definitely not experience or competence. The AA community have turned their backs on the Clinton. My big fear is that when Hillary gets the nomination, they will turn their backs on the Dem Party and decide not vote in Nov.

  447. filbertsf ,
    Agree…HRC has a 96% rating from NAACP for god’s sake and she only gets 9% of their votes?

  448. basil, okay lets talk about it with everyone tomorrow, see if we can talk to okie, or another lawyer first, see if they see any problems with it…

    if we have a general consensus that it would be a good investment, we will see who could write, who might think they could come up with a design, we can find out if anybody has any newspaper experience, like editing, and than we can afterwards, make a call to find out cost.
    if we wanted to do it, we could open it up to other blogs like at marshes site, people there give all the time, and they are as frustrated as we are, also we might see what larry thinks over at NO QUARTER, AND RIVERGIRL AND SOME OF THE OTHER SPOTS…

    but i guess we have to get either knocked down or backed up, the next day or two right?
    can you write?

  449. i guess a shorter version of what i would say..

    media will assume people vote for obama because they believe this crap and are angry at hillary. i don’t presume to know what everyone is thinking. but it is real easy for media to push a story saying that aa hate hillary (they figure everyone hates hillary right?), and not easy for them to say aa voters want to support a fellow aa. even though there isnt’ anything wrong with that, like bill said hillary gets womens votes because she is a woman.

  450. reader “i am mostly disgusted by bloggers and media who are suddenly worlds foremost experts on racism and so worried about it. otherwise nobody on these blogs or media cover issues of concern to aa community.”

    this is especially true, and your post was quite insightful. Yes, I believe there are a lot of republicans and just general RACISTS on blogs who like to stir shit up, have a pathological dislike of Clinton and can get out their woman and AA hatred in one fell swoop. Part of the Rush Limbaugh strategy was to totally mess up the Dems (not to say he has done more than Dean & Brazile) so there is a good chance that the Republicans voting for Hillary (or Barack) are also adding their two cents to the blogs. There are also plenty of rabid 18 year olds.

  451. Spacegirl, Do you think those MS Repubs would support HRC in November? I know she won’t win MS but I wonder if that suggests crossover appeal.

  452. i mentioned before hinds county is going to really put hillary far behind. the white rural counties might give hillary some much needed votes but hinds is the problem.

  453. skmf…perhaps it would be sufficient to print his voting record:

    call the MEDIA on the race baiting and the censorship andask if this is CHANGE?

    HIS OWN VOTING RECORD will make people run.

  454. skmf,

    I can write a little and there are plenty of great people here who can tweak and edit stuff, I’m sure.

    Going to bed now and will look for your post tomorrow, or email me at hilaryhawke at mhcable dot com.

  455. terrondt,
    “hinds is the problem” …. yes you called it. Still within 12 and quite a few of rural counties have not reported…Hinds at 33%. This could be Ok… terms of story line tomorrow.

  456. Did anything happen at the Rezko trial today? Also, what’s the best site for getting MS results by county?

  457. i really think a lot of political blog commenters should be libertarians and treat it all like sports. its ok to say stuff that isn’t true if it helps your team. i am sad that blogs supposed to be “democratic” do this as much as gop talk radio does.

  458. Paula, I didn’t get the impression that the vote would go to November from Republicans, and there was apoll I saw that 90% of Repubs were happy with McCain…but I have yet to meet ANY hard core republicans (and florida is FULL of them) that can stand McCain. More DEMOCRATS like him.

    I think McCain will get a HUGE vote from Democrats if Obama is the nominee

  459. There was a story this morning about blogs, etc. The percentage of people who actually read them was very low.

    The article I read said that most people still get the evening news from ABC/NBC/CBS. I swear.

    Look at CNN/MSNBC ratings, they are low, low.

  460. @Space,
    “I think McCain will ge a HUGE vote from Dems if Obama is the nominee”

    Couldn’t agree more……here’s what happens when centrist dems desert.

    In 1968, Nixon won 32 states while Humphrey won only 13 and Wallace won 5.
    In 1972, Nixon won 49 states while George McGovern won only 1.
    In 1980, Reagan won 44 states while Jimmy Carter won only 6.
    In 1984, Reagan won 49 states while Mondale won only 1.
    In 1988, Bush won 40 states while Dukakis won only 10.

  461. As I have said before…. I am waiting for the shoe to fall in the Rezko case …. it can’t come soon enough

  462. skmf12

    I think what you are trying to do would be a good plan for 527’s. Unless you are independently wealthy it would be very costly to get the broad coverage nationwide that I think would be needed for this type of tactic.

    I’m sure the Clinton campaign has thought this through. Their response is very messured so far as not to have Hillary drawn into the fray. This would really weaken her if she went down this road.

    Your comments to MSM is a good place to exercise your frustration. Don’t stop fighting, just direct you efforts to where if will have a positive effect. Hey make your own youtube video!!

  463. DEBBIE,

  464. Earlier today, someone posted the results from the 1988 or 1984 race when Jesse Jackson and Al Gore ran….if you are on now…could you please repost?

  465. I’ve been watching Idol so I don’t know how MSM been doing.

    Isn’t it odd that Obama is back in Chicago tonight though? Again???

  466. skmf12

    I know a lot of us are frustrated at the media but we need to stay focus on what helps Hillary the most and donating money to her campaign, making videos, writing letters to the SD and all the other work do achieve results.

    We have to stay disaplined so that we don’t hurt Hillary. GF can handle the media and what she said is nothing that Team Obama hasn’t said themselve…VOTE FOR THE AFrican American MALE.

    So, lets not feed Obama campaign, like they did ours.

    Our GOAL is to stay close to Obama…the media can frame which ever way they can but Obama didn’t win RI, OH and TX and that hurt his campaign more…now if the SD want to drank the Kool-aid, then so be it but I’m not going there with them.

    I just think a lot of Sexism is wrapped up in this Obama lovefest going on, like a woman president…oh no that make us look weak, crap.

  467. clintondem99 Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 10:24 am
    Jesse Jackson grabbed 45 percent of the vote in the Mississippi Democratic primary when he ran for the White House in 1988.

    Al Gore, at the time a senator from Tennessee, came in second with 33 percent of the vote. More than 359,000 people voted in that year’s Democratic primary. Only 76,000 people cast ballots in the 2004 contest, which John Kerry won overwhelmingly.

  468. Florida Dem Party wants to manage the revote by mail. Vic Demayo’s case goes to hearing on Monday. If 11th circuit uphold vote, Clinton would win, and Al Sharpton goes to court.

    Picture of Al Sharpton on tv with nothing but AA’s behind him.

  469. carbynew, I think the media are scared to death of Hillary Clinton – not because she’s a woman – but because she might actually change the direction of the country. The good ole’ boys club in corporate America is terrified of Hillary.

    These big media guys all get their paychecks from huge corporations – and they don’t want to see anything changed. They actually just want the status quo.

    But there’s a huge double standard that’s applied to Hillary – because she’s a woman. Hillary had to prove her toughess, on national security.

  470. Spacegirl
    Sharpton can sue all he wants if the 11th circuit says seat them (highly unlikely) no lower court would overturn a higher court. If Demayo wins in the 11th the DNC would have to appeal to the Supreme Court and after 2000, I do not think they would hear the case.

  471. There is seriously something wrong/racist when Hillary gets 6,000 votes and Barack gets 26,000 votes in Jackson.

  472. wow.. am i living in USA… hahaha 🙂 voting pattern is similar to INDIA where people vote based on religion & caste.. hahaha funny 🙂

  473. Fox doing a story on his middle name, if he can use it, is there a double standard? I love them temporarily 🙂

  474. Hawk! LOL “love them temporarily”


    part of an email I just got from a Republican Friend in Jackson, Miss. But she MEANT it and will vote Hillary in November

    “Well, I did my part today. I voted Democrat for the first time in my life. I am sick about Obama winning MS. “

  475. Ben, exactly…and you can bet they are gonna be in McCains camp come fall…although Obama is really a co-opted republican, so they should be happy

    yeah! Media said NOTHING about “juan McCain” because of his stance on immigration

  476. You were right, terrondot. The vast majority of his lead came from one county – hinds county….population – 250 K. Huge county by MS stands and majority AA.

  477. This whole campaign has been so difficult because AA’s are loyal to the Democratic party. But what about the Women of the Democratic Party as well? I mean, women make up the majority and have basically RUN the party for years now.

    Hillary is going to be the nominee . . . but the issue going forward is eventually going to be how to get the party back together, I’m afraid

  478. hmmm.. wouldn’t it have looked better for bambi to have been in PA, in front of a rallye .. accepting the accolades of Mississippi .. RATHER than sitting down in Chicago, IL.

    dayum…alan colmes looks like an old hairdresser…who the hell did his makeup tonight.

    Barack Hussein Obama seems to be ashamed of his own name.

  479. Guys, don’t let an expected result in Mississippi demoralize you. I don’t understand why you guys get your expectations up in a place like Mississippi and then feel dejected by the end of the evening. It is simply Demographics. Hillary will thump Obama in Pennsylvania. The race card he is playing has backfired on him and will do so even more substantially in PA.

  480. carbynew, there are about 20 counties that haven’t reported yet. But I couldn’t tell ya whether they are Hillary or not.

  481. I think the vote, racist as it may be, could be a good indicator of BHO’s loss of support from white voters overall.

    Again I think this is brilliant strategy by Clinton campaign not to respond to this race baiting…..BHO wants to classify Hillary camp as racist and it looks like its going to backfire…

  482. Independent Ben wrote:

    Hillary is going to be the nominee . . . but the issue going forward is eventually going to be how to get the party back together, I’m afraid

    …the solution is a joint ticket. As Bill Clinton said, having the two of them on the same ticket would be unstoppable.

  483. Here is why we need to be careful about spreading memes against mail-in. It’s an Obama talking point, to make a 50-50 split in delegates the only alternative.

    Good whole story here:

    h t t p : / /
    Two co-chairman of Obama’s campaign in Michigan also say they’re leery of redoing the primary by mail. They’d prefer that the DNC evenly split Michigan’s 128 delegates between Clinton and Obama, who was not on the primary ballot because he didn’t want to anger other early voting states.

  484. 72 percent in … 58 – 40 Hillary coming up some though…maybe those northern counties going to come in late.

  485. Berkely, I don’t think the joint ticket will happen – but at least Hillary is on record of having tossed it out there . . .

  486. Just by looking at the poll numbers and see this politics of race – I tell you people – this party is going to hell quickly and surely. All courtesy of Obama and his mad wife. And Obama supporters are screaming and yelling that it was Hillary that started all the racial crap. It is pointless to argue. I am already being named a racist. And I just showed them a speech Jesse Jackson gave to super delegate to persuade him to change him mind – they say it is normal thing.
    One thing i know for sure – If Hillary wins – she should rebuild this party. It is so rotten and filthy – that it is wonder how they are still standing.

  487. I’m sure the DNC is praying for a joint ticket. Obama and Hillary are drawing record turnout in every state. If they turn all those people out together now, they’ll turn them out in the fall, too. Plus, think about the potent combination of resources ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$, ground teams, donor lists, email lists…)

  488. dem…i heard tonight that Michigan will be a real problem, because it is open, and no way to determine how to prevent REPUBLICANS who voted from voting a second time for Dems

  489. Bottom line…forget the numbers..Mr. O lost key voters in Mississippi because he tried the “hoodwink, bamboozle,okie doke” message.

    It only works in heavy AA communities. Frankly if BHO wants to be the next MLK I say go for it! He’s just not going to UNIFY the country with that theme!

  490. Berkeley Vox unless mister Obama the mighty will come down from his high horse – what kind of joint ticket can they have?

  491. Just wanted to clarify something about MS that a blogger on Taylor’s site just clarified for me. Obama actually did not lose more of the white vote than he did in SC. In SC Edwards got 40 percent of the white vote, Clinton got 36 percent and Obama 22 percent…In MS, he got 21 percent, so the percentage is almost exactly the same. That being said, Clinton got less of the black vote in MS than in SC, I think. I haven’t seen the hard numbers for this, but 9 percent seems a bit lower than what she has gotten in other states.

    So, it could just be that southern states have race issues that other states do not have, and his race baiting did not have a huge impact at all except cause anger on all sides.

  492. don’t think we will close in at 15%…looking at the map…I don’t see how those delegates gonna break that close

  493. It’s pretty obvious to all that Bambi’s base is AA’s, and latte liberals. And young too – but young now are not turning out in any record numbers.

    Hillary has the “core” of the Democratic party and the voters are going to work this thing out. Hillary can keep a much larger share of the Reagan Democrats, which will be crucial against McCain. And then Latinos – I imagine McCain would win them in most states against Bambi.

  494. I’m sure there’s a bunch of states Hillary would like to split the delegates 50/50 on too. Or that she had removed her name from the ballot so she could cry “unfair, I wasn’t even on the ballot there!”.

    I just have to add that vicodin is the only way to go on election nights. Woooo!

  495. carby,


    i just think people dont know, cause they dont, if they did, they’d be pissed, like me………………………..

  496. Like the idea of full page ad in PA papers…then Michigan…then Florida, too. Appreciate the AA blogger who is sick and tired of BO pandeering to his “base”. You know what gets me? Mimicking Malcomn X iand using his verbage is racist and I don’t understand why AA aren’t offended by his audacity to do that to them! It offends me, so whay in th hell doesn’t it offend them? Also, Barack Obama knows absolutely nothing about the historic Balck struggle in this country. He is not a descendant of American slaves…he can’t lay claim to that heritage, like the overwhelming majority of AA in this country can…why doesn’t that matter to AA? That offends me, too. I would have more respect for any AA candidate over him. He didn’t even grow up in the south or the north for that matter. Hawaii and Indonesia? I hardly call that the All-American experience. Why can’t the majority of AA see that they need a candidate – Hillary Clinton – who knows their struggle. She witnessed and lived through Jim Crow laws. She’s not some Johnny-come-lately. Her comment about LBJ signing historic civil rights laws is factual and takes NOTHING away from MLK – it enhances it! And Obama calls himself a civil rights attorney? Puleeze. The blogger that wrote that he alone has set back racial strides in this country is so on the mark. We’re right back to the fifties and sixties. People at work aren’t speaking to each other. There is racial tension now in this country that had largely disapated. The whole Obama-thing makes me sick to the pit of my stomach, and I know it does millions of others. This guy, with the gift of gab, has come onto the scene like a Pied Piper, mesmerized our kids, hooked the weak-minded (yes, that’s you MSNBC and CNN – except Lou Dobbs) and he has to be stopped with revelations of Rezko, Ayers, Wright, Farrakhan, $ ties to the Middle East, shady campaign contributions, hidden-agenda MO. Hillary supporters are digging in their heels deeper and deeper, and he can kiss his presidency goodbye with all his blow-hard, race-playing ploys. He’ll be toast come November. Right now, they’re saying they have to have an answer THIS WEEK on a redo. Watch him drag his heels and not agree (you could tell from the way Brazile answered tonight on CNN). Which means, he’s willing to disenfranchise the voters of MI & FL – he figures he can for certain keep HRC from securing nomination, and he’ll roll the dice in November. Well, guess what? Snake eyes, Obama. And we democrats ALL lose over your narcissistic vanity, audacity in-your-face gaul. We need an April, May, and June surprise, people. And they couldn’t come fast enough to suit me and millions of others.

  497. dot48 Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 10:36 pm
    don’t think we will close in at 15%…looking at the map…I don’t see how those delegates gonna break that close

    It’s the way delegates are weighted in MS.

  498. mangomist – SC was one of the last nights I spent over on Democratic Underground. They kept saying it was a huge deal for Obama to get 22% of the white vote because he was up against two white candidates. They were thrilled. Now he’s up against one white candidate and gets less. :/

  499. mangomist3,

    I agree. MS voted tonite like they probably would in any election. It’s very similar to the way Alabama voted as well, and that was back on Super Tuesday.

  500. “Sad but true. MS loss tonight helped solidify PA win in April.”

    lost me

    Race baiting…causing huge racial divide. Will likely be a big part of the media narrative tomorrow. White flight will continue in PA as a reaction to AA block voting.

  501. Tiny Dancer
    I just have to add that vicodin is the only way to go on election nights. Woooo!

    *****you beat me to it 😆

  502. So, here is my question…he already lost the white vote by a huge margin in SC. Do you think he realized he was going to get exactly the same proportion tonight? I guess I don’t understand why he used these race baiting strategies…because they already solidified the African American support for him, and he must have known there was a risk of alienating white voters (though that does not seem to have happened since he got the same percentage here as in SC, unless they were alienated at the time of SC)…do you see what I am saying? I guess I just don’t see what the benefit was for him to use racially motivated tactics…

  503. But it’s noteworthy that turnout for AA’s in MS was under what was expected. I was hearing numbers like 56%, but their actual turnout was more like 47%. That seems to indicate that Obamamania was kind of subsided a little. 😉

  504. debbie Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 10:35 pm
    Bottom line…forget the numbers..Mr. O lost key voters in Mississippi because he tried the “hoodwink, bamboozle,okie doke” message.

    It only works in heavy AA communities. Frankly if BHO wants to be the next MLK I say go for it! He’s just not going to UNIFY the country with that theme!
    Debbie, please don’t confuse MLK with Malcom X. When Obama uses that line he’s talking about about NOI and Malcom X. It means Black People rise up and fight the White Blue Eye Devil.

  505. Having a hard time with your analysis..Independent…

    “”I agree. MS voted tonite like they probably would in any election. It’s very similar to the way Alabama voted as well, and that was back on Super Tuesday.””

    not to be offensive but when did we have a ballot with a white woman and a black man as the only viable candidates???

  506. I’m sorry but she has supported that community for 30+ years and they give her less than 10% of their vote. How is that ok?

  507. mangomist3

    That’s true. Using the race baiting created an automatic backlash by white voters. But Obama did it, trying to create this HUGE turnout, so that’s what he was aiming for.

    And it looked like he failed, because AA turnout was actually low. His campaign has maintained that they can get a 30% increase inAA turnout in the GE, but that talking point is gone now.

  508. carbynew Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 10:44 pm
    debbie Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 10:35 pm
    Bottom line…forget the numbers..Mr. O lost key voters in Mississippi because he tried the “hoodwink, bamboozle,okie doke” message.

    It only works in heavy AA communities. Frankly if BHO wants to be the next MLK I say go for it! He’s just not going to UNIFY the country with that theme!
    Debbie, please don’t confuse MLK with Malcom X. When Obama uses that line he’s talking about about NOI and Malcom X. It means Black People rise up and fight the White Blue Eye Devil.

    Exactly. MLK is a hero. He got a lot of flack from other prominent aa’s when he really expanded his cause of poverty to include poor whites. MLK is the closest this country has to a modern founding father, and he wasn’t even a poltician.

  509. believe me…the repubs do not want to run against Hillary. Mitt giving “talking points memo” tonight. It is funny listening to him on this. He is making the case for Hillary while “hopium” it will be obama..LOL

  510. carbynew,

    didn’t mean to link the two, was more focused on the “heavenly choir, light shining down, do you believe” message

    the way I wrote it would confuse anyone as to what I was trying to say. sorry

    wheres my vicodin!!!!!!

  511. And, seriously, what he did for racial equality in this country, I am absolutely greatful for and proud of. BO is no MLK.

  512. Mang – “I guess I just don’t see what the benefit was for him to use racially motivated tactics…”

    BECAUSE THIS IS WHO HE IS and he is a neophyte and doesn’t know how to tailor his message to blacks.

    ALL BLACKS are alike to him…except the L.A. intelligencia blacks

  513. Ann, in the general election, rank and file AA voters will come back to her.

    Honestly, I don’t think there’s ANYBODY with any sense who believes that Bill and Hillary Clinton have created this racial environment.

  514. Ann, it is clear identity politics are at play along race lines in a way that they are not at play along gender lines. But that is what it is. I don’t think people can really argue that it would not mean something to the African American community to have a black man elected president. It would, and if some in the community believe that having a black man as president means more and would push the community further ahead than concrete economic and health plans, etc, then so be it…people have all kinds of judgements they must make in choosing who to vote for.

    What I resent DEEPLY is that he played the race card and accused both Clintons of racism to win African American voters over. That is what I find reprehensible. Perhaps it would have gravitated towards him anyways, but I don’t think it would have gone as strongly had he not created a lot of anger and resentment on both sides.

  515. I am not about to stay here and debate what i write with any of you and mj, you are so quick to jump on putting down everyones point of view

    there is such a thing as honest debate but you have gone over the line many times with people in here.

    good night all

  516. Ann, AA can support whoever they want and most see Obama as a good thing because of all the WHITE support and what the MSM is saying about this guy.

    They want to see their dream, and if this was Colin Power before the Iraq War I’m be voting for him. But I honestly believe HRC is the Best candidate to get jus back on track and have the best plans…I think she is more the qualify to lead this country.

    Obama not at all…I have zero confidence in his fitness for this job. He lost me with his “true” face, the race baiting and the lies.