Philadelphia Race

One of the most painful aspects of this presidential race has been the separation from so many of our African-American brothers and sisters on the campaign trail.

Let’s salute and appreciate those who swim against the tide. In Ohio, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones campaigned vigorously for Hillary. In New York, Charles Rangel helped Hillary carry his district. Shelia Jackson Lee of Texas worked tirelessly for Hillary.

As the nomination fight moves on to Pennsylvania an important figure will be Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia.

African American, 50 years old and elected last year as mayor of Philadelphia on a reform platform, Nutter has in many ways experienced a political rise similar to that of the Illinois Democrat vying for his party’s presidential nomination.

But presidential elections aren’t fought on paper, and Nutter isn’t a supporter of Obama’s. Instead, he has endorsed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and insisted in an interview late last week with The Fix that she is well positioned to clean up in both Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in general when the Democratic race makes its way there on April 22.

“There’s the regular season, and then there’s the playoffs,” Nutter said of the nomination fight. “We’re now in the playoffs.” Extending the football metaphor, Nutter compared Obama to the New England Patriots, who were undefeated during the regular season and the playoffs, and Clinton to the New York Giants, who ended that winning streak in the Super Bowl. [snip]

Despite that history, Nutter said he weighed his options carefully before deciding to endorse either candidate. He spoke with Obama and Clinton several times, knowing that he wanted to make an endorsement. (“You are either on the field or on the sidelines,” Nutter said. “I am an on-the-field guy.”) In the end, he went with Clinton because “I thought she had the best ideas [and a] tremendous track record.

Nutter’s endorsement of Clinton in December seemed inconsequential at the time. After all, no one in the political world believed the race would last beyond Feb. 5, Super Tuesday.

But, as the race has gone on (and on), Pennsylvania has become more and more relevant, and Nutter has emerged as a far more central figure in the ongoing debate over whether black elected officials should line up behind Obama and his potentially history-making candidacy.

Asked how much pressure he has come under to reconsider his endorsement of Clinton, Nutter responds curtly “none” before noting: “I don’t know if anyone is asking Senator Kennedy or Senator Kerry, who happen to be white, whether they are getting any pressure from their constituents for their endorsement of Senator Obama.”

Nutter takes it as a point of personal pride that he plans to stick with Clinton no matter what the future holds for her candidacy. “I take my time, think about what I am doing and then stick with it,” he said. “I don’t care whether it’s just me and them left.”

Given Clinton’s victories last week in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island, Pennsylvania looks like fertile territory for her, although Philadelphia — a city that is 45 percent black — could be far tougher.

Nutter, however, is optimistic, pointing out that in his 2007 Democratic primary victory he won both the white vote and the black vote, the first mayoral candidate in the city’s history to do so.

“We feel a certain sense of freedom and progressiveness here,” Nutter said of the City of Brotherly Love. “The notion that all black people vote one way has to be destroyed.”

Pennsylvania looks more and more like the Keystone state in this election cycle. The Mayor of the City of Brotherly Love will have a lot to say as to whether Philadelphia becomes the city of Sisterly Love as well.


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  1. Yes, thank you admin. for recognizing all of the African-Americans in this election who decided to swim against the tide and vote for the best candidate. Thank you to all of the African-American superdelegates who stuck with Hillary even amidst threats from the Obama campaign and his surrogates. Thank you to everyone who is willing to stand tall and against pressure from family and friends who have had too much of the kool-aid. We appreciate your support!

  2. Thanks to Admin, and Americans of all ethnicities who believe Hillary Clinton is the best PERSON for the job of President of the United States. The most qualified, the most experienced, the most open minded as to solving the problems of our great nation, and who loves ALL Americans, including those who do not love her. A President for ALL the people. Hillary Clinton is 44.

  3. so true about the video.

    but i have to go back and link up the one that was posted for Hillary and send that url to a few folks. I think that video could bring a contingent to her that may be floundering with Bo, but son’t think she is all that hip.

    Boy, would they be surprised if they only got to know her!

  4. Hillary should use the song Philadelphia in one of her campaign ads to be released in PA. I think it could definitely pull some heart strings 🙂

  5. admin, thank you for the post. in the next seven weeks, it would be great for the african-americans to take a second look at the campaigns and really think about the candidates’s policies. it would be wonderful that african-americans can transcend racial limitations… hillary has and always will be fighting for african-americans, just like she is fighting for all the people who needs a champion. i am so greatful for the superdelegates who have faced so much peer pressure but vote based on their own evaluation of the candidates’ policies. it really makes me believe in our democratic process. thank you again.

  6. Well gang…i have to go hit the rack. I have some major correspondence to do in the morning. And even tho is is not later than it was last night at this time, the clock is bamboozling me badly!

    I’ll see y’all then.


  7. We need to get as large of a win in PA as we can. Rendell and his team are definitely on point, as are the Clintons.

    This state is key.

    I donated more money yesterday and will be doing so again soon.

    Things could go better than expected in MS (let’s hope and work for that), and then we have to focus everything we have on PA.

    11 contests left, only 1 caucus (Guam).

    Time to go into our ‘finishing kick’ and help HRC complete this contest the way it should end: with her as the nominee.

    Hope everyone is having a great night. 🙂




  9. Two Governors Backing Clinton Offer To Help Raise Cash For New Elections

    Two of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s biggest supporters, who are also two of the Democratic Party’s most successful fund-raisers, have offered to help raise millions of dollars to stage new primaries in Florida and Michigan.

    Gov. Jon S. Corzine of New Jersey and Gov. Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania said Sunday that they would be willing to raise half the $30 million it would take to run new contests in those two states. Mr. Corzine and Mr. Rendell submitted their proposal to The Washington Post.

    The two governors argue that the Democratic National Committee, and not taxpayers in Florida and Michigan, should pay for a re-election in those states.

    Democrats have been struggling to find a way to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida, who were excluded when those states held primaries in January, violating national party rules.

    With a virtual tie in both convention delegates and the nationwide popular vote, the dispute over the two states has the potential of deciding the overall race.

    Mrs. Clinton won in both states, though Senator Barack Obama’s name did not appear on the Michigan ballot and neither candidate campaigned actively in Florida. Her supporters at first pressed for the disputed delegates to be seated, but both campaigns and Democratic Party leaders have been searching for an alternative solution.

    Talk of the problem dominated the Sunday morning political television programs.

    “I think it’s very unlikely that Florida and Michigan, given how close this race is, are going to be seated as is,” said Howard Dean, the Democratic national chairman, on “Face the Nation” on CBS. “But everybody’s going to work very hard to find a compromise within the rules that’s fair to both campaigns that will allow Florida and Michigan in the end to be seated.”

    Mr. Rendell raised the fund-raising proposal on “Meet the Press” on NBC as he pressed for re-votes in the two states. Former Senator Tom Daschle of South Dakota, speaking for the Obama campaign, also appeared on the program and said he would go along.

    “We don’t have any problem with that,” Mr. Daschle said.

    Mr. Rendell said that, in the submission to The Washington Post, he and Mr. Corzine offered to “help raise the approximately $15 million which would be half of the $30 million it would take to run those two contests.”

    Asked about the proposal by WNBC-TV on Sunday, Mr. Corzine said it had not been cleared with the Obama campaign. He also said the best time for new contests, were they to happen, would be after the last scheduled primaries are held in early June.

    A spokeswoman for Mr. Corzine, Deborah Howlett, later said: “He doesn’t think that the states or the taxpayers in Michigan or Florida should pay for the election. And he’s glad to help the D.N.C. raise money to cover the costs.”

    Asked if Mr. Corzine, a former co-chairman of Goldman Sachs who spent $100 million of his own money to win an election to the United States Senate in 2000 and the governor’s office in 2005, would be a contributor, Ms. Howlett said: “He’s been pretty generous with causes he believes in. I wouldn’t be surprised if he donated money. But he’s not going to underwrite the whole thing.”

    In his appearance on CBS, Mr. Dean urged the parties to find a solution quickly, saying that with the lead Democrats hold in polls and in fund-raising, “the only thing that can beat us is if we’re divided.”

    In a separate interview, on ABC, Mr. Dean suggested that a compromise might involve using mail-in ballots to restage both primaries, with the cost — perhaps one-third that of conventional elections — to be absorbed by Democratic donors.

    Another possibility would be to split the delegates in half, but that would effectively cement Mr. Obama’s delegate lead in place and thus be unacceptable to Clinton supporters.

    If Rendell and Corzine are proposing this, it must be with the blessing of Hillary’s campaign. The only reason I can think is that they are convince Hillary will come out with more delegates than she would have if they would be seated as is.

  10. here here to mayor nutter. he is a brotha that will not back down from obamabot threats. power to my hi hillfans!!!!

  11. hi skmf12. not on as much anymore due to my new work schedule. catching up on the latest fl/michigan primary furor. at least it is catching steam. we will see how it plays out.

  12. thanks rjk1957!!! i have to say i hate hannity but he is a equal opportuntity basher. he is exposing obamanation on what it is!!

  13. I’ve updated the list of MS papers that take online comments which is at h t t p : / /

    will send me the PA list soon.

  14. *Another great post Admin. 🙂 Hey guys! Have you hear of this book? Looks interesting….

    Eleanor vs. Ike
    A Novel

    By Robin Gerber

    It is a time of turmoil, with the nation mired in an unpopular war in Korea and with Senator Joseph McCarthy stirring up fear of a lurking Communist “menace.” Racial discrimination is rampant. A woman’s place is in the home. And when a shocking act of God eliminates the Democratic presidential nominee, the party throws its support to an unlikely standard bearer: former First Lady and goodwill ambassador to the world Eleanor Roosevelt.

    Captivating and fast-paced, Eleanor vs. Ike pits the unforgettable Eleanor against the enormously popular war hero Gen. Dwight David (“Ike”) Eisenhower. But while the opponents promise “an honest campaign,” their strategists mire the race in scandal and bitter innuendo. Suddenly Eleanor finds herself a target of powerful insiders who mean to destroy her good name—and Ku Klux Klan assassins dedicated to her death—as she gets caught up in a mad whirl of appearances and political maneuvering . . . and a chance encounter with a precocious five-year-old named Hillary Rodham.

  15. LOL wolcott taking the piss out of that guy at dailykos who is just insufferably full of himself. the primaries have been one long drama for that kos writer. first said over and over he would not endorse (you are one person dude, that is called “voting”), changed his mind and went obama (of course), makes dramatic statements about how terribly sad he is that he finds hillary unacceptable, etc. you’d think he was the governor of a major state the way he carries on.

  16. another_reader: you’d think he was the governor of a major state the way he carries on.

    He’s a social studies teacher at a high school in MD. I feel sorry for his students. What a windbag.

  17. maybe i should be grateful for a little melodramatic crap on daily kos because it is a step up from the usual mean-spirited insults and lies?

  18. another_reader: usual mean-spirited insults and lies

    those are in the comments … besides, ‘morally unfit’ qualifies as a mean-spirited insult, especially coming from a quack.

  19. Mayor Nutter and I were thinking the same thing:
    “There’s the regular season, and then there’s the playoffs,” Nutter said of the nomination fight. “We’re now in the playoffs.” Extending the football metaphor, Nutter compared Obama to the New England Patriots, who were undefeated during the regular season and the playoffs, and Clinton to the New York Giants, who ended that winning streak in the Super Bowl. [snip]
    After Hillary’s victories in TX, OH, & RI recently, I made this video:

    Just this past weekend, I made a video summing up the recent exposure of Obama’s doubletalk. For those who haven’t seen it, it is “Obama’s Doubletalk Express – The Great Pretender” Just when I thought it was all talk, no action, we learn that it is really doubletalk.

  20. Good morning, Hillfans. Got both parts of the Hannity clips posted.

    Also see RW’s Obama smackdown from yesterday’s Newsweek propaganda.

    Click my name and it’ll take you right there.

  21. B Merryfield,
    Based on all your research, etc. how would you rate the likelihood that BO is called to testify in Rezko trial before April 22?

  22. Ann, it’s doubtful that he’ll be called in this trial. However, based on my research and what I know, my money’s on Hillary becoming 44 in November.

  23. Good morning, Spacegirl. Got a “No More Caucuses” blog set up for whomever, whenever anyone is ready for it.

    Did you read my Newsweek/Obama smackdown?

  24. not yet….
    only on my first cup of coffee….

    damn time change!

    but i have an unrelated email I am about to send to you

  25. Hello all–
    If you RATE my video, MARK it as a Favorite, AND submit a COMMENT, it will get it higher in the YouTube rankings which in turn may get it more exposure on YouTube. This will applies to videos within 48 hours of posting, so it applies to my recent video which went up Sunday morning:
    “Obama’s Doubletalk Express – The Great Pretender”

    I hope you can help me promote the video by Rating, Favoriting, and Commenting today on YouTube. Let others know too. If it gets high up there, we may be able to reach a wider audience. Thanks for your support.

  26. BMerryfield: Based on what you know, would you say that BO could take the V.P. postion? or would that be too damaging to HC??

    Thanks for your great site!!!

  27. This Newsweek artile is slated for release March 17th, no? Do you think the MSM will pick up on any of this in the pre-release?

  28. Spacegirl, he is up for re-election in 2010. My best guess on this is that it will be iffy. He may be a hot potato by then.

    As for the Newsweek article, I can tell you that a lot of media types read RW. I’d be surprised if folks like Bob Novak don’t get goosebumps over it. ‘Nuf said.

  29. “Alsammarae, the former Iraqi Minister of Electricity, is still wanted by Interpol for the theft of $650 million in Iraqi reconstruction funds stolen from the Coalition Provisional Authority between 2003 and 2006.”

    OK…my brain hurts….

    If this guy is wanted by Interpol…what is Obama doing “helping him out” or being connected with him at all?

    I GET the electricity part…but JEEZE…

  30. I know that B MErry…just wondered if anyone “out there” cared! Or if this is ANOTHER one that will be swept under the rug…

  31. BTW, I’ve only set up the “No More Caucus” blog for others to use. I’ve not linked any blog lists to it. Google is the number one for referrals. This is so there is a dedicated place for the subject. I don’t plan to admin it. Someone needs to step up to take this over.

  32. B MErry…that was nice of you to do. I am not ADMIN savvy enough. Perhaps Fran (I think it’s fran) can link it to her blog on the same subject.

  33. Gotcha

    But if a (TWO? Durban in the mix) sitting US Senator(S) is helping out a twice-escaped fugitave wanted by Interpol for stealing US reconstruction funds…


    Why isn’t this headlines from Coast to Coast?

  34. GeekLove08-
    Consider it done! Super, duper videos – Stayin’ Alive is right on spot and Obama Doubletalk Express set to “Great Pretender” is priceless! Young people need to see these videos. Even though they are totally entralled with this Phony of all Phonies, they don’t like being used and lauged at like the Bushes did the Evangelicals. How about a video featuring Hillary as Denver’s Unsinkable Molly Brown (How the West was Won) and Hillary’s softer side ready to rise in Denver set to John Denver’s “Annie’s Song” and “Rocky Mountain High?” You are soooooooo talented. Keep up the great artistic work, and we’ll keep the votes comin’!

  35. Alexrod on TV this morning was talking about how tough Obama is because he has taken all of Hillary’s abuse and fought back (my words). I don’t think Hillary’s been that tough on Obama. There isn’t anything she has said that wasn’t the truth. Have I missed something? I can think of so many things she could have said and didn’t because I don’t think she is a hateful woman. No one has gone after Michelle yet and she has been a horrible surrogate for her husband. Hillary has only mentioned Rezko once and I know that is something the republicans are going to use. Sometimes I feel that I am watching a different campaign than the one being reported about.

    I hope she doesn’t have to take BO as VP. I think she can do much better.

  36. What is this about Doug Wilder and Donna Brazile taking out an ad in USA Today that the SD should be morally obligated to support the one with the most pledged delegates?

    I just heard someone call into Bill Bennett saying that. However, the gentleman agreed with Hill and said the SD should act in the national interest of the party. B BEnnett asked him if he thought of the SD as Senators or Congressmen i.e Senate= Nat’l , Congress = local. He said national interest.

    If I find out that Donna Brazile did this, we should bombard CNN to remove her as a commentator as her hands are not clean. She is clearly a supporter of BO.
    tiburones | 03.10.2008 – 08:57 am | # –

  37. I’m taking what B. Merryfield says on “faith”. A recent post said Hillary will be the nominee and BHO will not be her VP. That sounds very good to me. I can hardly wait!

    I seldom miss reading Rezkowatch, but I can’t predict how soon things will break in a big way for us on that subject. However, I sure am glad B. Merryfield is working on that. I remain hopeful.

    It’s great that many things in the press seem to be turning our way. It looks like there is the beginnings of a “Great Awakening” in the media. While I admit it’s picking up steam, it’s still too slow to calm my anxieties. I admit I’m always in a hurry.

    At least we have B. Merryfield (maybe I mentioned that) to keep us calm and to provide us with optimism. I’ll take that!

  38. Once again I suggest that we redo the first 6 states — all with primaries…..I’d like to see if BO can win an IA primary…he certainly wouldn’t win one in NV. He might rewin SC….but that’s about it.

    If he loses the then caucuses/now primaries, we could throw out all the caucuses and Hill would be way ahead.

  39. You might think I’m a bitch now, but when this is all over, you people WILL know the capital of Vermont! 😡

  40. Actually, I was suggesting they return to their seats to pay attention. Otherwise they might miss all the fun.

    About CNN, with the changes taking place in the media, is it safe now to go back to watching Wolf Hussein Oblitzer?

  41. If Donna Brazile and “we’re gonna riot if our boy ain’t the man” Wilder did that…wha a desperate NATIONAL TRAVESTY

  42. I am so happy to hear that the Clinton campaign is making NEPA a priority. As many of you know, I have been saying forever that they should do this.


    NEPA is a perfect place to get out voters and drive up her percentage win. Lots of old people, working-class whites, and almost all of the college students there cannot vote as they are out-of-state trust fund babies attending one of the areas private colleges.

    Anybody that emails the campaign hints should tell them to offer a proposal to increase access to higher education in the area. NEPA is the only area of PA without its own major state research institue.

    BTW, watchin’ Morning Joke, and let me just say, I cannot stand the playmate.

  43. I just wrote a VERY angry response email to a columnist in my school paper that regularly attacks Hillary. I emailed him a long, pissed off response, asking him to meet me somewhere to discuss it in person if that’s how he wants this to go. Every week, usually twice a week, he attacks her and praises Obama to no end. I got sick of it.

  44. The Smart young lady, a delegate to Obama, who was the ACTRESS in the 3am ad on MSNBC..and she says…i kid you not…

    “I was definitely not sleeping…it just goes to show you that this ad is not reality”



    Glad she is a delegate to Obama. With this logic, we can sit out the rest of the election and still win!

  45. Al Sharpton MAY file a lawsuit against seating FL delegates (FOXNews)

    he will be on there shortly (in the next hour)

  46. I think it prety interesting that so many AA “leaders” are wanting to disenfranchise voters

  47. “The rise in voter harassment and voter intimidation is a direct result of some political operatives – often with the blessing of their political leaders trying to gain an electoral advantage at the ballot box. This practice of discouraging people from voting, from schemes that misinform or challenge the electoral status of eligible citizens to participate, should be outlawed in this nation.”

    -DNC Voting Rights Institute Chair and Super Delegate Donna Brazile when she testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the need to protect the right to vote from acts of intimidation


    On the issues, it looks like Hill comes out better than everyone except on CIC which goes to McCain. However, Hill is much closer to McCain on this issue than BO. Interesting.

    Compare and contrast this weeks results with Hil and McCain vs last result with McCain and Bo.
    McCain Trusted More Than Clinton on National Security, Clinton Has Edge on Economy
    Monday, March 10, 2008
    No matter which Democrat wins their Party’s Presidential nomination, John McCain will enter the fall campaign with a substantial advantage on the issue of National Security. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 49% trust McCain more than Clinton on national security issues while 36% have more confidence in the former First Lady. An earlier survey found that McCain enjoyed a twenty-five point advantage over Barack Obama on the national security issue.

    However, the economy has emerged as the top issue of Election 2008 and on that topic, it is Clinton with the edge. By a 47% to 41% margin, more voters trust Clinton than McCain when it comes to the economy. This is one of two significant differences that emerge when comparing McCain versus the two Democratic hopefuls. While trailing Clinton on the economy, McCain has a six-point advantage over Obama on the same topic.

    When the issue is Reducing Government Corruption, however, Obama does better against McCain. The Illinois Senator has a nine-point edge over McCain on that topic. At the same time, 43% trust McCain more than Clinton when it comes to reducing government corruption. Only 32% place more trust in Clinton.

    On the War in Iraq, 46% trust McCain and 42% Clinton. McCain holds a slightly larger advantage over Obama on the War issue.

    On taxes, 39% trust Clinton and 37% McCain. McCain hold a five-point edge over Obama on taxes.

    On all five issues mentioned in this survey, the gender gap is huge when McCain is measured against Clinton. In fact, Clinton is favored by at least a plurality of women on every issue and McCain is favored by at least a plurality of men.

    On National Security, McCain enjoys a 59% to 29% advantage among men. Among women, 42% trust Clinton and 41% McCain.

    On the Economy, women prefer Clinton by a 51% to 34% margin. Among men, McCain has a 49% to 42% edge.

    In the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, McCain is currently in a toss-up with either Obama or Clinton.

    Crosstabs available for Premium Members Only.

    tiburones | 03.10.2008 – 10:01 am | #

  49. B Merryfield Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 9:18 am

    BMerry, congrats on your RW site. The Newsweek article is kind of benign, no? May be that’s why you’re saying they got punked. So are you saying there will be more? I also vaguely remember the Newshour (I think) doing a segment on this guy (he was mostly portrayed as someone who wanted to do good but was hampered and imprisoned and all that).

  50. Thanks Admin,

    How sad is it that this election, thanks to Mr. Obama is pitting friend against friend.

    A long time AA friend of mine won’t even talk to me anymore because I support Hillary.

  51. Re: Times article: Obama’s big problem…

    “Both joined Obama’s team early on as the senior advisers within their policy areas, and, both enjoyed warm personal relationships with the candidate and the political professionals surrounding him.”

    Didn’t his campaign say that neither advisor was that close to Obama?

  52. I believe so Jan, and i heard as an aside yesterday/saturday, that someone said from Obama camp Power did not advise him on Iraq at all

  53. this could be interesting:

    The Los Angeles Times leads with word that the Senate Intelligence Committee is getting ready to release a critical analysis of claims that were made by Bush administration officials in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. The long-delayed report, which is one of the last in a series of investigations relating to the Iraq war, sounds like it could be a bombshell but officials emphasized it reaches a “mixed verdict” in its evaluation of whether the White House misused intelligence to make the case for war.

  54. pm, the Newsweek article is benign. BO’s campaign made a huge mistake in opening a can of worms it should have left shut. By calling attention to BO’s (and Durbin’s) actions, it opens everything up regarding his relationship with Alsammarae. If you don’t get it, you need to read the rest of the articles about Als. and you will see where the danger lies. This is a matter of leading everyone by the hand to connect the dots.

  55. So B MErry…would that mean that my comments from above re: interpol and “how can I help you” from Obama/Durban is in the crux?

  56. Tip of the iceberg, Spacegirl. As much as I wanted to go full blast with this article, decided to pull back and go fly-fishing instead, teasing the fish to jump out of the water and grab the hook. Never know what might rise out of the murky deep!

  57. # B Merryfield Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 10:12 am

    ooops! That should have been “not benign” ..
    OK, thanks. I get it. If I may speculate, I think there is a lot going on here with the Iraq connections. I may even end up mistrusting his commitment to end the war — we all should. Hopefully Isikoff will do more to connect the dots before it is too late.

  58. Can someone send the Ras NC poll to Hill’s tip area on her site. I think that this being the 4th or so poll that shows that he would not get her supporters by a large marging is HUGE as he has been spouting of lies that can be disproven.

    See Ras NC poll results above.


    Obama Pastors’ Sermons May Violate Tax Laws
    Famous Parishioner Disavows Himself From Partisan Tilt


    March 10, 2008; Page A1

    On Christmas morning, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. compared presidential candidate Barack Obama’s impoverished childhood to Jesus Christ’s. “Barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people,” he then trumpeted. “Hillary [Clinton] can never know that.”

    Mr. Wright wasn’t at a convention or a campaign stop. He was standing at the pulpit before the mostly African-American congregation of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, where Sen. Obama has worshiped for more than 20 years.

    Mr. Wright, who will be ending his 36-year tenure as the church’s senior pastor in June, has previously been criticized for comments deriding President George Bush and lauding Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. Now Mr. Wright’s and his successor’s repeated enthusiastic promotion of their famous parishioner may be running afoul of federal tax law, which says churches can endanger their tax-exempt status by endorsing or opposing candidates for public office.

    Sen. Obama’s campaign issued a statement saying that he has repeatedly stressed that personal attacks “have no place in this campaign or our politics, whether they’re offered from a platform at a rally or the pulpit of a church.” The statement also said he “does not think of the pastor of his church in political terms. Like a member of his family, there are things he says with which Senator Obama deeply disagrees.” Mr. Wright declined to comment.

    Trinity’s national parent, the United Church of Christ, recently disclosed that it’s being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service for a speech Sen. Obama gave to 10,000 people at a church conference in June in Hartford, Conn., in which he mentioned his candidacy and parts of his platform, namely health-care reform.

    Scholars and attorneys say that a growing number of congregations are delving into issue advocacy and partisan politics, a trend dating back to the 1980s, when the religious right enlisted churches to fight abortion. An increasing number of complaints to the IRS over church politicking have triggered agency probes into both liberal and conservative religious groups. A Baptist church in California has acknowledged it’s under IRS scrutiny after a watchdog group complained that the church backed Republican Mike Huckabee in his recently ended bid for the White House.

    “There have never been more audits than in the last three or four years” involving churches, says Marcus Owens, an attorney who represents some congregations and is a former director of the IRS’s exempt-organizations division. But while the agency has issued dozens of warning letters aimed at halting advocacy for political candidates, it has only twice revoked a church’s tax-exempt status since the tax law was amended in 1954, a spokeswoman said.

    Under the law that governs tax-exempt organizations, churches are allowed to support causes or ballot initiatives such as laws to ban same-sex marriage. They also can hold a candidates’ night for all office-seekers in a race. But according to guidance provided on the IRS’s Web site, churches are “absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.”

    The prohibition is aimed at preventing government subsidies — in the form of tax breaks — from going to organizations that support political parties. Other types of nonprofits are permitted to engage in partisan political activity but have more limited tax protections. For instance, their financial supporters aren’t allowed to claim tax deductions for their donations.

    With 6,000 members, Trinity is the largest United Church of Christ congregation. The church is centered in a poor Chicago neighborhood, near public housing and down the road from Cut Rate Food & Liquors, which posts a sign reading “No drug dealing.” A review by The Wall Street Journal of 13 sermons at Trinity seen live or through church-recorded DVDs since late December found nine instances of ministers at Trinity appearing to promote Sen. Obama’s candidacy.

    From the Pulpit

    Some of the sermons mentioned Sen. Clinton or her husband in unflattering ways. During that Christmas morning sermon, Mr. Wright declared that Hillary Clinton “ain’t had to work twice as hard just to get accepted by the rich white folk who run everything or to get a passing grade when you know you are smarter than that ‘C’ student sitting in the White House.” On Jan. 13, Mr. Wright told the Trinity congregation that some people say, “‘Hillary is married to Bill and Bill [has] been good to us.'” Mr. Wright continued, “No, he ain’t!” Sen. Clinton’s campaign didn’t respond to requests for comment.

    Ellen Aprill, an associate dean at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and a former adviser to the Treasury Department on matters including nonprofit tax law, says she believes those sermons are “clearly a violation. They’re naming names.”

    Donald Tobin, an associate dean at Ohio State University law school, who formerly worked for the Justice Department on nonprofit tax matters, adds that nonprofits cannot make endorsements or engage in a “pattern and practice that is designed to support one candidate over another.” After being read sections of the Trinity sermons by the Journal, he said, “There does seem to be a pattern of attempting to tip the scales in a way for Barack Obama. And churches shouldn’t be doing that.”

    Allusions to Candidate

    In some instances, the church’s ministers alluded to Sen. Obama without naming him. During a Trinity sermon observed by a Journal reporter on March 2, the Rev. Otis Moss III, the pastor, preached, “There was a non-Babylonian, a young man who heard the word of God and said, ‘I have the audacity to hope!’ Now the whole nation says, ‘Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!'”

    “Because that phrase is so identified with Barack Obama and because he is a member of the congregation, it’s possible that it could be interpreted as an implicit endorsement,” Ms. Aprill says. Mr. Moss didn’t return calls seeking comment.

    Congregants are hearing more about politics during worship services than they did decades ago, scholars say. A 2006 poll of 3,000 churchgoers found that about a third of Roman Catholics and white evangelicals and 42% of black Protestants said politics and social issues had been discussed from the pulpit at least “once every month or two,” according to David Campbell, a political science professor at the University of Notre Dame, who commissioned the survey for a book he is helping to write on churches’ civic life.

    Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit, says it has filed 13 complaints with the IRS in the past year over alleged church politicking. They include allegations that churches made endorsements from the pulpit or on church stationery for Sen. Obama or Mr. Huckabee, says Rob Boston, a spokesman. One of those complaints involves First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, Calif., which has acknowledged that it’s under federal investigation. The ministry endorsed Mr. Huckabee on its stationery and its Internet radio program, Americans United said.

    Current Investigations

    The IRS won’t disclose how many congregations it is currently investigating. Last July, the agency reported that it was reviewing complaints involving 44 churches and 56 other nonprofits related to the 2006 election cycle and had, at that point, found 26 cases of improper political activity. The agency examined 110 cases during the 2004 elections, issuing 69 advisories, akin to warning letters, and revoked the tax-exempt status of five nonprofits, none of them churches.

    Revoked Status

    Since Congress amended the tax law in 1954 to restrict campaign activity by nonprofits, only two churches have had their tax-exemptions revoked, according to the IRS. The most recent case involved Branch Ministries Inc., which ran a church in Binghamton, N.Y., and placed full-page ads in two newspapers in 1992 urging Christians not to vote for then-candidate Bill Clinton. The IRS decision was upheld on appeal.

    Losing tax-exempt status would be a serious blow to any church. It likely would be subject to income taxes and not be able to solicit tax-deductible contributions. Any IRS investigation — even if it doesn’t lead to any action — can embroil a church in months, sometimes years, of costly legal battles.

    Write to Suzanne Sataline at suzanne.sataline@wsj.com1

  60. @PM…”I may even end up mistrusting his commitment to end the war —”

    we are on the same wavelength.

    I was just making some breakfast and had the light bulb go off.

    The question is…were there contacts BEFORE the war, re: nuclear plants or other stuff…that the war interfered with?

    Also, how beholden is Durban to the Nuke guys Excelon (sp) (brain fart)

  61. SpacegirlArt Says:

    March 10th, 2008 at 9:55 am
    Al Sharpton MAY file a lawsuit against seating FL delegates (FOXNews)

    he will be on there shortly (in the next hour)


    Let him do that. This will defnitely turn BO into the Black canidate and will beg the question of why they would want to disenfranchise the voters. I think most fair minded people, especially the residents of FL and MI will be pissed. Go ahead and give these states to the Rethugs, just give it to them.

    It would seem to me that BO and AS would come of looking like hypocrits when Hill’s camp have offered fair compromises, revote and partial spilt of the bill.

  62. What a huge favor when Obama’s big-mouth spokesperson blabbed his lack of resolve and committment to ending the war on BBC, that led to a real awakening. However, the masses (translation: youth and aging Woodstock-wannabes) do not know or see these clips – they are too deep into mind control by Obama. Hope money trail of stolen funds in Iraq lead straight back to Obama’s campaign…what a reporter/accountant/lawyer’s dream find.

  63. @Curiosityhasme

    “:Hope money trail of stolen funds in Iraq lead straight back to Obama’s campaign”

    I believe it will. An sooner than later.

  64. SpacegirlArt:
    Would be interesting to see how MSM could spin and literally circle-the-wagons around that one, eh? They, who have been so critical of poor record-keeping and the gazillions of dollars unaccounted for.

  65. SpacegirlArt Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 10:32 am

    @PM…”I may even end up mistrusting his commitment to end the war —”

    we are on the same wavelength.

    What Samantha Power said in that BBC interview may be a Freudian slip. I also see a pattern here — talk up something with a lot idealism and loftiness to completely lead the people astray that they don’t suspect what the real agenda is. It was like what Bush was saying — I am not a nation builder..Also there is too much money/corruption related stuff here — remember Moore’s Fahrenheit 11 and the scene where a businessman talking about Iraq war is saying money, money, money — that was a disgusting scene.

  66. Curiosity….

    It would be very interesting to see that this was one way the campaign was being funded (i have thought SOMETHING like that for WEEKS now…little cash donations at street level…never through the “Oficial Campaign” and if Obama/Durban were doing business with Iraq BEFORE the war against US Law, wow.

    I want to see the earmarks for 2005-2006. My guess is there is another “dot” THERE to connect

  67. SpacegirlArt Says:

    March 10th, 2008 at 9:55 am
    Al Sharpton MAY file a lawsuit against seating FL delegates (FOXNews)

    he will be on there shortly (in the next hour)

    May be Obama will put a dog collar on him! (remember SNL last week)

  68. pm…i think it is a lot deeper than that.

    It almost appear they are fighting so hard to eliminate Hillary, because this stuff is on the table and in the file drawers of Bush/Cheney offices.

  69. I really think that Obama is going to rue the day he got in bed with the likes of Sharpton, Brazille, Kerry, etc…

    Sharpton is a loose cannon and Obama has had enough missteps with those types lately.

  70. This media blitz by BHO’s surrogates (Wilder, Brazile and Sharpton) is PERFECT. You cannot win on disenfranchising voters with the public. Similarly, a recent poll showed that the majority of Americans feel the SD’s should make their own mind up about whom to vote for, so the USA Today spot is only going to tick people off. I’m liking these gaffes by BHO and his team.

    Brazile should be let go immediately by CNN. She is not neutral, and has embarrassed herself and the Party with her remarks about no longer being a Dem, essentially, if BHO doesn’t win.

  71. BHO is painting himself into a perfect corner here. These moves may be timed somewhat for tomorrow’s MS primary, but any way you slice them, I cannot see them NOT backfiring. Excellent.

  72. Jan “I really think that Obama is going to rue the day he got in bed with the likes of Sharpton, Brazille, Kerry, etc…”

    I am beginning to believe these people are “smokescreens” to the REAL issues….all cleverly arranged by people we cannot imagine to USE the passions of the AA community and the “liberal elite” to cause distraction while the REAL criminals do their dirty work

  73. One thing Limbaugh mentioned recently regarding BHO (my brother’s a listener) is that Bush, et. al. may have more info about this whole Colombian FARC computer with Obama’s name on it then they are letting on. I don’t know if that is true (and neither does Limbaugh), but it’s another example of how little we know about this untested, unproven 1st-term senator who could destroy the Party’s chances in November if any such ‘October Surprises’ exist.

  74. They are talking about a mail in ballot RUN BY THE PARTY for Florida.


    How do you prevent Republicans who have already voted Republican from switching and voting Democrat?

    How do you prevent voter fraud? Remember the story out of HHouston, where “young people” came to “help” older people fill out the ballot, and filled it inwith Obaba’s name?

  75. @Universal “a recent poll showed that the majority of Americans feel the SD’s should make their own mind up about whom to vote for, so the USA Today spot is only going to tick people off.”

    Brazile’s OWN WORDS to me in an email

    “The rules stipulate we are independent and not have to go a certain way.” (sic)

  76. Ok, so this is pretty smart. If we redo the primaries in June, they are worth an extra 30% of delegates than they would have been earlier.

    By the way, that writer who wrote about BO’s preacher, OBAMA DIDNT HAVE AN IMPOVERISHED CHILDHOOD> The man has never had one poor day in his entire life.

  77. mj…”Ok, so this is pretty smart. If we redo the primaries in June, they are worth an extra 30% of delegates than they would have been earlier.”

    true, but that is why they are trying hammer and tong to SKEW and CORRUPT any redo from the obama camp.

    I say IF we are going to do it again, DO A PRIMARY. DEMOCRATS ONLY, who were REGISTERED AS DEMOCRATS on FEBRUARY FIFTH.

  78. @SpacegirlArt,

    You should throw Brazille’s words back at her. Ask her why she isn’t pushing that message on CNN…

  79. I believe the Fl& Mi debacle will be the topic on the cable news shows today. BO will get a blip re his military pressary but the topic will be Fl & Mi.

    Regarding the letter below, I’m glad to see cooler minds and Clinton supporters coming out swinging. Prior, BO, his supporters and the MSM had been somewhat successful inf raming that the SD was evil and should not overtake the will of the people. Now, the Clinton team is rightfully pushing back that the SD are sanctioned by the party and their role is to exercise independent judgement. It is important for them to win and explain the role of the SD and the Fl & Mi voters not counting.


    Here’s the full letter:
    An Open Letter to Democratic Party Super Delegates
    From Steven Grossman, Former National Chairman,
    Democratic National Committee

    Like many Democratic activists and officials honored to have been selected as so-called super delegates to this year’s Democratic national convention, I’ve spent most of my life engaged in the fight for the values that the Democratic party embodies. These values were perhaps best articulated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his second inaugural address: “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”

    Like some of my colleagues, my commitment to the Democratic party and my passion for its most cherished principles can fairly be said to be part of my DNA. In my own case, my grandfather, father, uncle and I were all given the opportunity to serve as delegates to Democratic national conventions over the last 60 years. Indeed, my grandfather and father comprised the only “father-son” team among the delegates to the 1948 convention in Philadelphia that chose Harry Truman as the party’s standard bearer. Given that family history, it will be understood how proud I was to serve first as Chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and then as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

    Some commentators, observing the current deadlock between Senators Clinton and Obama as they vie for the Democratic presidential nomination, have suggested that as super delegates, our function is to be mindless tabulators of primaries and caucuses won, or popular votes amassed. Despite the super delegates’ lifetimes spent working on state, national and international issues, and thinking seriously about the grave challenges, and the dangerous adversaries, facing our country, these commentators demand that we suspend our independent judgments and jettison our profound responsibilities–to the party and, frankly, to the country itself. Even though the very party rules that provide for super delegates contemplated that we would exercise those independent judgments and fulfill those responsibilities, there are those who believe that we should confine ourselves to adding up numbers.

    But super delegates were not selected by the national party to be either potted plants or rubber stamps. We were selected because under party rules that have been in place for a generation, our party concluded that we had demonstrated the ability to act as stewards of the national party–and of the national interest. By dint of our experience in the community and our public service, we were adjudged fit to fulfill a moral responsibility to act in the best interest of the country as we saw it–and to be strong enough to withstand the criticisms of those who might object to the political impact of the independent conclusions we reached.

    Our duty to our party and our country is a fiduciary one, a sacred trust. We are obliged to regard ourselves in a real sense as trustees, charged with making conscientious judgments on behalf of the party but, more importantly, the country we care, and worry, about.

    Any dispassionate analysis of the current nomination fight shows that Senators Clinton and Obama are breathtakingly close in terms of delegates won and popular vote recorded. It is likely that after the remaining primaries and caucuses have been held, the already narrow gap in delegates will shrink yet further, and the equally slim gap in popular vote will also close, with Senator Clinton having a meaningful chance to overtake Senator Obama’s popular vote total altogether, particularly when the collective will of Florida’s and Michigan’s primary voters is finally taken into account. At a minimum, the nomination process must be permitted to run its full course, so that not only are the candidates’ qualifications, character and positions fully vetted, but everyone who is entitled to vote is actually permitted to do so.

    This means that, in the first instance, those super delegates who have not made up their minds or who have decided to remain neutral until all the votes have been cast should resist the pressure to abort the process. We are, after all, electing not a student council president but the President of the United States of America, the leader of the free world and, in real terms, the most powerful person on the planet. There is no amount of prudence and care which can possibly be excessive, under the circumstances.

    But what happens after the final primaries are over in early June, when by most analyses neither Senator Clinton nor Senator Obama will have enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination? If the role of super delegates is merely to assess primary and caucus results, how do they wade through the thicket created by the important questions that those results have generated?

    Should caucuses, in which citizens who wish to express their choice are obliged to either show up at an appointed hour and sit in a room for up to several hours or not show up at all, be regarded as reflecting the popular will as much as primaries, where voters whose lives do not permit them to spend three hours in a locked room at the end of a workday can simply go into their local elementary school, vote and leave–like voters across the country do on the first Tuesday in November?

    Should the results in states that have rarely if ever voted Democratic in a presidential election over the last half century be accorded the same weight as the results in large states that form the heart of the Democratic base, and which the Democratic presidential nominee must carry in order to win the White House?

    Should primaries in which voters who are not in fact members of the Democratic party voted in significant numbers be given the same standing for the purpose of choosing the Democratic party nominee as those in which only Democrats voted?

    These are difficult questions, if not impossible ones, and super delegates who see their duty as mere numbers crunchers will have a difficult time sorting out the answers.

    But being a super delegate is not the same as being a numbers cruncher. It is about consulting one’s conscience about what is best for the United States, and about the party that we hope will assume the leadership of the United States.

    I have made my own personal judgment, and that is that Senator Clinton is the better qualified, more experienced and by far the more battle-tested Democrat to lead this country in a world that is increasingly dangerous, and where the stakes simply could not be higher. Others have made a different choice, and may yet make a different choice. But for the moment, super delegates who are not committed to either candidate should resist the blandishments of those who would trivialize their roles in the nominating process, and their responsibilities to the party, and to the country, about

    tiburones | 03.10.2008 – 11:10 am | #

  80. The mail-in ballot plan has the potential of missing a lot of people who move around for whatever reasons. I understand these ballots have to be mailed to the voters first.

  81. Jan…Donna isn’t speaking with me since last (we won) Tuesday.

    I asked her about all the talk of violence Al Sharpton and her pal wilder were spreading, and sent her copies of internet posts, asked her to ask Obama to distance himself in a PUBLIC WAY from these comments and she has not replied.

  82. LMAO! Here is the perfect song for a video about the evils of Obama…

    Tainted Love

    Sometimes I feel I’ve got to
    Run away I’ve got to
    Get away
    From the pain that you drive into the heart of me
    The love we share
    Seems to go nowhere
    And I’ve lost my light
    For I toss and turn I can’t sleep at night

    Once I ran to you (I ran)
    Now I’ll run from you
    This tainted love you’ve given
    I give you all a boy could give you
    Take my tears and that’s not nearly all
    Oh…tainted love
    Tainted love

  83. That’s why PayPal is on Obama’s Website…but also Obama submit incomplete campaign records…all red flags.

    Obambi is a smooth operator and an arrogant fool who’s running for the most powerful position in the world the POTUS so the Repugs that is in control of the apparatus are going to release this info…(and don’t think GWB ain’t going to do it) after the nomination if Obama wins.

    So our best bet is that the Foreign press is going to start breaking these stories before the USELESS MSM in the good ol’ USA because they drunk the kool-aid. Or the Israeli intellegence are going to start leaking what they’ve found out about Obama’s financial ties to middle east TERRORIST Groups.

    It’s not hard to see the progression of what’s going on with the Obama campaign…too much money is coming in and Obama is purposely playing loose with his record keeping.

    Btw, with all the 527’s donating money to Obama and they STILL CAN’T BEAT HILLARY!!!

    Because if you think Obama’s measly 190 Electoral votes is going to win the POTUS then you’ve haven’t passed the third grade. And if you think winning those undemocratic CAUCUSES is a strong indication that OBAMBI can win the state…THEN LOOK AT TEXAS PRIMARY vs THE CAUCUS.

    A very telling nightmare for the DEMS in November all those FALSE POSITIVES getting in the way of REALITY.

    Remember we’ve TOLDJA first that OBAMBI’s premise that he can win the states that Hillary won is BALONEY, A PIPE DREAM and the most ARROGANT PIECE OF HORSESH*T that’s been every told in my lifetime.

  84. bbbut carbynew, CNN’s Gloria has said that nobody needs to vet Obama until after he gets the nomination…

    I can’t believe that these media twits are willing to commit career suicide over this idiot!

  85. JanH “I can’t believe that these media twits are willing to commit career suicide over this idiot!

    Interesting point. How do they commit career suicide on this?

  86. My first choice like Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is to seat the FL delegates as is. Mi should be a re-do as a compromise but NOT as a caucus. I would prefer a primary but it may be too expensive so I would settle for a firehouse primary.

  87. carby…so…how more can WE help put this guy out?

    I think you are right that the South American laptops hold a world of shit about him

    but even the LAY PERSON…all they have to hear is this list that keeps coming with NO DETAILS and people MUST be scratching their heads.

    WHY THE HELL is this happening?

    Obama is the most dangerous person the Democrats have ever thought of being POTUS. HHe would make GW look lik…well…look like Bambi!

  88. Sherm Kader,

    In my humble opinion, their collective credibility has taken a great hit already. Ratings are down. People are tuning out. To me that spells trouble.jmo

  89. Kathy Castor is an Obama supporter and the STATE CO CHAIR of the Obama Campaign!

    All Florida Readers, HEADS UP

    Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 10:42 AM

    Unbelievable! Tampa Representative Kathy Castor does not want her constituents votes to count! While I was disappointed that my Representative did not support the candidate I supported for the democratic nomination I accepted her choice.

    What I cannot accept is my elected representative fighting to keep my vote from counting for her political agenda! Representative Castor’s said yesterday she did not support her constituents having a say in the primary election. UNBELIEVABLE!

    I encourage you to contact Representative Castor’s office and demand that she use her elected position to represent her voters not her own agenda and political self interest.

    Florida voters deserve to have a say in this election. Kathy Castor seems to have forgotten we are the ones that elected her.

    Tampa Office:
    4144 N Armenia Ave
    Suite 300
    Tampa, FL 33607
    Phone: (813) 871-2817

    Washington Office
    317 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-3376


  90. You know, that video by Erica on hillaryspeaksforme is just incredible. The actress from Hill’s ad is not a stury. Erica is a story. Imagine a principal telling a young student who they have to support. The student, clearly involved and excited, saying I’m going on facts, and the principal telling her it isn’t about that. I’d love to see what sugar or terron think of that video.

  91. This might no help much, but it can’t hurt:

    Governor William F. Winter Endorses Hillary Clinton
    Joins Chelsea Clinton in Jackson
    Jackson, MS – Mississippi for Hillary today announced the endorsement of former Governor of Mississippi William F. Winter. Governor Winter announced his endorsement to a crowd of over 150 supporters who had gathered for a meeting with Chelsea Clinton on Sunday in Jackson, Mississippi.

    “Hillary doesn’t need an introduction to Mississippi,” said Governor Winter. “I couldn’t think of anyone that I am prouder to be supporting than Hillary. I believe Hillary is our best opportunity to provide real leadership in Washington that is going to solve the mistakes made over the past eight years.”

    “I couldn’t be prouder to have the support of my friend, Governor William F. Winter,” said Senator Hillary Clinton. “Governor Winter is a dedicated public servant and leader in Mississippi. He is a champion of the best values of the Democratic party.”

    Governor William F. Winter served as governor of Mississippi from 1980-1984. Prior to that, he served as a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives and Tax Collector of the State of Mississippi as well as State Treasurer and Lieutenant Governor.

  92. Here’s My Liberal Obamabot School For Ya:

    Rove taunted at University of Iowa
    Posted: 10:16 AM ET

    Rove spoke at the University of Iowa Sunday.
    (CNN) — Former top Bush aide Karl Rove didn’t get the friendliest of receptions at the University of Iowa Sunday, CNN affiliate KCRG reports.

    Rove, who was paid $40,000 to speak at the University, was confronted with an at-times hostile crowd of 1,000, and was interrupted on several occasions.

    At one point during the speech, Rove reportedly lashed out at some of the students, saying, “You got a chance to ask your questions later and make your stupid statements, let me make mine.”

    Police also were forced to remove two people after they tried to perform a citizen’s arrest on Rove for what they said were his crimes while a member of the Bush Administration.

    At one point, a person asked Rove if he has ever shed a tear over the war in Iraq.

    “I shed a lot of tears and I have been inspired by many of the people who feel their son or daughter should not have to die in vain,” he replied.

    Toward the end of the speech a member of the crowd yelled, “Can we have our $40,000 back?”

    Rove replied, “No, you can’t.”

    Radio Iowa also reports one audience member told Rove that MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann named him the “worst person ever.”

    “Ever?” Rove joked. “Yea, worse than Hitler, worse than Stalin, worse than Mao and worse than the person who introduced aluminum baseball bats.”

    Cameras were only allowed to film the beginning of the speech.

  93. Good afternoon! I feel energized already just in coming here! 🙂 Mayor Nutter would get a big hug and a kiss from me for what he’s doing!!!


    The coming tax return fights

    Jake Tapper notes something I hadn’t realized: While calling for Clinton’s past tax returns, Obama has only released his own from last year — 2006. A spokesman wouldn’t tell me, or Tapper, why he wouldn’t release earlier ones.

    So OBAMA releases only one year of tax returns and he has been asking Hillary for all her past tax returns?

    Why didn’t the media report this before?

  95. mj, I’m going to go into “To Catch a Bigot” stealth mode this evening to see if I can’t convince those good ole boys in MS to vote Hillary. lol

  96. I know it’s wrong, but look, they [Barack Huckabee Obama’s camp] is taking off the gloves, so I’m taking mine off too.

  97. Sugar, did you see that video on hillaryspeaksforme? The young african american woman disciplined by her principal for supporting Hillary. It’s just wrong.

  98. Know this sounds awful, but there is just too much at stake not to mention. Have you checked out the demographics of the US Postal system? Not to mention known corruption in mail delivery and cover-ups. I rest my case.

  99. TPS…

    Re: Tax Returns and why doesn’t news organizations report Obama hypocrisy…

    Probably for the same reasons that I can’t get a major news organization to report the following…

    1) Florida was controlled by a Republican legislature and they are the ones who pushed the primary up and of which a Republican Governor signed the bill into law. Republicans control Florida by a margin of 2-1.

    2) Republicans made the bill that moved the primary up *and* also included the “Paper trail for electronic votes in all future elections” part of *the same bill*.

    3) Democrats in Florida attempted to amend and remove from the bill the part about moving the Primary up. The Republicans *refused*.

    3) Because Florida could not vote *no* for moving the primaries *and yes* to a paper trail (to prevent the chad fiasco again) and the fact that these were intertwined in the same bill with emphasis on a paper trail that the Republicans refused to amend, the democrats were *forced* to vote yes.

    4) After being warned by the DNC of possible sanctions, Governor Crist (a Republican) signed the bill anyway.

  100. Look, no one is unbiased on Florida and Michigan now. Florida really should be seated because of what I posted above. It is time for this to be decided by a court of law.

  101. “Sugar, did you see that video on hillaryspeaksforme? The young african american woman disciplined by her principal for supporting Hillary. It’s just wrong.”

    No, mj I haven’t seen it. Let me go take a quick look before I go get lunch and then see what Bill O’Reilly is saying today. He makes me so angry, but it helps fuel my fire during my “To Catch a Bigot” sessions.


    March 10, 2008
    One Clinton Hometown Sees Her in Images Befitting a ’50s Movie
    SCRANTON, Pa. — She is about 3 1/2 years old, a prim little blonde in a light dress, road-testing her white anklets and Mary Janes. Her mother, slim and stylish in a 1940s fitted suit, hat and strapped white heels, clutches her hand and guides her down some outdoor steps.

    Then the daughter breaks free and rushes exuberantly toward the camera, an uninhibited assertion by little Hillary Rodham that she is ready for her close-up.

    The scene unspools in a grainy black-and-white home movie, circa 1951. Hazel Price, 82, who used to live next door to the Rodhams here on Diamond Street, recently dug it up, providing fresh evidence of the Rodham roots in Northeast Pennsylvania. It is destined, no doubt, for wider distribution in advance of next month’s Pennsylvania Democratic presidential primary between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

    When Mrs. Clinton comes to Pennsylvania on Monday, her first visit to the state after winning Ohio and Texas last week, her first stop will be Scranton, where her familial ties extend deeper than they do in Park Ridge, Ill., the Chicago suburb where she grew up. Look for the image shapers to link the values of this gritty region — where her grandfather, descended from Welsh coal miners, raised his family — to her character and especially her perseverance.

    “She’s tough,” Christopher Doherty, Scranton’s mayor, said in an interview. “That’s a real Scranton trait. That’s an anthracite trait.”

    And look for the politicos to do everything they can to pump up enthusiasm here over the local girl made good — and perhaps displace “The Office,” at least temporarily, as Scranton’s claim to cultural fame (the television show’s fictional office is located in Scranton). Steve Corbett, a local radio personality, says the area is more “All in the Family” than “The Office” anyway.

    (See the cute picture of baby Hillary in that article)

  103. At recent workshop, group of AA teachers had “theme” of their group activity as “Obamabird”. And at last week’s Black History Program, Muslim Cultural Diversity laison-person, went into a rhetorical tirade (as if he were auditioning for VP) and put on a theatrical, emotional show leading into the program in front of hundreds of students, faculty and families (including the AA mayor) procaliming “living in a country where possibility of Obama as president”…a complete violation of state and federal public school laws, and I’m sure it’s going on all across the nation – not just the pulpits. Huge double-standard. You cry ‘foul” and you’re labeled a racist. People – these times are more dangerous that you can even imagine. We’re fighting for the soul of this country, and I sound like Hannity when I say that – but I’m just a freedom-loving democrat who is not ready to turn over this party with farther-reaching connections to corruption than was ever thought possible.

  104. SpaceGirlArt — Donna Brazile has become an embarrassment to the Party. Any contortions are acceptable to her as long as they favor BHO. It’s a joke.

  105. Ohhhh mj, I see. There’s a website called Hillary Speaks for me! I didn’t even KNOW THAT!!! Oh Lord, yet another addiction. lol

  106. Curiosity RE: USPO

    I can’t get my mail NOW

    I even had a certified letter from the IRS (not bad) that was RETURNED as “undeliverable” and re-sent. “UNDELIVERABLE?

    My address has been the same for almost 2 years. We have had FIVE new mail men in the last THREE WEEKS since my regular one went to a smaller route.

  107. I’ve emailed this to personal contacts, major news outlets, and every imaginable news source I can get my hands on…..nothing. I think it is amazing that this is not getting reported. It must speak to the overwhelming support Obambi has amongst editors and news organizations overall. Sad, very sad. The facts are there and nobody wants to examine them.

  108. @mj Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    Oh, I don’t think postal workers would do that.

    MJ…I came home two weeks ago to find mail, bundled for three different address, in a rubber band TOSSED OVER THE FENCE where I live because the Postal Carrier was to lazy or too stupid to LOOK FOR THE DOORS

  109. Perhaps we should just start addressing everyone in the MSM as “Terrorist Sympathizer”

    “Terrorist Sympathizer and head of the DNC, Howard Dean today said…”

    Wolf Blitzer,Terrorist Sympathizer and Anchor for CNN today said…”

    “Terrorist Sympathizer Chris Matthews reported today…”

  110. Oh! Bambi is pulling his black voice in Mississippi in a speech COVERED by “Terrorist Sympathizer, CNN”

  111. Obama consulted on health board appointees, trial told

    Associated Press – March 10, 2008 12:54 PM ET

    CHICAGO (AP) – Senator Barack Obama was among eight state officials and others consulted about who should be appointed to a state board that later became involved in what prosecutors describe as a fraud scheme.

    That’s according to a memo from a Democratic official.

    The June 2003 memo by former Democratic National Committee chairman David Wilhelm didn’t indicate exactly what input Obama had in connection with appointing members to the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board.

    And it gave no indication Obama was involved in the alleged corruption that later engulfed the board.

    The memo was discussed today at the trial of Tony Rezko, a Chicago businessman who was a prominent contributor to Obama and Governor Rod Blagojevich.

    Rezko’s on trial for allegedly plotting with board member Stuart Levine to split a bribe from a contractor.

  112. Oh jesus, he’s giving a negative speech? He lies about Hill when he goes negative, will the press call him on it? I’m not holding my breath.

  113. Can’t recall the whole line, but he brought up the “entire kitchen sink” from Bill’s presidency (i.e. Libby, Starr, “Brownie” Politics, et al blah blah blah).

  114. Here’s what is being mentioned to me. The “youth fatigue”. Many people I’m talking to are more and more seeing Obama as nothing but a piedpiper sort .. the youth flock to him makes him look even more immature, their absolute cult like atmosphere and just enough hints of his overall shadiness .. people realize politicians are not immune to skandal .. holding oneself to the standard of “godlike” is making people more and more wary of him.

    You know the old saying, “if it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is”

    When the books are opened, he’s gonna be like a candle in the wind.

  115. Sun-Times reporting this now too…

    Obama consulted on health board appointees, trial told

    March 10, 2008

    Sen. Barack Obama was among eight state officials and others consulted about who should be appointed to a state board that later became involved in what prosecutors describe as a fraud scheme, according to a memo from a Democratic official.

    The June 2003 memo by former Democratic National Committee chairman David Wilhelm did not indicate exactly what input Obama had in connection with appointing members to the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board. It gave no indication Obama was involved in the alleged corruption that later engulfed the board.
    » Click to enlarge image
    Barack Obama

    Blog: Eye on Rezko

    The memo was discussed Monday at the trial of Antoin ”Tony” Rezko, a Chicago businessman who was a prominent contributor to Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Among other things, Rezko is on trial for allegedly plotting with board member Stuart Levine to split a bribe from a contractor.

    Prosecutors say Levine used his position on the health facilities planning board and a state pension board to pressure companies for payoffs. They say Rezko used political clout with Blagojevich to help Levine.

    Wilhelm wrote his memo to Susan Lichtenstein, who was on the stand at Rezko’s trial for a second day Monday. She was general counsel to Blagojevich in June 2003.

    Blagojevich was deciding at that time who to appoint to the board. Wilhelm mentioned a number of possible candidates, including Levine and Thomas Beck.

    Levine was appointed to the board. He has pleaded guilty to charges in the case and is expected to be the government’s star witness against Rezko. Beck has been charged with no wrongdoing in the case.

    Wilhelm’s memo said ”we worked closely over the past six months” with eight officials including three state senators, one of whom was Obama.

    In addition to being chairman of the DNC under President Clinton, Wilhelm also was a key figure in Blagojevich’s 2002 campaign and played a major role on his transition team.

  116. Brownie politics???????????????????? How DARE him!!!!!!!!!! Bill Clinton was known for running the cleanest White House in modern history. Was appointing Deval Patrick Brownie politics???

  117. They don’t seem to get it. Bill Clinton left office with a huge approval rating .. the country was in good shape. When he brings up skandal, people think about the witch hunt and all the $ spent…for nothing.

    If he is going to attack..he’ll need some more meat. This ain’t about Bill but if wants to make it about Bill rather than Hillary..we can just keep pointing out that we were a lot better off then than we are now

  118. “Brownie” Politics…

    the appointment of unqualified people to important positions.

    Boy, is he ever reaching on this one!

    Power come to mind

  119. Where to heck does this guy get off lying about Bill Clinton’s WH? When is anyone going to call him out on it?

  120. No kidding, spacegirl. It’s effing disgusting. Who the hell cares about some actress?

    Did he really use the phrase “brownie politics”?

  121. attacking Bill Clinton will not gain him any votes. I say we let him have at it.

    He is looking more and more desperate.

    Why attack if all is peachy keen .. and why attack somebody who isn’t even running for office.

    I suppose that opens the door for MO to be more thoroughly vetted.

  122. MJ/Space…

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who found that story about the “little girl in the 3 AM supports Obama” absolutely ridiculous. That should tell everyone a lot that this actually got some coverage.

  123. mj…i didn’t hear that. I was commenting on an upthread comment.

    Now the girl said “I would like to get together with Obama and do a new ad DISPUTING the ad”


    And what is there to DISPUTE?

    IF THIS IS ALL the media will go after, it will not surprise me if half of America doesn’t get up and move elsewhere. In an “Obama” administration it will only get worse.

  124. Good afternoon, Hillfans. Looks like BO just can’t help opening up those cans of worms. By throwing down the gauntlet, he’s just asking for BillC to hand him a big can of whoop-ass.

  125. msnbc not covering any speech…
    fox not covering any speech…

    only cnn… the ObamaCampaignNewsNetwork .. why are we even surprised.

  126. “the appointment of unqualified people to important positions.”

    –There Obama and his crowd go again, talking as if they’re standing before a mirror. That unqualified-for-an-important-position is basically what his whole presidential run is–and that’s one of THE most important positions, so experience, qualifications should count even more.

    This corrupt-as-usual bullshit-as-usual election season is very tiring.

    That America has come to this–The Fall Of Rome, here we come!

  127. Okay there it is. Back in Januray when Hillary stated in a debate that she was winning, that is when she droped back. Now Bambi is touting I am in first place. Bye bye bambi……

  128. I was under the impression that it was Hillary who was running for the presidency. I wasn’t aware that Bill Clinton was doing so also. I was also under the impression and Obama had whined and cried when Bill started campaigning for Hillary. Didn’t he say: “I thought it was Hillary I was running against and not Bill? It feels like I am running against both of them?”

    He can’t have it both ways. If he can’t find anything to attack Hillary on, he should shut the hell up! I am so damn sick of this crap!

  129. Fran…the fall of rome.

    Go read the Heart-Rudman report, published beore 9/11


    He he goes inf front of a black audience using Hoodwink and OkeyDoke and Bamboozle

  130. I voted against the war because it would screw up my deal with Saddam to build Nuclear Power Plants in Iraq

  131. Interesting interview with Joe Trippi. While I agree with many things that he says, I think that Hill’s chances to being the nominee are a bit higher than 30% but not quite at 50% yet.

    However, like I said earlier, if she could pull an upset in NC, that would be HUGE.
    John Heilemann and Joe Trippi Discuss the Democratic Primary Race Over Instant Messenger
    Joe Trippi at the United Nations
    on February 4th.
    Photo: Getty Images
    Last night, Democratic strategist Joe Trippi sat down to discuss the Democratic primary with New York’s John Heilemann from his home on the eastern shore of Maryland. The architect of Howard Dean’s 2000 primary insurgency, most recently a senior adviser to John Edwards’s campaign and a leading advocate for the “bottom-up” style of campaigning, which eschews big donors in favor of grassroots organizing and small donations fueled by the Internet, shared his thoughts on the current Clinton-Obama deadlock. Read on to find out why this won’t be resolved before the convention, a Clinton-Obama ticket is likely, and the end of the writers’ strike was a key moment in the race.
    JH: Let’s start at 30,000 feet. As of right now, what’s the probability (out of 100) that Obama will be the Democratic nominee?

    JT: I would give Obama a probability of 70 out of 100 that he will be the nominee, but Clinton could still pull this out.

    JH: Do you think there’s any chance, however remote, of Gore or someone else becoming the nominee in a brokered convention scenario?

    JT: No, not really. I think there is a much bigger chance that the two of them will be running together, like it or not. But there is a remote chance of a third candidate if this gets really ugly and Clinton takes a meat ax to Obama.

    JH: What is the likelihood that the Dems will have a nominee before the convention starts?

    JT: As of right now the odds are nil, but there are two or three states that would obviously change that. If Obama won Pennsylvania it would be pretty much over. If Clinton, on the other hand, can win Pennsylvania and then carry North Carolina (a state that I think is becoming increasingly important), then her case would get much stronger.

    JH: Wow. “Nil” is a pretty low number — and a pretty grim view of the future. So what’s your position in the debate over whether a drawn-out Democratic race (i.e., one that, by your reckoning, is without resolution until late August) is good, neutral, bad, or disastrous for the party’s prospects in the general?

    JT: Well, I don’t see the Clintons walking off the field if Hillary has the popular-vote lead, which is a realistic possibility. And I don’t see Obama walking away from a lead among pledged delegates. That is why I think it is likely that, however this is resolved, the two of them run on a ticket together, and here is why: In 1976 and 1980 we had fights that went to the convention. In 1976 it was Ford and Reagan fighting it out and Jimmy Carter became president. In 1980 it was Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter and Reagan became president. History says you don’t want to campaign into the convention, even if McCain will be carrying George Bush’s baggage. So I think there will be tremendous pressure on the eventual nominee to pull the party together by picking the other.

    JH: Okay, switching gears slightly: Would you agree that the past week has been Obama’s worst since he announced? And if you were his chief strategist, what would you be advising him to do — go after her or stay above the fray?

    JT: I would absolutely agree that Obama has had his worst week of the campaign, and if this keeps up, it is the one opening Clinton has to getting past him. I think it is a mistake to match Clinton attack for attack. It demeans his overall message and destroys his reason for being as a candidate of a different kind of politics. If I were in the Obama campaign I would have him give a major speech this week and tell Pennsylvania and the nation that they now have a clear choice. That if they want attack-and-run politics as usual, then they should vote for Hillary Clinton. If they want to turn the page, the people of Pennsylvania can say no to the status quo and yes to real change. He has to frame the choice, and he hasn’t done that over the last thirteen states or so.

    JH: It’s interesting, because some Democrats really want him to hit back at her (thus proving he is tough enough to take on McCain) while others think it’s a huge mistake for him to get down in the mud with the pigs (because it makes him just another politician, and because the Clintons people live in, love, and thrive in the mud).

    JT: Yeah. I think he should avoid the mud — and say mud is the past. And by the way — you will have that same choice in November. If the Republicans get in the mud, I won’t go there with them. You will decide if we go back or we move forward.

    JH: The Clinton strategy is premised on trying to make Obama look like just another politician. From what you’ve observed, how different do you think he really is?

    JT: Well, the Clinton campaign is the last top-down campaign on our side — and it is the best top-down campaign of all time. The Obama campaign is only the second bottom-up campaign in history — and it is stronger than the Clinton campaign both in money and organization. It is the reason Obama destroys Clinton in caucus states. The Dean campaign, when I think of it now, it seems to me we were the Wright brothers proving you could design something no one had seen before and that you could actually fly in politics coming from the bottom up and using new ways to communicate. Four years later, win or lose, the Obama campaign is landing a man on the moon.

    JH: So bottom-up campaigning, done right, wins caucuses. But top-down seems to be holding its own in big-state primaries. What lessons can we draw from that?

    JT: Top-down still is king in TV dependent, massive states like California, New Jersey, etc. But bottom-up raises Obama the money to compete in that medium as well. So it’s not bottom-up that is failing in those states, it is that Clinton’s message works better across those demographics. In the end your message works or it doesn’t. Obama has been hit-and-miss when it comes to connecting with blue-collar Democrats. No matter what the medium, this seems to be a problem for him.

    JH: If you were advising Clinton, what would you be telling her now?

    JT: Clinton has to win Pennsylvania, but then she has a small chance of defeating Obama in North Carolina — and that might shock the superdelegates into rethinking Obama further. The red-phone ad worked, so they need to keep doing that to raise doubts in people’s heads. But the problem she has is very real. They won’t be defeating just Obama anymore; they are going to have to crush all those young people, African-Americans, and progressives in the party that have embraced Obama’s candidacy. That is one of the reasons that she keeps mentioning what a great vice-president Obama would be, even as she makes the case that he isn’t ready to be president. In the end, Clinton may need a self-inflicted mistake by Obama to get the nomination

    JH: Which of them do you think would be a stronger candidate in the general? Do you buy the notion that he would put a bunch of states in play that she cannot?

    JT: No, I don’t really buy that argument. Most of Obama’s wins in states like Idaho and Colorado and Kansas were caucus victories among the most energized party faithful. They say nothing about his ability to win those states in a general election. And if there was one state we needed to win in 2004, it was Ohio, and Clinton just won that state. I think Obama has a strong chance of winning the general with any number of possible vice-presidential nominees — Mark Warner, John Edwards, or Hillary Clinton and a host of others. I think Clinton, if she somehow gets by Obama, has almost no chance of winning the general now unless she picks Obama. She seems to get this already. If Obama has more pledged delegates going into the convention, it will be very hard for his supporters to accept Hillary Clinton somehow winning the nomination.

    JH: Speaking of Edwards, do you think he will endorse before the primaries are over? If not, do you think he’s aiming to play some sort of honest-broker/party-elder role down the line?

    JT: I really don’t expect him to endorse, but he has surprised me before. But yes, I think he may well be one of the few in the party who can help the party come together at the convention if this isn’t resolved by then. That in the end may be more important in November for the country than his endorsement might be today.

    JH: As HRC has gone more sharply negative in the past couple of weeks, do you think she has crossed the line in terms of giving Republicans attack lines to use against Obama in the fall? Or do you think she has self-consciously held back in order to avoid that?

    JT: I think she has tried to walk the line, and done so with the party’s best interests in mind. But she has crossed it on occasion. The 3 a.m. ad could easily be an ad for McCain, for example. The real question with that ad is what took her so long to do it.

    JH: Explain?

    JT: Anyone who lived through the 1984 election knows that ad was what stopped Gary Hart under very similar circumstances. I saw Pat Caddell (Gary Hart’s pollster) on the air for weeks screaming that Clinton should put the red-phone ad up against Obama. I thought the same thing. So it’s amazing to me that it took them so long to get to a spot like that.

    JH: Last question. Do you think the media dynamic has flipped completely now? As we head to Pennsylvania, do Clinton and Obama get equally tough treatment, or is Obama now the main target of scrutiny?

    JT: No, I think the main dynamic that really changed things was the ending of the writers’ strike. Saturday Night Live hit the nerve — the press has been in love with the Obama story. Edwards had really, really tough weeks with the press; Clinton has as well, but it all does come around. The press never lets you go forever. Sooner or later they will get around to you. And now it looks like Obama is in for some tougher treatment. That is a good thing. He is going to have to go through it now or in the general. Get it out of the way now.

    JH: But they don’t seem to be coping all that well?

    JT: That is the whole point. If the Obama camp can’t cope with this, then better we all find out now. It is in the end what Clinton is hoping for — her campaign will try to force as many errors as possible and keep the pressure on Obama now. If he passes this final test, he is the nominee. If he falters, the party may turn to Clinton.

    tiburones | 03.10.2008 – 1:17 pm | #


    They are trying to draw Bill back into some media rukus. Let Hillary set him straight..with fact.

    Stay cool.

    I wish the fcuk they’d never mentioned his damn friggin name over the weekend. He’s making fun of them and will continue to do so. This is sick, but I knew it would come.

    It may be strategy but I think it’s stupid. He’s nowwhere near qualified to be president and his arrogant ass is just unwise enough to get us into international trouble

  133. NO Obama as VP. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Clinton then. Admin’s article is about courageous people who’ve continued to support her. If they’re qualified, THOSE people should be given a shot as her VP. In my opinion, Obama’s a narcissistic misogynistic dangerous thug, with ties to all sorts of thug scum, from financial to terrorist to racist to whatever. He shouldn’t even be in the senate. And some people want him promoted to president? Please.

  134. I think when Hill gets the nod, she should take him at his word that he doesn’t want to be VP

  135. What?????????????
    JT: No, I don’t really buy that argument. Most of Obama’s wins in states like Idaho and Colorado and Kansas were caucus victories among the most energized party faithful. They say nothing about his ability to win those states in a general election. And if there was one state we needed to win in 2004, it was Ohio, and Clinton just won that state. I think Obama has a strong chance of winning the general with any number of possible vice-presidential nominees — Mark Warner, John Edwards, or Hillary Clinton and a host of others. I think Clinton, if she somehow gets by Obama, has almost no chance of winning the general now unless she picks Obama. She seems to get this already. If Obama has more pledged delegates going into the convention, it will be very hard for his supporters to accept Hillary Clinton somehow winning the nomination.

    That’s ludicrous. Hillary could win the GE with lot’s of people on the ticket. That’s an absurd thing to say.

  136. In addition to the revelation that Obambi was involved in corrupt politics today at Rezko…

    WSJ article says Obama’s pastor, church may face IRS trouble

    By Eileen Flynn | Monday, March 10, 2008, 11:01 AM

    Well, this doesn’t look good for Sen Barack Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

    This from a front page story in today’s Wall Street Journal:

    On Christmas morning, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. compared presidential candidate Barack Obama’s impoverished childhood to Jesus Christ’s. “Barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people,” he then trumpeted. “Hillary [Clinton] can never know that.”

    The article goes on to say that Wright has drawn criticism for negative comments about President Bush and praise for Louis Farrakhan, controversial Nation of Islam leader. Also, the denomination to which the church belongs, United Church of Christ, is being investigated by the IRS for a speech Obama made during a church convention in which he referred to his candidacy.

    Read the full article here.

    I do wonder about painting Obama as poor and disadvantaged. He lived abroad as a child, went to private school and then pursued degrees at Ivy League universities. And I think many Christians would feel a bit uncomfortable about comparing a political candidate to Jesus Christ. What say you?

  137. She doesn’t “get” that at all. That’s not why she is making that suggestion. What an absurd comment.

  138. He is trying to turn the negative news spin away from his campaign’s mounting errors and find a way to get Bill Clinton to go ballistic. He wants the media to go after Bill again and will try and find a race card to throw in as well.

  139. I agree, dot. I think the Clinton’s have continually been too fair toward him, treating his candidacy as politics-as-usual, the same way people did with Bush. Obama’s getting nearly all the media attention; the Clintons should treat Obama as if he doesn’t exist. Whenever they don’t do this, whenever they draw attention to him, they are effectively supporting him, helping give him legitimacy he doesn’t have, in my opinion.

  140. I think what he is missing is that when you attack the Clintons, democrats generally rally to their cause.

  141. With all due respect, since when do Joe Trippi’s words means squat? What does he know about winning anything? AFAIK he hasn’t won any contest this millennium but has lost some badly.

  142. You’re going to see positive GWB stories start coming out of MSM to balance out Iraq. And the more Iraq becomes a non starter in the election the more McCain and the Repubs are going to be viewed as a safety net for the swing voters if Obama is the candidate.

  143. me out here. I don’t think BillC needs to respond. His presidency speaks for itself, American people remember those times fondly and they love BillC.

    Let him continue on his negative tone towards BillC and it will come back, all on its own, to bite him on the butt.

  144. WTF? According to a memo on Hill’s webstie, that bastard accused her of calling Mississipians “second class”. This guy is such a phoney liar. I would benever in a million years vote for him.

  145. dot48, what you fail to understand is the republicans will believe anything bad about BC, and the youth vote don’t remember Bill’s presidency.

  146. “Questions are raised today by Baghdad officials and by an counterintelligence analyst knowledgeable on Iraq as to how Mr. Alsammarae was able to introduce himself so deeply into the Bush Administration’s effort to change the regime in Baghdad. Mr.
    Alsammarae was photographed with the president in the Oval Office on September 22, 2003.”

    and Alasammarae knows Rezko, who knows Obama…..
    case closed?

  147. he is begging them to come after him…but they should not .. no negativity right now. Her campaign has the momemtum because of her friggin hard ass work in Texas and Ohio. And because of her grass roots supporters who are giving, and working the phones. Don’t mess up a good thing. Right now she is on a roll, using her Generals and others.

    Fight for Pennsylvania and North Carolina just like we did for Texas and Ohio. Hillary out working, Bill out doing small town meetings. Getting HER message out and let HIM shoot himself in the foot.

    His arrogance gets him and his campaign in trouble…they see and know he is floundering and the only thing they want is more fighting to try to drag HRC down in the mud.

    Let him get in the mud if he wants…he can roll around by himself.

  148. “JT: I would give Obama a probability of 70 out of 100 that he will be the nominee, but Clinton could still pull this out.”

    –That someone could utter this propaganda and not throw up disgusts me. This is bizarro world writing and thinking. He shouldn’t even be CONSIDERED at this point, after everything that’s come out. His wins are mostly caucuses, which I don’t even consider legitimate anymore. He’s another Bush.

    In my opinion, if this nomination is stolen from her, it will be one of the greatest injustices in this country. It will be the biggest sham of an election, even bigger than Bush’s 2000 selection and 2004’s rigged sham.

    I looked into leaving america under Bush but then decided to stay and fight for america; I’m not doing that again, fighting for a country that has grown retardedly fat in the head. I’ll more likely leave this time.

  149. Dot, IMHO, the whole point of the strategy is to get Obambi off message. They will continue to do this, on a daily or weekly basis (based on whatever is the best strategy at that point).

  150. Keep in mind that at this point the only people listening to BO are the ones who already agree with him. He’s convincing nobody at this point. His tired old speeches have been played and replayed to the point that there’s nothing new. He’s preaching to the choir.

  151. SpacegirlArt Says: They are talking about a mail in ballot RUN BY THE PARTY for Florida.
    How do you prevent Republicans who have already voted Republican from switching and voting Democrat?

    You get a list of those who voted in the Republican primary and don’t mail any of them a ballot. You only mail ballots to registered Democrats (I hope).

    How do you prevent voter fraud? Remember the story out of HHouston, where “young people” came to “help” older people fill out the ballot, and filled it inwith Obaba’s name?

    That can happen in a regular primary because teh ‘helpers’ are at the poll and can ‘help’ many voters who are lined up to get ‘help’. When the ballots are mailed to people’s homes and the people mark them throughout the week, what are the ‘helpers’ going to do, knock on doors?

    Maybe I’m missing something, but imo a mail-in is a GREAT idea. It’s even more inclusive and safe than a regular primary. OR uses mail-in for all elections, WA for most, CA encourages it. No lines, no confusion about polling places, no early closing or late closing problems, no running out of ballots, no going to the poll and finding you’re not on the list…. If you don’t receive your ballot, you have 2 or 3 weeks to look into it and get one. Also the ballots come in gradually, so they can be counted without pressure, like absentee votes are. If there are any problems in counting, there is time to take care of them. (And the paper trail is built-in!)

    ALso it costs less than half as much as a regular primary. Carville had $15m pledged, which could cover the WHOLE cost for BOTH FL and MI.

    Imo this is definitely worth doing! Obama has been whining that he didn’t have an even chance in the first votes, so let’s GIVE him a re-vote — and beat him again!

  152. Dear Admin,
    I went to see “Philadelphia” at a pre-release press screening with a friend who was the Editor in Chief of a major gay magazine. The movie came out in 1993 a time when the AIDS crisis was still in full force. We had both recently experienced the loss of dear friends with whom we thought we would spend our lives. This was also towards end of the first year of the Clinton presidency. Seeing the video you posted jogged memories for me that I think might have some pertinence to what is happening today.
    I was not a huge Clinton fan during the ’92 campaign but had come around, by the time we were sitting in that screening room, to understand his erudition and altruism. The fact that he fought a thankless and politically damaging battle that resulted in a compromised “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy with regard to our military is often bandied about as his betrayal of the gay community. I recall how ACT UP demonstrators were particularly incensed; unfairly comparing President Clinton to President Reagan! To this day many in that fold have not forgiven President Clinton for what they perceive as “caving.” This kind of all- or-nothing stance ignores the realities as they existed at the time. A parallel can be drawn with the unrealistic and dogmatic expectations of Sen. Obama’s supporters.
    First Lady Hillary Clinton’s championing of health care reform was probably somewhat compromised by the President’s selfless battle. In addition to attempting to provide more universal medical coverage for poor and working class folks she recognized the ruinous costs associated with H.I.V./AIDS even amongst people of means. The film makes clear how debilitating the medical expenses are for Hanks’ upscale character and the callousness with which he is treated by his own legal community. This is another example of the Clintons tackling an issue of change when it might have been more politically convenient to demure.
    Denzell Washington’s lawyer character, throughout the first half of the film, is an unreconstructed homophobe who, through the humanity of Tom Hanks’ character comes to understand the error of his ways. We would wish the same from Sen. Obama. His allegiances with a bigoted anti-gay religious institution have not been repudiated. In 1993 the Washington character’s views were, in light of society’s mores at the time, slightly more understandable. Sen. Obama has no such excuse.

  153. Hillary and Bill should pull and McCain. They should simply say that this is old news…it has been dealt with and they have been found innocent of any wrongdoings…and that is all they are going to say.

    Let him spin in his hamster’s cage.

  154. but Democrats know and that is who is voting for Hillary.

    Republicans will not vote for Obama in November. The youth vote .. they surprised in Texas, not as strong as they expected .. nor the AA for that matter. The youth vote does not belong exclusively to Barack Obama.

    Hillary can win just fine in November without him and his cult.

    Obama could not..

  155. Or a Reagan .. “There He Goes Again” and dismiss it with the wave of a hand .. just like the swat of a fly

  156. hillary needs to hammer BHO that he says one thing and will do another thing—Nafta-gate, Iraq-withraw in the next a few weeks. In the main time, she has to answer whatever attacks comming from BHO.

  157. Dot/Jan/All,

    Obambi has, as of today, entered Hillary’s playground. No worries friends and allies, however, if I were an Obambi supporter I would be very worried. Scared even.

    Hillary is very smart and I’m sure she has quite a few land mines planted around the swing-set, slide, and monkey bars. Watch where you step Obambi, you are in unfriendly territory.

  158. “As of right now the odds are nil, but there are two or three states that would obviously change that. If Obama won Pennsylvania it would be pretty much over. If Clinton, on the other hand, can win Pennsylvania and then carry North Carolina (a state that I think is becoming increasingly important), then her case would get much stronger.”

    –This guy’s bias is clear: he holds her to a higher standard of winning. Obama only has to win PA, but she must win BOTH PA and NC. Why wouldn’t it be pretty much over for him if she wins PA, but it will be pretty much over for her if he wins PA—see the bias? This is the same-old propagandist bullshit. It is also the same-old sexist bullshit. The woman ALWAYS has to do twice the work and get half the rewards. They are forever trying to push her out, depict her as finished or struggling, when HE’S the one who’s really on the way out. He’s never really been IN. So much about him and his wins are a sham.

    Why is she always measured against HIS performance? He should be measured against HERS. Where are his big-state wins? Where are his primary wins in the most important states?


  159. Posted for the ultra ROFFLMFAO moment:

    “Obama: I’m in first place and ‘I’m not running for vice president'”

    “I don’t know how somebody who’s in second place (can be) offering the vice presidency to somebody who’s in first place,” Sen. Barack Obama just said to cheering supporters in Mississippi.

    Looking to quash talk of a “dream ticket” with Democratic rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton — a combination the Clinton campaign has been talking up in recent days so long as she’s the person on top — Obama flat out said “I’m not running for vice president. I’m running for president of the United States of America.”

    “With all due respect,” Obama also said, “I’ve won twice as many states as Sen. Clinton … more of the popular vote than Sen. Clinton … (and) more delegates than Sen. Clinton.”

    “If I was in second place, I would understand it,” he said of dream-ticket talk.

    He also pointed out that the Clinton campaign has been arguing he’s not ready to be commander-in-chief. “If I’m not ready, how is it that you think I would be such a great vice president?” he wondered. Obama said the Clinton team is trying to “bamboozle” voters.

    Earlier today, according to TPM’s Election Central, Clinton campaign communications chief Howard Wolfson had this to say to reporters about the possible contradiction between talk of a dream ticket and talk of Obama not being prepared to be commander in chief:

    “Senator Clinton will not choose any candidate who has not at the time of choosing passed the national security threshold. But we have a long way to go until Denver (site of next summer’s Democratic convention), and it’s not something she’s prepared to rule out at this point.”

  160. mj,

    He’s just trying to control the news cycle again. Just a lot of hot air. The more he brags the more silly he will look when his house falls down.

  161. Ofcourse the only reason Clintons mentioned both in dream ticket was to literally cover all the (demographic) bases, but as usual he wants to make a “3 am ready on day one” thing out of it. Don’t know that I would (SNL) do that if I were Obama. Ungrateful jerk. Such audacity and arrogance. He makes GWB look charming.

  162. “I don’t know how somebody who’s in second place (can be) offering the vice presidency to somebody who’s in first place”

    –IN YOUR DREAMS you’re in first place.

    “a combination the Clinton campaign has been talking up in recent days so long as she’s the person on top”

    –Has she really been talking this up? I think this is sounding like a set-up, like they’re going to try and force HER to take the VP position. When he says this, “If I’m not ready, how is it that you think I would be such a great vice president?” he is now using the fucking talk of her offering a dream ticket as suggesting LEGITIMACY IN HIS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. She and her campaign should not have EVER spoken about offering him VP, if they have; they are acting as if he’s qualified for president when they speak like that when the exact opposite is what they’ve been trying to show—and that exact opposite is the truth, in my opinion. I wonder if this is the media making up this dream-ticket shit again, so Obama could use it as he had in that sentence I just quoted.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: I would NEVER vote for a Bush. I think Obama is another Bush. I would NOT vote for a ticket with him on it, I don’t care where he’s on it. But most especially, how dare he or anyone else make it like she should come in second, she should be VP? NO MORE SECOND PLACE FOR WOMEN, ESPECIALLY FOR A WOMAN WHO RUNS RINGS AROUND A MAN IN INTELLECT, EXPERIENCE–AND WINS.

  163. I believe Hillary was only asked twice and by media and the public about having him on the ticket. I don’t think she brought it up herself. Even so, she only said that it might happen “one day”…very ambiguous and noncomittal if you ask me.

    I think if she had answered “absolutely not,” the media would have had a field day. She just can’t win for trying…sigh.

    Obama your lobotomy has arrived!

  164. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Monday, March 10, 2008 — 1:57 PM ET

    Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring

    Gov. Eliot Spitzer has informed his most senior
    administration officials that he had been involved in a
    prostitution ring, an administration official said this

  165. Wow, how lovely. A female prostitution ring? It seems he was doing illegal shit in other words, encouraging women to be abused, objectified and so on?


  166. From “The Hill”

    Clinton camp says Obama must pass ‘national security threshold’ to be veep
    By Sam Youngman
    Posted: 03/10/08 12:17 PM [ET]
    Senior advisers to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) on Monday sought to reconcile the campaign’s assertion that rival Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has not passed the “commander-in-chief test” with the Clintons’ hints in recent days that the New York senator would tap Obama as a running mate.

    Howard Wolfson, Clinton’s chief spokesman, said during a conference call with reporters that Clinton would not pick a running mate who has not met the “national security threshold” — as Clinton’s military advisers and Wolfson put it on the call — but that it is possible Obama could meet that threshold by this summer’s Democratic convention.

    Wolfson repeated Clinton’s weekend assertion that picking Obama is “not something she would rule out at this point,” but he also repeated that Obama is not ready to be commander in chief, a key requirement to being Clinton’s running mate.

    When asked if Obama could do something to cross that “threshold,” Wolfson said, “It’s not something that I’m prepared to rule out at this time.”

  167. Good afternoon again. I can TELL YOU RIGHT NOW! IF, Hillary were to accept a VP position from him, should the cosmos rip in two and he receive the nomination, I would not vote for that ticket. Not for all of the tea and rice in China and as a southern girl where tea and rice are expected staples, that’s saying a lot. That’s why we’ve got to do all we can to make sure his azz doesn’t get that nomination.

  168. no way would Hillary be veep. just like now way would Obama be veep.

    This is posturing of some sort but I just don’t get it.

    I’d rather her campaign be friggin getting to work on Pa and future states. But, then again, what do I know? LOL

  169. Is Spitzer out of his damn mind!? I’ll bet the criminals he prosecuted so vigorously are laughing their asses off! I thought I heard a slight roar when I hit 95 this morning. Must have been all of those thugs yelling, “I told you so!” Jesus!

  170. is this a typo?

    Tucker Carlson Out at MSNBC
    Mar 10 01:43 PM US/Eastern

    Write a Comment
    NEW YORK (AP) – The bow tie is out at MNSBC. David Gregory is replacing Tucker Carlson as host of a one-hour show each evening.

    The news network is making a handful of changes to respond to heavy political interest. Gregory’s new show is called “Race for the White” and will be on each weekday at 6 p.m. starting next Monday.

    Carlson has been at MSNBC for nearly three years.

    MSNBC also says that Andrea Mitchell will anchor an hour each afternoon. Keith Olbermann’s popular “Countdown” program will rerun every night at 10.


    MSNBC is a unit of General Electric Co.

  171. Gregory’s new show is called “Race for the White” … I’m assuming that’s supposed to be Race for the White House? or can we expect another show called Race for the Black???

  172. Spacegirl, I’m hoping that’s a typo as well, but how in the world could they make such a mistake!!!? lol

  173. dot48 i don’t know maybe a 1-2 punch, we’d consider him for vp.. wait for it.. but he has to prove he is qualified for vp! zing

  174. “who has not met the “national security threshold” — as Clinton’s military advisers and Wolfson put it on the call — but that it is possible Obama could meet that threshold by this summer’s Democratic convention.”

    –Fucking HUH?!? How could he suddenly meet this? What will he have done between now and then other than having run for president? Has Wolfson read Rezkowatch? Has he seen all Obama’s ties and friend’s ties with people in the middle east and africa?

    If Wolfson really said that, for the first time, I’m going to criticize Clinton’s campaign. Stop addressing the media’s leading questions, stop supporting the media’s narrative. Let the media speculate and bloviate all it wants on her VP pick. Don’t YOU feed it.You’re giving their whoring-for-Obama legitimacy then.

    “Wolfson repeated Clinton’s weekend assertion that picking Obama is “not something she would rule out at this point,”

    –I want to know: did Clinton actually and specifically and clearly say that? Or is this the propagandist media trying to force this Obama-as-VP narrative onto the election? Did Wolfson really say that stuff above, exactly as it’s written?

    I’m sorry, but if he did say that, how stupid can Wolfson be? Show me where OBAMA HAS EVER MADE ANY NICE OFFERS TO CLINTON. Do not show an ounce of fairness to someone who in my opinion has shown Clinton NONE. His campaign just told a foreign country that they think she’s a monster. That should have knocked him off the VP agenda in two seconds. Clinton wants a confidante that considers her a monster? That person would be trustworthy as her VP? Come on, people–think!

  175. “Brownie” politics is a Bushism. Has nothing to do with the Clinton admin. BO’s just a flipping big-time loser!

    And speaking of cronyism, it ain’t Hillary’s BFF whose on trial in Chicago as we speak.

  176. How could he suddenly meet this? What will he have done between now and then other than having run for president?

    exactly. that’s for obama’s camp to answer.. 🙂 good luck to them on that.

  177. Bill Clinton said the other day that a joint ticket (Clinton/Obama) would be “unstoppable,” which is absolutely true. He explained in detail how each candidate’s geographic/electoral strengths would combine to make an unstoppable duo.

    I’m surprised that the rest of the Hillary campaign has been slow to echo this point. Someone needs to tighten up the messaging.

  178. oh boy. elliot has a lot of xplainin to do. lordy, this guy had so many problems in his first year. he should resign if this is true.

  179. Mississippi votes tomorrow. Here’s something worth spreading in MS — an anti-Obama site about his record on gun control. It’s really a very factual site with good research.
    h t t p : / / Their theme: “Sportsmen should find Barack Obama’s stand on gun control to be reprehensible.”

    Again, I have a list of links of local MS online news sites that take comments, h t t p : / / It has MS sites now but will soon have PA.

  180. This spitzer thing will control the news cycle for the rest of the week drowing everything – even Mississippi – out.

  181. Fran…with all due respect….please relax. This is strategery at it’s best.

    the generals are answering on Taylor Marsh

  182. “Bill Clinton said the other day that a joint ticket (Clinton/Obama) would be “unstoppable,” which is absolutely true.”

    –Absolutely true? Do you have a crystal ball? I know two votes she’d likely lose then: mine and my husband’s.

    I can’t believe Clinton–that he’s been going around saying this. What the fuck is he thinking?

  183. # another_reader Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    david gregory found out that “stuff white people like” was already taken?


    also to “race to the Black”


  184. Okay, was this a one time comment that Bill Clinton made? If it was then maybe he was just responding hypothetically so I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. I really just see this as some interesting campaign moves to get Obama to say just what he did. He will not be V.P. Now Hillary doesn’t even have to consider him for the position.

  185. Breathe Fran. Breathe. lol If it is the case that they are selling that message, they’ve done this a lot more than we have, so I think we need to trust that they know what they are doing. If Hillary had lost places like CA, FL, MI, NY, NJ, MA, NV, OH etc. then I’d be a little concerned, but she’s in a good position, so they must have a plan in place. Let’s just see what happens.

  186. I am so proud of Hillary. Can you imagine all the things she has overcome to get to the White House, once she wins she will have overcome sexism, reverse racism, MSM bias, news bias, Bill’s personal scandals, hopium, and so many obstacles. She is tough. I love her.

  187. Not to worry Hillfans. Gregory is going to be on at 6 pm. That’ll be the best time of the day to walk the goldfish or change the sheets or something more useful like that.

  188. Fran, I thought it was quite smart, but Wolfson needs to shut his mouth. BC was just talking electorally. The point was more about Hill’s strength in the areas Dem’s NEED to be competitive in to win.

  189. New York Magazine:

    So, Tucker Carlson’s show Tucker on MSNBC has been canceled, Carlson confirmed to Politico this morning after what felt like five to seven years of rumors of its demise. As of 10 a.m., his Wikipedia entry had already been updated to reflect his status as the “former host.” Now, MSNBC tells us that the Tuck will stay on as a correspondent, but his time slot will be taken over by David Gregory, MSNBC’s silver fox of a White House correspondent, who will cover the campaign with a show called Race to the White House With David Gregory. That’s fine and all — we understand that in these fraught times the people need another show that will debate campaign minutiae — but we’re a little disappointed that they didn’t go with Rosie.

  190. tiberone,

    I’ve heard cost figures of
    $20m for a full primary
    $6m for a mail-in
    $3m for a caucus

    Dunno where a ‘firehouse primary’ or ‘firehouse caucus’ fits in cost-wise, but like a caucus it disenfranchises many base Dems. Go to a special place on a special day during limited hours. Wait in line, maybe they run out of ballots, maybe they say you’re not on the list. Maybe there’s a lawsuit later about the hours or something.

    Imo a mail-in is much better for us. OR uses that, WA mostly uses that, CA encourages it.

  191. Gosh, I’d love to hear about a sex scandal involving Obama right now. Too bad that Larry Sinclair story didn’t grow any legs. Maybe during the REZKO trial we’ll find out that he and Rezko were lovers…

  192. In the universe it seems that the more overcomplicated a system is, the more thermodynamically inefficient it tends to become. I think the election system here is much too overcomplicated, it has too many layers, too many contradictions; it’s become too top heavy. Democracy has gotten lost in the bureaucracy.

    Overcomplicated systems are also easier to turn corrupt.

  193. mj, I find all this stuff too confusing. And so far it seems like there’s no “of course” with the SDs. They can possibly turn at any moment. I’m not taking anything for granted.

  194. But now that I know Spitzer’s has so far been on Clinton’s side, I suspect the story about him could be false! Don’t forget: these newspapers, most of the media are AGAINST her. And the Obama crowd have been trying to get her SDs to go to him. If they can oust some of hers from office, and replace them with ones favorable to him….

  195. “The Web site of the Emperors Club VIP displays photographs of the prostitutes’ bodies, with their faces hidden, along with hourly rates depending on whether the prostitutes were rated with one diamond, the lowest ranking, or seven diamonds, the highest. The most highly ranked prostitutes cost $5,500 an hour, prosecutors said.”

    $5,500 an hour???! Cotdayum! I’m in the wrong line of work!

  196. He visited a prostitute? Oy….what is it with men and sex? No offence to the wonderful men we have on this board.

  197. March 8, 2008
    Bill Clinton: A Clinton-Obama ticket would be ‘unstoppable’

    (CNN) — Even as Hillary Clinton’s campaign attacked her rival, Barack Obama, for failing to “deliver on his promises,” her husband, former President Bill Clinton said Saturday that a joint ticket pairing the two would be “almost unstoppable.”

    The former president referred to his wife’s own comments that indicated a willingness to consider the prospect. “She said yesterday and she said the day after her big wins in Texas and Ohio and Rhode Island that she was very open to that and I think she answered explicitly ‘Yes’ yesterday,” said Clinton during a Mississippi campaign appearance.

    “I know that she has always been open to it, because she believes that if you can unite the energy and the new people that he’s brought in and the people in these vast swaths of small town and rural America that she’s carried overwhelmingly, if you had those two things together she thinks it’d be hard to beat.”

    He added that, in his view, Obama would win the “urban areas and the upscale voters” while Clinton claims “the traditional rural areas that we lost when President Reagan was president. If you put those two things together, you’d have an almost unstoppable force.”

    Hillary Clinton told a CBS interviewer earlier this week, shortly after she ended a string of 11 losses with wins in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island, that a joint ticket “may be where this is headed. But of course we have to decide who is on the top of ticket. I think the people of Ohio very clearly said that it should be me.”

    The New York senator has made the suggestion in other interviews, as have her campaign surrogates. On Friday, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell told the National Journal that it was important for the winner of the Democratic nomination to make the offer to the runner-up this year.

    The Obama team has largely avoided making similar statements.

  198. Even if he was a “client” and not involved in the business – he was Attorney General for God’s sake – it can’t be good for him or for Dems in general. What a shame. I can’t believe these guys do this stuff.

  199. Berkeley, that article comes from CNN. A man who’s spoken so sexistly and ageistly toward and about her–she would want him by her side? Can you get more abused-spouse-coming-back-for-more looking than that?

    Somehow, I don’t believe she’s said all that, I don’t believe that’s her position. I think words are being put into her husband’s mouth–and hers. I hope that’s the case. We’ll see what happens.

  200. curiosityhasme,

    When something unethical is done at a polling place (hours, location, running out of ballots, telling people they aren’t on the list, etc) — no one is really responsible or accountable. There’s usualy no proof of what happened or who did it. If someone were proven to blame, well, they were just a volunteer, there’s no accountability.

    About the only thing that could be done at a post office, is if a whole box of mail didn’t get delivered. But some paid and bonded employee is responsible — he would be fired and maybe prosecuted. That a lot of deterrnent.

    And if a voter doesn’t receive his ballot on time, he has plenty of time to contact officials and straighten out the problem and get a ballot. IF he doesn’t trust his local PO to deliver the ballot back to the counting office, he can send it certified (or drop it off himself at his leisure, any time within 2 weeks).

    Most of the election abuses come from time pressure, too many people in one place at one time doing unaccustomed things.

  201. “Involved in a prostitution ring”

    means, he paid to get laid? and didn’t, as Governor, report, the ring…?

    I have the sound off on the tv

  202. Dem…”About the only thing that could be done at a post office, is if a whole box of mail didn’t get delivered. But some paid and bonded employee is responsible — he would be fired and maybe prosecuted. That a lot of deterrnent.”

    this was reported to have happened in 2000. Don’t you remember the OJ-like helicopter shots of the trucks with ballots being taken to the Sate Capitol?

    The thing that worried ME was that they said it would be run BY THE PARTY, not the STATE.

  203. you mean to tell me that Bitchell is getting her own friggin show? More Hillary bashing…David Gregory is another asshat.

    too bad about Spitzel..I’m waiting to here he will resign.

  204. Well, if he goes to prostitutes and disgustingly demeans women by picking them off a menu of their body parts, fuck him.

    But the spin on it–don’t forget the NYT pushed the WMD lies before the Iraq invasion. I consider the NYT to be the National Enquirer For Yuppies.

  205. odd that bambi starts in with the “old” clinton stuff just this date. Coincidence?

    don’t think so.

    remember when last week Donna sent someone note to effect “guilt by association”

  206. I also wondered about that Kaffeen, but who knows at this point. I just don’t want Clinton to get hurt by this somehow. Maybe people should focus on discussing something else here….

  207. dot48, I was wondering that same thing.

    Wasn’t there a story recently in DC about a Senator who went to a prostitute? Is he still in the Senate?

  208. Hell, what else is there Fran?!!! This is ridiculously humongous. He’s going to RESIGN?! Jesus! As tough as Spitzer was on corruption, he still couldn’t contain himself when it came down to chasing panties while wielding all of that power. A damn shame. How many men will fall on this sword time and time again. SMDH At Taylor Marsh, there is a news clip that says he was planning to see one of these “clients” on the day before Valentine’s day. Sweet Jesus!

  209. “remember when last week Donna sent someone note to effect “guilt by association”

    –If the Obama crowd would dare use that against Clinton, use the Spitzer thing against Clinton, just pull out the old tit-for-tat. Rezko–Ayers–Auchi–the list seems to go on.

    I’m really only concerned about the SD thing. About ES’s replacement, who’d better support Clinton.

  210. I’ll never understand people who feel they need to pay to get some. I mean these days if you want it you can pretty much get it for free.

  211. No, I agree, Sugar, that it’s terrible. All I’m saying is: the more people keep mentioning ES on a Clinton site, the more people will perceive a link between the two when they shouldn’t, especially around here.

  212. I feel sorry for Spitzer’s family. Hillary will distance herself from this. Bo will try to bloody the waters. Hillary loses one SD. Bo gains another SD.

    He still is a loser. He still won’t win.

    Go Hillary!!!!!!!!! The bigger the obstacle the better! She is strong enough to overcome all of this stuff!!!

  213. seems he is a customer .. not tied directly to ownership, etc of the place.

    some men choose to think with a different head .. it happens .. he’s apologized, he will resign, and we should move on

  214. I hear you Fran. I think if Hillary were a man then we’d have more to be concerned about. lol I’m sure she’ll distance herself from this and Obama doesn’t even need to DARE try to touch it so long as REZKO is on trial.

  215. well, did he endorse Obama or Clinton.

    I will withhold further comment till I find out who he actually endorsed.

    However, he will lose his SD..the person becoming Governor will become one…who does he support?

  216. nikki, I’m with you, but men have been paying for it for a lonnnnnng time. It ain’t called the oldest profession for nothin’.

  217. Ummm…where did you guys here he was resigning? I didn’t here him say anything like that in his press conference.

  218. Oh Jeeeeeez! Elliot Spitzer expected to resign! This could throw a real monkey wrench into HRC’s campaign as she’s the NY State senator. And the Lt. Governor takng over is a legally blind, quite liberal AA named David Patterson who, I think, used to represent Harlem.

    never a dull moment. 🙁

  219. Too bad that Elliot just couldn’t buy a Playboy like the rest of the unhappily married men in America, or better yet, just divorced his wife and become a bachelor (I’m quite sure he would have had some luck in the clubs as Governor of New York).

  220. Quick reminder to Moneybomb on Wednesday for The Hillary Humpty Hump. I also have a new post up just for Sugar. Go visit:

  221. $5,500 for a prostitute? DAYUM. Why not spend half that money to fly to NV and go to the Bunny Ranch? At least its legal there.

  222. @mj,

    good news.


    I know the guy is AA and a fan of Obama’s, can’t remember where I read it but it was some time back. I’m just assuming that he would endorse Obama (my bad). Glad that Spitzer isn’t resigning so this becomes a moot point…at least for now.

  223. Tiny, I’m worth at least that much. Hell, I used to hold teaching workshops in college for my co-workers. We had a dry erase board, and it was very clinical. Kids don’t know squat about themselves let alone the opposite sex. If you know a lot, you should charge a lot IMHO. 😆

  224. ” My milkshake brings the boys to the yard, and damn right…mines better than yours… damn right, mines better than yours. I could teach you but I’d have to charge…”

  225. funny we speak of money bomb and hump while all this is being revealed. Too funny.

    Tucker Carlson sounds like he maybe has some skeletons in his closet .. says men are dumb.

    Ironic that Hillary will most likely have to address this.

  226. I have to admit that Sugar is correct that song is infectious. I’m actually moving my middle-aged white ass in my office.

    Hey, is that the cabbage patch still cool?


  227. Kaffeen,

    It’s a big deal coz Spitzer ran on such a straight law-and-order cleaning- up-corruption platform. He was really on the butts of Wall Street types and they’re probably celebrating right now. And with Patterson, an AA (the first in NYS history), who used to represent Harlem becoming governor, who the heck knows what his connections are with Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, etc. This could be a friggin mess for our girl. Not to mention the rest of the state (aside from NYC) is gonna be FURIOUS and the Repub Senate is gonna have a field day.


  228. Idunn, I’m not posting the milkshake video. That’s a bit over the top there. Besides Kelis and her hubby are notorious for having LOUD, raunchy sex. And she don’t groove like MJB.

  229. Sugar, I thought the pic pointing you was a nice touch.

    Yes, that’s meant as a “Yeah, hey, you!”

  230. What’s the old saying about politicans and dead girls or live boys….

    This will blow over. Vitter got away with it after running on a family values platform. Besides, most folks look at prostitution as a victimless crime. If he had been poking a poodle or a 7 year old, then we’d have some serious problems.

  231. Oh, Idunn. You are evil. I think you have been overcome by the Anti-Christ.

    We need Holy Water! Stat!

  232. Well, he HASN’T been indicted (yet) and there’s no proof he is #9.

    I live in NYS. Spitzer was elected with 69% of the vote, the largest in NYS history. He really f***ed up with the DL for illegals issue. People outside NYC have been furious about that and County Clerks boycotted the law and actually refused to grant licenses.

  233. He’s not going to be indicted. The people who operate the ring will. I think sex with a prostitute is a misdemeanor.

  234. I’d bet a big chunk of change that his wife knew about it. It is very possible that they have an “agreement” on these types of things. Many political marriages are probably not the happiest unions.

  235. MJ, if it happened in DC, the NY officials couldn’t indict. If it’s the feds, then what is the reg? I don’t recall there being a reg for buying strange.

  236. Kaffeen,

    I agree but they’re gunning for Spitzer big time, especially Wall Street. And just heard he’s gonna resign at 6PM tonight and 7PM a notarized resignation letter will be handed over and shortly afterward Patterson will be sworn in. Apparently this indictment has been kept under wraps since Feb. 7 so Spitzer obviously knew about it.

    Maybe it’s not a big deal for HRC but as a New Yorker myself this is really traumatic. And you KNOW BO’s people are gonna try to craft a connection with HRC.

  237. Many marriages are not happy, or go through unhappy periods. I hate how puritanical this country tries to envision itself. That need to be puritans is probably the root cause of all the unhappy marriages.

  238. Holy hell, Idunn. That cat was scary. I suspect that’s how MO will act if he doesn’t walk out of Denver with the nomination.

    he may have to call Spitzer for a number.



  240. I would just like to remind everyone that if sexual “deviance” was the standard by which politicians could or could not serve their country, there would have been no JFK.

  241. MJ,
    I’m listening to FOX and they have pretty good connections with NYS reporters as they’re headquartered here.

    Shep whasshisname is the anchor. Judge Napolitano and Gretta Sustern are discussing the legal stuff.

  242. OkieAtty, that’s what we’ve all got to remember. Hillary will be just fine!! This is not the end of the “drama” and a lot more heat will come her/our way, but she will be just fine.

  243. I don’t see anything worth a damn saying he’s resigning. No one on record. Just speculation so far.

    And what’s with Al Sharpton threatening to sue if the FL delegates are seated?????

    Hey, 👿 , you really should keep that guy visiting fake countries like SNL suggested.

  244. good lord, I come back and you are all in a tizzy HANDWRINGING!




  245. Eh, let’s forget about it. Does anyone know if Hill has anyone campaigning for her today in Mississippi?

  246. any new news on Florida or Michcigan.

    Man, Spitzers enemies are coming with knives, guns. Kick him while he’s down would you.

  247. Ya, there is no Hillary link here. If there were, then we might as well say Obambi is linked because he compares himself to JFK who also was a very naughty boy.

  248. Kaffeen “I would just like to remind everyone that if sexual “deviance” was the standard by which politicians could or could not serve their country, there would have been no JFK.”

    and if sexual forgiveness and REALLY BAD JUDGMENT was not, we wouldn’t have Teddy either

  249. Well, thankfully hill is a good woman. Her record in this regard is clean as a whistle. So anyone know if she has folks campaigning for her in Mississippie today?

  250. apologies to any here who can. But my god, it’s always out there. Television, reality…and then there is Brittany who makes Bill Clinton look like a monk.

    I KNOW it goes both ways, but jeesh

  251. If this mail in primary goes down in Florida and the return address it Howard Dean c/o DNC, we know we are screwed.

  252. bet ObamaCultNewsNewtwork will only give this story about 1 minute…then back to the stab Hillary crusade.

  253. Ya know…it kills me…we always say “just admit your mistake, America is forgiving”

    then when someone tells the truth…they skewer them.

  254. David Patterson is a Hillary SUPPORTER.

    “New York Lieutenant Governor David Patterson stumped for Hillary in Columbia”

    SOUTH CAROLINA: In Columbia, Hillary called for a Student Borrowers’ Bill of Rights that would protect students and families from predatory student loans. Read more… In Rock Hill, Hillary held a “Solutions for America” town hall. Read more… In Columbia, Hillary participated in the South Carolina Democratic Party’s “Election Eve Stump Meeting” in Columbia… In Charleston, Hillary joined President Clinton for a rally… In Spartanburg, Chelsea spoke with students at the University of South Carolina Upstate. Read more… Chelsea also answered questioned at Winthrop University in Rock Hill. Watch or read more… President Bill Clinton stumped in Spartanburg. Read more… President Clinton also held “Solutions for America” town halls in Clinton, and St. Helena Island… “Women for Hillary” continued their “All Voices Count” tour with events in Columbia, Florence, Greenville, West Ashley and Charleston… New York Lieutenant Governor David Patterson stumped for Hillary in Columbia… U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel and former New York City Mayor David Dinkins participated in a business roundtable in Columbia and joined Hillary at her town hall, at the stump meeting, and at the rally.

  255. I hope after Al Sharpton is finished in Florida he heads up to WA state and helps reinfranchise the 600,000 Washingtonians who were disenfranchised because they voted in a primary that they didn’t know wouldn’t count. 🙂

  256. I sent a bunck of Rezko stuff to Drudge today and asked him when he was going to start being a loyal American and report this stuff, and not have the television ad actress and two stories from DICK Morris as his leads (earlier)

  257. Actually, I like Al. I respect the hell out of him and think he’s done a good job staying out of this primary.

    he does good work on behalf of civil rights and I sorta think in some ways we’re alike in that neither of us gives two shits about our egos and are willing to take hits for a cause.

    I can disagree with him on stuff like this, but I still like and respect him. Also, you might note, he hasn’t come out in support of 👿 or Hillary. he made his disappointment about Jena 6 known and spoke highly of Hillary on the View. He’s a bright man and I think well-intentioned, but like John Lewis and others, in between a rock and a hard place.

    Give him room to move to us and he will. Don’t slam him too hard.

  258. Gee, thanks Paul.

    I hope Krugman’s source isn’t the same that told him Hillary would lose all four states last Tuesday.

  259. space .. I’m hearing that Obama will not even be testifying in Rezco. I think we should put our nuts in working for Hillary, take the lead from Hillary and work our ass off. This think ain’t easy and it is not going to get any easier.

    Good to know that the Lt. Gov is behind Hillary too.

    Financial meltdown to come..HELL, it’s already here. Look at food, look at gas prices, I’m struggling every day.

  260. At first I thought he was involved in RUNNING the prostitution; I wouldn’t be surprised if the NYT will dishonestly play up that smear.

    I don’t think he should resign for having gone to a prostitute, but he should probably be voted out next election. Males like this shouldn’t be holding office. Plenty of males don’t go to prostitutes; some males aren’t sexist, misogynistic and patriarchal– these males should be rewarded more, should be representatives of the public. The sexist ones should become extinct already. Society always plays up the males who behave according to the stereotypical gender-roled crap sexist society says males should behave. It repeatedly ignores the males who DON’T behave in those ways, males who DON’T go to prostitutes, who DON’T read juvenile sexist girly magazines, who DON’T feel threatened by women in the boardroom.

    Though I actually don’t have anything against prostitution and wouldn’t mind it nearly as much if it were done in a way that didn’t degrade and enslave women, if it were also done FOR women more. Like I wanna see brothels where women can go have sex with men who won’t expect the women to fall in love with them afterward, who won’t propose marriage afterward, stalk them, and so on. There needs to be much more no-strings-attached sex for females in society when there really is barely any. Until society has got equal numbers of male and female prostitutes for heterosexuals, females are likely, um, screwed.

    Though once again, it seems self-harming females have ruined this for females at times. Recently, there were brothels women could go to in South Africa and Germany, I think, but they wound up closing down because the women wouldn’t pay a lot of the time, they thought they shouldn’t have to pay for sex. Can you get anymore stereotypical than this? Do these women have any brains, they blew a great opportunity like that? In my opinion, women are ALWAYS paying for sex one way or another; EVERYONE pays in some way. The myth of the “males give it up easily” is just that: a myth, a stereotype.

    That’s basically the way it is in the animal kingdom: sex is a tradeoff. It should never flow only one way where only one side is owed everything or mostly everything. Each side must get something it really wants. And what each side wants often varies according to the individual personalities involved.

  261. rjk1957 Says:

    March 10th, 2008 at 4:11 pm
    just heard on Fox “The Emperor has no clothes”

    Well, duh, weve been saying that for months.

  262. dayum, $3.100 an hour. Heck I can think of several things I could use that $ for.

    okay .. cnn spent all of TEN minutes on it

    gosh, oil at all time high today $108 barrel.

    Wow, what a line showing up for Hillary’s rally in Scranton!!!!!!!!

    Major Garrett says Hillary has clashed with Spitzer on several occasions ..

  263. I actually like Al too, he’s hilarious. I wish he wouldn’t threaten to demonstrate or protest this election. And I’m hoping his lawsuit is more about pusing a re-vote than trying to suppress the FL delegates altogether. If he wants to fight against disenfranchisement, there’s a bunch of other instances he could target, especially since those who didn’t vote in FL were able to vote, they just choose not too.

  264. That’s true. Hill and Spitzer often clash. Again, though, hillary has been faithful to the extreme to her husband so really what the hell does this have to do with her?

  265. SpacegirlArt Says:
    MJ…I came home two weeks ago to find mail, bundled for three different address, in a rubber band TOSSED OVER THE FENCE where I live because the Postal Carrier was to lazy or too stupid to LOOK FOR THE DOORS

    If your neighborhood mail service is that bad, you better get a PO Box.

    You see on the news that the ballots were mailed out. If you don’t get yours on time, you call up the courthouse; they’ll let you come in and get a duplicate. You have plenty of time to do this.

    If you don’t trust the postman to deliver your ballot, you can certify it (or probably vote at the courthouse, any time).

    But if something goes wrong at the polling place, it’s all a big confusion and there’s no time to straighten it out. And Obama types can MAKE things go wrong, for hundreds of voters all at the same time.

  266. …I think this country’s been on a path toward a depression for years now–Bush put the nail in that coffin. But it isn’t all him. Overpopulation, overconsumption, environmental issues, “peak oil”–all these things and much more are having a say now and will likely have a bigger say soon unfortunately. I keep cutting back in my personal life to compensate, though I’ve always lived pretty simply and cheaply. But now my default thinking usually is: “what do I absolutely need to live and what can I live without”? I keep getting rid of things, and rarely accumulate anything, feeding the birds, birdfeeders have been my one concession lately. Watching them has really taught me how little I probably need to live happily.

  267. I am confused!!! why is Obama rejecting an offer that was never made. Is he delusional? May be it is time for Hillary to clarify to BO that she was never offered him a veep post!

  268. “I am confused!!! why is Obama rejecting an offer that was never made. Is he delusional? May be it is time for Hillary to clarify to BO that she was never offered him a veep post!”

    –Yes! I wish she would. But lately it seems like I’m in a minority on this issue–what else is new.

  269. “Despite Obama’s Pa. lead, Philly mayor sticks with Clinton”

    Nice headline on Yahoo front page, considering the article only mentions his lead in PHILADEPHIA! Do they abbrv Philadelphia ‘Pa’ and the state ‘PA’? Hmmm.

  270. One more thing about the Yahoo article. Let me get this straight…if your city is for a particular candidate, you should follow suit? Wait…correction…if you city is for BO, you should follow suit. Otherwise, you should follow the leader in pledged delegates. Silly me.

  271. @Okie “Also, you might note, he hasn’t come out in support of 👿 or Hillary.”

    “Al Shapton told Foxnews, if Obama goes into Convention with more popular votes but is not elected as the nominee, he and his black brothers will go to demonstrate on the street.”

    this is pretty damn close…and his floating around Florida all day …

    jeesh..what is an endorsement?

  272. Obama has all the grace of a bull in a china shop. Bill Clinton graciously commented over the weekend that a joint ticket would be “unstoppable,” which was a smart way of reminding voters that even though the primary is contentious, we’re all on the same team, at the end of the day. The Clintons know that if the two candidates destroy each other without mercy, the winner — whomever it is — will emerge so bloodied that s/he won’t be able to win in November. And even more important, it’s true: a joint ticket WOULD be unstoppable.

    And what does Obama go and do? Blasts Hillary for supposedly being hypocritical. Get over it, dude. Does he have his blinders on so tightly that he can’t even visualize the end game yet? Sheesh.

  273. Can Hillary claim PA as a home state since ger dad is from there? Obama seemed to lay claim on half the US…

  274. Do you believe this bullshit? I hate repeating the media’s pro-Obama propaganda, but this headline on yahoo must be addressed: “Despite Obama’s Pa. lead, Philly mayor sticks with Clinton”

    –WHAT PA LEAD? LIARS LIARS LIARS I think the article also contains a lie in the third paragraph, that he’s “garnered more votes.”

  275. OK…I have had CNN on most of the day, most of the day wit the sound off. I look up, and I have seen Bambi like forty-two times. Is Hillary ANYWHERE today?

  276. Fran, I think you go overboard with the Sociology 101 sometimes.

    I think everything should be done on a merit basis, but let’s be realistic about what’s going on- women have to be 5x better and work 10x harder to get half the credit.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- if 👿 weren’t an AA man, he wouldn’t be in this still. If he were a white man, he wouldn’t be in this still, and if he were a woman, he would have been out prior to IA. His skin color alone got him this far and I don’t think Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson or Rev. King intended that to happen when they started their march for civil rights decades ago. In a way, I see it as an abuse of their sacrifices.

    As for prostitution, I could care less what people stick where or for what reason. Not my business, not yours or anyone else’s. I also don’t think of prostitution per se as a crime against women. It can be, but mostly prostitutes do what they do because they have drug habits, unpaid bills or some other emotional problem. Any woman can get laid, not all men can- that’s why we don’t see many male prostitutes explicitly for women. When we do, it’s because they’re being paid for their discretion not necessarily their services. If Spitzer paid to get his freak on, my guess is he was more turned on by the illegality of it than he was the pro herself. It’s not like his wife was a dog. And they do have 3 kids.

  277. Isn’t this a deceptive frontpage Yahoo News Headline?

    “Despite Obama’s Pa. lead, Philly mayor sticks with Clinton”

    My first thought was, Obama’s is leading in Pennsylvania? That’s not what numerous polls are indicating.

    Read the article and it says Obama going to win Philadelphia. Duh!

  278. Sorry – Bird problems – Okie, the docs unsealed today are apparently a complaint which could lead to an indictment. Guess that’s the first step? Thing is, it seems that the Emperor Club was under surveillance by the FBI and all calls were being wiretapped and they just ‘got lucky’ and caught Spitzer! It’s ironic coz he prosecuted several prostitution rings in NYC in the early ’90’s. And since he portrayed himself as such a moral person, it’s fueling the circus atmosphere even more. And yeah, Dot, he had lots of enemies. I’m just wondering how much effect Rezco will have in comparison to the alleged ‘corruption’ of a NYS governor. The press is gonna be all over this. BTW – also heard Sharpton’s in Florida to file a lawsuit against a revote. (How come i can’t type more than 16 lines??????? Anyoine know?????? ’90iue

  279. lol jdog–we’re on the same wavelength!

    I think they deliberately made that abbreviation look like the one for Pennsylvania–but in a way that they could say it was an accident if readers caught the fraud.

    When I search google for philadelphia and abbreviation and/or PA, that abbreviation’s always used for the state.

  280. Looks like Obambi might have the most to worry about with Spitzer being a naughty boy….

    You know they’re going to come, and lots of people are going to talk about it. The current governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, who ran on change, good ethics, and taking back Albany from the state GOP, is reportedly tied to a prostitution ring. It’s early yet, and Gov. Spitzer has not yet explained his connection (though allegedly, we could refer to him as “Client 9”), but the image of an idealistic Democratic leader running on change and cleaning up after the incumbent is something the floundering Republican party will eat up like their favorite dessert then regurgitate right into New York attack ads.

  281. I hope Spitzer does not resign because of going to a prostitute.

    Sometimes I have real trouble to understand US customs. While US have the largest porn industry in the world it is still a big sensation that a politician goes to a prostitute.

    In Europe the media do not expose these “private issues” so much…

  282. OK..some AA on FOX saying “Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton keep saying that the President and Cheney were in bed with the oil companies, but it takes congress to pass legislation….”

    um…would this be the same legislation that Barack Obama voted FOR? The bush/Cheney energy bill?

  283. basil, if you will hit the down arrow key, you’ll go to the next line. Problem is you can’t see it unless you hit that button. No biggy. Just be aware of it bc you are still typing postable stuff, it’s just not viewable to you as you do it.

    Another thing you can do is use Word or WP and cut and paste your text to the box.

  284. As much as I like Spitzer, he should resign. I am of the opinion that public officials should be held to a higher moral/ethical standard.

    I despise prostitution. It makes victims out of society. If we are to punish the proprietors and the prostitutes, then the patrons should also be held to the same standard.

    It’s too bad. I would have loved to have him as VP.

  285. I’m automatically suspicious of any politician who presents themselves as moral. Basically, they’re all human, and I like a recognition of that.

  286. Al Sharption calling Hillary Clinton “arrogant” to be offering Obama VP when she is in second place


    GOOD GOD these people are WRETCHED.

    even the hostess (not a news person) said “that’s what I was thinking”

  287. I, too, am suspicious of the Chief Justice John Roberts type. There are no perfect people. However, in Spitzer’s case, he has admitted to being employing prostitute. As Governor of NY, and with the eyes of world and the children watching, he should do the right thing and resign.

  288. LOL…the Al Sharptons and Obamas of the world have run-on mouth disease. They go on and on and never really say anything.

  289. European, prostitution is illegal. However, punishment varies state by state. Some states will prosecute the prostitutes, but just give the johns a slap on the wrist. Often times, these men will just have to “counseling” and often times, their wives wouldn’t even know about the incident. The prostitute, however, is charged.

  290. Okie,
    thanks for the pc tip. I’ll try that next time.

    European, It probably wouldn’t be quite as much of a big deal except Spitzer has held himself to such a high standard, and prosecuted and ruined the reputations of many in Wall Street as well as trying to cram down the throats of new yorkers unpopular mandates like the licenses for illegals, that he’s painted himself into a corner. He’s the son of a wealthy real estate developer and has basically run his life with the attitude that the rules apply to everyone else but not to him. So it’s huge coz no one falls harder than a hypocrite. Hate to say this but I hope the same thing happens to BO – his claim to be running a ‘different kind of campaign’ exposed as the BS it is. Just hope it happens before the convention.

    OKIE!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!! I can see! 😀

  291. Hey, you guys recall Kos going apeshit and accusing Hillary of making 👿 blacker and more AA looking? Well, total bullshit on that- The write-up is there today for you to look at and admire.

    Support BartCop. He’s a good Okie and a Hillary supporter.

  292. Well, we are going to have to continue to hear about Hillary’s OFFER now for weeks. I think I’m ready to take a big ole break from this whole friggin primary season.

    Will donate today for hump day before a break folks.

    SeeYa, bye for now folks.

  293. OK, that makes the difference. In many European countries prostitution under certain rules is legalised.

    They even have health insurance and pay taxes.

  294. From his post:

    :If you look close, that isn’t even the same picture.
    In the top picture, his mouth is closed – in the bottom it’s open.

    If someone on Hillary’s staff darkened the picture, why did they add more teeth?

    It’s not the same picture.

    Kos and Rush teamed up to spread that lie as far as it would go.

    Why is every Hillary slur assumed to be true – even when things don’t add up?

    If she’s a racist, why do they have to fake the evidence? “

  295. European, as you may know, America is by far more conservative than Europe. Bush will grow a conscience before Americans will ever legalize prostitution. I’m not sure I want it legalized.

  296. Well, to be fair. Hillary floated the idea herself saying “maybe someday” .. Bill, by saying “they’d be unstoppable” ..

    I mean really what did they think they’d gain by remarks like these? The fact remains she is behind in delegates and it gave the BO campaign something to “run” with.

    Realist said yesterday “Don’t shoot yourself in the foot”

    Now, you see that Donna Brazil and CNN got a bone and they are going to wear it out.

  297. Fran, I agree with you about over population. I saw BC at a press conference at the Clinton Global initiative. He said we could solve overpopulation, global warming, and distabalized regimes if we give the women of the world an education and a chance in the global economy.

  298. the VP stuff I believe is a strategy – already at my workplace, over the water cooler, people are saying, Obama would be a GREAT VP…and the Obamabots have to defend and say why he would make a better President, which they can’t argue well at all.

    Also, re: undecideds, the VP talking point helps those who have been struggling with the decision crystallize more clearly their hesitation about BO’s experience and how to reconcile this if he were VP.

    Anyway, I think it’s a tact – not sure if it’s real. Point is – we have to win.

  299. plural, prostitution is not about sex. It’s about subjugating women for the immediate satisfaction of men. Let’s not confuse “relationship sex” with retail sex.

    One is part of life, the other exploits another human being for gratification.

  300. Okie,

    Sharpton’s suing on behalf of the gazillions of ‘disenfranchised voters” who were told their votes wouldn’t count and so didn’t show up at the polling places, saying that if they’re not allowed to vote in another primary coz they aren’t registered it will be deceptive and fraudulent.

    Ohhhhhhhh I hate that Sharpton. Ever since that Tawana Brawley brou-haha – AS$ = Al Sharpton. Now we have BO and an AS$. milli

    BTW – Cuomo says Spitzer is the most unforgiving and self-righteous person he’s ever met in public life. So yeah, European. They despise Spitzer and are salivating at the spectacle of his fall.

  301. By the way, I hope Obama as VP is really only campaign strategy.

    Can really not see and hear him any more. I always hate people who talk to much without making a point and after he is running such a negative campaign I think he does not deserve that Hillary teaches him for the future!

  302. Ininla, how was Houston? Are you planning a trip to PA?

    They’ve already opened offices in PA, but there’s only one office in MS.

  303. I’m confused. What disenfranchised voters?

    Mr. Sharpton, no one forced anyone to stay at home and not vote in the Florida primary. How is that being disenfranchised?

  304. Well, I wonder, if Sharpton will file a lawsuit on the behalf of the 1.5 million voters who are disenfranchised, because their votes do not count????

  305. European – I hope so too that the VP thing is a campaign strategy – because it does put the Bambi camp in a position where they have to articulate WHY he should be President NOW. It puts them on the defensive, and if he says, ‘well, i’ve got more delegates,’ that just sounds petty and immature to people – if he can’t articulate why he has the SUBSTANCE to be president now, then, ppl will see it through him more.

  306. filbetsf…

    in the countries where prostitution is legal, those who do it legally do it by choice…

    the reason why it is legalised, is the recognition tha otherwise they stay unknown to the government and within criminal circles.

  307. “Any woman can get laid, not all men can- that’s why we don’t see many male prostitutes explicitly for women.”

    –That you would make a sexist unproven statement like this as if it’s an absolute, as if it’s a “fact”–of course you would think I go overboard “with the Sociology 101 sometimes.” You’ve just repeated a stereotype. How long does thinking up “any woman can get laid, not all men can” take when the idea behind it, “men will lay anyone and women can always get laid, men aren’t selective, women are selective,” is repeated ad infinitum in society in one form or another–how much thought went into writing your statement? How much thought went into expressing the usual gender-roled “men are this, women are that” propaganda?

    It’s not worth hanging here with all the repeated insults toward my writing and me sometimes directly–my writing is based on years of thought and observation, not Sociology 101 which I’ve never even fucking took as a course.

    Of all places, people shouldn’t be repeating gender stereotypes here. I want Clinton to win, but I’ll work for her win at my own places. Talking elsewhere isn’t worth it.

  308. Is the Don King of politics still relevant? Why do we even care what he thinks? AA community are not going to vote for Hillary anyways.

  309. Sharpton’s suing the DNC, not Florida.

    European, like i said, if Spitzer hadn’t carved a name for himself by fighting prostituion and corruption and making that the cornerstone of his tenure as Attorney General maybe the press would give him more of a pass. But, like Cuomo said, he’s such a self-righteous judgmental SOB.

    And whoever thought Spitzer would be a good VP!!!!! NOT!!!!!

  310. filbertsf – TX was awesome, and more so when we won. I was in a caucus with hundreds of people – I begged older folks, people who didn’t speak English who were Clinton supporters, even parents to stay. The dozens that did stay – we were a minority against the Obama supporters numbers…

    But when we won – everyone hugged, cried, cheered – a bunch of us strangers, all Clinton supporters – it was probably one of the best moments of my life.

    Yes, thinking about heading to PA, week before the primary.

  311. WTF? I am hearing BO used those divisive movie lines again,, about being “bamboozled”. Is the effing media ever going to say anything about this?

  312. Retail vs relationship sex…who cares. If I want to sell my body and I find a renter and we agree on price…. BFD. Not your business or anyone else’s. Unless we are talking about licensing and immunizing folks against disease and tax fraud. Make folks get tested and pay a licensing fee and report income, but don’t tell ’em not to do it. That’s absurd when marriage has been around as long as it has been and it was nothing more than a father/family selling a virgin bride for a few goats.

    rjk, no idea on 11th C.. I’m in the 10th and although licensed in Federal Court, I don’t practice there. I’m strictly a state or local girl. Maybe one day if the right case comes along, but until then, hell no. All the electronic filing, having to be constantly searched, the expedited hearings, huge discovery code….just not worth it for me.

  313. Agreed, Plural. The Clinton campaign did the “grown-up” move of addressing the issue of a joint ticket, and Obama turned around and instantly started whining about it all.

  314. Sorry for multiple posts. Forgot to mention that I just Heard BO saying that he never heard of a candidate trailing in the nomination suggesting they be at the top of the ticket, referring to HRCC’s hinting Bo could be VP. oooooooohhhhh- they got under his skin with that one. Wonder if it was a Carville suggestion. hehehehehe.

  315. I agree under the circumstances that he should resign.

    As I said, I did not know it was illegal and that he fought prostitution himself.

    This is like that homophob repubblican preacher who went to a gay prostitute (forgot the name).

  316. Ininla, so you were in the thick of it. I was reading an article analyzing the demographics that carried Hillary in TX. Turns out it was the rural region and Latinos.

  317. Fran,

    I’m a librarian and I have worked in the law enforcement field for over 29 years. Your charge of stereotyping on this issue is a very real and growing problem.

    Please continue to post here. I really do enjoy your ideas.

  318. Okie,
    The reason I was asking is the the 11th has agreed to hear the appeal of the FL lawsuit that was thrown out by a lower court. Hearing scheduled for next Monday. I guess no one really knows why they agreed to hear it until hearing the questions they ask next week.


    Could there be anything more divisive than using Malcolm X movie lines meant to imply white politicians hoodwinking black folks????????????

    Why don’t they expose this?

  320. On the issue of prostitution, let’s agree to disagree. I understand the benefits of legalizing prostitution, however, the harm to society far outweigh the benefits.

    Like Hillary’s stance on gay marriage, it’s a personal decision. I see the good and the bad of legalization, but I have to side with illegalization.

  321. yes, of course, I was in the thick of it – Houston – even though he won the counties – we kept it close by working with Latino, Asian (especially Vietnamese) voters – I worked specifically on gay/lesbian outreach. Regardless, we won TX, and the caucuses are now being challenged, and I think having witnessed how chaotic and undemocratic the caucuses are, and how thuggish Obama’s supporters were and hear the reports of their shenanigans in TX will be valuable to me and the campaign in the future.

  322. mj – I had flipped to Michael Medved for a minute and he was covering the bambozled speech, along with the fact that Obama isn’t as eloquent off the prompter. He said he was going to discuss the movie reference after the break but then the Spitzer story was breaking and I flipped the channel. Medved is preaching to the choir though.

  323. “he never heard of a candidate trailing in the nomination suggesting they be at the top of the ticket”

    He needs a refresher course in political history.

  324. Fran- take your meds. First, I am a woman. A woman one class short of a minor in soc, and a bachelors in letters with an emphasis on gender studies and gender history for part of my degree. I also focused on civil rights in law school. Add in I am given “honorable” status with my beerd rinking buddies as a guy because I know sports, cars and am not afrad to break a nail (I also own my own chainsaw), then I get a bit of say so here… This is what most guys think:

    All women can get laid if they want. They just have to not be picky about untrimmed hair and nails, body odor, back-ne, lack of cash, car, job…..

    Not all men can get laid. They pay for it. If not by getting hitched with the approval of the Church and the state, then by handing over a $50 to a pro or buying drinks for the dumbass sorority girl sitting next to them. It all amounts to the same thing, some guy getting his rocks off. Sometimes it means something, often it doesn’t. Don’t take offense.

    Male prostitutes come in two flavors- straight or “gay.” The latter can often be gay for pay or just gay trying to make the rent. The former is usually fairly good looking, cultured enough to get by and rents to older, rich women needing an “escort.”

    Them’s the facts. Sorry you don’t like them.

  325. ‘Mr. Sharpton, no one forced anyone to stay at home and not vote in the Florida primary. How is that being disenfranchised?’

    Exactly, Jan. you see how friggin’ sneaky they are and how friggin STUPID or TERRIFIED the press is of anything that smacks of racism. Sharpton’s (idiotic) point is that those who stayed home were all minority’s, eg., AA’s and so they WILL be disenfranchised if the DNC does a revote and they’re not allowed to participate OR if the original votes are used to delegate the delagates. 😀 the typical BS.

    Innila – i agree the VP suggestion is a strategy.

    European – that would be Larry Craig.

  326. Ininla, you didn’t go alone, did you? I mean, I think you would be fine on your own. But did you have support from people you worked with in CA? It must be pretty intimidating learning about TX and working with Texans without the aide and comfort from CA supporters.

    I was very surprised when she won TX. Didn’t think it would happen. I knew she would win OH, but TX was very iffy. You won it for her.

  327. NOte: I have my BA in Letters. As for my other courses- I was 1 class shy of a minor in soc and 1 class shy of a minor in political communication. I also have my JD.

  328. HI all…maybe part of Hillary’s strategy is to get Obama on record, as he is now, saying that he will not be accepting any VP position…so since he doesn’t want to be the VP and he has gone on record saying so…that let’s Hillary off the hook for ‘having to ask him to be the VP’…so she isn’t obligated to him and can ask anyone she wants…

    hey, he said he doesn’t want the job…

  329. Okie, my problem is, I didn’t think Texas would vote for a woman over a man. Texas is so cowboy-ish, you know? I thought they may still have lingering misogynistic culture. In a way, I was right. It was the Latino vote that carried her through the day.

    I just don’t see Texas going for a Democrat in Nov.

  330. Yeah, S, I think you may be on to something. But I am so dismayed. Where the hell is the press? That bamboozling stuff is such loaded language. What happened to the free press?


    Updated 5:15 p.m.

    During her stop at Revello’s Pizza in Old Forge, Mrs. Clinton told The Times-Tribune’s Borys Krawczeniuk that she was thrilled to be back in Northeastern Pennesylvania.

    “It makes me feel great,” Mrs. Clinton said of the warm reception from a crowd outside the restaurant. “This was a big part of my growing up.”

    She ate a cut of Old Forge-style pizza and said she chose Scranton as her first stop because of her roots here. Mrs. Clinton’s father, Hugh Rodham, grew up here before moving his family to Illinois, where she was born and raised. Mr. Rodham is buried in Scranton.

    When asked what it would mean for the region if Mrs. Clinton were elected president, she replied, “I think it would mean you would have a friend and real partner in the White House. Someone who has a great deal of affection for the people here and knows how hard people have struggled the last 50 years.”

    Job-creation and health care are the issues she said she has heard the most about from voters here, and says she will focus on addressing those problems.

    She also characterized herself as the more-experienced candidate in the Democratic nomination race against Sen. Barack Obama, of Illinois.

    Mr. Obama leads her in delegates, states won and total popular vote, but Mrs. Clinton hopes to close some of that gap by winning Pennsylvania.

    Mrs. Clinton said she is a big supporter of passenger railroads and would do what she can to get Scranton connected to New York City by a rail line, a long-proposed idea. will have full-length video of the conversation with Mrs. Clinton available later, as well as video of her speech at the rally.

    Updated 4:45 p.m.
    The line to enter the rally at Scranton High School is moving very slowly, now stretched all the way up Providence Road to the McDade Expressway.

    Police officers are posted along Munchak Way to stop people from cutting in line.

    Scranton Police Chief David Elliot, at the scene, said he couldn’t estimate the number of people present, but said he didn’t believe everyone now in line would be able to get in.

    Updated 4:06 p.m.
    Organizers are starting to let people in the gymnasium at Scranton High School. The line is moving slowly.

    Updated 3:59 p.m.
    Mrs. Clinton has arrived at Revello’s Pizza and is greeting supporters and onlookers.

    Meanwhile, the line waiting for the rally at Scranton High School has swelled and extended to Providence Road.

    Updated 3:35 p.m.
    Mrs. Clinton exited the plane, came over to a crowd of 50 to 60 supporters and signed autographs.

    She and the campaign staff are now boarding the motorcade and will depart shortly.

    Updated 3:19 p.m.
    Mrs. Clinton’s plane has landed at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport. The motorcade will be leaving and will wind its way toward the rally in Scranton.

    A stop is planned at Revello’s Pizza on Main Street in Old Forge for a photo opportunity and brief interviews with local media, including a Times-Tribune reporter. Check back for her comments from the restaurant, and read more about it in tomorrow morning’s Times-Tribune.

    Updated 3:13 p.m.
    The length of the line has almost doubled in the past half-hour and the high school’s parking lot is about full.

    It seems the high school gymnasium, which seats 2,400 plus room on the floor, will be at capacity by the time of the event.

    2:42 p.m.
    About two hours before the doors open and more than three hours before Sen. Hillary Clinton is scheduled to speak, hundreds of people already are waiting outside Scranton High School in a line stretching about 150 yards.

    Doors are scheduled to open at about 4:30 p.m. for the rally. With its first-come admission policy, it seems many supporters are taking no chances.

    Mrs. Clinton is expected to arrive at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport sometime around 3 p.m. and speak at the rally at about 6 p.m.

  332. mj, didn’t we have this same conversation yesterday? Hillary has no friends in the media. When are you guys going to realize that you won’t get anything negative about BO or positive about HRC? If she’s going to win, it’s because people like her and/or revolting against the press?

  333. fil – latinos can be men, you know. the latina vote was higher overall though.

    David Gergen had said that the Clinton camp knew about 36 hrs beforehand that they would probably win the primary based on their internals. That’s pretty much correct as I listened in on a field call, and they said they were kicking his butt in almost all demographics.

  334. It’s not about having friends in the media. This is their god damned job. When someone uses that kind of language it should be reported.

  335. Latino culture is different. Women are very dominant in the household, so the men are used to women taking charge. There’s a machismo in the Latino community, however, there’s also an openness to female leaders.

  336. fil, I thought they would being a former Texan. The demographics were better for her. It wasn’t a certainty until she launched the 3am ad. That killed 👿 ‘s momentum there. Texas is first and foremost a state made up of fighters. If they think you’re weak, they will not vote for you. If they think you are Atheist, they will not vote for you. If they think you are gay, they will not vote for you. And if they think you are Communist, they will not vote for you. Be any one of those things listed and you will not get elected there.

    More of ’em thought 👿 was weak than they though Hillary was automatically for being a woman.

  337. You are welcome, basil9.

    mj, I understand your frustration about the media. But, that is the reality and we have comes this far with that reality and we can go further.

  338. Thanks again, Jan, you always post nice to me. But I don’t feel comfortable here because of other stuff. This has happened before here–repeatedly–remember? Crap happens to me in general wherever I write. I’m attacked, censored, whatever.

    Just one last thing on that particular issue, I guess next thing people will be saying “men can’t get raped, especially if a man’s a heterosexual man and he’s raped by a woman.” …Ooops. Lots of people DO say this. If a man gets an erection around someone, he automatically wants sex with that someone! He ain’t being forced! Never mind that women also can have erections and have orgasms before and during being raped—if their body parts inadvertently respond because that’s what animal body parts sometimes do, but then that response means they weren’t raped! They consented by virtue of body part arousal, by virtue of body part orgasm! Men are always ready and wanting it! They’ll take it from whoever whenever and wherever, dont’cha know! They can never be forced into having sex! They’re regular little sex machines! Just like in porno movies, where they’ve got gallons and gallons and GALLONS of semen inside them! They could never refuse sex with a woman, especially if she’s attractive to them! They just can’t refuse!

    Males won’t sleep with just anyone, any woman is not an okay lay by “men”–I think claiming males behave this way is stereotypical B.S., in both my personal experience and in my observations in general. And not every female can get laid without paying for it, saying they can is also stereotypical B.S.

    I am really and truly sick of this ridiculous world.

    (“Fran- take your meds.”

    –More personal attacks from this person and false dichotomies about the sexes. And even an outright claim that she’s posting “facts.” I’d suggest these people never study physical science if they routinely present unproven statements, unproven claims, unproven OPINIONS, as “facts.” Making statements about “This is what most guys think” and calling that effort and the resulting claims “facts” is ridiculous, in my opinion.)

  339. Anyone know if HRC’S Scranton 6pm rally will be streamed?

    alos, FWIW, Rove says the HRC BO VP hints are just ‘mind games.” hehehehehee

  340. basil9- hopefully, Rove’s right (don’t tell that to the obamabots and the undecideds), but getting people to talk about Obama as VP, and it’s already happening at my workplace in CA over the water cooler, is brilliant.

  341. Please let’s not push for Spitzer’s resignation. We are becoming a country where you can start an illegal war, torture and spy on Americans, shred the Constitution, and nothing happens. BUT, a little sex with anyone but your wife — and they’ll yell for your head. This way we are encouraging the govt to spy on us all to see if we are in the wrong bed.

    The FBI wired Monica, the police entrapped Larry Craig, and now the government wiretapped the Governor. I wish Cheney’s meetings were more public than politicians’ sexual pecadilloes.

  342. mj, have faith and confidence, we are going to come out ahead. Two weeks ago would you have believed we would be here? We won great victories in fair and democratic primaries in Ohio, Texas, and RI. Our wins is Ohio and Texas are especially significant. Everyone realizes that.

  343. I think the prostitution thing is hard to come to a conclusion on one way or another. There are plenty of male prostitutes. The thing is, prostitution is as old as time, so I don’t know that criminalizing it is the answer, particularly in terms of the prostitutes themselves. It pushes this behavior into the blackmarket and makes it more dangerous for the prostitutes. On the other hand, I am uncomfortable with saying, we, as a society accept it. No easy answers on that one.

  344. Yeah, Freckles, I agree with you there. Our priorities in this country are effed up. It’s our puritanical roots.

  345. The only question I have is what is the FBI doing putting these women in jail? Don’t they have something better to do with their time and resources?

  346. TPS Says:

    March 10th, 2008 at 5:53 pm
    The only question I have is what is the FBI doing putting these women in jail? Don’t they have something better to do with their time and resources?


  347. I am writing a MUCH longer one about Obama’s new politics, but it was making my head hurt, so I took a break w/this one

  348. TPS, I understand what you are saying, but I think it’s extremely news worthy. Not only is he stealing movie lines, but he is making an extremely divisive, unfounded attack on Hillary.

  349. Here’s a great user comment from the Washington Post:

    From the Boston Globe during the 2004 primary season:

    “Several Kerry advisers say the Massachusetts senator is skeptical about Edwards’s strength as a running mate, saying he appears to lack the clout with Southern voters that he often brags about being able to deliver. Edwards’s inability to win more than a single primary state thus far may give him the aura of a loser in the general election, these Kerry aides said. And Kerry himself recently noted with a touch of derision that, according to opinion polls, President Bush would defeat Edwards in his own home state of North Carolina.

    Kerry is also said to be unconvinced that Edwards is experienced enough to step in as a wartime president should something happen to him. National security credentials are the most important assets that the Democratic presidential front-runner would use to choose a running mate, these aides said.”

    Is it so unfamiliar to Obamabots that during the primary season, presidential candidates question each others ability to lead the country? When Clinton does it, she is a monster but when a liberal Massachusetts senator (who looks like he could be French, no less) does it, he is embraced by the Obama campaign four years later? Hows is that for some “change”?

  350. Rove says the HRC BO VP hints are just ‘mind games.” hehehehehee

    we said that two days ago here.

    it’s strategery

  351. freckles,
    From what I’ve gathered so far, Spitzer wasn’t the target of the sting. The FBI was going after the Emperor Club and in the process evidently came across text messages and cellphone records from Spitzer to one of the girls.
    Now, who knows what pressure was exerted on who to strongarm Spitzer but the point is he has so many enemies it could have been anyone. or 9conspiracy theory warning) maybe Bo had a friend in the sting (or from the CLUb – *LOL*) who tipped him off and THEY pressured to have Spitzer targeted. Much as I abhor this hypocrisy Spitzer ia like a pale version of BO – arrogant, self-centered, egotistical
    and filled with a sense of entitlement.

  352. tps,

    thanks for the link but it seems to be the local news station and not the rally itself. i will try again in a few.

    Spacegirl, congrats on your first diary. 🙂

  353. # OkieAtty Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Actually, I like Al. I respect the hell out of him and think he’s done a good job staying out of this primary.

    he does good work on behalf of civil rights and I sorta think in some ways we’re alike in that neither of us gives two shits about our egos and are willing to take hits for a cause.

    I can disagree with him on stuff like this, but I still like and respect him…


    I totally disagree with you. I don’t respect him at all. He is a consumate opportunist and never resists the opportunity to get face time on tv. The reason that he hasn’t endorsed Obama is because it would hurt BO and make him more oa the Black candiddate. Most Whites hate him. He was instrumental in the Tawanda Brawley dust up, was found guilty of character assisnation/slander and never apologized for lying. He has been caught on tape giving speeches using racial slurs and have never apologized yet he led the charge on Imus. He is NOT a person with clean hands, trust me on this. Don’t be ‘bamboozled, hoodwinked’ etc. Jena 6 known and spoke highly of Hillary on the View. He’s a bright man and I think well-intentioned, but like John Lewis and others, in between a rock and a hard place.

    Give him room to move to us and he will. Don’t slam him too hard.

  354. Need Hannity to keep focus on Obama’s damning associations – and keep Rezko links to foreign aid ($) and the Obama campaign – anonymous donors to Obama without any record, etc. Know Sean wants to save all this for McCain if Obama challenger, but Hannity can’t stand the fact that someone with all of this BAGGAGE and terrorist ties is even being seriously considered to lead the free world. Wish he didn’t hate Hillary so (Hillary needs to arrange meeting with him so they could have a sort of Ferraro-type relationship) as by bringing all this out on Obama, which chickensh*t MSM won’t, he could be Hillary’s best ally, well – you know what I mean.

  355. Tiburones,

    As someone who’s lived in NYC and the NY area for many years and has seen A$$ on one news program after another always bs’ing and stirring the pot, i couldn’t agree more. And anyone who lived through that tawana brawley episode knows what a hustler he is. One poster referred to that type as a pulpit pimp or something like that. hehehehe.

    (just like BO).

  356. As a guy, I agree with both Okie and Fran. It is true that a guy isn’t always just some sexual ‘machine,’ and, yes, not all women can get laid.

    That said, most men tends towards what Okie is saying. It’s not personal, it’s not sexist, it’s not anything — it’s just physical urge and a guy wanting to get his rocks off. Like Okie said, sometimes it means something, sometimes it doesn’t.

    I do agree with you, Fran, on this point — America is still WAY too puritanical and hung up on sex. I have no problem with legalizing prostitution, particularly if it is done in a European manner where the workers get health care, etc. and aren’t just abused, pimped-out, victimized women (or men).

    Many times sex is a trade-off, as has been said. Whether it’s paying $50 for a bj or your husband makes sure that he is slow and caring after you cooked him a nice meal. That’s just part of it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And I’m a well-educated guy who has taken women’s studies classes, anthropology classes on sex, etc. I’m no chauvinist or misogynist.

    We have a long way to go as a society in terms of comfortability with intimacy and sex. Some of the attitudes held by, for example, Japanese culture as regards sex would shock Americans. Again, puritanical backbone. Similar to how America is far more religious than many areas of the world.

    Fran — I liked you original post and hope you stick around. I don’t think Okie was trying to ‘diss’ you, she just is very straight-ahead. Most guys do feel like any girl can get laid, and they can. As was said, that doesn’t mean that each hook-up will be Prince Charming, though.

    If you want to listen to Hillary talking live, go to this link:

    And do the ‘listen live’ think.

    It’s too bad that Elliot Spitzer screwed up. If any of you women want to understand more of the mentality that goes along with someone like an Elliot Spitzer (why can’t guys keep it in their pants?), I could probably give you some more insight. It’s not complicated, it’s likely just a guy who ‘made it,’ puts in a lot of hours, travels a good amount and thought he could/’deserved to’ get something on the side and no one would be hurt/know. He got caught, and now he’s toast.

  357. Watching Hill live….loved how she recounted her family’s history in Scranton, PA. This will help her that her ties run deep and that they are not artificial. I expect good things out of PA for Hill. Gov. REndell Friday said that he wanted to deliver PA for her and he wanted to win in PA with a bigger margin than in OH.

    7wks is along time and anything can happen but if they can win by 12-14pts, that is HUGE!!

    Note that PA has over 1/3 of its folks or registered voters to be catholics and Hill has been winning this demo around 65% or so

    PA has t one of the largest population of older citizens behind FL

    PA’s demo a is similar to OH x 2.

  358. Thank God for local coverage.



  359. # Tiny Dancer Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    mj – I had flipped to Michael Medved for a minute and he was covering the bambozled speech, along with the fact that Obama isn’t as eloquent off the prompter. He said he was going to discuss the movie reference after the break but then the Spitzer story was breaking and I flipped the channel. Medved is preaching to the choir though.
    I was listening to him at work today. He said that BO rambles and doesn’t sound as eloquent when he is not using a teleprompter. He said that he was channeling Malcolm X from Spike Lee’s movie. Finally, some one gets it but Medved should as he is also a movie critic.

    The MSM should have already called him on this as he only seems to use this when he is infront of AA audiences in heavily populated AA states. Medved said that he was even channeling down to the cadence.

  360. Universal…i don’t mind that men want to “get some”. It’s just that they are not called sluts or whores if the do.
    I don’t believe people should be FORCED to be monogamous, but that that decision should be made individually OR as a couple, and spoken about.

    I don’t mind that ES went to a prostitute.

    What I DO mind is that he used really bad judgment when he KNEW in THESE TIMES, and in HIS POSITION…getting caught would be his downfall. Bad judgment. Do I think he should resign? Of course not.

  361. I know I haven’t been posting on this site for very long, and I may be asked to go away after this, but I need to get something off my chest.

    I think this site is amazing. It is one of the very few places one can go and feel good about supporting Hillary Clinton. I love how energetic, protective and loyal you all are to the Clinton family.

    I’m just wondering though whether we can’t all take a step back and appreciate that we all have opinions that are worthy ones, that we may disagree with each other at times but do so with respect.

    When I first came on the site I noticed that there were a few very voiceferous posters who could be nasty if thwarted. All I am saying is that people like Fran and a few others work very hard to support their candidate. Apologies are great after the fact, but the original hurt is still there. Can we take a step back before we post and try to keep the “personal” comments out when we disagree?

    Honestly, losing good people we can’t afford to lose just seems wrong to me.

    Okay. If this is my last post, then I wish everyone well.

  362. I can’t stand none of ya…won’t miss ya if you leave either. More talk space for me and MY opinions.

    That’s as it should be.

  363. Tiburones – Yes, I just read a post on MyDD saying that BHO is channeling Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” movies. What a farce

    SpaceArtGirl — I agree with everything you said. Women should not be called whores or sluts because they have sexual desire, too. I am 100% against the whole ‘double standard’ thing. I think that is a remnant of a time when viable contraception didn’t exist. As I always tell my male friends who get hung up on that whole double standard junk: “If we guys like hooking up, then we have to be hooking up with someone, right?” That is, unless women are also interested in sex, we men are going to have problems.

    Much of that whole ‘virgin/whore’ thing comes back to guys’ fear of women’s sexual desire, … You know the whole thing, the fear of the ‘insatiable woman’ BS. It’s one of the stupidest, crippling things a guy can let
    affect him.

    I very much agree with what Fran and Okie were saying: I wish people were cooler with strings-free intimacy, especially guys understanding that plenty of women would like this, too.

    JanH — I hope you stick around. I like your posts.

    OK, Hillary just finished her talk. She did great. She will
    be coming back to Scranton on Saturday for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


  364. I am thinking about making a video for Hillary for the PA election. Won’t have time until the weekend to do it. Any suggestions? I was thinking about using “Allentown” by Billy Joel, but am open to other suggestions.

  365. Also, I’m reposting from earlier this morning (Currently the ranking is #34 – Top Favorites (Today) – News & Politics; #53 – Top Rated (Today) – News & Politics)

    If you RATE my video, MARK it as a Favorite, AND submit a COMMENT, it will get it higher in the YouTube rankings which in turn may get it more exposure on YouTube. This will applies to videos within 48 hours of posting, so it applies to my recent video which went up Sunday morning:
    “Obama’s Doubletalk Express – The Great Pretender”

    I hope you can help me promote the video by Rating, Favoriting, and Commenting today on YouTube. Let others know too. If it gets high up there, we may be able to reach a wider audience. Thanks for your support.

  366. AWWWWWWW! What a great reception Scranton gave her! They Lurve her there! And the crowd was so cuuuuuute – so excited, so sincere, so authentic looking – Loved her account of summers in the cabin her grandfather built and watching movies on a sheet hung up on a clothesline! her father being buried there, her family all being christened at the local church. She really connected with this crowd.

    And she’s gonna be back for the St. Patrick’s Day parade! Rendell is fantastic. I think if he had smiled any wider his cheeks would have split open. And the Scranton governor, (can’t remember his name) was like an excited little boy.

    I’m sooooo glad i watched!

  367. from

    Spitzer Linked to Prostitution Ring
    New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) “has informed his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring,” reports the New York Times.

    Spitzer “is set to make an announcement about 2:15 this afternoon at his Manhattan office.”

    The New York Observer has the behind-the-scenes story of how the NYT broke the story.

    Update: WCBS-TV reports Spitzer “was not expected to continue as governor and may resign by Monday evening… Lt. Gov. David Paterson could be sworn in as governor as early as 7 p.m. Monday.”

    Update II: Governing notes Paterson would be the fourth African-American governor in U.S. history…Perhaps even more interesting than Paterson’s race: He’s legally blind.”

  368. Word to the wise: This is a Hillary site about HILLARY. People may come and go as they please, unannounced, or with fanfare. The site will go on, with or without them, as it is a Hillary site, about HILLARY, not about those of us who post here. Keeping the purpose of this site in mind may help to diffuse the drama that some so desperately seek and that surely can be found in copious amounts elsewhere. This is a Hillary site, about HILLARY and what we can do to make her 44, and everything else is a waste of space..

  369. LMAO…they showed Hillary’s plane in the air about to land. Talk about excitement in Scranton lol.

  370. This is a Hillary site, about HILLARY and what we can do to make her 44, and everything else is a waste of space..

    So you’re saying you don’t want me to post my lasagne recipe here? Harumph.

  371. I’m having a problem with the title of gregory’s new show “race to the white’

    Maybe I’m pushing this a bit far, but is this some subliminal message to everyone of color that white is the “only good”

    seems there is something a bit more sinister. great way to rile all the people of color against a white girl?!

    then will they change the name of the show just before the GE campaign to something more subtle?

    maybe, or not but I wouldn’t put it past MSNBC

  372. Debbie — I agree, I think it is a very stupid title. They only named it that to be ‘edgy.’ Dumb.

  373. caroline,

    Oh yeah! And they also had footage of her motorcade along I-80.

    the crowd flipped when she mentioned some of the towns, hazleton, taughauc (something like that) Shadowfarms and lake wallopasomething orother.


  374. Yes, Hillary received a great reception tonight. Local coverage too, which is more important than national coverage right now.

  375. @debbie “I’m having a problem with the title of gregory’s new show “race to the white’

    I HOPE this was a typo…

  376. gotta take the dog out…

    Idunn…I think you and I are on some sort of Karmic food connection

    the other night we both had tacos, although i declined the oysters and poptart addition
    the other night, we both had fried fish
    tonight, I make spaghetti and you have a lasagna recipe you want to post…


  377. bird…I know…but that was the post when I found it earlier today. I cannot believe that was overlooked by the news service. see up theread for link. Maybe they have fixed it!

    I’ll be back in a bit

  378. Just one more thing, not to reopen the conversation because I’m tired of what has happened too much, but just to clarify something. I reread one of my posts above and realized that I should have been clearer when I said–

    “Recently, there were brothels women could go to in South Africa and Germany, I think, but they wound up closing down because the women wouldn’t pay a lot of the time, they thought they shouldn’t have to pay for sex”

    –because it sounds like I may be saying the brothels weren’t being USED so they had to close. But nope! They were busy and women were frequenting them, but I remember the problem was at least one of the places wasn’t asking for money up front (maybe the owners thought it would spoil the mood? many female customers didn’t like money talk before sex?) and after the women would have sex, they’d refuse to pay too often. The place couldn’t stay in business by offering free sex, and some of the males doing it said they really needed the money….

    Thanks again, Jan, for being so nice and even-headed–you continue to be both. I see another nice post from you toward me above. You should stay here. This place definitely needs good posters.

  379. can you believe the Pentagon gave that BIG CONTRACT to Airbus.

    Them fcukers. Goes to show you, they have no idea what in the hellc is going on in this country.

    Marine One WENT OVERSEAS

    Light Utility WENT OVERSEAS

    Fueling Tanker WENT OVERSEAS


  380. tonight, I make spaghetti and you have a lasagna recipe you want to post…

    That IS weird. We didn’t have lasagna tonight. I actually made penne with sausage and peppers. Pretty darned close to Spaghetti. 😯

    Tomorrow we’re having meatloaf. What are YOU having?

  381. Dot,

    I agree. It is completely disgusting that the Pentagon gave the contract to Airbus instead of Boeing. Someone should start an online petition.

    But I think they know exactly what’s going on in this country and they don’t give a flying f***. The only bottom line for them is how much they can make. I swear, Russian feudalism ended in 1917 but it sure feels like we have the same system here.

  382. Howard the Duck Dean:

    “I think it’s very unlikely that Florida and Michigan, given how close this race is, are going to be seated as is,” Dean told CBS Sunday. “But everybody’s going to work very hard to find a compromise within the rules that’s fair to both campaigns that will allow Florida and Michigan in the end to be seated.”

    Okay, so the race is thisclose without giving Hillary her 50% of FL and 55% of MI. Then what would the race be like if you seated them???? Exactly, she would be ahead on popular vote, and ahead on committed delegates.

  383. Read the following, Joe Scarborough comments about people calling the network and their sponsers reminded me of my friends here 🙂

    Also, Al Sharpton…Hillary’s best friend. As long as he keeps opening his mouth and looking like and a$$ hole then that stink rubs off on BO.

    And last….. What the hell is Bamboozled… I am a 44yo white male living in Kansas City…. I thought I have been around, but, hell I guess not. Bamboosled… idoes that mean, fucked in the ass, in AA community???

  384. Idunn “Tomorrow we’re having meatloaf. What are YOU having?”

    this remains to be seen, but I make lousy meatloaf, so chances are slim!

  385. “given how close this race is”

    Wow, what an admission. If they didn’t matter, they would be counted. But they do matter, and FL and MI just happened to vote for the candidate Dean doesn’t favor, so too bad for them.

    I’m sorry, MI and FL voters voted in good faith in as far as they knew the only primary they would have. Their votes should be counted as cast. Too bad for the DNC and its stiff necks.

  386. Claire McCaskill on CNN…talking about MI and FL voting…says gaming and political games. Campaigns should not get involved. Let DNC decide what to do. Does that mean…Howard Dean and Donna Brazille?

    My, my, Claire.

  387. dot,7:43 pm Regarding Airbus.

    My brother works for American Airlines, he said there is alot more to that contract being award to Airbus then we are being told, also he beleives that Airbus could move production of an aircraft to Alabama, because of weak dollar it would be better on there bottom line, so I understand everyones feeling but deserve the whole truth.

  388. Found this on the web…

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. compared presidential candidate Barack Obama’s impoverished childhood to Jesus Christ’s. “Barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people,” he then trumpeted. “Hillary [Clinton] can never know that.”

    That is a little far fetched. Here is some more of what the mentor said

    At Sunday’s 11 a.m. service, Wright preached on the New Testament account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead in the sermon “Looks Can Be Deceiving.” He spoke about the tradition of African storytelling to illustrate how past generations preserved and passed on stories to teach their children how to hold onto hope amid the pain and suffering of slavery.

    Though Wright did not mention Obama by name, he spoke about how a biracial child could use that same hope to overcome racism, go to an Ivy League law school and become a politician. Obama received his law degree from Harvard University and was the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review.

    “How many children of biracial parents can make it in a world controlled by racist ideology?” Wright said.

    “Children born to parents who are of two different races do not have a snowball’s chance in hell of making it in America, especially if the momma was white and the daddy was black. A child born to that union is an unfortunate statistic in a racially polarized society,” he said.

    “But, if you use your mind, instead of a lost statistic in a hate-filled universe, you just may end up a law student at Harvard University. In fact, if you use your mind, you might end up as the editor of the Harvard Law Review. If you use your mind, instead of [being] a statistic destined for the poor house, you just may end up a statesman destined for the … Yes, we can!” Wright said, using the popular Obama slogan to bringt the crowd to its feet in cheers. (source:,1,6128527.story?track=rss)

    Obama Quotes

    From ‘Dreams of My Father’,I CEASED TO ADVERTISE MY MOTHER’S RACE AT THE AGE OF 12 OR 13 when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.


    From ‘The Audacity of Hope’: Lolo (Obama’s step father) followed a brand of Islam ….I looked to Lolo for guidance.

    From ‘The Audacity Of Hope’, I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

  389. I have a stupid question and I’m too lazy to look for the answer myself. The DNC sanctions only pertain to delegates right? So…shouldn’t the popular vote still be factored in? Is there anything in the sanctions that alludes to pop vote?

    This situation is a hot mess. (Or if Christian were here a hot tranny mess!)

  390. Here’s what I don’t know and I LIVE in Florida:

    The Primary date was reset by the Legislature, and voted on by all because of the paper trail provision in the bill. The Governor said if they changed the bill, he would veto. The ELECTIONS are run by STATE LAW. Yet, DNC penalizes the STATE PARTY (and the voters).

    MyBFF said that the State Party had 30 days to submit a plan but did not.

    Now, my question, HOW do you VIOLATE STATE LAW to hold an election when it is STATE LAW that DETERMINES the DATE of the ELECTION?

  391. WOW…I am not believing what I am hearing….

    Juan Williams, in a hypothetical question from O’Reily, asked who to answer the phone…Obama or Clinton

    Juan answered Clinton!

  392. JAS – my mom works for Boeing and has a lot of contacts and said the same thing. She said she knew they wouldn’t get the contract and tried to convince her coworkers otherwise. The Machinists are PISSED.

  393. Eliott Spitzer is a bona fide reformer in a system which is badly in need of reform. He was on the side of the angels in that respect. If the current revelations cause his downfall it will be tragic for him, his family, the state of New York and the country. I for one hope he does not resign.

    At the age of 92, Ambassador George Kennan one of Roosevelts four wise men wrote a final book called Around the Cragged Hill, in which he addressed the human predicament in general and the sexual urge in particular. Think of this in terms of Spitzer- and the rest of us as well.

    The sexual urge requires no identification-no description. Everyone knows what it is. It attracts more attention than any other aspect of the human predicament. It is the leading theme of most western literature, inviting treatment both as comedy and as tragedy. Sometimes deplored, sometimes idealized it is always at the front of the stage in the enactment of human tensions and dilemmas.

    It is far from my intention to depict the sexual urge as a solely negative and reprehensible feature–as something in total conflict with the higher motivations of mankind. I recognize the interaction of the two sexes as a primary factor in the development of the human spirit and in human creativity, intellectual and asthetic . . .It is also true that when the sexual urge supports deep intimacy and devotion between individuals it holds satisfactions second to none, and it finds in this a redemption from its less admirable qualities. . . . .

    Yet the relationship of this urge to other demands of civilized life is complicated. So far as its contributions to human intimacy are concerned: we must not exaggerate the frequency of such idyllic comings together, or the prospects for their endurance when they do occur. And even those profoundly moving and enriching intimacies can have their ambiguous effects particularly when they engender proprietary feelings by one or the other.

    Men are not generally monagamous in their inclinations, nor are women for that matter (although their responsibility for children and greater sense of realism do much to hold them on the monagamous side). And even the deeper personal does not ensure against the development of unhappy phenomena as jealousies, suspicions, conflicting loyalties, wounded pride and tragic unhappiness.

    Stripped of it enobling part in human intimacies, its mysteries, multitudinous sublimations, ornamental tappings and the higher forms of passion that inspire it, the sexual urge is one of the most tedious, monotonous, at times ridiculous and least interesting of human proclivities . . . Not for nothing do the resulting tragedies dominate so much of realistic and romantic literature. Not for nothing has this urge earned the prominent place it takes in religious rights of confession and prayers for forgivenss.

    There is in short no escaping it: the sexual urge, the crude expression of natures demand for the proliferation of the specie, enriching, confusing and tragedizing the human condition as it does at every turn must be regarded as a signal imperfection in our ability to lead life in a civilized context. It cannot be expected to be otherwise at any time in the foreseeable future.

  394. Universal,

    Campbell Brown is not very good at interviewing

    Campbell Brown is not very good at much of anything.



    I see Bambi is back to his okie-doke, bamboozle, and hoodwink message today.

  395. # SpacegirlArt Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    WOW…I am not believing what I am hearing….

    Juan Williams, in a hypothetical question from O’Reily, asked who to answer the phone…Obama or Clinton

    Juan answered Clinton!
    Yes, I saw that earlier. I also heard him say that she will win the nomination last week on Fox.

  396. Campbell Brown’s show will tank. I watched about 15mins off it and she has no gravitas. I expect her ratings to tank.

  397. I have asked this question before, why can’t FL seat there delegats based on the results as they stand?? I mean no one campagined and all the names were on the ballot. What is the DNC issue? I realize MI will have to something but not FL.

  398. campbell brown should not even have the right to be called female. She is a travesty, I still can not understand how you sit up there and belittle your sister for the almighty dollar. She has no sense of female pride. I’ll be glad when her show tanks as I will tweety’s!

  399. What is it the female government types claire and janet, hasn’t Hillary helped them win their states? Of coarse she did help Obama win his, lots of thanks for him, right!
    What really pisses me off is Obama calling for Clinton tax return, he is just using the pugs talking points against Hillary, he is just awfull!!!

  400. actually, Janet is from Arizona, and Hillary won that state.

    The request for Clinton’s tax return is a distraction. She’ll release it, when she is ready. She has to be in control of their release, not BO. I would like to see a list of his earmarks.

  401. Read tis and pass it around to the blogs and PA posts
    A reformed Obama supporter

    h t t p: / /

  402. spacegirl: Matt was fired or asked to resign (something like that) from the SF Board of Supervisors. I don’t know all the details. I think, he is running as Nader’s VP.

  403. Ok, I’m not worried about the hokie doke. It means he’s at his wits end. I’m also not worried about the VP thing. He’s terrified the Super D’s will like this idea.

  404. space: NO. The article was great and does need to be circulated to a wider audience. Everything that was mentioned can be verified through Senate records.

    Does anyone have a list of PA newspapers?

  405. I’m also not worried about the VP thing. He’s terrified the Super D’s will like this idea.

    Good point, mj.

  406. Spacegirl: Gonalez hit Obama in all his vulnerable points. He is a flip-flopper. To borrow his own words, and those of his surrogates, “He will say anything to get elected.” He does not have anything of substance to his record. Re: medical issues-I wonder, how much of an influence MO was on this subject. She serves on the board of a medical system (or she did).

    Carville: How many Idahos=one Ohio, in response to an Obama surrogate’s statement that Obama has shown his leadership by winning so many states. HaHa. Those states will be red in November. In addition, I don’t think caucuses have any validity.

  407. funny quote from a blog on talk left

    “Kos now knows what has given the press Clinton Derangement Syndrome for all of these years – that no matter what crap you throw at Bill or Hillary Clinton, it seems to have no effect. So you have to throw more and more crap. Pretty soon, you’re the one who starts to look crazy. The MSM has been doing this for ten years. The Big Boy Blogs recently. But the reaction to their inability to affect the Clintons’ standing with the public – whether it’s to ram through impeachment or win Texas and Ohio – is pretty similar. Throw a fit and call it news and analysis.”

  408. PA papers links

    h t t p ://

    there was more up thread earlier…

    ones that accepted blogs

    lets get this posted on BO Voting record. The Republicans will love him. Use h t t p only

  409. Tiny Dancer Says: The DNC sanctions only pertain to delegates right? So…shouldn’t the popular vote still be factored in?

    Aiui, in theory by the DNC rules for the convention, ONLY the delegates count. However this will be so close that the votes of the Superdelegates will be enough to tip the balance. So the decision will really be made by a ‘swing’ group of SDs — who aren’t bound by any rules. Of course they will factor in the popular vote in their own private decisions. (Which is why I feel like a whole nother vote in both states will probably be a healthy thing for the SDs to pay attention to, but that’s just my feeling. I just love the picture of Hillary saying let’s stop fiddling about details and just ask the voters AGAIN what they want.)

    So it probably won’t matter whether the MI/FL delegates are seated or not, because the SDs know about them and can factor them in anyway.

    It’s just something for Obama’s people like Sharpton to make threats about. And maybe to confuse and intimidate some of the SDs, telling them they ‘should’ vote with the most elected delegates or the most states or whatever Obama claims to be ahead in at that time.

  410. Sharton is an ass. He will sue if the FL and MI delegations are seated as is. Fine Rev go for it you fat assed loud mouth, we will sue if all the caucus states delegations are allowed to be seated. All the shift workers, those in the hospitals, nursing homes, single parents with no babysitters, and not to mention our brave men and women in the armed forces were all unable to vote. Talk about disenfranchised voters!!!

  411. ADMIN WROTE: “Let’s salute and appreciate those who swim against the tide. In Ohio, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones campaigned vigorously for Hillary. In New York, Charles Rangel helped Hillary carry his district. Shelia Jackson Lee of Texas worked tirelessly for Hillary.
    As the nomination fight moves on to Pennsylvania an important figure will be Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia.”

    I really appreciate your blog today ADMIN. It is so important to thank those of our brothers and sisters in the African American community who are standing up for Hillary. Despite the great pressure to do otherwise, individuals like Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Sheila Jackson Lee, Charlie Rangle have not only had the wisdom and courage support for Senator Clinton, but they also have been among her most effective surrogates. They stay on message and don’t follow the febile and pathetic attempts of the media to practice race baiting. I am looking forward to seeing more of Mayor Nutter as he works with Senator Clinton to reach out to voters in Philadelphia. I also want to add a couple of names to the list of people to thank here. In Califoria, I was so impressed with Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums. They are strong leaders of their constituencies and our country and it’s a real honor to have them on the Clinton team. Thanks for reminding us to say thanks, Admin.

  412. I came across this posting on another website, and thought some of you, might get a laugh out of it. Warning: The guy supports BO.

    ” Ithink Candy Crowley is the best thing about CNN. I wish I could be friends with her. I just find her to be an extremely interesting person to listen to during political discussions.’


  413. eeew…fat ass candy crowley.. interesting as watching paint dry.


  414. there was NO coverage on Hillary today…if any,it was reflective of the Veep thing

    I have a FEELING that this will be the new strategy…just DONT cover her. Make her GO AWAY and marginalize by not covering her events at all.

    I saw BO do the hokey pokey I am the president 42 times or more

    any thoughts?

  415. I wonder how many people there are left who are watching MSNBC/CNN et al who haven’t figured out they’re crazy biased? Even my mom said something about it.

  416. I believe the Pew Foundation posted a report on the bias in the media coverage, Tiny. It’s so obvious, at least to us.

  417. Shuttle launch 2:28 am Tuesday (in about 3 hours) for those of us in Florida

    set your clocks…we will see it all over the central and southern state if it’s clear

  418. Paula, I know that, but I mean REALLY not cover her at all. Today was a case in point. NO mention of her in PA while I was watching anything. Had to see her on line on Scranton television

  419. My mom gets all her news from Fox. She loves Bill O’Reilly (she’s a dem, so I have no clue why). But she flips to MSNBC and CNN too and she said the Obama fawning was obnoxious.

    For the Obama supporters playing along, she’s not a fan of either candidate and will vote for the Dem nominee in the fall. She LOVES John Kerry though.

  420. I think the Spitzer story is probably what most were hearing tonight. He’s in Mississippi, where everyone knows he will win, that’s why they are covering him. Yawn.

  421. The fact that he’s back to the okie-doke, bamboozle, and hoodwink speech means the Clinton’s got in his head. He spent all day saying he’s not running for VP.

    Looks like he flushed his unity and bringing people together message down the toilet.

  422. My mom’s moderately political actually. She’s very anti-Bush (I don’t get the Fox News things at all). She loves Kerry, she worked her butt off for him as part of her union (Machinist) in 2004. She liked Edwards a lot, but never really found a candidate this time around that she supports. She voted for Hillary in the primary so she could say she voted for a woman once in her lifetime, but she’ll vote for whoever the Dem nominee is in November.

    FWIW she says the FL/MI need to be seated because the Dems won’t win in November without them. And she says she thinks it’ll be a Clinton/Obama ticket. She’s really insistent on that.

  423. spacegirl: it was mostly Spitzer. Rove did say, that BO should of had a surrogate say that about the VP spot. When he said it, he looked arrogant and entitled, according to Rove.

    Dot: that Crowley comment was from FSU.

    The talkleft comments were good.

  424. he uses racist slang with those constituents….

    can you imagine him pulling his preacher voice in WYOMING and saying theose cowboys were being hoodwinked and bamboozled and given the ole’ okie dokey??

    they would have thought he was speaking in tongues.

    this giy is SUCH an opportunistic phony. If Hillary went to New York and pulled a Bronx accent at a speech, we would never hear the end of it. And we DIDN’T hear the end of it when she got a little twangy in a southern speech some months ago. However, if you go back and listen to her when she was first lady, she had aquired a more southern accent than she has now…so i believe that was natural…but the press made it appear she was pandering.

    Oakie dokie?

  425. LoL mj, I don’t know why she likes Kerry so much. She thinks I supported Bush in 2004 because I told her I didn’t really like Kerry.

  426. mj – it says they expect light to moderate voter turnout in MS tomorrow. Higher than the last primary, but not over the top.

  427. I’ve never watched the movie Malcolm X – is BO using lines from that film? I am pretty good at film editing, I could whip together a montage showing BO using MX lines and put in on YouTube.

    Hokey-doke, give me a break. If I were AA, I’d be offended.

  428. texan, no matter the turnout Hillary won’t win Mississippi. The Democratic primary voters are about 55% AA. 90% of them will vote for Obama. Even if he gets 20% of the vote that immediately puts him at about 56%. I predict 60% Obama and about 40% Hillary tomorrow. Let su focus on PA.

  429. Bad. Probably. I expect it will go heavily BO because he’s been playing that ad that asserts Hillary called Mississipians “second class”. People will fall for anything, I swear. It doesn’t matter though. Everyone expects him to win. It’s been discounted.

  430. texas4

    I think that is fantastic news, figurine about 25% will be Repubs because McCain already clinched and only diehard R who vote in every election vote. If we can get Hillary’s base out we can keep it close. Wouldn’t it be a pisser if Hillary bites him in ass and pulls off the biggest upset of they year.

  431. hi-i knw hilary cannot win ms. but watch out-delegates may be tied. why/ bc the uniter has 8/10 blacks, hrc 8/10 whites. this is what iexpect despite her popular vote loss .

  432. She may end up with more delegates regardless. She plit the delegates in Georgia(didn’t she?), and that was despite him winning, I think, the white male vote. It was all based on geographics, which favor her as far as delegates go.

  433. mj, it’s true. She only has one office in MS. But the thing is, why should she push hard? AA are sure to go for BO.

    Remember IA? She spent so much money on that damn state. That money could have been put to better use in CA and other Feb 5th states.

  434. I’m still thinking about Spitzer. I still like the man, but how could someone so smart and successful be so stupid? Do people turn stupid once they are appointed to powerful positions?

    How can you wreck your professional and family life over sex?

  435. Brazile is UPSET on Nightline. She claims Hillary INTENTIONALLY waited until Mississippi to raise the issue of him as VP, which I guess interferes with his okie-doke message.

    Why is this woman still on CNN if Carville and Begala were banned ?

  436. Joe Friday: Why is she upset? So what, if she waited until MS? She couldn’t have said this, before the wins last week. Why are all the Obama getting their panties in a bunch, over every little thing the Clinton’s say or do? It just gives them more power. The speculation was all over the news today. Brazile needs a new day job. For someone in politics, she is very thin-skinned.

  437. brazille is a jackass. bo is sending our party to hell in a hand basket. everything hillary does is racist. boy blogs ripping hill for eevrything thing she does. so tired of it. hill has been for a month or more talking up bo and vp. she did here in tx-i was at the freaking rally donna! sick. i was confident n our white hosue chances-but every day with bo diminishes that i think.

  438. There was an article in todays New York Times suggesting that the intercine bickering between Clinton campaign staff members tarnishes Hillary’s reputation as a competent manager, and by implication her qualifications to be president.

    This is a false canard. It was anticipated and effectively rebutted in an article which appeared a couple weeks ago as follows:

    “Governing and campaigning are two very different activities. The task of governing starts with a basic understanding of the President’s real powers and the bureaucratic environment that can choke the life out of the most noble policy aspiration. Hillary understands that in a way that Obama does not (and probably never will). She has learned the hard way during her husband’s presidency. She is not the kind of person to make the same mistake twice.”

    By contrast the mistakes which Obama has made this past week with respect to NAFTA and Iraq relate directly to his competence to govern and are to that degree far more serious.

  439. WHY THEY SUPPORT Obama.

    McCaskill Wants the AG post.

    Kerry Wants VP post

    Leahy Wants Majority Leader Post

    Durbin Supreme Court

    Leiberman Sharon’s Job

  440. ABM90 Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    McCaskill Wants the AG post.

    Kerry Wants VP post

    Leahy Wants Majority Leader Post

    Durbin Supreme Court

    Leiberman Sharon’s Job

    These people are dreamming. How can they get tose post if BHO is the nominee?

  441. what I mean is that if BHO is the nominee, democrat will lose landslide in GE. How those people can get any posts?


    Stupid ASS Keith Olberman stating becuuse Hillary’s campaine is so RACIST he’s doing a “special COMMENT ON HER CAMPGAIN TOMORROW,
    IndyRobin | 03.11.2008 – 9:06 pm | #


    The unfairness of media coverage (including the blogosphere) will provide lifetimes of analysis when this is over.

    dwwenz | 03.11.2008 – 9:07 pm | #


    Unfairness toward Hillary, that is.
    dwwenz | 03.11.2008 – 9:08 pm | #



    Are you serious?
    lonnette33 | 03.11.2008 – 9:10 pm | #


    Taylor, You need to tell fucking stupid Keith Obama-man that NONE of Hillarys supporters are watching him anymore. HE makes me SICK. HE is race baitting.
    IndyRobin | 03.11.2008 – 9:10 pm | #


    KO’s an idiot. I wonder if he realizes how many Democratic viewers he’s lost. A good percentage of us are Clinton supporters.
    cj | 03.11.2008 – 9:10 pm | #


    I think KO is on BO’s staff 🙂
    ssmith | Homepage | 03.11.2008 – 9:11 pm | #


    Irony is dead. Long live irony.

    Grey | 03.11.2008 – 9:11 pm | #


    Olbermann has a serious audience, including a lot of independents. He influences people. I know you’re ticked off, but that’s reality.

    TaylorMarsh | Homepage | 03.11.2008 – 9:13 pm | #


    I’ve said this before and I will say it again, Keith Olberman needs to go. I don’t care that he is the only liberal on TV. I want him gone.
    lonnette33 | 03.11.2008 – 9:13 pm | #


    Are you serious?

    Fuck yes I’m serious. He and the stupid bitch Rachal Maddax said that since Hillary didn;’t FIRE Gereldean F. out for making the racist comment about poor obama that he has no choice bu to do a “special comemnt” on her campgain
    IndyRobin | 03.11.2008 – 9:13 pm | #


    It’s also reality that the Clinton campaign is neither racist nor race-baiting.

    But that’s not a reality Keith cares about, apparently.

    Grey | 03.11.2008 – 9:14 pm | #


    TaylorMarsh IS RIGHT

    He has a hugh audience and mega influence. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING
    IndyRobin | 03.11.2008 – 9:15 pm | #


    Taylor, who does Olbermann influence? I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. For MSNBC its about money and viewership. His show makes alot of money right now and beats everyone in ratings. Once his viewers leave, Olbermann is toast.
    lonnette33 | 03.11.2008 – 9:15 pm | #


    Like I said in the other thread…after reading those exit polls I need a shower. I am disgusted at what Obama and Axelrod are doing to my party and my country, all in the name of getting a nomination that will do him no good because he won’t be able to win.
    bdestini | 03.11.2008 – 9:15 pm | #


    Lies lies and more lies.
    autumnal | 03.11.2008 – 9:16 pm | #


    IndyRobin | 03.11.2008 – 9:16 pm | #


    Olbermann needs to do a special comment on the exit poll, cause his guy is toast in the GE.
    lonnette33 | 03.11.2008 – 9:17 pm | #


    Boycott GE, it’s the only way most likely and would take a hell of a long time to accomplish.
    autumnal | 03.11.2008 – 9:17 pm | #



    Agreed. I’ll do it. I haven’t been able to stomach Olbermann in quite sometime now.
    lonnette33 | 03.11.2008 – 9:18 pm | #


    IndyRobin | 03.11.2008 – 9:18 pm | #


    Me too IndyRobin. Is there a way to email Countdown without using Outlook Express?
    cj | 03.11.2008 – 9:19 pm | #


    Well. John Ridley and Pat Buchanan agree that, by and large, Ferraro’s comments are right and that the media love Obama at least in part because he’s black.

    Next, the sky will open.

    Grey | 03.11.2008 – 9:20 pm | #


    Pat Buchanan is the only person on MSNBC who speaks reality and isn’t in the tank for Obama.
    HRCsen08PRES | 03.11.2008 – 9:22 pm | #


    OMG, Grey…has hell frozen over?!
    bdestini | 03.11.2008 – 9:22 pm | #



    Oh snap. I would have loved to see that! LOL
    lonnette33 | 03.11.2008 – 9:22 pm | #


    Okay, I’m still crying but calming down. Keith Olberman is a TRAITOR
    and my heart is broken. How he drank the freakin kool aid is beyond me. PAT BUCHANAN is making sence. Fucking out of control crazy shit. What has happened to our world??
    IndyRobin | 03.11.2008 – 9:22 pm | #


    Buchanan making it very clear that women will walk out of the party, or certainly out of the election, because they feel Clinton “is getting shafted.”

    Grey | 03.11.2008 – 9:22 pm | #


    Pat Buchanan (?) Is beong smart tonight. He said Hillary was getting the shaft from the Media.
    maine | 03.11.2008 – 9:22 pm | #


    Excuse me but Keith Oberman is the racist. Anyone who falsely accuses another of being racist commits a racist act. So I say we raise hell with MSNBC and swamp them and GE with emails. And tell them just because of his racist comment we are doubling our efforts (money and otherwise to Hillary).
    Tim | 03.11.2008 – 9:23 pm | #


    So is Olber-mann going to do a special comment on Pat B. and John R.? LOL
    lonnette33 | 03.11.2008 – 9:23 pm | #


    You guys are wrong about the Olberman audience. It’s not huge but it’s the highest on MessNBC.

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