International Women’s Day

Aside from Wyoming primary day, today was International Women’s Day.

Anne Lewis of the Hillary Clinton Campaign:

Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on the progress that women have made in our country, and also recognize that the journey is not over,” said Hillary Clinton. “During this campaign, I have renewed my commitment to addressing challenges that women and families face across the country. I am honored to have support from so many women in this election, and I will continue to work hard for their votes.”

As a lawyer, advocate, First Lady, and senator, Hillary has fought for issues important to women here at home and around the world for decades. Hillary’s historic statement at the United Nations Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 that “women’s rights are human rights” still echoes worldwide. As Senator, she enacted legislation to designate the Kate Mullany House, home to one of America’s first women labor leaders, a National Historic Site and introduced legislation to create a Women’s History Trail in upstate New York, home of the first Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York, the launching site of the 72-year struggle for women’s suffrage.

Anna Quindlen reflects on The Double Standard as she recalls years not so gone by:

I’ve been flashing back to that episode the last few months, considering how, even with the best intentions, male is still the universal default setting. Here’s the drumbeat—Hillary Rodham Clinton is a strange test case for a what-if we women have been rehearsing for decades. What would be the chances that the most significant run for the presidency by a woman would be made by someone with more baggage than a ball team headed to an away game: a former First Lady, married to one of the most polarizing political figures in modern American history, who had suffered the public humiliation of his sexual perfidy? What would be the chances that she would survive all that to enter the Senate, then to mount what all believed would be a cakewalk to the Democratic nomination, only to be parried, not by the right wing or entrenched bigotry but by youth and eloquence and a colleague who symbolized a newer new America than she did?

But just because all this makes it difficult to parse the double standard surrounding Senator Clinton’s candidacy doesn’t mean the double standard no longer exists, or shouldn’t be acknowledged. There may be many reasons apart from her gender—past, positions, personality—that have led people to turn away. But there has also been an inescapable undercurrent of bias. It’s summed up in the word “calculating,” which is often used to describe the senator in as witchy a way possible. There is no male politico equivalent for “calculating,” except perhaps “business as usual.”

Consider the guys who yelled “Iron my shirts!” at a Clinton event in New Hampshire. The point wasn’t the yahoos with the Neanderthal mantra; it was that their jeers got little coverage. If someone at an Obama rally had called out a similar remark based on racial bigotry—”Shine my shoes,” perhaps—not only would it have been a story, it would have run on page one.

And there was that moment when someone asked Sen. John McCain, “How are we going to beat the bitch?” McCain may be the father of daughters, but to his shame, he did not protest. Even the prototypical new man, Senator Obama, had his moments, accusing Senator Clinton of attacking him “when she’s feeling down,” making opposition sound like shoe shopping. Imagine Obama using that turn of phrase against McCain. You just can’t. [snip]

But Senator Clinton has not only had to prove she is strong enough to be commander in chief, she has had to prove she is soft enough to feel your pain. For a man in a position of leadership to be sure and sympathetic is a bonus; for a woman it’s base line. When Michelle Obama talked of how she had taken to the campaign trail and left her two girls in the care of their grandmother it was seen as praiseworthy, a woman helping her husband realize his dreams. But if Michelle Obama were away from her children pursuing her own political ambitions, I can guarantee a spate of articles about whether that was bad for the kids. [snip]

Exemplary husband, perfect kids, no negatives—I guess you could argue that the double standard guarantees that female candidates are stellar since they are required to be all things to all people. It was a woman politician, the mayor of Ottawa, who is responsible for one of the most notable quotes about this: “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily this is not difficult.” It may be an era of change, but Charlotte Whitton’s 1963 comment still rings true. I’ve just always thought she was a little too sanguine about the math.

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Off topic, but we really like this video (via noquarterusa and in the comments):


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  1. Pennsylvania voters registering online to vote? Don’t skip the second step!!!! you will risk being denied a ballot on the april 22nd primary.

    “The first step involves the applicant completing an online form. That sends counties an electronic record of each registration, but it doesn’t register the would-be voter. Doing that requires the applicant to print, sign and mail a matching copy by the March 24 deadline.”,0,6849142.story

  2. Admin: this video The Kingmaker is beyond brilliant. Sure shows who the real monster is. Clue: it aint Hillary.

  3. I would NEVER say to BHO to “shine my shoes” but I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him to kiss my a$$

  4. SNL has the incense burners in whirling mode. They are furious with the DNC phone number bit (not taking notice the number is fake).

  5. divabunny
    sorry i missed your post– my tv and computer are in seperate rooms–
    it was a very poignant and funny opening piece to which i can not do justice it will be available tomorrow i am sure on snl’s website

  6. no offense… if i pissed off admin off or other posters,,,, you peeps are so temprermental… so! if admin decides to ban me, so be it…. i love a sex alexi any time any any day!

  7. ::waves at diva:: 😀

    I just got in, spent the day babysitting. I never want to see Bob the Builder again.

  8. It’s quiet in here! But I see SNL has our backs again! I can’t wait to see it.

    I love you Diva, don’t go!

  9. I still like SNL. I think I’m one of 5 people left who still DVR it every week. I don’t always make it past the first skit, though I try to check out Weekend Update (not the same without Tina) and the musical guest.

    They’re usually the best when they parody politics, it sucks the strike took them away for so long.

  10. @tim… dammit! i’m trying to be controversial!!! stop trying to cover for me! obama is a monster! susan powers is a hero! am i banned yet???????

  11. Does anyone know if the youtube of SNL is up yet? I missed it.

    Harold Ford: To the person who suggested him as a VP canidate. NOooooooooooooooo! He was very good friends with Imus and Imus really went out on a limb and supported his canidacy when he ran for the Senate in TN. When Imus got into trouble, Harold Ford was MIA and Imus lamented several times how Ford had desserted him.

    I was for Ford during his race ran, but when I saw this, I soured on him. You are known as a friend based on how you react when a friend is in trouble rightly or wrongly. He failed the test imo so no to him and that is a HeLL NO!

  12. i’ve wondered if bambi would have gotten this far had there not been a strike they’d have been all over him and those banal speeches.

  13. I know Tim! SNL most certainly would have parodied one of his rallies. I’m surprised they’ve been 3 shows in and haven’t had someone fake faint.

    They rail on politicians ALL the time, if Obama and his supporters think they would have fawned over him, they’ve probably never watched the show, like, ever.

  14. OBambi will try to go for a hail mary and attempt to upset Clinton in PA. I feel that we cannot take anything for granted. We must call more, donate more and BLOG more.

    I’m very happy to see the entire Clinton family get on board the PA express early AND to see them not concede the college vote. That is good. If they can even eat into 5-7% of Bambi’s youth stronghold that can translate to 1-2% in the primary matchup.

    I expect BO to go after Hillary on her experience cred and the CIC question based on his statement on her flip flopping on torture. I saw one stat that said that PA was home to 1.3mil vets. I would suggest that she do several events that focus on the military, veteran benefits etc and have 3-4 generals travelling with her. This will neutralize his argument as I am only aware of 1 gen supporting him.

  15. divabunny
    i am a little on the neurotic side and i was worried about you. checked your website and tried to connect but couldn’t find link. blah, blah blah

  16. once again if anyone is in pa or knows anyone in pa:

    Hello Hillary Supporters!

    I apologize for not getting back to you from my email. I have been at the phone bank all week with very limited internet time!

    I wanted to let you all know that the phone bank is now on-going, and we are recruiting new volunteers across PA. In three days, we have recruited about 500 people to work on Team Hillary! This is great news, but we need all hands on deck, and we need to push harder to get moving and hit the ground running! This phone bank is building the foundation of the PA campaign, and proves that we have a strong grassroots organization as well!

    PLEASE join us to make calls this weekend! Here is all of the information

    AFSCME building
    116 Blvd. of the Allies
    Downtown Pittsburgh, on the same side as the Post-Gazette, a block up.
    Open 9 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week!

  17. Just saying Hi to the crowd, I have been offsite for a couple days, just resting up after Texas. Still big big fan of the site and my friends here, almost regrouped and then I’m back at soldiering for Hillary.

  18. Hey we have our own thread at somethingawful. Yay Hillaryis44!

  19. @tim… your bad? but wtf were you talking abt? ive always had my blog linked so what is your deal sweetheart? ive always been up front abt who i am… clarification plzzzzzzzzzzzzz???????

  20. I LOVE somethingawful btw, Hi goons, I love you! (not being scarcastic, SA is love, TVIV gets me through a lot of rough days, I love the posters over there. 🙂 )

  21. Dude, can they not take jokes? If Obama is prez SNL will spend the next 4 years mocking him ad nauseum (assuming they stay on the air, lol). It’s just what they do.

  22. Now I want bread pudding dammit! My friend makes it with croissants and I can almost taste it. But it’s almost 11 here and she has a 2 year old, I don’t think she’d appreciate me showing up at her house all “hey, can you make me a batch of that bread pudding…like RIGHT NOW thanks!”

  23. TD, Obamabots on the web are the most mean-spirited and humorless people I have encountered anywhere.

  24. diva
    i am an IDIOT i had not read your post about getting caught up as i was watching snl. went back and read your asking someone that you wanted to call them and she couldn’t speak with you tonight. then when noone responed you said you know when to go away. then something about please don’t forget me. I am sorry. But i would rather insult you than ever ignore such words.
    make any sense?

  25. Guys, I think the reason the DNC has not seated the delegates is because at first Dean and Pelosi stupidly believed BO would win if they held back on seating them. It would save his momentum. It didn’t work. Now they are afraid to do what clearly will have to be done and seat them, because they are afraid BO’s base will see it as stealing the nomination.

  26. Your doggies are so cute! SO CUTE. Awww. You should post more recipes. I need to e-mail you after the one you sent me, but I’m the worst with e-mails.

  27. Sanctions have never worked in either Party. Delegates have always been seated. This is a crazy game of chicken by Howard Dean that may just bury our Party.

  28. FL/MI is just a mess. I say redo it as primaries, get it over with, whatever. I’d rather have Hillary win FL/MI straight up in a contested battle then have this debacle taint any claim she’d have to the nomination and her presidency should she get that far.

    I LOVE that Carville was all “We got 15 on it, let’s go half on a redo!” and the Obama guy was all ::armpit noises::.

    Cajun style!

  29. @tim… thank you for your response…even thought i still dont know why you were worried abt me.

    love to everyone that loves the pups! they are the best… arent they?

    anyone worried abt a dessert recipe for easter… i ill swear on my life! try the bread pudding recipe, it will NOT disappoint!

  30. Tiny, the thing is, there is no real reason to do a do-over. The correct course of action in any other siuation would just be to seat them, as has always been done any time a Party tried to sanction any state, They purposely are not doing that because they fear the BO supporters will see it as stealing the nomination because with them included, Hillary is winning.

  31. I just want the delegates seated, purely for the fact that this is America and no one should have their votes discounted. But I agree that at this stage seating the delegates will be seen by some as stealing the election and that’s why everyone is dragging their heels on this. So if it takes a revote to get those delegates seated, so be it, as long as it’s a primary. Plus, assuming Hillary wins both states again, and I say she has a fair chance of doing so, the media narrative would just be too good (which is why I assume Obama is dragging his hieels on a revote.)

  32. I have an alternate suggestion. Do-over primaries (no caucuses) in Iowa, NH, NV, SC, FL and MI.
    We can win IA, NH, NV, FL and MI.

    They all jumped the gun. Let’s do it over. And any other caucus that would like to do a primary can join.

    What do you think? Of course I have a 2nd preference — invalidate the caucuses and just count the primaries.

  33. I am really drunk, but I just got back from a bar crawl and met a girl that likes HRC that will vote for McCain if Obama is our nominee……I was lovin it


    For Clinton’s Fans, ‘Our ’68’

    By Ronald Brownstein,
    © National Journal Group Inc.
    Friday, March 7, 2008

    SAN ANTONIO — When Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign found its back against the wall last week, Amy Rao headed straight for the Alamo.

    Hillary Clinton has sparked particular passion among women who have made their own difficult ascent in the workplace.

    Advertisement Advertisement

    On the Saturday before Tuesday’s Texas primary, Rao spent much of her afternoon lugging Clinton yard signs and fliers down a long street of funky, stylish houses in a quiet suburb just north of downtown San Antonio and its fabled old mission.

    Walking with a friend in the warm, hazy sunshine, Rao worked through a list of addresses provided by the campaign. If no one came to the door, she left a flier. Whenever someone answered the bell, she pursued conversions with a friendly but resolute persistence. “I have never worked this hard for a candidate,” Rao said between stops. “I wake up in the middle of the night and say, ‘What else can I do?’ ”

    Did I mention that Rao, a compact, energetic woman with five children, lives in Palo Alto, Calif.? Or that she was among 40 Bay Area women who flew to San Antonio on their own dime to volunteer for Clinton last weekend? Or that when Rao is not buttonholing strangers in Texas she is hard at work as the founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley computer storage company with $140 million in annual revenue?

    There is a tendency to credit all of the energy in the Democratic presidential race to Barack Obama. And he has unquestionably inspired great passion. Fifteen hundred people turned out in February just to greet the aides opening his headquarters in nearby Austin. That office was so crowded last Sunday that some volunteers were dialing voters while standing in hallways because every desk was filled.

    But Clinton’s gritty wins in Ohio and Texas are a reminder that she has built deep, durable connections to Latinos, seniors, working-class whites, and, above all, women. In fact, although Clinton still trails Obama in the overall popular vote, she has now won more primary votes than any Democratic nominee in history, according to political analyst Rhodes Cook.

    Clinton has sparked particular passion among women who have made their own difficult ascent in the workplace. Shortly before Rao started canvassing last Saturday, she sat among dozens of mostly female volunteers in Clinton’s San Antonio office calling voters with a palpable sense of urgency. Determination, if not desperation, defined the mood.

    Nancy Patterson, a 54-year-old communications technician from San Antonio, had taken a week’s vacation to volunteer for Clinton. “I like Obama, but he needs to wait his turn,” she said. “I feel if it was the opposite — a more experienced man and a more eloquent woman, [the voters] would go with the man. But because she’s a woman, [experience] is discounted.”

    Patterson remembered working in an office where her supervisor kept a copy of Playboy on his desk, and she saw in Clinton’s rise an echo of her own struggles. “I know what she had to put up with,” Patterson said intently. She pounded her fist on the table. “She’s giving her all,” Patterson said. “I want to give my all.”

    Even after Clinton’s twin big-state victories on Tuesday, Obama retains a solid delegate lead and remains the likely, though not certain, nominee. But Clinton’s resurgence reconfirmed that these two compelling candidates have divided their party almost in half, with mirror-image coalitions of stony stability. For months, analysts have asked how Clinton might reach out to Obama’s supporters if she wins. Given the loyalty that Clinton’s supporters demonstrated on Tuesday, it may be time to ask the opposite: If Obama wins, what suitable role can he offer her in the Democratic campaign or his administration? Each may need the other precisely because neither is likely to decisively beat the other.

    Those are decisions for a later day. In the meantime, even those caught in this maelstrom are marveling at it. Making calls from Clinton’s San Antonio office on Saturday, Maria Meier, a young Los Angeles-based political consultant, looked for comparisons to the epic competition 40 years ago between Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Eugene McCarthy. “At least in my lifetime, there’s never been a presidential race like this,” Meier said. “They say 1968 was like this…”

    From across the table, another young volunteer cut in. “We were too young for ’68,” said Ingrid Duran, who had flown in from Washington, D.C., to help. “This is our ’68.”

    So it is.


    Posted on Sat, Mar. 8, 2008

    Weeks to go, and scramble begins

    By Larry Eichel and Thomas Fitzgerald

    Inquirer Staff Writers
    The activity surrounding the April 22 Pennsylvania primary picked up yesterday as former President Bill Clinton made two stops in the Philadelphia area on his wife’s behalf.

    First, he met privately in Center City with Democratic ward leaders, who chose not to endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama, at least until they can meet with both candidates.

    Then he traveled to Delaware County to speak publicly to about 1,500 people in the gymnasium on Pennsylvania State University’s Brandywine campus.

    And Rep. Robert A. Brady, the city Democratic chairman, told reporters that he had secured agreement from both presidential candidates to debate in Philadelphia – assuming they decide to debate in Pennsylvania at all – most likely at the National Constitution Center the week before the primary.

    The former president, in his only public remarks of the day, focused during his Penn State speech on talking up his wife’s candidacy and policies rather than criticizing Obama’s.

    Clinton took his listeners through the intricacies of her plans to make America energy-independent and to create a system of universal health care. He portrayed her as a proven change-maker with superior policy proposals.

    “The substance of change is even more important than the symbolism of change,” he said, without making any direct reference to Obama. “The fact of change is even more important than the feeling of change.”

    At the start of his remarks, Clinton, who made three stops in Wyoming on Thursday and had one more in Mississippi scheduled for last night, admitted being tired and said he would not deliver the normal “whoop-dee-doo” kind of speech.

    He did not raise his voice much, nor did he offer many obvious applause lines. Still, he talked for 45 minutes, concluding: “She’d be the best president, and Pennsylvania can make her the next president.”

    Earlier, he talked to about 50 of the city’s 69 Democratic ward leaders, assembled at party headquarters on Walnut Street. After he departed, Rep. Patrick Murphy of Bucks County addressed the ward leaders on Obama’s behalf.

    Neither Clinton nor Murphy asked the Democratic City Committee to make an endorsement. In fact, Murphy asked that there be none.

    When the session was over, Brady said the ward leaders wanted to hear from the candidates themselves before thinking about backing one of them.

    “If it’s that important to them, we need to have them come before us,” Brady said. “After this weekend, they have nowhere else to go but the state of Pennsylvania, and all we need is an hour of their time.”

    The two candidates are to compete in the Wyoming caucuses today and the Mississippi primary Tuesday. The next event is Pennsylvania, six weeks later.

    The former president, who is extraordinarily popular in this region, reportedly received a warm welcome from the ward leaders. But he was asked at one point about remarks before the South Carolina primary in late January that were widely seen as demeaning to Obama.

    Clinton, who did not talk with reporters, responded angrily, said City Controller Alan Butkovitz, leader of the 54th Ward in Northeast Philadelphia. According to Butkovitz, Clinton said that “he was misrepresented, that he has been a very strong champion for the African American community for his entire career.”

    Murphy said he was questioned during his appearance about Obama’s ability to stand up to any attacks from the Republicans during the general-election campaign. The congressman said he offered this assurance: “There’s no one tougher than Sen. Obama.”

    Brady, talking with reporters about the closed meeting and the prospective debate, acknowledged that ward leaders were not all that important in a presidential election.

    “Ward leaders only need to get out of the way,” he said. “People are going to come and vote – I’m not sure how much influence you have.”

  36. OMG, there is an amazing video at hillaryspeaksforme…an arican american young woman(18 years old). She wears her Hill button everyday. Her PRINCIPLE lectured her that she needs to support BO. He’s black, your black. Her TEACHER give her dirty looks and now wears her BO button to school everyday. Amazing.

  37. LoL @ SNL. It’s not like that was flattering to Hillary either, don’t know what the bots are up in arms about.

  38. Alright – on the westcoast here, I just watched the SNL – FANTASTIC, 3 for 3 for Clinton – I can’t wait until they start spoofing Howard Dean – that would seem to be the next logical step.

    one drawback – wish they’d published the real number to the DNC.

  39. hillfans, what are the wyoming delegate breakdown? 7 to 5 in obama’s favor? im getting different results.

  40. Yes, terron, but that wasnt half bad/ Look what someone posted on Hill’s blog:

    We had to drive nearly 100 miles. It was chaos. Many of us had to sit outside because the building was too small.
    I was selected to 2nd the nomination for Senator Clinton and it was one of the finest days of my life, bar none. This is my first caucus and I HOPE TO HEAVEN my last. There are almost 1000 registered dems in my county and only about 150 showed up. This is a ridiculous system that disinfranchises way to many voters. None-the-less, It was a very memorable day for me.

    by wyoming dem at 3/8/2008 7:13:17 PM

    Me again–Do you think the students had to drive 100 miles? I’m starting to see how he gamed so many of these things.

  41. the conspiritist in me wonders if the writers strike was only settled because they thought bambi was a shoe in. had snl been on the air in january bambi would have been dead in the water. major media is after all in the tank with bambi

  42. 100 miles? That’s…crazy. Bless the people who drove that far, they put me to shame. Then again 100 miles would put me on the Canadian border.

  43. Just as I thought, Tiny. Now imagine Nebraska, Maine, a dozed other caucus states, including Texas. Where does Hillary absolutely dominate? The rurals. Get th epicture. BO can not legitimately be out nominee through caucus wins. It’s just wrong.

  44. Unpopular Votes and Obama’s Legitimacy Crisis

    I think Obama has lost the nomination with his own behavior (plus the antics of his campaign) since last Tuesday. He lost a lot of momentum with the Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island defeats and since then has behaved with petulance and arrogance. While there is no one thing, there have been a lot of smaller events adding up to a really profound loss of electoral legitimacy.

    First are the Texas reports of caucus shenanigans after HRC clearly won the popular vote in the state. It made very real the way in which the structure of the caucus was unfairly penalizing Hillary supporters. On top of the already problematic structural issues there are the reports of belligerent and possibly criminal acts by Obama supporters to try to exacerbate the situation. I note that most of the Texas counties that have not reported their caucus results (scroll to the second Texas map near the bottom of the page) are pro-Clinton. They are small and even if they go strongly for her, won’t likely change Obama winning the caucus, but it could significantly affect the final delegate count.

    When even Media Whore outlets like the WaPo have taken note of the disparity between the primaries and the caucuses, the fact that you’ve won a caucus rather than a primary becomes a delegitimizing factor with voters who are not already strongly committed to you. If Obama claims victory in Texas on the basis of the caucus after having lost the popular vote, this will be little different than Bush claiming victory over Gore – technically correct, but not accepted as legitimate.

    The weak response to the “3:00 AM phone call” ad did more damage to Obama than to HRC. Rice could only speak with authority about her own candidate, and she cut him off at the knees. All the Hillary campaign has to say is “No, our girl is ready, but nice to know you admit your guy’s not up to the job, kthxby.”

    The Monster and Archie Bunker gaffes form a pair of bookends to something that has become an increasing irritant to rank and file Dem voters – the derisive attitude shown towards people who are not “on the bandwagon.” If someone does not support Obama, the fault lies with them, not with the candidate, or that is the message coming through loud and clear to the Reagan Democrats. It fits in with the not very subtle accusations of racism against core Hillary supporters; they don’t really like her, but are voting their deep, secret racist impulses. This actually started in Iowa with the extravagant praise of whites who voted Obama, explicitly noting that they weren’t falling for racist BS, which immediately cast doubt on whites who didn’t vote Obama. It became the dominant meme for a while in New Hampshire to try to explain away Obama’s loss, and then went mainstream for a few weeks, when Obama had to admit that his campaign was deliberately trying to catapult the racist propaganda. The Archie Bunker reference is yet another attempt to call Hillary supporters racists.

    This comes across badly in two ways. First, the “Archie Bunker” reference insults voters directly. People who might grudgingly allow that HRC or people campaigning for her made remarks that someone might be able to construe as possibly being racist won’t accept that accusation made against themselves. Second, and this is more about the attacks on HRC herself, they come across as simply rude, the mark of people who don’t respect others. The monster comment went down sideways with many, many voters. As I have said and as has been said by a number of other bloggers, Hillary’s support is strong and diverse, and they feel insulted on her behalf over such comments, especially after the months of battering she has received, especially from a candidate who markets himself as a unifier, a nice guy, a conciliator, etc. He undermines the image of himself he has been projecting, and this damages his legitimacy.

    Then there are the NAFTA lies. When another government says, “Erm, um, no, you actually did tell us you were lying to the voters and not to be worried by your campaign rhetoric,” somebody has some ‘splaining to do. This will not do him any good with blue collar voters, who tend to know about NAFTA and care what politicians say. Given that the economy is tanking, ordinary voters want straight answers on economic questions.

    Now, today, there are three significant developments. First, Obama fairly strongly dismisses being on a unity ticket with Hillary. There’s some equivocating, but he’s not going to give an inch. He’s pretty much between a rock and a hard place, of course. Say yes, he’d consider it, and his support among super delegates collapses like the house of cards that it is. Fail to agree to it, and he becomes the one refusing to unify the party and playing chicken with Dem fortunes in November. It reinforces the sense that his campaign is both arrogant and immature.

    Next, Obama dismisses the possibility of a “firehouse” primary in Michigan, which raises all sorts of questions. Is he trying to force a caucus on a primary state? Do his own internal polling numbers show that he’s not going to get more delegates than he might collect via “uncommitted” delegates all going to him? The real answer lies in the final development of the day.

    Finally, and this is the nail in the coffin, James Carville pulls the ultimate gotcha on live TV. Read the exchange between Carville and David Wilhelm on Wolf Blitzer’s show this AM. (Transcript here on Taylor Marsh.) Basically, Carville says HRC will put $15 million of her own money up to pay for new primaries in Florida and Michigan, since both the states and the DNC say they would like to do so but can’t afford the cost. Will Obama raise $15 million in matching funds from his own vaunted money machine and give the voters of these states a legitimate, sanctioned, no-equivocations primary voting opportunity?

    The Hillary campaign hit this one out of the ballpark and into the next county. The rock and hard place of the VP suggestion just became a lady or tiger situation. Obama cannot afford to be seen losing big states again to HRC (and he will lose MI and FL), but now he is the person in the position of preventing those votes from being cast. If he stonewalls the votes, the fury of HRC supporters at the convention will be epic and they will demand that FL and MI be seated as is. If he can bully the credentials committee into any solution other than seating as-is, he will lose all legitimacy with HRC supporters, who will either write her in, vote McCain or stay home in November.

    Any claim he tries to make about how pledged delegates represent the will of the people is DOA now. Between the circus of the Texas Two-step and Obama’s refusal to even allow MI and FL primaries to take place, he cannot maintain the claim to be the popular choice. How can his Texas caucus votes be more legitimate than Hillary’s Texas primary votes? Moreover, he looks like he’s afraid to put his money where his campaign rhetoric is and stand up to a vote.

    What all of this points to, however, is one of the deep, negative themes that has been present in his campaign from the beginning, that people who do not support him are not legitimate voters and their opinions should count for nothing. People who vote for Hillary are Archie Bunkers, “low information” people who vote for “monsters” and who need to be shoved around, harangued, locked out of polling places. They will simply fall into line after he is nominated and support him, of course, but his high-minded followers cannot be asked to stoop to support anyone else.

    Hillary supporters are accused of being racists, of being war-mongers, of not understanding just what a heinous human being she really is, of being stupid, old, uneducated yahoo bitches. Their dissenting opinions about key events and policy decisions (what these acts and policies mean, how they relate to each other, how important they are on their own and in relation to other acts and policies) are scorned and attacked.

    The root cause of Obama’s loss of electoral legitimacy is his campaign’s refusal to accept that he might, very legitimately, not be the nominee.

  45. obamabots are threatenning a riot well how about the threat of a class action suit on behalf of all of the disenfranchised voters. an abscence of oversight and control by party leaders. i doubt gross negligence would be hard to prove. And deliberate just look at texas the party knew there would be a great increase in caucas and essentially handled it as they had in the past.

    March 9, 2008

    The Long Run –
    Obama in Senate: Star Power, Minor Role


    Senator Barack Obama stood before Washington’s elite at the spring dinner of the storied Gridiron Club. In self-parody, he ticked off his accomplishments, little more than a year after arriving in town.

    “I’ve been very blessed,” Mr. Obama told the crowd assembled in March 2006. “Keynote speaker at the Democratic convention. The cover of Newsweek. My book made the best-seller list. I just won a Grammy for reading it on tape.

    “Really, what else is there to do?” he said, his smile now broad. “Well, I guess I could pass a law or something.”

  47. The best thing about the obamatrons bitching and complaining about SNL (besides the shear enjoyment I get out of watching them flip out) is that it will drive more people to watch the show. The more people that watch the more it tends to influence. What obamatrons do not get is, the bigger stink they make against SNL the more emboldened SNL will get and really start going after bambi. This is nothing just wait until they get warmed up the writers have only been back a few weeks.

  48. wonder if some of us can create a website – a repository for stories from these caucuses…at least it’s a record of what’s happened – g’night all.

  49. rjk- hear, hear – that’s exactly what will happen. The bigger the stink, the more people will watch SNL clips. Plus, if anyone of the obamabots start harrassing the staff or writers of the show, they’re gonna get lampooned.

  50. Today I was speaking to a wonderful old friend of mine who is Irish and lives in Ireland.
    And while talking, we realised how we both support and love Hillary.

    My friend said that when Hillary and Bill went to Irelan, it was probably the 1st time a US President had visited Ireland and they went everywhere to meet the meeting. A friend of hers who sells fruits and vegetables noticed all these cars in front of his shop and the media circus surrounding the visit.
    Bill and Hillary purchased two apples from him and they were so nice and friendly. It was wonderful to see the President and Hillary going everywhere, because at the time, it was extremely dangerous to walk the streets. But they didn’t hide nor keep their appearances low profile. Instead, they both went on different expeditions and met with the people and talked and listened to them. This is but just 1 example of Hillary’s meet-and-greet when traveling overseas. Hillary was instrumental in the peace process in Ireland.


  51. I am soooooo angry

    don’t cave in folks..NO REVOTE. SEAT FL & MI DELEGATES NOW

    We’ve been told what do for too long. America stand up and fight back!

    AND…Caucuses should never be allowed either. this is not the 1800’s. People can go to the polls. They do not need a party who’s who to pick their candidate. Lets eliminate the delegate system and the electoral system!!!!!!!!

    I frankly don’t care if we lose the wh or split this party in half..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    Now Mr Obytheway..THAT IS CHANGE!!!

  52. MJ says:Guys, I think the reason the DNC has not seated the delegates is because at first Dean and Pelosi stupidly believed BO would win if they held back on seating them. It would save his momentum. It didn’t work. Now they are afraid to do what clearly will have to be done and seat them, because they are afraid BO’s base will see it as stealing the nomination
    Right. And now they are looking at a potential trainwreck. Pelosi is a passive aggressive and may try to tunnel under. She started to do it and we got it stopped. The Crist angle may break the deadlock when all else fails.

    You gotta hand it to the three witches of the DNC– dean, pelosi and brazille. They are real shrewd operators.

    First, the Republicans outmaneuver them by moving the Florida and Michigan primary date contrary to DNC edict–and the witches respond by disenfransing democratic voters.

    Second, the RNC invades our caucuses with groups like Republicans for Obama, which disenfrancise democratic voters in red states and the witches sit idly by.

    Third, there being a time and a tide in the affairs of men the fact that witches have failed to act now that they have failed to act in a timely allows Crist to assume the role of protector of the voting rights of democratic voters in Florida.

    Democrats have a long history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Our people are not that smart and are too consumed with palace intrigue. Republicans like Crist and Rove a play us like a harp while the DNC sits idly by. In the end that will be the determining factor.

  53. Im sorry but Bill Maher is such a sell out! I really dont mind that he supports Obama but the way that he talks about Hillary and the panel that he brings in are always Obama supporters! He said that the reason for Hillarys wins on Tuesday was because of fear tactics! Really? Because maybe just maybe she is liked for her specific plans and is not in a scandal with Tony Rezko! I just need to know has Bill Maher always been a sexist pig and why do we care what these tv and behind the scene people really care about BILL MAHER! I love how he has some rich punk that makes movies tell the audiance that hillarys is unstable and like himself needs counseling! I really am trully afraid guys. I am 32 yrs of age no children and working late on my BA and I see so much destruction around me and stupid people alot of really dumb people supporting this guy. Why do we not focus on the demographics more white men, AA, young teens in college and rich people! When i look at this I can’t help but feel that people that either have no worries or are voting on being sexist or racist is why they dont support Clinton. I have a friend that is an Obama supporter and he said who cares what seniors have to say or dumb poor people! I love him but at the moment I just might run him over!

  54. I beg your indulgence to add one further thought to the above diatribe. When I say that Rove and Crist are orders of magnitude smarter than our people I mean specifically dean, pelosi and brazille. We have other people like Hillary who are every bit as talented as the Republicans and ready willing and able to take them on. Case in point: Hillary Clinton.

  55. now I’m really mad…this from LA Times………………………………………..

    Democratic party officials cancel Michigan’s convention rooms

    Looks like the Democratic National Committee means business in its ongoing stalemated dispute with Florida and Michigan.

    According to our colleague Christopher Reynolds over at The Times’ travel blog, the committee has canceled the hotel accommodations for the 177-member Michigan delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Denver in late August. Just try finding that many rooms at the last minute during a political convention.

    And the DNC never even made any reservations for Florida’s defiant delegation.

    Both states have been outlawed because they naughtily scheduled their primaries before Feb. 5 in violation of party rules. Since Hillary Clinton has claimed victory in both places anyway, surprisingly, she’d like to count them in her total. Equally surprisingly, since Barack Obama’s name wasn’t even on the Michigan ballot, he’d rather not count the Clinton votes.

    To be continued.

    The travel folks have details here.

    — Andrew Malcolm

    Mar 9, 2008 3:02:00 AM | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

  56. I understand your point of view, but I take issue with..”three witches of the DNC”

    the visual of witches stinks, could you find some other negative unrelated to women to descibe them please?

  57. This is the first time that I think that if we have a McCain/Obama election, an independent can win.

    I like Ininla’s suggestion that we have a web site to write the caucus violations we have seen.

    I also would like a place to anounce whom we will never vote for, if we so feel. Perhaps there could be one that superdelegates could read, telling them why they cannot win with O but will win with Hill.
    Seniors, women, gays and A-As can explain that they will be gone. No money, and no volunteer workers (predominantly women) and no more loyal Dems. You can push loyalty too far. Two ways: utter stupidity or betrayal. So far, Democrats have majored in both.

  58. Why do they always say “Obama’s name wasnt even on the ballot”? As though by some collasol mistake Obama’s name was removed, when he himself removed it in an attempt to pre-emptively deligitimize the results.

  59. Debbie Dingle on FOX – “The rules were that the candidates not campaign in Michigan, that they take their names off the ballot was not part of the agreement”

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz -“There is no way the Florida Delegation will not be seated”

  60. LEave it to two SMART women to sanely discuss the “revote” issue…rather than the Dean Screaming head

  61. Have you all seen the Yahoo headline? “Obama wins Wyoming caucus, picks up 7 delegates”. Never mind Hill picked up 5. They are literally trying to make it seem as though BO increased his faux delegate lead more than he did.

  62. Interesting stuff here on MoveOn questionnaire re: delegates in Michigan and comments from Obaba folks (mainly)

  63. mj….honey….get more coffee 😀

    we ALL know that the press is never gonna give us a break. Hillary’s THREE WINS Tuesday lasted what? 12 hours in the news cycle? It just meant, to them, they couldn’t kill her off, as Bob Novak headlined (Why Hillary isn’t Dead) and Chris Matthews will have to wait another 8 years to get that tingle again.

  64. The idiots at the DNC have gotten us into a real mess. They should have never made the preposterous claim they would not seat FL/MI.

  65. Here is the NBC site for the skit:

    I think every time they hit Obama about something, this week his lack of experience, it helps us. The human mind is interesting. If every week they are making fun of him about serious matters (and just funny little things about Hill), eventually it will begin to sink in to the average Joe and Josephine that this guy should not be nominated (or elected). They are not picking on McCain (yet) are they? no. they will save it until later.
    People claim that the SNL cost Gerry Ford the election. I think it certainly helped. I still remember those skits. We are watching history in the making. This is costing him BIG TIME and he knows it.

  66. “If the first African-American candidate, who comes farther than any other African American candidate has ever come, if he comes into the convention with the delegate count but not the popular vote, and the SD’s take it away from him, is that fair?”


    What about a WOMAN candidate!

  67. this is funny….from somethingawful.

    this was my comments on the running tigers in Little Black Sambo. Look how the troll spinned it. Can we say “I told ya so?” They are SO Predictable. And BTW TROLL, you simply underscored my point. Thanks! Betcha won’t post this one, will ya?


    America is not blind to the ideals of fair play, and more and more the media and the obamatrons are whirling like dervishes to keep up the lkies and will turn into the pile of butter made famous by the Tigers in THE FAMOUS AUTHOR’S BOOK “little Bolack Sambo”by Rudyard Kipling.

    And I am sure that if they read this, they will think that is a racist remark. Having not read the book, I challenge tham to figure out who Sambo actually is.

    noooo there’s a million ways to use the Little Black Sambo comparison without it being racist, just like there’s a thousand and one uses for blackface


    Ronald, yes, Sambo was Indian, and it was a book…classic literature. And I do not intend to have lengthy discussions about it, it was simply a metaphor…using the tigers. But I think my point is, that IF it were to be picked up and used as a racist remark, it would show us how much censorship we can expect under an Obama Administration.

    this is the closest I’ve seen them come yet to saying flat out that if they can’t call him a nigger its censorship

  68. Also…to THE TROLL at SOMETHING AWFUL: If you had ANY brains, you would have 1.) not edited my post 2.) seen that the post was a comparison regarding the TIGERS RUNNING AROUND THE TREE and the OBAMA CAMPAIGN, and not the BOOK where that scene came from.

    Jackass. Just like his media. Edit for spin. That’s “Change” alright! Maybe THAT is what Obama means after all!

  69. And remember Troll…who it was that used the pejorative…YOU, not me. That speaks volumes.

  70. Daschel….the rules are only the rules if they apply to Barack….

    popular vote if for Hillary, Obama should get it because of delegates

  71. But, if you seat FL MI, he doesn’t even have a delegate lead. Jesus, you don’t pick a nominee by caucus.

  72. Tom Daschel just said caucuses were completely democratic. Thanks Tom….

    he doesn’t have HIS job anymore does he?

    Must be because people don’t like his JUDGMENT

  73. Hi judgement sucks. He is the one who decided to hold the AUMF vote right before the elections because he didn’t think people cared about it and he wanted to get back to discussing social security. I hope someone faught him on his ridiculous statement about caucuses.

  74. Does anyone know if:

    1/ Obama phoned Hillary to congratulate her for her wins in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island?

    2/ Obama phoned Hillary to apologize for the “monster” comment?

  75. He decried the comments. The MSM calls that an apology. No, I’ve never heard he congratulated her.

  76. We really need to start getting the info out about HOW MUCH MONEY Obama has “donated” the SD’s compared to Clinton. He is trying to BUY loyalty.

    Change you can believe in.

    NOW to the bath! LOL

  77. @mj,

    Thanks. I think what upsets me most is that Obama doesn’t treat Hillary with the respect she deserves. His supporters follow his lead.

  78. Hi Debbie:

    You realize do you not that Dean is a man? If I said two witches and one warlock would that be better? The reference was to the scene in Mac Beth where the three witches stir the pot and chanting: “double double toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble” with dire predictions.

    I sis consider another word when I wrote the thing. The word was descriptive enough, but ultimately I rejected it because it was overinclusive since it could also refer to Kennedy, Dodd, Leahe, McCaskill, Durbin, Bush, Craig, Olberman, Matthews, Dodd and so many others. Also Lou Dobbs has a monopoly on it.

    So Debbie, if you agree with the thought but take issue with the word give me an alternative suggestion and I will gladly consider it.

  79. Spacegirl says: Debbie Dingle on FOX – “The rules were that the candidates not campaign in Michigan, that they take their names off the ballot was not part of the agreement

    That is important. The decision to take his name off the ballot was a voluntary act by Obama designed to sabotage the Michigan Primary. His current position reinforces it. Then as now he is determined to disenfranchise voters of any state he cannot win. He is undemocratic on the one hand and unethical on the other.

  80. Jan-you are right on the money. The blatant sexism of the Obama campaign starts at the top. By the same token the HitlerJugen tactics of his supporters are condoned on the street and in the caucuses. It all starts at the top with a nacissistic candidate and a hate America first spouse–a horrible pair to draw to.

  81. Yesterday I posted the following bit from an Obama stump speech:

    “I can’t make all of these changes all by myself. That’s why I need your help.”

    Only Spacegirl responded that she saw something significant in that. I want to explain a bit since I saw it as a major blunder by him.

    It seems to me he is saying he can’t make those changes he has been campaigning to get elected to make. If he can’t make those changes, then why is he even running for the job? Of course, most of us already believe he can’t do the job.

    After admitting he can’t make the changes, he is asking the public to help him do it. He knows there is little they can do, or they would have already done it. What he is doing is creating a way out when he fails. He will just blame the voters for not helping him enough.

    Hillary’s administration will work with the Congress, on both sides of the aisle, and get her changes made. If one or two are delayed, she won’t be blaming us. I believe she could come up with a great way of stating this in the campaign.

    Maybe this should be used in comments to blogs.

  82. @Sherm Kader,

    Not disputing that your interpretation of his words could be correct, however the devil’s advocate in me suggests that this was just another ploy on his part for soliciting votes. He can’t make change unless he gets the nomination.

  83. Admin> the Quindlen quote was about what you would expect from Quindlen–a myopic mile wide and six inches deep. She is so consumed with this baggage business and so determined to give cover to women who lack the foresight and wisdom to appreciate the importance of the principle that is at stake in this election that she totally overlooks the vision judgement experience, moral courage and stamina that define Hillary and make her so unique among men and women alike– as I have said before the great leader of this generation. Instead Quindlen drinks the koolaid for Bambi and calls him the voice for a newer America–which is pure horseshit. He is the man featured in the Kingmaker video posted above who attracts alot of babbits from the younger generation. Thinking members however say things like dont tell me what you are going to do Barry–talk is cheap–show me what you have done so I can have confidence that you have any substance. Quindlen and her ilk have no comprehension of this. But worst of all, if people like her care about the issue of gender equality, they need to realize that if Hillary does not get to the Oval Office then it is highly unlikely that we will see a woman president in our lifetime.

  84. JanH, I agree his purpose is to solicit votes. I’m saying in his effort to get those votes he committed a blunder when he admitted he can’t get the changes done.

  85. he committed a blunder when he admitted he can’t get the changes done.

    That’s because being president is hard.

  86. wbboei Says: Spacegirl says: Debbie Dingle on FOX – “The rules were that the candidates not campaign in Michigan, that they take their names off the ballot was not part of the agreement

    I can’t find a cite for this.

  87. Debbie: I have thought about it further and concluded you are right. I withdraw the word witches wherever it appears in the earlier blog and substitute the word stooges–as in three stooges. A small concession to make to International Womens Day the text of this thread but surely an important one. Thanks for pointing this out.

  88. I watched the sunday morning shows. Here is a quick summary on the meta-state of things:

    a) The media narrative about Obama has significantly changed. There are second thoughts about him especially in terms of the issues raised by
    the 3 AM phone call ad. That 3 am phone call ad seems to have been both a brilliant tactical and strategic move by Hillary. Commenators on ABC news were uniform in their judgement that Obama didn’t have a good response. His harkening back to his “judgement” with respect to giving a speech against the Iraq war, in their view, was not sufficient and becoming stale.

    b) The Obama campaign was on the defensive regarding a revote in Michigan and Florida on every show. Their strategy of getting SDs to shift to them based on their current delegate vote lead based on caucus wins in places like Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah has failed. The front page WP article I linked to this morning clearly says that SDs won’t be swayed by that arguement and the discussion in the various shows today suggests to me that the big media is not buying it either. Even Tim Russert was wobbly on this today. Compared to last week-end, the energy seems to have drained considerably from this arguement.

    c) There seems to be a developing sense that Hillary would be a better GE candidate. George Will referred to Hillary as a “tough cookie” and he then went on to say that she has come back three times now after people had written her off and that it was an admirable quality in a future president. Sam, Cokie, and Will all agreed that there was nothing negative about the 3 am ad and that it was legitimate to raise the question of whether Obama was ready to be the commander-in-chief. In fact, they all agreed that it was the most fundamental question.

    d) Ed Rendell did brilliantly in Meet the Press pushing back against Tim Russert and putting Daschle on the defensive.

    e) The journalists seem to sense that both Hillary and Bill are being very clever in subtly raising the issue of VP spot for Obama in Mississipi as a way of reassuring AAs that if you vote for Hillary you may get both.

    f) Howard Dean came across as someone not willing to show leadership and being whiny about rules.

    I have argued previously on these pages that after March 4 the media narrative would change. It has changed and it is now more favorable to Hillary. There is also a (belated) recognition from the media that caucus wins in places like Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah don’t matter as much as wins in places like Ohio and Texas. Even Tim Russert wasn’t boasting much about the win in Wyoming. My local newspaper Chicago Tribune headlined his win (in the inside pages) by stating 9,000 democrats turned out to vote in Obama’s Wyoming win. They did that to point out that it is a pretty minor win.

    Onwards to Pennsylvania! Let us contribute and work towards a big win there.

  89. TPS, did anyone, particularly Howard Dean, mention anything about Florida primaries being moved up by the Republican legislature (despite democratic attempts to block it)?

  90. wbboei Says:
    March 9th, 2008 at 4:39 am


    Three stooges of the DNC is better! – Dean, Brazile, and Pelosi. That’s what they act like, swinging their ladders around and damaging the party, too stupid to see that it was the GOP that started this trouble about the primary date.

    Don’t they realize that punishing the FL Dems for action of the FL GOP will just encourage other GOP legislatures to similar mischief? Brazile should have supported FL Dems against FL GOP.

    Now (if reports are true) they’re giving FL GOP an excuse to leave ALL Dems off the ballot in Nov! (That would be fitting karma for Obama, who got his start by taking ALL his opponents off the ballot, and then took his own name off in MI.)

  91. Posted on Sun, Mar. 9, 2008

    One Last Thing: Who can go the distance?
    Not only will Clinton likely get nominated, but she’d be a better candidate, too.

    By Jonathan V. Last

    Inquirer Opinion Columnist
    Barack Obama’s electoral flaws manifested themselves this week as he lost primaries in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. If you’ve been reading this column and paying close attention to the voting coalitions of Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, this came as no surprise. By now, others have told you how “unstoppable” Obama is enough times that you should know better.

    Obama had a monthlong string of victories in states tailor-made for his campaign. He had a month of the most fawning and deferential media coverage imaginable. He had a month of presumed inevitability that saw many otherwise serious people calling for Clinton to leave the race. He had a month in which he raised $55 million, enabling him to outspend Clinton 2-1 in Ohio and Texas.

    And yet he lost the two most relevant states since Super Tuesday.

    Obama still leads in pledged delegates and the popular vote, as long as you exclude the results in Michigan and Florida (more of which anon). Democratic primaries in 10 states, Puerto Rico and Guam remain – and the demographic makeup of those states is largely favorable for Clinton. To this point, demography has been destiny – and there’s no reason to think that will change. Obama should win Mississippi, North Carolina, and a couple of smaller states. Clinton should win Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.

    If that is what happens, neither candidate will have enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination before the Democratic convention in August. Obama would arrive in Denver with a lead of perhaps two dozen pledged delegates.

    What happens then? Each candidate will make a case to the Democratic Party that he or she has the more legitimate claim. The superdelegates will then decide the nomination.

    Obama’s argument will be as follows: He garnered more pledged delegates and he does better in prospective polling matchups against John McCain.

    Clinton’s case is more complicated – but I think it has a better chance of working. She can argue that Obama’s lead stands up only if you exclude the results of Michigan and Florida. These two states were stripped of their delegates by the national party after naughty state party officials decided to move the primaries up on the calendar. Clinton and Obama both promised not to campaign in either state. Clinton won both primaries handily.

    The Obama camp insists that rules are rules and Florida and Michigan shouldn’t count. But is that really a winning argument within the Democratic Party? About 2.3 million Democrats voted in those primaries. Remember that in 2000, Democrats fervently argued that Florida election law was less important than making sure “every vote counted.” The party then claimed that holding to the strict letter of the law was tantamount to disenfranchisement.

    If “voter intent” was more important than the law in 2000, shouldn’t it also trump mere party rules in 2008? Obama’s argument about the paramount importance of rules might work with a Republican audience, but it runs counter to the ideological framework of the Democratic Party.

    The Obama camp complains that its candidate wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan. Fair enough. But Obama was on the ballot in Florida, and he even ran TV ads there, in violation of his pledge not to campaign in the Sunshine State. Clinton won Florida going away, 50 percent to 33 percent.

    Come the convention, the inclusion of Florida alone will likely give Clinton the lead in pledged delegates and the popular vote. The inclusion of Michigan and Florida would almost certainly give her the lead in both.

    In any case, Obama has a lead in pledged delegates only because he has been strong in caucus states. Obama can reasonably claim that caucuses are just as valid as primaries. But in truth, caucuses are not a particularly good indicator of electoral strength. Consider Texas: Obama won the Texas caucuses even as he lost the primary by a slim but hardly trivial margin (about 100,000 votes).

    Finally, while Obama might lead McCain in theoretical matchups, Clinton can make the case that her voting coalition will be more formidable in the general election.

    Obama’s support comes in large part from reliably Republican states such as Idaho, Utah, Georgia and South Carolina. Democrats have no chance in those states come November. Meanwhile, Clinton will have won at least eight of the 11 largest states, including must-win battleground states such as Florida and Ohio (and Pennsylvania).

    Remember, too, that Obama’s coalition is composed of more reliably Democratic base voters: African Americans, voters making over $100,000, and young voters. These are groups that Democratic candidates carry most easily. If Clinton is the nominee, she can take these groups for granted.

    By contrast, Clinton’s coalition – women, older voters, whites making less than $50,000, Catholics, Hispanics – would be McCain swing voters in a race against Obama. Obama hasn’t been successful in wooing those voters yet, so it’s unclear why anyone would believe he will finally carry them (and then defend them from a very appealing McCain) in November.

    In other words, if you look at the underlying fundamentals of the race, and not just the theoretical polls, Clinton can make a strong case that she is the candidate better suited to challenging McCain and winning the White House.

    Don’t be fooled by authoritative-sounding delegate math: If neither candidate has the required number of delegates, then holding a slim delegate lead matters much less than being able to articulate a convincing argument to the superdelegates, who are free to vote as they please.

    Clinton has at least even odds at being the nominee. And she would probably be the stronger candidate for the Democrats.

    Contact Jonathan V. Last at

    Sponsored Links
    tiburones | 03.09.2008 – 09:18 am | #

  92. Interesting article here…

    “I’ve been very blessed,” Mr. Obama told the crowd assembled in March 2006. “Keynote speaker at the Democratic convention. The cover of Newsweek. My book made the best-seller list. I just won a Grammy for reading it on tape.

    “Really, what else is there to do?” he said, his smile now broad. “Well, I guess I could pass a law or something.”

  93. TPS: great post! Glad to see, the change in some of the media play, and acknowledging that Hillary would be a better GE candidate.

    SNL skit was GREAT! Hillary is so experienced, she even knows how to get the furnace back on.

    LOL! 3 a.m. Where is Bill? Well, it is 3 a.m

  94. kaffeen, I think Senator Nelson mentioned it. Senator Levin did mention that DNC unfairly stripped FL and MI of their delegates while letting NH, Iowa, and SC go scot free. He mentioned that by initial agreement NH was supposed to go number three and that it jumped ahead violating the agreeemnt and that the DNC didn’t do anything about it.

    The rules committee is headed by Donna Brazille and she was the one who stripped MI and FL of their delegates. She could have easily taken away only 50% just as the RNC did. She rigged this for Obama and is trying her best to exclude FL and MI even now. Her voice is becoming less and less important in this debate now. Dean looks like a midget they way he is being wishy-washy here. Not exactly a profile is leadership.

  95. kaffeen, I identified totally with her opening line (about people who were counted out but refused to be knocked out, people who stumbled and stood right back up) and I think may around the country also did. We have all had our failures and bad times and many of us have fought through that and stayed optimistic and ultimately come out ahead.

  96. mj Says: Sanctions have never worked in either Party. Delegates have always been seated.

    That’s my impression. Do you have more details handy, like what years have had similar events?

  97. Obama does not want a redo in FL and MI because he knows Hillary’s ads will be nothing but clips of him saying “They broke the rules and shouldn’t be seated” Hillary will win both in a landslide, although I think FL has an outstanding chance of being seated by the credentials committee.

  98. Michigan can say in any hearing with the credentials committee that the only reason Obama took his name off the ballot was because the candidates were being blackmailed by Iowa and he gave in, Hillary did not. Plus his campaign under the guise of his surrogates (the Conyers) were taking out ads in MI telling Obama supporters to “vote uncommitted so we will still have a voice at the convention”
    Therefore the delegates should be seated as allocated and let the uncommitted vote any way they choose to.

  99. Everyone, I’m starting a specific thread at my blog

    where people can post their personal caucusing experiences. I’d also appreciate if people would post statistics of the caucuses vs. primaries so far for specific states, showing how the caucuses typically don’t represent the population nearly as much as the primaries do. As I said in another post here:

    “So how many caucuses are there during general elections?

    Do California, Florida, Ohio, New York, Michigan, et al. have caucuses during general elections?

    Is a caucus typically a larger sample size of a state’s overall population than a primary, and is a caucus typically a more representative sample of the state’s population than a primary?

    (Hint-hint, I know the answers to these questions, but it seems lots of americans don’t, lots of Obama supporters don’t, lots of mindless media commentators don’t.)”

  100. rjk 11:38–so what does Obama think the republican ads would be in the general against him in those states after he’s glibly dismissed their votes as not counting, is repeatedly supporting their disenfranchisement, and doesn’t ever wants votes from those states to count during this primary season? Does he think those voters will just support him in the general after he and his supporters told the FL voters a big FUCK YOU?

    Don’t forget too: some Florida voters voted for HIM. His support of FL disenfranchisement extends to HIS supporters too. How the fuck could they support him after that? Talk about cognitive dissidence likely going on….

  101. Now it is crystal clear what BO’s strategy is/has been.

    1. Play it safe in the Senate. Don’t take any controversial stands – duck the Iran vote, vote against Kerry’s troop withdrawal plan, vote against the compromise bill on immigration – all examples of his refusal to take a principled stand on anything in preparation to run for president before even being 1/3 into his first term.

    Then…..when running;

    1. encourage repubs to spread mischief with his pernicious “democrat for a day” fliers, ads, etc.

    2. organize in small, red caucus states that Clinton will not campaign much in because they will vote for a democratic candidate for president when hell freezes over

    3. run up the score in the south where the AAs will block vote based on race. Use surrogates like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Jr to keep the AA vote in line so that he doesn’t have to be seen as the “black candidate”

  102. Just catching up with all the posts here since last night. Love the blog entry mj posted at 3:09 a.m.

    Also, great analysis by TPS. Sounds very encouraging.

    BTW, I also LMAO at the story on Bill C. wooing Philly ward leaders. The ridiculous quote from the Obama endorser saying Obama is tougher than anyone absolutely made my morning!

  103. Fran
    That is the problem, Obama has been running his primary campaign like it is a GE campaign. It looks good picking up all the small red states, the only problem is democrats will never win them in November. Hell, the only swing state he has one is MO and that will not cut it in a real GE campaign. If he can not win OH, FL, PA, NJ and CA he has no chance in the GE and they way it looks now he stands a good chance of losing all of them.

  104. More good stuff going on over at TM today. The SNL video demonstrating Obamas inability to lead on day 1 with respect to foreign policy sure does drive the point home.

    Also, there is talk of making a video showing Obama from the debate saying he is not a CEO but listens and hires good advisors. and then have a split screen of his advisors (Rice, Power, Goolsby, Brennan..) saying what they said in the last 10 days. Good stuff.

    On a related note, I am old enough to remember a speech given by Eisenhower decrying the evils of the military industrial complex and questioning the fundamental premise that what is good for General Motors is good for America.

    Well, the wheel has come full circle because we are now at a point where the corporate interests that own and control Big Media are exerting the same degree of control over the political process the economy and life itself for their own profit driven ends. If it were not for the internet and sites like 44 we would be by now a media controlled totalitarian state–I kid you not.

    The subject of Keith Olberman came up twice yesterday. A confirmed Obamaite told me that Keith reported that the Clinton campaign had given similar assurances to the Canadian government on NAFTA which report has since been repudiated by the government.

    The Obamaite was appopletic. He asked me whether Olberman lied–thinking the extreme form of the question would back me down. I told him that Olberman is a hatemonger– a man who never let a little thing like the truth stand in the way of an inflamatory diatribe, a corporate hac and for those reasons a man of low moral character. Bottomline: dont listen to him.

  105. mj Says:

    March 9th, 2008 at 8:32 am
    The idiots at the DNC have gotten us into a real mess. They should have never made the preposterous claim they would not seat FL/MI.
    The DNC don’t care, they’ve been in the tank for Obama in the begining and it’s personal to them. The Howard Dean wing of the party thinks exactly like Obama and when you read about Obama’s supporters in the media writing “Archie Bunker” articles, Obamapost and throwing out the RACE CARD every 2 seconds…and less I forget THREATS FROM PARTY INSIDERS it’s just indicative of Howard Dean Leadership and what they think of the middle class and working classes.

    Axelrod and Dean have place all the DEMS eggs in OBAMBI 182 electrorial votes….they have arrogantly given the State of Florida, Ohio and possibly Michigan over to the Repugs this November.

    I just can’t wait until Jeb Bush start campaigning in Florida for McCain…I just CAN’T WAIT to see how badly we lose the G.E. if the DNC continue down this road of insult and arrogance.

    Yep, Keep up the Good Work Dean and company you can’t blame this debacle on Clinton and by the actions of canceling FI & MI hotel rooms at the convention, just keep compounding the biggest mistake the Democratic Party every made in electing Howard Dean to run the DNC.

    To all the Democratice Leaders who allowed this travesty to go on and you place that egomaniac Obambi as the nominee…you better look in the mirror because after November’s lose to the Republicans. The voters will be placing the blame on you.

    Go against the VOTERS wishes and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

    Hillary Clinton is #44 because her supporters are varied and committed in seeing her become POTUS not by trickery and abusing the electoric but by working hard everyday and fighting for every vote with intregity and our American Values…so if you think the Al Capone school of campaigning is going to get you the White House think again. It won’t!

  106. I don’t trust the polls this election….I JUST DON’T!! They have been so bias and in framing the questions that I’m just not focusing on pollins.

  107. Paula, I believe that poll. I am repulsed by both Obama and his supporters. They’re bullies, liars and thugs, IMO. I can’t bring myself to vote for king of misfits.

  108. rjk1957, he would not have won MO were it not for the flood in the rurals. MO is a perfect case in point as to his weakness in a GE. He only won the urbans. The area any Dem will win. Hillary won the rurals by wide margins, the area you have to win there to win a GE.

  109. Timmeh starts ‘Meet the Clinton Haters‘ with a voice-over saying:

    Last night, Obama bounces back and wins the Wyoming caucuses after Clinton’s big victories Tuesday in Ohio and Texas.

    Wyoming is a bounce back from the massive wins in Ohio and Texas ?

    The he shows Bambi ahead in the popular vote, because he excludes Florida and Michigan.


  110. I feel sometimes we’re broken records. We know about MSNBC, Tweety, Russert… so why do are people still outraged by what they say and then report what they say?

    After all these months, are you really still surprised and outraged?

  111. RJK1957@12:16 says:It looks good picking up all the small red states, the only problem is democrats will never win them in November. Hell, the only swing state he has one is MO and that will not cut it in a real GE campaign. If he can not win OH, FL, PA, NJ and CA he has no chance in the GE and they way it looks now he stands a good chance of losing all of them.


    That my friend is the core argument to the superdelegates.

  112. MTP is why I hated Hillary or Bill floating that twerps name at all this weekend. I knew the media would turn it into a talking point to try to paint her weak and needing him…

    My support and my $ has been donated to Hillary for HER to try to win this campaign. I don’t want to hear that thugs name .. period. He is not qualified to be vice president and I wish they’d drop that shit.

  113. On Fox news, they ran the SNL skit. The commentator was smiling, and said, “No word yet, from the Clinton campaign on, whether or not, Senator Clinton wears a facial mask to bed. ROFL!

  114. JoeFriday: then in the demented mind of Pumpkin head a win in a caucus win in a tiny red state like Wyoming by a whopping 2000 votes qualifies as a bounceback from blue state loss by over 100,000. The man is intellectually corrupt.

  115. This from a man who does not want the Michigan delegation seated. give me a break!!!

    (CNN) – A Democratic victory in a special election to fill the congressional seat held by former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert is a sign of things to come, according to the party. Barack Obama’s campaign says it’s a demonstration of his electoral coattails.

    What coattails Barack, you did not campaign there, remember?? I forgot that your memory is foggy, you think you won Michigan.

  116. I am starting to love fox news, knowing full well that this little love connection will have to end when the GE kicks off

  117. filbert: I am with you. I have been saying for a year if you decide to go to Antactica you have no grounds to complain about the weather. MSNBC is pursuing a defined corporate agenda and to that end they are nothing more than a propaganda machine.

  118. Just wondering how long it will take MSNBC to implode after Hillary takes office.

    Just thinking of the dream I had the other night and the term “heads will roll” fits even more

  119. Anybody SEE Daschles’ face when Rendell said that Hillary won states with a total of 260 electoral votes while Bambi won states with a total of only 190 electoral votes ?

    The sudden realization that he had no argument against that was all over his face.

  120. dot48 Says:
    March 9th, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    I don’t see it that way at all. It was a brilliant move on Clinton’s part to float the idea — if he said yes, that would make him weak, if he said no (like he did) that would make her look generous and unifying. These are all political calculations. Read anglachel’s blog — I think there was a link up thread. Also read Tina Brown and Taylor’s latest blog. We are doing fine and will still do fine without him. And even many in the media are recognizing it was a brilliant strategy and tactical move.

  121. DOT48. You have put your finger on the one weakness of the MSNBC business strategy which is the better than even chance that Hillary will be our next president. Their strategy makes no provision for that very real contingency. All it required was to have one Clinton supporter in their ranks like Craig Crawford, but the dynamics in that shop march to the tune of Greshams Law whereby the bad money drives out the good.

  122. tweety and pumpkin head in fetal position, playmate having to pose for playboy (eww), shuster turning gangster, scarface trying to regain his political footing, and I could go on and on

  123. Looks to me like PA will be well-staffed, with plenty of volunteers from NY and other friendly Clinton-states willing to cross state lines to help.

    Texas was a problem b/c it was surrounded by Obama-friendly states.

  124. dot48, I am agreeing with pm, this is merely a strategy on the clintons part.

    Throwing out that ‘unity’ ticket is just another way of bitch slapping him! 😉 He is largely seen (also explains his great support amongst repugs) as the anti-hillary candidate, so if he is seen as a likely vp, people will dismiss him, as they are not getting rid of her by that option.
    All witch lead to him having to come out and say he would not be vp. (mission accomplished)

    And if you know anything about Hillary, you can rest assured that under no circumstances what so ever, will she ask obama (knowing he would say yes that is) to be vp! She is a scorpion, above all else she wants loyalty and trust. Obama would provide neither, and he would attempt (with the aid of the MSM) to outshine her. She would have none of it after being in the shadow of Bill for so long.

    She has already left enough crumbs for us to know that she doesn’t see him as fit to be vp either, as we know, the responsible choice for a vp is one who can step in if something happens, she has made certain she does not see him as fit to be pres. enough said! 😀

  125. I think the website Just Hillary is anti-Hillary. The snide characterizations and the unwillingness of Birbaum to publish positive articles I have sent him force me to this conclusion. If anyone has a different take I would like to know.

  126. ps, also forgot to say, as a scorpion(and as we have come to know Hillary ( I love her for this, hi hi)) she also will not tolerate anyone trying to cross her!

    She remembers……until the end of time!!

    yes indeed, she is a strong cookie, indeed! That’s why she will whoop mccains ass in the GE, HHAHAHahahhaa…… ok, I’ll calm down

  127. I have to say that Governor Strickland of Ohio would be my first choice for veep. His loyalty and hardwork for her in Ohio deserves major kudos. He stuck up for her when it wasn’t cool and that speaks volumes. He’s extremely talented and would bring a balance to her ticket.

  128. wbboei I agree, I used to think it was a positive site for her, but the way he goes out of his way to put up these negative headlines links to articles is just not someone who supports her.

    I go there merely for information, as he updates quite often.
    But look away from the framing he uses, not good.

  129. wbboei,

    I would agree with you about Just HIllary website..heck their headline “Hillary back to losing” Hardly a bastian of support.

    and thanks for the 3 is so fitting!

  130. I would also ask for a cabinet position for Stephanie Tubbs Jones, at least and advisory position, she did amazing against incoming fire from AA obama supporters.

  131. dot48, I agree he did a great job with Ohio, it will be interesting to see all the viable candidates appear when the time is right.

    I have sort of always had a feeling about Evan Bayh myself, know hardly anything about him, just have a feeling, and remember seeing them together on a trip to Germany since they are on the senate arms service committee together. And it looked ‘so right’ when they were walking around greeting wounded soldiers in a hospital. Him 2 feet behind at all time, she being the automatic focus, 🙂 .

    He seems to really like and respect her as well. A nice team, although I have heard he can be a buzz kill, rather boring non exciting thing. haha, but we of all people know perceptions can be deceiving considering the false characterizing hillary has had.

  132. Rendell is a class act. I missed the debate between him and Daschle but I can well imagine that he got the better of it. The more impressive people like him, Clark, senior flag officers, Waters, Lee etc stumping for her on big media the better. It is a long time from now until Pennsylvania and we need to maintain momentum and present a powerful vision of what a Hillary presidency will mean to the country.

  133. Dot48: Strickland brought Ohio home to Hillary. He was so supportive in Ohio, along with many political people in that state. He would be a good choice, but the people of Ohio, might not let him go. He is very popular there.

    In PA, Gov. Rendell’s support is also important, and he has been a wonderful supporter for Hillary. Also, the black mayor, Nutter, is a Hillary supporter, which will also help her.

  134. dot48 that’s a good thing tho, didn’t mean anything else. Of course there are only 12 options so theres also something else to consider withing that sign than just the sign itself. 🙂 Read a lot of things about her, and altho some might be considered a not so good thing, or nice, I gotta say those things makes me like her more, you have got to be tough for this job.

    And I agree with whomever said that that guy who said that there is no one tougher than obama, made your day….well it made my day too, it is truly sad(funny for us tho) that we are not even considering this as a possibility, they cannot be taken seriously, we are merely laughing his ass off!

  135. I think we are going to win this nomination…..there’s no way we lose as I see it. We will probably be down about 12-30 delegates when we come in to the convention……we can make the argument, as I read in a Pennsylvania op-ed today, that our coalition (women, Latinos, whites making less than $50,000 a year, Catholics, and Jews) will be swing voters for McCain against Obama, he doesn’t win them, as we saw in Ohio, and will probably see in Pennsylvania. His coalition (AA, students) are Dems anyways, and will never be swing voters. Super Delegates will decide this nomination and seating FLA will put us over the top. We got this. Just keep doing like we always do: fighting against the biased press corps, fighting against crazed, drugged Obamabots, fighting against republicans, and fighting FOR Hillary.

  136. Afternoon all….!

    Some good posts here since bath time.

    Was just watching FOXNews (HA!!….the station of choice now!) and they were actually really praising Hillary, recognizing their OWN Bias (not ‘blaming the media, as if the ‘media’ was something or someone OTHER than themselves…which is a LOT more than I can say about MSNBC/CNN)…they believed her campaign was on track, that she was the stronger candidate (referenced Bambi scurrying back behind the curtain at the Rezko question fest) and that the SNL and more “hillary, hillary” had helped her tremendously.

  137. My mom was a BRILLIANT and funny Scorpio…very tough, but my best friend. Very much seemingly the same as Hillary.

  138. rjk “Many Superdelegates Hope for Clear Leader After Primaries”

    then let’s HAVE ALL the PRIMARIES. I think it funny as Hell that Carvel has called the Obama team’s bluff on this one. “We’ve got the money…are ya in?” to paraphrase.

    Daschel today….hemming and hawwing on primaries. THEY ARE AFRAID. Bambi WILL GET CREAMED in both States, although MIchigan would be closer.

    But Bmabi 1.) doesnt want the voter’s votes to count 2.) doesn’t want the voters to vote agaiin UNLESS it is a caucus (the most UNDemocratic votes of all) and 3.) doesn’t want the delegates to be seated as they are…WHY? Because he is a chicken shit.

  139. I disagree. It all depends on what happens with this Rezco mess, IMO. I think there is a very real possibility BO will be her VP, and it’s not about us, it’s not about the radicals who support him, it’s about keeping the Dem base together. I really dont care so long as Hill is on top, but remember she has these SDs to convince to nominate her, so dont be too disappointed if he end’s up VP. There is zero hance in hell he would say no if he ever wants to be Pres. If he doesn’t really want to, then he may. But BO won’t have another run at it without taking that VP spot so it depends how much he wants to be Pres someday.

  140. Spacegirl: Did you see the replay of the skit (most of it) on Fox? I loved it, when the commentator was slighly smiling, and said, “We haven’t heard from the Clinton campaign on, whether or not, she wears a facial mask to bed.” I was ROFL.

    Funny, I never watched Fox, before this election.

  141. I think Hussein Obama is the one who will say anything to get elected! Stupid Bradley.
    Mississippi is Barack Obama country, with polls showing the Illinois senator leading by anywhere from six to 24 points, but both Obama and Hillary Clinton are putting on a full court press there.

    But former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley, an Obama supporter, told Britain’s Sunday Times that the Clintons will say anything to get elected.

    “The bigger the lie, the better the chance they think they’ve got. That’s been their whole approach,” Bradley told the newspaper. “She’s going to lose a whole generation of people who got involved in politics believing it could be something different.”

    He added that Clinton will help presumptive Republican nominee John McCain if it means hurting Obama.

    “The Clintons do not do long-term planning. They’re total tacticians and right now their focus is on Obama, not McCain.”

    Asked if Obama is good enough to be vice president, then why isn’t he qualified to be commander in chief, Clinton supporter and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said that it’s about Obama’s relative experience to Clinton’s.

    “I think he’s qualified, I don’t think he’s as good a potential commander in chief,” Rendell told Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” “I think he’s ready, he’s not nearly as ready as Hillary Clinton is, there’s no question about that. … Hillary Clinton is the best prepared candidate I’ve
    ever talked to, far better than Bill Clinton was in 1992.”

    Obama supporter and former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle countered that Obama, who has more delegates and a larger share of the popular vote, would consider Clinton as his vice presidential candidate.

    “It’s rare, perhaps the first time in history, that the person running number two would offer the person running number one the Number two position,” Daschle said of Rendell’s suggestion.

  142. My mom’s a Scorpio. She’s badass. I see the scorpio qualities in Hillary often and it reminds me of my mom and then I get the urge to clean my room.

  143. mj….

    I agree with you about the “base” argument…but I just CANNOT IMAGINE Hillary taking him on if there is ANY WHIFF IN THE AIR of Rezko being or becoming a problem. SHE HAS BEEN DOWN THAT Road with the GOP and she will NOT go there again for some whippersnapper who runs out of the room when the TOUGH questions start. She has her OWN legacy to forge and in a sense, redeem Bill, so, no…unless Rezko is DONE with NO DAMAGE (and we already know this will not be the case) I cannot think of her doing this, and if the SD’s are smart, they wouldn’t want that either.

    Unless they make him in advance to promise to do an Askew and resign at the first stink to enter the white house. But then, his initials ARE BO

  144. All I can say, Bradley is full of s***. Obama will say anything to get elected. So, the Clintons and their supporters should just roll over the kids and Obama’s supporters? I don’t think so. what about the other generation, who likes Clinton??? I guess, they are expendable, according to Bradley’s reasoning.

    I disagree, Obama is not ready to be VP. He needs to go back to the Senate, learn to take a stand, and get tougher. Oh, and maybe pass some legislation along the way.

  145. I have to get on a Mississippi Conference Call…

    in the mean time “But former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley, an Obama supporter, told Britain’s Sunday Times that the Clintons will say anything to get elected.

    “The bigger the lie, the better the chance they think they’ve got. That’s been their whole approach,” Bradley told the newspaper. “She’s going to lose a whole generation of people who got involved in politics believing it could be something different.”

    THIS requires and APOLOGY


  146. Our coalition is just exactly why the OleBoyzClub in Washington wanted her to cry uncle before Texas and Ohio. They know that once she got out of Ohio and Texas .. look out! Don’t take Pa for granted though, we need to keep the dough rolling and continue to let our fingers do the talking.

  147. I also don’t think Obama is ready to be VP. He actually is not even ready to be senator. I am not sure what I would do if he is on the ticket. He does not deserve it. Period.

  148. How much would it cost to hold a “do-over” in FL and MI? I know Dean has already rejected the idea of the DNC forking over the cost. I like the idea of a do-over only b/c it would legitimize HRC’s win and get the delegates seated. What I don’t want is a tainted legacy, similar to Bush’s “win.”

  149. Hawk@1:38: very astitute analysis.

    Anything ever come of that WSJ reporter wanting to do a story on students volunteering for the campaigns in Pennsylvania business?

  150. Spacegirl: all the BO’s supporters, including Kerry and the obamabots have said that about Hillary. She’ll say anything to get elected. This is not new. They are singing the same phrase.

  151. (I’m on hold)

    but think about it a FORMER Senator calling a SITTING SENATOR running for PRESIDENT in his OWN party, calling her a LIAR!


    also, anyone who can, go to FOX morning Rerun on now…Debbie Dingle and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are on…they were good on the re-vote thing

  152. Bill Bradley is a total moron, as is Dachele. Hillary actually leads in both delegates and popular vote with FL/MI.

    I agree about Rezco, and I don’t want BO as VP. Im just saying it’s likely.

  153. Spacegirl: Good interview with Dingle and Schultz.

    This “Liar” comment signifies the negative campaigning by the Obama camp. They have been saying this all along.

  154. it’s not just rezco. it’s the terrorist ties, the church leadership, Farrakan.

    Nobody’s gone there on Obama because everything gets called racist.

    Believe me, the repubs won’t are to do so if it is necessary.

    Sean Hannity is warming up with his little expose. He is going where the rest of MSM refuse to.

  155. As the SNL skit parodied last night, the country is not ready for another rookie President. We just had one in Dubya, and we all know how that story ends.

  156. Bill Bradley is a loser, has been, and no one cares what he says. Ignore him. Reacting to what he says to a foreign newpaper would only give him importance that he doesn’t deserve.

  157. BMerry: seems like you posted something in the past few days indicating that one or more of Barry’s whoops votes favored Rezco, and at the same time gave him plausible deniability if he was questioned on it. Is my recollection accurate?

    If so then it reminds me of a Chicago arbitrator I once knew who was willing to make controversial decisions for the right financial inducements, tape recorded the hearing, but made a big point of telling everyone that his tape recorded was not working so when when the stenographer later transcribed the tape passages which were not consistent with his decision never appeared.

  158. What is it with BO’s people thinking they can say whatever the hell they want to foreigners. Dumb asses. Everyone of them.

  159. But former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley, an Obama supporter, told Britain’s Sunday Times that the Clintons will say anything to get elected.

    “The bigger the lie, the better the chance they think they’ve got. That’s been their whole approach,” Bradley told the newspaper. “She’s going to lose a whole generation of people who got involved in politics believing it could be something different.”

    He added that Clinton will help presumptive Republican nominee John McCain if it means hurting Obama.

    “The Clintons do not do long-term planning. They’re total tacticians and right now their focus is on Obama, not McCain.”
    When has it been acceptable for campaign supporters to go to Foreign Press and demean another fellow American running for office.

    This is just outrageous to me…I’m just disgusted with Sen. Bradley’s comments and it is another indication why Obambi should NOT be our party nominee…these JACKASSES need to GROW UP!

    Hillary Clinton is taking her campaign to the voters and the voters are the ones who makes the decision, not the party insiders. Bill Bradley has ALWAYS been an arrogant so and so and for him and other like minded blaming THEIR mistakes on a better candidate just show you why Bill Bradley sucked when he ran for POTUS.


  160. Spacegirl, I wouldnt count on the minus 6 in MISS. We need to do everything we can to help her raise her vote there, because the polls in predominately aa states always look better than the result because aa’s end up going 9-1 for BO, though the polls are never that wide.

  161. “When has it been acceptable for campaign supporters to go to Foreign Press and demean another fellow American running for office.”

    …Couldn’t agree more!

  162. SpaceGirlArt, Hilalry won’t win Mississipi given 55% of Democratic primary voters are AAs. There will be a huge black and white divide in Mississipi. The white vote will go to Hilalry by a landslide and the AA vote will go to Obama by a landslide. The narrative on Tuesday night based on exit polls would be Obama’s inability to win the white vote in the south and the unfortunate raciasl divide in the south. This is not good news for Obama. He would be better off without a Mississipi win based on racial divide at this point in time.

  163. So, Bradley calls Clinton a liar in a foreign paper
    Powers calls Clinton a monster in a foreign paper


  164. spacegirl: I have heard Kerry say, “She’ll say anything to get elected.” This is not new. The name calling will hurt the Obama camp, more than Hillary. She needs to stay above the fray.

  165. The only explanation for Bradleys bizarre comments that I can think of is that he must have slammed his head into the basketball backboard once too often. His comments should be ignored.

  166. What’s so ironic in Obama’s message is largely Bill Bradley’s message. He’s african american so he’s managed to gain among african american voters with a subpar message.

  167. birdgal, paradoxically all this serves to reinforce that Hillary will be a stronger candidate against McCain.

    Obama is being buffetted by contradictory advice. On teh one hand, some people are urging him to go negative to show that he si tough. Other are telling him that going negative will ruin his “new politics” shtick and that he has more to lose by going negative. he is caught between a rock and a hard place. I actually want him to go negative. This brings him down to earth even more and gives Hillary a great opening.

  168. filbertfs,

    For a full primary I’ve seen figures of about $20m per state. For a mail-in, $5m or $4-8??? per state. For a caucus, maybe $3m per state — depending on how many caucus sites etc.

    Several of the negotiators were talking about a mail-in, but Carville talked about having $15m in donations already pledged and asked Obama’s people to match them. Carville’s $15m alone would pay for mail-ins both states — maybe he was sending that message.

    Hillary said no caucus. Obama may be dragging his feet in hopes of running out of time to prepare for a primary (or mail-in?) and forcing it to be a caucus.

    Also the GOP governor of FL getting in, saying the FL GOP legislature has to approve whatever the Dems do in FL. (It was Gov Crist and the GOP FL legislature who started the whole mess by setting the primary date too early — and Brazile didn’t support FL against the FL GOP!)

    Maybe Carville and the Dems could hold a mail-in without Obama’s help, inviting Jimmy Carter and his UN election observer team to oversee it! Obama would probably take his name off, if allowed, or try to invalidate it some ohter way.

  169. HELL NO! We can’t ignore that HUGE breach of AMERICAN VALUES and ETHICS!!@!!

    Obambi’s supporters are a bunch of BENEDICT ARNOLDs running to the British crying and complaning when they get beat….This is NOT what our country was founded on.

    A bunch of BABIES and JACKASSES!!!

    So I guess this is an indication on how Barack Huckabee Obama is going to HANDLE our country FORIEGN POLICY!!!

  170. Good afternoon, Hillfans. I’m not a gambler but I’m always willing to bet on a sure thing.

    1. Hillary will be the Dem nominee. Take it to the bank.

    2. BO will NOT be the VP nom. You can take that to the bank with interest.

  171. They were saying there are 7000 polling stations in Florida and in a caucus they would only have about I THINK they said only 100…but even if it was 1000…this state is SO BIG, the logistics for the people in the rural areas AS WELL AS the urban areas would be IMPOSSIBLE

  172. Obama wants a caucus in very state so that he can send his thugs to these caucuses. Hell, he wants the GE to be decided by a caucus. He can dream all he wants. That is not going to happen and he is not going to be the nominee.

  173. but how are we going to “heal the party” OURSELVES, when we have SUCH divisive “leadership?”

  174. like=life

    can we expect a new installment of “I wish I had a nickle for everytime I said “hope?”

  175. B MErry…i KNOW that! I live in Saint Pete and you would need that many here too between us and Clearwater…not to mention Tampa.

    BO thuggery is all it is

  176. And there is NO WAY all these retirees who live near me…by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS would get out to a caucus with ease.

  177. TPS; Yes, he is behind a rock and a hard place. He has been negative the whole time, so if goes more negative, it will hurt him.

    I agree, Hillary is the stronger candidate against McCain, despite what the pundits say.

  178. What a miserable and irresponsible excuse for a chairman the DNC has got in that awkward Howard Dean. Not only is the party broke (!) in this the most Democratic of all Democratic years (well, save 1932 perhaps, but anyway… broke!) And his non-handling of the situation in Florida and Michigan is probably his dumbest act so far. Here’s part of the transcript from “This Week with George impossible-to-spell-anopoulos” this morning:

    STEPHANOPOULOS: And all things being equal, would you prefer that Michigan and Florida vote again? DEAN: Yes. Well, no. No, no, no. I would prefer that their delegates are seated in some way, but that way has to be within the rules that everybody agreed to.

    DEAN: Whether they vote again is up to them. I don’t have a strong feeling about what they want to do. And I have a lot of respect for both Senator Levin and Senator Nelson.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: Sure seemed like you had a strong feeling there. That “yes” came out pretty fast.

    DEAN: Well, that’s because I didn’t listen to the last phrase, “vote again.” I thought you were going to say “be seated.” And yes, I prefer they be seated, but I have a lot of respect for Senator Nelson, Senator Levin and the others in Florida who are working to solve this problem. And I think they will.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: And if there are no do-over elections, will you use your influence to prevent the delegations from being seated, as is now, based on what happened in January?

    DEAN: You know, if there is a nominee, the nominee that — I don’t control the credentials committee. After July 1st, the control of the convention shifts from the DNC to the nominee. So, the people who have the most votes on the credentials committee are controlled by how many delegates get elected nationally. So, whoever has the most delegates will have an edge in the credentials committee. And whether they seat them or not is their business.

    Yeah. Right. Sure. Whatever. That’s Chairman Dean speaking for sure. Taking responsibility or holding the party together or respecting the electorates of two big must-win states is apparently not Chairman Dean’s forte. So what is his forte then? Oh, I get it – Dean is an Obama shill. How nice for him and for Obama. And how very very sad for the Democratic Party.

    I don’t know who came up with the not so brilliant idea of making this lame ass loser chairman of the party. I do know however that I wouldn’t even trust him with watering the plants at DNC headquarters lest they all die of severe drought.

  179. I have really good news folks!!!!!

    on january 20,2009……HILLARY WILL BE THE FIRST WOMAN POTUS !!!!!!!!


    ok now back to the news…..

  180. Again, the VP thing is not necessarily Hill’s decision, but she would never lie to african americans about the offer. She’ll offer unless there is enough to Rezco to make it clear to the public he can not be on the ticket.

  181. A new SurveyUSA poll has Hillary up by 37 over Sen. McCain among Latinos in Florida (67-30). The poll has Sen. Obama down by 7 to Sen. McCain among Latinos in the general election swing state (42-49).

  182. they had a electoral map up on the beltway boys today…Hillary beat McCain…and the “undecideds” (or what ever they called them) WOULD NOT close the gap by 2-3 even IF they all went to McCain

    they had McCain and Obama…and Obama lead, not by as much, and the “uncomitted” were MORE THAN ENOUGH to put McCain WAY out in front.

    I am sure this map is either on FOX News’ site, or somewhere else.

    It was pretty satisfying.

  183. have to go give the dog a bath then get on the phone to Mississippi. IS the NASCAR race over yet? LOL

  184. Lap 163 of 325 .. Nascar Jr. down in 8th .. car fading. He will be adjusting car on next pit.


    Dale Jr. for Vice President.

  185. B Merryfield – Just wondering if you have sent your REZKOwatch blog to the foreign press at all?

    After the “monster” coverage by the British press, I think we may need more of their help! Lord knows the American press is giving bambi a free ride.

  186. TPS Says: … Dean has no spine.

    True. I’m however even more worried about his apparent lack of brains…

  187. Isn’t Dean a Doctor?

    Note to Dr. Dean: write yourself some Forteo or Actonel .. you need to grow a spine.

  188. B Merry – Iknow you’re a website wiz (and I’m not) – but I said this earlier, but can we build a simple website to become a repository for caucus stories?

    Myself, MP, Texan4Hillary – all of whom I met in Houston have stories, and we have numbers and emails for some of the voters and Hillary precinct captains who participated in the caucuses – I’m sure we can get dozens of stories to start and maybe hundreds eventually.

    My ex is a delegate for Hillary in Colorado, and she has stories to tell.

    You know my email. I’m out mostly for the rest of the day but will check back in.

  189. The AA voters will support BHO and dare not even consider Hillary,the best friend they ever had in politics.The retaliation from their own friends and families might be very,very dangerous.Fear is a great concern for her AA supporters and have little choice but to vote for THE GREAT MESSIAH,BHO

    Support Hillary ,A WINNER,inevery sense.

  190. Yes monkeybusiness, B Merry’s reporting is outstanding! Where we’d all be today without RezkoWatch and Big Pink I dare not even imagine…

  191. Yeah!! B Merryfield. Way To Go.

    I just have a feeling the coming week is not going to be kind to Obamamaniacs. Just a feeling.

  192. Texas Dems Learn Caucus Votes May Not Count
    About The Candidates & Issues
    Campaign ’08 Complete Coverage
    Marianne Martinez
    ARLINGTON, Texas (CBS) ― Hundred of voters in Texas are worried they wasted their time and effort going to the Democratic caucuses because there’s a chance their caucus votes won’t count.

    In Texas, voters are able to cast their ballots twice, once on paper and once on Election Day through caucusing. During the caucuses, voters are able to decide which candidate they like as a group. The caucus vote accounts for nearly one third of the available Texas delegates. Out of the state’s 228 delegates, 67 were awarded by caucusing.

    Caucuses began 15 minutes after the polls closed in Texas.On March 4, hundreds of voters gathered at Atherton Elementary School in Arlington. However, there were no precinct caucus chairs. Voter Quentin Wright said the entire process was chaotic and disorganized. Some voters tried to volunteer to chair the caucus, but it only added to the confusion.

    Tensions became high when we didn’t know who was in charge,” Wright said. “There were about 300 to 400 people there and around 8:30 people started signing paper and leaving.”

    The Tarrant County Democratic Party says it has no records from 12 precincts. While some of those precincts may not have had conventions, there are a handful that met and didn’t turn it the correct paperwork.
    “Ninety-eight percent of them got their thing done and got their thing in,” said Art Brender, Tarrant County Democratic Party Chair. “We’re looking for the other 2 percent.”

    Brender said if the voters from these precincts can prove they did caucus and elect delegates, their caucus votes will count. However, this experience has Wright questioning if the caucus process should be amended.

    “Now to find out that we went through all that and it’s not going to count, we are a little demoralized about it,” Wright said.
    Sen. Barack Obama generally has outperformed Clinton in caucuses, which reward organization and voter passion. Clinton typically scores higher with working class voters who can’t always make it to caucuses.

    The Illinois senator had now won 13 caucuses to Clinton’s three.

  193. from another poster on politico…we are starting to see some shift there…

    “If you don’t vote for me either you’re racist or don’t want change. If you say my middle name you are inciting hate. I don’t have to release my Rezko documents, but I want to see all of HIllary’s tax returns, even though she reports finances yearly for the senate. I don’t want to put my opponent down but I’ll have my surrogates do it for me (monster). I say what I mean to the public, but I’ll have my surrogates goto foreign governments and say what I REALLY mean (NAFTAgate). I give my word that I will only take public financing, oops.. now that I have a chance of winning I’ve changed my mind. “change you can believe in” proven not true so new motto “do the math” Obama is old Chicago gutter polititcs as usual, nothing has changed. just words”

  194. ‘John McCain to visit Israel next week’

    ——————————————————————————– staff and AP , THE JERUSALEM POST Mar. 9, 2008


    US presidential candidate John McCain is expected to visit Israel next week, Ma’ariv reported Sunday.

    According the paper, the Republican candidate is set to meet Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on his trip.

    The goal of his visit is reportedly to try and gain popularity among the Jewish community in the US.

  195. HEY YOU GUYS…any MEN out there who can give 15-30 minutes…MORE to calling Mississippi today? MEN’S voices are important!

  196. I just wrote a diary at both MyDD and Daily Obama about what one columnist is calling ‘white flight’ from Obama. There are two articles cited as well as a poll, yet the Obamanians over at Great Orange Satan are now trying to get me banned, even though I make no comment myself.

    Translation: Any objective data which doesn’t necessarily aid Obama’s cause = blasphemy. Unreal, but yet so predictable.

    Here’s the MyDD version:

    This is definitely worth looking at if you have a moment; the numbers are not good for we Dems.

  197. Bradley has a history of putting his foot in his mouth. He’s another Kennedy/Dean/Kerry/Brazille wannabe hanger-on the twit’s coat-tail.

    Why is okay for Obama’s supporters to call Hillary a monster, liar, and every other name in the book but it isn’t okay to use words like “fairytale” to describe this political imposter? Why is she the only one that apologizes for verbal gaffes from her supporters while this idiot condones them from his supporters? Why is it okay for Obama and friends (including media) to viciously attack a former first lady but not okay to call Obama on the issues?

  198. Sure, Obama’s a sweet guy, but can he fight?
    Can Barack Obama take a punch? Can he throw one? Will he fight back when sweet reason doesn’t work? Can he plunge into a smack-down without endangering the image he’s crafted as the avatar of a kinder, gentler politics that unites rather than divides?
    Obama’s quest for the Democratic presidential nomination may depend in part on how he answers those questions as he responds to Hillary Clinton’s revitalized campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    Clinton thinks combat politics is ”fun,” and often boasts of her ability to “fight the Republican attack machine.”

    Obama also faces rougher treatment from Republican John McCain and a political press corps that feels burned by the Obama campaign’s misleading denials of a recent meeting with Canadian officials.

    Obama, 46, a freshman senator from Illinois, soared to Democratic front-runner status based on his conciliatory style and inspirational rhetoric. He talks of his experience in bare-knuckle Chicago politics; by his own account he’s had little experience playing political gladiator in the big leagues.

    Americans say they’re tired of personal attacks and negative campaigning, but they also want a president who can go toe to toe with the likes of Russia’s Vladimir Putin or Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

  199. Universal, kudos to you for still blogging at the cesspool that mydd has become. I’ve left that place long ago. There’s nothing to learn from that place.

    Would love to read your diary, but I can’t bring myself to return to the swamp.

  200. I think American’s know that Hillary Clinton will fight for America and that YES SHE CAN go toe to toe with the biggest, baddest, bully in the schoolyard.

    She’s been gangraped by bigmedia for the entire primary season and she is still standing, fighting and she looks stronger than ever.

    America does not want a wimp in the White House. We are talking about filling the hardest job in America and it is not for the faint of heart. America gets it and when push comes to shove..we want the baddest ass in the White House, not the sweetheart. That is how it is.

  201. Lawmakers, not Dean, take lead on delegate dispute
    By Bob Cusack and Klaus Marre
    Posted: 03/09/08 02:15 PM [ET]
    Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are taking the lead in attempting to resolve the intensifying debate over how to address Michigan and Florida delegates while Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean is — at least for now — punting on the sensitive topic.

    During an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation, Dean declined to speculate what will happen with the states’ delegates, which were stripped of their delegates by the DNC as punishment for moving up their primaries.

    Dean said that “the first thing we’re going to do is follow the rules…Both parties — both Michigan and Florida have an opportunity to either have some sort of a process that is within the rules, or simply appeal to the credentials committee. But we are going to follow the rules that were voted on by all 50 states, a year and a half ago.”

    Asked which approach he favors, Dean replied, “That’s really up to the states. I’ve had very good decisions with Sen. [Bill] Nelson [D-Fla.], in the last few days. Sen. [Carl] Levin [D-Mich.] called me the other day, and they are working on a process.”

    Pressed whether he is “going to sit and wait until the states tell you what to do,” Dean said there are two options: 1. an alternative voting process that’s under discussion; or 2. appealing to the credential committee of the DNC convention.

    During his appearance on Face the Nation, Nelson — a backer of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) — floated a mail-in vote process for Florida. Dean called the idea “comprehensive,” noting that Oregon uses a mail-in process for its general elections and “you get to vote if you’re in Iraq or in a nursing home.”

    Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), who has endorsed Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), expressed skepticism about the mail-in idea on the Sunday show.

    However, Dean’s approach to wait for plans from the states is not enough for some within the party, who call on Dean to step in and settle the delegate dispute.

    “He is the chairman, and the chairman ought to be getting the two campaigns together on a buy-in of how we’re going to resolve this,” said Nelson.

    Kerry said that “Dean is doing his best to hold the rules, but also to be fair and inclusive.”

    It’s unclear who would pay for new Michigan and Florida primaries, no matter what form they take.

    Dean said he and Nelson have discussed whether the Florida Democratic Party would raise the money, adding, “I don’t know if that’s possible in Michigan or not. And there’s some discussion about that, too.”

    He stressed the DNC will not pay for any new voting process because its job to “tell the American people about Senator [John] McCain’s [R-Ariz.] record on Iraq and the deficits and so forth…”

    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), a Clinton backer, disputed the notion on Fox News Sunday that counting Florida as it voted in January would be unfair to Obama even though the leading Democratic presidential candidates agreed not to campaign there.

    Wasserman Schultz said, “…the argument that somehow the January 29th primary was unfair to either of the candidates I don’t think really holds water, because if that were true and voters felt like they didn’t know enough about either of the two candidates to come out and make a decision, then we wouldn’t have had the biggest turnout in Democratic primary history.

    “This isn’t the 1860s where you have voters deciding who to cast a ballot for based on seeing two candidates stand on a box and debate the issues in front of them,” she added. “We have a global communication system now, and people make decisions, and obviously 1.75 million Democrats felt comfortable enough with their choice to be able to go to the polls and cast a ballot.”

    Unlike Nelson, Wasserman Schultz does not favor the mail-in idea: “I would resist a re-vote for a couple of major reasons. Number one, the re-vote that’s being talked about right now would be a mail-in ballot. And we have never conducted a mail-in ballot in Florida. And in an election that is this important, an experiment like that is — now is not the time to test that….The other problem with a mail-in ballot is that you have transient populations. Poorer communities would really be disenfranchised in a scenario like that because their addresses are not consistent, and so the odds of them getting a ballot and even knowing about the election are much smaller than middle class and upper middle class populations.”

    DNC superdelegate Debbie Dingell said on Fox News Sunday that all options are on the table regarding the Michigan primary, asserting a solution will developed by consensus with both campaigns that the DNC will have to approve.

    Dingell is married to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell (D-Mich.), who has endorsed Clinton.

    She said holding another election is “much more expensive than any of us thought” and that “we’ve heard offers from people outside of the state, and we would welcome those people showing us how we could raise money for some alternative [election.]…the resources are not there inside the state.”

    Dingell, who has not endorsed Clinton or Obama, said it “is the most fluid situation I’ve ever been in.”
    Dean is an idiot and has his lips all over Obama’s behind. Dean is hoping that Obambi has the lead in the delegate count before the convention so he can defer the decision over to Obama.

    This guy is going to lose us the nomination with this kind of head in the sand Leadership and Intellectual dishonesty. Who cares for Obambi Wyoming win big f’kn deal…won 7 delegate while Hillary won 5 after 3 days of campaigning in that State. Obama’s win was so septacular….NOT!

  202. Correction: This guy is going to lose us the General Election with this kind of Head in the sand Leadership and Intellectual dishonesty.

  203. does anyone know why Bill Bradley has rose from the dead? Somebody should really tell him that he’s completely irrelevant.

  204. Bill Clinton stumps in Ellisville
    By Eloria Newell James,

    — ELLISVILLE — Jones County Junior College got its first visit from a president of the United States Saturday.
    As a part of the Hillary Clinton for President campaign, former President Bill Clinton visited the campus of JCJC in preparation of Mississippi’s primary election Tuesday.
    The 42nd President of the United States’ visit to JCJC made history as the only current or former president to visit the Ellisville campus. President-elect William Howard Taft made a whistle-stop in Ellisville in 1909.
    Clinton, as a part of his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton’s “Solutions for America” campaign, addressed a crowd of about 2,000 people at Bobcat Gymnasium.
    Economics and healthcare were two issues Clinton raised in his speech to the audience.
    Clinton addressed the fact that many Americans are losing their jobs or living in poverty.
    “Trickle-down economics doesn’t work,” Clinton said highlighting what he referred to as a “failed economic system.”
    Mentioning the high gas prices, the large number of house foreclosures, and the rising cost of healthcare and food, Clinton said many Americans are in “the middle class squeeze.”
    Clinton received applause periodically throughout his speech on Sen. Clinton’s proposed alternative energy plan that would save money and reduce the nation’s dependency on oil.
    The former president said healthcare and economics go together.
    “If we want to improve our economy, we’ve got to do something about the healthcare cost,” he said, highlighting Hillary Clinton’s desire to make the same private healthcare system that’s available to Congress open to every American who wants the coverage.

  205. Filbertsf: I don’t blame you. No worries.

    Ok, I just got warned by Daily Kos after the false cries of ‘racist’ went up. Here’s a copy of the warning letter sent to me and my response:
    “Your Diary on “white flight” promotes the idea that Democrats shouldn’t pick Obama because some white voters are racist. Guess what such a proposal makes you. Cease and desist”
    My response:

    “Title: I don’t agree, by I understand


    Someone wrote this to me:

    “2008-03-09 16:46:32
    Your Diary on “white flight” promotes the idea that Democrats shouldn’t pick Obama because some white voters are racist. Guess what such a proposal makes you. Cease and desist”

    1. I promoted nothing. I gave 3 sources which I didn’t write, and tied them together with virtually no comment.

    2. The purpose of the DNC — and this site — is to elect Dems. I want to win the White House back. Pretending data doesn’t exist that does reminds me of those who didn’t like the Enlightenment. Not realistic nor strategically sound.

    3. You are making a logical leap. Because these whites in the Pew Poll and Ohio and Texas didn’t vote for Obama, you are assuming they are racist, without proof.

    4. If you think I’m racist, you surely don’t know me. To start with, I’m not white.

    Now, those points being made, I know you have a lot of pressure on you from a partisan group. I accept that, and accept your warning.

    I am firmly in the reality-based community, and my diary is based on what others wrote, two mainstream journalists and a respected polling outfit. I am a progressive, and want this country to continue to move forward. I also want to win the presidency. All of you who C/E and admin. know I know my stuff, and always have my facts. I did not create those articles, and if anyone thinks — as I suggested — that the DNC and the SD’s won’t have to take these things into consideration when making their determination when making their decisions, I think that is illogical.

    I’m keeping a copy of this letter, and I have taken a screenshot of the warning which was sent to me.

    I know you’re in a tough spot. I don’t know who I’m talking with, but I appreciate your position, respect your decision and wish you a good day. Thanks.



  206. Universal,
    That was rather more polite than the hateful Lord of the Kooks deserves. Alas, kudos to you and kudos to free, progressive, reality based speech.

  207. Howard Dean is the most dimwitted, arrogant idiot I’ve ever seen in my life. For anyone who thinks Obama takes the cake, oh no, we have a whole roster of incomperably arrogant jerks to deal with in our party. Either he looks like even more of a damn fool by backing off after going all over the networks drawing this idiotic line in the sand, or yep, we lose the general.

    Stop making sense, Wasserman-Schultz! Don’t you understand our petty dictator has a really good reason for disenfranchising states where people actually live? It hurts Alaska’s feelings.

  208. Hillary Clinton hasn’t offered assurances on NAFTA, Canada says
    The prime minister denies Canadian media reports that her team had called to say that her campaign criticisms should be taken ‘with a grain of salt.’
    From the Associated Press

    March 8, 2008

    TORONTO — Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose government was already tangled in a controversy over a memo on Barack Obama’s NAFTA position, denied Friday that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign had delivered back-channel assurances to Canadian officials that her criticisms of NAFTA should be taken “with a grain of salt.”

    The Canadian Press news agency reported Wednesday that Harper’s chief of staff, Ian Brodie, last week said someone in Clinton’s campaign had called to tell Canada “not to worry” about her campaign comments about reopening the North American Free Trade Agreement.

    Asked about it Thursday, Harper spokeswoman Sandra Buckler said in an e-mail to the Associated Press: “Ian Brodie is alleged to have made an offhand comment about a rumor to a reporter. He does not recall saying it.”

    Asked about it again Friday, Buckler said Canadian officials did not discuss NAFTA with the New York senator’s campaign.

    “The answer is no, they did not,” Buckler said.

    The Canadian Press article quoted an unidentified source as saying that Brodie had been chatting with reporters last week at a press gathering about Canada’s budget.

    According to a person with knowledge of the incident, the source was a journalist with Canada’s CTV television network.

    The Canadian Press story said Brodie was asked about remarks by Clinton and Illinois Sen. Obama that they would seek to renegotiate NAFTA.

    The source quoted Brodie as saying that “someone from Clinton’s campaign is telling the embassy to take it with a grain of salt . . . that someone called us and told us not to worry,” according to the Canadian Press report.

    On Thursday, Clinton spokesman Phil Singer said, “We flatly deny this report.”

    Brodie did not respond to a call seeking comment.

    On Monday, the Associated Press released a leaked Canadian government memo that said Obama’s senior economic advisor had told Canadian officials that Obama’s NAFTA comments were “political positioning.”

    The news helped Clinton defeat Obama decisively in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Ohio, where the trade treaty is unpopular.

    Some Democrats, as well as Canadian opposition parties, have accused Harper’s Conservative government of meddling in the U.S. presidential election process.

    Canadian opposition parties are demanding that Brodie be fired.

    Harper told lawmakers that the government would investigate the entire affair.

    The source of the leaked memo had not been determined.,1,6332117,print.story

  209. Cleaver Worries Democrats Might Blow Golden Opportunity
    Sunday, March 9, 2008, 4:15 PM
    By Brent Martin
    A Missouri Congressman is urging the Democratic National Convention to settle the differences in the presidential primary or risk blowing a golden opportunity.

    Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Kansas City has written Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean, suggesting a summit of top Democrat leaders to settle on a plan to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations and end the sharp tone that has arisen between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    “This is the best chance we’ve had to have both the House and the Senate and the White House in a long, long time and I don’t relish the idea of blowing it,” Cleaver told reporters at Hannibal Days.

    Cleaver gave the keynote address at the 37th Annual Democrat Days in Hannibal, the unofficial kick-off of the campaign season for Missouri Democrats. Cleaver wrote Dean on Friday. In the letter, Cleaver stated that the party needs to resolve the dispute that has kept the Democratic National Convention from acknowledging the Florida and Michigan primaries and has so far led to the delegates of the two states being shut out of the national convention to be held in Denver this summer. Both states defied party rules and held their primaries early.

    Also in the letter, Cleaver said he was “ill-at-ease” with the increasingly negative tone of the presidential primary campaign between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Cleaver has suggested that a group of party elders could propose a solution for the Florida and Michigan problem as well as intervene to calm the rhetoric between the Clinton and Obama camps.

    Cleaver, who is black, backs Clinton and continues to back her even as some high profile black leaders have switched to Obama. Cleaver states he won’t play race politics, “I think people who know me know that if I look someone in the eye and say ‘I’m with you’ I gonna be with them. It doesn’t mean I am gonna be with you unless somebody black gets in.”

  210. We’re even, some say a little behind, but no one would say that either candidate is AHEAD by much. Every little thing becomes important now. Every day’s media cycle is a competition for coverage and the RIGHT kind of coverage. Every day is an opportunity to stay on your message while keeping your opponent off his. Every day is fraught with potential pitfalls and unseen dangers, internal fires that are fought each day by the campaign that go unseen outside the bubble. This is all we could have asked for and more when we consider the cold and desolate month of February and the seemingly endless drumbeat of negative press. It’s a whole new ballgame and the home team is US.

    We tend to focus on the delegate count, SD’s, and the popular vote, because those are the hard metrics we have to measure who’s ahead, but they are not the only things that matter now, especially when you consider that it looks like Barry will lead in the delegate count and Hillary the popular vote. Unless BMerry, REZKOWATCH, and the trial bring him down before the convention, even if they seat MI and FL, or the vaunted, “Party Elders”, forge a deal, we are looking at a brokered convention. Our goal in that case should be to win the nomination on the SECOND Ballot. This should be what we start working towards, today, creating the necessary environment to make that scenario not only possible, but desired by all parties involved. This is the realistic path to victory and one that each and every one of us can contribute to and help effect. What are the components of this strategy, and what are the mechanisms we can use to realize it?

    1-Control/Frame the debate on your terms.

    1a-Control the news cycle 24/7

    1b-Keep on message, while your opponent answers QUESTIONS

    1c-Use non-conventional media (comedy/entertainment television, etc..) to reach the electorate directly and present a HUMAN face.

    1d-Continue and expand the role of CITIZEN JOURNALISTS in keeping BM HONEST and accountable.

    1e-Keep those cards and letters coming; We have been successful in mobilizing to right wrongs and elicit apologies from the most egregious offenders and we should keep it up.

    1f-The candidate should expand her press availability by a factor of FOUR, giving BM a level of access that literally exhausts them. They LOVE access and repay in the kindness of the tone of their coverage.

    2-Focus on National Security/Foreign policy and the Economy, in whatever order the news cycle is headed that day; Prepare TWO leads a day, one that addresses the economy and another that focuses on foreign policy. These topics are not only Hillary’s strengths, but Obama’s DUAL Achilles’ heels.

    2a-Reinforce our credentials and electability. Trot out those generals and Paul Krugman, remind the electorate WHO has won the BIG states, remind that there won’t be any CAUCUSES in November. Put FACES to the legislation Hillary has passed vis-a-vis FIRST RESPONDERS, the MILITARY, the housing crisis, energy and HEALTHCARE. He can’t compete on what he’s actually done in the US Senate, let’s COMPARE and CONTRAST.

    2b-Propose Legislation

    It’s a long time until PA; Go home to the senate for a few days and propose legislation. It will reinforce the fact that she has been a LEGISLATOR for the past EIGHT years. It will capture at least one news cycle and probably FORCE him to do the same to counter. It’s a winner all around and a reminder that he’s been running for higher office since DAY ONE.

    2c-Turn up the populism a notch or two. It has resonated with our core constituency and could conceivably encourage an Edwards endorsement at some point.

    2d-Keep the wonkishness but add imagery, a catch-phrase or a joke to the presentation. When talking about the sub-prime debacle, “The wolf is at the door” is an image many could relate to, as an example.

    2e-Iraq; Emphasize that she has the support of the military, the experience on the Armed Services Committee and the COURAGE of her convictions to bring an end to the war and that despite her friendship and deep respect for McCain’s dedication and sacrifice to our country, his views are WRONG and out of step with the will of the people. Make the issue winning in Afghanistan and Bringing Osama to justice.

    3-Intangibles or Everything Else

    3a-Avoid self-inflicted injury; Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

    3b-Control those surrogates!

    3c-Present yourself in, “Presidential”, settings; In front of a curtain and an American Flag, Behind a BIG desk with more flags in back, etc. Looking the part never hurts…

    3d-Keep one eye on the GE.

  211. Obama’s thinking is more in line with Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean: Create a 50-state strategy to establish Democratic dominance on the federal level — more of a supermajority — but also on the state level. By changing the discourse by suggesting she will only care about Democrats in large states, Obama will be able to speak to the hearts and minds of those small states, and more importantly, rally those superdelegates who felt put off by Clinton’s dismissive comments.

    A key argument for Obama to make is that redistricting is two years away, and Democrats need control of governorships and state legislatures. Only through targeting those places will that become a reality.
    The problem with the media is their intellectual dishonesty. Obama is wilting under the pressure of this campaign and his inexperiece surrogates are shooting his campaign in the foot.

    It was not Hillary Clinton that went to the Canadians, or the British and call herself a monster…it was Team Obama.

    Yes, that is the only thing of Dean’s 50 state plan is that it’s 50 state plan…but all the “gaming” of the Primary System with all these undemocratic caucuses that won’t help us in the G.E. and in turn build up the party and it’s strengths.

  212. Realist…the Generals, First Responders and all those Hillary has helped…yes, they need to stand up NOW.

    Absolutely agree wtih everything else you say.

    Hilarry is 44.

  213. “but can we build a simple website to become a repository for caucus stories?”

    –Ininla, people can post them at my place for now:

  214. DemAC — thanks a lot. I appreciate the support on the sites. Big props! 🙂

    JanH — Thank you. I appreciate that 🙂

    The problem with so many people (and we won’t mention any names here) is that they react emotionally, and not logically. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you show me Barack glaring at Hillary in one of the debates, I might react emotionally, too. But so many at Kos and other places are just hair-trigger, it’s
    ridiculous. You show them something which falls short of anointing St. Barack and they immediately go ballistic.

    Like you said, DemAC, it’s all about REALITY BASED, free speech. If we can’t do that, we have real issues and become the liberal which conservatives parody. Or worse, we slip into Stalin-like territory. No thanks!

    As I said in the note — I didn’t write those articles nor did I do the polling, but ignoring it is the same thing which got John Kerry in trouble with the swiftboating. You can’t just hope everything will magically work out; that’s defeat waiting to happen.

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! I’m pumped today is the first day of daylight savings time. More sunshine, and let’s go Hill! 🙂

  215. BTW, got several positive comments from my new button on my backpack, it says: All Hype (pic of b.o.) No Substance

  216. I think the turning point of the campaign was when Hillary just told the rally that Yes, indeed we can’t expect the skies to open, choirs to sign and all of us to get along. It simply does not work like that.

    I hope she continues to point that out to every audience. We already know it in our head, reinforcement sometimes is like tough love..necessary.

  217. Universal, I was banned at dailykos for being a “racist” and all I did was post articles scrutinizing Obama. It was early days in the ‘vetting’ procss and all I had to do was say–which I did–Obama played the race card. And poof, I was gone. So don’t feel bad. the best diarists for the most part have been thrown off that site 🙂

    Hi, everyone. Beautiful sunny day her in socalieland. Happy Int. Women’s Day. I just saw 4 mlonths, 3 weeks and 2 days. It is phenomenal. It got palm d’or at Cannes. Best film on abortion you will ever see. And sadly there were only 10 people in the theater and one man got up and left.

    Nobody really much cares, I don’t think about Int. women’s Day. Or gender divide or women’s rights.

    But snl is alive and kicking ass for our girl, aren’t they?? It’s great. the last skit was hilarious.

  218. DEAR ALL:
    Below is a list of MS papers that accept ONLINE READER COMMENTS-
    PLEASE HELP (comments are reviewed–check back to make sure your comment posted-we are having problems getting posted-no idea why).
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    Mississippi Newspapers
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    Southaven —
    Tupelo —
    Vicksburg —
    Water Valley —
    West Point —

    If you want to VOLUNTEER to help in PA–We NEED you!
    Contact me:

  219. linfair — I can’t believe you got banned there; you’re stuff is excellent. We’re all glad you’re here and I read your stuff on MyDD, too. 🙂

    I knew that my diary today would cause a stir and that the Kossacks likely couldn’t handle it. And so it was. I will give them credit for keeping it up, however, even after warning me. I generally get along with the admins at Kos (well, most) who seem to respect me even though they don’t like that I support Hillary. I knew the natives would be restless and that they would likely feel they had to do something to show the Obama people they were listening. And, voila, I get warned.

    Some people just can’t have their hopium session disturbed by inconvenient facts. Ha ha 🙂

    I’m sorry you got banned there, but as I’m sure you know, you are missing little. I rarely go there but to post diaries I put up on MyDD just to let the ‘bots know that we Hill supporters are still around.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks for your nice words. Lovely day, here, too. 🙂

  220. I was listening to a local talk radio show today and the host, a woman, was talking about the term ‘mmmonster.’ She made some excellent points. Adolph Hitler was a monster, Stalin; Sadaam Hussein, Pohl pot, Mao tse Tung, the Cambodian leader 9forgot his name) were monsters. they were referred to that way in the press. By that standard, HRC is certainly no monster.
    Also, Pumkinhead and crew this morning were actually commending HRC on her toughness, her stamina, her endurance. Bitchell said that the people like that side of her coz it makes them feel like she will fight for the,. Pumpkin head seemed positively astounded that she’d managed to come back yet again, and a detected grudging respect in his demeanor. ,including

  221. Universal, thank you for your kinds words, truly. I am the most bewildered blogger most of the time 🙂 But those of us who write have no choice except to go on line.
    The mainstream media is paid corporate pablum these days. The only thing that I find even more worrisome is that so many blogging sites seems to have adopted all of the bias and lack of facts in the msm. It boggles the mind sometimes. I grew up understanding that a free press is fundamental to a free people and the well bieng of a democracy. I didn’t go to fancy schools. Just your plain old average public school education. And I got it. So what has gone wrong in the blogosphere?? Just thinking outloud 🙂 you don’t have to answer–unless you want to 🙂

  222. Dean sounds like a real asswipe…does that mean he sounds like a piece of toilet paper? Where does asswipe come from?

    Eh, no matter–the word seems to fit him!

  223. Someone told me that she did the delegate math on Hillary and found that she can’t win. I couldn’t reply b/c I’m not sure myself.

    Let’s say HRC wins PA. Does she have enough delegates to beat BO?

  224. Hi guys…I am back from 2.5 hours calling into northern and central Miss….

    we are 50-50 for Hil with republicans (hang-ups, declared, etc)

    very few undecided….but some. EVERY Obama supporter I spoke with was AA, but it was 3-13 Hillary in the area i was calling. Saw the Rasmussen poll and it did not reflect this at all. Obama up by a lot, but the Republicans are 1.) Listening to Rush 2.) are afraid of Obama’s willingness to meet with the bad guys and and don’t HATE Hillary…once you get to talking to them. So…we may have some votes there.

    Also 60 Minutes doing profile and interview on McCain now….and I WISH the press would do ISSUES Interviews like this with Hillary.

    Mississippi was intereestinhg. The didn’t kknow there were not “democrats” who were not left-wing wackos! I taught them differently. MANY were inpressed with Hillary’s support of generals and flag officers.

    I am heading out with the dog and to fix my cauliflower ear (smile)

    back in a bit.

    That’s the news from Mississippi!

  225. That’s what I figured. I know that he leads her in total delegate by 100. That’s the reason I couldn’t come up with a defense.

    So it comes down to MI/FL or superdelegates.

  226. Linfair — you’re welcome; I really enjoy your stuff. 🙂

    What has gone wrong in the blogosphere?

    Most of the sites are interested in ad revenue and publicizing themselves. Many of the Obamaites are affluent, time-on-their-hands online users. Kos has always been more of an Obama kind of guy, so I can’t get too crazy on him. However, he is aware, of course, that Obama is the ‘sexy’ candidate and probably feels that if BHO wins the presidency that it would be good for Kos’ site and Kos’ future books (‘netroots won, ..’), etc.

    I think virtually all of the online blogs feel this way. Josh Marshall and TPM have totally tanked for Obama, and I have heard that Marshall himself actually likes Hillary. But, again, gotta go with what your audience wants. Well, that is, if you’re ok with being a Olbermann-esque shill and intellectually dishonest.

    The media hates the Clintons, so you see some of that vitriol handed-down online through Old Media blogs, too. And much of the younger crowd has fallen on the whole ‘change’ sword, and others like the ‘chic’-ness of BHO. I’ve seen a lot of gossipy-type sites which love the whole BHO Hollywood connection.

    Just to summarize, I feel that almost all of this online (and in media) fawning boils down to self-interest. Many of these people want to make their careers off of being ‘the’ site for the new guy, the new Camelot, etc. They know that Clinton doesn’t need them. Plus, some might feel that BHO owes them something if he gets elected.

    This is what is most disturbing to me. I think many of these people know that HRC is more qualified to be our nominee, but they don’t care. They want what is good for THEM, and their careers. I remember seeing something written by Tim “Lil Rus” Russert’s wife that the Clintons threw bad parties, and so she didn’t want Hillary elected, or some such nonsense. And I’m not making that up.

    As others have said, many of the affluent whites who are supporting BHO don’t have any wants. They just want to ‘feel’ good, feel like they are part of something meaningful. These are the people surfing around the web all day.

    HRC’s base — blue collar Dems, Latinos, many women, etc — they’re out working, or taking care of kids. Maybe they’re online some, maybe not. Sites like Kos aren’t catered for them, and they don’t pay TPM’s bills.

    That was kind of long-winded, but I hope it makes some sense.


  227. Universal, after all the thugs I saw, I’m not so sure Obamaites are affluent and educated. Sorry, I hate to sound elitist, but these were 100% pure trash.

  228. Have you guys ever hated a candidate b/c of his/her supporters? After all these months, I can honestly say that one of the top 3 reasons I can’t bring myself to vote for Obama is b/c of his supporters. I’m not ashamed to say so.

    Rude, thuggish, intimidating, lying bastards.

  229. Universal,
    A very interesting analysis of the blog dynamics! And, uber-meta-ironically, a very good subject for a diary.

  230. Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove, who masterminded President Bush’s victory in 2004, are now acting as informal advisers on Mr McCain’s campaign, it was reported yesterday.
    Would there be any doubts that the Bush machine is gearing up to support McCain and since GWB control the White House and Republicans Governors head Key Bellweather States…like Florida and California Obama is going to have a hard time winning over Clinton’s swing voters because of the mess Howard Dean and Co. made over MI & FL primaries and not reigning in Obama’s thugs earlier when they went over the line…i.e. Threats of violences and Talking negatively to Foreign Press about Sen. Clinton and the BLATANT SEXISM and AGEISM.

  231. Obama outspent Clinton 2-1 on TV ads before R.I. primary

    01:00 AM EDT on Monday, March 10, 2008


    Journal Staff Writers

    The campaign spending in last week’s presidential primary was as lopsided as the result of Rhode Island’s Democratic contest.

    But not in the way you might think.

    Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, who lost to New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton 40 to 59 percent, more than doubled Clinton’s spending on network television advertising in Rhode Island, according to Evan Tracey, the chief operating officer of Campaign Media Analysis Group, a national firm that tracks campaign spending.

    Both candidates ran their first network television ads in the Ocean State on Feb. 15, three days after advertising first appeared in Ohio and Texas, Tracey told Political Scene.

    Between Feb. 15 and March 4, Obama spent $661,000 on television advertising in Rhode Island, and Clinton spent $270,000.

    The figures don’t include cable television or radio buys, Tracey said, adding that those would probably add 15 percent to the spending totals.

    Obama’s dominant spending patterns were not isolated to Rhode Island.

    In Ohio, Obama outpaced Clinton $4.5 million to $2.4 million; in Texas, $9.6 million to $5.1 million. And in Vermont, Obama spent $471,000 to Clinton’s $120,000.

    Clinton lost Vermont but won by large margins in Rhode Island and Ohio, and won a closer primary in Texas, but not the Texas caucuses.

    Is there a lesson to be learned?

    “TV is not the end-all and be-all of every campaign,” Tracey said. “Ultimately, without it, does he have a chance to win? No. He spent $51 million total in this election to her $36 million. You could argue she’s a lot better known than he is, therefore he needs to spend more just to get the same.”

    Tracey continued: “I think there’s an overreliance on TV. But I can’t sit here and tell you that any of the money Obama spent was wasted. It’s all relative. I think at the end of the day … no single ad buy will win a race.”

    Primary info Web site drew 176,200 visits
    Why would anybody trust Obama after he played the race card on the Clintons when everybody know they are NOT racist. Or continue to throw that race card around everytime Obama is treated like an equal and asked to explain his positions he avocate instead of canned speaches copied for the West Wing.

  232. I must say that I am tested daily after reading the garbage and the headlines that try so desperately to disparage Hillary. I bite my tongue continuosly to remain “politically correct” in the face of the oppositions seduction not to do so.

    I just want to blurt out somethining totally obscene and disgusting. I know I’ve come close a few times. I know I’ve even said a few things that were borderline, but I’d like just once to let it loose.

    But I won’t.

    I owe that much to Hillary, since in the face of all of this, she remains noble.

  233. In Ohio, Obama outpaced Clinton $4.5 million to $2.4 million; in Texas, $9.6 million to $5.1 million.

    Cripes! Those numbers are crazy.

  234. filbertsf: I feel the same about some of BO’s supporters – the ones I met at causus in Houston definitely do that to me.

    Debbie: I have been muttering “obscenities” many times lately and some people are shocked at the
    language coming out fo my mouth! But I have been restraining myself on the blogs and in general avoiding these people.

  235. Oh, debbie, I do all the time, not in public unless with other HRC supporters, I did on caucus night to an obamabot, but in private I let it rip, and usually in spanish so as not to scare my neighbors.

  236. Debbie: One story I have on BO which made me NEARLY screech my head off! It happened in houston during normal primary voting hrs., at a school where Bill C was visiting on the primary election day.

    I met an Asian Indian American, about 50yrs old, guy who was there – a supporter of BO.
    He said he was not wearing his BO button that day because he wanted to meet Bill C and this appear “neutral”. He loves Bill and was dying to shake his hand.

    He kept on raving about BO but then mentioned that his wife is a strong Hillary supporter and actively campaigning for her – thus they have a split family.

    He went on and on and I got distracted at one point since I was helping voters about the electionn later that evening.
    He kept on saying “this miracle” that happened to him a few times. So I asked rather stupidy – What miracle?

    His reply – Barack is a miracle! I felt like puking on him…and wished his wife would leave him.
    At least the woman in the house has some sense.

  237. It is so hard not to notice all of the negativity. I scour blogs and papers and TV everyday, just looking for a glimpse of insightful, articulate and truthful news and opinions of Hillary. Some days I get lucky.

    But most I end up here in absolute astonishment that there are so few places or people that see Hillary in a realistic way.

    I am bewildered at the totally unfounded hatred and distain that permeates from the opposition’s supporters.

    glad I’m here among friends

  238. Watching Geraldo, I didn’t know that 1 of the 2 lawsuits filed against the DNC by Florida is still alive and moving through the courts. The court recently moved the next hearing up 1 month.

  239. I’m glad I have a Hillary household. Dang cant afford divorce now after giving all my money to Hillary hehehe

  240. let em keep preaching he is such a miracle.

    the fall from grace will be that much sweeter.

    I do not normally use foul language but I will admit that this primary season has caused me to use more dirty words and think more nasty thoughts than I ever did before

  241. Obamagasm

    The peak of excitement that occurs when Obama does anything good, characterized by strong feelings of pleasure, usually accompanied by celebration. Occassionally results in college students blowing their loads
    in their trousers at the sight of Obama winning a campaign.

    After learning of the the 2008 Iowa Caucus results, Steve obamagasmed.

  242. Florida primary suit has new life
    A federal appeals court agrees to hear arguments on a bid to make votes count.
    By Bill Varian, Times Staff Writer
    Published February 28, 2008

    Democrats may be focused on the upcoming Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries to get a better idea of who their presidential nominee may be.

    But a federal appeals court in Atlanta is giving them one more reason to keep at least a wandering eye on Florida.

    The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to hear oral arguments from a Tampa man seeking to have Florida’s Jan. 29 Democratic presidential preference primary votes count.

    The decision is no indication of how the court views the merits of the lawsuit. But many suits are rejected on written pleadings alone, which was the case when the suit was filed in the lower court.

    “If I was the plaintiff, it’s a lot better to be asked than not to be asked,” said Stetson University College of Law professor Charles Rose. “It may be the presage of something interesting.”

    Vic DiMaio, a party activist in Hillsborough County, sued the Democratic National Committee over its decision to strip Florida of its 210 delegates because the state’s primary was earlier than party rules allow.

    Federal District Judge Richard A. Lazzara harshly dismissed the case in October without a hearing, saying the suit was deeply flawed. He said prior court rulings have made clear that political parties can set their own rules for choosing their presidential nominees.

    The primary went on with Democratic candidates banned by the DNC from campaigning in the state. Sen. Hillary Clinton handily won the popular vote, but gained no delegates, before Barack Obama went on a tear of primary victories in other states.

    Now the appeals court is saying: Not so fast. It wants to hear more, after reading the written arguments in the case. Each side will get 30 minutes to argue its case on March 17.

    Michael Steinberg, a Social Security lawyer and chairman of the Hillsborough County Executive Committee, represents DiMaio. He said the appeals court ruling could set a precedent. Other lawyers reached were not so sure.

    Attempts to reach the DNC were not successful.

    A different federal judge rejected a similar suit brought by Sen. Bill Nelson, Rep. Alcee Hastings and Rep. Corrine Brown, among other Democrats. The group decided not to appeal, choosing instead to work with the party toward a resolution.

    Kendall Coffey, a Miami attorney representing Nelson, said little can be read into how the appeals court views the argument. He said all appeals face long odds, and getting the opportunity to make an oral presentation is like making it to first base.

    “It certainly means that there won’t be a summary rejection,” Coffey said. “I think it also reflects the court’s awareness that, if there is merit, it has great public importance.”

    Mark Herron, an attorney representing the Florida Democratic Party, also a defendant in the suit, wouldn’t go that far.

    He said the appellate judges could simply have a procedural question, rather than substantive ones.

    “I don’t think we’ll know what the significance of the oral argument is until we actually show up and hear what the questions are,” Herron said.

    The state party is a reluctant participant in the suit, hoping Florida’s delegates get seated. In fact, the party plans to hold caucuses to elect delegates this Saturday in case they should get seated.

  243. On another note – TO ADMIN. I have had this thought a few times in the last few weeks but was too tired to do anything about it – being in the field and limited access to a computer.

    Think about a great article that could be written for the TWO “SENIOR” senators and a young governor from MA.

    SNL could also do a great ad!

    “Revival of the SALEM witch burning”

    As a legacy to their states, Kerry and Kennedy needed to resurrect this old tradition”… This is clearly “burn the Hillary witch moment!” except most voters in MA did not buy this one.

    Kerry voted that Effing Iraq resolution and WE all gave him a pass in 2004!

  244. gawd, if I have to see one more headline pushing a joint ticket .. I’m gonna hurt someone.

    NOBAMA…..this could hurt Hillary. Not being racist, but some people simply wouldn’t vote for him…period. Just saying. Just as some people wouldn’t vote for a woman. Just saying.


  245. Omigod, a lot of pimply college students unloading in their trousers at the sight of Obama reading off his teleprompters… Now that’s an image in my head I didn’t need.

    Yikes! I think I need to go and take a shower now.

  246. Is it too much to ask Obama to please do the world a favor and take himself and his wife away…far far away?

    If I feel weary of all the corruptness he and his group have already brought to this election, can you just imagine how the Clintons feel?

  247. I thank all of you for your total devotion and PRIDE in Hillary.She will make it because of you and the hard work you are doing.I have worked in politics for many years but this BHO teflon is disgusting,something has to bring him down keep trying.
    I live in Fla. and there will be marching in the streets if they don’t resolve this.I am in West Palm area if you need anything.I have signed up with Fla for Hillary.One thing since Jan seems the AA men are really tooting BHO who might have been for HRC back then.?

  248. I’ve never really wanted to go off on a Bambi supporter. I pity them way more than I feel anger towards them.

    Maybe I’m just old.

  249. Am I the only one wary of Mrs. O as 1st lady? can’t put my finger on it but something ain’t right.

  250. Hubby calls her the black “That Girl”.

    Says she needs to stop with that friggin’ hair. LOL!

  251. debbie .. MObamabotulism is downright scary. Her “learning curve” IMO leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone speak with such a chip on her shoulder.

    She acts like we OWE her this and even more we OWE him. I got news for that byotch, I don’t owe them jacksit. I get mad thinking about them occupying the White House.

  252. I’d like to watch my mama slap a biscuit out of Michelles mouth.

    (she did that one time to my brother and I almost wet myself)

  253. speaking of MO hair and the pearls, my sister busted out the other night when she came onstage in her pearls and flipped up hairdo and shiny black dress..when they thought they were gonna win in Tx and Oh…she said “she’s trying to be the black Jackie Kennedy”.

    From Xeroxing his speeches, to stealing Hillary’s ideas, and now she tries to steal JackioO’s image…they have NO shame.

  254. My real problem with MO is that she so readily talks down to other black people. It’s like she doesn’t even have to think about it…she just REALLY thinks she’s better than the rest of us.

    THAT says alot to me about a persons sense of self esteem. People who KNOW who they are don’t have to do things like that.

  255. Quote of the Day
    “Even elected and caucus delegates are not required to stay with whomever they are pledged to.”

    — Sen. Hillary Clinton, in an interview with Newsweek.

  256. meiyingsu

    I heard that too but from a different source. (sorry don’t remember where)

    Let the games begin!

  257. I’ll join the chorus about MO. The first time, I watched her during an interview, I had to change the station. She seemed angry, and I agree, has a chip on her shoulder. Some of her comments are out there, and could really hurt her husband. The Jackie thing has been commented on by some of the pundits. Gag me. Jackie had so much class, no one comes close. She is projecting an image, just like her husband is. The whole thing is a fraud.

  258. I rather get a semi orgasm having the ability to “click” them off my tv set.

    Not a run up the leg kinda thing you know..just sayin LOL

  259. btw, I’ve been close near Obama once before he was famous, when he visited my high school to promote his book…and BOY does his breath stiink!

  260. oh, watching the famous wrecks again on the Charleston, WV bridge. God, how I am so homesick for those mountains.

    It’s freaking daylight here now still at 8pm…hate it.

  261. they’ve have it pretty good with us.. but…. (if) ….. wait til those college republicans get ahold of them hahahaha, that would be so funny

  262. Tucker’s show has been canceled. Politico is reporting that the announcement will be made tomorrow.

  263. All in all, I see very little dignity, poise, humbleness, respect for others, openmindedness, truthfulness, fairness, and anything close to national patriotism coming from the Obamas.

    I see it in spades coming from the Clintons.

  264. Hannity .. on Fox Right Now.

    expose on Obama.

    Nobody can name any legislation he’s ever done.

    His terrorist ties..with Weather Underground.

    2nd night for this.


  265. About the negative press coverage… my sister, who is about as apolitical as you can get, remarked to me that the press was really “down on Hillary.” When she she goes to check her email on Yahoo and clicks on an Hillary article, she always comments that they give the story a negative slant. This coming from a person who considers E! News news.

    I really hope that the people wake up and see that the press is forcing Obama down our throats. I’ve always admired Hillary, but for the past 3 mos or so, I’ve never been more a Hillarite that I am now.

    I am sick to death of the negativity.

  266. seriously though..guys,. its not really even just understandable bad was like…bad breath that made you want to run out of the room. It smelled like he hadn’t brushed his teeth for at least 4 days and the odor was just spewing out as he talked about being a black guy going to Harvard. (ugh. sux that I was in the front row)

  267. damn..they tried to BLOW UP the Pentagon…charges dropped cause the friggin FBI screwed up.

    With Friends Like These!!!!!!

    David Axelrod .. friendly relationship between these terror ties and Senator Obama

  268. Honestly, I wish the press wouldn’t push this “white flight” nonsense. Actually, BO has mostly only had the level of support among non-african americans that Bill Bradley had. He would have been toast months ago without near monolithic aa support. If Hill had managed to hold on to say 30% of aa support, this would have been over months ago.

  269. MJS

    I was not kidding about his body odor, i posted a link a few days ago for an interview with Michelle. Fox is really raising a lot of questions about Obama’s connections with the founders of the weather underground. next up Rev. Wright. Have to pop some corn.

  270. Can somebody put this stuff from Fox up on YouTube. I don’t have a clue how to do it.

    ADMIN…how about here

    This stuff needs to get OUT THERE…

    Everybody in America needs to know this shit .. Whoa…he has some splaining to do.

  271. I’m a bad girl watching FOX, I hate them! I’ve boycotted them forever, I won’t even buy HEAD ON cuz I saw it on their show first.

  272. mj, as I said before, if Hillary had the same level of loyalty amongst female voters as Obama has had with AA, the race wouldn’t be close. Where is the sense of pride to see in your lifetime the first female President?

    Do women today not care about the historical significance of that?

    Damn Scarlett Johansson!

  273. Under obama’s stinky BO and bad breath lies a pile of dirt and greasy slime that would make Richard Nixon look like George Washington.

  274. The opening 2 minutes alone would blow Obama out of the water (sorry no pun intended)

    Need to order the transcript and send it to all the superdelegates

  275. You guys are going to regret watching/complimenting Fox’s news coverage when Hillary is nominated.

    Fox News is no friend.

  276. Me either Dot…and more and more people are watching FOX….

    spoke to a woman today…LIFE LONG Tim Russert fan. HATED what he did t Hillary in th last debate…she said it was SO personal and EVERYONE SHE KNOWS SAW IT.

    She doesn’t watch him any more.

    She was undecided. She is now voting for Hillary

  277. Most likely Tucker getting pushed out so that Olberman and Tweety can have more AssTime .. oh, excuse me airtime.

    Don’t take it as a good thing

    He copied his book from a freakin serman??? The Audacity of Hope…

    What a freak/fraud show that is Osama

  278. filbertsf, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I will watch Fox until I am sure that Barack Obama poses no threat—and then, I’m switching to c-span.

  279. LoL, I know filbert, that’s why I feel dirty about it. They’re not on our side and yet…somehow they are the most fair.

  280. Women get CATTY though, we’ll eat each other alive. I was in a sorority in college, it wasn’t pleasant.

  281. @filbertsf…”Fox News is no friend.”

    I think we are all well aware of this…but ya know what they say?

    “Keep your friends close, keep you enemies closer”

  282. btw, I kinda like having people liek Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill Cunningham supporting us. lol. It shows us who the REAL transcendent, unifying candidate is! LOL

  283. Fox is a better friend than CNN or MSNBC. Because, hey, they hate HRC, but at least they seem to hate Barack Obama just a little bit more 😉

  284. Ann Coulter is an asset to no one. This lady says that women shouldn’t have the right to vote because they make stupid voting decisions (ie, they vote democratic).

  285. yeah, I know Fox has and will work on Hillary..but they are fair and balanced.

    At LEAST they will tell you that they are Conservative…you know what to expect when you listen to them.

    Judaism is a GUTTER religion???? Farrakan said thi and now this other guy is trying to say he didn’t MEAN that…HOW come everybody who says anything about these people…they are always “MISUNDERSTOOD”

    If the superdelegates think this doesn’t matter to American’s .. got a few bridge to sell you.

  286. MJS…I agree…and as I have said before, I would bet $5.00 that Laura Ingram will be voting for her in the secret of the voting booth!

  287. mj, I know. And I stopped watching CNN and MSNBC. As for Fox News, I can never dirty my eyes and ears with their propaganda. It was they assaulted Bill and Hillary and villianized them in the eyes of non-Democrats.

  288. btw I HATE that repetitive head-on commercial!

    “head-on, apply directly to the forehead! Head-on, apply directly to the forehead!”

    ^pff,t like I needed a commercial to tell me something called “head-on” was to be applied there. :rolleyes:

  289. SpacegirlArt… the hell she will. Laura Ingram is the female version of Rush Limbaugh. I thought her cancer diagnosis would inject some humanity into her, but was I wrong.

  290. on another note. I really don’t understand why a lot of religions seems to or had hated Judaism so much before. Don’t Christians and Muslims know that their religions came, basically, thanks to Judaism?

  291. This guy regrets he didn’t “go further” and now he can actually teach school here as a professor.

    Admitted terrorist, Daniels trying to distance himself from Auirs.

  292. FAILED that interview…the first five minutes were all MOST Americans…except the far left…DEAN/KENNEDY/KERRY/DASCHEL/FEINGOLD…need to hear.

    MSM will HAVE to pick up on this now and spin it…too many people watch Fox for them not to

  293. dot48, the scary part is, he said he regretted not bombing furuther ON September 11th.

    And this guy lives within 45 minutes of my house! *scared* (WIlliam Ayers I mean…REzko is close by as well…as is Bambi’s house *shudderss*)

  294. don’t turn on abc..orCA’S big give is repeating .. gotta trot her big arse back out I see.

    When the hell is Desperate Housewives coming back to tv? thought the freakin strike was over.

  295. LOL! I mean, I don’t want Tucker dead…but I don’t mind he was cancelled. Means people are turning him off. He USED to be good. Now he is just MSNBC hateful.

  296. Hey you guys! What kind of Democrats are we if we’re watching Fox News and actually believing what they report.

    Let’s not soil this site with Fox News garbage — be they for or against Obama.

  297. I have no problem letting Fox do the rest of the media’s job…i.e. vetting Obama until he is kicked to the curb.

    Once Hillary has the nomination it will be a whole new ballgame for me. 🙂

  298. @MJS,

    “on another note. I really don’t understand why a lot of religions seems to or had hated Judaism so much before. Don’t Christians and Muslims know that their religions came, basically, thanks to Judaism?”

    Thanks for saying that. It means a lot, given that not everyone feels that way. 🙂

  299. Filbert…Ingram is tough, and yes, a real conservative, but she is INTELLIGENT…unlike Coulter who just spews hate. I have been listening to her lately (due to where i have been working) and although I do not agree with her positions on social issues, I have more respect for her because she can articulate her views.

  300. JanH, what if they decide to do an “expose” on Hillary? What would your argument be then?

    If you believed their “investigative reports” on Obama, what credibility would you have left to denounce Fox when they falsely go after Hillary?

  301. Well, so far FOX is the only channel I can stomach. They don’t gangrape Hillary .. at least the men don’t .. the women during the day can be pretty brutal, but I’m learning that some women just are too jealous to realize what a unique opportunity we have with such a brilliant candidate. Their loss. We will win in the end.

    BTW, Fox is the only one that has offered to Expose (oh the thoughts of that word) Obama.

  302. filbertsf–wrong.

    FoxNews is no Tabloid. If you want a tabloid News-site, just look to MSNBC and their almost daily covering of both Britney Spears and Barack Obama (how coincidental!)

    Foxnews is very informative actually and can be fair. So far, I have yet to find any of their reports false. I’ve found Republican bias, yes, but at least its not the doting Barack-Obama-bias I cringe from at CNN and MSNBC and that’s what’s most important right now. Fox news, at the moment is more credible than Cnn and MSNBC put together when reporting the election from the democratic side.

  303. I only really watch Fox on election nights. They’re way more balanced than MSNBC and CNN. They’re against both candidates, which seems to be an easier pill for me to swallow. MSNBC and CNN are like Obama election headquarters.

  304. actually, everybody knows all Hillary secrets and skeletons.

    If all they can dig up on Hillary is tax returns..well, I can give her some advice: Piss Off the Media .. Ask For An Extension

    Does McCain’s pacing bother anyone else besides me? LOL He is like a caged animal

  305. MJS, you will never catch me defending CNN or MSNBC. As Democrats, we know the history of Fox News. We know what they did to Bill’s legacy.

    We (Hillary) have no friends in the media. To say that Fox News is fair and balanced is to toss out a decade-old history.

    Wake-up guys!

  306. No problems JanH. Being neither Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, I feel I can look at this anti-semitism from an unbiased perspective and acknowledge that all three religions are basically just variations of the first one (Judaism) 😀

  307. @filbertsf,

    This expose about Obama is not false. I already know that they have it in for Hillary. All I’m saying is that at least they go after both of them and not just Hillary like all the other stations do.

    I probably won’t watch them after the democratic nomination and that will be that. If they do a false expose on any candidate I wouldn’t be happy.

  308. Filbert….With all due respect. PART of what this election is about is being able to talk about, examine and understand other views. I spoke to several many people in Mississippi today who started of “I don’t want to talk about Hillary…I am a republican” and before they could hang up the phone, I told them that was fine! Most of these conversations went very well..and by the end we were both agreeing that EITHER Hillary OR McCain would be better for the country and Obama. That being said, to summarily dismiss “the enemy” is both shallow and unwise. There can BE collaborations, mutual issues, etc. As for FOX News, as someone said above…we KNOW where they stand. They DON’T LIKE HILLARY, but at least they have the DIGNITY to more or less say so up front. On the other hand, the “liberal media” MSNBC/CNN?CBS are WRETCHED in their propoganda and hatreed for Hillary and adoration for Obama witth NO vetting at all. They are a joke to the profession and not to be trusted. So…let’s do what Hillary would do…reach across the aisle to AMERICANS and try to at least do what is better for the country. If FOX can help us achieve that as Americans, so be it. We will go back to our corners in November, and at least we know AMERICA will be a better place with either candidate and not Barack Obama. IMO

  309. Re: Universal’s analysis above on what has gone wrong in the blogosphere:

    riverdaughter at The Conflunce seems to agree with Universal:
    h t t p : / /

    However the Lord of the Kooks says that he actually loses money on the primary battles:

    It’s really an interesting, and sad, development if its money that is corrupting the so called progressive Big Blogs. One can truly wonder about the motives of the Lord of the Kooks though. If not for money, then why is he deliberately wrecking his own orange creation?

  310. wow. How retarded. The Obamabots have started an Online petition forHillary to release her tax returns???


  311. exactly SPACEGIRL! I agree with that! To keep pitting it as “us against them” is horrible and living in the past is horrible as well. So what if Foxnews trashed Hill and Bill in the 90s? What’s done was done, but as of right now, they are the most fair. That was a different time–don’t hold grudges like that!

    Many republicans are actually very reasonable people just as I’m sure many republicans are finding us democrats to be much more moderate and reasonable than Ann COulter had painted us as before.

    What’s important is that we’re all American and as Americans, we should ALL know that Obama is the WORST thing that could happen to America at this crucial time!

  312. filbertsf Says:

    March 9th, 2008 at 9:29 pm
    MJS, you will never catch me defending CNN or MSNBC. As Democrats, we know the history of Fox News. We know what they did to Bill’s legacy.

    We (Hillary) have no friends in the media. To say that Fox News is fair and balanced is to toss out a decade-old history.

    Wake-up guys!

    SO TRUE….how easily we sway with the winds hopefully not so blindly that we still have time to see the tornado

  313. What wouuld be great if we have Hillary winning the nomination, would be that both candidates from both major parties are well qualified, experienced, and would certainly run the country better than Mr. Dubya. Both are intelligent, passionate about the nation, well respected, and pretty moderate.

  314. Guys: the way the Obamabots are raising money too is that they are each phoning people and asking for donations themselves…they are not ONLY donating online…but they are calling potential voters and asking for money and then donating it directly to the campaign….

    No wonder they can raise so much!

  315. I’ve been hit so hard by many progressives I used to love: I stopped listening to Air America altogether. I used to wake up to Stephanie Miller; lunched with Randi Rhodes; and had a late-night “conversation” with Rachel Maddow.

    There was a time when they were the only sane voice on radio. Then Olbermann… who spoke truth to power and now has become a one-man anti-Clinton propaganda machine. All that is gone.

    My take on the media is no media. I don’t want truth to power anymore. I just want the news. Give it to me without the slant. Unfortunately, I have yet to find that outlet.

  316. Hey Universal,

    I got caught up elsewhere…that was a great analysis. Helps me understand the blogs a bit more. I wish I understood the ad revenue better. When bob Johnson was following me like a stalkker on dkos and posting the most vicious attacks, I wrote kos. I said johnson seemes like a paid obama nutcase. All kos wanted was to meet the guy 🙂 You gotta love it.

    But I do think it is sites like this one that keep the whole spirit of the blogosphere alive.

    sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I am working on something and I just got caught up. Daylight savings time here and it just sin’t getting dark out yet–so I am all mixed up.

    Stay good and I look forward to reading more.

  317. debbie, as I said above, I do not believe ANYONE here on Big Pink is “in bed” with FOX. It’s just that the “liberal” media are MORE corrupt, so….we come here, we surf, and we choose to listen to and watch those that we KNOW are of a different ideology and accpt that, rather than trying to force the ideology of the “liberial media” into our brains, as it does not fit AT ALL.

    I used to hear Rush say stuff like the left was vicious and hateful and angry and hated America. Seeing myself as a liberal, i thought “who on EARTH is he talking about?” “I don’t know any of those people…and I am a gay woman.”

    Well…since working in this campaign I have discovered Rush is right. All you have to do is go read the blogs, be victim to CENSORSHIP in your posts supporting Clinton, hear the hatred and the threats of violence the Obama supporters (some, not all) are spewing.

    Well…it was a shock to me. That those people ARE out threre on the far left, and…that Rush was right.

  318. filbertsf,

    Do I hear you about Air America. I live between LA and San Diego and for awhile I thought I was the only anti-bush democrat within a 500 mile radius. And then we got Air America here. Schultz, et al. Now I can stand any of them. They have all completely lost it.

  319. MJS, the hell of good that did for Obama in RI, OH, TX, CA, NY, NJ, NV…

    I wonder if his thuggish supporters are forking over their milk money just to see a black man in office?

  320. filbertsf, what I’m saying is that that is a very good strategy and a way to get more donations and donators in the process…maybe we can organize something like this on a similar level? I know a lot of you, like me, are maxxed out…but how about, while we make phone calls/phone banking, if we come across strong hillary supporters, we can ask them to make a donation on the HRC website or something? 😀

  321. filbert “There was a time when they were the only sane voice on radio. Then Olbermann… who spoke truth to power and now has become a one-man anti-Clinton propaganda machine. All that is gone.”

    so true, and sad.

    and as for NEWS, straight STORIES, I HOPE those days will come back.

    I was realizing tonight that these cable channels DO NOT COVER the candidates policies and speeches. They show snippets and then talk endlessly about their OWN opinions (or those of their corporations) for HOURS, intersperced with attempts to make trouble. They are doing an ENORMOUS dis-service to the American public. People don’t want to hear Wolf, Chris, Tim, Donna, James or anyone else 24/7. They want to hear THE CANDIDATES. We have had almost 3 months of wall-to-wall coverage and people are still undecided? whay? Because we DO NOT hear THE CANDIDATES! Hillary gave that speech at GWU to the military folks. What got covered LIVE on ALL THREE CABLE NETWORKS? Some stupid cop somewhere who killed his pregnant GF. WTF?

    Will HIS decisions have consequences for 300 million people? NNo.

    It is a crime what these people are doing, and that the American people allow them to do it is a crime as well. Just give US the story. We ARE smart enough to decide for ourselves.

  322. MJS, I know what you mean. I’m asking everyone and their mothers to donate to HRC. Money talks. Unfortunately, for us, in Obama world, intimidation works, too.

  323. Anyone know of a way to hijack a email list? I don’t have a large list and was thinking it would be effective to send a link to Hannity’s Obama piece once it is on YouTube…

  324. For now I will continue to scrape together funds for Hillary. I think her campaign is most likely getting some right about now but I feel committed to the end. I’m trying to give $25.44 a week and I’m encouraing everyone I speak to do so as well.

    I think bragging rights for fundraising is important .. but I also think they should be truthful. I don’t like “estimates” like Obama keeps giving. Hillary even lowered the $35 to $34 ..

    We still need goals, we need moneybombs because the advertisting for Pa alone will me astronomical. We cannot take this for granted because we know the campaign does not.

  325. …and what do we know about almost ANYTHING else that is happening in the world? Bosnia? Iraq? Europe? South America?

    Nothing. BEcause we are being brainwashed by these ego centric self-inflated talking heads who think they know everything.

    Watch PPBS, ABC, and BBC if you can. At least there is SOME perspective. I hope there is some on Univision too, but i dont speak spanish, so I dont know.

  326. Regarding that somethingawful forum, I think misogynist comments undermine their purported intent (



    Sep 23, 2006

    In response to this posted on H44:

    everybody wants some

    re: moles linking back to in blog comments coupled with appropriate derision

    linfar, it could be anyone . This site is open to anyone to see the comments. My bet is this is one of those typical Obamabots who are frustrated at our passion, support, and committment for Hillary. The fact we are together as a team working to elect Hillary as our next president bothers them.


    This is what saravg says:

    “the shiteating wild-eyed menopausal hysteria doesn’t factor into it at all, nope “

  327. Please, dear God! No Clinton/Obama ticket. I want his ass back in Chicago, where he should never have left.

  328. Kentucky…I saw that one this morning…and one of mine (posted up the page at 8ish or so this morning) where the “N” word was used to describe my discussion of a Rudyard Kipling book.

    What IS their “purported purpose?”

  329. Campaign used the -6 point in Mississippi…Rasmussen has it much worse.

    We may be surprised.

    95% of Mississippi watch Sean Hannity

  330. Filbert…if BMerry is to be believed (and I have no reason not to!)…he may be back in Chicago alright!

  331. “Please, dear God! No Clinton/Obama ticket. I want his ass back in Chicago, where he should never have left.”

    Sigh…I couldn’t have said it better!

  332. Speaking of BMerry… I’m curious when she’ll be able to set up a website whereby we can testify to the immature behavior of Obama at rallies, caucuses and general political events.

    I have never seen a more less appealing group of supporters. Edwards supporters were generally very polite, Hillary supporters are (of course) fantastic), Ron Paul supporters are the creepiest (a close second to BO’s)…

    The stories I can tell you guys.

  333. spacegirlart..never meant to insinuate that, and in a time when we are seeking to identify our friends..there are the wolves in sheeps clothing..

    just makin’ my little ol’ point.

  334. Insider Advantage
    Date: 3/6
    Added: 3/7/08
    Est. MoE = 4.8% [?]

    Barack Obama 46%
    Hillary Clinton 40%
    Unsure 14%

    American Research Group
    Date: 3/5-6
    Added: 3/7/08
    Est. MoE = 3.9% [?]

    Barack Obama 58%
    Hillary Clinton 34%
    Unsure 3%
    Other 5%

    ARG may be more correct. Insider Advantage has 14% undecided.

  335. Filbert…I think Fran has one up already…..i THINK it’s Fran. Someone here does. I’ll have to wait for “Florida Stories” chapter is needed! LOL

  336. The biggest difference btw BO supporters and RPaul is the level of reality. R Paul supporters have none. They truly believe in deux ex machina. Polls don’t matter. His far-fetched ideas don’t matter. To them, he will be President… even if he’s hinting he’s dropping out. Nothing matter. Ron Paul is 44. Creepy people.

    Obama supporters do not respect personal space. They will get in your face. They become hostile and will use intimidation to get their way. Same with Paul supporters.

    Like I said, the only real difference btw the two is the reality factor.

  337. cspan democratic party rules committee co chairman..James Roosevelt..Thursday interview.

    speaking about FL/Mi

  338. Hillary, I am sending you and Bill some of my happy pills. The only reason I’m doing that is you are mentioning HIS name a little bit more frequently than I think you should. HE is not qualified for boy scout so don’t play that game we don’t like.

    thank you

  339. That’s awful:
    Barack Obama 58%
    Hillary Clinton 34%
    Unsure 3%
    Other 5%
    Source ARG

    ARG got TX OH the closest though, I believe.

  340. 14% undecided! WOW

    now, that kinda goes with the calls Imade tonight. Got two really odd ones. One woman i called WHISPERED that she was supporting Hillary. I asked her about her whispering, and suddenly a man in the background was yelling. She obviously turned from the phone, she said “The Clinton People”…more yelling, and she hung up. There are probably many more households like that nation wide.

    I also spoke to an elderly AA woman. LOVES Hillary, best for the job, wants to see a woman in the WH. “undecided”

  341. @dot

    “# dot48 Says:
    March 9th, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    cspan democratic party rules committee co chairman..James Roosevelt..Thursday interview.

    speaking about FL/Mi”

    THURSDAY! Reminder please! LOL

  342. I always wondered..does it mean they are unsure who they’ll vote for ..or.. unsure if they’ll vote!!

  343. Spacegirl: I hope those “undecided” women get their booties to the polls. This is a primary, so there should be less intidimation. Awhile back, I was reading about MS, and how conservative and religious the state is. One has to be very careful, because the people are suspicious of outsiders.

  344. It means they’ve spent more time watching American Idol than C-SPAN and are clueless as to the difference btw Hillary and Obama. When they asked pointedly, instead of saying, “sorry, I was too busy watching American Idol” they’ll just politicallly correctly say, “Oh, I’m undecided. I just love them both so much.”

  345. Venezuela said Sunday that it was restoring full diplomatic ties with Colombia

    does this mean gas prices will go down again?? I hope I hope

  346. James Roosevelt is the son of FDR. He is not AA.

    mjs: I love day light savings time. It is still light outside, when I get off work.

  347. day light saving??? pahleeeeeezzzzzz just how many hours are in a day anyway.. can I save a few for around xmas?? noooooo, how bout groundhog day nooooooo

  348. filbert, dear….ya need to work on the cynicism! quite a few of the people I spoke with who were still undecided WERE. They were savvy about the issues, and had some concerns about other things that were more personal…like character, Bil Clinton, Obama’s rants about bombing Pakistan…

    as a matter of fact, the only people who simply answered “i’m voting Obama” were ALL AA, and I got the IMPRESSION it was not because of political position of the candidate.

    Even the REPUBLICANS I spoke with were aware of the differences of the candidates. And I had a great discussion with a man who answered his phone “HOWDY!” and guess what….we agreed on America and he’s gonna get a wagon load of his “boys” and vote for Hillary. So the “undecideds don’t even to take IN to account these folks, who are more interested in the country than the parrty…once ya talk to them about the ISSUES.

  349. i had to change my thinking when I got in here….you guys kept talking about AA’s and I thought all the O supporters were anonymous alcoholics

  350. @ALL
    @dot “cspan democratic party rules committee co chairman..James Roosevelt..Thursday interview.

    speaking about FL/Mi”

    so…James Roosevelt is the Dead son of Franklin who is not AA but IS appearing on C-Span Thursday……

    should be pretty interesting

    but then…the way the DNC is running tthings, it wouldn’t surprise me that the Ruls Co. Chair IS dead!

  351. spacegirl: he is the grandson of fdr. see my post above. I was wrong, but he is the GRANDSON of FDR, and not AA.

  352. wow. How retarded. The Obamabots have started an Online petition forHillary to release her tax returns???

    Let’s start a petition to get BO to release the details of his earmarks. HRC has released hers. He hasn’t and refuses to do so.

    Frankly, I think that is a lot more relevant than tax returns. I care less about the candidate’s money than how they are using mine.

  353. Thanks BirdGal! LOL

    Ann…earmarks and Rezko

    and what in the hell is a PETITION by Obama supporters gonna do to change Hillary? But it WILL get press. Does the campaign know? can someone send me a link?

  354. LoL. I’m sure Hillary will be all “OH NOES there’s an online petition for me to release my taxes, I MUST do it now !@!$%”

  355. earmarks..touchy subject, personally I believe in them, because quite frankly it is tax money that goes BACK to the states. what that money is used for is quite the issue..

    CA pays a lot of taxes to fed..I want my reps to fight for every last dime to get it back here, but at the same time I’m aware that we have to help the poorer states and so our tax$’s could end up there.

    once this election is over I’m going across the bridge to nowhere.

  356. DeeIBee – One thing since Jan seems the AA men are really tooting BHO who might have been for HRC back then.?

    Didn’t the FL primary come right after the SC primary? I thought he had a high AA percent in SC (80?) and then maybe just a little down in FL (77?). So there might be maybe 6% difference to make up?

  357. Spacegirl: They are talking about the possibility of a mail-in vote for Florida, and opening it up to Independents. Were they part of the first primary?

  358. i don’t think anyone has a problem with legitimate earmarks, but BO has not released HIS earmarks for 2005/2006

    SEEMS like it should be public record, but apparently not.

    What FAVORS did he do for Ole’ Illinois?

  359. Florida was a closed primary and any redo would be as well. In Michigan it was an open primary and I saw on the news today that they would have to figure out a away to exclude any republicans and Indies that voted in the republican primary on 1/29, difficult to do.

  360. bird NO, they were not. I had to re-register as a Democrat. THAT move would be to accommodate Bambi and his “I can’t win a Fla Primary fair and square” crying.

    Talk about “changing the rules!


    I will write letters til I am blue in the face, and Brazile will have to change her phone number

  361. rjk…it beter be closed here in FL

    As for Mich, i heard that too. That will be tough, but do-able from voter rolls.

  362. I so glad BMerry is working hard on that..the R guy with the O guy thing is absolutely a must to uncover

  363. mj: They are discussing this on C-Span. The topic has passed, but someone (Tome Fiedler reporter for the Miami Herald) mentioned it. If this happens, then it favors BO. Just something to be aware of. If this was not a case during the first primary, it would not be right to change the rules now.

  364. I love Presidential primaries as much as the next political junkie, but my patience is wearing thin. This process has gone on too long and now FL and MI are becoming our next two biggest hurdle.

    Make me God and I will end this all peacefully and quickly… in Hillary’s favor.

  365. If everyone was a Californian, our primaries would go smoothly and our noses would be fake. That’s life, people.

  366. rjk…i knew of this but i didnt know the 11th Circuit was hearing it now. The guy bringing the suit said he has no vested interest in either CANDIDATE, just the process…

    as for this “He said prior court rulings have made clear that political parties can set their own rules for choosing their presidential nominees.”

    wasn’t that the Supreme Court?

  367. You know, there is absolutely no excuse for a Florida redo. Over 2 million voters voted in that primary. That’s a pretty clear voice of the people. This stuff is such bs all aimed at giving effing BO another shot. Whem the hell does that happen in elections?

  368. debbie… give it time.

    mj, I actually want a re-do. When Hillary wins the nomination, I don’t want her win to be tarnished by the FL “win.” That sort of legitimacy question has haunted Bush’s legacy.

    We know she’ll win in FL… again.

  369. mj…here here

    i think there is a much better case for US than MICH. EVEN THOUGH Obama took his OWN name off th eballot.

    They are saying here he had “little name recognition”


    24/4 television FOR OBAMA…a full week of television ads on CNN, msnbcand oters…and Hillary didnt advertise. But michigan…the perception is bad. Just make it a primary.

  370. The 11th circuit decided to hear it and moved the hearing date up a month, it was originally scheduled for April. So who knows?? Some courts like to re-interpret law their own way.

  371. Tom Fiedler wants to engage independents in the do-over+. Engage more people. There was more, but I was stuck at the independent part. Spacegirl, keep an eye/ear open for that.

  372. Some good perspective on the SDs and how close the race is. I think I saw elsewhere someone saying that after the last primary Obama might have a lead of less than 20 delegates.

    h t t p : / /
    But Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury said that if there is no clear leader, he is prepared to exercise his judgment. “If the pledged-delegate total is within 100 votes or whatever, I don’t think there’s a great deal of significance in that,” said Bradbury, who also represents other secretaries of state as a superdelegate.

    He added: “I just believe that the determining factor for superdelegates shouldn’t be, ‘Well, 49 percent voted for Hillary and 51 percent voted for Obama, and that decides it for us.’ Sorry, but that’s not how it works.”

  373. I would guess that most of you have seen this, but I still wanted to share it with you all. This really keeps me going – Hillary IS 44!

    Dear :

    Your hard work and dedication mean so much to me, and I know you played a critical role in our wins on March 4.

    I recorded a special message for you the night of March 4, and I hope you’ll take a look.

    Click here to watch.

    We still have challenges ahead, but I know that we can win if we work together, just like we did in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island.

    I’m so proud to have your support. Thank you for everything you do.


    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  374. dem, i heard him say that today.

    rjk…i will be co-plaintiff

    if I had to RE REGISTER as a Dem from an Indie, so does everyone else.

  375. I would wait and put all the pressure on the credentials committee to decide whether they want to be the reason the Democrats lose Florida and the White House in November by not seating the Florida delegation.

  376. Let’s start an online petition to get Obama to release all the details of his dealings with Rezko, for the record.

  377. Also all his notes from when he was a state senator. He claims to not know where they are if any exist at all. Saying if any existed they may have been thrown out. Give me a break, he writes 2 books and wnats us to believe he does not know where his records from IL are??

  378. Informed…we were talking about that. Pat fitzgerald will take care of that.

    Earmarks for 2005-6 are something more people would “get”

    especially because of all the press about them lately

  379. I agree, rjk. I think a do-over, given the number of people who voted in Florida, is a disgrace. Frankly, i don’t care for the MI do-over either. BO gets no penalty for taking his name off the ballot? How is that fair? You know, I have heard people here say he was “pressured by Iowa/NH people to do that. HE WAS NOT! It was a scheme hatched by his campaign to get Hillary to follow suit because he knew he was going to lose there.

  380. Tom Fiedler is a Miami Ledger reporter and a Fellow to the committee that was discussing the MI and FL primaries. It was held at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

  381. I don’t remember which SD said this, but he said that the point of all this primary process is to gain evidence of which candidate would make the best nominee and the best president. Since it’s probably going to be decided by SDs anyway — and/or by party elders stepping in between the end of primary season and the convention — then revotes whether technically binding or not, might help them make that decision. It would be interesting to see if there were a difference between the Jan votes and a later vote.

  382. filbertsf, on this I disagree and side with mj.

    they already went to the polls, it is absolutely unnessary to REDO the vote.
    Yes she probably would win FL again but thats not the point. FL voters went in good faith to pick their candidate. It is absolutely a slap in the face to tell them, they have to vote again to be counted. This is nothing more than to appease the O campaign by doing it. NOTHING!! Hillary you better not give in to this!!!

    I said this before and I’ll repeat..I’d rather this party be split in 2 than to allow these voters to give up their vote. It’s the principle and what do we have if the very foundation of our democracy can be toyed with???

    The delegate system should be eliminated, as well as the electoral college. It serves NOONE but the party elite.

    this issue is my big red button issue..and as a native Floridian I am outraged!


  383. I agree with some of what you say Deb, but this IS a representative Republic and NOT a “democracy”…just to be clear.

  384. Thanks, SpaceGirl – unfortunately, I don’t have enough time tonight to read all the way up the thread, but I did see some of the discussion about news bias. Agree with the comments about Fox right now – at least they cover both Hillary and BO equally – from their viewpoint. After the primary, though, we probably won’t like their coverage quite as much! Don’t forget the old addage regarding political relationships: “no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, just permanent interests.” And OUR interest is in making HILLARY 44!

  385. You all realize if the press had just said from the get go, well, these delegates will be seated because they always are seated, and these delegates were included in the mix, Hillary would to this day hold a delegate lead and a popular vote lead.

  386. Informed…I think we can agree with you re: media
    Making Hillary 44

    and Fitz…except he should have gotten Novak and Rove

  387. not to get into the nitty gritty but I know our country is a republic , that is not what I was debating. representative democracy is the issue!!

  388. gotcha deb…and I agree…it IS an issue, especially when the likes of Dean and Kerry and others think THEY and THEY ALONE hold the strings.


    Such arrogance is astounding.

    We have this two party system. The “Party” sets the “rules”….

    If you do not agree with the Party Rules, you lose you AMERICAN rights.

  389. Begging your pardon ahead of time, here goes:
    I say Hillary – stand firm against redo’s – and women of America storm Denver in August. Denver claims the “Unsinkable Molly Brown?” We’ll show them who’s unsinkable in Denver – Hillary Clinton. And for those who say it will “split the party”. And? So? Split the damn party right down the friggin’ middle. Apparently, Obama thinks he’s too damn good to be on a ticket with a Clinton. Therefore, white, Latino, Asian, and yes – African-American women, along with the majority of baby-boomers and the “Greatest Generation” will kick Obama to the curb (great move DNC, Dean et al) and be instrumental with a McCain victory. She (and therefore, we) will not stand idly by, while the Florida and Michigan rules are re-written to favor Obama. (Dean says ‘won’t change the rules in midstream – Horses$*%’) Our unsinkable girl will survive and Obama will go down like the proverbial Titanic. I’m hearing John Denver’s “Annie’s Song” all over again…”She fills up my senses….”

  390. space: click on “youth.” Denver is going to be ugly. I wonder, if Homeland Security knows about this.

  391. alan dershowitz in houston tonight. idid not go-buy parents did. im trying to gert his comments. my parents said he spoke highly of hillary and mccain, but backed away from obama. he told the 1000 plu s audeince of obama’s buddies who are linked to the plo, iran etc.. we in the jewish community are growing alarmed about obama.

  392. Our group, HillBuzz, just made this video to support Hillary. We need a lot of hits and a lot of 5-star ratings for the video.

    Can you help us send this video out to all your contacts and get it all over the Internet?

    We’ve never made a YouTube video before, but have cobbled together a group of us here in Chicago who are trying to turn out 2-3 videos for Hillary a week. Can you help us spread these?

    Can someone give me good ideas on the best ways to make videos go viral?


  393. spacegirlart,

    my first reaction to the site is one of apprehension. sometimes I feel as radical as they profess, but having said that, IMO structure is needed to pacify the chaos. something about the way they spell “amerika” doesn’t sit well. kinda like a robin hood thing it seems. all revolt is not bad but I don’t think I’m ready to overthrow our country.

    we left europe for the free world…I think it’s up to us to keep it free. some of our country’s foundation has crumbled but we can fix it. apathy is our disease.

  394. SpacegirlArt:
    Don’t doubt it for a minute. If the caucus I experienced in Texas was a minor dress rehearsal – and Arlington and larger metro areas were test runs…yeah, I think the militants are absolutely capable of it. All the more reason to not back down. I say call their damn bluff, storm Denver and prove who stands on principle – and on the shoulders of the “Greatest Generation”, the exact antithesis of Farrakhan’s “chosen one” Let Hillary e the elder stateswoman – and watch Republicans move to HER in droves. Don’t allow the DNC and the self-appointed “elite” to intimidate you into surrender. NEVER!

  395. Great, fantastic video Hillbuzz! Keep ’em coming and conveying the message. Very effective. only one…that’s our Hillary.

  396. tex, that is interesting about Derschowitz

    to ALL re that site: i’ll let the white hats know

    i think that is all we should say for now

  397. ^^ I agree, I will not be cowed by threats. Turn and fight. I wasn’t alive in 1968, but from what I have read, this year seems like a replay.

  398. KEVIN!!!


    Brings Hillary into the Obama crowd FOR SURE!!!

    well done and please send that to the campaign!

  399. Alan Dershowitz needs to keep speaking loud and clear, and the Jewish community needs to heed the red flags as red flares. How about the geographical map “hits” on Rezkowatch? And since Feb 18th? If NYC is the melting pot, Chicago must be the cesspool. Had no idea about the Palestinian foothold in corrupt Chicago. Farrakhan looks to just be the tip of the iceberg in the “foothold of the Nation of Islam.” Maybe a cow needs to kick over a lantern…if you know what I mean. Dershowitz is wiser than wise to call it like he sees it. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck…it’s a friggin’ duck people. The Jewish in America had better unite against a brainwashing, oft-militant and insidious evil pervading this “youth-oriented culture” of Obama’s and QUICK.

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