Big Texas And Crucial Ohio Shout: Make Hillary 44 (and drop a moneybomb)

Poor Obama. Everytime he thinks he gets to kick the football, that mean ol’ Lucy yanks the football away, and cackles at the lunkhead.

Lucy, is the Democratic voter. Face it Barack, they are just not that into you. You won’t be president. It’s time to drop out Barack.

* * *

Last night with the massive Hillary victory in the 2004 decision maker – OHIO, with the earlier Hillary victory in 2000 decision maker – FLORIDA, with the additional Hillary win last night in that tough he-man state of TEXAS, Hillary, in the sweetest way possible, let Barack Huckabee Obama know it is time for him to join the other has-beens in the waxworks at Madame Tussauds.

Before shipping Barack Huckabee Obama off to the waxworks, let’s understand what happened last night and let’s also squelch some Big Media rumors and Barack Obama (D-Rezko) spin.

* * *

But first – Moneybomb. Let’s all respond to Hillary’s victories, Obama’s NAFTA-Gate, and the Rezko trial with a big donation plus 44 cents to let Hillary know we have her back. We will never leave her alone in this fight.



Let’s give the Big Media perfumed princes an even bigger headache by donating to Hillary today.

* * *

Now back to analysis and rumor squelching.

Barack Obama had a good February. Trying to craft the idea of momentum Obama pranced, yelling about his 11 victories – all in a row – of small states – with few Democrats – many of which will be RED states in November.

And yet, with all those victories, with Big Media princes and Big Blog boobs repeatedly printing Hillary death notices, with Big Unions spending Big Dollars to build up Obama, with 527’s spending Big Dollars to defeat Hillary, with Democratic has-beens and never-will-be “leaders” endorsing Obama, with all the chanting and incense burning and lying and chicanery by Obama staff and supporters – Hillary raised $35 million in February.

That $35 million vote of confidence by the grassroots of the Democratic Party made a lie of the Obama/Big Media/Big Blog attempts to force Hillary from the race. Hillary’s $35 million was raised from the working class. Obama’s support, from the comfortable who are able to provide their children with money to also donate to Obama, was wasted.

Hillary, armed with the $35 million from the grassroots, fought back.

And what a fight it was. Hillary did not pull punches. Hillary made an issue of trust. Obama is not to be trusted.

The wonderful “3:00 a.m.” advertisement was about experience but also had a subtext of trust.

We all know that in a crisis at whatever hour of the day, President Hillary will know the players and the situation and grasp all the subtleties and nuances of the situation. Hillary would know who is pushing for what action and what their ulterior motives would be. Hillary has the experience to know how to act in a crisis. Obama would be fumbling for the light switch and a cigarette.

Obama cannot be trusted in a crisis to know what to do.

On NAFTA-gate, Obama lied repeatedly. Hillary called Obama on his lies. Obama cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

In Chicago, the Rezko trial began. A ticking, ticking time bomb that will demonstrate for all his flowery talk about ethics Obama cannot be trusted when offered a house.

The lesson for the Hillary campaign is: fight, without fear, fight.

For too long Obama has deceived voters, especially young voters and idealistic voters. The voters are not to blame. The voters have not been informed of Obama’s real history and treacheries. Big Media has failed to do its job. The Hillary campaign will have to do the job Big Media and Big Blogs won’t do.

For the next 6 weeks while we prepare for the Pennsylvania primary Obama will face the daily news from the Rezko trial. Big Media, mocked on Saturday Night Live, might continue the one day miracle of calling Obama on his lies. It will be a tough six weeks for Obama if Big Media continues to ask the questions the American people need answered.

Superdelegates will be watching closely as Obama stumbles.

The fight for Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio provided a valuable template on how to counter Obama. On NAFTA and trust issues Hillary now has a ready made answer: the NAFTA-gate memo. Keep hitting Obama hard and every day on these issues.

Any question on any issue Hillary should respond with: REZKO. Discuss the African-American tenants in Obama’s state senate district tormented by slumlord Rezko. Any request for documents, respond with Rezko. On Iraq, respond with Rezko/Auchi. On judgment, respond with Rezko.

Obama will sell out anybody to be elected. Let’s have Big Media ask Obama if he would pardon slumlord Rezko if ever Obama became president.

* * *

Last night Hillary repeated what Americans know: As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

Wisely, Governor Strickland and Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones raised the issue of Florida and Michigan too. Let’s be clear: there will be no disenfranchisement of millions of Florida and Michigan Democrats. The delegates from Florida and Michigan will be seated at the Democratic convention. There will be no revote as mischief making Republican Governor Crist goads. Idiots at the Democratic National Committee’s Rules Committee and other Washington insiders made a stupid decision and want to punish Florida and Michigan voters for their own (DNC) stupidity.

Let Obama spend the next several months arguing against voter rights. Let Obama paint himself into a box on the Florida and Michigan issue. The more Obama argues against seating Florida and Michigan delegates the more he argues against his own candidacy. Politically, Obama arguing against seating Florida/Michigan delegates makes it less likely he will win those states in a general election. Obama is arguing against himself. Let Obama twist slowly in the wind.

Superdelegates saw, last night, in Rhode Island, Patrick Kennedy humiliated. Earlier, in the campaign season, Superdelegates saw Ted Kennedy and John Kerry humiliated in home state Massatootsetts. Superdelegates now know that Hillary does not give up. Superdelegates now know that Hillary fights back and wins. Isn’t that what Democrats want in November?

Don’t forget to call and thank Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones [campaign office -(216)-751-9022, (202) 225-7032, (216) 522-4900] for her strong, unyielding support of Hillary.


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  1. “Poor Obama. Everytime he thinks he gets to kick the football, that mean ol’ Lucy yanks the football away, and cackles at the lunkhead.”

    Right on….

  2. “Barack Huckabee Obama”

    admin, that is PRICELESS! I’m using it from NOW ON! 🙂 Thanks for the link too! 🙂

  3. Rush has such an inflated sense of self-worth today. Its as if Hillary’s Texas win is entirely due to Rush’s influence.

  4. I’d like to see Hillary another money bomb counter up today.

    I’d like to know what the hell Bill Clinton presidential Libary has to do with Hillary Clinton? If this is what they have to “fight” with…well, bring it on. I bet Hillary is quaking in her lil ole shoes right now.

    I actually hope he goes there….that leaves him really, really RIPE for all this Rezco. He will be exposed and I’m talking bare ass naked without a rain coat exposed.

  5. It’s a great day in Hill land.
    SUSA’s last poll – as in CA – was spot on:
    Hillary 54
    Obama 44

    SUSA had Hillary up 50 to 48 in TX among those who voted or were likely to vote. Right again.

    On to PA.

  6. We should be sure Oreilly, Rush and Hannity have Michelle Obama’s latest commentary. As well as Lou Dobbs.

    The patriotism issue needs to be explored more as well. That photo of him refusing to pledge is what it is.

  7. alright, I’m off to watch a documentary called, “No End in Sight” about the Iraq War. It’s supposed to be pretty good. I like to be armed with knowledge to fight the Obamazoids and just in general. I’ll come back to feel this great vibe we’ve got going later. You guys have a great afternoon!!!! Obama had that mariachi band singing “Viva Obama” in that silly commercial, but look at how things turned out. lol Sweet indeed.

  8. Admin,

    The LA Times reported a few days ago that in 1994 Obama represented Rezko’s slum tenement buildings in a lawsuit brought against it by the city of Chicago. The tenants and the city sued Rezko because of poor services, including not providing heat in the freezing Chicago winter.

    This new piece of information contradicts Obama’s claim that he total “did five hours of legal work” for Rezko over their 14+ year relationship.

    In fact, we don’t know how much legal work for Rezko Obama ACTUALLY did because Obama has refused to release his billing records from his many years as a real estate lawyer (all the while claiming he has released everything: note to BIG MEDIA who seem to be a little credulous in their fawning of Obama – HE HAS NOT RELEASED HIS BILLING RECORDS, and has repeatedly lied about this! SO STOP BEING LAZY AND TAKING OBAMA’S WORD ON THINGS – INVESTIGATE AND ACTUALLY DO YOUR JOB!)

    Let’s remember that when Obama first decided to for President run he tried to HIDE the fact that he WAS a real-estate lawyer. But then the Chicago papers dug up a questionnaire he filled out before he ran for US senate in which Obama awnsered that one of his legal specialties was REAL ESTATE LAW.

    And the lies continue with Rezko, 5 hours of work Obama claims? And now it turns out that as far back as 1994 he not only did legal work for Rezko but represented his slum tenements in court AGAINST tenants who were being abused?

    We now know of two separate incidents years apart in which Obama abandoned the people who were freezing in the Chicago winter in favor of his big buddy Rezko.

    And this is guy is a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER?

    When is the media going to do some work and realize that this guy has been LYING about this whole thing. Isn’t it time to find out why? Or is the truth too sordid – how many other cases did Obama work on FOR Rezko and AGAINST the People!

    But why would Big Media care? They are rich, frivolous, and comfortable.

    That Big Media Sellout Gloria Borger revealed everything you need to know about these fools last night as she whined that the Presidential race is now going to have to go to Erie, Scranton and other POOR places.

    Someone should tell Gloria that her ten layers of makeup caked onto her face as thick as Peanut Butter is melting.

  9. Link to the above-mentioned article:,0,6351313.story

    Relevant passage:

    In a January debate, Clinton jabbed Obama over his
    legal representation of Rezko “in his slum landlord
    business in inner-city Chicago.”

    Obama shook his head and said that the
    characterization was not accurate. “I was an associate
    at a law firm that represented a church group that had
    partnered with this individual to do a project, and I
    did about five hours’ worth of work on this joint
    project. That’s what she’s referring to.”

    Though Obama did represent a church, he also
    represented the nonprofit Woodlawn Preservation &
    Investment Corp., founded by Bishop Arthur Brazier of
    the Apostolic Church of God. In an interview, Brazier
    said his role as a Woodlawn director was separate from
    his work at the church.

    Woodlawn was partners with Rezko in four low-income
    housing projects with hundreds of units. In at least
    one instance, in 1994, Obama represented Woodlawn on a
    troubled project it later shared with Rezko. The city
    of Chicago sued, alleging Woodlawn failed to provide
    tenants with heat in the winter, and Obama represented
    the landlord in court.

  10. @aNewNEWDEAL,

    “This new piece of information contradicts Obama’s claim that he total “did five hours of legal work” for Rezko over their 14+ year relationship.”

    So what the heck is going on? Is this guy running for president a pathological liar? He doesn’t think his wrongdoings/lies will ever come out?’

    Sheesh! This egomaniac really does think he walks on water!

  11. I think the big dawg has been right on about this primary- He said 1.) the primary would be harder than the general & 2.) If Hillary wins TX and OH she’ll get the nomination. I think he’s right on both counts. Also, I’m loving the feisty Hillary! She’s really been herself these past few weeks and trusted her instincts. She’s found a consistent message and improved her stump speech just like before NH. I think she’s gonna continue to kick major a**.

  12. ANewNewDeal: but Obama claims he did not know Rezko had all these problems. This is what the Rezko trial will reveal. All these new details.

    What is needed now is a series of ads addressing the issue of “community organizer” Obama selling out the tenants in Slumlord Rezko’s buildings. As you point out, Obama must have known Rezko was tormenting his tenants. Obama sold them out for a house (and who knows what else).

    Great comment and we will write about this further, ANewNewDeal.

    Obama the slumlord friend and protector.

  13. Thanks Admin.

    “He didn’t become chairman of that subcommittee until January 2007. The fact is he made his announcement for President of the United States in February 2007,” Obama aide Greg Craig said. “So, he had other things on his mind.”

    So if I read this right, he only decided in the space of 30 days to run for the nomination? Otherwise why would he accept the chairmanship of such an important subcommittee and then abandon ship?

    Oops, I forgot. It does look good on his resume…or lack of one.

  14. Janh,

    He is Hiding something. That’s why he keeps changing his story. Why? Obviously his personal history is not as Heroic as he would like us to think. Otherwise, where are all the “community people” he helped to organize over all his years of work? Why aren’t they up there on stage with him?

    Is it because THEY DONT EXSIST. Ofcourse it is! You would expect that a flim-flam artist like Obama would not be be able to get away with petty lies in a presidential campaign, but the AWOL Big Media has let him.

  15. “dot48 Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    somebody who is really web savvy outta fix a website for all those that can introduce themelves to MichelleObamabot.

    I’m one too.

    Hello Michelle, I’m Dot and my life was a whole heck of a lot better in the 90’s. I actually had a great paying job at the time…with health insurance as well.”

    –I’m here, dot! I don’t like slamming other females and making assumptions especially when I’ve never met them, and especially because females have enough problems without having other females get on their case, but I really think MO sounds out of touch with reality. (Has she had abuse in her background—family member, boyfriend, stranger? I don’t know why I feel this way, but something about the stuff she says—she sounds beaten down, like she’s lashing out defensively because she’s been bullied in her personal life. [Which if true, is also why I feel bad writing this….] She suggests it’s because of racism against her, but I don’t think that’s the only thing responsible. Supporting your spouse is one thing; but talking about him as if he’s a deity and as if SHE thinks he’s a deity—when people say MO’s a feminist, I feel like throwing up. I also think she hates white people. I understand why some people feel this way because of racism unfairness and ugliness in society, but that doesn’t make this form of racism hurt any less. Hating white people is still a group-based hatred, which group-based hatreds in general are illogical, no matter who the objects of the hatreds may be, at least in my opinion.)

    I’ve analyzed some of the stuff she’s said in this thread:

  16. Admin,

    Rezko introduced Obama to the law firm where he spent his entire legal career.

    Rezko GOT HIM his first job out of Law School! Why didn’t Obama previously disclose that he did legal work for Rezko’s tenements in one of his FIRST YEARS out of Law School?! Could it be for the same reason that he is not releasing any of his Legal billing records? Yes, he is hiding all that he knew and all that he did FOR Rezko and AGAINST the People of Chicago.

    He betrayed the people’s trust as a lawyer and a state senator. Two cases years apart involving a Rezko Slum-Tenement with no heat!

    And Obama is Rezko’s PROTECTOR in both cases.

    The first time he protects Rezko as his Lawyer, and the second time he protects Rezko as the Missing State Senator who turned his back to tenants freezing in his district because the building the tenants were freezing in was owned by Antoin “Tony” Rezko!

  17. The smear is starting.
    Obama camp: What’s Clinton hiding

  18. ADMIN:

    “We all know that in a crisis at whatever hour of the day, President Hillary will know the players and the situation and grasp all the subtleties and nuances of the situation. Hillary would know who is pushing for what action and what their ulterior motives would be.”

    the CRUX of what I believe many people are now starting to ask themselves, and an argument I have had with many that make BO the “new George Bush”. It is clear his judgment is no better than GW’s, and the unanswered questions in this arena will only get louder. Who does he owe? What and WOHO would be advising him, and do do what? We do not know enough about his policies, but we do know his voting record in Congress and in his home state. His “home delivery” legislation by the REAL working Chicago politicans in the Legislature to “make a U.S. Senator” is just another example of his real inability to do the job ON HIS OWN.

    And that is NOT a problem for Senator Clinton. HEr judgment is such that she will surround herself with the right people, and she is savvy enough to call a spade a spade when there is someting that does not advance either her policies or the betterment of the nation as a whole.

  19. The Jury has been picked.

    Opening arguments in the corruption trial of Barack Obama’s Friend and Patron Rezko start tommorow at 9AM.

  20. I’m sure Mrs. Clinton has no skeleltons thanks to Newty babes and his hacks.

    Obama should be really sure he wants to rattle cages. I’m gonna sit back now for a few days and watch this all unfold. I sort of think this is the opening Hillary camp has been waiting for…she can let him have it now all barrels open. Tit for tat…

  21. jubjub: The Smear is starting.

    This may end up hurting Obama more than Clinton. His campaign is supposed to be about “new” politics. If she stays on her message, he may look worse and show his true colors as a hypocrite. People do not like negative campaigning. She has not been as negative towards him. Rezko and NAFTA-GATE are his doing, not hers.

  22. Dot….

    a tea leaves reading of my new BFF from the other day indicates that “they” ARE willing to go there. This part of a reply after I MENTIONED the right of the citizens to QUESTION Rezko and Nafta-gate.

    Since when are QUESTIONS “Smears?”

    BFF: “And lastly, let’s not smear. The last thing the Clintons need is “guilt by association.”

  23. ANewNewDeal, is that report from the Chicago papers? Can’t wait to hear opening statements. It is amazing that citizens of Chicago did not know who Rezko is – which made picking a jury easy.

    The whole country will get to know Obama/Rezko along with the jury.

    Good news, thanks.

  24. At first I was gonna freak out about the white bitch thing being applied to her wins, giving those wins a race, but I see it’s supposed to be sarcastic. (Though the big feminist in me still remains uncomfortable with the word bitch–it’s had too negative a connotation for too long, I’m not sure it can ever be rescued from that.)

    In my opinion, Hilary’s wins are wins for ALL women, no matter their skin tone. Women are usually in second place all over this planet. This has to stop.

    I’d love to see her go around the world, and her existence might show countries that are even more misogynistic than here (if that’s possible…) that those countries must evolve already. I’m tired of so many women being abused.

  25. Admin..I had to laugh when I heard the citizens picked for the jury hadn’t heard of Rezko. Despite the local newspaper coverage. I had visions of juror’s picked for a trial of another Chicago mobster, say Al Capone…

    “nope, nope, never heard of him” (while the dead fish wrapped in the day’s headlines had been delivered to their homes)

  26. Fran,

    The ‘Happy White Bitch Month’ is a pun on one of Maureen Dowd’s columns against Hillary.

    It’s a total jest…just like: ‘Bitch is the New Black!’

  27. Axelrod is bluffing

    “If she wants to make issues like ethics and disclosure and law firms and real estate deals and all that stuff issues, as I’ve said before I don’t know whey they’d want to go there, but I guess that’s where they’ll take the race,” David Axelrod said

    Yes, we can make all those things relevants…just look at the run up to Mr. Rezco….YES WE CAN.

  28. Dot, my take is that the power-brokers who SO WANT Obama will “go there” with either old or new Clinton stuff, IF we advance the Rezko/Nafta “smear”.

    I have already believed Karl Rove Axelrod, and the real Karl Rove has had a hand in this for a while, and I was HIGHLY suspicious when KR got the US Atty booted out in Arkansas and installed his buddy in to the position. A man who was NOT qualified for the job, but had access to DEEP records within Arkansas politics. Rove, then, leaves the White House and “retires to Arkansas”….ALWAYS sounded suspect to me.

    Rove in Arkansas?

    Just sounds funny.

  29. Dot…re-read your Axelrod post…and look at that from my BFF.

    the same words, if you ask me. And that is exactly what I though the other day. I think they think they have a “gotcha” on Hillary, and will use it IF Clinton Camp pushes Rezko.

    That is all I can read into that and BFF seems to know it too.

  30. “The LA Times reported a few days ago that in 1994 Obama represented Rezko’s slum tenement buildings in a lawsuit brought against it by the city of Chicago. The tenants and the city sued Rezko because of poor services, including not providing heat in the freezing Chicago winter.

    This new piece of information contradicts Obama’s claim that he total “did five hours of legal work” for Rezko over their 14+ year relationship.”

    –Newdeal, couldn’t this be verified in official legal records somewhere?

    “In fact, we don’t know how much legal work for Rezko Obama ACTUALLY did because Obama has refused to release his billing records from his many years as a real estate lawyer (all the while claiming he has released everything: note to BIG MEDIA who seem to be a little credulous in their fawning of Obama – HE HAS NOT RELEASED HIS BILLING RECORDS, and has repeatedly lied about this! SO STOP BEING LAZY AND TAKING OBAMA’S WORD ON THINGS – INVESTIGATE AND ACTUALLY DO YOUR JOB!)

    Let’s remember that when Obama first decided to for President run he tried to HIDE the fact that he WAS a real-estate lawyer. But then the Chicago papers dug up a questionnaire he filled out before he ran for US senate in which Obama awnsered that one of his legal specialties was REAL ESTATE LAW.

    And the lies continue with Rezko, 5 hours of work Obama claims? And now it turns out that as far back as 1994 he not only did legal work for Rezko but represented his slum tenements in court AGAINST tenants who were being abused?”

    –This isn’t surprising at all! I think many of the people here have been suspicious of that whole “friendship,” that there’s more shenanigans there. And if all this is true, what a disgusting person Obama is!

    Would you mind if I copy most of your post to my blog?

  31. Actually if all the have to byotch about is her tax returns…ha!

    I haven’t turned my tax returns out this year…they wanna haul me out too.

    The worm has turned

  32. dot..WE know that, but the spin machine will work overtime. Already on Glenn BEck radio this morning “The Clinton’s have brought up this Rezko thing. The CLINTONS put that picture out with BO in “muslim” garb”

    the gears are getting greased, truth or not, and BM wil be more than happy to play along. TV today (the little I have seen) not much on 3x win for HC. HAD THIS BEEN BO….they would be wall to wall coverage of his “route” of Clinton

  33. BTW All/ADMIN

    Beck stated John Fund from WSJ will be on his show tonight on CNN Headline News (8pm EST) and Fund has “explosive” info of Rezko/Obama.

    Fund was on Dennis Praeger (sp) radio show today and was VERY forthright in Auchi/Rezko Obama links. It was pretty interesting to listen to. Although I had to keep going in and out of the room where the radio was, I heard enough to know that this will soon be the Rush Mantle as well.

  34. Okay, I know I have a bad memory, but didn’t Hillary already answer that she would release her tax information at some point? I know her answer made sense to me.

    This attack didn’t fly last month. I can’t see it flying this month.

  35. “Clearly, Tina Fey and I are going to have to have a conversation,” Mr. Obama said.”

    LOL! Who does he think he is?

  36. ““Clearly, Tina Fey and I are going to have to have a conversation,” Mr. Obama said.”

    jubjub…not Kool-Aid


  37. So the website is saying the campaign is trying to raise $3 million in one day…….we can do this 🙂

  38. Fran,

    It is up to US to do the reporting on this story because Big Media is AWOL. Please repost anywhere you want!

  39. @jubjub,

    “Clearly, Tina Fey and I are going to have to have a conversation,” Mr. Obama said.”

    Woah! Is he talking cement shoes? He sure is sounding more like a hit man wannabe as time goes on. I guess free speech/free choice is out of the question, Mr. Obama?

  40. Jan…the other night on TV, McAuliff or Wolfson (can’t remember which one) stated HC tax returns would be released “on or about April 15”

    She too said they would be released in the last debate

  41. spacegirlArt: THUGGERY! It was a satire. By making comments like that, it makes him look more foolish and desperate. No sense of humor, whatsoever.

  42. Didn’t you all know?

    When the press or comedians – in Tina Fey’s case – question his Holiness, they need to be ‘re-educated’ in proper conduct.

    You do not mess with the Great and Powerful O!

    Puh-leaze… 🙄

  43. Sorry if I sound like George W. Bush but:

    “Bring It On” .. this is not amateur hour. The Clintons were not born at night, nor last night.

    They are sweating what is going to happen in the very near future and they wanna run a frontal assault right NOW. To try to cover up Rezco and more shit to hit the fan.

    I just ain’t buying that the Clintons have anything to hide.

  44. Space, the mainstream media can keep up with their propaganda all they want, but after months of their incessant propaganda, last night’s wins flew in that media’s stupid face and I think might show that to many americans–they ain’t listening to the media. The media’s become laughable! I suspect more and more people may simply not be turning on the news. You can’t help what you’re inadvertently exposed to in society, but I think people may now be CHOOSING to ignore the news when possible.

    Hehe, maybe all my years of screaming about turning off the news so it doesn’t affect you subconsciously has affected a few people’s behaviors.

    In any case, the mainstream media doesn’t trouble me so much anymore. Screw its irrelevant ass!

    I don’t know—I feel very positive about this today.

  45. Hawk….I gave mine today. Also shot a little ADMIN’S way to keep up the good work. I am not financially flush at all, but keep doing what I can.

  46. How is Wyoming looking? Pretty liberal dems out there from what I hear, but she does well out west (CA, AZ, NM, TX, NV).

  47. I gave my entire tax return and I am getting overdraft messages on my account lol 🙂 Gotta put some more cash in this week.

  48. I called Stephanie Tubbs Jones Shaker Heights (OH) tel number, gave my little thank you and then asked about Eugene Miller (the 10th district Ohio Rep who stood with our girl even under heavy pressure to w/draw his endorsement from her and get behind BO.)

    Only then did I learn neither she nor her staff are allowed to discuss ANY campaign stuff from her US Congressional office. They could only say things like “thank you for your call” and hang up. But the very smart young lady gave me her campaign office tel# and it was a very satisfying conversation.

    They are thrilled to get our thank yous, and say that the plaudits really go a long way in the office and to STJ.

    Also I learned that EUGENE MILLER, the OH Rep,
    WON HIS CONTEST, 60-40, against the guy put up to take him out. He is a model of integrity for those 2 daughters of whom he spoke so adoringly, for whom he wants to have as a model…Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Hooray for the good guys.

    Also a heads up for us, if we really want to make a point when we call, we should try to get a non-congressional contact number or email if we can, from the staff in the US offices.

  49. I plan to ask for an extension on my tax returns…I encourage Hillary to do so as well.


  50. Sugar, I posted some of your blog’s latest great post at my place–let me know if I took too big an excerpt and I’ll remove some, or the whole thing and just leave up your link–whatever you prefer.

  51. “Also I learned that EUGENE MILLER, the OH Rep,
    WON HIS CONTEST, 60-40, against the guy put up to take him out. He is a model of integrity for those 2 daughters of whom he spoke so adoringly, for whom he wants to have as a model…Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

    –Good for him! He stood up to the threats, wouldn’t back down and he was rewarded by society–as it should be!

  52. Thanks Emjay, we added the phone number.

    Thanks ANewNewdeal for the Rezko trial site.

    As to tax returns, Hillary simply has to say “right after you release your Rezko files and how Rezko got you a house”. Maybe Hillary or another Senator should file an ethics complaint in the Senate regarding the potential gift from Rezko to Obama on the house/side yard deal?

  53. 1. I called Stephanie Tubbs-Jones office as well and relayed my thanks for her courage.

    2. Hill probably won’t win WY as that is a red state and a caucus. BO will win, however, her task is to keep the delegate count close.

    3.Hil said on Fox News that she will release her tax filings in April.

    4. I will donate later, however, I’m glad to see that she had already started to organize in PA. We have to call and donate. If she can win PA by 8-10pts that will send a very large message to SD.

    5. Bill really worked his heart out to have her carry all the rural areas in TX and OH..She was great on all of the morning shows. On Morning Joe, she and Joe joked and I was pleasantly surprised to see him so nice to her.

    He said that he was getting emails from his mom and his wife eas telling him that they didn’t like what they were doing to Hill(media). He said that his republican mom was pulling for her.

    I’m telling you, the media constantly underestimates the public’s intelligiance and Hillary. We see that they were trying to savage and put her down but we tuned them out.

    All the pundits on MessMSNBC and even a few on CNN seemed down. Fox coverage to me was the most fair(ok, i have to go see a shrink now)

  54. Hi All-
    I’m looking for VOLUNTEERS for HILLARY and we need you desperately. We are making sure Hillary is represented in online comment (you’d be surprised how many people read them!) in local papers in upcoming primary states. It’s a fairly big job –started (too late) in WI when we realized Obama supporters from DC were cutting and pasting into local WI papers–But did great in TX and OH –with 89 people saying “I’ve changed my mind I’m voting for Hill”.
    Anyway, if interested, please reply!

  55. Fran,

    Here is a key article entitled “Barack Obama and his Slumlord Patron”,CST-NWS-rez23.article

    From the article:

    “For more than five weeks during the brutal winter of 1997, tenants shivered without heat in a government-subsidized apartment building on Chicago’s South Side.

    It was just four years after the landlords — Antoin “Tony” Rezko and his partner Daniel Mahru — had rehabbed the 31-unit building in Englewood with a loan from Chicago taxpayers.”

    “”Their buildings were falling apart,” said a former city official. “They just didn’t pay attention to the condition of these buildings.”

    Eleven of Rezko’s buildings were in Obama’s state Senate district.”

    “Obama role unclear:
    Just what legal work — and how much — Obama did on those deals is unknown. His campaign staff acknowledges he worked on some of them. But the Rezmar-related work amounted to just five hours over the six years it said Obama was affiliated with the law firm, the staff said in an e-mail in February.”


    The “5 hour” number is a legal obfuscation by the Obama campaign meant to confuse his real involvement as a lawyer in multiple Rezko Slum-tenement land deals.

    There is probably one specific deal that occurred were Obama billed Rezko for only 5 hours of work. So when asked how much work Obama did for Rezko, the Obama campaigns changes the question from how much work did you do EVER, and instead answers how much work they did on ONE SPECIFIC DEAL.

    In the case I referenced earlier from 1994, Obama represented Woodlawn, who was a partner with Rezko in this deal. Woodlawn was supposedly a non-profit organization that teamed up with the For Profit Rezko to build/rehab/manage these slum tenements.

    For all intents and purposes Woodlawn and Rezko are one in the same. But to push these corrupt land deals through a person like Rezko needs to create the ILLUSION of Public Service by partnering with a shell organization like Woodlawn.

    And In order to create the ILLUSION OF PUBLIC SERVICE Obama decides that it will be Woodlawn, and not Rezko, who fights the tenants and the city in Court. And, obviously, it is the better legal strategy to claim that your enterprise in NON-PROFIT, for the public good, etc.

    But Rezko and Obama knew what they were doing. And they knew that when it came time to fight for Rezko’s Personal interests against the people he was letting freeze, it was better to show the face of the NON-PROFIT in court.

    The entire point of bringing in a “non-profit” like woodlawn is to HIDE who is really responsible.

    Obama is trying to hide behind Woodlawn. How much work did he do for Woodlawn(subsitute:Rezko)?

    Now I Bet the answer changes.

  56. dot48: I called and left a message for Congressman Miller. I started to choke up, while I was talking. He is great man.

  57. just bought the biggest thankyou card i have ever seen gonna pass it around and then send it to tina fey. postage will probably be a fortune.

  58. Hillary didn’t release her returns prior to March 4th because she was trying to stay “on message.” Releasing the returns would have dominated the news cycle for a couple of days, and she couldn’t afford that.

    With 7 weeks now until PA, I think she’ll probably release them.


    527 did help in TX and Oh and now is prepared to air ads in PA. I think that they will raise more money.
    Pro-Clinton 527 preps for Pa. air war

    By: Kenneth P. Vogel
    Mar 5, 2008 01:39 PM EST
    Shown on


    A new pro-Hillary Clinton group spent $830,000 airing ads Texas and Ohio in the run-up to her victory in the March 4 primaries. And the group has at least $300,000 in the bank to launch an expected air war on her behalf in Pennsylvania.

    American Leadership Project raised a total of $1.2 million – $1 million of which came from AFSCME, which has endorsed Clinton – since Feb. 21, according to a report it filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission.

    The group is registered only under section 527 of the IRS code, not as a political committee with the FEC. That allows it to raise the huge contributions barred by federal law, but also bars it from explicitly urging a vote for or against Clinton, a New York senator, or her opponent in the Democratic presidential primary, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

    Instead, the group’s ads in Texas – which it reported spending $800,000 to air – praised Clinton’s health care plan. The group spent another $31,000 in Ohio and has already dropped $33,000 this month to air an ad in Pennsylvania, which will hold its potentially decisive primary April 22.

    In addition to the AFSCME contribution, ALP got $50,000 from Jay Eisenhofer of New York City, $25,000 from Stephen Kennedy of Glenwood Springs, Colo., $20,000 from Michele Dunkerley of Mercer Island, Wash. and $10,000 each from the securities company Dain Rauscher, Inc. and longtime Clinton fundraiser William Titelman, who stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom while Bill Clinton was president.


    Statement from Howard Wolfson, Communications Director

    Faced with many legitimate questions about Senator Obama’s long-time relationship with indicted political fixer Tony Rezko, the Obama campaign has chosen to lash out at Senator Clinton.

    Here are the facts:

    Over 20 years of the Clintons’ tax returns are in the public domain.

    Their tax returns since they left the White House will be made available on or around April 15.

    This information will be in addition to 15 years of uninterrupted public financial disclosure reports.

    Instead of making false attacks, we urge Senator Obama to release all relevant financial and other information related to indicted political fixer Tony Rezko.

  61. 71% Of the vote in Rains County went to Hillary Clinton…1095 voters…I didn’t call every one of them but I feel like I am on first name basis with majority of them LOL

    Wow, this really puts phone banking into perspective. I feel responsible for helping carry those voters to the polls for Hillary.

    I have Pennsylvania in my call center now .. but boy it does seem early. I needed this break today though, I will be honest it was hard this past week but today is sweet olala

  62. Hi Spega, I think you should repost the text of your comment here

    into this new thread so people will be more likely to see it. And YES I think his ties to Africa are great cause for concern. I’ve said here before that for a while now, I’ve been thinking that he’d remove the troops from iraq only to stick them in africa. I believe that’s part of his agenda: gaining control of the U.S. military so he can use it for some purpose. But maybe I’m losing my mind?

    newdeal, could you repost that at my thread where I posted your other comments?

  63. SpacegirlArt,

    Since Rezko is now out there, all the media have to do is “follow the money” and they will find all kinds of interesting people and things, like Auchi.

  64. dot48–great job!!

    I didn’t know where I was calling, but it was always texas. I thought that state was the most problematic.

    I did feel a little bad last nite when the reports of the caucuses were pandemonium ’cause I talked some older folks into going. I

    hope they were ok.

  65. Should call we some other states such as WY and KY? We really should not give up anything. How about NC? I saw a poll from PPP from yesteryday. Hussein Obama is only leading 47/43. With the momentum, we can take NC.

  66. Today’s Gallup tracking poll gives Hillary Clinton a four-point national leader over Barack Obama — the first time in several weeks that she’s been able to claim that big a lead. Here are the numbers, compared to yesterday:

    Clinton 48% (+3)
    Obama 44% (-1)

  67. jubjub, I know Hillary has at least one office in Wyoming. I hope she will fight there, because the demographics actually look pretty good for her.

  68. linfair…in event of another caucus..tell your folks to go armed with dot’s ballbat LOL

    I feel “it” in the air. The White House is ours. That target date of March 8 that IDunn gave…I smell it. The itching has started, the sweating, the BodyOdorfromBarackObama and his stinky crew in Chicago.

    Damn, I’m almost glad I’m stuck in the sticks…reckon they can hunt me down from here …

  69. Independent Ben, I do hope so. Hillary has the money and time now. I know PA is extremely important, but it’s weeks away and there are caucuses and primaries before it. I just hope Hussein Obama won’t get the so called momentum from these tiny caucuses again. NC is also important.

  70. If you guys are still looking for a good letter to send to SD’s, this Ickes/Penn memo sums things up pretty well.

  71. I love Tina Fey. I can’t wait for 30 Rock to return. I wonder if they’ll mention the election so far.

    I hope SNL does more on the election too. I’m jonesin for Darrell Hammond’s Clinton. They must be disappointed they missed out on so much goodness during the strike.

  72. I think WA and TX need some props for exposing the caucuses for what they are. Its pretty evident that caucuses skew the results and I wouldn’t go around boasting about those wins as much anymore. So yay WA/TX your silly systems are proving a point.


  73. I agree…we could phone bank all week and weekend into Wyoming .. if we had names. :: thinks, where can we get names ::

    There are democrats there and we may as well fight for them as much as HWSNBN does.

    Are voter lists available to anyone? Where could we get names and numbers?

  74. jubjub, NC is on May 6th, after PA. As far as momentum, I’m sure the media will still try to spin some for Obama – but I see this now as being about electability. Obama now is damaged goods, and I think he knows it.


    Guys, pass on the word. Here’s the Cashonistas site:

    Leave word there when you contribute. It’ll give us a tally. If you’ve contributed already still leave word.

  76. We need to write Rush and Laura Ingram (smile) who are complaining that they don’t get any credit for helping Hillary. We KNOW these guys will turn on us on a dime when Hillary has the nod, but MY reason for saying thank you was to compare THEIR agenda…ie…keeping the battlefield bloodied between BO and HC, and instead, reminding them that it is a FAR DIFFERENT thing than BO USING the republicans AGAINST HIS OWN PARTY, FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT in DEm for a Day stuff and still calling himself a uniter.

    I am really tired, so I don’t know if that makes sense. LOL! Anyway, although in a perfect world I wouldn’t want this to be how we get help to win, this world is far from perfect, and at least HC hasn’t tried to eat her own in the Party to WIN AT ANY COST like Bambi.


  77. spega Says:

    March 5th, 2008 at 1:39 pm
    Odinga claims he and Obama are buds and speak frequently. OBAMA has Dual US/KENYAN citizenship.

    hi and welcome, one thing you many want to chekc first is the above. Im irish, born in usa but live in ireland. I have dual citizenship, but I believe that only people from Ireland and Israel are allowed to hold dual citizenship. If you take citizensihp from another country othe rthaan those two and were US born, then you must give up your us citizenship, maybe that has now changed, but i’d look anyway:)

    still very good points!!

  78. dot48, I am sure the campaign knows whether or not it is worth it in Wyoming.

    I lived in Montana for a few years–biggest fucking mistake of my life–and they are like rock ribbed republican from about 50 years ago.

    They dis everyone. I once said it a garage where my car was getting serviced that I was going to drive to get some chinese food–yes, you had to drive a billion miles–and the owner said, “What do you want with that chink food?”

    Ah, yes. good ole Montana.

    they tried to kill my dog, because they think huskies ‘run the game.’ It was a crazy place. When I finally got out of there and passed the california line, I got out and kissed the ground.

    I have alwasy wondered if it was just the area I lived in. Maybe in Missoula or Bozeman it would ahve been better. But then in thos places in terms of voting you are going to get latte liberals.

    I hung out with a friend who got a writing scholarship to the University and we would just spend all our time together rolling our eyes at one another.

    Wyoming the same except for the big rich pockets like Jackson Hole and around Yellowstone.

    Woming, if you remember is also wher ethey hung that gay kid on a wire fence and left him to die in the freezing cold–Mathew Shephard.

  79. Wow – breaking news. The governors of both MI and FL are calling for their delegates to be seated 🙂

  80. Idunn,

    your life sounds great. I envy you your animals. But a 70 lb lab made me a bit nervous. What do you feed it? lol

  81. Govenors of Florida and Michigan are issuing a major statement demanding the delegates be seated at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

    The Governors (a Rip and a Dem) say it is an outrage that the millions of voters in those states are being denied representation.

  82. RASMUSSEN: Clinton 48, Obama 43

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Wednesday, March 05, 2008
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama nationally by five percentage points in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Clinton now attracts 48% support while Obama earns 43%. Daily tracking results are collected via nightly telephone surveys and reported on a four-day rolling average basis. Virtually all of the interviews for today’s update were completed prior to the announcement of Clinton’s victories in Ohio and Texas last night.

    Prior to the past three days, Clinton had trailed Obama every single day for three weeks (see recent daily results). Clinton has regained a solid lead (twelve percentage points) among women nationwide. That margin that expands to twenty points among white women. Yesterday’s victories for Clinton mean there is a growing likelihood that the campaign could stretch on in to the summer without a winner. Rasmussen Reports will be polling the Democratic Primary Race in Mississippi, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and other states this week.

    It is important to note that while Clinton had a very good day on Tuesday, Rasmussen Markets data still shows Obama with a 72.0% chance of winning the Democratic nomination. That’s down from a recent high of 87%.

    Looking to the general election, John McCain has a slight lead over both Democrats. McCain now leads Obama 48% to 43% and Clinton 46% to 45% (see recent daily results).

  83. GALLUP Daily: Clinton 48%, Obama 44%

    Based on polling conducted March 2-4, 2008

    PRINCETON, NJ — Hillary Clinton has moved ahead of Barack Obama in national Democratic nomination preferences, 48% to 44%, in polling conducted Sunday through Tuesday.

    The latest three-day average primarily reflects Democratic attitudes before the outcomes of Tuesday night’s primaries were known. National Democratic preferences began to shift in Clinton’s favor on Sunday, gained momentum on Monday, and remained favorable to her on Tuesday. Any impact her success in Tuesday night’s elections may have on national preferences will be reflected in tomorrow’s Gallup Poll Daily election tracking report.

  84. Obama’s talking points for the nomination are drifting away. He’s always bragged about being able to draw Independents.

    Well, last night in Ohio, he barely won them 50-48%
    And in Texas, Hillary won them 49-48%

    I think national security played a big part in those numbers.

  85. Nora tried to call HC campaign negative. STJ said contrast and compare is not “negative”

    MSNBC called on Clinton camp mention of Rezko

    STJ just said, basically, it was a matter of public record and reminded Nora she had been a judge and an attorney

  86. Ok, now about my mom’s experience in Houston last night….

    She got there early before the 7PM time. There were 200 or so still waiting to vote still so they could get their slip to caucus. Folks were broken up in to their natural order. One mid-20’s AA 👿 bot went off on the precinct chair yelling that the show had to get started. Chair told her that folks were still in line that needed to vote so they’d wait. The 👿 bot threw a fit and started yelling about they were trying to discriminate against 👿 supporters (heavily AA site BTW so this made no sense). Chair said, “sorry, they have a right to vote and we cannot caucus before the voting is finished.”

    Voting finishes, the rules were explained. Get your sign-in sheet, list your preference, turn-it in, count, apportion by guidebook, elect delegates by outcome percentages. Sounds easy, right? Nope. Folks were running around, being obnoxious, chanting (also makes no sense bc there’s no switching due to viability), harassing folks. Lots of Hillary supporters leave prior to count but most after submitting their docs as they are allowed by the rules to do.

    So they vote, count, get the percentages and start delegate selections. Someone tells my mom she should do it. They explain a county convention will happen on the 29th, then the state after that and that she would prolly be selected for state. If selected at state, then Denver. Mom says nope, the 29th is my anniversary and I have family obligations. She leaves while they’re still selecting delegates.

    Mom, said they had separate sign-in sheets instead of joint as HRC organizers encouraged to keep things from being lost. Also, mom stuck around long enough to see the results dialed in and watched the totals closely so there was no fudging.

    Thing is, my mom has never caucused, never been involved in politics outside of voting. She thought it was BS and understood why turnout is always low and thought it dangerous due to high emotions and bullying behavior. My guess is they liked her style in watching the chair like a hawk and making it known she’d be pushed around by nobody.

    Like I have said previously, I get a lot of my bitchiness from my mom. Thank god.

  87. SpacegirlArt,

    Yeah – it’s amazing that the media will try to “blame” the Rezko story on Hillary! It’s Obama’s mess, the trial started March 3rd, it became a national story – deal with it!

  88. National security in the Far left of the party is a dirty word.

    THIS WILL BE a national security campaign, with economy thrown in.

    HRC wins BOTH HANDS DOWN, but McCain will come close on NS. Obama can’t hold his own for five minutes in this area without attacking cred of former first lady and POW

    It offends me to no end when he disses THEIR service to this country

  89. space

    teh country dors not matter to bambi or his wife, they are the most self serving people ive ever seen Oh and arrogant too!! they are a disgrace to the country.

    whre’s bill o’rielly when you want him they should be in the “pinhead” category LOL


    Okay, FL and MI are being punished for playing outside the rules, and the status of their delegates is up in question.

    Now what about confirmed cases of electioneering, intimidation, manipulation, tampering, interfering with ones right to vote/caucus. The caucus process seems especially inviting to maninpulation. We are probably submitting evidence to the DNC, and probably to the appropriate legal entities on a state-by-state basis. So if Candidate X’s campaign is documented as having subverted the rules of the party / rules of the state to unfairly disadvantage another candidate(s), shouldn’t the DNC be “punishing” those delegates/districts? Basically, “If you’re caught playing outside the rules, you lose the game”.

    We have to make sure that delegates awarded to Obama don’t count if the causus is question was not run fairly or had documented cases of intimidation. We can’t let the DNC say, “yes, caucuses will be caususes, you have to live with them”. The caucus processes are bizarre enough on their own, but the thuggery that has gone on cannot be left unchallenged. And if the DNC can’t be a fair referee, we’re going to have to bring in the lawyers.

  91. Could someone please explain what the governors’ calls for the delegates being seated means? That’s months on down the line. I admit to lots of confusion on that stuff….

    Thanks in advance,


  92. Guys, I love my mom, but she is MEAN. I’ll tell ya about her trying to kill me one Xmas sometime…. 😀

    I am proud of her. She stayed up way late last night to make her 8am flight to OK. I hope I get to see her this weekend for more than a couple of minutes. It’d suck not to spend some time together since I missed Gravy Day at my aunt’s due to an appellate brief deadline.

  93. One thing I wish the Clinton campaign would do. Frequently pundits, and Obama, will ask what crises Hillary has responded to that demonstrates she should answer that phone.

    Why not just say: 9/11. It was certainly a crises. Hillary response was great; she was on the ground the next day. The leadership she showed was praised by both sides of the aisle. She worked to get 21 billion dollars into NYC for rebuilding.

  94. rjb

    “We are probably submitting evidence to the DNC, and probably to the appropriate legal entities on a state-by-state basis. ”

    for real?

  95. BEN!!! I have seen that posted before re 9/11.

    WRITE THAT UP in a concise way and submit to HC PRESS OFFICE and to HillaryHup Tips

  96. Indpendent Ben, 9/11 is good but so is the gunman at her campaign headquarters. She handled that with such aplomb and she was there Immediately. she canceled everything. It was just like the red phone ad.

  97. This is part of the state by state, county by county strategy we’ll have to engage in the rest of the way.

    I’ll give the BO campaign credit in one area. When they knew HRC was going to have the advantage in the big states, the battlegrounds, they took what crumbs were left on the board. So you had the run of 11 states. And the SuperTuesday Red State-fest for BO.

    From now on, we fight for every last voter. Cut them off at the knees.

    Avast, maties. Arrrr.

  98. What will Obama say when Hillary reaches the 50% mark in the daily national tracking poll? Something that neither candidate has done yet.

  99. Fran…it is the ONLY appropriate action for these Governors, who represent ALL the people.

    Crist came out Sunday and said he would be up for a re-do Primary. Told Howard Dean that thru tv show. MY GUESS IS that Crist’s phone went ballistic and to count the votes as is.

  100. Experience, so are you saying those delegates/votes would count NOW to her total? If so, that would be fantastic! But is that just a count-in-the-public’s-mind but not an official count? I guess that’s what I don’t understand.

    I think the election system here, the government, is MUCH too overcomplicated. Lots of waste and inefficiency. Ordinary citizens should be able to understand their government in large part, not feel like they’re living in an unknown place….


    March 5, 2008
    Pelosi: Democrats will have a nominee before the convention
    Posted: 02:10 PM ET
    WASHINGTON (CNN) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday now is not the time for superdelegates to wade into the fight over the Democratic presidential nomination. “I think the electoral process has to work its way,” the California Democrat told reporters. “There are still many voters unheard from yet, and I think that our candidates both have the capacity to inspire, to bring out a big vote that will hold us in good stead in November, and I think that now is not the time for anybody to weigh in.”

    Pelosi said she was confident the nominee would be decided before the Democratic convention in August, and that she was “never among those who believed this would be resolved by now.”

    She argued that the prolonged campaign is good for the party, and offers Democrats a chance to “make a clear distinction” about their differences with Republicans on a range of issues. Pelosi pointed to Iraq, noting the Democratic candidates are talking about “responsible redeployment versus a 100-year war that Sen. McCain has spoken about.”

  102. in two gay bars in downtown pittsburgh every bartender and 90% of the clientele had a hillary sticker on and the results were on the tv met by cheers
    at least here i do not see any gay defection.

  103. rjk1957,

    They will switch the goalposts again. They don’t want answers. they just wann hurl the mud and hope stuff sticks.

  104. I know, space! Absolutely! People should never be disenfranchised. I basically just want to know if this will help Clinton now.

  105. Well, the site (according to Taylor Marsh) has been collecting evidence of voter intimidation, etc. We hope that they just don’t collect evidence, and open a museum. It would be hoped that **something** will be done with this evidence.

    Also, I saw in one of the threads like yesterday about “legal actions”. Which campaign? Which states? What topics?

  106. # linfar Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    Indpendent Ben, 9/11 is good but so is the gunman at her campaign headquarters. She handled that with such aplomb and she was there Immediately. she canceled everything. It was just like the red phone ad.

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

  107. SpacegirlArt Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    National security in the Far left of the party is a dirty word.

    You’re so right. It was so amusing to watch Obama’s team jump up and down and yell fear mongering in response to that ad. Republicans see that and just laugh. Pat Buchanan was asked about it and he said, “Hmm, good ad. Judging from Obama’s response, looks like it worked too.” Democrats have to grow up and realize that they must deal with national security if they want to win national elections.

  108. Actually she needs to do a campaign spot about that. A few headlines at the time said she was so “presidential” but there wasn’t nearly enough attention paid to that ‘incident.’

  109. fran

    right now they (dnc) are not counting them, what happened today is a clear message the states are making a claim to seat the delegates. I think if hill can win PA and not loose too badly in miss and wy, and keep it up, you know that she and bill and the LOYAL ones left supporting her in the DNC will make a hard argument at the convention, at the end of the day, the DNC HAS to seat them otherwise they willbe destroyed IMHO, the groundswell is beginning


    March 5, 2008


    (850) 488-5394

    TALLAHASSEE- Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm released a joint statement today calling on the Democratic and Republican National Committees with a very clear message: Seat our delegates.

    Joint Statement from Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm

    “The right to vote is at the very foundation of our democracy. This primary season, voters have turned out in record numbers to exercise that right, and it is reprehensible that anyone would seek to silence the voices of 5,163,271 Americans. It is intolerable that the national political parties have denied the citizens of Michigan and Florida their votes and voices at their respective national conventions.

    According to the DNC and RNC, Florida and Michigan have violated party rules by moving up their primaries. Today, we each will call upon our respective state and national party chairs to resolve this matter and to ensure that the voters of Michigan and Florida are full participants in the formal selection of their parties’ nominees. We must restore the rights of the more than 5 million voters whose voices have been silenced.”

  111. An email I sent a friend:

    Hey, no problem. The numbers were pretty on. I didn’t do that polling at all, so don’t give me credit. I just passed it along.

    Speaking of which, check this out. It is a good take on the swing in momentum here. Also, look at the Jerome Armstrong link contained therein. The map of OH is damning evidence of why SD’s should swing our way.

    It is eerily similar to the MO map after Super Tuesday.

    Notice, she won nearly every county? He only took urban areas with high concentrations of AA voters.

    Also, note MO could go Blue based on voter model turnout on basis of party:

    Take a look at that stuff and tell me it’s not a good SD argument and argument for 👿 to drop out now.

  112. Hillary’s site had a piece by a Canadian doctor who went to NYC after 9/11 to help out and accidentally ran into her, there with minimal security and no fuss or grandstanding. It was very powerful.

  113. Wooohoo on that joint statement. Hillary is upping the ante on it. Dean will have to respond now.

  114. linfar Says:

    March 5th, 2008 at 3:53 pm
    Actually she needs to do a campaign spot about that. A few headlines at the time said she was so “presidential” but there wasn’t nearly enough attention paid to that ‘incident.’

    Send to Hillary’s site.

  115. Obama spouting his “I have won more delegates and received more votes than senator Clinton”

    He only leads in the popular vote right bnow becuase he won IL by 600,000 votes. Let all the states finish and even without FL and MI votes being counted in the total Hillary will end up with more votes heading into the convention.

  116. Not as extreme a circumstance as 9/11, but the way Hillary cancelled huge events on the day that a motorcycle policeman was killed also speaks to her amazing leadership and humanitarian skills.

  117. We want Michigan and Florida seated, and counted. To the Obama-bots who are suggesting a “do-over” for Florida, we say this: the taxpayers of Florida already shelled out 18 MILLION DOLLARS of their hard-earned money to have a proper and fair election, and Hillary won it, fair and square. Count their votes, and seat their delegates — now.

  118. SpaceGirl, who cares what Syphyllis thinks or how she feels. She sold her soul to the Muffin Man. Not my fault. Not yours. Not Hillary’s.

  119. Yeah she could put togetehr a spot with all included 9/11, campaign office, motorcycle death and proabably other stuff.

  120. I just wanted to stop by and say congratulations and thank God Hillary won! My mom came over just to watch the returns with me last night. We had such a great time seeing Hillary come back from what seemed like such tough odds. Every day leading up to last night, my mom would call me and ask “how’s our girl?” We’ve been on pins and needles and it’s been a rough couple of weeks, but now Hillary is doing great!! I completely believe what Bill Clinton said: if Hillary wins Ohio and Texas, she wins the nomination! I know after watching her speech last night that she will in fact be the president. I can’t be more excited about it!

    I have been lurking here and have posted a couple of times since some of my usual ‘progressive’ blog hangouts have turned into Obama propaganda networks. Today I stopped by AmericaBlog only to see the worst kind of attack on Hillary I think I’ve ever seen. I posted a well-reasoned and completely respectful comment saying as much, and it was deleted almost immediately. That has never happened to me in all the years I’ve been commenting there… Obama was right about one thing: It IS the silly season, and his supporters are the silliest I’ve ever seen.


    Office of Governor Charlie Crist
    State of Florida
    The Capitol
    400 S. Monroe St.
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

    * Executive Office of the Governor Switchboard: (850) 488-7146
    [Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time]

    Fax: (850) 487-0801

  122. In my calls to the DNC today, I have said that Howard Dean needs to stop trying to rig the election and seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan…or resign from his post.

  123. Ginseng,
    His thugs all all over the blogs and stop at nothing. They are like he hoodlums that beat people up in Germany in the beginning.

  124. Via Taylor Marsh:

    Christopher Hitchens about Obama:

    “He’s a very shallow and flakey candidate. It’s beginning to show. The trial of his friend Rezko… and the shady Iraqi backers… Extreme flakiness. … .. What is it to this besides charm? … .. – Christopher Hitches on “Morning Joe”

  125. Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
    P.O. Box 30013
    Lansing, Michigan 48909
    PHONE: (517) 373-3400
    PHONE: (517) 335-7858 – Constituent Services
    FAX:(517) 335-6863

    SE Michigan Office
    3022 W. Grand Blvd.
    Cadillac Place, Suite 14-150
    Detroit, MI 48202
    (313) 456-0010

    Northern Michigan Office
    1504 West Washington, Suite B
    Marquette, MI 49855
    (906) 228-2850 Washington D.C. Office
    444 N. Capitol Street, Northwest
    Hall of the States, Suite 411
    Washington, D.C. 20001
    (202) 624-5840

  126. Ginseng, Joe Sudbay plagiarized me yesterday from this site re: “Blame Canada” and NAFTAgate. I called him on it. Deleted of course.

    May they get ass cancer…..

  127. Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, I’m really surprised at the bullies in Obama’s camp. Oh well. Hillary will win and the so-called the “latte liberals” can all go cry in their lattes. LOL

  128. Ah, Experience, now you know what being an American means and could mean under those assmonkeys….

    Vote Hillary.

    Donate Hillary on Hump Day and more often.

    And tell the bastards to get ass cancer.

  129. Gin….

    I have noticed over the past several weeks the anger, RAGE and hatred of this side of the Democratic Party. It is disgusting, frightening and sad. I addressed these concerns in letters to, of all people, the talk radio giants, and found myself agreeing with them for about the first time ever about “liberals”.

    Not that I ascribe that description to TRUE Democrats, but the “progressive” side of this party is progressing back to 1938 Germany.

  130. TPS Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 3:50 pm


    I love it. Nancy Pelosi puts all SD’s in the deep freeze. Did you guys hear that story that BO had 50 SD’s lined up to endorse him today? He used Tom Brokaw to spread the word on MSNBC. Well, early this morning BO backtracked and denied the story. FREEZE!

  131. oakieatty
    ouch ass cancer that is worse than the monkey’s flying out of idunn’s butt to deliver newspapers

  132. Independent Ben: re: SDs, so he was bluffing that he had 50 SDs lined up. Just blowing smoke. Like BC says, “Smoke and Mirrors.” That is looking more true with every passing day.

  133. Even if FL/MI was free to the tax payers and state, say that some billionaire like Oprah said, “I’ll just write a little ole check”, there still is no grounds for a do over. Why don’t we have a rerun of Virginia? Because they already voted.

    As for FL, Obama’s name was on the ballot. People just didn’t click on it as much.

    And no one told him or Edwards to withdraw their names from the Michigan ballot. It was a face-saving measure because they knew Hillary was strong in that state, much like Giuliani’s strategy of waiting until Florida.

  134. I love this talk going around on cable outlets today – that Hillary should put Bambi on the ticket. Ugh. I don’t know. Personally, I don’t think I’d even want him on my City Council. How about Harold Ford of Tennessee?

  135. @birdgal,

    He might not have been bluffing but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary’s arguments that she is the only one who can beat the Republican nominee/ get the democratic vote is starting to resonate with the superdelegates.

    Also I think he was boasting, talking out of the side of his mouth, making huge egotistical assumptions that today he would be the victorian and that all those pledges would fall into his lap.

    LOL…I love that he is having to eat crow!

  136. @okie

    I can totally understand what Ginsing said. Until I found this site I spent my days “trying” to talk sense into the bots, soon found out that was a virtual impossibility as they have no sense. And on CNN unless I made a “nice” post it went missing in action, however, I would scroll for ages and see hundreds of vile anti-hillary posts WTF was up with that?? I soon twigged on tho…Was very deflating every day. Actually I found this site from a pro obama page, so have to thank the ass cancer victim for that much LOL

  137. birdgal,

    Not sure. I think maybe he had them lined up if he won Texas or something. But now he’s essentially denying that Tom Brokaw was ever told that.

  138. SpaceGirl, this primary has been a huge shock to me in many ways. I will probably never fully get over the way some Obamabots have treated Hillary supporters. They would rather throw us out of the party altogether and rely on repub and independent votes to get their guy in. Despicable!

  139. I love this quote so I’m posting it again, as a reminder of where we stand:

    “When your opponent’s drowning, you throw the sonofabitch an anvil.” – James Carville

    Go Hillary! 😀

  140. New post at Cashonistas with some good tunes for the disillusioned.

    “Open Letter To The Obama Supporters

    Wow. Losing faith in your candidate, discovering him to be a liar and cheap imitation of what a presidential candidate should be (as opposed to a prom king candidate) must be rough.

    We are sorry. So here at Cashonistas we send out some requests that may sum up your feelings of shame and regret. We really are sorry, but you are welcome to join our ranks and do the Humpty-Hump for Hillary. Entry fee is $10.44 weekly through November.

    Cry. Get it all out. You can join us in a better America.”

    Go see the videos. They’re funny as hell.

  141. So that thing with the “50 superdelegates” B.S.–how many flip-flops does that make for Obama? It seems Kerry’s taught him well.

    (Hehe, I couldn’t resist using the right-wing anti-Kerry propaganda, but it seems that propaganda can occasionally contain truth. The world gets crazier every day!)

  142. Jan H. and Independent Ben:

    Yeah, maybe he did have them lined up, but after Hillary’s victories last night, they may be thinking twice. I don’t think Tom Brokaw would lie about a thing like that. I would believe Brokaw, before I would believe anything coming out of BO’s mouth.

    ‘”Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke and Mirrors.” Bill Clinton is right.

  143. Look, a good friend died of ass cancer. It’s horrible. My receptionist had it and I would not wish it upon anyone. Unless they were an assmonkey 👿 bot or 👿 shill.

    I’ve grown to f’ing hate those folks.


    Really? Obama Called SNL to Complain about the Skits? Really? Really?

    March 05, 2008 2:13 PM

    “Complaining about the refs apparently worked a little bit this week,” Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, told reporters today. “So in addition to my call to Lorne Michaels, hopefully now people think everything has evened out.”

    Lorne Michaels is, of course, the executive producer of Saturday Night Live, the show that has done several skits about the media being extra tough to Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY., and extra sycophantic to Obama.

    Clinton cited one skit in the last Democratic debate.

    On Robert Smigel’s TV Funhouse on the SNL, Obama was portrayed sending Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton on various fact-finding missions througho
    ut the world so as to keep them at bay. (Watch HERE)

    Obama spokesman Bill Burton says Obama was just joking, and ABC News’ David Wright, who was there, says Obama seemed to be totally kidding around — pok
    ing fun at how Clinton has been complaining about her media coverage.

  145. I’m shaking my groove thing here. Receptionist was laughing at my doing the Travolta stop and point to the BeeGees today and signing it when I passed thru the office all morning.

    You guys do know I have all of the BeeGees Greatest Hits stuff and a buttload of Manilow. (make jokes at will)

  146. Ben,

    It may have been the superdelegates themselves backtracking and saying to Obama hold on a minute after seeing the results from last night. I can just imagine Obama got them all lined up saying we are going to win TX and OH and they said they would jump on board if he did. He didn’t so neither did they.

  147. okieatty: Hmm, let me guess, on the other hand, I’m afraid to guess. I can’t get the video on this computer, so I’ll have to view it later.

  148. Re: MI delegates….Yeah for Crist and Granholm! If MI is seated, Hill gets 73 while “uncommitted” gets 55. BHO miscalculated when he VOLUNTARILY took his name off the ballot. Hill did not! In addition, seating the delegates would allow superdelegates (like Granholm who have declared for Hill) to be seated also!

  149. rjk, yes that’s exactly what I think happened. But it’s amusing that the Obama campaign is now having to deny the story, rather than admit that all the SD’s went into the freezer after last nite 🙂

  150. Okie! ROFLMAO at Poseidon Video! GREAT CHOICE! LMAO

    Now…I am a neophyte
    What do I do to “join” and post donations?

    I contribute to site as often as i can

  151. rjk, maybe someone could get Tom Brokaw to come forward and “reconfirm” it. Hell, we could have a BROKAW-gate!

  152. JubJub: Obama is believing his own press about him being charismatic that he thinks he can call SNL.

  153. Here is a good summary of primaries going forward from the AP:

    The Democratic Race Going Forward
    By The Associated Press – 48 minutes ago

    A look at the upcoming contests in the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination:



    Caucuses on March 8 with 12 delegates

    Wyoming Democrats are outnumbered by Republicans by more than 2-to-1. No public polling has been done in the state. Gov. Dave Freudenthal, a Democrat, has declined to endorse either candidate, while state party Chair John Millin is backing Obama.

    Former President Clinton is scheduled to campaign for his wife in the state on Thursday; Obama, who has generally performed better in caucuses, arrives on Friday.



    Primary is March 11 with 33 delegates

    Mississippi’s population is 60 percent white and about 38 percent black, according to the U.S. Census. The state does not register voters by party. Historical voting patterns show high black turnout in Democratic primaries. This might translate into strong showing for Obama. Clinton was first lady of neighboring Arkansas for the 16 years while her husband was governor.

    Three of the state’s superdelegates have endorsed Obama, three others are uncommitted and one superdelegate will be named during the state convention June 7.



    Primary is April 22 with 158 delegates

    Pennsylvania is the biggest prize left to be won in the nomination battle, and the political terrain favors Clinton. The primary is open only to registered Democrats, leaving out the independents and crossover Republicans who have boosted Obama’s candidacy. Pennsylvanians who want to participate have until March 24 to register as a Democrat.

    Pennsylvania is also an industrial state that has suffered from a changing economy similar to neighboring Ohio, where Clinton soundly defeated Obama. And 15 percent of Pennsylvanians are senior citizens, a larger percentage than all but two other states. and this group has been among Clinton’s most reliable supporters. Clinton has consistently led Obama in polls of likely voters in the state, but her lead had narrowed to just 5 percent in a poll taken in February.

    The state also has 29 superdelegates, including Gov. Ed Rendell, who has campaigned for Clinton.



    Caucuses on May 3 with 4 delegates

    It’s a safe bet neither candidate will visit the far-off Pacific Ocean island.



    Primary is May 6 with 115 delegates

    North Carolina is the home state of former Democratic candidate John Edwards. The former senator has met with both Obama and Clinton, but has yet to endorse a candidate, as have many of the superdelegates from the state who initially backed Edwards’ second bid for the White House.

    Obama won neighboring South Carolina and Georgia partly on his strength among black voters, and blacks make up 22 percent of North Carolina’s population. But Clinton could fare well in a primary where she’ll share the ballot with Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, a Democrat making a bid to become the state’s first female governor.



    Primary is May 6 with 72 delegates

    Indiana’s pledged delegates are awarded proportionally: 47 of them based on primary results in the state’s nine congressional districts and 25 from the statewide results. Like neighboring Ohio, a large share of the state’s work force — 13.7 percent — is in manufacturing, and the black population is relatively small at 9 percent. The state doesn’t have registration by party, and the primary will be open to independents and crossover Republicans.

    Popular Sen. Evan Bayh and four other of the state’s 11 superdelegates have endorsed Clinton, while one is backing Obama. The state’s four Democratic congressmen remain uncommitted. Obama, the senator from neighboring Illinois, could benefit from Chicago media coverage in northwest Indiana communities such as Gary and East Chicago. Neither candidate has been to the state since last July.



    Primary is May 13 with 28 delegates

    The primary is open to independent voters. Bill Clinton carried the state in both of his wins. It also has the fourth-lowest percentage of nonwhite residents in the country, U.S. Census figures show. The economy, especially the future of the state’s coal industry, is a key issue.

    Hillary Clinton visited the Mountain State in July for a fundraiser and a town hall-style meeting. Obama has not campaigned in the state. Obama outraised Clinton in the state in January, but overall Clinton has raised three times more money in West Virginia than Obama and Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain combined. Of the state’s ten superdelegates, three have endorsed Clinton, one is backing Obama, and the rest are undecided.



    Primary is May 20 with 52 delegates

    Oregon is the only state in the nation where elections are done entirely by mail. Voting begins about three weeks before “election day” and is open only to registered Democrats. Polling suggests Obama has an edge over Clinton, and that Oregon Democrats believe he would match up better against McCain in the general election. Obama could do particularly well in the liberal strongholds of Portland and Eugene, but the more moderate Portland suburbs could prove fertile territory for Clinton.

    Turnout should be high for Democrats, who will also be choosing a candidate to run against Sen. Gordon Smith in the fall, a Republican incumbent who is considered vulnerable. Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Rep. Darlene Hooley have endorsed Clinton, while Rep. Earl Blumenauer has endorsed Obama. The rest of the state’s 12 superdelegates are uncommitted.



    Primary is May 20 with 51 delegates

    Kentucky is predominantly white with a strong blue-collar presence in a conservative state that Bill Clinton carried twice in the 1990s. Republicans and independent voters can’t cast ballots in the Democratic race.

    The state has large pockets of poverty, especially in its Appalachian region. The state’s household median income of $39,372 is more than $9,000 below the national average, according to 2006 figures. Manufacturing and construction make up 22 percent of employment. Obama has been endorsed by first-term Rep. John Yarmuth, who represents the Louisville area, a key Democratic stronghold.



    Caucuses on June 1 with 55 delegates

    Seven superdelegates will round out the island’s 62 convention votes. Three of the superdelegates are committed to Clinton, two to Obama, and two are uncommitted. Residents of the island get no vote in the general election.

    Puerto Rican politics largely revolve around the long-standing debate over what should be the island’s future relationship to the U.S. mainland. Clinton may benefit from the island’s close links to New York, home to many people from Puerto Rico.

    Democrats here are pushing to change their contest to a primary this year, but still need national party approval.



    Primary is June 3 with 16 delegates

    The most recent poll, taken in December, showed that Clinton was preferred over Obama among Montana Democrats, although a majority of voters in the state have an unfavorable impression of her. There is no party registration in Montana; the primary is open to all voters.

    The state’s most prominent Democrats — Sen. Max Baucus and Gov. Brian Schweitzer — have said they will not make an endorsement until after the primary. The state’s economy has so far remained strong. Prices for farm commodities and natural resources like oil are still solid, and unemployment is low.



    Primary is June 3 with 15 delegates

    No independent public opinion polls have been published on the candidates’ popularity in the state, and neither Obama nor Clinton has campaigned in South Dakota. However, Obama has solid backing from South Dakota’s superdelegates — six of seven have publicly endorsed him, including former Sen. Tom Daschle. Several former Daschle aides hold key positions in Obama’s campaign.

  154. SpaceGirl, click the hyperlinks. It takes you to Duh.

    Experience, “It’s a Sin” is Pet Shop Boys. Double duh.

    Bird, the song..Humpty Hump….

    I do love the Poseidon video. BTW- the Cashonistas rescue them with Hillacopter… Notice that? 😀

  155. jubjub March 5th, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    ??? What the hell is that whole article about? Is he now strong-arming ARTISTS–is that what it is? That quote from him about Tina Fey–I didn’t like that at ALL. What was the context around the quote?

    As I’ve said before, he reminds me of Bush, who reminds me of Stalin. Squashing dissent, artistic freedom–classic signs of tyrants. I do NOT want Obama near the president seat.

    “hopefully now people think everything has evened out.”

    –And what the hell does that mean? Did he think he was entitled to complain about a satirical skit because Clinton complained about her daughter being implied a prostitute and Clinton a pimp on a nonfiction show? Or does he mean to imply that the media’s been hard on him and now he took care of that, so it will be “evened out,” meaning the media will be hard on her too, SNL will be? NEWSFLASH: you’ve practically had a FREE RIDE FOR MONTHS NOW. That one skit was like an oasis in a sea of Obama ass-kissing.

  156. Nothing’s ever been “evened out” and it doesn’t look like it will be. The mainstream media’s largely been pro-Obama, anti-Clinton. As far as I remember, even stupid polls on anti-Clinton CNN showed that.

  157. ded, you must watch the Terry Moran interview with 👿 . The “rockstar” question is a dead giveaway. Watch it (wish I could find the abbreviated video from GMA Monday- start it near 6:30 mark)-

  158. Joking or not, it goes to his messiah complex that once he rules United states he will rule the world and everything in it! The media will be his puppets. Political propaganda will prevail. Communist/fascism will be the order of the day.

  159. we can make progress in Mississippi….she needs to keep making her case NATIONWIDE. I personally think cherrypicking hurts her image. It turns voters off, they want to be courted.

    Hell with a 60% white population in Mississippi…we can go toe to toe with him and make it a battle.

  160. The rockstar comment comes at about 7:45. Look for it and look at his face and demeanor. F-ing arrogant fucktard assmonkey.

  161. Awww…Fran,

    NEWSFLASH: you’ve practically had a FREE RIDE FOR MONTHS NOW. That one skit was like an oasis in a sea of Obama ass-kissing.

    You are going to make him cry! He just can’t take the pressure of the last few days.

  162. fran,

    you are right.
    sadly the witch hunt with ken starr and the media went on for so long that shit still sticks to them even tho they did nothing wrong, I beleive the DNC and obama used that to spur the (rethugs for obama) and the races card to try and de-rail her run for the whtiehouse, among other things. Clintons arethe MOST vetted politicans on washington. Obama is a thug

  163. experience, I can’t believe her own party has done this to her. It’s unforgivable. I don’t know how she faces them without wanting to kick them in their nasty sexist butts.

  164. obama outraising Hillary in Wva in January is not ideal situation. I’m telling you folks…wva can be bamboozled. I know them, they can be fadish. Hillary has to work there. She has to work in EVERY state left…this is down to DELEGATE and VOTES. The more votes she gets, the better her case. The more delegates even better. They should not take any state for granted. Don’t put the eye on Penn .. look how much better shape we would be in if we’d played better in Wisconsis and a couple other states WERE doable .. with some hard work and money.

    Money is coming in. Her supporters and the candidate is working her arse off. Strategy now is KEY,KEY,KEY.

  165. if Hillary must show her tax returns then BHO should show his billing records re: Rezko….

    I expect Hillary will have made some investments that may show she made money from big drug and oil companies…hey didn’t all those latte drinking liberals making over $100 grand do the same thing?? I’m not in the investor class but lets get real. those who are, are going to go where they get a return on thier investments right?

    It’s still ok by me if they invest there, as long as they understand that the majority of Americans who can’t invest should not suffer. I think Hillary gets that message loud and clear.

  166. Hehe, Jan, if he can’t take the pressure of an SNL skit, how could he take the pressure of an elected office, especially how could he as president, one of the most pressure-filled! But then people should have an idea of that: when the pressure’s on, he’d just vote present or reach out his hand and hit a button, any button. Here a button, there a button–what does it matter? As long as he’s hit a button, he’s done his job!

  167. I disagree that anything is going to stick to the Clintons now. The public knows they have been beat to death and found guilty of fcuking nothing. It speaks volumes that she is willing to put herself out there..Bill too. The Clintons are not stupid by any means and they are CLEAN.

  168. and whats with BO attorney Bauer breaking into a Clinton phone conference with press? what a thug!

  169. How anyone can think Obama’s progressive and Clinton isn’t is beyond me! She’s closer to the center than I am, but she’s still on the left overall. I don’t even think he’s on the left overall. He’s on the right–if he has any ideology, that’s where it is. His behavior has shown this, in my opinion.

  170. So why is Obama pushing so hard for her tax returns? Does he have insider information he shouldn’t have or is he just reaching for the moon and coming up empty-handed?

  171. LOL TPS,

    Too funny! But wait a minute and Obama will be making a call to the Washington Post about this too…just to even things out! 😉

  172. There was an Obamazoid on Charlie Rose last night who was trashing Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Saying that she better watch out, that she should be representing her constituents instead of Hillary.

    More thuggery from Bambi.

  173. Obama is SKARED to death of what is coming down the pike…they want to put the attention on her.

    tic toc tic toc tic toc

  174. Ugh! Chris Dodd is gonna be on Matthews’ show. Terry McAuliffe too. I always respected Dodd – I hate to hear him spewing that Obama crap.

  175. Dot, I think you’re right. At this point, many people seem to be ignoring the media and voting for her in spite of her being smeared. The media has shown itself to be an anti-Clinton fake sham; people have got to be blind not to see this. So anything it says about her now looks suspect.

    If the other side can sport teflon, so can this side. I’m getting tired of the sexist smears. She needs a fucking break.

  176. good god, that cafferty person on cnn is a total fucking asshole…he read 4 emails from viewers today, all were extremely negative of hillary.

  177. Joe Friday:

    If all SDs represented their constituents, my congressman would be for Hillary, since our county went for her. But, he is pro-Obama and was one of the first ones out, to endorse BO. George Miller.

  178. Obama does not sound like a candidate who has this thing “sewed up” He sounds and he is desperate.

    Just keep letting MichelleObamabotulism keep talking too…she is such a gem.

  179. debbie, Bauer also threatened the APL folks with prison time and huge fines if their 527 did any ads. I think APL’s attorney did a good job of telling him to have a tall glass of STFU. APL was then quiet until Monday when they unleashed 500K in ad buys in Texas with the help of ASCFME.

    Bauer is a thug. I know his type. I deal with them every day. He’s not worthy to wipe my ass.

  180. message to Dean…I AM A LIBERAL WITH A MODERATE VIEW… please do not try to label me a progressive to hide the fact I am a liberal

  181. I think people should start making fun of the media as much as they can–mocking their petty juvenile attacks on Clinton.

    Where can I buy my degree to become a newscaster for MSNBC and CNN–a supermarket bubblegum machine?

  182. I wish just 1 superdelegate would file a complaint with the FBI about the threats and it would not suprise me if some have been blackmailed into supporting him.

  183. I think CNN is writing those emails themselves. It is part of their trash Hillary for the day routine.

    Do Not Watch That Shit. Don’t give them bastards the time of friggin day.

    She whopped his ass last night and this is what always happens.

    She will benefit once again from the Media Backlash. I suppose we should just be happy about it and maybe encourage it. People don’t like how she is being treated .. so maybe to argue it is moot. She is benefitting.

  184. Or maybe inside a bubblegum wrapper–like there’s an address you can send away to: “Become an anchor for MSNBC–spew all the unsubstantiated gibberish you want for only $1.99! No guts or credentials need apply–and that’s just how we like our presidential candidates!”

  185. dot48

    problem is they know there are still people out there who dislike the Clintons for various reasons, they used this and the race card to “build” more anti-Clinton media, typical re-pug shit, trouble is the DNC have allowed this and obama and the DNC have fed into it, that is my problem. In a way this cross over voting comes from exactly that strategy. They stacked the deck early on, it began with the youtube 1984 video long ago, that was proven to have come from obama camp, and it has continued no one from the DNC, Kerry, Kennedy et al, the big guys have said anything positive about Hillary, which is condoning by silence. Plus deans original internet gurus all work for bambi, if do the math it smells like bullshit to me

  186. dot, we still have to lash out against that bias. It spurs other biases and creates a bad place for ALL women. It’s not just about her.

    Besides, ain’t no use in having a voice if you don’t use it.

    Shout it out.

    Shout it loud.

    Tell ’em to get ass cancer.

  187. It is my HOPE (LOL) that Clinton’s tax returns are clean and she is playing a game.

    Let them push, push, push and look FOOLISH when there is nothing there!

  188. The CNN crowd is in Obama’s back pocket… same for the rest of the cable news circuit (circus?). The fact that SNL spoofed the media’s infatuation with Obama not ONE, but TWO straight weeks, and had the audience in stitches, says it all. There’s an old saying in comedy: it’s only funny if it’s true.

  189. So I missed what MO said today….did she put her foot in it again?


  190. “It spurs other biases and creates a bad place for ALL women.”

    –Yeah, that’s a big reason why I keep screaming. I think these past few months have set things back for women. I can never forgive the people who’ve done that.

    But I still reserve the right to mock the news because even in its nastiness, it’s ultimately pathetic and dumb. It’s farce in real-life action.

    I’ve got my bubble-gum wrapper, and see me wave it! I want a job on CNN! I simply have a mouth–and apparently that’s enough qualifications!

  191. Well, I must do some other stuff now. I still feel very good today about the election–not gonna let anything derail that.

    Keep at it!


  192. Aw, shit, Jan. You just gave me a song idea that sums up 👿 bots-

    Air Supply- Making Love…..

  193. John Fund on Glenn BEck…heard him on the radio today and it was interesting an ddetailed

  194. SpaceGirlArt, i linked to a New Yorker magazine article on her and she shaid some real negative things about our country. It is in the previous thread.

  195. LOL….Okie…

    I hate that song!


    God I hope not. If he turns up on SNL it will be a joke and I will have lost all respect for Lorne Michaels.

  196. that is what I am saying. There will be nothing. You saw that with serious boots on the grounds by Hillary herself in Ohio .. even with millions of dollars spent by the union thugs and obamakissassersinwashington .. the American people in large quantity know both of the Clintons. They know they are not perfect and they accept them as they are. Hillary proved last night she can win when she wants to. I still do not like giving up any state. I think she is one candidate who has the ability to win every state in play…if they decide to put her out there.

    The media want to continue their games, let em. American voters are seeing through it. Hillary needs to stay on message, keep working and American people will resonate with that. It is what we do .. we work. Other than the asshats that are so called journalists who have it made right work required, continue to spout the daily drivel. Why should they change, they have an easy job

  197. Okie,

    My sister played that song over and over again. The first 50 times…okay…after that. 😉

  198. Thanks TPS

    BirdGal…if he showds up on SNL and TRIED to be funny, (which he is not) it will be SO OBVIOUS…now with the story out, he will look even more a fool…and you can BET, SNL will frame it as a “rebuttal” to the response by Clinton….Bambi whines again and has to DO WHAT CLINTON DOES to score points

  199. MichelleObamabotulism is the “gift that keeps giving”.

    Cafferty on CNN reminds me of a cadaver.

  200. “I still do not like giving up any state. I think she is one candidate who has the ability to win every state in play…if they decide to put her out there.”

    –I agree, dot. No states should be ceded to the other side, not an square-inch of them. She should try to win every one no matter what.

    And he should drop out. His staying in when he can barely win a blue state seems ridiculous. I tell you, the longer this goes on, the more I feel like laughing at his hubris in running now. That I think this country’s in a grave situation is the only thing that stops my laughing.

    This was emailed to me today.
    ‘How does your vile comments on Hillaryis44 help your career? We as Democrats should be united and the actions by yourself and others on the above site is not helping.’

    I have given my addy to a couple of posters in the past few days but usually in a non-email format with at for @, etc.

    Guess that’s how i got targeted . . . again?

  202. picture this everyone….a blistering cold day in January 2009, Hillary placing her hand on the bible reciting the oath of office, her husband, daughter and mother by her side, and then a walk down Pennsyvania Ave to the White House…close your eyes and see it….. believe it….feel it….wow it is soooooooo beautiful…

  203. basil- the “Payback” isn’t your stuff is it? Make yourselves anonymous, folks. These assholes play rough.

  204. Emily’s list is now sending out support email letters for Hillary .. asking for donations. Do you think they are for real?

  205. I was talking to my brother today, he thinks that BO want’s HC out of the race before the Rezko trial begins, because after it starts he is going to be very damaging. Also he thinks the deomocrats have done a great deal of harm to the party,ie.. Howard Dean (just being Howard Dean), seating FL, MI and the whole SD issues.

  206. “Mississippi: More than half of Democratic primary voters are AAs

    More than half of Democratic voters in Mississippi are African-American, said Steve Rozman, a political science professor at Tougaloo College.

    At first, African-American voters seemed to back Clinton, Rozman said. But, he added, they have increasingly switched their support to Obama, who is African American.

    “They see a black candidate has a fighting chance … and he has a lot of charisma,” Rozman said.

    Dowdy said he thinks that “most likely Obama will carry Mississippi. That’s just my hunch.”

    But Miller said, “I think (Hillary’s) got more supporters than what has been seen thus far. I think she’ll do well in Mississippi.””

    Mississpii will be tough for Hillary to win for the above reason. She should do her best to keep it as close as possible.

  207. dot 48: why wouldn’t they be real letters of support?

    basil: what nerve trolls have. all the vitrolic hatred spewing on the blogs, and they dare to call you on it. :rolleyes:

  208. Emily’s List is a “very real” supporter of Hillary!!! I am a member and have gone to their trainings…great organization!!!

  209. Hillary should go after every state. Even if there is 0 shot at her winning in Mississippi she needs to fight there so its not a blow out.

  210. @spacegirl



    @ everyone,

    i forgot I made this last night to keep myself awake while wating for the results and in honour of OUR GIRL HILLARY

    check it out, funny stuff-some i stole, some I made 😉

    go here:

  211. More than 50% of the democrats are AA in MS, right? Now Hussein Obama just dumped his AA brothers and sisters like this? And they are still voting for him? Is Hillary wasting her time even trying to woo AAs???


    Hillary will be the keynote speaker at the Mississippi Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson Hamer Day Dinner tomorrow. Both she and Barack were invited, and she is the only one attending. Great news!!

  212. so Mississippi could be a 50/50 mix.

    I think we should be visible there. I think we should do some phone banking there. I will if we can get some names and numbers and so will I in Wyoming.

  213. I was talking to my brother today, he thinks that BO want’s HC out of the race before the Rezko trial begins, because after it starts he is going to be very damaging. Also he thinks the deomocrats have done a great deal of harm to the party,ie.. Howard Dean (just being Howard Dean), seating FL, MI and the whole SD issues.

    Listen to your brother. He’s right on both counts.

    Obama needed to wrap this thing up before the Rezko trial started.

    I don’t think Howard Dean, the DNC, Donna Brazille, and John Kerry have any idea the damage that has been done to the Democratic Party.

    My wife is a yellow-dog Democrat in her 50s. Never misses an election. Never voted for anyone but a Democrat. She is so disillusioned with the Democratic Party that it’s painful to watch.

  214. V4hillary,
    Business as usual at the CNN coral. Even Blitzer winced at the shrill nasty tone of his colleague’s voice. First comment was pro-Bo and the other 3 were insulting and derogatory towrd HRC.
    i was gonna send an email but since Jacko has his blogg0 and now gets 36,000 hits per comment he’ll never see it. I’m thinking of reporting him to media Matters. Of course they already KNOW all about jacko but maybe some exta ammo would stirr MM’s pot. Even Blitzer, who usually comes off semi-objective at least with his demeanor and tone of voice kept referring to HRC as ‘her’ or ‘she’ while Bo was ‘Senator.”

  215. jubjub: Hillary will be the keynote speaker at the Mississippi Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson Hamer Day Dinner tomorrow. Both she and Barack were invited, and she is the only one attending. Great news!!

    That is great!! I wonder, if he thinks he does not have to court the AA vote any longer? Is he going to be in WY that day?

  216. regarding Emily list donation request question from me:

    Last week I got two separate things from HSBC bank requesting account information .. click a link to verify. It is called spoofing or whatnot. I just felt it was suspicious so I called the cc company and they said to be very suspicious of any of these emails.

    I was just being sure I was not being spoofed or whatever the heck it is. I’ve given to moneybomb today but it is good to know that Hillary has others helping.

    Just wanted to be safe.

  217. TROLL WARNING. “How does your vile comments on Hillaryis44 help your career? We as Democrats should be united and the actions by yourself and others on the above site is not helping.”…

    First of all, dumb troll, bad grammar. “how **do** your comments…” . go to Syntax School, dumbazz.

    Second, content-wise, we *are* keeping our comments to ourselves here on this site. How we represent Clinton and the campaign is different than how we might blow off steam to each other. We wouldn’t begrudge Obamabots from having their own web sites and saying whatever god awful thing about Hillary.

    What is offensive is in the more public web areas, forums like dkos and mydd, where the discussion should remain civilized. But we’ve seen plenty of examples of bullying and intimidation in the e-forums: web pages and comments expunged, playing “rating games”, etc. Even worse is bullying, intimidation physically at caucuses, tearing down of signs, etc. If you don’t like the democratic style of government, go live under Vladmir Putin.

  218. Dot48 go to Emily’s List site if you are worried. You’ll see they are the up and up, but if you are still nervous just go to and donate directly to her.

  219. basil, how did she email you without an email addy? Did you right click on her name and select properties? It might give you the URL.

  220. well regarding the dinner…will this even be televised? I think she’d be better off doing a rally. Those party members if AA will all be in Baracks corner any way. she’ll not win a vote there IMO. Good pr but right now we need votes and delegates and it is a proven fact that Hillary can bring in the votes when she campaigns, does rallies and works hard.

    What is happening with media right now .. CNN vs MSNBC. They really are delusioned in that obama will be the nominee and they are competing to see who can do the most ass kissing so that they can possibly be the Fox of his administration. Simple.

    Voters are proving that Hillary will be 44. The sooner they get out of the tank…but then again Hillary gave Andrea Bitchell an exclusive interview .. so what do I know.

  221. So, if one donates to Emily’s list for Clinton, is the donation placed in a fund and donated to the campaign as a corporate donation?

  222. “# birdgal Says:
    jubjub: Hillary will be the keynote speaker at the Mississippi Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson Hamer Day Dinner tomorrow. Both she and Barack were invited, and she is the only one attending. Great news!!

    That is great!! I wonder, if he thinks he does not have to court the AA vote any longer? Is he going to be in WY that day?”

    I just wish the AA community had as much class as Hillary does. It’s unfortunate that after the Clintons have done so much for the AAs, they turned their back on her, while Hussein Obama has done nothing, nothing for the AAs.

  223. OKIE,

    Unfortunately, when i first found Hillary is44, i didn’t realize my moniker in purple meant that the server had, apparently, picked up my website. Now I don’t know how to get it off and even if I did, i would probably forget.

    but, yup. that’s me.

  224. basil, click on your name above the white dialogue box we type in. Go to Profile and remove it. Save.

  225. rgb, that’s what angers me about people like that in general: I normally never go into “the other side’s” places to even read and certainly not to speak. They can do whatever they want in their own places. But the same goes for my side. But these people troll around causing trouble where they don’t belong. Too much web behavior is really juvenile.

    That page, experience, you are BAD. LOL!

    And I’m still here. I’M bad.

  226. letter to CNN

    I suppose you think having Cafferty on your show makes you fair and balanced or at the very least gives you a comedic quality. Frankly, you have belittled your progam by issisting he is news worthy. Many do not enjoy his bias and that obviously translates to a CNN modus operandi. I actually find Fox news more trustworthy today and NO you have failed miseralby claiming the best political team on tv!

  227. I think Ms. Erika should take a powder…. let’s look her up. Her e-mail too. She’s posted it elsewhere.

    Bitch went too far going after one of ours.

  228. We are in a damned if we do damned if we don’t. If HC is the nomoniee(sp) then the AA are pissed, and if BO is the nomoniee then women are pissed. what will the party do?

  229. This may be her….has that freaky ass better than thou attitude. Notice the “daring to live out her divine potential?” Sounds like a typical 👿 bot.

    Erika Ewing (Assistant Director/Stage Manager/Shady Character) is a multi-talented professional actress, writer, and director daring to live out her divine potential. She holds a B.A in Theatre from Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts where and was the proud recipient of the Denton M. Snyder Acting Prize. Her love for the theatre led her to New Brunswick, New Jersey where she achieved her M.F.A in Theater Arts from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts and was awarded the Patricia Roberts Harris Fellowship for her outstanding accomplishments in Acting. In April 2005, the Wake-Up Club on 98.7 Kiss-FM in New York City recognized Erika as their “Phenomenal Woman” for her artistic achievements. Erika continues to write and direct participatory drama workshops for an educational theatre company, The Creative Arts Team. She has been a featured director for The American Theatre of Harlem. Erika has appeared in many theater productions and staged readings throughout New York City. She is also a member of Gabrielle Lansner Dance Theater Company’s. Her television credits include: ABC-TV, All My Children, CBS-TV, As The World Turns and On-Air Hostess for Manhattan Cable- Channel 34 Video Culture. Music credits: “Can You?” song written and performed for the independent film ” For Charity’s Sake.” I thank my family and friends for their continued support. I thank God for blessing me with these amazing gifts. “The life I live inspire the art I create.”

  230. This could be her, too:

    Butt ugly’s how they make ’em in her family.

  231. experience-matters-vote-hillary

    “They left out the fact that he was calling from Mass-Ah-Toooo-Sits”

    This bugs me to no end. Bambi went to Harvard for god’s sake

    Hello??? It’s located in Massachusetts. And yet he can’t pronounce it?

  232. What a delusional and pompous ass! So he is just making these statements and nobody bothers to ask why? I really want to know why he thinks he is in a much stronger position to run against McCain?

    “If the suggestion is somehow that … she’s going to have a better record than I have and will be better able to withstand Republican attacks, I think
    that’s an issue that should be tested,” the Illinois Democrat told reporters Wednesday.

    “I think that I am in a much stronger position to run against the Republicans than she is, otherwise I wouldn’t be running for president,” Obama said.

  233. OkieAtty Your mom story cracked me up. I want to adopt her too

    I’m sure if she tried to “kill” you on Christmas, she had a good reason. lol

  234. Erika Ewing Heart MichelleObamaBotulism.

    Anybody who has much to do with soap operas is not in reality. IMO that is.

    Photo available by any chance. Has she got horns? Where is Idunn with the :: holy water ::

  235. jubjub,
    I’m sorry. But who the fuck do you think you are? AAs don’t have any class because they are not supporting Hillary? I am so sick of this racist bullshit from some of the posters here. No, HRC is not getting the majority of the black vote this time. So what? Black voters should be insulted because they aren’t backing Hillary in the primary. What about all the WHITE VOTERS who have handed Obama HUGE WINS in Iowa, Wisconsin, Maine, Nebraska, Virginia, Minnesota, and Idaho? Do they have any class? Are they being disloyal? You do realize that Hillary has black supporters who’ve busted their ass, given her their hard earned money and their votes! That’s why HRC continues to go on black radio stations, attend Tavis Smiley’s summit, and visit black churches. She reaches out to everyone and knows that when she gets the nomination black voters will OVERWHEMINGLY SUPPORT HER. As a black woman, I was outraged when BO and his camp played the race card before SC and wanted Hillary to fight back harder. Just because you’ve heard a handful of BO’s aa supporters make stupid comments about rioting or whatever does not give you or anyone else on this site the right to insult an entire group of people. Thank god Hillary has more class than some of her so called supporters.

  236. I dunno. Let’s all email her and tell her what a skank she is. Then offer absolution by becoming a Cashonista. For $10.44 a week, salvation can be hers.

    She really should watch the videos. Then she knows we can rescue her the morning after with our Hillacopter and we’ll let her cry it all out after the love is gone. We’re nice people. Really. We are.

  237. this headline cracks me up..”Obama and Clinton ready for long battle “…where the heck have you been nose bleed???

  238. People, I think you should leave her alone…. I don’t at all like the email she sent basil, especially considering it sounds out of touch with reality. As rgb indicated, there’s been physical intimidation, superdelegate threats, locking Clinton caucus goers out of caucus sites, on another site someone claimed at the Hawaii caucus, the Obama supporters were voting after the caucus was supposed to be over and they had refused to give Clinton supporters FOOD–if the Obama campaign hasn’t divided the party, I don’t know what has. Yet Clinton’s side gets accused of dividing it in EE’s email and by Obama supporters in general, huh?

    But I think that’s still no reason to start personally attacking EE now; let the other side continue on with that stuff. That’s their modus operandi. I get the feeling EE may be distressed over the election (who the hell isn’t?). Maybe she’s reading here because she’s subconsciously unsure of her support toward Obama, especially after yesterday….

  239. Fuck it. I’m e-mailing her. My link to Cashonistas. We should bring everyone to the light. Even the skanks.

  240. nikki22

    WELL SAID!!! I agree, some of us are bashing the wrong people…the focus should be more on BHO .

    I saw “4 little girls” recently and bawled my eyes out over the blatant racism that cost the lives of these 4 young black girls who by the way were killed by an stupid, idiotic, bigoted, racist white man.

    lets not feed into that again

  241. I agree Fran. Emailing this woman just opens up a can of worms. I think we are better than that. What I love about Hillary supporters is that they don’t lower themselves to the level of some of Obama’s supporters do.

  242. nikki22,

    Read my comments carefully. What I meant was the AA community seems to disregard what the Clintons have done for them over the years and instead, 90% of them are supporting Hussein Obama. Don’t tell me because the AAs think he is more qualified? It’s all because of his skin color! These AAs are the real racists. I am a minority too. So nobody can criticize AAs otherwise we are racists? Isn’t this what the Obamabots have been trying to say?

  243. Hi everyone… I’ve been lurking for awhile here, great energy!

    I was wondering why Hillary and Bill don’t file taxes separately and since he seems to be the one making the business deals lately? Also, why would they then have to release donor list for the library? I’m not saying they are hiding anything, just seems like there would be less to look through that way.

  244. Fran, she sought one of us out. If this were a face to face caucus, I’d hope you’d stand up and say something. I know I damn sure would. My mama taught me that.

    Speaking of my mama, let me tell you a story.

    When she was little girl, she lived in Houston when her dad got transfered there with his company. This was early desegregation time period. So there’s this little AA girl in her class who’s been bussed in. She has a new dress and some new white, patent leather shoes with ribbons. Little racist white boys kick dirt on her shoes as little girl cries her mama will beat her. Boys keep being dicks. My mother beat the shit out of those boys. My gma was called to pick her up. My gma never told my racist gpa bc she knew he’s beat my mom’s ass. To this day, I am proud of the lesson that taught me and of my mom for her actions.

    When shit goes down and you know it’s wrong, fucking do something about it. Don’t pull a Kitty Genovese.

  245. @Experience-Matters:
    Obama “dual citizenship?” I think you’re right – no such thing! Anyone confirm?

  246. I just wish the AA community had as much class as Hillary does. It’s unfortunate that after the Clintons have done so much for the AAs, they turned their back on her, while Hussein Obama has done nothing, nothing for the AAs.

    have to agree with nikki and okie etc

    the “class” word is just wrong, it has nothing to do with class and everything to do with pride in their race. And, I am happy for them. Do I agree that anyone (black or white) should be voted for simply because of race or gender? nope, not in the least. Dr. Kings dream was to see a world without colour, not all AA’s support Obama. And quite frankly if Hillary was not running I would have originally looked at obama, but he put me off early on with his nasty tactics. I too, have waited to see a viable black candidate, obamas not the one IMO. but it has nothing to do with his colour. I think it is courageous for the black hillary supporters to do so. And IMHO it probably took a lot of soul searching on their part, and like Rep Eugene Miller said, thinking wtht head and not heart. just my opinion 😉

  247. Okie, Dot,
    Thanks for the heads-up about how to change the properties on my profile. (I’m a dunce).
    I posted the email in case others have been contacted by her, like happened a couple of weeks ago when william whassisname emailed spacegirl, fran and me..
    (it would be great if there was a feature on site to safely exchange info).
    Hey, OKie, why not take take all that excess energy and conduct a biology class with hubby. If you start now you might be ready for election day or, at the very least, Inauggeration day 2009 for HRC. If you By inaugeration time. 🙂

  248. jubjub

    I like this site because for the most part we are free to say what we think (within reason).

    If a handful of black choose to vote for BHO then good for them.. I think this issue is bigger than racism. I for one recognize the that blacks are more likely than whites to spend time in jail, blacks still have the highest unemployment statistics, and on and on.

    Maybe it is HOPE for them that a black man is running for president. Could you rally blame them for that hope?

    Overall though I think America will make the right choice.

  249. basil, would have had said lab last night but he fell asleep and this AM I had early court. Maybe tonight…

    Shit. I have Court tomorrow and Friday. Can do that. I won’t be nearly mean enough if I do. 😆

  250. nikki2

    I agree with your post.

    The thing that I think many people who are not AA overlook is that for the first time in well…ever, really, there is a candidate FROM the AA community who does not, on first blush, seem to fall into the “stereotypical” impression many whites and others, AA’s included , have of a black candidate. JJ and Al Sharpton have done an INCREDIBLE job in their bids for the Presidency, but they had to much “baggage”. Actually, when Sharpton ran I personally looked at him as a “Black Man”. He was articulate in his ideas, and many of them were good. JJ, on the other hand, wass “black” and in a way many whites arre not comfortable with.

    I think we must understand the pride those in the AA community have in Obama, and take it as that. Personally, I would like it if people really looked at ISSUES, but that is not how most of the votes happen in the primaries…or even in the General. Black, White or whoever. Identity politics is real. But I do believe there is a dooule standard within the Obama camp where they can float the race card effectively, and know it becomes almost impossible to counter, without sme sounding like bigots. It is a shame.

  251. hi space

    agree wit you
    you know there are many parts of J Jackson Sr I liked, but i knew he would not make it in this run. i still like the man, but not his son tho with the obama strong arm tactics, but Jesse Sr i have a soft spot for he was good to us here and supported us

  252. I think the beauty of sites like this is that the “preconception” of who someone is is stripped away as we cannot see each other. We can express our ideas and our thoughts and feelings, share our joys and share our anger without it being framed through race or gender.

    We learn how each other think and express by our WORDS. And through our WORDS, I believe we are able to determine a portion, at least, of the “who”, we all are.

  253. “Actually, when Sharpton ran I personally looked at him as a “Black Man”.

    typo correction:

    …did not look at him as a black man

    (I couldnt see what II was typing and couldnt remember!

  254. I might have used the wrong word “class”, but come on, if blacks support a black just because of the race, it’s pride and hope; if whites support a white just because of the race, it’s racism. It’s a lot of hypocrisy and double standard here.

    I am not gonna dig more. It apparently is not a pleasant topic here. But I just don’t buy it.

  255. Hillary just passed up Bambi with the popular vote, and Pennsylvania will pile up more.

    Also, Bambi complaining that Hillary went negative against him, but to paraphrase Harry Truman, she just TOLD THE TRUTH and it only felt like a negative to Bambi.

    Bambi camp now floating the idea of a revote in Michigan and Florida. This tells me that the reason they are changing there stance is they know both states delegates WILL BE SEATED.

  256. We also are PEOPLE. We have good and bad days and we defend our candidate, often vigorously. We can get, and should get “down and dirty” sometimes I believe, but I do not get the feeling here II get when I read other blogs. As ginseng pointed out earlier, the vehement vitriol on “progressive” sites is FRIGHTENING, and my guess is the MAJORITY of those posters are not AA.

  257. ROTF!

    So your romantic schedule is dictated by your court schedule! Sounds like hubby might need an attorney to advocate for equal time!


    Saturday should be good, no?????

  258. jubjub,
    Bill & Hillary Clinton have done a lot of good for all races of people, not just african americans. But you seem to think that only black voters are being classless for supporting BO. The truth is without the support of white liberals Barack Obama wouldn’t have gotten where is. It was the media (mostly white) that held him up as a political messiah who can do no wrong. It was the wealthy donors (mostly white) who gave his campaign the resources to compete with Hillary. Obama didn’t get his delegate lead from winning Louisiana, Maryland, or SC (states w/ large aa populations). He racked up wins in predominantly white states like WA,ID,NE etc. And yes I guess you could call it “racist” for blacks to support BO simply on the basis of his race. But that’s not what’s happening. I don’t like Obama at all and believe he’s too green for the presidency. But a lot of my fellow african americans see an intelligent, charismatic senator who has a real shot at becoming the 1st black president. That’s a very powerful motivator given the history of this country. And many women look at Hillary’s candidacy with the same sort of pride. Hell I wish HRC would get 80% of the women’s vote; she’d be on easy street!

  259. BTW

    F***er is doing a refreshingly positive hour about HRC’s victory and how she pulled it off.

  260. oh wait..we haven’t heard from Bill Richardson….lets see..popular vote vs pledged delegates…

    what Bill?..your statements are irrelevant?

  261. Kitty Genovese??? What does that have to do with this? Would I stand up for things–are you KIDDING ME? I’m completely estranged from my family because I’m such an outspoken iconoclast. I’m near-total socially isolated. I’m always opening my mouth, especially when I’m not supposed to do so, like at jobs. My opening my mouth and my nontraditional lifestyle is partly why I’m socially isolated. I’m a frank provocative writer and person, which is why I primarily get ignored or attacked.

    I just don’t wanna see personalized witch-burnings of voters (VOTERS) here. I don’t care if the person’s an Obama supporter. I’m not a big fan of name-calling either.

    Of course I’d stand up and say something at a caucus–I’d say the ISSUES. I’d attack the argument and not the arguer, though even I can’t resist getting a personal dig in there sometimes. But the issues should be the focus and the issues in this case are: EE’s comments, which I think and have tried to show are out-of-touch with reality.

    Even though she started the personal attacking, I don’t think people should continue it too much. I just don’t.

  262. Lets hope they lube ole Bill R up before Bambi gives him the shaft…it’ll come. Along with Kerry, Kennedy, etc. Bambi has no loyalty.

  263. Fran .. sometimes we gotta vent here. I’ve called voters till I actually hate my phone right now LOL. The frustrating media coverage and then pile on by the vile Obamabotulism’s is sometimes just hard to take.

  264. dot48: Is Bill Richardson on the news? Is he saying something new?

    If HRC is leading the popular vote, there goes the DNC’s arguments for the SDs going with the people’s vote. Oh Hillary has the popular vote? Well, now the rules will change again, and people can vote for the candidate they want.

  265. Thanks Joe…whew! that is close!

    BTW…Glenn BEck supposed to be doing Rezko

    7pm CNN Headline news

  266. You know I may be out of touch with reality but the men at Fox News have given Hillary the respect that she deserves as a candidate. They may not agree with her politics but they have not been sexist nor have the made personally disgusting remarks..other than the one Bill Krystal remark which Brit Hume called him out immediately on.

    I don’t know if it is Murdoch but IMO the Fox crew has been more fair.

  267. Well, I think people are still stressed and they’re venting here today, which venting is okay by me. I’d rather people use their mouths against the world than their fists.

    But I must eat and dress. I’ve barely been off this computer in two days!

  268. “Bambi camp now floating the idea of a revote in Michigan and Florida.”

    So he sayeth and so it shall be? How high does he want the DNC to jump for him???

  269. dot48

    it isnot murdoch i can assure you, we know him well over here, he’s an animal. he owns loads of pspers in england that are currently goig after the rezko/auchi thing and soemtimes even obama.

    when tony blair got elected, it wasmuch like the obama things, the golden child etc, when he won the Sun newspaper, woned then by murdoch, front pge headline huge letters “it ws the sun what won it” he’s an awful man, builderberg groups member etc

  270. I didn’t see richardson on the news I was just being sarcastic about what he said about pledged delegates with hillary now winning popular vote

  271. I am really sick of the Bambi camp. They want to write the rules as they go, as long as the rules fit them. He probably thinks, a revote would help him to get more votes. I bet the people of MI and FL are sick of him and the DNC.

  272. Whenever she wins/is winning, a revote is called for, a judge’s interference, a recount–you name it. Her win is questioned, is smeared, is diminished. His are all accepted right away as valid–and then lauded. No one should fall for this B.S.

  273. Dot, I agree re FOX

    Like with some radio talk…they dont like her and SAY SO, but they do, in many cases, respect her.

    “our” media has turned on her badly, and are showing themselves to be very close to the whack job bloggers on the far out site

  274. Yeah, lets discount all the votes bambi stole by having the crooked judge in ohio keeping his polls open longer.
    maybe that would give hillary even more delegates since she won ohio

    babmi is a chicago hack cheater fake phony big girls blouse

  275. Sadly Beck is drunk again. Lie, lie, lie.

    The only person I hear who is giving $ to superdelegates is bambibot.

  276. about FOX

    I agress that some do give hill more favourable reports, BUT its the all day long talking heads that trash her almost all day long, little digs and comment constantly i know i have it on all day long most days, just sifting throught he bullshit

  277. i find it amusing how they say RI the smallest state went to Hillary, but look at the totals…RI beat out Vermont in vote totals….

  278. A do over in Florida is still okay for Hillary. She can easily point to her supporters that Obama cheated and campaigned there. Her support is still there it ain’t going no where.

    How many big college sites.

    No bad weather unless there is hurricanes, or tornados.

    Her massive ground game in Texas and Florida is still warmed up….easy to reorganize.

    A lot of Florida votes absentee though .. a lot of Floridians go North in March.

    If a vote over .. they got to get on it.

    I don’t think they will seat the delegates so I think a revote might be the only way to go.

    No caucus though

  279. Timmeh on NBC Nightly News pushing a 50/50 split of the Florida and Michigan delegates.

    Again, this tells me the delegates MUST BE SEATED, so now the Bambi camp wants to do ANYTHING ELSE except COUNT the actual votes in those two states.

  280. EMVH…not saying that they are NICE, just that even through all their digs, they have respect for her as a “fighter”

    It’s funny tho, you hear ALL these TV heads talk about her PERSONALLY anD ALMOST TO A MAN, HAVE GOOD THINGS TO SAY ABOUT HER personality (sorry, caps lock)…so it is a wonder to me that their PERSONAL “political” hatred can be so vicious.

  281. Timmeh on NBC Nightly News pushing a 50/50 split of the Florida and Michigan delegates.

    MAYBE in MIch


  282. Folks I am telling you a ReVote is going to happen in Florida. Those press conferences today were planned. The non meeting last week by DNC, Dean, Pelosi, Reed…this is what has been planned.

    Hillary will win Florida again..the people are pissed enough already and even more will turn out now that they have seen her gangraped on live tv.

  283. June might be good. the more time for shit to come out in the RezoGate. 3 months trial and the bloodhounds of Mr. Karl Rove will be hard on the scent trail. The Repubs know all the need to know about Hillary … Bambi is the one who will be in the BigGun sites. This might be turning out as the perfect storm

  284. Yet more substantive proof that the pro-Obama, anti-Hillary media bias is alive and well — from Politico:


    Wolfson asserted the Clinton campaign faced more scrutiny over — and was also more proactive and forthcoming in dealing with — its own troubled fundraiser, Norman Hsu (alternately pronounced “soo” or “shoe”), a fugitive convicted on grand theft charges years ago. The campaign gave to charity $23,000 contributed by Hsu and identified and returned more than $800,000 in contributions he bundled for Clinton.

    “I can guarantee you that if the shoe were on the other foot, so to speak, no pun intended,” Wolfson said, “I would have been getting those calls, those questions, left and right, and having to come up with answers that were satisfactory to a very serious and dogged press corps.”

    In fact, a Nexis search of major world newspapers Tuesday yielded 2,568 hits for the words “Clinton” and “Hsu” versus only 426 for the words “Obama” and “Rezko.” Expanding the search to include all media outlets, the Clinton/Hsu query produced more than 3,000 hits, while Obama/Rezko turned up 1,741.


  286. Admin, you are absolutely right. When this process is finished Hillary would have the majority popular vote
    an that is want count. Remember Florida!!! Let us count all the votes!! Delegates from red states mean nothing!!!

  287. Shuster just did a piece about delegates and completely misrepresented the FL and MI situation. Making it sound sinister that Hillary left her name on the MI ballot and did not mention that the only reason Obama and Edwards took their names off was because of Iowa threats.

  288. This is the first time I’ve been online since around 9PM ET, so I’ve got to start my post with a big YEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAWWWW!!!!!

    OK, back to business. I’m happy to hear that my governor and the governor of Florida are pushing for our delegates to be seated. I want them seated as-is, no revotes.

    Some thoughts on Rezko… Does anyone have more info on the 1994 case involving the freezing tenements and what role Obama played in defending his pal Mr. Rezko? This is something that will not sit well with voters, but I doubt most of them have heard about it yet.

  289. I’ve been crunching figures and I am pissed off.

    The total figures for these primaries and i am not counting caucuses here as you cannot gauge how many actually voted is this

    Clinton 13,035977 compared to Obama 13,006763

    Clinton has the popular vote from primaries.

    Now look at this, if all of the states were winner take all, and this is without SD’s its

    Clinton 1710 delegates compared to Obama’s 1105. I mean wtf.

    Clinton has more right to this nomination that he does by a MILE.

  290. How the hell can they do a revote ? You’re going to tell the millions of voters that their votes don’t count ? You’re just going to throw them away ?

  291. Dot,

    “Folks I am telling you a ReVote is going to happen in Florida. Those press conferences today were planned. The non meeting last week by DNC, Dean, Pelosi, Reed…this is what has been planned.”

    What press conferences?

  292. SEIU International Convention on May 30 – June 4, 2008 Puerto Rico

    last presidential primary: Puerto Rico Saturday, June 7

    FYI SEIU sucks

  293. They will just pretend they are Louisianna and hold a run off of the top 2 vote getters.
    If they were to do a revote in Fl, Hillary would win by a larger margin. She would have win PA, IN, KY and WV with no problems and Florida voters are not stupid. They know how the electoral college works first hand and know Obama will not be able to carry the big states needed to win in November.

  294. I cannot believe they’d do a revote to appease this person yet aGAIN. Who the hell is he? Why is he getting such special treatment? There are tons and TONS of things all that money to do a revote could be spent on–if could be fucking handed out to the homeless, it could be put into the education system, it could be put into alternative energy, it could be used toward all the people who’ve lost limbs in iraq. But, instead, it would be used to redo an election that wasn’t faulty to begin with–huh?

    Where the FUCK is the democratic party’s head?

  295. Where the FUCK is Obama’s head? He only gives a damn about himself that he would expect people to spend their tax dollars on second election for His Highness.

    No more government waste on anti-democratic crap. Redoing the election would be big B.S., in my opinion.

  296. Joe. I think it is a revote or nothing. The DNC is firm. Donna Brazil and Howard Dean set this up to bensefit Obama.

    With a revote we will at least have a chance. If not, I think the media pressure is once more on the whole thing being decided by the SD’s..they will not let up.

    I think Hillary can go toe to toe in Florida. I am not worried. It is all about $ at this time although I am sure that her donors will be sure that she has funds.

    I hate to see this but I think its already a done deal…they will try to screw Hillary in Florida but once again the American people will give her the nod.

    Don’t underestimate Hillary.

    There is a long time to go yet. Hillary is hitting stride, her campaign is learning that Obama has a glass jaw and they are finding his weakness. This will only be helped along by the Republican machine who will also be hunting down Obama in their sites

    They will throw Florida voters a bone .. they will come through for Hillary.

    Keep on the lookout in Florida for any signs of organizing by Bambi organizing…keep on lookout for the Obamacrat fliers being redone and resent.

    Now is not too soon to be thinking about this.

  297. Ok…yeah! reboot fixed my keypad.

    I cannot imagine doing a revote, but Crist on Sun said he was open. Seems contradictory to his statement today of seat the delegates

  298. Rjk, te only reason they took their names off the ballots, was because they knew Hill would win. Actually, it was a plan hatched by BO.

  299. This is B.S.! Someone figure out the cost of a redo and then break that cost down showing all the things that money could be used for. Show how self-centered, self-serving another election in FL would be when the demand comes from HIM and not the VOTERS.

  300. Everything I have heard from the Florida Democratic Party says: no revote.

    My states delegates were allocated on March 1 as planned.

  301. Howard Dean said that they would be willing to work out something. Combined that with Crist today and Michigan gov today demanding seating the delegates. DNC says NO .. so the fix is already in IMO .. a redo. I have been hearing this for weeks, we been talking about it here. DNC will funnel in some underhanded way fifty percent of the costs to the states.

    People Hillary won overwhelmingly without any campaigning. Just imagine what a knock out with boots on the ground.

    Haven’t the big states taught us that Hillary wins in big states.

    I am not worried about a revote. It is a chore and costly to the campaign.

  302. And what about New Hampshire breaking the rules ?

    What the hell is Dean’s problem anyway ?

  303. dot48: What do you think about MI? I think, she’ll win FL again. BO’s shine should be worn off by then.

  304. please everyone do not take this revote as gospel. I am just telling you what I am reading in the tea leaves.

  305. hey guys…. any updates on any inside info of any to be powerful endorsers to come?

  306. Fran, the original FL primary cost the taxpayers of Florida 18 MILLION DOLLARS of their hard-earned money. I’m sure 18 million could fund a lot of other worthwhile projects in that state, instead of buying a re-run of what’s already happened, and forcing FL voters to miss time from work, and school, again.

  307. Good evening all. What did I miss? Other than HWSNBN telling Tiny Fey she will sleep with the fishes soon?

  308. The Party elders in PR control the party not the Governor. The current governor was elected in an extremely close election that ended up in court I think.

  309. No no no, I don’t want BO on Hillary’s ticket. This man is a FRAUD. I don’t want Hillary to constantly be looking behind her back when she’s in the White House. Bambi is someone who will sell you and bring you back change.

  310. Berkeley Vox, Excellent point about the cost. Why should FL taxpayers foot the bill for the DNC’s fuck up? That’s what it amounts to.

  311. I think she can win Michigan with the same plan as Ohio. It’s the economy and jobs. When Hillary hits the ground she wins. I still think they were underprepared for post 2/5 and they are getting their game plan on. Her campaign has a whole different feel.

  312. I’m warming to the idea of a Florida revote as long as its a primary. Hillary should win it, probably handily, seeing as how 1. The demos favor her and 2. Obama has been ALL about the disenfranchisment. Imagine the news cycle she’d win off that! The media pretty much ignored FL the first time, they wouldn’t be able to ignore it! Obama would have lost FL 2x, how do ypu defend that? Plus it will shut everyone the hell up. I don’t want anyone pissing and moaning about how Hill only won the nom because of an unfair election in FL.

    I don’t know about MI though. I can argue the same thing – she shoukd win there and that would shut people up, but he took his name off the ballot, why should he get rewarded?

    So I’m torn. One hand says no redos! But the other wants people to not have FL/MI as ammo against Hill.

  313. I think she can win Michigan with the same plan as Ohio

    She already won Michigan. Do you mean Mississippi?

  314. More SD’s endorsed BO? These people are effing stupid. Liberals are so caught up in white guilt and woman hating, they can’t see the writing on the wall. He can’t win a GE.

  315. I’m sorry, but as I said, I still think this is an insane waste of money at the taxpayer’s expense. It looks really bad too. It makes the party look bad.

    I can just see the republican ads in the general, especially in Florida: “Democratic Party waste–the liberals continue to waste the money of americans, now by doing double elections!”

  316. It sounded like that was Lou Dobbs said the Howard Dean wanted BO and wantd Hillary to ‘retire’ grrrrr

  317. Can someone tell me what this is about effing stupid dumb Dean trying to get SD’s to back effing BO?

  318. Actually if there were a revote in MI the demographics do not favor Obama. About 83% white, 15% AA and 2% asian.

    Plus the one good thing about a do over is that it would most likely take place in June when all those college campuses in FL and MI would be virtually deserted.

  319. Bambi doesn’t bring a single state as VP that Hillary couldn’t already win. She needs someone who will help with a swing state.

  320. Well, its okay for the SDs to go to Obama, and ignore the popular vote for Clinton. Now, they are changing the rules again. They are idiots and very unprofessional. They are changing the rules to fit their purposes. Goons.

  321. Wait, did lou dobbs actually report that Dean is pushing SD’s to endorse BO, and is suggesting Hill “retire”?

  322. I have to laugh though….these good old boys don’t know what to do about Hillary.

    What’s that song again about ‘maria’???

  323. Good evening!! I’ve been in here partying hard to what should be Hillary’s new theme song! Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine” the remix. Mary, whose had her own share of trials and tribulations, but still managed to pull herself up out the depths of despair and keep going sings:

    Let it go……
    Can’t let this thing called love get away from you
    Feel free right now, going do what you want to do
    Can’t let nobody take it away, from you, from me, from we
    No time for moping around, are you kidding?
    And no time for negative vibes, cause I’m winning
    It’s been a long week, I put in my hardest
    Gonna live my life, feels so good to get it right

    So I like what I see when I’m looking at me
    When I’m walking past the mirror
    No stress through the night, at a time in my life
    Ain’t worried about if you feel it
    Got my head on straight, I got my mind right
    I aint gonna let you kill it
    You see I wouldn’t change my life, my life’s just…..

    Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, ooooh
    Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, ooooh
    Just fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, ooooh
    You see I wouldn’t change my life, my life’s just fine

    Hillary is 44!!! Check out the audio to the song at youtube (warning, extreme shake your booty potential 🙂 )

  324. mj: Wait, did lou dobbs actually report that Dean is pushing SD’s to endorse BO, and is suggesting Hill “retire”?

    That’s what it sounded like….but maybe that was Dobb’s own opinion.

  325. dedfg: I have been changing the station alot. Some stations, I do not even touch anymore. I’ve been watching the History Channel. LOL.

  326. In my opinion at least, the majority of the Dem establishment is against her–I think it’s as simple as that. They will probably spin and finagle everything so they can take the nom from her and give it to him. By now this should probably be the default psychological state for Clinton supporters–it explains away all the Dem party powers-that-be insane, disgusting behavior.

    People should know this already, should start accepting it. And then the next question should be: what can be done about this DNC biased corruption? How should this be fought? How can the Democratic voter’s will be represented anyway? Is there some way to go over the DNC’s head–or change that head to someone new?

  327. I am not keen on re-voting. Why replay the Superbowl, just because you’re stinking team lost? Or because you withdrew. It’s called a forfeit.

    Of course, going ahead with a revote has its upside, in that those are states that
    a) Hill did well in
    b) would do well in again, any day, any time.
    c) additionally, she’s going to play her hand; her ammo is going to be:

    “I have wanted to count your votes from the beginning. Sen. Obama has fought to exclude your votes, to unseat your delegates, to “take away your voice”. There’s a word for it: “disenfranchisement”.

    So, if we have to meet the other gang across the railroad tracks again, so be it.

    But if the rules of “rumble” are going to be completely tilted to Obama’s favor, our negotiator’s can’t be a bunch of wimps: Primaries. No caucuses. Private votes. Regular hours, not “firehouse hours” (shorter voting periods); hey, even if that tactic helped my candidate, I believe in playing a fair game.

    And playing a “fair game” is what the Clinton supporters are ALL ABOUT.


    This is yet more proof that we here are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

  328. I think the party is split. The left wing of the party wants BO, and the centrists are pulling for Hillary. She still has alot of support.

  329. Keep in mind, folks, that the Rezko trial has just began! A lot can happen in a few weeks!

  330. what did Howard Dean have against Hillary or the Clintons?

    Maybe just that Howard can’t control them? I dunno.

  331. Fran? What happened? Don’t let them get in your head. We are going to figure out how to KEEP THEM from stealing this thing from her. The same way SNL and bloggers fought to keep them from ignoring the NAFTA-gate and REZKO-gate info., we’ll do the same to keep them from stealing this thing. I’m fighting until the end.

  332. well they are obviously back on the SuperDelegate thing and that Hillary is out to destroy the party. That will be the mantra for the next 7 weeks.

    Obama is kiss assing to the media again so they’ll “soft” pedal him for the next weeks.

    This is disgusting.

  333. I just loved and completely related to this opening line from Hillary’s speech yesterday:

    “For everyone here in Ohio and across America who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out,
    and for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up,
    and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you.”

    This relates to people at a very personal level. This is why Bill Clinton and Hillary are liked by people. People know that thety may not be perfect (who is?). But they know that they have a good heart and will fight for regular people.

    Obama doesn’t connect in this manner.

  334. Nothing, Sugar! Just the usual crazy election stuff. lol

    I’m just disgusted with the shenanigans from her own supposed party.

  335. I do not think Hillary will get another endorsement. The DNC is against her and they are intimidating them.

  336. I don’t think re-voting in MI and FL would be good for Hillary for sure because who know what the GOP crossovers would do then, especially in FL.

  337. I’m with you, Sugar. Hell, if we’d let EVERYONE get into our heads, we’d have already given up.

    We already KNOW the establishment wants Bambi. That’s not news to us. We already KNOW the repubs pushed hard for him to become the nominee. We already KNOW that BM is in the bag for him.

    We are going to keep fighting, just like we’ve BEEN fighting. We’ll fight the party big wigs…we’ll fight the repubs…we’ll fight BM. Afterall…we’re just getting warmed up. 🙂

  338. Everyone, don’t expect media to be fair to Hillary because she won big contests yesterday. We have to always, always assume that the media will be against Hillary. She has fought through this so far and is leading in national polls today. She will fight through this and be our nominee and be our president. Don’t let the media negativity sap your energy and demoralize you. If it is too much to take shut them out.

  339. We have to go after Dean. He’s throwing us in a ditch. Look at the results in Missouri and Ohio. BO cant win a GE. Hill brings in latinos, women, and catholics. The three groups that cost us the election in ’00 and ’04. Dean must be stopped.

  340. TPS, very true. In fact, I fully expect they will be all over her now that she has the momentum. We just have to keep the Obama dirt flying at the same time. And we have an endless supply of dirt in Rezko. 🙂

  341. I agree with Sugar, Fran. It’s not all hopeless. All those superdelegates who may have had a reason to extinguish Hillary’s candidacy now realize they better not get in front of that Mac truck coming down the highway, called the “Center”. Plus, Hillary’s coalition includes all flavors of Dems.

    Me, for instance, have dabbled with the Green Party, but am mainly centrist. I understand that as Senator, Hillary’s had to make some compromises. I think Hopey that out too (“I better vote PRESENT”).

    I too distrust the idiots running the party, who are in collusion with the Obama campaign. Let’s fight them tooth and nail, and know that they have at least half of the party they are ignoring. Let’s shame these fucking bastards into doing what’s right, and counting Dem votes.

  342. dot48: Check her website for endorsements. she is holding her own, and did receive the RI senator’s endorsement.

  343. Loved this post from Taylor Marsh’s site:

    “I hope people start asking is what exactly is this foreign experience she is claiming,” he said. “Was she handling crises during this period of time? I haven’t seen any evidence that she is more equipped to handle a crisis.

    “She made the experience argument and her ability to handle a crisis, so I think it is important to examine that claim and not just allow her to assert it,” he added. “She has made the argument that she is thoroughly vetted. If the suggestion is somehow that on issue of ethics or disclosure or transparency that she is somehow going to have a better record than I have or could (better) withstand Republican attack, then that should be tested.”

    “I believe I am in a much stronger position to run against Republicans,” he said.

    Apologies to Jim Croce — this just reminds me of
    You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
    You don’t spit into the wind
    You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
    And you don’t mess around with Hill

  344. Maybe we should bring someone over from Saudi Arabia to tell Howard Dean how sexist he’s being. LOL

  345. Guys, I start to believe that the DNC does not care about winning the GE. They want to get rid of Hillary. That’s their mission.

  346. Dot dearest

    just read your post

    I bet they are sayin’ in Rains County…”We OWN that girl”.

    Little do they know your powers: you have 100’s at your back…and we OWE them!

    Now they have the real power, because of what they did yeserday.

    And you are the enabler.

  347. The DNC seems convinced he can win in the GE, those are the simple facts

    The skies will open, choirs will sing, the light will come down and he will win in a landslide. He has them dupped for sure.

    Skandal is what has to keep coming, hitting him hard on his bonehead mistakes..he’s kissing ass to the media again on his plane complaing they are being too hard on him and they are giving in. Today’s coverage must have been brutal to Hillary again … coming off of 3 state HUGE victories.

    Lenny Davis is giving away game plan for Pa .. win it and make a case she has won all the big states. We will really need massive work in PA. They know what is in the works and the DNC itself will work against her in every friggin way….Superdelegates in tow to help him.

    Seven weeks is a long time in politics…anything can happen too.

  348. Well, dot48, me and my crew in this area (MD/DC/VA) are going to work PA like a 9 to 5 mama! We are going to help bring that state home for Hillary.

  349. Meant to say they think that Hillary votes will go to him. I know what they want, to stifle her in the vp slot. No go

  350. birdgal Says:

    March 5th, 2008 at 8:13 pm
    I think the party is split. The left wing of the party wants BO, and the centrists are pulling for Hillary. She still has alot of support.

    birdgal: Before this election I associated myself as a progressive and left wing part of our party. Not anymore. It is one thing to be progressive and it’s another to be a complete idealistic fool. I’m actually quite disgusted that someone like Obama is being supported by these “progressives”. I’ve said this on several forums today. Obama is no Paul Wellstone. It’s really an insult to his legacy as well as other legends like JFK and MLK that this Chicago style politician fraud is being compared to them. Obama is not pro-war or anti-war. He folds to whatever is demanded of him. I’m so tired of one of my anti-war progressive friends who says Clinton has no courage. Like Obama has any?! I can’t even talk to them anymore. They are so stubborn. They don’t understand that we first need to get a viable candidate to win back the White House before we can create change. These people go with the first candidate who gives an anti-war speech without any consideration as to the rest of their record, experience, and character.
    I’m just so frustrated. I’m happy that Clinton won last night but the sh*t I’ve been reading and watching on tv today just shows the battle we have ahead. Obamabots are still calling for her to step down. They can’t wait to write her obituary and we’ve got to do whatever we can to have Clinton win every caucus and primary or at least come in a close second. As a TRUE PROGRESSIVE I am unwilling to settle for Obama. We can do better even if half of this party can’t see yet who Obama really is. If Obama is the nominee I cannot support him. Not after he’s bamboozled our party like this.

  351. Everytime that “Tom McMahon” emails me from the DNC, I just email him something back about seating the FL and MI delegates and I tell him that they are fools for pushing BHO. I never get a response…lol

  352. Agree, TPS. I thought Hillary’s speech last night was the best one of the entire campaign. I got goose-bumps watching it. I know that she’s her own person, but there were echoes of Bill Clinton throughout her speech, and it sounded awesome.

  353. no revote!!!!!!

    if this goes forward financially it will bust campaign coffers in terms of additional advertising, ground support etc. this is nothing more than a ploy to stack the deck once again

    Dean should step down as chair since his leadership (or lack thereof) has created the mess we are in. the democratic party cannot afford to continue to parade it’s division in the face of the neocons waiting to pounce on our candidate and the mess dean made.

    no revote, place those delegates NOW


  354. Dick Morris reminds me of the grandfather on the “Adams Family.” He sucks the oxygen out of any conversation.

    As far as the bias coming from the DNC…lol…she just keeps steamrolling over them so who cares? The boys keep wringing their hands and making their own plans and nothing comes of it. They are legends in their own minds living in a bubble!

  355. She just needs to continue to fight like Muhammed Ali. That is all she can do. Don’t make any major blunders and let him continue with his arrogance.

    He will set his own trap again.

    Give him enough rope and he will hang himself .. not meaning that in a racist way .. just saying as a metaphor.

    not one peep on cheerleading networks of Michelle’s recent outrageous remarks either???

  356. not one peep on cheerleading networks of Michelle’s recent outrageous remarks either???

    nope, what were the remarks?

  357. SUGAR Says:

    March 5th, 2008 at 8:38 pm
    Everytime that “Tom McMahon” emails me from the DNC, I just email him something back about seating the FL and MI delegates and I tell him that they are fools for pushing BHO. I never get a response…lol

    Ha! Sugar I do the same thing!!! And, the effers never respond.

  358. dedfg,

    what did Howard Dean have against Hillary or the Clintons?

    He wanted to take the mantle as head of the Democratic party away from President Clinton, even though the last sitting President is the defacto leader of the party, particularly when he’s the first two-term Democrat since FDR. Dean was unsuccessful.

    So, if Hillary becomes POTUS, the mantle of leader of the party would shift to her, and would remain with her until the next Democratic President was elected.

    Seems Dean can’t quite handle that.

  359. From above:

    “I don’t think re-voting in MI and FL would be good for Hillary for sure because who know what the GOP crossovers would do then, especially in FL.”

    read this carefully:

    Florida is a closed primary election state. That means, only voters who are registered members of the two major political parties (Democrats and Republicans) may vote in a primary election for partisan candidates. Registered minor political party voters and voters who register without a party affiliation are not eligible to voter for major party candidates in a primary election. However, if all candidates for an office in an election have the same party affiliation and the winner will have no opposition in the general election, all qualified voters, regardless of party affiliation, may vote in the primary election. Also regardless of party affiliation, all registered voters can vote on issues and non-partisan candidates.

  360. did everybody go get something to eat ? it’s quiet all of a sudden

    Made coffee. And I’m still trying to track down info on Gene Murphy.

  361. I’m just wondering when women, latinos and catholics became so expendible to the Democratic Party. I wish I were in DC right now. I want to knock on Howard Deans door and have a little one on one with that bastard.

  362. Yes, Obama’s complete failure to hold ANY hearings on Afghanistan is a huge blunder on his part. He’s been AWOL in the Senate because he’s been busy out raising buckets of cash and missing votes, and been derelict in his committee duties.

  363. Berkeley Vox, have you studied the results from OH, Missouri and several other states? I don’t think BO can win a GE.

  364. rjk1957 Says:

    March 5th, 2008 at 8:12 pm
    Please God take Dick Morris and put him out of his misery, he is in obvious agony since the syphilis hit his brain.
    i wrote Oreally and told him do not have this drooler on your show its your viewers…
    Oreally going after the huffington

  365. Brazille pouting and scowling and defending her guy on Blitzer before. Nauseating. She’s started to have trouble with keeping all the scripts separate in her head; the “I’m an honorable loyal Democrat” and the I’m an upright Chair of the “DNC’ and “I am an impartial objective supporter of all the dem candidates and will stick by the nominee” are in conflict with her bottom line, “I will do ANYTHING to get BO the nomination.” Yup. brazille is getting seriously schizophrenic. She has that wildeyed MO look now, the one that idunn’s mama said couldn’t be trusted.

    Spacegirl; any more correspondence?

  366. yeah karl got a look at the next president a few words to him he should feel really am sure he was real happy..he is too giddle diggle..

  367. “SpacegirlArt Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    From above:

    “I don’t think re-voting in MI and FL would be good for Hillary for sure because who know what the GOP crossovers would do then, especially in FL.”

    read this carefully:

    Florida is a closed primary election state. That means, only voters who are registered members of the two major political parties (Democrats and Republicans) may vote in a primary election for partisan candidates. Registered minor political party voters and voters who register without a party affiliation are not eligible to voter for major party candidates in a primary election.”

    How long it takes one to switch party to be eligible to vote in the primary in FL? I know it takes 1 month in NJ and some other states it takes no time. If the re-voting happens in June, there is a plenty of time.

  368. How long it takes one to switch party to be eligible to vote in the primary in FL?

    29 days

    annd noting from BFF….she musta not liked my tone last night when I congratulated her on Vermont but was disappointed BO had to file suit in Ohio JUST before the polls closed

  369. I have to hit the sack guys. Doubly tired tonight, and I can’t do much for Hil or us if I cant think or type/call.

    We have to get a ground game going tomorrow for here. I contacted FlaforHillary site we shall see how they respond. It isn’t very well set up and looks VERY inactive.

    My goal is to change that 😀

  370. haha! That video with Karl Rove and Hillary was funny! I didn’t know Hillary was born in October! Me too! That’s why there’s a telepathic connection between us….[crickets chirping] lol

  371. Mississippi Primary 40 delegates
    Pennsylvania Primary 188 delegates
    Guam Other 9 delegates
    Indiana Primary 84 delegates
    North Carolina Primary 134 delegates
    West Virginia Primary 39 delegates
    Kentucky Primary 60 delegates
    Oregon Primary 65 delegates
    Montana Primary 24 delegates
    South Dakota Primary 23 delegates
    Puerto Rico Caucus 63 delegates

    729 delegates should have their say and FL & MI delegates should have their’s too with no revote


  372. we have to protest…. DNC is encouraging states to do a do-overs – Michigan can’t do a primary because it falls on the taxpayers so they may do a caucus and that plays in Obama’s favor and Florida may do a primary – but Im worried how this may hurt HILLARY… this manipulation is why I REFUSE to donate to DNC

  373. That clip with Rove was cute. I was born in October too.

    Third October baby here. I’m a Libra, but my rising sign and most other planets are in Scorpio. I’m definitely a Scorpio standard bearer. 🙂

  374. Hey pals! Back in Boston, from Texas .. must load pix and scan in my ticket from meeting Hillary! How did we do in Texas guys?!? har har har .. just kidding .. I think we done pretty darn good!

  375. Some new numbers from the Washington Post poll lend weight to Obama’s claim of electability against John McCain, finding that he’s besting the Arizona Senator in a national match-up among all voters by 12 points, 52%-40%.

    The poll also finds Hillary beating McCain by six, 50%-44%.

    The poll suggests that McCain is besting Obama on “commander in chief” questions, finding that more voters think McCain is the stronger leader, has better experience, has a better knowledge of world affairs, and would better handle Iraq and the war on terrorism. Hillary has argued that Obama will find herself bested on these fronts in a general election with McCain.

    Still, the poll’s current internals don’t do match-ups on the same questions with Hillary, so it’s impossible to compare the two Dems’ performance against McCain on them.

    What’s more, the poll finds that voters think that “new direction and new ideas” is slightly more important than “strength and experience,” potentially putting a crimp in Hillary’s claims about the general. And it finds that Obama leads McCain by substantial margins in multiple other categories, such as personality and temperament, ethical standards and vision for the future.

  376. Regarding Dean…what we REALLY should be doing is joining forces with NOW. If NOW were to come out and say we won’t financially support the DNC unless Hillary is treated fairly, we’d be a damned force to be reckoned with!

  377. Howard Dean’s mismanagement of the DNC and this Primary Process shows he is not qualified to lead the party. He has caused deep divisions among many groups, split genders, allowed Republicans into the process for nefarious reasons, has had uncontrollable caucus events, has favored one candidate over 9 others, paying particular attention to Senator Clinton, has colluded wit the Press, has supplied an unfair advantage of his netroots base to one candidate over the other and is completely partisan. He allows other members representing the DNC to bash a Democratic Candidate and covers up for the legal problems of another.

  378. I do see the Democratic Party taking women, Latinos, Asians, and Catholics for granted. We really are expendible to them moreso than African Americans. I believe Dean is really scared to piss off the AA population. Just look at Donna Brazile. They are betting that white women will likely stay with the Democratic Party but AAs are more militant as a group to leave collectively in protest if Obama doesn’t get the nomination. I really don’t see those people going to McCain but there would probably be really low turnout among blacks and that is not what Dean wants. But I think he really needs to consider other constituents who will guarantee the Democrats a loss if they move to McCain in the general. I can definitely see Asians and Latinos going to McCain. Catholics and the white voters who consider themselves to be Reagan Democrats. If you think about it, the Democratic Party has much more to lose by snubbing Clinton and pressuring her into stepping down. On top of that disenfranchise FL and MI?! Dean is out of his mind if he thinks he can do this without tearing the party apart.

  379. # Idunn Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    Regarding Dean…what we REALLY should be doing is joining forces with NOW. If NOW were to come out and say we won’t financially support the DNC unless Hillary is treated fairly, we’d be a damned force to be reckoned with!

    i think there is aome merit in this, but I think ADVERTISING OBAMA Buying SD’s 10x more $$ than HC, that will look BAD for the General Public

  380. What’s happening with the delegate distribution for Texas? Have the caucus numbers finished being tallied yet?

  381. Highly educated hillary supporter

    The AA vote is important, especially, in the South, but the Latino voting block has increased and would probably go with Hillary. Asians would probably go to Hillary. Without Clinton, I think the Latin vote might go more towards McCain.

  382. heres what I wrote to DNC asking me for money;

    Tom McMahon
    Executive Director
    Democratic National Committee

    I have asked to be removed from your email list..but not surprisingly you ignore democrats wishes around the country anyway.

    You will not receive another dime for me so quit sending me emails.

    Dean’s leadership is a disgrace and he should NEVER have been selected chairman. (quite a bit of arm twisting there too!)

    I will support the candidates I choose and not the ones you dictate.

    You have embarassed all of us by parading the FL & MI voters as not a part of this party.

    You have no place to criticize the republicans when your own house is in disaray


  383. birdgal: 75% of Asian Americans voted for Clinton in California and I believe there were similar percentages in NJ and NY. I will guess that Asians are similar to the Latino vote for Clinton. I admit that some would prefer not to have a black president but I also think Asians tend to be more pragmatic and like things like experience and admire hard work and dedication which Clinton has proven to their community in the past with her experience. And we all know Clinton’s long history with the Latino community. I was insulted that Obama and Oprah believed they could just go into L.A. several days before the primary and create some difference or a bond with Latinos when neither of them have ever done anything for the Latino community. Obama hasn’t done much for blacks either but we all know that 90% support from blacks means a good number are voting based on identity and race.

    I don’t know if anyone has spoken about this already but does anyone think it was interesting that more black men than black women voted for Clinton in the Ohio primary? It wasn’t by much but interesting that more black women are rallying behind Obama now. Perhaps because he married a black woman and Michelle has played an active role in his campaign?

  384. I was insulted that Obama and Oprah believed they could just go into L.A. several days before the primary and create some difference or a bond with Latinos when neither of them have ever done anything for the Latino community.

    well, everybody else fell for it….no wonder they thought they could do it with Latines also.

  385. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter
    “They are betting that white women will likely stay with the Democratic Party but AAs are more militant as a group to leave collectively in protest if Obama doesn’t get the nomination.”

    I know first hand how militant they can be, I’ve lived through 2 riots here in LA because AA’s were unhappy.

    I personally dont care for the intimidation.

  386. Why don’t one of us volunteer to make a petition and have signatures to tell DNC to seat the delegates already from Michigan and Florida as opposed to forcing the two states to vote again and we will continue to REFUSE to donate until the delegates are seated. Money is everything to them because they need to ensure that they have the senate and congress

  387. All bitches?

    I very rarely have to be a bitch in my real life. EVERYONE knows me well enough not to force me to go there. 🙂

  388. Debbie, I’m just going to be straight up with you, but comments like this:

    “I know first hand how militant they can be…”

    are why so many of my fellow African-Americans aren’t voting for Hillary. It’s a deep disgust for poor treatment at work, in businesses and in general that makes so many of them turn their backs, however unfairly, on Hillary. Because it’s their way of “getting back” at whites who mistreat them. Now, I believe wholeheartedly that many of my people are being foolish in their decisions, but they are not all voting for Obama out of some militant devotion to him with an attitude of “taking to the streets” or sitting out the election should he not be the nominee.

  389. Unfortunately, once I DO go there, I can’t pull back from it. It goes on for days and days and days until I wear myself out. So…most people in my life prefer to keep me happy, rather than endure a prolonged battle.

    Sad, but true.

  390. Sugar: I am a bitch, and some other October women that I know, are also bitches. LOL.

    Highly Educated Hillary Supporter: I live in northern CA, and I felt insulted that Oprah and Obama thought the Latino vote would fall over to him. I think, the same attitude was present in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

    I’ll have to look at the Ohio exit polls.

  391. I can only aspire to that IDunn lol

    Listen, everyone finds their own way to be heard. Being a nuclear bitch isn’t the only way, nor is it always the best way. My mother is the strongest woman you’d ever want to meet. And she RULES our family. But she doesn’t have a bitchy bone in her body. She just shames you with love. Works every damned time.

    Well wait…she did slap a biscuit out of my brothers mouth one time for using ghetto slang. Hmmm…maybe Mom’s a bitch too. LOL!

  392. Haha! Me too Idunn!!

    Hell, I can’t even stop if the person who pissed me off apologizes. I wish I could, but it’s just not in my makeup, I guess. One time my MIL was visiting, and hubby really pissed me off. I went off on him for 2 days, and on the thrid day he walked through the door with roses. I took them, walked to the sink , grabbed my kitchen shears and torn them to shreds before I stomped from the room. My mother in law suggested the next day that maybe I should “see someone”. LOL!

  393. Man Idunn!!! lol I have a temper like a hornet, but I calm down VERY quickly. Now, if I’m crossed in what I deem an unforgiveable way, then all bets are off, but for the most part, I’m very forgiving. Besides, I like tulips as I told my dude tonight, so I might have pruned those roses as well. lol

  394. maybe someone will finally notice this. Here in Puerto Rico, only the designated delegates are involved in caucusing. The people have no say, because we are not usually interested in U.S. politics, especially the primaries. We can’t vote for POTUS.

    Local politics fills the air constantly. The governor does not control the delegates. He will be for whoever those in the opposite party are not. So far, most are for Hillary.

  395. ping.. I can;t see what I a doing.Why do I get these big gray saures covering a lot of the postsÇ It is covering my own previous post, and right now it;s covering where I am ty y do I get t

  396. sugar when AA preachers are calling for AA’s to riot..I find that very intimidating and my past experiences give in to that fear..

    since you do not know me then you will not know of my history fighting on behalf of the inequality against blacks and AA”s

    be careful labeling people racist

    fear can be very real!

  397. I;m posting this again, just in case others are having the same problem with gray squares.

    maybe someone will finally notice this. Here in Puerto Rico, only the designated delegates are involved in caucusing. The people have no say, because we are not usually interested in U.S. politics, especially the primaries. We can’t vote for POTUS.

    Local politics fills the air constantly. The governor does not control the delegates. He will be for whoever those in the opposite party are not. So far, most are for Hillary.
    # Emmy (formerly known as emkay) Says:

  398. Debbie, I don’t think that I called you a “racist” in my comment. I’m merely telling you the truth. If you’ve done a lot to promote equality then that is good, but the comment sounded a bit sharp. I’m an AA woman and I too am afraid of my people sometime. lol Trust me, I’m not implying that your fear is not fair or real, but the comment was a little rough. That’s all I’m saying. Even in your second comment, you imply that all AA preachers are doing that. Well, not my preacher and not a whole lot of other AA preachers. It’s a dangerous thing when we start lumping all people of a group into one category. That’s all I’m saying. I’m guilty of it, and I’m sure most of us here have done it from time to time. As I said, not all AA’s are voting for Obama with a plan to take to the streets or sit the election out of he doesn’t make it.

  399. I think Obama should concede, look at all the counties that voted for Hillary:




    Look at the map (scroll down to the bottom part)

    Amazing eh?

    I wonder why isnt Edwards or Richardson endorsing Hillary yet? Hillary’s got the Hispanic population and the blue collar and under 75,000 salaried people

    This is CRITICAL and why Hillary needs to be our President

  400. the obama supporters have been spoiled so long from the media that anthing now they say about him….they cry ”bias”

  401. Yeah, african americans will mostly vote for Hillary. Indeed, several polls have said they still have a favorable view of Hillary. i do think Obama has ginned up support by trying to appear the victim of racism, and that’s a shame, but there is literally no evidence most african americans would not vote for her. Hell, most african americans voted for Kerry and he had a hard time connecting with many pockets of the african american community.

  402. Dot,
    Don’t ever click on anything like that. Your bank will never send you an email. Watch your account carefully.


    I like this map! And from just glancing he didn’t take any county by more than 63% and she took several over 70%. It’s just the counties he took were more populated.

  404. I’m hearing some important questions being tossed about among the talking heads. I don’t really expect anyone here to answer them (although maybe you could), but I wouldn’t mind knowing where to look for answers. Probably a new thread will be started before anyone can answer this stuff anyway.

    I heard Hillary disagree categorically with an interviewer on TV by stating she agreed only to not campaign in FL and MI. She said she did not agree those delegates should not be seated.

    Alan Colmes tried to say the same thing, but he seemed to back off when he faced some disagreement. I think he simply isn’t sure. Many of the pundits say she did agree they should not be seated. Who is right?

    Next, a SD from California insists he is not a Calif SD but a national SD. I’ve heard someone else say something similar. I wonder what is the true status of each of those SD’s. To whom are they responsible, if anyone? In the current discussion about SD’s, it may have a bearing on who they should be voting for. That seems important to me.

    Maybe nobody has to tell me, but somebody will probably have to decide the answers to those things in the near future. Maybe it can make a difference.

  405. I think the AA community would support her as well. I’m also not afraid of the AA causing havoc, Sharpton notwithstanding. It’s the anti-Clinton crowd that concerns me. The AAs aren’t anti-Clinton.

  406. great now we have the pundits on cnn telling obama how to disect hillary’s platform….ie her experience

  407. Jefferson Jackson Harner Day Dinner in Mississippi will have Hillary as a speaker – Obama declined to be invited

  408. Emmy (formerly known as emkay) Thanks for explaining about the PR delegates

    What a hoot it would be if Puerto Rico was the Queenmaker, eh?

    You just can’t make stuff like this up. I do hope Bill convinces them to all go with Hill

  409. Screw you guys, thinking October babies are bitchier. I’m Pisces. Pisces rising and my GD Mars is in Capricorn. I’m as mean as they get. And I’m a March baby- first day of Spring no less.

    Guess that makes me a breath of fresh air. 😆

  410. mj

    I don’t know if you are still on.

    I think it is important you know that Emily’s List has been a women’s networking organization for at least 20 years.

    The name is an acronym: Early Money Is Like Yeast.

    What money you or any woman, or right thinking man, contributes to EL, which is an organization that supports the political education and financial support of ANY Democatic, pro-choice woman running for office, from poll watcher, dogcatcher,city clerk, county supervisor, etc., on up to POTUS is used mostly as seed money for specific reasons, and EARLY in a woman’s campaign.

    Most important, they do NOT BUNDLE FOR ANYBODY.
    They do provide training and organizational support and endorsements via board approval for WOMEN running for office or women becoming involved in political life.

    Hillary was endorsed very soon after her exploratory announcement.

    They are considered a PAC, and do provide seed, or organization cost money or training or advertising, but not bundling.

    But, mostly, they encourage network members to write their own checks and contribute to female dems who are running for office. They will provide lists of those who need early money, along with information about them.

    There is a Repub organization like it called The Wish List.

  411. What’s with all the horoscope stuff? It’s a well-known fact that we Pisces don’t believe in that stuff.

  412. OkieAtty, my little sister is a Pisces as well. Just turned 20 yesterday. She is one of those sneaky bitches. lol Seems all innocent and quiet, but watch out!

  413. I don’t know if anyone here listened to Taylor Marsh’s radio show yesterday but she was talking about Hillary’s math problem when it comes to the rest of the delegates. I think she raises a realistic, objective point.

    Here’s an article that lays out the math problem which I’m rather concerned about:

    Your thoughts?

  414. David Brooks in New York Times:

    We’ve entered another phase. The period of Obama-mania is ending. You can feel the press turning more negative and the Hope speech settling into middle age. Moreover, for the first time, Clinton has a moral narrative to rival Obama’s. If he’s the healer, she is the struggler. She leads a life like regular mortals. Things are tough. She has flaws, but she pushes on. She wouldn’t put it this way, but she’s like the old pickup you can depend on. She has some dents, but you and she got those dents together. And when you need her, she is there for you.

    I’m far from the biggest Hillary-lover on the planet, but her resilience and courage is moving. Everybody around her was glum and backbiting through the hard times, but she kept going. This is a useful trait in a president.

  415. I think we still have to nag the press, especially cnn…they are letting up on him again because the obama supporters are screaming bias.

  416. This si what David Brooks is talking about:

    “For everyone here in Ohio and across America who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out,
    and for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up,
    and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you.”

    Hillary Clinton, March 4, 2008

  417. TPS, I hope that NYT article is correct. I’ve been hoping the vetting of BHO has really finally started. It seemed to get lost in the reporting of the latest primaries.

  418. McCain does not want any part of running against Obama, not matter what, McCain will always be on the wrong side of black. McCain is seeing what Hillary is going through.

  419. sherm

    hill agreed to not campaign…the rules were laid out as to what campaigning was, exactly..

    the agreement she signed said nothing about about having or not having one’s name on the ballot or seating or not seating delegates. it was just to starve the state of tv and campaign dollars as punishment for moving primary or caucus up before Feb 5th..

  420. Sugar, I don’t sneak. I come right at you.

    Still haven’t heard from the troll, but my site got some hits.

    Time to update Cashonistas….

  421. Hey all –

    Whenever you receive email from the DNC camp be sure to respond and tell them that you will not accept emails or donate until the delegates from Michigan and Florida are seated period – no re-votes or do-overs – enough is enough!

    Also Hillary’s website should include ALL the states she’s won on her main page (not in a bragging manner but to remind people why the states are critical in winning)

  422. Thanks, Emjay. Do you know if the agreement is online some place? I would like to be able to send that to a few sites.

  423. (Youtube is updating. Yawn.)

    Monkey, step away from Alter. He’s full of bull cockey (you pick where).

    There are “add-on” delegates, pledged delegates and super delegates. None are actually beholden to vote any given way. There’s a long time until Denver.

  424. Posting again since I was apparently ignored….

    I don’t know if anyone here listened to Taylor Marsh’s radio show yesterday but she was talking about Hillary’s math problem when it comes to the rest of the delegates. I think she raises a realistic, objective point.

    Here’s an article that lays out the math problem which I’m rather concerned about:

    What does everyone think about this? I’m really pissed at the Hill campaign for not planning for February better, that’s for sure!

  425. Obama had a huge operation in FL. So did Hillary. There was a vigorous campaign by surrogates, and the candidates were all over the media. This is so absurd. Do they think millions of Dem’s just showed up by accident? Look at the demographics in FL. She would have won anyway. In MI, Hill really didn’t have any operation, but she had the Governor. Obama had a major organization, pushing undecided as a proxy for BO. You can tell by the results this happened because he managed to win a pretty high percent. This ia all bs. I hate Howard Dean.

  426. Monkey, I posted a big reason above in an email to my friend. Do a word search on this page for “MO” it’ll come up under my post. Check out the links therein.

  427. Super delegates are going to decide this. Caucus delegates are not pledged delegates. They can and often do change. This is hyperbole from Camp Obama.

  428. Can someone tell me why FL. would have another vote in ? All the canidates were on the ballet (even playing field). No one campaigned in the state (even playing field). So why wouldn’t they (DNC) seat the delegates based on the results? Is that to simple? am I missing something?

  429. Posting again since I was apparently ignored….

    You’re never ignored…it’s just that sometime people don’t know what to say….or can’t bring themselves to think about it at the moment.

  430. I gotta get off the internet lest I inadvertently stumble across the results for PR. Peace out home fries!

  431. According to the math problem article, Hussein Obama would only need to get 50-100 additional SDs to reach 2025, which should not be too difficult for him per the writer. It’s unfortunate that the Obama camp took the advantage of the caucus system and may hijack the party and get the nomination. I hate to say that.

    I think the only way to convince most of the SDs to support Hillary is to demonstrate Hussein Obama is NOT electable at all. Need more scandals on him, soon, really soon. Now they don’t see it.

  432. sorry, guys, I’m not trying to be a “debbie downer” here about the delegates article. I’m probably overly tired from being up half the night. I just really want our girl to win!

  433. excellent points taken, too, OkieAtty, from your links. We all know Hillary carries the BIG states but this “democratic” process doesn’t seem very democratic most of the time.

  434. Posting again since I was apparently ignored….

    You’re not being ignored. Speaking only for myself, I sometimes don’t reply to posts that I don’t know the answer to, or that seem overly negative to me. That’s just how I roll. 😉

  435. High profile HRC allies, like Emily’s List, NOW, AFSCME, need to start threatening the DNC with the power of the purse – Dean has been a horrible fundraiser.

    Where’s the dish on Dean?

  436. Where’s the dish on Dean?

    Well, she’s from Georgia. Has two sons who help her run her restaurants, and she makes a mean chicken pot pie. 😉

  437. What does everyone think about this? I’m really pissed at the Hill campaign for not planning for February better, that’s for sure!

    I did not see this comment earlier. All I have to say is, she is doing a great job! When the media decides to promote one candidate over the other , there is nothing you can do.

    Actually I am a bit surprised to read such a negative comment as KNOWING what has been going on in the media and Obama thugs.

  438. It’s too late to try to get rid of Dean now. The analysis on is pretty good. In addition to emphasizing that fact that she won the big states and the swing states, getting FL and MI delegates seated, fighting as hard as we can in the next few months, maybe we should push for using a new formula to award delegates, basically in this special case, it makes a lot of sense to use winner-takes-all & the electoral college votes and recalculate the votes.

    This is the way to show how comparative a candidate would be in the GE. If Hussein Obama claims he would be more comparative, then he should not have problem subjecting himself to the formula that uses in the GE.

  439. Hi all-
    Sorry had to hop–if anyone can VOLUNTEER to leave online comments in local papers for upcoming primary states for Hillary–please give them my email: It’s fun, it’s easy & WE KNOW IT WORKS… You all are so knowledgeable about the issues–it would be great to have you guys aimed at Obaminations rather than just keeping to yourselves! 😀
    (and we REALLY need the help–it’s just 2 of us!)

    Also–wanted to get back to you all on my earlier post about ODINGA & OBAMA (first cousins & good buds). Obama has had Kenyan citizenship since Dec.12, 1963 (new constitution). Us Law allows dual citizenship (Supreme court decision June, 1967 –sorry I don’t have the cite anybody have LexisNexis??). So unless he renounces citizenship–and there’s no reason to think he has done so–HE HOLDS BOTH. This issue has come up (google and enjoy)– but no msm have reported as far as I can tell.

  440. Spega…damned interesting. I’ve followed the Obama/Odinga connection for quite some time, but hadn’t seen that info. Thanks.

  441. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter:
    Re: Florida&Michigan, I believe that they are now in play. If Hillary wins PA, they are definitely in play and something will have to be done to accomodate those voters. I don’t think that Dean will agree to seat the delegates as they stand now. However, I firmly think that Hill should not agree to a caucus as they favor Bambi. I believe that Dean and others i.e Brazile will try to push caucuses a sthey know that they favor Bambi.

    I believe that Fl will revote if the Gov. Crist agree to help with financing. However, hearing the talk shows here, they are oppose to that as it is very expensive and we have our own problems down hre i.e property taxes and home iinsurance being astronomical.

    There is talk of a mail in vote but I’m not sure that is feasible.

    I strongly believe that Hill will take PA and it will be by more than 6pts. She has roots there and Gov. Rendell is STONGLY for her. She will lose WY and MS. Ms’s pool of registered Dem voters are 50%. She has to work hard for that to not be a blowout.

    Dean will be an idiot if something isn’t done about Fl and MI. Everyone kows that you cannot win the presidency wiutout winning swing states i.e Florida, Michagan, Ohio.

    I can tell you categoriacally that the Hispanic vote will not go for him no matter how many times that he tells that Change/Hope speech.

  442. Hmmm…the only info about BO’s kenyan citizenship that I can find comes from Andy Martin.

    I’m not sure I consider him a reliable source.

    But I’ll continue to look into it.

  443. Obama’s new strategy is to sharply contrast Hillary’s record and go after her on her experience and best prepared to be CIC. Translation: attack her.

    I think if he does this, he loses. All she has to do is show up with her 34 Generals and flag officers in uniform and state that they support her and they know best what is needed from a CIC.

    She can cite her years on the armed services committee and at the same time point out that he has never called one substantive committee meeting.

    She can expound on the Irish peach process, Bosnia, Somalia etc.

    What is his retort: I gave a speech in 2002. I would warn him not to go there.

  444. What if the DNC idiots really believe Hussein Obama is a uniter and he may carry some of those red states? Their assumption is that he would win all the blue states anyway. We need to point out the assumption is totally false. I don’t think Hussein Obama can win NJ, FL, CT, OH, and the list goes on.

  445. We need to point out the assumption is totally false. I don’t think Hussein Obama can win NJ, FL, CT, OH, and the list goes on.

    Yes, that is something to think about. How to get that message across that he is not a uniter.

  446. mj..yeah i know people..geez there repubs
    but bill C is in laramie,I hope he went to the UniversityOW..cowboys ,ranchers,hunters and i think hawk has the numbers of someones email to call wyo
    do you know howfar you have to travel to each city miles cacus up north {snow}… i dont think you will get them to be a democrat for a day either they just refrain from stuff like that,the people i know do.
    the most people are in cheyenne { windy} green river, rock springs, evanston,


    Hillary Obama

    ABC News 13,571,404 13,567,226

  448. tx caucuses to be challenged by clinton-

  449. Nite Idunn! I’m off to bed too. Keep the faith Hillfans! We are going to keep up this effort and push our girl in there one way or another.


    Two points about the video:

    1. If they had not previously voted, they could not have participated in the precinct convention/caucus. Receipts, voter registration stamps, and IDs were all supposed to be checked.

    2. Under Texas Democratic Party rules there are no closed door meetings, only open meetings in which observers were allowed and to my understanding recorders/cameras were permitted.

    On a personal note, I can attest at just how aggressive the Obama supporters really were . . . including the story of a partner at a major firm attempting to strong arm me into closing the precinct doors before the precinct officials officially closed the doors. Or at how he was attempting to manipulate the flow of Clinton supporters permitted to sign in for the precinct convention to give the perception of greater support on his side versus our side. [All of which we prevented from happening mind you . . .

    On a less serious note, I never believed in the term “latte liberal” until yesterday . . . when it unfolded before my very eyes (Obama supporters). It’s a great/funny story I’d love to share with you at a later date.

    Either way, it was an experience and a civics lesson I will not soon forget.

    Onward and upward. Yes we will!

  451. On a less serious note, I never believed in the term “latte liberal” until yesterday . . . when it unfolded before my very eyes (Obama supporters). It’s a great/funny story I’d love to share with you at a later date.

    Yes, would love to hear it sometime where everybody is here. Most people right now are off to bed I think.

  452. LawSchoolDem: WOW. That video is crazy. Please people. If you go to caucuses in the future bring your spy camera, video camera, mini tape recorder. We need to record this outrageous behavior and put it on youtube for the world to see. Voter intimidation at caucuses is why Obama is the frontrunner. We should’ve paid more attention to this sooner.

  453. LawSchoolDem: that video clip is crazy. What chaos! I wonder, if any of the news stations have copies?

  454. I wish we could help Hill win Wyoming. But all the kids there and their professors probably think it’s cool to support the empty suit.

  455. mj: I think we can win caucuses. We need to start mobilizing as many people as possible to show up to the caucus. Pick up a few rules from the Obama playbook on how to win caucuses. I don’t know much about the WY demographics but I’m guess it’s mostly white people, rural, and it’s a red state. Hillary could possibly win those people in a primary but she needs to get those people to a caucus. It can be done. It’s unlikely that they can beat the college kids in a screaming match but at least she’d come in a close second. I thought it was a huge mistake to ignore several of those caucuses last month. Hillary can’t afford to do that anymore.

  456. The only county in WY to vote Democratic in the 2004 presidential election was Teton County, where Jackson Hole is (Darth Dick has a home there).

  457. The thing is, in very red states the only Dem’s are the college crowd. I wish I had an iota of information about what is going on there. Did someone mention Matthew Shepard? She one of the original co-sponsors of the matthew Shepard hate crimes act(not sure if that is the right name).

  458. Hillary resume: (in part)
    1969 to present
    Graduated in 1969 with honors in Political Science, Wellesley College. (BO age 8 yrs)
    1973 Received a Juris Doctor degree from Yale (BO age 12)
    1974 Served as staff attorney for newly founded Children’s Defense Fund in Cambridge, Mass. (BO age 13)
    1975 Ran a legal aid Clinic for the poor and handled cases of foster care and child abuse (BO age 14)
    1977 Co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, a state-level alliance with the Children’s Defense Fund (BO age 16, intro to drugs alcohol)
    1979 Became First Lady of Arkansas for a total of 12 years, 1979 to 1992 (BO age 18 graduated high school)

    for more go to:

  459. Highly educated, the caucus is Saturday. She doesn’t have time. I can’t find one hillblaizer at a Wyoming campus. Wyoming is smack in the middle of all the other ridiculous red caucus states BO won.

  460. Sherm @10:34

    Here ’tis:

    World U.S. N.Y. Politics Washington Education Clinton, Obama and Edwards Join Pledge to Avoid Defiant States

    Published: September 2, 2007
    PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Sept. 1 — Three of the major Democratic presidential candidates on Saturday pledged not to campaign in Florida, Michigan and other states trying to leapfrog the 2008 primary calendar, a move that solidified the importance of the opening contests of Iowa and New Hampshire.
    » Hours after Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina agreed to sign a loyalty pledge put forward by party officials in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York followed suit. The decision seemed to dash any hopes of Mrs. Clinton relying on a strong showing in Florida as a springboard to the nomination.

    “We believe Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina play a unique and special role in the nominating process,” Patti Solis Doyle, the Clinton campaign manager, said in a statement.

    The pledge sought to preserve the status of traditional early-voting states and bring order to an unwieldy series of primaries that threatened to accelerate the selection process. It was devised to keep candidates from campaigning in Florida, where the primary is set for Jan. 29, and Michigan, which is trying to move its contest to Jan. 15.

    The Democratic National Committee has vowed to take away Florida’s 210 delegates — and those of any other state that moved its nominating contest before Feb. 5 — if it does not come up with an alternative plan.

    In a statement on Saturday, Mr. Obama said he believed that the calendar put forth by the national committee was “in the best interests of our party and our nation.” At the same time, though, the pledge allows him to focus on a handful of states in an effort to gain ground on Mrs. Clinton, the presumed front-runner.

    Mr. Edwards, who has said his candidacy cannot be successful without a strong performance in Iowa, said the four states chosen by the national committee “need to be first because in these states ideas count, not just money.” The pledge also could offer a lifeline to his campaign, which could not afford to compete in several states at once.

    The three candidates were following the lead of Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Senators Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut and Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, who signed the pledge Friday. Their candidacies also rely upon finishing strong in the early states.

    The pledge does not apply to fund-raising events, which officials said could provide a loophole for candidates like Mr. Obama, who has held fund-raisers for as little as $25 a person that have doubled as political rallies. Campaign officials said they were awaiting a ruling from the national committee to see what type of appearances — if any — they could make.

    Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm of Michigan said her state’s manufacturing crisis and other issues were more important than the order of the primary calendar. “We expect that all of the Democratic candidates for president will be on the ballot in Michigan on January 15th,” Ms. Granholm said. “We hope that every candidate will campaign here.”

    Even though the candidates signed a written document, the practicality of the pledge remained an open question, particularly given that a Democratic forum is scheduled next Sunday in Miami and candidates already have events on their schedules for the coming weeks and months. Democratic officials in Florida said they were assessing the implications of the pledge.

    “No matter which cards we’re dealt, Florida Democrats are going to win the state’s 27 electoral votes and elect a Democratic president in 2008,” said Leonard Joseph, executive director of the Florida Democratic Party.

  461. Hillary is going to Wyoming, but look at the big shot’s event. I wish women in places like Wyoming stopped listening to the bs BO spouts about Hill:

    Hillary Clinton coming to Cheyenne Friday, Obama to hold rally in Laramie

    CHEYENNE (WTE) — Democratic candidate and U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton will hold a town hall meeting at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne Friday afternoon, her campaign announced late Wednesday. Doors to the LCCC Gymnasium will open at 12:30 p.m., and Clinton is scheduled to begin the “Solutions for America” town hall meeting at 2:30 p.m.

    She will then head to Casper for a 6:30 p.m. town hall meeting at Casper College. Both events are free and open to the public. Earlier Wednesday, the Barack Obama campaign announced that the Democratic candidate will hold a “Stand for Change” rally at 7:15 p.m. Friday at the Arena-Auditorium on the University of Wyoming campus.

    The event is free and open to the public, and although tickets are not required, an RSVP is encouraged. Seating is limited, and admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. To RSVP, visit

    Preferred viewing tickets are available to anyone who volunteers this week at the Obama for America offices in Laramie or Cheyenne.

    Obama also will hold a “Stand for Change” town hall meeting at the Casper Recreation Center Gymnasium at 2 p.m. Friday.

    Former President Bill Clinton will campaign in Laramie on behalf of his wife at 5 p.m. Thursday.

    A schedule released just before noon Wednesday says the former president will be at the UNI WYO Sports Complex, 1000 E. University in Laramie, at 5 p.m. after appearances at 10:45 a.m. at Central Wyoming College in Riverton and 1:45 p.m. at the Sweetwater County Events Complex in Rock Springs. Daughter Chelsea Clinton will attend the Riverton event with her father, then head to Casper College for her own event Thursday afternoon.

    The campaign visits to Wyoming are in advance of Saturday’s Wyoming Democratic Party caucuses, which will be held in each of the state’s 23 counties. The Laramie County caucus, which is open to all registered Democrats, will be held at the Cheyenne Civic Center. Registration begins at 8 a.m., with the caucus starting at 9 a.m.

  462. Hawk, I would just annoy her. I want to know what is happening there. I’m sure it’s the same ole for B and his caucuses.

  463. Debbie

    Early in her resume’ she was also a member of the legal team hired by Congress that researched facts and proceedures to impeach Pres Richard Nixon, one of the reasons SOME repubs are still trying to pay her back.

    It was then that she first met Barbara Jordan.

  464. am on a nostalgia trip:

    Lulu, singing “To Sir, With Love” on PBS concert. (It’s fund raising time, again.)

  465. Of course, look at the big to do about BO:

    Hillary Clinton coming to Cheyenne Friday, Obama to hold rally in Laramie

    CHEYENNE (WTE) — Democratic candidate and U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton will hold a town hall meeting at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne Friday afternoon, her campaign announced late Wednesday. Doors to the LCCC Gymnasium will open at 12:30 p.m., and Clinton is scheduled to begin the “Solutions for America” town hall meeting at 2:30 p.m.

    She will then head to Casper for a 6:30 p.m. town hall meeting at Casper College. Both events are free and open to the public. Earlier Wednesday, the Barack Obama campaign announced that the Democratic candidate will hold a “Stand for Change” rally at 7:15 p.m. Friday at the Arena-Auditorium on the University of Wyoming campus.

    The event is free and open to the public, and although tickets are not required, an RSVP is encouraged. Seating is limited, and admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. To RSVP, visit

    Preferred viewing tickets are available to anyone who volunteers this week at the Obama for America offices in Laramie or Cheyenne.

    Obama also will hold a “Stand for Change” town hall meeting at the Casper Recreation Center Gymnasium at 2 p.m. Friday.

    Former President Bill Clinton will campaign in Laramie on behalf of his wife at 5 p.m. Thursday.

    A schedule released just before noon Wednesday says the former president will be at the UNI WYO Sports Complex, 1000 E. University in Laramie, at 5 p.m. after appearances at 10:45 a.m. at Central Wyoming College in Riverton and 1:45 p.m. at the Sweetwater County Events Complex in Rock Springs. Daughter Chelsea Clinton will attend the Riverton event with her father, then head to Casper College for her own event Thursday afternoon.

    The campaign visits to Wyoming are in advance of Saturday’s Wyoming Democratic Party caucuses, which will be held in each of the state’s 23 counties. The Laramie County caucus, which is open to all registered Democrats, will be held at the Cheyenne Civic Center. Registration begins at 8 a.m., with the caucus starting at 9 a.m.

  466. It is our March
    Have you guys noticed that people are now coming to reality and action instead of relying on some invisible means of support called “hope”.

    Also that “change”, if it has to come, comes through work not through well rehearsed speeches? And that what we mean by “change” depends on what we really have in mind what we mean “change from what to what?”

    One more thing about the Senate approval of the use of force in Iraq based on the information supplied at the time; where Hillary Clinton voted “Yes” with the majority of Senators. Why should Hillary, who has a plan for Iraq now, be accused for that vote?
    I argue that those to blame are not the Senators who voted “Yes” because they were acting in national interest. The blame must go to those who voted “No” because we don’t know their motive. Were they acting in national interest? I have my doubts.
    Simple analysis makes one conclude that the Senators who voted against the use of force in 2003 belong to one or a multiple of these three categories:
    1. Those who did not understand
    2. Those who wanted to gain (in future) by being different
    3. Those who had some other interest or sympathy.

  467. theres only one University in wy. laramie..the rest are tech colleges,very small.and casper college too…and one in powell wy..northwet community college

  468. Riverton is good too..good chelsea going there and bill..douglas wy..see they wont go up northern
    redred red but ya never know and snow snow

  469. I actually think she has a chance in Wyoming. She did well in rural texas and the citizens may be uncomfortable voting for an African-American. Who knows??

  470. Jr, I think that is because there are conservative Dem’s in Texas. Wyoming is mostly the liberal college set which for god knows what reason has hitched it’s tent on BO. I wonder if the now about Hill and tthe Matthew Sherpard Act,

  471. i say she has a great chance there jobs will be the issue and oil and the spaces for new things.and up north lotts retirees..older…yep all them rural areas and remember dr story lol..lovell wy…mormons some are democrats..

  472. Well, have you been in touch with anyone about caucusing for Hillary? Or, do you no longer have connections there.

  473. glad she is campaigning in wyo-if it were a primary id be hopeful. caucuses are hard. physically and emotionally. if u work, are old etc u cannot participate. in tx hillary had trained pct cpts-but the ones i know complained seveely that they were woefully undertrined and got railroaded at caucus time. some are traumatized bad. if are finally to do these things thn we need better taining fromt the campaign i think. there needs to be great organizing for these-mass phone banking etc.. buses are needed for these statewide events. inmaine buses were not utilized by the cmpaign to pick up elder supporters to go caucus. if we really want these then those re the things needed to do. costs lots of money. rallies are great-but caucuses take much effort.

  474. those enties are from people who have moved and miss our town no jobs…you can get ideas the whole state is like that …except the pop areas down state..

  475. hi hillfans, i hear maybe a revote for florida and michigan? i hope they are serious about this. PRIMARIES OFCOURSE!!!

  476. wygirl is on that blog she might help if you email her..
    2 nd not sure who she is though..but in cody there all nice people…

  477. Well, but don’t you think the same college kids/professors who supported BO in those other states are going to flood these as well? It’s interesting, he literally gets killed in rural areas of most states, but these little cuacuses are easy to game if you have a group of devotees. That’s a big problem for BO in a GE, where that won’t matter, but Hill’s strong holds in rurals would be pivotal to her success. How can’t the poobah’s see this? It’s right there in the numbers.

  478. Dear Rep. Simpson, During the recent senatorial appointment process you showed that once again the citizens of Cody and the State of Wyoming that you have their best interests in mind. The Casper Star Tribune ran public opinion polls that showed Rep. Colin Simpson in the lead throughout the whole process. Rep. Colin Simpson once again has shown to be steadfast,and knowledgeable on all issues. It makes no sense that someone who would be leading in the public opinion polls, did not make the final cut. What does this tell us about the hierarchy of the GOP committee members? I hope you will consider running in 2008 as you surely are the peoples choice!good alan simpsons son colin

  479. June 4, 2007 the state of Wyoming lost Sen. Craig Thomas….Born in Cody, a wonderful and respected man. My prayers go to his family.the state would have gone democratic i met craig few times he was a great guy

  480. 1st Nationwide Clinton vs McCain Poll After Clinton Victories in OH and TX
    SurveyUSA Breaking News – 5 hours ago

    1,041 registered voters interviewed by SurveyUSA 03/05/08, following Clinton victories in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island on 03/04/08.

    Pairing #1:

    * Clinton 48%
    * McCain 46%

    Pairing #2:

    * Obama 46%
    * McCain 46%

    Complete results posted here Thursday morning 03/06/08.

  481. he should drop out…i think his numbers will drop day by day…people caught on he lies,he runs from the press,hes hiding stuff that we do not know about..
    he needs vetted 100%.i got to thinking on this miss thing why he is not attending tommorrow he is up to something..why wont he go there..hillary helped the katrina victims he did not do nothing for them,its sad and he didnt pay respect to them…and bush left them stranded its shame on America…

  482. mj, i understand that but the dnc will not seat them. espeacially michigan. they just won’t do it unless they referse themselves.

  483. Fascinating story on Washington Post’s site now, about the inner workings of the Clinton campaign. I’m guessing it was written before her Tuesday comeback, so it has a pessimistic slant, but the details are interesting.

  484. Texan4Hillary and I got a bit acquainted while I volunteered in Houston. Tomorrow, I’ll post what I went through trying to help organize a Houston caucus that had 3 precincts participating. It was the biggest mess ever with people who waited 6.5 hours through the process (and sadly, 70 and 80 year olds, many non-English speakers for Hillary, who stayed; no dinner, horrible situation)- and the precinct judge was nowhere to be found, and when she did appear, only to disappear again shortly after, she had no idea what was in the precinct packet – clueless. Anyway, more tomorrow.

  485. birdgal, there was a very famous post over at daily Obama, where some Obama supporter talked about how Latinos could learn to love Obama if only they could learn to speak English well enough to understand his message of hope. Seems that the only English word they knew was “Hillary,” which emplained their knee-jerk support of her. *shakes head*

    I agree with Nikki, black voters don’t “owe” the Clintons anything. It doesn’t work like that. The problem isn’t voters who are voting for Obama because they want to see a black president, that’s a really good reason to vote for the man, he is after all only the first or second major African-American candidate we’ve ever had. The problem is voters who are voting for him because of pathological hatred of her and investing him as some sort of progressive champion when he’s not.

  486. Several of my most recents posts have included an expletive. Here’s another:

    Is it just me or has Hillary been fucking fantastic during interviews lately. Sarcastic, witty, kinda like one of the boy, and very likeable – e.g., her interaction with Joe Scarborough today and with Karl Rove.

  487. “They are betting that white women will likely stay with the Democratic Party”

    They are betting SO WRONG. I have spoken to so many women who are just done with this party. They haven’t gone online, they haven’t spoken to each other, but they all say the same things, like, I hate Ted kennedy. At this point, they’ve forgotten how pissed they are at Bush because they’re so pissed with the Democratic establishment. These dudes just so don’t get it, I can’t figure out if they really don’t get why women are upset or if they just don’t care. If they really think these women are going to come crawling back and pull their asses out of the fire yet again, well, all I can say is if Obama is so appealing to Repubs and Indys, then good for you, guess their votes will put you over the top.

  488. Thanks Kentucky! 🙂 Working that Clinton charm. Rove was melting. lol

    Here’s a longer version. Afterwards, Karl praises her bipartisan achievements in the Senate:

  489. I have said for a long time, and I still believe, the Bush Admin. 1.) wants HRC to win, and 2.) so does Talk Radio. As far as 1, she is at least responsible. C’mon we are not leaving Iraq, at least completely, and I am a proud (for now) Dem. saying that. Fix the economy! We CAN adjust that. 2. Rush and company make MAD cash with her as president. No other scenario makes as much money.

  490. Emjay Says: the agreement she signed said nothing about about having or not having one’s name on the ballot or seating or not seating delegates.

    Right. She said on Jan 25 (four days before the Florida election) that she was in favor of seating the delegates.

    From Texas Monthly interview:
    Hillary: Seat Michigan, Florida Delegates
    posted by Evan Smith at 7:55 AM
    Hillary: The only agreement I entered into was not to campaign in Michigan and Florida. It had nothing to do with not seating the delegates. I think that’s an important distinction. I did not campaign–
    SMith: The press seems to have missed the distinction if that’s the case. The talk is that you agreed not to seat the delegation.
    Hillary: That’s not the case at all. I signed an agreement not to campaign in Michigan and Florida. Now, the DNC made the determination that they would not seat the delegates, but I was not party to that. [….] I have said that I would ask my delegates to vote to seat.


    Obama Vows To ‘Do What’s Right’


    Published: September 30, 2007

    TAMPA – Barack Obama hinted during a Tampa fundraiser Sunday that if he’s the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, he’ll seat a Florida delegation at the party’s national convention, despite national party sanctions prohibiting it. [….] According to Sanchez and Tom Scarritt, Obama was asked during the event about making sure Floridians have a role in the nomination, despite the DNC sanctions and the pledge. Scarritt said Obama responded that he’ll “do what’s right by Florida voters.”


    The Michigan primary.


    Michigan primary ballot boycott

    “A spokesperson for Michigan Secretary of State Office [said October 9, 2007, that] Barack Obama, John Edwards and Bill Richardson filed paperwork to boycott the ballot. Democratic candidates already agreed not to campaign in Michigan because it broke national committee rules by moving its primary ahead of February 5.”[6]

    “Five individuals connected to five different campaigns have confirmed — but only under condition of anonymity — that the situation that developed in connection with the Michigan ballot is not at all as it appears on the surface,” Lynda Waddington reported October 11, 2007, in the Iowa Independent.[7] “The campaign for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, arguably fearing a poor showing in Michigan, reached out to the others with a desire of leaving New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as the only candidate on the ballot. The hope was that such a move would provide one more political obstacle for the Clinton campaign to overcome in Iowa.”

    Related external articles

    * “Obama, Edwards Pledge to Skip States Holding Early Primaries,” Associated Press (Fox News), September 1, 2007.
    * Gordon Trowbridge, “Clinton stays, four Dems quit Michigan presidential race,” Detroit News, October 9, 2007.
    * Taylor Marsh, “Obama and Edwards to Skip Michigan,”, October 9, 2007.
    * George Weeks, “Efforts to stem lunacy of Dems’ boycott,” Record Eagle (Mich.), October 14, 2007.
    * Dawson Bell, “Michigan court OKs early primary,” USA TODAY, November 21, 2007.
    * Bob Moser, “Fumbling Florida,” The Nation, November 29, 2007 (posted); December 17, 2007 (issue).